Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. iUlM HOttOOil BKNVKTT. UXTOR AMD VMPMDtML omm n. w. ookmkb or rri ton a.v? kanaac sre. TKRMR oa?h In advance Monet vent by m?il will be ?I (ho risk of tbe oeudnr None bul l>jhk current in New York taken 1HK DA'EY HERaIJ), Foes cents per copy Annual ?i ipiton prtoe ?14. IMS W LKKLY HERALD, every Saturday, at 1i\k cent* P*r copy. Annual subacripiton j>ric? ? <>na.'*>p-y Three Copies ? Frve Copras _ Too Copies "* -5 NO NOriOK taken of uaouytnous corras) .in.ience. Wo do not i Hum rejected communications, rosing* Ore cents per ootiy for three tu>ut'* Auy )?' ger number addressed to namr- of sub? Tfbera, ?1 10 iv.oli An extr* copy will be sent to every c ub of toe Twenty oopiet, to one odd rent, one ve?r, 9*43, ami any larger number at game prioe. An extra eopy will be eont to clubs of twenty, IKrst rata vicde Hit V'rKKLr IlKKM.n the cheapest publication in the country. Tbe CnRi-iPMx Koitiob, every Wednesday, ei Fiva cents per oopy $1 per nntium to any part of Great Britain, or ?<> to ?t>y jHirt of the Oontiuent, both to inoltvle postage. Tbe CUurORKi* Fj>rno?, on the 3d. 13lh and 33d of each ?tooth, at 5?n cents per copy, or $.'{ por annum VOEUNT aTH CORRF.8PONDENCE, containing import ant uewi., solicited rr->m any quart# of the world; if used, ?will be liberally paid for. ?j- Our Fokkis Cosmos ?OWIBNTH AKK PARTlUm ARLV BJlsi' tTBlT.l -EAL ILL LKTttKS U?K I'ACl. Al.Ks SKXT oe Volume XXIX.. No. -? ? i i AXllSRMi;jir? THIS EVENING. ? *! A.r>'',fT MI'8,0. Irring place.?Matinee at One O oiook- I A JJ.1T MHLO'd liAoOEN Broadway.?I?oke i Motto tflfTFP. (iARPKN. Uroadway ?EvtRrbO:)TN rinxvo? Toom.k? v B'oa<lway ?Miriam's C*iwi lt BW fllWKHI THF ATKK, Bcwery._NIca or Tltn """ 1>ODOE-ALO.VSO TUS P'lWl- RT TUKITRK. Bowery ? Goixc TO Tn? Eacis TllSKK.a? Mouch Alia im miB BROADWAT THEATRE. 4*5 Broadway. ?V"i cti w ? rKorL* > EAwrsa "?"* BARNl'M'S Mt'SEHM. Broadway.?Toe Tb- *? Tvr> O.anra. Two l'WAera Xt, ,t J*"*-*? < ?i I.S?hio.wr or Kimu roi 1)isul-i?* JommC B*nr-l?ay aud Evening. I'bSCItii BKTAfcTR* MINSIUELH, mechanics* flail 472 Pm*A. we, -Kje.onae ?<,>?=, eu.nck*. BrS,Si*2?i Xirt.K A: AO tun TIIK VI U1TB ittit'Ak. WOOD'S MInrtrkx, BALL, fill Broadway -Erwicraw Bonus Dakcrs. Ao ? !?'all or Atlanta. BTetorise CAMPRKEL WINSTRhl.8 lWandTOl B?wer.- -V AMI InsoiTLMo Mei AMUB or Kirtionam OnniTiev Aa,-D RALLK tilABOLIQE'E MO Broad way? ntLtse ABRRICAS THRaTRR. No 4(4 Rreidirar ?Be Lin FAMoe.eM. Bn.,a8u?a, ai.-Thi Tv. oTT r *.*W V<>RM MPSEUM OK ANATOWT prs Rroadway ? CiritlO?ITllC& AND Ll?TVRIt. JL M. tHl li* f* M BOOERT'S OPKRa HOHmK. Brook i va. ?Krerort a> J\Ntu Hvn:.w*4Crs, Jkc. Aew l oris, feat ui da jr. September 17. 1X61. TH* S1TV ATIOJX. Tbora >e ao change ,f ,mi>ortance to note In the sit la tum .if be' ! etersburg. On M edocsday laat Ceuera! Tlirney .v,>ened his baitories oa the city and rebel work* lOihiaTroet. and kept up a furious canr.rinade for Over two hours On the same atte'noon the enemy opened a ternOc artillery lire on three sigoal toiyers oe the flank el tho Ku.utoenth corps, but Indicted no lojury that was not easily repaired. The death of Brigadier General J n Howell, of Pennsylvania, commanding a brigade in tbe Tenth cirpe. Is announced. He was kill ed by his boree falling upon him. We bare 00 later intelligence from either Atlanta or tbe Shenandoah Vallev Tbe rebel* have organised another invasion of U,e?nurl I toe pat lie? from the bouthwest state that General Price, wtib five thiusaud cavalry, crossed tbe Arkanans river baifwmv between L'Ule Rock and Fort Smith ou the 8th Inetaut yn rouU for Mieeourt; and tt is conjectured that hts destitution is Springflell, whlje Shelby's rebel force will attack 1 ape Gi-ard?au. Both these ports are said to be strongly garrisoned and able to repel any demonatra. lino that may be made against them. We have news from Hilton Head to tha ISth lnat. No military operations of Importance are reported. TVc an hundred rebel officers recently coDtigoed to Gen. Footer heve beee placed to the priaocers' camp coo atrueted 00 Morris Island, under the Are of the rebel batteres., sod the commander at Cbarleatoa not,fled of ibe fact. As regards rations, thess prisoners are to fare precisely as do the Union officers placed nnder Are In Cliarimtiin General 9axton baa organ.cad a savings bonk for the contrabands, and baa also iaaued ail order 1 prohibiting tho purchaaa of cotton from the neg-oes in advance of the harvest. The despatch boat Fawn, while en the passage from Norfolk to Roanoke Island, through tha canal, wac cap lured and burned by tha rcbela on the Bib lasL Ha or Jooney, Provost Judga of Newborn, together witb the craw of tbe Fawn, were also eaptured Tba prize steamer A. D. Vance (British), Acting.Maetar >. A Hannum, arrived here yesterday morning rbe woe from Wtimingtoo, bound to Halifax, and captured on lbs 10th lnat. ot New Islet, by tha United notes steam gunboat Santiago de Cuba, after a chase of ten hours. She la boo tooa, British tneaar. reason I ?300 horse power and very fast She baa a cargo of ?00 bates of cuttoe. MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. Many Dromiaenl Mexicans at prevent la tbia rttv eels b'ated the aonireraary of tba birthday of lbs republic by a spiendid banquet at bnimctice's last evening. A terrible d sartor occurred yesterday morning m the F.aai river, oppcaitc tbe foot of Jnekton street. caused by tbe eipioeioo of the boiler of the logboet R R tenders, by which four pers .ns are supposed to have loot their livse. and two or three others to have been sorliusly if not fatally io)ored. At tbe time of tbe sctKletl the .-se ders was eogagrd m a race down the r.ver with the tug Boat Olive Baker, but tbe cause of the expkoon is not known la tne United States District Court yesterday tbe IHe trlot Attorney fliwt e Iibei ag? net tbe Knglleh prize eteamer A. I) Voni* and cargo, captured Sept 10 on the AUa. tk> Ocean, lo longitude It Ce|rees SWJ in,l.nee Weet, and latitude #.'