Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 16, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 16, 1864 Page 5
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ATHE DEMOCRATIC STATE CONVENTION. /Settlement of ttie New York Contested Seats. TABMAJT THE REGULAR ORGANIZATION. Withdrawal of the BIcKaoa, Mozart So. 2 atd Oae of che Germau Deicgaliaus. All but Wood Pledged fop HcClellan. Seymour and Jones Renominated for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. TUK WAY IT WAS DONE. fcHB wa^iatporm:, ae., Ac., Ac. Oar Special Albany Deipatcbea. Ain.jrr, Sept. 15, 13#4. ?! One of the coolest tricks evor played upon a Convert- J (Inn bu taken place this afternoon. A furor wna got up for Seymour, and a motion muie to nominate hiin by acclamation. Tlii.i was opposed, but it was stated tbat it was only for a compliment; tbat there was au thority In the Convention to withdraw his name. T'pon that suiemout all opposition to tbo motion subsided, aod the compliment of the nomluition was tendorod him. Two persons stated to the Convention that thoy were ftulborizod to withdraw his name, and that Governor Bevmour had suited "to tliem positively tbat lie could not accept; but the Convention would Dot accept this explanation, and appointed a committee to welt upon the Governor The committee, after a short absence, re turned wiih an answer from Governor Seymour, which in fact was talking declining, and yet he thought on the whole that be would not be justified in withdrawing Ills Dame This took the Convention by urprise; the trick of the compliment became .a serious matter, and Governor peyoiour was in reality the candidate The state of the Ret'Oucy was demolished, and tba friends of the other candidates looked for a tow mcmonis as though they were about to attoud the funoral or some dear friend. Ttio soil was oue ot tbo must complete evor witnessed. .The most serious part of it is, that a uuinbor or perilous have been zealously working for other candidates who would have worked for Seymour's nomination, only for tbo fact tbat ho has assured them that he could net and would nut accept. These ineu now tool that Seymour fcn' trifled with them. The Governor now stands before the public in the light of trilling with bis friends, aud it will bo impos sible for blm to explain it away. Iu another sense it ?lay bo considered a triumph ovor the Regency. 21 was believed by mauy of the delegates that the P.cgency were dofcruilued to throw Seymour overboard, aud this dodge wns resorted to for the purpose of defeating tho ?chemn of the Regency. Under this idea all the preten tions of Governor Seymour tbat he would not accept was ? blind. Th> delegates ars all asking what dees It mean? It has caused an lnion3e axoltemout, aud is a puzzler to scuros of delegate.. Albany, SepL IS? PM. The flank movoment in the Convoution for Seymour is lb* universal subject ot comment this evening. It was eo wolt-playcd that everybody falls in and ctyoys the joke It now ap|icars that the dodge wae resolved upon In Cbic.go John A. Grooo went to Chicago under the idea thai Richmond would uso his influence for Seymour, b it flnrilug thul he was thoroughly for McClellan, resolved to pay him otr at the State Convention. Be considered that Richmond bad gone hick on ^ymour, and tbeiefore mudo bis arran-cmonts to apeet ? is programme here. Ac cordingly an understanding wna had with several persons to be bore ready for any emergency. John A. Green, of Ryracuse, Geylord Clark and Raruell, of Niagara, and two or throe other persons, wore ell tbat were Id tho secret. All tbat they asked of Governor Seymour was that ho should not sign his name to any letter declaring to he a candidate. They pretended to him to be iodliler oqi as to the candidate, but talked Allen publicly. In tho meantime tbey canvassed closoly lbs Conven tion to son who preforred Seymour to any one elso If he was a cmd'dalo, end those whom they ooald trust were eutMly liken into e private room In the lie la von House end worked up to a frame of mind to go for Seymour if there was a move to nominate him by aoctamtittou, should h" bo prevailed upou to accept. Thoy wero then posit.veiy instructed to talk Allen among the delegates. Tbroe dlCeront persons were selected to mtrvo the numi hstion of Seymour by acclamation, in order t" have m.e person there at the proper time tr the others were .b eon I. Ibe last resolutions reported by tho Committee on Platform in complimenting Seymour, started the enthn ?lasm for him. end prepared the Convection for the move I pxhi toe heels of that catno the motion made by . e delegate lioin ijuecns, which, of courre, was carried, all rx apt tbo e in the eecret believing It to be.stmpiy com plintentnrv. Tho ConvoDtlon refused to accept the Withdrawal of the delegates from Oneida, who stated tbey were authorized to withdraw his n.uic, and IN netttt w.".'appotn'od, with Mr. Farnell, of Niagara, one ot tho principal parties In tbo movoment, 10 wait upou the Governor. Mr. Seymour, In hie reply, asked ?,".U ........ ... . u... that tbo Cotiveulion would rocotisider their actn>o, tut di I not refine to accept. That was stated to the Con vention in a way that lnrre.a??d the furore for him,and Governor Seymour wee" declared the candidate for Governor, the slate of tbo Regency was brcl^n. ai d Jehu A Ureea e trrieu b a paint against Richmond end leilsii t that ho was even w lib hin|for going against Seymour at Chicago, lie upset the Regency completely. Richmond ao?now led, u.< the tleie.l aud declared to Green that It w?e '-damned well done," aod aided, "Till, Green, you are ahoad I admire your spirit " The balance o! Richmond'.-* slate, Inclndlng the admit tance ui tamruai y, the plaliocm and the balance of tbe ticket, ail went through aud wus eudorsnd to tne letter. The <iov?ruor was tbe only point on wblob tbe slute was broken Seymour's nomination was a triumph over tbe Regency, but i doubt If there would havn been any op j*),ill hi from i hat . ource bad they supposed Suyin /ur wanted or would have accepted tbo nomination. The pUt oriu is belter wordod than eaual. and It la the first Roino -ralio ( onve'nlioD that bee assembled in tho Plate since the commencement of the rebellion that has come straight out and declared explicitly, We ere op poted to the rebellion Tbey bsvo heretofore expressed It In ambiguous language. The new Moxarl organization did not retarn to the Con vention. lamnuny and one of the Gorasan organizations repro eui(*d New kork city alone. It is Higuaj i.y Seymour'* friends that bla uonilnstioo will strengthen Mcdeilan in the Northwest. Tito Proceedings of the I'onrentlna. Atiuw, Sept 15,13Jd. The Dem-Tf itie ?'t.are Oouventioa re-ucembled at ba'f past ten o'clock this morning. Mr. Aiamr, or Livingston, from the Committee on Cre dential* reuorlod the followmg resolulione ? Results I, Ti'ti the orgenlzali >n knci*n as the Tammany Bsll o, M?nl all.'ti is tbe regu nr organ! alloc of the democ racy oi Ree Vork, tin that tbe delegate. claiming seats hem uii'ler mat orpinl/stKm l.ive m en regularly ele.ted as euivgat-a l > ,.i.? < N.nveot on It. e.'lro'i rh?t Inasmuch ai the olh-r delegst'en* from the uiy of New tors repr ?ent petrolic deinoeratle con stiliifit -lev. |.le .ged to lh? support of the democratic na tions. ami Ht?i? land'da.wt. iney be admitted together with tbe Temmsay Mail dolegattea, to mala in tbla UssniitlN. aud thai the uelegailuu. tnu. annulled be allowed to eftat Mir \otr of Vr? Tork a. follows?Tammany liatl nine vole.; the de rgatmo rwpreieuted before the committee br If <>ii John HcKenn two totee; the d- onatl n rvtirew tod bv Dr. H U. Riadtoid two miee; the delegation repre seated hv tteniaeili Its.-. Es<j., two votes, ibe delagati <ds rsnre end >g ui tero lieriuan . rpaolrauons oae vote eseh Rcenlv."