Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1864 Page 5
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PETERSBURG. firttruTirs ?f th? Late Capture ef Cattle by ibe Rebels* Eoeugh Baef Tak^n to Supply Thiir Commissary for Weeks. CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE SOMEWHERE. Pour Brigades of Rtbcl Caralry Engaged in the Movement. Reported Capture of a Regi ment of Union Cav&lry. AFFAIRS AT BERMUDA HUNDRED, u. &i#i a?. Mr.. B. CadwalUdcr'i Despatch. Cmr Point, Sept. 16, 1884. Tin REBEL RAID ON OUR OATTLE. A couple of cavalry men came daubing into thin place *t an early bour yesterday morning having a rebel pris ?ner In obarge, and the report soon spread (bat the rebels were near us In great torue. Tbe "johnny'' was taken before Colonel Sharps and examined closely without ?lioitlDg a great amount of valuable information; but we were not long In learning that three brigades of rebel ?avalry bad passed entirely around tbe left flank of our army day before yesterday, and during tbe night bad reached Ibe James river, near Sycamore church, a abort .distance below Lighthouse Point. The object of tbe expedition was to capture a large berd of government cattle that bad been driven to tbe neighborhood to gra^e until needed for tbe ute of tbe army. Uregg'e division of cavalry were demonstrating on ftaam'a station from our lert Panic tbe same day, but fahed to fall in with any of ibis lorco, or gain tbe least ? nation that any movement of the kind was in ;ress. Gregg kept near tbe Infantry lines in case of neediog eupport, I presume, while the rebels must have ?made a wide detour, and approach**/ tbe James below fiJio swagrp on Dlackwater. ** mnuoBNC. or ocr forces. A detachment of Kauu's cavalry, consisting of the First District of Columbia and tbe Fourteenth Pennsyl vania regiments, were on duty guarding tbe berd and pioketiog the country intervening between tbe river and the army, but appear to bave rested in fancied security without taking the commonest (precautions against sur prise 1 have no evidence that tbe least organized oppo sition was made anywhere. On the contrary, 1 b >ve high Authority for saying tbat tne officers were noti&ed of the approach of tbe rebel squadrons three hours before the attack, but disbelieving ibe report resigned themselves placidly to further slumber and awoke practical prison, on if not real ones. CROONERS AND CAVTt-S CAPTURED. The rebel raiders were upon them suddenly and took a dumber of prisoners. In tbe excitement and confusion that has prevailed since I bave been unable to obtain any reliable Information of the number really caplnred.but ?uppoe* it to not have been greatly above two hundred. Twenty-five hundred bead of good cattle were captured and started rapidly southward at five o'clock yesterday morning. ,, - OAPTURS OV A Tia VCRlPHlC CONSTRUCTION CORPS A telegraphic construction corps, engaged in putting up 1th* wire between ibis and Fort Powhat .D, numbering forty men, under William Mackintosh, with six wagons, thirty-six mules and twenty miles of wire, were also cap tare*. W. Mackintosh, Prank Thompson and a colored teamster are all of tne perly tbat are know, to bave *a Teiegraphtc commciiuiation remain* complete between Tart Powhatan and Fortress Monroe. kuoa kx< usurper?troops ordered rsnmt arms. Considerable excitement wee occasioned by tbo rebel .proximity to tbie place. It was not known but, em "Woidened by sucoess, tbey might attempt a ride into City Point. The force doing garrison duty and tbo Fourth United Btatec infantry and Filth l otted States cavalry, on duty at Lieutenant General Grant's headquarters, wore ordered under arms but were not called upon to giv* Ad dition*! evidence of their prowess. SOARS OS AN ATTACK OX FORT SOW1ATAN. 11 waa feared at one time that an attack might be made tm Fort Powhatan. A couple of regiment* were sent in ?the morning to reinforce the place, but no eneiTiy ap peared in Its front. He woe too well satisfied with cvbat wee already accomplished to hazard all by altomptii'g mors. CAVALRT IN IT*?riT OF TH* RAIDER". Kantz's aud Gregg's commands wer# both ordered in pursuit as Roon as tbe enemy's pretence was known, but wer* unable to more (ban bams bis retreat. SKvnsa or THE REPKIS. The entire berd 14 beyond re< apt?.re hours ago, and we are ocmpolled to acknowledge one of the must tiuinihat tag occurrences of the war bas been practifed almost anger the fire of our gun", and that we have failed to In flict anything apprMShlng an adequate punishment for eucb audacity. sovrrGwT to FTjtKR. Great blime should lie on ?oine one's shoulders; %ul whether it ran be attached to the proper person will /probably be matter for lurute inquiry. Mr. S. T. Bulk ley's Despatch. Hst inyVARTtRS, "*? oxd Cavalry Division. \ Armt of inn Potomac, S'opt. 17?3 A.M./ nn.'. PARTicri ark or tnr i at* rsfft. oati i.n raid. At or early bour ibis morning, or rather yesterday morning, we wer* startled by tbe announcement that the ?oomy's cavalry bad attacked our cattle depot at Cog. gaa's Pelnt, on the James river, sod wer* fast making aff with our immense herd collected at that point. R?fosts to iMtiRcnrr tnn okmel" Be *n*?tr did the news reach us than our bugles peunded "Boots and saddles," and w* started to inter ?*pt them In their retreat, and, if possibles, capture tbie immense addition to lb* commissary store* of tbe rebel ?army. For tbie purpose General Davles, who commands the division In the abaesce of General Gregg, started with his cavalry upon tbe JeruFalem plank road, and marched and some ten or twelve miles ia tbe direction of tbe Not lawny river, where we met a strmg force of ibe enemy, posted behind breastworks, which we found too strong a* overcome. RORCn OR Tin SNRMT. From prisoner! centered we learn that (he fore* of tbe -aeemy engaged in this important movement ? omitted of four brigade* of cavalry, under Gen. Wade Hampton?rt/.: ?arringer's, Young's, ".uFrean's and Peering's brigades TNE re*ri eendbxtoc*. The place of rcDdeivou* waa at 8t?nv crtek "tatlns, -which la the prevent terminus of tbe Weldon Kailroad. INS SIART. They started from there at twelve o'clock on the 18th tastant, and moved around the eitreme left of our army weld they reached the plrketeof General K? ut/'e division I af cavalry. skirt wim oenerat. kautz's cavalrt. They thee engaged General Ksutz on his right, Rod .kept him engaged until th>y could elip by a sufficient ! dorrs to tbe left ef Mm to make a haul of tlie immenso herd of cattle and get heck with it. grots* o> tnx nensi motsmsxt fltrange as it may seem, the lenele have tnrceeded In Oh la hold maocruvre. and Save actually taken trom be taeeth our very ncsei sufficient Peer to supply their army Bar weeks. THS MP St." writ PORTED. They were evidently well potted a* to the position of tbe Oarrali and of thn force left there to guard it. ai-d .same with sufficient number" to ellecl siicceesfully thalr wbleot. TUB FOR' R IN rt RSt IT. The force sent nut in pursuit con-t-t'd of only two BibaII brigades of tbe Second division, which (leu. Kauti wee to follow In their rear. !