Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TvMriiiY Sept ??9 P. M. 3Me steak airkM op#n.d w*t> ? ahow ot Urmatmt which was nut, hear ever maintaiaed throughout Uu calL Al oomparod with to* dogma quotattoag at the aecaad Wetrd yaeterfcey. Erie advscod H tiudeeu Biter 3i, Swaging ij, in room Caetrai Cleveland aodflttabufg Ukicago ao4 Rock Tslard %, Cumberland Goal 'VtiMkallver. Mmhiga. Sot'ifcern end Chicago and North weeiorn wort w thout vanatloa. Coveminevt eoohrmea wore orm ivan-un fle#-t*entlea advanced )gteeltlng at 11L, registered ICS-, a r upon aixae or 1M1 ? 4d at JOT*, coupon iat M P7 V acven and three tenths Vre-aary aotae, October and April, at lli;4. A sale of I'Dlted States elgtk, lso7, was made at 12b, and of certi ficate. at 9TK Slate sluclm were dull aod tales were made at the fot p.wmg pricea:? ran,.fixat 66, M< toun mxaa 06; Virginia aixea wen quoted at iw a 1*1, N rtli Carolina alxe* tK) a tij Kan- ay bonds were in bett-.rdcuu.ud. Bant share* ware inactive. lu tbeafierac b tha market weakened, aua. aa 0 in puree with (ha anleu at tbe first aod tli^ iuod ooards, l-Irlr cienrl n?tl \t Hudson River %, Reading "??, Wicb?**.(?. ulbcru >j. liliooiaG ulral t'lareiand and I'ntaburg v ob o aud Miarissippl c. rtifi ?te? 1%, ..uu ("umtrorUciM'o .' .Go . eramest aeouriliea were active at about the morning ruotacuna. ihrie was considerable excitement to Uu old ro a during tho diy ^tia opeioug quot aloe wa? Si!.', from which there was a Bee.:too to 22d?i, and a eubkcq act advance to 226>j? Oal? lowed by u drop ?o 823K. wb;ih w.i" tbe flHtatlM at lire V. M. Tho mourr market is el", for, ( *11 loans at sareu per cent; hut discounts are -nil made with OhUtiOB Tbe rates for commercial i -.t r vary fr- i.i eight to twe;vo per cent, accordiug to qualit) There I- very Utile lo forelgt oxcbv.'je. BuPk<r? ck 100 a '< for sterling, nod rot rchauta' biile ure otfusd - t 1 ue oer ceal iesa. v do'i'Hicb lrom Vi ar blag too atitiooooes a rum -r to the a' n i" at Mr, T uiisendeii will protniU'y ro.-lvi. his sent io the Cabinet on or before Uw i t 1 October, and that Vr ("base or Mr. R..J. \>n - r * likely to mcceed bim. Tt a may or tnuy tot bo tbe caee;l b it we? doubt the ex I unce ot at.y rcuuCM.oii lor tlio report io fact at present. If Mr. fvamoiUu re; 1. as ;; vt ill be uo grt at' >ss to tbe c:-ntry; but to that eve nt it would bo rhllcu'oua t. rcioMUte Mr. Cua-je in the Trtt- iry Deuxrtmrnt, after all t'ae bluxisra?to use the luiideet pot.-.ih ? "lira, e?ho li*? comiaitted. At d ?. till repaid to tbeotber persoo ?icntionod otiectioos are not naming. Hut tbe re-dgua t;n.i of the prc i'"Ul ibcural - ;;t O! ihe 1 ^asury would bo a virtual con caaioa of nicon.j et ? er- m bts port, and an brnomioioua rencai would he the closing act of u career uh'tb bus beco ibus far ore -: u t failure. iiotb the murttcts for gold uod railway and miseel laneoi- shares show a dreoping teiiilenc.v. vrb;cu liisioiirBiies "Uuir' onaratvia. and lower qttutaliens are to be U?4ed f>.r til round. !i gold "articn tarly tbe natural course is dcc.-iei'ljr d'lwnv :.rd, and tbis t unot be arrested by mere sp-. cu'ation, in the 1 ace ui tbe prom onj aspect of military aflairr. Although the soccesBi " ( urn 1! Si ^rldan d.J out pro duce a eery material efieot upon gold te day. it payci tbe way to its further drcliue. wbi '.i is iticvitable in tha wbaence cf any ndforossen clreutnF'nt ce of great moment llkaly lr- operate in n contrary direction. The buMm-as tratiSBCiod at tbe Sub-lr. ;fury to-day was as follows: ? >l*celpts ior cusioms fllC.000 Kieeiptr for aovernineni lo.-u lr 13,000 dotal recripts l.ul-i aiO ?total finj tnents 3 4liS,Ia4 idaUcre TP. 110,001 The aggregate amount or CT;?rts. eicfasiTe of specie, from tbe port i f New T (;k to fbre'.ga ---irts, for the week willing 8< I'lcmbcr uo, ISM, wn* f f'rt'itossis for the Morris and Kf-sex li.t irnd fiuptiy'l loau, as u-ivertised, will he rcceiye-l t:'l ibo 2"tb 'ost Tbe M. wine comparative B'hiomcE ,-kv-s tbe over at: oocdui-in of tbe leading items of : c Phi' .d :,bi? t> tor the past and > :rv ? wc*' Lit r ,- ?> Cap-tal ?1#,W1.C45 13 I.van- go . ,b?k t ?specie 8 <V,.9' Local tender . 10 ' ? ,Wt 1 ? ? Iwpoaite. .... e.'. ii-i,,6- . ;?>1 Circulation SI- .;,?->!!> - - -The roost i-eaatrhable ftaiu-. - last week is tbe eorj Urge -nor. (1 od ugly large incrc-.e o! ?toe It F.ti K f J1' If -1 f I, AT 12s glO .11" U ' 1. 1">! . :'I 'u; i' ? 1 tiff-. t> '* rtg ll ? -J1 "? i< - ? ?9000 I ? C ? 5 .- i-n' "? J? l?i CD ui.- It ?'*) hi,. 1 jo ... 1 i a 15 0 If 8 5's. puCCci'.1 r?s II 1'roo.f Z I'JOiA . Hi- CO ?" 0 Ni .\Ho IliC . $1 ,?uo g.s^n iLc. if .M-z r??f. . ' Lull i.jHJi i\c . 127,2.5 p.4 inc. T (.f.' ;i inc. j ),tu6 ;l? b ill ;?*. - -i g-- tbe u ?> K t?n , r, -mi ten s ** DUr. *??rt 20?V 1 '? A. V ta A -aiH C M be i, I?j do I Y On UK . 11" (10. Irl" Rft. ' '? do .bid 1 wit i'O. ...b5 .. UH i'tvf. . ' ? i. >-1 K -I r.;- ? do . ? . '17 . " _????? b ...? ? 11 - ug k it ". . S)\ t Aid d" . 1*. " '0* 1-cCr' do ,.m?h0 ?; * \ '?> IO"i 1 rledid :n hqa, ' . - tl P :; d nun 71 "fi, ' *1 d Zlf" In; ? ? In 0 m t. tin 71*. >*H) VI So 1 I Ml. . IP. v Cg To! iWaklKt 1 UK . >?>> 5 J r 1 ? ' A .J' 1 .. ?' ie. PX) PUt*. I WA r 2d r n 10 ?? ? I (11 V. . RtPaui l?t 1 u *-> Pill " 1 Ainr-lcilli glUU.. wa ii ? do. ;"v?i M it 1 to d? bS - 1TO 2?H?V Ubw dSlt?S caw 4': ? -i-> ? " 5(jOO .1(1 . *1.111 J * -lis I " J, iO ds ...Ltd >. - do , i> -"ntrai EE. i " iSt ..... . si AMI Kit .... Mi". bill SI,, do 1.'" (in 1 io ..... .. '"e*- A Pit itlt, h-al.a .*>* v h lilt . 10!> ?.?? de ??' '? Wl?i 3M l>elHud (.'ana: Co ?8 ' 5 " a ? luj ,11 , P ? ilan'r-" ?'c.uparv "<V du. .. .. -,*.0 Itr ; tin Cent: al Cuai Co? "' j.j 5-jn do III-. lo dt 1 Cbl l.itt .Id SlJi f>JL> Oumb 1 u.l prcl 6- 11*1 do Si ?Tn do tat hi Clu.i N W piaf si, **1 do Mil ???> VT. V?0 do 0 i *Ai do . 85 , *W do ^10 i.J -t'W <i? -Al (4 IU0 do bt ' -.??? f > .tlr.i p .. l?? tuO to ?lo is* "*i Ch: vRafliR aso I07V Qnltke lrer Mg Co lOf do 17. 5- do 8lS, fiO dP Ifnl. l-w Wymt! Tal ( <-iu , o. U>14 PCl'it;?.HWACIi1-Ktt 1UO Aahburton Co 1 *? I'*' do m. l'?l d > U" ) l l'j mo do lOv.. ft KraiT . Bol? C A I 12.1 l d 1 lurt '*) Marlppsa Ma 1 o bi d l-> '? ? C'.ucaga k V.on RR Scf ti to , 1 ? AilJn AT' tieH RR 57'a 1*1 do t , !?.' do tls lfcj do ..r*i 4ft*, srtHM* err. flat f-n T I wo n C OP* T M g? tr* OS r -. "81 eon. 1P7"? .5i-.uK T Cw ai?. . l-t-li 600 do 111* 2.". llc.d. n lll.rr RK. fit 1OU01 PIH 6'a ft-2 I'* ouu lil,. (141 do.116*7 .?>?Trtn 7 96 MM Ac " CO . -2 fttO So Ill Pi- do . .. 1 nU Ol (a. 1 year cer #1 ... <o. ble iii>", I <W1 do B', .W do H7 ? i<0'Oh'O-i Mieaccr.. *5 !-*> Isadln; RR ",l7 ldJOOimarleaB goiu, ..7- IiC' c'e.. JITi', ?MfWfi do. *?J.O (*? -f h A RK. A i(H) aha Catu-iu n .... .As m do -O *-*'Krw Hit ... IPC , f MB., ST ! sua It." d i do.. I i-i ?. t' nl'l. -rip 1.7.7 MOOGambcoalprof..add of, ? ? do. ..... 127 ;.M d-? 68? -'I ? ;vc k "llta R'l lly.L 100 do W? , ? ' ... n.'J II'-, 1*1 do 6-. , Cb .V w R.t . Mk I siN TCM llB....?>|d 1M Mi ? in A NW 1 re *4 " ?W dt a-' do M' Ml do . : ? hi A !U I RR . IQ6V ik at,.,... 1?T, ' ' ?? ftiVA- c. ?:r ,f"'4 cm CilBilliRt HI, URI'ORT. Tpl oar. esapi. 20?6 P. M. a atwC?Rcc# pis. 49 bbM . -aie* .Obbli p. tsai $13 :o, farU nouit&Ally at {16 5o. frRiirTTTT?' *?**>'* a. '"n i l s. flw.r. 29C bbis, and 2ki baga cm . i.29l b.-bni- wbaat 61/.ST do. mn, 66,69.. do. -.?>(. and b,03u do. t niu lb* Hour mar* *a- cmliooed dull, a., J low grides States were much da 1 *??d. vbtle West ia brai-Ui li*ld cram, ir. conaa .. ooe of ilgb; aup; '.ea tba aa.t were W,A00 bb-r siata ? ? Weeter-., -tw M--tber- a .d 60U Cauad aD R>a f'orr Wax inactive and prtcas uoinh . !? Cora mcoi aai firm, aod den- .nd ia - ?>?? 6 "1 ..ola. at Si for Jera> y .o.d 60 ? 8S 05 lor Prr nflvv irr Me qijrft ? Puperi't.e : .ate ao? MXtern fi itr . .. fa SO a 9 711 ' *'ra Mai. ? 66 a 9 W ? 1 ice Mate 11* a 10 11 iinnv 1. to !.,?<; n extra TBtttcrh ti 6ti a 10 >>0 Uue round u?-, ulno II 60 a II Of 'Anatern trade nr,t, ia..,. jj ,j1( a j;! l4) katraht. l?ii s . 11 00 a 16 0 ' "rumor R"Utb< rc 11 00 a 12 00 fancy and eiira no It 36 a 14 00 f.j'umoo (.'ane/Karj m j,j a in .0 ij-jod to choice an 1 extra 16 66 a J'i ?? i Rra flour, superiac * 00 e ' 0 ? ore ... * e a p uv ! Cora maaJ. 1 unebeona as 6.1 a :?? uo i ?Tba maikei f r whea. wu auatamed by asaaTueas of aepply, aod 'he htdlfiapest aeeortme'it, 'b.ngb hi tue . X'tt war il-iilc it to -eahre yesterday ? price# rn* ' foot up 60 000 buebeta. cbMI'y M> '.?ai miliars, at t- '.r' ? 