Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1864 Page 3
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j IfTUATlOW I T^PWcToiRL WISHES A BtTUATIOM IN A M A incuMt tamtly, to 10 of atalr* w4rk ?' ????? mw' K CAB ?* W Llkeny ? . Break ya. A SITUATIOR WA*TBD-A?CHA*BMMAIDAIID A to aaalat ?^tb tbe ??i. rag ?* ?wo^u!a W*rk iu * private fai?i J. Uj? ???? ,Qr lww m 2iU 6Ui *T., OGt'OCr lSlh it A RPSFKCfABM F*OTR*TA*T WOMAN WI.SHEli A f A- awto; "? ? bMmUobI* ~*M In Ike waabiD* CaTlw two day* A U7 W?l 30th Ui, Mlvito Tth aud 8th ??e. U rFBPfVtaBLE TOUNO WOMAN WANT8 A 8ITU ?i|nu ttUakeeareof eh'UlrgO: '? ? "00'1 p'*>n illui iwoday* at 23-i Weal 16th at-.tmrd fl.>ur, bac* room. A AYOONf GIBIa WISHES A SITUATION IB A PRI v?ie faailf to do ehatubr rwork and Mwlif, Call At 17b ??" 12U ?t., third Sour, bach room. A" COMPtTENT TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITDA tioo ? and laundreaa, ran do French gutlng audt'iuruugbiy undaratandl her bualneu; the be-t ml by retjiewe given. Can be teen At da Weet 13th At, Bret liuor, Font room. Asitu/tion wanted?by a RRSPECTaBLH girl, ? lAuinlrc-e or chain ermald and to do lire wash ing and It am*. <>ood cuy refereoee give. It required. CaL lor M dk>a at 164 th av.. scar 2:ld at. BITU.T10N WANTRD-B* A It H8P EOT A BLR WO man . ctiambei maid auJ to ae-dal io tbe waahln-i and Ironing, owott d tube a Imndreaa' place In a a..i?ll board lng house flood oily reference. Call at 25 Heeler at. A RESECTABLE VOUNflfllRL, LATELY LANDED froujrelaad. .vtehns a a mat on to a private family; la a good pin aewer an i i- willing to work. Can be eeeu (or two dayal lod Weet 2litb at,. tup tloor. Abi-jation wanted?to no cooking or gerral honacwnrK, by a neat, deai rable girl; ie an ex eellent taher and ironer, and a willing, reliable, trusty ?ervanticnniml'4i and respectful; beat or references given. Apply aUI Ailantlc at.. Brooklyn. City or country. AR8PKCTABLK flIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO dgene. Al bouaework. 0*11 At S'J H oka at. Brooklyn. a QOD COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRI J\ a>' ta nlly; good city referenoe. Call at 420 tith ar., In thoakery. AilOOD COOK AND TO DO ALL KINDS Or FA my baking; would assl't In w.ablng in a small ta gillrf requited. Call al 11)4 28lh at, between 6th end 7th avetca. Actuation wanted-pob a first class 'rcnch cook ? maiiea ail kinds of pastry, flood refer enc of lire years, irora nor laat place. Can be seen for tws&ya at IU7 Park avenue. J colored woman wishes to do gbntlb nien'H washing; run do it in tbe neatest manner and XX) tlio greatest despatch. 136 West 29lli at., room No. I. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM.tN WANTS A SITU 1 etton in a private family, la a good cook nnd a drat re laundress. Has good city reference. Call tor two daya *688 3d a v., beta ecu 4Ulii and list ate. DRESSMAKER WANTS TO 0<? OUT BY THE DAY I In a few r-apoctable families. aa dressmaker und to do rally revving; can furnish her own sewing ma blue. Call , 344 Mb nr. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS REAM aires-. tn a private family; can do all kinds of sewing: would sarLt in linmberwork; can give flee years beat city reference f rom her laat place. Can be aeen for two days at 17* Woat 32d at. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A RITUAT1 ON TO DO general houaework. Call at 360 West 16th at. second Boor, front room tor two daya. An enpkkibnced woman wishes a situation aa cook; would assist In the washing and ironing. |tioo I references. Call at 308 West 36th st. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OO A8 HOUSE keeper In a gentleman's family; a widower preferred. Address Minna box 179 Herald odicc. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook; no objection- to assist in the washing and roiling, is an excellent baker; good city reference can he given. Call for two days at 3. 4 7th ay. A?SITUATIONS WANTED IN BROOKLYN FDR . thoroughly cfiicirnt scivantsuf different nations, ao emrtomed to serve In gentlemen's families?cooks, nurses, wait ra m * and general servants, many of whom ore recom mend d by our first Brooklyn families. Apply to MAN. MINU, 16 Court street, opposite City Hail, Brooklyn. RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES a SITUATION AH chambermaid and sgamstrea-t. or waitress, or to take mi of children, r sachambermaid; bestof reference. Ap ply at No. 6 Carmine at., tn (he rear, second fioor. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO cook. w.-. ah ami iron in a private family; reference if required. Call at III) Ea*t4Mh st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANT8 A SITU atlon to do general housework In a private faulty; good reference If required. Call at 91 Greenwich av. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS -A charnberma (1 and wailreaa. God city reference. Call ?till Weet 31st at. . A good cook wants a situation.-would assist "1th the washing and Ironing. Good c ty refer ?nee. Call st 114 West 19th St., second floor, l ack room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS l'.rst class cook; un.ier-isnds her luisines. Oily refer ence can he areu for two days at 116 East J2d it , between dghaod Lexington a-, i. A FIRST CLASS COOK WaNTS A SITUATION IN A small private family. The l est of city ictercnce can bo given Can be area at 169 East 2tHh st. ARKSPECTAfiLR YOUNG WOMAN W \NTS A PITUA lion as houa -keeper; is a go i-J seamstress. No objie lions In travel vviih a lady. Call at 101 Cannon St. A SITUAIION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. A3 thorough sesruu en; no objection to Ju a little eharn berwork. beat oily reference. Call for two daya at 77 tYcat 40th St. ' A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS TO DO KITCIIBN WORK Xx n s boai(IIor house, tr do the work of a small family. Doed teference. Call at ?7 East 24ib si. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cook; undera'andx eooklng nail iW branches. Is willing to aislat lowneblnglf required, Kevt of cltv referenre ; vei from her last place. Call for two toys at 104 West 28th st. between nib and Tth avs. SITUATION W ANTED?AS C1I AM DERM All) AND plain sower, or to travel with a ady. Best city refer l. Call lor two days at 77 Wett 40th st. RfflPECTABT.E GIRL WANTS A 8ITUATION AS nurae and asaUtnnt In chamberwork. He?t,-n"e im last place of employment. Apply for two days at 71 4th C A A 2X Ayounq oirl wants a SITUATION AS CHAM bermttd and wallroas In a p ivate family or prixi. e anl I n g house Can be accost If i Bait 11th St.. betwei n brrmatd and watt rots m a j> ivatc family or prlva e ding house. ^ let n*. and av. A. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PBCTABLR young girl, to do Chun.berwork sod ass at in the wash nd ironing: best*of e.ty reicioncc. Call fo.