Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TvrMiui.aapt r-4 p. m the aeprees ion ef yesterday was Mia more marked m ?kt ftoonh Kxchaaga till* morning. The market opened dull, and a general decline took pineal the trst board, aj oompeted vttt the latent quotations at Yaduasday's (MOStod board, trie declined New York Central),', Hudaon River %, Reading 1, Mtek gnu Oendral 3, Cievn land ud rut* >>urg Ctucag ? and Northwestern Mchigae Southern J?. Jllmoto Coolral jig, Chicago and K ?k Island *. rort **Tat ttf. Caotoo Oomgauy Cumbar'aod mll'i, Ohl > and Mlafcifipp. oemkatea H. Martpoaa Atlantic Malt advaaoed 2^. Government securities ware steady, but Inactive. Coapoo iivc-t aautlea anvane.d H a 1%. < oupoa sixes of lsgi a era statutory; registered sold at 106: Sevan and three-tenths treasury d?i?# declined V one year earn Boater advanced Jq. There was a sua Jt United States sixes of 18b7 at 136. Mata stocks ware doll, but tit.idy, and the following prtcea were bid ?T<nco.-*ee ti's 69, Missouri ti't 06).' a \ Hannibal and 8t. Joseph Issue 86, Indiana d's 90, Virg.nia 0'a 63, North Carolina 6's fiu. Railroed bonds were Brm Bank, mining and coal stocks wore quiet. At the second board lLa market was weaker. Tbere waa a further decline of *? in Krie. X in Badscn River, 1* In New Torfc Central, 1 in Rtmding, 1 hi VUchtoaa Central, H la Michigan Southern, X mIllinois central, \ in iWt W^jroa, \ m Rock Island nnd >; in Alton and Terra Hauto. Government securities declined a fraclioe, axcofitiag one year certificates, which advanced V After the call the market for rai iroed shares continued decreased. Cold opened weak this morning at 221'{, and said stesdiiy down to RlSJlf ? which was the quotation at four P M. lha money market ia easy to stock houses at seven per oent on cull, under the limited demand for money coupe, quest on the ascendancy of the "bear" party, which deiora outside operators from venturing on lha market, nod diminishes the volume of bosinees accordingly. In the discount line there is Increasing stringency, however, owing to the decline of prices, in sympathy with that of gold, and the caution which this produces on the part of Vendors. There is very little paper made or oQertng Ju l aof?, arising from the curtailment of credits. The ratea range from nine to twelve per cent, and outside of the regular .>tark< I they are still higher. 1 oraigo eXcb inge is dull, with a downward tendency. Baukera ask to!*.Sterling 109 a }?? iraucf arc quoted at 6.10 a 18 The course of golC promises to be still further towards Its real value in rc.Vtlou to the currency. S me of our on temporaries, we o\>erve, appear to labor under the belief that tbf. should ,>e upward Instead of downward; hut this is obviously a mi?'t*i-e of j adgmtat or partisan ithip on their part On the .xtock Exchange a tact.'^7 ''brokers' market" is likely to prevail tor the next weeks at lean The natural tendency will be drooping lh" ?cca?ta?al reactions will be from one to two or tin ^ Por Cf:nt "nlT, except Id iudii o[ tbe miscellaneous stoc^' ukllc'1 gre held sod manipulated by cliques, and which ':r0 'lj cri tcrioo 01 the state of tbe general market. ^ # Some of tboM Interested on the' 'near'1 side u* -*h? market revived to-l?v tbe talk about I ho prospect <.N another loan being Boon placed on tbe muikct. but this rumor, ae we saidjwnoapt.was tirst whispered, is without any present bast* In fuct. and tbe probability Ifl that no now loan will oe placed en tbe market until after the Presidential eleotlon, It being the desire of the udmiots tra'ion to keep the money market easy and avoid checks upon trade }>en<liu? thai event. For tbe same reason It wtll not be likely to regard with satisfaction the decline of gold below a point where it woo Id c.mee hav> c among nc.reliant" and others who are holders oi stocks of goods purchased at the b glr prices aetec* lent u> ti e recession of the specie premium. lbo suppression ni the weekly statements 01 the national debt u ultnimta'j.o to tbe "aine disposition to court popularity by blinding the peopie as much as pos-ibie to tbe state of tbe Dlscc1.i1 situation, sua making ihe way iroocth cutll election cue. In tbe course of ec?e gene ' l reai rks mode a few | weeks ago we mentioned rr.ixy pc'Sii:., miluun . pt ir.e incer.ointy atteud'rg the ho!.i:-.\ :n ' tare ?. i j Pnat.clal future of the country, h d erred u cons -'.?- I rablo portion Of tbo'.r wealth to Lapland, there to be in I voated uud ramitr, !?D(ii'..R Uie Eetti' ir.cnl of tbo I ties hero. MiS?re. Barttif Pretherf Jr Co. rre pr 'nab y the l<rpest curtodiins of this Iceland pio;x:rty; but rn >- I ucy belonging in Aa.etliuis, both'ern end i-otitl' j ?ro, ib distributed on defoftt o~er a flajtt,..! ( in Ftripe. The firm LCEtierxd lonn or.a o j those depofiUrtas of U "eV. truss i.rid* wfiirh ! Mr. Chess was so remark-' It : r.-t if creating, j a.;d which ?'proclivity''eu i i pa:; ??.; ?? ev leu ? t? a ? crop of national bo Dies which have i. -.e . ,:fty .iiilifons P to the currency afloat, a d ?oirh ?;vro-;sto coj.-at,-..' | on li e lr.rreuse, the evil of vital,.;' u< w net ks of tty f tunc kiuu e otic rai. meiaJv ??- ?er : J j law. We dv not know rXRct" corr ly.ict. tl annus h d of nrionc he ongisg to this i;ovc.umetit, aailwiv-iber j ? ?ay 'ta Ci ;ii j.Jso, AtUuto,, ,<?Uy do a :? ? ?. *? , otf'"i t'ey with ceetnlcty?, l>ui vre remember th-t not '/; long (^;o j-pd g.rce tue ret i\"o#Qt of >1 .' it- j fr m/ to Uils subject vrc* /? J*' . ,.tl v rco t'd that u > "tie ia the Triplet i j <t tie s.ate t. tn;*' ? r> ? pert tn* nt knew any that* of beitr-v- the f?*erwn?at nod the En liH'i b ? A ill .i llr.iu ltd It 11? *' Ul" ^'wei ?: * rather >iw. i thewciirc ? t - the J United -tntee w be plsoed in wcr ^ lu%t Mr. -..hue i hat tl.od, w- a?d tl)* recur.? b? ^ paruhe 1 tri'.h iiltn ntvi > does at y one c. t? 1r-?n? ^ r,f; irtfn,?t know now brw 1 ".Ue *00 unt J( j, ,ne txisin.-.i the .lOaaJfy ?>bartt"?at ic \0? ^ ^ of its ?V J fctorosU, i id W lad o see tr.o r y~ (4 loU C;;verL:oect Itoet-U.* Urge amou t- </ (rtc:0 00 dc, (?lt )D tawofX!. Tbe-e w u'd Ue ,C "? od inn .0 keeping nr. accomt there in r>. rl.U'1, lin t,* for V.- 1 lie '?! -BO .vmcnt of our iiiiDiuterg or l con n *; but for any oihcr purpose tt.o policy i* absurd lod nnjnslihabla, and ? *?1 ijitnig It 'fce government imii. t'a the course of tbo:o privet? Individuals who stand in fear of coming events. vie, bo mo-, er, merely refer to ibis catcally, and to ?h >w tba' bec iurc tbe govtri.menl KiStie ;ns its '? uroj.cso bankers lUe example ken tcc? folic v cd by ?perrons ir tbil country ncxiout to ?.'?? t oru 'tb ng oeyona al cot.tingtnc.e!!. TbS amoent of mousy tiuu lyi g t j toe credit of Aaiertcicca .a r-'ro'o la far greater tban it generally suppoded. It was not aunt hnace In all oases to tbo f vni of exchange or cf gold, bat of produce | md other n?"i rbatidwe, the proceeds of the sais o.' which i were to remain oo deaposlt there a* directed. lbi?of course icn .-a to an uunataraily great nemind for foreign j escbau.c bare, tLr return P w hemgi'lmin jedac-sid , iag to lb? extent of tbese Anier -.aa de;?n*its abroad and ] thi* bad mi bio do with sustaining gold at tbe high ! premium it baa Rood quoted al; for tbe demaud '.or ib;:?- ] menl to meet exchange ?uid bare on apec>il?tiMa was >r along period far id exc"k? or tta .egitsma-a amount, taking thio consideration the atp rts a- against tbo itn I-, rts it t- was induced by tbe jlortuy to;.? ? 'hepubg lie uiind, arisiug from tbe abaem e of tn hlary cucceaacn ?mr Ride Proof of tbia Is llbriN by the fact that, wbe.i tbe military bori?