Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMf&ilCtXL BrjroAT, tiepi 11, ISP*. TBS two leedjng S> "satipae id I tie week In Wat' Mr??* have been the course of 1^4 and ths new 1481 Mm. Tbe fold marks! a^nuied with eMianri* or Won ?J A Isfi succeeded on Tuesday aid \VedttObUay, wkA was followed during tbe red of the weak by renewed exdteaunl auk low or qu <(Mlm The pnoe apr.ved on Monday M 235, uooi * nk-h il ?old ap t?. 842 V ?* WedBiedjj#'. H -hai ."toad.'i.v dac-u ed i>f.?t lb) to ?!$>, * bio*, eat lb* lo* ti poiM fuMgded an A.tur d*y, U* !*?t reoorded pnoe to ike tcieet t?4?f, however, 219V A why aad tore a rei*f?? are looked for. The aew lo*U baa proyei a great sucoa.-*. so far aa tie bidding for i It i* et*' Awed Idle af,^reg-rfe the 1 ?.v wa.s I72 (Jg,7o0, ai d uuie tenths aflbe .vgptod ft*hoc of tbwtj <we mod a h if Bltlkwis araeaeil tu be at a pr ce above lot. The stuck m cr.'.ei has boon without Ml aoiruaUw, at-dgvri. ne con twee low, wvta a (bocietig tend ?cy. The speculative u-o..i g Las been bed tn cha& by the new loan MVBf ov?* U.o nancy ainri a, and the u;-tor tain :> o( Ueoontvaaf the kttrf, swing to ! ire ariasoC ps'oii dra'it it to moat this aod the oil sx g.vo?a n? jt loans, aa wall aa the withdsawide of d?t> .'it* on Western aur mit, T .are if no prospe. t of tin gv .oy w the supply tat call loane, however, ante's tb? d> nu d should bee me heavy, wtilcb la not hkoly helm. 'he Preeidocitai e>. otiosi paaeav orer. 1 here is a nt oag dln posiib i. en ng operators to p: >raote aou vity, dm j'tst now tbett aiti-ntioucs dietrncted by tlie excitement ib 1 tb.6 k il r: .rk J. Money bee en easy to etoca ' tree In conacqucrco i of the limited dotnaud at seveu per cent on call; bet to | the duk-"lint lane It ha- hero activa, the ratoe for or t class i*. or ranging ?rom oigut to nine per ocel, ami oo ordinary from us to twelve. lu foreign ex vintage there baa not been mucli dates: and the rates hove beer variable, in sympathy with gold. The d slug quototiou* foe elorling, at eight, were 108 % a 10b lor gold. Ihe following were the quota!" r:? for railroad and mis eallur.tnua shares,"gold ai d govert mem securities at the eloae ol each of the past lour weeks:? Ati; .20.41 fi.Zi -eft.3. Sit- 10 Americas g'Sd 8t>ii>a SUMS Atlantic Kail r?. 9 Uo Ibi ]#7 i?fj American C al Co ? ? ? - S s5 t it vvcailc h 1 ttahart 112HO.\ HO , 111 Cleveland 4: Toledo 130 ii;7 124 i^O Chicago & Roe* Mand ll.\ iou^ lisrjico.S thlc go i? Northwestern.... 6ti'4 63 68 Chte-u'o k A0.OO ? hs bs 17 Camberiaoa Coal 6(>S 6c>? CI Central Coal 6i ? CO GO Cantos rompar.y S7>^ 34 tj 33.S 84Jtf Dal. k dudsoa Cans: 2oo 2tf. 106 l?l KrieKallw.v 112H lOWtt 108'f 307X Kris preferred Ill llOia loo lilat, Hudson River 131V 12. * 126)? 110)6 lliiuoia Central 1317* 11131H 134 Michigan Central ISO 134134 . 183^ Miohignii Southern wo 8S)g 83#; 82 MUwaakre A 1'. du Ckleo.... 6T<; 64 Vi 00% Mariposa Miniog 41,',' 41 >; 40 43 New Yorlc Ceotrai 130y, 125?; 128 1281; Ohio A Mississippi car 60t, 48)< 47 46^ Pacific Wail 278 2->o ? ? Pennsylvaam Coal 212 2081, 205 105 Pittsburg & Kurt Wayne H4 >? 112 110 100 <4 Quicksilver Mining 82X 82>4 s2j; 81 Reading ttallroad 136?* 133 132>g 132 GOTCRjfMairr aactmnias Registered 6'a ot 1881 108>; 10914 108 10.8 Coupon 8 s Of 1881 1U4-, 100>4 107,^109 live-twenty ccujkmi 1101< 1121; llO^llltg Five twemy registered lOst; 1U >; 109 110 10-40 5 per cam, interest on.. ? ? ? W7 One year etrtl8oainav...... 95 95 98 94 October 7 8-10 notea^p \ 110 111 111 Ha State stocks ware footed as follows ? Mlaaourl6'a 66 North Carolina 6'a 63 Tennessee 6's 60 ^^oioin7's 161 WW (i'l, IndlAOt 5'* 87 ilP ?'?, 1881 116 Virginia 6'a 64 Michigan o's 98 CeorgiaO'S. 68 Louisiana e'a 73 During the first eight months of the present year 188,389 bales 'of American ootlon were imported into Great Britain, which, in that country, is worth nearly forty millions of dollars in gold. Nearly every hale of this cotton run tbe blockade, and the bu.k of it was taken across the Rio Grande river from i ex as, and ?hipped from Mexican ports on tbe t>i:!f. binco the 1st of January, 1868, Eugland has received 236,424 bales of cotton which was grown in tte United States. The financial transactions or tbe United States Sub- . Treasury Tn this city during tbe past " eek are exhibit, d , Is the following tstfie ? RecritU Total from Cv tomt. RrmpU. Monday flnd.uoo 1,257,812 1.701,491 Tuesday 16c caO 89 ,2t.i 1,412 6.-6 Wednesday. j!57 HOO 3,921.760 4,455^11 Thursday ^UU.OOO 6,787,388 1,761 453 Friday T!2ti 000 4 053, 06 4,737,759 Saturday 818 000 723,161 1,919,774 Tout .$1,219,000 16,738.660 16.778.484 Week previous. . 1,024 OuO 14.718,630 16,680,280 ?Tbe balance remaining In tbe bands of tbe Assistant Treastinsr oo Saturday w m $16,688,224. tbe condition of tbe bauks in MasnacbnsetU. out of f Bortoe, for five weeks ending September 8 is reported as | follows:?Capital stock. $415,009,500, loans and discounts, $64,018,676; spade in bank, $1,290,193; balance In other barks payable on demand, $5,671,248. total am cunt due from other banks, $6,538,162 total amount due to other banks, $435,082. deposits, $12,276,370: circulation, $21,677,370 Tbe following table shows tbe receipts of gold st ths United Stales branch mint In San If ancl-c i during tbe fiscal year ending with June, 1864, atfd tbe sources from which the treasure was derived? ' u? St. California - ?#805,2"9 Oregon *22 .'246 Idaho Territory 71.857 British CDtamble. 24,en7 Washington J,errllury a 7 6 Nevada wertlt'iry v (i'.t'i AMnHia Territory 413 Mexico 326 Iccigncoln 3,316 Total ounces 1,028,960 ?or about eighteen mlllms of do! ars. Tee Secood Naiioosl Bank of Philadelphia, at I rank ford, has Increased Its ctqMhl stock to $26n,000 Tbe following tabie ebewe the movemonts or bread etuffi in Chicago during tbe we<* ending t4?plcmber 8: ? RecmfO. Shivm'nt*. Flour, bbls J26,1^52 34,026 Wheat, Corn 4.. *88.862 832,112 Oats 73T 184 492.344 Bye 96,971 89,4 * Barley 54,520 9,575 ?The recetpts and stMpmeuts tor tbe season correspond with tbe movements daring toe saruo lime iuat year as follows:? , ? -Btripti . , Shxrmcnli 1468 116A. 1888. 1864 Fkrnr, bbls 88*.168 T4T,58T 759,921 808,142 Wheal,bush 8,160.597 T,516 429 4,648.935 7,057,7 .9 Corn $2,412 196 10.944.086 21,4.9.178 9.6482>33 data 8jf7.433 6,366,480 2,717,875 6,077,411 Kya 865,675 456.978 279 475 265 63.1 Barley $42^18 $99,793 89,276 47,078 The foliewtog figures show ths total sum bar of miles of railroad trMk m - Indiana, with the distance each read runs with.a the limits of that State ? Mi 1st Etu?tW? and Crawfordsvllla road 122 Looieville. New Albany and ( b cago 244 Mich van -outhern and Nortt ero Ind.eoa inn?, Micbigaa Ceotrai 39 Cincinnati, Peru and Chicago 24 Pittsburg, fort Wayne and ilticago. 168 CmMni>?ii and Chicago Air Line 167 Toledo aod W abaafi 167 Columbus end Htietbyvflto 24 h>diaiia|iotif and Cincinnati ?0 Indiaaapoits, Itueburg end CloveHUjd 44 lAfayetto end lns<enepolia 44 iihlo aod Mlatiaaippi 172 Indiana cuntral eH Jeffereonvlllt" rood " ^ 77 MadtS'io aod Indianapolis 88 Peru and Indieoap" is _ 73 Torre Hants aod Rlohmsnd . Toledo, Logan and Burtlngtoo . Frsnklln anddtarlioovi is S>, June"Ion ? oi to t.onsversy _ .j,, R ishvilie and 4ho t?v?9ie . vf Jut let and N>rth?n iuduna |f Total miles The foOosrwig rtg"rM show the em >vat o IrMte t>n ! some of the m's? wip"* i??t ?f raiho.Ai dor ng tt,? mriotb of .twty ? vew Y'lfk *nd Met? ? W Vi. sn Hootberua -7#' *> Miction 'soukI *" ''1 tvii'a, ? tod Loaf MarP.u *' d 'jn-wu ?tl W . liiiame > ontrel ...?????? ? 