Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1864 Page 3
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MILITAKT AMP lATAjU OOOU CHANCE ro* VOLUNTEERS. NEW YOKE HARBOR FORTIFICATIONS. OBB 1BAR ONB JKAt, ONB TEAR VOLUNTEERS, VOLUNTEERS. ?WBNT1ETH BATTKKtTtWBNTIBTH BATTERY. BOUNTY Fay, Ac. $6"0CAHH 1* BAUD $W0 CASH IB HAND $19* BAY FOR OMB YBAR, <$1? per month). $109 ration monby_for obb ybar. $42 CLOTBINO MOBKT BOB ONB YBAR. Tt"S Mattery Is bow doing |urMi duty on Govsraer's Inland. Is Mew York harbor. one half mile trnm tl.e city ol New York. Steamboats run frem i W e Garden to Gov. eruor ( Inland every hour. , Tie iniuille eud relatives of voliinteeri who join tbia Bat ter* can rielt Ibem dall? tl they desire. We are tbe only authorized recruiting officer* for lb Twentieth Battery. Bereoas desirous of joining th1a Battery eac d 1 lily lag to us only, at # NO. 1 FARK PLACE, NO. ) PAKE PL ACS, hear Broadway, In the basement keen dollar of bounty will be paid ae proa. and. Beware of thogo ?m h.r e no author ty Persons desirous of ointng will liuu It to their Interest to maka iiiimediate application nt NO 1 l*A KK PLACE, Mi. 1 I'ARR PLaCB, aear Broadway. Car-tain .7 R RICHARDSON, Captain J. u tayi.ok. Authorized Recruiting oncers for Twentieth Bnltery A HK BOD GOING TO ENLISTt?IF SO, KBAD THIS -fa ailvi rtlseiueiii ai d an sensibly, by doing tbe beat lor yourself and AVOID BOUNTY BROKERS. "jflrheve is no reason that a matt should abate Ms bounty with runners and brokers when be can ENLIST WITH AN ARMY OF FICHU, and getcverv cent of It. without any one's Interference. THE liSifll REGIMENT. COL. LEWIS T. BARNEY, a reliant old corps. no., stationed in tbe defences ol Wash Inpron. is by aper-ia order to be recro ln.1 up to full stand ard. To do this the Supervisors ol different towns hare a. lowed them to give $700 HOI'NTY FOR ONE YEAR MFN. Wlatcver bounty brokers aim runners may tell you, ithal is the HIGHEST BOUNTY NOW PAID But if at any tunc any towns should be payiup more they will enlist their men U> the credit of that town nod will OUT T11KM EVERY CENT POSSIBLE. Tins bounty, with the pa., makes $17 15 a week for tbe year?ii.ore than any man can earn at home. (food men wul be made nnu-coiiiinissbined officers, and (everything will be done to maKd tbe men contented and leach new compcu a U od one COMB AM) SKK THE CAPTAIN, rho will give von every information, whether you enlist in com i.any or not AT 746 BROADWAY. CORNER ASTORTLACE It you wish to enlist to day try and be at the office before 9 o'clock. VR> BROADWAY. CORNER A8TOR PLAPE AR?f AND NAVY UNITED BTATBF RF.CR ITINO RENDEZVOUS. I'apt. K. COMBS, No. Ml Ll.-penaid street, neat Broadway. Capt. Combe has tlie honor t i refer, by pero issiOD, to Ricl ai d 1'iitr.ek A Co., Hardware importer* 5J Cedar street; Col John K. No I lie, Ruper-nleadsat ol the Soldiers Lepot, State of New York; Gliaa. .1. Everett, li-q., Cash er of toe Bank of Orange county, N. Y., and many others of biah"st standing. VOLUNTEERS AND SCBBflTUTftB ?u rely upou treated ts rlv and honorably. MO false representations are maDB. CHOICE ok skkviob given. LARGEST bo n ties paid By authority of Supervlscr* of Towns In th s Stake. Beware of sharpers around the furious recruiting rendez I'eqves COMPANY C, I06TH NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS, fr Copt. E. COM BS. Commanding. nraduuarteis >0 Llspenard street, near Broadway. VOLUNTEERS WANTED. BOUNTY ANI) PAY ONE YEAR. $792. NAVY?VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES wanted. AS FIREMEN, BOUNTY $700. PAY. $7Bb-ToUl $1,466. AS SEAMEN. BOUNTY $7u0. PAY. $516?Tutal $1,216. At Landsmen. Bounty, 700: Pay, 372. Total, l,u72. Apply to Capt. COMBS. SO Ltipenard street. ? A BIO CHANCE FOR VOLUNTEERS.-!.500 MEN ?A wanted for one year to fill the quota of a country maty $800 < ash paid a* soon as passed the doctor, mak with the government bounty. $900 for twelve months' aty. You may have >our choice of am branch of the ser ies?Infantry. cavalry, or heavy artillery for harbor dc eoce. This is probslily tbe last cliitDC- for high bounties, ?a the draft It to be enforced neit week. This ts the only dice authorized to furnish recruits for the county paying he above large ounty. Brokers honorably desk with, aud ny arrangement they may make with the r men will be tarried out. $1(10 paid any person hrlagin r a recruit to this Itlcs. Open on Sundays for the accommodation of voluo ters and brokers. Apply at the headquarters No. 93 West Ireet, corner Cedar, Mew York. KING A ROACH. ?A rmy. ?9L WANTED, Fifty One Tear Volunteers. ||ash In hand before sworn in $600 ernmout bounty In three Installments. ..Ilk) early pay at $16 per mAnth _ 192 Totol for ose yssr $892 *. B.?Volunteer-, have choice of anv arm of the service J.pi>iy early to J WARREN LYNN, 206 Broadway, in tho lavement. ?A NUMBER OF ONE TEAR VOLUNTEERS WANT ?A ed?to fill a town quota. Apply at the oihce of ROWN A SHELDON, Bankers, No. ?2"Park place. (A FEW 8BAMBN. ORDINARY SEAMRN AND FIRE |A atea wanted for the navy. Also men wsnfed for the Irlov to till s trwn quota. Highest rash bounties and pre filuats paid, at 124 West st., corner of Dey, up ?tairs. k BARB CHANCE TO PROCURE A SUBSTITUTE.? i Parlies wishing to purchase substitute papers can be ?jpplied without delay at the jowest price, by calling at tl e tilled States Substitute Agency, 632 Broadway, rofimt Hon. and 7. M AGBNT FROM AN ADJOINING STATE WILL rgive two substitutes $ 1,000 asch; also a number of vol leers wanted foi one year. Apply at 2?i First street, third ?. No brokers. Mr. GARNER. a TTKNTIOS -WANTED, 60 VOLUNTEERS FOR ONE A year, for Company K, rlflh New Turk cavalry, or any Iher named regiment, to whom the highest cash bounty III be paid as soon as passed bv the doctor. <'a 1 at onco on aptain LYON ISAACS, General Recruiting Office, No. 396 anal street. ?ARMY AND NAVY RECRUITS -LARGEST BOUN lA Gee paid f'*J0 for three vesrs. $*00 for two yeare. 71K) for >Dt t ear Sailors and soldo-re applv this dav at ihe I ulted States Recruiting oiHce. 247 Broadway, ro in 23. N. i.?Town quotas tilled and substitutes lurul-bed. I A RViY AND MARINK CORPS?MEN. ATTENTION - i $v*l, $50 >, $ti'?i an.I $-14) will be pa d cash. Men can filial id toe army for one. two er three veers. Men will be ?eaten welt aud receive all jiroml-ed them. Cat: at the alia Irmy and Marine 111 Kanaka sirset. BEHOLD !-BEHOLD<-BBHOLD'-$300 CASH IN hand wilt be paid to soy person bringing a recruit to his otl ce, while the recruit will be paid the highest svsila le brnnty. Apolv personally to captain GOULDINC 10 9 < harnbers str-et. 7IORT1 VOLCNTEBRS WANTED THIS DAT, ? at the office of the Sundsv Mercury. 113 Fulton street, ew tork, to fill the quota of the town of Merri?ams. ap ly hetwoen IA.B and 3 P. M. WM. CAULDWKLL, Supervisor, 'i'osivn ol Morrrvanrs. DIVE THREE YEARS AOLUNTP.RR8 WaNTED-IO J ni a town quota- It must be filled to dsy. The highest ounly paid, the Supervisors are here. Call early aod get our money at 212 Broadway , room 18. * 11 BTROPOLITaN RBPRB8ENTATIV R ASSOCIATION NOTICE TO SUPERVISORS. I Supervisor* of counties in Naw Tn*k State rsa hare their aoius ti.iad Immediately by responsible parties at 185 ireenwtcb street. This sisociltl n having despatched ageota to at: parts of Curnpe. are prepared to furnish volunteer representatives n greater numbers thas anv other company in the Uoited tales 186 Greenwich street. Call immednte'.y and save ? draft. B. B ?No men sent sut of the State. |M ILITARV OVERCOAT FOR 8ALR-OR WILL EX . change for furs. Overcoat worth $IOtl; will be sold r $40. ' an be seen .be addressing Won Thomas, lltrsid |U ?vf ARINB CORF"?1THIS 18 THE MOST SILBCT .. branch of the United States service. All marine* have n equal ehnnce for prl -e money and three suits of clothes a ear, which Is not deducted from their pay *$800 bounty, or particulars call si '.be Marine Ollior, 111 Inosau ? treat. pstalTA ONBT. MONET, MONEY-A FORTUNE TO BE .. made?