*? RKIiRI* SrSONUlT INTRRNCNEP We flret came upoe theui In force at. a small creek, near Mawktnavllle, on the Jerusalem plank road, where we fleuad them strongly Intrenched beyond the stream , with Etna bridge torn np and aa almost impassable swamp in Tear* poenios assaulted. Stedmaa, who ocmsaanded the adrauoe b'tgs.fe, made streouiaa effort. u> wiry th? I'0?4' tiOU, but l.blllLg tt t 0 BlrOllg, GeilMUl I>.Vlae ordered sp tbe Second brigade, under (Xdoaet Smith, and Clark's battery, for a combined effort. Tne Fiabth and Sixteenth Petnaylvauia and First Haine regiments aere loruted on the left of the road, while tbo First MadsucbuseilB and Stxib Obio were oa tbe right, the nature of the ground compelled ibem to fight Jte mounted After a rigorous artillery Pre by Meat Came ron atd Sergeant Rlohenbooker, of Clark's battery,# general assault war ord-red, which was obeyed with a will, but wilhoui succase. Tue einony's line was foued both louger and stronger thin ours. Tne First Maasa Cbuaetta regiment in tuo charge became intormioglcd ?vItb the cceiny and fought them band to haid. but were obliged to fall back. The euemy bad elx pieces of artil Irry, whi e we bad only four. TUB I'IRST lUWlRlOT Of COM MCIA KFGIMNNT RceOHrSO CAf' Tt'aRO. In tbe meantime we could hear nothing from Cenerat Kautz although a prleober informed us that they had captured a whole regiment of Kauts's command, with sixteen shooting guns. If this he the case it must bo the First Dietricl of Columbia roguaiont, as they only bars ? lateen shooters. no bopk or RKOiiwsamri trr rrw. As the thing now standH our chanrea of recapturing tbe heofaro very slim, and we will bare to owu that tbo rebels hare outwitted us tbie time and make the best of tt. SMALL LOSS IS TMP SBCONO OtVIHlON. Our losses to day In the Second division are aol more than twenty er tweuty five. THE NI1TH COUP*. Kir. J. C. Fltxpatrtek's Detpefeh, Nurni Army Cows, Vs., Sept. XT?A. M. RRBK 8KlRMlsni.Ni;. Farly yesterday morning the rebels pushed forward their pickets and a brisk skirmish ousued, conflued prin cipally to the left of our line. orjscr or Tim rrrris. Their object, no doubt, was to feel our poeitlen, Thle was tbe flrnt Interruption within the paet few weeks of the quiet wbloh has prevailed on our front. ALL TBAN'QrtL. Comparative tranquillity ia restored, only an occasional shot now being exchanged. CORRtmON. A typographical error In my published despatch of tbe 13tb Inat. alludes to an Irish division. It should have read Firat division. EEitnUDA HIHVDRED. nr. 'William H. Jllerrtum's Usepstch. Bkrucda Htodrrd Landino, Va., Sept. 16,1864. THK 1 MMKIHATi PROSPKCT. From the present general aspect or military affuirs T am both at liberty and warranted in saying Ibal Important movements, looking to new and substantial triumphs for our arms, are on foot. a niw and iMPoaTANT orurr, touching the armies operating against Richmond, his besn issued. It provides that an officer of the Provost Marshal General s Department shall hereafter be sta tioned at Fortreas Monroe, to whom will be referred all business of the Provost Marshal Oeneral'e De partment at Old Point Comfort pertaining to tbe mall boats which are running upon the lines of communication of the armies operating against Richmond. This officer, Captiin J. S. Conrad, of the Feccnd United States infantry, Is to have i'<!e control itn der General Patrick. No stores of any kind other than those belonging to the government will bo placed upon the m .11 bouts at Fortress Monroeijjcept such as may be permitted and approved by the Chief Quartermaster, of the Provost Marsnal Generel of tbe arm lee operating against Richmond, or by their dtrectU n. The order further provides that all passes of passengers upon tne mail boats passing Fortress Monroe will be rtied by the officer of tbe 1'rovoet Marsha! General's Department stationed there, for th e purpose of deter mn lug whether such passes are given in pursuance of special order number forty-one, headquarters armies of the United States, or other com petent authority. AN IMPORTANT ANT) MRItttm POMOTO.V. Captain Israel R. Sealy, Assistant Adjutant General, United States Volunteers, has t^en uunonrired us Assist ant Adjutant General nn the sfhll of ihe Major General (Butler), Commanding the Department Captain Fealy bag seen prolonged, varied ?nd honorable service. He entered the war at in outbreak ?s a rat,tain in the Forty-eventh New York Volunteers, and has served with conspicuous fidelity and acceptance a* Act ing Assistant Adjut int General on the staffil of Brigadier general H. W. Benham, now Shief Fogineer of the Army of the Potomac; Major eheral D. Hunter, the lale lamented Major General O. it. Mitcbel, Brigadier General J. M. Rrannan, Major General 0 A Glllmore acd Brigadier General John w. Turner. As above suted, (aptnlo Uealy capa his honorable rec-rd in being promoted by the President of the Coiled States to the full rank or asaistant adjutant general, and an nounced upon tbe stalT of Major General Butler. OAOTAIR fSF-nMUCK MANNUIO, of the Department Bureau of Military Information, has been promoted from a firat lleutanancy to csptain of company A. of Colonel Colon ? regiment, the One Hun dred and Forty eighth New York Volunteers. f*P?am Mm lining is one of the best Informed and most acreeuble officers In the armv and I am glad to state that his pro motion will not be permitted by General Butler to Inter with his tenure of the Important pomtion he hoUia oa tbe depattmenl afalf. Mr, Win, O. McOregfnr's DeS|iafct*. HFAIKjrARTKRS, AUVV 01 1BK POTOMAC, Sdpt 16, 1**4 The flank attack by tbe rebel cavalry early yesterday morning was a moBt daring move, and seem., to have been partially sncees-fnl. The attacking force consisted 0r three brigades cf cavalry with eight pie< e? of artil ler>*. The main body i sac lied the vicinity of the cattle beril "n Baffin's farm, near Cot'glo-;, Point,.fuat before daylight", while the remairder engaged our cavalry pickets a),the entire line from Ream's station, cap- j tur ng some Vd driving mbers back. This was done to cover tho eperaf\'t" ,h* n,4tn r???el column. The at tack was made a .O t? Mm* before daylight, when the guard were mostly ab^- Two hundred prlaonera re ported to have been pisirlct^of (olnmbie enncylvauis ovaity. Ibe rebels l.ut cavalry, on duly na-r by man had to fall they were in such strong fori * ln' back, suffering a lots, of s ine t "J^ry. Ut. that Gen ere Gre, BOUtwted by the f-eoord corps, . \ \ tl^ch th, ?url, ratdC*. hut tt is believed they bad . , ^ th(,)r and m>.sl have got oil with the gre^erp" plundrr. -ill reach two In addition to our loss in cattle, which v -u*] tsveral -thousand five hundred beid, the rebels capi in con. team* with a gang of ineo, who wercflengag etructing a line of telegraph in that direction. cattle A rumor reachtd camp tble morning that th# . have all been recaptured, but I cannot trace U to ao> liable source. Oar Special Washington Despatch. Wasmihuton. Sept. 18,1864. rns asset ArrnaHtifsioYs or urani's barlv captpkr er reTBRHIiORO. A lady who oame through our lines fiom Petersburg, and arrived here yesterday, states that the capture cf that city by General Grant ia dally apprehended by tbe people remaining there They ere euflering greatly for Iood, and regard Grant's ultimate screws as beyond a doubt. Fbe confirms tbo statement of General Grant that the r>'be's have resorted tc the conscription of old men snd boys to Oil up tbetr ranks. g?wi from Fortreae Nonrae. FoRTRRsa Monro!. Fept. 16, 1864. Nothing new transpired here to day. Mhior General Huller returns to the front to-morrow j morning. The mail steamer has arrived from Gity Point, but brings no imiiortanl uew? neaius in hampton ronpiial sincr tan aaroRt. J tl V*eils. 4lh United Stales artillery, J. Chapell, 3d New Hampshire J. I oonees. 