Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1864 Page 5
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VICTORY! eOWTOTOED IBOM FEELST PAGE. with grape and etc titer from two bnttertes which they bad previously kept secreted, and wblob ploughed through oar advancing lines, mowing down large num bers of oar men. The first line was obliged to give way under so mur derous a fire, and In retreating behind the second hue, threw it into momentary c>ufusion, and it also was ?bliged to Ml back behind the third line, which bad In the meantime been ordered to lio down, in order to ?veld as much aa possible the effects of the withering fire which the enemy's batteries were directing against cur advancing linaa. The artillery was now brought up and posted In com ?landing positions to sileiiie those batteries of tie enemy wbich bod caused us so much asnoyanca, and our Una waa reformed and ngiiu moved forward, regaining tba advanced position which they had held when they were obliged to fall beck. Eat this success was not gained without the mott obstinate resistance on the part ?f the enemy. General Sheridan bad previously ridden aloof the Unas, and was received everywhere by tbe men witn the -greatest enthusiasm; and when thoy advanced it was With tba terrible determination ta da or die In the at tempt. Having regained the advanced position wbion wa bad previously occupied, tba different Unas of battlo ware ordered to lie down and wait the arrival of General Crook's corps, which was held in reserve on tbe eastern hide of the Opequan. They were orderod up to take posi tion on the exiremo right or our line, and In ordor to counteract a movement on tbe part of the enemy, who ware massing troops on lucir loft flank with the view of turning our right. Precisely at three o'clock Gsneral Crook formed on the ?right of tbe Nineteenth corps, his First division on the extreme right of our line, and the Second division in the rear, supporting a division of the Nineteenth corps. General Crook, having formed bis moo, rode along the tines acd was received with most vociferous cheortug, the men promising to go in and wipe out Winchester. t Geueral Torbert, with Me: rllt's and Averlll's divisions Of cavalry, having crossed the Opequau about nine o'clock nt Burns' aud Knox's fords, bad been hard st work all day, fighting considerable bodies of the enemy's intantry and cavalry, and having been successful in steadily driv ing them beforo thorn, now ar. ived on our extreme right, and was prepared to take p->rt in the final struggle wbich aocured us the victory. General Sheridan rode nut to where General Torbert was stationed, and after a consultation with bim as to tbe part tbe cavalry wero to take, ordered tbe float charge, which wss made with an impetuosity which nothing could resist. Our lice, extending nearly three miles in length, advnnocd amid the cbeera aud yells wbich could be distinctly heard iar above the noise - caused by tbe thunder of the artillery and the continuous roar of musketry, which, (or its impetuosity, bos seldom been exceeded in any battle of this war. Our meu had determined to win tbe day, and nerved themselves accordingly for? the earning struggle, aud as our lines advanced closer and closer to those or tbo ene my the battle became more and more fierce, until, in point of desperate and fierce carnage, it will compare favorably with any aiml'ar contest of the war. The slaughter now was truly awful. At every dis cbarge men could be distinctly seen dropping all around, -and the two contending Hues at some points could not have been over two hundred yards apart. Just at this critical period, above the roar of artillery, musketry and cheers, and the fierce yells of the contend tog armies, could be distinctly beard the shrill notes of* tbe cavalry buglo, sounding the charge which was the death knelt to Early's army. There could ho seen the gallant Custer and Merritt, <*,ich with beidquartera fl tg In band, and conepicuvus amoug the advancing sq indrons, gallantly leading tbo charge n Uicb, in councctlon with the desperate charge of our lufautry, seemed us tbe vic tory. All honor to tbuee gallant chiefs who have d uio so well. Sketehm of t'ir I nien General*. SKETCH OK BKItf AD1KR GENERAL KUSSELL. Brigadier General David A. P.usse'l, whose Irmentod death It is our n urntul duty to record, was a gniiant soldier and an ac-vmphthed gentlemen. Ho was a native ol Washington county, Now York. Entering the West Point llilitary Academy at ar. early an, ha graduated in July, 1845. Ten years 01 his subsequent life were devoted to operations on the Pact in coast, lie was a eaptaiu iu the fourth regular infantry. Wben the war broke out be was chosen Colonel of the . evenih Massacbu -cits regl mout. He led the regiment v it., n< n r through the memo rable campa gu on the 1 enit eulu under Genera! McClellan. For distinguished service., in the battle of tVilliamsbnrg, ho was appointed brevet m > or ,n the regular army; passing through the battles of Seven Pitta* and Fair Oaks he was noon mado a full major in the Eighth Intantry, and sub ?equently appointed brevet lieutenant colonel in tbe regular army for general good conduct during tbe whole campaign. In November of the same year (1882) ho received bis appointment as brigadier general of volun teers, which was confirmed iu tbe month of M.irch-of tbe following year. He commanded bis brigade, on the left of tbo line, at Fredericksburg in December, 1362 at Salem He this In May, 1883; In the ovpedill >n to Bovef ly nnd' tilly's fords In the lollowiug June, aud at Gettys burg iu Ju y He presented to the War Department the colors which his brigade had oaplurrd on the ltappahanuock The Gene, j ral was highly complimented for his gallant conduct and important services whlie in command of his brigade, und eras soon after eoti uated w hh th command of a division. He topk command of the First division of tbe Sixth corps in November, 1863, and, with tbe exception of u short time, wben he nad charge of tbo Third division, be con ducted the First division through the sanguinary scene* of this wonder: ul campaign from tbe battles in the Wii derner; tnroDgh tbe fights at Spottsylvanla, Coal Harbor ?od neur Petersburg, down to tbe recent important vic tory In tbe Sbcnaudoah valley, where the fatal force of a cauuou ball closed his grand careor. Geueral Russell was o man of noble stature anJ pleasing tnansera. At tbo time of hit death be was about forty years of age. His loss will be deeply felt by his companions In arms as well ?s by the country at largo. ex ctc.i op BBidAnrkR general ttpton. Bri t. ii r Uererel Emory Ept"n, who waa wounded In Uie nceii battle, Is a young aud gallant officer. Ho was avpolj:u<: ? c-d-1 at West Point 10 1357, aud graduated Iu ISfil. f... > hi Yi.ty of that year he was appointed Moosrt ' i .tenant In the Fourth artillery, and almost Immodlite y ulU i ward first lieutenant in the Fifth. Just two years ago, In September, 1862, be waa appoint ed oolooel of the One Hundred and Twenty-first New York Volunteers. He served with his regiment as its commander until tbe following cummer, when be bad command of a brigade. He commanded the Se cond brigade, First division of tbe Sixth corps at tbe battle of Gettysburg, Juiy. 