Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1864 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 10.247. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. HELTON HEAD. Arrival of the Steamship Fulton. Interesting from the Depart ment of the South. Situation of the Rebel Officer* Under Fire. hneriptlea #f their Camp and tbt Dealh Line* Grand Kegro Soiree Cane ante at Hilton Head. Important Order Relative to the Sole of Cottoa9 f** ?'<taro?hip Fulton, which arrived at lb I* pert yes Urday iroiu BUion Houd, S. C., brings news from the Department or the South to the 13th instant. Wo are Indebted to Purser MoManns for flies of tbo latest i*. per*, Ac. The United States steamer Connect not, r?ptstB limy arrived at Port Royal on the 13th Inst., (lve days from Umiod, with recruits, m route for Mobile, she having a fcad leak in one of her builers. Would endeavor to re pair U before proceeding on her voyage. ?n following is a list of the passengers brought by fee Pulton JtoXl-? ?- o*."laten Army: Jelh A'o ?&&.' ? 'fffi?; J ????"? C B Hub. **' ??e?* o. lawyer's Despatch. Hiltoh Haso, R C., Sept. 13,1864. ran Bant qi artxrs or morris u>um. ?Ma airy, commodious and Moure quarters, lor a long !?* prow* or construction oa Morris Island, for tlx ?andred rebel ofllecra wbo bare recently arrived here &s gaasis or General Poster, have been completed, and are ?aw occupied by the proper parties, who express them M P*'f*c?ly delighted with tbem. It is the best Ihey bave jet been la. Tbey may be pleasant ?ad exceedingly desirable to tbe rebel prisoner, after ?air tedious experience on tbe steamer Crescent but ?a or Iwa sharp shell logs win change the en M Mpael ot But "Ihey are on firm pwwd again, and that i. quite enough for them ?w>w "l PM???. Their life on tbe Crescent was not an agreeable one. The ship was crowded, witb no cargo h except the live one, and *ne tumbled about inside ( Charleston bar for a week or moro. nodding sharply to ??heavy old swells tbst swept past, or lolling over ono aids and then to the other, as she ptid her respects to iaa wind, which sometimes came in on bsr quarter and . ?wed up a bobbory of a sea, thus affecting the diges g ??? organs of many of the passeugerr. Besides. there was ? the odor from the bilge wnier, which was liberally dir. ' lhr u*houl tb* ''ween decks, where the guests ? were kept most of the time?odors ts penetrating and . powerful, but not so sweet, as those from Araby ibe ?Jeat But all tbe dlaconiforts found on s crowded ship ware patieuUy endured by all save tbe const.tutioaal . ??"lers, wbo were blue aud disconsolate enough. Now I ttey are well out or the frylngpan, but certainly uuder 1 ? ire. " xrs cans two bxcomi rs. | The prisoners are placed la good tenia, which are sr J ranged In regular regimental camp style, within an eu atoenre or palisading, ma le of tlmbr, seven or eight ?aehee us thiokacaa e.ther way, well embedded in tbe St?'..*',!!. * petal at ibe unper end Around 4 SJfhitf iIBn'w? 1 nsl e"cl *n *r?x of sum re 1 sad a ball, is llxed the platform or walk for ibe sentinels ? Su. JV' C*? 1o"k "vcr ""? c*'"|) and keep a * WO'rm^taoi the i r^ooern. In order # 5* b* ?alter may have n > excuse ior appron.-h nc Um 1 DGllMdir.g, a line aU tt |1(a,l to p ut*, )g rtiu OuUiiln (.lift ' i"*tf C,U,tn : "1 fr"m ^ ..dlnr^'se?; 3 - "*! kco^D arrangeuienta at Andersonvilie. the 3 2rsZntr^irrai'U/l?. ,hfll ro''<, J,'? 00 tbe ?pnt if it ?? ? eye fails him not No ex< u?e cau be ac 1 S%V:???n' ? wh:' the -'death rope" after M has been warned, its na-no suggests too peiutltv i 6f??urse tbe |>eti -Ity is 10 lie paid only at the moment of ] ^ ?,'">n<1'C' aml ,h" I* expected 4 - ?ft? H-th" "B<1 UB|y "WW Nh;btand day a.beuvr * tg are vet! teams h^in **" ^ e#'kth lin:! ln'J landing - 5? J I ' "P* b^ng run uuder the tunber* under cover I ar hnr?iT,Mnt,r"U"le, "r p*,lsa"?w ,her? ?r? a number ? pested in convenient and important ?amis, so escape ts nut ot tbo question. ? wasxsk -v/ iiru. 4 ml" fl^"l??whmeRta. exrh ? It tn^ vi,.? ? ,hn l'h?rK? 01 ? colored eergnani !La?kJL,,y f "urlh ?awn, huitatta. Which ot entrusted J MlMoeA rtif r*?^* 'lfmp *nJ ''"r "8 :or 1 2v7? " 0,11 '? made th-tre each ilav on ; 2^ c, : T1M' *l Ul? "V-'1 from the drum, etub'de laehtneut fails into line m iron; of Its row of tents aud Wbo se parilcuir ln reS? Won k, the formation <x tbe iiue sh the olde-t uiariitiet in r kaaelsiirad lo.ii.w'.hV1','11 * M,r "-'"??-a''?? I ?!? ?, !..? . h . . ^ flrarsiera ? tall into th )r pro. ' ELE!, i'. , ""tnd aurenl without good excuse .,re ' 8??. xarieus ways, hut generally by cuitlcg off 1 ifealr for a meal or two. -wising ore Tbe dot-*ile for policing the nmia are ravte from la prleoue'a, ;.nd th? sergeant n charge so a thai M duly ia projierly ptnormed, and afterwards w odker or tbe g ?r<] m.pec s the r?mu , if It hUTlTe. ?' W"rk 10 b" ?,,n? ov''r spa u 1 b!2! ??? Pfoiwr.v dis< harv id in the hrsi iB atai??s . The i >od is cooked by ibe gu.ird now,and orrled ii^!LL'r TM'alsdoiio to prevent thecmiusion aad embarrassment that would be ve-y a t to rise if ibe ?rwoners wore permitted to |Uisa beyond tbe dead rope. a2Tfh.1I P""*1* , Preparing their food or to ob. ?tin their share w hen cooked. -.Jb*--f.''tl.0", 'J ?tw, reduced to precisely the ssmo ?laudard adopted by the rebel autborillee id their trn.t STerdlnlr'I ,n ^?Uestmi. it is less than half of m ta. 1.. Tn ",,a " ?*?"?? prom uenlly Mhals hi n i ,,. I1'1,* b* rhsnged as otteu as the ?Mots change tbeir Hit. either ior the better of forth# Zmore H ?"??""""?.PS-s w if*ltlies.t. tttai l J * regcUily furnished by me a.i aJlL'Ti 'T"* , ?n?tnt?.c-d as hotly as It has heen he rawentMJatne I. id ana our Own batter in. some of the prtnouers a e hk?lv to bnhurt Alre.d<- -nver.l traamonta ZiihM''h"r",>(1 'hs ?n at,.re, hut no mie h..e fat been ut|u ed A uamber ui shells n i s fallen just out 2Sm?? ' b!c,"',1 up ? <,Uhli ?ul n?n? wuniii. i be 2oTurwatching the flight of tbe JTih^m ?"tcht. e-td seem to evince bu. I.ttle fear MtJ-dd .s .iTk.^""*" "L'""1 h" d "0,' tbe.r person, sentaim *n. "rh bomb ?M'l"de among them. whrnh-abouta *? *Do,*a? P'^W ?f tbe.; . .. w "awn ssow snmtms *r the past wvek hss been very ilmrlsi n.h.i ?artere first repm-d tbe defeat ot llood sol'lbs we n,!" of Atlanta by Ai ermw. force., and ti, mm ennftr >ed the same day by , BavIXla CC' i thrrugli hy ? flag 0f trutp 2Ttbr2 Jm!'!!' ?"? being oonvlnoed of the ,: , thie report, ts-ued the following general order Wblcbjr ,. ecihaslotkiilly received by the sniire eotn-' aaeasxLaaenss? Jto HI. ? sfhii tsaii, Usrssrwasf orfia Soi-va, i m news w'-"."" "ran, d 0.. Hspt 8, ISM. I rwwvee br tSMrur. 4I|J rwullrnted by t eg of large force of the enemy. ?Itua l, defeated Iw u?i< ltsi Point, Oa . that Hen " M lost., destro,lag six be-u'ee *1aV5f,'VJ}0,,,7'1l"r' ?''h "rd tad towards Maeoa. Oa. Tbe^SflamV^Am4 r?, ?<??" enie nrt atlanta ic irtSmnb on fa. sS . Ipratod 00 In por.*', of tbe cyng enem, ",L "*'1 . r* Groaning fkiorf, it# rrnmnit mt ?. a. . . 