Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. :H* < -a. - ~ ? .a.-si* ' 3 rmii ?" " -T T 1 '*>^1?1 ' *.'. *" ? "T ?? 1 ? m.'rj'y ? .? .? I i iwiil N 11 ?? 1 - Am t-- _t vfeoLE NO. 10,266. NEW YORK, MONDAY, SEPTEM??R 26, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. ATLANTA [jKehel Contradicted k)f General Sherman. ["Peace Propositions T#n<Ur?d by Gov efrior Brown, ?f,- Georgia. A Portion '*f Atlanta De n'iolielied. < Hood's F4ebel Army Protecting Mobile, &C.. d Ate, D' jsyartcb from Ccntial Sherman. AniMA, Sept. 24, 18C4. Tc iODICTllXK iCB.Nl o. nib Nmv Yobk A?=0< uim ?fft*-3: Your rresr despatches ?l -lie 21?I embrace one from Maccc of tbe 14th ttnncancitiE lEO srr v?) <>l tbe first train of refugees from Atlanta, Ibis addition "Thnt they weie robbed or everyihtng i e'ere heme soot Kgo tbe rebel lines.' Of court e that is lalse end it is Wle to correct it ?0 far as the rebels are concerned, for tbey purpoted It as a fnleehood to create n miectievc is public opiuon. Tbe truth is, that during the truce four hundred sod forty six families were moved South, seven hundred and five adults, eight hundred and b sty children and four hundred and seceiuy-n.oe eorvanis, with one thou sand six hundred nod ti ty ooe poundr of f ru.ture mid household goods on the average for eat h family, of which we have a perfect rccoiiectlon by drico and articles At the end of tbe truce, Colonel Warner, of my staff, who had geueral supei vision of the bufinoss, received from Major Clan, of General Hood's stall, tbe follow ing letter:? Rocon ant) Rebot, Sept. 21.1864. Cotovfi.?Our official communication being about to e>oeo, you will permit me to bear testimony to the unl ferm courtesy you have shown on all occasions to nw fete: my people, and tbe promptness with which you liav< corrected sail Irregularities nosing in our intercourse Hoping at some future time to bo able to reciprocate your courtoousnoss and in many instance? your j-ositive kindness, I am, with respect, yi ur obedient, U. r. CLAY, Major and A A. G. Gen Hod's staff. Lieut. Col. Willabd Wiauss, of Gen. Sherman's stalli I would sot notice this hut 1 know the people of tbt ?orih?liable to be misled by a falseho d calculated foi Special purposes and by a desperate enemy?will be re Meved by thia assurance, that not only care hut real kind sees has been extended to farotlee wbc lost their hornet by tbe acts or tbeir male protectors. W. T. SHERMAN. Major General Commanding. Peace Propositions frona Gow. Brown, el GoorgIn? Moweanente of the Kcbct Army?Demolition of n Portion of At lanta, Ac. lorisymna, Fept 24,1864. Governor Crown, of Georgia, baa offered to General Sherman propositions for peace, notwithstanding tbe as anrtloes ef Eastern correspondents to the contrary. Passengers from Atlanta repieertit all ijuiet A portioi ef ibe city is being destroyed, the lumber fioo tlx dwellings being used to construct campp Tbe rebel army is swinging sround to cover tbe Atlunu ead West Point Railroad, to preventour advance on Mo bile. Among tbe guests at the Gat! Houte this evening art Ma'or General F". V. Stair, Brigadier Generals R. A. bmlth JUoe and Long. ?lnaportnnce of Colmuabue. Gn.. to tne Re btii?(iuntrnbsMda Coining Into Allnn tn?Lcavea of Absence, die. [Currespondence <>f the Cincinnati Gazette I ICbpr Point, Ga., Sept. 16. 1864. nna o Lmm a, on. the fail of Atlanta ^ beginning to call from the South refugees aud malcontents who deal re to got away from Confederate tyranny. from Co. lumbiis, Ga., Trom whom 1 learned that tbe mechanic; and ethers heretofore exempt from conscription on sc. count ?f being employed either by tbe government or in eume capacity lor the government, are now ordered to tbe front?conscripted, nol,n* voiens. and sent to tbe front, while tbelr lUni nre belug supplied by di?abled eeldiers or lert unfilled The autboritier seem to ihu.k that to recruit the army is of tbe first importance, and that tbe matter ol supplies will regulate itself. Columbus has been a arpe uiaruifactur ng place sinoe tbo war, and reoeotly it ha* lecerven additional ma chinery from Atlanta. From it* position on tbe Gbntta boocbee river, contiected by railroad wrtb Macon, Hunt, gemery and Mobile. It become* a ia>:nt of some import ance io tbe confederacy. Tbey are building so iron clad gunboat or ram there, which aa It Is nearly completed. will be of good service to Farragul and M.trinao alter the capture of Mobile There are about three tbuueand trooj e and government employes armed In Columbus, under command of Major Daweon. ?jowAitn IPs voair Tbe Orel lot of contrabands com.ntf from the bondage of tbe Mouth to tbe freedom of tbe North, since our oc eupatlon ol Allaola, came n yesterday. Ibey bad travelled fifty milet over what was to thorn untrodden ground. Tbey camo from rear Greenville, in Merrtwctber county, south weal of Manor. Many more Horn that see t.on, they say, are coming ta our ildes cs soon aa tbay |ID. If Mr. Kdwarda, living near Greenville, feels any anx iety as tn his "boy*,1' .'oe and Tom, 1 <an relieve bim by elating that tbey use regularly installed Inao tbe Yankee airvi^, And ir? oo t'oty ai lifcoeral KioE'rr/i quirtera. ? Retugeeing," ae tbey expreee it, is practiced very much even lu that county. Owners of slaves Mill foel tb?l their property it unsafe anywhere Wiibin a hundred iaailea of oor advance, and they drive the p..of blacks further sod further Fo'tti. Fie* to reed tbrm * getting Be be an important lueetlcn. BUST. Leaves of ebpor-e are being quite liberally bestowed upon tbe inerttori??t and har.l wording officers ?rmy. while aenree of tbe sick and wounded men are re weaving furloughs. Amoug tbe offcere from tbe Rixteenth warp.' who nave a'ready received leaves of absence era Geo era I spragne and G-oeral Rice, Major Barnes, Aa atstant Adi'iiaiit General, Colonel Adams and Murgeua Jaoob*. Eighty Oral Ohio, and 1 leutmanl Colonel Man nine. Fiaty.fourth Iliiaoia others duuliilaes will be grau'rd. "fairly wen'" tbey may nil ?ay of tbeir leaves. tlar Horse for General Slurman. i From the jwircatter (Obte) Ga/ette. | I be .iti-e'iacr lane later Irs'gn pre?ent::ig tber Ala foe niched townemib, ?.ei>eral hh?Tman. tbe celebrated boreo ?'Hronre," now owse.l by Mcsari. Heber 4t Kuntz, ef that olace aa an appropriate testlnion'al ? r their ap. preciMi.-u and regcrd of the General s *arvice? REBEL ACCOUNTS. Viae Mepapnlatlen of Atlaala-hetGs from .'General Hooel ta General BMer Tbe t.itku, ng from the scbel Gcnara' Hoed .a*:.e joinder W Hip cauailc lottar of General Fbermau regper*. teg ibe removal of noo cuaabatanta from Atlanta, lbs loiter from General bberuaan baa already appeared io oiw TOiumos.? GKNF.KA f. HOOll ro fcJ.KFHAI, Al BltMiY. bnai'ivaBTm**, Abut or llr\N?N*", Sept. 12.1864. mei'.r Gnneral T. becsvav, Oemmeuder Military l?r ytaionut ibw Mleeis'ippi? , , . 'innaaa'.?: wave the boaor to a:kn mledge tbe rec- it a^.j-ur letter of the i?th li ifaiai with ?a eucjosnre a to lb# women, cbllirsu *uil oiIwm whom |o?j 'Mvocnen propof to cipsl from id tbo rlV^i ASlaata. Had you aeon;ter to '?4 Ike matter root there 1 w.'U.d giad.y c?te aUtweii your ietkir to oiuee ibie uor reevofaience, and wttb >ot your iW!V*.:a*ing H. m word*, weel l have been willing to be'lev w?at while "the iti tereeta of the t nlted Mint'*." In youe opinion, compelled P. *n act of bnrbaror* cruelly, you regretted tlm n?M.e?aily. ntid we wuuid iinve dr typed the At Hut won bare cbwaeu $? Indulge to autemeote which I feel euimi ailed to a tk", ft least. *o far as to signify wy die mint, and n t *now alteuoe re regard to them G> b* ?,?si*tined a* ac, ueaeence f mo nothing m your memmuniaatioai which Induces me to modify the language wf nieOHBM'lea w tth which I ?hemeteruod your order. U tMd aireuglbene n*e hi the aha* M steed* "pre 1 . *. i_. maw leva* nti**4 inA and ta*. .M,Mi t, the dark kisiory of war for atedied and in rniuMg cr aettv." You* ef'glnal order wad stripped of all aiau. *. > ou ant ouueed the rutct for the sols ggarnti 5al G wag ?'to Ute mtertgtef tbo f rtiod fetetee. Tkle eio * yuu offered to tie and the elvikhdd **'??? ?? *?