Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Eylül 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Eylül 1864 Page 3
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JkTI'1 WAJI-rtj^rBMA L.B9 k*rN|BB or WELL RRCOMMl. NDRD OUBM ?J, ? K2K' m "r*. low Ma wum w Twawba ?L. n??lr tla Bowery. Gl.BM AN Wi ll Uvnu in 'Ol'HO L ADY, WISBINO TO BRTCRR TO OtB ^ 4"y? dft?ur<i to uneat ffith a family who would ton 52L mrV*? d"rll>d th? '????? a* coiupeoaalloii. lo i?iL .1?tV,r?r b*r P?*?*2?. Befe/etwsoa siohknged. JR?"* At Alt (A nurd itreoL |* KNGLISB WOMAN WISHES TO RNUAOB WITH ? family coin# either to California or Hittnt: la ? X; '?"'"?tree"; si>eak* 8paul-h baa tbo best of city wwrenees from tint clout fairlliea. Can be teen at Mo. 2 iJlli ?t., until engaged. I SITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT PER. i_ ???. aeexee.lent oook ami baker; underaiaadi all n. ?sary requirements In ttie kitchen; t* willing to u.-ilet lu *eaehju& W III giva eatjafa lory reference. Call for two W? at No. IWeet it at at,, near atbav. 1 YOUNG GIRL. lb YKAR8 OK AOS, WANTS A KIT a. mien iu a respectable family to do tight housework - Willing aod obliging. Call at 124 Henry at. for two day* ' L GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH SEAMSTRESS B baa no objection 10 do light chain berwork If required ' idersianua Wheeler A Wl tio'i sewing machines. Beat of ^l^ferenee. Call at 412 2itb at, and bib ay. Xatrance Is FIRST CLAHS COOK.?A SITUATION WANTBD. I by n woman. In a pilvaie family; unexceptionable Terence given Apply for twe dayt at 4ft) titb a? , tecond vr, room ft. t \OU?? Vy**** WISHES A SITUATION AS t * bam be r iii r.i and to do tine washing or aa compe nl chauib rm*'d 'in Irretanda French llutlng; best of city riwlTdny* her present situation, 22 Weal 27lb at.. COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WI8HSS A FEW rut. r'l"K s to ?* "" b* lhe ',?T- Apply at IDS IStb at . ? ut.r oj otn av*. SITUATION WANTED BY A TOITNG WOMAN TO ?a * housework 10 a small private family. Call port ?tre*?t. K ST.". CT A ft Ij 11 GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS -u,i .V rrn.'?i']? d0 hou?ework, hat lirat rale ref a>c*- t-al^at d9d 7th ay? accond rtoor, front room. ' ?1lTUAr.,?,? WANTED?BY A HKSPBCTABLE *8*1 17 year*, to take rare of children, do plain viag and wa i on door; la wt ling and obli" nr, and not *4Dt eii? d?J ?l76lf2d ave., between 40th SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE au.Jti?? . 1 ' nur,IWi '? r?P?1>le ot taking charge An n,rant from its Mrth; ha* lived eight year" in .bat isciiy in one place. Call at 103 weal 2iitb at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESVEOTABuTwo ii .** 8r*1 coob' the *>'??* Wf City reference I'At bey last employey'% ? Madiion ay., from 10 A. Ji. 51 1. None but a private latuily need apply. gj??A?MPy. WHO HAS A SEWING MAOBIXJL ; ? situation aa ?eam?tn as and teacher in the ^"oidway"6*' 6h* ? B ' ca,e 01 Mr* MiU?' *r9FV?aW0MA?' WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM crrmaid, uramstrfig, or a* ourse: rood cllv rei'eiauca tu her last p'ace. Ca'l at 120 East 25ih.L ? COOK ?WANTED. BY A COMPETENT WOM AN ItiThr.?,^"?111 ?"* reference a situation aa cook li u : understands pastries soups, jellies and ?Kln-il*?0 e,c*llenl. baker of all kinds; is willing to r.1U,r^h D* rC"n be ?**" f#r 'w <? days at 110 Bast > at , lb rd noor, frout room. 10VVO woman WISHB8 A SITUATION TO COOK 1 *7"* 7 u J bc,t Cl'7 reference from her last place. I at .,6 7ib a? , between 27tli and 28th sts. SITUATION WANTED-BY A WELL RECOMMEND ??? ? n?uu nncuAAC.SD. ed young woman, a* cook, vraalier and troner. or to do ?i*l houaework ; la aa escellent cook and baker and first *Dl, 'r0,'e';.: i? " Hling and obliging; no objec Jo the country, ("all at 378 6th a*., first fioor. 7rOMA? DB8IRB8 A SITUATION TO DO light chambe.rwork and aewlng, or to take charge ofnn ftfe i". yfcys a: ay.""" een for tao days at 112 Degraw at., Rrouklyn. nS^w^W^fafe Sf: Brooklynr* C?rBer ?f 8ac"eU' BRSPBCTABLE COLORED WOMAN WI8HBS TO go aa anrse or lady's maid, with a lady going " c? tewCoNr?.,K,t.S *2imV?''?r fih?rClt7 reference ?,Ten- Cal1 ?* TOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO i sIHTtl7rr,#trJf71? Uk,n?c*m of children or )*ewlag s.if?ractorv retcranoe given Can be teen at preaenl employer a ill eugn/.-d. .y Rait I,-lb at. RBSPBCTABLE TOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA e Cafl J?2'/Wcm S6.h\,!!Ja Wi'tiD?i ?00d I PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS eeamttre's and te as-lei wiih the cbamberwork Can on for two days at 177 ha?i .I6ih ai. ' j IOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CIUm" ' barmaid and waitress; the oesi of , ity reference Irom i est place. Can be eeen on Moadav at 270 2d av. j SITUATION WANIKLt?3V A RESPECTABLE I young woman, ka chembennt d aud waitren; bns tba J^clty reference. Call at lit 1Mb it., between 6ih and j WISHES A TI1UATION FOB A RBSPBCTA girl aa t ret t un wa.irsae, hes obiecilon wliu^^ir^.u'joi'o" <M"nJ,T "d Tj?-Jay ai married woman and child two years i.?i7 '* * * i.w" ** laoi or xeametreet la a prt .i?ei'L7^? B,'l! C,!l *? E?" 31tb et , elery. baok room. ? YOUNG F.NGI.ISH GIRL WANTd A SITUATION ee chambermaid and ?au ??.v nderrunde floe wash Good re Terra, e fall v. 37.1 7ih av. . riac the bell. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. WITH A FRESH breast of milk, wan'* a baby to a m- in a retmeciable Inquie of Miciiae.i dbreuaa Ad Waabibgton , ?lore TOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE and seem tre?i in a prlva'e family, ar chambermaid earn-treat Call at till Eaet 31c. et., alherpreeeal where ebe hue i;ved three >ee: >. ITU ATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL a* eeau.sireea; >au cut and in aod operate on Wbeeier t*oa,i inachiae: gool nty referrnce fall at 15 ?gton are., near 2. d St. Alto a competent nnr?e. can ?are or an infant fin n its bn;u; wo i'.d trave t > C l ean furnish good refbr-aea; n an F.neliih woman and 1 eador. Call at 19 Lexington ar., near 73d et. tKbPECTABLB YOUNG WO>! IN WISHES A SITU alien a*root and to *?* *i in the w*?ntng aod Ironing city refereu e; hn oee.i lour year, .u uar last place! t til ar A. eornar of 19th a; tmTATION W AN TED?BT A VOUNG GIRL. TO take care of children an I do ? haaiher work and make t'lrWeti'JYth'V"11 d;y r#fer,ac* ber '??( place. 1OUNG HEALTHY MABRiED Wi.'VaN, WITH A full breast of milk, whoae hutbind aod "hild are deal '?rt.otHfc? f*iWtl ln * t?P?u'de rami y. I at 217 Molt et., in the a'ara IIT0ATION WANTED?BY A TOrXG WOMAN AS Bret clan wailro-a nnl rbimberuieid. The beet o"' eforence from her la*; place, where eho .l*od fo^r . Call at ill East .3tn el. ?IERT CLASS C?)0K AND BAKER WANTS A altnailon; will in the wethiaj. a homo of ImporietKO th-n age*, t a a; ;.|2 tluieon et.. iulb >1. YOUNO GIRT. WISHES A SITUATION T > DO -r.amberwor* au'. wa-tng Haegoo; , v - ;rrencr ?eooen for two days at 74 Weat xd.h ii . m the rear. LADY IS DESIROUS OK GETTING A SITUATION f,r ? T?"."? kl'i. 16 year* of age. to '?;* are o. chil. , 10 o good plata aewer and 1- wtl'ii.g la meka h -reeif ?t ^l M/rt.e a , ilrutklyiio J IOUNO WOIUJ9 WAXN 4 s r ? riOX as PlMT nlast laiin<]rea? fn a piini# fatni.r; uo ierau?<l? >h fluting. IIa-< tha be?i of re er-aeo Can ua ! for iwo day* at itl' Eaet 13th et.' SITUATION WANTED-8T A YOUNG GIRL la cook, with and iroe. in a em*I nr.'ate atnllr li e *t e|ty reference. Oa I a; lot! Wee; :.1 nsat i?S'. YOUNG GIRL WaNH A SlTUATiON. To DO * eneral booe-eor- n e im i ?-e 4m t -i d ! ?fereoe* If reg-me I. Ion re ei 3u ft. ugi .n i tioor. front roo.u ; 'OMPBTRNT ugiS .V.bllKS A UTI ATION AS oiir*e; ie well cipnricnsed a ho . are ?l -In ,Iron ? g to take the en;ir< eh*ig- ?f a. 'ifaat; * a uent ?, an.l can produce t it ue?; of cit* reference Ca at en 29th lIDDI.F. AGED WOMAN WisHRA A SITUATION a Nuree in a nil'ate f?-ni v ; hi. ?* t ?--er i rear* ex jm in eem* of tbe ha.i fj-n . In ? ,? iy ha* n?* atablo ieneuee. Can ba i-iu at l.'t A tat 12th oi be 17th and Mil e^. ?rotestaNt girl wants a situation as hamhermald and v-aitreia. or cba nbermaid m i i?aui Oeoi r>; v r.