Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 16, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 16, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10.246. NEW YORK. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. 1864. . PRICE FOUR CENTS. ATLANTA. THe Pursuit of Jhe Rebels from Jonesboro. CAiigratuIatory Order from Geo. Sher man to the Union Forces. Withdrawal of Sherman* a Army to Atlanta. fries Betwoon the Union and Rebel Generals. Tie Pteplo of Atlanta to be Retimed WOrtb or South, as They Prefer. The Measure Denounced by the Rebel General. i SlriagfQt Order Against Traders, Man ufacturers and Sutlers. KBEL ACCOUNTS, &o.? Ac., &+. Mr. D. P. OoayngJiam'. Btipntch. Atlanta, Ga , Soph 9, 1804. THB PTRSOIT AND RCBT. At 1 (tilted in my last denpatch, I left Genera) Cber WB, with bis army, like a boat of avenging furies, banging on tbo trail of Hood's retreating army. The Fourth corps and a part of tbo Army of the Tuuneanue same up with Hood's rearguard near Lovejoy's, and a rt flgbt ensned. 'Wood's division of the Fourth corps i a must brilliant charge on tbe enemy's works, and, attar a stubborn flgbt, captured tbem. COLONS!. ENETl.RU's II El C, ADS was chiefly engaged in ibis charge, ana lost heavily, tn ftotlng severe punishment on tbe cn?iny. 1 am informed that tbls brigade made a eplundid charge on tbe enemy's ynttioo. CtNKRit, WOOD WOr.VDBD. la It General T. J. Wood, cotummdiog tbo division, ra severely wounded la tbe leg. Though 1 Beld?m as a general's narno, I most say of General Wood tbst be has sorved through tbls campaign with indomiuble persevvranoo He is remarkable for bis coolnesi; to eeanoil and energy of execution, indefatigable and ouor getlc, be baa sought no rest for the four long months tuat Ibte campaign baa continued?a campaign unrivalled in bta! ry both for devotion and tbo desperate nature ef tbo ' aooCict. He has not sought political honors, but has Mood unflinchingly by bis division, leading it on through ?any bloody ordeals. His division started some nine tkousuDd strong, but now does not amount to half that Moobv'r. A colonel In tbe regnlar service, an untiring. ? Melons, brave general of volunteers, no man deserves batter the favorable eotico of tbo government for his , Mrvlcee. In tbe charge Captain Myere. division quar termaster's clerk, and Mr. Sage captured a flag and some prisoner*. em RING TO ATLANTA. Next mcrnlng General Sherman resolved on retiring to Atlanta, there to give bis wearied army timi forest, tbe Army of tbe Cumberland occupies tbo city nud TlolnHy. The Army of tbo Tennessee oro stationed near Cast Point, while the Army of tbe Ohio are stationed on Ike Augusta line. ATLANTA?(OUNAN'S ORDRBS. Atlanta has bcon badly riddled by our "hot sml ?h?:i. Officer? who have been at Vlcksburg nay tbe destruction ef property there was nothing in comparison to this. Few bouses hare ercapocl the dsstructlve influence. Many have been completely demolished, while oibers are ?aoh perforated. Cove? and sand boles have been dug all round, where tbe affrighted Inhabitants crouched taring tbe siege. L'usices? was fast starting into ex leteece, but I fancy General Sherman's sweeping orders will ohook all tbls. Thero wore a gr?at many Union citizens here who concealed cur wounded when tbo rebels were leaving. These think It e great bvdihip if they arc now expelicJ, (imply because they had tbo misfortune of living in a hostile city, and did all la tbolr power to shun the rebol army. STRKNCTH OS TUB RSREL ABUT. From all I can learn tbo strength of the robel army in ?sd around Alluuta wis about thirty-three thousand, ead six tboiwand militia. Six thousand mere of the Belittle wero at Mien. Ol?B LATH FJO'ir?HARDS: RlFOiMKP UXAD. A deserter from the rciiol linos states that to our late batik* around Jonesboro Hardee wai severely wounded, end has smce died from bit wounds. Major General Patter Anderson bis since died. t tUOVAL OK CltHBXS. 1 enrloso you Important orders Issued by tbe Trovost Msrebai, wblcb have set the citizens In trepidation, these arc to be followed by an order rrntn Sher men to tbe followlsg effect:? ^ All Citizens shall loive the city as soon as possible, sod go North or Booth, ar tncy desire, carrying with them wearing apparel and moveable property. Tranajioriaiion will be furnished for persons and projierty both ways Mr tboeo going South as lar as Rough and Heady station. Two citizens?Kcnn. J. K, Crow and J. M. Ball?have started to day as a committee to wait on General Hood to apprise him of tbls ordor, and to have him make arrange mats for receiving those cent within bit lines. General Sherman's order of the 4th Instant commences M follows ? Tbirlty of Atlants, being exclusively for warlike pur pesos, will bo at once vacated by all oxcopt the armies of Its United States and euch civilian omplovrs as may bs MtaloeU by tbo proper departments of tbe govern meat. Tbe or der concludes at follows:?"At tbe proper time feat arrangements will be made for the supply to tbo troops of all articles they may need ovsr and above ??ethlu,;, provl'lone, Icc., fcrntshod by the government; tad on no preteuce whatever will traders, manufacturers ar sellers (ft allowed to aetUe m tbe limits of fortified fMee-i and If tbsy manage to come, In spite of this so Met, the quartermaster will seize their etorea and appro iwlete tbem to the use of tbe troupe, end deliver tbe parties or other unauthorised elilsene.who tbas piece Ikelr lndlvidaal interoet above that of the United Plate? ever to tbe hands of some provost marsbal, to be put to labor on tbe forte or conscripted Into one of the regl meate or batterlea al;e?dy in tbe aervloe. Tbe same ?me*al principles will apply to all military poets south #f Chattanooga." Ab amrtmtt oaesV-no. 8. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 6, 1804 aAII families now living In Atlanta, tho atalo represents* ?Tree of which are In tbe eervloe of I" nennnr antsss, Peer at Atlanta, | ill the ('onfederatnh'tatee, ? whobsve goes Srutb, will leave tho city within flvu tare. Thoy will bo passed through the Itoee and gnHuuth. An cltlrens from the North, not connected with tho army, and who have not authority from Major General Sherman er Ms;or General Thorns* to remain in the city, will leave Kithm the tlmt above msolloned. If found within tbe Mlf after that date they will be Imprisoned. All male residents of this city wbddo not register tbelr names W1M the city Provost Marshal within Ave days, end re ?Stvs autheritv to remain bore, will be imprisoned WM. COOBWB.I., Cekmel Commanding I'ost. so til* Paovrwt MissnAL's Ovvtce 1 Art ant*, Ga., Sept. fl ine?. i 1 All outsat ) why art to so" South, In uompliano* with General Ori?rs No. S. poet headquarters, will lemble In ihe park of tbe City Hall, ?t nine A. M., ^ P tembor 12, 1461. Tbey will bo allowed to Ukawith lhern only the nete-'iary wearing apparel, household furniture for thoir actual oom'orl. aoda iM^^ teoee enough to last them till they arrivo Inside the,anas of lho rebel army. . i All citizen* to go North nndersamo ply at nnco at tills otllce for imsaee. fhey w1,11 tuem only what they brought here. o r. mutt. r. Lieut. Col. and Provost Marshal, Tlie General Preee lleipatoh. Louisvilli, Ky. , tSept. 