Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Famav. ?ept 1#?0 P. W. ! ' The st? k m ark el opened irregularly aud with out ankli activity this morning. At cum pared with Ida quotations at tbe second board yesterday trie decreed >?, tort Wayne , Hudson River 1^, Re-Jig t. Cb-cago and Rock Island t;, Michigan Souiburn ft- Nee Vork Central aud Cleveland and i itaburg were without varlaltou. In tbe in sceliaoeout |.et ooio and Mississippi certnlcatee declined >?, and Cumberland Coal and (Julckeilver were wit bout cliange. ilovernm ui sacur-tiee were active at an advance, ea;>ec;a!ly lb? <x-l|h>u a.sea ?I lial. (or which there ia a strong demand liiese aold at 108'. a 108k., registered \v>8 . coujwu dve twenties, UOj^. coupon len-furtms, 971;. a i'V one year certitlcaiue, 94 a 94',, Irea ury T 3 10 naiad, October and April, 110*% a 111 . registered aixee, 1888, I JO, sues ot latiT, 1J8. At tb? second board tbe market fir railway shares vr ? weak, aud a general dec.ine ui . to 1>4 percent took place a ! round. j Governments were firm, and coupon ilve twentiee sol 1 ' ?1 110', alio?., although (be otliciaj |>rioted list of tbe second board sates placed llieui at 109.',. Ibis le a pleoa o. gro-e care.enuesa. a repalitlon of wbicb should ba guard*' ign.utl. Male storks abowed a t.ight improvement, aod tbe fol lowing j notations were made (or them:? lennessee siias. 69>g a tli Virguua sixea, 00; North Carolina sixee, <10 a tOty M.i.o-uri Rises, 64 a 65; New York live*. 1874, 109. Railroad i tm.m were inaclivo and bank slocks quiet. There ia a eotnewhat brisk demand for money (rem Block l > see, at seven per cent on call but the demand Id easily tret. Commercial paper is, however. In little demand, in view ot tbe many contingencies nabe to arise out tk me military, political uud. financial situation of tits country. Lenders wish to cmpt y their tn ney so liiat tbey can recall It at any time, nod ben-e their aversion to discounting, even at lngli rates. Ttiese vary from eiglit to iwelve par cent, wry little being, however, done under nine. In foreign change there Is ft little m re doing. Bat k era' bills .ire q <>-ad at 10j'4 (gold >te) lor s'er.irig, and merchants' at 108. Ir.nce raupe from 6.8 to 6 10 Ill is tucren.-ed act vi:v Is owi g i many hiving de fared buying during the last truck in o 'uaeqtiuuce of the exc; od mrs -of ?-> d. i lbs gol t market to.dav st owed symptoms of that wliion will b' muro f .lly appareut next week. 'Ihe opening 1,(101 at ion w J.8 from which it decline I to 234Si bid tt en recover d l>;, preparatory to a drop to 2.13at which it stood at t?eu i-:.\e minutes i ast four 1* M. The old ''bull"' c Ique, composed of a dozen or so of Germans aud Krone: m n, Lave been and are still doing their best to keep up tbe prutmuoi. -o long as wo were without achievements in the Red aud the public miml was desponde t these bby locks ot tbe community wera ot ah led lo exercise great control over the gold market, and *tioeee the majority of outside operators pretty much iw J they desired, but tbe etlect of tbe brightening -spect 1 of tbe military situation upon the popular mind cannot be resisted, arid ihe an Dcial props which belorc proved suf ficient to sustain gold at u premium >?( from 240 to 280 are no trong em ugh lo c eck or reverse its nature, leniency, and, then fore, It m ist continue to sink still more towards its true value in relation lo tbe cur rency. We do not mevi to say, of coirse. that It will be likely to ruach thai tru < h vel which we have estimated to be sixty eight i remium, making tbe currency dollar worth tllty-ulnc cents, instead of forty-tour, as cow but It is not unreasonable to expect that It will fall fifteen or twenty per cent (on par) lower, Sod remain for a consid robot tue, in tbe absence of impor tant military or political events, within iifleen per cent | over 200. 1 be clique referred to, alike with oth"ra of itn pittance, has been <-o tjershly weakened by the recent \ decline, and is, therefore, rendered comparative y harm less to orrast tbe n ural course of gold It was chieily owu.g to it 'bat R -Id rose suddenly to 286 after tbe pas Rage of tbe tll-adviBcd Gold bill cu the 14th of June, aud it has been cbielly owiuit to the capital and credit of iis members that the premium remained ot the high rate which has marked its course since thai time. Tbia clique has dibbled largely tn foreign exchange nrd en joyed banking facilities which enabled it to lend or borrow gold tn a manner and to an extent which Is little imagined by tbe majority of tbose even to whom tbe llg :rea of tba weekly hank statcmcut are a source of interest The clique was thus enabled to ?ui? a rise j or fifll in tbe market, and pocket the protits of the <q<era tlou?a species of gambling about as fa.r as playing with , ijadeJ dice, if large sbojt contracts bud to be filled It j was easy enough for the clique to borrow, w '.bout going Into tbe in .rfcet to buy. and from those boards, too. sup posed to be sacred from the borrowers' touch. Tbe otlque is still a large bolder of gold and this is where the sh e p.nines, and its owu weakness is fe.t. Tte ruto ? of aucb kjH-cu atlve combinations would be a great pubi c j boneUt They are the vampires of tlio flcm ul world, | and tbrive upon tbe itjituiveriehmeot of others and in this case, of tbe wboe community. A rumor wo.* started <>Q tbe street to-day tu the effect tbit Mr Fecacnden was In negotiation with a well known bou-e m Kxcliange place for the sole of tbe eoure two hundred millions of g >ld bear ing bonds at his disposal under tbe four hundred million act of last June; but th s was aim st mi absurd for belief, although it is within the power o tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury to make any barga n he liltee for tbe disposal of these binds, wb. h . institute tbe re naming half of the (soveo-thirty Treasury notei lo.u now on tbe market. We will not, b wever, allow ourselves roe a moment to tup; ose that ar.v ?aue and honest man, acting for tbe govern meut. would enter into such a prUale arrange meal. and we have reason lo believe that tor tbe next ats weeks at loaal no new Treasury loan of any kiod wll| be placed on tbe market. The receipts from tbe serin thirty loan are now on tbe increaae, and the r sa rf about two par coot wttteb ta likely soon to take ( .act is the market price of the six per cent gold bearing b nds will stimulate subscriptions to It. Tbe total subscription? m tbe loan up to yesterday were $32,063,000, and lo tb* teo forty loau $8 .066 000 A telegram from Wash ugtoo announces tbat tbe sus peu leJ weekly statement of the nati <? al debt ? lo be re placed by a m-n'bly oue. We apprehend that Vr. t-ea sunder sew tbe error or bis way in tbia particular, aid prop- see a monthly statement because It is too ate lo Issue a fortnightly one with a good grace, row tbat mo:a tban two weeas have elapsed a.nee tbe nine ol tba last weekly Aa It ia, bo may hope to be allow ed the benefit of tbe doubt tbat wuen be suspended the weakly be meant to substitute for it a monthly auiemeu. Tbe movements in r<.reigu dry goods at tbia port for tba week ending eejlembcr 14 were aa foilcwa ? i t'dl r. Kotere-1 for cuusumpll >a 966 $..??,604 Withdrawals ' 't''''. Warab used 2.411 ? 1 I fMaL. IJil * I1I7IJ91 The-eport of Uie Bank Comptroller of Wiacouatn tor Auguat sbowe a docrc-se in tbe circulat.oo cf |10,9oi, the total outstanding being $2,664,093 Tbe ciadttlm o' the banks of Masfrhosotts exclnsiTe or tbose of ivwtuo, for the five week' Sept 8. is tbsa rep.itted ? Capital stock $26(109,000 Ioaas ac-l discounts 64,018..>76 ttpacf in bank 1^90,198 HeUnee* in oilier banks oayak'o on demand 6.671,248 Total amount duo from other banks 6.. 3* 162 Total amount due lo other ranks 436 082 liepae is .. 