-feren et Oa i as ie-a i\ vf. H d< n tar Oaar'.toa. SITUATION WANrSD-BT A RLA FCTABLB young glil no rook, washer and fo.-r. Goad city a e an bo given, fa I at 1 2 7th ar , a few drora l id *1 <V>OK'F SITHATTON wanted-in a hotel ?eetanrant or hoarding heme "it* nun ? a'! ktideof , m-ota. paatr*. game aod r linary to nine- beet of rl|, loceglvea Oal for tea day* at 73 D.?:?1jd ?t, room J, TOUNG WOMAN WIsHSS A SITI.'ATION AR "L""".nr sb am bene aid ant wauree*. ty referewoa Mo objoc-.iona -a tha etrr fall ai ssl 1Mb at., oaar 6;h a* , trsi Soor" loVtwo^ayi RRRFBCTABI.B TOUNG WIDOW WISHES A RTT uaitoa to go gsnetal h#.-.eew)ra for a <mal! pr'vita ; wonlg go a abort dtetanoe <n tba Oiuntry ir 51 1: would prefer to bore hrr little da ighiar ithrT. ^wttb bar. Call oa Monday at W4 4tff aT ? TOUNO GERMAN WOMAN. WTTH OGOD R* PER oeee, wlahot a situation a* w*t a iron. Apply al No g i? A, near Beuatoa it ' RESPECTABLE PROTBRTANT GIRL WANTS A ittuet'eo ee chambermaid and to do plain aawlag ' Oreonwiob or. for two day* Monday aod UNRKRRPRR ?A LADY WPLL OOALIFIFD *'7'' * S'l'ViIIt? i" bn;,Mkeep*r in , wbnwer ? fain ?d?? aJd l55\? ' A * ' UATION WANT HI) A'AYET nVrSR BT A RN *rr,y f,r MSTTIU US' mtl'ATlGN WAV. ED ny , vr. yinau; hoc li? iil.e ben loin I gl<; 1 un. . r ? . . , 7.?r? ' f ? ng ? , 're, I,. - i . w , ki I Ah ?l |.r ween III.*,,' ,11,I * tA _ WT^ATIOM W4STED-FKMA1BS. Situations wanted-po* thoroughly com Hueot female help of all n. liuos anuli ah cooks, chain bcrma.ds, waitress's, 'a indresi-ee, s*euistr-'aera. nuisea, y?k," ,T*\h *** lroB ???>' ?tfta, end ( rl? lately leaded. Apply at tbe Large Employment House, turner ei cti at. And 11 th cl. A lie male help. aS11--!10* wANTEO-BT A COMPETENT AND tri. ? . r*,P?l-'?b.e person. to take cLarge of young iedleaand tew, or would Atefet a led; aa housekeeper; ?ktitfhutory reference given. Cab be teen At to maciougal tt CIT0ATION WAXTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNO i woajAn at cook, er to d ? general homework In a tinali family Call at 1U West Itdh et., unul lulled. Situation wantbd-by a respectable mar is > ried woBAa, at wet Buret; her Brit baby, fourteen ~AJ* o'u, it dead; tbe will aire ? mother's love and care to the baby the may take to her bre-ilL Alto, a young man. 17 yeais olu. wants a ntuAtion; will make himself general I r netful; underttand* the onre and driving of horses Call for two days at 156 Mott et., rear heute, room No. A TWO RBdPBBTABLB YOUNO WOMEN WANT SITU At out together. one At cook, washer and Ironer, iho other to do rhainiierwork and wailing; willing t? a-slst In an'ihiiu: Tbe be t of oily reference. Apply ror two day* at 233 ial ar., between lttb and 15th sta. fPWO RI.sPEOT A BI. E GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS IN i. one house or aeparalo; one as good plain cook, washer and ironer. the other to do chamberwork and sew ing, or aa laundress; two years best city reference. Call at 12l tVcst.'<3d st., betweeu 6th and 7th ara, WANTED-BY A RBRPBCTABLB PROT! SLANT girl, a situation aa cook and laundresa Good city referen. c. Call for two daya at 417 East 24th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug girl, in a small family, to do general heute work or take care of children. Call at 111 West Sid at. near Bread way. WANTKO?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA linn .u A private family aa < hanibennuld and waitress; has \ ear* oity reierenv.- from her last place. Call at 124 hast tlOth st., I ret floor, front room. WANTPH-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE youug woman, la a good piain cook, washer and Ironer. Best o rofeirnces. Apply at 111 West 16th St., In the rear. lop tloor. TV ANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN " a situation as first rate laiiudreae. lias the beat of c.ty refcrrnoe. Can lie seen for two days at 167 East 25th at., between 1st and 2d era. TV ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE V B' ? ? as rhamb -rmald an.l waitress; has the best of city refercn en. Call At 151 Last 37th it. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, in .-hair,be. uiald; la willing to assist In the washing, good reference from tier last emtdoier. Can be seen for two days at lfl7 SMI 27th it. WANTED-A SI'I U ATI ON. BY A RESPECT ABLE gin, as cook, waslier and ironer. or chambermaid; the beet ot relereuces given. Call at IV West 479u si. TV ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. SITUA- ' tt t:or.s; one us cook, washer and Inner; would prefer rooking a'one; the other at chambermaid and waitress; good r ty reference Call for two days at 61 Atian-ic al Biooklyn. ' WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLB ?r girl, to do general housework; reference from last rlace. Can be seen at 462 West 42d st , second floor, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tl<>n to take care of children or do chamber work: can EvV?u?*ciab:e cit* Call for two daye at 1M id 21 tn at. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE .fckft V ?0ok- Wksh and iron in a small family ; has tne bent o reference from her last pluce. Call at 160 Hoyt at., corner of ^utler, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ?IRL. A SITUA^ -la cook, wash and lrou or to do chambarwork and assist In the w-asblng and Ironing; no objection to do tbe homework of a email prlrate family; tho Lest of reference. Call at 149fEant 32d st. WANTBD-BY A MOST RE8PBC TABLE YOUNO woman, a t.tuatlon as good took adJ would assist In washing; tbe best ot eilr reference tram her laid place C?n be seen for two days at 4S8 flth av., room 13. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ? ? girl, as chambermaid aud wltress or to do general homework In a private tamily; has tbe be.I or refer#nee. t all at 412 Hicks St., for two daja. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO woman, as wet nurse, with the best of etlr reference; Gold st ?De mo * tJan be aeon for two daya at 2oi WaNTED-BY A WIDOW WOMAN? A SITUATION; J . i'-.i. "l00?1 p,'f,0 ?ook. washer sad ironer. Oat I at 415 Weat2otb at, in the rear. Good reference w ANTKD-LADIE8' AND GENTLEMEN'S WASHING by a flrot class laundreaa. Apply at 127 Woat 2tth at TVANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, aa chambermaid And ass 1st in wash ing an.l ironing, or genera! housework: fonr jearo' re'er iiViTJ.r0ft !*"" eulPioyeli !'r three daye. at 226 West 16lh st.? between 7th and 8th avs WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION ns dn-as.nsker and aeams rese, in a prirate fa ullt; can cut. lit and make all artlclaa of female anparel: will be chambermaid ir desired. Can be seen for two daya at 123 Rem sen at, Brooklyn, near the City Hal. TV ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GERM AN GIRL A Tf a sanation as good cook w asher and Loner; wl.iinc to do general housework. Call al 2U1 We t 3; tb s; . in the rear oaH^mcnt. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL between theater of 15 and 16 yean a adust ou as Burse, or to do l.rht c-hamherwork sad walPni'. call for M? Says at 125 Tlilary at. Good o ty reference. | WANTED-BY A BBBPECTABLB AMERICAN widow woman, a Protestant, a situation ai chamber, mat,.; would do gonoral housework in a small family would go a abort dldanoe iu tbe country; tbe beet of cltr ' J-fe.r^n lkn ^ *'Tcn AP5'y at 34<; 6:h 4-?n be seen ! for tbreedaya If net engaged. ] TV ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO OIRL TO I 2*th at** Slahea in a bearding house. Call at 90 West j WANTBD-t SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE \ young girl, with good city reference, to do general ' - t t-r'VKle Family Call at 241 East lUk j ?t, third floor, front room. IVANTED?BY A RRSPECIABLE OIRL, A SITUA ? " n,** ehamiiermald and to do piain sewing. In a email iarnily; city teftrepoe given, ca l at i91 Wen l'tli at. