Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLB NO. 10.258. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. EUROPE. Arrival if ffe? Ally if lalllatre vHI Tlrte Days Latar livi, Tha Paaoa Movaiv ant and Prasi dantial Quaation In England. %,N<VVWWVV^/WWW'W < Aixious Camss of tha Chancci of Uncoil and McClellan. ? BOGUS REBEL LOAN. HUMES NOT AT SEA, **? St. Leger Wob by Blair Athol. TBI COSDRN AND M-CB iABAN&EMBNTS, Ao?* &c.. A*. Tfca toman tttamaMp City of Baltimore, Caputs Mire Bouse, from Liverpool oa the evening of the 14tQ Instant, aad from Queeugtown on the 16lb tugtant, arrived at this fart yesterday afternoon. Tbe City of Baltimore brings sixty-torus cabin and ?toee hundred and eight; steerage passengers, and a large quantity of cotton. Her near* Is three days later than the te'egrapbic re fnrtef lb3 North American. Captain M!rebon?e reports that be cctnm'inirated witn tfca agent of the Associated olf Cape Hace and fur atsbed hlui.wltb a summary of the neiY3 to the day of big ?alLcg. The arrival of Franz Jfuller was most anxiously ex Cted in Eogbod. Every item of intelligence concern blm In tores led ibo general public. Every stearuer errtvtng at Queeostown round crowds waiting for the rtnoee of aeelDg blm, and wfro disappointed at bis dob * Ifflidou star states tbat the Inquiries made by the ?erman Legal Protection Society of London fuily cor Kborate the aUtement of Huller in reference to b.s pro eeedlngs on tbe night of the murder of Mr. Brigs*. ? {The CHy of Baltimore, comifeg out, pa<*ed tbs Ktna, y) ^|j?r board, going la to Queen jtown.?Es. Ibtotir, the .French prisoner convicted of murder in the le?e extraordinary rase, was erscuted at Tom on the Safe Instant. to eonseqvence of tbe Austrian government refusing le grant tbe extradition of tbe Polish General Langle vlea, notwithstanding Its former promise to that effect, ?feb Swiss Federal Council will cease negotiations on tbe at. inject, without, however, renouncing tbe justice of the demand. tbe French government bad forbidden U. James Fa >j, lb# fugitive leader of thoCeneveso radicals, to remain in jfe* French departments bordering on Switzerland. This ' iSSsniwi"^1 b<"n C ,"J8d hr any demand of tbe tbe Queen of Spain has accepted tbs resirnation of tbe JtfaMry, and deputed P?tn?r Mon to rocou-titnte tbe Cabinet. Seaor Faneheho will remain bl in inter ta'r ffbratgo Aflbfra. . ^ B?. D?mj4|oLs been an expens ve acquisition, and tbs ?Spf?"? tbe Cblneba islands may lead to more outl-y i ^Sn wee anticipated when tbey first were laid bauds "P* lb* Queen of Spain's half crazv cominiatuner. tbe Bpoco ef Madrid and oibrr papers advise the send tag of a strong naval sqe?dron to the Pacific. Advices from St. Petersburg announce the betrothal of Bteg George of Greece to the Grand Duebess Alexandrine SI Buaale. Tho Prince and Prlncesa Vapoieon hive arrived in Me GaVotte, China and Australian malls ranched Mar ? September IS. Mal fe left for London tau.e day Tbe National Steam Navigation Coroutny s siraintr T.rg'bla left Liverpool at P. J1 on the 13tii in t. tor New Fork, vt? Queenstown next day. The steamer Kegar, from Vow Tork, Is reports I to beve passed Cape Hear on the evening of tbel7ib mat. THE AMERICAN QUESTION. British Oplmton off the Prarc Movement. fOrit.AH flOJt'U.MNAIION OF TUB WaR POM. V IX CMC AGO? iilC W ILL MAKE FIAOB, LINCOLN OS tPoinua' [From the I. n.lOB Time.. ^ee? ]?.] One of the bhx-aieai battles ui the Peninsular war waa fought after peaco bad been coucludcd, and it seems ua if tbe great Vmerlcan struggle would be or^wnc t wiib a Similar aqperd. ity of enrnuge. * ? ' * be t*nst the public will admit tbat ?bey bare oot been ae.sguidi'd by mir comments i n tbit obstinate couleat. Tbe great fart which wo asrarfo.1 trom tbe flvti la tow placed beyocd reach or controversy, we Mid that tbe North could nevur subdue tbe outb and tbe North baa now proclaimed tho name conclusion After three years of the moat deaperate eitorts, in wb'cn expenditure baa been -parol - id no tacil.ia nave been "* ""tried, synymhadfia trh-n of - he Ve. hern peo r* "*ve pot on record ' efnro the world their deliberate eoor.Hon mat the no!?cy ol war ? ralfUXSa atd hope lass, Sad that It mo t l>e superseded by a policy of con sMetlon rom,.r.,m. .. Una .e i a. declaration made by a party presumed to bs on juef uotiablv tbe atrooge.t * the Mate, and the expression of the prWoL le hat b?ee tetrua'ed no' to a ..r Viu-npZanf ftdi'r, hot m ? ikU ral is,V/ was 'As ,1ni to Jt ? tr the ?if >.HicaHtvv of ih- ijhifr; x) whirb his countrymen wrrc bent. No one BaoWb better than A:cC!e.ian Ibe ivarrier^ .vbieh Repars'e Tbafblnglon frotu Eiebinou i, an! the fn ,h ful loarej wmcD here iwa incurred witha-t resu ? liy h*a sue ea bora to cmi uinO have v* tabi.Ktied heynnd question tbe JMIco of bMxinwe. As |f to ii.ntp with at,II deeper ?ensure the policy or t t*e goverim-nt. ? flovcrn?r Beymour, of New Fork, the man ol grea. est mark among the oppooon'.a of Mr Liccoln, waa elected By aceUruatt-iu to tho pteaidsocv of tue ^in.uli in by WhWb iheae deop'tve slope were taken. Tho i|iieotioi s now hnii-re ua are writien In bread and wnmistakahle ?barrcters. Kirai, ?../? <;? i fni j?mih ?cwf "woof ? m ,*e (J?m ? ,t rxpr* -cfl by tn? i ii, jg., f0n. Ttot'on for an Im.-.iedlate armwti. e? j, ? rm i/,. 00'H o-1 'p' tit i' Ta-i let a ml nut.- ki-ni u%* tubon-tlti ?w/ev?o,v mux. btko, en;pt ihai of moknol iarf-pe id **?' , *" ?'"?9 f,r,"*r ?t it'so lnq nriea, the world has been much aaiaied If tbe democrat o rnrty is b* the eirnnyiwi |?r?y la tbe Northern Mats*-Mrop. Ob gfl. m the (If ?0y (fnctimet,<d ev.nis, to carry in November next lie for the Ihsai. ?eaov, and lo imf re*> its poller In tbe lotervvi none tbe atellng adiniuitliaiion. It ? b.rdly to be conceived (bat Freaueiit l ino'In would employ n>* brief to ?a-slng t^rm of nifire In eontileraeilog nr 0|o>eetng it?o *UI ol tie av1' 'ty ?l hfr country. M't 'egord V'S**" a* repraaetitlpg * n.ajnrity of the faopla, rmcause it bos boon ar-oited tBro.igliout tbat ,he ??m'uwaile parly, if united, r.euld *?i',y nuinumbnf all 2!rrj^W?- ^ P"'vefy united aow. Nothing ?ocBfraS to dt?inrb ta ? unanimity ei the Onnvonti-.n. ii ZUetv Vcn?"?? *? Ultl ?r INaaideacy end it waa Mx pri?. * '**! w>'" otmdi'c.ted toe busiacea of the meeting OammretaTT irvoHetlbln Uiat the dawoaraw ato wmj.hg.mrf <Ar w? rw mlica la J!I s!^i t i , u<"??r.rfYVio? umY t*m> "> rtwr ,;W PtttKf'ni Lincoln ; mer- g, Uf WcMt ?A< nn,i?. no pe/uy 81111, u njll7 b? fergotten that the repiihlicaoe will be feium.nt ?? radlre nrnm power, tbat ?eg sw?"l of laTfwfwwJ ?raw may mo* me- pin,' 'Ace la (if mimtUnJ, m l thai tf .bey a&ould deem a iwatHi p dkiy uadeeirsble tbev will tbjay all tbe>r'?xnls(t.< ol ec'ual office in irxir|rin'i,( tnn 2JKwLr,fcy' Th,> o*tc?4 ta re?iei or force eny mlHUa v i"torr#ren-? ?t the arpimcb ?Seriahm? PiA">'y eoomb what n.'siuhn ere Alibvegh, hewever, no cneflde <ce can he emreecad on ewott a point, ws nerieiaty rnnik It probaht-i ihnt the ? uT^T h*s,,nTt?d.?tid that an arn< sure wai ns propeee.1. Tn that avsnt, will (b* Fen'h enter ?be (onvt itmti of u>o Tftntc iffg,;,tf a ? pufwwu, *r,, 'Wcvrvd, for :Ai rtcognutea of if* national, .!"Uf* imiotalble le tbmk ? fofp in cm* tf?? South ifo>tM b*t imv'ly Rfff. reader log all it lm? fr.ugbt bar as san ear* moment ?V n ?M 7!inPX'lft|l"^rr^. ?? rf re entering ?b? t omn the CWnfederates might have diet led their ewn sern-n in the vary firvt ye*f"of the war a thai >sraefr*ldeatLla*SSi w? not committed to'the prirci P'-* "1 the aboiiuroisia. and his avowed police wee ??