! Tiist ear!i delspnilon udnlitcd e.eot from its aieuibrrs mresdf reported u> the Oonvsntlna a niimtm of memtirri oxee (.ilm^ 11 lis number of ? e|es, whic i dele gates -hail slOtc have voice and vets In the Oonveatloa. Tho uotuuiltieo further report lual Lawrence Ilardy Is tbe raguintly a.ectod delcgato front tbe decoad district of Kings comity. Mr las stiAvtR, of Albany, moved tho previous qoos HOB. The mo'in- was earned and tbe report of the commit ? las ado|iinu. Mr t'o-Asraald that the organization with which ha bad the honor to act t<egged leave to retire ror consulta tion. \\ bile ho wns williug and anxious to do everything calculate | to p omote bnrmony in the party, for bis part ho could nevei c-.nseot to sit In a (Vmven'.Mn with a dole gallon h-aiie ' i>y n man wbem be knew to be disloyal and antrue to his country. The delegation, headed by Mr. ?ti-'inr, then withdrew Mr Jim* M' hitoa,^of ^New York, said he bid listened ? lib d<-"p regret to the ros liug ot ih.. uf the com ^ p. ilttoa lis aod those with whom he hifH the honor to set feel tbat tba report did meat Injustice to meu who bsre devoted their best the cause of tn- ??e ?ocraoy and tho Ubton. Tliey are true lo their priacl pies, and will prove true in tbe coming election. ITo epnke for twenty nine thomnnd democrats who east their votes itf New York last fsil. Tuese ineu have a ?fhl the'? sgeinst Trmmtny Hall and ita enrrup'ttm whieh must go ou, K8d, foettntf itmt i Mrlom wiotKt bis baca done them lu tbe ra,.ttar of re'-TC'.;en!ut',cu hero, tbey eenitoi at Co; *. ite conditions offered. The McKeou delegation then toured. ,.r Bh*b*oxu, ou bet aif of me regular Wood Mozart n*li deiogatiou, tual on foruier occasion* that or gan. ..ailoa bad bcou aauraoU e.junl rigLte with 'I ;minauy Hull. Tbe gaiiUemeu reprusjjilug Mozart Hail, at a meeting held bero this uiort lug, re.-olved tb*l Uioy could not cboHent to &d ,? abn<Lec)eui of tliolr rlgbte. Dr. Bradford acd DU do!eg -lion then retired. Mr Hatii'u. Uimcn, B^aaitina for tbe Gorman demo cratio delegation of New York, said that they too ro k roiled tlio conclusions of tbe committee, because thjy could not regard tucrn a>> fair. That delegation repre rente a very ti.-ge body of oe.mau citizens who ore ilg> termined iu gtatid Urin by tl-o came of ttio democracy, true to MtCielian and I'endletou and to tbe unmiuations of this Convention; but tbey loll tbat tbey could out con- j sent to participate In tbe deluge of the convention ou tbe tor inn of tbe report. The Herman delegation then withdrew. Mr. Soaw, of Otaegt, moved to rccon icier the vote, believing that this Convention would net wisest if It iotlowcd (be course uiarkcd out by previour Suite con veuiKUB and the N'allom.1 Couvc-.tlon?namely, I- rceog. rue tbe Tammany orgenizatioa ua regular, and give bur tbe lull representation, ibis, no beliuwd, would be the inosl eTeciuat way to settlo tuo matter dolinltcly, as our Inerds in Now York wnl then understand tbey can hope for r tuicg by bringing ibeir quarrels to our State con volitions. They wUI then understand tbat tbey must audio tiieir diilerencts among lUemseivcs Mr. IlassiN moved to amend bv giving to Tammany tbe voles 01 tbo retired delegations. Mr. Fakrbix, of Niagara, opiiosod both motions He bold tbat all tbe delegatior.ii, ouch representing as they do large and poweriul organ nations, ought to be o'laiit ted ou equal tcrmd*. Mr. Jouk T. HongAir, of New Yoik, said tbat Turn mauy, altbongb feelrjg tbat sbo aloue Is mitltied to the representation, here uvtietited [or tbe sake 01 harmony to tbe report, and be ibtroloro hoped that no (urtbor action would te bad in the premises, but that the Con vontlou would now proceed with Its other business. | ? propositions were thou withdrawn. Mr. Pabkri.I., of Niagara, iciiuwcd tbo motion to recon sider, and it lost, i F. HMoutdwobui, of Oneida, submitted tbe following | report on permanout organization, wblcb won adopted:? Prksidknt?Daniel Pratt of Uucudnga. vice rumminc?Aarou A. Digraw uf Ounces, William A rowler ol Kings. Andrew It. Culver ol King-, Matthew D. p.igart ot Rnckluud, Enoch C..rter of Grange, kioi: t'hiiirl lor of Dutches*. Geo. Chambers ot Ulster, Peters, Dauloctli or Schoharie, Albert Hall ol Rt-ukaeluer. sreuk. Hubbell or Warren. E/r* Mtil.-sor ! raukliu. Win. T. Odell o( haraUiga. Ptliio WeDb of < henango, .loi.u \V, Tainlln of JedcrsoM. Jo seph Benedict of Oneida. Charles A. Vi alraih or Maclean Ali In Porter ot Cortland, Jr.reil Sanford of ticneca, David Pierrepont of Outario, Georne lib-til of Broome, James U. itcuneli of Sieubeii, D. H. Dolanv ol Monroe, Mo?< i S. Hunting of Niagara, Amen Porlerof Erie, K. T. ifarmon or Cattaraugus. Skuuktabirs? K. O. Pcrrin of (lunens, Thomas B. Davis Jr. of Bichuiond. trnucte Klcrnev of Albany. James P. Pierce or St. Lawrence. Henry W. llenl'oy of Oneida. Mathew D. Freer of Schuyler, i-l. Cuaner of Yates. Ucury J. Glowachie of Gencau :e. After returning thanks for tbe honor conferred, Judge Pratt eaid that four years ago Le was a member of a dcmociatio convention called for u purpose similar to the object of tine convention. Four years w but a short spaeo in the history of a nation; yet what terrlblo events have crowded into it l' Then we were a free, a happy and a prosperous people, at pesco with ell tbe world and at peace among our solves We were free troui debt, comparatively free from taxation, and In the enjoyment ol a matoril prosiierity unparalleled io history. During tbe previous (Uly yoara, under tbe bouign iniliieiices of tbe donio crailc party, we liad become a great nation. But uow bow changed: Wo*have upon as by far tbe most gigantic and vindictive war that ever dutruoted a couii try. Halt a million of our youug men have been eucrlticcd to the dread Moloch of war, . and tho appetite for biood is aoi ftppeuRod. Tlie spirit o' implacable hatred lias been s wn iiud Ins tered throughout tno land , on litituense debt has been created, wuich must rest for aires, like au incubus, upou the industry of tbe country, lhe national statute book has been filled with laws subversive of the con stitution and destructive of the oriucipies o< civil Igierty, and the lieedom of the press and of speoch and tbo writ of liberty hive been eiricaou down. The republican party is rcsp neiblo lor a,' these wrongs neaped u|ion n puftent poordo Many of our ditiicuitics bavo growu directly out of their acts, acd all of thorn might have boon prevented by toe exercise or discreet statoerarvnehiu. It Abraham Lincoln bad fulfilled bis early pledges to tbe bordor .states men secimsloulam would Invo gone to pieces in tbrco months If. after blood bad been ebea, the principles embodied In tbe Critioudcn resolution?to which Mr. Lincoln and b.s party v. ore pted^ ;d?had been observed, peace would lougsiui ?* have iieco restored Hut they have beeu false to tbe'v pledges, (aitblets to tbe peo. pie, and they must be deposed. Tuo remedy lies in tne union of nil conservative men and the election ofMcClellun and I'endlolou. All unconstitutional Uws must be re moved iroui tbe statute bo< k and every bonurablo means must be exhausted, n needs be, the sake of peace upon the baeis of toe con*titut,jo and tbe L'niou. 'ine Unlru caueoi b? restoieg un der the preseut adnnui iia'.n-o. Hubjugation or separstton is inevluble noder its policy, its scheme of emancipation can never be successful, it is an itisupvr.ibie obstacle to tbe restoration or tbo Union. Our opponents profeas horror at the mere meution of peuce. It eeema to fill tbern -with rage. and yet the very object of war is peace. Much, continued Mr. f'ratl, do peuds upon our deliberations. For two yeirs alter tbe comm-vucement of the war tbe press was muzzled, and loyal citizens bad to con'er wan each other In whispers, thru the people arosa in their might and majesty and pewnr and rebuked the administration aud its tyrannous conduct by the election of tbat noble patriot and biaiesuuu, Horatio beymiour. (lioud cheers.) We hove ooly to sneak with greater omphseie the rerdiot rendered two year* ago agiinat tbts corrupt Hdministratioti, and ail will ccrue right again i'De cflVct then seemed to Oil the .vituurUtes at 'Washington with vengeance, and they Ktruck back at the ,|>o pie by removing in ro the army tho ne::t dsy Gener..-l Met iellm. .us now our dutj to reinstate him?to pl.n.e him in the highest position in tbe gi t of the i>e<>pia?and If the peopio do tbi.