? degrues Serin, by ibe t'r.,t?? r taiea eteamer Bautiego de Cube, Captain 0 k Oleson. Tbe Vesica wed I aded with cotton, frem * inagtot, N. C. bound to Halltax. .-be wan . t used mae hours befcra being captured Tbe pri/e It estimated w be La f n million of dollars Tbe procee la tbe General Seaaioat yeettrday were tnleraaimg, a* will be seen by our report ewe where. The Grand Jury were dlechnrged, having tc eight days found one bandred nod twenty Ave mdwimecta They mode a praeei.uneot recent mending tt.e amendment of the lew in reaped to tbe rrtme of abortion, wb>cb ta de defer Met that ibe perpeliaivrs nf that oTeooe elode ndeqiiaia pun ion meat. There we* e firm reeling tn commercial circled yeeter day in apiie or the Cuciuadooe in goM, which, bewnver. were not very vtcteot In moot art:rlee there was n Wide dllhreore between Um views of bnyera and sellers, which prevented tiaheectlona, eever'.beieM the aggregate buaineae waa fair Imported merchandise was naaiaiy held firm*, fronerioe were eteady, patroteum frmer, ootton lower. On 'Cbeage tbe flour market waa doU aed dncptng and 6e. n Me. tower, wtmet firmer, corn ic a Be. tower, eats decidedly lower end dell, pork more active and urine,-, beef qntet. lard firmer, whisker lo. tuber, iflqragMd. Tk? Lait 6*ip ifc* '???? F?rty? P>lM*ritoB M*l Ikptlit? OIWP" palated. It is now probable that Lord Palwereton and Louis Napoleon have given up all idea of active Intervention In American afft'rs. They have leng since discovered that it wonld be greatly against their interest to Interfere in our business, nnd hence they have wisely concluded to keep out of a muss where they would be likely to get more blows than ha'pence. But lor eomo time past these usually shrewd Euro pean diplomat! ta Lave beeu deceived into believing that the people of the Nort'u were about to coin nit political suicide, and that what Eur i pe* da rod not do by iutervcution in our affairs we would ourselves accompEsh by in testine feuds and divisions. They labored un der the idea that there was a firm, compact and powerful peace parly in the North?a pnrty resolved od having peace with the rebels on any terms, cveu with the utter dissolution and destruction of the Union; and they further believed that the influence and power of this party were so great and irresistible that it would weuken, divide and demoralize the loyal North to such an extent that the recognition of Jeff. Davis' confederacy would follow a mat ter of course. The rebel organs and agents on this side of the Atlantic, as well us in Europe, lost no opportunity to circulate these ideas and foree them upon public attention. John Slidcll and his followers in Pans, and Mason aud his coterie in London, have done everything in their power to lead the European world to be lieve that the issue would be triumphantly de cioed by tho peace party in favor of Jeff. I)av s and the confederacy. It was through such fallacious reports that tebal stuck oc casionally became slightly inflated, and that the Rothschilds, of Paris and London, were in duced to advance five millions of francs to as sist Maximilian in his endeavors to npset the Mexican republic. In fact, the "peace party" of the North bad come to be the sheet anchor of the rebels nnd their friends?in cluding Napoleon, Palmerston and the London Tims?and its movements and operations were watched with moro tbun absorbing interest. Put, alas! for human hopes and combina tions. what will be tbe feelings of the friends and allies of the rebellion when they hear of the briliiaut and magnificent political cam paign just begun by the loyal North? We already know tb&t Jeff. Davis and his crew, with tbe remnant of his army, and the whole press of the -bogus confederacy, are in the lost stage of desperation at tbe Union successes and sentiments of the North. Napoleon and Palnu-rston, who have placed so much faith in tho vain boastings of Slidell and Mason, wdl be more than ever enraged and dif-pusted with their rebel friends. The noble Union and war letter of General McClel lan in reletvn'-c to the Chicago nomination will t ike tuem all by surprise. It has com plexly flanked every one of them. It has flanked Napoleon and Palmerston in their schemes for recognizing a rebel confederacy. It Las completely flanked J eff. Davis hv blocking the game of the peace party; aud it has flanked the Vallandigt ains, the Seymours and the Woods as thoroughly a? S-hcrman flanked llood at Atlanta, or Grant his accomplished opponent on the Weldon Railroad. McClellau is just as loyal as the other two Union candidates now before the people for tbe Presidency?-Lincoln and Fremont. The only question now is, which of these three candidates shall be chosen as the next President? Certainly tbe people will say. he who will most speedily end the war and restore the Union. As far as Fremont is concerned, he has not tbe ghost of a chance. The only support, he can get will be from a few ultra radicals and abolitionists, who alto gether will not muster a baker's dozen of votes for him. The peace party is vui fjrn?ri?, and has no affiliation with tbe masses of tbe Northern people. Fo its movements nepd not be taken into serious account. It is led and sustained by such persons as Val landightun, Fernando and Ben Wood, and en couraged by a number of characterless indi viduals. either in or out of the State Prison. The question of a choice for the next President is therefore still further reduced to the two remaining Union candidates?Lincoln . and McClellan. Tbe people of the North are re reived that there can be no separation of any of tbe States of tbe Union; and this at once decides the recession part of the question, killing off the peace men entirely. B"twe?n Lincoln and MoClellan it is easy for the people to choose. The great problem is. wbo is the most competent, who