Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Ui* ii. s?p-.. u-t r M. The excitement to the sola tii .rkfi today wis iicn m Mom than wc .n> litrmer day during iLe t.ti CocCictiLf 0[>i K>or .oftworeo tt>e quotation*. end 'ft poeaU Often a naiioo ->o tbe part of tfc* ? bull* was ran by re* lilt MUlict lb# "biar*." ani gold room Pecan;# * ntai c a paodeiar-i.inm, wticr i would be onl of our |,i?i e tu Ui-rb dtucriUa Tor *b? is ;ock courage euly p ine n, rinog, ?au Ibe apcoibg pr'fr' ?u ?2i. from wtuo ? it -.d a I* roe*, under art if mtHieg, to 22#>j Tbni'o# market broke, oca lb* ;uom.ous rapidly receded ZUs 4'ier wa cb I ra.l *u ie 22)* wbtcb was im c? ?iur w ee at ? luarisr-piui foor ? u Haay operators win were '[oag' t <u:d befog# M re cent dep. oe are <to m tr* unie predicament being ?iii ?Bg tc b?i. M.r . opm.oo 10 tb-. (item ,be.i turee* will a ? aulr u :be r;?u >( -t*t:-.g .cccrdn.g.% rte probability .a mat in ??? ?ct bough,; *t m* tigo Ogcee* wh tb p t' I* .)r ibre* meets agi ? naff tll ? long time t>? re met can get me./ money back Itere 'I no d vpiii* I .Le 'act tiiat gola >jb boon taulng a; a/, uoaatui a: y I'tm.ea, and .bat ti r.pij 'i*r 'rem 186 to '.?S, le J e |UIV 4il wu lCt iMa t 0i 4ri B clai ca-. Kft?? a ii.' v baa ca and ibe tar* ot ice poop.a lor lb* lu< ore I bu? -educed tb* boarding am tbe eiiipm* t i , ,i io I, .so '.be b gbe? in* pre mlorn weji tb . -!..i>. nec^m* lb* acsielt V .Dorr an bad properly ai n. to proicc tettuciv** o? iccicg th?.r grcouuaiaH ,i. <cd rbie sect up iDi premttc ?itb ? velocity w: Kt 4 nfioed tbe eg s.aiara ai Wukbr.g ton, igiioruot a? i . y acre y ibr onagri oi tneoduaa with acom:..ja > .or of wnicb ?? rega ated ry .fc* awofaup; ? i mmd ?n<cb tt ?m er.tire y eryona tboir power i? ii. ? v or oteribrow. SCO ?c tee*'epea ta tbeir er.aciuin i ' i. i u bad worked eo .-net it icbie? But ll.* evil a ?, r-e. begun was net to V? arrestco in a rooicent. ud i .-i itttae of iu ainiudb t y tbe repea. till w ;b,o u ?-t two or tbree weewe. pre vi us to ?dvb *, bait g'ren warning o: wb*t wui con,!. . H was t ..etaiae} at It* fa gh qcon tiobb bv, i .?! jierecn* wbo bad tittle ?anb in tne go. Tin ? I n .iP prcmitM, acd wU p-e orre.. making r^re'? h i ibey baj ratoer tUc rot tbe rtsg of add og tr t: e r hire iu currency. tb? ra'o* of wmct appeared t ? be ??? >r? and more uaccrtaic every day. rbi gamoiers o ta ; d iocb; were not e:ow to tasc tat r rue frmn tbese a a tbe cocaequeccd was ttsi apacuiat.or, tlrcr the detaacd f:r coardicg ? cd ibintcont, tended toward, e gter rate* ite loat mg *uri ? oo be <i ?r*et bomg n>e*cwa:.i tforg y held The curien.y ai ouiiona, dent Jo'lng air '.b b t.tct tad undergo, j cr. ..<* .t a.i corre?i)cnd;cg with m* ad vance ot on* b i o-cj p?r ;e0i Cad -.tken r are a geld, an J IB* latter war sottalbtd alrcoat tnir*'t ny i>artic? ui tiO'ie . discount tbe 'oiar* fcr tfceir awn rre sum*d balcly. ar well ?r oy tbe tnera *pecu;ator? tefo*e ?neniK':.ed army I *i x were 'aLb bbcefgiuo.eta, acd Obly tr.0 iu to re en ?b tbetr po?ieu at tbe tame time th-u tbep grat.ueo ibtir pouticbl leeir* of impa.rmg ise credit of tb* g'-** ronien wbirb gave ibeur r.roiacticx acd wbi-c defeat ,c il* great *onie?t sow oeicg w*gto wa* it.c i.e*r?ei obcct of their petty anc&itisn. 7be app r tbe .uie or proportioo tc tb* price of gold o nation k. tne currency wtl; clearly *bow ? bat it ban bees tei.iog durir.g tbe tut inr*? aioctb* at 0 price far .o txcen o* it* irg'i mate ecmperative value Before the *u*pe&*.on m epecie cayman;* a uci ;nt e'.r . v.latioa is tbk dttte* ?ow uoeer tbe 'ederar *way wa* ubcut oce bendreu and fervy miliicn* id bank bates and an equal tasooni m tom Tbe tela! bircb'.atiob ar Cbe?* Sta'ee it ,ow about e.gbl bundred aad arty mil iiooe?tbe Treasury eurreeey isiue*. acccaing u tbe return o! tbe 3 >ib of August, baring two Ifta3,6i:,i50, ?sd tbe issue* of ice caiiccai tacks, up to m* end oi last woeK, ft ,167 J80, 6t 'alter (bowing an 'kcreaa* for tc* ?e?k o( $2,033,VK) Tb* 'ema.tder t* (kttgnab * to tb* increased circuit: en ji tbe ?u;a baaii. tb* on* C*str*e and f rij x... rci ot ted tnv ng b?en a.ryaay beiseue Now. t'mnar* iti* amount ot curreaey tritb tbet .o ctr-..?;.on ( eg tb* |l?0,000,000 ?? go.d. Ce.'ere ibe ai.speos.oc, acd a.iow fc* she tncreaa*, w? ond by ar.ibaiet cai calcination tbat gold U wurtb tnoci oae tui.ared asd iixiy-t.gbt, ci e prtmlnn ot ?. I'.y-e.pbt aver paper, ail too (xcea* oyer able tk, ?berefor* acLiie-a. and it* scnaeqneuoe ot apecutanso. i it. coLieque t y, to be oeertily dieceuraged and op posed cy a.i Aic*"caat wboee wilt :a te autikin tbe iu tignty of tb' Inueo Stale* We er* aware tbbl punty o' escuset txsi u ibe m jmanagemeai o; the sen cost nitoces wbicfa o*? eiiitee line* lb* comtneocemeBi of it.:* war. But t*ceii. tbe oetkc baa been rep re aeo'.ed by en >nc spateei Beerc.ary of tbe Tretaury Howe* by * p*-t*,ie tc *rrcf| bad a Coagrea* igiicrtoi of r.nau e, ?r ar* c*vertbe!8M not *nt,t ?d .a euppo** isat tbe country bar goo* to ralo already, ft will b? ( me eaougb to d that In yaart bene*, if tb* b.'aaaera ? ibe past are t*r?erered lo. But *p?cc.*lc*a have null capital of poaeibilttie* wb.cb were more remcte tbar iiciT.ef.ate %nd bu,it upon uopuiar dcubta atcktd to tome extent Ly e c nsmerc al damaad for euetoa* duties and esp.ri', wr.ieb bad to be ?up,-.i>ed at asy price and id any event Tbe ?licple fact that gold wa* selling at 261V ?? luguit, acd 285 ie July, '.lie# tne rr,e? bad opeced In June at 193 "as almost encuafa !?? mate ?ny 6ecretary of it* Tr*a*jry deepair ;f br tgiu. Wall ?tr?ei or tbe aetiee lo i*Muo -i coc.c iucntly to ii d ie* a retc e.tnee* - f pc.tey on bis art vti;. ctbtrw.s* r r m g?i f ate icrutb 'rca aecpt .ug or per*(Ttr eg 'o tlut in t i. P si it i an taey naccee* u c?'aa>.e'tei a.l. tbit dec les .ne p I 'ai.ato j-.acri cai* f ,tt? s ao >.1 fotur* ti ana ? ato w.n, it> nr^ ttee-g tf out pf*pec'.? j III 8*' a?C 'St ra ttb .s "Ctil i?y tbs 'n.ti itmand fee tur r f.n"*r*,si porpoace ? re .'.I.* let. -,?d ud WI.. 'ec ?.*? 'urtccr It .? ct w .j s , ti n. it *t i . ? ? c. w :i!. u b "00 fcr t w , ;io bt'ai a' ' it* natural vaiue ct%? at tbet, at* if M lo". ecci .* I, ,bat Cgtre tber* :?r* koa let* s: ? ei?cuf?; r? eeoege m tbe aad who w m i ent-is- n.eie ">y ml miduted md tnrtw ibe.r tl-.>cw ?: lirn,;ij and pre ; i ie it.e Ciwcftl c? tk* prec "#? ,c hat * tien.w tu re l va'u* E-n tww -ver :b'? t. ?, we r< -"J a Hi aai id actios tue rectnt apprcciiitji tut cilia'" and lfc? grcaie' it I*, aud ibt .up'? a<t* ti.* ic u;v?-i?, wr,i ot tbe braaCt t ? : em up'iB at r .'eeso ibe population NsP.^iU I" tt'. lre?A3r? i?partmtnt C'r-r-gret-, Set ?? toe brief rntuc- r i.c arms and caev, acd if tt? CC| c, 3* a . .ti ra ? n i b fill He >*rd with icicg Tcr* ?? ap ImprtMioc aCoat ic the ?t'?*i lbs! ?ver | ri.w -.'.a'd f* . mucb inwer t? w;'i pe?e'ttr.. ?i le .'ji 1 ??- t. a tract., t wfajm wilt cjo** it i? >ett.* at ?ecci *> , en. ta iled, ?* ios> erpect .1 w i br, ?y ?Ce te".b c-rw i . . aacrv ?