-t there will be bo]>o ior tbe cjuutry?(or a united country. (Loud applause.) Mr. Twnn.of New York, moved the appointment of e committee cf two from oaQii Judicial dMtrloi to report tbe uumeg ot ,-teta electors lor the consideration of me con tention. Carried. Mr.jWsEEBN, of Krio, moved the appointment of a com mittee of ooo from- each Judicitai district to report resolutions Carried. ? Hr. CtowACKiK tn jved tuat tbe delegr.tcs of e.tcb Jud-cial district report tlie iismea of two persons to con stitute tbo ^tate Central Committee (or tbe cusuing your. Carried. Mr. G. II. rmnL of New York, tnnvod that the rom aiittee on I'ermaol'nt Organization bo Instructed to re pertofllcers of the inavcntivn for ibo Second Jud cial district Curried, ani the lullowmg were repoited lor View-ITosldeots ?Matthew V. Croncan. Ceorg" H. I'urser, Mavn.m Gross. Win. Tweed, James llavea and William J. Teen. For Secretary, Nsttiamei Jarvis, Jr. Tbe HtEP.iua?T thai ennonuced tlu< :oll"Wii;g c< tees:? On FV.vfiri?UessrATwood, Naw York. Drcnnan, New York Chapman, (jueens. Tbom, Dutcbe.i. atiafei, Alba ny. : utile, Uetcr; Carroll, Fulton; Hen-i, Latex Firry, Oswego; Johnson, I-ewia; Matfson. Cheningi? lsboll, Broomo; Bowman, Monroo. t .earns, Cayuga Glowackie, | Genesee; Stowed, Cattaraugus. Nn-oiMiiinj?t essrs Warren. Erie Hoffman, New York; iierkiioss, Westchoster; C'ag^or, Albany; Vlbbird. ? Fcbeucctady; Farmer, Jollbrron ; SJaw, Gstcg). Wright, Ontario. On mutton, tho Coaventlou to >k a recess uotM oue P.M. AFTBIttrOON 3aS8Tl)l?. lhe Conv-ntlon was called tn orJerat hair past two o'clock in the afternoon, when Mr Twskii, of New York, Irom tbo Committee on Electors, made tbo following re port, wblcb Was adopted ? At Lfrr*?Wm. E. Kelly, of Dut^hem, and Washing'.oa Hunt, of Niagara. Diitriri FAecUrs?First, P.obert Christie, Jr., ftirbanoad. Fecond, Isaac Van Andoo, Kings, Third, Wm MorebHa. Kings; Fourth. August Bolmodt. New York Fifth, Isaac Hetl, New York; Sixth, Charles 1*. Daly, New York Sevang, Oswald Otlendorfer, New York, F.tgbtb, George Law, New York; Ninth, Danlol Devlin, New York: Teotb, A. E. SutTern, Rockland; Ulevonth, James F. Tier nan Twelfth, Moses T. Tllden, Columbia; Thirteenth, Jacob Hardenbnrgb, Ulster; Konrteentb, Samuel Ransom. Al bany; Fifteenth. Wm. A. Kussoil, Woabingbm. Sixteenth, Stephen Griffin, Warren, Seven teen tb, David C. Judtoo, St Iawrouce; Eighteenth, Chai.nrey Vibbard, Scbenoc- j lady; Nineteenth, Robert Parker; Twentieth, Dewltt C. West ; Twenty ArK, Henry D. ooutbworUi, Ooeide Twenty eecot.d, Fielos DeWolf, Oswego Twenty.third,' M ottiiea Van Hoeeen, Cortlandt. Twenty-fourth, Cullen Foster, Wayue. Twenty fifth, aIjiizo Itredoer, Living stoo; Twenty sixth, Heury D. Harlo, Toapklna, Twenty seventh, Daniel C. ilowell,Steuben, Iwaaty oightn.Tboe. Korus. Monroe, Twenty ninth, lfoo-y J uienackl, t.en eeee; Thirliotb, Solomon Schow, Erie, Thirty-.Irat, Ben: l bamberlala. Cattaraugus Mr \Vaiisk5, of Erie, Vbsirman of tbe Committee ou I.'es'dnteins, tbeo submitted the lolluwiug report, whiab was adopted by acclamation, tbe reaolutioo referring to Governor Fejmour being race.ved with s perfect storln of applanae ? Beselvad. That the demo racy of New T?r% through tbe'r repreornis'irnil-i con -enuoo wmnprl, retiir and endorse ihi n omination of General Georse ii. McCle tin tor i'raat. dent and Geo ?e II. Pendleton fui vk? i're-nient o; tbo United Htatri, and that we pledge to them the electoral rote of the Umpire State. Raeo.ved. That tha patriotic principles daclared by the Nation*: Doir-ocrntie Cunven nn, si nobly nd siegueutlr eauounded bv It# candidate for the i'restdencr, In bli re cr-til letter of ircplaiice, eiubudy i llua uf public potior upon winch alone the American people ran iu*u>t.r t'lr Uu.on, re e.ialdieti n.ui'.ii.ti n? lllieity, gin wi-'iruv to individual rigl-ta, and wrure the retur-i of a permaucut and honorable peeoo. Ki?live J That w# liearMlv ree-vruil to the plelgeef onr candidate. Goings B. JluOIrlUn, that he will, if el-oeed, "ei he net all the rnmureei of suteim-ineiitp tb secure peace, iu ea.auil"b lbs Vmor. ?nd gustiniie for tho future the right* of ever? Mate; ihst Willi this pledge and tha TaA ?uutan deciatiiilntie that "i:.e Lni'in mi:*', lie msiutttne l It *11 'airds," the!'hi t? tha roe rendition of peeraj" that "without It pr peace can b? permanent." ?t present l.lra for the enfl r?i;es of the i|fctar? if New To-k con'ldent thar will oooepihlin aa the oulv camtidats rapslile ot reitoGug tho l/fon nnder the constitution. Rssolmi. Ttint lhe dameenitir psvy of theRtateef New York Is, as It hnsnlway* hern, nnalteistil)- -ipp ised to the rebellion, and tbat wa reo > 'ol/u m tor <-1r'.ories of the n* tlonil nrmy and ii*ry, and In tin toanilesi popular deier tninsilon to e' ?ngi the p. "sent. euminGtratlou and eturu to the (relioy to whlrh the Ktrrubve. t'onsrrsa, and the people were ao.e-nnly pledge I In lh? Crittenden rrsoluuoa ra onerstive rrmunts lowsrd i>'?ce ant Union Raaulrad Tin t tha administration ot Aiu-ibtm Linrein. ST"* "Surjis?iea?t its illsregsrj of thi v uistltuuon : lit Ho ii?.0 of ''?'sonal liberty and I4t*t? rights I'S resort to miliary | ewer lo subvert rlvl! sutiiOrlty: Yt* t-mporialng andrewanlly degradation n' the nition In Its foreign uolloy; m part-erslnii or urlgtnni oi'iert. and Ita avowed d'-terrplnail'in to proloug IV, in he longing* of *.. . ."t L i imi IP to com pal "the absndontnrnt of s ivory," oV tTT<"4??.L*T# "tlonase In ll? cbarac'ir. end thai It Is '^.'"nrervitlvp man nf i ll t artlM to unlle In snhsvltutlng In Ita place an adNiltuairailnn wMeh will seek ln. t?*.<y*1*tWlan H the Unlle t Atatas and the lawa passed Ik seer.rdanee tharewlth the t nle of lti duty and tha limitations of its power Resolved That the thanks nf the people of Ne* York era ten tied to th* s?Mlers and ?*ii .ri of nils Hiatnati l ol the tfnisn^hi h*-a so n"blv defended o'ti II.- g vuj -mr uatiuo 1 allty; t'ia. we irl) low i the living, liberally and |N?W iy rkie tor tbetickend wounded. am. t,..iefuil} cuerlsh Uie lae jiy of the lit i4 KesoU-ed. Thai to Governor Horatio Rrvmour th<gritl tu Jt* o; tiitj rtmi iicrn 'i iv e?<sr due 1'hcj cmd nerorforget that It wa? at who, la ttie nildlt of onr ! Isaatrra and In 'be face i f i.u oicrheui hi. udverurr. wus ,ui most Iu up'tillng too br.uu < of c uatllutiODul liberty, which ho lia* mice 6orr>.e unao'l'Od through eierj bs'te. That it ?>< he who, D? hla wisdom, arrested public i _ .... dtaoord by hi i rmuess re pelted a gn- -alone moo stale nshin and peraonal :,betj. unci by the purity of hU public life ui .1 toe tie' atlon of tile tinipoii?K, oiruuitrd, In the midst of ni <ai tor' uption and fartlo svess, the highest qualities or a atataamau aud a pa triot. Thcthmkr.of the Convection were then Umdered to tho con limine (or their report. 'the several juUicml delbi'Atioua teuorted the fo'lowlng Mlei'tion of members for the Stale Central Coininllleo:? i irzt?.('uler B. hweeney anil Char lea G. Corne.i, ot New York. Nee<.n,l?WUIIam M. Parker, of Ki.igfc, and U. A. Net aoii, of Dutcheig. Third? Peter Caggsr of Albany, unit P. L. LiiOin, of Ulster. Fourth?William H. Odell, of Haratoga, anJ Id win Dodge, of St. JdtwraBee. f i/t/i?Johu A. Green, of Onondaga, and J. Bprlggc, of Oneida. Stxl\?Duncan K MoOeo, ol Hcbuylor, aud lk>w It u.