23 for Cbtcagu 'pi.of. Ji H a ft 24 for Mi ranker rliih, fi 16 a IS 11 Tor amber spring. ?3 27 a |3 3S? for winter r#d w??tern and f iS4 a fi 66 Un amber da Rye wee aoametyao firm, 7.00n I u.bel/ 4fe.?'ert bar rg aold at 61 61 In barer And b.nry malt 10thing trar.tplred 1l?a demand tor earn waa wiikmii derided ebaage Tha aula* raa. be-l ?i,oou luvbeui at $1 61 a fl 69 for> eatern mixed, (late ware a!to in betla' rwpieet, with a 'Itlla ndw# tup ip taa market t*u at tic a660. for tba 1 )oal ? ror* gn war Tory qaiat, and wa bare aa aalaa to report AMbrania wag dui:, huiwiibaat ehaafa m Conca.?Tba market wee dull and d?ctmmt, wllheaiea ot 3M baiaa Wa awnta ? C}ku*c Riondw JUm .V 0 ,*f Oedlaary ...,162 i?2 Its ju HMdNdl 176 m )T? 174 Owed Middling ... .r6 176 17r 116 Qma -Tbe market wag quiet, ar d o ile *1 ten" uf aalaa pr|oaa "omlca1 At auri en 1 ,r.f7 .rau Kr> t la It Wild ?6 idhte #d6>?'.??ddb. We -,w ie K101 rime ?I Me., 4m. foot 4ft a 46>,s ; fair, 44c. a 44 He.; I 4o ordlnay, 48 a 4Sr. do. fair to gaud cargoes. 49Sc. a 44S* . Java, mala anu !>???. 6Sc. a Ode., I Maracalbi. 44* a 46c Ijagi'ayra. 44r. a 46c., and St. lie i miugo. 41c Stuck. S#(>t?iu?ur aO, 1864, Klo and Santos, . 12V ?<=? bM Jara. 21.88Z do ; Hal is, b,tl? do ; Mam caibo, 16.411 do Ixguavta. 6 4140 do; M. Domingo, 8 407 da, and othtr aseerlji'rur, t-,628do. foul 7V2, 844 bags ( arr a ?Tbr. market was quiet but priced rainaincd firm; a* lee 84 006 Portage Like at 51 H?. ,au4 Detroit file. a62',c. Ba:tiu> >ru ear uu:| at Sic. CaKPia.-ru'aa \ erv qi lei. and are taw oaly to not* Mn8 oi 2.0 boxes ituemanilro an terms Dot to be tnida polite. Oi sperm and i aU ct an al, salon ware madr at pic. i?ua quotation*. Saies 25 tana Maracaibo at $70, and 10 do St. (Vnmttisro ou tirivato term* We quote Lima woun at $166 a 4170, and J span wood at $06 I >rca aan Dt&> ware dull, and we have culv to re port sain* "f toi l-it.a *al a*id( al 6c.. 10 do. caustic soda at 14c. a 14 V,r , if. casks bleach ng poedera at 7c. a 7Jac. and ab >ui l 0- Pa pruraial* |mi-?h ?n private terms KatJir?Tiie demand i?r all de?niprioa-was I mute", but )? i i?-e* were without ct*'*?. si.srs 200 boxes rai sin* at fl 40 for b. noli, and #5 '.'.'for layer: 76 bars A iricun peanuts. "0<1o filbert*, 2'Oiie. tieunp oetd aid 100 case ^arddiee b*n b"*ag, all i n p. I. Krk-oot-i conlini'ed dull and r Ma largely nominal. Knjra.cmrnw ta Liverpool, i-er Amt riuai., $00 K.ns log w<o I ?t It*-, n i2* 0*1.. 7."it> i/usheia wliesl at 2e. f^d , 400 bale ootaproDsd h*v at 12*. i d,; per neutral, 7.1 hbds. tallow ' I 15?-, and per ateumor, 6.600 boxca C6ea>i aua 601 pactupoc l.nttor bl 70s., ami 300 b tea bar m aad ti> hbil*. t.llnw at 24a Ti> l/uidon, per steamer, t?00 b? ;?* cheer c at 40s. To I'riati I, 200 t s nil CJilte. Ac., kl 20* To Hrtrnnu, 2,600 bh'.e. petrol*am At ns To Amsterdam, 60 < paw Uib.ic.-o ot 30*., 60 too* b' avy good* at 268. a lids. 7o liambrry 40 ion* mea sureuicut good* bt 17* fd. To Anivrerp. 1,2P0 bbl*. pe troieum at is. '.?il lo.Havrr. 600 bi 'f pcirulcum ut 0* A Bremen slip w * cbariurcd to I Yemen wttli 8 .<00 bbls. potr..|eum at 6:- Od . a IWruvoriin oarktour >rtn,Cana da bell st..vca, 6176, and mcarcreuiecf goods, fit, and a British bark to liar oilier, 4,500 bbl.-. petroleum, about 64. bum ?The inrrket for dry rod rniid dull, and the ar.l?s were c .nflnui. tu 700 animals Si. George's at $9 a $0 2fa and l.OO1' do. Bank. $6 60 a $8 76. Mackerel were ie<v acuve ?t $'4< for No. I, tsh"re, $19 50 for No. 2 do.,and $14 60 for No. 8 ao.; 424 for No 1, bay; $17 60 lor Mt>. 2 do., ana lib do for No. 8. Herring were ncaroe ana tlrui at prevtoi:* quotation#. Hkmy?Manila mm* dull and nominal al |pc. a 19.Sc. uak'i. .lull w:i? tut t but firm. Ulna-.?TI e l.iurket was moderately active, but prices biV life,die J fully Sc. a lc per lb. 'flic sale* include H,."00 Buenos Ay tea at 8<c., 2,000 do at 32';c., and I.XK) city aiangbtared at 14l4*. ^t auction 600 Bogota s-lil at 10c a 171. por lb Ha* Shtpplnv was telling at $1 26. Urlatl qualities were m fnir ucmaiul at $1 46 a $1 06. llDY .- 'ibe di m .lie w as mere active, and rales have b. en made of 20i' bales at ISc. a 38c. for interior to food, ! and 42r. u 66c for pew. In.*?Aiper rar. vin better detunnd, and price* were firm -a'cs of 2C>n tou* No 1 a No. 2 M JT2 a $i.5 60. At nui: u 40o ton* Amorican pig sold at $66 a $04 60 p*'r tun. iMri.u ilr u.'ioiry wa? fair, but pi re* were rather eaour. 74 ? lie-U' liKtirur ut $1 50, 8' cane- Keugd at 42 5o nad G ce<o'tit Spanlrb float fit $1 70. ilnuilu ccntin'.iod fcnrce and fit m. 'JUTBV.B ? lieinlec k *o!e was in moderate deiut nl, but prces wue lc. i*er lb. p wer for all descriptions. We quote:--Ltienos Ay res and Hie brande light weights 47c. l*f. 4-(? ft 4 ?C. , U' ?' VV 1U, td . t* Pit,,, Itliu B* ''.I^UtCl upper In 10 :4b -i'-g. a47o. Dak sols continued dull at a decline of 1c, per lb. on ol! gradss Ijtap ruled quiet at 15;,c. s live, with small sales at tbu ] rioe. L:ai:.? flocktand was in good demand, with isles of 6bo bbl*. corpni'Mi at $!t25, ccd 200 do. lump nt$' 76. Ltngmtg I'jLSl'rc sprues aud inre were vj fair demand, with aalts pf 200,000 lett at $26 n J2?,: tc rding to *?/.(*. sJoi.t:*' w* rtilen quie: bi t Blend*. w'ti. *a!i of M New Crlc .ns at <1 10 a 41 lii, ana 20 tikis Cuba mu.-i o v.,do at 00c. At auction, 250 bbk N nv Orlea-s sold at boc. a U 16. NA\A:.Sio*es were without tbutigc in value: but lb pon)? dosci i.ittor.B there was ;iu improved detna d; snlos <d 30 lihls. American spirits turpecllne ut $116, and $il 05 Tor I reucb. Kosids were bit.e active, sales 40 Obis, ut $12 a $3!. for strained aod No 1. Tur was du'.l a: ?l r.oruiual at $1'> a $5S per bbi. Prin-.e Cltv pitch. $25 per Mil. At n net pin, (60 bids, crude turpentine sold at *- , HO bl.B. American spirit* torpet liae si $2 90 at.d 50 do. ro?tn at $29 fot etruis- d. j .?? ?Ci iid whale wn* dul', but without change ;b vflue M< il t- >* at jl 50 a II 66. (. rude sperm wss ?c live; sale* 200 bbis at $2 87. Manufactory*! wrta qn'iet. and ?c Late ? My to uoles-ii'K of f.O bb!s Pncbod \* infer wl. !< a?. $1 70. I in wed wes .cief at Jl 3. with r.t'es ,t ?60 gallon*. Ir*l rumeHied r,rm but uuiel nt $! 00 a $2 11 summer nuu, wluntr Bscu $14-' and t-traits ?2 Ol'.ve w .u quiet, v. !L ale:- of 50 c**"- f.? 42. Castor I en dull find tiro bitfld. ICTrou: K.-ceiptS, 120 bols. IP 'Skh the arii\a!?. were very i.iv ," . .idani itere ?vas m< mi, lot ? ? e r.i in .-uiior crude or rehi sa. un '.bo contrary, fhs demand wa- very ui derate. yet, at ; :na 1: cce-sn n, s ro-.e or 0 : t t r.siCc; s evsid nave ta*eii iieiie. But the exfrctre vi* ws"( Ut diiTS, b .-. " i u;*>n r7.0 bui.tsd i-vp'y or . auil tctlncd in bond, wire exu"ne. atul iimiI *-.nie C'ucef.'i n !e glut ted, or g- d she., bav,. adv.irced corriderably above current . utt- burnt.-- uua* be'.i. Iff i? ta at)*; bt f epi.v, owing 10 winch prices are sly nb ut 72c. bigbtv i:i*n h^nib d . ttcugu the try 1 ? 20c. Thksalw were iws t . Kvbb crude u| 46>4c.a4 a on tbe spot, and Oi, a 47c. : *r aV the ut. in 2 tt.O no. r C.bfS (In t"'id) st 77?*. ? 75 . >i Unit trsw. '.ml 7 iff. a 77c. for f"im.i' h, hi ii?w to h: tc 6 o. rrc?, lb iots, at 6-c i*7c. "rti ? io. ' r i cit month .UP: C. a 540. fteti.riUC w dull muI u " ..??'. . - * - Keccipta, If |>oc ? ?* f P do. n t ri*u . and 2'2 do. urJ. .lot tori ruuket vff mors *ci: ? . a"l lira. ilec 'ho .'pot cotnprliB O/jGH bb . :.t i' . J,- for <M*1 me.--, *42 *tis a i2>, for tew do., 1 n y ,i tl. iti.-r pri'- *n* tlii,. a N-, 28 do-, ronniv w;y. f s $>0 lor prlt.i". ;12 ior Uiir u.esa, sit*! $4'! 24 tor cicir: also for ftit re dgijrery i.OGO jib'*. 1. w f ? ?, lor ail Octo-or, Puyc- 01 3,*.; $4> ?> "I 0.. for ."eptointi'.T, *: d 1 op < - . a: $|7 Pltf. tV'-f nidi Ret -* |? . ' I'd iria aaies 400 bhis , at $12 ior f ?" rues*. J'' j " OvObtrjr prli'.i'. J id 60 s |1P f 'i re; eke lu-v. , or 1 J 31 a fit, f t ui'i do. Prtrre raev* b -f was 1 ?'ui' and iiOininal. t'u! m.????? wfio tu lair de- | lnmnl with i .. ? of '. '0 1 1" . :r, ut 17c a ) - lot bboi.ide.:jnd ISc. a in K-U.., '6 ff-i 1 mi' it.