Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1866 Page 2
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BOAR1IRSI ABB AODORR] WABTTO. A * KUANKrORT HOUSE, ONE BLCMTK K AST OR CITY il Hall, comer of Frankfort and Will>am streets, 2*0 *oot?s. ? U> W cauls per day; *ljp U> H per ?wk Tirii 'ATI* AND 80 NINTH BIB A and Sixth avaneas, elegant I fit, with first elsss BomsL At Pi fnvste tabla U daalrad. T 1* AND M NINTH BIRKKT BKTWKBK FIFTH A Pl?or? ami Ana Rooms to French and German stylaa. A poui SUIT OP ROOMS ON BROOND OR THIRD FLOOR, With Board or private labia, near Fifth avenue, No, 1 Twentieth auneet. Alao soli three parlors, adjoining A VERT UANDdOMKLY FURNISHED PARLOR, A alao large front Bedroom, together or asperate, with ?rat olaaa Bonrd Liberal terms to desirable parties without children. a* Waal Thirtj-ototA street, between Fifth .ami W? ^avenues. A GENTLEMAN, WITH WIPB AND POUR CHll,. Ji dren, deaires Rooms. with Board, In Naw York, or in IfrooWymooni anient to the Wall atraet rerrj. Prioe not to exoeed *2? per mouth. Address box 4,186 N. T. Port office. AT NO, 11 WEST RLBVBNTH STREET?A FEW A ' NyQANTLT FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS TO Ma ???ri ,*1?0 Partor, in a private family, WHfc Or swihout private labia. 78 Baat Seventeenth atraet. A {?aND80M8 PARLOR FLOOR, THREE ROOMS. iLstzfA zta?** ^ *? JJMpW LADT HAS TWO LARG8 ELEGANTLY Nruraiahed Rooma to rant to gentlemen, without board. 11* HA Baat Twelfth atraet, near Second avenue. 'UMUSHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET? baiaole gentlemen, at 22 Ea?t Thirteenth etreet, In a > family, without bonrd; references exchanged. ATI* WASHINGTON PLACE-NEAR NEW YORK *1, Hotel, Parlor* and Bedroom* to rent, for fauUllea and fugle gentlemen, with drat class Board; private table If pre. xerred. French spoken. A T 174, 17* ELEECKKK STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST A of Broadway, pieaaant Kooina. with etoelleat Board, FT to #12 per weeL Families accordingly. NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM To let to one or two single gentlemen. Term* moderate. Apply at 177 Blcerker "treat. A NIUK HOME FOR TWO YOUNG MEN? AT R7 6tt Jl eurb per week, at 7* Christopher atraet, near Fourth. One Room only left. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL ACCOMMODATE A FEW gentlemen with Room* and Board, House baa belli gar, Ac. Reference" reaulrad. Apply at 48 Last Twenty eighth etreet. corner of Fourth avenue. A rate . LADY. OR GENTLEMAN AND LADY. CAN OBTAIN 1 pleisant Rooms, with full or partial Board, bv hDDlv. ig at W Weet Twenty-seventh street. I T *7 HANK STREET, NEAR FOURTH?A LA KG K L nicely furnished Room on saooud liojr with hall ttooni hd, with Board; alao Room on third Hour; terms mode-" A RKSPEC TABI.B PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LKTA j"l neatly furnished hull Room to a geutlenian.I without Board, at u>4 Laurens street. A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING AT 227 WEST TWSN jfl. tleth si reel, have two nicely Furnished Rooms, with all the modern courenleuoea, to let, with Ur?t c.ass BoanL Ka ferunces exchanged. AT N0. 7 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, OVPO site Hoffman House.?Very desirable miIis of Rooms on lirst, second and third floors, with private Uole. to hrst Clas parties only, at reduced rates. A FRONT ROOM ON THIRD FLOOR, WITH HALL bedroom cuunected. newly and neatly fmuiahod; hot and coid water, warmed with luruace or gmm; plenty of cloeei and drawer room, to let to a gentleman and wife with good board In a first ulass house and private famliy. ta'iuiie at 281 West Forty-second street, between Seventh and F.igblh avenues. A -A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET IN A ? re" *,r',,Ue houie- no other lodgers; price *8. SI Broume Aback PARLOR, nicely furnished, to rent T', o ^0!?Z??,10r l*? al ul*o a third story room at ?? Ua.l at ?8 West 'Twentieth street. At im west thirty-pourth street. near Broadway?An elegant fiooi Room on second Moor; ample closets and bath room adjoining, with tirat ulass table terms moderate. ' A -BOARD, WITH IIANDBGMELY FURNISHED ft, Rooms, at 18J and 191 It est Fourteenth su*eot, house nr?t C'*ae, dinner at * o'clock; no objections to children. Ke fere uoes etcbunged. At 48 WEST TWELFTH 6TREET A GENTLEMAN can obtain a small furnished Room and llouid. Refer ?nee re quired. A private family, without boarders, will let a 1 irge Parlor and Bedroom adjoining, with Board, to a geni.omau and wile or two gentleman, at Jtk) West For ty seooud street. At 71 EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET ?THUSb SEEK, mg noma comforts can And an elegant Suit ot seooud Moor Rooms, and large tbird Sour Room, with Board lie.. ereucsc etohauged. ASEUOND FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, . to let. to a geuUemau and w|te; private tabic If de sired. family private. 181 West Fourteenth street. Refer ences exchanged. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD, AN A elegantly furuUbed second eto.-y tront Room to aiaeptiooabl# party only, for *40 ,?r weak, or two Ru third Story lor *80. App.y at 1*> Weal Twenty.third i Rooms ou " atraet V 8" T m THIRTIETH 8TKKKT. NEAR THIRD AVB _ one, a Beoond Floor, with Board, to a family or sumto lutlamen. upon reasoaable terms; also Room on third ?ot. Refereooearequired. , LADY. OR GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN OS le njMeely furnia >ed Rooma. with or without Board, 8* hast Twenty seveuih sheet, between Madison and A WALL FAMILY, ON WEST TWKNTT SECOND JA. atraet, aearButh avenue, have a tront Room, third ?nor, 10 lajL with Board, to. a. geuUemau and wile or two gentlemen; term* $90 and $2& per weak, .vddroas 1. M? etai sill. * LADY, OR GENTLEMAN AND Li , alcaly f tt a hast Twos ourtk avenues. A private FAMILY WILL LET. WITH BOARD. A A PLEASANT FROST ROOM, ALSO A HALL Lou? to let, wltu Boerd, for geutlemen, at 17 East rhirtj-hisi street A private PAMILT WILL RENT A HANDSOMELY .^psBrtat XbTUssar vv eat oixtoeath ef?* A PINS SUIT or ELgOAKTLT PL'RBTSUED PAK J\. lora on Drat flour, baring private bath) alao itnglr Kuoata to tot, wlte flrat oiaaa Hoard. Inquire at 1X1 Madi ?on ?ran uaa, acoed hov*e (ro_. fhlrty-Arat alfoak. ?MB lib Hoard; I or ma very low to werrriauent partial; h unt tirat elan Mil Wait Porty-eeeond Ureal, ouo block. ' Broadway. Reference#. ^ -TWO LAltOK, KLIUJAN^LY fb'BWIBUED ROOM* ??a tu ?f A? r HituT* family will urr a VkU for utaitad large bedroom. without board, lu uee 01 two an.lie lawtlauii o. Kafarenrea roqutrad. 1111 Kaat fblrtv 11 in a ?in?t. Ah PIUFATE FRENCH PAWti.Y, hOUT!. BROOKLYN, naar ic, nea, would iltapoae of a Hitting *od bedroom, li-aed, |ur a a otlaraao ami wifa. rer paruculara ad dre?a t A&4 1'uM uuioa. A^m l-ItOUTB FAMILY OFF BR SUPERIOR ACCOM H moflatlnria. with lull h?ai I. lor 'aiuliiea or alngle gen Ho urn lid .Math tuaai. reel os Bioadaay. Ueiereuue A^m PRIVATE FAMILY W ICI. I.F.T. WITH HDAKI*. A dull Of Room* >.u aecoixl Ip-or, to aeieet p.,.tie* of ibreo i" fair Call at U> Wait Twemy-aifchlh it met. -FHWttEfl IS WART OF F 'V , WITH *Ht? ? ? wltbudt board, aan find drmlplh. Uitr, wl'tt i rm ?. at uar uflR BRYAN A CO., o~ l.ibeity nreat. ' Kojiii jJ, aooond nory. A^mT lia mac op I'M a i, rtkkj . r -ki.kha sriY Ft k ? niiMBRoonu. *.t Htj nedMary for hmnokfpTii. In ordar ibat a fatoily atay ha.a a outuplsta luimi A I 1MB, HANOB'iMIM.T FIKNIHHPII FfcCOND t\ alury Room to let, wlta HuantPb. edulta only, lu a p-l ??.? family. If Waal fourteenth uioet haat of given and required. 