Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1864 Page 3
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irrUATlOXl WAWTEO? YO0MJ WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO grn*..a: rk la ? small ;>r!v?i? lawilj . good re kaue Cab it .So. 11 Desbrooeco st tKBPKOTalLR fOUNO OSltW Alt QIRL WISHES > a u * geo' -man's iou?e ?- nurse and u> 'o rlag i Hi! ?i r aulrrsa So. i av. It, iwtr Uouatua at., )a iBi inur store. A SITUATION WANTKD-AS 8N.AltSTBK.S8: CAN oul arid 01 ledteeand cUt'dr-ae itr-?o*., and do all t'ods of f?u.iiy K tpply for Iwo dafsa uei y*e?<m eaplnyor a. 14 Irving uuce. A YOUNG WOMAN. LATIXY LANDED. WISHES A A Ad nation to da genera hoaaawnrj. Ca al isy Wast Caii d A WOMAN OWNING A SS.WIV. MA> H NK AND A good oyrstor, won <1 lire to inner nto en rtuieg* lawoi 11 her wnn ? teiIor?rx or ?hoo fl'ler to the mutual ad ???!? "f both Aldus* s. N., boi itil) Herald oU)"B. a young woman wants a situation ah nuksp. ,?V ar u' rsr .i i our 'ifieraiatd. llest uty reiereooe. Ap fly for two lay* at 138 Cllotau place, Sth ?1 ? OOOK n. BV A COMI'KTBNT WOMAN, t *h ^At'^i^jt j ty r?fer*noa, a ? tuution as ro?a tn all ?Me* ud ri mi ? i?,ir ??, ?m ?, ellies and Kume, *n eje. 'em hute: of all kin N: it willing toa?*l*t)u nrsat-lrnr Can he >er>i for day* at 14U liasl 2yih at., third floor, (rout rocn. A Situation w anted _ib a hood im.ain ooOR. fa eire'.eBl wa berar. I ; i/niud do house * nrk; tor yeara la l.ei : p.i .-r. Cell el lbd A'rut JCtll at. Aft i'SPEC TABLE GIRL WaNTH a situation as chambermaid sod wxitrse; lean excellent washer had Iron-v. A'al! el.llj Weal SXth at. t young. Khsi'sctable girl from Europe, i who an at' sk Fetich do n a a ?et mU"ti a* ecauv raw a d mrr e. or ?'? tnatd. Goud refer- ni;r_ 4 t.;rr.,? L. box ltd ii r?hl o.Hoe. ?ir YOUNG WOMAN?AN EXCKLLKNT W YSTIKR i : , |o to ? >? .i niti,; , a ..?? ;?mii es or lein n; wonid rei?a.r. Term* reasonable. Call at ll>4 lb at <11RL OF 17 YRAKH WTHHKS A SITUATION, IN l a respectable laiuiljr, aa chambermaid. Apply at 67 i at, top lloor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GlRL, AS sundress; tun bent of city reference t,lvou. inquire at Weat itto at., ud '.out. AQoOD GERMAN until WIS8K8 A SITUATION IN a small latntly, to do gourral housework. Call at 173 Mbara , aecond boor, iroot room. SITUATION IS 1'h.SIIlBD FOR AN EICBLLRNT deririao woman a. wei aor*oi I* perfectly healiuy I bon at. Ap,iat 7 /til tit BESi'KGfAHUa WOMAN WISURS TO TaSE family and uoalietii.'u'a wa*hiQK, ,l her ..vtt liou o; Med rnfne.u.te. tlall at 104 #??t 3Sl:i at, In tbo rear. Arkspeotaulk protrstanr young woman, iat'dv 'aided from Ireland, dealren a anoal.on a< MXaujoerui . d or waitreta, or would taan both In a a.imil faca ty. SIa*r be beard of br addrenaip^ or In .otriuj Cor A. St., tbU l7tA at . rear building. APROTBbTANT GIRL. A GOOD SB A MSTRESB, wianaa a . iua:'0ii u a private t.,nt. v < an out and lit m the laieM style >?i a >uutin illr winhen it aimation a? Aao b'oinaid and waltreaa; <nty releret: e. Aj p'y a, 243 Wcat A.tu at I SITUATION WANTKD?BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO L take care of one ub Id and >0 llglil cbu-nuerwor, and ala sewing. Call at. .56 Kail I'Jtb at., pre rut etapinver's. L PROTESTANT WOMAN WISURS the WASH) u A of a silip. la ti i; i'a good wnalicr and trotter. Can M aeeu lor one week at her ea u reaidence, At' !.?? i did at., lb or tb ln>. r. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A FIRST CJ,ASS COOK; undi ratau.)' rooal t, uI? kinds of ??> uie. naeftv and me In a I branches. Ha, the tie-to It ro. ere. ea Can ?eeu for two ca., * at HI .t t , at, be wen Oth at.d , ta a s. a tuuno dim, wants a hituai-iov as child's ^ nurne and to inuko brraelf ueefui. A< ply at 73 Weei iui et. & situation wanted?by an eapkhiknckd curee anu eeamaltras, can lake the enure char?o o a . : hae the l>e?t olti refer* n tes. Can bo until suited iMr Meat -bd at, w hero a m baa bred au >-a.* RRSPRCTAHI.B MIDDLE AO. ID VTOM AN WANTS 1 a a.titail.m a, chamboi n aid, or ccildrea'a nur*o. in a atbal lauilly. Ca'i for this week at 72t 70th at., corner of t ar. A RESPKCTABL8 girl, lately landed, wishes A. a at IP ft tbo; U wllllnt in do houeewora. or t '*.? cat .f Alldreu; ta a ain'd -ei 'n t*. Call fur tivo davc at 40/ ? . .? m, -u -r, ?, 1 26th strret. In the rear. I ?E9PKCTABLK PROTHSTAXT WO',1 IV WANTS A alt'iaitnn aa -oolt; u .rt -revnid ? moats an I p.,at y iu ?lt brandies; baa lien of cit raforeutti*. Apply a itij ??? , b'-tiveeo "*th and 3am at*. ISf LADY. HKCENTLY A WIDOW, A STRANGKR IN the dty, d' a re* to dud a altuullon at suverne?s. ? out on or housekeeper. Address Mrs. Ta.bOl, tauon U, York. YOUh'd WOMAN WANTS A 811'UATION TO DO gerie.u' bou.v-nr.irk In a small family. Best city refer A Incuire at r>7 West itnh at, bet era f'th and rtb ava K AMERICAN GIHL, IS YEARS O ' AdF.. WANTS I a aUuatton In a bakery or fancy more. Be t reter aaa. Call ut 247 West 37ii> at. A BESPEGTAULK YOUNO WOMAN, LATELY A landed, wantt a aituati n lo do genera: not) eivora in a aloe fuuihy Not abou, bit* wage-. Gail at 1.2 ?BM at, aeeond dour fr-. n 3 l ar. ft K AMERICAN WIDOW LADY. OF HIGH RE atiertablilty. wenld like a anuatloo as hon-' keeper 'n Ball reap.-, table f*raly, wberesbecan navel .11 ebarge; abjection*1 to cbildten Res; ef references g vt n and aired. lauuir* at 13b West 3bih at., irons 3 A. Js. till M. Abestectablr toubo girl wants a srn*. at., ii a* x nnr?e and seamstress; ran take t .* enure Mhane of a baby'; understand* a i kinds ol newing; b.-st Jf^efty rafereuoea. Can be teen l'or two day* at 142 I'd ar , gweeo 16th and EJili *ts. ^ HRALTHY YOUSO WOMAN, WITT ft brea t ? milk, vraut* ? si'. iation a* wet in (llrt tcr tv. o da. a at 62 Vtas uagiou st. uurtU * - r A BIT CATION WAflTBU-Br A KSSPCTABLE WO* Oct. si u co k, vas.rrc.Ni Iron* e ? all fur t?vo da; s ?4 LtA vt est 3d at., in the rrar;g>ed refer T.ce BITUATION wanted?BT A FIRST CLASS L aesmattess; e4n ,u. at I bt ndn-e dross*** *? j .1 Bda oi fatally sosr ui.. h* . * I * .ef red fro n he It amp,over. Call a. M\ titciu a . eetwe-u Amity aad ?kreaa So'ith Oraor n, in ih-bassneut 1 *?-rUCT ' M'*>D!,3 A'-.PD WOMAN h. wi n*s a aitns Ion a* co. k ani ? wl'l'n - to i ?a washing and lranlog. can c? sees lor two da 's, i 17/ Ka tdltb St. A EESPBCTAPLE O ML vta.N ."( A SITUATION TO f\. do general nnosewrcrlt Tor a sir alt tau.i.y. Clt.- ."efsr Call at 11 King et lor t'yc da?t. a SITUATION WANTED-B" A TOW' AVVP.ICAN { . V Siri. to take CS'? I f cbildr-n a '' t> ?? tin >??* It* i. j If rafe raae* g.vau (rout her last piwaa, 267 Last oi'i i A tOCt'G TOMAN 7/;. |M A 5,1; ATI in ?4 Q. rhamh m.Ald and vaurr a f- 7 ' nicr '.in ? >i i. ?ss I" wr;l retmu iiM ,' l "a", at i illfet,* >7 >;'t ?; bat wee u grades aa f'ta a* A aiTLAT.ON AAJfI D- AY S IRal' ? t.4* A orex, uadarataadaail k tux "f AtueiGan and rr??. swyxlak uaa ?i j ears -1'.? if'i' sues, baa a ob e. .... ga ta Brook ya Uai: a #W6;b ?*, \su :atioN wanied? ;?' a iot n?? v.Mu.tN. t > do til s, i . ant' waiUag ar rbamberw ra aa : Hit best of c'T -Vis.