-moll, of Otsego. Seventh?Wllliom Rowley, or Monroe, au-J K. P. Rnao, of Cayuga. lhylUk? Ileac Richmond, of Genesee, and A*. P. laning, o( Krio Mr. DrGraw, of Queant. now rose aud inot'ml that lioratio rtoyniour be numimtied as the candidate tor Governor by acclamation. Tbu motion WM carried nmld tbo greatest enthusiasm, the delegates rising to tliolr feci, and giving round after round or oncers lor the nominee. Mr. 1' t euid that Covurnor Seymour Is prof -undly grateful for the continence of the democracy, and e*jiecmlly of tbo democracy of tbo Inputs State; but he had authorized him to buy to tbe convention that bo must posUltety decline a ronomlnatiou. lie, therofore, hogged mavo, with regret, to withdraw the name of Governor Seymour a* a candidate before the CouvuuUoc. Vociforous cries rusouadud through tbe ball, ?' Too late 1" " Too late I" " Seymour must atuud.'' " Wo w lit have no other candidate.'' Mr. SouinwoiiiH, oi Oneida, said lhat, in company with other delegates from Onrlla, he had called uiwn Gover nor Seym ur iu tbe last hour, and be poaitlv -ly declined to allow tbe oiae of h.s i ume. Mr. BajtBDior added that the Governor was asked whe ther, d the o-minattou woie tendered by acclamation, he would accept, and he replied that even undo* that cir cumEtaaco ho oould nor do so, im the oed'tiou <>f lug prlvato allairs and other considerations forbade it It waa then moved and carried that h c immiitne bo appointed to wait upon Gov. Seymour and uotify him of his nomination The PRwmtnr appointed Messrs. Peru nil,Tweed. Jnhn*| M Strong, Joseph Gen -diot and Joseph W irron as such commltteo During the absence of the committee General Model lan's letter of ocooptaure was read aud receive I with great entbusia ui Mr John H. 11 ash iv nnrainatod for I.ieufouunl C: ivor nor Hon David It Floyd Jones, of Queens. Mr. Ook.'.l snld that bo was with tbo mover iu inpport of the noratnatiou of Sir. Jones, but 1 be suggest>id that It woulilgbc more proper to await to*' ro|iort of the com miitee appointed to call on tbe Governor Mr. Uaskin assented to the suggestion, uod -.aid that he w uld not pros.-i tbo motion now. Subsequently Mr. Farnkll said that the c unnilttoe had waited u|iou Governor Seymour, who said to them that bis Inulth would not nilmit of bis alt -hdlng the Convention. lie said, further, that Urn party ought pot to impose upon hint u nomination at ibis time, us his health bad been impaired by excessive labor duriug the past two years and a half, aud that his private business with that of other busiuesa of which hu had the inauagemeir , had suffered from want of bis personal attention, aud be '.oerefor" begged the committee to implore tbe ton vent i ?ti to pass him by and nominate somebody else, lie also deolrad to tondor tbe members o: the Convention I113 kindest aud l?e?t wishes, and to assure them that ho would give tne nominees of the Chicago Convention mid our .state nominations throughout the c in vans his earnest and moat cordial sup port. Gut, said Mr famed, he added 'bat ho lelt that if tbe Conveution insisted upon his Wins the cuudidain of me demo- racv, he did 001 feel at liberty, at this hour of our country'a pera, to say that tbey abouid uotUse His oumo AS tbe delegates caught thn words of the last sou ton re of Mr. Famuli's remarks, the enthusiasm rose to tho tugboat pitch, and vocllerous cheere wore given with warm and hearty oarnostuoc-, and the nomination of Horatio Seymour lor Governor was mado by acciamutloa. The CoLiveutiou tneu piooeodad with the itbur iiomina lions. Thu motion of Mr IUskiv to nominate DsvtJ .?. Floyd Joues'or Lieutcnunt Governor by acclamation then pio vaiied, and the uoimnaiiou waetireotod with entnusiaatto cbeers. ^ ADribuaiw from Monroe Tuoved tdo uomuiacion of Jarvis lord for Canal Gommisaiouar, aud itwaauairied by acclamatloo. Mr Isa Shakxr, of Albany, move I that Davol R Mc Neil, of Clinton, be nominated by a.claumiou on candi date for Inspeotor of the State Prison, aud it wim earned. Tho Convention then, with throe tiuinoudoos cheers for the State lici&et and McG'olUn and for Peudleiou. ad journod fine die. THE PRESIDENCY. Opinions ot the Democratic free*. Tho Cincinnati /m/Mtrcr, published at the h>me of CciTge H. I'eudls'.nn, has tbe following with reference t<> tbe course of the Now York .Vmn ? The telegraph Informt u? that tbe Vew York A^cvir has repudiated the nomination of toolird MuCloliao. ,<nd favors the reaseombling of tbe Convootiou to nominate an ?ther candidate. Tne reason tAeigned Is tbe objection able character of bis letter of irrupt-in.-o As an original peace paper, aud speaking, as ws heiteve, tbo sentiiuout* of tbo Wostcru democracy, we sty to tbe JVgnu (hat this eugtf"stlon raunot be cuteruinod for 000 moutcni by tbe people. General McClollau is, the regiilsrly nomliia'od democralio caDjidate, aud no man prolmtbing democracy should tave nay bdptta&fly in prefarri&g bis tteun to that of Abraham Lincoln, the only other uliorn tllve Tbe Columbus fOblo) Owu says that MeCloilaa 'mp'i (leotly up-iels tho Gmcige platform aad sets up xie of big own, and that bis letter contains? Not a word sbcit an ? armw..oe," s ecosa'da of nes tllilies, Jkc., but bo falls hark 00 the war ss cointnoocal by Lincoln, aud which no lueu appioved and approveg still. The Grin., opposed a var bolorc ouj was icau^u rated; tt opposed Linoolo's war wbeu be common.ied t, wo opposed 11 through al! :i< nages, from tlrst to last and shall continue to oppo" u, wlieth-r carried on >n L'ucnla'a o* McClollsn s ? plan' of coor,mg rovorei-n ;-tuie>', instead 01 calling a coovenlioj ot tucu .!l?tcs "tat taey may settle their ditflcoit.ea and prose re Mstr right.?. I'uercien is despotism?a caasolh'n'r 1 ct iupe a loss ?f liberty to States and clti teos, and exrhsuging \ '?vigorous nationality" for a coortltu'.lousl gnvcrnmeut We or9 not bouud Iu llio least to support nriv man who repudiates thu very yiattoiin ou which he waa notinont ed, 'iod who make-' one for bunsoif. Iho-o ibings are wortby'of some corisidera'-ioo nt cast bofore ion- lie men tump at conclasieus A iiaoduiaut sols ts uoi li u I tag In law The Peace !tl?n in Cntntcli. Tbe Coi irn'mg corrospoudout of the Cincinnati fn-e-r. ctjf writee -opt. 13) as follows ? The peace tnea have j-ust concluded an ect"u lod coa ferouce Aleck long yesterday otTerod 1 r?v"?lui|on to caucus that tuotbor ticket he uotniuau-d Ottiseo Oorrjr aud lie made vto!'Ui sjiee'-hes oil the subject Tbm evening tbey rt"oive1a lesoat' h from a sun lar caucus In N?w York cit#. coraouaed of Iu ogatoe irom tl' jvirts of tbo country, nidvmiug that, ua.ier the circunistanoes, It was best not to n mraa'.e another ticket Tiiev then adtouro ed nwe tit* witbuut taking any ac'-oo, but tacitly ag*ee. lag to support the t;rkot. 'i.uorge Pugh and others Itai-e baen urging Vallandig bam to take tbe stump, hi t be refusoe Uo tho j>eace men bare resolved to do nothing Plov-ementa of Vnilstnillgliiani The G.ncmnatl correspoudeal of the Chicago Ti-kh writes under date of September 10 ? Mr. Vaiiaiidigham is in tbm city to night The Aajo ciateii -res* despatch from Coiuinh'M to night d'>eg bim greai injustice Whllo General Mrftetlin's letter doeH not please Mr. Yallaodlghatn, bs baa no mlcutlon of auy revolutionary measnros regarding 'h'said letter Mr Vai'wodigbam is uot m favor of any o'.h <r coeyoatuo or nouiinatioii, hut w vihl llko a mohdcal'oo or explanoliou 01 some [Mints ot the letter. General Logan and Che Vloe President ?. The Chicago TVt&mw republican, seye ? This noble offleor, the friend of Dougiae, wts tmpor toned by several leading democrats to allow ble name to be need for tbe V,oe Presidency at Onirago But General Logan uii lualifledly refused. H > told those gentlemet< be did not train with that crowd, thai he was a war democrat?aot a peace sneak, that be wm opposed to bowmg down and supplicating (orglrenoss at the feet of Jeff Davis; that he was for an honor able, permanent pesos, which could only be obtained by overthrowing armed rebellion sod compelling tbe insurgents to yield obedience to tbe constitution and the laws, and that be would uever content to tyslie peace oe any terms that did not embrace a complete restoration of tbe Colon la all itg territorial integrity Tho nalBe BSlaetion. Auntjata, Me , Sept 16, 1864 Official ret trns bare been reootred from two buodrod and eerootyave cities, towns and plan tat Ma, (How log a total rote of SuAtt'J, and a minority for Goeereo* Cony of 16,316 I Tbo total vote yet to be beard from will amount to about 23,000, and will loo*saao Governor Oeoy's mejoritr to nearly 10.000, or about the same as last year Tbe to'al vote of the Stele will be nearly 10,001) lees tbu year than test. Reiurns from one hundred end moreen representative districts show tbe election f >ne hundred and Iwu Union end eeveateeo democratic representative* to tbe I#glsla lure. The Hecate