is the most fit to govern, and who will reflect most credit and honor upon our conn'ry? It is also necessary for the people to decide which of the two caudiAfos ! has the most education and patriotism, and which one will be most likely to accomplish the paramount work of reuniting tbe country. It is unnecessary for us'to forestall the popular decision, as any one who reads the newspapers carefully can decide for himself. At any rate, the plans nnd plotting* of the peace party are at an end. and a very few weeks will show us a government in power strong enough to put down rebellion at heme and to extinguish the last lingering hopes of Palmerston and Napo ! leou and all the "neutrals.'' whose best wish is tho destruction of tbe republic. Ntw YoreCitt Congressional Det.eoatiok. Now that tbe issues on the Presidential contest have been made plain and certain by the letter of McClellan, tbe demociacy should at once nominate the Ablest men that they can find to represent this city in tbe next Congress. Wba1 ever may be tbe result elsewhere, no person for a moment doubts that this city will roll up a larger majority for "Little Mac than has ever beeo given to a candidate for any office heretofore. Under this feeling and en thusiasm the democracy bavo the opportunity to reform our Congressional delegation, and sand men to Congress who will stand foremost in our national councils. and secure for us the position there which the wealth, intelligence and commercial importance of the city de mand. Tbe Woods, in coming out against "Little Mac," have completely shelved them selves, and any far lion which attempts to make barga ns with them will he annihilated by the pspuiai vote. Tammany has now the opportunity to regain her time-honored glory, and once more resume her place croon g the political powers of tbe day. if ?he will snly drop her little bargaining aud nominate men of known integrity and un dented ability for Congress. Let her throw overbosrd tbe trading and poddiiog politicians wbo have heretofore disgraced us In the halls of Congress, snd select men who appreciate and can represent tbe city as it should be ra presented ifi Uit national cquacUi. ?ftd railj her force* under the Modellen henner, end bat one result cen follow, end thet everwhelmingly in ber favor. The golden opportunity now presents iteelf for Tammany to redeem berseir from alt peat follies, and remove the disgrace which our late Congressional delegation have brought upon the city. Will she do itt We hope and expect that she will. A tell I'poe NiiCltllua tar 'Mar* lilgdt. The Daily Neica, tbe organ of the copper head*. ic daily calling for another letter from McClellan on Issues involved in the foi theom iug Presidential election. It seems these patri otic brothers?Ben and Fernando?are not sat isfied with the platform McOlollan baa made for himself, but wiah to know Lis opinion upon the resolutions and platform of the Shent-per shent ? KiVvDtinn at Chicago. We are not mire but McClellan might throw a great deal of light on tbe obscure platform of that Convention if he would entirely uuburthen bis mind about the men who constructed It and the purposes for which it was made. 1 bis shent-per-sbent platform, we under stand, was concocted by Belmont and Barlow, tbe new regency of tbe democracy, sonic day last summer, in Wall street, and was purposely intended to be vague and inconclu sive?pretending much about peace, without determining tbe terms thereof. We fui therm ore understand, however, that that platform means a Northwestern confederacy, and tbe breaking up of the present Union, in order to initials the ridiculous sovi reign ties and principal ibee which have heretofore ex!.-ted in Germany. The finan ciers and speculators in Wall street have been trying to ?et the democrats into their clutches for several years past, and thought they had them now completely iu their hands; but McCleilan. in his letter of acceptance, has knocked their calculations all to pieces. If, however, McCtellnn should write another let ter, it will doubtless afford additional attrac tions and eclat to the campaign. He will have to show the difference between the democrats and tbe republicans, between himself and Lin coln. and explain the matter of his arrest of the members of the Maryland Legislature and other similat^arbitrary acts, which the radicals have on the record against him, and from which they endeavor to provo that in this respect he iR as bad as Lincoln himself. A second letter from McClellan. If he fully un burtheus himself, will therefore be both enter taining arid important; it will constitute a rare chapter in the history of the crashing political element" in the midst of which we nre whirl ing; it will throw light upon dark and hulden places among money changers, where plat forms are made as the Devil's broth is made by the witches in Macbeth, and upon sacred chaoels, in which corrupt political intriguers mingle in secrol and gamble away the nation's honor and existence, iu thimblerigging about the disposal of government offices. The truth is. a correct analysis of tbe records of Lincoln, McCleilan and Fremont, since the conutaencetr.enf of the war, would show that the necessities of the country are rtmniug us into a system of government similar to that which was developed in cer tain epochs in the histories of Rome and France, and in England during the Cominon Wf alth. As those nations were then transmuted from a condition of republicanism to imperial ism. co is this republic in a similar transition State. The cry is that this feeling lies alto gether, in the South. L is not so. The ten dency to imperialism is as strong North as it is South. It is true Lincoln .is not making as rapid stride in that diiection as Jeff. Davis: but he is drifting that way as fast as bis cur rency is approaching the inflated condition of tbe currency of the rebel imperialist. Whoever m