Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. TOOLE NO. 10,249. NEW YORK, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1861. PRICE FOUR CENTS. INTERESTING FROM RICHMOND. NARRATIVE OP A REFUGEE. The Uflitl Army Growing Beautifully Less. The Defences of Richmond Bs i?g OLroDglhencd. i\ see; is a p . AMMUNITION SOAtlCE AffAl.S IN THE REBEL CAPITAL fOCKTY, GAMBLING DENS AND THEATRES Hon Hicbmoad h Supplied with Food. Where th-j Rebels Will Go if Rich mond is Taken, n.j At.# Mi One of the re'-q e"-. who very recently loft the cbo! bal, b >e fu>'DtHLe<l us with a graphic m-ught into the mili Wy, p I l cat and social state of aJTairs at the groat ftcus, aae at length centred nearly all that can be called Confederate States of Araeri a. He also entertained With * thrilling narrative of the csuvo of his departure t ? m Richmond; how he effected bis escape; how be was ?b'lgod to traverse swamps and forests, avoiding the highways, In order to escape guerillas and rebel pickets; Wjw he was befriended on the way. and at length louud *& opportunity to safely reach our lines. All this might 'Bo stated, anil afford an interest tog picture of the trills I Mum j are willing 10 undergo for the sake of escaping the 'rigors of authority In the South. It is prudent, both for ''|Ne becielit of otbers to follow aftor and those who lend tadir aid to the refugees in their flight, that nothing be b*M upon this au Ject. From the conversation of the ?moo 10 question wo have elicited numerous facts which e will briefly m"ntlon. KB KJtBKI. AR.1Y? ITS STRENGTH, 1T8 SITUATION AND ITS CONDITION. By all means the foremost subject of im|K>rtrtDce and |b? first qoeeiloe addressed to a fresh arrival from Rich ?nd Is in relation to the rebel army. Upon this subject i learn that the depletion or the fighting men in the lever# anipatgii and rigorous Investment which has notarized the operations ef 0 nera! Grant since bm aandersblp of the armies has been very great, and Imught about aven a more severe eDforcemeut of the riptton than bae yet been experienced. In tbo ?Ice language or the General himself, the rebel authorl i are Indeed ??robbing the cradio and the grave'* to | Iwell their ranks and teal the efficiency of numiiera, em seed by the weakness or youth and Infirmities or Nodc are dow to be found at home but the crippled the ^edrldden, and perhaps a few who, through some (pfloebie npuiceayrtng, have succeeded In deceiving I ?tocers of the ToofSrljAiiSr flic 'entire "flglTTi.ig nut 1 of Ibe Sooth may then safely he considered lo tbo ay. The entire country la In arnaa, and without that iy# atrongtb which reside; in a surplus popula i yet untouched. Let ue now look at the eettmstea. BtfMncad, aeoordlag to the boat toorcsa of informaTlon the command of our Informant, la garrisoned about tea thousand troops, commanded by Swell. These troupe are posted la and the city, occupy the principal fortifications, are eoweiderad a ahrt of nooleos, around which, of dlcaater, tbo rem nam of their army I the field oaa gather for a resolute defence. The quar lag ef tbe garrison ia'partlv in bar ack*, and the re suhdcr la Dovela erected of brush. There are but few the slty Is a Ik protected by several detachments I bearding tbe severe) approaches not at present threat | freed by a menacing army. The Tork River Railroad, ting towards tba east. t? guarded by a cons riernble A number gf batleriav b ve been thrown up and send tnaay of tbe mats avenues of attack. Uu tbe tb side of the city, as there is no expectaiaio of an ad ?gg from that quarter, tbe fbdne )e smiil, and w en Eiped Id open fields. <m tbe west tbe city defeones nre only pr . tact ion. The great nimy of the rebellion Hen tb of Richmond and Petersbuig Strong bodies are I mfao stationed at I rury'a and Chapiu's Blufla TfaSs | laves ia commanded by General In person. Ibe estimated strength or tbts army ia about eighty uuaand, and U is made up o< the beat material or all rebel armies lbe conscription win raise this ertcal staadard.but no doubt frontly destroy the ulnars of tbe veterans by confusing their move its and wUI douMlees change the eultro Houtborn ay into an onwieldly mass of cumberaome aod drag, g matter. Tb'its far. however, portions of Leo a asuiy re dlnplayad the moat rennet* activity, ami columua i to and iro from one point of attack to another with arkable agility. This fact and tbe superior advan i of moving upon interior lines atone has thn* far 