Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1864 Page 5
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Follre Ar?H ?t Bi 'win Soli !????Oi** TbmI ??* Sua* y?r some I a ? put Lieutenant ton Ml Born*, of the Sroobd regiment Now Y<?rR tiu bun la ill!" city 00 a twenty days fur iimt 01 Ah regimeul o iriug re-euliatod, aud being lb* field. \ number of mw'ortuar njembure of the |i.*b, re ued to re-ent at, bar* been foliowlug Burns about lb* oily oud threatening turn with pi violence. a.iu.iog aa a roaaoo that be rfii ?toU* service ?d IM ?"voi. ????*? 'J>8 ?*? long ae.erai <d three diacbarged ?"*?**? *** ?Burtis iu the pub-io boca* ol loom** Lnwreuoe, lirrenwicb a*...up. ?? <1 aoalocommenced tonkin* toe of the party, bunie<l J?me* Hamilton. wool mj 1 j,i ^ .. I,, Manlt O fuel i am* who csuttm ed |l to rrppat lho ah' *L.e hut. ;n . dlln, llha caution Horns dra* hi* revolver aud fund at le bullat takitu efteci id L.-led a da and ling llbe reach ol n pr. be Officer R-'*e, of the Moth It Immediately arreted <>>1 uel Burns, and Da (id to await i?? result of Hamilton's Injuries. >n wu coBToved "> tn? York Hospital, el Burr.a l>*s fnHb'olly imrvel hit couotry for ear* and tnee m >nth?, and Ira lit* been la DO less [Trty battle* and ekiriakbcs. ilbiiu<ry. n solution pu<cd ?y the Board of Alderman, at eetlug held on it 12.U lnst.,hnd conveying a Icon loU-cce to ins family, referred to Colonel Wil C flK.nruR. of the .Vuijr of the Cuwb.Tlaod, who Je.i while ieadin* bit ragkMBtb the batt'eof Iru, at lhaoaiiture of iUUla, CoIodoI L'r-wer arly couuected with the Idatropolitan Bank in pvorncr IIinut Jbuv-o*. of Louli'ana, died on his a, la the parl-b <?( Plinth Coupes, on tb* dtb of It the ..go ol ub "ii uiei'ty. ; (iKxxot died at Si. Kraucisvllle, III,, oil tb* 11th at, agod ono huudruii and two years. I'ltt BraUU Stcautcr Juste. Viuiapelphia, Sopt. IS. 1634. Hindi steamer Juie, l'hdiipsou, from New Y?r]?, kly for Havana, put lut? the Delaware break I tuo aven.og of t) o lb<b instant, and ooal>d. A deserted irom her and informed an ldHftctor of i of her character, who overhauled her uad found have recently boon a pr'z\ registonng two bun pd tbirty-aevon tons. Immediately after the ollichr | Marshall, left her she hole ted British colors and Fire at Worcester. WoaoisTE*, Ma?*., Sept. IS, 1?04. | retort house and ooal shed ?C the Worcester (? aa ny were l.uroed last right. Iweuly-flve tbou rllars worth of coal was destroyed. Loss of a Weatern Htaanacr. (St. Louts, Sept. 13, 1864. | staamer John J. Roe, r<icently sunk noar New 8b* was valued at $.r0,noo and Incurea for Four lives were lust. 1 he boat had conaidera Ireriimeat freight aboard. The National Horae Fair. Haktforp, Conn., Sept. 13.1864. [National Horse Fair at Hartford has been post lcne day on account of the weather. The oxhi wJ! be^in on Wednesday morning, 14th Inst., and Ji three days. A very largs number of entries splendid show may ba looked for. Arrivals and Departures. r AKitlVALS. akx?StemuMn Rownoke?Wrn X'hnren and boy, A bl> M ausukI, It.I tlourntou, VV X Coinpion. H Hoyt. atiiBMt, J D Meriiee*. I'a rlolo Bna. Wm dmith Bad f MUdbrau aud lady, ?To?efa B dft Vzuaga. A H dc Ha 7 B Or^aorj. J P rearing. .1 M Traio and lad.v, J Cr^aory, J !?'.-ear ng, .1 M Truo and lady. Joa laern, tV (loite, M Ro l.oll Marqma deCor oaiidi ??r Llulea tlollct, Ciaro Mkra, Santiago Chl"o. If W Erein | uaaCaiuniea. Dr Jilveraou eed lady, I Badano, u c I ueo vaiumea. >?r i\ \"""J > - lADia :, MrsSnrla, Mm A C Mason. Mar,an 1 alatlo. I'a'.acio, A Pa'actj, C C P d? Beisano, Mrs uoorge. J TruuO/, * 8 Kyor*. <1 l. ^-Mlr". U ti l.egOB, Mainrel i Danl Dewnins M .!e 7,alb*. C Ofinlchen, O CoBforte, \ Mar;o. J M Horuaniicz, K C* tuo, A O^nduro, Maria ia. Lula Vui'purti, and 2ft iu the terras*. Paper Mniintaetnreri. , win be paid for I0.IWJ reams of good rourdrlalar ?lie, 32x40? ti Iba _ Apply at this offlee. le Vo'nptuou* Odor* of I'fUla, wttk I the fair lunate ?f the Zenanas rrrfumo tli"'r robe*, ar laaa exquisite ih*u tb" .oft and aplrltuel fragrauca 1ALOX 4 SON'S "Nliibt Blooming Cereua." Sold by ugglata _____ I has caught the rnre?t ptrfume that ever Nature *hnok Ifcer floral censnre, and fi .ed itundyirgly .n F1JaLI>N *'S poorles* "Night blooming Cereu*.' kold by all [lata. rises Cniheit In *U Ltgal'i'd f.otta. J. B. CLATTO" A CO., No 10 Wall eir??t. rooms No?. 6 Id4 S, New York. rises Csihtd t? ell I,c?all*e?l hat* isd iDfermeti'.n slv*o. w Broker - Olhce, 176 Broadway, N. T. lca? Caihi'd in All MgallMd 0. WEST. Na. Ma Fine straot, room No. 6. N. Y. |ov*l Havma l?oir?rv?*ee OIHelnl ringsef August 20 and September i Beautiful tompl?ilos.-halrd'? lm of Youth, or Llqel 1 Pearl. It has no equal tor pre Aav and beautlf.ln^ tl a comr'exlon aud akin. 8a.J by 1 ugiutA, and by JAMES LAIRD, Sola Proprietor.48J dway. Cure foi Horn'*, or Rnplsre, WHITES "PATENT LRVBB TRWS8. ' WHITK'a "PATIiNT LKVKR IS.' Sf-., WHITE'S " PATKNT I.BVgR TRt S3 " he bait end only Trims In the world that c r.ea thli dan bna dlrau-e Hi* n.-nl? on a tieW prli^.-n e bri-l ch' c>e*n and tvr-nn pr.;Kf<re on the tmct er B 1N?Xr.'?n. wl lh?' *Vi'? ""t.on of our llernlj. Lo ll, warranted to cure ih" mO?i ohit'nale c*?-a. Pain (tl free for a .tamp. O .K .URV A CO.. rtW Broadway. a Mure f nrt-Rrnr't African F?v?v mnd te Cure. It "? rer fall*. Drpjt M Liberty aireet. up Lt 3RD B'oeilway-Muiri' Fowler Ills. Phiernlegi '* make Examination a daily. t. M. llayi CM.. NUdtn I.ssa, 'k, B o,, "#. Palming Fan*. OIH Hoods, Jewe, ioa, Ac. ^ ^ _ _ _ titfiillonl?I oinnitll' ?? f??? H.tnncri, nip-trri'ele . >.*;* Ao (? Haln'JLKK.H"L*nafactu>er. iddreee to tmoturs.-Pmilmk A *0,,' ir^ivim iTvftnnfac i.irr?, rumored inm nioom* (t% r.iOHdwcTe Fourth utrool. W ond re plpfii Cl.t to O'utr RDf4 i rpalred. ? ri >' r >r rvrryu lirn:.?!!? tibsob*. Neuralga au ! Cat irrh.