Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wai>a?*r. Sept. 31?8P-*? The stock mtrtal opened without strength *sd tiouel dull *od irregular llU the end of the ?*^0D(1^C* | A* compared with the clan tag qastattoasnl yester e mcoM noard. Er,e declined S yor* """J _V Hull >u River Reidtng . I'llooii i emri. caffs andNrtb entire NonuwmUra prefer re 1 v ,T,,r.|OMd ??UU.dM,Oh- f Mia.te.iPJb rertifloaia* k Cumberland ^ ***'?? *??U?e*B ,i?*r'*tioa Atlantic Mail advanced 1 per war* witl'O'it ?ana?io? " , , coot oo yaiterday morningquotation. Mw.ja.aa decimed V Wvon'ug valley Ooa! advanced 1^, Aehborton Qoal S.'fkwtra. Oo? 2* There was a sale of PaciOc Mail at t$y (ioeeraaieat aeeu-lileq were nteadv. but wl'bont as ttrlty Co wo tlvetw-ntias declined on y enter day's second board price ooujK.n slxe*. 1881, advanced 'J; j 3 jo Treasury notes were without cbaDge; one year cerl'flr*t?w advanced S f?t*'e el cits were dull. Oalifornia T's rold at 160i 08 was aeited for Illinnm ? e . 08 was bid for lntMao* 6's, 59 for Teoncetee ?'?, 00 for Virginia C'i, 00 lor North Caro Ina flv, 6514 for Mi-souri 6's, and 87 for those of the Han oioal and St. Joseph issue. Railway bonds were 6 loader At the second board the general market was rurther depressed, and, as compared with the niormug quota ttona, Erie declined i, a %, New York Central k, Hudson River I. Reading 1',. Michigan Southern I\,, Illlnoia Central t?,Chic.igo and Rock Is md and Ohio and Miss:*-. ;>p; certitlcxt * P.. Government securities were firm one your certificates advanced s4. Cold opened weak at 222, and sank gradually to 220, aTor w hich it reacted to 221. winch was the quot itioD at ten minutes past four 1* M. The money market continues easy at soren per cent on call, with a light demand. Tho indisposition to discount ordinary cummer ,a! paper, which h .a, has a tenderly to restrict credits, and cou lcutlythe volume o; paper offering for discount is rapidly decreas ing. 1 ho rate varies, according to quality, from eight to twelve per cent, only a few first class signatures boing taken at the first figure, however. Fif teen |>er cent, and even higher, is paid outside of the general market for lair tmraos, and then oniy at short dates, as lenders pitler iuvesiiug the r cap iat iu such a way as will allow of their oullliig it in at short notice and to tin* leeitng more than any thing else may bo attributed the advance in the price of certificates of tudebte invss. which, at thV-ir market vslua tton, pay more tln.i eleveu jer cent interest, aud arc Convenient to band.e. Foreign oxchauge is inactive, at;J the rales tend down wards, in sympat: y with gold, and under the light do. raand consequent on dimiutahed imports and iucreused exports. Bankers' bills ou Loudon, at sixty dajs, are offered at 109 but buyers are becoming cms al with re gard to bills at long dates, in consequence of the critical state of financial allairs in (Jreal Rritain. 11 inkers a.-k 110 a IIO1* for bills at three days, without takers Mer chants' bills are iu lb* market al 10b a 10o*4. Francs are quoted at 6.9 a 5.18. The following is a statement of the busicess done at the Sub Treasury in this city to- lay ? Receipts for customs $165 500 Receipts on account of government loan 0,G'ii) Total receipts 8 95704 1'ay moms fl u 2.219 Balance 19. 0,319 Tho aggregate subscriptions to the seven thirty cur rency loan registered <it Washington up to Tuesday n ter noon amounted to 830.697,200, and to the tec forty Pan, $81,097,900. Tho receipts on that day on liueouut of the former were 8015,500, aud on account of the other $16 500 The trustees of the Petroleum Stock Exchtnge b ivo se Cured a targe room on the ground floor oi tho building occupied by the Public Hoard or Brokers. Broad street, for the purp 'se? of the Exchange. The new tariff o' railroad rates on goods going West ward went into .Deration on the 20 h nst. The adva ce m ejuai to about twenty per cent ou the f r.nur so no. The following shares were sold at auction by Messrs. Muller, W km* A Co , at their rooms, to-.lry 81,000 1 rte Eailr ad .ccoud mi rtgnge reti-'cred bonds, lus 1S7.? 11" 101 shores Brooklyn aud New Yuri, Kerry t ? 158', 20 East Broad .ay, Dry Ixick ai d i.attery H..,lr?. d Co 112 2b New V rk and New Haven Railr >ud Co 10* Toe Scotia to day to k out $31: -9J in *,-e? ?? The following were the ex i rts (exclu =-v.5 of s e;io| from New Yoik to loreuti ports for the week coding fSeptt-mher 19 ?Dd Moce January 1 ? 1S62. 1*63. 7 864 For the week Si. P. .421 3/4G.316 7,1 i ,4?? I'rev'iy re[*?rtel 9->,7u5 612 121,797.724 1 ->0,4 2 .Since Jao 1... #102.840,033 12:,:44.O90 I5J, .2 .596 Stock Eirli'.n'.'e. M't.i u -Mi -'??(?I 21?.10 3' A M. g2?JW T4 ft i s. '-1, eon 107', t.HahiN i ?'en RR I. . l-b; S'fll/S'.'s. > 2 1 s cO in lib * "? do ...I.30I2O do U"l? 2 0 do..... l",\! i 'xiOJ di "0 tub Erie MR in*1. ;?oi <to ito;, eoo uo . i ? ? KblUnisI ?0. c..u 9." , 700 do 3 . 01' ID 00 Tr n 1 O.t A 11' '*4 2<? ? <? 9500 1 S ? $ 1 vr cur 1'^' 1 " ' ItWXl V" 0 * t to acKR 71 80 Hudson It ver It a 1-'; 290H C* ifot IH? 7>.e.e 1.W A (VI UbK'A Ml" cer 42', 2 ? Chi A Alton pre!.. .1 500,) a ... m, so do ..... 9" 3t?)0 do ?J . 60i Bea ling RR. ... 12;' IMP O M 42 . 300 do P8I low Brie d mort#are 1104. < " do 1 2W?jn fcri? 4th m bond* It". 50i? do s3 .:. , (Ok) Mieh Su *kg I 01* 115 *"0 do -S1' I'..1 , 80U Alton A 7 II nr. S? "? 0 do , 0 1- ' 1 lhOOt Tpl .W*'> Sim. 89 PKI Mich S A N lod RK 5P0017 err A Tol s ' h?. IIS 5MI do .. - ! 200 PiUfc.FtW *Cl?tm 117)8 100 do *30 N"4 j SitMlol A W l*t li(,es mi ?2U0 do a3'l S' , I <KW American gi9d . 2-2 lsIUCenKR ecrtp ? i 130"' do 232', 109 do ....1)15 1-. ( *ii*isiio ? VLrHh bk 106 f09 do s8Ceut'*l Ooa: Co . r7 ?n do *3. 1. .J. ly,, (Jd P7.ti ??' file A Pitt* Itlt '1*1 ltr; 1 '*VJ Cuinl. Coa. prrf.^ij 5- 15 1 r. Col A Otn 4.11 ' 1 ] -,.t do .. 6SS( 101 Cbl A N W R!".. bio 517. , too do blO 68 } 15b do 61 , , Wl Am-ri an Co*: Co 90 H>'Lh A N W prei. b 0 84 ', | IIP) U>ilck*"vrr Mg Ho. S2 2<?l d ' b.10 MJ, 4-W Baripo ? MSC# ... t? * '*? do 8? W do 4'1 I'll do . H4 4<W do *30 45',' 6 0 do *3" Si ?i.) do 45', 100 do *10 84 ID do ... .Old 45 2.S Sllth Avenue KR . 120 3DW'j04?ing\ alCoa'Co M HOChiAKki KR h3J 1 < , It do. 42 3<?J <?o 1'* ? lOfl Aahliurtoo (01*1 Co 26 50) do... .... 10 , %l no ....- 25 2*1 do *4 yiCotiwOiICo of Id c?4 5'l do s3" li^ . y Par ee M*1 SB Co 208 ID do *Tu I *? ID At an'. - Mad SB Co ls? 5?U Pltf. VtWACRRhl JW'{ an d> . 190 lUOChieXA ten HKb3' 87 5y MV Central' KR I >t . l'O H A Si J 11R pref 45 l>9IBglo *30 128 smooth BOAHP. H ?tr i *?t Tr o o'< 1 OC? P. M gJ!VV? V 8 8'*. '81. cou 107', 20 m *h* Keadli g RR 128 j/,,1 d , 107', ft" do .I'D 1281. irt) U B '? '81 r eg 1084. Job MlchtfSn Cent KR 13a |(X>OTr a. 7.30. O A A. Ill 22 0 4'leve A PuW KK 110hi iiMDi d* 111)'4 .V 0 do ............ 11"* ,,.,,1 r q na | vr cer 94s, 700 Chicago A N W KR .r*"? l5SS? d'l ........ ... 91', *10 MlcbeoANIaKR b30 79', 104X) 0 A Mt?? o*r b30 43 2D do ...... R", |!?W do 41'4 4D .'o R.'a 2'VKIJ <1o 1-^0 5? - * 1MKI0 do 4"** iVW do *30 ?i AnoTicEn g??ld ... 2*3'^ ^"0 do.^ <9 4iM) do iiOniC?ulKK?rr"p. rrae^AfHiR^'fi gchteiVW^f .. ^ ? it :::: gg ^ !?S iZ*??* % l8^ iS ntttT wichtr'MB Z 103". ftsi do I'S., 103'i ft' do 1"*H *4) do 103\ 50b do K' a, 103'J 5" do . .. I"*' ion do .. .'1\ aSO l??lj s-iCaaUKi c. mpany.^ 33 i*n d< I > K V Central KR 125 , I'D de b3C 34 | OS U?J*no Ri?*r BR.. U5'? t IT* C OIQMERCIAL REPORT. W?p!?n*t)aT. Set* 21?6 P M. a? ?Receipt*, 64 bbls. l'e?rlf are lower, smxil ti w having b-eti eperted ?t #15 a $16 26. J'oti are bc.d at 813 M witn a light business. Kesa.wti .sa?Receipts. 