4gGtlag, fm >o itiauf ftnd *fx*r m Miwena# fa|!g-i?? manbss. kn.wa ?Tnm?s fib! M*e ssrvad, even tsr a time, la the WaiV!eJ iJtTS wtc ftanks of ?e aaboa will reme Intims bullhallS^fH' tasrlata In arms somes s,<?olansAJ!? *at ,b" ram As an svtdense of this feeling n ,h, port ef tbu - . ??-i rt?rj?5ajsIiT?? font points thesein fin the Northern dtstret with u . , tiioi), no t a similar salute from Fort Welles, st H illon Lead, > 0. By ooiumaud of hnj. Gee. J. it. FObTK*. W. U M. Bwm .??, Assistant Adjutant General. OueWl ? Thoha* I loiinoi. First loteutenent Twenty tin 0. ?. C T., AcUr.g A sets taut Adjutant General. Ou Friday nicl uai sa'ulea war# Bred from Forte Weflee and Hewa d, md all the sh pp' g m the barbor were tiseked out wild every bit of buming tbat could be rawed. At noon the meu-of war were drewed out with colore, the Blare and Stri|?ee run up to each msstbend, eod a national solute tired, by order of the Admiral at' iieame affair is won idia'Sho iiriijm. The farhi< uabie circles of colordom have been in a stale of ntenbe and agreeable excitement over an event which If hereafter to be m triced In the boldest and moot noioiauaabii'cbaik iiuee in ibe caleudar uf.ilio '.lilt of ooutraband society ae altogether the grandest, m-wl notable and high tonod affair tbel tbat Interest ng por tion of tbe community ever contemplated. The great event waa nothing ie*i than a purer dannntr, as tbe sty llsli narda of InvfUilion annouueed It, "in honor of tbe nuptiaie of Mr and Vrg. Thomas latino," whose names m?ft now be rerorucd by tbe mure of history. The iniioceot euu altogether lovely and highly colored pa'r were servant of Captain Burger, Adjutant General of tbe department, ant leuieuact Huter, Chief of (engi neers of the de. rlmoot, and tbe kuiur gentteinon! every nerve to make the ailair kn eiitlro aud overwhelming mil ct *v. How well thoy accomplished their laudablu b oc' vi 1 ?trm bo soon. The eaMre lower juiri of tbeuusrlors of the above named jmilleman wore given entirely up to ike ip ste. wjiie the white people invited us spectators were uiudo per'ec.tly at bnme lu < aptaln Bur ger s to in ? n tbr second M iry. Among the gueais nroseut were IJentenant Colonels Moudford, lteniieii, Mr.urs Dsviee,Steves. lochwood. of the Pay m ister is its ?rtment. SJ > lore-Strong and Aoder sou of (jeueral F <tor'? stuif; Surgeon fjlywer, Medical Director Vapiam Matinmg and others, and Messrs. John son,or the (Vnr 'o. '/.. and Ralph Trembly. the fenu'us disciple of Keg David, only he plays on a Jo \v sharp si Kb one string Bel w itie rents wore hrtllPtntly lighted and tastefully ornamented with rvergreeoff and (lowers. A fine room w is reserved for salitMory exercises and a ba> d or string trv.eit: w* 'n at'di Intuit. Until this black musical brotherhood was men many or tbo worthy guests wee uncertain i reolsely whst the afl-?lr was to be l.'Og discuFeions, front which came no light, on the vend <tu?sticn had beon"beld laic o nights In nr. ty kit hens n the niysterioii* phiase toir-r vfavt ante, TV Pat did that meauy "Nehorhear dat ar wud before; ?<ui'' be sometlng nice?"iay be rtur's sotnetui'g good to ,?ui tar. Dress d'lxird, desc wh te folktt are enr'ous folks," and then a huge guffaw followed, and the great eye? glistened with plea-ureablo anticipations. But it was * <i anee; and the style of the ibir, Ihe roust lashr nabie colored rnotiist*? of Mitr.hellvtlle wero racking their brains end annoying tbeL lingers for a wok in producing dresses md crijfurrt of the most novel snd stunning k'r.d. Th-y succeeded, too, in producing some startling ejects. Almost all of the ladies appeared n white Cow necked drca.-ios, trimmed with ribbons blue, ribbons red, and ribbons while Flounces snd lurbelows, ami tacka ana?and all sorts of ringing appeared be '>w. while above towered the ebonv ?boulders and Deck, and then on the bead mure orna ments. which 1 despair of describing Oh, it was altugcflisr a brilliant assembly, ami the perfumery jockey cinb. n'ght blooming caraway seeds, tpu-k and bouqtiot d'Afrtque blended sweolly in tbat evening "lr. Oh', it was delicious. But the music has struck up, tbo nico young men?some in white, some in Hamlet's colors and rome In the blue coats of tbe government?with many airs, select nnd lead out tlyeir rov partners, md the Incoherent cries of tbe colored master of ceremonies ?ets the complex machinery In motion. The light fantastic toe was tripped some you may be assured Never was so much exercise called forth in a dauce before. Compll cated steps not laid down In tbe books were taken, ard it seemed a? If dislocation of all the join s must ettsus it the music did not cease; but they ail lived tbroujb t. A sumptuous repast was "sruken of at mid night, ard r.mple justice done tb? caterer's production. Th n dancing sgain'u til far into tbe morhieg, when tbe gay and ioatlve party dicperaed. per ectly eDcbanted with tbe brilliant entertainment. Nothing is permitted to he alluded to in the beet circles tbat does hot In some way or otbor refer to iho ?<Arte danMnl , and those un fortunate creatures who were not Invited are col dead In tbe street*, and not recognized as of tbe elite. We arc aiding society down pretty closely bcrc In the absence ol active opesattoDS m the field. 1 bad forgotten to state tbat during tbe evnlng tbo wbite guests were presnted to tbe bride uud bridegroom, and eUgaot little speeches made, and compliments exchanged, and good advice given. Fvery one was pleased, and none mere than tbe blushing bride. Bo touch for fasbiouah.e life. IMfOHrSNX OKt'ZRS FROM itCWBSil. SiXrOM. The following circulars explain tbeuiselves ? ciacm xk so. 8. HBinucxsTKR*, I!ritm? Stxisb Four is, 1 Dktrii'T or Kuouvl } BsxurnaT, S. 0., August S7, IW14. J To tnx Fn??t?irs is t.'? bkpahtmsvtoi tux Socru ? lu a time of p enlv and proso"r tjr a wise man lavs up in Siwrt-out oi (,;s anuudauce ?nmethlog for a lime ot need In the fuvure. that n? ay not be found, like the foolish vir gliiiS without oil In his lamp. In tlmse dajra of vour proe p. i lty w h'-n your tleluo aie fruitful and cot.on brings rtl inual'x/ahuloiis price: wlion colored elid.lren receire lull pes an I rations e jua' to that w .ich our governine it gives to'her biaveet ami he t when large bouotlos are paid to those who were ateijr slaves who now ealtst la herasrvioe, ' aotl the humblest laborer je ar .nowiedgct to he worthy or | b a, it u youc duly e pro ido against a ru.ure time Of are,) iu such a way ae to sustain tbe administration win h, under Frovidrnee. ha* hrou ht you all theee bleselngs, and to piwveot your faiuli es or yuureelves from ever be oin ing a tax upon its bounty. To Accomplish this end, snd to eual.le you to have a safe derosltnrv for your monetr. I have appointed (Japt iin J. P. Low, AKslstanl y.iartsruie?hr, as president; tenant A 1'. Krlclium. Aid-de-vetap, as tie^n.rer, and Mr. S. I, Harris a* cashier of a aav ogs (rank lo;- v our berteflt. All the funds ton de posit lu this han-i will b? at once Inreoted in safe and vaiu ab'e United Stales gov rmnenl securities You will thus bai e a secure pla -e nt deposit for your tnm er, wiirre it will yield you a fair rate ol interest, sad will, ar Wie raine lime, indirect;. aid la sustaining tbe ?ovnratnes wbkd te doing so much or "d Tbe 8 nth Carolina F.eodu eu's Havings B nkl located luihntowi of Be.vnfort til tbe colored peop e wl.o deposit the r money u It will take a rreeh t from the treasurer for the amount, and can <ee, axautid ibat it wi I tie returned to tbetn again with lutereat w heo called for. I he superintradents and tesehersnf tbe f-eedmen, snd ell oih> is a bo feel an interest in tbsir welfare, are requested to explain tbls circular so far ae possible 'n tho?e under tbelr charge. K ft (T iN, Kngad'er General, Mi.itary Uovernor. RRChLXt'- AS. The fuVowlBf repulAtions aunpted by the hoard of Off.. I ceis. tuid approved by Ciencral Haxtou. are published fur 1 the. ir.for .laiion of eposPois ? Deposits of fit c cents and upwards wi I he received. Sui ts not evcu ediug 8-'S may be drawn on ? . For tbo withdrawal of a : larger amounts thirty Jsys uotice may be re'P'tred. at the opt on of CP - cs-1 l?r. Interest at the rstc of live pet crut pe annum, computed from the i tuny of Jvuuair, Aprd Jnlvaitl t'ctnUrr, will he pa <t on deposits ol (its or ipwarrls wbicu i uiaio in tbe baod durtnr an entire quarter. All luvei menu will no In Untied Rtatev 'e nrli'es \\ t en tlr deudr are Jsclatej a.i I routs that have accrued will be divide . among depos t rs w to have depoalted $.'8 or upward*. Oflu-e open daily from too A. N. to one P. M. The hank will not be evchisive f r the free 1 men, al though esi-tb. sUeu primarily lor their benelit ctscctjp so. e. nxiKlt'S TVB?, MttlTSRV QcrnRvo* I R ? A in out, H. C , A up. .10 18 4. ' 1. H has been rt' <>; .ed tu tiii-, hcadq .aider* tbat pevwut are now m tii to , Mpf.'l ho are contracting with iho frcedinen 'or ti e | ,*r of tliclr coiton in advance of the bar eat. at ret-'a . a s'reed ujhiii w Ic tween the par ties, vhicurate- v < iclt -o ire mud helow ila probable value when it shall '-' adv t t market, an as the igno raui-e Of lie people cv l'e real vai e of their cotton rnav csuae them to muxe contra'da to tl.efT owo In lury, it la here by erderv d I. Tost no such contracts Wiube considered legal nr bind ing upon the (ieo :o. f There te hereby sidved to th? enlleo crop of eet'nn raised, or to be rs sod this year, 'a the l>ep ."tment of the Routh. a I'On In laeor of the laonrers oi on .anl cotton crop and iu the full extent of the amount due them mr their lahor on >a .1 crop: and whether sa d amooat due then, as "by agreement with their emnlotera was to be paid them in money, or by share of the crop or both. :t. Refute any cotton raised on the plantationstn thl? de partment ean be (hipped, a permit mnet he obtained from these tinad pterins, where aa lsiartorv evidence will oe e quired that ail Just elalmtof laborers and producers have been settled. 4 Any pe'wvn p-rehayirg cotton fr im freedmeR ent't "b tain from the rmeral superintendent of the di.itl-a 'it widen secb freadmcn live A certificate tl?at such purrha ie was fairly made, with due regard to th? Intureefs >f,'he freedmcn anil to the markol va ue of tlie e o|v This Cec il sole taaet aoaetapeai ' c . a leal a to ship enttea, t. Too general an|>erlntemleiite mil l obtain trom each freedmau at tbe fl ue ef aa.e the n of acres f costoo citilivk'c.1 by him, and in "ace It is toia crop should ippear so largely ni eteesa of that ordlnarllv produced to the a> re as to justify the suspicion of fraud, nr that he had stolen from lilt emp oyer no cert flcate will be given tint 1 a full and satisfactory investigation is inade. II. Violations of the forrgolng regulations will in? >l?e the setiure and sal* of the cotton at a iclloo for the',en ml ot the laborers, and all person concerned in shipping any of lbs aforesaid cvnion without permission from lh?-e head quarters will expose them*.dees in ai rest and punlcbmsut, and their property to aelsurn and cnfcoatnin By order of K SAXTON Briiadier Oeneral and Military Oovernor, g W Bsitov, Caj 'ala aad Aid de t'atnp. rt NWVSt Brltsdier Denoral Fdwird E. Totlsr leaves to-day cr the Fulton to recuperate It ? healtb, greatly impaired by erduoue services in tbe Hnntb. Mr. J. R Porkman lato a prleoner of war, captured from the Aries, also leaves for tbe North by tbe earns ?team sr. The steamer ronncHlent Oommuedsr J. J. Artxty ar rived from ths North to Arrival sf the Steamer DeRegel mt Philadelphia. PRlIADRLPlUa, Sept IB, 1M4. Tbe Catted tutos steamer Donegal, from rtiarleeton Bar 13th Inst., with one hundred and flfty ngleera, die eherged sailors and lovtid eoldiers, arrived here to-day Fhe |<a eed off Halteros the steamer Arago, with ? brig la lev. Military AffTalre. JDRTICI AN OFFIORR. Tbe Mnitery camtnission which was appointed te In quire ku the charges recently preferred against tfRjor Henry h. Alien, er the Reventy fourth regiment New York Yolunteere, has, artor a careful revision of the ease, dlsetieesd tbe complaint. The Major Is sow preparing to re-enter the service with a higher rank. tjrOTA or rOUOBlRRPRIR m.1.. retvemRRenra, N. T., Repl 10, IBM. Tbe quota oT thla eily endee the late call is full Tbe B'lOfs fbr the Blh'rkt will probably be Blind by the tlm e tbe wheel revolve*. At all events sot more thes e bun Bred names will hive to he draws, Tbo hue postpone maul el ihe draft ht tM dhtrvt hoe eeeosleaed this re suit A T L A N T A. The Congratulatory Order in Full from the General Commanding. THE DEPOPULATION OF ATLANTA. CirrNpiDdinei Between General! Grant and Sherman. GRANT'S SHOTTER 8AGFTE, oU., he., Gcwexisli Ihefmkn'i Cnn(i?.lu>atory Or* iter to His Army. PTnrr*L riw.D onD?'?e?no. 6P. Hs atkipartihh, Wiutast Division or tub Mwwn, > In tiu: Kixlp, Ati.anta, Ga,, Sept *, 1864 f The officers and soldibrn of tbe irimeu of ilia t umf>er land. Ohio and n'eunfHRee have already received the thanks of the nation, through Ha President and Com man ?lor ill Chief, and It now remains only for him who ban been with you from tho bsginnlog, and who intends to stay all the time, to thank the officers aud men for their intelligence, fidelity and courage displayed in ihe catnp'iigu of Atlanta. On ib? l*t of May Our armies wore lying In grrrmun, seemingly qu'ot front Knox villc to Huntsvllle, and mir enomy lay behind ills rocky fared barrieY at Dultua, proud, defiant and exulting. He tint had tliun spice Christmas to recover from h e discomfiture on ihe Mission ridge, with his ransa filled, anil a new com mander in chief, second to none of the con cderacy in lonutation tor skill, ity and en',renin popularity. All at once' our armies assumed life and as ti n, and appeared before I si', ton: threatening Ho-ky Kace we threw ourselves opoo Hcssaec.i. und the rebel army odIv escaoed by the rapidity of it* reireat, aided by tho numerous road* with which ho wax faunliar, and which were strange to us. Again he took posi in Allatooua, but we b in no rest, and by a circuit toward* Pail as and subsequent movement to Ackworth, we pained the Allitoona Pas*, then followed the eventful b ittles about Kouesaw, and tbe eccii|>e of the enemy across?'halt* hooche* rlvor. Tbe crossing (il the Chaitaboo hoe md breakup- of the Augusta road waa most handsomely executed by ua. and will oe