-l '? ui PoitA Anoihnotor. Hmafl boi !m,2.?v. , ^r^o, $1. i.KiP'nn Held. Il?l Manularlonxsnd lm of daehlou few t eiietnen'e Hala ha* 'he th? .son now re* 'y 'or lu#i rnuon nud talf. -t No. ll*NaM?u ?t Batohetorte llali D> r? a he Bui l? tke irld Haneleee, rull.?bh', ln*iai',*nei>?s 1 he ony r*rfe"i Bold by all diruggiata. Facioiy 31 Barclay aire*!. n*afei u and Dluniu ?' Ik* ?jr* ?P*? J?; trcafi ^ Or CAD WELL. M ClIatoB p'ace. Blghlk Crlat-rtoro'e I??lr Dye. 1-rea* rvitflva A WU Oejiftt, wliolo^olo ah \ rofjkll, ^o. C Attar troutt. ? Jjo oftftiei bj ?? akft'ito. Corn*, fluxion*. B?*Ue. *?>f I dmaaes of ? - faet. oured ey Dr. ZaOHABIA No. TSO roadwa*. Cnriei d? VlalSe?B'f per Oozen. *? ? ?; imioN A Cti 'H large and reitneediena gallery ,189" Bioad - be'***.' NlueYentft acd rwan'lclh elreela Tig ( t*? 83 prr deren. rwofatoe n. .root, frum 9 m 3 DeafaaiA Impaired Night, NOI?hS IN TUB HRAD, OATAKltHAf. AKHtOTIONd IN IBB THROAT, CHRONIC CATARRH. r AT A IIRiI OF TI1K TYMPANIC MCCOC3 ? fRBRANR OBSTRtoriONg OF THR Er STACHIAN TCBB CURED. CROhRRTH STRATORTBNBD IN ONE MINUTE. led **"!?? of the r\fr t ?i nr ? irglral aid attended to by Ur VON BlBBNBERO. i, i n con?'> Hug ro< ana Sit, llfoauwny, nasi fwelilh itreei. Dlnmend Hlngh f at d> ?' rl j f on*. Trnm tw- ???.? Tr* ?Mlnj f:'"*'1;1): red d 1 am eaoh. for rah by ? R'-V '? ALLi.N. No. 4 6 (roadway. < ns d'aor Uelow Cans airrel, leneerly No. il fall aticec Fre< Lire, Plmpln, l*a, Kie.h W'ornna, f'rirk'v Hc?t. Ae.. cured I jr OOl'RaVD'S ITALIAN "ri' .J, ? iImaD a, ,1.1 L.r..,la.A, , j ,f C V , t' viyw ! |di;DIi'ATLIl .10AP, at i jrr Hi* Uftlr nart akln-Harry't Trt eopbaroua. 1 be be?.i and e*"APe*t article Sole by drag 9 For Mole?N|-r Ir A. d CSSSlf Hllhl* In lb. Lit .. QUBl Cent fjjjjve. y F* it Rtyiee In H*ti. < ?P-. K**?h*r*. , I* - On and after f ' ibe- IB. will In SS '?,'blled fir a In tba rujal Kaahtunah e Norelliai in lb* abet* u I >1 lad ** l ur*' tnd lalable' w*ar, al 1 tiOS HDY NCLDS , .-Kit C'anel ,1,-eel Oournurt'e Posdrr Ntylteil" "pro it' llnlr ?mm lotr foreneedaeeany pau of ibe hadf*. 81. warrants! at hl*dei?d. ??d ImAdwar Orover tb JlAhcr's lllgh**' Pumlem P.l**"* Ktltoh 1" i in1! M u I ii"e, ?9A 8r?a in ,y. .>?-?Yota <M1,1 Fdl to.1 auuni, Erookl) u. fltve rnnilllnOita Water * Fair Trial, w* mnan rm who ar* nnJer anma apeola'Uf'i < ?r* irnm ?a?r to yrar tnd we pfrMo'larly allude lo India* * i-o ?re ?oneiaolii re* rtlng 11 I "-*', 'realrrent and a" eor'* of -al .? Plicntl'me for dl*ea?e*. will, a* mmh t-banee of au.; *** ** 'Woii'd be from ti"-*> lofttloui to thn llirn** fei wl* Jaaaaef tb*brmlo. ?oU wueieu'e by NuR';an ? *'-UlN. H Ollfl aireet. an! all druggHi* H#rA*r?...?mj?d . u u ii MmUm- turret. ta??:"> .v: v:? s????."<.?? "? malt* ou t?4lurd-i/a at iu? u?n b -ura nill'b Hair ft Brnou Reliable. Depot No. I Barclay eirvNtt. Bold ,B? an druggitte. Ill : heat Primii b li ?< Stlte*i Maeb ocs. WlifcLLKa A ?lLKO.N.6.? Bi>?*?waj. If fon t.? H n 'iv. * R??"l mkdigal c<?mmom hks?K l A rorlou* bonk In cui'lonx people. aad a g? '1 b"?* ??' V, ' on?. I'r??|l 60 T-> h? bad at all ???'? depuia. t.oi-l?'?te tabic? loiUod lie?. Adilreae m-uj,.. m y L>r. It. H. FOOTE. 1,13? Broadway, ?. *? J not Pubiiiuid, THE AUTOblOOEAPHT or a LONDON OH.TK<rmrB A Fresb iNillnrtlon <>f D?>?oilve Tot#g? B( -WATER*." ? I,?r.n r*tav-> Drive 6 ' eenle. Tbti Ii in entlri-ly n?w babh of .aire ?? tbe Adwnluree of ? l.oVloa l>?t''live Then U eem-hng evoeliOEiy fe^liiaiinu in itorlei like ihrio Heyoad tao tutored en ifrn-'t-rrti ii lb? nature ->f lb? earreilv?, Iho reader |#*ti IB a mpatbize in m? pumult ?f ib? orimiool, ?nd watch ?s with ^Xth? *o"nj.f in? n. i ?o inim?ob . t of tha o-n. cere nuriult Home ??' ?"? llor "? "* Ter dramal ? r?? ( lever b Ha.f'and "Th? Mur lnr of Antony ho ival are eapei-iall ?o Thli bonk *11 iamply repa. any ouo who da p, Yl U Dlarv of O Dot?- live I'uhue OBioor . ??rno0 7B aonti Bln'f"i"i1?u."d"*?' * UBl0Cl""' ?r' CUri?,,l"Srr.ro75oenU i'ubiib.W b> DICK A MTZQ Kit A hD. IUU * Id Ann slrnol. Now tork. Abo for aal? by all bnokwfllnri in tnU r-aio- .. . Copies of lb? above b iok ?cul by moll lo auy address, free of portage, on receipt of pnoe. J?w?lry mid Walihn-ir *'? Deacrtp tions, for -*'? hv OKO 0 AhhKI*, HA way, ooo door I<elow Canal ureal. lonnoriy 11 Wall ureal. Indies' OmeeleU, ?etv Siylel. Two. tbioe. five. els. eight, lea. V5'J? h?a>iiv<i dollar* ? aeU. For aale t?v ?*K0. 0. ALLBN, 415 Broad way, oao door l?6low c'Aaat aucel. Lnfe fnrtiiim niredueod priona. Q utJ ^ KfchTI. 3M Broadway. "!?Imp of Peienbnrt," Wi-.wlnc lb? Diweni acone of Qrneral Clrant'l opornlloni, tofothor wt h a I of the oiiiaoall-ua, ?c.,|Ac. I rioe only IS ceuu; wboioiale. $1 per do/en. New Map of Mobile. Prlco 20 conn; wholesale. fl20 per do/en. New Map of Richmond. Prlco only 10 centt; wboleatlo, 78AcealiPwauWd."' ?. W. TOMhINSON. Publlobor. tZ1 WaiMngiou ?(reel, Boaton. Mag*. Mrg. WlmUw'i Soothing Syrnp for eblldrea Teelhioc. curoa Dyaentry and Diarrhoea, regulatee tbe Stomach and Bowela and oui'?b Wind folio, TruHsea, Klnalt? ?itocUtnita, dlr?Mar^h A CO. OOice only at No. t feaoy i-Uroet. hady at endanh Tlio Went Indian Hwlr Cnrlor.?VVer noted to curl the most straight aud attlT lialr on tuo firal applloalfn Into n-ori riu*l?t? or waving, luaaalveour.a Sent in any ad-lres* on receipt oi $1. Addreia Wnud Oil boil l-yon, boi 6.^31 Now Turk PoitofBc?. (Juti immrd Prll and Moieikln Ilnti, (Wholeealo aud retail I, l0r LADIES, MI^B8'B0TS AND INFANTS. ^ At UKNIN'S, 613 Broadway. Wonderfai Heanlto from tho Una of CHRfALTER'H LffE f'O.i THE HaIB Approved and used by prominent Obvst l ine and 0 nf lm vlrtnea geniictnan nllbe blifbeat standingn?ar wMnaaaof It roatoros gray or laded hair w ita aetelaal color, falituxoi.t prevents dttidratfs Irritation or iieutog IM k-rps the haad clean, cool and healthy: will pot ataln the akin or so I Hie whit st fabr o. keep ihe halraofiaod g'osay, an J causes H to remain in auy de-lred poeltlon. No oth#r d-casing la :emired. Bold at the drug aloreg nnd at my cfll'-o 1 123 Hroa-lway, where advlco a- lo tiaalment of the bair will be gratuitous!v gneu. Prlc? $1 per bottle: $6 per baif doton. In fancy A^aTCHSyALl^a! M. D. Window lhailss. t .. iiold. Ilo'land Ac. New at via thado Mxtures at radured prVow O. L A J. B. KEhTV.libll Broadway. W'go, Toifpen, Hal? Dy?, Hair Dj'elng and PoTiavie Cream ^^^ri^.'h'oKA't'Bou.l strerL MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Mnrrted. Hiitox?BrtTCH.?At tbe roeldenca of lb? bride. 