8 132 bhli flour. 486 bbls. and too bags oorn meal, 42.83T bushels wheat 80,944 do. wim. *nd 70,864 d' oats. The fl"ur market contteucd dm1 1*4 dep'o^swd and th# low grade* of State, Western sad Canadian ware 5c. a 10c. lower at the close In the abaaoce of any export movements the demand ceotered u[*? We*tern trade brand*, and as the supply was light prices of lb"*e wer* belter tuctalued, though the deproe sp?b part-aded the wl o'.e marke*. ?ale? 10,500 hfls. t-ltle and Wa*tern 2,0Q(j 8oulh?ro Bi d 4riOCans<lian. Rye flour and euro meal was inactive and quotations tomiral We *.'????**?? ft?4 W?,trB tcuf If 60 a 9 70 txlTa But* * "0 ? 9 W Cbmre State' V 9f a 10 10 extra Weetern b w> a 10 ID nS:us Wsatern trad# brands 11 00 a IU CO txuagk UaM.^. "'n -b ? 14 60 Ootnmoo Boutbers 10 00 a 10 to laae, aad do W be??? i aoed an ... }J 1 13 5. t?oad to cboioa *rd extra *" a oo a ? 60 i By# Hour ricerOn* ??,? u 00 ?/or* ataal, bai* ?7i . so no Cera ??** . ?Tb? wbest market shared ri the depression regard u hoar and oro ee wer* le a 2c. off. with oory limited b .m# Iran# demand ealea 38.000 6^*^* ? $2 lOafi 1* lor bbicago apntig, |2 20 fof Bd 1 wraa*?? ciob $2 24 for amber ?prmg 82 27 a $2 81 f?r winter rad Weetera. $2 M for amber do , nod $11 00 ft $2 70 Iter whiu Mlebigao autr i^ica for i?w crop. Cera fair request, and, was a i niM supply, the ? deeided change tales 60.000 bushel* at $1 01 a ft 01 r*e Western m led aftwt and in store. Oats WW* la iiatier requsst and the market a abed* nrmer sales at B8KC a 17a for JSraar aad Waetrm. Rye was aoml aaur $1 08 a $1 70 Barer a?d barley malt lasr.tlr* Cuab.-lbs market was Ou i fur anthracite W# oaoto ' ? 4 I >1 ir- an4 rilistdB at lit. ScrtatM, ?12; Lshifti, $12 25 a ?12 to. 1*4 h*rd, from yard, ?18 ? ?18 50. Conma?The market was qutsi, and wt Lave bo ibIm lo report * Oottok ?Tor mark* ?u doll, bat price* were without alitor>?1 change, mIos 101 bales. Wo quote ? Cpland. Florida. Mobilt tf.O.dt T. Ordinary 158 162 153 154 Middling 173 173 174 174 Aloud middling 1Tb 175 170 176 Fkkuints continued dull and depressed. Wo quoto-?lo Liverpool, grain at 2i?d. a 3d., (lourat 0d. a la..and heavy gixxl* at 10i- a 18*. 6<1.; per steamer, 1,600 boxes cheese, and 500 tuklaa butter at 30o. To Loaded, par neutral >e-.-el, 25 hbds. tallow at IT*. 81., TO tons black walnut at 22a ttd., and by atoamer, 51 bbda. tobaooo at 32*. lid. To Bremen, 60 hbla. tallow at 22s 8d , and 80 do. tobacco at 2be To Antwerp, 70 bbda tobacco at "5s., and 600 bbls. petroleum at 6s. 9d. A Britisb hark, 614 tons, was chartered to Liverpool, with timber, at 30*. A Prussian bark, to a port on the Continent, between Havre and Hamburg, 2.800 bbls. petroieutn at 6a A British brig, from an Eastern port to Montevideo, with lumber at ?16. a acbooaar with 1,600 bUs to ft. iKimingo and back at $2,000, hair goW A bsrk oi 267 tons to \ era Cruz, $3.<K>0. a brig of 350 tons to Tampa Bay with coal at $10. and back from Mexico with ma b igany at $11 A British m tioooer lo Cbarloltetowu, Prince Edward's Is and. at 40c. per bb. , and a bark of 366 tons to Key West, $5,000 Hu its.?Wo notloe aiios <?( 20 bbls. currants at 20c., and al auction 150 libit do., slightly damaged, sold at 17c. a 17 t,c. IUt ?Munplng was gelling at $1 25 a ?1 30, tud $1 50 a $1 T6 or coy use Hoes was iu fair -.IonianJ sales 125 bales this year's growth at 40.. a 65c.. and 50 do old at 25c. a 3Hc Iniuuo ?Marquet quiet silos since our list 10 chests M idrat, $1 65, and 20 cases Manila on private tortus Moi.a.-sui ws? rather more, and prices continued firm sale., of so obis. Now Orleans at $1 10 a $1 15, aud I 59 hbds. Cuba ai 0 c Naval Stools ?spirit* turpentine wita in fair retail de ! mai d, hut | r-ors. were without chai'g) small sales al $:: 05 u $3 10 tor French and $3 10 a $.'! 15 for American. Kosiii was iuibt; sales at $ ;2 a $30 (or strained aud No. I. Tar dull and u chaogniL < in.-.?in linseed there was but little doing sales of about 200 iin'lous at $1 S2k,a$l 53. Crude sperm quiet hi $2 25 n $2 30. Whale dull an 1 nominal at $1 50 a $1.56. Manufactured q lot, with,small sales at previous prices i'KOvi i.iNH. ?Iieceipts. 25 bbla. beer and 754 do. Isrd. The | rrk market wu 1cm active - 6,000 bbls at $71 a $41 60 lor >.id m ? *. $42 si i $13 tor new do , $39 a $40 tor rr.rrin. a d $42 76 a $43 tor prim# mess also 1,M'8 bbls. new mess for -e teiubor, bu.verV option, at $13 12,'j s $43 '-'5. and l.Suodo or Octuuer, same op tiou. at $74 l'.-i-l quiet; suies 250 bbls U$l2a$l5 for country mess, ?9 far country prime, $16 50 a $19 10' repacked trie s, and $21 a $25 for extra do. Prime mess teef rem no .1 dull and nominal. Cut meats were in lair demand at, I linn, with -aies of 175 pack iges at 17c. n IS c. for uho ildcrs end ISc. a l'c. lOr haiua. The hrd market was les* active and prices were a trifle easier .sales ol 1 >0 b rre *at23tx(U a24i,'c Butter waa dull aud he ivy at 4>c. a 47c. for )hi >, and 44c. a 55c. for St a to. i heese quiet it lie. a Cfic. lor common to prime Pitntot.KUM ?Receipts, 3,o;u; bbls 1 he fall in gold bad the effect ot de'Tv-sing the market for both cru lc so J red ed. end s coticeast n ol lc. a 2c. was granted, with out inducing any demand n( moment Crude sold lo some extent for eaiiing. and refined would bare sold quite Ireely al a further cgp cession, but buyers aud sell ers aere ab at lc. apart i? their views. The sales were 4 6 0 bnls crude ni 45c. a 46c.. many at 45c , but In c tiding 2.000 b Ik. up to the middle of October at 46c., seller's option, "59 do. refined. In bond, in lots, 74c a 76c 4ato do. irec, in lots, 66c a 8o>,c liei.zioe was q net and nominal Si i"*s remained very dull, and we have only to re port sales ui 60 bags Singapore pepper on private terins JSt tiAK.-The market wa* quiet, and we have only to note ) sales ot 2o0 hlids. Cuha muscovado at 19,'{C. a 20o., and 174 boxe Havanatat *20: - ? a'21t,c | Tka ruled du I. and we have oaly to note salos Of 75 hHIf chests Onion;, aud 27 half cheats young hyson on private terms. Tallow uncbangod, with sales of 95.000 pounds F. steru and c i v at 18)gc.; Butcher 's Association nomi nally at 1'-;c a 19(go 1 Whisuit. rc'eiids 450 bbls. Market dull at $1 81 a $1 s2 wiiti sile= of 600 bols. Worn.?The auction saie aonouucad fbr today was largely mu'i de l.hut thor*' was i luck of aptrilin the bid dp g. though the onliro catalogue whs disposed at prices heluw curre it ratee, as fellows;? 371,500 lbs. fleece at 92c. a $1 ii.'l, 140 hales tub al $1 17, li) ba.e? low un washed t ? ece at 67. 15 hales lino Mcstiza at 40c. a 42c., 20 d". Cspe woo! lit 50v^c. a SltfC., and 10 do. su peri r at e ut o i;c. Ke'ore the -a e 6-5.O00 lbs. fleece | aud 10 hales lanii, pulled, sold al private lor^is Soles or Kiitl Ketntr. By James M. Millc, Auctioneer. House and lot 114 West 25lh sireet 15 Gv.lS.iI $6,950 Ir li e aud '"I 116 Weal 27,:h -treet, 16 6X9S.9. 7,250 II -:o mil ot 114. it's si Li si eel 15x98.9 7,1") II ? -c and lot 16 Wc.? I 2-'.'t! St-net. 14x94. ) 7,0-">O H ' -(? and lot 170 We-1 o-.tb street, 15>98 9. . d.bOO 1 I"', town or Pe'b'im, IVe-tchemer county, 100x100. 43 ki?;aN( iac.. i / 1ITV Of NKiV YOUX-DE ARTMKNT Of FINANCE. vJ ('ir plrolle. - ?? i '7, Ik 14. LhASl ( K PI '.Lie I'll' S. I'IKItS AM) SUI'S, AT I At CI ION 1 he to rilln t and r"t* u 'he wharta." f ir the uae or j occni .nun of l in: vroo-niHio.'d doe;. piurH m l ?'lp-, I for tow term of ten veart. ; roui ihe Urst da; oi November, I - 7 wilt b" -ol ?i i >' i ', i or! III. ai tli" Oily Hall, on Tu n lav. (Ic ob'T I", l-H. at II o rloe* A. Rl. NO It 111 H Lot No. I?"ier e.t ih ? I hi! (?: Walt- ? reel. Lot N . 