Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 16, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 16, 1864 Page 2
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WI u a a a. it.-., oou ill l.x; au |fr>? I h??, IK?|. reg )?? 100 d' m?>; d<. 107', inoo Brie KB..... ifcMIO US 6 ?,5 * ? eon 110'. "VI0 do W?il!K<i SW'i r<( IK) . S00 d> fiOfl UK 4 ?. Mi 4U ? cou 07 p. Rrle KR i-ref 1 <? ID N J Control Jd 0 7' V,? ??'1? IXL Mr? Put .riW*CI#t?i n? SKI * fill ? on RR . ?io .v.* ?,?PitU. FlWAt'dm Mf 1 00 M n o Hi A hi Hit ms 40J I lilo A Alt I?t Hi H? *' ''O *'? lano Marlp.ea at m b. fl 5 0 do 96 if. , If... American od 2J'K :?*' d" 1 all* Mr-f II III ttnlt IWI Ml Pan ua Kit ? . Z.'I prof ... ( . ,t ,0' dn r '? I > do t R . uij b w FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Trrswr iT, sept 15?fl P. V Tbe ?tock market opened with Aouie little activity tha morning As compart.l with tbe catb sales yesterday a ternooo, New \o k Ootral advanced *, Lrie Hi Reading *, Michigan Southern *, Illinois Central Chicago and Northwestern *. Chicago and Rock Island 15 Cleveland and 1'iiisburg and Hudson Kitrer showed u- ewrmmn from the quotations oi yesterday morning, And Michigan Central declined In tho miscellaneous list, Ohio and Mississippi certificates advanced 14, Cum b-rland Cos 1*. and Q ilcksilver 1. Government secu? rities were in better demaud at a slight advance. Coo,ju live twenties sold at 11014, registered ltd',', registered nixes of 1SJ! 107% 105, coupon ten-roriics 97, seien aid th oe-tenths Treasury notes, October and April, 110* a 1(0* - *es of lst>7.12b; lives or 1893, 118 one year cert actio* t>4 94* In 1 be a ternoou there was a fractional advance upou the quotation* ol the morning, hut with a very m (derate ?mountof bnslonaa The following bids were minlo for htalc stocks:?Missouri rise. #??,; ecuess -e aixes, o9 orth taroiina sixes, 61 Toe money market exh.hits Utile change T >? moderate wants of first class stock b-usee are met at seven per cent; but discounts are made with caution, and the rates are more frequently from nine I twelve per cent than under. The "note shavers" receive from twelve to fifteen per cent for ne.trly all they do: but they may be considered outside of the legitimate market, loreigu exchange is inactive. Bunkers ask 109 a 109* for sterling, and ooium reiai bills are olUred at 108 a 108*. 1 rams, wh ch are li'tUe in request, are quoted allrom 6.8 to 8.10. The course o goid *a? less errailo to day than on any previous day this week, and the price remained through out remarkably steady. The opening quotation was 229,'rom which there wat n decline to 227, followed by a reaction to 228*. It then aatik to 22",\ . afierwards rose to 220*. and at ton min utes past five P. M. the price stood at 22S*. This state of the matket is attributable in part to the of oris of the bull clique, headed by one of the strongest houses in the street, tojget up a ? corner," and so engi aeer a fresh rise. Tho fact, too, that a considerable number of deliveries, on account of abort aales made on Monday, were due to day, helped, la uo inconsiderable degree, to sustain tbe premium and check iu natural downward tendency. P.utuors, also, with regard to the increase of the national debt and currency issues were circulated by unscrupu lous opcratdre on tbe bull aide, with a view to creating distrust and furthering tbeir own schemes What gives Alicngtb to these and an appearance of possibility to gross exaggerations is tbe unwise act of tbe Treasury De partment in suspending the weekly etatemcnts, which tbe public had begun to look for wltb great interest. In this matter, as well as In bis loan policy, Mr J cstenden has exhibited tbe same incou 3istency and want of ability for toe office he fills tbit marked the policy of his predecessor. Mr. Cha6e, however, erred as much by dosign as accident Be pan dered to a Wall street c> q e, and his principal subordi nates In the lreaanry D partmeat became one witn blra iu the work of mismanagement and corruption. When Mr lessenden assumed his present position he did so without any pretensions to financial knowledge or any Ideas or motives worth mentioning. As a respectable man Irom Maine, a member of tbeSenatoaud chairman ol a committee, be probably thought that when tbe Sec retaryship of the Treasury was offered to him the proper thing to be done was to accept it. He possibly took pity upon the United Stales government, and believed he was doing it a good service tu t il the place vacated by Mr. cha>e But, whatever bis purpose may have been on accepting the responsibility tendered him, It bas been very evident ever since that ne bas endeavored to second aU tbe moasures of tbo Ohio politician, and that be has oopi d that gei.iieman's eccentricities with tbe hdelily of tbo Chinese tailor who put a patch en tbe knee of a new garment because be found 000 in tbe "Id Having no principles at the outset, he readily acted upon an excellent suggestion that was made to him, to tho effect that it would be well to pub lish statements of the national debt at short intervals. Out afterwards, being still without principles, be actrd ?lib equal readiness upon another, and, this time, au un fortuuate enppoeuio. ?namely, to stop th_.Be statements, lest the figures of the debt should alarm the people and dimmish tbe capital of lbs republican, or gov?ru meot, lwriy la tne forthcoming Presidential elec lion. Tb<?e who inspired him with this bril liant idea were doubtless the old paraaKee of Mr Chaao, both in and out of tbe Treasury Department, who wished to have themselves alone tbe Information which the weekly statements gave to the whole people. Private information of the state of tbe public flosncae, when tbe facts are eedulousiv guarded from the public, Is always useful, and these former associates of Mr. Chase would no doubt be much beodied by exclusive tn elligeuce. The chief subordinates of tbe Treasury sod the leaders of the old Chase clique were ?herefxre bent upon Influencing tbo new incum lent of tbe temple of finance at Washington, and, as the raauil bas ahown, they succeeded perfectly. But it remains for us to tell Mr. Fesseuden that he baa incur <wd publie censure by bis pliancy, aad committed a jluuder lor which be is entirely ra-ponsible; and thsre treeume blunders which arwcrlmea. According to tbe last statement of tbe debt, lashed on Iho 8atb of August, the unpaid requisitions were f75,79.'i,000. They are now rumored to be uearly double bis amount, and similar rumors with regard to tbe cur ?eocy are put forth. For whatever there is of exaggera lion in these rumors Mr. Fessenden ts responsible, because te has shopped the publication of the facts, to wblcb tbe >eople had been accustomed to look. II is no exeuso hat bis subordinates or tbe Chase clique advised bun to tiscooilnu" tbeir publication, for be is the responsible head of the Treasury, however great a nonentity be may be practically, and be was not Justified Iu as'oming the responsibilities of an Important department unle'S be moani to sdmiuisier bis trust faithfully. Tbe best thing us can do now with respect 10 this particular matter is to resume tbe publication of tbe (taiemcuta, fortnightly at least, M Dot wrefiy. Mr Albert H. Nicolay to-day sold at public auction the '01 low log slocks ? rar l a'mc. StlUno Pricr. K>" shsres Frls I'A lway $100 106 16 lAke unurvi Hank of iwweco.. 