^. Cm itri ntl'.ei. at i ill i> asar .:4:!i st a K Sl trTABL* MATBIBD WOMAN WISH. ? A Jx sitnatiar. urn n?r>* in a private fatuPy Cs-lfor 4eaa Maya at i4t a.u at., ta -tar oi Giai L 5". PIRSl Cl AiS Ay/lfCAN W.UTRKil tS'? BAM bcr i al 1. vrl'.h goo ' e' .y iss'erai. s, wants a *|-. atloo nlre at ho. o Clinton U* 1 % st or pla.w, a tew jjrs -x.t ro. way. Abl tUAT'ON WANTEJ-BT a 8 "KPF?; r A TL F. . ?.?t?(( *?? its. u pttrse. ?<? Uke eare It, itld n ? Aato^ii .0 tae cars mt oaildrau ttor*? igb' r. Appi at 14 bus .7th at lUiiRSOf Xi'uL Akt.U'lXl.N'rRil GhRdS.N A ^7-iaIea wanteltna'ionsit Mrs. LOW 8' S nutate. 17 Swmoh It, . on; t ie Bowery i COLORED WOMAN WANTS A ilTUATI'-N aA oea-nstrets. la isafcMn ef doing any kind of, of c.'j reftreac g tea Can b? aeeu tor uh. * Jits st Cross', 1? Past ,l"h ?? OT * doer from B-oidw?* es SMART TltiT IRG.II ulBL, L-Alt.LT LA.MfD, wis >e? a sltust itj to .lo hn i*ework: 1A sydUoy t> tn* a If grur rails aee,ul Oaa be aeeu fur two say* a. ?: lytb at , in .war & ?tr'a'")'JU ' ,l,Nf'1 WOMAN DKt*IRP? t / ra'e WMharmtd ' ewier!'" * , efwfWbn *1. Cau "''tfgt'fldBrU7ASkr j tOGBi'STKNT OI RL WANTS A SItUAllON I eblld ? ocree and a wiinng b) vats rsto^ , | it Irom With; ran g re heat uf reforest-* <7a' at 7" R eot Ab a*, wear <5 b ay. ATOUhO OIBL, N.t?IN(| TIER OWN MAClTlN! wishes a sttaerioe aa ? haoihertaatd an I opets.ur t. a eg Ilk West ltio st. JtKRi'bCl 4RLis ENGLISH OIBL WANTS A 4TTC I as et ambermald sad seam,tr- as n a private I Call at 4gt' nb a*, for two lava, room 7 RR PS' 1 aBl'P YOUNG GIRL WI8HE- A PITUt Uori to da gaurrat kooaewurt App'y at M rteal tlth aear 21 ar. ItBNPECTABLR OIRL WANTN A NT TP ATI OS TO do eaambnrw irt and walt'ng tn a prieate rem Ij. < ad Bl Ml otn ay. room to 7, lor two day a A YOUNO WOMAN, LATELY LANDED WAS TP A alt talma ;o on the aouaewitk ef a prl rate family See - a geo 1 wa.-bor eud ironor, as 1 aaa ho wall rece ntn'ondeg. i at 83 Pn#c *t, brookiya ?* 4 TO' NO COIXtRED LADY WANTS A IIT< aTK A fo leae rare ef a geaMeaytn or a ohild, nr la s aaU ?eak? r rewob epaolab and Oesuxaa. city ra I an art fro n I eat piece, l a. for alt daya at 470 Breomt at a RK8I RCTaBLP. OtllL WANTS A SITUATION A. ohaml ermald an! wai'reen ? good cUy r?ier?n -es I bar teat plane App'y at W Woot 17th ?t. in tha restr F?: pis iug t ? tr'B. /of.?"''e".r*N*"C5.10 jkaa. Tram m i breives gfren Add-? ?, "Besr. ?n tatevrtesr eaa he u?4. SAMIL1PH, HOTELS AND BOAEDfNO HOT ' piotnotiy t ippiied srlth .'ema o bout of all mtioi ?h* dtS'.rwnt brane'ie* of ko'see irk Aioo farm hi ?orin*n. go"lenbri oWrvnto. 4a ApP I el Snoplcy -uee. eeiaer ,>r 6th ae. and lltb st JTOPhBKRBPBB ?A LADY OP MRSPMl.TABIUTT. II eiln ua luovuonable (ylorenr. wisnoe the peeitien of hoose. eea-r iu e n| uv?f?, en Id l? willing to m?e *n anlvr rait In ey*ry aapxOlty ?rhr-A H?r eorr'oee ai ghi tie rtifi'P li is oi?. nrfui m l fond of < M dren nn gBo es ef fi-s lenee. Adoret* or 'o'l r Mrg, A, * , ben graft Ha mmneaf bii'A at. nil Hrosdwey, BlTt ilTOTfl WARTBO-rilAtSt. CfTOATION WiNTBO?H waitress, in * RRI ... Urn b a peraou i.f rwepeeimvlllty. and ?J>? A1"* aiva .be beat ul rafrraooe aUorean tafia Egbert. Herald nflloa. OiTUATJON WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOU*? O girl luaprlae family, to eooh. ?wli *nI Iron; oe*l ally infrreiieo. Can be aeen at 1-8 *fet 3tkc aL __ C'TUATION WaNTKD-BY A KIR8I" CLA8B COOK. O la ? ootal or rest* u-ant; beat ref#reo<-? given Cnii lor two da> i ai Ui?)? Unwdiouil street. Hew Vo k. _ S V? 7 WANTBO-TM BKOOKLTN, BY TWO ? ?tv"i,?r ..t!- 1 *r,?: ?o? a? drat I a** ?ook: u a an*, LiJL *t nnd ironar; the other a* first clam waitress v.-Mh? r",^TV 2' "*v" ?"?'"?pHoaabln Oltr raiereneva; nit u Ii 4n 1 ""?roughly emotion Ap ply At 15 Court ?Iroet. Brooklyn, under Ilia bank. TUaTION WaNTBD-BY a MIDDLB AGED WO . . insa 10 do til# work of a email fa n Iv. a* good ulAtn conk, Witlirr aril Iron-r 44ocd city reference. Call Tor two bay# at ld? Bant -Mlh at. s OlTl'ATION WaBTKB-BY A RitBPBCT tHLK WO n? >? to watt oo a la.iy or ink* cure a1' ohllftrrn and do liiAHi <nwlii|. uru 'ca ara not ? > niufth an o>ilecl ?a a ooto fi.rWDle uo-.?? He*l of Cilv recuuiiiieuilalluuu Iroui bnr las'. pUtao- Apply at 4:10 8th av. OIT''* 1IOM YAETBD?1 v TWO ftlTIM. LATELY i i landed; one ia a hrs' jiahs wa?h?r and ironer, and w ild do pi hi waking; Ilia otliar at cba nbei ma'd or <-?: IldiBo'* tn IJ; both are n?at a-w-rs; are *iliinj aod oh li/in?. Voiin t t roapmnab ? uortlaa u-nd "all. Can be aorn fur Iwo day# at Pib a?., over tba uron ato a. OITUATION WASTED?BY A RI'SPRCTABLB V4JUN44 id girl ea doit lu a family; has good city refer once. Call fur two day* at 1-12 Went >5tb ul OITU.AVlOtfS WANTBD-BY TWO PROTKHTANT f_o women; lie la fully competent of tn'nng the entire ei-ar ? of a b*y> ; the other wui Id wa>t on young la Ilea and "i l it' n tiir, machine. The b?i>t of ellv reference* "an be g veil and -an he *e >n for two day* at ll?I 7lli eve , between !ti and 21?*. atr., m-st floor. CnCATlON WANTED?BY A FIRRT CLASS FRO O toitopi oonk, ill A amail .amily. Uood reference. Call at Mr?. Dormer'r, 544 tth av.. in Ihe rear. (OITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO O do cooking. -va'bieg an l Irenin.- In a amall family. Uood city relemnoe. Can bo seen lor two dav-i at i27 lith av. QITCATION WANTKO-RY A RI'SPECTABLH WO .~ loan, aa cook and to ansiat in tho wa?hliig. Con be aran for two day" at 122 Weal l'.'tb at . neur 7lh av., front bane meat. OITT7ATTON WANTRD BY A RPSPRCTAHLK WO , ; in. ii, 'in I a-, ii n res cood ottY referei.-ea Call at 2U0 B eat mill st., oetneeu lul and 2d aim. SITUATION WANT8D-BY A OflOl), HONPHT OIRL, aaclinnber iiaid or nurse; la ne;t and clean; can Te reiptunn- I nil seen y her eni|iloier'?. for tliiee duya. Ajipiy at Mr-. I'leice'a. Ic2 Columbia ?L, one door north of MUmoa at. O ITU AT IOW WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO DO ?7* cbau'ierworA and wa nng In a urivale laiuily; good reference*. Call at Die corner of Bergeu and Nnviu at*., Rros'ltiyn. SITUATION WANTED?liT A RRRPRf TABLB ii youu,: woman, a* lady a maid and ickio t; -a*or to wait on i; own ii'i cb'ldren. ?'u 1 ? at H4<i fitb a/e, between if lat aad 22il au*. (Jno i refer-in e. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RRHPECTABl.B YOUNO O gin, to conk, w*-?ii and r-.n: good cm raferauce. ay pi. at lJGTlllai t atreet. llrouk'yn. gttTrATION WANTRD-DY A BESI'BCTABLR TOUWO la iv a* h' nw ke"p--r. In a coinfoi fa" - home ; good n if relereuaatk Cab for two daya at ltd Bleeckr.r ?u Situation wanted-by a oer ian oire, as oiog or to do general housework; would like to go t > Ca'Hlornia with a family. Call at Si'2 liodaon at, near t-t-.U. CtlTOATlON WANT!iD-BY A KBSPEt TABLE YOIINO CI woman, a* plain rook washer and ironer, or to uo Ihe hnnaeu nrk of a amall family. Rest ol city retcrrucoa. Call itll 2 1 av , near 2d?l at., hrtt floors SITUATION WtNTKD-BY A KEBl'ECTABLE YOUNG C woman, as piain cook w.-ieberami ironer, or to do g'-ne ni bou*ework; la willing and obliging. Call for one lay at !7A 3d av. CITUATIDN WANTED-RY A IIIOIILY RESPECTABLE U woman, a* c iok.; i ? a ?-.< d hraud : v,er. and ba* no ole ject ni to he p with the The beni of ref?;encea given, caii at ?Jd Coiuinba at., eoroer of i'reaideni, BroeUyn. 