Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1864 Page 3
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imrAtion WA!rrKD-niim.M. ATOVRO LAO I Dual KB# A HITUaTION A? 0'?Y srnsse m # family la or near New Y.wk "lie ? K ioto af o trot ola a oa oinar.. twaa iool to Ui >eh M* lt?k branches Preach a a?l muate, ramrsaaSM skOkasssa. A-inrwas hos S.U?I Peal a una. A competent dreskmaber w"?'P ?iota a law ^n|mtmtiit4 b| iki dtj I# OBI Ml DL k Somas Mloa Aodsrsos, U kl QL AbTKWARDKB8 WISHES A RR-KNOAG8MKNT TO euy iart of ika worIA Aderese bis wards,*. Brooklyn Pool ollice. _ t YOUNgVkRAON. OP TilK HIOUEST RgSPECTA A Hi Hit wlvlics n ? I Bllon n* eenmstre e or uuree In # nlee family 10 verv rimpotent m eltncr: cob clrit lh? knot roh-miiO- If re i.iired. A note ad.lie-aed J. K. M.. Brooklyn Pool o coo- Herald oillro for tbroo days will reo%r* prompt oltaB'ioo A YOUNG L?0Y WlhHK* A RITO ATIOM IN A fkkov spti ?r ? C?u ,pn..k both Preu.h ond hog hoo, will ?i*e t-o-d rsli-mmse. A up y at 79 Wool l lib ol. A young lady, rRoi-'rciRNr in all branches of op'i> r kullfng ? id who cm ooimnan I the aervtosa of ooixl ?d"i"r? wil r-eeiee ilT-m for hb smia anient, ksmnl-a of >vor . >uav e ' Murray at. Address L. A P., boi ft (nd I on oilice A FRENCH (IIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS LA VA dr'o inul.l or willo aur*e; coo draoa hotr IB 1 oow. Oou ol m 7tb or. A MID1ILR A(JKI> WOMAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS .A bar ni-iuevii ,1 sumo vipiatlou its cook Bud lituudrs-a w* ? 'A b'"' '"r 1,411 ^J<> ol her present employer'*. 2*7 A TOII.VO Ltd WfSHER A SITUATION AS HOUSE fCi f.'yj" * !'','rt-l,u" Aonio. Good city references. Coll f?i i?o days ol loi U.earlier at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. LATBLY LANDED it fi'o-ii Irelomi. wlsnaa o situation io a inakll private fsnllv i* wilin g *nd mingiug. Cbii be oeen fur two days ol Ub Roll ItflU ol., between lot kud 2d I'A, Urol aaor. Anumiirr op well recommended German fainala# waul oil annua so conks, chambermaids and 'oiimlrassao. iiurnas. and <lrla lor (enerot honaawork. An., a Ira LOW Ed Ueruiau lost-tine, 17 dianton oL, Bear lb# ?enery. Amiddlr AGED WOMAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS her b eine?s, daslras a s ination as conk and laundress. Apply at ber present employer's, HI West ftitu at. nOUSKK r.KPRR.?WANTED, BT AN AMERICAN UU , ? situation aa housekeeper. Address B. Dora mas. II ibnken Past olboe, N. J. HUURKKKEPRR.? WANTED BT A LADY OP RE Queiuent and cwnpemm, bi take the entire ?Barci- o: a large family. Per-onv wishing to ueiioliste will adAreiu, Willi name and residence. Mrs J. M, aiaiioo G. UITUATION WANTED?BT AN AMERICAN LADY. AS O bnii rkei per. Country preferred. Apply IB Mrs A. R. 196 Go in st. Brooklyn. OITUaTION WANTRD-A8 COOK OR LAUNDRESS, k - or sa chambermaid and laundress; cuy reference. Can ka oeeu at No l Bleodker si WANTRD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do.keneral housework In a siuall prirate laully. Good ?AT refereuoea. Cull at 390 1st nr. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A 01RL AS FIRST rata wait ev?; good city reference given. Apply at m gib a*., soar 2#ib st. 1A ANTKD-80.MB LADIES' AND GENTLKNBN'S " waablog, by a but class laundress. Apply at 127 Wet* Mtk si. Wanted?by a dressmaker, to oo out ?y the day or week. Can oe seen at 110 (lb ae , ecnraer 'MIR at. "II CATIONS WANTED?MALES. YOUNO MAN WANTS A 8ITUATION TO ROW A Akttn oaary engine af about twenty hnree power. Good ?Bforenuo. Address kagiueer, 98 Barclay st. A ATOUMU MAN WHO WRITK8 BOTH GERMAN AND Bn?ii,b and who is willlag to work, wpbei a-Mtuatlon MB porter iu any wholesale knameaa Tbe best of ctly refe biveu. Address llermon. box UU Herald oUce. Ami NG ORRMAN. HAVING a knowlrdgk of Latin, de?u?o ? oliaatioa la a drugstore Is smart aad oeiive, sad aot afraid or work Address A. Bt, MM Madison at. Awm* M*N. OF FIR8T CI.AR8 RBPERBNCU. WISHES a sima'tMi a* superli t-ndent or general clerk on snmo lailsrav, or sselerk In k irelaht oiUee. Maa lo*g eiperlenoa. Adareaa for one weak. S. B., Mercoaltle Agency, 2bn Broad war- __ ARALBRMAN OP TBN TBARS' OITT EXPERIBNCB ib tbe retail <lrT nonds bus aost wants to go wllh a Mr bant either to Caliinrnla or New Orleans; speak* Oar Ma and English Unaxcrptmaabid reterrnce*. Address (Mr aae week a illlom Sloe lair, Gerald odiea. AN ENGLISHMAN WHO IS A GOOD AND OaREPUL driver and understands tbe oare and inaoagemeiit of i horses, wauio a s laatloa aa ooaebmao e tber In tbe elty org ?aaotrv. la a private family. Han gaad refe re nces. Ad dreao G. O. B.. bax 127 Herald eflloe. ABOT. 17 TRARBOP AGM. OP HIGHLY RBBFBCTA ble parents, dee res a sluailoo to learn the p anoferte ?oaklas. be baa just returned heme from echool. aad his meeals and habiu are cermet. A line addressed to W. VY., Nat eflloe. Jersey City, will meet with prompt sHeottoa. TOFNG MAN WIBHBB A SITUATION AS COACH man la a private family -, good elty reiereace fmm bin I employer. Address, fer twe dsyt J. O. R., bos 17t ?'1 odiea. awnoo mamet a lseteij OelBKY.?WANTED, a SITUATION AS BUYER OR as as nan of beolery, glares. Be.. In en Importing, oom -o er 'obblng homse, by a asQtlenaan of iongeipe aud tboreoau knewledae of tbe business Address 7man, bos Id Herald eBee. umATlONS WANTBD?ar A RESPECTABLE amb k> siean man aad Wlfo ta take charge of a furnished teasment bousa; bast city refereaoeo given. Address, for (s* week. D. P., Herald eflloe| * apply la pertoa at IM rrtaoe eV OITUATION WANTRD-IN AN OPTICS. BT A TOCNO O tuoe (Hcsteh). wno writes a fair band. :? qulek end ac eeratr at i guret; In poseesslen of good referenosv. and do nmtia ol nblainlag active cmfdevment, waere faithful nor. rseaa are seprecialed. Address AT. ft. C., bax 2,!k>9 Poet eLioe. .Neslort. OITUATION WANTBD-BY a ME8PECTABLP. YOUNG it man. bsving a good kaewledge of the grocery bnslneM sad eon sliced a bar; baa ae eb,action to either; will be (eind nb-iaing and make himself generally useful. Address R. R.. Herald oflice. rAI'OTHECAR1K8 AND DBUOGIST8-A YOUNG man. who baa had fl?a years' expeneuce in the husl eesa -sou .? sltuallon a* olerk; Is fullv ocuiprtedl to pre ssriee for pa tic a is. Address Alpha. Chemist, Herald oTce. TO TIIK LADIES -LADIR8 WHO ARB DESIROUS ef vpecuiat ng in slacks can Had a good and lalthful :-vrsio b addrcsolng a I me to H B . Herald olflce. and th- sdverile- r w ill call on those who mar wish to emptor kim. He slready operated euoceasfuily for a number of ku irmiie friend* an 1 given satisfaction Al oommuniua peov co'.ddciitial llelsflttiog up aa oflloe eaolutiveiy for iedy oustomem rANTRD?BY A YOUNO MARRIED MAN. A SITUA I' li<<n ss a* Islant beokkceper, o crk, oallccter ar warn, kaeaamaa: - uot afraid o'work and I willing to make ? io sell ikk-ful. Ptrst rate refereooee and aeourlly If re quirad Addreas Y. !L, Jersey City Post oJlce. W ANTRD-HV A YOUNO N ARRIBD MAN. A 8ITUA '* ton id a fumitur* store; und-ratands the buvlnst* yrw-th-sil I. JT'I 'O dd assist In manuIAi t'iriag. Cau gtr* C> -rence- ef the highest respeutabtiity. Aodies- M. B. J., is vw Post oilice. I" I I' IVATrwHmn?WAtl?t rLOAk GUI I hit iVlMkll-USl ACCUSTOMED TO .b<- brs? elavs oliv rcunl tra le an steady smplor meet en I ku kI wages. Apply P> ueor * Carey. JIM and MX Caoa ?L J 'LtlAR Ol'fTPR AND POREWOMAN WANTBD. ONE V ' adO<iMi>me.t u- a Qrst cla-s etiy retail trade and Cut ttag to nii-asure ar!< need apply, to A. B.Howe, Vllle de Porta. 