190 99* 81 Lake dutario Bank of (Jtxego 100 99* 30 Hank Ol Commerce 100 106 20 i'beotx Har k 20 107 40 People s Fire Insurance Co 60 -94* 10 Relief 6 ire Insurance Co 50 131* 20 Broadway f Ire Insurance Co... 25 127* Tbe husiuess at the Sub-Treasury to day was as fol lows ? Keosipls for cnse-ms $140,000 Receipts for government loun 187 ISO Tot.I receipts 11,120,20* I'ajmcou. 12, H6?.827 ioiaaee 21,995,629 As error occurred In this column yesterday, by wblcb we were m >do to place the value of tbe peper dollar (at ;he eeliinate o Ifln) at seventy-twe Ineiead of fifty nine ecu 7be context aboard that the latter was me int. Block Biehangt. _ Txcxsnxv, Sept 15?10 .*> A. M. 6WOTJ C 8 4 a IWt7.... IJS |i?> aheCoM 'oel' o o'Md 61 ysAi u are m.* re? no :?n* ueutrai kit us\ * a '*vH. ?wj 1X1 j.D d0 ,so |*6\ 1 rH H* 10(1 do bV 120 ! - . __ _ ,0. hid luf, . .... Mm* S?wTrn 7 80,0 4 a. IP* ?T?ivleveAPiuaKK i IP 'MMl _ *1e ||i cri ao KkW( P 8 ?? a, l year oer , vq 0" " a*"' hill llidena River RH 11, '"O dn blO ', J-x) ,1,, h,4 | N, lldP OhloSe loflfl. ... Ill* xt u? ,P'S : ?>? Ohio a Dim oer . , i << a0 ,J. MS? do 4.', 2" 11 ? 5XS' M y Central 6 e 116 i?v ,? 1 - 4 D b V Centra. 7 e.. I ~i I ,1 !.*? . lu. . 4 -r Mrie *d intg IIS ?!V 7 ? 2 0' II- t?.<w M Ui a b. 17 ISM) Un .... U I*) Mi. hiei.risrhi.87 I -W df> U O "> MekiChrcANW let mlg 99 JO. 4. 1, N?i "? ? ( eic 2d tn_ 104 JO to RH 29 |3St>* tie 0'* 6 W' ? enu II i 1 -O k, I 1 r. . -.7 | f 10.1 t! hft* I *(-co-i W IV 4' a.u .. , fS??T. 1. 7 8 I0.OAAP 111 !??'?,' i *l> ewa. 11 a stirrer 94 , IIH'llu en RlvHh 11 - W 4:,*? .I.- ?4 ? S? <* , 1. |.H>>. Ml? url fl'? 05 1 Mb r r .'Kit uk * 7"??) Ilk. A M !?? cer 48* IV'.R Ci 1., A i? d.- O'S -P at J 1 \ A IrlO 4,8% de.. 44 ua slick* am laa itk a** MB06 Anerkut go-d... ?W do ?v 10T aha X * Cen. KB 1*6 ?? , <>? ? ?? Hi .?{* 1 i do .... :?*>% U#d Clev A FIU# KB .. Ill 6 \ Cumb Coal prtf.. us JMV do 1 <k>- Jo . bl6 ti Hh? d< ??X f ,i Jo M WO Chle A N W prof . WX 65 Brio KH 10674 ?*J Ohio A Kk I BR.... 107V do 10 \ 4b0 do. Idi* 6ju do t>13 106 l>W0 Pllts. Ft VV AGUlc. 108 HIT (OJIMKIKTAL REPORT. Thursday, Sept. 18?? P. M. Aepxe.?Rece pis. 35 bbla, Market inactive and prices Domical. lmumirrrs-Receipt*. 2,43* bbls flour, 2.18 bble and SIS bags corn neal.6ti bushels wheat, 375 do. corn, 273 do. rye, 24,56u do. oata, and 125 do nj^lL The market ?as again 5c. a 10c. lienor on the low tirades, owing to the p>uc t.v of supplies and eight rally in ibe quotation for gold. Ibe demand, however, was quite light and con flood to the wants ol ibe borne trade, there being no mar ge i n shipments. hales, u coil bb's Stale and Western, 1,6.0 hhls. Sontbern, and 600 hp s i ana-Dan. In rye tin r and corn n-e .1 there was ouly a jobbing trade within our range. We quote ? dun i line Slate and Western flour >9 70 a 0 95 hxtra State 10 10 a 10 40 Choice Slate 10 25 a 10 30 ( inmon to tried um extra Western...... ..10 70 a 11 70 Extra round hoop Chi > 10 90 a 11 25 Western trade brands 11 ,18 a 13 00 ExtraSt. Louis 11 75 a 15 50 Common Southern 11 25 a 12 00 Karcy a. d extra do 12 10 a 14 26 Common Canadian. 10 00 a 10 30 Good to nod extra 10 35 a 12 00 Rye nour. auperttne A 8 00 a 0 50 CYrn meal, boia 8 06 a 0 00 Corn meal, imncbeoua 38 60 a 39 0' ?Ibe wheal market was r itber tn-re active the decline |-i oc an f eights and slight Improvement 1a exchange fiiCi'ltaling stiipmenia, and spr Dg samples were 2c. a c. dearer, Tbe supplies com rue extremely light, and pr ces are quite irregular, and to a c uisiderablo extent n iriloai. Sa'es 85 000 huaheis at $2 08 a $2 IS for Cbi cago spring, $2 10 a $2 19 for Milwaukee club, 32 20 a *2 25 lor umber soring $2 18 a $2 31 f?r winter red Western?the inside price for very poor $2 31 a $2 30 for amiier Michi.-an?lie laiter an extreme price?and $2 50 lor while Michigan. Rye was nominally $1 i 6, th-ugh a small parcel was reported at a much higher figure. The corn market was dull and unsettled, with tales of tw< loads, together 13.'. 00 bushels, at $1 *'2 y, a $1 ii3 '?ir We* ern mixed, and a small parcel hirh mixed at $105. Tlarloy was quiet, with sales or '<00 bushels new crop state ul $2 25. oats were dull ut 83c. a 90c.? tt.e latter, however. an extreme price. Coiote.?Ibe market continued very quiet, and we bsve ouly to note sales of lt>0 bags Klu and Laguayra at 47 Sic. Lottos.?The demand was very light, and the quota tions are entirely nominal; sales 150 bales. We quote ? Upland. Fiorxdc^ Mobile. S'.U.xt T. Ordinary 104 lfil 165 165 Mlddung 178 178 179 180 Good middling 180 ISO 181 182 i namirrs were lower and very dull. To Liverpool, by neutral vessels, engagements include 21,000 bushels wheat, at 3,t)d a:l7?<t.,iu bulk ami bags; 30 tuns tallow, l'lg. and 160 hbls. heavy goods, Is. 6d. per bbl.: by American, s small lot of flour, 9d , aud 50 tons heavy g ?d , 108; and by siei.mer, 7,00ti bushels who it, 3d.; 2 OoO boxes and 1,009 lirkius butler, 40s. Tj Bris tol, 100 hbls rosin, 25s per ton. To London, 60 tons heavy goods, 13s rtd. a 15s. A British hark was chartered to l.iver|>ool. timber and spurs, 32s. 6d; a British bark to Antwerp, 1,900 hbls petroleum, 6s.; a Hanoverian brig to Mati.moros and back, $1 50 per bbl.. in gu!d, or if from Matamuros io Liverpool, $2, aud a ship to New Orleans on private terms. Hops were in steady demand from consumers, and we notice sales of 150 hales at 32c. a 37c. for old, and 50c. a 63c. for new. Mnnsssis ?Ihe market still continues quiet, but there was no material change in prices; sales of 136 hbls. New O leans at $1 12 a $1 18, and at auction 100 bbls. sold at $1 a $1 03 t una.?Tbe market for linseed continued quiet and prices were a trifle easier. Crude sperui an 1 whale were without decided change. I ktkouci'm ?Receipts, 2,866 bbfp. There was a fair demand lor both crude and refined for export under tbe favorable foreign news, but the demands of holders were considered too exorbitant by the shippers, who refused to buy exc pt at 41c. fur crude and 76c. for retined, in bond, while 47c. and 76c. were asked. The sties were, therefore, limited, comprising only about 3.500 this, crude, at 48c a 46 l;c. on the spot, and 47c. u 41 %c. for all the m nth. 2,500 do reQnod, In bond, chiof'y at 70c a 72c lor straw, and 76c for light straw to white, but In cluding some small lots at 76c.; 600 do. frco at 85c. a 87c. I'eu/me was Arm. 290 bbla., 60 a t>3 gravity, sold at 61c. a 62 He Provisions.? Receipts, P4 bbls. Itrd and 11 do cut meats. The pork m irket wns a trifle firmer and rather nm>re active, with sales of 8.000 bb s at $40 a $41 for old mesa, $42 62 X " $43 tor new do , dosing at $42 621; a M2 75, $38 50 a $39 69 for prime aud $42 a $43 for prime moss. Tbe bee market was le-*a active but prices were with-ul essential change Kate 100 bbls at $12 a $15 for c< uniry mesa, $9 or country prime, $16 50 a $19 tor repacked mesa, and $21 a $25 lor extra do. Puma me-s beef was dull, and in tbe .'