Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1866 Page 3
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mmrn WASHINGTON; The RilriictaeBl CmiltN ti tki ?eais tf DefftrtMits. Couerrative Chairmen of CKmitteefl to to Soporwdod by BacUeal*. THE REKl MISIEU SLI8HTED. Ckiirfftl Mat* of idfriri im?i| Fricdmis tid Uiloiliii la Flirida. *?? Ac. Ac. Th XT?' No* **1M1 ^?Mteilsa-S to-day. Among Otaontoo ahtototeI U was* Secretary Browning, Penates pis ?. Purine the tee Genera* rmk Btott. and, KatNMfeMMi A* Committee of MnubMil appointed at Us* lut ?Mffea of Gaagnos, an* who?*r* to bold theirmeet toga *tolag Use mm, were to hurt commenoed their ?teminalions hare on the 17th, bet the meeting *m ?netfueid on aaneate of the aheanoeof Oeneiml Sebenek. tbeg will meet here to-morrow and eonilnue In aamlon ?tell the manting oT Congress. The report will be quite toagthy, and la pretty savaro on aom* of tb* beads of the different departments of the government Jahaaaa Chalrmea of Senate Committees to he Keaeraeded by Radicals. ? to stated that all Use Senate Coaamitteee which are pnrited over by Senator* wbo bare identified themselves with Use Praaldent'a policy are to be replaced by mem ben belonging to Use radical party. Preednen'a Affair* la Florida. Tbo Freedmen's Bureau to In receipt of a report from the Amtotant Commissioner for Florida, oontalnlag In taaetelng Information relatlro to tbo fteedmen: Tbs un prejudiced portion of tbe community treat tbe freedmen with fairness, and but few esses ol Ill-treatment lisve eocurred reeenUy. Tbe seaaon having closed, tbe bureau eSeer* are frequently called upon to decide numerous qseatlona aria lug out of the divlalon of crop#, 4c., which Uiey generally do without calling upon tbe civil authorl tiea The people are greatly Interested In political mat ton at present, and lully endorse tba Praaldent'a procla mations. Some 111 feeling la shown toward Northern men, though but oue case of persecution prompted by auoh feelings ha* occurred lately, and the person ar rested, an ex-ofllcer of the army, now rsaldlng In the Ftate, wag released by a pardon given by Governor talker. Settlements under the provisions of the Home stead law are being made quit* rapidly. The President to Attend the Masonic Cere, monies nt Baltimore. The President baa accepted an Invitation from tbe Bosons of Baltimore to be present and participate to morrow In tbe Interesting ceremonies of laying the cor ner alone of the Masonic Temple In that city. The occa rioo will call together a large oonoourae of Masons from all parte of the country, and especially thoae of tho higher degrees. In consequence of the acceptance of this Invitation, and the consequent absence of the Presi dent, tbe usual Cabinet meeting will be deferred to Leave ef Absence flraated to Mnaens In the Departments. Tbs President has given directions that leave of ab asnoo for tweaty.four hours be granted to all Masons in the public departmenta wbo desire to participate to morrow in tba laying of tba corner atone of tbe new Masonic Temple in Baltimore. The Stationery of the InternalRRevenne \ Bnrean. Bsvaral misstatement* have been made within tbe pato f*w days la regard to tba contract no w about being mads for furnishing the Internal Revenue Bureau with stationery for tbe aU months ending Jane 30, 1M7. It haa bean said that tba quantity of atationsry to be sup plied on this contract will coat nearly tf000,000. This to a great miscalculation, as it baa bean assarted by a gentleman wbo baa entered a bid for the contract that 1130,000 will cover tbe coat. It eras also stated ibis morning that tbs coatract baa bean mad*, wbaraaa the 1Mb have not yet oven boon scheduled. No Intercourse with tho Kehel Mlldell. Mr. Slide!I, the once famous rebel Minister to Franca, and one of our most active enemies in Europe, recently applied to the government for pardon through Mr. Bige low, Minister at Paris. The reply of the government was that no Intercourse or correspondence of any kind could be held with Mr. Slldell. Nenator Harlan oa Negro Suffrage. United States Senator Hsrlan to-night addressed a public meeting at tbo Fair buildlur, Pennsylvania ave aue. His auditors were about equally divided between whites and blacks. His tbsms wss the moral, political and social necessity of conferring suffrage on citizens of African descent throughout the country. Be read from qpseebsa and staiaments to show that the President of the United States himself was In favor of It He ex pressed the belief that If those who were present would petition congress for impartial suffrage there would be ao dlffi:alty in tbe paasnge of s law for that purj*>ee. Other speakers add resaed the meeting. Appeal la Behalf of Deelltate ( reruns. Tbe United States Consul at Candle writes, under date of October 14, to tbs Secretary of State as follows:? 1 hope that our government will be obis In some wav to contribute to tho relief of the unfortunate who sr? alwady deprived of all provlaton mode against the winter and even in many cases of any mesne of otnalmux it Bring, by the barbarous severity of the government forces, and who destroy not only stores of provision*, fea, but even tbo houses aad implements, and In manr oases the vineyard* of iboee whose only offence has been to escape at the approach of a soldiery of whose human By they bare good reason to doubt. If the cbartty of the friends of humanity Is not large towards the Cretan* thousands must iierish tbe coming winter. Ravages of Clralfn it Palermo. The consul at Palermo says the cholera at that city has become epidemic Prom the time the troope laeded, Bept IS, to Oct. 17, H was only In a iporadic form. The consul learnad that on the lVlh of October the official bulletin marked 217 cases and 181 deaths. There were actually hurled at the Campo Kant 200 bod lee There ware several American rentals Id port, but with tha ei eoptlon of the mate of tha Caro the health of the offioers and men was excellent. The Rrawlnr Army Rapidly Pilling. Tha appointments In tha new regiments under the now army bill are all filled. Vacanneo to the old rag men U are being filled at a rapid rate. A Bankrupt Law lleslrrd by the Nealk. A memorial win be pr nee a led to Congress from promi sent rltlsena of tha Sou th asking for tba passage of a general bankrupt law. Tba devastation of tba war and tha failure of the cotton and corn crops have almost hopelessly impoverished the cotton States for tha A NnMortal Parts at Ike Capital The < oali neal la kfltilatare. Steps are being Uken to create at the federal metro, poll* a great naiiooal park, upon a plan which, if exam ination shall prove II Pi be within the r?ach of raaaoa abieeipente and labor, la worthy of the attention of Congress and the people. II u proposed to make tha park a "working model" of tha I'aiiad -tataa?to de lineate, If not to reproduce in miniature, the topography of the continent?to set Huron and Ontario in reduood scale upon a living map acme two miles long, not In water colors, but in the element Itself?to lead a toy Mississippi from IU baby nursery la Kocky Moun of. real rock, through a little continent to n lulfof Mixso. Tha fit. Lawrence end the Colorado, aad all other great rivers are to bo cpresented hp atlaoe streamsi and without Inloodlng aay allustoa to tho exclusion of tba Pistes lately in