1863, sod at tbe pssaagn of tbe V'apidari, in tbe roilowlng November. During tl.e earlier operation! of this yeais' campaign be (beirg renter colonnl) bad command of the tame brigade. In that c parity be won distinguished honors in tLe eight days battles from the Wilderneea to Bpottaylvaoin In May of the present year, upon the recommendation of General Grant, he was nominated brigadier general of volunteers, for gallant and raerilo> rloua services during tboaeeigbt days,end his nomination wee Immediately confirmed. He has eomir inded his brig ado,In tbe Sixth corpa, under Geueral Wrlgut, through th* subsequent operations of the Army of Ibe Potomac up to Pcterr-burg, wben tbe corps waa detached and sect In pur suit of liarly, first In Maryland, and more recently la tbe Bheuandoah valley. It is hoped that General Upton will goon he enabled to resume fits dut-et In ibe Hold. Those w ho have never witnessed a cavalry charge can form no Idea of its magnificence, nor of the demoraitxtng affects when well executed which II has on an o; emy. fhe-etubborn columns of Early'* command were forced ta give way and break beforo tba fierce onclnogbt wblfb Our > sv.ilry made upon tnem, wbo, with rabrc in band, rode thorn down, cutting tbem right and left, capturing seven hundred and twenty on# private* and non cnrnmis stoned officers, with nine hxitie flags and two guoe. Tno broken anil d-niorallxed divisions o?>mr>riiing Ear ly'a command new lied in oou.'uelon, throwing away evoryliilng which could In any way impede their flight, ltd ttcowing the ground with their arms Heme made for tbe heights beyond W lacbeeter; but they were speedily dislodged by Avorlll, and forcort to beat a baity and Inglorious retreat op tne valley, where inch of Xorly't command a* ar* lo.'t him ere now stuttered Our victory waa a glorious on*, sod one we'l calculated la thrill tbe heart of every leyal men with th* impulse of eiucnro toy; but It has been wall remarked that every ley bee Its attending amount of sorrow, and ours was for gallant dead and wonnded, who poured out their life'* blood ireoiy that ibis groat and Iniquitous rabelllon be fit down. Among tbe killed I regret to mdbtlon tbe gallant Rus ?*? tbf FifM fcviflft ?C t* Hi** prp*. ? tng. Fearleae m ?u poesiUe for MB W be, breve ente rubiMi, be fell at the pott of booor, at the bead of t*l? divietoe, while leading tbero In charge. General Molnioab, commanding Firsl brigade, Third cavalry division, was wounded by a ptelol ball io tne leg, which neceasitated amputation, lie Is doing eery well. General Upton, commanding a division la the Sixth corps was also wounded, but not dangerously. Of field and line officers I have been able to collect but few Dames, who were killed or wounded. Among them are Col. Buboock, Sevooty-flftb New York, wounded in the ib'gU. Col. E. Bright, One Hundred and Twenty Sixth Ohio, Third division, Sixth oorps, killed; Captain Wright, General Devia'a stuff, killed; Captain Robenbaegb, Sec ond United States cavalry, wounded in the arm; Captain McGueaton, Second United States cavalry, Aid to General Merrltt, killed; Major Vredonburg, Fourteen'b New Jer sey , Third division, Sixth corps, killed; Major Dolling ham, lentil Vermont, Third division, Sixth corps, killed; Lieutenant yolooel Brewer, Seveutb Mich.gad cavalry, killed. Lieutenant Jackson, First Michigan cavalry, arm shot off. Lieutenants Mathews and John Allen, First Michigan cavalry, killed. Tbe Michigan brlgads, General Custer's command, claim tbe honor not killing General Rhodes during tbe fleroe conflict which ensued when they charged a portion ot his division. After the batik) had been fought end won, and whilst cur troops were passing through the streets of Winches ter, several citizens, among them some of the best ladies residing in the town, name out with Union flags In their hands and bid our soldiers "Welcome back to Win chester. " Tbe people of Winchester nil agree In stating that Parly's command Is fearfully demoralized, and speak uf his defeat as a disgraced rout, In which both men and officers rushed frantically through the streets, throwing away everything which would In any way encumber them in tbeir flight. ThoCity Hotel and the adjacent foundries, together with many private houses in Winchester, are full of rebel wounded. It is estimated that there are at least 3,000 In Winchester. Allowing for tfioso who wore carried away in amb.laucos, and for those who wero able to hobble aloug, It will bo a small estimate to place thetr wounded at 4,000 aud killed at 500, which with the prisoners, already capt'eed, numbering 3,000, wi!l make their loss 7 .500 tu numbor?equal to one ot their corps. Or the Union loss it Is Impossible at the limo or wrttrng this despatch to form any correct estl mate, but from information at hand, together with personal observations on tbe field, 1 do uol tblolc it will exceed fivo hundrod killed and two thousand five hundred wounded, If it amounts to that number. Surely I am correct lo stating that this bss been one of the most sanguinary'and decisive battles of tbe war, and reiloots great credit on General Sheridan, who was con stantly at the rront, exposing himself to the Are of tbo enemy's sharpshooters and personally directing the movements of our army. The Washington Telegrams. Wxsni^oTojr, Sept. 20, 1864. The great victory of Sheridan is tbe subject of con tinual rejoicing here. It is bellovod to be greater snd moro decisive ibuo bitherio represented. It la regarded l,ere as the consoquence of General Grant's rocont flyiDg visit to Harper's Kerry. Gentlemen who have arrived here from Hagerstown, Md ,'"stato thut on Sunday the rebels, under Mcfausland and Johnson, advanced from Bunker's Hill, and attacked Avorill at Martrasburg. The Utter, after a spirited to ?1st race, fell back to Hainesvilie, a short distance rrom Fulling Waters, on the Virginia side ot the river, where ho took a position. Duriug Sunday night Averlll rocclved reinforcements, ar.d yos'.erday morning advanced against the rebels and drove them back to Eutiker.Hill and reoecupied Martins burg. On Sunday a body of dismounted cavalry woe despatched from tho camp at Hagarstown to Williams port, wnorc thoy were, at tbo latost accounts, guarding the lords of tho rivor. The llejolclngs Over the Victory. SALUIE AT WASHINGTON. Washington, Sept. 20,1864. There is great rejoicing here over 8ber!dau's immense victory, In honor of which, by order of the War Depart ment, a-salute of one hundred puns is now being fired In ^tfe grounds of tho President's mansion. The victory is complete. | REJOICINGS IN PIIII. A DJtl.PII I A. PniLsnm.rjiu. S 'Ot. 20 1861. The news of Sheridan's victory caused great excite ironl, and ihe sudden erection of flags bn all the public and many of tho private buildings. Ihe whole city is ro joici ic over tho news, and anxiously awaiting news of a similar character from Grant. SALUTE AT AI.PANT. Albany, Sept. 20,1864. The Union citizens of Albany fired one hundred guns this evening in honor cf fbcrldan's victory. 3ALUTB AT CUAMCKSBDUKO, PA. CuAMJiKK?Bbso, fa., Kept. 20.1864. General Couch has ordered tho firing of a saiuto of one hundred guns in honor of Sheridan's victory. REBEL ACCOUNT. Early Declining to Attack Sheridan. [rrom the Richmond Examiner, Sept. 16.] We get little paws from Hie Valley, lor some rcama or oilier. A private letter from an otihur, dated septem tember 8, says:? _ ? All of Sheridan's army bas moved down, to terry vtlie. And.