1 raotUor, on lueaday. beptember 13, by the Her. li>uia U | Noble, Yi aims .1. Hiltob, oi Bergen, ^. J., lo Jb.vnii y\T^M^iKx.roRD.--At MoredUh, N. V ,on Thuraday, ientetnbor 8, by the T.ev George R. Enl ar, Jamb Lyai.l, I: tlii3 c:|y, to Miw.AKdT, nacoud dAUghter of Obarlea r If- dr, K<k| , of Mvre-litb, Dels ware county, N V. Uoxk?Hoannto ? 0u Tuoadty, toptetuber 13.*^ l}'? I Central Methodist Epiaoopai church, Set cnth avaaua, by tho RovTBeory J. Ko*;0hariiw D. Rosa to MiaaCnownA UrsTciro, hotn of ttiis city. Grange and Inter counties paperepleaea copy. Sinar, Ha*ybt.?On Monday, Boptombor 11, at CBa bouse cf the bride's brother, iniNow YoM, by Hot Dr. F.aichard, us-naa W. biRKWr to Alia? JBMtia Hab vet. both of Albany. Atbanv and i bicago papers ploaao copy. To i N'-iv*'.?BhA.Kus?o<i Monday. Soptombar ft, at the Prosbyterlan church, corner of '? bli'ty-flrat ?lr?et """l Nln i. aveouo, by tbe Rev. Isaac 8ts, CBARLia P. lows .E^ Jr ol Joraey City, to UuaStiAsI. Bi.aveba, of Blv!wM>nnn?? -On Monday, September 18, at the rfkaidpuue of lUe brldg't psreoig, by lbs K?t. Q c'^T,V uTTtoEb ^'v? f,M1!3 AMn"' ,1,lrJ daughter of TLos. dovonr,on. all of tbla city. WHiTB-Ib.iAX0T.-Gn Tiid-day j-eptombor H, al the residence of the bride s faiiior, by tbo Kev W. MCAiiia tor, Mr K White, of Now York, lo Mies SakIu J. ^Wanl^A^^, at the M a rjlEWSo Tt'a tbam (!!*'' ) papirg ploaao copy. Dlrd. Aujw On ll<'0d*y, Ktp'ember H, Jon* Auu. the iouagudt *>u of .Samuel aud leatooila Allan, doc-atuJ. ol 'o^ti of M-?n?.ban, In'and, late of Ma. rahland, Stnlfu Island, aged M yoara it-a w moclb? DoircSt uusbaud, ib.u hast left uio, Ac . thy lose 1 d eplv I eel. Hut 'It? Uvd woo has bereft m?, Aud Uo can ail my -wrtows UoaI. Hi- .rloid* and a<nualntaiv.e? are roepcctfully lOVlt-Jd inalicod we tunsriU, tun (Wdu aJ-y? cUc.hoou, at not ? c' a ironi the rosldoboeof hit bister, -txth at- -ct, batwocn avenuoa <- and D. rue remain* wilt be mterroo in (4ri cn^TO' d. At'aKS -uu iiou.Uy, Saptcmbar 12, W. ununaa Awau you -b*:1 daughter ol Mr. A. atd Mrs. G. Atiuina, aged n ijetafwlll'ulro p'acr Ibis (W??lnerdayi aftoTneec. at two nVlo-'k. Ironi tbe reeidobco of b?r puree la, No. ??. Citv ilili p'acc. The remains will be *ia'.crr?d in Greeu wood i otuctrry. Tbe ti lonila of tbo lamli) are ro3peoi fullv invited to attend _ . AMams.?HuldoBly, cn Tuooday morning, September is Hi., "? AuKAita. aged do yesra, 3 lu-T.thB and 21 dnya. lie relailveg and i'rw>':<5? of the family are ruapei cully 1 Invited (oaitebd tbo fuuoral, rrom the residen-? o bia raiber, Inane Abraws, No. 32 ?M>avck Btreei, Wte (Wed- | ne'dn. i Alternooll, at two O'clocll. Voaa. - At ruml-rd, Conn,, ou Friday, -ep'eaaber9, Amelia K., widow u.' Dr. Auguatua A. A.iae, Lotted C' uer nttatlvaa aid frianda, aad the frteada cf ibefam e? ot toe 'ate Wulnni AdeeanJ David i.'rabaiu. ir? rcaiiect fully rc-i';? ted to ationd the lunoral wvicea, at the Dutch Refcrmed church, c>rn?r of lafayett? place and Fourth street, this tWedncadiy) morcing. at tcc u'cl- ck. without lurlber mv-tctiou Vbe reiLaiua wii! be uken to Waitcb?3ier for lutcrincul. UkoMWN.? At Had en Baden, en Monday, Angntl 23, HARiuarra W., wife oflaaac BrouaoD, and daughter of tba >.n | r&ii.p i bums. Her leUtlvct and fr!?de are i?vit?d lo att?n(l the fo neral from Trinity church, tbia -Wadnetuayi altern.on, at oo? o clock, Without further u.dhe Branch.?t n Tuesday;?rtahib"r ,3, Oi cjaen t-rv IIavmh klaei.RoiA, daughter o" William aad Manale M Branch, ngad 1 years, 6 motilbi and ? days. I'.c no lire will tieaivon of the fuller a'. Buvaaa ?<*? Tat3day, fop torn ?>er 18. .loa* U. the joiiagi-al am of Jdbn L. and MatilaBav l or, aged < T*he funeral will t?kaplfcra this (Wednesday} mcrelcg, at ton o'ch'ek, irom tba utDer r Jealdcoce, at lVu? Ct aria .?(in Tuesday, September 13,Gatao* W Cced?, lolknl son of (leorfe W. and kal# 1. 1 "'???? h Co ?i.kt.?In fuerday,.?Vpteraoer 13, Mart Am CuaiAT, daughter the 'ate ii-igh . nrley, aged 1*> yearn, 10 mctha and 2 d?T*. ih? iclavm ?a I frierdr of hiehtn ly era ra-'iycifti y invited to attcud th? fueerai, It -ut her 1st? rvmdetee lbo kKCud etr-r.i, i ?il I' ft. ret? and IVH'gchurch, eo h-irsdey altcimou, it two " n'? wim-Rit luithet ?o? "l-urw ?On vr-rdav, Hepttmbrr 12. la ifciac?y. Mn .arai -.AiiiM., the )ou.'*,rt aud ba'oved ?angftteTW i?ry iad tb? 'ate Jarnoi CehUI, aged 40 7r? * i . I dry?, a netlvoef h.t p*t '*b -if ?>uf .uuh.H, c .olj lip '"rr.1: HI. (WM,*W>M, .1 >??' ???? ri*^ i DC4 ??l bl ii ttn , t>o. 11 st ?n *L?#t CiiAMBt HI*.?or >101 Uf- ii. ttfpl 'n''fr?1' 1 KI I thta -M> 'tint "Od yar ?f h t A loving, k'tid r?d exrrub'R'y buabafnl An |aduTt?iitand tr i'y helivcd parent, An boneat and a worthy r ?i T?^ relative- r:-J '' ?:? o; u. ' .?> *' ' ! Colrioel'Vm. 11 W. ' 6. M. ? ? , ? r'.V,'.it? - ? A fhvuberr, and nUi son* lurlaw,J Albert Ilol, .? a id Ralph I'.nyni It, also ?b, isnctu'v of tL? 1 -Jr- - Dcpartmoit, re r-:-i c tfu.y uv.'ttrt to rai, iron, his lais roaldnioe, No Ml l orayth ttrtet, .tt* (Woda#id*v afternoon, at two u'cloolt. Pslah *n ?At Att-ria, <>a lno?<lay, o?plcnib?r Enw, the be oved wife cf lotn DolRhcoiy. *K''| Ih? frt uida i?d errjuainten n? are ra*p?ctfully invitaa to nttevrt the funeral, from her lata veallenie, at A*n na. oo ,'buraday atieruuou, ut on# o c'cck. llor fawn cs wl-l be hilerrrtl In tlatbuih Caiaetery DoRvvrH ?fie Twaaday. .ueidember 1ft, Ma*?;ars! Do asu' a, ef Una oity, in ? ?. idih y?