<<o g->iw ciearer and tlia hopes of tbe at i io revived, tbe export* of apooie dedtnad to tbe r natural level, Audf now the state cf the finances of liroat In iivia, and tbo itsccoro barlr on v.hlcb com oieroo u see*. to rcfat there, bave ofecinelly put a au?ji to si) further export* from tills country for purp<"f? of deposit in ? iroph- Indeed it would not be cxagneri.1 u* tbe state o. the a,?e to say that tbe peo ple wbc were most anxious to send their wealth away a few month* ago are now far more envious to gst it back; and it is not improbable inn a return gow of gold will take place from thin very ?* <?e. We can at tbe leaet qi 'lit an insiHXioc ia ; oim ?t.?r?: * man bant of tbls c.tjr ai* oo deport* ia Jxr, Wn a sum eqoiva.eot to grty thousand pounds ateri og and be baa Met teatruo ttoo# by tbe steamer which ?* lad fr< as tbls port ysjter day to bars It rsmittsd back, tn New York bntnsJlately. (l >w I mg, however this aspect of public affairs r? cuter ?>ds of tbe ocsan may eootlaue witboit moduli tuou it would be bard to sar; but fnr tbe tono bewg tbe cellos may eartaioly ha coogratuiated upon its Improving proa, pacta, military and financial; and these, we need hardly aboervs, ara more iicaly to uruMrgo further Improvement than the rerura.i. Tbe buaiaeve at tbe Piib?Trem>ury to ?)?y was a* fel towa ? Receipt* for $132,W> Koceipta rer (ovrrtimeit I .an fa.WK) I otai recetpl* ... 1.071,4?7 Total pay mam* 3 ,s 73,7 ?*!???? 23,050.003 Mr Albert H. Nteo.ay n? !?| at *tci.?m lbs following ?harea ? it aharad-Wny vsa-wii Tire Itwiranc* Oa , ?2' sack.. $?7 It l-eopio'a S Ira Inaur.ace u., t'O each W so I'stsr Oootier fiia loeurarirs (Xi gvoeai ii ioi II New .teres/ Zinc Oo., |too ?a?b. ? , lii? Tbe Mlnlag Heard aueuncer Ural ita tsasiona w. 11, till further oettna, lake plane al 19 Wan atrest A telegram from fteo franaiaco doted tbe ITtb Mtlnt, girea the fsilowlag qoetetlonv for mlalng atocka Ooold h Osrry ft ?'*> PnteM Ida rags 11W Oohtr ^ 1 were en fota?e ? I IV i \m. r i*? ?*r??a 26,408 the expi-rt during IM moo* period bu been:? 1804. 1MB. From New York, gallons..... 16.613,14* 14.607,-148 >rubi H-iston 1,1-4 1,3770.1 Krom Philadelphia 6,14*.767 4,396.b'.'6 Krutn il'iUmore 047,844 029.701 From IMrtUod 6,034 884,647 Total from Called NUM... 22,646,967 21,889.131 Vbe shipments or coal o??r Ibe Delaware, Lackawanna and IVeetern Railroad rot ibe week ending Sept. 17, 1864, compare wtib ibe aame lime lact s< aeuoo ai rollewt ? Wedk. Vtar. Tom. Oral 7<<m. <M. Shipped oorth v.Ot.9 90 248,709 07 Shipped south 20,746 12 TOO ,804 16 Total 29,al4 12 948,003 86 For corresponding. titue laet year? Week. Ttat, Tonf. i W. Tm>. (ho . Shipped oorth 6,t?j 04 281,612 07 -kipped south 17,662 U8 634.1X3 09 Total 81.441 07 8f-6,?T5 16 locreaae 93,928 09 loe importations and exportation), or epecie into and from Great Britain and Ireland daring toe Ural six moutbe ai the Fears 1662, 1863 and 1844 were as fol lows:? ixroHiTKua. CMd Hihrr. Grtd and Silvr, 1848 ?8.146,864 6,282,174 13,429,032 186 3 0,736,444 6,694,434 16.230,920 1844 9,239 202 6,440,923 14,080.126 * BxronTATiuna 1862 ?7,800,704 6,618*87# 12.919.138 18671 8,663,613 6,)2l>,74<> 14.830.3t;>.. 186 4 7,579,379 6,168.137 12,787,610 The cbier countries from which the gold Imported was sbirpod wore ? 1862. 1663. 16t 4. roited Slates ?7.214,031 .3 400,009 4,213.501 Aiulrulia 71,7149.411 2,6714,479 1.8Ht.3n7 Mexico, S. America, fcc. 1,760,272 2,102 977 2,070,416 ?and the silver-? Mexico, S. America, 4c. .?2,997.602 3,680,302 8,886,050 Tbe chief direction of the exports or silver wa.rae fol lows :? lodia&Ch;na, via hjrypt ?44164,166 4 4 36,844 8,176.953 The products <4 the mines ot Grout Urltata and ircUud In the year l.-ou were ? Frcxtuat. Quantify. Taint 0 >al. tons 8L63S.338 ?20,409,584 Tig irou y,'48,:0? 9,35S,W9 Zinc 2..'M ftO.i ?1 Silver, ounces S5(i,126 ISO-wi Lead, tons 69,031 1,43.1,24., Goppor. 14,3-61 1.4'..1.2-11 Tin 8,1,46 984 210 Gi ld, ounces 6,7130 28,^90 Other metals and tuicerals.. ? 260 |T?!S Total value ?3-*,,091 CJ7 ! The "Liverpool cot'an brokers' -circular of the CUh of September thus. retcre to the cc-nd uon of the I I ike caittu market baa been beariIf copres&vd by rumors front .'u. futfc of tip; r< sohtug po.vo unci too unsettled state <f the mcaey market. Too traoaactioos b,.ve bee n li.oitud.autl almost entirely couQnsd t; thu I supply of ibo imioidiate wants of tbe trade and cr I porters, and, 'be jpti during tbe lest two days nioro Cm 4 p sitiou co Ibe purl of buyers was ev,Uc :it to taku uJre .. ol tlio reduction In price*, tbe week r oes Irrofu lai "**. Wltu ? oucinie of about id. a 2u. per lb., tboa i vauct.V?rih0 b*ulc rata yo'tcrdar to 9 per eet.t checking nuv ton **^v 10 Improvement. In Atn-rkitt, t.'ice b..s been relet * Mr *m"i|ot M buetoesM, ehicfly for ex port; out quo ^na ,*?'0 r?r?tvtjod from l>,d. tod^d-mr it j or sea win v "ic den?ancl has o*ei very licuu'r! ,a prices nominally , cbs"f. ^ * 1 bee" uefrieotcu. and htfi ta?.. , J. r u~ nVu h*H a:so dee med about * ^ *",UV rHH H tiff a ted in tbe *?.??? do, ^ dwwnptn ? , leave manilesied preat aepraJ '"'V , ' - limited, ami. arrival-. be,.K let h *? V* ?u !,?>??"?? ? ? 1 suj erabnnda;.!. l air cott >n Is . 1 lower, but tbe inferior pr.oc. nave si. s-?, 'f', a_tsv j ly, while Sonde and Ti.-tigai c . o ,, v"' '' ' :' Ourti, n of 2d. lb Ta.ue. i'ne idle* 0!' the w tlrfilfiO bales, Including ^,219 o ? a:?eeni.iti-,n . <*?*? j clsrcd lor export, leaving ib.tOO baiut 10 Ibo tra >'* ?Erovine, Hbnter f. Co r Liverpool circular ?> .be w 5 ..-tecibcr cotieias the follov k>i tut. - iboCe u<:-. .'-r-x a- an auib< -Hy upon n.autre concern >4 ?' country ? J M st gladly would tM coi 0117 weit ate .> ton, unttion t of the war, .mi any u. tiotutl >nd.? ;n t to c.i ct ib s - '?t ? t would be t .atlly icct ivod. b ,t,. ' v* ??> v 1 1 .our 1 in Hi , 7siu,;ar? Ciu|iia a knot of minium;, nnlrfluertie!,, nut uttio confidence wad be f meitber m . tbur ^an.cstne: , or tl.oir ability 10 proratm: tho c*o?,> t-o . a t- teewefel ofue. not'vubitandltif the cAttraty ojmuch ?kprcf cd liy me<* v-rra .enu tn America. , Certain it is tlio rncrcubtile c .-mtas.utf" of ibi* country ^ owe tio tli.ickb to tic iaitdiag piuriMdiaua of otir uie iop ; lie; lor to c 1 , bout lb is War opiniote and p-m.rch itl'c* [ b >< e I :>uu wxpresaed quite at variance w;tb I ...ts a U j af er evc,.-i?, to the dtriuieitol trad* and 1 > ? eocoura,o f tn r.i 1 j-rc Jnctim-, u-.< ttistance n our liast'oi. p-osscs 1 siotir which bare sea* of cott-'fi sa much needed ler. r, an p*...i. Huppi-sct! under KM Cit<- rr.-lane.--' of on. I ut.-tcv. .. ;-i, uuu vv.vti a!1 tbaaucaau^t of p- i^t. - Vi U k 1: ?i* n s ?'i StocJa Uxvhsaxr ?;.< 3-; ' 1) a M. )D?ii do di r?*4 . J ^ , ? ?, r!" i.nt WU ... ! ' 2 ? v -M t iv>,. r-fi) ) li . .. .. .. 10's \K. S \ f It); 60.. .... Hi-. , i 10 . litriMn l Li 'Sr it It 11*. ib". . c? do*. ? il?? ? 1 v ? ftrt. . 2 -ii *Wi. . ? ill 1 -? 6 * I4>* 'Jil ,. 111 ^ Mi a (?*ri V S iftKt tio. M 11 L bk; 4D\ do .. s .1 1,. I IICI do -.-4 1 ?' 0 I 1 K<-7 lit. *C0 hit 1 L-DKrir *d t . .. 11. 1 90 V '3'a c 1st M * I o Pld n1 ui . . 123 me a ^ lit ~t Ubd Chi 4 NV> nc .v *> w 1-11 , >' I . W, ic r,' * v |?V. v- ' 1" A-nerteaa 1 1 ?..*.* ^ 19 1?U* #?. ? ? in 2^1 c m (V >.vtKte ?1 0 iind 4'h tn ?t t. Id . t 1OU ?JiJ U)! do h' 1U. 1 i > e'ni w. i .n Ameijc* led JkI >al ' ?%. UK VO 1 ?? ? r.f .1 1 100 5'.m -ic"n Tr t o * 1<*? 1". < r . tJ.K -or.? ) v t aS Mo'.rofK'.. ; 11 4?a'I o lis t?*!tl ?!?> I' .V) A h mrl-11 ? ftl I WV, ... <to *'?> til- | rot Cantou t'uar^Bi :vi t 1 ?> on -? I ' I li 0 1.0 V>: V< ?? do i ? . I 91 dn 'i -O' do 'In ? I 350 C imi) 1-onl pret - 11* SuO t ?? A l'.it* '-it MO 9- G6 a IvlUt ft .. in -00 "to h|i? <P Ml ii 1 !i , 1 O lit blJ b*i . ~U> do *50 Ilo I SOU <*??' b'O ??- W'CU" N W .. tO'L ?roil ?