-* la, i tc. '!? . * th . oi i bis. at.d ?'e* ? ' a: 23 kc. ',24 eg, ? u .' - r 'r.e We' cl*j r . '? < ' ea "U'l'.'f.t 'or < <? t- 1 ? inter v..ia doll, and ;? ?. j were a tr. le ett;er ?- ??? ? 4.. :. a 4$c., and 4Sc ! a 56-. for >tuig the * . ?? . atOfjc. Bon r malaed tlju ;>u<t 1. t i ? *1, at 15c. 1 for 1 iUsg 'ce. htar.?Crag* seed ruled ..uiet 1 iS*- * 27c. fO! C 'vrr. fr, bo * $7 l< r iim thy and t * ? $ 1* tor rnugh f.v*. 1 Ltt.ww v-ig doit sa.cll hAtee at SI 85 Hi utiaa.?A Urge sale of .* iv.nd iUallty waj r-p3rtu,l I at 22 . a 2 .c. prbne wae !,?'?! at 8dr. a 27t J.VKJIh*. 1 great" ie' i ?n 17c. $t 1.a* ?Tte uiarket w?* verr .inlet, aad wa bava ? u'v I to uoie s'Aesi "f 270 bbds. t'db t at I'd;.'4. U> 2d;jo. l*?f r* llbiry .m i(3 >;od at 15c. ,.',iii a w t qu i t, lu.t with- ) out md'erlal change in vlue. fly auction KO h2a.:. tsb* , musovade brought 10 ?,(?. a !? ( were dull aud I* w-r vale* 25 bal"* rlove* at ' 4*c , 10 bags popper al 42a.. a sic., ami bsg* , on private term* baum w ere very qclet, and mbic ouly to 0 nco aa'.bt J ot 10 bales C?pe on private forms. I Halt.?We ucte ?a.e of 1.M50 iaul.. AsliloU's 1 Iverre^I at $- a$6 30 1,960 dn. Iron. 1>re at 45. aud 4'" of ground at$.; 4o W a l.jc b? :ds? '.',55i< bushtla icfk's iulaLds at $1 Hrrtr a t^ma neAlhsctlve, and ootnlcaHy 7c., gold; 20 tons HllSSian Htl Ht 10c. Taii.qw ruled steady in price, with Bains of 76.000 lb?, al ISc. a 1S.V . ior ordinary to jiritrrc. Tc* w - du: , bat steady, with .-sic* ef 80 bal" rbe:-f? yd'iur bvsoD. i.? 4". gunpowder, 05 do imperial, and W0 1I4 k miAJWder o* p< ivato termr. fix Jig wa? du.i, nut we qqots no rnductloh. 150 si.-.Vs <v? sold at . end i.oglDD $08. In plates w* r.'de *el :S ?C 400 bit'-* t. , :tl $22 60. l'ei'A' ">?Ine irsrkei for Kentu Ify bat ruled dull <! ring the jail w ck, ?tid ?c bare miy to note sales ef ale'at .;0t) bhd* . st 12'j ?.?! *?. In geediesf tbe de mand w?? mnjer ite, tales during Uie pott week m< iude Mceino. v.. brand on p. t., 145 case* crdinary Con nect* ut . t 25c., 160 rses* fair medium to tine do at 42c. a 66c., 26'' can * Ohio and Hcnr.e.-lvariia biler* "hd binders at 1('< s 12- .j't ca??* nhl" w rspye-* sod Rl'ers 00 p. i. Wimm ?TbetudrtM MMIMl, pending tb? laigs publl *.i>e eauo mrei i .r t<? r orrow H> quote tbe rnngc for fleece# st 90". a $1 10?I be latter fer choice. Foreign is wfwdly nominal. rauu'v. remained qute>, ird in the ab.ence of tales pries* are cuaurtl iiri uv. i:e,-er??. 2V nh.s. The mirket wa* a shade easier ealen of 1.100 Mi's, at f I HI n f 1 12. ?'IS\K( I AL. 1 / tuy or sr.w vonc-Dt ai'.ivbntOi- riNANct. | CruiiS'i .** mil'"*, uer*. If. 8*4 I.KAK1. OF FC0UC U'f-l 1 IkhS AND AT ACtiTIDN. XLenga. t* n' c t ?nd r?'A n ne wbar.'aas ior Hie uie ?r OC"'i;?1 ion of -lie uudeireeeiK'nrd do * plerv ?ud slip*, for tne w m ol ten yea-t. fiuir the 6r*t da> ef Nuveioiier. 1-1, it 111 be sold * put i' t.-t'or., ai tbe Olty Bail, ea Tnwdtr. Oclok'r 19. I?A4, all ocloea A. M NORTH KfV H f at No. ' Tier *t ibe rve' o! lS"?Me strvei. Loi N f?Pier 4?, foot ef King >lreet. } 1 ?l Ne I':er47. foot ol H jusioo ireej. or co'. 1 "t* of -ai* 1 > he had at the Com? lro.l*r'? : ?Has. Lt trie sf ti * Conunivah ae # ef th' " nkieg r ind *. Ail ilKW S BKB.NNAN. Cooiptewiier / 'EMRAI. PRIROLRUB KSOHANOR Oht'fCB NO j i I'lse Knot ,v?? Pel WtSf- W. f LaHRK A CO Out oH.?? ;* "pen io Hie iouhboi ia. pubi c 'or tlio pur- , e i*e *ce a'e of fe'ioie un 'aad* of the oil gietiii-tr of ; I" ?r-j'nn.iK. 7'irgia a, Ohio and Ml H?an. auu fir ll.a caie if 1 'a. ir. manvef wblch are raring larr* dividend* month'*. We . ?? are In baad fur >nie atoeka *f tbr follvwing conoai e? ? B' nd Hkf Hrei-n'eum Co . Y . Char B itler, Teea H'?itf e in cuia Co., N. 1 , .in*.an Oaner "re* fan e irhi T'lrole tie I'e,. N 1. 'ae Wadawrr b. Trea ? enirel fe'Y ,r r i'o.. N * , .'ae. M'shep, Pre* Amen en rttrole im Co., b. T.. E O. riark, f-e* '4il Ci'y fairoleiim ' e . N. T., D. R Dun onib. Trea Mi'higiui l enua. Friiewtai (Jo. N. V.. F. Frenuac. fTee ronnfri**!, a $? troie'im Co , Phlla. tobn S Ti't'nfa. Pre* [ W' lire tenv-e* w'lli in $SI WTtQC ef'ij.ial IBreaieO In petrnlsuni. aid *au aop| tr a*r itau ? IK na-nevaee g*n*r*t 'ataui* o' in *1 <oiti[ar,'0* bow rrrgar.l/ed. ano genera. tnfonr.ailea ef the *11 market hem at beme and a* men Hiieriai at'er.iin* it aa'lrd l? a rrnvpr tat sow offered to capita i-wai.4 ottinre. ef the "Cn.ted P?t'olenm Parme a? eoi-taUon * h -m -omMne* ?#" e of tb? moal wenderfM oil ?reducitons 01 lb* day. paying at thl* rrement auraeure dieidenia and cow bluing a i-ap ta. oi f I vwfi.ntb fa Ibla ate g?e enterprise Muua>> pi.on liat cpeaen lor a lew daga at Ibia of en. This anterr Haa, with ike y-era dtre.opmsbt. Is new paytnr two aad a half per can', per mfatb, with e past ivv proere* U?r >e< rsaaa almest fakux-Mi TtlTIDRND Nf/nCR.-THB TBIftTf UN Of TKM I I Kn vherber ior Petroleum (iompsay tttephea Crewelt, Mae,, Prvaii'vnl. Iut*e declared a dii inend ef one per <*rr>t t% toe eep.tal stOoA. ire* of go eron.?e< tat parabi* n. the 1Mb la-unv at the oflce er tie baskera ? ? is 8c* .rhaegt A .ehbard, 41 b -Asso rr**k )?I4L1>. kt'UK HAf OT Ms* Toas. Usui. 14 UML sysesrittf. flRlICIUi. |JflIT*D hi A'i'Eb BhYBNTHIBTT LOAJT. ^ ? The SevreUry of the Trassury gliee not lee that aubeeny Umm will be received for Coupon Transury Nelaa. payabin three year* frrm Augnet lh. IMC with aeml-nannal interest at for rate of anvea and threr-Uiatha per cent per auutita, | principal and 1 merest bcth to be pa.d la lawful moeey 1 Three note* will oe coiivertible at the option of the he <!rr at maturity, into ell ptr cent gold bearing bends, pa/able uo l Wei thai* fire a or more than twenty yea re from Ibelr dale, aa the government may elect. They will be lesutu In deuomlnaUaua of fifty, one huudred, flee hundred one thousand and bye tboueand dollara. and all auhtertptlone mnet be for fifty dellara or ?onie multiple of fifty dollar* Ae the noire draw lot* reel irom August lfi, persour making drpt ilia Bubaeqt'.ent to that date muet pay Uie inieruKt accrued Iroio dale of note to date of dopoett l'a'tie* d.-poalllag (went* hvo luo-aud dollar* and upwards tor theee notes at an* one time will be allowed a ootu:riaiion of one quarter of oi*e i>er cent SPECIAL ADVAjriToES or TblS LOOK It la a National Ksvluga Rank, offering a higher rate of lutereet than auy other, and the beet eocurity. Any eavlngx batik which paya ita depositors In United State* notes, conMik-rs that It te t rying in the beat circulating medium of the country, ait it cannot pay In anything bettor, for ita own met* are i-uher in gnvcrumsnt eecuri ties or In noma or bonds pat. ihlr la govoroinont paper CONVERTIBLE INTO A FIX PSli CERT 6-JO aOUl IIOND In addition to tho very liberal interest on the notes for three years thl* prlx liege of conversion It now worlb about three por ceut per annum, for the current rate for S-20 bonds la not Ice Ibau nine per rent premium, and Uo'ore the war tho premium ou tlx por crnt Vo'led Btetc* stock* was oier twenty percent. It wilt be seen Ibat t be actual profit on thl* low. at the pres- nt market rate, it not less than ten percent per annum. ITS EXEMPTION FROM STATU OK MUNICIPAL TAX ATION. But aside from ai: the advantages we have enumerated, a special nc.t of Concrrra naempis all bouds nnd'Jieniury notes fiom local taction. On the average, this exemption is worth about t-vo per cent per annum, according to the rate of taxation in various parts of the country It is believed that no securities offer so great Inducements to lenders a* the-e issued by the gornrnmeuk lu all ether f rma of Indebtedness the faith or ability cf private larlics. or stock compauies, or aeparaio cominunltlee, only. Is pledged for payment, while tbe whole property of the coun try is held to eectirr ihe dlarbarge of all the obligation! of the United States. ?UBPrtUlTIONS WILL BK KECEIVRD by the ASSISTANT TRBaSORLR of TBR ONITBD STAINS, Corner of Ylall ami Maesao strrels. Fira: National Bank of Nnw York, No 4 Wail street. Seond Nat onal Bank of Xt v i orh, 23d at nnd Broadway, l.lrd Nations Bank o* >e v York, No. ,"> Nassau street. Fourth National Bank of New Yuri., T7 and 2? Pi.ic street 1-iftb Nation*! Bank of New York, " iS Third avenue. Sixth National Bank o' New York, 8ixth a ep-ie and Broadway. ? Eighth Nations Banh r.f Nrv. York, CM Broadway. Ninth National HanV of New YnrkbSCS Broadway Ton'.h National itauk of New York, 210 Br id way Central N'ati. na' Bonk of New York, 7i Duioo street National Exchange Hank #f New York ISA Graeuwich st and b nil National Banks which am depositaries of pubU* mom v, and ALL RIllSPEOTARLiI It AN K .i AND HAN.CSRS throng'. out ti e r entry will g >v ft rthrr lei ? ;ration an i AFt'OI.D EVERY FACILITY TO SCBSCWBI.RB. t LIM'P.T tt. XICJLAT. AUCTl flREK t\ 1 I! I'fill i ANT 8x1 I' Op WASH < -TOOK, The ai'eattoti , f eapttall'te tanhlied to the an lion sale to '-mad' ' .BKi'l H. NJOt'LA i *i !il? -11' 'iv HA I. .8 R OR.