Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1864 Page 3
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inovi WAHTBO-rB>ALIS. A HUBBIB or WELL RBCOMMBNDBD OBBMAN female* *a Sam situations at Mra LOWB'B Gagman In ?UtuM. 17 Stanton at., naar Dm Bo wry. A TO? MO WOMAN WANT? A BIYVATIOW AS SB A H Itreu Id ft priTntf fftimif; cai ftM kinds of sewing, and would do chum bar w orlt. can give flvs ycari city refe heace irorn has last p abb. Can bB aasa far two days at 17a Wast 324 st. A RESPECTABLE t OUNU woman wibhbs a A attuatioa as ssamsUvaa; naderstands dressmaking Ind all family sowing; i? willing and obliging. Call st 168 I as., la tbn fancy store. ft TOl'NU GERMAN LADY WlgUH A SITUATION as nursery governess, coroi stiiun to a lady or houso Call at (U East 27th st. far two days A RRHPKCTABLB VOUNO MARRIED WOMAN, J% with a fresh biesst of milk, wishes a s.tustion as wet nurse. Call at or aodreso for two days No. 7 Uuane St., ftncoud Hour, room 10. A young oiri, wants a situation as waitress in ft fT t clftiM boarding hOute, is capable o taking (barge of a timing room, good uty reference. Cat. st 78 Weal M tL at. A F1RSTCLAS8 SEAMSTRESS, WHO THOROUGHLY 7t uudtraiauga cutting ami waking ladies and children s dtes'-ee and all k nd-> of lauiily, would .Ikr is ob tain a alius! on in a private lauiily; best ot city reference Call at 229 7th as., third liner. A RESPhCTAHLK TOl'SU GIRL WISHES A S1TUA. TV Unn in a rr^yocuble tamily as nurse and aenatitresa. Can be rtrii at 31V \\ est 27lb st . between llrth and lltoavs.. BSMoud fli or, front rootn, ou Thursday, September 22. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO as cook: understand!) her business thoroughly, ?s a Ood baker. Can be seen for two days at bur pieeciit employer's, 13 East 3/tb at. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO J% do ci.aiubcrwork in waiting or ln*.e tare ol children; good ctty relerence. Impure at 60 Lleau st , Bruokly o. go i SITUATION WaNI'ED-HY A YOUNG WOMAN AS 1 lady s mad; undeistands all styles of bairdrestrng, 'oil reference. Call at 121 West 26th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE glr . a* rood |dain cook anil excellent washer aust troner. or would do < ? niistrrwork and assist in the wnslnug and ironing. Best city reference. Can i e seen at 159 West act 11 at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl. a? waitress, or to do and waiting. Bii ellent city reiereneu Cau be seen at 153 WastiUlhst. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A S1TUAI10N TO do housework in a small pi .vale t all at 76 Laighi at. ACO.MfF.TKNT STEAUY WOMAN WANTS A BITVA tlon; ahe la au excellent cook, agoodhskci ol brciul and pastry, and haa gusd c.iy re.eieni .??. Lan at 111 West 19lh at., between 7th uud etb avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RFSPEC TABLE gir, as children's nurse; is capable ol taxing charge of si. in taut from Its birth; has it- od emnt \ earn in thaicapa city in one p.ace. Call at ilM We.-t 26th at tiiet l ocr front room. A70UMI GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH CHAM barmaid and plain sewer; no objection to lake ? hargB of children. Can be reen for two days at 515 2d av , te tween .bio and 2.'tli sir. Ayouno woman wants a situation to do upslaiis work and In a prlvule family city roferem.e. Call at ill West il/tu at , between bin and 7tb ava housework or cbsmberwork; bas the nest ot city rel rente Call at 17b Prankiin at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHER TO DO GEN. JV. tlemen s and ladles waabtug and Ironing, id bar own house, and is willing to doday's wo. k. Can bo we it tecum aseuded. Call at 25)9 West Slst St., between 9th and 10th av.. A situation wanted?by a respectable Protestant, as cook; bas the best of reference from her last place. Call for two . ate at .63 East 31st st., between isl and 2d ars , top : our, Lack roont. None neoo apply eacept for a priva te family. ^ A SMART. TIDT 01RL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general housework in a small private family ; good city rciireuee cwn be given. Call at v6 Mas: Warren at, in the basement. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, J\ ;n d hop. Two years references. Call at Nt<. 8 Lawrence ah, Brooklyn. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermairt and waitress: has the beet of elk reference. Can be seen icr two days at 331 3d av. Ayouno girl wishes a situation as cook and lu assist with the washing and lioning .ra good bread and biscuit maker; city references Gail at 43b 4tb av. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AH A cook, was .er r.ud ironer. Has the best ot city refer anee from ber last piste. Can be seen at 7s Wem 23th su ARKSPBCTABI.R YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A BIT. nation as cl umber mam, at general housework or wait* tag. id a email family. Goon illy reftreme. 23d bib at., between avs. C sad D. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITU iition ss nurse and chambermaid, or to do tlm work or B small family; is a good cook, wmaher and i oner. Can be Bern lor two days at 128 AllanUc st.. Brook i n. lomn No. 2. Ayouno girl wants a situation as cham. bermald and waitress; wonlit assist with the w..sinu^. Oail at '25 7 7th as., between 2Un and 27tb sl- vecond lioor, baca room. City refereaces. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A CAPABLE GIRL. TO do the geueral work >.f a small family, or will .ook, Wash and iron lor a stnad family. Can be seeu (or two day a at 76 Chryatie ?t. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL, AS cook Inquire at 13V East 32d St., soutowest corner ot Lexington av. ATOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, wash and uon, in a private Jamil.. Uso.i references Call at 112 West 33d st, between 6th and 7th ava A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL (PROTESTANT) would like to travel with a lady . Is fond of chlUitn ?nd ha? rood reieience Address Annie Costello. Brookl) n Post oilier. ATOUNG WOMAN W1BI1K8 A SITUATION A8 nurse and < batnberma.d, is an exrelient tea distress. Baa route we l rsi-ura mended. Call for two davs st 202 7tb a? , between 23d and 24th its. Ayouno girl, lately landed, wants to find a plane for general l.onsewcik Call at 206 East ltd Si. A LADY. OOINO TO EUROPE. WISHP.B TO KIND A situation for her nurse to take entire < hargn of a baby la a go> d family ; she ran re. nmmend her well. Apply on lhitrtdsy aud Friday, from II to I o ch ck, tt 13 Wed tub st. ABM ART GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and waltrsM. lea thorough waitress. Call at 690 6ih avs.. room 7. Abituawon wantbd-bt a young woman as srumntirsa. fan cut and Id children's > lathes, nndar ssaada dressmaking; the best ?f city rnfereuer Call at 289 Bib are . In the fancy state a Young oirl wants a situation as plain A took wasiier and Ironer, ny Pi do huusewtWk io a small fans My Guod refnrenen. Call at 361 tth ave. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT A R LB young woman. Io cook and he't in li e wa-hii.g and from op. Toe best of rti v roferea <? tan be given. Coll ot MS East 36.h at., between 1st end 2d aire. N KIPRRIKNCRO COOK WISHES A SITUATION, L In a private family. Ik an eicn lent laser and would dat In the washing Good city reference Call at 365 6th s. Ring the second bell. Ayouno woman wants a situation as coon, washer and ironer. Uond eity reference Call lor two Bay* at M Gregory st., Jersey Ctty. second Poor. Ayouno girl wants a situation as t ham. bermald and waitress, la willing to astlu in washing and irou.og City relersaco. Call at IS! 7th av ARP.RPKOTARLB YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU atliio ss .'bambnnnaid sod seau,stress, or wnuld do One washing sad ironing; .unletstands ti ding Good cdy refer enee fall at 123 Bast jidh sl. A TOUNO RISPFCTAPLB OP.RMAN GIRL WANTS a situation in a private nhaii i . rw ra and pia.u s? Can at Mr I Houston st near Baeei. ro dn Nr 6 flu. r situation In a private American lam le to do light W s, YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, wash tnd Iron. Call at 197 7th av . near 23d st. a YOUNG GERM AN LADY WISHE* a SITUATION A as ladpe com, anion shew., id be willing p> make Berself nsefttl In in* hausetmld nr to ake.bame if ohll dmo. Ca i "or two days at Mr Mara s. 69lb it. between Hub and 11th ara Arsbprctarlr young woman wants a siru. ail.m as seamstms*; ran Cnt and fit children s aud ladies Jiess* s. and do all kiaJa of family sewing. Can be eem fir two da?? at her last place, 62 Carroll sl., between Hn-a- and CMumbta sts.. Brooklyn. ATOUNG GIRL WANTB A SITUATION AS COOK wasker and ironer. or t.