Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,040. !TiW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 15s60.-TllIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PKRMSili. _ "lnTpFllSOS GIVING INFORMATION AS TO THK whereabouts of one Willlmm B. McCarthy, wUt be a rewarded hJ tknvtBK the same with Mr. luec y, el the Howard House, ooruer of Broadway and ? MY INFORMATION OF THOMAS KBNNBY, WHO has bees loei since tUa fib of November, would be - received by ret s\ entte, received by hie brother laadore, at Sixty-flr?t "tree! ie, if. Y m mm** AND HOUSTON? MONDAY EVENING, ertMibM to o'clock. Gentleman mused you. n, Herald ollii e. r ON HARD HARDY THURSDAY HVHMINO. ? WALKER. flATHAKINB DONKHOE, LIYINO AT NO. lfi ORKF.N V Wieh at reel, New York, Wiahea to bear frue> inumae . who lately arrived from Ardbraeean, ooumy Meath, ?5 DAHM. TIIK GRBATBBT A8THOLOOI3T. BE veala your whale bfe. Fee only SO ' tret Boor. CHARDEN AND ANNOY STB AM SB AND THIS i> H avenne ear, Bntnrdayeeenlaf?If the lady will want u Interview to the gentleman eufuMte her en the alear w WHYI-AY?THURSDAY, NOVRMBBR IB, AT 11O'C' ?o<MC. f Feat oHee, or Friday, if tbaa praeeteA ?TTVaRRHN WILD FLRABB LEAVE 1 ns AD draae at oOea, Bar 0. H. Earringum, of fyracuae. I gfflg<tagisas.^ja. w.?." 8255 Weldon, SpH^LADY WHO LEFT A_<K>LD WATCH (IN A TIN _ ax) te be repaired at MSColuotbU etreet, Brooklyn, ^?daeat Mr ticket by a young lady. will plcaaa call and re ?Haa bar ewa wateh. GENTLEMAN WHO CAME FROM CALIFORNIA week, with a letter for Hre. Thorn from ber eleter, all at 18 Ludlow etreet R. r. FOSTER PLEASE SEND HIS ADDRESS to box MS Font offloet LOST AND FOUND. ~ AN ,T'?S*-AN ONYK BREASTPIN, enclosed in an xd envelope, directed to Bra. Dertd Banks, 468 Fifth ev Thepin waa broken from the er.yv. ami waa ou the i of the envelope. A liberal nwara will be (Ivan by laa It to 4B Firth avenue. T OOT-A BANK ROOK OF THE SEAMEN'S SAVINGS Jd Bank in aeceuut with Heaeklab Campbell. The finder wiiplease return It te the Bank, ffi Well ktreet. OST?ON TUESDAY MORNING, BOTH INST., A BLACK A India Rubber Baud Braeelet, on Broadway, between lath and Eighteenth streets, or in Uniou squara. Tbe Ider will be auitafiy rewarded by leaving it at W Bond r OST?LAST SUNDAY. A CAME WITH GOLD HEAD, J marked E. P., riding from Twenty-second etreet to the antral Park. A liberal reward oKered on delivering came > <8 West Twenty seoond etreet. Stf OHT-BY A POOR CLERK, $?!, IN S7& $10 AND $6 I notes, on Monday evening, between SW Broadway and St. Nicholas, or from there to Mi Broadway. %M ra ti will he given for tha return of tame to L. Prang A Co., Broadway. W OST-ON SUNDAY EVENING, A GOLD BRACELET j. r Initials inside M. A. F., in going from Tblrtesnih streei Kaebyteriau chnn-h. The iiuder will be rewarded by leev Kg It at.M Frenkltn ktreet, with Wm. M. Morgan. T OST?