*o.. <*'?, 400 dn .Ml. ] UO do kV 'j- 11X1 i.i,,. *11 0 'Oil 4 ruericea < uol fo 90 f*<5 Chic k R TV picf.. V 41X1 .1 . bill '*1 -.0 ?W* V 1 5"i0 Quic-*i.v*r 51* t'.n i| Sill Clr* ^o' KB.. I OS (lo r"< " .1" It . ! 7 0 M-: < o ?-t', ;*? CJi'i .? It ? . I 15 I POO do <5 i.'O on 1 i 4(*o .10 .... is1* %:?r:s- t \%. 1 :im- .1: o ion do blO 1*5* - * do ..*15 IdJ aw do bjo i&yi "t 'lo .... i 5 IfXi Atlantic M .8 Co.. 1.2 "M do..... t>'" 1' U 500 it" ... if* I") Vlon A T t( KK. V. m do . IXb. Mn dn 5?'{ S'lNTf uirtl KH <io b." 57* WO 4n. till 124 '* CECUM' KU' D. Mi:.. /?* I wo i t o r 51 $10000 03 R'f. 91, coo. 107H 2t.0-li? K'MmiO Mi* \*> I ? 2500n do 11^75, KeOrtta* VR IIH. I0U00 C8 0 ?. 6-3u'? <ou IK'r, 3"tl no ,.*10 t :o CM*' ? 8 ti 0, ljfe.Jiroer !* 54hi dn l.'V, jint'iviwifi 90 59 loco do .... ,?l 1 . . ?'iiO OI.10 A M'?? cor 40'a too do I, SnthlU do M !P0 Xleh Central RK |.?i M -I'Imomi Cold SCO M'rb SAM nit Kit. V*1, lihi ?h? Canton < 0 b."0 33S 400 II *;? u i.K ?. n. i.X'i Ita*. Uumti'.iMl prof.... fci'.t 6U0 Ciov .4 rut* RJ. *0 lid 2tn ?io . . fc" 1 no do lie (XI do K WChtflRW BR B 7 Brio prof ft ""f d'hi ,v nw ro*..... 10O? * C4B BB....0II m Vilt'Ll A 1:* lol. KK ', I 200 ?"> 11? If" ?!?? M> Id". I ion do lOOCkic. I! r .i t in: U, | t"Q Krl* RR It ? *t? Pitu rtWAChl HR. in}-; 51*1 do .... W ? do .... A! Ij4)j S?l IJ'du n River Kb 1U'. 'iM 9"nn AT I'. 57 1 (IX) do.... 111!* M do..,. ..... 57^ J 10c do ?*0 III C1TW COnitlRRtUli HKPOttT. 7Reus ? ?t, itoyl. 2i? ??> I' >1. A?Hr?.- P.ocf'pii, C?7 bbl?. U?r*Tl 4ttlo tad prUm nofnioal. Bbrad#7t-*t?.?Rtoo!H?, 11719 bbir, 2.3M Ml*, ard lf?0 bogs mra mott, "I I'W buabcli wheat, 21 .?47 dr. rorn, 72,900 to. n*(i and m2 do. rye. lbo Upptooiioo of tbo r,? ir ourkct cooltatiod, ond|witb ori.jr a itmitid trade demaod prlc* of the low irttdes deellood f.e. air-c. 1 be expi i 11 rede <K>t>t'(iuei) ol a rtabd. (liippuro' linita being too low to ^icit of their execution Theaalee comprt'ed 9,000 bbtr Mate and We*Um, W50 "ontbera and SOD Unadiu. U rye flour we board of nt eilec. CXwn moal wan in r.od iw.nwt, wlUi *?ieo nf l.Hio bou. a? is a $8 10 for JerMyin d f? EOta f * HO for caloric and Bra> dyniae. ale; ?> jy ncbeoni tl $ b 50 IVe quote ? R?porftoePtalebB4l Woatern floar f? 4* a 0 45 Kaira etate 9 76 a 0 46 Ch loestaao 0 *4 a 10 00 Cnmmim to m?dlom attro tOoatorn..,..... 0 45 a It 50 5itia round hoop onto 75 a 11 u K eetern trado broad* 11 24 a IS on Ifitrosi. 1 ouio II 00 a 16 <w On. moo Sootbora ? 11 00 0 IS no Faacy and "?tra do M , M ro Oomiaow 1 aaadian t 00 a 10 26 flood to cbotco and oxtr^ go a 12 uo Boa flour, aanarOaa 4 40 a 9 oo Cira m4?oi, bMa . I 46 a 0 00 (torn moal. iwaobanaa >1 M a 80 ot ?Tbo wheal narkal wta dull a*4 docltaing, tbo aatea oatrbllahioi aaadraoea of 2a. Tbo flay'a bnolaoM com i rrtiad 47,000 Ruebela. at |2 llllS II for Chicago spring I (laolai of aowc-np Bar -re ot the laltor prk-o , It Id 1 i 02 10 >.r Mi'waukoe c'oW. It 14 ? IS 21 for ombci iWJW." mi. The ear* msrfcss waa hoary m la. lower, ?w ??tool lb,000 bushels, at $1 SO)f a $1 ?1 tur Vaatara nnasd. Oala were In active reqtoset, and price* were ? into nig her; aalea at Bfc. a $7j?c. Mothtf waaapuni with regard to barley or malt. Cor a* continued quiet, with gales of 25 bags Rio oa priva.e t?rme bv auction 1,000 bart MaraCalbo at 86HC a 42m, oaab. 9f0 do 1 jigttai ra at 4?o. a 49)40., oaah, aad 600 do. Wararaibo. eilgbtiy ataiaad, at 15110. a 40 ,? ? i-rroji.?ibe market waa dull aad lower, with aalea of 90o b% ea. We qu? i? ? 4 Cltand JTertds. Motile. N.O.<f 1 Ordluary leg 150 161 161 ...164 1 64 165 165 Mi middling 166 100 16T 16T li.H'oim eontlr.ced inactive Engagements to Liver pool |*r American Uac, 160 baiea !-om|tres=ed bar at I3e. 6d., 7b ton? nil c. it*, ana SO do heavy goode, 10a ; pt* neutral, 150 bblg petroleum, 5a. Bd.; 680 Ureen bites. lfts.. and per steamer, T,000 bushels wheat, 3d., unu l,coo box.* cheese, Sue. To London, per American, 14X10 bblf. oil rake, tgd. tjtil., and 100 measure"/ : t i.ud heavy icods, 13a. 6tl. a 15a. To Uamburg, 60 bhds. tiibacc>>, 27a. 6d. 40 torn measurement aad ben 1 (/?"da. 17a. 6d a 20s To Bremen 150 bMe. apples and 250 bole, etxx' eg*, la. 6d A Bremen hark, 590 tooa. to Cetle, extra pipa siuv.a, $/.6,uiiq WtsH India, barrels. $28. A N/rwegl u tisfjr totr.<, to Lisbon, Id.OpO busb' ii1 WDoat, 6e , and balance of tie eirgo ltgnt pipe sitfts, 105. A schooner to 81. ; ar hbl., told, and bi.roe with Malt, 20c. per bushel. A bark, .l>8 tons, to the Pitoilsh Mam, bay. $4,000 Two Pritl-h b.vrlf?, from rhiiadelphi i to Antwerp, eaob ebrrtrt 1,060 bbls. I'etrolenm, As. 3d, and a schooner (Tow Readout to Bomos, coal. $-' 25. Hay.?Phlpplng was gelling at $1 2" a $180. Retail qualities wero in fair demmit at 50 a $1 70. Hons.?the demand cnatluuad good tor all grades, and prices repaid J linn, sales 100 hales pew crop at 42c. a 64C , and 60 do old at 30c. a 40c. HoiAMfRS was is better demand, anil prices were with out docidcd change. sales of to hnda. tit. Croix at $1 1'4, 63 bbln New Orleans at $110 a $115, und 20 hhds. Cdba atgbc. a 5>Qo. Savai. Promts ? fpencb and Amerloitt spirits turpen tine quiet at $3 10 a |3 15. Hi* in q not at 532 a $30 lor strained to No. 1. Tar rouyufted iuacMis. 0:is ?Falea ICO bbls. p'rlii a Western lard a: $2 85, 800 gallons weak spuria at $L CO, and 300 gallons linseed at tl 62 a $1 53. Pktkous m ?Receipts, 4,63a bbis. The market was without noteworthy aiteraiiou. h me few lots of refined were worked ulf i.t a slight decline, but prime straight Iota wero "held firm at yesterday's figures.* were 3,000 bbls. crude at acd about 46c.. on the spot aud for next month's delive< >? l bs dealers gone: ally refused io noil D-;ow 4f..,nnd some asked 4'ki 1,700 bbls. refined a ?ld at 6Sc. a 70c. for straw and 74 S'c. a 73o or luit straw to white: 600 do , free, la tots, 85c. a 50c. Benzine wig wholly noml'ial. I' ?fTei ll; u, 60 bbls. bee" and 757 do. lard. The pork ramkei was ,esa etive, nnd i rlees wore lower. Kales 4,600 bbls. at $41 a $41 60 for old mess, $4 ) 60 ft $12 to,5, 'or new do,, $."!) a $40 for pr.rne, and $42 60 for prime mess Aim too bms. new mesb ior i-eptcmber, buyo's option, at $42 81: 1.000 bbls for October 16, buy r's option, at $43 a $48 26. and 1.500 bbls do , for aH October, SAinu opti>n, ut $14 Tbe beef mtukol was dull i nil dopreesod. Ka'.es 200 bbls. at $12 a fit. for cmu.'ry tre??, $0 for country prune,$16 50 a $10 tCc ft packed i..<u* &rd $21 a $26 for extra mess Prime mo-s be- f remained dull and uomitsl Cut raeuls c -utloi.ed in lair request, but pr cea were very irregular, Wiih B.ies of 250 paekases nt lTftftk u 16o. tot shoulders, and 18c. a 20c. lor ha s, tbe latie- price lor cb ice. The lc;d rn.uket was lower, with u limited demand, a dag 1,800 -bis. at 23o n 24';c. liuttor was find and drooping at 4<ic a4fc for t'hio, acd 47c. a 64c. for Ktalo. which is a decline. Cheese is quiet at 15c. a 2oc for commoo to prime. ? Hal-..?The markot remained very quiet, and we have no times to repo-1 SgflAR ? Raw was In ratbor better Inquiry, but Rules were restrict! d. whig to tbe high prices demanded b.v thebaic is. Refined was quiet, but without decided change ic price. Kpicss.?lb?rc was but little business doing, and priors wen- P ncitig dowi.wird. The only skies we heaTd wero 6( mats cur ia at 75c acd 10 cases No 1 nutmegs, on privato terms. Tamaw v as duH and drooping, with sates of TO.OOO bbl i. ?t 17A,.c. a 1 Sc. for country and 18c. a 18??c for Cltv. which is u decln c. \vmsrK1-. ?8-iSS 450 bids at $1 81 a$l 82 Market verv duli C3U* "WM yvwzm VIKASCIAti. TT.HTicD STATES 8EVKK-?niETY LOAN ilbr Secretary of the Treasury *1. y? notice that subscrip tions will bo it'clyiii for Coupon 7m> ,.r/ Suite*, payable three jwci from August 15 1W wfth fern; ann-ai Interect athe iado of aerii, and o?r cent peranBBm, It.Mi pa stni !ate;.