Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Eylül 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Eylül 1864 Page 8
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klLlTAM AffO WAVXV. GOOD CHANCE TO* VOLUMTgS*A Hpm k'oi^ harbor fortificaTionr. mi sakm oxiTui, om mi (VOLCNTKKAB, VOLUNTEERS VAwijlTH BATTERV. TWENTIETH HATVIM, ; / EOUBIyTpa*. A* IftCASH If BARD ??) CASH IN BAND !?I3? rxr FOR ONR~riTAR, (?15 per mania). $iw ration moke*"fob one tb?.k tn OLOTU1NO Mom lit FOR OMB YEAR. r* Atiluier; li am fag garrlaon Inly om OoitrMr*! AAnu. In > *??? nrk bailor. O A half mil* from lb* oiU ol V..r. run frnn 4 B.UB ilBrd#D iA (iOV. M** Yor*. t?40Ambo%in ruu froii U?rd?Q !? (jot laisnd every bo' r. 'fasan-1 ? ono'r. .hi .? *? nf *o'"nte?ra who join tbt# Bob kra f. i, | til ,l I.Ill dlfdl 11 til** tlAkll'^ #_ it trr iii? <.?ly iuiboi ued reoiuiiins eBlcera for A ^Tvraoua t>* tr-ioa of joining thta * * o. ^ PARK PLACR, na i park place. Rear Urn*dw a*, In the beer me r l ft?r dollar of b um. w 1. be paid A* pronno Beware of theoo who hove ?<> author ty, , w it' coo u lo their InUreak tg I'trami* itt iroui Of io ntny immediate app b?|.on at pn.k?|ion m Nil 1 PARK PLACR, MO. 1 PARK PLACE, Captals 3. R RICHARDSON, Coi 'AID J L 1 \YltOR. Authorized Recruiting Otleen for T-v.m'.wtU Bittory. Ark tou going to pnlist?? if so. read this ed> cr?i**nirol and act aongl&I. by do ns jbe boot for ' IXlJ avoid aorMTY hri-kKr.a. Then* li no i*?v?o that a msn snnula rb ire Kit bounty ?fU> runner* nut. ?rokers tvtieu be .-o i KJiLlMT WITH AN aKMT OFFICER, rvfIl'wf?nJ "li ?* without am line * Interfere?!*. . . J R'lftmeut, C? unel I.e.?is T. Horn**, ? caHint old i irtm. no - ii.t bco.1 in Iho drf, r.cot of Wulj. tngton, a bv sp< ttal order to be recruited up IP full atand nrd. To do lb: 4 tbe supervisor* of different towuo havaa;. C*<4 ibeni lo give em to give f?0' BOUNTY FOR ONK YEAR MEN. WbAlevtir bointy brokers tud runner* may lull you, that ktte HIORRBT BOUNTY NOW PAID. But If al any time ad* town should be paying more S31 will cullst Iboir men to ibe credit of that town, and GKT THLM EVERY CBMT POSBTBLE. This bounty, with the pav. nuke* ?17 15 a week for the ywar -more man toy man e?u earn at home Good men will be made nan commissioned o ' cr rr, and ?vary ihlutf will be done in make the men cemented And "?aab nuw r? ipan* a good one. COMB AND RUE THE CAPTAIN, who will i-l*e you rreiy information, whether you enlist la has com pan r or not. At 746 BroAdway. Corner of As tor place. IF YOU WISH TO KNL18T TO-DAY, MyRRd he at the ofbc* before 9 o clock. 74 . Broadway, corner of Aftor plaoe. a Mil y A NO N A VY A LMtTBD STaTEB RECRUITING RRNDE7.VOUS, IIMDKR THE BUPMRIMTKSDENCB OF captain it. coMita. WO to I'IRPBRARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. Castaiu Comb* hat Hie honor to refer, by pennies.on. In menu. Patrick a co.. Hardware Importers, No 57 Coder street WM. ALVORD A CO.. Hardware I in porters, No. 53 Cedar street Col. JOHN ft, NEYILIiR. ?tMrlntendent of tbe Soldiers Depot of the Stale of N. T. OH AS. J. EVERETT, E*q. _ Cashier of tbe Bank of Orange Count7, S T., And many Banker*, merchants and other gentlemen of high standing Yhry will guarantee that every recruit will he treated by Qapt- Combs honestly, honorauy. justly. EVKRY DOEIiAR OF BOUNTY WILL BB PAID ?Opr.itnRed by bttn. and BO PALSB RKPRB8ENTATIOB8 WILL BE MADE. MORE WHO W1.SU TO ENLIST UK FORE THE DRAFT ARB WARNED Mot to allow then solves to bo defrauded by Kharpers arm.rid the various Recrnttliig Krnde7vons of tbe elty COME Direct to captain combs' office. ion MKM WANTED rou THIS NAVY, A" ftosmeu. Firemen nod L adimew. 1,(00 Vlb.N WA14THD FOR Til!'. ARMY, it) OOOD MEN WANTED FOR VOL C, 1C6t" NKtv TOltK vols., under my commatd RhCKt'ITS FROM THB COUNTRY ACOOMMODAIKD OVER NIOHT. PBOVIOGD WIIH COMFORTABLE UUARTKRB. OFKICK OPEN FROM 6 A. M. TILL 11 P. M. 1 AM AC THORI 'KD BY SUPKRV1SOR8 OP TOWNS IN THIS STATP TO PAY LARUK BOUNTIES FOR f VOLUNTEERS WON'T FORGET THIS NLMBBR?90 LI8PBNARD ST., & NUMUSR OF BUTtSTITUTBB AWAITING PRIN cipais tpi-ice ren~ .nai.lej cart he placed In tbonrmv or ?y lor one or three vetr*. BROWN A SHELDON, Bankers, No. 1 Park pine A ATTENT ON. DIftCHAKGED 8OL0IER8. JA S Li boitutv for In a: d Corps. . unit in hand. Wear., enh t ng men for tM ? tsrii* at ooraJlee. Be?aro ol t incsr and otltcrs at thft uoei door. Come dhmrtty up stalra to tbe olhce. ** WisHRCRN * WORLALL. United States Recruit la; O Ulcers, 2 0 Broadway, up italra Army. W VNTED, Fifty One Tear Volunteers. Caoh In hand before sworn In ..$600 ?oeerom >ct bnmity In toree lpr ..?? Imrnt* Jiiu ?oor'.j pay atgld per uoh.r 193 Totol for one year $8h2 R. U.?V iunt er- hsva cho ce ant arm of (Be aervce Apt fy r srly to J. WABRftS FLYNN, dBroaduay, in tho ?aacmrot. ? CARD.?TO VOLUNTEERS.? $600 BOU.VTT FOR no ysar men. Cb ?!*# o apy regl uent nr battorv. - " Apply 10 WAB8BUKN A WOKBALL. lief for BruiJvii up stair? A TTENTION?WANTED, 30 VOLCMH.EES FOR ONB fbe h gbesf <TMh bonctie* retd ?= ?o.iu js eiam'oe t by the doc<or; s en the Is gest bounties po'.d Mar subetnutek. Armii to f'stitr In LYON ISAACS. Ue . , , General; Oftlce. JVC t.'attal street. A. >1 MAN LAN HAVE RodO CAfcU RIGHT DOWN. 10 gnasmbe-1 itj* for one year, by > alllJig In sopar - lore, v (iitigouiciT ir ?( t. -tc set t'tty. tw.. ulocas and a hair the feiry, .el wot a the hours of b and 12 A. M. BEKBMAN. ?Tn i FEW VOLUNTEERS.-1 WILL G1VB 9590 CASH 1 right d <ti to go tor one year, alsu $t> per pnintb to Mir families, or $2 estra pay ne moatb If alngls, to flll up low neaip quota, ? tth t hoK* ? !" set rice. CaUatt. lt M"hu mor me*i. .Isw y Cky two b;tw-k~ and a half abot e the 5. hetweru the Lour* <x Sand 12 A. M. BKKRMAN. A SUI'KRVISOR OF A TOWN IN TITIS STATE WILL A. >av S'F*i b. onty t?r tarie year trrt, they will be paid and enlD-ed o lb a city In the arm* or nsvv. aorurding to abvioe. Apply at No. 91 Nas>an at'tot. room tO. ARMY AN D NAt AL OFFICE?WANTED 1.00J MEN A to go as voluateer* or s tbs'.f.utoi. for oue or tbreo Mara. In the Un ted ?:itns t*rnc ? to wbotr the ttgue., t ?ash bnunttes will bs paid a? soon as raase 1 by fhe ? traeoti. Pailtes .a.n e at tb's oilleo wii. >i houorabiy dealt with at M South aires:, corner of Fulljn AMY. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS-$VX) Ca*H IN A a. d. * : U i ovsrnment h.o Dty Any ?ae briuk.:ig a Bibstu ?e or VouD'esr to this o raw t.e pa.d a libera! Ras. <iu> of band manoy. Call At 103 Fullo.i street and 2l2 Bi oa.1*. ay. iwim lio 5. TTENTION?I WANT SIX SUBSTITUTES TO GO I fur ,eoi,iiB?T| r f re* ??^"CVitlit*. Pine nt ?<m a nn<l need apply at 132 Lei. ng or. a ?ne. No m5n need ?Vi>tr. Mr. NORT'IRUP. tz NUMBVR <IF OF.NTLEMEN WOULD BEND RR y.:e .eiiUltve* In the arm* f a ?n? ye?r, and wi . ria* bey c:isb bounty as icoa as aosopted. Appi.v at 34 Tin < at u t !.* res oihce. b.-f .re oue o.lotk Oils day No oh art Bret a ply. ttau. I v. ry^r UB ? K 0,1 H17 >U Qif mTiJttM We at tbe it* per*.".* ?place; ^ Pre# a^HAROnlN ^ T^V^oera. ^CsptatJ" J. A RICHA^aulbori/ed Re-irni .ugOT.oera AKTF .JKRBRT GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN AN a.iep ?-or . .ie for ns year, aooh Sl.UBV. Niruanor \CI apylr Adt o*so*reof H Leor. It Ja. street. >. Y., avg. . NMf AMD NAVY RECRUITS WA vTRD-RIGIIPRT I bo atie* paid roeru.u SC. d inr Uir e ve .rt men. - two yeo a ir-?: $4 O f?r nn<- year en A,_h'v iinmr.d|. ly el the laird Hrau-s R-oru tlai; od.fe. 247 ifr aoway, *i 25. Towa quotas titled a id ?uf et.tutes sufptiod. a Wt'BDBS C F ONE IT tK VOI.r N I BR|{g w ANT. At at ? to h.l A town quale Af-piv at Ihe o'f.en of fiW'Mrff A 3UEhh.DON, Banker*. No 2 Psrs piane E M.pU)!-BEDOLDi-BKHGLO -Knit) CAHH LN w>wd will be p.i<d lo auy lerem brtuCbf a recruit ?o r ^ white tbafcr . t*.|j Do r?id lt.? ii^'.est arA'Ia A[ 11* prreonalty to < ap'a b GOULDLNu, 9,'hasi.bwr an aft. rva . ONE WDNIJRED AND 6I1TH N. ? VOLCN t J to*. A OAPT. S-CMfSI, commanding. Mead <p> rters 60 LAtrkq, etreot, near Proafwvv , rototv VOLffSTuKKN WANTED. KB-.fy aa r*y... f>no V?*i ?*?* only A*- Kay Tbreo Tear., ft.57b i tv?, v i'win wanted-!" i *e J ?r? tl gh Iw.ta si paid .?*? ay, ro'iu IS. YJAVIXO f.ARGF ftRlGtw PROM SUP1 BVI- . Am a r? are tow* ??*. . t.-s? tor one )ear ardthr e ' ?worse leer* u , ? n t.isles |. t'l, .r otas, we -an ).*v, Ui ,?,pito?ti.i/..i)t ear u~.<? ta .atam.i ei< -r.w ..?r I frgWTi ?4 Coaet do*. s.t r.*em? .wyaiy andftTi J war mut ing4 weii rKsltot*.,.. raa '< asr* ty *..g asm* ' mWUM for three rear* wbio.tai uj,e, i tievwat > s.reoi t - u r* uli are,, ,* f WANT A 0"OD M Ah TO KCl'Rag* NT MR |K THE i 1 a,m? or wry A b'f hsui* iivjn ulsw-utus. . tMaro hGug *w?rn In- A* M*> Al if. W?.t a, ?*i 1 i MUST BATE A BU|NHTUm TBI* MGKNIN Oatt gnriy atS J Jiw?o???y. i?* LI. ft CAN fUENW" to BtB?TlTlTTB9 nKNRItrgvg.tq. li fir 'A# gu* AT..e* 60 9 e.ek Al'V Igtnois IfWOaar mst.. pagfe aly kin rable. Afros* B. Agfa* tsi A, I v si of .m Brtr York.' _____ w LNBT, B-'NET, M "INIY a POuTUNN yo KM ?.* !?-?-? l and jaooeY w I ?" to an* psrtos h\?, g a l -er ,<t f* tils ii'4'. ?hi.?tao recruit ?l|l bo ?? X iash lo b?nd the ror/ hlg>"*?? !??? ???? Apr1* *1 or*e y 't.'Ui.DlNG, ot Ue R#. v?K-og 0?<* No. y Cham M art ^ N :k*Yuit*-**>m rnr*m i.'i man. ??* *?>* ' , . _!?r n ?? >n >n#y on tb"F gn-."' not -e- a ?ear wi'rb N ** . ,ep u f'on: VI fir ;>?f. if Af bm,otr fsTw... ? a N ' it *>. 11 0 .ot. JUl(W?*W jtb.NS OORFP?1 HIS IA TIU! MONT PSLkOT Ki l* a? 'rU*. guwib ig. Ht"ey po'd mArt ?fwowobf Mr f 'k muTARY iRb Rival. Ed B1KOPOSiVAM M**?$WfA*IVB ASSOCIATION WOT I OB TO BLPRRVlBORti. ?TbiSUm*?T* Sp'"^r'! Euro, e Iu* prepared t? fnrpion Y?.??taeer roe united i? aaubwt itofco *oj $4li#r wa?|AflJ ISA ONM?lok BUM ^T!^urt?T;^ui.. -1 \l 1I.1TAHV QVEMCOAT Jjj?? *M tfuSSrnm Wo, mom... udm* olt.A ? ' r- v .vih H MARIN S. sr.*. rr.?. ?J.. ?-?jfvsssi,5i &. wk0. by grmt?i^vmSoSbI'^'wiS * CO ^ ?l"" WaNTED-MM VOLtj N rBAlOA #r frJ?T*c^ ?**?*?' ; for Rlgh^nth. Twentieth J-ent ... gWtou* Jhlrtl.tA ^thorlrpdh'"hie Vine.'leney G tremor 8?>motr, wlln tiid , opprorol of the Wt,r^.X^^,o?i'nll?tln? In ihi terra of the 1 KiV^'iS?. ;4S,? 5?*?" O.E TIWU&S .SO Wkjb?* DOLUI. jr 8S?: ?. mirteonwiu bo In attendance toeiemln. I*Cr<ii'oKnCK BOOR" FROM 7 A M. TO 7 IV M. for further portiotilani .*11 peraoually. Advice ana id formation ft gly g^- buckIROHA*. 1 Maior PKTKR J WDKl'MOTT, [Director* Copt THOMAS J. LOBBOK, } NOTICE to SDPBRYISOR3 AND CITIZENS GENERALLY. 7(10 relnnteere ere i?e?l* to be erfdlted to *J7 40"* or county In New York *ttt. 'l^l^ll.d^ * Town and .xmidij quotaa promptly ?Hod_. .. w Alt<*a veteran subniltt'?? w>4 (?prwatitif<? prompt IT fumt-Ueii In any htirnt>rr^ OttOldod to Applt<-?ttone by telegraph or loiter will do aiieoao the General Voluntear and Sub.tltoU ReorulUog Aaa?e>etinn of New York. _ OJ}~ C:MV%mLD SIMMON. Captain R. McNICUOL. ApUorUed A?onta._ MAT*. VOLDNTKRRS ARB SUBSTITUTES WANTED. AS FIBEMBH-B^Dty......^......:;;;?70^ToU! $M#| AS SEAMEN - MS-ToUl $1.31C Amclr earl* In the ntorn'ng to ... Captain COMBS. P? Lieiweard ?tJ*eL near Broadway. Ren largo pdrertieeuienwAnny and Navy. artier wisniNO volunteers or substl tutea, for one or three yearn ean bo *"Vrl?? ?n0??i ?enable term. bv applying at iho Army and Rary OHloe, No. 78 NMuai JtreeA OCBBTITOTEB QK ^ YOLUNTRERR, fCR EITHER ARMY OB NAVY, TOR ORB OR THRBB YEARS. purnisurd AT 17 17 BROADWAY BR0A.nW1N^AR TItE BAKERY ?7 bhoaiJway i REAR tub battery \l nunanwAY .. .Ilili^RFAR THE BATTERY HY HON0R4BLB AND EliLJABLK FARTIE9. Ad'trtM HcSCLTY A OO , 8U1PP1NO AGENTS. 17 Broadway. V?UPBBYI80IIS ARD COMMITTERS ^ Soppl'od with VOJ.UTTEKRS OR SCRSTITI'TEB, B. CAPT. B. COMBS. Ro 50 Liapenard alroet. near Broadway. roa iwuuoii See Adrerliaenient. under head of Amy and ?aty. 7al R<TI*UrE8^AT 17 BROADWAY, ?l'.AH RATi ^RY. SBsWswv' sstivtiaw ?????: fiFrolrtid VorMTdlatrtct. bv honorable audreliaV.e part.e^ Appl?? from 7 A. M. to 6 P. ?? - QCBRTirrTES WtNTED-WK n.tTKORDKRS lJOR S a rew one and three year, men Apply to BK'.W.N A 8DELDDN Baok#ra?No. . f*ar?. I'.ace. ni'asMTCTE"! -ff AN'f Ell A KEW (iOOP MEN 1'OH S f^e "rlne rorvlcc. We ,mv the highe.l bOuuUef. ea.h (n hand, at A> Park row. room -ft. nrH,nTCTKS WANTED?FOR TUB ARMY. TUB SLrail. Appl.- at 1* MuJaonatree^.Teraev rii'Rt^l'irff"" V, rNTil"1 F.'tl THE AI'.MV, S highVat pi le- paid. Apply a. *i Saw ark atroa^Uobo ken. . - ? - LM PFRVI8OR.7 07 COUNTRY TOWNS WaRTIN.I TO S ftd ?he rT^ei ran ofa.n all ihe men tb- y want at t^a o ' ee We will ?>.?e cr lera to aupply any number of men wltli the utmost de*R*^WART g HERRrRT, Ra 1 Park piaoe. room 17 third floor. mowM oommIttebb. suVbb*TboN1-..*9-tl" KMWJ&r&WTiZ WWMrSf atrtet, corner of Blitb avenno. ' rpHE IITO'7 EST BOUNTY PAID BY ST t IT A KNOnEI, 1 tor .volunte#n Aod inbitiiute? iA* A Je4Kj City, N J form r U that wa cam fiirodah 7*/^,llkmCaptatn Ui?t'L fitKo. Roerulttrg Depot, No. ? Cham here airoct. 