14,1804. Cbnreepondonce from Atlanta up to tbe 10th Inst. con Ulna tho follow tug:? A congratulatory order from General Sherman, recount tag his victories, and an .-igreoinen; between Generals Sherman sua Hood for a teu days truoe at Rough and Ready, on tho Maeon Railroad, and tho oountry around It, enclosed by a cirolo of two miloa radius, from Septem ber 12, to enablo lLo peoplo of Atlanta to remove to points South. General Hood writes to General Sherman ou tbe 9th tnet., saying-?"Permit me to say the unprecedented measure you propose transcends In Btudied and iniqui tous cruelty all tho acts ever before brought to ray atten tion hi this dark history of war. In the namo or Cod and of humanity I protest against it, bolievlng that you arc expelling from tholr homes aud firesides tbe wives and children of a brave pooplo." Gmieral Hood, writing to .lamas M. Calhouu, Mayor or Atl-nu,sa7s.?1 I shall do all in my power to mitigate the terrible hardships and misery that must ho brought upon your peoplo by the extraordinary order of the fede ral commander." Tho lettor rrom Goneral Shortuxn to General Hood wa3 not obtainable; but the following items from tho notice Isrucd by the Mayor of Atlanta, by the permitslou of General Sherman, will girc an idea thereof:? ? "All citizens are required to leave Atlanta and proceed elthor South or North. Tho government will turniah trans|iortatioQ South as far as Rough aud Ready, and North an far us L'huttauooga. All cuizons may take their movable property with thera. Transportation will be furnished lor all movable. Nogroes who with to do so ?may go with their masters. Other maio negroes will be put in novoriiment employ. Negro women and children will bo ?eut out of the lines." REBEL ACCOUNTS. Southern Account of Ktlpatrlck''a C* vairy tipctutiunh?UeftBi of itoas* llrt audc?'!'???> Optraiion. Ira Otorgia? Mood's Ueapmiih-Rtbcl Le??c? 1" At lanta?VVberki'ii Moweineiata? Reported Destruction of tire Tunnel ?at Tunnel Mill ? Kctnoval of tli??ilUenr frotu At Iftnttta ? [From tho Richmond Whig. Sept. 12. J thk Rin a/ioN in gkokoia. The telegraph brings us information of the establish ment of a iruce of ten days between the opposing fori on In Georgia, for the purpose < f eoubitu# the people of At I aula, who desire to enter Mir lines, to do so in safety. Tho M icon Telegraph of the Cth lreiant states thut t* A armies are loo thoroughly erhaus'ed to renew the fo.h.' iff h>r Ihe or .vnt. The fiarae journal learus that the reports of our loseos In the recent .engasenients are gross exaggera tions. Our total loss iu billed,.wounded and prisoucrs will not exceed four thousand man. while thr.l of the one- ( tny Is said to be not lens than live to our one. An officer who was in all tire enjagemcuts reports that tho leiirr ii? were teu linos oi battle dee;, in some places, und every time they ohsrged our lines it was only to be slaughtered like sbeep. Hardee's corps is said to have lought with tho most iiolllncbiug determination, and only retired when the etietnv commenced firing on its hunks In the retreat we were com pell- d to abandon aovoral pioces of artmery. net having any horsou to haul tiieu . The situation is very grav- but it h not so ? rrous as many would suppose. me troops, though \?iy touch humiliated at the necessity or abandoning Atlanta, are stilt In good spirits, and are as dehant a? ever There ports of tu -ir bemg demoralized ere positively false. It i? true they look lor HKsisianuv, and if this Ib granted to them, the/ art 'jonjulrnl o' it rip obir, not only to jreetsu Sherman ' from admire ,ri<j any further, but to fut his arm v. and'1 her vr aim r.o* i.ute-UtanUt or to ptr/ntl himself to be /hi" "t> it th> rity uilhout any prosper.! of r:luf. We trust the government will send every avail able men to reinforce General Ibo '. It is of the greet ost importance that Atlanta shall bo recovered trom tbe onemy and bis cutnpaigu defeated, and this can bo doiic If a pro; er activity and sound |?ncy are observed. urn" ll>VS TRVi r IW l.tOROU. Tbe followibg oil.ciai d*?p?tcb war. received ut the War Department on Saturday:? lI?*uji'A?tK is, Aasv or Tkmikhbic, PepL P. 1SG4. Ornpi Ai Hkai'C?U'.noral baa ordered lue re moral of all cill-enaiiom Atlsuta, 'ogo bonh or South, as tnev may elect; am propo.c? a truce lor ten (lays lo pro ride for th'- iraiuqmriation oi such as may d? sire to cojne Bourn. I hare accepted, and aoi * 10 R LOSSX8 ST irUtTl. Tlie statements of the extcut of uiir losses of stores, ordnance aud nnnnur itlon at Atlanta are oontradictory. I no Col imbUB Mrn.ot the Cth Inst., aays that they were very heavy, that I /or. Atlanta was lost a.I our railroad Hod; that hatt hern -Min'cf mas destroyed. It amovn'ed \ to more than one, r.u. ?' ana fifty cart, and several engines. Eight em of th' cars were heavily Untiled until orinntU'i /tors, am up nhuh w ? e ahri'it Jive l/icu rand splendid Kn field or T< mm murl.e s. entirely turn, with all their eas t/inn ? A h'rfe number of saddles, canteens, with pplwdid we?) thugs', swortl bayonets, axes shovels, and other hardwuro iu lar?e quantity. About. three million round* of <artredges and ammunition cf at Binds, and of the i my Jin-si yuaaJy and rkarair, were fired. , .. That sucb an enormous amount of material whwh con nut he r.-vtuc-d wa.s i*ruiiiteu to accutnuiatc and remain > in Atlanta until it become complet ly isol .led aud evot.t rally destroyed, exbibiU ^savs lue Sun' not only nvst coUvab o negii?euco. but the most roprebei.r bio iDc .m-. petoucy ou tbe part or those who nnainaLaged tue aflair. Sta il HAST rKNNhSrXK The I.vnchbitrg Herut-Uean says that since the late dash upon Greenville, In which Genera] Morgan was killed, the Yankee* in .'?last lcnoeaseo have remained quiet io tbeir position at hull's Gap. Tho KrpM an has cheering accouuts of the maimer In ?which th" new commander, General l-chols, Is proved Ins with tho rcoi , inrzatlon and discipline oi the torcea in hi" denartnicnt, .vnich were last golting to he but law lens mobs,and Ihe be*t results aro si ticij- te i irotn tho energv with which he bus entered upon the work. In confirmation of the !:? fid'..can's remark teiat.veto tho I ick 01 Oiccipliuo in th ? demrtment we find In the Wythovllla imnner an cdiior.Hl siaietncni to tlieefic.l that-the conduct of mant or the olficers and men was disretiiitablo anl foreshadowed disaster. In less titan two weeks we hud two rciieais from I'luo Springs?tho first to Carter's depot, a dlslance of lorly mll-s, lha ctieray pori.niug six the second to Jonesbcro, tho enemy not pursuing at all." O'WUllORB IN *R?R?WHAT HAS BOM AlOtH nnuxDl The Maocn r 'egrath of the 6th learns that a cnuriet tins arrived bitnging full acoc-unts of the operations of our cavalry In tho roar of the euemv oa tho State road. It nppenra that when tt'Ui oier rtrst reached I'allon and turned oir in tho dtrectiuu of Cleveland, he ordered Gen Martin commanding one of the cavalry divisions, to blow ud tho tnnoul at Tunnel Hill Ibis orOar