*?-witboiis suverv If f-ibie, e.? l7*S ,n S asrme. Over sad nrer again the federal, allowed |J ?? pj, ?MM itlL. y*lfc?n?"ril wonrg b,? ,h.Se a,n4, otl?K *wa tbev might de with slavery an tbey pt,.?er,i u mmM Bwiy sa the Mrire became srobhiwed thai e*t?eraa ?l. ?. t. .n* mh8r ""T.l" COnft rmlly with iheee vie .* TJaccfil mcTlhe envofTrf 1M Hoom with a ead not <?aly fev tbe reeeaatrwrtton of Uie Uhlon, hot tbe *a*t1ticn of iNvary. His lermbwer* ? >y wbit will tbe South n-y when thuifw?tocndiih O BUn ilered w nfcuul the utter.' the teg* ot facta w?uM Wbd? tus gut it would, either openly ? VJTI!'. , :,!! reacted MM; tor It iheeOMMatatw refused ??k_ h term* when threatened with the anlrled power et the North, how eea they nwepl them when, by the cow feaslon ef the Northerner* Ihetuselvee, that newer has hren tried tu vain/ Xhe federate here failed la their endeavor* to coerce the Confederates into reunhiD, and they bare wWaowledged their failure. The Con federate* hare longhi heroically for their national iade pendence end how proof i ttr?* ability to nmUStuiH ?t wfcat froaud?, i-herefora, or with whit ispedaiiow oi eueoeaa ran they now be a?knd to yield whet they here been lighting ft"'t0 the *?'> otee a bo bare been unable to wreet if 'rem meat' It appear* to u* more probable that the democrat* ihomld how 4ug"ue<t Iketr gmuuie rot"T/ then that the people of the Go ith should hare ertneed any readme** 10 compromise. The Chicago tionvenlioa profou** (o 'land hv fir Cnton *? stoutly a* the repuhltciihe themselves, lui that rao'piion uwhalilp ok??? liAto eeerr W?rt tar rMuc'amct of tkt .Vor k to pari fmdUy utiA adannia ta:J, end the natural iiowtlllogoeM of a politic*) perty to slsrm the public by the premature rohfgsiioa ef an unwelcome truth Vi e can very wjlJ nuttpfilhOtl why the democrats at Ohtcago ?Ao-.M rnrfw'jtm* bJtirf?'?p out f/n foci tu*t the youth must go tree, but we cannot euderetana wny the Sou lb, wjifi ?uqMM to its vary graep, ebouW forego the condilKit Tor whiCH it Jjrfil t?oh up arms, and yn whiob it hit Der-cverlaelv ioelitSd. l&gjgb thre^wr^ ble ynera ef trink it le more IlkeiyiDRl the arinlel'/e will he tPe first <t?v towards a perception ol tiro truth that the North, after finding that lb* South cunnm be coerced, wilt find also that it capuet be i.crsaedcd, end that the redaction uncournged oy the irtcrvel will grad ually induce the federal States to relinquish wtui th?.v cannot obtain rather than recur to what tins already been proved * hope'ess aud ^]go?S rlr-iggl* for it. 1 lie fieiidtalial Bleetlen, POLITIC.*J- StONIFIOANOS wr THli Hg^Ol.T ? WJt*c rill raovr.k wii.l bay rjitturcu i.iwcoLN o* SdlLU*. [Kront the l ondoc T.met, Sent. is., The two gr.-st nations of (be .sngto Hnxon race ire itto-it.?the one iinmedlately, end the ot nei at an uncer ta;o but not very distant time?to undergo that asctsl oonvuleioa which is ordinarly known as a general e ec tiou. line is ton saoniice which the wisdom ol our eon alituUou has deviled ;n order to conciliate that spirit o' anarchy and revolution which doubt les* lurkB lu evu.i tuo heittti rsi ?.uditieai org.uii/atloo. ? ? ? Hot if the Mtglilh general e!?>?i3n Is a pro feeding far in "? iiuporiunt thau the ii.uigreasionttl el???? tion of trocri' i. it must, on to > other ii -nd, t>e nonceded j . that the oleotK-n fur 're*ideul )- a I" ?tcr -i ? - >? ? ntoiu otfnir thau i.ii. of 'us kind ibr *e h.ivc u i ?> tion in i ii'-Iiidu. the election ot' T're?itlcnt d.ueriuines for four %oi-r? wn ch parly ?h.ill bn 10 pnwur eud Shall fi-.oy a! cdiclai patron .ge, and who' elutll be tiro policy ii '.or Stale, tne lTe^ldvnt is al ouco Ki' f and Prima Nlu.tter, aud there axiets uo power in tins rouii ry which m able aei mnsiy to control him 'i'tic country lase, a h-isbaod for four yours vriihout the possi bility of n dlv'" ?.-hi hut C-Of ucl nh.'t li Ul*.?. Ho IS not u: Jer the ticca*-lty^of commanding a Un*;ori;v in Consress; bo noed not act ru a.curaatice witu Uie will nr onitti ti of the peueie, for four year- he h 'hmr roaster i aud hi? owu. md the coMtilUtlon gives withla its cunditious u<> roraus to check (tie ?-areer, now ever wild and however ruin one. No wroder, tbsu, that AiBewja, I'lL'?!/ ii ptlrred to !?* very depths j wbeuever tue "rer.od occur^ al ,5l , so mmneutii'is h*3 to be taeie, ttie luterest, iu- j stead o:, *9 with usrdriitered a-.vay lu iutn'.roeraM* . local contests, s 'lOi eutratsU ou s tiogle jbiat. 1'he ! stake Is great th-? reanlts of JUcIt an election even in or- j dlnarv times *. ? prodislou* ?aJ the tato of the suany thou-'iiB'l plic^ti- lers wltv.U is rovo vol in the contest adds tho of pi ivale iotcrest to heighten the lm portanc of toe p blic riruigw. If such he the i??e in tu ordiuaty fre>i ientt?l e.ect'.an, what mult bo the :o terest aud excitement lu Interim at the present tut uiei.t.' Tne c.ontest, a"? far as we -uuasrstinil lire latest aic.v afc, li nan owed to a duel nets-ten Lincoln sad McCBel ' lan, aud certainty i.eor ivtce IKt ?h*ef c> iffl j Kott" hat o qw.."xon v or' imjior*on' t?-)? <?>? i MiPrt 'o a p"-j'i'*r 4'- <i ?> i. If Mr. I.lnonlu should , be re elecieu for a second term of four year* he wilt have received from hi* o utntrymeh w.r i/idr?n?.'f.-/f-r ) hi* pcK ids Ofid omMid-ion 'i* edsiinis''.r th* ;/o,-rr. men! ?!iir<avi ciri! ?-? Ivreto.cri. tho elect! u of dir. ( Lincoln wottl-t he a solem-i derision on thetwriof the | American jioople tat war will be aoniinvt i -nfcl ci-< cr olh-r or ti.o hell-Q-i '?( parti'y In lit'tayvl. It tcould hawik t oJl hoy. n-.v - from the runuls ? men and give ttioiii i ever to the unchecked dominie., of ihosu lunuuf j- tilon! i wh-b the hloc'-'r eiWM h*v? bee.i fiuactcd durir.g t uel'st iO *r yKu i ire ouiy tv> well coicutated to erci'e. It would declare thei the eel* by whieti the . Ameri an ? ca?ti* it?; u ha.- been so deeply violated J in thrse provision* which relate to tee per''mat t liberty or the * ibieci were justtfltbie exsrctacs <u" j power, It would auction fl.irmh <?"<i ?uk?Ipo?.<y # ?"i mcSrtlV in,c.u'iy.?'tM, can ooly resuii in Ihe extw ffithatii-n r-f tne unhappy uetro race, end which m im M??o Of Ltmisiaau be** awendy rrra'ed it *>at< ortltt/fry fur ,(o *r 'han tin' iplilfli it haj ?ibolirh'tL if WnufJ 1-e III express approval ot tho acts el an idm'nislratloa which, i dirpoaiug of bouttillrSB rerourcc* and in rtgiirhid tho tn lure in ordjr lo qc rav the extravagant expend.lure of tho on -eul, has aoitercd the whole commerce "f the rcpnld-c | tn be swept from ihcsonby a few nair armed d'spetcli ? boel*-, wiibout mek .nv any veri. us cuort fur't* pnwervu- j nun l'tw 'esults c. si ? a votecotnd hardly he other (Inn I nqkaiil *t liu?> with tho vro?icci o. * .-ecewun j i rorn tho f'aion of the greal \\ o*iern Siatef, at..! very t looahiy, even liemre theeo resulla could follcw, ?