$'4Ui> hartd nreney will bo onid to nny person ringing n Recruit to this onlie. whfetho recruit will bo Eld cash tn hand the *#ry highest bounties Apply st once Capt GOULDINU, st tbe Recruiting office No. ? Cham ra ttrsel ?as E HUH a NTS BANKERS AND GRNERAL VOLl'N m tcer and Snhstifule Assaclation office, 428 Broad sir, Mew I ork ?l.ooii voiiinti era wanted Immediately film to 1300 paid to any one bringing a recruit Highest bounties ?aid to recrulte on passing evsmlsatlnn No daisy. No lumbug. Mnnrypald right down. Apply st ths office. 428 ?(roadway. New York. BfARlNB CORPS.?WANTED THIS DAT. THRKF. IvJ good men for 'he above servlca. lor whom wa will pav lie h^i.cvt bounlied, cash In band. Call at 39 Park row, loom in. Rational military claim agency, and TUTTED states RRCKUITINU RENDRZVOUS, No "Y WHITE STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. J'vtab nhed for the protection of the Volunteer, the 8ubsi<? Bite sad Prinnlpel. under the eupervlsion of < OL QBO A. BUCKINGHAM. io, by permission, respectfully refers to ??"?r*. Lin RRMORB, CLBWES a CO, Bsnksrs, 16 Well street. Messrs BOWBRS, RRRCKMAN A BRADFORD, Marehsnts, earner Bsrelav and Cburcb streets. Messrs HI'LLIVAN. RANDOLPH A BUDD, Impartere oorodr of Parii ptace.and Church street. JillKS C. HA RrIOTT, I'lssiosat nrevocrt Insursnoa Co.. 70 Wall r.reet W ANTED?.W VOLCNTBERb. ALSO, ant) si' BSTITi TBS, for one. two and Urea veara FOR TIIK ARMY OR NAYT. rol ol regimens, regular or ysluateark cavalry, ann oy inf^try, engineer or marine fiorpa. Supervisees er cithens from any part of this Stale re mring snnatitutss will dud It to their advantage to call at oorreapond with iha offlre. UNITBD MTATBB HARBOR FORTIFICATIONS. [ ONE YEAR < OLUNTKBKS WANTED _ i?r F.tghteonth, TvsanUvth. Twenty and ThirlDih Sitei c". d'-uis duty In qv harbor defences on tbe coast, nth irlted bv Ms Uicellekcr Governor Seymour, with the pprnval of the War Department MR IIIOHBRT Not NYJKH PAID AT THIS OFFIOB ONB YBAR MB* RRCKIVK $1.0 4 ONK THOUSAND^AN5 RJEEN DOLLARS I in H A ND MONRT paid to any person bringing a re- vnit II " 'd ihe recruit prseont htifcssif he wlil receive the hand orrii-? Hours from < a. m- to 7 r m for fuither parUc.ulars sll rwsonslly. Adv.ce and lu IormstiOn lively giwn ''ol GEO ROE A BUCKINGHAM, j M i or PETBR I M'l'tiiMUTr, . Director CfiVl TMoMAAJ DOBtyJr, .< N niLlTIRT A BD 1AVAL ?TICK IO SUPERVISORS AND CITIZENS OBNERALLY. 780 vo*Untaer( are reedy Ui be credited te ?7 towa or eounty In New lork Kute for one or mm years. Towd aim cotiutj quota* promptly filled. A'lee and veteran substitute* end rspre-sntatlve* een bo promptly furnl*hed Id aay number*. Applications by talegraph or letter will be attended te promptly. Apply lo the Genvral Volunteer end Substitute Recruiting Aawx-'ation of New Tore Ofbtc, 423 Broadway. New York. I .lent. Colonel K W WINflSLD SIMPSON, Captain R. McMCUOU Autboriied Agent*. {>ARTIES WISHINGVOLUNTEERS OR S UH&TITUTE8, for one or ihren vcar* can be supplied on reaeonable ternae by applyiug at tbe Army nad Navy olllce, 73 Nassau street Substitutes or VOLUNTEERS COR KITIIKR' ARK V OK NAVY. FOR ONE OR THRBB YEARS. FURNISHED a r 17 BROADWAY, 17 BROADWAY NKAR THE RAITHRY 17 BROADWAY ..NKAR TUK BATTERY 17 BROADWAY NEAR TDK BATTERY BV IIONORaBLB AND RELIABLE PARTIES. Addreaa McNULTY A CO , SHIPPING AQBN'TS, 17 K roadway. Surptitntus now ON hand kor those that apply io JOIiNSJN A COLEMAN, 13 OritDd btreet. WUUamaburg. N. Y. Substitutes and volunteers furnished FOR INDIVID!'VLS AND COUNTIES, AT THE SHORT a. ST NOTICE, by BAKitY 1 OX, 107 Broadway room S. OUBSTITUTBE AND VOLUNTEERS WANTED?AT O, 11 t Lumbers street. The hlaheit bounnee xiven for two and thiv year* men lor 'br navy and annv Prin cipal cou be iuruisbed with i a j or tl;:ee ?ear? paper*. Ca 1 at nnce and at It for Major BROWN. QCBRIITL'TES AND VOLUNTEERS w anted?FOR 0 One and three yer.i s. Kaiervisor* and m'lect wnnl ng men w.ll do we <-i:i at the New Yor'. Army and Navy Kecru.ling Company'* oll.O', ~0 Broadway, under Barnuic'* Museum. QUPBRVUIORS AllE BESPECTFl'LLT REQUESTED K. to call or send lor a circular lo 'he New York Army and N'av . Refruiilng Company. No. V Chamber* Greet room No .1, second lloor W- ii dk >tc .-au aid it. filling ycur<iv.oias on advantageous .erme. w. o MoMAIES Secretory. SUPERVISOR S AND COMMITTERS Suiinli n with VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES Bv CAPTAIN P. COMBS. No. BP Lienenard street, near Broadway See reference* in ndverilieir.ent under 'Amy ai .1 Navy.' The labobst bounty ion VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES. 70.1b? ONE YEAR MEN W VNTuU roR VOLUNTEERS AND S0R?T1TUTBR OR THE ARMY AND NaVY Cash bounty paid giyo Hand money paid tu the person bringing 'be recruit to ?oust ]Q0 . If. '5" rt^roti preacute himself or if the *ubstiVuteia*pre ?eDted by the perron for whom (the recruit) will receive:? Cash bornly . g!70 And the hand money..... 100 'oh*1 , C. GODFREY OUNTHKR, Mayor. MATTHEW T BRENNAN, Comptroller. ORISON BLUNT. Bupervieor. WILLIaM M. TWEED. Buperrl-ar, WILLIAM R. HTEWART. Supervlaor. ELIJAH K. PURDT, Supervisor, County Volunteer Committee. ORI80N BLUNT. Nsw Yoke, August 12, 1804. Chairman. fPHK HIGHEST BOUNTY PAID BY STAlT A KNOPEL 1 lor volunteer* and substitute* at 114 New Avenue, Jersey City, N. J. Ten volunteers and ten substitutes want ea immediately, for one two or three vesrg. Extra large bounty, caali aowu a* ?oon aa passed bv the doctor Choice of regiment an , relief for 'amllles. Anplvatonce at the United States Substitute Agency, 332 Broadway, up stairs, rooms Nos. (l and 7 "THOSE DESIROUS OF JOINING THE ARMY OR A navy will do well hy calling at the iron building cor. ner or city lis I place and Duane street. The highest bounties paid fur one ur three year meu Kuuners libe rally dea l wliU. Apply to Capl. WRIGHT. TWO SUBSTITUTES WANTED?OR THE PAPERS for two or three years; must have them this day. Call early at 212 Broadway, room 18. TTN1TED STATES MARINE COUPS. U $S00 BOUNTY. $6SI CASH, The eaa'eat and lightest duty. SLPRRIOR CLOTHING AN1> EQi IPMKNT8 .*<?** ,w NO MARCHING. NO KNAPSACKS DlTY IN NAVY yards andon htkamshipsok war Volunteers yvauted by CAPTAIN COMBS, _ No. 30 Lispensrd street, uear Broadway. UNITED STATES NAVY V 1.0011 MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY AK E1RBMBN ? Bounty, 2 >ears jfiOO Wage*. 2 ears 76ti Telal * I 8.36 AS SBAMBN?Bounty. 2 \enrs 600 * ' Wage*. 2 ears Sir?Total Si 116 AS C0ALHEAVKK8?Ronntv, 2 years.. " ft? * ' ... . _ . Wage*. 2 .ears.. . 616?Total $1,116 ibis is a rare charts I or toting men te enter tbe United 9,ties natal service. Pient of prize mone\ and higpav. Ageni* and ruuners iibemliv dealt with. Call eail at No. 6 Bast Broadway. NOLAN A LANIUAN, Age its. T"* NfTBD STATES NAVY. SPECIAL NOTICE.-PER son* desirous of join tig the navy bv apolvinc at 73 South street, cornet-or.VHidea sue, up stairs, will receive tbe very highlit cttb bounty. "17 0LUNTEER8.?FIFTY VOLUNTEERS WANTED v immediately io Ml up the quota ol a town in >h * Mate, by A. WILSON * CO.. lft Wall Greet. * V'KTERtN RESERVES.?WANTED. rWRNTT MEN In the Vete an Reserve*. None hm th i?e who can discharge papers. Liberal bounty. Call at S3 Maiden lane, between 10 and 12 o'clock. yOLUNTEKKS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTED?FOR t 'he anny and navv for one or three icrs io whom the highest buutifes will be pu d. st the Aim, anu Navy All 1 P. / ' \fi??iilt v t r??