12.276.t70 Ctrouleli >i. 21,677.370 The following new n?tt> nsi tacks haie been author load -rirai baltonal Rank. Ixwkhavec. N. Y. First Na. ?loaal Hauk. iwiminater. Mass.; First National lank, lxiweil, Mass . rirat National Bank, Joust. III. tbe Klack olooa Natiooal flank, B wtuti, Maaa the National Bank of Rodomptl m, Huston, Mass. Tb# follewlOf alattmsot of tbe ernditieaof tbe ra tional banks baa bceu issued by the Currency Bureau ? CartTXi Hirvg -t B?cai?tt> i.v rum. Tots ekplUJ atonk aulmcribed dufmf August li.-neoo Total capital stuck subscribed to data. $M 486,too, ae follows ? Maine ?2 10?.'00 Now Hampshire. 690.608 Vermont 1310.000 Masaai .b use I is l83-''l.i'U0 4,838,000 Rh<4e Island...... 600,000 New York 30,18k,S00 10,216 900 New Jecoev 2,220 000 Maryland 1,660 000 Virginia 100,000 Louisiana 800.000 Ohio JO,042 400 lndana 8.448 000 M chigoe 1.369.600 limine 4,007.900 IteotuokF 200,000 Mianoerl. 1,700 000 Nabraaka Terrltery 80 000 Wast Virginia 204JK>0 liisirtot of Columbia 60o.0?o J unaware.. 860.000 Wlawmaln 907,OOO 300.000 * 1.246 .(tiki lOQjMt l <Ost>? M Ceutiai Bit I'i. . - 1 do ?.( > 12V? Iti K?urth National Kit -,'t TtaBWt $50,000 Amount or cAptlai ttock aubecrloed and aa paid 4,042.044 Total amount of bond* no deposit Aug. 31, '04 68,772,000 Total all per caol registered boo da oe da posit August 81,1804 js 561.000 Total Ova par com registered bonds on da poait August 31, 1404 7.637,000 Total $J6,1M,000 Total coupons alx per oaot 17.083,100 Total coupons 8to per cent 2.610,000 Total roe pong $20 554,000 Total six per oont bonis 48 524,100 total tlve pel cent bonds 10,247,400 1'olal circulation tssuod to August 31, 1684. .. 44.42 ,-10 Tout circulation tsauod during Augu.-t, isct . 7,807)950 Kan'so-iD aaBfthtM tos rat noMrii o acorn 1-.63 1864. Jtrr'a". St. louts, Alt. aul T. Haute. $100,378 218.236 87,H-' I Dubuque aul Sioux 161172 26,470 10.108 Rurllu.tou and ijulucy 316 076 510,52i 104,648 Pittsburg, Kl W. A Chicago . 407,uTti 680,102 262 025 son rtir kikst wkbb ok uk.tsuhkk Chicago md .Norths osteru. 04,4.'-0 130.<100 361,180 Michigan Central 60, .03 24,018 3.14 78 St. l/tuat. Alt. aad T. Haute 20.446 40.S98 20,422 Stock Exrltangr. latter, sep' 16?10 30 A. M $21>uu0 C S 6'a, '61, reg 108 40O altiguickMgCo.bla rtt'tg AOu I 8 6 s, 31. coo IU8t$ .50 Marim-a Mining (to 43 vsuoi do HM , loo a? *?', 6.VW0 U S 6'a. ft 20 s.cou 110 v 6. si do . 43 k Ml 0 D fi 6 a, '67 124 1?(1 d.. ?30 43 10000 U 8 6 a, '66 If* 120 200 do ....*30 43\ IU0.I U3 6'a. lb-40'a,cnu 97W 2 <i do ?'0 4tk 500 do 97-" DOt) Br.e HR 105k 6MKX) Tr O, 7 3 10, OA A 111 600 do . ....iiiik 13 00 do 110 ? 060 do 1. '6 2.TO I U K 6 a, I vr cet 9., 20.1 Piu, Ft W A Ch it 10 10H S.v??i) do '. 94 , 75 do lo8 400(1 N Y 6'a. 74 10.' it) do IU7^ bOO Tciin 6's '90 5('H 500 do I >7 ', KKKJO Virginia 0'? t>0 2'. I P.rie KR >ref 108' 2 31V NoitUCaroliua .'a ill 20 I llud Kv itlt.. .610 117', 1000 Mtaa (I'MtO HASU 37 101 do.... sl01l7', 30.00 Ohio A Mis cert. 43', 4ul do 117 ., 1000 Hudson 1 t ni H7 100 Norwich A Wor RR 10-* 2thi ticdsonJdm s f b. 124 4 Reading KR slO ISO 10 I OP tts,Ft>V arhi Sm liu do 13J'? to .?Tot.vWab2din.h60 9>t SO do '>31131 Mm Mamma* situ 6. j.'H im Mich Centra! RK. I'.lk ji.k. *.* is...... u.. . jq Mich So A No I KK 61 , 4,).? do 81 . . 400 do 61H 20 Ocean lav 90 3 .? Ill Out Kit 4cti;. 12. k SndCant m Company.. S3 5 ' l"le"A Plttsburg'tR 11 v 15) do SSk I0U1 'lev Col IrC n Kit 170 12. do Sl'B 10) Chicago AN W KR 52', 12 DflAHul Canal Co 190 in .1 > 52 1590 Culiih Coal pref 66 2.. do 53 1(1 do . ,.!>I0 Ki'j SMI Chicigo* N W |uo . S4' .'<? 65', 400 do 44 k Im do. .. 915 C5k iOi) do 44 , 100 do 616 1.5 ,2- do 1)30 45 lb VV.oin Val ('..*? CO. MS 2 m I Chicago A KA 1 KK 1 >7 Mn Bucks o Lead co. V, 4") Jo 107', Ml Mfltropot Gas Co 180 Pi" do bSO 107?? lOOAnicrlc.n Coal o. 3)', i*M Ml AP luChll K.'ol l t'.? , 10 i Qu c .si! Mg Co bid >2 lm) Cine > Tm to KIl 121'j 2*1 do s-2 101 Alton A T flan..aid 54 IJd do bio "2k 100 Alton A I ilao pf 70 k SKCON I) BO AND. Two o'Ctoci P. M $25000 U8 6'a, '41. rou p)4 loo .->? 1-rte KR.... bid 106 I' ll) do .. 10 k l n/H'idanu K vur Itlt. ll l.V) t'S O'a ?> 0 ? cm 1 "l'k 11 0 Beading KK )'." l, n.00 lis 6 s 10 40. coo. 97 1 > > Puts, I'W ,V hi KR 1074, ."00 i Tr us 7 3 10 O.vA 1W\ 3 0 61 So A N 1 KK . 4u 41001 S iljrrier 91 ; Hi*) do 8k SUOu'Ohlo ' Mis. mr <3 50 I I Cc n Rltacrin... 1.T1, ll) >bi K T Can RRali) 125k SoOcta e A Pitts KR 110 1.4) do. .. I2'> 19 do 1 III'7 200 Cum Coal praf C4 .4) Chi A N 47 KK 51 k 800 do... / bl*? 61k 1M) do .1)30 52 2 1 do... 84k 100 do 1)30 51V 200 Qntctailer Mm C' 81'. yioChl.t- Nvf nr.'.,,. 44 2 Urte KK 115 10c Chi A Rk la KK.... 10 k 500 do 10V.4 CUT lO.liMERciAL REPORT. FkidaT, Sept. 16?6 P. M. AF.tiier*. ? Recoipts 01 bbls, M trVct inactive and prtce3 entirely nominal. HKrai)iri'F?a.?Receipts 3,749 bbls. flour, 139 bbls. and 146 bac? corn meal, 27,169 bushels, C,40J do corn, 14,996 do. oats, 7,860 do. rye and 164 do. malt. The flour mir et was dull and drooping, and at the cloee a ounce.-. Mon of fully 10c. would have beeu npceeeary In order p. elTrct sales Some brat d.4 sold a shade easier, and tfce whcle market was dull and depressed, with no buyers outside of tbe local trade, who were purchasing only tor Inim.dl ite wants Salos of 10,003 pbla. State and West ern, 2000 .10 Southern, and 670 do Canadian. Kyo flour w h sold to tbe extent ot .350 Itbl*. ?! :9 60 a $9 75 The whole rante le from $4 to $9 75. Corn moal wh* et- ady, w-th rales of 300 hois. ut$3:or Jersey end $8 60 f. r Br ndyvsine. We .,u te ? pupcrilneState and Western floor ....$9 60 a 9 90 Extra State in 00 a 10 in Clio restate 10 15 e 10 25 Cotntnou to medium extra Western ...10 90 a 10 65 F.Xtra r und hoop Ohio 11 00 a 11 20 Western trade branda ....: 11 25 a 13 00 ExtraSl. Louis -....11 75 a 15 50 Common southern 11 25 a 12 00 Farnr and extra do 12 10 a 14 25 Common Canadian 1(1 10 a 10 25 (?(Hid to cbo '?# und extra 10 90 a 12 00 Rye dour, guperflne 8 00 a 9 60 Corn meal, bom 8 dft a^ 9 00 Corn meai. mini-neons ..38 50 a*39 00 ? .be market was decidedly firmer >?i spring sample*, owing to the luadoquuc. of supply, with a moderate dem nd Hiles ftO,0')i? bushel*. *t $_> 1") a $2 22 f. r Chicago spring, $2 16 a 72 23 for Itilwauk e oliib, $2 24 a $2 28 ror umber Milwaukee and Iowa, 62 29 a $.' 32 Tor win er rod Western, $2 32 a $2 36 .or amber Ml higsn ana $.". for a small barrel of choice new crop white ; eoiuoky Tbe mm market was lc * 2c lower, anl '"nil, with sates of 21.000 bushel*, at $1 61 s $1 61k lor Western tn .el. Rye was irregular and dilllcult to quote accurately. A ??!?? of 7.600 bu"hels Wi- tern was made, tut the particulars were ies<>rved Oats were de cldeltV lower aoo dull, the range bein : 85 kc. a 88c. for Canadian. State aod Wrstem. Il.irley a d barley It were in-ictive. (i -rro.v.? 'he market was very dull, and we have only to cole sales oi 50 bales. We quote ? Vf hmtf. f or.da. Mi/kle. \.0.<t T. (irdioarr 163 163 164 1?4 Midd.lng 176 178 177 178 l.ood iniIdling 178 179 179 180 Cot i f.k wa* quiet, an 1 we hare nosales to ieport Stick Septevrber 17. is--, m firet band* 133.147 bags Cotian.?The maiket r-tn.iued inactive, out prices were vrtnout matunai change. Ilat'os ajiti I r? ?We note sales of 1,000 lbs jtnstng at $1 60, and 2(M1 bale- g.mhta ?n p'trate terms. Dvra-oct s ?We uoie * sale of 25 tout o! St Dotaingo at $.371 a $711 25. I s- it We note sa cs ?inre our last of 100 boxes layer raiiio* at $5 50. 60 bhls. currants at 20c , and 260 bags pan nuts at $3 50 s 13 6u. Fish ?ihe domao I tor dry cod was more active, and we n tlce sale* of 3.000 q'.;a. (loorpe s at $9 i f.) 25, end 1,7)00 d i '.r ind Ha:k? ?t38 60 a $4 75. Mackere1 were tn demand sale* o 1,7.00 utls. it $A* f">r N-> 1 shore. $1* 0 for N . 