Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1866 Page 1
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IK HERALD. ? ^ "? ?? - - ? .. ? ' ? ?i?| | | jj WHOLE NO. 11,039. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1866.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. B2a?SigLas^*^~ ^ 1 J&'MdSto* toajot^tofoU. X? IAN ANY PEWOM GIVB INFORMATION CONCERN nfl&aga. ?J*r)a*riu'.g' .Saw York city. pj^sbwM^^fv.K frtS. 18 Waablaflon' pUw, Now lark. ^hV^JKS!Si^j!SSX^^ tsttas^XSf~" IF5RMATI0X WAKTBD-OF JOHN/H ADAMR. A INFORMATION WABTBD-qF MART J? St?J!W?^J?w?5airK W O. r. F., oteUon D. Now York. ESMP^SHSSS glg^aSSiSK bh laal empjo^ra^. gxmE ^ ^ (fag Washington tin*. WILL JOSBFH >. FOLHBMUB FLMASB CULL AT XM "--?"-f-atraat, or MBd hlaaddraaa. and oblige fauaedieyt _ WBARBL?SARAH, ALL 18 FOROITBB. TOUR frkande in Vw*>,l,*g far you. LRU* Indian la la T. to ??f WILL B. & FOSTBR FLBA8B SEND HIS ADDRESS H boa 838 foot offlaat MMT A NO rOUMP. YMIND. ?THB FARTY WHO LB FT A MAUTB Jf jhill Mart fan, by mlatake, at Oirobrede'i, 886 Broad way, An man tha mum by proving proporty and paying fartfaadanrtltcmaat. rUID?A SUM OF MONBT, AT GOULD'S DINING mm. 86 Naaaau atrott. Inqmra at tba oRoa. riffiiSM^'saagfSCTU fiMr aiass irfrv: T OBI k A ra ward of $18 will ba paid to any lo. 88 Baat Ntaataantb tfroet. raturnlag aa?a*gll*o888Finhatoaat. /it^'XSiUltlKSrSULSL Rtt ?s stsftsa sssLsnL&JS iTcM,NaI WaatFanrlaaatbauaai. ba may rataln tba T N?A FAOBAOB OF RATINGS BANB 80881 Aioagthaa la ana of tba Be wary Sarlnp Bank. SoL BTfia Sndar will ba anltably rowardod an leaving a tba o8l?e Na 188 Maraar atraal, an a^ltaTha banka ^?ssmss&siM5? Ba. Mich ara it no ua to any but tba owaar, " and da ?-ery af evarythlng baa been atoppad.AUbarnlra ward rill aa bald and no novations aakad by leaving tba SSadEteR tarthACa'a MOhaabarartraat Naw fort . NBAS SIXTH f B!rrwBB^THB_HU<LJ)Fathb union ^ylaSS^M ^-dTt^STU a* 88 WMt Pa aria atraat RBWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY XVBNINO, A at a BBWARD LOFT. ON SATURDAY, 17Tj(lN8T, ^?^E?wrBK3.'e*wR fM-ytbtrJatrt*. aw. "i^ARlNARD.-LOBT, ON FRIDAY. NOTBM1BRJ8. 4550 a Scarf Pin, ban) Win. wltb il dtamood. ajar aaluad naak aa aaaauat af IU aaaoclation. Tba CSr nfd reeewe tbaebeaa reward by leaving it m lha a#aa STSaa & OMPnAGb 188 Broadway. up ataira. H0WB> Pa^tA^'SR'gig.g.'di: baa* reward will ba idl bfc 8ndcr aa d^lverj aa tba MatrapalHaa StaMaa, oaraarfrtnea and ter?cB2r?;,7^?r ?Opan uniteag ft* Optra Haoda^Jtaaa Kscr\rK2??L xjt. tist E3Sr.:r?;ss2??..- ?u BpSS?8s5^2k!KSL'tJCLT? Cm ? AMta Front aad atbar aid fnvontaa. Wa teaa tba plaaaara of aaaeunrlnc that "bURION HARLAhO. aatboraf "Alone," "Hidden Faih." "NasaRMa,' HaMa - Ma" |Da "Mlrtaa." I ?D eoatlnna la wrMa If >ha Lndy't Bonk B>arj nnaber far 1ST wlU oootalr an artlala from W pa*. ^ CHRISTMAS R8CBIFTS. ^ . . Oarrwatrrt drpnmnont aontaln* ewrrtblng tbat aan Ml -,-wd t<* the faeUre nai berto?B ef lha aeaeee. Far Mia at tha bookaloraa. nr?nNirio!NT AKM.iiTiirxr or hocrbbou) rurnli?r? for mnrtto* -Iir?wtn? Room ?tlnro. w?.r?4 MmM Hi r*f?: BlfHR. fn|ni, BrooiM. r?l?l nf*. #1l??rw.m Mirror*, Oh.ii - HH wraa B$ 6n ?utrruas, CAinti, 2s&vi.asrz r&ttsjsrsrKiiS'JG-? l^^ftSJWSlSXJSSS. ESS; UU?tIrT Qeio525?e5KTfy^ ITARY ACADEMIES, FhK UNIVBMITIM Aa. Highest rafinuti. Addraas or only to Ceoteb/reotoNo. I, Unbar - "tj Building. Washington sguare,iiowYorfc ABURINIS8 COURSE.?INKTBUCTION IK BOOK, keeping, I'enmaaahlp, Arithmetic, Correspondence. Ac., at aOLONMITH'H CoBMltol Institute, 766 Bro.dwey. Established IBM. Private laetrueMoo. Bboms for ladles. 18 BDUOATION.?TOWNSEND'fl OOMMER lemy. toO Bowery Private Instruction day and ikkeeplng, writing, arlthmnUo, algebra, road pro ?war, Ac. Apartments for Ladloo. Mo A BUSINESS etal Aeadea.,. -? ? aenlag In bookheeplnR, Inf. anolUnc, triVli nUSINHBR OOLLEQB. 