404 IV' M ?i'4.<? sa.) iiowti lived., M?9,u?T i ii sg< w d Ni ribt-wor .. 482#6&4 Ai.Ot tlr k ill i. t fwste If ?? ? 830 'A'a tiiiiuoi I Ms* . w.pi 2IW,9"io Chicago aa 1 A<t?i- 916 ''40 Milwaukee ntid 44. Veil. . . 166,*9? n?vr.aBS and Tnlrdo IV'>15 I'ittaburg aod Nor* Wayne . ?88.A8l home, Wetorh wa a<i4 ?utawi?jrg ... 71.302 ftubuqiio end I-k its isty $\80fl and Wsboab ... 139 4$8 Bt. Loo la. Alton ami Torre Bsilt 144,941 Ctnoianati aod chwago Atr else 63,660 m Xbf d*> IIM of the fad protn um, or, in other words, Ufi SpggfiniatluD of the carroooy, Is aa muab a national blaa lag as the fall of rata aitor a loo* sew,aver drought, fbr j net aa the rats leads to aa abundant bar rest the othar isiisssM every ?>??*? abuodaooe by angmeatlng tha porehastag power * the par* in(1 (,nhancUll tb* value of real property. Thus tbe earning* of all, although comically uncbauged, become lu reality greauw to pro pa, n". 4o tbe c stent and dor tlgsw of JOS impsevefl WC* I ?r tt? oarreto^Apd a bousObr Mlnuce, M.*i Hftflne ; at fa vOC In terrene* with goU ?' 36? was reeflv we?l! j In gain oifiy ?t>A *?*<? !?; "(Jfih on a gold has* i W?*ao wttfejw a* TN. XmizMWlbo ?rty aeoipM ' awrdardof va aM. and tnerefore tlie truo on* In eslca t iai? by. Neither re?i properly nor the wage* of Lfliw I hare kept t>ace wl? the deprcixaliue of the owrrecoy in*rr die suspension of sp-cie payments, The lormer bus, Inqeed, anlew in favaiite localities, averaged a very j amall advauco to tan currency oyer Ui? gold price, whfia " tboro ?ra mini arena tnetnoces of rwd eala.u now eflotsu fot sale at the same price in i*H>er wrbiefc ?a* aafced to I6nl when tbe currency was at par; and am<?g H>e tiro Lmeivass eomi,Km?l, en advance af tbo sr.Isrtos cJ ar ployce, unless those Of lbs i-west kindt. ??? been exceptional. WcrhicguiiBi of recognized trades have dene better ?.y the fa?-e of combinations bit eviai tMe act .act* _ mu le from time to tiuia is their fcuio of payuienl have lai'Od i to furnish tbe ruU of tae depreciation ?f Ui p4j at lu wiicti li-.r wtra p*id horsum living on txtd j foaries Duvo practically lou d ibomaolve* on nd-urd | pay K.r the last tbr c yoa.-e, ana uiotil or Uioao who wore . | cu-blcd to gratify tin ir thrifty dcsireij by "puttie* I s nmitHLg by for a ra.ny day" hove 01 late been unab.e t l > do i.ioi e ihsu make bo? rads meet, tvb. c those who were in li e habit of :tv;Eg fully up to thetr uj8uuicS bare i I ow 16 debar Ibftusolve-of a purtion of the luxuries to : * t ch they bed bu ?' ac. u .ouied themselves or else cult irate a ctcfiU likely U soon remit, In makim tb?a ! ' zealous kCv.v.atCi> >d tho passage of tbo long , tailed oi and much wanted uatloaal bsvkruptcy i law At tbo ear,is timo, tLe pioporty owners of i tt.e oouutry bavo touud their milk as dwindling j down to halt mtllijns iu a maimer which mado I realstance hopeless, and showed them plainly that j tkeir iortu.iea were nl the meroy of events ever I which they hud nociUitro'. Hiey could only soothe ar.d | j jgibly delude themselves by the hojie, it not tho iie ' I . r, mat greenbacks were, or at least would be, as good a B gold. For much of the depreciitlon of the currency its people are indebted to thetr rulers. The Incompetence of Mr. (Anise and tl.e b.iud obeqaioesness of Oongress m makiug hia rcoomnieudat:ors la* resulted to a linncotul ptoioy which promised ibo ohortest cut to national bank ru t, y ever adopted stone tho tune of tho i.isuea o- the old continental niouey of tbe Kavotutlou and tbeFrecch asslguats. Then, aiikid of ma couse<iiiei\t;e8 of their own act*, the bead of tbo Treasury and the wise beads of Congress attempted, in their ignorance of the ini mitable laws which gcvurti huunco anil trade, supply and domuid, to check the oepreoi Oion oi me currency by imposing restrictions on thejiurchaEe aud sale of old. But tbis was so much ballast thrown out of the car of their great flusuciai buloou.aud the pre mium on gold roee bibber and higher, btlll bent, how ever, on arieating its flight, they pissed a law which they lu.agineJ would be a clincher, and, by putting a atop to all s|)ciculailou 1> ooin, bring down the premium "with a ron." livery one remembers tbe effect of that last enact ment. Tbe price of gold rose rapidly Irom 18? to 2SS, :,nd Congreer, In fear of tbe evil consequences of Its own set, repealed lU But It is far easier le commit an error lb?D to remedy It; and confidence in the government bv tb.s hasty legislation was too much shaken to be Imme diately restored. A feoiing ef uncertainty with regard to the future bad taken posseesiou of both the popular and financial mind. There was a strong deposition to buy gold and biard it, as a measure of pre caution against a recurrence of these violent fluctua tions, influenced as they were and would continue to be by tho contingencies of the war and bad legis lation, and so gold failed to doollne to tho rang# of quota tions current before lbs passage of tho repealed act, and ft bns remained at a higher figure ever since than tbe conditloo of tbe fluancee or the country, bad as they wero aud still are, actually warranted. Even snpi?ising that the war is likely to last five yearn longer, and allow ing for more tban eight hundred millions of government and national bank currency tn circulation, tbe high premium of tbo past three months was owing more to a fear of tbe possibilities, or, we may say, tbe prooabillties, of tbe future than to the existing state ef the mllitarju financial or political situation, (iloomy forebodings liBueoced tbe oourse of both speculators and real purchasers, and a Urge amount or gold was withdrawn from the general asarket. Some of this was shipped to Europe, where 11 remains, while tbe balnnce found iu way into strong boxes, safes, wal lets and bank vaulU en special deposit. The redaction ef tbe demand far gold for commercial purposes has done as much towards isduoisg a decline in its premium as the pretest improved reeling consequent on the promising aspect ef the military situation. This diminished demand la altributabl# to our reduced 1m ],cru and large exports, the farmer owing to She curtail rnr-ii of tbe market tor foreign luxuries, in consequence of the nscesetty or inclination to economise in living among tbe great majority of the people U is further owing to the demand for United Stales gold bearing bonds In Europe, the export of which dispenses with that of a corresponding amount of gold. The demand lor these will obviously be stimulated by several causes of recent occurrence on this side, and tbo o">ct of which we have not yet fell In this particular. Am eg them are tho anticipation of tbe payment of tbe iuterust on tbe 19S1 and live twanty bonds by tbe Treasury; the fall in gold; our victory at Mlm t*. the possibility of a peace at an earlier period tban was previously supposed, both hrom military sic cess Hd political agitation