**??? of ccipcucl * t r?? ce. ? l*ga' tA&firr l Iff. Tfae coetin ted a'i.?. gi.l this in .rc r.g, t? ? mallei si c urge, i rsetrri pr cea :,r ar J??,-r:pt eg of fie? gt, mercbaod se sou tajtv* pr. as ?? a: ' a ;en?'al lee t* took pv t 7b* .lock marks', t e.-sd * t?, a lewswa.-.l 'eudeucy , iu tr01 s -tb |013 ? 1. Jt {"Il *fk'OB bnwevsr; "o' c p'.pr ?t:"j .o '? , if r t * * tne apfie: a m. / tbe - .rrspcv *a ? pj ?r.'.aafetr.'t* ?t lb* yaluif'**t ( rop?riy r? way re r ie< t?'.cmca'ed with tb'.' in*'.g s'joui en* at 'B.- (Jca-d -s tn: -lay. rbilwat nit'*. 3Sf..ceu' it tot ;??; t.a-J y? '3. w. Kr't l ? K.isc# p,v?r ; R**a.r.g ; ?m v cf. r?a ctrvi IX. Mlft iii see b*r? ; a t!-iw*sjc?* tr* :r e It Cbltn t u> i >r..ra ' e* ae trd " ?.!* ?:-? *?n, X-'icwwi eiI *r*:aoa ta3 !? elo 3, CBIt ag 11.i R-ku Is .as fig f n*o F n w*/n* I and lib ctgf? I H Tb- a ice.lanenut s was ;m .rn lareencef. and Cum oar end ;r t ? j ; Mar.psta ! Mieiog Ccxpaar t, Ju ck?. ve- a; ti rg Cca. ?lj ' Centra COOl i at antu Ma.i a'.var e ?. tioe*-i rami secor I'tt wer> . -swtr relet ' and lb* if tbat tber w ? .;.t., w , Mil week, at*'wb et a r$r:*u aci i. active ma bet ' m tybciO'kec for. *ndae ibe nf.3f.-c* '. ?.gc -cru I ?Dd * spo u,*t:ve Jemacd ai teme It f olal 'ir tbe flr?: ft. trd e*. ?ror c .|Ct I SISI .?*1 P3g;4 * , V 8ve t?rrr,t'*a r(| itqiij l8J>?j SC., a. ilD7. la forn*4, n|.(iu X V :n* year c*rt.F ait? .3,, ? v* e*\*e and ibreeianlbc Ire.scry eu.ei*' ar: April, I! 1 V a \ At the >-crnd hoard ib* maratf gave way ub1?ra 'ee, log of p in c, pre*scatty apparent aa iba street, aad Pri* deelint-d 3;*? c r.t, Hudaen Riyer 8>i, Read ng 3. i:!i cute n#?trat 2 tor, W*>a*?. Clevaland aud I'ftiabi re IV. Cbtrego end Btu-k i*'?no I Cle*e)eno *cd Tt led > i, t umberl. 8 . c,. 2. *pd -?t,to and M'us.u pp' certlC a'tb J Ibe m aiey m.ira*t ?ti ravbtr achy* to-day, swiiig lo i ft* uu.allied ie*l!i.| previ "g -,n tobaeq rnce of tSt , d weward lebdeoty of g d ar tt.# expected w-indrawsj of dapnelte to meal tbe p*; m"oi. Tor tbe arw l'Sl : and tbe ottser gov-I oi*at |c*n? Burner* it ? ' temporary loan were alto c r *t. wa I* tb? cuttii.ned dram Westward Increase# ibe-vap< tsan f tbe'oabki t yureue * cautious t*Hiry I' r*t is it- its,'. <* ever obtained all ibey reeurea at ie?*# per re it lis fbe dMcouut line their was Bt'dcabie < atrHsgeo^, tod seme ne* ripi'<""? of paper wrrr ' let.hie Tne rate raogrd (f..m e./i\ to tec ie |*r cent w itb ? drowns* ie exresa ultif -u., ; K?i?.? ctcbeuke wa" i?er 'I' Iff trsr^wci *b? were IU'tit at reduce* gtwl>1 ..?? Binl-fli *ttll Ml 1S)4 a lOf ioe Me li g fold rate). b t ocr-akbrual tiil'a *rr U be L Higbt * 216 to 240 Ic currency The I .ok ?Uiemuiit lor tb? wi-e* tbowa ? darrenx "A loan* of mcr mat. mo raillmua, ?of a lapot U o' jp wardi of tore* iniliiona Tba ctmer rSio?ie? tti .em porary contraction tbf biokl are practsmg alio Uie al ter the tauoe wocb 'at. acre 't aaa'tabi* ftie ?u< in<-as at the sub liearury to day was as 'oi owt ? Receipt* .ft TT4.995 Ca t 6,240.643 Ltalai.ce 20.216 6"6 lbe earcngt of Ibe Milwaukee tod I'rairie du C'hxu Hallroad fx tba mouth .1 August were:? 18->4 1113.389 uaa 68 302 increase 944,844 Stock Ear?????*?. ? Mi#?j>av. 'J"1? m 4 * i, 92300 C 6 re SI. ?ou Ms* h?e 8K ,?,$ 'as .*..?? '?? fi c -v *r..? 100 32 da...1. . .. 116'e M8*!"* ttS B?f ?t S t=:?8 uO",'O&U A Mlai oer.. 44 AW do. .????? gg ; ?* MM!,fc^3o? .wortv Central ??. m flltf tVnW f t I (, Kr lib 'fin t> la. 119 iff* d0 UK). (lhi_ RA^S ? lit m l;< SI"# do bSO 81 r n WAChl :<d m .IS WX) do alb TO?{ MMii cao good 222)4 4 0 do TO. 16,?) 4o <23 2X1 111 Cent BR atrip. 126V SOOO MoS e I ta PacRR 71 3 0 do 12SX 6' eUalourthN Hack 82 2tK) do bll' 126)4 '00 Central Coal Co 6S '>0 da ... 126 v io- do 60 I UO Cie?e A Pitta KR. 11096 2<r Mariposa Mgn Co 6uo do IP'S so do ?:>t ir.? do not. SJO do ... 42', 20* do bio U0?, 10 da blO t2H w da . *70 110k 5 10 do bio 4214 Id do a3v I Id Hi 130 do . *31 42 . >2 ?J Cole A N Vf UK 50'J 29" Cumber Co* prel. 62 '"0 da ....b3', 51V, <60 do. B-'tg I 0 do ... ...b?0 -r'2 eO'i do <2, 100 do b'tO 51V Iju do 62 . l6u<)Chic A N W tref 84 1 hi da bid 625-0 da ?4*h $t)P do blO Vi I" do .... bis *4H |0 do ... 1-5 6214 12'JO da..... ...b3? 83 I) do aVi i.' 1 0 Clare A To! BR I2? 66-Qbtckailrtr M'l ug ? I ?2tX) do . ....aJO i24'4 lit <io . c.', 306 d? 124 .'a 2 41 Mail SS Co I *r> 3d Cb It 4 R 1 RR 107 3d0 do 1*7 100 do bis 107 V |,0 do. l"7.'i HOd do loC'i IX) do . . ISo Id" do ? 10SV I x) Wromiae t'ai Caa' ao (IU I". N V Cer.tia! KK .. j'Xi do l.-fi 1 W do UO da ... )26'? WO do 1 0 4o .. . ..*30 US IS do 00 Erie KR . 11*)',' Mb dc *25 l'X5 B do 65 106 V p Tel .% w.a BK.... 6-iJ rati n w a fbic 107.4 I >0 do !077> frm do 149 100 do tSO I07J2 ! ft a.i A T QAula praf 70 200 do uSO 71 At (1 A Si.'oa RR praf is SICOND BfAUC. ^ Hiir riii Two o'Ct.ora, P. M. ?S??i Ohio A Mtsa eer 41 2 0 aha Ca? r.K acrip I3i\ 1,1000 do 43S 100 do .. 124)4 ZI>A)0 do 41' 10(1 'io I 5 .V. ib. Cumt Cl pr.llO ?l 100 dc aio 121)4 eft, i u ....... S3. 100 4o .'l Ul.V l<W Ca.ekattrar Mining 70 60 Pitta, Pt W A Chic 10s SO New Tcra Cen BR I44\ 10" Jo J'1?)* 2< Erie Ril IO.I'i. 100 da ... !&?U dc lui-. 100 Uiea Caa RR JJi p,n da 101', 2S" da. 130)4 ^,jp do 1:33 1200 Clevo A PltU KR 109 I0"0 HadaoD Rlrer Ml Ii2 400 do. .... ..? J O1* uvi da ..,30 112 2oO do. ? ..a30 109V 2? Mlct So A N I run 144 9, TOO CblcifO A V W RK 4i'? 10x2 Reading RR. . i?? ?? _. da...... ^ 50 % n, ao ... .264, too ( h.cago A N W pre S2!-i MU do'! '.27 60" 130 21K do ! .. I77S 100 Clara ft Toledo BR 12-)? too M en So A S-4 RB 7s>; 300 J22 IWW) do. 7tf 2' A R 1 KB.. ItiR MO di . ... aS5 <9 2X1 da I'4 ? I,XI do b.30 K) 10.' db to* lit Cea BRaeripkaSi) i2*H 100 oa.... i04)4 ci???Ra Sapf. ro, 1904. ?an*? Loatu. ^paree Circular Dtportt. Ame'iCA ......910,536,370 1,700.336 6,351 0,264 883 Amercas El... 0,234,161 1,488,030 25,994 n 44.'719 J11""0 l,W.m 68.428 118,344 080 811 Broadwar. .... 4,M7.460 623,684 36.116 6.SOS 737 Bntcb A Drar . 2.614.933 114.S02 223,266 I.778.S76 Bull a Bead.... 799,428 22.03" 162,06 2 793 151 4,777 642 1,600,269 25,713 8,833 2*2 Cbatbam 1,675,204 37,188 ?.?JC 1,365 883 4,706,481 627,a2T ? 3 05] jjq Cltiiani'. 1.326,331 89.698 63.229 1 121 6% Soictnerc# .... 18,252 475 1,084.600 1.J06 T^rso-n Corn Excbango 3,188,530 292,167 229,200 2'.359 342 Coot'.:.caul.... 3.889.877 244.354 19.935 2^83 521 Crmtnoowealth. 2,902 109 9x,6H 14.?4.,4 5^7^ 240 414 41,782 24.780 tobjtM haat Rlrar..... 50?,U3 2T.080 113,152 613 lis 1,400,608 520,077 30.023 n.m'iii Utartwch...... 826.728 07,281 21,026 025'lB7 ?r,?cer? OS2.083 10,726 4.021 1,030 392 Banc iter 7.063.5.'^ 311,306 02,080 l.sxilods Imp * Itaaera' 3,020 473 <93.054 121,360 2 688 7X4 ?"'M 1.472,032 '>1,344 77,974 l.W/BM Leaiter llaauf. 2,.103,078 206.O34 _ 2.41274a MaqOAIIAB. ,.8 747.683 1.030.038 19,087 6 883 151 2,487,664 <34,685 42.388 2.067181 1,045,804 99.346 70,7.14 2 043'2fa MercbAntA* 0,414.932 1.166,511 07.470 dll7'4fl4 MecbABlrV 6,220^20 619 ^44 61,506 ?!270 072 MarchxdlA Exeb 2,000.234 172.433 22.227 1 978 500 4.932,148 710,400 80,27 ! 8 775 001 MetropolllAA .10,030.735 1,070,160 130,000 7 100 303 M-rcAolHa ?8,074,097 314.180 6,264 3^84*276 Macb A Tradara' 1,083 561 110^03 104.601 1 BSl'iai Manuf A Mercb 1.571,716 91.089 2 000 1 322 785 Mach Aww'ti . 