rebeUten, nil tba Mates and Temtortea are Sa he represented, praaeremg their relative position and proportion. H it proposed that museum* shall bo ereotad apon aarh of tbeaa liUle representative tracts, aad that tha fitatee and eittmna shall ha taviied toeoo trbuta tolbatr cabinets specimens of the natural and artificial production of tho States represented. Home of the fee teres of tho scheme are feasible; others may sot ho with la tha reach of reasonable Means, bat 1 am in ctttted to tha belief that the deafen can be earned out with sufficient precision to reader It highly oasfal U> art aad ecteaaa, aad tha hope u aatartaiaad that tha prueet will at learn a fair aiamiaatmn. Until Senators aa<l Members of Congress tea learn to atake batter happen to be m Washington daring the aeeeion, with MMM pUo? where tho ?MiM vtctimsof mmm/i may Ntipmtt float exheusllto tnetdenl to a few days' ds voUon to tbe deUbenUaon of tho national Congrasai rpTwij Attorney Genera) Henry Btqpbery returned from hie TWt to New Yes*, city to-day, end fidleuly resumed hie oAolel dntlen. Mr. Joahan HU1, of OoarglB, ie hero preparatory to ofenlnc on affloe la tUiclty for the proeecotion of claims ?del net the government General Stooemen is et the Ebbitt Honee. Aryeleweete Edward & neon, of Vermont, bee been appointed As uatanl Clegfc of the United Statee Houee of Representa tives. The president to-day appointed D. H. Leetberman, of Teanoteee, Commlaetooer on the pert of the United 8U*oe to the Unlrereal Exhibition to bo held et Paris In INT. Colonel William G. Moore, one of the President's Private secretaries, and who la deaervedly popolar among all who have had boalneae at the Executive man Moo, has been appointed a paymeater la the regular army. The Anticipated Prise Fight. A large aomber of (porting men and AoMhMsof ring i flghte have arrived hero, and are, together with OtoaM af Uke ehancter, to leave by steamer at mldtotght to witness, aoma dlataac# down the Poaonaae, a mm bo tmoos Mike Quo, alias English, of WaahmgVm, and VT. H. WMte, of Bahtooto The CaatMplatad Mom Welti ansa to Eadhal Wwmhosn af CaagNW, Another oaU, oo-operating with that prevlooaly pah liahed by the Soldieva' aad Salloaa' Union of this otty, for a maaa weioome ty the radloala la Oaagraah haa been iaaoad by the five ooaaaeltleee repiaaeatlng the Union League or America, the Diatrtet Republican German Radloala aad Equal Suffrage Aaeootatioos; alx councils of the Union League, while aad colored; the Colored Bold left and Equal Rights League. The maaa weioome will be held on Saturday, the 1st of December. A ban quet la alto proposed as Monday evening A large number of radioale from Maryland and Virginia have signified their intention of joining la the demonstration. an politics. Thb ConrraoLLSMsir. ?A meeting of tbe friends of Richard B. Connolly was held last evening at the Mili tary Halt. Bowery. Mr. Connolly made a pretty lengthy explanation, and after a few remarks from Mr. Henry complimentary to the Hbeald, resolutions ware unani mously adopted recommending the nomination of Mr. Connolly for the ComptrollorshTp to tbe meeting of tbe general committee of Tammany Hall, to be held at tbe wigwam this evening; also appointing a oommlttee of conference, after whlcn the meeting adjourned. UmoM RsrusLK'iK Gs.vr.aai. Comkittkb.?This organiza tion held a meeting last evening at No. 600 Broadway, Charles 9. Spencer In the chair. Previous to the gen eral assembling the Executive Committee spent an hour in the ante room to regulate tbe private affairs of tho as sociation. After this they adjourned to the hail, where the committee of tbe evening was railed to order at eight o'clock. Tbe regular routine was gone through with, but nothing of special interest transpi red. Tammant Iibhotratic Gsvbkal (.ouMrTTKa. ?The Demo cratic General Committee met last evening In Tamraary Hall, William M. Tweed presiding, and William Hitch man acting as secretary. The committee, on organization reported In favor of holding primary elections on the 22<1, 23d and 24th Inst., for tho purpose of nominating candidates for the various offices to be tilled at the ap proaching charter election. Tho report was adopted. A reread of ten minutes was then taken, for the purpose of preparing to appoint Inspectors of election and places of holding the primaries This business being disposed of, the committee adjourned. Covrollv Mcrrivo in ins Szvbsth Ward.?The Seventh Ward Democratic Association bald a meeting last evening at the Botanic Hall, 66 East Broadway, in support of Police Justice "Mike" Connolly fur Comp troller. Major Hart. Messrs. Duffy, Nesbitl and others addressed the mooting, eulogizing their candidate in ludicrously extravagaut terms AumnAmc Nomination. ?At a meeting of the Cltlz-ns' organization of the Fifth district, held last evening at No. 29 Carmine street. Robert Harrison was unanim ously nominated for Alderman. " THE CITY FMAMCEKPARTMENT. Comptroller Brfnai and the (?nbrrnatnrlnl liTcdlfiilon of IMS?He in Ready for an Inveatlgntlnn late the ARhlra of HI* De part Meat. tO TUB EDITOR Or T8B HKbAAP. Fimiars Dbpsmmbst, I Cowixiixa e Oma, .tor. It, 1MB. j It la proper that the public should know that "the c bargee" which Mr. John Sedgwick baa been appointed to inreetlgate am the charges of Mr. Anson Harriet, made against me in the month of Jul/, IMA, and which were beard bp hie Excellency, Governor Fenion, at Al bany, on the ltth of October of that year. Charges at the same time were preeenVsd against Mr. Develln, Counsel to the Corporation. Uuhaequeatly bis Eaoeliency dismissed the charge aa to Mr. Oevelia, and referred Mr. Herrlck's complaint to the Legislature, ask ing for general power to appoint special commieelonera to Investigate charges of that character. Mr. Hemck. however, Wlia the light furnished by my answer, and the Investigation and the decision la refer ence to Mr. Dovelin's case, wrote to his Eaosllenoy in the month of Doceruber, lads, withdrawing tbe charges, and staling In his conimun.cation, among other things, the following:? [Here Mr. Brennan quotes extensively from Mr. Her rlck's letter withdrawing the charges against thelouip Uoiler.l Mr. Merrick, la thiscnnoectun, ooncmdss as follows:? I am unable to perceive the <1 Iff ere nor between Mr. Develln and Mr. Brennan which your Kxrellency has ap|?. rently dlaeovrred, and feel that by lurthnr proceeding l> the active promoter of the prosecution, tliat I will In the end do Mr. Brennan more good than harm, by amualng tbe pnblle aenae al tbe Injustice o( tlx* diacrlrnlnatlon attempted?a rr. ?till very far from the purpose I had in view I have there fore concluded?from whv ?i p.-nr in me to be ubvioiiv anr. ?Ideratlona of duty?10 withdrew th? cbargeo which I made againat Mr. Brciiiian, and abandon tbelr further prosecution. 1 had S'ipposed that thoan cburges, In conx- qnence of thie onquailHod withdrawal |of tbum were disposed of. They have boen pending thirteen inon'bs In the hands of tbe Governor since the Anal submission to bim of my defence. I should have preferred, If they were to bo further Investigated that that opportunity should havi been afforded long since. Rut I have no complaint to make. I have been and am ready at any time for au in vestigation. 1 reeogn./e in Mr. .