'PWO YOUNG GIRLS WrSII SITUATIONS?DNK AS I cook UP 1 to a?e *t w tli waahlng An.l; the other a* ebembannaid and welires*; ba* eight year* reference from her U*f piare Call at 4 ill4th av. TWO KBiPKCTABLB UFF.LS WISH 8ITCATION3 IN one tiouro; the ano igniv un-lei vtand their bndpe**; one a* cook; no objection -oamdut in the washing; too other asena:"b-rma I and '.o do one washing. I'w.i >ear? Uett city rr ltreuce from laat p!a.x?. Call at 12*> West 3 id at. TWOSISTF.R I WlfHI SITUATIONS?ONB TO COOK, waah and non; th" v-i do cuambertrork and vrait Ing, In one family, fieat of reference*. Call at 320 Weat 43(1 *t. flMO PHOTOOB A PHKRR ?A SUPERIOR LADY J color .: in oil. India ink aod water,-Icalre* a poa t on in o gaMi-r or will take wark at har residence. Addresa Arutt, Herald oftice. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOIT.NO WON A N ol the b.ah'-m re.peciubiiity, in a furnishing or < aucy a'" re; not b-mg tborou ilv a -;?n oted wi b either*, alia will ma " m-r e.i generally uaafitl till n betti r f now ledJjS can p ice bet in tome reapoualble position, .'.ddiera 41. Bronton, bos 1*2 llcald obloe. ?\\7"ANT':n-RT A RBSPECTABLF- YOUNG LADY, A vV on either a* coa'vlkt or ra?bler. Good refe rences. Address ! .. M. P., IU3 West 26th t. \V ANTED?BY A SMART HKALTIIY YOUNG OIRL. VV utl arrive I, a at:nation in the cut or country, lo do housework : wi,ce* uoi :\* inucb an object fc* a g *?d hu:?e. Call for two days at -5)7 Eaa*. 24lti at. U'ANIED?A RESPECTABLE OTRL WTRnBS A situation o d? general housework, pood waab'i and "?oner i-snrbe ?"rn -or Iwo daya at 273 o 1 ave., between 22d an I ?3d at., aacon-l lloor giri to do the co-iking; la a good iv**li?r and Ironer ba* lived for twelve year* in 4me l ".. -. Can lie noea for t.> ?vs ul 1'? Nevuis' street, Broofclra. w ; ANTKO-A Si Pr ATIOV. BY A YOHN?* lil BL. TO Uke 4r ' <?( ?*Ull?iren ?nd do chnuit<orwt?rk. !?? ? Uf*" n;So. '4 213 West Y\.'ANTED?HY A FS^PJ.OrABIA WitHAS. \ BIT?:. ro'^tst.i C: wou'd J|P u ?w*< mm iu ! ironing U . iuvti. Haj hfn' u; , % I " \i <n 'I ! 9 ii'AT>l$(rB|k; WU-iM f)o rhiin b?r^"r5i nr fti ..-H? ? !. iUi'VeMa ? * iefer?nc0 V* at 7 J Weat *t , i?/?a - ?it i tr V\ ANTED * Si l"C ATI' 'N. ST 4 R7 SPE4 TARLK Pro ? .:? '*.? ? .wss'i end *? 'fa* ibe it cii Mfaraaea. ti .a, ? v > !*.?? ?i -Wavarlr? W'AMTD?? ;4lTIT 4T.ON, I V ?i* n:ir?i i-id *.'*ru*- ? a you:..j i ? '.<f. iv i od ? ,-t i? < l7'-b a*., "je'.-u -e* Stti ?-.d -'h U< y\: ?. - * * " ift a middle * E." >rm fi tvi' a'. bo ) \y A tl t ?B V A RK4PF r AVIFD-R* a -5H4PF. r 4 III.F i'F.Nno.Y AS IT A- I ?t a;>a ty ,er t u- ?n I ih.ri- .an irom it-b-.ri'a ri*? the * ? - i- i - , s - ?? I .- .av in. a i" r .*? Br?v"n-t j, *"*. h * W anteo >' tion a* "ANTED - If 4 RPSP8 fr AHLB II* EL A e* I T? A a. rr - ?\l <T ?.)(-??? B'*t refr:? . r# iwj :? *' ;7>I Gasuar. ?-at. \Y'As"4if-A -N. a,- a ItBSPRf'YAIti K ?Y ..uMwoiMk o di ; i- , ho -r* -* . . re -ren ?* .- on he.-Ia*-n'ar- ?? a 2*>d p alu eon"* waabar and.ron-r. ?"?: at 114 Wait !.<?* at., aeevnd daai TI' AbTFD *Y V U'- ,T ? i A s'.f. URL, A vITUA. 4* n->n aa rtiambermaid ? t ?al /?i* .-> ? ot-jtrtl n to ihui ? -.h i .* v**i n? A, i ly at IE. Aeai lists: \l'AB.r?D?A *iri'AT'?>N NT 4 AT SUP ? T A R I.F. II gir' tsc.iuk and god 1 >? .e . * w, ,* to *-.<? -t Wltb the a i a. *n l ironing ow* 'i.e >??,'>' rl-\ r# ran t, ("ail ?( he- prwa'O". snap' >?.'r < 1.4 s-t a?.. 4Ai and 4t o at* W'A.vr?(??* 41 ffTAT* -F NY A HFSPSU'l A Hf.R y Xing "voitr, ii?? la-rmaid and waitre** ar '.hsm art *nd to ak ? core of ahildreo and do **wln( in a ?mt I ami..', oa* ths l>e*t "t city -<i?r--n-a. 4'ao be aa-a a. ,? W-u '7 3 at.. I 'u ilh ?? U7.t?iill)-A SITOAYION. AS TRtMBFaYA'D YY a* rest, i .rr ind plain <ewer. Sy a Prote, rant girl Ars-tv for two days a. yv* wt'ar * ? p'v a Uoo t -lty ra e. ?oao. Wanttu? ?y 4 .uiriirrnbl pkotfstant s a tuatina So r*. caa?a -ed i> a private rami"', u* ????? -ooMag All kln*? if neati. eatn* aad :a ra* be?i <?( rerereuro eon be giveo C? ' for iwa u*v. 1. "1 #*?? -?(" . lie door ee*t ,jf Stb av \A tMTP?i'Y ASaMRRIiaM W'411 A b FAMIMFS' TV jg, wncld take care at noma odloea ar t>a ? S'( ? .e-n* rail at arad lrra* l-9 Faa' Wth at toy lour. r? < a t the w**V Ala? A attvatioa wasted -a 3?uw k *?(/?? C* ar ok-aee 117 aNTND -BY A UMPE 1TANLK FEOTF.ST4NT Ii girl aa natiio in a private 'aml'y ta take c*r? nt i r*- *<c. lo plain aowtag Uali at liDrrharl aa,curner ?if C*M'. \t ANfKU-A SITUATION BY A RMPB'ITaBLB 'V g ri, i -nok waah aad iran , baa tho be I of a If t? fermieo Co1' at 2#f Tth ?v be'ween Wtb and ff'h *U tV'k.NTEr A 4ITUATI Jf B? A RBSPECTARL* ?* girl ? *r> ihamlaor v ,rk ia a air.all family al. at lhA Raat 24?h ?t wtrosr of id a* II* ANTED - ST.A DBSdSMAKE* A S ITU ATI' i,Y TO W wait is a la ly and saw Ca'l at No II Orcbaid at. ?omar of Carroll, for two laya. Wasthd-a equation to do omneeal bocsb TV cat D I Hull family, idly rafaroaoa. '"al a-. If Uafsd i-ourt, rnlearafty plane u*kr 12th at TA,ANTF.D-A IITL ATI ON, UNDERSTANDS BEE VV buainra* ? II a*?'4t In waahlag; a ty re'ere- ee CaL for two d* vv ?' i-s Baa. lith at. kearX'alvarsity plaee WANYBD-BT A REREPOTANL* VOIIAir, WASH Ii g, to utka to her bonaa, will ba Aaaa aatlafaetorl'r . Ca'l fer >?? day* an Mrs 4*raesa. 4iR4tk av . aatwaea tlRb CiMPBML. . and ikith ?t*-. tip foer baefc room. *1, ANTED?A SITU ATION AS COOK AMD TO ANPlST ?* *n the waabldl an J trunlag o< a private fattu y, wagaa not w* It irb aoobwet a* a permanent, good DS'oe, food gli ralareoo*. 4Jan at N ?. kla Earn Aid at . balwaen M and . Ul ANTED?BY A mtkaDV PEESGN. A S1TUATIOE ' in a vinad, di et family te eooh. w**b ami iroa j wnald bave nnabiaotioa to underjako general h.-ujawark; moat ant t fan or y rwfere.ioeA gitao. on or ad4re*a M. A. M., id daat llaaai u> vt . In the rear. w A COMPKTi'.NT PROTKETABT NO .? man well edurnied, a ? tual on lo a gen le o.s a family, aa nnr*a In ar* "0 rMidiwn. nraaaeamatr ?* aad at era tor on Waaelsr A EUann'* maenine. Aval) Monday nad Ti woa>. UU A P. M . ai 24* *?' !M H. IV AUTth-Hf a LKhPEf TAflkR ?IBI. ASIIUA u t; in to rook, WA?h and lioo Kb i!,?? the beat of in. < enea Call f#r t r? cat * At 1 U K*?. ft .h at., betwyen Al and M an SITUATIONS WimD-raSiLEI. W I'AETBD-A SITUATION. BY A RRHI'fcCTA HLS __ ?0"Mt?r a ob-iuh rmml null waitreaa; good refe rence given Ceil far iwu dry a at 22j Weal 44th ac SITUATIONS W ASTRO?At AUKS. A DRUGGIST, OK UJNli lOEKlKbCK ?NM Kll ?ja .a, IIv rnni|i>itMii dranaa a altilrlioi. Use, no llqu'-re ti* euipiuyara. liberal oay. AUiireee J. W., '?eraId otlloe. A N ENGLISH MAKK1KD MAN WIR'fBM A 8ITUA f* """ aa coaebiUHU, If ante a bou?e ( tf hla fa in I y (io d rar^ence from former pu. e? Adlreaa K U., box M0 Herald oilioe NY KhKSON WANTING A GOOD YOUNG MAN TO ' ,t?r> <p'>I ?'?* ior too da.a 0. W., Union Hotel. ' A I. an tie ei, Hiool Beet of reference A' A 8 BOORKKKPP.R aWD OftNRKAL CLERK?A jo'iotf m?u who a-in p boo h by JnuMta auirv. who write* a goiwl hand a !tnnwl* tg* the Iron irada will I* M.auuigHuua. AUuroa* bo* aJ7 I'uil oQice. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN. AS -T1 coachm in In a private) family Ur>der*u*nda hla bus! K' ?a thoroughly. No .?t> ? (ion io tli*? country. Good refo roii. * Addrcu?a D. W., box ii>3 Ueru d on ce. V 8 COACHMAN.-WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN. A i hII latlon ?) tb? abova capacity with a private fanili i IP Cltt or virlti iy. (I,in rv iborough kuovi*:!** of hla bnot ii*?sh ami boa' of ?Itv roiar^ncea I?o?i ii a laai. omp'oyor Ap ply lor two ia> a to ). ttollly, UH 4th a-/., corner of &rth a I. AYOCJNil MAN. THOROUHLY A4 ? AI NTH 0 WITH the ''nihil iml (ieraiaii Igngnaj** qria.icfi a -dtimUou Id# mervaol i# oumiiicm. A hlrona KrK. Meue , <>li 3d uv. Q1TUATION VMNTRO-3Y A YOUNG MAN. Afl AS O taunt bookie ^pui or entry Jork, iron I iqsks hl>o ?o)f feuerally u*w?fuh An. reU'-*r>a? rcqulr l given Ad Area* Win. N. U., box Ibd iiemhl oiiloo. Ol I UATION W4NTKD??HY A KliHUKOTaBLU tfOONU kj man. aa pot inr io % tea or grocery nun-. and la willing to make h|iuao:t cwaarally tn-elu ; is ae en teen vf-aia 01 a/a: boat city roferen. a, Appiv at No. 1 OAk au, -oroor of reari, m the aiore, lor two day*. THH advrrtiskii, WHO HAS FOR KOMR TTMK oai.t heftit eHt.ih.Jahed u ruer antiio b>jrtiu**H8 In Ma'a uiOioa. Mexico, la d< huohm of obtaining Agen> ie<( for the aa e 01 nierchaodise and maoufaotuied artMew tor whloli , tbat port is a defllrabh market. Returns would i*> made in i Mnxirau produce, aiway* cotumaodin^ high pr ot** lb tbia i rnara^t. Uorsona deeirlng an inU*rfie.v wl 1 pi#., ^ ad-Iresa Unt rprifie, box 74A Fomi oilice. Boat reicrnucea I'viruialAud. I YVantkd-a SITUATION A3 AN ACCOUNTANT IN ?? A buakieae houao, br one thoro i hi;, i iaUf i:d in the ? Jepai ioj<-nta of bu?ji!jeaB record. Uati?.at;torv i# faren'rea given .1" required. Addroaa A D. c . atatlon'F. It/ ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN FROM " tbo country, ai clerk or light porter in h drv gooda e?tahlUoim-Dt; good recoinmendatiotif f*vvu. Adilrcas J. K., box IJera'.d otHoo W ' ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAM. A SITUATION AS _IIo, i,0Lt*r l!1 a.8lor? or 10 laa<> '"kre of horaee. Inquire et 3.1 siirlnx xt.. la the paper aUire. w ' AN ri;D-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY A Miuu wbo'lemerred Uiree >?!.! a In * bur.w 'wliery; no objeruon to 4'u lo (be cnuntry. A.M rae box lfll llerA'd uffise. HEtiP YVAMTKO? TIAI.KS. 4 PPIYATE FAMII.Y WANTS A FlltSr CLASS - r reii' h or Geriuen waiter. H< iuuvt uii'lAfittind b'e buaiue a I'-rlect1 y anil brine the beat of refeieneee from hlw lent p nee. Ua.i k: the Herald olbve on Mou4.,v mora ine it III O'dOi'K. A T TTTK MBJIUaNTILB AllKNCY ?TVANTED TO I) AY, X\ Buokkre "i? Dry Gooil. Snlea iiAti. ili n Clerk Hot-I < leik, .utrv '"i ik, ofllro Clerk. Portor. Other aim.iiune epeD. l'aiie?i.?t? G. MG.'.GOMHKV A CO., 106 Bioxi KOV WANTKD.?WANTED. IN AN OFFICE. AN IN '? li.'i nt )?<!, 14 to lb V?ara old, io i nn of er'Artdi *nd ii'likc I'imaeli generally useful. Ha'mr but ve?r SJ i er week. Apply nt '4 W illinni rt . olB"e U. Boy wasted-tn a window shadb stobb. Apply Ij J, C M iree, 03.1 Bronifvy.iy. Boy WA.vrriD-AT TBS PLOJIBINO BUstNKss. < n 1 nt IP s-.ooe at. OH AS. OCNNi.B, Plumber. f '.OMMKSi'IAI. AURNCY. A3ID2.I9 BlIOADWAT ? T Wanle.i eailstnut bookkeeper, quarterinuater B clerk, entry clerk, lintel lierk, ilxlu poller, lily goorls salesman barkemier grocery "letIt. Pre cbt e'erk, luanrtnne clerk. Rc-i?eiiii<le i cu rim nlwnje fiml emp a,iuem here. Or gat)' 'Ad ! -59. D RUG CLERK WANTED. APPLY AT 8<l NEW Chamber, a! , or4?9 Penrl et., nltnr 10 A M. Employment -a competent man wanted as ileliTi-rer or country nt 27 Benkruua . .. tlil. it floor OTSTERMKN WASTED-TWO OTBTBBURN WaNT oO nt Oyater Hay. No. ,'WJ.I ilrnadwev Thev mum on dertUtnlllii'ir bu-luear perfectlT. nml not expe-i the wbo'e re ielpta fo.- their nerclrnn, .am the p 'opnetoi bna ii Psrue lennly In aupport hlioaelf. One trniat he n to-id t.yntcr cook. POKTKR OR JANITOR WANTED?IXIR A LARGE ur'ee; muet be n eingle nun with good lec inunendv tlonx. In ,ujh a fair sntnrc will be :0?en. Apiilv nl Em ployment House, corner of 0th nv. .u.u nth at. W*anted?an p.YrfnrRWi:F.n salesman inttik * * 1 "l.itt t T't won.leu JobblUK hne.neaa; rnnat have the nequnhitno.r to inflneone sbmn tra r . Oeoj relcren e re qoirert. Apply nt 26Hitil 2S Bar.,It.;, ?i? up etnlre. WANIED-tN THE OFFICE OK AN IMKORTINO hone ?n ncliy.', Inle'.lljp-nt l)Oy. from lit to 17 se.ire 01?- moat Wire llxore repidlj , reeiJe with lua p?rents ami b ? nt the eto'e ?ail, m the tn. A ldre-e box J.orj r o?t o'Ue**. W ANTED?A TIOY YOUNG BOY, TO OO TO POST o3:i r no ij to collecting nnd erreeda Sn'nry not 0T'<r$I,^r trrnk. Apply to Bonier A Bl..u?aeU, Wo Kul ton etreet. up malrt. w II ANTED?TWO HTEWAflDS AND ONE FIREMAN - ' D" toe I nlwrt Suatce Nnrnl ecn .w. JA*I onab bo'iutr, bealdea prl/e mone, Appiv, ear./ Muudny at .SUippin* otlice, 162.14 York at., IITANTFD-A MAN TO WORK ON A FARM 4 SHORT TT (ll.i'iii tu the Ootiti'.rv ? 11111ft rai'erMaud th'- cme of horira nuil enwa. Apply at 12.' Pnmi etrnet. WANTED V YOUNG MAN. .4 ROUT EIGHTKIN ? ear nt t, a< eierk :n n cost yari; mn-t realile with hla nnrenta ,\-i uini: aetuitnctori icie-, re. On!' heiween 9 an I 10 eV o > nt the corner el 1st ar no t 29tk al. Mou lev nio-olae. w ANTf- D?TWO YOUNG MEN K!t<JM 16 TO H TEAf.R U1 pin' billa. Appl m 4'MlAi.a a'., up aiair. VI*ANTED \ VOUNG Man, AS ASSISTANT IN A "nr. nr. nrr i i Sl.-e. GnoiJ iciereu'ea r "vrrtd \ p y <l At Nrw t Anal .t Yt.'AVTND? V ?oY IN 4 LAW OFKICP. WHO CAN .r'" e . I ?!'!? n R. .1 ? ? -l?. I'I',II e it No. < CUT ? , _? ..,....4 3a|QH Hal, p:?r? ? n No. t. ytTAN-u.n-AN AcriYE m an on statkn island. '! ?P'i I a.r a ?? ?III n < arier n am. ".r ? ? ?! v ?-m? ,j a , ? , h pruper reconi ? a-.i . ? i. pir -t No. 3 Ka. era a t 6el rern 10 nail w>v I EE MRS 61 VVr.N LANDSMEN, to . hr ?.y n te men Iter be artnv the (best n-? .art ? ?? A !no ree , wnnttil lor tttetrhynt Atlf.7, ,1 CO 47 \ie?; .'.Ii ootue of A unity w AMR!) A Byr TO ASSIST IN PUTTING UP A' 'U. l>e nr. App,y ??. Ji Piatt at w L' AN TP. 4 (1,'vf.MtN DUY GOODS SALE 4MAA .? To one who mv'erauindn his buelt, xa and l? nr j .tamt ee uo town a ut,.eai aitua'. au and llhma nthrt will ho fttnu- GORIHlN t 1 OI.LO' K ISiSth ?a ANTED?% SMART RALPSMAN. ONg USBO TO the tur htislnnee metterre i ftesi cut -"f -rcr.op re* q v.rM Aop'v i" N Phi lip*, 161 IlroA lwnj. ancotld lloof WTANTKL-.4S-RKAX OieABLED HOLD I KG* >i ?* erka. mrat write r?e:'.'? ait w.,i , ? px.. pni'l. Adt.eeaA Wnucn, Wnahlxc.oct, D C. w reijui- ?u ANTBI?-A 441* TO ATTEND Aa * aT TBS ?o-nei ef anil Gteer a. ,i?-( ?' v.,i,e UT tSTKD- .MaRT T3A1 ELL'Nu AGE.,14 to ekll " ? -o '.04?14a. e#:tar. I A amall eauttl re e an-> I, j'-v *tr. ig-inaa'.a will >e aj, ;e 4 ui! M Ae facto-v ?. >ae ??y. th r\ l'.oor. Yt'4 4IK.k?-A YOUNG MAN TO ATTRMD AN TAT YY of re'i.iler Apply at *1 Co.'ntli-? a! ;i w A^TI'K?' "WO OR THREE HOOD CAjtERt SALSA turn toco at-."tea I and I Rower'. WaNfEO-IN a HOSIERY AND tRVTLP.M E ?>. rarcNiln,. atnr? an ae-!?e ?(?ung war; ? 10 is tnsr-4g.i .S| .a 'lted with the In. inawa ?e r e?p { ? flra; 'a*a ret-rea -e as w ourraoter apo ? .? 1. ?. aM Uraee. .170 Caeai at., en, err ef Lauretta. w AIYTI ?