on tbe subject on our wde but more than aM the money ihst may be made by spe^u latlnng to Ibetn at th-ir present low price in gil t. The dec: ne of the gold premium wt;i be pr q>eriy accepted In Europe as a nrmp"m of the revlvto creditor the govcromeot, nod flie eagornoM tornvoatin its bonds will roceiro an impetus, aod we sbauM noi be surprised t" aae a mama for speciflating in United statet gold bearing slorka spring up in (iertranv bei?re '.ocr ituUthe policy or loading any more of thorn it f> bo con de-need, and we trust that when Congn-?n mcels ii will so tei'lalate that the ruinous blunders of Mr. (;tiase, which it sanctioned, and which nre being obsrqUiou-ly carried out by Mr. Kresendeo, will be corroded,nod that the cur rency evil which Is so rapidly increasing will be checked before our tinenees bresk'down undor the tosubu* fcr with every new year of this war. under tbe preseDt fiuanoial pit-icy we are nearteg a cr ais which nan only he arrested by a radical change iu Shat policy, or a termination of tbe conflict Itself (Jold, whioh told at 18S ou the 1st of June and 250 on the 1st or July, rose entirely out of prop >rtion wi b the tocreese of the volume of tbe currency or of the national debt; but theiemusl come a time, if the war lasts three year# louger, and me Treasury perreveres to ibeevil j course It b!ts pursued aloes the rebellion begun, when ) greenback* will be so much deprecieled a? to be refused by tbe people *? the aseigoats were is France, sod a da | tar mined eflort will be imide to resume specie pay meets. CUT COKMEIiCIAL BKPORT. SaiOMhAT, sepi. 10, IS14 /awv.?Rsoelpta, nous. Market Inactive acd ?luots tiebs wbehy nomieei. P a as ?vro rvn. ? Krcei ptf. 3,06# bide. Hour, 661 bhls. sod #03 bag* corn weal, W WJ bushe's wheat. 52 108 de. com. 18.751 do. oals, and 26 do. mail. Tbs flour market was dull aid depressed and 15c. a 30c. lower, with more sailers tiian buyers, esiwltbsisndlng continued light s.ip ptiei. preteot snu -ome we?b? prospectlvwly. There ware 'no buyers imtude of tbe local trado, who were operetlng for prevent eeccaaitiee cniy. Trade braodi, tn tba ah Miicb of snv export d<>M*?d, were relatively musb firmer than ahlpptng graded. Sales 4.O0O bhb. Male aod v.estern, ?00 -'?toihero. and 150 Canadian. Eve flour was dntl sun oreoprng, with small smbi, at f8 a $9 60. Corn n?-*l aae who ly now nal We (|?i?:? saiwrnr,.^. and IVv.iern ftour ?# N a 9 ? \Tr;z^rr,r\5: f ^! i w-etam ns'lv br?nd? H -0 ? J ? if.-t. l/> its H *?!"*. I ivm.iiuw " 00 * 11 86 I I sic end ert-. H t? a 14 Od ' ' rniiwa ? ? ?man. 9 J? | i *.ie i ? bbuw -udevtra ,...ln y a li so . j K,a l ,mr ivita-ttoa 8 Of' a 12 00 . \ tare weal, be:,. # -6 a p 1.0 , . Cora onaanaea, .....S* fWa.lfldO [ J.?Tli w.iaai msr*. i r-a, wamw and pru ne avmmalty 4<a a '? iO*n Wi- (? y ?afc-a tfwri'l trad were 1H,0M0 j bwe'-e-a, ?< TT '* nr., atecr v^er VWhia-e and %l 20 i a 63 2*4 iuf M.lw*vt?? ?t?a to tn* pr,aeii4 eriaett.wt , Mat a i-r the warfe?4 w? am it qeetvtVnes. Hta was held at 61 *0 w tb 61 76 *'*?fad tor prim*. Orila were 2e. a He ewer. ctoamg at s*i? a 9m (vr tae wbulr range fba oo~n market *i> deu aed a i-ito'l" tewer, wiSb natos ef 40J>00 besbeli at fl St k a 61 #3. einefly at tbe instd* [ price, fe> Wetouio wfeird Hariay and barley mall were UtViuK ?Tbe mar ton wva 4 ell, the qaiotatmns are i wholly nominal, sod to effect -ales hotuers would bav* to I make some eetcessioo is prlcea We qeote ? " F?4'"'d y.0.4 T. Ordinary 170 170 110 Mflddbmt I? ??? l" m Qosd ?Tl*'"*! ,IU 1W I 'oersa ~ I be market was dull aod prloee were eoaroeiy AJI ft f W6 raeweis ?This, H is eoooedtol no all hands, has been the dulleet day la ttfcs department for roan. ft? market was depressed Mil raise fiumionllj lower. To London 30 hbda. tobacco al 2ts. and oOO bble flour at la fld To Glasgow, per ?L>auar, 100 tierces heel at 7a. Wheal i com fi'i-'ofrteu shipped to Llvat|?c| ft 4p,d gad ..mar at lots''., If American vessels lur flea Fr&untNe there a: * liga. Mfta-un on the bertiy end tfte market la very Oi. 1L" We note ehg*ger>#oie at TOe. Biuaeuromeat and 1' 0* per >!? welgut To Meitaenrric Me. t er feel, and to Syltnejr. W.A W , 37>jc. a Ike A VrlMsh ./ark was char 1 tend to lurk ash t, market with 2 400 bbif. pelroteum ' at tig., I to the Laiied ttlsgd tu, uuu fie. tid if to ihe ' eoctmoet: and a alup frewt Pctiaue. ptx* to Poneticoia. with ivaJ, at ?10 per li>? J y.oi aw# ? Itie mantel -its quiet, and price* * *e ' w+io'lf nomifaal o%m CI :>bU. New Orleans ft )3n . ft 13., 1.T79 Libia. The deoline in g'rtd i nnaftiied the market, aed noither buyore nof setters i w. i: Inclined t?> do anything mi me wop ot business The , ixi al prior# weit) 48c. ft 4Tc. Lor urade, 77e a 79c. (> r \t?ord i if bond), and 84o. a 6t c. (V* free. Seveid little I lot if't picked up id prioes affording uo criterion to the igii ket, and we therefore omit toem. I na--Receipts, 31.7 Wile. lord (red 41 pits. I cot meat#. The amir uiorki't opened dud and heavy, hut dosed Armor, vrlih a fair clem red, ssies 10.00" , 1 pert last eveturg, at $10 a $41 lor old ineoc', I41S7S a I $47 74 for new do , otopi"t at the lattar twice ft!1 a 1 !?* t| for men, and $40 a $42 30 for prime rae^s; | alc<> 1,260 hide. new man I<w ail September, buyer's 1 eftlOB at $13 25 a $43 ?0. Beef vr s quiet; pa'ea 300 j bbi i. ut $12 ? $16 lor country ret--s $10 for cuulry ' prime, $18 t |20 (or repacked moss, uad $29 a $2# for ) egtmdo.; prime mess beef was quiet and unchanged. | Cut meats were quiet, with Bales a: 20o ih s al 16o ? a 17c. loi eh-nlders. 18c. a 10c Uw bame, reid 20c a I T4c. lor biffjcd do. Ihe lard market sui Urm and quito active: i.' w 3,000 hbls. ut 2314c R LJ^c. Butler and cheese quiet at previous prices Hies,? The u.uket was vary quit', with etuaihealec at previous prices 8; oar.?The demand was very active, bntprlcce were a tribe easier Sales of 6: , bbds . <t> 21 v,(o a 22c. Hollaed w is in demand* but price* were scarcely a- firm Wn SKgv?Receipts, 21U bble. M*r?c' without decided change. Sale# 350 bbis. at $1 7t?K a 1 SO for Western. UM FMASCXAh. NITED STATES HEVEN-rillETY LOAN. The Secretary of the Treasury give# notice that aubecrlp | lion# will be recr.ved lor Cong-wn Treasury Note# payable ? three years from August 15, 1804, with sctni-annanl Interest ' at the rate or seven and three tenths per cent per annum? j principal and lateresl both to be paid la lawful money, j These notes will be convertible, at the option of Wie holder I st maturity. Into six per cent gold booriug bonds, payable not less thau five nor moie dtaa twenty years frem their [ date, as His government may elect. They wll be issued In denominations of $50, $100. $5?0, 91,000 aod $6,800, and all Bubsrrlptioos must be for fifty dolors or some multiple of fifty dollar*. As the noiee draw interest from August IS, persons mak ing deposits subsequent to that date mast pay the Interest accrued from date ef note to date ot deposit. Parties depositing twenty-tii e thousand debars end up wards for these nctes at any oue time wgl be allowed a com mission of one quarter of one per cent, SPECIAL ADVANTAGES OF WIS LOAN. It Is a National Savings Bank, offering a higher rate ef in terest than any ether, and the beet