-iedgwlrfc au impartial and lair minded man. having no private interest, that I am aware of, to a (I eel his lodgment ur sense of right. Respectfully, he , MA11HKW T. RKLNNAN. at J BOARD OF ALDERMEN. The New feat OfMrr anion I'pon the tiller or the Tailed Ntatea tJnvrrninral. Tbe Board met at two o'clock yesterday afternoon, President Bmni in the chair. Aldermaa McQown called up a general order convey ing to the general government (on payment of the sum of 1500.000) the southerly portion of CUy Hsll park as S proper site for the establishment of a new Post Office, Alderman Rxtt-i t moved to strike out the words "five hundred thousand," and substitute therefor the words "one million." The ?praarr consdered that the I n.ted Plates government was fnlly able to pay that amnunt, and added that If tbe government was to ?lliiated as to be unable to purchase tbe property, be would be the Dm to move that the ground bu donated. Alderman McGissn opposed the motion of his prede cessor He regarded the present I'ost iiffioe as a dis arm, e to the city, and profseeed astonishment at the email display of spirit ana generosity made by the Com mon Council when an improvement so much need"d could at last be made. He did not dispute the great value of the property, but believed that onee tba new Post Office erected at an outlay of a million dollars, tbe worth of the taxable property In the neighborhood would be Increased ooe hundred per oetit. The revenue of tbe city by legation would, therefore, be augmented in like proportion. At tbe close of this brief discission lbs question we? put as to the adoption of Aldennan Met lift motion, which waa aarrlsd, tba vorda "one million of dollars ' bolng substituted as proposed. Tbe hoard then adjourned to meet this afternoon, st two o'clock. 10*10 OF CQUWl*?. This Board met yesterday afternoon, President Green In the chair. A communication from tba Mayor (which wee sent to the Board of Aldermen a few days einee) re lative U granting to tbe Catted Rules government s site on the Battery, for a barge office, was reforr-d to the Bpeolal t'ommtttee on the prop-toed New post office After passing n number of goners! order* of no public interest, the Board adjourned till next Thursday. ?AS0H1C CELfHATHH I* lALTlMOM. BaLTuewn, Nov. 10, ISMv Great preparations are makiag for the ceremonies in cident to the laying of the ooroer sums of Urn now Maaome Temple to-morrow. Numerous delegations have arrived from distant pout IS, and mora am si per, led to-morrow. The prortesh n will bo formed at ten o'clock, and will no doubt be n meet impressive albir. There will be a large attendance of Kmgbts Templar and lbs Grand Master of tbe Grand rnrampmenv Henry B Palmer, of Mllwaakee, is expected to bo tremit. The Bolt.more l/vdgos havn boon making coolly arrange ments In lha way of new banners, regalia, he., some of which are really magnificent ThelT'sidssl of the I'niud "?men, tnoeshotn of Urn C abinet and the Governors of the Miatee bavo boan invited hi bo present to view tbe cere tnnntee, and n I* exported that the President will iNtt bet* in an early trsm to man u a movs ag. It la mtoiag slightly UMa ovemns, with Indication# of unfavorable weather rev the Masonic proeoaaion to mor row In wh ch event the oration and other cersmootee wiffi tale place In the Many land Imsmom Halt Prsif neat Johnson am be resorted at the dentdh* the JUaM J an. war* THE ALIEKD WTH.UIY FUMW ? M8QKLYI. **? Chm tfJtki DwvwHn u< f.B. TUim Before Uiile4 Nmw CwMmih Mnwf ??4 Imn trtllfc) TMpIl OlIMlMrtM A4|Mrm4-AMIilml Mmutm, lie. The cue* of I'bMM Mm vn John Dovelln and ?. B Tilton, tho allegad dtatlUory fraud cam, war* brought up yootaitey botar* United MM rommiartoaof Raw ton, in Brooklyn, tar Biltalmy examination, A* mm* error* bar* foaad their way lata the prertoaaly pub lished report* of theeo cases a brief, correct statement la bore given. T. B. lit loo waa an eetad an Saturday night, and la charged with marking and branding U>% oaaka or ka| On* of the lnapoetor* of dlattllod spirits, from the Third Collection diatrict of Now York, make* an aRtevtt In which ha charge* that, on October 31, 1MM, gad at vnrt ooa tlaaaa before and lac* than, the defendant, Tilton, who la alao an Inapector of Internal Roveoma, with lalaat to defraud tho rereauo of tho United States, marked and branded a largo Bomber of barrel* containing d tat tiled spirits, an follows?"DtstMod spirits manufactured prior to September 1, 1844-T. B. Tilton, Inapeotor. Third die met of Now York. Inspected Ooteber 30, Ifififi." It wna further atated by Tilton that the coatenta of the barrela had bean manufactured prior to September I, 1104, and that the tax thereon had bean duly paid, and that' the eaafce had bean d*ty 1 impacted, aad aleo that the proyMons of the In tetnal Revenue law had bean compiled with. H la fur ther eherged ia the affidavit that the nkl TtRen WeU kaew that he bed not paid tba tax thereon, and. thai the proTlaloaa of the law had net baen complied with, and that the aatd Tilton had reootaed a compensationTM a* marking the mm aUtilled ipihta and making no return of It to the department, thereby etedtaffi kbi to* wkleh wee due the government aeon Ik On Saturday night Nr. Tilton Waa brought be fore Commie*hotter Newton and betd to bait In the earn of 1*6,000, giving eurotlee joatiry log the am ana t af $60,000. Kenan. Jeaks, Bergen end Crook appeared yesterday aa cuuoael for Mr. Tilton, wnoee caae waa ad Jurned until Saturday next, wban It will be heaad before Commiaalener Newton. Mr. John Develln waa arrested and brought before Commissioner Newton on a warrant issued by Samuel T, Jooee. also a United States Com a lee loner of this district, and ha teadand hie bad of $60,000, which waa finally accepted and be was released. The papers, stock and paraphernalia belonging to Mr. Derelin and appertaining to hie business have been eeued, and a legal paper filed against them. They are now In the possession of the Marshal. This caae waa brought up before Commlaaioner Joaee yeeterday, bat was adjourned over until Tueeday, the 2Tth Inst admtiosai. w.ixuam of illicit atillc were made yesterday by the efficient de tective officers of the government Yesterday morning officer Codner paid a rather unexpected visit if a certain stable in Hudson avenue, near Park avenue, where ha made a aelxure of eight barrels of wblxkey, which were secreted there. A considerable qaantity of liquor was seized from wagooe while In transit through the streets. Several barrels of whiskey were lying in front of the Commissioners' office, on Montague street yeeterday morning, which were seized in this manner. ITiey were the object of much scrutiny by the citizens In the vicinity for their connection with the disclosures antici pated. a rknarkabi.k rmrraaTzvca with regard to this aflair is the fact tbat those of tba "rtug' who have been ousted appear to have had due notification of the movement on foot for soma days pre vious The authorities have Invariably found upon their arrival at the distilleries that they wirv closed, and that the greater part or the slock had been recently removed to parts unknown. The question is highly sug gestive?was the Information of tboso engaged In the business official f the rouca xacoRn or dsvilik, who Is above referred to, is quite extensive, to say the least. The following ia the result of an examination of the records ? Sept 4, I860?John