Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1864 Page 3
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?ITCmOHS WAWTlP-fMill ?%a. TO U HO WOMAl WAITS A SITUATION TO COOjt. Wittfe and troa, or t? do towwere ?a ? nmnu EaUlj, good rofareace*. Call at 206 Baal Htl* at YOUNG OIBL WAITS A "TPATIgMJfO 0*^. waah an 1 iron, city raferaaoaa. taa oa aean ror twa in at 41 Atlanta; at, lu tha stof. A [*322 * ffffiBoif AJ) 2?7 ?'; clty ,.ir?^Le'S;i)X, Lb*?"n ?? tak. ?? *j? Pfd*d*t employer^ W W?.i 3Jk^_'M# *Wo dlay* . SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPLOTA BLI A airl as Ikus'lreo* or'o do chsmberwork or In# washing ?ad"oilof. iJeittoi Gly reference. [Call at Sod 6th ?r., Mat m at. TOUNO GERMAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION u uarMrjr g.tferr.ei*, otuimulon t* a lady or house per. Call at 6! East 27th it r*r two >ty?. i RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WAITS A SlTi'A V Hon to do the general homework of a suiill family. o*d reference. Can be n to for two day a at 17? Weet 37th ., la the rear. A SITUATION WANTED AS NURSB AND SKAM A ir'ia. by a reaonrtable English girl, lately landed lu mis country. No objection to go in the coo utry. Call at 183 fife nr., up eUira A SITUATION WANTED?BY A REHPBCTABLB gwl, aa jit at ela-ia wailrPM or chambermaid and inv ar- Bs-t dty reference. Cau bo eeen for two day* at 2J Baal 36ib at. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, with good city reformer:, ai . ham ?rriuald and WAlirem. 0*11 at 34u Weal Jil.h it., nnui etu fw}6Ui A SITUATION WkNTED-AS NURSE AND SEAM tlreaa or to do eha.nberwork. Good reference. Call for two ?h?>a at 20b ft 'jet ltilh it, near 7ili nr. a BRSPBOTABl.B YOUNG WOMAN DESTRHN A A wm tin aa abainbermaid jvu.i emnstres* or to lake earc of ? lown ohiMrnu; no ob^ecliou io ?o m the country. Call tit Ml West 18th it. WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO PLAIN eookiug. v.-aiMofi and Ironing; haa elty reference* be e teu lor two day* at Ml (lib aw. A COMPETENT GlRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A. chauiberm.tld and waitr :se; n? a g..ed washer and troner baa.-o d 'Uv reference. Apply it 011 7lh av., be sweto al&t and d-d in. AJIK8PECTA BLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIT uailoii ai rh*iiib?rma'd nd waitress. Cail Tor two day* <ti 4tA 2d iii i., between ' lit i and 3 let -ta. ? RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION * i nur-e and seamstress. Can by ten. tor ;wo oayaat Deaoe at., fl.-uok!yii. A RESPECTABLE girl wishes a situation a* (.-uii t ? nurvrt, or would do chamber-work and plain aawlni;. Ca 1 for two day* at cS 20 h at. AQiRL WANTS A ?IfUAT)l?JJ, IN A SMALL UA . mill, to do general housework. Good city referenve from n*;r last pUca. Coil a. <6 Pearl et , Brookiyu, aecouo Saor. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD I.IKK TO enta-o' n a lew morn tauiillua by the day or weok; all St* wMi Mited. Rolereuoo* given. Apply at ?C Kultou av.. Stock ly n. BIT i'AflON WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND aeamiitresa; can procure good city reference. Cau be a for two Java at 2!>S a v. U. a BirUATlOl WANTED-B* AN EXPERIENCBD A tvoman, aa ir;r?9 aad lon nalreee, can take charge of ? baby t om it* birth, or brln* it up i<u the bottle; haa no afe eotton tu Lie oonntry; hay the best referauce Cau be aaen at 111 Went 15th at. ABITUAITON WANTED?BY A WlfLL LXi'ESIh.NO ed girt, as joo i coult aad suaiobtrcan, or to do houae work iu a eutail family, t.ali at dul Wea.abtli at. ^ Rb.SI'UC TABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A & ?lluat.ou .a auam*tiee>; van do all kiudHolpUin or icy embroidery Beat of reterence. Cau be eeen at 3U it 3 d at., Urst door, frout room. I hithation wa\tkd-bt a RESPECTABLE gir.. aa obatubertuai J or Or to do reanral boiise rk. Beit of city .uferenje. Apply at IS boiuuilt at., ntb Brooklyn. ? TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK and a>Aiat lu the washing. City leferoiiuea. Call at W e?t t-th st, near 7th ar.. second boor, faos room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE woman, aa - ook; no objections to assoc. -.viih the ivtilt and Irouiii.'. uood refernnov. Call at 420 tith av , co - jdtb over ib- bakery. i WOMAN. OWNING A 8EW1NG MA'.'l I INK, AND L a good operator, would Iran to enter into an engege. intcil er (Tub a tol ores* or shoe titter, to the mutual a ?. Atauu of uo b. Addreass B. Ji., horn 12? Hera o oifce ARESPECTaHIE YOBBO GIRL WANTS A SITUA Mil as chambermaid and waitress or ' iiainl)- rmaid ?ad p sin .e ver: his'he be-t of e'.ty reference. Cau be ear-, .or r.i o d. ys a; 37 West latb st. t SITUATION WaSTKD-HY A F.ESPBCTABLB A gin, as is -|?-s la mdfese; nntlf-itands t'mlcj lb all br?#rhe?, i a:i he ?o?u at 1?.,5 27t ; ?l. A PKOTESYANT WOMAN WANTS A SITi AT'ON AS A rhanh-rn>a d and laundree*. or as lauu-tre*?. The Mel < . re; , .-ciiee given. Cau be * far two day* at T.-2 West J7th si. Ri-SPEUTABLE VOI'NO LaDY DBSIHlNG TO GO to i j'liortinv, Wtabes to meet with aerie ? no tab'o !v who would need of her eeri- e. Hero u - t oin i -o .veiling. A Jdn ss for one week. M A. H , 86 West .'Utb *1.. toe .noi c. A err REnPLCTA.!LE AMERICAN WOMAV, WANTS A place io take rare of an lafaut. Has bad lorg eiywrl with ublldc . ran give the nest of ti'y efe enoe. Call two .? s at 78 jib i . e. I respi.vtable woman wanth a situation \ to cook wa*b nnd iron, in a ,.rlvate mI.I ila- -wo tars re,', re-jos ir jui her aat p'ece. C> i u two ilay* at I Pa 10 : si.. Brooklyn. COMPETENT DRESSMAKER W/Nfi A KP.W mere eij, a. onaents b? the day. Addioes M. P., dr*s* ker, Madison .. pjare or Un; m aipiare Past offi e BRAT, steady GIRL WANTS A SITUA HON AS wuitret* or chamiiermald in * private family. Bed 1 vefrrrnie. Call at 240 Bart !4eh sr. HITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS I 1 rst i lass waitress, or w*ubl do tharaherwor : tnl nd children auddopljju (awing; nnd*'? andso- brel le Be->t of eity refe;eu c. Call at 123 We?l 24lb at., sear i ay. A WOMAN WINRKS A SITUATION 4N KIRST GLASS eook in * "ca- ling ho rae ar res.a r at: underatsnds Cdcra Can be aeon tor Iwodnva at 103 Grand at . between ett aad Mu berry. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO ehamh-rwork .tnd sen uc or to do waiting. Good re (lice fan be seen for two day* at 108 Weat 18th st. RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAy WISHER A SIT ? iiatiou to do general baoaework; will be found agreea i and m .iiing to mas* herself uaefm. liar good re amendatioua from her laat pl^e. Call at 224 West -'ilk . fourili door front r-vm. . SITUATION WANTED?BY A RRPPHCTAHLK woman as rlrat ratn coot: n an eicellent baker of ad and pastry; the best city reference given from her i emi>lover. Cell at 133 Weal IStb at. A RBSPHCTABLR TOUNO GIRL WANTS A S1TIIA A. t'on as r amberinnld and plain aeamstreas or to uke are of nnildrou; good city reference. Can he >*an at S8 Weet 4tBh at../hear 6th av. tSi YOUNG AMERICAN CTRL WANTS A ftirUATfiN aa nmae and oramstrese or a* n ;r?e a?d chamber : the beet ruierenee can bo given. Can be arm fo, two ya at lus Weat 18tti st , between Cth ard 7th av*. YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aS chit 'iet i'1 al I and waltreev; baatbe beat city retereecn. at >21 Waal 2tiih at. t la 'Y who has \ sewing machinb wishis V ii la ke In tamlly aewlng; also plalu dreaauiak ov at i let at. New Y jrk. fllTUAl ION W ANTED?BY A RBBPEOTABLB k gu i. as e ios, wa-ber and kroner in a email faml.y. ill at 81 NoGh Moore St. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RKSPBCTABLR veiuiggt'l na .-ham"ermald and ?*il're?s No obi?i Ran Inasa at Mtb the wasnln.-t and tgonng. Goad city refe taeee. ("ad at U677th er., aee-i-d floor. A YOUNG GIRL, WHO HAS BEEN LIVING SIX ?? ?rn as nurve and seaaiatr'?a, d- s r?