3b.' Howery, N. T. (XLi'AKYAKF.R? WANTBD.?NONE BUT PIR8T RATE .! ba -ids need aim1! : also a foeeweman te take obarge ef a verkriioiu at OppeaheliD'a. M7 Bnadway. Cloak hands wanted?at a worth bt. M D. tk UL'TLER. LMRST CLAN* CLOAK HANDS WANTKD INQUIRE r St 11. K. I-eg rain's. 739 Broedway. h?AMILIK8. HOTKLB AND BOARDING HOUHBR. IN city or cniiniry. prerupilr supplied, at the large Km pU'iiiok-i House, earner of Hlitb aveene and Klaeentli Erect, .w Ib t-ma'e help of all nations, for I he dlllerret I ?- dm of housework; sin ferm bands, ceeehmen, gar ge--crs e a *er# kn?iu, portsra aerv*ata; la fact help " --eery Goon 711 I.LIN ERR WANTRD-AT No IX CUNTON else by Madam Day H^EOI'NP.IvRErKK-A WIOCWNR. WITH POUR "''IT, dree. e<sire* tin- ass slam.' of a lad. of education end mrui i? take chvr.e of hit louse and the Irataieg of bm ?ree to a led af ilkrwto. i yrlo'iplet, kind dlepoel tnd evpei -n--e In ri*oiesti? matters. a plessvat hem* ii-iiisi'le. o e hours rile fro-n the cltr. Aikliess Bte trey iul ileretd o Ac*. on I-KK'-'P-'R VAN rr.H?P >H A COUN fRT Ri RI J I u>. oe in tie.- laiutl of a etdi. ser, having twe young -? v v.. -riant k (", ti'iee moiV'vm Imu good homo Mm t#m? ei-lew .ire?irrfl. Aucre-s. with lull pBrtkeu tra. J. r.d well. Mtk?oinAeld. *. J. -I'illHlKK HVAttlOkk WANTED.?THOaR IIAV -ua theirewJae ? ii.ties Aipl} to 8. D. Ks'iiiyler. rtl JHlUt AND SKAl-lHI'.'it?PAN1BI) A TIIOR I* - * nitr-e su I seams t ? -i ?- .-vt-reu'VW rr*rHire i. ? -iS r.grspald. Apply b* *w . 1 iau-1 2 a ->l *t ?l Madlwu ar. yf iviMgn-uNit rr-LLT it. tprtent to .v a et'isr.euf vn Infant; ifn>-veenltosvhie relerenee m let .1 sve Is tne cite ee in-red; *oou wage* ?? IT-red. v i t.." Pr-vrott iloiive iorn?r -prih^ street and wv-j, nw it 113, freut II te 9 o'elock v B M.-IHhMt WANIKD?A THOROIFORLY OOMI'R G eui ?c? Irevv oiic eitiiitg In ea t ou a lady> flrvie as e ? id n ?ke -i-r-eif useful; als-i a vbtlJ s ouree end walt r??. I base only With so J Cliy Ij*/crepr?? wia,r spolr at - ?' mil St.. #0 M. iplar, th# Iflt last, batwsaw 10 aad Jl A. M. ____ ?1 MILI.IN KH8. -WANTED IH dEDI Af ELY, AN .11 ,ie I n.?d rv. class ti'm icr with Whom t liberal at1 fl lencnt -ngageiuetii vI I lei made. AI?A a young la. ly M?-w.. an, ?|,0 Iinde u.nli ll?e liavluoiS. Apply k* -? Deri dean, Na. j-i tiaiv- sity place AINVKRB AND RILLINRRR WANTBD IMME d ai-ly. Apply at It Clinton plvoe. Tt ANTRIJ-TO GO T?t TIIK COUNrRY, A PI RBT V v r ess wM s or ordor-d eoo< for a private family. Gall mm linear or Tuesday at Al University place, between II aad l o'-dv. k. IV ANTED?!?*' CCOAR Mae Kits. RONR BUT THOSE ?' g ctisi,tried to irvt lass uade need app f. Gent'.anl emnlSr nieut. ?i l I " hlanevt ??.,? paid. iltii. GAftEI, dot and :I0d Caeal street. \V?N'| ? I l.AN.n CfOlR VtgRRg flt.L v f -! - to .on A ? rf W I ? , n ?. ms.-*i * <i I KD ? A liHl , re HI I ? LAI N ?'?' V I N(J A TP I AT a?m Leonard et,. one door em*' ?f ."<? twny vitruP WArrBiv.rBHALBi. W lfrn>-A PIMTOLAH* LAOVDRKttH. ONB WHO " I'fUUuili bar wmtiw lu mil IU bronchee: ???> ? ?*rt? n> unuri u SB infant, mu?i to a gj"d aew?r. C5'? refers noes required Call at ISA id a*, ou Moaday. Ik> Inai. Km U Ull I *>0 WANTRO?A OOOD OPBRATOR OR RINGBR'N sewing machine; una acquainted ?n? lha eloih eep and bat bimnese preferred. apply la Tabla A IadeU. 11 Day ai WANTBD-IN a MILLINRRY RRTARLISIIMEN T, A ? irat aiaae Trt nmarj ana apeaglag French preferred. Apply at *1 Ka#t 12th ai WAirntD-A KIR-T ( LAS8 TRIMIIBR; OMR CAPA YY bla ol taking charge of a workroom la a large. brat alaaa esiaMtahmeiii la Hoatan; tba boat ? t re'erenoea re quired. Addreaa box 3,0j? Fuel offlaa. Roatoa. Mens. WANTKD?A PROTR8TANT TOONO WOMAN, A9 watiraaa aha must brtag good references. Apply at 33 Waatl7lb at , between lOaad 13 o'clock. w ANTRD-A FIRST CLASS M ILLINKD APPLY AT 114 9th at, between Broadway and Unvsraly place. WANTKD?A RBSPBoTABLB YOUNO GIRL. TO DO gnnoral housework ta a am all private family. Refe rence require L App.y at 3311 Sth an., after HAM. w ANTED -150 HANDS TO MAKR CLOAKS. APPLY lo Chaa. H. GriOlu, 300 Broadway and <7 Franklin ai WANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS; ALSO a taw apprentice*. Oood wagaa given. Addreaa Im mediately 57 Bast 12 tli ai WANTKD?AT 192 WBHT AID ST.. 8RVKKAL HANDS for Rirotcbatlng and kaitllng. Nana bul experienced bands need apply. YRT ANTED?MILLINER, A OOOD TRIMMER. TO YY whom emploi meat ay lha aeaao _ . aeaaoa or year will be Seen, witb liberal terms Apply Monday, at 10 A M., at 22 laecker ai WANTRD?FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. TO EXPB riaaced hands constant employment and goad wage# given. Ma 643(itb ar., near 38th si M A. BALE*. WANTED?TWO PROTESTANT QIRL8; ONB AS chambermaid aad walIrene, the olber ranet be a first claaa washer and Ironer. Oaly city refereucea will be ac cepted. Call at 103 West 22d ai WANTED?A YOUNO LADY OP BnRINRSS QUALI Acatiooa, to take charge of a aleak and mantilla da part men t in New Orleans. A permanrnt and liberal en cageinrnl will be made lo a flrat rata band; one speaking Frem U preferred. Call at or addeesa room 74. Braudretb Bouse. THE TRADES, AN ARTIST WANTED?ON CANVASS BANNER J\. work; one capable at ilgura. Ilkencs* and Iran-parent painting; must ba Aral elate. Addreaa Artist, Herald oOlca, for tbrea day a. /TARRIAGB WOOD WORKMAN WANTED-AT JOB L-f blng. Apply at 1.41& Broadway, an Monday WM. KAFFER1Y. PHOTOORAPHIC OPERATOR WANTED.?ONB WHO understands all branches of the buslneaa and la willing to work for a moderate salary may apply to W. W Stiver, 222 Bleecker si. Monday morning. 'ITUATION WANTBD-BY A OARIHAOR AND 5 wagon maker. Address IX H? hoi 120 llaraln o Per. SITUATION WANTEO.-A MACHINIST, WHO HAS s had many years'praotlea -o Invent ng and Inipruwug vbere I machinery and tools, traots a sltuat on where lie can make use of thla knowledge; the host reeomnK-ndat nnt an be given. Address for eight days box 145 Herald o(Pre. TO JEW ELLER8.-W ANTED A WOVB CHAIN bracelet maker; atso two good swivel meters Apply to Jshne, Smith A Co., 95 and 97 Clin at. TO PHOTOORAPUERS.-A TRINTER DESIRES "A situation In New York or Broosiyn; would be willfeg to assist at anv other braorh of the bualne nan gbe good iritimonlala. Addreaa PhOtograpblo Printer, station D, 8th ai WANTBD-A PIBRT RATE HAW FILE OR MILL saw tile eatter; a -teedy job to a steady man ?td the highest price-given. Address Q. A H. Harweti 1.02t* North Front si, Philadelphia. ANTED?A OOOD JOURNEYMAN TAIIOR. TO whom-aonxtantamplov-Tieotand Mtoral wwgrs will to [ireo. Add, ess J. L. Crow all, Perth A&iboy, N. J. W ANTED?A YOCNO MAN TO WORK ON CI.OCKS, wntohea. and jewelry jo bkrng. Apply for two days at S43 Fultxn avenue, Brooklyn. WAITTBD-A FIRST CLA^S CL'STOM SHIRT OUT tor. One accuatomod ta vba -Brand-ray Uade. Apply ?1475 Broadway. HELP WAKTU-MAliES. THB M1RCANTIL* ACYSNOT.?WaNTBD, TO dav, travelling agea*. bookkeeper, whipping clerk. hotel clerk, drug clerk, conductor, dry good' salesman, fur niiure salesman, fancv goods salesman and porter Other -eltuatbina open. Respectable men cat a ways tiud ampl >.