- two can " 7th av., between 32d and 331 ilk Iu 'ir MUf A SITUATION WANTKO-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS chambermaid and waltreas or, or to as alal In Hie washing and trolling; has the best of city refo renrr tioin hei ia?t place, where ahr La- been Ui.ea years and a half. Osn be seen at 143 Past 32d at , Oral 3oor, front room. Iwuween Lexington and 7.1 avs. AR) RPECTABt.E YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A slluation In a amnll private family to do geaeral house- , orh; has the best of' reiereu. e. Can be r-en tor two .tay- at 302 Union at., corner of 8mith, Soulli Brooklyn. ARBFPFCTABLP. GIRL WI'IIES A SITUATION AS giH.d cook washer aa I ironer; the bestof city reler eaee. Ca l at 170 West Thirty-first st. AKBHPK.UT.MILB OIRL WANTS A SITUATION si efcambermald or i a n -e? r, or to i?t ? mire --f ebiltren. lately lauded, has good city refeicove. Can at art west *i7d a. A WOMAN WANTN a SITUATION VSCOOK: IS A good baker nnd an excellent wsstier and ironer; goo t reference. Call at .'SO West S31h at , In the rear, Families, hotels and boarding houses, in eity and rn ntrr. urcmpli? supplied at the I aigr ?leym-nt Ho -e, corner of 6th av. and I Ith at . withfemala help of all nations, for the ddTer nt hran hes ol housework. Also farm h-nrts, roarhmen. gaid-nnrs. waiters, grooui*. pertera. servant*?in (act, help of everj description. HOUREKEEFRR'S SITUATION wantbd-bt a la I. tlilrty years of ago of refln< ment and lo'al':: geecr .lihor lo- an elderly gentleman or a rerty of gentle men U'larenoo* g ven Addresa Cohaseei, Union auuars PoOl uffloe Housekeeper. ? wanted. rt an American em n, a si" itlon aa houaekeeyer. Call fur uue week at 141 We* list at _____ LADV'S WAID AND SE VM8TRF-SH-P'TUATION wao'ed. by a rompeient peraou, abe undorstand* hair dreesti p .ml or- ss-nacmg, *u I *e ving machine. City re fa re one Apply at ISA 3d av.. near 17ib at. MATH III AND HOUSEKEEPER -A I.ADT Ol e in anon <vl?h*e the above positlin Id a -i-hnot or private ia u Iv , w->u d br dexliAble In b widower's fagg ,y. wbeie she woxiid gi*B instr'iciton In Ka.deb. French ami ein-t--. il <lseir?d. i-wuimonl-l* eaeelieni. AdnressO P . <7 Buds ii terrace, ilubnken. N. J., for one week. RR-PM TABLE OIRL WISHES A BITUATTON AN go- d eoea, waahor and i oner in a rcatwi iat e private familt; I -aihree years refeienm- f'om her la t pi ee. inn ?e aeon 'or two toys at 409 Woat i t i at., below vih ar. RBSI'Ef Ta t'LK TOl NO GIRL WIKHE.N A HITfA i lion as r-Sb.bermsld sn I waitieas in a private l.t'ii Iv; has to r r-ai iff leferenre (r-iui her la i plane. Can be seen for ivn4a> s nt ?<:'.! Wool 2 ill St., below 9th av. ylTU ATIOMI WANTKD?BT TWO R RHP R< T ARI.H ?? ?" i" a? flrsi (Isag ? ak ; no oine-liou lo agal-i a lit tle alth the w-ahni j I re-pilre I. Hu'ti won it I Ixe Bitiiailong ? ih>- ? i e fa u ly llavn t in be.u of eil> to erenreg. Ca l ?t IndCib -iv., ciiroer 17th at., In tba dry goods itorr. SITUATION W i N 11 i?R Y A TOUNO WOMAN. AS eli unte-iaaaid. wmid be willing Ie do the lire wishing, fen give gond re I tee nee. Can be se- o at :'l tt est I9ili sr. OITl tTIONS WANTED?AY TWO RESPECTABLE yTI girls one a- araun sa an I would saaltt m the rhemlwri wor* Ilie otii -r ?- chambermaid ?ad m saslsLm tbe wash tag and ironing, Hi B private famdv: both nave in ? beat f ottv rot. ien-e. O.a be aeen tor two day* a| 2dJ West 2i,ie atrext. SITUATION WANTED -BY A REAPRC f A B.L ni. ii lo itu gi tiofal ho?isework_. Is an eii-elletu and irm r. Apply at -ul W .-at 27th si., third lis ream. CITCATION WANTED -THE ADVERTISER WANTS A O ait lattan as aeatnalirsa for ao ex.silent gltl. Inquire al 234 Weal 1Mb eg, OITI ATIt'NK WANTED?IN CITY OR COI.'NTKV FOR fi a in in -er p. eiretlent v. uks, cnoka ta waab and iron, , et|ie> >en rd i-liarubi rma dk, llttrM *. ugltrease*. ttuuresaes, bonao e, ,?ri. ?,l gtrla for housework, at RAYMOND'S, 61 Rlaei'.rr at Krnaaite I Item 14J Grand al S' IT CATION WAPTin-AR GOOD COOK, HY 4 tear vial r young1 Roman, is a lust rate baker under e'andi ?l kn -ofrtes-eila atid aoupi. Can be aeen for lend :?a I i A mlty Hirx ei, aear 6th ae. OALP-U'OM N.-WANTEI7. A RITU ATION BY A 47) voiiii t? Iv. aa ss'esu n ran i.o a ftiinls lugainte abe s #>p- et c I u l ie huaiue a u be aeen fiom I to 3 e el ,1 at ji.'I K| ring atieet for two ds>*. Uoid'liy rmer ottee ?'* ?ITTATTOWB WiatlD-rBBAUW. QITUATIOH WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO O woman ; rta d<> pmral kuuagwerb. beet ?' e nnee|ttn iu ob cotton lo go a abort dlatauae to lb* Call at 1ST 1*1a**.. wim Seer. eouetrv. SITUATION WANTED?A8 GOOD COO* AND WAS] raits watbur and iroocr; baa no *b ectieu to go in llN country wllh a reapectabi# family; Uo boat of ully'rer# rente. Apply for too days at 24 Better at., to tb* atora. (SITUATION WAEIBD-BY A RBSPECTAELB tOVMQ kJ woman, to An geueml housework la a private fanilw, can ?ive food city reference. Call for two day* at RlSfth av*.. between 43in and #ilb ate, SITUATION WANTBD-RY A FIRST CLASS CHAM bermaid and aeaniatreaa, who la wit ing to inehe horse f Rnerallv uvefnl; good etty reference can bo Clean, Call r two daya at 44 I3lb at., at-ar otb arm daya t _ _ _ Situation wantrd-in a ?BTjtl do chamber* orb and walking. Call at 173 Raateth at. Situations wantrd-for competent first class cooks,, lauodrev-e*, aeamalresara. imrvea, cook* to wash and Iron, housework art, small girls and girls lately landed. Alao male belp, at J- uipluymcut HoukO, coiner of Stb ae. and Illh at. TWO YOUNO WOMKN WANT ?ilTUATION8-ONS AS Aral oUas took, tbe other ae Aral class wallrovg; bare the beat of city references. Call at 234 Weal I3lb at. TWO YOVNO GIHLS WISH SITUATIONS IN A SMALL, pileate tamlie; one aa cook ao<l toaaafatln washing and irontnu: ih? olber aa waitress and chambermaid. Bight years reference. Call till suite.! at 146 Kasi 36ib at. tRi:iSH?t r.AB''E t,1RLSI waNT SITUATIONS; A ono to do cbamberwork and )>lalo acwnu or welting the other aa cook washer and Ironer In n amall private'; good reforonco. I all at 18 Weal 43d at., Ural lloor. TO WHOLESALE OR RETAIL MILLINERS -A LADT, who >a a hrst >a(o milliner and iruuuiai, wishes lo lake b' uie work, and tvi'l do it lo the Lest uianner Apply at ?73 liroaaaray. In tbe atom store. TWO RESPECTABLE 0IRL8 WISH SITUATIONS; one ae cook, washer and roner. the other aa ebaniber tnaid; are willing and cbligtug. Call at 'Jf Worth *1. rpWO REKPBCrABLK YOUNG WOMEN WISH 8IYUA .1 tlotta; one aa cook and to avvlst w'th iho washing; the other ae chnmborn ai I: understand* washing. Uesl city reference. Cal at 378 7ih av , third lloor, front. TWO RBSPKCTABLR GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS? one aa cook, unlet .-iet;J? ue.r business thoroughly and hue no ob ecth n to help with the washing; the other aa waitress or ehamt erma d, or to lo flue waahlugi can ;;lve the heat of city reference. Call f< i twa daya at *el nth ar , in the atore, between 29th and Ik'th ?tree's. TWO 81STKRS (GERMAN) WANT|SITUATiONS-ONK ae cook und the other ae walire-e, in ono house; good reference. Call at 187 1th ar., >n the candy atore. TWO G1KL8 (SISTERS) WISH SITUATIONS IN one family; both ? spa'de of bouse or cbainbcrwoik. Can be seen for two daya at No. 9 let nr., between 1st and Iloubton ate., In the rear. Two sinters want sitpations-onk as cook. washer aod Ironer; the o her ea chaniberuiald and waf trcaa: ha.e ihe t ret of > Ity rofeiencea, Can r>e seen f >r tw o days at 143 Eaat 2Mb at , between 2<t and 3d ava. WANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A imiiTttl an Kcatnatre^a; understand* all of family *eir* 4 Ing; hna no ob iectlon to do light oheiuberwork: haa tbe bSBI ^ of city reference. Can bo seen at 13 East 18th el WANTFD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE wnnian. of steady, mors' hab.ta. aa housekeeper and plain acerer or 10 do chaiuberwork: has a perfect knowledge of housework In general. his krpt her own bouse, but U now hreaklug up; la a kind, obliging person and fully trust worthy. ?me In whom every oouflaeoce oau be placed. A good home moic an object than wages, fa!! at 378 ilud',011 ?U. top floor, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RERPBOTABIE young woman, fnllv competent te take charge nt chil dren from their birth; ujb the beat of <ily ami country WANTED?A SITUATION. AR COOK; UNDERSTANDS her bit liners In all Itr brati-he.t. no nl e "i on to uvlet In washing and Ironing: a pnva'e family pieferted; beat of city reference. Cal 1 at 131 Eaat 3'.'