Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 10.244. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14. 1861. PRICE FOUR CE wtceesukq frcm niexico. Additiorel Con firm at ion of Urtga's Treachery. Defeat of Toifirio Diaz and Artenga. Wrasce of the SmptrUllsfi on Men tercy ar.d Mats meres, BLOCKADE GF MEXICAN PORTS RAISED, i* the arrival of the roail aiexiner Roanoke, Captain Zkew.from lluviua, we have received very inicruaiiug mewa from Mexico. Oar Havana Coi re,pondtnee. FUraiu, Sept. 8,1864 Ar*eaga'$ Denunciation of Grave?Defeat of Forfirio Duir a*sd Arteaga?General Ca asrny Hatching on Malt Ureg and JUtjm on JUalumm t,i?Cortincu lletreatiag to Jmn OiUga?French .iguaaivm at Malavuirm?Mexican Motto O) en? x'ew Atlhe. tutu to the of Me Ft eft Ftoilainted bo Mitnmilian. ,te , eft. By the arrival 01 the British and Spanish mall steam era (torn Verj Cruz, tbestenraer Mexico irmn Mmamorw, and bailing ve>ee:s from various polt is, we have a vast ?mount of news material from the new em; tro. I was not at all surprised lo discover that my pews ?Motive to Urr.g? was not received with fivor? epoakmg ?ore roundly, was denounced as faleo; for which Ibe ?try excellent and irresistible reason was given that Havana was tilled with '-rah- Is and re M aymi aihizors." ?fcia fact la sufficient, of course, to vitiate everything ?ewallko emanating from hero, lu the estimation of ?H feasible, well conducted persons. Well, Demo ?ntns did not live for nothing; and 1 o ten re vere that doctrine <f his that tea Cues us to laugh at the fools that surround us. Please allow me to ,rlc for the hundredth that 1 do not un the art of reconciling history with prlicy. T? those who attacked ray last letter 1 dedicate the fol. ?wing ext. acs from i?o of tieu. Arteaga, now fmnniaio.rr in < hint <>i the r meant of iho army lately ?emmaude l by Crags, in that one addressed to " tho Army of the Centre," from Sayula, dated July 21. G'jn. Artea.a eavs.? SoLMERa?The t?my of the ?HHogal f'raij'i threw this ?jwie ariay into vonfiiaon, .a I would hive ended t.y .io ?woyin^ it if our uiutuHl ho ? i ituu uau doi impe.iOti m to SIBorAve irueerozl v around tii? uaIhmimI iinu. ? * ? T** "I'sident of the ifi ubUc ha, inoughl proper to confer ? a, the comutkB i o: hi, anny. appointing that honeet CMUcd. Oeu. Echeap?rav mcuuJ lu command. The next n irom the circular addressed from the same paon. ? uJ bearing the same d ue, to tho jiecplo oi tuo 1,1 Jalieco, ii'choac?n, Guanaju ito, Colinr.a, fucra laro, uud lirsjt a.,a M ltd ti ktricla ut Mexico, tuo,e iH-Ing Vithu. tb, on .it ly jurisdicll'iu of Arteaga, 0'>inmandci' ? the i out. a I I tpa imeiii as tuo. easur ol IJrag i:?. - Battow Q,V7ss>~tt Pen the'amcmabie irndners of Don wane Lopez L aga, subv.rtiut. the sound -euro. good ca j 7V \'u l"', t'u!iu 'ovarwneinii..* tor minium tu# If.t. ludepcud.'jce of lace pa.r otic and f.iHhful i ,wiih te rt.?ueuta'>.? .PiuJo of th ? foui ill n. talon, nnd run rotate emu man d wa< au!"c>nt to prcveut <lii ruer ahm i? h, coming metered. tsttb is returning and the ?my i??p:e.,rat.rong?i t.i?n ever. ? ? ? ? 'tl,#u,a?jn *** * it, and the army remained But the "oll-nrlug, which orcuri In this latter Melieailo.i, is annual word for word, certainly .de.uical ? eeu-r, with what I have more than once remarked ? 44 J'at. in laid, ,.| I, chief en mi/ ,j n ., (lie footer of French fagiiHtt; it s ilu. cvusiMi'-c of stj.t ,ui an.i th. lu'.ie fatth ?? the Mea men u>).<, ti?d theUer tot I, in w romat. barn teal-y much ol ih. a to <.sn?nl Ai-tcs-s for ccm ?g io opjio 'tui elj to ipy aid, roabilug mu to turn the Ukiee so completely op nr. crliics, and juiiting ihe laum antire y on mv aido Fc. thrrmoro, I it more than ?rebab.e, and 1 hope ore day to pivsent Hie prvoi-, th t kheae .eiters attributed to i rape, as wo.I us certain other ?aeumcms, were ( rged. Uojend upon It, I will ootniuae la Tlr.d coto tho f.uh o history, be the operatl >n ever ?o patn'ui to the Irlci de n Juarez. So far. In more than ? hundred letters on aUk ra In Mexico, not a single In, rrUui sidtrni . t lias ever ir vca luooir.vt. \g tbi mat-noo, w hcu the aitotopt u .s be u nude it b ? ?Wed. ani so it wilt cveT he. 1 tome. Mr. kditor. th .1 you a,d the public i ro now tutWhod that"t'rava has thrown htmseli bodily Into the arms ortho empire.'? Finding a continue i state of inaction ha-tn'cl, and per Wtvlng that tht V.en h and other imperial frrcrs were U r h r f t# Uko thj field, or , jetib v Bom some other cause Oeberale Forhrnt ao t a.'. _ cone uuoil to take the lulailve, and cnce iv r I bring matters In a bead. I his tney esrtatnly * :eoee.,,.d lb doing, if we can j l no everao nnl# roltanrc ou \.n it ? termed ??Fretieh Source, " Porflrlo Plaz sout 'wo ?dames against % cnupio ol tanil i wus whj o tcero heppen,Ml to be imperujat garrisons, parts of tnr x utrn ?eder Col the republtuMia attackr 1 li, h | ta:? ?ImulUne ijsly, hut mot with a s gnnl repuhc .it etch aad retired to rrmi dlsro-der m Mixes. It is said that IMm commat.dcd In v rs >n, nnd that the wnolo mno wttb him numlcred nbr.rt three ibur- .tid mou. ??,! i.aj tAto I ns aad olb .rs wtre wPh PorQrlo, Km total Io x ealcuialed at rver a tboiieand tn.-n, throe hundred of Whom weie Itided Xl.e incredible lor I of the aterv is thai one ot lie post,?^?n Aatocio?was occupied bvo'aiv Mi-y Fram bnnn, wh n?:d the pii. e lor the?? hottistn Me f?co of overabr-Iuiiiig numbers, till icinlor.-td bv Mree companiee, when they succeeded Ua dilnig ?.i; ?heir ssnniiani*. Arte >ga, a rew dtya later, made an attack rn the ?amp at Patacnaro, woeie vnww posted a b ria'ton. Marqjjr'e dlvi an and tuo cttilyuud. the au? vitig Faroe U set tl wo at two tbcn.s 'ud men, wi h thin.xu rf artl'iiwy Result, according to "; reoc'i rces," Artetpt badly be .ten, tl? mm runtlcg awsy ? Mu mini y leabkoii, leaving live D.ece, t < Ilia ?.my i haud-r, FiCbch Icr-a,?- ue mau eav.-ey Wuunderl. Tto colum*'. uncer lbefroru ?nder the Mexican, M-jji, bio in,'ching-_ibe icrmer on ?outnrey, anJ lie tailor on Jidxmoros. iUis laios.. ?ve, I r It c. n o* torongh eeveral eou-oea. 11 it wiw la t lnd d Vict ti?, 1. ihd Mate r ,a,i.aul.i-e. te.ore rh middle or iaat trn t'i, aud with lUe ru,?d to M ia o.->s V. torlior.e i ft hevli g tr. oj s e>? ugh- io defe, rt ih>? [*?" Of I a i...l t. 1am .Mines and I nsrto del Ah ircu.tu. Wbep 'lie t.-niuor Mexico wselesviug Mala tars ??eat rcocu ?qcsdet ti,eo ota-rilio- wilb We.l ,wA? thet t them Utbof iberltcr. It to mofl probabte thai Uw town la by this time lu lb" har.Jt c< the in.p i laliau. it was tbouglit thara Wi.Uid t??; no renhUocc whatever. Un t aatagnya ?art, it Is arid tSU his ad'snca bad r.voted a p lot Iweaty five itn.ue from i hid .Iretdy skir mlatwa with a part of Or ie**r forces, thw latter general wee itil; at M> ot ? ey e t'h lour hundred rsv.ilry. lbs re malmler.or h's Ktrf at i dm o aud Pki r?> nw .lt Irg a JULCt.. u with feucral. ab ut at the n-ad of r,u eoiniua ,.t it ui i tira. go, probe ?ly two thoinaPd toea. raiting Oiicg t'e force at three tho,.s ir d, whicb i< a fair ?loul..linn, w uid give a tuiulot five tb.nieaod republican trwrp* arcind Wontoary?