< souto 1 very 8u,n*l miilia. v di-asser. Wermi nt wou ter at the '1?. eat airs* interest w ib wbich .tmerica regard every- I thing tbat tends i* thiow light on the decision ?l ati , issue so inumeDtou* It ia ersy to see th-- probab o result I. klr. l.tucoln s cecd i bis elaclioji. o t it is by no mean?> ro e.uty to ??* nlni we ere to e\,*ecl fr.?m thai which ? itice Uisl.iifti.fl (.kuivention ccrtatntv a-p*?r* more likely?the dm ?at of Nr. Liberia and lb; wie-.iion of i.ereral UcOi.aa. >lr. '1 menhi In* m a number of epeech-", pro lamntious . aud letters, which will rank HiiiLng in* . 1/.?! j r^<tisi1u'? Of who h ho lory hae pre-ertcd auv ,ec> d, eitOn hi views vj:y decidedly. If hot anvuys tei V ! conetstentl/, on ?ie ieadiug political topics ol in-: i dry Ceoefal NeClflUan ha* he?t? nrx'h-r ? jy-" for , ao volumiueiia. ?t-JI w* gULcr from the "J Ivuorin' t" I which he it coininlttfld, "xptessad alttic. gh it i? *'?? ccraideratile araiiir.iity, Ibat hi* pofi. ;/ w 'ojmf "riraJ , ike ?. ?r? if i- feo-'f itos.ogitat fi" China, u tl. the i c' v?< -l>' fgrf t* ??> invt he . a military tn..'i, ahuuri and rb,'C ?t*s ttioe. ects i?f militarv vie!"u.e by which the liberties of pnvsle eitl- | .-ne ha've b -en mlrini .1 *n.l tho principle* of the c?n ?.in.ii ion renaorieteseiy overthrown anil ti nt bnag o* 00 ih t tho war must cea-o, he i* a,-o prei-ared to return ?n-.n'"tia?rly to that supreme it . law at.d right with w.uch It h?? so gt -evoiwly tuierfeicd Wba' m y bo thu prec.?e evcuu that would loitow Ueo- fat tlcl'IelInn's election will depend I so much on bi* poreoual charaoler awl intent mas a, >n the em'itrit of irretrievehle evil which he* a'revdy l.cvn door Hu foni"> ioi w-vril pic iged to stay !?'? PV'-nre ? l? nuschier. 6? he ' '?<>* >ch"1 <? ? to' Ihe blood that ha* been shed canm-l b. oil let acain from the ground "d we. at least, ara prepved to-tn l that the u. ney <x i hss iH-en so ret Wic ? ly h i-at d?i .en i.riiher t.e poid u't nor ehgctively *a?<i.od. n.e n'tvi-i^ m .r bo utayed, '.t-f ike ,iaiion i-rmaot ntun* to f*? .-ns.'.itoN "ohi '? if see A-v efC'ip.>4 V*r? V" 1 'it'iice rr-rsr fw*.i lo- ii ?: n >? WHATrvk *nieroci?*Tfl tiiim Tbe I "Been ///its'' thinks tbat even if *!r Lincoln sbnnt.t l?* * sofoml tin." chosen l're*Kl*Ilt the atlitudnof tne demc. r.ilir )>ir'v .n.rsgss the hf-po that in 'he preeeot temper ot the pe -nle even the repttbilcao-t will hesitate etc they m.r.i the tatal obingT iuUi mi other year of war. WW VT I'AI.WI TBtON's OMIIC. SST*. Th? 1 eud. n Pr i' ?*v?th* Hoot hern confederacy Is new, sua has been rlnco tbe ommei reinent of tbe war, ? i? (l , -I, .i i ' pi st Nor I burn lederale e, and uo tb;Q- really rotu ilea fO? Hie latter tnU to rsosmfce. with what giace u mey, '/<? >>?'? oil *e'-ty ?>f <k* ?>*'? vvrn'. <?-. u'cl.K* LA* ** r >1t:lt*Y"P BV TBB LONHON TWI'?. rioni the lot.don litres, sup*. 12. t V ? see ?v?rv reaeottti . o.isiatoiiit* tbe ii let da of hi? mantiy cud of common can.* on (he rtaoloUoaa *? rived at by ihe fh'c.igo ' vo-n o. lo ifcurrai Mot leltab we have, i pot evsi ily a ?? Young Napoleon,'* it any rate ? r-eii t,f molestv. cawrr< ami rji'irdiim, wh-> has ?bowu himsoif in the da-k it 'wnr of ( s country?? destiny etnahy aveuefrim t mllit ry dt-spotinm tn hie own per sou and si ow m ps a tit)"> hmeni by others. There's r *~ n tn be "vs that the libertle* of tbe American . eople are as a in b <uKDds,?ii.i ibat.wber every principle of th# ci u?titnrien hs? h -?n trampled "tnler f- ot by mHi lary vinl*?e*. ie ol t??elf eo trlfiing reeotmuendatt >u. tieiieral McHellan Ac* no' y-r.wwf kipylf a area' uuttr*, In Atb ." io 11 ?<* tk' ptiiu al t "Cfus IAa c'n.y u'l (A* mper ? "I pnamplUpdt l?H(1, ?' at teem* '?* aivum d/nMntf,' but. that he tnuel race jtiyed hi* ;??rt with no erdtnary dlo-retl'.n ?td ?"od -er *# IS s1 fllclonlly prov?d by lb* unanimous suptwit which he h s cummanded tn itsnee so erit'"*i aid d opiriuns hithnrto so divergent. It lis* been -? coesi dlv th. .lo (ltl tbe I residential dtiai' of vmenca wi'h t ouentitiee that the probability of the election ot a peraon oi ttie oanbre of tieneral Nor tel Ian str'Ve* us i* hilor I'solf in Inn nature ef a ye v In ttcti Tlie notion th.t 'he Amrrlrsn democrm y sbottld submit topla n itse1! 'ind"- a 'esder, anwvb*' n^der a man oi rbarartcr ar.-i ibilliy. unstained *y th* a le ? the dentasi'lw*. nnU Lusted mainly for hm personal chauc.ter, 7' , 'Aof >e? re*l.? Nwri /. Acer lA* ?(*?' Act 'nykl mm n"tee lenrwf <w peree, ( end thai to ti n h*r i ?<-ii ol of adverelty the evils eagen ! b* ? Utt nl *xnh#rtnt pfflplNty have found a remedy t'n tier! statu llnaili tn f?*rt*?wn|r. Kromthe Ism.Ion .mee (?.ty article), Sapi. 11) American lend* are again in rauoaal in rrangfert, ' racrf- mining wet.ders from Ike f.'Atrepo <\motntir*. l-arge pari-eia were hrcuvhi *o "rankfort by the last New Tort mill from flrtn* !ti thai city wbo ftfl ^nWWl tn-il a rally ro (hetiermir n <rkot-. would follow the annranee mnut bv ta* federal g' vernment that the? wou'd pay the tntercsi due tn (September and November lo adwnoa without any deduction of diecouaL tsulcally IhH elr ec.mrUn ? ahiujtd bave created dteeouragetneot, bine* It is a patuab'a deviu- for at'r*. ting further euppiidb.. Indeed it ia alluded to in ihat light by tome of the leading Kew York iwper*. Ckmalderlnc that ta* rate of latere** on gold at New Yors la n? w eigaieen t-ar cent per an nntn, the gorerDiurn'. in maltirg | aym<-ala two or three montha beonre the? are d-ie amnalty throw away ?3 or ,"g to*, on every flOO*o d st)?r?*d, The plan, however, seema tn hive giis-vered its purpore, gUme the prevent fienk-ort. leiters mention thai "mw lavaetei* are coming forward *ry day " A Nngns Isabel l.aan. [hrm the l/mson rtmo* (city art tote) dept. td. | An advert'senirnt hi" appo.n ed invIt og Aapit*li*ui who may he willing to vet t lo making, by eaey tneuiraeni*, p Kwb <4 nttv tuilltoua equina le thu two federate got era wsl at taa par cast interest, on U>a security of cotton, to signify their readiness to that stent to some anony mous persou in Toksabour,e-ynrd. Of evurn Ik* xhtm* " twinJy uttktwwm to Ik* CWsderafc pawrsntiBd, and Ua received no ..ountenaiics from any aulAoiixed source. IJka Frivatatia. ?KMUKB MOT AFLOAT IK A ?*w ALABAMA. Tha statement that Captain flemmes, of tho lata Ala bama, Bad taken con it and of a now Confederate cruiaer, Built at Bordeaux, la entirety dtscraditod In 1'arin. The Kraedoua mf the iatrrlcan Preen. FRiNCB BAHOABM ON MB. LINCOLN'S COtHWI M< WABIWt 1MB BBWBFATBItS. I Tar hi ifept 19) correspondence of I^Midoa News.] tho Dtbot* rein tie astonishment at the dangerous free, duin allowed to the United Stales proas. A Journal in New York, tt say a, baa dared to write that Mullar m ) deed that his photograph would bo sold between those of Mr. ldncoln and General crank. "There is not a tin ale government In Kurope, engaged In a bloody and dlffl cult war, which would tolerate such attack* against Iba reprssontativs of the executive power sad tho bead of the army. The liberty of the prose must have taken very deep rcot In America. Whet Is strange to ns and foreign Un our customs Is that tlio Otutrttr detxYoff DWt has not beau proseooted or dlHturbod. Mr. Lincoln appsara to think that lu leaving the Southern press to treat him wlib luipunlty as assassin sad tyrant ho is employlug the best means for refuting such aocvan tisasi'b o - * ? ?