11A t'nited .-letea colored; C Eighstone. 96tb New York;.iobn Miller. :id New York artlllerv ' D. itilnngton, 9'h Maine; A B. i runson, IIOth New York I'ohn H?fiey, 24th M*s?a. bimeits. George M. Soanolt 1 lib I'eonsyIvaolo; GapUin F ft sobme, litu Maine 'k Rafierty, IUIi Ma?*achu?nH N H. Keeler, I lot h Gonnectieiit; George Qneen, 1st United Btatea co lor.'d A fl. Stmson, dth Muitie, F. Rubier, 11th Maloe, I W lone. 4th United stales colored, t. rhombury, 97th IMnnsyi vaoig. W. S. Moacrtp, I9?h W iaroi.atn, and l?RVld Slack, tied Ohio. The Action ?< the Oth Inst. to rim kditoh hp tna ii*rai.o. Camp at Yri.U w IIclss, Va. ,Fept 14. loG4 Noticing in your paper of the 12th tnsi an account of the brilliant etcloit of lientenant Ttiieman. lee! th United Slates infantry, in ea,during tbe col-sot the lint batadiin of tbe Ueveutn IMantry, in lb# action at this plMi.e on the ?th Ilsg. w*. the nnueraigned ncn oommtMloned ?l>r- and private, or thetret BaUl ion of the Eleventh intwiitry, reqnes; that you will make litis correction ?Fust. i * brigade was iat.kod by_ihe Third division giving away th* Meventb Irianujr were the last to leave die works, and, when iliey did, went together. Second.?Roth of our color acrgcsnls wero wounded, but the colore were token by < tie o the ?,(,r gvuri, ?n?i brotighf nut with re*ln?tnt inir I. ih? Twelfth itifanlry Iret one at-<nd of their colors hut the Eleventh never have, and at i"iig aa tl.ete is i man left, uever will. Vonr "be<li"nl servants, Thomas O'Connor, Ftrst Fergt Co. 0. A'!en S ttor geaa, Sergt. Ce. G., John P. Swlggsr I, Sergl (Ai. H J?s. i tin key, sergl, Co. It.; Geo. Merry weather. Ftret Fergt. Go. E. John Ciacher, Sergt. Co. F., Benjamin l'etera, (,'o D AngHS l??wav, Corp. tY? F.. ( harlea Mai et G'erk, ( o F Isaac Wllttl, Sergt tin. F. W K. Jolmaor. Oo C., Char'es I iKinee. Ce. B.. c'has. A, Itoiltater, First Sergt to y,; , As. cua sjldiers in rebel prisons. Nantes of O-llrora U< nialamf In Llllbf H"?|> l.?lt N?pi?uib?r 14, l?Gl. Brig i;w VV. y tiari at(. Br 1^. Geii. Jo? Hay as, 1st br vade 2nd division, 61b cor pa. Abu loa. l r. McDuuough, 34 division. loth Army ooriw. Col. W. R. HarlKborae, I90lh Pennsyivaaia. Col G. G. I'r?y, 104'b Nrw York. Lieut, Col Gurus*, 201U Masaarhusetl*. Lieui Col. lAaiker, A. A. G. (Uinaral i Uncock J Lieut. i'ol Charles H. Hooper, 24th ilaseschusetU 13euI. Col S A. Moffat, 94lb N'ew Y it. 1 knit. Col. I ah o ftoth Pennsylvania Meat. Col a K turns, 2i>ih t;aoa*chusel.a. Ma;or Jf ftn llyrue, |65tti New York. M.vor J. VV Byron, 88tb New York. Major Beatlm, 104lh New York. Major Williams, 4m New York. Adjutant A. R. Small, 10th Maine. Ad.|i. IS. J?. Atwoil, "pith WUouusm. Ad,t. A. B. Canroo, lllth New York, First Lieut Jui (!. Cary, Co. II, 104via New York, First Lieut. Stephen I* Corliss First loom I' f O'Connor . GOth New York. Ural I.teut. David l yncb, 09th New York. First I.teut. J. Ryan, Co. n, lr>4ih Mew York. First I.teut J A Pehwbet, Co. P,4th N Y. hoary art, First I.teut. J K. Kbeppard, O'h Mur ?. First I.ieut. A. K. Fitch, Co. l>. vdlh Vttire Ktrat l.ioul. J. K. R. Ilonee, Co. K, 30th M.msactnmetta. First I,lout. John Darin, I56lh New Y..rk aiHilary ('apt. I>. C. Mayniban, 104tb New York. ( apt. James Mr-hoon. f>tb New York Capi. F I". Ouwiord, 110th Pear.?yu ivnla. Capt. Michael Doran. l.ijih Now York. Capt J. M. Tri|i[>e. K?ih New York. Capt. Warren Grander, lOOtb New York. Capt. K. Parsooa. Capt. K J. Trull, Co. fi. .101 h Massachusetts. ('apt. Win. Co'ik 9th Unltod btatoa oolorod troupe, ('apt. .lamer M. Trlppe. Capt. J. I) Wood, Assistant Adjutant Geoorni. (Ant. W. P. Huaiord, l(I2d New York. Capt O. "W Goler, 0th New Yorl: eavnlry. Capt. James Stewart, Co. K, 14Htb Now York, ('apt. Gustavus Wlego, Co. D, 7th Now York. Capt K. It. Kinsley, 39th MaaHuchuretts. (apt. John W. Corkwood, UJih New York. Capt. H. C. Newton. Co. K, 93d Now York. Capt. .lonn n. Conley. Capt. H. T. inmlow, Co. G, 20th Massachusetts. Cupt. Ra'ph Ive?,"co. A, 10th Massachusetts. Cant N. I>. .Vletoham.9th Indeiwndeni Ohio Bharpabootert. ('apt. W. K Tti.rkctt, Co. II, 2d Pennsylvania reeerree. Copt. R. T>. Ttuath, Co. K. I07lh Perosvlvanla. Capt, C. C. Chase, l=t District of Coin in hla car airy. Capt. Charles K. (iriftln, Co. A, 30th Wisconsin. ('apt. John Torbott, Co. K, 30th Wisconsin. ( apt. Benj. P. Sloan, Co. G, 2d Pennsylvania cavalry. Capt. ('. McK. I<enser. Co. M. '2d Cnited State* cavalry. Capt A. O. Dailey, Co. G. 20th Michigan. ('apt. J. Iliitcbinn, 39th Massachusetts. Capt. It Block. Ohio. lapt. John MoEwan, 7th New York hoary artillory. Capt Joseph (>. T,oril. 10th Maine, Co. K. I.ieut. George Wnitli, iBt New York sharpshooters. T ieut W H. Cbupuian, 10th Maine. Lieut. J. II Kane, 1st Connecticut. Lieut J. H. Bell, tith New York cavalry. I.ieut. yeo 0. Stair, 107th Pennsylvania, Co. A. i.ieut. Thott. M. Fisher. 1st Pennsylvania,Co. B. Lieut. A. M. K. Storrla, 1st Pennsylvania, Co. A. I.ieut. Henry Chapman, 39th Massachusetts, Co. 9. Lieut. W P. Birtlelt, 07th New York, Co. H. Lieut. 7.. B. Splnger, llfith Pennsylvania. Co. K. Lieut. J. M Lucss, 7th Michigan cavalry. Lieut. W. il Rnbooek. ? New York. Lieut J. T. Connelly, Aid-de-('amp. Lieut. W. B. Knower. Lieut. Hugh Wat is, Lieut. T. H. Fisher, Ald-de Camp to Gaaerat Melt. I ieut. G. T. Brown, 1st Massacliuselt* heavy artillery. Lieut R. S. Dame, Cth New Hampshire. Lieut G. F. Grlawold, 1st Vermont artillery. I.ieut. J J. Kmerson, 17th United Stitaa infantry. Lieut. George K. Bridy, lltb United Statue infantry. I ieut O V. vtesier. IJeut. O. F. Hawkins. Maul George French I.ieut J. 1*. Thomas. Lieut. R. II Walk. IJeut. J"hii T. Killer. 90th i'anoaylvanla. Lieut W. A. Flint, co G,4th New York haavy arttllary. Lieut. Frank fraville, 97th New York. IJeut. Rogers, 7tb New York artillery. Lieut Daniel ( ilea. Co. G. 4tb New Hampshire. IJeut. Wm Kcrner, Co. 1), 7th New York. Lieut. Tboe. Burke, Co. H. 97th New York. IJeut. G. W. Hull. Co. D, 107th Pennsylvania. Lieut. 3. H. Whi'o, Co. G, 144th Ohio. Lieut. II. M. Mtinsel I, Co. C, 99th Pennsylvania. Lieut S. Tt. Densmore, On. A, 8tb New York artillery. Lieut. 8.S. Hager, K, 141st Peunaylvanla. Lieut. K. R. sage, Co. K, 144th Ohio. Lieut. Wm. K. Hikey. ? Fenuaylvanta. IJeut. P. Hymen, Rochester, N. Y. I.ieut B. F. Wright. 