?bsente o sales prices ars uominal. Cat meats were in fair rff qu'Slatli ^c. a 18c. lor shoulders, and )8o a 19c. for h ma with salsa of 300 pkgs. Bacon was dull and nomi nal Tbe lard tnnrkol *?a firmer, with rather more doing sales 4,"00 bbls. at 23 Vc. a 24 \e.? the latier ?n ex emu price aleo ;0i b Is. for S pteraber, buye 's option, st 24^c. Butler was quiet at 4*c e43c for Ob'<> end 48c. a 64c. for Stale. Cheese wss In steady do m nd st 19c a 27>4c. for common to prime. K>< k remained Inactive Sugar Ibe market for raw wns quiet, end we bsve ouly to n te r les of 126 l.bds. Cuba nt 20\c. e 22c., 76 b >ve d st 21 >tc , an I 25 hhds. Porto Rico at 23 V? Refit ei wee quit t, at t flq'c a '21 ^r. for not whites, 23c. ?26t,c. or soft yellows and 28 tjc. for bards. At auction }6 bhds. Cuba brought 1734c a 19c. Iailow was tlrm, wltb a moderate Inquiry. Rales 14,000 lbs , at 18c. a 19c. lor common to prime. Whiskxt ?Receipts, 207 bbU. Market very firm and In'sellers' lav >r. t-ales 1,000 bbla. at $1 80 a $1 81>4, BUiel'.y at $1 81, lor Western. _ ATIHAWCIAIa. /TANA DA COPPER STOCK.?A L1A1TBD MVMMB ly ef ahareaof the St. Margaret Copper Mining Compiny stork is oflered, tor a working capital, at 8250 per share; par value Cor t<art cular- ai>i>ly at the olfloe of the company,62 William street. New York. p ? HENRY KINO, President. Bmrtta B Burros, Secretary. Dividend notice -the trustees ok the Kit ekrrhoe^er Petroleum Ooaaptny Kt--phen Crown |, Esq.. President, hav declared a dividend of or# per rent on the capital Bloc*. free of government tax. p vab e on t e 15lh tnsuvni, at the ofllce o' the l ank rs, Messrs Srhti-hardt A (lebhar.l, 1 Saasau street. KRH.D. SOHL'DHAADT. New Yowl Sept. 14. 1864. Treasurer. Dividend notice.-the trustees of tiib f Manhattan Petroleum C m; any Wm. ?.. Orant. K.q . I President, have declared a dividend of two car cent on the c ipitHl stock paysl> e on the 11'lb lost, at the office or tbe company Empire Bulliiinge, No. 71 Hroadea), room No. 46, second floor. JOHK C. HENDERSON. Treasurer. Naw Voitk, Sept. 15. 1864. NEW YORK. SEPT. 13 1864.'?TB TRDSTBBS OF the Conaolldatcd Petro enm Oil Com.anv have this dar Je I trej a dividand of nn<-j er ocnl tl "n the capital auick ipar vali e $10 p?r al.arn). fr'in the net earning" of the omi any for the month ol Aug si pa able at the o:S..e ot ih' coapauy, 40 Bruad street on after the It. mat. C. K. OKIE KIN. Seeietary. 0 FFICe UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. - No 13 Wil ism atreel. ^ ToRK s,p, ., tne com:?lfy "X WiIImOl ?^eet New York et l .Vl^a^. JOHN A D.x. Pre.,dent. H V. Poor see retard - PETROLEUM. RICBARDh K1 NORLAND, ? PINE STRhKT7NBW TORK, has for sale the following OIL PTOCKR. 8EPTEMBKR DIVIDENDS will be advaneed on ail etocke purshaasd on or before tbe Nob #?W?^5S5^d%S-5'?? CENT, uenie fihftdc Peirol^'im Oil C#n?ptny, Mapic UIVIDBND 3 TKK CK21T. Cnlted Bmie. LENT. Cobeo ldated r.^roieurn OB <^R"R"CKIfT. Sucee- P.trol.umoac;;mpany>hR cp?T Kntcaerbockar { *\"'i'J)y.'s'Iy'V P H*ENT. Manhattan CENT. Buch'anan F.rm^U o mpeny, ^ r rRHr v,, P, n. ? Yori. and A !"ghatiy Petroleum Compaup 1 ii -i-r ?n Coal and Oil Com pan v. x ?' aharea A ji.v Pr roleitm Company. a ? tares E; ! -rpri" >> ' Company. .harse i'i . >? O" Coo fan y ' _, 4 , ? | i. . r ? r leiim Com;>any, of Pblla , inp-ot. of Philadelphia. 1 " , . . . ,. n puny, of I'hitadsipblA. . of I'm ade phta. ? i/? "? 'hi a-le.ptiia. 1 #OK - Of it -ORIFTIOK -P Tinv I t ties' Wj', for original eubaeriptlon* for tbe ' _ BURNING Nl'IUkO CENTRAL FBI P.oLEUM UOMPANT, 8 per rent per monlh. A V tL AND OIL COMPART. '.'Kit MINING COMPANY OF PAN *d a d.vlQSUt i ?ugh the fi. t". No. ofh an tn flJE PI p. HI I RN pr i ROLFCM COMPART. A FJlCelDKNT, v BNaN<(O COUMIY, PAMV. Ont Its' Stork t'l HO oefl, a In a .ar< vol $5 eauh par va'ue, Subaci.yit ua prtoe $1 per euara. Thaae land* eentaiu abont 8 4dO asres, em the Allfrhxry r v r > 1 on H it- '*? I'ortr-ipina and Met V. r.reeke, ,< || .ry <if nrir ten Bed S k#lf ml I in eiteat I he we. "on III- ad .otmeg property, known as the "i eiebraied Kfeydrlok'' we I- and "r.tho e Lrv-k ' l?. ar?f.m'>u? for the r immense ee; ply bf oil The we t .n'i" properly are bfleq rank wttn great vigor end j rom %- isra. ? ippPee of oil. r tin nu t n* of limited meant unmr |t I" lid rf , wiilt ?r? en-re! i let pi i b ?j e, niepi and all other Information cam U- ebia 'a at the n?cc ol L> 11- 81MPS0N A CO.. 1ft. 64 Ceiat k U! riNAICUlM [MTKD STATES SEVi N THIRTY LOAN The Secretary of the Treasury give* notice that aubscrip tlone will be reoelvad for Coupon Treasury Note*, pa/ablt three year* from Augnet 15, 1Hi>4, with semi-annual Interest et the rate of eevun and three tenth* per oeut per annum? principal and interest both to be paid In lawful money' The*e note* will be convertible, at the option of the holder at maturity, Into six per ceut gold bearing bonds, payable not leas than fire nor mo<e than twenty yean from their dale, as the government may elect. They will be issued In denom.nations ol $50, $10oT$?io. $1,000 and $6,0UU, and all subscriptions must be for lifty dollar* or some multiple of fifty dollars. As the notes draw interest from August 11* persons mak ing deposit* subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrue ! from date of note to time of deposit. Parties depositing tweuiy Uve thousand dollars aud up wards for these notes at any one lima will be allowed a com mission of one quarter of oue per cent, SPECIAL ADVANTAGES OF TJ1I8 LOAN. II le n National Barings Bank, offerings higher rate of in terest then any other, and tho beet eecurlty. Any savings bank which para Its depositors In United Stales Notes con siders thai It is paying in the l*|f circulating medium of the country; and It cannot pay in scything bettor, for Its own assets are either In government securities, or in notes or bonds payable In government paper. CONVERTIBLE INTO A SIX FEE CENT 5-20 GOLD BOND. In addition to the very liberal interest on tbe notes for three years, this prlv liege of conversion la now worth about three iwr cent per annum: for the current rate for MO bonds is not less than nine per cent premium, and before the war the premium on eiv percent United States stock was over twenty per cent. It will be aeon that the actual profit on this loan, at the pro*eot market rate, la not leas tban ten per cent per annum. ITS EXEMPTION FROM -STATE OB MUNICIPAL TAX ATION. ? But. aside from all (he advantages we have enumerated a special act er Congress exempts all bonds and Treasury notes from local taxation. On tbe average, this exemption is worth about two per cent per annua, according to the rate of taxation in various parti of the country. It li believed that no securities offer so great inducements to lender* as those issued by-the government. In all other forms of indebtedness tbe faith er ability of private parties, or stock companies, or separate communities, only, la pledg ed for payment, whHe the whole property of the country is held to secure the discharge of all the obligations or tbe United Stales. SUBSCRIPTIONS IVILL BE RECEIVED (by the Assistant.Treasurer of the United States, corner of Wal and Ma ?u streets. First National Bank of New York. No. 4 Wall street. Second National Bank of New York, Twenty-third street and Broadway Third National Bad! of New York, No. 5 Nassau street. Fourth National Bank of New York, 37 end 39 Pine street. Fifth Notional Bank of New York, 338 Third avenue. Sixth National Bank of New York, Sixth nvenue and Broadway. Eighth National Bank of New York. 660 Broadway. Ninth National Bank of New York, 363 Broadway. Tenth National Bank of New York, 2411 Broadway. Central National Bank of New York, 71 Duane street. National Exchange Bank of New York, 184 Greenwich street And by all National Ranks which nre depositaries of public money, and ALL RBSPECTABLB KANKS AND BANKBB8 throughout the country will give further information and AFFORD EVERY FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBERS. new xorg naia Dunes will bei .cuuu under the a of the law passed Feb 9, 1*64, and under a regu the Hoard of Supervisor* adopted July 28. 1364, option is w th ?uh'eriber* to bare them run for ei YJICHMOND COUNTY. STATEN ISLAND, -IV FfiKCBNT COUPON BONDS OK EMU AND 81."00. INTEREST PAYABLE HRMI aNNUALLY. Subscriptions for one hundred thousand dollars < $100,OX)) ot the*.