2 do., *14 50 lor 7 ?. 3 d ? 424J or No 1 Buy $17 Id for No 2 do , und $15 for So S do. Herring were qme: ard we beard of no sales r* ii.HT* were dull and depreased K-gagements to L'\er|H>n|, per Amrncnn. 325 t ns log wo *1 at 10s.; ft or i "miniHy hi I'd iwr central, 75 hhdr. to' arc at 27*. 6d ? Rue 45 hbd*. tsllos at 16( . 2"0 bios copter ore on private terms, and. by steamer, 5' o boves cb e*e at 1 35?. To l/)ndon, per neutral. 100 bblt. abne i eg* at la. Ii.',t1 100 hhrtr. t"bac o at SOs . and, by ?)earner, b-'O | flrkire butter and fdxi boxes ct?-eee at 4oe. To (, a-gaw, '4 0 boxes cbe-re at 70*., and 14 900 bushel* ' wheat at ubo it 4d loAntwrr .'Otibd* too no S s . aud 500 bbls petrr-leum at ?* To H'tnbe-ir, 1 700 bo .ea r*. tract logwood ai about Si's To Havre, 700 bb * petroleum at o? A bark pf 4.2<Obbia rapa nv to V entia wiih extra h'avy | -p" )ta*e? it *."'. - ue .*.? I r? in < ow ' ey and hark, coal at $7 50 An ta ian b irk ?" cork for orders, 27 000 bushel* wheat at 5d A Hrltirh haik. 4"0 tone, petroleum to f'"r* it orders if to ti e nited htt.gdom. at *? . or If to tbe < ntu et t. Cs. cd. A hr.l = i br p, 2,'00 bbls. petroleum irom I hl .ide . f.ii to I :ver:(H.i. at re tlt xiir Had* were <pnet. a- d we have no <uten to re:* rt | oiw. ? lne demand c nlli.ued tn d-ra e fr m con*u. tner*, and price* were firm, iaICs nl 17.) oa eg new cr> p at 45c u 67 c , and 600 d old a' 2.V n .'*> . Hat ?-r.ipp ni- was id fair demand at 11 26 a $1 3 r-uttl qualities were m rre active and trmv.* at $100 a $1 76 Hit-** ?The demand hag been rath r nr-re ac:ue, but I ri . * h .xe i.etkit.- d about 1-, a 2c ;erl.-'. leg have teen ef.ei led of lO.Ot/e Tuer <? Ayreg at ab t 33c , ra*?, suit 1,(00 M\y ? a gbter at He We quote Rio i.raide, 7t',c a 33c. ortuuci . 31Hc.o22'- fah iri a, :y.c i 83r., I'orle ' she 1-, 28c a 2. c . Vera ( r 29c. u 31 ? Tatnplee, 29c a 30c. Matamo-og. 30c. a 31 can Jusn i end Central American. 3Cc. a ,0k'' . Mara alb , 29c a 30c Curecon, 20c. ? 22c and nar -e om, 23<- -? 2')c. la s ?ive to te tairg <f 460 tens American ptp at $72 for Sc. 1, und $05 f r o 2 lento. .?Tt* market wa* rether mure active, bet prlc*s were a trifle enster sales ill care* M mila on private term*. ?nd 2o c*see dr. at $1 76, 17 caees Ma Ira* t $1 66, I*1 cenocs (.natemata at $2 '0 acd 13 criori* bloat at $1 70 l.tarnse ?lb* dr n and was fa r, and thrre wa* d- | ar ticttlar rhatpe to prices We quote?Hemlock H A . light, 44c a44k'- do rould e, 46e. a 46 do beB' j, 45kr-"4*c- Chlifbrn'e l gbt,4to a 44c d- midd'e,4f'. ^ 4,- u.; and io. heavy 4lic. a 46c Orinoco, Ac, light, 42c a 43c do middle. 44<. a 46c., and do. beuvy 44 kr a 45c oik slaughter and salted g?>d light, 82.- a 54- do middle, 56c a 67c do. teary, 64c. a 66< .. ami cup. all weights, 6?c a (be I i msba? Fas'erit spruce ard pie* were ,n moderate de mand, with ?a;?? id 171.000 net at $2 a $24 according '?l ,Mg K<ckland wvr in demand rsles K-0the at *Van ?TTc market wv scmewhst nesetlled and prtc*? *ere very irregular sale* 50 tour tptntsb at 16c and t o (JO. I( 16 HC A Mot ?'??? ?Ihe mi.rket wa* tery qniet.and we have ? ny to Q 'tic* aaiee of -4) hba. 5ew nrMent at $1 05 a $1 IP we quote Cuba mneiotadc at 83a 96c., do clayed, 7* a 82c p. rto l.iC". hbi e $1 06 Mock Seol. 17, 1864, :,40?. t.hde Cuba mute, iado and do. c.Ayed 6,946 dt., Porte Rtc . ard 118 bhie New Orleans Na) ?l f*r?mm ?Hp rtte of turpentiac was m tnoierato demand, ee:?e ol 60 bbls at $3 10 for Irench and $3 15 a $? 20 for Airier can In mains there was but tuie d.'tng ealee are rep< rted of 25 bbts. at $25 for hWck $33 a $40 for strained and No. 2. $50 for Nr. J, i.oC $66 for prune pais Tar waa du I ami unchanged at $16 * $18 Pitch quiet at previous quotations Nana ?( ut were eteany at 10c , clinch. 11 k< ^ * hlc fcr forged horse 60c for yellow metal nans and spikte, aod 76c. tor rept-er fntA.?Maoofariure was qoiet. fit were with not change 100 bble unbleached winter whale sold at $1 70. ( rstfe sperm wee qnwt. with sma I aalee et pw xieua pricee wbalemay be qmted si $1 60 a $1 56 1. nseed wa* le lim led demand end lower aaiee or 7i?f) C kme at $1 66 a $1 56, and >ate la-t even ng 4 too gal is so d at $1 (3 k a $164. Of oliva 200 raeee soul on private terms, and 80 do at $3 40 Cast' r oil waa qomt at $3 SO Of palm 10.( 00 lb* told at 18c, I are was in demand with sale* of western summer at $1 85, aad city de et $1 80. We qeote Beak at $146 and Mretto at *\'B?i*iai08? ? Heceipts,T9 hhl* perk, 32 peckkgee cut meats end 148 do isrd Tbe pork market we* firmer, with e fair flcnuid, aaiM I,Wo lillt , at $10 a $41 i?r mess 942 76 ? $43 for new do., closing at 641 87 a US; $38 T? a 639 76 for prima, and $41 60 a $46 tor prima tola, now maaa for Ociekar, buyor a maa. also 1.500 bbls. option, at $14. and 1,000 bbla. do., name terms and delivery, at $46. l'ba beef market *u quiet, aalea 400 bbla., at $12 a $15 for conntrr ibm. $o for country prime. $1" 50a$19 .for icpackcd mors ana $'40 a $21 tor extra da. J rina? beef waa dull aud nominal. Cnt maaia ware Arm; 200 pack .ges at 17e. a ISc for shoulders and 19c a 19c. lor bains. B.coo was nrgleoted. The lard market waa fl m, wlih a lair dcm.nd, aalea 400 bblf at 41 l?c ? ?U\c?trie lauer price an extreme. Bulier was in steady demand at 46c. a 48c. (or Obin and 40c a 65e. for >tate. ? heese quiet at 18c a 270. for oomnoo to prime. PsTROL-t'*.?Receipts, L,3u2 bbla. Ibe market for both crude and refined was raiber qute?, but tlrni. the high prices demanded checking the demand, The sales were about 4,000 bbla. crude, at dOljC a 47c. ou the siot. aud 47S* all the month; 1 800 do., ratlned in bond, at 76C. a 77c.. 600 do , free, in lot*, at 86c a 86 Sc- on tbe a:>ol. and 74c. for i -ciober. The stock, except of free, is very amiil. while the receipts are light. Rett wn? dull. Small sales were made at 14c. for Pat na and 15c. tor Rangoon Sugar?> be market was quiet and prices were a trlle easier. Saies of about 125 unit* Cuba at 19 )?0 a 22c. W a quota Cuba, common reining, 18 t,c. a 19o fair do., 191* c. * 18t,o , good do, 19\iC. a 20c.. and grocery grades, 20)?c a 28c; Porto i'.lc.o, retlutug grades, 1st t?C. a t,2i)t%c. a 24c. Stock Sep! 17, 1801, 20c., aud grocery, 20t^c. 54.208 hUds., 37,947 bolus, 83,228 bags aui 481 libdg. tuelado. r>.\LT was very d ill and prie s almost nom'nal. The only solos wo bend of was one or about 4,000 bushels St. Mart in'8 at 90c. We iunte ABhton's at 61 factory till $4 70 a #6, and ground $'! 50 8. i us. ?The dera md continued limited, aud prices are decidedly lower <m some descriptions sales 18 obis nut megs at $1 90; 20 bags Singapore pepper at 4c4 , and 25 Jo r-umatra at 4-r.. a 43 t.c. -*?:ia.?Toe market was vory quiet for *11 descrip tor!.. clover nicy be quoted at 28 t^c. a 27c. Tunoiny at 66 60 a $7. with sale* or 200 bushels at the former price. Bngut (tax in d. mand and ilrtn at r-t a $.i 00. Unseed?l.OUO baga Calcutta sold iu Bostou a 64 10. Kfki.tkk.?We uole sales of 10 tons Sjlesiaa at 16c. S:cius.?For Grad tbo demand was limned, but prfoew continued lirm lioer was also leaa active, sa s boing re. Urictrd by the high rat.s dem mded by the b >ldsrs. Wo quote ?! im<*urns, 61 05 a $1 10. San Juan, 00c. a W5c., Bolivar, 72c a 72^c Cape. 70o. a 75c , Puenos dyes, Madras. 70c. a 75c.. and < am O or. 50c a 60c. formoo.?1 lie demand was I miled. sales 180 hhds. Keeti skj at 14c a 46a., 200 pits asadlea Dllera at 1$ je. a 12n . 145 cases ordinarr Connecticut at 26c , Mid 100 do. it in a 65c. Hie m..rkct lor manufactured continued quiet. ii*.? Pig remained quiet; sales of 34 slabs "traits at; 04c. I ngti-h may ba quoted at 64c. I' atos woru only in mode-ato demand. and wo have only to nolo s ties of 600 boxes I. V. at 622 50. 