\ moot by railing on us atrlr. Merchant* and others gup tiled with help free of rhsrgn. Cad and are the vacancies. tried with help tree or ekvrgp. i;x I ami are toe vacaactea S. MONQOMLkY A CO ate 'Broadway roa No. 4. np iters. A NIII 11T WATCHMAN Y5 ANTKD IMMEDIATELY? For a large hotel 4n tliiacNy. -Non* but an American Of undoubted mora! rfca racier meed apply. Address WaAai man, box 189 Herald eflioe A STOUT BO* WANTRD-TO LEARN TO PAOK glass. Alaa aa nfflee bey-wanted. Appl> nt 79 M?d noa si gOYS WANTBD?TO 'CANVASS THE CITY FOR lathing new. touch ta demead bv fens naaa mew; aa* make $5 a day; 10 oanta deposit required for (ample. Apply to S. W. Rtee A Co, S3 Nassau at. OOFTI8T WANTRD?IN A LAWYER'S OPI'ICK. ONB who wriiax a tret rate head sad can give good rofp recces mav address, srlth apoolmen of Han Jwriilsg. tow 2,644 Post oOoe. Wageo 811 per week COPYIST WANTBD-IW A LAWYHR i4 OKFI4IR: A first rate copyist, to whom libera! compenaeuoe-wll; fen made. Apply at 74 Wall at., room Ma. 4. kRUQ CLBRK WANTED. ?MU8T BR Ft'LLT z t pelent sod speak Freach;a graduate of a co lagP m armacv preferred Apply to or addrees J. Mi'feaa A u, le3 Broadway. IOHT PORTER WANTKD.-A FOL'Kfl RAN WITB od teatl:ui,Blaia. eaa apply aa '.'h Rsads ?!. Mtwaoa II A. M good n" 11 SCRURON8 DKSIRINO TO ENTKK THE ARMY, 88 persons desiring the position f! -towards, ?i call upon K. C. Blilolt. 47 8 seeker st. Hospuai anvnes SU ALKSMAN WANTED -ONE ACCUSTOMED TO VMM tlrslc'aaa city retail trade la ladies' trimniiags amal fanev gnod - oaa find teady oiaploj m?at App y at J. Bar tola' Pienrb store. 451 Broadway. TO AORNTS.-THE BEST STATIONERY PACK 1018 la the world; al*? Llthairaphlc Poitrxl'.s-McCiallan. L neeln. Oram!, end all the eadfa j Q-nerai*: also Saltii Sc-nea, Album Hems, War Maps. Ac Send stamp for etr culats to 'OHN tilRtlON. 32 Beaktaau atresi New York. ANTED- ALKg)(AK qr g a LBS HON AN. of thorough exprnence. capable of taking charge of a lan sad embroidery Jepartinaat Address, stating references, qaallftcatlons and exposSa t'ona ? .. __ R. H MACT. jut titbava. WANTED?IMMHni 4 TELY. FIVE YOCNO URN who 'inn?r?lanit the drv go-?da hueinrso pa-fsctlpj Mrma 86.4 Apply, S'sting how long at laa trade, to W A H. Ulenn, Indianapolis, I ml. WANTED?IN A COAL SHIPPIVO n<HT?E, A FIRM class so esinao. Onli th'.se hay'ng srper anre sad ? general aouiiaiu ant-a wt'.h tht trade n?en app y, A J dross box 5,3.17 l'oai o3ka U ANTED-TN a cloihum warrhouhr a maB yf who sella uit cojtmisssn. Only (boss who >ava 8 large spuau y trade noed apply at 74 Roads s'.roet saasad floor WANTED IMMKDIATBLT-A SOBER AND INDU? I trlpus groom. one who has ao objeetloo to go a skavt dlstaner la the couatrv; muai understand Ills sue DPSi thoroughly aad not to afraid to work. App.y at 14:> Dogrpsv at., Mowth Brueklya, wlia good reoommeudatloua. WANTRD?A BOY IB A LAW OFFfCR. ONB LIV ingta this Mty. Address B. AW., box 2312 roes ofllca. N T. WANTRD?AN ACTIVN LAD. ABOUT Ig TIARA OF ege; aaiarr 815" por enaum. Apply lo Jamoe A. lloaru A Boa, 7f"> U,oa<lwar. above fih ai W' ANTKD?AN AMERICAN, R?'.?TCH OR ORRMAN. ascuaihman. Ar . a short dl?lanro lo the ountry. Not*, have goo 1 reoominendaibmA Apply ai Paoaayiranla Coal afliee. Ill Broadwar, at 11 o'closk \\' AN fKl>?A MAN TO ROLL MERCHANT IRON RY YY iha ion Apply at the A marl can Tubs Works. 8tb ai, near 10th avc. w anted?coptino. to nit done at homr Adilreas K M HM Rrade at. Ylf ANTRD?A MAN OR MAN AND WIFN. TO Of) A TT short distaace in the no miry, lo do the gcuCial work of a *pi*l: place, man must understand plain gardening aad the sate of harass Call aftsr II o'e:pek at 45.i llnd-on ai WANTED?A flRbr CLA8S SAI.K8MAN. IN A FUR nlshleg goods Importing houas. Apply at Htelobaig A Llohlaasiitdter s. 390 Hruadway. of 10 and 12. Mot,<iay ^v?;!;,M,'*,,,r"' l.? ^??n AIT- AN TED?A MAN, OR A RTOUT BOY. WHO HaB YY srnrrad In a me?t ,-iarkel. best rpiereora rsqulrsd Inquire at 74 Uaory ai trig ol ?Itsa WANTBD-BY AN ACTlfhS JlOY, 16 YRARH OF AOI a attiiailon In an adioa. valors, to make himself gem' erally aaefin, f?r hia board and small rptnpanaatloa. A4 dreaa. staling terms, W. A. King,.U Chamnars straai room Mo. X WTANTBD-IN AN OFFICB, A YOCNO MAN FROM In ta 10 years old. who writes aanodhaed. and baa tome knowledge of bookkeeping, must wing undoubted re ferences aa to integrity. Addreaa boi 8. J?? Posi, R.I. w ANTKD ?A 0LKRK IN * OROCR RY.-* PI'LT TO J. T Carpenter, Wft Itpring si, eernsr of RanwieR. WANTRD?IN A FANCY tlOODB IIOURI. A TOUNO mas about IN < para eld. lo krep Ibn books; ?'tot kaew a naiblaa of tisnth. Applv at No. 6 West ilia si ___ YgtUNO MAN VTANTBH-A8 A COMTANlOB TO A ,"Ouug man who la an invalid. Addrrm tog l,2>u Foal ofk'ce. statlnt aga, terms, Aa. raitch advriktincnirytr. r H HIKllft V Y. HHhIRN KR pla? BR COMM8 Ct'l I i sin ere va'at i* daabaiiibre an e mm* m '?Mill # ?*' P* n l??n ?? f?m tl# #t tr?n i.riY M pJ%f*r CO mrti?mh- uv u >t f n?*?nl #? iHi ??>. O'l ^r# ?ninf nn ?i ilfun ihim"! a aw .?r? t ?.n?* v "ti ? <|ut pt?n ittt pour d ilnilir f. V . oh?f JoAieur * ?>W Kli ? W4*. IIALBB A* aCCTIO*. AUCTION (A LI OP TMUKUt'OH B,K?? HARB llo >e< - touuirio l b- Ibe Htm Hods V Brown (lain liilM Sl.lrt t of.?ol to* Utr Kuii tie ?> Mu H''*u ' through MW? L vornioit 1,'lt* ? t Hit*>? of Ni* York. The hoi a* Se H a a el Black, hand# hlRS, ??* W old, we glia |,i?kl pounds, and I n.i.toubi the arg-at I'll'" Arab aa AiaiNou a the word and hnlnuged in I ? at"" !'r the briKbar ol ibe ->uluo of Moiim-o-i. Prion# M<> "V Hmnel. Hit ant. r a. aa gtven n. lha Kn? e biraaalf waacenald red lha brat la lheempl<e, and an follows ?Kliea. Kr "S_? llotra of Sp-ed, Kin Tna ar? Klyliw Wind; "h**'"Vf*~ Moba fail l>iuel Jtooaa?.Mount Mueee; AU Baba?Father All; HI Barak-tubulin*; Djthol Allan? Mount Atlas; Bed el d .ma?Kruno Minister: Haral?Arab*; Kafll?Ball Dame. Ha/.ia ?Fa.O'He; kamla- Portuuain; None Ke man?Orescent: Bmhan-a - H *-?-d: Alcha?LI a; bl Ma lina?The Beauty; K. D>r ib-Tba Kearl; F.I Bfhnoou-Tho Sim. an: Buitaaa?Sultana. , . .. Alan two lunruugh hrrd Marea, Imported at tha "tna Uma. at an eipauM of .)??r *4."00. , Vl . , . Prl of tna Harem. a Jal black, 18 handa high, a beaaOfnl aadd a boras, and can In it bar alia In 1.80. Sahara, a gray mare. 18 handa high a aplesdld aaddla boraa, aad ba? ran "ar mile In 1.18. The anoaaUira of these boraaa were the celebrated boraaa of Morocco. nolonly'or ?pa?d and bottom, b it Inr centlanaaa of disposition and tkaclabUlty. Tbry hara not only all Ute qualtUeo of raonra. but ara nnaqnallad aa aaddla boraaa?aultabm for mther genua ""xbr0/ wHl*be aald la lha highest Wider,Jt the Faaaa'a Count* Agrlaultnral Society'# Ground, at Pateraon, ft. J , on Thuraday, Saidetnber 16 at 11 o'clock M. HorMfi rao be mi 14 ihi lUWw mid oi !?? grouud? daring ilia races. A 35. BURNH AM, AUCTIONEER . M AUNI KK'KNT [10IJ8KHOL.D FURNITURB. ba*.n oou*. ronowood, a. anlta, Oil Palnttnga by ancient and gutatry> Serrci and Oraaden China Vaaaa, Velvet Medallion Carpels, Fler and Mental Mirrors, Brocade and Laca Ourtaina, Rosewood and Walnut Chamber Furniture, Oak Dining Room rural tare, China, Qlaaa, Silver Ware and Table Cutlery, AT PDB-trlC AUOBlON, TO-MORROW (MONDAY), BKPTBMBBR 11, At the elegant realdnnoe, 44 W cat Six tee a lb .treat, Between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Bale commencing at 10'* o'clock. Auction notice.-ohockbry. glass, china, Parian Ware. Ac.?WM. W. BHIatKY, auctioneer? Tueadav. September 13, at loo clock, at J81 Pearl street By D KMftURY. Jr. A large catalogue. Bale af?beat and seconds Oranlte C. C., edged, dipt. Hock *?[!!' In lota fur* and country dealers. Balea fme for cash, an l gonda well packed fur shipment. Alio, Involoa of Cut lery, from an linpoiter. _____ Auction notiob.-boot8 WM M. HOLl.INObflK AD. AUCTIONEBB. B? J T WIIITBHOUSB ? aaleeroom 28 Cortlandt atreet?will hold bi? third rail trade "ale of Boots and Bboea on Wedneaday. September 14, at 10)4 "'clMk A. M. Thli ?ale wtlllBC ude about 300 aamplo <*"? 