Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1864 Page 2
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financial and commercial, j Tr*" at. B.*P! 19 r- *? Tbe excitement <a tb* gold marxeS 10 d*' w** h*^'' t,?tha.u*i or,-uca.r..b^ .... ' eves ?tor? rapid h*"1 ?W,rlc- 0Ddw' ,h* "Clb# n|ril .i. ?.??rd ?i> lUe future. in* open m by.dec!l.*tf X,..trr I log qu.Aafos we, 2>* ? >n((ther ? , which iters was "?*? I *11 ft W (AllOW lOik W lilCD IU 'I | 1;c^d#a ai,j *i'wen" r'd'1 "wcT! ,0"9" ?"W?.o.?r the da, was caused b| lhe ??fhorie" cor. ?u*. but thra* were unable to su. taM^tb* merlei, a. ib. retopa* ab -ed. On lb. wh I. h Here was an improved feel in* In the eteel to d?) by which is meant tb-t there ?U lew ?l'Pr* beoeiue 'ban T?st*r<l?, ?* ? ?r#ti and l*r0"ulCDl d* raogement i>( value* in coeeequsoce of the course of gold. The leeliog la that gold has been etlhog above tie revl value and that a decline of the premium to a natural < , neequenc* of tbe "bull" clique in gold be ng wo weaK w resist the tide ot publto sentiment and the improveme t in the aaorot <* the mill taty situation. But. although many expect to see gold suit to 00, they at tbe same tiuie look for a reaction *bic'i ?m cauae 11 t0 MUle *l ub .ut 820. Meanwhile, tbe fluctuations sre lite!/ to te rapid, and these will more or leas disturb values, and place a drag on commercial transactions. The true price ot gold, cal enisling by ibe rule of proportion and tbe amount of the circulating medium now, as oompared with that prior to tbe suspension, to about 168, but it would be absurd lb any c se to expect gold col j to be sellinc at Its real value et sucb a lime as tb<- present. A large number of per sons are alwaye ready to discount tberuture aocordingto their own belief*, and these will inflm nee tbe market Tor a fall or arise, just as tbe opinions one way or the olber happen to preponderate. This shows tbe lallacy of at taching too mi ch importance to tbe market prioe ol gold; lor, alibi ugb gold is tbe accepted standard of values It to liable, during a time when It uo longer circulates as cur rency, to be subjected to a certain extent to tho caprices of tnen actual 6 by motives of fear or profit. Tbe pre mlum on go d ought, therefore, at a critical period nxe this, to be aa eeulously guarded *s liberty Itself; for upon tbe couui.iou of the currency, more er less, reals lbs welfare ot both tbe naton nud Individual?. This country would be strong enough with good flosncisl maragement. to llm't tbe depreciation o! its paper money pretty much as England d.d while she waged ber wars wiib tbe flrst Nspoleon, when tbe depre ciation or Bank of Euglacd sotes, during tbe long period of ber suspension of specie paj ments, hardly averaged twenty per cent, although for a very abort time It rose to (orty-oo# per cent. There will be a light commercial demand for gold for some months to come; fur our Imports ara diminishing, and are likely to remaia at a low ebb, compared with ttaa returns of the past year, Tor no short pecJod to corns, while tbe exports of United States bonds to Europe will 00 doubt Increase, and dispense with an equivalent amount of exchange. Tbe tendency of gold win, there fore, be downw rJ, but not, perhaps, till after tbis weeg la any considerable degree, for the gold market has been a little oversold, and tbe purchases on account or tbe abort may be s fll loot to maintain Ufar a few days at nearly tbe p cseoi quotations. Toe decline of tbe last few days, following upou that,of tbe prevtous fort night, nas bad a tendency to mak# hoarders of cole disgorge It and tbe more ir.sunces ot this kind that occur me more quickly to gold In its relation ?o tbe eurreocv llkeiy to aaeume s healthy tone, lo order to abow tbe oourse of tbe market fir specie during tbe last year, we give tbe hi^beel asd lowest quotations far gagk month, by which it will be seen that tbo advance of gold has beeu greatly in excess of tbe proportion applica ble to tbe increase oi lbs-currency;? 1883 ISO*. September.. 12?X ? 142 January .. 161 X * 169X October .... 140H a 165 V February... 167* * 161 November., ltd e 145 March .... 169 a 199 V December .. 148* a 162 V April IMV * 18' V May 161 s iwo June ..198 a 199 V July 288 s 286 August .... 231X a 281 \ The stock market continues depressed, with mere.y apaemodic efforts to ?Ireogtben It; but tbe probabilities are that prices bave nearly touched bottom. Ibe stag nation and decline, with occasional ra'.lyiogs, which have for tome weeks Chiracterxed tbe general market, are not inoorrectly attributed id part to tbe superior ioducements over railway aod miscellaneous shores olfered by govern ment securities Most of tbe railways pay but Ave per oaot, while some ol tbem yisld oo dlvldood. If, were fors. Investors can gel fourteen or flfteeo per cent by buying six per cent la gold besriog bonds, or certificates ol Indebtedness at 93 or 94. wblcs are redeemable at par at tbe explratioo of ooe yeer from their date, with six (tor cent Interest lo currency added, there to leea likelihood than ibere was formerly ol tbeir putting their money into ordinary securities Previous to the panic of April gcv eromeni eecuitues were less looked after as iDvanmecU thaa tbty arc now, aod the policy of Mr. Cbaae lo flood ing the country with eurrency. Inaiesd.of relying up>n loans, tended lo the inflation of those securities, which subsequent government loans have steadily depreciated by wiibdrawog Ibe capital before employed lo tbem. Tberr is s prospect of improvement upoo the present quotations; but tbe market Is likely to remain without any remarkable feature tl'.! after tbe Pre Sidsntial election. G? veroment securities will however, lend upward, ?od tbe sixes o' ia?l and the five twenties particularly, under tbe lore>gu|demand. The stock mar k el opened w itk a show oi iftdioear, which led csted tbat the panic of ycst.rday w?s without any special causa. As e< mpared with Ibe closing prioea at tbe secood board on Monday, Brie ad vsnsfd K, New Y"r* Central K, Hudson River gjg, X Michigan Central 2><, t'leve aod aod Pittsburg X. I'?e^to Cst-lrd I, H-ck Istocd X* Fort Wayne 1. Micbtoas Souiberu and Chicago aod Nortkwssters wtre uncuxoged. is the mlacellaaeous list Cumberland Coal was without vsr'.atlao, Quicks.lvar advanced Ohio aod Miesitslppl cerliflcatoi X- At lantic Mall declined t- Q^v-rromeot sscunt'ea declined a fraction. The coupon nnd regtote'ed sixes of 1811 S,?'d at 198; coupon Qfe-tw?ntiei, 110X a HOXi 00* cerliflcat -, 94 - 4.S Co ted Itaias a xss, 1897, 128; seren tbtrip Treasury nole<. October and April, MOX In the aftaronoe ao eflort was made to advance quote tlooe, aod the market Improved at tbe second board X to 1 per cent, end lo tbe csae of Hsdwt Hivsr 2 per ceol. Oovnroment necurit'.ee were, however, less sellvs,sal tbe ooa(ioo six->s of l?91 declised %. and Ibe flve-twen tles X H H- Tbe money market baa been osaettlad by tbe course of go'd aod tbe uscerUiOly and stagnation which prevail to trjde. Ptock boueee sr* etlll supplied wilb>0*11 loans at seven per cent; bul Uer* is groat as willingness to discount ordinary ecmmercltl paper, sod lbs rale to more ccmmooiy bstwees nlos sod twehs per ceel than under the policy o( the Treaau-y, bowsrer, toeotiittl; te Incrsaae tbte str'ogsncy, and hence tba hulls is gold lair oeurago lo some extent. I* foreign evebangs toer# was lllll* none to day Bank ers aak 1D"*? a 1IVX fdr star!lag, end msrchsnu' paper to quoted at 107 a lOh or gold. Tbe foll< hid- wet* mad# for State stocks at lb* flrst b *rd -Teoo<w?ee ???, 69; Vlrgioia C's.ftS; North Carolina 9'?, ?0X Mvicurl C's. 66. It is reported ibat at a meeting at tbe Clearing Iloaae to day a pmpsaitKio Irom tbe Treasury was scoept<-d by 1 which lbs us .si ctri.ncatbt ot deposit will lu futu e he I parable on prcfeotaiiuu mstaad of nt too dove ootioc, after thirty days, an I thst they will bear oo'y Ova '.ostead ol ?is per ceot Intereat. as berevoteie. As the old plan was wary objectionsbie, the new one to se lar as improve men! tbat It reduce* lb* rat* ot lotereet. It promise* to do so barm ie lb* government, while it will he more convenient to lb* banes tbaa lb* former m thod. bul tbe temporary derail Ims M ?t tbe best of qus-tionasis utility to (be Treasury. Tb# business at lb* .Sub-Treasury to-day was atfol tows ? Pxielpis for customs H-w*ipts or xovirument loeo 1.06V123 Tmel rt < r Ipir f'j. .f?? Fsymsiiio." Baiaiic* . 