>pn?a ewfiici-ut. I' iv.uihcnt were ibe only c id.rntloo, to oiag.' head agbu st( as tagoy. It we bei'eved that Cnrt.ras wju rctroaling toe rfao.' iBltrd Cate.eyta. or theroi.b>ut. Io orllor hi be withm surfvtu.if dctinca ol Ortega ifae next mail >am.,r ougi.t, ti< < re. to bring u-wa of thehettte <r i f'ticut o,' the icp; hilr.'ira 'r .ia iam .uhpae and F ow u ill a lu i thneeter y dtreoll n t urh was tin m I l-ry o n lit. u of Jf"Vi?o at the c'ose fflaatmo. lb i,ad the - ? I in runt o|jci allot,* besfi cm: r.;d to l!:r (rlnu me Mo ed. KucriiU 6*'. ? and ?oveuionts n a ? m.Mler ecale were ; mi map y w, m ?'f o: Wblc'J tfid tfBoeria'relj clafin nofori. s. ei o the # At.h^ ft crrfv4 rn ijjt rdnik ljny { ng fl y ??ii" u e l ? r.d IV .1 led ^ hue io? A ne i i bed til) t ? r.9 tn *Ti "HI v vrourU ?1 il?t In tt'? ?orttifiii jiAt i <?i Neift sun rf?d ? y l,Mii(. Qut OuFsei i.itjte.of the . reach srmy.ater some toe* sus tained in forrm^ the dt ' oiiH p?'? of i anr'eiarn f lot.el D' .nr h d a tij.u* :u tbe <atEo state with a robh? r chief n* wna noiklig on . t.rincd >^atd.ja, tvtivin it# *a wed mid unn^, host o? k.'Ing an I tufli g several more. | ?ul the e email sTaire .re w I of ? u Lilnul iui,sjrtar.oe to " merit a del .i ed n !??.;. ffa-'m Man f. te now on a tour ZTf f domiinona, trarokinr :n a north wetf"T,y Jweot'on. Hiw fsi b.< will protiend 1 am, of *ou UOtOtM to any hu, ll# p, rtl ? y,c ,tf, ? b '? ' ?f#rai I'tia lUlei is n wv hi that eiiy. Uevural or the oflwara who served nnder I to a ai e lire tath ? I .a r ox clil?i bvdiverttof to the lieiar dt^a ?mun them is?.( ? I orencie tnnlloo, who u-vnu t btmsei p OwinaJ, a to, an) e,aa there, togeth r ?i b l.raga at U?t teflon-.u. Llaarae, Fepnklloaii ?x 'lovwr??r of 3e*r?t iro, l.aa become an Itpnartalist The iWoitd ?4 Fern* n Q,,ttrez Fenaa, Moegra, ' aserta, / i.get i revo Jh'frrae-r Joi.ea, Ac , oltlrcns of iPi..daia?r, bra we mis.'d ahedleu ie f. the new govar nmetiu Ami ug ti e Jr aoipMi uflice who have lately tuOmnled I Oud uie ?ewree o< lain i.aoioo md D"ft Ag-wtm lg)iei?e The fa ??'tie t. ij ? i.or lagrd iierm' si-in lo leave the crmntrv. which ha> granted by the imperid anihorlHes, wi n the '^virr that he bed better e'.ay avriv lu (Juw^ueto. Fiorentitir, tuj ti.tonlo (Jucroro, F? taa, ileredia. Me dfna an I Ih.-n who Tgur d mote or lean cooaoic loiie.y ?,1 toe, reeneh, and e n '*? ma -s ere fain! lar fo n>e, ? -?e |"oriieu ..bedience aim adore' >n* t<> tho near e- iiw. *? t ,m penwinar, for the uret time, in meniVrr. w . i.'i. eiee f eew edberante, tinee aurb lacts trove m relha: any inio'ict o( rUloiio. in nn !ib eri.,1 decree, . and Auft'M 7, Uaabnlllnn ??re Mil the ftbnimutae cn?. ,*4 * lib orsaoiTira tL-e elm, irt anve 'if ,wr em?d me w a ? r ro .III ?, ih-ir were 1 o ve eeonu?<<M if <4m.v?Mdnt fojn. ."M ,.|p , ariaiarully r. w !.?. a 1 d ' df tb|y id?pt>,An? mftflpHi, ,.r, af, ? ?vr,--t . ??? .>trfDfb|?, j.\e,, 1 .ttv?ti?Z,?ii 0 K5? llU''1 'iy ?'"?Vrt.i.J mils ??; oi'lnt uiin-.r *' Jul* 'U| * '("* * ,,r ??*?-'? e? eii rOret '?!?:< Cod ? III ? ?.^?iefegjl idr auth.,? |y, U.ieaatve 0.0,11.,a. Wornn . ?st>one which land to kaup m> dlsoord and foment p.nyn lr l will t>.' r?|iro?.?ed,C"Oi'orrmbiy Wllb the l et TOK-iiauuns uiwu ibis manor." Ao. Tne city o- Valparaiso, siate of Vacatecns gave to ite ectii; aJbiMioB to th-i eniuta oo tbe an uit. The repub I an Gensrale Tai-lu ami Arce, with half a d ij-eo olllcere and an esoort of twontv live im-i), were cuguureu by a breach ni-yur in tbe Hum ot G-.ere Urn. ',renc'1 "dmlrnl commending the naval forces ?a the Mex-cau ?;o?ntH stimuiices lo tbe wm Id tbal, in -be dleu-eiean linjn-riai decree, ibu blockade of all Mexican porta is at an e- d. aud tboce ports are, therefore, 'pea to tbe trade 01 the world ' ^ It ie rriNirten tbut i he wi'o and daughters of Juarez are ID New trleuus, ai d lUtl Ji.a ez watt preparu g to loli-nv. GtMcrul I i-lilado-rrlved iu iiuv.-ua elmoi ten days since fr m M-.Umorog,, n b urd a railing veseeL Hie lute duel' ol emit, (,'olouul Mom Velnec , has made lib. gubmia Inn to tne imp. rial authorities of San I uis I'nteei. It is s .Id General liib'atlu Intends g?| g to New York t.y one of tbe etfamere now iu port Au attempt at revolution by Bills, militury commaii. dani of.., be Centre" o< Yucatan, w*h uippod in tbe bud. . oil* nan lied to the Belize. J.ot it not be supp- gcj it wax ?oil imperi i! not at ail. It was e re.oluliouo' the o d let-binned, ir.e Mexican kiud, with no prl.ioiple buf ?e-l-" ai bmiein. Sons, and | 1e ty like bim. din'l care a sixpence who rules m tne capital, |>r<>?ided they can eel ?II they want olid a little mo:e. Haluzi , imperial Minis ter 01 I'ubilo Works, has been appoiuied Go vomer of i ucataa. Our lluilau Vlaitore. DBTABTUKk OP TUB HOY At, ITALIAN IRON-CLAD FHluATB JAB DON LU1UI DB P-JHTOG ALO, TUB SRCOND AKMKD VkSCBL BUILT POll HALT?THk TWO AL SU11'8 OP TUB WO.ILD, BIV, At noon on Monday a party or Invited guests, among whom we noticed General Van Vliet,United Mutes Army; Jndge Daly, ex-Collector Barney, Mr. gpoObrd, Kov. Or Cuuimiugs, George W. Blunt, Captain Ezra Nye, Dr. Gardiner, 8?nor Cassall, CapUIn J. 3. Comstock. Engineer Earron, Mr. Main, of tbe Etna iron Worts, and a number of ether notablee, embaiked on board the steamer P C. Shall/, and proceeded dowu tbe bay, to accompany to tea tbe frigate Re don Lulgl de Portogalo, built by Mr W. H Webb for tbe Italian auvy, a quick ana plcmaant (all brought tbe party alongside of the frigate, which ley at uDehor at tbe upper Quarantine. Shortly after going on board of tbis be -utiful cralt tbe anchor was t&fe up, aud the vocsol beaded seaward aud lor a voyage across the bioad Atlantic t ber homo beneath tbe sunny skies of Italy. The day was pleasant and delightfully cool, and aa tbe vessel paused aloug the ahoros of Staton le.laud and Island tbe guesta enjoyed themselves In u iting toe new defensive works which ire upon every side; buodreuB of guns looktJ out upon thorn from behind massive walla of masonrv, or huge piles of noatly sodded earthworks. The fri,ate proudly. steamed down tbe lower buy and past tbe floct of uufortuuates who are "quarantined" with sickness on board. Whon near the Hook, tue aut'iinn euu deoflning la the ivcat told us that it was tlruo to returu. ac :ordingly the frigate was slowed doi.u, aud the tug caoio alongside, and tbo parly, alter bidding C< uimunduiiie Do Vvry aud bis oilicers ana rom pimioug adieu, le embarked and started homeward giving three Dearly larcvvcll cnoors, winch werouuiy abswurcd by ttecrew ol the Irlgute. ruauning the riafrinir and roturupig the compiiiueat. As the venae is parted company the Porlogai) came out in bolu reuef against u d .rk and gloomy looking sky. Sho lot ked, as i-r.o is, like u picture?a siilondid lorui?and she sits upon tbo water with all the grace of a iwmii AH were deeply sensible of her Immity and tho Impros siveiioss ol the sceae boivro mem. Passing rupi liy ?way :roiu tlioir view, aud poib. jw forever, was an American ouiit vueacl, perhaps tuo lincsl of her cUes Iu Ino wind, uud this vessel bore not tbo glorious Mars and fctrijiee; jet Ebe iloaiad over ber the flag of a people who eke ourxeive*, are Btruggllug tor an undivided country.' WouiU thai wy h id v-'kjis like ber tor our nuvy! Mr. Vteub has y in tuu vwr-nis liko there, aud the l?i uc Itiail i?tho lirtt ouo c m|;!eu;d?has airoudy i oeu pro- I nounord by toreliwi odicora lbs flneet urinoretl auk; in Europe, Yesterday her sister sailed irorn bore to join : Per. ibeiuillans are proud of having 6 ichsh::>?; and I well tin y inoy oe. Ihey pr.aaired tbcm not oBiy its trifling oost, bat of a character uncquaitod In workman- I Ship or hi good iiuallttst. u:> her i niciai trip a few days since the av< raged at loo rateUnrieen knoti. per hour undor aa eti-y i-ro.v uro of suam. .ibo uiiuug nor Leiru with a reaoiBoss unaur i?mc I, turning around in tees than four and a hu f nnuutoa. C'jptuln C. C. Comatork, sou of Captain Joueph J. CLm stock, goes out i:i tne frigate to ropr?