--st both to i? paic 'a Ian f... u jury <"bw notes will be convertible nt :>;jt.ou of tv? boiler a: maturity Intoei* per cent soli bowing bor.<f-., payable jVt ioat than five nor n.":? u>au twenty ? ears trom ibe r* ?U?\a*t tbr government n-.ry e.-c' They wJ'.i be lasued In i>voi?i'yi?t!o?iJ of fifty one"' fee hundred. ore t h' 'i.;.v.d *vU fire tbousurfl did a. uoii i aubai editions mu?t be for Cf<? do! an or r > nr mtiUKV . :'ty lioi'ara As tb? not?* draw ine?re?t fran Aiigust 15, person* maltia-r depootta ?'ibse<};:en to that iUM*" must pay the interest accrued from date of note to la:?r>f .?rnr it I'ji tie* drpc* .Ing tweu'v '.."a tho anil a An ntn! u wonts far the*e notes' an . xre time wit. ,m a/oned a corn'ins "*ioa of one quarter o? oi.a vri cent. SPECIAL ADVaNt7~I Of TlilSiXOtW j* * a National Suvics" Hank. oft tut; r a higher rate ?i" In teres t than aoy other, and tin. beat irily. Any laving." hamswhoh pays orr ? in f ? ? ??? note", con'.'4ere that it Is I'm t.? t t ie . m r rrulr.ting" medi in of t.ia eon ury. nn ' ?> "s? anytii.n*, better, 'or i.s own c^'iair ? ' her n r'niernmoi ?< l"s or io rofa or bonis pa- able in government ps ?? Dos ? hi. i iv .if la to a ~M%" rsr ? ? nt ;?: a- -< BOM) Tn si J '..or to t'1" very It-em; intern! on ibe niaa for i r.le ear? :M fr: eye of cnr. version i.? tow wr ? ' about three rwr een' per eo* tn. for the ? .irrtPt rat.' " ft' bondaisuot! 4 thAn nine f i cent pre mum i ? ' be Jo-" iiic war the | "rmintn on'!* rer ' nt ' ni'nd elite t .ck.' wvs over *W' ? ? percent It *vi e aeeu t ' * at s prof.: on tbia loan, At the r n a'ke'. rs'r i io .ea ti an lev per c*Lt p ?. annum. iti kxlmption :'R ?' h't ? n< op - mcp-aj. tax . ATION 3'.'. v Je frorr. a" rtie adranug* - we I.are mo aei ited, a ?p ? . let if Ci-warera huh, < ait tmde ud ireaewy uutei f'<>m ".aiauon On the avarige thlaeierup.i a ii w>rt.i about t.vo per ocn; per an u na according t. Ihe rate of taxation In ear,one twite of the cointrjr. It t? h-'.cved tl)?' ho or. iri'ifj, offer *o treat indti .entente to icudor* aa tbo-e ;am;ed by khe gorommr it. In a:', other I -rm of itidebiedneae the fa-rli or abUT* o: prtrat# rar''.ea. or atock compan'e*, or eeimreto coram o.tiea, ooly, l* p.e-'.ged for payment whi'e ihe while properly of thero.iw. try la h?ld to aectire the dwhargo of at! the obhgatioa*. of t'ae t'nlted State, ?VBoCBIPTIONo V?" Ii Hf BECRITCU b* the ASSISTANT TRKASlf RRk" t?K IflK UNHID STATES, Comet oi We'; ami Nana.. a'rcotx. Pirai Natlncai Baifk of New York, fco 4 Walt xtrre'. Bee ' 4 N?t'eae; Raol. o' New A or A ?'I ?' ami HryJwi . Third National Bank of Nf? York, No. 5 N?--iu aVeel Fonrih Nali ica' Bankof How York. 2" anil P ie etree; It'!h National Bank of New Tor ., 'tSS Tt> ' ' ..renne BlitN National Bank of New T> k, "??x a ?n e an 1 Broad war Klglth Naltooa Bank of N"* York, 654 Hrex'wea Math National Bans of New York l'6!t Rraa i way Taatb National Hants of Nrw Ym k, t'4'J Bi ?? !u? ? C?e'-a: Natknal Bank ?f Sew Yo. k Ii T? ne ?iren Na iwtal (exchange Bank of New Yot tit .a and b W" Natlmt*! lU'tl .ehirh ire ?jv* . ? . the rnntf, and A ,I, RESPECTABLU BANKS t Sir BAN SRK' tbreighou! tbeccuotry n HI five further ,n'.>r> .alien aa 1 AFFORD RVERY FA' lliITT TO at TtlBilAS C'FMi.Af, PBTKtW.KY'V RX I AMU Ol I0? S. / |'? Pine utreel. Now York WED W. CI.ARXE A 00 Our olTloe (a opart to tbe comiu'rde, j.i ?; ? for the pn*. ehaee aad sale or petr#'e"nr land oft a oil dturtita of Penn'ilranU, MryinlH, Ohio and Mr lx?? and fnf no sale of oil ttoeka. miny of wbteb a-e paring large rt'riiVnde m or . b y. Wo low hare In hard foreale *' <ft of thr fo'lowt >g Oiimpanlea ? ? Blr od Farm Fret'-oleum Co., IT. Y Clin* B ''e- pr,# Il'i'iiofl'etiolettin Oo., N. Y., Jooiatt Oaker, fret Hrtrr I -irm I'etrolnn?? Co., N. T., .'aa. W dew rib, Free ti otrul Poirdoun. t;o.. N. lying. R-ahop.rroA Aotern an Fetroloum C-t. 1. Y.. F 0 ( lurk. I're# Oil City Petroleum < o . N. Y , l>. H. Dnmomb Prra MlrMgun f'on'rai Petro'enr. Co., *. Y. F Wientlon, Prrw FamarKTMria retrole'im Co.. I'hl'A. <Jekn S. Yminaa Peon, We nare erniered with n? Wl.lfMAOl of eaolral laeeatod In petrotonm. and eaa oupply applionnla wita tiarnna and general "atarue of moot couinan'oa now arKaut/ed, and (?nerai loi n motion of (ko oil nrarkot, nota at homo aad abroad Breeiai atten'ioa ta oalled to a proap-r'aa now r>(T?r?d to eapliallaia and other*, of the "United NWneam Farina aw aortation," wkick comttoea ?0 roof the moat wonderful oil frodorU'ine of the dar. pnytntai ln>a m- ment a'.fa tire iridenda, end eomhimng a raallai of tlA.Rki.ntW In Una tin ate enterprlat dubarr ptlon ftal opoaod fir a ft* day a at laiai"<?. * Yhta eaiarprtao, with the nre/onl dnre.opment la now paying irer two aad a half per eon' p*> nme'v with a e?ai Wee arMaectlre larwMOo almoot fabme w, :ciab? PARTMRNTOF riMiitcC i7, ism. rTi m S. PI BBS AND Mjn. At Th* right ft* oallaet and tatam the wharfpaa for IB* uur necupatfo* of the u ado) niMtto tied dooxs. piara ft?d *11 ft*. f,<r tb* term of teu year*, from rba Ural day ?" Novarabwr, i?k>4. wiu be sold at public an'Don, at tb* OHF Ball, r IS, 18M at 11 a'ax Taaaday , October IS, ISot. at 11 a e.oct A. It. NORTH RIV R Lot No. 1?Pier at the loot or WaU* (track Lot No. ?!?Pier *\ foot of Charlton *lr*et Lot Na nipicrtd.footof Kiagntrrak Lot No. 4?Pier 47 foot of H.union street. Trrmi or eooditioo* ot sals te be bad at the Comptroller ? QC&G9. Bp erder of tb* C*p?miaaione?a of the Staking fund. MATTHEW T. BK8NMAN. Comptroller. (14 N N EL COAL OIL AND MINERAL LANDS IN J l'uuu?\ lvauia.?Blngl* tract of acre*, reotogic*'!/ examined wtth rare, to be sold in ?bare* Immediat -ly. Parties desiring to invest In a re'labl* enterprise are re quited to call tbl# week onty oa KICK A SWIFT, Mining Solicitor*. 2U0 Broadway. T klVlDEND.?THE DIRECTORS OK TUB DBN8MOKB J t Oil company havn this day declared a d.vldeul of tiro percent ?o ihe capital stock out of the earnings for tb* '**t m >tuh: parable on and ?fter the '.'6th task, at the 0'' ce of the company, 1'blladelphia Bank Buld'aa, Philadelphia O. B. FBTBB, Secretary. Pnn.anai.riiiA, Sept. It, 1864. Dividend. The Director* of the DA1.ZKI.L PETROLEUM COMPANY have this dar declared a dividend of one per cent en tbs oaidial slock out oi the earnings for the laat month, payable ai the oflice of the coui|>anv, I'tiUadeipbia Bank Building*, Philadelphia, on and after 24tli inal. Q. E. FRYER, Secretary. PinLAOkLrnta, Sept. 1ft. 1864. D IVIDKND. The Director* of the MeElhea v Oil Compabf Ih'j declared a diyldend of Two Per Cent oa the b>e on and after tb' glib ?n??'^*./or l,le ;<M,t ?* >eth, pava Philadelphia Bank Building*,' PhU*"d*loh!fc' "** """""any, Phii aeatrnia. Sept t8, 1864. *' ?" *"BT?B, Seoretary. T,tB!P. LEAD COMPANY, OUANOB COUNTY.?100 Fj sharrsfnr sale at las* than one half the raitie, Thl* oampsnv ia n >w makma $15 000 par month; wl.l soon de arc a dividend; in the mo t valuable lead mine in the TilWl Mates. Appl . to J. A. BRNNBT, 12 rine street. w IPS irfSUJlAiNCB OOMPANT. ' om Capital $2,010,000. That favorite London QHRbftny, the Anrln Bengalee Did ln'ep aud Lom and Life ta*urallpc Anociaiio 1. wll abort y op-n a brunch o lice, adjoining the Olympic Theatre, Broa u war NewYmk The reputation or tula Qjd and ue:i e?tnb ll?n*d company is tinlver el It 1* conducted upon ihe mu lual pnumpie the Insurer* abarlag the proht*. The atock l*w urt-.d ny the rom aav'a Urtre lan led pr,ipnrtv n Ben pal. Therakh capital now aimiuut* to over $2 II00.0"U. Those rtf iti ing to injure will llnd it to their advantage to cull or aen i tor a circular before going e'eowbnra. Lnnii* n..goi>a led upon l e moxt r.utsoiia'ilo t -rmu. Th* branch ofi n will open on Monday next. Kef-i-mco-* 'o the bes London end NV w York bonne*. T (1(1 MOMAOUE Piesiaent; Car.. lkwit, Rerretary. OFFICE UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. No 13 William street. Navr Tout, Sept. 1864 The annual nteeilng of the stockholder* of th - Cunipany wti; be ueld on the l*t Vooria/of Octoier, at then ,<?? of the company. Id William street, New York, lit II Ii'rloci A. M l.irthr trans .cttou Of such busfnea* s mav com ? he fore the nice in*. JOHN A. DIX, Prcaidcut. II. Y. Poou Neeretary. OFFICE <>F THS MARIPOSA COMPANY, NO 34 u all street. New York ?Not cs 1h haieoy given t at Urn October c-unions of th* unmpatp's bonds of 1*61 will be pent on and after the 2d day of October next, on |> irnta Don at De oil,re of the company. Bv order of tue ooaid Sai'T 21. 