- bonds will bo received at par at tbe banking house of EINSTEIN. MOHBNFELD A CO.. No. 8 Broad street. New York Said bonds will be |t*uod under the authority lulatton of . and the ... either ten, fifteen or twenly.five years THE GOULD A CURRY SILVER MINING COMPANY has do lared a dividend for August of fifty dollar* per fool In gold, i*,tb e ibroufh the Hank of Csi. ornia on stoek registered for dividends In New York, on and after the fifth in.lant, le<aexchaage by LEES A WALLER, oflkea 33 Pine etreut. Naw Tors, September 7. 1864 'PEAN8FER AUBNCY ?TUlfoPHI R 8ILVER MInTnO I Company. it Han Krsnclaco. h?* eatabiiahed an ageoc In New York city for tbe tran-ler of stock and payment of d videnda. LEKS A WALLER, Transfer Agents, olhcea 33 Pine street. New York, Sept s, 1864. COPARTNERSHIP. A GENTLEMAN. THOROUGHLY ACQUAINTED WITH b> sine**, dre* to invest a of about $10.14)0 in a o.i-iimercia bouse of good standing, where his v i iiles would be ul some service, or to buv up any protitsble busi ness. Address A. P. D., Uersld oifics / JOPARTNERSHIP ?ONE-HALF TNTKRF8T IS OF \ J ierel to a party (with $8,1*10 or $in.dbu). ot executive business abiiitv, to assist In manufaciur ng secured by patent; profits and demand large. This t? an oporto ni'v seldom offered in an established business nest of re-eronce* given and required Address for one week Oeorge Howe A Co.. Herald olllce. PARTNERS WANTED-BY A M AN.U "ALTUKKR. TO ?ad a small ami useful machine that is needed In every family. Energetic mm with -nis'l capital can make from $l?)i lo $2 ?) per month. Call and see the machine, or ad dress J. D . 54 > Rroad vay, basement. Partner Wanted?an honrbt and indub trious man w th $bt) or $R0d, may call nod eram n* a n-sl. honorable and prol.tsb.e business, at 638 Broadway, room No. 10. yjLT ANTED?A PARTNER IS A LUCRATIVE, RR. vv speetahlc safe, whole**> msnt.fsctiu <ng cash bu*i. lies*. A rsre chance for parties with stun.I capital lo r allre a yal piuflt from $15,000 lo $2att)0 a yevr. Apply to T. lilCL, 115 CbrysUe street, first lloor. _A PARTNER WILL R KT A K FH~GR INTK. rest sold for $350 In a Manufacturing borne**, without any risk, unlimited dmsnd and large profits. Call at 3J Walkci street, up stairs, between 12 and I o clock. ?COPARTNERSHIP.?fOXk ??U'/V/. $ 0 ? a young man with alt hundred dollars msy have a p ?od position Immedlatelv In a legitimate estab lished business down town; one who is enercetlr, fniqlHgent and a good penman, and whose age la less than twenty five year pre erred aalsrr 81,0-AI. For interview eddrnss hex 4.32U New York Post o'liee. CQHrt ~A B .RTNFR WANTFI). IN A FIRST GLASS vOUU, esaant. legitimate and money maktng l>usl hose. A good men will find this a safe and rare opportune ty. Reference* exchanged J. ". MILTON A CO.. 208 Broadway. 151 nnn ~*** FXTEAORDIMABY opportunity wilt/')", as partner; business Just soiled tothe tiroes and hoarding up greenback , only need* to be seen to be appreciated Apply at Ml Broadway, room S3, front. <151 ftHft -partner WANTED. To purchase ?ETl.Ol/vy. the half Interest <>f a retiring partner. The business la reliable, remunerative and h?* been In succnse fill operation eight yeara. None but reliable partlee need rrepond. Address -oi 4 798 Post offlne. <*10 000 -* PARrNRR WANTED. fithfb ?p 1TJ.W ?/. general or sperUI. with this amount of > apital. to carry on a ca** eloth business One third of the net profits will be allowed for its use Addreta W. B Her Bid office. tin nnn * burhes* man. with ?plUsUUl/s Irom $6 JIN to lit). ?*). to nveat eooailv with the sdvertleer In ?ou ? paving manufacturing business Address N. H , elation 0, New York SPECIAL NOTICKfL JW.-RFF. ADVRRTI8PMI NT OF MYSTKRIR8 IN ? "Medi al" column. It Is yn-d th* h*->k you want. NOTt?)K*-THK PUBLIC ARE IIK tl IIY vt'ARNM) n il to negotiate the follow; sit months, for $2,-nn or e dai. ., I86t. seven months, for $1 vl 11. Tr hie st the Union Hank. Ma in o * llai.TmoRt. Sept. 13, 18ui. J 0H N A UATENT NOTICE. The public are notified and caul! Tied n ' to bi?, sell, manufacture or in any way to Int- -.y t.pc,, m- Va-tm Ri versable Nc k Kosrfa ?t lies, ps-emeu utc, 2 I8"2, wi'ho-a a right fr-sw me to do so Be i.isi persons id this city ?r' aelllng a sesrf upon which Is marked, "Prince of Walee Riry Scarf" and Unique hcarf These scarf* as well aa all otW soarfs sad tie* vyhtch hart the sdiustle* frame and eltatlr oog or loops, a-c an Infringement upwi ray Taunt Revnriabl* ncerf, end f she; prow it- *'l pdr-ens who ere ualeg. rendleg or la tiUV VV*)r (lAiliOK >U tUQ H|Hi?* ' aD YLPH H haRONI, No. fi, Barclay atreet, Dated Niw Tuna, Hept. 13, 1X64. rrHR REGULAR MRKTINGB OF THE wSlTK^RH I Preleollve and B?n*yelei>t Aasoetatloa wi I be held at M Rowery on Th--rsday and Friday evenings at Btk o'cl'ick. A p-nctua; aUaudaace of ell me ml-era I* roquee'od By ordee of /AME8 RODDY, Prssldeni, I'twi* flsi vv. UserMary. flTRB MRMHRR8 OF THE FATHER MATTlEW' U. B. 1 TAB roeteiy ere hereby noPHed to meet at their hs'l mi Broome etreet.tllle dev. 18th last., si 3 P.M., to .1 sod the fooaral of out deceased bro her men*her. Jean Waters Rsorlv-of JOHN RA HKY. P reel deal, lumi k Lraea, IwrilutefWir. R1LK> AT ADCTIOR, Auction notice.?d d. oaui kins, auctioneer. I'd purc'ia era 01 really nr?i o a?. co-cy Purnitur*. rich Fieri- n firj *<><1 Mantel Mirror*, sa ps by rineit roerw-x-d I'uuio lurte, bilver P.sis, <c. THIS Da Y (FRIDAY), 88PT IS, ?t the residence 218 IVt t > ourteenth ..trnet, near Eighth ivn e comnwacing ?: 1 V, o'orutk A M . ram or thine. The tale comprise. ?< -me of the ricnes: and mutt elaborate* I)' csrxrd !' irlo F urnlture #ver o !ered at |iub lo auction, and to be i>onl without any reserve. An examination wLl aeli repay Intending bu era Parlors contain tone elegant full Sulla of rosewood Par lor Furniture, tu rich colored brocade and aatln; r.sewood p-iageres, *p<eudid and coaUy Parian Ornatneula, ricn Va.HH, Ac. MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, M -oi and Cover, an elegant Instrument, with round oornera, beautifully carved :e.? and case, all m .dr-rn Improve rioriti Aiauaiu.t iiinceiu cul.ecrien of rare Paintings rosewood Turkish end Kasy Cliatra, in line re a; rooe-vuod Centre and bl.le marble top i'abiea, r culy carved j letvetaud Brussels Carpels, At*., AC, Cumber emits, in rosewood and mahogxnt : Bureaus, carved Bodstea Is, Wasbatauus Sofa Beds lu line haircloth; ten pure flair Vstir's*- . from id tu 50 pouada, made to order, lu excellent condition. Dr-io.g K-miu l-uru.ture. consisting of fine oak bitension I) mug Tab e oak Arm Cb.ttrs, hlher Ware, rich t'bioa. lto i and bhvrr Cuilt-ry, Fork*. h point k. Ac., with heavy Cut and c.11 irsvcd Ola.aware ef every escriplion. Carmen In attendance to cart, pack or ship goods for pur chasers. AZ. BURN HAM, AUCTIONEER. MAt.NlMCiwVr llOUbi.ltoLD FURNITURE, Pmuoforte, Pa.nltugs. Statuary, Bronzes, Minora, Bii.or AT PUBLIC AUCTION,*ON THI8 DAT, FRIDAY, At the elegant res drove, No. id West Biitceuth street, between Htm and Stxls avenues, sale commencing at lu% o'- luck. Di-swiuk Rooms?Two lull Sulla, covered witn I M> dalilon Carpets, Brocade and Lace Cur tmns, r.tagerea. Hook aae. Vases, ltrrn/e Statuary, Outie T .blrs, Oil Palrtlnga, by eminent art.sts; l'ler and Mantel Mirrors. mHgutlloeut ru-s>wood Pianoforte richest instru ment ofi'ered at auctinn this season; Canterbury, St.tol and Cover. Bala! un<1. rose woo I Dressing Bureaus. Bed-leads, VVash.Utids. Hair and Spring Maitrcsea. Bolsters Pillows, Shi-el*, Blankets, Wardr oat. Oak Bu.let, Extension I able. Solas, li.isy Chairs China, Olsas ?u I Silver Ware Tab e C ilery, auto all Furniture of servants' apartineata. Par ties wis! ing to alien.i this sale take Fifth or Stub avenue cars or ui pi* from the Astnr. St. Nh hoias or Metropolilan Hotel, leavtug at Sixteenth street, near the bouse. Auction koticb.