_euf the .ntorr-te of .W. \\obb,uud on Lb. hail to turu tbe ship otorro' tbe Italian government, chief Eogltuor Robert Ii-ihiu i.uji aiao goea out to represent Mr. Webb in regard to tbe i e.igloe <.er*rlmeuL He wens out In tlio Re de Italia, a we.J known ev-cblef engineer of tbe United Rates i t vy Boez out ;or tbe Morgan Iron Works, aud will remain by lbs vessel for six m.mths after h^T arrival there. 1110 10.'lowing is a list of the oitlcere of tbe Re d n I ulgi do i orlO;.nlO:? i w-fritnannu?p# t'ery. | A\v ?td Command We?Hig. l/ivsra. [ ( ^'vtmanli? first, Tuppul, Second, Mmrca; Third, L.'vt riant of Afui ?.i?? first, Oreae SBcood, Duraut ? inii d, i ariu... Muter?1 orrentl. /'(ume't r?Anbort. Ph 'j lain ? Uelloiidh .Vu -peen?Sungotacttl. Aiii i; ;U Suiyecr,?Kornace. Chi't Bnr/fKiT?Ttnbmgon. Amis'nui I aym?.it r?Milon, The Re don t.ilgi de Porlogalo is hound Br Genoa, ivhero ?Le will arrtro iu aboul twenty day a. The Invited gueBta on tbeir trip up tho bav sat down to an elegant reusst. sotlea ap by Me.srx. Stetson, t> which aui].!? ustlce w.i? dene, l'be usual nuraoei of insets were drunk and several very clever Impromrtn speeches were made. Mr. V.'ebb was honored by all, and xr?r? mtny present who could ap; rtciatw a go d ?b p wben tl.ey saw ber. Tit* Custom House. )lr. Draper, tbe caw Collector, Is engaa. t In Inaugural Ing aeveial important reforms In tbe of tbe various departnicnts under hia control. Many merchants complained of exoibitant obarg.a io the \turebot.-Ee De partme t and appealed to tbe new Col ector to, rodrev. Oo tnvratlgaOog tbe ir*tt->r Mr Draper fbnnd that just reuse c.f .-..mpUlol existed, and be te.tnediately took ateja to remciiy the evil. No romora'a or Importance have be n rt i r us yet; bat a st.ict iurvcUianco .a b. mg exor tiioili. ve; tbt'e'.vrlu Ki the various 'lsparltreols, and If anyih nj |i found fo cnnucet any of tbim with anv trwa set ..ns imml-aH" th? Irteresta or tb? b verbttoat tbev wlli tic suntiiiari y disnna-ed. A number of revenpo cuter* have brea doap'itcbed to jawfeot American vessem fr m tie raids or privateers w. h of late h ire (.ivi tiso much trouble t > our mer chui.1, aud ueiibants may ritt assund that ? very prw-nuUun baa be#n taken to protect t-ieir line, ata on Uieti gb soaa Herei .'ore merchnnts biive h?mn 'ub ectod not only LJEr'*ro.,-s ?d'-tirncc 's,but to actual lose. In export .eg tbefr co,ls 11 r-irclgo cociTrici 1'i.e govornmcot fouaa T'. m coo?eqiieuce of the t inir hnd trade wb;ob existed and wee beinz carried oc exir nrtvelv bo i""*'' ?**, A??!o rebel porta to exact fnmeieb ihlpplug good# ont of flow York a dopr.u |a 5?i/Ti!?.iif .* M'u,n pe'cenlare of tbe value ol tbe M ' in order lo secure the gorermcoiu *gain>i .*r. l*Tt'*? ?"A-?ed IB lb.a iiieeal ira<tiC. H'.noraole mercbun.a w re -ubeeted lo this i iw tbe rame aa tbe guthy parties- but tbe pribcipnl evil o< mpMneo of w ?! ibat when return* of eargoes so ?bipped reached tbe Cnstom li .u?e tbe d-poeitiri rou'd n t get their money nromptf, retued-d .ml Instead of tbe LrcToit?^ ha-lug fu.tilled bis st| ulmn.r* te the gererommi. bav log reatored to turn h.e.tei oeit, be blmsell cnmoeliid b? go latai tbe BMrket end pnrrhaso gold to pay duces ur n Ula Importations, while Hie dopoyit in the Custom Hnii-e en his rxportstions |) withheld fan h'ot hr tbo <i...? m Home en.cials. Here is a duplloau exaotioo, de 1 Iha !>? in the first rtl id he,^,"t *"'cn %n "*'oura ll,f agat* at rr."d, f tumid havo promptly rsfumlel Mr Dra. sr h o. c. ttuo evil, and m (ntiire moron-mi * wftl have noditlicuity in having tnslr de; ostts pr .m( llr refunded uj in returu of (belr . argivee . ... The Muntey Paddla Whnb rmar Rtr ??? m* ? i ktwkk t? h arum A very interesting trial trip took place yesterday |o left tbe met fit of tbe Manley paddle wheel, wb'cb ba Vwen attached to the tugboat I. Bosrdmae. Cbpuiu roggv, l'. t*. !?., and Epptneer Thomas Gr ffln were pre ret t m behalf of Admiral (irigory. Mr. FltUber, Mr Tcwle and eeveral other geotlen rn were amoeg lbs n vltsd guests, iLa wketl Is of irrt, and mecbaotcahy arr ngf t so ll-et its alx huek* a cnler at right ancUw to Hie water, and leero II at the taoin angle, ii.e.eby all wi?g the eogtps to expend its lull p <wer at the pro per time and In the proper place. The principle >e a go-.-d one, and it somewhat evte- si va le used In I ranee and Pngisnd. ]t wm take "mo t>sh re ihts c? mpany ran hope for tla general intierti.clt' n hare, aa oui people->re a Mile rare!uI about adoj Dry i <-w m I vent,urge' ibj. i hsrarier, and t- id it bit hee- aubiectsd to testa si aea. an l aim i.,- iha toe wb ct. or" u aenoii*>y lufocia ttm narigidK-o of otir barh'-ra, wo onn ut S|>e, k iM-alilvolf t? lis (-raise. Ttio Poardaaae sTOrsgrd tweotv fenr tnroanf the oheol isr rrlo,it?, wltb an arerae# praoaur* of loi>niy two iMiunda if rtoswi the spbE^ Worked Vfrj n rely, end Ihe h al ran Irom Iniyii* etreei d.wk to Y'-nkeft lu one boor i nd atvb? m , sgnrirt a str-ng br-e/e inia may be q.e d . , . trsval-lng or . h?it of ber rim. sa tt ,hnil, ? ,hl ' ' Bttd?. The H..ard?.m talurrad lo k^(,clly lt .u'ulalx o utoek laat aveniug. * Tavf, Ttwrie-. I Igtit draught I ran-c ad, two gnna ?The Tnexta we bunt at <h.sisr, ra ,?s-n rove imp .iBrta,| down tbe Dataware on a trial trip. Sue aurttig alesk. ,.s an , rt in rei-irn. Vr. I I er was das r,,i- >i it. i ..,. i. ? l " ' 1 hf s h-iis an-t hs. saw da .tiiiul ,t ?. s Wi u if Se sbi THE LATEST REBEL NEWS. Vlfaroat F*ll Cu nip it'in Urtiir^l'ojt.lon on t e Wei.ton K .t?I - 1 oni._Active 0|.?. u (tone fcixptcicrt on tlio or in* ao i li. [Iron (he Richmond emmrl, Sent 8 ) Grant Is Bb.'w.iig Mime rcaiuip.nri.e, indicative of * renewal of ibo atlcmpiH whi.-h have brought him so ( "Jlne ITOIU In tbe poet. I tie I'et?r><biirtf A! jh bib object is to extend his ie t soil rasko a loden>?iu on the p.proud connecting Petersburg wPh Uyoohburif, tbo .-o.ubm.iw fUiJioau, na it ia tailed. t-ueh mi extension of nlH nno won d greatly Increaso hm h by exooaing b a c dik'oiiooh with bin nan nt ( ny Point, Rot ilia retainable to unilGipaie aonio e-rly nv venom on Grant's part. Mia !? d -mrul on Ibo i otrrshurg a. <1 Weld n Rail r. an la Men to be of auch inn giiittciiiit conseipienco that no glory aimcbea to it. That railroad woe ulrea-'y no neur kle lined I hut our inn of It wua rery prec ri- us and liable to bo ausiiended at any tune by a civul'y dual). It wan, li dc'Od. a nutation whether It w. a north tbo while, for present uses, I- ro, air tbo Iti vonstderehlo breaches maile atwiiie time of ibo W.lsnn rtid; and tbia tbo more especially because tbe I'aovlllo road and its ?uuibcm o- iraectlous rendered its com pletely |t dei entb'tit of tno Petersburg and lYoido < road, N> far from cutting olf our supplies and starving out General Lee's array, hia commissariat won norcr In a more gratifying cotiditloo. Grant* will uot only leal Impelled to move, In order to wl|ie out, if possible, the military diR'ra eof cxp' ml rag Iw tity thousand men in killed, wounded nun cap tured, to gain a position which neither profits hiui nor incommodes tut; but the noues Ities of the Whl'e lie oao will require successes, and will thoiofore coerce the attempt to win tbein. Lincoln's hopo of election depends on toe military results oi tbo ncit few weeks. If his armies Rliull gain adyari tagea eunicieut to revive tho dead or dying hopes of h>s people, and inspire tuein with tbo expectation cf utti mate t.i lumpb, ho will bo elected. s.iub hitsgiviugs of couauionce as tho Nnrib?rt> moitltodo may feel as to the proprieiy of iho war tbey are pmsccutlEg agaissi the < onf?