Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JtW? HORDUS ?CRIIIX IWIOR AND PROPRIETOR. emM h. ?. corn** or pclton axj> hamav sts. V?laa? XXIX Ho. 164 A * USBk E N la Till? EVENING. AiADKNf or MUSIC. Irving p ut.-Kmrni RIBLO'B OARDgV Broadway.?RtiBkLirc WALLACE# THEATRE. Broad war ?Fog Chad* ? INTER OARDBN. Broa lway ? Evtiiraoor's FttKXD? Tnoai w ULfliriO THKATRB B aad -at ? PiMtssr? 'upi Iiil* MBW BOWERT THEATRE Bewery._T?i? Tieni-v or Loara Livrta Daist?Pkii-iect tid Dit.uujv BOWERT THBATBR Buwery. ? Knights or Ht. Jomv? IwlUOKT UOOkH ? PlDKLIO BROAOWaT THEATRE 486 Broadway.?Tictih Paori.o . litvria BAR*I'M * MUSEUM Bioadwar. ?Ton Thf*b-Two Ouim. Too Piraara, Ac at all boura Nuw lin n 4.'ai ia ~8ii?nkt or K'M. BO. oxom?Lota's DisodisKs? Join* Has*?l>ey aaJ Lrentng, MUTANTS WINS IKBLS. Mechanic.' Hall. 412 Broad. ? ay. ? Biaionaa Bonos. Dancks, Bi laksqiiks. Ac? LlTTl.0 Mac I OK TBS W'HITI- ItOUSK. WOOD'S MIN8TRRL HAUL. 614 Broadrrar. -Etbiohab ?eaea. Uaaoaa AO?Pall or Atlanta. OAMPRRLL MINSTRELS. 199 and 201 Bower*.?VAatun and Rao>tu*o Mai.anoa or LimofiAN Odditis-. BALLK DIABOLI QUE 586 Broadway.? Roaaar Hiliii AMERICAN THRATRB No. 444 Broadway.? Ballots, I'Ant on. ana iuacfcoaiK- Ac. ?Ric \ an A ixk.Lt. ?1W TORE MUBF.UM OT ANATOMY fl* Rraadway ? Ouitumn m* ?mi Lactiuuts. irom o a. M. till 10 1' M. BOOLEfS OPBRa HO03R, Brooklyn.-Kvaiorr a? Bonos Dancu. BcKLSnoor. Ac. H'W Tork. Tfeuraday, Sept. SI, 1804. THK SITUATIO?!. Tt.? glorious victory ot ?. erAl Sheridan In the vicinity of Winctiestor gaos ractoased ins:re ae addil.oual dctat.6 (be battle become public lis decisiveness and tmprr tai'co prove to have been even greater than the first 'IcbJ patches descriptive of it represented. The number of jxia ?iars captured from the rebels up to the due of tbe latest accounts reached nearly Ave tbous.oU and the number was being constantly increae ed. At thiee o'clock on Ttiesday afternoon our our army mi crossing Cedar creek, thirty miles from the point whe-a Monday's battle commenced, In close pursuit of Kariy's lleeiug troep3. who wore too much disorganli-.ed to raako a stand which t: was thought they would not do aort* of Staunton. The graphic description or tbe battle by oar special correspondent, and the map of the field of contest which we publish to day, will serve to give toe public s very accurate impression of tbe incidents and eoeoe of th'S most sanguinary struggle and brilliant vic tory Tbe reports trf a rebel attack on tbe left wing of our army io (ront of Petersburg on Sunday night last prove to have been without foundation. The rumors grew out of a movMneol of rebel cavalry In that direction as far an sycamore church It i? supposed that they came to repeat their recent handsome cattle .-dealing achieve meat but if this v?" their object thny were greatly disappotut-d. for in their first ra.d they carried off all save one solitary animal There wis no change of importance to note in the army at tbe latest dates. Scarcely a shot bad been heard nlor.g tbe lines for tweoty-foui hours. Gencrol Hanc ck had idsued a compl.meotary order relative to tbe recent cap lure ot rebel pickets by a detachment o' the Second corpi Deserters from Lcc s array continued to come into Gr ant s lines iu great number*. Tbe advice- from Southeast Missour ar.d Arkansas go go show that a concentration of various scsttered rebel d*iaebmem?, for a strong invasion of Missouri, under 4.en oral biirllng Price, i* in progress. A tight between the Third Misa- uri militia and a portion or the rebel Miel bvs force took place on Monday last on the I. ttl; II' ck river, iu Southeast Missouri, (.eneral Pnce reported to ( Lave recently had at Pocahontas, Ark., a const .enable army .'and . was said to have between four lb -1 taud au'j eight thousand men at Powlitgan. Ark , on the J2lb inst Utber detachments of rebels are scattered a ..out In various loca'ilie* od the Missouri herder Several if the rebel pirates who <>n Monday last cap lured. despoiled and burned the little sto.rn.-r* Island <j 8.o and Parson*, on Lake Erie, have been pursued sud captured MX of them are now io sale on John ?.??> Inland. and the principal agent and several of his .ccompuce, are prisoner, on board the l ni.ed State. Gleaner Mi higan. the capture of vessel wag the ult male object of tbe piratical foray. We have received General Sherman . cauiiic reply to Che late letter of General Hood proles, rac the re oi.valof women end children from Atlanta ? coeval pnermao say. it is quit, unnecessary to appea: lo the dark ag*e, ?? Coner# Hoo<l 80 ,r"d lloquently did. for a parallel to tt* measure. He says "it ie not unprecedented, for U?? ral Johnston very wisely and properly removed ine faoi lie, all the wny from Dalton down." .r,d Tu yourself burned dwellmg b use. along pw parapel. sod \ bsve seen to day fifty houses th.t you rendered unfc Lab liable because Ibey stood in the way of yur fort, and p,?o " General Sherman enumerate, various barbarous ?ctaef rebel cornmauder,. and saye ?"In the oam<- < o.mmoo -ense. I ask you not to appeal to a ;u?t God in Huob n sacrllegeou. manner edbopeak hewb r?T the arrtvA of tbe Tertla at Ibis port last tTeniog have Curopoan advice, to the 11th inst . two day. V,ut than thone previously received Tbe news II m some reepecte important. Ur Ed?rd Bates, of Liverpool, tbe reputed rwisr of the sloamer r.eorgi.. which was captured by the Niagara beon officially notified by tbe British gove,nm.t .bat no loterferencn In hit behalf need be espected but tbat he must dnrnud bis m erest in IbeLniied . Utei Prise Oourl. _ . . . There ie ? report tbnt Bemme, is ageln nfloat in a fine Btaamer, with three hundred men. TM poll Ileal nod military situation of affairs in ttiv Cnltod State* cookmimd to occupy a large ehare of public fctUMtioci abroad. I. London on tbe evening of the lOtb console cleeed at ?TJk n #1\ 'or money. At Liverpool cottoo wae qu el ?od uocbaugnd in price, wb.le breadstuff, and provismns were dull with ? downward tendency. Tbe Dnrussta, from Hamburg on the 3d and Bouinamp a?- ,? tbe Ttb tnnt., arrived at tbie port last nigbt We ^vet^ilp^ aalA. b, .teamrr. which armed prtvttut io Ibi Bofutiia. mwcillamoub newb Bt tb. arrival of tbe steamer Fmgle, from Havana we w^rdav reoeived ?o?. mterert.