1 Allow was Irregular In prlro, and th.' market a littlo heavy gales 116,(>00 lbs. at 18c a lst^c. for common to prime Wh stcitY.?"ecelpts, 230 bbls. Tbe market wis about lc higher, with a moderate inquiry, Rales 1,300 bbls. at 61 81 a fl 82, closing at the latter price. Oil CaU?A sale of 100 tuns city bbl. was reported at $90. Wool.?At a slight concession in pries there has been rather in. re movement in domestic fleece but thero is no general demand, and the market is irregular and un reeled Sales 250,1 00 lbs., at 85c. i. 61 10. cbigiiy fl a 6' oil, 26,0(8) lb.-, puled, at 61 0SK for luuibs nod *1 05 a 61 12 for super, the latter price for cho.ce some tub washod at $1 26 a 61 30; 100 bales Cape at 55c a TOc , aud small parcels Mexican and Spanish on private terms. Wbiianry. HON. FRANCIS MOORS, O? TSXAS. The death of the Hoc Franci- Moore, late edit ir and proprietor of the Houston Telrgr ap and Miming St ir, Is announced lu our column?. Mr. Moore wis an old and highly ostceraed cttixen of Texas, but during tbe w ar be ba3ipiie:iy resided, with his family, at tbe \ortb. lie par ticipated in the Texan war of tudepen letice, and after its recognition by Mexico became one of tbe leading spirits in tbo cau?e of annexation to the United Stato*. He was ? powerful and eUective spoaxer, and canv.sscd tbe Northern -tales in 1814 in favor of the election of Mr. polk to the Presidency itj>oii,the question of annexation. He served as one of the Commissioners of Texas to con c'u.'n the terms oi a?kit! n, ami subse luently occu pied for several years a seat In her I-egiglulure. His la-t public oil ce before the war was that of Mayor of tbo city of Houston, at (be time of bis decease he was on gncod In preparing Tor tbe press his ''Geological Survey of tbe State >.f Texas,'' a work which bis scientific attain ments would have rendered very valuable. He was a man of tbe purest character, beloved by all who knew biui, and has toll a large circle of relatives and acquaint ances to mouru the loss of a husband, a lather and a friend. Mil. TnK?DOUB H. GARDNKIl. OrrMti the Railway liegi-ter, Sept. 8 ] We b.f* /eccived a letter from Lieutenant Jonathan T. Crane (one hundred days voluuteersj, u .w opposite Petersburg, and from hiin wo learn that on Monday last, wbilo ouo u. his men was on duty, be was Ured at by a rebel sbarpshontor, the ball bitting lum in the forehead and passing ri ht tlirougb bis, killing him iustabtly Ibe name of the young man Is Theodore II. Gardner, son of the late Matthew Gardner, of Br>oklvii. I'rev -us to the time of joining Lieutenant C ane's company ha bad been employed in this ofl'ce as a compositor, and during the time he remained in it lie conducted himself in a manner which won for him the respect and esteem >4 his employer and iho:-e with whom he had become ac quainted. He was a lino young P.m. rather coed broking, and about twnoly-one years of Ago. Ilia loss will be severely felt by bis surviving parent and friends. Iollrc Intelllgenre. Roip ATntstrr to l<rfn a cafk.?\ very daring attempt was made about ten o'clock yesterday morning to furco open and rob the aafe in tbe office of George A*. Costor, No 69 William slr'et. OSicer Kleiderer, of tbe First precioct, ob vrved a man, giving bis name as Jobn Rus sell, armed with a wo den brace, enler Mr. Go?tnr's office, and make a demonstration oil tbe safe lock, with the view of forcing it from Its position. Tbe ofll or ad vani.ed,*ud after -arresting Kussell, ound in bis pons *. slon a quantity of powder some matches, a jimmy and a the - An eraminatlou of tbe safe lock sbowod that It bad been furred from its iiosit oa and a pieco of carer place I oncer It, and then the lork replaced It is be Ua>ed that Russell's inlentiou whs to secrete bimse i in tbe store till aftei olosiug time, nod nuke m e) r to blow oi?n and roti the safe, which cmta nod ratPoad bonds wnrtb two thousand dollars. 'Ibe police tbluk Ibe l<r rone to to an.old burglar. He Is forty live years of age and a native of Baltimore. Justice Cowling com mitted him to tbo Tombs for trial. Ai.lsoxp Tnsrv bv a Kkxaux ? Mr. Charles Rogers, re elding at 139 Grand street, yesterday appeared be . re Justice Dawling and lodged s romolsint "gatnit Alice Me ixioald, a wi.mau living in tbe same ban e, charging ber with siealing a gold watch ind chain, ninety dol ars in Tr.-asury ncl<-> and oihor valuables to toe amount of neiriy three hundred uollar Mr. Koge- luitbrrsi led that be bad I und a portion of tbe ii.itslng .roporty In tbo apartments occupied bv A'lce. Shu was arie.. cd by oillcsr Jolle) , of tne r?urieenlb precinct, utid too toagis Irate loiked her up for trial All if < Is?, I,fVK?00T.?&t?ameY|> PeuosiivHnln?Vr Br* !l?v, Mr* rro-t an I rbilu K KaoAolpb. Mr Mur .or*. Mr *0 air, G.?o fueter wire snd -un, iQi Gate- II Mm Mr Ku k P W ?'I li<-r. IhO" I'ark rt .1 Sten-oti M h Prleli ra. it irus indwfc, Ja Leieli, Mr Blsio. t'apt Ja* Pi lleiiard, an i u )H 0 thr iter rag... Liv? riciii ?Ftsam > lip Pft* of M in. hester?II Jofinaon, A Lee. Kna.l de t ede?a? tV If H"ari. Mr l,e-..-r Mr Ur <> II v. J H Tamer, Mr Cur ,*g. s R. al at. W ? ?!>. :.l, R?r ;. Hun * Her Her. Mr Jaw*:.!, and <? old; K l?d T Hyrne. 1 r V,? y..rater, A Serre . Newman tllo er 1) 11 p j town. Rev If M 8 ud ler. la i , iaugmers and four children: lira Simp <11 Vr Renter M - - fVishart. Mi C ,rk .Mary L. w. C Geo .0. Mar^. Toanart. M . ;a aiesain Mrc'tiln r. ii. J Krao Mi Maa ui, la y .ud da.igk'er. VI. T unu e n. Mr Burke. Mr Overton Mr Poraiar arid la lv. Rev I vf M . I'ulieus Rev If Peter- in. M Itnusard. Mr. 8in th and adr. k W Fraa?r?a 1 3Ju In tbe .'*?.rnce A-pi*w*i ?.-teamatiiji Nwrfbern l-ight?<J. v K vf f>e Cieno, .la* I! Kay. Mr- A Hniea and lulant, Ur *7 II To/er, v ra Wis Ayrea end 'n ant. t.oute Abramv. ramllv and ?er rue: Mr- C M Gign u? and cln d K H 8baw, K Vie nier an? lady. M<a?? Meu/ kl.elaier 8 Ren/iOuer ?nu adr. dreeue J p lillitn, A fim i' ? an I lady. I reder.c -tisarv, M ?a B.aricli d r- etc (fari .' liendiien and Mia .I .I l/oiy t! U Ward Hear. IVaablmrn, ' f Uric* a anu lad* Mia? Hattie Hard'e Ao.lre.v ifrawfoid. Mr.. John I'Miile and 'hluJ en. Mr - Wallace t'aldw ?,|, Kre I W iano and ad* I. It Bally and . <iy. Mr* G If M.ore, V?M K Bra ey J H Turner ueo A t.'burvh. M.aa K Co lum. Mr* Ii ury .-are. Mi* Sarah 1- White. MP* A Be It. Mr* J Ma'. thewann an<l three b d*en. Mr-J W ifoii'ton and mlsut Kiepa o Kamti. Mrs A *V Harris a-id thr?e children P II >age. It J Unugiaae. J K Wi.aioe?and a full couip.liornt u the st-erage H ? JTAX rm Mrava. Nir?Btearr sh.p Golden K .le?Vai k Bbeid'U. a I Stannard. wife and rb id. Mr- A I! Hal. V M Conner*. II I'.'one* I)a> d Knwler If Bnnw, K I. <)a>n Mr*Snn,er* be and chi.d. A Wlsab. If llswaril J M, Geo Hall***, Id Had ady and *er<snt. 'ohu R ifaai lenbe. k and ady W H P.are, Tapl J W Perkins Win Fa., kner. (1 Tay or, (J 4t Ifatrh W H Kli.s. P M Conoe Mr? IviliSaed I*. rhi|i ren II P y..esn P Marten alio- .! L Hnwer* and wife W N K riiand. >*i.'e and Chi'd W Ko and. .1 N It kll etl. Oeorge It I*:*, J D NfflHh, B c Gerham J I* Wy ,.e. w >fe and child . K Lee. J Plait,<7 ? ll..yward J A B**rt Mr* I" ? *'ki A Alden, ? R Harrcw*. Ii T Hu-h Kd al uate* GM bloc, m ami lad. i'?| i B I' Denn.e?and 160 in the en pram ll*?A-A?6i*an ahip Havana?lire Cwmn <9 Morreo Mi>* ftatiel Mergri Mra Anna UuTey. Mr* i M A len Mr* I arm. a boa Mr* J 16 c'M,?*n*. Mr j W t'cn?en* Gene'al laoutl Ibiblado General Pnrlirla Garde d* l<won. t nlonel ..a* Kiarrn Gel arde Mi Brsnctaro Genera* Mr Rafael ??- u.,...a.. a..,, Me l.ruadlf I *CB era Ml iriioon Mr Kduardn Amnio, Mr heaatlie lis U?ln, Mr J Manaeitl. Mr Perotnl Ba.oeo Mr Pad.o nlin harm, ur j na,.arn. ,mI r atnago. Mr Kmmwiu-1 K-ffo, MrsXloyd Plemu n Mr C H /'"V- V!T Aletander he|eP.. Mr IPoils A Leper#, Mr Cbaa lard leg, Mr William B< on Mr Frederick Tbr ropenr Mew 0?i*A??