0 BOWERY AND A W Vnltoo guest. Brooklyn?Penmanship. ArttetoWrt ?B?a^ralSts2'JSSa'1523 CD. Q. B., station D. . will ^12?? ^?sfsssas? Wssassasf-js i MUsO.. luff Broadway. A YOUNG Aral aa. nip art oa. mall partial board and a _ drain Tutor. HerUd "DOONKKEFINO, WimTNO, AO.. TOR BU8INBB8. D MR. DOLBBAB, 009 Brondwny.taeehea Bookkeeping praettoally, aa uaed In the boot Nov Tort bouses. Ha alao ramoroo stiffness, cramping or trowMtnp from the worst band, and makes elegant buolnoso panoses. ETRLLBRINO. (07 BROADWAY, FAVORABLY ? known In Now York at nee 1803. Professor of French, German. Latin, Grammar and other branchao of a penUe man'a odnoatlon. All looooao private YJTRRNOH AND BPANI8H TAUGHT HP THR SHORT, f oat time, by H. WADE, who baa eight roars expertnnoo. Torma moderate. Apply from ? to ? P. U? at 17s Bleaokor streak Prop, l. malezieux, prom tub university of Franco, Academy of Varie, No. 1 Irving plane, will . '? a... riaaaeo of French language far TtZ Udto.^4 oSm 7 to Terma of toawna ?IA tnoaBMfn| method. The W*SMS^fiS?K ??? ? i for BeraM office. '.YXTANTBD-BY A GERMAN FAMILY IN CINCINNATI, vv Ohio, a (orerneaa capable of teaching mnstr, the German. French and Kngllah langoagao and elementary branchee. For pnrtlruUra apply In person at V Wast Mia at., between 5th and 6th are. THE TPET. ~ obokeiTcocrrS^^SWno*on TCESDAY. no t am her 3D. at half-peat one P. M. for a parse sad stake of 8150. MilehcaU, beat three la 6ve, In harness. H. O. Dobeon eaters b. m. Nellie Baker, John Yaa 8eun enters blk. m. Lady Dundee, M. Kodea eaters br. m. Kitty Cloud. Cob. J. Donoren enters br. g. Kiowa Bill, Bemuel if. Millar eaters r. g. H. J. Clare JOHN M. PRANCH, Superintendent. 7 ~ Ttohtibo^ _ Daniel foster, is rosrvrlt street. ban all the choice breeds of doge ; Poster's lafalllble mange nana and ilea exterminator, i5e. Medkdnea for all Dte P RANCH BTJTT.HR, NO. ? choice breeds of Dngn B and Flea Extermlnnter.TBeej Dog. $L Dogs trained, board UHJE BALE?A BRE^H T^ADJ*^0^*' wsswhraSBfife?*5 No. W Wert t*. nTaTflflb street, asar Eighth avaoua. I good Machine, Clothes Wringer, or a enow* ? _ eluding New PhyslagnotayT All these are siren aa preaalaoae fpr olnbe of enbM.rlbers to the Phrenological Journal for iS^' kend stamp for circular to POWLKR A WELLS, He. MP Broadway, N. Y. EOE8B8, cImRIAO^^c. ?-igmgWuiCet '5 Beekmaa street, -HOR9B BLANKETS, BO TUB ? rUgvaod Stohle; (ne square BU Qblana Wbiaa Rose nee. Ha r--*a- KAONCB BROTHER! A V*1 LIBERTY STREBT-A UOHT COUPE BOOK A -f?? way, and two lop Boggle* and one RoekAwav. bat little 'toed, and gobd assortment of new Carriages and^llirnres. AH SADDLE BORNE FOR BALE. FIVE YEARS OLD (Abdaltab breed), U hands high; wllT drive alogle or doable; warranted sooad sad kind. Apply to MAAON A BTEKAtBE. M> Ninth street, sear ereaue A. Attention is called to the rale op a bay Mara, 7 years old, 15H beads high. Mad la all harness win be sold without reserve. Tor want of aaa this day. at IS O'clock, at TAMPEWATER'H A nation, M? Liberty street. , ATA BARGAIN-TWO HBAYY BUILT, CHUNKY ' A lea ma of Canadian Ponies, eanaot be beat far et-/dgth, style and action: young and sound; Ibis Is a oboe en for n man who waste good Canadians aheap. M Pearl k/wi A LABOR. FAST. 8TTMBH, BOUND TOUN'd MBMBN. aeev*, L TkOWEEYB a BEO . CBIMBRATBD HOBBE CLIP MJ pera. Orders ted at No. 18 Poenua street sad B Llv lagadea strew. Ereoklyo. sad Brown's table, center at Ntoteead Be Quito streets. Brooklyn, will be promptly at ThOCTOB'B PHAETON -A NBW DOCTOR'? FN ABTON, I ' ? Pan: also Harness, ?aa ha *?-u at private alebte, | 1*7 Bast Thirty.foertk rtreei near Third srenoe FANT BOAD HORNR for BALE?A BLACK R Tit AN Allen Hares. ? years etd. IS hands high; warranted to boat I B. ens at the ?baet road karate la Ibe <rty Inquire t UP East Twenty-third street. CK RALR-BT A ORNTLBMAN GOINO TO RUBOFR. a tee pwr of bay Nomas Apply at Maebey'e Llrary e. West Twenty t^1 strsei aaar 11111b areaee. 1T0R balk-orb pair dark bboww horrrm. r fotr yaaro old, 14W i>m4o bl(h. ona br ? Steak Hawk, tbr nlh*r Mtmbnnt Phiaf. mil of <hmon?hbr?d MW. faat. Atosoea m.M1o Horoo. fr?y, 14* hand* hifh, by Ont Kul?. oat of ?? KoMpoo mora. ? Rl?? <14 ImpSr. fa^ulro >1 Aab.oo, oarnor o* Thirty ?U Mraat and ?????( n intM rR RAJ.K-A nr.W rAARIRR BOX. AfaRO A ORB toraa Trvi, araily now. at 711 Dirt iinm rR RAIJU-A DARK DP.AT RoRAB. RAKDAONB. amiad in.) Moll*. 4 >?or? <?14. IA* nando M?h To to boon >11 opitfl atabla Laataftot otonuo aed Thirty third MMAl Bte. rR RALB-A ROOD WORK BORAR; WILL BB BOLD akaap. IoroIto M (II Dalanaay atraak rR ralb-a BBAtrnrria BRtairr bat barb, u haada btgfe, ? yun old; mm lro? teaMa?T thro* mtm ?M: 00M Wblr for omi of in: Nortaatad Omni kla4 ao4 RMfe lilMTblM Apply M ttd prl'ola oUblo ON Coart ^snst^vraar.r'm.TSitsr *~* f^T-fnrry"0* """T'"-1**! IT0* BB. ^ BART IPAlB*t*L4flS aORfK UR sswa* i ^JhOIIWH, CiMUAW. *Q, TTK)R BALK?A PAIS OF 80RRKL HORSB8, U HAND* r high; irimnKil sound sad kind tn doubt* sod single fafl Prtoo tail Belt for want at as*. Apply at 871 Canal street, i F?