1 l?e from utter asm.filiation i Hnothera army ia now belter clothed nod armed oyer before The clothing la pi lacipelly derived pm tbe expert and indefatigable blockade runners at Mm agtoe, end Is ef Kagllsb manuiacture. In noior i elotb somewhat rescmblee our own. Arms are oow to obuodanee, end constat principally of Kn field There la also an adequate supply or field artil Tbe great Kuroe of wall founded roar la io tbo at too of ammunition. The recent explosion fe port too of tbe powder mill* at Augusta, Co., has o ea rned a reduction tn the supply to such a degree that i Hi tie emharreaement la felt la Its economical tine In Bond a large namber of the poorer e)aM ot women I engaged at tbe govefnuieot laboratories tn nutklug rtrldges. Tbe Tredegar Iron WorVt are also kept In i employ scent in producing material id war such ?, abell aod artillery. There are a double sei ot I, and tbe works are kept running night and dey. i w computed that (ire thousand bla< ka and whitre r?. employmeni here. ?i may add that a number of i daeertave ar* among Ibe number. ?HaurarBBAtM ran roHTiricATgom abmund nioti MOND. IB# unparalleled y Igor of General Grant'a qperitlne b*d awakoi-dd in ibe rebel mind an eye lo tbe woaul fee tares of Ibe darkening future. They do not talk so mnrb gf the impregnability of their capital, aod, nun get una of tba indefatlgabla oh* ranter of tbo pro Wat loader of our armies, have art to work dig ging with gr at ltduslry, lu hopes of rendering vulnerability Indubitably lorolnerabla, Old is are hemp strer gtbeael by a few feet of earth on tbe npet '<nft a lew f at cn tbe si > S; etiibr a'.r<W are being bly aecured by gahlo .? aod faa.'.iaea. dilchea are beiug ?ned. ut .act, a illtln m e ri t, a little nt-re thick gaw or * iHtie more uertl) l* ?l>e order of the day. N< t Sa y ere old works boln: tmprorrd, l?'it t ew ocea are .a wear a <i rrrcMon, ?nd forts are b"trg connected by aw.hw of braastworke, where hllh-rfo a ne ex* vd. ksw t.aga/.uiea *?? al*o r?i idly bewir rmnulclrd ai d a ?owl-*- of wella hare b?*ai or are to be sm.k lo difle enl Bralitlei, or both oistrenl.<oi-? arm toe oet lain secure Meat of a turpi/ of water, it I* weldoot from the Nn tpenee amount of lahor wn'rh h <s been bestowed witbin Ibe swai two mouth a upon the defenres of the rebel rtiy f w veoiatlr open tbe ittuer Hoe, thel tlx ? do not enure,j ?IM??ill ti.a beitef thHt u f w weeks tn >y w|in?* H all.l trenter iin-iint on ef their field of 0|wrati><im The map buth will be lottud la to-de*'* H?t i*> gtves tue reade s? bleief the extent of thrre defeurca ar.aitMt the iaia>ret? toeae ini|im*Wioe tn .re negr -ee, botn bed ? d si re wb-> Lave b<>esi c ?necrlijted lor tin. Pposo. There ar? bat lew wb tes at work except Shone marge of working gangs or tbe ougine. ra PAOTt IV MKT AVION TO MR. PAVH. Tbere ts no ooncealing tbe ract that Mr. Dans within tba paet year baa lost nearly all of bis favor with lbe people, and la now limited in bis |K>pnlarity to tbs urme gtote oirote of bis frlendgL Tbo people are already, but |n aahdiied tones, riamnrfng for a change. Tout aay Mr flavlt is too pirtlai. Ion ferbearlug toward' bis frtoods.and me towards bin enemies. They ar Mh?> him of uael-wa severity In the ndmtntatraiiuo of hi? gi.wer tie antr without reoognlting the loresa of tbo government, and too much In accordance with his alt-gle wwi V the people were permitted or dared te give Ibeir imperils! voice Mr. pnvle could not retalo bin scat g wraJt Jhy afi niaana tbo admirallon and afloaton of the & THE REBEL CAPITAL. Military Map of Richmond, Shewing the Public Buildings and the Interior Line oi Rebel Defences. -Aaaa? _AA.\ yl\ , J1UA. ? |.1 f .AiUM. AAA % Jill V\\\ -*A.AJL> emcaMSMMIS |?A ENCAMP MAA/TS v/ -AAAA -AAA.... v., AAAA-V^ \ -AiVAA- \ 1 a a a a a $7 JLAAh-A. v ^..AAA - VA jhJS.AA. \ D/-c V| JVAAAA-. ^/^RIMGTON ARTILLLrL/ 1/ r-v Xbattery'nT? ENCAMPMENT -AAA. -^i Louisiana; hospital SUCMJVA ??1mWSSSi u aMUNO s \-X * ? ?// 4il!f'""p MAJI P3K HOSP fAHOS GROVE AfiAA. AAA pove/i^ AAAA ^ ifc,^ cumb&WVX ZNCAMPMEHT5 CLAD ( rA,w Fleet i ladies cunW BROAD ROCK RACE COURSE SCALE OF MILES T SATTSUY"\- ^ jps K\ f? \ ^\7XFS- ZJWT orjfAAXrJFZWA'S . EXZXMOS 0CHtVro /?t/ MALAVM REFERENCED XO THE MAP. 1?Department of (be Interior. 5- KirMnge Rank 9?Plate Oaort House. 13?Foundry. IT?Machine Shop. Ml?Masonic flail. M?Quariernaaater i Department A?American BoteL 10?Kxebange Hotel. 1#?Bute Armory. 