aeeurity. Any gavlngs bank which pars Its depositors la United Stales Votes con siders that It Is paying in the best circulating medium of the country ?tnd It cannot pay In anything better, for Ita own assets are eiiaei In government securities, or in notes or bends payable In government paper. CON VBBTIBLB INTO A HI X FBB OBNT MO GOLD -BOND. In addition to the voir liberal Into reel tm the note# for three yean, this prlr liege of conversion In now worth about three per eent per ana am; for the ourrent ml# for 6-20 bonds is not leu than nine per oent premium, and before the war the premium on sis percent United States stock was over twenty per eent. It will be seen that the act ami profit oa this loan, at the present market rale, is aot leu than tea per cent per annum. ITS EXEMPTION FROM STATE OB MUNICIPAL TAX ATION. But, aside from all the ad van taxes we have enumerated n special act ot Congress exempts all bonds and Treasury notes from "local taxation. On thn average, this exemption la worth about two per cent per annum, according to the rate of taxation in various parts of the country. It la believed that no eecuritieeoffer so grunt inducements to lenders an those leaned by the Government- In all other forms of Indebtedness the faith er ability of private parties, or stock companies, or separate communities, only, Is pledg ed for payment, while the whole property of the country m bold to secure tbe discharge of nil the obligations of the United Skates. SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE RECEIVED by the Assistant Treasurer of the United Ktnie*, oorner ef Wall and Ma-aau streets Flrnt National Bank of New York. No. 4 Wall street Second National Bank of New Tork, Twenty third sires and Broadway Third National Bank of New York. No. S Nassau street. Feunh Nat cnat Bank of New Vork. 27 sad 29 Pine stioei. Fifth National Bank of New Vork. 338 Third avenue. Sixth National Bank of New York. Hlxtb avenue nad Broadway. F.ighth Nations' Dauk of New York. 650 Broadway Ninth Balloon' Bank of New tork, Jilt Broadway. Tenth National Bank of N's v York. 210 Broadway. Central National Bank of New York, T! Duane street. National Eirbauge Bank of New York, 191 liooowl-h street. And bv mi National banks which aic depoxiurlea of public money, and AI L HKIPECTABLK kaNKS AND BANKERS throughout the country will give further lnlormatioD and APr dill) RVfeKY FAoTlItT TO SUBSCRIBERS. 1 TIxAMTIO BAVIN OS BANK (HalllAM SQUARE, /V > T.. H-j tember 12. ISM. ? Notice la b -rebv given that lb<- alier.iuona (it the bankr g room ha Aug been coui ptetcd, the re. ibtr et*u ng aeiMtoii* w.'l be reaunied from and nflei thiad.iie M. D VAN PBLT, President Joa. P. Cooi'KR. Secretary. rpiNANUIAL NOtlCB?TO WH?M IT MAT CON F rem ? several a mi to :oan on isa-ehoid and tenement proiteilv hui ding lonns and undivided interests. JOSt I'M MASON. No. 'S line airesl. r .onu in apd 11. NOi'll'E. ? 1IUI.DI' Bo Of srOUkTON ID A LI FORM I A) IJ iv ro'iriona, du ? and psvsble In NewYoikln July, It'll, i,nd January. 1966, are hereby notiqeit that the same will hr paid 'n Unite t 9l?iet gold coin on presentation at ihe Menepolltan Bank. New York city, on the renpeetlva dates. 0- T. MKADRR, Agent Proposals for $1,000 "(0 MORRiS aNfi P.SSr X RAILROAD COMPANT FIRST MORIIIAOK ShVRN PER CENT BONDS. OK ?UW. $WU AND Sl.tXth KKI'rM a BI k IN KIKTT YIt A RS. With lu ipo .i iiavabls n New York, And provtiioa lor a ainklng fund for the redemption at maturity. These bond are ajnTllon of an Irene the whole amount of wll ell la ? q.VII w*l and are offered for sate for'he pur p >?e of ext< riding ti - road from Hacketdxiown, the present term ini is Phil'-lpp-burg opp aite RsaMmaud for build ing douh e 11ark 'urn abing ro ling storf^Adtiring gradsa, conatro, gng branches. Al. The Moiru an' Ka-ei Rallresd when eTiendo-1. will inaae a ei??e conatction with the i^l tgh Valiey Kallroed, and ?nl herons tine of the no'i important avanuea for lite Iran-POrta'ten of real from the L?hIgb region to Nsw Tsrk ana will Sim form a part of the great through lint to L' rriunati an i Chlca. ?? and the Great VI es' generally via Leh'gh Vol IS-. I lleoiown Psnnavlvanta fentrai end Pltta burg. Fori VYa iieanil t'hi'sg Ka t'/ofl" 1 l eie hnnda are u- nred bv a fiivt mo 'gage ?e James B'OWO and I ?op, r Trn-tsec npoe inc rood of the s 'tspa v. entity sied, and la the M'o af so-ts ?it.;!on1 from the II dd* n rl-er atiHoboktn. totbe Dolav av river at Phi' hpahurg and iher eti-ai ona ia'a.p al.oa. i.icltiding all rigbta, ret, eaiate, equipment act * nlbsr propeny Sealed ti'i yorela :sr ihris bond Will be r-re -d nfitll TUESDAY September 24 aiS oelorkP M , fo; the Wbols cr any tar ot ONE MILLION DOl LASS ParHe oiAiIni profioaala will state the am <an; nf honrta AeWre donee sat "a ano pries per one hundred del Is ? 4Vi, pere-st and l: e nreniMin in he peld at lbs time si lbs ?' a1 di of tse b da. and ninety t er i en' on del mry if the sonde -wb ?h w II be In th'ee e. ??' Instalments, In Ihwiv wxi) as* axiely day* Cries whole am.mot may be pa a a< ihe |.a e ef the awaat* Xf.e ?Hp i If eeaerr. S to ?? eel ap? and ?U of tUS bld?. If thy mfereil of Ihe temict t? r qirha It Kaaa pioi.-v.ii ahsn d s< a- a eg, an l|sn ar?ed "Proyfiit foi tbe ?? rrat and k? IHk'oa i On pauy Baeda ? and srsloe'-d la rt aeswnd #s e-spe, sddrreeed 'S II Yermilvs, Rap l?,i' IK Paak New Teilt h V f e ire+'r-igne , News- - New lerw eilhsr of wl ? wit fsbuiah printed est lea nf ib* at" age w Hteh sunt alas f,.B a* or raalioa B? s Ji r nf Hit Board ol Dh.aiora ISAAC VAN YVaMNRN. UreaaursT RFbUMOND ffOUNTT STATMN KLaND, hRVBN PkR BRNT < OUPD* BUNDS UP $.v. AND filJIM. ?MFRI'.RT PATAIILk KK.M>A?NffAf,LT. asb-sr-p'tssa fer site btredred tlouamad dollars 'WB*8 r**F> of meee Irenes will be rsseivad at ear al the basking bou?o ef HINS1141N. RObK.NPKLD A CO.. Ns. 9 Broad street. New York Said bonds wlk be teased seder the aaihsrtty of (he taw naaasd Feb 9. 1364. and under a rererlaitoa at the Board of Nassrylaori adopted 'aly 28 1884, and in# opMoa is with s'lbaartbsrs to bate them ma far atthar ten, ?fvsso or twenty .five years The qoui.d a curry rilvrr mining company bo* de-larsd a dividend for August sf fifty dollar* par lost la gold payable throu-h the Rank of .Cnlilornta oa ?took registered for dividends In New fork N?n and after 9y LKltd A WAI, uflloea H?w Yung Boptsoaber J. 1)64 riSAHCUL. pETROLEUM. RICH AR lis" RINOSL AN D 38 FINN STREET, N. T. I:at for tals the followlug OIL STOCKS. A UOUBT ~o7~l DER D8 | wi" he advsuoed on all stocks parchaacd ea or before the | iMhinsl.. u foilowa ? Noble Well Oil Couip.wiy, August dividend 3 per osnt | Moo's Shade Oil Company. August dividend... .8 par osnt ! ( Elt'e* Oil Companr, August dividend... .3 per oent 011 Cuaxpan/.^^gest dividend.... H<' percent Success Ail Company, Ai-fust dividend *V. per oent Knickerbocker Oil Company. August dividend..! per cent Mai Italian Oil Company. August dividend .....A! per oenl Eur,;eu Goal sud O I Cmrtanj, August dividend. BOOK J FOB s'L 1J8CRIPTI0K are now open at Sir ulreve office for original subscriptions (or tlie BURNING SPRING CENTRA L PETROLEUM COMPANY, guaranteeing Mghl per cent per month rilLK SaVAGB SILVER WINING COMPANY OF SAN nm X Frnnelso# baa declared a divsdeudof 11 itx dollars per fcol in geld payable thr me Bunk of California to Eastern stockholders, on and after the 6th Instant. Iraa exchange by LEES A WALLER, No. ofllcea 33 J'ine street. Raw Yoiiic, Hftpt. 