199tb Pennsylvania. Lieut. C. T Newell, 4Tili New York. IJeut. G. A. Barker, ? Massachusetts. l.. Vou Do Bogart, 2d Pennsylvania reserve. Nurnci of Union l>riaonara la Poplar l,nwn limpttal, Petersburg, Va. First IJeut. P. F Hodge, Co. A. 55th Penbsylvabla, wounded in leil aide aud right aide of face. Corp. Jumea Crothers, Co. K, Slst Naw York, died Juaa K, 1R04. Heury Bennett, Co. A, 55th Pennsylvaala, died May II. Corp. John J. Wet. Co. 1.100th New York. Serg. T. D. Grorflgal, Co. E. James Allison, Co. T, 55lh Pennsylvaam. Martin Houder. Co. H. 39th Illinois. Alfred Lnaoomb, Co. G, 39ih llliuds. Corp. M. Shniio.ieey, Co. G, 4th New Hampsblra. Corp. row is vmltb, 100th New York. Fredartck Keifatick, Co. P, 100th New York. Eli C. Thomas, Co. K, 23d Massachusetts. Jerry P.ichaidaon. Co. C. 30tb Illlnots. Aaron Moger, Co. I. 10tn Conneclicut. P Sbope, Co. H, 34ih Masaachusetla. John GrCnotb, Co. K, 24th MaaaachuaeiH. Stephen Oawsld.Co. G, 55th Pennsylvania. Davis Lingenlelter. co. I, 56th Pennsylvania. James Bean, Co. 1,24th MassaiJiuaetia, died June 14, 1M4. A Heinemeyer, Co. I. f.5i,h Pennsylvania. Matbew uetr.t'o 1,100th New York. James H. Germain, Co. F, 4th New HatnpeUlre, died Au gust 13, 1S04. P * Ballon, Co. H, 40lb Mansachuaetta. David Weir. Co. K, o5lh Pennsyivanii. Willi m Wayne, Co. I, 39th Illinois. Miner Cooper, Co. B, 90th New 1 ork. K truest Pcdflnger, Co. K, <th (oonecCcut. John Craig, Co. H, I39th New York. Thomas Bwil't, Co. G, 7th Connecticut, n Beai.ett, (?. C, blst New \o k H Stewart Co G, Gh New Hampshire, disd July 7. II Man ion, Co I,10ih Connecticut gu^lus ower, Co II. 4th Vow Hampshire, nuel T. King,Co. II. 55tb Pennsy irnni. ?mus 7 iwdeer. (V. G, 5 th dio I June 4,1144. nee M. Joheaou, Co II 39th 111iuoL>. Hi ted y Co H . Pennsylvania, wis Stnckm o, Co. B. f>5th l eori.ylvaoia snctaTcdd (".-,lh Massacnuseits, died June 8,1144. I'ugon. Co K. 24th Massacliu jetts an 1 onuor," o. I, 24th M-isiiachusetta. I,n F. lAtnmoo. Co. F, 70th Pennsylvania. Ubcw Wells. Co C.39tn llliuou. nnis Owere i n, F. 24th Massachuaetts trl-'k Carrol, Co V , lOOth New York. hnB. -tsvr^.c:. vln Whitt ker, Co. H,30lh Illinois, rpl. Jobul) ^tsrk. Co. A, loOih New York arias W. Jaqi th, Co. A,40th Mass. died May 24,1844 in. Harper,' o F.97fb Pennsylvania,d!i4 Jonall,1444. ilremur cii'rlttiatison. Co. 1,116tb New York, ichael Jennings, Co F, T6lh Paai aylvaala. .met Swicck, Co. it. 70th I'enn., died June IT, 1064. lorae Swun Co. G, 5 h United >tatea colored troops, ml Ceo. D Hart, Co K, uth PannayIvanla cavalry, irul Srtomon sjhrton.Co, K. 11th Pennsylvania cavalry, ni. Ib itakins.Co. F.llth Peocsylvania cavalry, bram L. MorrLoa, Co. K, Tth New York, icob Ward, U?. i. 7lb New York. ?ret. Godfrey, Co. F, ? New York, cob M. Wlilemaa Co. Mth New York, tvid Liytoa.Co. K, 107th New Yovk fw. C. Wnde, Co B, 7tb New Yor*. *? e. ArmtlronKe Co. B, 7tb New York. ? * Heab.Co. B, 7th New York. irUw " 'vertoo. Co. B, 7th New York. >rge y - a, rib New York artillery, u Plat *. Jf c. 109th New York, m Paris, CJJ- ? ,r<jt co. C. 109th New Yerlt. Irew J-. Ath PenneyTvaata Well, to. e, "J* pennaylvania. Glaneing, Ho. v h niiDO|?. y Bowen, Oo.^t ""jy h CooueollcOt, died June 23. is ML Woosler.Co- L. .unectlcut. is G. Pteter, Co. . Tin fx nArtlcut, '? "? ? ',7' J 'ir.Wk necticm. di T. Palmer, Co. >, Ttn Ov ? ler M. Bolien.Co. D. ilth ILw r<)oi#;?ou| eerg . H. T lireyniM.'o ^W our I. White, Co. A, Tch 1 oahyct'**? Huillvan, Co. H, 7lb CooaACtlcuf^* . . Baker, Co. H. Tth Ooanertlrtrt, JJ? ?j . wick I am la. to I. Ilth PenL?^l?m??r *??*?"7. die< , 16 21, 1864. i II ingalie. Co. F, Ilth Pennsylvania eavalfx Hint k, t o. H, 00?h Ohio. i W. Mount. Co. B or D, 115th N. Yoi'w.died Jure 2>, y H Fisher. Co. A. 146ib I'miDSytvaniN, died July l.v ] ent John k Clark Co. K, llfith N#J^ York, died I gust II. I(44. \ I A. Haiitb, (? R, llltth New York. ) Mcilnde, Co 1,9th Messariiuaelts ?< KooU.O. F, 115th New York, died June 30,"JM4. I ieut. Richard Cooper, Co. F, 7th New Jeraey. ? lleaton, Co. G, 8lh M vine, died Juna 24, 1004 Burlun II Davis, Cs, 1.40th New York, died July 2. rilth, (o ,V , 100th New Y'.vk. Kline, Co. H, 149th PannsyIvaale, died July 10 lluni, l>. H,2otD indlae*. I VtadiatWi, Co. I, I44lh I'eaoey I van la, died June 39. .ihn.Co D, 1101b I'enus.lvaria A. 001b Peomtyrvanta. s < olllns. So. ge 1 it Msjoi . Bit# Vew York, died July 1. mah (i Itrlao, < 0. O, 00ih New York. tuck Conor. Co. I,0Oih New Yo'k ? 1.1 troy, Co It, 01th New lirk, died Jane 30, 19*4. \n Cibaoo, C<>r|tofal, Co. f, l46tb i'annaylv 011a. id I . out. Id .'ird N BerneH, to. F, U5ih York, d June 27,1 s.;d Gratmm.Co M, 1*1 M.aa?achuseila artillery. Ctias. McGmre, 'uil-ry H, 7th Nee fo k,die4 y 4. 1004. Best is 11, Co. R, IMlh I'eenayivante. ) 11 Orris, I2?. A, Ii4th f'.on-yivauln died July 91. Ilasen. (?. I, 2d O'ueeiliei t he-ivy arti ieiy . Matb-ws, ' o. A, 7th Nrw Jersey .-mitb.Cu. I Ift.'.d New York .srrgemit Hai vcv Davidrou (V> B, 62d New York, .1 Jiinr 20, IS04 I.ieut Geo. T. Br?wn, Co. M, let Uuu Ve.l' i?y arilUery, sinn.Oo 6, 034 New kork. II p. 1 aker, 1 o. C, I set h enneylvaoia. : 1 Wi'.wsJ. 14lh I nited Steieu eoiorrd troofie. t. Baker ' o r, 11441h I'euuavlvai.ia ler Reirkerli cfcvr, Co. H, I4atb Pennsylvania, died ne 30, 1004 I.teut. Egbert B Hull, Co. O, U'.tth New Y?vk. died ly t>, 1904 *> H. Hern.ilds, Co R, let Maaaaohnoette orttiievy J I,Mil , Co II, 194th I'OBnay IV tale died August 19. I ay Aomnaom, Ce it, 7th Naw Jetsej Aug- it * ? *mrhn> ft r 1Mb Ma'.no, 'lied J :?y 25, 1AM i'fcu ' . "*'? r" ? J '<? s?"? * ? ?. di-.l .1 .rel*. I?M JOUu MOhulre, Cg, (-.rtt/it, N#w vork, died August a. UM. 8 k Him* r(, r, 10Mb pBn?ar!T,ollt "? Pa*lil ?? < u H. U4U, Pennsylvania, ! m July 3. IW4. 1? 8f; '? K- :Wth *e" Y,r?. Ji*j j? . " '?< > K Tm New o-.ey Jotlll Le ttr ( o E, -upo \,w yJllt ' v'rrM>, Co H I84,h Pennsylvania, dte<1 July * , 7 \ M'Wiuliuan, Co C, lUth Poui.syivauia, died July 4, 1644. J Ln P. Vlnsde r , (j tH4th Pernevlvsala John Garner, t , A lAub Pi.!iatylr.iloU ? , S-8t>*w ?? Q, 12'lth New \ ork, died June 30 I"' J'?. V '?"''py, Oo. K, 148tb Peaosylvte'* died weKniwr a 18o4. }'*tk J' ^Peuoevlvan a. <1l?d Juaa 30. John L I'uucaii, <t>, |f ??th New ('ork, died uiy 10, 1864. i-viii, ,(> a, litti Vermont. .dm Juiy 1, 1814. 4 i . ''' ' ' ' lai MuHsutihusetlx heavy artillery, died, August 9, mag, .Herj. i "r??t"0 j Darter, Co. 0, I9ih Maui#, 1 ?<I July 8. J dt a Berry, Co [? 83d Now York V' ?. ?v,'JO~ ' " 1 it.:. I -aiay vaola cavalry. I.. I lumptnn, iy? 1 1 st New Hampshire cavalry J. rtowiey, ?4> W1 Sew YorK Ciivniry T. Ourvel Oo r. Mb Poiunvivsi.ia cav-ory I. I' Butler Co H, 2d Ohio cavalry Nerjft H. 1i Ilrt.iman, ( o D 8tb Nhw York oavalry. II. J. Scott, ? o. .. , iiiu c,>i,i r Ivauls es .-tliy, died July l? U. P. ruDiiioua ii M. 1st i istrict ol' Columbia oxvairy, O. A. huuie, Co. u |?i District of (i>lumlut cavalry. .?>eO'>Dil I .lout l 'i, M,y,re (?? |, Vermont cavalry. Sergt. Andrew (Rithrio, o> K, Sth Now York. Beuj. AldrloU, Co K, till New York '.L*,?" rr,v"-'' "" r Mat viand died Aufuat34. I KM Will am Brown .o H, 37th Michigan Tan. Wy A. I7lli Wiiiioagru Nalheotei a. Cr .et, ik>. n, .124 Mamo i?9?.I*.e 11 '""'**? (:o- C'.otli Now :iami*elitre. hre ilolln I'ell, lej, o, ODth Maeea. liu*"H?. Ser<l C Cor ion, Co. K.4th Rhode L-lrnd i' C'o. I'. 