*" eefltiueat re ooo ror dteregarding the ikfreof Gtdaed men. Too *ay that ?'General Johnston htnieew very Weeie end properly removed tbe families all tba way How IMJ ten dawn." It it due tn tbe gei'attl iolffter aed gout * man to ray ibot uo act ot b-a djaiinguitbed oo'efr g't<? aim lr.a*t color to your naiout.dtd nepersi'tt et*o 6,? .ten gout. Be dipi puiated uo v'*e.?:r town*, m?r auter, giihnr irte.dly or trttHe. He ogitreil sun extended frteud y aid In bis unfortunate fel ow cut ens. who <ia gireit to flee in m jour fruteraanl embraee. Y< o e e aniurtui ate to ? ur attempt to flint a jud ttiraUuu his tbtn ail ol cruelty eltber Id the 4 af Jonhthoru by Ganaul H t.ilre, or of Atlael* by mtttU. Gtaaral r.arfte* oefsndnt hi* position | in from qf Jooesboro at the cxfdoto ?l to>?;ry to ibo bou?f?*.ko ordinary, proper at d jusi fioblr act of war 1 decided Atlaota at the eeae risk and coal. If tbere waaauy tault In etthor cut, it ?a| four own to not f>vkig notice, especially in the case ot Atlanta, of your furpoae to eheli the town, which to usual in war among ir lined nations. No lababltaot or either town was ex pelled from ble borne and fireside by either General Hardee or utyseir, and therefore your recent order can support from the conduct of either of ua. 1 leel find nq support I _ ? no other emotion tban pam in reading that portion of your letter which attempts 10 justly your theiilrg of Atlanta without notice, under the pretence that 1 defend ed Atlanta upon a lino so ch-se to town that orery cannon shot, and m^ny .musket balls from tbe line oi your In vestment that overshot their mark went into tbe habitations .of women end cbtldren. I made no complaint of your firing into Atlanta in any way you thought proper. I mako none row , but there are a hundred thousand living wllne** that you fired into tbe habitation* of women and chddrcn for weeics, firing far above and mdes be yond my lines of de.enc*. 1 bave ton good an opinion, founded both upon observation and experience, of tlio skill of your artillerists to credit the assertion tbat they, for several wepks, unintentionally tired too high for my modest iloldwoika, and slaughtered women and children by accident and want of skill. The residue of your letter is rather discursive It opens a wide tie d for tho discussion of questions which 1 do nut feel arc committed to me. 1 am only a general of one of the aimiesor tbe Confederate Sia'oe. charged wi'h military operations in ibo lield, u' der the direction of my supciior ofbeera, and 1 am not called upqp to dis cuss with vou tlie cause of tho present war, or the j o litica'. questions which lei to or resulted from >t These grave and important questions have bco i ceram'ttcd to far abler bands tban mine, au-.l 1 shall oniy refer to ttirm so lar as t<> rcpe! any unjust conclusion which might bo drawn from my silenro. V uu charge my country w i'h "dnrmg and bndge'ing yo i to battle. ' ihe truth is, we sent commissioners to you, r- sprctfully oilerit.g a peace ful soparaii.u, before tho first gun wins fired on caber side. Yen may say we insulted jour Hag The trutb is, we fired urcu it and those wbn fought under ;t when vou came to our doors upon the iuls?ion < f sohjugation. You say wo seized upon your forte and ar. euals and nts 'e pr.socers of the garrisons sen', to protect is against negroes and Indians. The truth .s, we expelled by ciue of arms insolent iutrituors and lock pursers on -d oar own lorta and arsenals to insist your rla m to dominion over masters, slaves and Indians, s'l cf xvhem aie to this day. with unanimity unexampled in the hietcry of tbe world, warring against your attempts to become their ma erg. Yuu say that we tried to force Missouri ana Kent cky into rebellion In spile of tbemrelve*. Tbe truth is. my government, fr< m the beglni.tngof this struggle to tins boar, has again and a. ain oilbred, before the wiioie worid, to leave it to the unbiased w di <d thee States, and all others to determine for themselves whe ther tbey will cast their destiny with your government or nuts, and your government baa res.tied ih.s funda mental principle curse lr>s-tiiutioim wi'.li the bayonet, and lnb us daily, by ft rco and fraud", to fasten Is hateful tyranny upon the nnf rtuunto freemen of these Viates. You say w e falsified the vole of Louisiana. The truth is. Loiilslaua tot only sopor ted herself fiom your govern ment by nearly a unanimous vote of ner people, but has vindicated the act upon every battle fie.d from Gettye burg io tho Sabine, and exhib.ted a nero'c devotion to her decision wliich cliallergce the admiration and re spect ct every man capable of (celing sympathy lor the < pprcsacd or admiration for heroic vulor. You sav tbat we tinned looBe pirates to plunder your unarmed " Tbe truth is, when you rot.bed us of our part of tbe navy we built and bought a few vessels, hoisted the flag of our country, ai d swept the seas in defiance of your navy around tne whole cucumference of the globe You say we have expelled t'nion families by thousands Tbe troth Is, not a single family baa been expelled fiom tbe Confederate States tbat I am aware of, but, on the contrary, tne moderation of our government toward traitors has been a fruitless tbemo or denunciation by Its enemies and many well meaning friends or our ciuae. You say my government, by tots of Congress, has - on t.seated "ail debts due Northern men for goods sold and delivered " The truth is, Ceng re s gave due and ample time to your merchants and traders to depart item our shores with their ships, goods and effects, and only se questered the property of our enemies in retaliation for their acts declnriog us traitors and confiscating our pro perty wbenver their power extended, either in their country or. our own. Such are your accusations, and such are. tbe lacls, koowu of all man to be true. You order Into exile the whole population of a city, drive men, women and children from their bouses at the point or the bayonet, tinder tbe plea that it is to tbe interest of your government, and on ih# claim ttoet this is an act Of "klniiuet# to these families of Atlaota." Butler only banished from New Orleans the registered enemies of his government, and acknowledged that ha did it as a punishment. You i**ne a sweoi mg edict, covering all the inhabitants of a city, and add Insult to the Injury heaped upon tbodefence!e?e by tbat yon have -done tbcm a kindness. This you lo'.ivw by tho assertiec tbat you will 1 'rauke at much sacrifice fur tho peace aird honor of the South as tho hest born Southron." And became I characterize what juii call k.udnot: as being reel cruelly. yon presume to sit in judgment be tween me and my God, and you decide that my earnest prayer to the Almighty father to save our women and children from what yon call kindness I* a "sacrilegious, hyp--critic* appeal." Yon come into our conntry with your army avowedly for tho purpose of euitlcgeiing Ire# white men. women and children ; and not only intend to rule over them, but you make negroes your allies, and des're to place over us an interior race, which we have raised from barbarism to its present pc-.tion, which is the highest ever at tained by that race In any country in all time. 1 must, therefore, decline to sccept your stetemei.ts in reference to your kindness towards tbe people of Atlanta, and your willingnesfe to sacrifice everything lor tbe peace and honor of the trou'li. and