1.448.482 02.930 14.000 l'a3O*07 North Rival 1,421.525 64,850 25^11 1.454'i07 It T (aunty. . 032,543 21,035 93^60 "ls47 NVrtb America. 3,97".704 81,100 130,000 2 744'770 Noeaeu 2877 215 162.800 5 635 10439*8 5aw Vtrk 6,731.434 1J>40^71 61.323 6'in'264 Natiooal 2 416.182 455,422 19.504 1 646 168 Ocean 1 989,062 150,972 61J73 1 ^ Or ftBtal 3WI.765 *3 71a 160 909 822 *30 ?ar< 9 798,901 1.050.900 394.003 9.100 M8 FriPW* 1.205.332 106 072 14.300 1 ITo'f.os FaCltiC 155110H 118.400 36,714 1 624 261 rtai'X ?.OI6,'lO 7C1 901 ?.V?6 2 440 9* 9 Rapub'ir ... 4,540,0:1 24- 617 23,950 3 (125 !?V8 St Nicbojt . 1,554,4.10 ISO,791 73.010 1 13l'o51 1'hoa k l.fathrr . ,4Ml33" 105,0*1 330.IPO j'fl-r'ei7 1ra<irer?b a.. 2.532,8 I 1"3,92? ^5.211 I 85* 477 liciiu 4,174,219 184.3-7 21 ,*13 8,7b4.r,*4 Tn?k lixt.kc .127 20,603.88) 4,181,616 U'~9*1~M2 ? Ltkht*'- Bar-i I*A5?4'-noxB. ' aar for week eiidsn? .<p? 3 8410,*ai p]* go (1 srinpe tor wi.ak anctirp -aid 10 ... tn; ,7us',*3i) 9-. H it.** far wa?-l>. a? diiik ^?f 1 3 ....... 15,177 330 sj e. am cr for wrak rn tlc,-?apt 10 . . 14,123,32414 1 ITS COMMERCIAL REPORT. Mo*n?T, 5a|>t 12?5 f y Atm ?Re-npti. 1* bbi? Tba 01*.krt w?? ica-t v< em --rtcea wb"l'y o mnia! Hwaogrtirx - tie alpU, 19,516 bblt. flour, 744 tba. ? ad 99 b-ra uoro mra'. 61,216 Mishcii whaaf, 15<i,487 <ln. rori bed 98,897 do seta Tba bravy decliua >0 (om ?ante t ?a a pail oa breadatuiTa 10-day. ?m u *w , a,..,, m.M ??:blr to obtain a correct rtproaamo of ita markai Bure.-a tapt fretlr wall klocf, to 1 trade w?? pretty mucb 30 a etaod Tba limited buaiieaa irtsractad ?ta at a drciiaa of |5c. a 25c.. and tba drprrwioa xoat bare bean morb more ma-ke f bad lb* rnppfy cot h??v niretraiy iigbi for lb* oeatoo of tba r**r Tbe aajaa ociuda 8,300 r?b r itat? end Vrelarn, (06 -wtbere and (OOfaotd ai In rye dc-.- sotb cr trap?p<red, tnoofb tba mirgei naa dr[<r?era4 We*uota ? Superfine ftaie and Waatern Boer ,...?0 .'4> a 0 75 Kxtra dtnta 9 76 ? 0 00 ^ 10 00 ? 10 If. lonMluvn extra Violira 0 90 a to f>0 Klt*e r-un J h? f> Ohio !.. 10 00 a |1 ? ratera trada braado 11 16 a 13 00 Extra Ht fxuita 11 76 a 15 50 . etrmct * utbere H 00 a II 75 . aai r ana 'itra ia II 00 a la 00 Cooiaoo fanadiao 0 *0 a 10 to (?f-?d 'o eko ca ?nj aura ....10 is a n ao Rya flour mprrfloa 8 00 a |7 30 Cam rtitaj. ooik. g t,g a ? no forn m?a:. pjnr.iaona 18 60 * 70 00 ? Tt e "-nrai market ?bared tbr geuerel depreeiiou. be i-ra-ien bca am ?>?? ng up*? tbe ba? a of a decline of oc a I Of Ite ?i" loci, ta 35,600 biiabala at 82 * |2 IS'<-r -h cage ?; r ug |2 (.4 A 2 IS for Milwaukee club |2 16 a Irl- or tribe* .p-tcg, |2 20 b S3 20 for wintar -?4 <V?i>te'0. a:.4 |g ? t. .0 for uaaoua J to good amber M cbi fit Ry? *?a oomiial.y lower, being oOrad at |l 85. Tba t n :r ?' fore wax light, and w in i tolerably good decabJ latt i?tu-l*ya pricca ware nearly tuataiceri ? ilea 01' b .al.o.t at II 80 a |1 61 for traeiarn mixed. ?ta wrn o?rr ?u1 lull tl **c. a 90c Tba whole atarkrt was -e-r m: b luaattiad, auJ prlcra n iba rr.a.n n<mflt. w ? cr i*.-'t - ma-kri wax very dull and the below ?'? ?ni i 0"rom*l at na *n bale*. Vt nuoie ? I'pl lift. I'm ft a. Mri4u y Q.p r. ^ no 170 171 171 M'dling II" 1*0 161 1*1 ,ixi. midd'H | 1*2 112 1*3 1*3 ? lb* market remained dull, and prlceo wer* tn ,-r ar Irtt nomine , *? were axtremely dull and-ilea Irregular To vrri^io, par urutra mrwgfrnmt* iocluda bu>bf'a w'if '1. a; 6 1. 200 ?b> pctrr fu.m. Si. fid 060 green j. < 17# fid l.oo- [? I , . ?ff-m off, 22* .11 ai<1 ny I ft'.atne'' .00 b'taa i-beeflc 3fia To 'J!a?">w. par itaame' ! ,f* r ^a . Nit t arrer lard. 30a , and I4.00C t ?t. fce xw eai.p 1 r- Bramm lootbda tobacc- 22* 1 S" Vs. V.,,.t0r" ?O'flut. 23a Tr. Antwerp. V," .. L .! ' A B-uaafan bark figs loci to (for ft :r ok timber, tl P"0 a flruralat br.g ilJ r.- o vcy.gc tavr?, and . Rrltlxb bark S91 "obi Li "ho* Ayrc*. vtn p*ivau> terW,> llo:r*ei* Th.> irrarlcet wat tBaet've, but Ib pr ccj Itara war nr-re-afiat r.tianra. v j morr-o -Rwa r-a,3.0T! hh a rte m, deriinr m gri! kari t'ia rjirkai in a- a?r?tt ? ? ?t?i? Ml .r.,ti wA-f atil. on tire y n mir.*; Tb ?,< et wara coivW t? 7,1 * b~l* ,-r. lr 'uioat * lo flit contract#) at 448 a 4/ic ae ibetprt ** f <rc. a 47)<r for all the monfli 795 01,?* rcfli.ort 1 bniil ?' *3>-c a 74c ai?d rOO do. free at *3C] ? *9? Err# w?? b# d tirmrr th.n a- y diner kinl I'bor.aioxA 'iec.? pfi, 240 bb'e p"rk and 1,72.- 4# lard 11,e purfe laarkrl wa* flrarr with tain*- y 10;, o ill." at 6?0 a 911 M old ii*r, 4.2 * |4) 'c*?h a?a refifar ???i f? r r?w?r do.. |T> a 84" 't>f p-tme aud |I7 59 ? 842 " prima r<*?. aim 6>f wb's. now n.e a. nr all ??cMemPrf, Purer ? dipt I' n. et f<7 1b# "cr' market Was -|ui i an 1 !? riv r !mlr# af left bbir at J11 a fl i for co r,. try tr,?a, 9it for <ounirv firimr, t>6 a 819 or ro ia..,.<l mr-x, aid ft* 1 ft" frr extra prime ' '? i rtmr >? e-r leaf wax manure, wad pr , oa ' were more or leOi mminal ?bnl* were ' active but w priom there was oo oecidiH: change. sales of 11>0 nac league at Kir " H< <?* abo-tldnrv, Mi! 18c. ? 10c 'Thame Us lard market was lue* at-use, tales of 1 h.bOC bb.t- a. .i>?? ? X4SC.?tlan latter an extreme nr-ce Duller iru iu fair demand a.ilee at ?iflt a 48 , ! f..r oil r? md 48c a 54' 'or Suti cheese waa 3oly in ' modertme demand, al ilr a 28c fcr common prima. Rxa.?Market dull aod aearee y a." firm 3i gar ? The marital ?li ItU qu;**, aud we nave only 1 tr coir ?a es 180 bbd? "u?? at db^c. Rofloea was vvrv quid and pr'ce* were a .!Ula e<$.i>r 1a;io? war Held ai 10c , but we uearo of n > aalea. Wmn.-KncnlpU *T? bbls Tbe marks' waa vary well sustained. toe currant prices being considered rtdiuu ,ou" y .Aw in view of th? revenue Us Sales 600 obis at It t'JSatl 80 ? - - JL> - fiwahciaxa. ^ ^ I ijmtud itiiiiutbniftnr ion The secretary o' the Treatur givee netlbe that submnp- j nosf w..i be reaelvad f#? Coupon Treasury Notes payable tnree yesra from August i? 1804. wilh area) annual later eat ai the rate of seree aod three no the per oeut per annutn prineipai and laterast bstb tu t?? pall in Lawfu. moue* These oolea will be convertible, al the orUou of the bolder j at maturity, late sis par cent gold bearing bonds, payable ; net less than Cat not more than twenty years from their ' date, as tbe government may rileol. They will be issued ta | denem-nations ot $50, $100$5o0 $1,000 and $6,000. and all 1 ?ubscrtptlsDi must be fat lifty^oUara m aotne multiple ot j Bfty dollars. i As tbe aotea draw tnteresi from August 15, per as? tusk- i tng deposits subsequent to th?' dale must pay tbe intereat accrued from data of eotr tn date of deposit. Parlies depnsltleg twenty-live (hmsaad dollar* and up wards for these notes at any one urns will bs allowed a com million ofoae qusrlei at nse per mat SPECIAL ADM ANTAUES OP THIS LOAN. It Is a Natlbr.a' Rtflngi 3ank. offerltg a higher rath ef In terest tbso any stfcer. aid tbe Pes incur ty Any AAv.ngs bank which pay* lis depoa.tora in Cnttafl ?taie? Setrs son alders thai it Is pxy'ng I" '-be !