^ from yesterday reoeivee ?? -* fn,m Mm tubs aad Bt Domingo. Tbera is nAIBNMI r.D,ur#d eo Tbe blockade rnooer Matagorda I* reported wi?b ett hundred bales of cotton on board. It <e underuteod that Geaoral Hay. ha. go prooaed with tbe draft In the Flfft and Teatb ^ jmoatrrml dlaUicte ef this Plate to morrow. In lb MisWtet. compriiing qswm, Mi (folk aad Ricbmoad wan^ aim t*e enete te deficieet about one thousand men, wane .M Teetn dwwlet. eomprltlag Westchester. Putnam an ? a eoantiea, ie sheet about eight hundred men. _ . - mr sale at auetlea m this eity yaeterday A con ai 1 arable enentity of ??? wool* however, wae either dW ^Led ef a? prlrale dale or withdrawn, aad what wee moid at aeailoa brought not far from twelve per oeat ism BAaa Urn ourreat rates anted for similar qualities in pri vate heads. A preliminary meeting was held last evening at tbe reams ef Mm CltMNMd' Association, In Broadway, to mahe i {gr the approach tag charter election liver/ wort la tke cit? was rsoreseates. om th? prooeadton wera b*rmooi?a?. Jama* Brown Ffcq , preal4od, au? Mr Rooaaveli aoiad aa aacraUr j. Tba prloolpal bualuaaa tr.oa.etod waa to au*fa?i tbe appotntmoot of one dole (ate rrota oacb ward to attend a general e ?oventlm, to ba be id on tba firat Monday to October, whose proriuoa will be to nominate caodidatea for tba various position* In the city government, tba motto or the C.ltzoua' Aaeoolation being," Honeal ami oapaola meo lor public offlce " At the meeting of the Hoard of Education Uat evening a number of email bills for repairs of echoolbocee* and other himtlar work were passed, but oo buemees of the Slightest pubiic lule est transpired The immi^raliou to this port is aliil itrge The number of arrirala last week wan a,471. mak'ng the tota siu-a January l,146,Mt& Ibe arrlmU to the aama per od of 18(1." were 114,308. "Ibe cmnnvitatun ba *u e .u bank ir sr.'.jo: oi a maet ngof tba military friends of General Mof'lellan is called for Krid ijr eveauig, at No. Out Rroadw ay, for tba purpose of forming a vignaeoe vomunttee to secure big election to tbe Presidency '1 be iiiatrict Aitoruey . on cumplaiut ot Nimeoa Draper, Oolleot"r of tuis oort Sled ? iibei ankibg tbe forfeiture of tbe oieaiuablp" America and Havana, on tbe ground that goods bad been landed without permits, io violation of tbe revenue laws. Ibe members of tbe Independent Methodiat ctaurcb met in t'ouference yesterday moroiog. In Rev. Mr. Mattisou'a church, in f orty flrat atraet, near 3 sib avenue. Tba sent ion waa opened by prayer, and Professor llattison was elected President for tbe ensuing year. Ibe rep rts o." ibe various committees were b.gbly satisfactory, showing tbat several new oburobea bave been erected during ibe paal year. Tbe Conference adjourned (til to day , when otber Important busiuess wilt be transacted. 1too case of Pauline Caatri ra. Jacob Urau wa* resumed in tbe Marine Court yesterday. The evidence on both aides was closed end the summing up gone through with 'Ibe esse w is ilieu .idj urned until tea o'clock ibis morn lug, V ben it wttt be gireu to (he jury uoder tba charge of tbe Court 1 he only esse tried yesterday la the Goners! Sessions waaao ioiIriok-oi f >r grand larceny agsiusl Jaue McCite and Kale Kubtnson.^be complainant being Patrick fas sidy, a member of tbe First New York Mounted Rilles lie met these g;ris iu a street in the Fourth ward on the 7lh iust., and after drinking with thorn all day was robbed of over $700 m greenbacks. The tastimo'ir rgamst McCibe was slight, which resulted in her ae ?initial bi t ihti 'act that over $400 was louud with K 'UiDson lue h i toe night, aud tbat tbe dotective orticcr of tbe ward heard hei say to a mm that she bad rtiidi a raise ?.f $7oo. ta'sen to conneetion with other suspicious crcutnslauies, warruuted ths jury iu rendering a ver died or- Otiiily.'' Nbe was reu-.auded lor sentence. 1 he markets %,'ore rendered more quiet tit m ever by tbe decline iu gold yesterday, and tbe me:chants evinced lilt e dispoailinu to do bui-muss. Thero wa? a potlect silliogucss to sell, but very little to buy. In all com modities there was s material diflbrt-nre between the vlewl of buyers and sellers, and business waa greatly re tarded tnereby. Commercial transactions wero light m tbe aggregate, but the sales, reported elsewhere, show no important change in prices. Ootton and groceries were nominal. Petroleum wai 1c. s 2c, lower. Oo " hrioge ibe flour market w is be, a 10c. lower. Wheat was Ic a 2c. lower. Corn was active ana Arm Oats w^re firmer, with a lair demand. Pork lass active, hut linn. Reef quiet. I.ard loss active aud a trifle easier. Whiskey and Heights dull. Sheridan's Victory and Pursuit?Its Ef fect en the Mtlltwiy Sft u itllon. General Sheridan's pursuit of Early is likely to be as effective as h s recent vie ory was complete. He has r.-ot only sent the enemy "whirling tbiough Winchester," but he is whirl-ng them on towards .Staunton at a most pitiless rate. Early fought till night on Mon day. and doubtless marched his men all Monday night. All day Tuesday Sheridan's cavalry must have been at Marly s heels} lor on Tues day at three 1'. M. Sheridan was crossing a stream thirty miles south of where the battle becran on Monti vy. Such a pursuit, continued through two oi three days, might very probablv end in the complete dispersion ot Early's force, cave Sheridan without an opponent and tviih an open road to Lynchburg. Sheridan has plmty of cavalry; and uo man in the coun try knows better how to use that arm, so aw fully efficient-for just such service as is now required of it in the valley. Indeed Major General Sheridan will now in all probability sl ow, os no one has hitherto shown in lb s war. i ow much an energetic pursuit can accomplish toward the ab-olute destruction of a beaten army. Our victories in August and September make our record for those two months o .e of almost unparalleled splendor. Lee beaten three times in as many desperate attempts to dtivw Grant from the Weldon road: Hood beaten three times in liis attempts to break Si ei man s advance, and a fourth time in the decisive battle that gave u.s possession of At lanta; our triumphs at Mobile, and, tinaily. Sheridan's magnificent success in tbe valley? all these make a series of victories that are the surest guarantee the people can have of peace. But Sheridan's victory is something even bet ter than the splendid climax to this splendid ser'eB. It is a victory whose effects upon the situation at Petersburg will be immediate and ! great, aud it is one that shows us exactly how distinct is General Grant's grasp of the whole ; situation in \ irginia. Sheridan, as we have repeatedly shown, could have beaten Early a month ago as easily as he did on Monday last: but Crant was not ready for the victoiy then. He used the valley to amuse Lee, aud when that amusement was no longer necessary to bis purpose he made Lee pay for it. He has been ahead of Lee at