- a aitueitnn aa above; or would do obamherwora and sew la kin 1 tntlv* lociiliilren; can bo well recommended. Oa-i at b gre e.v' empieye; s, 48 We?t47'h -t. OlUL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK IX A L respei'ntuj lamlly: (he ur?t of ni'v refcien-T. Gail r two day a at 68 Wc?ta8th at., between 8th and 7 b a?s. & RK9P! CTXBLB YOUBO GIRL FROM KI ROPE tuau -pi-ak ricui.ii, dcsirea al-nuat'una* seawatre a and ic . or ae ?-iy'a otald; go-id relate net. Address I L . 14 ) HeraM nnW. ? N AMERICAN WOMAN WISBBS RitPLOYMKNT; I* s ? r,i(i?l?nt housekeeper nr nuise, a ptsssabl W inaro nn object than blvh wag'-a ar dress Mi lh re ?J. P., b .g 1,6 Herald oil-a i TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SlTl'ATHjX TO DO k ni uiubcrnef k aad waning or to aeti t in waa-'dng and going, cuy reli rem a Call at 4tl W a? , near XVI at.. Aral a RRhl'KCTAltt.K YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 611UA* % lion io do up > 'airs work; would i<e wi ling la aas st iu ?aeral housework. Call at or adoraaa si.1 01 < av. user Mb et. c? STTl ATION WANTED-BV A KRitPSCTAULL WO man, tndogaaeiai N.uaeworh In a urliate rain ly; t vo ?a it* ruf- re.iea gi.en. Call at 91 Columbia at, avmu i r, frunt rouaa. SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRI - ATP. PAMI LY, L by a ymn-t glry M lakn vara of are ablld and do d?.it tnib'-iwnr. an , | in n aewtag. Call at 38 East llttb at., r present a-npu jsrV. IIRRPECTABLE OIIIL WISHES A SITUATION AS an ?*eelicnt plaia rook ami a floe laundress, ta ni-at May in her kite! en, haaib* bealef rafsrauoe. Call for I days at 168 Kaat 2?th as. AS1YUATHIN WkNTRD?RT A YOUNG WOM AN. TO 6 . the Plata etoiuing, waablng and ironing of ? small ?1 rS?atb family, haagoud city raianne . u# ?Meetiua to go shirt i.lauvnca in the oooatry. Call at ISO Weat itath at., doer from 7th a?. > "2 ?Sand MBRPKCTANLB YOUNG married woman, wlta a freab hi east of Milk, wishes a auuaiian aa wet Call at oraddna* for two 4aye Jta 7 Dsiaa* at., ?oar, ram Ilk YOUNG WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION AS WAIT - 1 at IU6 Waal Mm at.. In atty tefsrauaes. Call at UN Waal Mm at.. In tba YOIIWQ WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A6 NUSSB ^^H^H|M^MMHGf*raas\ Can tor a YOUBO WOMAN WANTS A BITUATK^^^^^H A aad ssaisalms Haa good ally rrfar^^^^^H day a at 40 Baal 38d at., bets saa Madlsoa^^^^^^f ' 1 SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RBSPBOYASLB f, ygeog gt?i, ta da mam'wrwork and washing aad Iron .. a* enaaibsrworb aad to aaaist ha the care ef rhlldrani I the beet of elty refer*we. Can b* aeon far tw* day d at Wdst Itta ai ? N BSOL1SH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN 4 (?Mil private family, to do gendral houarwork, or Id , waah aud ire*. Bo other b*m apply at "> ttb a< SITUATIONS WMTSD-FMiMAIeM^ ? situation wanted?aii o 11 aliat*D A la lUi ctri of ekiMrtn Call II AT- W?#t Idlk . ___ A SITUATION WANTED?AS girl. Qoadoily rafafanoa. Call at We.tlOtn **?_ A PSOTKSTANT WOMAN WANTS A snUATlM TO A Aa ganerai hoaaawork la A ffifale lamily. ? fareaoa. G'all at M7 Eaat 18th at. A YOUNG LADY WANTS a SITUATION IS A 8YOSB. Atldrtto C. O., Altaian D, 81k AC . 110OK.-FIUST CLASS COOS'S uZS*2* L ed, by a reapaclabla woman, lii a Brat eiaaa ?S bouse or Saial. city raftraaca. Apply a* IM WastWIk ?*? _ niTT AND COUNTRY.?LADIES HO WISH TO Iv auosnmlia by erarlATlogfo.jd.fAil Air ?, At atodarsM wage*. cuke Alcely suited si m. v? ROLLS Aganc?, 60 0thav. ...? ? ilikOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A C?%L?'"SUatAbUlty I hM DA hi- hnaiojMH in All It* braaobea; Is eery eeonoro c.v, u. ll wAhbio,iijx^i-w'LS'SSSrJf character. Can be ?ecn f?r u 8 30 H~ Ol SBKEKPEfL-AH ENGLISH WONAN. WHO HAS ihccu md< year* here, would like to engage wilh a lady ? hone-keeper; caa cook and maka ber>eT useful; ha# a daughter of 1wha wenld like ta be with b?4 t ? wait "a tab's cr do light wort. City raferenea. Caaba aeen at Mi Ha<l?on U. - LADyVwaID AND BE AM8TBE8S.-SITU ATION want*., by a competent person; underxtanda ba'r draaalng and dressmaking and sewing machine, uity rater Anc?. Apuly at 1 j8 ltd sr., near 17'h ?U NEKS'l\.?WANTED. BT A LADY, WHO IS PARTING with her Fi-oteataot nnraa. a situation for bar ta Uka eere at'an Infant or one or mow small ckl'dren. for wbi a ghciI if * II v iiompe lent Apply at her nroarnt employer's. 119 Kart lidtb *t . SITUATION WANTBD?BY A NIDDLE AOED WO uisui aa infant's uuree or n growing chl.d. and n.hl chamber woik. B-at of rcle.cncM, Only brat c,a?s atni lle* n -rd apply at 9 Weat Dili t. Situation wwted-by a yoino oirl. as uurae and aanrirtrnaa. or wnmd do l!?bl chauibcrtvark and e w us. Call for two days at C-'7 6th at. C.MTU VTION WANTED?BY A BBS'HOTABLE S jnone wnman. a, lady'* u.a'd. or nur?e and team tre??, can and fit drewm and is a good l.a r dicster. ijond ctly refercn- e. Call lor two day? at 183 7th sr. _ SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RKSUKCTABLB |N nl:l*' or.s aa g-od cool: and to aislrt in'be waahlng a i* irnnini:' tiit; Other as rliain ricaid and whltces. or to Dnacwiu ."lie-?.elty refer*i -e*. fan be *een diililengaged at ltd Wr'at 1Mb St.. between 7ib and rtlh a?s. LSI U AVION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOI7NO S woman, a* child'* nurse. haa nine year* "Pft]?*'*' best o: city icfereusa giten. Gait tor twadaje at tlu 3d ar., ?ear Wtb at. ________ ? hflT'JAVION WANTED?BY A RESPR''TABLE YOUNG girl, to do chamber yorfc and welting tn * family Good ret ere nee*. Call for two day* at 134 hut 20tb at. SITUATION WANTBD?BY A PROTESTANT, AS N cook, wn-her and Inner; t? a good ba/.ci it insndand blBcuit: good reference. Can ba eecu lor i.*u day* #1 bur Ian 'la e. 1W Wc tlirihat. C5lTt ATIONS WANTED?t<illEXPERTSIHCK0< OORd. O eaperlenced lanndros* ??. n' .???. waUfsrrs und lent I'cncrat honsework *eicants rremmendad In tbobret tauUlle* at Manntn./a Select A yency. 13 Com t *t.. Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTKD-BY TWO YOrNC WOMEN; or? to cook* wi'^u uii'i i'Oii lu a pritRLQ faruily. tn? other to do ohtimberwors -ind y.-altlnR, good elty reference. Call fur twa days at lit It e*i 2'hi' ->t. CJITCATION WANTrlii?by A BESPBOTABLE SCOTCn O woman. In a private tlamily, to cook wash and !ron. Good city refniance. A npiy for two day# at 27 Ae bnueat. SITC VTION WANTED?BY A liRSPKGT'ABLE OIRL, a* ll. at ? las* cnok and to a**lst in the washing and iron ing; bo*t oi' raierence. Gall at or addraaa 17 Stuyvesant place. 9.h st. L? ITU ATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE O gii ls' one to oook and to an-sct with the watlnng and ironing; the ot.ier to do rhamberworl; aud waning; j?? ob'cc'.ioii to aaaiat with tbo vvasblr.g and iroulu2, toey ore hoih well rccommcnd'.-d </'all at ltd .d ar., front room, third floor. LiITl'ATION WANTED-BY A FKBlMAW TOI'NG S wouc.a, IS no ae and ?e.imstre*#; la fully coiapctciil to ill! hf.r *?lv.iation; cau civ? the >>?*?v r***Vr;V \k? M ??en for two ?!aya. from 10 to < o'clock, at 00 Weit W alding ton place. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BESFKCTaBLE GIRL. O to eew by the da; or week in a pr>*?te family. Call at No. 5 flth at. between 10 A. M. and ? P. M. SITUATIONS WANTiD-BY TWO RESPEOTABEB S v.iubr ell's (aia'.cr?). one as :!r*t rate cock ana .OSMi't In tv. ?hiSg aud nop ?.*: the other a? chambermaid *n.l w ah rets, i lies hay, a,ool dtv re.ereuee lrnm their last pise*. Apply for f.v/o day* ai 63 W e.'t ... d w. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS S .hambermaid an I ?aitrr,i; ha* the best of e.ty rcler ence! Gail at 20 La t .'Stb at , between Madmen end *11. av , OiTV'ATION WANTED?BY A REBPhGTAllLL '"EL, O as coo* or! *?. Can W "sen lor two lay* at lu3 6d av. L'lTUATI'iVh WANTBD FOR rilOR*HIGHLY COM i> Vetent ?.