Develin arrested by officer W. Clay ton , charge, petit larceny. i-ept. 38, 1860?John Develln arrested opon charge of petit larceny by officer J. R Hondell. Nov. 6,1863?John Develin arrested upon similar charge by officer C. Front. July 8,1664-John Develln arrested upon similar charge by officer Pheian, upon which charge he was convicted and Imprisoned. These convictions were held before Trutnau rimltb, Criminal Justice, and D. R Smith, Esq., Police Justice. The same John Devlin has since been arrested by the following officers upon dldcrent charges?Charles H. Prost. detective at Inspector's office, Sergeant Craft, Forty-second pr*c.lsct police; Wight, Forty-fourth pre cinct police, Rhodes, forty-second precinct police, Smith Hall, Forty-second precinct police. At a much more recent period Mr. Devlin waa arrested on the charge of swindling the government by producing false certlUi a to* of soklitre bounties. Hs was oouvict ed in Washington and fined the sum of $10,000, which be paid. TO TUB KDITOR OF TIIE HERALD. In your Imuo of yesterday you do great injustice (load, vertently, I am sure) lo parties engaged io the production of an aruclu known as "burning fluid." The act of July 13, 1800, section seventy-nine, paragraph nineteen, au thorizes the "distillation of burning fluid," the taxed license to be $60. In section ninety-six "burning fluid" Is de tared exempt from duty Before coosmenelag ope rations the partis* interested became sal lifted that they had a legal right to distil the abovenamed article, and applied tor the accessary license, which was duly granted In eaoh case applied lor, via ?Brooklyn, Oieaapolnt and Now York. The rovoaa* officer* in each district war* duly affiurdod every facility to ascertain that the protec tion wee not whiskey or alcohol, tut "burn tag fink*" The collectors la each district wore entirely satisfied that nothing elo* woo mads these place* bo I lb* article for which the license waa granted. Two Inspectors of internal revenue in Brook lyn, however, without knowing that tba dtatiliaiioo of "burning told" was licensed by the new law, mad* a report to the Uommusiloner of Internal Revenue at Wash ington that then* parties, engaged In Una prooaas. were violating the law aa dleuuem without license. Upon IhW no order was received by the United State* District At. toraoy at Brooklyn to seize the distilleries and libel the property selzod. Prior to tho reception of tble order, however, the coonsel of these distiller* obtained on injunction from the -oprerae Court restraining the Coiector* or their deputies?the only officer* authorized under the internal Keren** law* to make seizures, from interfering or meddling with the pruoeaa of distillation. or the product, la the lac* of this, and without the color of law to ? attain him, the District Attorney gave the order lor seiaore. thus evi dencing on otter contempt of the order injunction. The injunction was obtained to compel the Impertinent at Washington to have tb* matter brought letore the proper tribunal, and to teat the legality of the whole proceeding!* This tho Department have, la the grueeest manner attempted to evade, and here taken lb* present arbitrary and unlawful measure* ui prevent tbe prunes of distillation, until Congress could meet and oonul tbe pre-ieut law. B. Now Yoas, Noor. 10, Ifififl. AFFAIRS IN BOSTON. SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO THE ICW TOU HERALD. fine Monopoly Alllillu In Hiwlwi The I'll) tonaldcrlua Ihr Ktiirdlmr; *1 Hnnnlnriur* lie It* Own llluaalaatlac Ajieni?1Three tliirdrr Trlnlo Met lltan tor the IOth af llrrembrr, Ar, Rowrow, Hot. 19, MM The gaa quMiloa ia Ju.t now agitating lb* public mind. The Itoaton Oaellght Com| .toy appearing to many a mo oopoly, the City t'oooctl are conaldartng Ilia etpedtency of the manufacture of gaa by tha city, the .apply to the ritizeoe at tha minimum ami and the removal of tha gaeworkl outdlde the city limit* At tha prunent time tha city manufacture* gaa for tho loati tutioaa at Dear I.Ian<1 and South Ho.ton at a ooat of $1 30 par ibotuand feet Our eitlrena ara paying f t U> pet thousand to the Hoaton i.aaltght tympany It la coneMared that the odor which emanate, fr ita the gaaoisatart la the any ?ertooely depreciate* ilia value of raal eaitata i? tha vieintty of theae nulaancaa. TTia coat of tha eatah II.timent of gaawork. by the city htl been eetimated at |1 (100,000 A heartng. opau to tha paMle. we# given M lb# City Hall Ibia eveclag. J law ? Htaaltpola ?p jeered for the City aad Harry Jawall, on# of oar loading lawyer* for tha gaalignt company. Dr. Hayee, tha dtata Aamr*r gava hit evidence al the bearing, allowing that tea rear* ago tha company fum^bed ga. of an iiiommat ng power of twenty raadle light# and now only that af twelve candle light* H* regarded a* eatlraiy practicable tha ?ban? of loratlng gaa outatda tha city limit* Another hearing will be given *noo. In tha Supreme Jadlctal ('own to-day, < bief Juutice Btgelow on the bench, Prank W. Hnuad* waa armignad on an indictment charging him with the wilful murder of A'h.lph I'rag.r H* pTeaded '? n"t fiity " Dtatnet t Homey Hanger appeared for tha govern iwot, and tha Court appointed (Tiart'* R Tram and Warrw* T.lton u nla rcmoeel. Monday, the Itch af Decern bar aert, w*. arwlgnad a* tba day far tha trial of tha pr twmer. Tba trial* af Alaiander Mr A ream, the the murder of a woman tn Adam* Mraat, aad of Rlicaheth dneli, for the murder of bar tnfhat ntw# by potwontag, are alao emigbed for Mie unu date Much tnlereat T* felt in the trial of Rounda, aa tha enna* af lb* murder la involved In myatery. Hon Joatah Qnlncy made a long .rptmaoi before tha foil govarnroant of lb* Board Trade Him afternoon favoring tba purchase by the Mete of in# tw* railroad, the Worcatrtar aad Wwtcrn, for tha raaeon that the fa cihtiec far traarpo rial too between the city aad tha Vwt would be rartly lacriaaad. Aa aarnae* effort Will be made tb k> winter to get tba through tha IdifMll tarn. nCSITTERlAl SEVERAL ASSEMIIT. ??aeam twin Mar. 19.1999 In the Brefbytartan Hewaral Amwabty u^day the diwatetan of the relation of baaHaad eMldraa In tha dte eipiia* of tha rbareh waa ronaHdad aad th? canon, ad reported by the cammttlaa, waa bdapicd. An important report on l>ea?9cdary edaraClaa ma (tw. ?naiad by tha rbainaaa of tha oawmtHe* ?yamiid by tba leal Onacral Aaaemhfy. Tba carton* af dlanptla*, a* fm W chapter 9, with ?light mi III nl i oa, have baa* ad opt ad. TW DEATH IE MS.JDWEU, Df LOWflllL Itonmu Hot 19.19M. Tba Comaar'i Jury which tiaaUaad the ramaiM of Mr*. Baa Bow all, report thai no trace* of pataaa war* fcund m Mr atamarn, aad aiimm.; .icaarated hag hnnbaad aad every ne tlee from Mdftcoa. Tha raanat rvpert of tha arrrm af Mr. ITrfU r* 'Htrmat to Ih* CITY HTKLLIGZ1CE. A Nsw Bum roe oi Wmraut Maiia-Two Hupm Tim b?v*o?A new WMiMwt baa been perfected by lb* foil Office Depart meal by which the greet Western T?iiy from Una oily u> Chicago laaaa bare two hours later tbao lot marly and reach that city at the aame hour lb the day that they did previously. The Weeura mall, which includa* the maiia fhr Uw cilwe of HanrlatoOT, Ctactnaali, at. Loaie, Louisville, * Paul, at. Joaeph, Sail Lake City and the oaerlaad mall (or California, waa formerly despatched at hye ootock the morning and at half poet four oW* ln the atier noon. It la now ooot by tlteA!lealoMrwite_*t ?'? o'clock m the morning and half peat sU o io*??ht lm the afternoon, tbua givtag our ettiaena two Uou? before the cloning of each mall, a?d, miJJ* reaching ita grand attributing point?Chicago?at the earn* boor that it did previoaa to Uue ani agmatat ) Tat MoarvAKT Ranotrr.?Dortng the week ending laat , gatarday evening there ware three hundred and eeeeniy two deatha In thla dtp, being a alight dacreaae from the number reported for the prwvtmm week. jhla jotal