was not obeyed, nor did General tVheelsr hear of It ontil Martin's division bad left the road and loruied n junction with tho main bodv of cur forces as scon, however, as It was aaccr tatned that tho order bad nut been en ried Into eilect, Gereral Uar.tln was placed uodc arrest and sent back to Atlanta, aud a picked body of men was detached fr. in llio command and aent P> Ihe State road with positive order; Iu destroy tho tuuucl st all hazards, ss well ss to remain In tbe vicinity ol tho road and capture all trains* passing, destroy the trick, culverts and trestle work, keep hherman's communications out. On Wednesday last, tbo re;?rtv, our cavalry otrrlNi out the^o ordeff. Tbo day before they captures three trains Isden with am .nttlon and stores. The stores were promptly destroyed with tbe traiDi.bat the cars Udsn with ammunition were run bsc* to the tunnel and placed Inside of it Hotb of the tunnel were cosed Vo with rocks and dm, alter tbo powder had boeo sr raneud iuslde, and everything being prepared tbe train wm fired and In a fee secon-is tbe tnnuel was a mass of ruins. The TT.egraph s Informant ststos UiMlbs courier reports Us destruction as being complete. The tunnel ta now a pe.-lect wreck and will lake at laaal two months of hard labor to rebuild. At Isst accounts our ravaliy were still st work tearing up the roed, end it was believed that they conld not >? driven i? very largo force, which fill doubtlena be seut sgamst them now that Atlanta bft fsllsn. If thia report he true?sod It is not Impoislbl#?there ts aavs the Telecnph. a glimmer of hope for our arms yat it Is stated lAt Sherman has hot raw iratna of cars so ah of the tunnel, and M IbsM can be capturisl by our cavalry be will tbon be unabla to transport bis provisions V> At lanla. _____ Affairs in fitlumtm. fFrotn iho Richmond Vhiamtner, Sept. 1*] roorron' o? ras two *s?ii??t*vr?" b*ag(]*do<ja ag uccnoa or suaaaaa's roarm, a?c. Maoon,Sept. 9,1864 In their retreat rroas Jenesboro the enemy burned every croavtlo and broke every rail for Orteen miles on the Macon and Western Railroad. Our pickets cxiand six miles bsyood .locesboro, w th no eoamy In sight, axespt scattered P?rGos. A captain and five privates They were very insolent, stating that, LT!l ^Li!Z ? 'suppressed th* rebelliun" In Oscrgla, Sbcrmsn sJJ'tny would now reinforce Grant, take Richmond and wind up They also stated that thirty thousand of Sherman s men would bo mustered out of service this month, end that the term of many of them expired before the (all ot Atlanta, but they were induced to remain until after tea* event happened. Th# enemy is closely massed around Atlanta. Thsro Is not the slightest prospect of an advance socio. '?"* arasy Is again In splendid spirits. Maoos, Hopt. 10, 1M4. Sherman has ordered nil white women and children m tho city of Atlanta to leave within two weeks Those taking tbe oath are to go north of the Tennessee riser, ai.d the balance will be sent into our lines. A flag of irtico has been received by General Hood fr. m Uecsral Rherniau. I* whiob tho latter proposes an armistice of ten days, for the purpose of carrying out tbulurdtr. Geuorxl Hood hie accepted the pro- option, but denounced it. Itte oraiutiue cuuimunoeA next VV Ml acidity. G> vurnor Br-->wn ban gone to tbe front for tho pnrpoee or making preparation* Tor the reception of the indigent families expected from Alauu lhe Cb-ittaucog* Cnvtu has a despatch from Steedman, 1n which he c.eimi tnat Wheeler's force trie been dm persiid (ifofebl) Calling Again for .Tohniton. [From the Richmond Kxaariaer, Sept. 13.] Wi conversed yesterdey vritu a diatiuguiebed gentle mtn who tins just reached tbe city direct from tbe Army of Tenuuueee. He pays all reports to the elie<-t tbst the nriny is demoralized .ire totally unfounded. Hte army is in gocd condition and It? inmate uuthaileu. our ialormuut turthcr stall d he was euiivlncel that nothing could so inipiro the si my and give ? itiefbotion to tbe i>eople of Georgia an the reassignment of General Jolirjtcn to the command of tno army, Lletoro ho left Richmond he bad believed tbe removal of Gnoerul Joon sb u uecepsnry. Personal observation in the army and throughout the tUate of Georgia convinced him of bis error While saying ibis bo was fully awaro there .via not tbe remotest possibility or General Jounatcu betug reinstated. H s proper to sdd that tbie gentleman 13 a warm per sonal friend of tho present commander of tho Army of lettuces ee. [Correspondence of the Chattanooga Rebel, On., Aug. 20.] In Camp, August 24. 1SA4 I desire to oorrect an error which appeared in to day'a issue of the Chattanooga JUbt I In your notice of the af fair with the raiders near Lovejoy Rtatloit, on tho 20th instant, it is stated thai KUpatrick, at tbe bead of bis dl vision, "charged over and completely routed Hoss'"bri gade." Now this ii altogether a mistake?one, too, which, if not corrected, may iujuro tbe reputation of a brigano of ax gallaul souls ax over enlisted iu tho caufe of liner ty and justice. Hons'brigade whk not, and nover Una been, run over nor routed. It Is true lb-it Kilpatrick'x forces did charge through the brigade. It IS also true that a small portion 01 our troop*, caught in the act ol withdrawing from their exp, wod iiosiilou ie an open held, were "charged over" aud r oiru-what scattered but a brief statement of I acta will convince all candid and impartial minds that tbis was occasioned by no mismanagement on the part of tho brigade commander, uor lack of gallantry on tbe part of the men. As soon as General Koss, who had followed close on tho neem of tho cneuiv from tho lime of bis leaving .touew boro early in the morning, know, from the tiring, that General Reynolds unx beiw c ;n the raiders and the rail road, be decided ,to utuok tnem at once in the 1 oar, so aa to di.-trn- t their attention and prevent the massing ' f their strength m Iront. 10 do tins, however, it was necessary to cross an open field, at the further si do of which the enemy's tear guard, consisting of two regi ments was posted behind hastily constructed, bat ve-y substantial, rail norks. lhe hazard of advancing dismounted men across an open Hold, against an enemy no largely supt rlnr iu uuin b 'rs to our owa, did not escape tho consideration of tne brigade commaudor: but the ohiect to bo attaluod was of ?utllclent Importanco to justify I be risk. Two regiments, therefore, dismounted, moved forward and attacked the enemy with stn-lt vl.