4 ilKSTLEMAM AND LADY. OR TWO HINOLC OFN A ilrnaaa can bara ouaortwo Kooraa, ruuuihed or mi funMved, with Hoard, In a private faaily, Wbrra they can have the oomforla of a home; iiuuae baa all modain lui Crrmnote; terma mudeiate. Call at Ml Feat Twoniy-aigbih |ud naar boilngton araiiua Ah ohntlkmah of quirt habit* cam obtain, ? la a atrlctiy private family, a large, wall furnLhad Front Rooui, having hot and eoM water, lira and gaa, no tha aunny .Ida or tba atraat, balow Thirtieth; Hreaki aal if da aired. IT loo $14 par waab. Addreaa N.I ?>>. P.,at ml..* A N t MBKR OF MI.POANTI.T FURBISHED B0ORB A ho aulte and ilngiy, can be had at the K?unton Haiti, en Pony aeooad atraat. oalwoan Medium aad Leitngtoa are nnea. for laralUea or atnglo gautlaman, terma Moderate; i.uia ata hur .paan ________ A^m strictly i'hiyatb family would be will lag to tat oaa or two Honon in aenUewien, without Inert ut with Braaafait nniy, Foi fui tear partknilera ad d 'aaa H R, r., Italian O. A NIORLY FURNISHED FBONT ROOM, FOR OMR A ?r two gentleman. wtlbaiit board, In the Aral oUaa buuaa. Hern twenty.fifth auaai, near Badlauu park A Bt"L_or *oomb to lkt, with roabo. to A , J*tba* or aaparataly; alao atagla Kooaia for gaoliaMaa. Apply at Bl^Wtd Fourteanib atraat. r^l??arA*'n Y W'L'- RRfT A LAROR PLBA aaal fraai Ruom. with board, to two antgla ganllaraaa, if fTrua."1. <? raaaouabla terma Apply at it " '?? TPIITJ aril itreit A "BSSP with roarj), to urr, to w,u w ,o iwn * AT .3 ?*RR?r-BACK FARLOB TAaHWKS ?5"" a PABTMBMTB BLBOaFTLY Ft*BMIRHKr> ALBO J\ a ofl# R?awa, for gvntlku'a; |.?at loeaitar,. at a, a lo " ?HI a. ttrq. BUAH.DK HI Mp'WO. A HANDSOME SECOND FLOOR, . JpJ; A NISUKB, TO LET WITH W^UiAHJiBS1 eoum. afpli ax (la ww?r twenty SKCOKU HTMKHf A FtF.A8A.irr PROMT PARLOR J " ' ^7'a? A everv innventeooe, to a gentloruaa, without hoar J. AM MAMA mm. A PEW NICKLY POBNMHP BOOM* TO LK*?TO oeruleminwith Hoard: hot ao.l colli orator, (as and hath.gAu^t'No lW ?Sil Thirty third street, between Third md Lexiagton anuauoo. . SUIT OP PARLORS ON FIRST FLOOR; A aUo one lino dull of kooau on second fioor, tolol, with Aral o?m Board. Prlvnlo table, II Apply at U Fourteenth ?tract between Broadway and Fifth avenue. A ?EI.EOANT BOOMS EN HUITH OE HIMOLK, WITH A Board in the first ol??s houao Ho. 2 Went Twenty friurih street. oppoatto Filth Avenue Hotel. FRENCH FAMILY HAfl A HANDSOMELY FUR nlahad Sitting Room on third Boor, with on* or two bodro .an nUaoholio int. tpnther or separate. with Boart if dsaired. to gentleman. Kefarenooa wctaiipd. Call at II Wast Fourteenth street. B~" OARD -A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SRCOND Floor, with Board at 'tf West Fourth alroot. An ad dltiooal Room on next floor tf required. Houaa first otasx. Dinner nt It Beferenoe girou and required. Board-im a private family, for two gen lleuien; a pleasant front Room, In (enleel and plaaaant neighborhood, uear cars; wans and cold bath, immediately 68 King street. Board at a east fourteenth street, west of Broadway; an entire Parlor Floor, with or without private table .may be obtained. "DOARD and rooms.?all wantino first CLASS X> Board aiid Boo ma at reasonable prloea can find what they want by applying at tbe Board Diioctory, under the I Second National, corner ot Twenty-third etreet end Fifth avenue Hotel, free. h 6 dated. OARD FOR THREE RESPECTABLE YOUNG MEN.? ?Me and double Roome; terms fiti a week. Apply at ^^?art attest. A few day boarders can be aocommo > Single i. T Httbm "DOARDERS1 AGENCY. 240 BROADWAY. BOOM MO. -LA fl?'Where persons wishing genteel boarding places with private famines and others, eaa obtain full particulars, terms, Ac. ,]without charge. T>O A HOURS WANTED.? DA NDSOMELT FURNISHED XI Rooms, en suit" and singly, can be obtained in a strictly first lists house, by a i) it re suing H. 11 , box 2.843 Post ollioe. lJOABDING?FIRST CLASS, FOB GENTLEMEN AND IJ wives or single gentlemen; north side of Washington square, 101 Waverley place. YXOARDINO.-A PLEA8ANT FRONT ROOM. WITH X> firs, gas nnd Board, for two .gentlemen, for gfiu a week, on the fourth floor of the first class house, MM Bast I'lilr ireuth street, two door* below Seoond avenue, and one for BOARiblNO.?FOUR OBMTLEMBN CAN BR ACOOM modatad with Hoard at 84 West Seventeenth struct. Brooklyn, nkab wall street fekry.-to let, with Hoard, one large and one liall Kooui, with lire, gut, Ac. Apply at 34 .1 oralcuiou street, leiuis moder ate. Brooklyn board -laugh furnished rooms, containing closets, gas and water, with first class Beard. m.i>- be obtained at 2iV Washington street, ten minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Board on Brooklyn heights.-two pleafaet Koorus lo lei, with Hoard, toehigla ginleinen or gentle man anil wife, at No. 6 Willow street; the house uae all modern Improvements anil terms Moderate. K3IRABLK BOOM TO LBT-WITfl FULL BOARD, in n private family, nt 82 West Inrty-thbd street, N Y, I7A8T THIRTEENTH STREET, 24C -A GENTLEMAN 'J and wife or two single gi-nllemeu may be accommo dated with Board and large Room nu third Boor, southern exposure, ample closets, with ttedroom attscned if desired. D ELBOANX FURNISHED ROOMS-EN SUITE OR 84N ?lv, with 'or without Rosril. at ho West Eighteenth street, to strictly find class parties. 13LEOANTLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS, WITII Li Board, for families; whole Boors. Cuisine PranoaUr. Fins lo. Dtiou on 1'nlou Park. Best references required. Sfii Eroadwny. TjALBOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-WITI1 Hi Hoard, to first ctaa* parties. Apply st Mi Fifth avenue, opposltu Sladispn square. ? Etl.EOfiNT SUITS OF ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR.?ROOMS I for families or parties <il gentlemen rooming. Frnate tables If desired. No. S Un vur. uy place. |J?INK ROOMS T(? LP.T?WITH BO ARD SINGLE OK U in suits, at No. 1 De(iau row, Blreckor street. First class board fop. %h. near fifth ave nue.? A young mau wants a room-mate uf refinement. Addreaa George Bex, Herald office. Furnished booms to rent-at no. m ninth street. An elegant anil of Parlors wtll be rented with board tf dvaired. FWIt^HHED R(H?MS TO RENT?TO GENTLKMF.N. without board, at I; Itrc.-oort place, 'feolu street, near Broadway. Ereakfs't It desired. PURNlbHFD FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM?TO one or two gentlemen, wtlb or without Hoard, In a entail iifivam French txmlly. Apply at l&t Washington street, Hobokeu. ClURNtSUEIi SECOND FLOOR TO LET?WITH r Board, house first c.aes; oonvstili'iit torus. Al No. .3 Second gvefiue. Furnished rooms to t.Et.