is nnanlmotiely Union, and every county In tbe Stale baa bueo carried by tbe Union party. Coroaer'e Inquest. TU Mats or a Ybmrt. Drowmeu ?Coroner OnMo wes yesterday ncyilod to hold an inquost on the body of a nfan named John csirran. formerly mate of 16c bark levlua, wbo was found hunting In the water ?t pier 46 Norlfc river, by lite Captain of the vessel. Cnrran bsd been mutiny since Monday b<sl, and It Is ynppoted that be accldeetally felt overboard and was drowtcd r?rson? 1 iMielitsenre. lord Lyons, Mr. RbcdloUl and Mr. Mam left the CIS reudon Hole, Rsratogs Springs, oa ednctday,Tor Lskw George, ett nut* I >r ( auadA UTEBEST WG FEOU IRE FAC.TIC. Arrival or the Steamship Northern Light. THE SPANiSH-PcRUV.'AN DiFFICliLTY. Peru Rfjftts llif Scltltment Troposed by (he Bpaiiifcli Secretary of State. News from the 'Republic ?f Chile. ANOTHER REVOLUT10tt IS ECUADOR. ATTILX. US II? PANAWIA, &??? Ccc? Tbe steamship Northern Light, Captain Wtisoa, arrivod at this port last olght, from AhpIdwaII on tbo 5th Inst. By ber wo have lute and Interesting uewa (rem the I'a. ctflc, which will be round in our oorreepondance from Panama and Oallao Tho following u thn specie list per Norlbwru Light ? SKON HAN rRANomqo Order ? $21 ,!iUO Juuumgb & Brewster. $5,009 Du.icao.bboruunSO) ,v, JOO Kluhard 1' u-j.'.m; Do Wilt, Hilt!o<vt/0. 31,000 J StraiiKHBros. ACo. 30000 It. Cohoo U Co 07,100 .'.oes & AVeller . .. 73',r>00 J. It. Newton Ai Oo.. 34,000 Walls, Fargo Ac (Jo 41,000 J. U.Coghlll. O.OuO _L_ lei?1 ..$304,024 VKOU AHI'UtWAIX. Colgate J: lio.Tinun t>J, 1-17 Ramon Vailauna ... {too Cartwrigbi& ilnrnsou sol Jan. T Joy 300 Order 1,000 Toual $4,605 From Man Francisco .. 364,024 Or an J total $300,5ga Omr Ptnaiua Currccpendenor. Ps.fSMS, August 6. IS34. booth AMKKIUA. Tha Paclflo Steam Navigation Company's stem whip flogottt, Caput to King, (rum Valparaiso and luiarmodtata ports, arrived at her uunborage at Tahoga at noon yes terday. Hor dates are ?Valparaiso, August 17, Coquim bo IBlh, Gilders 10th, Cobga 21st, Ii|unpio 21st, Artca 22d, inlay 23d. Pisco Jjili. C-aliae 26th, and Fails thn Slot ! am under maoy oblige tuns to Purser Dickie, of the Dog1 ta, for tho prompt delivery o! full files of late papers and tbo Mmrami'm South Coast r.oriespoudenco Tho Bogota left in the harbor uf Callao, on the 28th ultimo, the following Hulled JUloa ships ?Steam sloop OI-war l.ancastor i fla^sin, Commander H Ii. Davenport United Statesstoamor Watoroo, Coinm.uuor F. rx. Murray, to sail ior Panama on tho list, and United .Statu* steamer Savluaw, Commander Hopk ins. Among the passengers by tho Bogota is Commodore '?Ionian. LiuiteU Slates Navy, late commanding tno I-au ciwtor.and Mr. Hsserso, United States Mio'sler to tcun d"r Both those goatlemen are en route tuc the United States the news from the Mouth Coast is unimportant In Ctiiioeverything progresses favorably the Peruvian ipios tion huh ceosod to crotte oxuitwniont, sod is ouly men turned casually in coumuiiuii with the lust news received froui Mpuiu, in wnich that guverniiiuul propoeus certain tortus w hereby imuco may he secured. From Pei u we loaru that she has Rnmmurily re'ccled tho proposition of Mono.- I'achoco for a bams wHereby hoatUitieii uray be avoided, and falls back ou hoi diguity preferrlug war to auy seltiouioDt thai will not in her opinion bo booorable Hho is detorminod upon 4 w ir unless everything she demands is at once acceded to, and tne piobahiiua uro that ber apparent desires iu that ?respect ?ill be grattllod, ror it is ont likely 'hat >paln will yteiii everything, wheu tbem i? ooeinnlar spirit hUowii oo the other side From Kcuador we have tbt usual storeolypod informs tlou that a revolution has taken place, this, ol cu ir.-e, rauiuishes no one. But the detain* or oil tho above wi i l>a fouu.l under its propor head anu iu tuo corroai.aiaoute from Ciliao CHILI The del FVr.nor ol August. Ill, in its ? Feelow o' tho fortnight,' thus epeaks or the conuition of aiiairs in tbo model .Southern republic ?"We have ioas .u lor soii cougraiu'aiion In tbe tranquil course of piliticx the Chambers provo thonirolvos constantly xetlous lor tho public good, and tbo calm >1 parliamentary dohitrw has only -iccaaiotially been chequered by ouib-irat* of autig ouiam from tbe opposition The deputies from lime to litoo proacut to tho Cbaitiboru hills calcult'ed to amend sundry branches of our administration, or stimulate the vitality and development os cerium localitios Among others have appeared .arioua bills intended for the pur pose oi endowing our i>oor uiuaioipA; beunla, which, for want of tbe necessary,' are froiinwnlly iccupablo is complying witn tuo dcmr.uds made upou tboni Iu one word, overything a.Hi us pursues a quiet and sieady march, au<l although the actual spile ef things alferds only dcwsoi kI(,.|ii iui portaoi ? to our lorelgu leaders, wc aro .,uro th it ih?y, if tbej ievi auy tulereal iu tue prosperity of Glow, will uot t egret that absence ol pollle'al events. " Hera v? bsve the news fr, nri 'Ihlio lit a nutation, i<)r it is in reality all comnriced lu tbe ahote |uirsgra|iu i'no . '?tcneVneui at first cr atofl, vrbeu the |seip| < If i uue ?mi |K>seu ttiat Piu/oii and M r.rrodo had aai/isi upon Peru "lan territory ior ibe purpose of p. uiai.eully doidug it, and oudoavirtue to establish once more a mjuai cQical lora -if government aro wg the reiiubhua of ^outb Anu run. tins lu a groat measure subsided, now ihal it ,s known ih?t uo such lotautuui csisla on the part ?>{ .~,|W?iu. When tno last Sloan cr arrivod ot Valparaiso, nuti .-'eioir I'achnc >'c 'diplomatic circular was made public, ins w?r foeHhi wsui somawbat tevivtwi, but among a certain els erooly?viz tho 'road oaiw"?' they who w mn i liglil nti*#' , and on the allguicHt pro ten the only re ereuce to ttiv aulu ipalo 1 war botwe o tpaui nud 1'eru tha' amounts to auy tniug is tbo ioIIow itig fr mi the Jf rair.o ?? 1 be llispnno Peruvian quo,, 'ion, which for H'ime tunc inipariwd loitiistioo to the [?olicy ol nur goveriiinefil, had nlmimt goue to deep from the circumstance that the must rain I advocates 'or m stanf war bv IVru against Spun, |?ic?lvinq tost they could not carry public opinion xviih ibc:n? t ?i c lbiIiIo aod wary to strike precipitately in:o aucii a path bavo resigued lhems"i-es to watting upon Provldaiice. But tbo news brought by Hie but meunn baa < a,.red ( g9,,u. rat ruiH-w) into ozcitement, which we trust, la thi- cha racieristic prudence of our louotrymun w/|i v?ui rsbn down." I bav.i before spoken of a rean'uiioa tiofora too Cou grosa or Chile that oo government tound -d n Amer ca m foreign ?up|KWt could be recogmred to tins rewolation Honor 1 aatsrria propoaed tbe follow ma amendtne if to tba bill, and to be declared a law of tho Miafc ?? Tuo ra|>ublic of ' hile dnoe Dot ri-oogulre ok cuiiforuiatdo w lu Americau tnf"rnstlonal Isw the acts of Furopeau intorveatioa in Aniencs, or the govorumentacoosi itutod ,u vinue of auab interventu n, 'ilthough eolictfod, or soy sgr -emenf of Ifiteci'irste, evasion, or aale ol auy oilier kind that mar impair '.be sovereignty or tba Hide|<eiidoucs of al. Aoiari cau Hfnta, In lavnr o; F.uropoan i'owars, or which may inn at too estnbiisbmont if a forui ot govorninoiii con trary t > the ri'prcseotative repuhlloan eaoptol ?iv ?outb Amorioa " And ia a aube*|uent sjieecb, lienor 1-astarria fhos reiera to the pro, -eed ameudiacnt ?"fhia primup e Doing oooriKirated lo oar legNlatioo.diplomacy will bate to sieer by it, and our governments will not !<,?<? tut|f tinin in sterile dlaouaaloae, If they do in ci|0' tai i .us or umoundeil alarm until tiiev thmk tbe Hum uae come lo pronoenee upon one of ibnse misdeeds forged by tbe policy of tbe Holy Alliance " I osve nlwaya and do still maim in that Cbuo will uot be drawn into the expected war, no muter bow much be* people may armpatblae with and Indirectly aid Poru In ber trouble titie does not so# any reason why she should sarritlce so much of her prosperity as to plunge into a dsrastaling war, unlevs bottor grounda oxlat than If)owe held forth by Parti, and I bare no doubt that she will do all in Mr power to tenure peace wtiro lbs thus comes to act m hn way or another.