< do gwn-rat housework In a wivatB ranulvt gnml 6py referen e Call Icr t ss da s *1 mi West Rreadway, tn the furniture sto.e r AHlfl'AlION WANTRD-BY A RHSPECTi girl, as rumprtent wadre s. or as rhaml*rir>ai wsUieas. Host ritv references. Call fcr two dan West yjd at , u?ar h'h av. A BITUATION WANTRD-RT A GOOD PL J\ root; Is s gaod baker and ha' no op.en <tn P a with the waskine and Irrming; is wti ng and ek i? ng (he IBM of city refBrenoe as to character and capability Sb seen at KM 7ih ae. I SITUATION WANTED-BY A RVSFKCTABLR girl; im a guod pialn rook, washer and ironer will do cnani A SITUATION WAMTED-BY A REHI'BCTABI.B yming girl, as rook waalier and troner. or tn do grneral hourewn a in u small family , good city lefercme. Call at 136 West 21 lb ct., between 7tb and 8tb avs. A young oirl wants a situation to do 1 J\ housework nr i-hambcrwoi k in a private family t all ! at 212 av. A, between I4lh and 12tb sis. A FIRST CLASS COOK W1K1IKH A SITUATION IN A aiua.l private faint y . no tibjetllou to aastat w itb wash ing; best ot city releiente given Can bo seta at 16b hast 29th at. A SITUATION \V ANTED?PV A RPSPKCTA RLII woman In a private fan.i t :e eork, wash and irnn. is ? good l?*.r Rest City rrfiisir es. Cnll it ll6ttesl .'4th SP, near Ilk av. ATOUNG WOMtN WANTN A NITUaTIDN As nurse aud veainatiees. iindsrstat'd* Ail kinds of tatwi y anwlbs . ran take i hai ge sf a i ah. l as the he.t of . n.t rer. oier e Ifim her la?t plans Call a\ 2H) Bast Plb st l.eieieen 1st at. and av. A. GERMAN GIRL WIRHRft A SITUATION IB A respectable family, to attend cbutifeu. apply a It.'-, enter st , first tloer WOMAN WISHES TO GO OUT BY IUE DaT, theroush'r uBderBtsnBs fasndy washing tad roc ng list IK 14th St TC ABTBD-4 situ am w, by A YOUNG GIRL, do aeasral huusnwerh. in a small latnliv Appiy at | IWll ^ >t ,??i Cgp speak English gad German, j I _ SITUATION? WAHTED?FBXilJII* A *K8P?< TABLE AND OBLIOINO TOUNO'WO f\, "an ? latum a a.tuition aa aheinbarmaid or to da plain give Mnod ill/ refarenee Oil at 219 Tbomp evw at, la IU rtM, mIwmb Aintly aud B.eacker ate A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSB auvl aeau>?traaa; ib capable of taaiug charge of a baby irom ,u birth, opera lee an Whoeior a Wilaoo aaa?la?na ehme. Good city reference Call ai ISA Veal iStb at, bo I*eao 7tb and Mb ate., atoned bell. A YOUNG WIDOW W18HE8 A SITUATION AS '* blind a aurae and oeainatroas; la capable ef taking are or a child fiom lie infau v. Apply far one day at 199 MIS A*., between lid aud /3d eta. ARK8PBCTABLB OKBMAN WOMAN, WHO 18 AN aicalienl cook, wiabe- a aituatiea In a private lam ly. Ca I at <1 Baal diet it. (leod relereueeigi?en. A SITUATION W ANTED?BT A TOUNO GIRL, AS aeauutreaa, la well experienced. The beat cllv refer ence. Can be aeeu far two daya al 296 Mb ar., corner of Zfttn it A TOUNO GIRL, 16 VBARB OF AOS, WANTS A SIT at lit o'eary"** ' * ff*mll> homework. Call A JOrNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AR CHAM ?f* *KI""'" ?ud waitrean or aa chambermaid and plain fiJIT. i""!! for two day* corner 2Ut ?L and Alb a?? Uowa us, or tend *<!dre*t. A TOUNO OIRL WANTB A SITUATION AS COOK, .i ttTw. .'^ IrBnsr, or lauadraaa in a naali family. Cal 1 Mi JOa w llilo/lo Ml. A RKfcPEnTABLE PROTBSTANT OIRL WISHES A yA at turn Ion in do general bonaewcrk. Call al 360 Kith el, nrcond boor, back loom. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION at-^E^isib?.:: lor twodaye.***??^ C'W nt9Km^ C?" A YOUNG WOKAN WANTS A blTl'ATION AS PLAIN -AJL, ??-* a.--. W t'fct 11' t! 4 Mi. Ayoifio WOMAN DEFIKR6 A SITUATION AS iir i tUsfl ws.ircMb uf ?bkmocruifiiu aitti wuiiren*. Best riy r* r?"Ouc? Nocbectiuna to tbe co<.nL\. <iauiiij& neat 16ih Mi., near Oth uvc., firel flour. A COMPETENT La I'NURFSH WISHES 1I1E WASH f\ lag "I a lew indue or eat.omen or private famlllie 0? Ibe do/?u or moutb cny refereuie for hooeety and capability Ca.i at or adtlreea .67 7tb a\e , tetwien ?a. .n and 1Mb eta A respectable TOUN'G woman wisfies a titration aa chambermaid an 1 waiuem in a remta p.olamiy. Call for two uaya at 179 7tb ave , aecond floor, 60?K room. A respectable wcmaN wants a situation to wok. waab and iron, in a private family. Ilea two vtar? reli recco fioui ber laet place. C'a 1 fol two day. ai bj Purine at.. Brooklyn. ASITi ATIoN WANTED?BY A H ES PRCTA BLK Span ab girl, aa aeaiueiiroH and lo take rare of crown ' ebiidreu Speak a French and Eugiieb. Apply al bO' W??| 11th (i . rear building. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN WA NTS A Mtuation a? and le do hue or general housework Oood refereocc t all al 64 < art":be fet. third Hour. young oirl wants a situation ar cham g,rwr. . n.*'- fc'"1 lu 1,1 iu *?*' '?s *U(J "onlog. Call al oo We.l Wuahington place. A MIDDLE AdLD WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION to do K'eneiul boinewo.k In * small family; is willing lo go a short distance in the country. Cad at 270 ?6 st b?. twet 11 agid una *^0 sis. A A WELSH GIRL WaNTO A SITUATION TO DO J\ cl.aiu iei work and waiting; good reiercnre given. Can be aeeu at .66 Wet ?t., near Broadway. basement. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A SMART CAPABLE g rl, to do cooking or generel bona'-work; le neet willing and trui-iy, anu an excellent waalier and iruner' economical and reeiei tlnl; beet of reteieuoe* given. Apply at 124 At.anl.c etr, Brooklyn. Ally or oeunlrr. Arbs kctahlb PBB80M wants a situation an boosekeetei or rook in a email hotel or iaioon, or would take care ol ch.ldrcn. Inquire for two data at No. i WLitebail ac, entrance lound liter corner. Arksprutakle girl, who IS A FIRST c lass dre-amaker and milliner, Willi reference to that eilcct, wiHbeaio go not by the day or w?ek. Call fui two days al roam 4i New York Hotel. An orphan girl, fiktrbn years of age. Winni e a aituauon in a emai.' private family ia willinit u>do ight work Fail at Xdl LaetVOh n., cottage hou-e. A GIRL LATELY LANDED, WANT8 A SITUATION either ae tnau bei maid or waTieee Call at 807 2d av near ;Slb ab, eerond boor. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION KOK A TOI'NO giri as mute far.(i MUinKtrofH, or to <?<i wuii.ii^. t ah tor two duyu at her \ r??seut employer'n V We?t ai4tb ??t. A HIGHLY REV PEC I'A HLR GERMAN WOMAN wonlil .ike to olita u u aituutinn ne hi uaekHcper or Iowa.! on en .iivand lady, or ivon.d ree altci giown'un cli.lnreii .in l mve tbem Garnqan cs?'m. and would -ew on her own ninrlilne. Can bGng Iho l.lgbeet teelitnoniale. Call at Jbf Orchard at,, utar Ho leten A YOUNO GIUL WANTS A SITUATION TC DO cham -ei work and waiting, hcet city reference Call at UiS heat :t-nh at., i elween 2d and :kl ava. lor two ilaye. A YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AR NURHB .a Or cl.ainberri ant and to do p.a>u eew .ng. bae vitv rot'er oacee Cail nt lOt. East I3ili et. A TOI'NO OIRL wants a situation as ciiam nern.otd and p'uin rewer, or ae chambermaid und wa tif... good . It. reference Iro n her aa. i lace. Call at l.vbi Heel T^th et . neat Stb av., for two day a A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO cl.ainberwork and waeluvg. or ae plain <o< k, wether and "oner, good cil reference. Call at I2? Pan 22d tL A YOUNO WOMAN WTSHEH A SITUATION AS JTL chainliermnld and to aanet in Die waehltiR aud "on ? liig; pt.