<1 at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RES1'K< TABLE young gtrl, to took, wash an I iron or do arm rai houre. work. Good cltv reference can begueo. Cali at U1 War ren at, near Bond, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOM AN, Vt lo do the plalu cooking, wavblngand ironing ?l n small private family, or wroulrt do hmiaework. Good t l.y refer ence. Ca l for two dayiat 12(1 Weal 2'6lh >t., one Uuor west ?f7th av. WANTED-A SITUATION. RY A RBSPBCTABLB louiiggr!. to 1 ke > ire of a babe and do light work. Call at 167 Smith at., Brooklyn. YY ANTHP-BY a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN A # 1. ,""*,ion *? chaniberuiald and wa'ire.a .a a rri-a:e fnmll; . t.ood city relerenro phen ?'a'l at 2lu7;h*v.. je. tvveen 34th ami 23th sla., thlrtl llocr, back r< om, WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED ENGLISH PRO (eatant woman, a a.tuetton aa e'-"d* nitr-c; Iv fully capable ol taking care of children an 1 w in chamber work or plalu m vying: good rut rt tcreuoe". f'a:l lor two At No. f " day* At No, 9 Aetor p.ace. near 4 b ? "TlfANTED?BY A YCUNG GIET., LATELY ARRIVED, IT a eft nation 10 <!o cl.amiicrwiok and gaalst in tbe wash log; Is willing aod nbl'ging; beat of re.", rencei given If re quired. t all for ttvo t!iiv< xt7 Part "4th at. TT'ANTED-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS AM Tf ct R'nbcrinai t. by a tv -man who cau give good refei ence*. Call at 29117th at. IV ANTED?STTPATIOKS, BY T'.YO GIRLS, TO DO TT chaiiibettvork and walt'ng; oou'd Uko lo g. in tbo aiue house. Ca l for two days at 215 W est Icth at. IV"ANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL. A SIT* II alioo to do e'.iat iberwork and waiung or p'rt e <-w nr: or a willing to in ou ciu Jrcn. t d. ,ui ttvo dataat 113 Vest 18th at njantrd?by a respectable Gtr.r_ a situa. TT tlon aa good co _ J cook And to A??ltt In vra*o? eg .-tttd Iron* Itif: has eicelieot c.iy leleiencea. 1 ?.i at 1.1 Urn _iih atraet. X\I ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SIICA IT ttoo to c >oV, w-aali and Iron. It a food io'.tr; nml referencet. Wouldtiogeucra! no i->etv rk. t'all a 22J. Lett 13th vt. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOM AN. a alt ration 1* c'lantlr 1 maid and * in.: ;ro*e: 01 ?, ^iT J ?*?Ut In the care of children 01 ify r'-'erenca*. l? I at present employer'.*. No. 16 33 YVANTF.D-A SITUATION AS U'llMRURMAlH AND TT teaieetres* or wa trr**; best - '.y ; iercn e. Ga lat l'^S Wert ldth *1 , lor two dav*. I'Aftl.B \\! ANTED- 4 SITU V.TION. 1ST A RKSPI ' TT gtc|, *1 hatnbcrnia J or tva r-tc 'b- be*' of erenee <?n be given "'all .or w ? day* at No. . I ill any pl ice. corner Harrison at., >01,' 3 Bi ilvn. IVANTED?A SITUATION ASGODJI COOK. Wa*HKR I TT and ironer: la a good baker, w i mg and .. v ? s. g- ol ' city reference. Celt for two day* tt 1M wett 7 ANTE D?SITU ATTOV'' FPU TTIRFE II I'-t CLASS ' co k< in private tan -He*. h->tr r er . rat ?-'a?a ?.r,*'.|ing I hfcu-et. tvl.l be I ui.u *?,. ;nfc u.l i,.i_lu;. und r t j t'uelr bnalnea*-a a t it* hr ,ncti ? * * ? rr .(? > 1 #, ;-*cc 4. w be uvreu 3d au.l WAN FED?A SITUATION tSUOOK I Nl'KRMAX DS the Eng'.t b * yte of re . -a;*, genie. i,.? au J .elites, good city refereuer. Call tor tue lay at ' tl av. | yy ANTED?SY* 4 rk-pkctarlb girl. A sitca on *? rltam'x -it* land nirr her 1**1 p'r *e . ran rr"i -e ^ V d .- t twe dai* at I'll Went ?M street, in tin TV ANTED?BY A CONPETBNT WOMvV A SITUA* TT Hon i' o. n ? ob *? t 0 o a tt wl;li :wa-hmg If required; tbe b< at i; e .-reuce. t nil toi :.<?? d? a a: 4 4 6th a'v Vt'ANTED-A SI1PATION. BY A rf?p:ctabik Vt young woman .* uook and to aa*' .t ut! the *-?*h TT young woman. <? uook and to hit; and ironing; the be*t of city ref 145 Eaat 32d vt eretic*. Ad ..??? N'c. TV ANTED-A SITUATION BY A CO W P1 I F,N r run TT *nn. as child's nut *e anS'Mtnatreea has mauy years eiperlcnee; the he*t ot ci v r? 'ar?ncc can ha g ?eu. Oai .01 two Ja>? ai 20 Tillarr si. Pronnyn WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A R?*T; t TABLE young ing girl, as tlrai cle*" wal-r?a*; h?a tb* he* _ reference, t *1, at 16 K?S. 24ila vt . betwe -t. Vadnuu aad 4ib aw. YVANTr.D? t hiUlATTfl*. BY A FIRsT GLASS TT weltreaa '.a? e ' o . ectmna to d) e' vi *r* rk f ie quired Inqutie at 47} 6ih av. uear *u.k *, , vac*'i iee >r, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, liV A REkPEOrABLR young woniau, to d < ' haui jet work ant ? .1 mg n- to take rare or rhidiao Oo- 1 city r*f*ieiaa' (a a< "14 Ta aula at, near Hi< aa. Brooalvo. w AN7RD?A FTTl'ATIOB, BT a RK?PECT A BLR young a.t , aa- bainheria , .1 wo id J* u!ini<wu| -tat In In* eraat It " ' ' " "" or aa-tat In In* w<*' tng C* I foi two data at 77 ? ?t, between <th and 7tb a>#. WANTED-* SITUATION BY V YOUNO GIRL *? lann Irwaa; good v.iy rt-:er*n- e. ? all At 149 E*-t 2.'d at. for twi da-* X\f ANTED?A SI TP ATIDN, BY A BMP'PT\Rf.E VT PrjtestAOl 1 ii' og to t*", a* 1,a .be ma>d andseam atrcMtean ofera e n tl" ver A Ba<*i vowing m. '4 n?, haa four y e> *'cHj rwier?iire; 11* Ob ooi oo I >>? .1 won growing chlldreo t'va oe ?i loi iivulay-a: 1 lu W -.1 k?th st.. around lloor, Loni room. yyr ANTED ?A RtTUvriON BY A RP.SPRt'TA BLK rhM nael ata , Brookl - n ehl dren at.d do u ? m?Iu( a *1. Ia? 0 mak" t* ?<- f itaelul. Call at 7'J Atienllo *'., b* v.?u lick* and Bi low Y17 ANTED?A SIlUAT'lN RY A RKSPRCTA8IR W girl, to d- ge -era' he .aow rk 'n a email pcitata fa ' 1 ly. ha* geo I el'y iefcr?n e. Pgd for :w# days at; 0J D '>1 29th at. Ill ANTED ?Ttl R ri ASH ING OF A FRIT LADIES AND VT ganilemea, by ?? ju peienl ? in irera, who there ighly under-taudv tne t uVnee* ,n all tta branehaa; pi v - ntlpg neatly done W an give the beat of city rafema e fan on or aend a note t* Lvisdret* 21b 7th av . keiweeu .4 and ata. UrANTED-A BITUATION HY ? COM 1'RTEN T I", ft Kgii, 1* > (<>0.1 ro a. un.lei a'vnila comilng In all Is branch*1; woulfavalai In iva*',liiji If r quired, good r*fer im* <an be glteu Apply at 244 bin av uear Ibth at. WANTED-BY A IITOHLY ft F.hP EFT A R LP. FRO Vt !**'.ant girt, a v I utluii 0 lo the 1 ouaework of a amall famlii . h*?telty reference Apply at U4 )V* 1 :0th vt W ANTED-NlTUAri It VS nv TWO (ilRI/B; ONE TO do general h" laeare: v an I the other aa bauabermeld. Calls) 27 Coart ?t., iliooklyn. M r A NTKD?A SITUATIDN. ?T A FIRaT CLASS Sundrea*; ha* llve.t to 'he *?t flv* year* with one ot the best familwa in Hioekltn, h vt if referrbce gi en. Cell at 327 Ileal 2d " " 24th ft . lb V , trnn 111 to I "Clock W ANTRD-A BITL'ATIGN HY A RERPRTABI.N youej ivoman, ton in 1 cblidrvn and d<> plain sewing; ! I)*' Ihe he -1 f reference U* 1 *1 t U ave . one door I from the enmgr or .'3d ?i WANIRD-ifsFirUAr nN a? O 'R 18 A TRlTAfB vt fa mty. lie, 1 11 c 1 reler. i-ea ("a for iwo nai* it r.u Woat 1Mb at. \y ANiRti-Rv a rl'spnctaMLE woman, a hitua " tmn v? llr?t tti foov Hon' 1 > llun 10 asrlai In tiiv 1 u i'rj*":1 '"'d. 