20 615^31 Tbe aggrngut* npirn of produce and marches lise, ex dssivt ot spoci*. tor lb* past weex were %! ,134,988. stuck Rltbsngr. Totrrar, Ke??. 1.1?'0 2# A M IISSOUM'I. 'it !> / 0 t!)S Hti'.sor Riv NK 114k Sue I H i 81 ran to* 10) do .*19 1ISX 61. X I ?6'?. ?l IH n- 4 H RS'.dllig K H.. 1/7 jft HS l e ti a I U s cou u ))* rn do 1/7'A ? do.. ll"S 118 | liOrtVTm T3 lOOAA HCX ?K) do .... h7 US fiMU lllll I isarasr >? 6>?J e> .. 177V ' ?l,?W d* . ?? >?' bit cmira; RR 188 | < II Inoie war >an TV Ciscc A I'ltii RK lid I 6M?u t)bl* A Mies ?*r WH 2W do |(Wvd 1 tutu d M Ar do Ivft Hrw fori (Tea 8 ? Ml ISO Amrr'can Uea Co 87 I ||W Rr.s l?i ml,* bit IW IX) *? .....^ blO ?7-4 |J0" Pa s A W 1*1 m . Ill SM *? * H 1 Rlt 7? 100- i'r Li S In IT lit i* 4# tin 1425*1 LI S II ? 117 de IWTsi t * IS m SI 101 ?? ?? '8V4 HX78 A<rerl*a? giM , 714 ? V ?* 810 79 Iff sbs (toi.tes *?.... ? IW d* 78S, I ? tesl A Hndi aao be l?7 ?? do .?b*' | em Cnmb Ooul pref M6 M lie III OCot KB acrln.. IRfc 1UU a> ft'V 6 0 de |9 7 u 4o ?X] k? u* bill IM #1*1 Chicago 1 K I lilt , Ilia IUU do g.-o |.?V ?kl <te I AH ll? de l* ?fJ- do bSO 6tJO da 1M en Quickil Tar Mining. ?Jl^ Ji Clev Col 4 Ola KK I7U J'W do ,y\ IWUhittNW UK .. 6 W 1?? do l?lO HI 3U0 da fc,. * 0 Mariposa Mg Oo ... ?| ?n da nj f'ar d? 4l* 100 do ! *V\ liiy Wiouiuc \?i OouL M 700 da bSo A I ? AliMtb Ma.l S? Co 1?7 io,) do ... '." hi M la N 1 Cell tiki l.t> lui, Ohio AAA prof oJO ? do | AH 209 do.... .. K.' Jo (io 11V, I 0 do ' MS !S te::::::" 8? CJU Erie KK.'.'V.V.'.bi" 10.1 li fcilCU.e'vroiom'KI?" l"'4 ?V, da pi J **1 Pla. ft W * Chio MM ,'d da |ul . U? do lu?H i|M do Oh! 101 J 901 do I 7 t *?'' do 10 :h **> d0 ??? ,0T* iu" do 021104 ? .Io 10'iH .? Er * RR Ef'err <t. I'HI 800 do bl'117 Wl Dul kli HR 0J0 llA 10 do.',....".'.' bio 1 M ,M do ,1M 4 JJ da 106H Skill Nil B. IA IIP. Hai-M'siit Two (I'CiOfl P. M. ? ?JO*) V 8 8's, *81, ooa |H7H 160 (ha Una HH ... luVl I .5H ".W0..?J# '?-H *dd da kU) io. .1"! 18 62' ?? l*a ""u 10 Kri* It a prof ... |?H' *JU?J ,, do .10 AOll CUT 4 PiiURIt... 11,1 ! 6 Oil I 8 Y| || 40. iuu 97 Alio io... 110 ? ?'!. <tc,*d * " "'eh Centra! KK..' ISJ iivtlifrik i *1, 1 r cer M. 'CO "U'l Kivor RK ... lla lOOw Oblo X A! >m eer.. 41)* 4.0 do UK I'OO go 0 (AO 790 | o do.. . ' l|',tg 100- do SM KJtl Reading KK........ Il k SiJii (hi Oanion Co M 20 0 do IWI '?d do S'H am do ....!! iwv In TI. ndo, ? a-,:"b(0 1UI Mich So 4 N I RR. 7'H 80 III Centra. K], scrip 12(, v (ill do ... 70jJ 4tn Cumb Cokl Co prof I..K ItiO do...... 79. 1'J" do CI , 10 J do . .. b m 81 61) Quicksilver M; t o 80 800 Chic A M W ItR . A1 l""w?Jo 80 ( IIHI do ?|W AjhiR T Central RR..I2AH 1 <0 C4NW KH prof *30 4 ?"0 _ do ||ll> mo do 81W Srte hK- 104H SUl Chic A Kk 1 RR.... 1 i3 do... ? 101H 4u0 do k? 4 ?00 do I04< but) do m 10 do lua CUT REPORT. Tcbsdat, Sept. 13, H84. Amiss.? Recelpla, u bbla. Uarkei toactlre and prit-aa Botniaal. BREADSTtinw.?TteoelpU. T.lOfl bbl?. flour, 21 bb;?. and 415 bafe corn meal, 21,304 buuhels wheat, 61,092 do. coru, and 00,123 do, oats. The reaction in (old, together with the extremelj light receipts, give holders of flour the advantage to-daf, and prioea wore 6c. a l&c. better, an Increased business for borne consumption. Ibe low limits of snippers' orders, together with tbe difficult; in making exchange, precludes en; export demand. Males 18,000 hushes Mtale and Western wheat (Including 3,000 eitra Miale, for November deliver;, on prlvute terras), 1 300 Southern and 800 1 ansdian K;e Hour was steady sales of I AO bbls at $8 a (9. Corn meal was inac tive We quote-? Superfine State and Western flour |9 60 a 0 46 Fxtra state II 80 s B 05 CbmceMUte 10 00 a 10 16 inmracn to medium extra WMtern 9 80 a 10 AO Extra round hoop Ohio U 06 a l.H 00 Western trade brands. n 16 a 13 00 Extra St. Louis .. a 75 jq Common Southern 00 a It 75 Fancy and extra do 71 go a 14 00 Common Canadian 9 86 a 10 10 Quod to choice and extra .10 16 a 12 00 R;e flour, suivrUne 8 00 a 9 6) Corn moal, bbls 8 M a 9 00 Corn meal, puncheons 38 60 a 30 00 The wheal m .rket rallied a little under the improve ment in the (o.d quotation*, and an advauoe of 2c a 3c. I was estaftliRbdd on red aodamb^r winter, sp top wis ' beid tinner, hut the sales ebow nu active tin. r vemont in Trices. The eale, liulude 84,000 b .sbels, hi Id OA t 82 10 1 i?r,ih,,5*f? ?PriD*. U 08 a (2 la for Milwaukee club, *i ie ror amb?- spring. $2 20 a $2 28 for winter r.d Western, fa 30 a *2 31 for amber Michigan, 1 and ?2 80 rcr new white Keotuck;. R;e wss notnmall; (1 55 Corn was la brisk demand and the market was rather stronger, an advance of lo l'?'A In some instances Ibe seles reached 95,000 bushels, at $1 69H for unsound and |1 60s 4 $1 61^ for souud Western mixed, Includiox mix d at $1 63. Oats were mso a ebade firmer in price with sales at 880. a 91o.?the latter price for bands mo Western Corns.?Tbe market was very quiet, and we have 0 I; to note tales of 60 bags Maracaibo at 48c. Wo R a, prime, 47c., lour m otbs. do , good, 46He ; da , ie r, 46c ; do., ordinary, 4ac a 4fHc.; do , fair to good car goe?, 46c a 46c.. Java, mats and bogs, 68c. a 6sc.. Mara, 45c. a 47c . Laguu;ra. 45c. a 47c.. and St. D min?o 4-C , cash, block of R o and Rantoa 00 Sept. 13, 18 4, 131,361 bags Java, 14,807 do Marasaibo, 14,436 do. Buhia, 8,21b do Luguayra, 2,624 do St Domingo and other descriptions 9.AWI bags Tout stock, 184,279 bags. Cotto( ?The market was extrstnelyylull, and ibequo tatlans b. iow muat be coostdarsd entirely nominal; sales or to bales. We quote ? UjAoni. Florida. Mob* ie. If 0 41. Ortlnary 66 86 86 66 Middling 79 79 80 81 Cood middling 81 81 82 82 rovi sa. ?The market was quiet, but pricea were Orm; of 5,?OP pounds Portage lake at 51c., 2,600 pounds 1 #2*4 ? 52 He, and small lots of bald more It 50c. CiSDix>,?Adamantine ware dull,but firm, and we have out; to nole email rales at 37c. for light weights, r-perm aud patent were quiet at 60o a 60c. ( ooi>A.-We now sales of 120 bags Si. P-omingo on terms cot made public. Dacur a*n Drns.?We notioe salee of 2f, tons sal soda si bAhc.,30<Io soda arb, 6c.. 200 casks bleach ing ijcwiiers 1,000 lb-, prussute of potash and 72 casks cream tarter on private terms Drswooos ?The market was extreme!; quiet, tod we have 00 saies to report. I srn1?The market was ver; quiet, but prices were Brm we note sales of 200 boxes ralsios at $6 60 (or la;, erg and $4 40 (orbuocb; 100 box?a sbeiled aimouds at 47c., and 76 bbta. currants at 20H6. At auction 1,481 bcxea Sicily n-aegea, Io poor oroer, told fr mgd2)a 810 AO. aud 214 do ora->ge?. In p >or order,at 81 Fwb w. re dull, and we buve 00I7 to note sales of 1,000 quintals dr; cod at 8u a |9 26, and 1,000 de at 88 25 a fl 75 tor Bank. Mackerel - ere dull, and W'- have 01 ly to note sale- of 600 bb:s. at 121 a 831 lor No. 1, ana 834 60 a 836 01 ate ill. In herring tbece wss no busmoss doing. 1 asioHrr continued inactive and quotations 10 the mala corn eal To Liverpool, b; American. 