>est ei'culailn# naea.nm ?f ths ssbbtry: tad tt csnnst psy In ?nyth:B| better, for tts tva aasela are eltaer Ic giveruu-nnt securities. if in botes -r ?onis psratis lo fovernmeoi paper. convertible ;k?o a six p?e cbkt ?pi aoLB BONO. In addition to tbe very libera! Interest en tbe notes for three yeers Ibis pre decs el sou version a obw worth about thrnepereeut per anoaic: ror tbe -arrest rat# for WO sonds a out iesa tnso atne per ;ee? prsmlum. and before ths war ihe premi .m in w? per cent Called Suet stock was o*er twenty per cost !? will be aeeo 'bat the ac ini proSt ?o th:? ;oaa. at the pr"--en> market fie a not eat ?ban iet per ?mot per annum t ITS EXEMTTION UtOll STATE OB MUNICIPAL Tgl , aTIon. But. at de from all lbs advan.agrvt we hare eaumera.ed j a special ac: ot Congress even pis at! bonds sed fressurr j notes from local taxation. Oo tha average, this exemption is worth about iva per cent pet lanugo, tccorliag ,o I tbe rate of taxation ;t 'arious porta of ths country. It la believed that os securities oiler as great inducements , to eodsrr as those issued by the government In a;- otbei forms or ndebtedncss the faun sr ability of private parties, sr stock companies, or separate communities, only, la Ptsdg ed .'ot paymsat. whlie the while property of the country a he.d u. aecuro the discharge of all tha asllgatlbna if ihs Onttoc Slates. 8US3CBIPT:0NB WII.L 3E bbceitkd bv rbs _____ AsliilAM Treasurer of its Ca.od States, corner of ffs'.i and Ma-aau streets First National Bsok of New Vorb. 84 4 Wall street Second Nations Bank of New lorh. twenty tbire sireei and Broadway third National Bank of NswTort. N? 3 Nassau street reurth National Bach ?r New tors, tl and r? Pino atreet. rtfib Rational Bank ot New I jrk, 535 Tblrl arenus. SUtb Manonal Beak nf New fork, ilitb avenue ?nl Broadway. _ _ Big bib Vaiiobs: Bbsk ef Nrw Tarb. 84C Broadway Binlfe Ifaliocsi Bank af Now fork. S8I Broadway. Tenth National Bank *1 Now rorb. 14# Broadway. Oeatrai National Bsat ?f Now for*, fl Duaot aireet. Rational Btcbaegt Bank of Now torn. iB4 Oreeowicb street. And by ell Reuses) Banks which are depositaries of pub.ic money, aod ALL REFPECIABLE HARB8 ARD BANKBE8 tbrougboul the couniry give further informsucs sod APFOKD BVEHT FAiuIlTT 10 Nl BiCMBf ftNANOlAL SOTl'.'E-TO WIIOR 11 ?l A T I'ON r earn -Several sumv t? loan no loaeebo.t aod Hcerr ent prcre.iv. tul'dliifjuana aod undivided interests IOSKPH MASON. No lis P'ee al-ssl, nasi it ?sd I! McllNI.RV Oil rOMf'AMY, Iii.oriorated noder tl'S laws of tha Stale if New Trtb WeLls OR OIL CHEEK. I'KSNmLVanIA. Tiaartas M"rna FraotlSn Now York Jiv . II. Coleman. Oil City, I a. lae N Law-en New York O McKm ey Oil Jity Pa v'daeT Cornell. New Vork. J ?! Vaodergrifl. Oil Cltv, fa O?orse Lavl* N?w York. President. MONK IS KBANKL1K. Serretarf II B. BENSON. Treaa irer. WALTKK R UAWTON.^ buper ateodst.ts. McKINLEY BltOS OBIce-fl Jobs slr-tev New Tork. V?OTlCK -IIOLOVflf OP vTtlCKTOR fCALlW)*NlA) i\ C tv rfii'oca du? aort pava'j a ir New Yo'klb 4i> v, l&M ar.'i !an' ary t?4>' are hvrvi - tiel'Bed thsi the same wdV sate ? CnV.d Mat? (<? <t ?? tv,, V. Vrc *i Bank New Vork r!iv, on the re.peM.,. Vs'es T A#*nl Notice ?the iinofwuned will Bay ai thu ?vice o' vh' 'irn-r- t. an sad Trust Company, o" and alter rh? l?th -lay of ?>er-*a.b?r the C rtipnnv ,-je >' tuevr I in die til-ade* Irr S-r eCi bond* o 'r< > " Alt-soy and 8 -n.Horrcsl, ??- -be I'o-inooa 4-? Rove . let I 1859. io ths sienied vi?hl per ent ,ood- ?f the aarra ?ad ...?bege.,,ur.u # N*w Toa?. Rapt II IV4. OFFICE r <lON PAtJIFl! KA'LROAO iJCMPtNV. N. 13 W lll.m stre.t ^ ^ j l*ft The snous! moe'log sf the ato-aholdera ?' thta '.?ovni'soy wll> be neld un the IM tloidsfof Vuo.w. ?' the compaoy. II William street. New Tors, at II < ones A M . for tbe i'tuea< t:oi of au-li b taioesv <? nt- '??', fore the mee lax JOHN A til X. Frea.dent U f feiA Soeretnry. pETtoLKCH. _____ RICHARDS KINOSLAND, 88 PINE STflKKI. NEW TORE. BUft ANI> SRLLB Oil. NTOCKB. I or solo the f-i low ing. A0O0IT DIVIDENDB ? will hs advaneed oe a'l stocks imrehased ->a or te'sre the 2Mh I net., e* fn'low* - ?veb s Wei' Peiroletinj Oil Company, Antrim Dlf tDEND, 2 PKK CENT. Hails Shade Petrol"'im Oil Os:npany. Augrim DIVIDEND. ?' Ve.K ChNT. r o ted States Petroleum rytl Uompeoy Annua'. DlVlDRNU. 1 PER CENT. Couao idated Pa-rile uu OH r.ompwnv Auarist DIVIDEND. IS PER OBBT ? r,'"^m?DhN0"?S^^CKRT K.leasrboeA.v o" ' PRITcBn\>V"' Manhattan Pm rehJ-W fc f.^? Burhaann ? ?Tk S&Y 400 thares New York and Alleahaov Petrolsum Pemysnp 1 wi ahares lleryeu Coal sed Oil C<>?psn>. |ut; vhavaa Alleghany Petrols ni- Oomi aav 400 aliaree Boterprixe OH Company. WW ahares 1 lintou Oil Company. 700 shares kaoav bs OH Cnn-pwny. , ,. 400 shares Aliagsaav River Petroleum Comi-aar, of Phl.a l.fOrtsh^JSVhllUp a OH Company. 9t ^lladelphlt. KM .i.area Vsaango on Compaav. RNUadsishia. 1 (inrr stia-ea Watann O.I Csrnpaey if Puiladedshla. . OO shares Great Wesvero OH ''empanv of PlllMe phta I Mb aharet Ohn River Oil Compaay. of PULads phla. 1.B.0 shares Osborne Oil Company, of Philade.phia BOOKS or RUBBORIPTIOR are raw open at the sbovo iinee fnr ertglsal enbeenpOoae for vbs BURNIRO SPH1BO CENTRAL PETROLEUM COMPART. Guaranteeing I gey oeot per month A .oforthe pRN rQAL AJtD OIL OOMPARr r? ^Waf&wr^gbjj-11 -om any fnr he minth of Arynst). paysble M vhA'ehs' tB?' einse'of the enslneea this day vks-ehs "'?^"??"VALnvR B LAW TON Tnaaarsr__ pill aaVAtiR NTLTEB MININ'l COMPANY Of REE I i r?n' -eo ' as > e -arad a rlir deed of In* m gold pava-de thrmish lb# Bene <;f |-?.'rrr- slotkaotdTir PI) aad aftei Ihw 8lh #" - hi I, I. f A IY*I,1>R. Ne oBens S3 I tne atraoi. NlVi 10 Ik A. JPlfAWCIAl*. RICHMOND COUNTY. STATKN ISLAND, C OYRN PER CENT I'OFH'N PONDS OE ??<' AND $L'OB IN1I KK8T PAYABLE ?BMlANNUALLF fj b-rr pU.n.afor one buudred U.ou*au(l UollAft o'the*.'bouda ?tl t* received At mr ?i the b*uMng hotu? or R^^E!<PFllo A CO No f Brood ? r#a,' W#w Ifoit ' Sold frooa? ?r.ll be inuird under ihf ouihoriiy .JpwSrd Feb ?, .364. And, untier a r^t.00 of the rt md of Supervleora adopted <u,| 28 1464, And tM opium i. with suhscriber? to b??? (ham run for ??tber ica, fifteen or twenty-live jrnoro * rpui; 0011LD A CURRY SILVER MINING CO?UANT I i * 4(4 Ur'a ? d" tiieud for Aug'.iat of flftj Jolloro |W foot li. I'T paveh'e thr..u h ihl Bank of CarornU on Mt,t, ... *:erod or dividend* lu Near Vok. 1on J*od i . i ll? fifth ? t-ul ler>*exch*uga bf LESS A WALLER. offloeo 'nkvYii* Seplembor 7, I36t mnnNSFKR AC.KNOT -TIT* OPHIKSILVER MINtNO T OooVooor bo* e.toMlrted .a 1Mb In Sfn tori city for tbr transfer of tine* wH P?Y meot of it i laaadt. trnnefer Age u is a a. CM US Pine etreeL Ni? Tor* Sept. ?. L464 rriiB PKliHIDENT PETROLEUM COMPANY i PKhSIDUNT VENANGO COU N fY, PEN I. Capital Slock ?fi 000.900, la tharcs of Si OAvk pur va.uo. Subeui iplion price fi per tber* Tbsve land* contain about 8.40# *er*e. o? lb* Altfghamy river ??d o? Uem.ocA. Porcupine ?ad Mollrea crreke, making t. oil Poring lorrtloey of over leu And A h* . ml.te tu 11 phi Tbr wel.son ibe adjoining property known *? ike 'CViebiAted Heydrtck well* And P'tboe Leovk we'l? *rr furanu* lor tnelr nutrient* supply of Oil Toe wei i i k Ibn property ?re being itiuk with great vlgof end uromike lerite eoppllo* of cil V1 tb. tAp'AAUkt end io imrilee at limited menne UMOr naaae'.'ud .cement* am oncred v; btrrlotion bock A mAP* And All oilier mformAtlon OA# br obUtmed *? the^aSce er U H. SIMPSON A CO.. No 64 Uedar il.eet. . _____ AO Ann ?WANTED A LOAN OK flofe FOR SJ.UDU. tliree laoothk PereonAl eecnrlts given. I'be Uighnm rate ?? i*tere*t will lie paid Ballaradlnry refer en.