-or as to drivo his rear back on its rapports in confusion, and it was wuue these regiments were being withdrawn, ufti r having ac complished tbe duly unsigned tl.etn, that the enemy charged and cut his way out. It appears mat Kllpatrlck, as soon as he found his ad vnnce to the railroad obstructed, promptly determined upon forcing his way back toward McPonough, well knowing that against nim 111 that direction would be op posed only ltosn'small brigade, numbering at tbe time less than live hundred lighting men. His dispositions lor this purpose were nil completed before the attai n on bis reir. Everything, at the moment of the cuarge, seemed to conspire iu favor of us success, and, under the circum stances, the wonder is not ttou tbu enemy escaped, but that be damaged so little the forco that opposed him. Tho rip tit of Ross'brigade d>d not give way; was not "charged over" nor routed, but gallantly main tained its fs sitiou until almost completely surrounded The lust round of artillery ammunition bad been e\ ponded, and the enemy in large numbers were pressing hard upon all sides save one, when Genera) Hose ordered his howitzer to bo abandoned, und directed tbe with drawal of the command to the farther side of a ravine iu tbe rear. As soon as the enemy's forces had passed, we pro ceeded to gather together our scattered, and wore agreeably surprised to find our loss so small. Tbe enemy's sole obicct being to ellcct bis escape, he did not halt to colloct or take possession of our horses after they were ??stampeded." Most of tbetn were therefore easily found and recovered, and the bngauo is uow us ready for tbe foe as It ever was. It has n>-ver yet failed uor flinched in the discbarge of Its whole duty, and will not so long as the hoau'c tread of a Yankee pollutes the toll of our "?anny South. ' KxptHleU by S^ermaa. I From lhe Maoon (Ua ) Telegraph,] Prior to tho evacnai ion of Atlanta Sherman sent a flag of truce to General Ho,id with live offlr-ers?a colonel, lieutenant comer: major and two captains?and a com municatton which stilted that ibo odicers naviug been beard to utter political opinions inimical to Lincoln and bis party, and a inch were deemed treasonable, they had been expelled from the federal lines by bis order and sent over to General Hood for sncii disposition as be thought tit. Tbe five copperhead oiucers have been sont on to Richmond. Rebrl Opinion of General fihcrman'i Order Respecting the Bxpulnoni from Atinntn. The Richmond Smlinel of September 12 has an article on G'encral Sherman's depopulation of Atlanta, calling it '?an event unparalleled iu tno Amcman war, and with out au example iu modern limos." H calls Sherman tbe chief among savages, tbe captain among pirates, the leader among high* ay men, tbe prince i.tnong scoun drels and brutes, the foremost villain of the world. Sherman has given the war a new feature Morn as it has boon, it Is heooeforth to be sterner, liorubie as it has been, it is beucciortb to be more so. The people aro road). If tbe President want us, let bim call for us, no mutter about age now If this is tbo kind of wrrfare we are to resist, we will strip to tight, lie tier for halting age or lisping innocence to die 10 deieuce of home then to bu driven out In in to languish Iu exile. Tbe last inan and the last b<-y among us aiuxt take his inuvket sooner than endure ei.< b outrages as that at Atlauta " Illy Intelligence. As Elbgakt amp Cotn.r Tie-'; ionial.?Yesterday one of our reporters inspeuted a service of plate that baa been on exhibition'tor some time at Rail, Klack k Co. 'e, Broadway, which, tor Its an quent.-w, exquisite finish sod intrinsic value, surpasses any piece cf artistic skill and workmanship of the kind ever produced by au American or English establishment. 1 be articles are enclosed m a very leirge glass case, which Is plurod in tbe centre of the store, attracting at ooec tho attention of the visitors, who fail uot to examine and admire this beautiful specimen o( American gemus and skill. Indeed, some of iho best European judgesof articlcsof vert 11 pronounce tins to b? tbe lineal ol Its kind thkt Uo-y ever witnessed. The servtco r,ou.-i?t* of four vegetable disbar, lour wine coolers, three salvers end other rtuuil articles, of solid silver, rlcbly gilt aud beautifully chased. together With a ir-n niliceiU shaft or column, representing In a scale of eighteen feet two hundred m.ioi nt the Atlantic audi,rout Western Railroad, which was completed Id two hundred days. It would be difficult to give the reader a correct Idea of the ingenuity and ls.xte exhibited In tbe construction of this column- hut come conception of lis beauty may be formed when we state that It also Is solid sliver, thickly gilt, and elaborately chased, (be smeiier columns representing commerce and industry, w hile portraits f tlic loading men connected wan the railroad ere eu?i?Dded to the centre. There ere thirty thousand words and figures upon It, and every 10 the road ie distinctly Indica ted. Five mouths of the time of one of Ball a Black t beet engravers vrere speut 111 engraving tbis column, on wbicb tbe following inscription is recorded:? {The Atlantic aod Great Western Railroad Company. T > In commemoration of tbe oomplellon or two hundred! > miles of the line In two hundred day*. { J [James McHeury, Esq.,contractor. 1804.] ^ This tcetimonai oost J15,000 in specie, and la to be pre sented to Mr. M< Usury by Mr. Keaoard aa a tribute to hie engineering skill. We understand that it will not he on exhibition to morning, as tbo firm intend to send It by tho first s>earner to Europe, when, no doubt, .lobn Hull and his numerous family will have an opportunity of seeing another specimen of American artistic skill. A Cask or Mavhcm.?A sailor, named Nicholas 0 Neill, got Into s dispute with an unknown man, corner of Madi son and Oliver streets, late on Wednesday night. Tbe straager knocked O'Neill dewn, and while prostrate on the walk hit off a portion of his nose. The brutal assailant mado his escape, and haa not yet been arrested. AiminrUASt 0? ras Menv Rgrrruo.?This day, the lfitb of September, is tbe anniversary or tbe Indepen deoce of republican Mexico. Some of her trnc and loyal eons. temporarily residing In ibis city, will celebrate iho oeceaioo by e select dinner this eveatng at Detraonloo's, corner of Koerteentb street aad Fifth avenue. The anadee of Hidalgo will rejoice that, although civil atrlfe rules wlthlu tbe limits of the Amencaa republic, there Is well 1 room enough left for the celebration of the natel day ef e staler republic. Tub Hsao or Atuakta?Meters. Derby k Miller, of this City, have Just issued a splendid engraved portrait rf Major Gensrsl Wm. T. Khar man, the captor ef the city of Atlanta. and one or the greatest generals now living. Those who have seen General Sherman say thai this l? an acourete representation of htm. Hta features, as por trayed In tbe engraving before us, depict great strength of mind and force of character, united wlHj unvirv ing vigor and determination There is no doubt that this new publication will meet with extensive public favor. Tnn Amsricam Tsr.soRArs Compart have opened as office for genera! business at tbe nothweet corner of Cbam bars street and Broadway CosRxcTTOv?Ma. Asm Nor Ram.?A report reached tbe Coroners' office on Wednesday morning tbst Mr. John Aston, of 409 tiixtb avenue, wbo hod been shot e few boure previously, by tbe accidental discharge of a pistol In the hands of his barkeeper, James Hhaw, hsd died from tbe eifeots of the injuries. Coroner Collin ec rerdlngly proceeded 10 ibo pl?. e indicated, sad, much to bis astonishment, found Mr Aston not only alive, Out in a fair way of reooveir. Tbo report of hie death wee en nouncrd by telegrepti. i PI^EilSEURG. Presentation