-?#> help ot altnivtt. i.? nicb as ?1r?t cm a rooks, r.hainbermaldk wst're* ? r, U 'njtrcs . ,. ??latnatie***!, , . rs coo',", o ?:.?!? r. -I iron. " i * -'kr 1 n gi.* * . Ian Cd M".Jy <ut" Urge I'.riiploy iinmt, corner of gtu ii v. ami nth at. A Do tnala help. retTU ATIONs"WAN TED?BY TWO YOUNO WOMBN} Sb j, --a:u?tre?? and ch'ld's nnrae, 1 o .nider-.and . her biimm *? perte tly; thr other n? ch ? in icmuiid and UO" waahor and ironer n^i.eift ff'.1*'ri, C4n t C Itieu p.eacul employer ?, i*l Ar t tut. at. TWO YOUNG WOMEN WLSI1 HITUATIONS; .;NBI AN 1 rhumb* r iu? ><! auJ ^vw *i\m dir-if. C ly < <t,t lor luro daj?.01 W ??t Jl?t it., b?twt?n tHh and av*. ^ mtw.) lifSPEi-TtBLi: TO NG (I'llI.S WISH cITrt T . o ' " " l I.'" oook. waabrr and noncr. and tl - ot'arili rhainh.r i..a ,1 and waiTeaa. ..r woulrt do.the hnnaework e'a ... .11 rau.llv Good '.. ty ??;;e^n'^ ??? ^ given. Call at 4tv? d'li av.. between 27i.. and -St. at . riso DBBWHtKRU.?A3 AMEtUOAN CTEI. JJIv'"'If;,s I ri i-t inent lii j-'M .-'aea dir"* i ak.ngealabllshmrnt, orher ill New Yotk or ? S m I* a *"ed, rwift ?ev. r; b?? wnrknl a'the iiueH balorr but w . ea to Improve. A^lrelvfj? * ,ew-e. - tl. pat lieu'nr., LimM. n. atatioo ft. New k'?rV',liy. _ rftiro SISTKP.S f.H'KT ARRIVED? WANT SITUATIONS J I,,,invite fam.lDs; oeaas norm, the otl-r a* aoauf ?-rre? i* a re-y food -ewer and i. well e , t..e I n -h ang Re'-, ritoo* to b? bad irum thou frb nd. Addrcaa be* 171 ofllce. tor trvo ..ays. rrwo OIRLB WISH EITUATIONB IN a PR'vatf. 1 uhv.1t: one p> .ook. w.-w'a an J Iron; the 0.1'cr to do Cbainber > ork aud waiting- l.arr -nod -Jty reterencc In.m iaut piavHia. rail at 170 a TWO IIE.SPECTABLE ulfll-N WISH SITUAYIOKS IN eUe now; thoioufch: nnder*.and their^bnaioeH#;,one as enow: no o>. crtimi to .??!?? In be v. cab. g. ti e other aa rtian-b. rmaid end m do inr wa.Miir Yw?^??'t* Lrat cty r?;oreu.c? from la*? pl-wi?. Ca. at LI K?*. - d *t. iI'AMVO?A Nil' -trios BY A Kl_hriCTABLB V\ , r t? tiok. na-h ,<1 ||.n, ran rrr. "C-yi>? In *, of OUT retciau e. I -n he at* n ai ? LlW.y U. YI*\NTED?A SITUATUiN. BY A fOjEPETTJiT ?\ ",.c.iii_ w. man, *, r.u- ? and aatinmtraaa; ? r arin:ud travel ?vp'i * '-d;. B?'' ?'.' rale recce Iron bvr .sat pace. Call atlKffa: *:. b^weru 3d and 4th ay-- n? ?'A ,ir ANTED?I'-T * ".1->! K' i'A'tliK YDl N'< -Yi"1 AN. 1^' a nmaiiou a* nt.i.e ait1' s'lmar'r **: 1 - .wtpeten ot taku aVi. T# u?< I-" ' -?* b-r '"?'?" "'?>? r-i? en. ee. Oanbam e1 i two ?"* at IF3 Weat '-i 'n #L llf SNfFD?? bin AJ 1GN At, WET M K.-1 . PY A I W h-.lthT IT .-afaa-ynvi; Woman; m an eje- .Tl, ,r r dre.v: at..: w"'i?r<? ; leal her wen banv one u m>b -id. I CM HOP *0 tratel; is imter DO* akk. tmn k? r Gold at., Mr. ot to. mill. oiigT|ra<i. N-;aa but tht heat of i tainl'ie* neail apply. I I Y17ANTF.D -A EIIUATlON, VI A 1.1 nl'KC' ALLlS I \\ I' ' gtrl, aa u-.rae or cnaml -tip.i id i a pri | i i r fan' Ca 'at or add rota It* Ea?t .'3d at. | ai'AM'i.i)-' SITUATION, BY A I'RO lSf'NT fa T . ina wetuen; -? ' spahr ot Ink lug cui.. ga 1' ? a b. . fr,im its on i. ..r care mew Ink children and ae-.. aad aw? bwtdir; ?.?u.'i m.-i ,o Iu Bo-.tb or imj.l to Et.-ope Can I lie ? I I ?t '"I |n '"Clil lit OTIS *. .0. V ? 1 U T' amrANTED?A SITUATION. MY A 'IRB'-R. TABLK Vf r r' aa lira'rl ,?? wa tra?a OT rbambi rma-'l oaa -.o ! mnbioia. -w: reier.iutw L-iTaa un be iiau at l.e p. eaent eini) )>?r tbo Henry ai., Ht.-okltn. \k' AN TED?BY A 17BNPECTABLB GtllUA SIll'A W ii n a? - ook. win- ? r end .rouer In a ?wai1 private family, ft" , wi city referepee. i an he ?e*n #? I" I h;h av. 'iNTI It ?A SUn'ATHW. "V A RESPBUTARL"*. T Win- ,n; !,#? J..TI ; aihtrl abT onowaaknl-l. b?* A hrea? ?< lulls; ?**., gin "e?i "I iefei-uc?. A ao be a -p for too d-je at till Weai IttH ?l._ AA' AN lh It?BY A P.f.dlEG! ' BLl VAP.R1T ? WON AN. I >> a i liian ae ' "? n"r-a. hae a 'rcak hre .1 of milk. | < all for two c?tt ai 476 7tu ae . corner :WDi *t._ v\ \s \Xlt:D- BT \_PN' .Kbi'ANT YOLNO ffOMAN, A \| ,tt?.u a .a 4a:trr?a. hoienghlT .in .er# and her A,.tea* rt* ? of ret -rci. e. Gall at MV 8th a > between V: el ill I W.l a'?. w * A NTE D?BY A YOUNO Wi'tlAN. A MTUaTION ,1 as II ?' ' "? ** ?'' ' "r "bemharmalit and ?-we. imd' reianu* dreaamaklne and oparat.* on 1J heal, r A ?.!? , #?"?'?? ma-'one. de eoeei re .otrert. Oa-I at 148* Ba i 3Ut t.l.. ae< mil Door, front roe n. \\r wrro-ftY a warrird wkl^h woman, ?n Vl ci i r pi ta'.e'ara ai. aud II** >u tbn rooms ? ail at or ad .re,* '.Vrldg sl. Br.m.lyn. cara ol .lohn CarbarG UfA\TI D-HV A YttUNG OIRL. LATBLY LANDED, a ei -iatioa tu a pri'aM family to da eanaral h'"iw* work -1 aa c nic wa I fecoiaceaded. Call at 123 W a?i t9tb ai., ??arner ot 7th a*., top t'oor YI ANTED- A SIT ?TIO? A8 SEAMHTRE8S AND M * d i ms I. Apply At 141 Soil at., rear building. 117 A <TED?A SITU AI ION AH NCRHK AND BP. AW ^ itrpm, by i wo?n*n. Avpl| il 177 $lu ft*. O.* ANTED-A SITUATION. B3 A r.KdPBUTABLK WO W man sTprofaeaad coak. Oaod dtf rafereaca. Call at 491 8d a*. _ ? ViiflKD- A SITU A 1'ION, BY A NIUH YOUNO W<> \V man. oat anlftd m Iku. eaonlry ih a Is aa a.relient , .7 | ,r ,i,aee wani.ns aucb help. A aatl*lH?-4orv re far* i'a- Aw be IfifTby iPP ti?# #? 27* *tb af., balwean 21*1 and W>5 *'#. - ? ? ? Wa Ml SO?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE .J.inL i il lodu i banibarwoek aad Uke earn of child* ?m g o'.i Vita i -"aware. Call at 191 tlbarlto. *k. me ?ier of Waahiagtan ?*- _ __ iiTRD-A 81 fU aTIDN, BY A TOCNO girl, TO AStBD A Bl r ^ daganeral h .uaework la a prtrat^ ?Mf Imltli, Hro?klyn . ? ? WAMTRIlaaRV A itJ49tl 1*Y HBfFROfAULl LAD7, ( *.m4 arTlr'd f^Knglaad.. ???;';?? and hotaekaaper, ka* a'?? ?*""? "'rA'?L Gna.#arK>nai eaferaacea Apply to B. I.eka. I ttb eG WANTED?BY A LADY IN A LARGS "TABLIS'L manv dr? goad*, amniftiae of ranc* a aHuatiMIB Iraratha fcn.iaee. of aaliiag; <ea?W fjr*,fL """" 'LV. Ilivi? for ln?lrucilna; rmn ?p??I 7? ?!?* ?Unm ? Ulli? lhr?acli aad 0?nH?*? ?? aSi ?!2?a ' a* iPfrftlft*. ? tanaa 0. mm tl HITUATIOffa WAITKD?FKHIALM> NITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, All lnf.?, "u?j'? ?-t"?"nl ? take tho entire .'.Urge m An Cail at au ? ! ?wi,i"#.*frJ*cUo? to '*???'? P'?T rc'erenoe. call At M West I ilk a. belweau 6th and ?tb ava. w WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl A situation aa ebaniberuiHid and w-a. trees In n Pri vate family goud city rofereuee. Unit At all 7 Ut a?., gieg Bunr, fi o 'i t room. WASTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN. A UlUA tlon A'< coot, understands nor boxlnoaa perfectly; is a llf't rate baker. (Ian be aeeu for !?? days at WJ Meat HUM. fl,T ANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE. BY A YY am art tidy youn; girl, out ion; arrived In tuu country. Can be aeon for two daye-at Jtii 7Ui a*., above :?d at. TITANTEP-A SITUATION. BY A *M!NU GIRL, AM VV chambermaid aud wailroHi, for thecouulry. Apply At 491 East dial at., drat floor, back room. "ANThD?A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND seanutreaa, by au American young woman. Call at lid 5th av. w YYT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A HUB PEC TABLE YY youug girl, to tuko earn of cbi lien and do chamber work Ca i for two daya at S3 West odd at , batwaeu dtb and 7lb ara. WANTUD-4 8ITUATION. KY A RESPBCTABLR youug woman, aa waitress: U willing to lo sowing or dreaaUdiea natr; la willing an l oblong; baa the beat of city re'e.viioe. Oall for two daya t'tfcdiieaday and Tbuia layi ai 119 Weal 21th al. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A 1U.SPE0TABLB young woman; ia a good en ok; no objcoilon to assist with the washing; la willing and obliging; the beat el en/ reference Horn her iw phtee. Call for iwo daya (Wednei day and Thursday) at 119 Weal -tin al. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID. BY a young girl; won d assist lu washing and Ironing. Oood city ralarence. Cud M 299 Lib a> , between Iblb aud JPlli sis WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa tv -t aura. . bet baby .a two weeks' old; flood referenee. Apply at 100 Wnat 2Hu et., between 7th w ANTED?SlttfATIONM, BY TWO YOUMO GIRLS; one as dha i bertnald and laundie'. <t and the otlior aa waitrosa. Can be aeeu line lay at 65 Went Mlb at , between 5th an 1 'Mi a . a I ho hose of city relereueo on ue ,;ivoti. Y17ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNig GIRL. TO YY do ilaln sewing and naiad a baby, fall forrwo daya at I-TI W"a?27tli at, in ;hc '.lore; good reieri noes yoio, TO.ANTIiD- BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION YY an uurae and seamstress; would go as wauradg, City reform ai. Cad at 269 7Ut uv., ecoad tloor, front room, for two dayo. WANTED?BY A IlKel'ECTABLU AND STB A DY youug w nuan, a situation an family aeumat eta. to trare! to anv of tlie vVest India titan .ho, 'aufu nla, in Anr t'aii-iH a I kiu la, cntttiig Ijo?h' loth,tig, a. 'Uy refer elcca given inquire at 196 illevckrr at , in |!i..! aloro. TV'ANTED?A SITUATION TO DO HOUSEWORK OR YY a- !a utre-r. City reference. Cult be i. ?u al 20U; Jtitb at. IV AN TED- BY A PKOTCSTAN T GIRL. A SITUATION YY igr, aeaiiiHtreHH, or to do iirhl 'iiauibti * n k and m;W inc; would wait onau old lady, t'au be seen iur two duye at .'17 Katd f'tltu at. WANTED- AN EXPERIENCED GIRL, TO DO GKNH YY ial homework; i.iu t boa good inalu \>uk, urncr. a'aod waCilngund irouing; p-rteclly trout* or thy aid well recommended. None oilier need apply. Call at 16 Elm place, Brooklyn. \\J AN TED-UY A RESPECT A BLB dfuMAN, WHO YY baa 11 years references. a place *o go out by i he <l?v or w eek. 'a wi ling and obliging. < all at or ad iresd I T list at, between Mb and 9tli ara.. for Mra Itliley. WAN TED?A SITUATION. JIT A PROTESTANT WD man, aa nook. Good rrieronce; no oh my tlon to go la the country, fall for two daya at 19'i Crvhard at., nrei floor. \\'ambd-a situation, by A respectable m girl, to do hpiiaervork In a small prr ate family ih willing and obliging; in a good washer and ironer. The be t city referen-e. Call al i2 ' tVeat ddrt at., uear 7th ?v. tY/ANTJSD-A SITUATION, BY A MI11DLR AGMD Y Y woman, to wimb in a hotel or do general hounework in a l'v ra e laniti.. Uppij at 173 Poraytb at, Bret four, back U ANTBD?A SITUATION, BY A RFMPBOTARLB YY young girl, to do general iiovaewoik; ibreo years, re fnen mean oegiven from h"-- mat place. In.pure at 114 IV cat l'Jllt el., I runt room, second uoo ?. w ASTKll?A SU CATION, BY A RESPECT AHLR ; lvl. as class waiires'i or chambermaid; ha-i tt.e Lest o. ft., r-ierence. Can be seen lor two days a. 4ui lit ? Sllth st sr., nvarl l\i ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY youug vvuman. as chambermaid and wailrKss. or wadr *a alouo, in u private lauiily Ha> four year-, refe remwfromb r 1# nisoet Call at I3fl Kaet 2tltb at.. Ifittreen 2d mid :< a. ANTED?HY TWO YOI NG GIRLS. SITUATIONS; VI u:te as cook sod 'o help wuh ino wnnhl-ig and troa lug ir oibrr aa cbauib?r"inid anil amti'V. Itc'creuro fio.i tU"U- aat 'plki'j^ Can iie rcea at ll Wy.'.itf it. \yAN,lfD-A St TUATION, HY A YOUNG GiltL, AS YY iiartibcriunld and wa'ti**?. Good ebv re'ereuen from her a pb .ee. Call at .in Hicks at., bet* eon Amity aud < vigiCNi eta . Br ink it. tv A LTI'D?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A MlIGATION A? YY nook In a reapevtabie tauiily, la u g >o.i wa?.ir?r am Imiisr au>l rtu t'tav l roferencaa frviu fi'r last niiitrem Can !>.' a'M u for tw> itaya si No. 2 1 u.l St., .ornor i u tai iv , rtr 'oaiyu. 11 UITI ITION, BY A lUtMPBt TABLli YY young g ri, as chambermaid and vra.treaa or asalxisnt wasUar aud >ronei'. Rest of city rrfi lenve. Impure at2.d Wen v.'.ih it, third .ioor, Irontr.oin. W ANTED ? v LADY W1SUR8 A CHILD TO WET YY glarho; beat city laferencn if required. Apply at ICS Mulberry si. Wanted?by a young girl, a situation to d#genera) housework: Is a goo 1 plain conk and good wnabi r ? .d iroMf. CaU at 171 charlna -t. ti 1NTED -BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA YY lion 'o do housework u.u emi i fAmlly; ran pioduce gtod cr y reierencn. call at 1.11 32d st, lu the ?toi j. l? AN'i'fci??BY A UMSPECTAELB GIRL, A MITI7A V? rr in fake i Are at children und keep their clothes in order, r an r.iauibcimatd; la a good eeamitress. Call at 3A 9t)i a!., r. ?"| She Is now employed. VY ANlED -A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do rrriaiAl bouiework, .n a small priva"- family; ' Varna at.. Brooklytr. VY ANTED?BT A YOUNG GIRL. A BITI.'ATION AS I 'Irtioo*, is a first rale wnahrr and iro'icr: in willing mlfgin, . Call at 101 23in et. betw# . ?tn and Mh avs. M7ANTKD-A KM'l ATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ?Y as cua.-i.iiciiiiald and naitieaa Call at 314 Want 17th Arret. VV ANTED A MITUATIcN, LY A BBSrtGTABLR YY woman, as nook and to asalfl with tan ?M.t;iig aud ironing; tine ytare rclereme trom uer laat pas . Gall At 173 West Slat at., hetweea 7;b and eih avs.. tolrdi flv*'r trout re m. CL'ANTED?FY A P.E l'ECi AHLN WOMAN. A SIT YY ailon r; < rook And in assud with the n tab ng ar.d ir< ing. < -.ll ?? Srltg t llrabeth at. u life rear, bctweei. lioi Iv'i jji i B ?? rkei aa. V\ A ML i -BV A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITLATIOB AS YY flivt rate ceo!.; Ig WitllaR to aasIM in the wnehtBg and Ir initig, mi r tends her biisiuM* m ail Its branches; baa tbe brrt re 'riwni". Oail atf.a. t lPlh t'., tre rt.r rtaira, YJL' ANIBD?ill I AT ION0. BY .WO YOUNG CilBLH. YY our as'<o*. wai her and Itoner; '.beOthgraa chamber maid mi i waitress, v all at Id.' Vartck at. 11 ANTLD-A B1TI a HON, BY A fOOBU WOMAN, IN YY a t rb At I >hil!y, uachi.drcn'a uursu, ia A J<r 1 pialo ?est"; has , ix years refer*uc. DPI lirtwbda** at i29 E..s -tdU at |lf ATU'EIv? BY V RESPKCl'ABLB AMRRK AN WO ft Ywu, -ho has .i cL;!d tin ycara old. a situation aa hoifsf kbsper m a widowers .ami f. Call th.a wee- at ?*) Ui n vi' ? a . wktfBT*? A SITUATION AS COOK, RV A YY Hper vb woman, who UfOtdngklv twler-taiie bnilt.rss anu ? n cime W'II IT' S', mend# 1 ii.t bar pia'.*a > au hr seru al, or adureae, 3t> Wert ITdh a! VV A TED ? k SITUAfJoN. HY A YOUBO OQtls AN ti ni ib rn aid aultodo olatu atWAg; cup roferem . It for tsaaa|iM ;:?tb ?t lkf ANTBO?BY A nSSPSCTADt.R YOUNG GIRL A IT ail at ia, a uuiso a-.d tu s?.. ,i m cliauibei work op ply al i Id i.Iun jet si , In ihr rear. W ANTED?A SITUATION, UY a RBaPECTABLN 11 girl, to go geu rni iiouoi wurfc in a aaaall prtvat. (Amity. Call fori wo s> s a. .dc 7;b a?. UnoU gity roferciu e Mi ?> VV ANTtiD-A SITUATION, AT SP AMRTRPhS, PY A Yf i?agw?man; ledere'trd All kinliof la-nlli ??? 102 and dreasinakiAg And to rperalc- on Whrgloi A Wil man ?rwing meo'uae ll-at of rn rrenroo win br,given, (til for t vo . ays at duo Urldge sU, Brooalyu. 117ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RH-PKCTAKLN YY g rl. to du eh?mh?rw<>rW ang sewing City reference. Call at 356 7th av. VHAMTRD- Y a l UMPBTKNT UIRL a SITl ATluN YY aa riiani >er? iid i,nd waitress. Good referru ? a. Call for te<* daya At :<!/ Jay ?L Brooklya. w I ANTED.-A dlDDLE AGED WOMAN WANt.-l A ? l iAUon to take oare of an Invalid, or a yonng baby, from Its birth; An Aby*' it mi |.v iravrt ri >od city ryfernti ra csa ha -ii for twi aw* At 1ST hist 2nth at. w fANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A KMPEUTaHLB ("DM eo 'ian. aa enok. and 'o asa.-t with the wash o. and Iromag. understands all king* of baking. City IS fsreace. Ca.i at 2 9 7th go , in the rear. WANTBD-BY AN EXPERIENCED LAUNDRESS, washing al her ova home, unherstanga Prench tint Ing. Address ur call oa Mm Byrne, Mk av. B where her work ean be seen tb? oeumr "U '""?lWTt'ATTON Alb!