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE 1'ROTKBTANT girl, n situation to do general housework. In a prirate , rimt.y best of cltr ncea given Can be seen at L'5 B ccck?r tt.. it con feci! ooery tiore. TITANTED?A situation, by a respectable ?T young woman, as seainatrca.; no ob net out to as etadng in the cban.berwerk; lL? best of c.ty reference uan I be given. Ca l at 69 Atlanta: at., Eroek.jn. WANTED-A SITi ATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS ! nurae; Is competent te take the entire charge ot an inrantfrom Its birth; n - ou-ee; on m travel, (,'lu rei.r mcA Call at t?9 Weal lltk st.. between 5th sad dth av# WANTBD-BY A RRRPKO TABLE OIRL A SITlT ilea a* chsrr beruiaid sad to aesnt w th the washing urcd years in kcr last i> are. Cau produce good city rtleteece. Can be seen at 113 Weal 31t; at. WANTED-BY A NRAT. TIDY OIRL aTiTUATION si nurse and ?eamatresa or to do caamherwork and asw.nj; won i do the woikof a -mt l fami'hosrdinv Hae three years'raferrnee trom her last place. Can be teen for two days at !?l East Ufa at. be: wee j lit and 24 ava. IV ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESrECTAB LE Tf yount wo nan. to do ctiambe-wo k and watting, or chamberwork a d .i*?lst In tb- vsshlng and ronina Four years' rilv re'eieai* rrom last place. Ca i at 1 W tail 29th at., between 2d and .'-J av j. WANTED?IIY A RI.8PECTABLR YOL'NO GIRL. A etliia.l n aaCiiamhenuaid and w?i:re?s. Can give fn.r reara rltf r'te-encoa from her last nlace Ca.,ati2l East 2>'tb lb. i ear 3d are . third floo., frout room. U'MtlD-IT TWO RPRPfcUTABLl OI*L8~SiTUA. TT ii'ibt; one as eook, washer and ireaer; the otner aa chain ema d and waitress, id a prirate heute; hsve fl t yeara' city retercnce. Can he seen for two days at 67 Ihih al one do, r I rum bin sr.. Oral floor. ' j WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A COMI'ITUN T TOI Vf) Tf wo nan, stchamhermatd and laundie??. dot? Krem h l lutiag, boi plaiueg and ihoioug'.ir un.'en-andi her b is-. ' WaTt' 13th it*101 c'v r#',r,nc* S'TOB. Cau be seen at Sb i B7 ANTED?AS CHILD R NURSS A SITUATION BY I Bn eiperienied. nnjd.e aged worn in f i It capable of ear ns ore child .roni tts t-irth h? boll e or otbrrwise* bait of lei-r-n.-e ; no objection to the ce .ntr?. Address Mir Bri.hton Jeisey City. "ureaa ara w ANTE 11?A SITUATION, BY A TOUVO GIRL TO tfave as tsly ? maid or nurse. Ca.l D<r two da sat 74 Or hui i ?t. UfABIIB?A SIT CATION Bf A JtlVE TOONO 1TO man. ust arrf. rd in I a.s rouetrs . th e is aa anpileut O 'or inltT lor thoaa wanting s ieh he n \ satisfactory refereni e can i-e had bv aj.p.yleg at I"5 4th it., between 2lei sad 2jii its 1\'AVIHD-BV S TOTN* WJD m I IDT ^ RfT! S. ?f u m aa hoi.s'kesper or gjT?raeas can On Moedai .,l 77 Su tolk st ' U' AN TED?BY A RKSPPCTaBLK YOUNO OIHI A situation ss r ,ambar'oe!d and waltvsse or t? assist ib the waeiiing sad troalug. t. a bed of referenie giren (rem her last p'act. Call at Is} last llth st. WANTED?A BITOATION, ET A TOUN0 O1AL as plain c ok. ns'her end l-ener: no oh 'Cons to do genera; housework, good re ereaee Call at in Wet: inn st. TV ANTED?A AITUATIOX. ETA TOUNO OIAL, AS ff plain cook, washer and Iroeer good rtfa ones Cel. al 249 West JOth at, between fth and lOth art. TI'aXTED?A BITUATION IT A PROTBBTAXT OIRL TT to d i konoewors in a private fatally; is w ring t# make herself useful. Call It 2M Pu t in ?t, Br^et.ya. top floor. IVANTED-A SITUATION BY A TOrNO WOMAN ff to do general ho isewerk la a small prl-ae feml y. Call for Iwe daye al 41* W# l )Alk St., betwodh tfth aad IdtL avs. city rafeience given. WANTND?SITUATIONR, BT TWO NERPBCTABLR Wa;sh girls; one as sesmsirass, the other aa eurse er thamhern.aldl Can be seen unit sotted at 544 East litk st. WANTBD-OBNTLBNBN'B AND PAMILIRR' WAIN ins by a .one woman, referen e g reo Ca 1 al 2.'4 went Mia at. WANTED-BY a TIDt WOMAN. WHO IB NOT J.? Afraid of work. A eliuatlee as general servant or at ?r im, , ehamhermsld, Is wlilipg sndebllglng, wages ?7. Call at 192 East list st. 177 *J"..AV ~A EESPEcTANLH woman ttsntu or nuroa andn suihermaid and atamstress or nurse and sesmairess. Apply for two da s PERNOK ADVNnTIICMEVTI, O" A}te1i?b,|'eDi i!i?f J'OURri ICR PRSNCAIBE OU "I''"** ?,,ri"RN I R' I) v Kit INK HBX^r WfMTBD^RALia. ABOLB AOBNT, WITH $300, WANTED?TO TAKE of ? n*4&ufac4ur!D* b paying 14(0* pro ^MBMnfiatfd *?" wholesalean<f refill gro cery UMt Apply al73 Maidou l^ae, up atalrau A*PM^? WUM WANTKD-FOR 'IQAKHT *** to KahtbarUt A Frauk, 71 Slunu at ATaJ.85? "??OAEWLB AOBNCT-WANIED. TO w.i iK'w , .'"I: !nlrY dlerk. law clerk, office clerk, ??>* Slrii'."1 rf.fc^rk/ f0?4* ?rooery sales ?mb. Porter Other situations open Respectable men can tTW J?i Ipm10/*?> by cairim ?aO. monuomeby m CO., JM Broadway room No 4. un ataira. _ i street, M. Y. A GENTS?COMB AND F.XAMINE INVENTION, OR ?a deUan oaSly b' ma" tcr bhj cenU- 'or ^ I* WOLC0TT, 170 Chaham square. Net Tort. W7X AWD 1W BROADWAY ??im ?!!b 1 AsalS'ani boo. Iter per, quartermaster * elerk, fl*_1*', P?.rta.r' .<"7 food a o'erk, barkeeper, grocery c erk, p ilfer a clerk, frfigbi e'erlc. Jtaapactabie men cau al n?d ?mplQjm*n4 her?. Orguniecl 1852 ( ( o^YAS88.RS WANTBD-FOR THE PENNSYLVANIA .t,,i ."fvDirectory; good *n?a paid to those who suit. None but those accustomed to the work, end with pood recommendations nod apply at No. 1 Exchange place, ? 1toy Coor- Apply all this week, btiweeu 10 and 0 O CI oca. flAHYASBBRS WANTHD-ON A MOST SALABLE V/ pub.lea.Ion; can be carried In small rompas ( ail at 8r address Luting's Publication office, 197 Fuitou at.. N. Y. nly men or means need apply. CYANVA88P.RS WANTRD-FOR A FIRST CLASS J popular engraving. Apply to B Duller. MM liroiidwiy. T"YRL'G OL1.RK WANTKD-TO TAKE CHARGE OF A Broadway 00l,BUry' App,T 10 E' E^u'Tre, No. 874 TkRUO CLERK WANTED.?ONE FULLY (OMPF. ./L,,1??1, wu,, "00 ! re crancea; tic) man preferred A' nly at907 3d a? , near 5Sth-t., atteri P. M. ' DBUO CLRRK WANTKD-A COMPETENT TOl'NO man, with Good Apply l> Walter O J. dOiiTata1"' Fh,r"'*ceu:Ul' 0'?? tUl ?<??, belw en 39tb and Mechanics wanted.?wanted, all kinds OF mechanics and latiorrra government engineers for one or ihr^e years' service; from S~u to $35 monthly pay; no army front or fighting sorvioe; good pay and highest bounty secured; now la the oiiIt or la*t week tha1 the hl -li bounties will he paid, aa no Kiibslltute will or can be taken In (lie engineer service. Call, always before 9 a. M . at iH North W illlarn at, whrre oulv engineers wi,t be recruited and properly mustered and their bounties be paid. Capt J. J RINK. JKAMEN AND FIREMEN WANTRD-FOR THK O I nited Miica Navy, tor iwo years. The Inchest cash bounties paid on pus-dug examination Ail upplieauls i an depend on just and hunoiab e dealing App'v at No li Fast Broadway^ NOLAN A LAN I CAN. WANTED?A FIRST CLA8S CLOAK MAN TO TAKE charge of a cloak department In San Praaci*, o Cal ? none need app'y except thev underatand the business thoroughly. Apply to kerlev Byrne A Co, 3W Broadway, between <j and 19 o'clock A M. WANTED?FIRST CLASS SALESMEN FOR TITE cloak depariii.cnL A. T. STEWART A CO.. [ Broadway and lflth at. WANTED-TWO OR THREE GOOD OYSTP.RMEN. thoroughly acquauited with the bii-lneaa; uone others need spply. DORLAN A SHAFFER, *43 and *44 Fulton maikrt. WANTED-A BOY, 16 YBARS OF AOB, IN A FANCY goods store, Must be well recommended and muke himself generally useful. Address box 698 Pu-u office. TIT ANTED?AN OFFICE HOY, FRENCH. IRISH OK , IrUh-Amerlcan. Must be able to write and must lire with hla parents. Apply at 22 Duane st , room N?. 8. WANTEO-AN OFFICE BOY. ONE RESIDING WITH hla parents and having good recommen allons may apply between ? and 10 A. M.at24 William St., room No a \V' ANTED?A BOY. 15 TO 17 YEARS OLD. APPLY T T at the Broadway Laundry, 89 Mercer al. "VTT ANTED?IMMEDIATELY, URN WITH LA ROB OR TV small oapual This is the greatest chance to make money ever olfered to busluess men. New invent!.us lust received. HOWARD TILDEN, 609 Broadway, room No. 4. WANTED-A BOT. BETWEEN IS AHD 16 TEARS OLD. who can read and write; must board with bis em ployer and come well recommended. Apply te J. L Phil lips, 63 Catharine sl IX' ANTED?AN ASSISTANT OY8TBRMAN. ONE WHO TT understands the bualnesa may apply at 2<JJ Broadwai. early