$10 REWARD?ON SUNDAY MIGHT, ABOUT JUtMoWkT a black Bull Terrier, with brown legs and Seta over each eye. Inquire at the Whitney Hanee hast ^velflb streei and Broadway. OEO. CHARLESWOHTII. OST-ON BROADWAY, ON TIIE NIGHT OF THE ' Mtb instant a Parcel, containing a black silk dress und taalne, tbe address of owner marked ou same. The ? will be liberally rewarded sn returning it to FATO.N | CO.. Ski Broadway. OUT?ON THE lSTH INSTANT, A SHALL BLACK J and Ts? Slut, lame In tke algb side hip, and answers I the ns"*" of Fenny; whoever will return her to Iff Mer the nrsr or rauny; whoever wui return her to Ik* Mar X eteswl, will receive a liberal reward, as wail as the grate I masks of the owner. T ??T-A GOLD BREASTPIN, SET WITH HAIR, O! Sen^sf evening. oo Eighth avenue, between Foity-lblr rlwbr will be amply rewarded,b; T OBT-TBBTBRDAJL morning, between TOR* MJ hmk square and Second avenue Roman CathoUe ebK'-h BPeeketbeek. eoetalalng a sum of money. The (Imp* will He ?Itahly rewarded by returwlng It to HI East Torch st. THBCBETTFICATKOFDISCHARcBOF^^ ? v??iiPH,j$i? ur *'in\? nakcd wi rma MJ Hok Barren, Company 0 Flrat regiment Kentucky Vol ?nicer Infantry. The finder will be suitably rewarded b; fexSkxE ar' k K?urttt u-* I MY OR STOLEN?A MAGIC WATCH, AT ABOUT BIK Id e'aloek F, M. on Monday, Ifitb Inst, la a Sixth avenue ? betwnii Chambers and Eleventh streets. Any one who ? deliver this wateh at 1M Week Eleventh etreet or at 180 WUijttreet^ MWUUW, u'l Broadway third Boor. MS BBWARD.?LOST. ON THB JOTII INST., ?O of Spring street and Broadway, a rectal lining B* marked M. Brou Apply at M Ludlow CORNER Ptrrkatbook. eoa ?tr?ci I1H RKWABO.?LOST. ON TUB IPTH INST.. IN ONR Biv of Um Pourb tarry alapa or on Hamilton arenue firry boat, a lady ? Tmrallfng Bag, a atalnlog child a clolh Sg, tandkernkiaf, marfcad L. Allan and other article. Tha nhera raward will ha paid for aa'd property by K. Woe, ISO Broadway, with tbanka of the owner. 'X B1A KB WARD.?BTKAVIU) FROM THR CORNKK OP ?avt Broadway and I.iudeu street, Wniiamaburg, on fcalay Morning, Noremher IS. a large black yonag New faaaoiand irag, aaawanag la Ua name of Fido. Any pa rami ?PMrnlnu blm or firing information that will laad Pi bia re aararj aboil reoaira tha shore reward. fin RNWABD.-dTol.KN, A LARUB BLACK TRt'NK, Iv from Uia hall of korn'a Hotel. 80 Kaai Broadway i goenUuaa aakad on returning the aame. Bin RRWABD -I.ONT, OB TUB VICINITY OF ?Av Foarlb nranua and Panrtaenth ai rani, a I'orket Beak, eenialnlaa a Iir -three doltara In bllla and aome rnrren J- Appty to FRttfcii'>, n Naaaau atreeL REWARD - LOST, ON MONDAY RTRNINO, IN n Fourth aranna ataaa or at tlia thaatrn. an opc I Watch, white dlaL BSC reward will ba paid, tiidao aakad. on Its ileltrery to J. Black, M Wuhan at. LBN. PROM PRF.MlBRa NO. tenmh adrnat. on Monday evn,tag, -I Udiaa' Oold H ontlag Watah end abnr. wt?4ajt??saj; maker Hrlataing, Laadentk rss Watch and chain, maaar tltyaan Hretlag. an Roala No. 7JW Tha ebwa raward wMI be paid fortke prapnlf ar piapaiiluiiaiy for aay part tbdrnof. by a p. I Aft REWARD?FOR THB RBCOVRRT OF FOt R LVll Seta of Harness, aa daaeribad in II-.eld of Itib [ Iff If IB I kTTti ' !