8 1. T'ceiro^^^r-t"'. A* b^i-Mngla^loamV $1. A few s-1 g?o5ggBB SCm roeayth dmt . T-rN|iED B f ATI S M AKI RE JTORPB. v ?mvj tuirrnv-soxi cash. TBE fcAA'IBtiT AND CltiHTIST DUTT HO MARCntNO?RO KRAPtACEA aieauaar utaataas. At PliRlOIt CLOTHIR'l AND EQUIPMENTS. OOOD PAY A NO RATIONS. CtPTAIN B COVBK~M~LIS PEN ARD STREET. U aviorirod .. Apptr 'r?o ? A. M. to B r. M. tP,TBy,TftWB^AxVflD IMMEDIATELY. AS "BBMEN-^n^ |/ejro ...... ^ AR BBAMBM-Bounjv 2 J^Tf l ??,?.? A3 COALHEAYET-"-Roa^.? - ? *^T-U1 '""^tfurAM V-Ia^uIVAgte'a ?a ?i iLI N* EEU8 ?FII TV TOfcLNTBBBS **1^" V immediately to 1)d op tjte quota of o towo ID thlD H*'a ky A. WULBOui A CO.. I* ?W?WWL \-OLrNnMMS. YDU NTREBR-TOO CA-t GET THE b.uheet bontiMea . aid la lh? eltt for one two <* Ih'ee ?oare omrloo, at ofBto Mo. II ? bembero otroet Call and aak f?r Mai r Srowa. itoenaed adapt ifrou TP.KBP WaNIEU?FOR ?BB AND TGRER V ,T?r- for ahirh the bui eet baun teo Will be pa d. -o eroia a and a.oero.ei. wt.b.e* w ? ,, , i.t. ti,*<? tnter*?t to rail ?* V't o <*? ?. ^p,T Tor? jirm? ^n-1 K*ry H^ rulUiSf Ol?pi?y. WO Hromdwt , iua**r Huwuii . . , k? oi rkTrr.RR AND scnHTm rriT. in largr ob V r.".X?. for town, ewi.dletd; TeTero rt.'KpVt^PNt.ld.rt./k. ? AYS ?'t o fi"'leea taak , Colonel H Utr w, JS# Vufcoe elreet, aud Mittt- __ _ " na val FNI'/.K MORBV, AC, ILL ritlZK MONEY ^TARtE CAR M ORTMIWBD at onob. bv^lv,NO IN PKMUM. I* fORB ST . i'B<X'KLTt? and 17 BROAD *T.. N. V. R'tDNTiAS. iACd rAVTS?^,D WiTMOOV DBLAV l."V7 'A .?fey,SX?r*I?l"'?f>egSa' Vriai aud HOI N t V MORE Yd. *V'K PAT. .*- Af 7Rial, and HO./Ri ? BDWABO BIS??U*a Artat and Nay Raofcer. ao l la^ p?r'er lh K Re* Sil |i>tlwir. oorntr itr^t. I **? A LL prize IMW Mti? Ray as lb PAU) St J. I. D.tlkl'.V A CO., S?rarn iient tpattfi Aye?'* 111 Brialwav .Yea tork. ?Le nai l'trt) of t 17.P MO* RT, AC THE DPPICBRt AND e I Till#'. ? la'ea >Vp ' ,f'altk> n.f-rf .l a P'i * -ph-u'. '. tie to a ?| t"ae h* a-ptroa t?g Wa.den, P ' " I Mcl'ta'iro. No. 17 ProalitteM. P* VONRT* ro'n RY TKAHSL PJUiMPY,.* t a-.d , it V *i?d Addr t? ar appl, r RICH Rn ?T Kbt t'?t T, V i ta t rtta eo Am. at. aa*7 ho. 87 Rtoodkei itr-et jowap MOYHHE r?p PHI" tNT MA o "i? i .?> vt oa tin* oO ?' W't I at i.i.IlON Pa "ae., no t aft. *Oh a V 1'At U.A .a ? ?? ,d MoP'ra ??It?'??Rb?, 01 4Vk" frup rOK MLB. a N OL? BBTaBLtBBBD ?R*T ARBtor J\ it.Ittl for aulr?on Pmirlh avecae, ?i?*ri *7.? ?I btan.-b'tcl the k.MMK, apply *? J- u*twk,? M?w 1 Bowery u< ttf lb CAreeiA - a BEOAR HTOBB FOB RALE?WBLLBATABLIREBII A I Mr ibe >ut four tart; ab-ok, *?WJ*i ?*" ptole. Apm'T at ?77 BI*U? oveoM _ . ? IRIUH STORK AND SAMPLE. BOOM A eatebiiakod lor the UN Iour J' "*cl Iww 4o. ai. Apply at17T ?ml* _ A BARROOM AND FIXTURES ?OR J1? A l.esxo of H'.u?o for lour yoer*. In J"? ? Ji>llli Youi-eia. Will be agod cheap fur euah. lo<iune oi Jt?ii? RUN TA. A B * ROAIN.?A LARQB PAINT M A onrnrr of A ncley ?IHI Nfnlb *1* ? >vtr f?0 worth oi o <tor? now on hanrt. t?> n? *? I 9 j. a. ynnou^ow, a/ **??*?? T BK8TAURANT TOR 8ALB-DOIN) 1.V*RJ,4-o"? iL 10^.:^'^ t^xr..?greais-; BOARDINO HOI'RR KKEPKRR.-FOK ture UuoC Will and A ^'" ISoa gilk ?bi?ap. For ptrucuiara cftil on*, a. OHOJUm <* ?? ftrenut. .? nRUO 8TORB FOE RALB-AT AOtjTJON. ON J*** WctUe-doy HcicUd l>efi>r.' *i eowUttoU nnitf uborotfod: fair ?to?'< ana a goo J pra?t.<-o ? miih the atoro. Oall al AX^Heveotb areone. _ EA?B SALE?A FIRST CLASS B0ABD1N0 r oud Barroom, lb t ee or tour door* iroin*"***>, ,e. able lure email hole or club houae. W 'JJ?; ' rlC(1. ,i?, aar? ou ban.l lo Hie auiounl of But), ? bo.? ?a-<? tnee. ? te. ton. be?t red a.b eoel. Price ft 'UK. I ?"1''JoJd Hcl In ten day. from dale i Sepia nher i) it will oji0? ;* ion lor aellinr. a to-". Apply at th- K cuaus? oinoe, 10 West Houston etr*cl, between I and 5 o do?* r- *? , _ F?K1RST CLASS RESTAURANT TV BALTIMORE The Good Win. Fixtures and Stock of a reef a IT ' loeMea Rertnursnt, ?->w doing a lama and proHl?h!" b ,rr? Stock of rem la moderate, the fl*tnro? cu ? n Cto. end a 6 wine, and liquor. Will V> sold low. Tito ? rjwnt JW'J , tor being in tad health i? the only icasun lor u.?,oaiDg o | "r.Ttorm" price and tdher partto^laM^ddr^^ Real E.tate Age** Basement of Che?et)eekc Bant. Baltimore. M4._ wnttm. alrF?A MII.K RODTK, WITH 1tTEVSIT,R, F eonatating of Are rows. on-. 1 orae, 'Vo'mt^eTtu'of light and milk iv son. Sold one ip on a count ihf onrr. For particnlarn 4pp y 1^0 (?r?na ? the yremlie. af Mra. IIKaLKY I.ewls strotl. between Oreene and Lafayette arenuea, Bntoelyn. K O. ?V8AL8-A FIRST CLASS STOCK '^1 r Gooda and ni.i?-nir.eent Futures, lu one of tne beat to. canons on Broad way. nA?, ^k^OQO Addreaa i Rtcelt and flaturea will amont to about Auoreaa Y., Herald oUce. _ _ FOR SALE?A BROADWAY PBOTOORaI'H QALLR rv. with Fixture*, Apparatus 4e., co"H!.rta. If e t dtapnaed or by the lOtb of September u JLL^*!? Thurad.? MiciloD nt oar saloorooin. 95 biborty ta >1 H Srpt 15, At 12 o'clock For pkttl ttlaii ?rP|F 10 "? u IaKI-DS A MI NEK, a nrtioncers.jOT JjI^i ty _itreet OR~SALE?TWO HYDRACLIO FRBSSBS. * CART. Sleiah and Harneaa, aeveral mahoirany top ai a the Heuae to let. Apply at hb Cliff atreet. F"~0R8ALE^A DROP FLO B BOILER. SFBET SHELL and 2i) feet long, lying btMhaad fw? of Twelfth atreet, North river. Apply to FLBrcHLK HAURIBIN a CO .'Aid West atroet. . . ^?r7ale"-Tn harlbw, the pro kita BLE.USI. JP neas. F irn.tnre and Fixture* oi 0 Bar, Dlnmg ?na RefreihmeDt House, w thin Ml) feet of the bridg?. hn^J low. For particular* Inqulre oo the pram1*,*. Sutto* * Ha te), seeondbonso ncrtbof I28ib atreet^on fh.rd avenue. rit.F^ONR FIOHf HOHHB PORTABLE EV. F Kino und Boiler; has b en used but litVe. Alxo twenty naw eicht and ten bor*o, ma.le by the WkanlkptOJi 1 rok Works \rply to HENRY HCHENCK. oare Siemoo Draper, h ? ;V. Pino street. linn KALE-CANAL BOATS OALORE, PLYMOUTH r and Jolmaon: all of thorn lu good order. Inquire of WM. CORNELL, No. 1 State atreet. Vs7,? ox! K-lAO TURNED PULLEYS. PHAFTIVQ, F lie.tiny, llangors, Wrlgl.v'a patentJfctoH Saw, Tenoning Kar l I'.e one Cray A Wood's l* aning Maclitno. App'Y to or "wX uEOROlt L ci MMTNtlS. 1M WestThirty aixth street, one door won', of Broadway. ^ THOR KAI.E Tn^ OLD ESTABLISH BD BOV TOV P o^trr ^nd Hlnirs Saloon, with Lease. sUo? k. t.itnree gnd Qood Will, luqulre oa the preoiiM*. Wt Sixth avenue. FOR SALE?THE FIXTUREB OF a WATCnMAEEE-8 an I lew.: rv Store. .sUbUslied over ail men yr m?h . do n: a oori h.tWnq hnalners; '-an b? bad ^VoDiyi ? ? be Stock. AU.