| i"he great scheme of ? breakwater for the harbor of V-iipmslso, whleh has been hr-rore Oongrcst lor three veara. ?mwna now on lbs verge of adoption Tbw im I or tvu i undertaking, while it mil embellish ibe principal l>ori of ibe republic will communicate groal- r secutity to Ihc (?sy will give mo ter to a greater Dumber of vea aela sod will allow of ihe construction of d a;ks for ca r sen log and of wbnrven for Ibe epeedy shipping and die charge <4 cargoes got ltie fortnight prior lo tbe sailing of tbe ?leaner public Interest was much engaged by tba proposals lo lb# gorsrnmaot for the purchase or tbe two priuciiml rail wsvs of the <v"ntry, Ibe Central and Boutbero, whiob liowrver, have not been accepted, ilthough n was' thought. wMw tbe previous steamer sailed, they would be. Tbo preeeot management ta the t mitral roed la new fivia?; greet aatta'actlan, nod it is thought ti e line will soon turn out to be all tbe most sang tune ever supposed It would The market* tor (fblllan produce exhibited hnt littta irtl vlly during tbe fortnight prior to tue agoing of tbe steamer, and tup e? remained witb but Utile varlstlun Irom |* eg ton* quotation* lo cupper tbe transactions were very limited, tbe receipt* from ihe Inicnvr being inrtytMcani The majority of tbe eelahli?bment< oo tbe coast preferring to sblpon thalr own *cc?nui rntber tlpm ?e'l at tbe prlee to be cblatn-d The tales did not etcred sis or neteti hundred qu* *t $18 0?g $18 ig m ?tore, free of dnttee. ' ( fkRC. T cannot give yco more thin iscmitaloe.i id the follow ing extract from tbe nrtrrric of lb* 2Mn till it eb ,w* how thorooghly boot opoo war 1'eru is, ami how she will IttUn to i ctblig until tbe flhluchsa nre lOetoied nud an sp logy nude f..r tbt act-on of Fin cu s:.d M .airredO;? The deflnltlve rcsolutlan of Ihe Fpaniah governri,ert re girding ibe outrage romuiitled l-y lit ecrni* iu, the Ittfe of A pril r?| letrert Is the d |> o.i *Hc cli. itfur sddit steo hi u,e ffptfl-h Heeretary of Bine to the i< pre .email*, a of hor osiliobc Maysaiv in hnrnpe end America I a* earned In thl* rllaee tha moat llrely liMpreartos, a- H leronla ti e aiurti ot njuMx-r entnialAg aatd gucrriimen In the quen I >r rei d Ing with f'eru. * The eonduct ef Mra.ia Ptnrnn and Mar/aredo i,eiua a,,, avowed, the logics' oonaequuoer o thil dl.e.vo 'sl o isl.l p> l?. c uots ihe mm ,1 si>- e- * all ui f Hie t n-n h.? laim u ( I giving |>"i ssfhfaetton lr. cor ?nqnenea fTad flpel' thus | pro, errioJ alio woiiid only bar* fulfilled a strict d. iv o/ ju? I * dt-'ld >1 thai e psr'iic and quir: d;*? ikioB <<"> lit cu ar up all ih* other*, thus contributing to an nonnrabie mg fer parlies, *?.tt<ifacl?ry solution of the pending rouMct. Her oouluot hiss been, however, verydlf rereiit. h ( swrotrs !he j rccnedlng <>f flii'on and Ma^ar rci.o. acd eoiolrmr* 111* Ihv-ry of revindication. tut ?ua uuus auil Cvuott nuui-ve tho inallon of th'1 th India Island* until fern accepts H e the haaia o( a se'liemanl to our goieruinetil by ruoiul M.iri.-uii Moiv.ra, eh* comiuuuleaiod by the I'rua.ueul of tlie .ipauiah tjaM A nation rn-pooling iu*lf In ilia leaat nan never anoapl bases ol tie* .uameot loi uli iug su.h .h op Uuiullls.ion, aud rem, consdous of the Justice of tor conn* ran nut only not ao.epl out uaimoi even admit ol Uteir dUou?Hion. Our M i.i.ur u 1'i.r -ivn a .lair* iaa luaiilfi > #1 t'.e >1011 la a cin-u ai addressed, ou Uro 13th mat. u< tb? Peruvian diplomatic uaeulo abroad. Id ral<1 document it' Peruvian gorei-iimeM rr eoie in tlie moat entTKetto mauorr (lie views of 'iwtianwb oocraierv o.' Me to r rear., lug be face in cur ueolion tv<tb lie eutin<te<l attempt of |*i|annin2 Honor Ml/nrrrdo i'Ue go rrru uienl ot Peru, aay.i Hit- above mnultoned cir cular I old. It*. If In runinleut reap. . I end .'ui.hi us thr aaoi'i if ill other cover it in cut*. that II could not ev> n have eu.-p'olal llibrv lulu In I bo world that won 111 dale to ii.age ton irdi another a alml'ar imputation, and Mill ire? Unit (lie ,-ti soldi ? abmpt < oi.ld bar* tba luonatrou* praten aion to pbtio aao rrriinnil In a wor-o po iuion than that of a com mi m leliuqi" lit - Ionian line proofs of Piuoti ore. 'Urn Priui itu lOvcrnii.ent cannot without impairing lie dlgnujr. without i.n* i"? bumfiiattui mid hwiiw of the nation, ontrr Into an ?>fimlnulioii of the fa ll and prop.autiniia calablmlieu oy tlin oecroai v of Mint.- ft. C hi. 'I t ? quce'fon being |iii-?d oo recti yrounda, vcmi vr.11 com nrehrnd that the I em ? lau governruent cannot lend itaelf to Ibc uiecii aijn M miuaa* .a tho Injury done to Peru br the itutre*" of tt< I4tb of April, gtlll uior* *o la thu ul oh la intcu led. uot by una .tl.ori/cd agrnt-r but hv the Hiatnbih acciciury of sine, m the lace of ell uru.on*. ah a natural conie.jupour ol thaae *m.iva tlie Pnruvian gOTerunieut baa re ci ted the propo?a s oi aclllemeut Irani mluad tip tiotitiul Murcvra. ulnar coniriila'iiuii liai been cancelled for making Hiich propnaala without nnUiorl/ation Ii is very ovule t from ibo above lb it nuihiug but Hie friendly lUtoi voutiou ol a third Power can prevout ims I ililic, occurring, uhd they may onmuiatic." hctrrn Ibi* Intervention can come, tor I'uwou ouch, reinforced may allien,aud the Puruvluua may atlack. uiiu boluro they arrivo.tlie latter being thr monl ptobable The linuioi'd ' allan chrreKpoudent given til oibir uiailnre of local iultrcat. KOUAD'Ht. Wn Itum by I hie arrival ibut .mother revolution hae ooc.mri I in Ciiiry at|(iil, ttio pin ticulnrs of which 1 h..vo nol cared to inquire Into. It ?n an id, however, that one putty tiua ret/.cd axleamer in Ibc harboi aud urn lighting uodor tlin " Starj and Sirlpes.'' I uwait tbu ro.-olt, uoil o hen thut la Itnouu wilt give you a de.mriptinu or what this evoi r duy alt'air wan about, ni.d il any uoe wan hurt. It 1a more newt to uuy there iw no lovoluturu hureahonu than to tutorui you thai ono baa ocourrel OOLOMM4. The Rtcaioer Tamer, from Cartbageuit, arrived at As plowed on Mie3^iiikt., hut up this lime uolhiug by her from the interior hau reached this place. We, however, ox pec I unitiiug of importance from liogoia, ottinr iiutu to hco what lurtlier acti n baa 'aken piac* reapucling tbe insult in'the Prench Coueul in I'auaroa, sud this pud'osKos but little tuiereat apart from those directly coocuroud Wo may hear, however, of another revolution. I be (Antral American Htciunur la too la to to give you any detail o: news from thdee SLutes. All we expect to have, however, is in rcg ird to the cotton crop, the meamer bevl'itf brniighl 1,100 bales, prtDci|>Ully lor Kng Imil. War, for t time, appears to be over, and the dif ferent republics, us a ustural conso picuce, are rapidly id croaking io wealth and proapeniy Hy tbu tmxl aruval, or the one alter, I nmy he >thln to give yuu something la lore,ting in regard to tbu working of the Nicaragua Iran sit route PANAMA. Fur w >okx p.tst there lias been oiuchiallc roii|K<cUng a revolution llmt was to occur oil the meeting uf tbu Assembly, id wblcb bauin-Uilcma was to bu "ousted," aud sumo olber persob eub. ti.utud, us President of the sovereign State of MlW, a OlttSSS war arrested and conlinpd In heavy iroi.H for imvlng, so it is said, endea vored to bribe two of tho oiilcers ol the tro i|? uow here to aid tbu movement with their men 'llil* arrest caused iiidigiiHtion iu Paoam i, and had the omunies of the povoruincut seeu the illgbtSSt cunucu I have oo doubt there would have been trouble. The government cxpcclod comelbliig of the kiud, tor ov>3ry preparation was made to resist una subdHe an outbreak It is said, Imwevor, and t ilitnlc with aome truth, that all Itcs com motion and talk of revolution, tugoiher with tbo arrest, was got up by cue government iu or our that it would be to call out a large force ol militia, which would tie need nol to quiet dunurbanco, but, a fa Oliver (Iroinwoil, to c utrul the l<egi?