2?t'f- ; toot of Klug -Ir el. Lot N-. 3?I'm 17 h >t n' H uron rre?t. Teri.-s r c "i til -oil- of ?! ? i i |>e had el ihe Comptroller's o lice. By oi rro the Cmi.-ii -s on-rs o' tli ? Sinklnlf Food. 51 i fTI!) W T. BKKN.NAN. Comptcoller. \ J.HI 111 II. N C O A). Al criONRKIt. /I IMI'DUTAO .N h . Oi" it ASH ??' STOCK. The at .",11. HI f '.Ilia: s I-called to the a<i-Hon sale to h" mad 1 M.BHH'l 11. I > ()I,A V, ai Iiih si (?CI{ S.A LI'S ROOMS..No, 5.' WPliatn street, on Thursdnv, Sent 2-' at It", o'rlo I' M nl I 7 A) shares of lb" -lo. It o' Ih" Hold III iu n a I'uunel and ng comnsn--of Neva la Terr tort. T e sloe, is not liable to axHes-uients. and the properly of ih" company promise oil. an I is ex he tail to Ja, lai ce dividends, e pis! to t e celcbriled i)<, ,ij \ Onrry. vrhi'Ji lias t>( d as h b'i ?* S'.'o I per too' a n iHh, dividen 'a in gold, t.'ueu sra givinc l"' particular* can b" obiaitted ut the s'.oi k Sale-room-, as above. C1RNTIIAL PKTROI.Kl'M KXCHAXQK OFFICE, SO. J II Fine -tr et New York WHO \Y. CI.AUKK A CO. Oar o'l ce ts open to ihe commer iai noble for the pttr c' sse and ale of pelro'eout laud- of t ,e o,'. dlsiricisof F"tin ylvsnia, Yir-inui, o ioant Ml ' Igsn, and for tie sale of oil ?t ,' ks, manv of which ace paying large dividends mouth y. We n iw have In band fur sale stocks of tbr following companies ? B od Kann Pretroleom Co . N. Y Chaa B Her, Pies, lionisll'eiroleoni Co.. N A Jo-iali Oxke*. Pre Farr 1 irm Fetro eom Co.. N Y., Jaa. AAadsw >r;h. Fret. t'rnlr;4 Fe e |en?n tlo . N V .1 is. It s op. iVes American Fetroleuin Co. N. Y.. E O I'iirfc I'r-s. Oil City Petrole im Co N.Y .J) S Dun oe.U Fres. Michigan Ceairai Petrolanm (To N. Y..K. I'rent ee. t'-es Fenas) .v.tnia l'etiole no Co.. Finis, .luho S. Youngs Fie*. AA - have centered with "a $31 CKVIO, ,|.;tm| mveMe-t in nwtro'eum. and enn aupplv appttcawtB n th tianieaand general 'staisa of no hi conipao ei now organ! ed, and general information ol the on market, tiotb a' houw and abroad Sc tal attention Is called to a !>rOHP"ct?* now offered to eaoita.Mts and ov ers #f Aba "United Felroleam Perms \* ?n. lAUon,' li bo b combines so . e ot the most wotideiful ml prortu'-tl >ns of the dev. pmngat thl? moment ai'rsctive dividea is. and comlnni'g a ap la o $I3.I>st.ulW In this -In gi' ni'rprise Subair.ption list opened for a few dajra at th'S office. l iaeolsrpr'se. with the pre-eni development, is now psying overtwo nn<1 a half t?r cent per mouth, with a posi I -e pro -peetlve Increase almost lab dons. Dividend?the directorhof the dknsaiof.e t?1l Co qanv have thla dai declared a dividend of Me per cent "it the carnal su ck out of the earmrga 'or the i-t rr nth; pa abb'on and aftnr the gtith Inat.. at the o-l.ce of the company. Philadelphia Bank Bo! I nr. FtiFadelphia O. E FKTER, Secretarv. Philadm nils. Sept. 15. 1?C4. Dividend. The Directors of the DAl.ZKLL PETROLEUM COMFANV have this dav declared a dividend ol on" per cent oo the cm ' lit a to k "tit of the earnings for 'he ia?t mouth rsvable aithn offiie of tbe comi anv, Fnilade'phia Hai.k Riitldiogs, Fbi-adeiph a, oo and alter Jtth lust. t7. E. FRYER. Secrets nr. PttiLApri rntA, Sept. 19. 1804. Dividend. Tl,e D rectors f the VcKlhvn . Oil Company Lave th * da de- a ed a lend of Two Per '-r.t cu'he eai ital s o k. out ot the earning fi r the ast inuntl . i S' a P e on and fter th- 2ptl >n*t.. at the o e ol the < Ucnpanv. PI,bade,| bia Ban* Buildings, Fhra-'elnh-a. H E FRYER Secr?tary Pmt ai Kt.rniA. Scot 20, 1804. U Rl E LEAD COMFANV. ORANHE COCSlT.-l? la ihar-slor sale at ess than one half the va.ue. Tl i? comjany ?n w iaa< a t I 8K ' er BIMh; Will SOOB ' are a , ividend. la Abe mo t a nan r >?u mine in tl.e Unite i ktalea Apply to J. A. BENEFIT. 12 Flue street r-HOR SALK-A REvUBST OF TWO HINDRI-.D P Fonnds tier ing; tke tarty to whom it Is hecueathed beln* it want of funds ,t i7 all corre ' as an " copv cun he shown. Address tie,,, est, t-o> I ''A Uera,d oil ce Life insurance comfant. CASH < AFITaL f-'.OiT,.<?. Thn' favorite Lmido'i Comrssy, the Anih B? i ga'er I) s lmeies'.ed Loan aad Life In'urai ce Aesn taiiiiu. ? ei on i open a nratirh cu ce. adjoining the Olympic Tiiea le Br ,au way New York The r'-puiation nf ibis old and ?t 1 eelab lished comranv )S in Iver-al It is <-ond ,rted pon tie in ? tual prtndp e 'tfie (n?ur( r- ehar eg 'he pml.'s. the lie- k I- asc ured i y IF e coin i any 'a larg" ;an -ed rwoienr ? Ben gal. The cash capital now amounta l? over isSyfs b. These dcalrlsg lo Insure will bod II lo thnr advanlage -O ,?ll er a? n I fuv a circular hef-re e-tng e sewb're I.oane argi.i a tad u|?n the o 'St reasonable terms The ' raL-h oft, e w II oi'*n on Mondai neit Keteret .-ch to 'be t et' Lsmdoti am. New York houses TI'Hl MON TAO I K F CSidCM Jonas Cwt sst vwiv Se t'tsrv OFFICE UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COM I'ANT. No 13 William street. Nrw Toes. Set))/4 The annuel mee'lng of the stockholders of this Con.pane win be held on the 1st Mi.offsyof Ocinlwr at the of the company. IS W illiam street. New York, si II o ehv k A. M for the Irsi.Ssi ttoa ?' each lnsine?. hs ntt mine t* foee tFe Diee lng JOHN A DI I, President. II T Fooa eerreiary OHFFD E OFTHF OIL t REEK PETROLP-I'M COMPA nt. 'oiunentai Bank Bunding*. No 7 Nassau streel. New Totk Brpt 19, i*M ? Dividend NO. ?Ihe Trustee# of ? I ?(? "ii arivBiB(c declared adl'tdendof on* per etn for the month i t T< ptem'ier, paiatdr Ot". 2 Transfer books closeXsth nisi A M WtJfift, rNsMMM O H I auaasOlL Be, rotary. OFFICE OF THE MAEIPDFA COMPANY, NO $1 Wa I itreov New Yov? ?Not ce is beiehv g vea that the Oeioiier eouA'oiie of the romaaav't hotnle el iRAf will ha paid on and alto* the Iff 'la* et October oevt. on present*, tlos at the office of ibe company. E? order of me Bdard ??Ft il IMC W 1! I 1 H he reiary OI LE AND MINIS -OWNERR OF C(I*L OIL OR ? miner# laoos who rMpihc cap,lal 'C work U,ea nay address COM. care of i es 4.MA Post en ce. Hew fork, with reference and particular*. Transfer aobrut -the opbiebilvee mini no Oompaay. ot Eaa Praaciseo'ha* established as ageaev !? Maw Visa all* fee th" ivaw.rav or ?wk ? -e tor Ibe Tniasffr'of MUI;%TuiSTmi ?' Ess Ygu. ItBi ? 1Mb ?"'td* "3 Fine iiyi p fllMCUt. ** lETBOLim. ? 8LLn1i*M IINOSLiKD. M riNB STREET R T BCY8 AND SELLS OIL STOCK AND LAND ' " P0R oaE8TOC?iPUjOWlNO .ill h. .rf..,i5rTE,l?I^I, dividends em &o?2E!i f?oniSw.K^k'purckwd on or **f8r8 "?? M?nleSheilirp,rrJe^Cn "K 9?,- ^P'- ?*?4*n4.1 per rest. r?lil^i t i .-2?-- 881'1 dividend SperceoL I'WU ^Woleul11 Oil Co . Sopt dividend, 2 pel ceut Cou-io Elated Potroloum Oil Co Sopu dividend, I S, per ct *".7:" Co- *>l" ^WrKMrcnlT' Rnlrkerboi kar Patroleum Oil Co., Sept nivdond I i?r at I O.I Co. Sep. dmden .lflper oe a L 1 ft .hViifw1?r* OU0?.. Sep.ember dindaod. 1 oar cent. I m ! ? ln8 Alleghany Petroleum Compear. I 'W i share* Heraeo Coal and Oil Company. Wei shame Alleghany Petroleum Company 4iMialiaraa Knlerprlte On Coinpaur 4JMshares Clintou Oil Company ' l^aVlhVm.i.'i.tlf.hHU?s?i,i*r"(role,,ra Co- 4>f Philadelphia. JJl. ".harM Chlliipa Oil Co.. of i'bi adalnbia i "* "V"1"8' Je??ngo Oil Co.. of Phliade'phla. l iV "b'e'" n "t"HV>" Co "< Eh.ladelphi.i rttP,t oW Oil Co.. ol ill i lade I ph a I *'0 abate .* Ohio River Oil Co. ol Ptu ade'nliiJ 1,000 fdiarea Oaiiorre Oil Co . of Philadelphia 50 shares V.-atA Oil Wurket r"""a#'P|l,? 