* 8ALB?TWO NEW BXPRK88 WAGONS. ROBKKT BIRLiNO, lit BrooM street. T.IOR ulb-at a sacrifice, one blboaht I1 Coops, coal $1,400. built by Brewster A Baldwin, *1 POM ROY'(I earring* faotory, 14 and It Ainlty place. TDOR BALE?PAIR BAT MATCHED HOUSES. SOLD r low. Oamsr sons to Bui ops. Inquire st private stable It West Eighteenth street, IJtOB HALF,?A DOUBLE NEAT COT'PE, FOLDING P ion. with pole and shafts, almost new. eltjy bti It; ens business Walton, without oover, built by Wood Rkis ' will be aold at a great bargain. 3t7 Thlrty-flfth street, one door east ef Ettfbih avenue ITtOB NAI.E?ONE NBOONDHAND HOTEL NTAOH. P one top Wagon sad one npeu Carriage. In eomplsts order, at POMROT'H earring* factory, 14 and Id Amity plane IDOB RALB CHEAP?ONE SPLENDID DARK Bi F Bone, 17 bands high: warranted sound sad btndiyplsn. did drlrer In double er single harness. Also ono h?y Hoc DARK BAT did driver In double or"single harness. Also nn^hayl It bends high, lit for eoel wagon sr etprese; will bo sold eh see as the owner baa no more use fur them. Inquire at aleblea 447 Cherry street for two days. BR BALE CHEAP?A COVE P.ED WACOM A* D HAB less, nearly new,aullabtofor agrooar or beker. Inquire ore 4* Eaat Thirteenth street. |]H>R tAT.K OR EXCHANGE?HOR8R AMD WAOOKt r a complete outfit. A tne bay Ware. 16 hands, abont S years old; double seat oorem l Ko-Lffhsy. In good order, with pole and "hafts, sad good act of riarnacs; will sell tor 6400 sash, Address J. W. . box 2AU Post eflloe. BALK, OB TRADE TOE 0T1KAPKR HOB8B.4?A TOOE KALE, OB TRADE rOB OHEAPEB HOB8 JC Belr of brown Horsas, long tall", UX haude high, taanffr workers: will breik the team ; also a bay Hone. IB* heads; price t*X>. Apply at So. ? Bast Twenty.Arsl at rest. FOB RALB CHEAP-TEN HOR?K<L NUITARLB FOB all kieda of work. Apply at stable M Park street. TTORSEH AND CARRIAGES AT ACCTtON THIS DAT. JCL By MINER A NOMERVILT.B, at the Union Pleoa stables, 80 East Eourteeulh street, Calon snare. Particulars under A net Ion bead. BORHR-A BEAUTIFUL BAT HORSE. It HANDS high; sound and kind In all harness; very stylish; enlUbla for a ooupe or family. Also turn over seat Park Phaeton and Harness. Inquire st Fifth Avenue Stables, corner of Fifth avenue and Forty-fourth street. Horses kept through tub winter?terms reasonable. Address Osssc Lludsby, Green village, Morris eounty, V. J., or Bureau A Parker, ISO Wast etregt. Horse blankets at wiiolebale prices; extra large Sweat blankets for road horses and for sweating. Tl. CAMPBELL, to Fourth avenue. Horses kept through tub wintrr._tbrms reasonable. Address H. Disborouga, Millstone, N. J., or N. Mooaey, 01 Liberty street, N. T Handsome two.skat coupe fob salr?hitita ble for one or two hor?es: Wood Bros beatmnka. For pertlenlare Inquire st Jaa. W. Hlekey'a cabinet and upbol etery wareronms, BUS Broadway, corner of Klevenlk sueet HORSR8 BOABDED fob thb winter. Apply to JAMBS R. WILLETB, Roalya, L. I. PORT.?FOR BALB. A BLACK BROWN PONT: sound and kind: suitable for ?ny purpose cheap: sold for want of nae. Apply st blacksmith shop S3 Sheriff street. SPEED?FOR BALE, CHESTNUT NARB, II HANDB. stylish and Well bred: can trot In 1:40 to the pole and better sln^e; sound and kind. Apply at No. I East Twenty Of A B LB LET-A FART OR THE WHOLE OF A O new ritable, lust Bnlsbed. situated at ItH Best Twentieth street, near Third avenue, with Bra stalls, room for Ave er six carriages, eoechmen's room, water and gaa. with all the modern improvements: prim reasonable. Apply to M. MAOBATH. 74 frrlef pieen mHOMDCGlI BRED GELDING FOR BALE, t TRAM Jl eld, IS* hand* high: warranted sound sad kind; gore double er single and hat done hotter than two minute- under the saddle. Can be seen or triad front I till S o'clock at prt rata stable. P7 West Seven' couth street. WANTED-A OOOD NKOOJ4H HAND SLRIGH. Tf> hex 1 lffr* "t"||>r*0'"' Ad4,e#"' wltk Aa, T. J. P., WANTED TO ETCEANOE-A TOPNO BOEBBL TV Horse. 