-rsra oad a sharp liitin afiatr with tho Eighth corps, no .r lhal, on Saturday, driving them back on the Sixth corps, on Sunday all of us went over there to at tack tho Yankee array, luf found :hms strongly tn trenci ??', a d Early te y wisely gatie it v;> ntubtl Jpti. \\ e returned yesterday, having accomplished n thing ?xcept io b isten back their cavalry force, which hid re tire i as l?r us Front Kuyal?in a raid it Is supposed. On reach'.ig the Valley pike, about eunsei, wo fouud our old friend Averill, driving In our cavalry, so our divlMou took a'tilt at him again, driving him hack to BuDkcr Hill. The Custom House. The Cdnereseional committee appointed to Invnctigate the numerous and extensive frauds tn the Custom House ?re still engage 1 in their res earcbos, and will no doubt one 01 these days astonish the community with further startling revetatious For tbe information of tbe com mittee a suggestion calling tbeir attoulicn to forced con tribuiioos levied uoou cartmcn by Inspectors might not be out of place. Inspectors have the employment of cartmcn to traosfor bonded goods from tho vessel to the warehouses designated In the permits, "d ?f Course can employ whem they | louse The fact is notorious that poor wen engaged by these sharpers have beeuxompelled to pay to the Iusp octoie a cermiu percentage of the cum peuHall. n which they were levnllv emitted to m order to obtain employment. N?w that Mr. Draper n really en gaged in purging tbo department of all corruptions, let htra not lall tu direct the attuntlon'of tbe committee to these petty fraud-, which are reelly considered more corlemptlhle than tbe wholesale peculations of higher officials. Several cartinen In Brooglyn, who bad lor years been occasionally employed in carting goode to govern ment -tores, have rofu-ed to submit to the extortions of Inspectors and sought legitimate employment elsewhere. These lacta may bo interesting for tho committee and Mr. Draper to know, and may be of eervico in ascertain ing where, lo the vnrioug departments, tbe guilty may be found. . ... Mr. Draper Is overrun by applicants for ol lca i ester day a tern OU an er.luoalnstle Hibernian called. and, with out any formal intr ductton, proceeded lo the Colliclor's desk and asked a situation lor his brother. He was by no means particular as to whnt position his relative ns piri d to. lie was willing to servo an an cutry clerk, and If that jo-it.oil Waa I ot attainable a laborer's p<>eltlon would be quite aocemabie; aud, ao doubt, like tb-t patriot wtio called upon General Jnrkeun to solicit a lorcl^n nppiouiment, after being told that all tho consular ?ituatlond had been filled, and that fhore was no prospect oven of eecurlug the position of a tide, be was willing to accent any <>M caatoff clothing which tbe General might havo iu bin wardrobe. Tbla entbuaiuUia gentleman would bfSttlsflad, now that la ao bigb. lo receive any favors iu that lino wblcb Mr. Draper may have to glre. The new Furvevor, Mr. Waketran, has not yet taken his place, hut will do go by tbe 1st of Ocmher. after whicb wh-levar changes miy be in i?i.>rapiallon, will take place. In the meantime the present incumbent* are on their good be nivior, and, tf they show a bold front for Honest Old Abe, ihdf ma? l*> retained a strong force of c:urk? aie engaged ra aa eilort to arrange an Im mense am uut cf papers which wore found b, bo In B state(f tbo inn', Inaxirleablaccnfusioc, and Mr. Dnper thinks thai iu a lew weeks ell the departments will be thoroughly reorganised, so that ail bueiuees can be promptly and oii.cltntly daepatobed. The Ovsrland Telegraph Islne to Rptsla. The Western Uflieu Telegra|>h Company, who, lo ontt Jnnotir.n with 'he Russian government, have this great enterprise IB hand, are actively angaged in fitting out an expedition under tbe Immediate ecperrtalon of Caplola C b Bulkier, Untied 9lat?a Army, for Oreg.e, Ibeeoaat of Rusauin America and tbe country beyond h^ic and Btraiia. to turvey tbe route of the tewgiapb lie and make other needful arrangementa to put tho whole ox lont oi tna line under contract the eoan'ng y?ar and we uuderatand that the projector? of the enerprt?o are san guine that the line will be In successfu' operation between New Yerk, fan Francisco, 9t. Peter burg aud London by in* middle of 1866. Vir.lllranta^M, Prnaidaot of the Western Union and or the d^^ftunipsubm. eai.a in company with Mr. t'ollius, liuWjW^slng projector of the Kuaxtan-American Telegraph TWb, In the Scotia to i ay for Liverpool and St. Petersburg, with a view to complete tbe arrangements already initiated whh the Rusalag gov* ernasant for expediting the eerly ootupletioo of UM lu.#; Md jd MKUlr WMD Mte% tfca ufcuM IW** PIRATES ON LAKE ERIE. Dttlag Exploit of tlx* IUb?li-C?pt?W of Two ? to*uxors* ??? Bdfmu), Sept. 20, 1964. N*w? hu been received here that a mynber of rebel* from Canada captured the little steamers Pxraoof and Island Queen near Baa* Island, on Lake Erie, yesterday afternoon, and bare gouo down or aoroas the lake, proba bly for reinforcements, guns and ammunition. Tbe capturing party numbered about thirty men, who were armed with revolvers and bowie kntvee. No other arms were noticed. Tbe captors took at Miadle Base Island wood enough to last two days. Toummj, Ohio, Sept. 26,1964. Caytaia Orr, of the steamer Island Queon, arrived here from tho Detroit river this morning, and furnishes tbe B\a<U with a statement in regard to tho piratical opera tions in tbe viomity of SUudusky last night. The Island Queon left Sandusky at three o'ciock yester day afternoon, stopped at Kelly's Island for thirty or forty Boldiers, and passed to Middle Bass Island, where she found the Parsons In possession of pirates, who at once seized the Island Quoen. The soldiers war# paroled as '?Confederate" prisoners, and IE* other passengers sworn to secrecy for twenty four hours. The Island Quoen was theu lashed to the Tarsous, and the two started for San dusky. When out Ave mllee the water cock of the Is'and Queen's pony engine was broken off, opening a hole in hor side, and she was cast ?.ff and loft to sink. TTie Par sens passed on to the mouth of Sandusky bay, and, after hovering about some time, apparently sig nalling to those Inside, staried for tha Detroit river, arriving at Fighting Island on the Canada side about eight o'clock ibis morning, where Captain Orr, bis clerk and engineer were lauded and the steamer burned, as preparations were made lor that object. The Captain has no doubt tbM tbe seizure or tho United States steamer Michigan, and ibe liberation of tho John son Island prisoners, were the object of the plot. Both steamers were stripjied of valuables. NEWS FROM ARKANSAS. General Steele to Resume the Offensive. 