-, Sure toiluaaa. Apply, to M DUDIN, ? arcntie C. ? yT.OR SALK-THK STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A COB !? ?er (trocar.', now d?.?g * goo<l h?klae?a. Cboao i?ut. ?..lit arparalely rr loge.her. liaaann for -olliu* oT Id hr?a?th aod unttr.utf go la Ihe oot JtMf. Inquire at Id! kiini avetinr. cornur leclh street, for three u.iys. F" OR RALE-IV rOVRRQHENCI-: CF ILL HEALTH. A ?^,v VexIraV- Alattrrfaeiurlmg Bustowa Th art:o r, manofaetured are In em-tuetly fncroadnjr r '" bu.iue-a ha* bean .??'?b:isb?l many ma.! hincr/u?P<i iff rr'dcc'i'd by let 10rs i-at it, itiu ii is u ev >if ipii rt in * pr"fr* Mm condltiou. which can boahuo* dlotV^n at th , rnner time Abrmt **>/?? rngh Is . *? quired. Addreas Mnnolacturer. Herald olE e. ! 'won r\lr-a pluvbino tvo uar nrriM bhop. < p with stork and fixture ; will be .old ow. ..a the o? n _r ? 1 a. ,ihrr I iiatne'i l.i atien I b>. Ajtp.y .or three days at -tl , Second atreet. Brnok'ya. K. P. LtOli SALE?A L 'RfiF. FINK ALE BREW I.TlT: ALL 1 r in ..nnpioten at . ; order; brewing torty barrels por day. ?nie rotwuv isln leeW bnlldtog*. Win soil cheap Ik PODMQUflll'S) Of gt*'Kll^Sfi ?)' tllH OWItT, eonseq.i JfiAAC A. BIOOS A CO., 77 Rkfsktl Street^ Van"., Hi;' .Ve'NTV H <' < -" POWPR KN F glue tvilb Keller, and a ,0,o?r Ui' P<1? i liv't rn"n Rhaftu'c in cood runo'iiB order. Can b" s??m daily 1 rom TA lifia V M ?t ?'M. R BRKKTON'S hung factor IdSKlrsi at root, WilLarr,.burg near Oraad trcet. I i-,0R raiTb-WEOU'JIIT IRON ROUND TANKS, !t;X K 7 and ? ra f3?t T'tbr and Loaf Buj-ar TJnnbla. Heaaa I p. trip* ?- *'? N tTOM ORl) 17 Broadway. FOR kaTN-OVF BIOHT HOUSE STEAM BBC.IVK. one twelve bO'W Tnim af So lar, with Picture, nearly oew complete SneUna, BoUtngand But'-rs. also'.ve' e?,. Las.- or four story fa.tjry. Addiew H .box 1.3 Hired ofT.c 1 now s*>c?t ijnmiao boittii and barroom s* L , r Hi fc.n nea* R.aae ;. f-rae!'. r ?1??'* r HI D?a Tirf" ??a ^wviar. C,*n#r ?? le* ? ing ih^ v iv. Th ? Ii a ?m?d pi*** W'* to t >h .W cu?+ ' >r hl^i ?nd Sevenih ' lH'TOt tii. tn , _ FaOR K ?1 '{?R'.OOP, OR A CH AMPLATN LAKE Peat olTOton fo'u aaiD At d well found: Tra.igdL when iMde-.ttce. fries $ HO Al l-lf al Orau shipyard. New I riin.wlek, N T, f'OR agLI ? AT .t. A itTl BLIND ' O W1 M TWK.V. F t ? tourih street two arna l sngtaea; cyt nder t Inch ana 17 ta.S atroke. , F~~0* KALB-TUF. HOOD WILL BTOTIC AND FIX tnreaof ? ?<rot n'" vrho ?aa'e an t reiml eviner Liquor A,eretanTw d%r. K bl eaal.bns'ne,,. Omul r~eon. f..r aaUtng Aildre**l; tt FOR WAl/ ClBAP-ffffl PTOCK l !\Tl ItKH 1 and U?>l Will or the Lutuqr Store ?IS Seat Fomto-nth at.> t, from the aew railroad ' rl"'U or .?lll"K. the o* kar is gotog ta IreianJ. a p? Id the aiore t? r three days. LOOK RALE OR k"rCHAltflB?RTI"AM JNGINF AND P K<u. u ? t ? cha.'iug and Pi.Hey* of S'? atrr lirl k bu lUiliii . wll.i a I' "* and favorable loa^c, s.tuateJ baar Kas' rlv" ?" '?b ? "ir ? .nnfarturing puri-osss. Am'y u> W. N. MAilnOX. lid dee.mac sM-ei 8ALE~ciiriAP?three bbcoeu hand firs 1 Bbgtn..*. Nea ii yias IM al*. nne #te?n Hto Be g oe Can U seen al W? West Thirl'- tooond atreet. / tKOfhhY *r U8 FOB HA1.K-NOW DfCVrt AOOOO IT ??.k Oii?.aeea; will be sc.d .heac, aalbe owner lo not a; 1? le attend lo It It 1? ona of the be*t corners in tue letrrntb ward. Aim the libra- an. Wag.k. Call al Ah* Cngrry rtnit, wratf af^ ^ / 1 ?SWORK* ?roll SAI/E. A OAR APPABATlTS r,u IJT ITny J's T'.lu ?. In good order, whlru ??? ".fi' ?. I? 3 nX> cub r feel of -a. (lpd... In i'Ura for throe dags only Al lie Atlantic ?iktdrn. Vi Bo'sery. ^ , *J* aMBOAT FDR RALE?A SMALL STEAMER, OF to O ton bniti en. In first r? c ,wdor. lor further particulars apply to J NO. B KiTCHIAL. 34 Pin* aireac CTRaBI'D'.T F'lR BALE T'R CnARTEE.?TEW BIHE 0 whec at-vioer Ph a x no* piling heiwcB Baltlinera iod tl.a Cbe-Itor rlvaf ta ' ffered tor -ate or cbart.r. Bke is tiVob's?Vn''with a huge ? 'or fre^hL For partMulcr* appT I" ?r s?<trM? CaotaiB 0 P. Oar-owi cn b "ard tho beat ?? L.gbt atreet wha rvaLOOM FOR bALK CIISAP?WITII ALL FlITi'KB.A .5 L.auora. l alnl ric*. Ac. in Iba beat buan aaa IccaUuk la the ed do v d* t.g ?C|.r,eb..u,'0.w Tbl* J. . bar|.'n a.d A cttaao* aal lum met vntn. Apy.y to COLLINr A ? ??". AJ2 Broadwa). irto TOUNO BILilNNBRd AND OTIIRK^?FOR "AI^E, i. ti.a Rtock, JI'tnrcs and Furaltiirc of a Ooitidmatry. 1.1 and Fruit H oro. buw Co ng a reed UfA*?* .***1 * 1 aids achoo' ol )o or t ne bo i sod rhll 'rvD J*t?l tor?" tar; .roro thar ??'?' ?'. e price aMoA. Apptl et?rT?R.h.h era via, or Itu. S Aal r | laoe. . i a "lat pra11> machines for palb-nine or [1 aovetilc oca* i' 'a. tnrc* cF BMftCea courtCfA kbC two of I* "i v a. r?rr ura: alao two Oott'wi lam ff'Atliil Mt'liiu'* Mill i ?p r lie*, w tb 1.5USI HocMd# to SC'L Ik' ^ i., i,. .f7ohK KitthlkV.. IS Eli I ton atrcok ! til\ F(>rTAB IE pi M I'.N.ITNMB AKDRDfLERM 1 jji' raadr Tin deliver- < ring Mrpi?s ber. from the bw.1 I B7a.?'siIvo tracts ? .n- ,.4 pro-. ,.?'*? i*d ct <*' -bABn. | SeUMWrff |RJe-e A.-l+'-h . I . ?r. a t 1 a"I ktodsjijAj chtnTT for wirkiiic ??*? aad ? ?? Ap? i " sciihuv.'* ? MaobinaPy dapit, Kf .MiumnJk;i" , 4i!,|l WILL *1 r POUR RFLENDtD POULTRV. "4?Hj vasotvbie and TroK Hands. _aaRfdj__A gyi *baiw? feraCtoBa. trao. Apply Ao M oBTMAMUTOM. Ba Marker. ... x., , . - SI.OUU I at na.a ;.'??? %*> !?? ^?W ? Cife* W. itkaa, iiais d ?tt3oa. Sella <?? ??"*?? 'A1 h?M^ltha _|> gr> ... . VflA,iAn\)i. _ t IP OR " h ALE?1 WO m l.I.f A "DTA Lef.?',? r a, Ft Vise tnrt the uuie? or D-rfcer o'vL.ia, J, ?*w ?S ? Jn ;vrf -t ... *rr ,iu l Wt'l I* *****?!. k**r ?AK.OI> H fcK fl'R t MI'TRt fri tolhuy AiyW. . /' mcBD BILi.fARO MATOil IjP Hid tllC OH AUriONKIIir 'if AWKR1CA *NI> V IV OOtiDkN r t'R vwlfltaP tlEMAN~oV ClRCI.NNATI, Dt\-wkC h ? v . v, >.p f, f,w TORff. , a l I-tii n,, 'i |,pi| wt I pa o i .ii s <1 the B t. ? '. ti'fu.i?uT..k. , I 1,1 Ilk ikY 1.1 x.tip k" ? ?'?' v 1}c t tm kia at IlaoaiCox. Tk "SU. br H 0 PATBRSON FALL ItOU ?triUMMe.R 11 M AMD 14 . HMMUtW *? WWlkW. . . _ Rr" Pimt&oS}!