- So..',. \t ire< ' .uT-- l .. s> t 2. ?t o'c',. , ;? M < iTiyi ?-? - ? ?e ' . tn- O. . 11: and Ylikln'n Tunnel and v ,i n? ,> ? in i.f \ va.i? ierft. ry. i'ic .-oc* .< no li?'. ic ?<imv -ni< ,ud the m;|o-ry of t'? r oa'-ti v pi 'Pi * ? hi.I oioa. trlio y. . large dMdcofl .e ?' to i'isu ' ' 7 ild t ?' rry Wiicb hr? ps'd as hinu aa $IXK> per ic1 a month, dividends In eel,! u'r-* g*vi"i? tin; ohiLc '.cia can bf ob'a ncd at I. * Stock hwlr-toou:,, a- above. I vi Vi r.N't?TRK JlTKF.OTOPb O" Thil ORNPMORF I ? On (V ? .j,an' u i-'v. . <"i dry re. red a d;t u'eod "t Mrcr.iiiti l. . iplfiv stock out < ? t* - -a- org lor the a?t tm utl : pa -. 1 '? in 'O.a alter tee *tl ,? ; ; the o ' re of the cnmvai v Phi x 1 c Baa* itnl i ns l'lii a*le K i'RY**R, Yocretarr. ' I irr BTt. Mrnl ,5. 1814 It VI r>KNB JL > "t 1 e b.n .rx { ti.s I t. M /.I'LT 1KTROLKOM COMl'ANY have tb* day -e ,,?? ..lend ?! i? j#? cent en the Mi* I of th-earnings l?r the la-? i. n.-.Ci ,? v .',;e r -he ten o, iksar- leaf, rmlaoe Hang Hu< dings. 1 hlladdipl* s u and af-er 2Kb ins li. L KRYER, becrotary. PrtTt.aPS'ruTX --*> IT 1* ?. / vr 'ONION f AO I Hit' RA'.idtOAB COMPANY. U No 1' Wili> u .O.i Na* fn-.a. Sep'., k. lAM. Tli- u>n ,al iu?< . .f r,f the ate; h tiers of this Company w I; b-beidi-n t >ln Monday of tlcioeer, at the n ? of t.,e utni ..ay i'Ai ?tu street. New >org. at II clock A. . !.?" 'I - t ?ne : o o such ' .vine*, is msv rome hp. f ire I ?? d..-sijog JOUR A. D1X, Brrs.d'Ot. II. v. Pon i< r- At-. OrFif i on <e on, rup.Lie petroleum compa ry. -i liueuial Buk ,;:u %. N.> f, Na-ta- street. N,-w York S*i t. i? I'vt. -lo.-tdend bo The T-v?teet or ?b Cnmpa- v i:\sue la: 'm a dividend of one ?iev fit for t..i nm th < : KplctaMr. payabii ?*< . Transler clo >24'U lost. A. M WOOD, Pre-luenL O R. I.vct g.-O t. S*...-ele: v. P^HKjmOLF I > M. R1CHAHDB KtXGBI.AND V P'NE StRBET, X. Y., BL'YS aNK W.II.LH OIL WToOK A?t? LAND. HA I HUB HALE THE HOLLOWING Oil. STOCKS. HRTTKMBKR DIVIDEND' w ill be adxamsd <>ii a 1 Uocke p-iruhwved er or befere the first of, r? fe lows ? >able Well Prlri.-eum ?.11 Cr., Sept. dividend 2 per eeti*. Maple Shade J-ctr le :rr. Oil < u., dept. dividend, 1 percent. In lied Stales I'e?pt?leu-a i Ml Co., dept. d'vidrnd. 2 per ecu'. Consolidated r-tr< le*m fnl Co. ran'. A.rl .end. I a war Fucxns Pi.i e.'eum tfil Co. Be it. dividend, 21. tier eenf. Kni-kerbotke- Petroleum Oil Co., .*rpi. dl> Jsnd. 1 per t. Manhattan I'c ro eum Oil Co.. fcfit. divldeud. S per uei.k. Buchanan Far.- oil t u.. Beptembei dividend. 1 oeroeni Adtl shares New Vorr and 41 rrhanv P'tn.'afim Cempawy. l.ialu ?t ai-> B' rrvu (' s) snd Od Co.npan>. Sf*i -hares Alleyrativ i'-truieuwi Co-nprny 4UJ sua.-M V if rpi.-e Oli Company. ?00 s' area Clnton O.l rorirany. pei- -hares A ninny Rlrer |*e.r?l? nns Oe.. of Phi sda'pkta. 1 ivsishar** Ptih. ps Oil .it l hi ad-ipbia. ion -hares VsiiaDgt. OH tie., of Pr.llsde r-f 'a Inn shares ie On Co., oi Phllade pbts l.ikH) ?hure? Gecxt* rt ut, fo,. of Pui.adoiph a I 0 share a Ohio Rivet Oil C of Pt-f'sds'phia. t.ffiO stares Oshnrtie ?si' Co , of I'hllede pbta Mi ?i>srea V< ?te O! ti a?. Hl?h-*te Petm.a i n C?>, V. hkarea Amerlran Petruieuu. C.. 1,1st, .haras MeKin ey Oli Co k.lMP shares Pneebo * A O'l !>*? k Pe n a* OA Oe NOOK8 VuR HI? BhC'il 1-TlOII ere iQw oren at tn* above or or ? nal eekerrttillooe fe' tne bcrxifo nrr.tsc n.NTRAL 1'RrKti' P.I'M ' OMPANT, Ouarai.teeing ?!*e t'*r veut t.-r .i notb Al?o. Poor, for ? M4LDKX COAL > ID OIL COMFANT. ]>ROPO'A?.? HOK MOCtutHkW'.llir R BU.N08 ?*>.00" W tier Boedi end bbor< M inh ipe. Bunds of the i ftv Of A'htoagi Cirr < onvyR"trae'e Orei' r, i Caice.f Fept. 14. lAM { BR ALB D PHOi UP A l.h wPi be rerslvrd .lib* eflb-e until M.rndav. eevtvinhe. .f a: I.' o t ? ) M.. .then thr eauw will be pobih-ij opt liC't. fo* the whole or aat tart er flfty then sa .d ile H'Mii.ef tue aeW|.inge roue* a: the tie notfi11 sLon ef en* f ou-anfl dn'Iart naea. dated ?ulv f, IbfiA. aud tAiah * i, New Vnrh tw?r .r tcir rear* after their rate with roapoi ? fo- iniereat at trt .at* of eeveu ?7> nor i sat r-ev annuis pava* ? serr.i ani s iy .i New Torh. A g food i* erovieee far '.heir v*. e m pi tee Alee, for the who e Of aay peui ?f ninety r gfc tboaseud tiollare (BUA.if <i? i-f Weier Bf ud* of >n- tUeusand dnllarv et I,. petal le in New York .<?;IT i .**'uupna* for tnlevtri at the rale of eevvn 7j | ? nl yer a: n ir... una bi* eetrl aaruehy Kov tb??e bcWM foe fetth ef lb- one tg pie dg* i eel lanaUoa requuid by i? ?" i r ?--?*.,:y The i*a??r lenls are a: -o re-t*liy stytonrfeird. wM h :aat tear yisiucd a-urp-u* of ll.'H.lfip anei f.a>,n| interesi on the waiwr dt-bk and er* iMrene sg A ?<? le- fi'ie-n theueend de'lgre Hue rtpa. Bo, da peyn able l)?o-m! ?* I. 1*72 in B*V York, a- ta* same denonei. Uon and inteieei eetei ann foi'y at *??*a per snl A etnklar f''lid is t revided fb'Dw-ed?mp?lim ?f th-ee ronde Tim |reprisal* w1 eyeetfy in* kind end eireuwi dee-red. ike iirlf* WU pe; $iWi tbrrrof. and ilin pla<-*. of delltefT. ? hfthsf Chlen -o ef New York Th* oer cue whose pro I'Osaia m* b<v*piec Will fw-elre nfonns'loe >f tb' same el this jfoee. er at the offn* < I Knno iMinsee Pkereen A I,u New York, a* weay ha ?>?*:, aaiei m tlieir nrapeaala. whee they wtli he required ic oe'edi win in nr- da-e efter th* unri iag ef thr pio|>eaai* in turn* awarded te lh#-n re rifvar ? fyeiy, with the preminn a hneei an-' the lrlar*at ac i need I'mn, .faiy I to the t ine of dopoeil er nay meat bond* will be delivered In Chicago Hepis-r lwr 27 n,t m New Yerh Hepletntm* Rk at Ibe place aforeaald te foe pan.** entitled le I hem. Each prepoea ehouid be eeaiea and enderaed "Propewl* for City Bend*," aed *ddre*wd te he ntidr-wlrued and where (he pertleg are out known m Mas eeonld contain ref er wane*. The Onmpimller er ail Ibe hide If the p N. H HATCH I'Uf Comptroller TO CAPITALIBTB.?AN KVRN7NO DAILT NRWS pepnr le aeent ?o be sinned in N?w fork. In Ibe InMi aate of ibe oettenm detmnraey It will be needneted b* an au.e pnlHhial wrllwr. he mtnpaay by U la to be ia-1 ed invitee as! en* u> He ?? elt ,u the am "IB I ef ysrei or f I in .. j doUan. Asirsu tmaaedm-etm effrtee Au, bos . .iar-yd oRo*. erven, ae 110'ial the fghi w rwieel gi ? utile lolerset*mhoolo reqnlr* II N. H HATCH ctty Cempiroller JJIOMOH. MB^SIMSS^ICTO oocpom bond* or ??? and |i,n??. lNlhRKdl PATAHUI MBMi-AMMOALL*.^ Bwhecriptiooe for m< hundred tbateerd dot Urn <BIMpvf ?f thdnt Monte will be recetrad IIWll theb?A*l?g MM ?f BINSTBIN. ROSBNFKI.D A Oft. No. 8 Bfted ?'2S? Nov tork tend boote will be i-sue* under the authentf of the low poosad Feb ?, IAV4, end under erofuloUon ?? the B> n d of Buperrleors ode; led July M 1M4. end tte ontlon it with ?aWnb^f* to bftvo then rum I AT ?>??! ??a, flfioon or tweol j-flv* yean rf BXCKLKIOR PBTBOLBUM COMPANY.?TBB BX celalor Petroleum Compter It * corporation organised . und-i tUele?eot tut- State of Maw lark, with ? oap tal of teteiO.CDU. divide 1 Into 100,1)0 etiarea, of tbe per value eite each ibe "barer.older* or wtilcb are einpled front ell , or ?mi d Itubl uy . ... Th ptopi t t) of this company oooeUta of l * acres or po l o .-urn oil larida. In fee simple (located In the countr'O. Vcnaugo, Stale el Pennty ran It , togrtbar with sundry iras.-- of oil wel h wh cn are far the moei pari*oluol.y pre muting at the pn ?enl time. _ , . . The dllTereul prone uo? bare been selected with front our by cump.'iei.i The Inteie?t? (now developed) are p odiu: ui > :?> per d?r. or four per cent P'''"0"'" ?* amount of The future prospects ol thm company ou the (urther .irve opment of tnr piopertv no* in U* ppo session, are incalculable. It is couiidriulv etp- eied that a tlivliW.