* ^ Too drill of these reraarKc 1* ovldoul. 'like nexlean Emplu. a FRENCH PT.KBT 8A1LKD TO BMBAnK TBI ABMT? Il'ana (>epi. 13) correspondence of the lumdon nmes. | The sbijsof war charged to bring bach the Trench tiuopa com,u sing trie expeditionary army in Mexico have m,w leit for their dostluatiou. They are r,me Id number, ?nd are to bo at. Vera Ctoe by Ibo 20tb of October 'be embarkation wul commence immediately after. MAXtMlllAN'B PACIFICATION TOCH. fMexico ' iky i tug. id) correspondence ef London Times.] tho Emperor staned this morning for a trip to the Interior, lie will ho abaent uhout six weeks, during which tho Rmprevs win preside at all tbo Ministerial meeting* ilia intaution Is to visit Uto principal cities, including Querelaro, Leon. San Luis, Gnanaluato, C,.?ad. ul.i am, he., iedge tor himself of tbo state of tho coon try hud -?? Win bw own eyes That Ibis excursion will lie attended with tbo roost beneficial results no one can doubt, his presence will do more topucily the country toon ,n ormi of hfty thousand men. He has tho happy kuack or making hlmsell liked wherever ha shows himself and there is no rsou on earth why six weeks honco his popularity shosld ao' bo us rrsat throughout the length and hrt'Sdib of his> vast domic ions no it now is in Mexico, Pt,?bla and otder cities through which he passed ou bis n*v In in the i?*ni. Ibo rainy,season Is scarcely the period one would i itooso for .such a journey, but with his Majesty difficulties arising from bad rosds, want of ac commodation, aud numerous othor inconveniences which would d'-ier ordinary mortals, have no weight, ills ar guiauut id, "Where u ..arrlnge cannot go a noise can, whore good is to he obtained no dititoultlen ought to bo allowed to stand in the way." si? far ag public business is concerned be could not have rhrnon a more opportune moment lha dilieront commifSionH arc ail bard at work, ana a* snuis few weeks must necessarily elapse before their la b ij can be broognt to n close, no time will be lost. Tlie OiaiifsS (iueitlon. . a of the Coufereuce between Austria and Pn.s j tu reference 10 tti# customs, will be bold tn j Prague 'I be ex*cl date or their opening has not yet been a*T(m semiofficial Gtvtral Cr^rrjsjmultntr of Vienna, or tbe i-tb iustant, nays;?The great Powers will_uke car? that the pressure to which tbo Geimau DSttooality in frmsswig was formerly subjected shall not ho exerc.sed upon the Danish inhabitants of that dnchy, who will re ni'iin entirely undisturbed in tbo free use of tlieir inn '"?'sitting or the Cno'erence was held si Vienna on the ldtli insl. It is asserted that the subtest of dtscnsnoB was a proposition made by Austria and I'rusala that tho olatras of the dtichie? to the Treasury PffP*"/ oi ueumark snoulu oe settled by tbe payment of s ntsd * TueC Nord P>v>* h> Xitnna sits:?The PrutsiAn gov eminent ha" slrn.iy ?ont a auitabie reply h) the list note o. i.trl Rugfctt upon tbe preliminaries or peace A vituru* leidgrHui ot tbe loitent eaye tbe pro* lougalion enniotloe may bo eonUdcrod as acuedou to by both belligerents. Lo.vixm. .-lift. 16. 1864. It St.* ted thai Denmark, encoursged by the B'esiern Vowsis'Tefuese the onsnlou or North Hcblsawig unlsss it is sanctiuued by tbe voles of tbe people. The KugUsk Turf. tuk r.Ace roil tue sr. t.gGEit won ?v ilaik XTBOL BtllTINO ON* THE COOItSK THX N1CIMT BS t ro>n tbo liondeu Times. Sept 14.) p ti 2 airxlnst Blair Atbd (t.); 11 to < aguiust Usneixl reel (t.) f>lol mtatfist Miner (t.) 'J to 1 against ltars cxh t.), 10 to 1 against fly ft.). WI'NK.Bf BFrnKfl 2 to I against IU?Jr Aihol; II to 4 ?g.nnsi General I'eel, d u> 1 Rgauisl Miner, 100 to U ugahial Baragrh luO tu d acnn't 1 'v* 20 to 1 agattwt * snibosf sn. r..t to 1 a??ii.It Kuigbt of siiowJon, Coast Gujtrit atid Master ilicburd, to Front lbs Cork reporter, sicpt. IS ! rus sr. ixtiu BUIr Atbid \ Gsaerfil * T * ?. * ^ ^'ten ran. Wen by two longtbs; a Dead between seoond and third anj four lengths be* ween third an! r? irth. I kr A*viae lltii|C. -IIE . M1SC, 1 HITtT BErWBSN COIU'KS AVI? MICH. il rom tbs London Times, Peol. 14.1 un ; es-lav th.irs was av arsst gathsriiij: oi patroor or i the |?i.o ring U Aleck liaaus s,the lhrcs lune. Boors (.tisci -oho, to wnnoas the arrangsmeats iur .leioaKing h portion of tbs XCOO stakes on tbe t utti^omiug flghi tor ? Hid championship between .lem Mace ai d Poe obnrn. j Tbe liiia! lienosit will be made on f'losoay uest. I has j V -a-ettlsit that the ngui abati Uks piare ou Anssuay, tlv? 4tU of ikitober, an.I tbui if by the k2i liistaot U?u j niare ot lighting hat not oaen decided ujk?d . the man ot j tb \r 'ieputlss aro to to** lor choice nl s.>s,e ptao* ".i tiled ? iiinn one hundred w ??s rnd over tivonty anies of I Dublin. At present the hettirg u not very nr sk out ire given in tsvor of Mace. Commercial InfalltfeTice. IBS LOVI'ON MOSKT MAHkkf. Ifrom me I.nudon limes (city ait.ol?), repl. 14.] The recovery ot tor.* in the various m .rkois lias mads further i rogrers to dvy (1 :th), aud cm otr. wb.cb spend .1 \e.terday'b advuncv, soon expsrienerd atioiher im- ; i.rovrm*ntol sa e ghtb, and were well mainu.nsd to | I the clean, lbs first burgatua were M . JJJJM I i. I Hi - , 4 \ tor delivery, end ai?S ? ? ,or ,ba Mllf I o[ t er nk stuck left otr at ? M* rodbfled , r j C;v ihres j-r cr/its Id s 'i i?d:a StOdL, illd * ' uT ludla Bss pnr cenu, iOua ItH. rupee ptper, 101 a , 1 lt? und 103 a 111; lud.a tn-uds. fine, a V. dkommlj li c'uSMuer in ? kMar> b/, i*rr. a us. disnoint, ?ud de. (Jbcei, " Jjoiiiy' tor short iieiiods was ve,y abend int to-day, | 1 b?ih lu'tlie Ptco-k hxclranse aud tbe opno disormBt mar- . ' a t and allh?ugb lbs di l?v<>r with which the rsper i einooetw^ bv *me nt i1m> Iniertor fluarice compxhtea i? rev-rdrd Is rot llte'v to dinilnish, truhd merctnLte bi .? | 1 ?5 now oguiti in ri iioeat. At the bank tbe applleaiioor I h*ln the *" arkvt tor furctgn securitl'S the principal laove HionlB btvft con>*iKt0d or a ri*"* of a Iwll per wot in 4?fMKv j t ,iuirt?'i tn Fimiisb I' eighth in t.onsolldss, , .,iij a half In the < cuf*,ier*tc I'-wn. The i.'onf?'.erat? toan at 82 lo VT rh ivs.u p.irlial r-Jly. owiag to the dnbta thrown uii tlie news of the ev^cvatioa of Atlanta, t he uon-eontrmati. n of |whicb has susfssted the puavibhhy tbst it iusy have boen trained to produoe sn afie?*t that im;i.t dnint.e the Influence of the (Siu-sgo foovsnf on. ! he suspension has been sonrvincsd < t ttw.rv I ewiue j ,c Morris, a Urm In tbe Amsrlcab trade,c nureted with ihe oi./av-ineiits of Messrs. Croeksy to. In that enso, aisi, the books are in tlie bud's of Mevsra. Ifssdisg, Pullein A On. The amount at tbe l abilities hue ?oi been ctTtTe'au .tsttenof gold st Parts (13th) Is abodlSH P? mille premium, and tho rb-rt exrheuge oo London M ?WI p?ir i l ?i?r!lnif. ou c MD^riof tbtoe r.utM with tha English mint of L3 17a I0H?1. per em oe ftvr standard gold, it aj.p*ars th it gold Is rather tn< rs than a lOthn par rent dearer la InntN n than In Bnr:?. ttv artviees from ltamburg the price of gold w 4.3 per ( ma k and the short exchange on l/indon is 1*1.It per ?1 sterling. 