this morning WANTED?THIS DAT. ABLE BODIED MB.V AS nurses in the hospital* In New York Harboi; par $*< a month and board. Apply, with recommendations, ie K. C Blllolt, 67 Bleeoker street. WANTED-A TOUNO MAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS opening u \ a .era and w*itiug on table. In a re?t*uraut be must be sola-r, steady anu make himself useful. Apply at Ihe corner of Broadway and 8pring at,, Ht. Nicholas Restaurant after II A. M. WANTED-A SMART YOUNG MAN. FROM 16 TO 18 yrara o ar-e, to attend bar; the best of itf-rences re Sulred. Apply at 19d Tor* at., near the Navy Yard gate, ireoklyn. t WANTED?A FIRST CLASS OY8TKKMAN AND A waller wanted at lb* Bank Oyster House, 343 Fulton aireet, Brooklyn. ANTED-A PORTER AT SWEENY 8 HOTEL Call betwaen 9and 10 A. M. w 3sl ^ fER DAY NET BBOKIT ?AGENTS WANTED . A ? f*r* "*hl who'.eaala business. Send for a circular to C. F. Mbu'.ta, Troy, N. Y. HELP WANTED?FEMALES. AOOOD COMPETENT GIRL WANTED-TO COOE, iva-h and Iron aud assist in housework. City refer ences require u Call for two days, between 16 sad 12 o'clock, at 112 Wast 44>b St., between 6th av. and Broadway. A COLORED WOMAN WANTED?IN A FAMILT OF two persons, to rook and make herself generally use I ful. Must have good references. Call at 31 We>t 4th *:,, eomer of Oreene. A WOMAN WANTED?IN A FAMILT OF TWO PER. sons, to do genera! housework, and who understands rooking. Must bare go* 1 references. Call on Mondav.'he tweeu 19 aud 3 o clock, at 31 Wast 4th at., corner of Greene. Bead work.-hands wanted for the above work. App'y al 737 Broadway, fourth fair, front room oa the right. /3IRI.S-IF YOD WANT THE BEST SITFATIONS FOR VT any branch ofhousework too like, in first cla<s faml lies, hotel* or boarding houses with good waxes and rem fortsb'r home*, in cit\ or lountrv, call Immediately st the Large Employment Housr oorn?r or ?th sr. snd I Ith st. \*rANTED-A LADY. TO LEARN THE ART OF COL ?? oring [holographs. Atter two weeko' inGr.irlnn of one hour par dav work will b* given out. Call at No 7,3 Broadway, loom 19 ^ O. KONIG8BBRU. WANTKD-A WOMAN. COMPETENT" TO T Ul chsrge-of a little girl, about on* rear old; ? wo'csn without small children of her own preferred. Add.ess W T , Herald office. TI'ANTBD-A WET NURSE. FOR A BABY OF FIVE FT wee.a. Apply at 2AJ West 81st St., beiwsta Bin asd Vl'JL WANTED-A GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON oee who uedsrstsnds her b islnes , wl;h eosd cl.y ref erence. 4pp y at 3.17 Wsst 34th st WANTRD-A COMPETENT WOMAN. TO COOK wash and Iron Good rs.'etenee required Call at 31 Woodhull St.. third door from Henry st,, Brook;yu. WANTED-'A FIRST CLASS COOK. WITH CITY refer-ucea Apply between 10 and 1* o"c ook, at No. 8 West 7,3d st. WANTKD-A SVART ACTIVE GIRL, IN A SMA LI, family, to do the general housework. Wages $7. Id. qul:g at the northwest rorutr of 4 lib st. and 3d av. r ANTED?TWO OOOD <?I Rt S ? ONK FOR OENPRAL housework, and one to take ck.s of a cii,.d. Adarsss K7 Bast 1 lb St.. up stairs. V'ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK, WASHER AND Irnner. wages. $19 pe. mouth, also achamberma i and waitress, $3 per mmih Apnly In Washlugtna sr.. Brook ya. fa..rtu house from Fulibn av,. towards Al.tnilc. Isf: band aid*. w w WANTBD-rOR THE t LOAK DE PAR f .W KNT, AN assistant orswoman; also an esper cored cutter. AO |>T t? Lord A Tay Oi Sill Rroadwa en.ranre ,n Gianii at Wanted-a C.oon ( Odg washer and 7iT7n~ sr; must coma well recomoisaied. Apply at 21* Jib iTinn# ry ANTED?A FIRSTj'LASq COOK. ALSO A WOMAN M.er0?k Apply st ** East 30th st. before lu o rloca this morning. WANTED-AF HOI 9F. g KF. PE It OK UPPER FER van! In bprlTtt* family, an Amerbsu German or Bntl'.sii u n .n who Is cooking ihornu s an caa take general and eaV.ei.i ehsrgs In ho sekeep n. A respetdsble woman, with g'>ed recomrt sn lallon*. mar find a desirable p s s and llbe al a sge? by apu ylng .?t 22 \Yss i iug'on plate, between II and I o r.ock. TV ANTBD-A BMART TOt'NO OIRf, AS CHAMBER. ? * mtid and wsiiress Call, with cltj reference*, at 166 Weet 36 >, st .< nest doer to the church, between 7th ar and Broatway. WANTKD-IMMBDIATRLT. a firbt class Tjol ere 1 na ter al* ? e-)K sa l iaundress. App.y sl 147 W#.U4th st . between ? and lu A M. v~ Wantbd-two WOMEN. IN A PRIVATB famiTt cook waeh*r and irener. must hake well - aud a cham' bermaid and waiter apply, with refereme, at 193 Ninth et. W'ANTED-A CAFtPLE FERSON, AS NURSR AND aeamsirase Musi bar* good city refaram#; none JJbpr need a^ply. Call at 4J West 46th it, between 10 A. WARTBD-A FIRST CLaSF M1LLINRR ONE WHO understand* her butteee* thoroughly aal oan trim Apply at M Jenet et. WANTRD-A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID aVd wa tress In a large gsnteei boarding house; alee a food p ala seams<res*. whs will as* ?' at Ixbt waiting, mar Sad an sseeilnnt asd permaasnt situation Apply at n 14th *i, west er Broadw*' *? ' 'yH -"ILLCHRAPER-SS 80.-A BEAUTIFUL JO lit/. Id ef Urnrlan Curls fer $3 80, st Mrs. a PECE NAM'S Fashionable Ladles' Hair Dressing Establish! mmt. 261 Grand street, near Bowery. Three Orel tiers bsirdrossr 's wanted Good wages. lOh IIItLS WANTED-FOR BtJOLB TRIMMING -I " "Yv Wnrkslvrneuk A email depuaU required App y In tb* saxemenl. under the save epo factoi y, 16th sl.. W ner of Bread ? ay, sflsr 19 o c ook. Ni l CATIONS XVAKTKD? MALKI. ^ A BlTl'A 110* WANTED -BY A YOUNO MAR, AOBD l\ IF < e m, In a rirv xooda or furalshlng store. Address R II. J., box 2 7 llaraid oiTms, * Address ? N I Nl.Libit M 4 R HIM) MAM WISHB8 A RlfUA 73 Hot, *? , a, 1,iiiui, r.uiair* place prefr,red O od re l?.,, ,* fro,i. Isrmer pNue*. a,XIrets H. H . hot I7g Herald situations wanted?hales. EXPERIENCED DRUGGIST, Wllfc L'RK/fCfr Ant )r?| iter*, 1J3 Id ?? , H~Y. nionvcu UHUVU19I, It lip liuiv.i aferancae desire * fesagsgnmcut Wt ;ahe ? food retail. or laboralor. Ina wbeie a# mo, stating PiuUfi e salary, Sc.. C. L R , llonab.e *"u*. (feting piuUb.t AM LlKKJUt XQl'SU LAD, JUST ARRIVED FROM England. de.lraa a sl'.iatieu a* 'oilman of "tiger. Tne best of rafaraneea given In hl? place, which he Alt lit aunaeuueacw af the d>'aih ol bit maafer. wAddreea Bailey, Herald oOloa, or tall at Kit Broadway. AS WAREHOUSEMAN. TIMEKEEPER OR STORE keeper. by as eotue mm aged so, he* acted la tba above rapoeltiee manv year. aou <nn produce bigli test!-1 mentals aa to cbaraclar and ability. AUd.eaa J Q 0., He-1 raid oilic*. AS BOOKKEEPER AND CORRRSPONDENT?FOR A no derate compensation, tur tbe take of nccupetlon, a middle aged gentleman of etpeiieooe. set deneudeni on a situation; references flret c.a??. A,dress B. 0., Herald oToe. A YOUNG MAN. OF OOOI? BUSINESS TALENTS. A unexceptionable character and habtte. a good penman and accurate aooeuatant, wo rid llko aeitve employment In a lint class shipping and commission oCce Address J. A L., Herald afflc*. A YOUNG AMRllIOAN DERIRH8 A SITUATION AS A salesmen or bookkeeper In a wholesale or r?u l (Miuie; had Ave yeare' experience in bus uee??two year* In drugs. Meat of inference given. A Jdroaa Temperance, Herald of tlce. A DISTILLER* OR EXTENSIVE WHOLESALE liuuor bouse will hear "I an honen ea.e.toan, of m at cla.a reference. wlib an exit nan a conno lion of good cus tomera. by aJdreaaingCominercial T.ave er, boa ir>6 llerald oil ce for three days. A FIRST o; ASS COAi HMAN wants A SITUATION: _ he thoroughly understands the care, management and tra nlofi of horses; in stir tly lionee aeuer and Indu-trlous. Can be aeen for two daya at Jl'l We t ST.; at. City .oferenee A situation wanted--by a tohng man; un deratanda bookkeep ng; ? a lair writer, and naa no objection te go to the country. salary m, crate. Address, for three dose. M. S., atallon C, New York. A YOUNG MAN. WHOSE KVRXINGS ARE UNOGCU pled, aa I who writes a good band, wm M !lk?' to vet copying or any kind to do at n< me Adilr"?* Copyiat, iier aid "dice. riOPYING WANTBD-B* A \OUNK MAN (A GOOD \J writer) now employed in an otlice where l.e hay mm-li )n?ure time to dispose of. IV, ma reasonable. Call on or addregH C. 0., care of J C'revier, Jr ,yj;l Duanc at,, corner of Br ad way. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN AS BAR tender: has had good eaperlenre Can ?:ie the bea' . f recommendations from Ills preeeut employer. Address U , box 162 Herald office. TXfANTED?A SITUATION AS COACIIMaN, BY A vT young Reetnbruan understands hie huaiiies. tho roughly; has good elty reference. Can be seen at .'160 tub IV. .u Mr. Roiiaud'iclothiug store. WANTBD-BT a YOUNG ENGLISH GENTLEMAN, aouie sort of iiyhl. geulee.l eaiployin'-nt. Tbe beat of reference aa to cana< it mid industry. Addreer, for one week. Martin Chiirrlcwit. boa oBite, Olympic theatie, Hioudway WANTED? A SITUATION AS ENTRY t'LI'KK. BT A TV young man. in a wholesale or lm ei 'ng house, can furnleU good reference. Address B. i'. t' lie aid office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. A HI NATION AS light por'er or waiter, iu n gentleman's fam -y. Good refenuce giten Address Victor llcyinau, 7'i .Main at., Brooklyn. WANTRD-A SI TUATION AH OVERSEER OF A FARM, yv In the neighborhood of New York, by a young rnar man. who ha- great ex| ei ience ui fai mmg. and who has been emtdoyed as aiiperlnicudent Ihtte last few years. Address L. Miller. 61 John at. "117ANTED?BY A YOUXO MAN, A SITUATION AS V? salesman in any who'eia'e honce in the c-'v. to learn the business; salaiy $4Dd. tbe bestel references given. Ad dress Wholesale, Herald office. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN RECENTLY FROM St Johns, N. F., aaltnat on at bo kkerper or aaaist ant bookkeeper. In a commcrrla ho'ise in this oiiy. Has had long experience, and ran Inrni-li the b -st of relerencea from parties both In this city and in the colonies Address Bookkeeper, care of U. H. Lansing. Ear n s Hotel, Canal at. tiib: tradks. AYOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CUSTOM cutter cr salesman in n cloihmg house; beat of relnr cnoe given. Address for one week, Cutter, Mercantile Agecvy. 266 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS CUTTER WANTS A SITUATION IN | a flrat claas house. Address Cutter, box lit Herald , ?dice. A situation wantkd-by a photographer, of eight years' esperlcnre; is familiar with ail branches of the builneaa. Address E J. D., Gnruey'a Gallery, 7bf Broadway. GOOD ENGINEER WANTED.-APPLY AT THE coiner ol 3d nr. and 64th t. 1IOTOGRAPH OPERATORS. OR THOSE WISHING to iraru coloring or pbo'ogrnplitng, can procure s.tua iona throug'i <1. Kohiga"e;g. IM-incipa's mi want ef assist istl at 7 U Broadway ants nee o: charge ? ill call at 7 u Broadway, room 19 U. KOMG8BEB0. CI ITU ATI shut I ATI ON WANTKD-BY A FIRST CLA8S CUSTOM cutter and salesman. Adureia Sdwm. Herald once. TO SIGN PAINTERS.?A GOOD SIGN AND ORNA menial painter, scn-'omed ta r.ty style of eltering, wants a aiiu'at ou Banner and canvss* work a spec'allty. Addrsaa for twa days, alatiug aalarj, Ac.. Banners, Herald nfflce. fro cabinetmakers and carpenters.-a A young man. agi'd 22. want* to l?ain one of rbe abora trades. Wages no object. Address T. W. M , Herald o.Tice TO PHOTOGRAPHERS - WANTED AN EXPERIENCED workman, Una willing te make htuise f generally useful an i w ork for a moderate salary may apply at Eitu bai a Ga.lery, 477 Broadway. r"PHOLSTEBKR WANTED?A MAN T(? GO TO AL "any, NY., tfad.r work iba year round to a good Is bany. NY., tfead.r work iba rear round to a good man who underoia- ds Ins hiiainoa^. Apply to J. BOKMAN A CO.. -'67 Greenwich street, N. Y. Tr'ANTBD?A FIRST RATE WKAUKR. APPLY BR yy tween thu hours of 12 and 1, at 111 Bar. ISih *t., be tween Irnng place aud 3d av. I ANTED-A GOOD WATUUMAKER, TO GO OUT OF the city. Apptv to Durfey A Barnea Ne. tl John at. \\' 7ANTED?17. OR 30 BAKERS AT 102 WATER ST. Y1*"A 5 I ED?GOOD SHOW CARD PRINTERS; ONLY >V competent persons need apply. Call at 267 Broadway. W ANTED.?HANDS WHO HAt B BEEN ACUUSroM ed to monkd er work In paper mache or pa;<ar a'one ?rnameuts w II And emp.oymanl at WiU'am Urbaen'a da o rative eslabllshmtnt, Gibson's building, I ",th at. and Broad* war. An expenen-ed mo teller of architectural decoration mat apply aa above. W ANTED-A JOURNEYMAN BUTCH BR. AT STALL 17 Union Market: a aingle raau preferred. Call at the market or at <29 East Houston st. DANCING ACADBM1BI. ADODWORTH'S dancing academies, ? {? o 7JI t'lfiU avenue. New York. No 1" Mnnlagne alreet, Brooklyn, Commence In New York oa Saturday. Ocio.'trL Comuieuce in Brooklyn "n Tuesday. Octobar 4. Young ladies sad rMldrea at 4 P. M Cientlemen at 8. For terms. Ac., call for a e'reular. BROOKES' BANGING ACADEMY. 361 BRODMB ST.? LADIES m*et Tncadavs and Krida< a, from It to 6 P M, ? GENTLEMEN Tuesdays nnd Url iays, 7>< to 10th F. M. 1 Cli'LDRb.N Wednesda s and Ssturuava S to 6 P. M LADIES' Primary Glasses .nssr Ctrl by Mrs. B'ookea. ? These el -gant Rooms to l?t for te ert baPa and aoc.ablea. ? SOiRKE Ki LIIV WEDNESDAY EVENING Ballet6IASTER dumars dancing academy. 9.1 Seventh avenue, on Thirteenth ttreet.? O'ssa every day. Six dames taught perfectly in aix estoua. .c II. Rt V f. R5' DANCING aO-ADF.MY. NO. <3SC1IER. merhern a.reel Brooklyn ?Claatea for begrune a art forming Send f r a circular. FBRKBRO a DANCING ACADEMY, No. Hi Fifth avenue. Commences on riatnrdav. October 4. Circulars may bo bad of John Canavan, pn arm are u lift, 167 Fifth avenue or of A Rankin. 163 Fifth avenue J A MACPHKP.SOK 8 DANCING ACADEMIES ? . Moadav and Thurilsy Evening and Wedo?<day and Saturday Aliernneus at the Utah House eerueror Twenlr lilt.i street and'> av?one and every T iesd*v and Frl dav A't-rnoon *u > Lvciung at M in Hail. IU, Bowery. Private Lea- ns given. reald-nee 182 Gran ! a'.ree*. N. K ? Toe'.rat opeulug aruree will o3 ,>a Wa 1 net Jar even ing. a. th? *?. H ??(? __________ JH NEVRING* PR VaTE dancing ACADFMY . '2i2 Fiurt i avenu- near Tweniv-t.i rd street svitlr*. ">pnn In Oi jber. aa us'ial. lorHims a:p|v at h s rati, r dvoce. aaabo.e i fl'HB UNION VUADRILLK -THIS BIACTIHL NA. I ciranr3w? uJiyLMl" Lb"lB' ?a i;ht >?v Pro.Ua-or , CHARLES H. HIVFP.s. at h s a sdainy <oine at li L* mrr..orn *nd Conr a rears rir os.y.i 1,er I DKYTI3THY. SET OF THE I H M ADE IN TH tllK HOURS-EN- I ttraaail-fac ou, o- no psy. Noadvan a required, and . layis in inul ? ited exat> itpe-ial Mechau cat | > airy. a? cheap and aa line aa m any pari if tha wer J. otta oa:de gas given here ureiy day. no accident or a .2 . i, and a ready elfb' tbeuaaiut caaa* of ot'raetl n ' ionl pan > "Utu a'tuue. oe.we-a rilittota Slxtaenh alraeta. CT'.iLTON DENTAL ASSO' 1ATION REMOVE ' -TOR / a more eas y reine i ered Iwalliy Dr CHLION, with the ntirout otlrte gas. has removed liorn Hen i f i ?*l to tha Cooper inat.t H*. r mm I'd. oatiauca Eiglita street. Dr. Coltoa B?t-sotisiat*?' ? lb# gsa. OSTEOPLASTT. OR ARTIFICIAL SONE. F'l.L'N ,? for deeava 1 teeth?0 4 root* unit Up Mere she,la. ach ng teetb and (v?iy vtr a'.y of avlty 6 lad witaout pa.a by th( liaroverer. Rooma removad to 3t Fan taenih a.rvai, one deor west of On in ? . tare. Over l'.OJO .mala TBRTn MADE AT SHORT NOTtCE-OF F.YERY DS J. aerlpt'.aa, at low prices Par ed aatlsfaeUon or no payment sited At 219 s,.uh avenue, lour d.,ois abo a Fourteenth alreal Tee'ti an I materia'! em ployed at tbie estab Is' meat are of tho iatast Improvement f the day. Remember 214 suth avenue, four doore above Fourteenth etrveu 460 GBETIFICATRS-HAVINO HAD FIVE Teetb estimated, without pal*, by Dr VIL ,_i reeeene * LRUS. 166 Grand alreet, I abeerfully recoaamaad bim to those tuffrrlug toolhecbe. E B. Kmrstor, Rroedwey Hnlel. COAL, WOOD, AC. DEBT X> tot RED ASH AMD LIHI'in OOaL, fid <0 PER ten; ant, 910 do THOMAHBTOKKS Corner ef thirty seeead street aud Taoth avenue /YOAL.-4.0C0 TONS FRESH MINED COAL AT RS Vf dueed I ' "" * " " rates Suitable for eleam. hetoia. lamtly pur no sea Ac. Depot, foot of Twenty nlath street, bor'h river. Brauoi oTee, Ml fourth avenue. J. It SMI III * CG Foe ealb-vert good wood-per load, at an and It tt, two loeds tugeUier, |9 and f t JO; Leo cut and delivered Wood yard 187 East RlghiediUb street, by WISH A ZMBLLIB. (*?!?