1664 * W. TITUS, Scorotury. / jFFIOB OP TUB UNION OOlL COMPANY. NO. 9 P no *ti?et, N"tv York, S-utoniber 21 ?Diyldend.? Th* Board of Director* hat e this da d-c'ared ? il r -i ud o five per cent nut of the ea. n ng. ?? the cum am r? "n aaii a t"r th* 5th day of Octoh- r The traii.->iei book* will te olo.-od irom the 30th inst. to October fi. both (t*j -1 t naive S L. CROSBY, 1 irasnrer. PBJROLB'M. BICHAROS KINOSLAND 34 PINE STR' KT, N. Y. ItUVS aNIi 8 LI.S OIL STOCK ? Nil LAND. HAS FOR SALE IDE FOLLOWINU O L NTOCKS. SBPTRMBKK DIVIDENDS will be advancrd on a 1 - tocka pmobaseu on or before the fliotof October, as follow* ? Noble. Widl Pctro rum II Co.. Sept. dlcid'nd 2 i er cent. Meple tihads petroleum Oil Co., Sept, divide o. :l percmL VI uited States Petroleum < lil Co., Srpt aivirtend, 2 per rent. OansnlidNted Petroleum Oi Co. Sent, dlvi en I, i per ct. Surci-s* I'nro e m oil Co., Sept dividend, 2 , perieuU Kot kei bncker Petroleum fill Co., Sept. dividend, I ror et. Manhattan Priroleiim Oil Co., Sept. dividend, 5p*' reuk SMhanan [''arni iul Co., Sepiember dividend. 1 w ' rent. 4 *1 Khan New York and Ai rrlmuy P 'r ileum Company, l.lil is ar" Ser.f-n Coal *ud Oil Cumpanv. Bill1 h?res AUejth.iov Pelr 1 urn Company. 4im i a e? Eiii'-rpri-* Oil C impany. 4Pi'a' aiea Clinton Oil Cnmi anv 81M share- All?. Ii my PI er Pe rolo'un Co., of Phi adelpbia. l.i I'll si ar. s Phl'i t>* Oil Co., of Phi ide'pbis. 10 s'.iHi es Vcnang O I Co.. of I hi a l" pii a. 1.0 0 > bme-i Wai?i u ('II Co., ot Phi ane jihr ? I.Oil | ? hsre* Cre?t We?t ru fill Co.. of Pbll*d*1phHk 1 Oabare s Ohio Rl. er I 'll Co. ol Pi i in . piiia. t,(II1) shnriiH Osbo re Oil Co , of Pi.Uai'alphfa. fV) r .re" ' iia On W rkH. 1.0 il threes Hub ite Petrolepm Co, 3 *h?re? Amen, in Pet ?<> curn Co 1 ' OS *',.n r i MrK m e i? I Co 2,0 x are* Pltiri irg O I Cr-'k Pe|w-n* O 1 Co. liniiKN H'P. SUbSOBIPTIoN are now opeu at the Abon o ? ce for or emu subicrlpllon* for the III Its'i NO nPAlNO , CENTRAL I*KTR.?LItUM COMPANY, On raMeeiBk <1 ibl tier o?nt per month. Abu, Bauke for i no MALDKN COAL AND OIL COMPANY. TftltOPONAD- f YU.!l:n HRW .'JVkO K RON OS. $94,0311 ? \Ti,terB nds '.nd $I5.Uft> Short Mi.aicpai IiuuC of the rl: i of Chicu?j. _ Cxrv Crturrnou. u's o rs, ( Ohm ? i. Pep?. 14. I3r-t | AEALED PROPOSA.LS will c* rdoeivad it this pf,n * nil! Mm*.)av. heptemoT ti. a U'oolncK Ik v.'lirn na eain* will h* public i> ? ii.-I fur the whole or any part oi I, > th il ?*.. d il..I kr (S . ' l?l ) PI" III* rewoiagp U.'li:ll o In* de uo-.ilnatlon <>' ono t ou and d llsr* each, date I Jul I, ISid, as i pa able in Vn.v Yortt til cut -tour yrtiri a ter the r date wpi coupon* lo wiieroat at tb* rat* ol **ven i7> per n- nt per annum, pavab o ?eitu anm allv in Neo Y'ork. A suiLing fun ! in provide i i*r Ibelr redampi on. / . (or the* o r or any parlui ninol.t ighi thousand d"! ?(? ? ? "> i 01 n 16n't f Honda of on" ft? . and di .-r* Sa.-h, t?'? I" I'i NeWYo.Mt ,'n > I 18*1, witb.n pvii lor InteirM ?l f.e rat* of seven (7) pee rent rer annum, pi a h e nem. enuual ' Foi lb* O l> >0 I* th" 'ailb ol f r CliV i piedkeil, and taxaf. n reuii e l ny la II neee. ,rv Th-I w-4 r* are ui < ? c .ally approjoiatad, win b ?*t ear yielded a urplu ofglg lki after paying Intsrenl on-l i wiitev d *>:, ane are mi| idcr"asio/. A ,<? ttftaen (bouaand do i Mini rlpa' Bo da {n t I s "le Decern " r I, Us7Z in Ne>- 1 ork, of lb* same den.i n- . lioti arid r ?i * -ora'aonuhll ataeven per ceil A I ? aim. i :? d i. proi.ded icr ?i >? red ttnpuou of theae tionf ; i pr > al* will ?p*e;f? tt,r klod and amount dei red, be i"lee b : per g in lb. ibf. und tl r plar. o delivery, viiether Cb i ? or New York. Tttr nrr one whom pro *ora are ac i'l*d will ra r ?* nfn matlon . f tn ? a?nie at b. - or a: he f. '.co i t Mi er* a A to.. New 1 k. a., rrvi* h ?* unin.1 Ir the r [ ruvisaia, w... i il ?, w . l> ? ie.i .|?ed to ntj?0?lt. wlthlri live oar* ait*f lb* ope,,mr of te." msywale. tb" ? mi awar;'.?d In ib? ti r* ,|.- t. with the prarnui rntib-rMM, and the Interest ae. re. ' Iro .Inly I to -h* tlnieol dep , ' orpivmrnt Pond* ?vil! i <1 iv*rn ia Cliieage Ne|rt?*HJbcr 27 and in New York fdvnie e*r ? at tn? u'.aci aforenaul, to ths parti * rut tied 11 llien ? .? .me**, ibinilil 1.* e"f?'ed and endorsod ? Proj-osai* f? City li.nd and *ddre**"d to the nndrr*i;ned. and w i ?? | Bri.t < *? not Itaowu '? Mi i abon'A ooa a o rat* The Compirr if r re?"rve > a* n* ibl, the right to re met a y W all the hv. - ?h? t> u iateresw shuu'd eruv.lre it : II AT Kb, City Corup roller T5I0HM0ND OOUXTY. STAtt N 1FLAND. |"k bhi *? HER Os > ( COUTON PONDS Ok $.'. ?' AND 1NH.BE8I PAT AhLK HEM I ANNCALLT. 3.|b*eripUtn? fo~ one u tail "ed thou ia u d ilot *r* ($iii*),f1'*D o* meae MMirta will I*. received m car a1 lha baaaing houae ?f RINNTEl* ROXENFKLD A No, 6 Broad h reel. Now York Haid btmdn will h* i ?.??il nailer the uiitliortlf of the law pasted Fab n 1664, aid und*" a t ran la Don of 1h- II *-.l of Nupcrv.ser, adopted duly 23 14 )i, ?t 1 th* optica 1* wnh ?:ib.<" bar* to hiftv* thnox run for r.iherlen, Bfw i oi twantydivr, year*. fl'Ill RXCKLSiOft I'tmOLbUMOOMPANT ?THE I T 1 calalor I'anulenai Compact la a orrr..ration orj:abi "d under 'u* i???ol i... Suite of New York, wliu a rspilal of $3UU,09O. divide lam 1 Uf>.??<*> ?nare?, of U?e r*r ml ie of $.1 oecb th<- -imreholderx of Which are empfca Iron alt i*r ? onal Imbllity TI.. prop, rtr of D m compary eoniiisY, of j?a acre* of pe t'Olmtnoii lands lu fe* smi e (located iu thei-iintv o, ?enaog.i, sute if Fennsyivap'a , togetaar wltb aut.drj lrs?? ? i f r.ll ? e wh ch are to - th* Mum part actual y pro dee'.ng at Ihe p ???ml tltn*. The ullferor t ; .it tt*.-. have 1^*0 wVrted with gr"*1 cara by tompetaii*. ladaaa, lb* tclwwts (an* developed) n.-e prixltti IU* 3 ?r day, i r loa: ;ior ml p?r '?oEta oa amoun' of c-,r,'.?l The fufire pruspect* t.f thlr umerany on the f? d? v J onrrfi.'. ? I '.h? pnireDt now lo 1t* pr' rsicuiame. It laoopgdrauy ftip it? i that StvldOBd ol te* per rout a ir - atb c?n be reaitlly dee irr '. when tb* sevars w*i * are r.?i*b*d t ?*? are now rat:id'\ ai-oioa'h in c, ir e on, on icirl'o.* w . c* tu< Dt'ir je (ailed of pradai :mo. The loo*' ar* no* oronnd for aubacrlwi? at 'be < fPce* of M**"|-. r. Feu'an A Ct |"S Wall At. eat; .Mrrer* WiBg A Rvane, 71 av*r ?tre?l, earner of llano rr kni'i .1 O Daytiu .4 Cr JUT Kiant atraoi and Win A. Vow ef. Bv,., No <> Itronlwi' in Now York city and at the Olhcn of i> H. Powc::. h 4.t. No 77 Myrtle .venue, oo. of Lawreuoe?la the city of 'ireoklyn fl'HK TKRHfDRNT FRTROIiR M ("0?i'ANT v TRh ClIi.NT, SN'ANUD COUNT* PA ,'o"i $8,60.1,000, $i aaoft. par va. a. priao Al par alia'a !!)??? aidsir>nla;a nl.o". b.inoaer** on th* Al *: ftany lfvar and on H . oak, 1'oreiipine and McCr?a orteka, mafcieg An o he o t* tor-of over tea and a half ttlie* fit. *?-??' i H*j dr. * "wj . ?,o" r<' esse e -Cr. mi";j t ?'? ?-? -'"Vr'a' r"M" ? I 1 If, niil.ij,' ''' '' ?