/eiil/we,,*^erred, w WAM1RD-0T A HP.SPBCYaRLK YOUNG WOMAN. A a tin lion aa Aiirse and seamstress or aa ehara'Mvnuaid Apply at ISP naai stth at., t rat floor, far two gay a 'v too.. >,, tMJ AN IfclV-A EITUAIIOM AS CRAM BERN A ID YY waliirea or to du gen ral houeawork in a email ft ' v ur ?" ?" g*n re. ??nwwori in a small n Can be g-en for two dags al SM#Ut al, bouteen aft.' p seoubd flour re. in ^_ W AN TRD?fll TO ATI ONE, Bt A GOOD COOK, WHO is willing to nsaiot in the warning and ironing: aha, b, a chambermaid and waitress TvAoo |we jtrto are ling to make tgrmaolvoe aonern'fy tloofol flare the ?IV> reference. Call at igg Jbth at., bnhMe?a 7lb and Mb nee. ^*rfn?7 * a*' Iha m'fwree a m" * a * NMPRCTARl^R ? J..'Ti '"** W wen Iheheslof srri \TIO\S _ YVMNTKO-UT A HKSl'ECT IB LB AM EH'CAM Q?*b. ?" * t tusliuu as l umi and isHbiiirwaa ?r i Uj ttfi"" ? < an cits the best uf rifcroti.,.. Cm he --ecu uutll enge?i'l at 16ft East ilflth ?k . WANTED-A RITPAtlW, BT % BWfW'fAWU' ^irl. to co**. nidu ?u J li. a, la a ?ru?*l private ami /. Beat ??f clt? r*!? rracf*. Can !'? Man fur two lay ? al *> Un 'on court. ____ WAM'KD-Bk A ULbPM.IAhLii kOUNG WOMAN, a situation at Uundi ow. Baft reference*. Appl? at 15 it., for two iiajs. WAMTKD -BT A aillBCtiBLI IIMWD WOMAN, ft situation as chambermaid hiiJ eaiuean la s private ftuntly, rbc wM be found willing ?nl o'd'glU? ll-P Uio hehi Jf city ref?reum*. rail at "So Ws?t 1Mb *t. WANTED_BT A I'IK.'r CLASS LAUNDRESS. A fBW families' wishing; can do French 'luting In every Sty Id Alio, a girl wants \ place to d" housework for a wil l fauillj. Address M. D., IJ Bast 1'lh St. A.NTSD-HY a SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUATION'TO rto the g housework ol la * iia.t f-amll.v of thiie w person a Call at til Wsat ftftn St.. tetwen 8.hand tfth at a., for two days WANTED?A ttlTUATION. BY A YOUNG til HI- TO do Hit'-,eij\T irk la a hourilltiit ho.iaeor Itiasirall private faii.nj. Good reference. t a.I at l"7 West Jf'.li at., for two da1 a TIT AN TB D- a SITU Alt ON, BY A PROTB8TANT 01 Bit, yv a? cool, a usher aiul uouur- gyod city referon'e. Call AtSS ding ?t., ormodayn. W ANTE"?BY 4 RF.Jl'KCTABLB YOUNG WOM AN, V situation as chant <er iatd and wal -chs and to ane-st in washing and ivoniug. Bust i aty rfsieuue. Call al 173 91st sr., near f h av. antkd- a ?mxi \r;oN. by a okp.uax girl, to do geucrv. Unnse aork Apply at 33 Foi . y lb at. WAN TLr' ? BY A I0UNU WOMAN. A SITUATION ?S chamber in. d m I 'o assist in '.he washing and Iron log or would d" riicra, housework i" a private family. 1 all at -38 Bust Uth tl., corner ay. A, second floor. CX& w A SITUiTlllYS WA9TKD-BALKS. N ABLR AND RKSPECTABLK UUdlM'SR MAN, WHO la perleulr c mveraanl with the Ktikll-h au.l il risnn iansiiA^es. wish a situation, with interest, in a well paving mercant'le or mm. ifa-tiring buslues*. n *vU -.'i ho would be willlim lo In . " 1 a nntiltni ol about No hog'in e?ii eern ucad apph Kel.uen. :s given and reuuired A duress A. M., Mi 2..H6 PosSollleft, ASOHliK, INTELLIGENT. l.NDl 8TKIOUR VAN, up uilitui' a,". wi.o wrltci a goo.I bond uud uiulcr* anda ac'.eunls. w rli'a to Uod employment. Addica t'egg, b'? M l Herald otlice. AWAirtir A RBR^KCTABtR PROTKATANT MAN a lea.rnua of obtninlOR a h Illation ?a 'volier in a pn rate liimhy ban good r.'ty rueronce. Can be seun for two daynat ,46 '(roadway, cotnterof Astor place. An OO'l I'RNMA.N PtltifiY CORVRRHANr t?l I'll tbu lliislinh, Krcnoh nnd (J"rma langt ayes, a ho >s einp'nel a* b ckke'-per durtnp tho lay, wlalies to ihiam employ nai for ti e ?> cuiug; sai.slm'tory reieren-si gl?ou. Addr?? ; P . bov 101 '. 'rai l ..'lice. AS COACHMAN?WAVTBD, BY A Y0? NO M t.V, A situation in the abnre capai lly with t private 1'amllv, io olt? or vicinity. Has n thoruugli linnwioh '/y of uis busl iiear. and hesi jf rlty re ermooH from hut 'aat emp'oj er. Ap ply for two days to J, ISclUj, 404 till a v., corner of 20th at. A BIT! ATION WANTKO?BY A- YOITNO MARRIBO man. in any honorable ontpinvnicut, h is juat return ed from three years .pryhw in the Aintr of tha Fotouiuc. Address Appl cant, station 0. AS COACHMAN?A SITUATION W4NTKO. BY A . vo .uk man. fuily caprbie ol taking care of horsji* tn.l eavnnfu' s; can yv? g n 1 ty refereuce.-. Ca? be seen at Mr. Lowden's, 7J Blsnc -or at. CdOFYIST OR AMANCKNSTfl.-A OENTEKMAN OF ) nia'ure age, who wriina a plaiu hand and underatandi Latin and French, wishes to procure to '.'opy, or aov si.nilar cmi loyinent. Addicus 1M au?>. bos lljliarald oflieo. SITUATION WANTiiD-AR BOOKKEEPER OR coil rcpomlrut. by one who speaks four languages and wrllet three. Addreaa T. II., Herald OirUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG MAN, 20 YK Vlt.d i J ol ape. In a si'Tn or ollice wv tea a good hand and is cor rent ut Cgurup; woi Id be willing to make iil.nrilf genera ly ueful. Good reference. Address Zeai, Herald onlre. SITUATION WAN ri;u?AS COACHMAN, HT A young man, w1' ., thorough.; nnderslauds Ills huu n ',i; lias bieu employed o irlug tho lust sn rears as eua- h ,u bi agepilemau of thls'dty ; iinJer.tsnds'doctoring lio re., vc. Beit references. Addre", loseph (Simpson, Ihh Best Ml v'_ CJlTt'ATIOM W ANTUD-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, U vt clerk or assi-tunt ' uokkecps--, tu n ioii hmw; y not so much an obier-t a i a permanent si'nation. Good city refer-iiee. Address C., "ox J08 Herald ollice. Situations wantbd-kor ttoboopblt com petent coaeltmen, waiters, gardeners, farm bands, gr.ioms I'orlcra, senints labor-^s. tnan laUtiy landed and help of every ?'-n-riptior. Appl- at t e large Bmplovment House, cornoroi flih a>. an 1 llth si. Also female help. rno TEA DBALKRS AND GROCERS.?A HKSPEi Tt. 1 lile yo ing u?an w..nts a siinat.on; hn thoroughly underatandi lil-i b'islues,; bedel refereueos. Address I'. C. Cooi< i * btcivart's, Broadway ami Chambers -t. fl>0 COCRTUY MEKCHANTB?A RESPECTABLE AND A ntellliieul 111, If yes re of ape, whoean.g re goal ref eren<es u- t.> honesiv, w isb" a ilteation in a oouuiry t.,ovi? a -ler'. in e drv g-v., ? or gnneral country steie, A '.dresa L. N. P., Her.dd - e. fTlJtY ME -WANTED A SITUATION AS POUT KB, ItY J an American, who Is wot afrs'd or a"inriir 1 to eerk fbe bsbi af referenoea given. Address A. It. W., 17A West IHlh at \V am rsn?bituationb. by a man and wife, no *? faniny; lie as eon-'.man, hie wlfa as; buth would inale themselres useful. Pest elty refereu e g.rcu. I all at <J&6 Broadway, corner of '-Td at. YVA*rlD-A SITUATION IN A STOCK BROKER .8 yy or inotiey broker's oflice, by agoung uu.i hfteea jeers of ai.e; can give best city refersncr. Call at or address 41.1 Washington at WANTED-A SITUATION 4H AHN1STANT BOOK ke-'por, bra vo-ioa man It gears old: salary not so much an object a* an opportunity for improvement. Apply <o O .1 , Kact River Bank. WANrRD-UT A YOUNG MAN. .IL'ST ARBITBD IN Hie city, as Itark'eper or asa aian' book. keeper AdureseJ T. M., llera.U adluA, WANTRD-BY a YOUNG max. a vurnimiibd Room, or Hoard la a restieotsble Oatbnt family, wit) la ten minutes' walk or rl Jo of Barnaul'* Museum. Address for en* we k M .1. I. , l?ft Broadway, fo irtli door. ANTED? A PITPATTON, BY 0*H WHO KNOW* r ow to wail on a tab.e. Call at it West at. w ANTED?Rl A COMPE'tRNT V AN, A TKRVAN! NT Itua loa ae cat i;neu or truckman, I ndersisa 'a la*. "VyiNTED?A SITUATION AS PORTER IN A WflOLE yT sale business or in a hotel, by a am who baa been la tha uai'l bnaiiiae* the last three year- In ona place. Ita'er enras will ua glveu. Apply at 22 Orchard at, ro. m No. t. WAKTRD?IN A WHOLESALR 1 Clt HOUSE. A situation aa salr nan. Salary not m much tha ob ject as a permanent plsce. The beat of leicrenoe gi?ett Address James, but Ifb More' J office. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A WHOLESALE LI aiinr or produo and commla. lou li ms*, by a yot nc man who i* roost'ertrt a superior aalarmait. The best <4 reference ah en. Can heaven hy ad Jessing H. Miller, hoi 161 Hrrsiif uflce. TVAKTRD-A SITUATION AS ROOK KEF. 1*8 R OR ?y general < lerh, bv a young German gentleinoa wlin ?caaks and writes Kugluli and French. First rale rafm encei given. Addreie V . b - i72 Herald off'oe. YX7*AKT8D-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. NY A Ty iu .t ,-ia?-it* timan. w no Imp. the est of city refer cpre Au In at c O.. but 14ft Herald i dl e, fer two iaj s Wanted-by a vorxn man, a situation in a wl.e'nax'e d't.g Uvman. or to do weitlug m an . ? ? Ion 1 u ulllKs'lons Car, cue. r well rsciunmendeil Ad drea* Rcttua, llern d ofll-e. wl 'ug eare uf horara, and can givn pong re- lomeudsi.on* aa loelunr'.tr. Is T?e \d?rii ier would have ua ubje?t|.ia tn a uay or night ws tchinau s place, or as porter la a atom. 4d Ire e J. K G.. Tusl n'l.,w, IVi.l i neburg. 1.. I Yy ANTED?IIT A TOUNG VAN OF KXKMPLART V? rhmae'er. a aduatmn a* >.ssl unt be>,kkvei-. r or eclrr clerk lo a uieriwutile or tu'.araDee a "lea. Best of i sf?r>ena aa tosfcilHi and In agrily. A 'dresi g N. T lleraid <,<!:<*% I lll. 'I B X l)ki?. \ITH.xr CLASS PROTOGlUPn OPSKATOR W ANf ed at e'J.'i Bros Tssv. Nane but the ?-si cp-d a| ,i . fYAlThNTI BS-WANiFD, TWO GOOD W'iRKMRN. XJ Ar.p v. from S io l-'o'c'eck Ibis day, le E. H. gsnnst, 4.1 an , 44 ii (tut at. (YAri.R VAKEKM.?a REALLY FIRST CLASS MA rhica lend-r and a good flruebar, <n ,< who has Wurkad at trliamiiig paiai. can have ,->nsiar>tempi lyiaeu'. an.! god SAltr. by apply ag In H. V Hut ?r A Co dl Chambera at. OITUATION WASfFli -A VACRrtftST, WHO MAS O ban many i ear-' pra; l-e In icvantta- and Improving mahirrrv aa,. too is, wauta a -I'.uatlaa where he ,aa maae uae of th a koowlai.fe; tha ben recotninenda'lana can be given. Adftress for sight daya del 145 Haraid offiue. SILK nAT riNISIIRUS WANTKP-rOR LADIES' pluab ri,1:114 hats. First claa* Snlehers will pud pi ad prloaa am! eteady work. Apply al Washlngtoa Far'.ery, Vactarr at . near QuArry. Newark. TO UKRCUANT 1 4 iLoRS.?A OERMAN, WHO ?pnsks guod French and Kagi'sh, wanta a n test I on as cutter, has oeea faar lasts in one placa la Hreadwar. op. ri.ta 8th a'., ao ab^rt on 6 ge v. the eaualry Add rata 8.. nutter, alallen D, TOPRINTBRS-WANTRII. A PORIMAN IS a tiiu ?dice. To one who la a '.hare igh master <t bla huai oe.s n good ailiiailoti la a (Tared. N?W partknlar that be should be a "Union'' tanu Addraee Printer, boa 2,174 New York Fust effieo. TO MERCHANT TAfl.ORS AND CLOTH! BBS.?WANT ed, s aiiusiion aa utter, by n grntieraau el longed; at perlenre; can apenh Span *h flueoilv Address J i.. Ber. aid efflre. WANTBD -SIX UPHOLATBRBRB. API LT TO C. W. Brewar, revnvr 4th sv. tad |9th at. WANTS D A DVK.R, ONR WHO U NDBHhTANDS HIS b' iireaa Applv at IN* Atlantis at., Drnaklyn. WANTBD?A GOOD JO> RNBTMAN HARNESS maaert to n aemp?teul man. wha la willing te ?# a few mllaa in the cnuotry, gmnl wages and ateadv amiday. maai will he given; single man preferred. Address Bad ll. r. Rarald effica. WANTED-4 GOOD IIARNV8S MAKES. WR"< AS mate all pane af harness To a gaed steady worhmai conelaal employment wl I be g van. App.y at Peilen A Mm Rwen aembTes. Koa dand 11 East list at WANTRD-A SITI'hTIOS IN A CIYIL ENGINEERS or paleat agency ogtce by a yoong man: nan (rnw macninerr, hele asak* ca'luatea and Hnp'ove roecbgaioal laveatiene: terms moderate Addreee D.. hag Ui Hcrad NTP.D?TH SEE GOOD PIIOTOGRAPHIO PRIX, tore: g'ae there boy* wanted, far Ute aaase bnetnsea. re at W Thmnneon at. aAir gpring NTBD-A MAE WHO OAS DRR.RH TOOLS PON necialnieia: atou a few men aad boys te do work by b?rv. Apply ie the Ml?e? M.iaufa'turlng Cowuaay, rim M. ? IIIU> W tlTBD-MII.RI. i OBMW?IfWIP ?NU EXAMINE I3VS.NTI0M. OR ? .uip.ea ?u! it- e by 'Hf i for * ? jr r ? lle'ai.i or ' ? i' ?i ? a uly. R. L. WOLCOTT lElCUEkaavu.e, Sew T.dfc. A'im*SSivmSiA MJN * uur ??fdoT'bt'iva'zj fcooff*lr^'* 'h"'1 <*"?- tkij ?.4i" X?t on"*? u. Arii KT It ATB DRl'O CLERK W A N TED?BY ED. ?i n .-lC , 34 *?., '"uioer of 1,. *L " ' A1?, WHY ATE FAMILY WARTS A Flt-T CLAni " an i 1 ?? r:ii?n w > ?(?; li?* n>? u-.A ! >e>*?< ' t >?? Irjeiuae.i per/ Mil* and briag the berl af '*? - , . h a ustp's:- Cu'l ?? tha HeruU off-f, IhL , Vedaeslay niorniikv, ftt 10 o t tack. 4 WAITER WAN ;,KD?Af WRLIiKII ? ?ll OShVS I\ * .nam Halo oil, 809 Erai-w, beiwctu Iltti atvl < i.'th it*. i A T TUK MFRCANTILF. AOENOV-W iSTi'.O To p??r?r Oth.r siiu MlorH open. C.vll Oti L MO.NLO.M LllT A CO., '66 Broadway. Barri *i>eu.-nttuatior wanykh. v.* a roust uiiii, 8J barlnnVf, which ho thoio..gUl, and ?t ton nlvfl hi' i>"*t oi r* oi.iui*i..t?ii|?? [r?'7 '*?',UI ployor. Uilfw fair en DoyK i*Oi lal ljer*ul jotcc. ^ |}fV. WARTEi??ABOUT l? YKAJH OF tCRIN A I ? dry p.-Ml* .to a. i'b good city leferener. A' |>? to I M.tber, 10 Ureenatch it. .. . . , ? BOY AN 1) MAN WAN rut 'N A TP, A Bf I'lK; ALSO k boy ? ?r.i ?<! 11 a -Tv.n trd fk HOT?. A Pi' > * 1v ? ?" t o Mt. Hroo! lyu, :u the ton itoiv. flOMMERHI AL Ai.KNOY, AND 399 RIOADW AT. V '.V.vut< .i. ;? nlu' Aitt bo r-p-r, i)ugi*t*riug*t.M' * >:'orh, entry cle.-.c. I ght .x'rtor, a.*> so > Is kaIospiau. I irlt rpar. un c i - cMrt. frs< ht Merit, lasttrati. e eti-rk Rasp.- talila ri.oo can ,-lwaye f. i-l stmioymoat hi re. Organ! ? t 185''. r\ APPL^TOR & .O. ARC IN WtNT OP.MBOR 1/ t ? o good arsnU ioa->1a n? . iii.?i> .u .V i v t on. ?nd the p-tnnlpol'-ll *? A?|'t' <t M't au? 145 Hr i<tw i). ?___ Rt(? ?! i..IK WANTK';?IX* ril'ilioiTiJHI.r I' .ii ??.! wli'j tho b'-'no' i il an hi liarj -.nail ? :,ir<i 'cut o ? 'ooivnra'" mil w llmg to ta ?i foil chargj. \ppty ;v:. trf ,M a v. !> I\lH il ? 1, IIS IV \NlT.a-A TIIOROt'ti' t'OM I) nne ii r?i" ?" i"' i"'r*1 Appi*?' 'ji 'i"1 ar VIA M. I r ijotwi-B ! and 4 P. .0.1)1: no . M ? t'RD, IN KTPP.R'lKNOrit PARMKR, p w thor'ivVlii 11 r :oli.y ? ApolytoJ. W. doym, uiS-th nt . Dntcr-'a Vrt r A PHOR HT0'i:,ri? w*1 vrriVK *??! M\N WHuldi. sxn u' . Iri'ialff. ' 8. OmUHU, ^1- Hroad Qpnoi? nov PTAfTRP.-iRPPLY ATM t-'.nva r. L.t AIjtiHM AN WART12D-I* A .1EWELKT HOI.K; S on? who ?.horoiigM* un-ieraUuds tb) may apply to ?. 0. Allen, 416 Broadway. \?/ANTBD?A NMART. A' TUH BOY. bOR AN W in11to; oo' Hring with h ? naroBW prorerruJ. Apuly at 100 Broadway ooroor of fin* atieet, N. Y., rohin N J Til AWTFD?A MAN, Ad (lOACHTA*. 't'O .WifjK A \V " ,"l ma" him elf . oiul abo .1 the boa-e. App-y At 87 Fulton at., in thh atore. - WANT?L)?A YOUNQ HAN (PRKNUf! ?)lt MERMAN pretorro.l.', vbo on er^t indy lb? tioolnent of wioea. Aililreiii J., boa :t,3#l l'.iat oilluo. ^y'AMl.CD-AN OTST^RMA.N', AT ?M MRANJJ 8T. Wanted a middle ami d man to attend in the ufli'd m l kep tbo accounla of a largo inaiiurac turlug oelabllAhment. Aidreoo, with rolereo o, bo* 1U7 ? oat othoe. Wanted isimbdiatclv.-in a stock and uoli) brok ?r'i'oill", a yo tac man capable of talc lug dbarge of ? general Mil of boOka. to?t it relerenoe roaulrc i. Ad drtu tiDTnfjiHtfly D., Herald utile*. W ANTBD-A noy, WAOKH $5 l'ER WEEK. APPLY to W. W. Swaynh, vio Pniion ?t. Bi-noklyi. Wanted?a pantry cook; a man prknerrkd, also ? o iu man to attend an eating oo ititer. In ,j nre beiweeii the houm of 'J end 11 at -'OA Cham ben; it. It'ANTBn-A FARM IIaND: MUST B* A 'IOOD V\ plin'gh o in; aleo a bov to work oa a farm. App y at Hayea t Arkermau M, 73 MaiJen une. nrt\TfD-;'ilB Tin: NAVV, LANDHMKN, HKAMKN. AV ' dretnen, A'.; e.eo for the army. Tbahlgheat tiouu t'er nald Alio u?n for whaliug aoJ momltaol 8.1I111. JAM I'. HA 00. 87 Went atreet. earner 01 Albany. ^ YVANTRD-A yoijno man. ok Allot t h years *T of ag?,a a ent-y elork, at Pneii A Heltaievor'a, 66 Roade at. Wa!