18?Commissary building. MM?Monumental Church, t?Treasury. 7-8t. Joho'a Church. 11?Gallego Mills. l.V-Uboratory, 19-Dnloo Boiel. 83? First African Choreb. 4?Geaaral Winder'? Office. 8?Poet office. 1M?Public Tobacco Works. 16?Old Gas Work*. MO?Friends Meeting Boom. whole 8oatb reposea ta General They admire h a tuccen m an officer, and truly think that be boa d >ue more than any other per*' n to maintain their cane lluia long. The result or tble favor baa ?ttrred up a ieeilng of apposition on the part of Mr. Da via towards .Lee 1 bey do not agree numerous matters of policy ao<1 Of the army. Twice, It la said, these dlflerencpe have reached eneh m lertlb that General I?e has tendered bis resignation. Mr. Davie dcoe hot underrate the eil-nt of General Let a ar r vkier, though he may throw obstacles In bla way fee Id a great favorite wl'h the army, and were Mr Davis to undertake any serious oppoe.tlew he wdli'd eoon bare the whole rebel army batterirg at bis doofa Lee ? knoan | familiarly lo ins aoldiers ae ''Boh." The private life of Mr. fiaarte, from what I learn, la exemplary end a model to the people. Uta residence is I situated ni>on French Garden HllL In the suburbs of | Hk broond arid oomraiuide a line prosoe I. The mensloh I was purchased by the city for the sum of ttfty ibcu.?and dollars aod presented lo Mr. (*ayia. Hare the leader af . this great conspiracy live* qaletly and withjot ueteata i tion Hie domestic affairs are administered wltb anew I to the preesure of the lines, and there k Mid MM very ' Intio safety about the place. Doaa the spectacle of ' Mood and war which he has bro igbt upon the lano thus i eubdne bunr The other high officials imitate toe exam- I pie of then leader, aod lift without attracting aaocb I notice. i An yet no eery manliest h.etlilty has been aibibttad I towards Mr. I it vis. He is frequently seen m?n tbs-aweets i nustteoded and al roe. Every Sabbatli morning be cau be | seen, wltb bis prayer book in bis band, walkiog fr?m bta revideaire to St. Paul's cburcb. where be Is a regular aitendaot. Ills thought, however, that this passive ad miseein of bla mtemauagod government caneot lung last, nod that something will soon he done to remove him The voice of the people la for a DIcUtoraMn, end fee la tbe man of their choice for the high poeitioo IIMIIOND 4h AFFMTID IT THf Wait. War bae never Fees knows to Inereasa the piety of a c juntry, much leas of a city. Richmond, atiuve all citraa, hi experiencing ita full share of Internal corruption. Tbe Cadi M, during lb" paat year Richmond bag been a sort of refuge for e large number of those shunti ng tbe ee croeohmenl* of tbe despioable Yankees, and, as a natural conecqunace, tbe city la literally pa Jted with all sorts of characters. Ttie population, lo sdd tloe to tbe transient military and officers of tbe garrison, consists of a large portion of Its old re-ldeote. a numerous set of government o'Uclale, refugees from all parta of (be South aod numbers of Pah i moreen a and em iggling ,fe#s. Thagonnemeo from Paltimore form the greater cotes ef saloon keepers. The recent invasion* of tbe cons rlpt officers have occasioned the akilnctino of a number of their establishments the proprietors hclnf obliged lo lake the oath the'ehy mak ing tb"m liable to cmecrlptlov As one el the mev iuble neceeaiue* of lb' cehtralitaitea of so m ob tnttiiarv power at Richmond, the itiuau 11*1 governmstil u inude quale in the to rtnleaaiico of qu el therefore there eitets, Hi arlitMpui, a strung martial admin>U:allot. Allied these tw i power stay tue I ds, but do not repel Crime hi piuiitssd by Ik* allernati.-e Of Cl' -a confinement la prison isr s.iiistiueut in the army. The litter t? generally th?< choice of the victim A great evti aud source of trouble to tto* authorities reeina to he tbe existence ot parties of n>ee allied o tbe perpetration of midnight a.sseast0?tlons or attacks. The men ot these gangs sis Hon Uievne.ilves \ncti Mi" principal nr.?et?, snd upon per 0 lying s fsiiltsry individual, approach hlv upon cr it?ha? i4i.d ii ( itrr ibo dire lion I" the bt>a.