every step, and is still ahead; tor it will doubtless prove that 'Sheridan's battle has been exactly timed for its effect else where than on tbe immediate field where it was fought. That effect will be seen in the triangle com prised between Richmond, Petersburg and Lynchburg. Sheridan pushing Early toward Staunton, or beyond it, toward Lynchburg, will very imperatively divide the attention that Lee now gives to Grant. Lee will then be in a very uncomfortable dilemma. If be sends out nny force to stay Sheridan?to save Early and Lynchburg -Grant will take that opportunity to get the last of Lee's railroads. If he does not send out such a force, Sheridan may very prob ably get hold of the same railroad at its Lynch burg end; and so. in either event. Lee must get away from Richmond?if he can. For all this to be soon done it is necessary that Lee should not be reinforced by the veterans under Hood, whom Sherman has for a little time left idle Sherman's truce expires to-day. and it is to ( be hoped tbat be may immediately assume active operations again, if (or no other purpose than to keep Ileod's men out of Lee's army. VoLrvTEKWNO FOR TilF AftMT?OfR QroTA.? Mblle tbe draft is being enforced in many | places throughout the country. New York is still exempt, and we hope and trust will con tinue to be. The Supervisors' Volunteering Committee continue in daily session, in ac cordance with the desiree of the President, as expressed to Supervisor Blunt, and mea are being continually enlisted, though the numbers per dap are not great. As we have before staled, Mr. Bluat and the committee claim that the quota of this city is full and more than full, and this baa been positively conceded by Provost Marshal General Fry, and this, too, notwithstanding tbe State Oommiasianer swspt off at a single dash of the pen thirteen thou sand of the twenty-seven thousand naval re cruits wIjo, Mr. Blunt discovered, had enlisted from this citj, and of course belonged to our quota. Hence it ia that our quota is fairly deemed oot only full, but in excess. \et Hie accounta of Assistant Provost Murshal General Huts vary slightly from thoBe of Mr Blunt, he claiming a email number as still due to make our quota full. How the General ar rives at this fact is not exactly clear to U? ; and. ultbough full power is vested iu his bands for enforcing a draft, we hope aad believe a fair adjustment will be made, and the demands of the committee, as conceded by the Washington authorities, be accepted and considered as a final settlement This'is due to the great city of New York, which b is done so tuucb both in men and money towards putting dowu this great re bellion. Not tiik Fiimt Vhtokt in the Sues an i>o ah Vam.ev. ? The Tribune speaks of the late bril liant success of Geueral Sheridan as our "first victory iu that valley of the Sbcnaudoab which hitherto has becu to us the valley of humilia tion and almest of despair.'' This is a atrauge mistake for the pretentious military historians of the Tribune. It is strange that they should forget the handsome victory of General Shields over Stonewall Jackson, near Winchester, on the 23d of March, 1802, from which battle field Jackson was driven by Banks up the valley nearly a hundred miles. Stranger still that Greeley should lorget that General Fremont, in the mouth following,alter driving Stouewail Jackson, in a running tight, front Strasburg up the valley some fifty miles, brought him to a stand at Cross Keys, and defeated him in a hot battle o! five hours on the 8th ot June, Jackson leaving Gve hundred dead and many wounded on the field. 'We hare bad some very serious disa-ters in the Shenandoah valley from the blunders of the War Office and incompetent and negligent officers; but, though Gen. Sheridan's victory i.s our greatest and completest ar.d most important in that quarter, we have had there a good many others, great and small, in cluding 4,hat or General Hunter near Staunton, which, however, was turned by Hunter to a bad nccount. Tiik Hon. Bk.s Wood as a Mii.rrARr Critic.? In bin Daily News of Tuesday last the Hon. Beu Wood, in a leading editorial on the mili tary situaFoi). said:?"The horseman who. we were told three weeks ago, by the New York Hkrai.d, was riding to Early's camp with orders for his immediate return to Richmond, was a creation of the executive combination to dc ceive. The pretence that the Confederates (the Hon. Ben never calls them rebels) are retreat ing Irotn Sheridan, and that they are being fol lowed by that officer in pursuit, is a piece with the same geueral plan of imposture." Fur ther, says the Hon. Ben Wood, Sheridan, iu moving on Early's flank, "received at Borrj ville a blow so he ivy as to drive him tor safety into intrenchments. Immediately afterwards his ambulances were captured, and his com munications. for at least the time, cut oil.' To cap the climax the lion. Ben declares "Early is not retreating, and Sheridan is not pur suing.'' This was on Tuesday morning; and while yet the paper was damp upon which tne-e positive abortions were printed came the news ol the deleat and rout of Early s army of invincible rebels, with Sheridan in hot pursuit, after having sent them "whirling through Wiuchestcr." Tito Hon. Ben Wood, as a Northern military critic in the interest ol Jo!!'. Davis, would do well to hang up his fiddle. Ocr Curat Victory.?-The victory won by Geueral Sheridan, under General Grant, in the Shenandoah valley, has been received with the greatest enthusiasm by all parties except the peace copperheads. II is true that this victory is a step towards peace; but it is not the kind of peace the copperheads want. They are working for a disunion peace, and Gr&nt. Shtr m ?n and Sheridan are working for a Union peace. The republicans tired one hundred guns over the victory yesterday, hoping to use it in their political campaign. The democrats wTl fire auother hundred guns to-day. probably with the saute object. Iloth McGlellun and Lincoln now stand upon n Union plat orin, and a Union victory helps the former as much as it does the latter. It drives the peace copperheads out of the democratic party, and thus strengthens Mc-Clellan among all loyal, pa triotic people Like in Dasher.?We would call the imme diate attention of all parties concerned to the fac t that the wall of the storehouse just burned out at No. 529 Broadway is left standing, un supported. We may expect the equiuoctial storm now at any moment, and a strong wind would inevitably blow dowu the Tout stories of cracked wall we have referred to. As it is. this muss of brick and stone leans tow ards the street. Should it tall in the daytime, or even at night, many lives would be sacrificed. It mint be pulled down at once. The city au thorities should attend to this. General Fremont Aboit to Withdraw.? We are promised a letter from General Fre mont, withdrawing from the Presidential con teat,; but we hear nothing from Mr. Pendleton. Would he not do well to withdraw, and give General McClellau a fair chance? What gays Mr. Belmont* 1 l?r Get man Opera. H M rmlr astonishing to ree the immense crowds which flit the Academy of Mus e etch uigbt of Maoacer ?rover's aeason, which is one of great prrtperiiy Hebas succeeded Id brlugmg to f.srmari 0|-*i? the- ?