58ib ihoUh ? -- ?J"0'"''Plti Co. f, 3d 1'onnaylvnula heavy artillery. J. ( oil ma co a, 14tb New York heavy artillery , died AUKiiit 29, 1864. H. C. Cre-n, (!o K, 24 Now York cavalry. Sergt. J. W Mitio. ku, Co. A, lat Vermont cavalry died July 13. H84 N. (J. Klngsi).,ry, f) Vormont cavalry, died July 12,1864 G W Rowntl, f'o a, in Dieirirl or Columbia cavalry, died duly 12, 1864. Ooro. R. J. ^[lenre, Co PI, 1 Hti t'eonvylvaoia cayalry, died July 24, 1864 ?Sergt. IP W Hlckey, Co. P., 2d Now York cayalry. W J oil ee, Co. C, ltth T'conry Ivima cavalry. C. H. Noars, Co LI, 8th New York oavalry PI. J. Whiptde, Co A 1st Vorinoot oavalry. David fl. Del ifre, Oo. L 11th I'enimylvnoia oavalry. Jameg Thorn; eon, Co. 1., 1st Connecticut cavalry. Sergt (1. Hoitinau, do. F, lit Connecticut oavalry. John P. obnein.a, Co. c 2u Ceuuaylvanla cavalry. P'lrvl I,lent John M Rideapoar, United MUIoh aruiy. Corp. Cbarioa a Dousraore, do. D, 66 Maaaarhuietta, died August 8, 1864. J I. Case, Co. I, 48th I'nnn'ylvania. P Poaituei, Co. M, 21lb Mtcbigan, died Auguat 11, 1SS1 Sergt. C A. Crocker, Ce D. 58th Maaeachuaulte. Corp. .1. P'reund.Co. A, 2d Michigan. A. Hathawav. Co. I, 68th Maaaacliusettii. B. DerulPg, Co C, 2il Michigan. C. W. Kitnonds, Co. I 9th New HainTMhlre. V. Sybnle, Co. A, 11th New Hampshire. Horgt. It. Bird, Ce. c, moth Peoasylvania. P Fe-irlog, Co. t, 36iii Maa-achngeitl, died Aug. 16, 1864. Corp W. H Hill, Co F, 37th Wis., died Aug. 10,1864 J Frazitr, do. D. Ulih nhio. cavalry, dieu Augimi 3,1864. J. Martin, Co. H, 2d Michigan, died August 6, 1864. C. Paddock, Co. B, 67th MvssnrhiiPelU. J. Williams,ir-rporal, Co. A, 2d Maryland. WRliam Inghart Co I, 9th New Hampahlre. H. Keitler, Co. 11, 100th I'enusyivsnia. P. Hester, Co. I. 2d Michigan, died August 11,1864. Ira Martin. Co 1, let Mich lyan .-Imrpehooters. 11. Wo. cestor, Co. I, 56th Massachusetts, died Sept.'3. '64. A. Chapnoy, Co. 1, 67th Messschu etu, died August 1. J. I. Monro, Co. G, 13th Ohio cuvairy. Pi K. Barrow, Oo. C, Sergt. ."list Maine Volunteer!. lliinry Rod, Co C, 29tb lillnnli. George Mcdien, Co. C. 23il I nlicil States oolored. Ned tarter, Co H tanh iliinom Chai lae Cnlirk, Oo. 0, JOlh Maryland. Robert Smith, Co. B, 3Hd Maryland. Luther V alters, On. PI, luth Maryland George Miller, Co. P', 31st New York. Qo rgoC'ark, Co C, 30th Maryland. (ieu. y B'rtgbt, Co. 1.30ih Maryland. Richard Harris, Co, I, 30th Maryland, died Auguat 0,1864. .). I. Kldor, Co. C, lOoth I onniyIrania Sergt. Watt ls>wney , Co. it, 68(h Maasachuaetta. Corp Ihompaon Stoddard, Co. C, 17th Veim'-nt; died Auguat 7. 1864. i Urlgdee.Co D, 31st Maine. N. Jensens. Co. I', 4tb Rhode III md. died Sept. 7, 1864. Sergt it. S. Alherton, Co. C, 17th \ ermont. Corp. (7 .7. Coos, Co. II. 14th New York hoavy artillery, H. A Wilson, Co A 57th Massachusetts. D. Williams, ( o A, 45th euuaylvanla Corp. W W. I'eckham, Co. G, 6rtiu Maasachusetts. L. tllnbb' c.Co. F, 2d Mouated rules. H. K' biiisoii. Oo !?', 31st Connecticut. Tip man i Ornish, Co. K, 30ih Maryland. Alex, savoy,Co. K, 23d Maryland. Rich Itch n, i o. P., 39th Maryland W. Sauford. 8Mb llllnola tieor^e Robinson, Co, K, 23d Unite I States; died August 8. Felix Wnlunoll, Co. R,37th Wisconsin , died August 8 Oapt. \Vm tl. 8e?grave, Co. K, 30th United Htateu colored troops. Major ihoinas J. Hamilton, lOutU I'ennsvlvauls; died August 14,1868. Hans Krasherg, Co E. .">8th Wlsooneln. Corp. I- o'Uooell.Co. G, ftlith M issicli-isetts. Samuel Kins. Co. C, 28th Maryland; died August 15. 1894 Thomas Burnet, < o. ??, 29th Illinois, rtorgt Joseph C. IMady, Co. I, 32d New York cavalry. Thomse Roberts, Co. D, 22d New York cavalry. Charies Gavii k, Co. J, 22d New York cavalry, died July 15, 1864. Orvitt Taylor, Co. 1.. 22d New York cavalry I- .Schmidt. Co. P, .nth Pennsylvania cavairv, died July 13, 1864. Ik P. Ilo per, Co. H, 1st Dls'rict of Columbia cavalry. J. M Jenkins, Co. D. 1st District of Columbia cavalry, died July 11,1894. C. W. Coomha, Co K, 1st District of Columbia cavalry. H. D Buck, Co M. 1st District of Columbia cavalry. K P. lVadleion.ii> K. l?t. ' lair lot of Oilumhia cavalry. C Philippe Co P. 5lh New York cavalry. G. Wood, Co. M, 22a New Yoi k cavalry. F Young, Co. U, olh i'ennsvlvanla cavalry. Corp. II. Poid, Co. C, Utn reuusylviuila cavalry, second I unit M. Cunniughaiii, Co. p'. 2d Now York caval ry, died July 1, 1864. 0. Baker, Co. C, 164th Penney I van is B 1. Du.fy, Co. B, I9lh Uaseachuestts. died July 10,1864. i apt. C. < heae, tv. |,, let Diatriot of I 'olunibia cavairv. Conrad Bone, Oo. E, 6ih Pennsylvania caveiry, die-l July 3, 1864 M. Noble, Co K, 2d Ohio cavalry, died July 1, 1864. I owl- Porter, (V>. ii, let New Humiiehiie cavairy. A. Brown ('/). B. 11 New lluiupahire caveliy. C II. 2d Ohio cavalry Sorgl. J. M. Adame, <'o. M,lel Dlet'lot of I'ol imbia osv. John M.Sth IVniisylvunia cavalry. A A Burleigh to. M, let Dmtrlcl of Columbia cavalry. * Vt l.j i(fi in, to. K, 5th I'ennsylvanl? cavalry Corn. P Renilanuer, t o. I., Mb I'rnaayivanla cavalry. Jo-ei Ii I'lliim.Co. I., 6th PennsyIvenia cavairy. died July 13,1894 Sergt. 11 B:?s. Co 1., stb Pennsylvania cavalry. 0. H. bents, Co. 1), Hth New V ork cavalry. T. lows, C?>. H 8lb New York cavalry, ser-.i A. He k'er.Co. A, 5th Penuvviv ima cavalry. I? lla'l.Co. I., nth Pennsylvania cavalry. J. It. Sample. Co. M. 5lh Penneyivama cava ry. Jea?e I. .,'awiey, Co. II. llth l enue_vlvaiPa cavalry. ^,-lw Brewer, Co. G , 3d New York "cavalry. I hue 7! Cook, I*>. H, 1st Vermont cavalry. Se'gt. r w, i"r>btlP. Co. R, let Vermont cavalry. Sergt. Philip c. XjuW. f'o P , 2d mw York cavalry. Joaopb Broker, Co. I), 1i'onrieyl-vaaia cavalry. Jompb J. Kiagiir, Co. C, 3d Vork cuvairy. Joseph Simmons, Co. H, 1st Saw ."J'mil'ehire coralrv. T ?. Adertou, Ce. M, 1st DPlrict of CnStnhis oavalry, Corp Albert Burgess, Co C, Sth New Yors *A7*lry. Hiram A. smith, i o. D, 5th New York osvsiry A Gecrge S. Livlngeton, Co. J, 1st Vermont oavalry. Sergt. J. M. Mi (Jure, Co I. 1st New York cavalry. Prancit P.. Patinelsce, Co. {., 22d New Yerk cavalry, p: H. Brlgbim.Co M, 1st New Hampshire cavalry. Th 'mu Phiilppes, ( o. H, let Uistrrt Columbia cavalry. Corp. C C, Vuuoidale, Co. A, 3d Indlagg fcavairy, died July 5, 18''4. Segi.Hugb McCenn, Co. G. Id New York oavalry,died July 14, 1994 P Kemble, Co. P7,1st Vermont cavairv. Lee lane, Co K, let District Columb-a cavalry, died August I, 1694. Beery H. Hume,On. C, 3d New York cavalry. 0.8 Cunningham, Co A, 3d Indiana cavalry. Win. McNeil. Co. E, 1st Veraaoot cavalry, died Auguat 5. c. Harris. Co. B, 1st Maw Hampshire cavairr, died Jaly 22,1894 C. D. Hnaver, Co. n. 8th New York cayalry. Headier lhomieon, Ce. K, 7th New Joraey Jocon ward, Co. K. 7th New York. W. W Putney, Co. C, let New Hsmpebire cavalry D Kdpington. to L, 3d Ohio oavalry. ( apt N. I! Ulrey, Co. M. id Ghio cavalry, died July w. Corp. W Simon, Co C, llth l'eanrylraaia cavalry, cnrp A. A I euro. Co. K. 2d nhio aavairy, dwd llth. D. tjarke, Co. M, 8th New York cavalry t. K'etfbam, Co. C, 1st Vermont cavalry. r H fimwater Oo, 1,1st Vermont cavalry. I rWfl W. W Buiaett, Co. H, 8th New York cavalry. .Serg. C. A. I'mt. C44 E. 8tn New Y?rk cavalry, rex, Co. A, 2d Mary laud, died July 4. 1894. \ <orgt. P- Arnd, 1.0. C, 22d Naw York cavalry. V 1. Nellls. Co. K . 3d Naw Yerk cavalry. . ?p. P. Remlander, Co. I.. 5th Penneylvonia cavalry. . . liuH-ev, Co. k, let Dletrb t of Colombia oavalry. '.' 4 Burleigh, 0>. M, 1st Di?ir ct of no;umbta cavalry. r* r sluirca, 10. I., llth Pennsylvania cavalry ,, A orlhruPjCo. I? 281 New York cavalry t oward vblar,< 0. M, 31 New York oavalry t 11 (ah co. D, 1st Vermont 1-ivalry ,irs '*.