studied as an example in tho art of war. At this ?lago of our came our enemies became digsai *flcg with their old and skilful commander, and selected one ' more bold aud rasn. New tactic* were adopted. Hood first boldly and rapidly, on the 20th of July, fell m? our right at Peach Tree creek, at'd lost. Again on the 22d be struck our extreme lei t. uud was severely punished: and fioally, again ou tbe 28th be repeated tbe attempt on our right, and that tune must have been satisfied. for since tMt date be has remained oo tbe defebsive We slowly and gradually drew our line* ab ut Atlanta, feeling fur tho railroad* which supplied tbe rebel army and tnada Atlanta a place of Importance. We must concede t" our enemy that be met these eilorts patiently and skilfully, but at last be made tbe mistake we bad waitod for no long and sent bis cavalry to our rear, far beyond the reach of recall. Instantly our cavalry was on bis only remaining road, and we followed quickly with our prin cipal srrny, ana Atlanta fell into our posseaaloD as tbe fruit or well concerted measures, hacked by a brave and confident r.rmv. This comuleied ibe grand task wblcb bad been assigned us by our government, and your General again repeat* bis personal and official thanks to all the officers and men composing thin army, for tbe in domlMblo courage and pertev-eranc# which nlone could give success. We bave beaten oor enemy on every ground he has chosen, and bave wrestled from him his own Gate (itv, | where were located bis foundries, arsenals and work shops, deemed secure on account of their distance rom our Dase. and the seemingly impregnable ohsta- Isd inter vetting Nothing is imponsible to nu armv like this, determined to vindicate a government which bos rights wherever our flag has once floated, and Is reanlvsu to maintain them at any and all owls. In our campaign many, yea, very many of our noble and gallant comrades bavs preceded us to onr common destination, the grave but they bave left tbe memory ot deeds ou wbich a nation can liuitd a proud history. McPheresn, Ilarker, McCook aud other dear to ua ail, are row tbe binding lioka ,n our minus thai shon'd at lach more closely together the living, wbo nave to com* Rlete the task wbtub still lays before us in tha dim tlure. ] aak all to continue as tbev bave so well begun, the cultivation of Ibe soldierly virtues that bare en ti b ed our owo and other countries Courage, patience, obedience to the laws ami constituted autnoritie* of our government; fidelity to our trusts and good feeling among each other; en b Irving to exoel the other In tbe prat lice of those blgb qualities, ami it will then require no prophet to foreieli thai our country will In time emerge from tble war purified by tho fires of war and worthy Its great founder?Washington W. T. JiHERMAN, Major General( oromandnjg. ??Atlanta" to fee Inscribed oa the Army Colors. All tbe corps, regiments and hat'er'.e* compo?lng the army may, without further orders, Atlanta on their color*. Ity order of Major Geueral SHERMAN. * U M Hattoi^ Atd-i*-Camp. Bv command of Ma;or General THOMAS. Roar. H. Ramsay, Assistant A<l,ulsnl General. General Grant's Shotted Nalate In Hoeor of tbe Vmtorjr. CITY Point, va..Sept. 4?ti M. M?|or General ?rbrman.?> 1 have just received your despatch anno melng the can inro of Atlanta. In honor of your great victory I have J si ordered a calote to be fired with shotted guns from every hatterv bearing upon the eneiny. ibe ralu'e will be fired witbiu an hour, amidst great rejoi ing U. S GRaVI : le iteuani Genera!. Tbe Depopnlntlon of Atlanta. I.ICTTEK ritu Tint itSBCI. OKNBKAI. HOOP TO GKNg It At, 8IIEII MAS, HntnoUASTKSS, AH* V 0? Tint TssSVNSVt. 1 Ornm t.'oiss or "Taiv. Sept. s?, IS'!* J Ha nr General Siikrmam, < oturuauulDg t'nitof t>i?ice K irees in < eorgia: Gknssai--Your 'eltcr nt yestn day s date, borne by JamoH W. Rail md James R. Grow, oitl.ens of Atlanta, is received. Ycu ray the eio?"A leem it to bo to tha :u terest of tho ' nlwd Mates, that '.ho citizens now residing In Atlanta should romove. ,Vc." 1 do not insider that I hove any alternative in the n?"itter !, therefore, vc.:o|>i your p'op ? tiott to declare a tmco of ten diy? or tu< b time as may be cneaanry to acoompileh the purr?>se montonrd. nnd eh ill render all tbe assistance In my power to orpedUe the transportation of Itiseua In this direction. 1 suggest tbatastifi ip : >i be appointed by yen to eiiiermtcnd the removal from the city to Gough and Ready, while I appoint a like officer to cootrol their removal further south I bat a ctierl of ue hundred men ho sent by either pa. ty as yon prof . so lo n .. ntam order at place and that tbo removal b*;' n on Moo lay next. And n w, sir, permit m* to say that the "nprenedentad measure you propose transcends In studied and iogcqnis cruelty ail acts ever before br>> gbt to uiy attention n tbe dark history of war. In the name of God and humanity 1 pro est. believing that you will find that < on are expelling from their homes and firesides the wives and children of a 1 rv.e peop'e. 1 am, Geuer > 1, very rcspecllhlly , your obedient servant J. it. liool). General. official?McA Hi wwrrr, f.leutenant. Ate. Aceompai ylng ibe above letter was ? or addrc*e?d to Oolooel Ctlhuuu, Mayor of Atlanta, through wboes coair teay 1 am |>ermitied io take a opy ? LXTtfcB fROM MOOD TO Tftt MSTOH oP 4 I AVTA. USAl'qCARTKRa, ASVV (IV tllS Tus*'"*** V ?ept. ' ISflA f Hon. Jambs M. GAtciorN, Mayor - Sin?I have ibe honor to acknowledge tbe receipt of yoar letter touching tbe removal of tho ottl ens of At lanta, as ordered by General Hhermvn. Please find *n closed my reply toctueral fibormau's l> tier I ahail do all infiy power to mitigate the 'errtble hard.b p and misery ibat must be brntigbl upon your people hy tins extraordinary o-der of the federal commander, frane portatlnn will b>> sent to K ugh and Ready to i arry tbe people and their streets further ;<outh. A ou havn my deepest sympathy lu tht? unlocked fer and unprecedented aMHotton. I am str.verv respei >? fully, your obedient servant, J R. HGUli. Geosrol A T. rob fom TBI* HAYB. Hxapqi astkrs, Militarv Hmsiaii, Mwnssirn. > In ihb 1 isLD, Atlanta, tie , 8ept lo, ifitts ( srrnai nai.n orurr. no 70. 1. Pnrsnant (o an agreement halwcen General .1. n. Hood, eommaniing tbe confederate forest !? Georgia and Major Gsuerai W T. Hherman. somnitsdtng this army, a truce la hereby declared to exist rom dsylighl or Monday, tlsptemher la, until dsylighl of Thursday Heptember T2 ten (10) full dsve si a txiint on tbe Macon' Railroad known as Rough and Ready, and tb* country mnndxbout for a circle of two (3) nniee radius, together with the roads leading lo and from, jn the direction of Atlanta snd 1/ivsjoy sUtton respect vsly, for tha pur poos or afloroing lbs people of Atlanta a eafe means of removal lo points south. 