>'la During tb s la terrog itl n and the ve. y natural Mj f a surveyor Uie a r"arinreof the perl m Is made If t ie loots promise e reward he v interrupted by a v-b ck upbo tbe brad, 'proatrntrd and rifled. These g mgi have 00 fear of the 1 oll w, but ar clubbed together and srraed for ieep*reie wo k. Titer consist of deserMrx from the army sad ruwgtes from New Urleans and Baltimore. g.TCtriT. The mis* ahiwVIng spectacle presmtod by the rebel eapltal seems to he Its seeial depravity, In all centres ef power, and particularly of m litary. moral o?rrupllon le always found to at 1st largelr to excess of the natnral ! proper11- n elsewhere. The silecla of tbe war la lb? border oltte* of the North has shown this. Rich I moud teems, however, to he unu.ually affi.clod The army of the Poulh bsa swept off all tbe fighting! material of the onantry. This has carried , oil fathers husbands and hr tbsra, tbe (iliitil ' guard lass of lbs portly of their wives snd dai-|M*rs tve may *<ld It is estimated Ibal there are ten thouaaod putnlcly er.d prlvataiy,kepl woaaea in Htobrtiood FARO AND aauai.tiag larint.UfTuevr-? Tbrc rsiehuehmeots are otimerena and are plying a brisk bust' ess. They are patronised by government nffi olaltr who are raid to Squander away tbe publto funds. A I aih.i tbe kaepiqg at uw?e>>iaeee nibieula the proprietors to revere pnnipbraaut. They have according ly adopted the plan of deaJlDg In Iron mas&ts, ao mat they may not be rocufnUed. The the* ires of the city are alto In the height of pros pcry. and enterialn the populace with noy the moot choice standard of stage performance. now BITHIOND 18 PPVPLHEP WITH FOOD. Whence romca the food necessary to tbo sopport of tho large mass of human life in and around Richmond Is a question not unfrcqueutly asked. Tbo stoppage of lb* Weldon Railroad bsssbut oiT another avenue of supply, and it war snppoeed by many wonld soon bring the in mates of tho bolcagnred city to lermr. Our informant any* the main dependence for food la bow and has been In tbc large supplies from the extensive Ptedment region, a aectlon of country which baa h**c but little subjected to tbo ravage of war. Rrr m this quarter long trains of wayoaa are contluuaMy arriving, bringing in rupgillea. The James river aad K-mwha cenai la nlao used to Ite utnaoat caperUy In Ibe transportation of food. It i? not Uionght that the want of food will ever eToct-much to obliging the surrender of Hie rebel capital unless this otber source of supply be wrested from tbctr graep tier Informant says " If you havn pleoty of money yen can get plenty in eat." lie doer net tbtuk there la auy scarcity as far at ibe rleb are concerned The worst feature of this plenty lint in tbo fact that It la beyond the reach of the pair. Hunger will subdue tho moAt vehement patriotism and we may ooon hear ones of " Blood or b-cul" in tbo Streets of Richmond. The timo when tbi* aball noma cannot be far distant. Even now the government slaughter bouses are besieged by crowd* of women who swell the killing of animals and bog lor moat. This renvoi last long. Till PLAN IN CASS OP 1SS SVAOOAPION OP SICH MONP. What shall be the next move In event of the evacua tion of Richmond has a'reidy become a theme of Irequont discussion. Tho moat popular courao is to (all back to Columbia, South to rolls a. This plan engaged the atten lion of tbs ?utborit r* once before, and many or the miat valuable State dor urn ants ware then removed to that Cut. It Is ettll further tald that the leader* of there IUod have given up all idea of overcoming the North, and ItJS now the intention of Mr. Davie and torn^any, ween (nay son tuey are in the verge of final defeat, to band the sc called confedracy over to the Preach govern rnent We ho'<e the li ne will sooti come when they will be in a condit on tn tales this last step. It *> hardly probable the Prei eh government will put Ite head into the Are by acre, tfnj the kind proBor of a conquered lor rttery. tin atu.noAP. The new railroad from Imnvllle to Qroenobcro. which the rebel* have been handing for tome tints. Is not yet On jbnd Working partis* arc still enraged epoo M. bat lb* tocosveslance of traiispui lotion sod scarcity of ma torlal, particularly iron, bar* in * groat degree delayed the romdctlou of the road. All the raitr-ode aroui d R.tcbmon I are ? cuaiderabiy out of repair (or want of Iv.