8r. I .oris, Sept. 20, 1864. A fontlemnn from Duvall's Illuff. Arkansas, reports the arrival of Genoral Mower at Mttle Rock with a portion of tho Sixteenth corps. With tble accession of force Gene ral Steele will bo able to take tne oilcosive. Nothing is known of the whereabouts of Genera Trice. Between thirty and forty of tho Third Regular cavalry were captured fifteen miles from Little Rock, on the 6th. Capture off a Train by Rebels. LsxvsNwoitrn, Sept. 20.1S64. Advices from Fort Smith say tho train which left here Soptember 1 for Fort Smith was captured by the rebels at Cabin crook. The train consisted of one hundred wagons, laden with supplies: six hundred mules, forty artillery horses and two suttlers' trains. Proposition of the Rebel Colonel Scott to burrentler Five Tlion smart Rebels. St. Louis, Sept. 20, 1864. An army officer, Just from below, brings a report, de rived from Genoral Ilerron's adju&ht, that Colonel Scott, commanding the rebol troops near"*Batoa Rouge, sent a proposition to Ceneral Horron to surrender from four thousand to sir thousand men, provided General Herron wouid grant an unconditional pardon to the genera! of ficers of tbe command. Coroners' Inqu ats. THE LATH STEAM BOILKK EXPLOSION ON I50ARP TDK TUOBOAT P. B. SASPKH8?INVESTIGATION BRFOKK CORONER COLLIN?ANOTHER BODY RECOVERED. At ten o'clock yesterday morning Coroner Collin com menced an investigation at the New York Hospital for tho purpose of ascertaining the oiuse or the bieam bollor explosion on board tho tugboat B. B. Saader3, off tho fuot of Oorloars street. Fast river, last Friday morning, by which .lames Doyle, the pilot.j?nd five others connected with the Sanders, lobt their lives. The oviiloute elicited failed to dovelope the cause of th? exploFion. Three gin -or of the hunt was noablo to appear as a witness, ns ho is yet suffering IToni soaids Below wlil he found tbe testimony adduced betoro. iho Coroner:? Robert Darnell, being d'ly sworn, dope. as an ' pays:? I reside st Buth, I. I. : I am pilot of tho propeller 11. I*. Partington: on lust Friday morning. September ??, 1 '"4, about half-past oino o'clock, wo wore coming down tbo Fast river, and, when oil' Grand strcol, tho propWlur 11. H Sanders came si nesldc or us and pa se.i us, so timt cur head wuv ahre st ot her stern, but about thirty loot off"; she wur going at Uor iiRunl rate or speed; when rlio p.s ed us -bo got opposite the .lark sou str ut lorry; the bo?;?r of the ^sorters imploded 1 bivn no idea i t the c.i'iM (f the explosion; the airn kurcki'd rue uwav from rho wheol; I Imme diately stopped my boat; a piocc of felt struck n-e: li e ] boats woro not racing at tho time; our de ks were cover- | ed with the debns of the wreck; we got aloii-jsido o, nor i before tbe steam cleared away, ind made last to her, wo : took ?hro<- tnon off r.or, the engineer. fireman and a rns- ' mincer: the enrlneer loid ino Hint Iip bad p!en?y of water in tl o bofor end not an unusual ;u intlty of steam tfffe , engineer was bndiy scalded: bis logs ami hands were in- j p.irod; wo got. IIiior fast to her lor tho purpose ot towing ( her when she sunk, she in about two minutes; the i deceased, James Doyle, was plcgod up by a small bntl; when the boat gunk we tool; tho men around to Doy street we wero g-ing at tbe timo about Unknots an hour: we hud about sixty po inds of stuamcn. we are | authorized to carry sixty five pounds; wn are tested for \ ninety laiunds; the other boat, I think, bad about the i hiime Qyllndor. wiith two incbea more stroke; .- he wus a t larger boat than ours. Charles '/imiiu rmsn, being sworn, any??1 reside at ? 200 West Houston etieet; I was cngagod on the M T. Fsrriogton as eteward; at the tlin! of the explosion I was j standing for*aid, looking ui thohth"r boat; 1 noticed no ' uou: al quantity of sieain In tho Ceo room I afterw ards | ascertained that a bolt had br< ki n off the hoil-r; that is not of much account; that is not considered dangerous, , it very oitcn tin- petied; while I was looking at nor ?be exploded;! Immediately ran aft; 1 wa^ all covered over , hy water, dirt \c. niter she exploded we were along- , side of her; 1 thou saw throe m m on bar; tney cune i nboard of our;! asked the engineer how much steam ] he b id on; ho Raid sixty pounds; he Raid he had plenty j of water (three cocks); ho could not give auy reason why I sho exploded; the b?ck part of, the holler farthest from I the furnace bmwed out; the forward pari of her deck was . blown off; the other part was uot Touch injured; we made liner to her. but she was sinking; we cast off the lines, si d she then sunk; we were g?|nat our nsual gait at tha time; we wore hot racing; I heliovo tbe-o | were Sevan men on board al the time, wo t. ok ibree j men off, and the deceased was picked up by a small boat. ! Andrew A. tonally testified as follow*?1 reside in#| Newark, N. .I., I am superintendent ol thn *tev>-na and Gondii Transportation uompany; the office is at tffe loot oi I lav street, on the'dnck; they ere the owners ot the propeller B B. Sanders; th? boat was bum about fourteen months ago; we puichssed hoc in Juno la. t; :-he hus been used altogether as a tugboat, priuetpaffy I towing between here and Newark; she ?? ? I first class boat in every re?pect; she had cot boen ralnspected accord i f to the vet of Con gress; fhe had been InsjcCtcd before; she was I capacitated to carry ninety pounds of ste im; our resl. I dent engineer had examined her a few days iicfore nnd found her boiler all right, ih# fact of there being a little [ leakxco In the forepart of the holler d-d not damage or I weaken the boiler, tbe engineer said be waa carrying sixty pounds of steam ?the firemen sutd lie examined the bodcr and found thrns cocks of solid water; the de. eased, James Doyie, wss pilot ol tlifl B. B. Handera. Yesterday alternoon a body supposed to be that of one of the unfortunate men who weui down wlih the Nandcrs aftor tbe explosion, wns found llontlng near tba wreck. Deceased wss about thirty live yotra of age, five feet seven inches m height, with black iialr, musiacba and gubtcc. He was dressed In tdick coat and pasts, and red shirt. Tbe remains were placed in charge of an un dertaker for interment. Friends wishing to *ee the bo ly can learn Its whereabouts hy calling at the Cotoouis' njhes, No. 4 Centre street. A YOUNG WOMAN KILLIW BY FALLIV6 Til ROC Gil A HATOHWAT. Miss Msry Clifford, s young woman, sighteefl years of age, died on Monday evening from the effects of a frao turs of the skull and other lu.nries, received hy a< cl donidly falling through the hatchway from one of the upper stories or Herring's safe manufactory, corner of Fourteenth street and Mnth avenue, to the ground floor. \Yan the accident took place MI-.? Clifford was on tho way to her rather'i office, in tho upper part of the premi ss*. Taking a wrong direction on me third lloor, she walked info tbe o* ?n hatch, and foil a distance of over thirty feet. Death ensued in about twenty rumutcs sf'cr war Is. Coroner Wlldey ""ns notified to hold an inqneat. The deceased lived with her parents at No. 2TJ West Thirty eighth street. FATAL RUN OTBR CA9UALTT. Coroner N.iumann yeeterdu/ held an Inquest In Wlllett street, near -tinton, on (he hodv of Pjier Hlckey, a Ind, eight years of ago whose death was the result of In jnr,os received lust Naturday oy botnj; run over oy ?sorla water wrgon, drtveo by Robert Kuaeoil. Tbe occurrence was accldcnul, and the jur,, rendered to thsl cSect. The fftw York Ittate Knlr. It ixnttM, N. Y., .