1 Pal! and Winter Gooda; also part of a retailer a Btoek, in goad oider. catalogues iwady on ^oruiugw gaie. A. j5"ctionTand commission merchant IN REAL BBTATB. STOCKS. BONDS. AC., OFFICE NO. 8 PINK 8TRBBT. will give personal attention to oalot of ?oal bond? Jc., at Kacbauge Salearoom.or by private oontract. DW IMS 1 CO, A UCTION RKR8?8ALB8SOOM8 ? K48 Hrnaiiwey?will "ell at auction, oni Fr it; Mi n o'clock. ? tine ivuoi tm^nt first el### r uruiiure, con-Is. in .? of Bedmeada, Btireauk, Waeh-laodi. A i noire a. Bool <*?*? Baftein. tc ; alto I arlor. cioirar7i|raa Uooin ^iuiUe i?I5; U-lv.Ws, Vasts, K gur^A, Silver I ^ arc G w kk holb, V&Vion*bBaRlb UORSF.S. CAIIRIAOES. HAR1BSS, Sc., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11. AT ONE O'CLOCK rM.. BY MESSRS NELSON A SICUOLB. AT NO 11-1 PEARL BIURET ;Hanover ?quare) The 'uboci bei -viil oTer for sale a variety of Harnrtt and itH.l iln lloreea, ibe property of VH"?7*h^'e^L^ge0 an further n?e lor tbcra, ?mlt??^!c^BdMt.uT?rtiry ?f i.| >w, hifti iifflr am of good tigiTA Ma *eil woritiy ?ne ml notice AI*en|ialrof Uoreok, Top Buggy. Rarnoia, it Mint" AC the propertv or a gentleman gone to ^hnvi'iree. Ac,, may b" seen prevlou* to the da* ?r SratKaublna nr W-H* Dtahr. w, 461 Filth avenue i N. H -wlf ;he w r?'her Nitontd pnive unfaverahle, the eali will be poett-oned to XVedaetimy Ittb lnat. CA Eo ROT COOK. A DC flow BE R. nw.-oND J tiOUk't-HOLU FDBNm^RK-NRW ANC ?R UNO BY ORDER 'IF ASSIGNEES. ... _ ^ Onfbbnday Sept. 1?. a*! 1 o'clock, at ?aleanrcmlt Bros* a ..." ferrovdd for eeaveirtasice o? sain), a Urge and vww A etocW ufflratcla*acity mad-, Furni>rra,for J* i.i -ir-f Dining Ronma Halla. ?)..?? antva ana in ?? m wnTwttonal, "tht. nt* will bo 1 tlin-no-lee of tbnse tn wan' of really good fumlturo. ?* rodi ; boieu and ol'lpped wbaadearod. __ j ?? 1 "*?**" "fr**r , at t)tf o'clock, at 121 Bast Flrtr-tblrd- atceat, fbetreeea So " " ound sod Third avoanok. -VALUABLE HOt'SBHOLD PDRRITLR' L HOBsES ; MAURI 80ES. Ae.-C..aktt'ln* of rich rarter S hlt?. ?abuny nivUgi t. covered wtth crlmaon ealla Samaak; da.iu li 'K I.,wold a lk brecatel; Side Table and Cei'.re ko mat (A; \el richjStatr d<a. tc.M' feUnTranok 12??R& Siwfi '^i rti n.u K^rnlVTr^'envereil with rm""; ??' Ma-Ion Tab^ I >f*fctnA and UlttM'wi * Table t ut ery. Ac , tin i b acA wA.aitf I ??Su?i?nd mod Che rA. OUoloth, Bjdr?^?n m khoftnj FnMA { '5mean*. Wak'i?'w-id?. U?dMeada, M?Urm?ea.. PiT ' 4mg". CdtlAlllA gbAiAi. MtilchAA WAH ! aiVom" A P*iV**br t'ALUARLB bt'hi TAILED RaI m- AKfiKd? IV:f ? 'V grull? AQ'i ?> *y\n* , ti" ijrvr*M rw? *eat i=> ktte Mkd1b,ngla I..M ?a.v?Ma H Mm*. ?? ;?. I aiiltiilN !? 1 C'lt<T c AT' rue ?Ale mI'l v?mmexm* <?? fl lujg o'-looit aaane'-e. Aecead aai lot . ae-tna ar? .it ?rar the h--uoe. . . y ,l maLHINOEK. AU?"rit?>KEB--SRliKSROOM M 2. BowerV?wll' -oil no M#nd?y. Id n dnok * im White adreet ooroer eC Oett??c, uSul^I ,f 8k>-ea_8o!' de.ftv?in? >aoi. iDeake g?. ^ik>|k l (i^' f.tno, ( oppi"r, iiUAibcj, eM-- , v mm lArae 4;or^bb! Oram, Ar g\ ord+r 4>r vil. Y-efAOQA. t 7 gBLONBR. AWCnOREER.?B. W. MRLDMRR. id store MM New '. neat a ieet. aearhewerv. ^ill ??'! on ?wetw .-tPteoener U, at Nutka^ae:. be?k*?,tn avenue Ann/ rirat avtaoO. .he cmtant?of > CJ , r?> t"u *e a gar. Epic--, Slap, nltfah. C?mdie?, Sf c/JnTera R-ale. a?d Weight., lee'Bit. M?laS?r? and 01 (Ait A'ta one K.'ri(. Wagon and tantu. wOktlk WILKIN?, AUtmONSRR M u.MHwne He itaai'd Furniture. (.arAvte Mirrow, ?hTnaand ?lak- Ware. Mn?ee. < arrtagas. riarae?t Aa. A-. w u X.UDLOW A <'C. wr, "SI *1 a i.tiua ?a Tboraia*. - - - i.g,. ij o'cla-ik. al he .v-'denoe of Wm. 8. h?!', CT Oaf and '"oi-Me, drrmn Hi'l. supl?;en Sta -a Sand all'he hand,o ne Fnrni'me. Ac oentaiaed In ta d "* - ?,u pert o elaboiately carred ?i nut Par WttSult. iixpor'sd fr ?m Italy Arm sod Rev; Can t halr? la plu U; if 11* embroidered Le-jcj'ek and D ra.i,, it walaiit knd mauogany Cen'^r and Side Tah'.ei marb e top, Sae I urarv S'i.t in rooro.-'d: Llbrarr flm?kf.a?ea Free h !Ste Mirror, fine wa u -o f mab gaay Biten.tcr rablaa. fcwCei Du ne ? hal" -aunt aad mabngaoy B-dt eai> SnL. ad Mnreaut Warii ?-e. Wakbmandt. OvtUui lee. China toilet Crockery. t.aao?? ion Bedroom Sulto. dptlug 2,u* Straw an ilia r Wm t. Rep. an I La-e Curtain. i-K.V/.ond (21.4* W?r -. floe Vel-nt and Br .folk < Arpeta ttXkiV;. a:"'.V""" ' a nnlrof "u# O.irr aje Ilk ?? bla - and bay ab-u' l*t, ?5 high. 7 *n : 9 J-ar. o u ; ?ne bay ??'?%?>? * Jau hand. high, alvo a very superior ladf ? iadJle ll'.re* 'VrVi'/r'ate-i')ii"hyVi?hn R L?wron-o ? 0# Pa k Pbneieu buliti)"' Brkv.kter A Co . abilt'.ng top Hogg* a an gwabiiTaa amgle llariitte. ladlca and .eatleoien ? 3a *D?inPtwe^.-i??difde*a f'a; he had at the oAco of tha **000*-jan e? o atlvni the a*l? may bk hml at '.he Ian M1 " ' DOTOHTT AUCTlONRKR -AUCriON SALE OF Hot" ro e M. D'lUOHTY will e?d on TneeJt*, |, ,i a o ,-iock, be en-ire Firo "ire el the tSml u?o L 'tig Itrao ch. N- J . < una .ling ,n V?rt of Car Mta ifi'iV" Befit Matirt* ldo %irrt kn?l 1 ? CS'd. ToCit *China Warp. 1ih*T VBar Rf .. ii^V. Hati -u u all*. Milliard lab!#, Onraibin, KchfB^VfTli t* Tbf U b# p#rampUruy # ?UI, Siinr.hir." Dealer, sod etbrva wi.bli.g to a two A can {JkiTbr. .'.boot en Wen lay afterneea. (Tore the f->ut of ?Ir ay aires; or 10.3U boat on nt unmg of aale ? j nOOclHTT AUflTlO.N'fiKH WILIi 8RLI1 05 .MOii M J2 iiaui * IX. at Wfcoviack. alVP Koiirtb al *e , ffiwetn iu!^ and W-sl Twei tb atroelo Oeoteel llonso held Furniture, comrrik n? and Ingrain Carpet-. uuiciot a Vailing trabocany Bofak, Chetia, Sur^aui, Wiitcaii 1 H#'l?tea4? #nam#?1#d Cbambjr tulta, Crq- ? r^ w'saeware, ' utl'-ri, r.otra rabies. Kitraslou TnWe. Rttcben Cteaall". Ac P~aWNBROKK*'S lALR OS THURSDAY, SI'-PT If. b-JOIMN MORTIMSR 18 Beit ILondwar o? 4 <? lot. of Die-lore eonaetlng of ?ll? and nth. r I?ree??a. 8kin?. Sh*wis. Cloaks. Betnnnnks. Bed Cleiblog, riil .ws. M?n'a Clothing Ac a>*o a fine utofgo'd and Rllver W?tcn?* J?we rr Plated Ware, M alcal In.trumenta.- Pwila and van iik'utheWarti'lea al! werhy 'he atteatina ol dealers n, - cf N. St,ten ft* fi.ird avenue iWNBROEBR'S SALB ON FRIDAY. SEPT. I-. UT JOHN MORTIMER. I? ta.i B oadway, ol a "raoand Mniuuab # lot of Men'? and Women a C 'Hl'ng, flh?ate Bnrasda. Ou Ita. Bluuk? l?. llrfWo, Sherte. Pdlowa ami othar gooda loo numerona to men ilea fly order ur Mia A Hole. No fldu l' *n ?ueet ^ P"~AWNSS0KKR'S HALR.-OV MONIIATJSFPI'RMRKR 1A at 01 New Howe ?, a; 11 o'mork, A Urge assort, mart of men a and wnmet 'i Wearing A] patel, conaiailng Of Skirt* n l, merino dluy> int "(her Orrsnes, B-11 nauta. SiLrA pantt Ve to Rheem "H ?? Hede, Boot, Shoea sod other gooda too numerona to men does S> order ol J. TnyhleS, *) Hayard at roe u P~AWNBRORKR S SALE?OS TUESDAY, BRPTRMBF R I.Vat 61 Sew Sowery, JAMKR A<JAR, Auctioneer, will -on. at 11 o'etnafc. ?*> mte women's Wonrlog apparel, nm.ala'.ipg of ail leocr"pilona of Dreanea Underriulbea. Rtrta SSenta, Qnllte, Blanketa and a ar-ai variety of 8?a aonabM tioola, well wonky the aiv-nti -n of rho-e In the tiaand others. By order of H. Barnard. /I Third avenue. YbAWNBSOKBR'S 8\LK -ON WBDSBSDAT, SEP X t?iiilier It JAM KB A'lAR will aell . at HHtf o'clock, al 61 New Bowery, a large ananrtmenl of mm a and woman # W earing Anp*rel. Hh eia. Blankets, Unlit*, and othar H?a ?Ulhleowte! By order of H i.llniyth. 