> FGR ROtfi POUNDS ?".?T RED AND WHITE ?TadJ a?l> atova and eagCoal. sereeued from jarue i? WA,,tu? ? ? I p*sy;i ? ; r,' 9 m m* . lAlJkl AT 4C0WOI. ? X, ' /x>?v ? '? -e-^-aagh^^* e caldWell, aootiowBaJi. SPLENDID UOOaiauLO FUBN1TORB AND WORKn Of ART. Ac, M PUb'to auctlari tki* d4y< Monday), September 36. at tha 218Weat Fourteenth atraai elaaaat raefaeoce kisweat Fourteenth atrwl. btienn Bit^ta aud a >-ratted, aala oourmedeiag at L0{ a Uock 8BVBN OCTAVM BOSS WOOD PIAMOFQfTB. rosewood and black wj - v,w ___ ./aunlt suits, BBOS4B ANbOUMOLO CHAND^UERH, MEDALLION CARPETS, SEVRES AND DRESDEN CHINA OHNaMMNIK, PIER AND MANTBL MIRRORS, BROCADB AND LJCR CURTAINS, - - ? PAtNTINOb, BY *M1NBMT ARTISTS. OAR BXTENSION TABLE. 2P.!O'.ASS AND SILTf R_W|BI, SHEFFIELD TAHLB CL I I.KRT, TtRLB LINE) ROSEWOOD CBAMBRK >'L HN1TUKB, Lou.a XIV. atria. eatbe aala comprise# aome ni Ui? richest aad mast *'abo rately c .rrcd Parlor Furniture ever affered at auo Hon, aod to be eald witbool an; reaarra. Au exsiu.naioa will wall repay intending buyer-. Parlors contain three elegant fall Suite of roaewooo-l Par lor Knraiture. In rich brocade and aattu , ro*aw oo.t K"r je: M, splendid and voal'y Parlaa Ornament.-, rleh Vases, Ac. MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, btuol and Cover, an elegant instrument, with round eornere. beautifully carved le.e auu ruse, all modern improvement'. Alio a Uiagn Meant oolleotieu of isre Painting*, rnxewn id Turk,ah aud llant Chair*, in line rape, raaewooa Centre and Side marble top Tablee, rlcbly can cd, Velvet and BrugieD Carpet Chan lainber Suit', In ro enooJ *n-l mahogany; Nureani, carved Bedrlead.i. Wash* lands, Sofa Bode, lu line hair cloth ten pure lis r Muitreasea, from 49 to bO pounds, mada to order, In exee eni < onditl-in. Dining Koa.n Fiirnit ire. eonaiatiag of line oak Extemlon Dinii.g fabli. oak Arin Chain, silver Ware, rich China, Ivoiy and Silver Cutlery. Forte. Spoons. Ac.. w th heavy Cut ?n-l Kiivraved Gla*s Warn of every description. t'artur o In aitendaiu e to ca. i, pack or elilp . ooua for pur chaser* AZ. KL'KNII'.M AUCTIONEER. . MAUNII ICBNT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PIANOFORTE, PAINTINGS, STATUARY. BRONZES, SEVRES AND DKEsDRN CHINA I VSES, DRAWINO room PU R N ITU RE, BROCADE AM* LACK CURT t INS, Oil IN \. GIiA.N, SILVER WAKF., Aud many rare and costly Works of Art and Aiftilcfc of Vertu at pnhllv tii' tlon, I Onlhi*diiv (Mnim1:i ), Sent. 16, At he eleennt residence No. It tVv t Sixteenth atree'. lu'-en I- fLit and .-Ixth aveuuca, ut cominonclur ai It)', o'clock. The auctioneer would ea'l particular attention of bia friend* and tin- public to thm anV llie catalogue comprising the lar- eet nod i"-lie?t Kvcirtment of llouaelotld Furniture, Ae , o, eted a. auction tlda ti ason. Sale i eiemplorv. DKAWTNO ROOMS T?o superb sulti, covered with bro mle of the rl he?t de? rtptlon, Window Curtains <n match ihe unit*; elegitol KUgere, M-ri led marble top Secretary and Hookenae, r.n voignure, Cabinet* Centre Tab'"* I n e Unreins. llron/e Chandelier*. Velvet Carpet*, Ittou/e Clock*, Oil l'nl.ilings by einineot ari>*t*. 1 r.-ucli Line Kngrav.n;;*. Brou/.o, superb.y decorated China V* e?. Mandolin play ing ten lunc. MAU.N1FICBNT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, the r'ebe-t iuatr.uncut o 'ered n' auction ihl seaiton fully guaranteed. Stool, Cover, kit is c ltrok*. Stand, Cnntorbury, .1 e ; llanaDl Dining Room? Oak Bullet. El tension Ta'j'e, Ann Uhalr*, Sola*, Dinner Set. out and engrured Glass ware, china lea Set, eolnl fil'ver Ware, Table Cm lory, Linen. Chambers?Rosewood and walnut Dressing Eure.nK. lledntean*, Wsrdiohe .Commode*, i'o let Slant*. Armore a Clave. French China Tol'el del*. Ha r and Spring Maurcs r* Feather Bel* Holster* and Pillows, id pair Linen .-lieete, I'l do. Pillow "a see, 12 pair Fr"n h Blankets, Conn'erpane*. Oniit'. Alao all the rnrnltiire ol the Ser vant* apartment*, l'srues ? laiuug to attend this sale take Fifth or ciivih avenue ears o" stage* from Aetor, St. Ni ilio la* or Metropolitan Hotel', leaving at Eliteenth otreei, a lew dooi i from ho.ive N. It ?A competent per?ou *1 u* lu attendance to peck and ah p the goo-la. RUCTION NOTICE ?POSITIVE AND PBKEMPTORV MAGNIFICENT HOfSEHOLD FURNITURB, tLI UANT ROSEWOOD I'lANOFORTK, VELVET. BRUSSELS AND INil.tAt.N CARPr.TS. By B. ROTH, auctioneer, this dav (Monday) September ' 3ti, at fl o'clock preclg*ly, Rt tbv four story residency, 1T9 Clinton place, Eighth-.treet. between Filth and Sixth avc nnei, eohiisttng of hand*.ime Br,i*?ela and Ingrain Carnetk three elegant Parlor Suit* covered lu broeatnl aud repi; i?>*e?o .d Etagere. marble top Centre and Pier Tab'es. Lace Curiam*, fine Oil Paintings. Hrou.e Clock, rich Va*e . Parlor Ornament*. Turkish Easy Chairs. Lounges auu Re caption Cnnlre. Corner Hiand: MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. STOOL AND COVER; COST Sttfo; rosewood Bedstead*. Bureau*. Waihttand*. Spring and Hair Mattresses. Blankets, bed* Chair*. Bed Lounges. Ho fa*. Rocks.?, Minor-. C o-?'<?, Taidee, Extension Tables. China, (Jluss and Biiver Ware, Table Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. Auction notick.-benjamin f. fairchild, Aueklanaar. arm ?*ii on YusaSkf, Sept. 17. at IB a. m.. at 120 Nassau street, second story. a -inantitv o' Army Cloth ing consisting of Pants Coats. Isokeis, French Csdss, ,ta : a-sna<|uant v of Brushes, Knapsacks, Bat*. Night Cap*. Clothes, Whips. Ac.; im 1 -piantCy of Plumes Ac ; the proiitutv is all new and of French manufacture Also on l-'ru!av. Sent 30. at 10 a. M a; 120 Nae-an street, second atory. a lar e nuautitv af Hardware, vonsisting of Spades. Pickaxes. Hatchets. Saddles, Ac. Also a large -luantltv of SI ue? and Nhel'er'a Tents, of th a bem <iual tv; also a large Hospital Tent, coat $iU). 6a e po ?It ve, for ca'h. . A J. L. SMITH. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIN ? day, at 11 o 1 .och, at No. 17 Stuvveoant plaoe (Ninth stioet). between Kaco nt and Third avenue*, one Piano, of ?p.cod id ton.- and finish; cost gii(ki three Parlor Suits, rase wood and mahogauv; Bedroom Suit-. Rockers, Looking I Ola-ass. mahogany and maple Chairs, Table*. Uruasais and , Ingrain Carpets, and everything that belongs to a lirat class i haute. AUCiION NOTICB.-CROCKF.RY. GLASS AND FAN cv Ware ? WM. W. 9Ht ilLET. Aneuone'r, T uesday, Sept 27. at HI oTloak, ?; b6l l'estrl ?'reel?By D. EMBURY, dr.?ail kinds Granite and Common Ware. Cash skies free. Goods well packed tor salpinant. Auction sale of furniture-in Brooklyn, by COLE A MURPHY, on Mnn.lav, at 101^ o clock at 43Wlllaw p ace Mahogany Parlor Furniture. Brussels and three 0 v Carpets. Ha 1-lea la aud Bedding,, Cracksrv. Olas*. Cooking Utensils. Ac. Auction balb of handsome furniture-in Brooklyn, by COLB A MURPHY, on Wednesday, at ti"*' o'clock, at f>3 Warren street. Rosewood Parlor Suit in broaalel.t -isewao'l Centra Table rosewood Hail Standi and Chairs, Pier and Mantel Glaaae-. Brocaie'and LncoVViniow Curtains. Bng ith Brutsele Carpels, osk Bu lot. Exten sion fable and Dining Chars, china Dinner aod Tea Sets, OPclo.he. mahogany Book-aie, Solaa aad Bureaus, Bad stesd*. Kitchen Furalture, Ac. Auction sale.?a. s ialhingbb. auctioneer. salesrooms 2.3 Bowery, will sell on Mon.isy, September 24. at 10 o r 0 k. a general assortment of RcaJy Mada Clot Ing. Cloths. Caatimsras and Rstttnets, together with a lot of Spool Cottons. Dry Goods, Ladies' Furs, Hosiery, Ac., to pay aJvanoet. Auction notice-w. witters, will sell. this day. at the Horse Baraai. Broadway, corner uf Thirty eaveutk street. Horses, Carriages, Ac. See adver - tisement under head of "Horiee. ' AUCTIof SALE?THIS DAY. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. If. at thw New York Hera* Bsraar, Broadway, corner Th rty-se van th strent A pair of beauti'ul bay Horses. 16 bands high, toutid and kind , can trot together In 3<a mlnu es. A black Mare. I8'4; aan trot :%2.4<J! A J'onv, 12 ban Is high, an ! a variety of useful bor-a?, wb.'oh must be tuid. Also a Coure, two Llitht Wagon*. Harness. Ac CHARLE's WfLLS. Pioprletof. Booth and shoes WM. M. UGLLING9HBAD. Auctioneer By J. T. Willi Eli"' SR. Salesroom IS Cortlaadt street, Wil ?