- Hieerr.stin Creole?t'-.i t t: II H .siting and lire, Mrs B Woe rutr, a c J),| ?,,d wire Mis* Riiiaqueia Ir llnirman Maaier Hr.fn an W 17 Holt. O B Sk oner H f I Beivaa T Aalier Jebn Lane, fl M Wsslmorw. J < Smith, l R lerrv and aervenl. Cap! I, fl Lemley. Cap! T Tlleeion. . eul V H M Bergen. T Weils. Cbee Pudey. G rei.don . C Wa. gh, H Mf Ki oehe and wife. C Vlrlor ami rbdd, Mrs )al? and ilsuelter, f Hiekey. wire end fm.r eh I dree. II Vei-rh Cha? flr..wn M Megi. !?. TC .teeeaon. P Stacy end itte?eortll in ale*rage. nen a mti it MB L.??.?ro*>. -Mean aili Burnpc, frern Kostoti?M H Webb leo B Hol ier, Mr and Mra I A Wbeelmg and rhi <L of Boa r>n. f, a.i.i and con. of Peril*.,d Wrn Gllrmy. of bears urt. Me. tViliiain Me,.n?, J Peetorlo*and Pierre Doyle, ef .ewTors, Mr sad Mra t'haa Ha.ey and c Hd of Mew Jer ey. Jebn 8 Rutherford of 81 Louie Robert M. I Ply re, of Sonireal, Tborr.ea C Blreet of Oenada; Mrs Ttleeeib. of rorksblre, Thomaa Snub of Lobdoa, A Brugger of Italy; 9 '' 1 leatea,of Capetown?g|. For Hallfas-HO Aleoworlh, >f Boetow. Mlee Fairbanks. Maaier Badalle, Mr Tobtn Mr ut rleile Mr Glbeoa Mr aud Mra .1 H Anderaoa. Jamee A Horren Mr and Mr* Fairtck Ryan. Ale* Fraeer. Geo Fraaer, X llal'fai B Krie men of Porte M/ro. T E Taylor of Ing end-IS Total M Liraarnoi?Ht*a?i*hlp lieele?Mr* I Rmekshew. Mr* J A Hav ne# and lengbl?r, H E Drerser. Mr Blekburn? eed atbera le Ibe eteerag# liaree?Steam able Lafeyetta? flam eel Penblnraa, Mr Vogal, New York: Mr Morlol, Pane; Mr* MUler. Mrs Ma* k>n*. New Torb, Ju:ei Oolet, Bseana, F W Hntcblas and rbilii. New York, Mr Coiombler, Mis Celeasbler. twoehll dren and ooe ssrvant, Montreal: Arthur Thome*. Sire Tncinaa and child, Now Vork. Marroloal Valet, Tea#/nolo; A feunguortau, Mr Uutr.blnaon, New T<irk, O A Tlllanaao. Mme \ Hlaraaa and rklld, New Or.eana; 1 Cooeerante. Call forajfli Aug Floe, Paris: Mi diUMW'B. M??r ftrk. I|rs Kug .Yiaiuu, rnuiw; w luiud, wu New Tort?*o 1 a fuli general cargo. New Oa itM-tlrtnaup North America?John Klen ketuper and lira children. M Arnold. A Mad1"*. I kepeuaa. Awhonv Doll. P A McCermtek. Emma Hern?f*at. Jooa Ochigleicli 8 Bern,lain aud wite, T.uima Wolf, MraJouaa and onild Rolx-rt I^ireilia. George fcwiqa. J HI Rbrmauu an 1 lady. Mm Louise JoeJly Erne,line Jeetly Ek Johnson and a Sfe J H Gr;d)tb and wife, J Powell. Oeorge Paarson. E B lloaau and wife. A L Hamate and wifa. M KaLihef. * la-Ian. W Zarat? Herman Jaoob, John O'Neal. U r Flat .i. Muie Kanar. Muie Rowland, Elizabeth Keller, m L Roth. ? iriwti.i.A AKO r*aTHAr.*nA-8teamalilp Tubal Cain?Dr M I" (Irani Ram. n M..uteal*gre, Juan E hprranu, F. K Lmdn, J fall. W w B1'Ss, M Cautlilo. J F Borda. Jamea T Jouoa. . Fin aeio: aia> ATLANTIC SAVINGS BANK. CHATHAM SQUARE, A , v.. September 1J. 1864 -Notioe la hereby glteo that ?'.IP a.ieraiion* in the banking room having bean com Dleteu. the renular evening eaaaiaua wl'lbe Tr^.ur"?1dsnf and aftar tlna dote. M. D VAN PELT. Ji.r. P Cooran. Secretary. ITAMKRT1N0 OP THE CORPORATORS OFTHE A. Dorchealer Union Freestone Company, held at the oineeor Mcr* WoCred/A Armour. 149 I ear! atiaet. on Tburada . -ep' 15. the Cam pan j was or?*tu"d ' ance with the general act for the formation of J"ann actur ins and companies, and the lollowing are the Direc tore for the eu.u i.g ear ? ___ . _ FLETCHER WH8TRAT, HUGH N CAMP. WM. W THOMPSON. james m swift. D. A McCRKDT EZRA R. GOODRIDGB. A. a CORWINK.M(,CBEDT Prealdeut. Q. P. Si'erwooo, Secretary _? Dividend notice.?tiib trustees op the Kn eh.Tboe -er Petroleum Company Stephen Crow ell. Esn. Preaident, have declared a dividend of one |wr ?nt on the capital stock, free or government ta*. paieb ? l1'" 15th tn-iani. at the odlce ot the ben kers. H *n r?T A Wehh ir i, -1 Nansau at reel. 1 BED. SCIl UCU AKO i. Nk.vVow, Seju. 14. 1864. Ttcaeuivr. -ThlVlDEND NOTICE.-THE TRUSTEES OF THE L) Manhattan l'eiroteum Company. Wm. G. Grant, K u . President, have declared a dividend of two tier cent on the capital stuck payable on the Iflh inet. at the ??oe/}' companr. l-.rapire BuiUuogft, No. 71 Mrotd^ay. room No, 45, second lloor john C. HENDERSON. Treasurer. Nkw York, Sept. 15. 1864. ^ 7,.KSl CLASS SKCUIUTIKS FOB SALE ^ THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Seven per cent Fust Mortcaae Fund liouds WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND GKOHQKTOWN RAILROAD COMPANY. PAYABLE JUNK I. 1883. These Bonds are the total debt of this company^ R?d are eecireJ h> a llr?t mortgage deed of iru-t upm. the en ire road (including Us real, peraonal and-mixed I'r;'"erty.) from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad depot at Washing ton. D. O . to the Orange itnd Alexandria Raiirua i d*i?t at Alexandria Va , ino tiding the now Long Bridge serosa the Potomac The road and bridge are 'aid mo-llv with double track, and parllv triple track, of heavy T rail, weighing silly pounds to the \ard. , . Inteieet at seven percent per annum, pnyah.e In semi annual coupons, on itie first days ol June and Ueceuibor. at the Metropolitan Bunk, New York. ... ? ' A -'nkmg i ttnd of seven thousand five hundred dollars is ?Dpiiiprlatnd by ?? to the redemption of the bouds 11 e ch rleia el the Company are Iron the''or \ Ir p nia, the cltv of v aahlngton and Unite '. States Congreaa, covering us entire route *nd valuable privdeF"" Thin run i is in lull operation, having been lately rela d and rebuilt ?nd I* the real ihoruiijihlure to the south, con neotiec Willi li e Baltiinore and Ohio. I . rnlugton and Baltimore, and Camden and Amboy iitailr""'1"; an 1 it 1* believe 1 there is no better se urtty ou the market than thai n! ered 1> ? these bonds. . . F rther inlnrmatlon can he had of the unders gned. who and map ol the route Uam ^^{/rraW Ct" BANKERS, 11 Broad street, neir Well. NBW YORK. FPICR UNION PACIPIC RAILROAD COMPANY. No 13 William street. ^ ^ ^pL 2 18#|_ The annual meeting of the stockholders of.J11'" Company will be held on the let Monday of Ociolier, at the d hc*?' the company. 13 William street. New York, at 11 ?? clock A. M for the transection Of* fore the meeting. JOHN A. DIa, I rosiucut. II V. Poou. secretary. PETROLEUM. RICHARDS KING8LAND, 3S PINE STRKKT. NEW TORK, HAS FOR SALE THE FOLLGWINO OIL STOCK'S. SEPTEMBER DIVIDENDS will be advanced on all stocks purchased on or before tbe Ittth lost., s? follows ? Noble Well CENT. Maple Shade dTi'^'/cKNT. United State, ^-J^^STKrViFNT. Conso idale I ^^eumOdl <j^^-[CENT Success P.trnlenmt.aCiimpaay.^^ Kuickerboeler P-Lylenm C?^*CBNT. Manhattan ?'?"jd-u^u Cni?,.anv, (;ENT Buchanan Porn^Ol, thm^uy. (;KNr ' 400 ?har#? New York and Alleghany Fvirolaura Companp ] u.'u .sharos l>prrrn Coal and Otl ('rwnpan*'. fliio share* AHcj^anjr Pffro^um Com, auy. 4<hi shares fciiterprl** Oil Companya 60f)?hare? t'lintou OH Comr?a?y 7U<> rhates Kanawha Oil <>ompsny. . ftOOsharts A1 ephanv Klver t>trule?m Com|?tn/, Of Pnlla l.tOoshnre,hp*llllp'S Oil Company, of Philadelphia. llO snare, V ecango OH Compeny. of Pliiludelphla. 1.000 Hhkies Watteiu On Company, or Philsdelpina. 1.C0 > ah .res Greet Wctetn OH Company, of Phllad-lphla.I 1.1 Ol Share* Ohio River Otl Company, nt Phi ade phla. l.OG) shares Osborne Oil Gompstiy. of Philadelphia. BOOKS OF~8UMJCRIPTION are now open at the above olliee for original subscriptions for the __ BURNING SPRING* CENTRAL PETROLEUM COMPANT, Guaranteeing S per cent per month. A ,0 '"maLDBN COAL AND OIL COMPANY. fnilE SAVAGE silver MINING COMVANY OF SAN 1 Franc sco ' as declared a dividen d of fl ty doPsr* rer foot in gold c??able tbr nch tbe Bunk of California to Kh tern stockholder,, on and after the Olh toistani. less ozehangsb) LEES WALLER. No. odlces 33 Pine street. New l'ouz, Sept. 7. ISoi. Richmond county. ST AT KN island, IOHMOND '? KvllN pKK CENT COUPON BONDS OF ML**' AND JL.I4W. lNTi' payarlf. Kki-*iji{ll*LLr. ptloitH for one hundred thotts*nd dotlsrs fslrtOJ' L of tile*, bon is will be re", ived at ear at tbe bsnalng hoay of El NS TP. 1 S ROSESKELD A -CO.. No" ^ New Yoik Said bond, will be I -tied under the ? of th* aw p?,*?d Feb ?. and under a rsgnlation or iihe Beard of Supervnor, adopted Ju y its ls>4. and tae option i? with ?nh?crit>er* to have th*m i nn 'or either ten, flftaeu or twenty.uve years ? rpm GOULD A OURKY ItlLVRR MINING COM PANT 1 ha* da laiv I a dtvtd*n<l for August of fifty dollar* par foot In soW, nayabV ihr u It th* Hank ??f < ftii'ornl* on . atoek ra?!atarad '<>r dividamla in Nau* ?p,riJ'? lfldr tn** fifth Instant, l?