-larob sale op Magnificent household furnitbrb, By E. ROTH, Auctioneer. Au extraordinary opportunity foi housekeepers and the trade 'i'li i (Frida-) alternoon, hi 2 o'clock precisely, at the elegant residence. 119 Clinton place, K ghtti street, betweeo Fifth and Slxtb aveuuea. con sistlng n; banuaome llruas. la and Ingrain Carpets, throe elegant Panor Suits, covered In brocstel and reps; rose wood Etagere, tnarVe tup Centre and l'ier Tables, Lace Curtains, line Oil Painting., Bron/e Clock rich Par lor Ornameiits, Turkish Easy Chairs, Lounges and Uecsp liou i'hairs. Corner Stand, MAGNIFICENT boskwood pianoforte, STOOL AND COVER; COST ?o50; Rosewood H-dateada, Bureaus, Wa-hatauda, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Bisnketa, Beds. Chars, Bed I.oungea. So fas, Kue?ers Mirrors, Clocks, Tables. Extension Tables, China, Class aud Silver Wure, Table Cutlery, Ae. Sale poal live. Auction sale op whiskey, wines, liquors and CH AMPAGNES. R. HERMAN A Co., Auctioneers, sell this day (Friday), Sepi. Iti, at 11)% o clock, at the salesroom, 13 Bowery, 22 barrels Crowe's extra old Buitrbon Whiskey, tk barrois Marshal A Culler s choice Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. (Hi casks imported and domestic Brmudiea. Pines and barrels Gin, Jamaica Hum, Tort and Sherry Wines, a large lot other Liquors, Segars Tobacco, Ac. A so 12l> baskets an.l cases Champagne, Horse, IN agon and Har nes one large Glass Case two ileatcr Vc., being the entire stock of a wholesale dealer. Sale positive. Auction notice. LARGE AND IMPORTANT BALES OF STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, THIR DAY AND TO MOKRO . (FRIDAY AND SATURDAY), SEPTEMBER Id AND 17 Catalogues reauy oh morning of each dar's sale. WM. TOPPING A CO.. Auctioneer*. Nos. tl and II Park place and No. 8 Murray street. A J L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS . day, at 11 o'clock, at No. 17 Stuvvesant place'(Ninth Street!, between Second and Third avenues, one'Piano of ap epdld tone and hoisb: coat $?0u: three Parlor Suits, rose wood and mahogany; Bedroom Suite, Rockers, Looking Glasses, mahogany and maple Chairs, Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, and ererything that belongs to e first class house. Auction.?steam engines, boilers pulleys. Shafting. Ac ?W. A. CARTER will sell, Friday, Sept. 10 at 10% o'clock, at 117 Liberty -troet, near Ore, nwicli. 10 and 40 horse Engines. 2 Steam Holler*, lot ef Pulleys, from 4 to T.2 inches, lot of Wrong it and Cast Scrap Iron, Ofllce Furniture, Ac. Deposit* required. Catalogues now ready, W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. 62 Cortlandl street. A?WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER.?HORSES, a Wagons. Ac. HAKRV C. CUOKK will sell this day (Friday), the 16th Inst., at 12 o'clock in front of salesroom. It! l?oy utroet. near Broad wa , hay Ilorse "Pet;" fine family hor-e; warranted In every particular. Al-o bay Mare, sev-n years old, fast traveller; Buggy Harness, Whip, Ac. Second hand Phaeton, built by Wood. Tomblin-on A Co. Auction salr of over imooo worth of HOUSEHOLD FURNITUKK AND HOUSE KF.EPING ARTICLES. At the reslde.noe 152 West T'weetyi.rst street, near Seventh avenue. thistFrtdav afternoon at 2 o'clock- For full particu lars aes catalogue at house. DW IVES A CO., AUCTIONEERS?SALESROOM ? 6161 IJisadwsy? will sell at auction this da, i Fri day), Sepietnber lb at II o'e'oek. a line aasort-nent of superb first class Furniture, consisting in part of Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wushstands, Cemmodea, Amolra. Centre aud Lthrerv Tables. Bnltett. Klageres, Ae.; also Faflor. Library and Dining Room * urnilitre, Turxtah Chairs and lackers Secretary and Library Bookcases, Ac.: also Copland's Parian Figures, Vases. Ac.; Cold Parian Figures, Sliver Plaied Ware, warranted treble plate; Cioeka, Ae. Now on exhibition and catalogues ready. DW. YVES A CO. WILL SELL, THI8 DAY. AT 1 s " o ocx. at their store. 99 Liberty street. Horses. Car risgea and Harness?Dark brown Horse, 8 years old. 15% hands high, sound, kind and gentle in single or doable har ness, ana most perl set saddle horse:' also four Express Wagons, three no lop Buggies, one Kockawej end two top Buggies. David d egan, auctioneer-will sell on Saturday, at 10% o'clock, all the Furniture, Carpets, Reds, Bedding. Oilcloths. l'ro--kery. Glass, Ac., eootalned in the three stnrr House. 157 Greene street Particulars In te morrow's i*pera INOWARD SCHRNCK. AUCTIONEER V SECOND HANI) FURNITURE, CARPETS, MIR RORS, Ae ?This -lav, 16th In 1 . at -OS o'clock, at hts .alee roon.. 6d Lil cr'y elect remixed for conven ence of sale ? Velvet. Brussels and Ingrain Carpe's: rosewood Parlor Suit, Plan, f rte, Mirrors, mabovsnv and walnut Chamber Furniture. Sufss. Lounges, Chairs and other Furniture, To be positively sold re-crrc. LT COLTON, AUCTIONEER -GENTEEL HOUSE r . hold Furniture Ca-peta. l-aee Curtains, French Plate Mirrors. Piano . Bill ird Tables. Blankets. Gums. Parlor Suits, Ac. Tli s dy (Prtdav ) Reel 16. at 10'; o'clock. *t 724 Brosdwav. ne .r PouHh street, a voi r large and well se lect"d assortment of Par or Dintnv Koo:n Bedroom and Bssemetit Furn ture. from a family removing from the c'.tv. Sole positive. Hardware OOTUMY and fancy goods, THIS IMT. FH DAY. Sept 16, At 10% o'clock, at our aaietronms, 55 Keekman street, J. E UALSEY A CO., Auctioneers. HSN'rY D. MINER AUCTIONEER ?MINER A SOM EKVILLK will sell, ou Saturday. Sept. |7. at their an esreom. 37 Nas'sw street opposite the Post odice a gene ral assortment of Household Furnlt ire consisting of rose wood and other Suits, Bedsteads, Bedding, Bookcase, Ac. 1 ITHAUER A CRfSTAl.AR, A! CTIONEERR. NOS. 14 IG Murray slroet xnd 17 Park r ace. will -ell this morning 1ft) pieces of Tailoring Goods, 56 piece, of (Ire. de Rhine Ifti Wts of ClO'hieg. 1U eases of Domestic Gods, 1 O case* of Boots and Rboe' 201 ots of iierinant-.wn Go-ids. 2"0 ots of Fancy Goods, Ac. Alto an invoice of Kklrt Material. M OR TO A IE SALE?RICHARD WaLTERI. AI'C noncer, will s?II on Saturday. Sept 17 at 1 i o'clock, bv ' irtueof a chattel mortgage, at 124 and 126 East Fiftieth street, one Locomotive Bmle.r. l'nur Carding Ma hln-s, Micli-rs one Furnace, one Washing Macliinr, one Drying Machine, lot of Shafting Flatforin Scale. JOHN T. 8TEWART, Attorncv for Mortgagee. PAJWNllRGK RR'8 MALE.?JAME8 AGAR. Auc tioneer. will ae'l at his ttere, 61 New Bewery. this dav. st II o i-lork, 4G0 lots of tin redeemed pledges, const.t Ing of s Isrce assortment of Quills Blankets, Broohe and heavy Woollen Shawls, Milk, Delaine and Calico Dresses, Table Cotb'. Sheets. Ac. This sale is well worthv the at tention of dealers and other. Bv order of B. Cobn A Co late Pecare A Ce.. 11)7 Grand ntroet. PAWNBROKER'S fULE-TIIIfl DAY. BY JOHN MOR TIMER, nt f5 East Br sdwsy. of :;su lota of Men's nnd Women's Clothing. Bed Clothing. Boots and Shoes and other Goods. By erder of Mrs. Ilol/., No. S Sullivan Greet. RT. HA7.E1.1, Af'OT'ON BF.R . THIS DAY. FRIDAY. Sept. 16 At 10% o'clock, at our salesroom. No tig Liberty etroM. HARDWARE and cutlery, id lots to suit buyer. SILVER PLATED WARE. 8POON8 AND FORK8. CASTERS, CUPS, AC. Also 8EOAH8?l'.OOO Domestic Segar*. CHAMP AON 8? Si c-ioea Ininerlsl Crewn, In Ine order. W II ITT KM OR H A IlAZBLL. Auctioneers No 62 Liberty street. UR. ROLLINS. AUCTIONEER.?MULLEDY A ? ROLLINS will sell thts av. At 2 o'clock, at 