9. Tbe Chief Quartermaster at Atlanta, Onions) Fasten will stlord all lbs nitliens of Atlanta who elect to go vou b all tho faetlltios he can apnre to remove them com foriehly and saiaiy.witb their sfTVcts, to Rough and Ready stalioo, usmg oars and ambulaucoo for that pt r | O00 aud eomniandera of regiments and brigades may ass tboir regimental snd ?tsir teams lo carry out it.e object of this order; the whole to ooaso after R'sdaeodsv 91st instant. " 8. Maior Gousral Thomss will csaso a gaardtobocf. tan i is had vn tbe road out beyond tb* ctmp ground with orders lo allow oil wigooo and vebkrloa to paas that are used manifestly for this purpose; snd Major General H ward will sand a guard of one hundred ms, with a Bold omoor in sommaod, to take pott at Ro<*fcaad Ready during (be trace, wdb orders la concert with a guard from tbe taofedorato army of like also, to maiataln the moot porist t order lo ttiai vteinity during Urn transfer ef thsee fa ml Ilea. A white flog will he displayed daring the trues, and a gaard will souse all wagons to leave at fbur r. M. e# W if day. the suat mm,, and the guard to withdraw at dark, the truce to term<i>a'e 'M n'^1 "toro iM- By order uf Major General W, T. .vtitwUl AN. L M. llai roit, Aid de camp. REBEL ACCOUNTS. iddltlaaal el lh? Kraeaatlea ot At taata. |Onrreat*>?denee of the Augusta (Oa ) SentlMl.) Karly oa the morn tug of the lei mat. it waa officially ascertained tbat the dlsa-ter on Wednesday eyuleg was fnlly as seriooa ae dnit reported, sad that life forces of the eastny on the Macon road ennsnted of Bee rail corps e( infantry, with a lit ge tares or cavalry. It was also knowu that a large loron was south of the Chat taliooehee, In the Tleialty or thn r niruad bridge. H<dh of these were threatening the ely.andan it would have heon tolly to attempt to reeiat both, aa evacuatiuo was promptly determined im n. The removal of all IPs nuppllee anil ammi.nltlon tbat the transp-rtation facilities or the army would permit commenced early en Thursday, and waa continued throughout tbe day. Ivarp?? |,iniili:iet of provisions were also distribute! to the people, and at nightfall all on hand stored in the Georgia Kaiiroad warehouse and cars oa ifco track, Tliroughout tbe day, also, the several bodies of tr?'0|w, as they were withdrawn from the de- , fences uod went through the city, were permitted access to the nublic sto-ea.' Ihe rilling stock of <he railroad, consist uig of ah >ul ? .iinulred cars and elx engiuas, was concentrated near the rolling mill before dark and by that hour all the troop, had passed through, wdb ilia exception ot the rear yard, l-lt to prevent Mt> iggbng l'hetr withdrawal was aroornpl'sbed in good order at.4 without cmfualon or stragglinc. Of course great excitement i revailed throughout the day, but a moderate degree ot good order obtaiue I A lew licentious citizens ami ?o'diers embraced the oecatton to show the wicked'in "of it, ?> natures; hut thn gr? it m tea of both Classes ac'*d with the great-st decorum Tho citizens who lunl stnlerrd from tho malice of ilie euomv dtu nig tho bu'iniarduicnt locked on sorro.rmgly, and in ilulgi'1 ,n route hi roe as I" what would ho tne-r fate when cncrt in the enemy a po wer, while the troops tiled through the *lt*el w.lh a study trend. It is true, but novcrtunless with s rrciv d.. led on thoir weather beaten counlena.ii e? as to the scenes that followd through the day I i an nnly report etc ?nl h nlnd The O'dcr was t ? burn only government property leu behind, a id this would uecen earlly Involve tho ilcsirinc ice of tho Georgia depot, (he mlIto? stoi k in the city and '.lie r dlihg mill. A geu'tlo mac w'io left Hi' c ly early this morning informs nie iha depot was tired about eleven o'clock, and the cars, Aio , %u hour or t Mb later I he explosion consequent upon the firing of the ordnance t1"1 i took piece about two o'clock th * morning, aud w.? heard and fa t in a gr-at distance. Many oiti/.oue came nut but luocsands remained- sonto because they could col set two, but others froni choice. Breastworks Tliiowa t p Arownd .tlacon-Appcals .Made to kite Cltlsests to Organue. | From the Richmond Examiner. Jepl 12.1 Rreastworks are brin;' thro -n dp around Macon. ? Tne citizens of Mar.ou are quite excited about the evacn a tion of All.una. The papers of Ha.-an appealing to the citizens of that place to organize and be prepared to resist any raid ing parly that may he seat Against the place The wounded uf .'onoHb r> hove oern added to the Macon hospitals, and a large number of refugees from the overrun couutry, to her already < rowded population. NEWS FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Ncwbbix, -apt. 10, 18C4. The little despatch gteamcr Fawn, on hor regular trip from Norfolk to Roanoke Island, through tlia canal, waa eaptured and burnt by the enemy on the cvon'ng of the illh. i'.ajor letpcy, Provost Judge at Newborn, and e few otber persons who wire on the Fawn, were alio cap tured. A large number of Idle negroes have boon sent from here to General Grant to work lu the trenches. Under the uew l'reaaury regulations parties who pro duce cotton, naval stores and other products by their own labor, ere now to ehip tbe same to tbe North ern markets through an agent epitointej by tbe govern ment. No salea or bartering in the same by private pa* ticB is allowod iu tbe department under any circum stanons whatever. Mr. John catteries, of New York, who has been here en a toar of inspection, lelt for Washington on tlie Pth inat. The recruiting agents who arrived here with dralts, certified checks and Slate money, were obliged to return to the North for the ''greouoauks,!' being unable to ob tain recruits without them. Itrcrulttng ia still progress ing under favorable circumstances, though rao?t of tbe ayente have been callod borne, owiog to ma near ap proach of tbo draft. Bonnes* of all kinds is at prec-nt very dull In New born. 1 he report that yellow fever has made its appearance here is incorrect, 'the miihlco change in the weather hue developed the congestive chills, which in a few hours have proved Istai in a few case*. This te the origin of the report Dr. Doughty, l'ost Surgeon, Is very suc-'eet ful 'ii his treatment of this dines** through tbe aid ><f a ?urn hath, which is applied immediately ' DISASTER IN THE EAST RIVER. Eiplathin of s 1 agltoat- Four I'vreoue Knppossd to br Killed, Air. A terilbie de.ister occurred .u the l est river yes Wrd'ty morn dig, nearly opposite the foot of .Irtcksoo street. It appear* that the tngbo?ia R B. Saodere and tlPVA Raker wore engaged ,n a rac? rtewn the I A?t river. The Notts were rnuning cute to each otber and very rapidly, when, at a quarter jiaet nine k . tne race wa suddenly and sadly term asfed hy ihr of tho bcHerof the II. B. Senders The clio- k was terriiir. acd th rngh the ill mted boat w is some three hundred ye-ds irom the dock* wb- n Ihc acc dent occurred, all the build ings in the vicinity of the water weVe eiiakeo to tbeir foundations. The steamer vm* completely gutted by the i xploston, tlie b iler and ecerviiipig in her be'ng thrown high ir-1o the nr. incl iduig the unfortunate men Of there t: er- were sever on board altogether, so that four ire unproved to have been killed. Aflrr the evpiielon several large fragment* of the Noler mm blurry and woodwork were thrown several hundred lecl mm the air, am! many of them deacenrtod to tbe