1 (M> ih,ires Highirate'Petroloum Co, S" shares American Petrulauiii Co 1,1)00 shares McKinloy Oil Co. 2,000 abates Pittsburg A O 1 Cre--k Pe'rona O I Co HOOKS FOR SUBSCRIPTION *ie uow ope i at the above o'l.^e lor or guial auhaoclptlooe ,bl'knino spicing CENTRAL PKTHOLKC1I COMPANY Guaranteeing .-uni per ceat per mouth ' Also. Hooks for the M.kLDEN COAL AND OIL COMPANY. PROPOSALS FOR $5 i 0 ifl 8R WhR AGE BON OS k J-i OOl otwy ol Ch cag" ?" v lUi-OO' Short M talc pal Bond o! the City Con PTaoLLkn's Orrirg, ? PROPOR ALS wIll be received aI tb'a ofljr'e until ' dolur- ($50 WHu ef the Sewerage HondV or the do- ' iiommatloii ol one I ou-and dollars each, dated .luh I, 11 til. an l'a>able in New Y ork twenty.tour veara alte. their date. With coupons lo in'erem at the .ate of 5ven (7) per T^I pr1 ??"um- PavAh e semiannually in Neiv York. A ainkiiig rntpi ig provided lor their redompt on dob Wii *naI,? 2 '"T' ?? O'nety eight thousand aoiara i$-Miio oi Wnier Bonds ol ouh thousand dollars NVr Vork 1 Wl"> cu. pou. for M anif'i rau- of seven (.) percent per anuutu, pais n ed .^ fi?'.K<" houJ* the faith ot the cltv is pledged, and taxation required hy law it necrs urr The m?id?irt"lS ur? Si,0 w"' 8JPProPriat*d. will h laal ear IsLo Id,. IKr ?' ?*| kUKr l'4-vlu? late rest on (he wau r u?'ut, ?nrt are <i\ incrPfcting Also foi fifteen thousand .lollara Mt.ocipa! Bonds para able December l InT.' m p.-w York, 0' me same deiimni ' and lu'er-at semi.annirallr at ae.-nn ("i por rout A also 14 l>r0" 'ed lor the redrmption of these bonds Tlieprapomls wi.l a;ierify the kind and ainonut desired the price b . per $li)? th.-ieof. uud the place ot deiirery. Whether C nil's o or New York. The persons whO>e jiro* ?' ere accepted will rer-ire nfo maliou of the aame at tbD oilk-e. or ai the odlre ll Messra Duncan 8hermati A Co., New York aa may he de*. nated In Ihe.r proposals when III or will be re jmred 'o depo-it. within live rtavs altar i^rt^."i -?fk .xe the soma awarded to mom re efZV fm ? T'?. V; ,l,:reon' *??< 'lie Interest ac crut si 11 o i July i to the time ?>f deposit or psymeui Botids indm New'York to them ' 1 C* afore"1,1. iO the parties euLtled Karh proposal ahouid be sealed and endorsed ?'Proiioaa'a for ( its Bond- and addresa-d to the undersigned and erences '"rue* are uot <a ?'ii^ should coumai lof nrTi\?rViS\rn!,!e^re'crZt*' M t,,e ri?ht to reject a y or ad the public Coteioats sbouM re-pure it City Co:itd'>troLle: RICUMONO C')UNTV. 3T1IEN ISLAND r nin?Ahr^V4lN PJSB CENT IN'M ui i^ BONDS OF $5(1 AND $I,:i(KJ, IMI-.RI-.8r PAYAULK SBMI-aNNUally Of tbeaCrhond?* i?n?i"0 *???and doilara $100. ?0) or VXJ&S. oAho ?.w n^'d P? kUS a""i U""8^ un,ler tl"' Authority .ho H -art of*Superv!?(>r?' ad^VeT^uTw *1W?'an^lhi ass ? TU11 pr??P.Wt PETROLKUM company 1 &LMDI-.NT. YKNa.NOo COUNTY, PA. Capital stoc? $5,,1)O.IIUO. I n shares of $.~>earh, par value. Subaci iption price 81 per share. These lands oontam about 8 400acrea on the Alle-hanv river nn.1 on liem'ock. I'orcnplne and McCrea rre->ka in'e"i?|fD ? '-"rr't'iy "f over ten and a hair miles' krT!ieiTr' .",18 *J, "'"'"S property, known as the "Cele. br.iied Hevdnek' wells and -p.ih .le Creek" wells, are is iia for (heir iiquiouh * .?supply of ol. _ "?"?V'IA "yiijijny OI Oil, ? ? i ^ ?? property are txHo/rsunk with creat ri|T..r and prumi e large auppliea of oil. To the c.ipita i+tn in-i to nartiea of United nieana ubh ir pa-sMid lulucementH are ufTerpd. -Sitime fptiun books, fii.ipi and all other information o%u !fre0pL*N" w York? ? ' " L " SI1"''SON * co ?? Cedar rj'lll, I Ml- It I- ST COCPONS OF T.IK HONDS OF TH K . /a ,r""k ,aa 1 company, due Ociohvr l. IS.4 w 1 be paid at our oilice. K l-N T t en Ni W V.-rtK. Kept 19, 1804. ? 1(1 r:Kli S1KI-, T NKW YORK. SEPT. ,i. "ie public.?We invito vimr att--ni.uu t.> uprc. icc.-d enp n-r ?e In the pron-muori ?.( pe ro'eq-n imw it pr-'t s uf ??rqsmaalion Severs! of our leadrn ' < u>Ml at an.1 |, - ni-kg men have alreudv iiileresiei! thern'rlres in , and n ti e fn Iom Manner en ,or.e the val eo the pr-ii-erti aii l .o i ii |or it- pre-.-ni enormous ptoducdon. We am Ml .led n-. project h is om-r.-d to the public w . ch on i - s > .urge immediate returns mi the a pr npeei . - ui'-ien-e almost inea'culable T > all w ho. iu tiouh.s- s -in.*., a,,-- in doubt w.'.h- soceies of invest. Ho ni are sin.. in anv conun ,-etirv and relish' - a- I v den-1 memM.d 1 "."""''?I""'" 'Be -(Ton -.est manner'.o.n no ...I, .1 i ui tn o.e mat i-rwllbe i-.-rtul y ; i nlaneu and of t'e |-.rll*? Hlr":utv mie .-si.-d on ai plicut oii t , us. VVEl). IV. CL.AKXK \ CO. SiV's ()()(! ? W'ANlKD TO BORROW, TWENTY rp_i. ?.t/t;lf. (i ve Ibo sand ilnl'ma on , iw oinpert, i W Mh ai , .un" ""'"'A'UAU k"ro,! and property' worth $41,( Address but 2,1.14 l'o.-t odice. I fil ~i() (MK) ro r'?*N'?at sr.\ i-kr rr;\T. on 0 r. h-.riJ and m-.-tga^-, -m Real F -are. in tli a cltv or Rr?-is jrn. Also $1 i?J on 'n t.-( Stat-s rn meiii sto.-i; Apply in IOIIN F. CO.VHRY (iUVYi.i 1. SHOO ()()() 22 i- 'YN -M BIX PRE I in OM V u v?' 'Wi f New York city property \uply to Jo.-hiMI M i.SON, N? 5}, Pine street, rwiiu lOau l II. Did GOOD8, TARKSSMAKINCJ BY TIIR NKtV RYSTFYf ?PAttIS IT Mr. p.?y an 1 Mantilla* a** MA DAM L BENEDICT'S lJ WjiVfri?y (i nee ' Tjd-YCLtTHIYKf.Y FR NCH FLCTINO. AT MRS COLD Jh -nseslshlishmeula. l.SA-inlv ?*eet. n? hi K md a half Irom llro.dw^, |; B ee aer si reel. -low W* ouster nil I 2lil Fill pin el-ee- Brooklyn. AX dress tnau-rials p nc" luaily It ited to an nnaurpasse-t manner. p a. macv Jk. WW PACKAGES OF WOOLLEN GOODS ^ con aiating ol '? ALEXANDRAS, SOSTAGS . BREAKFAST SHAWLS, no.s.f R\ . GLO\F> and tJ.NDhit'.V. kit ^ re.-v de-lrslse | aoesonahle ,Js a ., tun ifll last Wee*. W li be vj d 111 'l under It EO L LA R PRICKS ..??'- f 81" *"r W8i known LADIES' FRENCH KID ULOYES now ojwa R. II WACT. 204 an i 2iK? Sixth aviuiue. Near Kuurtttcntii a resjt. yEP.'IYlt WORRIED WOOLLEN AND SAXONY fi karri. KldGoves Jonvin's eelebr ited make. Cloth, Silk aud Lisle Thread Ulows, Sonra.s. Nubias, fleeced llu-e. Un leruai inenta. Cor??la, tlan-ikerchiefe. BiiU/D?. Cimpa. La.-ea, Ac. Ribbons and Velvet-. latent novelties, 1 rr-a L'nlnga. Muslins. Ae? at the very l.?*e-i market pile-a. J LIKRMANN. Corner of Siarh avenue and Twenty eighth street. rVAMED-A BLACK REP SILK SACK, FOR A ME ?? dlum sued lady, cheap for cash Address S C . lie raid othce. ''yO ??Lr KO,{ SHIRT8 MkDK TO OR ?PO *Jy dcr; sold elsewhere lor $4 ,'W. Also Draw ers, i ollsrs, Hoaorna. Ac. e,,u,||y ,?w shirts Ac. cut aud up lor the trade All kind, of UmlJv ae-ving. Cail and see at 706 Broadway, tnird floor. PERSONAL. C1HARLBS .J. RICHARDS WILL PLRA8R CALL AT / Ui7 Amity ?tre'-t, Brooklyn J. c. For ado tion-a baby aged one year (girl . a f ne looking child, just ln?rning to walk Call at No 6 Navy street. Brooklyn, fltlabnrg paper- copy. INFORMATION WaNTED-OF REBECCA W'iflT 1 Old. of counir Cavnn Ire'and ('? t heard of In New Vera I. hy Dat.d kA'i lis. Berkshire, Tioga county. New York SnOCLDTllIS MEET THE EYK OF MR W RCR8BLL, he we-il.l Oh.ige h aeudin. hia preaent addrees to A R. B . station A. Spring si reel. WUOFLD THIS MEET TUB EYB OF .* 0 H.aNIGAN O le w. uld ob. gc his brother by calling at 3rd Hi.mine st. THOMPSON. FORMKKLY OF FOURTEENTH RRGI n.ent, Bro.-klv n. dis-harge.l ?t Auc-rlieoeral hesiota %a.. address A. B. C.. Herald oihce, who n anatous o e e *ou. TO L ?TH F.RE Is A LETTER. Ft, H Ytlt IN 8TA r. Ki-btb Htenue. to vo ir f i srnt 1 know-ou I anw n.y Peitooa . tl ough you did r.t>4 tna-ter | Mt.NhD riRRAM. IESARI AMU TOBACCO. Havana fegars-in bund, and dlty raid oUrr^d confiHorabn rcarket i r * hv * A 8CftiWfefi2JI A i'u., D i',uLiHfion, | ''' Mrtf , c< rier of Boufcr. I flflO (i(l(i "J141 AKF-R20 AND I FWARDF PER tJIRF.'MIlI ih i-ai.d Midi ,k r.,b? o..fa,l k ad Reg ,iar trace sale of F^.r. |..u?