*?4 J on ce, i Nassiiti ?treet VrOLUNTBEKS AND SUR8TITDTRS.?100 MEN WA ?qT V ed for the army and ivv,, and marine <ori'?. The cash bo intifK paid Part ff hrin^ing wniiu will v* pftitA h liberal aninuDt of hand inorps*. ?"!k;I at United Htsie* Arm and Navy Agency, 133 Fulton *tre?t. and 212 Bread war. loom 8. VOLUN TREKS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTED-FOR . ne, wo or three years fo uhi -h Uie Ii best bounty >vi 1 be r*'d in cssh before sworn, at 26 Noilb William street, june'ion of Chatham. Piiocipnl- supplied at the sluirte-i no. tee. ryANTED-lUd VOLUNTEERS PUR ONE TEARS *erv ce, rm-Wli ell the hti;'SSI yyih bounties will he neid. Also town comuliteee, s iporvi?,>rs Ac., promptly supplied with vid inleeie and s iuatitme*. at reasonable fr ees, to till tbelr qumss. Uii(|tie?tt.iosble eil? reierence given I or our responsintlilv and inf-grdt Call al the re crultlng uflice l,2Sftl Bronuwav. ll C. UaTITORN, authori ed Agent. YV/Anted wanted. Wanted v" VOLl NfEERS AND SUBSTITUTES for one and thiee "ars Beeruila fairly and lionorab', iretted. So fa.?e premlees made. T iehigbe-I price* that can be obtained paid down in rush, without hot tied ii-llon. Aiiply to Lleuienant Co one! McNsler. at the New York Army and Na" Re! roof p0'* No- " t-'h*mber* street, room No. .3, second W ANTED?IRISH VUN. RXOLTIHMKn! SCOTCH " Germans. I ren< h, end men of nil natlonalllie*, toen i*l as volnnteere. The htcuest boontv paid, cash In hand on paealnv the doctor. R-hef tickrt* ior famlllea. Agent* will receive the blgbe*t nremlums Apnlr at the Merchnnta *n<1 A.?oclatlon ANTRD?EABLY THIS DAY, SEVERAL ONE OR . .'T0 to unteese for the army or nary, at the United Slate* PriterJlve RenrtlUlag Ageiirv No.' 6 Mndlmm street. Highest bo'tetle* pe'd sod recruits fairly dealt with. 2CTH REGIMENT NEW YORK CAVALRY-WANT I t"l\. r """ L''1""' ",r,T l!" ''*> ?? H. and L. 7^ ' rtftmrnr i? nem XS ?thir?ictnn and bc'on wa and Chcrcl Walker rireet. between Broad* i II/aA T" ?3? HAHD MOSEY PAID AAJENTS OR rfL , , ruetiere for ona two and three year^Velunteers and Suhsliiute*. to (1.1 a <n ois; nlglieat bminiv easb in hand App y at ufl'ce 138 Kleyenf.i sir et, corner Sixth arenue. ?9nn T? *10" HAND MONSV PAID AGENTS o* runnrrs for vo unteera io thl* city Ten men wnn'ed lodsv tie highest bounty, cssh down, as seoa as passed hy toe djctor. Apply at 42F Broadway. CA8H '" HAND TO ANT PERSON PRE Mlk-Iv/tf aentlng a ihiee yaar* volunteer at I A3 GREENWICH STREET. I?"!) cash in hand to suy person presenting a oae rear voiunlesr repre*eutat,ie 183 GKEBNWICH STREET. More money i*!d to lecruiis than any other place In New Yorlu ftfln VOLUNTEERS-PATRIOTS, CoMR AND RAT, clyll I r round the flag. Slop in at l?.3 Prank Ira street and re< elv# the high**t bo nties. oa*h In band, before It la too late. *T"4Wl-ALL INYALtM BRINGING THEIR DIS tgDHMI. charges to Dr. Aaderson. flllEhlridge street, esar Canal, win receive their moaey cash down. Call as early a? possible. Ifcftnn CASH nAND FOR ONE YEAR YOLUN .ruuuieers also tne highest price pal J for oae and three years su bill teles. Appyst 147 Bowery. ?7nn p,,R ?"R *kar. cash in hand, as soon D I UU a* you pass eitmlnatien. Call earlr end re ran e yenrmonev tne *ame <t?y. Apply at 8V Park row, room 23. ? 7HH -WANTED A MAN TO ENLIST IN THB 4 47'Y. array or ???y for three years. This price will be paid If epplleatlea i* made early this day to T. NEWTON, No.j; Wall street 3*791 P0R TEAR TOLOBTtEM OR BUgFTI W 'irt** '"lee psiti I. . s b hy fll K A aKT A HERBERT, be. t Tark plaee. re<T ntrif Boor. $800 1?.K* HONENT. TRUSTWORTHT MEN filabt# iiiti gh'to 5ia.2lf ?nd mw! pro ?ore U i'h.T.?a... *rT,?* b7 epplying at Preseott'* *ua<l tlrpnt atreet, Jnat below l/ndaon River Rail. $892 fl^Sl "1" VK*'' VOLUNTKRER ALSO T ti ,rn u' r .?*n. wi'.'iXie* ft'"1 "duniecr wanted. 31* dodge atittlf near m n-rruyr Ailp iATAU <RMQ9 K.?* 0K5 tbab Toir?T*iifi.-?aoo cash down after doctor's examination, $UN gorarn ?neat bounty, and $110 pa/ for oaa year Now I* your time. St?1?r?sy>?'&c Aw'J ^ *** h,lor" * o'eloo* to Cap lam 8WBBT, SJ Bower.. near Bayard ?:reet. Call aarl/. StQOO EAPH 0M* 7BAR VOLUNTBBB? Vt/V/Vr Tjflllaiowu quota. SKD cash down SlVauv ernmeat bounty, tl|? . iy, with ^ol? of wlSenft'Tn cavalry, infantry or artillery. Alao two autl thrtw jear*' mea wanted. Ayplj at o&ce, 138 Biatanili timet. corner of oixui afiBiic, 1(100 KECRUIT8 WAN TED?FOR fUK ARMY. ?iinn , ., HI Naaaan street. J,000 men wanted for the Marine corn*. . ??i_ , 111 41 aenaii atreet 1,010 men receive $*# to go for three yeara , _. ... HI Nassau street l,(XX) seamen and ordinary aaamen for the uary. 1M, .. 111 Nassau street. l.WO firemen. first and aecond claaa wanted for the navy, ii ,?n 'OI [o thiH office to enllat may rely upon obtaining ail the money promised. SI 0(H) BOUNTY FOR rilRIig t EAItH ?$7d(! cash ??'A.tM/tX bonniy for one year. Now la your time: htv'bt'v cavalry Infantry or guards Apply early to A. H. ? 8TEBLE, Franklin llouae, 87 Cortlandt atreet. SI 000 CASH IN MAI,D F'OR 9NB T?AR VOL JP.? ? unlaera aa ajon naaworn ill Apply rmrne dlalely to Captain LKaRK, 6bl Broadwav, room No. 2 No broker* need apply. 5.000 RECRUITS WANTBD, LARGEST BO UN TIBS PAID TOR CAVALRY, ART1LLKRY AND INFANTRY. Choice of regimen i and branch of aery ice. I rem! im? paid to the iwreon Introducing a recruit ami should ihe recruit present bunseif he will receive the premium n addition to inn bounty. Apply at the Meiobanta', Bankers' and General Reormtlug Ah- nation of New' i ork Cfllce 478 Broadway New York Lie,,!. Col. R. W WINFIELD FIMPSON. Capl. R, JhcNKlJOL, Antl cn.ed Agenla. 10.000 "*" VOLUNTEERS OR SUBSTITUTES to uhi itaah.vT T ie COUNT* OP' NEW YORK IN THE ARMY AND NAVY PAYMENT to vobunteers ' TOR I'OTII ARMY AND NAVY. BOUNTY. For three years?county ? jTOo For three ytars?government . 300 Tola' .. . a on Fot two years?o inly upn For two yeara? government ....".*"'.1*.lit) #170 100 For one year?county .... .. ... For one year?government Total. hand money. Anv person eni.s'lnc a recruit for either two or three yeara will Id hand money ? ? For one ; ear _ '' PAYMENT TO SUBSTITUTES FOR BOTH ARMY AND NAVY BOUNTY. County?for three years 4 tnn County?for Iwo veara County?for ane yeaf 170 HAND MONEY Any person enlisting a suhetttute for either two or three years will receive in hand money ?33 Fcruneyear ... ................ too m2ke aut'Vhli J?.'!1 Jn ,he armT ???' n?vy are required to ?flow?ng ^tiMi txe'"l'1 frora d,afl or one of the 1. That he T?nn alien. * Thai he baa served two years la the army or nayy dur nitSoo present rebe ltoii. ' 3 That he ia under twenty yeara of age. Volunteers for ih? navy must be able u> show that they realce in tmecounty. ana that tfcoy have been duly enronlle at their place af residence. ' Tbe Coant/Volunteer Committee, under instructions of the Board of Supervisors. liaTin- filled nil quotas under all calls up to this time, announce that tney have recommenced the business of racru.'tlng for the army and navy with the view of raising the quota under the existing call by the President lur men. * "" Recruits or sub-tllutes will be reorived aa formerly at the County Volunteer Rooms, in the Park, corner of Broad way and Chambers street, and on tne Eaiterr C. GODFREY OUNJHUR, Mayor MATTHEW T. BRKNNAN, Comptroller. ORISON BLUNT, Supervisor, P WILLIAM M. Tffl HI), Supervisor, WILLIAM R. STEWART, Supervisor. ELIJAH K- PURDY. Supervisor, t.'ountv volunteer Committee. N?w YOUR. July 16. 1864. 