-o-l city refcreut e Iroui her lost place, fail at lb6 Baet 2 th si. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT OIRL, lo o < uninhriw.trk and waiting or tint; wanlilng and Iromnr; na? !ve years' recamuieodalioD. Can be aeen al 146 We? t *J8ih ?i. A SITUATION V. ANTBO-BT A RESPEl TABLE girl, a* chambermaid and waltreraorio aenet tn tbo ca e of cliil.iren wounl bare no objection logo to Biooklyn' ha? the beei e.ty reference irom her lait r ace. Can be teen at No 9 Jane at. A SITUATION WaNTKD-HY A RKHPEt TARL8 S\ vonne woman, ae cook and to aeemt w lib the ?nd ironing; good city releience. Call at 2ft) We.| L'tih at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPIOTABLR young girl hat no ob ertion to any of work If the geia a good home Ca t lor two daye at 203 Writ 2t"lh *1 . top nor. ta-k icom. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUaTIO a. nurae in a larnlly, lived nine yearo In her la place n. thla r ly. Inquire at B1 West 2Mb ?L, between t and 7th ava A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, LATELY LANDED. ? want* a ei'.na'tou. la willing to take care of a baby abd do plain aewtng or general l o .aework Can be teen f. r two daya at div lit ar, between 13U and Htb ila. third boor. ARRRI'F.CTaBI.R YorNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tion aa good (ook : a an eicdlmd waaher acd Ironer or to do cbainbere-urk and waalilng, good city rtltrence. Cab at 6B Wen ivth at ' lrrBr? Ark.spectablr woman Wants a situation aacoo., la a goad haker ; no nh eriioc to the coun.ry; g od re ereace Ca.i for two dayt at 219 halt 12th ?t.. be" tween i.t av. and av a. A SITUATION IVANThD?AB SEaMSTRESS, BY~A eonpetent gerenn No nbtection to taae care of one or two crowing children i nti it and make tbeir drreaea and da all kmoa o lam ly netting. The beat ol city rele' leoee Apply at 66 Weat ll"h t RB8PECTAHLE MARRIED LADY WISHMS A SIT nation aa wei nurae. Call al Nn. 5 Sullivan eireel. A A SITUATION WaNTKD?AS GOOD PLAIN COOK waaher and iraner. The beat of r||. reference from her la,t p ace. Cal lor two day* at 113 EaatJBlh SA A SirUallOV WAN.RD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN 2h a-aaammreaa aud ady * maid. I erfeetlv undeiataeAa cutlln;! and fitting Can operate on Wficelar A "Mv r?f?rtD** Can be aceo at No. 3 Raat2Sth et.. until engaged A SITUATION WaNTBD-BT A RESPFCTABLB Ae "dree and eeamairega Be*I of city referebcen. Call at 210 W ett 2uth at. A TOI'NO GIRL WANTR A SITUATION AS CHAM barmaid orwnreer or la lake tare of children. not particular about wagea until ehe uudeielanda Call for twu daye at SI Eaal <th eg ARRSUFCTABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO doct amberwork and eewmg, or to ea.let with -he waehlng a till irnhing. Hae go d elty reference Can be aeen et 76 A eat -7th it. 4 RF.SPBCTARLB GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS it chambermaid and waitree.. h will tg to aeetetln the waefciagand Iron ng if repilred; beet ei-v reference fMm her l lit emplayer. Call ai 2? Weal Slat at., f.rai floor, back r oin All Fs i' EC TABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS goad plaiu cook, waa'.et and ironer. Ilia Ore veara' reference. Call for tan daya at 4iif fill ?\e., room 9. a RKSPBCTABLB OtftL WISHBS A SITUATION AS it f| a I I'l ? a d. and to the watt, ng ami iron In- or pla n wwltig in a private Four yearn cltv refereoce fro ? her l at place. Can be aeen f?r two data at ?C9 Weal 26th et , Seloet ytb ire. a v, Tt'? i N WaItfD-BT * iltPRCTABLi JA young adv to ta m .la,re work and take .*re of rhidiru G. ad city leferece given Ca l at iCb Ckry-no at third hoot. 4 TOUNO AMERICAN . I.L WUHKS A SI| UA J\ t- Bin a) rival'family aa aurae an! to naat.i with b? tierwcrk ha the beet gf c ty refsretice Can be aeen for wo day* at i.'.U Ran 76th at, t | floor lan k r. o-n 4N AMERICAN GIRL FRGM THB (OCMRY WanTS a at' .allot, aa aeamitie.a atnl chamber,,aid; under ? ill t g and lilting drevna tit I'nanaL betaeer Smith aoA Hiyl at a . neit to Hatt Rr ollye. ' K ittl'AT ANTBD?ST A RBSPBC Ta RI.B ft yo .ng wamaa. aa cook. rcrrvtanda a.) a,nd. af cook ing, la wiping <> a?. at n the *eafc og If rejii.ied. Heat uf ?ly rafareoce fr u ' er taat p a ? Call at CS Weil Aih at , iwtween t th and 7:b a? a. A mtuation \\ 6binr?b y a rehpIctariJi y ? tg wo map ai fint raaa waitreea ? aa no objection l aaoi.i w th the , l imb.*rwurk hae tine yeara'clly raler Mfk Arply at 77 t?i' l'. th at ? A SITUATION WANTBD-Bt?A KFSI'KCTA BLF. ^ra ytning woman, . an eater tentwd ru>>k , tbarmtghly in aio It bualnea., i ab ectmn toa-ic * th U a Waa: l?Rb at*"''lred rh? e"T A|plfat,7 A SITlAflON WANTED SY * Hb.ef'l'i IA Hit I |y r , t# . , ' ;'"rk' ????" auil rt u 10 a I n.H I ta I I | 4|r<(s ' * 7 bSfer* t ee giver Apr f at.: I)e?br?eeea A A TOUNO 11 HI AS ..a 'le ? 'be waetung and tron icfrar c f ' ? ?" ??? *?*' ?' "? 7,h . e , 4 lMHL WA"TS A SITUATION TO ^ tjamt'#!*ori #r fecuftk?c*ft riil fu )po mn SITUATIONS WADTID-rMAtSI. , SITUATION"~WANTED-BT A k vouag girl, a* ?uirw In ? small private " five eight ittn city reference from last ;mpl?v?r- Can b* eeeu fir two daya at IS UU et., between SS and 4tb A'* A SITUATION WANTED?AS SEAMSTRESS AND I# bare rbarg# of growing eblldien; kinds of family sawing end dressmaking; h?* n? ? ' to go lo Cuba. Can ba seen lor two dovs at '.#0 7th a*., be tween 34tb and 36tb ata Good elly reference, _____ A respectable protbstant WON AN WOULD like ft ailuftikftft mi piftin w*?r Id ft prtffttn family, it willing to make here* IT uraluL A hose# more an object than wage a (toad raferenea. Call at lb K mg at. N. i AN INTELLIGENT AMERICAN PERSON. ACOUA tome<1 ta all klade of aewtng. wishes to obtain ? dtu auoa aa sea mat rets and lady'a maid; operates on Wheeler A Wilaon'a machine; uo ob action to travel. Heal referauoaa can be bad. Can ba aeon lor two day* at 20 Baat SbtU at, A GIRL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL housework at3)1 Raymond ?(.. Brooklyn. A8RAMSTRB8S, ACCUSTOMED TO WORK OUT BT the day. wishes a permanent situation; cuts and Can civc good recoiumcDdi from Ikdleau# works for. tiw ftlllf Wettmbit. _ A SITUATION WANTED-BT A NICE. T1DT AND re .pec table girl, aa oook. waaher aud, ha? no ob ectlon to do general housework. Heal of city reference givtu. Call at No. 348 Weal 1Mb at, tbird Boor, bmk room. CtOOK'S SITUATION W ANTEl> -BY| A REHI l'K TARLK 2 middle aged Presbyterian la competent of her busl nee* in all Ha brant hea, la kind and obliging. Inquire for Mra. Lowe, 17 HUnloo at. COPT 1ST.?A LADY WI8I1E? EMPLOYMENT AS copt at, or would procure iudo*ee, labieaof .naea Ac , for ntithiM a legal or other wine, at tbe.r or her awn home. Addrere Copyist. etaiion O. B'Oa iway FA MI LIKH. HOTELS and HOARDING HOUSES promptly aupplfcd with female help, ol all nationa, Pi do tins dltleieut biaccbee cf hou-cwcrs. also larin hands, coaclimen. gardeneia. rervai.te, A'. Apply at tmpioynienl coruei of ttb av and lltti tl. Nurse?an experienced woman wants a etituatiou a* infinit e num? <>r to alteod to grown coil dren. can sew well uod make tureelf u elul il requirou, go. d fit) relevance Cn.l at 70 Spring at., la the dry gooua ? lore, for tbiee dayn CITUATION WANTED?BY A RESTKCTAUJ.K GIRL O as cook or Inundn an Cau be eoeu lor two days at lid av. tl'ATlON WANTBU-BY A RKSPBUTABt.E GIRL, an ok anil lo a*HiM wilti the wash rig, oo of Oclioo to a pnvftle boanhitg houac. Cftll lor iwo at 48 W?fl 13lh s(. SITUATION WANTPD-HY A YOUNG WOMAN. AH O chambermaid and aeamatteae; la a neat newer andeui. broioerei Good city Call at 1,221 lioadaay, beiwaeu htlltb and SOlb ate LtirUATIONS WaNiBD-EY two respectable ,y gtrta; une aa lirst i In** cook; amieratanda Preneli or English nooking; bit* oo objection aeret In ll.e witalnug uiiil'ironing ILe other ho rl.ainbern alii and waiirrse or lo do ivuehii.g end Ironing, la capable of > n ng any kind of up ata Ira work Hotti can the but t! city reference. Call at 224 Wert 2Mb at. CITUATION WANTBD-bY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 0 womnr, todochemberwork and aselkt in the washing and ironing, or to do clinrnbeiwcrk and waiting in a private family; good relercncca fall at 121 Went irOlb at., llral floor,bach ro it. SITUATION WANTED-feY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO DO liou-ework and lo ceek, waeii ami iron, in a private famll ; wishes more fer a roni/ortable home tban high wage* ban good rcferem en. CnllnitS-"*" SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO DO eookiuc or o caoh. waah and iron , good references. 