(1 nf earh week, at ll A M. .New Yuri Se ar Agenev 61 Liberty *tr?* J W t ARTE Agent. COAL., WOOD. d$C. BRST RKD ANH AID LRHIgR COaL. $12 <H PER ten do $10 6t> THOV AH STOKER 4?brier of Tb.rtv terond urett and Teilh aveaee. / -OKR DELIVERED 1MMKDIATKLT -APPLY AT 279 " J V" ? Nlreieeitb f.ree- or at II e (Jaa With In Twenty Itrst airroi Bear stem* A t,r,. era sad O'lert w,th tLe-r wagons atpy od with chanir. ne and ha l raai. dront nt n iiwnI prfet. i. p SHRRWOOOT FOR 8ALB?VERY WOOD?PER LOAD AT $6 ABO $4 JJjwti load- together, $? aan $F .-g frM rirt Mrt^deuvere^iWM d yard l>7 Ka?l ?|4? FOR 2 000 fOt'NDS Hi st RF.D AND WHITE Jl* Mb stove and ega 4loa (rroeied fiom yard* )4n Waverloy pioco and .143 Bower-. i. TREADWRLL Ageat. tf?l O Kft PEI1 ro* rOU THB BE*T ?**> BBBiTlID ?TlX.uU Lehigh Ntovo. Grata sail F-irnaoa Cool scree a ed and delivered from rarde. comer King and Oreonwiah ?i roe to and flu Roomvoii ? treat, onraer Maw Bo we. y matthbw clIntom. NAVMWRliln A ROMANTIC LADT, AGRD 18. FOND OF EOCIRTT eniieiu the aoqnaintaaeo of a gentleman, with a view IO matrimony, Coil oa Mine Tavlor, ?Q Mhcdoggal itroet, M*f rllRM A MILITANT A HO ?ATlLi BUY, NAVY AND MARINE CORPS RENDEZVOUS. Superintended by CAPTAIN E. COMM. 50 LISFKNAKD STREET, iar Broadway, 1.000 RECRUITS WANTED. FOR IHIt NAVY AS FIREMEN BOUNTY (TOO AS REAMER BOUNTY TOO AS LANDSMEN BOUNTY 700 FOB THK ARMY. CaYALBY AND INFANTRY; HEAVY AND LIGHT BATTERIES OF ARTILLERY, ton FORTIFICATIONS IN HARBOR AND COAST DEFENCE, AND IN THE FIELD. FOE MARIN'S CORPS Navy YAP J# AND SHIPS OF WAR The clothing arena Aq i|>uieata *ad quartex of (hi ? branch of The eer?Ke are etii>erior to any other. KOR COMPANY O. ONF HUNDRED AND IIXTH NEW YORK VOLUNThKRS. Capiat) E. COM KS Cntamandlal. DM _ . FORTY MEN WANTED TOCOMPLETK THliCOMPANY. THE HIOHESt CaSH BOUNTY THE HIGHEST CASH BOUNTY Wi'I be naid PROMPTLY AND WITHOUT DEDUCTION, Wlikli Is guaranteed by bis REFERENCES (MY l*F.KMJ88lO*>. RICHARD PATRICE A CO., hardware importers, 53 Oe dar street CHARLES J EVERETT, Ban., Cashier of the Bank of Orauge county. N. Y JOHN McDONNHLL. Esq , President of the Bank of Amsterdam. N. Y. And Colonel JOHN 8. NEVILLE. Suuei .nteiident of the So' dtera' Depot of the State of New York. BEWARE OF BOUNTY SUARi'BRS around the various remitting reude/v,,ua of the cttv. CALL O* CAPTAIN t'OMBS IN PERSON. O (lice lioi.ra, 7A.M. tail 7 P. M . GOOD CHANCE FOR VOLUNTEERS. NEW YORK HARBOR FORTIFICATIONS. ONE YEAR ONE YEAR. ONE TEAR VOLUNTEERS, VOLUNTEERS. TWENTIETH BATTERY. TWENTIETH BATTERY. BOUNTY.'PAt? At:, $6ioCash in hand S'.jocash in hand $19? PAY FOR ONE VKAR, ($1*6 per month). $109 RATION MONEY"TOR ONE YEAR. $12 CLOTHING MONEY FOR ONE YEAR This Battery ia now doing garrison (hit- nn Governor's Inland, in New Yon, harbor, one half mile trom the cttv ot New York. Meauiboata run from castle Garden to Oer ertior s Island every liuur. Tbe tamilte end relot.vrsof vp'unteere who join this Bat tery can visit tit cm daily it they desire. We are the onlv authorized' recruiting officers for Mi Twentieth Battery. ? Persons desirous of joining th.s Battery can do by ap plying te us only, at NO. 1 PARK PLACE, NO. I PARS PLACE, near Broadway, io the basemen' Ever dollar or hount v will be paid aa promised. Beware of those who have no author ty. Persona de-irons of joining will litid It to their interest ts make immediate appiostoa at NO I PARK PLACE, NO. t PARK PLACE, near Broadway. _ ? Captain J. R RICHARDSON. Captain J. L. TaYI.OU. Authorised RecruiUug Oiltesra for Twentieth Battery. A Are you goino to knlistt If so. read this advertisement and ae'. sensibly, by doing the best for yourself and avoid BOUNTY BROKERS. There Is no reason (list a man shou d share his bounty with t :innei>. and brokers when he can ENLIST WITH AN ARMY OFFICER and geteverv rent of it without any one'* Interference. 'AT IK ONE U UN DICED AND SI VTH REGIMENT, Colonel Lewis T. Barney, a gallant old corps, now .stationed a: Harper's Ferry, Is hv special order to be recruited up to the full standard To do this the Supervisor* of dillereot towns have allowed thetu to give $7011 BOUNTY FOR ONE TEAR MRN. Whatever bounty broker* and rttuuer* ntav tell you, that is the HIGHEST BOUNTY NOW PAID Rut if at any tiuic any tow ns shuttle be paving more they will eutist their men to :Ue credit of that town, and will GET THEM EVERY CENT POSStllLK This botiuti. w th the p?v. makes $17 15 a week for the yen?more than nnv man can earn at liom . Every position tu the company, except vlic Captain'*, will lie filled from the ranks an I evervthing will he done to me ake the men contented and each new company a good one. COME AND SEg THE CAPTAIN, who will give you every taforunuioa. whether you enlist m liis companr or not AT 716 BROADWAY, corner of Astor place CARD.?VOLUNTEERS AND BUBBTtTUTIIS.?1.000 A The high >st bountie* natd Beware ot rumiT* aod others at the s'teet door. Come direct!' op s alt* t? t e oiliest WASHBURN .V WOifRALL Unite 1 sta!*? Recruiting O leers J Id Broadway, tips alra Attention, discharged soldiers!?sta boun tv for Inval d Corps cu-h in hand We nreemistlo t men for this iortu at air Office, Itnware of rttnti'r* and other* it the street dmr. Come direct', up stain to the oihce. washbukn a workall I m l State* Recruiting Officers, .'0:1 Broadway, up siatra, A t.ENT .BMAN. WI'O SERVED IN TI1F: UNITED /\ State* Army a * an nffic -r. wishes to go a - sulistlt ute for a re?pei able tiartv and prtce. Aildre*s lor t>vo day* A. I'. Z., iler,ni office. AP.MY and marini corps?men. attention ? $i n, AV". $0" and 5 "I will be ps d cash. Men can en i*t in i ut itrtnv for on ? t i or thiee t ear*. Men will be nra'ei we' and receive s'l promt el them. Call at the Army and "ariue office. Ill Nassau street, a SUPERVISOR OF A J*I >WN IN Til IS STATU tttl.L J\ pay tlm highest pc e caah town, for thirty men fur one year, 10 fill a to ? u plots App y it dl Na aett street. Moot lb. a SUPERVISOR OF A TOWM IN (THIS STATE WILL /\ pay ??'?) bounty 'or tli-"e e*t* vo unteersor substi tutee Paid and eu'.t*ied tu this city. App y at dl Nassau *tree:, room Id. Army and navy recruit*.?largest boun ties nrr paid $HUu : >r three years. ?*W for two >.*i* i>7!>i|'or one tear. Satio-s an i*, apply this day at tbe Untied Sale* KecrttHtnc olice, J|~ Kr iidwav, wind'.. V It.?Town <|iiota* tilled and s bautales tur n cied. I'apeia fbr mv tl recruit* purohaaed. A N ALIEN CAN HAVE CASH RIGHT DOWN, t > g . a* substitute for one veer; rolun eera $6X1 cash liny n. it* rail ng nt the ,eg*r *tot ti 40'i Mnatgomery street, Je t tt. t wo and * i alf him si au .va ferry, between the It or-of 7 an 1 Id A. M. Brag vuur wife to lake the tit on home. HI. K AM AN A TROPE. A T 212 BROADWAY. BOOM NO. 5. SUBSTITUTE dl p,; er* lion lit and sold Men wanted for tIM Army, Navy .ut 1 Marine carps, and biggest amount of mnuey paid tuts day. BEHOLD!?BEHOLD!?BEUOLD'?