refuse to be governed by your decision in regard to matters between myself, my coun try aud my God. Ycu say " lei us fight it cat like men." To this roy reply is fur myself, and i believe for all true moo, aye, and women and children, ,n my country, we will light you to death. Better die a thousand deaths than to sub mit to live under you or your government and your ne gro allies. Having answered the points forced upon me by your letter of tbe 9lh September. I close this correspondence witb you and notwithstanding your comments upon my appeal to God in the cause of humanity, I again humbly and reverently invoke His almighty nid in defence of j is lice and r.ghi )!erpectfully. jour obedient servant, ). B. HOOl), i encra). til! cial repy?F H Wlf-rm, A. D. C. Rebel Commenta on Ucnrral Sherman'* Letter. [From the R? bmond Inquirer. Sept ;y.] The first armistice of the war? like some of "these he f re Die wails cf Troy?has been signalled ly the t)1yra ptc game of a newspaper controversy between the com luacders. This controversy, as usual, leaves the parties just where they were? eafb persistent in his own opto-one. Sherman's extraordinary letter must, however, hare been written for seme purfuee. Me piciesee* a willing nees " to meke ae much sacrifice for the iieace and honor or the South aa (be best born Eouthrnn atuong you.*' How dees tb s compare with the private letter pot hebed some week:- since,' purporting to have been written by tbe same Sbeiroan, explanatory ef the purposes of the Northern government- Our leaders cannot have loigoiteu it. This letter announces that the people cf tbe cotton States ?re to he deported to some otb" r country, their land to be cultivated by eman cipated slave*, end tbe country thus reduced fo the rule of the Northern people. Kven In his Diet communica tion to Jfrcd he say the people nf Atlmla are to be re moved because It is to "tbe interest cf the rotted States" that it should be done. Why, then, this prate about (rienuihip to the couth* Why this defence of aa act which repeal* sll those amenities which civilization haa thrown around the gaunt skeleton of war, and thrills mankind bark aptm upon tbe unmitigated barbarisms of the darkest agrt f 1 hero is but one aoewer. L'ocolu is called beror* tbe bar of humanity to answer for tbe deeds of Butler end > f Rank*. He ta held reapoustnie for tho pledges oi continent ion and depopulation made hy tbe ahoittlontat* In hi* Dame and hy his authority. Jt is be ginning to tell against him in bia election, in* oM argu ment in tbe Assembly nf Athens l( re produced. The city of .Silicone having capitulated lotkeAtbe s ars, tbe men wcicdoi-ined to death and tbe women and children to |eipetMsl servitude. The advocate of lb. s decree said, "The empire nf Athens rauld not he maintained without an unbouoded attachment and uoal itiable adhesicn to the iutercst and honor of tbe repub lic " The ' masters of Greece" " invited by an ill judged lenity tbe imitation and continuant* ef such crimea as must inevltab y terminate In public disgrace and irreparable ruin, What else could ho expected from pardeetng the aggravated guilt of Mllitene* BnragOd by (his v.-eakiioo*. must net th< neighboring state* and island* (Ohio. Illinois and Indiana), whose res nrcss form Die principal viROr oi the republic, greedily selre tbe first upi?i-tu nity of shaking uflT the yoke (the >'nton; which they have en l-ing reluctantly borne, and follow the *> ample of a revolt which, without them wdb the tear of danger promised them the hope of deliverance. " The orator ' Icon having asserted that "the dealt U'tlon <>( Hitiiee* was necesvary to deiar other cities (rem re t-eVion, it was replied that ? tbese vivil mea.<uree will be attended with inoperable o cry to jour in'erost it will estrange ih# aiicc ?n ot youre'l-ov England snd I ranee), provoke thersseniment < f trdoo* <tbe democratic )*srty), excite th? inriiRMtion of merkiM, end, tnctead or pre renlitg 'rbeliiin. render it nioru frequent and more sangiune. ivbee *11 hopes of success shall ha-? vac idhed, pour rebellious subiecls will then he persuaded to return io their duty. They wii' re?k death tn the field w ner thto await >t at the haad* ef the executioner. Though reecre 1 to tke lest ex. I remits fat Atlanta-, *h*y will spHrii *< taeftstoe, and, tiierutg gathering utcirage irem despair, either repel your a* ?s ilts ok fall * cfslest prey, weak end eahaueted, loea psfitw <i* i"<ie?aify .o* ymi for Ik* oxpooedOf the war, or of raining touse *ub*Nu** or contributione which ran dorrd thtii*jvib|i>talien a d.?a rableobject,other of tots rt?t nf emhVlen. ' ' 7h* c..m?ideratious nf e-iter-sf' prettHed; httt the punishmaot cf Mttt'ene perhaps relabelled veegeseoe with taierest, f)oe theususd ef its rlti/ese were ledie er miwateiy ? oedemned to death; the waits ft the eity demniiabeA, the ehlppiag takoe to Athene, and the ter rttery divided to to three ibotMend pertlune, of which three buadred were -oni#-rated to the gods (Teakee hypooriey 1 and the rest dtetriboled hy let ameeg the people of A then ig Thepeopt* of the North iihe the AthepUoe, Sad it te their interest to repeal tho h.nody decree, sad Lincoln ie held to an,a?uDi by tn* eiu 'diiy of Ms cdttDirymea He has iseueu oxdors te eonnterac.t thie loiury Hward aaye Ibo order or .tmenctpaimn rolls with thdWdr, Korney end Raymond dkv peace will he granted on offier terms lh*n conaummateu abnhttoe. Pberntau la Instructed to taih like a "Bonth?."?," and to proleig iteliat* of hn m .ulty which be abhtss In hto heart Toe reply Of t.enorai H., d te the nftmona aeperaldna of bbermau, at to Ibe castes aqd conduct of tbe war .art too conclusive to ifed repetition. The ground that ibeij equate under the federal conatiiatioo ate rebels ,i their lawful author ity baa allowed ibe federals lj> 'tLpriaon onr people, men and w' men, in loathsome dux(ootis. ' The Internal of the foiled Stairs'' baa driven 00n combat tuts Trom New Orleans and other ctt'<*. u has burned boueea. destroyed property at.d e?',i homeless thousands to diminish the subsistencethose wbum the armed force of the eneiuy could x jt reach. Ho crime tn the ca talogvie uf Iniquity hag hot been pori>etraied m the name of the f Dited Ptatft. It gecme its Interest to order Ore, robbery, murder, rape, famine, confiscation and exile Tbeee crimes " It Is the interest of the United stalss" to commit Tbsy are oomroitted, not heceueo tbey are right, wise, or justified by nations! law, but because tbey promote the "interest" ?f the foiled states. We have never seen so open an avowal of go fiagrant au iniquity. Oenernl Hood is right in inferring tbeae acts to ibexes of barbarism. Tbe war policy ot tbe Nebucbadne.'