-n The motiv# power, too, Is greatly suffering from want of proper mMhaHteAl skill. CKNRKtl. IT?M!? ?OOObTHSrSPflV(}. Rome time age the rebel authorities imported a n im bar of pLgliabmen for the purpose of manufacturing re be! notes. Ibe Englishmen worked faithfully for a while, but, soon growl tg I bad of ihoalow maimer of tbotr own enrichment. set up ao eetsk i-bmwit of their own, tJ a houa*(>f 111 fame et.d lor a llui* prosooulod a brisk business When ditcoveied they bad man ifnci.trw" about three hundred thousand dollars. Ibe plal*i we.a o( course genulnt, hot th* signatures rooawrtfite. Tt<> gentleman In question wet* lodged to jail aad lLa maltar buabod up PadOATRId. Tbo Rbie Rtdge Mountain* are said lo be Infested with large number* of deserters. Tbey bavr formed into or ganiaatIons and are determined tn reelat all 'effort* to laece tksm ba<-k into the armr. They five by mskf'g forays Into the cultivated d.striola and parrying off a rnpidy of prwvtsiou*. It t* said to be exoeodingly unaa'e to on'.er tbsde mountains nkine. WMAT HAS MCOHI OP PHMBI&TON AHH OTHJIt*. This unfortunate martial baro, utter the capitulation of ?ickabtirg, somewhat abruptly fa led frdtn public notice. We andersUkd that, after oiportoaotng a very general dcn"unceni->ni at Ilk* bands of lb* prea* of the Couth, b* resigned hid general's Coamlsaion and was tued* tieo'e^vt n >!on#l of artillery This position he br J for s ?hc,-t lima, sod was at lengih obliged to fertgn thil aiao. Ue has c w rallied to ibe pejcfdl ? ? ot privacy, H* wtU urobabtv bo no asor* benrd of in tbe public walk* of Hfe. Fucb w tbe case also with Roger A Prior. All at the North have beard of ibis blatant cbap. lie is now a private soldier in tbe rebel ranks. He tried bis baud with shouidar itraps an a general and (ailed utterly, and be now cboaldera a musket and will be beard of no more. BIVRKASIC*. Tbe law prohibiting the distillation of grain baa neces alt lied tbe use of apple brandjr. Drinkers are now re g-Umg ihemse1 vea upon this favorite beverage at tbe rale of two buudred and Oily dollars a ga'len. B08INK*. Several Richmond house* are dotog a remarkable busi ness Kent, Peine & On., proprietors of a wholesale en li bltahment, have dally sales to Ibe amount of Iron one to two mdhoo dollars. 1 mailer establishments are doing a proporVooste business. vuii bobs rnc monut no' ft te natural to iuqnlre wrut become* <if the s Urge sums, lbs ruling mams la tbe poesveewti of gold or reil eMHe Tbe ncople bold rebel nofoe ae ahM% a time aa d tstble. and com art at), except wbat r necessary few present expenditure, into anmetblng of flxed value. oovclcbion. We bave taken a baaty glance at tbe present aspect if aflVrs at tbe rebel ceplM. It te here the last struggle la going on for ibe nationality wbicb fur three years the rebol leaders have been endeavoring to severe. We wit noe?(in tbem inbdued epirlt, and jbe aueagtb wliich Uiey maaiteated at ft rat vanishing be'ore tbe more poor erf ol arm of tbe mtabltabed governmeitl. We already wltneaa corruption in Its moat hideous forma (talkingpunlicl/ In the atr eta af |betr capital 6ocie(y has dimtafcheC from a blgb (Undent of aristocracy aaa reapettsortHy Into a plttfal scent of mlctrr, wk and degradation Tbekr wbole coudlry baa felt the novrors of waf, In ruVr-d home*. davaaiaUJ fields and deserted cluea Vet Ih* doatruclloo Mat go on until Ibe iwett nrlooiiile of the In tegral acitvix tbe wbolt action la vlodicvted god con. Armed Tbe South ckn only be restored to Its slteglauca by a>D>tuerieg rtvc obduracy of its le.dera.eod by aooept Mg and punishing treason end hostility tbe same as a crime issteaQ of a vblee IMPORTANT FROM QE0R0!A. U'llhdrawal of the Ororgla lllllla from tbe Rebel Army? I be Calen Prto anrri heat from AaMtr>"io?villa to S? vanaali sad Aagaeta, Ac. OasTTAimuM, Ivon., Sept 17, 1VH. Tbe GrdRn JWwi of tbe litb cuitains an arder by Orveruor Brown, of Georgia, withdrawing lbs fifteen Ibooaaad mOHIa from Hood's army for thirty days. Tbt thirty flva thousand federal prisoner" at Antler senvids, Ge., bava t>aan sent to Ra varnish and Angola PIov c memta of tbe Lteatcbant Gtacral. Brmuwovow, N. J , n?pt it, net. lieutenant Omeral tfrant arrived at twelve O'clock last sight, en a saort via t to his family, tins morning a timber of gentleman paid tbair reap?et* to him. At wn o'clock a special train srrlvad to convey him to fbiU detpbta, and h? was as orted to tba vt Htou by tbo m m ? (era of tba ObmMon Oeuucll and a vest eoooourso af pa" pie. Wa am tibia and unaffected rannearj fn racoivlog thegreet eg" axlandad to blm was the knarta of all. Aa lbs trat i movsd off enthusiastic cheers bads him God apted la tbe greet work before bho^ hrwa from Collforaatm bod Orrgfon. Ban rniscTSon. f*ept. 10, IktM. Tbe steamer Gulden City baa arrived from Panama with the mailt and paaaecgers that left Raw Tork August 38. tba shipments of treasure to China last month were ovar one million five hundred tbeoaand dollaro. Tbe shipments of merchandise were atae larger than ever befora. Ran Pita seven. Kept II, 1W4. Gc rg" tl. Wit arne, one ndttlonal Oaten democrat, W? slsetefl i atted States Reoetor by the \ogtalattire of j OrOgon yesterday. llf is a native of MnsseoU.iaetta ??