100 tone oil cake, Ate. at 10s a 12s (id To (ilasgow.per steamer, 14.000 butbels wheat ai 4d. and 300 bbls. Hour 00 private terms. 10 Maraei'. es 2.MK) bbls. petroieumal Ok td. To Antwerp, 2O0hbla. iietruieum, 6e. A Hrilteb brig with 1,200 bbla. petroleum, was chartered to Antwerp at Cs A i ruerian bark to Jordeaux, pipe naves, 836, and extra bo-v; do , 850. a Hnush bark, 826 tone, to (ape Town, C li \V , assorted cargo, at a round sum. A Rrlnsti brig, from Pbi adclphia to a part in Ibe Baltic or 1 0 the Couiineut, 2.700 1 elroleum, 6? 3d. (It-Ngy Haus were dull aud lower. (.csar CtoT" ?The market was quiet, sod we have on'; to ? 01 ice rmall sales at 20He a 2ic liar--?lbs demand wa* fair from c nsumers and the m irkel ruled Ttca ly; ibe sal a loduae nboui 4'jO baws. at 32c a 33c. for f ur quihties and 36c. a 62c. ior new?too latter price tor choice Hat ? fbipjiit g continued in good demand, sales at 91 2-> rets I qua.dies were morn acl've, uod the maiket was llrui ai 81 50 a 91 (4) I m ? The market was doll, and we have oh I; to no it>.-# i mal! sales at rrevP us pr oe< limes ? ibe demand i^miinuee nederate, and the few tales made are only to Uil immediate requirements. The sites o >mprise 4 6.0 Nudum A;ro* aou 2 O.iO Rio Urande on | riv ite terms. Present quoteli >ov are uomioail; ?? Buenos Ayrer i.od II otevideo, 36>gc. a 34c ; Rio <, C4 Hr. ? 36c ; Orinoco, 33c. a 33He. Call ora:n, 84c. a 35c, do, Uestc?n, 32\ a 33c.' Pi no (abe to, 80a a 31c . Vera Crux and Tamplro uid bsiamoros, 80c a 31c., San Juao end ( en tral American, 32c. a 32,hc . Maracaibo, SCc a 31r.. ( ura coa, 22c t 24c.. Hareeiooa, 2fxx a 2Sc. S?violila 24c a I 26c., and SC. ('cmtugo and Port au liaii, 18c a 21c. | Uoi o -Sales 13 a 20 eases Manila at 51 CTH; 8 do. do I ?4 91 61H, 4od 13 ceroons (JualemaU ai 82 65. Linn? the demand for Rocksnd was limited, with ?mine of 190 bbis., ai 81 75 Tor lump sod 91 26 for com ED OO. Lean** ?Eastern spruce sod pipe were In moderate demand at 923 a 937,4ceo- dm* to sixes. Ujtiu.?The market for bemt?ck sole was quiet and the quotations below areoniireiy nnmlnil. Oik note cnu tinned In limited request, but prices were without mate, rlalcbaogn Weqnoteo.-tk slaughter and sai:<-4,g"od ;Uht 52c a lie .midd 0,65c. a 67e.; heavy. 64c. a.ofli , and en-. 4il weight-, at 63c 4 ?i6c ; hemlock, iiueoos Ayres, Ac at 44e a 44 He . do. mid-He at 4f?. a 46c , and heavy at ?6Xe a 46He.; California light at 43c. a 44c , do middln nt 46c. a 46),e., ai d do heayy at 4V\ a 4(k> Ortnoc Ac, light at 42c. a 4."c., do. middln at 44c. a 46c.. and do. heavy at 44 H<\ a 46c. 1 L**f ?7bore noon a more active demand Tor ibis article, nod pric-e were very Arm. We nutioe eaiea of 100 loos lore gn at 107*0 a llffc., in boud, infl23tonA io't Mpan sb ut 16c., duty paid. Hon ess.? be Oeiuaud cuollouel limited, but pr.. an were witbaui ro t-rial chioga. Feles have been made 0| II 95 " N,W <Jrl**U' Mt 91 W5d 74 <1<>- ro,to Kleu at Nana were staid; at lOo. for out, Jl);c. fhr cllorh 4-x. a Ale for forged horse yellow metal nails sod splkcn 60o , and captier 75c , 4 months Navai Sicaai._T3e msrkel for all descriptions was nomewbil uoseUled, and prices wera very Irregu ar 36 obn Fraocb sptriis of turpentine a > d at 93 OA a 83 10 ?ad 20 do American at 83 16 ? 1? 16 b it 100 bbls. * . d at the close el 83 10 a |3 16 1 r traneb and 93 I - a 93 20 for Atnerirea Roeln may be uuoled at 931 a 840 f..r streined. 946 ? 866 for No. 1, sod 8?'7 for pale, with sa ea ?f .0 bbls. of the former sod 10 do. of tbo lait-r Tar was lull and uu. barred. Oiu.?We nonce salee of 1,060 gallarg linseed al 91 82 I e 81 62 s of crude sperm, 2O0 bb a sold at 92 2.1 a $ - 0 1 ar',d.* ".h*U "M tD<l IB,F <>e q ioled at 91 60 4 1 II 63. tlanufactured waeqqlet. aud prices were a shots I ai?ilf * 209 bh',? ?nbleeched winter whale at II 0 75 bb s. ' auk at 91 4A, and 30 d -. Straits at 91 60. v*!. w th ut much cban.e in pr.ces, |f,o I 81 60 e,t*rB ?umajer ?,id al |l uj, aud 200 da. Si tf-*n' auJ'""! -".lit.,, ,.l .Mw. -Ilr. ... ?,t 640 a 141 fir M.I H '"1 '2" ,p"1 eornP*,?4 0,000 bbls al p'.;,!:; it '?: ,r," 931 76 a 833 60 f ,r Vim*. Wd 949 1 uVU; prime mess also for fuiore de iver, frix. bbi7 1 '::jz?L,or ? <n*2n.MMa m ? *m !?a ? opitof), 4f!i?tribK 0< tat>?r u at I |?J liH Marfiti w* quttt in r.rie^t war* a ' trite ess sr. se e. 300 hb.s , ',12 a 81?'forcn*n',, mem $9 or cj-uoir r prim?. |U ? $/o for?9p^fe#<| mJJ ?as 921 ? $26 (or ?lira do. Prim? mt<ta bM ?.? 1 who;); DOmioti Racon was aegiacied. Cut msVu I were Io fair rnqeest and a sbane rroer. tales 2*0 m,. ai|0HS. a 18c for Sbou.dert, the latter pre # ror ebaea I and 18c. a 19c. fur bamn lbs lard markel wan quite ?et ??, but were lownr aalee 3,690 bbls at 99 qc. i ? 24He the latter an extreme price 'Jotter wan quint but Brm ai 46c a 48c for Ohio, and 49c. a A4e for Hiate < brnne wss steady but quiet al 20^0. 4 97o for eomam Io prima J sriuMcn. ?Reoelpm, 1.2*6 bbla. The rise la gold ?wantoned r*'bi-r mora mqnlrv far era Ac, n4 u b'lderi gr<Mi<?.i ?? m? cooeasa oa rrnsu p> men normal yrateruay. ? fur bi?nw?. kit e<Mii>umawt(Hl. b lb In I'-i? 5i? the ?l"H add tor dc i?.-ry all tbic mo .in. Halloed to hood waa dull, bul bold will) ooocMter Die flrmna-c at views ? ubo.e the views o' bOycrC. Free waa quiet but firm, not bavtrif pm liclpa'ed Id the dec' ne la l> tided oil. ibe aal<? Hod reaal a c nip lae ?bout 6,MX) bhtg. orude at 4-tc a 4.1,0 oi, ib*i coot, and tor all ibe mouth. Alir.e outnbjr of ? ontracu fur etejAcmbcr wee act I lad on tb i bests ? f 4 o. n 4'i>,c., m >~t at wblcb were rnpnriel a ? ia<-, hut < milted from our report. O' retlned, to b-md, tbe selea a ere 1,600 bbla at 72 tic a 74? Km a I tot. of tree were placed at ?6o. tteuatne waa uonilual, at 60c a 62>,c. ww doll and oncbao|ed. Tbe Invoice of Itae l.eurn, C omUIiOl: of 6,000 B .oka Liverpool gri.opg mid 2 ||?I di> flue. toM at *3 87* lor tbe fnrmsr aod *4 37? for ibe latier. ia- Hot) a ck? A*htou'a ill at $.1 6.i. Sucre o ntinued quiet nod we bava oaijr I" antic aa' a of lOo bags Kl. gai oie pepper on p. t.. ai d 176 mat. cat aia at 78o. "utias ?Tbe demand c ullnued active, but aal k wi re reetrioiod. owing to tbo bi-h rateu demanded bv lno boidera. tte quote deer H mduraa, ft 06 a it 10 -r lb.; san Juan W)o. a 05c , lloilvla, inc. a 72We. ; ifb , 0"c.a95c. Vera Crux, fl a ft 05. < h grw Ofic .{I ro biCa r-Ho and Birceiont, W f^c a 85o and a Loti?Kueoaa a> ree, 75c. a 8oo ; Payla, 70e a 76 .: ? u r-0 *. 77 We a 8nc.; tape, TOc. a 75c. per lb , Madras, 70c. a 75o each, and t'awup re, 50c a ?0o , oaah. Hrm.iw rem lined quiet at 16><c. a 17c , wltb email Bale8 it ibe lortner price boat** _cn ver co tinued quiet bl 26 W a 27o. timothy del. ?t fl 60 a $7, a'd rougli ilex m*y be quoted %t f.1 60 a 60. L: llvei I was dull and Inner Siuiaa.?haw waa quiet, and prices favored I he pur chaser ale 260 bbds. Cuba at 2HC. a20Wc., r Uned mi q let at 27c ? 28e for soft wh lee, 23c a 2flc for ?.>rt yellows and 2*1 i;o a 2.8VC. 