iy be elected the next President of the United States will have either to ac knowledge the independence of the South or destroy their power. The power of Jeff. Duris must be destroyed at all hazaiUs, or the nation is lost forever. It must be destroyed, we say, or, hav ing run the race of other republics having had its day of. prosperity, domestic tranquillity, power and glory?the American republic, by its terrible and desolating civil' war. by the Fnb-cility of its rulers, by the un b'ushing corruption of its public agents, by tbe senility and timidity of its statesmen, and by the vicious and demoralizing tenden- - ties of the teachings lif petty and unscrupu lous demagogues, will gradually, pass away, and lsave upon the records of time only a fleeting memorial of its once stupendous great ness. Another and fuller letter from McClellan is therefore called for; , for'we doubt very much it he can be elected on the several plat forms on which he stands. The New Coi.t.E?*roR avp ytnvsTnjt.?Poor Greeley is very angry because Surveyor An drews it removed and Postmaster Wakeman is appointed in his place. Greeley abuses Wake mar. and Weed and Lincoln, and growls gene rally. Andrews is a very nice, clever gentle man: but then these republican patriots must loss their heads some time or other, and it is sweet to die for one's party, an Horace appro priately remarks The appointment of Wakeinnn to the Pur ?eyrrsbip was an attempt on tbe part of Mi Lincoln to extricate himself from a dilemma. It appears that his promises, like pie crust, are made to be broken, and that, like a shrewd pettifogger, he leaves a loophole by which to creep out ef every contract. He promised to make Wakeman Collector, and Chase resigned partly on account of a disagreement with Lin coln ab<>nt this appointment. The way being thus cleared. Wakemah's papers were made out. and Thurlow Weed carried them about in bis breast pockst for several weeks, waiting for orders to deliver them Then Fesscnden interfered not Seward, as is usually stated. Feseendsn, who knows nothing of financial nuiu.-ptncnt. wanted to secure tke friendship of Moses Taylor, who knows a great deal. Mr. Taylor was offered Cisco's place, but declined it. This only made Fos^enden more anxious to get a hold upon him, and s* he urged tbe appoint ment of Simeon Draper, who is a crony of Moses Taylor's, to the Cailectorship. Lincoln's backbone gave way. as usual,?and Draper got the ofllc*. The next thing was for Lincoln to escape from his promise to Wakeman, and this he did by giving him tbe Snrveyorshlp, which is not so good as tbe CoIIectorahip however. These changes about will maka some dis turbance in tbe republican ranks. Barney goes iuto retirement, end Draper goes into office, and Wakeman lnnvse the Foot Office; but what is to be done with Andrewaf He onnnot take Wakeman's deserted plaoe; for that is promised to James Kelly. Well, Wakeman will make a good Stmjor, m he Una made ? good Poatmaster. Draper may afao make ? good Collector. He is a portly, rosy fellow, full of ready wit and joviality, and foBs' of tb<" beat claret and of claret colored co*''- *n many respect* he reminds as of old 8am Swart wont. What will be his final*? Nofvthe same ua Swartwont's, we sincerely hope. Seymour tp Agsta for Rc-eleetlow. | To the a.HtoniHhment of everybody Horutio Seymour is np again for re-election as Governor of this Byte, llis renorainatlon la characteristic of the man and the faction by winch he is sur rounded. 1 Seymour tried to get the nomination at Chicago by tbo same tricky means he has se cured it at Albany?by declaring beforehand that be would not be a He failed at Chicago on account of the overwhelming popularity of McOlellan; he succeeded at Albany by his friend* seizing a moment to nominate him when the Convention was in a delirium of enthusiasm at his appnrent self sacriflce in persisting to decline.# Seymour be longs to that order of politicians which has bad considerable notoriety within the past few years, and of which poor Pierce was the most prominent type. He has succeeded in getting the Albany nomination with the 6ame adroit ness that Old Abe succeeded in overcoming all competitors at Baltimore and securing the re publican nomination for the Presidency. But the most Impudent thing in the proceed ings of the Albany Convention is the adoption of the following resolution endorsing Sey mour:? Rrsrilvsd, Thftt to Ooverror Horatio S-vmour the gra titude or the democracy te ever due. Ttiey can ne\er lorgoi that It vit bp who. In lh- mtrtat of our dimmers nod in the face of an overbearing advi-rrary, wnR 'orn nviHt in uplifting the bannrr of constitutional ilberrv, which he has since borne unsullied through every bstllo: Hint It waa bo wbo by hi* wisdom srroeled public dis cid, by his tlrmripHS repelled MsrasMon* upon Stsie rlghir and personal llboity, and by the purity of hU pub lic lire and the elevation of bis purposes exhibited. In the midst of general corruntion and fiici iousuws, the highest qualities ol n tUteenun and a patriot. This is the boldest pteee of political effrontery we have encountered for a long time, ^bat bus Seymour done to entitle hirn to the prsti tude of the democracy? Who enubled him to '?uplift the banner of constitutional liberty?" We deny that either Seymour or his faction is entitled to any credit whatever in the case, and if the democracy hare any gratitude to give it is upon us, and not upon Seymour, it should be bestowed. In 1862. when a candi date for Governor, Seymour would have been defeated had we not taken up his cause and compelled the Regency to come out for the war and to plant Seymour on a thorough war platform. It was a tremendous job?the hardest we ever undertook. When Seymour began his speec1 es in the western part of tbe State, on bis way to New York and Brooklyn, it was with the greatest difficulty we could get him straightened be'ore reaching