-#a Hanvy <> Gligei, Co. I., llth Pnsnaylvaaia \ ,,r.d '?'r >0. fjl? % 7^r 11 *,L Via ? G. M 1 veriox, 7- V 1 4 ttrik.e K * certify. Asrgt Bn-.J John v,n' r? K " "" " *av?lry died July 6 R P^ati. Co. r,. '** Ulatttct of CoVimb acavairy .1 V.i K.U ?** V", cTlry . .? erg 1 A I, GrearlrOk ? I . 'ai Ve, mont cavalry. J II l.Ht ' ?'?" Wk c.-va ry . 0 I.. u? ? Mrntef rommbia cavalry vf K 1 iiv' i! 'J '<1 ^ 1' ( isrlut We'i'rcu, l)o It, 5|, 1 Pao-ierl?anU cavs'ry (Bed AU? 1 Hi X I >lM. , Cent.1.. iv . Rubens. Co w, ,t,h Poaiwyiyaola oavalry; (1?ni ,i rv 1X94 ' larner On -J. 2Hd tTHndk lr,up,? Pvan !>; uscn '? F. 4.x.| United % ' C. 7,111 Watia. Go. p', 3|st I nuea *,8!T Mem ) Hill, V. c, 4K-! fulled Stairs, August S, 1x64. !,,vtl Merx. <0 ( , 10th I niied 8taixa , . , . . D ? Harper. 1 n, G *M I n.twi siatiw 4. 'Aagw*' ! 6e: turner, i'o D, 3Vtb Un >nd ^taioe Th max wan On I. 28d USited States W Poid. Co D, 3.3d 1 bite I ->totae. ?? Th'-msa Brnwe, cm 0, 894 felted States ., .... IA wis Klauber, Co. r, M Mar r lead lied Alt Wat^.'6"A. George Miller. 'V? t, 81at Da tied Mataa o>4 died Angus' 7 1864, , Heooi d i.iewt Joeefth iWry. Ou. A, Id Vfcblft iM^alH *+? gust 11. I9?i Michael White, fa I. 2d iUD'gea Corp I'est, On U, A4W? Pennaf .<?.-* 1> A *a gum as, Jobii Coiit, ia 0, rBh Ua"?i dutae eolored irosp*. Janet K. lioorbMiro, On i{. 23d Uslled i'e?re onluTSd troop* dlMl August 11, lsdL 1?"l? i? Anthony, Go. 0, S ot United 4t*t ooKwod tr .pa Jitiu* Wails. Uo, U, jjib tUtujw .tuiurol trwope, l<sd Annuel 0. U64, T. H rttnddiarfl, ?'o H, 581 h M-us.tchueoU* C. B. Cevliou Co H, 17th Vermont. Ilaae! BrauIey.O?. D, tlui No#, tied .tzgiat 5. 1kA4 Thnmaj W ,ua? Co E Hoi Uo. al flte'-ns. tie I A mat 2. 1Kb*. -loia Croon, Go. I, Aid Umiod ? Goorge Jonae, <?. C 13d Coiled .'inn, Isaac SMsvaos, f>u a, f Mb United 8ta.-?w j unto Harpor.Co. K, .04 U oiled Stelra K'W iiom Itiitlm Cm. i; ."dtii Nutted laies I vl A tg .<t io Robert Flel-ber, Ca I, '?9th Untied '-liet?a Rergt. Color Lever*,Co A, 'T'b Vermont, tt?d August 1. Oorp Wrn. It Count, Co H, 6Stb M -*aa ,h oolu I ed/ieo lember It 1>'U '?liver Reynold , (I) B, Htb Vrir "or! heavy ?rt'P>r?. To mas Hrowu, Co D, 14 th New York heavy art* ary, llOvJ August 8, 1 808. Henry liny. Gi? 0, 21'ih Unlt.d Stales. OautslnA. H Kith, Co I, die Na Hampshire. j 1! tVileou, Co, l>, l7Ui Vermont died Augort 14. 1861. 1 ori>. Horace Miller, CO C, 27tu M lilfeia, 4le<l Align I 16 Kdw Dyer, co A, 4J.U Ililnnu oolorod iroopa. Jama .Go .a, vifih Illinois oolorud troops. lorn ? Holla id, Co. (', 23d United Stat"* OOtorod troops. William tipoAkr. Go K, ZSil United ntales color*. 1 troops, lied August 9, 1844 Fraik Lester, Co. 0, 1st Indiana outorod troope, died August A, I si >4. ItolxM i Brown. Co. A, 34 lb Maryland oolorod (to-ips, died Aiigurt 17. 1 il>4. Jtlobard Hratib, Go. 11. '73d United States colored troops. Robert Rank, Go G, 23d Dulled MtAtoe coiorod Um>pi Henry Brasaott, Co. h, 28*1 United Stales ooiooed troops tod August 22, Uit>4. 7 dmd August : Kranois Tucier (jo. K,'23d Uuited .Slates colcted tro>>ps, died AUgur.l 4, 1 VM .lobu V.'ilitur, Co. B 23d United States colored troops, died AuguM 19, 1SH1 Ss'gt UarliiH O'Key, Oo. B, '2Slh (7. S. ooio-ed troojis. Hen Blarkwoll, Co 1, 83d United States colored troops, lleaeou Snoaer, Co. I. 3Dlb United States colored troops; died August 23,1H04. W 11. iKuainick, Go. I, 2d United states colored trootw; died August 23. 1UA4 Frlely Dlrksoo. (.0. c. noth Uuited States colored troops; died August 24, 1304. lAiuria WilllauiK, Ci> A, 29tb Illinois colored troops ; died August 14. 1SS4 George Joueo Go. P , 31st New York colored troope died Augdst 4, 1314. Sandy Tbotuss, GO. O, SOih United Statre oolnred troops John Brown, Co. E, .'lotb United diatea colored troope. died August 6, lldt Sorgo.uit J B. 1). owens, Co. C, 28111 United States colored troops, died August 3, 18?4. John Trasher, Co. K, 29th United States colored troops. Thou navies, Co. H, 2d 1'uDusyIvauls heavy artillery. W.i?lilngt'm K Hallock, Oo. I,U4tb New York; died Au gust 29, t8B4. John McMiinos, ('0 H, 12th United States. Stanley Chicker, Go. I>, 94lh New York. Hergt. Theodore Killing, Co 11, 14th ( mted States. I,'out. Col. J. It. Hpruiig, 104th New York. John [Miser, Co. A, 118th Pennsylvania Corp .lita. More head, Co. H, 7th N. Y. heavy artillery. Howls 1'aitschliAch. Co. B, 15tli N. Y. heavy artillery. Alfred Hose, Co K, 23d United Stales colored troops; died Augnst IT. W. .1 <'omish,Go. K., 23d United Ktrtos colored troops. RibertCurtis, Co. B, 30tlt United States colored truops. Timothy Ford. Co. A, 16th M^ ue Captain James MeRoon, Co. 1>, 5th New York. K. S|mkegl1eld, Go. K, 29th Msseaobusetts. Wni. Kraser.C". 1,16th Maino. 1'lrst Lieutenant (Mear Weil, 5th New York. (orperal John Hnloh.m, Co. A, 6th New York, letwroucn Moral ly, Co. K, 14th Hinted States. Jeremiah O'Dooohue, Co. K, 11th United States. John ChudtMXiro, Co. F, 16th Maine. Henry Gundhor. Co. E, 14th United States. Joseph .lonos, Go. U., 146th New York. Union Prisoners of War Who Have Died in (lie met ar Hovpllal, Prtrrshurg, Via , front July 3, 1804, to Auauet 3, 1364 David Gulp, Co. B, 134th Pennsylvania, August 15, 1864 ; amputation. J. H. Urrla, Go. A, !H4th Pennsylvania, July 31. Sergt John K. Clark, Co K, U5th New York, August 11; am potation. J. Maguiru, co <<',69tbNew York, August 2 amputation. A. Campbell, Co. K. 19iu Maine, July 25. right lung. A < oa, Co. A. 2d Maryland. July 4 right lung. H. K. Miinsolmaii, Co. C, 184tb Pennsylvania, July 4; left lung J. 1.. Imuran, o I. 66th New York. July 11, amputation. J. Graham, Co. M, let Maka.chuKeiW heavy artillery, July 2'J; led lung. Lieut A. 11. Hull, Go U, 125th New York, July 12. ampu tation. I.. l ane, Co. A, 1st District of Col inth.a cavslry, August s knee. Sergt K. I.. Burfes, Oo. B, 16th Maxsi'-kusetta, July 10; hip. J. N Jenkins, Co. D, let District of Columbia cavalry, July 13; lung G. H. Steward, On. G, 4th New llamp-diire, July T hip. Corp S Harris, Co. B, 1st New Hampshire cavalry, July '22. Mesh wound. Wrn. Mr .Seal, Co. E, 1st Vermoul cavalry, August 5; am putation. sergt Hugh McCano, Co P. 2d New York. July 14; left lung Corp C. C. Van-wdol, Co. A, 3d Indiana. July 5. tbigh, Person*! lalelllgriirr. ARRIVAL OP ORNIKAI, J. K. C'AKR AND STAT. tfeneral Joseph B. Csrr, commsnding a division in tbe eighteenth army corps, anoonipooled by Captain James Jobiisou, bis Adjutant General, and Maul. Cusbing, one nf hie personal oids, arrived io the city late -'aturdsy evening General Gerr made his trip from the front end Portrevs Monroe in the United Stele* steamer New York, Major Mulford commanding, lb* General and start pro reeded to iroy, whence General ( a-r will |>ro<;eed, u|>oii fifteen day*-' leave of abaenoe, to visit Colonel Karle, of her Msieaty's Grenadier Guards, at loronto, Canada, and a daughter, now being educated In a ( stholu) convent in Canada. General carr has seen -< fr- m the llrat of 1 he war, ami It speaks well fur his tenacity of purposs that siu- e 1S61 up to tnis time lie ba? oolv eu oyed 'Ira rieye leave of ehsence. General Cerr in <oon