ouo tltnih vis from cbolut, (hfM fron clwln* i?mui | turn, eight from other dlarrhued dMeaeea end nine from typhoid flavor. A New Gomolstb nr Maw Tana. ?A eew Cerumlele Oeberal baa been aetabllabed In thla c*y. Celiac tor Smyth. received official notice yesterday morning from Urn "(onaelate da In nepubjk* Pi*f Broadway, that J. W. Carrier had ?emed the duttee oj Consul Oeaerai, hie exequatur having been received i from the President of the Waited stated j St. Vwcairr db Pan Oniwas Airrtcu. -Tbe ladles of the Chureh of St Vlawet de Paul are holding * f**1**1 for the benaBt of He orphan aeylum, In the mhool reoma of the church, Ha 120 Went Twecty-tftrffwrest, Bltth and Seventh evoneaa, wBMfc WWM ubu* Saturday neat The ape>lal ohieotof thie feaUvelJs ?? locreMo ih? funds lo bs dsYOUd for the^ puroby of property noedtd for lbs propw of tne orphans under the care of the church. The affclr la a good work, deserving ell the eoUve e> mpatiiy that the charitable run bestow upon 4. Wmt Sma Amocixrio*.?A pnbllc meeting, under the suaploea of thla Amocianoo, will be held at the Everett Kooma, corner of Broadway and Thirty fourth street, to morrow evening, the Hat instant- Mattersor to owner* <>r real eatata will be considered. The special subject (or dieuuation will be "the rapid transportation of passengers In Naw York." Coowrr I'ANvamaua.?The Board of County Canvasser* continued tbelr labors yesterday. The return* from the Seventeenth Assembly district show a malortty of fif teen for Wilson Berry man (rep.) over Alexander Ward, the "nun ' candidate. Tan QuiaorHt-rrsAiiui??The following lathe substance of the report of the treasurer of the fond for the relief of the sufferers by the late conflagration In Quebec ? Pre viously reported 111,226, J K. Tudhunter A l o. $100, Speucr, Montague A Co. $60. total $11,375. Remitted to Quebec in all $7,700 66 gold. The Boot or s Uaowxao Ms* Rs. uvr.Hao ?On the af ternoon of the bid Instant James Uallagher left his home, in 120th street, near Second avenue, 10 attend the election, but waa ool seen agaiu by his Iriendp. Biltgsnt march was mads for Mr Uallagber, hut without succass till Sunday afternoon, when bis remulns were found floating in Mo (Jowans creek, near KMlli street and Third avenue The Tweuty-lhird preclui t police took charge or the body and not I fled Coroner Wildey. who held an Inquest. The Jury rendered a verdict of death by drowuing De ceased waa sixty years of ago and nualiveof Ireland. By trad-i he was a sloueiuasou. Mia*-nut s Eeoxrs.?Yesterday, while one of the passenger trams of the Erie railroad waa ncarmg the Hackensack Junction, a gentleman named (lardner at tempted to get on lionrd liefore the tram had stopped, but mlsa ng the step was thrown forward with great force. Foriuoately he caught h--ld of the railing of one of the car*, ami after being dragged along the track lor about one hundred and fifty yards, by great muscular Cwer be am reeded In raising himself to the platform lore the rars stopped, sustaining but slight injuries Thla happened inside of a period so short that uone or ljiv railroad -inploy- f and hut tew ol the pesseuger* at emed to lie aware of the occurrence. A V*v Stnuocatv 1 meant).?On Sunday night, while on hie way home, a man named Morgan 0 Brien, residing at No. ltd ("harry streoi, stumbled against a block of martile near the corner of Kutger* and Henry *D1! fell heavily to the ildewalk, fracturing hla skull and sustaining otbsr Inj-irlas of a serious character lie was taken in a stale of msens-blllty to Bellevue Hospital. Earn, rauu * Forum Btoht Wiswiw ?A man named William L*oo fell from a window 00 ihe|floe?th story of his residence, at 136 Uraanwlch street, yesterday, and received injuries which it is feared will prove fatal. It ha was etigagsd repairing the VsuuUen blinds, sdien he became attracted by the rollisioo of two carta ,? l.'nconscious of hla position he V-t go his hold and fell to the ground, sustaining serious and external injuries. He waa conveyed to Bells* ue Hmpiift by ad offloor of Uia TwentypfeoucL gojori ?wwwwwc?. ?Ad oooonfoo? of ? ??now tore happened vesterday to a farmer named j sines M Applagate, residing in New Jetuey. It seems Mr. Ap I plegate, sccompanted by some friends, want into a pho tographic. gallery in ?*?SZ!"o2d having some pictures mk*Q ^e tbam be oompWoed or the heat oT the place, and left there 10 gat g* , .-an ukortlg ?"?? nasi law th# SiisI S* mmm swum* with a paralrtlr lit and found blaeding from tbs fight ear by an officer of the Third product, who pvocurafl medical xmuiance. r?n< umion of the brain had rasniied from the fall. Tan riniM-A public meet-ug of the at. Patricks Circle, Fenian Brotherhood, was held last erasing at Temperance Hall, Twenty ninth street, at wbicb Mr. Momaon, Mr. Archdean and a penaio named Ueffefiy, whose name le unpleasantly asaoeiaied In the Inah mind with the MulTal Mansion scandal, made speeches The hall waa Well Oliad with a promiscuous crowd. Ttis call for lbs mx-ting stated that one bun-lr'-d railroad man were wanted and certainly Ilia pres. nee of soma of the . audience on the i *na-liau liner would scarcely servo to increase the value ol lb? railroad su? k 0/ the jwovinca Mr Kadertv In lua ni-eech developed so01" ? urieus ihao nee oT govtrninent the ,-th o.'.ual, ? that ?ho I hi not obey sulhoritjr lon,?r tsu Ihwy thought proi --r Mr Morn-on declared that ? snaiU woatdsgaUJ bi invadsd. and this tun. n-. American i^rasite shuuld be allowed to slay ibe ni-iviiment There wero a thou ? m.-i. .0 li-idsio waittng order* 10 marah. The boor waa liusr at iialid Ac. A parw-n near the door, who re- 1 membered ,avn-g -een fnietbllteii in t ansda suggwued U, a friend Dial ? >ei? io?n Slueiid bruig aloaig with bun a cast iron stu ? Hm Btvelleg waa continued until a late hour. Bcwiiak* Fri' ierrwvb sv * l.rrnr r.tvt. - <>ri H-mdav D.ght last, while the Uunly of Mr B. B Htht.eld r, of No 13U last >1 <t) fit th street, wax temporarily el-eol rr.,m home tbetr h"it-s was entered by rotne b irglsr* wh? comuiir-ii'ed ci-Mscting sad parhmg uyjwh-enj movables were withm rra- b. A little girl who ws in the how raised ?n vlsftn end frtghli-ned ibe ttdciee 10 that th?-y fe.1 w thout making a "ba il titr R?u.mi*ii ArvTbavTA ?John Tan yen, wlula in tha act of atapping oil of car Ne. M$ of tha Wevanth avenue Una on Hun-lay evening, when near Twenty anth street, mlwwd his footing snd. ?? Kround, hurt b.s ahoiilder very a- veraty He waa takan u. a a^thor-nna dens Tod after hav.wg I.M wound dr. weed was e.,njav?d to lu? re-Hteauw, N-i 16 Raat Htrventewtii etraat. Julia Ber?r? attempted to step off of car No M F.igblh avenue b-it tho rsr dartmg rather sod-lenly threw her down Slid dragged liar some dietaooe, lajanog hw inter oally She war " urvyed Ui the drug store at the corner of Flabth arsnue sn-l Nlaetaaoth etlw-1 where |e,n torwv rli if vma adgMmetered, after which .na -as S57h t-r resi'iew , No. ?6 Bedford atr- at flevna Fill ?Morgan (i Brian, stity Ave years of age raai-iiog at No 44 Charry strest. While wslk.og thri'mah flinton ?irw.i ?