'I'd Lewi #ily rc.eugees. Umi a: 3 I Weal ivtti vt. tar two data ?itvatiowii wAmo-rimtM? WANYPD - A TOW NO HfcALTf! Y WOMAN WANTS A etiuaiioa aa wet a una. Adoreaa HM Uudaeft at.. Bteek.ya. WANTED?A SITUATION. MT A REfiPHOTABLB young woman, ? lurN: wadeistanda taking care of ? baby fioui ita blith and ? ? l.iat to mate beraelf uarful. Baal city reference from bar t?l place. Call for tw? ilaya *1.14 Oaaa at., Brooklyn. / WANTKD?SITUATIONS, BY 1 WO BKgpkCTABLK jeung women, to do ebamberwork or plain ?wing aad aa<l atabi otdery or an ad cbttdrco. Call at IC4 boat 27 lb at, tbird doer. WANTKD-BY A RK8PP-CTABLK OIRL, A SITITA . "dLn 1? (onnral konaeworh to a parale family. A|? ply at I SB Pearl at, Brooklyn. _____ WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNOOIRt. I ROM Nova Beetle, an ehainbermald or waltreia, or to do housework for a email private family. Cap be seen at 1U4 Hi. Ma k'a plate, third floor. ANTKD? BY A SMART OIRL A SITUATION TO do general housework lb e email family. Apply for two daye a t 652 8lb ar. WANTKD-BY A YOUNG (IIRIi, A SITUATION TO do rhaniberwork and line wu-hlitg or sewing. Apply al 110 Kaat Slut at , between Le.xlngtou and tilt a I'a. ANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SITUATION AS nhkmbei maid and waKie-?, baat city refer'ore. Call tt 4S7 Weal Jd lb at., In tbn faaauicat WANTED-A SITUATION, B* A YOUNU U1KL.AS laundress, or an chambermaid and to aoelat In the ?r?aiilnff xnd Iroulng; in a good wanna, and, beat w?y reference. fall at I3(> Eaal "il'lb at. Vt? ANTED?BY A RKfePKfTaBLK GIRL. A BIT0A f Y tlou an otiainhvrniaid and wallrrna. can do pia-u aew. log or wou d do the geuerai houMuvo, k of a mm. family; bun ike Is-at city referable. Ca.l for two dure ul 37', corner Wtli at, 9d ar. ANTED?A PMI'A7I"N BY A RKSPKCTAFLE woman, CHpabln of taking entire oberge of rata Infant or fnown cbilornn or to wait uu a iady. lias pvert elgln vea ? n that fcapeclij In one pone Apply for too day a at 1 Went 2t>th t1 , llret tlooj^ fioul room. YAJ ANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A SMART, TIDY QIP.L, YT to cook, wnnli and iron has ro nb}er"?na to genernl housework in a small family. Call at ha la b at., between Kilt ami 7'h nvee. W^HANTKD-RT a Tolnc. woman a m-tuatton In .t r.'rpi'cmb <? faimiy aa chambermaid or waitress and to make l. reelf geuerally ure'ul; can prdnoe tirst fines eliy refere n-t". Call at 5711 hd av., between iWlD and tinh era., for two daye. WHANtKD-A SITUATION. BY A RB?PB< TABLE young woman. aa firat c'asn ia ndrtat in ? gentleman a famUy; no inrauuds French fluting In all ita Into hen. baa Hied fo ir yeare In her last place; ibe ha-; of cilj reference produced. Call at 2i) Weat klitb Hi. (or iwo <!?ya. W^HANTKD-BY A Rt RST RA1P. WASHKR AND ironer, lainUy washing. their clothes will be reasonably done and punctually attended to; two sears' reference* I * en if re iune.1 Call for or address M., 86 Perry at., iu the rear ANTED-* SITUATION AS NURSE and BEAM atreaa. or to take care of a balir from ita birth. Ca'l for iwo l-,. ,'tbar., between 22d and 73d at*., .-.econd Poor, baek room. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A RR8PEOTA RLE WO man as down stair , servant; no objection to do chatn* herwork and wa-bing or lionsew rk; ia a good took and baker aud first rate waalier and Ironer: would go lo the country. Good refeiencea. Call at 378 6th av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPKOTaBLB voting vvoiuan, to do general housework In a small private family. has good ritv reference. Call at 25d East Milt at., reonud Door, front loom. WANTKP-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE woman, a* ?rainatress: caa cat and fit children's dreiaer. Apply al No. 1 Butler at. Brooklyn. TITANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A COMPETENT Vl young woman, aa nurse and aeamaireta. beat of cits reference from her i?t place. Call at 85 22 d it., between Nil aud Latin.ton art. WANTED-A H1TUATION AS COOK. BT A YOUNG woman; beat of city reference. Call lor two days at $3 Pacific at.. Brooklyn. WANTED ?A SITUATION AS CU AM BERM AID, BT a competent vounc girl; excellent refhreucee. Call for two days at ol Eaat 31 at ft. TlrANTP:n-A situation, by a respectable m yo'itiK Ctrl to <lo olam sewing and min i children Three tears loeicrus Call for two daty at 77 Concord a;., Biookiyn. WANrP.D?BY A YOUNG LADY. A SITUATION IN TT iOmr reape ab'e lir-tnesa. entire prefnrred. Ref erences given. Addreaa J. L., bo* 201) Herald oft'. e. Want: d-by an experienced woman, a sit I uailon at Htsiaiatu cook or laundress iu a hotel er res tail ran I or apply at ICO Washington *:. HKJ.P W.tNTED-MALKh. i QENTS MAKE $45 CLEAR FROM A SMALL GAP! j.1. tel. A aplendid watrh presented free lo ea<-h agent. P.eturn to o'd prb er. Contents of paekages enlarg 'd ; quail- i ty attperlov. Kxtra new mammoth prt^e packages, ea h | diiiannng fine writing n?;>i ,a a Fashion pin tea, nigral I IngH. games, ri ipr*. Yankre uo ions, gift* of Jewelry. Ac , i ato'dpnce*. Sn es imrncn e. profits large $15 pei day j g iaianised. Send for our great new fall circulars, "lntaln- J rig eglra premium inducement*, Dee S. f. KICKABDS 1 Ai'O. lb.' Nassau at., N. V.. original, largest aad Oldest I pil/c p? k?g? ho ise In Uie world. AT THH Mlir-CANTII.E AORHOT?W UITED TO DAY, dry goods sa'ssman, d; ug clara, ohi e clerk, hookfcee;:- I eis. barkeeper, hotel Jr.i, grocery ealcsmau and por;er 1 O'hri s t ations open. Keel ec able men can always find . euii loy meut by calling on us ear y. Mcr bants and ether# I supplied w, b help gratia. Cat. on G. MONUOMLRY A <>>.. I :6o Broadway, room No. 4, up sta re. ! A i.RNT?TO BELI. RISK CRAYON* PORTRAITS OP I -V U'-nera! Grant, Mct'lellau and Llnroln. and t'ampalgn Radges and Pfgl Pi vtiis targe. Son I aiampsfor' 1 r or ail on 8 W. RIt'E A Co.. 83 Nassau street, N. Y. i ' t GENT* CAN MAKE $.V? A MONTH BY SELLING < t\ our groa; si?lion< ry I'ti/e Taekets and splendid Steel ' Engiavinga VTe publish the purl rails of LINCOLN, GRANT and Mi CLKLLA.V. Agent'rc r;ve a present of splendid g'<!d or s'ver watches. > ic . are a< rc with goods No delay Our goods soil j ran dlv :ind the proll;* are iuiaienae. Full pailiculars n i cu ilar*. icai'e 1 U.S. II ASK I Nh A f'O, Ifl Iteekmau street, New Toi k 4 I OMMBRf IAL AGENCY. 2?:v; AND 2D9 EROAD ' way?Wanted, an asatstant bo Kkee- er. hole; oieitc, en is chia. diy goods salesman, cashier lor * :r#;a 'ran', ' ]/< ai.d shoe talesman, giorery clerk haiteuder n if por ter. it.-'e s t -atloos sie pen l"r leapt table men .\,i ? >.ne i n with intel ikeuce e'' ces. Condui'.cd n .er pa lioua?c?r me' ban:*. AGENTS Ct.EAR EIX DOLL ARE PBOX f"'TY _"\ ". ?t?. t all and etamlne an uiTeot on ' ige.ntlv need ed by ec?.y bt'dy o. -amp ~s f'-u;'rcc 1,1 ma for id eats tuat w.,. r*ts a $ ", by R L. We- olt ID) Chatham sonars N Y. { A GEN T* ABE MAKING FROM $'? TO $12 UER DAY .\ I n; . ari e ? -iiveute i Se <f ? u rr- 0 i tmeaa Ugh'and rrsi > tah|e rapila. required an all Cab at N '. I I ark i ace. id- hi kl. \b(?Y Id TO 14 YEARN )LD. W A.N 1 EU?Tit VEND a . .0?e < od ? ? ro ?! S t<> 4 ? elo< k ; wages f , 5" (.. f A my t -en !'? sud ll al No. sKo'iih RTt ijsm ei.. Up \? AtUU PER Vuvrr CAN It* V AI1F, BY tRLLINfl <?? u? cc, mn t use : a?> : :apidly lediii. an*, es ? i rei nt <'af on r kddresa fk. al ' , e s i .- cms Blue A 1 tea' ilairt rs, 37 I'ars l< <v, N V \N INDURTKftTP s (MN OF GOOD Itt<|\Vie ?w.i ci us so a-e a s"Od pla't -v tb ias? r saaii n ? i'?l ?! <-d du ?;*]?- as < anvesaej *- ,.?r t Ilia ? j Sd'lia?tl Ig H t. Judson. A-w Yn s E ahi a. i?oY w anied-a sm ahp i?. rRLi.MFN r ?ndwil 1^ ling ; .d, ri 13 |<> IS egis #f ge, who r-st >* . , a a r. Apply, w.tu ie.crei- s at ku Wi .u by si. hiook B0Th wanifd-in a Law '>rr:cR; one wii# ? a go-e' kit I ami ? ula-*s h a purer, s i J aO h I er i<tii Fulton ?t rorne nl Broadwar H' or m antkd-in a iroc it -ro t': ink vymg - an bring k o t lele.-eare, a is'O ued 'eitc are <>( a bor--. and ta Loud at home m?s ppiy a; H.e coiner uf lib S?, and .8 h -I ketwaeu Ik sn I > Cock. BOY WAJIIRP-AT IKII FL< MM1NG NV8IRE?s ("a on cpir'As dan ?rp p mwi IT k aat it W AN1KII -"M. W HO C b DRRsT AN litt the -?'* * ? and sn C ?ire w. ' if'outn.e] J-d . t.i at ihe so |l eas- "rne- ?! 2Asl -n<l a*. A /sl.OAC AND vltAVr. fl A I.Ey M < V WANTED?Wfll> V fully ndgisiaerte ibe i in 'eAasa <rsde goon aa arv and steads emple.m ol. Andreas V. A. hot JtV Hria'd QUIoe. / 'ANA IfM"" R* WH<> Wl-H tt> rtKK HOLD OF A \J r'h- s ? ?>,' . u r-.?a; oiains ?a wo k -f art??' I 4 ? w?P 'o a 1 hi a *Td ess ?* ih cs 'on 0!We? nf ION! EH i * NO, In i ?ireet. New York. Agents sraated n (yery lows rr. e$> A fair 4 e-ieunt. Te-ms tin. RCOdlST WANTED-rf) TAKR rilaRGF. OF A fir sdwss g ?? i i On'v :!,# jli i ?* ? pe'?T , ?? , having i-e'ivrr pel suhh a pos on ue?d ,rf ? t an eaperleu'-ed maa :he ss ar< w It be - ers ana ;->eit on per manent Ou.y lualine i aad firei *- Ir nag sie -sad niasa, fer imee < ?'