118 Baal Fif teenth "treet. _________________ PAWNBROKB'd SALR.?ON FRIDAY I#. Bl 81 hew Bowerr. JAMhH AQAB will aril, at l.'Jj e'olook, a large and eh<> ce aaeonment of women a Wenrlug Aimare^ Kllk. Mar-on, De aln# Caileo and other lirraaea . Skira I'odrrcJ'thOi, Mhlrta Shoeu. yuliu, Rlanaeta, Com forlorn, and othar Good, too numerous to mention. TOAfVfllf, AOCTIONBRR SALRSROOM mm . Eighth avenue* wtH anil on Monday, Uth lnat at 10 o'clock the Lease, Slock and Flature* of tb# well knows Fuh'le House at the Jooetloa of Broadway. Rights aveouo aad Ftflv ninth atreet; also the entira Farailsra ef the BauM aad family. Sale positive, wit bent re acre a. ILL!AM ABBOTT. AUCTIONBBB-OFFICS NO ? Bast Sroadwav? sells e? Mondav, al eleven e'einek. the Btoek and Piitnren ef lha Uroeery and Llqnnr Stern Ml ?aat Th-rtv-anrond a reel. Beer rumps. Counters Boap. Starch., Meat, Aa I ? - -- ? 1 - V? 1 *1 COAL*, WOOD, AC. F*or SALR-VFRY OOOD WOOO-PRR LOin. AT ?fl ?n I ft i?: two h?al. p.get ,?r. |.? aat SI 16; f-ao rul -it 1 >le>i*er"d i*.Mid yard til Saal Slgbieanth -treat, hy ^ l?R A KVhW.M . I PR.'I T'lN F'lH fip (? - ST RHD * Wl> WHl I K * I \ 4*i. f- ?. ' a en ' * e* run; Nut |10 t ,a.{ auA .ta't.?"'rL App.r at ltd W , a ,e* pan and M.I RuwerY. 1 H^AD#SLI*. Aaent Ml V U .www ? a PROfKMi)! OK H'M' l.nitt - * s< l'*'' '* A a? urgei'l-d. 'II'- '?'??' "' ">?">? 1 ?'?' ?' ? ??? obolr. a ao .oil tu ? 1 * ?" ' ' ? ?d-.U ar IT"CH ? 1 ? r ?n? I lur l* * v' WJI, ? .. I?r?n??utl'?i ng A? -.|U re -????> "" , .r>* o* I a permaoaal '??" tl * >" scno-u ? ' ,nfi>. tccher-'f n.,s o ?> I I <? . e ????'.L. ?' -n- ? he I nil an as o r*r >1 iheartn.. uuid ?? "Wome "l,tl on IT. a t o*.' ao-da.m Will re.-I r .o.n.nun?-.?????? for tiro ?eek?. Ad ue?. touai laiirncuir, eareol win.*, fond, 647 Hritadwav. N. V - * FIKHT CLASS Ot'MTRALTO in OKKN TO K.N 'a A PKwol i ??.?..! j i?rmt c* nr. In intra ntH' K" A BORIKUBK'S Till llroadway. or of Htgnor AB?l.nA. II Wool Kiimoolti (treat T TENOR WaNTBD-FOR TRINiTT QHURnH.J"' /W A Turk. Saiary UoO per ?uuuiu. Addreae xru Herald oilioa. _ bplkhdid piano for >m?<>. * h. bar* *orr, man ifacinrare, S43 Hlee. kcr aired. Brreutr >tr* nrtro medata; warroated for Ore ycar?l without* .rvepllon the beet piano made. TesiiuianiaU lrou? moat dtat- ^guiabad orttoU _ _______ A~ I*ADT RECENTLY FROM ENGLAND. 0,t GOOD musical powers. can play wall upon Ihr f pMiiyj'iwtr, olao aiua. wlahoa to engage author undar A I a., Ionian pro fessor of Btiala. Address J. If. T., llenald ^uiee lor on# week. A TEACHER OK THE PIANO WIRH nO0it AND Board to aiahanga for loatruetioa ~ld ,rao of iaslru ? Bt.t Add rasa Runic, hoi 2,'A?Poal a >rl MEW BONO. WITH PIANO TtcowrARIMBNT, ?The Head or the Nailon Model mi shall He," wrlttf* to lha stirring melody ''Ronnie Duo- ._ ,, o. Clayloo. Prion 25 oen'.k. Juat publiahed by vyyjg A. POND A CO.. M7 Broadway. ___ A" OAHrAlOI* BONO FOB ?:>CLBt*eAN CMJW ??The?ead of the Nation M- jT,eirau Bnall Be." Frtce as cents. Juat published by f A. a. POND A CO.. 6*7 Broadway. Discount to oluba CATHOLIC LADT, RE' ya*DENT OF NEW TORK, I daatroa a .Ituation a* tea a,,lr 0f n(o.|c (piano aod alng Ins) and Knultah language tu tor thn c itnlnir ?viater. Blgbeat rafareneao given If Teoutrad. Address 1*8 Eaat Thlrty-flraloueet. ' H ' l7dt. BXPKRiE.vr ?7STtbachino. WISHES afowmore puptia !? .Vv?alc awi French. InetrucUon given on the piano org i ul| melodeun Addieaa J. M., oaie of Thoodore Uagnn. 7 Mererr alraat. MAONIFIOBNT 10^3KWOOD PIANOFCRTB VOR aale?At a great ar ^ ^ for caali; overttrnhg baaa. full iron plate, all moder t luinrorartenPi. 7S, cctave, richly oarved lega and ewe w'h? made to order ty a celebrated olty maker; co*t $bfi r be ofd for $&R. .ncluJlng stool anil cover Arto to ?J>arior Bella ?nda'ldt jf panoraud Ix'drt urn Kuiatture ^ a b^rgalo Inquire at 119 WBigtoln street, oser 81*tn ? .si^iie. Ah BXFERIB' TKACHER dbbtrbb a sitca Hon to teac' (tthe F.nBltkb. Ctaaatce or Matl.emathlca. would give lnatr A "on for hofrd. Addrwal rrofeaaor Henry. Heraldoflloe. COTTO MU M ER TRACHRROriPriB PIANOFORTE . and 81d , (eaUblwned tn 186J; baa reaomed hlo teaobtngat po ^f ,.,7Tealdno?ia Mr. *. oonllnuaa to give lew ?one to BenUr 0|( BV5 Broadway, a&rtbwe .t cornor or Twenty-Brat pr-n roort-No. 10. Tarmo roaaonab.e. BMIL BB tfNDBIS. PROKBSBOR OP Ml'SIO. WILVi reAatnr , ^ proiAaa'oual dultea ?o Monday, Mb "raw Apphcanta gyp new 'pmlla p'.oaao oedn-as No 4 Chartrei a treat, ner gi ureeniWoL avenue, or Jfeaiire Boer A hew*, mer'a. 701 Beendwnyi. PIFTT jm*7 riltlFOB, *KM?0?g, AWXAjlBHE and f>.;>m-t (>r?.a at wbnlfiw.aor retail, *t prtce_*v low aa at ^ ?rat < la tm 1-.?ti urnewtc can be purchased seconc. hand Pi ?noe at gr Ml bei galna; wfleoa from %?>?) to W *' the nbo- ft. tnalrun-?*??. to let, and rent allowed If d . Month) ypaytneuAi Tecei*vd fortbe eamo. Mualc, g little or Aed at ooa cwnt and a half per page. La paid f jr aecond haa 1 I'laaoa. ? _ IflOB/yCB WAtBR5 48! Broadway, New T. e>. Gr jtab a ?o binoino ?napoi.bon w, cooll Bole null 7kC atid Tenar. eaablc. hit pttpiia In.alx I lew woe to act tct[ any aooga M?d play effertivel . . Add. m-e ' 88-' C'DroadwA* abeva I nlan auuare Moug., "7 ?"? fu iXiUafo," "A Cushla Macfcrte,^ juat T i* AOS IKNT 7 OUTAVB ROSKWOOI) J*JA^n" sss. verxitfc'&t' JSit afe SC1HIIC ?A OKRMAW LADT. AN KXPfcKIT.N' F l I M fsa I.e.. wl has * .Roation.?? a'mh!. i Air ? i niMpr.Ai musio iu ft sobool or ori^s(6 r%ui y? Madam M. Wcatrru Hotel, No 0 (.'ortlaudt atrect 77c7cn7 BAMTlf'11 CABINET OKCANR-ONi: T"j M^tSoIve otope 8H0 ?o ??)ii ??ch. The mannfa-.i ;rcr? reapAV.dly *1^-jSr eXSStlV a> I 4?a few lork. No. . ?tT*9t MAi0!, rroTHKJLS. wit "henrt bcmboeiSer bkcss to IiiFORK. 1 I"at ho baa reauiood to tnatrumlooo oa t to P. tno md Violin at his Muolooi Iu P'P4l,?e*' lenco. Further partlcstlara ag the ln?ttm-e. _ ? "DIAVO AND ORBAN.-lA WELL EXP f '1*^ iab,( h#r w Is*to ssl tot 10 pliuo sr Wftlodftou*srH ||ln rwi^dblt frnmiU^s. ?? ?J- BmIiSL o* favorite bnalneaa of paying ? Weil r^tl Oerman church. A'M.eee ? ttentme Bet/. W??'' d ' niatbatrert, botwe.n StttU an n 3?von;a avenuej. N. rpROKBSBOR rANOBMO. 'll|#L,!5lS, Iwe^'n ^tcMoaer<>Bniho,!ViAua.'onn* ttd .he e.emenu of inglagt tlroGolurno* indVlS? "Uslrten-e tag Adam, at.-, liontlyil (tllrcolar. tea. oy l f*' Ft.en iNnlR! 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I UK Bo?r k . *? ill* l uu llo. ?r re. ' . -ml> ih r:MI ai. !K<. hth ??' ??? are no? oprni fur lb* C aaoea forming f?r bagtnarra cob Ifanltr Dtfl nf l?tir.n4M-tw*liri *?4 I' ;?TB ? BOOB and rrrhint al Mlli.ary H*il, bbd N oB lay ?nj Thura dar a-antr ? >od Widiioadar *n<l Halnr lar afiPrr.nana for Iml.r > ami lit ? drpfl. at h* <1 *h If'tiaa Pnl for a c rcn'ar paa ,.n<? W Oraiid airrmi. Prh*t? la*anna glrati Hop OB Moadajr erauirig, |9vb lual, at MI1M17 JUil. | THOMPSON'S TtANCINU ACADBMT, no. ns el , R>aer?r ?lr?rl, ?llt apBti on PrHay. MapUmi-ar l< Opaiilni (oin-0 on Hobday. Sapioiubar _ JT miN' DAROlftO ACADKMT. I7i A.VO .73 KUL . 10c atreat. opi*>?tio City Hall Bro. klvn la no* open for the 1 roa pi loo of 1 up I* Circular* olih furti or p.^rfnc* tar* an be nbtalnad ai thr Academy loa.1 ojrncics. At TT.?HORRT AOTaNCBO at 77 ON PI A MON D9 WATOIRH. JRW KLHY, PIANOS, FL'KNIYUKR AC. ALSO. AT 77. rAWBHhOJtr.RS TIOKRTS WANTKD, AT 77 for Diamond* Watol.o*. Jewelry. Aa , and ilm per can! Bipr? pa d for lham ihau aaa ba obUtae.l al aor ttbar p.a. a ''ai'/ UlSBCKR* BTRRRT, npatalra. ATM NASSAU HTRRRT. ROOM NO * Til P. HIOII oal prinaa ara paid for Inaaa or aat IMamoade, Wainhra and Jawelo of aeerp de?rripUaa Alao tba nwl llbara> ad rancei m?d* OB ennalgamenta of Uaa abuao ariloina, by A. HOIIUNAN, Plata..o.I Bn.kar. APKITATK ORNrLRMAN Of MKANS WILL BAKU Ih* in pat I'.baral stream* on dlamoada watrheo ailrar plaia. Ad. 1 char**# !>, par can I, aad all iraaaariiona atrieilr aaolkdrnliaL Addraaa R. Rarlla, elation D. Hib a Houaa. RXPHRR3KA. n jrsvniv a PiiNiffUKP mrRiAA-oTflOR, nt U r.a ? 