(leraio Stated, will vanl.h wi'h the least prospect ot Kucce s; TViih aucli a result sr that m view, all cpies tiouR oi right, and of justice, are given to the winds. It Is <n!y when reverse* or disappointments onat tbetr shadows over ttie'r hepos, that calculation, talcing the guiro of reason and conscience, begins to sryue in behalf of dp deration aud justice. It ia a sort of thunder storm repentance that db ipueara when the -kies smile ag on. Lincoln known all this; and bo knows that the sine and only way to destroy the ponce lo'iitlmsut ia t:> win vie tones; unit he knows, loo, that ir he doe? not thin de struv tbo peaceGentiniout tho peace sentiment will de stroy hint. If bo oan present to his people ^ucli prce pect of ultimate success ss will induce thou to . ..nliu'te the war, then he ta sure of his cletliou. A war ixilley will call for n wsr President. Hut If m:!itrrv disaster, tailnre, Inaction or Irre-olmion mark the i eriodortho Pre sidential csnvoss, the^maco scntiir.oid will grow and will triumph. A revolution ia policy wlil he determined unon iu the popular tniurl, and this will result m a revo.utl ti in the administration. Lincoln will be dism soOd the White Tlonae, ami "B une other man s eon" nil'o n Wo look, therefore, to see great activity on the part of the enemy, troni the present tiuio until November. Such will be the on?o. unless the rders from Washington are dis< keyed. 5h?rm m s rofioH' irom Mb a ir iffd position will ill! Tlnecm with dismay, and compel .Stan ton to indite another bulletin. Is tho pveatigo of Atlant < nil gone In the very week of trmropb - lias Sherm in i? deed hut v.-od a town and u few miles nf road, and 1? he afraid, that thur he ehrinks from the, in tho very disorder of their retreat y This noes no. look much like "victory"?fur less nice subjugation. We fihould I !?? to ??e J.ino,iln'a compiimenls to Major tiSoerui Pbermau on lils happy return to At!aula. Whether Grant will prove more ob'txioioti" ai d will sot In bettor hariacny with lh? poiitioa! inter. ,'tB of his I chief, remains to he Beau. Until General'o veto- I '?ns tamrd this wild man or the wom>, he was /or loll of Psbt. (>[ late h# Is grown dl'cresi ir. j lint his liisiinct and siubition iu v cyuni be I awakened by stimuli's from tVsahingtoi), mid, if net ?n [ fnrlou? sa in Lis ui.tangbt d .ya, be re y y. t hoectivc ' Bud coterprl-uiig. lis rosy (tig mires w,tU inorease dpi gsoi-c, uiro.v shells at tie womoo ?n*l cfc-ldren *uh greater ardor, and pc;|.af-t stivtchout his le!? olcs - lore. Ho will iiear ?.itni,in/. B it, In ajl ?er1oii?u< f, we ahenld c?i< n'u'e an every cflort vrtiicii tho ono.ay rusy be in pas it ion m make, and their generals can hs prrtci?. '* J or oorrcwl to uu- I demke, between t: ue s 1 the Nornmher eicct >n. I w u bo ready for then:. W'c umrt stand on atl u d i : at all point.:. W'c must coi-ccutrate cur atrei a'tli. kcs-> it I well In hand, and be j rcpnrcd to strike as ? ell as i<> | tend, f "f us look out for n'tunipti at a'jrpri.v and for auiUctou oatcrpriacs. Tha very net> ssdy that tunc, la u under to act bo dly will I e cut ?, : .rtunl'v.jf we ore I vigilant; ana that snoccen for whieti he bide j<> lay- |v will tlp'jj he reade.eU uumainahle and sub itttitsd liir fatal rtl. 1st,r. to t?n- w. rd ... i;. itfcst favci with pol l). .aM, J.incoiii 1. "ma cr;< ? " and it is lu on-* pcaer to dooiie it ag<uut l.ltu. TKs Campaigns In GwrgU and Vj. . I glnta. | i Front the Richmond . js^miimr, -Unit *?. i l The newH ti iniporunt. Tho oueuiy* caoiimiv-a In I Georgia In no.-bed lor the prssent. That lutini rsc army i which letf t'bMttncck'a forr mimt'us ago u ahatteiYd ' AUtmngh sncccsafcl, H c in d.1 r-t' log more till ... a?ii ? roirf. ru'd, ro ie.l, supplied w,la uow clot! n^-, . rmr at.J | ammunition. It m ;sl remr-fu .at AtinoU till ? mplew-ly j reorgcnlwd; and that Is a work a. ich cahnor be cfl'--P"t ? In a day. nor tn a month. Rut tho ramjai^n in Virgiui* Is not flolrbeii. Tie fill ! of At'auta Is the sl?at: for a dCRjiornte c,i rt S Klebmond. /.II the tr.*.; a of the Mississippi >ro n m. J Hod towar'is Virginia. Genera: i.rant annt ctce thai he i wants one hJndied thosuand fr< U men to >?? turo Rlcl. ?nond hut with inc.?.'frci-Ij tnciw be n! 1 certa.u.y a. ce'd. Tint ho w ill get iho troois .s quue pi-ohanlo. .4 ' is still ui:rc probable that ne w,l! expeail tbe P-rc; u ui, | li e hand in an Imui dl .te, d?s, erat? at'.-irt topchU - ! Hues through the & tbsMe riad. We hero tint It ie needless t csll s'trat'on t-> the c J prospoctB. WelB'iou le slid more nc.-c'^is tod.'i?:? m I tue in.i*.'tare i.i h ding our own in Virgin a at In, ! t ice. It la o sy t -I . it-easier than esse Pa ore?if i,.? ! Taial blunder ie rat le by the government In Gevrgia the aspect of aiimrg is yirxsnier II ere ? j P'rti n of fho 'cjuiniatc require or couueotrattcn tics j been altunsd A weaker army b"a been steadPy r<>reel ' |.a< k for a cr.oalferal ,r dlstao-?-\ and tho enemy bol a | pir ltlon in tue Interior of ibeiCuntry. The j ?dviu.tapea he b?s g.i.ned are not ??> be .lc?plaed. Yet, j as tJ #y arv tbo frufi or.ionceotratl"n, by that mcx 'Sonly ' ren they bo rotainsd. The great eh/x t or the campaiga . there, too ?* ii"l ach'.evsd An trmf,tUH iupk t, ntjl j . apitiio forn '.l .hie reaistance, an t, properly u?. disc, j of autumng the otTeueivo with leriible el'ici at ( tue right moment. <xwfronta Sherman, and ?rr.r;ia ni o } t*>nt bla auoeeaafiit advance, thus fa', c ctjla fc-r : Br thing, "Disss be cac ccusumm: to Ms work by the logs I I d frat o. his opponent. L'ul'.l that ia aco mnlt'bed, but ! own p ? i on, c niinandir g as It nt.a, apu-ar to be. is ro- j t,'elo w itli danger. He eunds itfH.n a plnre. 'e cnxcpiou, j ous in the ?ight of men; but a rude touch ur a momon i t iry g.ddlre** may topple h'm Into tho durk ohy?a thai I i awi a beneath. It la idle to Whore the au.'Cf?a of the ' encn.y, hat it is welt to rcfloct that up to tins point rt t t| rings i'? esaerily Irora th? podev be adn,' ied for the ' csini aign, and hoe been purchased bya.rr.O es itdp.- ! reusable to that policy, ^haiher his triuayhs r'eii I rtivu b' otless r.>t ? upoa i bo valor, ti-e energy, and i he n jdom >f our soldiers, our genera a and our rn|e-s. Tho I crei, denianrtr these uulliiica :ii no uastlaud r.,"?itre. If tbey a c ftrLhtomiiig, theaa'ety of our cane# - be a.- atriklag / exenipUuvd In Gaorgta as t* Vlign is Rebel Arrounli of Mnrgaa'i Realli. [from lbs Ki ?tun tid Rxaaaioor, /eplonio- r ft 1 w.? have just received an aiitheinto acooimt of the tr.anuer ie which tienotal Morgan came to h s death. Arcon, j'.o ad only by hh atatl, be went or s rsoou noitertng cxpcd-tioo b- >) e?nvillo. and there stopped ror Iheu.ghl at lbs bouse v.f one Joseph Wuiuroa, wb ia one or liarnaidc saU! . Shortly after dark Mrs. W.;!ia;nr left ike bouse clandestinely, and, mounting a horse, rode tlficon miles to Bull's Gap set informed the Yank-es of ihe whereabout* of General M- rgan. t he ratun.ed to t.reeuvttle with a strong force of Yarikoee and piloted thorn to tfcr house by ? by.path, tin tbe appr.Mcii ..| iba enemy ( en Morgan ran into the bach yard and there discovered thai the house end groubde were aurroticdod b? Yenkef. Being determined never again lo fe ? el *? tenia id hie revolver ho aitetroird in tweak ihro. gli toe; aymioy was fired utmn li m. Mo ?elldead, one ol the shots having parsed through hie nPlin. All of Gen. Morgan'? staff except Major Ras?ctt were captured. The Wat Mem tic Mlaalealpp|_Tbteats tw Kale* Ah* Blerk ptag, As. The Hlcbmond re'.ne/ of beptenber a coisin? the ofltrlal (ifirreapondance, 'mhranitg loiters of reaild'rahlo lipgih. whLh have pjire i betwaeu ( eu-ral Mash ?orn-\ toirmum'ing at Memphis, and tno rebel Gat.