*l' 011 WEDNESDAY, SopUmbe 23, At 10'9 o'c o k A M.. about I hOU - ases dee rable Goo.Is, Direct from manufacturera. Cats ogue ready on morum; of aala. DW. IVBH A CO.. AUCTIONEF.R8? SALESROOMS . 616 Br adway?will sell at auet.oa on tuesdty, kept. 27. at II o clack, superb first class Furn firn. rusde entirely for city trade. On WBDNEBDAT, Sept 2? Elegant 8ibnr i'latad Ware, warranted bent plat*. On THURSDAY. Sept. 39. Imported Fancy Gaoda. af the ilcbest d On THURSDAY Sept 29 8as Shells, Corals and Jai>ane*e Goods. As. On Fill DAT, Sapt. 3u. Second band Furali'ire only On 8*Tl RD4T, Oct 1. Stuffed Bird* snd Amrrioan Vaaaa. Executor 8 sale of rplfndid hodskhuld Furniture. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, *c ? BEN.i P, FAIRCHILD Aucdsiuerr, wl'l *el . a.i W ??.tie?l*y, Reptam ber 26, at lh A M at No. 5u We?- Nineteenth ?ire -t a itns ral ne*ortment of llauseba 4 Furniture oone *Ung of ro**. waagPar?ar >il%rnaawaaA Stagara, Pier auu ilnce Mir rors, mahoganv Hedeteade Bores is. IV ish inds Tables. Da rand Stiaw Msllrar*'*, Feather Bed*. Pu.ow*. Vs vst, Bru*se s, Tape*try and Inrraln Carpata, Oi - oths. Dlu-ag Roe 11 and Kltcbcu Furuiture E'DWaRD Mi 1IRNCK. AV ITONEER i HRCO.YD HAND It R P TT Bt EDWARD SCI1KSCK an rueeuaf. th* 2701 ln?t.. at >ne o'clock. *t hi*iale?ro - 11. No. f*> Liberty s'reet 'a Inn I iome Biett, mad" by Wood Brothers; in peifert order aad itit litl.e used ARD 8CHENCK. t t'CT'iOKKBR.?EARJHEN ire. Frena.i Mlanswire. China, Ac. ?By UDWaRD IOK, Wednesday Sept. 23 st II o . lo- s. at od Liberty 1)0crates PartImaware. 260 psrkages Fren li Olas* 1 - p*"kKfes cb n? an 1 I'ar su Ware s ta engrasad in Glas*. VDWARD PETTINOFIt. At'f FIoNEP.R SO WALL .rs s-reei? un I i.esiia* Sept 27, at lb', o Ui-ek. son. tsais of the t'on"orn ?i Bi Hard salooa 383 Grind itr<et. e?n? it ng of Bill srd labia*. m?rbl* b* l?; Inge ruantity afCaae rhaira, M: ror* sp'andiJ Pa, Flit-tre . Bt.gti'b full ruuil* Liq or* 2 -at,* *toct Ale. fkv'-e*. Gts Fit lures. S*? , erem, lor;. tyjORRlS WILKIN8 AUCTI"N'SFK. Al I'srtitloo tale or Taluabl* Prop- It on Oar *'reet. Eighth Ninth sad Tenth r, ? -fifth Fifty-t.xth and Tlftv ??.-iit.i ?tr#eta. H H I -M.qtv A ? O, will t-li ?' auC-on 0.. Wrdanda , Rent -3. lit). *? |C o-.,o k. st the K?e' ?nre ?slesroom 111 Broad rsr. bv order of l ,# H ie? rt- r Cou-l under the dlreiimn of LlMOgstun Llvrb .1 eu. v.*</ Referao ? ') - k at ?I L"t ion lit *lde nr. Pearl ?t.. known as No. S Oak ?; Stk *, ?* Lots northeast -??*?*?- ot Sth aveaus sad 66th at, 9th av ?6 Lots southwest corner a. 9th err ore *n t ,ti, st. IWh av ?I f^'t east e'da of I'Kh ?? ba'. .ttith an t 37:1- ? *. MM ?? ?I 1 ot au ith ? de 6';'H *t . 400 eat ?.-?t of Vto nr. t;th st ?3 Lots south I'd* 37th st 2'J fuel an' of I lib ar par r**t af the pure >as? iuouv. may rams.u on ?orlgaie f desired hv th# pare 1* ir BUTT A Rl'MTON. Atfurnes* 191 BfoSd * ay. klORRIN WILE INS, AU'iriO'-LER .11 HANDSOME UOLoKII 'LD F URN ITU R 3 AT AUCII-JN. B H LUDLOW A ( O will soil at 0 ictton on Tl F.9DAT, Kept 27, INlt, at II * 'clock, at Na. * Ea*t T'tirty aerenth tr?#', ne ir I ilth aren r*. ITkuJrntnr Hoti*ehold Fiiinttnra? A'I tb* Puis ti e. Ac. ?on slnad In aatd bom*, com -t'-tg In ,.art of rc,e*nol Parlor 8 I's. In brocut#'. < mitre ,n,t Fancy Ta'.>'?*, Eta ?art*, flne Pier aid M?n'.ei M iio.,. - xutkr* and l.asr flhalrt,-n reps; mahogany ItnTat Dlntu; < ha- s ro*"wood ?nJ oak Rstent.on (*b.*a. rerr fine maewauj ma of anr French Be latea''* Armo re a O'aca Wardrobes, Drc*?. Ing Hureaua and Table-, Waabstan-ta, Psyche G'aes r >s? woo<l and walaul Library Bo-kcasLtbrarv Tuhl** and Cbalm, Mantel C Ock*. Spiing He 's. Hair Malltea,e*. n 'a. ter* and Pillow*, fine French Ob'na, hoary Cut C. is*. Very rloh Kahentlan Glas-Ruppci fet. Hr-tnxe Chan tel.era ai d Fixtures. Kltrbea Utan-I a Ac Ca.-loguc* ready on sal r day. at the othca No. 3 Fine street. A RSllAfi'8 8A LR OI 8R-< A E8, TOIAOCO, AU. Marshal s 8ale of ergaes, tobacco, au.? 8. HERMAN i CO, t'tct anem *, will *e 1, rtr^dny ?eptemoar 27. at P';> oeir,c?, *t No I t Unwary. IM.QH rholca Hrcar*. '4 vase* nn-l 18 bbia. Leaf and kn\<jltlgg To ha-ra : ai*o two vaaes Bterl rg'* Am'-rox'a lor the flair; also l.iAIS worth af Lt-|U?i *. W'nr*. t hao paguc*. Aa PAWNPROE ER 8 SALE?THl 9 DAY. BY JOHN MOR TIMER 13 Fait Itro !*??r. of f(V? lot* rf v*-r *1 pe fiur goo la.*t?iiiifc uf Mini aud W inimt * ( loltin g and other aoo,ta. worthy IJc alio ir-.n of-feeler* an-' htnMieep. era B> ur-lerof A. Le>y. Id Lain eat atraet. PAWNIIitOKKKH 8AI ' HI|B DVT, AT BSIJi A ! 1 f. 0 R A It AM') alemto Few Ho-v- r U-- ?'.d j Ta-oa|l? aala Ul P e-i -edOo -.?-?Cioili n,'. It* I I itg taa.*'.r? j (a- -"gwrlrj?by J ?>? d ?? lh N<. 2 A Lauf ? 42(04 I JTTSSSTTTSKrff?" t'AjS. liU nf wearing Apparel constat nr of SllF Ca llob, Merino and p.her Dreaaea Qua Brorba end Woeliaa B .nwla, Blrrta. Underclothes. Bhasll tpreeda. 'gwnis, Co?> farters. Qlabkets. PUloWa, aqd "the r goods 'no numerous ta >ueulion By ordar af J. L. FllU'pa. *0 Catuarln* street. IllfTHBROIflB $ALK-TO-MORROW. aT 10 Orloek, JAM BR Auilt trill spii. at ol Maw Bseerv. ovar fr n lolt men's Clothing. of all descriptions, worthy tho sleuths of dealera aad others. By ardor of 0. Barnard, 11 Third avenue. RR ROLLING. AUCTIONEER ? MULLBDT B ROL ? LIN8 will aeli (hit la . at 1 o'clock, at 430 Canal atreai. a Urge variety of Furniture. aatr and seeoud band; Bureau*. Hed-t.a<K Chair* Tables. Mattresses. Rolalero and Pillows, Carpets. Oilc.ol. so'a-, Couches. Parlor aad Collate milts, China. Glass and P.a'.ad Waio. Au , Ac. Ql RANTOB OtJAL AT AUCTION-OFFICE OF TH* kj -Delawara. Lackawacra and Western Kal'road Com pany.? New IMt, BepUasher H, 1894.?Thte company will hold ihalr twentieth regular muuihly auction on W-doea day. lha 2 tn day of her IA4. at 12 o'clock noon, at tb oTceof (lie company. No. 38 W> a re"t at which time they will otTar, by JOHN H. PR* I'KN A CO.. Auc tioneer!, 3\01 JO tana of lresi mind Scrautort foal, to bracing al1 th* canal sl,ea. an 1 dail* rahic at their depot, Klitabclhpnrt, N J., during the month of O l tor uriL Tl.e aale will bn poaitive. bach lot put up will be sold 'O the Mgheai bidder, no h da. la any foim whulever, liamg made I'm account of or on behalf or the Company. Tlia terms and . ondlttoo* will he the a* ne an he, riofore, an.) will ho fully innde known at time and pin. ?? of ale JOHN BKlRuIN, I'raHdeni. TGA1?I'NHY. AUCTIONEER. BALK'S ROOM 3M . Hlyhtb avenue, will s?ll ou this day. 2i ih mat., at I0'< o'clock. the ritoik and Fiat ,rea of lha Oiocery Store 2ID Fuel Twelfth Street. Alao an -r el ent Ilorao and wagoa. WI l.f. I A M ABBOTT. A I'(MT< iN'll E it.-I Al. HAIR of Imported Llouors. on fnes.lay, at II o'clock, cor ner of avenue C and thirteen ilk airei. consisting ol 2D) gal on a ol brand). I.7W gallons copper dlsii.led Kent, iky whlaltei, a largo rtuautiTv of Madeira, Port and 8,-erry Wiocm, two pipe* pure Uln. two Irou Hafes. H port tug Pic lures. Ac , a*'he owner retires trom tl.e Online*. Also 3D hh la X \X ."lock Ale. ti" ir.i.i am abbott. AOOTiovni-orrioi no ? af Kaai Broadway.?Hy vtrl'l" of a olialtel mortgage I will expose lor anlc tbia day. the 26th lay of Kcpiember next, at II o' loct. In tho for. anon of mid da , at ihe Cre moriio Oarden. orner of Seventy second atrnct and Third avenue In the city of New York, all the Gao ls aad Chattels in said pieiulrea oonstsilne ot Orimes'ra ami Harden Toi'ics. MtiaMtNOlaMM, and avcrythtng appertaining to a Ural cast lionac. Alan the I'lalTo-m* and an unexpired Lrm of four yeare. HF.MiY a. FULLKJt, Attorney for Mortgagee. Ttrtt. WITTERS. AUCTION KB*, WILL SELL, THIS TV day, at 2 o'clock, at 4oA Canal street, pentad I'artor. Chamber. Dining lt,,o:n and Kitchen Furulloie, of a family; 41) Velvet, Topestry, Tbreeply and other Gamete; (jib bi'lia. I'hiua. 'Han and Biivji Ware. 1'iaao draleraami others Invited. Large Mirrors. 1NKTHUCTION. Arithmetic, bookkeeping, pbnmarhuip. ac. ? aught at'a Inatiiuie, No. ''6 Broadway, cornnr of l lglilh atrcet. Ins'ructlon private b d? ire I. S?paraie rooms for ladios. 