-rt of ten per cents up utn can be ren Illy dot area whau the several waits are iin>sh--d that are now raulaiv approaoU ng cmnpiet ou, on tetritory which has nevm >et failed ol production .. . rt The boos* are now opened for tnbtorlbnr* a the on.ces or Messrs. T. Ket ham * Co., <S Wat sheet: ? "r~ R.hus, 7t Beater street, corner of IIsnover. ?> Dayton k Co., 107 Front street r.nd Win. A. Fowler ii-.q.. No. r Broadway Iti New York oitv. r.uJ tt the oihr- t>r Jh H Powell, Kt<| . No. 77 Myrtle avenue, oor ol LAwrenct, lu ths city o! ti-ooklyn. TliflRL HUNDRED THOUBAND DOLLARS BL.VNS PER OKNI FIRST MOBTJAtlB BINklNO FUND HUN OS WASHINGTON'. ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN RAILROAD C< iM FA NY Ptvab e .lune 1. ID**, i Thote hor.df ere the total debt of the oomp?ny. and ire se cured l>y a 'rst mottgage need of,trust upon the entire road. Inc tldtng lt? ohi isus.inal sua mi-cd prop*rty, fru in the Baltimore and Ohm Ballroat depo at \v?ahm*tou,D L . to the t)r?no snd Aletsudvia Bat'road de oi at Ale gui drie. Ta inclnrtliii the new l.ouc Bridie across the Pons ii i.c Ths rokd Is laid mo tly wtth doubte tra dt and i.artiv t trip e track, aud the bridge with double track of heavy , rail wetehlne slit? pounds to the yard. In neat at 7 percent per an "iut, p*\?b? tn tenel-nnnitl | co'ipoti?, on tbr 1st d:.yu "f dnno and Dooeinber, at the Me I tropolitmi Hank N-w- \ orh. A r iikuig fund "f en:en thousand live hundred d^lark per inuuiu is ap' by lu? to the redemption of the bond*, which are In sums of $.? 0 r ich Tnecheru rs ?'f the onrnpau* nr<' <ro:n the Main i vir El ma the clt" of Wuahiuiftun and United Ktat-a C"ngrev?, uoverin: its rot r? rouie ai.d valuab e pr Vjlog"?. This rocd is It. fuh operation, lias beau lately re aid n.ia rebuilt, and la on the . real i borough fare to the south con ?lectin? with the Usltliurre arid Ohm. 1 hil id. If hw, W H inltiKlOB and B iltlmore, and (muulon and Amboj tu.rin . ntui i< \u thero i.- no better i?e<'urity on tms maritei ltf-^^rnf^.n5 bad ..the ofl)e, of th - nude;. ;Wcw?^:;Xlaos?\.tVcn|h; rk' of UtrniVandJ a map of the routecom N. w Yorb to A^udrlaoan be teen. BANK K Kh. No. 11 Broai! strout r - ar Wa'.l etieet, nrw yub:c. Transfer aokncy ?tup: ophir silver mi nino Company, >>: Kan Francisco, has es'a diebed an Age tic lu New 1 oik city for the tmnster of eioe^en..I^gyinent o. ?i,vm,ih't(l-i Lr.Ks vvAiteUw^iv, Transfer Aganti, odicea S3 Plae street. BMW York. Sept 8. IBii*. an PINK STRKUT. NEW YuRK. SKPT. ?, iJt"l I U To t> o public.?We Invite your attention t.i au rn toctod etiien r "c in the production of po ro bum ni w tu inuu e-of mgaaitetion Several of our leading caiuial eta and hiisijess men Ubto already Interested tbemaelTee nii It aru In ' ..e fu >sl manner en or?e the t nine o the proper! and vouch for Its prasent enormoua production. wo me ?all lied no project has been offered to the w urn offers so large lmroeuiato rouirus on the inve-tmont ? pr Kpoc'.lve increase almost Inca'culsble To all who, in these troubtbue umto, aro in doubt what ?J*cleavf H eeli meat are aate in anr contlngencv and reliable as "Ividi .d ufi' inff thin enterprif? is in the Ktrongeat manner <*orr. me, d?d Villi^Information In regard to the matter w>ll <* cheerfully fuml.hod and of the i t?u'''' on ap|.lli almn to us. WED. VI. < UAKKB A v. (NOAA |>A{) TO "loan-AT S\X PER CENT. ON SBoUU.l'UU New York uty propertv Apply to JOSEPII MASON, No 5H Tlnr mrrf.l. room* :0 and II. sAkidF^ ? accrriosr? ' a v r.fiR.MT-1 AM. AtTf^TI0NRI*U. * A. * MaOKIKH V.NT HOl'SEHOLD FrKNlTLRB. Fiano'ortc Palnl'ORS. Or?w?n* Koom Suit*, liron. es ar.d v. t.i?? cf art, at public auction. Tills PAY (? DM'HDAY). at r lecent 44 Wey let! at tetwe.-uMh andhlh v &*[+ . t rr.iP'net ^ ?t U'S ? cut*. . Drswlds V-ootu Furt.ituie. rover d with brocelrt O. It t; rli h at deseri lion. VI. ?Rofao, Arm CbO?r?. <? ?'!. ? h Ch re Olioi.-ai V Br - sti l Cu'talne io match the aui.'. Bookraae. C. rtrr TabJ. s If col*, urea. Cab. <d Br . e, fire.uVn t it ?t..eme < mna v ??r* r.oi ? pm iree O.d I'mpiii c? I oniPen? nrtivl*: br -r 'u" ChsudellCIS ). pel. lt,c hosravio-e V oivet ialuou C.? pu r and > en.el } nors ),-.<c Curta'us, shade- lao rit MAPcV'?I'i"- r'rs cvkn" orTAVh P.f.-EWOUD l'f'f i St t g. t r i U' ft tU''ion this sonson; < im urv <'if ii C ".er. St?>ol, Mu>ir Hooks IU;! >t?; . *?> u it arp \, royevrno<l nmi u;?.niit kft ,H" V.'ar iriiberi. lioin?jd^> ; rmoir*' ?*Jt - ?i't* e*? .s l,i>"i,.s MVu.1 Hs'i id t Ir.ii V?:^n is. ^ - ?. mien* r.?* Cha'rr, L" i : oi t ? ^ v . iiru?.v f. '? ros ! Ml ;; It-vm I u i> nuor nxni ? ; , K ,4?r v . ?\ T?- ,? cfitter ''Wt ** * V * " W: rt- (< 11?*. , uthJ aUo, ;t. ' the Fur: tft? * ??? ln;*sri vaute a i ivtmeiiie te.-rtr- -<t.h nv voatl'nd 'hi. - e ,p ;iu >r fith ave i sr?-.r ? take mm A?ie. St. on- s or Metropolitan lint P-^r :iw -it 'd'.l. ev , ti"ar l oua*. ? A ........ A. M tiiNII" CI-.N tlo'js MO. D XUBMIl V Hi- ft fl: :? i I'liATP. i*l ?; an" mani . HiR K'Vit.- Ill fr .ill y-V HOWOOD PIANOKOHT BIPvi-R PL it- . Tills i' * ' >. , . .. aVI, Scot. :r , At the re.iuehca 21? Vi .-.r .?? nth ? seet. n ar Ki : ? . Co-v.mei.c'u. tit I.)), o'cloi k A. 51 T ie vale co-ripr'sr'-en no <? i*i iho un :?e i e ?D-ffiittl I'ariur 'urn-tit" *>? *.r,' rorer.ood. The wh. > - ? I 1 Join- n:-. e> - - oi ca ? "fierlnt e tra lod ,, le cut .oacwiod e.rn octave Piaoofort-* with ?. u.o dei'u imp ',remote!, i.yeratmnd ba's. r -h rovewrood St ??' emer-i in satin, ad-: em*?r-'d?red ?"? in. ?' ' ?? ewt in ???;? i,i rneewon I Pari r P rn 4 we, in ' ?> -r -aile end MBiin; tmm+c* 1 f- <* andtostly ^ ? rc ^ Vft'pt ia?. r .velvet . iuix rh and ).??> Cosirs. in ..oe rep a: ro?ewi.. 1 I'rntre ttnd S u-: -k hie l ahles rtn:..? pirred . t S u?r Puds III nil- dish ijanv: Hut nuc car e ! Bedrteailv Vfa hitamls. Sofa Bci?. in Cne h? rc 1 i, Hit V Urease frt-ui 4" to S". poiimU, to e2 Du'ni 'ltiae .'l II. el' o con. etiu . of fete cak Exteu-.'-ii TahV oak Ann ' "vr. Ullver War . ?ca China. Iv ry and Stiver s II.let v; ?ork>. F??-?'Oo. A - . wit. o?vy 4 w ?ml . n graved O^sawarc of every . eecrn t on. No i.ctuone .-u IiBTRACF-l'tNAUY OP! CRT! NITT FOR _ \N 1 j\ Hr?>MC^CV?- v t'uruituis*, c ?..tii' Vi orki of Vrt r*tvt Ai? ? '? ' > :i*i > Rofv-wcod B'iHh, #vBr 7ik)y<if ?h ' i The whole- .at TIN OFi. I H F W Lt'TCOTT. Atn tihneer, w li. .ell tilts alln .I"' ii I el iwo o'clock, tl e > m ru or hoes Sa IN ? c?l | Two atf , tie&r 8 ?? re utn %trrn?ir. fne inr'" *< chambers, d.niug I'lou library uniU raei > nm comp ? t I oral abed with A-entlung adapted to a lash^n*..- e . e ocnie-solld i-oeaoi J Ktngetee, sUf eiy UU Inbi**. r-se rtttll- t.tb .o Pook a e? Kecrntary atid B Bronrc". ' tnvi ?'"! ? *?!' " figures, raintluge i y errnent artist . sold rtwod Bedstead. Bur-aus ov.-r. UHuir and d'-rtnc Mnttre ?ee 71-U vaid- Faroiu.y 1 Inr.rsln On.? pet-. Cbaire ol el kin-it French ? nwa. K s <ui. L _ aoj Pol"iiiatt Gleirwsin; Hilver, I ury ??' .? Cutlery. X | Bsl.i rein or abine. f till doserlptlvo cAtalogtee at boi -e. L'CTION MOT1CB.?POSITIVE AND PtariMrTORT mViNIFIC.-.ST HODBF.IIOt,D FURNITURE, atatj. ir* i-.LRGANT BOSKWuOD PIANOFORIF, VBLTET, BHUBsKLS AND INi.KAIN CARPI'.TS Bv L. IKiTII, attcponeer. thte (Wednesday) ai'-irno o, 0* two e'rloek p'eneely, at the four story ree.i-onofc 'I" CliB'ou pv?, Kiel,th etre-1 Peireen Fifth HKth ever e?. eonaletlng of hand'O-ie l r?<-.' ?nd '.np-.-alh Cnrtrets. three rlog?ul l'nrlot 8un mvired ,. brx-at . I reps: reiewood l-.t?<ece, marhle tnu Cent o and )' crTahle-. |.?ce i nr-.j-iit tine ml I'alhUlige. Brun t- c oi-k ri h V??-? Perior ortiaioeiits Turkish Kui Giiairt, Lot.nges and He septiun ..U^s.Corn m- ???-U yo<)n ? \ NOKOIITR. . el 'MIL AND l OVXll CDBT $ f?i. . jewooit By. ?tea . Hur-uus. -Vash- utt ?. -orl-.v ? . Itelr Mattrevse- Biauseia. Beds. Chsire. B. d (.ounces, as fns Rickets Mirror. Clo-ks. Tab?. Ryeosion Tahl-s China. Glass and K. 'or Ware, Table Cu.lory. Ac. htle pocttrv* a UCTIOX RaI.F OF CLOTHING AND PIKCB OOODN jV i-eti-rally ?A eo. by or lernf asatgn-o, a large -it of Hosier, eu-l fr mutlogA?J. O. HALHISOER. Auctioneer, salesroom 2? Hoiserr, will tell on Thurs lav. 2let ins-ent. at t? o' lis l pr? isr'r a large aMd well u-soried stock or jteadv 'AM' ;! othmv. onsistlng of lu part Overrunis. fro-k and .a--k ?