1 all at 371 Court at., between av D and Lewi* at., in rear CITUATION WANTKD-BY A RE6rECTABLB GIRL, One rook. waaber and :r' tier or to do general hou?eveurk; ha* go,,d referencea. Call for two nay* at 04 J'roapcct at, | Brooklyn. ItUATlON WANTRD-BY A TROTESTANT GIRL, aa plain ro"k waaber and irener. U' od refereuae*. Coll at 3U3 Weat 31at >t CITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE t^ work or to tlo cbitmberwork. in a email family ; good reference*. Cell at 31 Aduma m . Hrook.ya. SITUATION WANTED-BV A KESI'EOTABLB YOUNG woman, a* nuroe and *aaniatre*a, or to do chambe work: undereiends operating ana morbiue Call at 222 let av. , in the bakery. CITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG io woman lo go in the couotrv nnn do the hou*ework of a ?r.all private Call at Wl Weal 11 tb at., between 6lb and 6lb a?e C1TUAT10NH WANTBD-HY TWO YOUNG WOMEN, O one aa ?rametre.a in a prlval* famiL ; can cut and fit :n the laical elv le. tbe other a* chari.ln rmaid ami waitiea* , no ot yection to" at .at .uwaibmr t ali at AMI 7th av. cItUaTIONS wantkd-hy two RISVBCTASLB O yoong wcmerTTTne a* took waelicr ami ir.'ncr, the other na lira! rei waitiea* and a*ai*l n chamhrrwork; t eat ol city reference. Cull at l'.TI Wrat 2bib et.. near btb av. YOUNG OIKL. AH l.anioerwork j daya at4'J Baet 'diet *1. s1 CITUATION WANTRD-BV A TOUNG Ol O nuree and veamotie?a; or woulu do light t han, iind.ewiug; beat city rcl>ren<e. Call for two tie Haul diet et. TWO RICPKCTABLB iliRIS WANT Hi IU A HONS; one an cook war her and irotier, tbe other aa chamber maid aim waitrea ; have lue bt el city lelerenie from last place. Ca.l at 214 w*at iClh at., in tbn rear. rpWO YOUNG WOMEN WANT Sll UATIONS-ONE AH 1 (.. ok, waaher and r.itiei, tbe other a? cba ubeimaul and waitre** in a private tainUv. The beet of dy referen rea. t all lor two day* at t>7 Went lftD at. ______ TWO RKRPEC TAB LB YOUNG WOMEN WAMT RrTP allot,*, one aa io<h) i not, waeaar and iroaer the other aa cbitmhewriaid and waitress IJavr i lie bert m Icily rejai an e from their laai platva , will go Pgainer or ?operate.Can be ?een for two da * at hS Ban 1Mb at., tb r.l lloor, back roo*. Oetweeu 3t1 ave aud Irving pleoe. TWO REHrEUTABLE GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS IN pr tme famine*, to do geneiei beurewurk; are good roi ka, waeher* and ircnera; will n akc Uiemrelver generally useful. Can give tbe beat of reference. Call at 624 t'oinm bia at., up staira. TWO Yol'NG GIRLS WANTIMTI ATloN* ONK AS 'ook. wa*her and Irorert the ether aa chambermaid an t waiiren have Uie tx-et of city relerence. Call at Lib East Shlb at. for two daya. _ fPWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS WANT Sll! A I tlona; one a* aeamatre*a and lady'a rnal I (cao run a aewlng macbiae); the other aa chainl>< rmaid and wanrcaa. Good reference. Call at 2W Eaai l'Jtb >t, between 1st and 2d ava. Wanted?a situation by a young woman, as nurae; la competent to take ike entire rharg* of an Infant from lie Mrtb; no objection to travel < ity leference. Call at Bit Writ I lib Ht. between 6tb and tu. ave. TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AND STEADY Vf vo ing woman, a situation a* family aearr.airen lo trave. to ant of tbe Weat India lelandaoi California; un der* lands ail kinda, cutting hove' clothing. Ac. City refer eacea given lnqolre at l?i Bleecker at , in the store WANTED-IY A RE8PBCTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A tioa to cool, waah and iron. In a email farntlv; or as cook aud to aeaist in washing Alio a girl wauta a situation aa chambermaid, Ac. Baal relereace. Call for two daps at 72 Kaat 1Mb at. w rANTED.?BY A RBSPBCTABLR WOMAN, A FEW !?mi! #? waahiiig; can do French fluting. Also a young American girl want* a place to do homework, or would attend children < an be -eon at 217 7ih av., between 24th and 36th at*., third floor, back room. I* ANTED-A BfrUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. Vf MR Diirtic or rbimbtrmilri ; baa i>)4 b?*i #f clly rtf? reace fion, her last eu.plnver. where *he lived H year*. Can be teen from 10 to 4 at 16^ Atlaallc at., Brooklyn, for two daya. IVANTRD?IN A PRIVATB FAMILY. A SITUATION YY aa la;indrva* and p am cook, good city refereoae. Ap p ly at 62 Prince at. for two days. IV ANTED?BY A RB8PP.CTARLB WIDOW WOMAN. V? a altuatlon aa plain cook, waaher and Ironer. Inquire at 343 West 47th et., between Hth a*, and Broadway. WANTED?BT A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS aeamatresa can cut aad fit ladles' aad children a dreaeea. and do all kinda of famHy aawlng. Call for two days at Till 2d a* . between t#th and 60th ata. IV ANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL. VY lately leaded, ta do general housework a a a,nail family archamberwork and wailing Call at U? Weal Slat (4, corner of MA av. IVANTED-FT a respectable young woman. Yy a ail iati -n In a private family as neaniaira-e, under sued* family ?ewlng pdrfe tly; an cut ami M children'* and nuaeei cothrn, and operate nn Whee'er A Wilaon'a ma chine, baa a moat neicnpt ooabla city reference. Call for two daya at US 7lh av., between 2od and 24th ata , la tbe faacy store. Wantm>-a situation, bv A YOUNG OIRL. TO root, waeh and iron; or wou'd do l.ouaewnrk la a small fauilla Can be seen until engaged at 217 Weat 1Mb at, la (be baaataeaL R7 ANTED?BY A RRSPBCT A RLE WOMAN, A SITU VY alion to Aa tnc housework of a small family: law good plain cook waaher and Inner Good refeienre. t all at 112 bagraw at., between Columbia and Van Brunt, Brook. lyn._ ^ W ANTED-A SITUATION. BY a GERMAN GIRL. IN a aiuall Amrr.caa Call for two devest Mrs. Rchochlnger'e, 117 Charilcn at . third floor, freol room ttriSTF.D A SlTUAtlOR AS WA1 TRhSS IN A PRI Vy vale family, by a yeung American gtrl. Is and Obliging. Real city rvferenie from bar last plaee. Call at ar address 428 4th at., ever the grocery store, can ba seen aaul engaged. W4NTKI>?ST TWO RESPECTABLE TO! NOWOMF.N. aiinaii'ia* . one aa one. waaner aad roner. an.I the oilier a* cbamlwrm* d and waitress, can sasi-l in the wash ing and Ironing, o-.e of them can give four vaar'a elty re ference. Can be aeta in DaRalb av., tbu d doer front Noa treed aw, ________ antf.d-a SITUATION ro no vur^rrt and obamlwfwerk. ey a reaper table woman, who speaks both Freneh and Er g i?h and ran rpe gO"d refer- n e*. t an be a*en or fr day 23u "0*1 , at 24 W eal 22d at., between the baur* of It) aad A HrAbTRD-BT A RBSPFCT A SI R GIRL. A SITl'A t ea 10 doplaiti asoling washing and .racing n a prl sate family . the h*?t af a:?y refi reiee fr m ner .at place. I an It seen foi tato deva at 212 lai av#., front room. UtANTBI?-FT a rf?pr< table widow woman, tws children to board where ihey will ba*a a mrther'a 1 are. Nnue hut Utile f irtw will oa ae*n 1 1 I la ike groceif an re. 246 coiner of Twrntv aittli aireat ai d Haveoib ave. TV ANTBD-A SITUATION BY A YGPNO (II el. AS II cb?" beraiaid and watire** and 10 as* at with tbe waahiiig and .aaniBg. or do genera; ho .?*?*ore in ? ama.1 family. On id 1 iTj Ca 1 at 118 W*?i .