'or hard To *??.? Ibe demand for Kentucky continued limited, and wo have only to note aulas of 8-10 hbds. at Mo. a 45o. In seed leaT the sa cs wore confined to 100 cujmw ounoctl cut, at 4f>c. a 60c Obio leal Is offered two tbl d wrap pe e aod ooo third III -ra, el 17tfo. a 18o., whiob, when Comparer! *ub previous quel, show a o? n iderable concession Tbe m rket fnr ma.iufai lurcd tobacco,In bond, was quiet and irticetCed la* paid wuik waa also qu et, but whs flrmlv heid Isliow?bales 5<),000 lbs, at 18>*o. ? tOc , a decline on last M?i. Ik*.?76' market waa uoee'tled, end price* we'o very Irregular, owing o ibe decline infold. Ibe aa ea were 27C bal; ( 6 sis jrouig by son, 50 do imperial, aud 100 do oolong all on private terms lift ?The demand continued llmiied for both pig and plates and tbe market w is a ebtde easier. We qu te sales of 4 ton* English pig at Otc., and email mts of strsitp at 0 c ; 20'J bom piste sold at $22 50 a $23 lor I C oha'co.'il, nd $18 lor 1. C. coke. Whibskt ? Receipts, 5.74 bbls.. Itw market was firmer, vilh sdtos of 1,200 bbls at ft SO a (1 bl for Western. Wool ? Ihe market continues dull and dr.4>plug, aod to effect giles tc any extent s cunoensioo of 10c. a 16c. would be noi OfBary a lot of 150,000 lbs. State fleece, wbiob waa bought on speculation some weeks sino", has been sold to tbo neighborhood ot fl. Wc quoto tbe average P0c a $i 10 a public bale of 60,000 lbs. do roesilc fleece is announced lor the 21st lost. Iu foreign there Is uoiuiaglloiux, and prlcoi aro nominal. Fl.1A.lVUb. ATLANTIC SAVINGS BANK, CHATHAM SQUARE, N. T., (September 12. IS'll ?Notice Is herebr Riven that the alterations In the banking mum having been com pleted. the regular even.or "easron* will be resumed from and after this dale. M. D VAN PELT, President Jos. P. Cooi-kk. Secretary, Forsalr?new tore jiaplk shade orL oom-* pany's Stock. The stock paij tares per cent per month since established, and s good prospect oi paying more. Au ply te s. it. JACOBS, No. 1 N^?- street Notice -holdkrs op stookton (caliporma) Oitv coupons, due and payable in New York In July, IBM. and January, 1865, are berebv notitied that the same will be paid In United Stain* gold 'oom on presentation at the Metropolitan Bank. New York city, on the respective date. C. T. MBAHKR, Agent. Notice-the undrrsiqned will pay. at the oTce of the P.irm. rv' Loan andTruat Company, on and after the lAih day oi September the Coupons dve Oe tober I, M5?. oil the >? tended ten per rent bond* ol the Now Albany and S lern Ka< road, and the Com ona due kovem her I. 18511, on the ea cniled eight per cent bonil^ of the same road, teas tbe got era me lit tat. ? ? ? D O. WILLIAMSON, Trustee. Nsw Tons. Sept. It. 1864. N8)? X0RK: 8K'*T '* 1864.?THK TRUSTERS OP theUroaolida'.ed Petroleum Oil Compsnr have this dayderraivd a dividend of rioe per ceat (I) on the c.inunl stock ipar value $10 per share) fr>tn tbe nei earnings of Uia omrinr for the moclli of August, pa able at the oillm ' of the oompany, 40 Broad street, on after the I6tn Ins., _ U. K. CMtYPIN. becietsrf. pETROLLUM. RICHARDS KI NORLAND, 38 riNE BTRhKT, NEW TORE. BUT8 ANI) BELLE OIL STO0K& Pm sale the following. AUGUST DIVIDENDS will be advanced ou all stocks purchased on or before the 25th Ins* . a- follows ? Noble Well Petroleum Oil Company, August D. VI OB.Ml), 2 I'll It CK\T. Maple Shade Petroleum Oil Company. August DIVIDEND, J I'bK CENT United States Petroleum oil Company. August DlVIDKND, 2 PKK UEN'f (oaso idated Psirnleuni Oil Com pan r. Auruw DlVIDKND. I'4 PER CENT sue esse Petroleum 4HI Company. Augu-t ? , DIVIDEND, ?ij PER CENT. Knlcserboctar I'etrnleuui OH Cotniiaii>, August ? t DlVIDKND. I PKK CENT Manhattan Petrobuim Oil Oompany, August ? . _ DIVIDEND. 6 PKR CENT. Buchanan Farm 041 Company, Septamber u .. DIVIDEND. I PER CENT. I New fork and A leghatiy Petroleum Companp. I.JAN* shares llrrurn Coal and Oil Compan .? as) share a Alleghany Pe ruleum Company. JUO aharcs If nterpriae Oil Company 600 thares Clinton Oil Oompanv TOO shares Kana? ha OU Company. fKO ahan s ai eghaay River Petroleum Company, of Pblla i elphla 'D hharea Phillip's Oil Cempsny. of Phlladelphist. ? ,.S V enanga Oil Comtwny. of rtiiiade'pbla. I tiUOaha es Wsisou Ou Company. of Philadelphia, f' (,,*?, W. aicrn OH Compan. o# Philadelphia. s'lXi*uarr* ?hl" Oil Co-itpany. of Phi.adr pnia. '?v? shares Osborne Oil Compauy. of PhUadsiphia. BOOKS OV SU~8CKIPTION are now open at ibe above oillee for original on ascriptions (or the BURNlM>"sPRINO CdNTRAL PE1 Kol.l.UM COMPANY Ouaranteeiug 8 per cent per month. Also for the MALDBN COAL AND OIL COMPANY. TU[; SAV AGE SILVER MINING OOMPANY OP SAN I r rsnc aco der ared a dividend of fl?ty dol ara per fiiot ic gold paiable thruu?h the Bank ol Call omla to Pa tern stockholder', on ni l aftei 't.e 6lh Inatanl, less ?icbauKcby Lb KM A VVaLLEK No olb es S3 Pise street. Nnw Vors. Kept 7. 18*4 THE PKK8IDENT PKTKOLP.UM COMPANY PKHSIDKNT, \ fc> AN1IO COUNIT, PBSIN Capital Stork 8" 000 OlK). In aharea of 86 each par value. Subscriplioo price $1 per share. These lands contain ahnut 8.4:0 acres, on the Alleghany river and on Hem'.ick. Porcup ne and McCrra rrr-ki making n ull borii g territory of ov?r ton ami a half miles " weiieoo th ad :<uijing property, known aa tae 4 elebeatcd lieyurlck we I. and Pnlm e Cre-b" sre famuns for their imn.rnse ?u;>ply of Oil The , wel t oa lhn property arc bemg sunk with great vlcoi aoJ pnrr. ^e Isr^e s i(.pl,e? of oi . T Hie rapiiaU-d and to parties of limned means unaur pk'sed >nd caiji'*nl* a~e nfl-red K becription buiks, maps an t all oilier information ran he obtained at tbe olbce or L H 8IMP8GN * CD No Ol Cedar at ret. nto?MONO COtfVTV. HTATKN island + * ?bKVBN PER CENT ,MrOUPf(N BONOS OK 86 ?> AND gl. TW, INlKKKST raTAHLK HBMI ANNUALLY, nnbf oriptlona for one hundred thousand dollars i8U0.l>O) or inefcr bends will be received at par at the bankl o> house at EINSTEIN. KOSP.NPKLD A CO.. No 8 Broad ?? rest, nswvoik Raid bonis will be I .sin d under the aut. ity of tlie law passed Peb t, 1864. and under a reculatt-.j of the hoard of Muperrlsort adopted July 28 I8u4, and tbs option is w ib subarrthBi ? to bavo them run for either teo fifteen or Iwenly-flve years THK GOULD A CUURT BfLVEIt MINING COMPANT has de tared s dirt tend for August of Itfiy duller* i*>r root In rol l, tsyabe ihicuth the Bank uf Csi onus en ?'uek registered lor dividend! in New Vnrk. on and after W'sesobaogs by LEES A WALLER, offlcee ?n3 i ioc iirflEt _8?v You EnptsmfrT, MM TEA NEPER AGENCY -THR OI'IIIR SILVER mTniNO Loinpauy, ,.r San Kranclaco baa esla liahrd an aceue. to lew York city for tbe transfer of sloes and payment of * "deods. Lfc KM A WALLKk. ? Tienifer Agents, elffces ? Pine street Nsw V-rag, Kept b, 1864. r .^2 0( K) .k A NTKr>" ^A LOA"H 1)8 |2 On rTjR I three r.on ha Personal serurlty gl-cn Tbe highs*) rale ol inleiest will he paid Satisfactory re'ef. u"ic"e " 10 '??P'Ok'blllty. Address Loan, Herald SoOO.OOO MfSiyii! on h*w York citt pronerlv i JOSBcn MAKOM, Ho. 6)f I'lo* sirorl, roomi 10 tad 11. I WATCHES. JMWELRV, AC. = A T 604?tv ATCHBS. DIAMONDS. JEWELRY. SILVER fl I'lats, Duns 1'iepiJs Ac. bongtil. I whi pay 6?t i er evnt more than can be obtains! at any other piaoo Is the city N. B-Aiao Pawnbrokers Ticket, wanted lor the Sir reart'uea at ibe tame rale. r? Hrosdway. corner of Housp.n street, up stairs room 5. D'amonijeT OLD GOLD AND SILVER. DIAMONDS OLD GOLD AWT) SILVER. Prraor.* who w'sh to sell Diamonds, Old Gold Kny?r or an. ko<l of o11 fs?hlono<l Jewelf- go tel.GUIS ANItlCtf 72.1 Hrosdnay, A po-iUve fact, be pays Ml per cent more than anv other permn. Ealab Ishod In New York aleta lbs sdmlnlvratinn of lbs late Mart n Van Buren Make uo mi-lake- 7i7 Hrusd way. under the New V' rs Hotal. VERT ll'Olf PRICES PAID FOR DIAMOND J K \v airy iiiiset Diamnnda Wetrhe* and old (In 4 Ufltna tours on y from B till 10 and from / till 1 R W PLUM 8, diamond broker 512 Broadway. Valuations one per real FlUMTl'RK. Ana INI ffr'KNT ASSORTM KMT OF HOUBEIIOLD rum it ire for se> st ssiriflre. Kosewmii I snuforis, Eisg' res !'%? 'or Suif. Mirrors Ho krsse fjis-s a d Silver C.naMkof Furniture ?"an ts in use seven mon hs, will be sa d tc low to sun pii'ehasers faqulrr at 11] Weal 'w ity ibrrd strsoff ? eai Hittb avenue pujtNirup.E-pom 8ALR?rosewood bedroom k Suits, do I rsfere. mat.ngsnv K-d .lead, ws nut Ha J*?1'. K\l*n?io? T?b>. Oomtr Hue nils Parlor Htilift. Iih Tit4r and Br?!? J?qnlr?