6t?ndnr,l gold nt the English mint pries t*. tli.rerore, nearly 8 lOtha ceot dsar?f In London tbsn ia Hamburg Tilt; APT ANCt IN tltvCOVNr. the Hank of Pnrtuc^l bad raised its rats ef disovunt fo 7 per cent?an unprscadentad nature. The !?nk of Holland hns raised its rate of 4lw* unt j u to 6 *4 per itnl. Lovnox, -apt 74.7**4. AwtmciB Brents ?Erie Itailroad, ?;!: Itllhola rentral Railroad, A3 a 4fiJ4 dlsoount. I/nmaw. vept. 77. IM4 Tho rata at discount of tha Bonk of Englan I is un ehauged. f onmls closed at 17 vnM tor mousy, tvptnux Ptoeas.?Illisols iBntral ltallrosd, 43a42 die count; Erie, 43. TtttS LIVgRrOOI. COTTON Mtrilt. Ijvanroou Rapt. 14,1*84. Tha cotton msrkat opened oa Monday with n W'S ?toed* tone but tboeontluued dieenestos of tbo protvwd invs of tho Chicago t> aventton, In tbelr bonrtnga toward , psaca has rendered the market very irregular noil * meal stopped h ainsea to day f Wednesday) Th? svle- of tb* last throo days amount to 11,000 balsa, of which g.OOO bales were tor spaculattoa and export. i.trtapooL tsttAWfTPFrs Mtsxtrr. Htcoardson, Fpenaa b Co.; TVakefle'd, Nssh * Co , snd others rspott:?Hour vsry slow, and In some raa*a eoawri Wsatern, 18a. a IMM.; Ohio and axtra, fO?. a Ala. par bbl. Wheat dull and prima irregular , winter red, M. am. 4d whits Boutbsro, 9% a 70s. 31. In dian e rn dochned fid. a 8<L par guarlor, mixed, gas 6d. a 'AM. 8d. Livsmroot. rsovfdmNa Mabbrt. Poor doll and onsltered. Pork baavy. Baoon steady, fard firm, but quiet sates of old al 4fls. 44.; new. ?ha. a 4M. fid. fallow qulot, but firm, al 40a a 4J* od tor Nortb Abiortoao. CbSuBS quMt) obotos, 48a a MS But ter lower. THR LATEST MASSSTS. Igvoarwo*, Sep*. 78.7M4. tv^wva.-Rsles lo-dty 4,800 bstoa. toshiltng 1 "80 *? gpecuiot-w* And sxpovMrs Ths market w trvegtHar sad nnobaorcd. BnAHsntTTSS t\nlefi and steady. Pxw'AMSO du?t. " ATI AN T A. The I*p?rUd Puce Pripnitliii rf fin. Brtws, tf fit?rgte? Probability if a PilBculty BitwHB Gov. Biowb aid Gisiral Hood. Interesting Particulars from Sherman's Army. mmm of thi rebel forces, *<., Ac?? fca* Tb? R(y?rlc? Vtbt* Prop?*UIW? of Oow. Brow*, or Goorglo. LoriflTUU, Ky., Sept. it, 1M4. It la elated on what la deomsd trustworthy authority thai Governor Grown, of Georgia, boa tood-voi ponca propositions to General Sherman. Iba Uoaoral ban appointed oommlsalonera W go hito tbe rube) linen and confer wltb the State autborltlea of Georgia. (iorernur Urowo, It Is rumored sod believed, jo luet tmed In bit: policy by Aleiender H. Step'oeoe, wbo is operating in tbo bsckgrouod. The O'jmrsioi:ouera are said to be already In conference with tbe Govoruor, and 'be peace propoaltiona will soon be forwa.dcu 'o Washington for the I'realdbnl's approval. Till? is an important movoment, as Georgia, occupying tbe position she does, may be considered the Keystone State ef tbe Southern Confederacy We are assured that tbe story la trua, and sincerely hops that tbo iuovi moot may meet wltb succeas. No civilians of soy kind will be grunted pastes to At lanta, not even members of the sanitary Commission. The Removal of t*e People from At lanta. All.ANTa,Sept. 26.18C4. To ihe Loi'it viLi.r. Aoastor in as-o.taito Pains:? The following, which belonga to the teetimonials from the autborttlos at Atlanta, baa bean received, and, in con clua.00 of tbe sub eel, I send you a copy of tbo Mayor s letter. w * SHERMAN. An ista, Ga., Sept. 20, 1964. on having Atlauts I should return my than as toGene; rai Sherman, General Sloctim, General Ward, ueionei Colbnrn. Major Beck. Captain Molt, Captain Stewart, Cap tain Eiaug, and all tbe otber e.Bcera with whom I have ,'had huslneps transactions in carrying out the order or Geooral Mherman for tbe rornoval of tbe ottUens, end m transacting my private bnstnaas. for their krodnese to, and tbeir patience in answering tho many inquiries 1 had to make on tbo duration of tho delicate sad arduous duties devolving en me as Mayor ^^itr l R-apeot Mr. D. P. Co nynibaat'a Daapmtch. ATLANTA, Oa.,8apt 20, ltd. njt hangs or rsisovta*. General Govab and about live hundred rebel prisoners have been sent to Rough and Ready station, to be n changed, it Is aitld, for General Stoncman ami an equal dumber of Uotoo prisoner?. tab AH*1*T1C? will einlre In two daya. There is much coajecture as to wbotber active operatiooa will commence immediately attar. My own oplmoo is tliat tue army will reBt 8<>mo time: but there m ca.tsinly ?n nrdoong fall campaign before it. Atlanta ta nettling down to the <|* '?t of a dignitled, sedate town. At>tits' cowpant have oi>en.d a very nee e?tabli*hmeul here, Bear Iba railway depot, under the niamgemeot or thair courteona agent, Mr George A lotiosoo. Hii* will be ?groat benefit to toe urmy in goner,tl. I fill SATVinrM are he'e aim, liberal'y dtstrlb-iting the greenbark? te the boys. I bey w re heartily weu sine with their flowing coffers. THfc HUT' O- ii'M .?tORll? CIUWOS ?? THS SS'TlNO nmsioN. In tna hurry of writing up a battle acixmot before the action is wuil over, it - >m- oeaible to give all tbe par tlcu'.irs of ihe (!ifl?'"nt ooaamsnds engaged. As I had not sufficient not.- of the ear', takes by the Second aivi'i.u, louitoentb c ups, m tlmt noble charge, I now ' The ."c ood bivlsioo, commanded by General .1. R. Mor. can M.uipri- nc ?'ji. riei ''luries M. hunt I Irat brt*ade, aod'ni'Uei s and Hoilwlth's oad and third brigades, advanced "h the snemv's work- n column oy division and two linos deep. ln? advan ?* of l.-tm* brigade was macnifh -ntly -ran i ihr Kmitt-ertb Mwhigaa,Colonel Mesne waJ on th* ri.'bt, .utino.led by tbe Sixteenth Ml tiopv to oei < - i; I ico-siu i" tbe lat* lamented Uilnnel Vnu'ig ml 'he -i vllein i Mro.?, ?\.|onei Anderson, own pled Ibitmotre md ,lbe lenlh Hicbtgan. under Major , B .ruett > opported by the neventoenlb Vow York, on tbe left. Ihe enemy's r sitioo was on the uiargiof f iR PIB" I grove, frnm wh.eb rloped a plate with a Se;d of waving < ?? rn In front, ihe tioot* . nargnd across tne cornheid i anil plitih In "tie bofit, <1rm and nateltertng me. "Ihetr i t i. was tiei. tr, ?td as Mold and elastic as if ibev were <>n parade, ttie-r ?ron at a "rt|b, thoukltr abift. Not a .hevr. net a falter, tnoogh Tc-bel shot and shell were nionghinr 'brocgb their ll-m el' the ( teburn*-tbo Htooewaii tsckwwi of the Wett? with bis Iron boat, was io frort i" ;riug de^tb into fnlf Uu* We bad now CTo<sed the rorn1n d, and 'iaeeral Morguti beaded Die aatsul* *rd the gmtrteanth Mfchtfan last the advance, til ?ta?b?4 urvm the enemv's Itnet, bursting r'ght through their vert*? tir.eigb the embraaurv, .? i 'd'be ?> aou, bayooetted the rehala la their wo?k?, sweepicg in; ntry. Bil l ery and all before them. Gene ral Gov tit auir Aioltre I Hi' ^wotd to orgcaut I air low lir is of tue F. irteeiitb Michigan,aa'i Hie Second Ar. Wai *e Irlai try, alter a bcr.