* S$p tik sratfws; TH? TRiaL HTanBS, ?ai?i, I'M! I Is; 1# anlr e . ElW AU im 3m-laa. UlUtOIA>B.t&*> tHK UNDERWOOD GIFT clonal last Bight with Are en tries. Ia the lirre nil* heat rao* Captain Moere will nae-'4 Engl* Tba telling stakes will aho prodaea a tanai escMiag tt.inl Tuiao Hat-THE NKOUEL ITAKK8 $??, S mile*. if en tries. Premium AMiO. al nana, 3 tul a baaia. TUB CONSOLATION PREMIUM, $3 0 all ages IV "I ? Kici-leul aooo -mo alion for la Ilea has been jirjrided Tralna of the *n? Ral aa,T >lop tl llw toiirw. An a-Ira Ira In. with rara for lad ea. laev-a fool af Chambers street al II 43 A. M? returning laamediaiely after law race each day. K. B. OH 18WI LL. Secretary Parnate County Agricultural Boelntv. THOT-ON TDK UNION HALP MILE TRACK, WED. neatav. Rent. It. at 8 d a oek, for a pursa and aUka af $I5U in barn- sa. b-at thiee In 1v I'r Mnrria names hay i al 'lint .lohny Morris. Mr Ti-rn-v name* Lady Cu<ta Jaa. rin ay namaa Major Morgan. Adinteaioa Kmta JAMES EI1ILAT. Mipif BPORT1ITO. AirLENDlD KNGLlBH DOUBLB GUN. NEARLY new. Nn. 13 gutgs, for aala alt nap. Can be aenn lor ana week al 32 Burling altp. r\OG8 FOB 8ALE.-A PAIR OP HANDSOME NEW I " fouudland Do.:*; good witch dnga; one Hull Terrier Dog, imall Black sad Tou Terrier*. Scotch aim Mkye Terrlera. 3 he*e dogs are well bred. JOlJb UKaY, No. 11 Roosevelt atreet. Francis bdtlbr. no speck slip, has all tub eho'ce brreita for aale and atook. Butler'* Infalllh a Mange Cnre and Plea Exterminator. T3 cnnta per bottle. Rutin-'a new Work. $1. Doge hoarded. Iralnad, Ac. Medi. clues for all -11-eaaes. Fob sale-two potntbb door fob breed aDd beauty I challenge the word to beat: w arm n ted to bark, point, drop shot, and better nova tings never trod thr earth. A number of largo Watrh Dogs; one Newfound land Do*. jet blui-k. the bo t trnmed. beet bred dor In ll>e conntr : Bu I Terrier Pupa, Itultau Pupa, two K<ug Charles Slut Pupa, Pointer Pupa. Setter Pups, Rat Done of ail breeds both Scotch, Skye, Black and Tan breed. Rata on band to try thorn. If. GARDN KB, IS Laurent atreet. near Canal. N. T. ISOb'sALR-A BRAUTIFUL YOUNG ENGLISH CAR. 1 rlsge Dog (rpnlted). Inquire at 17 Centre street, N. T Q AIL BOAT FOB SALR CHEAP?IN COMPLETE OR O der nn I almost new. Inquire of J. MORRIS. 2T6 Fulton Market, before 12 M. 1 (IOKHRS, CARRIAGES, AC. A COMPLETE ESTABLISHMENT TOR SALE AT A great sacrifice ?A Team of dark grays, young, kind and sonn-l; nun a good Isdy'a horse; new- at style ot shift ing Top Wagon, with pole (Wood Bros): double and single Harness Isdi 'a and getit'a Saddle, Bridles, dress Blanket*, go, byTiainor. All new thla summer. Also asprndla brl lit bay Horse, young, sound, and kind In hamcsa and ?add e. Applv at privalo stable 34 Writ Thirty seventh sweet, bet a sen Fifth and Sixth arenuea. ABKAUTIFUL HORSE. COMBINING 8TTLR WITH power and kind temper, for aule at private stable 132 West Fifteenth street. A GOOD STRONG HORSR TOR SALB?CHEAP: a-iitable for a truck or cart. Can be seen at 80 East Fourteenth atreet. ANY PERSON HAVING A GOOD DOUBLE TRUCK for sale ean tin 1 a oim-hasur by addressing A. B., sta tion K, stating price and order. A LIVERY FTABLB FOR SALE. CP TOWN. WITH Block, Lease sad Fixtures, do-ng a good coach business sod ha* troiu 25 to 3>> steady boarding horses. Addresa Blab e, boy lit) Herald ollitc. Scld on account oi other busmeaa ASPLBNDTD LARGE BAY HORfiB FOR 3ALB? Will weigh about 1.400, antoothly butlL seven yeare old, sound and kind every way. The Owner harm* no fur. thei use for him w-.l so'.! reasonably. Can be seen at 11 Jones street. In -he stable. A PATCH EN MARE, 15\' HAND8 HIGH. FOUR years old; oan trot close to three minutes. Also a black Mare. 15'( Lands high, snine age. ?ill U - as d cheap. Bulb warranted si.nod an.l km I, single or double Apply at Ml Third avenue, earner -f Twenty eighth street. Anew trotting buggy for salh-dkcididly the handsomest and meet stylish wa-ron in Now York; made hv Hr water. and used hot n i'o.v tlnies. Call at pri vaies:ab>e, U4 East Thirty-alalA Mel,' Ah ELEGANT pair of bay dorses, i-ive and six years o'd; own brother*. well Urv.l, long tails, l.V, hi,nds high, and very atjf'lsh in harness or sddle. Nay ha r'een at sjih a t9 Bast Thirty'.bird strait, or inquiro at 73 Bookman street. \ NUMBER OF nURTNR 38 WAOONR OF EVERY kind, on t anliy on hand. Von w 11 find th is place as fsv.-mo'e a* 4,!v that can be found, and ev--,-. ar.iale war. ra wed as reproe'-i-d, Al-o some a-ci-Dd ban In good ord< r. cheap. .ST;,tVART'S Wagon Fsotory, Kitty-third street, '. etv. een B-oadatay and Eiq'ilh aicnue. A WORKING MARE FOR BALtf-16 HANDS HIGH; .1 suitable fnr a rarmnn'a or truskman's use; Is a last walker; price $55. Can ba seen at 41 Perry if reel. VBPAN OF 1IORSB8, A GOOD DOUBLE I1ARNRF8 and a goed covered eiuntrv Wag in. four aeafa and four apilnu*. for - 'lu c .cap, either t*hclher er separately. Apply at i,d BluOvkcr street. (3AHBIAOER?PARR P1IAKTONB, FOUR AND FIX / aeats: an e'egar light Brett, four and -l\ seat Re- ka ?p ?, four and six sent shifting top Jaa ar Wagons: two e'rgant akttlini; ">p "og Carts. llSpnuni Koai Wogoa: no top four seal Dt-po' Waifnn*. ilso second has I seal Ko- ka way and an seal Phaeton, vary 'I'll# naed aa.i la nrat rate orisr. M <\iniiV. No. 94 'fedar streot, oppus te Post office. FOP. 8M.R-A f'BNTLBNAN H TURNOUT, CONSIST ? or of on.i lirht Bond Wagoe a .J one Pght Tan Wngon. Il-tfslo Robes, tap Blanket. Whip. Ao . also a splendid it tlai k Mare. ltj< bands high fast, kind and gont e Oan scan at 2!>1 Il-nry atreet., to SAMUEL OSBORN, 23 Kpruce street. F30R BALE-A LIGHT PIIARTON. ALMOST NEW, dlt-d f.-r one or two tiorces Cau be -sn ai aiable 1*9 K ,?t iiiirly-lourlh ati-ooL DOIRAIR-A BREEDING MARK. OUT OK ?OLD r llamh etonisn." la one arlia foal by Oaaaius M. Cot). half brother to Pa to'an Alao a iP'y O-ni fourteen moutss old, ' it of aliars ri.arn ' y an Btar horae. lAdd.ess ho* 3 :.*? Poat office. F?OR HALE-A TROTTIVO llORsg ITKTilUT BAT. 13H Sanda hleh. proa built: baa Ims-c.i 3 *0. Two seat t'ai'laye an I light K*ore-? Wag-ui. fbr went of ue I Applv *t Jr-bnton's alab'ea, Tw-nlv a#.-onJ - treet aud Bev 1 'nth avenue l?R sale-a span or heatt tram horfrr. b Can be -e ti mom ng and evrnlrg St 11! W- ft Tweu'y seveutb street, and during the day at ai5 Btoadway F FIORFALS-AN OPkV TWO REATRD CARRIAGE, fur -ue ur two horse* A.-p'yat HA) Fast rhrf elrlh ,;-*"i. , Mr. LAKL. J.SOR FAI.R- A TEAM OF YOUNG MARE8, FIVE AND F ?lx ????? o'd perfectly round and kind lb pill# at 105 Fraokdn atreat, between II *ndl octoea IP OR P? LE?II MORSES: AMONG TIIEM AfJ" FOUR. P ar e spier>1 - 1 -Trt or truck ilnr ca; also two lew p-1r?d ll< rae., ot for acy busmeta A'* one I- eck Mare. 6 vaara eld; price fuo. a to one aet of lt?bi I ion bio aliver pt-lnd Harness. AU to br arcs tl TI flrwn a-'li srenu*. L'OR BALB?OMR HIT* .