*r of her age. Hor Ir.uarta, aad theev ?f Tie family uf ID? laid ftrne llu? l?'r ??H, of New n.'rh.Rwi, N. J., are Invited toat t?ad tba funeral 'ran ill Mtrctr atreei, Jeraay city, ou Th r?d?v a i orun'm, at o'clock, with'411 fdithor lo V II I lun In- i?v?* ? i-u M >u<l if, September 12. ot ft ?'??unloHon, Mart in uauvil, u I* d?ui|ii'ftr of Mogerei Oooevau, ?jihI in *o?rir 8 luuulim and it dui n. it.o laiailvaa a il if ram u lb. Unify are reA. eiHuliy iBf IMHI 10 aUoud Ida lm eral, Irum Itie ro*id?uce iH her motli t, 111." i. 'Ml 1? o ily aecutul ?ti , Ml* tw edDox T ? I . alio, u mi. ai tikii |i at one 'dixit li e ? will ha uiiui ?'! lu fri My (.'ami'lTy 1'iiri-uu ulli aud B" inn i-apera pleaa* C"py. Hi .Mam ?.?Ou Inrxda* in ruin*. umber 18.1*4 skua il ivmuii, fo.i/iia wioot Lawroue* H?uuei>?y, ?it? i 2b ye r? Tb ? I?rood* a- (1 aentalntaiteea are reapeclfolly UvlK-rt to eilend me tuueri?i, irom li-r l.ite retodnuoe. N" 134 Kaai IVtf iy U in aneal uo.?r btsoud avenue, Ou ihur* day h l?fii'?iu, at . * it a . I? Albany p *rre pleasx e<Miy Htm Aitlr?rio I iiead if luurmiMt, ftptwiNf IS. altar a long and pailful I loess, *bi?H aiie b fo alio <)n.,?li*u lurlli de, 'I int. v ifa ot J nnee V Hyinrd, tied 47 yeare, 1 luo'jtb aud 4 day a. * rill- re. iilvea a;>4 Maud* of the family ?re rex|?eotriilly InviU'it lo alK'iul lUd luue- a;. flow tier lain resulruoe, No. 118 Went Koriyn xtb hit et, the ( W edeesday) a ?er noon ? in ee o'clock. Her rnnuoi will be taken to Some *, Woston nK county, f?r intetiudou llomuM.?Oh M"Ud*y, tie. li-rabni 12. Artt, the be lovod wile ol Thorn*. liirobun, in ibe 4ftb year of her ege, native ot tlie pariah of Kiitsuaule, ooauty Tippti rary, Ire a ut Tlie r?la i?e* and friend* o' the family are re3! ecifully Invited to uitund the luneril, at tier nmideiice, 3ST ->ecoud aveuue. ibis (Weda.sday) atieruo?u, at twe o'clock. Ciouuiel (li aland) pnpers pleaae copy. HtiiT. ? At Hiintav ille. C"Dim on Monday, Routoinhef 12,-Jiatii. tl Linnt, ol Hunt'* l.ymio Iron 0>?ui a >y. Ibe funeral will lake place at LiunuiviUe on t'tiurasay, at twelve o'clock M. _ LI .vwiHiii ?Ou It. ad <y, Soidr-mber 12, Luot Hatwoos, age.l 34 year*, 2 moo i ha and 8 d ye. Tne trleuds and relatives of the finally ere respectnicy luviied to aiieod tli<? Iwueral, froia No 120 SuiiivuU ! eiruoi, Una (Woduubday) afternoon, at half-post 2 o'oiock, without luriber luvlutioii. Kinoiun ?In Brooklyn, on Mntxluy evening, fleptenv ber 12, Mart, yojjirgosi child i<i Martin K. and Frances K. KUntmau. e:ed ? na'-nihs aud 19 day*. Tlie friends of the family era Invited to attend the funeral service, at the reaideuoe ol ber faiuer. corner of i'utiiam and Orauil uvenoea, this (Wednesday ) alleruoou, at thn e o'clonk. _ Lvn h.?On Tueadty, September 13, I.tjou, the beloved wile o Dennis l.yucb. Tne relatlvre and friends ere respectfully invited to att'-nd Iter luueral.on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, In m hor late residence. TT Koo*evelt street. lentua.?At Fisbkul, on Mouuay, Beptvuiber 12, F. Ac gcsti a lkftos, "ge.l 24 yeare. , The friend* end relative* era Invited to attend the fu neral, without further notice, at the t nupel of ibe Church o the ts'Venant, corner of I'aik aveuue aud I'Uirfy-IlfUi etrect, thia (Widnesdav) afteruoou, at four o'clock. Lawkbsck ?On Monday. Septetnln'r 12, at the residence bis sou in law, A'lMander M. I.sno, in Ksstcbestor, N. Y , HaUT LiWMWMt, aged 77 year*, It raotun* and 19 days. 'the reutlvea aud friend* are respectfully Invited to alien,! the luuoral, at Pouilinast Oemre, I'utiiam couiity, .a*:b r1 lay alteruoon,at one o'tletk. Tuoro will also l>o i im vice at the house, thia (Wedueiday) alteruoon, at three o'oloak. Denbury and 0 irmol papers please copy. M*>'BKiA.?lu this city, after e short hut palnrul il!ne??, Mr. Evan tec MESi'tca/lor a uutuue. of years a resident 0ffhe luneral will take place this fWedoesday) morning, at half past nine o'clock, from the re?iduuce ol his aoti in-law, J. S. flans, No. 0914 *eei itwenty^evealh street Montreal papers p'ouso copy. MAiwrPH..?Suddenly, on Monday, Septcniuer 12, Hkkry ritHUiMAND .Varwkoft., In the C9th year of his age The relatives und frieuds of tho family aro roepectfully inv ted t > attend tbo, from his late residence, No. 45 West 'i'weoty-Mxtb stieot. this iWedue'day) alto. noet), ut two o'clock, without fuflhor invitatiuu. Mahiw.?At Washington, U. O., on .-iaturday, Sefilomher 1U, Ai'ht.MA'iru, of thtf'fevenlh New Jersey Voluntecra, ?go 1 22 voarc, 10 month* and 6 days The relative* aud frieuds aio reipoctfully invited to nt tend the funeral, < n Thursday arieruooo,at throe o'clock, from Ihe Keformed Dutch church, at xfagllfeU Nelg'aboi hood, N J., without further Invitation lie Oit'iArs.? n Brooklvii.en Tuesday, September 13, T'uoiirt Mc 'okmac t, in tne 8Hh ywr ol hie ?,;e. a native or the coucly IiOnglord, p irish of Carick Kdmend. If Tlle'frlende of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the rcsidBeeo , I lu< sou In taw, Ibos. Moruip, 48 1 resident street, Sndth Brooklyn, ou Thi red V ufiornoon, at two o clock. Ml/>iigfo'rd (Ireland) p-pors pleace copy. M< Atnvv.?At sea, on Thurvday, June 2 ?. while oi his p iRS'igc to I.lverpool, on b?aid the ship 1 ulterae, .Iamia Woods McAitvr.lateof 53 Catharine street, aged '*7 wears, after a short Illness. Dcl a-tavd Lurgun (Trelsnd) papers please copy. Mci.Suiss.