.rars is that of 1 mcoln it was to murder,'?tarve, subjugate or drive out every people who witBst'od tbeir myriads for the sake oi borne or liberty. Kesimance to power, demote u to home ai d country, wss nc more a virtue in tnc eyes of tbe .Medo or 1 email than in tUcc of tbe Yankee. Partus, fyrii* and Xerxes promoteil tbeir '? intereff' by iirmoe ratlicred wltb tbe promise of plunder, and trod out ol existence t free and resisting people uo more emotion ibuu tbe rougb soled negro treads out a rtcslofants. Lincoln carries tbe bauuer of "Interest"' in tbe same spirit, ticuer. l Hood 's ilefit. Tbcre is no instance tn ancient history wfieroa war has been waged with greater disregard or human ri, ' or leeliiig thaa the present. The cry of tbe despot bns been the frame n all tigcs. "Fxtcrininate tfieui and their ideas, and replant tht .r country with obedient subjects." Ibis Is tlie purpose of Lincoln and bis party. The extraordinary resistance of the voutb, tbe uuantutui.s determinative to die rntber than e lm'.the uclversal abhorrence with which ll.c advance of tbe federal l ag has been met,even the groat fact that the ] eo|ie o:'Atlanta will not take the o*i). oi aiVgiucte, but prefer Uomclege and broadlcfrs extlo, seem to lmvo awsktiied the lespol, who jests si ail save b e own '-Interests,' to his intone |Kilic?. fins hypocrisy con es too late; be cannot deceive bis own tel low citizens. wbile tbe fritilb Unowe too well that "lnicrest" makes Inm, and that "interest" will make blip violate bis promise Cotton Sent Torth by General SUcrmun? The Losses In tllanta, dir. Tbe < harioston Mtrotru says (Jencrai Sbcrman sciyed and feet North every bale of cotton in Atlanta to tbe credit of the 1'uitcd States 1'ressury, and that on the 14tb the enemy was apparently very b ey hauling ammuni tion , Ac , to Latter tes Wagner anil hireyg. llie caiqe paper remarks ibat Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri are either ksl or paralysed, and now bound ueoK and foot to the car oi the usuifiug despotism at Washington. Ibe s' Kipultimn say* the losses iluring tbe bonibcrdment of Atlanta will reach five million dollars, worth tit teal istale, embracing foity seven houses burnt. There were four buudrcd and Diuety-seven per sons killed, and six hundred and wounded. Brooklyn I ity IMcwi. BWTWCTIOH or iuk BitooKLTs wuitk lbad WOHKS BT FIHI?THB CIH'HCH OF THE ASHl'MT TION DAMAOBD?A BACKING BOA MANUFACTORY liVXNkP. Fevers! extensive firea occurred in Brooklyn yesterday end tbe nigbl previous, involving en aggregate loss of probably two hundred thousand dollars. About four o'clock in Ibe afternoon a fire broke out In tbe Brooklyn White lead Works, occupying tbs premises bounded by Waebington, Adams, Front and Water streets. ' Tbe fire originated in the corroding apartment, Homing on Water street, and thence extended to tbe sbeds otcurylog tbe interior of tbe bl ck. All, being of wood and bigbly combustible, were destroyed. The buildings on the four corners were respectively occupied ae tbe residence of Mr. David Farley, the superintendent, Ibe carpenter ebop and tbe mill room. Wltb lb# exception of Mr. Farley's bouse all tbe buildings were of brick. The whole interior or tbe block conslstod of frame buildings and sbods, in which lbs manufacturing busiusrs ol tbe establishment was conducted. Tbe lire commenced la ibe corroding apartment. front lug on Water street, sod extended to all tbe other buildings. it ta t.ot kbuwn bow tha fire originated; but it is sup posed to have been caused by si?uiatieous oombusticn. Tbe s stem or corroding la by putting pig lead into pots, wltb a certain quantity of vinegar, or other acids, and covering tbem with tar. Ibe lire was first seen in Ibis department, and, notwithstand ing ibe exertions or tbe employes, tbe Dames extended uuill all the wooden buildings were enveloped. J be com pany have a fire engine and all appliances on the pie inlsee, which wcro put to good uae, and, with tbe city engines, saved the buildings on tbe corners and tbe boilsi s and engine*. The number of men employed In tbe works is r.bout eighty. The amount of stock on band waa about $1100,000, and tbe loss <e estimated at about $100,000, which is partially covered by insurance tu New Yoik and Brooklyn office*. iboSeeietary being absent in tbe c-wintry , the exact amount or tbo offices of insurance could not bo ascer tained. . ibn horses Id the stable beicngiog to the establishment wore saved. Tnc material on fire being of a highly combustible character, and the wind bciog from tbe orrtbvvest, blew ibe spaiks a great dlMance. Feme burning cinders fell open (bo cu|Oia end roof of tbe human Catholic Church of the Assumption, ou thecornerof York and Jay streets, oud eet >t on lire. Tbo Kev. Father Kaegau was en gaged in vespers at tbe time. Tbe building was ful'. Ascertaining Ibe fact I hat tbe structure wax on fire, be t- ok measures to clear tbe building, and all got out in safety. All tbe sacred va.-aels and vestments, aud all I bo appurteoaocse oi tbe sanc tuary weie taken to a place of safety. Tbe carpc- was aiso removed, but tbe mem psrt of tbe buildiu^ wss greatly damaged. Tbe line organ In the gallery, worth $?-.',k<Xi, was rendered tvortblcrs, tbe ceilings weie ruined and everything else was badly damaged Tbe lo<* will not be less than ($,000, and will probably exceo I that amount. The firemen deserve great credit lor sat lot ibe . hu'.-b. They Ad everything possible to do so Tbe s| BTks from tbe original fire were blown a g^-si distance, and ignited the roofs of bouses iu Bridge, Tut I man and rroepeel streets, but Ibe tames were < x'm g. it bed without much damage. Among tbo insurance comi-snies against which pdicie* are held by tbo Wbile Lend Company are ibe C olon, Firemen's trust and Moniauk. About ooo o'clock on Sunday morning a fire broke out in the extensive pecking box manufactory of Mr. Win L. lorry, occnpylng lots Mos. 14, ID and IB fiedgowick ? reel, between Columbia street and the Fast river. Tbe build ing was filled with completed boxes and mate rial ready to bo worked up, ail or wbkb was destroyed, together wlib tbe mecuinery, causing d image to tbe amount of $20,000. Ibe building wrs own-d by Mr. Cbarles Kelsey. Jr. Loss about $*>.000 1 be damage was mainly e-'Vered by insurance Hie fiio wee first discovered near tbe main entrance, and thence epre .rt wl'b great rapidity until tbe who c atructul* was en veluped ibe building wss or brick, three etorta in beiv-bt, with basement, aril eevsnty-five by eixty feci in extent. Ibe fire, it is supposed, waa tbe result of a<; t dent. Illy Intelligence. Dxmcaix)* or a Jr.wira Sviuconr*.?Tbe interesting ceremony or dedicating an lerselitisb synagogue took place yesterday afternoon. Tbo cburcb, or synagogue, is located in Twenty ainlb street, between Third and Lex ington avenues. Tbe congregation worshipping In tbls building la known as Ibe "CcDgregstlon Adaaretb FT." Ibe services were chiefly in tbe Hebrew tongue, and strictly in accordance wltb ibe old liebrow ritual, as laid down In tba Uld Testament. Tbese had a pe culiar solemnity. perhaps on trrouoi of tbe singular memories which tbe performance of Jewish riles must always inrpire. Tbe consecration sermon wax delivered hy Rev Dr. Raphael, assisted by Ilev. Pr leases end otbers. Ibe building ie n< I very large, but It is eommo ?llone sad elegant .tielde Ibe congregation wss quite large for tbe tire of tbe artifice, and tbe ladies were atltred as gaily at ibooe of any otber congregation. A Max ntapbbo ix WumuuiA 8mm.-Between four and five o'clock vettarday afternoon, a didiouliy recurred in Whitehall street, between Tbthp Tausling and Thomas Kiynn, which resulted in tbe latter drawlsg a knife and subbing Caueilog in tbe breath Tbe wound inflicted Is regarded xa aeriaue. lie wae conveyed to the New York Hospital. ITydo waa arraattd and locked up in tbe Firat precinct police Button bodbo Mmoi'sdtxasixn amhaV?A man namod Michael Do 1st), wbile intoxicated, on Saturday, attacked two men, named i homes Gullx sad .'smea tarrsn, in Hnbakea.aad subbed tbem without proveeatinn. Hulls received a wound ii> tbe abdtmen.eiid is considered in a critical con ditioo. far ran wax subbed in tbe small of tbe hark, and | narrowly escaped being lasuntly killed. Helen was committed to the musty jail by Cernaer Avery to await tbe result el tbe injuries. The Tmrf. THB UCUMR ?BBAT TbOT OX WpPXlftBA* RUT. t he firat of ibe great cealeave fer Ibe axpremacy of the trettiig turf cane off at the Fash.oa Cruras on Wedees day laat. ef which a lull and graphic report appeared is our eolnmae. The aeooad sad declfiiag raca Ukea place oa Wednesday seat. Tbe aaaa wltb which rrtace wea tha mJe beat race in batneea. hat perl act ounditraa sad tba "iprr" appear at ce be displayed at tbs end of the Win heal, wsrveela b<e present peelltea in the wagon rate of Wednesday next as leading favorite, but those wb<> look below the eerfbee ere bag km log to teqeire whether Prince, the victor of leaf Wednesday >e barueex, can carry bte . o'ore as vieaeeloualy to tbe enore oeat Wednex day to wagom Be thwfi ee II may. tbe escito msat oat tbe ???