>ept. 20, 1R61 Today Is tho 0|ietiing day of the Fute lair. The weatner Is deiiglitful, hut there hare not be-m trnuy visitors, fx hi tutors have bceu b i?y all dny, as tfo .y? aro Jsisyed by an overcrowd on the railMaa*. The entries are now equsl to either of the last two terra. Everyth'sg bu s lair fur a great show of people to mor row. The cattle show is small, hut csver bettor lloracs are exonllent. 'X lino wool sheep the show la good. Of the belter Class of machinery tho show is good, and soma of It Is t.ew and instructive. The fruit rxnloltloa Is good. Tbe dairy and voqtlables are very poor, lb* domestic department is small Altogothor Hie exhibition U not what It sbcnld te, but It will attract a great crowd of people. Rowi from Halifax. I'aiiv. x, N. S., dept. 20, ?.?64. . The ?loajr?blp Sldon sailed at one o'ciock ibin .nt-rning for Now York with eighty passengers. Tne United dtates gunboat u>m ?m M Futon yesttf' i 4N(t J Vhe Navy. motel in bvcikw ot lai n, a or the eteam FHIOiTI HIMB.AEKlilOAN INUBNtJITT Tftl VMPHANT?A OH AND OALA IIAT A r rOETBMOOTE WATT YARD?DAaC'RlflTON OF TEE EEAKALIN, ETC., ETC. Tin ? lectin screw frigate Fianklio ?U aoooeeafully launched M ibe PurUmouth Mavy Yard, rutery, Ma ( oo SAlnrdey noon, amid a Urge ooucourae of people. The launching of tbia fice vea?el wua acuompliehed without any injury, altbougb ibe risk attending I ?u very great. Fhe bad but lutle room, and consequently ber headway bad to be che. kod, ?0 that alio should not run oe the rock.*, or into the opposite bank, and damage beraelf. Naval constructor b. It. Poole ik entitled to muob praise for bie arrangements for cbeckiog the vessel aod easing ber iuto ber destined elemeot. Tbe preparations were as follows.?Heavy anchors wore planed ahoad of tbe dblp, to winch large hawsers were secured; iheee were taken on board or the ship, while others were laid el ng tbe launching way a and carried out Into tbe stream, form ing a "bight," which was kept upon tbe anrlace by mo -lie ' f floats, so ibat when tbe ship catno ofT the ways alio w?- chocked by this bug# hawser At a abort dis< luitci from ;Ui.- bight wore placed, twenty foel apart, throe large b as ttrmly anchored and liouted ii|>on the rurii. r by |o-a; :o that, in event of tbo ship, which wog;iis '1,60u una, breaking tbe flr' t bight, she would bricp; 'in in o o of tuc iLree remaining. Vory m ? h imereat has b?en leu m fi o launch. end a largo number of dis tinguished naval officers iu J Hh'plmihicrs were present to witness tin- f,)ior.ilion. This is tbe hrst time soy* thing oi the kind has beeo done in thu c uotry, and Mr. IViok H to bo congratulated upm bis florets fill acconiplitlunoQ! of a vory barardous affiair in Europe a man would be ;rounded or decorated lor such skill and good judg.n-.-ut. There was an Immense Attendance from far aod near to wttuoc.-c tin launch; and tbe animated scone presented, with tbe tide full toe river covered with crart of all sorts moving about and the I'nited State* ship Vandalia and tier lender, the ohootier lieauruganl, both gaily dressed with a'1 ih"ir bunting, ?* the blue above and tbe blue below'1 ch nrly bru.iglit out by ilio bright morning suu, mn! the thousands of oieu, women and chiMron who crowded Jin shores on all Ifaruts?was ludeod biautilt'l and Inspiriting. After the 1 cinch, Admiral Pearson rocolved his friends in lar, e numbers i". h.s residence iu the yard, ior.ludiog tunny prumiuei't citizens and CHtlnguislied gentlemen from abroad. Admiral I oar an has now spent lour year" at the yard us commaadaut: aud with many present this cull to offer tho uooKrati.lations of tbe occa slon and enjoy tho alv ays boiinliml hospitalities dlsper.reri by mo t'araly, * as regarded as n ircwell to this faithful and htgnly respected officer nnd courteous gentleman. Captain Unworn, ot the Vandalia, also re ceived and hindsomeiy outertalced largo miliibois of his friends uu i'oaiu his tin;. Tho taccoanios at the yard also served up an inuueose coilatiuo in tho new boat house. Tho Frauklln will ho Qtlcd for sea as soon us nos ible, and will probably be .-out to represent our lulet est in Europe. The Franklin is 286 root long between perpendiculars; 281 feel on tho spar deck, and 808 feet over all, depth of hold 27 jg feci; ixtume do, th, trom u unioock rail to bottom of keel, 40>i feot; tonnage, 3.8R4; weight or vessel about U.MH) long; propeller, 21 fret in diameter. She is pierced lor fifty guno, Her keel was laid in 18f>3, and work was suspended on ber In 1880, when she was ready for TV .rk upon her was resumed last June""id hurrlod to completion. She is said to he tho lines; onodeMou vessel afl >at in our navy, and was de signed and commenced by William I. llansrom, who, at that time, was naval constructor In thai vard. She wns finished and launched under the supervised of S. M. I'ook, tho present naval constructor; (.diaries TV. Sllraron, muster curpcutor. Twelve war vessels and three tugs have boon built and launched In this vai I within three years. The Koarsarge and ussipee, serous, anil rteb.tgo aud Mahaska, mau ve heelers, iu 1881; Sacramento, screw, aud fSon?uia and Conemaugh, side-wheelers, In 18''2; Nlpslc anil Shnwmut, screws, and Sosnacus acil i'a' set, aide-whoelers, lu 18C3; Krauklin, screw, and two t.eara tugs, Iu 1884. Tho Contoocook. tuoaiu slooo-of-wur ot 2,000 tons, will be ready to launch In about four weeks. Pu? is 2"81 feet lone, 40 lee* breadth, 20 feel deep, nnd will carry twelve guns. Sue is pronounced one of the llaoet vessel* of naval construction. CnANGE OF NAME. The gunboal (supply etenmer) Admiral, ,'e.ting Volun teer I.ieutouajt W. 1). Catch comuiauding, will horearter bo known as the Eort Morgan, in commemoration of I'ar ragut's brilliant viotory In Mobile Bay and the passage of the work of that uatcc. Tho Navy IVpr.rtmcut have [ shown good taste In giving this name to one of our vessels. ' ARRIVAL or Tfi3 acri'LT 8TKAMEK APifKOUITE. | The supply slnamor Aphrodite, Captain Morgan, from rensacoln, September 12, arrived yesterday. Sine brlng3 home tho ^following naval ofheert as paoscngers:? I.leu tenant Commander E. M. Bunco, Acting Master (?. Cot trill, Acting Assistant Paymaster Ralley H.asc ill, Acting A 'Distant Paymaster K. T. Barker. Lieutenant of Marions v\. Atoiso, Aitl' g IlrMgiis H. Cnrwin, .1. VV. \t ur >e, Wm, Churchill. John White; Conner Win. Wiieitu. C?r peuior a. o. uodso, Fai.w tker N. Lynch, Acting Master's M Wu. ii. Wbntou, l'aymaster's Clerk T. K. Fltck, Viiyi.c..ater'8t'fewardaCharlesoweeny and John William*, bite also brings two nundrcd auil twouty-tlve ?i-.-nvn from no West Culf s;| : idron, wfinsc times have expired. Altf'IVAL OP If!" UNirEIl STATES bTEV-lBa DI'.O >k* 1.YN. nosniN, Sept. 1 S'l-1 Th"> l ulled States steamer Brooklyn, Cnputlt. '.'den, from M vbi.e ftiv via Pcnsacola September 9, arrived hero to -Jay for repairs. Police fnti'lllgence. I'oi.n Rrrnnav iv Eroadwav.?Vc^ierday afternoon Mr. Jann;s A. of tho Hetropolitio Hotel, w.ia , wa l-iii'g invr Broadway, ccompinled by biu wl'e, aud when near Prince street 'Ir lio per felt a hand o:i the I bosom of lnv shirt. Tiirring i-uLdouly arouud be dl; coverod that his diamond hrea. tplu, valued at on - thou, rand iloll.ire, uadbe-n sfoinn. ilio man suspected wns pointed 'lit l?y Mrs. H >por, whoreii|Hio he rsn nil'. Mr. Hoopi r foliowad lit pursuit nnii arre 'od tho follow who g vc his name as It.ouias bryatil. Ho was p.issed to the custody ot ttilloer Ouignon, of ibo Broadway squad, unl sen.