14 bauds high, lorn good top H .ggy. Apply at Simpsons subl?s. irJBsst Thirty-ninth sirpet. 6TEOTTING HOE8BB TOR BALE?PRICE $1,0:1) TO tt/BO. They are young, aouud and h-nUoint. Csu be seen until told at 118* Twenty-sevenih street, east ef Third avenue. New York. a ? 1 CI OH ?BFLBNDID NBW TOP BUGGY; BP! UNDID W>A?7lr. n*w Depot Wagon. |l*b. Are* splsndld Itn.k nwsys, latpst style, |800 eaelt; SkeleUra Wagon, $40. very cheap. It West Thirty-seventh street and Broadway. BPRCIAL WQT1CB>| a public lnprmvo nmri direction of A the "West Bide Asaoctalton," will l>* held at the Everett Rooms, corner of Broadway and Thirty-fourth street, on Wsdpgsdsy frvultg, list Inst., at Tig o'clock. Ms'teranf teurest to owners SI reel mist* will be considered. Npe.uai subject for dltauselon'.?"sjdd Transport a Bin ef Passers, gert Is New York." WM A. WBITBKCE, President. Jssne F_Ro6CLE*. Secretary. 2'FICB OF THE ATLANTIC MAIL 8TKAM8HIP Company. No. I Bowling Orean. haw Turk, Bov. 13, ?By order of the Board of Dlrartorm. noUea Is hereby given that In conaet.uenoe of the election appointed to harp been held on tha llth of November instant, net having been held pursuant to sttoh appolutinsuA an election or nine directors of thin company and three Inanentora ef the next succeed tug election will be held st the office of the company on Friday, the llth day uf January, 1147. atUovWk M. """ s transfer hooka at the offlr " ? " tafer hooka at tbo offlr* at the Farmer*' l-oan s Trust Company wilt be closed from the Wtb to the 14th of January, 1N7. The poila will 'e o|en frotir U to 1 o>i *k. --A. v'.T m??1' i'j "*AL ?rity tompmaaul tbg nmapaat Br ordJT*" no B. F. DiNlfi ?ATE8, PrssldaaL fun JOHN MITCHELL RLOOHINGDALK f'THt'LE, 1 F. ?.. wlB mast a* thalr ball thla Tusday) avsnlag. si t o'clock for the IraaaaaUoe at geeeral baaneea J own MoCoewveu deeretary THOWA8 BOA N. Centre. fTIHBBE WILL BE A RBOULAR MEETING OP THB X Oarnn Btaawtabtp Firemen and I 'n.lpaasers Aaao. laUoe bald en tble arming, lueetaw, November it. at Knrtag street 5*0. F. McDUKVuTT, PraaUeuL Jaam Brnaa. Neeretary. rno THE ORIGINAL nightihgalb CLUB OF 'M X and tA?Surviving members and 'heir friends are re speatfuty raqasmed to atlend a meatlng, also mernbers of the mm wad Uermmlaa. at the Booaa cf Large, Ne*Tn. a* IF. W B. B. CLARK. Ptebwkrk. _ BUMBBN OPMRTUNITiat. ' r BARB OPFOBTU.NITT FOB A PARTf TO ttA,8WI Iwewmierptim wbteh will insure a vesy tin an ma Bverp awpwiaaHy sferM far e tbeiwsgh nig"tlm Far pJCilsit sell at Mi Bseedwm, ream kliVBaee, bitmm the bean of M A M aodtF M. A B RXCBLLBNT OPPORTUNITY IB OPFBHBD TO A tba rtgb* party, baring a fbw hnndrsd 4 iBnrg Is make mmgy In n mr.:-.mrtunog business paying ? par cent EL Usee*ua for srillac. the esmvr has not time to *4 I t* it Only priori pels amy addrora Meaafantursr. A QUIRT OFFICB BUSINBM, LOBO BPTABLINHRD. A Faith fn) ma a umatedL with BUI and apwesgs required Beta re* t? I* $40 w safety Cab. wltfe the seek, at 1M14 k?.. ream Be. A A HALF IKTBBBBT FOR NAtJI OB CLBRKBHIF A given-In well aeteblimed Broadway R isieeaa; good epport inlty far a meo heVlag fr-xa savaa in lea hundred reedy caafef THoMPs'lN. 7H Nredway. BtNIHERg FOR BTKRY BRANCH OP HA N UF AO tore. frem MB u> tW 000. Faranna wishing t* ' should oall a* the Burii *ea lapsi-ia No It: Naoaaa Bf 1NYRYTHBHT OF fldOBn CAfeH. ABD FCTUEK <tenure*t payment at fs.flnn. eay sutsahle person, mala or female, may realise a head?vie Inaora* by pure* salng Ike Laase. Mm Will and Furniture of oae of the ffrriprv vat* beerdmg boeom la Hew Tart. Address W. A , bet tnt Feet ems*. E nALB-AN OLD BNT4NI.INHED (N)FEBH and pptos b irtnaaa Apply at Mt Greenwich ptreeL F? PAT8NT* -RRIXAMT* IMF _ for aainadiog hay M tha boat of tha kind araf offarad to lha pthJe. Call an4 atnralna El*TO* R CO. Ul RwaEway. >? T. WAMTRD-A TOI'Idt KRKRUKTKI HA*. WITH aboill (U?n -airttal. f<?r a lloMr'ahifia ah .laaala and ralnil buairtaaa. tnaotJi?r with f Inn faaloraf*. la aaa ??( lha a not rtmlataa hortlaaatf lha Hon!h Htar<?d lata yaor kaa airaady irfpotad Ha rapttal lha Wat dtp mfiraanaa aaa aa *traa. iddraaa. with rafaranaaa. R. hot Mo. UR Harold aRaa. W?*!fTRD-A F4KTT WITH RSOOt HI TH'.t MAH0 ? dnlan u. MM >? a man MIMM aigkly paraaot nat yak!. A paly "? III RiJ 4 BHXkdrf Xo. W Barling allp, rnnai Ra. I, upatalra. ? 