-3d at. tl'ANtFD PY A Rf"<r LCT ABLE <RgTBHTANT vy gir . a ailuatlon aa hnrrl ern.a d and iraitrr** uo Ob e lue to ink* eai* ot rk.:dren fauuiie at 187 spnog ai , third floiu. tmck raou WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RNSrFCTARI.E Vt uxirg wen an. aa chambermaid and ?a tree* .11 a amad ntn lly, 01 a* chan.herraaid. is lake are of rhiidno and sew -a carureletit to *:ther has it* heal . n? referenee from htt aat ptbea. Can be seen at 8? Weat I7lh tl wear gib av ( tv ANTED- BY a RFSFKt table WOM * v. a MVUA vy nnn in a email private faintly, la aa *?ce ;am plain rook, baa no obisctton to aaa *1 in iht warning, ike beat riti raiaranee Apt iv *1 137 Baai 2tth at. ba'watfc 2d and Id avb, ta tke i?a> kawdb Ant naar \Y SITUATIONS WANTED? FEW Ale*" WANTKD-A SITUATION. B* A.N KNG ISH as chauibArinaul or t<?do goueral hou?ew?r*. Ap|> J at So. 7k Madiaoa iweei, hew iork. _ . WANTBO-BT a KEBPKOTABLE UIHL, a JITOi tiou at waitrws* m ' chambermaid; bat good re ? m i . ? ? 1 I i ~ i tv A .UK At H7 W CV? V? lion as Wiitrca- ao.l cQSinueruuiiu, ??? sine from ber .aat eiaployar. Coil I or two daya at #/ " e 38lh at., flrat rtoor. __________ Wanted-a rituation as first class co?^; undertiauUt cooling in all iu brantbec; ba? ue oojcc lion lo attlit with Wit wathiog and ironing. Call for i?o tiaf* at Jflo btb a v. UfiITID-A SITUATION. Rv a IMWCTiM YY young girl. wallie?" or ..UisUibermald and waitroaa In 0 piIV*10 family. He?t uly '-renOi. Coll at 031 3" nr., nolwoeo 37 th and 3nlli ata WANTBD-A HITU ATlUN. BY A RISI'HCTAHLB girl, mill good c.liy refarenee |io cook, waab ana Iron, or would do the general housework of o ?nioJl private fowl 17. Col! ?t it Ii.lary At., Bioeklyn. ^ WANTED ?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant woman, ah rook, vvaabtr and ironer, would go a aboil d.AUiice in the uonntry. Goon cliy retcr face Coll for two daya at AST Conoid., third noy. WANTED-A Hiri'ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young wo'iitn to cook. waaIi And iron, on years IT TUUU^ a'-, to loo*, waan o??u reference from uci Iaai place. Coli ai 224 7th or., ootween 24th ond 25lb til, tuplloor. Iioaa room. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and to a**iht wilh the washing and iron inf. Cnil hi 176 Bast i7tli at, i-ftween 1-t tud :d a??. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOU.NO OIRL, AH waitress; four jraiA reference. Coll ot 127 Wcst-Vlb it., for two doye. ___ WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE gill as ctiiiiribi riuoid anil hue wnehei anil ironer or oo chambermaid and neitir mred. good reference can be gives. Coll for two dayu at 115 West 24th At. WANIKD-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG AMBRICAN girl, to do p'a> tewing and tak?! ca.e of rhi.Urun, or - ^ . . v - - - i i <>. t to.-i> .1,11 t. jal Afr. VT W ?w V'B 1' BUniUK W1AO iw-'. uw ?' ? ' u do oloin new mid liatiibeiwoii. C at) I or two daj a at 298 Wed 29th At. near lOlh av. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. A SITU ATI OR oe una to ohaisi 'O new mg. Apply ot ber present employer e, 155 West 47lh el, ______ WANTBO-A SITUATION. EY A YOUNG 01RL, AS cbamoeiinkid unit nnrsc or Heariisireioi. good raleieu.e froui hei |.re->eul einplryei i'a:lat J-U llcweiy WASTED-A SITUATION, BY A RK8PE0TABLB voune woman, an chambermaid or-earustreii", ban foni yens' reference trow her a*i rtaia Apply ot J< ?? u AC, Brooklyn. , WANTED-BY A respeutaf.i-b OIKL. a situ A tlon as tbowbermaid rr u? take care of cbi-dreu ouU <10 plain sewing mill ti3 I'd i.? 11/ ANTED?A B1TUAllON AS COOK IN A KBSI'BC Vf tAlle fmnlly . ia a gnoii w?aI ei And roner Loud city lefer. uce. \'u.i at 13'i \Veel 27tb hi , ?> coi.d i uoi w ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN EXPKH1EN0ED CO' k. wather und roner. Hei-t of city referer.ct* from ... ?jT?. 'J., .? lo! J obi. ff CO' K. waeiiur arju rwnn. v . hei last pur*. Coll for two . ay? at 3C5 3U o? . beioeen 2Sth and a?lb AM. w ANTED?A R1TUATK N, BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, to lake i<?ie ?'.lutdren; bos laken core of chiluren T T to UIBO '-4*1' ?? > It ??!? ? u , " ? , . : ,. five yenie r would do u) Hairs w. rk aud oael t with ti.e w.isbmg. Good re: ere Lee. Call at 120 7lh or., corner of Wcat 191b At . - Wanted?BY RRSFBCTABLB GIRL, A 8ITBA tiou ii> cook, waaln r oml; cim give ibe bent of coy reference ( oil foi two doya at 153 MudiiOiJ At., near PIM. 1A; ANTBD?BY A YOUNG OIKL, A SITUATION TO W do chamber* * an.. a imp or aewdng; no ob jection to the earr of prow I up > blldren. Beat oT city rertr ence from ber laei place, Can be bo aeen at Weat 2/lb at., near 10th o?., M> tb? rear I uiidibg. WANTED-A SITUATION, by a respectable lionu wo i. in. lo cook, wash and iron, or wou.d do general^tomewor* fOr?. pr.vaU f.mdy ll- tbr.e years' rerereoce from hir lost place. ? all at 2.9 Loat lJlb ?I., near lot ov. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, a situation AS cook and lumlu m Ibe w..Ab:Dg and lroninB ia o splendid washer and elegant oook. and boa the besrni ^clty rcierei.ce from ber lad place, t.oli at tiribtb o?a , between 24th and 25tb ?t?. Wanted?by a respectable gikl, a situa tiou r , nnrae and ?eoruHreas or to <lO ' hi;mt)erwork, wa lini'an.! acwinp? do the work of a tatiuly boor me 5|>, the boat ol ct'7 reference from her Iaai place Can ? , u tor two days at 70S Weal Kith at., near ,10 are., brat r.oor. H'ANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A WET NURSE B W I acc Unl! at 294 I at are. - WaMKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. ehomherinald, < ab aeslat "ll,b Callathei lo* place of employment. 311 Wral Sla.sL Wanted?a situation, by an englibh girl. lately landed, as nur-e and scamat.cA-; no objecilon lo the oountry. Coll at 182 7tb ov . up ntoirn. Wantbi>?situations, by two little girls (one II a:nl the otker 10 yearn old), where they "ill have good homes lor their heard and cioilung. Cau be veen mi I].'? I t ice cieiim oon, 1U0 Ohaih&m wgiiare. .li antED-A situation, by a young woman, W as nurse and H-an.itreHS, capable of lakinjt ?r? "J' ? young infant. Good city re Call at .4. West tbin ni , in the bmttmenl. , WANTFI) A 81 ITATION, AH KIRBT CbAKH COOK. la , private family; willing io..M.t In the wo.hlog and Irotiltig; has lived in her last plo.e lour years, llesl reference. Call at 10b Nacnett at . Haai BrnokDn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESl'ECTABLK young girl, lo do cbainberwork and wollio|. The best Ol cltv reieieoce. To be seen at her lad place. 221 .lb ?v., between 24lb and .'hihata.. third imor. ia* ANTKD a SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE VV woinin, a? cook and to assist wilh w.uhlri and Iron inc D an eicellent bread baker Nine yeard reference i inm ber Ins I place. Call at 1.3 We.ialAlrL, betweeo 7th and Hb ave.. third uopr, front room. _____________ WANTRD-A SITUATION. RY A YOUNG GIRL AS . hauiberiiiaut and ?i ireas. Good < ity reference Call at 91 West t'.Hb at , >i?t?ren tfth and 7th ova. T%T ANTKD?A SITUATION AS COOK UNDERSTANDS VV the UngllAi, style of cooking meats, game, sou pa and jellies; la willing to assist n washing tioo.l c.ty refereu e. Call for two days at ;'55 fliti sr. WANTED-BY A RESPRCTABLir OIRL. A SITU A nAn as oook; no ob.eclion l? assist in washing; city reference from her lad place. Call at 4n We?t I.Ttb at. ___ Wanted-bt a respectable young girl, a situation as cbamherniA d and_ w.ittre*; has the boil of city rtf?rene?. f 'i*? seen ?t 177 ?th WANTRD-A SITUATION as TLA IN COOK. BY A resi eclable y..ung woman: li willing 10 iaslit in tho wishingEJironlig. '? ""he hersol7genirilly useful; can give nneicepliooable reference. Cill at 22i av. A, cor air tf Ifttb it ? Wanted?by a toung woman, a siti ation. to do general housework Best of c if reference. Can ire seen ai Vft Kaal dtb at., third floor, between lit and td ava. Wanted-*v a protestant young OIRL. a attuation to do cbainberwork and assist with the washing snd trrn ng. o. in do gcncra^oii^wi.rk for a ?a.l fiinby. Good > ty reference can be given. Call at 2.1 Thompson d., for two days. WANTKD-RY an experienced chambermaid, a sit. stian lb the city or country; does boa wishing and fliuing u eicelIent .lyle; w.gai $9lo?I0. Call at or addreai IWlast Slat at, WANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS CHAM hoimiitd: "HI a?ist with washing or waiting, city reference. Call tor two aayn at ill 2d nr., near 23d ?t. ae ;ond lloor. _ WANTKD-BY A RBKPECTAILR YOUNG GIRL A alt.iailan as chambermaid and to assist m lha wasb log aod Ironing, or Is do the cooking, washing and Ironing a a small famtl., has beat of ctty mfereaco. Apply at JM West 16ih at. - err aniwo?SITUATIONS RY TWO RESPECTABLE W Knng^rU; aoa aaeook, wa.lier and troner. the other si rhitnbertnsld snd waitreii. tsa be 'rent "heir lad place. Can bo aeeo for twa days at M? 7tk av., Iblrd door irom S4th it. nr ANTPfl?A SITUATION. AS A MOST COMPETENT W ieamdreAi. byTb? diy. weeh or ?referred Refeience given. Gill at 777 Broadway, near Vtb ?t. - 14- anted-bt a rbbpkcyahle girl a ?iryA \\ ..on as n'ir?e and plain sewer in s pnvste family. Ha* myalthlSmM Apply at IJU 1?th d. on. door from fth sve. WswrFD-HT A RESl'ECTABLK OIHg, A SITIJA Don is Chan.