-~On Monday, September 12, Ajtns, the be lovc . wife of ilurnsrd McGuire, to the ?8tti year of her age, s native of the parish of Bumbliu, couuty Uoscoui Her'frlends, and those of her husband, end also her brothers, Jobs and .lapses Con ion, are requested to attend tho funeral, from her late residence, 178 1'irst avonue, this ( Wcdue?day) afternooo. at one o'clock. Qi'intaro. ?At Stsmforil, C'onu., ou Sunday, feptsmber 11, Masv Maiili'a, wife of Id ward A. Quiutard atid diughter of the late ,'am-s G'.Hefcpie, h> tho 85tU year of h*Th? relatives and friends or the family are respectful'y invited to attend the funeral, front St. Jolt's church, .Stamford, tins (Wednesday) n'ternoou. at 2o'clx-W, with out furthor Invitation. Carriages will meet the tram leaving twenty-fovvnth street at tw. lv* o'ciocS. Hbto.mua.?At oau hranciscCuliiorul*, ou Tuesday, August 30, Okokun Rbvomi'IS, cT disease of Hie heart, iu the 6:at year of bis age. Boston papers pleese copy. Rovers On Tuesday, Bepteniher 13, o. con sumption, Fhavcbs Maria, beljved wife of John B. ^ Kvneral at Sts. I'eter and Daul's church. Becond ?fie?t. Willlatnaburg, on lbursday nioruiag, at ton o'clock, wheu re ialem U'K will he ce.enrated. . , Ryan.?On Monday, fceptoiuhor 12. after a short buf Rove.e Ilti.ess, which he boie with CbrhtiSO rortllnde, Kov.aho Uvah, In Hie 46tb year ol hU i*e. Mielnen lB of the family, al-ro tho,o of the Tulles -o iny are respoctrully Inv Ito.. to attend the ruuoi .1, this ( vedncdaj" uftornoon, st two o'clock, Irom his 'ale tciide ce. 219 t'mial fctrvet, w UU >ut farther notice. FsruiAN Hn Tuesday, Septembor l.'l, Tiw-ibt ha*, a native of Cork,Iielacd. .n lue 68th jtur ot hi* *gThe r-latire* and friend* of the family r' rcarectfally Invited lo attend the lu :eral. on Th .r-'dsy s'Hraoou,?' two 8'c'x ck, from his late r<?'deiivo, No. 1 < hrjutieatrcei Iho roti.a uh will bc ta! ea io ' 'aiv 'ry i in it: y BCAiuaTT ?Ou M"n lay, 5c. teml.erli, TnukAsBCAStXiT, in the bid j est of h s ago. iho fin.o-a! will t-ko ilci* ricni hi.' rvfld-. ucc. CI r.l in street, vomer of Fourth nl.vcc, l-outh I'r oLlyn. tl'H iflTcdne'-Uay) tftnfnoor' at l o'clock The frl< adi of tlie ? ataily ere inv:lc I to attend. MicwAsn.?lu Chicago. 111., cn Toawlay, Sap'amler 9, VroK?? in -aho, forninrlv of this .ty Hie reuv?ns were trlfon 'o it--, tot. R. I . f..r in cr cent a,.m..on llenvfay. Sat '.'tiih'i 12,? art 1 If . young est son of u hi. and flcMts M. .-c31eh . ayd 7 months and ^Ihe'r l-'lve- si 4 r>t'l- o* the are r-po t' ? y invited to.'?'.:?nd the lureral,tils(WetlueeUy; aftemoo''. at oue o ' K>' k, from t'uo ASSiacnca of hl? pareutv, 8U nil I ?cn Monday, e'ep'ember 12. .'ms.*, * n of Vlchai! and ' lb ?' r b irr, in the county ttlchlow, par ?h of Ruihdrum, W be Ally a.,a?, Imlanu. aged 23 5*rua" relatives and frlmd- sr* raepfcif-Uy invited U attend the fuueral, from lbs rce de.iiie o! hit t*renU', .* .#iry Btr-c?. this ,WadkS?da>> at tar note at 2o<.xk The retrains will ho takes to Calvary Ceuwlery or nlxr "Vlrklow (lr?1a?d) pipers iifsi'eo;iy icsvu'i.?Kitlad. at Harpat ? Furry, ?>a San.rdny Aug ist 13, .low G. Bcwi'.T. ? ? _ Ilia frieefa, * cmvw'T A. > -?V i u ? . ? , and Hannah fMge No 298, t A. M.. fully renueNicd t? attend 'he funswal, ticui La.syet.a II B, No. 5J7 Broadway, It!* tVadae#d*v. ailern 1 Toil?At F.tshinp, on M'fcdaj wapteaikar 18. Mr. t. wvftn l>Jt*a, ayed 97 yenrs. ,rit?d?Ca? The ralativca and frler.ds ara reej-e^f Mly tTited U at lend bis fue?.-al. frotn the reridenoe / HA ?or ,n aw w. H D. K tnmo, Warbiogicii sirae'. 17v?L ba tb?a ,wooer* day; afterti-oB. *4 Hires o'c.ooH . N _ ?io' Arssatek. Wa.t?h-st<r ccorty, N T . <m Tbura.'a*. ?apf?mher 8- Pr,t.-s islet ol laraet Towcaerd, tao., In the "Ia4 year of bar aye. Wiur.-U uA'i Wtilr, in iho t.'tf. y??' 0" "i* a%e. a native of its county of l utor ck, t ar ?b a. ArdsacrurFe, Troland. .. ? ^ ... 17 a ir erda and aciwuatanitoe are re?j ovAtuhy ravitod lo alteud toa funeral, tbw < Wednot lay attornooa, at t?t o'c <a k fron> hi* late res-don a. No 4'c6 l earl *trea4. Tfimcv ?At Norwtlk, <X?h.. oa huedty, 'ay'tmfcer 11, \t iujam B , see of JAW MO WVs d . t ged at yaai. his fritrca. ami tUoaa of tba faaculy ar united ??. aHMidthc lurtrai. thia tWedMed* j; tftemuoi at tbfea o'clock, irom tho tatildeo o ot hit father 'r .m >aA\et ,w'.Ri! sovei.ib street at 12'16F. M. Carf.sge* w. l ka n waiting at the depot at Nor? alk. eg SHIPP IMG NEWS. alwavac roe ?i* Tors?vats sav ... c .l? . woo* ?* mora 4 06 J ,%?*.. i ... 6 12 iw u* *i ta* mora I W 1'otf af Yew Talk, September 13, 1M9. ClJlAHKh M*atu?bl| Tubal rain, l*aiup. H.nia *?rtbo-?uh>? A ^trait.tbip Rica, TiahlepewgK A*p.n??'.l?D B * -xlac-tUj Vi.rr. uac, Parr.t?on N* ? Orl't: a ? 71 ta?w h' lb Albion (It-1, La<.*.r Live a'.oi?Tai /volt Brc* A Co. Hi l)iu?hurs (lr'>v IT"*' e? C'a ?-C I ilor Par* ,f?nr? (Breml. liar^hs:* L aaoa-Mi.r ' ""*. i'.o#*a*onit. "les??.? ?*v ? * *' hut ('irk Nunraif!! t'Urr. N? ?r? ?A Vitk-ra-'O. il?rb W utbwup . Br>. Mouiiou. H, Jcbna. I'k?Br?u, Hoa ^an'sWi kommo iPru*), A rte bt. gueenifowa?ruaah, M ' r cS# A We .d'. . _ It. . S'.c W'A i Hi ., Rent. Ac rerp?P i?* ?* A Ring. I': is Sfrrb ! !irgp i 8'i Wood UaTtt a? Trujll'o A v lu'aa. It- c fl. ?** Owen. 1> 'Jogi 8 huevitaa?il.tuii?ot< A Br r'u CuOfBrt. lAiuii*. St job' a. NP?R??d k ttiuckaa. 8, a . i V deary can a a, ?????*** Vwitoo vi,. * vg I It'irr-ix7* ln'isIM, lhrwil '1-t 0 : bim. | k br (ira>.am i Br). BorgroWl. Naa??u? la?ter, FtHROs wjer Or *k< Lirga ' i )? ihtv Si'vrer Lmgaii?I ou nm 4 Banter. H i.r it >r* 'If- ' iNirrs i. ?' ,1 ' in" 81'? A Aii.ith'i* t fa 8. kr Mna.ofn lit i?. Mac). AietAi. 1A ? It P Ku 4 Ui S.'bi b Ar hrinu*. Collin. I'aii.. .*.i??"S?? L Biiow. ,-i.r u itnitft W'.-x-q, k.ual - ivir.-.i V if a*.land, a. > r * *? l'trirldnf II ' R' -a irrsnr'-W Slrifia 4 fa 4rhi a i hi It' *'*k*H A 'l.orr, Ha ?A Don. an v .i, <;?atoei"n ilreeii ilor'm?11 W Co. kirfcr I, BnffuiS. Vriahre ti.^t?H IV Loud t Co B-bW I Lanaon. Ne* il*t?n. 8'ttoioi ,'oaet kin# Thcmpant CuodlC. Baillsitira ARRlVKD R'Aarrabic Roaraka, Die* lUrmna. Snpt 8. 2 PM, w!<k nid-? and I'saaenRoi*. !?' Lull* . lielnek'n A Co. 11th. at 12 rSC I'M ??