>*luio, and cuniiwl it to do and soy an tho Presided aud his advibers diould dictate The l/Ogislature mot oo tlie 1st iort., tod Itnme.liatoly alter urgauinslluu proct ided to count tho voios lor Presi dent, which resulted In giving Sautu Oloina a majority of twenty two thousand, or wotr majority tSs.rr art votnt'? thr rohote State A very slroug document was presentud io tire Uigudnturu, when tbc result was made public, Higtiru tya mauy of tbc most respoptacbie jieopie r?t pubatm. priVating in tbo atroogest |?>a*lhle terms terms against thr election, and charging It, as it was, being nothing more man a stupendous Iruud end a gross outrage i pun the people. f-osn -alter the cuDOrmaiion uf ill" election a baud of muclr, accompanied hv about two buuuied ut groca, iwusod tbruugU the strneis, the let tor snoc ling ' J'toa OkiitOt Cotoata," " Ptva mi Sti/adot uiiutui ils Qiombia," "Abtyo um amtervidnrti." The settlenieut oi the election ban quieted the disturbed con illtnuj of i bu oommuuity, tnd a revolution ts uow no longer ?ui?.ipHiou?at least not itir the preaouu It is a ruo->t tuiinilialiog Hjwriacle tor tlie c.oiiB.' of this couolrv, who are the hBtter clanves of the |r>u!iie, in witooss the oceueg that daily occur here, and eoe how complete!/ thc-ir waa.tuy country Is under the control i f the tower clr.aMSt In Panama, a.i in olber parts ot Cnlotnbn, very uiMiy pure descend an u. of the old li|>auiah laiuilu'H cou still bo lound?men sod women?iu whom nil tu.i ancieul prido oi tnair race still oxiSkS, and who lu ovcry rasiMOt are on t looting with tho bent edu cated and ro<>st eohghteuad >f other i ouotrlea, and you can imagine bow bitter are tboir reohnga to Hod ttn'-ui liclvoa piscod ou kit oquaiily with, and realty governed by, tboee who hnro been, and n(ill should be, tlioir rriomals. lat th oe oi tho belted Mates who are to loud of the uogco, and w no are willing to spend moti tjufls of uiullous oi trev-mu auJ sacnace tbc be. I blond if the mud to plaoe bnu in all roapeciw ou uu o.|u*i u>ol Inc with the white mar, let ilfem coin* bare and w-Hueaa tbo ode iisoi it. Thay will see am i g unatiou in ail ite dntguaiing details; tuey will as- among tne low or cussxs cobcobiuasOtKh rule and marriage tbo etcepiluii they a ill see toe same class ovary day tailing more and inure into tho consition oi barosr iaas, aOu w lun-as a Coon try taps bin oi auy thing, on. wnniu Itsolf a OuUa ot ncaitn, fast returning to a state c.uitlar to what It must bavo been whan Columbus Oral discovered Aarorios The heller clu-sce ceo ail this, but it is out ot their power to prarnnt it, tod they nrc ompelled to ubmit with a go, u grace, scd wall pxluioily i.ntil toe a -it works its iwu cure, wliicn it is sure to do coouer or later* ? .n a .uruior Infer 1 did injustice to tlio geoliumuo -in ployud in ti n ftntish mail ulnce iu Panama, uud a. ibey bavo oonvb.ced me I was tailoring under a wrong lUipiesiiutj in regard to '-bo mail irrogula: ilict, .old ibut in buino attaches principally to tbo r-oulli coast cories pooc'jiK oi i be pur lies w bo make tho complaint i> our I'os'mastar Crusral, I liava uo bnsitatlod Io corrctttng tvubi I tben mated, nod m lulure will in ten to botb sidtw ot ibecloiy brfoie jumping a. a conclusion. Ituai'isoic iu circulation, -rud I heilovo with suhstao liai lonuditlioti, ibat tbero it to ho constructed m this city, a.i J i:. a \ "ry short time, a li'ge aud c 'mmodioua hotel, adapted lo tlie climate, and to nu kepi m ktv York biyle ike MM seiectad 1 >r it .s hi the nuriliwist angle of' the el'y, a superb location, having a view of lbs beautilul scenery ot tne Isthmus, aud at tba tame time no uuouairucKM view o mo bay uua isltuda a build ing ol ibis kind, kept as it should :?j will prove n mmo ot woallb to coi nmy tne owners, but lo tboui who may keep it lhry, Hiraugera. may say what tlrey plcaae re niieuliug the Urtbtnus as ;e?ar.l? beiith, bat I cau asaert with aiTxiy, from eighteen years oxperleoce within the tropins, thst I'anstiin la hy tar the iu<wt healthy of any spot 1 Uuve over lived IU, and I none loreign?rs who have lived Uete many years Wiii ientry (h'siine tbo n,i* ' amble snatrj hoi'- tbut ar" termed hotel*, have miule sevnrai fortune* for their nronrietors, and an establish, meot of tbe alnd we arc promised, will provo a* luorative III IDVCetlbUUl as .8 ibo Uo \ of the I'tuaoti iblilio.d cwptty MIHCILI AN?)Oi< ffBWH Th" a'eamsblp Nortberu Light, with the Caiifornlk pssaougera and inuils. that ieft Now York on tbeUld ult., srrivrd at Aspiuwoll on tbe ni.jr.ilag of tba 2d mat. The iMtwengera and mail* er iaaed iba ssiue allernoou, a ero at oia o oinbarltod on board tba splnndid stosuisbip (lolden Cliy, and saiiod the oexi moru b( at seven o'clock for can !? ranctaco Aa'v?WH?t rt, 18T4 The steamor (.Oidon Age, faptaio i trnsworth, from 3io t r.iumw.o or the Add u l , baa arrivvd bnq brings ihe follow tag specie ? lar Kngiaud .|900,f>02 For New Y'ork bfr4,924 Iota' prill,616 and lira hundred aud twenty paaaungera, who will croea this Borning, aad leave Asplawail una afternoon in too stoamsbip Northern Light Oar Callao horreipeadtaee. Cxixao, Paro, August oh, isot Stnrmfj* anJ f Uat Ac,-tJknt?.f ai ttf V Neamrn for Merchant SAipimy?lhtlai in th* Depart art of ftui's? The tfeye Monitor Victonn?Pregmu en .'he Oitxw Irrn Cladi, tie Since my lest to yon, per steamor of the 1.1th tastaui, we have had a very quiet time of It, aad yet the fortnight baa ireniod lo paaa quickly away A few day* since (be goveromeat sent down to the arreorl at Callao for capa or fusee, sod there being several paioniad on baod, the otOciala ther^ot kaawlng which war? wonted. It was propoeed lo try Ibeta, aad lor this purpose placed one la the veatof a can no* lying ta tbe arseoal, and for waut of a proper mode to explode need so iron Ah* tiret strike, no* even the second did It explods, bet at tba third the cannon ex pioded to uieaaiomsbmeatof every one preneat, tokiog on lbs lag of a midahii iuan natuad semluauo, wounding him bsdiy, and Oiling th - fvcea of two other alhcara wlib powder. Tbetannon w?e at Orat aurtxmed to lie wiiboiit a ibaige, but !l piovea to bur* beau loaded about twenty years, having laid in tbe arsenal that lime. Tho dinercht govt rnmant officers and a battalion of marines were In tbe arsenal, and fortnantniy no other ditiosgs took place Owing to lb* amount of lahnr required on tbe dKThrent Iron-rlsdt, end ifcr want* ot the men-of-war, weataen are eery rc-rie Hblpt arriving >i| from the C hiocho Island* ard bomrward bound, have t eon detained m consequence Tun Am*. lc*o ship John Oottle, Tlal oweii, master was do:audi here sevontocn days ahlp Premier. MrOilvrv 10-aler, fourtcct, da)a. TbU * rather bardoo the owners ol vessels, Whose rsptsifis piircha^e lima at tbe islands at irom f'i'. to fao per day. Wnten have gone op tft per in i II. la eon tqnrnne. If tlw crews ot vea.-o!? were ahtppa 1 Tor tha pssaage from i>orl to port, it weow save .in. k a# wotl ss tho owner,, shipping ma?l ra, Vot. from a gieai rioal of tronbte. Hailor boarding nouses would he kapt ot the rqpare, aud Jack VooM aee or bsntfie nor* <>( hkr wsgea. teamen won Id he pieuV/i waves par tnunr'u lower, sud in feot tbare ts a ?rer.\ chance (or Imp.. vemoat, which < nly seeds th*. cj i peta'.lon ol snip owner* to he tvMh?c it "The for iter Victoria Ilea nmnred noir the P'Mot of the mde ned I* tieptg rapldiy conp eted Fb* ?? i ? be put to iri it fay m ie?*rda ibr workvg of her a?;ti!orrT. I ffce President and snlte in l? ?e t, .n, buh.'erg, Mmn FUmoo. have tr,., 7^,11".^ -aVf | and K reunion to be prorao ltl# *2 [?lifted bM or It likely to benefit the country The work oo ffte Iruc clsd rtro Loapr igresssw nino'Ittlo detention during the |?sii week tina ? ,k?* plx o, owiog to the DOO-paymcol of the laborers. nt* win proro whon completed e formidable craft The frigate Oil so hie not been hove put aa yc Two trial, have hero made, but tue heaving out hulk wee rawed, one of the wator turao distsuce, end the vu let down again. Thoy intend using the government hulk General I'u.e d.trlog the present week, nod it It to be Hoped wtik cor tun sur.coPH Kvbauveu L^mbm, thirty-sir and ono-half peeoe *ar tho dollar, on New York no uegoliati me. The naiiei'liaietta l(*pnbllrun Ceerew Uon. Wosrswini. Sept.'ll, 1W4 .he Republican Pi lie Convent a met hero t > dey. Nearly stieeu hundred delegates were jirmteut. Goeek nor Arulri s. ut.d tho rest of tl.e Statu tu !;?? were renoaY uitcil by acclatiiittiuu, with the ou-e| wou of Attoroer General Pouter. who .leriined, and Chester J, tied, m latimou, wiu nomiuuted in blti lion Kdward kverott, of B rtou, nod Hop. R tilling (.ri 'wo.d of (irueiideld, vera nominated ns electors at large by acclamation Colonel a. II Bullock, of Worcester, made a patriot!