438 Cansl street, a large assortinanl of flouaelioid Furnitura. Carpets, An SA J BOOART. AUCTIONEERS. WILL SELL ON , Saturday, September 17. at 1"% o'clock, at the a ictien room. No. I wnrl'i William street, a large quantity ef House hold Furs I ture. on. sting of Parlor, Chamber and Kin-hen Furniture. Velvet, Brusaei.. Wllloa. Three I'lv and Ingrain Carpets, Ol cloths. Horses, Wagons, Harnesses, fll.UOO Regsrs Ae , Ac. Also one rosewood P aoo inHia day, 7 AT 10 O'CLOOE. LARGE AND ATTRACTIVE SALE OP RILES. DRRRS OOOD8, Ml AW 1.8. CMRRRLLAH IKI-IPRV Of RMANTOV, N GOODS LACE V'URTAINS CHAFE UOI.LARR AND HKTH. THIMMINOS GKNTLE M V? S VUHNIHllING GOODS, AC.; Also, A LAIKlt! AND 8FLFNDID ASSORTMENT or OYFECOATTNOS. CLGTHR DOBBKINR, CARET. ? M.P.K FANCY ANh I'llhCEED SHHtriNO, FLA N SKI S, DALIAN OLOTIIB, LININ08, AG The particular Atenliou of ibe trade le Invited to thig LOCKWOOD BEOS A UNDFRRILL. ? AUCTIONEER*. " Murray and 38 Warren streets. V^M. WITTBM. AUCTIONEER, WILL 81LL TII18 Yv dny. at 2 o clock, at 454 tlsnal street, the en'ira Par nltura. An , of a large heuse, ir carpets. fwwokks. G3IRIWORK8. HADFIBLD S.J4 JOHN 8TRCIT. Lanterns. Torcbee, Eoeksta, Roman Oaadtos. GEORGE PARBONR, Agent. ?iTIIMOIIAls A BEAUTIFUL LADY. AGED 17. OP OOOD STAND Ing la aocJaty, solicits the acqnsln-snce of a gentleman With a view to matrimony, Csll so Miss Fish sr. ?? Mas | iBi/ram OTP. AM WERKLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOUCUIHU AT O Queeaetuwn. (Cork Harbor). The Liverpool, Mew York and Philadelphia Steamship Company Human Una), carrying the Halted Slates mat a, intend despatching their full powered Clyde built Iron aieainahtpe ?? follows ? ill TV Oh W Alt 11 INtlTOM, KATUKDAV, 8KPTE MH BR 17. CITY OP MANCHESTER. SATURDAY. 8KPTE M PR It 34. CITY OP LONDON SATURDAY. OCTOBER I end every euoueedlng Saturday. at Noon. I rom puer 44 North river. KATES OP PASSAGE, Parable In gold, or its equivalent in currency. Flrat Cabin $8) Steerage $70 Do to Iwaden H6 l>o. to London 84 Do. ato l'aris 95 Do. to Parta tO Do. to Il.iuobiirg .. 90 Do. to Hamburg 87 Paitengcra aleo forwarded to ilarie, Bremen, Rotter dam Antwerp. ,te , at e ut ly low rat-a From or Oue-n>.town Pirat Cabin. $78. $45. and $11)8. Steerage, $.7(1 Thutte who wian to tend for their frienda can buy tirkeu here at these rate*. Tbeae ateemeri have Hiiperior accommodation* for pas Bangers arc atronglv built in water tight Iron aec'lnn*. and carry patent tire annihllutor*. Experienced Surgeons aie attached to each alearner. Pur further information apply In Liverpool to WILLI AM INM AN. Agent, 33 Water Mraet; ill 1)1 sag >? to ALKX. MALCOLM.No. 5 St Enoch ? iuare' In Quaenatown to 0 ?% VY D KKYMOUU A CO.; in London to El VMS A W.*"KV. 61 King Will in in *tie<q; In Parle to JULES DEC' ?4 Rue Notre Dame d"? Vlotmrei, Plaee de la I! i Philadelphia to JOHN G DALE. Ill Walnut ?t the Company's Ohloea. JOHN G. DALE. Agent. IS Broadway, N. V. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL mail steamship*, bet worn New York and Liverpool, calling ut Cork harbor: and between lioaton and Liverpool, ceiling at Halifax and Cork harbor. Kl'KOPA leaves Boston lAcrtne-dav. September 14. SCOTIA leaves New York Wednesday, Ke|it?niber 21. ARABIA leaves Boston Wednesday September 2-t. Pf.KS1A leaves New ?York Wcdnea 'ay, October 5. ARIA leaves Boston Wednesday. October 12. CHINA leaves New York Wednesday, October 19. _ fkou mkw Turk to litrbiool. Chief cabin passage $182 SO Second caluu passage HO 00 rnoa llOSTOIf TO LITBBI'OOL. Chief cabin passage $112 SO Second cabin passage 68 (X) parable in cold "r its equivalent In United States currency. Berths not secured until paid lor. An experienced surgeon on Imard. The owners of tbeae shins will not be accountable for , specie or valuables unless bills of lading having theValue expressed are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to B. CUNABD, No. 4 Bowling Green. VfOTICE-THE STEAMSHIP ATA1.ANTA WILL I v leave ptcr No. 21 North nver on Saturday. September 24. at 2 P. M. precisely, for Loodou direct. To be followed by the steamship Belloua. TUB LONDON AND NEW YORK RTEAMRHIP COM. pany will despatch semi monthly their new and first Clara British Iron steamships CELLA. HRLLONA. ATA LANTA. IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each 3.U00 Ions burthen, between London and New York, calling al Havre an the voyage Irom I.on on. Rates of passage, pavable In gold or its equivalent:?Prom New York, flrat cabin. $65; second cehln, $46: steerage, $20 From Londoa or Havre, liret cabin. $70. For pas-age apply io CHAS. A. SvHITNEY, 26 Broadway. For freight apply at 64 South street. Advances made on merchandise consigned to the friends In London of the un dersigned. These .learners connect at London wtth steam ers of the same company for the tlhaonel ports, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, ("open' seen Bordeaux, Oporto. Gibraltar, Alexandria Smyrna. Constantinople and Odessa. IIOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agents. Mail steamers to francr dirrct. TH"E OBNI RAL TRAN8TLANTIC COMPANY'S NF.W line OF CIRST CLASS 81DEWHKEL STEAMSHIPS RRTWEBN NF.W YORK AND IIAVRB, The flrst Ave splendid vetaeis intended to be put upon thia favorite route for the Contioeut are the following ? WASHINGTON. 8.204 tone <K*) horee power. LAFAYETTE, 8.704 tone 90h borne power. EUGENIE (afloat) 1**) horse power FRA NOK (build ng) WXI horae power. NAPOLEON III (building) .1.100 horse power. Until the completion of the entire list the aervloe will be performed hv lite WASHINGTON, A. Duchesne; LAFAY* ETTR, A. Bocande. as follows ? FROM NEW YORK TO HAVRE. WASHINGTON Wednesday. 12th October. LAFaYETTK Wednesday. 9th November. WASHINGTON Wednesday. 7th December. First cabin, inc'ud'ug table wine $135. Recond cabin, including table wine $70 or $80. Parable In gold or Its equivalent In Catted States currency Medical attandenoe free of charge, For freight or passage applv to GEORGE Mackenzie. Agent. No. 7 Broadway. New York. At Peris?No. 12 Boulevard dee Capuclnea (Grand Hotel.) At Havre?William Iselln A Co. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IKON MAIL STEAMSHIPS From Southampton. From New Tork. ORRMANTA Aug. 24. 18(14 Sent 17. 1884. BORUSS1A Sept. 7. 1881 Oct I. 1884 SAXONIA Sept. 21. 1861 . Oct. 14. 1864. From Hamburg pier, foot of Third street, Hobokea, taxing passengers for Hamburg, Havre, London and Sonth ampten at the fol'owlng rates:?Flrat cabin, $105: second cabin, $ >2 60; steerage, $37 60, payable in gold or Its equiv alent. For freight apply to KUNHARDT A CO., 45 Exchange plaee. For passage apply to C. B. BICHABD A BOAS, 181 Broadway. National stram navigation comfany, TO yUKKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, From pier 47 North river. PENNSYLVANIA Saturday. September 24 VIRGINIA .Saturday. October 8 Cabin. $126; steerage. $45. payable ja currency. For passage appiv to WILLIAMS A OUION. 29 Broadway. ANCHOR LINB.?STEAM TO LIVERPOOL, OLA8 gow, Dublin, Belfast end Londonderry.?The Una, faat ?ailing A 1 Clyde built steamship CALEDONIA. Captain Craig, is Intended to sell on Baturdey, September 17. Thle steamship tt fitted tn the most. approved style to Insure the ootnfort and safety of passengers. Rates of passage, In cluding an abundant supply of wed cooked provisions. Saloon Cabin $120 Intermediate $11 Fore Cabin 100 Steerage 60 Payable In United States currency. Apply to FRANCIS McDONALD a CO . No. 6 Bowling Green. STEAM FBOM AND TO QUF.BNSTOWN AND LIVER POOL. CUNARD LINK. From New York, $45, currency; te New York, $80, gold or equivalent In mureoc*. 