-died, bui tbe missing dmnond could ret ho found. The accused was taken bofurn J nation iioJfeo, i.lid committed to too lonibs for examination. Aiikut os a?' Bcrular.?Officer OIaeb, of tbe E-evanth precinct, yestorday morning, about three o'clock, arrested a man giving bis name as Jeicuiub Tracy, who stand* charged with having forced un en trance to tl e d eihng fcouae of Mr Benjamin an El eg, redding ot No. 21 avenue t\ The burg! r oprnitd a rear window . and, crawling in. unlccked un iiinnr c'.o-r, which gave liioi liae acct-is u> all the rooms in the h .The nriso nwukc lira. Vau S|,i it, nnd. greing a n n in her ro-im, she cried ??vVijo's therei'' out rtcived no r.n ^wor ihe hnrgiar "icu rail out the rour w?y, am! the cry of "stop, thief being heard by the oplcr. ho ur I r-uiod I'ricy .i^ he ran fiom tu alley hard.- of the hou-o. Nothlcc was stob n ironi the house but a likeness and case, which were found in the prisoner's posse'Slon. Juita'e Si.audlcy commuted the accused f r ex vimuntion. AriKKbf or an Al.triso HionwavsiAN. ?In' pa*sin>j through Ihorapacn rtraet, near Prince, lato on Mundajr night, Mr. Charles H. Bordley wan accosted bv John Lii.ii, who Insured upon knowing where Mr. Boidloy was R'.tng. as he did not r?*V7 promptly Linn Knocked *ntn down, and, aidi d hv other rnfi.itrs, heat him in a most ont'vgeous manii-r, and then riCvd his pocket* or a sliver waic-h, valued nt twenty dolltrs. Linn was arrostcd by ofi.'tr tlcI'nor?oe, of the Eichth precmc', and oitue ovi ence pre; ' nted Jtk?tice I)< dge locked htm up to uuswer the ciiargo. Mr. Bordley lives t'. 7(18 Lrotdway. Fnnrrel of Alderman Jtlc.lTialirin* Solemn services for ibe repose of the soul oi Ihe lute Alderman Jame* McM'itb D, were hold yesterday tu -R. James' Pomen Catholic church, In ibis city. There was a Urgo attendance, and h gb mass, iu.arpivtprucnte, was m-'St solemnly offered. The temple was draped In <'eer moctt itig, tod ihe sltart. cun^libras and ornaniv'>nis of Ihe cbunh were more or lets coveted with the outwird indi-'itlons of sorrow. Me inwhtle the whole congrega tiro graced with tbe force of internal and never dy ng symi'atby. Tb? members of the Common Council (utsembled early yesterday at the lata residence of the de eased, in Henry street, In this city, fo mi?e all re< os.sary irraug".nente fer foilowing his retrains to tbe grsve. The following gem lemon ncind as pa.I brxrerr:?Hen. Fernando V.' >od, Al ferm'0 liyera , Alderman .McKnipht. Hag pe-iy, Supervisor Treed, Cv tctn D'firady, Hod. A. Cut 'y Hall", Aldcrmua 1 btpp, Councilman Keenan. tAiuncdniaii 11 - ciitslic. Justice hh tad ley, LieuteoAul Laibcroll, Fourth re.itmoni. on arrivii g At tho chr.rftb, the silver mounted rose wood lOfhn, loutaiiung the r-mains ?>f the lamented de curd, wxa brought up the centre slile to the (root of the altar. Ibo liu, lessive o ca "f tbo dead was then chaunted by prt-<?t nnd eb->lr The requ'em tr.-a*? the principal feature of the uccasion?iramcdia'ciy fo. owed. Father Brannon, the prater of the church, *u c lebmut Futh'VS OTallsghwo a&J O' l.r* officiated as deacons, thu distinction ?r matter of ceremcnte* devolving on 'he llav. F.. Bnordy. The choir rendeted Handel's Impros slvo hymn, "Anijeia ever Bright and Fair," with a sense of fvltug and pathos that wot deeply affiNillog. Then the survlcea prerrdtng tbe ??l.ihe'a." In which tbe nasior ofhcuied, nrier sblcb the -'Qnando (kwpua" of Rc-sini was aiing with much fervor. Tho coffin w;i* ihen rernovud to the liea-so in wailing, and conveyed to f'alvary ' metery for interment. Tlte Xtebel Jlavy I'rlwners. TJIIIR TKANHITR Tl) FORT WAltltr.N, BOfcTON ?A CAR1? OP TlIAN'kR. tloaton Haiutw, flrpt. IS. I'H The undorvl*eed, prisoners of w*r, d*iro to expreva the.r thanks to Ltou'eeaut Omll'ige, -evenHi I'oiied S'Utos Inr.antrv, for h,g coarte^ui and gentler.isuly treatnienl fo ua while ;n hi* charge on our way from hort Lafayette to Fort Warren, :uiu rr~peeruliy vt of rcofederale el.uxra, should the fortuno* of war m?k.? htm a prisoner, In* soma attentive kiuJm ?? end caar.aey Lo ban exuvuued U'" W. T. QL'iSTtTX, Llent 0. S. V., who attewvptod to bl'-w up tho New Truu'rtdea. ALEX. tv.ilTX.r. 9. N., captured at Mobil*. I' N SMITH, C. S. N. ?ANUM. Ht'CKkRT'.N, C. S. X. L. T. I.KI.K, C. S N.. captuierl at MoHlla. J\.<. W. SL'LLtVAN.C. -1. N.,captured at llohlla. J. TV O'XEAL, C. 0 N. A ft. ?. BIRD, C. 8. N.. captured at Mobile. OLIVER BOTFFN. C 0. Scaptured at Mobil*. t?. phtnam, r. s. N., captuied at Mobile, k wux jyttfltwM. Or*I* Afloat ftr Oiwt(? Ohwouo, tfep*. 20, IM? The amount ef grata ?Hoot from the upper Ukae for Oswege, up to Itio loot dates, M near as coo he oocor tains* to ao follows-122,000 bushels wheat Md 81,200 bushels ooto. The ornooot of flour end (rata afloat on lb* canals for tide water and New York, ao "ear s* can be ascertained, In as follows:?6,762 bbls. flour, 6X0,000 bushels wheat, 030,000 buahele c< ro. 12,000 bushels oata, 111,000 bushels barley, 97,000 bushels rye. Tito Overland Mali. Fust KliUt, Sept. 20. 1864. The Superintendent of Ibe overland mail route, with agents, stuck, Nr.. left here this morning to reopen the route, a special mail agent will leers to-morrow to see the mails through. Seal I Boat Race at PonjhiiMpslr. rntiuHKtsrais, Sent HP, 1864. The 'cull beat race, Ave milts, (or live hundred dollars, took place hore to'dujf. Joshua Ward boat lit evens si a seconds. Time, 38 minutes U seconds, boating ilaua mill's victorious time iwuuly live seconua. KAILS FOR EUROPE. Sherltfan's Splendid Victory In the She nsndoah Valley?Map of the scene of Operations?1'he fvatcet War News? Latest Intelligence from Merle*, Caha, St. Uoiulssjo, Ac., ??o. Tlie Cunerd mail steamship Scotia, Captain Judklns, will leave this port to dny for Liverpool. The malls for Kuropo will close at eight o'clock Ibis morning. Single copies. In wrappers, ready for mailing, Ave cents. To Paper Manufacturers. Cash will be paid for 10.000 reams of good Ponrdrlmler Paper. Blze. Mita-lSta* Apply at this offle* Type Metal and Old Lead Wanted.? Cash will be paid fur a few hundred weight of Type metal and eld Lead. Apply at the desk of Hub oillcc. Prises CV shed In alt tl'fd t.ot tor'ea und Information given. JACOB,' soOlce, 176 Broadway, New Yurk. Prtxes Cashed iit nit Leijallt'd Letts. rlci, J. K, CLAYTON A CO . No. 1,1 Wall Street. room* Nov. G aud 6. Now York. A. Lady of World-wide Rep?itntlon.? Mrs. 3. A. ALLEN'S World's Hair Restorer and World's Hair Dressing are unequalled fur restnr ng, lu- 'Bp'!*1 '"Si beaut lying and drrsslnr tbo hair, rendering it. HOft. allkyand ?lo isr aud disposing it to remain In any (.am red position, n> resting the fa'l. and imparting a healthy and natural co'or o the hair Th?v never fall to restore gr ?y hair to Its original youthful color. Thar act directly upon the roots, pivin^ them Hie natural nourishment require I. No ludy * toilet la complete without the Hair Dressing. It cleanses the hii'r and Imparts to It a moat delightful tragianco. aud Is iuit. d to both young und old. Article* for the Toilet of Wcw Vorfc floriotrt Hvaienique for H*le by the 4T11??!?