<t I wu foi mti ty lodge of ta# Iowa Supreme Chart. THE NAVY. Admiral Porter to Comuinad the Weil India <qoadrn. 11 it rexirtert that Rear Admiral David P. Porter, com mundng the Mississippi squadron, it do* en route lo the squadron, to deliver it up to en officer oot yet known to Ot. He all) then lake command of the special Wtat Indio squadron, now eommaodsd by Acting Rear idmiral Jaiues L. Lardnsr. Admiral P<wter's flagship will be tho Yandtrhilt, Commander Baldwin, now lylog at aocbor off Sandy Hook. It it somewhat remarkable that bl?tory la about to re peat Itself, as m 18'J4 Commodore David Porter wee tent to tbe W?"i lndlee t^rid tboee waters of Uie pirate* whicb so aonoyed ou^ommerce, and now tbe aoo of that Oellngulabed officer goes out for the purpoee of clearing tbe same grounds of plrataa, both rebel abd angle rebel. It la not at all unlikely that Use active course which will he pursued by the aon will bringab sit tbe same happy results which followed the eftbrts of the father* MarruMwesn, tide wheel, nine sen*. Tbia vessel, whicb was built here, is a double eoder She waa put in com mission in April laal, and sa.led from here as a convoy to tbe Ouiodaga on the 3Mb of April, bhe baa put into Baltimore for reps Ira. In fact, she Is a used op craft Sbe lo to weak that aho br Okies and winds like e piece of load pips. Like ml of tbe vessel* of her clase. aha la a big Aula. Bbe bet bem In service not all months, and Iain a condition wbuh should condemn hor for future service. We shad bear of s me of ilieso mine able cia t daring at see In a gale Of wind, and then, " Who would have thought uf curst, uobedy will be to bleme Manor>o. Iron r|?d. ?The tart end probably best run ?truotod Monitor built lo eiigrnent Keiber WefW fleet if iron aloda?the Mthopee?M ready, and wt'l peuhebly go into oommiseloo to m wrow or next day. 1ne Hahopac , ?Inco she made hor trial trip, some Svt weeks ago, bt* undergone some elteratlona. or rather Improvements have been *dd"d which will add to bar safety as a sea boat end render bsr more formldab'e as an engine of deetruct <>n and self.dormice. Tt^e work done hue been mostly the: ef putting around the top of the ptM bou?e several thickness ?? of tma plate, which raek w the thick note tea hi, he*?tbe seme as that of the turret. The top of (he ptM house I* oona shaped, ef oak, ten inrbos thick covered wl.h iron pl*fc< similar to the deck, ao that wbo? ?tr ick abut cr shell will readliy glanoe off. Around earn o. (tie four haichos cmbinge, ar what landsmen srou'd call large oak bote*, mtra b.en made, to be shed for pro t?et op the bet-has frmi water, which a dork only twelve or fit res lr b*? rig u .-niwt be auhjaeted to in eaae of r nib worth's. Thrsr combing* ?r* oiad" of ib'ck "? plsuk. fiovutatie I, ??> a* to h" reulilv Iskew stieri ?? d tut below-, fie h .tei?s are oovced * eh thick frwi iid? i"d ?otwwod down, so thst the entire 0 rk mov be (wept by tb" ?? without setting Into the i*hi" er any n*rt f the shin be?w. The sly 1 giits. wtfifUti, air h ,es and covering over the nro era irad in the samo war. Tee bul d ug of so traav woe nnf* by the tTpWeo Bute* gnvernmaht (fee ton Uuse or frnv ysurt b?* a1o-d?4 (tnr me cUaa.os end aaval coeairweVire a Ins opwwHuiHy for un provemoui*. wbtca tuoeend ttperteoce bare suggested. It le o >t. thso, too uwt Ti to sev ah vt tbe Mahaiea is superior In many reepceft lo tie Monltera greftouwiy built Saturday tbe Mahopea bed steam en paifly at1 day, w.rk'ug <ne turret and pc tionp of 'he machinery, cpeeta.' ce e has twao fsken la the meebltiery that works the turret and genfe an tbU no failure to oiwreta In oa^e of eaoaneity nadd be feertd. Tbe tsrret waa kept revolving moat off tbe d*v, with abmi bar ike nmd bead or steam on One end e half turta wee made par m aths bringing tba guns an beer np every pornt la tbe ?i>ce. The tvrrSt was stopped end r*vera?d loateet y wKh the same r?*e sod as readily aa the peddle wheal of *a ordinary sfbeanw Her anal end saoai af the stores ire oa board As she Ilea bar desk asn'dkhlpe le sheet I'M knebee, forward and art about two and a half feet above water oAturdny the midshipmen and students belong rg to the Italian frigate. ehnat dfty ia nombov, aeeomiinnt#l by several miners, atoug with Certain Parker, want on h?rd tne Mab ;?