city. One p eceof th? by let, weighing shunt two bundled pound", leli In Delano r marble yard, near the fe u nl Jackvon street, Hut f< MunstSlV did no ortner damage ib ?n to Oreok a gig which It struck in Its descent. several persons on board tho steamer .Jtslo of Georgia, !ytn, at the fool of Jack <,m street, were hit by small fragtuents of timber, aud several beady ones fell all ai iu at tin ,n. hat furtinvlety J..1 no damage. Ofllcer "trek." tb# Ibirtemth j tree met, va* hit by a piece of li ubar aud seriously burl, We d,d nd le -rn that any other casualty o vurr d from the e plusloo on slioro. After exploding tho now empty hull of I he propeller kept oo ber course lor about on' hundred yards. Mean time the Olive Hskcr h .4 slacked oil' and prepa-ed to take her in tow. For tit k purpose uhn ran alongside and fasteued ? rope to her and picked up one of her crew, | who is sup!'0"Od to be uohirt, and moo proceeded , n th'wr lbs river Several boats Instantly pushed oft from the New Turk side and com men ed picking up wbat they could, IB the hope of saving tte life of some unfortunate fellow crea ture Duly one (James Doyle, the pilot ! could be found at Hi h timr. however, and bis legs and one ot his arms were broken, and be wns otherwise en seriously in tired that be was scarcely able to apea*. and wvs taken m the Uty Hospital by tbe police, where he died some bmirs eubeeqi ently. He was In Ho ppvt hou?e at Ihe t me of the eccidout. Th- i loalug sre the name- sf the nfflcrre and crew cf the u'lfortunate boat s<' far a* Dr y cen'd be a*, er is i tied ? ('apiain?U F. Wiisey j'llot- 'a*. Doyle Fngineer A. thur Hunt I li emcn - JosUua Snaith, 1 J laawr | Deck band?George rmlth. Tbe shove l articulars of usices ai d oacniwiions were eiita-oed if m lbs owner n* the tnghnat which waa lo*t end ilis t?stiers of the veesei which were picked np in the river after the accident and bringhi to tne Ibirteenth preclect station house. The eccidci t created qatte an excitement en the east ?ule of the city and has been tbe general Ibasae el conversation there since iu occurrence. A meovirsndusi bonk, several letters sud cards, sup posed u> have belonsed to Captain W ilsey were found floating ib tbe water and taken iu charge by Ceplam Hie*re. of the thirteenth precinct, ,-atme of tbe letters bed been addressed to the captain at A neon ia Coon Tbe cause d the exjdosiat Is unknown, ai.4 may only be netsrm lied by s thorou.h nvest Igalloe Tee H. II Mdhdere was built in Tiny ,;i IA8S at s coat of $20 (HK), was owned by Stevens. .?u,lir A Co., and ?aa insured sgainsl Ore only. Iler captain?IwKnreM V, ilsey -w s thrown a distsn.-s of th rty feel iu tbe air, ?ad was lost, t'eier Franklin, the slsws'd, a colored man. was lush George smith, a deck h>nd. I* vunpo'Sd to he lost. Arthur Hunt, tho ei,goie*r, hae legs ai d arms terribly scalded T J. Dawson, a fireman, and a friend named Reuben Afrlne, who wo* nt n, an excursion, vno euginssr Hunt, were reeeued hy the lug Perrlngioe. The Uvrrlend Ronte. I'rvvas, Hrpt tfl |gei4. No Indians have heap seen on the overland road roe weeks. Flages will begin to run over it immediately The Indian soars seems to have ended TTeope ere sow stationed so as to Mlv protect the checker and travellers ever the roete PETERSBURG. Soddei Death of Brigadier General J. B. Howell. Heavy Cannonading by Gene ral Birney's Corps. Grand Bembardmcnt by (be IUbels ef Our Signal Tewers, te, te Mil Cart w nil nder'e Despatch. City I'ouit, Sept. 16.1&A4. PIP,101* C4RNORA.IIINO CP PKTP.HMHl'KU i>U Till R.I'SL WORK*. The enemy persisted In annoying General Birney's cos |-6 by itr'iij on li s pickets at nil hoars until ho deter mined to give inoin mora serious employment, At ten o'clock yoHtei'lny his butteries opened on lbe>r works en J on lbs city of feterBbttrg along the entlro front of Ins corp., aud Iner.llv rained shot and shell on them for over two hum The guns were so well stayed, aud -the Bring so rapid and long eonliifued, thai many supposed u general engagement w.a l?r< grwsing. The roads were lined wltn people bar rj ing In hot nasio to ascertain the cause of such terrido oaiiuoi.adhig. About noon tho Uro slackened, and by lour o'clock died away entirely, save the sullen b om of an oacatiiooal goa iroui one of tlio gunboats anchored iu the Appomattox near the Point of locks. Through tlie night, an 1 up to nice o'clock ibis morning, a dead calm eovcuedod. tbk larnutwi namr ott tub whliio* sait.road. All ucoountsof an Impending battle on the Woldun 'lall rt ad are more speculxtiona bss.i.i on remote probabili ties. Itesortei's repot tt d th?t Ice had changed bis bead ? pinners to the vicinity of Beam's station a week ago, for the purpose ol bringing on a battle and drawing us from that much covoied position, the uUomnt Into not yet been made, and the wh >t? story may h.Vli been a rebel fabrication. Whether lee did so move his headquarters or not It >s certain that a largo proportion ol the rebel soldiery stationed in that quarter belfoved be did. the report mav hive been put In circii'illou to luspiro them with aaditioniil ctnlldeucc, or uiuy have been intended to cover ulterior deeigns. as IMPORTS NT OROVR The following importaut order hoc just beeu pub 141, Or.v pr t.,) Ric.iaotn, J sent U\ I ill. ) liSltSd: C1RCC1 4R. Orrirr or vnv Provost Mir-uai. Or^pr Annul O ? *>> ri no Auais t.'iTv Pi. sr, Va., Sept Prom soil after this dale no intuima. vinoo- or niait Ihj iocs will b. pennltleil lo be hioiiglit vwiUia the I nca of the armies oiwratinir against mc, : ? . h irn are brought by the couimtssaiy and medical department-. No sutler, purveyor or trader w; ! be allowed to tiring any kind oi liquor thl. aide of foil Monroe. Va.. and any pereon t lolatlng tti.s order ivi,I lie arretted and eni Without the hues of tb. armie .and to* stone tntiide sei/cd and confiscated for Hi. Iiena it of the government. I'rov.'St inarehals <>f corns und divisions will make fra 'lurni toupee linns of the eutibos'i "tcn'.e ol all traders within their respective commands, and meet ah curb as are found violating this circular, lukiu: their g.odsin en l-uy, and raporllny ibe case, lo this oil ce for final disposition. .M. K. PATKIi'K. Proso?t Marshal Uancral. OOlr a. ? W. K hit a with, Captain and A. 1). C. THE TENTH CORPS. Mr. William 11. Merilam's Oeipattli. la in. ; ism, Sept. 16,1864. St'CPBR UIATR OP ORNSFAL }. ? UOWCLI*. OP PENNSYLVANIA A veiy great calamity be'el ihs Teuth army corps last night, In the auddau and lamentable death of Brigadier denarii Joabua R Howell, commanding a brigade in Major General A. H. Terry's division. 1 he circumstanced were as follows ?sh-rily after .tinner General Howell proposed to mount hi. horse nnd ride to a poiut some wbat distant troin bis quarters. He hid on.y succeeded in gainti g bis position on bis horse, which was exceed ingiy uneasy on the bit, when, thu General unfortunately grasping Ibe wrong rem, the horse suddenly careered and fell backwards, falling wholly on the pers' ii of Ibe de ceased, where be remained. If is order ij at oure iiianed to Ibe (icneral'8 rescue, and wob luucti exertion got b>? prostrate lorm from ben-at It the vicious anluml. Be,, g borne to big quarters be was found to be insensible, and did not rally to the 'ast He died in the evening, and bit embalmed oody is now on its way to hie i'oubyylvania home. General Howcdl was upward* o' g.xiy.flv* years of age, and was one of the most outi-lcm." and decorous ol that great b"dv of eld school yrnlRmon wlia from thirty years ago onwa.ds illustrat.