0R,S0N Chairman Ss9,S 0(H) _THIS'SUM 18 ,N OPR hands to iPAiU.UyU. pay g>>od men for tnearmv or nav\. We are practical men prepared to do what we aay. We have no transactions with brokers. None such need apply. Men paving families can rely upon us, bringing their wives with them . Wnnted two teamsters for a first class regiment. Apply to B. H. BROWN, room No z Montague Hall, oppo* site the City Hall, Bro >klvn. NAVAL PRIZE MOSEY, AC. All prize money now PAYABLE CAN BE OBTAINED AT ONCE, BY APPLYING IN PERSON. OR HI LBTTER TO WALDEN, WILLaRD A MelLVA1NB. LATR U. 8. NAVY. 1W YORK ST., BROOKLYN, and 17 BROAD ST.. N. Y. BOUNTIES, BACK PAY and all other claims ADJUSTED WITHOUT DBLAY AIIOY'-PRIZEMONBI TO BAILOR8.?BOUNTT MO NEY 10 HOI.UIKR8 dlscttaiged for wounds received In battle. Ac. Discharged Navv or Army Odicers Sailors or Sold lei a, their Widows or Heirs, PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONEYS. BACK PAY, Ac., by ? , EDWARD BI8SELL. Army and Navy Banker, and late Purser U. t>. Navy, 271 Broadway, rorner Chart.bers atreet. New York. A LL PRIZE MONEY NOW PAYABLE PAID BY .1 C. DICKEY A CO., OorrrnmentClalm Agents 112 Broadway, New York. Naval prize money, ac.-thf officers and crew or the United States ship Supply, at the time of me capture of the prire Stephen Hart will receive advau Broad street r,*elnK W*idrD* Wlllard * Mcllvatae. No. 17 PMHBM money for EVERY VESSBL PROMPTLY collected, pensions procured, bounty and pav collected Address or apply to IUCHaRO C hLLIOTT, United Stales Aimy and Navy Oflice, No. 67 Bieecker street. The wife ok widowed motobr of prisoners 01 ** r?y by calling on us wtlh let er. BROWN A SHELDON, bankers, No. 2 Park place. DRY GOODS. AT J. DAnTOIB', 661 BROADWAY SPEClAi ITV OF DRESS AND CLOAK flllMMINOP FRKNCtl KLI TINO ESTABLISHMENT. Tnrorms his cuatoinsrs that he li.vs rereivod his French im poriatious fn Passementer*. O'tnp Crochet Buttons Ac. Wnol^SAlc ao<) retail, is notr open. A^"ARD. ?THE ADVKRT16hK BEt.S LP.AVK TO IN form ladies requiring anv ktud of plain work shirt making or baby linen in a I its bram bee, tbst tbey < an have the same executed In a sup> r1or and on the most liberal terms by applying a' h'85 Kloahetb siieet. A note ad dres-cd to T. G. will be .mniediat. v attended lo. N B ? Will Of required) attend at the res denceol any ladv bv the day or week. HENTON A WILLIS. B4 LEONARD 8TRKUT, IMPOR ters and ..obhera of Hosiery end Olnve.s. oiler u? the trade on the beet terms, a tun line of ndica', missis and men's Ulcered Cotton Hosiery and hon e ladles extra width Seered Hose. 'III.I.IM'.K V 1UST RKCBIVKD NOVELTIES IN BRIDAL ?} Wreaths and Fh.wera, at Madame HARRIS', No 7 Brevooit place, Tenth atreet, a few doorafium Binadaay. Madame iiarris has just opened her first case of Imported Bonnet*. No. 7 Breioorl place. Tenth atreet. a few doors from Broadway. LEGAL NOTICES. UNITED 8TATE8 OF AMERICA. SOUTHERN DIR. Iriet of Netv York, as.?Wheieaa a libel of information hath been tiled lu the 1),strict Court or the United Slatas of America, for the Southern Di-trict of New York, on the 16th day of September. In the vear of our Lord in* thousand eight hundred and sixty four by K. Deiaf'.eld Smith Bsu United Ststea Dutrlei Attorney for the Southern District of New Turk, on behalf of the United Slate*, against the steamer "A. 1). V ance,'1 hertitckle, Ac., and cargo; and where i as the substance of the said ilbet of Information ia that said steamer and cargo were captured aa lawful prireoo r about 1 the llith dei ot September. 1X64. In the Atlantic Ocan. in I longitude 74 depr. e* aud *)minutes west, latitude .Thd.greee north, by the I ulted States steamer Santiago a* Cuba, Con tain O. s. Gltaaon United States Navv, commanding and brought to the i orl af New Tork. and praying that me said steamer, her tackle Ac., and cargo, may f>e condemned aa lawful prlxe P> Ihe uae of the I nifrd States; now, therefore in pursuance of ihe munition under the seal of the said Court to me dire< t#1 and delivered, I do hereb-g ve pubi c notice to al. lutiauns claiming ihe aa.d steamer, ber tackle Ac . and oargo, or lit any manner interested therein, that they be and appear before the raid District Court to be heM at the city of New Tork, In and for the said Seuthera Die trictof New York, on the 27th day et September la-tant at eleven o clock In the forenoon of that day (provided 'tbi same shaU be a day of .|iirl#dlrltoo, otherwise on the next day of jurlsdletlo" thereafter), then and there to Interpoaa their claims and lo make their allegations In that behalf Dated this lrfth day of September lx?4 neoatr. R(?HKRf MURRAY, United States Marshal, Ac E. Dai Attain Sunn, United Sutee District Attorne., Ac. rUZZ' DBNTIITRT. A?RT or TENTH MADE IN TMMBB HOURS - Emire aailafacUun or no pay. at XH Sixth avonua aapeclal attention given to mechanical dentistry. The cheapest sets of teeth eror made, and as Oaa as are made la any part af the world. No advanoe it required, aid no ona It required to take or pay far anything oaleet suited ei erlly. Nitrous oxldo gee fine boon given Wi. over wv? thouasad oaaoo. and teeth eitrartod without pain Be ao ?ddeat or sickness has oonttrrsd from its use her* we giVa %r&n Kif"-,h A MOST WONDERFUL DIBCOVRRT -T8BTB R* trartad without pain or aa charge Beautiful Teaib teaerlod, $1 earh Teeth Inserted with or without oiirtuG lag the loot*. Ail operations warranted . . -f. JAY TILLERS. IM Grand atreat, two blodka from Broadway. (r"s"DvMel,4,!"l,I>->T W?LL"C08TV0U nothing. To afford all an opportnnllv to tie convinced. I "ON Wldoly known, w* extract teeth poattivarr without.pain and without eba go until October lrJl... '* Artificial Teeth Company Den tilts, 81 Fourth street wrae? B'.eerv Imni'nae aim k, omprieiag evety doocriDimlTSr artificial tooth, constantly on exbiluiioii. pllon ?' /VOLTON DBNTAL ABSOC1 ATIOR-dIl COLTOM originated the .m ath* |c uae of the nitrons oilde kJ^ S,a ha* had unparalleled aue-i.* tn lu use. No pam gaa^Jti-1 Hare are headquanar*. om-e 22 Bond airaot, ""?r*0,#rd W 2* ORAND STR8BT new X' . York and 287 Fulton atre< t. BriKitlrn, are enVartliu Teeth poa,lively w thont pain by the u e of nltraia ^S! gas No eharae for etirai-tlng when artlC. al lemh arJ m be inserted ] hay are aiao Inserting full sets t( T?Jt . Hold. $26,/lfllne; $28: fllver. $l(f. Rubber. lUF.^m MM op gold. threr, $1, $ilracua? 26 cent*. * siurpiao. NOTIOB-THB STEAMSHIP CITT 09 MUSLIM, OP lht? line wHl sal a* an aAlre iMtutr OB Thnm ?? boob. 8epl 22, carrying a United number of cabin and ataerage passenger*. at rail need rales. peyaMr in L ailed btaleaeurreuor. JOHN G DALE, Agent, IB Broadway. STEAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOUCHING AT aueenewwn. << ork Barbae). Tha Liverpool. New York end PtillAdelpbl* Bt-utnihlp Company flnmen line), carrying tbe United Kiaton mei >, nb-cvl despatching t-ielr full powered Clyde built iron tiesmah '.sua Ml ?< ? CITY OP WABHINUTUN, SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER <7. CITT OP MANCHKSTHR HaTI'KDaY SKPTRNBRK'M CITY OP LONDON' ...SATURDAY. OCTOBKK I and every succeeding Han rday at Noon, from pier 44 Porlb riT#r* RATES OP PANSAOE. Payable lo gold, or m , ,ulv?!eut m currency. First Cabin $8i Ri?eiage 830 Do to London MA I to. to l.ondun 3d Da to Par la i?a Uo. i.i Parts d<> Do. lo Hamburg HO Ho in Hamburg NT Paaaengera alae forwarded lo Havre, Hrernen, Rotter dam Antwerp. Ac . nt t [ua D low ralea From Liverpool or CuernHown Pirat Cabin. $76 $H6. and $106. SU-eruge. f .VI Th ?e viio wiab to aend fur their frlenda can buy tickets Kerr at lh*ae 'aire. Tbeae steamers have upper or ac < mniodafione for pan tengere. are atronglv built In water tight Iron aoci ion a, and carry patent tire auuiKilatora. Htucrteoced Burgeons are attached to eacb steamer. P-r further Information app!> In L.vorivool In WILLIAM INMaN. Agent. 22 Wtrrr street; in Glaaguw to ALBX. MALCOLM.No. ARt Kiouir, ur? n. (Jueenatnwu to C. A W D SPYMOUR A CO In London to KJ V B8 A MAt'EY. HI King William i-lieci. In I'n stn.HJLBfiD C U E. 43 Rue Notre Dame dee V .