-e h?t;d to hand conflict,ear rendered mair arm* end color to the a.eaa? reglmenl. Maior 1 ti'.'giboed, cf 'he J-'ourteeatb Michigan, now crmm. tiding ihe ragimsot, turned the eaemy's i "? . ci ?. i aburnc'a flving troops. i ? reral rboems who was a'l tie time ansiottaiy rdiii along tbe m-s. ? ai.ed o. t, ??whet ,.n e .ire thoae I ?iwrnng oi no the onern* to front , 1 . ? \rr".:i -oure. <? loeeal." -ethed a wo-ioded -.ol-iwr ? wbo w?a KOtng to the rear, "the* are only the f*bal gtma Mi" Ma ?r Is viv ng them * oar unit saimo with fticoliu feaiurs? * Ibomas were moved with astry e, ] and his boa:t irett with oy, ur ho knew toil tne | tee gaitant f "looet V IM iatreaieeoth New York f-il mor'alir wcunde,l. threat tue regimeul into tcin mrrary c.?b irton, b it it war iooo aupnort?d by tbe tenia , tiuhii a Major Hurueti, cou.mar t ng this regimei.t, rli ,-,rl? m tbe auiam. and < aptale tlunptiy aa-uutcd , i .ami aud never did an oSBcfr d'scbarge a terrih e d itymaia b??eiy or faltniullv Ht? oaea at one time ? ,W. t,g tateagieil in the -bat s, ha ruibed thron.h.tere n? lh? . twtru.itKwin and d -tifd U-, ?r Hie eaen.y e work*. I and the* were actually pmied tn tbr treo. Oes by Sf'tn ilia pretradWi rebel eeaaarte. ihea a hand to baud , ,i ,-t ?ith tnaba>on?i t <?"? t>la. a, tu# men actually i vra Diu.g en-> snowier n I .e - ii-ttii - on ml and aoon the cuivaov *t the blitu Mautucky a irreadered, otltcer? j color9 BDdi Bll. ju.- eventoeath New Ya*k sobered evareiy, too, for, has ma to rail* and . aforai clone on tne auemy n work', it wese*toe?i t" a wtibermc tire, ibe <i?tielb llltom a.e i atauag'itabed Maaif. ... tm amdb'T past of the lint iba Niti- euvh end I ifteon.B . ,. ,,-ais lb* latter order t at' tm Mcllahon. ware da* t ? i'eiy c litest cheerc I ?t? mid led hy tbair gallnat Cudatn. Me t?sok lb" works at all point*. The rebels, ii Lou and d ausarD-aed, dart. ?m eiaibrtvao'* aw<r? wa> taken from ftdne* fiooi. r, e clkteenia ' atlad Mates lefaatry, at tbi.Aauiaofa. aud tanow, with toe lieuerai'i ?t>oie, m pastaaaloa of Uie gabiht Me or l'li? bboa. l-.-ur ot the gun* rewhen ware pat t of those captured la the battle of toe 22 1 of Jnly, Atleela. viovssno* uaow.g ani. rue onNrauaaAcr. H Is a fa. t ibatt^varoo* Browu is just saw atck eg up an uapiee-uiat rutnyua la tbe rebel oamp. Governor Hroao t? ey bo masse aateearman. tor a wi?e (*>iin ciaa but he la a brow a aue. end can piaiaiy see wbtab way tbe eurrwil is leading. Govarnor Browu la full ?t n vc tad r?M> dll'ia. tod command* a larg* milueui * tu uwrgte. ao I eao. taere.dta. be a power! mly ?rd<M pe. aw auemy i ? tie wVteriag ooo.edoracy. ru# twvar^ nor e.?at* alway* a gr?at atlokter after the d >e|riio of Ntite rigbis 't ctift*'*iit tn any ">ie Hung It i* In th?S. U* .hrasleued Jtm-Ioa Ui*1 he wotrtd not *?c Gaurgta ovorrua by *? mvadlug armf ; tbai AtlauU aUould Is* tbe KabtooB o." retreat. Jottaeloo, B?t wiehhig toiiecnltoe bis gaUaat srmy, gas* way for Hood or, ae be i* railed.' bateher Hoed ' Hood tried ?o earrry out Joa'a programma, bat the ci a?i flai-aar boo<lwinked blm, end Joe '0 sow ia a a.v about hw iw? mimta fit fact, Jea W now a daaiceroua man In the coon, lis of tbe enemy. They cannot gat rid of feim ee be bsa tentwieiy aopponed them end ta loo Deo. ar io ueo'gta to ba teaaoved wltb Mpnolty. Tb?f are Ilk* the *?? tb*l drew tb* alapbanw- tkey do tut know what te do With htm. , ^ , . The loilewtag doeutaent, (bough It deubtlese b*a re*? be i you ihyifh other ebs*aci?, will ihow uitr wb-.t a dl'amtii* !<>? has brought llood an ' tie arcb plO'lat at | Rtrhm "<? Kterovira Orrtarwrvy, | I Vii.tnsMii ' ??'pi I0( iitat ' ilan?re' f. n Geon, Gomraand'ng ?riry of teauaeaae ?? I otet a i' ? Aa >t>? ,?tiitt? o the ? u<<? were rel'e-t r-u fur ihe 0 'aai-e of at'ewie taring the eBM.pslr> VWin-l It 1 nti * h hae 'Orm nnt-d hy the M of (he e iv ?\e the henla I ?* thaene ey, sw-l ?* msny af l> ee left thr Ir h.- ? ea ??t < < utBrap.rsuen en aat'eg tg he rw h-.i a fe? w?-ks. tbo ' bbOdvawstoed to .ervw* 0'?e tV*e laewths (me* af the ttaoa m mo ihu, jmum require. that ik.r be permit tad walla in* tuinr w prootr Bi for the vltur campaign to main 10 thalf beu-ea ud ie?k for a umt of tar Import eat taiereetaaad prepare, themarlres for oueh eervlce a* MI M re-tulred anotb.r eemneien cmmdtm egelaei ether Important pointo IB IBs Mum. I therefore hereby withdraw Mid MMDlMllM from your naniad. IB tbe hope I hoi I eheJl be bole to retire II with fmwr oam> boro ?aJ euue) tSibtn whoe the inlereet of the publle ear vice require# it Jp tble ceoaeotioa I beg leave to loader to yeu, Oearrei, my .1 nee re I ho eh t for voar Import.ollly to the HUM (root* Bid for jour uniform courier; and hind BOM M Bin iBdlrtduaUy. Wttn eaeurearee of toy high ceaildonttioB Bad totaom, 1 aaa. rorjr reatwctfeliy, your obedient eervtnt josttru a. brown. Wo well koow that Hood eouid poorly spare flftcen thousand militia to march off with Joe. Sherman's vie tenons arm y to Rolls ne?r and .xloue to be eg tin in his trail, like a peek of ovsaglag furies. Whet to Ho I to do* Is be to Ignore the o. Ittle rights, and In .e para lyre bis array; or is be to place Joe Browu at daiiance? if so, Joe?for, as I bar* saM, be to a resolute man?le likely to make erertures of eubmlMlor to the rnioo. It la Mid that Joe and several otber Influential men are plot ting to do bo already, and that Joe's untimely demand tor the recall or the militia to dimply to place the reb il government In n dlleramn and glee b'nt a pretext for doing so. If they Weep cn tt-e militia they will look utt the Governor's proclamation an aufflciott excuse to deeert aa feat aa they ceo. in any com tbe Union came will be the gainer. MovmeBti off the Rebel Gen. Rootl, As. ' IiOOKYiixa, Ky., Sept 2<\ 1864. By en arrival rrnnt the front wo leura that hut lllite activity mats ,'o ti e army coDccntrnted around Chef taaooga. A rumor was current on Tuesday that IlOud was maeoeuvertng his command to cover the Atlanta ami B eat Point Railroad, so as to prercnt a h utile front in case Sherman threatens to mur< h on Mobi'e. Xbto rumor ocuastoueil uo exolioment, sad our tinea remained an inactive at. before. It is bulteved thai (ion. Wood will bo anslgood to tbe command of Atlauta. Our men are bnay at work transforming tbe city Into a fraud military depot. Where a houno stands in tbe way it Is torn dottu and the material used for other purposes. OPERATIONS IN SHERMAN'S REAR. Alliens. Ala , Capturrd and Bridges Karncd by tbe Ueliels, *?? Nanimi.R, rf-pt. 26, 1864. Forrest, with bis whole fbroe, advanced upon and de stroyed Sulphur 3prmg trestlo yeiterday. Colonel P*ce, comraandlng Elk Horn bridge,evacuatod that poet at day light, and Forrest took poeueei'lon ibis nxprnlng, vritb a force estimated at sereu tb'iuaand strong nod three bat teries. On Saturday, in tbe tight at Atheu.i, Ave hundred men of the Sixth uad Eighth Indiana cavalry were cap lured. Forrest Is reportod to bare butciertd all tbe no greM captured who were in Colon uniform. ruarra- ooca, Sept. 2T, 1364. Brigadier Genera) Newton, Io the absence of Major General gtaadniun, was to-day assigned to the district of Ftowab. e Forrest Has captured Albenr, Ala., and destroyed the Elk Elver bridge. Tbo Bulphur trestle to reported burned and the garrison of the stockade (colored) captured. The Nashville.and Chattanooga Railroad bas uol been disturbed,-and ample precautions bave been tjgea to keep up uninterrupted communication between Nashville and Atlanta. FIGHTING NEAR PULASKI. Heavy Skirmishing Between rorieat'e and HaaM.aa'. Fore?Froban<? ?.??? ?rat Engag.Tnent-Mev.m.ati st Bit* lies nuct Wheeler's R.b.t Troops. ?fcc. br?sviMJ, lean., btpt. 3T, 1864. General Hoosseao reached Pulaski yesterday aiternoou