-('PINO I'UNO RON WAG r "t?. *1 ? #t-. ae?r To be sold cheap, oa aor-nint jf the earner iiaelog ?? further n*r fnr it Apply U> RENfiOb linos.. J'f< Hnst Twenty t'i rd street IJOR BALK?A fPl.tkHID PAIR OF RAT COACH I lloraw* Arearsnld. lit hands high, won iienka, soand sn t find, long tails, stilish; a ti-ol class Brr-tl in ar two mooibs; stylish Coach, a meat new and dotiha Rame**; aoia tf w mt of n*n ?'an be see a at the livery ?table, cor, tier Sixth avenue and Tblrly etttb str-wu. F'OR SALE?A KRW AND VERT H k NORi'MR, SUB slanttady bnilt. twa seated Carr-ago. built In order' w II be an d cheap lor want m use A so * seenn 1 liaod Express Wsge i f-m 940 Arp y at atatiie Ne. I,Ha? Broadway, cora-g Ftttr sever lb stteei ORRkl.R-A 1.1(1 'I T TROTTING WKIO* RCILT L" b? ?' vers A 8 nlih, and new ??' e' Ringie llarnesa: use.i but three timea. Apply al UNDKKHlLL A FLlEf'1 Htabic. Lafayette plaee. near Astor. Pnor rale-at frivatR. BTABLR. NO 47 *Afi? 1 Fifteenth streak one opea Wagon and light Single liar nets, Wit little used. IjNOR "ALB-ONE fF'RllHL HOdNf, WARRaNTRD V sound sad kind and to slang without i ipg, at New York Bsiaar. ITroadway aad Thirty seventh atreet. lior balr-onb riiutr 1 lash LUtill tor U Doctor a Carnage second hand, prioe gtw in pilre at (IP Kttih avenue. Murray ilili btablea. Alao one tireaealed new Ik as-fb. clianp. yiOR SALR?A LliMIT I'll A F.I ON, ALMOST NKW P 8 lied Tor ene or two borsaa Can La seen at atabla 147 Kar.l Thirty fenrta airenu L30R 8A* R?FOR HALF BFH VALUE. A MhSNCN ? per Mare, 1S'4 hand- b'gh, bright bsv. i yeara o'd sound and klud. siy'-l'bi.eao IroA a mile In 8 nrfnntaa, nr 11 aulas W" I'n lb* hoor Ap)Or at Itk Dswsrv For salr-fivr hohwrn ruitakln for a bxNar bute.hernr ml'kesan: ansang lh*tn ?? ? malrhrj tri'n of gra, a: 1'ief are Iruni 13M tu l( hands blth. ana fmm Ore In a'ght rwaranld. Inquire at Wret Kourtb at. LVOR SALE-A BAY ?OR8R, JVHT FROM Til R F eooniiy p-.eeSftl; Aol'l on secnum of th-owner har. tugpv use for him; wotks in sitter 4 nbla or single bar neea Appl) at >71 t^aaal atrewt, near R road way. FIOR BA'-N-A TOP RCOOT. IN FIRMT RATI CONDI tme efcaep for c*?b. -r If pteferre I, w ll take ta Met l aw iat*' a A, I Alaigb ?nl'ab'e for Ixtanr fhwr |>er?Of>s- also far ???. a ugh' Hrw* In gnrj or tee. I squire of PATRICK Al Mi 3li Weat t ifi'-eslh street. L30F. UAt.r-MULF.R, OXItN, AC ONE TORR OF P Ores ai d two Teams of Melee. Wegnns. flarnees, ke. tiaxtleye-o* w?ll broke and la wteellent oonfitloa. Wu| bw sens reeenooWy. App-y to HdneeiaienUaat at Hamilton I ar. sw ft*'* M >n. Male i l?land L?t|* gtf.K-IN TIIR O'lPNTRT, A PAf* OF TRRT P au soar. aW/nt Car-'va* lloteea, ba a. I sig talis, b ack prera d -sari ?:g, 18 hands h ph. pert, cly sound and free fraot rh-e Alas 0 jfabt bgl ?;rnipe Hnrae. the Wiua* aiyiiah amnal that had e??? haeh driven In Caolmi Park. ) ? f\ Hand Reffi 1 'ON ?ALK?A I'aBK PlTAWtvN WITH HARNKlW, i1 air.ioat pete. la-pnrw at Ins Vyaikilo atreet. L'OM NkLN? AT THR VPN YORN HORHN HA8AAR, 1/ Hr--rdus?, eornee of 3h rtr eereesU1 street, a hlark Mam Who r?, ip,,| Is 2?i- a brown ift.'**. " ai on-I'd 'harder- aeversl uaalt! harbes* ard saddle hariog flor-*a C*rida?e> ??? Harneasin 'K eas luid M" pis'-w In New York hnttsr than i(t? I'a/a r v"r peae A wfeV lit tl-a'-'tf M-hd T-I'f,' res welt msi-'-eu lean.a wanted Reap At p-i da c tah tklt.Ln Pis^A'**'. L (i ' FET (T" 11' a I *W1 wo? 8a?b-a inc? bomb, ih -ooo condition, P rearrested aouad, perfectly geatle either to hWMHer aader the saddle. Cm k? seen at prima xtable US West f waavwartli aUeac ' ? FHOR SALB-H0R83. WAOOB ABO HABBESS; Til ? waaaakaebeaa rua Not iwe months; barao ja 70our. aouad aad fast. Apply al 177 Third avaaua. Will 6a aoid separately or tegetpcr, at a law yrtoa HOB SALB CHEAP?OB WILL BB LET POB THBIB JP baap far the aaat tlx the ewaer has nS nee far than, a team of excel eat Draught Harass. Address Hi preen, hex 101 Herald odioe. F'OB SALB CHEAP?A SORRBL HORRB. NIB t 1 BARS old. I# haade hlga, test. splendid driver, kind la tiagle aad double harness and uuder aaddla. Inquire of J. C. HALL'S SON, It* Cliff street. pOR SALE CHEAP?A HOB8B AND TOP WAGON; ? iilutble for express, grocer or market uee *iU? P"le for oae o# tivo h.?rem; an good aa now; will be sold eepe r*telv If required. Tube x-?u at the ..o-tl yard, corner of S'intonaoa Orchard streets. Call before 9 A. M., or after if. II CIOR SALB LOW-A SIX SEAT AMBDLABCB, MAHE I* atout; four and aix aeat tup Depot Waaona, two lentler tup Buggies nt $325; ooe high dour four ten) 8 irta***. Iea? th?r trlfnoiad, bang a Utile mop worn, will be aold for $27.5; three Doctors Ph .'tons, excntrlc wheel, turning verr short; also an assortment or all ?t lea of light ear* rages. ISAAC HIX, Jx., AM Broadway. Horses and carriages for salb?a span op tU'iiobed bay Hoi sea. sound and kiud; aiao a Aral clues Brett (Wood Brothers, makers! with Humes*, suitable fur a private family. To be seen at the priiate stab.o No. 1 West Nineteenth street. Horses for rale?a pair op well matched bay Morgau Horses. The? are a voting, sound. Lento aad etogant team, duo steppers, apply at stable, corner ol Seven in avenue and Twculj second street. J JENKINS WILL SP.LL AT AUCTION. WKDNES. . dev. Sept. 14, at II o'clock, Hoi ' i Carriage*, Wagt us, Harnear, Saddles, Bridles, do. Bee auction eatec. PRIVATH STABLB.-ONK OB TWO RTALL8. WITH room for one oarrUce, 10 rent In a Aral c a?* stable in Thirty-seventh street, between Fifth aveuue and Bread Way. Addross T., box 3,<S07 Post ofllce. PERSONS WIRHING TO BOARD TT1B1R HORSES 1 ontoftnvn during the win tor will senure good eta bllng en<l careful attention, at moderate prices, br applica tion to CiiARLKS BROWN, da A CO., No. 8 Harrison street, Newark, N. J. TO LET-TILL MAT 1, 1865?TWO STALLS, with rarr age roim. In a first dans private ktable; I cm lion. Twenty fust arret eu>t of Third uveiiiie. Fur particu lar* luqulre at 73 Water street, or lid Bait Nineteenth st. TnB PRETTIEST PAIR OP HORSES TN THIS OfTY for sale at a bsrga'n an the owner has '>0 use far th ni; they arc black sound, and kind m any harness or under the saddle, and well matched Can be seen freos 9 to S 0'cloak, at the private (table 106 Clirystlc an est. UNITED STATES HORHE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION Mart, Fi'ih avenue, corner ?f Forty fourth street, New York. The proprietors beg leave to Inform the public that ss'e ake plow bv auction on each Woilnesda and Satnrda take plocu bv auctiou on each Woilnesda and Saturday throughout the >ear. or no johb n ; or d.