*a**chat?g4* by LKB9 A W Al.Ll.fl. oSlcea ! 3.1 Pina *iraut. Hi;** Yiir*, September 7, Mi ; 0 Ntw York, Sept ovrnn IKUI TO loan-at mx PER CENT, ON SjUU.wIHI Noa York ctty proprru. Apply 10 JorfEFH MaSOsN, No 5>a rtna atre'*;, roomo 10 ami II. C U\ llllll TI) LOAN ON UNITED STATES GOV. VxG.'lUI! err rent ion a. Appl- toJOHN F. (ON REV In 'he rti ? uf ins Peuple's Fire ln?ur*tice Company, CO Vts t st eel SITl \TIOXS WASTED-FEMALE9. 4 N I'M HP. It OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN A fema'es want sit siinns s* oonss, ehsmberinaids and aundresee. nur?'-?. and girl* for senera. SO',-tvork. Ac., at M'*. LOW K 8 i^nnsn Itikt.tiile, 17 Stanton *u, near the Bowety. , , ______ s RKHPE TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT A i.atntt as ceo*, wsaher and Ironer; no ob.ecHon to g" a short (li.taiice in the country. Best cltv reference si?eo. Apply at 2*0 tVe*t l7th ?t . hetween S h and ?ib ?v*. i YOUNG 1RL TWENTY YEARS OLD. WANTS A A l> to .Hi p aii, cocking or genera. hou?e?-t,rk in asm* l family. Cat. ml'Tl HacSeii t, Mrooknn. Gocl re ference, fruti; lasl phwv. , BITU A1 ION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE j\ Pro'esiaut girl as chambermaid and cuius nurse. Call at Itff 9lh at a young Lady of agrkeablk address j\ Ob.igln m?i nets an I industrious hab.'S would IIK? to i roc ire s ? mstioii a* salsswoinao In a fascr good* or mill ? Oery eslat shmet. R-f- ren-e, gl>en H required. Addrtrt It M u M t oy 4 *43 New Vork Post other A! TOUNII WIDOW. AN AMERICAN. WISHES A SIT nation fS 1 nosrkeeper in a gentleman * family. ha* no . 1 ohiOcHoii to lev* ihe city Good referent* glten Address A. D.. Ileiaid office, wnh pla'B of Interelew. Arf.hpkutahle young woman wishes tu do family and line wa-hing or gentlemen s by the nn.nlh or week, ui lier own h..?*e Btrl ?' reler- | eat* Call at 117 lib *l. belweeu 1st ar. end av. A. A RESPECTABLE AMEBIC tN GIRL WISHES A slt'iatlon as H nrnl.ermald and to do i la ? good reference Irom her last | lace Ca.l at R West Jht h st , belweeu 9ih and 10th ate AN AMERICAN PROTBSTANT GIRL WISHES A KUualion as srainstrrsa and to do llaht cfia'n6#r._or'1 has the be?l ef city referent* App'y st No. Ib3 FsdIBe st , Mrt'tililt ii. A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AP ?'hiAtiib*rn?a?d. ciood mfiitinol. Cbll it Jl iirwl< oorasi of Rieom^sld, llob .hen, N J. AN IMTEI.LIOBNT WIDOW LAD# (AMRRICANI, of middle sat. desires s situation as housekeeper end cunpwfl'on ttrliM|lK*mll AdawM boi 2,694 M ?mrn> . Avopno woman wisher a situation ar wet m?r?? IQ a ???!!? aiAti t t%m'-\f AiWfH J. H P.? b4i IM R?ny oKIm. . SBAMSTRBSS WHO CAN COT AND FIT LADIES' 1 and i bnrirrs s dresses, sen use a ?ewtng_n.s?hin-_us rstsnds hairSreusing, wants a slleattoa. Good elW rers noe Call t< msrrsw and Moaday at ? Wast Itih at. , SITUATION WANTED?IT A ToVl ( sen. as seemgtreaa with a first class family. ?sn <In^sB ads of plstn sawing; Is a soed ' pecater os Wtweisr a Hsoa s msrhlne; no oh .ectloo U ds BglH ch^herwerk^ n glee good reference. Call at ll? Went Mth *4-, corner of hare. - L~ niatTtiidy girl wants a flai e.tq po thm nnuMWork of a small family. Ca'l At 104 MaedO'ighl M' IM* IBtbldvera 8ITT.VTIOES WAHTBD.FBaALtff. T"\ftKStni AK1BG IK ALL IT8 BttMBM -LADIES U Mapping at hotel# aaa havo tbalr work done with da>patch Particula; atiauuon paid to Miaaaa' Dntwi Mr*. A. GUEST. 110 Spring straot. SITUATION W.VNrEL>-IiY A RESPECTABLE AMEBP cau girl. a- aoainalrcss, la capable ol doing al< km la or aewing, beat cltr reference given Inquire far two day a or Mre.X. McMnrray ,2354th at. WANTED-BY A PERSON WHOnB TIME IS OKOU cup ed, either knitting, braiding or i> aiu aewinj. thai would not require nmcli filing. Addraaa w. A., box M4 Ueraid office. 117 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMaN ?r of the hlgheai respectability, m a furuBUintoi auo 8l<>re; not being thoroughly acquainted with either tmaiueM. ?he will make herself genarailf useful till a better know ie<ig? can place het in some responsible poxitiou. Aduita* C. ttrouion, box ivi Herald othoe OITUaTIOM WANTED-BY A RESPRCTABIK WO t? man, to attend nn s lady or lake rate of children and do plain aewitig. The bent of city recommendation* can !>e given. Call . t 40 West IS h hi . roar. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS? one to d > lioiiaewnrlt. the other a* wet unrae; she la mother of ime child and haa a freah braaat of milk. Cai at No. 7 Krankiin at., roar, first Itoor. 1VANTED-A SITUATION. BY .A REM'KCTaBL". V* woman, aa c iuipaniou or seamstress toraladvwlio ?a going to travel. Beat of city referenda glvru. Apply at 14 Watta hi. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WIDOW LADY Of THE brot respectability, a sltn it on to attend recaption room In a phologtaphlc ? allerv or aa -at eswo nan in a fanev alore . la a rapid penmau and good acoouutaut: the best reference gl,en and required. Addraaa Mr# B. K J., Ilorald office. TIT" AN TED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO GERMAN GIRLS; VV one aa cook, aud the other a* chambermaid. Call at 27 Court at., Brooklyn. TUANTKD?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE BY A V v respectable married woman. In a private family. Can five respectable city reference. Can be seen at HI Weal SM at. SITUATIONS WASTEO-MALKS. A YOUNG MAN (ENGLISH). Of GOOD EDUCA lion, in in want of a aituat on aa clerk in a atnre or merebant'a ofilce. Address J. P., Herald office. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 CLERK; i'\. la not a!raid of xvrk aud is willing to make himaelf generally uaeful. Best of releretice Addreaa box 100 Post ollke. MUnSISTRN'UK DEPARTMBNT.?WANTED. BY A O vonng man of two ears expedience a Ituaiion as clerk .n '.be anoais;en -r lepartmeut I n-xi eptioua de re lerenre aa to cbaratier au.i .ibtlily. AJdre .a A. C. S.. Brook ly n Post office. CJITUATION Wanted?by a (ono man, as as^ O a -lant bookkeeper or eutry clerk; would make himself generally useful. Auy reler-m e roipilred given. Ad iress Wm. N. II.. box IM Herald o cc. TO HAT, CAP AND Fl-LT MANUFACTURERS.?FROM England, is years' experience, either wbolesa.e or re tall Would go to iny of the States if required Address U. II., Herald oil ce. l?r ANTED?BY A BOY, 12 YEARS OLD. WHO WAS YT brough', p on a farm a n'ce situation; Is a steady worker and a good intlker. Call at 11*14 Hast '. tb aiieet, top floor. 11 ANTED?BY A YOUNG Vf VN. .'0 YEARS OF AG''. ? r a situation in the ma ling depart netr nl ome news paper or pcrlodlual m this city has ha t two years' expert, ence. Address for one week I*. E. P.. Spriugtiotd, Ma s. ^ I*/ ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. 2D YEARS OF AGE, Vr a situation as salesman in some wholesale house in thisrltv; salary moderate the In si year; the best reference given. Address K K. D.. Springfield. Mass. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A SINGLE YOUNG man. as coachman in a private family. Best or refer ence*. No ob lection to town or country. Addresa D. W. 273 Green wi h *L WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN OR HEAD groom, by a man who understand* the care of norsea. No objection to the country. Address A. B., 13 College place HELP H'AJITBD-IIIALES. Agents can make ?300 a month by selling our great Stationery Prize Psckeisatn 1 splendid btfel Engravings. We publish the best portraits of * LINCOLN. GHANT aud McCLKLLAN. Agents re elve a present of solen ltd gold or sllvfr watches, which are aeut with go.sfs. No delay. Our goods sell rapidly, and the profits are tmraenae. Full particulars in circulars mailed tree. . . ? _ . G. S. II ASKIftS ACO.. 85 Beekmati street. New York. Agents clear six dollars from fifty cents. Call and examine an invention ergentlv need ed bv every body, or .ample aent tree by malt for 50cents that will retail tor $G. by K. L. Wolcott 170 Cbatfiatn a quare N. Y. ? DRUG CLERK ACQUAINTED WITH THE CITY J\ trade, with good ret er' nee* can speure a situation worth 8t>?) a yi ar. s in to Ihj vacant, l>y addressing A. L., box 143 Herald o i ce. a T THE MERCANTILE AGENCY ?WANTED. ROOK A keep-rx. entry clerk* oilt clerks drug rlerk. hotel clerk, barkeepers. Other situations open. Call on U. atON GOMERY X CO . 261 Broadway. ! agents WAHtED?CANVAMERE OUT OF F.M-, I "A ployment, to sell our articles. Gall on or address RICE A CO., No. 37 l'ark row. ? YOUSO MAN WANTRO-TO FILL A RENMINBI. A b e posit on. noii - need a; ply unless having Ei.lHl caah; salary AI (Ma month and board. Apply at Sittt Broad way. rooms 32 and 33. . A YOUNG MAN WANTKD-TO DELIVER ORDERS. None need apnlr tine,* acquainted with driving a horse. Gall a; Beekuaaa X Bros.', SW 3d av , eorner of 28th at * a MAN WANTRD-ONF. WHO IS USED TO OPEN gV nig ovale # Applv at 101 Spring at. a BOY WANTED?ONE WHO HAS WORKED AT A. the gaa fitting business pieterred. Call at 793 3d avc. a RESPECTABLE I OUTH WANTED?AS PORTER. A One about 17 years Ol age with eity reference, may apply to J H Oufilao, l-"7 Bieec'.ter st out. first floor, bclore 10 P M BOY WANTED?FROM 14 TO 1 YEARS OLD. TO AT tend bur. one who undersUnds the business. Apply, with rfleroTite, At 29 Koo?#v?tt at. fra.ii 12 to I o clo k. Boy WANTED?15 YEARS OLD. WHOSE PARENTS f'lide in the i ty. Recommendation re lulrod. Apply at 3*5 I>ey Rot wantkd-to learn the printing bubi. neas one who lives with li s parents and ts just from" FRANCIS A LOUTKHL. 45 Maiden lane _ /COMMERCIAL AGENCY. 297 AND 25' BROADWAT. \j Assistant 1 o ikkeep -r. entry cierk, porter, hod clerk, .try good" anleauian, hardware aalueman. garkeeper. drug elert and llglii por er. Tin ?e atiuailons are open lor r# spectable men. Organl/.ed I35J. BUG CLERK WANTED-APPLY TO O H. RASH, druggist, corner of lit ax. and Mb at. P.UO CLERK W ANTED ?WRLL ACQUAINTED 1 y with the bi.alnee# iu all He .totalis Address with rcfe reneaand salary required, C. P uggs. Herald offlca.'R SAhKSMlN WANThU-ONR WHO THOROUGH F ,1 understands the business and can come well recom mended. none others need apply. Apply tiJss W. Havens. 3U2 Broadway. HIRIH AN WANTED?IN A JEWELRY STORE. ONE Id who thoroughly und raUnds ti e Ous ooaa (and no other' may appl* 10 "? Allen, 415 Broadway. L* ALKRMAN WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS ORNTLE S men furnlabing salearaan; n.uat understand his busl Ua<?*rr#c I and being the <>est <* references. Call a. do7 llroau a av. Wanted immediately?mp.n with or small capital. This is the graaPst ,;bM? <oMkS money ever .flared t. hnslaea. me^^ewio-nti;,,,. just rev*' llroatiwAf, room Mo 4. firxmn-1 SMART. ACi ;v k. BONSST 101 IM A ^/ n,Ar?qrn liN" broker'* o(R' ? Apply 4t4S Broxdit., upstairs; back office, tatween 3 and 4 o'clock. WaNTED-AT JOHN B. EDWARDS'. UW GRAND ?Tea' vA'illia oahurg. two gool dry good# saieamen who lis. a thorough koowleugo of the city trade; none oth ra need apply. ?? a WWW SI TWO AMERICAN TO! TtIS OF ABt)UT 17 W xaarsofag' WHO r-alda Wlih their re .a tires, ta do a I ranch ol lighi andeleanly mechanical xvork Giiod morals ?wa Ml a b s bt t a wi II inaura |?-r.o*neni situation.. A p. ptv. batweJa 9 and 10 o'clock thia marwtog, at 33 Heekman .1.. up ataira TTt . v'tkHj.a |U)V IN A LAW orPICB, WHO RB W^ll^ thi. 'uy Addrea. HAW. box 2.3.2 Post ortioe. -- ? I f\7 ANTKI> ?AN Arm R, 1WTBLLIOKMT BOY, H)R I WAfhTeomoAn 'o.Moor 'bu.n,er.; ... ..t f bon.?t n. | tvirlona i*u t of hioo.l on* I ' ing w tb n\* l+remn ; preferred Ap' v to Woad it'oihers. eari aga manuTa tu- ( rare. (rX- Broadway D D , s\tk 11 a HMART ROY TO OPHN OYSfhRS ; V ore^Gui* nndervrntsd* ^'"S bualne-s IVthTaS aiex will tie g'Veo None other need app-J At ?h? '???"? I fDtr,wii? ?v. arid 22(1 ?t ? ' a v*t/'i im a LAWVSK'8 OrKICK. A BOY. , V alMou ii years o' " " TiU. a good hand Ad- , rein box 1.2'.'7 . ?"t oifics .i A'ANTPI'?A DRl'G Ct.ERK. CAPABLE OF TAKING \ *ni /e change oi ? rttaii drug store A, p y a. .7 Band* . Brooklyn. -. | JirA*TED-?N a 'CTkArid'o4^. fipp1i,LoiVb:na;..?'?;v; uutilry | rrferred, from li to lc year a , t.amb-rs alieat. __ ? | 11) ANTED?A TOUNG 'p, .'!keeper * n a publish ng aran^-ra^ired. ^Addra.r ho, J.9,1 'oat oitce . ? I avnnVWIIERB TO HELL 001 WV *5iL*.n7?aw Presidential Campaign Chart and Mo SrV! Mat s and charu an I a greal number ol Dalian <? hart, war ?ape j uar, Chsrta sod Prime ' "I' IT me " 2e? Nothing else now sella so laat aa these, j n a .it the tinsw. ^ mrcii ar io lend for out new j^r f lul?ll M l 0 _ g| Jekn atreat N Y. j , awtIKII?AN EXPKRIRNCEU SALESMAN 1>TIIE \\ A L Hfld waollan jibbing buaxaasa. no 'I have t e ' Veni to influents son a tra-l" Good raferen e ra p;rV' ^f ? ?*nd ** ?' WaNTED-A AM ART ACTIVE BUY. WHO II AS knowledge of Snokkaepiag. is a grot! axuoua aut _ raetrli a 2ttn hla parania Addrwa M V. Herald oil ra "or two days i ? WARTRD-A TOUNG MAN. IN A LIGHT ana haying about f iDO to $**? aa ahYdrnx,aaa m with a good sltusllon on application to dax, after Uo olaek. atM Eaat Houaior ?t , >n tne kaakkikkL ? w '."s. Broadway end Franklin at. _ _ WANTED-A SMART. A' TI TB ,OOI;OH*P wall on an invalid, App'f 10 J Cuntall. NO Egaa*^ Xorkot. New York. hblj* wurrKn-S?H*i. "f8"" ?"" ~ ? ..Ss^sai, *5 W" NtBD-AN 0T9TER MAN. APPLY SM broad way, $l 8i? A. M. ?M.TA*LOK. w 7a*tsd-a smart, active boy, por a bro. ksr ? oiliua. Address T. F. H , Ueralil oil.ce. w ANTKD?A YOLNi MAN. AS WAITBK. APPLY ?t'JA. M. K. WINDUHT, No. & Ana at. ? -mnrTV-rKRALES. A MILLINER WaAOu-U.NK WHO IS KKPB ' * i*en.?d ?n l ua iriui. App.y for ihreo daysat'OV Btonme st., near Hu,t*ou ALAROK NUMBER OK RX I'Kltl KNCKD* CLOAK baud* wanted; good wage, aud cteitdv empluymoot givea. ApnLv to C. L Wooabrldgo. 337 Broidwity, or at workroom. iO \ su l iui hi. \ FIRST CLARE ORDER COOK WANTMD-AT Tfl8 Whitney House N>ne bah I app v except timer who uudersuui uelr buoinena perfectly. { ng your reier ocee wuh you. CTOOK WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS 'FESHED WO J man cook, willing to assist In the washing of % small family Nona I,u' prnfeoveu cooks ueod auplv. ('.n 174 Bast I3lh st., before uoou itRLS WANTBD-TO WORK OX CLOAK OR.XA. r oumta; good pay. Apply at -lk Broailway, room u Millinery.-wanted. first class millinbi JM to uinke and trim bouneta, at Madame Hula. Noll WANTED?A WKT NURSE. INQUIRE PROM # TO It 11 A M ol Dr. 0'ikck-nlioa, Mo. 20 East 18tli at. be tween Hroadwav and 0th ave. WANTED?A COMPETENT COOK, TO DO THE co king washing anil ironing for a mna't private family. To one wbo can bring Urst class city rntaraaces good wages will be paid. Apply, between II) and 12. tor three daya, at 243 West 20tb St., near 9tk av. WANTKD-A COOK. WASH LB AND TROVER, ONE tidy and comiwtcnt may apply at 621 7tb ay., thirl do<ir above 16lh sL 1XTANTED-A SMART AND ACTIVE FEMALE. AH 11 asiistatit iu a at ire room of a lirat class hotel, n this uity. Ad Ircsa, with references, S. Taibot, 1,097 Broadway WANTBD?