<-,,f cor ?oc fly, sod here.a achiever a Victory |..cb a* vhOu d be recorded. Laal evening the Opera Ho ,-<? was ae b ill ar.i as during the regular oieratic reason 1 a ;?t wee lbs at traction . and we will simply add that it was adm rah y aung. The large audience displayed n more than canal eotbusraam and applauded the d rerect ead eg art.its uproarious/. To-eight doton's beautiful opera ?f Martha wilt be given mib the rania i art ar on iv .*<n | roductic n when it proved an great a *u eev. Hai vriiann ae I inost, n thle opera, make* a great impreasmr itv m ia-? is *o will i ?uitsd lo bn voice. Farrsgal'i Flagship Hartford aruoa or rib mstrcction rr a hkpkm Tbers war a mmor Id cireelal,oe in scaring that lbs i?ab p Hartford bad bees blown up by a lorpedo o lobMe Bar, We were unable to trace it to any snfbeit lc aonrce, end bence we would advlve all intorevted u> ive tnemvsivea no unesameea m referee* e lo t. At inet - oeuoie nearly all ibe torpedoes bad been taken op, and sufficient tune baa elapsed since they were pm down o almost preclude tbs povaib lity of any one of item erg lbs least dangerous at tbe present time 1he Cass sf Mr. Hauler, Nrw Yost, July t. 1SS4. Dsas BiB?I desire now to ssy that no one could be mors gratified tban I em by your thorough and rompiete vindication in tbe matter of tbe frnudulant checks drawn on my office. Not a doubt rests on my mmd of your en tire Inoooenoo, and Ideeply regret the srrooeoes tbeovy on which I acted. It wee a aerloov mieuke. wbleb I re gret efceoid beve beee made. If tbers Is eaytblng fur. tber wbleb I ena do to bed tbs wooeds tnfllrted by my action I shall perform II with the sincere* pleeeom. Very truly, yoare, JOHN J. ?1800. i Jon W. uuw< Bm. RAILROAD ACCIDEHTS. Frlflilfai Di??at?r on tht Pcaaijrltaala ?allraMl. 811 '*MONt KILLED AMD THIETKH* VtrNMB, Philadslt'BiA, Sept. 21, IBM. The rut iid-s train going eastward on the Pennsylvania Railroad which loft Pittsburg last night at forty mlnutee paat eight, ran into the rear end of a freight train on tbe eastward track at Thompsonton atation, Juaiata county, Pa., at half-past four this morning. Tbe passen ger tram was moving at the uaual speed when the aooi dent occurred. The engine was demolished and tbe gre.iter portion of the train was badly wrecked The baggage car was driven Into the front poAsaoger CV' loo't "r? fron> 'he upsetting of a stove, and. with three passenger cars, was destroyed 'J J* supposed that am persons were instantly Killed, or held among the rums or tbe cars and consumed with thetu. Jonn Muiii?oo., tho conductor of tbe pasaeocer Irtin, is am mg the lost SBOUMi UKSI'Af a Pnu.ADKt.eBU. Sept. 21, 1384. Thirteen of tbe passengers were taken from tbe brokeu Cars, all of whom were wouuded, and some seriously, and are ail uow receiving surgical and modtcat treat nient. lbe accident Is said to have been caused by the neglect ol those in charge of the freight train to give the proper notice to tbe passenger tram, wbloh whs on its regular time, ihnt tbe freight train was oocupying the road t)ae of tbe tracks was "leared at ten A. M., and tbe business of the road was resumed. Ol the six persons supposed to pave been killed or burned in the first car but two have been recogojred? viz: Jobu Muliiaoe, tbe oooductor, and L. Imbrte tbe brakeman. Tnirtceu wore Injured, ea follows ? G. H. Abbott, of Gbtllicotne, Ohm, injured intern.illy. Win. Jones, or Downingtown, both legs broken Temple Jones Reeves, of Philadelphia, one leg broken. Lehman Goldsmith, ef Philadelphia, leg broken. John Buroh, of St. Clair, Schuylkill county Pa. Edward M. Williams, of Baltimore, oue area broken. Catherine Sterndar, of Indianapolis, wounded to the scalp W. NutesOne leg broken .Solomon Brook, mail agent, dangerous Internal Injuries. M Newicirk.of Alleghany Illy, injured Internally John Haviland, of Cjinonsburg, Pa. .slightly iojured. The engineer and llroman of the passenger tram both reuiaiued at their posts, aud are not very seriously hurt. T81KP DIL-PAtVH Pun.adkliw*, Sept 21, IBM. Tbe despatch announcing a very serious accident on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad is not so compote iu details as a statement made to us by M. L. Couverae, ol Bucyrus, Chlo, who was on the train andescipod without injury. The train left Pittsburg at ntue o'clock on Tuesday night, and at tour A &l rau Into a lrei(,lil train, dcmoL i-bing the engine and forcing toe baggage c?r on top of the first passenger car, which Immediately caught the. Our tniorroant states that too foremost car. in which the loss was greatest, woul. contain sixty pa-sengers, an I but seven or eight are kuown to have oscapod. J he doors weie locked The car was crushed, and partly Covorod with the wr^ck ol the baggage wagon. Coals from the locomotive tired the bagg ige car, which communi ated to the parseuger car and caused the ex ploit n of the gas receiver Tbe car was burned up aud ah on board, so that only the charred remains could' be f und, which wore beyond identification The conductor was recognised by his kevs. Six or seven who still lived when Mr. Converse left were in such phyni cat ag ny, (hat nothing cofild be gleamed Irom them. Passengers in tbe third and Iront cais were saved with out Injury, but the cars themselves wore burned. Mr. Converse thinks that more lives might have been saved if the doors of the car had not been locked. Tbe survivors, to tbe number of eighty six, subscribed to a statement to that eltect. Another Dreadful Accident on the Penn sylvania tint I road. EXPLOSION OF A LOCOMOTIVE ? THRU MKN BLOWN TO PIK0K8. [From the Valley Spirit, Sept 14. | A frightful accident occurred last oveniog on the Penn sylvania Kallr. ad. one mile and a ball west of Latrobe, which resulted in the death of three men, the tniury of a lourtb.the destruction of a locomotive and the total de mnlitiou of six loaded cattle cars. Tbe freight engine No 2J7 left Pittsburg yesteedav with n lot g c.ttle train, an J proceeded at the usual s.