> nff and decisive rare is luteoee. Butler is so far reoc.sred from tba gall, whleb oeuaed aim to creek ac frequeaiiy as<i ae bedty last Wednesday, and id so <lt in every other re spect, Ibel tbeae who ..pouee bial had better bawsre. lady mma ie war Msg ?ff her exeeeafvv' fleah rapid iy, and bar ewaxr exeurat us thil she wilt cgt e fer dinerent figure lo wbsi one die on Weineeday Ust. John Morgso's beevy five beet spell seme to have dene h. xi a world ol good, tail be ta In far hotter eot dliien t< -v'sy thru he waa on tba day of II a laav raca; and be II rxN'*tnb?red thai wban John ta blmeell be can umbo the time a*i?rt, as he did with i F ra Temple, f ho can name the tn>xu?r ?eat X ednasday t Hal we NEWS FROM THE SOOTH. RdfttW* SU?a|t? of Rcrth ??< [From the Richmond Una miner, Rapt SI.) Statistic* to modern days bsve rlMb to the dignity of ? science The exact population of States, the amount of tbslr productions, the number of births and deaths, the diseases prevalent an.on? tbem, and a variety of similar branches of information, tending to mirror faithfully their whole social and political condition, hav* beau justly iagarded as alike agreeable aud useful. As in so many other incideota of the world's progrera tns Yankee nation outstripped crestiou In tble recently cleared Held or knowledge. Tbo census In the m?dcl repubttc was ' taken with a minuteness of detail and comprehensive ? ness of spirit tb>t completely overshadowed sverjr similar attempt of nu dern governments. That of ' 1860 went a bowshot beyond all preceding ones t In Ibis respect. It Is impossible to estimate the ' extent and variety of knowledge which would ! have been given to th-- world by tble great statistical work. We should have been made acquainted not only { with the structure aud > rgai'i/ation of society, but with I all ihe ramitloaiiuus 01 the Inner domestic It eof near thirty millions of people. Such a complete picture of bu | man eoolcty would have been a treasure without at parallel in the world s history. Everything was to have been disci eed (rem Maine to Texas. Every drop of clsret consumed in the country would hare been re ceded, equally with eveiy gallon of whiskey , the num ber cf Caucasian wculd have been stated no. less securatcly than thut.r n.e -wart Ethiopians tbe pro ductiveoess of the Hhangbse chickens woold have been compared with that > i the rorntuon barnyard towl and, in sbo-1. every depariii cut ol bumnn labor and tho ghl would have been carefully wiHteu down. This Important work would have been nearly com pleled about the tinie (be great rupture?tbc Aia'ui vuldt d>/'cttdur, as Yankee critics regard it?of the Union t.rk place, and Ilia into of this most it.irougb census wa* similar to that ol tbe ''at i?"| ot Washington. Holb were finished just when the ob ect they were destined to serve had become obsolete, both are now funereal monuments?the one cf tho ?>erty and constitution of the l ulled Elates, the other of lis unparalleled material Pl(?)be*r branch o* tbe statistical informs tut roc tamed in the census Las. however, derived additional Interest rrom tbo war?the i mhor or arms bearing men in the two confederacies. The subject is not only in teresting, as bearing upon tbe relative p 'ivers '.! resist ance <T the two countries, hut as a point of comparison wi'b vrr ous statements made upon the subject. It is but bio* days jwoc fbat a New Yojk najper, tim hw ro murfable for [is a.xuvSe/of assertion ibfiu in ita cogency of leglc, compiled ihe armies of the con.ederacy ut one hundred thousand men. being the remuniii of a million who had been armed ?ga nst ihe cause of the Union Muc hundred thousand,Ibeu. according to tIlia statement, have burn killed or disabled iu fighting lor the rebellion, and, of course, the few aud (echlo survivor* cao offer but trilling resistance to the victorious armies of the Union who have already sccnmphshed so tearful a slaughter. Appalling as is this bloody record of the veracious Yan kee chrouicler, there is yet a cotwolntlou mr the confede racy to be drawn Ciom It. We mutt mourn such terrible sacrifices ol )ne. but It becomes a subject of congratula tion that anybody is left alive. Alter sucb wholesale destruction It w. uid scarcely be expected ihat there would be men in tho confederacy to perform the most ordinary and nece-sary occupations of tile much less to put iu the field even so large a forco as that which the journalist credits us with, snd which, small or large, certainly seoroe to be large enough to keep tho great Meutonsnt General and the generals under hlm in lull employment. It te console lory to think that there is vitality enougb In tbe con federacy to bear aucb leases and still maintain n grsat mr, Perhaps, too, some comfort msy be drawn from the recollection of tbe fact that lbs sams Yankee journal stated, at tbe time of General Johnston's rstreat from Manassas, that tbe rebel army was reduced to less tbsn one thousand men, and yet but a short lime after Mc Ctellan was overwhelmed and compelled to ''change bis base" by dint of the superior numbers of this same army, whether tbe one thousand wers aupernaturally Increassd, or whether tbeir prowess augmented In tbe ratio of two hundred to oue, is n<-t very clear. It Is certain, howevsr, that this decayed and do moiallr.ed army of less tbsn one tboustnd was rated by high Yankee authority at two hundred thou sand in tbe battles before Richmond. It is not altogether unreasonable, then, to hope that tbe one hundred tbsu sand, now talked of In so depreciatory n style, may, a short time hence, be represented to be as numerous as tbe devouring swarms of locust*, when ft becomes ueces ca< y to excuse Ireeh defeats under tbe old p ea of over wbelmmg numbers. Just at tbo commencemeet of the war, when the whole titort ol the prest of the North was used to inlute courage into ihe massec by repreaeutisg to tbem their own irre ststible strength aud tbe weakness of tbelr adversaries, the argument was urcgd ihat the disparity was even greater than It appeared from tbe census returns. The wily Southern oligarchs, [wbo had managed so long to wield tlie \>ower of the government, had (atoified the returns and fraudulently magnified lbs population of the Southern States. Tbe vociferous hulllea of Yankendom were a'4 satisfied with tbe stereotyped odds of eighteen millions to eight,but sought to conviurv themselves that ibeiv advantages iu point of numberr were even greater thau was generally supposed. On Ihe other baud it has beon asserted In the Soutt that our numbers bad been understated. The gttlicuiiiei of communication in sparsely settled districts rcrdcrec it difficult: to arrive at accurate results, iheu, loo In certain portions of the country, tbe same prejudlct existed against "numbering the | eople" wfliob prevailed in I'ibllcal times. Headers fnmlllar with the wurka ol Pinion Suggs will recollect tbe difficulties he encoun tered in taking tho census in Alabama, bow tbe dogs were let loose against tho stronger wbo came "to spy cut the nakedness of the land," how eoe old lady resented particularly the Impertinent curiosity of Mr. Van Bureu, and gave vent to ferocious threats iu esse be n.ineelt should cuaae upon tlie same mission as his sub ordinates 1m; edioistils of this aud like character ware supposed t< bavo caused our strength to be underrated. Assuming however, that the population had beeu accu rately stated, it has been