-a private family will let to aeatleuen some nlc?lv forpiehed ltoom?; gas. bath, fie., without board. Apply to411 West Wxsluagtuu plane. lturmishkd rooms-connecting, on second X1 finer, wub all modnrn Improvements, in a private fam ily, opposite the Wet until I Her Hotel, with or without Board. Inquire el 41 living place. YDUKNTSHKD ROOMS?WITH I'll'.ST CLASH BOARD, JjMolai.^ Apply toCilAS. K. MILLS, Mo. 42 West This IDULL BOAUD.?ROOMS, WITH BREAK FAST, OR J? Parlor on first loot sod two Rooms on fourth Boor, with out bdefd. KM Clinton place, nsar Hrevoort Hons#. Refer ences exchanged. TJANfcBOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-WITH XX. Hfisrd, for gentleman and wife or slugln gentlemen; nnatctmlonat-le table. Apply at 13 Llriugston place. 1 BMStY CITY.?TWO OR THRLK GENTLEMEN CAN tl be aomnmoilaiod with good Board in a private family; bonae near the (erry, at 13 Morris street. J BESSY CITY.-LiEGK, COMFORTABLE ROOMS ON Mqsod floor for gentlemen and wires; alio a Room on par)er floor, with Board, at itt Sussex etreet, Jnrsay cuy. N O. ? FIFTH AVKNt'E?SI'lTS OF BOOMS TO LET, With Board- fnrtto table If daslred. VTtOBI.Y FURNISHED BOOMS. WITH HOT AMD IT cold watst and bath for gentlemen with or wtlhnui Board. U Leilngtoa acedia, uorner of Twenty-tfth street. PLFASANT KBOMT ROOMS-TO MIT WITH BOARD at No, 17 Beet Tw#nty?l?lh street. PLEASANT ROOM AND BOARIt MAY BP. OB tallied for two (inOatsm or n renilemen and wife, by applying at M rilntuit street, Brooklyn. T>R1 FATE HOARDTNO.-ANY LAD* OA* FIND X a eomlortebl'. 'lU.n jwmv with erery reuu.sile drrlug siekneio. at MAIM MR LOIllnR'fl, wit Iwlf.-, 67 tt ?s| F.fty. third street, netware ! ;*tb ,.ud IWflUliareaaea. SIMOtB OPN TLEMi'M, OR GK?TI,FMEM Ah?> THEIR Wire*, een obtain ii'.illy Fnrtilahod Rnotns, wtlh tiret claaa Hotrd, with Oath and tall modern tmpmrrmi-tit*; term* modest* .at 1W Vt'arerloy pU<* near Htxih Bvenna. rpWO NICP'.V ftfBWtMIED ROOMS IN A BRIT ATT I fenus.- In 'reond avontie fof una gentleman uolf. App'y to J. IlKM.t.. At Maldr.n lone. rpWo OE?T| KMRN OA* OBTAIN A M.KAxANT 1 tio< m, w th, for tit per siMt; also aor. immune tlou rot una ntleutau Apply at If J t\ eat *1 wetily-foarth it no" rpu LF. t -HANTtm 'MFI.V FCIINIHRBD PKONTItOOM. J ?r. .tid lour, with or withui l Hoard, in a prirate tisnn .i lamll. Hater* .n-aa required Apply at 174 tveei Twenty third "street. TJ LHT?RY A TOtJRO WIDOW, A NICKLY rCR tiiabetl l'arior. no ell rr boarders In tea house. No 8* Ktg til It si re?f, n*,r Ft' -1 a fertile EI.FT-TWO I AIM* FUF-MSHKU ROOMS, KMC* iii.d tioar. ba-1 add Croat, with bulk room batwoen, with rd, teamn R16 par weak, front room toi two. h. -t rent ?14; hot and ?4d Water. *ud ? loot, lo? .nor. g?oI ne..r t'eetrrl Patk; . smily pr'.rtUs. Gelt at '.4W Kast i-erenly eighth a treat MO 1,1 T?Rf.EGANTl.Y HUM HIIRO ROOMS. TO ORB tinmen only, in a prlra n house JtefeiYut-es .o jutted. Amity street. TO LKT-A* AFARIWBHT. FrnMf!?llia>. K1TTAIU.K for two t'?i ru.abte Juufca nteii. with prinlryr of the parlor, without le'shl, pit*. R- 416 VYrsl Slater uth a reft. rro urr-wrrq board, two handsomk front l Puonis. ?? third lloir. Iupe r'nar1* nnit Iwth. lorsiion lltlrt) fourth at.i.ft, few door* i root fifth avauue; terms mo ?n, u 1-F.T-TWO OR TI1RKK FtiRMHUPD BOOMS, each suitable fur two gentlemen, at 167 old No. It) Kafet Irleanih una, bolweeu Third *u4 Fourth avenues. rpo LET?A rCRMtKHM) ROOM AND RBDROOM. TO J. two ilnile naUmaeu or eon-man aui wife, hutoie bee all Inpfoeno-ata Apply for'tree ibtraet OB Best Fn'ty. versalh street, rutlege house fno LRT-W1TH BOARD, TWO I.AROK ROOMS ON 1 second floor; Would teaks a pleasant partaw and feed Apply at 346 Ueooed ma n i?i?r Twentieth .treat. IJO LKT-rrBNlHHR? R'HiMS. FOR UKNI LEMbN i al 166 Kaat Thirty utnih street. rMfT-TWO m.EOAMTLT rrSIUSHKri ?0(>MB ?nllabto for twowaUMMn. Ib a pn??t? (anil? wnaom *??] th?rfiT7Ls^ft|?<,,J rt* ***" " n UMI6N SQUA^y."!4 MART 8RTSNTRRNTH STREET handMbttlt niraifbeS Rioma, In ? prlvato f?iarli, i? rtfto y ?'nr>r, for ytwniwi- Hr?ntf??< if Wigrrttv-ST as AjfkiiOAS i.aoY. a child to TT fcard. lnqufc* at ?jlg??a4 mn? top Scot. Iwi fatolorifsto. 'Sutm* wt&al 'biard. $Sp? ?U i'or a nr*ti r rrnsnHrn Ron* witm *o full R- ird in a ?anttomaa. hnua* #ra''laaa. balk ??? ?'I '?># m rtao* * ran tARMMUMt N *?*??' ??*- ~amju s.x t 'AiB \'rm? ' bqawwh mm umam wahtw, Id. If87 TWKNTYKIUHTU STREET, BRTWMRJf I t rim and Madiaou ?i?uhh.-A aioaly furnished with Board, *iiit*hia fur a gauilaoua and wUa gsallfia. Dtnuar at all. BaTaraaoaa ai Room to tot. Mil ?5?"I ft J*?R WBKK FOR TWO LA ROB ROOMS, tflCBLT ?*>!?> Iuriiinhad, with private table, beater, gaa, bath, he., to four gentleman. House four story b urn stone, on Waal Tw.mtyAhird street. Family privatqaad Scat elans. Addrma boa 6,546 N. Y. Past Ottca. Q1Q ?TO LKT, TO TWO PKEtSONB, WITH BOARD qPlO. fire and (u, a piesMUt Room on the aeooud floor or bouae 141 Knot Forty-flnb meet. Mbdant Iraprovoaoota. 1 Q UNION HQ I'ARK, WBHT S1DK.-U ANDSOMELY LO furnished Rooms, eu aulte, with or without Board; prim!* table If desired. Flrat class refarsuco* requited. ?A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOJf, I "P-"? Beard, Ure ami gat, lor two gootb-men; alan Rooms, with aad without Board and for ho-tsckeopinf at all prices; good location* tor iamlli**. Full information free. MANCHESTER 4 CONKLIN, 3!) Naaaau atraat. 91 Bast fourth street. near broadwat, ail Board far families or parti- : of single gentlemen, la the uew and flrat oUas Uouac, rvi -tieuoaa exchanged. Din neratdP. U. 90D BTRKET ?f BAST, NEAR If ADtAON SQUARE.? An elegant Suit of Hu mi* to let, furnished. being tbe tiret floor of an English baaeiaent bourn References ex changed. Board II required. 9Q ST- MARK'S PLACE.?NICK LaROR FURN1RHKU tuO Rooma, with gas and water, to let, with or without Board. Term* moderate. on WATER LET PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY?PLEA. t)U aaot Rooma with Orat olas? Board. Refereuoe re quired. A A PNION SQUARE.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED T X flrat and veooud Floor*. to lei, with private table*, to tret el**? famUlee. Refereuoe* required. r?7 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?VERY DE I T I sir-able furnished Rooms to let, with Board, In eulta aad alngla, to families aud atugle gentlameu, at moderate SO WEST ELEVENTH RTUKKT, BUT WREN FIFTH Alt* avenue and Uulveralty place, front Rooms 00 the I eeroart floor; terms moderate; reference* required. Call be CQ WEST THIRTY-THIRD BTRKET. ? SELECT Ut7 family Boarding Ilouae, reoeutly fitted up; entirely newly furnished Knouts, with or wlthuui Board, at moderate prices, front $7 to $30. 17 f? FIFTH AVENUE, NEAR DRLMONIOO'S.?LARGE I U Rooma, uowly furnished, to let en aulte or single; a 101 Parlor Fluor to let; meals If desired. Refereuoe* ex changed. Oftft WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN a'UU Seventh and Eighth avenues. Kootna 10 let. with Board. Suitablo for fami.tea or single gentlemen. QfYfi EAST THIRTEENTH STREET.?FURNISHED OUU Room-ib) lot. with board, house tiist class, one door from Second avenue, euaf. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED. A YOUNG OENTLEMaN WISHES TO SKCt RE A Room. Bedroom eud Board shout December IS lor him self and wii'e; a private familv, with lew or 110 botirdern. preferred. Address, with location and price. Binlth, Herald ofDce J^ YOUNO GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE A -??. good sized Room, or Bitting aud Bedroom, with Are, In aonto respectable, with lull Board; looatIon oentrul; tortus roust he urodciste. Address, staling terms, J. M. llowe, Herald olDce A OENTLEMAN. JUST MARRIED. WISHES TO 8E eum two Rooms end Ronrd tor himself and wife, I11 a private f.tmlly where there are no other boarders. Address, vriili location aud terms. < 'levcluiid, box 5,126 Poet offlee. AYOUNO LADY ATTENDING MUSIC LESSONS IN the city, desires Board, somewhere between Fourteenth and Fortieth street* and Third and Seventh avenue*, where sbe-can have the use of a piano, or keep one of her own; ' good reference*given aud required. Address, with fiillpur ticuU-i of room aud price, M. L., box 229 tlorald oitice. A ?WANTED, ROOMS, EN KU11K AND SINGLY, FUR j\ . nished end unf urulahed, with aud without Board. Call and u.v-- full dMeripttfln. Parties waiting. bit VAN A CO., 58 Liberty street room ?2, aeoond story. Board and a good sized room wanted?by a siugla gentleman, inn private piafrrred. Ad drer.s, stating term-i, including Qi e and gas, A. O., box 2,741 Poal o'lice. Board, room.; and houses wanted?city ok country: also all wishing introduction* to desirable lo calities suited Without chaig.i at the Moa.d F.Xidiange. Bil2 Broadway. KICK A ANDREWS. Board wanted - by a gentleman with highest refeveuce.-in a nrlrale family; terms $U( prr week; large rooui rt-iuit'iid; wu-ild lie pcnuAiiem. Aildrcas Snjiiuxdy, Herald oiik-e. Board wanted-kor okntlkman and wifk, in a private tamilv; local on about Fourteenth street and Sixlh ovi-uue. Address. sliding lorms. Thomas Farley, 88 Mablen lone. SI K ADULTH CLAIRE FURNISHED APA VlTMKN T8. with Hoard. In a private family, for the winter. First eU"s refereuoe* given ami required. Addr-uts foe one week, atulgg terms and .?irenroraod xlon*, R. Y. 1Y Lee, station 1>. rilVYO GF.VT1.FMEN nrsrFU A SOITF. OF NICELY 1. furnished Kootns, will bath, ga?. A" . iietween Fourth and Fourteenth slrceis. w> *' 01 UriMiiWay. Address J. L. L., No. 761 Dro-i-lWay. UUV1THY HOARD. ALtDY AND III-It DAUGHTER. LIVING ATA FARM house ?u Sialen Island will taAe * limbed mimlwr of children t ? hoard, a 1 omfortoble home nmi suhaubi nisirue II in; fern,* iiiode-'-ite. Api ly to T. Manoilng. 1$ Liberty slr-el, up stairs. IIOTK(.?. CVKSTRK OK THh UlTir, 8TAIK8 UNION IIOTKL. t fORatidOB Mart*'. atreai rMiiMi'Ui. Hoard ll'-'t prr dif. lilm bedi ?wl ttrnt ?!?*? hiMt. CVUBAPEHr and BEST.?BUKOPKAN IIOTKL, cor J liar or HudJum aod Latght eiraol*. having r Imaged hindi, li aon raturntahod and open >0 the public, lluuma, ?Ingle and in auite. fur ramlliea, parmaonut or (raiment. It ik Uie mom conveoleut hotel In the illy in the Earopaaa and OkUlornia aiaamera. Tba proprietor'* chief mud) will be lUa comfort of blegneat*. RhKT.JV LEONARD. Piaprtetof. DEVOR nOCHK. 10S BI.KECKBR STREET, NEAR Broadway, betwi-en (Irecne aoil Wooater at reel*, on the ruropaaii .plan: furnUhed l.unmr, a ingle and auli.-, fur famltle* and gentlemen. Ir.melent and parotnneaii. IIBKRTT 1IOLSE. 10 WEST HOl/STON STREET-OX J too European plan Uandeomely i iimletied Room*, lo gentlemen only JAMES KELLY, Proprietor REUNION UOTKl., FOBTT-SECOSn .STREET, BE twaen Lexington and Madiecn nt.-uuee, baa bean en larged, richly and olnfiiBtlr f urntahed. A few flrxt claim famUli a or atngle gentlemen ran And pleaaant R(?ma. an auila or alngly. Term* moderate Table a la Riiropean. TONTINE HOTEL, ON THE EUROPEAN PEAK. *27 J and CB Broadway.-Elegant liiriilahad Room a, wlili Ladles' Revtanrrnt ellanhed Branch of tbaTontina Hotel. on Iba European plan, comer Of CorlKudl and Wan afreets, opposite Jersey City ferry. Splendid Rooma, from 20 cent* In $.1 pei day. Ladle.*' Restaurant attached. WALL HOVftR, WlLUAMSBIIItO-OKTKRR 8CPK nor nrcunmndallun* to I ?u.llle* fur lha wintar, at eery modai at* rare*. < rri met), krtayk in?h mai*k. AT m KlHIP.TH tVhNi I . ?V STANLEY OAT, tint liKM KIR MAI.It. wli mined taw pnama .lno, Between t Iflli in.i s.'t:b avenues Between Stath and aeenuea, Reiweetn Stub ;md Sevtmb uvenion, lie vvi en hcventb a id 1 tshtii avai'una, Between Liplitli and Ninth aveouea, Hc.aean Mnlh and faiith ervnuee. Between Taui't and IQevtintd avar.una, Bel warn '? levenlh and 1 wclfui avrunee, Between l.aratelte pi ice a- rt lton ?ry. Between arcnuee A an.l It, Hrlweeu avenue* C and I?. Bt i ween avuiiaa D and 1 aala alreot. Bet wan Flr?t avenue And avenue A. Between KIr.t and Second avenues. Between He**ntd end Tin-d avKmi.-a, Between Third end Kourlbatraouea." Irving piece and I bird irunae, Between Irv.nJ place end Knurth * venue, Between 1 lift dend lei liuitnn arei.nea. Between I e? ncum and fourth *>?nu< ?. Iieiivecn knurt'l ?nd RaUIsimi av.-nwea, Be w en Madlaou and Klfth araunea, j> pi.Aim, IX nlltltt.T.n ON A I.I. TUB AVKf t Kd ALA* i i f)T I Alls KOR nA.'.T K?i t'i 1 devcrtpwen "all or vend Inr on'. IwMTaTR i.lW.r'UA ahl'h I correct, | ubltah weekly and mall tree VBAMIAIN...WK HAVE KOR HVLlt TWO I.AROH lOiiole liietnam tenement H.uieee in Itaat KomkocBth a'.reai. |w Jl"? neatly Bl per e-nl on the prion atkad They inuai Ot >oid. i BUT A CuPI.aNH, ?ln I ..artli aten te rear II. u e ami ted. tfill*l la -ulllvan itraeL ? l*tb? $11,!iUi Renl ?i.till kddiaaa Johu Wlnk AIlfMiD INTltirMRtT.?FOR nat.K, ERONT AN1) 1 ima ** - - ?-g| -*? IMA ??????? lar, lludmia t.llr, S ,1. A COOfTK PIHIT OF LOT* VERT (HEAP PINE I ana an Kifn ?nenih jaireal (lHJfaai atreet, Baigiau iwvamau' I, AMul fad Price 0?|, |v,W*l ?*. h KHMnEH AIT'Ll.BT, IB Plaa atrnot^ VKRT K'.NF STORE PROPBRtT ON MAIDEN 1 ? ' * hAjTlti . ^ ndih and _ . Tectna h>i Nartglixa f par naal. Alan mora Propa-lyuti 1' I'aart a?d Front atracta A .. lana. rear Oold a'teei ?aiae four ttory. hrl.._ ? 1*1, runnlr* flirnnch to <>4ar e real, aadpa width and 0alalia Pnca pit) AM Terma *t*j Mortakaa 11* AI en Blora Pfopa-iy on I'aart apd rront i Kor palucuiart applt to RKXKKN APPl.EBT, 10 I'lna at A rQVH HTOHT II1UM HASKMKST BROWR STORE j[%. If'tnM, nc?r I'trl armor, bnill .Ut?' Work u?<W egafUgi ?iip*rntloa ?f .mn?r, \ yiartiual iMekMrtr: n?Uh?r tutor wrriiunN ?p?rrd tn vwtir? h.?t m*?*rtkl nod wnrt ra*nM?i>. rtoer MlgiirwtM. mlani 1?*?, A*, rouwm. riwM a rlivrh.? Pi? mmii. i* *^KOAN|- JUIUCK -(TORT JWJof browr 4 rip* three jtort wtoS~itoop iHfd u\ pxxt AutoaUu, iUI Jiiimwiin, MWIIWI ordvr 4 HUiAt.^0 8TOKT An inoH BARKKKirr man is-Sfeg J^agWBW^ STEKaP -tRRRR POLL LOT* ON IIUnH A TNI* UN, i?rcr ? lh rtTMMt NO APPLiy . M T?RA Central pare, bopi-rvard rtrrH aterur ?n<t MMr atoau* UU, b?mi m4 *UWl L?ia AAJolm lag. Oboica mWHom for up. W. P. ART MO PR ITtRrWwmf Jjlt.ilirR A\ AN UK WORE PROPERTY ?WRIT RtPtf 'j *?(???'? l?r> |.ro?? ?!??? MgtiMA M'lt m ?>? m+4 ??iA?ihhaI w?AVf, nwai* "I*. AprW H r.uL . O.UIOA . - - A ELEGANTLY rtTBtfMBBD HOORB-THIKTT nvm street inuMmU Uikirwt at beet price. three alor brown atene, lAdaHaUO. Alee tArae eapeMar 4ou.ea, West Forty-aereoth street, be real aa. . vr ~mvuovn. in Bemd?ay FOB 8ALK?TflB FREEHOLD FROI^KRTT, NOH. M$ l?>i. U?. If aad 1M Urektrt MrMt, botWeea Htanlon and Houston Htroeu. having 100 feet frontage en Orchard street, together with the Uoosm thereon. aa before euiune