* .tS ti lee ard lorreet, in .Nonhern Mlen/sippi, in roisioi.ue to >o? <'|>orrtttot>ft ??f TTur, In * hit,In am UiroairncU t? >>?? tt? .rodoc?u barbntiiire uaVnown in clvill-ed wir.ara- r'( the rsisiug of the buek flag |.D tbe bulla ilel.l the .or I tvajs iideuce pas beau op-nod on Dm part nl Ism r - 'ret who (hsirc to know from the fedeial renin-.o er If | there is any truth in ?ho r*poil tltst tho colored t'oo In the Union se/vioe hare, in tt? p.eaee-" nr \T"~ (.eneral Hiirlhul mid oiher fnkcere. a-,.re L">' J l fik.4, rnd that Ih.y wnuhT heltVr B "v,ng* ^ lets. Ke ereree was made p. ?? ^ n"r * " 1 creek, n whlrh the mja ** ., "?? f i ? 'l ? . go ratlcn. making Ui? L? b",h *,,h *'*>" i eitb^ v*ttle more bmody than otherwise, as wire'V ' P*'1* '?1| eorrondrrlng ??ei ., .^wraiice W'.a up. u*a. Vorrct wish *? li to !? ? I .mstood that ha wilt conduct |h? w e ou .tr el | pr uKiplee If 11 will be'lone toon i h1 tu>p(? to* .'".and tbresieps to raieo toe black u?g. le. vtnv M o ( nus lo re-1 with ihe is erst ci inin in'er if i,? sho .Id cause Hueh so extremity t? ,r,., ^D0,p? t*t trr forre.I loimp's na of (t,e le' ltitg m? utr tn which he bus tieen trc .tod ny w$ ibur who be *sye br i:nrlianmn arcu'e- htm . I Mm "b I ?? ? >ti Fori Ptunw) wn ;? n Wftfoli b'? I "si iiy d ole#. He ?|?( ?,j,a th? r.i >viiitioo and treniu.ent at prienoere ol war, of negi oea e ii i ared In ??a'lle. ts a >?u stt.'u for ti e f- n-ldcrailoo >1 luat'oers me i *'? a p tlrvl' is to preserve ar.i | r- tepi ttiem ii .? ei sua '? trm .srtM an on nauded eeewer i.? the tuee' " it " u?' m'nale Ht'ghter ware ?? he or -? cl " "1 * " i I*-*' i i, Vie no .it i. JT! >>rT yc,"*r'"11''?""''?'I'1 ,h# lw"* " tb* **l>l?ok m !! s|}b*1 ??i n?i mo utif"riun?ie r4t:e. tie * v? * a onlrt kivi-u loem to recall tho o tih taken it nooeraoie onudnci n?u ds wiem sin aid tie merve-E ?o?resi, ?i in* eoocluiou oi but lotto?, lUrc-i. tied to n-m over i wo icousatrd of Storse*'cnuimaml whir It bo oati as prbonriH, ,?? lin-uncoa until he >-h<>uH temn "bat tie m r ?f u,l"or l,l,u l? 'I 'neon 'oully licaie.t front Hie b.i'lle w itahiiiitoitnercaM r> i ? * xreeeut time. To the muierious ? e.iiMud o| w,,,i Il0 reilirn<rt no answer. and 1110 c rir?i>oiid< ucn <>. gut to a cloue without any ,ut,e ?aotoiy mult. INTERESTING FROM RMJHMC'JD. Tfce Hum liar and Condition of the ne ??el A'lny-Kffrct of the Lnt.a of the \V?|. rton Ht?lir??it<j_Tttr Cbitracilom tu ? ?te Janiri liivtr, ,Vci, itn. Wo hart i visit yesterday from .4 gout'oman wbo "talcs lifl left the rebel capital on tho Mb limt., having'to-n not ; 1 'K 1,8 war corrsapondant lor <u,? o| the Kiuhmoud |w?! on* duripp the last three years, ana t? very well posted on j the condition and number of tlie robcl array, nn<l a.?? the acntiraout of the Sooihorn people, in the vlciuity of Rich m na ospecl illy, His atalomente, therefore, posses* an nmount of lutcrcst at tho present time. lie saveth t Jxio'e whoio army in tn? )io?< about Richmond it present nuinbere from seventy tlious nd to seventy (He th< itturad men of all branches of tbo service. Tho rebels have got every male capable of bearing trine, between the ages of sixteen andeixly.lo the ri-nks: ?0 that the forces around Richmond and rotnrvbuig ta largely ;sado tp of boy* and oM uou. The lines of Doe's array, whloh includes the seventy or seventy-five thou ? trend, extend Iroin Coul Harbor to lao Apporuattorr ai 1 Iho Weldoo Railroad, beyond ibe point <>f Intersex I.on by (front's troops. The wli'ilj rebel force lit the Gs'd now araouuts to one hundred and sixty tlioif-aud men, certaiuiy not over one huudred aid seventy-fivo thousand. 'Ibis Includes boys, old men, guerillas and all. Originally Early tcolc with him to tbo vul'cy from twenty tbousund to twenty.Ave thousand men ; but of those about fifteen thi u'tnd have returned !o Richmond and participated to tbo battle with Hancouk's corps near Roam's station. The forces of the onetny now in the vaiioy cannot pc-rsibly bo oyer ton thousand or fifteen tbonsauJ men. Ewdl is smd lo bo in command of what is culled tbo Department of Rii hmond, and i.ongstreet has returu-U to bis old cum- I maud in J.oe'g arruy?the centre. The loss of tn? Weldon Railroad was a sot onflow n> the enemy. It tr.'.s fho chief line ni supply to Richmond. The Danville road amounts to nothing hi comparison. Very few supplies e.ra rcarb Richmond offer tbo ? a -vrlle road or the lynch burg r ad Tho robin.,' stoop on the Jwnvillo road amount-, to iiotblhg, ami Uiuro Is tirdbiUK to lie brought over the i.ynchburg road, in fu< t, Early 's princi pal ni-!?: on to ilio vailev war to procure supplies. After the occupation ol the Weldon Railroad by t'l.uit an immediate reunoiion of rai in us loon pace iu l.ees army. Before us occupancy tlio rebel aim/ wns receiriag half a pc i.ud of bacou and s pound acu a quarter of unea! per man daily. ,hia allowance was at cc_? radioed to a quartern a pound of bacon and three quarters of a pound of meal. Thnso are now tbo ra tion- 01 tho rebel army und . r ?.-<? aroun.l Riulimoud and Petersburg. Eurly V men. wii?have returned front tho valley and fcugbt in the battle of Ream's station, now form the extreme right of the rebel army, Tiiey ara posted on the Wo.Mon Railroad, so a-' to bind what they have of It now. fie cons;ui ri tbo rebel* were go badly c nt up in tuc butles for the repn gcssiuu oftbe Woluou Kai I read that anuttiei uttsck by ihc ui ,g nuprobabii-, m,. < leas ttiov have noth ug whatever to oil in Itb-nmonu. i Tbo citlrer? 0:' R1 -htroud arc 111 a vry s retched r'Jtidi t on for gubaie'eoov, a diuner si ti c ^pf iiewcet ti.o ? v.ytg iwcuty duj.gra, and censml* of 3 few h-ions, a Ipt^ i?i?rk and u Tew l^iui?i"ea. rhe ^otsuiiD u of the cltixens tiuursiiy amy ha Ituagbu-d from tb.s c|ri Ma?Ui'ii? eu i fr m the.'snt that somv of tbo laig. s?. provudon dealers iu i.itnond rt'hise fo ued nythlng ihcy allege ths' ihay have "uly ea go iur (be support of the.r own ,similes Tho city .3 ve.y qii'Ct, lTd . wumrt .t? ouDkilts ;t bus a ! mmt luelanrholy t, and remiuds one of a iarg>\ dull 1 burying groiind. lite subu.b* a>? ? iierreti v?> Jernesa, ?' I w'lhour vuy lababltaci- arul little ?n the ai pes aimo ?f 1 tvmsi days a .,.'0 or bay to Hichtnoud .ogis fniu ! f<: it to five then -and 'liars This mar appear lurredi ?: ?: tint 11. its Uis alee .,1' lay in .dchmoud. The ivree-i | ? ? the cbel array arc tu a uii?t mice,able condition. ' ui re isooth u? cq ii,*-n." II ey Ujvs plenty of hard 1 .?..irk and mtlo lurugi... About tho de:truruoii of the 1* >el iieot in HP b;.e' i.y, the dw-tr iai<m c,t IVrt Powell ) > 1 thu i tpt ire of ! Oi is Gains* and Morgan, tbo rebels ( b id little lo say ocr uid tbey tfH>m t. feel (hat'hey had i I - ita.r.-! much tint there win a a enure I j ol ii< s|>on ieiK-v over the fall of Atiiintu, snd there were J r mi r? ivf "underhand wurlt" and "tieachery'1 *. m* J Uia lo j'ida. - j The . 1 i n of '"our in Rtchasoud now j< fdOO n f 'Ki a barrel. Ear >u 14 $i a t? $la a fauiiid, and you oairaot get ibcm reactity tor oven the/* pricoe. Ab ut too ra'iel ;rou ciaiHsrdotstriict:oc?inthrJiitn?s riter cur'oferraaut gives very impuitnut informatii a. ' rum * !.vt be, a.