calculated that the confederacy can maintain six to eight hundred thousand men In the Hold l-nougb. in all conscience, to thrash soundly nil the Yankees wbo ever dined on oodflsh or put treacle in their rottee. But, then, we are confronted with tho assertion or the New YonK Bream that we have lost nine hundred tbouisnd men la lb* intest, ami it reelly seems ihst.soisr Irom tnsklng any sucli extravagant confutations of our number*, we should be exceedingly gratified for so liberal an allowance as a hundred tbuu T.e'nsrsl Grant, too, baa said that we baTe robbed tbe crsdls and the grave, luese, indeed, are about tbo only thiugb bis couulrymeu Uavo left nslo rob wberever their armies have gone but although be confesses that r.ur in f.iuts and sexagenarians ste able to bo:d tut veteran ar my at bay, we trml yst to make hun oblivious of his last statement, when in some future document be seoks to expisin bis deients by the overwhelming numbers of the rebels. ??Nothing," ssid Sydney Smiib. ? Is so deceptive as figures except lacts." In spits, then, of Grant's statements and tbe Hiwin't bguice, thera Is room to hope that all tbe able bodi*d men 1c tbe confederacy have not beeu killed, snd that General lee is not yet re duued to send forward his skirmishers en crotches sud his < avs'rj in goc*rls snd on hobby horses Enrolment ?r all Mules Between Six teen and Fifty Years Old. lets I'uarlestou newspapers contain an advertisement requiring ill male persona In (bat district, between the nges ol sixteen and fifty, to tmmedtateiy report them selves for enrolmcut. The order extends throughout the South, tb* object being to ascertain tbe present snd prospective military strength of tbe confederacy. In several or tbe military divisions slaveholders ore re quired lortbwltb to furuish one fourth, and, in some cases, one half of tbeir slave* t w -k on tbe Charleston for i ideations. > The Ret el War Tas. Adrertlxemcnts ore also published lor the collection of thirty i>er cent on profits, ns a wsr tax, and for the pub ,tc side of foreign and domestic goods of recent importa tion Tom Nassau. Ilebel Generals at Alohlte. Genciala Pick Taylor, Msury, Torre*!, Frank Gardner I.Iddel). Nsbers, lliggms Thomas, snd Major and Gover nor Watts, were oil In Mobile on tb* 10th irs'ant. imsit meats. TflK OI.T*riC. The new drarastizaiion of Martin t hux/lswlt will L* produced this evemug, wiih entire y new scetsrv ard everv atmbsr of th* company In the sail klhbO'g (UHl'KM. Mr Edwin Forrest plsyt Oihe.10 lo nigbi. On uillbxt the favorite German actress. Msdamc rlcboiler, wbo mad* ber debut In English am* f me *g? will shortly epyssr as Ophelia to Mr. Forrest's ffsm e'. 1MB BBOSDWitr. Mr John Owen* cortinues his must dei and une qiiivecsl succees. We consider his sciitig In ??'ofon Phin gl* tb* best seen upon the Yew York aisgt for many a leng day. In such humorous character* he rivals Itooffl*. His success '.* entirety dsvsrve t. tnum'ti. Tb* Et t t base will be withdrawn tomsirow even ug, ? ad 1 oveb's comsdy, I oofe Before You feep. will be pro* ,lured on Wedneedsy. Mr. Whltlog will tben mak* b's first sppss'anc* at this theatre. A Ire set drama ?? in preparation. I Ml TBOBPI mornBltfi. fusee mediums will perform at htbta's haloes en the Id of tviiebsr. They go tbo sen* things sa tbe Davsn. pert Brothers, hut bevo their bends locked Is wooden storks, instead of being tied with ropes Mr*. Ferris * I'Viag similar performances at tbe Med'ce) Institute, HroSiyo, and prodncaa seme pfceem*ene ssrsr before dsveloped The lwj*rs**?lws*al lndsatrlet AeaoMshly. LOFisvu i.n. ?ept. 24, 1864 Tb* Isterueltonsl Industrial Assembly adjourned tbis aflereooo, after a four days' bsrmon ou* session. Fight i'laiss were icprcseuted, Tbe ot! ccrs slerieJ were it. Gllehrist, Cf Louisville, Ifwtdenf ; H B. White, of Roeiotv, Vice Ereelvlcnt: Mmfcnck, of ! elroil, Recording Verre larr. J. It. lake, ?f U'kkago, torrrsp iuti. g .-evretary; l? ( llgicr.of t tnclnneli, E tssnre !E v rstsry , (' W. Tai madge, i.f I uiuivills. 1 rvasiire*, h m fialtey.olrl 1 a ul*, t\aides A isrgs mass nvoeth g v; nu* progr?*?t"F SHENANDOAH. BlterlUaw U fmrull of E?(lr'( Vlc??*C Farces. Wahiiixuto*, Sept. 26, 1M54 Al lbs lsst scoooat* received from General Sheridan b* was over one hundred miles fro? Uarpei s Ferry, closely pursuing lbs scattered and Casing remusni of Early's army. He bad advanced so far from the line of ora tions Ibat communication wan hazardous, except with a strong escort, rufhetsnt to Intimidate the guerilla bands Infesting tbe rente rapidly paesed over, lor this reason we may not b* bear anything additional lo night. Bai.tjhoni, Sept 26, 1SC4. I^rge numlH'ra of pnsorera ere arriving from ilarper s Ferry. About one tbourund nave just passed down I ratt street under gesrd. ______ It?-tori Atco?tli. The laten Rich" nod jspers rsceived conta.u very little news, lbey admit a defeat In the velley, end give tueir less at two tbouaind ttve hundred, about five hundred of whom were jrirocers. It odes' division lost eno inou saud men. ILey atate our (Futon) lose st six thousaud to eicht thousand. llodes and Godwin were killed, and General Fit/ and Colonel I'allon wounded. General York lost an urni. General Early wue Intrenched ai Fieber'e Bill, tweuty-two miles south of Winchester. POUTItAll' OF iKt BKBBt, GENERAL ,ti PAL KA11LT. From tbe Grtliin (Ua t Rebel.] Old Jubai i arly or as General Lee cills li.m, h e "ad olu man," l.?e won a nauio duriug his sojourn in tne valley ol Virginia el which ho is well worthy. Did >ou ever see biniV It not, you have mirsed one of the greal est curiosities of the a ur. tie is a man of cons.durable corpulence, with i full face, which has the arpearanr e of the lull moon when it is at its heluht 111 redness, lie i? about eli feet lngb, and of tinii.erio His voice Bouude like a cracked Chtnebe from me inoutb somewhat in the nyif ot the hard-hell Haptln, with n long drawl, acciam pUjscj with .B xWf -'a *i2W.W* lead is ffl?i-.ed in a net slnpert wSollfiS scuU cop' dr?*n abC'.i his eirs. while liic "ody is contained with n Co embracer oi a Virginia cloth overcoat, striking hi?_heel?. Ills legs are covered by .egglngsof the same material, wrapicl from the feet upwards as high as lbs knees with white tare. He is an brave as he is homeiy .and as homely as any man you ever saw, oxoept Parson Frown low who is raid to rival Lis satanlc majee.y iu 'personal appearance. There are many airec dotce related of Old Jubal, but J cannot ?* g'"""1 call to memory but one. During the battles in the Wil derness -n t-no occasion a rrgiiacut from south wus ordered to charge the enemy./ lor some leason thsy faltered. Old JubBl hearing of it rode up to the head ol the column, and in that peculiarity of lone for which ho was noted, cried out, "Blast yotf, you got us Into this daniued scrape and hy God you shall help us out." The regiment was so cut hy the remark that they rushed upon the foe, driving hlra from every position. Compliments to the New Arclxbtnlxop. T181T OP TBE CBIf DK8N OF Sr. BRIDGET 8 PA HOCUIAt. SCHOOL TO THE CATHEDBAL? ADDMBfi TO AND RKPLT OP ARCHBISHOP M'CLOBEKY, ETC. An interesting sight was witnessed at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral yesterday a'tercooo. St. Bridget's well known school of two thousand children, accompanied by St. Bridgofn Ladles' Sodality or tbe Sacred Passion, numbering shout thrso hundred, and also St. Bridget's Benevolent Society, four hundred mem bere, paid a complimentary visit of reapect and obedience to the Host Rev. Arcbhisbop McCloskey. The procession formed at St. Bridget's church, Rev Father Mcooey psntor, at four o'clock, snd proceeded ti tbe cathedral, where tbe Archbishop was In readinesn U receive tho deputation. The building was crowded on tbe entrance of the rrocesnlon, the members who took part in tbe some filling it to completion. A byron was Sung by about Gve hundred voices, when Master Rtguey roud lb* following address.? Mosr ltsviuicm aku Iija'STRiOCS Aw HS'fttor?We, the children of St. Bridget's schoels, Accompanied by St. iliidgef's Sodality of tbe Sacred rase ion and M. Brtdrot'n Benevolent Society, come to pay you this testimony of profound reverence ami respect wutcn we eberiJh and hold lor your (trace, Though cli ^r*nJ we have ulreudy iearned to rejoice with our dear parents our zealous and ludefatlgahlo clergy .in a word, w Iththt whole an lidiocees of New York, that Uod, in Hid good ness, has placed you over ui aa our apostolical ?