<? ?t,u luspec'*1 every un i ef hep whilst her luaciiuierr was ui operation. THE DRAFT. Names to be Drawa To-day in All Places wh'Ti '.b? Quotas zrt Usfi'led. Active Preparation* for the Work. Volunteering StEi Energetic ally Going cn, A*. **. ** Aun?iin<'<>inriit of the Draff. W/H DKtMSTMKlVT, Srpt. ]4,1FCI. The drs't H orderod to rntnm nee in all the Jt.t. and dWinclR where the quota Is not tilled by volunteers on Monday, the 19 , and will go on until completed. Vol unteeru and a betttutee will ho received on ! cro ilted to oh lain a period a* pos-lhle, tolno'eer "g I* still pro gressing with Tig r In meet of the Sl it *. KDW1N M. 81 ANTON, Secretary of War The Woahlaytnn T'lf?ram. 1 WASHmcnos, Sent. IS, 1H64 The following le an extract (tutu tne repirt of a prnv -t marshal, acd more are many wore to the same ellect ? Kccruiliiig hoe been the mam bustaesii of the office Tor [he pint icu dijg. Never bef re during me pr."-ful ?u-. as fa" .18 my obaerv tioa uoer ft.a there hen-, any. tUtu* ike the interest now display'4 by lue people in ob'.aluujt, meu for the aruiy. ine class of men enlisting are fro.o in- moat roepeciab ojorti'n of the comm nutty, and go into the service with c nsct.uees behind their bayonets Poring the prei.ent week I have mnaterct a d forwarded to the general rind.t.vous threo hundred and aixty men. Tboy g" Isto the eervlce willingly aud cle'rfulv. Fiom preiftut ludlcntl uis I sh"Uld say <D't ibojuotvof thin d Strict can bo Oiled, or ne-rly volunteer? in a very short time My forces are working ntuht and nay to t >ko care of men a* taey come, sun day not exce ih d, ao l will ciaticue to do so an long as uecossiiy demands. Aivlber provost marshal writes as follows:? I r urtng the last ten daye nonrly nine hundred recru.ts h v been accepted and musornd at theso heidquxrlant. I I'tie men | ' ? -entiug ihroiaelves are by lar the best me i t! a' ha,e been examined siuce lul. edict) was estal' I llsbod. ; The Draft In New "York Ctty *n?l Vicinity. i The doOciercy in the quota of this city under the last call of the President, according to the flcuroa in tho office or General Bays, 1b about eleven hundred, but some ol ihe sub dlitrlets, having failed to furnish their quotas, will trohalily have to *u nut to the draft, which takes place to day. Whether the general inetructloua issued by Secretary Stanton to tho provost marshals In th? several Slates will bo deemod suiliclcnt by General Hays to enforce the law in this city Is not d< Uolloly known. No .peolal orders hnvo bent tabued so far as this city is concerned, but it may be that Geoeral hays will deem Mr. Stanton's official aunuuncamint sufllclqqi authority to proceed upon, and in that event tho draft will be com mencd Immediately In all those districts that have failed to Oil the.r quotas. Supervisor Bluut. who has kept a complete record of enlistments in this county, degrees wltn Central Buys, and assert* that the q u.ta or New Yo k city m at present full; but tt [ m doubtful w hether the deBc ?nt districts will be credited with the surplus In Ibote districts that have lurnlehed more than their shore. The Eighth district, it is said, is the ?.nly one lo the city that has furnished the quota assigned to It,and notwithstanding that the full aggre gate of recrutu called for from the Southern division of New York, whicu comprise#^)# Brsj ten districts of th State, according to the I'rovdit tisrV?dl's own Bgurse, hae beeu furnished, less about 1,100, stery di.etrlct but the Ktghth will, in all probability, 1*> compelled to submit to the ordeal of n draft. At the present rate of volnnteerlng n very few days would sufBbe to fnrntsh the fst m?t required, and It is to bo hoped that Ooneral H?ys will pormlt the local authorities to All the quota without reeortlng to a draft. Ihe First and Tenth districts (ths First comprising tbs ctAniles of Suffolk, Qoeess and Riehraoad, and ths Tsafh lbs oounlleeof Weet.heMer, R stkland snd Putaam.) are each nearly 1.000 short of tbstr quotas If these dn trlcts of courte the draft will take ptaae without delay I ?? The Draft ?? ?evr Jetsdt. The draft Tor the Fifth Coogrswional Oajrfcl of New Jersey, comprising the city of Newark aod Bndsso county, h?s been ordered to oommcnoe tble (Monday) morning, at ten e'cloot, the drawings to