$300 CASH IN hand wP be paid 10 am per*on bringing a recruit to thta wblie the rem t toll be paid lb* highest avails bie hoiinti. Apnl* pets iually to ( aptatn GDI LDIN'G, No. 9 (ihainbers street. LMRRT NEW YORK VOLUNTEER ENGINEERS r NO PICKET DUTY IN THIS REGIMENT. Me 'hatilcs, aru*an*. snd ot vr* wishin.: to joiu ibis mag nlllcent eofps csu now have the opp >r'unitv $'idi BOUNTY KIR ONE YEAR. $600. Monthly pay, aergeanta $"t Monthly piy. corporal* 20 Monthly pay, i r*t i lass priva'ee IS Monthly pav, eeeond elaas private* 16 All necessa'S Inlormatioo given by nptilieation to or ad dre*slttg J. WAftRKN FLINN, Recruiting Officer, 200 Broadvay, in th* basement. Fifty volunteers and fifty substitutes wanted immediately to fill a town quota in th ? State Eitra lame bootily. cash donnas soon as passed by the tloeti r Choice or regiment and rel.ef to fanni es Appiv eariv at the United B'ste* Volunteer and Substitute Agency, 552 Broadway, looms N'oa. 6 and 7. up sta rs. tUFTV VOLUNTEERS WANTED?FOR ONE YEAR; J? i hotce o: regiment ia given . bounty $60Uoaeti, $lun gov ernment. wages $MXg?total tor one year $*'12. Al* re quired Ml one year substitutes, (or a country 'own cash in banc $'.'si, independent of g rernmeot Ihmidiv and iac . $25 handmonevpa d to so* person bnsgluf s recruit Apply to C*| t J. r. RWEBT, Ten Ha la Bowerv F'OR SaLF.-A LOT OF FIRST CLASS ENGLISH EN l eld KK.'es, in bond. Address Ktttee box 1.267 Fist office. ("3ENTLKMHN EBQt'iRING Sl'BSTlTl'TF.S FOR ONE, T t'l'ti i r three ' "?i v, can be sin i ned st on i oti rretoos b ? 1e it ? i v 'ne Uaited Bt*t?s Oereral Recru mi depot. No 9 i hainbers si Cspt ?,OI- LD1NU. Fi perir.tendeot HO' FOR TOLI STEERS -LARGEST BOl'NTT IN th- pate, ea*h down, lor etiter r< i rteers or enlat ? tiiles Relief grao" d ' and e gi t data Iurlmigb Ken. as en n ?r en'iated. at the M ary Ag< ncy ofl '?*, 107 ted" ay. room No 6 Mai ink cores,?marine corps ?all mem. at tent" n ? Great lodueemen's !? en'ist <a the Dotted Mates Mar'i.t Di rf a Tin* le the meat seiect braocb In IM United States serv ee All men here a Chat re of yrl'e money, three at itioi elethes a tear, whlrh ia dm dednctad ??it ic iheir i ay and Ml marfhou lit t gnarrt rt ttv $fip boon y tins week Arnty and Marine oil ee III Nat-an straei MERCH*NT$, RAMKERR and mgAL TOIeCR tver and S ibft I nr tins* a'tnn effi # ca Broanwav. New Yerh ?l.lgy velua ra-s waned Imn atbaialy $Sfid n $MI0 | a d in any oav br ag ag a rarru t H-ghett No nltea paid 'o recruits nn nas*tng atamlna' nt Se daisy Nn humbug Money pain light dnwe App.v st the MTre Rraadwar New York MCNRY MOHBf, MONET -A EOBTI'Rl TC BE made?$;*?' hand mere* wt I he ns d te aav pererwi bnaglng a Reev.dt in thta nitre whre the reer nt will he paid y ash it hard tl.e very I igbett hr native Apr'! a< enee in Capt tit I'I,ft]NO, *1 toe Racrtt.uag (HI * No iPtsin tsra street Marine coRes-wanted, this i>at, three foot! n en. for th# above anrf r# t< i wl em we will par tbe highest heiiDtfea, cash In band. Call at Ml Park raw, renin 26 MARIN'S HAR1MML MAN -NEB -$*?* ROC NTT thM week No ffi slree*. rnraar of Fn u>n I'D marl nee wanted Uilt week Prtie ronr*y, furs mst.ev Great mdacwaeat% No f5 Fnuth street, cert tr *f E'j.loax N OTICB TO RTPRRTIRORB AND C1T1BENR GBNKEALLT 7M velunteers are eady te be credited 's ill tew* at aauaty ta Raw Yaek stale far *?*,'* Jbtea y**1"* Towa aad onuatj quotas promptly ?HOA. M Altea ?ad veteraa substitutes aad rapraseaUtlvee caa aremptll faratshed la say aambere- ?i??AadtB lyplwueai by hslegrmpb ar letter wlU bo atwadod t* ^aSS'io Oem: vein a tear aad Rabatltato RoorultloR '"S^SStWisnsis ?."?>. Captain |L MnNICHOU A?Idor^(d A?M* ?v MILITARY AMD IVAVAL. Notice to dratted in the state or Now Jersey ?A young veteran of thrae yoare' service la willing te go as a snbatituta for n llbornl eampenaetioa. Call Do lag at the cornor of Mulberry and Commerce ?treats. Newark, 5. J., at Tldmer a. PARTIES WHO ARB DRAFTED, OR ARB LIABLE to ba draftad, can procure .ubsiitutes no tha Inweet paa atble cash terms bv applying at the aid establtehedXreciult la* agency. Ho. 1 Dover street. one doe* from Franklin aquae T1BBNEY S BTRSEB, Authorized Agrais. FABTIK8 WISHING VOLUNTBER8OB SUBSTITUTES, for one or three yeare. can be supplied on term* by applyiug at the Army and Navy office, 78 Nassau atreet ocsstitutei oR VOLUNTRKRS, PUB KITHKR ARMV OR NAVT. FOR ONE OR THREE VBARH. FUKNISHXD AT IT BROADWAY. A BROADWAY NEAE THE BATTERY 17 BROADWAY. REAR THE BATTERY 17 BROADWAY NEAR JHE RaTTI.BY BY HONORABLE AND RKLIABLB PARTIES. Address McNULTT A CO , .?_w_a HIUPPING AGENT*. 17 Broadway. 17 OUB8TITUTR8 NOW OR HAND-FOR THOSE WHC O apply to JOHNSON A WOI.MAN. 13 Grand atreet. Wil liamsburg. N Y , near tba lerry. _____ QUBBTITUTR8 ?FOB SALE, THE PAPERS OF TWO O three year auhatitntea. now In the navy. Apply this day, before ten o'clock, to P. X. DEMARBST, ID South at. OEAXBN AND FIREMEN WANTKD-FOR THE n United Statea Na y for two veara. The highest ca*h y ,/ u ii unu aiRvcs s%aj i"? mw ... ? . ? boutitte* paid on paaain? eiitniDflt'0:i, All app leant? can depend on ju?t and houorab? dealt"* Apply at ^o. ?? Kail It road way WOtiAN 4 CO ? Amenta. T HE LARGEST BOUNTY roe VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES. w.oim ONK YEAR MEN wahtk.p rop YOL0NTRF.RS AND SUBSTITUTES THE ARMY AND NAVY tm C ish bounty paid ? ?? ??????? Hand mouuv paid to tlic person brioging the recruit t<. . Ml.Hl IW It the 1 ecru it present* hltn**lf or if the .iihetttute Is pre tented bv the person for wboru (tl<e recruit) will teceive ? Cash Uo 01* And the band $1711 ItM Torn' $27d C. GODFREY UUNTHKR, Mayor. MATTHEW T HRKNNAN. Comptroller. ORISON HLUNT. sunervlaor, WILLIAM M. TWKKO. Superrl or WILLI\M R STEWART, Bupervtnof. ELIJAH P VURDY. Supervisor, County Volmt<M?r Co nmUtae. ORISON BLUNT. Chairman. Ni ar York. Auguet 17. 1384. TWO HICHLY RESl'SCTABLR AND INTELLIGENT young men 'aliens? ire desirous of representing two respectahb- citizen* la the army, for one year, for $1.Off' each No broker need apply. Adlreae Loyalty, Iletald office. The hiohest bounty for tiie season?for ten volunteers. Call early aud Nee at 212 Broadway, room IS. Tub old government rboruittno office. No, 45 Fulton elreet, Brooklyn, l* paying the Mghe t bitunliai to reeruits fur tne army >:id navv. ca t there nud vou will be sure to get ad promie-d you. Town quotas killed and h'-rstituti s fur nished at the Recrut' and Sub-tttute o fee. IV Wall atreet. One hundred men r-'sdy at a tow hour ' notice. VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES WANTED-FOR the army and navy (or one or three -.e?r* to whom the highest bounties will bo paid, at the Army and Navy office. 7.! Naeeau street VOLUNTEERS OR SUBSTITUTES SUPPLIED TO Supervisor", ro nmltiee* or drafted men at the lowest cash rnlee, with the utmost despatch STEWART A HERBERT. No. I Park place, room 17. tlurd lloor. VOLUNTEERS. SUBSTITUTES. Y $9.4) tor 3 years. ?... . $70D for I year. No humbug. Apply at 198 Spring et.'oel. ban uuenL VETERAN RESERVES?WANT D, TWENTY MEN in the Veteran lteser es; none eicept thus" who e- n bring discharge paoers. Liberal bounty. Oa. at->3 Maiden lane, between Id and 12 o clock. YV r anted?irishmen, pngt.tshmt n. SCOTCH, (iermatia. French, and m-n of nil nations'11te". toon list as \ nliiriteers. The highest ho' n'y rash in hand, on pa -unc the doctor. Ke.ief ticket* lor families Agents w11 receive the hlgbeat premiums Apple at ' .* Merchants, Ranter"' and General Vole,nicer and Substitute Association office, 128 Broadway, N Y. Vour ati'KNtidn is especially called to I the advert s.-mei.t beaded , ? A it I; YOt GOING TO ENLIST" The lime is sh,,r' tor geltmB bounties. S7l' FOR (> ? I*, y I AR MEN. Cal at 710 Broadway, corner of Aut r pla<? TTll REC.IM! NT UNIFORM FOR 8ALE?COM 1'LETF, ( kuaps-c . o ercoat Bets. AC. Apply to J. F1JUX , No. Id W ?v?l*ey pl ice 1 - VOLUNTEERS '.V.tNTED-Tu FILL THE QUOTA LO .if l e town d M rr -in i Westchaaiei count . New York Apply lo All CAl' ifiA ttl.i.. Su|u*rvlaoc a' lie olllee o' the Sundaj Mercury. 