-lertnaid and Msiat >?IU? thi wishing snd rnnlag or de housewoth .a a small y t.ood city re erSoco.' Csn i e den for Iwo day. it #43 Hudaon at WAN'F.P?A SITUATION. AS GOOD COOK; TIIO roughly underelMdi her bualueegIn til kinds of doss-rU. Beat city reteremo. Call for two lays at 98 Wed U.'th at. til aNTI'D?A SITUATION, AS LADY'S YY aesinatreaa. or nurse and aaniritreaa by a ynung Bng " woman Can be den at her praaent tbuyer., It Brevoort place lolls d.), for two darn. SITUATIONS YYANTKD-RAIiEN. t YOUNG MAN. WRITING WELL AND RAPIDLY, ,\ W|,h good roferencea, desires a titnaiion; modorato .alary rei<ulred. Atldreaa JOdpb, Herald oflico, or I6U East ;7tb at. ? AWT PERSON WANTING A GOOD YOUNG MAN IO tend hsr who has the beatof reference wll ad Ireas, f,,r two deva. 0. W , Union if tel. No. I Atlamle street. Br oa yn New York "a MAN AND WIFE WANT K1TUATIONgTQWORE A on n farm or to take charge of a p ace Neat of rerer px\f+n Ei*?o Addrfi" A. J., car? of R Crtit, -Ja ?? twwen Nik Md Rk - A N ENGLISH MAN COOK. WHO BAtLftTILT AR A r ved and Who in England has served the Brat of the a .blliiv and also scted as "?hef de culhiii tn ?h0 er f rat ptibllt eaiibdah.nenta. seeks a altuitt o. age t( y reach. leauaionia a ftrat daaa Address S. Hebba, boa 18. Herald oflice. - ? a -111 ?UON * t\Tni-BT * TOlld "**? A 18 > tars, in *dry goads or furLlaumg store. Atldrraa It H. J , boi 7 Ilcra d otlce. ? t SITU *TtON W s N't KD? >Y 4 J ?' ",r fifXI \ wa ter. it, a fi'.atf tin.; V ?as^ no ol f I ens to ID untrv $t>9\r^ffrknet. AtidrG*? R kiikf vrth 1Mb unk ifti. ? ?n the f?ocy ?iore. ? a * COACHM tN -WANTED. h\ A A at nai oa iu the above csti Ity. *'h ?luyaiefi , i this i ity or - cur baa a tberengh tm.wjdge #f nte nili,- a snd I eat of c:iy reference f o-n bH aai ampmye ddress 'er iw days J. Reliiy, bm u- Harald off... 1*K7 SDK.'i SITUATION w A* I' !? Bk A YOUNG i II.*1 ae nnriender, whwh be tl "'Uh J *?#? * in ii?e 'if ten of fdeoaimeBdaimna .runt bta aat en. ,,jer Address James Doyle, bill 161 U"*1# "Bice. ? IfUATION WANTED AS HaHK 'TIK RY A I ) ytiwng man or aage.peitenee 'b"'u"i'b ' #*"'?. a bus ueea. Good Aduiees M spp J 'or iwo tyt 10 )? B -88 VII. av ?IIUAflUN W * NTf.D -BY A VOl'Mr AN 5 wauer ... a pr vain faat.iy, T***' ?"? ?*# ? an. ?co?i ralcribita gtvau. 4wilri?i O m.. BM ?raid oMce SITUATIONS WINTED-NAUI. Situation wantnd?by a tocno man. to at. ??.? leud bar up?u oysters ur act a* caabier la some re spectable house wfcere hl> aemcee would br re iu.i 'd la , ?" excellent judge af iaoo?v. and baa bad about twelve years aipm iaoca iu car i rade baat of eity rvlereaia. A<1 dj-esa U , Herald office SITUATION W ANTED?BY A SINGLR VOl'SO MAS to dure an aipraaa. bualoaaa ar grocer ? *4(00: long experien, e, and thoroughly acquainted throughout th< cititaol New York, Williamsburg and Brooklyn, eery beat ore ly reference given. Addre-a Kbox Ilrrald o'ben. WANrin-A 8! TI ATIOS IN A STOCK BROKER'S or money broke* a on a, by a young man tift?e? \aara or ace, r*u giva beat oily lefereoc*. Call at or aadie-s 61.1 Washington ai. I TIT ANTED?A SITUATION AS ARRMTANT BOOK | r r keeper, by a rouog 18 ye.ira old . salary not an much an ob e t ar an opportunity for improvement. Apply I to C. J, East Biter Bank. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOCNO MAN AS cook iu a restaurant or holei. Addreae 76 Madtaou at., New Y rk T1TA.NTRD-HY A EUROPEAN, EDUCATED INTEL I" ligeat ami reapertable joanp mau a a.lualinu aa I anion 10 a gentleman intending to travel; la In the prinin u( life, and would n.itk.- f akrei ul.le and uanltil, hiuhert referen- es a? to integi It) and reepeclah llty glr 1 11. AddressT, B . Hera'd ofltt, UfANTBD? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN or groom, by a tuber. Iioue-t. coin pr lent >1 an. Real >f cltt references * Addre-a or apply to T. W? 118 Weal l.ld at., near ,'tb ar WANTED-A SITUATION RY A TOCNO M\N IN A bnuk, stationery or publishing hm*e >* aeniia nted with ILo 1 u-lneH- sud can furnieli tbe beat of references. Addrrat (} S yy boa 2,4'Jk Pn-t o' re. 1X7 AN TED?A situation as COAi iiman bt a rf young man ? I10 understands tt e ca'e of hnrres, good retrreme. r ail at 81 Mm ray at for two dayr. A HELP WASTEiJ-JiibES, (J It MS CAN MAKE *600 A MONTH BT RRLLINO nor gr?nt Stationery I'r e ratkett anil Hpiendld Steal Kti rariiigH We publish ilie tent i i.tirai't of LIN' uLN. GRANT AM) Mil LLLLAN. Auen'e r< nvr pnannta of r| lendid gi J or silver watches, wbicli are Hent w:t',. gnoilx No ilelar (Inr good* ?e|' ra p?<br and Hie profile are iiniocr.M). I'u.l particular* iu cir culate ii:atle<: Tree <1. fc) li A.sK INM A CO., 30 Reek man at.. New York. A GENTS?COVR AND EXAMINE INV8NT10N OR XV aainplt H teal tree by mail for 11 uy leuta. Lets .? tor ?ix do ait easily. H L WOLCOTT. 170 Chaliam aipiaie New York. ANT GENTLEMAN HAVING A SON ABOUT LKAV ibb m bt ol or 4 .d e| r, and da ring to 1 at a b n 1 'in a I rsl rln-sinr waie in,port ug bonne, wl.ere the Junes w ill height. aii do so iy addree eg, in kuodwi ilmg ul appll ? ant Pox 4.410 Pot I ottlce. 1 a rTHR MERCANTILE AGEN Y?WANTKD, ENTRY J\. 1 lerk. bnrtemler. hoU'l clerk, eh'ppi c r erk. ofllre < >rk and porter. t'alleaily, on U. MONUOMliKV A CO., 2 C Broadway. Boy wanted?to attend bar; - s : who un. tieraiands the b'.aineea. Apply, a lib referen e, to M. Byrne corner ol IIouHpin ami Lai reus eta. Boy WANTED?IS ur :8 tears ST aou to at tend a fruit aud wine wore: good reference required. Apply at 820 Clti ar between ACtb and 47lh aln. BOT WANTED?TO OPKN OYSTBRS; one who liiid' Tsiiindt tbe lua.neaa, good wapes M ten. Coiner of 8tb av. and 22d at B >?ItL|A?6NB?oDaIwavA BILU4RD R,)0M INQUIRE [>ov wanted -ro tend bar, one havino some .?,i"v,p.f"eD''e 1,1 ,tbe buamaaa preferred. u..od reeotn Baxter re'l" Apply at 131 While at., corner of / IOMMBRCIAL At!BN'.'Y, 297', AND 799 BROADWAY ? \J Wauled. uaniHutnt brokkeeper, <)uart<Tinaaier'a clerk, enlrrc.eik. light porter, drv go nla eaieaman, harkcepei, gro eir e erk, 11 e pht clerk, .iianrar.i.e clerk, liespertiibia men emi aiwuya I,nd employment here. Oigani/nd 1 %VJ. DRUiIUIST OR COMPETENT D*r(I CLERK WANT ed. Apply, with relcrencei, at 17U Spring ab, from 9 to 12 or 3 to 6 o'eloca. ? Dlll li CLERK WANTED-APPLY AT 69 MONTOO inery al . Jersey City.' Drug '-lurk wanted.