*Ti:D-8'\ f'LERKS POR TflK KB-HILAR ARMY, .1 yeari eeri ie; only good writers, wautu.g to onllet for .1 yea re, t's-'pted, d"ty nearN-iy Torit; ho inty 8ii"0, balr down; bit $1'. iwr -ncnih, hoard and rlutnee. Apply lodAptatn l-.LMoRf'., It giith arenmh before II A. M. w ANT'-rD ? fWO fi'l'P.WAUDfl AND TWO FIREMEN. Appiy ?i 180 York St., Brooklyn. UrANTRD- IN * PU'lLISIIINfl OKKICE. A LAD, WHO VV writra a good hand; aaiary not aver ?lklayar Ad dr'Ba box 4 fl7i Vox' in 0, In handwritltii.' o apph 'ant, with rrT'r'nci An oflloo for rciv. en fourth Moor, rear < ?da* reler'i.i r An ill!-o for irrr, an niiin>i uu... and William at*. R?nt tI5n A.ldreaa isn ibm WANTED?A UltST OI.aSB SOFT HAT 8ALBHMAN, at While a, 31<> Brogd vay, undor the V -seoin. \L? ANTi'.D-AN ACTIVR. I5TELLICENT U<JT. 14 TO W id Tears of eili "I '?ern the pimllug bnelnaee; One who bee had e r.oud public school education, ead cen r. ad sad apell cortcotly. Apply at Id Ann su __ WANThD?A KIRsr t LASS OTMTERMA.N: ALSO A :ir*t clase fein:<le cnok auri a wo oan to hc.p in the kitrl 'D. Cell a'. Mil Peer st. 11/ANTKD?TIIRBE OK FOUR WAITERS. THOSR f? who un lers'nnd the Inislneea and went work may apply *1 Keen's, "46 .."and at. WANTED-A. BOY TO OPRN OYATP.RA AV?J EABT llonstou at. Call between 13 and 1 ? clock. W A NTBD? TWO SMART WAITRRS IV A DI If 1 ITfl aeloae. Apply at 377 Weet eL, en 7 and H o'clock A. M. VOUNO MAN WANTED-IN THE A PI'R1 M TfCES' I Llbrari,-AT-' Rrord ray, about 16 yeere i.f age, who write* well end Is acquainted with bo-.ka At ply Between lOend 12 o'slo-'. A. M. 4 ttl^P.'.'t DAT MKT l'EOKIT-AOBirru WANTED ?T 1 fJ for a llget wholesale V islnc*. Soud for a< In uUr to47. P. Kbutta. Troy. N. Y <?Aft A llONrii a.ND expenses paid to oood ?P?y'r xgents to traeel through th' e mntry to sell v >od* Id nalrenal demand. Apply at Sinidh e Show Card geiler v, 239 Hreadwey, rooms 58 aad 86. HELP ?t tN lKD-rF,.lHLE?. VUICHLT flEsPBvTABLK FftKNCU OR OEltMAN woman waute l. by t private family, take care of and keep rleeu their city reei lenra daring thetr ab'en -e; m ;?t bring good wr.i'ca recomuiendallons as to aharsoirr sad capaollltT. Call at the Heraid oitioe this day Wedue-dayy, at WnBik. A saleswoman wanted -to TAWE OBAM Of our trtmrned hat department: a doinpeient pert 111 will be liberally dealt wtih Apply la Thee. A J. U. >1000108. >66 Canal at., corner Weoaier A TOOK WANTKI).?A RBSPECTABI.R WOMAN WAN! v ed a* rook. In % email family, rnuei be thoroo. hly com pcieiii and he?e pawl refnrearc. Apply at 7t West >th #t., tieforo 10o'clock A. X. HOI SEKllEPKR W ANTED?Ol R WHO HAS HAD eil?r;ence In a hotel or tk*pt a hoai ling jo iw for hrraalf aad uiiieraienle tuo buslaesa. Add re a* Hotel, Union aqnare Post 1I.1.INBRV.-WANTED. FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. \n make ?ed Vrlui boou-la, at Madam Reli s. Ho. d jitbaiine el. . ... - ? M X wan" ,1 r^nn"1 ln"^sml,?^ *5?.? WOM A.N XBpl'41 ??*mIi.TE! he ? - - |V'ANTFD-AN AMEItTCAN, ENOMAtl OR SCOTCH IV woman, aa uifaal a uur*e. to gnashar' dlslancam Ikeoiuniry. Apply at jN West ,16th si., on Reducsday, Sepi. 31. belwvea land J oVtoek. WAMTM-t MIDDLE A'lBO WOMAN. To TAMt f" entire "hsfi-e of an lufaut; Engidi. Oernsn or FiODcb. Apply from ;0 la I o'elork at 6<H baton sc. It.,> k I I n. Wantki>?two hood pt.otmutant womf.n, Merman, who apeak Fng'tih, preferred on* aa onok a d 'anud.-e.a the other ae naitroee aad aamberraald. The e who arc thnro'gh In ibeee deparlioanti may apply, with good reference*, at 4n Ea-t 19th at. w ANTED?A kil'.sr CLASS MILLINER AMD TRIM tuer Apply at 29 .foeneon ?t , l'ro kiyn w V.IW,,-^fiAJ.E!iU.VU /it!: !er. corner rlran-1 end Chrytue W A T,T* W 'ioimahrc^rmMe ,Lt C,'OR '"'HO lak. r'sry-htng louad. Car, , f r el. coraer'.f aiHi; ?" 1 Br"? 'yr aald. Appiyet28W,a W ASTRO A 1ER.NAN 'K BHOLIMI U1RL. TO CO a short dl-ianee in the eonklrr. aa Wneral ho or; must be a good onafc. wae'i*?_*?a hyp?/. Ma *? con tale# *11'-odera Imnrdyamente Rest of raferenoa re tu'r ad Call lor t?? dty?at U8'Jreeawith at IrTlagpiacn, from 101* 12. for two d Bpv'' kl -W OIRU AB CBAMBRRMAID AND ?iu?t haya good elty reieren-a. C* I at ?4 WaalShMaL/nppoMta church, thta tW.dne.d.f) warn. Ing batwean tha houra a: 9* id It. n&isre'xss Mr?tSi.!? 1stix&n <iutrad. W age* |ia w ANTED?BBVR.N GOOD fiRBHSEABRRN. AFl'Lt tbta wafnlng al 63^ Waat 3let at. WB ANTED?d NCRSN. To TARE CHAROE Of AN Infant three wee*" nid, at her awn reslJanee. A|E ply to 139 Waat ?4th it . between Hraad v >, aad dth as. WANTBD-A PbRAON FOR EEWINU AND DENS tal hausawark at .91 Or>ab| *L. room 2a Can f>r two daya \\j aNTBD-BT A NMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, A TT girl ta rank. WA'h and troa; mnot thorough.yan far. auod her hue nesa aad earn* we I rert.mmeeded. wermao preferred; wages ?9. Cel. at 113 Eaet 1Mb at., oaar 2d a* VV 'AMILY, a r HUT tXAAl Or?nt., WkMfcraTiSaw ??"?"^rwegk. agpiv at *1 ^ COMKRTKNT WAIT ail I red. Liberal -f ?''?"Ulry. Hrei cll> reierance r? Iwene*e.d uS- X " ** <*? f _ Hgtif wt>ir.D_rxatij^, ' el" anted -a N?*r nor mitt, to cook, wa?h ' ' au <<??? it, tint:: nmato faintly RaftreiM iaiiliil fi "U her .??' r> ? t. A>.p j at 77 WhI 20U street. ItltWB 9 Ml i II O'UIO-A. WANTBD-4 (H*L WS OKWPRAI. HOUhBWORK. Ap.i'j, ?ua lofeurug*. ai2?4 W?? ,nh at. rjr intkd-a wkt ic?s?, with an ahundanw '' sup. ijr of it Ik. Ap|,? At 1(0 Km! 234 at , m|?mi 9 111 11 A M. U? iNirn-Tffo ornr-B who uk derm-tans ?ii?? a irMiii u*. and oa? to Mil, at In llvi?> ?, A J VT no?t or i U'A..11,1-4 &MABT. ACIIVK, TOLNU LAiiT M> wi'- charge of?* :if#eiiin.ery oio'# on Broadway. A iTrr i, w. It r* ikiuk 'nii .'1.71*1 I*-at office. II ANTED?A Wl T K BRK. WITH A FRESH BBKAM* ? i it m k. tptFv for wo <Iavo, before # o'clock A. N . si .0 I.aai 31st el u .i?f Mailloou fourth sv*. WtNitll-TfO Cl'll/t TO WORK AT BMAMKL inj nrarlry la n ?u: itioi oil to the business pre frri>4 Apply to W M Liudmai k. '25 John ol. U'ANTI Ii-l roMPi fKNT HK tMHTLRSM. TO CnT ? If < ue u's <:???? ti ? ? air! to lakocora of on# ehiJA -.U"',, V. y.y ?' 1' i Loudon terrace, Wo*t 23d at \A' an i ;u-a coon oook. warhkr and ironrk. *? Tr on? wuo e-u.o well re, oiit'nenff" 1 gimd wagon w!U Ve gi .on. Apply I ? i. yea 10 ami 19 ot iff Irvlug place. YVAMSK-A FAlilJH L AND E.1PRKI ENCED GtRI^ *1 .t-. in ?m and ? One who '?n bring Iho ?ory I "it i,t reft rruo '-an have ? dei r*bl? ?Ituolioo by calling ,,l >11. b rotitb Oif ml *!., tht"' door* from Do Kaih ?v.. UiTulflt a. iif eu .' and II A M . to-day or lo-morrow, 1 tie 2!?t aii J 92,1 tual. WANTBD-A GOOD IIUIN'ET I'll I M M K ft. aFPLT Al 170 Weil 1th .,t. WA.V'IKD-A N'BSK AMI) BKaMSTRFHA . OMH f ly mmpelnnt In t**? barge ?t a child rom no tiirili. i. ou re.orenjcorw|utr?d. Io,|uiro ?t si h'nu ", *i , Jmrey f.l'y \i/ Ah'rBO-llXPEBfKNCND HANDS FOR BUClljl V? trimming* and "rnsmriitA In-iuiim At 113 7th ?L f ANTED?-A ?4K4M>TKEHM 111 TUB DAT !?? cok. JnquPt it ;'8 Hecou-1 place, iiiooklyn, near Cuurt *t. 11/ A.NTKl)?A SMART, Til)) t-lRI,. AS COOK AND VV initu.!,. (lotman pretorred. I'm ilref At 47 i'.aM27lit i t, near lih ur 1*7ANTED?A DP.! SSIINO MAfl) FOR ROOMS Al VV Hlu. 'g he. 'ml. Mi .. n-l 117 'A e>t g'ld el ; a^iiiflr p?'r. ?mi. nn,l uno r.'iin It .p.i ???? l" aiH willin 10 . tend lo'he d'jtx'H Apple ? i olin ,? ln i'.voen i.ho hour* of V m<t 11 A. M WANTI',t)--\ NritflK. ON"K OOMPRl'KNP TO TAKE en', r.- 'lit, rd in i iuiiii. O't ? '. K >1 f, and li ee I Ouo"! CUT ruferr.icci un ilie I. Apply At 117 Ha^t 60th at. FKHNCU ADV RKTlSFIiat'TS. ON I'KMViDK. ItoNNI: FK..N AIAR I'Ot'N ooiguoi ih ci.lain. ;> iit.'tserait II Wool 1,'tii *' If NF, JKl'NK F1LT.R KIIA.NCAISK 11* iOTfiST 1NTK , ) con* il'anitt kit luuguc n :*c ' .??g? in In gramuiairr, sachant Una hint i omlrc a 11 Mian et a In inn'hum l"?lra ?n plar," iliinaiilic faui lle amori >? nc. d'adroa lr a Bugaui?, 1j uth .nr. fl.VU ART'S. ~ LUtRDRtCKfl ,v co. photoorai'Mkrs 179 ripni r trt'Due, Intwccii Twntj? ccoud and 'twonly-ihlid etroeiH. Our work cannot be eico'lad. IV.S* HOODS. DRKNSMAKINO UY I'll R NKtV MY8J KM? FAK'M Millinery and Mam 111-, at MADAME BEMUDICrn. 