01.1 VBit b. ijOLDhMiTU, Prtfi .ipal. A SPANISH OUN ri.l.M IN WANTS A MA1TM TO leach 111 in English. Teacher must apeak. Spanish. AtWraif, ataiuif. Mm, U., boi J,07J Pott oilice, New York. Any baiiy desikinu IHSTBOOTION at her le-tdeuce, in Penmanship or the Eugllah branches, may addreea Miss EVERETT, at Goldautltb'a Aiademy, 166 Broadway, or caii from i to 4. I GERMAN I.AGY. TEACHER OF TUB PIANO II* A a lira! cln-a echo..I In this city, wlabei twn pupils on Wednes lay and Sa'ni lay afternoons Terms $24 a quar er; for tWO*tK Addre-s Mrs. K., 4- Weal Sevenieeotu at. AT Tl'WNHKND'S, 2(0 r.OWl RT. BELOW HOUSTON street. atinlenU of both setes are In-iruoted day and evening in bnokkeeping. writing, aritlimi'tlc, algebra, read lug spelling, grammar, Ac. Private Instruction given. Terma moderate. AOORESSKD TO LADIBs OF NEGLECTED 8DUCA tlun. ? Prhate tnili"n given by a ooiupetent young lady teache' at the residence o tne pupi' t( desired, especial at tention paid to peomsnshli i,position. M. DEVRItEAl X. 77 East Thirty first street. Any young max desirixg to improve in English and C immerolal Branches can have superior advantages, day and evening, at Kdwarda' Academy, 9t) B'wery, pear Grand -treel. Terma moderate. AT PAIXB'S, BOOKKEEPING, WRITING. AR1TU rnetic, Navigation and A'tiahra are tauifbt by the les sen month or unarter. in ?trlclly private rocina. No. 62 bowery, New Tnrfc; No. 28d Fulton street. Brooklyn. BO'lKK EKPING FOR RURINERS MEN.-Mil. DOL HE Alt GM Broadway, gives special Inalruotion In avn ra?e. inmre?l ei-haugc. ac.. and quallfles gentlemen fat head hooakeepera in the sheite-t possible lime. Tarms IkU week lor private seats $15. uaaa'ty $-'5. stharlihr krenoii INHTITUTB. I.' Noa 48 and 6j East Tweoty-fourth street trill re open September 2*), Boarding and Day 8ehool; a Srfmary department; pupils prepared lor college, business. raf Point and the navy school. The proepectue of lha sc'joo'. contains the names of the pupils and those of their pareofa for the pas', nine years. Prnt. EL IE CHAhLIER. Director FRR.NCH AND GERMAN PRIVATE LESSONK-PROf. E. TELLEfllNG. H19 Broadway, corner of Twelfth street. RatabiLhed in New York IS.T2. Also, Latin, I'Aoslma nut strangers and lran-latloti? MR U. KOKIURRBRfl 16 NOW PREPARKD TO OIVR instruction in I'aini ng. Drawing end Coloring, hloo Ivory tvpe. Separate rotras lor privata Instruction. After two wci ks of instrc.ctluu work will be given out Call at 713 Broadway. O, KON1GSBKRG. Ml So BIIAOF.'S ENGLISH AND FBBNOH HOAKD log and Day School for young ladios, S3 and 4o Elm atreai. New Haven. Conn reopens September 15. ISM. 183 KENNEDY'S i RENf II AN D ENGLISH SCHOOL. for n limited number ol voting ladles and children, 12 on square, reopen- September 20. Miss KENNEDY Is ureparcd to receive sit voting ladles as boayuuig puplli. who will be under her own perianal supervision, and en n unusual facl'lties for acquiring n thorough iract.cnl knowledge of Ihe French taugnago. OAK GRfiVR RKMINAKr, Af NORTH ORANOR. N.X, second bnlldlag nortliesai of St. Mark's Ohnreh.?tn this seminary bora arc thorough!/ prepared for business or col ege, nnd bare the comforts of a homo. This well estab lisbnd school for $.'HU is equal lo the be-t charging $600nod $800. Limited number IH No dar scbolnra. Two vacan cies AdUrrsa Principal, box 132, or come.and see. Spanish language.-the glasses in th* Mercantile Libraries of Ncv, Tori and Brooklyn ma now open For prAa'e iewoua apply to Pioftasar 1)K TORN'OS, S9S Fourth avenue. Spanish i.essons-by a profeskor. wiTn di pb>ma and a nativa oi Spam. P. PAGES. 1 propone to teach the Spanish language In thirty lesmna. glvlnv two or three lessons a week, si JO Amr, street. MM Broadway. TO PARBNT8 AND GUARDIANS.?AN ELIGIBLE opport nilv now ofTert. which unlias fie advaata-aa of the best arciii.actnral odncatlon with the com fort! of a home, and 'be consiant association with soma who, however bumb'e their sphere and .lusted their capaeiiy, are not nain'ndful of tbklr inorai rcapouslbilltlas; an orphan pre fer rsd terms moderate, considering the high prices Ad dress, In person or br letter Beth Pecksniff, Esq , Occidental Hotel, Broadway, New Yolk. , WANTRD-BY A YOUNG AVIIRICAN LADY. A RIT naiien a? nur-ery goveroee , ladv's companion or annmaiicas. Call ou or aduraa.i Miaa Clarke, lor one weak, 78 West 2U'h at. MUSIC A.ts. Amaonifioent seven octave BGRBWOOD Piano,oiie foe sal* a'a sacrifice; haa all tba modern imnrovemeuts; mate to order lor the pr-aent owner: coal $'5il; Will be sold 'or $3S0, me nding Btovl and OoiSP. Alao Parlor Furniture F.Ugeret, Palntiuiis. Mirrora. Gbnmber and Dining Room Furniture. In pure at llS West Twenty, third street, near Sisi < avenue. ARPLKNIH D Pi ANO FOR J22A-G. A H. BARUORB inanuractur. ri. I*|S R'eec\sr street; seventeen prlre medals; warranted for tire tears, without exception the beat piano mnde Te-t'rnon ?!< from moat distinguished ar Mkto. A PIANO TOR PRACTICE, WITH INSTRUCTION. MY A a c0u prt-nt fe-'iaic tear cr can be bad by aicbanga with a private family far a Ileum wlin B rep we and other, wise rouvenleut Alu.-ey- Mia L. $., siatlan D. Bible Hnn-e. Naw York. A FINE SBVF.V OOTAYR ROSEWOOD FIANO FOR sale; lour round e rnerq $3"Vi. warranted to be In gO"d order, at LINDKM.t.N A OONB' Piano Ware room a, 171 ao i in Mercer sirrei near B'eccker. AFIRNT GLASS S8VKN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIA anofarte for sale? At a sacrifice; has all 'he modern Improvements, rich and uowerf d tone, Ac. Apply at 10 Al lae street. fOR BALE CHEAP?A SPLE1MD PIANO. OF KLt gan' tons and linish, >a perfect o dor; Nunos A Clark'* bet: Applv at #s Frlnce street. MLLS. HFNFDK f. BRILLIANT PFRFORUBR ON the Pianoloria, hkVi'jg d.ed under the moat ami neni European profea-or? I li n nv In New York ?te reanan her Instrii- t on in a'.y e and "alsh. No 12 Waverlay place. Ml'HC LERSONi GITKN AT A MODERATR FRIGE, if anpl'ed or iwinre'be 1st of Oelober. Ad drees Mrs, W., 123 Charles all cat. PIANOFORTE LBRKON'B. ? t YOUNG LADY, THO roughly luatin. te*i bv oue if o ir best teachers, w nkss ? few more pupils on the Piano. Terms moderate Applv a) Hi niew A Hardau ii'uok a p suo wa;-er ?o ii?, 147 Tenth street, N. T IAN0S MKLODt.ONi AND I" t BIN RT ORG A Ng. ? _ Ler.eal ??sei t.'icnt nlbeciy. ,mees ver ? low New seven oc s o Pianos '$!7'i do , ivith mould ngs. $400 sod upward Melo.|*ons and Gahlnet liraiu, from $3PO i# jkVm. becond hand Pianos. Ir uu $-s' I" 10Ok) -heria Music, k llttie aolied at IK cent oerpa*e. IIORA' B WAil RS 4-?l Brnndway, New Tort. ANTID-BT A FKKNCIt YOUNG LADY, A BITUA t on to teach mnelc and :h? rtd'monts of Frenab Re fertnees given. Gall *? 131 Atn tv street. *net -a PIANOFORTE, ROSF.WOOOL KKTKN OC qijs I laves, (hr se e cheap; as good as new. Apply al No. 7t Dean stroet, Brookiya P w RPF.I IA L N OTIC r.9. NOTK R Tt. M A It I N K R u ?TII R M Ai'KT kRNFvo leut Ass.< lat on wli! rile.A this Monda, I ,?.., TMI??siiVrif a"l? ' n?,"11"' " "i:i t All odicers sf * tr? rftiif*' trailr luv.ted m ^;:rn1 01 '?? "? Mcr??k ry W H. BUBH. Pre sf dent PR Bull ' lir AVii MKMBF.riS OF TRMFKRA NCR s#e.riles trade- anions. Ac are Invl'eu to villi the new isrge iin.l fo. meetings at Da Bo verv Ciena am) quiet, w in fine entrance. CWRNbKA SOGI El F, TEN I NEW FORK?ROMMBR V 5^1 franultlea hsfva u> .a-iiaisolanjsler nil husei. Na 22# Bowery fPO CUPRlP.Rg AN'D MfATBFE DKEfiRKRA-I HaYR 1 a new and valuab * sn> son b a-king ever* desrrlp llou of gram lesluer, fro' i ' I ta harness loathai, now aa bibit ng at 60>,i Bro dw?v r< o ? i ho. 4. Gall and see It. THE UIOtL/lV tND Vtt\ CLERKS HOLD TIIRIR IHuarv Hall. 1!>N Ranery, this T r?* ,ISr?i''**ekS JAMKR Cl'RIOK, I'ltsiJent even iv a; h a'-i ?* F?' i it D N> " . __ _ _ I,.,. , tf a it E :tr< MF.F.TING-OX MONDAY, TH* V\ " ,ret . Ill the 1 p; er 111 I of Kael e a K-stanrant, N '.1 Third avere, u-?r ihe cooper lesmute. W ?4eh. riitrr oil1 P'lakeod t?ii' mdintr, a I lib* men and . ? rl i Turn " I In f r By .otolng ; *?*.> a ou you si! improve vour own ialereata for in Ii'antb ? alicngth. 1 ae Comii.tlt *-eP. J. Frugei, 0 Garp aad O. . aid"

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