-e givea a? W rn*pOBkibUHy. AJdreee Loan, Herald oQiee $300 000T0 L0AN~*T ?!XPEB CENT ii/uwv?r~ for me year* or longer. on New York oity property lO'KI'fl MASON. Na S.'i I'lne f.reet. roome 10 and II SITUATIONS WANTED?KE.iJ'ES. AHITt ATION WANTKft-BT A YOUNO GIRL, AS ??ams'.re?n, perfect.y uodertlAuda lulling Rod titling aJiei ar.d chi.iren* drew* enn lu a., iltnll of .ntoy need;ew'.rk >r ?oula 'Ike to teacn ebl dreti. saving been ae veu veara a <eaeher e oder tb * Board of National Kduca ,n>n C?ti lor one dny n1 la6*tekt IStk at eeronl floor, ore* Sib *v A VOL'NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION 48 ."11IAM benr.anl nint fine wither and irotjer IUa the oen if city relorence Can oe aees at lib Welt .?lh street p.Ace bet ve?u tb aod 3th ava A situation wanted-a* seamstress bv A young wetnae fuly competent, underetatide dreM ninkln*. Hr.a r'.ty referencei. 7a.. *' tl.e ml hner'a. 1.2'S Broadway oear ?ad it Alav a reapecta'j e woman, aa nurte ba? gooe -tperTOL-e. Beat ?' fit* rere-ence. Call at the tniltioer a l.ifd Eroadway. tear Wd ? ASfTLATION WANTdfcD?AH FIR^T .M.ABS COC1 hrre l.eut city reference frem bet teal employer Can be ireo lor l?r lay# at 240 Ka?". I4tli et. a RKSPP.CT A RLE JIEL WANTS A S!T 'j A TION AS A iK'indrcsk ia a private fatnilv van give gotd -efeiroee if reyitre.! Call e' 40* Waahlugto'. at. uear Canal. aecooJ tlaui. i-em room. ARESPECTaBLB UtRt. WANTS * SITl'ATfON IN * private family as lauudrea* *?d to esaiet o tlghl eham berv.'Otk Rest of city .efeieace H reauired. C?.l at ?> >V-n l)th at., to toe rear A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG ENGLISH -.,rl i* rUainbermAiJ and wallreis >>r ybarr. .errnAid toe attrae Ca' ?t21SI'dtbaf aeeon.1 floor front room. A RE.tteclABLE YOUNG WOMAN ?t?TC CAN Bit it wet recommended And who ?jnileraund'" b^r h,,?iDe?? moroi.cklT ?-ianea to obia't? a altttAtloo aa uiiafnberm*id ar **iuei> Iki 3re; -laai prtrale 'amity Apply at 224 Weai M'.ti et lecon ! floor ARBSTKCTABLE YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN wlabea a aituaiian ;a a private family as aeamaliets er lady'a n.aid o: to take car# of grown .y. eit'ldreo no trbjec tloae to go.og ts Europe Can bevees at 2.2 VYeet 121b st A situation wanted?by * respectable rroieatani g'rl, at nursa and eeamatreia CHv ar ?nuntry Wouid travel arlib ? <ady Ca" uo ?? addreea N'iree TJ? 4tb t?e ARESPKCTAMLE girl W|?HB? ? SITUATION A3 ibatuHerma n ao 1 eeamatreae has ee objection io do fine washing and t'aolng good re'areteea Cailat Bl Weai lygr. et. \REBrECTABLE (IfXL WANTS A SITUATION AS plarn rook. te a good waaher andiroorr. eood city refereoce from bey tail place Call at g*? Porerth Can #? aeer. (or two dave. ASITCaYION ' WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE voting women, aa chambermaid 4*.' waitresa. or to a*s.i' with the washing and imams or ... <a?* oare of chll drev la capable of taking charge of ? yo'.r.c baoy . baa good citv -eferencee of aaven yeara from hoi laa p are i'ao oe eeeu ei 122 tVeai dial at Wweeo Stb an ' J O avea a RESP.PT a Bl.n YOONo 'URf NaNTH A SITU 2V atlon aa er.arntiermaid or waurcga Gob i 3tiy ceier ? nre "all ?i 24J W?*i ?lh at a SITUaTIO.y WaNTKD-KY A VilUgu GIRL. AS /V ?:harr.beruia.'i aej wali-eae, bat sou j re'er?nce Uan Irr. aeeoail} W:al37tk#l oeUveee 7?k add 4lb e*? in Aroiffid GIRL WISHES A BITPATIOM YO DO honrewora o iae eiar '? n aa.a.1 puvara famlfv Cell CI Ijy hldr"lg? et fir iwe kaae AYOUMl IiAI'Y WISHER A SlIilAflON IN A KANCY atare. bar a knowledge of mifliosry ?.. . u Ukr .o a? eirt Good olty ?erev*#ce Cao be aeao au 4C! ilu'aoe at. or addreea Mlat W A SITUanCN A ANTED?AS YIRBI CLASS C<>t?K. and 10 asi ai nub the nam wsek'ng Iter! ally refer, aires Cat' ?' 12.* One oar ob airttt ir. .bo raady Aotei. wants Afiitt aticn rn yakr uaRK of children aa<l saw. <rr I* do ngni rba.i bei work an.l tewing Hee good referer."e Cat! e' i "3 p.ail *.4tb at. I tween 20 end . .1 era f.iMai'. i?i ler.'an ArKOTF.STANT SEAMSTRESS WHO UNUKR ?tandr a|i kind* o! family eewi.g .e ' u.akirg uudee ?isndr Ibo >.*e <.r Whee'e- A M l.a.>n ? tewing ir.a. -me net. wl?be# to mate ai, engngemeni wlrb a f"V nriiete fa-nU e* In gc snl 6v Ike da? ct ?r?t, 'hv best or ' C?'l all tb* week ai k! 1 aa: .'.'r at. aa'ateer S? *r.C i.en?g job ava _ \RE8PBf TABLE VOI N J WOMAN WIf ..P.e A 411 U klior. .?? ' ?ir.( ' n i'c %? fa'tr'flP an ...ria w I rrcrncnreii ei an 'i *.fl I' iilf l.'l ?l laia'p illaol All. avf A TOCNl) C.IF.L WISHES A blT AIION A bo aework it fc. iw ran ?' ?.*? tlb a* A TOCNO WOMAN A SITUATDrN TO DO A f*n*r?i kci aenrrk r a su ? . family I hr*e ye?ra city refrret-a a ai ?7 Wei' T*if tt bet wee 4th and .1* ava A';' I.APY WISI'S' tr PR. i riP A i ITT ATI ON fl'R ?at ? <o r.i l.' as 'rrrs 'an Be seat f"r r. la s a. 1M r,'n I.r ? 'at it ?e . ? - ir.O*(.' en \..IRV\N ilM. OEc'llE! A S'lt'ATlON a.? I ? ? . in (1 -r, . .Ik - r r Sir* An isr y" a*? ave sewing Cai'*llM Hi. n I'tanff.ti a ; BIT! ATI ov A AN f EL SV AN BXf ? RiPNCni. rl, at -eoa aaab** a.. irinyr a i a, tgi y.b aa A RBsrrCTAB' B G KL WANT?1 A k|T' AIION A' >? No ) V?n,iam *t. a VOPR'I AMERICAN PERSON OF IHP. HIGHEST A . e.i'"r'Ao'!it iMrl.e* a aittm'loa at r?anntiies? or a tae will gite ilia >?.t of "ferenre ' re-juir?d llnl' at nrtci it. WW! tt Huflenn a MEEPECTAltl.E ilRL WANT" A SITUATION TO 21 m greet* h.'U*?work In n prlvai* Mir.ilr 'a a ? rod rook, waaher ?nd ime' . geod euy refcresre from ?er law l.lace. Call at SI 3r*eowVk av. \ SITUATION WaNTBD-BT A FIRBT CLASS eook. mi .eratand* matte, aelipt. paair* and all kind* nf game. Can be *e*u for two day* *i 177 7tb ate. r.ear 20ih *1 The beat ef cllv refereoee TOI7EG ENGLISH GIRL WIBHER A SITUATION na rbam'wrtii* 4 aid wai'rca* Apply *1 140 Beat . TOUNG WOMAN- WAM< A BIT!' A TION AS PLAIN L cook * aaher and lrna*r ha* a ebtld abent 4 year* eld; I wage, ret)' tred t-o nhiaclica* I* g* n ahorl 4lt(?eee tt i eme ry Ca *i 111 Chryeti* ?!.. la the fee*. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A small private lamilv aa chambermaid and w* tre*e. or do boweework. '"an be test at 128 Witi J?;b ai. beiween 7'b and 8lb *v?.. voooi No ?. A YOUNG ORRMAN WOMAN WISHES EMPLOY A meat at waabmg and Ironing al b?r two to te Ca i el W3 Heeler at.. Dm Boor, in the rear. AtlBBfr.CTABLR ENGLISH OIHI. WaNYS A SITU alien. I* a toirpeienl eook. ??io and IreiAr. Can bn ae*n for two day a il 128 Atlantic ai lorntt >f )l*nry, room No L A RFEPBCTAHLB OIRL WtSHPS A SITUATION AB A -not, weaker tad Inner. Ha* goud .tvy re'er*nee* Coll *1 38* 3d ?? . corner Of 29th it A WIDOW LADT. WITIIOC 9 ENUU MHRAN ^B. wo rld like a place *? ho isr*?ener lb ? widower'* family or geotlomtn* ?:-ib boueo C?il ar 4C2 lib av,, in De store YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO OO gtoeral bonoow'.rb Cal at 148 Weal lid u AYOCNO GERMAN OIRL. OF OOOD EDUCATION would like tc find as engagement la a arra.l. fln* Amectooo *r Free'b lamily. (be wind ilk* tog**, any baip and would d* aii tb* work neepi wMUng.