** 1'*! ia ,iii k wit', - ? "f ??. . ilil g;f?! '??" r^o'wMrtm'v"*"ar' ' Tired *' "d'*! uaaur he I ho.'lie i -Jt, l>'' ? - ?b*r lafarmailon **0 ?Inert, New feyl r L H A ct>, di cecUA Tc DEFAULTKCS.-$-ir0p2-FFRSCiKS IN DlFFI ti*> dafs ie 4, go*"rnmeni and r'hiwwDe ?The uailere kiied takaa thi ? method ol inform ag idem that tba.r li iSini-a ran b* t in ired at" r arte to h* ansa, Ac,, Be., t y adrtiesalag A Moral**, ONnrxan e -e*l, rem Nn. 7. WANTRD?$U>\ FDR ABOUT TV* O YEARS. ON PRR *oo*l a?-i(i?y for wnich a l!N"rel "?mmlsilen will bo paid. Adurem. apimattiig an lnurvl?w, M. H W , Deraid olllon. , mnfWl-WARTF.n. A LO * * Of $fB0 FOE ONF. ??>Uw. year, on ,oo1 see irttt of personal properly, I or wbtra a fair banu- will he riven wltb th* iMiial tutor**!. Addraa* iotdreit bos III Herald oflloa. (A1A AAA -WANTED, $10 mo OF COAf. OIL ? L"fleck, in aniad oomftanles, In aiehsni* for tal iabl* aad dealrable Raal Retata. Addreax H. f , II* raid ofllc* |25 000 ""JTA!*ir'U .*">BROW, TWKNTf. _ . ?** ihn itand dolhra. on city property, down town, far 9?* veava. B'nrtema* g*od and propariy worth $4ft,i*# A.idraee h? 2 134 Part oAoa. giiifwi iinn V t0AV' ** '** ow COVVi"''" York ally property. Apply la JOHKFi! MAHON. Na 6tg Flee etraet rooai* lOaad if. LOAN ?AT (HZ PER CENT, ON 8150*000bond and mm tf*g*, mi Real Retata, In Ihia nUe ar Rrook'ya. A'ea 4 ' t (d ',f*v nn Uft tad State* (I vera ?'(Ml N F. HNBBNHMHH aeaat etooft Apftlf m 'OflN f. OONRSY, M Wall atravt. RBITAVRATTI. ' Fmnnon haddikn-finnon haddirr-wholr sal* ant .*'*il agenaf Cli? Ai* YaiCV*, 17 Maftaau *ra#t. be iwtaa FtUtou and Jaka eh tart 'jy 1 ">'? I !? IP* InMKSi ??ptembnrHT at >o?t, ?MrrriuM * limited number"*^ *??"? *o1 ^ JO Hit o PftJbB; ipit. KIWI*v. MBAR WRRKLT TO LIVERPOOL, TOUCHING AT Quseutlowa (Onrh harbor).?Eba Litwpool, Raw Turk t?4 Philadelphia tkeamahip Oempeay Raman Linn, rarrvtng Urn United stale* malls. intead dasoatcfcing their full M* ?red Clyde tHiilt iron sl-aiaehlp* ?* foilusrs :? 01TT 01' MkNCRRSTkK. ...TT... ? PsAuidav. kepi St. OiTT OP LONDON...,. Aaturduv, Oct I. oitt op Baltimore $?iurdey. Oct. a And everv succeeding Saturday. at noon, from pier No H North rirer. PATM or PArSAdn, _ . Payable !a gold, or it* equivalent in curraney. Fi/at cabin...... ?..$3il St ;er*ge S3" Lo to London.... Ml I)o. to London 54 Do. to Paris. Ml ito, to Parte .... 4(1 Da to Hamburw... 9n| Do to Hamburg.... 37 ra-?eag*rs also forwarded to Hut re. Bremen, RaUat .lam. Antwerp. Ao . at oqualty low rains _ EfonaJLiverpool or Queeustown .?First csbtD. $75. $53. ?103. Steerage, $30. Those who wleb to Mud for their frlende can bus tickets here at these rates. These steamer* base superior aucomniedatloss for pas sengers, are stronglv built in water tight iron sections and "r,v. P!*'rul flre annihilatoxe. Bxyerlsueeil surgeons am attached to sach it-amor. *?r further information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM I^MAN. Agent, li Water street; la Olnag-w to ALRX. MALCOLM, No. 6 m. Bnoek imtoro; In Quwnstoivti to v. ? ?B)rm ??lia ?3^Yl? ft J??*?rvir6 _?if trUT IS Parla to ir'LKS DKOOUR^S RtTtf No:r? Bam* des Victoiree. Plane de la Bourse; in Philadelphia to JDB.fO, DALE. Ill Walnut ?treat, or at the company's ofllceii, f?HN O. D a LB, Agent, IS Broadway, Na# Torb. TBB BRITISH AND NORrn AMRRIOAN ROYAL mail steamships, between New York and Liverpool, c*uin* *5 Si01-* harbor; end betweau Boston and Livel'raol, calling at Ha i'si and Cora harbor, t' leavesI Boston We.tu-a.Uy. September II. COT. A,eaves New York Wednesday. Septsmlier II. . leaves Boston Wednesday. September'is. PRK.SIA lea vs. Naw York Wednesday. Octobers A#u leaves Boston Wadaa day, October 13. CHINA leave* New Yogk WadneodAV, OotobarlS. _f-T-n - T35M NA# voR* to Livnaroou Chis' cabin passage $|3i SO Hecond onbln pas a te mJ 00 ?n.r4 aostOM TO uvsnroot.. Chtai cabin passu a ; $113 00 Second caolu passago 66 Oil pevahla In gold or its equivalent in Cnitad States current!*. Bert s not secured untl paid for. As cvperl-noed surgeon ng board liie owners of th-se shins wi'l no', bo aeeoiiotalile for ept-ouhor valuable* unless bills of .atllug having the value amiress-d are si ned tnerefor For freight or passage upply to ^ K. UlJNAltii. No. 4 Bowling Qrea t. VTotioR^-tiie btbamsho* atalanta will 13 leave pier No. 21 North r ver on huturduv. September 24. at 2 p. M. p-eci-elv, for London direct. To be followed bv the steumsbiD Bellona. 'IHR LONDON AND NKvf TORK STEAMSHIP COM p*ny will despatch sem monthly tbclr new and first esse British iron siaam?hip* CliLLt, KftLLON A ATA LANTA, IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, esnh <!.WW tons burthen, between London ap<l New Tor!. caTlng at Hsvre on the voyage from Lou on. Rates of passage, pavable In gold or it* equivalent;?Fr mi New York first cah'n $16; aeeond "abui. $45. stei rage, $20 From Loudoa Of ilnvro. Out cabin. $/ For pan -ig;> apply to CHAS. A. WTIITNKY, 36 Broadway. For 'relpht oppty st 6! S, ti-h street Ai'**nrea n s icon tnerahnnd se eon tuned to the friends m London of the no di ral ned. The^e steamers correct at .or Ion with s eam err of the ea ?? enmptny for the Cha mel ports, Rotterdam, Arfdei'dam, Ft. I'eler.hnrg. Cop-n iit'u P. rueaut. Oporto, Glbialter, Alexandria s'mrrm. Cnn?i inllconle .md Odessa, HOWtAND A ARI'IN WALL. Agents. "\lt AIL HTRaMERB TO FRANCS DIRNl'T. ill TMBOKN UAL TRANB I'l.ANTIU COMPANY'S N P W LI N R OP fin FT 01,.? S3 BIDRVHi'KL STRAMaHIPS HHTWREN NF1V TORK AND HAVRE The first i ve sp'endin vessel* Intended t? ha put upon thla fsvigitc route for the Continent are the following:? Wi A SIIINOTON. 8.21H tone liiH) hore* power. I,A PA YKTT" . ilAi ton. ??lior*a pf.wer! 5!, {KXl norse power F R a NOR (hiuld u gi.." . nop pore?* tmwer NAPOLPON III thudding! .... I.!0Ohorse p.*wee. I atll the completion o* the entire list the service will be nwirPocmwfl l?v MiaiWANHlNf) TON, A. Duchesne; LAKAT* ETTR, A. Bociinrte e? f?li w* ? _ r ROM NEW YORK TO HAVRR. WASHINOTON Weiinesdsr, 12th Ocfolvr. LA F AT HTTP. Wcdnesrtav, #tb Norersber. IP ASH INOTON Wndnesilev. 7th Deaeinber. Fir i eah'n. Inc ud ug table wine $133. pei-cn 1 cabin, inc.ludfog tab'- wine $7u or $6$. p?T?|,ie | col l or It* e rfvslcn' In Doited Blaise currcncv Medical attendance free of charge For frclght or pessace aonlv to OROROR VarKRNZtR. Agent. ? ? p.?. m o t . 1 Broadway. Now York. | M EavrV- W.^ <a?'1 U??? National RTrtAti Navioatkan oompant TO tUhb.Ns.TOWN AMI L1V8RPOOL,' ?? NO-?v. September 31 ? ....Saturdav. October 8 ( ab'n. $t .3; steerKjic $15 naval ?? in c irrency. For pss.age a pF t,> ' WILLIAMS Jt OCrON. .'9 Broadway. CTEAM FROM AND TO QU' I'.NSTOWN AND LIVBR. 0 1 ti CUNAR'! LTVf? From New Tork. $? .. curre cy; to New York, $3:1, s"'A or equhalent In en r?n'??. Bl DON Wcilncsd-iv September 74, nLV . Pl'b. We.lnr.nda,', Oct djer it Ferpnasagf! sppir to ? WILLIAMS A OUTON, 2? Bruadway Tim MIRTH OK KM AN LLOVD'8 STKaMSIJIP I AMI'/tli'A, U VVecaels ro .mam cr, earrylnr. the iwi"^ . frorTl the Bremen pier, fo,t of Third Sire d. H iboken on bATI/(t?AY, Sept. 21 at ? o'c'oc* SI.. 1 tor BREMEN. VIA HOl'THAMPTON. 'Isk'nr fMnv.-tic-p* to LDirnov, KAVRR, sourilAM.'I'hN AND BRFtfA.T al ill- 10 owing rales payab.o in .old 01 ns equivalent la ci.rr c-v ? h'o^the 3ret cabin. $105; se-orid cabin, $Cf 50; steerage. The AmcT'ca win b- folinwed Ny the BRRMK.V, Oct 3 I Fer frrqtkl or | as?a 1:111 v t.? t-KLLiCH. .t ca. C8Broad si.eel Till HAMNDRO A " EP If' 1 '1 PA ICI.T 1 OVASf'J eieaman-p HOnlJgpf t, >? . 1 -a < Ic. 'n*:iig 1 nsacrj to lumber", Iln tc .'.onthvopuiu en 1 f.on dim. 1 h tpber I. Firm cahln, $1 s c.- 'cabin. 46'5il; ?