1 p*iw??i, r I III all p. in ara and* i *? ? l?'ia 01 ma ?ivi d i.? .? ?*| fc? t>.0? tuA^urwiiiid In aili ?r country. f'uruiiura aimed. A ?: ' i? . ? I DIM '"ti milk r.. , r ?s ?... UN l' ,h.\H KK UK'iUNDH. . / * it. fi K 4il l< 1/ ?' ill' k, ' 1 # ? i. i !? ?t ii a. tm I 11 r w,l he trotted. ' A * '? *|< a n Kff.'.wa " a I'.ul. >,?d l.i troi In WraOfl , . C n ..i.. i?.r -r | ma la a $, ill i ' .i ne ami.a i m p alt i ? -at. f m <>o shiner. I' ?' I..11. .1 .* iv i ? ? ?m. ice h....r wr r* '.tta.-'1 a??l '*tailv Puipin * h?ib ..f whom went m air-ata wIi.Im hia ia to Toe ma vh 1'inade #" >1 day anil ic.m.t llaoc. ? apac lal Iralri in a.c I Hull p> I ce me* ?!1 '???>? Ucint r a I* Ilnl at I' M . In tea. f ?' Hu* . ?'? h. The I*h?i Iran mi Jamea' alip half an 8" ur previously. JlldBPU OKIItillKKON. M.iiia^rr. UAttrronu NAT ON*L iuikak pair. Nap'n b- r 3 It ami IS I'K.-LMIIIM I. mT. $l.v it Kir.I day inure* and n ta. f -UP o'aaaaa. Trn'tln. Uicra- a that uaTc- o .t heal J IS rrriniinna t'Ki Trn|lino hurara mac ha a am bnut 2 .Vc.. I'rain uma e l TmilitM h-rao* that buvn uut noal J .I5 1'c |;,u Fnr'0.' pair .?f at ho aaa I'nuiu u> lit) A at aialltoaa 'or enaral nan end family,t... Hr.-cci i Jay ?T ol'int bor ra that have ant i-a.i 't in n. ultn Premium* $45 Tmn on hnrkee, tandem taunt* I'rain inn* 7.1 Trailing ho. an-, under sad I a I'rani i.rna I JU Trolling buraea, with running inaia i'ramiiiina l.'n Trilling hurta., twom la muata Premiums JJS Tr. Hialllon*. open to a1' aulbonu Premiums 3i?i A an family horaaa, mall on. for general uae, mat-had hora a. An. Third day?Trotting hnraaa that have not beat Sift) Premium" $75 hornet that have not heat '7 411 Premium* I 7) Trotting horaea mat have nut boat 2 i ' Premittma J25 r ve lie iml Premium - 150 All (rutting hi/reea in harass* (Hiringham to waiz. >n I Premiums 1 IK 0 Alan laney matched horaea four In Land, running hornet, da . ? Tor pari rn'art aaa poatera and Hartford papers T. K. BRACK. Car. Hec'y Hartford Horaa Aaaoclailon. ATERSON FALL RACEB. Hepleraber 13, 14 aud IS. No poatponemant on aroaunt of the weather. Fust Dav.?Premium 111 al aires, mrie haata ?i' . in.lea, 27 ei Tim da Leger, $10 0. a1, imlea, 27 rutrlaa Premium $ 4)0, a I agaa, 2 mile heata 8?i onu Uur.?Hurdle .ana, $ d > two mlla*. 8 liuidlea V'nderwnnd 141ft. SAW all ages. I mlla. Toe trial stakes, $500. Imile, 19 entries Premium $tu> all aaea. 3 inilea Belling race, $:?i, lM inlle. Til mo Pat.?The Refuel stake*. $300, 3 mile*, IS antrlik. Premium $ mi, all age* 3 uulu hm.ia Tim Cues atlon Prenuuni. $3 0 ail agea l^a mile. No gambling allowed on the Course, no liquor fold, and no intoitcated petM.ii admitted. Excellent accommodation for ladle.i haa beta pruvl Jed Trama of tha Erie Railway atop at Ilia CnuT.e. An extra timin, with ears for ladiee, lravm foot of Chambers street al 1146 A. H., raturnlng lar.maiUatoly after laat raoa eath day, . R. B. CniSWBLL, Srcreiary Paixalc County Agricultural Boclety^ u NION COURSE. L l.-TROTTTNO.-*ONDAY. SEP tnmhar 12, at 3 P. M , tmiae aud utalcs of $?9. mile ? ? ? H. Woodruff entera heata, ba*t threo Id l-t In hornets. II. Woodruff entera b. g. 4Cardinal; D. Pflfpf g m. I rlnollra; T. ( regan c. g. 8h ti fsaac Wondr iff 1'. c Oeoo-al: H. Jennlnaab. g.; D Mueer.g. Hickory. Uocraelllug at 9 P. H., on tlie oourae. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor!. f PORTS NO. TjtnANlClB DUTI.KK. NO. 3 PKCb PL IP, H*8 ALL THE J1 clxbiee lireeda for tale and atoek. Butler'' InfaluDln 2eangn Cure and Plea Ektarmluator. 75 centa per bottle. H-ule?a new Work. $1. Uoga boarded, trained, Ac. Medl ; s'nea rnr all dlseaaea 8ALK-MX POINTER POOS. TWO OF THEM J." well broke, very largo and handsome; a fair trial giT'fh: four P.*i?1ar Pupa five Hotter Putt, four Italian 1'i.i.l. Ring chai lea Pup', three Poodle Pups, Bull Terrier P"r"; extraordlv.ary Oo >d RaHere of the Si'otcb. Hkra and B ark and Tau llreail; l*o Newfuutidland Poisa, one Jot b' gok, h> at hrrg iraluert watch dog In the country. U. ? AKUNBR, IS Li. rent mrcrt. far Caoai atrect. All thcaa ?'gig' may ha feu ou Monday at 13 Laurena street, 14. T. HllltSEk, CARRIAGES, fiC? PAIR OF HANnsorR lir.OWN UARRIAOB Horses for -ale.?Si -. aud ii'ven years eld full seven I .bean bauds h. ;h: sound, kind, etvliah and well bred. Can ! J\ie then al Delta' tiabla. iM ?ercer street, for a cotipl# of da a itOUD aORSR. LUMBER W?OON AMD HARNEBB J\ pirtale. and-wark gienldfnl. Bi-atoet given for aell ing. A|.pl> at *7 Clarksoa aireet, or at corcot of Otei nwlch and C'ar'.ton, n groeery. I a S: PERIOR I.ONO TAILED r.ROWN HORBB, I -V fnh 15*j nande high. 8 yeaia old, tiua stylo aDd cur 1 rlage. free an. nr. fte? from trim'and elm. nnd warranted 4> auiind, eat oe-o ilnvea . y bia pteasot owner ta the Eastern ? J N'h es. tad i* to o* raid lieraute tha owner hat oo futlher ' Hint tor him. fa be yean nt Robertaon'a ?iahh si*le atraet. . near Henrr. BtO'vkl'n. Appl' t.? II. A. RKI.LOGC, 151 w! R oAdway. New Yark. or m W. POTVS. Bd State straat. Hronklyu. t l NHMLI R OP BTSINESH WAOON8. OF EVERT \ kiad roii'tant f or, hand. Tau nill Had this place as 5 raviuAbla nsau l' 'i can fce found, aod every artlala war re ta<l at renrraeot I tl oeomt wisand band, in good or der uii-ap BTEWaRCM Wag.rj Factory, Fifty-third street, .et'.' eeu Itroadway and Eighth avenue. V lLT AB1.R IIROWN HOKSP. SI* TKARB OLD, -njceu hands hLh. a gray 1'vuy. auitah'w for women ot 'liildran to -triva: a ttaad Wtqnn. hut lit la tiacl. weight 1,5 vo?nd?, at THOMI'tiiiN S atabls, 490 -Piii'.i avenue, near i' sivh atre'-t.' A BRlliar BAV 1I'1P*B. liONO TAIL, 16 HANDS. .A *i yeara n I; pii.e $4.4) To be seen mornings till wild ti lue at" !e c rner of Ronr.1 ton and Urecna avenaaa, Brooklyn. BLACK HORtp. for BALE?1414 HANDS lUUH, I v-aiA .ld long tall, haadeoma, slyMah dilvat, sound aud I*" id kind iu haraesa and la every ratocA; can t ba aur A?*ed iider lae sadd'a. Apply ta QEO. W BROWN, No l# i'ie? xirtet. ixniit SAIK-M' LRB, OTEV. AC ONE TOIB 01 ' J; dim and . ? 1 Tramv of K t ea. Wagouo. Haraest, At. , stA'lle v.'uor .vail h ike aod In exeai'.ent mnd.tien. Wil aj e ao' 1 rea.ii .ao'y. Apply to Su^erinteo 'eu'. at llamlltoi u e ?o' 1 reaw> y. Appiy y1 nupai '? p'a'i. sew Ji.,gh' 10. KUfa I'Unn. ? T^OR 8418?A SPA* OF B(l A ir Uuh; 00:01 dare b oiva, re.-g.r, I nod'ha oihar nine last spring; well HORSES, UH HAND! g.r.g ou black; onaalghl 'prlng; well iraiehed, easy drivers. aice..ric aaddla bar*'*-, w.uanuj to ,nd and wltboul fault Aiao a 1 .nereff rhaet*? s itabta for wtater and * atimn.'i. made by 44 imuI li.oilr as. and only three months , in ice l or pa.' eti.a a apr-'y at 34 Beaver atraet. drat Roar. a', B?oR 9 v f,R ?A I'AfK or f.'ifto TAIL BBIOHT BAT 3 f Harra nri-ct. i?r, kf am. id, kind and gentle, verv ? baud: >?,e ? ',"11 i-fdloaiu a.e femtlv for tW'. vev, and f in flua am litla . !*ri ? ? ' It ;u tai Brawa'"ur A Co a { , carriHg' a -.oi?. corner of Hr ??una and Mot' *lrrets. lj ]ir0.rt 8AI-E-ONR lH't"_l Sll AftUK WACON, BIT - . . lb r ? a ?n tie a ift'ag up Wsgoo. foi ling aajt P. .behind ln<i Ira 1 a stable. No 5 biiTffan eo.trt. Bast pj; Th ti 'liih ? ee h.u'oau I'tir.l st.d L?na ;t urin: ??, I ??()*? AAf.B-t VERT STTLISB CABRfOLLT OR CA Jig ietn. with foidiag'Set far eh Id re a C-oi for eum f|:?'ran4w: ter u*e and fo- one or twohoiaa. Apply at Seat# >? fit A en f v. nty. nond traet. I. . ' pi .a SAIaK-A LAROR. HANDSOME TprXOHOBSB, I . 4 r-* ro rf??#?.th'*.rtei ' * '4Ue AD#i F v?f. 