aboat two o'clock. ? Forrest's lore# was wltblu seven mues of ^Pulaski, and advancing. Iloavy skirmishing woe continued until aftar dark by tbe advanoe of both forcea. A telegram rtoelved bars at ten o'clock this mcruiug, reports the enemy stilt near Pulaski tn force, and that cavalry fighting baa been going on alt the morning. Reinforcement*of iniaatry bavins arrived, the proba bilities are tbel a general engagement will take place today. T.ATITS. A despatch fr?n> He telegraph opera'or at I'ulMkl to Captain Mllroy, states that Central Rousseau, hoanly pressed by Forrest, !? slowly tailing back. An ailoovt m reported being mide by tho enemy, with three thou sand men and via pieces of artHlery, to -lank General Rou**eau. Them hs?! bee a Ueayy iklrral'blog all day. The esemy la advancing, and o>tr tuf.ntry aud cavalry are In lino nf Wattle ana would attack tba rebels A scout at Franklin report. Cotorel Hiflle. with a large Torra of V. Dealer ? m?r to be beiwt-u Willi.mspori and Hlftaborot A despatcb from Columbia etates that on that day <jtdhi i'.illla was at ikwrenrc'jurif. with jevoa hundred men and two ptec?? or artillery A report that lottos- nvllle, on tue !eubr*J?* river, was -apimed. is unfounded Aa>t la preparations Have boon sna-l* for its defeat# If attacked IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. off the Fresrh at Oorengt Clfjr? 3i\ Kram isco, Sept. 21,1*64 rbe aieamer John T Stephens brute advioce from Norihwritora V' slco to September 13, and <,207,000 In bullion. Tim troops are rep rtod to have gained a da Cided suc< e.s in Dur.u.oi itT. fbat oity has pn baMy | be-a evacuated by tbe Vreuco. who arc g/s.tly sotaum j bar'd. THE LAKE ERIE PIRATES I itolhto, f. Iff. Sept. 87,1 b ? I A : da - rlpl "ii of ? iium i er , i tbe l^ao F ri? p.rai v [ ha* been t< 'cgrnphod to diflereni |<o,nt? lu ( iuad ?, and ; evi ry even I'm ta beiug made to aecor* their ar re-t I anadian A atlurrltlea. (PffiBi 'be Huffalo t osBmerci.I Advertiser, riepl T6.1 v - iwrn it ut on Sdiuritoy .even ->r ?i*bt ?( the n-belv crni'-ro'd Iti tb? recent I r?'?t "n Ia'o Kr.e were a-revioil at vt. twtbenues,?. tV, i?v ' rd?r of the Attwr-my 0 m Lasada Ibey were pl.u -1 in c-utody and wilt bo bold till delivered up t? Hi# I'mted Hiatei under tu. extradtllnu rrealv. r. e leero ihav-wMte Ges'iral lb* was in this citron Ih'irMev ue had a frmudty < oaferem-e with Mavw 7?r*o In 'eterei ?'# t? the r#"uot tronnua ?>ii the I .ker. Hi* bn ei. ra at Itolroil aud other We-'ern . t-er wa* to -biam the ur e-aary ataten.eats sad ail davi'a lor Hie (tracing nut nf a .aae io rreaent tn the Rr.tmh fovernmoat The evtr'ditoiii ?i! taa plr*te* will be demanded, and without a doobl 'onfded by tlie Eugll-h a itte? ttiae. From the ri, teiand He.aid, Sept ? . J . The - (ti er, or the I ottad .Stales <? irta returned from Snmi i-ky las' ereu'ig. With ut t.ritigiag with ttiern any o( the eon*, t'alora. Morrlc* ond K-T???ithal were ord-red | by General Heii-treiin in u> he held *ubj*t ro reth'afy i a ithortly. and era riiwelr c -lined on tv - hired fata ' an I ilooii m o were ife-wd i y eer. tor? Wei *-?to be ' re<.t to F'-wt a arroo. but it < not a) n 'hay | mill be turned u?er to trie military au'horlt.- e on 'he j la ami. ( ?ie i-u'wn to have been a rebel ruiais, but a it * ho w?? < a*ti1-red foe deuokes'ie** a ei?wy wbtell I ii a Dibit* at -??r duekv render *-iTH" ulaaaib- >. [From the Toroaln Iea.irr, .y#i i. JO.j Mr ut,deieland that warrants hue bee i isauod by (b. auihinlHes ii'tnia city'or Ibe .pprebenatori'f ib-uarliaa wb?? ?> ramit'en the reveo' eotrvgw -if-a tt-e Am-r ran a'eaino a on lake krto. itiie ?tope u*? e prvUatriv beea - taken hi conteuaerce of * denwnd by lb fede-s! govern- j m nt fur tbe enradttliti of tbe perpetrator* of tba offehoe. -eueaut Ma|or H.iiurc, haviag oeeu tlatailed to etecnle the waeraui*, left this ????,>' c"iii|'any with 0-h?t*b e St uut. for Harrlltnb, by the n'ght ? rain mi J 1 F' for tbe jmrroao of ?aarcbieg thwre frr tbe raidora bo* act fit-ding anr of them la Uul city, be pror ad*d to -?i?peasroa Rridfe nailing n-i bis | way it * < atbertre* Fir ding so trace of tbapar'e- - b > returned td Hamntoa oa MeHiruay, Ont agate la I thai I ettr fm lb# Rridge br tbe o gbt tr*m, upon receiving a telwgrani fnta Mr l'e>*b, tbe Crown Airnmev. ato proraedml Ibitber >-n -?l?i d*? tof tbe i-eri-o*# of ?a*ia> ing hue Muertretnrned to this city ou -aturdey o ?r-t We bave also learard that m rue <>f tue partie* M**l iogs dealred tu lake Int-l <:? eiogy actuallV *0<><lll|l*e|ed bits - tn 4 *guiee. of w>urse?(r -m into eitv w>st? ard. 1a order to keep aa eye up n bis tanvatneais, tba ootiir go ? port** tlietr fnende of ate whereabout*. It may therefore ao< re eonderad at that the mhce. b?a ib-.a iar beta uoablo tu capture any ot the perttee linatitliig the Frontier. iFrom the K*rex (f abada) Record \ We have beard Ii elated on good a .ibortty Hi'tabv l??y o. art llary and * <i?w hme..? tru- p' pr b h,T j lha Forty seveata rag raw ??ta to be l?n??dtot*ly ? der d tu tbto frcttler r-r tlie pr-vroi i n of 6I--u-ta taf ? vp< dll ona. ItlS orcir re.'iif* -r me t a*' ? - > ' ' demand tf-o pretenc at troops here, to preventi .tatef. i caas orposo-t t?? tbe Litccln dyrtsety mm ci-orml"in< | lets on our tbcroa I kaly tu impeach the s*utral ty of rgglflhil - Mlllttoty Guard for ZkA^rlcan Klkintri. ri"nnni tbo iv-ront" OU b".) Ibe ncaric*o ateaaiers upon Hits late are how sudor tbo protection of a Ueeay ml llury *u?rd, .i prac doubileee omastoii by tba racewl piracy npaa lake FV'e ACTIVE OPERATION LOOIED TOR. TIE BEBEL ABMT IB MOFI^B Disappearance of the Rebel Pontoon Trains. Lm'i Probable Intention to Alaodon the Line of (ho Appomattox, At* Ac.. Ac. Sir. James C. fitipstrlok's Despatch. Cis* Poikt, Vs., Sept. W, 1H84 lion. Win. H. Seward, Secretary of Stale, and Hon. W. B. Waahburne, of lllluoiH, arrived hers yesterday morn ? lug from Wnebington, and are now tbe gweate ofGeneral Grant. Id company with tbo Uenetol they visited tlm front and called on General Meade. During tbe evening tbe distinguished gentlemen wo.o serenaded by tbe sucel ieut band oi the Fifteenth New York Fngineera. Ibvy Intend visiting General Puller to day. TI1K imiY Ksrly's defeat in the valtey lias produced great unoaxi. ' tics in tbe array immediately opposed to us, and reenllrj of considerable importance to looked for within a fc.V I days. Thil l.oe Is getting ready for some niovomeot t.o ; very evident. During Ibe still bourn of the past fenf J mglita our troops on tbe front fine oonid hoar tbe nctse an<| ? bum of trHius and artillery in mutton. To-day will oat ! doubt develop tbo lull extent and meaning oi tbesa changes on the part of tbo rebels. Lee is doobtlrs* j working lo aid karly. He .tandn aghast at the pro?recS 1 of Shorn',an'a driving Karly boyonrt inedibility of holding i ibe t entral r id-1 no euo loading to Lynchburg from Richmond?aun thoute by control", lug ins liuts aioutnl ' Petersburg hopes to bo nble taiiotxclt a fore.o sufficient | 10 reinforce and rally tbe domoralir.od army from tbo j tjheeardosb. Sir. Thomas H. Cools'a Oeapateh. HEaoqoiRwa, Twnii Anwv Coars, t .Sept. 3?, 1884. j j Both yesterday and tbo day before have baan spool aC i the front /.y General