< mragc $1/ V' i-.ivah sing d 1 r o niiveieut. For freight hi p v to kt N "T A It DT A PO., 45 h.vciiange place i'ae* Bapsc.Tiee. O B. RICHARD A l.n VK. 151 Broadwa.. rnirr. montlkal ocran mtam;" iip company's 1 *'C -1" 1 n 1 y ,v ov * SC ITTaN ;r? ,i Quebso to L verpool B"1 ten ler 24 H ICS o! iu. ?g- $ 0 Slid $?l. Sight D a'tcn ihe National Uiuak r i bl-si.vl its b-sncfi,.? ,n f.lf'ifL ^ ,r*.'vnd F?'?> to Bar 1L A 81 ARI.l' 2A t.r ladway. New Yor'. TTNIT-iD STATR8 MAII LINK Fort CALTFOI1MA A.' VIR i'snerns. tit "-r c.onv n' e I'tilled Si* e? war s'catrie ih'ou.bcut the . ?> mmrorr" i ? dsn taiuher 3, |NGI. The foll-"Vli , hi class Mds-'.v' ee ,t?*ni. ers n ill be desnntched st noor. >> . !v I,o u nlsr J. A*. Lb river ? Reptembrr'28?tiC an ly' 'F1 V, Beaburv ticiobermirth st ?.it October 13?COS : A Rl ' s Tlnl. 'yaugb. For fr.-isht or pa ?age a. n ? , , D. B A'.Li S. Ji.^ Bnwkog i, sea THE l/NITP.D STATU! AVI. t MATL.V M All, HTFAM s'iip com ? tin BPLKNDID BlliTi-!, ; I .> BTLAMBIIIF M 'NTl ' Capt Joseph Ifsiiehatv, wl . ? . ,. ,..r ?- ?m ,rd ? .? w.s for p?'ser.!;-r?. Will I. re ..'a .v d.";.?'e ,e<l fro ? New Mirk to Ki'.gtinn, .tamnma, on t'.c 2.M c.i ,-h month at |no I' *f n^o ttiJ.H 'Int'* ?> ? . ? on sun ? iv ths* r?urf* wii i>n to tl,e fiiluvvm Mu ?i~ . l?'or *. $7!S in ifoiti, npfl o i'H *H k. \v It^RY, 2ij HroiJ v%r For at .smith No freight rere.ive 1 cr Li v or Isdu ?; s gatd on 'he dav of dej itflure liOWt AND A A.'l'l MY ALL, Agenn TPOR HAVANA. r KM. M A3 WKFhLV MAIL LINK Tho ss rn lul S'd" wl eel s i tot*! '; < I. ttlLK < *? tin J. .1 Usr. 'nv COLL IBIa . opts It. It mOIIRtl i:, .Ti K. Cuilaii i; , i.-nt Ad* u* To* *icR?r ohii? Ingle, Captain Ir-wrence w,( ie*cn No. I North ilvm fo Havana, on W e1ne.i!a?. Re .jiber "l .. c olo *k P. M, pre i*c t "*For f; isl't pn-tage syplv to SPOFFOKD. TlLF.sTON ft CO . 29 Bros .war All leuerv nri.t psn through the Pus! odice C;e?i?n' ej for g od* mmt h" br " - in -villi the liilla of lading The vivorl'a stramer Cojnn " < a;"*in HaO-m. will succeed the Kag'e. a id leave on We Uvula Oatobcc i *t d O'clock P. M. J^OR HAVANA 'It NASSAU N p. Tho British nnrt North A rue c?-i Kura! Val! Sdeam Picket Company s new ,'?t ,,er COU8ICA. Caplain*!"* 3fess*;rMr, will sail for :be ?' -,.o port-, frmn ih- -o npanr's wharf, at Jmrj city, on SAT' RDAT. ">H -Tibar 10 nod MONDAY. Or to I. r 10. money to va- tan .$40 Fa?s.?ge ssoney In llevtne ... 50 Payable In gold or lis equivalent. No fre.ghf re'*cl?e.i on the lay |?.>*, r lallmg, lor freight or pasisge .'prW to K. CUNAIID vt?. 4 Bowling llr*sn F70R HAVANA DIRROT.?TIIK RKOOLAK LINE United ?tale* mail sinamab'p I IHKRTV, Thvtna* YV. Wilson, ooiniuander, will isave pier r*. Nor-h rlrei for the abo e turtoti Ssturduv, (Rlobcr i. W l 'eav-atain on Bst 1 . l>;',ohnI.lH' K.,r fff'Il'l or ysasnts apply to U A ft 4jOI ,J A Co., $3 bnuth street L'OK FRW ORLEANS DIRlCT.- IHR MRU AND I t ie. ant United Ntn'-es mall sWtsmthiy EMILY 11. Mil DF.R. 3sine- 14. Wiuchastsr. eommau cr, ha ;ag ?uyerinr arcammodal>ona for passsngert. wi'l Irs e mar No 13 North rirer, for New Orleans diravt. uu t?.. Iac?dav. Aeiiirmher 2H. at .3 o'clock p. M nreeienlv. For ft* it or ?**aace ape'y to LU D'j.4 M. IIEINRKKN ACO.. 116 8 oodway EiU'LAR WFKRLT MIR..NKN ORLtANS DM reel?To sail Rsturdar Uj-tuoer I. al 5 P. M ?Tito U llnl'r.! RtaPs mall side wheel a:agin ship MORNINO fl'ur.. If L HcpburD. i o-nroander, wllteail as shoys from ylor 41, foot cl Spring slreef. Rer h river. For freight and r*sesge si ply la IAMR8 A. ItAYNOR. Na in H*rtisr ?iree< N. 8 ?The new sMe wheel steamship RITRTO N 4 DA w'll follow oo Haturdar. October A fpot PORT ROTAL. NORTH CAROLINA. 1 Tba *up -rinr fart anllug steamship NA Til AN1KT, P. BANKS niaiadsll. Maslei. wi'l'eave pter #0North efr#r, as ahova. ou seturdsf Sep I -mber 24, at three o'clr* k P M. Fur fisi.nt or t'*e??g? having neerlnr *i jni.c.odatlon, apply to whit?3ry ft iiaT'ibwat. 62 South sterol. IPOK LITBRi'OOL AND LONDON-fllli TAOKET r shin w NiiTTNIBOflM sail* for Liverufl.? I tb-incrroW ?eon. Ths CORNRLIUN ORINNRLL. ler Lonrtsn Ibe 35th Of September. Per passage apply ?? WIMHA MN A OtltON, ?' Fulton ?.reet Il'OH LITBRPOOI. OIRRCT.?OITNARD ?TRAMN?IIP T BIOOB " Instant. Cnhlu . . freight or paang.' apply Oreen rR LITRRPOOL.-TAfHOOTT'R LIRE ?hip JOHN H. RYRRHON. sails ReiPamhat .'A W X LINE-FOR LONDDF. Ship TItiLA ER ANCA sails Sso|emD-r24 Eur psssagr or draft* apply laTAPRCOTT R ROTH BRA ft OO.t 4t Romk street. Pin.VRKR LfNR?CARRTlVo Captain Martyn, will sell on Wednesday, as.h in psisage, twA Uotd or Itsaquivalsat l or ?sag.' apply |o R. CtTNARD, No. 4 Burling im ?trims. ^ UfUOiD If nnw-. -J.,? Iforlaap. ala* i?imn wMh Im Iftrtt and West. tear* Twtaty-slx* MMBepet all#* A. M> sad *>. ?. " ^ roiiiTH:* i.. A PUBUU MABTINli OF THE McCLHLLAN A VP A rn4Mto Stair Cut. of the Twen.leih ward. will k* ??'A oa Friday evening. the 'J9d test., n to that# eo?m. DBA Kloth aveuue, sue d. or stomal i ixty fourth at Mi Eminent aji.i*k?r? Mill if Id aiiendKre to MlJx*?e pfe maetmg. Tie ottl/ene of the ward are resneoWilliy lavltad to nttend. Buuu#m mmiii!|? of the Club wilt oe be d oa Tuesday evening. and public meetluga ?a ? rldaj df S**k THOS A. LtoLfWlTHI're.l.iai*. M. Kouon, d D. Rhioht, 1 ??tL ICIND9 OK rOLITlCAL BANNBKS, FLAOE J%. Trail toareaclea. Ac., at the oil headquarters. 97 Duaae streat. corner of Bruadwav. Kif.lflldiM ijttj HOJhK A ttdAKAM, Alga, Banner end Ortntoienial Paiutere. /URNBKAL OBO. B. McCW*LI.AN, VX PUOTOOKAPIfttD BIT J. CUKNKT A SON 7?7 Hrm.?w?jr, Mew York. ' Mesa re (iUBNEl A BON ere now pobllab qi in three itinerant elree, (he acknowledged hret picture extent of (ieu. MoCletlen Price?imperial?14x17 Inchea. lo-a lochee 91. end Carta* do Visile -fie. each The trade inn. lent by mail tpoalage free) on moeipt of prion. ! /"1RN. Mi' LK(.LAN'S LA I'M. E 317,'". STEEL M. If graving, a) cent*, elx ooi tee, 90 rente twelve, gt jg Iteut by mat oa red Ipt of price. Keystone speelal Agonap, | Mount Vernon street, box Lis*' Philadelphia, Pa. ag~ata wanted. Miclkllan veteran volCSterrs -ALL those who bare -erved with the galiartt "Little Mae" and their aitlitary trlonde generally who approre e( the uni'.r and equal ?y of the aoldrr with (he cllixen In a re public. are requeated to meet el 634 Broad wej. tble tPrirtay) eveeie-'. at 7 o'clock, for the purpoee of forming a M iliar* Vigilance AkeocjftUcn, to aid hi electing Ueoige B. McCleh lad. ^ Oh plain HRNRT LII'BKNaU. Late Quarterutaatw Second Biaelalor. L. Isgiart. lata Fifty, *nb Mew York Volunteer*. POLITICAL BANNERS, TBAN8PARRN<ftM. FLAoj. X Calcium Light*, Decopitloat, An., furuinhedll :~'alK reduced prloee. at the old Uahd, Ho. 'AM Bowery, corner m Uoubloa street. JOHN W. TVLEM. XTOVKQ MBN'S DBMOCRATIO ONION CLUB.?A -X xpcciel meeting will bo held ihle (Pitdey) eveuing, M 8 o'clooi, Kt Sfjson's. corner of oroadwav aod Fourth street. for busiilihd of upecial iiiipor.ance. Come all. By order .WILLIAM J. BOBE, Pte.ldenW TaOMAR n. Ft.4WA0AN.7K-Vul4|4*f Jamas O. Men cur | "**1^ __ - 8TH WARD-a SPBCIAL MKKTINU OF THE REOV McUlellan Club, will be held at their headqiiarton (HarrUona), Sitlliraa unit Houston sin. flit-. (Fridav) even ing, at s o oiuok. pjxi'Klt Y. I'.VhiKEtT, Cbatruiaa. h W.-Hctcuingh, Jr., Secretary. 1 A Til WARD OEOItOB B. MfiOLKLLAM AfiBOOIA J.*! tlon.?Tho regular weeklf meeting of the oboes e?ee datum will i>e held et Brooke*' A*?etnbl> Boouih. SSI Broome stieot, <m tuts t?? itd?) i <? ' n "g. id, at utgnt o'clor*. J AM lis li.vLLAUit tu. Prexideet Fkk'.krick J Bva?s,)K u ( Tiiokas F. (JiLiior. }t,B< t,urlM' POST OFFIta NOTICF.. POHT OV'FICH NOTICE.