_4* Ti'.R WEFYCRESTPR if) ,s . ,?R Y* ner of S-rio'ii- at. and the Bowery ou? ai ereral wa !.er a *o two bell boya W1NTBD--4 "OUNG Mae WtfO UNDERSTANDS opening a"*, mt ant t.g en ink e In a aatatrteui'. inna'. he *)!?er %nit atcadv Appl rat the enraei > 4r< ?4 ? ny an t Spi a< ?t. Rt N' tha aa Raataumt.t w ANTItD-TBBBR SMAHT WAITERS, 47 7 atfAl'a Dining Sal <ae 71 Bowery. WANJT-O-a "LKAN, AOSTIYB TOO Eti MAN mmn .yeteeeae# make himeelf ?ee-ra;ly a.W i, eetair.-an'. App / a 17' Atb ay., voraar .'fa at e?ef 1 in a Y?VR." Mtrr. fANTSD-IB TUR arPRBMT .0 ?I ttbrarv. 47J Bnun4wa?. nteuU U yanra nt age wue <2300 ail'llS!11 ERoaerct or si rna>r vwvW Bet or ataiaunt aa u?ai wanted It a rllnee-y hoam meat aaVe autue anowleA^ of^ ia"mit,'p' Je "m refemtioa * ? T ? .rJVaT 1 nun ?Ar?T> t? t"* ??^p -.*.k ..u ,Mful the 111 ww of tat etam. With a *e al.-e per,rait <tf Mwnarnl Mcdleltaa, ki. lat er ef ?*i?u.y- .*"*nhtcgwtpk, Ad rwtardtuiy uofnrwl 4t? at RW. B* A.ante wapled In anil tela chart a.oof tke Rntl *hl" * ? ">< betiwew ante ee'te lAa wiUgre katlw-mWpter. T.e rimliag ?a Ad tro- - :Ss fcUBshCilT A OO^b'tAaVu YraL.aT MlblrP W AmBDwrRMALKI. A y.mi'n ? 1? b?L8 WOMAN WAETEP-Bf i* ??"r ^ Wke Ditl ehsrre ef then e ty met .. ^r, a!L',0*Nm'ul ^ Eren ? cr German and liff ?r<t*M tnmiaieai. a as 10 nbar*? Kl-!m *msl"yara Pall tii'w WWald uAice an Man ear xaerslag, at M e'aleek C?"\"| Y 1**" TROW ALSO EIRHT 0LAM boa?"*wort?r?. ?T)|ii airUi Iti if. H T Imtuaiuie f for eroe 1 lent nltaauena, tn nu and ennnwy. app y al RtanrormaaA Beooe .xtraer uf gtn at. aae iitk el ^ VIIU.INRRY.-WABTRD, EI RAT OLAUA M'ltLiEERE, :wVv^ygs^t. ^ ** %i OALKAYOMAE WAHTMD?IN A tU u 1"'"if. YatUbt# Ba lev 1 3"! liitdetn -rf. EiNCT AWD FUR. per?oe. Apply at R. ^?RVtNi W?.?lT?r>_A n-N'O W Ak'IRH A * A M ir i?'-r ait'1 p a.i , an wi ny an' ?'?!<? !?? do the a,. . . ? - * ' MFYfW WtUiNf ??'! I J IO till *yfc."m??"lty. apply a. ii vailea ;l?<ja 4uiii ?gg ik? liiv^iQ aa A i Unjvi HKLP WHHTED-rFMAtF.*. w ANTKO-flKry GlKLI to LAUNDRY C'imKTM at ll-' Wtm 27Kh at. WANTRO-ric-rr first ratk cloak makf.r?. lu ?? o?o?lanl ami loynieul will Sa gleeu Apply to Geor.e Carijj :?W lai| Jog Tamil *1. WANTED-A WoilAl TO WAHM AMD IRON AND do lienor*! hvma-'work in tbe eun.ilrjl *?/>>? Tueadu , bu>?riQ Id an J 2 o'dov k, M No. 6 East 3' h *l 117 ANTED-A WOMAN AS CHAMBERMAID AND ?? wanraa* id thee, in.ry Apply ou Tuesday, Iw'.weeu 1U and I u o.uv.k, *t No u t?at S7U> L WANTED-A i.RRMAN tilBl., TO DO OK.S'BRAL >m<.eras'* in* m.i, family. Out) with oily isfuranoe aiar *pi j at 36 hast DAh *t. w /ANTBU-A WKT NLRSvi, b'KKHM IN MILK. AD t>o* .. 22 i Po?? Ujc# WANTFD TWO MOVRftT\MT rtL ItV ANT* : <)WK Art rook hud UnudrtM* *t?<1 ti.** otlmr ch?tn? miiiwiu and waitress ?( * ?h a uich or Kn;li*h u ,'feme I; nO'i-i cllv reti re h . ? i ? mfed. 1 - mlra at 31? |oew uuobcri Id ate., baton-, t, tR.u an.l Dili ata w ' ANTK'I? APPIIRN riOKH, TO LKAItN MILLlNKKT Ai<yil> *1 N<> 1 lliavuort. pLtua, t lh at. 117 ANTED?A COOK, ALSO A LA ON DRRN8 Y?R A ?? aniklt ? :il. tier nuat let very neat and I d mil able to mlit > ar ,e o'tUrir work mime wc I rri-otuii.aniJ-d: warm b . Ai- 'lv a: III Ktsl 33tn at. 11' ANTKD-OPI RaTORS ON WIIRKLRK .1 Wit.SUN'* tv mivs n.; m.i nnr w no n adermai d cloak * : a so Cloak I"*?.er? Apply lo A. ?. A k. Davie*. UM" L imi.?u , up filttlre. IV' ANTED- A GOOD COO'C FOR A FAMILY Rr.Sin * * r" ''"'Aooe a the : .unlr? ? only m ui"C per. a no 'nt in''' u'1u ' k'Lheat wagua will be paid. A. po at <0 loon -t , *rcoud lloor. WANTED- AN OPERATOR, ON SINOKR'8 HEWING nuiil limn;* lor fur cape* and o.ihA a. Appl at Bant,i * 357 t'aual at., corner of Wootl -r llf ANTED?A PERSON, TO otVUC, WASH AND V* iron: none but tltoae fully competent a< well re commended fr m last plane n<-ed apply; w.,rv? $. A nly between full 13, at 37 bill ?t. WANTKD-A LaUNI>R'<8R WHO THOROUGHLY understands her business. alio French tlutlait bent of refereniie required. Apply *i 33 Wosl J3d at. IV, ANTKD-AN AMBRIUAN, ENGLISH or S< OTCII ? V woman, aa infant'* nurse, to go a abort di*la>o a in 'he conntrv. Apply i?t AS W-et 36th at., on WedaoadnT, Bept. 31, between I and 3 o clock. WANTBD-A FtRST CLASS MILLINER AND TB.M titer, to po u ehorl diatnnon 'n tbe lountry. Call at H Howard at. on Monday morning, at Id^Vnluck.^ w ANTED?AT M RIVINUTON tiT , A HOOD WOMAN for general bouaeworlt; a Piolaataat prefc red. WANTED?A GIRL, TO DO TUB CIIAM It Kit WORK ?nd waiting in a Ursa family, Anidy, wtlteitv re ference, at 137 Weet 13th at., corner of 7tli av.. Iioui 'J till 1(1 o'clock. "117ANTED?A OOOD. WELL RECOMMKNDKD COOK, Tt waahcrand ironer; ala? a ooinpetenl. cb tmlierinnid and nailer. Apply to da., hot teen to and 13 mock, at 1J1 W rai 4lth at. a few doors west of "th a>. IV ANTTtD?A SMART (71 Itf. FO'' ORNKRAL HOtfPR Work: nioat be a good eook nn l ironer an 1 Willing to he deuen'iv taeful; wa^ra J, per month. A;iplt at tba third honw In I.exinsiou ar. above Mth at . wm aide, f:o.,t I) A. U. till 3 P. M. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL, WHO RESIDES WITH her p'.ireuta, to learn dreaainakiiig and go oi' errands . Apply ct 6Js Broadway. WANTED?TWO INTBLLIQEWT VOOJKJ LADIES. TO tend a aepar *lore who oau loan the piopr t'or from $J(X> tal'.w. Call al 68 Weal Ui.neten a: . In the 1 a.v m lit. \17 ANTED?A GOOD SMART WASIl.tR. IN 111 A vy I? vet t stable; one ?ho .udernano < luc jiialne.* An ply this morning at George Mnni?ra' staole. I "to I'bryatle at. IV ANTED?A GIRL AS NURSE AND HBAM8TRBSS; VT beat of rofeicn n reiptired. Call at 313 Eatt 10tb a:., ba>?mr nt, TVANTl'D-A GIRL TO DO GEM P AL I1U' 9KWORK *' a a srial. pt ivate family; one who i ,n we h ..nd iron well, wages $7. lu'inlrc .or two lays al 1.6.3 f '* at., up one tllkht. w ANTED? PI3R GOOD, RMART. RKfiPF' TAJtLK KT gitla. to work at a Debt tanula torliii, ? u -inew. Ap pi- to ,,'aekaon A Ca, ID Grand St. rear bnllditiK. \v TANTED? A GOOD COOK. tb'D TO AHS'RT IN THE wanolu.iand tro'iinj. Call at"l West 4,h1 rt. it. ANTED?A OOOD. PaITUKUL. IIONKST WOMAN. Vt to take charge Of two yonng children one and lb me year* old). In a ao'a.l irnvaie family. A capable person and th _ _ ;>le pen with good city reference, can lutiulre at L!u Ealit 3hlh at. Til Id Til AO ICS mmmmm Aphotogp.aphic operator, a YoajNG man, coui|ielen'in all branches of tbe bueinea^tnay appl-, with r<-.f<roo e, at 337 Bowery. v ABllABS MOULDER WANTED. AT 87 CENTRIC street Goo 1 w, s and steady work g-ikianteed. .Must be h ?oo i workman. One who la actna'omed to do job'olui roik uieiened Apply to .Tatnea Ganeghnr, BDTCRRRE ? A TOUKO MAN 19 VRARS OP AGB. wishes :o Ir-r.t .1 e but bora' trade t all at No Id Ka?ex et., between > A M. and 4 P M. P LUMBERS.?TO THE MASTER pr.UMBPRS.-AT A ni v'tlneo. the .tonrurrtt.ea Plnn.l>era'Society It wat imooe.y i ' -' c.t that on and alter tbe 1m of October wages will be S3 AO aiu $4 per d?' MICHAEL SrKPHEN. Preeideot. Joh- OoKAkr. fteernUr. SUGAR PACKERS PROir< TIVK TRAPk (7MON.? A ntoelkig ot the aboee Union will be ., id <-u Monda/ eyen na, Sepi 19. at 133 Ile?t -r *tree' 11' or.le*, M. DE HE'/A, I'.et lent. rr<> PAINTERS.?SITUATION W.vNTED, BT A GOOD I sign .... and omanien-.a' iwinter- 'tanurrv. eleriuin anu ather T> i.amenutl ?oi A a ?.pe"la'Ity. Addreaa C *?. W Po'ter Wllllamabnrc, N V 4JHVO GOOD IIATTI'.R '? WANTED -"O WORK OV *. c'oih tats; tfco-w bav ng exp r'enec j referred Apply to V. ?tb- bid i Banh. %Uija4w?. vv AVTEU-RILK 11.11 iMHMSe-t AT '3 UPCK ?