8IDON Wednesday. September 28. LYMPU8, Wednesday, October 11 Far passage apply to WILLIAM8 A OUYON, 29 Broadway. The north German lloyd-s steamship AMERICA, H Weasels commander, carrying the United Steles mail, will sail front the Bremen pier, foot af Third street. Hohoken on SATURDAY, Sept. 14. at 12 o'clock M-, FOR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking passengers to LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rates. payable In gold or Ita equivalent in currency ? For the first cabin, $105; second cabin, $62 30; steerage, ^Tbe America will be followed by the BREMEN, ?ct 8. For freight or paesate apply to OELRICIIS A CO.. 68 Broad street rpiIE MONTREAL OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMFANT'8 X etenm-blp BELGIAN, from Quebec to Liverpool, Sept. 17. Rates of passage. $?*'. $66 end $70. Sight drafts on the National Hank, payable at a'l Ita branches in England and Ireland. For passage apply to HABKL A SEaRLE, 23 Broadway, New Yerk. _____ United states mail libb-for California via I'auama. under convoy of a United >taiee war ?teamer throughout the Atlantic voyage, commencing Sep tember 3, 1.864. The following flrat class aldc-wheel strain era will be despatched at nooo precisely, iront pier S, North ""'septemher 28?OCEAN QUERN, Seabury. October 3?NORTH STAR, Jones, October 13-COSTA RICA. Tlnklepaugh. For freight or pa-eaae aoply to D. B ALLEN, No. .8 Rowling Green. Opposition line. CENTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT COMPANY. Short route to California, VIA NICARAGUA. W No charge tor meela on the TranalL The new end elegant steamship GOLDEN HI LK, D. 8. Habcork. commander. LEAVES ON SATURDAY, 8KITKMBF.R 24, AT NOON, From pier 29. North river, fool of Warren Street, Connecting with the steamship America. For passage apply at the office of the Company, 177 West street, corner of Warren. D N. CARRINGTON. Agent_ FOR HAVANA. REGULAR WEEKLY MAIL LINE The aptendld side wheel eteeinahtpe EAGLE. Captain .1. J Lawrence, COLUMBIA. Captain D H Barton. MOHRO OA ST LP.. Captala Richard Adams. The eteetnship Eagle, Captain Lawrence will leave pier No. 4 North river for Havana, oa Wednesday. September 28. at .7 o'cleck P. M. pre< tasty. For freight or peeeage apply to SPOFFORD, TILBSTON A CO 19 Broadway. All letters moat pass through the Post slice Clearances far g ode neuxl be brought In with the bills of lading The favorite steamer Columns, Captain Barton, will succeed the Regie, and laave on Wednesday, October 5, at S a'cloct P. M. FOR HAVANA DIRRCT. The Untied States Mall Rtaamshlp ROANOKE. Fraacla A. Drew. Commander. Hevlag been thoroughly overhauled end refitted, will eeva pier IJL North river, for Havens direct, on Monday, Rapt. 19, at I o clock P. M. precisely. No freight received or Mile of lading signed oa the day of galling. For freight or raeange apply to LUDLAM, HklNiKKM A CO . IIS Broadway. I>OR UAVANA dirrct?the regular line United Bute* mall steamship LIBERTY. Thomas W. Wilson, commander, will lease pier 4-4 North river, for the above port on Saturday, October I. Will leave aga'n oa Sat urday, October Z2 Far freight or Menage apply to HAR OOUB A Co., 88 Month street FOR HAVANA DIRiOT.-THB UNITRD STATES mail aicam< ,ip HAVANA, R. M Oreme. commander, will 'ee>e pier N 4 North river, for the above port, on Tburadey, Kept tl, el 3 o'e'rv* P. M For freight and pas sage apply to THOS. AKRNUIO A 00., 17 Rroedway. FOR SEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The United Stales mall steamship CREOLE, J oh a Thompson, Commander, will leave pier IS North river, far New Orleans direct, oa Wrdneadsv, Sept 21 al .7 o'clock P. M precisely. No freight received or bill* of ladlbg signed oa tht day of aniline. For freight or pie?are epnlr to LL'DLaS. HBINFKEN A CO.. 116 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT Tba Unl ed Hut* mal steam-hla VAVOG, Oeo W. Couth, commnoder, will leare |la 1.7 North nver for Mew Gr eta direct, rm Friday, Sept. 16, at So clock P M precisely. Bo freight received er id:la of lading signed on lbs day Of ?ailing For freight er passage ena'y to _ LUDLAM, MBINESKN A CO., 116 Brand WAT TjVOR NEW OBLKABS DIRRCT, X' Te sail Setnrdey. September 17. at 9 o'clock P. M- The United State* Mail wdewheel steaiaablp EVENING STAR w, R. Bell Oommaader, will tears as shore from ptar Re. 4$ Mortb river. For freight or paaeeaa apply to a a t?. .^Sk S3Bv!f%s.,a'Araa.. day Beptearter *4. Mail line for rew orlrans dieeot.* The atcemahlp AEIRL will leave pier No 8 North river September II, at three ? cloak P. U. Cable paaeaga $7A P, R. ALLRR, Ra ?ltwRR|IIUW ?HIPPHO. Foa LIVERPOOL.?TAPSCOTT'i LIMB. Btup JOHN U. BYERSON Mill S.rpt. 20. X US*-FOR LONDON. Ship YILLA FRANCA sails Sept 20 Pur pasaatte to or from the Old Country or 'lri'U available In any part of Liiglau.1. Ireland. Moo land or WalM. at M lowcai poas.bie rate*, apply to TAPBOOTT BROTHERS A CO.. M South ?Pent IjlOR LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK STAB LIMB ?TH1 r packet ship CHANCHLLOE Ml ? l*h September. Mha M. NOTTEUOliM on the 16th September. Por passage apply to WILLIAMS A Ul'ION, 40 Fulton street. FOB LIVERPOOL?OLD BUCK BALL LIMB?TBI ?hip OK HAT Wr.siv.Rh will aall promptly on Fridar, Sept 10. Por passage apply on board foot of Beekinaa street, or to ROAOUR bttoS. A COFFBY, 00 Soutu airaet fi*OB LIVKBPOOL AND LONDON-POR LIYKB L1 Lir>ri-,ol. theM. MOTTiTBOHM oat's 21?t Sep ember. For London, the CO UNKL1U8 UKINNKLL on the 4th Sep ember For passage apply lw W ILLIaMB A UUION, 40 Fulton itreet 17IO B MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA?KANOA BOO ' Line?Nt uiral vessel.?The sp eudtd clij.per bark CONTEST, of London. Scott, master, will have early despatch. Can aecotmuodate a few pa.ttongtra In the cable For UTin. of freight or passage apply to MAlLLEB, LgRD A QUKKEaU, 1U8 Wail itreet A U8TRALIA PIONBPR LINE, CARRTINO TUB i\ U. 8. Mailt?The line A1 British clipper ahlp ROYAL SAXON, will said for 8idn?y, N 8 W. direct, the 20th Inst. Has iiiperior at eninmoitauon for a few more pa-san gers. Shippers will pleaae hand in their bills lsduig with out delay. Alao.lliaXl Dutch clipper bar* CHEKIBOM, bchwiirU Maner ii loading at Pier V Emit River, will aat> coed the l-evauter and have the uiual prompt deapatoh for Melbourne dtreot. B. W. CAMERON, 88 Bearer Ureal. TRAVELLERS' GUXDB. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD Trains lor Aibauy. Troy and Saratoga ?prions, connecting with the North and West, leave i'wemy-s ?treet depot at 10>? A. M. and 4 1'. M. J"? ?^XC(IK8I()ivg SnVU? J. BCOTT, POST OFFICE NOTICE, POST OFFICE NOTICR.?THE MAILS KOR GREAT Britain and the Conttneut via Southampton and Ham burg. par ateamer "uermama" will close nt 1 i o'clock A. M. and the mails for Ireland, via Queenslown per steamer "Clly of Washington,'will close at I'Vi A. M . at Ibis offiae, on Saturday.tbe 17th day of September, and at the up tows Station! aa follows:? Stations A and B?91f A. M. Stations C and D?9 A. M. Btatloua E and K?8:45 A. M. Station O, ?? 