t>> be brs roiled a ma or general of volunteers for laitbful services In the usld. TBI RBSlSNATIOM OV COLOVII, JOHN W.SHAgrsit, OF II LINOIS. As Chief of -t?!T t-> Major Genera! Butler, nas been seve ral time* tender?d to the War Department, and has at last heon rebh taully accepted. Os'oqol -heifer, at tbe outbreak of the war, was so influential citizen of Illinois He |ia.?eed tlirongb the fern is ' #w Orl ians cam|iaign who Geoervl Butler, for the Is'n.'s of which j hls'peouiie-l\ pvautl- al turn of mind woe sir., ulerly lltt'd. Coiooel-bailor hi* on three several o<-iai;0B* refused promotion t-> ihe renk of brigadier geee-Al iu favor oc friendly hut more ardent aspirant*. In hi* r* unaiion Aie-prvlce lose* the ertorta of one of a cm** of m'-n eo few of whom B i* ?n be regretted mark ;G* history. Ill be 'lth alone c 10 els hitn t<> retire to b s Wesieru horns, where be may look forward to reusoed b-ialtta tud pro loiigo.1 bapplnes*. MOVfUKV'rt OP OOt.' MVt *. Colonel I.ewis, or the Third New York cavalry Colonel Dandy,of tne One Hundredth New Y' rk Volunteers, and Colonel Barton, commanding a brig* le in the Department of Virginia as? North Carolina, are at the Astor Hones. Oolooe a lewis and Dandy have beer orderm! North on recruiting service. Lieutauset Colonel Kd. W. Smith. Assistant Adjutant General, Teullt army eorpe, Ma.or General D. II. Blrsey couimsndiof, Is at the Uetropoliun Hotel. __ Maior John 11 ay, one of tbe priva.e nezreleriae ef tbe H'. *Si lynt .| the I tilled *t nee. arrived In t-'wn on aainrday allnrnooW fi;'m H'pahiBgton, remiialDg u the cltv (or an hour. Us reLirnet! to Washlngtos last everieg our. lis 1 TJr. (*!T. Weflsr, of Tan Fr?n-:ieco, wtio wee arree'ed 1a July Mat for gflfAed (rdJ^pahle ?pee< bes.wae iiber gted on the 17th uif .og Uajiir-he oath ?f alieg.anceta tb4 goyerainenl end giving lozods for fui-ire good behavior" ^ M Victor Ruga Is travelling n German. The Emperor Napeieon was to leave I'er's oir M- nd?y, September 6. for tbe camp ot Chalons, accomptWdsd t.j Prince Humbert, 01 Italy. Prince Humbert, ef Italy, wa* bore on tbe lsihof March, 1144 He is tbessccsS child of tbe * ngni Italy Alter him came tbe Duka of Aoila, aged 19 tbe I'uke of Monlerrat, born on the lfllh <M July . 1*46 and tbe igneao at Portugal, MarlATta, boroHs th* iflih of August, I94T, and married ?e the 27th of April, l?s-j. The Empwror of Austria and the K lag of Proas's wan' 10 ibs Imperial Park of I alss Augast 10. sod remaiaed be 1 wawn two and tbres ImarN Nboct'ng Al n-sro tbsir Maji-attaa visilsd tltsaissnal, wk.nh the R ug of Prussia lusper'.ed with greet ialereet. Genera1 I* Marmora, of Italy bee arrived ?t Cber hosrg Mr. Adams, tbe Ameru-aa M in later .a teniae is no e tour through North Wales, and arrived al Rhyl a short tune tine* Admiral Maenrsky, of the Russian Navy, raturi ad <o Cronatadt, with tba squedr n lately servleg is N rtn America. 011 the 14lb of faguet 7be Admiral enter tamed the ladles 01 Crnostsdt at s grass halt m t. e rag tblp iMIiaba. Hie RiixnUb Hereditary Grand Dukn Nlcbo a- A -nan drowitoh be* left.** I'ateraburg for G'opsenagea. ehare 011 betroth 1 With Ibw Pi looses Maria Dag mar kScond ?laughter of Ring Cbrlsttao, a In H reiehralej. The Prtno. a twenty one y?ar* of age aud tbe priw- w-? sav ?mtenti Tb? Aue'rian ouraa'e atete that Pr n--e Mlmar of Oldenburg who has r*\ wall* bees on a *i?it at Wuideor fas tie, was lovite-l thialior br Queno Victor a. wub a v'*w to s matrimnsla' Dlltoee Retwesn hie High i?*a and toe i'r-nceaa lla'aoa. The Prhiwe who ? hroiber of the Graai 1 u.e if Duiauburg, M :? hsa twesly ftr?t year ?Jueiwi Victor a has aitpcvert nf yr Thome* R irk tr .OA a* ' cue it at Nassau, New Providence for tbe tied .outt. Kehbary aad Hnnlsr *t West Albaay. AISatv, -apt IT. I6A4 A cattle haver, named Owen Tbom|>eon, whose b> m* 'e hi Miteenth street, New Ywk. was clobbwd el/uoat to death by s robber et Woet Albany last night. Tb< stranger induced bin. vo leave the hotel and go to ?* .utile pwo* atiost also o'clock, by repreeeating me'b' bed rates to sal!. These pane was sot aaea again up*1 lh|? movstag, vhss he was IMued ly'og ?eeae'e?a near me of tbe meet remote pas* Hte *kiill le badly rrecfrsd a*4 there ? as baps ef b!ap? or*y. He bed, pwhaps, three or four tbnneaad dsUere, wieellt cheeks su< cerU These lbs as seder er task, wb? ?? sllHtl lalO r Our f* rt tVr?i9ai|l](IIM, ? ' u** W. M ( , tape j#( u <nrnMtmn Comer*. '** F<?v#. Xrrwrrg i*l g ?<w-0Wryift^ l'l*U"r* /r?** ''*? bu /* Ar? Wuis* V Ok ^ **< '??Kur-Km roUttm. <?*., 4c. Tbe gn? bints of ru>bt"ft V* ""u*,n< H>*lr way ward (rum me eeamtw aa. 1 U" ?"" "?uis <? mat, Now purl *iid jtrilofl srs * A ,r "* **" '*'*' 488 Irwqunat d mart toon from MM r% '*4 l''**"""1 *e"ksrf| ai d svau Niagara la dally diegor\ ** *' "18 Jo*aly ?ml I nUu i that fur the past lure?e, 'nolo* barn rtigaed supreme, Tbe Wfcita Mountain* h?^ ' '??* '" '>"? 'no< soinawbat tionontforhibls, on account B?aw, wd scar- a!f iniglii ?l,n U nnurd :.i>vr act ag* y Se A<,,r ndan* *nJ tba Cal-,gi:i* save tba sharp cra<tk ?' *'18 apart mm'* rUla But, aa it la ynt too eerly fur a _drmany r ir i'uth to rot urn to town, noun of thorn in 1 ""d" ?igy diiBoult to bit upon a suitable u?H whiore (*>ay iul?ht t?rrj on thn routu ho tu? for ? iliy or lt?? tongr*i ?no lata ? last, fund, lingering look at v a ulnar IiIim okg *ivt vat i*d lol'ugn bftforo Mholtiag Ihcmsnlve-i up In tba smoky oily. But ther* l? got tho (lighted un-noaHy for poraiMu dialling a an ig, cua*y*or c bar ruing -acreat to on put to tbmr wit'a and or in thn aligh'nat d ,t:r*a puzxJedf to hod *u<;h a place. Tour lata and pleaswrs huntur* wbo lur? boon doing the " .st [?wrmire," .m "l.qkes," or tbo ''Fa'lo," and who am remmlng to tows via tbn "H'rle road," llo. It to ttiio charm og lilt n .vat u If by instinct, and porch I or a low day* jun<?g tba mild tun valloys of Dearpark. Tba village of Port JarvI* Is a flourishing iKllo -daea and as for the activity and Ik ift of its mhabiuuiH it M aa(e to say that iu tbia particular tbey are no u.ji'uoed anywhere lb tba Union. Avar" bodv appear* to band plouly to do, and the m?|r>rlty of them are is comlorlabtS rircumat uices Ths Delaware and Hudson owoal mas tlirougti ilia village, winch, by the by, is bandt.'>m?tfi laid out, and can boost of ous church to alamal avert raliglouH danomluatloo, viz one I itbolic, una ilitpllsk one MetbodlHt, end ona Prnnbvterlan. The village ana tain* about six hundred persona, *11 told, aad w slluslad ou the left bank uf tho Delaware r.vsr, in the towusMg of I leer park, and Ilea west from Newbu*g a little noord thin forty mties. N'omeruoa vtnrua, tiztiiy tt'.tad ?p^ give quite sn nlr of ren|i?i lability and importance to Mm place, and Mm botsls can, in a great many mapeodM comtiara favorably with the leading onea in New Yorti Port Jervl* atao contains a m immotli luacdtea shop wd one ig ttin largaut lucnmnllvc In thia Stain TbM Is tba enmmnn.emant of tba Delaware aeutlou of the isrtn Hailroad, and all trains to and frum tbla |?lnt cbang* Ihoir engine* here for frenti ones t>af<>ra proeooding far ther; bence I lie large houee tie< easary for storing Mm ?xtra Icoomoliven always ou baud, ibe township ot Deer park iu drained by the Nevcruink river and Bush's Kill, tributaries of the Delaware, and the soil cons ?t? of ? mixture of gravelly loam and alluvial sand and regw table mold. To I bo east tba surface Is niouotalnnuv, but toward the Delaware, which washes lan der, tt Is level. Visitors and sqiournnrs In this part of tho Fin pirn Htet* ainiisn tbemsnlves in viuihiih ways. Buiaetiirui* limy viaM the loid mines, and sometimes ths sulphur springs. ?? thev climb to the summit of "Did Mount I'etsr, " end fr'tm there take a clear and uuobitructe.l view or the surrouort ing country. Airaln, numbers of ttiem drive to t!