1 ."in ID RkiWJ wil L iHMTROr, * IIAWMOWR ^1?>U Bating buatoaaa. now la p., ir RfRRRdS mortar root: lha Mat naiaat la tb# Taltad atataa la on aihl sstrscsixrM rt. wrrs. 8522,5*SrS?i5STirC^5t5 S&iviiiPm G rilASCIAb ?OHMIDT k'co.' MO. T CHAMBERS 8TRKET?? European Banker* end oldest ailabltahed Parcel Eg prsss to Germany. night DnfU Issued on WW ottiea of Ku rope. Holiday Presents for Uertuaay an ft he delivered to ua before tha let of Deoamber. VflBrtHSIPPl CENTRAL RAILROAD FIRST MORT i'l h?*' Honda, Mobile and Ohio Sterling and Interest Honda, New Orleans, Jaafcaon and Ureal North are Haiirued g^n4> wanted. MANMNo A DR FOREST, Raokars, 1* Well street. Office pacific mail htkamhuip company, ?New York, Nor. 19. HMd. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDER*. Notice Is hereby (tree that tha Hoard of Duastors, hartni Inureoied the capital atook of the nuipany pursuant to Ike set of May 1. 1*18, to 1*1,000.1910 tof which hu.ouu shares re main to e Irauad), hare raaerred RS.DOii WW In oaah out of the proU la of the rmnpeny for Ua exigencies of the buomeaa, and hare declare 1 lualead thereof to the persona bold'ng Stock on Ihe books of this company at ths I'loelnf of the transfer bouks on Tuesday. November 10, 18*4, et I o'clock r. e dividend of aurh 60.0UI abarea ol the stock of this aomuany a< futl paid stock, being out shars of new sleek to ?eery three ahaiea of existing a lock. The certifies trx win be readv for del! rery on end after Wednesday, January A IK, at tmi office of lee oompanv. N. B.?Holder* entitled to fractions In tha ahere dividend will iwoelre a memorandum for the f rio-tlnna to whleh they may be entitled, not carrying Intereat or itlntaud, for whlon fraoUona, when presented ut sufficient antouuta, esrilfioalss of atock will be fauusd. By order of the Board ef Dlrectoi THEODORE T. JOHNSON. Secretary rkFFICK OF PA CI FIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANT. V New York. No*. 19, DM. Notice la hereby given that tha Board of Directors knee this day declared a dividend of five oar cent out of the net sarnlcm of ths quarter ending October 91, payable at the office or the Compauy on Saturday. December 1. The transfer book* will be closed Tuesday, November 90, at J o'eloek P M.. end reopened Monday, Deoamber I. By order of the Board or Directors. "?W" THRO. T. JOHNSON, f _ ILVBIt MINES ON LANDER RILL. NRTADA-TWO lodra; one N00 feet and another 400 feat, adjoining, for diapoaltlnn. The owner, now In New York, hat brought ?peatman? and ahatrarta of title, and will give ell Informa tion. He wiahee to ralae auttlcieut money to pa rebate ma chinery, against which be will be to put hla property. Apply to CROUCH. MKRINOToN A CO., J?H Broadway. T1IE TEN PER CENT BONDS OF THE CITT OF BAN Francisco, railing due lu the cttr of New Tork on the lat of Deeeniber. lbfin. wit' be paid In gold by LRUS A WALLER, 38 Pine (treat. No internal caa bo allowed after maturity of bond. Norssasa 12, 1888. 'EHMILYF. APO .^ WAtX^street. bankeus'and dealers uriVRRNM^T STOCKS T f and ( ompocnh^L ? CLOSING 1>B^^foms. Nov. It, M* Registered,'41.. Coupon, '81. WW Registered ?? S-90 Coupon, 42. AR Coupon, '84.. 5-98 Coupon '66 fi-fiOCou. '86. new HMO Rer'atered . 10-40 Coupon HSfAll Itcltt h5 ilSi it*1, 1061a HMtS* I'*', KM 100

113 III 106V lift; i 1044,1 108' IPS'. Sty 'une, 7-80 1 July, 7 9) IttneO f Notes, *64 'uly. do '64 Aug., do '84 Oct.. do '84 Dae., do *04 May. do . *88 A nr., do Held 1401a 1404211 Sept., do 8?|l.J??fIllOW August. 7 3d |10&? |l(l4 | |0??. do ?|109>||110 Qlt\ nnn wanted-for six months, secured ?P?/.4rVf\r bv pl>visa of f 10.000 of A No. I manufactur ing at<? k, wuh interest and a liberal bonus. Apply to 0. L. BaRKITT, Nolleltor of Patents, 198 Broadway. nnn TO loan on bond and mortgage VuU.uUU on firat ulaaa Property la tbta city. KING A CO.. No. 9 West Twenty third street. Fifth Avenue ITotel. (tQAA A/MlTO LOAN ONBONDANDMORTGAOB ?DOa/V.VUr'r on Brooklyn and Nsw York ally property. Some also for good .leraev real e oVate. UHAK p. OILMAN. U3 Broadway, room Ne C AAA 10 LOAN-ON FIRST CLASS !M. WOUViVt/U proved property, os bond end morigags, St 7 per e ui. a ?? im ?? suit ItJ'MSt N APPT.HBY, No 10 Pins sirset fOFAJtT^Fk?Hti"i, AfoENO Rxrf.Rinsr rn hi sinesa mix, haying front 43.otg) to 98 not -o