* Bandar night, t.- ktenie iy fall SWrt^STp end erm v^ ^varo.y He am c m rayed to Bellevu# Hispul. Fisa iv BHuaowiT. The alarm ?< Are at twaiva o rlr?k laat night iwiglnated oh tha Uurd Boar of *2* Broadway, the -ap man .fartory of Brown h Roltshr-f-sie; d-mag ahont $400 The second floor la occupied by Franci* A Co., daal'ra in sewing machine needles, aad Hut-nail A Hill manufacturers'* wroth et Stripe Th? damage on the'second floor la by "??/ ^ a ion The Brat flc r is a rijar store, owned by Charo?> A Waldron 1amag- ?'-out WWl ao maurawoe in the t? ao^y.tsr salrsm, hv Mr Halmek SX" by ?abrr ^-iH ?l?F?^ Mo. 4? Is orxi pmdhy JHmI, Swt and <-*ker, U.. dsmaga to hi* stjes will ha alight The buildings are owned by tha ?'"illion Idam "ft.ey are dam.ged about $4011 aad am mid VI be lasere-l. nea iv Trimn Avt-rh-Abrmt seven a lees last Bight atr* r?eorr?4 to the rsau raat contr eTNlty flf'h atreet and Third avanaa, wwaad by J. Hao, Itob ass wee ale- dooe to the lb|acv etrwa of C. A The Whole damage V. hath {Lro. tn not .. re~i ? UN? Ia-ur?d t.^t? Nw Aw. pur-latn awl $1 Niafwlaa insusaacu rompaairo It Mill I 'UM?T H IU.T0GM A Uaoai !? ? fl? a( laanalir Kill* llrt Ma !??'? 4 MM mmd 4it?nu ra Harder T?? of Nrr ? wo ( UMrrt. Iai norma, Woe. 1> )*M. A brr U? ?ITWr c<?rre4 Ih* ofteroooa at (M Mk *to?e of Mr Jem as r.aart Baltimore moot Mr* ue?rfe flcff, ? 4M(hMr of Mr. MorHoa, rt??di*| wtO bu UmJf, wLil* lb* alw?M of iltMlb Maitf attack*! Mr ova ebiMrae u4 iIm of Mr mm Mr* Cb*A f rbmaa witb a eotim-m toMo batfe aad eat lb* iftroat of o r? of Mrs r.^batoa, ar*l ob?vt flare, ?o4 lh?o atU-n.pted (be Mf* of b?r feeOfM 'blld, veaodioe It ?rnt'f. WM Iboa rndearored la bill Mr atom rblkl be I it wap*! TM iffb:r im>1?'?d a* lotos?* M' Ummt a tbo Mt(bbofbO0C TM portvr we bloh'T rwr|*rtaM*. fe? i bo atom veovrnlot) n hm Mr* oarortiiftMl tMt Mr*. O'ti W M ?if road la iMm trfbr* i? lorf oo bet' ?b ofciiOf?? Ml oatf attempted to <to a* ?ooio? b?r bill (bo DIM Wf, tKhemft, (Mf mm* tboir ooeopo frete iMir mrtb*r r-ttrr*.4 TO* oaMpiy ?KMI *e? rtantod W M llMM MTIUS aberVf Mtor jN m ?MM ? V% PABAGOATAH W1R. Details of the Reptlae of the Allies at Fort Cnpaity. THEIR TERRIBLE LOSS OF LIFE. THE 8EC1R TUPLE ALL1AICE. The latdUMC of the Alllte Made ?ere OJteui. Ad., Ac., Ac THE MSAUIT 9F CURUPAITY. Ofldtl Reports *f Ik. TerHM* Kapular of the Allied Arrey u< Hoot mm k*|i. W. TH* tUT-liM* laHO-llWM'l UM.T. Yesterday at half part alairan A. It, afiar lb. .quad ron bad, with a krevy and wall directed oanponad.., bombarded tba fart ahd lt*ek at fortification. of Ouru patty franMvan o'clock ia (bat boor, according u> o>ir comblnation wit* Vl?a Ad#ral tba Vlaaonda da Taman dare, at lb. wbtn tba ifon-clada Braiil, Ta mandare and Barroao forced tba utockade under a vary heavy Bra from tb. enemy', battary, tba two column, of attack and one of raaarra of my command, which were awaiting tbla momant In poaitiona, re oelvod order, to advance, tba kfl column directing II. attack on th. e*trom. right Of lb. .namy'. entrench, where tb. battery of Cnrupaity la aettbllab.d. and th. rocond column at the oantra of tha mm. intrench m.nt. At the mm. tlm. a cotamn of Argentina Infkntrv, having in reaerve another, advaooed upon tba .naruy . eitrama left . . Th# attack waa vigoroua, obliging tba anemyto aban don hi. Brut Una of inlreocboient", which oonamtad of a ditch of nine feat width and reven faa? depth, with a oor raaponillDg parapet garoiafaod with Bald artillery, which retired. . . Having irannpamied thin Brat obetacl# under a .bower of Which waa thrown from a E'OH NBwr w mity night .nd thirty-two ixiuudare. It waa tmporeibje to attain ihe centre of the reconil tin. of defeo' e, which oonnricd of high parapet* with a dlloh of eighteen faat width an I Ilftenn feet depth, at wboan end. thny had mired the ground aod ootuUru.le.1 on ibmn two atrong block bo???? lirlHUing. like all the real of tha Ifn., with Uaavy artil lery. an overflowed bottom, rood.rod Inatipwahle by .batllree placed In th.m, .aiatiug between lb# t*? 'h irenchnieiita. , , . In prawn. ., ilieu, of so many and audi powerful oh alaclea it waa inipowlble to cany by aaaault ao atneiig a poaitlon, m which the enemy lad cooonolrated ihe greater part of hta forcea. Kmn an, according to the in formation I have, mure tbau fbrty brete men naii'-yei'd Into the fort of Cumpaiiy aod got poreerelou of four piece. of caanon, but who, a. w?? to l<e skpecteu, *?r? vtcllm. Ui their patriotic dariag. A. anon aa I have knowledge Of their name#, which I am undertaking to aacertaln, I WUI aeod Uiani to your Ka- .Homy, that not only times but odi.r ad* of true ub uegatiun may uol remain without rtnninpeocm The Argenllno ooluiun aiu-ountoriag th. iamo lata perable difllcultteH in Ita attack, oolwlthitandtllg the gab lantry with which it advanced, In atnord With General Mitre I ordered a retreat, which w. eghatad In good order, larrying lu not only our wotmded but alao our dead without a .Ingle one of the en.uty daring to go out of hi. line to give u,. a that, although hta artillery fir-i oeaaed ouly at half |?*t three, when (fco focere oovertng our retreat were out of raugo. Many and much loll are the loaaea tccjurtoned by thi* fniHirated attempt, ac your Excellency will aae by the nofulual relation of tha offieor. aod return. of UI. dead, wounded and bruleed, wtdch I hova the honor of ad '"jtirordlog to a note hlnwod to ma by General Mllre the Argentine army had naiir. (ban 1,60(1 kor* dr o labor, among tbeiu many Am soon aa |>orelbl? I w.Il giva your Eicohcn y a de tailed report of all the oeu.rrancro durng tba areaull of the ggd of this month. HAKWN l)E POBTfVALXfilir Ct ai ?r, Kepi. 24. 1W utuaii eoarvi or tlta a.ttf A<u?eT fAnAUCAT. Offletn. iVuvibe Killed ** , Wouuded Ilk ' ?1 Cootueed d" 94 total ... aoi l.?W The fortification, of C.ropaity w.r. mounted with fifty all pleou# of . ai.O'uand lef.odid by fourteeri battalion., the allocking force, comprised eighteen tkouaand men, half Bradl^n half Argentina ran mn-iMlut musmu i mnar. Qoanae, tteyt fit, Ifidtt At awveo A. M. the iMClade BaMo and Lima Darvue ?tr ained up in *l*kl of jhWl art eftiaawpaity and opened ?re. while th. iraimiii % Maul, Ataman aod Tamandai". three n enian vwmaAt toofhomhwaamleand tbrea armed Bala bombarded the wnmn from ? poattton onexpOMd u< ha i.? my', d At aigbt tba Bra upon tba t At midday li? e??? . i ?- . ? Her roan and Tamaadare. Wb*ab ptocwi lhamrelvea ?a a poeiiion to throw grape on tba aae my ? halierv while tha Iron niarf? Harem and Habt. .ad tb. I .r nabyha, llaherlbe and Mage, placarl obliquely to It, tried to dlaoMiunl air ranitoo. rnmpaawl of au aiity-aigbt pounder, and rem. thirty twoa I than ordered ail th. Bra ta convert' on the fort, m the utormere were already ?lvan< ing and the artillery and moak.try Brro ware gaoaral along ail the intreoch moot At three the vary h?a?y Are <t Paragaaym lary continued. and th" allied army had act r?t obtained any ad van leg' l.enarabi dure and Prwi? A l-gre tfteo reaolved to ellari ta. retreat of the two armm u> 11,air pnaitein* at Cur.iu Tba I id of I uropaity direct*! it. fir. m 'h. 