'hnrnagww1 one of the ? oe and Twanip-wennd mrot' 4 c '? ??'?'auth sva F f4itt| ? 4LB?IS THE CoHNTRV, A PATR OF VERT - a or. e egaol Carr agw Jloraea, l*ys. I ing lalla, h eel. no.n ? ran o'd. Id'iaii IsT gh, pei r-,'tly to ;nd and free i?as run a light bay <'"U. e Horaa the ruo?t at.. I'an a.. . il hat iiaa evrr been driven In Ceutial Park. Herald odliw. ?tif -A rrLRNOiu cm V-.TKUT noRsc, is "? ?? '.n I k nd and ft w erv ?tt h am '?>'? C'ltiMlut l llaiut, t. A '.:??! HO-1.1.9 CK>S SALR?1 > R BROOD MARR8 , NOW IN r * K ad; * ? .'K.nMc'ot.laa. ibay liave all ba. . n the enun wT. Al? llauihle' snnfli'i atid M r*a, fr m not >An two . e.a 1 . L. A , iltral l - V-eo PI,IT : ale?1 Wo fKl K HOitgF.S. 6 AMD 6 TEAR8 oh), one gray as 1 on? bay In hand* hik ? ?od 111 pro por. "ii ao.,1.11 and ?,ud loqulraal the r oronr of Four teen!' street and Tenta aveu ir ron S'*T.8-rnR WANT OF USK, A 8PL IWSIli ivnra o.J obaa'.nui aorra. Hnr*e. flua bur 1,1. 1 hand" kind n h*riiiaa a rery fr?s, aty.l'h iliiver- wo tlv! ma go 4 nab'h .or e?rn?ge horaa. or 1 One aaa lie borve 4:, re at ti, |*. grl Sireci, t9()R A lLE?4T PRIVATE STABLE, NO . T I Fi'teem b at rent ana opvn Wagon and light Hio i*v nee*, ti .1 JitUe used. H)R 34LE-O.M. SPAN OF RAT noRSES. 6 f TAR8 old l.i , hand* high, round, kind and very tvllah ; line phuetou or roups ten n. Can be area a 4 (Aw (rivers ?tab as vomer of Broadway and Twenty aevealh atr-at. FiR SALE?A FAST TROTTINO BLOODED BVkT Mare, adaptad for brei dlog j. irp -vee. a large aar aty'lah Hovae, aultable far n ronpe, a Beronehe and d n 4a Ham. >a. In no octet, do J aeparaleip. Address W., bo* 2,3 -1 I'o t off., *. MtiiR a-.LB-.ONK BA* HORBF, 16 HANPg SDITA I ble lor Omrrr, M'Uman or Baker Prlc $lt.",. Apply at 78 New Canal aural. b OR ttfiP -A noon RECOKTl HAND < 0\t II. TM ?oe i mnniaa itrritr. la utreatlW Ka?t Twenty tlilrd LV>K HALE-ON A'TOt'RT OF TTIB T>RA1H OKTHK J? o? oar, It nree. Herou, be and llarimnn rim hrrn- 1- jar ?JV 11 r black 'irgn. tcuhv, niuad. perfect!r gentle an t eerf M<'lu The barun, 'i<> *n i nnrneea are eity make ? id nrarif h'ii Apply at Bl fTH etabe earner of d /aueiu mai I'lrArd auaet-n. ENOK RAT.P-A OKNTIEMAN'R OAHUIAOK IfoR.lR. 1 eOaJ b'ae*. Inng tall. I lian In iten fr< a and ef ?H?h drlerr. Oai be ?. ro at lellinna'a, A3 t.rrat J tana * eat. ^ 1. \',h \ Kl !H * CARRIAGE IN FIR ST P re'drwrdee, barter bean newiy dune u ?. 1 tor went ?f ti<M>, l.rtor AFf Can t>n wen <t the et.tile of Ih.iae Rnrr.r, I ;1 and lit OntttuB p A'* I'lgtiui airrat. i.'OR BALS dUtf-IITIRiOi WORK B0R8RM. J I' nit a'i n fee family p rpoaM. i wf>r,<l bat. 1 eurtaln giiartnr C"trhen Rrewat-r t Co n main To t ? ' 0, an at t. a eiab ee ourarr of Broadway and I wei I eeeeiitb , ?IF, I f.,ON ? AUK CHH.AP-A F1RRT CLABR ART OP ! r ?i\"'e tiarneee. new. Call at Jj6 Kaet Twenty fourth mei 1TOR AAI.B CHEAP ?A HKAIJTirUL PHAETON PO? 1 aariorb*. te ealue. Can be Omn In VVxoeim atreet, four do re eho?* FourlA etreei, la the rear; are, ply at 111 bomb Wil iaio etrKC Ha It OMR AaODII HORAR FOR BALE-ONE OP die mom mylar, boron* "aw '? ale mart old. #ter A ban ? high, ouart ai.* teatle rtery "ay. Ami aupertor B> ipe nr fa n !* Home ^**/eare old. 'one. fnl tall, wmnd and gai.Ha. A ,,p r ai prlrata atablo to Kaat Twen tieth arret, near Bi sad way. Private atahlea por bale?in tih.'tykiuhth ?leant. beiweea B-oadwat and l?wnth r anu*. In qnle* at Taiiuan e atabla, earner of Broadway arid Thteti ?i* hiii etrael ?lMIB RROHl.AR WRRAl.T AAl.* f>F HORIP.A, CAR I r M" to, * I take pU ?? at Inn >?? >?r< ii..r?o, Hi"l ?e , ? nmer tolrn HUM to tn , a. at taree n 'oeB P. M. Pai',?? In >.? harm-a, la i? J ?; ""1 e' will tar.d t am la n>> ,n. T<. ee ?-M >rf? Igi h I onp*. a.i Hgnt oaal u< Am n. i?'t" imberaod ? re?l bu? n?? and I'lOanrir* Wa-'K,* ? ?<? two' ? I if ? ni ? of in. I a.y ant an ? ? e u ? t a. I i 1 ???. Euuaaea |l, aea per eea . ?> ?, ?< n ?n ? mi t. tlAKI.Ab W iLl.n, I ruprialor. iiohhkr, CARitl%?iB?, .vTAHI.K AND CS IHIA',K IIIII -K. mi RTY-rtrrii -ir-ei.. mar Br- a.lwsy -A vsri .~r i ?? r. ?.ry ? ? ?? and more r<" m it ? n-q ire ? ? 1 let u*.r lo . ?..??!! islanlishmsol. A'ldreea bvs I uri Post o ? ca. piik i'kiifrrmnkd am i>lo intom or rm 1 I I.Ill' il? 01 Paris, >i I p ? * lad ?> lilt li.nn'Un oa iraicli* rr'trturyuirc'iii, Ilk* leave to intorin Uis pob |i ih 11 11 i- joat a?'.*i llDled kiiuM f iq mis city and >i|i-rshi 'irvirm lo o? nera of li'.rsas ?? I ?nl pimi wd imtor Alan all ill"' i of oirn row- svvloa <!""? and il'i I" arid i!#? well irtutml 'jy 1 Im. ? a I on T P. KLKNHCII, 4 I, I.M'i mi -irrrt two do-Ta of K^r nil a'reet French and Nnu "pok'-n. ___________ rw I KINK IIORHP.d KHK K \ LK ?OMR IS A HAND mini* iiay llnrar, B ? ? y ara old. long 'all, |8M n tinU in. h; il a iiIIh r s a it -irs or a or an t vara cad, lly Ii oilc i hvv at v ti.'th |i il c li aomi'l ur. 1 kind, find iiinwy ilr vara ymiil in c I ht'iia't, ami a i I t?- anld at once I ir t ' lliao ha r v i e lot ho * an at di act K or ennth ?i an hi anil aimr Monday, ISi.i Uil , or addrtaa bug 4,KM l inn o.inie. fp?> TI1K LOVH.RH CIK RACING HOKSRR.? FOR HALE, I ilia h.-i a mi Htr? I l I i. v ctr ill and aa n ur 1'i-rfi' *t m in v it ''lur.'- n i h'iiiMira I. oftbev for ilia imriniMi-a >i ina inrr or reding ha. it- capable of r lining ' am am d aiaora Ii i,'t a *hroied Pup wled H. i'hlllv formerly the iiri>[ieriy of L"11 .>-?ri K. Kannar. of Lnota a a Alio a III ro , rid ateei cray hurie Colt, Ih'ee yeuri old and vary pr-intd'ir ha laruarkable for hi" d c i ly aplamt .1a thi* -a 'il'a Tha e horaaa can be aai-u al tbe nia .intot'i at.ihlea t.f M. H,nm?i Cratgeo, coruarof F'orty-eecouu struct and So ent'i aveuus WANIKD-A VKKY KiNK I'AIK OK CARRIAGE llortan, abiinI I H ? r IV; b g: In i ' ha without fniill or nlainl-h Ion, lalla I. .ml -ii - ,s or b'sck pra farr d; gentle In or luilu ? ai >ia-? ip-fl mutt nnl ha (II lhan Hi minme a le A |iply to U HO. C. V* <>Ol>, #m s uin street, t\ iiilaegsbarg WANTED?A HOK.dK, WACOM A?l) H ARNEH8, ingeiher ur separate, lo good coo tin aa, at 34 New Bwwerv. MSTKlfCTIOSr. ACCOUNTS, AO -fNNTKUOl ION fM PEN.MAN8HIP, bn> sue- n n( and bu Inraa allaira al COLDS >1II H H liiilltiiie. 7 <1 Hroadwa oornvr of rtignlh street. Twenty yeara r-tahl a icd. I'upli tan ;ht iinfiv11oally. Separate room* for ladies Circulars oo >tpp ? it ion. Ol-ivi.rtll fK'LDSMlTil. A STUDENT or THHOLOOY, FROM BERLIN, PROS ?la, wUaca Pi li-ai b ' .ar nan In a irh ol ef tola clty r Brooklyn. He i? also willing to tana a law private p.ipllp Address B. Borobaru, No. V t. uiveislty place AN RLKUANT BUSINESS HANI WRITING Ot'ARAM teed ? DOl.HK A KB SycW'n of 'II an itralniog." li?)9 Hroadwav, will positively remove all In ?< eran ping or 'r"rin.Una fr ni the wor l hand and wi I enable any lady or gentleman to write with ease and -tailafar.i.on A SUPERIOR LADY TKACHKR, A ttKHIWINT OF eight yaa a In P?r1? and mu?ic pupil of one of the gre?t maaiara ol Kunuie daalras lo give Instr ci ill In French an I muslo lo private families A idre** Murh al, 23 Fourth street. A TOUNO UA.IT. EXUBItLINO IN TIIK ART. WOULD A like to give Instruction lu Penman-hip, lo eehooli or ri^lllei. Adarees Mies Everett. 