3d A M. ABKAM WAKBMAN, Fostraastar. A INSTHIICTION, ^ AT TOWNSEND'S COMMERCIAL academy. MB Bowerr, lielow llouatun street, studeulaof both seise receive thorough ami practical Instruction lu Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic. Algebra. Kee ling, Spelling Grammar, French, G-rman. Spanish, Latin, Ac Each person sepa rately taught. Private Instruction given. Terms moderate. A FRENCH LADY, WHO HAS HAD LONG EXPB nance In teaching the French language, hlatorv. geo graphy arithmetic, vocal music and the piano, deatree In lessons in schools or private familiea. The best relev ance can be given. Addrexa Hon. De Fredenthai, station D, New York city. A YOUNG LADY. EXPERIENCED IM TEACH I NO, deairea engagements as visiting governess. Addrena box 1,892 Past oflioe. All boys prepared for business at dol BEAK'K Com nercUl Aeademv. fi0J Broadway become quick at figures, rapid business writers and pra ti a booh keepers The, can obtain good altuations In slorsa, ofliosn or banka. Gentleman can secure private room. All bad wbitkbs. ladies included, having friends In the army or nary, should avail thamselvM of PAINK'Scheap Writing Lnasons.jliZ Bowary, anu 283 Ful ton street. Brook vn Bookkeeping, Writing Arithmetic, Navigation. Geometry, Algebra, Ac., taught day and cran ing. Prions reduced. YOUNG LADY DE8IRES A SITUATION AM g- arnesa, to unl uot aiuad chlld'en in lha a-114 branches: also music it required, where, beside hoard, n ?mall compensation would be auiUcient: object more for IM eumiortsof a good home. Address U. B. If, box 130 Herald uffioe A YOUNG LADY, AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER, desires a Situation In a private family to tssoh the Eng lish branches, vocal and Instrumental music and Frwoehg can furnish the bast refersnoe. Address V. I. Harper, Brooklyn Post office. A YOUNG LADY. OF THB HIGHEST RESPKOTA biHty. would like a situation as nursery governess or co upacion to a lady; is capsblaof teaching the rudiments of music. No objection to travel nor to going In the eoua try. Best references Address R. W., 32 West Sfth st. SPANISH LADT WOULD LIKE A FEW MORI pupils In her language. Apply at 23 Beat Fourth strsek A YOUNG LADT. QUALIFIED TO TKAOH THB BIO Itsh branches French and lb# rudiments of muata, desires a sit >ailon as day govcroeas In a family either !? New York or within forte miles of the oity. on the Mew Haven Rai road. Address box 38 Mew Coohellt Post idhs CHARLIES FRENCH INSTITUTE. Not. 48 and Ad East Twenty fourth street. wtU reopen September 20. Boarding and Day School; ? primary department; pupils prepared tor college, hustnoa* West Point and the navy school. The prospectus of tks school contains the names of the pupils and those at their pares la for the past nine years _ Profi RUB CHABLIRR. Plrooten English, frknch and Spanish BOARDING AND DAT SCHOOL. Mme. O MKaRS, 224 Madi-on arenur second door f rhirty eighth street, will roopen on Tuorday " lime. M. will be at home after September It. A , September 2R. All letters nA ipUy sat world. Shirty eighth street, will rsopen on Tuavday [me. M. will be at home after September 6. dressed to her prior lo that data will bo promptly French and Spanish languages.?wanted, a situation as French sod Spanish tas her, ettusr In n school or in a private family, by a Frenchman who hM much expnrienoe in teaching: no objection to leave the Mty. Address F. L, N. T. Herald office. French languaob.?trof. r. tellbring, sis Broadway, corner of Twelfth strnst (estab Dhed i ' 18;.2), will rO'Oirs applications for private tuition in Fr Gorman Latin and t'Anglals am etraagera. Ul RST CLASS OPP'iRTUMITY ?wantrd, an ao W compllshe.1 lady, to enter a first class establishment for ladies. Great advantages tillered. She must have either means >r a high oonoeilon la In uenco pupils; the latter prn ferred. aa the advertiser ha> ainp.e means Address L L, box IM Herald oflioe. Family school for ten boys, near fob* Hamilton; reopens September IX Engltah, French and Spanish spnk-b in the house Address Professor Goo. Trogent. lte> Kldge. L. I. MR O. KONIGSBERG IR NOW PREPARED TO GITB Instruction in Paint ng. Drawing and Coloring, glen Irorytype. Krpsrate ro .mi for private Instruction After two wwks of instruction work will be given out. Call ad 713 Broadway. O. KONIGSBKKO. Mr. lkspinassk'8 French institute, fort Washington 170th street and K'ngttbrldge rind, re opens September 12. French Is the language of the school; Kngliah. Hisnlab. German, preparatory oo Trie to Waal Point and Naval School. Circulars at 47 Cedar street and 7in and 913 Broadway. MB. ROBERT GOLDBBCK'S CLASSES FOR IN ?triictian in the Timor? of Mualc will reopen on Mon day, the 3d of October. at the rooms of Messrs Stelnwsy A Sons, 71 and 73 East Fourteenth street, where Mr. Gold beck will renelrs personal oniuiininieatiniis on We luesdayo and Satu days, from 3 to fi P. M. Circulars at the muslo tstoree. N. B.?Mr. Goldbeck has resumed Instrnstton an the Piano. MONS. L. DR GRAND VAL'S BOARDING SCHOOL tor boys. list,.ken. N. 3., reopvas on Hie 1st of Sep. lembar. Circulars at ISO Broadway, Bieelsior Insurance office. Mrs. oodbn hoffman s krenoh and English Board wig and Dav School. 17 West Thirty eighth -tryst, will reopao on Wedursday. Soptembar 21. Mr- H. will ho al homo after September 8 Before that date letters en huMoeM addressed as above will bo promptly answered;. MRS SYLVANUS REEDS FRENCH and BNULIflH Hoarding and Day School for Toung Ladles will oieo at 11 West Thirty stith street, near Fifth av-nua, on tba 2ls4 of September. Referent rs?Rlgkop and Mrs. Potter. Rlshon and Mrs. Kip. Hon. Mr. and Mrs Fillmore. Mr*. James M. Polk, General and Mrs. Du, Hon W H. Seward. Rev. De. On. Rev. Dr. Morgan. Prof, and Mrs. Boita. Hon. Gove; oar Smith (R. L). Hon iJeargr Kolsom. Prof. H. Web-tar, R4 wtndHoyt, Esq . Oaarge W Hatch. Esq . Ac MIMI KENNEDY'S FRKNOH AND KMOL1RH srilOOU lor n limited number of young ladles and children, 12 Union square, reopens Sept. IX VI lis RRACB-S ENGLISH AND FRENCH BOARD. JVI lag and Day School, for yeuag ladtoa. At and 4" Elm street. Mow Haven, Coon . reopens September 13. 1804. MISS TOUNG AND MLLB. MULLER WILL. RB open their English, French and German Day School for voung Ihdles sod children, nn Wedn Hdsy.Heiiietc.hOT 21. 1884. at 24 Bast Firteenth atreet nes door ie?t f ITntee aquarO. Infermation reapertlng the arh ol can be nhlattved at (be room-, between the hsure af IZaud I n e tiek, ha? leather IX 14. IS, liaad 20 Professor L ?ALBX1NBX, N ' ? Emit FnllB. teent street ?Private lea?nn? in French Llterstu-? trio. Grammar nad t 'onverss PARLOR ?OARORKR.-LAMH* OK JT in? ara *acwf*rd tn a flmt c *?? 'ad H ??tan a * mi tr rifti araaa#; aver/in tag arai claai Addrtas m . C. . bo w lfX) Bt ? raid oflloa. pRSPARl LTJCR 11 X haniwra In ?tor'** h*?i banks or mm id Ai s HOd r ii *? and i?aittirtHi aad a?? r* pfv, ??.? for p< n ri i wt'bo i rhaifn by tointng ailbar ? u?* tv<ltue i Tfarhara' Ii.ailiuin, 719 Broadway. ai id a M ?" ,nr kif iirr id r b"<f? ?i p i?? "" go? d reference given. Addree. V R., bos I.ZI4 Pe.i ofljea. fHB SPANISH LtNOUAGR IS TAUGHT AfcHFtRTO fore bv t l Pill ANO GORKIN. t ar terms Jb., Apply W the aforeas'd ai 71 Weat Twenty alxth street, neer e ?th sr qio teach krs.?Wanted, kki^Pismo1'-0 la or J frtt tu'iunl la rtmi pIbh? to nu ?oaaol. lotarv^w dooiral Fr-n h ltdt ntf a-Jhwi . fl *?- CA\ mil pnthr ?f!i w> t A I If ho iMi mulMona ?li ? i?d bar** Amartoan ? nr. fcrc? (toa form J W *"?H K e 'T1"' . No. 1.10 Grand meat, DAIjPlllB AY A I tit". NT t K B. a DODWOBTH'i DANCING 4C*ajjHIBf, A. Na 2P4 Fifth avenue, Nsw Tt.rk. /to 187 Mnntagns street, Brr ek/tl, rommeeea tn Nsw York en Ssturday P?w vr I. Commence i? Btenklvn "H Tucalsy, Oct.,her A Voting sad oifldrea nt P. M Usstlsmao at 9. t sAterms, Ac rail for a circular RIYBRi' DANCING ACkDrMf. 3.1 Seherntfthorn attest BfooktyR. I for begtnaers arc now ft tniing Reus far a ctrenlnr lOMPStiN u DANCING ACADEMY 19 NOW pen (er me reception of i npils. on Yneedsvs ?nd ?. at f7fi Bi? ckcP street ?>??< on Mnutter seoaiag.

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