cf United States ffiodals for Bravery. General Meade's Presenta tion Speech. The Great Mortar Opens Upon Petersburg. Tbe CMy Vtinl Railroad Extension aaO lis Qalldert, &c.. As. Mr. 8. Ctitwitllndor'* Dcipktcli. City Poirt, Vs., .Sept. 14, IBM. A remarkable quiet, for thin campaign, has prevailed for nearly a weok, .'nc, excepting an iuovitebln amount of firing between pl'krli and sharpshooters, the Ftillcenn ban been almost unbroken. On the front of Hancock's corps tho linen are exceedingly close at one or two points, and a desultory muss at tire is kept up day and nigbt. ins cm- mm raii.koad. A rido over the exionsilon of tbo City Tolnt and Peters burg Railroad, arohud tlio latter city to tbe junction with tbe Weldon road, oaGcu. Warreu's front, reveals tbe re sources of our army to an astonishing degree. Without any time for preparation, Major Went/., Superintendent of Military Railroads, put detachments of men taken from the different army corps at work In the construction force, and cotupleied the lino, nine In length, on the eleventh d?y atier Its commencement. Two days wero lest to the force by tbe sinking of a vessel baviog a portion of tbo material ou board, which reduces It practically to a nine days job. N.i previous surveys bad beun mado to cstubllsu tbo route, or ascertain grades, and the most remarkable feature of the whole is that none were made at all. Tbo lino wis located by tho eye, without tbe aid or a compass, n?d no instruments were used to gauge the evenness or ' degree of curvature to be established aj. different [mints. No measurement was made or fatten In laying the track from oue cud to the oilier?not even a ta|<o hue or "ten feet" pule I All was gauged by the eye, estimated by * paces The practical sk 11 of tbe construction corns en abled them to seize iiiu best location for the road at a glance, and to direct its details without tho engineering appliances usually deemed lUUispensubie. Several ravines of considerable width and depth ever, encouufere'l on the way A crlbwork of rough logs w? built up, heavy limbers run from one to another lor strltu-ers, croasttes put down on those, the rails nailed ri wn iu tuo ueoai manner, and tbe result is s substantial roadbed.equal io tho best iro tlcwork in tlie United Mates 1 for temporary use. One of those brldp.e'MH oigbt hundred ' feet idi.g cud fifteen high the other eight Hundred and twenty in length end twenty-five In uoigut at ita greatest elevation. Very little Rlliug or cutting was done el any I point on the line. The "Deep 1 ut" 11 M tbe opposde end of the Foathern bridge, near tbe Gnrley House, wbere, to avoid a grade of over ouo hundred foct to ibe mile, the roadbed wt-u cut dowu about two cei, lor a distaure of fifiy yards. Although thus hastily constructed 'this road is by po meaus the reikoiy concern some might imagine. Heavy trams can run over it safely at a steed of fifteen miles an hour, and one finds the car as free from sudden jolts end luteal motion* es in inauy "crack" roads of tbo Norib. 1 At one place, nearly lu'frout of General Meado's bead quarters, tbe rebels hays a plain view of each train that passes, and have trumen gnus to bear upon them The smsatan cf riding under the die or a rebel buttery in a railriad utr w juld ben,# io most o; your readers, but scarcely stirs tbe blood of nn old ? vet." As you omorge into tne opon ground to range of tTie cannon, you nate raliy watiu for tbe smuke of a discharge Suddenly one pelfs up. another, aod another, until, old " vet." as you are. you walk to tbe.door to tee, if possible, wbere tbo balis strike One probably falls short, aa it is neither aecu nor beard, number wbietlee faintly far above abd io tuo rear; but tbe third obo strikes a keg of spikes stand ing by the track twenty yards in tte rear oI tbe iraiu, and scatters thorn all over n tee acre lot. This an eld "vet " considers an indifiereut, Insignificant, every day scarcely condescends to mention the cirrum guince to hie acquaintances. How many of your readers would hat j tbo equanimity of an old " vet." in a similar sitnat.ony Tbe road at Ill's particular point is being prole, ted by works wuicb will soon shield It from reb-1 guns. The ride over the route Impressed ns more than ever bofore with the invaluable services such men as Major Woot/. and his aif if-anta aie constantly but quietly rou derlng tbe country. eaornau) mivirik ari> wrum Brigadier r.encrat Tnumas Francis Meagher baa.been ordered to reprrl to i.oneral Sherman for duty, aod is probably ou bis way Io tbo West at tbo preeeut tune Owing to tbe consolidation or troop? now goiug on In this array, many officers will be temporarily deprived cf commiuids commensurate with tiinir ability aed past services to the country. Am ng these Is Brigadier 'leu eral Cutler, who come out as colonel of tbo Sixth Wlrcon sm, was prom tei to a brlga'tlersdip, and had command ed a di ision In the Pi lit corps all tbroqgh the cam paign. ieneral Cutler Is ih.- jumor brigadier, aud e t without a division. He goee North temporarily on detached servico. at tbe request of C< Cruni, it is reported, and will have tbo bos uldg forward of all new troops to this department in his especial cbaige. RKcerits. Vory considerable addition* of troops arrive daily. Nearly ibroc thousand came'day hotoro yesterday, aod a large number yesterday. ino weather remains cold and cloudy. TBE FIFTH CORFU. !Ilr. Jsratii B. Wiirdetr* Ucipatrh. HsariQtiaRTsRS, 1 inn ahmi Cor is, I Ba Mxis floras, Va., Sept. 13,1464. f Ml 11.1 8 FOR TRB RR1\ I. One of tbe most interoetlog performances that ever occurred in tbo Army of tbe Potomac, and one that will perhaps have tbe most beucflcial effect upon tbe men In the field, inciting them to nobler deeds or bravery and dario; (if It were possible for an army to t>e more brave than ours), took place to day ai tbsso headquarter'. Ibe occasion of it was' tbe presentation by Major General Head ? of three medals to three enlisted men for tbeir bravory tn escb of tbem capturing from tbe robels tbeir colors. Tins was Id pursuanre of an act of Congress pia-o'1 sometime ago. rewarding enlisted men by pre senting thern^itb medals for desdsof valor performed in tbe field Tbis is tbe very first occasion of euch a presen tation, nod, being sucb, unusual internal and Importance attach to it. Tbe very best results from ibis move ment on the part of the War Department may be looked for. Tbo incentive this will give to enlisted men, show ting thorn, as It does, that tbeir services are bigbly ap preciated, and tbe moro so as they sbow themselves worthy of that appreciation, will prove of the utmost consequence, bulb to us as a oation and to them as repre sentative* pf its army. tur rem** or thr inwanrunow. To day was ohoeet by Major Contra! Meade far Ibe prerenlaiion, and never ooulil there bare been a finer one for any outdoor eocno. The spot choseu was General Warren's headquarter*, and, although tbe order l?r the presentation did not arrive until eleven o'clock this forsneon, through Uie exertions oi General Warren and his a^jnlant general, Lieutenant Colonel Locke, everything was In