? mi is4 r'ervtd #t e. stai rig aart ? u lar'yua e rr? ier e. ai,d from wheir l eg - air ,s? Imo n ais Ro aec ? sriil be taaen of as l. iis a 0'; aemg'yug wl'h thasa ond1' ima I'LPRK W aNPRD ? ARRI Y Af <-t BROAD- ! ro iu %'e^fi._frafli l' " I a'cpH k DPw2e. T). API*!,HON A ' ?). IRK IN f jvp ,>F 1 WO ?hrt* gm I ag-ti ? ?<! fit n NSW T.fA ,r.?. ananaai h?-p u.<p a g ?, asj aa i sga h,< ad L' * It *1K It AND 1 AROfifiRd WANTRO -A PRaCri U ai larmer: eae who '< uld t-*id n en pi'e >t, Aiso fo r laherlng men. t? go a few ml'es n the ? ntr. Ktesdy employruenl. I'a lat k Mb at. slaiMs'riucl. Hotels-wanied. a h gkl clerk rompetebl, "lib ssi efsrierf re* e -? and viauy grara' etp" ieti'-e. wiakci a i w ?u ia a firs'? asa h" i-w A . s - H F B., Stalk ?' Outdoor kaltsmait w*ntrd-to *Kr r. *iu ? par-d morha eefite. ths e?rs wet article la the wec-d. Tror# <i a. t catiobs >ei t be re jutrwrt, ft- Arahy V It. LRoRAMD BROWN, M? W?*t lEu, it JUtlNTI R H WARBRnt'gt.MtN..AN RXPRRTF.El kit caieful and ttesdi baa.I waa'sd, at II and Ii Ja, ob a', SU'TLP RS?TH R P PIT TRItP STATIONRRV P*? KAGhfi ARK VUT UP BY J. L It riRREoNT T7 ao? T? Rase, i street, N. I No ad- am# lo pr <a TOAGBNTfi-rHR 8 Rgf NT A HON R RV P AC K kGRk ??? W"f?d ft I wet Li'hftrf' ftp !i1t? FarirAiLa u ii t Lneelp Oraai and all the lead lag Generals! l,f, , 4.X4 to-llli'lN gIrs-iT" ??t?c u",,< 11 VV4hr,r''n?7ti "CT'| INDUftTRTOC" tan Co, TAfl'Broad way '1 y, with ,.(e,e!lr?^ ? A ON A RM A LI, Pi A( I*. ' R**' 'he ett? , >n-is| understand ih? r-r < ?r ni.dke p-mse'l gcm- ally useliii Aeb'S st -so ? ,, 1C1 n Wi?r; W M, fr mi u a Mi'. J I' m * | IHBLP WAMTlO-MAIiKV I WAh.T.-?"f T,) DO T"K UK n KK t (i JOH bov a! S.*1! .. ':ub"l,,"""? uf a hotel; Hao a k*l| ^ 11 0 *l lie Ukm.rolt House, Uroa Iway, corn-r of WA"LD'-?KD'At^V-ABLK HOnlRD NKM A* k, .nil ?1 IT"-? d f'l'u-U State* irauepori* and in ? ,u a?i,i? ?,Yi? r hl?rbor; pay $-'l a metilu ?ud Board. Bloec ker *ree|CC<"0m*a^*1'0"?< w *- ?? MiMuil, Mo 67 W V.dla?"A flM*RT HOT. A <*'20 A I NTED WITH kr% .upfife, :rh * * ~ NBo07TSlf,N1coVTORIt CALL AfTEE W T0W Mal* AS 8ALRMMAM IN A CHy_ atom. Appiy at No. 7 hau.auge place, Jeraey W ^oVP.TJJ0 K"ART BOYS, A BOOT 15 YKARSOF 'iianae AnnuL..u SS2* uiu,,t &? <*>f reol at mak ng ?a0ge- AlI"V 0 M???Uy .t Brr. 2.1.M ,tV.. ((l?r / A. M. WA"ne?;rtJ^rKT' ""TKIif^OKNT BOY. ABOUT tare of ;,u ? ?'a?", lo work in tlieahop and to una "u ul"'' Apply to A. Hraluerd. No. >J toa.d, a lane. WAAMlv"aI'iiRTRBB?y8 ?TO BOTTLB WHISKEY. 14) ^ M. y B- T- hdiAa , 48 Broadway, between band W Am*M?o7m. 1N A STOCK BKOKBR'SOKKICK; inve, boi Vi""'o^'olrca ?'"U'e';d'U A>Ui""*' w,lh re,tr W\N,iVVnT, u ? ';nTK aTVT "AN, OR MAN AND ? lliourn.'as ola ,? ?r'd)' '? 0 ?""" frm York ; ! Ac ih#? wonmi? if ai?l i*k? oare of horse. covr, I thin winter I 2;} . ?e"r.!al fou-ewnrk. Moderate wages ifore C*'1, lro'1' 12 u" 2-al ??'# Hudson at. aSed Xy^^TED?A 00OD BARKICRPBR. TO WHOM *<"0 ' tiy lo^r mVJI'. be rlj?,,vl"' ?'>d lodi .Ta L,? I ^ m'c&u I VtyAN n.D?IN Ol R BOYH' DEPARTMENT A FIRST toe. ^^"'""(hone other need ap^,(^ood refer I.*** ??Kot;er? A Raymond. ssf' sxsftts'"""?"*"" WA^D-TWO riR!lT class colored men skr. rants, oue as walla- and ihe other an groom' beat of reference* rv^tned Appli at 10 Kaet tntb *1? ' VyANTED A HOY, ABOUT It TEARS OF AOB TO ??if .._??" ?* 'i1 " '",ok *"d "ewepaper ort'en and make bun ^ ?*ftll Inquire ni 11 A. M. al 146 Wavei.ey placa. TITAN IBD?A ROT. 10 OR 18 TEARS OF AGP,. TO ACT ? ?J,.V * prrlar In an lioporllng booee Wagea?i6d In <Mt? par auji.itn._ Ad,J-*3 ho? 5.MM Po t oBce. WAa.T.KIJr^ ^OO* AND TWO STP.WARD3. THIS for iw-n ' 'iVIa*' a>' '? ,h,> ?!?<?? Narv WANTED-A rot, ABOUT 14 VB?KS OP AG! IN ?^roker ? oillce Adilreaa boi 3.6S6 Poat olllte. WANTED-A STOUT BOY TO DRIVE A WAGON ?od b'_f d 'n lbr^iouse. Apply at 105 haat S4lh it. TyANTED?A SMART, ACTITB SALESMAN Ap. ?rap, to iH Eii?Z,Cl*M ^ef"<BC?' ?? ?<I and 544 Broad- i WA?lRuDJ"A,COMI'ETHNT FIRST CLASS HOTEL I JmployVra. Addret* I'T*"* *"* | W Tr?' K? M'N WH0 "AS A ICNOW I between ^5ib and MU T' b >Smt" A r ?l ''9A Stb 'v ? I WANTED-A STOUT BOX, FROM 16 TO IS TRA R3 (ha hif.inV..' i0?f* et?f?i one acquainted wild It!earner SarrowfTrom Appir 41 6f1 W ,MAN T0 87AMPAND FINISH J.??. fr ?ru*"*I't* for liarnesa. w ,r* and good waget^ A up, v lo Gturge Smith, hai a: laser. IU5 Rim at. W' ANTED?A TOUNO "MAX. 14 TO 20 TE ARS OF Broome'at " 1>!CuU bAr' Ai llie c?liforB'A Ktchaoge, 4.6 W ANTED-A YOUNO MAN IN A LIGHT BUSINESS TT oue about $150 lo fcei.uriiy, cad m^el Ti ur ;,*,lon- on application to-dar, after 12 o'clock, *? K*it Hu<]-tou tt.. lo the biisrment. ry AN TED-A YOUNG MAN. WHOS^ EVENINGS . kf?'ineor ipled. would like oopving for wort of a like Spring et? *' b0ul?? ritkte aa,Jre,, '? ^ ? atation A. - ? ' " - WAMTf,D~* ,>'LDI)LK AOKD Man. as salesman. w . .. Fleming a hat cap and luralore: none need lpplr But Ibota aequaiEtrd with the buemrea and .villma to work '.??d 'kiBreortf required. Apply at 8S Chatham at. ' Ty ANTED?ONB MAN AND TWO STOUT BOTS T*'?. ^ ^ ApP" l? M'' TyANTI D-A BOY IN AN OFFICE MUST 11A i"E ?? the best of recommer.dailona f,,r ,-baracter Nona other* need apply. Addicn box 4,072!P >0 oH.ce. WANTED-A TEA CLKRIT, AT 3D AVeT,"^. ??'' -Oh at. Apply between 5 and 10 A. M. iy ANTI D?IN A FANCY OOODS IMPORTING HOUSR ?? a joy abwUt 16 vuara of age. Oun wlih geod tele re neat may apply at 35 Ma Idea ane. up alalia. W7 ANTED?A SMART. STEADT. SOB'-'R MAN (a-iiglej to ten,i bar take i baign of a realau - till and J1"1 hl-.naelf umI?1: th? be?t of referen - win be , ,ued I A*. ireaa Jainei, Herald olb^c iy ANTED?IN A CLOTHING HOi'SE, A YOUNO l?? bar ne rxperirme in il a cloth ng nr cloth buai Been, with 'it* re eiej.-e. Apply at lid Fulton at | TT'ANTED-A TOUNO MAN AS BARKEEPER ATM i_if_Menr. it. a ply for two days wtik refeiwaee. "V""OUNO M8.V AND OLD MEN OUT OF UVIPi.OY I men I wil' do we.I lo call at (lie oflice of Ihe Campaiau fc'ed ^0:"Faut, 4i, ilr,adw?j Extra inducemeute al ly ANTED 'V A RFSTAUBAM". A GOOD WAIIRR W ""?niripai"a" e"l'U uud Uni ',B P'eferred. Addreta W M??1r xV I'tiNKsT. TNi r i.i 1Q| NT BOY, from f* H 10 15 *eaia ,,f ate, wha ir- iie. o i,h h . paiecf in a w ,?iaea,e a oie. down ewe. Sa art-.tie firai ,.ar 6125 Aidrtaa la own canawri-lng, J P. K I ox 115 Hera Id oTllie. Yy ANTED?A YOUNG MAS. TO M.AKB HIMSEI F ft uaef, fro n In to 18 year* of a, a. Alio a J ?- ? Ai p hi gtai Ho . <vi and ?..? L ipenai I at. \L anOc a RIRTAIL DRY OOODI SALUMAM. ff A; p r at II < amarlne it. THE TRAD IBM. A TTF.NYIOV.. LANTKRV MaKBRS.-W ANTED. A -l iiitn who o*n m?k* il??? kkOMrrit; n >n? but ihi? b#*t werkrien ne? l ?nply AdJieaa, tut ng wages, Heouug.ay Rio a A CO., A ii noatl. Ohm 4 Pf KNTION GLASS CUT I BBS?WANTED, ASH ADR ?" N^'er a ilr? as elating wages, Heiningray Bio a A ? , Ulo'innaM, Ohio \ SITUATION AT t> ' Kli-IS SOAFMAKRR, by a r\ mkn who hi,a been f,?t Ihe past t<-n tears foreo an In >'i [_ Oak e> ? ? .a,, n t,,ry; can make chemical*, tauadry i i * ? acap i ? per <ant eheanrr than an* vther ntanu a f rer ci.ii .. -o max., me beit tuariiu and toC-t ? ,*p? in tic l i. ed S.atea < a, on or audreea -oat naak-r No 242 sc. a*.. :>rn*r.,,lli ?: NT A BLA-'KHMirH BKLPI R WANTED ONR WHO - \ .leratan It *lr.vleg an b?,ae shoe* *o g iaa iori li*. leoctiii ue country, i., hire t,* me da, month or ?ea- or a )0 u g nan w he ?er?ei1 a f?er 'III ai hr Iv | II |. f-y I *1. a", *"""li 4mb be,w,e* A and It, ib.t Jay, itow 9 C3ARIU r UPHOLSTERERS WANTED -APTLY TO r1 K iskain A Manuel, tft East 27ih -t PONPECTIONER WA.MP.D-G.VI: WHO EXCELS IV .1 ' V* "-d "?a Nring re-, uuf, en .ai una foi .teadf *" t" 1 atrto ha - wt 1 nnd a permaneat itiuai.on and I.brra, wages U aj) .mg al 44 Di won at. f. P A C. K DABNRY. ^'NGRaTER WanTRD-FK<>M 16 TO IOTKaRSOF .V A *?od ?Tnr'<"'?" can nam itn tr amp o-ment at I I B-w,?n se nod-ear. ? ' * ( / lOLDHMirif -THE ADA KKTIekR WANTS WOKE * * ?