-buret. I'lecr dr la Bourae; in Phi adelphia to JOHN G. DALE, ill Walnut atreet, or at the Couipanf"s Ofhee* JOUNi! DALE, Agent, 16 Broadway, N. Y. Notice?tub ftkamphip atai.anta will leave pier No. 21 North run ou Saturday. sci teiuber 2d. at 2 P. M. precl?ely. fur Londoi. direct. To be followed br the ?teamiliip Be! ona. TUB LONDON AND NEW*YORK STEAMSHIP COM pnny will daapateh semi mc..thl their new and lirst else* ' British iron CELL A HBLLONA. ATA LANTA. IOWA. INDIANA rvo? *1 A N II A'JC A N , each li.'M) tone . urthen. bctwoen London aud Nrw York calling ut Havre on tbe voyage rem London. Rates of paruagii, pnvabie In gold or 'l* equivalent ?Prom New Ion. first ?... "" Krom London y to Hroa.lway. For freight appiy at M H iulh street. Advances nia .e on nscicham. ee ronrlci ed to li e fro !*? in Loudi n of the un der*" r.ed. These steamers con net: at Luiu.un with ataam ere of the same compnnv for ine .'unr cl port*. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, SI. Petersburg. i openhtcon Berdeauv. Oporto, Gibraltar. Alexandrio Smyrna. I'nnsuntlmuile md Odessa HOWLAND A AFPIN1VALL Agent*. nnvabie in goto or u? e<-uiva.ani ? ? rrom mu rafdn. $66: eeoond cabin, $45. ste-rage. $2n Kr or Havre, first ekbin, $7n. For oss-kgo apply to CIlAS. A WHITNEY. 36 I Mail steamkhs to france direct. THE GBNI- RAL TKAN8TI VNT1C COMPANY'S NEW LINK OK URST CLASS BTDEWHEEL PTEAMSHfPS ltPTWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. The first fve gplendin ve--*e s ntcclod i.> l o put upon lhi? favorite route for the Comment are the foi'nwing ? W AHIIlNt.TON, 3,1704 ton* u 0 hone power. I.AKAYKTTR, 3.20d Ion* MX' hurt-# power. KI'GKNIR falloat) <M? liorse power KRaNCE (build ug f*0 horse pn > ei NAPOLEON III (nr.ilrilngi ? . 1.100 home mwer. I'tld the coinpieAinn ol the entire .tt the aervlce wll be performed hv the WAK1HNU ON A. Dm hefDe; LAFAY ETTE A. BocATtde ?? fob w? ? FROM NEW YORK TO HAVRE. WASHINGTON We inr.d .y, 12th Oitoher. LAKaVETTK Wednesday, Dili Nmember, WASHINGTON Wednesday. 7th DeaembJr. First cah'n. Inc'udmn table wine $I.AV Becond < abin. including table wine $7'' cr fsO. )'?Table t? gold or it* euiiivaleni In l*ni>vd Slalas currency Medlrnl attendanee free of charge. For freight or pasaage apply to . oeof.of. Mackenzie. Agent. No. 7 Broadway. New York. At Paria?No. 12 Boulevard .>* CapuclDe* (Grand Hotel.) At Havre?Wi.Ham laelin A Co. The bambhho amf.riua; pacr3t company's IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS Fion. Soutbaoiiiton. From New York. GERMANIA Aug. 114. 1M?4 Sept. 17. I80d. BORCSSIA Sept. 7. LSAI Oei I. ISM SAXON IA Sept. 21. IsAi Oct 14. 1H04. Prom Hamburg pier, foot of Third atreet, Hohoken, laklng | ataengera for Hamburg, Havre. London and Ronth ainpton at the following vale*?Kirat aahln, $106: aeeond cabm, $12 90; ateerage. $37 60, pavable In gold or It* euu'Y nlent. Por freight apply to KCNUARDT A CO., 46 Eichange nine*. Par pnaange apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOA8, 181 Broadway. National steam navigation company. TO (,'UBKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Prom pier 47 North rlvar PBNNSVLVANIA Saturday. September 94 VIRGINIA Saturday. October S Cabin, $125; ateerage. $ib. payable in currency. For pa*sage apply to WILLIAMS A GCION, 29 Broadway. STEAM i ROM AND TO <)UKKNSTOWN AND LIVER POOL. CCNARD LINE. From New Tork, $45, currency: to New Ycrk. $3u, gold or oouivalent In currency. SIDON WedneadAy Septamlier 2?. OLYMPI'S, Wednaaday, October 12. For pottage apply to WILLIAMS A GUTON 29 Broadway. The north obrmaj* lloyds steamship AMERICA, H Woeaela commander, carrying the United Slates mall, will ami from the Bremen pier, foot of Third atreet, Hnboken on SATURDAY, Sept- 24. At 12 o'c oek II.. pnn BRBMBN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking pAsm-ngcrt lo LONDON. IIAYRR, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRBMBN, at the following rates, puvable in gold or ita equivalent in currency ? . . Por tbe first cabin. $106; aeeond cabin, $S2 80; aiecrage $37 60. The America will be followed by tbe BREMRN, Oct 8. For freight or A ra> w BrWk(l street. STEAMBniP CITY OP MANCHESTER WILL COM meoce to dlacbarge under general older* at p er 44 North river on Monday morning, at 7 u clock Goods not removed within twenty four honra will tie stored al the consignee * riak and expeutc. JOHN O. DALE, Agenl, 16 Broadway. UNITED STATES MAIL LINB-FOR CALIFORNIA via Panama, under convoy of n United State* war ateamer throughout the Atlantic voyage, commencing Sep tember 9. 1894. The following flrati-lana aide-wheel atenm era will be deepatcbed at noon pmciaely, from pier J, North ilvor ? I September 23?OCFAN Ul'RBN, F.eabury. O.fiber 8-NORTH STAR, Jono*. October 13?COSTA RICA Tlnklepaugh. For freight or pnifage apply to Li. 11. ALLBN, No. 6 Benling Green. OPPOSITION LINt. CENTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT COMPANY. Short route lo California, VIA NICARAGUA. No charge tor meal* on the Transit The new and elegant fteatnahlp GOLDEN RULE, D. S. Rabcork. commander. LEAVES ON SATURDAY, RBPTKMBKR 34. AT NOON. Prom pier 29. North river, foot of Warren atreet. Connecting with the atoemihlp America. For paaaage S|iti!r at Ike o;i cr of the Company, 177 Went at reel, corner of Warren. D N. CAIUtlNOTON, Agent FOR HAVANA. REGULAR WEEKLY MAIL LINE. Tbe sp endld aide wheel kleamahip* EAGLE. Captain J. J Lawn-nce, tiOLUMBlA. I'aptanD.B Kartun MOKRO CABTf.R. Captain R 'hard Adam* The ?tr*in*hin Eagle, Captain Lawrence, will leave pier No. 4 North river for Havana, on Wedneadny. September 28, at 3 o'clock P. M. precisely. For freight or paaaage applv to SPOFFORD, TILESTON A CO 29 Broalway. AII letter* must pars through the Po*t ollce C|ear*nie* for g oda must be brought in with tbe bills of *T** ravorhe steamer Columba. Captain Barton, will sr.cceec the Ragle, nnd leave on Wedueaday, October 6, at 3 o clock P M, w li*OR HAVANA DIRECT. I; The tuned Stairs Mall Steamahiv ROANOKE. ? I rancla A. Brev , Commander, Having nern ihoronghly overhaulrd and reflltrd, will rave pier 13. North river, ror llavaha direct, on Monday, Sept. lit. at 3 o dock P M. prrr.ieelt. No freight received or bl|le of lading signed on the day of tailing. For freight or passage apply to LUDLAN/llBlNEKBN A CO . 116 Broadway. J^IOR HAVANA VIA NASIaU, N P. The $'r lish and North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Company'* new steamer CORFPCA. Captain I* Measerlerer will *a<l for lit above pert*, from tbe company'* wharfoat Jfrtf\ CiiT. oo o v SATURDAY, September 10, AND MONDAY. October 10. Pasaagr mor.rv to Nassau $4$ Paaiage money to Hav.ina ff Payable in gold, or Ita eqnivelank No freight received on the day before aarling Far freight or peteage applv to E. cL'NaRD, No. 4 Bowling green. LIOR HAN ANA D1RRCT.?THE REGULAR LINE T United Futr-mail ateamsbip LIBERTY. Thomas W. Wilson, oemirauder. will leave pier 4.1 Norih river, for iho oboi e poi i en Saluroav, October I. W:!l leave aga u on Sat urdar Or lube c *2 For freight or passage apply to HAS OGUS A Co , 33 south street. FiOR HAVANA DIRICT-THK UNITBD BTATBS mail steamship HAVANA, R. M Orerne. connnaader, will lenty pier No 4 North river, for the above port, oo Thursday, flepl 72 at.ljfelock P M For freight and p4ta sage apply to TBOB AKWrlO A CO . 