rated. Apply to JG8BFH A. JAOKsMT EeMltor, m Grand street. uaar Bread way. rB 8ALK?TWO HOC8EH OH FHB MXTH AVENUB, cheap; alto brown atone Hnuae oa Forty-aenoed street, tiaOoO. PVR AOL'KTltirl. 6U8 Sixth acaaue. FOR BALE-TUB FOLLOWING M0U8E8. BY BKAVKR A SON. IM Math amine:?one oa Wen Twentieth al., KtoeplfiSUi; one ou Ninth at-enun, SIS.OiAi, two oa Went irly-lhnd attest, eaeh tA/KM and 17,hud. una on West Thirty-second air net. gt,2W; one on neat 'Yweuty-aeveiKh at rent, %7JM Alao other-, for aalu cheap. IiHJK BALK?TWO KBOWN 8TONK HOUSES, ADJOIN "i street: alao two in Fifty-third ' 1 Naaaati street. IiHJK BALK-TWO KBOWN 8TONK HOI 1 Ing, In East Port) -eighth street: alao t at:net. Apply to JOdBPU Haul!IKK. lis ! LAOS KAIJC-A SUI'KKIOtt FULL SPIED UMH STOOP r bcowtt atom p-tasrssion. Aji] brown atone Mouse. In Thtrtylou.-th a'reei, immediate .(?ply 10 UOMBB MOltii AN, .No. - Pine at rani tHJR BALE?LOTH ON KTXTH AfKNDE, BOULEVARD and other street*. Improved property in Niath and Fifteenth wards would be taken in ec,.hangs- Prlnat(tala Only Address R. A. Ward, boa 4,611 Poai olih-n. fjtOK SALE?A THKKK STORY JliiiU STOOP BKIOS J? House. In Tenth street, near Filth avenue Posaesaiou. Apply to DRY A l-'LRTDtS. 608 Math aveuue TjiOB SAL8-BY A. HAUN. 194SOUTH HTlKitt: - JD Doe coruer In Ada street for tbO.Uki One corner iu Hold street for $17. (AO. Corner Houston and Laitneut stioet lor $17,'MS. tine eorner lu Frankfort street for $17,(AM Corner 1st nr. and KKb at. ilea an hold t for $d,;?i. No. 11k Oliver atreei fur fU.UUO. Me. IfiDi vision straot,leasenobl) for $d,9.l0. No. IBSJi Ulrialou street (leiaohold) fur g-4 ;**. No. iil New Bowery lor 390|W. 10Shares Capital Stock of rie Artie fin loanrinoe Com pany, m order to rloae an estate. Fob hale?a new two btokv fbamk hochk. brink tm irmunu Possraaion Terms easy. Inquire ou the premises l(Hth atreei, uear Fourth aveutt >. IilOB SAI.K?ON TUB FIFTH AVENl18, nBOVE KVR 1 ray Hill, a moat beauUlul and hiithly Uuished Ho. >e. not yet fully roreuieled; one of tb? beat luoalioue and moat desirable houses In the city. Apply to H. II. l.I'DLO i? A <iu., No. 3 Fine street. LVIR BALE ?FIFTY SECOND STREET, NEAR FIFTH P jvenno, a four .lory high etoop brown atone House, hatid-onielj Unshed, prop, rly rent.rioted; voir desfiab.e. l'ovsi khioii. OHAd. VAN 'TINE, P Fine lU^Ct, bn?R BALE-FUKNiStHKD, NBaE TWEX TV-THIRD Mi eel. a veiy (me l our aiory hl^li stoop 11 uuae In perfeot order >1 ml beautifully funnelled throughout. J) loet ?w. WJ leet deep! most exoeUontly planned; possession lu May nun: urlee arU.iAW, or wilbout furniture $20,odd. Jas. It. LDWAKON, yTTWeetTwentydnird ?tref?._ LUlli SALF-ON WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET A I? lour ?tory English buneiuont House. In Une order, Ires toed, do.; prior fls.iJUU; possession at onon if wanted. 3 as. i.. KOtVAiiiM, ?11 West iaeiny-lhird street. CM7k SAI.L--HY J. 4 J. EETTRKT0H, 41? THIRD AVE J/ tiue, u number of Teuemeui Uoueee, Unit will pay Id to Kporaeni: also Rood Property on TliiiJ "u ? *f** ,-Uo, ?uli poeeeMloo, fit?m $li,0* to $3#.0OO, and a aomudid corner House and Lot on sixtieth street and Lex lugton avouiie, that wtU be aold atagroat baryn. 1/tOU SALE?FUKNISllBl) OR UNFURNISHED, WITH P Immediate possession, at au unuaually low prm and on reasonable term*. an elegani tbreo story bl*U stoop and bsaetuooi brick House. located In a good ^ iie.cbtofhojMk'* Wext Twenty-seventh atrooi. If not sold by alx o , look Ibis eretung, wilt be routed. furnishedor uofaintabed. tt h*? beau newly and luomushiy pslntedrtnsida and outside. The Whole House .a In perlect order: hot and sold water on each Hour; ir*s in evorv room: apeaklug tubej through itu> whole houae. Apjny to * M. VAN WAdTlINKM, ?/? Hixth arenue. TjToR * SALE UT BOWKRY-THRKK VALUABLE J? Uouaee and Lota, betwaeu bpruig and Ermoe. Broome and Urnid atreeti; also in Oroh'ird atre?t. Appl) to BLKiiCK.BR A DENIHON. No. Hi ?ut atrect. TAOR hale: 0HKAP-A FULL SIZED LOT ON TENTH r avenue, near Hlxli -lourth street, alao three on llbtu street, ooiween Third and Fourth aronuea; only ?t,?W cash required. Applr logOdEFli litoOUIKB. lit Nassau ilraal. IrtOR SALE EASY TERMS. IMMEDIATE P IHiuutkilon. beuunlul Urat olasa three story high sloop brown atone House, 17*18. all improvi inenta, entire nelgh Iwi'IiikmI unsurpassed; bdf olock. irom nroadway cars. Ap ply at U7 vVdsi aony-foiirth .urea , uetwena siiUi and sev enth ai euuat, bci ore 11 or after lb TP OR SALE OR LEASE?THE TWO MUST 1>K 1' slrabie iMi-nera on Broadway, above Uraoil street. Ap ply lo It. N. VIA" DWllBTH. I? Naaaeu .4:an, oa-nuicnt. IK NASSAU STREET. Of el fore far rale tbe foltowlng tKsirably bioated Lelai? itCmi^iOii mvcuiUI. uoruiVY i-.??t oo^wf *>i r sfty-*?veuta Afouus, fioituwe-t control *iXjiorili Side BUtyaeeood. near Fifth areuua. muulng Hi rough lo Sixty-lUinl ?ueu,. ail. Norn, aide Sixir-fouiui airoat. near t .rili arauua. au. B'rtuli slue Kly.liUeili ato-el near I ifUi avenue un?. Noiill aido E'ii ly-aevanlh atcoet, uoar ightu areuue. toroe. North alae Mnellalh sireet, n-ar Kiynto ai-nnoe. two. Nortliaaat cmm r Sisty-aeoond atreic ana fauih nvau'ie, oppoailu Dujioiie tiarleo of Art, aeven. .southeast corner I bu d avenue and Sevealy-nlnth aireal, ' 'southeaat oorner Elchih evenua ami Ulllh street, dee. Iiifitud avenur, nfftr Kifl/*Uitrd tni*6C. "eoni'd avenue. ..u.thciisi eurnar Fllly stath alraat, aoeen. jfUiutheavl oorner ai niuo Baud Eighty-fourth street, three, and about fciluOotliera MAD1HON avenue.-OWH of the moht DKSIR. able and besutiful llouana on Madison aeoaue for Sals, oy E. 11. Ll DI.uW B pp.. No.? Pl*a atiaat. ON FIFTH AVENUE. WLKT HIDE. ABOVE THIBTY e'utilh all eel. -For a?>. a drstclaas four atorybrow a anoia (louse CJsdt, in perleet order, whh or wtthont the Kuniitun). 1'riooipAlt only ?nu xiAr? Hertld office. IhAR'I'lEE tVIHUINH TO BELL OR BUT OUT 8TURLS 1 will please rail at rooin XI, 78 and Tf Nassau a'reel. It ,E KKAL KBTaTEHROERR AND AUCTION K ER. OFFICE III l'INR HTBfcLT (tuotlno sales of nit Uadv p omplly attand.-d to). Odara foraala tlie roUowtug pvopeity. on faeoraule terras.? tb. t nrown alone Houses, Mlh St., near *1 ev.. Ill 46x100, each s'So 811 Wen, ythh at., Jixino, Jaiory brto*. J*d i 2.VVv?rtu. ?i?;V;rybrtrx'.'.v..::::: ?I7 id -v.. ?s?l?N), f! Story brk-Y..... ...... ^ ?M'? Lar.ngiou av.-nue. vor Seih si. 'fUiO'shert., uienla, u .rlf ill Ilk ... ...... a a ? Iw|EW l-rupert) of all Wind, warned to eell.espeetafly s^ll dwelr ifix* mid Or-t Ua?? property, as tharajaa groat dlBhand for I he tame at m> oiii.-e uwnars wishing V> sell are resjwci lull* aobrtted to glv, (ue^ealT APrl.Mr> .OPlnaatieel iT.l ,-/wx WILL BUY A TWO HTORY. BAURMBNT 90,?nHI end collar froioc House sad Lo? '? ?