113 Fultou street, betweeu 9 A.M. -> rid 12 M. 50 Mi N WANTED F IR COMPANY O FORTY tirst r-am uil New .levei Vol ,n'eer?. The l.ul.e-l bounty will be , :'l at No *. hr-em ? place IiihI i 'Oi J.-r-er Cilv Jin N FDhl.STF.IN. United States Vus'erlu/ n ee'r. one and liirae years iKihs'.ituie* wanted at lie- ?aiue a-Oftfl TO $:? JO I! AND M(?NFV PAID AGENTS OR Jr^I'my runner* fr volenle r? Tor tin* city Ten men w .nted lo-oay the highest boun'r. cash down, a* sum a" pa"*fd liy tne doctor. Apply* at 12*> liroa lway. (TOji MEN WANTlfl?FOR THE UNITED STATES (JIB f Ariny Joi oii" ve?' to wbom Hie highest bouiioe wid lie paid, caah down A em. an I rutin r? I bera'b deslt with Applv at No. fi East Broadway to NOLAN A COMPANY. OriWI -I WILL PAY CASH TO INVALIDS BRING IptMlW. your dineharges with you to Dr. ANDERoON. 31 Eld ridge sireel, near tMnal. (UftitX -R,x ONF. YEAR MEN WANTED FOR THE SiOUU, army, to ?! ran a * hundred dollar* cash will lie paid. e\e imiye 'if govermnen' bounties. C one si ooce to 01 Cbauibets aireet ec md i.oo M a lor T W HAIRD. Csk H J McMAHOX, JAM K|| HODGE US. $700 BOUNTY TO ONK YEAP. VOLUNTKKIIS. ? I i n men wanted for the Army ot the South we i. $1,000 man wanted for gai rison rtiit in the harbor 1 o.?) men wunted in gariisou fortiuiiatloiis on tbv Uivmh iipp . A| piv*o wasuburn a worrai.l y United htstee recrultlne o'tlcera. 2Mi ltroudwai. up *ta rs. Licence,1 under the art of Congre * approved July 1. 1NH2 gie/Wk CASH DOWN-FDR ONF. YEAR VOLUN. J? I Uu te?T?. hestue* o.eminent bo ioO and pay, choice of regiment: I**' cbunce. T!!Ot>. MILLtit, 9< Murray at reel, top t.oor. C7IW1 ROUNTV?$fl"0 CASH. TO VOLUNTEERS JlUU for ono year; $7 0 cash lo subat luteA at No. i Exehauite piaie (up s'air*), Jersey City. C.f71\n FOR ONF. YEAR. CASH IN HAND. AS SOON jjy | \/lf a* you pa** eg*mlnat'on. Call earl and re cede ;pur uiouey the same day. Apply At !W Park row, room i'5. 07/WI CASH FOR ONF. YEAR'S 81 BSltTlTE $f, ?> !N | oil caah for one year Vo inteers; $.VK) far lava id corpe App4v at 75 Curtiandt *lreet. O 11111 -Wit WILL PAY THIS AMOUNT OF MONF.Y 5>|U". this i ? riar l or Vol mleer* or But stitnt* 1^1 | 'Jl', I II I M fllk V I'M ivi lut'oieui iu ?" ? ? ' ? ? " arm of the i?rvic?. Tl o?e brh ciog men |o t'. a will be llheraby de i t vruh Pnnr pal* prompiiy farul*h*d w ib substitutes. Ayp.y early to Dt.ASY A CO., 11 Esst Broail C7fi- GASH FOR ONE T EAR VOLUNTEERS ?pi ori bilitutes. tojib a low n tu;aa. STRVt'AHT A tl'IRBKRr. No 1 Par* I iwe, room 17. third floor. iL'UIWI -HOM8 DCfY-SOME M' HE GOOD MEN Jjii^Ul'. w I te sccei leu fir prcvoet duty here, Only 'aithoil honest men taken (Ley ka> ;ng in guard other* in of btiun tl'inrcifd. Appiy io Cipt ELMORE. 14 fiiilh (tin/io -SOBER HONKHT, rRl'SfWORTHY MEN will f.nd tie easieet. pleaeariieat and most pro fltalde aituation tn the serv ri tv app-ying hl_' r'"l,''2,t.." aiore. I4F Chambers street, j lit fce.ow H idaoii River Rail read depot. ghQ/\iiCAsH TO PUB8TITCTB8.?THE HIOHB8T "TOaIU ash bo- nt es to one jesr v. '.ui.te*|A, cbtuce ot ? at ?4 Broadway , room F up siairs dhOfin ?WR WILL GH K more i iian any other ?tCaIU. nffiir t< r one reai vohiDieers fer ibe net! ran days Call and satisfy yourseuss beiire eni.mug else wtiere No 40 White street oca/i cash in hand for subbtituirb and *rUu .-oe sear Vnlun'eers Choic- of anv remmer.t ,ii thr State $4H'ci?ah for disitiaryed void era (or the lova iO ci rye. Al l 'his day at tID Naeeau btretl , rccm lg oa/ia for three ybar fi bstitutb* uash ?T?"" t down; $7i? for one year Vnlumerrs or Butail Il.tes rush In liAnd leinr ewern in Apply al .1, North W i aia *ire?t. aeai Ci a ham. ttaa/lFCR VOLI NTFERS FOR ONR TF.AH, CASH JrOA'U tl.Am firs istitutea. Gall immediately Men want. d. to fill a our ty . -ta Vou pi l??i money r.aht Oi wn inurletea tad ul Fulten street cr 2(.. First aneet. Willlamaturg OtUaa BOUNTY f?iK ONK YF.aB VOLUNTBERB SrUU $7W< ?a?h down $H*i goeesnmbnt bounty will ba rs d .iHln'neiai fn, ea a rem,..I lo Ml Iowa qoe.aa I itmm oi rv?lr?ents u i.a?atry, Infaaify or arti"*'* *PI '* at tbeaM eatahliebed nil ue ii* Blrven'h sirret. arner ?f Mieib aveane . _____ AQIUI ASH FOR ONE YEAR ?' HFTITUTRF atraat. in ibe at aange sl*e $87.0 -n Cash FOR ONF. YRAR VOLUNTRKP-N ? AS wf fi??? ib# coniffn't btbwii f|iioi.A W CAMPBELL MW NaAaau aireet. v, IS CANR in HAND FDR ONF. YEAR MEN Holier, beneei. truMwoithy men will Ami ihe ... ^. -i.l_|ioet aad moat pmBtabie> akun m Ibe ?srr i* by apgiytag u? D. GAMrBBLL, 27 Ann street GO *n/\A BOUNTY.?A rr.w ?u?*r sm ru <nj iHlIU gnarda far the oily af Waahmgina, m ne v m ?J mii a AS K*a >rt tAauarrl ike* ?s.,s>< sabar men need apply as they are. to guard l a Tl^BL^TrabiifB Hanaa, 17 CarTiaadti hut be city, street. Annn PAID FOB BACH OXB YBAR TOLOBTRBB, St7?7^f ta flit a Iowa quata. $70b cash down. $IW> gae Y?m bounty $192 pa?. With ehateoaf regimante In ear aire lafantre ?r arllllary. Also iwo and three i?ar men wanted Apply Al the ol^oe i*A BierMbd AlraeL earner of aietb ayeattA. i MamaT avd nmu tOPl BOUNTY FOB VOLUNTEERS. ?7S0 CASK ?P?7L?*X for substitutes for on* year. Apply at CW Hj* eon mini. Jeisey Cm Innn MCBWTi WANTCD-FOR THE Alar .UUU 111 Nassau street. l.UUO ma a warned for the Marine corps. Ill Nassau atreaL 1.0H0 ateo recaira $400 to go for three jeara 111 Nassau streak 1,000 aeamaa and ordinary teamen for the navy. Ill Nasaau street. LOW) firemen, first and second claaa. wanted fur tbe navy .*"'n coming to tbu office to eulla. may rely upon obtaining AU toe tuouey pt ouiibed. *1 nnn CA8n IW hand-wasted, iotiirrb ?i'""y year substitutes to fill a count* ,|UOia. ? ? I?e above amount will be paid at toon at accepted By too doc or, alto volunteers and substitutes for on* yenr * run,?ers liberally deali with. Call at No f ? halhatn tjuare. y. 1L ANN AO AM A CO <fal 0(W) TrT^K HIaHB8T cash bounties foe * vf\/* VnlunieHrM ftn'l fitibfltiLtit<*4 Atinlv imma datniy to Dr ANDKRaON. 31 aV lgJ .treat ,P' SI 000 ONK A>iD thbbk year volunteer* wanted, this dav foi which the highest cash buuniie; w.ll be paid. App.y at'wcedaj atreot. up atalra. before II o'clock. ?' SI Oftft (4Si.' IN Hlfn-tTANTEn. s G?OD ?JJl .VV?17 mcn togoaa aubititutet. No broker* mva* ug day a? the S.ak.pere Hotel i? W,. :?a apply. Coll thin atreet SI nun CA8H "? hand-wanted, 4 MBI Jl.UUU thla day at 81.iW" each, and *1W hand money to nnv one bringing a man to the office No '-"25 Meat -tree! corner of Kouh Moore, up stair*. OAI'T. JUNES a?i Ann cash rap a wii,i. be paid for two tubaUlutea to-day. Gait at 7d Nasaau atreet. room No. .1 Innn men at w south street, corner or a .WUvr Fti ton. for an bnartch of the serv ce, voluneers 1 or substitute-. to w huh Mi- highest cash bounties wilt bt paid b, HANDS DEMARKST A CO. qpi nnn C*SH IN HAND WILL BE PAID TO BACH iPli"!''/ o( two or tbrce goud men to go as aubslruiat or volunteers, choice of rcgtir.onta. Gail early to day in the store 5! Mulberry street. 5 000 RECRU1TS WANTRn' LARGEST 8OUNTIB8 PAID FOR CAVALRY. ARTILLERY AND INFANTRY. Choice of rcgimeni and branch of service. a Large premiums paid to the person Introducing a recritt, and should tbe recruit present hlmaeif he will receive '.be premium n additloa to his bounty. Apply a', the Merchants' Bankers' and General Reuniting As -elation of New Vork Office 424 Broa twsy New York Lieut. Col. It. W WIN FIELD SIMPSON Capt. it. tot NU IIoL, Agents, 10.000 men VOLUNTEERS OR SUBSTITUTE* TO BKIUIKSKNT Til S COUNTY OK NEW YORK IN TIIK V ARMV AND NAVY ? PAYMENT TO VOLUNTEERS eon uoru ARMY AND NAVY. BOUNTY. For three years?county /.. MM For three year*?government AM Total ?uim For two years?county .. jgg For two years?government .