-; a uitlzou, could luura, he Is of the Opinion mat th "?. are uo obit: act.ens in the river as fur op as Dr rr s it'urt, and Done above the b'uir. there appears to bvtnly one lino of obstructions in tbo .laines river, a.oJ that bsopp .ue Lrtiry's xilulf, and ouiiaigts o| cue line of tor peace? sireicbiug o liqaely from l'crt Darling towards the bask oD Hie u rtbwast. qt,ij line ? only tea has ? ear to where the ihanocl aluug'be north 1 bar k run. sr.d by thi ? ro. te tho rebels have never had j any oba:re< tiOBi fritri l ortrcss tfocroe to Rlrhm..' rt. nor ! have til??/ now. Vhs rebel tquadrou in til* Jrnics c 1 sill* of 1\\ iron cl ids snd or.e woodun gunboat. Ths ,iou. csitx are bunt <1 wood, with throe p stoaof iron (or 1 dir>. e'..-h plate bt:rig laid t>wi.vrer?ely to tho or.e unatNviog i?, w-.d liaviBff a thl kuoss of irora tnr?o c ; tit t to five oi.cbai of at. 1 >h. Tom is covered ly a e ? ting 01 railri sit ir.uj, on which a slnntn g surface is every whnrs frissoted, n> that lbs chotg will glanccoy ttui r '.ig 01 too ves-ei oi* toy other part 01 dor evVirii'r eur.ace There am two cr there iron-clade, sea carrying four (wavy guua end the other two. Titer** Is ab.. !ut? y 1 r. thing b't tl, :-e, If gta?* eh.mnoi sire 1 (y descr be i U 1 taken by the Unt n ir >n cl.uts, to biuder them immauuii: ' tip to the olty cf Richmond. Tne rtrii Albomirle, on which the two hiuaireii po ia ?It at Hymonth7 V. ,'Vmk no e lect, was buiit In the raino nisi eer as ibuso rums el Riohineed The cloifi L jol ibe rebel army is ail worn ut,and it ivoa uovcr be re no badiy ofl 0 tins respect The strain upon tho re be.i- <s ?< grout that our inter ? mini* duitos them either to hold out much h or ruu trad'Ct Lis stsiemeuts. Mt|*nrte<f Csnnntrallenof lie be la at ?t?e >1 out 11 of Ited Kivtr. sr. L"}' is, Sept. 13, idfif. The "(Beers of the despatch boat, whigih arrived at 1 alro yesterday, report that fifteen thou'snd relw's are cnOceQlisting at the mouth of the Red river. The World (dhtl Sntr. srri:r?i? court - ch vtrBia". Pefore Judge Balbei land. Ssti. l\.?> Op>1yktvt. Vanl>M J.'artfe,'r.diaA'- *.? In this rase, whore the plaintiff brings * suit for g 0,00b damigcs for tho juiblicstion of an alleged libel in the World, trader th" sl/nvturo <*f Thurlow Wee t, Ju lKe lugrabam, It be re-.sdlei.ted, granted an order ol dn - erery, with the new of asccrtiining who the proprietors ot the UHWepauor were, aside rmsi Mr. Marble. The de" 'endants, beiievlmr th? pr?-cc- alug was li'sgii ap pl:e?i lo Judge Butherland for an order vacating the proceed nge, when the inntter was luliy argued by thu oonns-l on eac'i side. To day Judge Sutherland rendered a decbl <n in ihs case, vsoating the ordov of Judge ingra haul, in tbc (ollowicg iscgn igc ?? Itie motion n.ast bo granted, with ten dollars costs || is quae clear that ceithor the pmrMpos of the Revised Htanitis to orupei tho production an 1 dlicorcry of books and p?p>?rs (2 Rev. c'Ututfs, l?v>, section 23 to 25)?iior se. ti"ti ;ji8 01 tne C> 4s, Oyr section 4<(t of ibeCodo. as amended in H-IJ (laiws "f IMI, p So.", saclPn ITJ), -ipply in ibis case, and It is quite c'rar that the question of their apptaStKio was not pas*< I upon in granting tbe i-rdtr s? light to h vacated. The reauit 01 ibis -(qylsioa is thai the olsinilff m-in a'cariatn who Ibe proprietor! cf It" w "W ate through S"ii?e other si.i.roe Ihso Mrauui Marble. Brooklyn City ffiwt. Rriu ti rv iV?aros*Ti<iv Mimtt. rrm 1?S4.?)tr Henry MeCoakey, City Clork of Rrooklyn. has caraplled a m-o ual uf the Comoion Council of that c'ty. This vr>i tn# -ontains oaarly fire hundred pages, with mvsmI beauti ful iPdslratione. So (ymyRx# a hiHory of lhu>oklyn. in ,la comorste ^.pgrlfy, has never before bson pub i?hc-l Tbll worlt n-1 -n.y givrs very n?rf,il Inforffisii n rola live to tue trahfc Ir-uuipu u* and nfficeltciuera - f hro?k< En, but also acme highly Interesting renu. u, e?-i-ea r>t the locality on which the my is uow built, l!r. ifc rurnxey desrrv'-s much cretin for the aloe mm.par to wt> ch he has compiled ibis manual. City futelllgcnre. I'K 1 e or Pt. Rhu oft's CtHnttr The snnoal gracd mvmmtih pirnic sad e. tjratl foallTal a* St. '.trld. ei'a chnreh will coroa off to i? >rrcw ( nrrs'syj at Jon?w' W: 1 Esther ttooney will organ,t* % luil ttui p-ocae* sk", it th 1 church. eur?? r o' avtmr-e T a t Fighth aires', at nice o'e A. vl. I h" :r-cw la will b' ?,u d (?r a dcw rchot'i, hoaldsa tho at Isn- 'd one .t course of erodtl-ic. t's.sowv T>*an Mali.?fs, lets Ret w.-r'h, of th j a-Seoaer Wei star, which srrivrd J?*re Tr-tcidar frota P?rt Royei, atatca-hat on the third ,liy nut he ft ? cv. r S'1 an ipkncwn mau on t ard, who a-,0 hevv|(ct Ic'olr uti.e at Port U ?el in s icur t i> a* i ,.t wbi*ki<r, a d A tsSrn Una iiitans in e cv|.? |.? .< <? tuna erf ?ick s-xi ton nert duv s I Peon! not eut? I la 1 ,-c. Ha ? wtit an Iwa, >\. na ilre-a "t ttcfno, ? * - U / 1 i??ittiii'vIv ?? u 11 gtr in * -th ?a .k . earaei rErE&ssusa Mr. 8. Cadtvaliudi'i'* Deapiaieti. City I'oisr, -apt. II, 1 Mid. K.vMcr ID the war. ution iiidledged la.vjwrs or d? ie It pn'niaisne obtained mumiWMK m Inn ?.?.?< knot- I "r O'urii, t Governor* of ?talcs, they to uin'orm y inackged lo luvo ibnse mytblcal individual*, ?'their trie a.-.." pre eonl them Willi t?ori)t tb-y h d pa d tor themselves that "sword pi eseol niuoe" hi ceror an ? th tcnid | lo ileavo f ir le orni aion Tory became incru farces, who UDNCl pqalpine. ts and buncombe ape-' he3 the niy featured, lint At tbin sia*o of tho war a ewurd |ir >?? la llou to au oil err ?f ihe army, by won win have a*, ved out th ir terms or nnlieiineDt ender fc.rn, oasim oa a higher and ottm' taKahle gigutjcaneo. awcKD PRd-^MTun to uknbiui. rvrsir*. 'l'hia v?a? happily illu. irated yeatcrdty In tlio prec-nta linn of an elryant aword to itri^udier ijriierul M. K. I'at rick, I'rovnai Marshal General of tho armies operating In tront of Richmond, by the vu listed men of the Twetitl' lb New York Slat.. MilPi*. or Elrbtiotb New York Vnlon teem, General Patrick was fur many year:] a tna.or in tbo army und Intpectoi Gooorul ?f tlio Nulo of Now York a nit th? lank ?f brl-ru-iler Hit Orst Held oobtinand iu tin* war was a brigifn, t'"THHj?ed 'if the I avouch, Iwtiny I'wooly tblrd und twenty, eighth New York Volunteers from the ppring ni 1 6d till nir- the butt? nf \, llo w,.? then made Frov* si Marshal Gcueral of the Army of the I'memsc, aud has llllO'l the place ever since. General PaJii k nt oo? of tho fow provost m; rein's wh'te trtoertsy Una al wave tie in aburo auapislon ilia worm tut-mie* hu.o never denied hn.i the mix-d of incorruptihle h .tie ty. bBNVIChH OK THR iWI.ST Kill .XIJW Y- , It V 1 HA. The men of the Twent'oth regiment wore muttered l?.to aervioo between ttio 5th ot September and the li'.th of ('? tober, iMii. Tbelr flrrtc 'oncl ? w. ' ratt) whs mortally wounded at ihesoeend bat'. ?? of B ill run, aud ttiey have hIdco been ttrder Colonel Gates, tho prc aent Post commandant at Uty Point. now wis cKKsaararor oaioLNATin, A 6 the expiration of their term of service drew near the n.en .1 to bestow some or respect and admiration on thoir old brigndo oommnnder, Colonel Patrick, and tln.iliy cucliturd to stud for a Handsome set o equipments. Ti e schorue originated among the pri vates and tho rrcresary sum was raised by voluntary ? ih.xriptlons. Nooiiiu rwaa allowed to cuiitributo any tuui whatever. run bworp Is by far ihe most magnificent one In the army, wlfh a heavy gold icsbiwrd, b?tutlfui:y cbasod andcrnainanti'd. Near the hilt on each .?;do is tho figure in relief, In solid Silver, of a xnntve. with his musket at tho flrsi moilou 01 a "roady." .lust above tho guard, on tbo obverse, in tbo monogram, "M. H. P." get In dlamoi ds. On the reverse, t ie lotiem ??I". 