17 Broadway. Fob new ori.bana direct. The United Suiea mail eteamablp crrolb. .lohn Thempeon. Commander, will leave rl?r II North river. ft?r New Orleane direct, on Wednesdav. Kept. 21 iU 3 o'clock P. M. precmely. No freight received or bill* of lading signed en the day of esiltng. For freight ? r peewtre apply to rorrree LIDLAM. HEINEKEN A CO., 116 Broadway. ipklR NBW ORLEANS DIRECT, J; Te sen eeturde*. Bepiembet 17. at 3 o'clock P. M. The Ueited fttsiv* Melt eMewbeel fteemnhlp KVLN1NG BTAR. W. B. Bell Commander, will 'eave a* above from pier No. 46 North river. Por freight or ft-ftY'lAYN'?R. 10 Btr^ N B ?The MORNING BTAR will follow end sell gator day, Aeptemhev 24. Mail linn fob new ohlbanb dircot Tha steemahln ARIEL will loan- tuer No. 8 North rtver September If. at three e ?loek; P. M Cabin peaaage D B ALLEN, Be. 3 BowlingUrtea. IriOR fclYlirOOU?TAPBOOfT'l L/BB ' Snip JOHN H BYBRBON ealle Bern 20. X Li PR ?POR LONDON. gh? TILLS FRANCA aalU $ept 20 For t?Mwn*e to or-from tbe Did Country or drafts available in ant part of England Ireland. Rooi land or Wale*, at the teweat poaamle rnias. apply to TAPBOOTT BROTH ERR A CO.. 86 South -tract. fj'OR LIYBBFOOL AND LONDON-FOR LIVsR. r Liverpool, the M . FOTTEBOlIM aal'a list Kep'embcr For LonionT the CORNELIl'B GRIN NELL on the 4tb Baptember For iweaage apply te W ILLIA.M8 A OPION, 40 ruMao street _______________ 1NOB LIVIIKrOOL-OLD BLtCK BALL LINK-TUB f (hip GREAT WF.RTF.RN will sell promptly on Mondav, Bent 10. Per pottage apply on boar.I. foot of Ucakman dree I. or to ROACHB BROS. A OOPFRT, 64 South street. For mblboubnb, aubtkalia -kangaroo Line ?Neutral eeeael.?The aplendid clipper hark CONTBSr of London. Kcott. master, will have early deapah h Can aecomtnodala a few pa??er.g--r* In the auln For larm of freight or B*?-*ec eppiy to LAlLLEK, LORD A UUBRBaC ior Well etrget. SHIPPING . .... AUSTRALIA HONKER USB, OA RH'IHO TUK U H. Malta.?Tbe noe A) Br Utah cllw|>?r ahiD BO! AL SAXON. ?IU a*,d for S.dney, N H W direct. lb* 2Wh >u*l Boa lupvrtor ?*XNam'?tet'>oi> for a few mora paaaoa ger*. Shipper* a 111 pleaae band i? IheU tdlla lading with out dolay A'.gri. lha At Dutch cBppef bar* CHRKiBON, S?bwort. Moalar laloo.t.ngol Pior W Float Klvei. will atpr cord tbo I.?vunver and have the uguol prompt deapatch f., Melbourne dl,^ ^ 0A)|E||o|(| H Booa? M THIVEIiLKRt' Ol l?H. NUW YORK AMD HAKLKM RAILROAD Trail? lor Albany Troy ai?*l Rarai >ga 0i>r.?K? *Uo conni!cU:>g with ib? North and We*t, icave Tvcu>> h?iU ?traet dnpot at 1U/? A. M and 4 1'. N T WO DAILY B\ PR K88 l'K AINF for rills w 118r, ev rut allrmtown ropti On ami oiler Momlay Sept en.b?i tfl, lufA, tb* ? CBMTRAL RaUkAaD U1 NKW .IRRHP.T ??>!' ruii two Hull Kxi '*?? Tra n? for the Want, leav'ng PIER N(> J No Kill HIV EH aY !' A M- AND 7 I* M., WITH JM I ON K CIIAN.iK OF OARH TO PIITSBt R'. AN1) HIT TWO TO IT. LOI UL Tlti# ai raniiemenl vv II a'low u*>r.lers from New York to LKAVK TWO HO.'BK LAIKR thou by otner libra on<* ,-i m-i n n ATI AllfilVK AT THE KAMI'. I1MB AT CINCINNATI, Tll't'l'l fl LOCIH, AND OTHER ? PRINCIPAL POINTS WERT. Far* torn* aa by ?uy other rou'.e. Bujtsrlor sleeping cat* "U night lr? ns. BXCI'RMOWR. rpGHIIING PANKS.-TIIB dKA OOINO STFA MK F r VIKOINIA .-IKYHtlUR Will mane u trip to Ilia Flihing Hank- ou Fuiuluy H?j.' Ba line* and refieshuieulv mi hoard. Laiid.ngi-i "ck v..i at 7. Mromoe street at "H, Twnutlftli0lrr.1t N k . i '? -"prim, eti ret at 8), and j ei No 4. N. R. at 9 0 e ock. F'?rc$l. A. 81 OTT. J- htu"' PONT tIFKIt iS NOTICE. or T OFFICE NOrifB.-TllR MAI LB F*?R t J RE AT W Britain i"U lie 1 .mi nciit via Southampton Haui burr i rr Atruiiirr 'tin inuniu 'will close ot 1< o'clo. K A v.. an.I tl> mi. Im lor . ralouJ. v u yurunsi. wn per steamer ?111,1' \Y r, - li I , ..I .i ..o lit UHj A M . at tliiH n i i r, oil i-ati rdiiVjllir iftii i.A) il Feptetubei and at till' .| town Htulions as follow * ? Stations ,\ and B ? fVJ A M. i and \j?d A. M. r tat), ol Ctii I'- a" A M Mailon .J, ?b 3d a M P Alt It A II WAKRMAN, Pi'atiiia'lir. MCSICAIm MABNUl. KM' I '. AROFORTH FOR 8A1 .K-OOST *|j I . .. mil .1 in Sli.i'l ami Cover. 1'iirlor Sulla, ro i i.v . lor ?. 'i; 1'.1 ilpi'tns. Bnoki isn. Miirnra Ft.vnr at* wi rifcce "umilrn ?i IIS West Twouly thin. >IMti UW Bltli ITCnuA A A Kulivn CORNER PIANOFORTE FOR SAI.B ? . ? M inH * v Sto.lJa.Woii ?si? Dnnhltm; will be Mild for $126. an the piv.inr Ima uc further noe lor It. Apply at 2h Itnril airei a HI 8 A. U 4 FINE rOMBD ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. IN I'F.R '\ ;Mt order, will br aoi I ot n barcoln. ? th? owner tares tbnnlty. l'r.i*$l7U. Apply ot 79 Rivlugtoo ntreei _ __ MIFTY NEW PIANOS, MELODBONS, ALEXANDRE r and Cabin, t <>r?an?. at wholesale or retail, at price- as low ah an. first class lustriimenls csu be purcbosnd Hccoua band Pianos at gn a fiarga ns, |iriter from #?? . to id tV All thr shove inHirunirnlH to let, una rent allowed if pur. based Moathlv received for tbe some 10,000 abests of Music a little soiled, at one cent and a half per page. Cash paid for S"cond uRud Pianne. ... v . HORACE WATERS, 481 Broadway, New Ynrk._ For salk-inp. op oii,bp.rt8 korewood rinnos, with Colman1* aimchmenl; lu nooa or'.er. Price $150. lnqUir* at 122 Ka? Thirty rtr?t street. liion KALK-A SEVEN OOIATJ .QTBRITRDNQ r 1'iono. rosewood frame, carved legs: h*s hern la use 'six mohthw. Apply at 72 Deun sireet, Brookly p. INSTRUCTION ON T11K PIANO ?MADAME DE MOLA I having returned to New Vork to devote herself to niitsic as a profession. Is prepsred to accept a limited nnmborof pnpll?r 8be Is pirmltted to refer to H. C. Tlnom. with whom sbr foruierly studied; also to Schorfenberg A DulsondThe odnre Kisfeidt. who have kludlv furnished her w.tb lest uioutsls. She can refer to resident fhnnlies of respeelsou Hiv Terms $31) per uuarter CommunlcsiInns con be on dre sed to Madame D>' Molo to tbe coro of Messrs. Bchor fenherg A Luis, 758 Broadway, or to 111 Ninth street, oppo site Stewart's. COM 8 LL AS, FROM THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC, ?? . Leipslc. Profesonr ol the 1'iannand Hinging, best rc ferencet given. Coll at 12 Cllnmu plooo. J. Mason a hamlin s cabinet oroans-one to twelve stops $110 to ?fi?ii eucb. Tbe manufacturers respectfully snnouoce that bovtmt now completed their ?#?? fsclory. they hope to be ob e to execute promotlp sll future orders for oelebrat?d tnilrumanUi. Wardroom* in N?? York, No. 7 M.rcer bhotbeb8. 0R0ANT8T.-A FIRST CLASS COMPETENT ORGAN 1st. who bus had tnaoy vears' egperieme, wishes HI- , uailoD tc a church. Addr*'** to Broouie street. I PIANO AND ORGAN.?A WELL EXPERIENCED teacher wishes to get some piano or melodeon scholars reap ctable foinlllos. Ho also would like to on"";1' his favorite business of plajluc the organ in J"y English or Oermon church. Addrese Valentino Bet/.. 98 wast Forty ninth street, between Huth and Kcvenln avsnues, N T. Si IN OR AUOURTO BENDB1.AB1, LATR OF ROSTON, wishes to Inform his fi'ismls an l the mualcol public, that lie has established bts rostuenoe In Ne? Yorh. and will be ready to recotTc pupils In Singing, ellhor In P'?J_hte or classes on the 1Mb of HcptemHei. Address core of Messrs. Beer A Kcldriner. 701 Broadway TUOBE CEI BBRATED PIANOS OPJ- A C. FISCHER, the most reliable Fntnos mailt, wholesale and retail, at RiOderate prior*, nl Ml. 748. 246, 247 and 249 lAest iwenty eighth -treel. near Krnth avonlie. WANTED?a YOUNG MAN TO ATTJSNU A M 'Hit store. Must be corupctost and cajuible of plaving the piano well, and read music st sight First class reference re .iiired. Address Music Store. Herald ofllce. WANTRD-A PIANO pr.AYBR at THE FAVORITE saloon, IIS Mtroei si , fun 10 to 2. BA*??? ACAUEHIEI. DODWORTK'S DANC1NO ACADEMIES. No. 204 Fifth avenue, New York. No llfl Montague street, Brooklyn, Commenc# Hi Now York on Saturday, October 1. Commence .n Brooklyn on Tueaday, October 4. Young ladles and children st 4 P. M. Oetillemen at 9. For terms, Ac., call for a circular. 7.KOORBE DANCING ACADEMY, 3GI BROOME Jj street. Will open on TURHDAY, Hsjit. 20, IMM. for a'ults WEDNESDAY. SepL 21 tor cbildrec. LADHS Primar- Instiucled hy Mrs Brookos.^''e?