-iisle an-1 uonb e brsasieu Dross Coats. ?I1 i^unlt tu-.: a so l .tslnyseConU. ef ill styles and erodes; together a thili -rkln (sn y ess..mere and sattuctt Tantaend Vests '".aTso a ark-e l nr of Tlrce Goads, b sek Ibeekin Pilot Clot hmrer t'sssrueie, letdtes doth. Farmer's Fa-in ? esiai, M.ialins, Banves Wds-s'. fsi rt'mi l.n hi-s Trmimlrg . Ao., being the. most superbi Act #?*r oT? W tu h? ettahllshioeB' Ii.c.u I-I lu Pie ss e ?tl. be a lorgo lat or Uoan-r' Ttsve ilne and Lndrr Bblrte snd trawe- U -.inGei's Mud U's e?. Cravnts krarfs. liana kernlaiets. Drs . S il-ls. sui many o herertic ss which epace ( .rh: s t-R 11 mention. Ca'aJo-?vVfaiU i n the n-.em'ng of sa'e * OCTION aI B. -I.BN I. p. FAIBf.HILD, Al t). A ?r'?. V I I -ei: l.n Wed .teder. Bop'. 21. at 10 o Moeb at if Nss-wii s; e?i, -second .ry. a Hige<inantlty of Army Cloth.'m a ? .W ,ts-? I'viulpnieats. i-on-lsting of fDer, oat? lackeit B'e ??. Fan's. A . also a Isrge aa.orlment o. Cape Kns, ? et'rldye Bot-r f'aeieens, Hpaulets^ Xr . htp- ? Ltrsn and Leather Gaitera The moat o* Mile ? irpvrt,'t of Frcu-h manuft'i re A .) L BMTTH ACfTlOBKEB. WILL HRI.L THIB . cay. at II trick, at N-i 17 Nluvresea! ple-e (Ninth etrort). between Boeo- d and Third avsoues, one Piano of m lendld ' ire and llnlsh cost I'D' throe Per or Suite, rase wood end itshogsar BOdrotim Pnlu. Rerkors. UIsiiii mahocanv a d maple tfhelrs, Teulee. Bruise:* anr Ingram Cerr'ta so .evsrytsieg that teloags toe hret nlasi h-iesv A LOTTOM BALK?OP #Ht BARRELS HOCRBON AND A Rye Whi key. Bre> d:ea. Gin end other Lir.ufrs. -S. HF.Rb AM A GO . ? lut.oneere. se.l tn * day (W mine.da- i. Beu'ember 21 si 10?t h'e' at a; 13 llosm?, 'h<- . trn- rteck ol John McMabun. B*|.-vi? 45 asae Kremh Rrandum, tmrboo. Rye. '-.xuhaod Irish Wluskvv; pipes aod barrels Rutland C,n. Port ?od Sherry Wines. NN rase* and haelets C'.aiui oga- a la'ge -U| Begata. ToBs-oo. tanoue Lienors. Ar A1 COTTON kAf.r ?BI.RDANT IIOI'NBBOLD Fl'RMI tare u? he an l on i hure-'ay bd list by HKSkf H. LIIFDS A CD , at 77 Rest rweniy eighth rirae: ,?? K. T WILL?. A' CiTONI.LR? 3AIJS OF BaRTR I, ernware and < i.ts lu open |r.D and rra'ee on F'rldat, g-pv 27 at K?o i o * at the ?'<"# 7S M'.frar ylrtet ? *" on m"raini ?! sale. DW IV RF A ? U, AUi riONKBRS -RALF.SnOOWF ? MdBr<s<iwi, will srl. at Button, on Wednesday | "#,t' *km!co'nd*hand furnitubb onlt Cen*lPt'"k Furnltoro Cerpsta Mirrois t'h'na and O aea Dentist t)hnlr. ReUtneeu Instrument Stand. Ae ; Segar I Bote,, GoM Wst t Of, PalnMBge hew ng Mafhir.a. Ar. I TN W 'v'?* * co ? AV TIOHRBRS?SALBB I U. hnnt 04b Broadway, wilt eel) at a irllon, on iburs day Bbgd. Si. nl II o nioes S'lnteb first e aaa Furn lure awd 1 fawny ?}wdet mi flrat tlbse oify madefbinlturb. _ /XBOIS&i CflOl. ACcilO-ttR Ij BOl-SF.H. WtflilHvisli llARMtRt I Thiednr at I * ' at IJ re*itw,.v. supar% sorrol Mnree V?7 W. nd -terne a Vi i,m Roek?w?F?. second band Go Bpckdw '"f /Vugvy, a>. N R ?0% Thure day Houwib' 8 f ?8iidfb. TjilflT B. HJKBTr 7?Z AOCTIOBmm*. HENRY H. LBKDS, AUCTIONEER-IIBMHT H. I LEKDS A MlNBB will toll at auiiou. on rt>rs4a? , Hopteaibir 2Ltl li?H w'clorh, at 78 Kaa' Taau.i algtfh , Mtreft. tiluibn Hotnsoboid Furgltura al la fine order. coo 1 a,Cling of Vrlaat and Brumal* Carpetl. roMWood Parlor bulla, covered cnir. -on sad drab, aitk trim.. 101. purple and while do, Fh-r Omaaoa and Vooeo ?rhnaon Hatin, Ua meek and Leer Curtain*. Lucy Choir*. naawood Piano f"rlr, Ci al'e Table. Si 'e do . rus-wood Boo and Bee- i loiarr, IviuiDgroom Furniture. H-.iroom*. in inahugar.y, r >?0"ed, H?il4iath I .res*.u* Hurt, tosewood do Mvl tree: vs. Pi low*. Oil I'atuiiagii und Knertvinge. Mautel Or. nameuie, Murb o Vaeoe anl o'Uer Fuiallure. Follicular* io caiaionuo I T K H AI.SK Y A CO.. AUCTIONEER* Wll.L SH U '? . TiilbX>AY (Wadnoidai. Sept.-1, at 10o'clock, oa Ut premise* NO. 9) KWEN HTRfT, WILlilA MiltTRO. coraer or Johue'.n atroet. n coral *<*oi tinea t ot h .vai'vr ARK. HOI'S PCkMaillN'a "OUi>??, S10VRS,. RA Nil Kb. TINWDlRK AC. betas (be entire tuck of J. s< > it S> iJlu hlner who la da uIIuium usinejua, end coiisiKta of ??. ,;r AJ0 o>.ta'.oaued luia. Gate froiu foot of South .?Tenth iircct p?as iba door. T .IKNKINB, AUCTION Kb B WILL FKLL AT AUG e) . Hon on Wndneedap s |>teuioer!l. at 1.401 Broadway, bttwien Kuitiaih aul Vorly-tir-t sre?ts at 11 oVock? Ht.r-os Cariiiuie*. TYsgotio. 11 ? u< ea, ifuub.a and eloe e; "On I). etor.. Phaeton, i nr sli .-est Phaeton, twj Tor and no lO| ka en haud'e*. Jlrldles N He Wli'jM, Blanket*. At. Out bay 11". so. suitable for a ocupe. 'T~ sPt.DNKR. AUCTIONEPK?STOHB 188 NEW la. Canal street, will aed . a Wrdiiftduy the 21st 'U Kt 11>H O'clock. ilTPGrceue street neotei H. nehi'l ' Fur rutine, an Aofiie. Chair*. Tab re, Kedan atl.v ilalr Manreaaev. Bedding. 8d0 yard* new ol club, onn very large 1 renth plate Minor, Lace t'*. Ao ; also one Counter, Wine* and seven burn In Old Bourbon MORRIS YYILK.INS. \CO rroNEFul K .VjSOUTOK, S SACK OP VAl.UAMLB rP.OPCICTT. E II. Lt'liLOW A CO wlU sell at ntl> tiim oo ThoraSsy, September a, at l2ne!ork. at the Km haw? aalMronut, ill Hra.leay By order of Christopher Kayei, lia p, Kieeator of e*ute p? JauieH Kubittiiu dectnued. Fli*t n t ulie and Snlaenil rtr ?;t.-?'Sha leaeee of ibr lotN. with t e trick tenatoetit build.ntia n:-.l aim en tharetn. on the aoothen < corner of Fiiat nvenut nnd Forty-Ni*tlki? Itn.>,vo ai No? "'18, I'fll and 275 Klrt.1 invenitd and No. d(?.' Kat Bute-nth Klraet Tuu leaxtu. hake a out aU yenra to run. with covenant-! of rtmoral. Cattnun strfel? five siory brtok ifot ee ami St' re l*i tinit noil Ntre t netu R'Olort ut; hoiike t'ti hi about 2i)i lot 2&rl0'. Rlvinijtnn ?treel.?Three atorv nnrt I "wcement bricl: lluuee and Lot, 8u? Ktvineion Hlmet. new *? s Hireet, lot 2i" B'1. About Inn r.t re? of Laud nr?i ibc dt" iilou due of HtutiE ? o and Flatbtvdi. Kli.nbelti City.?One lot oo Liberty street T>AVTNI?ROKFirp HALL?THIS DAY. AT 1(t O'CLOCK, 1 .'tlilb MOKl'lMlfR Will sell, at 11 I e . Kroadivay, DroFRee, Shawls, Herldini; of all kitnle atrd a varlaiy of ott er Cowd'i. By order of II Bate*til, 21 iUud avcuua. PAW Nlttl.'.KKR'B HALF -ON THIIRPDAT, HKPf. 2!. Ml 01 New Bowery, iLMKs AbAK Milt soil, al II tf-'ock. a rery larje a? o ttneut of Men - an i Woueti ? Wetiriny Appar l, cotiaiatlng of Sills. M t u . Calso njid Olbar Dresso*. bLIrt , Cudaralotde Bro In unit ll'm F' awla C iats I . ats V??ts 8'"oeis, noilfa It u' ket> t'a: lortorv Sproad* and other araaouaWe ci ids B> or 'ur oi He, man. Licensed lJ*v l.V. Broome uto. PAWNBROEHBS BALK?THIS I>AY. A"i til NEW ' Bow e y. JAMES / v Vlt wC, Mil. at ll n'oioev. i sr;.e as (."d>i Icia) of Mean Clot blue cons!-uuy m Oin . Prix, sod KuamesN Coats. Paula. Vc?;i-, Ao I'llt aalo i leilts the alien ion ot dna e s and oihers. By u-Jer of ,1. li. Phillips. 66 Catharine titreat. 0 It. ROLLINS. A HOTION K F R ,-L A BOB SALU'OF V\. aaeoudband Fura.iura MULL i-Y \ UOLLIMS i/l 1 sell. Ibi-il?< ai 2 o'cjtii.! ., a! 4 ; Can.' ntrcet Cat/on, Oilcloth. Redste .da iln uptm Huieaua. AVaabyuudt. do. Lool cbsnoe to: dttalers Q ROBINSON, AUOTIONKIiK.?'HOBOKEN A III I). 1 J. aoit City Truttce'aaale oi Va'uable Ilea Kalule, iu Hndann city it Je ey C y. N u IH n.ns'ii"ifeii; Ituiid in. lyils, will' all klitos of cholc*' fru land shade ueea, the homestead of lie late Oo i.ue. .laui' J Han.aou. . \ lain Park?4. ROIIINBON. Auc tioneer, will Nrtlal pirf.lic Mticityn, i v order of ll.u.rv llitrrl hoi., iruaiee nu V.di.e? '?y ami TPui . lav, Weptciubtr <1 KUd 82, rou.tncncins ** fui o'. lock P. M eaeltituv. on il e I..bund*, tl.e above mo.ltiouoj urupetty. Ti. a apleu iU pr owl tv ta gltuat-'l n Uu leon city and .Teraay City, lying ii-, the brow o the lull. ureiluOiiui; lb'- city and bo. of New York, Jeraev City hi. i ilcjoki":. lu'ioif the banrla>iuo('ar.d pn; Ice p i.u '^ty for zautle ncn'a .."iderre* In t'.e ouptv lb,: home caia inn trout 1,'r.ey City and wi.olc oout'ty. The home caia run n,.c, ?. .. Hoboken to t ,t- I'iva Cm nere, passing the rronno cverv fifteen mlnutea? Ifnc a-out ten ir.lnutev The oara r .lop pi?*t the property coane.; wlt'i tho Jbrrey City ho i Hohr.sea 'e.r. Im.itato<'oriiiindt. B?rel i. Cbrtatopber, I 'h arnbar und Uetbn >?e atr. ets every tl'teea tnmi'tcs, t!' "liv lilt,IK- all cuveuiencea 10 pal (iu* deairiil": this t.ruiii rt;. arid r'.o'n t btis.n ?:? In N.uv Vurk. pur p.rti nats ?n m ipi in uli? of H ROUINitOh A..c: ou t.?, or IL.'K', HAS It! SON lib le-lfoid Street. New V id. IlLNR ilABI'.IHUN, Tie Or. OOP 'AVON C.'AI AT At Ci fiof.?0FK1CP OF THE I ? .1- -?..ri .'