( berwaea t" and | o s.nek oaiv at No < Depau row. Bieeekor S'reei I Bale rs need not call. W'SH'V8'-""0" HA*D rOESITURR, ?waa at* -HIT?, I*0 !m* 10 ?,nE'" tWatlemea er gestle. **? y.'f *?lr. In A Hints family; location Et Johns fsgk. Address foe thren days boa 3.HI Pd?4 oMee, can yum tue Unlive Rtatee tnai a. loWnu a-*?P?iontog In I uowr H Unde bulll nou eieamsbipa as Ml"we ? _ ClTV Oh WASHINGTON. HATUKDA*. SK'*rRNRKR 17. CITY Of MARCH RdTFR 8ATUNl'A Y RlK"^K <.4. o/T* or lonimir baturojlt. October I an<l erery ?uaaeednu 8?iurdt?. *t Noon from pUr 44 H?i*? KATK8 or pasiaok. payable In (olA. or ite o iiirnleul tn 80 r?Mf Flrg* C?l>m Rd gl 'rn.e . . l)o lo London R5 Do to L"odoB M Do. to fans M Do. to fW ? Do. lo llomhiiri! ??> U Hajihorg. Puifn^ri nl?o orwirlltd to riifri, Br?*in"n, Iloilor a?ai Antwerp, c , ?< * u < l? low roi'-o Krom Lii .*? pool or uvn-lewn: Flral Cabin. $TV 816. aed ?llll SWru?. 6*1 Tli oo who wish In aeod for lhair fn'ndaean h i.v In k-u knoal toeae 1 bono ilMrat'i have hi norm' ao ?nia-nnAailmn for pas senger* ?'d airor.f'v bit ill ta H_WU^*t I nn^ooHnas IM cairy patonl lira annlhiLtnrs. Mioerleoe.4 Surgonna aia ,tiaei ed tneach M-am-r. is 11 i tig Kor further Information apply in Lire-pint '' * ? "fLI AM 1N>I N Agent fi Water streets In O.i-ipw in \L?v. MALCOLM No. 6 PI F nneh a iia-e In ? woo >?to?rnin,0 * W D KHVMOUR * OO. In Lund-m toMvR***"^ ,1 III King William lieot; o F* into JULBA Itl MM lib. 4 Rno Noire On no <1??? Yietmre*. Plane n. la Fhl'ndelpM < lo JOHN Q D 11 JR. Ill Wa'aut atrael, or at the Oo'upany^^ no* DALk, Afoot. 16 Brendwny, W. T. XT OTIOE ?TH B 8TKAM8HIF AT AI.ABTA^W ILL I\ leave plor Nn. SI North r ver on K.liird*?. HoiAnmroj 21. ?12 P. M piecl-alv. I?r Loadou direct lobe followed br ihe am .mahlp Bellnoa. THR LONDON AND NKW YORK STEAMSHIP COM p?ij will despatch arm men. I.I Uelr new and 6r4 1,11 Brttl-h iron Hiram-hip* CELL A, NBLLONA. ata LANTA IOWA. INDIANA and ?ANfl *TIAN. noah 3.IKW inns burthen, bal'veerr London an I Now York railing At Havre on Iho vor*se mm I .on f", *""" .^Vnr (Drt eaS> Vft"; aroo'nil cwb'h'fAV ate. - age. 8*11 from Londoa 5 ii?V ??""?<&. T r?5RT5?V?. Kor fretrht apply *1 6' 8-ei'h atreel. Ad-ancoa mane on merchanrt re roo I. nod lo Iho <rlon<la In London of the un. drrti *ned. Th*** aat London with etW" . f.r (Lo ga'iie cfltnp'iny for th* tnol ?w?riA, RolUrdnna, ^ . i#m li f?0|or- bMrt- Cop*n H- Mwuit. Oporio. 'r ?,'r Vi.,.,Hnn MmvrnB Co?iit??Unopl? ??tid tidenaa O.b.Blur, Alemadn^^^ ^ AgpiNWALLt a?poic_ rr1,. d nniTT^H AND NOR'H AMR^IOAN ROT A L rr Lit ?toVm?hlp*. l?aliraon New Vnrl- nnd LItoipo-U culling Hi Cork harbor: and brLena Boalna and Llrerpool. M^nHlVr??:BSo0.^ dar. B'.piomborll SCOTIA le'iVr Now York Worfnoudav, 8o,<.nibor tL 1 A I-A HI A 'earna Bouon Waimradiv. BoioiMicrr tY PRiialA loavoa New York Wodnoa'ar. OrCibor ? ASIA learM Bo*tao Wodne.da*. (v-otmr l?_ CHINA leaves Now York vYodnoiwiar. Oolober I?. rnon nkw vona to biraa oou Chief rabln [L Boooiid cabin pa?oAi.e ... rpoa BOATOS to tiraaroOf. Chlof cabin pa?a?g? *1-^ po M?b?e'lnbtold*Tll? ro'i'ilvalonl 'in United Biatea curroney Berths not serAired t?ntil p%id lor. An experienced ?surgeon on hoard , . ^ . ... r__ The owners of ihe^e nhtn- w 11 not t>e sceountshls for sreHe or valMS^'ea unless bills of Isdlnf hsring the rslus eipreKsed sro signed iher??fer. For freight or P..hhco 4 ?ow?nf Qtw?^ M All RTEaMRRS to FRANCR DIRECT. THEOKNl RAL TKANSTI,ANTIC Ct)MPANY'8 NKW LINR OK M?RT CLASS BIDKW H I'.KL PTRAMSIIIPS BATWBBN NF.W TCNRK AND HAVRB The flrit nreao'endid re?ifi? Inioodrd m bo put npon tbu favorilo route ror Ibe Crmnnoni are vbe foi owing; - W ASIIINOTON S.?OI ?*>' Kcowi?"^*?.T! NAiAoLRONuiu"t>uimingi ?t.Eo 5^. %wZ. Vnill (he con or Ibe entire lie! Ibojiwrric# jib be porrlirmod b* iho \V AHII1 NO TON, A nuid.Mne; LaK AT BTTR' A. Borand. n^l. -w., - ^unoton *ew.d?o^V't*^5:: laVatbttk : s:in?;^:v *Ahh D^sSr WASIIINOTON 7th Deeenabor. Pi rot cabin Inc tirt n? table wine ? Hi\>ond cabin, IncliirtTn* table wine . ? *J" ?r?SO 1'iraliio |? sold or Ha equivalent In Ualind StnUBourrenoj Mcdicnl alt'nd.neo free of rhargo, For freight or p? appl^to gj acKBKIIB. Dprt NO. 7 Broadway. New Tim*. At Pari*?No II Boulevard dea Oapuoloea cOmad Hotoui At Havre-Wnitam laolta A Co. NOTICB?TUB RTK4M8HIP LAKATFTTB. *0*. Havre wi I tall rroin pier No Bd North mnr. foo^t of ^ri.m 0.^^.7?:: mm?* rssssr tbk hamb?b& ^''bVeaVsh"! ??^rwATNoTrk' From Sontbampion b rom New Tork. ORRMANIA Aug 24. *}* >!? KJ BORURSIA Sept 7. IS64... Oct { 8?4 BAXONIA sept. ?l. !?<??,? ? From Hamburg pier foot of Third alreet. Hobateu. larmc |ia.aeiigere for Hamburg, Havre, L?nJon aud Ronttv. s'rijxsn st the (M?o**lns tmtps -? Ftrst aaM?.$tJ?. ssoos# csbtn. $ 12 50. steersge. $57 50, psrsble lo sold or Mi equtf. *!Folr freight apply to CONHARDT A 00..46 Baobaugn P For pnaaage apply It 0. B. BIOBARD d BOAg, 111 Broadway. National stbam bavioation oompant, TO (jUKKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, From pier 47 North rtvnr. PRNNSYLVANIA.. ... Saturday..Bopumber 14 VIRGINIA a#,,Sstnfdtf, October 1 Osbin, fllft. steersse $46. ps>sb.c m ourrencj. _r?r ^^ILLIAMS A OOIOM. 2? Brondw^ Anchor linb.-straii to li rrpool, olab gow. Dublin, Belfast and l ondondorrv ?The Bne. raat ?ailing / I Clyde bull aieamih p I ALKDONI A. Captain Craig li Intended to -all oo Saturday, September IT ThU atenmahip w fitted In the moat apcruved atvle to .paurn the comfort and anntv of paaaenccrn. Ralea of pnuage. In cluding an abundant aupplv of we I e-mhed pronaioua. Saloon Cabin ?l?? Intermediate ?*! Forn Cabin I'M Steerage. Parable In Unlt'd Statea etirrenev Ai plf to FItA<N01S MCDONALD a CO . No. 6 Bowling Omen OTEAM FROM AND TO^gUF.BBSTOWB AND LITER CUNARD LI NR. . .. From New Tork, $l\ currency, to New York, $30. gold or equivalent tn currency SIDON Wedneadag. September 24. OLYMPC8. Wednesday. Oct'dmr IB. For passage apply j*1|tLUMB k 00T0? ? Bro^WM TIIR NORTH ORRMAB LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP AMKRIfA. H Weaarla commanler, ea-ryiog the tinned States mad. will nail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third etrert Hoboken on SATURDAY, 8epk ?*. ?l 1* o'c ock M., ron BRBMEN. VIA SOUTH AMPTOK, Taking paaacngrta to ______ . I LONDON. HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BRRMBB, at the following ralea payab.e in rold or lU bqulvatonl tn For"he firtt cnkio $I0S. second oabln. 861 SO; ginemge. ' Tt.e America will be followed by the BRBMBN, Oct. J. For freight or l-'^.'cH* A c0 , d ?rotd ,lr#et_ rpilK MONTREAL OCK AN BTRAMSII 'f ? I steam hip BKLOIAN. from Qu'ber to LW'i pO-LfleoL 17 Katea of |ia??a?? id'. and $3d. Sight draft* on tlw N tlonal Bank, parable at a I Ha branehee lu Ucgland and Ire and For pa???ge apply lOHABRI- A hKAIlLR, 2J Bruidway. Now York _ ____________ TlNHED BTaTKH MAIL LINE U FOR CALIF IRNIA MA PANAMA, un tor convoy of a United Kutea war ateamer througkout the Atlantic vojave coiinueu'ing Sept. S l-?t. Re"i ar amllng day 3d llih and IM "f each moatk eg. oept when theac da<t fall on Sunday, when the day of de parture will be the Monday fodowlog. The Sril elaa. aleam^ qorr|( David Wilaon. Commander, will "all from pier No 2 North river FKIDA Y, Kept. 21 at 12 o elo'fc M Tbc alcamahlp NOR I H STAR, will aucceed lb* OCR ATI OURKN and aail Oct 3 For freight or ?o , ^ Oreen 0 PC?.NTTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT OOMPANT Shotlrouin to CslLornia, VIA NICARAOUA. ?ue i or meal* on fbeTranalk Noiharge Tt.e new and elegant t'eamahlp LOLDRN RULE. I? 8. Kabcock. mmmaiider. lbavbb on Saturday, hrptrmhbr *4. at noom, From pie. 19. North river, fool of Wnrron at reel, Connecting wlib.tba aleamahlp Amnmen. For paaaag' apply at the o'lioe of ibe Ceeipeoy, 177 Waal airw1, oo-ner of Wnrren. D N. L'A RRINUTOB, A gen4. pi<>R ItA^VAR wRFRLT MAIL LINB The ap'endld tide wheel (teamehipe p.AOLK Captain 1. J Lawrencn. COLUMBIA i apian D B Norton MORO CASTLE. Captain It chard AdamA The aieamahip Ragle. Caplaln Uertnra fill IHM pier Bo 4 North ilver Toi Havana, on Wednesday. September **^or freiahl or pakaage apply to BPOKFOKD, T1LESTON A CO . 