* a 40 da.,1 th Hr t a iiraogrr in -he - 1* ,'an sent!- *?(,, ,,inn?n lauou fro n kit former cuploiei* w.- h a* *a *?'<??!?? at H,uglier a 2 '.rsea / * a I) FSh R WAN TEH?ONE WHO THOROUOM.'Ty ai 1 ?<? s ?nda the mtnag-emeat o' 1 kiiide of iruita and |,rcua of giapes .nd'rgAan. Afilreaa box I IF. Herald ikwkiihr Wanted -a general workman fj r" '"?*? CLARK A MALL, SJ oh 11 el. PHOTOGRAPH 'H'ERaTOFS OR THOSE W!SH/v.? ; I ),t?ru iiiertftc #r rttoto^rap i tut. ,*,n procir^ tit'.t. \ \ ?.r? ??ro 1. h ?? p mr h-m ? ? was I of tie*', iii.* f* *f ?h*r|i it ill c*i. it 713 Bro* '?*???, r?om IP. ?; KOMURBLRG. PAPER VaKPRO-aN hXPBRIRNCED UNMAR I r ?.t an ial* v arrived Me iee in r,. ntrr. ueairea a a or o- a- p tin in or irarelttag axent n a [ aper mil! or ra.? . . iae b?a ha'-l at ai oca *? maoegwr n Rutland ? 01 a 1.a .e4 F-an ? in Hi at mills No ob wiinu isro tr ? 'n , aadress p. M hex 1 "u t\>ai eS e. Pa "710 IA f LORH ? A CUTTER WHOsPRaKH PBKFKCT I riei -h ?nd ',"??<?. ear a a ed tenon as pentelonea ? ,1 rr ui'er. laa raen ern:> n #4 in a we'l knowq b i,aw in 1. a war A dreaa J. L.. Cutter Herele eitiev. rro p?iNi ers-wantrd a nnsr clah? h>R I e,.W|w?a'i.?r, (or ge .eral w rk To a (mat band a per fffitit-iOi will b# tivtn Nonu *>? nrfd aotwrr. A< ?'.?(.si; amoMii #l itiirid, ?:ou?pOiiivr. Ht r& a 'ro D?KH?-WAltTKD tlTO JO? OT?Hfl * I nrt th*r, ?h* ?h ro<iuh f undtritaai |b?ir <?.,# i,p?t Aur ? il ' 99 toil I 'l Ki t f> lb 11. THE c UTTH11. ? A I r I I It (IK TAAPLAK fFAlt'. f rrpei en.-* tn-nei.irn la anng wnbea to o ita'e a tier tr a nerd 9 a s an speak German anil'.eglak. pre-Rre u> Lmi?'rC'Ac" "l,rp'nit1'? ''< r'"Cu?Vdr \y Ali'llMAKERS WANfMD-TO GO WEST. TW'I f f (n?,t w -r a man. w 1 h guod refer en-r an ..main all ., IMcak- app ring ie Cooper A Fa io?a, 11 Maiden lane. VV * tc ii ma KiR,.wanted, a smart, aotitb f* t? * aboui 16 rear, of age ie legrn Hie wau-h and ? e- k -e; alrioe trade | on Ure ef 9r address II A AI.eaeon, J 'fr rt ??., Nfff TOf*. IV aMED FOUR FlRSI clans stfam fitters rer atteVl" f * Ha-gbvevt A Co a, lj| and Me ? tl' AN I ID? TWO I'l A IN PAINTIRS to go in the 1, . " r. 1 ? mtinina inuufrc of George K'.e n a J rottfrlon a. u,p Poor. 1#.'7?h ar Ur4NlE0-A FlHST 01,ASg ("OSTOM SIMIU CUT ?* <? * ai 4.5 Ur- a.lea) W'ayih' '-nr single Hand "ile po'ger *1 1 reneealw-wt. As twe :>i baaia-d and >wo mi't i?.** *1 ,'i " * ?(?? a'tfl ??*Ad e.i 1' ymcnl wij f . G'drim Senrietvan it tin u at ; or ie -'ohBAAdRm Itother Maltrawei N y ? ? TUB Tft&JbU. 11/ ANTED? A OOOD JOURNSTMAll TAILOR TO oo wr aixmi forty tali** to U?r o?Minlry. MtAdy ewulofrn^ni. roll at iltldvtB, fiiarr k t'O. ? ciow tag sLuro. No. IS Oortlondt St., Irorn 9U) IS o*cioolL . I* ANTfI?-A OOOD TIM AND SHERT IRON WORK if tr, 14 Jbmm fltultk'n, AS7 Uuitoi >1* Ui N I ED?A FIRST CLASS iIAKVKH. N"N E NLKD -pply eicep1 they well understand oarvtag Lad At liould i tin lag rikmin, 35 N,i?e?>i it. U-i'.ir.u - A OOOD HAMK88 Htlll. TO OO a ?sort d rUbcs ia the! co intry. Apply at &ort??? k ?, 5'J M? RKiiun tU CaKPKNTKHH WANTKD-AT T1IK FOOT of mn nt , North river. on board of th?* u*w Hnatiotf dsrrte*. one b it Ut? best workmen will bo tmpl >y? 1. VVt.i w vnTFn-rrvii.RH, At wril wnitki<f HIM., tt.v of tub Church Ho.ue). 3J7 4lh a*, between 'Hth ami kch in . aru wanted, Ibn d-tv. ?eieral iauodieeecu, ruoke to waih an I iion. ami eonkn willing to an n ih? m,uiliy. AUo ?lr.? lite v lanled. and ? i'< f' r g.-uerat huueenerk. Kami)lea aupplied Willi reliable help ? NI'KSK WANTED? TO TAKE " * RK OF A COUPLB A of una I children and to ko with Urn mother ..nil ebll lien In the Inland of Cuba. Apply for three .lay, Ul No. 188 Gem Brooklyn. ___ /GOLORED I'OOK. W AH HE II AMU I RON Ell W ANTED, I' by a private family, in the country; leal reference, reiulred aod b--sl w.tge, given. Ap, ly to D. It. Ivlaoo, 48 Walker at. _ __ fGOOK WANTED?FOR AN ENGLISH ItbSTAL'RANT t) down totvu; do nlg .t or Sunday work: mint unuer ataml Engllah coukmg, ptitr; and nap. ami be, able W earvo. To a good, ii.ta'r wan liberal wagaa will be g ven. Apply, between 10 aud ii o'clock at the morn ng, at No. tio hLillen lane. rtllAM BERAIAID AND SB A MS7RE.S8 WANTED?ONE ) who can come well recommended. In ,ulin at hie large wlilie house < om;r of 3?1 uve. aud il'oto at. la .a l bird ateu ie through rai a. _ First clarh cocks, also cooks to wash and iron, grvt'-rai hnun^worknri and girl* lately landed wanted, for eictllent st'uaMon*. It) boil) ?It* and oountrv. Apply ut the large employment bouse corner of btb av. ana lilt at. CllBSA ISO AM TK THB HABIT OF WOBjIBOAT X ai llkial (lower*# will tin<t Smpleyvrunit at 142 1 earl at. T WANT THIS DAY THREE SKRVaNTB-A FIRST 1 class cook, a waitress and a chambermaid and latin IrcsH, all fur one bonis, at tbu highest Also wanted sn e*i erlanced laundress; a short distance in the cmtnur. Places wKhaut wait tug. Apply to Mr. Ctt itlttlOPhbR, 10 Tillary at, Brooklyn. _ Mantilla forewoman wan hsd -onk to take charge of the workroom ami ?* ucrleocod la ouittog may apply to ti. Jones, 310 (Jaual r WANTED-TWO GERMAN OIRE8, ONE AS GOOD cook, washer and troner; the other to do chamber and huuae work ; llbmal ivpgra to aunh na Cbnte wall recoiutnand. ad. Inriuire at 174 Wpat 14th at. WANTED-THRKB PROTI-ST\NT OIR'.S: one to cook, wiwh ?ml Iron: Ml aa chambermaid and OA* ka nurae. Call at 153 Weai 47th m i rom 10 to 12 A. M. Wanted-a fiAncii ladt s maid, wiiohprakb , English. City reiereuuua ranutrad. Apply at AO Eaat 231 at. ItrANTED?A FIRST CLASS WET NURSE. TO TAKE VV charge of an infant 4 month, ol.l: ahe tniiat ha under 15 yeara or age, reapeclable. nent and tidy In her PWaon, kind aod obfiglng In her dlapositlon and free from all lm ruinbrnncea, and aocuatomed to the rare of children, '0h?h} who couiraknd. the nbmre reuulsltea n gond home,Jtlnd treatment andEW per month will be palil. and n nlee bonii, it .hi end of one sear. If .atla'aetlon ta given Addre.a p M Yarp'.anck Weatche.vter. onunty, N. Y. 1 ? ?-?Nnnn but those felly quel (fled as above re tulred n? ed saiwer thf. AlirANTED?TWO YOUNG LADIES, TO ATTEND IN A Y> Ba'.oon. Apph at lm' (Jrand at. _J| ANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK. WflO TOO roughly underatandi cooking in all it* brahcUea AIM a dint cliM clmmborniiM and inuodreaa; good city re ference, ?qutgnd Apply *i i* w?" J gt WANTED?A MIDDLE ACED AMERICAN, 8COTCH or Welch woman, a* nnree to an Invalid child..four yeara of age. ahe must be an honeat, tidy, atiber. good dh? peatttoned re ram and bring go 11 rroomni-nda'lora; I'I'ertI aalary Imiulre betareea the hour, o! 8 and 9 A. *. or Dr. kill W Hanger. 757 BroaJw.i) up atalra. TTT tNTED?A YOUNO FRENCH LADY \S AR^ 'T W ' ant In thn Frrncti department of a feranle aamlnary. apply at the olU'-e of the_^ourler dca Etata Vnla ANTED-A RERPKCTAflLE WOMAN. *8 SRAM etreae and lad.v't matd. Apply at 88 Waat 14th at. ANTED?A WE* NURSE. FRFUII IN MILK, wall recomtueniled Add cwi bo, 3 M Toot OMciv lay ANTED?AT R AIIWAY, N. J.?A OOOD MILLINER: \Y " one who ta? goo 1 trimmer, none other-nee-l apply reference required: good wwca given to ? touipelcnl per Win. Addrea?. box 88 R.thway N. ??-. ? oat QiHct. w \Y W r ANTED?TWO TOCNO LADIES. TO LEARN TO y* at end in a tii-t. ataanioon. 0 ?