*?;, u e f11^ Xd by the aeeul, VICTOR fe. MAULER. W? Chambers etreel And Oh. Ilenr Me I What Puln, I""ij * ache, Toothache. Neuralgia and Cet&rrh I Buffered. WUii CO^T'S liihtADt Pain Annlhllator cured me. C*'t?helor'a Hair Dye?.he Beet In the world. Harmless, reliable. Instantaneous The only perfect dye. Sold by all druggists. Factory 81 Barclay street. Dear Sfr ?I have been suTering for a long time with wh .l nhvslciane call of the Prostate Gland and Re tention of Urine, and was unable to obtain any relief until ! used Constitution Water, which be^an to produce its cura tive Ci.'sot alter taking one or two (loses; end no man eaRje more grateful than I at the result??having suffered all tilt a man cou'd eull'er and live. and. rather than to bo ''nP.r'"'^ of the medicine I would be willing to pay fifty dollars n l ?It'hasVot enly cured me, but several other officers In my district have been cured bv U. and I evrvbody Buffering from any us. Constitution Water. Police. Sold whoieau'e by MORGAN A A LLEN. 40 Cliff street, end ail drui^lats. I Deafness, Impaired Sight, NOISES IN TUB HEAD, , CATARRHAL AFFECTIONS IN TnE THROAT, \ CHRONIC CATARRH, OBSTRUCTIONS OF THE EUSTACHIAN TUBS OUHKO, BY DR. 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Sold a' I!P!.M30LD'S cfccmici.1 Wwrohuu ? ft 11 f ad ?? if. lis t onaeqoenee of tl.e Fall In We'd T h**? '1*? I nmt>r ifloctlaN from ftiy iiouioilly lorg# eiockot M,Cp"i*n'1A>|?rwi!tTER CLOTTIINO. IB sill Hag the ...GCvT A3SORTMr.\T or OVEKOOAIS I. -11. cur, at a d S ?f 6re parent. y RRORAW 8: Fou-thavenue and uJ Lafayette place. j .Mstufire ?llrandretli'a Pill* ar? ? <*er c A., tBt ?n, Mr Clapp. a man of character lufl -IS ?! i wi.'i-w ndrr iea will b-given, saya ? I was at | i , i, fr n jaundice and >n-. phvslcian n?ve r-r I ? o t I mck s'l n" ?ran1reih's Pills, and ihevcu.ed [;* , , a '#w da's gave ins inv hcai.h." tl'ilAN'l.t' 11 J LI its a sevcrei-u remedy In all kiuntl. in- itlss Slid at principal nfllie, Hraudrnth tlouse Rew v V * and bv all iiPev, Sc. H bre.. .-etb Is In the sump Kresh Pills at No. ? Un.ou ?< ? - Ladles' Bracelets, Flew Styles? Ik?? five sis sight, ten. twelre, hfteeu to two hundred , KsSl^ VoAaleh? GHO. G. ALLEN. IIJ Broadway, j one door belew^aeal atreel. ? p.rttsicton lately R.markrd toller B^hew'B-k- "hif 1FMAT.ON * NIGHT BLG. M.XG PR. hfI'S wm lb? nio?t nurllirO'i* poffinuf IW ?rrr "iiif'iwl, uXssssbSi.rsri^ ^ ??? mmhh. f U ALON la comlBf g?41 wlmlt Why la Phalen's Nlgbl Bloomln^^usJIke the Cage, When appued to aa electrical inavbtnat hetause itauraiie the spwidts Heugsr'S Celehra?ril Rhlpplasr J*f"' adsp'o-l for evcrv pirpoae, at rnanufact wer'a, VU.TG.. B. MaUQBK'8. 118 Chambers sirewk jlri. WlMlow's toothln* Sytnp, far chlidrea Toslhtmg. sure. Dysenisry end, reguletea the b'lomach and Bewcle and ceres Wei Colle. It.rvees and Dsbilliated gallerew, l is T.RI.MBOLD'N Qsnutee J* rs cars Her e. Iterhlaeee for Mleaee?Two. Three, Wlw, eight. i*u, (Iftecn m thkty doi'nre en h. For <?1? bv U. C. ALlMn. 418 Broadway, ooa door helow Canal ac N I iun nm I BOYS' and INFANTS' HATS OENIK.S1S Broadway Teats, Political Baeaers, Fiat". C. ?. TTLBR, IB Baet Ihoadwar. New York. Win, Towpeoe. Hair Dye. Hair Dyelofl mi Bold.rh Qte?* lUHi T* fhlroj)i)dlin.-Wi?n?e<1, ? On?lI rotor. ou? el.o l? couipelosl to lake ahergt of ? iir*?lto? oilics Callus, a kdditx. Or Zauliaria. 190 Broadway, Hair tore. marriages and deaths. n?.rrl?ft. Lawiss? Br a*.? At Ilubu a furry, Westchester oouoty, on dmd.jr, September II, by tbe 1 ev. Hand H'f'onnor Marti* IL Ufi.u, lata First l.ieufoant lbirty ueveuia rogiuiaut, S. Y. v., to Kiln*, youngest daughter if u.o late Micbael Kyan, ut Now Vork Oily. l??uia >ni>?*.?un rbnuiay, September 15. ai St. Jo h church, Hudson City, N. J., by tiie Iter. at. Venuta, Mr. Jo- cm Lobi.usotto to MISS liAtuiAKst lo?. errs. No cards Moi-lot?Mavnix -On Panday, September 18, by lbs Rex. a Karreil, Wiu.ii* C. Mntxor, of y*rmoy, to Mm Kit* Y., eldest .Jauguier of the lata Juax J. Ma.vnii, K*<{ of ibia city. Cork papcri pleaae copy. Piiyw:?Locawoop.?On Tuesday, teptemher 20, by the Rex. J. P. Newman, At'ucsrca It. Pitrra to & Matii.d* Ixm'kwood, b<4b ol New York. fiavtoe? Hawi'iow. ? On Tuesday, ftnatember 20, by the Km. vtepneo II. Tynx, at St. George's cburcb, M r. Jobn 0. Sa.auato Mlas Locum Hajulto*. ?Mod. Ren* _Oo Tuesday afternoon, September 20. at threw o'cloc'-, at 724 Greenwich Ktreot, of apoplectic AUk Fares, i< o of A O md KUcn Buck, aged % yeara and ? Btontba. Tti* ftiende of the family are respectfully Invited t? atteod tbe funeral, from 724 Greenwich atroet, on fliurrt day afternoon, at two o'clock. Idtcfcport papers please copy. Cookk.?(in Monday, September 19. Gaoaon, eon. pt Richard D. and Julia Cooke, aged 10 yoara, 9 months in4 19 days. The friends of tho family am reepectfully invited to at tend tbe lunersl, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two , o'clock, from the residence of bis parents, No. 10 I'rinos Street Canrtkb ?John Ciasvsn, aged 38 ysars. Funeral will take place from h a late residence, 141 Goerck street this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. I Lirsoup.?On Monday, September 19, Mary K., daugb ter of William and Catharine Cliirord, aged 19 yeara. The relatives and friends are tnxitod to at;end lbs At ncral, from l.J Allen street, tins (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Collins.? on Tuesday morning, t'eptember 20, at bH residence, 213 Klvinglou rttreot,alter a short but ssvore illness, Lieutenant P. H. Counts, of Company B, Sixty ninth regiment N.Y. 3. N. G., a native of llrogucdit, coun ty Meath, Ireland, aged 30 years 1 be relatives sod l rlends of tho family, ale > the officers and members of Urn Sixty-ninth re (to eat, me r tepeaMM* ly invited to attend tho funeral,on Thursday .ilierneen, at oue o'clock, Company It, of the tilxty-olutU rogiuiual, will set as an escort. Drnghedu (Ireland) papers please copy. Clkaht.?Oh Tuesday mnrulug, Sop'-cmber 20 Julia, wlfo of Philip Cleary and dauglitir of I'atric'.; 3cully, or Nooirgh. county ol iipporaiy, irelaad, in toe Jfta year of her ago. The rriends and acquaintances are n>8p"Ctfuily Invited to alleud the funoral, from the residence ol her husband, 220 We?t Houston street, this (Wednesday) afteino n, at two o'clock. Foiobk?On Tuesday, Fentembcr 20, Wiuuv It , only son of Win. B. and Mary Anna to Igor, aged 14 years, ? mouths and 29 days. Tlmirtends of tho family srs Invited to attend tbe funeral, frdbt the residence of bis father, 11J .South Third street, Williamsburg, on Thursduy afternoon, at twn o'clock. Flanagab.?On Monday nlgbt, September 19, in child birth, Eliza urn-H, tho beloved wife of Thomas Flanagan, Is tho 30th year of her age. The relatives and frlands are Invited to attend ibw funeral, from her late residence, 548 Eighth avenue, thin (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Hakkison.?On Tuesday, September 20, at ten o'clock A. M., Annib E , tbe beloved wife of Thomas Harrison, aged 26 yearn and 0 months. The relative*! and frtonda of the family are resneetftillp Invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon^ at h.ilf-past oue o'clock, from her laic residence, N'o. 37* Seventh avenue. The remains will be taken to Ureen wood. Manna.?On Tuesday, September 20. Mary Jamb Am K'N.