>. .lOeD-rn n MILLER. \\ ANTRD-i>ILK HAi 'OHMKSil IV'i AS AP pr -atl eat body toaiiad al trJICartland. at., tup loor If A * it'"?A MAN WQU I NDP.'t.ti ISO I ft 1 NOB ? an l funiaee jv.hnlog war* d.eku- ? >r? *ad gend wag?, .\pplv tn 3 f. it add, No. 3 East If'.'.t.vt. VV VV tNfHD-AT NO 3(W WK8T ST.. fOUK BOys. TO >1 I .am sail mak tig Those wbv hare warked at the ? bus t e* -blurred. riL&NCH ADVERTIBEUEVTI, MONS. BBRTADD, CUI81NIKR MAI TR I HOTEL, fell er., t so Dlacer dam une faaiflle qui pwo po-ir fa F n f oil I'Europe. II Pt'lt fournir de hnna ranseigno fivtr < 3e N'W York H'artreauor an M Grand at. MOkS VAl'TRAt F.R.S. MAITRIC D'HOTFL FRAN. e? a a- placer dan* ia? fainihe * rat ,0o er-.?. m aa han par -U1'Ot con Ire >?lre ie .,|? *r e0-. ie r-barn' -e. inn* ren*.. *n?in.u^ la P*n* rt leMe* Vor< S t ire-ac an V Jraad *t * * UKM ARDt. '.RWaRD ?Lf?HT ON TH BSOAT. 8KPfP.MBER lit * whi itural hit-- <a* b-v-k -? ntm.t -at '>g? 'h-B A < P- t t vie l.? t. to- fyehen* 17- ii?rn. Ml?.?an i?wpl i it' 7. tvh iv a ?u . ? jir. *Ik>. e re *a 1. au-ill kRYlED- )*r O.N i-R AP'U'1 Tt 10TH ?SAgu'' o. a nnl. l irein wblch Je't Wash on io* New (or* a (orlo. a P. M., be,w*en I' adelph.a *n I New Y., k a Slu t ? ir-,-t llic ..ulnlri* ? -no , ud?r nlotue*, tu.i-i.iir witi* t*,ree d.eioargea lr.ira tie n Iwt States ai o >ur not conapi a-d n.-i i ?n it inti tad other pr - a e f aner*. Ibe prm* .-1* t a faithful <?' 1 eol *r and u( no n-e wuataver to be mder lltr a'.oye reear-l vrl I he pa if or the re;u?er> o. lb, pa-era. tr ye.hei w ; an apart e? ,.u urrod. or p, a ? ihg t e same la i-n . loil lit as ai < Saw York. k % H?ir mtW.lKD 'OoT OR T?crs O r AI Gilt *AwG Iruai aaaiaar DaaH llrew. a< fh -?lay. "f. t\ %'ght-*').e,'.-ok',,'*lf *J M*' el* I ? ?" e .. ?'lid Return ml I t uak t ? c .0 te ei ar \iba.i| d*r Una a' a a n ?n?. ' >?t i' U?' n?a* . ?:r ? ' U I DARLvNd. A<aat (Nil- '.BtYAED -LOST f.N I'MOo SVCaRF A.tTTB | VP? "V hj e -e,.,! - j, ? "A ?? il lad Watsih .aid, int. j ? lay L? ??'4 e euir vi ne, i Pfr..o?r ? evm ? aanio ti.l W. Pa t nr. \ Breadwar. "I i ren?l?e an abo? ? reward m-?r. aBWARD-Ivet, A BLA?'H \N > l.AS fSR ?gl? ?' I r ?r t?<*. w?gi? ai* nda, h? f ? ?m, ?i? Una lo septembar I*. in sa-awai -ua, ? ''r*u w, ?? ?mra said dvB ?I |W*ai?r.ii laa? wil thb v?#.a '. ward as! tbe taa "la a' the owner H! Binii li -Los: ai tmf. MvLSLLam all raeetlak a gvid single >?maal Wavh Tik'uiattar f?.e aa.l han '? /n'mia ? ?u 1 band, b.ack tgama. eq -e.| Franob owe a The abwve rawae* wll' >?? ?al I and J* an* a ke.i ,. ra ara- d to tl Mdrray stair*. ?WARJ-LUSr A SISGLB ATONE D1AM0SO ?In ant' blaak aaaaoe' Tba a era reward will iJ ao ;ua*ti?.na ma id ?paa as :stu-a ta tf Cart db~(l lis ARD -T"LR* ?BGM TT'B PRRWTbBg ?JltJU af tba inbs-rlber i- tba tawn at IhabUll. Ik rail* from Wappliiger a FaUa, or. Wa'raija- a.glii Nep|.-aaaar 14, a florae Bngl* Hauneaa aad Wl o Tba naeaa la a bay ?w'ti-h la.I, r' PUi. aotr'tad. ri' tei lo wogla karneaa. aboi>4 a-B* m ten rears o il IIs-wmb allyar p:aw( ??,-?* ? bmvara mnemg . artaeo '? o' tar w?,l. bleak bady. hi lop. bwlH in (ingataa awr i'*, atiyee rdaiad kuba A Ua-a borsr "haet. ehees ar putld. *?> Ian Wl.h loo a af *a?<N I'taae. red bUadlnc. was aiae latea Wbto? blank wba's boat Tbe tone Is ab et ilariti* bands blab Pl.t# be- ? aad dm tare raward will be paid far rat r? ?f t?? prc| auaruilea af tbe thief, ar Ml for ai.oer. PItfHOLAS J OANBM PCA HBWA-SD ?LOST, Off PAT HI'AT NIGB Bi)U loMa^ar If. oeaw tba iwa" af Salter a Hwater streets, a Gold ffalob mvla by Tobjaa Tba IVM win rlaaaa laaea It at W Sraadwap. i> Ud dagar ?Vwv fMHHMi a KL'!;vfr ^ vF$ SKUAEA JJIO tOEACOa A mm RIPE AND mil mattonal odakd SMGK1NO tobaoaa M egnal ta a ee|?r any Aay. aad tweaty tlmaa tbwmt erecThartt, taneaeeaieu ae-r M p tad at ika da pat tl V -da-a atnat. ap tot aad ;?dMr?, raa be cap stairs. H AYARA SBGAICS?IB BUND, ASD Dun PAID, ialdtrably balnw mt'kat pf.ep. by A bthAkMlN t CO., a iguisaltan. it broad Mrweg, Awaarar Bearer eiPREIIES. A. bursmaR'S russft iP nr;?H"f otthe ?6 w'a i ivereaih a?tw*wa P.ltb sat Slttb a?e-i- ??.--IMatu,fn tea ' tat' kry, ,te ?itad and bt-pe I. M. la PVf or eq i.-.-gewa noa fur r*aa<rrlag fit. itllab* la ltd IM r rvMjtay. P'irollcraatyte imrpfin, Vonm?th* STiUMUHir oin or onriffi or IhU itnA, n II 4't11 %?? ii ?*{'? n Thiin'li n on flurrying M liir t^'1 ri'iT) ?' of rihm an i ? *? r*u* 1 rrd i-f 1 r?la? p*v*t> ? lo I nlt?<J 4uiea uMrrvacj. JOTIS O l>ALK, 4g*?it 15 HIRAM WERXLT TO LmTfhFouL TOIVHI Ml AT )nwB(Mn?n harh..r). ?Thn Ll ariam!. N??w Tork md Fi?n? r ii!i*iinih u^ljro-ipinv (Indian o?rr Ing ih? UnUad win* mult 4, in??fi? 1 umir tail po?v r " <"f1 ? M ..n *t amant)"* a* follow - ? I TV uK \hPtt Hi'.hT it *%iuria? K#p? 24. -7- .rM , rf. Hflt. J. ?HY OK ? ?MIWO>tH _j j ? i!'i. n!. *, in,! rv#?r* Nuiih r\v?r. An,! *v#r* ?uc>:?Ml!Bf Hat'irdAt *1 Iroui P *? Norih rtvnr. K A rR.i or r M w. in gold, or it' *i ?? In currm1**. rtr?t ?**? n ?*" I ' ??* , ,, 4 uo. to ?.oi"i??n . . l>??* to A ???? Do. to Farts 9 | !'??. to ?? - ? ?? I>o to H i ii bum # I Ho to l.n'ii" ? P*?*9?i?g?rHnlao f r*'*r!??! to fl ?vri? Hi "ft n, it*' 1 ? Antwoi '.*? at * !nullv o ra<?** , 4A Kit n Uv*rpO<d or 0 vr* ? r"" fw ' . ?? * ? I0?\ SlrrrtV. * ) 1'? *?' u','> " ' 1,1 "M * " fri- nd*'*n bn% c ' ?* I'1 " r "* f Tl.e*? ?.e?t>iet? "? ' "? ''"."Jim i.S .??? A., t , ,?f m ir* ttir "ii2i ' t ' fit" ' 4'11 ir in *"> ??? ???? KI ' '?'V"rt 4,'|?,?r * .l^U o,.p?Y ... OYrrno. ? W.LLMM .^ .V! -v:fl s,; * \V U "5KVMOI R *?'?>?: t" '? ' <1 . 11< t ,, q Mt'IKK ?l K"?K .VIII,.m ??? ? , oV" roi.-sTt.oT^vi::,.^ ?r?d-.r. r-rTn,k rrilK Bfiltisil tst) N.IRI-U AM H!04N, rov *u J, r." ;'?rr.. -n ?... ttvJO.IA \r ? .?r. A ? i".-r. U? ^ - - A l> A KT A llM ?? it". ?'?? t ? , '? ?' * , ASIA i^A- f B'l".' *"?" 'J CBISA )??*' Y"rl1 A<,un?>dty. t? ,n/.i Ij r :f> i ??* Y >HK M I >*..">"?? ?)j*> M ail.ln l>A* .?5!* -.1( 0 Ri riB t ot'jiii ;,u< i" ??? ?? ???; -??'"? ? ri.s to uvkhfo .... Cii*' mhi*' e un on Hi-.-onil ,-a in P .?4iin? ? ; ? ,.r.. >,Ib k ?'i > , "I". ?>. " Uo.ifdSUUi?' .rr6a | 1. ( m not im- tif ! no t put \ ?pActooi TBlnable* nnlcM bill* or Uufenn h?T,#< tb? | ??,,>,*. ' '? .. n'.'i tno-'f," .10ri'^oj^Vap Wo 1 Fov?Hr? Orren. II (>T t V< MAIL RTfUM9!llV ROOT! A F'Ht LIVRH Ifc n,.?i- Th? H< ) rIA. J'i' k n* ? ni'uatidMr will ?a?\ from.?????>'? d^- "' T( ; \b? Suun*1 ATOTiri? ?TTIB STV.AMRMtP ATAI.ANTA "'J-1' N \'v, pier m", U North, vor o? ??turrt?Y. Arptonibor 24? ?t *V. if ],iti i"?H . tor London dtrouL lo bo folio??d bv .ho ?t??in?liip Bollooo. ____ THE LONDON AND NKW I0BK BTEAMflHir C0*; Vai,v nil! -le-lA'Ph ""f,rKLLA BKLLONA? ATA TrriWwuwJ MAN#! A ? u:t, 3.?? ! SK'W! -~".rt-.vV'?i"v.V.:S. srmu"M ) or first?7k ? I 2 \v][, r.NKV, 2''> Bro?dw?7 < For t?? j ' ovAi. no'1. "'b? ? ? '?nn.or? '^J^'TaiuU''?". "?? vJXv'r'^a. 1 A1*' JVim'wVpotori'??-'ni rooKi'-nron *H rdo*-?