here. We say it required a mighty effort. He had no back bone himself, but by our exertions and those of John Van Buren, who was our assistant In this great work of political surgery, we man aged to get Seymour's vertebne in a tolerably firm condition. This elected him But he was^ no sooner elected thnu be showed his weak ness, went back upon the war democracy and came oul against tin? war. This p.ece of treach ery was followed by like movement? among the democracy in Connecticut, under Tom Seymour; -in Ohio, under Valiandigham; in Indiana, under Yoorbees. and elsewhere. What was tl>e conse quence? Wherever the democracy gained a foothold upon a war policy in 1862 they lost it in 1863 by rejecting it and following the lead of Seymour. Ti ns all the victories of the democ racy in one year were wiped out the next through the folly, the treachery and the cop-' perheadism of democratic leaders. On a War platform they were everywhere successful. When they abandoned it they were everywhere defeated. Aud now. having piloted Seymour and the dirty democracy by which he was sur rounded through the green and tdimy streams of copperhcadisna. and through ihe Red Sea ol disuniopism. in which he would have been on gulnbed and sent to political perdition for ever, we see him and his faotion, wlih astounding effronterv. coining ont and affnm ing that to them belong the fiuits of demo cratic successes two years ago. all of which would Imvri been 'inglorious -defeats had it not been for us. Here is complete evidence of the foul means politicians will sometimes resort to, to accomplish their ends. Seymour did not deserve to be nominated, and he does not deserve to be elected. His nomination was accomplished by a delusion, by humbnggery and trickery. It will Impart n6 enthusiasm to tbe nntional ticket, and thee who were parties to tie deception may take to themselves the credit if the Stale of Now York W utterly lost to the democracy next No vein bar Two Gruat Pi.ATFnr.Ms?During the past few woks we have been deluged with platforn *. The conventions issued platforms for their different candidates, and tbeso. in reply, issued their own platforms. Seeing tbN a host ot individuals, all more or less celebrated or notorious, fol lowed tbe example set by Lincoln, Fremont and McOellao. even down to Colorado Jewett and the Chevalier George Francis Train. Taking these all in all. however, they are eclipsed by tbe platforms just issued by Lieu tenant General Grant and Major General Sher man To these truly great and energetic men we owe whatever successes btTe cr? wred our arms. To their determined and undaunted Talor as well undoubted strategical ability are we indebted for the greatest and most de cided victories to which we can point. These fwo great generals bare, we repeat, issued their platforms, end the public seem to Uke less notice of these important document* than they should. Grant and ehe-man demand more men. thai tbey may. thus reinforced, strike tbe last blow, gain the final victory, which shall destroy the rebellior and restore onr glorious Union. We knjw that General llcOellan ignored the rotten peace platform of tbe Chicago Convention. What does be say to those of Generals Grant and Sherman* Ti ey aak for men. even by a draft if they are not to be procured In time by other means Tbey are determired to conquer a peace, and must have the reqnlslte force te carry out their great purpose What does General McOellan think about these last but greatest platforms* W# are anxious to hear from bin. and may safely odd that tbe people dealre information upon this subject ae ardently ae we do. What of the great platforms of Grant and Sherman? The Wotu.n Inji rino McCleular.?There are very general complatnta among all tbe frlende of McClellan that Belmont sad Barlow are In jarlag him terribly through the World. Theee complaints were publicly uttered at the Demo cratic State Coaventlon, where the want of sense, wnnt of tact and want of taste with which the R'orW fc conducted reoelye* the so ? "? ??feat oaoaure. The Bohemians of papar ?re dkeuMing Imqm thirty yean <!??*, and of which tbey know m little w tbey appv v *? know of journalism. Day by day they are O" ting and harming their own personal frienda, ?ud delighting McClellanV enemies. We warn Little Mao agaiuet these dreadful enppertera. ; What they say would be of very little oonae quence did not the republicans republish the '.obnoxious articles, and eien buy up copies of the Ji orld to use as campaign document* against the democrats. A Con* ms Gkack for thk Woods.?The W oods have played their last card, and it bus failed; or, to make the simile more appro priate, their last ticket in tbe political lottery has drawn a blank. Turned out of the State ( ouvention, they Lave come back to tbe city out ol spirits, out of pocket and out at tbe el bows. Ben Wood, who still sticks to peace at any price, denounces the Convention as "a fatce in yesterday's 2VYv>*. Tammany Hall bos been declared the only regular organiza tion, and Mozart Hall is closed up. Of conrBO Fernando is closed up also. He has been biased In Congress, and hissed at Chicago, and now a Democratic State Convention has hissed iiim, refused to hear him speuk, and turned off his faction as irregular. Fernando may at tempt to speak at the McClellan meeting to day; bat wo hone, that, unlike Pecksnifl, he will not impudently incur further abasement. 1 he Woods and the peace faction have received their coup de grace. Let tliom remain decently dead uutii we get them a colfiu. Nuilcal. Tint OK KUAN ones*. The Academy of Mnelc wore Its aooustomed air of 641 tm hst evening. The Indies were lu full dress; bri-ht opera ctoak-i and tastily airangnd ru.