* and Alo)uoM speech, col. .ation the two | 'rtforme umi deieuoiug I'rcaideui ioucoiu iu a courutc.. manner NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. The Immense pressure ol atlveriirotnonbs apoe eer colutnns reuders it rioce.-snry that we shoaio toko roaw mesne to preserve space for onr news The price ef wlnie. paper is eo high, on account o( tho omul motions ef speculators, that it Is Impossible for Jt to print a triple or (]uadruple sheet without altnoet doubling our pnm'to ralo* if advertising, or raising tho price of the Ilteaae to live or six cents per copy. TbH we a-e not yet pre pared to do, but we will bo obliged to lay over all advaa tiiera^nts not handed iu at a nuO'.eiently early hour, aa# these adrer'tseOMOU will take their turn the next d^. Advertisers will Qud it to th'ur advantage, . bcrefore, M hand in their Incurs not late- than nlr.o o'c'ouli In tfes erne tog. THE WEEKLY KtKAlQ. Tlie Heat and l)heap??t Nctrspapsr In the Country. The tVunar Hsbami, for the present want. ready to morrow (Saturday; morning Teams?Single subscription, II. Throe copt ??, $.?>; fire copies, |3, Ton cofiIob, $lf>. Single copies live ceoui oaofc. A liniliod number of advertisements inserted. To Paper Vtnnnrsciarerf. Cash will lie paid for 10,000 ream* of rood PoirdrlalW 1'aper. Sue, XU46?48 Ilia Apply at this f>nea Type n?tel and Old htnd Wsnt?d.? Cash will be paid for a lew bun, rrj weight of Typo Hiatal and old Lead Apply at the difSj of th.? otScc The Pruldont Hay. That rkalos'i NIGHT Br.OQMINO tilCKI'l t reminds him of a st try? viz ol hie own uupflr story. Into wliloli hn inbalCH n with i>ensailona of uumcasurabie delight. Politicians who arc in bad odor with the.jieop"-. are re? cotinneudeU lo try Blinlou'a Nixlit Blooming C- reus Uuiy rn ust be awfuMy tainted with corruption if it lallc to make them endurable. Prizes C a sited In nil Lrgaliicfl Lei* tcrlec, and Information g'ven IAOOIS, ;> oker'e uiiice 170 Broadway, n w Prlzee t tasurtl In Ail hr(uliX''d ).??Clo nes J, R, CLAYTON A CO.. No. 10 iVsll stiesi room* hos t> arm H, Ken York. Prlzee Csiiliad In AH htg.tllxfd I#n? terles O. WK3T, No. !>)i Pine atrcct. H Y . roomh A Brantlful ( ompleilun.-l.atrd'i Blooin of Youth, or LlqnH Pearl It lias no equal Mr en serviag and beaii'lfv Inc the foinplemon and sk!n Hold hr all drnggUts, and by JAM US LAIRD .Sole I'mprietnr. Ito Broadway. Addreu I# Smoltrn?Poilak & Sou. Heersuhaiira niaiinfaoiurera. rcrnocod from Broome atreel to flyf Broadway. i,??r l'oui-th .tre?t V.'holsiulf uDd ?? tall l'lpea cut to order and repaired. A. M- Hays dl Co., 31 .11 allien baas. Olocks, etonzea, Palortings. Pans. Uitt GojIs Jews! C iaaa, Ac. Attenden'?OonimHtrci on Biincn, tranaiiaraueiea Flaga, Ac , call at Z'> l.a-t BroaO *??. I) H TYLf.A Mannfacturar Are Vcan In Pntn 1 ? Wnlrotl'a to <ta n| Pain Aonittator gl?a.i inaiant lellaf. B?cry family naeto tL Best iu market. A Sure Cure?Htne'i Afilcin Ihyrr and Ague Cure. It ne<-er fails Deiad 33 Llh-rty sireei, a# atair*. Brsnderth's Pills, NBVKtt KAhLlNa m Dl ARKIIiKA AND OTHKVTBgf II BAD. , _ _ BaTTanr AwOkRi-Oir. 3ept 9. IAS4. [ Vt BsANPSirrM. Nuw York ? t'leaae (Jud er.e dollar enclosed, for ivhicj send ma that worth of yowr Pills, as I bam used sod vlren all I bed. These pills hare cured all who <ooa them lor toe dlarrVra '?? 'sw ?lava. Hou/S bad Ibr ?ilsense two m three month* The_army docsorahad tailed to oure in all or ibuse ca?ea I have found your pills to bo never falling in dla. rh bl ions alfeetViaa lionoachc and costiveneas Dow Is if. Ike' hamtary fiewplooo n -t gl?o out y onr pillar Yours, stb great roapool, PAUL p DrrroriR Co A. Thirteenth lluaev Artll'sey, _ , , _ Bermuda lluadred. Yz PrtnclT*' ofllee Rrandretb Flouts New Y irk. Hold alao al Mo ? l. ulon square, und by all' w"i that B. Ilrandreth la on Koverrimcnl stamp. Pi trt.rlor'u Hnlr Dye- lie Heal In tho world Marmleda, reliable, lixtants.ieiius Tl in . imi'asO dye. Sold by all druggists F-story 31 iiaruiar at-eel Crtstadoro's Hit I r fiye, PrcitrvntlTa and Wig Depot wholesale and rstail. No. 6 Astur Ileosas 1 ho dye applied hr skill til artists. Corns, nu niofis. Nails. Knlarey- l ,fi>lnta, all dlKca," of the fee*, curod by Or f.AdfAltrK No. Tto Br-isdway Utnfarwaiiil Dlteateg of (>i< l.y.- ? p-. callv 'roatc 1-hr l>r GADWBLL 11 Clinton p ai r BlrUh street, from 9 to b Drafneos. Iih|ialrtd Right, NOIHK8 I.N THB HI'.AD, CATARRHAL AFPKOTIONB IN THR THROAT CHRONIC cYtaRRIF, CATanim (>K TOP TV VP* MO MCOOITI Itr.klUKiANK OHHTitllllilONS UK fUS BU STAC 111 AN Til BR CURKD CROftoPTR RTRAIUHTRNPD IN ONE MI MOTH. And arer- dise.i? of the Rtr snd Bar r- t<ur|nt e,ii,r- ,nwV oai or siirglral al'Sattended to by Dr YoN KiNLMlI'.hU at hie consu.tiua rOo'.is, 315 Bioadway. near rwelllt. i.lreok Free Ides, Plenplre, Tnn. Pleili Vo- me, r,,r"d. i'T UOtlRAUU S ITALtAS MEDICATKD SChP. at 4A.1 Broadwav. Por the Hair nntl bkln-Barry s Tr| oophero'ia The i?eet aod cbeaoee* article Hoi J h< drew gists _ Goaraad't Poadrr Snbtlle Uproots Hstr from low foreoeiigs or ssiy part of the body SI iwrraotsg at bit depot, ?&> Broadway Orower At Maker's Hljrheat PremItem Elastic Ktltcb Sewing ??? h ues. 493 Broadway. New Tort anil 185 Pulton street, Brooklyn Give Constitution Water a Pslr IRui. We mean you wbo arc under some apscialltV/. cars from ysfj- to rest and w< particularly alludo *o ladles .? ho ?>? conslani(y rssurtlpg to I ocal traalmsat. and ail writ of inr? atipheaiiutie Tor diSsstc a. with ?- mu h i hu ..?? of tor -saas there would be frets local anplliztiuns io tbb .braat lor tea cse-s of the brzln Hold wholsstlc by MUKUs.t A AI.I.kN *6 Cliff street, and all druggist. rilchesc Premium L<ek ktttrlt Srwing Maehieet, WBEKLRR A WITdtON, ffj Broadway If You Want to Know, Rgutl MROICAL COMMON HEN'RR, A curteiu book fereurlous pnople. and a good book for arsv* ?tic. PrfcsRI 50. To he had stall news depots. ConteoU tables BAllsd free. Addrnee Dr B 8 TOOTB, I t?> Broedway, N T Jewelry and Watobre?(>| all Descrip tions, for sale bv ORO C ALLBM, 115 Btnadway. oua does brlow Canal ett-et formerly II Wall afreet Knox's Lsai?Summtt llavlttj; Made Its etll becomingly, tb" advent of (alt Is ehactct rlr-d t?r the in trod i ioi on of Kn >t s Mew Up* uf Fist for g-i lemaa It possesses al. the dltilt,.ulthed (raits of It poi ultr ins no lecturer. and -abdula a rare cou.blnation of besui. sod art stir skill. To achter- a decided, parsonal g-?til'-m?le Iou -heuld p'ircu-na yotsr fall hat at KMUX S. No -M roadway. I.atllaa' Umcelrtt, Hew k ylct Two, throe. Ave a't. right, tan. twelre. Bfi^cn b? twe han lred dollars etich Pot sab. 17 01,0 C ALLLN. ?lr Broadway oaa door haina^Cgo*. *'-reet Nlra. W lailow't Aooililng Nyrtto rat eblldren TeottAng mres Dr sentry ?nd Dis-Tb-ea mgu'aws the Ntoraarh cad I town-, and cures Wind Colic, Huptura Cnrcl.?''W'Mtr's Pitterf I.e. r.r Tcum It to. best JOR Y*aT'> , 6v?mid'^y s.V . ? .Ilhllb stisadaal Trusses^ Klaatlc Ntorto?tilth, ?V A O0 ??'? ??" ?? Wa 1 ?,r,Lt A ,jr Tit. VA eat Intllitn llnlr 1 wi I ???.?Vt it r rsnted w-iirLibc must stiaigbt and stilt heir on the fret omilieanon lulo short rlnal. is or wavhtg. tn?t?.fc;.e i ns ?^rut w ear sjibcas m moeipt o: >1. Addregs Wasd Utb ^?l7yoa bea ?.?! Now York PoctojLe The Campnlga tladgese NrCt-flsc er Luvvds-hr the l,<Pk>,Mg? .loeen or retAR ? H1LUAMN'. lifct M?oad way. lint Inusril Psltaad (UolNklB Hals, (WholasAlt and retail 1. Pet lad i is, mihhrr .. ROTA AND FNPANtl. At fIRNIV'B, MS Rroadway Wtfa, Taeepeea, llalr Ilye, FlairDyela|| and Nobis la Crean. foe lieautlf jiud th? k?ir w A iatgiiilora limiAtto

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