'hip. .1 Hie .Ida of tha Gran <*haco from midday, .nd prim ipally ao uia ironclad. and Tamandar", which had tha .tar beard plat ng ?.r 'iiialy damaged Kowa I da tee '.are broken, many bolt# .tartvd an-l th. lacking <if w.eid on the Min<* aide of their ear mate, gravely aliakao ?in, clt M poundara were ai.m'utiitod ow tha Hranl and a great trim bar af balla luhe-l ?h. port. In tlreir cawnttw caoetug the d image aad woe ode nate-l in the included report. -Kraml, reran wouoded, Tamaa tar., one killail ai d four wmtaded, Limn Karr >a. two wounded Kabul, two wounded . Ilamam, three wounded Til. Other ironclad, tred uo daman.. ?orth cie?id'ra tK>In tha conditl n "f there riiip" after the relif n? of the army the per Hon occutdO'l by theio ?i???. t'e k ade wa. very didkutl to maintain, ihavfare I ordered the viuadmn Ui retire in owler W> Gre | nodioo. nrvupl.d prevHW.Iy Tilt' . Mf-otant l-'.ndre. m tha battery of I'urotiallv were tl.romn.lad by tba wnKlO'ii lie yuniMMi I'mrnahvho rawlvad twotadl. aod aom. grape. but l??d no U i?t?,-re of |mp?. tanca . The flre of the UiTieaiith t?M? ion on'arke.1 ,0 lb. wi.ia.lrun, I had ordered to tie Graa ? hwm. rauve-t eoCTi" I.e. to th. I .re, uay.n ?rtiil?rwe Tim Wi -adron toed twenty ..n- men *' ,"<1 ?IWbtly wiuudwl Amot.g Gwre (ret war t apt do ful slar.o Ant'.rno do. Kan'oa ro.m.t.din* the lew red ilirtoMin Ttie .hip. at the Paraguay .tde r.twtv.d w tor grape an J mo .'trr and cm. cauaon hail. U.r??n by tb. enemy by .-l< vaOat., but roffored ao uaroag. I hoy bail only the Woandod inet.uona.1 in the rep<at grtr-,?. or r* ?? r? w iw>.-< Mt? aw Th. lire.. ?.?.? paHk'a to flre with her .u.boai I ba u-ry w lb grape and m.tum aii?H The aaen.r prrttoa ebmaly kept ?p a Ore at find from two ?tity.ght pawhn, anerward" with tyyv-relag otlt e gbt w. wall aa U frwi'tn tly U.row ,u .hot lot" the purtholre, .nd direbhag oe o# bar wny ? ght^ b? breaking a lyinatoa .nd ttk cart a?., redtb. r?r nam of Ifi. adKnning iurea. At two i * re" rw order, ta reare nr. trot "bile tha men area voter lot" tha hold from the - ."-mate a shot roirod a irort, >urea ing the and .inking tha b?l? rt,attar.og. and WiflhlHd ?*#if ff?#o ?? k'Mtf ti .n "*?? *? - ? .mail fre??H-r.v wfiah fell wrthlo the are..,W? .od I may my tfiat out a *;ogle pareun -r th of aa. ,etou h.d ugbt the wre kreplng op a brer, Hilary ron tha march ng cnlumaa nt the arm) nidday Ifi. Mnckade wre reread by the iron clad. q 1MB. Tb* part of tk? MrtMil ti4r ?f Km naaamaia r,mr r? b#f.'l?l Mfoil IM tlat'i'imal |?>tt *A'I H>a lbM4 ft I ?t*ri*4. <0.1 ae<o?4'?4 l" U?? aptb v# (it* f.f?? ??#* n**? mu!4 i.<4 r?w tub. at b*t?a*1a? t|' * *>U*.oi ?HIM **T ** W># ?"*?* ??*n w>??n<1?4 vara intfX sir f r?*tu' of Iron. Mr * ibol* air*-* ofttwrcl lb* tunointi (tir' t?wra? lb* S*M plaM bMow, l*>. and ' MM.aif arlia* t?1 ? lb* Malta h?'f an ia?>< r.Jv-n ????! arw.r.i Oi* **r?i. t |..n ?*i*i*f lb* ^<u> inawl* it.* ".rt>?n a?4 in* ir >? ?*ia? tub n * rm *a4 'blr4 |'-r. p*?,*if?i *4 thra* awl a half ?r. ' nr.* ?' 1 * 1 *ta*i?f t**fm at*) pari a* ?** af lb* K>t* into thr*> plaum* M* r...??4 l? * Ujla4 pan, par, a . - ai 1 o*a ? i a half r?'i>?* lib a* ? rbu ? half in". n.*?/4* **4 Han bf ail lb* taav rra. an i in lb* r**r af U>* ???*??, pan. ? n lb* am palt aba** ?,* ?*??* Km, **?**?*? on a*4 a ha,f ia*t *. t*/ru, i ?r, I 4ri'l*f II lb a ? alf limb <*>a fmtM of th* |*n* ?r*r '? lb* Awl {it*** of lb* ***** It.*, **t#*f * <M# aMtbaif ia*Daa, pair*** <? p"*t* an-1 4ntm? n ?? a r? f iikh '*** an aarrfba* r ra* plat*. i?i *i? <m ? ha*f ?nrb ana fib n? lb# pl.t* In "i*pab4 a balf ?,*,*. if* *? tha vatar bit* p**?M*oMi>f ana Mark tat 4n? a* la iba plat# thraaailfMb* )*'b ?*>?*** oOtan Mruaa to t*rb.a* *%>-** oUiat iba* ib* (4aiibf ?** af ab.ft) rat Of lb* <(**% ?/*?* ll.a -a ratal* tra<**? of tan p-aal ? **4 aatar af a* fb* a* Uk* ?>* I -lata, Kb Mb 4 nana.) ***** half *?ti*f* a**a ?*4 *??*? bKtra ?am*f*4 Tha HimH *b ibaaf mat ham ?.?aa in it * ialtar* fornaf 'h? ?nra*4* a IW* afia* not*. Tha hartwn r?r**4 lb* brlib MtMaMlf *fi?* Iba Uraail a *4 ***b.*M a?HM bar, MHwaar. o*>* *a4 tan mbtab htifib af tba bn, raata aiaf ml 1 ia*aif wit*)** pna foaf 9 M Hf lb* ah?* II ai nro** lb# *a*n at" l*? malt fa. pin* aaa of i*? r?aV|ii. a m? vmiaa nn-t, *i, i 4 tor* I baa. I? o*a **4 *??*?? ?s.' im ar>4 too a/*) nam. atfbtb lacb** anoibar at thr a*i*t im* ?*Mr*4 *?? aid ami half iff!., t*4 fror* 'h# pfa** w half as ib*fc ttfo abnr* Iba MrlMMI 0** on n-tot-n narhtatf otiKt ntl t| an amWltti baatba* bb*> I ha balab n*a* lb* anft** roa faraaM >A lb* 'built, |?rt*4 tba ?ratlb? a*4 * *4-1 la* iftet.** **?*'? f VMb *ja.Bl*f*. tbf* li?# lb?t?r, iaf t?M ?*L ItaaiMn* lb* !*'< bfattM* !#'? **IMf MfMly *?M*4a4 f?'i |H4* of tl.l mm aa* *v'** ?l riutili nai M *** a* > (a.tat* a,it. alt* l,* at .*1 faaaaa Tba bt aaaai *w by the oommawdar to har* a mutton like aduubl* bead a a altot and to alrike aomattni' wnh the point and aoiue timea with the rear, an wan aleo r.cugnlaad in the *p l ? ?r..r.? ? of the indenlatl. ; aaadi The I cn.amla/C alau forced the aPx-kada, hut her re port ia not yet published. She had thu (larboard aide of the raarmaie aeanrely battered and started. tthe had one killed and four wuundad. The l.itna Barroe and Haiti* remelBed below the slock ade The fortner had the Iron oolurnn supporting the captain'a naaemat* brokan and ltd thick wooden top U? veraed, splinter* wounding the captain allfhtly Konr ?boU struck the aids, three the lowars. one bemrraed the engine room grating, and other* did damage In ether part* Hh* flr?d on* hundred and flva auioolb ahote and twenty Ave aheila Iteaidae the captain a eeeman wan , wounded aevarely In the arm The 'labia dtamouutad una and disabled another of tho enemy's elity-eight ponedera Mho wae wrack bp aloe Idea altty eight pound tbote?eight on the aide* three OB the turret, foor on ita covering, three la the Mack and due on tho eapetan. rthe had thnw man slightly woeadad?ob* insula the tewar by a apllnwr from a bell wbleb groored abov* tb* right auu Tho appocptue Iliad to i,? f.mandar# by Mr Tom ho for pnWHM U* eiploaiou of P.rprdooa, them had beea po opportualtp to try Th# Admiral duet not approve of MUlhdo wM*h rirer sa the Taraguay, which ia there ?even hmadred yards wlda, and t?el<a* the danger of breaking tad entangling in th# ar.rewa of the raaeeia, they required to ha fcgtened te th* t>*uk which wae a possession of thd eoem/. He preferred seeping te ade oat to dmg tho MiWBddhdwer. Tweuty were thus pro> V SB tod frotn exploding aeai the vaaaaia TNE >IC>?T AtUANCi. tuptr wMb Fret rat. ,jraBr*r..1ss'" To nta* IM HiMW "i trnjou.* A??'M or rat RaruauO OP Bouvu:? Ei< eujaacT_fhB?o urn h^arta^rhhip your nuta dated on the ?tb of last July, which oama o hand y?? lerday, th* ITth Instant. The Argentine government wad surprised try the cob tenu of an d note, and is roavtaadd that the povernment of Bolivia will eaaity reeogalad thd IIUlO fcaddallon * had for ita alarm and ronmwpienl proceeding As the treaty of alliance betwoea the Argentid* Brailltan and Oriental governments against thd4 ^nuol Paraguay ie secret, the Argentine governmeBt *? ^ enter Into any dlaruaaton or consideration ^ provisions, nor make any revelation with t*" 10 contents. Nor can the Bolivian govern? nam treaty, nor to any publication conc*nlu' ?" * jeat aa It Hands at present, to sup,jrt l<1** 1 ** frleadly governments ar# engaged u PloU1#* the republic of Bolivia of any ? "lu>r7 lh?l b,,,on?" W "? undar the plea of their w V*Wr ??rb ? ptclon bacomoa tb* unju.tlftahle Mid lt.eipll.dhld from the factum4 ?"