<eed until 60e reached a point one nu n and a half west oi Ca iro he, whon her boiler exploded touring the locomotive to pieces and destroying the lender und six cars. Tbe engineer, Cbnrles Garriken, was instantly killed, nurt bis fc.xly wns (ound about fifty yards from tbe tracE. He wns m .ogled tn a horrible manner. He resided in Pittsburg and leaves a family William Walter, the con ductor, is missing, and It is supposed bit bony has bron blown to pieces. He u'lso resided tu Pittsburg and leaves a funny. R. Jones, the fireman, must have been instantly hilled. His remains were found about oi e nutidred feet irom the wreck or ibo engine, with bis inie.'tincv, Ac., strewn upon tbo earth, lbe brukoinan, v hose name we were unah.e to leero, bad hi? knee crushed. The accident occurred at iieatty'b staum, where the track torn tip lor some distance, aud most oi the cattlelu tbe forward cars were killed Accident on (Ice Hudson Hlver Railroad. PotrGHSKWMs, Sept. 21. 1864. A orious accld'ut occurred near Breakneck tunnel, on the Hads n P.lver r.ailroad, to-day, to the train from New York, at ei^ht A. M. an axle of the tender broke, throwing the entire train from tbe track. Two boys lu ll e baggage ear were killed, and a brake man a done passeugcr (u lady) injured. The track has been repaired and trams are now running regularly. Uaiitou-il Accident at Columbus, Olilo. A LOCOil'THS DRIVEN TIir.OUOH TWO BRICK WALLS?TWO PMl-ONS KILLED. [Columbus (h-ept. 19) corres:>on#>nce of Cincinnati Com mercial. j .he accident at the Columbus depot grounds yesterday morning van of a very serious chara,iter. Trains com tug in 'rom Cleveland r ,u on a down grade. As in ih s lbe locomotive is frequently d< Ucbed and riiDulrg Ahead, trains are le t to run into their proper places by their in. in nttim lh s train happen -d to c dob up with the locomotive after it was detached, and forced it into lbe round house, and through two brick walls, killing two men, b' lh of vh m jumped from the train. ' One of them was run over by tbe wb ile tram, cutting blm iu pieces 'Ihv engioeor reiiiaiucd on Ih locomotive, went ttirough the brick walla, nud was not hurt. POLITICAL AFFAIRS. 'I lie MaaiarbiMrtli Democratic Stale C on vr n t Ion. _ , , Rostov, Sept. 21. 1864. The !lemn..mtlc State Convention, which met at Wor o< 'ter today, nominated the following ticket?for Electors at l.trge?Robert C. Wtnthrop, of Boston, and Mrattim I). Beach, or Sprlnglield. For Onverror?Henry W. Payne, Of (unhrdge. l.ieutenaut i.over nor? Thorn-* F. Phnkct. of PlttsQcld. Secretary of Stale?k. (), i'rince. Treasurer?Nathan Dark. Attorney General?S. O. Lamb Auditor?Moves Pete*. Resolutions were adopted endorsing the Boralnntlona of McMellan and Pendleton and approving the platform of tho'bo Ago Convention, ag cmbodvlng tbe only efiective way of restoring the I nion and i-ccuring a permanent jieaee. ine Convcntloe was largely attended, and the proceed logs were characterized by much enthusiasm. The Connecticut Republican State Con vention. I llARtroKD, Bept. 21. lt-64. The Republican FUte fonrentlon met In this citv to day and nat largely attended and harmonious, .foht T. tVaite. f Norwi h. John P. Utoo, of Waterourv; Jaa O. Betters'c, oi Hartford Samuel C. Hubbard, of Mulct e lown I iibio L -avies, of Killlngly, and f . A. Beniamin of Stratford, were nomioated ag Lincoln and Johnson elector*. Tile Rhode liland Democratic Mate Con vention. . ,, , ? Paov lower, Sept. n, 1264. Tbe National I nlon -late Conveotmn met here to day ' olcne. Van/ardt. of Newport, presided. lbe tallowing gentlemen were nominated as Presidential elector* ? Messrs Robert B Graneton, of Newport IVni S. slater of Smlthficld. Rows Habcock, of W'erterly, and gime.B Hetry r.rrere, of Warwick. *ew Tork ( vngrrxlunat Tomtnillcni. Bovb, N V., Sept. 21. if<4. The Hop Addison R. I afltn was ibis sllsmn i. ncrr.t rated ?s I o on candidate tor Congress ,n the Twentieth r OEgressionsl district. Pot our arrant. Sept. 20. IBfld. John H Keichsm. colonei of ibs'ine Kindred ?rd Fiftieth New York State Volunteers, was nanunoufiy I nominated <nr Congress by the Inloo Congre??tc;n..J ton i Tent ob he'd here to-dsy 'I Via <4,uota of Anbni n Killed. Acgcnv, N. Y , Sept g|. ism | ivery town and wsrd in the I weniy.rourib ongrra I IIOOA d'Slru t has filled l? (ptCIs ot the lirei fs'l ef t|e I 1 resident tor f.Oh.tkk) met . Jo quit* a Bomber of the I tow i s I here Is an exc< r*. | t oreaert' Inqmcato. | Tor Acotrvar to Miwe Curs own?Vsanrt ot t svou ao - ( or'.ner Wlldey yesterday held an inquest on the body e M se Marv f. Llifiord, tbe young wt-men wbe fell through ' iT?e hatchway ef Herr ng * safe manufactory eoraer of Hiid?i n acd West thirieebtb strsete, on M"?dey eveting. , and died fron. the efiecutof the injuries. Hie u?t mony ' showed thai the hatch on the fourth floor, through which deceased fed. was entirely epprotected, and always had teen n en unsa.'e cotiHI'i a. Mr Cher lee T. Porter occq. pisd e portion of the premises. The jury rendered tbe following verdict ?"Tbet Mary II. l iifinrd came to her ream 'rom injuries received by fet'leg through the hao-h . wa* l rem tbe fourth to the first floor of a hn ld n* i rtn- 1 I ied by Bilas C. Iierring k Co and <' T. Porter, .er if Budsor and West Ib'rteeoth slrseia on the loth ' day of September, 1864. We would een* Allan C. Her- i r ng h i.e. and f'hariee T. Porter for said bstcn way to Bmstn >n an unprotected erd daiirereue o*? dBlon ?' The parents of deceased I ve at 408 West sts teenlh itreat, and not at 27S Wast Thirty eighth street, as previously reported. ivnrmia Fatal Hrntwry Ca^paltt.?At a late beer est Tuesday algbi a man, whneo aetss la uebaowa, walked aboard the berge Pffrrson, foot of Warrea street. North river, ead white crneetag the host fhll through the open hatch, and etruek on hit head. Heath meet Beve resulted almost tnetently Beeeased was about forty years of wore almost Instantly Deeessed was ahout revty jm age. and had tight sandy hair and whmkera. H? dark pants and veal nod gray coat. Oh hie right IR printed m fadia mk, were a aprsad sagM atd the ward r-friendship. ?' Poceeeed appeared to have been e see fhrtng man. Coroner Raaeey was BOllfled to bold ah IBs PETERSBURG-. ALL QUltT ON THE APPOMATTOX Object of the Late EUbet De monstration. DESERTIONS riOK THE KNEW?, to.. to. Mr. 8. 0?dwalUdcr'? D?tp?tfh. Oitt Boarr, 4ept 20, 111) PIT* flR|(jAI>HB OF KKRSM AFTVR ?