>d home given In onire at 13'.'Creriic at., between tb? bouranf 10 A M. 7 P. M. . . , Wanted?in a small family a hood t cok. i waaber au.l trailer; r.on- but one wiiliu:: to "J'tke heraelf gonornIL' uacful need apply Call at once at No 9 Ureenc a?e., Broov lyn. ____ ? Wanted?a good cQOK, willing TO assist in w?ahlnK and ironing, none ^"L?" u?'mdaa nf st rrcommended ueed apply, tall at 10 A. M to day at 31 We't Del at. Tl*"ANTED?A OIRL TO DO CHAMRERWOPK AND >Y aaalat in waah ng and Iron ng; a Germani oi one who km lived with German, P'airr -d; muai $mt$L/i"4d it1' ?ng and come well recominenued. Call at ,40 w eii -jo at., briweeu 7th and Slh era. __j_ 1A ANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL 1I<'t'SE Wi >RK ; I \Y famllvaniaH. mini bo a good wa?he- and Irnner and undeivtand nerd'ework; mint come well recommended from her la?t plaoo Call, after 11 o clock, nt -07 10th n ., uu Mra Roberta. WANTRD?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A NEAT tidy woman, a, chambermaid and wallrra*. mint ha' e coOit.i'V references; none othera need rail. Apulv at 2o K.129ib 4L, near MadUao are., betwern ibo houra of U and I. NVAsrEn-A PEOTBETANT oirl (German pre YY f rrrrdI to cook, w?ab and iron for n an.all family In the countrv a ehon dlatnnc* from tho city. hne nh > ?n bi nc a cAy reference -an have a gco I h-mn aud wa,ea Call at ato-e 97 Revkiran *. AtrAN1 I'D ? A OIRL TO SERVE AS N1TSE AND YY w? tre-a In n v iia.e tdi aniira frrm New T/irk. Apply ,, 18 I .r.n at., ' r-i Poor back oiBse, to day .Wedoeaday), from H))4 A. M till Ilk 4^- , . It) ANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A RE YY ,peclable girl aa l?undre?a md wa trca ?'2''-.S'1/, reference re-juirad. Apply betweau 10 and U at 44 Weal 32d t. ? IV ANTED-A I r EST A NT VOLVO W OMAN A3 YY wan e? an l chambermaid, and :o nai?uiI wi.h tie wa-hing and Ironing In a amal! family. Apply between ue koura uf lo aad fit Wet S5d ,t If aNTKD-A NEAT, ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT OIRL. \\ to do geu-rai houaawo k Hi a -run I private family. On'y thoac who ar?-cici an I o'-HgTig i,?* ) apii T. Brai <-t rrfe. encea fro .? aa ; - ? ,-a y App.y l -da> *t 491 W- ?t >i i ,t between 9th and 10th ?va. airASTKD?A GIRL A<1EI> 18 TO AI YEARS TO YV lake -aieot a child tour year, e'd aud be^ grrtrra ly is .Ti' ? R'feiencea re , ri?J Apply I ? tu . dv?? in Last aim at., betweeu l.exmgt and ?d gva arc.ud door from the ihnrch, TI* \NTE.D?A OIRt,, TO Dtl CIIAMBERWOBK AND W wa ? ng AmMf at ir, I4 h ,t. lle.t of city refer ??en ia ..i"1 Call from 10 to 12 A- *? T tjt TED?A GOOD COOK. W ASIVER AN D iron er, , ..ti -fj iMirM rrniicil. Arr' vk 97 W 0*1 43d at. dti rnftreorea required. Apr w W ^rmaV> m'f.t "r^^Nr^Pym ' oVSl referencea required. ? TFaMTKD-A .BAVULI M I LNDFIIsrAND n cutting aud I'l.iig. Apply, Willi reference,, w4ub.b av., frpm 10 till 12 o clotik. YVJ.^-cndP,reneVr^hI ^/uTnder ^ |2?m'' lo"s ^ M* at 4J V?eat J it ?L IItaNTRD?TWO PROTEST ART 'tiRI-S: ONE TO YY ceok. *aa ,n* run ?od d? general bniisewr.^ and tba other ?? chainntrmald and wjltreaa. Apply at No. 40 tleiniaoud at ? *17 ANTED -A GIRL TO f.NAMCL UN If "TBI RT. W One neiiuaint-d with the huameap preferred. App'y at W M Lln 't?;ark'?. 75 Iphn at. . VET ANTED?1 RANDfl i<? WORE ON SRWIMI *A W chinea, on raunel ahwta. Apply nt 4k Orchard at, front bnaetrent. Tf ANTED?A YOLMtl OR MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, 9T io take care of >b Idren an I ?ha chamb-rw rk washing and Ironing of a ?mall fa- dly boarding ? tan e in the country, a Geraann and I rut#?iant prrieire I. AppTy bntwein iand ? V. M a; i#1 F.unt at. near Ma.ueu WA?tlD-n> A FA MILT OF THEM FOTWNR YfY ihiee or four Rcom? onfurnlal *d b twren Ih rtleih and FUlirtb alre?ta, weat of Fit lib areoua Addrcaa, atatlng lerroa. J. R ? A^l ? ??h WaNTKD ?BY A KAMIl.T OfTWO. A COCfl.E or ,,nt .ral'iied Room. ,?i ? h-f ? be-ween fra'.klm and Epr'ng atreeta. Rent from i? to ?t3 per oionib. Addre.a p , hot IVJ lie1 a d tlfCt. If ANTED-IRMBDUTKLT, a < H AM BERN.AID AND YY u,mdr*.Ato l I" ??'"T, ?"* my Apply between k aud 14 A M. at U? fca.t Sim at Alf ANTED-A OOOD CDOK. WHO ITNDRRS7 A NFS W "erhuaineae, who win elan be required! ?-? tin we?h'na and Iron ng. Ae M iet ha,e fod reference, or n?ed nil" apu y. Call at >,# lleury at., aeioud dour auuth uf Preatdeut, Broekiyn. - WANTRD-FIFST OLABP MILLINBRB AND TRIM li-era Rune but eompetent hand* need npf y at Him mnua' Mlliluery. M7 Broadway. Ill ANTED 4? SEAMSTRS8B. A NEAT, TIDT PRO Y\ ta. anlklrl w 4'. good city reference, m int under atand woiking ?n Wheeler A WH*"it ? aewlng maeVun. App y al No. 8 E.ant 17th at . ironi 9le lie cluck, on Wednee dai tie da- ) and Thuradny. __________________ I|e,vTKD?A GOOD COOK; NONR BUT AN RAPE W lieu ad hand need apply. *>lh good n'oinraetidatloiia thin <lav only frw.u B>4 to ID o'cloak, tn R. C. Elliot, b7 M eecher e4. tf ANTED-A WOMAN. TO COOK, WASH AND IRON VV for a family of inur per?ona. One who ean come we,l recomm*oded n ay apply al 7il Waat Itnb at., helwaan 8th nndWb a?, , from 10 A. M uutlHF M. IV A NTF.D?A OOOD GERMAN OIRL. ONE WHO YY i,nderatand* booking, wa?hing and Iron iig thoruugt l?, an-1 to do g*neral houaework App y at KM .,an<n ?t. I Rronklyn. ________ ? - - - I W A NT F I) Fl' R iOOD BALRBWOM N J If if If" of ibt b jr. Afj;-v ? .* /fcy vnd ?l?r? 721 snJ tU Hh ** ? IBf AI I RESN.?A FIRST CLASS WAIT"Rss_ W?Nr i Vt i it mn.' tl. to gbi.- "nde tn'"-! ' , ?#,g *pp: , i by or l > b-?t m om noirtai ou?. I* ,t il * cmefc. I nt No, 81) W?ai 7tith -t. ibt- day (We-lnePiay ARTED?A WKr NUR9R CALL AT 369 Wttit ?>th **t., I>*twt-?n 7th ftn#1 8th i*ve?. WANTED ? SXPKRIKNfKD llAN DM TO MAEK clnah arni .ituu and b. adr t il.?,. ' atao . *?? " I Silk embroiderer- Work,,.van la t? *,f. JP, Apply el 18 hurth Mo at., HCMO tio?r. ?uir ll ocltwk' WANTED-A LADT, TO LRARN TH8 a KT OS J M ? ring pm*? rspha Afur two weak, luoiroat.owag on* hoar per d*. work will bo glren out C? si ?f?%U* Broad ?av. i?-m I'J. O. KONIOHBSBQ. \\f ANThD?A SMART YOUNG PRuTI-grANr ?')? TT man. logo lb* general houaewira of a rerr -m? I Ufiil v , iiiimi t iro?>d plain coot oi*L"r and Irorvr none k?* faiiiri v wi i h'Mii d??iuf <-ompatent* louuire %i bo 2 in at betwemt if d,i i 12 n th i nor01 II' WTFII -AS TOOK. WASHER A\rt IK'NKK A ?? r"Hip*l?ot girl; boot Of Ct'y refeon *? ' squired. Ay W ?' *?? between the lioura of 9 and 13. \v \kf ANTI- 0?<111(1.8 ro WflUK IN A FACTOR V. IN ?lUlraat Mitctiell a wharf foot of |V?n at.. Brooklyn. WrANrRIl | V1MK0I ATELY-AN EXPERIENCED ah mm* V, i1? V."*. ?""rr """"I h'? <t ? In III Mr? H liae !/ tevl? **? with I* -re iOOS. Apply . " Lowe/. .'1,7 Grand at , aectuid "no,, Want,,d-AN EXfRRIBNiMI. WAITRESS OfTV 12 o'c loi-t *r '"l " ? * PP1/ before referenreear. airly belwr.n lb. h? r* i v m * ,'J 9 / M . kk 29 Vteat AMii at. Wage* ?; ,*.r m?Dtll, 2 *? W Akl'ED~1 "Bi.E 8ALKSWOUK.X AT 279 U It A NO 1(|/| B" V NET l-'R A M R V A ir Fit A w t w , _ N(1 N ? U ?>''< *n,'d hands need anpiv, a< 0 a Imy, lioui 14 to 16 years of age al 60 Mendeogal at., up wi n SITl'ATIOVS VUTIIMI AI.KH. A toono man rnoM the country who has served tiii-. n yaara in lli? army, ri* net. eoure good *?* eioymenL Address ft. P. W.. 17:i West .'Isi t Ci,uuu A f?RST CLASS RARTENDBft CAV Bf PROTnaJtO i i\?ny.i?iV'"{ at'.h* ? of ?he llulPtd Btitea Hol-1, be Inaen tho hours of!) ami 12. ARKSl'KTTABi.K MAN WANTN A SITITATIOW AP ,.?aW"lter' bwtofd^ fk'krance. A.ldresa It. ? .. A YOCN.l MAN W A N1S A K.TI'MIOV Alt IOA(7n". i'.ii ',h" b*"1 n,t7 r*'ernn n Tom hla a<l plsr.. . ba^;!'r.yr,ti'0r,ia;^',le' C"rn"1 wu? "l "<> ??? A O" NTT.RM A N WREL A?' H'AINTK. II WITH TIT* tfV <?'