*tra' bales of ndtoi; 2 PM, saw *to*m*h'a Rh da I ilaad. nouod di 8:11 I'M, saw two staomor* ti lb* ? ?peaalas aach otkar, awaienltv iinrtoata-osatarge alia ? hoe M'tnni K the other * (mall alitewheel pat*. ... ^ HI II 1<U while liA?WU> I. -| |I4 BUI ? Wal ig (*. ill i>k ; .1 lit.iBIa <ui. it ?ea ngi -mbhii IH li ? i'?? g-U au.auip ? e.u-i.l liluu i i H Wlii rortriaa JI.U II ? Ail HO IB, In 0 < (gnaTl* Whaler HaVA Wilneua i lienor i euok. Liverpool. II days. with OIM l\ Hwv-er Kroa ha k ?im4 *!"? ( Hr?. lb,en all A nt warp, 39 daft, wi?h nular aiio' *' |i?aB-n?kr?, |o * n K Ho uellla <?o AH,' 111 lai o ti. Ins 4U (4 aioao Be bark Uiaoo Dtarheg iruia tin u iImiqio for <\V*? K .k Uin'\ok Laaa. i)r?au, Ctonfuigoa, 21 day*, with lux r ?o II l? ?v 'Okm-n X ho. lurk (lora.a Five-hy, Llngaa, II days, with coal, to f ninn-on A H#ini?;. Bri ana 4 ales. Qabr-un Hirer. WCA. 65 daya, with palaa 0" loVi.te<4 prwterhfId. KcUr todua l\ait?oa tk Martina U daya. with tall la Jot Et?< nm. ?S.' r ik?<n Ru Msar. Poland, Lit lie Ulan Bay. with coal, to r f K*a.lxha-w. IS br |. rank tier, wt, Crowell. Llngan, 8 day a, with coal, I to C li Sarin. Solir ft Uorado, Y oeag. Blnnae, HA, it daya, with apara. to L L snn sicb?" tftftitla (Prl. h ArVrte. 81 John, NB, IS d/ya. with palinna. n?l? I Her im ,1 *"? h'br aatrea. MoFedoFa. Hlllsboro, N B, 10 day* '* Ki? irk. 8c>ir , W Webster. Beta earth. Port Rural. 0 daya, ewhr Coast film, Roe ley Port Uoyal, 7 oayat Kol.r \ Ho-np. Itnkrr. Vlr;:\?'a Hclir ealit (.ay. Ht?t? m. akr. iula Hi lir t> Tawneeml, Tewnse.adi iirglnhk, Kcnr Napoleon VInil Wa tirlir I. h (low perth walle, Wtbui Waaldnjtoa, 8' br V an a*"# Ilou llo. Mar hi. ,tu 11 more. Bclir HO iilae, tllldre'.li, I baa i ?uora. Hi'lir ( liBv lol, tioold, P'liiaueWhu. for Ibutna Kchi ('baa iiari.ili . iti 'ad 'lpli.a for Ktralah. Kciir Martel, (illhetrl K. Ellr.ahellrpe I foi Hoatoa. Belli- 1) SI KiehA'ds, Sears Lit/obeliuort fur Pnrvlde-ioa. Hrhr Vankae Hoi iyrewer. K -the Sport lor UartlorJ. Belli- I aiiiolruo. <lra?'. Hung vr. M daya. N.hrlom tor. Plenum? fi-li oitb d tare Bclir t oruolia. ll*u..a?i ? a, a gays. Kenr Superior Uaicu, Hoc .la id. S br Juatitia, 0regor.. Hook a ,1. behr I'rioo" a t.ovell, Boston. 1 daya. 8cnr Plymouth Rock. Parker, HoMoo, S lb eg Rrhr New York, Pai Iter. lioMon, J daya. Behr Yarnio ih, llare'. Boaton, Hchr l, tlnamb-rlatn, I'or rr. Boaton for PhttadelDal^ b< hr V.i.lij??. Mnrgnia, Ne i B"dlor.i. Kchr I red Kueane, Cro k"tt, Nea- Bedford. Behr W Baulabury. Ruutrrann. Prondrnae. SehrT W.nana. Burle f Provlaoeor. Hohr Kiinua (Itr). Ma^utra. Nn.vpnri Behr (V Bonrdman, Bl' ard Hartford for EUrabethport Boitr Wn P Kii'drn. udama, Aibaur. ^ ' 8> tir E Hoichklaa, Ko ' In-, Albany for Boaton. BchrO W Cummlnaa, Bonn A!',Any for Ho'tnn. Kelir O W Whliilier, Jr. Hani. Albany tor Hoxtvn. Kaur Eastrin Br 10, II ilor, S>- burg for Ala.aiidrln. 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Irnin Hi.fohn, N li, for Liverpool, at aa i ho; on Sultans i?l?nd. v. -ix rp iken a up \)0. by l e M .lakoif (a), and repurie.l abe bad tin a on ?|,ore ou (ionnirer Hook and cui-i-ied uttay her rudder. Xbe ateawer teudeteu ber ?crrlcet, wl.lolt were reftirrd. 81111* ("n IMI10*. from Hra oto for Pnlmoitlh, R, put into S!n,;apoia duly 11 In dlatrea.-. hue would dikcbarga. Btiifi A.VITI OtTkW?The brig reporieil on the b?aoh near the Beacon Light, t'ana ftenl,.[M'o. orovea to bathe Anita Owen, from Ola '0 Bay for N?'V. Yni t wiih coil. Hrra-erit ta knoclt' d >.ut .mdelia is full of waier 8be hap built at Millb Idge in ld:)6, i'dl tnoa relator, owiicd lu Hits city itni rated A'.', Bniu Paiicjon' (Br), Welch, from <? en fur goa for Roapin, 8tit Into Holme- Hole lltb hist, od tvral Cl.op was run Into y an unknown avhr, whleh ra-rled'-nray fo o lo; aail"ard. ao'.ie staud'ug rl?gi?r, broke mil. and caused i.tliui ua> age. 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Jaiiiei lienerman, -lerrmmli Uunuren, Jauie* Mul lln.-lamea Kellly, Daniel O'Brien, William Manor; Beere Uiien?tVlliiaui Cal ahan, .lolm H. Tiomey; Treaatirer? Pefer Nauglilon: Kin.uiue Comuiltlee?herarn. IVU (am Kel Ij. fJenree W. Aimuuongv Michael D'l^ary, Tho?. ehielda, .'eieiiilau 11. Creed i.ibn Mur ar Rdtvlu .1. oranvillo. Jr.; CoimuiUe* of Arraiigeniente?Bryau Retliy. .lolm F rd. Mi chee Miilqnin. After ulontlug a eedee of reaolutlone la furor of Mi.oiellan and Pemlieioa, the mceilng ad ourned to mei't at the abov e p.ace on Thnia-Tuv. the 1Mb in-t.. at 7% P.M. Jir ordei of JOHN A. WHALES. rieuldenL JomMI. Tinier, f gecretarlea Wii i.IiM Cai.i.ahik. I \Ll. KINDS OF POLITICAL I'ANNPKH.MTTAOB. 1\ 'fraueaareae'eu. A at the o' i lua<l.|i.?. tela. 97 Dnane nar oi Brou, t>va?. Rata bit ;hed I'M J HtlJIiR A U It AH AM. Slgu. Baunei aud Oruaiuenla' Paiotera. rr band lnion drmosstuatton. J MtCLKLLAN ASD ODK CoUNTP Y Come ?? the wind* coine, whrn fores'' are reuded; Coiiie, a* (ho nave* come, mirn navies are straaded. In accordance with (be resuoai of ilia Chicago Conven tion, TTtK PEOPLE OF NEW PORK, Irrespective of pnet d! ercuces aud dlvialcn*. who believe la their i ight to FRllt bPEECH, PEEK I'REHS, AND TERSOhAL LIBERTY, who lore and iever? the UNION. CONSTITUTION, LAWS FLAG OF OUR COUNTRT, who hone for PBACK WITH RBUNION, and who arr opuo e<l lo the Imbetil-- and corrupt poller of TIIK i'RKSKiVC hUM IN Ihl K AlTOK, are reu nte : to meet *i anJ around UNION HijllARE oa r A i UK DA Y KVFMNU, Benlemher 17 (,he aHniveiktry of the adopttdfe of tne eon-tltti'len), for che u'trp-?e ot railfv inn the nuinlnailona of QRORilK B. Mc-CLULLAM l og l'reaident, and OBOROK H. PENDLBT0M For Vire I'rcinlent of the Uni'ed Ht?'??. IJM.lotui-hed orators froiu aSpar aot the couutrr *rll , oddi ea i Hie ueop.e. I n oi s'.p,are will be btl iiantly illumluatcJ. pr in >r ul iLc.lo'i! Cumin lire of Arranceuiriit*. ? HlruuiReichiiiu.Jr. Jeha T. R u'di. Icntflua Ft' na i)r .A Ri ii.kiuso. P. J. Mi-.AIear. Dr. ft. F. Kerenk ,f. boc' io^er P. II. Chnr bill. O. B Potter. it Ot'.er.dnrfer. RUJab F Purdy. Harris Bogert. ViWii.f. Tucker. Ja?. L, Miller John Pvne. (>r lied. Freeh s a H?ke. Dr. VY. ftruinner. E! itua H ud. H. M ?Cloak/. J. L Nu?e?. Frrdeik Rrrper. P If. Jack*<??. A. K1 kliuff J*. ( Adkeruiaa. Louie Ke.ulug'.r. 8. Vf Cone. Philip J. AT./una A. J. Maltlirwaon. R. Uanihle. J??. J ? oenn-i. James t.vuoli O. s, Holdoo. Jehu VrlJiii a ii. Kerron Perkln- Hrurv Herl* 'ohu P. N'j'f. .' W Warlh P. Mm i'o Ji fh a lea* a J. M. M il nu? C Loire DOUGLAS TAYLOR. Chair ?M a .!? ?t w. Monro ) Vikc?