? Argentine t-voruo^enl ?'*"*!? treaty of amit*, Oommere nartgntioa and with Urn -proeentatlvA of Bolt via, on tha Ad day or Mav tedh?that ta, on the day foHnwing th* tha alliance and the Argentine t ongrem has sothofaad He ratllhalion. In tb* twcotlaih article mid "na'y stipulates that "tha boundaries Argentine Kepubllc and llellvta ahall bo aotlloa by apei lal treaty between the Uv,r after a commission, to b? appointed by both parties, ahall have eiamlnad lh? revjwrrllve ""??v made the n<? eaearv survey* and presented the or plans.* the boundary line Both ?',v' site tha necessary atapa to Us e litis ?til'1''*"4"' r?'r '* ,eit In the m-antlrae pi**e??ton shall give so rtfbllo territory which ahall not have belonged ong nally to on# ar the other nation." ? If tho ratiQcatIons of said treaty have not aa yet ceo esrhanged th? reason te that the Ihdlt ton ? harg' m i|uean d an cgtenalon of Un.a, aa appears from thd ? r > toed annaiad. But In order thai the government <dT UMiv'a'n.yb* Conr.m-d of IU error I hereto copies of the not** eichanaed at Utc tlm- id signing thd treaty of alliance between the plenipotentiaries of tho got crnment of hla Hhl-Hf Ut* fcmperor of Braail and of the Oriental republic of 1 ''r b ?>..*?' fbroifM4"1 im ihf*y ??r? bound io do, "?? neilu Xch lb" VpuWlc of Uollfid hno t? thu icrrihwy It lug on thn right benk of the laraguey. m KK could have no referent, wherever U. n oueetton of bound**!-? 1wlwo?w the Ar*""'"" "J** nobti! and Bolivia, our between the letter and the ern pare of itra/il I hava no doubt that thaee will give entire aatlafactlon to the government of Bolivia, M that said govern moat will rental*" UtMwm an ad ?he rmpw t -htclt Om; WJ" lie h? for the rights of other., ? public, of Bolivia Is concerned , for to It shew hooM by tie* of the most fraternal aymi>aihy, and with im vol'4* bio c? uperatluti aha hopes to be able W? . ?ettle the peeco and pcoepardy ofb-dh MoplmijjonB more solid bawls Henoa I am your akcellsBoy the .? "RVh^I iT^ lX guialted coualdaratloD. RLPINO DR KI.lZAl l" Tit. follow,ng M on. of three note. the plenipoleutlarlee who Mgned the tflfle thee* are worded alike, aseepttng In the s Idrem - Brseoa Avned M?y I, '**?,. To hla Raced!awry thd Hlntetw Wenltiotedtldgy of II M. the Emperor Of Braail, Dog Eka*4'wei OtSAfuno nw fir mhU which preceded article aareuteen of lb# treaty of all ?nru which 1 this Jar with your Eioelledcy and Ibm t dries de (eatrd, Mrnip.denil.ry "f th* Orle.tdl^ repdbl|c of t rwgwny^ H wae understood by IhdMired ptentpotedMdftdgtd bO intention of their canr-tttvv. doveconaewm ^AJM? artt la should not he u' ^i^.JJik .? BoilvId may mat* Jo any urru^yfl the rub wnk\_w me c-ewa-'f. e?# that B cefeso Sdteiy ae awe . - - I "irr ? m ?! "'"yl * ? The Cblleen press In eommeetlng stem the reply ?? -ro?r d* EUfdMa, unrall more of lh? hypeortay ef thB allies .11 this scheme ..i epoUeli 'O, and I,,f d,,oi,t aa Ui th* utunor intentlodr of Braail Buemw Ayrea and I'ruguay in war against following eglracta troin a .?antiago Journal will ?ka? thd light In ah rh in# allies are regarded on the I >. eat of Houth America:? iprom the Independieote iBantiagd, ?*hlle) 'opt 3*1 ar>i.iria ??n tew aiuaeod. lion Mm d. Bletet.-r far ??*???? **?4'* 'f tha Argintine lie; M c. Ua replwd to the seta . f Auly f wt ? h ttt?? flfniviaii ?4lir?tf*d (ikiii r,tt rem"a* He ? ret mpia alUan- * aretaat farm*way iT,.iw.pK ? o. dicttdd by th- -caty rt w.e m.aji of ttl? IPiiltIM gd*ern?a*Dt dan 4wl IhdA. IB vl?a iM t " I should av ? matter prudence **'erta;n whether a. ch a trse?v had say fal asiateeee Met Mm Arg.,? v gov mm M L .. .rv 'ed tx ?n aaked whether a t/?*ty of * ndferkw* hCT-arwctey ail's or not and n.d dar-ng to deoy thd fdrt. It "pj'*? that -aa th.. t.eatr . . a-rre, ne it l? mo ^ anter mu. an, li?c,4?,.,o -w ?no- 4at*l-?o lotte. h- r l" ?bf reveal on concerning It bopl. .try co ltd d-atrw no more nownlah w*2 haa a?> ~l the ArgeeHne (?rarsaiaal to ?**? rerelsmonar Hut. porhap.. ?W ?? f aiiii'ilatl- 'W whiiti r ma h ? V11 , "Z a,.,jtr td.ird mellsr f-r r-v?a4 m In fv '* this i a lea rut i U. awhcerloga and et.?d,U.?* w'l. f 1 Arg ntthd Ml r dlvilga a rewhg f#l raw (. . , |h*4 l(lBf? if# , a. n tCat treaty eiarwaiaf tha refi.|4d',. at Rem an*, Tb* IPdivten g'.verwb'nt **t~t no; t Wieclr Ihdulred whether -id tr-aty were aut|.*ntir, | !. rr*-. H It* M rJ * ?' ?h" "? ?*" vi ted 'a pfovi' 1 ?? gave ra* I* alrliel sWyhwM *w .L,t Of IP tivts, aoetng Iraal ?l.ey pyoytded fey a r?g? U at.oa ?* li*r le. .ed? Wiiboetevew glvug hay s<c-a tt.* fail And ibar* ?'t t na hay# gtvan jr?*t ..ft* - * to tli* Argentine govareeient?aw Wfi Me wtotw lar tat I r?un ABa.r* Ih t tb# eoly thing thai ie am ton ?u ag le r# ia tha y#ry aarpre# ut the Argentthe Mth l,v, ?",r t'f r* the Bo'iVai, |>r.fT? knaw that ?wad ?**??* orortatried any provia?.?.e warrahlthg L-il tted aeld Md mh)art. Ilb'r dulMBBbSBtd hhd Ml*ody . idad lu th' asm a fact. And, ym. whet go?a?io-*cte ?lieThey toother- than th. ?%ry t-ift *? f thw-m* ? rat treaty, av ?# *#??? *d hy thd note# wht h ?#?'? glued* adt^ae* u? hie rwptr S e. tb* lb ui gpy.nlh'dddt ?** rvA >h ? " I ' b t. a no* '4 the at wtSSS of aei.rad satsi rwil*" 1 * ** |d , . in * r*-'tale ertewt thfertnel nrl it bed thd l?tfwt rtfM pi daiaaad aa .apaioai'W Ifthdca/ucaw 1.. mrtrfteed th# Argentine pWsBIII It >ery tftegWe |^/aiu roddenly ?e-cm4- ?* "* n:'; ?> leans! en alewrteg wp thw fi.#M,??. ? * l?* I ,?T,'eI Wew f aervrta* en the |?#c of l* ? *'***, IT , r,.t la merely todova* ep am ??**?# tr y. ?hd to rat*.- vmoog the r I ec-pta r" seed by tl>a ra(-iblt?w tf itafwiH IICUUI <? TV fACft lAilVIT, Avmmm, (MM. Sfn IR 1|M Tha t?<tf *f f?ur??4 ?i?wimu ffMD Hwalr*, M*w Turk. fiii'M > ?Bl that ?NIM, Wt Imw to *?r fat Ik* praaaot urn, aua f iba uiMfl liraa, ti ?f if.? I' ra_b ? at, af all** fattf ? ?* *ut?* bat* la*a* KianftataR. TVi part r laatala* aataral ,??* af lb* m >*, U.? |vi. *nwpwtl onr.-.w aMnaara, taatr a ??<*?? Wlw4 ">"Hi1TlT **4 raitaaai ft- ??? all parto if Mm vaiiiiy,, A*w<*e tbaai U Tanur -m.lh ?/ Ma* ?U?j ?titr* MtRpa. II***. mafat, if Ra* ?<*%,?? aul Claala*. i/MiiHwaiiti - t ?u?r I* wwf. af Kabaa* R. kf r murky if Dawm, R H ?* Tart, a*4 a laraa waUr af ta. aa if Iba taa4-a* ra.lroab* f MM uaM'} ab4 of H>* (iraaa Tbai',T?f -nar.1 ^ ????*?'w*r? in 4*f t<amiaa4 lb* ?nr -f ar t a "f '???<) uMra af lit* e**tral Mart f tba ? ?-*? Kairtl' Ran ma*. a*4 aill r?|<ti iba aw? I* c ? Nfraury af iba laurv* a la a* a**i >iaila n?t? " ?" 1 ? * m WMW lllCM *T Inrm, Ran It |M* f fl. ffraaaaaab ka* baa* MrMrad atao 11 u tbf r?fwt*i*rta i/aar frawfe DWr iba antaa ?**? afur ?*?. 4 an ba r,| W.lata* Ufa! b7 lit Altnmay ' aaatal f lb* *?au T".-? ?? vaU* alan *'**?* %, It Rtrt|?'?y tart l? ? M ?an w?aaa*. a*4 nrrmmm <>***? J ni* t *>? ' ?<?? I'far .?Wi a*4 RM|*lf bar* t**M**1 lliaii ???> Va ?a f'"*? Mm <x/aMf curb. fttmeijiTiiuEKi ' ibtrii Jab* A. La***, af Ii ?.aW, t: T ' HH*R, af ft, a*4 Ma^a. **b#, ?f laab. aytaaat. at* at <b* M. Rtabrrta* B>v* fUaatal J. ?. RNadiaar, if "bi-- ? ?? I R H lip# ffnrtljr ? 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