(lures were plentiful In tbe bouse; in short, there were evidences that the Aotitu-t of the 0)>era have made up tbeir omnia to liatronizo the German troupe. ihe performance wa- aiiccegsftil in every respect. The fH'.'r er. 1eerie, tbe choruses uud the orcuestra were re tcarkably eftlcicnt. We have seldom sceu the opera (Dor 1'relschutz) better gtvon. Mtue. Fred-rlci (Aguiae) Bung Ibis role with greater success than anything she hue ap peareJIuyeL We think tut* decidedly he* beet effort, liahi, as Max, was also very successful. He was warmly applauded. We lack apace to notice at length bis truly excellent performance. This artist Is most de servedly becoming a very groat favorite with the public. Wololich, who was the Caspar on this occasion, was well received by the nubile, and />ang acceptably. The other artisis merit no particular mention, but ouoanu all aided in making the performance a success. To-d. v tb*re will beagrund Fauat matinee. On Mon day Meyerbeer's chef fl'aoitre, itobert le Diahfe, will be givon at our Academy of Mtulc. and on Tutfcday evening the ?ood j t-ople of Brooklyn will have an opportunity to hour this one opora, Manager 1 rover baa determined to glre it on thus evening in the City of Churches. 1)1 utile tn tbe Park. Tbe Park Commissioners announce that (here will be music in the Park, on tbe Mall, ibis afternoon,com inonciDg at lour o'clock, by ihe Purk band, under tbe leadership of H. a Dodwofcth, if the weather be line. The lollowing ts tbe programme:? PART I. Pafk March. 1?Overture to "Fra Diavolo" Auber ^ Adelaide" itootboven 3 "Casiuo" polka 11. B. Dudworth part n. 4?Grand M-rcb, "Trlumpbale" Goilmick 6?I'verlure ttv ' Midsutumor Nigul'a Dream," _ Mendelssohn 6?F romocade I'urbacn 7?Grand action rrom "ill Bnrbier di So vigiia" Koeswi PART lit. R?Quickstep from "Nertua" Bellini 19?Bell Poll-T Mazurka Haronel 10?r tcb 'AJHdilile I'd ice 1?Medley vittiekstep, "Ella Leeue" H. a l/odwertb Nation I Pot I'ourrt. Tile Custom ibutr, PRtFDS mSCOVKUKI' IN TI1K BONDED W ARaHOU*.-.-) iiuir utr.1 mkkc'Manrs ake swindled?knh..cztio actios ur OLi.mcroK okai'hk, Kru. Since Collector Dr.iper baa boon inaugurated itpo his new o,:.ce xcabing Is left undone to ferret out any frauds which may iu the Custom ilo -as Iiepariruent This diligent resoarm bin brought to light some large swind ling operations tu the bonded warehouses of tbe city The Congrcs-tooal Committee on Public Expenditures have also been at work iu this connection, and ^lolif dally sesaious. WUon a merchant places his good* In a bonded ware bouts ho expects that tbey will be returned to bim in the sauie condition and as large a <;uautity as at ihe time of their entrance- but tucb does not now appear to be the case. Investigation oa? discovered that various employes 10 those war.-hou?wi huve apuroprtated gome of tbe goods. Nilks, augur, cu.-sta w tea, rare* of glove.- and numerous other articlea wore thus abstracted. other subter.uges of a ihlevlr.g nature w to s!m> resorted to by ?h? employee in order to the merchant Th.?se men intr du ed lady Irtcnd-i to tbe merchauls. when ihe latror were c mjiellcd to'present .-uke. nnd other we*, abur 10 the fair one-i ?e u recompense for any atten tion w.'.ion tui,ml be paid to their b<uid?d goods. In esse of lion compliance with this dcoinnd ibe unfortunate merchant h .d to stider the penjlty from the bands of those unprincipled men in tbe destruction uud abstrac tion of their goods. Further startling developments are expected , " Our lron-Ctwrt?. . HK TCNXIS 1 AILI KB? ANOTlikR TKI4T. TRIf siz ZLE. Krc. It appears that the laat performance o' the light d'noght Moiiitor rurn-cn bsr trial trip at Philadelphia conOrmu our prrviou- -taieineutR iu re'erenoe to the utter ittworibine-s of thr* diss of re?sil. The eng nce could cot be controlled saii one of the bo er? gave r-ut, and. In/act. notbiug workod n time or tune. Bhe is eo P'?b' *d that she ebowa her weakttrM even la the tm-.oih wettrs ? f 1. river. >-he >ak? verv badly, and tbe pumps are onsuaii?y :n hho u? i'ie?ini fron linking. Tte f'inxiR in a grea! failure. Her de*:gnerf evidently did no' know bow to A'cniate the dii[ x-n-i: <,f n I oating body. If the sneciflcatlof bad been adhered to she'TMild have llnu'ed <ms Foot t e.ow then ? e. .-he | Lit tost about a half mill r-u of do 'ars, and probably j not wertii ?t much as a commit ? .>? u ? ume ih ug nai done to pti a atcu to tbe waste i.f monev 'ijia ibis class or vessels to fit tbeir. for serv er with a bat irry - fbey may bs used for loipeoc bt a is, hut r.svs 1 <f? r Mtcuora. IT We Mirf. TAIBHIO* nat'k!?SR.'TiM Kat.L MKBTINO. A tnaicb lor t' w.l be run Li day between Jar H. | Wlisoq a r.b. t. Aldebiran vnd jol.r. Huoter's b. r. t en j lucky. Ibis race ;? creating tee ir.tri miner sicite meni, atd betting rat tugn yee'erdaj at sit to five ra j Kentucky Itr mr will lie twr mile heat* Bee dee j the mat-'t. lt.t r* wil Is a Lai.dicaf race, for wb ik t y i.t ] Lrrrte tatoretl art! ?ix of tben fav* leer, atcrplsd. <<th*- races. .1 * Uionfrht. will be maifr c| Mr. MBinnw tb. owner r- tbe trtltirp ata' ?er, Irecrf* i W,|a*s 1 ale F.oi ert t ill agbi.m - rent u? wcrtJ last 11 ghl that ibe horse bad throws out lei aj linW. ard that be would n-1 be pertnii'.rd It. irt t agait this year. Hat* it?11 A match bstwrrn the'" 1 >or F .r? Ball f ob of J*r ?*y City, and iLt rioi.rer Tint of \*w*rk war i-layed ob tii* ground* 0' ihe latter, near Ntwari. m fbcrsday. atd ffuiled m a v tVoryJor tbe P t tter t,ioh by a antre ef ?/% aga ??1 17 City Intelligence Dasemoit Nate iiao rut i-saeatr* ?A aaae aairrd Heger .Irdie. tr liymr al flf- Bayard Areei war eat. Coronal* shot in tbe right breast by lb* see.denial die ahargs taf a r*?eiver raid it ba?