- ? I. K'in. )' he retui .it /"? RA>ri E ilLELLAN DEMONSTRATION, 8FPTBM IJT i#ei i7, - ai v ii ' el in and a ir.allii.* deeirlnr to )iirtlcl m the Unad I'mon De< i -u?l .iiuin a' L'-uou ; (uate i>u iff I/'h in?t.. arc e<i<ie*:e<l 10 ronru'initiate with eit'u'i r ' ?underaigm J ai limn an- Hall, dalljr, at SU i., o P. M. ii .'LOAN DCT.IiKN. ) Committer on Ward .10 'flUA ISA A< S . cLgar.; ai'oi.aaail JAM US J. COON AN, ' proreeetuu' Kyi filLPLLAf CENTRAL UNION f! if A t.AR-.F en i .ti at; ni ' lng <>f Ihle I'tih tt ?. . u? i l??t er ii.i. ? /I T,.lrJ at -t <? the r w utf tT*i *?rt ntaio era tie h-u i'."- 'frat at a,.i h ih- fii.ow.n. i > duiiua* r.-r, a ? tli. nlic.) Ihtl we ha' with -TellgLt rtu I un 0 d -u piol'M'Cin tie no iMUKlloU el tti i e.u (Teorge IS M Cleilau 1... t;p. t .lettcj of tr- .'u. <1 flateu,-i* wa l-? wvr ui.n wWtV't n < ill r? tie*'?- an,-i i uli.eir* end hmior ah.r i >??.., atui m i unp 'i. d aiu. h ave - i a -r; toil ?t I I"-" in ?? i i .< ?? "i Ih Pi'aldeetfal eitn'r h ' w PI tfr uti t egfiAi p-iiifiu n i end/'u od utl' e of liin hoc ,n ivLcer' w ;.. o 'r otbe "^t <l".i creik eft' ttneti. in ? lore r'*ie union and pr- p'ilt-. to cur a" . i# ? uiitlry IP ?al. I out he u. .i oa' eb of i e t,? II fen lie ion <of tL? Vie? FrriltttM villi la^if*'. Una. Re I t otea ?..o ?h ib? g- e ? ? t > ' . ol a *' Ic.,wt:., ur.d tue .<*. cm uea*il? o: an li.d- ,wud?ti' m( r .It veted An?rri:an ? it'.en Kero've.l T e' "? p'e ae mi ? Vet 'r. an e'.rcevt, .gor ot au unit ? *-ti- . f ;ti tioni'ie ie above i, erne a and no mt.l UPuK iht; rr'f.ed do uca a. i of tr.# cj utrj to . a< d a' th* k i' I 'IBM the r, tor, t? tv- n, nb rii ?? 11 reton O' r cukUtti f'o.r i tu * lor ,nd wL k-dc-JA ? <d uh-crt ihe en-m >o r <pii a in*tu<i-ioti? an I gfi-TO'. re i -rl'v Kti' ve-i. I. -? the Union it nr. r I ael, the c< nti intS a our h pe. a u , h" ? o' r w ati b ?roi ' fnii c ? t ii eet et.r- evralng t< i# w#ei ai .Til Third to n /. i c i *?. i a-i-aniet.-ier.te 'er the catnpa'k'n *n<l at ? end .rie mere n<i i.i ih. th? 17th Ii vk fh? i, ir.Vr of the F< ? le 'an Cmeile are ?ii? t?-' to he on le- ? .lODS It llAKNErr Pre' de ii. IV. Mcerav. Seire eiy M O LEI.LAN AND UN OR, UNK AND 1.NCBPARA8T R. Tiii-r? w; i he a inretina of the S-veelc Fard M?ri<il'.ijt E? e>or Ol h ?t Ihel? fleadq-ert?re the Knyateae No. TO nu 1 w?X. on Inuruilar ereriif, Heitember It A I leienaefr. faeop of lhee< *10:) of .f R M#i' lithe Pr- etdearf are rteueatoi to att-a<r R) or.lcr of th* Preei den' WH, H. BATZ5RLD a p'ur,-*-Is" Jnlir. A P?''f, M Ftenhrro .1 W He*!* O *?!?#??. O Graham t* then H. fleaiia. Iiucullre Oonailttee. M OVARf nALL DELRGATBS TO THE STATE CON net rrittr tr.ran^ATue 1- p. r am 0 Ra*. Co nellii* Five 1, i-I' KVirin, C ha rlr* Can nor (?-John Mo?>.#, J? IS Woodruff, v?11 U Uluek' P. Oaiitnu, ul'#' Fljen M. Cug ni H. Ferrtk, .'amea Durnlag. 1 Von ng Mntiioetpfi. A? I red Mermen. D. 0. M?lio. "?I). C Hogart, R. Dockorly. 10? I. I. C?*aoe ? .'ot-n Pvne, it^C. H Mpere JohaOafniF i.?>fuha Keiokbelter. Wm. Oage. la?fleorft Uruel A. H Kaa ef. K-i#??tiu* I a-pee. H. :-Dmi:'I Ye It D Cillaeple, M tiae, Rynii C llar-w .M>tg*n I. Ilar'le, P. fl Jarkeon, m lu- t' .a le? Devjiu. tin. H?nrr. )7?Janice Lyneli J J Wa ?b BENJAMIN ray. IhalnaOe, Lrea F (*oa?e?, St-retary. P jlitkal flags avu Lay terms or "-v ert r .- ti ? ANNIN A 1 O, Mia .fa' turert SJ Fu.ieo, M~l am ktf ?et Ketabllehfii Ii47. eoreev o I'lIE Miw CAMPAIGN IkANTK AN (PATNNTBO), 1 ?)lh ,.ne tor tali* and mOlirt* of ti c Preaidectlal can - didatea 1 an' a, R<oki;a, 13 ? ? h>. Beueriee. F.t.'a. An t toela o? F i? '** rS[rf FV Y'T0N t S' 'f)Fi B LD. No f 1'e- etrecl, near Breouwe , hew Yigk n<uy L!Tt!R V AC RA' U 'J1 lUt h w lUn. rey *; mee'leg a ^ ng. W< -Id Here . "7 a n e nr?, ; at I n'vleck. A' ut, ChJuww Oaon<-a <J Ft OTH WARD McCLKItLAN t'N'ON CL' D ?A ! m4 Mtfllellr n and rendltnck hunt _ a he rnirkd by \he above Oiob on Wo in'a a f t enia Pap', 14; a- 8% esoch. Et . oent apea-'cft erj, ill; ,1 "? 'iieri'rg W? Cnarg, Seete'atv Tout s kV.>r,'*. prveldent. I71II AT ART) CtrUUNr a; ? OLi a 1 "Kf.-A NFGU I I i*r meet ng ?f ih a Aaac . 0 w.U b/ held at lOm No YA. .'nocfi IneiltuM, ?tt FH UtJ - . ? ' /.? 1 #1% 1>th Inat., at S u'elerk By order < f 'n? P.te auve t/eminitte? e WILLIAM Hill/. Aitl1 ilhi reita, I rtu WARD DPMOORATTu M/utKM AN CVt II AI a ?rt I?1 nier'lu." cl th', r ,i. he 1 'aa' Mend&f ?rrrlna itflinN Hal' naa oAia y R.'-ortd, That th? Ihjnka n, fh I* ho ?;? are d 1 rebv tr.ort reap c'fallj tAr.d?r?d, to A.Ou .. libera' do'iaih-n 'n a' I Of the eltlb and I 8 Tor li'l verr ..... lurlhei thealei tloa of UeVge II kt> O.vha > ''YK' S RAkflT, Pfeetdeot. p J BHNNb.r, I r.M n,H lento. T R. HR?NP.S*T. j V|#* r,w "Bl4, I Tromas Fi iift^m, 1. , j Janri 8. Ngurnr, I WMTfflt, oistW*r}>. Ail YOU ir.-vLfctLAK AND 1IIK l?I?|?. COM B V *LLI O.iCU a I M.N 1 o.tu 01 th. *r,p" '? t Ol.SKilAI. Mi .LKb L- M orlfl too bold oe W edlH. * '?? mp* .4 Id 4 ??I o at H.e im? Cauua .0 .1 * ii i ur i S*e i Mc ?? lau Clmoa KhaOiow Koim Aaende-i a, No :<hg p,, u A avenue ooioi-ou I'oou v o? r mi. ?v ,l ' *r"it 0140m treat*. Addri-**# wl|i ho d>'l **rod by th* boa Kl.i P NOKiO.N, H o O*0vO? .?< CUkTIL ?auu wiitr MKuRir. r?i.. Several M-0lell*n <>ag* will I* euug bf ?!>??' t- ella? O'ne CI b Ai Irl.-uU. uf deaaral GeoigO B III' re , laaled 10 peril 4|l*k* JOB* L NOYIS. Trie, "loot B. Mpi*o?Mtc? Secretary. Hot! K David, Chairmen El. Comndtlaa. ?>*>n IT All D TAMMANY HALL MuOilUM OLfA? m ?J A> > lii,n 1,1,(1 nn'hnilii.l'' ni< ot by of lliO d-monTA cy of lb i .l> > uJ word. Ibe ??i a a n*d a?