| K.uims to lei ior senct hsl s and sociahles. OPENING 801 HEP WhDNEBI) AY EVEN I NO. HEFT 21 T THOMPSON K DANCING ACADEMY IR NOW ?J ? open or the reception of pupils, on Tuesday* and Fridays, at 276 Bleeoker street, golreo ou Monday evctiiug. the IVlh. WANTED?TWELVE RBSPECTABLE ToUNG LA d.c* for urai using danclhe with gentlemen. None bat good dxacors need spplv at 721 Pre ulway, second tio..r, between 10 an 1 12 A M and 2 and I P. M. AEI? PVBlaJCATlOITS. DEMOBR8T ? ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY AND MME Dctnnre-Ve M.rror of Faeh one. ?Ever lady, niotuor. milltoi r and rtresainaker should see this elegant and neefu maca. ine. September number now ready. C mtacsints resting sioriee. valuable music, erleodid (all fashici ?. and an i.ero is full Sl/c<i pstuiius. Mi t'LFLLAN CAMPAIGN CHART -JUST PUB lt?hed alue si'* Portrait of General George If Mc Cleilan. beautifully colored, With a sketch of his life, letter of acceptance Ins auiograp(i. Ac Price 26 cool- The best thiDg for w de awake agent* Large dl-. ount Fanip.e ooptas mailed free on receipt of 24 cento Call cany. Apply 1 to CRAB. LUBHKCHT A CO., Publishers 12 Fracyfcit suset. N T. A N S THE POLITICAL DISTORT OF TUB UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DUHINt) THE GREAT KB HELLION, FROM NOVEMBER #, HMO, TO JULY 4. |M4; Including a classified summarv of the legieiation of lb* Be.ood Hesfuoti of the Thirty slith Congrees, the Teres See ?ion* of the Thirty seventh ronirro**, the First Sr.sinn of ih,. t, mi. eighth Congress, with the voles thereon, and the imnortaut Executive. Judicial, and Politico Military Facts of that eventful period: together with the r.rgsnl/allon. legis.s Hon ana general proceedings of the Rebel Adminiktr* h00'b' HON. EDWARD McPIIERBON, Clerk of tbe House of Representatives of the United States. The work conums a Ui..i'.is> or F*> T.?. arranged in logi order or cr.mj'Od In natural harmony, cjnstilcilnj; a movt valuab e conitlbuiion to the Ulsturlcal Literature ef the ?ln ad'tbe votee. jartlee are clasaifind. The Icdei i* thorough, both am to namii am. subject*, riving the reader entire commend of the oouMDU. 448 DP. "TO., law eb-eji: price J4 rree bv mull ste pp pjIilp A SOLOMONS, Pub khers 'BW BOOKS. NEW Hf.OKH. NKW CARTES DE VI .. S site and Fr r' -g Goods to the trade and others Cat* ug-ie* s?Dt fr*e. Address boi 8 286 Post of Ice, New York. ,..rise sent ire . n ell AN. F ATTWOOI) A CO. N gRND TO nRADVCARTBRS FOR^ ? VARIETIES (LLKOANT mEIGNR. NOW READY, awn CAMPAIGN MNS, emtrAclt.f all th* candidates. Also i arnpaign Knvetoj es. Can jiaign Rung Bo. ks. t am ralgn Tsil Hi.ok*. ?<- Deaerlpllve Catolotu# of Campaign 'i odi sent ?. st r*'d, ot, appiloatlou. Address U joos seni, p ^ w H1TcMcocK Campaign lleadiuartcr*. 14 Gfiainbers street. N Y. SEND rHIRTY CP,NTH AND RR0B1YB K A LFD DR RARI.'S Marriage Gnide. 2G1 pp. Addiess t2 White street, N Y. rVOTRRP FOR GEN. GBORGB B McCI.ELI.AN? JoM puh.lS^.ed, of AflTIETAM A heanltfu, Ca ctaiga Chart, epleudidiy colored, with the portrait of Gen. Oeo 'II MaOollau, his letter of .ciertance, sketch of 1,1* Hie. hlsg i itograpb. Ac rrlco 26 c#nls. This ntrlnr* ought to deflorate Che wall of every dcuincratlc voter (MIAS. I I BRKt IIT A CO., PuhlleheiA voter. 12 Frankfort street. N T. 8EW5PAPKRI. so OR RALE-F1VK 4 CM I'LEI E VBARP GF THE NEW r York Herald?1RM dl- d2- (Wand '64?all selected bum her* Strung and nei'.iv bo in t. Back nuit, ers suppliod. iScrli "of 3AMKR B VAI.KRH IM F iltoi etre- t. TtlK LRCTURH K.A *(?,. TMFORTlNTLICTURBH DAILY?FOR GENTLKMRN I nlv. at the New Turk Museti i of Anatomy, 618 Hrnad wav. Partis* unable to attend these Lecture* can have then* forwarded nn receipt "f ten cents by addressing s?ct?iar? ef New Ycrk Muaaum of Anatomv R ISER. LIVlt OKo, MC Kentucky coppnr i)iNrti,Li,D whiskrv-t.) barre a tUAdn bs Heel (Oweueburo, K 162 barrel* made by Kowen (Roqrrxin county, IvT.V on cnnsignrvicnl and for sale by GUTHRlK BROS. Gate el lo u?vi > M l 71 Broad meet, New tort. politic a i. All kinds or political banner*. klagm Traaeeneeoiea at lb* oi.l haeoqaai ter? J7 Dunns street, norser ot Br ?1wa? Hatatilishrd I>va^ IKjltSH A UK AHA* ? btottr and liraan-erva Palmare. ^KANT) DIM demonstration *1. CLKLLaN AMD OIK COOK TBI. (Vm ii tli? winds noma when forests ara r?a4?l, Come. *slbs waves oo.ue ?bao uai-s-are stranded. In aggordaaa* with the radiant of the 'bLag, - uvea lion, TUP PEOPLE OF NKW YORK. Irrespective of ;,.?t -irtereneee and divisions, ara l*?i' ssled to meet a and around I MION Kyi'AKK, SATURDAY BTI.BINQ. BEPT. 17. tha annDe- ?ar? of 'ho adoption of |iir room tutien, for tha p .rposa of ral'fri. t the Humiliations ol GEORGE B Mi'Cl.KLI.AJf, For 1'iaai fu* and GEORGE 11 PKKDLBTOW Kur Vice President of the l'nlt?d Htalar Dslingnahcd orators from allpartaof thr rum.try will add: ess i a people. I'nMi s-inara will be brilliantly lllnmii a'?d * By Order o( thr Joint Committee of Arrangements, DOUULAH TAYLOR Chairman lifom.r W Morton, i u Visrssv C. ktrn;, 1 Sacra artca. (>KPATIMOX DEMONSTRATION TONIGHT?THE T full pro t I'nmo ol airnD<i iiiBniii inc'tiding d?'i ?m of ei-airman a id h ak.-r., an'1 an i njeini-ui ot cub- and aaao ciatl-uis and thmr mwlcDiimnt to tha virlnua stands, a 111 he published in the Eventns Express to Uav. docuLastaylor Chairman Joint Committee of Ai riuiceiuana. On). W M..hton, I ? . . Vimjrjit C. KiPO, I 8#cr,torl"? ON D.'.OK KOK LITTLE MAC -THE BIOHTH Ward Alaiiliuttan Association null tin-lr fr unit a e requested to meet t.'ue e-. eulug. ai 7 o'clock, atWot lio-iet in sln-el, ?IMir Laurens. in aln in the proi eauorr. H> o 'ler. John Uu.t.t, Ne rotary. hi. B (.'OX, Pre blent. QTNCI.AIK HOUSE. BROADWAY AND BIOHTH O street?A meeting of the New York DernocinIm> Grn oral Committee ill t> ? hel l al the sinialr liana Broa W.-.v, comer Ot Elgbtn tic ot, on Mmnla a mini Hept I'J, at 7!^ oi l. Reorder. JOHN MeKKG.N Chairman, JOllA H W HIT* ?*. ' R..,.r,t?ru? Kpmlnii M I', ' Sccretarlaa. Till! UNION. CONSTITUTION INO THK LAWS.?A mooting of lue nine constituting a union of the tltffer em Tweniii't i ward organ-rations took | inc ? on 1 , r.* lay even tig, a whl'-li the In lowm.: rcao 'thins an ' ? n warn unanimously agreed upon, vl/ ?That all of it .fcrenl orgum a'lini- should ineei it t nor respective iie.i.liiiiarlera and be ri-H ly to atari fr?m r lrty-fourt i street and Kid th nven ? at V lt 'c ock pre. ini !y. .in er Ui-c, nv "intn order of which ? a? drawn for bv lot?via: Sim Club Denim ratio Union A* o .at on nud Tammany, ml bv Hie r respective band*; no elnh to di?->lay an. 1 ni n turn banner ?> transit* ren yev - nt .McOlellen lid I'endli ton. (r Riiyran I'm Sins rbnaun flrunil M rHhal. each orgs 'anon to re port to him their i-ia-luil a- as-la'ant Bv Order. J. It. Yoor em C C.. Tho-. M ttonne'I. T . J V. I'ett t. D. U. A.;(?. W. llronk M* l! U ? Jno. Mi Don:.ah. V '<. K. I'Ci klns, SI. No. I; P. Ma-kev M No 'J; fieri. Botcher Qer man C. JNO. McDON ALD, Cha rtuan Dr. O. W. Rkookn. Secretary. T1IIE NEW CAMPAIGN LANTERN (PATBMTBD), with line poriralte ond mottce, of the I'reeldeiil ai ran dhlaii'N. Cundlea. K cknte. II.? oh-, Hailcrie". I' v.a tc. Eicnlaior Fiieworkn Depot, Fl NSl'ON ,t HttOKlEI.D, No 0 fie atreet, near Broad we , New York. f'TII WARD GRAND RALLY KOK MiCLKLLaN A NO O Pendleton. ?All elnbe, atocinifope and eltlMneof tin# ward ilesn otiN of taklnif part in the Brand McClellao ileiuon etration tliii e?euit?_' am re.pirated to meet at the J?y Green, 7* Kim street, at 7 o'clock P. M. THOS W. CASEY. ("IraniI Marshal. WILLIAM NIVALIS, Chairman. George pKAaaov. j a?