8." Tbe scabbard hours the inscription, "ITsa-nted to Hr.'fadicr t>ei eral H. R. Patrick, I rovrst . Haraiial (loneral or the am.lea operating against Rich mond. by the enlisted man of tbo Twentieth Now York Mate Militia, at City Point, V*., September 10, 1S04. '? in* K..";ri'Mt.VTa. \ pair of spurs of solid gilver, :t pair or brigadier gene ral's straps, an olcgBht aed costly aoah andfa p-.vord belt, matching the sword In uuKnlllcotice, or i a | art or tho ee', oac.loeod In a coitly suilnwood cuo. The whole cutno from Tiuany, at an txpenao ot twelve hundred duliars. nir i hi .oyrrxiuoy vrntni, I on h"hulr of the enHstcd men, was made t v Corporal Norfolk, of Company f, In tho pre-cm a of tho Twentieth Now York,a dotsciimcnt Of the Sixty eighth Pennsyl vania, tbe tenth l.'ulted .'later ikilorod troops, aad many dlatingu.shod visitors and invited guoetd. rn* u*rt.T. Genoral Patrick rmpouded in great etuctlon, made many touching allusions to their preseut and just rola t oiie to e?ch r.iher, and fald In all probability this was irs luFt campaign; for, n* nil could plainly sou, the frosts of hf'y wlutcrv had v.ulteued bis bead, and 11 was nardly to he "xpeo'eo he tyould long wenr the sword they bad *<.'kindly glvnu him In of bis country. Ilut he would transmit it to his family untmulub'd, ho hoped; and if in 'atcr years tUo ciuntry should a^siu be 'm i crilied, his bo/i, now clustering by tbelr m ther'e side, would take it up In defence of tbo couutry we wore doin.' battle for to-day. rm: **rntw "m rottxrow. Afp-r rer'owing the tio< p?. by battalions, a crllailon was served in the aptnn.eata or Col. (ialos. Ihe us ml toasts, apoecQSH. and Bertlmcnte Dhounded. Several unnnu iily fellciio ia re'itorigea were made, am eg wiiu u that uf Mr. Mu.: lam, of the Huiaid, was cou nptcuo ns. i ''".h" \rmy cf the West" wasp-oici'd amid dea'rn loft rbeers. The piu ty adtoumod at a sensonab o titmr-. a .. thus anded the ccrcmomsj of the only real Med inert tor out p'ven'atlou tt was evor my fortune to wilueia. The Nrrond Carps. mi. VIM.EV A.VOEtt iUN'a DE3PATCIthS. Ut*DWAi>niW, ui rue Bept. 11?Hvoi iag. pc t-wre a.vo rrcuwr toju-*, tt a very early honr thle morn lug, undor cover of the ' darkaeta, cur nawljr poulcd pi (cat Hun on the ridge near the .toruBairru planlt, recently captured frcm the vtictny, n more latlgfRctorily entaWlghod, by making nlUr.ilions at points whemm it was defective. In one place the opposing pickets tire only thirty fact apart; hut nott'jer dare show their beadj abovo the rl(ln p'tn. Jo do go at ro short a JlstaO'ie would he almoet certain death, as the pickets on both slUiii have ordcra tc con tlnue tiring, ni roaue-.noh'-s ot which in coat-ant xbooilng aiorg tho tines h a disturbed what would olharwise be oilled a peaocful SabOi'.h day. 1h T-m Fimv, upt Id?A. M. "be picket Or ug was kopt up during all last a^ht, an It ha 1 heen darlrg all the day. The peel: lone occupied by tho re?{act!vo parlies aro matters of great dispute, and the - 'mo-t vigilance und constant nrlcg are displayed on both sides, lo pre re ,t ihe capture of other prni ts bv us an 1 ilia recapture by the eueir.y of the comtnti.d'.ng griHind e Dich wo have gained The Fifth t orpa. it*, dance b. iraRPii.i.'s oBSParcw. IfSAtKtrARTVKs. fi m ,lr.:iv Com*,) ?tx Mat Hnrni, Vs., N<i|>t II, ISfii. / res x.ti.hAiw in camp. A tarts in degroo of quloloe-s, whlvb conld not with truth be dacomioved a New i c:;'atid vabbath day ri-no'., hot still quite sa impri-vctaonl on the week days, has porvalsd camp to-day The sut'ora In those reg'menls wbl-h of a chaplain close up their booths at aa early hcur on 1-unday, and iniaeiug tbo throng that at all honra during week days crowd around ibolr doore, and no sccount of the day* as they aic ushered In by reveille and out with tattoo, Sunday is alui ct invariably gieitud witb c.apreMione of turprlae, guch as "Weil, lhlsis .-on dry, th?f* a fact," " 1 rwear 1 hadn't the faiu'm Mca of it " "I ?jy, la to-day> - ' lnt<-rgprrscd with all degrees of proiJuilty and the alacg of ennp ll'o. To ilet h is been no eiccpilon. and a very boautlfui S-ibb.rta Use i'C<,n n imberod with tke ma-.y gore befbr#, *h?eh, tf the record wot re Ted for, would present but a aerry refcrt. vrmnno o" tar, vrw roap. The it?larriai, of tba "Sterfburg aud Citf I'olot [tall r ad wa? iiui*he<! t" Jot , '? ?VId< Kb covikcIk q with the Weidnc read, or ratber C 'tupletad to wUoro the Wcdoa roa.1 ouco wag. At tear l'. II. tl.o ctiglae?UeuUnsnt General Grant?ran the cx'oi.l of tho lino, tak ing up your correspondent by tho way, prr. ci>. 4M at ?* rapid rate to the MrlBiUUS, lust where II W" Id r i pc policy toat.te. Arriving th#r? the eu.-h s waa surrounded by au l;u.u> so croad, who toslikod pi'.is.iro in a very c ub In-'lto Dimner. Tho engiticer, L. J. Gilbert, and the Ur-cmn, ratrl.fe Bheehy,'el'a groni | ride n being (he first to run b t ovor the road, and, not being al- c t> - mil I Ikflf I), guvo thcro votit by drawing from Itio ougine a vru loosed alirili wh'stle whl h muat have bocn pl-m v heard In tbo reboi cimp. Tbo wtiifllc v >a greeted l>y Mf bOJ i" tut ib tnoal trcu eudo'is i f- ? r.s, but drs v no t?'r ni .... rah- .a. wh.? h Is a nil's aurpriaiag. op thay are very in why regarding lbs rid. A rolid-but ?i? ibrown thN mortiltig from the :iuirt-"i? ?nn hatipry "9 the train was p-uuiiug it, acim .u ih? wtieai* but d ting na damage. n<*rt n*:*o. Cbnsid?rabl<71 kket Ihing whs indulge ! in tais .rv-rn ing In front of the Te; lb corps, whloh at abort lute, vsia inert sscd to regular vullt vs. With tie exceotion of tno osteal Hrlng, the rest of tno Una baa baeu quoit. . ticrin nilia (lull m:i. wtLLisM h. MMtnuii's pf. rtrtiM. , In* Hat*, Sept. 11, HN. I do So*, remember to have botcre seen It stated that there la an orgaq rsl'.ou kuown as "U.? Army H tbe i a met. Suck is tbe fset. Toa troept composing it were act npar*. snder this no it aad expraaslva dsst^ua iin*i gotec two mmiiba piece. The trocpe eoinposiag II are, f bphere the Teo'h ai d ri?bt?< nib srncv corps, and w**r t?? sepsrate <n of the Army uf the daman, to ilk' ng:it?aii it from Uts ebt original P> totioc. Ai my. Wb#r a. tmg lu '.u ioti i*? aompmed f/fcesjm k ths s-m ee uierittng ?g*t" t kicuaieiid. Tiin?a dis -no ticns should be knot in viae oy th-ae who wi J rightly follow and trace ihe ope-albn* of the ap.tua- ho g f t I campaign. MA'CR ,v.s*t'. ohi' ncr weit?f< As tho marieitgi-r leavo* I ?e?rr? tnai Ariavaier G?nersi , w dfrey Weit/el l.?a linen p otn ~ed to tli^rank a; n* J lancrai of vidoiilfre. this is indeed * most etw- cl ii<" t;r "?*? W" >n oi ta ? true, *".'J 1' rated sold wi, and bta slrcadv si' <t sn '*"? tiwn ' hich loihlic utofuii r s u t"' 11 '* _ ] I s no. I ti?- Getisrsl IS.. ? ' '? ? '? ," J [ coo * bor- on HisiP'bof the pi ??"t monit has <1 am dice SHENANDOAH. Sfr. ?, U. g. ;>rr. It'a Or<pif(h< H'KP .m'ii r vanr. Pept. 1.1, lAAd. The i n?,t| i> of ?i vjt .j )rtr (),? ? j u?o ?!?)? his remain* I <invh - nge<1. Tnu enemy <?mni In hero week, rn. i tii*.r t>. Mir ! 'i, to I iro nr?is-ing towards tmi I'ot-inM. the roriU b'lw e>> r i nberlin-1 end IhM pol< I ?reaull unnasaahle ur m i n,y >?? ir. nut or tho receol ricns. !h ?'ew diya they win An fvl ih't. ir lbs enemy .ion a.) utemt*. Groeri.1 me-ld ... H.