* *1 V* Ilre*nwieh at AFROTBBTANT GIRL W1BHRS A SITUATION AB rhnmbermbld nod wnltr*** lla* good ;lly eeierence. Ca.i for iw* day* at 146 id av* sorntr of 10th *t. LTOUEO GIRL WANT! A SITUATION AE CHEM barmaid and waltre** aid aeelal lb the wa*htrg. In a rvein family. Neat of ellv referent*. Car. be a*r* fey edffyeal IfO Weel adth .1 FTRBT CLASS COOE WaNTK A BITUAFION.-IS A l iteod bread nod blianl baker and can make all kind* of aaert* la Willing to nt#l*l In Iba waehlng. Call for tw# ye ad idl 6th ne.. near l?lh eg YCUNO MARRIED WOMAN. WITH A OOOD . brea*! of milk, will lake ? baby in wet n ire* al bnr own | 'uae. 240 Kn*i 1Mb et . <W- bon*g | B BNOLUhB WIDOW LADT. AGF. 37 DB?IRRB AN -? w?..??a??^r or art rea;. na IW# r ?! lab'e. Addreea Mm i rwinat*?*"1 M boueakeajrev or art rakpnaeibta pool. >n eftrWili ref?ron*?* highTy re rente firm Eleoekte ?k.flN. T.| L SITUATION WASTRD-BT A EESFECTA IFF. yoann wonmn n* nnrae.geojjref.retire ceo b* give*, in be anon for iwo dny* at 310 Weei Uth n N EXtVrLEBOED WOMAN W1BBB8A HITUATIOE { atmaki would aeelal In waebtng and Irnnlngj would i a abort dJ*ton*e lo lb# couoiry ; .%n lake eliartfi of te Ik Id ""-v- "'on b* saren fnf Iwo data at 19P K*t 1Mb rV lalnf rOlMr#ec? ?!*?n . Srrt'ATIOWS WAIITIO.VEHALB9. A -SITUATIONS WANTED. IN BROCIU.VN YOU 100 ? ?? ?rtraoe.l ?crr?nn nf different i.?!r.n> -Cooka. _ ~ " ??-????? "?< ?M'Oi'iji kg. w\ ? * J?" ~1 UOU. nurara. .ftundrt*A4f ei tun! genorfti set v&nia. a* ! etiKtoraed ic sn jj 'uui'men'* tntiiiiie^, kud aiua/of recoimnrnded |>% the lira? families In IIrook 170 Auptf ( to i? Court at. Brooklyn AKhfll'tCTa BLK YOl'NO WOMA?* WANTC A HIT Ufttioti as lid)'* mala; underatauia hair dreeing: good city reference. Call at 39 Weat ;3th at A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES to take in family ma ii<, or would Ilk* 10 uo out b the day; lit* f''?1, r"ew"a C?i: At IS7 Weal 'titli it., between 9th nod loth av-, uf (WO pa.rt of ttatrt back room Aeoook AND lIOUSBkKKPRR-A bituation ?Tm? ? ? * EroteeUat wW m tv> enru nhraiica, .'.I m *? * ur "'"knling huuai lul ? '" bar bual Pff*- Ed'ereuoea Call at or addraaa lot IStb at *l 0r *d<lr,M ,#f l*-' 4a"a MMWeat * ItKSPKCTA RLE OlHL WISHES A SITUATION AS ? WO Yhf * prlT*I? f?ln"y ?* willing to aarHt Kaill m a^ ' wor" H?* c;ty reference Call at US * ??? ~ ,m ""?M.u* aou ; iq a urn # ?? 0 a,t> Car at 99 Waa' loth at. front baaameat AKIMBBK OS WRLI. RROCM NEND8D GERMAN fntnalri want *u atlonv aa snoge. chambermaid, aai ririYTiwit'aY' w4sl''l,,w I"1?'' bo.rwork Aa. Bowery German Inatituto. II ataotoa at. near tbo A bbspbctablk married woman wants a at l?7 ii?M ,* ..we!.B.u^l,*, hf*,u# '"?< bar jwn baov Call Coor, oaok roota. between la, ar .nd A. tree.nil A ri.!LW E.J,a"AfD LaDT. WHO is A neat ^n??Z *n "PSOraced operator on Wbaeier A Wtt. whn JfJI JSJ'i* nin" wisbra ar eu^acanirot witb a inmllr r?r?rt Tttb h^ wa'V*'>? T'r"* Tha,n ,l,e <=*" b?m<? tnd Mk 160 BWU 75*: 4d<lre" W;lh H * a . A BESPKCfABLB TOUNO WOMAN WANTS a SITU A J* lion io ac genera. housework <n * small orient ftmi ly.tood ?ity Call for two days at S'.hfwan !9ih st. A ,," * ANTED-AS OOOK. UNDERSTANDS 601 ' brPa(! Ptke sftme and 19thVt ;d?nei a6 lhr,0**1 "? -??? refereaca Sal! ,. ?4 Meat uio st. second djor front room. ?rL?kRfcD u3IUl4' SPAN36H AND rrraLh, wishes to travel wiili ? .irmly ar take care o? it. era an i room C'a ! at 470 Broome it A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS W.?^.rl^om*N.a,|y re-'ertn0e APP V lh" ??' ?l 'J* ARI.'SPECTaBLE UERMa.N OIRL WISHES A BIT it. (Ir'aiBuo-44 ctiaiut'eru"1'<' ?f 'bUS a auraa Ja.I at SI itb A *0CJ',? a:?L WWBIIS * SITl-ATION as OTIAM r}'I i?rriYltn, o?Jwr*c ?" ????'???A 3f mr reference. r.'i .ITiT i. . A. v " ?" rl,T iterance, room corner ?: 7th av tb.rd 5oor froot A PROTESTANT TOr.NO WOMAN WaNTS A ?. rUA ri tlon at nitrae. naa ac'.ea in etas eaca -itr Icr .he ait nine yeara. ? hex no abjection to lew. The ?err h.theat 'itu rejerenre. tt?en. Cal. at iStfStb ar aetwaat I'tt taC IStb A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES ? SITUaflON AS i enamberiua.d and waiter or ie do jeuera ^ouaework ?;ifT7 WA ?5 an<l obJ'C:C| and win make nerae.t geaerallr boor^'ron " 5J2:d AV 50rcer -8ta 0r?l A S|!x0ATI?? WANTED?AS BRAMSMIK9" AND iaa. a maul, undarauridb halrdreaaing waujd Jn up . ... ooimi i voti.i, wtiu .j II I> 22d ?* ? Praieatant. Apply a. No t Weat A SITUATION WANTED?BV A COMPETENT SEAM airet, can out and fit and do *1! kind" jt fain.1* .ew inc. ta wil'iog to aaalat children' bat t!'at elate clt* reference. Call at 2.*J Ctb ar. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO general houarworic Id a small private fatoi.y la a cnod plain ennk and an eire!|ei,i wavher and ironer ha- .he bal dly raterence from bar laat place Celt at 7. Wef 20tb ?'. ueat Alb ar. """ ,v ? A VOUNO LAD? OK THE HIOHKST R88PBCTA -*? UUljr would like a altuatlna aa nura-'y iiTemeu i.r Pftlll rSfl jllfl 1 . a I Afl If ? t _ nana hla a# iaamk _ . _ -- ' ? ? /?-v ? ?? Hull'- * Ko>ernei-9 f?r companion to a lade: l* capable of teach ng tbe r iHmenta o. niu-lc. no objeotton to travel, would piefer to go m the eonatrv. Can glee tbo beat of refereocaa Addrett B. Brooklyn Poat o9lca. auureaa a. A WASHERWOMAN AN EXCELLENT LAUNDRESS want, gent erm-n a or family wa.b ng ;ac tiled tr A SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO wcman as Prrta-itty uaderatAndv onking in all itn orao.bea. hat ii 'i cpi ontble cur reference Can oa aeen t?' "?k 4?r.f -M M r,-, l.tb ,t in the liiemaet A **8P?crAnLE OIRL WANTS a SITUATION AO ebainbermaid aud wa ireaaor to dn general houaawork In a small privat" (anrlv; has good ralerrnce Itom bar laat P'*<* Call at m Meat tath at. betwean Mb and Atb av. A situation wasted-ht A RR8PBCTaBLF i ,'L0."ns w"btan. as gono pialo cook, aravhar and ironar ? wi . t-.Y'. *' CO*A rUyrer/r-?a ??' into Aayt at *i we-t lirth at . one door from 6th av. A JIDV *OUNO RKOLISH OIRL WISHES A ;\.rT..eaV"" K.ou*,w?r!t ?' ? "nan Anaarlcan r.o.i|e; htfn, objection. "og,"a abort're 15 thr Ct>?iDtr> ; ?0^.1 fitr reference AUo. ? arnei: Amort rjn girl winhot ft Klttifttion to miod ft bftby Cftl.1 fti 116 Wset 63d at.? front room, for two datx. A SITUATION WANTBD-RT A RESPKCTa SIR " P'xln cook, waaliar and irooer good refer eoce.' for two dava at <9 i 6tb av . teom 9 A RBSPRi TABLE TOUNO WOMAN WIsaES A 8! __ tukttnn at ac*nialre?a Niobjecuoa te >1 r e.ra af A ? ITI'ATION tt ANTED? TO DO CBaMBF.RWORI xa or ,-orral he i.ewo't; goid referarea ""|.r" La., at toa rorner a: Ntiaoc and Court ,ta Srookirn in tbe gr-'Oeey ttore. ,l'"' '? A RESPECTABLE TOCNtJ WOMAN WA.vT8 A SITUa ? ',3n a* "ha-fibarmaid tad wa net" and 10 In the waiting and In atng r-ad ki;7 ref. recce CaL a. Jgr f1 ar . near ??tb It rti foar *?* MOST E Xl'K1 KNC !?'. I) i'IIII.D - NUUHF. MyNTx altuati'.r. fail st sr ada;ea? b! MM l?tb ?; ,car A FIRST OtARS ?EAMfTftEt v \nt- EMPLOT ta n.ert try the week , nv# . ? ?. ' rren 'c Bl eh .dren ? c atbe. and tr e ;,rt fl, ., ?? . j ** '* " ?