7. 1S64. rpk.ANBFER AGENCY ?TI1R OPHIR8ILVKK MINING I New VoJk'itp <SM^b,tah#tf *" *>'???? ! d.ildenda L ?' Nkw Youg, Rapt. A??bU,'office# i Pine atreet. rrHK briggs uoi.n company.-notice of divi J dead No. ft ?New York, Sept. 7, 18(11 ? A dividend of one per <wnt lor the month ol August baa been lee ared, parable hi the Office of the eonipanj. 81 John stc?et, New York on and al ter September l'i, 18ot, to shareholders of record, at the close of business this day. WALTER E. LAWTON, Treasurer. HIE PRESIDENT PETROLEUM COM PAN t, PRBHiLlBNT, VENANGO COUNTY, 1'KNN, Cap'tal Slock $3,000,009, Inshar.aof $b each par vs . A Subscription jirlce $1 per enure. 1 bese landa contain about 8,4(>0 aorea, on vhe Alleghany river and on 11,unlock, porcupine a .J AlcL'rea rreeka, making an ml boring territory of n ir ee i ,d a ha'f miles in extent. The walla on tin ad otn. g property, known as the "Celebrated Heydrlek" wiv'ls and Pilhole Creek'1 wells, are famous lor tuelr sn ,dy of oil The wells on tlua properly nt ben.? sunk ...In great vigor and promise large supplies of oil. T , the capitalist and to parties of limited means unsur. parseu inducements are off, red 8 bs'Ttption hooks, maps and all other Information can be obtained at the office or la H. SJMi'hO.N A CO., No. 64 Cedar street. The imperial bilvi r mining company has declared a dividend lor August of six dollars ($ ) per share, in gold payable through the Bank of Cal forn a to Eastern stockholders, less exchange, by LEES A WAL LER. ofllces No. 315 Pine street. Nmr Yoke Sept. 6, I8d4. e?>nn nnn T? loan?at six per cent, ?5>OUU.UUU lor live years or longer, on New York city property. JOSBPH MASON, No. 5Ptne suet, rooms 10 and 11. 0?35Q O()0 T0 WAN?OX BOND AND MOP.T gaga, for tsn years or less, at tlx per cent, on New York, Brooklyn or Country Property, lh auun to lull. Apply to GEO W BROWN. No. a Pino street. BILLIARDS. Billiards.?a rplbndid stock o? nbw and second hand Tables for sale at reas,>o?li e prices. Or ders by mall attended to WM. H. UKIlfriU, Billiard Table Manutastnrer, 143 Pulton street, N. Y. FOR 8ALE-ONR THRBE QUARTER BILLTAR! TA ble. nearly new, in perfect order, everything complete* only be*?n used in a private house. Apply at 43 New atiea^ Grand billiard match rua thc CHAMPIONSHIP OP AMERICA AMD TUH GOLDEN OUR. 1L1P TIBMAN. OP CINCINNATI. AO AtMAT DUDLEY KAYANAOH, OP NEW YORK. This brilliant bttltard content wUl take plane at the Hlp Ct heat roe. Pourleeath street, an THURSDAY EVENING, ptamber IS, 1844. 'Ibl. building la so arranged that an audience of Two ThouMnd persona oan have an unobstructed new of the phiv. Bv request or the principals, the whole management of the exhibition la under the Immediate supervision of Michael PheUn. Doors open at 6 o'clock. Play to cam aaeace at 7\ o'clock. Tickets, $1 each. WANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND BILLIARD TaMe. aeaond or third al/e, with packets and earn plet*. Address, slating price, 8. M.. Herald office. MILLINERY. AT MADAM RALL1NOBI, NO. 318 CANAL 8TRBBT, wholesale buyer* will Had a large and well selected as sortment of eleg rnt Pattern Rennet*. which will be offered at the lowest caah prices. JUST RECEIVED NOYRLTIB8 IN BRIDAL Wraathajtnd Flower#. at Madame MARRT8', No. 7 Brevoort place, Tenth street, a few doors from Broadway. MADAMR HARRIS HAS JUST OPENED HER FIRST case of Imported Bonnet*. No. 7 Brevoort place. Tenth street, a taw doors from Broadway. MR8. H. M PRAY (LATE OP MRS. WALTON'S, 688 Brondwav, would respectfully announce to her numer ous friends and the Isdie- of New York, that she has opened an cslalilishmenl at 743 Broadway, In connection with Miss M. Trowbridge, for the manufacture and Importation of Honm-M, Flowers, Feather*. Ac., which for eleaauce of atvle cannot be Girpsssed to any other establishment la the eity. Cbapeau* de ropers always on hand. CLOTHING. Attention ?at m seventh avenom. near Twenty firth atreet. LaJics and gentlemen, I have the posture tu announce again that I Lave received a large ordor from Caiuotnia aud the West,- a market* to payfthe blgi est pri es lor La ilea'and Gentlemen's Wearing Appa roi. C irpets. -Furniture, Jewelry. Ac . by paying 30 per cent mure than any other dealer in the cliff. We guarantee ta pav for Lsdies' ffllk D,eases from $0 to $40; Woollen de , from r.l to $12; also Calico, Delaine. Muslla, Aa Geutie. men's Coals, from $> to $20 do. i anta from $3 to $3, >c. LadteS "0.1 gentlemen please do not torget the right num b.r, M. MaKUKS. .22 Seventh aveuue. near Twenlv ufth sireei. By calling on or r it dressing me you will he dealt wi n honestly. <Irdera will be attended to from Hru.klvn, New jer ev. Hohuketi Slaten Island, Ac. Laatos puoc tulslv attended to by Mrs Marcka. A8URRR PLACB.-AT 288 SIXTH AVENUE, I.ADIFS and wctiliemrn will nnd the fair and honest dealer B. MI NT/1, to whom the ean dismiss ot their Cast Off Cloth ins', Cari,et?. Furniture and Jewelry, at II I, percent more than at other dealer*' in the <ity. I promlRe to pay the lol lowlo.: prices ? silk Dresses, trom $8 to $4i ( on a, $4 to $1-;; I'nuts $2tn$r. Alto for Wooite , Delaine and Mualln Dre-iM's ihe hlgm st cash prtoes wulbepsid. A call or a noie by post wll ho punctually attended to. Ladles attended to by Mrm Mint*. Please remember ihe original H. Mint', end ^tie number. Vir.1 Sixth nveune, near I i rn teenihsl eel. Orders trom Brooklyu and Jersey City punc tual,)' attended to. ATTENTION. AT 212 8RVRNTH AVENUE.-THE c?; forni.'i and We tern Agency store received large orders to purchase and par the hi heat prices lor Wearing Apparel. Ladies and gents that I aiw.v. a deal la r with those who have any to dispose of I will pav Ule fol lowing pricva ?Bilk dresses from gfl to J>'; woo led dress es. from $?? to 8l"i; cslho. mutlm and gentlemnn'a eoata, fiom $3 to pants, $3 to $s. A'ao Carpets Furnlt nr.* *L" SlTr our attention to ihe lair a r 8, ROnRNBRRG, 211 bnveuth avenue by ea 1 inc on r addressing me. Ladies attended by Mrs. Itoaen. bets m amtti'it of the city. A TP IA L ?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT IR worth > ur while to try the New Western Agency 10 dispose of your cent off < lostong. i uriW' ire, Cariwts. Jew. nW?? elrv. Ac. ladies end genWemeu will be astonished to ?e? the difference of prices we pey against all other dealer*. Pleas* favor ua with a call. *r til dry as A. Ducas, lis sev enth aveuue. l?die* attended by Mrs. Ducas. AT 137 SIXTH AVRNCB.?LADIES AND GRNTLB men, If you wish lo receive the highest price for vour Cast Off Clothing, Cerpeta, Furniture. Ac, the best von can do la In call on or send a note to K. MINTZ, at No 1.37 Sixth avenf". two doors from Teoth street. laidies attended br Mrs >1 tote. True, you will bo dealt with to yonr estlsfao tlon and benefit. Attention -thr priors or cast off wearing Apparel st the Califnrn'a Agence, on account or re cetrlna returns In gold ?811k Dressei, from $7 to SCO; Coat*. $3 to $23; Pants. $3 to $8; also Csriiets, Furniture Ac, !'i*%#e address Mr. or Mrs. J. GOLDSTEIN. No 1S2 Seventh avenue between Twenlv second and Twentr third eireets. where all oiders will be daly attended to In or out of the city. AT 363 BOWERY.?H. ROSENTHAL HAVING A GREAT desire to purchase a large ,putii:ltvjil uasl o" Wearing Apparel, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry. Ac.1, hy calling on or adaryeslng him ladles and gentlemen caa obu a too n'most value for each article. La tie. at'emled to br Mrs. Rosen thai. Please remember, and try 388 Bowery, nppod'.e Greet J ones atreet Attention-m lkon has a great demand for C?