lnveat In sune go-at paying - afe business, would iwrvepood with reapnnalliie partlea having anything of the hied to offer H*at nf reference gtvee and t luirei Addreaa M. L.. beg No 2 atallon F, New York ? ? AW ACTIVE OR SILENT PARTNER WITH RtOOR TO take a half Intereat In a vary valuable patent, (ante profile, many order- Addre.sE U, M9 Broadway, room IS. VTOVRMBRR I. 1898 ?THE CNDKRHIONRD HATE it formed a -opartneiehlp for the purpoae of tranaaetlng a banking, ex- hang* and comartasioa business, under the fir/not lam-a W. Taker A Co., Noe 9 and 3 Rue Bert be, Parte, 1 ranee. JAM EM W. TOOK EE. _ EDWaKD R. ANDREWS. Repreear ted by FRANK W. ANDREW#, 24? Waahtngton Street, Motion _______________ EARTWER WANTKD-tN A RELIABLE AND FRO PIT able c tsh tnanufaciurlng business now In operatloa A nee arldorn offered Apply to HALE, a4 tier 203 Fulton street Bruoklft ARTNER WAMTRD-n AN OLH ESTABLIBIISD manufacturing bnalneae, with fiS, 1K?' to fid,808 ia eaeh. Applv for tbrre daj a ai 318 Pearl i.treet, aoened 8 i?r. Partner WARIM IR a MM <>n broadway, Ihlr'r three jreara' atanllng, the e.p.ieltet about re tiring'. amount re>|-ured $70 OlJIl. rvferene -a given and re o-iired. prollta 902,i??' per aeu .m: esslenelloa on Interview and bo->ka ab?wr. Addrsts H J., bos 3E7 Post r**~ The copartnership hekbtoporb rusting between ,'amea Gall. fr.. R (' Morgan aad B. T. M?r tan. sndrr tha Lna i-ama sfGellAfu., Nos. MasdM fe.t Twe.ity f.fth atract, Nsw York, is barsby dlssuirsd by inula .I oonaeiil. NO-asass 6, 1(4*8, rIE CGFtRTNEEsniP RERETOFORB rilHTINO under the firm name of Nela.-n A .lawett la thla day die. eolvad by mnteal oenaeot AO areaunta of tha old 8rm will be aellled by F. U. Jawall, at thrlr lata omee. 342 Reef Fifteenth si reel. Ill A RLE NNR MOM, Novaasaa 19. IS44. F U. JRWKTT. The nnderalgned have thla day aulared tele e on pert net Ship seUrr tha firm and name of Nelson A Lettob, far the perpo-e of eneunuleg the bueineaa heretofore eesduetod by Wv-loon A Jewett CHARLES ME LB ON* Novssaa. 19. 1444. OM>R*JE F. LEITcH. r> FERHONS HAVING GOOD LEGITIMATM AND large par eg buv.oaaa aad wishing r?risers ad ralle blluy. ah-iuid naU oa RONMKB A CO . (|7 Naame street, Bustueaa Bmpeinua. ANTKD-FAETXER. WITH A CAPITAL OF $I4.4H tofl6.*no Is e well eetebliehsd wholoeale ead raleII S tn ('Kloeo. Ohjeet In f-? e breach saws tn another ? Ity t SBvl rer) k. bet 4.IB9. bnnoees In Chbuieo. Ghjerl la UhSng a WMOW te to _ a brewrb in am-ther- Ity Beet ad redsreaeae tea end required Address T B , ears of Ceeb, Cebara A WANTED, A FAR1NER. WITH fifidnO OR MORE, 40 eaaiated with the old iron SeMeeas aad amabmery. AAdreae et Keg 148 Jereer ' ity Feat offlra. AQnn to ?VT _A YOUNfl MAN, WITH THIS MOsrv tm'uni. 4e?iree ?<? -eves* M, wMa Me eervlsae. la Ma* good pail! g rvore baainea* Addreaa Lewta, MeraM Ml rwifl -A MAN OF BCSINRSa QUALIFICATIONS Ol.'MI'l. waated. to buy half In Israel in I meesfas tartag huaieeoo pey-ag 194 per eenl, twelve Si lies frnvn lbs city Genuir e eotiaem. ''ail w or ilbae Y, ? Neeeea ?treat, room No. 12 ? O Hflfl -AM FTTBAOEDIWAET OFFORTCNITT for making eu.aey. Partner wasted lean entirely new and *? -ediegly lu'retire cash huaieeaa. e as namely. In whlrh a large fer see see sorely be yeellssd. la. tmitlBI Hudeoa tlreel. 41) r,AH -a PARTNER WANTED, IN a MONET VA.ilUW, mek.i.g mar. (facturai^ li.ilri?M. Frotta will am-i i.t to e fortune. Uaad 14. .000. -WANTED, a fartnrr with the uv?, etr->??(!>-.unt in-aah . -en heao- ,te with a r tire, !r Mta ? ?t to N-oolway. bud Bee* la Whole maaafoet irtng of all klpds ? f Hnoore Partieelera gtves t Interview. A Mfees H T , Herald rfiaa L?Ai orKii ia. ADVAS. p.N MlI>E ')!? WAT< IIEC III A *? IN .IK. J(W. ?lr>, Iinr i|?"<ntlfin Ml rf"p?ri7 ?f *??ry Aw wrlpison J A J A' KAON, III <lr?ii4 Miawt, two ?*urt wtalof Itrwl ??J T ?*l rroadwaT-1 pa* TUB lUOIIRaT PRICK L far rtUmwuA*. W?l? bM, J?wlrj Ar . <w ?4'*a*a ? IMffo IRA AC*. Rrokar, appn?m WaIImA ? IhAwir* it oriiri, ? rruadwat. roniiRR or bono f\ KfH will A" P-.l til? hlfWt |I*W* f'<? DteavMtAA, I?IAm u*4 *ut?i ??r?, w ? III ?4> am* *b UM tWia Mil ? la*. J a Wirroaowat. knox Kcn-rima?tkr trr?