.is. a vatna tr. I'.i ep?d t> i any. 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S'w A ork, n the ' ni c'y 0" Cayn v cruutedby th T o.j. 1. ?' / tVel>N ?? j. ire of a..i" eourt, sivi ' wr l of vv oti.o. i "' Je. ..rr'.', to nr ' Irrrtuu s'p 1 dd.ivere', I o; . xi'"r? to 'i At j n'.M.a vcrd..e o We.lnea .ae tl.i l blai day of " r use?, IA'4, st ': . u V. . o th' v hi: a ibc flv Hal', ir l ie c " u: New Yori I.f.een oo ioen i ? raofon,* ihnu?tn i ear':-Ilri.ted amies ? ? t o . .inlo.'C ?? 2. ro .inre ytuor. ii e tI no w|e1 as I ?"??????? .V :. f'l.T'l r.'.l . b . "5 '? '? . ft ? 7. df? r- -ff, . 69.s; 671 ? ? ft 9,.". 1. ? ' I d'l .Muris Lt'NOH, She;If.. T?. r i I" : iv .'leu. , ?Wri:! ^y i no * :t. ACcrni .i.v.RS, v"'.i. si r l '.mis O. ii.' tv. i e d..i '. h f. 10;-j s a? t e nuefli.i, roe., a " ; Norti. v. ill unatieat. Hoc v. 1 r" ir niture, c u~, . . I ... o : tig-ra r:> : an ri r?a ii .irloe 'on eotre Tab ?- seen ? is.a ' r-'tivMd .a inghoam.y lied*:. .?d.-i. A'so *vi 1- " - E': ""'?H noil 1 Strain CarpeU BO ART, At'V'.HN"' Future-, of \TIUL SFLL ON o A J. nv i r-d.cs.U) is , Aid r.'1 "".TV. TV lb I liHv .. < "f tbe l'reui. WILLIAM V-'.TTi- "S. MTLi tONKMR, WILL S"LL * al 2 o'c r at t.'-t itana ?lit. .anr jiiv.r' ty of ?n" t.c n: civ auf Cio-r " 'ol;.ue: nl'. C..,f , o'l ? V'err r vfanrea Br Ming Ciorkory, Ch na, 0 >?e ?n l Kitchen tYa.a. CLOT1TVO. A SCRBIt VLACK.-AT 2,'i filXTB AYKNOF LAl/ti S aids -' "'in, will Hod the tar and boa- ?? V 1ST.'., t ' J' n >?, -an I.'la'ei? ? ,r 'ueir Ce?. Oil '' ou, leg. ? a. ? it-., iiaitur and Jewelrv, si tl ty per " n. .re '' ut Al e. .> ? ' r? ih? c.t'. I h Ui (? y the ol o ... a*.?Hi!V l.r- e? ir-u J1 to <5.<8: > ..a' >1'o AH. P?oi?62'. .17. An. for Wr.clan I'elalue ?n 1 i c-'n Droa-ea, ;be '.ilvb"?t cash prtc*a will be paid? A vail or a no:- b? y."*l vti be p inci. ilty e.tU'ndcii 11. es at it .ded t" bj Mr . .Mint/. i'le:i(u> remembe. the or.alt a. r. Vint-, aud tbe r.'.inbci, 2 :; finth, rear lit, Mcrutb j atreei A TTENTION ?AT TUB TTKIT STOR" 1" THtKD 1 ;V a e. ai d eiulen en are (:? a-anteed - - c-'.re nltare a a. 's...e? a. 3 "lu'cr en are . ? ^ ?HP . lb" i.i. I t Iilcca for Ca*t 'in ITeu. 11.a , 1 nar* , l-'itr nltare. Car s?'a tc . for fhe Po 'her?. and Vfe, i?rr. nivrketa Piea.A? 1 e; ; ulw r to try C MINif lit TU-d rv oo' e-vr jut lie* attar.d'jJ b> Ki.s, M..U. hi .ok lyn orders ttL'i.ded 'o. \ 'rri NTTf/N -LADIUS AND OSNT;'. 60 PGR CJ'.S i XA. ino o lor Cast Off Clotl.liiK than n> an? o' .11 ?h? '!t?. It eel'inaon or addms'in 1 N AUK v.l AMH M Soweiuti avi : ,r. neiwcnu V ? ei . ?.|.l , .out) sl tl. sir ?, ? mnt Siiir N. B ?A hlitb nti-e will be pi.4 lor U>e ' oA' I B-lios ?nen 11 to. I a T-* BO.VF.RY,? it. KOSf N TRAL H vYINf? A <-RRAT I de-|i e ?o ).tirni.?s-? a : lye V lt .' V o I A ; ai roll'irr, Car;w , low ,ry. A. y . .'I'nc or or 1 ? 0 ? "??'ail "a aud . nile. rn . ao oli'a.a toe uta->?t ra ?(?**'?,.. :*t e I.s 1 e' a ? d to br Mr? R i* ll. a.. t* ?4.* ? .'".le al>*r. &ad Irv H53 llowiry. uj r*?fcito Ureal .!< r? ? t AHT J If. , P N1H AVI Mfg. CORSRP Or TWf $ PY ?-slb ireet.?M. 1'vK 1 ? .? :f,-- in.; --*1 ni ret for j iautes- ami net.ilemen t ? ololf ClotblBp. i'?rpe a. 1 irto lure Ac , ' v e.t' a? adu.Wriina a uoie. Ladiet atiend.d I r, br Mr* I'a" ATT I" NIT ON -Af M. MAKKo ill SF.VBNTM Ait n?, near fwratv dfi'o ui-s !m1nr anu .ei.i.vnieu, I n ? . be bani'V .? attend with the "tmott ..ow i'talliy. *r the rati rr.'t of 'bu?e wl.ovsiln d.,n.w, of t .cir "'as: Oil Api?r*l. and proiniae ta pay th- I-',?: en ur" ease 'Al ? n or'tcd-eag 11,iter* wf'l to- ivafn'i/aofn ed to and I out ?f me city. LaJies atlradrd i? \ira. Marsa. 1 IT 187 HIirH AVESI B -LAItlEK AND KENTLK 'a men, if you v. l?h 10 rr. elva ihe . Igheat yrioe ftrvi r OB C otOing, i-*rpetN. ri'ii.ltore Ac,, the beat vou an to call on or r.-aa a note to I'. MIN CL. at N" t o S'Xtlt 10, '.no Uoora 'runt Trr.tb avert. Ladies ar'.'liiird t? Mtntv True, you wit be n?all with to ?cai aato a? rnd benebt. I rBMTON ?LA DIRE AND ORNTLRVKN ARK I'.iaraviO-o l? re ?lve ti.e t. gi.taijn w lor Caai ('It king. Addreaa * /.P ON .V or JTI Third areBi.f La waiieii oc by Mr* Lean 1 *0. im aF.vKvrn Aifxr*. jiPTt^t kf vtnf t-en'h ?n>. Twrntieih it" ?t. v.. MILi.RH w.l, pay full ra oe lor ladle* ?ad i-rellemea'f Caai t?lf "etb ng. alliag or add reiki t.g a note rrP.N-UDN-LADIKM and OFNTLRMPN WII.I. r? e.ivc ine highest pr"r*? <cr 'hetr .is as of t" o?b Bg. i'"tt. Ac., by ralltag 00 or adnrossiag Mr or Mis it j N f tC tsey*n|h at em.;* r rnr PTf>nt .** < aim ink etkeft -lahif.e anh I'sntleuian w(!l raeeias ftp par peat mm* .or t att f'l'thing, ty OA'ltng ? addrs'f'rg Ladlsa atisadeu to tra.HR I ARHBBkO 1 aw TH1 ? il|B|l vhh'R for Ladi**'nno Oenttemao ? 1 in (iff f IstMni Pane* lad .poo l.y a diosdna L lAabherg. ff Kat Twelfth et. Bear Broadway LaJ as "s 1-0 aa by Mr* C I tVf.V CPKNI I??IfARH'.K CAhHIREO. I'd COR 0.1 of vs*. auto atan.r and T<?* c sif'Oi Ir id *f Cart Off Clothioa. I a.0 willing |*T tfc* tilth's', ?as an.: geoue.ner ylease naskl'sr tfe* aho?? ? ? ? - ft ,.?? iiVv i-uirmso wahtru, at I I if If l u." .. )\* -UX'Tilh IVC^^Ci lilt I.MUU. *P-nfT fr; 00 or ?'ld/*?ln? l ff!'"#' ||r? NoiCkWl Ladisi nlionrtsd by MfU Mo.aao-ri loan ornc??. . . 1 ta" a ALLY ADVAM-RD f"v D1A 7._M(>nF.Y 5*V, p,.?rr Was. Ao Am rw?ffs?r^s5?'''*' "IT -, riCKF.TK P0U0HT-0F MA i ?."iiM i.iyer Waro Uun* ttatola. Dry ai^Bli Oib.r gocda OTaretAla -a a tad' taStlraJt iw? 4U VHS UKTVRB IBkaOR. iortant LBCTI1RB" iu'ii>-FOR ? v at the N?w Torh My*? t o of Anaiomv *18 "r?a4 lfuilea unable to atleaM hess Le ?'ors s o*? dh?? a! tai oV "cAhit ot isuv o? . v by i-we'**? ia Vast Muaa.'Di of Aoa iwh jwr jrftowi wi_ A avHBBR OP mi BBCOMluiNDRD Gt*M4f female* want eitaiBllen* m Mra Ltff E'S Germaa B autju. 17 Want? it, nnar the Rawer*. A RBSPBCTaBLB WIDOW WlMBf A NITUE A can to eeok. *Mk and irea. whar* al* nan liar* fear ??hp- tiire* Mart old; *H>i ?? ?bjeet Call at bat r> wtaat oa. *A ?*?; M at* A YOUNG WOMAN WAN IB A SITUATION AS t HAM barmaid and to naaiat to M? vraahlag aa<1 trooinf ? ta 00 bouaawork tu a await family Jks tnan aw/radar ?aaaa. Call Mr two dan at 643 M are. SITUATION WANTED? BY A tOUNO GIRL. A| __ cbkt..bcrma.d and aoaiuslreka, oaa d? ad kuid* of t? P 6? and cau work < n Wheeler A Wil.on'* ma .llaa. Meat afrit. rvrareaoe. Can tt awn at IU V'teat I'd a!. 4 BR.irEOTABCB OtRL W7HRKS A SITUATION Aft A 0 .anihmr.Aid aud aaurj-M ar to do a, iterai a. uaawor* In a "mail bn-aio fan:Uy. deed civr nc; Cai: MP two days a' S3 Weal 40th al A SITUATION WANTED-DT A K SPf'i'TA BLh woitar., a. first c4*-? uoaItlftroucVy ur.dar,, audi, baa bunine**. MAM t*'*Umi>aiala. Can be area f.rtwo 4<ty* jg nnt nutated, at ?2 utcka at., corat-r o! Attaint, Rnruk'ra In the jro erf Mure. AlEirilTAIIU (liltli WANTS A DTTUATIO I At DUI>? kti l aeamatrru; uudf-.kb.uJk e:, i>r..t..rt, i. .a ti* beano iiea. Call >1471 Sit ar., uear 34th at., third tvry. A TOON4i.ltIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A vile 'ttiaiv aa *?aunlre*? a ad to aaidat la M><-e'umm herwork. GArd <rtty ref rrw* App.y for two dart at No. 1 Un . n uuurt. Uuiveraity plate. \ YOUNG WOMAN LATELY LANDKI?, WANTS A auutC-uB to du general hou?ew..rk. Call at 1 I Warn 1'Bllt at. AREsrKOTAHLK GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and Ann vide and ironrr or to do lijlit hottrework good city relvrcnce. Apply at 4ljB 2d *yw* bo wen milt aud 2'id a.t A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS PI AT* cork; iaaiiooj wavhar add 11 n?r, good rrfa. ? nca* Call at 110 Degraw at.. Brooklyn. A RKSPKCTAHLK 01HI, WISHKS A SITUATION TO J\ do plain arninr and chnniherwrrk; the beat of eftjr telorcnte guar.- Aj-pi. at 8676th uv., third loor. ARRuPK.lTARI.K too St! l.l.lh VHMS a KIT-A tiou as ntnae and plain sener, or would on rhu.iibeir. work and va'tiag in a prlvato tatniiv; uiy rafeivnr?. Cart at im Ha-I l".';h st., at the dreagmakcr'a. A BBS! NOTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION At t'.a,i brrr aid; ia an excellent washer and iron-r; mr to do geurnl luiu.