*t Off Clathlog ladles end gentlemen, vo . will Surely receive ihe highest price for Cast tiff Clothing. Fur nltarst Carpets, .leweri Ac on ailing st the entires ."dil Thirl svsnse, between Thirty eighth en I Thirty ninth etreete. or 171 Third avenue, beiw-en Twentr eeovmd >nd Twenty third streets En-re* will be - .ended by Mrs. Leon Orders from Brooklyn. Jersey < uy aud vicinity at tended to. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHTNO.-LAD!Eg AND gentlemen hsv ng any casi off Cto'hleg. Csr'ets. Fur nlture, Ac , a III iec*lvc the aighest pr ces l,y cslllui; on i r addreasini; Mr. or Mrs II. (JOHN. J4()8e.ent't ay,'one. o ar the drug store. aT THE NBW S'MRR, 86 CARMINE STREET? !\. Ladles and gent emen nan recel. e fifiy per eern more for Oaa Off Clothing Furnl' ire Currotr, and je , ulf culling on or "dire-sing II HA III'. 3d Carmine street near Bed rd. Ladies wll. lie punetuully attended to by Mr*. Hart /1HKAF AND FAbMIONARLH CLOTHING. VI NndtaessOiata, Bagliah. ... ?3iel8 Kviak Fito-h Costs, I C to .'A Com pi- te Casatinere Sulia... 12 to iO Oveienat .. 6 I" Ml GEO LEfrK. 427 i rooiae at. and 812 Broalway. CNlNYLRMRN'i NBW AND LEFT OFF CLOTHING J puresueeg fer the Weal The full vslae will he paid s ilo it seeking t* Call al the ator* ar address TH08. D CONROY. 6ol Pearl Street hetweea Ces:re and Chatham streets CAftHBRRO PAYS THR HIOBftST PRION PON J, Ladies' and Qeailnmaw'a Cast Off Clothing. I'artle watted upoe by ^ addreeelnj^. Cash berg. At Bast Twelfth si rest, wear Broadway. Ladtao waned oa by Mra ?. Thr onlt placr whrrb you can get tun fell relne fer your La ilea'aud GentioaieB't Ceat Of Cloth og. carpets Furniture, An, I* the only piece, at 81$ Ninth avenue LRWIH MAKER. Ladles attended la If Mra Hater. aireeta immioi STEAM WKRKLT TO LIVERPOOL. TOUCHING AT Vueeo?t.ufB. (Cork Hulw, Tha Ll'wiot, Jfew Ynrk and Phil* gU bin ?i;<-amdhi,' Ounrpauy flMnn line), i *. ,ytng ?$e catted Stai-s mat a, Intend de.-pateiitr.g Uieir full l.uweie?f Co de built irM xteauiaiups na f.>ll-???#;? CI rT or WASHINGTON, SATURDAY 8KP||lWBl 17. CITY OK MAN I'll ESTER. bArUK.'AV 8E PTE U B rlB 54. cm or CORDON SATURDAY oOTUHcIR I. and ?r g succeeding Saturday. At Noon, frotn pier it North T#r" RATES O* PASSAGE. Payable in gold or u equivalent In cu-rendr First Cab'n $8) ?<erage ...830 Do to l.ondim H5 Do. lo Condon .*4 Do. lo Parte US i>& to l'arls 40 D<>. to Hamburg VIC I.o. it> Hamburg 87 Passenger* also orwtried to rlatre, Bremen, Ro;tor dam Aotwrp, Ac , at e udly ioiv rates From Liverpool or Uueeu'town; First Cabin. $75. f -5i and $105. Steerage. $10 Th-oa vrtw wish to sand To; their friends can buy tickets here a* ttinge tatet. Thi ae atname e have atwennr a-simmodaiAons lor pas senger* are uronglr bmlttu water light Iron sectlocs, aud I c*rrj patent lira snnthUatsm Ki+KjvSsuotd Surgeon* are attar' ed to each iltiar. I rn further Infi-mai ion apply in IJverpoul to WILLIAM Ittif Agra' 7? Water atroet; In Glanisw tvALKi. VaLCOLMN1 5 St Knoiti a mare ? In Oueciistowr. to C A \V li SKTMt, R \ 00.; 1* London to El ? 83 A UACEV. 6t King Wdli?i ?i; |g| Farts lo dULRS DPOOUS 48 Rue N-trr !>*?ie '? Vic'>i?e?. llsee on la Boers-; la ?Phlladelp iu t? OHS G. Ua'-H, 111 Walnut at reel, or at the CoKpaoy'a O !'ces JollN it. 9 ILL. Agnat, 16 Broadway, N Y. THE HJMTlsn AND NORTH AMERICAN ROTAL MAIL 8TK A W8 >I lP8. BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOa, AND BBTWKKN BOSTON AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING A1 IIA Li P t < AND CORK HAR.'IOR PI RSI A leaver New V ;rtt Wednesday, August 24 aSI A IwiTfi itoaion tVedueirtav, Angus: .11. CHINA Inavna New York Wellies av. Fesiteuihe-* 7 Kl'ROl'A leavee Boston Wednesday, Soptember II FCOTIA leavea Now Tort Wednesday. September 21. AliAailA leave- Boaton Wednesday. Keoten t-r78 FI'OM NSW TUBK TO I.IVWJ-OCU Chief Cabin tvissaite .,..$13-' 50 Second Cabin oa?aage..t MO VP VROSI IIOSTOEt TO l.IVIJSIOOI Chle' C?Ni aassago $11: 60 Bee-inn Cabin tins ase fi6 ih) pa< able In gold or tU e.ulva'en! In United States cm rreney. Bertm* not -enured until paid for. An exp rlenred surgeon on lioard. Tbeou ner- of these ships will not be acnonntab'e for epeoi- or valuabl-s unless bilsof lading having trie value expreixed arn a rned therefor. For freight or passage apply to K. CuNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. Notice?TDK stk a m set i p atalanta wn?L leave pier No. 21 Nnrtn I ver on Saturday, eentambrr 24 at 2 I*. M prnrteel.v, for London direct. To be followed by the steamship Belloua. 1IIB LONDON AND NBW~YORK STRAMSHIP COM. pany ivlll despatch aem -inentlih the r new and flr-t class British iron |et-arnst;;pa CKLLA, KKLLMNA, ATA LANTA. IOWA. INDIANA and MANHA'TIAN, nacli 3.000 ton- hurt'ien. halneeo London and Ne'V York calling at Havre on Hie voyage roin Ion on. Rules of passage, lavnb.e In gold ?r its equivalenti?Fr-m New Yors, first ealiin, f-ft; s-eocd ratlin, $<b; at?> la-i, $."i Prom London or Havre, first cal'ln, $7 i. For nas-rge a> ijIv to CHAR. A WHITNEY, 26 BroadivaY For freR' t ppolv st 54 Si U'h street. Anasarca u aoeon mrrefiand te en i n* I to the fro nds In London of th-un. deret ned Tbei- sieaineia eonnert at London with r emn ere of tb- an ?t, on pin v for the ch > lit *1 P trLt Rotttl lam, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, CopenI n-en B r ihaux, Oporio, Gibraltar, Aleisndvta Smyrna. Coratantinople and Odessa. IIOWLANI) A ASP I Ml A LL, Ageuta. MHA1I, 8TBaMERR To I'RtNi'K DIRECT. THE (1K NV KA L TRA NSII.ANTIC t'DMPABY'S NEW LINE OF FIRST CLASS 8IDKWFJKEL STEAMSHIPS PRTWEEN NEW TOP.K AND HAVRE The first five splendtd ve aels Intended to be put upon thli fsrt>rlte roule lor the Continent are the fol'owing;? WASHINGTON. .1.204 ton*..., 1H10 i.orea power. LAFAYETTE. 1.104 tone i'Od hor e power. KtlUKNIK fsfl.'Rt) DUO horse ixiwer FRANCE (hnlld ngl horae power NAPOLPON III 'building) 1,1(H) horse power. Until tho compleCon o' the entire Hat the eervlre will be iwrr.irtned hv the WASHINGTON, A. Duclieane; LAFAY ETTE, A. Boennde as foli-ws ? FROM NEW YORK TO HAVRE. LAFAVKTTR Wednesday, llth Reptember. WASHINGTON....? Wednesday, 12th October. LAFaTETTK. wJL Wedneeday, Rth November, W ASHINOTOi^bJIi. Wednesday. 7th Deoember. First cabin. Int^Hrg table wine $1.15. Beeond cabin, lilBodTng table wine $70 or $86. Parable In gold or Ita equivalent In United States currenoy Medlrat attendanoe free of charge. For freight or paaaage apply to . OEORON MacKBNZIE. Agent. No. I Broadway. New York. At Paris?No. It Boulevard dee Capuclnea (Grand Hotel.) At Hevre?William Iselln A Co. IfetooTicR-the steamship laVayrttb. FOR Havre wl I sail fromngier No. 50 North river, foot of MOriou street, nn Wedneldav. 