take plaee at the rendezvous on (lomtnerdal dock. The quotas nf Iks various wards sod townships ,as corrected nt Trenton, under tho re enrolment, bad not been recelqnd by Pro voet Marshal Mills on ftaturday sflernooo, but doubtless whl bo forthcoming m time this morning. The order e( districts ba.l not been arranged; but tboee which are da Qcient to tho greatest extent will bs taken sp flrst, pr> i.ably beginning with Harrison township. The naval sre tit for the Fifth dwirlot ia foor hundred and forty reur, of which Newark hae two hundred and ninety-two and Hudson county oue hundred and fMty two. Ctty Intelligence. A New Mov*?tr?T ov tjis Pasbsoviwt Kxiwxaa at Wiei H is iKsv?Otscairrios ok tub Bc upisc, sm?Ike P?a ?ijoWt Fathers (a clerical ordor bet o*mg to the Bsmen Catholic church) have erected a magnificent new amnae lory at Went Hob ken. about three m l? fnm Us ferry. The eite eolec'el for thin building could not nave been m^s appropriate or hsalthfal. JjrscUy - krtgfct. over Uoboken city, It commands *?? ot the surrounding country, and T~, an'.ire of New York city m.d fcroe klysu I-? ... ?f ?),). buhduig was commenced In wny nd on the ->tb inehiift It will b.. solemnlv dwli LTtcd There have be?e no pales spared J>F ?e goo?l tathers U, m rkt- ib.s moa.rrtery worthy of the blgh"b>eci. for which It has beast fOLOded, and wbsn sons pieted will comprre favurably ^with any ""'''f iinn In tee cosntry. as U> the building Iteeir, it will he ovor three hundred feet long by two hundred wide, blue *b?e bek|g -J" cooitruetloa. There are hve large wMb " hsse ment au.t attic On the Drat floor wIM be tba elupei, , bapter rre.m two parlors, talk*M room. po^er^.room sod racreamn room. In the baeemsnt ? the slti b s .fil ing r.?A?, Ac. Tbe other port one of the butldio,: will 1* u.ed rrtn. ipally as "leaping VeVhST"^TSele are"ma tary be beeu built m a oust <' ^ kr rvii sixteen acres of ground attached which c;Vt I is. eon. Th* monastery can be r?cb"d fnun the Hobokeo far y by lbe raurosd , ?r?. ?. weft se by the UnKW Hill sU?ea. It will he calls I 6t Michael's Monastery .and may jmalr be claimed by M?" rntholw oommuonyofthie MIMt n( hfl!r pr vu.ti et rellg,"ud taaamanu Tbe cler gymrni who will have cbsrgo ? the inelllulhie are Very Itev. F. l emtalrk, Froytoekri. Very Rev F G?i dentins, t'rov long. Rev Father \ F'tor, ractor Aitswws Rorrv ?It is snnouiewd in another eolnmn that on sod after the ldtb loitant midllinnal fach.ty will he afforded to Western trsre<l?re by th)? some, by Ihe running of another tbrmigh express trsln, "taviog tble cuy dsllv from thv depot of the i.euteal llallr. ad of New Jer-sv pltr N I 1 N. rtb river, at nine ? ch ok A. M The ad vantage J cfstm.d frsi ibie mute are the l pseeeogere from New Tort can leave two h.eir- ialor than by any other line an 1 arrive at all the prtooloal points N.-st at the tame time, while the sieepiug cars are the m?'?t ??gant m the country. M ?.(> ?John Rogers, one of tbe deck hands "f the Fta?en Island terrylxMt Middietowa, fell overboard from toe bow of that te at wbl'e drawing a b. cket of w?ter, on bar nlna o cloc* trip from tbe Inland yeeWrday. x very exertion w a mads weave him, but It Is s irp sen he was struck by ib# wheel' and killed, sS be ?ou<d ?"? bs esen. He resided si 9upl<-ton and hiavoe a faraiiv I'rcsio es ttiaiss 1st ?w ?The aBU'tal pteffe for tbe be eOl of the Cath lie ehurch at Rosavllle. R L . under tb- cave of the Rev. John Bar-r * Kim l ark, an the haff-paet from Cortlandt ?l J.^'unk euperviesd by tble twciys o'clock. The ecterUlctawi , i proved zealoee and uiubl that this on# will b ghiy enjoyable, and there m a? ? ? bo oe eiosption^ | ( ptowsir)._ta?t eveotai|, V VrJ^Xvk" ? ???n eOTW",'?? about rouro K ^ lMr the tblp Barvest rusners.was ?? ? ^||n(( aod lftr?s were pteclpl Queea IgWd ?? 3" 0t8 ? ,hem, whose name Is said t.ted into th# ws w. ^ (jp.w,,,,,. ?Joil>r72 ' were picked up by the Harbor Felice boat, oearly sibsastod. < (ornaers leqaesU. raiAi*" fmwx Shume-Tvro raaeoss Eiu.?r -A eegee, ,l?y years of ag*- *** <?????*. *?" * (light of etairv at ?T TbomfMon strvsi, shot* tw? o sieck yesterday tammg, mid wda se t? erfWFy inJFirw"t,*?* tuBeeqncntiy died An tnqueet will b" t<> day Jo I" Morxb. a tn'ddie aged mss, iWl'J'1 frm. the e(TecM bf jn)nriss rm-e.lvwU falling d. wn a flight 01 etairw at fOT Greeawwn nrw (urvtsr Na*iau>Bk ia netfUefl V) k?M an 'na.ieat. ^

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