-ework; can I'm Utah go d el'y rcerene*. Cn. at.It; I d k*e.. corner of 2Sth at. lOMud tioOr frawb room. * BITUATIDN WANTRD?NT A YOUNG oiKL. At J\ waliercad ? l.auibcruiuid, oi to do whi'..ok ainue, bait "I city ii la rut;- from Iter last empio' or. Cun l o aeon (at two diva at -t Ucl iv.. mie door from the c rner of lath ik A OOMPtrtNT '.VONan WISHER A SITUATION At fX. inok in a Brat clana family; underalxude roups. tnoaAA psti.r anu Aosarrts: n a ynoi baker of t rend aud paairyt good iuteri net from lior last p>aee. Cab M.O We-l 2t'ih M. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AHMIIt J\ Miekxln a prirnts fatitl y; un ilo >'l kinds ufr ">A and would Jo rbKtnherwork. car tivo five o:i:> i-iti ;efa m. ? tr-.... uar lam i> ac ?. Can lis >ren for mou i.ra at IT* Wuat '"!U a;. A SITUATION IYANTRD-BY A OOMPLTBNT PEE h.ii.. fill iftadc and t.,.Lo in a pr-rate lurully: gim eatiifacMi v laferencc. Call for two day at 44i? Ihi are., ear ner of .'.?_'il at. A SITUATION WANTED ?BY AN BXPEBIEKOft ndi'?e ai d aeamatrens; U capobio of uklr?a tt.f eutSit cbnrge i-r a baby; ln? tliclieateltv returewcaa. Can be aeaw until siiltci'. a' I >!? Wast T.'il si., lu.ur ti>h at e. \TOONO GIlUk WISHER A SITUATION TO DO 'uumework iu n amall prlraie family ; gnxti hy refw raiieB Call at lit ChaCton rt . between Hndaonaud (i-eeo wicb SIM. AKKBPRCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN. T./if'-LV LAND. ml \?bher a sitintinn as rnamberma d anii in willing It asalal ia H.e was.. n : and ii oamt. tlail at ilSl l.aai iStd aA, tlrr.t Jloor, f r two day a. An rxpkrIbncep nubsr wishes a situ atiomi thoroiiit'ilr unile.-Ktaoda the tair oU> ba'-y Iromdt ilriii 1? k noo 1 r'a ti aewrr: n<> i ll ei: Imi to i-.h-.m in tiaW bi oio rwnrk. Itest of i?ty referer.cea tian Op a?i:n fw A 3 hlrtli is k it'fo 1 p'a n ?r?-i-r: ti ? < b m iSfl^ to ite-.M in t le rwurk. Itesl nf i*ty reference* Can Op aapl ? si at 111 \? Ok'. 17th at., belirei.-n B;U ant! 7th ara. A 6 SKAMSTRKSS AND LADVS MAIO-CaN CUT n and i't draaset, mder .tanda iialrdrcasioit and ean opa? rate on 17heeler .t Wilmn's maeUloc. Beit of city ''eflsw enre. Appiv at bi Isa t loth at. ^ a RESPECTABLE AMBRTOAf GIRL W1MVDD A A aUuation At (iiat rlns* wa4ire>-; on.' ? ho can carve W reo'tlroAi Goml retereoee: nt o.ijuctlou to a t*>.cStag house. <'ai'. rt I'll AVest 2, 0i it., batween 7lb aud Mb tn., eei i nd I nir I 'f t*o daye. Itb Ci'i' i"fAKLI*. YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITf7JN tioii m.-, an 'ri-iiinidei d a litre a oi r.. ohtld'a nur do ?? kind! of embfDlaery ot j aiu xolnj; ? i ? fere tic A'? n be sec a at No' it/7 Vth ar., bev.recu Aol i 24Hi SU AKii;;.t atom At. w ants a situation?*d edit, v.atb ami ion in a ; irate tainrt- flva.?ur# re.eieiir.ra < all at 1,391 Broaivr*,-, between 51-t aaA Bid at*. ? UOHNf? AVOM AN W.AN'T.* A SITUATION TO COGIL A ?t Ii I'D'1 iii h. Good refe ?< ncea. 47*11 ?' i(H Woicetl at,, "urtc.-ceu 0 a uear aud fan Bruit. KroAIjo a MICATIG5 WANTRO?BY A RESPiii 'TABLE A yuiiitj, j r , ai or ? cook, Prat rate u aijie" vaii eeforeuca fr. rn la?t p.i.ce. i all li - - 'A >n' Mo A RKSPKCtAGLR Vt.CNo WOMAN WiSttKS A A. 'H' tie I at k*anirtr ?,? ide. stands jrm.. aAtoA e.i! e' r.. . i. in ing an. ooUatau. Call ?> ID .''it at . I' r it:, y etui 1 Jffl'Nt} iRI. V. ? -TS A K1 i I ATIOM, TO ' 1? A Berat .'i:u?f>v '.'k III n I fain . >',00d re.'eie.iOM, full at ip.. t lit. beikV. -II aal 3d era. AN WISHES A SITUATION TO DD .nit mr til: ; ot liutierark iii shim I ? ?*. r. ? iiiuiii : - 'jeeUon tu take tare if chl'uren; ? willing to makeliercrB retieroHv uaerttl; cao to we.l rtKOca itu-t, in i s*. e it , it. nt Hi t. x.aetShdet. \ YOUNG O .,'N WMMTS A SITUATION; UNITE A -land iO? t> g ? ini ? od tmb; ? ty irt"'ei.;te. Cell at III) 1,11-1 re a at . b liven IV- or and Srriny ?U. t HfSPEt ? AS Ii >1 DOLE AGED I'BO|ESTABT Jx v..ei a-4 w it eeaeCu-noo a-t nr r ui an Inrn d iodpt ran ber- ?" -nued yi-t .i! in. r..*, i aire ea* wait, nl i.i Cai i>- nern ? ncl enp.,yed at fit butler e'. , b. tweew Hmltb aud Hi ) 'x . Br okl n. A MTU ATI ON WANTED?BY A Kl'SPROTASLD <un,yg.r:. <va uur- -i ,? phuimm bn* ha.4 etr''"i n ? in. i i.inwealldri nv e?B br; 04 mrwt*e ueefbl. Cm ktMi i .it her tuesi Di>iki'hiTrr'?. ' * ? ?t Tin s . a PROTENTlNT G1RLWANT8 A SITUATION, IE A r\ >r:rate la'nlly. "? ?!?? general boufeuork; la a |M cviolt. waaher and ii uer. Ca.. at 74 1,'t.tiew *t.. room 8. Al'.RBPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A HfTCk. tmk to do jeii' ial ho iaunork. p.od itf"ti"jur. 4Ml al 2" Lilt e Hlib ft A LADY wrstrEB TO OF.T A RITI;aTI'?N ior ai I\ ho: 1*4. loin 'rlou* "tri abe ean dn plain eock e* o?M n i fli*t rate ?iieuer and ireuor; wnuiu ??> ai cl ami -ru.kM ami uurae. Arpl.r at 72 E?*l -'d it , a few uoors from 4th av. A K A TO'W: TOMAN Wls'ifcS A SITUATION AN 't f?*t I'm* wa, . >?:. ,h?.. i - maid and ararr alreeA Lmay.f .atrial, t' , r ? . ? drevmaicnf can be aecD I f( r t-ro daya nl 170 lia-4 Utb A SITUATION It AMI ill ? ):r A ItESPECTABLD p'ri, a:, eli imtk:: .;v,d and a ?*- or to lake - or* of oklldreu; gistd cuy ?efer,vi'? iro n bar last place. Call <W Co J>v, at Si bant if at. ARLKI*KCTABLE f'lRV \N" GIRL tT AVT4 A KITH, aliou. a* u'hmXiiu R^>in*(rrra. .n a r*-kf-a? t)I. ta?A ly Ca Inl 7*7 ba t llih k", eeiirrau av . C Hint,'. ? YOI NO GIRL IS I>I1MR0UB OF ONTATMKU A 71 atteatf ,n a* Orat clae* mt; i.ncertikoda c -k u in al IW br- a -lie*; .a I) ? ? i-tr -tee. ?,'i ? ?? twe day* a; her la". ?u plnycr ? lid in p.a.?. awitli Hrnok'r^ Anituation wan ped-ba' a tiomsbtewt rorie# . w o ;n in. ai I'uai .Irtimaih; b.v mil rafetenee Caaba neep etfii, We*. T" ?t. for two day*. > SITUATION WANTKU-BY A K F SP ECTAELD rounc woman, a* rook wr .V-r au.l Irouer; he?i cM rrtarei.eo ?; ??j. Ca.i at l.'IWea: ;lki ?t.. corner id 7?b a e.. Ihtf.i poor. AJtRSPKCTAJILB YOUNG GIRL UE8tRI-.ll A KITH*. . Hon a* >"d pun anuinetie* and abunberii aid. ..r w tak' care ol '; I* w 'Itpp u w :U ivi-d'aj an ) ironing ot to ;?p the v?*iu.ry; irte.-eoca front laa* plane ( ail at ?4*' West 'fi-b ?t. AS COOK ?WANTED, HI A CGHPFTI.NT W<i*AN, Willi excel lew t city refereuie*, a Rttdatieu a* mnk m all lie brap.'; UP uraland* na e?. goni-a. nllle.- and fame and N elii nt baker ol ml * uda. la nailing to aa ?i*t in -rpeliine Cun b* aee.i icr two da ? nt !4U I'.aM ?t.. third (V or. front ruo.w \R1'*I'ECTAIU.E WOMAN W\NT? TO TaK'1 I* waehlny; ? ? coif..e|ea i? nilren; reteicnro* (er xyear* Addiemkil bmntcu. -.. >r end ltoar, iwea rooo. t TiU Nt. GIBL WISHES A SITUATION Tf? IMi UT ? a I'aira eoik and pla?*> ewlne wti '?r wke eai* ofehtblren- h*a Swod ' ~ " at M 10th a?.. #-et Be a PROTEST t M tViDCAY. HAVING A SKWINO MA A run.a, nouui ll?? a vtti.ation to doti.' "wlucefa p oufi nrn-Kte f..nil'r, or would w varr u efu: to a uuly bar atai* tup b*rta lie' nunaeiif Id dutir-; ha' ha y numiieva* yeara' ?. per.enw to ibl ? Ajipiy at 170 \f Wi tf iu at A SITUATION WANTBD-EY TWO REHPKUTAULD girt* oneaa.-ook. wnahte aart ironar the nthar a* (ham ei.naiil and waitrr**. ihn ten ?( my ra.arena* I en ? al *1 HW W<-*t I6lb *t.. be-.reei, 7th an . Mb av*. \YO> NO <1IKL AA'IHIIBS A FITCAYIUN AS PLAIN rook w n ?*od waeber and froegr., re!?r> enrea. < all at St Weal JOia a> A SITUATION Wt?TrD-.*T A RSSPfiC. TABLE plrl to do aer* a> hr i?*wfirt t> a nuiail m,.?te laaw ty. brat city referem*. a. at I* kern at it At eat 4,'U al. ta fbe rear \Ttll N.I Hi.MAN WaNTR A SITHATU/N Ah CHAM f i nam h*> >? t* reference C*? tie ara'tl tSi at betwaen l?t*t,t 'data ATOV'NO LADY WiFNEH a HITtJATION AS r'AIE ? trek* or 01 T.I ant in n -cm , .-ap, tabid tauiliy gufay to Cailferttl i Peat fefyryaen a? tostaWfcaai ea*. at., earn be ftrat. Add eat l, ly liaiaid alllce AIOI NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION *? ban. rrmala aiaS aaamateaaa C'b> eafeiMo e?, ? 'au at I.Ab A?*i .411. bett.-eei, 'id ?*< -Ad uv* i rerprctahli: youno girl wants a siiha ? V ? on av i humi erma'c and n* ttraa cr ?5* ia ben in add kit plk'B eain-trtwe efty reremace. (all at CM We*t Afifh *(,. for tnb AltTUATXOM wantrp-by A vocmo girl, yd fie chamfer work and waitier of aa chain barmaid mad Ikuudrwa. Ouoo relet aeon. Can be aeea fot iw a day ? M V Weet Wlb at, betwe. a fitfc aed 7th UT* A. SITUATION WANTBD?BY A RB'APBCTARldE alt s to da benai wort In a pylmta,fkralhyt la a waeber aad irener Coed ra'eienue. (Ac >Ct BaiUA at., balwaea fttb and .11, in \ SITUATION ?lr'. ** f hn< .baimnti aad Wkitrp,-. at an* eeainatt 'ta C?. at avs f lb,a? yreem No. 8.

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