14th tn?l Passengers ere re .ueated to be ou board at two o'clock la the afternoon. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Prom Southampton. From New York. OBRMANTA Aug. 24. IW Sept 17. IBM. BORU8SIA Sept 7. 1864 Oct. 1. MM 8AXONI A Sept. 21. 1*64 Oct It, MM. Frim Hamburg pier, foot of Third street, Hoheken, taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, Lomlon and South ampton at the following rates ?Ftrat eahln. $105; second cabin, $12 60; steerage. $37 60, payable In gold or Its equiv alent. | For freight apply to KUNHARDT A CO.. 46 Bxehango place. For paaaago apply to 0. B. BICHABD A BOAS, 181 Broadway. STBAM FROM AND TO QBBBN8TOWN AMD LIVBR. POOL. CUNARD LINK. Prom New York. $50 ourreniy; to Now Tork, $90 gold or equivalent in currency. H r CL A, Wedno-dav. Sept. 14 OLYMPUS, Wednesday, Sept. 28, For paaaage apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 22 Broadway. 4 NC1IOR LINR.-8TBAM TO LIVERPOOL, OLA8 J\ gow, Dublin, Belfast and lavndonderrw?The floe, fast ealbng A I Cly te bull1 ateamah p CALEDONIA, Captain Craig. 1? Intended to at' on Saturday, September 17. Thla eleanahip la fitted In the moat approved at vie to Inanro tho comfort and aefetv of passengers. Rates of paaaage. In cluding an abundant supple of we'l conked provisions. Saloon Cabin $'20 Intermediate $10 Fore Cabin . ... im Steerage 50 Parable In I'm) d Su.tra eurrener. Apply to FRANCIS M DONALD A CO.. No. 6 Bowling Oreen National steam naviqation company, TO OUKBNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, _ From pier 47 North river. PENNSYLVANIA...... Saturday. Reptember 24' a ?/ L^V Saturday, October 8 Cabin. $15(1; ataerace. $50. payable la currency. For paaaage aprdv to . WILLIAMS A GUION. 29 Broadway. Opposition link. CENTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT COMPANY. Short routa to California, VTA NICARAGUA. Mo charge tor meals on the Transit. The new and elegant steamship GOLDEN RULE, D. S. Rabcock, commander, LEAVES ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, AT NOON. Prom pier 22, North river, foot of Warren street. Connecting with the steamship America. For passage app'v at the oilice of iheCompaoy, 177 West etreel, co-ner of Warren. D N. CARRINOTON, Afoot. TTNITRD RTATK8 MAIL LINE U FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA, lader eonvny of a United States war stasmer thrnughont the Atlantic voyage, commencing septemtmr .1 |8fi| Regular sailing (lavs Id. 1.1th and Yld of each month' ?* cept when iheae data fall on Sunday, whan the day of de paiture will be the Monday following. The first Class steamship COSTA RH'A. ... R- L. Tlnklepaugti. Commander, will salt from pier N , .1 North river, TUESDAY, September 11, at 12 oe'ock M The ateam^ilp OCRAN UUKKN will sqecead the COSTA KI( A, wnil aell .September 21 For Tmgbt or paaiace applv to _______ D. B ALLEN, Bo .1 Bowling Greta FOR HAVANA D1RRCT. The Untied State. Mall Steamship ROANOKE, ? Francis A. Drew. Commander. i r\15 thorn igbl c overhauled and refitted, will leave pier is. Nnr'b river, ror Havana fi'rect. on Monday, Kept. l?, at 1 n clock P. M. prerj.eir. MNjJ)tre,ght received or bill* of lading signed on the day of For freight or paaaage appl v to LUDLAM, Hbl.NKKKN A CO., 115 Broadway. <" ' Regular line FOR NKW ORLEANS DIRRCT. The now and Mcgant Unip d Stale- Mall aleamahlp NORTH AMERICA, ? 2,Dki tons tiurden, .1, ? Charles P. Marahman commander. * , "} ? i"' shore port nn Wedna-day Sept. 14,04 8 . preotaelv. from pier i t North river Thr North Aruerra la the a ster ship of the wall known ateamahtp Continental. For freight or passage applv to LI DLAM, H EI NEK EN A CO_ 118 Brostdway, L'OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE ENTIRELY P new and first claaa steamship CHARLES C. LRARY, savage, commander, now loading at pier IS Knot river wilt positively sail W ednesday. Rept 14. at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage apidy to N. H. BRIUHAM, US Wator atrvet, corner of Pine, New York. For sbw orlrans dirbctv The United rttate* mall ateamahtp CRKOLK. " ... , , Jobn Thomp-on, Commander, will leave pier 18 North river, for New Orleano direct, on W ednrsAav, Sept. 21 u i o'clock P. M. precteely. received or bills of Indlof signed en the day of For freight or pas-age apply te LUDLAM, UBINtKENa CO. Iff Broadway. T/HIR NEW ORLRANS DIRECT I The United Mate* mall steamship V A/.OO, ,? . ""f. W. c.iurh. Commander, wl I leave pier |1 North river for New Or'eane direct, oa Friday, Sept. 16, at 3 a?oek P M precisely. No freight re-eived or hbla at Indtag signed on the day of ?ailln.T For freight er pn-asg- arp'y te LUDLAM, HEINEKBN A CO., 116 Broadway. Mail unn for new Orleans dirfct. The steamihlp ARIF!, will Isavr pier No. .1 North ever Hepiember 81, at Ihi-en n -loaa p. if. Cahm passage '??K D. U. ALLLN No. 1 Rowling Green. LOR LIVERPOOL? YtPSC.OTT'S LINE.?THB ' Brltieh skip ALR.ON ?ni ? tWrnirmoer 12; ship JAllW It. nTBHHON sails eeutensb' c It. _X I INK?FOR MJNDON SI lp VILLA FRA Nt;A ?*U? September If the above named *4tps ara relnh-atad tor thel' qaluk pas "?'?? aal superior aveommotatt'Ss Aw paMSBgers l or fuilber paroeatara apply la . _ TAP8COTT BROTItRRS A CO.. No. ? Sontb street. New Verk. LHHHT r A OK FT FOR LtVFBPOOL ?MRUTBAL I; flag?the first a lass Brltiaii ship aMEKINA, with en Rrleraeooinmodatlou far paaseagere, sails Monday, Sept. , NVRH8T8R on 17th. Apply at TUUMl'AON 8 paasaga odds, 278 Peart etraet. LIOIWUIVRRPOOL.?OLD BLACK STAR LINE ?THE P packet ehin ONANORLLOR aal a 18th Ka?t-asher; the M. NOTTKBoilM on !re*fbwi f "r apply to WILLI AMR A GUION. 4? ?ultou s'reei. FOR LIV8RFOOL-OLD BLAO* SALt. LINK THE ship ORB AT WRSTBRM w8 Mil promptly on Friday, mippistf. * PlONB'-H LINK. CARRTIIKJ ?ThefinaAl BMUab eFpper vatp ~ -? ?jt z'uH i N ittlMir luadlu - M pirrl'i Kitrnr and wtH be d* q'.\tgfct<i far Rydcry t>. ? V p< aU.veiy ob the JAte met Thn- Are* eiaea rhip bi>? ??'j'Mi'lujd.n'?>!)? left f<* a I united 11 umber ef | e eniaara bath in the met >r' ><?? j, Apply immediately to R. * t-A.VlBi.OK, t>o fid MBAiV ? A^mlMJTRAlTA PIONEER LI N K-CXRRVINO TBB L ulled atates mails -The tine A I Duu> clipper b.rh CHKHiRDN, nvf?rl< mneter ta uuw al her with, piet No t bam bur, will succeed the LA YE tiff ER *? d bate the uvual i-ron-pi ?nap-.-'ti. EvJI' hcati-a du-ei. lev Height and peMAge apiA) to IC W. CiittfttiN, .18 Rearer i UK>R MELBOURNE. A I * TR A _K A NG A.SOO r Line?Xmtrat vesvot.?The ap'eoi.a mil per bark CONTEST, ul Iwtidiu. jlrfi'"1 ttutiler, wit *e rod deipatoh. Can uc-n. em-laie a fe? pa.-e-g ta It- tho ? alte K.r ?t>m o! frviahi or t>.<s.a?ia applv to MAlLLBft, L>RB A QURRBAB, loR \Yh 1 j.. rent. TitAVKIiLBKb1 GLlliK. [1TDS0N KI^KI. BAIULOAD ?fRjJT v-t FOtt ALBANY _ 1 ilii! I Ml, thfl Nor.ti aud V. Ml -?'. <? til ? ii.tx .% at-gut Hi'ratu. 0 A. M ; war ntol ttl ott A M. a.i l7l? Hl rtiil to 40P VI Kiprdten liiudari u I tt p hi from Tliiriteih eli-rl. I. hi. TOdCBY, AMhaitnl 8nftevtulevari NEW YORK A*f> HAKLtJl RMLROAJ. Train* lor .-..natty t'ro? an Saremg* K.ria t iTia concerting wlvh the North and v??t, have 1 wtnW-nlxtk street depot At It),1, A. M. tied i 1 . M. NOTICK.?CHANGE Of HOUR. ON AND APTBI Monde-. Sept cut or lit. Un *i?anten t'lnt-n j MliWd ai d Denial Drat* will .??