* go-'.'4 " ftfC' *0 *ft Ai T rn\ "4t 1' IT nrfti Itn ? . Hi :h? 'an v* A s Xf'RSE -M tMI'li, KT A RKNPL'M APt.r jiki u '? g in ert' en t aitutt *u at iv. a .. ? . -..? -? . taa? -are ..f tirdren a:.d aew La, . b-r !.?! place Thd ?erv beet tf - tr raf*< *o;? ? i , Can be a-an 'or wt itvi - ta. ??? L,n rt,' - A MIDDLE A?J11? A MB R AN W ?*? ? -t , /\ I lea a-..iter %?'tn.iar. i .? tr r* 8?rBi"? in r rlt ? mf I. .? Iff M BC ?i Au i Lwkf a tfoft; A FIRST '-LAN-' fttOK M|-ryr_? , SITUATl "I r eai? if ifv v-.v-e-f '/er? an j tar. t iro fat .e ..?a ?' 169 R.d T .? tt t l-Rr rTBATA NT WIDOW WISHES A blU'allON A? S-YWv::. f'*i"'ie'araae?fi for "? ?*? A VOUNO GIRL WISUKrt A SITUATION At NURSP ?n I 1 ? ii *ro fte?r?r,g of ?t hftft ?!? rB^r.d?^;. Vrtr?t* :rt,r u p:oyrr c*' ???-?? A TCUNO WIDOW WANTS WASUINQ IN THE Mr. .. eT. Y. .*V0 ,0 V" W**11 ??? W?C "ofn ?!., frft. f r r, *.tuk rnoni, fcr *?n? dftr ea'y. AEITUAIION wanted-AS NURR8. BT A PRO tffttftnt wroinan fttcuftiorzjcd iu thecftreef cbiidrcti ca pah1#* af tb- ftfture (hftrgc of ftn iD'ftfJI ( fto be ftfei fti 71% 7.0 ftt., tbr*# dot.*? rftftt el Stb 1n tbe reftr. A qOMPRTENT TOUNO woman WISHES A SITU, atlnr, aa "baa,barmaid aad wa treat at nurse and ?eamtlreaa baa tba beat ef tlty rafereaea Caa be aeen at 7ft Weal 2<J at aerend Boor 'root roam AFIRSt CLASS COOK WISHES A SITUATION? Tiiro-ifbly -inderatanrla her hu.inet' In all Ita branch ft*; fully cemveten* i# gel np dioeern end mpt^ri in *be b*fti fttjrie; be?t ot City reference, so nttD ra Ceii bf tMB for two taya at h# W-at JOih at. ? * **" A TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM aermaid and wa.treta and aarlit with tba w.tblns and rr-Blss L'n" '*? day. at foi Meat a tb ?L. oear Atb av Amiodlr aor.D woman wants a situation to dn genera bo iaevvora ra a aroali famllv Baat c tr referen e glrtn fall for two lava at 67S Ctb ar. ARESPBfTARLE VOUNO WOMAN Wl-HES A ? liuatien *.n to .?nera h- ia?werk a a au.a.1 prirate faroiy: an obie-ti.'ua te dn -ipataira work, t'atl at Tri SNd M.. batweea fib and lUtk ars., flrat flaor SITUATION WaNTBD-BV A RhSPKCTABLB yonag woman, aa -wok. ?aa>er aad Irrnrr, r-wd rltv -enna Call at III Weat Itth at., near lib a< t?n leor A SMART TIDT OISI. WISHES A SITUA HON. IN A Brat .-laaa Ital y, aa chambermaid or waltreaa, and aa net wtt* fine waab ag and ironing. Apply at ?01 Mtb it. near Ad at In tba dry goada a<are A TOUNO WOMAN WISHKR A SITUATION AS cook wither aad irorer. ar tn do cbarnberworfe and walOng tn a reapeaunte private r.-ntlr Sett ntv teferaacaa. Caa be aeen far twa daya at rv It rt'er at, Itrcotlra A dITt'ATION WANTRP?BV A TOUNO OIRL. AS J> rhambermald aud le da waabiag ar houaawark. Ap ply at SI* Kaat Ita at., beiwaai, arenuea k and (I. Y REBpS'TaNLR woman WANTS A SITUATION ;V to da kouaawork. Oadd reference fa l at 1/7 Wait SPBc'taBLI WOMAN Ar Ih Id KS A rl>! ATlOI In bf.-neworb in a email f.imdy. a a gacd wither er Mid la Wi ling and ntllgtni; Can be aeen fjr i at C'h ar t erwara Aft;r. ana tStb alt respectable, toung woman wipbks a *:t beat of cuy lefarenoe. "Tan ta aeen far two daya at left & Tib av union ta do light cbawaper work end weening -an ?tv* taMMW^^WaTTl^M^rtMlNBSIWSlSlft ALADT WISHES A SITUATION FOR HUH OIRL. tn go to California <v R'.mia. I? h->ae?i nad a tend wnTkar. win go under toy rapacity. CnnAt aeen lor so data at fft Kaat ISlh at. t a ftBSMCTASLb TOt'XtJ OIRL. LATELY ANDED, . ? want, a alluvion to rt? y era rjOuneWnrk, in- ".*1 ? ing. tw-i tempered and ub'tg ag t al et (>7 Weat I'll. .; a SITUATION WANIKDe-NV A IHtv-EfT? B' R I !\ gtrl. a* r- ?k i, wl:';nj tr a-e ?t in thn nrita, re o Orad, tbe t.aet of e l> r- < r nrf -run a\S5 Kaat to-h St.. baterrn - th and uli art. A VOUNO OIRL WANTS t SnUAtlUJ* IN A AM AI L pr'tete f rollr, to /"tenra hnuWs--1 r?r -1 ake - are ol Children Tbe l?et ot teiireocr?e?W t;.u at T.> i lluhnn at >OD I.AUNORKSn Wl H'/S a SITUATION IN Irelty ere?tu!ry 6?.J rfftr-n IVI II. z; Cot. A C^tP.E.IK;VT Wf*?" W'S?K? s SITUATION AS rCmit^ ? -x w In wtub.BA and .rntttnt in a Lrtrau A m?VK|U L.AVV- ?*ROKIUIKNT IN ALL BRANCHES of 8u,u,?* "d ?ho o*n eommaad tba aarrloea 2.m2i.. Jfr w?r rnodtra-offnra for .1 en.a e-neat. bamplej of work may >a uaeu at 21 Murray <t Addreat L. E E . boi ft.AfeH Post ntUoe. |!TT*riOTS WAKTRD-rRHAIiM. I ftKSPKOTABLR WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A ea ook I* * lirst Mast family. Bt at ct'.y reference. Qan be earn fur two Jay* ?'? -W Weal Idtb (I ALAKUK NUMBER OK KI RSf CLASS SERVANTS? Coots, chambermaid*, vr? tmasaa lauudrrttoa nurses en I eeamstre-ae.?wani siluatlone Apply a. n.e I'ruat" Servants' luatUule, 103 Weal 36<h at., bi.tvecn 6th nr. end Brottdway, J. h WHIR. ProprieMTi A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SI rt/'ATION At dreaauiak.-r and seamstress, <a perfa.-lly eiah'e ot cutting and fluiog dres ea and iluluc all klnilt ot as* >n : la a.cuslomad la wait ou tadiec. Can be aaau at .'17 Last lsih at. A steady correct girl, latklv lanobd wama a lUtlal on tu da uenrrel homework. Ca.l at lli Waal 16th at., between liUi ami 7tb ava. in the rear A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIKL WtriHKS A A aiiual on la a nice family to do housework or chain berwork. Good reforruce Cat. at IliKaat nth ai near War a BITtT ATI ON WaNTED-HV a TOUNO WOMAN. A? l\ aurae and seamstress. or to do Iigt.i cbei. her work end tewing, fan tie teen for two day a at 40! 6iu ar.. betweaa lisib and 26th ata. Arbskkctablk woman wishes ro OBT BOMB wash ai at bar own house fall at VIS 4 a* A SITU ATION WANTRO? Bf A TOtJSJ WOMAN. AS flrtt riait cook, cotnravuodl her bucnesi. liaa the bett of c t> rdertnce tan bp teeo for two daya at I0S W* at 29th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIT. nation aajadr's in*! I. or would go out by the month aa hairdresser. Call at Ui Weil 2flth at. betweaa 7tb aai 0tb in ATOUNU WOMAN WANTS A BITUATION At chambermaid and waiirras, la capable ol Joiag both. Heat ciiy relereucer fall at the millinery atore, 167 Court at., opposite Wa-ti Bait.a. Riooatyn _________ TOUNG UIHL A AN IS A 61 IT ATION TO DO CHaM barworg ur piafo -ewug Call at UP Weal at. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO GIRL. TO taae care of children or to da light housework. Oed for two data at 'II Ka?. 44th si. ATOUNU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK waaber and roue-, ir chambermaid in a hotel. Tho beat ofcllv relerencc If 'OqUlfOd fall a. MB Mulberry at. ATOUNU WOMAN * AN IS a SITUATION TO OO general housework .n a cna! family I'nnertiaadl plala tuuklng. wanning and 'rornng Ca.l at CIS llud.on at. ATCUNO r.lKL W-tNTS A SITUATION AS ClUM bermald and waitreic Beat of cur refeianciei Cal foi rw. dart at IIICHB ti.. corner j' Bergen Brooklyn. AS. Tl ATION WaNTED-BY A KESI'Ri fAflLR young gir ate a nnciiinnl and loamsti oh can op*, tale ou Wnoeler I Wi.eou t machine, oily reference gireo. Call at n; addrare 16 Rat' tOrb tl. A SITU A I! ON WANTKD-UV A RESPECTABLE young girl re take enre 3f cblldren and Jn plain tew log. Can t>? teen far iwe uay< at 372 7lh sr., between 23d and 24th ata lo the lanoy tlora A WOMAN WISHES TO UO OUT TO WA6H OB taka wttb'ng in <be bause Call far three day? at IM fUtt at. A ARESFP.CTABLB PHOTRSTANr UIRL WISHES A situation iu a iei|>cetab.e ramllr ai rang, la a good wither aa J ironer; cab gire gooc reference fraui Iter laal place. Cap be ?eeo let ;wo days nt 266 West 16ib at., naa dx>r from Wt av \ TOCNrf GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS 88AM. t\ ureal yr to rage earc ol grnwo children, best refaraoea Ifrlqtvrt Address 23. .Mulberry at. Arbsprctablk woman wishes ro do wasb log (or a few,rinon irc..o do Ironing end plain tew.op ?? ?e rut to with b> the day. Call at 204 Baal 23 at at A? PiRSI RATE "COK ?UNDERSTANDS BA KINS Ic a: H* urancbea beat cltv rrlerencc from all bar plaoe.t would aaalai .o washing <f required. Call at tit Beat 21 at t'_ betwrea tat and 2d ara. A RESECTABLE UIRL WANTS A SITUATION.? (a a f.rr rate warber and ironer and uadarataadd plain rock.r.g Beat ei<> references. Call at 67 Macdsugai at. urn (loci (rom room a VOl'NG GIRL WANTS a SITUATION AS CHAM. I\ bermald and wanna.. Good city reference Can ba teeo at ber ??t p are 1.2 Raat i4tb at AKKSPIIf a BLR PKOTRSTaNI WOMAN WISHES a sitoai.on at cook, bat no objection to aaslat >n the waablug .tali lor two days at 117 weal if.b it., between Ith and dt!? ata. BIT'aTION WaNTRD-BY A RRSPRCTABLB . . wumau aa cbamberma.d and waitreea in a prlrnlh far.t'iy, <)aae 'rfrreaw gimen Call at V.7 Tth sr.. corner lilt al A PROTESTANT TOCNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA ties .a a pritato fatnll aa Crat dlaaa aearaairaaa and rhiidrea t auraa City lafaroace Oatl a' id Waal Alat at. n-ar 7th ar ARBSPECTABLR TOUNO WOMAN WISHES AMY* '.ttiot la do chamb-mork and tee ic children, ar P ale sewing ui general bnuaawork in a araall family. Onil for tw< days at S61 West Mth tt , second Ortor A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION At caok uadaraundt 'ooking In all Its tranches Baa the brat >f city referenoa Can ra ?eoc lor 'wo daya at dl Wott Waibincton place A A COMPETENT ORRBSMaKER WILL OC BT TBB day ai week Call at ( > Weat Washington place. Atouko girl wants a situation ro do cham* berwort and t^ uaalat with ma washing and ironlag ta wullny tn make herself general! y useful. Call at 203 Baal 10th tl third floor, (roai room Beat tltr 'aferenco from ber iaa< place ARBSPRCTaBLE rCUNG WOMAN NOT LONB from iat Old Couatry, wanla a tliuatica aa aeeaaatreaa a a prlratt am ly Call ai 112 Norfolk's!., roots IA ABttrATICN WANTED-AT A RBSPKCTABItB glr. i? ic geotra. hoaaework la a email pr'vatt fiat Ig. ta a good waaha- aud ironer sod plain rook Cm. ai UN Co.ambta at adhf dora.emoo Brooklyn, (ar two dapa, Akeepeutabli roi'No i'rl wants a situa. tice u ir houtewdrk or or autira wart it willing aa4 ob..g'.ng tai ina heat of cut relereuea frogs ear laal piaee. fas be seer at y9 Weai Houston at. room It A*. B -; i able GIRL VINN a HTUaTIOB an gooc cock and ?ace.l?n' wo ber and 'onar iat boot od cut rofereu e. Call for i?t daya ai 7* KaaiSlatot Ar.l aPPi VtBLF WOMAN WAN V5 A ? IU'A HON AN hrat c.aat coob in a genilemao't f imil" :aa ibe boot of reference I! teara whb ker last arcp oyer Call for tww oa>a a: .'31 It* ar o-ar 1Mb tu * siTrArir-N Wanteb-BT a girl ro do uiiam /V berw. ?? anil sawing ..r Cut Tan it Prenom 1 f. .ling Oaa ?e ?e?a till t led ai *6 Kenitee tt. Brooklyn. ' V tlF.hl'BUTAl LR WOMAN WHf. IP a lUMPETBNT ! .'\ ,r?.t aa?> wirltet ic r*i arr.plorna'nt by the gay ar I .-ret -ai r.?e gp a rcfareuca. AiCre-a c? ta! at 176 Ith ( at ih'rt ' " , a Tl* M. ? IMaN Wtsiaa a lUT'.'triaN AN 'hami *i a.-1? and wa'.trrai ota. t ;y -e'artucc. Call j *. '.I:f Weti Jf.h it rear 1 t rss v : ia6Lb wet w?:ran wants % babt .\ te it aer t*i ?aiiiaa e Nv 3.1 Id are., be* w?? y-a ar t 3?th t:a AKI -Kilt 7 API B TOVr ? NIK fill NCUOHLf ?indarttanaa aratb ag an- ronicg rtw, hlaR al a < .'amlly -ir ?' '.hrtt g-n ?tn?t <e *9 a< e.- ..trn k.'f 3: ara Itmrrt !7ih aa t IMk fa aeeoad t ea?, eaet 'oo < Sea re.*e*enc? Atouno .triiman girl wa>t* ic co out ar tlie tar 4 |i wtiai !g Vi - aaa 'am ea .'ah a; 42 6io ara A SITUATION W ANTED-a? V'RAB AND SEaM* a'reat or caamserma d ..oo : ra.'i-ec e Call ai II.ti Wat !7ik at , A to: N.I (MBit Ha'-iKO rlYB YBAB4 ('ITT RRPR. r?. re waa'.a a altuefna aa chambermaid and trail rem la a pr r%te faaai'.y Caa be seen 'cr iwt lays a; S>) Wert !??). a REPPRt.TABLB WOMAN W16II EH TO TAKE IB ? t geai rwi'i wash r.g or go out br ih? day lo rriralh faal.'iM Cal' a- TJ. Weal li'.b at . la 'tar haeement Ahiti a now WANTtP-BT A YOBBO WOMAN. AS rook ? i?her sag ' Baal ef city reference. Call at 70 Was Jet* (i. ARRfirRfTABLr TOCNO WOMAN WANTS A til TO A Ilea a* lofael ? nurse ar surra for chlldran: would woke nerprif gaaornlly uotloi. City reference. OaB at W wbriatnpbet at ARHSrPi' f ABLE TOUNG WOMAN WISHES A ?ITY ni.oo ?' ihaiabeitnanl and wailreao. won d bare oaab le. lion to ur plaio aewog fan be seen far two dhyo at HI Wan Idth at a BEBI'BUTABLE WOMAN WINTTBS BOMB GRNTLB /A maa'a washiag, In ba done ai hae awa boat*. GaoA i lly refeiaaea If raqulred. Call at 40 Spring aL AKENPEOTABItS OIRL WISHES A BITUATION TO enuk. wash aad iron, has goad rtfaraccea. Apol< at t.M Hudson at. tap Hoar. A TOUNG WOMAN WANTN A SITUATION TO COOK, waab and Iran in a aaaall prtraia famfe; goad asr r-feiente fram her laal plain. Call at 126 Sd aa.. between Kih and 16th ata.. naaond floee. AKITU ATION WANTRD-BT A KRHPICTaRLR UIRU aa chambermaid; la aa ereellent Ina waahar ana irnner; uaderainada reeneh fluting, has '(red four ears In ber last alma i beat rafareece glean Cnll far twe daya ab 126 10?h ar _ APROTRBIANT GIRL LATBI.V LANURP WANTS a sttuailan at ea k in a pilraia famll' , good ref ere neon. Call at *imi West vnb at. ABRBPBCTANLR PROTBRTANT WOMAN WANTS A situaitra as Aral Moob la a goad pries'* font 11 y. Been c.ty rafrren a. ran bo teen nt III Weal IBth as ABBSPRCTABLE INI NG OIKL WANTP A RITCaJ Hon, la a reapn. table family, to do plain -rmkina a*df aaalai in the waablag and tr..n'ng. Ueal refaiancaa Oall a* 126 Waal Sid al . between cth sod 7th ara ASirUATION W ANTED?BT wt REAPNCTABLB yonng girl. *'ehaixbarmaid and p'rin aenm?teear or in take 'sis of cblldren in a priraie lenity. Rest city refe raoce and Is of a gand moral character, Caa ba aaan naltk engage.! nl SMI Weat 23)h si. I b ITt ATfON WANTED-HT A TOUNO WOMAN. AB A cbair bermaid and reamst-ret or rhambarmald ami II ? wash ef understands Preach B.itlug sn1 the doing up Jna Tii'tslnas baa the beat ? Ity ief?ianre. Call for two ta ?? |u ar . ta '.b* fat. < etore s COOK. WTIO THOROUGIHT UNDBABTaNDP BBS \ b' rne-i. wanti a tti.ianosi can t? so?n at U Vnrlah ? i ?1 wen Caaa' and Lnigb' aia ? Kit API tuirae an '. iron F. S w.";; ??ru ?- -ZtX&rsvg^ \ ""Tl'ATfOH \V ^ r?..HV A Wrtyaat- I. ?? m\. ^ekt^;:;,.|,.,",4"r"* '? ? rr.r... (am,?,"r "'^.JTO -mce. < aU uI HgWe.l " ? ?' "?" ?hu?., g^, A "i^'W'TABI Y TOURo i mt ... ' ?? tt tian na plain emik an?i.-r T * R A SITUA. ?? ?? TSOirr h . Vu'' or0" rham. ' i'^M^ssMKig" ft clyreforene^

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