<?frr \ VaI.) h I All! I'll IllAM'iaiNI. JHWI I.K7, llrciifc* EMEIULp*. PtATE, / RahM A- AC H J. li. BaRhINwKR, 111 krnt4wr. m? *?. I. OAWWRROKRV TtcKITR Pt?RT MAAKb OP OIA J MAW** wmtIm, M*4ft, AIM, <i*llu*?, A* . or HIM MgM tit wl H IH <M MmA, IB RWWM7, rawm B? I ?pMalra. iAWNNROKIIRV TI< KPTg r I, Br II AAND-OP Of A ?o.rW wwtw J?w?lrr Bah*. CIMkla*. A' MtnOwlitMl Of Iwpl M LAW >%>?!! ATJSJ.Bg. C'tWgg grogg E=: wa vrrTrt^-^^-? rWI9#it|V7 W llVllV^ lionrt Thursday Evening, November II, BHYLOCK. Friday, November 0, klNO LEAR. Saturday. Noretnber M? P.reulns? OTHKLliO ? SATURDAY MATINEE, a great aad special Mil, Mr. Charles Dillon to a oaw drama, lb# Aftar which ^T'" U> 1X)N O Jtf A> DB ?A?i? German tiiai.ia thratrk. Hi Mroadwav. opposite St, Ntohalai HoteL TUufolV. MOV. ?. IMA, IkIBNBINN. BCSWaK/.RR rETER, S'LIEBBBL. /NKRMaN STADT THEATRE?4B AMD ?T BOWKRT. IJT saooad weak of tba aelabratad Oomadlanoa aad Boa. brftu. Madama OTTIUI OENBB. To??rK7V,AM,i "te hie suit rji; "Hireah" ramny). Comarty la three acta, br P. A. Wolf. Madana OTTILIA OKNKB M?f|VjQnA'Alk IM CARPER. ODER BKI WAMBlTOjJD BROD. Madams orrtLIK ORNEEaO Kllaa da Mallfalaard In . M.enranl. OoUra FauUlat'O drataa, A ROMANCE OF A FOOIt TOO NO MAM. DOnWORTH HALL-BOA BROADWAY. . ... A PARI) ?In o<iiia?<iu*rce of lha dhJwaosdeaMlane oaaaof Mr. HARM S MRWlLLUSION. '^RMTWRRY:1 VANCE, at Dodworld HaU, (OB Broadway, fromB A. K. UU 4 P' "tUBBDAT EVENING. MOT. ?. AT ? f ? BUty olnth represanUtlan^oMha popular Magtclaa, when ha wtll perform NEW vtONDERB AND MIRACLES of ttir moat ailraordmary aharaotar. IncluAlna THE WONDROUS "AT. OROWTIl OF FLOWERS, TIIB WONDROUS HAT. ARIEL SELL, SHOWER OF OOLD, and lha moat ?tart:inaphnnom?non ?sr witnessed. TIIE MTRTKRJL" -the WTBTBBTJJ A ni-MAN HEAD FLO ATI MO IN THE XIW. Mr A. Sadcwtok, will In the course of tba araoIn? perform ontha P.iigli?1i c.inoerttuA TleketaMM. Rwrred oh*'? RV For sale allh* Hall from S A. M to 4 f. M . Doora opan at 7>A; oommanrs at A. SATURDAY, MATtNBB ATA T)NY I?ASTOR'N OPERA HOUSE. Ml BOWERY. Tb.,reatHOPg|n.| f^H^c'Tacljj b^ohaKYoaW. If. THE FAIRIES OF THE HUDSON, presented tn the moat gorgeous style, with ai every ostumr, e'ere aptxiiutinententirely newan the oRANi) fairy ballet, zouave ma MssMM""No^5?KS^as duaU. ehornaaa, -parking wtt, pungent aailra, looal Mia. Tba tataat London muale. grand and raeal onsets, An. C1IIARLET WHITE'S TROUPE. _ . J AI Bryant's Msabaulaa' Hall, <71 Broadway, naar ASTolHtDINO srCOEPR OF THE FEMALE OLERK". Keinala Clsrka of Washington, Sergeant Hlasliem'a Panorama, Pe'lleoal Light Guard March, Spirit of 5(1 la rtrlhla A grail battle will bo fought BUck herry's Brigade reviewed Hannah and bar big Drum . E- - ? z]-., Washington Crossing tho i lalawara Bratf Bight. Era Bi nnt. the gue*n of Song, will afag Every alght. HOOLET'S OPKRA HOUSE. RROQBLTN. THE BLACK MAN Will! TIIB BLACK MAO, Oraat aueoaaa of THE PHILHARMONIC Shorman'a Picture Oallerv, Who Slola tba Cbtekaas. Baap iuda, Raekon I'm lu Luck. bhoemaker Johnny. Fa# da Mula soanaurs, da Grand Matlnaa an Thanksgiving Day. Kelly and lkon'B minstrels. wo iboadwat. Hoc ,r? aaata tbroa days IB adraaoa, KKLLT AT BIN'IIMG IS I Dan. LEON A Prima Iba 71*1 HKOADWAV IS>, THOSE WHO U<) THEME Men temaa. CHEISTY ?nd Tho E.aniama It,mad lha World. SEYMOUR and hio i .rto la V'.alta. AM.EN ail I..a N 'Cjdomua J oh nana. FRiCE ind hla Hfittn'ea 7'ouse, ,. THE BILL THIS WEEK ? IMMENSE. THE DE CORDOVA HIMOROPR LROnjRBE, TO NIO11T, AT IRVING It ALL. , 1--TH1T OKVILRMAN 4T0 addlumml cbalre ha.a bean F""****-.*! will ba ?<Uda? man rod aoata for thla Taalnft, Bad MB aa anraaaraad: but tbo mla nhaarradI at tba flr?dlag*?na will again ba rigidly adhrred ta. aad tha mla of MMada Will ba ?lopped aa ooen aa ib# ball ie fulL ? ' . Doora open at 7 o'clock, to eotamanaa at alght a'Moah pre *?'/" T^he cbcii.iam cnoim. , ,, I)R CUTLER, CHOIB MABTEE. Condgtlng nf ono hundrodlMaio ?'>loao, amnag^wbem are gill of tha nnael boy Sopranoo oaor hoard In Amanaa. WUl perform Handal a Oratorio - Hanaa," At Plimoiith Cburab, Bnmklro, On Toaaday, Norombar 'iO(h, al B a cloaSU F. M. Ttakata |1: fcr aalo at all ?;;* and Drag Siarea. L.' f'.' harrin^. I p>r?tora. Eobprt ooloreci s .. Grand MaUnaa. at Walnwaya MnMj Mall Tl aad 7? it Pourtaanlh (treat, Wado?daj. No*. St. at IF. M. Mr. (lOLI)BKCK will produoa. for tba first Uma, A GRAND PIANOFORTE CONCERTO, will aaalat. by klndpsrmlmfnaaf Mr. B. L. Ratamaalt Mlaai Matrn StarUaa (wha wiu Mag Mry Oaibsafe'a "IN VOCATION." Mr. Oeo. Btmpson will nag Mr. iioMSf ? tea# aaag, ?