-d ? <clvl and pubis- li a m Alt is couotry, and : moug whom the nprcs of iatiiel Web s or, lieory t-lr.y, iew.sia-, tue Into Mr. Marc} au.t % bic-t ol others, did time permit, might he mentioned. General Howeil Cams to lb- a jr. in Its earlier peri I as j colonel of Ihe .allant anti b,itl;e ir.ed l .ghty ti.ih i'otm- ' sylvauia Volunteers and did t Imp alf rd mu tha o;M?>r- , luuity I sb old dmigbt to recount bis love <#au * ab-o. i lute devotion lo Ids noble boys, wlnnn ho invariably i called "bis hops." He was i pare alriol and < ntivtbt- ! ened sutesmen io civil iff.iirs, while, a. a military n in, ; ho was of oxhauslless ability, great bravery, and could, . I know, h vo | referred to mi ei oe.uu on tiio or gio. riotia hauls. It was otherwieo ordered, and the cimtry I and the army have tout both a bri'l ani on and u dovote l f servHot. Peace to ho, b iioie m oo ry and grt en lie the turf on (he grayo holding in- rnoriality. THE MNTU (OSrs. Mr. Jamai C. KtI/p'?ten ia ? Dripa'ctt. .Nirvii Armt Coar-, N>pt. 15? ft A. M R.viaw o- in* ssixisn ppu.aii. op ia.\imi. eiiirsns iuvi Bin*. The only noteworthy 'nculetit of tbe pest twamy fotir h urs was the review yesterday rnoruiu.r of tho 8eoond brig tie of General Potter's division. Ibe dleplay was ?nagnilluiint, tho igh, critically speaking, tho rerlew was marred So a fi.ght oitcut ny a movement wbicu ?..< nr. coaioned moio by ecc.ident and Hie nature nf ibi grour.d , than by any want of toWKary too* ledge by the com mand wherein it oc erred, 'loo numerical strength of Ihe h igario war not the lea.-1 oner -ting feature ol lbs ; display. and was the cause of considerable nurprlec, I t j fact, it attonisheU every s,>Cctator. i he *tr 'ggllug rem I foroemehtn arriving every day, th 'i gh not very notice- ' able In deutl, are fast swelling the r nss of the army, j and hence the sudden and sgie"-hie change in ib? brig I ads referred to. In addition, the men <o appealed well I Ihla brigade is onevf Ibe t>e*t In tne i'oiomar srmv, and I is eomm nded by Brigadier t-S'ti.ral GritGc, of New Hampshire. IttrRoMPTV TO AV Al? Tlvei* PVPtl. Ante g tin' dweilP gs vtuiaied by theciiizoiis upon onr a, nroarh to this vicinity it one known .a 'be Widiams liutlfe. -ottt. vandal.?and 'h?v ox pt iu the he-t id aru e? sod a.tiong the be?t or roidrrs -sarkad t. a h ltd mg itvl dee I rove i the lurniture. rite f'doe. in. liner are wiilleniii pencil or r.ierc >?l u<?m lb" wal s by sonic philo-ophi''. tnyin ister who vf#we<t the scene of depma I loo Oh, fool ah.owier whrre'ore dij too ? n Kro n -o i cii oo -i DHllun t>> - ? et el re " Tue eppea am e ? your hou e ? a !? fortn the en lavtation That no higher i thaa eeien"e? (tea ii ati"i Teai i, a. pp. van ! knt'ea a'i hrsaeu into bit Wliil , on aofa . > 1 ana mm annua are . se Thus ni' - you ' i) t your liuut>, year bu Jf ; fiaria an . h - rrew will ham to. Inavna and Now take advice ae f come bank, fer you've hat yo ir b o tr t m; an - ae'tloaa'" e-nirwry will even greet e ore hga! eon T'.-n wl'I i .'ii * i:,. ion wltn pairlotlviu I l'r ie tup . ran a from Menoo aa.t ha"He old John at<i 1. li f llt.bni.\fll C0RP4. dir. .loltn A, Hratdyr*. t?r.|?i?tnh, Hp./iiqi'asirrp, Km mi .asm .1 at Conra, ) Naaa 1'iiiri op Ke< as, Vs., Sept. lo. IsvM. > a.ABh soaSAHMns.vt op tut kkirai. nsnv. Veeterday afiernmin woe ng laiw.ed hy a saoJt b<>mbardmnot by the rebels of tbe three ?l?oa tawera along our front. Ibe lowers ere situated on I tie flanke ?p ta? reirpw? ma on tbe Apyomaitoi, sad *be other two on the Jamee. amad.a'a,oo Hie James, sad Graft's, on the Appovnatlox, ore eecb ana hnedred and twenty Uva fee* in height, while Partridge a, st the watar battery ia enljr forty feet in height; but, owing to it* proximity to ttie rebel battery at Howletl a, equal.y as danger,ma to tun ocov.penta aa the higher lisikouu. HIS RtSRL MAS bad been ?v?l?metloaily arranged fer some day* paat, ami the eienty were only waiting' to get* battery le position In front ef Graft s tower, on the AppomeUH, wnen the grand artillery ettack we* to commence trura ?0 many guae aa to distract the a'teotlea of our hatte riee. and enable ea many a* possible of their ptecM to be employed In a deeperale attempt I* destroy our signal BlaHeae invo*nation op tmr RwanvW wee* ww rewTyod mm a deaarter who mm inaid* oer Haw to-day. n* *m ? mere boy, hot seemed ikkwwwW o/ remarkable intelligence. Ho deecrtoed tho enemy's pe ?it*)* with (r?at cleardom, tod the greater par* of bis ?lory ?m amply corroborated by observations of Ite Hlgml cor(>a. Am->nr other ltama of newa ha atatad thai the rebel batteries would elmultannouaiy opao oo oor lowera at hair paal four P. If., an.) thai a new battery bad been bum by the enemy behind tne frpmdly*?l*eltar of a clump of trooa. a twenty pounder had beau planted here, which, it was expected, would completely annlhl la-e Amxdeo ?tower. Accompanied by Major Cook, con mauJing the siege lr?|ni lh? ,|?erler ^ tow,r end pointed out the locality of thie new yon, which, owing to tho abetter of trees, could ool without eueh aeaiaUnce hare been discovered. ooe rosea Manors were monm.tde. Some hoary guns were trained ,n i'.in masked bat lory, and theorem wac awaited with much impatience. Lieutenant Ainedon was iafoi :ned try trdh ticueral (lihhon and Lieutenant I'allorsou, chief Signal Ollloer of the corpg, that (hero would ue no oeo"?|on for hia remaining lu the lower after tho flrlog commenced; but w uh a sergeant and two men of his party, who vcl uuteored to remain at tbeir posttt, ho coetlnoed ro occupy hie eieraie<i position throughout the rterce bombardment that ensued. and wac llin-i eu ihie I to obl.i .1 a hue viow of the luuremuuld of tho enrol y aud the allien (A our shot. ? 111* VIBST SHOT. About four o'clock .4 working party of t.m enemy wan """""' ' busily engaged ,o A j, ,YI1 t l0 (licaied hv the .losurler, and ill unit it) tinur III at.cry having 'iion completely uucuvmnil, Prou a .won; / pound I *ir>u -tidal Hie tower, the "eioaaof vuit t die hid iiardlv rweu from toe gi i wbiv it n* ivy plrc inc l for tliv) put, u o w J uppm? tb? l!<i around it. {'he enemy working flaw uie? ? # re evidently i<urpri-.e at our llri.ig up >n it mh Ii h ,c n nkuriicy -41 ouce now 1.m i n n,4i Kit: and the others of lu ' ru >? lr k 1 ilncued Ihe.r ultra ion to the towe.N at I'rsl m arc' iy '?? uimr to need the rapid rcpli' ii frudi Iajwih', Dlnnup ^ i nui l'r?(t'e cirHl 1 0u1.cC' tlcut'c tf i,y glim, tiuiy rhcn.4 , ... 