- pl y ? i? ? ?r a ;rod r, m rounder nt wan,b,u? u,., tn,o: lB? #l)PD,y, j krone Ills own counsel. nig ,, ms .re known to bl'SMIt. Itioru is inn ihinf conn-ieted wHh i" t-wmy th?t n a hnpoiui a-.jf,,ry f.,r ,|,e |?|,,rn. [ ? ;?rrr, ?r? ,1i?men, ?j several i>r ilio r?vlm??iit* |i, tho field 'rr*i r|y expired, -nd tho < omnmmlin i fionsril aii'l- ip .red tnis '.y ordering tnom prom,it y mustered out of t',o "ernce, to show thai the g. vwnmont keeps tilth srffi Irs sol 1ler?. riilahid a whnlHMotno eiront, and ,n levo sl ln?tin.-e? whole ronl iDenls have re-eulisted. Thecixfh Pennsylvania r ? vulry, whose term of service rocontt) expired, havo re enlisted to a man the troo|is Id tho floM are In exclteut spirits. Get er*l Flierirtan m reorganiaoia Ins 'err** go an to rsndar them oioro etlecllve, If such a thing Is i oanhto. 'or any emer gency that may arise. Our supi ly trait s run regotnrly betwe*'. this point and the Iront. The lino of communi cation )e we I guurdrd. Oner.Ha binds In out r<-ur have ceai-ed Iheii tie n d ? 11' no, under the mo .anres of tho Command tug moral to oa'i.b ihetn. to ormatlon still ranch's here ibat the rchei annv on dor General Lee eoulempiatea annihilating Grant'? army w.tlilii a short tltno, iu a grand, overwhelming rurprl e. ?f? T. C. Wi'-m't De?i>iifclt J? iH.. Km D, .Sept 13, met. Another movement bas been in id#. Hie euem- so.-mt to he retiring. Averill Is clouo upon liIs rear. Tlie tudl cations aro that we will bare another fight, aw AverkiJ has reaobed tbe enemy's rear Infantry lino. NEWS FROM KEY WEST. Ksrlfemrnt Caused by tt Bugai fStsrol? meat Order? Stale or Prize Cotton?Vet low Fewer Mill Prevalent, 4fc. OCR KIT WI8T COI?'t'9PWD-NCH. K?t Witt fi? . nept. 5,18A4. A silly hoax, a fa Howard, which Is likely to get the author Into trouble,' was perpetrated I st n ght. Rome person, wltb tbo evident design of getting up a big sere In the community, put up placards. In manuscript, In dif fcrent parts of tbo city, purporting to be an order from Colonel Hamiltoay now In comm md of tbe ooat, r<vj drlng all persons liable to military duty to r?i>ort at he<td<iuar ters for surgical examination lbo congc<|uence was that not s few of tbe nnn-flgutlng, ?b >-bo lied men wers struck with mortal terror at tbe p rtcntous announce ment. All Ccncbtowti was In a ferment, nod the roncbs In tbe wildest cxcltoment, as they consulted as to the means of taking I03 ball Id the dlrwll m of the iTah t-nas, or any other plnee, sr> that they m1 :bi koep out of the dralt I runat heroexi In.n that by it?.> word ?? eoucbs" I do rot moan the shell nab 01 thai name but un ealuei ed bipeds, bom iu tbs Hah mids, and their descend oils. Thoy torni a coaiiO'inity o; their own here, and tbe part of ILe cuy * hero they reside is iaieir n.truoil 1 iiuclit .en An mil jeutiat ntviuwuu .uforuud me that the tei m -'con'h," us implied to the natives of tbe llahainae, bad Its origin In tbo 1$ I*.ieh governnto t allowlug one of tho tslaoi'.s t > ssun e ? green tl -g. wt'b a conch Iu tbo centre a-, a meinen' 01 ag I taut exploit of Its Inhabitants lu wresting New Providence from the Spaniards Tbe forger?whether he knows tt or not?hoe commit tad a serious ofieuce, aud got himself tuio an awkward scrtioe. Measures are being take.i for his detection. Hgbty halOM of cotton, boiog (.art of the capture re oc.illy initio by tbo LnIon tr-?.ps iu Klorida. wore s-ild ut .mel on to day, liy order of lua ilepniy aud Ao'iog l'nltod Htstos Mar.hal. Ihcy brougut (rein |1 0- to $1 20 per pound. I regret tu say that tbe yellow ri ver Is still prevalent. Among those who ere aircctcd by it arc Captain Lovers, Assistant Adjutant General, and Cip'a n Fell >w?, lm>p tc tor General. Captain brero, too, who is doing duty as admiral, bas bceu t.ikeu with the favor TBS BXAFT . The Orssft In Ohio. Twelfth sad Tlilr. tecssth Cosi|greaalunnl Ut.trlcta of Tvw York, and Kisswliers. Atsxsv, M. V,, Fept. 13, IMt Govern, r Seymour bss received the (ol.owlng cotntnu. nieat.on ? His J'xeeilency Hozatio Wbwook, Governor of New Vork .? fXAI* Of Nxw YORX, NokTHEKX blTIMOW, I Aij awt, Sept 10, I(>64 / Ft*?1 have lbo honor to Inlorm you that, pursuant to tbe President's proclamation oi July it*. Ifittd, and to tbs luetructeu.s of tue Piovoti Vvsnai i.enerai 1 have ordered adrift In the T eirth .mil 'tiirte-ntb g ngros Bional dlrtrtcts, to he c mmem-ed on the murii'ng of the 1411) of September inatant iu e?cb<4 such dwtiKta. Vs y respectfully, 1 r.LDKItICK TCWy?F.NP,Llout Gol and A. A. V M. The following telogrepblcderpalchfrom Washington has s^so besn recolvsd by Governor ,-eyunnir:? t\ eatti.voioN. Sept. 13,1184. The draft Is or<lered to comn.en.-e lo Ohio au l other S'sioh ah, so ipintae uave nut bst'u htlvl up,oa Moaday, the 10th ol Scptcui'sr. JAS U FXT, Trovntt Marshal General. Tbs Csszsllits on liosrit tue Hartford. liKPOKT U* aVRGBOM P. I a'.eOALK, Of THK FLAd* ? HIP Of APUiHAL rtaiituUT. IU IUB Slot''S or TUB Ur.tsi) -jtairai ruir Ueat'oab, 1 liar or Motuts, Se;>t. 1, 1M4. / As many Icaccurste re[o ts of the vaaualtics on board this ship In tie engagement rf tbe 6th uUlmo h.vs reach d tbo public, 1 think you will.serve tbs cause of I buoisoity by publishing tbe L> lowing:? Jit IK4. 1. W. M. Rtglnbothem, Aeiing Fn*lga 2. Heneniln Harper, seaoian, 3. Janice H. (eigood. ordinary seatuau. 4. Charles Scha er ordui .ry se.maa. 5 IvjuIs M'Ciine, Isnd'min. 0. Adoipbos Pvohel. senman 7. Ih -mat Hayue, ordinary scman. 8. .'obu C. J'cott. ordibury set 01.0 9. thorn*.-- f-'tnnb a 10. Jamea Alsvand r, isndstiien. 11 Henry Clark, ilrat class b y. 12. WiM-aai F, Andrews, cuptsto of after guard. 13 William Jm!tfi. land* nan. 14 Frederick Muuntil, isudamau. lo. Georgo Wa ter, kaml-man Id. Tbomta Wtltif.?,la dnnan. 17. t.W'fge-tlllwrll. Blf'e la istvld Morrow, Jr , k inner lit. . e'er I ur.cau. c- al ur wr. 50 Andrew K Fmlth.c al beaver. 'il Frsorl* 1 ami-he I, geci? >1 elicss flremsB, 22. ChnrleB tHBvensoa sro-.n-i cl we boy. It i?. n td. 1. Lle-il. L Adams, cont. suiu, now well. X Wt let Ysrte?, 1st diman bntb iegs; right arm stn; ut Urd doing writ. 1 it. r. lor nee, captain mi/.zeu top, left lag. coava I'-wett. 4. VinhHe'Fsvhs. lardvmar, rtfht isg (Johjf well 6. .Iimee t.rdAiu,tirst class boy. right teg. os.riisseeni 0, R ill ant G. lr?sk, ordinary te,.in.u, istt tblgb, 4< log well 7. W illlnm A. "taa'sy, teamen 'eft leg 1"l"f wet'. 1. Thomas O'Cooisti, io*th'*aV'.r. r ght mrsarm aaipa Uted 9, Jatcw l'. Girrison, ros're.iv ? r c,?;t 0' doing well. 10. E. K. Jobrson, lirsf class boy rn n m-'H 11. ?sorge t. FUba, boy, roiupouud fractu s right Fwa arm d'HOjt , .. |j2. ('h%rl<jp I entail (to'crt^i l&od*tnaQ, rlgM ror^trru mid fr? ?tiire <'?1 o** wed. 13. Ask:ust Simmon;,c turt). trdlasry 14. Wi7ruTh m"tunDn"f MowtM, right th.'gb aad 13. <?> J*'ins ^'ri-c'iL I"*-mi. mun.ded; afterward# IN r^rr^.pnr. oosMmnver. >. lb arms ampn. trntt l Ih*' ' *>i}* '? "V 17. WhlTiABi i*>r- ***** frAclurttf. dotof ., jr;'em FMott, seaman, right ant ampuUlsd: after ?sr,iedl*t Aug net 31 19 w.nef uoyd, llrst Class hw, rlghl l-g doirr wed. .'V iMvldCurtin.laudsn.aa, throat and ?fl', dv'sg ?j Z* p. t'errlck. tfastsr's Mate, sever# wouad ef right tax; we I. SI. G. M'twen. th rd A-slsten' fugtorrr, rt.M BaH aed wftst ebattertd, aSSpiUation of forearm, do ng In additl'O to the above w?re right w ?* eMfbl wounde?'tvw all well, tery re?pr<futly 1*11 il i i.a**' Ail. Forgeew. 1 l?.i Har.pi Ouiweol llwatsrt. BufTo.v lit't. T8, 1-V4 fheme 1. fc, ,' n f>? o.h?p vm-he. f-r . tv.fpp.. via ? .* t 'o* ? a- n ' * ?' "b to-oiwrrow (Wwl e . .ut *. t ?*d uaW about tei

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