>W* POOK O* Vherumoru of a rebel attaok oo (be left of our line at the W eldon Railroad eight before iaa( were wUolty un true, and originated in the return of the rebel cavalry to Sycamore cburok. No* aatlnSed with baviug driven olf two thousand four hundred and eighty-five excellent beef oatUe out of a herd containing but two thousand four hmidrtd and eighty-six, Ibee marauding raacala bad no noooer got tbem safely beyond the Black water, and re pulsed our cuvulry soot in pursuit, than thuy impu dlately returned to the erasing ground witb fourordve brigades, and spent thirty six bourn in search of the ooe m?id m .* ?.*" Vut ** this tfr,>w lhB u,*t velioua aud lucredible a tor lea of yenterday morning. nm . . , owner or THi esscm. umclal Information wan received at headquarter* about midnight of the 18th. that toe rebei cavalry wa* I aiJd <H,r fofo?" w#re J'M'OMd accordingly. During tbo forenoon tney were reported at Sycamore Church, eight or ten miles distant, directly down tbe river, In toroe. Scouts came In repeatedly with tbe same iQfocmation. until mere was no longer a doubt as ?'!? !ru^ 6r#Rf'R and kaut/'s cavalry dirUioDi art i in their trout, but probable unable toxuler battle safely | as none bas been given The object tfJMLr speedy and i to us unexpected return may have KBffie acquisiiion ol more beef, but is more likely a 4H)nnstraiioo to an noy us. or to clonic more importui.t operations el.-ewhere There are no otuer iiorla of cattle for them to drive ! *?ay "? thai legloa. ueitlier is it thought possible for them to maiutalu their deUsut attitude in that location I many hours longer without beim, irremediably cut ofl' and oaptured A forceof miaotry suifieleot lor that pur pose was (leiached to co Oj-erato with the cavalry ve-ter day, and ibis mornlug's report will probably place .uem saiely beyond pursuit. OCR RPMIL! AT10W. I - But Is It not humiliating that, after all the marctrng and Ugliting of tbiHcimpaign, the enemr should still be able to outwit and outright us at so vital a point as tbrn Outwil us m being able lo rule, live brigades strong booted nod spurred, lo our very doors with >ul detection' and outflght iih when discovered. and drive away their lowing booty by e?ay bta+?04, uuildr tbe very eves and coses or our tauagrv cuvali ynif>n, whohe ruuttis must bavo watortd at tbe Mght of tbo recoiling byevos. The minifying feuturo of all i? that information was given un two days before of tue inionded raid and the compogitiou of the command. Unusual vigilance has been exercised everywhere aloDg our lines an ce the raid The Fifth corps was un der arms for a day or two, and the troone at this place wero nleo on the qui mve. But the rebels have probably accomplished all, and moro, tbau they expected to aud are now on their way to Dixie again. THE TENTH CORPS. i?Ir. Thomas M. Coo I*'a Denjio.tehee. HetoqraKTsits, i rstii Arrct Corps. bept. 10, 1861 ait Qtfirr on thi trroHtrTOx. The tedium and monotony of siege life has settled upon this coroe, in common with the other cnrjn of tbo com bined armies operating agnioet Richmond, and the occa sion presents Itself once more of reporting daily the ste reotyped expression, slightly altered?ill quia* or the Appomattox. HCKST SIRING?A liOOO JO*R. On the right of General Birncy's l-ne a good under staudiog exists between the pickets of the two armies, and no useless firing Is indulged ia. But on tbe extreme left, sod in frool of Moll's division, of ttie .second corps which recently captured a p rima of the rebel picket line?tbe p'rkots are extreme./ hostile, and larg# amount of ammunition Is constantly being wasted lo harmless tiring. At times toe front line becomes go hot in this to callty that it is really reckless lor a mau to show his head above the trenches. Throughout the night of Sat urday tbo firing was pirticulsrly The Twentieth Indiana?a veteran regiment, formerly of the Third corps?bad been gent on the picket lios, and, boiog degi roua of a litlie sport, took a drum with them. At a lap hour in the ovouiiiR tha lo.ig roll was briskly bounded upon this drum. The enemy, scarcely a hundred yards away, supposed, of course, a charge was to be mads upon thorn at once, tiloepors were ir .u-ad. the reserve - were brought up, their trenches fully maimed, and ? vigorous discharge of musketry and urtlilory commenced and c ntinued for more than an hour?a< nothing Our men lay quietly behind their works and laughed at lhe rumpus they had so readily kicked up iu the rebel camp l'h result was nobody hurt OHSKKVANIV Of TTIK 8AIUIATB Vestorday both armies seemed dis-cosed to observe the Salibath, nod oom urative juiet reigued a'ong the entlr ? line throughout the day, in tho evening, however, picket shooting was resumed on Btrney's le t and In front oi Mott, which continu -d thro-igho it the u?ht quite briskly. B?K VICT Mr I OR l-.RNRKAL <i I' VSIIOM norr. Brigadier (.eneral tier-bum Mott, formerly and lor a long time commander of the famous jersey Brigade in the I'trHt division of the old Third corps, has recently re cetved his commission a- brevet major general for men torious services reuderod ihroughout the late arduous campaign of the Army of tho I'ot ma . Turn is a very complimeruiry acknowledgment of a very capable and gallant officer General Mott has been identified with the Army of the l'otmnac a.must since ita organi zation, having brought to It a lull brigade from his native Mate, which he commanded as the senior col. nel. He has participated tn ali tho cam pa gos and battles that hive marked the hiatory of tbe war 10 Virginia, and Ins record, closely identified with thai of tbe Jersey Hiigade.has n?en nniformly praise worthy, lie was wounded at thos?c nd Bull run battle, and was soon alter promoted to the rank of brigailor general for gallant conduct on that occasion. At Fred orlcksbnrg, w ith Ms brivode, he took a distinguished pari lo the operations of .sickles' division, to which tb? I brigade belonged At i haocellorsvlili- be was again wounded, after loading bis men through tlm hottest o( the tight. At Gettysburg he was particularly men 11 -ued, a* on foimer occasions, for gall ml services. i'nroiighuui the campaign from lbs Rappahannock to the James hehad comm ind cf a division of the-ecoiid corp-i?lbs division | 'ormerly commanded by Hooker and Sickle- in tbo 1hird cori a- and ror bts services In tlm protracted and arduous i i ampalch has now been rewarded by the rumplimnnury I rack above stated He now commands all that remains i cf the old Third corps?Hoolf'-r's -'"lii Aoard'?now re duced lo a small division. It is n division of veterans the survivors of as heroic a hand as ever went forth to bailie lor the right?v hose services embrace the entire duration o< tbe war whose killed and wounded are ten time* more numerous than the survivors, and whose his tory will fljl the brightest page in tbe reco ds of the re hellion. They could oe assigned no more appropriately than to tbe command of an officer who h,<r shared with them all their marrhev. battlen and campaigns, MIMI-LlKXTTATiT OKI-E* -RUM t rJIBRAL tU.SI 0<?K, in this connection It is Att n? to give tbe following cornphmentsry order of General Hancock In referenceto the recent brilliant movement of this division by which a portion of tbe rebel pi ket was surprised and cap tured:? c?r ?Aii onn ???so. Sc. IIkaimji'aaikm. Bk i so Ar-sr Conn. ( w Bih-kx Cun.