12 WaTii lei place. TJIXCItUBI\ II1 T FBI ICS FLI TI NO, AT MRS. MUK JL co'a eatahllstiUie:ii.a. 18 Amity aireot, one blurt and a half from Hrondway , 12." II cocker nr-el, tc low Wooatrr, and 2hl Fulion a tree I. Jtrooklyn. Alldrttae malcriala puoc t"aily rt .led in an iiimiirpaaaed manner. MRP. OST1IOFF 8 I RBNC1I I'LUlTNll l.oTAHIttnil. ? opnt, 287 Klgh'li aioimo. Arar I wen'T llflti iiircet, ?ml l'J7 Kigbih a.oiiuc. u*ar rwrutlalb atrcct. Klonncc i from ono to twenty Incbea nldc, Uuied witb.tbe new *1, W of headlaff. ZBFHTB worollil), WOOMrl.ll AND BAXONV tnrna. Rid move. Jonvin'a eelebr'ttcd niako, C oil). Silt and Lia c Thread Olurea, Ron fa:*. Nubias, tlcccod Hose, ilO'lerrarniriili, Ouraeta, Handkerchiefe, lliittona. Gimps, Lacea, .no . Ribbons ami (> iet- latest novrl:|.<s, Ilrru Lining*. Muslins, Ac., At 11.e vers lowest market prin-A J L1MRMANN roruer ol Smb avenue au l Twenty eigbili olree i TO MILLINERS AND COUNTRY sroRliKBKl'BRB AT GRAND STREBT CHEAP blOltH Toil ran pur :h'iH-cut ! ngltis of MillionrT floods cheaper tliuu do'A u loan jOhh' rssell wliol piOuOA RI5ADT TO DaY. I OH" cartons of rich I' hi I Plain and ItriM'bo Bounct llifa bou* " i p?r cent belo-v |?st week'a prli!~e Every san l.' iu tin >.t Velrno at $. 7m, |l 76 and (2. Milliner,. Sllke and Laecs cheap .l?b lot. ol I ninmliig*, Vlowi-i i. Feather*, Kuihro denrs. Ac. Alio 500 earnin* oT I clt. Hearer an l Btrnw Bloomers, eoiopi'.sing Orioles. Iiapertal*. Par iMii ui pap,.Icon Caps. W.-i'.eifa ? and ever; ?ih*r faahionat' O shape, al yic., %l and upward, all below irirular price* KS>*V A Ki> RIDLKY Noa. .711 an-13IU? flrah and 'i-i Aiiannreet, I'l.tb bio U cnstlrnni ib" itowcry ??) (Tfl ONLT FOR KTNF. HIIIRTS M.\Or. TO OP.? ?S7S.) ?_r"J dor; eold elsewhere for i* 6 . ilao Drawer*, Collars, Hnconia, Ae. ? u.ilts iuw. spin* ,le. unt ud ma ? op tor the trade. All kind* ot family ao'vmg. Call and -ra at 7Uti Broadway, third floor. niLUIIERY. \T M ADA .MB It A LI,I N .8. Sit CAN AG STREET, AM j\ oiientrut of Fad aud Winter Btyles of Paris Millinery will ta*e plaooou Thine lay, sepie nbcr 27. ? CABD.? DRESSMAKING. LaDIKS BTOPPINO A T j\ lirital* can havs thnr work done wllh los-'Oich 8P'ri men work ran l>e u ???, Mr-. uULSf, UJ Hi ring H., near Hi. Nicholas Ruiel. A CARD.?WILT OPEN PALL AND WINTER MIL II* ry on Th'iri I ?v. y hi ueL MK-. C. LKVINd, UK*. LKVTNw, MHS. .1. 11 OOS.NON. {W7 Broadway. M Fieknch millinkrt.-mao am smloyrr. m Slirh avenue, wl'l or?n on VVedne-d ,y and Tliur*,iav S"p:emher 21 and .'2. I ? U'?t liuil.nuod Hiy ea of Fall aud Wfiiitr Konnets; al o, thorn of her neu make. LatIIo* aro lur i d to call and Of* ,,-re. Trade supplie i. II OPKNHYM WILL IIAVR HIS ANNUAL GRAND XJ. oieuiing Thar> lay. Hep*. .1, up is it sites hi# friouda to he ure rni A lull arsortamni ol UiiliO'-rv Goods, from this rase2 * a idiom, on hand, a' reason* , ? price*. ] 1ST BECB1VKD-?SOYBLTIES IN RRIU*!. fl lYraath* and Fnsers, ?t Ma.tan* IIAURIu . No. I lireroort place. Tenib ot.-ooi. ai'ew doors from ft.oadwas OOltNING MILblNKHY. ? ??PK INO HAT. I'ALL AND Wl.NTI'.K MOUKMNU BOMNRTB ON fill Rhti.W, HKP1'. 22 LullD A TATLOR. 2i5, 257, 2V and 2 51 Grand street, , ore, r of Chrjrtio MEBBRS. PRAT k TROWBRIDGE ItBSPKCTPULLY Inform the lodl>* thai o* \To<loeei?jr and 1 hnred.v . 21?t and 2-d nst., iti'-y wll usv? for liisprcuun Iholr ne e fall and wtnier atvlca of Paris AXi linery, ul reaoooan'tr prlcea 743 Broad-vay. MRB MI'LCBINflCK. 5.37, HROAPWaY. WILL OPKM on Thursday. Hrpt Ji. .? : irga an : olegant assortment ? if Fa Hot:net , Bound Ha'.". Ac . lui'Mriv l .ndof aar-usa mannfseture Ladle* are invited tocaU. VI MR. IMOOHNE W ALTON. 6 9 0BOADW AT, WILf, iTI exh.rnt on Tlinrvilav, Berierailer 27 * reehovch* ao i Began I av ortiiitn. nf Fall and Wtnier MlUiuery of Ihw latent and mist a, prove 1 'ea, Madams hahkib hvn jcst opened iibb fibw a-'' of In'por'.el P.ur,tie's. No. 7 Brvsnori piaoo, Tomb street. ? lew door . fro'n H-oadway. V) ADA ME FPRBERO. NO. IJOBV.AT iONI'S RTBEkl. ill lesgeclfi ily lufor i.s ihe ladies that ea Wednesday. the 21*t iosl . abe will uhn new lull and winter *irea d Pari Millinery ?t rcaounah ? pr een. City milllaari pos. lively not adinlti. d. BfABAMP IfARKlff HkB fUBT RRCRfYRO A CABK jVA oi i" ronn I IFus. inr e*rrt?u? and waJktn*. No. 7 Hri voorl pi, ?, Ten h stre.-i, a few door* from Broad war. M.';v 4. R'.flN LBAVK TO IN k OHM Tl 111 ? I'h.c anil tier urist* ibsi *:? ? Is go'ng to have h*r ?, euiunui Ail aud Winter llonnei*, he <*.esi I'aro, Lou dr li iad Now York l a l on* <>n Thursday, ISO Zld Of Hevtetmisr, bbe j olt;'.v * mi* a II. Ti BftOADW a*, opposita Atewart'*. YJRJ. .IUHNMON, J7H IMP 381 CANaL STREET. Wlr.l, ju op? . n flu r?d?y 22il i s' , a ui;" unl mImi i*sm l oot Ot al' and w i'er Nouneta Round H us. Ac. ihe o; VeriUon nf c.-un'ry inei^hanio W re.pcc.f j lv oa, ot to the above Stock. M)tr. t Wlf.LfA'MS WILL hl p.k.ady fHuM thin I'.v t< ahrw ber fall ImportaMona nf Tarts Boanaia. rviind Ha>*. f.'oiii'r< *. P owera Kib<ems, Ar . At. Lad ra rail! find the oupcr cii y nf the y . ds in iual ty and tail* unequalled in tbioi ? 12!) N Mb otrvet, near Rroadwav BH. BARI'ON RBSf'Ri 'TPULLY f N FO it M N n K #k fneii' aud ' .c puiillo that ?b* will have a faohionaoio of fa I If a as "rtn ? ill of fr I IT t i rotdy fur Insir ct on <>a thnr*. uy novf. J.'d tni I. Nu. bAb Caaaf treet. near W oat Broadwar MB Kf RINGGOLD. Mi SIXTH aYR.NL'B, CORNER OP E bteeatb etroef ei t*to .norm her trlenda and III* public that she WI.I raopan b'-r rooms oa TMnradav ?opt *?, with ? rl h sad ra- v I *?*oriinaat or ladies' and an**' P*rM fsl. *nd wl' I r Hemp'ta MADAIiB PILCONf, NO 2Tt 9IKTI1 AVEMTR, HfLf, opob ber Foil and W utar Stylos of Preooh Millisr ry, ou Tburalav, Honk 22. MHILt.lNRBR VISITING TT1R CITY PON TlfltfN Pa tera BooreT*. wPI f,nd aa oicgaui astnrbuool *1 ? re r. HIAT'S, 3R3 C*oal <*r-?t. VOTI< P, TO MILLINER* ? BVRRT YABIRtT OP i' ladle*' faney Hat Fra? -e*, tuciiniiog f rbtm ?n<l 2'wkoi*. II,ado fi urn aiierua dlrerl from Pari*, for *olw wholeaale and ratail. No. Canal at,an, ?P sta r*. PIBARI ' MIL! INERT Mr* POOTT. 497 H .w,le*? fffu Nleho'oo bloei), wl.l apon ber intporvd Paris Boauats. aal ibaao or bar n*s nan., fat lu r* ?n _ TflfRPD?T. XFPT. -T UBorrNING -."TO ft* 01 TIBfON S I KKI.X?TBN UN arraigned de*lre* to inf-roi b- eusbimer* and Iho trade in ,enrrel tbst obj, ?'?, "coron nor la.h,, uabia mil lory O-nrKirinni ol No ??< lMe,?lon Ir *1 (after o c.n-r ol two uteniiiO m Mnseqi onoo ?>/ ffre . on -be 2.1 tn-t., with n large ? an w?ll si v i?d stock ol mp r'0.1 FronO* P tterra Bonnet* fur lidle* and mi?ee?: ike n west .i lesof Tneseya, nod a sii * ' n' ?' ibr-'t uni#* to tao trade Madam* FALOnON 'ess lonv* to icud-r h?r k ad hmk* to ber for iter cutomef* far |i-#1r patrons #. and bnp** b, bar nation* I# luenl * .on nuiis of the same. Ms lama .SALOMON. No. Dtvlsoa *tr**t WALSH A TIKRSKT, AMI BR0ADVAT. WILL OPEN **!ay, R#t t. 13, a choMa amitlooul of fhll and winter Mdduor*. tlf OPAffllVM, -l AND flt< PITfBION BTRRRT. " i ?'i ?>?? on tburada*. >b* 22d kum. whba iar*a rod *|'l# idlrf a?? rt ?nt nf the n ul ?t le honnolo **d Mat* lOK.uhar snhi a rye ?t?ak of Muliorr- lionda a groat m?ov of wblch, ' i >rn parvboaed nomre I be lato las oierae rise n *'Ode wi:i be airt at ? ore ? ondma low raleat Ci'iinlrv 'nor, hau ? sad inlill ,*-? will And I in innr advan tage io sail and vis um our au-qs beforv purebasiaa W. Of'RNIITM dl *sd Jiw nishHeomooai

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