* Net to btr twt hands lb* sreetibg octorrtd at h* restdnnrr ?l Havard eireef, al 001 bah-par I tn* o'tleis yreiertiay men tug .tndge wat ct rettd le tbe Mew York Hrepiiai, where Burger'n 1 "?l rr.i.n made an eiamipi-i. a or t.lie wnnrd He loultd thai the ball had et tared ins r put trenei below ll.seiilar bone parsed Ibe Ivev end evraped Ibrongh Ibe abonlder IMr rett-ver* ia rrr* tn I'-obubie. fbe victim le tbe m? of i<r>yer . ixiyr an tile etU*i?i.i titter tV tbe f.xib irermct Ths < t?rt*e*tw er tn Tm erawt swi Mernoimi ( nt a rates romsinet tLsir ibird eaeaiur. el rrtifeaaor WaUieue e rbr.rtb tb Ibis rtt.y on W ml needs y. the slat met Br arrive: ArrniT m rm. Niitw Sim - 7 w* mee. earned iMaiet bbeebae and Eugene Greeks, were daages cnaty stathed last evening ebont aevra 0 cHick, la as at. teres Mm Ihnt ere.nrred between scire muxkeied paruw lu front of No 41 Baxter atreet 7oe t artiee wbe cent a.tted the eel ere at present enbutiBn. Its wouamed men were taken to tbe Kew Verb Htepual. wfcere tkaw wt uada were eiarumed and proaoonoeo oangeiooa f irs m Earn Bnumt ? Between lee and sieve*, o cirwk yerirrda* Btorntny e are oceerred ia tbe shoddy mtn, IT Kadi atreed, owned by Edward Taylor. II mm earned ?rom irtetloa, ta oMeeqnenoe dfa naU being amoag tbe rage In tbe piekar. Tb* ilamage to atooh ??<! mniAtinrry will amount to about 91 000 not learned Tbe building le owned by Purity k NaiBMa U la iiwusi m g^o, ana hi nut urea. HEWS FH9M WASHIHQTOSL Wianacrfov, Sept. If, 1*04. ilMTil or U1IL MUtTIM. Auotaer o*ich of seventy-sight rebei deserter* arrived ^ "? Ibla morning (turn City Point on board of tb# ate. Mar rbill. They roproaebt Florida, Georgia, Norlb t'arw liua T W ,"Me* a,,', viririm* regimeiiU. Tbay 11 y thai the 'rebel ,0l,,c*r# ????? buooiae very vigilant of lu*. owing to th?* nw.,r'?r>li* tlwtrtloaa of their men, who ex perience grout dla>ultj t? gettiug away, and many of them have bee* ebof while Mieiivortug to outta the* ?scape to our lia ?? th? ? ^ favorable opportunity afloraed tbono who v^tob td drset'l w when oo the sklr miab Hue, or when on* v.deilo tluV, there deaortora any. Thorn were four brotba.ta among One cumber brought bore this iE' miug They I >elonge<j io Vugluta reglmente, and all four of thsm ^16?erl.,^, ?' the sactr lime. All of tneso dieerier* took the ouin .N City point trpfore beiag brought to this city. Colonel Ii>f'?h*m this toorulag furnished the majority of them with transportation vprth The Eleventh Horlda ragimoot, w'hieU entered KM rebel eerviee with eleven hundred meu*' ha/ boon ra1 duced, deserters eay, to leaa than one lun>d ed by dx aertioua aud casualties of war, but priucipulty by deeer tiona. Among the seventy-elf ht rebel deaortora brought hero tbia morning from City Point were dllaea from laaet regiment > UNION PRIROKBR8 AT RICHMOND. ' Tbere are now remaining in Ktchmond aaprisoneraal war, about Ave tbouaaad oullatod men and four hundred and ten oflkere of tbo Union urmy. The system or special exchangee which now prevail la tbe subject or inaefe complaint oo tbe part of aueb prUonora aa ixwseea ae influence at court. ARRIVAL OP ADMMAl. COKTBIl. Admiral Porter arrived hero to-day from the Weal KXCBPTION OK ma MISISTKK OOI.OBBIA. Gen. Don Eusurgia Salgar baa been received bp tfei Preaident aa Minister from the Republic of Colombia. Assurance* of friendship were mutually exchanged. Court of Gearrul bensions. Before Judge RiiskcI. GRAND IAKOKNT CASES. There wm a targe amount of business trans ictaf Is tbia court yesterday, tbe niaiorily of the cieea. however, Doing disposed of by the parties ple.dicg guilty, tooa e&yirg tbe court and jury the trouble or ti j ing them. Christopher ITorenco was lodicted .or stealing n piaaa of r.assimcre. worth $81, fictn the premises of Hays A Tainiyu, 363 Hudson street, on the 7ili lust. The cork, Mr. forsb.iy, pursued tbe Ihiof, who run uway, aud sua ceade? in arresting blra with ibe property ui bis poesea Bion. Oil cor Smith took him to the station hou e, wberw be aaul that be was iutoxicatod and did not know wbaf he was doing. He pleedcd guilty to an attempt at graag larceny and was reinandod lor seutecce. Otis A. Barlow, a resicciable and intelligent 'ooktag voting man, wbo was in tba employ of tbo Erie Railroad t Company us a clerk, was arraigned, charged with ens-' w be.'./ling about five hundred dollars?amounts wbicb ha collected from some firms, but wbtcb no failed to retara to hla employ era. Tba accused admitted bis guilt, aad was allowed to pload to tin ulteinnt .it grand lar omj Tbe prosecuting ofllcer Informed the Court that he was iuformod that tbe defendant bad eulisted in a New Jersey regiment previous to bis arrest, and requoitod tbe Coast * [ to defer passing judgment until tbe authorities oould aa quira Into tbe trutb or raluity of tbat statement. Bartow was accordingly remanded. Nellie Black was charged with robbing Patrick ft'Brtoa, at a house of ill repnto In Broome street, on the 10th Instant, of $40 in money. She pleaded guilty to aa at tempt at grand larceny, and was sent back for eenteiMMb John Wilsoo, indicted for an assault with intent to steal five dollars from Joaquin R made, of the Spanish frlgala lAaltad, pleaded gi Illy. It appeared that tbo complais ant was violently beaten by the prisoner in Waeblngiaa Market, and caught blm iu the art of taking his pocksh 2 bo. It ribv City Judge n-nteuced Wilson to one year'a is pris'nmcnt In tbe Penitentiary. A icurh more aevara eeoteccu would li.v"li"U imixBed but for tbo fact thai be lost an rm in the scrvlee of hm country. James Wailiii was induced lor grand larceny, and pis ed guilty to tbe minor grade or that oiteoce, he bavli sloieR $i'8 worth of cott..n go ds from Smnuel S. Bloc No. 6 CortUndi street, ou ibe 'Jlst of August. Komande (or lentooce. The only cxae that tbe inry wis called upon ta try was no mdlctiuent for grand lar-eay agalnal Garrett. Moi'arlland and William Halght. McPaf* Hand wa? tried atone, the comi'laintng wllneaa? Hoa ry Smith?swoarlng thai ho was barber on the ehtf N irth Carolina thai on tbe morning of the 12ib of Jaly. thile in an eating saloon, corner of CruS street and thl Kowery, the prisoner and forrr young men entered aad aa at tba same table; tbat when h- wns going t ? piy his btB tbey got up, pushed around Dim, and