-miu.. 9-pi. i7. I.-SH. > ri.? ?? or General Commanding take- ,rr.i | eatore la eiprrssiug W the oniuaoU h . arnUI <4ii,.d wltliiae good ? oedii t or tbe troops rnsaged .n the .u- cea?ful affair -rihe , morai ng of iba luih inn re.u nng n me ib.lrnlemenl and ' piureola Oh-id- r*b e periion el the enemt'a piuRel ine, 1 * n iisd ror a long time teen In too luae prnilmltr 10 our I I B*.V ? '* ,,0"r? Imni'-dlHtelT . rgaged ware the Nieeiv nmm reun.yivanla volunteers Coien* I R lea command.tig. sod ibe Tweoiieu Indiana Votrn'rers sn.l s.uond I'm ted I Ma e, M,ari n.oote-,. under L e uenam Go one Mlekel, all ct i-eeera. lie Trob. tanC sbrigui*. of Mo Fa itivi?(oe. 4""r*' ?' 't. wbo directed the whole opernllon. and ?o -.oners De riobrtand, who was particularly charged u ?, n it? eiecunop, and to ihe etficeis sod men er the r-gl ? etiu' ireul eoed he ll.anks of the Ma or General are nc I '*?' ed Greai ere.tit la a ?o due to Cafta ii W if. Harrower, I F gtity elilii New Vork \oluitleer*. -'omrrandlfig the p 'Set I cur ng toe follow m-nighc inder whose d'-ection tho new ;tne waa airen.thened i>nd proiieeh . onne. ieit, lie Ms or (leners ommaiu ini! rm -ol- regreta the Ceaih Of lenan Cclouei Miel.e. tw.niieth In lara, , ai Lie uensnt F later Meet- ninth Pennsylvania Voiun ?evrs also lbs weankiug and i>**tb ? f a nuinoer of brave " ' sr. ar,,; ,, it,rc Tt osa men oho became defatted it or eg the night re | n an..,n? ihe er.einy a | .una during ho loT.'owlug cay, r?r.,?ng (0 *. rrenaer and raiurning 10 -he r command ni n i ni are thought worths ef i artu ntar mem r>n Hv orOsnera: Ba VFtb'K. ? I iV'io.s ( aflain and Acting Aae-alani Adjalant General ? MlllRil ( em ra s Hat, cck Ms ane. Hutler ai clGrsnr bavc nulled 1r reci rr meiol ng Mnor f.enerni Btrrey lo the appoiel n #nl nf hr gadler general th the revulse armv, with eepe?l?| rtlereoc* to tbe bandscme ai-rt efi.e enl in which he hnnr'ied h'h n.f|e the Tenth? In tha recent afia.r at lieey Bottom ? nei<.savins. Colonel >ba'er, t'hief ot PtatT to Majo' Genera' But'er, has resigred h'e conimmelcn anil mil ?" v,rih imioe d'Bte y Hie rawignation ta generally regre* ted through o..l lh?ormirand Hsanvrahtnes, Taarn Aanv Cont-e, -<erl. 2f. IAS*. r* sings* or rna sum.a. Nothing nf slariling iniereet hen occurred ?uaoe my ian* deepaiob trem ibw line yet (he tregr?#s of the a-eg* of Petersburg daily develnp* me ideals that are in lereaaing I* Ik* general public. sew aaatt aamnv. Rnrly yenferday afiernne* Ike rebel* apnned a tew bat tery IB 'rent ef ike Tenth onrpn, treated a mil* I* tun right ef the n*r* Hcuee, carrying a seven mob Brooke ekell. 11* plea* It mounted m > wAmk and se range* as In enfilade a eonnWarakla portion of Birnay'a left wing. Tke rakala fancied to aurprlea us witk thle big W, %?!. o? KM MMfkry, ?f krli!lor|gU ?U ooglneork tad been "iformed / its location 'or awysraf ?ad had um'ty completed preparations it reuuteraot >3 uw>i uii^B w ma ratio's. if uol destroy i| already ? batu^y of aMtr pieces m hi poetUi.o la open ? >'re? Or* I ou chu k.i? 8i,d 8*,9op Ll,? -ut-ol trosebos ffiiti the rebel* opeu-vt yesterday' th* htffc* had not iwtt ?. oiiyrej l?i,( me t,peM,.(i ijK,a it t?? furls Mortoa * kc.i *o Wirnoy 3 loft w. 13 -o D01 and dmuesiug, as 10 ou;upal rUa rouel* ia cense. Last u.glit 1 tin covering of J',, II , ilit*ry wak removed, and to day ;h? aioBe?w will p.obably ?? koockei ?w(tr , ? . "'dn.m r,)M rat typtrr <tr n m B,'ln e-nec'aliy ->o th,*.- port* ?L , r - !" ta" w lightest. v, *?? ? 11 i oner 1' Hirnfc.'IH'l tb* MO?,r,J f,"ni th?ceuae In freat ?i i.uoer.i tln.iiy r line ioa, ,Dev ,0 (arda* cliauaed u>a iK -"?r f "suti'd Uu wuh it,?", rabloo.portim.ty for desertion. and . ?Mu, 11,,^ a* tal ?wiablislied, with drier in;. net-on, t0 lh? p!|!?? toTS upon anv man lb*', attempts to rrowa u ThU norruw ruport from our pirkot Iidm show. th&i th? urns-urea am unirall.b's to check ii.9 .uinJoi? ? the aiokiog *hip "?empaae fr .at Recent lo-orlcr* report tl al Hoke'v dir'a no wuich ? f?w day a ago was withdrawn fr-un uir I root and srot la tne right ol the rebel lino. h?a i?e?u quietly sent baok and ta now tnasnail 111 a rav oe m .lohuttqo'e rear vhe object ol th e strange movement la tat purolv * oiiHa of conjecture oh am' an m ma trir,. Tbe staff of the Tooth cor. a baa been materially changed since the assignment of M? < r General Ihroey to the command of tbe corps, and m oow iun( offleotlt* ?tiuounced aa fo lows Lieutenant Colonel L'dward W Smith. Assistant is jutant General Lteutonwat Colonel R H lecfceoa. Aasislant (nspeoter General and Acting Chief of Artillery Suigeoo Robert K. Smith, Medicai Director Assistant Surgeon T L. Janewiy, Medical losiiectew Ma or John C. Heehaw, ,'udge Advocate ? Major J C. Briscoe. Aid do Oath;,. Major 1.(1. Warbury.Cbiel of Topographical Kagioeem Major A. H. -Stevens, dr , Provost Marsha;. Captaih C. MacMicbael, Aid dei'amp Captain Charles H Graves, ARKiataot Adjutant GenerML Captain O. W Rradley, Acting < lirnr tjoariermaeter. Captain 1). H leutz, Assietant Qunrterma<ter ( ftptaiu C M Robiurt, Acttug (iiief C'<omtni88ary of Ruk aiateuce ^CiptaiD J B, Dandy, Assistant Commlaaary of ?Subeht' Captain K. I- Cord, Aid-de-Can.p Captain Cbarlos Noble, ,lr , A d ds Gimp. Captain George K Howard, Acting trdioa ice Dffleer l.ieutenuiit Paul Brodin, Signal Oflirer I.ieotenont William 1*. Sb^ey*. (loinriitssarr of Muelena I.leuteuaut 1<1 L. Pbilllpr, Arnbo aioe itfli.