_rAl.ri? Jas. McGowak. j Secretaries 7TH WARD GERMAN DEMOCRATIC CLUB. Allclti ens of the Seventh ward bi*iti? n favor of tho e.eciton of Gcorye H. McC el an for Pr. silent and tieont* H. Pendleton lor Vice President of tho Un ted states are invited to form In piocesslon, to pro-? d to the Kailin-altoiy ot the tiomluelioii of the a ove nandidaten. at 7 o'clock P. 11. on Saturday. Sept. 17 inal., in front of Korn's Hotel, K) Ea>t Bioadway. CIIAR. A. VIKMK1STBR, I'rrsidi ?t. B. ii. luiiii loerntniT. 7TH WARD -THE MKMBI'JtS OK THE VARIOUS i lube who desire to p:irttc'|ialu ill the den-onslrntlon this evening are re.|i eaicil to meot at their rooms, nt <>)? cloi k, to oln in proce?sinii. Itv ordei of J AMES W. II El-KLIN, Grand Marshal. 8TH WARO.-THR DRMOCRAt*Y OP TIIK EIGHTH waul, favoiable to the election of Georse H Mrf'lellan lor Presidotit. and George II. I'nndleton toi \ ice President, ere reip'.ested t" aea-tobte at the heamp a tera o' the Mc ? lellan I nlnu Club. i!9 Vandam street, for Hie purpose of joining In the procession to attend the grand rai.lnatb-ir nioellDg n Union sijoaro. this (Saturday) evening, Sept. 17, ISM. Hy reiptest or Daniel I-.. Delavan, Ralph llogert Jae. tin-idtrnvt. .lame* Furcell. Henry Hushes. Daniel Ksny, Isa.n: J. Rohins m, members of the General Comm ttee of Tammany Uall. Eighth ward. 9TH WARD MrCLEI.LAN UNION CLUB.?THE CITI zen? of this ward are invited to uae?'n le at Jackson soaare this evening, and prni eed to the great meeting. JOSHUA iSAAt.'H. President. Ellison ntmn. i Lawiiknck MPI.KT, S 1 lATII WARD McCLELLAN UNION aSMOOIATION? It' The uieuihejs are rnqueete I to meet at No . J- Canal etreet on Saturday evening, Scpteniiier 17. at 7 o'clock, to participate In tbe crand uomoiisirailoo at Union mpiare. The cltl ens of the Tenth war-l arc invit -d to attend THOMAS TTLEH. Preauleot. Jons armstroro. Secretary. UTH WARD.-AT A MBET1NG OK THE TAMMANT Ha l Democratic Ward thiminltten. held on Monday evening, March 12. the fol owing preamble and resclnllone we e unanimously ndoplrd ? Whereas tho Nation si Demoerellc C'/nren'ien aseemnled at lib cagO. have iinanlmoiialy unmlmited fnr the ultloee of President and Vice President of the United stairs men in whom the democracy have every cenliden ?; therefore Itc olvcd, That thr nomination of Geo. B Mct'lellan for Prssid'nt. and George II. Pendleton fer Vice Pieslilent. mrcs w ith our most hearty endorsghient nod that ??? will use every nonorab e mentis to piece tbem In Inc pusiiloo for which Iher have been eoiDlaated. Hesolveii. That we tender our thanks to the CnavenliOK for tho wtadom and judgment displayed h> ihem in (heir selection of our standard bearer, conmieiil ihsi ble eminent military ability, profound dm ot on to the priiiclp'pe and eplrit of the eoiialitutlOD. and uni|oasl oa<-d independeneo of - haracter. afford the surest miaraotc- that his election will result in the Introduction of a poller that will vindicate and maintain the integrity ol the Union. Resolved. That ;n the letter of acceptance of Geo. B Mc Clellan of the nomination for President, that we most heartily endorse all the sentiment* sac- saed thereto, as ibe true sense end inc-inlng of tnr nau-mal ilnsm racy. Harvey C. CALKIN. Chairman. W, E. Bitiacgmiuorr, Hecreiary. 1 CTII WARD McCLELLAH CLUB.-THR MEMBBR8 J ?) of this Club arc rentiested to msei at Stcyvesaot la st tute, fitil Broadway, on Saturday evening. September 17, at 7i't o e ock, to proceed In mass to the urand meeting at Union animre. All domocrats of the ward arc reuucsied lo join with ue. Music and llrewnrka ivtli be on hand. THOMAS LRAVY. Chalrroao. Joitv P. Oaw, Secretary. 1 J'TII WARD UMTBD MMOCBAOT, ID Grand Torchlight Procession of the United Democra cy of the ward, to join In the mass ratltliailun meeting, lo be held at U nion mitiare, on Saturday evening )7ih Instant. The ditler?-nt clubs and associations, and all Itlscns of the ward favorable to the cause of McClellao an i Pendleton, ate lovlied pi meet at Unloa Hall, corner of Sl< lennth street and Kliihth avenue, at 7 o'elo- k precisely, lu join In the grand I aradc of the united democracy of the ward A pone tusl and full attendance is re<|ue-ted. Let tha - Id Hlitcemh in In r strength for democracy and Umou. Hy order. Istnrs Wntson, Peter Knl'mer. Andrew Leery. Mlrhacl Hhlpin, William Brenoao, Oe>en IV Finn, K. B. Hart, O. P. Smith. Michael Larlcin, Nalhl. Jarvls, Jr., R Dougherty, Jam's J. ? owau, Lewi* K Rvers. Jamea Harris. Bernard ' regan. M H Si-aul-llug, Wl Hem Dal!, Adoo b Scliilegor, J /.al rKkle, h. Herrlan. Peter Carroll. Tammany Hall I* Campbell, MrKeou General General Com Jobs I'belan. Commutes Eli Ulittee Sl?. Mo-art Ha I Gca teeath Ward, vecnth waid. era! Commit. lee Rixuenth Ward. ALFRED MOOKR, President D. D. F. Wo*T?.<crkr, Ji Ilk J. RHI.I T. Hucreiaries QTST WARD.-BANNBR RAISING.-THB McCLEL ^ I Uu Central Union Clnb wl I rale a MnClellan aed Pendleton JiJij-irr iht-evening, at 7 o clock, ai McLlcltan Hall .TH TMr-t avenue; efier which e proces-lon will he formed and nisreh to the vraud democratio maas meeting at Union e-jnerc. Ds n" rats->f the Twenty rlrst ward arnoan In suriport of MoCleilan the U'eino, coasiliuilun ami peace, ant join In U e greet deuionatratioo of the people. A flee bai.d of muelc and ft ewo'k- w l.l he eu hand. JOHN H HARNETT I'resident. B. W. M tnr ST. Secretarj. 2f?n WARD MOZART McCLELLAN CLUB-THE At merot?ere are re-|>ie<ted to meet at the Bradford Ho.-e bet wee e Klfty ninth and Hlitietb street in Hroail way. at oJ4 o'o ock thl evening, 17th inst, to mar- h to the ra'HI stion mee ng he'd at Unloa so isie, t? ratify the ne imnauon-mad" hy the National end Htatc ''-inventions.? Ooonre H. klcClellan for President, G?erge h. Pendbder for VI e President; Horatio Seimour for Governor. David K Klovd J'uioe for t-ientenanl Governor Rally for your uoiin ry. Corns on. come all. IEUABI AND TOBACCO. Havana hp.gars-i.t bono and duty paid, oilers,I i<nn*iderablv below mamrt prices, bv A. SCHWP.KIN A CO., In lit|nldallon, (H Broad street, corner of Beaver. National guard smoking tobacco -mn ?pe lalilv of line lobaccoea warranted pure. Hmokere are recpoimended to try lb s article Tobm eonlsta and ped isrs (can be supplied on ilberal ler.ns at tha depot No 43 Fulton street. WANTED-ANY FARTY HAYING ID.nOO SBO ARN TO dispose of at pri-ws ranging trom Aid to AM) j or thou sand, cash, will please address, with, Ai , fur tw-i days. B. 0. L . boa IM Herald oihce. 111)11 ??*??? DOMB8TIC 8KGARS H.OM $7h to $8(1 tier I (I0U. t en a gnod assortment of ell kinds ot Leaf Tobacco fer aaie at *etv low prtcee by RODII A DE8BAUEB, 1W Water street Orders by ma I or e?press promptly attended to, and samples sent if re quired. COAL. WOOD, AC. HLACKB WITH coal FOR 8ALB-0ARG0 now discharging; also all other kinds for sle,ia or family use. Ap[ ly at the Coat Ysid, No. 68 Baiard strvrl. m4rhhall. Barker a bbo. CJ0AI.-II2 PICK TON; BRUT QUALITY AND FULL w* d'H Soars meed, a few ays only H. DAV1B, corner I'esrI and Dorer etreeia N Y FDR 8AI.R?VERY GOOD W')OD-PKK LOAD. AT F aed $l 28; two l->a Is together. $'.' and F 28, free i ut sod delivered vsrd 1*1 Ka-t llghtrrmh street by WISE A KNELL Kg. f AM DI-.Li TKRINtf MY BEIT RRD ASH AND LP. 1 high Loa Stove. Hang- and Gr ale. at $ I.'4-1 per too, cf 2 W lbs.; nut vlr? $10 yi THt'MaN RT0KI 8, orner ef Thirty-second street and Troth avenue. 1)1. ANTIC rOAL-$6 F R TO V?PR Bp ABED AND I Si I under Pond A M|irsr s naieul hy the Plastic i'e?l Co , od - e No. I Fei A Pie, N. *, Where t may be aeen ku-ungs a hour-. "ft - eriainif trurrra well and ? res tea an itilenae hem. '? N, Y Tr line "A mtt'er of ^.clent Imn-iriao-e for 'hose Who Study sconomv to invest .ate," ? Brooklyn Kaye igl ?? ' K "ON KOK I BiiSI' RKD AND YHITIW Tlsg s.h a lov-- (? .,- a -unace 'o. ?- Ul y.o.N' a. lecricd sod i olivered. Ap. ? al I h-Wave lev , ia?r .ed 043 Bo wet r. A. TUBAL R ALL. ANtPI,

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