* i-Utl<? who or,;.mi/ id I..I evi-Blug At th i head |iiailer* of tbo It'H .? / n.ut H ?rrt Hi>iumiliOA. tfiAiltoliH-rRor ? II U. Mb Kt.'lith ?trinto, by tliOCie ttnn of the fo lotting OIU 'AI it ? froo'donl?AI RXAN'DKK WARD I 11 I'manle ul??TMl KSNCK K1I.KY end WM BBS. BACH. secreiary?8. IIaRK* 8R1XA8. TiOA.iiror -Wll JOICK The moot tig All )o?< III <1 to Tbiir*.lay Ore n I or, I bo 1MB liitf At 8 o'clnek at horn I <ii ter?, it eU i Ill/en* of IM war.i itvo.Ab ' in the eleenua of Met'olluo And I'eu-lletaM aic reepec'fatly tar te l to untie with u*. i??t otiont. A t ,i. HAnrois'. eat ititcau <v a v NPI',411 aid ft OK i DRESS AND t t.OAK 1 III \l MI Ni'IO. FRENCH 11,1 TINti KltTA HljlbH VI RMT fnferon hie c r-Anmer. tint h ? Ii** ie<-"tr*'i i,i* rmnnh P'iriAttono lo Fa lemfulerv, t>> in Crne n-i. Hultnus. Ae. WIhiiOmaIi' end i*t*il, te i.oht upea. | TYRKS8 TRIMMINGS, l/NOtll GARMENT*. KI.KRfTW J ' lined Hoeierr eod Glovee. F .r **' ? <t l,ihnM ANN'S, oornor ot Hlrlh Aramio AO 1 TweilD eighth street \*"\ftRNS?l AKING A NO PATTERN ROOMS ?M KB I t <11 l.t KsPIK S iirm opening tnli imhii ill o-euU'w ft mated Pniierno will Ik- H>|i ember IS, et Ml llr.ntd wag. *,e\ OLI'BIVBI.Y TRENCH PLl Tf.NO, ONR TO fig ,1wriitt Inline wide All material* lluled id aa u? ?orpet K?J inanin-r, el three buiua n Hi t, el Mr* DOte Hit N'b 1 Kioncfi Klnt'hS ? dub nil n III . H A lolly all-eel, aa# biook ni > ? ? from K v.n.iwa.*; IX.' III*-oknr tire I l.a'o* Woo itir, aii I *1 1-nuuu .iti'b? Urituklya. N. U ? KluUo# forwAi'ilt ' A1' orer ititi UulW I rttAtae. rlrUTId <T.~TtNK CRUNCH Tl UTIMO DONR IN * mi|Ktrb '?* Blrlu far (our trni* our yArd, over (our InaBOd wide fine I'm it per yard euro by tin* French I'M ng Cow pAdy, in Hp 'Hid eiiei't, i tltrern Ver ck And Hudeon. L'Oks-et;. '8 -iiioiKH ip roir waMT to' K ti bb " mit'liy ink ed i-r n-n ured. rarefnlly mid proniftily, M prneilcel tnrnA l"k ' lliem to 'he inABofAidort :VJ! K 4*tu annuo, bmwi "i ' i'weoty e illj And T voalf <? ve-Mh .trooM Reuioinlior, up s -Aire. UKOItUR ilNMAN. "IT II? UliOVKS. ?JOI'VIN'S WRI.Ii KNOWN" MAKB I\ Fully eguol I'd n: rnrr ohoop hi I.I AS MASS'S, cot iirr of lit till ot euuo end Twenty eighth olrob I BTTON A JOHNSTON. X7? BOWERY, WILL OTTRE OlTMONnAY, SEPT. 1% a MAUNiracBNTiTiivv btock or Pli'llN ANirPiTviTY SILKS. T0PI.TNS. BMI'RRSR PiToTilS. TARTAN n.AIDW APINOLINRS. OriOMANS, CRKTO.NtVKB, FRENCH Ml UFNOS. EO'.'Jf l/I.SES, AI.CAC IS (figtireil, etnted end pleiri. nil r loroy, MOUR.nINU LiRbdd tlOOilB it*B SIlAWLB. Rolinqrel 8k rt? Shlrllng Flannel* end Blanket*. ShlrtlMB end S' ei'iltig Mmiin-i of nil ibe bent brond*. A 1*1 PI VK BALES VARIT WIHK SHAKER PI, > NNBIa All woo! oud heavy, hum miction, at 51 a ??i 1. PEYTON A JOHNSTON, 271 llowory, neor lloiintoa P R. H. MaCY WILL OI'RM, MONDAY, BKPT. IX .hio LOTS PRBNClt AND SCOIVH MEKDl.K WORKRb OOODR, rO'.?i*tiso or BANDS, RUPFLRS. OAMHHIO TRIMMINGS. 1I.ANIIKK11CHIP.P8 Ad., AC, from on tion Non- and atilleh U u*le. An per oeot ok* IMS tbe cost or luipoi totluB. A loo 110USKKBP.plNO HOODS. BIHBONS, LACES. HOSIERY, FLOWERS Ad. N. B.?Our fall lm|?oilatino of oar well knuwo IrsaSoS Lad>s*' Kid Glove*, now uped. ^ ^ MAC' 30* A Sixth avenue, neu Fourlunuth biroat. S' HAW 1.8, SHAWLS, SHAWLS NHW FALL GOODS. Long and Square Hfrhe Shaw!*, Slripna Broebe nod Caahinore Shanrlo, Perilu Shawl* ( on* and ??literal, Ki?trh Tartan plaid SAawl* Loug end Sauare Wool Slier. !*, Stella shawl*, Thibet Wool Shawl*. Mourning nhawta. PEYTON A JOHNSTON. >74 Soworjr. ZRPHYR WORSTEDS AN O WOOLLEN YARNS.-. Cheapen p ..ce op town, at LI KIIMaNN'S, eorutr OS Sixth ar on in* end Tweuty eighth atreeb Mai.lNEHT. ~~ "lOST RECEIVED?-NOVELTIES IN HRIDAA ej Wreath* and flower*, at Madiune 1UKHI.V. No V Breroort pl*iO, Tenth elreel, a few door a r rum l'.to.vl?ay. Madame iiarris has just opened hkr first ca*e of Iii!|ort<v! Hunneta. No. 7 Brovomt pare* Truth Ureal. A law doora from Broadnay. HCIIOAIa AraOTKSSON OF MVSIC HKsniPS A limTMB a* organl*t, director ot mini or prerqn'or Id a rhnraR choir a ao solluil* engigeaient* to lea h rocai musie rlaeaeA adult or inreul'e; ha* iMoairocled fur ibl* piirpuae map paralnxuontiilaiug 1.2'H eqnare lee| oT van a*i. tvuu'd a,x oept a lerrnanem one Hon In enme whool or ?emlnarras loaaber of voca. luuelc. an I the ?? omenta of Hie pianniorxd* Being en ex o I <*?r uf ihe arm v. r ould combine mllltarv ha atroet on In e hove' aoaderuy. Wi.l renelto cooimuol.lUeea for two week*. Addree* \ ocel loetruclor, ceieof Win. A Pond, 947 Bmndwey, N. Y. AMAGNIMCBNT 7 OCTAVE ROSRWOOD PIANO Li. to for aale; hat all lumC-rn liiiprovein *.ita ?trung low*; made by relehra* d u* In UX' |?* a tbaa wren i un':i*: cuat -405: w II b" Mkl fur |1U El i-am P.rlnrSdti. C atS'/UO ior9.UI. K egeiea, Mtrrora Painl* lnt?, Hiot .e* Ch-t 'her ? d Dining ? da.-. Pnrnf' i ? at ao? rin *. Iri't .ire at ll.'t W*?t Jn aty-lblid itreol neu H'xtb areaue, AF!P<T i'MHS SOPRANO 1NDTFNOR IRT. S'.SR. in* an eng* emet.t to a qua ult. ebe'i'. ellt* m Neap tork or Htoklyi'. are fnllv eeyialn ed 'nib lb-. Sptr.-opal oervlee. Addiea* A. T. K.. Ilara'd oT ??. A? ?? " nicKsnixo p'a,no f?,r bale at a gi eat baigii h 'ur ??.?! .err onereei aro. Ca-i f*e aeea ai Ml *.s RI 5, .* HI 'S It W-"t PuurHi efreot, ?l* l. ur- r,.ao Broad vxt WI'IIfm :.! Ii? f r.aah VYOi NG LADY w 0: LD l.'hB \ PB'.V MOBB PD b'* !o- Ibe pla.iv, w ! a'*o give ; t? m I. I-ten'9a Ter ? n.mlera t Call at ? raddroaa 18 4.1 ntaa pla-e near Pi flit avi: me. \ vol 1st per piisr soprano and tv alto ae* -ve .ied fur ? < aih.-li" ehnrnh la iba iiedfeld ? ii i, n7 tho -.11}* Addrae* Vglunt ?r Che r, .V w k'orh PJt' e" 4 GOOD SECOND I!*nd r iSEWOOD PI 4NOPOBTB, ,\ ma .* hr N .ua'e, In gue.' brief. prF e $ b., a ao oa* ' ai ? F'i .. ir' rl*. f??n. n*e i atahveyx:! *T'ya? MCifONAiiU A ? 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