*?>??" aud most worthy successor of tho late Arenmsnoj Hughes, whoso memory wo shall ever cherish, and whoa, counsel wo shall ever follow. Already have we receive* hi.-i mtmy benedictions, we come on this ? ask yours, that we may serve God faithfully. Ou prayers shall be lbs*. God roiy long spare yo to be our guide and counsel In all that is good and Ibat we rna> prove ourselves worthy of jour ISol solicitude and beuodlctlra. Ar lib shop M-< loskey r? turned tbatiks for the vitif, and addressed the araembtj in an c!o<|iioiit snd feeling manner He remarked lha he had beard of M. Bridget's school* sad ,-f. Lrtdget i societies, but the present sight surpassed nil of bis antlcl rations 1* w*? bright and beautiful. This wss an evl denceof the Interest r*lt in education end ptely by St isndget'8 congregation under tbe leadership of then worthy parlor. He concluded by giving tbem his ben* diction. lue large assemblage then dispersed. | Drdlentlen *f St. B?ckn*r? MwmnsSery, Went Hobokrn. iMPoan-u catholic ceremonies. St. Michael a Monastery of the I'aeiionlst l athers, ai W?st Hobokeh, was finally dedicated yesterday after ,-ron. ia the piesence of a large crncourue of jxrsons. Ibis line iuitltutlvn has already heeu fully described in sur columns, so la unnecessary to go into ?Malls regarding the same It will a> the ainlrr, however, tc call atleutiOD to the zeal which hi? characterised tb? founders of Ibis monastery tn their efforts of creating sc large and useful a religious building. These gon tlemen are neatly *>l Italians, landing on ot.t hospitable shores penniless msn, hot tarrying with tbem that most powerful recommends! i#n to the Rowan Catholic community tba Insignia auJ r. bei of the priesthood. Their sphere of usefulness daily be cam# more extended, until now they have succeeded In erecting a splendid monastery to the honor of tied, for tbe dissemination snd culture of bis truths and charities this excellent work has been accomplished sitnrly through the instrumentality o* some hall do-en eal u? clergymen, sided, of course, by tbe < ntrlbntiwos of the faithful. \ esteiuay slier aeon, si four w ctjck, the dedi cmt U*n ceremony roimBtnccU. A oi tl?rgy and latty was lorme-t and, |-asslt>K through the groundr ot the monaatery, halted at the main enrance. Hart at addrrss was read by Mr. Weldon, one of tbaioagrega Hon, to which the Very Iter. Domiolk Tarloilut, Tro vincial, responded as follows ? Ggvrtsax*?i tiisok you vary heartily, in my own Dams and in the name of all thiteor the ra-'fuiilit leltglon, foi your flattering addteis, as well as for the "v^rty co operation yoc hare always given nx lo llie work that bat been done for the good of tho congregation, tie llkewiie thank all the ladles of M Mar/ s congrcgafiou ror Ibslr interest in our tisdsrlsktog. we also thank the neigh bonne friends who generously belped us In the erection of lb s monsiitcry. 1 bops you will jerisvero in the coed w?rk and si'hougb, for the futuro, we are to be removed from you a tliori disttuce, some of us will rs luain to take rsre of you. Let ug si! tben thank God lor tne tnanv benefits be ba* bestowed upon us, and by llie purity ot our life show cursclvee worthy drsciples or the fpev l?r. Drown, of .lerney City, inllowed m a truly elegant discourse, after watch bsueil; Hon took pl??;s snd tba ceremeties closed. A fall (or the SeneTl - f t"s 'n sttt'itlen takr* place teil week Ulisiiron* Fire Sit Detroit. * W ABRUODSK SlBt'CK fit HOETRIN*?PORIT IHOUfiAND WO 1.1 IBS WORTH OH PgorRltfT f'E t igo-vsn. ETC. [Frcm the Detroit Free Tress, Sept. 34.] The most disastrous flro which h**o> urrsd in fh'? "T for a long lims b> okafinu* last evantng about eight o clock in the warehcise of Barnard u't'rady, foot of First e'reet. lbs names rapidly spread and soon the three warehouses of B. O'Orsdy, I'lsck h Young and Risaeil ft GUIeft. sit connected tog<il?er end sstending ewng tho dock ir >m hirst te FSemd streets, were one sheet of (lame Ths warehouses wore wholly destroyed together with almoft toolr entire content*. The warehouse of Mr. O'G'rady coaufrmd a boat four ihou'snd dollars w .rlb of pr*****1 b*y. There wsn nlro a nuantlty of ficor and general merehandise, altogether n light stock. _ . _ . It tbe warehouse of Messrs. Black * Young were shout ?1 nuo bushels of barley, besides a minniuy of flour snd hlgbwmea N'othlug wss savwl, not seen the papers in tbe rapidly did tbe fiumee spread after they were diecoveredl lfte 'nee to Mwwrs. O'Gradp aud fta'* At Young caanet fail short of I*.'**'- . Tbe w*rehooae of Mee*rs. Hiseell It fjlllett wse meat y filled with Boor and fl?b. A cenaidersble lusntity ..f these wore rolled Into tbe etreet and eaved. with onlv tne dstaaae resulting from the drenching Usy rtoelvrd. Ihe booke, papers, ssf# snd farsHnre or the offtcn were all removed, as well as several bugglse which ware stofd in the warehouse. The ic*e cf Meesrs. itisaeii Jh i.lllstt will not probably sxcerd fit .hod, A cons,datable quantity of wood upon the dork viae consumed. I oe bondings w*. e ow.*sd by Oenerst ('ssa, snd am estimated to has* been cf the value of twenty thousand delists. Th* fire was undoubted If cansed by lightning. U struck the middle warebome, in which tbe hay was stored snd s?< n the whole bund ng wss m flames, Tbe porter "ad loi k<d the d<>-r si.d o't but tifteeu mlttuten bofort tie "i-erd the ol>p th thuudef, and lu u law mtnutos saw ftMiues i-suing tri.m the ro-ii. Many cithene m the vicinity wet"- satieilr t that the ilghtninu etruok suit,ewbere near, and lbs c *mt of fits ens sounded bi<I t oct it inrnia ilterwnrda the bolt evidently i -seed d-eI, <h-e,ij|h 'he bnthtu g, >gdi|iug 'he comhwalihW I - it* si if hey sn red It,ere. This Slot e fan sueoust f- r the rapid (Mt irrfststibte |tt ogress of tt?* 11.4 PETERSBURG. Mr. 5. tartualirttrr'ii Ucipttcb. Kwrs An* t uan, Vu., S?pt 34? A M There n a perfrc*. dearth of new* in thi? vicinity, aod except a atragglirg .hot on the vide tie I.ut, nil ta quief. It rout tome portions of our lloe wo bare a complete ?low u( the enemji'a poeitiuu. Tbo rebtle tan be teen busily engaged strengthening ibeir main liue of world. Juat now they are on gaged in running uu uterlor line. Mr. T. >1. CooW'l Despatch. HtArqciRTSM, Texiu Cows, Sept 24, 1894 Matters rewiued tbe.r wonted quietness to front <f Petersburg up to laat evening, when tbo rebels, aunoynl doubtless at the exaltation of our troupe over SI enUan'a meruit!rent success In the Hhennndoah vnlley and lbs taunts eur pickets tbre.* at ttieni, broke olT all commo nicaiion,abd commenced firing upon us with cooMderah ?. ? Igor. Our men returood their oempllmenta in k'nd, and throughout (be night oot'o lines were ongagnd inccostaut skirmish firing. At daylight tills in irnlng a salute of ten rbclted y n? from ovcrjr jueco ki position in front of 1 fit icek's c* r: was flred, by order of General Grant, In bonor of Sberl dan's success. At oicbt o el ick, as 1 Close tli's dcpa'i b, Dime;'a guns are opening?to be joined by these or tfcc Kightecntb corjw-in honor of tho same glorious evet t Die hews, as communicated to tho arm; in s'f.e-ldai 8 despair tics, has sent a thrill of |ny throughout 'he entire lino. Iho men cheer with n will and spirit reldom squalled. The army feels reJiiTlunte nnd atxirus for the jnic to arrive whon it may be i>?.