-er. MSW Kttv.IUUMT 01 MbKUWOTlM. Major J Briscoe, above announced .is senior il l-dw oaitip, im ti present abieni ,n I'liilndplpbia, engaged lh recruiting the second regltneut of Hiroey sb,irp>bootees lor this corps, of which M^jor Brlscoo will be upietiutta colonel. He is uucceO'liog mimirabiv, llndiuj no trouble in getting at' the men lie wants, wine.t bun the opportunity of maltuur bis elections with gioaier caret These regiments are beu>i. raised under speci A aulliorlljr frotn the Secretary ot War. and wtih ihe sanction eg tbe Governor of l ennsylviuila. The lecrutl are rcquirta to jiaas the abarpsbo'der test, as fi.iablu.nd by tho War Departn.oc.t, uud tbe o(Tieerg are selected with the utmost care with ;i view of niakiug the command all Mi name designates. It is designed to be u select uud pees feci corps lor skirmish and picket duty. The (latterlwg repututirn Major ttrisc >e bus won as a stall officer in tta Army of tbe Potomac gives great attraction In itself (? recruits an excess of three hundred uieu raised lor tta (trst regiment have been turned over by Colonel Moero to Major lirls 00. It is expected that the secobd will bo full by the 1st of October Maior Briscius's lieadquartetw are 10 Philadelphia . xper.enced officers desirous ef eotaring a branch of 0 service that prom.soe an abu? dance of excitement, with the uunsual chances for disttbM tnw, will do well to oommuuicate with him. Tbe Washington Despatch. WsHutNOTOv, Sept. 21, ISM. Information from the Army of the Potomac is to tta effent that nothing of importance hi3 oocarred for Um past three or lour days The attack of the euemy expected on Mioday did MS take place, although from indications it was believed thai the rebels seriously meditated an assault. .varceiy % shot bail beoa board along tbe lias (ta twenty four hours. Numbers of deserters were coming in daily, hut thta brought 00 news. " General Grant's Confluence. The Army and Mauy Journal of last week says "Ita koow that the Lieutenant General believes be has Um eoeuiy tu bis grasp Wc do not speak Irom idls-rumors, or from conjecture founded 00 speculations upoo hit movain' uts Whatever momentary dash of aespoudaow? may have crossed him once has gone " REBEL ACCOUNTS. Stirring Scenes Expected on the Wiidea Koud?An ASvancr Ulartr 011 the Urbta lainr bust h of Hrtrryburg, Air. (I rom tho Petersburg Kcylsier, Sent Iff.] At an early dour yesterday Warren's (Fittn Yankee) corps, having leit their works In the virinit, of the Wtf don ifsiliotd, advanced sod liroko through General Bog. Icr's lines bidow poplar Mpring church. Golonal f?. Ok Korebee. oominauding General leirlug's brigada, reek ihem, and, utter ttglituu' thrm tor lour hours with vary ing success, finally repulsed theui with considerable loon lhe enemy succeeded in reaching ' oplar Spring churok. and threw up brei.tworks at that point, but were c >?s peilod to abandon them Gur loss in tbe afiatr ww small. The enemy lost a Dumber In kii ed and wounded aw# several prisoners. These prisoners report thai tblf movement was an attempt on Ihetr part to advanee their linos in the direction of tb" Soutb-lde road, aud tbe faok that breisiworks were thrown up st I'oplar bpriM church would seem to tudicale that such was tndssl their ob e t luc enemy established s vidotte post st tbe intersse tioo ot the Vuu.'ban sod Poplsr Spring Church rostag wbicn is now their most advanced point o occupation, Moetiug with such stern and vigorous opposition, ae4 finding that they were ebicrlng u|>on dangerous grouaC the Vankers, alt"r their r- pulse by Colonel Kercbee, r#. lirod to thsir old position, and our original picket Haw was re-established. I' plar ,-prine church Is situated In Dinwiddle conntpL between tbe \sughan and Movdton plank roads, tbota two mile^ we?t of the Weldon Katlroad, and teissss three and (our miles south or tho city. in military circles it is boliuved tbst this advsnce ww only s recunnotssaoce to feel the streoktb and position S? our lori e?~a q lesilon iiix.n which, or course, we, as otrtt ians. cannot projierly decide. On other parts of the lines matters wore comparatively quiet vestorday There w is considerable picket firing M times, but lees than the usual cannonading There wee no shelling of the cliy. The v g rous bombardment M which vra were suli.;ecled on IVodnesday will probabtw satisfy the enemy for s day or two. THE LAKE ERIE REBEL PIRATES. Capture of Part ot tlie Piratical Geay bv Commaadrr Carter, or the I'nlted States Steamer Mlrhlgas-ilt or tho Band How Prisoners on Johnson's Island, dee. WaanuvflTOjr, Sept. 31, ISM. Commander Carter, of tbe United States steassta Michigan, has telegraphed to tbe Secretary of the Navy, dating off Johnson's Island to day, coocsrnlng the captwn by pirates of the steamers Parsons and Island Queen. Ho says, they were pursued by biro, and that be baa got Iks principal agont prisoner on board, and many accompltatak lis adds?"All Is well and sere at present. The object was to capture the steamer Michigan." It further appears tbst Colonel Rail has six of tta pirates )>arty on Johnson's Island. IMPORTANT FROM THE SOUTHWEST. Flltht on Little ltocfe River, Mo?Son* ranlrsllon of Rebels in Arksssas Pro* psrstary to Invading Mlssosrl, Re. Sr. Ix)cis, Sept. 21, ISM. Despatches to heacqusrtsrs sanounos thai a fight SM curred on the lBtbst the I'owder Mill, on tbe Utile Roeh river la Sontbeart Missouri, between s detachment of tao Third Missouri militia, under I.ieuteesnl Coper, and % portion of Sbelby't command. Our loss was Iwealy killed and wounded. The rebel loee is unknown. Founded prisoners report Price end hie whole arsny ta T'ocabontae, Arkansas. (>ne thonssed rebels are reported at Chalk Bluff sad four hundred at Kennsti praparisg to attack BloointaM* Stoddard county. >balb.v waa raportsd si Powbatse, Arkansas, en tta. 12th with from four thousand to eight thousand man. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. The Splendid Victory of General Shash dan's Farces In ihn Shenandoah VaU ley?Map of the Scene of Operation*-. 1 he bates! War Sears?The Lalsil In telligence from ha rope, dM., dha. The stcaravbip iicesi Queen, Cork Sssbnry, all', iaava this port on Pndsv for Asptowsll. The mails for (astral Amarlsn and lbs South Paclta wi 1 close at half-past tan o'clock te-mprrow mormag. ! The N?w Yusa HahaiP? Fdltloo for the Paolfta?will ha ready at hap past nine o', look id the morning, and wil ?main lull particulars of General Sheridan's grenh( Victory over the Rebels, under General Early, In that Pheeandoah valley, vasnltlag in the eonplais Rout of thm Rebels, with Uis Iotas of Plflesa Baitlo nags, PtW riecss of Artillery, and hstwssn roar end five " iiw| prisoners. with n Msg of the Scans of Operations, tta I steal reapatohas from lbs I n Inn Army near hlni burg, Vn>, and from tba Union foveas in all parka sf tta country; Important Movements of the PolMMtaas ta regard la the mating Presidential Rgetlea; Uts *tf Tmportnnt Inialligenos from tamps, tad rsporh sf dl tntsrsstlsf svaata of the past tan ghya. ?ingls wptsn, la wtRPpsn, fta4(tar wllta.taMta

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