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, FROM 14 TO II years of age. to lake care of a bnbv Apply to day, between 10 and 4 o'clock, at 342 West 36th at. Wanted?a found pkotkstant woman, as waitress. She must brtn- cood references. Apply at 33 West 17tU at., trom 10 to 12 o'clock. WANTKD-A NURSE FULLY QUALIFIED TO TAKB charge of an miaul; beat of refcieucea required. Ap ply at 84 least 2*d at TV' ANTKD?AN EXPERIENCED COOK. ONE WHI v? indersirnds step . poultry and ,1 u ?. A so an ei psrience 1 wattreaa; one wilting, to in the cuatn er wont: city references required Call at 177 Bast llth *t Y\T ANTED?A GOOD LAUNDRESS; SHE MUST vY tunic, good roferencea. Apply at 33 Weat 17th St., irom 10 to 12 o'clock. TV' ANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK TT in ? small rivate fa rail'. Must have good reference from her ast 1 lace. Apply at 46 Wyekolf at.. Brooklyn. Yy ANTKD?FIFTY; GIRLS TO LAUNDRY CORSETS at 112 West 2. th at. yy ANTED?A GOOD MILLINER; ONE WHO UNoW*. stends triimuntyr. Also an operator on Wheet- r t Wu aon'a inuchine. Go.,d wages given. Apply to D. Mayer, 27! Grand at , mar Forsyth. YJtT ANTKD?A NIJMBkW OF EXPERIENCED CLOAK V Y bands. None other, need apply to A. T. Stewart J Co , Bnadway, 'Jtb and Inth sts. Apply at the ilth St. door. w ANTED?AS WET NURSE. POR A CHILD, THERE months old, a woman, used to the charge of an Infant Nnue but those well recommended need apply. Addre v., lie statu : where they may be found, YV. G. C., llerald o lioe. WANTKD-A THOROUGHLY COMPETKNT NURSI at.d seamstress for Staten Island; one who under stands cutting and fitting ch.ldren's cloths, and can comi well recommended as to character and capability may appt] between the hours of 12 and 2 at No. 2 W est :9th at. V|/ANTED?A COOK, WASHER AND I RON BR; ALEC VY a cb mbermaid and waitress, must understand their business and con e well recommended. Apply at 89 Baa 3dth at., betw een the hours of J aud 1 o clock. Wanted?a woman, to do down btairi| work tu a private family ; must be a good c. ok, obilgla, and bring gno t reteren n's. Apply it38JHeury st., secom w ANTBD?A FEMALE; ONE fACCUSTOMED T( pressing cloaks Apply to S. D. Schuyler, 69 Worth st WANTBD?AS COOK, WASIIRR AND IRONBR, / girl who Is fully competent; good city referemw rc quired. Apply at 231 Wo.1 2ist at., between 9 and 1 o'clock. \\i ANTED-A RI'RPR CTABLE GIRL. FOR HOURR | VI work and assist with rhl.drenf muat be a good and irooer. Apply at 327 8th ay., between 26th and 27th sta up stairs. WANtBD?TI1RKK SILK EMBROIDERERS. TWf nam sewers and a ilitle girl to uka care or a baby L and also one about 11 to go on errand and acslsDIn the sioreJ Apply st 1.193 Broadwag near 29th St., between II aod'A. WANTED?A COMPETENT COOK. TO ASSIST II wash ng and Ironing; wages $12. Apply at M Wee 16th st Good reference* requited. Wanted?fifty first rate cloak makers| to whom constant employment will lie given Appl to George Carey 304 and 308 Canal at. WM ANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUKRWORK in a famii of three; a good conk, washer and Ironet | and with city references. Appl, at 141 West 41th st. VV""ANTED?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS, WITH TH1 | II best of reconnneu 'at Ion a from their last places, on as coos, waaber and Ironer; the other a < chambermaid anil wsltre s Glrla without good experience are uut wanted Apply st 20 Monroe place, Brooklyn. ?\VTANTKD-A COOK, WASHER AND IRONKR; A LSI TV a chambermaid. 10 aa.isl with the washing and iron lug; three to family. Apply at 34 East 91 st st. WANTED?A TRIMMER AND TWO MILLINERS. _ competent hands good wages given, apply at 34 Canal st. 1 (t / Y BONNET FRAVK MAKRKH W ANTED. ?NONF I 1'" ' but go id h tud-need apply. also a boy, from 14 P [ 16 years of ago. at 60 Macdougal su. up stairs. THE TRADES. TTENriON, LANTERN MAKERS -WANTED . . man who can make fine lanterns; none but the nor workmen need apply. Address. Mating wages. Ilemlogra Bro s A Co.. Cincinnati. Uhto Attention, glass cutters ?wanted, a shadi cutter. Address, stating wages, Hemlngray Bro'n 11 Co , Cincinnati, Ohio ? ASITI \TIDN WANTED?AS ROAPMAKBR BY men who been for the past ten years foreman li Mr .1 Oak ev's sosp inctory: can make chemtcsls. laundr ami fain' y soap 23 p- rent cheaper than anv oilier manu fai-turer; can also make the beat shaving and toilet snaps It the United States Call on or address Soapmaker, No. 24 9th ar., corner 2fth at., N Y. N UPHOLSTERER WANTKD.-APPLY TO HAE | L rlugton A ktisu. 741 Br iad way. A FIRST CLASH PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST UNDER standing all b anohea of photography, ehemialry. itoo tvi ca and 1 in prove .lent*, would lake a partaer. wlUtaMkl tal. In organising a gaberT, or accept a sliual on In a tlrs class gallery. Apply at 266 Grand street . JOB CYLIMlER PRESSMAN WANTED I MM K t dla'elv; muat be quail'led for hrsl class work. Appl) H C. SloothnB, 64 Duane street. A TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKER WANTED?A11 2HA 3d av ; to a good workman good w ijei and stead; job. M. C. HULU NER WANTED?TO LIVE ON STATE! d; must lie a slngteenau aud understand yegeta is. fruit. Ac, Ac. Apply at 31 Murray st., u PHOTOGRAPHERS ?A FIRST CLASS OPKRATOM want's *itustn>n Can givs the rerv best of relerenee | Ad.lrc s Oi eraiur. Philadelphia >HOTOGRAPHKR.-WANTED, A SITUATION IN Gallert in this r tj. vt'agea $is r wi ek. Reference l ven as to ability, Ac. Address Photographer, for thre | lys, Hsrsld olfee. )R VGTICAL FARMER S SITUATION WANTED.-1 Good reigrencr. Address M M., 149 Herald offlne. MIX EXTRA OOOD LITHOGRAPHIC MAP EN I ij gravers wanted, at Lloyd's, 23 Cortlandt st TO B TCHERS -A YOUNG MAN DESIRES A SITU Stli-n; perfectiv understands killing and dressing Mar stock. Call no T. B., until engaged with George Hughes cornepwf i- latuush av and Beigen st, Brookifb. TO PAPER MAKERN.-AN RXl'F.RIENCRD I NMAR Tied msn Isis t Arrived frem the Id eountry, desires sImisi on as fmewisn it travelling agent In a paper mill o wsr-l:' use has held s b e: oris aa manager in P.nglam Scotland sn4 Frame In first cleat mills No nb lectme to g hp >ilw?r Mtlko Ad treae I'. M.. boi 120 Post eflSoe, Ps leraon. N. J. TO JEWELERB-WANTED. A YOUNG MAN WI44 can repair eweirr and clocks and is s good salesman I wlib good re, cminrndait' ns Csn hsv a good situation t> api ,, ay at 13B Grand st , WI Itantsburg. rnt) mKRi lia r tailors-a SITUATION wanthdI 1 In a ".1 man. to cut pants and tests in a lire| a sss merchant tai ru's No objerllon to ?> to Bruoklyr Apply al 732 Broadway ____ TO PHGTOliRAI'llEBS-PHOToGRtrfl OPKRATOfl wants,' Not c 1. ,t a t -t , isas 1 ersam need apnly, otai [ lt,g tern s to V. Gntekunai, Philadelphia To wig makrrh -wanted, a ocud workman 10 bike an a, pari in a business; send wages to tin right kind of man Arply tn Edward h Tower, 3E6 Brood WANTED?A FIRST RATM JOEUNG BLANK BOOll aewer with ootr.o eiparteeoo o? printed work. Appljl to W YV Ro-e 6P t etlar olreet. CUTTRR.?A CUTTER OF TWRLYB YE ARB per'ence In cuslutn toiler n/ wiobes t?> obtain s per 1 piece. can speak German and .English; prefers it large rconif' piece Fnr parttcnlars sAtreea Cutter Herald otfle, THI>_A PLACR AN CARDENI.n. BY A YOCmI nan 'GOrtnant. nnderdands gatdenlng in all tt>| ?a Addresn A. R , btulk) Horab! olllco. 1 w ANTED-A PLACE, AF APPRENTICE, BY Ml watchmaker. Addre# A n.. Herald oUlee. WASTED -A riBBT tLASK MGLABBBB BOI LKR, Tf | whom ? fond salary will be given Address J. K L. Herald ollne WANTED-TWO Uf ?ND DOWN SAWYERS ANll two helpers, fork saw Mill a short dlstanre from tt r city. Address A. ? Q b*w 137 Herald ofliee WsYi Si^rVHSLSW wossasl r* Co., 110 ? " *J 1 ?tes",l."wsi* 1* the ?hop Anply Immedlatolr ??l ^^Ks' l Abs', corner of 0f ? I

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