-niittcd to emu'aio the bi'ght example ret it. Iho big gun I mentioned a few days I. vug been ; lame I by Uie enemy below tho H.irr Douse i a position to enfilade a port! >n of the line i f this o rpv , has suddenly dhnpi enred. The battcrica that CoW.l Jackstn, < liter of Artillery of this corps, had planted, in anticipation of Its opening, bad the happy fleet ? i ml dunly silencing it, and last night, under cever of ii.n? ucss, it was withdrawn, doubtless with a view toils location In soiuo nuireTecurA position. There Is no particle of truth In the reports ihM hi ve gone abroad that tbo enemy nre evacuating Petersburg. As yet tbero is not the slightest Indication, they Intend doing so. On the contrary, Ibey seem Inclined to deleml their presor.t position t? i he last. As au evidence of this they are straining every nerve tu the completion of the new terminus of the Fouthsldo Railroad. This change will bring the road Into tho city from the north side, which side It keeps for a distance of ten or fifteen ntiiea above the city, where It crossea the Appomattox by s now bridge. The construction of this work would eeem to imply that ths loss of both ths Weldon audi Danville roads will not necessitate the abandonment of tbe position; but that the eflort will be made lo sum At the Army by the Souths ids road, which, as Ibey calcu late, will thus bs secure from Crest's raiders. Mo shall sea how much they will be mistaken. At the out set tbe change of the course of ibis road Is ? tacit acknowledgment of their Inability to maintain and de fend Utcir present line, and dlscloaca a purpoec ultimate ly to fall back and make tbe aorlb bank of tha Appo mattox their line of defence as well es tbelr right, as ou tbe left, where ibey now have that pnaltion. Of eeuvsw this movement will embrace tbe evacuation of fatora burg. Mr. W. D. NcSrsgsr's Despatch. Hxaihji asms, A OUT or ns Potomac 1 Sept. '23. ISM. | Several casualties occurred to-day from picket firing ir> front of tbs Third division of the Second. Asergourt of the Fortieth New York was shot through the head, tbo ball entering tbe red diamond ou his hat. He died almost Instantly. Privata I arneworlh wae alsokided by being ?hot in the eye, while looking over the work* at some shelling going on near by. This practice of continued sbarpshooling between ihe pickets should be discountenanced by every commander on both tides, us It causes the Iocs of many a ' rmi man's life without the ellghtest advantage lo elites party. A deserter wbc came in on Thursday eveoing says tl e rebel army are very much discouraged ou account of Farly'? defeat In tlie valley, and be thinks that bcfoio long Lee will have to evacuate Richmond and f etci burg. Tbe people of Richmond and vicinity are suffering ter ribly for Ihe uecossariee of life, und particularly for fire wood, tho cost of which places It slmosl beyond the reach of the man of tbe oommahity. llKAhqi artms, Sept. a4 8 A. If Quite a cannonading was beard early tbia morning n tbe centre, which continued about half an hour. AH 'a now quisl. Important Order from .flcnerai Bntler. Tbe following order bas been authorised by Central Butler ? ? ?NKBAL ORDERS? WO. SI. llBAiNiaaitsa, District or Exsnur Viae mix, "t Nottron, Vs., 6apl. 22,1804. t In pursuance of orders from headquarters depart asset, all persona within tbe district of Kaatera Virginia over sixteen years of age who bava not taken tho oath af alle giance will be sent outside of tbe lines. This order will be carried iotu effect on and after Oeto btr 15, 1894. Colonel H. T. Sanders, Nineteenth Wisconsin Volunteers, Proves! Marshal, will make Immediate arrangements to administer tbe oatb.and will afford every facility for tbm purpose. Colonel Zanders Is charged with the execution of Ibis order. By order of Brigadier General GFORGB T. 8HKFLBT Wjcxaxu florvMxN, Assistant Adjutant General. Coroners' Isiqmeats. Ai ttor.n Dun or a Colorto Womav sv Wubhw Arpswi ox Scsnchw ?On Sal ur day last fa rah Bennett, a colored weman, who was employed as cook In tbe die reputable house No. 36 Howard street, baa a quarrel with another woman who bad Just engaged at acrviee Id the came house. The per ties were separated, but, coming tegbther again lu tbe front basement at night the qutr rel was ronewetl. Blows were exchanged, tad it * alleged that Sarah's adversary seized a slick, with which alic km i ked bar doww and heal her severely about the bead and body while proetrate ou the lloor Ibe woman Bonne it did net rlso agam, and on making an anamina tion she was found to be dead. An officer of ll)e Voer feeuth precinct was called and arrreted the woman wbo is alleged to have committed ibe crime, and she was locked up to awall the result of an Inquisition. Coroner W ddey was notified to hold an lsqueet. Deputy ("Toner Bouton will make a poet mortem examination ou lUetx dy, which will determihe wbeiber dtaeasc or ;u juries caned death. Tbe deceased was fifty eigfcl years cf age and a native of Baltimore. First. Rsstt.t or a Qriasu,?Ab'ujt Jbc 20th nit. two tb.pmalrs, named Phi!fp i erereeiJ*and rbAfiT^&oneTy 1 e. ame Involved lo s quarrel, corner ef Water street en' amee slip, while Intel rated, and after a rough and ton.; t !e fight on the door, friends interfered and separated t .era. The same night Connolly, although eiblbiting n<< narts of violence, complained of being Injured. Re went t> tbe boute of a friend, nod after remaining a wash oader t je doctor's rare it was found prudent to remove bim Ms tie Vow York lfo*pltal, wbh-h was BccrdiRg'.y done, no oonttmed to grow worse, and died en Saturday sight, (kroner Collin tts'erdey held aw tnqweet cu tbe body, and a post mortem exbrntewstcn ?bowed that the deceived haJ b.?o Injured internwiiy Ihe Mwiiraony also eaov.ed ihal Connelly wan benteu t>y r>overeeiix. the i iry (good '-thei tbe deeeweed earn" to b.s death by Id) iri e received Iw n flgbt with Philip Deverea ix, at the corner of tVater street and Jimr? ?Hp." i evereaus was not arrented at tbe lime and W e believed that bo baa aleoe gone to eww A warrant was teeiied (or bit arreet, and efforts will be made to secure blm when he returoa Deceased wan thirty five years of eg* and a native of ire'and. Re lived at io? Cherry rrtoi. rorno D&ib 0:. .in ?irrntt.?Teelerday Wicrnmg ? decently dreasrd raaB, about forty-ftvo jra/? ef age, ww* found lying de* toi tbe U.Utory,and Corueer rADiits* mm notified to hold an npie^toe tbe body, 'n hm poeeee s en wm ronnd n letter sJ'hersed to l?r ffwlsburww, Health Atffleer at this port, wr 'isii MHmen, d nanen, Walworth c<>niiiy. Wise.wele. These n?neere?? to be no marks o! vlo'encw d*dtb, W i* thought, resulted rm? natural cacase. Tnn Jon> Bnow* Fxv,!T.-Mre. John Brown, widow of 6 m Whose soul s trevsll'-g on, with ??? ^e kaim?n. aod hie Wire slid th" ? la-ghtem, have teft ibetr boeas ?moot ihe AdirtoTao V nutsn>s- whe. d let.n'n "body liee ovuidor ng ie 'be dust," t get her with b.a auet,wao ?< e shot *t Harper'a Ferry ?to eeefc a new heme In tan oinu 1bev umlortook ibejourtiey vis tbdeverlso.t route, talinf mth tl.. 1.1 some cat tie and VerBMot floe woshrd rheon. Ihefo lea p in til rumor, art yet coo firmed, lb t af'er eav ng MWseofl, It having been ?ere? (a B0.I thst they W're John Brown's iimi y ibey ears porMied by Missouri g>wr'H(S, c tpture.1, r- bhnl end mm icr?4 Ibe houteatrad i n iw iK?wp?U hy Wre. Brawn'* bri,th<er,?ifkiqf, ? ,,ra j !"? liver.

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