*?? an cot uaar Third leenua. If applied for ai onee to JoHhFH Mi IIII IKK, llll .taseen Street^ II I. iWWl -KAI'F. IKVEItrMUfr MANDMUfl I litre story brown atone la-uiityfool House ou Morr-l 1.1.1 e (Won !'i.rl)s^wdslrcl); hlelhssaeDBBt slid aub-adlai HUM A ?Ul T.N, 26 Pine strsel. BltOOHI.h R KKII. r.srvrw wa BALK. A ..prut SAj.t'? Kli'.OKt.YN TW<' HKOWB HIOBK . g r Mca?,. ilouses) loeation .ftyxoytionajde; price ior irfi-i- ? anise a Ir. WaeUawk.n K. J., foe asie or r a. ea ? Also iwgrars JFNUIVKLT BROOKLYN IOT* F<?R S4I-B CHNSP tia* no Clinton straci, near Atnllyi one an Amity, ms* Itnion. lira, class aeigbimrb-iod. v l?. MAH'TiN. 74 Warren atrsat. N. V D Ij'OR HALF?VALUABLE POO* P"0?*TJ r *x?iv-. 1 in Hro iklya N. ?>-- oa Ursl strret- l^ Nh . leiuli and Klev-nlh atraats and Last rteer. eaedi blorS Hr oa !t%rf !r'*oi Flftt ft met thw INllhyd, ? erater p iviiagr. .unneote-l iberewhb. ra??i,het er arpyew. F.u foiilier parPcisbini sp|4> on ihe uiemtses. #r to HAI Hfti'R 4 A HALM Km, As Bes rar sli eat. NT. LhOR HALF.?THE FIRH1 ilLAHA T1IRLE BTORt A*iD P alls brown shine House No. HI So"th N|n?h tweaa He*and sad Third.etrecM 1 ' >? ? m.uun-s'walk uf the tarriaN'. ? ? ' r Tf. bm "mHt 1 M'sll. K-I ; the house is lihvpi cr . wi ll ? rronged_ buW and linlsnad In tbe eery be-, manner ijy inr "wwwfnr his own use, Slid Is In oompwh ordny thr^Bfemit, loflO . lb fret. possession rau be Hsd For 11< gets hi sra the iH invses ai d/nrtbor paws 'Lrs apply lo B. H. LUD LOW A Co., No S Pine street, hew Turk. TWfiR S%|,K IN BROOKLYN--TWO MF.W PHILADKIj r phis brlrk. Houses, near Fulton w?id; thraa stories bseement sod ?b-raHai . with Ml the modi ru loipiovementa; briuS fuieanas Pi?*''*'. ' Mauds, I wo water closets, ba'l., wash lra?s sew*T Hoc, Ae. pries ?A,MWeaeii lugntreof J. hlKMT, builder ivflDHfi, iiwr mm** . . . _ k<w L10R AALB--IN BR(X?KL?N. K. D? HKVKN iKMA r Houses on Tout mil 1ms, now Ps?Iu|? brge inlarv-st uo pure seeed. i it M T 4 COPLAND, (W Feurtb oraaua. LTOB HALN-AN F.I.EOANT MARBLE P iinx wuli etieusion. thorongblr and rKhif fnenlvhed. In First p are. Rrwklyn. Immediate possession flvru Wl* RRK N H A R^> t NBEBC H ?_Wa|l sttaet. ^ Ivor aai.k or to lkt-a fartt qqin'i f" r Raropa Will salt or rant a hrtd efasa fcrolsbrabrown stane House loeateU ?e brwAlys Hsigbta. addraaa Bnrape. bus l? Tovl 'itBcs. _ __ HhlWF TOR HALF.-M^lERN RUILT. WtTIl IB piOvsmenL. water u^sis _ 1 rtla trap If thf* A ikirf, IlllfllWl wf. CTt/fS h,.rrt ^ scdlmuU. I lad lisbrnJ. house CfxRI Wl Itn Applf ?? lbs wmimsor iaUA*IU BAUd, l?i SMii ?u-Mt N?w YmHIs ^ r , CALR OF TALUARJvE UFTB IN THB g'NKTVRNTH O wsrd al tha oily ofBreak Its atauettoa. Friday Novasn, SSCTb, m IWT^ on Um Mdrthert, aid, oHritoon straai. *? feat-nsiaf l?Kf<?rd aradue, saM foaMfra.RUd ^ nEf fi. * KELFirr, AaeHonaar._ All IWtA-TWO M<'PRkn._bton?^FRT>NT._B??? :.n.T.v.v*l asTX-ra iw% ssm iftjfXBi 'ifflT ' ' dtfcrS'tf'iir "** Inllff fwwaw fl ureaael nine Trthui e - ' H is one ef tBe meet anewelsp fartlta trawa. jsemkmessm AH riR9T CLASS FLO? ML A 8PL1NDID FABM OP UW ACRB8 AT KINQ8T0N, I ?one QUI* from depot Nlecsnt Mention, with mod out building, plenty of fruit: must bo sold; only ttJttO. ? J jTb. PEKQD80M k CO.. ? Nsweu street, room ?1 AH yALOABLS fABM OP *00 AC*j>. 80 ACRES H Aue quality of pool, Kfi seres wood; belnuoe uador high eulUvstluu, two mlfesTron Now Bruuswdek, oo RsritSn river; also fkrtas of 101, M. ?| At, seres. EDWARD 8. VAIL SWAKEBN HAIti)KltB3BOri. Ml W?U street. pi ARM POR 8ALB?STi PER ACRE; 1* ACRES OP X1 excellent fanMag land In central New York, two miles ?etiuut'SK* '*'te unaeereu front llhsos. Apply to J. E. WHEKLiiCk, csre of Armstrong A Co., 11 Broad slrert, N. T-. or to P. M PINCH, Ithsoo, S. T. T>AR(IAIN at ELISABETH, W. J.-PARM. If ACRES, AJ Rood I Mid, mod house, six rooms, two burns. hea house end oorn ortb, slook sad crops. IK inlles from depot, 8i,U(X). terms very easy. Full ps rtlouUril rom J. M. MKKKBR. SB Brood street, Elisabeth. N. J. CtalOl'NTRY REHIRE NCR POR SACK OH EXCHANGE ?/foruieralraudlse, st Orange, N. J., grounds handsomely dwelling; sll modern; locatiou lirtl class. Terms eesy. Apply to TfcltKY A BKBU1AN, _ for merchandise. st Oi laid out: "" Price flS tOC Bioodway. FACTORY FOB HALE OR KXOHANGE?AT A DEPOT K?l'rood, two hours from Now York; feo lory 'JO hy l*? feet, two atoriee, with stmv bouse ,? by 70 feet, three stories, with eoramodious M.xnalou ?loose,' outhouses and two scros in garden sad choice fruit. Amdyia O. M. CHAPMAN, No. 103 Heads street 7 LI ARM POR SALE Iff GREENE CO t'NTT?TEN MILEIt r from CsloklU.oa luruptfce road; 100 areas, four houses, two barns <and other outhouses at an, oe wood; two Urge oniisrds: land well faitoed) terras ??*>. JOHN N. RO BERTS, J7 Nassau street, room SO. third storv; ollloe boon I root 3 to 3. idob sale?on high ground in mokkisania, a r now Uoihlo Villa Cottage; 12 root .a alaie roof, well and cistern water in bouse; froui three to five minutes' fro'.i hdrse sod stesra ears. Price $8 #?>?; $1,609 cash, bal ance on raortgsge. Inquire at 87 Kowt-rv. L'CtR SAI.E-IN CORNWALL, HUDSON RIVER, TWO r and a bell atory House 7t>30: IM rooms; In line order; mrriage house end barn; IK acres land; Uiyywnd aad abadu trees; photograph of place; prire $4. tod P. SEC I,IO, RHbmtre street. FIOR SALE?ON THE LINE OP THE HUDSON RIVRR Railroad. within uoiireulont diets ;ioc of the city, oueof the moit elegant Beside urnsis mwMete: on high ground; views tifittrrpassed; henlthfiilness nnquesHnaad; homefirst class, with every toovautenee; adapted lor sou.tner or witt ier; the crotimls are very flue, about lifty aores, with frutte of every description; shade trees old ut.d grand O'libill'dingr. large and first class: grapehouae*. gre-ubouses, sud every snpurleSjrteeof a first .-lass residence For further psrttru lars apply to HOMKK MO KG AN. No. t i'ine street |AOR SALE AT HASTINGS-COUNTRY BEAT. ABOUT r 38 acres; first class ouuimodlou) house, outbuildings, fin* fruit and shade trees; price $11,000. Apply to \. JOUR M BAY, No. 8 Pine street. F'OR HALE OH EXCHANGE?A PINK PltOPERTY, consisting of a House no I several !,??*, eligibly situated In Newark, N J. Mar, further lutrtluulars apply at Mi stxd &35 Washington street, New York. R SALE AT A GREAT MARC# VIV.?fit),090 AORKH best quality Timber and l-rjirle Lands, situated in usage county. Kansas, watered bylbt) Osage river and trib utaries. This hod> of lend lies within thirty miles sf the Brest Union PaeOlo Railroad maw, winch passes through Lawrence nnd Topeka. The .