soon after homiaaaa his gold wat b which wea w. rlii $178. Tlie prooorty waa not recovered. Mr. orenvillo l> Jonks gave tbo prisoner a good character; but tho C-mrt having chirgod that If tbe jurr believed tbe young men acted in conoort tbry were all equally guilty, a vrdtel n( guilty waa rendered, coupled with a strong recommendation to the mercy of tbo Court. AN ASSAULT UPON A WIPB. Charles Coltoo, Indicted lor a felonious assault and bah tery upon his who Maria Cotton, by striking her with aa axe, pleaded guilty loan assault with a da serous woupoh with Intent to do bodily harm. At the urgent raqueat ed the wife, wbo becsme surety for tbe future good rnuduol ot hor nrrlng half, the City Judge congested to suspeaA judgment for tbe present. TUB DK OROOT OANE?INTKRBSTINO PARTICITLAM. It was ?xi e ted that .Tohn Betfroot, wbo is Jointly lw dicted with Elizabeth PoGroot, charged with tbe comasle slon of a number of larrenciea in first clasa resldeooee, by resorting (o an ingenious device, would be placed oa trial, but.'owing to tbe absence or a material wiuaaa, IM ca-c n ns Md down for Monday. Our readers have already learned fr m tho brief report In yesterday'a Hmul? tbat the temaie accomplice was tried and convicted m two Indictments, and is now awaiting her nentonoe. There are lies idea five indictments against there parties, ? ?".inbur of ci mpisiuis ),referred by ladies, wbo suba*. uuer.tly learned of lbs arrest of tbees parties, wbo sow corded by tbe artful dodge to which they resorted in robbing them of valuable articles, principally gold wuichw> and jewelry. It may not be uninteresting to repeat Ihe model aprrandt by wtnefc tb?s? the t? were srcoinnlwhed. The prisoners, who drees well and whose afiabillty nod general sppesrasaa are wil calculated to dOQOllQ M 0BO0B| ectlng?tba lady being attired in deep mourning?|>ersmruiata4 ihrougb tue fa hlonablo part* nf the city, and whorerer tbey saw a brown siore fruit ?dvrrtised " for sale" or* portion of It u to let," tbey requested tbe occupants la show them though lite nremlres, wbicb was P"ljtely done br tue of tbe revoeclive houses. Tbe mala prisoner, who had au eye to bust'ess, would generally tarry ? little longer than hte accomplice In an apartmaot where he spied any valuable article which could be par loused and earned away without obeorvation. In acsao Invtancee the ..ewelry of tba ladies would be exposed em IkO UMll and bcraaw Of the r dressing room, win h, at course, w?s a very vtronr temptation to tbeso clerov thieves. It is rumored tbat the woman who aasumed De i;root's name is not bis wire, and that during tbe trial sm Tnursday tbr bona i de Mrs. ReG. was a s^ lator la co ? rt. There are it all lb rtecn .'avs sgalnsl him, but la voice esisnces tbe prcaacuting olticer hva not b<-en a Ma to ftml owners Tor pro|?rty found upon him at tbe tiaaa of li.s arrest, wfcl.h by tbe way, was occasioned by oaa of the vi' linw.ed ladles, who iiisticctly identified Ma wfilie passing tbri ugh (tie street. UlSf BARUR Of Tllg ORAND JURT. Tc the sUerneoo Abe (.rand .lory ame Into court aa4 presetted a large hatch of Indictments. Mr. Auahto cloav. the foreman.aialrd ibat they bad finished tbafir " D isrrees and as/en to he dls. barged Ja<*.ge P.nssei: observed that heretofore-grand Juries bad dirregarded a suggesiKu, wbicb be made relative la eittir>e eac.b day until Ibe bus nest before tbem was irrii- '??' lbs grand mry ?oluular ly acted u on thai ?aes.tbe coasaqoence of wbteb waa tbat to tbe abort space <f rigt-l deys tbey passed upon one hundred sad twenty fve hi,Is?an amuuai ol work uaparalleled lb Ibla cni rt. Ibe Uratd Jory were diicharred with the tbeaka { cf the i ity Judge. Rreviono tc retiring tbe foreman eub 1 m lied (be ollcwtng preMctmsnt (a a sealed envelope, j but (I was au^equeetiy gives to car reporter for publish I HOB:? rtpaiNTMtwr. The i.racd 1i coetv of ibe c fy aad >-eiinty of New Yor? 1 for i no Set reiaf e' term wceid reapectftdly <*bil tba at tectioii of 'be Judges of ite(burt of iien-ral Nevsious ta the present imperfect and untalivfaa lory c.bsracter at tbeiiaiitM is releiha to tbe procaiement and parpa I (ratios of tbe or'me of abortion. Tbey tre informed , tbst turb are tie muefiu.te and limited larva* m I ir.cse statute* thai it ta extremely difficult to pro cure ccsv til ens avee tt rases where aa I abcsilca is eftc u-d, aad ttapneetula where aa aitrsnpt w> produce ntortli.a ta prow en In three Isttae i na ee tbe p .rile* irq 'rated oaa only be ndteted far aa. J sault and battery, tba ta?? Ishmewt fer wbicb, upea c?a vtrixa, is entirely inadequate aa agabat an 'ffsec* at am I Leiacut a character aad en destructive in tbe good morale i ef cur renin.ur.ity. Aiasebaa beea eubaUtad to ttb ! Grand .larv whvb mail its < lrfnaistaaee*. demands,aa 1 agaiatt the part e# ac used, the aasarast coademnatk'B . and i iBiibmer.i at it* crtmraala. Both the opera Hay j phvalcian and the goilty aedu #r will P"1 ???*'' **^5 | wtib the lafikilnn cf Die eiwtit pnaiabmenl pveacrlbaM b? law for a mtademeaeoc. The tncreaa# la tba eumaaia and In ibe number of <Ua ef ihw vHid of eflencea and rapniabie so .-aiwid ??physician#," who***5 their nrlminat aid to par line deeirce# of elttar cowqaallag HRndera eweb _ .v-am growing evil Tba Bread Jnsy, tWMMw, WOpaetfMiy ^Mume ef Ibe twaa be framed by the PlaUtct Alleraep and preaeoted lee tbe act tea n# tbe Xeglaiatdra. a,i efwbtbb ta seepeftfuily subwlttwt * Hf GB AVcilltr-fAM, Tarawa* . Ou-naP fnr'i, Bearstary. ?ass* Inst Roou, Hept. It, I?M nisn etna o? wjri?i? P t?? y?mT mmrbi. _ Tatar in the day tbe prMnaaM Indicted were arralgaad and taetr casne eat down fas trial. Amaog tbe laaieb raeata warn tbraa fbe mnrdet 'B ?be Oral jlyM. M W mssa?WllHaai Tbnmpaon fbelb# mnrder el Mlcbael Man . ray; Jataee Brsalfan foe i* a>ar#sr of Henry Veala^ I ana ttuttM Kebee for the o?Mi ? ??*!? .

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