reedlness by half-part three, at which hour General Crawford's division was drawn up In front of headquarters, an itpropiu platform erected, which was gayly decked off with flags, among which were the captured rebel flags, bands of music stationed, and everything done to make the occasion one long to be remembered aod talked over by those wbo witnessed it. trb cturaaui num At four o'clock Generals Monde, Warren and Hancock ascended tbo platform, Generals draw ford, Ayree, Griffin, Baxter, Hunt and Drang, with tbeir staff*, staodlnc near, as also a large number of regimental officers. r.sssaaL wxuQp, In a load, clear voice, staled the object for which they bad thus met together, and failed tbe name* of tboee wbo were to he Honored, desiring tbem to some forward to the platform First Sergeant John shilling. Company H, third re.lmnnl Delaware Volunteers, wbo captured a South ( arolina flag, private If C. Anderson,Company H, Eighteenth VaaeschusstisfTeteran ^oieoteers, wbo cap tured the Hag of the Twenty seventh South Caro lina, and private George It. Reed, Company K, Fleventh I'snnsvlvania Veteran Voluntears, wbo captured the flag of ibe Twenty-.eurtk Nortll Cfirolln#, ottrf* forward to the platform, and, proseuitt.g arms, coma to a shoulder. M-tjua innmi, MRtna, commanding the Army of the Potomac, thee ar< at*, i.nd, during the utmost quiet and most respectful atioutioo, addressed the soldier* as follow s ? Orvirua "M1 t-OLimtaa ?<> rVru (okiw?T h'ive to-<tiy K> perform u mo t pleai-atil au l gratifying duty l<. pre aunt to cortain meritortoua nou-coinmlbaionud o.uceta and privatOH models of booor, ooniorred ou them bv the War Department for distinguished conduct on the I'.aid o b it tlo, id capturing flags Irom the enemy. It has bocu c ig lom.tsy itt ail agts for nations to commemorate and roward too gallantry auu devotion of thoir hods when ergarod la too holy enure of dcionding their country. In the Word of tied acme of tho most beautiful passages 01 tho I :a!iuist are devoted to commemorating aud ,.raising the deeds of ibe warriors of old; fur even the chorea pen. pie of Hod wero, in the execution of U s will, em pollod to t.ilio up arms aud battle lor tbeir cause. The histories of the ancient republics r j,0*09 KDi* Koine arc H'led wltb accouuts of tho honors bastoaod upon tboio warriors, crowning them wiio wreaibs of laurels, by triumphal tin, cession', m winch were exhibited the trophies and prlser.ei a captured in hutt.l , the whole population turn log out to do honor to thpse bor^es. in morn modern times rations have adopted v irlomwaodiM of coulerrhig distinctions fur military sorvices, by conferring military rank, titles of nobility, estates and appropriations of money on the private soldiers medals and other dsoora lions, together with pensions aud endowing luatiiutt. as, where the sgod and disabled soldier can live in comfort aud quiet. Nor bos our own country been remiss in thm respect, notwillmtaudlug the oft quoted adage that lepublics are ungrateful. be sides numerous votes of thanks by Cong rose, tho gratitude of our people for tl?e dovotion displayed hy sol diem ou tho battle Held has been tuetiilud in many ways?Mates, couiities aud citiee have presented lauds houses, fee. The fairs devoted to raising fuuds for tho banditry Commission taavo been mado the mouus or honoring tho brave and distinguished; aud during the. session before tho lost Coogrucs passed a rctolutioi. authorizing tho secretary of War tu confer ou distin guished non commissioned ofliecra <md prlvatt s mo.ia: of honor, this is the Ihst occasion on which the men or this army have beou so honored ; and I bftvo deormul it proper, through your corns com n.ander, lo call you together, that the conferring of this distinction might be witnessed by the comrades of tho recipients, and that the milueuro oi tliolr example might servo to iucice others lo muuluo thsir worthy conduct. I wished, morsver, to say to you ttiat, altbcugb Ibis is tho lirst occasion of the presentation oi tuen? mcdsls of honor, I trust, and have reason to believe, tho precedcut thus made will bo foon followed by many oilier presenta tions. and that I urn now proiwrlt.g a list of names of en lieled men who have from tithe lo inns, since my ?avsum Ing command ol this army, distinguished thorn-elves hy acts of gaMnntry In tho Held, and wb no services have been reported officially to the Department . This list 1 shall trauemit to the becrolary of War, and urge ou him the justice, aiul expediency of setiding medals of honor to a I mentioned therein. It hag always beou u?v tie. slro promptly to reward the good oondaotot the private soldieru ot the army. 1 have always borne testimony to the devotion and bearing ?.Y the men of my command, aod upon all occasion* like tbo present whore I have hau an opportunity to give public cxpresaiou to my views I have stated It was to tbo beroiem and gallantry ol lbs private soldiers that our past success in this war was duo and upon which our future me tees depended. I know, aud you know, that, wb ilever may b.- tbe talents or the genius of h commanding general, and however well laid hi.* plans, unless he Is sustained by the bravo hearts aud stout arms or his solalors success will not attend hla efforts. yf therefore tako this opportunity, wbiie re minding you or how much depends ou the individual exerti ns of each one of you, to say to you lu-ttour countrymen look to you for renewed iv.eriiooH, to iiucoas iug and persistent efforts in vsrriwne our enemies and bring this war to a close: and I trust the medals now pre sented will serve as incentives to urgo you to emulate and surpass the deeds of your comrades now about to bo honored. Sorgoant John II. bhlilipg, Third Delaware, private P. C. Anderson, kliglitnenth Massachusetts, and' .private (ti-orgo W. Rood, Eleventh I'onnsylvan.u Volun teers, 1 now present you with the medals of honor, con ferred on you by the Hon. Secretary of Wur, by virtue of tbe authority of tho f ongross ol the f'nited Slates, for your consj ;< nous gallantry and good conduct displayed in capturing ou the Held of battle flags from the enemy. Taito these medals, end wenr them with honorable pride. Preserve them and htud them down to your posterity ue tostimonlals ol the faithful rentier in which you have diecoarged your du ties and served your country in its hour of trials. Accompanyiug each medal you will Ond a letter from the Ho?;r6turjr of War, to wDU'ta yen mo c&liod to rspljr m acknowledgment. Your replies, when made, 1 Mia!! be happy to transmit to the Department. Aud uow, fo.low soldiers a the tifth corps, tet me again urge you to emulate the example of there honored raeu, and by y. er future efTorls uot only deserve b rewards, but aid in the great work In which we are all engaged?the overcoming of the enemies of our couutry atul the restoration of peace and happiness lo the wliu'e land. Dismissing as now useless to discuss si! que u-as as to the origin of tbie war, we have doily end hourly evidences that it exists sod that it can only bo ter minated by bard Qghting and by detorminud efforts to orcroorne tho