78b Broadway, or call from 12 to S AM AMERICAN LADY DESIRBH A SITUATION Art teacher or Ibo usual Bog l*n hran-bea. or would act ta boueekeapar lo o section tn's family; baa hal aeveral Sears eiperleooa In each capac ti : good re er'Ocea. Ad r>'s* form wsak, Governess, H4 Broadway, Wllllainsbiira. A TOUNO LADT, DRHIROUB OK HAVING TUB All. J\ vantage of tbs city to finish her education, would like to oars a few children to leach al tbetr own hnmes. one or two hours eneh day. lo the Bngllsh and French branches A nnts addressed to Tescker, hot ldt> Herald afiloe, will re ceive prompt attention. A SPANISH LADT DBSIRBB A FRW MORS PUPILS A In Spanish and Praoeh Terms modsrate. Address I. Y. 2.. Station D, Bible Hones. BOOKKEEPING. AO., FOR BI'dlNKHS MKM. ? MR. DOLHBaR, tt?0 Broadway, will (he a -peclu practi cal course In Interest. Av.-rnve, Kichao e Ac., to qualify geotlenien for bsml hocikk' -pers in nny kind of business. Gentlemen can wcure private^rooms. , CHARLIER FRRNCH INSTITt'T?' Sos 48 and flu Bast I'weotv fouilh "treat will re eran Sepleiuber 30. Hoarding nod DaySchaol;a primary di psrirnent, pupils prepared lor college, business. West Point and the navy school. The prospectus or the school contains the names ol? tha pupils and those of their parents tor the peat nine years. _ I'rof. KLIB CHARL1RR, Director. DR. DCLON'S GERMAN-AM Mill; AN INSTITUTE. N<^ I West Twenty sixth street will rsapen Tneedey, KapleuibSr 13, Idfit. Anoouncsmeuia ts bu uiaue al No it West Tweuty siith atreet, A lew hoar-ling pupils will bo received. Full particulars eon bo had by lotereooe to tha programme. DO* BERNARD'S FRENCH INSTITUTE FOR young ladleg ?Boat ding and day school reopened HepL S i' \? "T svenoe. Mate. Don BBRNaRD. una Oa Koohefarmay. Principal. T?DCCATIONAL.-PARTNKRRniP OR ^TIIKRWrSt JQl A iady experisnoed In teaching wishes to form an aa 5S?mfc-i.!,lhSLl? "e?nln? ? bchaol ore nosUI-o in a pr". Ed:jaB.intata^T0'"'* ' E"wJ".f^^cu\T.\Da?4^^H!R^ ??hcxila. Address VoaolUt, Harold olQca. ? French and german languages -prof. r. TBLLEKING. 819 Smadwsr. corner o Twolrth street, will rocelro appltcatiana for private tuitlao In French. Ger man Latin and I'AnglaHe nut et strangers, kaverably known In Near York as an s aclenl tsachar stnea 1832. Govbrnrbs wantrd.-a small family, rb sliLng la a delightful situation oa thla is1 and. but inann? vnnient In achoo a, wish n oompatant person ta Instruct two dsu; tcig (13and 141 and n son II yraranf age Terms, In cluding board, must ha moderate Address, with full pan Unbare of Qualification. Ac, H.B.J. B. J., Herald offlee, for one week. Hudson river institute affords thr vert beat ailraatagea for a C.asa eel Sslanuaa. Camrnsrsml nod Moaicai Ed scat on. French I'anvcrontloa nod Lewis' flyman set lee far lad las. and Millinrp Drill for gen Hansen, dally, without extra charge. A now Gymnasium, costing grt, UOO. Fifteen lostroators. Term opana dap ta inker IT B4 40 ? week far board, washing and fual. I _ Rev. ALONZo FLAOK. A. M.. Clararack. Columbia oeunty. Maw Yerk { irONB AND SCHOOL FOR BOTS UNDER 13 TEARS II af ago.?A lady, residing within a few asltea of Raw ; Loudon. Conn .In n plenaant nod esll ifui lionilom. has aa roni-no'latlona for a few mora hoys to lira in bar family and ba educated with her own ?ooa. Terma in Knahsh and i rreiicS, from SIM to S'fin per year For further Informa tion apply at 99 R> eraon alraei, or add ass Inatiiula, Now London. Connedicot. MISS AlfBN'S SEMINARY (STAMFORD, CONN.,) lar young ladles, will opao September IX For etrco apply to Tha principal, O. AI REM. MISS YOUNG WILL OPRN A PRIMARY SCHOOL? 1,314 Broad" ny?dsgiemtwr 12. Cin u are at Macfar l's, corner ? I Br adwai and Twrntr third street; .loose* (lata Crowes), 8l3 Broadway, and J A C. Barrlan s, No. OIH Bron'lwny. M!8H BRACE'H ENOLTNH AND FRRNCH HOARD itg and Day Hcbooi. for yo'.og la I oo. S-t and 4' Elm streot, haw Haven. Conn reopens Betitemher 13 1944. MR LRRFINAfldB'S FRRNOn INSTITUTE. FORT Waanlngtoo. ifdth street nod King bridge road, re spens Septemhei 12 French Is the langirayv or the school; English, Hpanieb, German. pro.iKratury couise to College, West P' int in I t ie naval school.I C ciilsrs, 97 Cedar sireal, 7b) and VI3 Hroadway, ?? PROF. R. J. JAWOROWSKI RVRI'MRR IllH Prtt vete l??tons In Krrnch. Kngavemi-n's can he made by | calling si'.'24 Broadway, or by addioaaiug box 4,314 Tot ?If c. I rrKACHKR WANTRD-ONR WHO 19 CAPARLB OF | 1 HMMii thn-tilg ci hruri' h"" ol siudv Is a pohlv school, i at Mini ipa Po api'l cat! in Will he runs d- red uoleas tha I boat of reicreecat as :? -apabliity and good moral cnarsc cr | '-an be p oluce 1 Aip y lo John C. Ml dendorf, 9R Bar day st. UN IV K R.mTY OSAMM AR 9CHOOL (F.RIMARf. COM mi'D snd rlsssirn - reopens tomorrow. Hoya flltad for iSllega. busiassa West Point. Tlia Hsienth avenue cart pass the ehawL Dr. BhNDAN lu priest pal. Is reeum man led by Alas. Van Huwit>aldl. Dr. Frances L'tbsr Chaa Anlhon. niSCKLLA.YRDDR, RTIFICIAL HUMAN BTP.9 MADE T i ORDER AND Inserted by !?r F BAULCN and F. GflUHKLMANN (fermi r ir employed by Be saooiirau, of Paris). 4/v Bruad Way. N. T A A LOVE AMULET SRCURRS AFFPrTTONR OF OP A posite set, band alauip lor eircular lo Madam MARRA, i ppg 8,7.10 Feel afllaa, N. I. Economy is wealth -mili.ivi kn JORRBRR and a I other*, bring rour ol I sivle of Miasas SCk. Fell Ahd beaver list- and hsvs t ?'n ina |c nvsr in I ? lav,i-.lia ble shme RCKtJYKrt A CAvK, Hatters. HG Uisenwieh straet. New York. HOW TO LITR CIIKaP -in ORIIl It TO BKFKCT A great saving in Tour touseh >ld StpSiisea buy your Teas. Coffees, Flour. O nes. I ish and I'rowiiliins from IHoMas k aUNKW. W u'eii sd"i art m-nt No. 792 ?AArw nw tl suwet and retail miner of Murray and Green Wtrh slrants One price eneh h?nse. BCRTACB. MS Bd'UD'VAT. HKW YORK ?J jMa lit.'tur?r of * I kill ?? a La.?t .?r wo-dr ilirth Web#, Mtarea. Hei* 8tia*t Htrapa, llu? (U h >n Oru.a B. n??j Jalldll UlrUi", As- Order* Uy poat pro.nply at f RTTfl tllTIUq AOMOT AM) COWriOh RTl AL I J DllWIMdft Oliw, Hid H :<* , kor at-eat !'r rate letter*. adrejtl amenta. al.en ara pmta. orat MM, dor., air 'diif all kinda vi'ttan to order Yaa?*>-riri* .op e.l re. toad or irana ale.l. Letter* ?r>fet, ha a literary lade C-? eon... Mb u to con-ap-v, trD? and t terar? a, t Letter bote. Fve,, doe* .irl|aa of ordora r* eeKad frrta a dteiaora. thartra mod* . air. | IJTtpit "RUT*,I, COPY IN') AMD OB*BR W. OCA I J fMpMMMto* n' re n if* ? a 4 ? ,, . ? dally. +ti r. <hin arm .? aoar Tbirtr Lmnb ttrret. A bun a?M *vioi y coatt<l*0i|*i. Rd ARB Lit UMlfKM-tHK 8r*r pin H IN riB 1*1 clt U? P"'S '? " Ch'ei and rratl n.i ? Wi ? e . . A KLARFi*^* bantel Mao.ita. torr t.w t ,.| Ri?, : eatb avreo. aear ftH/d areaue, Maw tori Cut tb.a ? ik MARBLR AYtf BI.ATR UANTRL-t HAKOFACn rtiO at r. - , n .,,>arr e- a far .n' at art. r pr raa. H "W bent-la at eb.i 1 half .toe , rie- "t roar* e A ate *? ftlgkratora, W *?h T..h? /- .*? nrin%>* ? wrntt CAiVianiiff blaT' cowpaxt. J7< Oaeal alroet. Ma* York. V? ARBLB *A>Tr.L?.-A W fMtMtjQI o? war 1*1 ble Ma.itat. o., ban . -ailing h eper t .?? ?"T>b?r* a te. at s K I, a . I* it h mart, e ? aid ?* ' trd eraaua. aaar third alraat Ma* York. H?U *ad ataai oa. LNTRAM OAt'ORl BTKAV Utl'tlM.-ir toil W A KT O a (Organ and feliati e Maan tiauye. HA 1KB PAT IkT URAllTArillM UAIUI If ??" *ant a .)au*r toat *11 la-1 a I.fat ma bur HI i |A ''ATKJtroRAYITAltMO Oa I,'OF. if ?*" *ant ii?a kind aaprored *e<i adopted br tha g ,f |>o ?# t' mn.lar.aarr> *nd Lot tod M tat*g gnrarnnient, tf, n arc re ore ... Hired PtTFM'T tlRA' ITATIMO tl?ll,l?.M. l)?r# ill r ulton at root, cwraar of Greenwich up ttatra ffYCR itFTtL i"dl) OLD LRAO W AST* P.?-tAMff | .1 he imt ? lot A tew bandied Mlflht of Type Metai and al.l I aid. ?V.,h* \'"t* "f IN obro. U O*YTM m* PlMJRM t'OR OI.O BO' KB. .. ?? ? i-1 pi . '.t h ^ a .?? ?,? * . t< B ? It A III 1 tail.'tit, a hole-eta ,.a,ar *araaj.ta?. 111 I

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