(diaveuworth. Lswreno", Kart Olbaoti and Galveston is bring located through these I tods. They have bem selected with great care, in view of t licit adaptation Isignnshsrsl and vrastng pur poses, afid are well timberr I sud watered. They will lie sold iii tracts of 5,090 acres, bu. preferenoe will be given to purchasers for tin; wiiole. Addrr s Perry, Fuller A Co., 161 r.roadwty, New York, TO EXCHANGE?POIt WESTERN LAND OR GOOD old Canal Boats, a Unlet 721 rooms) on the Hottltd, be tureen .Stamford and Norwulr Pries TV000, no less. Ad dieas box 132 Ton, nttloo, Pouth Nerwulk, Oonn. F? W ASRINUTON CITY PROPSKPY POR BALK A valuable Iran of shout eighteen city Lots In the Clt.v of Washington, near the Capitol and rii"ro?d depot, one of the moat eligible Sites In the oity for honor business, or real tlenoc. nis property Is offered a| a low pneo to close an In terest, and Is a rare chance for speculetlou or investmeul. For further particulars, apply to HOMER MORGAN. No. 3 Piue street. QAA BUUiDXSO PLOTS AT MAST TREMOMT, NEAR ?JVMy Pordham. contsiulng from about 4 to 1(5 city lots each, for sale, and choice of plots to let drawn for at .lohn Jiluer's Hotel, Treuiont, Nov. 22. A fow oitlv unsold price e .eh; many worth from $5tx) to iSGO each and several having buildings upon them worlh from al.DJlilo AH.UA'-ach. Maps, Ac., obtained of F. Orole, TH Fnlton street; George Ranks, L8 Bowery; II. Ktoney, 88 Sixth avenue or John Ber riau or .lohn Cornell. Fordham. where carrtsges will he In readiness upon theai rlvnl of every train to convoy )iarUoa to the properl;. (#>1A /|A/k -1W acres, three milks prom sJVLI'.VrUVs Saratoga Springs, near Sulphur Spring; hiieaiies: mansions near; grr ti bargain, exohsuge for mer chandise. Addre?? drawer 13, Saialoja S;.a, N. Y. fifin ~A DESlRlBLF. KESICSNt'E, COM VJtl.wUU, pictely fUrn-hcd, suitable for wl-dnr sort oiorner, one hour fr >m New York The house oonlalassll nwism Improvemeota. IJils Is ,n bargain. Must be sold. Terms easy. Address Home, box 167 Herald office. "~REAL ESTATE H ASTED. HAVTNO DISPOSED OF ABOUT 8300.000 WORTH OF property. 1 sm new ready to purchase real es'ate at a low nti-t. I will not buy unless I can tmv cheap. Owners address with particulars and Uieir only prtuu J. It. Duaoan, bos Ufi Herald olhoe. ' 1 TENEMENT HOUSES WANTED?WANTED TO PllK chase first cl??s Tenement Houses, le good locations and psyiag well. Address J. Webster, box 111 Herald office rpOOlYNKRbOP REAL ESTATE.?WANTED. PRIVATE A reside aces sud good tenement property lor cash cue toners Address, with particulars, George W. Freuoh, Ninth evenue. flTAS'TKO -TO PUBOHASK. A FARM SO To 100 AC'RBH. TV good fruit; good plain buildings; healthy locmtiaa; forty miles from city; no agents noud apply. J. C. MINN, 18 King street ANTED?TO RUT OR KENT, A HM ALL II ML AS IV New York, Rro,>klru, Yoakrrs or thcreabonu Ad sutltu lowest price, with lull particulars, H . box w dress, i I 44SPi MOIXKM, Hltoni, AC.. TO bkT. \T 1t? FOl'KTH AVRNUK?BY ITANLF.Y DAT Houin* to Lou l or full portionloro too ai Urol Kotate Ulrooioi, wlncj 1 ? i.irrc. oud pulil'oli erwhly, milled A1Hl'.KK 4TORT PRIOR HOl'HR. IK BROOKLYN. I" l?i. modern uu|>r.>?rtnAote; torn. moderate. Apptr oa prouiiooa, Mmuoo it-wi, rioilli tide. oocvnd Uou*? e*bt 01 Franklin avenue. Ab first ulasb uamdsomkly rur.MtrtiiKn pri. vale, near Hrtroori Homo, oa Firth etetiue. too fauillr of idulu, ?ith Hoord for g-ocli-tnoh *ad dough tor. Addraao I'ruprtetor, of it ion I). AFORNIRHRD omul, 8AFK. *?*.; ALSO OWB ol her Room u> lot oi 117 and si# Broadway, rornrr of In elf 111 otroou Applr ok por hill pit fr.>al dour. APARTtfKNTS-OF FIYF ROOMS AND KITH II IN, To let. WJ lifiilb urenii* AN RL .OANTf.r FfTRNlSITRl* HOCSE To I.I T Sltnetad tit*or Sen York Hot-1, finiet boviagilto heat ot aeuuilly eon addreoe M.. et .tun 1? No-r tort. ArUlft (liwm STORRTO l-F.f?ON HRrlAlrft'AY. with lo ig .' nir, ond Future f?r >il>*. elan u .uall V arni*i|l04 ttrou. Storo to let Tirogrony. TM Rr- . tw*/. VCt'M l'1-KTF.I.Y FI'K' iSHI'pr FIVE HTt'KY HKOWS OlhueHnain. mi Wmi Penteeiith ?v? ?I Is 1?1; limn ?llvhr, Ac., oil lb eierUonl ufdei. ihwenwudh Im'uedlstely I * . HOP. AMI i!l Wall -trer \B< PLKA A XT Fl KM.-URO FRONT KrrOVf |*|r T tl wsr. | a* At., tale': it g. oil i ???lit.! to'. iuu, it B& Ipiono jr. BliAl fIY< I. I I 'RRIFMKIl HOf'sR XRAR Central r?rk .nil fi'tli ?r ti'.c ui t Price ??.) j?r mnntb Addn*. (I, *' he, 1#>? K-w Vert f"i>M of .*? i'AKl.OH AMI HAS; llr.M KI.OOIW. KIRNIHIIRD afurul'b?'l. In It fr.Hi ! I. ' I Or. otol ilto Buil A noil, Prl'aU- nod Trot-mrpr r.fipsiAT fur ? lo r. ?y ? 1 SS> flrlrtl eronuo. *?'I.. FaMHY OF A 1*1,TA WISH TO RUNT Iwt., i K Miitn I m '.? i .ui* i*ilo I jn?eVep I lorn * rory nt'M?i?t? AAdrroi wth pun :n u Ylr, r .ii IH* Herald u(l> . A m Alt lAIK. FAMILY. IIAYINO MOPtK Ri*>?? Til AH I soy deoer, o.iulJ lot tl.. wnl Ou.*r Ut ? or- all I nulli, ?tlw, PA sail, At. t'nl .It 147 Writ neirrtT-eMh etreet AN I IN FITRNIPHKD FIAIOR FOR HOPARhtKPIND; ion' |lt. WO, |TH 141 1 monlht ih H..uto? tl 'KW >;rM fwulihid and Buoid ?U|>p'.od. tlprn dip and I'Toalrif. 114 IMNWIMi. Vi it wept tw mm r'rrw m wrnT onfi'r. nlitixl too. ? to ot |I.Y |A> # f' lud P4'. otonth; liw l*u l!on<rA control luro'lou.. with f .rulifcod Apar'. lud Hoard A IIANPaOTBI.Y FPRNIinBD F 4 RI.OU AMI BHD* A I?iia adjulniiig p. mi wttsont bui'd In a pnvito f. lull v. fir (N a month lun tiding hoot, g.a and aaUi; neighborhood moot oiaollonl ou t Ooutral. AiMriii U D. i . .loilon l>. Bolo B ROAUWAT STORK TO LBT-MXod it.KT RKXr |S, 1*0 Apply to >. F PKRAI Xl A BBAJ . 7*i Br...u CHIAR BTORF. TO LRT-TDR I.KAHB ANIi FIX lirr?? of o Broodwir <omor Ctgor stu'O. oorno Twoa If Otonlh nrrwt, for itlo OMap V.HN4 A ri.ri.AHIi 41.11.'I k IIMM L'CHMNHRn HOI'SR TO LKT-IN Ra?T N1MR. r tooaih iur*?t. high itoop. rnidarn impr>i?i*m?iit?, Irom IMoornlwr to May. at |?" per month Apply to WM Ro . ORBT. real "Mole agoat HI Biwodway EURIRI4RP FLOOR TO I.RT-TO ORNTLKRRN. * ITH out hoard. Parlor, throe Rodrwma and Draoalrig Kuuta, tad told wotor. hotbmam oad all modem .mprur.eMMU, Roforrocoo roqulmd Apply at 11 OHotoo piaro, K.lghth itroou Hal# or a tirt drbtraRlr offior to lft ?orntr S mad way aad Hoy ?4ro?t, aartimilarly loltod for an ?ipraao real aetata or broker t baHaoaii aloo one ?mtt norm. Apply at RapWQ oBoa. Wa. Itooy nmi _ j^OfrTS, wmi BTRAR FOWBR, TO LET -APPLY AT fiPrIt*R?l* FHILADRLPRt A FOR RRNT?IF tBB building of the Kiliooal Bank Of thPRrpuhllo. *00 aad Ohoiiaiit tugrt jthh Broadway of Philadojphiapj throe toito mwh opioadM ourta amd aewk BrBa The boildrag ii ?nppliod tnth poa, water, Vamr Hooota had hnaMag appara lil. Apply a? the haah. STORAOR ROriRB *9 LB 4(R?A FIRST OLA KB Ire | > proof anointed bvrlMiag. Ill dad lata I gi; amy ho tuod aa dpofriHi for morago or "="= j hoar 0 aad II WITH A WILL LIQHTBD FLOOR. I oad HBo no? rrm Aoolt to the H ?IIP?. ? 11 ??<#> hi ? ? ? i > spsmv^I Ww i i,< PHKviu huLerfE, WHItf. WW ff Oread aad^^^^^J ^^^Bfowie to. lkt-a liqht boom oii ruAt. Mr TM> LPT.-PBtt80NS GOING TO HOUABKEBftMG (>? 