-THR MAILS FOR QPEAf Britain aud the Continent, via Southampton aod Bre> men. per xti-aiuer America ntul for Iie .iud, via l^ueenm town |>er ideamar Cit\ of MuncucHt r. will c,o.? at tote ollioe on Saturday, the 'ifth rtiy of Scj.t'-uibrr, at 1UX o'otoeh A M. Atnl at the up town maflcus as follows ? Stations A and K. In A M , Stations l' and D, 11!, A. M I Station I- K and F, 9 A. M Station U, 9 A. M. I All LA 11 WAKKMAN. Postmaster. SPW/'lf, \"T|f 'it. TUK ItKMBKUd u.t- 1-oAMKLl toDOK. MO 10, f and.A M.. are bere!'y uoitnerl Ih n there will be aB emergent m-ctma ou Saturday evening, .ust. By aide* of tho IV. M rilHIS 13 Tl QIVI? NOTICB THAT I HAVR OIV'BN 1. up btiNlnet-1 end em about to lea o for Kuropn AB tietsoii.s wtio have any claims will call i"7A. Rower l>?r<wte Saturday uriL MOdKIS UfUSOH. REueioiin BOriCBS. tVUURCH OF IUH lbCAl'.N ATION, T?t iiNTT* / eighth etreet and Mad'?un avenue.?The clo?ing aor? viae* In this editice will be hold on Sunday neit. ?Atu inah There will be d vlnn e-r. iee, acrjion ami n.e lioij ooa. munion, at l b, A. Al. and 7% P. M. ILc tet tor will preeefe a scrni'n *uiu e to the oe-a?i'iri. Durlni O, lobor 11,;? <m?. tr'gatlon will wor-mp In the chapel ai the rear of the new ctiuicb oil Thiriy-flfth stre l. NEW PI/BLHATIDN8. (-4 KNRRALMoC'I.KLLAN'S "LIFK report and bat. T tio* ? WKj., BII cop n* !l 10., l?velve $1 7tl sent bv rnaR eu receipt ol price. Agents went".I. Kevatane HpeclM Agcno) Mount Vernon *tre?t. hot l.lMk Unlade phi*. Pa <i| B SON TON.' ?THE OCTOBER NUMBER Of fj this lexutiful Frenoh onrnal la f ir ail* by s !'. TAY? LfHv vl I Broulvt '.v. S. I an t now* Ucaicr* nverywuerea SiibHerlptlen one year, mouthly. $7. Single copy with eat paUeri.a 7*0. rvPOC BM FROM FRRSRIRpaVi-R -ot idr vtr. Arteritis.?Hecret hat* ht'i hate dtp of N tv York: borne ?. eoX s .mo bad, ladi.'crent ' nrrfaUy explained, witt: foil invtiu tlooa. A Wonder u* Ijook. A n .m "Cluuio with ills* tratKma l lis price i* low and tt e ejtu .a will l.e pxhaii' tah in a lew day*. S nct fi in i tiled btale* currency to SMt^ WYN .t Bltl'OKS. be* Y' rk T^hhi Ann'-irh ni.s oa beobrtb Or tub crbaV Cnn?pi*-T to ovrd'in w Liberty in Amerra -Die. p'.tt.t. oi Slavsrv: two Pie-ukiots Secretjv A* .Miiiate I hr roi.-oo. IIii*iia?f?. ? tttc-'iioiw o Murder Time < literal toge'cer w la the liymi strnagis* of tlio llieat tinU -illoa, i'y .lol.u M<itltit Lie sioals c > >ict, 9,. to l,e u?a n' jjo B.oade av. in th>-entranc-1 ? Barn urn's M laentn, or aadreaa the autlior, hot 6.7S 1 N. V. l'txto lice. LOAN OFFKKS, IT H IIVMaM'-, r..'A ISRIIADWAV. CO UN B R OF x\ Boit'l Kirnei. wi! b* pa d Nhe higheet prhe fo Dtm ii-Of.J- W.itthea and Silyer Ware. or wi;l n ivauec cash ea article * i'lti'. aTK UbHrLKMAN OK M h A MS WILLM A KM \ 1 .? 1 ,i-?i! ubem .id'opceion pu uw ?* watetiee -. .?** Plate Ac.: enar iS ?oi oet.i, and all irwatwuoue atteRf conn leitual A,iu.?--i.. ba'l's auuen L. .,.b.? Uou*. A 77.?POM Y LI BK RALLY AD ANCED t>M D'amomt . Wntehe. Je'elry. Slln-r Ware, it* ar% ?c Pawubrode-a Tick'-ti boorht for f'hi'ro.ida, tVaVheh Jews ry, Ac . at 7. St. ecaar sire, i. op a ?T "? NASfAtI STREET. ROOM NO. g ,A lfOM? j\ MAT* ctinilnue* to piv the higheMi ? vit pn e? lor Dim. inondx, Watchof and Jeeeiry, or adtanee* oi? c-ovgw tucuta. Pawnbsoreks' tiokkts Houont?of orA lO'didx Wat -'fSa 8 l?er Ware limit PteWtl*. t)|W Loodr. L' O.liln an ?' >lb r go > .? t.ti ?er.,ai* tt anlstk 1W L'an>tl street, neir Bowery, tinile- the bank. UENTlhTRIf. ? SBT OK TRItTO MAiir. IN HITRK !M'C?:.4.? 71 I'.tnire sati *cUon or no pay, at .'.j Mlit.i I attention c'ren to r i. liani *? dec.' airy fhe cheap' *1 act# of leelb evr tnade, and as noe at are made la any pari of th 11 world W a'ivaur it requlreit. and no uM is n pii. e l in lace or p, lor . ntialn/uniea* eullad ex. .. ?.1>Mj givin tiers lit or*.- ?|M Nitron* oxi ie ti > 1 1 isetn ' itencteit witho it |a.?. No ri.ient ha* ocenrrmt fioni it- uae here, w* clew iteyer; day. ite'wern 1'il.ennth and b etreet A Oh Sixth aeontie. Mo. 231*. / 10LT0K DRNiAL ASSOCIATION -DR. t'DLTOM * J originated ihu an sthe Ir nee of the nl'roiif oxide gee an4 hat had uiiparaileie I aucc .in it* uee No pain fcuaraameA Here a?e hoail<iuarier -. Office, 'J2 Bond treei. FHKNITIHE. Apt.yMrroN si cisp.tap.v re.i?m had for half? lil v k wnliiiit, bat little need and In o?d urde- KrtSh $70. nreaout pilee of naa- aame kind, $HI'.i. AddrcteJ. F^ box J 90(1 Po?t oll'ce. New York. lAUIlNITURK WANTED-ANT PARTY 1IWINO r ainf'clMit for two or three roor.ia for .ale e,|- 1,, eni find a oaxu purchaeer by calling ou A t.u AKIv. I.Mi Kuibui ek FiflR S A Li-. ? A LOT OF NR1V VELVET PARLOB flnrpet, north % AI per yard, price S. .'A r?' ?*rA Apply al theo ; c? of the Baucrefi Hon *. Miarr ofTwea tietb ureet aud Broadwit., Household kcrvitere wantrd-to ihp.f. bt a party Oiler ng aecurli an I w llllna !e par a fair prlfS for the ute of the eaiae m.iat b'- In qooa oidur. A-l.ireee 8 , box 1,!'7T Poei office. for throe data WANTKD? SECOND lltND 8RTTRK8. BNOL'OH TO aoat aercral hundred poraone. Ad'lrete S B . box 4.7W Pett ol ee. WMBBa.vIRL-for cash, a handsome walnut Bedatead and Bureau. M*tlie**e?. Ac, together e* aeperatcly Addreaa I'rlvnte Porchaaor, liereld o 'e ?. cb/klt, WOOD, ?LC. 1 'OK K ORLtVRBib IMMRDIATBLl -APF1 f at rv arenu# A, near Nineteenth urn*', 01 al the (tag W <rte le Teeniy-llrei eireet nrar a.eni.e A. Orroori and ? here with their wagoni gnppilnd with chel I rone and oaf-hat. drena at? rednoed price. fl K. kUUKWlHIU. FOR HAi.R-t I- RV (loot) YAOOD-rKR I/IAD At $? ana $t lb; two loa l- tot?'her. $9 end ?A Jft: free ewt wfai'i'lxNPLI lis"1 nr(1 ' ?u-,< Klgbteeaih *.reet, ^ TV I 'll r> ' OR BALK, CHE AI ?A LABOK LOT OF VT bote,. Apply to Qrnai Ameilcen ^sa fcupiiy, SB Veiey tlreet. aid rOK a.ofio poi'NDa rrst urn on h-hitm Jp 1 it Aah Btove and Kg* Coal. acreeo*d from tarda |?$ Y7averley pilar and Sal Bowery A. TRCADWKLT, Axent.f LEW Ala KOTllkt. UNITHD STATF.B OF AMERICA. BO'/THRRN DIB. Irlcl of New Terk, ee.?V.' .-inesa n liliel of uifoiiuat aw hath been filed In the I) strict Court ?' the United siaoa e# America, for the Southern Dp-trlct of Now Tort, on th" IM day Of ?eptembor, !? the ye?' Of our Led :,e i|";..a?ej aighl hundr. d and ility four by R. De lafirld f* United Htaioe Dietylrt Attomev fo,- tiie hnoibem DletrtrtW New fork, on behalf f tt* t'liiw l flat"-, .igaioyt UM eiearner "A. D Vanre, Miertwckle. we., mi.' iv> -go;and wherw at the nabaiaeee of tiie ga.d uboi of loforiuatam it that aeiA eiear-ior and cargo were flAj lu ed a* itnr it pt ire on >r a'?uk tho IDIh dor ?t Seplemher. I rot In lb* Ailnn'lr Di-ao. Ik louglmde 74 degi' ae and fin onnulna w.-, 1. latitude ;W d -groe# 1 north, by the I ntted Mtetri etramrr Santiago fie Cuba. Cap. U s I). K. Olleaon United Btete* Nary. ??'nnnand'eg. and brought o the port of New Vork. and pro- log -bai tee ,x,4 tlearner, her teakle Ao . and uarfo iner be eondomned aa lawful price In the ute of the United States- now, fhe.ernre. le piirenaee# of the monlilou ufidar the eeel of lt? eel4 Coin t to ma illroi'lod And delirdfod. 1 Aohereb. give vub.iO noil,-to al PSi-nona rlalf.ilng the eabl ateeuier. her la-Ala* Ar.aeuoergo, or in aoy manner lotareyied Ihe-nit'. thai they he end erpear before lha ?aui Diarr'ft C u'rt fe Ijo kail al the rite of Now fork. Jo and fbrthe aa 4 ?o nh*re m?. trlrtnf New Vork. on tbo t7lk dor Of Beptenib?r In tael, M eiovrn o'elaek <a the forenoon or that day (prorld'd th* same ebali ho a Bar of JurieBtoMck, nilerwlieo* oeit day of luriedieilno thereafter), then end there l>? ini-rt their Rlalmb sod le amke their allegation, ? that baketf. Daiad this lath dee -f Bepyemher, itec. BOBBRT NtlRNALTaited BtatM Bertbel, *k R. Dsi.trisia Bacrw Celled Slatea Dlttr'M at'.oraer. M KirRRMRh, ^ BI RNITAM 8 FURNITnRR RVRRlii' OVFI' R IE We?t Kleyenth creel ? AM kled* ef Fnrglturg hog?B and shipped Larye ? tgout fijy ? - eg F'?re',five !? dBF ee o-vnalrv. FuraiRire uared.

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