-'ow, wile of J- bn llanna, In the 82(1 year of her age. Her remains will be takuu to Greenwood, on Thurs day two o'olock, from bor late reeidoooo, 64 Portland avouue. Brooklyn. IIih ' Tuesday morninp, September 20. In Jer sey City, Oroaoa W., son of Nelson 3. and Elizabeth Mibblur, aged 17 years, 10 months <nd 7 days. The relatives and friends of decoaaed aro respectfully Invited to attend tfie funeral, from the roai deuce of hi* p&r. uts, 280 South Sixth street, rear Jersey avenue, tbla (Wednesday) afternoon, at thruo o'clock, without further invitation. Ha rat.?Ok Tuesday evening, September 20 aftor a Short hut severe Illness, Ciiaui.kb Roimiu'Ii, son of Cnarled F and Amelia heller, aged 111 youra, 1 month and HQ days. Ihe relatives and frlonds of lbs family are rrsp-'clfiilty Invited t? attend HP* funeral, from the re idem e of na parents, No. l i? Elizabeth stioet, on Thursday afterpoea, at two o'clock. IliCkrt.?-On Monday. .September 19, Frr** Hicwwr, Ufiod 7 jours unit 'i mouths. Tbe rel lives ttud irieu is, also tbe frh>o9* of bit *r-.l??, Jiunes aud Peter tlugber, are r<-;" Ctti ny invited Io at tend tho lunnral, inis (Wodtiosday) two o'clock, from the resident:} of h latlsor, Jo^epu iii> key, No. 27} Stanton atreot, < ? nor ol Wi.lot. J-CM rv. -tui .Sunday i' lit, j-cpt inl r 18, at his lata reside ice, HI W?ul Twctiiy uiuth btieot,* H. Jao.scky. in ibe 44ib year of Ida a*e. The rrlaives an J I'r;". .'h of thu uncor.; ? I are rr^oct fully lovlsetl t allot d luo I'ducrel, troiu (lie above reat di tice. on Thur.'U >y allot u on. at .wo i't.i^ck. Kins?On Monday, September 19, Ronaax 11. Km*, a?c l 28 years fhe relatives rind 'rlonds are re.-ir ectfnlly invited to a? tenil Hid lucarul, this (Wednesday) uiternr-on, at four o'clock, from hie lain residence. 2H Ken wick street. I.V'i.v -un T ics t-'iy, 3oj.combar 20, Jo-w-n I,ton, aged 57 years, h rmerly coanauled with J. ti ? na. od Jo sey City, N. J-, in u uii und djy covtlies to I'tiiladol j.iiia. 'The fiiner tl will take place f.orn 87J-'erond street, o* Thur-tday altsrnnon, at two o'cltkk. Ihe reliitlvus and liioud ' are Invited to utload. The remains will be take* to the Bergen (N. J.) f'eiaetery. Maii.'-M Crxs ckle, on Saturday, Scptemsor 10. off ?ipop cxy, Epwakii Mai.i.i'N, in than-tii of bla age. His lemains wore Interred In the emrteiy of tno Holy Cross, H itbusa. Ma ont.?Javks T. Maiovt, r( ed 57. Ii??- frleuda and ad'iuaintAucea /no respectfully Invitett to attend the luueral, lioui 13 Nassau st eel, Brookly*. i i TbU'sday afternoon, at one o'clock. Tho rer. una wilt be mtprred In Oreonwi-.'d iH iuotery. MiNKM.?on Mouda.v, .3e|Hemb:w 19, after a llvrortng illn. ra, Catharins E.'R. in tlio COth year of her ag*. '1'tie remain* will be token from the reHidrnce of bar son. William Miner, Ks;., 170 Vilnum hi rest. lost. 1'etar** church, parclay street, on lluirotlay morning, at hnlf pmt niu" o clock, whoro u requiem lush inio-e will b* cdobrattd for thu repose of her soul and .rom th-mc# <o t'alvary < emeti-ry, for lutermeot. Her fri "nd*. aud thaw of lbo lemily.are resjwctf il v invit'-<l t? altnni ' N'otno*.?Suddenly at. Somers, county, at* Saturday, '-epie-nb. r 17, <.r uux Nuhdx, la tue IT I* year ol his a.;e. U'Nkir..?Gn Monday, Rautomber 19. at savon o'clock P. 11., SIaiiv I'Kftk-aA, daughter of Michael and llaanak O'N'oil, aged n m nthr aud 9 days. lite friends and acquaintances of tho family nrn r** ?pectrullv rwtuaated to at ton 1 the 'un'-ral, this < Wo.lnea day) n.turnooti, at two o'clock, (rom 121 Worth slroet, t* Cal\ ury Cemetery. RrYNDLPS.?After a short Illness, at his late rosidaMa, 211 Niutb avonue, William hKYNnans, in the 45th year off his aire ? Tho friends of the family, and also tbe members of th? Revei.t/ nltilb re-'lmenl N. Y. H. M , are fe*v>ectfully la. vited In attend too funeral, lhis(WedneaUuy)alteruooa,ad two o'clcok Hyocvd a k.? Suddenly, on Manday, .September If, 1 Ri-irt (tick sio. kp*i>:?, id tho 43d yo*r of hla ago. His friends and tbo mambors of Washington T. dgo, Ifaw 21, F. and A. M, aro respoctfully Invited to allond lb* lucrral, from bis lnt? rcsldonee. 409 Wost street, coruag of Charles, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at oue o clock. 3TNi?ov.?on Monday, September 19, Rohrbt Cks ? erak Birr*" *,sun ot Charles a. and Jo?ej>bine Meteon, aged ? weeks. Funeral service at the house of bis grandparents. No. 6 Yadison avouue, tbla(Wednasday) afternoon, at oa? o'clock. Conton, I.ynn and Philadelpbla papers please copy. Siumors At BriJjie|iort, Conn., oo Monday. Kvpteaa b?r 19, of dyaoutery, alter a abort illreas, Hahmt F., only cuiid of ilenry w. and Isabel Bimmous, aged 7 years, 1 men lb and 27 days. I bo tutioral will take place this (Wodnoeday) arternoo*, at two o cl ek, from the residence of his pu'ents, 42 Bars row alreal, New York. Th^iriendaof thu family are rto ate*1 Culiy lut I tod to attend. t.,M>e ?Da Monday, "ertember 19, after a short W> neaa, Bami xv Bumps, a,ert 22 yoars fbo rem?los will be taken to .Nowov.tls, M ostchester oojcty, f?.r Interment, tb ? (Wadneartay) mtrnkig Hart lem tram leavea Twauiy anth atrsat at elgjit o'clock. Iprt.?Oo Monday, lember 19, Ion. i MowihaRuLB^ sou or i ranu/a I. Toft, ug-sl ? yvsra end 6 mootbe. Tlie frt? tida of tla taully are inrited t? attend tb* faneral, this (Wedneeduy) forenoon, at ten otloa::, at IN Kant Fourtecutb all set. TatiMRH i_?At Mnj 3lng, on Monday, September l?, Rirtt., infant a* a of CDarles II. and Mary K. Trumbull, aged j 'aicnlhs aud 2<> d ?/*. Fun oral aerV/ora from the residence of bla grandfather, ll'i t'.DO'mrrnofu street Brooklyn, tbi* (Wednoedey) efw term sat, at balf past three o'clock. The relative* ui? f rieude of tb* family are refpoctittlly invltud to attend. rito*<wi?.?1<h? Munday, September 19, of Injnnee re cti ret by being robbed in a murderous assault *t weal AI oauy, N. T., on tbe 16tb met., Owe* Tnunm*, ?g'?4 4-t, years, a uatiyeof (.loomalls Brick Of Temple *. kefj c .Mjnty Longford, lrolod. Ibe rehttves ?od friends of tbe family are reeevrt fnliy i*' ited to ettead the faneral, from the res deoe* i of the sls'or of tho deceased, Mrs. t'oweii,.J41 Iwst .tiXe , te?dlh sireut, this (Wednesday) morniua. at tm u'cleom I Tbe remains will be taken thence to 'he t'bureh d( to* linm irubtte Conception, wb 're a revjali m b t b mis< wis be celebrated for the r?po?e o. hie aoul T*sy wm a* removed ihetica to Cava.ry Cena itery for inter man H uiTSRS. ?At Hempeteed, Lt, Mend^sy,^ P1*** ber 19. Cmurijbi, only roe of Use ry and El lis W altars. ._ mo-qmr return lag leevo Hem,"dead si twenty mlnfcsto lbrtS aod ten minutes past five in tbs axe*. 19 West U'VST?fa Rrooklrn, cn Monday evening, Srptetnbtf Lrru Mydb, youugeet daughter of the late Fred. Ig Tb.* funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon, at Two o'clock, from 231 -cheroterborn atreet Waa?< as.?On Tusaday. September 20, Jaw wnaatam widew of kdwerd Wbeeisr, a native ot Mnihni-ar, countr * eatiueoth, Ireland, in the flllb year of nsr age. The frlenda and Acquaintance* of tbe 'amiiy are apectfuliy invited to attend tbs fanora!, Oem her taie rs sidenee, 193 East Reventeeoth atrret. on ? ??* no?n, at ball post ona o'oipck. Tbo remaiod w'U ?? ' [ |o galrarf Cams very tor blkHil,

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