11,ue.; in th uei:,U. borlio d of tni. dcn a tower w l,unit si king It. Par tridg. '0 lookout, in th, w.ner try, re. ilvod 'wo very warm callir fr un Hewlett's; nut, Hi gh struc t one? ou an uj 1 Ill ucJ mice no thoiip 1 plutf-im,BOiKtoully la 11 built, ihat tlic dflcmgo luUlctc.i w .a r,-paired m n lew mlu lit' *, r? rf unit'ly 11 no 01 tin, siauil cor a ivero 11 ored rtio ouemy wen, j sjij saiiaiiod that inoy cou'd not hurl the lowers, u. d rcniinciued uustteiing the lire of nur oat te. ii-t. whose aileutlone were b'Cumhg too cio,e and earnest nut to ho reciprocate 1. A mday artillery duol followed, in which tho rebels helruyed iheir proverbial inaccuracy of lire; uud, ultcr utimg In doing us any dam ?e and having their own works pretty well knocked about iud their men rather to ?d om dodging hi and out of lie i:' g. plier holes, they ocas . liring at half past six just two hours aitor the nrsl snot. tux a 1 com an ox row KB, On the oxfrotne left, v?a? usual ed by a heavT battery, ilf"t mi ,b?ut twonty-Ovo buudred y irde, and furiously CBiinooadeil a Croseplece .an siruc* by a piece of shell, but no ii image of any kind ex .0 toured. The gun boats o iuied on tills banc y, mul their two hundred I" uud ahull, tearing over the heads of our brat line, soon ail*heed tho die. fTTCd f!AP The rebel mortar which baa keut np so constant a Or* oq I'Uich i-ap canal wib ruiuoved Ton# its pueitloo, In n clu.'up 01 In en, further to the enemy's left, aud doruig the light npancu nu tho working parly, but was silenced and kept 111 exceileut order by 1'ierce'a t'l st Connecticut mortar batteiy. tub nrifunn or ciiARuan tired by the enemy along our whole lion la of soars* utw known* but we certainly gave tliam the bewtdt of from iifti sa to tvtonty i.ius of iron yesterday. As wa cau r u fi better ailord to use 110 aniiauaiiion than tbey, u ,je artillery Ughis an, as ? uiatli cf cnuma. not un woicome to ua, sitbough tbey hivo e.o lar been almost In variably cauuiitoccU by tbaiu. TRE CiVlLRV. Mr. I. T, Bulkley's Unpatah. Hiaik. tAsrsHH, Ntosii Cava Lav In Mow, 1 Aim T OK TUB I'OTi mac, Sspt. 13, 1U4. J a iRAioa os acut * A ride of several tnilea to day around onr lines bmv faded t elicit any newa ot Ituporianca. lbe cavalry, for the tlrel lime since my sojnurn with tbla army, are en camped w ithiu the In antry line*. With the exception of a thiail amount of picket duty to pei win, there la nothing to vuiy tlie monotony. Under aucb eircum stuiv.ea it can not be expected mat your cavalry cor r rs pendent can fnrn sb any .ery startling item* of mforma tioi) at present. However uopleoaoni this BUI# of tblnga may bo lor news seeker* for the cavalry it Is exceed - ly neaedclj'. SKoikKVM faitt rn.ui*a or. The ro/pnionts which have become decimated by fre queat lis'.tla:< and oxiurutioa of the time ?! aarvma of the aiiliatod. men are fast becoming filled again, while the hors-'s are gelling ia good condition fur future service. Whenever it bcc.orne? hoceasary to agalu meat the aoeiny In bitt'n.or to mike a raid within his llneo, lb* old Second dtvtel' n, under lioneral (iregg, will as la times P?m, give a g xl areeunt of itself sud win fraeb laurels. RVSICIK.VlV oS 01'M CAVALRY. If Was s ? id by one uf our in si prominent sen era Is , aft r the l ,at tight nt Koaui's sta'.loo, ' (live me a corps i.ii j.a k? <;-egg*B cavalry, and I will Uko Richmond in thirty sit bo <rs," and it la a notoriousf. cl that whan oti'i this division has met anything llkoan equal sambar of ttio en< uiy It his atwaja bum, victorious. Rktcrn or iianaRAL luvm Hrl?aili?r fleiu ral H. K. Pavics. caiaitnaridliig the Firs* hrig't io >n 111 i dtvl?loo, who h*s bean abseet some weeks in c. >, ao.'r.eni'e of I'l health, reluriied to his command r?aiep. y ritinng h s absence the command of the brig ,1e ha" devolved upon Uoiouel ^lerlinnu. of the Sixth , Ohio, who is (Aim nrly known as the "Old War UorM-" ? oi.o ki ubkimi, Tlie Ke. ocd t.rigado Is i'so a?. present without it* ra.u lur commanders < ??l? nel (iregg wis severely wounded a lew we ,kH since by n musket si. ,t through the wrist. Iln hs e,, leo tho brigade during the whole cam paign, and with great credl . 14,1864. All. Qliisr. The mil?I a- t f -o -set and artillery drmg tn 'ronl of Pcterahnrg n. ut every thing that bo* taken plate | to day of Intenr i A CTIITJ or ITTKRRSPSn SBRT Wh, ? CS I IJVSB. A .'ill/pfi, to*, deeply Imbued with I'nioo reutlmeals le 1 please llie Southern confede-aey, was seat Inp, our line* J to-day a' PI urn's tation. Me lias two sons in the l/hi"a j army. He could not or would not give any news of m j IcrcTt I mi'i s? pfRrn ro task th* oath or tit.rniA*ra. At? "Tier has recentlv bee- Issool r>''|Ulrlng nil oltirene f wltbib "te in e* of our army to tafco the oath o allegiance i flie fn led vlutes govofnment Tb se refusing to do | ' .,r? to bo > nt fvifhln tho e.ietnv''lines. Cemrnissarle* are ,,f "rod to ?oil provision> to tluwe wtn> i ,*h to buy tbe no. ? .has of li e who are loyal, and to teeue rations p, ih *e wb? are nuablo to buy ><?' Waahlngiini Trl*fram. Waoiivhto*, Sopc 19, 1*94 A let er re olved in this city to-diy from as officer eo < i-rsnt's sUir, dated City Point, Wednesday morn. !ng, saya ???! have no stirring newa te h cord to day, hut err-ythlng look* bright and sheering Kvery day *' iay love *?? are weakeulmt trie . ueiuy ...ore or la-a. WPiilo iho.r are da -vitng to our flora in drovas we are re. e.viug largo act wsions now 'ecru ts " lirwa from i eri cas Monroe. P'*te*s* Morros apt. It, 18*4. lla or 'isnerantut er arrlycl here ih.s naoraisg from the f,"nt. mi the steamer Ureyhound He oomes bar* for tbe .inprj. eravot of bla health, which of Ule baa be ? oaie some* bar impaired. fr.teili ania :r m the frost states Ibat tbe enemy have bee" our Hoes on the left for some time peat, an I Uvnerai '<r*nt'? heiP'riee ?.| ensd yeeferdey morning t put,. ?rp to .1,0 He , vy firing wm kep* ne all d iv ystTdiv Rio rsenii has not even aatvr tali ed. So loubt too rebel sharpshooters bees bsan sliest: nd TwaSklsth Rrglmeat Vets lovk'ltsts Mtlltla. Jamrs Hivrr, Vs. , Sspt. 18, IMS. I am glad to be able to stats that perm lea ten baa bean granted by lbs War napertsiaat lor tbe o-gaai aii-jo of the veteran Twentieth regiment New York diets Mffitfa, Cnlenel T H. tJatas, to l>a male tamed The few aoes es tilled la dirt barge will be mustered >ul a* their Has #? I'.re- Tblsiiavea a strosg.w.ll officered sad dr lled body of o.rn iiodisturbed of tbalr pressul sad estlsf.e tory organ sation Prnjri ted Isabel lawsteisis of ?Iseesvl, fir. lA<vm, Fepi 19,1994. Reliable nfi-rmal oe bee base received bare that flan. Price crinwed the Arhaa#?s river at Hardee ails, a beet half wiy bale can Mills R"?* ?"?<? P?r? fmlWi, as the ?ih ,listen!, w th (Its thousand rebel eevairy, evtdsaily ileatloed for llfseeurl. She br a m"vrments in Wortbenst Arkansas aM Sawtk. east Mum mrl seemed to bo aimed at Cape Otmrdea ,, while Irn-e will probably strike at Rprisgteld. huh pla.-ee arc well r rtified sad have garrwooa atroeg eeougb te rcpe ' u,y at'act. dassrvl A. J. fire,'.he advance arrived at RBtghnr spt'nas, ?h-et twenty mile* bshiw bars tedny, whe s they ge Into camp, pr, bebly to await lbs Sees of Mas eoeni y. Shelby"* advance le Ht Rmtdhoeet Ifleeoert; deflsiie U kqvwn lo regard lo his desigas.

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