^OH, DOUNT MB NOT." run r 1? *- mrarr" Admlaslaait. Baala may ba aaaurad at lha hall ytlbont astro charge. M?3?. Mr. W F. MORGAN baa Ids honor ta Inform his namer a^ridtSf tusua than) ,*s HaU wttb|S orEE4__ OOMCRRT. TbacaishrnuA Frtma Poaaa: Dig. I.IMHKRTI. Tnaar 41 ForsU. (From U Ssnla andJaa ParisiCnare MNH Mr. J R. THOMAS Ida farorlt* Bsrtf r,s, big GARIBALDI, lha rrnownad Baaso, Mr. aLPRKDJI. TRAM* thaeeenlM Plarit.1 Musical1 ', Messrs aLRlTRisndOBO W COLMT TUksU.ft; Raarnred naam. M saota attsa One base mred si the Hari.m Fast o?ca aad lha Hall, I (nam as stag Monday. 1Mb InaA. from # A. M till ? F. M. Doors upea at 7lgi aommanoaatB. rAhlllONABLE RRIIORT-B77 RROADWAT. TIIB GREAT RE VP MUI.R MlBlC OARWtf, RRVEILLII V> -9ML3* B REVEILLE f MARDRM Jg RRVEILLK MI ?AJMIBM S? REVEILLE WO GASOJ1* MI ukteillr eai garden mi at rbvkili.r m? garden MMOADWAT H(H.ul|If1, poLITBNt-A pass GRATIS TO ALL WHO VISIT THR RRVMILLM rtlHKATRX TICMMT oFFH'P.B. 1 H?mm4 a ale far aM first stats. SBMW f tf gNT OFFICER. am MOM. IIS AMD ita BtaotOWAF. OR MB BROADWAf. J^*UA TAIia, MCTTBWI. A?--PJWB A WD i?H lk* fMAivlnf -f nlMMtut mm ?CklM* Halt. 70 7 iU "?*5 _' rrHf 11*11, m?ir Br**d?r?y and r?y ?*?*?. tk itmv *. T-, mm Nortm or rorrmoirr.-i mats tihi dat ??? t*r*d. *0<v>rdlfi?lr ?? "4 '***r"*?. I* Ik* A..*?k*r*? dlatrtrt oourt i' *?? fort ? n?w *r.4 otlfl**l k<**l ?air*<* ***** **1111*4 "Tk* Pxna* *4 1M ll*4*-"> *? Raw Yo*?. *?? 1?. I**fc JHHW T POol.t. i^OTci?.~7 ^ i iupr. a Tsoaocov ri*cTn-AL tumiier, A *11. Uk* ? f?w "-or* t>o(rf!a f"f Ik* plan* ?I.4 loMruci ?? Will *l*a l?> la ?rviklrk A4".r*?* ??*??. ?toikoU AroWlAAl.TO WAWTTO I* A Won I* THIA rtlf ?# R . i?i ?Al ?*/?<?* A' OMKItTKirr LADT T?A<'HRR Or M la A* loipil*. hot* InMrvnaiilat **4 r***l, PflC Wll.t AriAWOTHAi'wmwAirmB iw part PATwr wv fir Hoard ?i**i**n *1. t*d ft** 'or* *h*4 IU- *?*. Milk franrk Ra*r*. .'or m.i>MT. *4 k* IU*4 I ?*lfu. m/**i. *a*r Rm*4?*p. ____ _________ AtOI'?U I.AUT OA ?D1 ?TR OP A 10. ?Uiutur*. *>U fl<* ImIT'ioM** '>!< Ik* (0* 1 *tpro?l*' f I**?*. All umt *1 ?*?"**? r**i'.*??? ?.* fariw-oU- oilralloo fi??n la t*. *?***. <?il *| MB Waal port; ??'Mi A40Ti.f!*A< will, urn irorncrrmw or Uo l'ut.o ol pop U P.I.VW for RU I-r ouoriar, koot of ! ???. AA4r*oo "Ok rr*,10*?*. TaarW, k>l 111 It".* ?*% At TUP NaTIORaI. Oi*nm 4TORT OP HI'MT. |_ A MoAf i* ???> ?*, r?of>*. Tv.llr Tka.ry **4 Y.?*| lull Win.* |l. i*r ?**.<?* ? o***r**M?y iMirauat k'li fro* Poiaklhk?4 IM4 .< Ww4 ****jao rr'??i* A I* I'lHVIIi Pi ??*>AI* C??"IIP ? 4T'?RT Ml T***<y.?rk *(r?*L m<*w annuiM li* >k -Ptaa*. TwAmAOoW. Mtaia* A* Tor*** |kA *WM I*4mm 1 1 ^AfROR. AfWi K~ ITAA ARI? Atkoioo -PAP'I.POO OORUl, m4>U) f-n?*o*? r**4i??* ki* InrroMU*** M kl otatk ****??. T v1' ' im.? HSi p*ri w? ^HaiAAMAr W\fr2tfB=Z2 AkA UICjA ? ROOOI, ft! y?AMM0jjB5* orAan* imioWw?skwC??. <w ttAlrtlC* PI ROT OLAAR Ak'AO row A* I p| iwi itwiM iBwrnn* v ^SSUBKtBBk pnwamir two Hioim m raw rWM?SwJ. '<* BsltHBiws. Waa jS*p*^^^5HI^CTa565SiFme?? C^!'"TT. " B????? i >???p>?>>???? tt mmtoi B*Tk^K t0AD**T or MI'HIO. RIHTORL Tiur?a?? J, B.n.tlt and la* Uyf?ansN 4 htoM^ *?LAira IffUKC flake* -*L-1-t"Tt! Q'1*** OP RNOI.AND. TUMImm Brooklyn AeaUrar ui M Y.. lit. lu B 14 I'wtH , HOT. |2 i. oiaayl pigOt?JI?iinT MATINhK. saturdat, XV Tmtxoh DtrteWf ? Saturday rfv-rno.... No. ii ,v un?. !>?.,? of?n II>4, _ HI NT. ill1 H.. n 1. 1 1 MATINMB 1 ADBT.AIDR RIHTOHl ... ..aa maRTHTOaM Arimlaatoa i*all parlaaf ik.l.uv, |i, wiih .inapt km M gtWata boiaa, whick will l>* aentirad .1 Ua'r uml prfaj fTlflBATRB r?AJIOAl?.-WKNT roURTBKMTU, HEaJ 1 Milk aiaauo. . fUMCH OPERA. TmM>| Eronlag. T? o'cloek praotaaly. Otrni BouSM la tara AaiR kj1 Amhrol.0 Thomaa Raw (irtr.. at admiaaloR?Orohcaara, |1, Raa*nad HaaM 3K'aSA'iy^gcasJ' uVI-AH.loU ?'?****** iutrnvn oadkt, ^ *^luun^gMXf3h8!no feodcctiorb of Um N.w Vart MaaR t TUB mt^UlSlTK AOT1NO, ,H. .MAi^rai^raB^,, Tha falthrul hl.lortcl portrmltaraa of a paal at* aaabodlad tfl THE J a.NCABHIKK FAIR. THK DUEL A LA *OKT. Tha Ruatla Daaaaa. I'ala i.llmMag. Baak Rstfa* Fig CkaalBl. aod _ TUB ORKAT TRIAL HO*KB. ?MW#*1ts^IrNNATTON Or TUB SEASON. 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