*?? t i-r loo! ttl D? ?h .veiee au-eel, eter.. m traoiii *i * o'ateeh, ot 7 ea h e i-etof eat, n-eb lng the aauel It. ml in,;*. PPOSITION BOAT FOR NEiVlldBU AND POt'Ofl. koeti-in.?Fare 25 cant*.? lie ?p* and fa* Meeiner THOMAS w-.tiL.VLft, -rate* Jay nee', ptur every aJ tar. noon at Jfi o ' look leading at Graa-tt P- iOt, Cozretie'. Cold Spring, V ?.*?'!. New Hamburg Marlborengit and Mdtoc. Ri ti.riiin::, L u .? Pimghkeeio at rt t M.; N?-t-ar 7 o'cbxtk C- niWi I 7 IS; Cold S|trin7 .'3; t'Oi-aa.., < 4t>; Orsevy Point, .t lii" turiv ug at Now i'ork at 10 3'J. 0 Ell* GOOES. AT Debe. i71 BrAdvt^, have received per lute .?rrJ[|v*,JJ .'"{.RisftiiHBMt 12. a superb and very elirn.?>." 'l"^ , KH Dp.F.SS QOODB, coneiAtins of p,.l.%A^d S. - ,.ed Cnrrd and bhwh RKAli IJifBIt P-'Fi-lNS, SILK. ANAn HK ^ FRRNOH POPtitS, OASIlMKKb AND I'LAf?* PLAIN. STRIPED AND r,;ALJ{>|.A0AH AND MlXI A4RB. A large and well ao ccled eeaort'ueu^M00KtNIN(A A'ao n new It imported atork of ^^rt{^y0ps \ ELTKTB. pt.nt.Med for the fn.l trade befor';. the ed; aniwof Xte eel'i high rati- ol ?*chMii?e. j-uaSmLii PJUUBB T. MEVTAR2 00. ackwa or ' FRKNCU. SAXON* aIID ENOLI3H " PHhS* GOODS. a i ? r OT 11 % C A8hl ^ K ItRS. ^ K?sTINQB% ? C^HAWLSAlK.8TEltV,OLOVBS EMHBOI DRKIHS LAt 1.8, AO., AO. *hrlr ow n Imp 'itatioc, cpntprMPS a fSvBLTIKfl, .t the very lowe.t >"*'*? ft and Chamber. *re*. A AT J. DARTOI8'. 661 BROADWAY. SPEOCAIilTV OF DRKSS AND i I.OAK TRIMMINOB, FRBN0II Flit'TlNti KSTAHLISHMKNT, Inform. h!a ouatomrra that he baa received lua Frenob ta poriAtlone In Peaarmenierv, Oiinp. Oroehet, flu Uinta. As. Wboleaale and retell, la now open. DRKSS TRI.MU1N0& UNDER OARMENTa, FLBBOt lined Hoalery and Olove*. For eple a. LIKBMANE*E> corner ol Sixth avenue end Twenty eighth street. BXCLU8IVKLY FRENCH EH'THHO, ONE TO twenty inches wide All materia:, iluted In nn nte ?urDn-ae.l manner, at three hours notice, et Mrs. OO& DKN's Krench Fluting eetabiiabmeitt-. IS Amity street, ou block and a halt from R oadway; 127 Kleeoker street, belew Woovter, and 2HI Fulton street Brooklyn. N. 8.?flnUag forwarded all over the United States. J^ALL GOODS FROM PABI8. JUST KROEIVBD """"" AT LFOBAfN'fl, 729 Broadway end No. 1 Wareriey pteoo, . SU.K8, 6tti>maN8, PLAI Dhi) POPLINS, I LOAKINO. FLANNELS, N. E.?Tn ? few day* n. eU,?g of the Oloak Departmeat, wMh naw models, obnaen in Parle eapeetaUy for-this epeft* lug. < LEG RAIN. JJIOBS, Grand openlns of Led lea' and ChildrM'e Fancy Furs Moudky, September 12. at J. FRANK FORD'S, 279 Oraad straoC FURS, Furs furs furs.-a. phillips, impobte* ? and manufacturer of fancy furs, IS2 Broadway, bafi to Intorta the public that lie will opoa hie now Far pnrium, 171 Fu ton eireet, Br oklya, oo Wednesday, 8ep* tember 14. which be he. taken avpreaaly for the ecoommor dauon of the cluren- of Brooklyn and vicinity, wharo wtE be found every description of fancy furs; end, having tern ported tne shine when gold waa fifty per cent premium, reels confident to enrre ell who farora him with e aaH Ever* artlc e will be retailed at t e loweat who'.eanie prteadk at the Brooklyn FurBmporluiu, 171 Fu ten atreet Brooklyn FLUTINO -FINK FRENCH FLUTING DON8 IN 4 aaperior atrle lor fnar renia per yard, over foar lash ol wide one eent per yard extra, by the Kreeoh Fini ng r pnny, 271 Bpriog atreet, between Variok and Hudson. F. ALL STYLES ?LAD1E8'. MISSES'. CHILDRBMRI And lafentv' Hat- and Cape; alao Feathars Plumem Tipa, Vt Inya Ac. at vrboieaa e. ltuyer^ from other aittei and town, lav ted. The e new and fashionable goods wfl be sold to the tre-ic at tub low ear ixivaibl - rates. THOMAS RfcTNOLDS. 3P? CASai etfOSt. ?T_EAND OPENING OF FURS. A. T. STEWART S CO. Will Open >n Monde*, Sept. 12. RUS8IA AND HUDSON RAY SABLE, MINK, KRMINR. ^ PERSIAN LAMB SIBERIAN SQUIRREL W CAPES MUFFS. CUFFS, Ac., Ao. of tbelr own iniportaiion and mannlectuie. BKGADWAI and TENTH BTBBBfl, Kid glotkh JOHTfE'S wblt, known makb Fully equal to Alexaadra'a: eery cheap, at LIKE MANN'8, corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty eighth streak BTTON A JOHNSTON, 274 BOWERY. WILL OFFER OjTmONDaY. SEPT. IE A MAGNIFICENT*NEW 8T00K OF PLAIN ANd"faNCY SILKS, POPLINS. EMPRESS CLOTHS. TARTAN PLAIDM EPINOLlNr.H. OTTOMANS. CRK TONN KS, TRENCH Ml-.RINOd, HOMBARINE8, AI-PACAH Hi ured atiliied and plain ar oleraj, MOURNING liRRSS GOUDS aND SHAWLS, Delmorat Sklrta Shirting Viannell and Blankets. SblrtMM end Shaetlug Mudlna of all lbs best brand*. Alao. FIVE BtLRS YARD WIDS SHAKER FLANI a 1 woe and heavy, front amnion, at 91 a yard. I'hVTON A JOHNSTON, 274 Unwary, near Houston P P KACE PRICES. UKWk* RFDUCTTON AT THE NEW DRY GOODS HOUSE. 767 Broad a J, A 0. JOHNSTON, long coanXWvd with llhedell.t Pelraoti. who r-rnriMv ret4p*C will offer this went hi a ?Arrtfl -e U'ge auo tmenti of FRENCH MERINOS, OTTOMANS, KMl'KhHS CLkWIS, FOl'LINS TARTAN Pi.AIDS AND DRMI LUSTRES SCO pier-* figured I?e ainea. new <le Jgae. at She a yard. Kaleneive aaamt nenia Meurning G""d*. liouaekoeptog Goods and Heaiary. PBINTS. GINGHAMS. DRLAINBS, BROWN AND BLKACHKD SIIRRTINGS, SIIIKTINUS. STRIPES TICKS. DENIMS. FLaNMELS, BLANKETS, COUNTERPANES, QUILTS. Ac, Ad., comprising all the popular and standard makes OF DOMESTIC MANUFACTUKB at the lowest aeah prices. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broad wey end Chambers street R. H. MAC* WILL OPEN, MONDAY. SEPT. IE ma! LOTS of FRENCH AND BOOTCM NEEDLE WORKED BOOM, or am. cambric trimmings^ Ad.. A?. from an- lion New aed at) llah Goeda. t? per eeet leaa tame the cost of importation. Alee HOUBEKBRriNO GOODS, RIBBONS, Laces HOIIBRV, flow acts. AS. N. B ?Oar fan Importation AT eur well kaowa Is sad off Ladies' Eld Ulevea, bow epaa. ^ ^ MAOF 204 A 90S Slith aveana, near fourteenth ? treat. KJIIAB'L* SI1AWLB, shaiflb NRW FALL* GOODS Long end Square Srorhe Sh*wla, Striped liroehe sad Cashmere Nhawla, Berlin Htiawla f'eng and a >nare), tewtoh tar en Plaid SbawMt Leag and Bnoare Weal Shewla, Stella Shawla. Teibet W -et MitwU Mo'irnpg Shewla FATTOE ? JGMNSION, 274 Bewery. Till SI ItANMl-.Rh AMD VlnirtfllJf UEORGR CARBYvWII.L OI'HN ON MOWDAT, FM Id lit INSk. A LARBK AND T aBIF.D AttAOBffMENT OF CHOICB CLOAKS. BABQUINRS, ftp CTRCW. t RB, BCITAPLR TOR FALL AND WiNTh It OMR tihUlvUI CARr.T, fM> Bees deer. _ (Late Chse BWeet A C<h) r/arirtR worstft)* and woollen tarnr.? tl Fheaervt prwre tin towa. hi LI r FM ANN'S, dhi nar rM filkth avetiiie had Twenty etghdh etreai. " mmw iVELWATIORR. New books, barter he Ti4fir? rtierkgegopio and Hporting (ieude Bead fv-r imlalogne Br. UOMPERTB, 7fi Nesaaa elieet. New Teea. ?PHE IMFEOYBD rHRBNOLOGtOAL BURT 8HOW JL lag the eteet loeettea ef all the organs of the braha, designed for tnarnem In thle head all 'he aawlr diorama ed ei gees ef the brala ere given. It aha we nanh ladtvidaal ergea en one tide, sad ail the groups?eooial, eiee-vUte. ta taOaetvial aed moral-en the other. Frtee, for the targem ?Ixa, ?i MR rmailer, 7f> eeute If sent hy htotwaf "A eeeta mint ?e Added for perking hog. Fey sale hr htyokeejiere aed draeietA FOWLER A WR4iL?, MB Broad mil-New Terh. ,

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