i-rant. On Saturday be spent a eve. ral hours In close conversation with lbs commander of the Army of tbe Polomio To-day be baa an Interview with General Butler. ITie Is tve of absonee that bad been promised to Geoe*. ral Hancock tsas mysteriously withheld at the teat mo ment, wb.oh will ocoonnt for hla not going North, aa ( n.ontloned in a late despatch. The same baa beon tbo case with General Molt, who bold bis leave long enough lo mate arrangemeuts for bis journey, wbeu it waa sud denly revoked. These refusals U> permit offieere to leavm are aitributad to ibe results of General Qraat'e stall t? the ftoat. ma skills uF.owao ovaorr. Tbe moremeats of tbe enemy are full of procaine. ft* e .atnetu Is manifest la all their operations. There la *??? doubt that tbe/ are getting realty for a movement og I some kiud. tbe precfie natureef which is yet to ba de i valcped. That it will bo ot a retrograde nature tbero k? i no question, iba only doubt being as to the d.stoneo of 1 their proposed retirement. In a former commuoloatloa ! I have ma.mainod that tney designed abandoning merely* their position <ai the right, and taking up the north benM ' of tbe Appomattox ?s their I hi ill think, that Ibis id all luat Is at present designed, though rapid and ener guile mov -meats ou our part may compel them to eoo | ttnue felling beck. IrnnniHf.K nrws.v or Tir-s KNitXT. Tbera Is, bnwever. Information of a nMefflelil cbarae ler In a l tbey have determined to abandon tbo lino of lb* j Appomattox entirely, nad fell back to Swift creek, tbw I first or tbeir lines b' fween Petersburg and Richmond. However sirongly tbe line of Swift, oreek may tie de eml , cm hardly bo mi defensib'e a |oeul m by nataro ] w. tier can it be made more impregnable than, the line of j the Appomattox i-.iutSuM ton ihe bxi'ictkp wiiunNxwar. , Tbst tbey can reintlu In '.heir present position any i least-1 is not even a euppossble ;tse. They are awara . that General Grant is constantly receiving large relo I foroetnenie. .mi fact ih slated in every Northern pap?r. I I heir oumcrii al s.rengtb, on tbe contrary, d<-as n?a c'-mge for lb* better. To* mitt they can hopo . to ii i to bold tbeir numbers good. They are now i cm polled t-? da. cad a line nearly tea mi lee in en tent, IneeosMtsting lb . irmatnn of their troops into so thus l.n*. mat thg. are liable to be broken at nay point. They luuet shorten up. This is Uie flrst NVM for their con templated retieat Next, the i ountry tbey now hold he nearly swept of its titu'ier, leaving thetn nothing oiit of wbiub to (onstrucl a later nuarlara for tbeir men. roadd l"r nans, .irtatlon of supplies or fuel for cooking pur. puses. Their enforced -cunoreical use of wood ban ai ready given causa for tr liable on Ihe lest point, and mania grumbling is Indulge', in h> tlnur men in iwueequence. Tbe crdd til/hts we art now bavlng develop tbe neci salts of W'md (or fuel, and tbey bare none. A shelter tent is do longer e cnmloriahlo abode for s eol ller. As the timber and wood required ciDt'be irane[K>rled to a large army, Cta arms must nertuarily remove to tbe region where 14 abduNd* aiKorai. ?? v*. r,g orxs ntun mum or tub Arro*?iToi, Ihe n moval of fbelr heivkr -Huge guna from the .outh side of ijo AirpoMotloT, tbo hany comnletlon of tun new course of the ifU'uttisida Radrosd, the demolition and removal <f tbeir stoieb uses in fcid about Peters burr, are all strong evldeuces ?f tbeir iutenuona Other evidences that hive b.en yeretved need cot be allud ed to. cruet or *?r.iV? M'Ut, It certs nly will not be nr e ? vv in re'er to the pcten tlal influence upon 'he movements of Ida's army tbe die I ccmliture and raui ot Kvr.y etlieKect. Ire nwe setul tro -ps to k-riy 'o aid bi.,i in eludiug, with any fragtn. nt ' or hi >n . ilio vigor."us pursuit of Rharldan. ."houid . ? aend away a single brigade end still altei?[t to mali to hi Lie preevot line the re?ult would he oer . IviDi^ fual to h.m He must 'Ulract. Tbo guest Ion Of -irpplli-S U a seijous ore to bun bat. like s drowning I m >n i'Iiit '? us At e strse . 1 ee elmcSea at every rban- e , He caan'it dr.end ibe t?rldi n r *d Already It is usslrsn to bim. Itiorciore to deb t.I it ouger is a waste af time 1 %! (j tie i an still reach I ativille. even If he falm biu'k. ny 'he Kirhuwrid nd t in\Hi? road, whlio be San t.. o roada to cy neb burg. He I. p?? by th? greater con 'enlrali n he Wi'l J'ect by falling bai k to be nb'e to do f ad HI ot tl.e e line* At 'earl be will irilte the atteinpl tn Ins deaper .tir.n. And If be one attor the oabev of turm b' will atlll b'li.t on to 'ee last sinaimag hope sad cat i:> ui' army ui the letei, oof R , hruond. ??r. Jubu A. flraailjr'a 1'napateh. !l?aiHirarrsss. I t'.iiTsaATn Aaarv tonre, 1 Vut I oi?t os H<? as, Va, ?epl. 20, 1804, > i Kverytbiug ramalna .n a stale or quietude. Hinee the ! Oruig naturally b uegbt io by the shotted saluta for I Sbefi. au g grcst victory not a gun baa bocn nrsd by the | eosmy ax .apt the s> rtaia at X nt- b Gap. i.-rv vn or sa. a> voags. I A now hno ci rebel works ba" gradually been growing i up from a veriex of 'tircuouei ted nfle pita thai formerly Itreuhtd Irani Gat's ferry to tbe Hawlett Us nee Every c. ruin,, ? xbtoiti tlie fact lust tbe enemy have spent a sleepless night, rbcvel in band, and what waa bat a abort time sin. e nothing but a number of holm dug lo tbo found lo ropidi/ becoming a for midable me. About the crture of this llue. half way betweon I'ct'a ferry ar.d tbe HowUtt House, they sre b'llMi' g a work sr Held piece*. The rebels ere Also bnildinr An.-ther bitiery immediately on tbe river bona. M'wt of Hue o?rk l? done at nisbt, ar ? the ebeervAtiooe of ibe slg'. 1 <>.!?? er at dasaii fronuently rsvfiai some new srhacsc of tbe enemy, eemme oed during iBe sPnanco ef fight. taa vrmioea rBA'? wh cb tl ? re-my has had parked .or rou lime p^S eear "rur) 'a itiufl haa soddeoly dsn:-teared. Not a irace or 1 it ceo'd oo d'ornver. d -bis mcreicf. A ounjeoinre e?ta | hardly bo taaaarCed at to the ob>ec' of tbe dieeppoaraecw of tbis portai.e bridge. taa se"*i. * ^ ati'l reins u Una "ide ? f 1 as'* fer. y. although tbey havo j ao*. given tbe lenst lad.cel n of their \ reeouce in tbo way ol auooyeneo to .i? I riff 0* PBin'BIM ? le prncfO'llag 1",, reserve *mhnlanoee era boaily an asrd in hringl"! * ?"r liberated soldier# la aacbangn ( >i the nertl of rebels .'orwefded W Rlctunood. I ^ oii-na iv vug oem i if, or Gone.a! Oil has ratified from leave Of ahooneo ag.l .wumei oon>m?e l of tbo norpa, rollevtng Major ' i en era I tiSbno, who returns to ibe econd oorts. tajs I lam J. K 1 Oin'.t I, loot ar. J fs?or?b'y kooarn so Prcvoe* I of ih a corps bee "-eeu relieved frosa duty with tbecurpa eed iT.lerert an l"ov ist Oar anal U> Forhs am. pi teat charge ef tfcs rsl mbie oyster litereat. ??d seo that the goi rrttwis f la not da raeded of tba roieoca retaMsg sfeerofretn Ciapl, ytamlnv has been nsonci'ited w in toe corpe an ? o its crg.uiuit ou, and ho will t?o tad y ? ?ss I - Oniirssf irfAnliun'a gcsrpf*"** ?* foftrnna er B.nsralihlp. tiki >*aTt, dept. 27,1ft i.eeamor [t-u'vit wse lis <he otty yeotsrJay. !M OtnO. eaya bo baa deo'd-vl ?? ec ?oa ttm onattien of t,fwt. I sseeter fteoeni.

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