-aimg u. on the part of anv one connected with the eatabllahineut will, under any circumstan es be allowed. Horses, Carriages or Harness Intenned fer Wednesday's eeles should be sent In on the Saturday receding, but will be received until 6 P. M. on Montis". Those Intended for Saturday s sales should be sent la on the Wednesday pro ceding said sale days, but will be received until 6 P. M. on Thursday. Cash advances without extra charge. H J. JORDAN A CO., Proprietor. WANTED?IMMBDI ATHLY. A OOOD SECOND HAND light top Wagon; also a Saddle and Bridle and a set of Single Harness. Address H. S. H,, box 1.301 i'ost utiles. ROYAli HAVANA LOTTERY. J^OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. OFFICIAL DRAWInVToP AUGUST 20. 1BSA Roe.Prliea iNos.Prlrvs.INos.Prij'-?.INos Prlzes INos Prizes, 28 .. $M 4:...000 922 . 300 a*(t. .-co 872... .2011 4'ki. .. .LSI 43d.. pi 475.... M2-..409 f?ll 4"t 8 5. ..-00 ??>).... kO JB.xl 200 1524 .lOOt) 1730 .WtW 19(S....40 aoo-i...4? 21u3 20 2344.. .'.i! 244.1 ...'.Oil 2JII. ...??? HVati ...409J *2021. ...40 29*1.-MM 270tL.-A.fl 29'41 ..Iu0 3Wt ;sn 14131 AuJXitl 0131.?ft f,160....200 6190 ...2.10 lit 1 11324..21 12124.... 00 I22A5....10J 0204....400 12283....So 643 ....4.) 1I24.ID. tH9#...."?0 t>69 . . 2> 0 014....60 fAU .. :/0 6717. ...S O 6,90....SI? 1826.-.41)) 6*"ll ? .20u 6371... 10 *9 1300 7177....40 72 2...1 00 5.143... 430; 7;ao... .4 41 7404....2W 7) 70?Ah 7517.?-60. 7761. 12423.... *.'0O 16;-.. ...20 I2760....4 O 1301.1... 60. 1 133 ..14), 16697-. A20UI21241.. $ 00 10/18--30 6179 60 10314.-.*-00 10.64 . 44*' 17 0....2O 171 o....20 17116. . .2U 17 56 ...400 17174....4 17118....600 18410.... 2 If.53'....4 0 17633..4 0 1,814....24 178 8....80 8 i*S .. Son *637 .. 4' 0 8742? 4, jO| l#i!22-..40? 13310. I 9.4 ...2tK. lA)s4....40M| 1593.". O 113 48 IV)'5??400116 ISO ... 44101 14 24 ... 0 119169 ...0001 1 tUW,...4C#| 8?iB....40 14 r|l?27M....409l *4287?..2OOU88S ...Sum l42Ji,...2iH)rj9t38 axil 7812....AW| 4 74....20i| 16568?..Af 7al6... 2u0l>: 8'.. ? 4.K/ ib'^j -IUO0 8lS5....4 O l4Vl.?.Vr,|lv.7a ...iy g)i?6....!?i U52;-..ide 187*7... 400 31 A 20O| 8i;7?.'VO|i4tOO ? 1874) ...4(f SO 17. .. .4. 0 > . 2 5/ 1*796?..3 4)12.**2.. ?kl 0 813 2Q0I 86/8....400114681. -itl.| ? 4 ?....! of * a#W--40o 3 B-.I0U0 U6t4.?.? 1. 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NSpt *>. liM. th# fsehiensbh) d?nee? In me course of leeeeea. 160 meet rn.-ilars snd Prl.t ,ya 3 lad P M. i I.ttMSM, Tn- tdeye and Fridkra, 7tf to late P. M /UKftN. weunealare etod flaturtlars. 8 In 6 P. XL ? Prln ar> i;i<e*oe ins'.ructad nv Mia Sroahe^ ie- Lf-esiinsai all Tours not eempisd br oiaesea NO NolHKE W HON RdPA V RVKNINO. SBPT. 81. " XCADEMT, i fa )pt-|ii#rHV'M, H yW'B< iith A |r# nn# for ? c\r?iilmr 0. LA tltllltl HAL, ftj)f,t"Y TyB? : df uoon XL If. '< u 0 I k t). )rra? 'Iw ?I i|, 61 .Ihlirc tit ?. ill ??*? ?9' J M'V -"t-A-S -I ago Ml I t I.V to i ' )"te, n-;lh IS? ? ?1 I4? iVi I. w. ve aive anana"hx VUhS'tc, I a. : . . . . taraaiaf lUmtk ud tlior Into all part* ef At ro/67??JJS?r??a Female *?W # ? ? ? ? ? e e e ? ? ? OOTTOni, COLDS COWSCMFTIOW. SB. WISTAH'rf BALSAM OK WILD CHfRBT, the greet ueaacea far ever* aTeotlnn of the THROAT. LUNGS A NO OH EST. It doM mot dry uu I cough. but lotniana it, it aoee mot ary up m^oo ojeenaes mb lung* of mU Imc * BEDDING'S RCRStA S4LVB. s . . . iWJ ,*K*R'' <*XtBMhNo4 . has fit ly established the iuperijttiy of Una salvo ovJ Other healing remedies for I SOREd, B'KNR. OUTS. SCALDS.I WOUNDS, BOILS. IMLttS. Ac" AC. Tbe aheve are all old and wall established re mediae. For sale by J. P. 11IMSMORK. No. ttl Broadway, Now York B W FOW r.K A CO , lb Tn mont .tret, I And by druggists and apoUtccurtea eueraliy. ARTIP1CIAL nifMAN MYKB-MADK TO (1R| and Insert, d by L?r F Da t Cm A i'. doUilKLlI (to uteriy employed by Bolasoun <au, of Partsj, ou9 1 way. New York. BAOS FOR BUCKWHEAT FLOUR .J We are now fcav.n maite. eanecle ly for the hticg trade. Paper Bag*, to ho 1 I'i pound* I/1 pound*. j pounds. The heat buckwheat l>aa eve- o terei. Bold as e and reia t. aud neatlv urnted to order, at tbe (tot chance Bag Manufactory. 20 t'aarl street. corner of ' kail. _ _ ?. It. OlaRK A] CT RONTOSBERU'S OTL AND WATK't COLoS T. am c.v prepared tn Oflfcr to the public it anl nuailtv of Oil, water an I l iquid Colors. The** Colol wirritn'ed to be th* cheapest an t h?at In the ml W ho oaele depot 713 Bioeuwsy. r.iotn 17. 1 Q KONIGSBp.f i auri P WaNTKLS.? TilB BEST PLACE IN _ [ ctt to purchase cheap nn<l wall J? Vhrt tl A KLABEK'S Mantel Manufactory I'HJ * ? atreot. near Third Areaae, New Toil < "t thta out. M It A It H LR MANTELS.?A KINR SELECTION OF I ivj ble Mantels on b*n i, rolling < b*sp -r than any! r w. at S KLa ? Kl! S rr.ori.'e vuid, M Ktrst avenue,! 'lhud street, New York. Cull and exatn'ne. I MARRLB FLOOR TILING.?WANTED. TO chase, a few hnn lrotl l -et o ?e">nd hand Apply to P. V. YKRANCK, Bancrcft IIouvo, corner way and Twentieth street. Nickel pbnnier.-for balb, $io worth Nlt k'd Pennies, put up in dollar rolls. Address ] boi 1,(538 Post office. Paper dags, paper bags. j Having been appointed k he ayenl* In Tew Yorl the saie of the Patent Machine Pupcr B.i.;<, t.iuJ Lob n .wurb A (Vuituey, wn o er iba begs, eubl every \in.l and sUe, at manufacture--'ot' en. rt wl.ol and retail. H E. CLARK A COJ corner of Pearl aud .t hucliall sua PROPF.LTEB TUGBOAT WANTF.D-hOR UAI towing, oa diarte.. address, u nh natue of boat crlptlon, Ac., N. O. P., lox Lid llura d o hce, TO THE LADIES.-LAD!KB WHO ARB DESIt of speculating in atuc ? eaa Bad a good and fa operator by addressm.' a line to H. R.. b.nday Me ol.ce, and the advertiser win tall on thus- who u?y to employ him. He lies already so" otnte l su-ca*tj> , a number of hia female fri- ulit and given s> ti-factim hotnntunlt atlotia confident ai. He Is lilting up an offl. elus vely for iady customers TYPB METAL AND OLD LEAD WANTED will be paid for a lew hundred weight of Type and old Leud. Apply at the d-ss of thta oihee. rrilK DIAMOND PARLOR MATCH H IHE IlKST 1 cheapest in the world: every inti. It Is sure dre, brimstone. Fur sale. ? hol??