>- I'oSsI of Kocku . which is situated nut a short distance Kn ow the town, and is formed by the confluouce of the Never, sink and Delaware rivers, where, pulling olT tho r ehsss ami stockings, "just Tor the glory uf the thing," wade out to a small rock near tho cnatr* of the stream, and stand barerootsd la I brad StStSS at one and the same tlmo. The rook 10 on the boundary lino between the Mates of I'sonuylvanlo, New York and New Jersey, and this exercise aflhrds con* shier.hie amusement t> parties who look ouliuly ooa wtme the others are StrlvMg to ro .oh the goal ' undaO bare polos. " I he scenery here is magniflcant, the vll lago of Curt JervlK being charmingly situated In the vot lev of the Delaware aod completely shut Id by blgh hltl^ covered Irotu bane to summit by a rich vsrdnre, jool tinted with the first auluaina! stroaks, and recalllog to one's mind I he beaulirul ideal world of Clauds Mellnoto. I'ulltics here, as In the city, aro Just now tbe all ak sorhiug topic. The Mr. loltanitea are largely in the as cendancy. ami much iut<ro?iiH manlfe.toil as to the rw wults of the Toriuue .state eleciioua that are yet to come oil'. Hky Horkets ot tike (ItcClellian MeetlOfi. TO TI1K kU.TOK OP TIIK UK (41.0. New York, Sept, IH lkM. As tbe various clubs Hied and marchod from tbe varlew cross and side streets Into tbe Bowery and Broadway, and moved en mane up town towards Union square, mew, and boys even, were letting e(T sky rockets, but, naiwi yeu, ins toad o( shooting tbona olT perpendicularly, lhay r .-ckleesiy did so at various alms and angles, sod some times at even fearrul honaontal aims, to the right aafi left, us they jiassed along I saw, among other sights, cue ur twu rockets shoot aud whiz lull und lair right through a second atory window on the llowery, aimuM hilling (aud to hit were to kill) a child In a lady's arms, 1 also saw do/.eus of iheie burning rockets shunt ami wb>v. into various windows, against housea, and down Bide streets, itaugsrnusly. Krmn motives of personal safety your correspondent turned Into Broadway at Fourth "trcct. nnd there he also met pr oesslons cnmlow up tbe streat shooiing rockets to the public danger and I saw, as din many others, one gentleman standiug on MM steps of the l.afarge House have Uo bat knocked Off by ? bia/ing rocket, while other rockets went against the win dows and aim'st into the crowd. The horsemen war* vory rack less also Is it uol to he booed that this may not occur again" Really, it rather retnladed me of Mm great artillery dual at aid Har|ier'a Kerry in I Id'.' j. a. c. (ya. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS Owiiijf lo the great pressure upon our col imna we call upon 'lie public to hand in their ad* yert.solvents not later than nine o'clock in th? evening. All business notices received aftoi '.hwl hour may bsv" ti? 1m loft over till tbe next iltf, and take their turn. 'I n Paper Hanmacturtri. t'aah wilt Ihi pan! foe I 'aZXI teams of good Pourdrlatar Pi *r. site. Iba. Apply at tbis. tloa, Tynt Nrtal a nit OI<f l.rad Wwriteh.? Cut ivtli h? pan! for a l'? litlndrrd weight of Type detm an J o' I L"a I. App y at thb .le.k uf th ? uiBcs 'I he Hoar s king of ??!!? aclnlhln* fs r la, '? hot. rnkleanv 'iirliwilH I'HAUOV i NMfft Rl/OOM IMI I'hRKUs and the. becoma mora fragrant than a sau'l liyac ufia Am nadali Seek and I.*d? i'ie?mly are ordering arga <1 uan'l e. .f I'lUUHI J NHIIIT IH.OOMl.ViJ UhKf H la ai! the m ??lon v?i'.on? in Afi u. They -a? 'bai 11. iuila " n 'heir way," becuu.e the dower that pr kIuoo* ? ongn ta (ha "Mr aus l a u ly. Cia?he?l In nil fiegahied I,'id le. e?. C. WE.JT Jig I'liia atreet, rooin J, Mew Yor*. Prlves ( itlud In ml lirgallrrd l.ol* ler aud glr-u. JACOB. Briiee's ,iBne. ITfi Broadaay. Ne* for* } A Uewutlfiti i ompleilna. s>I,alrd'( i Bloom of You'll or I.'lot' Pea l. I' has no aqua, mr pea set .??sg and beau' f.iiu the i-omplexloD and akin Bold Mr i a", drugglatk. and by AMbS LAlKD. Sola Biup ?toi.Mfi ' Broadway | Hrsndirth'i P'lla j arethe hesi ms-i .? ee for calds and InlaauM. There is ?g eeea laileffrom eren -? ? I DVR imp; I The lung* aad hee l haw a aaav bnrtheu lakan from and ollea the neit moriier s*aa ? pmi r?. t cue Dbeerra B BRAVDHKTH oa tbe gerernmeut *1 w (hoot wbl h 'he *11 r nav net be genuine I'rmeipal nfBoe N ?. Si ''a*ai (treat. Freeh pi1 Ik at Bo. A t'a.oo wpiara. _ ? aye_ -^l'? RalrhalerJ Hal Dye?? lie Bast In th* world. Hene'-ea e .e'e leiiasianeoue The on'v i dy*. Bold ?? a d Fseory S| Harriar at rest Cars*. Bsslole, iilh, Rnlarged Joist*. ?I di?e?e**af to* ?*t ad , Dr f.Ai'il ARIK >? ffifi B'oadwai race lo Se SIS iei?ed*?three, fir# .seyrn Trf Twelre, fifteen T'Hk Sevrntr S?# de *r* a eel !?**:, Kr ntO tl a I LBK i Braa?lw?y i?? il.ei M e? (Ji, M-eei ^ frerklra, Cln*i>ie*, la, fink Worms. frckiy Ileal, *'? . cured by a-JRapu# rr.,,.i MkUll'ATEU BDAP. SI Ml Broade, *UL"' ITAtlRB for (Br Hal* and Ski ?Barry e TrS. royaruaa The heal aud eoraped a/oja gold tT gtat* (?lee (enslttslln* Wafer, fair 1 rial. We main ma who ar* nrde (ouie in-u.i,, , rare ' ? v#er to rear an I we paruyiailT alio i,,? ia(He* - la era <x>u.taai|< t > i nr?ur*alateai. am an wm n -J a p a for d.eeaea A eih ae mm h eh^ee .if M the a wool# he *r?m lo>a agsilcaiine. o lie ibra* ' ??? e??e? of the hreln Sold bf M,IHii*s h vi 1 As. p. i'i it r.i*at. eod an di?sg**i< liiinrand'i faWf'r Rutvttle l'n> >?i? Heir from oe loreneadk g* *? of (be baity $1 ? ? , wd at ui> depot. IBS BriJ^by lllgheil yyoilwin I,nek Rflfeb aeearnf Ya BKKLKR t Wll.-nik Ar, eI?*e II Ynia V*nl t? Know, Head BDIUAf. riiYVON kBYSR A in to ? hen'8 ouria i* |u>evlie. an I a (e?.< nee* for ?rery #'e Pr. * To ba bad at all ??>*? dap** tkeleets 'eh ?? el ?T'Se Idli-.i _ e>? pr. f. B FootR, MW Hrtad way V- Y. n/a. ?Vlstlow'i -oeMHnR Nyr*i|i, ?wr en/li-n "H"8# "?'?*"'"ff and lb*rra -a. rSgv aws I e a- 'OWh end BeeoH en.I eiire* Wind (' " A ilea <* Hatl*s*-?aw Styles, T/V rn-' for tl?a. Sere# figh, 'nTwetiir ire oetlar# ,ee? rciiti'l (. ALLBN, III Brvidway, rae MS . a- "S eeueei lhr .Istasri* Hair Slats < elnra tb* ? h ?*?'? tmSiostsehe a beantifnl b aek or hr<v*a li *ne et-te a ?s Mi (msarailoa itolnr wui sot fa-ie er weak em. Oaly W enie a hot B. V OPftAM Phllade this g.Ve Peoncteicr. Mr ear b'h.u Barnes 40a.. it rar* row r. a We w 4 < A| It pisntl n *tr -at, lleloihoid, 5<M Sr.* Iwag, Vew fee* I Bmltn. <:hina#n aad all droagteiA Tatatt, Fat |rs) naaa.ri, Flaws. Aa. 0 " YLfiR, B Bast Broadway, *aw York MMgs. Taw Be,. nk|r Dr*. Hair Oyalw? aa d Mtda? ? tt neauttf ring tbe hair W B41V HRU0BB M?asd W *e4

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