*. f?porto. ^N*H^vn^!oa74?T'S -** rBL wrW'lINK OK PIRNT OLtSS SIDJ'WU BL -TKAMSHU'H HBTWEEK vw ttmn , .... llllll' Nlr. ,l0?p L, N ai'olTun ill '^.uiwVinii' .... lft'b'.ron ijowor. rB- i ovi- '?? on o? tr? ontlm HaI ?'>' ,""ri Jr".rliii It* thr W ARHINtlTOV A 0"' > <?r- ^ AT' vri r k Be viini- ?arm1 *?? - T. . Vrr w7wBitoT^w *"KW ,OKVwl"A^i^h no,t.r. T^wYykttk .'. .WoilnoAhBT. Vth No,?n,Nrr. VasH.NOTOW.UV.V. . ...? ? Wo !??ur 7iU Drootooor. V'ir*t "Obif. Inn" t.t oi wHa V"or'$M>. p^hi;"nofrihorit.'??in.YA>n. in C.l'tid S.aIoa ourroncy V/ ilical attAiidatirf* fra^ o* forrrA?t0.orr?A?r;ooplY'? y ? KRNZtK, Ajrnt. OEOK NO. 7 Brood way. "??* *"r>, At rorU?5" 17 Boulevard .tor Cojtuclaet. tO??n<l Ilo el.) At Harre?ITUlnm Ia?1Ii? * Co X* ? ?,T,OY,r OTBAW NAVIGATION COMPANY. \A 0? ,,' kN lOVi-N AND i.ll I'.Rl'OOL, 1'iomplor 47 North riwr. ? pttYNtvr.V AN IA Soturdoy. Bepiomnor 24 ???!">?( ^ >*?*? s room. $l?; Aiooi??o $t.'t. p?*?vte in eurrenor. for poaaajo ? 1 *'WILLIAMS ,t OCT ON. -?? Britodwar. TKAM I ROM and TO qt kenstown ANO livkr I PWltA Krom No* Tork. *? ?. enrroncT. ti Now Tork. fit", told or oqulvolAtit >n, SeptomborSA OLYMfUS. Vt'odiiOAdo.T, ocUt ter 1 Po. piA??ae Appi.Y j^ru.IAMS a eUYON. 25 BroodwoT rrilK NORTH UP. Kit AN LLOVO S AMS1MB I aMKIIH A H Woooe'A inimnrm l?r, rorryloj tin V nitAl SUtro utViJ. v 111 -Ail fr* m th" B-owoo pier, foot ol Third strort. IfohoAon on , . u aATIJBDaY. Snp. it, ?t Uuc OdcM.. eon BilLMBN. VIA Mim HAMPTON, LONDON. UAv n?k&VlVtmTto'n AND BRRMPN At tho following rotoo ^torolt'e ia old or IU oqiuTAiont in 1 K^thVJw robin tins; ond roblo. $? M. otoer%?o. ^ Ttrr tmerlc* will be followed b*- Urn BRK'tRN. J t 1. Khr rtelK. tor W, ^ c0 Rr01 , rfiiip ham nr.ti amermin packet .-ompants 1 .tviWAi: BOltUaBIA. rrontmonn. t orn, tAinlvr. UV *g ,* m"ft. ,t Haw - ' ? l-f.",' ''iV ?"?r>^ , doo. Oowbor I. 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T>,f n?w And e>it?Ot rteAminl^ IUI.ORN Kl'LR, T> ** *? ni rii" ff, LKAVRd Oh NAll HDAt. REP'fbN BP.R *4. *T MOON, Knot ti.r J'i N rtf I'f . fA- ?>- ?t-AOk. 4'(in..?-e'. n* vfilb t'.n .toomohlp Ataer eo for oAF.aie a-q , tb ? a ' ? o* - h. Lon pAOf, 177 Wolr^?0e%"^VKTfoN. Artt 2HR CNITI'.D BYAr-y ^iVJAANvAiCA ^A'L T' "lM <PLRNDID Iky^. OlIlAMf HIl' II, * - ? . a I... ,t p. 0 1 ?'* '' . m ,'g ? ? - 0 4 ? ' 1 , J . t . ?, nan' *? '?<? ,. , .? 4,, tu ir Ire wilt AO s .La .i,*,!.. a mm mo .tin.. *>r t?-^?v,K.e r< N?.- % nil ^o i t ip ?.'? 01 At. h ?MI'i A? "WO tA t .4*11. o? |,1?n .'Iti iof 1*1 ,r ire An on?t,.*v|i*u .o Jje fo'hiWiqr In* Ko-o.A*??f it $7" to <o'* #rp' '? b'n A. it I'44NET 1,1'lDlt fe ' * {*-? ACV-'v At 74 !>' lb ? roe. Nofi?t(r e.wi -Ad or b an !Adto? ' AneJoo tb# dov of 4 " ROWLAND 4 DiPIbWlU* Afoot. P?OR HAVANA vfi n Add al n p The Br1> ,1 .0 4 a.or b ?eue?*a AotaI MaP Ntiom Porkhl 0 in. in ? -At.t (If. . *, OUNIIU, ' anlm a MOOJPiHot ? til. 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At J ofo'ooR r M. of I FOE ?AVt?A DtEROT. 4*t??,wa*w a g>r%m C#f***a "tor ?anoc to*% dtorri ighiy an! faiitoi. mJU idor ll North ftvwr, lof 11 a*OOP Atrook. oo Uoodor. Soph 19. **N a"'r.biht r*w?awd wTbAiio of tod'of Ww>od oa tbo do# of L?KIN b 09 119 Rroodwoft YHOK OA Y AN A D'?'C*-TWR tUIIYBD NTATM in vsrwr-^ i ?nTo ^00 a w t*m TbMiWtOP ' r1 nl! Dfle?M ?? wtil. 1?P.PttrJV-mlo^TSk p' ?? we dAV ?? W;^trj:,id'Vb.imof W4.M-? <r ^mhkibb * ;|'^IWV, i ?HI WW. MAIL ttBR fiK MRW OHI.K A * R DIR* ffT.? I ,? SI . ,.'iln AKHtL *1 i tuff r>,nr Up ? ? Si, *t lUi" o clou F. Attff.L will iuv*t i ;> r Mo 3 Virth at tUrnr o emu P. M CauiO pa $' l> b AL1.KN ne .1 Bo* iitsg tiri DOR LIVKKFOOL-TAFSO'iTT S LIN R ' NbipJOHM H MUHfuiM. X Li m b -nm MtNiiuN Ship VILLA FH A MCA u ? R- PI Hi I For | a?- i i? to or Iru'u ill . ?? l Co >ulr? ? r Iri'is available In Mi I'liior hi.g.auH Ir-laoo ? o <o i ,i w .at th* I lnv'il po-s b r ra ?i?. apply A, laPnoOff BROTHERS A N|r0f(. li' iRrooL anii l'iauo.n von iiv* k i*l* no the M < OIT'-IOilM <*' ? ill ft nnp n mb**r I ion. inn OOKN.UCS OKI > 11 LL 0!. t.i* At ?or > r pa wage o dflLulA A A 'lUIO4 ,l\ Kr*'" L-OI D ULACK Ball LINE.-THE i < IK tfltO I1, tN ?yt I ei'l itro'iuilly on Annil?i. i .. i,>. mi I m il joo< o I'.'i-kriaa r In N'lAt iK HitOS It OONFW*. SlMoUtl) ltre?< :tA I I I I'JONKKB I.INC, CARRYING Till No.--, c 11. i.n Alrt.i: n cllppKi ?nlp ROY AL (Mil for S ,'nnv, N A ? I r? .1. tho .'<'(0 ' r . t , . . on I n a more pa***" p "f i t: ? i t.j ! 9 nil wllb Ainu t .#? AI u i ' 'i ipp-r ?r (IHkKIHoN, ? ? ? i <i< ' n, nt ' f rA>' Rlv.- w'll ?n ? f ' ' And bA 'o t;.e iiaiiAi prompt despatch mi. ne uireqt. H W CAMERON, A3 Beaver etrnot. Ml KM. NOTICE.- .UK BTK A X SHIP MONTE IVA from Kni at.ui. Ivna.ia. nl , mi.iii. ma l? ilif ? ? 1 1 ' " ?r rr a. li. r 21 N rtn ivrr. on Moo I day. Pep; I a< ; A il 111) .T LAND A ASPIMW all, Agmita. (<on; VJ OriCP, TO M\K H'.HH ..flu V1 \ V * HB^rtVO !o if A ' i a m?u t n-?--? m. Hu n a xi- < ?1 7 utr^t, ?*)i- ? Mvnifa .? W*oif? , *' H nr <?*. AH o <?(* of ro'pi* at 0 nwBfetfulljr lovltfcd to ait.#* ml M. l> it , 8mjW-?ify? W, H. HU8II, frcKlont N IT Tie iVFlitTIRS' or c KMT TURK l N r> H A KLi.M R?!l ROAD Tri u, i. r'Aiiy Tfuf j*.i I - *..< I* Rp**1B'[*, alno ?m l g mi, to* North toil VF st, li'Aro I wrnty-fUUi Ml .input at loS, A. M. an.) A I', M. f| VVv> UAlLV bxi-rkhm IRaINH K?H niK WEST, *r ma ALLlNIOWN liOLM'B. Ou ani Aftrr M >n !ar R.'iitainbfr 19, UVi th# CI .\rit .L II mLRoAU "I i HV .IK.CART ty 1! vu.i ... j Daily Ki ;t?a< frni .? 'or < '--t, .oavlnR CIBA NO 1 NORTH It I VK It ? l I' A M A SI) ; I' M. with but onp: chanok ok <;<i:s to < incinnati A >o OHU Kill, AND t TWO To NT I Of IS. Tbn at. .inuenient wl.l a'low <r ? ? '?i from llijfr Turk to I, AV r, TWO HOUUK I.ATKR t' ?n I < otiu r lliir*. ad.I AH&tVr, AT (UK HaMK TMIK AT CUNOlNNATI, OHK'AOO. HT. LoC|i, AND OTHER PSLINCIKAL POINTS WKBT. l'ur? .am* au hy iriy oth?r ro<it?. Httportor *m?piut. .^trt on nluhl .riuik. RXCllHSUMiS. IilXCUJI STOW.?TUB BTK AMIIOAT VIRGINIA KRY y ,OI rt will m.,kn 'ho aat irtD tnOhour. uankaon Tan' .nut. SrpiK ?h..r Tl Ban Llnec and Kafrrab? nirntf "D hnani I.naTr* P?rit ? i|. at 7 n'olock ?nd |i"r Na. 4 North riviu at 7 , Captain Sa.rt Ore nnaol, Pllnt; M Tho ma. < a|>u<u On 1 ?in. Tickria it'. BAIjBS AT JOCTIOT. A 7. BliKNT!AM, AOOTIONHBR, 1\. MaOMIKICKNT household furniture, P'kiiofour, PalntlBRA. Drawinit i.oom So ita. Bron -m and Wnrkaof An at rub1 ic mi tl..n, I MIS LAY i M jN.iAV . attherligint reiud-n.-a 44 IVo.t fir toroih atreel bntwaan K f.h ami KlxtU a??rtui>*. Sain ooiriip' .lciuit at PUi o'olnak. Thn RrtBttniienr ? mild a*.I tho parti olar attantlon of Ma fr.nndaand thn p'ibMo to tbl aa'n thr cats pun oomprUiag tl. l?rv??!* and rleh.'at aaanr'tnnnt of Flounaho I Kurnitnrc, A.