armed looe of the government. Nor do I think it proper to raise here any questions as to the polioy on which this war ebould be conducted. With Ibeae questions, as soldiers, we have Uothtag to da Ibeir disc.unaios among yue is cot only useless, but per nioious. (?nr policy la to tight, aod the only qiiestlou an to the conduct of tbe war pertinent for us to discuss ia how bftfct we chii defeat wboare jn acina wilfi the avowed purposa of destroying that govmSaent under which, for three quarters of a century, wPW.i lived a united and happy p. ople, almi st reaching a point when we would have ranked among tbe first Powers ou tbe earth. Our duty i? to compel flubtuitgloo to tho law* enacted wKb the consent of tko very people who u iw' rebel egainet tiiom, on the special pies of self, government. This duty m no easy task. ?s we here present well know: for It Is no more thai: r.gnt to admit that our foes fight with a bravery and deteiuuna lion worthy of a hotter cause. But it is a duty which I know you will all dis> barge at every sacrifice, aud 1 earnestly pr-y the Ruler of the Universe teat in His mfl. nits wi.dom and merey He may ro ordor cvest-Ahat through your bravery and dorniion to the cause our encmioR may bo mane to yield, and the cause u! truth r-nd Justice p evail, so that, pcac* boioi; restored lo tho land, tbo Hug of our fathers houercd and respected from lb? St. i &ftreoco t ) tbe Hlo Or.*mit?'. wt* may b? intbieii to return to our homes and families, to recalte tbono honors a grateiul country is ready to bestow. CiJWM VOR Tint (JKRERil.. f poo fhe cancltUiOn of tbo address Genera! Warren stepped forward and asked tbe "boys to give tbreo hearty chesrs to thow tbo benera! they had a heart to appreciate his kindncrr, which was done, and they were given with a will that must have auqaaiuted the "Johnnies" with the (act ibot something utrasu I wan going on. The band struck up "Hail Colnmb.a," the troops were marched oir to their quarters, and (loneral Warren Invited bis gu.-t* to partake of a collation, which was not tbe least agreeable lecture or the proceedings. Thus pleasantly passed an occasion of Interest to many both in and out of tbo ariny. which, if followed up and foil justico be dose to our brave hoys by tho War Depart ment, bids mir to accomplish tbe most beneficial rteuiis CaiTCRan RSHSL m AOS. Theso th-ee flags were captured in the lata assault* m-ide by the eoerny to retake the Weldou Railread, and ate the latest capture* made. The War DejmrtmcM hate lo tbelr p*wse: sion nearly two hundred rebel flags, for which It Is indebted lo our sold.ess, and which call lor a like expression of acntimeM to that given to day The Adjutant of the Third Delaware, Lieutenant SI. Eyre, also captured a Hag from a South Carolina regiment at the same lime the others were captured; but, being a commissioned officer, he doo| not come under the order awardmg medals, as that relate' en.y to enlisted man. THIS PAVJfi HUfW RTCkrTi RFft A*(r) BtTKZTBD. About two wwtif if) tho rebels made t < harpe upoo the Davis House, where Usui. Clark, signal officer, had a signal station, capturing it, and have sin. a held it. Last night a squad of men penetrated their Hues, driving in their vldottes, and, setting lire lo lbs house, burned It to the ground. Tbis was a bold piece of work, and in He elocution evinced a sploe of that bravery and dash which have so long distinguished tbe fifth corpe and given It its enviable reputation. , Trains will commence running on the new mtlread to morrow, making foqr or five tripe daily. The road works very Hnely and mueli to the satiafs- lion of all concerned, exoept the rebels. , TBE MOTH CORfS. Mr. James C. PItipatrlrk'i Dsipatek, Nih.iI Asur Cones, Vs., 8ept. It? Morning, ora niTtatow ant; asRHtn. Owing to tho consolidation of tit original first division of our oorpt with ths ?scoad and third It has become aeceaaary to renumber them, and yesterday orders ware issued (designating them aa follows:?The Third, eom mandud by General Willeox, Is now the first, the Second, commanded by tieneral Potter, retains lis number; the fourth, composed entirely of colored troope, and com maaded by Oeaerol ferrere, will in future be known u the Tblrd osartaai wn.tcox goes North to day on leave of absence for a period of fit teen daye. Re will be accompanied by bw junior aid de eamp, Meut L. C. Rraekett, and tbadlvlsbm in hi*%b ?eaee will be commsaded by General Hartranft. tan ?f?5ni ruith nuvulart>m?. With many others in tfla corps 1 great the return to ns of the Seventy-moth Mew Tork (Uighlacdsrs), who ?bcut the time of tbe W.idetaeea bbtwe wek^e dMwb"*l aud ne r ^V, ? heTtng been made for ihem, thsy ware teirasa lerred to our corps. in wboeo history tp. y hive b >rte j prominent a pari Th?? are commanded by Captain Hefron, and are attached to the first divwi a. awtat. iim rroee. A recent deserter from Hill s tvrps dtatse tbat thirty men have born an t fur aitcm- Hd deeertiou since our oo uup on of itiu tv.ld.m Railroad, sod that ante three hObilrril t ?.o undergone a m puai|nmeol for ifaa HMS* ol'eace, or oor advent h T re Plflrlblff. The most BiriM^eui precaut, >us and the severest penalties are roHi.nod tu to pre .* i iiio open (it laiiecttoo of oce-toortb of the regiments; and yd thor ! at most savagely. IO> 'R'Fr'd 0<>W!A There I* re-moti to r ollevs tti.t 'he report of tbe prtn ence of Lang tieo'.s ,-urpi iin it left n incorrect to * extent. \s ;ar .?? i uj b- astorlaine,! oljr one divf stoo-- erahsw'-i of corps b ih le'? ib? v.tlley, and us i>o ilmn at pre-eut is up n the rebel right, da ending Urn approaches to the Danville ? r Soulbatde Railroad. au i' '..v i una <e Among tbe new features < ( tbe orpe In th? organisa tion of an ertlili, r brt ede, after the manner of the otltor cm | a in t i ?) Army if the Potomac. ItM Nluta oorpit e comparatively inc. tori fat of thie army, and n\ my cLang" Livn rwn m?.lo to aaaun.late it lu ita working" and org ini/ation to ? tie other*. Herotn nre "ur battering were a.'sigo?d In tbo d; leroot divisions; but uinicr tho piescut ay item Ihny aro embraced In a dia tlnct organization, designated tho Artillery brigade. This t."li;idi! W) commended by lieutenant Col uel J. A. M< nroo. of the Mrst regiment i.bode Island artillery. Ilia staff is organized im I, il we ? Aetin./ Amtaiu AdjuttU Hernial?Lieutenant 3. U, Hhoads. Q i<iTi - I'Mstrr?Captain J. K. Ctlley. shint mt V iart', master?Lieutenant O. HUL Citrus ujory? .,.1.1111 1'. I). Hnyd. AuMant /iwpre'or ir.neral?Lieutenant C. A. Clark. Oidnance < jjicer?Lieutenant Ceo W. Hoc lb. Aid lie C<r/n|>?Lien tenant IL M. Mo ret Mr. Wm. n. .UcGrrgor't Otspateh. Hk toyuap.taBi, Army or ti.k Potomac,) Kept. Id, 1K84 J Picket and artillery firing bag been kept up very briskly since Saturday, the Ire of tbe rebfols not seeming to havo cooled oQ yet nt being surprised and losing so many prisoners. Tho result is that some live or six of onr men are bronchi Into tbe hospitals, ttae majority badly wounded, auil somo feiv have died. Vosierduy a large uiortar opened on tho right and threw a number of shells into Petersburg with great precision. A rebel rharpebooter this afternoon stole across the Appomattox, and, watching hut chance, shot ons of our men at a battery. He was suon discovered, and as be was makmg his way back across the river a well directed shot struck the boat, tearing It to pieces, and it is sup* posed Killing the < ccupuul. I osert rs report that General Lee announced to hi* troops on Sunday that bo would give the Yankees four teen days to get away from bore; but be did not say what bo would do U we reiusod to leave. Those men also represent mutters to be In a bad way over there. 