? ? '"laluesi In tba aouih?rn ti*r of oouutleanf IhiaRtaio. wlahasa altuatlon aa sb*.u to pun-has -p o I to for aomo bouao in tho rlty. R*fai*naea eiehaugnd Ad ilreaa Jolmsou, Herald oilico. A TOD TO MAN WISH KA A SITCATION AM WO www ? inn atuio; can take chars* of a luislnaa* wsgnu and is kccurnla at aucounts: can giro nnil-iuh ?d raleivnce aa to houeatf. t all at oi' addrasa An Wnat li)tb ?t. ATODKO MAN, 25 YRaRR OF A(^. WISHES a situation as boolck*op*r or salesman, salary moi*rala reior*uc*a given on application. Addreaa C. U. B , box l5 Poat olQi-o. Jamaica, L. I. AYOONO MAN. A BARTKNDKR. WTfllfBS A 8ITPA tlon In a reajvctable bouae, nnderatnnda his bualn*-a Ihorouahlir. Can be aeon at life present etnployer'a. 67 Oreeuo ich aL, between 7 o'clock A. M. tod 13 M. A MAN AND WIFE. WHO ABB FIKRT CLASS cioka. wiah a place in (bo oily or country: enn do Ilay#.' *B P*,trT" u- w-. Herald offloa. for two A GENTLEMAN LATELY ARRIVED FROM SWEDEN, who baa iitany yaara' oifo lenco la the working of iron mines, ana has been auperintendlng the same. wanUt employment. Beat of references gireu. Apply at 17 Nas sau at,, basement. APERSKVERING and rmerortio touno man lately arrived from England, of good business expe rience, requires a situation In ancflc*'; baa ser* ad three years in a ship and Insurance broker's olllcn. Criexccptlrin abl* re'ereuces and securliy. Addrers L. M., Herald oflloe. Am coachman.?wanted, bt a young man. Bc<itch titan, latHy lan<lcdt ft situation In the above ra Peoiy; la a steady and oereful driver and has a thoro-igb knowledge as to the eare of horses; no n irotloii to the country. Address, for two deya. P. Millar, 61 Pike at, N. T. A MARRTKD MAN. WITH A SMALL FAMILY, WISH ?fx ca a aUuatlon as caretaker ou a geptleman'a place tin der-tands farming and vegetable girdeelng In ell their branches. Addre -n J. K., Herald olllee. ARLSPh.CTARLE YOl'NO MAN WANTS A SITCA tlon aa coachman; thoroughly understands h s bual kess, no ohjeclion te the country; best or refcn-oce from kia last nrapfojWrs. Call at 30S Sd ev , harness store (T0A0HM 4N ?SITUATION WANTED. BY A PROTFNT J ant Oermau, Is mar'led The '-est m city reference. Can be seen at hla prc?ent einployer'a. Oell on or address C. 3., 166 Orovn st , Jersey City. Hotel or RESTAURANT manager or stew ard a s<t ta'.lnn wsn'ed, by a compal*nt man who has Also been engared In the business; can coine well reoora m?nded; ala ' a quod cook and pastry e->ok. Ad Icesa Hotel Mana.,cr, k?x 16o Herald edice. SITUATION WANTED-:tY THE AOVRRTIRKR, AS sa'esman In a cloth atoie or any other bus ne s. In whl -h hla knowledge of the French, German and English languages would be or service to hla employers. Address J ulss.lie CITTTATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN; A RITl'A ?-9 tloe of -omc permanent employment, in or out of c tr. Address Horace. Nowburg.N. T. SITr.ATIONR WANTHD-FOR THOROUGHLY GOlf. petrot roaoUmcn, wafers, gardeners farm hands, grooms, porters, servants, Utborca. men lately landed and help of erei v dcsr ilption. Apply at the large emp nynienl hou-.e^corn> r of 8th av. and 11th at. %Also femsle help. TO DRUGGISTS. ?WANTED, A SITUATION. BY A yoon.q man. as asdstant In a drug store; has bad two jruars* eip-rienre in the old country and a lilt's |u the e>ty. Call at VI East 29th st. TO MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS?A GENTLE man, eloyiif to travel through New Yorg State, geslr a au engagement with another house, on oommUsiou or nthsr wi#n. Add.-ess Traveller. Herald ofllce. rpo CITY WEIGHERS AND KERCH ANTE.-WANTED J iti'l atlon as weigher, by e man aga-l 2'". rears al pre sent employed hv a c.ty weigher lie itmronghly under Stands the btts;n*?s, nnd la a good penman and a'-cnti"laol References exchanged. Address City Weigher. Herald bCiee. UfANTRD-RY A YOUNG MAN. A R1TUATION AH bo-.aueeper or clerk; la a good penman quick at ac CO'intf and <.An t;iveAj(o?J cllv rufwr^nrt? tr?tn ft?t tiluA. tlon. Address Tor thrre days ii II., Herald o i!c?. H7ANTED?A SITUATION TOR A BOT.In A BhTp vf t tug commission heo-a or stock btoker'a nBlee; re aides with h s pareuts; Is about 14 years of age, end uai lafl school. Address H K F , Herald ollio*. ATANTED-AS NOW LEAVING HIR PRKHFNT EM v p oyer a situ tlton as h nkS'-ep .r. ass stan' cashier ar Hi any active business capacity baring muo.i general ail .?erisnce Kefereueeof lb* highest reapeetab oy from pra ai nt and last etuplojera. Addreaa J r., 4J7 1st av . N. Y. TOrANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A RRFPFt'TtRLR " I rotestanl yo ng man. who la a rt nfra d to work lo any capacity w here Ills larricaa would be required ? has no ob e<u no lo drive or take care of a horse. Cad el I Ml Broadway, corner of 46th aL, for two days, TIT ANTED?BT A TOUNO MAN OF STRICT 10?7 near a situation la a who caale store; grocery of referencesg,van. Addreaa Buslne-s, b"i JO ll.'fsi odlce. WANTRD-BT A TOUNO MAN OT SIX TEARS' EX. perl. m? In the ship eband err end grocery kualneae, and w ho Is al |ir<-sent In tens bua n-sa. end can in o*nea con tld'TA e trade to a house where h-s aerviees would be appreelaied. e apuat.ou. AAdteaa 214 Bridge aL, Brooklya. Yl'ANTun-HY A TOUNO MAN tltkOI.Mli OP ST go. 1 edu .vtloo. e siluauoa In e store or merchant's otic*. Address Kueier, II Wosetai at. TV'ANTED-HT A TOVN MAN. A SITUATION At TT assistant bool keeper or clerk, la willing te work aod a.lary mederate. Addreaa for three days H. r. U., Ilsrald ethos vv WANTED-A SITUATION RV A TOTEO MAN. AS cos: hi so ami to Mae cere ef a garden, no ob eclloe lo going lo the county. Call oo J. C . No. t Green wick si., up slatra . WANTED?BY A YOUNG KAN EBON TTTR COCB try. a a'tuatloe aa coachman or groom and ena -hmae, la a private family : haa an encumbrance. Satiefa lory city references will be glren. Fair w .gts eipecled. Addrasa J. 0 C.. bos 181 llere d oOce. WANTPD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO KAN, AS coachman or Dortor: la a good dr vor sod thoronyhlv enuerwiaad* the ara <-f hnrsea; can give good re *r*soe If re paired. Address / P. White. 336 4th aL, In cere of Kr. Mc Murray. WANTED?A SITUATION, ST A COMPETENT salesman. In a retell drv roods or tadora' furnishing 4 .tab'Ishmt nt apeoks the Engliah ant German languages flueniiy. Address Louts H*taid o boe. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT AN AOTIVE Busi ness on tig man, as clerk or bookkeeper; la a good l-cnman. -pile . and ac- irat* at aecounta; an iroduea raol reference*. Address J. vv., lleaald o boe. %V' INU-D-A SITUATION AS R A RTE V DErTVt ~A TT to logman fully qualltled to Salt thai po men. In iulre for d A I.lib, UH Re oh St. netwaen Id A. M and 3 P. M from Ilia Uat ?inp)oy?ra. TT?ANTED?A BITCATION AS SALESMAN OR BOOR *" keeper Ins wholesale drug hocae; h?s had ettrerlence, and can bring good relarsuuea. Addri -a O. C. M H"aid ufflce WANTED -A SITUATION AS EOORKRBrBB. AS s-tanl bookkeeper or eogvlat. by a young man who wr'trs a good hand and la onrrert at igurwe; un i?r*a<n ? alngie and double entry bookseeping; gi^od city retetaaoe. Address G. H M., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION. RY A ORKMIN NARKIED men, aa coachmen orgardenar: aisohis wife - g?"d reek; both under-mod their bualnos# wet Call at in Orchard at., seoeud floor, Da a rio u, user Uouetoe it, for threadata. ______ ? WANTED?BT A MIDDLK At.RD ERRNCIIMAN. A altuation aa waftei In ? prtreie fa ml K 11m gcivl SHT fe'ercticea aa lo csiwlty iJ sucu esH-ailoa. Auureaa for three lays A. h , 21 Baal tdih st rRESIK ADVBRTIBEMftfTI, Mr R PRHFOHfS IPROTI 8TAHTK) ^ nmm# r?mm? dii rfc?mbr# pour >? leut.e, demot e rs. Kr, no a f.w..elr da bona rru.s g0e Want*. R'adrcsaer au 97 West l?lh st. ^ SfaWAHS AND TOBACCO. A GOOD INVESTMENT TO HOTEL BEEPERS. ?TOR sals. 36,-'dw aaparior old domestic Segsrs. at e gnat bargain. Addie-a P Juian, box lit Herald office. > orbat bargain.?bor sals, rm superior j\ o. mesilc S- garsa Addreaa f durdaa, bos 214 Herald adlc*. inil /MWi pE'?(B DORBETIO SBOARS, FROM fit ?II r",I TT fly to Ej-i por t tgti a ?> a g d veacrtm-at nf a i kin ta of L*af li>,.icco for at c at Terr lew pr e**, by RtlltR A DK * s AI Elt, T8? Wat r atr?et finWr. hv ma or eipreas piomppy at auf u ng lt d isbjIsi nat if re quired.

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