*le and retail. Lodl Mauufacturfbg Company, 6<> tfortlaadt atreei, VKRONEB ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATH9?Nf Fourth,avenue?'elebinred for (he e.traction nl ta!lc substances from the wnlte had their s tocssa Inell ni- a?e?. Vertjne*' Iuh?:er. for ttte i ttra of Codsubi|I pa'.cnte.i ia America and Europe. Wanted?a second hand okay a wt Planor. ta good condition. State price, Ac. bov LWH Post office, N. Y. Q CK-iTSPPR P"CND FOR OLD O t rpei A* Psi'ft^. M?MiA Ac. A. P ? t ? *? HAlf A; whu!cs?l? pa^r wine.*ou*?v IC dl Aiioet. .? - ? ? f\ /\/w\ POUNDS Ob* OLD KEWSPArl 50.000 B?ek% Pant? Mst?, ?n.l aU Lndsofl ti,altera' k wan tad per un-H rar"b-h 1 ?'*?'' 1 highest price lu tbe city, at iJ Ann c Bbsni PKhhtlT A*j, DK B.-JOUN W IN AMERICA. WKrT| him?Post oT.oa, Queber. INFORMATION WANTED?OF WIT LIAM 1'. jfl ,v.T'?.?To sarrEJsi strsa^rS.1 street. MURPHY-NO LETTER YBT. WHT SO LOnI lentf I an verv an> i.uia to hear (rem you, audi you will write l.iti.i* (la.ely. I MR. GEO. ROBRRTllDN, LATE OF STIRLING,! land, plcaae call on Ueo s'utua. 711 Gruenwick i for a letter. OLIVER P. MOTBR, A, Hi YF.AR.C OLD, I fe?t three lot'.' a hlyh. (Lurk complexion large! test', black era* dark t Or. Icll Lome Wtlk narriw August IC, llgl! had on whmi ho le:t bpiwn hat aost, light vert and pants, had neew on a store h Peonsyl* ita canals . is situpc.stl to have ?on? t" ' e* or jo ut'l the ariur. Any cue (pv.ns Informstlon whereat,oca will be liberally tewa d*!. Addnsa Mbjer, Nn t, umberlaoil, Pa. LOST AISD FOCYD. 1DOUND?LACT THuRSliAY BVIMKO, IN DF.I F s e.-i e near Rattfag. (BtaaUjak a Wat b. o < ner van ' avo ti by t.r.v mg j m; et raid i at ing asp App,r t i Slh'ik;. le A Xlru bar, tl Fii.t m iroet. IO-T ? MONDAY, SKIT. IJ, A MLIt-.TANj l Bo k. ? nn .sin oc rear Wlin 11 ? rv net a t gw wi h ir .v. irs i i i,it* i> , a "ii; li t in i. I psrtt-d ut III" An' tf Hou.?->. T i tt'iJcr "tU bog'.l'atl warned by laavtag It ? 1th Mr. ti r ti j Jnatii. edkn ot House J OAt?COMING FROM LONG BR A VCH. B8 I T. 1 'Ii btisrd i.r the eai * tn the Lou, . r-n h i>.ai. a InH ?hell, stnadad wu said ?> .me raturntn sstuo to7lt hr nail way. up staisl wll. t>e lPierallt rana I 0?r?FOUR NOTES DK * v, NmN 1 UK 1ST OF J Ii im.i. In fa'ui of ht. v t, e pevab'a It t *J\. u u uo l twir vr fi . . * f nt 'st* Far T.cnt h, nevu it.ij.i? d, tue j uhUt. >a ce..t oucd acu-ifii-ntt'T. U B. DODWt Ri IOKT -? CERTIPICATI no 178. W)E TtYO J dr. d Kha"es n Ce t v' Mlntti-i' I'tir of 'Jo nl peg April 5. Igt!|. ata i n -en nc, er L O roe -on> : ra hi ri y holt ? . ? a' nege! Mlnjl itut uiti frrhasbeen it ip, t. 1." r.n I r w.ll p| it tn.-u It tj tba of en of ti o c . jm- v. 5, ?. trhaa^e plael TOSI-IN CANAL Si UE1'.T. near church, J Friday mornInc " bttueh of e ht er nine Ke>?. ai theni a a ,fc say. An pc..ou i.,:..a and returning ' to 113? t ana! sire< ! wr 11 i ri i ri $.traivd, OST-ON TI'KBO (A'. IN B t N '* 8TR! LT, A T j vge ?nriatnioi 81l*er Sp.a'ua .tail l lale i*n er*wii; hf ti'utral'y iew- ti -1 H. Ailaii'S. No. i Abl.i.ifon equate, or Nu. t !>?.' mil LOST-\ LARGE tVlllTT rO'NTKR DOG MAR) with a hrnwu rpot on hi* face and w'th brown . altawei to the iisme of ,t? I, '.ad a est her rt ap arnnn I ue"> when Uat mh. Whoever wl'l re-.i.a Itln te a, P'e'ty. I '? Water street, will he rewarded. Tout?on a wall street fepry boat, J terdaT. almnt t o'c o r a 'aty'a Mttc ' Purse, u tlh ?teel rlasp and ett*ln eonta' S7 In bill ?<>me ' ?r> WllctmawtMd Me *1 ?er e?in I finder wili l e .tbe-ally rewarded by leaving It at the Ihdl State Agency, 3u Wall street. | f OST-IN A FOURTH A'' N" P STA'IF. tiN TI Ii rtai after, on. Sept I"1, a ; h.* chrl. on.s n L rhIM s iilne seek (WBMBwI, trrnid-d w th wnite; a'sl poet# !*'! k n-n's nlng toone . The under w II re e ji reasr'ed hv h It at ISS Laal 1*et.ty sev?nt'.i si ?ear Nevead a* eaue. Lost?on *w>daT,~"sbptf.m'ipbTin~?~tiii avanoe ear. er at B.t n iu s Muse im. a i?dt *L Cuff and Oe d k!ee-e T' Order will ko suit re* h ><l by leaving the fa-it* 1178 MatGll, f Orr-TESTFRDAY. HVitVF.RN FOI'R AND I Ii e'uliick. In gdug frwm Em.j st-ret np Pnw? v let. street, a Portemonni'e. cen * n'rg $t,A and t*-o v)? card* By Iravtag ,t at 4f> Hub I etrew a 'tbersl reward ke g'Tft, QTRtYBD?ON TUB PRE*IRES of NaTKIcE O Nentara, a Mare. The .?> ner r?a have the a?m ttnw'ni prepetly and payina atrpmeea. Apply ou Fingl aver, te, Ate ma. Dong lalatia CTOLEN?FROM TUB PREM 1ST S 71 WNET Nl kl Mvnth street, a lot of Btlrer S|W.>e*aa t Furki aaan aires, of Tiffany A Co.'a msnufa t r- lit tlal F bundles. A liberal rwaed will be pwid for the regaver the who.e. r I art ol the artlMse. WENT ADRIFT?A SCII.MiNRR'S TAWI, R.) abetrt IS fret hag. painted b-et; had Inhere 'aa' owe esr A ruitahle reward w II .* give#f. r s-tv o . matl*n that ma? lea l ?o lis reooverv bt apply.a- In 0. i Idi lian. *34 South -(reel HUM A I' )."*. ?A ^LOST. FROM NO. IS BA8T THIN Arts' #rat street a rallow S?tier D .g. ^ha aheve ran will be f aid to any pereoa relurolng hint to 13 Raat ThI Brat streak d?l A REWARD. -STRATRD OR STOLEN, ON Ti C 1 V .1.1 I)f trj'V, frne th* ne'ghh rhso | of Flffi | rood street and Broadway a RIscV an 1 Tau Terrlef anawafi wt the nam* nf ,'et. A"i? "as'.fl"g!n? tgs .ali i I te her awner at IM West rertv th rg street, will receive 1 phove reweni AS ITAI.UN ORETNOtf *1'' ?t'.'Trt ,"'U *?">? hf? * ? kpcu nn one ?l about If Itches high. dcVveraJ at !D Irving piece Nrw To , Iwat about I P M. nn Tcea.ta. Jtyh |, Th Ird area hetweoa Tohteenib sad Feurtr-ntti atraete r rrwaro.-lort. in a ninth avrni ?i aU e4 oa tr'daf JkTMIhg, Se,)tsrr?l>rr ? a 0 $2 watc Watoh. open fatte. nisfcel T. F. C op r. I, ailon - Setae' lever. |3 ^cwela, Na Vt.677, ead it c. L T>HH, aerat'had t The foder will receive the ebo"* rewaid, aud n i quests asked, ly leaving It e|lk Aleiaader It neb, 41 Jar atreet. $100 REWARD?LOST. NOKDAf RTFNING, TI '2th inat. g>?DI front me earner of Rreadw ? Fu *" "" ^ had Ui aud vreet ia a Fulton f- vy vlige nr rroaainj Hreetlyn an epin racw O- u Wsvoh and Chain. * walihwaapr' ad a< a msineet" of a .!? e?s?ed ts|h*v. a th" eho-a levard elll b* p*'d to 'ha An ier l>? le,wiag it 47 Warren street tip stairs, sad pa queatimiv .*?? .! Winkr. libuTiiii, au t* B>Y:'Ok Y CCi'PNIl DtStfl.M D wiu?*FV - 7> heir. ? ne'e pv Hn? I lilt op I ?rn, K I; WT MtP nisde t>v Hew t tl ?irh .? t an'* by." i*a eone^niri iN for ?Mi? kf I?| IM >'!!<??? (JaiF* #>f i?a. By TI Mt ad si -re|, fv ?* Yo**.

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