1 brt'iiu Room* l?W,m boy their Carpets, Oilcloths, Beddum Furniture, he., at BKNOALl. A BCuTOg, ?W and SU Hookoo (treat, oerner of Canal. and pay by weekly or ?oetMr payments if preferred. TO LBT-ON MYRTLE AVBNUK. A STORE. ? FERF J front by 40 foot (leap, flnaly lore ted; immediate pno.n r^m lbt-a furnished houhk at new Brighton, HHAtatak Island Oil the let of Mar; beautifully situated, wlthlo two asiautcs' walk of the ferry I mt $150 per month Addreoa boa $W Feat eMoe. mo lBt-furniahbd room: house (Ritirr low). I Furniture end OoodwOt for sale aheap; price $400. In quire on the promisns loi Mr*. WUlard, m Mercer street, one dour from Sleeeker. THO LKT-EULLT FTTRNTRHRD, A CuMPLBTR SUIT ? ef Roema Tor housekeeping, consLtlne of parlor, two bedroom., kitchen, dining room, servant's room, bathroom and water oleiet; hot and onld water m each room; all eew and in oomplete order. Apply at II Irrtng place, fn> I.KT-THRRR STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK ? Houne, m Hick" etroet. Brooklyn, between Barrtnee end Degrnw atrsets with modemImproveinenU', rent $1,00$ Aim ut Mount Vernon, Westchester county, a furnished Cfet 1.0, roatainlng eight room., $Mou lo tut of May J. A W. DUNHAM, Eighth arenae, corner Bltteeai h et. r LKT-A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, on the eecond floor, I runt; rant $10 a week. 54 Mceokai sti ot, soar Ilruadway. ITIO I.ET-A FULLY FURNISHED HOU8B, IN THIB J tie lb street, In a genteel neighborhood. at RUF pee umith, if reined Immediately. Alan othurn, furnished ami Hiifnruiahed, at differeut prtoae, ALDAN I-SOKAUAM, 34 Cedar afreet TO I,ET-fN LONDON TERRACE. WEST TWENT?; third street, part of a furnished House, to a family el adults. eoaaistuignf ironI and bark Barn-meet, throw renae* on second Door, one In attic, houne U U-u-ted with furnacei Iri^ nil modern tuiprovriueni*, and convenient for hotis* keeping Apply to E. JM'H \, 14 Bdrulii/ .trout, for thro, day*. fjlo LET-FOR THREE YE AIM, WITH IMMUMATB I In Went'i'wotitlulli alroet, three itury high sloop tirown stone If on.", no J Furniture. which is very baud soinr, I or sale. Apply to A. JOE UN BAY, No. it Pine street. rpo LET?BTOItAOK FOR FURNITURE. *?? AT MODR I. r.i'o rales, In tin- flue lo t* on K ehth arrunc, entrunue nmier Thirty third street only. Apply to II. JULIAN, OB tba p.emUea. IPO LBV-THREE DKPIlt A KLK IIOUSliB, FOB SMALL JL fa u till "or, on 104th street and If: rtrm. In ijood order; Wat or and gas. Apply ntSkl Si ondvt-nr. room Ni>, A flic J.KT?FURNISHED, A LARGE FRONT ROOM. J. with closet., with all the convenience, for housekeep ing, at dirt East Thirty-seventh stive,. riio LET?A NICE, LARGE, COM MODEM'S KftDRT i Ofljce, eliglblo In every respect, nt ? reasonable rate. Inquire of 14. O. HOHWEI'I ROB.iMflktllt i street. rpO LBT?SOME FINE STORKS ON ItROAOVYAY.JAND 1 near by ono lo let, and Leuao tor sale at a tmrgsm. Cell ul once ami secure U. UkO II. N ASTt. Pi Dunne stroet. ooi nor of llro.dw.y. rilO LET?PART OF FINE BCftfNKSS 1'HKMISKS? I Parlor Floor. Ati7 goods loll will liTciid with a lady's business?ulnnka, shoes, woretpd imhIs or souls for {he holidays. No. 4 Carroll plsco i Btqauker street.). rilO IJET?FURNISrtED OR UN FITRNISII ID. WtTB X i m in ad lain possession. If not. sold by six o'rlock Ibis erenlnit, u three story hiv.i sLoop basenmot mid cellar brisk House, located In West J'weuly.suvc'iih street: .{ood bnigti borbuodf It lis* boen ualntcd iboroughlv losl'le nt.d out side; it is hi perfect order; ho: and cold .vator oa each deer; K\-. In escn room. For par.lcuLr- ipply to WM. VAN WAUENXN, 472 Hixlh avenue. TO I.H'r-A FOUR bTOKY llltICK HOUSE. THIRTEEN ?stoma, besidea beseinrnt end kit< lion, hi Twentym-cosd gtreel, h-l-.venu Ninth nu<! Xsulli nveu ut's, to a party wbe will bu/ Carpets and aome Foriiltore, which t> use, or wRf rent fuDuahed foe $JMi |i?r month. Applvio ALLEN R. '1 it 0 MAS A'CO., No. C Bowling lireso. rpo I KT?FURNISHED, IN TWENTY FIRST STBMKT, X bet art on Fourth avenue aud Broadway, a hn mi some four story hldh ato-'p House, in a ?sl order, liate f hIoij Apply to liOMKK BOltUAN', No. 3 I'ine street. TO LET-WfTH THE PRIVILEGE Ol' PfRCHASINfJ nt txplrat'on of IsAse. a Fnrtory, lOdvaSfeet. wliU steam power, and two 1-ola adjoining, comer of Meadow asi Second streets HoliOken, N. J. Apply at 40 Bio.imfMd a rret, ilulioken, N. J. TO LET AT BAY R1DOK-FOUR UNFURNISHED Room. Rent $15 per month. Appi;, to Mrs. Chandler, Bay Itldge. L. I. TO LET FOR A TERM OF YEARS?THREB EB eloaed Lots of grouud on Ptdham . troot. corner of (.'berry, between llnti-e-s utul Pike streeta ahpa. Addrrak John Sutton, attorney, xtis Henry atrect, aiding th* highest offer per year for the name. _______ fflO LET OR LKAHR-FOB STORAHF. OR MaNVFAO J turlng purnoeea the throe large l<ofts of the new Are proof building SdSHpric , nti set, corner of AVashlngion street. Apply to DENIS LYONS, from I'J to 5, In thejitnre. TO RENT?FURNISHT1D, WITH fMMKDIATR rOR sesaion. n dnairable three story Dwelling lleuae, we Tweutr-sceond street, et t'JVJ i er month. 8. W. BENEDICT. Roe. a nndA Mne stroet. 10 It MKT?A FURNISHED HOUSE, ON FORTTTIURM st red, et $154 per month also one on i weaiy-SMawA street. >t g400 per month. k W. BENEDICT. Not. 4 end 11 Pike etroet rrwo FRONT FURNISHED BEDROOMS TO I.KT-IR X e prlTstc family, without board, central end Oral eleaa ni lghbortimsi, at $15 aud $16 a month j references. Address H. L, V.. atation D. IITWO VERY NICK Fl'ItNIHtlBD ROOMS TO LET?AM X a private family; have e'l the improvements; would Ak for light housekeeping. Call at 3S'J Vltty thud street, km tweeh Heeond and Third areuue?. (TIC PHKHK STORY BROWN hTONK Kt KNISHKD HOGMM? 1 on Thirtietb atreet, $RM; om on fourth nteoue. mi, one on Klereulli. $176; one ne-r fifth uremic. AHA MS Broadway UCJ'KB OR LOWER PART OP HOUSh Mi Win Tbli teenrti air-eat, partly furnlal.ed or uimraiahad, N? tat. Apply un tb? preinieee. Rant moderate. HOL S ICR, ROOMi. ACy WASTCT._^ A SMALL HOC8R WAVPED-IN ^THK YTCTNTTT MP Clinton arenue, Brooklyn, with irruod auOciaat for ?table. 1'rtoa about BLOW. Ad-tree. (irtng mrtnolar., ataat u-alien, Ac., E. M.. Han't oflioa. A NICE FAMILY OP TURKS PERSON* WANT A ?mall furnlahed Houae; pomillot Immediate ADAMd A CO.. beat Kamie Ag-tnc) . OUi Broadway. A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS WISH TO OBTAIN ? rioorof three or fair r.<.in?, mifurnlabad; loneuan irtu-tbo within twenty minute, of OMy Mall; rant vary in .derate. Ad,Iron*. With lar.ue and at tier i-erttoulara, J. if. j|., boa ibO lleral' -flloe. OAhF.EF.STH AND PARLOR FLOOR >t .NTI.D?WITH l> ell flpnrenlencea. Heel rntm Bid to fa? t>ai' roontb. Ad -Ireea bo 'JU elation A, NetvYork.;r.?SHKD HOl'sL WANTED?KITBKR IN NEW r y-.t-k or Brotixl)tr J hiplil* rerparleMa family waat a v ir? llauer or Cuiteoe- ?m ta*? ??aa'li.n immadt r^piired I met refer-over girt?; New York IWfd ran Ad .iaer it. P.. i-ox iAMI l*n?t od.ce. I liAfKIFTa ?;i; STORK US FOll fTRXlAURO AND I wh'arnuh A fic-.eaa: pat-t'ra burin* ?acb to dl?p -aa of will l..-e> ot in.-.r . u?i'Hiia?? by ap*l)in* Ui ALLAH IE ? iKAtl t St i ed.i atiaau \WANTFli- t ntVKU.lTTO HOT'S F IT TUB IMMKOl I? ate etflinlif of M?<1'?on a^uere. Mo.'lM.l.l. l.l.U.-I hits. Kaol Ke.ulr Broker!. M Pita at W'ANTKD-"BOM DIUBUBKR I TO MAT 1, 1S*7, A ami.ll well iirutel-ad llo ; ?e, ,n good i-etgkboi hood. fur a pnv.j- f. mil rot tl-raa poraun?. .tdura-a slaMug roat, Ac., bar 1 iif. I ?? .Oka U7ANT1 n- 1 VPATLY FI'HNTfHPD, NM MX HOURS, VY till l-io May next MUMied between t ourtruntfl aad I urtir II atrrrt anil bet- a-u Third and ntxta ?vennea. AO dree.. t-Ung prioe, boa i.bdi Poe? aflbm. 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