1 buy have been living on sbort ratione, and those of a poor quality, The ilrst thing tbey ask on resetting camp la, '?Where are wo to get rations.' We woro juet going to draw them when we left.'1 Among the casualties In the Third division, Necond corps, s'uee -unday by pbdtet Uring are:?Lieutenant George Fs?lor, Nlnoly-ninth Pennsylvania, killed Lieu tenant IJonJ. F., Eleventh New Jersov, wounded In the faco, Lieutenant J. 3. llobbs, Seventeenth Maine, wounded lu tho back; Korgounl I\ Gold/, Eleventh llaata cbusetta, killed. Daws from Fortress Monro* and Norfolk. Foktuss M on toe, Sept; ld,J804. ' A disturbance took place yostorday afternoon In Nor folk between some sailors and the oolored guard doing duty on Main street. Two sailors and one or the year* were sbot. one of the sailors died and tbe etber lost a leg- Tbe guard will die. Tbe Hag of trace steamer New York arrived Inti even ing from James river witn four hundred returned prison ers of war from tbe South, including forty ottleers, in charge of Major Mulford. REBEL ACCOUNT8. Ttae Successful Attack Upon Ctaa Rebel JFteketo?Ttae itrtglnal Picket Line not yet Established?A Day Appoint* ?<t for Failing and f'raycr ?Urant Perfecting Mis F.arttiworki and t'nih tng Ills Lines on ttae We I don tioad? Ttae Canal at Dutch Uap? Lively limes Anticipated on Its Comple* tlon, Air. [From tbe Richmond Whig, Sept. 12.] nisniAL URANT rtBRSCTINU HIS EARTH ?ORKS. l rncKStiuxu, Kept. 0, ISM. ' rar.' ?b still perfecting his earthworks on tile Weidon ihiflrcsJ, and pushing bis line slowly to tbe west of tho read. , TUB CAPTURE OF THE REBEL PICKET LINE ON 8ATCBDAT. Pa-Tuts urao, Kept. 10. 1864. Tbe enemy attscked Harris' and Klnu-gao's picket lino Inst ntgbt, tsk'ng inme prisonera and ouuelng our pickets to fail back. ibis mcruing early sixty-oine Yankees were captured; but our original picket line Ins not been re established. Jn vlaw of tbe threatened rendition of tbe city and prox imity or the anvmy, Tuueday next, by recommendation oi tho clergy, will be observed U> te as * day of faatlug, humiliation and prayer for Dlviue interposition in our be half. BXrOBD DMI'A'MI. Fkieusmtru, Kept. 10, 1864. This morning. about two u'clock,thq enemy tnaascd ejeveu regunenis In front of Generals Fluncgsa'e and Harris' picket lines, drlviog In two oi our ituea and cap turing e<.me ibu ty prisocers. pen. ra.K Fiuurgau and Harris quickly rallied, retaking tbe inner skirmish iiue red capturing sixty prisoners, including one c.i.mmtseloi.od oflu-er. One skirmish line w.ia rs-oetabiishe i at tbe distaaoe, at some points, of no hundred yaruj, at ctbure uot more man liltv juu.i, in roar of tbo "skirmlsb line yes terday. Kbarpehcxillng bus brcn rnsntued on this part of tho line. Heretofore a sort or unco ousted. Tbo prisoners csfituierl o*' -eg to '.be First brigade, Third divlsiou, of the Kecood o>>rpe. Nothing of mtercet this afternoon. THE CANAL AT DUTCH HAP. [from tho Ri.-hm-ad Y. tug, Ntpt. 12.] A cerrespocdont oi me .-'avs- n. u Ufml 'i-an say* that only a small lorce of trie enemy r?>w ccuny tbo ttroag fortifications acroas butcb (jap, north side of the .', atuong tbo ebon '..n? of Kerrero's " braves" are reeu along the picxel lines, laeitly ack'.owledjinr that nei;ro poluiorx aro only tit t > bo pieced under eover of tho puntvan. Am ug them are R?eu a eutUcieni unmher of whites 'Mo guard tho guard," ail purporting to bo under tbo C'lrntuand f luster Acraas the river H itler etill holds bis lino ueir I'- riu :du Hundred. His canal, wank Is to cut "ITenough of .lan.js rivet m put so.en miieo nearer lMcbmnnd, progrewes, si tbe Y.tnkeo papers say, very bneiy. but we veniirr* to assert, never was sny canal pushed ahe.nt " very tloely " tander more diifoultiee (jq a high hill, seutbwsel of this progressive work, Is what Is known se Howlett'k battery, erected by I ' nfcdc. ate "ngiuc ?ry, and contain ing somo distrvs .ngly heavy gout u t ere mannned by O nfodrenta ai tli.'m trie, who take a very wanton delight Id constantly, day *nd night, ? ssllnR from Ihoeo guns heavy sxpies.vs ? . lion into this very work. What is worse, tbo very spot where workmen are seen becomes a merit for their malicious practice. A tew words will >i&<i:be l ow toe work Is conducted, uco man watcheu all the while, a-.d whoa the etoud of wbito smoke rmoe irom H].wieU's battery, he jumps Into die hole with a cry of "lookout." This cry is geaorally die obeyed to Lbe letter, as every one, to a man, looks 10, which be hardly does hef-re down comes the crushing shew directly to the very excavation bo^vaciteu. Jho expluetoa over, bark tbe rrvduasparty go to tbetr pick* and tbo m*n to tbe tho k)A<NhrvAbn number of dodgeo re-iuUito to comidotea day s voiTTand the time occupied In so d.drg, raises the question wne.ber the working party earn their .atione for tbo. work of tbe dodging thai la done LivKLT Timt-s tniriL the oonfletton or dutch OAR. [From the Riehm<'nd Kxaralaer. lept. 18. J In ail the leugtb or reiMsry lino oxtending room Deep Bottom, on tbe north bank of the Jamen river, to the W siiiun Railroad, sonth of Fnters. burg, but one man that we know of ie -eally bony? feast Putl"r. This enterprietng individual Is working at Ma at Hutch Gap I Ike. a bdaver. When tt ettall be completed we may look frr lively tines, uettt thai consummation mototonons inactlvltv will prevail along tba Richmond and ! etersburg latruor.binenio. Tbe United Stolen Strainer Krnrsorgo, B'smnr, Sept. 11,1864. The United .States steamer iuearearge, ComcianJsr Wlnslow, w?. .it Fnyal August 24th. bound to New York. Rows from Satia Francisco. San FhARcieoo, Kept. 13, 1864. The steamer'Sacramento sailed for rnosma t<vdef with two hnndred and fifteen paaaeogere and $82A,884 in Tbe Village of Kent, Ohio. Mnanv.LLE, Pa., S*pt. IS. 1S84. petition or the citi/ene of Franklin Mi'le, Ohio, tbe of that plaoo was eb inyd to KenG h> honor of m Keut, President or tho Atlantic and Great Weet Inilroad Company. Marine Dliattsri. Srustr, C. H . Sept. 18,1894. ring an oaateriy cam at Cow Bay, on tbe Uth. the <jy is. Of rigb> . Judge Heihaway, of New York; an, of Livorpoel, N. S., J. Oong'len, of Holtfhx, and > Grlevca. of St. John, N. H., were driven ashore, and is loi il wm k? lbs Arabia latvard Deand, Httirsx, Rapt if, 1864 steamship Arabln sailed at fouro olock thta*(fhorn? nommg .'or Bear, where she will ho doe to-mor ftntio>n. Among brr p.uwer.gers are Hoo. R. M. bald, irimh Cn sal, sad OI. 8 8. SeafOrd, Front tf the American Tei-g aph t,vm, any.

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