* ong Total <7ug For one year?county ~ *SI7B For one year?government .1...... lit TotAl hand money Any person enits'ing a recruit for either two or three years will receive In baud money gag For one year ........V.V.IM PAYMENT To~SUBSTITUTES FOR BOTH ARMY AND NAVY BOUNTY. County?for three year* g?vg County?for two years '' ** Couuty?for one year ."?!!!! 17$ hand"money Any person enlisting a substitut" for>lther two or three years will receive in liaud money $38 For one ear ... " tor Substitutes both in the armv and navy are required (it make out that they aro exempt from draft or one of th* following reasons ? I. Thai be Is so alien. '2. Tbat lie has ser ?ul two years in the armv or navy dug. ?11 nap present rehe lion. 3 That he is umler twenty yesra of age Volunteers lor lh? nsvviiiu-t he ah e 10 show that tbep reside in tm seountv. ana that they have been duly enrodiig ai their plareof res'dence The Countv Vo'uuteer Consunt'ee under Inatruetlona of Hie Board of Supervisor's, fi led ill (juntas under all rails up 'o this tiier. snnonuce that tney have recommence* the bufvnes- 'I leeruiting fur the army an I nsvv with tho view of raising the (junta under the eilst ni call by th* President for men. Recruits or -uii tltulea will be received as formerly at the Conntv Vol titeer Unpins, in tbe Park corner of Broad way and Chainheis street and Oh the Batter, C GODFREY GUN I H l.K, V?v?r. MATTHEW T. BRKNNAN. Comptroller. ORISON BLUNT, Supervis r, WtLT.TAM M. l'W KD. Superviaor. V II I,1AM R. HTKWaRT, Supervisor. ELIJAH F PL'RUV, Supervisor, County Volunteer Commute* MiwToik, July 16. 1844. ?K,SO'' BLl:l11' <?vVrt nnn lN 0,'R "ANUS TO pay MEN WHO nvav go In toe ami) or n,o aa reprcrcnta t.vcs. W e are fully prepared at an.i moment tn put in'it in the arm or navy We will 00 no' it r mm have huv luiaW ness trail-actions \* th lirokers or runn??ra. hnldtnu our selves re-ponsib e oily fur he 1 ran aril rtA o currtn^ in our i'Ui"e M en coming 10 enlist wi 1 do we I, if marr < d men. to bring ihelr wives; ? njie men can bring some relative or tru-nd *<i that the bounty can be properl disposed of ao eording to their dire lion,. Two teamster* w iited foi a first ci is, p. | pent. M-n wanting .lib-llmt swill 10 well t* cal at our o bee. as we are determined to act '.on . ahty with thi'-ui, w icb will, und"r enailng nr uiiis'ao ea g ve 11-a er e are 0f nanonage. Anplv to K. II. HRdWR. room ho 2 Moutsgue Hall, oppodte City Hall. Brooklyn. RAVAIs PRIZE MtlSF t, AC. ~ All prize money now pay uhle can be obtained AT once. BY APPLYING IN PERSON. OR BY LKTTKK TO WALDKN, WIL1.AKI) v M. ILVAINR, 1Ja_ LATE U H. NAVY. 1SS YORK ST , URuOKl.YN, and 17 BROAD ST.. N. Y. BOUNTIES BACK PAY and si othei rlalma ADJUSTED WIIUOUT DELAY All prize money now payable PAID BY J C DICKEY A CO.. Ouveriinu lit Claim Ageol.\ __________ IIS Br .sdwsy, hew York. 4 LL PRIZE MONEY NOW PAYABLE. BACK PAT. /% twv my money. ,tc pa d bv C. tA'. sMITII. No 2 New Chauilera street, corner or Chatham atreet. / AIIAKLLS n. SWAN OF I.M SOUTH STREET, NEW " 2 York, and I St York atreet. Brooklyn. I* now advancing esse ion all jual cliilina for pn/e tiionei. Prize money col* leeted in live date. A complete list of all veaant* now peyab.e can be aeeu at either oihoe. I AMIS J. DIOGLRS A CO. IB'. YORK 8TREBT. M Brooklyn, are onw paying Prlre Money for th* Arka* sas. raptured br ih* giinh ai Eases: Young Republic, rap tured bv the guuhoal Grand Ou'l , Oreyho ind. eaptured by the gunboat ? onnecticnt, and ait others now pavablo. 1M York atreet. Brook I n Naval prize monfy, ac. the officers and crew of ib? United suira ship -Lipply. at the lime ot the capture of the prl/e S'epnen liar' will reorlv* advaa lage by adilreesing Walden, Wlllsrd A Mellvaine. No. IT Broad atreet. pitlZB MONF.Y FOR KVEHY VKSHRL I'KOMPtLT J eollecied, jvenaion- procured, liouni v and par rn li i led Address or apply to RICHARD C KLI.IOTT. United Stats* Army and Naty OD.ce. No. 07 Bieecker street. UNITED STATES NAVY FitIZE MONF.Y OFFICE. ^ HKAYN.AKD A KOWINO, 16 Naaaau slreel SPF.TIAI, SOTICKS. Notice ?caution ?all pkiukins ark forbiif trusting or harbor ng any one on iny account, as I will not hold myself responsible for drota so contracted. Joseph l. j. hbixai. The MEMBERS OF TILURIM LODOE, NO 24S L Ok. of I) F are not i.eil that Important bimnesa w Bt come before tnem for srtlon on Thonday. September 0. A lull attendance Is re<p.ceied. THHIVKAf HERS OF THE A4AITER8 P. B A8SOCL4 lion *re re ;ue*tro fe a#??rrb ? at the Second regimoot armoiy. Heventh etreel and Hall place st 12 o'clock, no#*, this day. TM ln-1.. to attend the fur,oral of a deceaamt brother member By order of JAMES RODDY. PrealdenL Patkicr D.11KV, Secretary. PROPOSALS. UOYKKNMENT NOTICE MORANT 1 AYS AND PRDRO CAVB. (Iuinm<! ar Hki kbtart's Orrtrg, ? . Jaeaira. sert. ?, i?m. ? The captain General and Governor In ebarg* being ao tfcortred to j rant leaxea of the **>er?l group* of laianda near .'am*.r*. called reapecttveiy ? tbe Morent Care" an* 'me Pedro Ceya,' mnnt ia hereby given ibet tender* will be received at tho ou.c* up to ibree o cio- k P. M , on We*, need*j, the thirtieth day ot November now rest ensuing, irom person* denron* of lee?<D( the >a.ii ? ave The Cave Will he lease* lor a peimil of three years The* will not he peimiitcci to assign or underlet h a lea?e The rent m 1st 1* pant ball yaany The leeaee will .m reiju re* lw a true aad coiceet early *iat*inrnt jici ir.vini th* ?pianiity of roi k or material roe ia nine ? hoaphatip ettk alanrra eblrred or removed from tbe island*. The lease* in net. with hie own rreeuriee, maintain (cod order on th* isiacde. Rath ginop of i*'anda muat he tendered for erne, retely one a* Trailer for the leear ot the Morent Care." the other as 'Tanker rer tbe Van* of tbe Prdro Cava.* Even lender muat lie addieeeed 'The Hoe Hugh W A**. tin. Recretary W) ihe HoTernoe, SianieETown. Janutli*," and in ?et br avM>mjraeied hy e letter frem two reepnnetbl* peciiua residing in Jamaica, willing to berome reeurltv roe the tine t-erfpvenanre be ihe le-sea or lbs ccmditlon* of th* lc**e Fuithtr iBfornst on mar lie obtained on apnhcaliMS at tl * silica HUGII W Al'HTIN. Gureraor a Secrelarv. COP \ RTR RUMII IF. AM PAH 7NFR WANTED to act AS CASHIER.? ?u.lavea. paying ?1,Ml) weekly pmilt; ne bonnr snA reiiuiiwl. aaaucielien lire! class. Apply ah '.VJ Binaiiwey, rvwma Ng and 38 A HIRE FORTUNE-WANTRD. A PARTY WITH ikk' to oin ekusNy in a jdeaeant n istneaa tbaa will not $M W? in an months Address M. Jones, stalls*M. 1>ARTNFR WANTED. WITH $100.?ANY GOOD IN* dnatr(t>vi. men may eeli aed eiaanlee a neat, henar etle end iwditeiile buemkee, at fiflH Iroailway, room lu. W*ANTED-A f AETNFR TO TAKE H ALF 1NTRRRNT in *e? ol the best pannM biisineaee* in the < ???try, eetabh died five rears. Tbe advertiser baa heraee. wage** and every th lag to carry on a large hoaineeo. also anoat two thouaond koldtra worth of wurk new ne hand, la lei* end other nttee cash required about $8M dowa, and 84fl| te cease out of the buainee* The ma* must be wlilieg ea* able t**work; no othor eeod apnly at TB Cedar etreat, m i?, foe a day er two frem 10 i ll l?, or from 2 till 4n'iln*kT^( E'lfin * PAKINER WILL BR TAKRN OR INTE T'JtJv. I eat auld for $800, io a Manuiacturln| busiaeaa. witboni any riafe, uniimiied <Jom*nd aad large prnflia. Call M M Walker street, up Mam. kOt*Mh 4 aad 1 titimE

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