29 Brnalway. . ? All letlera in nl pa?? through the Post Qttce Clearance* f?r g od* null be brought tn with the bSle Of '*!'*(? fn?ori n .teamer Column's. Oaptnln Barton, will aucceed the Ragle, and laave on V> adneaday. October 6. nl 3 O'clock r M. _ _______________________ TjHIR IIA 7 AN A DIRECT. P Th- Um el State* Mall Steemahin ROANtlKR. Franc-* A. Drew. Commander. Having been thoroughly overhauled nnd refilled. Willi enre pier IS. No.-'h river, rer Havana direot, on Monday, Sept. 19, at 3 0 clock P M preeiaeiv. No frn-ght received or bill* of lading aigoed nn the day ef nailing. . , . nwaCTfflMw?co u. FOB nAVANA D1RRCT.-TIIB RRflULAB LI BR United Stale, mall ?team?hip LIBERTY, Tbomaa W I* 11 nou, commander, will leave pier It Norib river, for the above port en Saturday, Oember I Will leave nga n en fiat urdar <? tnher *2 For freight or pnaaaga apply to HAR OOUS 4 Co . i-i South a rent ___________ Rroular LINK rnn nrw Orleans dirrct The new and elegant Un<t 1 stale* Mall tieaiuahlp N'IRTH AM hRIDA. ton* burden. Chnr'e* p Matvhman eommaader III nnll for the above port na Welue-day Sept II. 41 I cluck I' M preeiaeiv rmm | ier IA Nnrtn river The North Amer a la the a alar sh.p of the w?R \n*wo eamahip C intlnenlal. For freight O'PMA.Hriin(K? i00i III Rrendway ioR NBW oIlEARR D1RB< r The United uia'#. inei. ateamihtp C It KM LB, John Thotnn on, ttornmandee. rill .e??e plrr II North ilvar for New Orleans direct, on Yedna.dav. Sept. 31 *1 J O'clock F M preetre y he fi eight rucaived or hill* of lading signed an (b* sag ef tailing ror freight or paa'tre apply to tor resigni LUDLAtf. HRINRRRN * CO.. It, Mr .a I-*f I.A'iR Nliw ORLEANS IIIRI 1 h ^ The United Hlate* mat' eleamshlo 11 TA7.0O, 0*0 W Couch, Commander, leave file- II North river for New Orient timet, en F ?"iVrf nn th. dag n. roo. Ill BtMdYM. aiuppina. Ij?l>K *KW OlI.KiM DIBhOT." X Te nail Mamma* anptniubrr I o'olook P H n> VaUed a lata* Ht,l ?<]?? Ul sieemaLp """? "* KVhNINI >1 AK ... , . W. K. Bell Cmnuiauder, will leave ea above fn.m pier die. (4 North rleer. For freight or ^nui a< ?ly la ? u M JAMKH A. KAYNoR, te Harslsr street .* ? ~TheMOKNiNU STAB wilt follow and sail Satur day, September 24. Mail linh pob ?kw orlkans nimor The st-aniship ARIhL will leave pier No II North river September 41. at thm? o olocs I'. l? (labia pan* go *IS- I). B ALLEN. No 3 Bowling Green. PA?,SAOR TOR NRW ORLKANS-A TIOKKT FOR A * u'?t rata ba'th In li e Evening Mer for Monday (or ??I#. Apply to J. HOLT, 1(8 Obembeit struct. tITKErtK>L ? TaPSCOTT'S limb.-tub ih* ""??jo^ r.ip villa franca ?aTVfi.l^o.Wr. usmT mm *? ???>ed sni; * are cvleluated lor Ihoir quick pas fur ?????? por TAPSOOIT BROTHERS A CO., No. 0 SouUi atroat, New York. L'OR BRPlfOL. ?O LD BLACK NT Aft LINK ?THE M nStthromm J** *'3th "?Pl'^'Abei'i the "wiTBBOHM on the Ifiih 8?pti tnbar. Foe passers ?pply to WILLIAMS A CJUION, loVultou atiwet. ^*|a H 0rhmlultkaT0wriU'U UL,0K BALL LINB-THK Rent I P ^J f ? h8T.iKN wid aail promptly on Kndav, f**Pv. For ?>**?*.;? apply qu tKurd toot of Bepkmni ?Ireet. or lo KOACHB BROS. A 0OFFEV, 00 Soutu street POB LIVERPOOL AND LONDON-FOB LIVKR llrrroo!, tlieM. f OITKIIO'IM -mi a Slat Ben ember 8?uia^?br,r",,Vn" r0KNEKSL8 OBINNELL on P(l,o 4th wHSSfLtrJSt "?""*? w A1LMAMS a UUION, F?V. *KLBOU*'l"t.1 AUSTRALIA.?KANGAROO coNtkuV -Ir" 1* *oesel.?The epeodld clipper bark 8ooltv ????ler. will bare earl. h- nseomuindate a few pa~>eng ra In toe cabin AVCKKKAU^W.Ti EST ? AILLBB. LORD H TRAVELLKRB' ODIDR, UDRON BlVBIt BAlLKtlAD ? TRAINS FOR ALBANY .. 7 .*1? rri>". the North aud Waat. leave Ohambera alreel tini^in^n 8 A. M ; way mail IU 8U A. M. aud 4. TblrUeth^lreeL h,Pr#" ?" SundAy*' " > U *' *" froi" J- M. TOPCBT. Assistant Superintendent. New tork and Harlem railroad Trains lor Albany. Vroy and Sarai.'ga Sprints. also Oinnoctiug with tbe North and West, tears 1 wsuty-slxUi street depot al 1U>? A. M. and 4 1A M. BXCIRSION^ ST. BRIDQ' T'S OTtAND MAMMOTH PICNIC AND Concert Frailval, which will come oirat .lone*' Wood on Tnureilay. September lr<, promises lo be our of the most interesting nod p'eaainj of the season dp wards of two thousand children ol at Bridget',, ach .ola aud HI hrt mot's Mutual Benefit and Renevolont Society. numbering nearly four hundred mem ben, will asaembls before 8t. Bridcet's ch^jph. co uer of arenuu it m d Kl^hth street, of whioh ReyT^slher Mooney Is ibe pastor, on natt Thuradar. at 9 o clock A. M , and then proceed In grand proceaaion to the r plea-ore cronnda bear iu quite a number of beautiful ns tlonal and school hnonera. Hccoinpanled with a apleu Id band. This will be a >H-auUrul and wotihy of a riait on that day. The proceeds will he appropriHted Inranot rr new school, besides the splendid one erected, whioh la lares sod yet over crowded. _ _ M8TBUCTIOS. A VOONO LADT OF THE HIOHR3T RB8PECTA bt ity would like a situntlon as nursery i:orsrocs(~3r eompanion to a lady; I- oapable of leaching the rudiments ol rnu-ic; do objection to travel; would piefei togo m tho 2)UBi.r, ' S" "8,re N*? b?,t of reference*. Address E., Brooklyn Post o9? AI YOUNO LADT, WRLL KDUCaTRD AND OP OOOD arrompllshments, would bs willing to accept a situation as governess in a ainail an.1 respectable frmlly ; would teach the primary branches, also give leeanns on the piano. Oood jefereiieee giren and req Urnd Address A, h7m.. oars of O. C. liubbel A Co., Hudson, N T. ATOITNO LADT PROFEBBOR OF MURIO WISHES ? Board In a pri.ata family In the city. In roc instruction In music or ths English branches, the best ottr reference given Address Vocalist, bos 177 Herald office. ATODNO LADT, EXCELLING IN THE ART. WOULD like te give Instruction in penmanship. In schoo's or l'to 4 ABdr*" M,M Bvsrstt, m Broad wny. or cell from A COOUNTB, AO-INSTRUCTION IN PENMANSHIP, jTL Bookkeeping and Business Affairs, at GOLDSMITH 'S ..n.!ik.ut?- *r,?^wV ????r of Blghtn airset Pupils pri'fale tastrucLeo' rooms for ladies nod tor 'OLIVER ?. QQLDBMMH. Principal A YOUNO LADT WOULD LIKE TO PBOCURB A position as governess in n family, lo leaeh young chll- I nren t..e English branches, French and music; would prefsr going te Havana. A ldrcas E. E . Herald olllcs ? P""?r A SPANISH LADY WILbOIVB LESSONS AND MACS . #< l'*,r "tbar at her reaidense or mat of the pupil. Apply al Na 23 East Fourth street Tambier dareileeciones de Ingiea, AT TOWNBRND'S commercial aoadbmt, tan Bowery, below lloueton street, eiudenu of both eetes reoeive (borough end practienl Insirucilon in Bookkeeping. Writing. Arlihmeuo. Algebra. Reading. Spelling. Grammar. French, German. Spanish. Latin. Ac Kaeh peraon sepa rntely taught. Prlvete Inairuction given. Terms moderste. AL^?W0T8 PRBP.VRBD FOR BUSINESS AT DOL BEAR'S Oom.nerrlal Academy. 4W Broadway become | quick at figures, rapid butineas writers and prartlcn> booh, keepers, fhnr can obtain good situations la stores, offlceY or beaks. Gentleman can secure private room*. AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER DESIBKS PUPILS In Ragllsb. Frenoh. Latin nr Drawing, or would leaeh aa pan remuneration for Beard. Call at tl Clinton plaoe, Wh it. AT MANCHA'S, 413 CANAL STREET -8TCDBNT8 receive luoroiigb lustructioo In H.iokknepiag. Com mer lal Arlthmeilr. Writing Reading Spelling Ac. Indi vidual instruction given Terms restontbla. Separate apartment for lad ea and private inslruotloa. Writing, It lemons. $1. Opoa day sad evening All bad wbitrrs. ladies included, haying ..if.0'1" ,0 ,he ?rmy or navy, should avail themselves orl AINE'Hrbeep W ruing Lesseos,|t2 Btuvery, and283 Ful ton eireel. Bruok yn. Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic. Navigation. Geometry, Algebra, Ac., taught Ay and eren log. Prieee reduced. AFRBNOII LADT. WHO HAS HAD LONG EXPR. nonce hi leaculng tbe French language, hiatorr, gee. grnphy arithmeUc. vocal music and the piano, desirea te give leaaone in tobeela or private fsmllre*. The best gefer. eerecan be given. Address Mme De Kredsnlhnl. station u, new lore city CHABLIER FRKNCH INRTITUTI. Noa. 48 and ft I Baat Twenlv fourth street, will reonen Beitember to. Boarding and Day School: a primary department; pupils prepared lor ool legs, business. West Point sag the navy e' houl. Tbe prosiwctua of the school contains (he names of the pupils and ihoae-of their parents for ibe pasi nine yenra. Prof. ELIE CffARLIKR, Director English, PBRNCH and Spanish _ BOARDING AND DAT SCHOOL. Mme. 0. M EARS, 224 Madison avenue, seoond doer from Thirty eighth street, will reopen on Tuesday, .September 20 Mme. M. will be al heme after September ft All letters ad dressed lo ber prior lo that date will be promptly nnewered. French and obrman unouaoes -professor TELI.BHINO. 8it Broad war cornet of Twelfth street, win reoc ve applicnlione for private tuition In Frenoh tier men. Latin and I'Angtnle am eatrangera. Faverablr known 10 New Tork as an efficient teacher ? nee loM No better reference pose ble IfRBNCH AND SPANISH LANGUAGES ?W ABTrTT, fnooiSr'T?^?Xtvzxi, irstXctz;1?;: ^ AdUde^TrL ?N u ^ FIR8T C'LtSS OFPflRTUNITT -WANTED. AN AO comptlihe I >ady to enter a Aral class establishment for ladles. Greet a-vantngee oflered Blie imiet have either mean* or a high eonnetlen le Ini'uence pupils, ibe letter nre It V r'! .^'e'diner has ample means. Addreet L U, hot iso llereid office. ? MISS KBNNEDY'S FBRNCn AND ENGLISH SCHOOL ley e limited nnmtar of young Indies end children. 11 Union square, reopens Sept. 13. MISS AIKEN'S SEN IN ART (STAMFORD. OONN.T) lor young Indies, will open September IS. Fpr elrru isr? apply le the prleelpnl. g. ^iehn. f MISS BRACE'S BNOLISH AND FRSNPH BOARD. .'V * 8eBo?1 for ybusg led-es It nod 4 Elm ?ireet, hew Haven. Conn reopeni September It. 1144 INSTIT TK, FORT Washington ITOth street end Kagshrldgw road re '*lfc* '?a*u,dB of the school; Kngiiah, N ?nl?h. Oirniin, pMpirAtor? oomtm ta w#ii Bi'MrtSuiir "uZ*""s ^ wimI"* 'Mewm. en Wedne-<ley Seine m ber sii'iiam r da#r ?f Union 1 s?^h^nJml ??1-i?,r.VP*? * the seh -oi cna be obtained teroi^Mi lt.^ft," 1std R).^ ?f ,,BD< "?"?* ?? Mrs ogdrn hoffman s frnnch and bnolisr Bearding and Day School. 17 West Thirty eighth xreet, will reepaa on Wedaesdsy. September II. Mrs. H. will be al home after September 8 Before that date lenert en buMaeee addressed aa shove wir be promptly aaswered. MONS. L DR GRAND VAL'S BOARDING SCHOOL ter boys. Hotv ken. N. J , reopens on the let of Sep '.ember Ciroulare nt ISO B rend way. Bioelsier losuraaoe o(Dc+ 1XR G KONI'ISBRRG IS NOW PRRPARED TO gTvR 1V1 Iran urtion in l'ami<pg, Drawing and c-.luring, men Ivory type. Repsnnie ro use lor private lanructlon After two weeks of metruotlon work will be given nut CnH nt III Broadway O. KONIUbRERG Parents wishing frivatr instruction for the r children In Bngtlsh. French end Musle may tee cure s teacher oi reftueiTisai end edueelien by eddrneelag Miss F L., Herald e0)eo. Refsreoes - given. |)ARL<>R BOARDRRS ?LAOIRS OF HIGH STAND I ing are received in n tir?! o ass instil lie for >ouns ladle*, In Fifth avenue, everything Bret eiaaa. Address M. 0.. bee I Ml llersid office. s<I'ANlil4 LANGU Aim -A N ATI v'jT HPANi"AND IS 17 or spaed lo give less-las either In classe* or privately. Uoo.l relsreore given. Address T. R hot I 214 Post o.lice TWO LAIIfKR. W18III NO TO PF.RF1CT THRMSKLVRg in French, will be received na Parlor Boarders at No III Madison avenue Tbe blghnet rsfsrreoea required. WANTKD?BY A GRADUATE OF AN AMER1CAR eollepr, ef some eiperlenee In teaching, a situation in a high school la New Tori or Brooklyn as teacher of maths mat ce as 1 ihe classics or of French aad German, the Islter nr,,uired in Kurne*. Hea oily te ers'ices. Addrsea a Is, hot t S llsrald sffics. WANVRD-RT a TOUNG LADT Of RRFINRMRNT~A aiiuatlnn asgnvernaas. where eervicee would be roe dared for .mail eompenaation la aecotuimed le children end onmpeient to Inetruot ea the plain Address L L . bet 194 llera'd offiee. ' WHM LICTURR ??AlHMeH IMPORTANT LBOTURRM DaII.T-FUR ORRTLRMRN onh. at the New Tork Muaeum of Anatnmy, Ate BrnnX way. Parties unable I* attend than* Lectures esn have the* forwarded en receipt of inn eeaia by iHrielee IsPlMrr ? |ie> Fein M?punt? leelewy SITUATIONS WABTED-FEUALKS. ^ A SITUATION WANTED?A8 BKAM8TKK8B, BT A J* young wtnun bi I; comput'-nt; understand* droow* making. Baa city irft-ience*. Cull at tna inlihner'x, 1,171 Broadway nrar Sfhi at Alio a respectable woman, M iiurae. baa good experience Heal of city relorence, (Mil at tho mJlliuer'a, 1,273 Broadway, urar 33d at. Anumhkk op wkll recommended <jf.rmam females want ait atiooa aa cook*, oiiainbernialca and n"ra?a. and girle-lor general housework. Aa. %* "OHfl'ti deruiao Inalituia, 17 Slaulon at., near thh Booaiy A f;AR .K NUMRKR OP PIB.ST CLASS SERVANTS? aA. Coo-a, ebamb^rinalda, *> tresses laundresses nurw and aeamaira-Mo?waul summons. Apple at ttio Private Bervanta lualitula, MM Waai S6:h at. belwaoa 6lb av. aaA Broadway. j. & WEIR Proprietor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN W A NTS A 8ITU Al'ION AS /\ drat s-aaa cook id a naatlemao' ? f mil ; baa the t>eat af 6tk a'v*'*near?5th*ek^fortw. A situation wantep-rt a oisl, to do <iik. t\ oral housework In a amall private family ia a goad washer and ironar; beat-of is.lir.iuoo Iroin ber'laat .Ace. ChI> at ldft binitn at., corner of PaotUo, over tbe liauor <ian tfiooklyn. . -H ^ a OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AM WAITItKHB OB t . ba ubarmald; nniteraianda Una washing and Oan lie aeeo at 81 Kaat 21m at. corner of ton avL wbere abe ban lived a* wattrcaa (or the last five yeara. A TOUNO WOMAN, WITB A PPH8II BItKA-T OP A nulk, wiebe* a situation aa wet nurse. Uali at 1!?8 taat U)t hat. _ A COMPETENT DRBMSMaKKB WI>HI?S a kkw customers to no out by lha .lay. For Information ad dr ta b K Cooper, Herald olllca, from III to 4 P. M a BITUATION WINTKD-B* A RKRPKCTABLK WO /*. rnau, aacoon, pr.vata lamll"; und< r*taud-her ba vlnei-a ilea the ...ei .-I utv rcJeieu e. Oau be aesn tar tea day a at Aid Wu>. tb at. A BITUATION WANTED?Bt A TOUNO ENGLISH girl, aa chambermaid aud waiter or aa children's auian and do plain tewing. Call at 490 hlh nr. A COMI'KTBNT OIRL-WUO CAN BRING C.OOD CITT n reference, deslraa a aHu.uoe aa chambermaid and la take care of ohllJrsa. Inquire at bar preseut employer's. lAti Weat 24th at. ABEBPKOTaBLB TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITU A lion to do o. ainberworu and waiting and aaaiat hi waabing and Ironing. Heat of city reference from her land place. Call at 67 W eat odd at., corner Broadway. A SITUATION W ANTf'D?BY A KE8PKCTABLS young wo, to do eltber housework or cooking; good cilv refcreuoe can be given. Can be seen for two ilaya at 163 East "gib at., near 2ft av., second floor. A RESPECTABLE WOMaN.WANTS WASHING AND Iroog in her own honaa, or go by the day to do houue work, tbe best of reference. Uali at 2U Weat 2dtii at, tag floor, (root room. A CODE'S BITUATION WANT!'" D-BT A N FAT. smart gin. or woulJ do the kit.lienworU of a small family, la an excellent washer and Ironer, a rand baker, and refers to tier present employer, 291 Atlantic at, Lrooa lyn. A8i TUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE person, aa cook; understands all kinds of idnIa ao pa aud same; wont', a-atat with the washing if required; baa tbe beat of cttj'raferunoa. Apply at 1X1 West 2ttth at, near 7tb av. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid an i waitress and to aa-lat with the flan washing, bay three years and six months city refereaest Call at S22 7th ave., between 30th and 31at at*. A YOUNG 01UL WI8UKS A SITUATION TO COOK, wh ah and iron; city refcreuoe. Cau ba seen for twh days at 170 Weat Alat at A RESPECT A BLR WOMAN WOULD TVI8H TO OBT tx families' or gentlemen a washing; la a llrat elass washer and irnner; beat oi cKjr reference. Addreaa 263 7th ave., second floor. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, waaber sod Ironer In a private family ; ' at of 'city referenoe glveo Call at III Weal 15th ak, In Ih rear. RB8PRCTARLM MIDDLE AORD WOMAN WISE) do gene i go a a1 for t ao da , a at 261 Sdav. ARI a situation to do gene al houi-ework la a amall fhmllyt baa no ohjeotlon to go a short distauco in the couotry. Oil A PERSON WITH A WHEELER A WILSON'S MA chine would go by the mouth to do sewing and ba willing to help la oliamberwork. Address M.C., No. 61 Weodbail airaet, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL DESIRES A 8ITUA tlun aa aeamaireaa and ehauibermald, or to take oan of children; no objection to assist lu washing and ironing. Call at 347 watt loui at., between 8th and 9th era., la lha A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and waltroaa; ia willing ta aaaiat In and Irouiag. Call at Nil West 26th at . near 8th nr. A SCOTCH OISL, AGED 15. WANTS A PLACE AS child a nurse. Apply at 121K Weal 27th ak, for twa days RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITS alios aa chaaUarmAiJ or waitress. Thoroughly ua? drr-ianiia her bualneaa. Caa ba seen for two daya at 4M Weat J6lh at., bolwoeo 9th and Itfth a vs.. New Tork. TOUNO 01 EL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK. ?III aaaiat with.washing sod ironing. Oity rafo laa be eaen nt 111 Beat 26th at. A t A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ohambrrmald and waitress, or to lake ear* of chlldrna. Call ntliO Wnat 18th au A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO J\ do ohamberwork and walling; good reference. Oatt for two daya at 331 Weat ?lh ok. It. fT A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A BITUATION AS cham barmaid and waitress or chambermaid and plate aawar. Good city refareaee Apply at No. 9 Laurens at. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation ai chambermaid and to a-slst with toe wash, teg and Ironing, or a* chambermaid and to do p:nla tew log or would laka care of children; beat af city referenoe llvao. Caa be seen for two daya at 833 Dag raw at, corner of laaln ok. Brook lye. A SITUATION WANTRO-BY A RESPRCTABLE girl, aa waitress and chambermaid: oan give the boat or city referenoe fr.m s to 7 yeara. Oan be aaaa al Ul M a*., between 16th and 1Mb ma., lo the front room. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation aa an excellent plain cook and 6na laundrean; Is ooat and Udy In ihe kitchen nnd uuderstAuda bar bute ?'? perfectly, beat of reference glvaa. Call at M 41st ok, near 4th ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GOOD COOK, waaber and Ironer; good city reference. Call al 4N Gth ave . third iloor. A TOUNO PROTESTANT GERMAN OIRL WANTS A ? tualion to da chamoerwork and platu aewiaa. OwR at 610 6th are. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RF.8PKCTABLM girl, aa eook; la willing to a-atal In the washing If ra quired; me beat of cltv reference from ber leal placet Call at 66 Went Suki at , between 6th and 7th ave A touno girl wants a situation to do general l on rework In a amall family or to take cere of ciuidreo. Good leference can be given. Call at 163 Weal 3 d at., between 7th and 8th ava A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO OIRL TO da chambarwork and wnlling. or chamber work ul plain Hewing; heat of city reference from her Im Call al I6j East 28th ak, northeast corner of 2d ava A YOUNG WOMAN WISHKB TO OO OUT BT THB dar or weak; has ber own wheeler A Wilson's sewing ?achins; understands ell kinds of aaw nt, catting and iC ting. Can ba aaan at nay time nt 149 Wast 28th ak; Oral boor, rronl room. AM RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS shuub'-nimjd and waltreaa in n amall private faaaltf. Good referenoe eaa be glron. Apply at Mr. Baggartyw etore, 22 Prtncw ak, for two daya A RESPECTABLE OIRL, LATELY LANDED. WANTS a situation to do general housework; la a Oral rate w asher and 4rouer. Call at 188 Kaat31atsk A TOUNO OIEL WANTS A SITUATION TO D? walilag or rhamberwerh, or would aaaiat with lha washing and iraateg. Has good city relaranoa. Call ai ZS PaciBa at.. Brooklyn A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS 6rat elaas coak; eicellsat city reference. Can honaa* for twa days at the 1'reieeteal Office, 126 4th ava., nana 12th at. AEBHPRCTABLR OIRL WISIIRS A BITUATION AS plain oohfe, waah-r and Ironar. or u< da the hou awaefe ?r a amall family. Call at bar present employer's, alt Psarl at, Brooklyn, for two daya A TOUNO WOMAN DBS1RBS A SITUATION ID ooak, wash and Iran, or do the houaownrs ?f a aaAB family: baa four year-' city rarariaes. Call at III 3d am* near ltd at, soooad Hoar. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and wnitmaa; goad any reference. Call at I tl Waat lath at. ARE8PRCTABLR OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS laundress, gaod city relereoea, CaUatUi Waat l?lh st . la tho rear, A BITUATION WANTRD-BT A COMPETENT YuUMO woman, so eouk; la a goad bread sad biscuit balor, Aa.; boot dty of rofsreace caa ba glvaa. Apply at I0J Baal A A SITUATION WANTED?AN COOE AND TO ABNIST In washing. Bast any reference. Apply At 28 Rate 18th ak ARRBI'ICTANLS PROTB8TART OIRL WANTS A situation a> nurse ar to wait on an elderly lady. OaS at 47 Oreeawicb av Irom t to 12 o'clock. El HPM TABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITfT alien aa ladloo'mold, undart aud- all aty.cael bate dreaa'ng: can do any kind af Sua needlework Cn.laiaT Waat fist si, near 0th av. A BITUATION WANTRD-BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to da housework in a small family. Caa ba aaan for twa daya ai 30 Market al. AN EXPERIENCED LAUNDRRH8 WISIIRA A SlTUA tlon la a private lanuiv. has the beat of ally referwnan from her last plaa. Call at 9<4 6tb at., between 24th and 26th ai a, ArebpictablI rot no woman winfais a sit uatien in aprhata famdy; l? a Aral da a cook. gooA b'oad aad raka baker; uedeirtanaa nil kind* of rooking: alae a chambermaid. Beat elty refareoae for both. Caftat UK Madison at . thle day fWedoeednyl only. A BITUATION WANTED-BT A RRBPBCTARLS A young woman, aa set metre as, can operate on W healer A Wifaon a machine; na objection to lake care af a rhlig. Has two years' reference from her last place. Oan lie aaaa e< 06 W sat 18th ak ihia day t Wednesday) A mm SITUATION WANTRD-BT A OIRL. TO COOK, wash aad iron, is a email family; gowd baker. Call Ai 691 9th av., near OBthak AM TOUNO WOMAN WISH KB A SITUATION AS aeamaireaa and lady's maid, ana out and it Indian' aad ehitdrwa's draasea and Snail kinds of ramlly sawing, bate af ally ra'awnaa given; has lived four rears in beamed plana Oan ba aaan aalll tinted nt 470 6d no., near 9mn ok AM SITUATION WANTND-NT a TOUNO WONAN. ID nook, wash nnd Iron in a reapaetablo prtvato fttmllr.te atealleni ntein soak, and a vavr good oraabar aad Iiimii

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