-* young man, fully ipial 'led. with good nlv referenoea. Apply at the I corner of tiute-i aad,. anderbill ara, Brooklyn. Drug clerk wantbd-a thoro'-ghlt oUali tleit person resulted, a 1 j ly at 216 ltd av., befdre 10 A. M nr Pete een 2 and 4 P, M VMI'LoYMENT?A COMPETENT MAN WANTED AH Jul deliverer or country agent, at 21 lJei kinan hU, third flour_ WAbTKD-A YOUNG MAN (FRENCH t)R GERMAN rrelerred). who uti erstande the trealtnenl of wlnea. Addreas J , box 3,291 P<i?t ofllce. IV-ANTED?A PORTER IN A WHOI EHALP. TEA VY hmiHcun Front at : ?.igee 910 [ er creek. Address, with reference , box 6.338 Port WANTED ?AN ERRAND BOY, ABOiJf^ 12 TEARH old. In ,uire at 117 10th at., between Broadway and llntveraily p ace. TB7ANTED?'TWO BTODT HOYS TO WORK on a YY faiiniiear the city. Apply te Mr, Janica, 123 High at., Bmoatyn. llfANTrll-A GENTLEMAN OP BUSINESS TAUT. VY energy and 1 eraereram e for auiiciiing ordarr,; best of refererires reunited; aa'ary ami 1. but a fair conimlaaieu a ? lowed. No. 3l> Bcekman hi., room 2. Wanted?a man to work on a far*, apply at Jaek-mUa exchange ofliuo No. 9 3d nv , betueen Iu and 12. ln>|iur? for dr. Carnphell WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST IN A LIQUOR ? lore Apply after 'J A M. at No. .'84 /th acorner Jsth at. W'ANTF.D-A SINGLE MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS " funning and atock and willing to work. Kefeienoe required. Apply to H. . Cionk, 74', 8t4> ar. YVf ANTED?A BOY, ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE, TO VY aa-li-l In tending bar Call at 2l)i Wtat lluueton at. WAITKR MAN WANTED?MUST FULLY UNDER ?land bla hnelnea*. and come well raeoaomenda.l from bin last place Apply at 99 Weat 14th at. 117 A N T F. D I MM."ID ITKLY?A SMART, ACTIYB If young man. a butcher; an Engllahinaa preferred. JOHN M HOLDER. Ill York el, Brooklyn. Wanted-a young man, to take charge of a billiard rouia; one who nuderaiaada the bunneaa. Apply at the W'aahlngtoo Lun< b. No I Broadway. WANTF.D?A TOUNG MAN ONE ACCUSTOMED TO razor strop work. lai|uire at 267 Atlantic St., Brook lyn. np eia.ra. WANTED-FOUR CLERKS OR SECRITARIRS FOR a regtm*nt doing proroat duty around New York. Good penmen re<|ii red Must be sound aad enllat for 3 rears $<UU bounty given. Apply to Capl. ELMORE, 14 titb av. WAKTED-A SMART. ACTIYB LAP. ABOUT 15. AR aaeiaunt al the City Ale Vaults, 7/ Naatau et Apply between h and 10 A M, VOVNO MAN WANTED-IN THE APPRF.NTICR8' J Linrari, 472 Rruadwav, about 16 years "f age wbo writes well and 1* acunaiutad with bauks Apply belwaeu 10 and 12 o'ci*c> A. M. 2 INDUSTRIOUS BOYS WANTF.D -TO WORK IN A ?toie . tbey mutt ea' b come well reenmmendnd. Wages the ID si tear $7. per week. Addreae boa 2,449 I'o-t o ' ?#. d[1 r fkR DAY NET PROFIT-AGBMT8 WANTED ?Pit) for alight wbolaxale buslneaa. Send foraclreuar to C. ^ Sbuita. Troy, N. Y. HELP V\ AY'I ED?FKMALEh, ALA4 NDRF.B8 WILLING TO GO IN THB COUN try. wanted; al<o a woman, aa prufeine.1 cuok : nnna | need voply unlesa theroughlr acqnaialed with their kuHl nexi in all Ita hranchea aad . an glee guod reiareneea An ply lietween 6 and In o'clock, on Tburaday mi rning, at 22 East .1 'th >t A FEMALE CUTTER WANTED -ONB WHO UNDER Htand? cmilng . Iilldren ? garments will bear <>f a situs nan by R. If., Haiaid uihce. wub oama and addres*. An experibnced housekeeper wantbd For a large b mrdlna house, one who Can make good blaculi aaJ plee aad can read aad writs. Apply al 171 Bleeckar at. I (IOOK WANIF.D-A HRSPBC TAB LP WOMAN WANT J ed as cook. In a una I lainlly. mull be llioroxuhly com petent and hare good reference Apply at 74 Weil 3?th at., befora lu o'clock A. M. Cloak m xkmis w anruu-apply at n attor. D5i. ^rner o|r. at. First cliss milliner and trimmer want ed?At Madame Hanedicl a mi.liotry aad dreaamaklag aaiablnl.ment. 12 Wkverley placa. Girls, if you want good situations and rood wages to tit any kind of himaoeork you like id - cit< or eouatrr. wltb the bext families c. me 10 the Large Employ meat House corner af 6th nr. and I lib at. Millinery-w anted an experirm ed trim mer; alao fir?l riaaa mUllnera to n.aee and tilm bon nes. at Malame H-ll'a. Na 3 Catharine at , beiween East Broadway and UMalon at. NTR-B WANTRD-A Tor.NO. ACTITR WOMAN wanted a- mil -e, in a amall family. refereacea reuuii ad as to afmcnc'.er and rapacity. App.y al 71 Weat SSgh at., be fora IP o'clock A M. PLCBH BIN PUS w ANTED-APPLV TO OKO. A. Ci'X, 6>Gi Leonard et. CALFCWOMKN WANTBD-EiIR.'FANCV SfiRE. ONLY 47 eiperlenceJ peieona new I apply,,with references, a| Liehn aun a. <th are , enrner 281b it. WANTFD-A NCHSH ro T.tKS 'HWtui OK AM In 1 arxl three week- n d. et her own residence Ap ply to 139 Waal 44th el beiween Proadwtr and Mb ar. TV ANTED-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT WATT 'V re?e I 1 ge n'o me oeuntry H-e - ,i raifi errs re quired Liberal wate-. t.'all at 301 5lh av., this day, be tweue y and II 0 cioc? WANTED-A WET NURhr. W]fR aN ABUNDANT *V aupety of lb k. A(p y at 140 Wax; 23d At., uetwren 9 ? nd II A M. W'ANfKD?A N' RsE AND EE\MSTRESS' ONE V? f 1 onape>rnt tn taSe charge of a ? bI'd fmni t* k 'ih 1. cd re'erti ea rapfred. al 41 Fiu-i at , U'a.NfLD-A t HIT TO LEAItN THE ART OK UOh , BK , botugrapqa. After iwow.ekA inAtncllnn f 4'ne hour per ca- w< rk wi.l ? e gtren our. IL ia< >0 FIN Broanoay, room 19 ? O. KONiGSHRRG. V\ K' 1 : ^.R and rlN SH. R. Af , 'r Aiiaa <87 Canal el , cor ier cf W etc,. \V ANTI If-AR N I ir*R A PROTECTANT RN'Gff Nil, ! h,,-...'.'"' '""nan gi> Apn.'y ai 46 Wet 2i,!b it . | beiween 9and l| <i\ o -g, iJ , it;i, , rlll k A NflD-A PRO TESTA N T WOMAN AS BEAM ! Hire a, wbo nnderetnr.dv all kimra 01 end e w 1 ing tu iieree.i u?e ?l. Aleu e miniar wiu nuer- 1 ?taiida iheduiiee nf a waitrete. App y after* at Iff 1 ?mi HID it a-ar 2d ar, | HELP WARTED-riNtLM. TIT ANTED-A GIRL TO DO OWMRAL BOUSR ? work; muni be a good washer iroa-r ?ni (lata rook: the be*t of refereace required. tail for litre* days al 1 bt9 Wool *Mb ?t. tXTANTRD-A CTRL FOR OENER 4 L HOt'RRWOIlg '? goad took, waauer end ironer Apply at u Ris; llih it U' AN I P.D?A YOUNG (MIL, FROM U TO 18 YEAK3 old. to a-slst in taking charge of chttdn-a M .el lw wall ra< uauteu lad. Call to Jay at 1*2 Waal I2lfc al. WANTKD-A COMPETENT Ml'ME. WILLING TO raanle in the ountry about 1' tulle* from Ike city, .top on Friday, 22 d iuu., between II ami 12 o'clock, at 10 VI mt ;i;th al. w \V VV w VV 1/ ANTED?A PROTPMIANT GIRL IN A SMALL p urivi e f*inliy. ?l iorliliiiin<i? m tfci'O'inlffi a Koo i cook wiinbep And ?roi wr. App'y wilh rtfercBcem 10 J. bdward he.aixt, No 1 Tr>ou iow. cornier of C?#4ft \rANTK!?-4 GOOD COOK, WILL KB RRgUlRBO Vt lo *.s?h and iron wtlU tin* mrinUio* of th#> rhant nrm* d. f-?r a lamilyof thni pemono. city rt*f franca ra quirad. Appiy at d4 B*?i Wei nt. WANTED?MI LLINKKM. TO TKIM MIHSK8' ANtf children's silk and beaver hate. Appij al Mania a. 357 Canal aireat, corner of Wouster r.AMTED?A GIRL TO Do GENNP aL IKiUKKWORIC (Wages $7) at No H Uilityeus pis. ? V\j' ANTI D?A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO COOK. WAHII V? and iron for a small finally in the country . good re ference required, wages fill per month tail ..I U, Berk uisn kt U' AN I !?.[) ?A SM ART, HOT CURL TO P'l ORNKRAI. houaewuik. lot a small pn> ate ra .iiv ruurtbe* good wadici and ironer, and plant coos Apply al 1.1G4 Broadway. UrANTED?A OIBL TO DO OBIIklti HOUSE ?ors (i-iccpt wushlng); tunsl la a good cook, baker and llret rate Hotter. Apply at 321 -L I\7anteu-a fikst class cook, call at ai;i YV Madison a*, to day between 10 aud 12 o clock. The be-iol city relereiico re uired. f ANTED?A GOOD MILLINER AND TRIMMER, 11' 210 (>rand at., Will <amai it,, L. I. U7ANTI D-A WOMAN TO l)t I'KikRll, 110 78 K work, >it a private fan iy In purs at No. i M a ut ile d place WektSistsi , neai -tit av WJ AN I'KD?A THOROUGHLY t!