- , u lorn; at aoc ion tblstoaon. SaP' peremptory. < ate loi ooa a' tb<- honae. Diaoiug ttnoni r urtiltam. rarer-d with brnoaiel of the rl, b at di'hcnpiltm viz. ?8.f.?, Arm Char, "ark Ch i'r? Ollo.iaiia Brunt.) O.irtalna to mav-.b th ? aulta, K tj.oor?, Rook, a r ntrn Tahlra, I nnugnnrr-. .'a u eta. B o., e CI.' " , Or j'leo OrnamenlE Cbma Vae. ? Bron/e I'noir. a, Oil Uaiatin : t, by uiulnant an nt-j b. D '. or.nniu Ch.i.iOellcra, treimi .or .'nitravinitA. Velvet ?edalbon Car p ti I'mrau I M' ute. Mlfrors Lace Ourta,ui, -ilia h;?, Man <to 0 pa.:.. ;?n Jrront tune A MYUSll'lCKNT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD '?I ABO vOH TE Thp r Inetrament o tnred a< au. tlon t!ii? nnienn ; '"an terl.ui i Cloth tinver, Siaot, Aliiaio BoOka, Hail Stan . Stair c*i i t. Chamber- r. ewi.ort and walnut Redataada, Dreae iny Unr ? WftTiirohee. Comudrn .rnnorn -n nun oyln Lo.iih .viVl! Ua<r apHnj Matiramaa B'anarta 8hnota CoBi trrpiinnk t ha ra, i.o .nyra, T' ll*t S t Bru.xola i'n pp a 1)1. I . ; Room Tahlo. Sid'-board. China L? nnur ami I ?a <-ot ..sip. r. Vv are, Table Cnlier., Cut and n v f*i ?d < I lain W ire. Tk'al" L nnp, and alan, ail the Fnrn nm of the aer van' : aparinienia. I'ertlna ivtabinc to etp'nd tbla aa.n Mka tho Pfili or Sikto avenue carl or atnge. ' -om Aatnr Bl M i. i ii n. M wropo.iUn Uotol, leaving at SUte n il ktraat, a <ew d"o a AT om the hoote. A DCTIOE NOTICR.?POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY _/\ val- of MotiNlKiCKB r MOURBHOLf) KURN:TilRE, I I.LUM' HOBKWnOL I'. .NOKORTB, VELVET. HKI SNLLS AND INGRAIN CARPETS. ii I: HOTIl, a Jtinn?r the.'a. (Mnn a I, S-pinmbet !?', Rt II "t.-ork p e iicly. at the I our et..r? rna.dena-. l-'S Clinton p me. I.lchth at e ? I etwenn V'l'th ari l Sixth nvenaee. conilitltiR of bandso ne Brtiaanla and Ingrntn Car: e'a, C rnu ?1 ant Parlor -u to r* i n bror?l<-T ..nd rnpa, ruacwood bia em, ma. hie lop Cent n and, l ane c.irteit.a, Hnn ill1 rnlri'inje rtroo/e'"hwk r! h V*"ea. Pa. lur O. t.,ui.'L>nta, Turk ah Kaav Chalra, LouDgra and Re oepUonCh il ?. < oronr fl'ano; S'.,\C.N)*1< NT UOSKWOOD PltNO ORTE, SIOOL AND COVER % 1*1 roinw. od Hudatrada, Hniraoi, Waahatanda, Spring ard llalr Va'treeaea B ankete. He,la, Cba re. Itn.l coonare. 8o fna Roukora. MProra, Clooka, Ex eo?ioti Tanlna China, t.laaa and Sliver Ware, Table Cutlery, ,fr. Sale poaltl <?. A.I L RMIT1I, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIB . dav. at II eVIarb, at No. 17 Rtovfeaaot pla a; (Ninth ?tieet1. b tvrnen Secood and Third avaaaea. one Plsnn .' ap ?n lid tonn and llnieh; ooat ? dot? thrnn Par nr Hultn r aouo aad tr.auugKiiy; lie Iroom Suit , liackere, L?u. OlAiae*. maiMtuaPv and n'apln Chalra, Tahln?, Brua.f i a:, li.fraiii Carta ta. and every ; that beioaaa to a f rat c a us honae. V. ^ a* ? i ?? Auction noticr-iiav\na rkgarp v j. pah h*< i) Am. tipneer. wi. so,I ou Tueabar, Sepinm' rr ii) at II nVlorlr it Ur. Wall a.reet. Ad,11(0 Importrd lla-nca Sr g.irj in la.oilie hriiuda. A UCTION NOllCii.?CEOCKKftf. GLASS RICH ft v?rir? Goo.L Cutlery .to.?WM tv MIIIILEV *u. 1 tl ,'i u. ada., Siple'.ihnr 2d at 10 u'. loea. mauiar I ? kiyvaledrf ?B . T) KM RU RY, .lr.-H*l .,f Brat aod . "ontiila Wire ol all ki. la worthy t. * mints of Jealera. | 8alee true far ratB, and (oodv nfefnlly per' ed. i\ UCTION NOTICE.-BOOTS AND fllMSS A W.M M IOLLINGBHEa D, At -TTONVBR H. I. I WH ITI*.It. iIIS : , x. eiro.on J . Cor: audt 'treel, ' *11. eo l on Wed.ineday Bnpmnabnr *1 at 10'A o'.-la. .A.M. l.fllkl CASES damaged goods, IHRr.i T FROM MANUFACrntlkR Catai.cnee ready ?u an. mng ? aue Acctt )v palk.-brnm r KAT*fiirr.p auc llonn-r. m 1,1-e i <m Wrdueed i, dept. J,. at id n,nl.vA At 120 Eaa-an -t en. v. nd torv i ?r - i ieflty nd Army and M liry ..| nt, ,*-.?? . ma of overeaati .!? - V H oil ei I'aniv ? 41 ? Isro- aemrt-neat or < epi Kim u <?, Car 'Ms? Bo Ce*?tra??, Hpa il'U A , ? I n?i .red fna'bn <;? tora Tbn e.oet ad UUa PMpJt%v no' Kr.;n D V < EN A CO. AUCTIOBBKR8-SALRBROOM8 . fid R sd'va-?will and at a.iL.iB, no Wedarsda . Sep*. uLnr .1, at il o'. juA I band Kurmture eaty, F ?rnilur* v" )(?. M rror. Bn.lillnt, Croofcnry, Ulau two va. ahe*Loeee. Gold W at eh, Ar., Ae. Dri fim, auction err ernes wo. s abtor . ? Will sell on r ns Inr, Snpia-nhnr 20 at 19% .. p. . ? 'ui I. n Bfj.-k and Klxt"fne of that f.r?? e!aa? ? trn-v , - , n, ?n the ?' naa oo'nerof t- at aad Tet.lh .tieei~i fn I aaeo.tment. Al?n an ereellenl Uoraa and Vig il and the Euro.turn of thn fa.n:jr. ! TT EN lit II LERIIS. ACCf I'M RRR. ' I I HKNHY U LEEDS A will tell at a.ietiaa. i -a f ?s ,uy Snpt 2i'. a' I. o't hnk. n (mot of our atom, %. ? l.thnryv ..rn- sire dn-u', neat of B'ia.w*y. a flue tar : it'd laSeil hx. cei..a.e il >rs.n about ISM bands hldti, ' ry gmit n md kind % od, spn"1y roads '-' and In rx o! ?firkins oidu A -a a uou >u akitiov. to and ei ra ? ?,i Wayoi w.'h t? ' ? eu lahi'te a U br W ? ?l B oe go si uotti. .' Uarus ??. Ah o which are aoid '? or wao t M. DOf'CUTV AI*'"TTOimWR, WILL BELL. ON T'.ejtd >/. depieoihor do. at In, a''nob A. M . at tho a, p,y>n v *??* 'I'vet, hy order of tb.' a. eon tor of tho L, tt. out .? d. i flno co .0.. m. of m dm-a and ao r!?n! on Ealnttn-ie sod Enuravln a, Msrldn H.atont'e, H ) .'. * Ihs sbovo arc now on Okhibttlea, with cata log j'? at ma'na- on. 79 WatKao a'mot Mortgage ui.e.-ky virtue ok a chattrl ?am -agn I a ulnxoo e (or aa'n at noon on Tneadar, thn ] "i li' Ccu-ouii ol the .:i snire.Ni 2nd 9a fna.h aCiuu' , HAS. A. <"L \RK, Atto. oey (or Mortgagoa. M ORI'lAur. SAL'. ?RICH' ED WaLTBIM. AUC il i-t. ?eiu eu Moadav. br rlrlre <.f a'hai'el mort, at 19 clock ?' <3 W-i*ei "t est one Starching Ma ohtoe .aod In he mane'e-o'ira . f h -in akirt wire. Mi?Ki n COltNRLL, Attorney. I> \ W NBROKKR'S SALE ?S. HERMAN k CO.. AUC I Psiee-e sell Voaday ypl Ik, at IhU o'olorR. *1 IS Hover?. 'H'U. i aud Wo ,wu? a Clothing, Blarbaia, .ullla. Tons, Wa'roee. beiid the bxiaaoa af nnrodeoaed pluiRsaof Max f'.i<aisD. drw aeed. It' O fUirrMAN. .At OTIONTtHR. ??ONWT CLOTH >? . Aurt'op -L W Pol. MAN s <Olt A Co *111 sail on liKsoay, Soptamoor If. atloulotu., at I IS Weahlnglaa ?trad, for arvonal ef -vhorr it may enpmrn hi. *A) poondg tins r Ctot'i Bagging. Jaui*?ed by the lata lire W* WITTEEA. AUrttlOVERR?WfLL RPLL Till* v? day, at 3 o lan-k. a: tM Canal a ne:. a large aaeor> peat or rntaltpro, IT Taim try and ith'r Cerpeta, Ac Dea'em and naerg tallied Ur ILLIAMB8LRG ?LONU WILL ?KLL THIS PAY AT !??*< o'eiook. OP .?ergnr I f keo I .rd >ad B idf' l? vis'ts, the cant .'Die of a dsi R,?,n~ a . in ?, tfe?r I umiie. Ta ble#. Ohalrc 01 Faia'lnga Giaaooa Ca'i"4a, Kaaihar Bed*. Bolae, Onalra, Ac. OBETIITRt. * Rt or TRETH MADE IN TBWEW SOm tatiro sat's'aet'oo or oa oay at ih? dltth bewiaa. Eswoola. attar.won ? Irea lo aaeekaaieal doaiiakry. Tho t nanrwi "its o.' set* erer made aad a? dno aa arc made la a?d pJt ef ike wvrid. N? mfvaow w raq.lrod aad no oaa R reuul' si i> a(' or pay for ay ml a caieaa aultad oa artiy N'tro iaMtS??? hae beta aivoo kor. la over_Bigot ! thxnaaa.l <aa's. ink IbeCi 'ttraolfd witho u paia. No am -itsmi V u n - se aas w* *1 |D?v <? iao bora: we r V* it ever'day Bclwjoa rt/asaakk aad Rutaoatb akroelo, oa | Siata aroooo. Wa. ?? f notT"? OINTAL ASkOCIAtlOW -DR COLDft I) or-dioaixd llle aa eotto Ii oaa od tho aHctwia oktda ?aA aad Bia lad 0' pora ias<i a,>wM >a llo u<?. No ?a.a ( arcane soaJ par'ar. Ofico a Bead troet. ASS ov axtrantios wheat a.ti^H *.Wi t AUROrLAfTlP, OE ARTIFICIAL R0W8, ? \t for .i'~oT*d f**th: Old rente v b ep, ms eek u tooili and Ovgrv vartvlc Of die' Wft hy ts? dU of?-or In pssrvo Roou>a emivod to SB E F I ? nth etmo?. uayc 1st weed *t Oajou suiiaiNh Ufo8 16 AA .eotdtagotalR FILL! S OR ui?ro aheiOA

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