>'MHI TKNT WAIT YV |> -S, to o i sliorl illstani ? In toe e ,nnlry Oerman or Aiueri no pre fern d. Alp.j belwoo.i the no ne 1'1 II utt-l I o ' iocs at Id West gnu* st. \VT ANTED? A GIRL. ABOUT' IS TEARS Ol' AGE, TO YY do io> ive.voi c it a s <i.l private lam... Apply at 570 Broome st. Only ti.os with . >u. relereu e< need apply. U ANTED? A UlUL '.'OK CM VMSJBRIVORK ANl> waning. Api ly at 15 -asl i... .ween 10 ami 12 A. M. WIOI-M- IS A 1'R'V.vTE r A MILT, CON818TI NO of twoaditlta. a vuun ; gir. to as>ist in do n u ;ht gen eral bo iaetvoi'k. References repihad, Inquire at 2) weed 2tin si. II ANTED?GIRLS; TIIOHK WHO ARIS ACCVI* TT totni d to work on cloaks. Also operatois. Willi tbe r owu macluucs. CHAS II. (1K1I-K1N. 3(a) Broadway and (17 Krankiin si. Wanted?12 waiter oirli at the wavkri.kt Musi Hail. 7<2 Broadway. Also a piano and cnrcet player. Apply alter niue o'clock A. M ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED 8AI.E8WDMAN, AT K. At cl ii t> re s I. ?? and embroidery siore, lift Hih are. ' ANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND W AITREH8. a girl wbo undeistands Her business Apply at Mi Weal 21st si., betwoen (be hours ul J A M and 2 P. M. Wanted?a young oibl ah nurhk and ciia*. b- riuhid. Un? that Is willing and obliging may apply to 13(5 West Iblh St. Must havcclly relerences. WANTED-TWO GOOD DRAWER CUTTEM, ALSO hati la to make drawers by nau<l aud inacli tie A ie comtneud iei|klred. Apply at 28 Liberiy at. B. WOOD WANTEO-A OIRL. TO COOK. WASH AND IROE in a ainal1 private family; iioum need nuply but Ibow who fully understand ttielr business and bavn good city re feience. liberal wages given. Apply, aitor P o'clock A. M . at 48 Bast 29th at WANTED-A OIRL WHO UNDERSTANDS UBNEBAL housework, milking Ac, to go a short tlfeitau< e in tbn country. Reference required. Apply to 8. W lircnk, 7PJ Slh av. II' ANTPD?A OIRL, TO COOK. WA8U ANI) IRON Vf lor a in-i.L "I 'our persons. One who tnorougklY nu lerslinds her b'ueluese and haa good city refer enees can apply at 221 M i at l'Jlh aireot. between !? A M and 2 f. M.^ Wanted-a chambermaid and waitkebh, aud to assist with the wssmug aud ironing. Apply, with letereiices, at IP) West SIC at. VI' ANTED?A DRESSMAKER A COMPETENT TIT YY ter: vt' willing to go 10 I'M? answer, staling terms. Address M. A Wakes, No. 28 King St., Toy, N. Y. i iiic TRADU. A tllUNO EDUCATED OEHMAN CIVIL ENGINEER, 2\ who talks and writes English I U> well, wants a good place. Address A. B., 134 Greenwich st. A young man, is years op aok, WANTS TO leai u a good trade; plumbing or c-Arr age making pre leired. Isveiy amly and willing to work Address A. Randan. 139 Greene st. BRKWKK8 AND MALTSTERS WANTED- l-'OI' i hi: East and Weal. Two i-ialls'ers waaied irnmedlalel- ; one for ibs State of Wisaoniiii and Hie other lor the Klatu ol Rhode Island Address C. R. M. Wall. Acailemy Brew ery, -l.'r En ton avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y (lOMroSITORH ? WANTED. THREE GOOD TWO. J third era, on fat matlar, at T. K. Dawley's 13 ami IS Park row. 1jTI.NI.- HER IVANTED?FOB A WOOLLEN MILL. ONE X w In1 nnilerstanrls tun businr ? In a I its 'ranches, to act us overseer. Apply to Montana Mill Co.. Cornwall, N * J5ATKR MAK ERS. ? A REALLY PIR8T CLA88 MA r-hina lend- r and a g"Od finikliei , one wt " tins worked at trlrninin: pspe . can hare constant ernpiovment and good wagss by applying l" H. V. But er A Co , (51 Chambers si. PUOTOOBAPI OPBBATOBB. OR those. * I IB IN* to learn coloring or photographing, esn procure in m tloas through U. Konlgatierg. Principals in w?nt ol asslst auisfiaeo: charge will oall .1 713 Brnadwar. room I'J G. KOMGBMKRO. SITUATION WANTED-A MAC BIN INT, WHO HAS ha > man v i ears' practice In inventin ; and macl-foere and tools, wants a -Ituatlon where he ran msiin use <>f th>a knowledge: the best recommendations can be given. Address tor eight days bos lift llerald ollica. fPO PRACTICAL KLAX MANUFACTURERS ? WtNT X ml. a tber o igh practical I'ak manufacturer to a-sfv'. In the managemrni of a > as mill In Canada; fond wagea will be given, with the prospect of an inl- rest in busti ?<, lir t c ass relereaccs as to character and abllltv will be re quired Apply to Wl llam Atchason Es'i , Uulphln Mills, 1'ste.aon. N J. or to Manors, killotl. Hunt A Btcphac, Preston, Canada West. rro MASTER PRINTERS.?WAN TBD, BY A COM 1 pelent man. a situation as foreman of either a book, isb or week v new -paper office. Good relerences. Address Winter, bet IIS llerald olBce _ _ _ _ TO IIA1TBR8 -gll.K HAT PaCIOKY FOR RALE icntra lma'ion; accommodations for thirty men every fac'iltv fm carrying en large buainees, full supply ' f Mucks, present stele, owner about to ret re from ibe biisin e, purchaser can su<cessfully rcntlnua the aatne . enod tradn now e'mii' she I. which will be turned over. Addrear with real aatne. Hats, bos 130 Herald TO PRINTERS -WANTED, A FOREMAN IN A JOB olc-e In nne who is a thorough matter .f Ms busi ness a coed situation is offered. Nut particular that he ah#uld be a "Union'' man. Address Priater, but 2,174 New Yoik Poai o.Tck. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIRHB. ? WANT ad. a situation as culler, by a gentleman oi long city es Jierlenoe; can apeak Rpaaiah ll iently Address J J., Her. aid oilire. w VANIED-IN PHILADELPHIA. THIRTY GOOD sheet Iron worker*, en ga-. burn-re. Wood hands can make from $1 to (3 par day. laqutro at Man vie s Sieve Works. I.IB) Market st.. or to A. W. Rand. 142 North Rluh st. Philadelphia. Reference? P. P. kelier, 144 Cealre at , New York aNTED-TWO GOOD JOE C0BP0UT0R8, AT C4d Broad way. tl'iSI! D-A* ELECTRO PLATER. A GOOD WORE VY man understanding lathe burnishing can ehu n steady empiovment and libe>al wages at an kaatern factory. A > ply between 10 und 2 al 59 Beekman it, up stairs. IVaNTED-A SITUATION IN A C IVIL ENGINEER 8 VY or na enl agency office by a young man can draw machinery, help make estimates and Improve mechanical Inventions, lertas moderate. Address D, bob 121) Hera t) office. /ANTF.D ?A GOOD CARRIAGE PAINTER APFLT I to H. Oellet, Yonkera ITANTF-D-A JOB DTFR ALSO A FIN;8HEB, AT r R. Money penny 's. 42U ( tnsl st. TANTF.D-AN AMERICAN h()1 PO I.RARN A OOCD I trade, one who haa bad some etperieuoe with a tin it h prerarrtd. Apply to George W Earl. 13 Bed lord si . II doer. rB&NCH ADVIRI'IRCM JRIfTB. UNF. FRANCAI8K DRSIRF MR PLACER POUR aogner leeenfants o i pour condro a aireieer pour deus jours au 18 Guest Jietne rue UN FRA NCA I.M. HARITANT DK NEW YORK DEPl'IM un ant deati a so placer daua una fa II e prlvee i?>inn.e m*1're d hotel: il rourntik do bona'- refareocee. s'adrtater au ti.8 run v nriek RE9T3URA1T9. L^ISNdN HADDIB8-FINNO.N HA' DIBS-WHOLE J sale sad retail agency I lie Ale Vault*. 77 N**?nu ? 'real, between Fulton and Johu -'-eeia legal KOTH-ug. LTNITKD RTATK8 OF aMRRICA EOUTHBRV DI* ) trktof New York, ??.-W"(' oas a Ube of inlorntalion hit It bean flleil la 'he D ?tr -1 Cmirl i. the V nlte.) 3tat0a of America, for tba gouihern Dt-trivi of New York on ibe Idrh da. of seriemh-r In ihe tear ul Loid uu* 'iiousatig ? gl'l bnadred and Mfiy four '? K De a'l-ld tmlth* Esc . Lulled Mlsies D -trtcl AUoraey for the Mtmlhern District >>f Now t r? <?u be I all >f Iha I Dited Mtln, against the Meainer "A t? > an-e ."ter tackle i. and cargo-and where, as the aube aart el the said Ibni of lalonmat on it that sa?l si i ner a ' I csrgn were eapl'treiRa*lawfn prreon -r about I e i'tit 'is ol .-epteenbor. IrOl, in the Atlantic Ocan, tn lo-tglp'de ?! egi St aud 3tl|H'lii:iea e est, latitude 3ft d> gre>B i , rtn hy Hi* I nited nt ties stesmer 8 tntlag > de Cuba, Cat Is;n D 8 G isatin Lulled 8tales Navv, ciimiuancing. and twuiig't o the i on of Jla .v York and pray in ; that tna ta.u u.s 'kir tsrkic do . and curgo mav he on-dema"d s? lawful prlre l - the use of tb-- Puited II aiea- now. iherarore. Is t".i-atore of the rnu titl m ueder the seal r '.ke sacl Co irile me dlr? tod nffd dc leered I ilo hereh g vdftb e n i ? un' persons diluting he mud steamer, her tackle, A- snte'ivgu, oe lb anv > anner 'me Kiel Iher-'n. Ibii list he end appear pet,, e tna sal I District t;i trt to be hal l pi the New Ya-k In s11<| p-r tn So t-ru In tncl of N-w York, on the 27th dav n a.-p-en:her in last, at eievnO' O.k n the tormdon >f thitl ts? ipresided the ss-n- shar be a dav if jurisdiction otnem-lse on the nest dsvtf iui art dtlo i thereafter!, then and th*ro l? Interpose iliep el ilms *n I pi make ihdr aliegat <>a* in thai behalf. Dated this Kit it rtiv <>f Septauiber, I "4 HO' kKI MUKH AT. t'n-ieil sta'e* Mseefal. Ac B. Diiaristr- >iiii. Called 8?st?a AtlHtuoy M

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