*-'?-*T 1 ?*" -1 ' I wo ? Mm from ibaaofeei tba naderatgnad the loihte ag UNITED STaTBII COUPON BONDH. ~t M taaaa, 1-39 Bond. No. dMJOP. ,M aartee. SRI Rood#. NmTlTrxr.rK bo lASB Maude Roe. I AH, l.HB, I MM. 1JP( . IP abate reward will ba paid and no qnewloaa k tba ratara af raid Panda m far any reformation that I laad ta tkair reoorety taad Mains* or aegaUeiim| aa tkair payment has haaa atuppad 0. A CLARK, , ft Nardhy Meat IAA RFWARD AND NO qUNHTtONP AIKKD fUW Shrlna from linWaat Forty fftfa atraat dalur. rawlaa. Nor am bar 17, as fellowa ? I aa'.' ti.a noud Car Drops PoHUIra. ba OaM Chala Praralat, aal with dtamunde ra Oald Band Bratelate ?ail KanmaUed On'il isdy a Wa.ah with eaatalaMa. ?a lawn OoldOhaia. dy ? Gold chatetelnn dy'i (dad Pearl Braatipln hp^t Panel Dram I Bab? Armlet r Taaeeriaa, ? ruoaatkuoka, with moair. and n,.nt eH f.bnr UtakeM. /era raward wft be paid far tba mid property, er jonaUly for any part iltaieoc by applying to r f. | J rasa Cumb ' ArmleU , _ ?a?txma with Lowerr? i black CMOwmi, >LBT tlarrr Ara?hara B Oo.f, UN Orddairaet | 1VI UMV'ilB IKfiHiff. *71AniKR TAUflHAN -I.FiTl'RR IK - | re foRK. g The patriotic and well kcrwa Irish pri?.i F?'k-r late ?dak tang* *n will lalirer a l?1 r? it. ike I ? p.. |aa<t|n-e kk <Wednesday I Kgtotnhor il nfn'rl .rathe mBJaetof English Mlariile tnlroleBd ? P?ther ^eti..di.n mm far wreral yean avud up boldly haiwwe., freUnd and Mar tyrants Whom ha neoaly dneonaoad tgi imy. at aah ?n ad (Ra wardorar ? and tea royara of a million of ike IrLh papa. Wa lappa tea hall will be ?a fail aa It ran hold m Iraar Sm mt'i' t prieri and nattonalrat It is tha l???i aamptt B^lf /^i!!*dmwrJS M,d " "* ** 'T?Pt)RTA>NT LNtfl BKd DATLT-To OFNTI.Rtpgyi A halt, at U'O >aw fori dnaaiMa'<r dn.i-owy. hi a Broad Way. TMar A'tbl" to at'en l thaee Larlt.ras la^r tlilt'i t may by y... wAAt't ten eailh Add fa# WTUr; of sav ?mm Jfrnaum at Acatoiny H" Bma-ia.y. T "W* IN BLdDI.NO SNO IN ONtTOBT-MRh. Xi kWILliKk Will re- aire appiV-MUNia from ganik per and ladfdf faalHUt Ine'rortion In lb# abo a atu, at FJ Broadway, ears af Mm era Fowler and Walla BtAJlBL K BAM KI-S. iTLfARB'.B mantblk -VHN nkpt pLa' R IN TUN a lp to parrkaah Harbla ^anipla itf Iha da. gns ^UsiE?S^38j!rN5Tfct wrr r ^^RTC'TIO*. ABCSItUc* tDOTATION-TOWKSESD'8 O TIMER etol Acad' mj. MB Bowery. Private Instruction day u4 cvenlug in bookkeeping, writing, arithmetic, algebra, reed, ing. spelling, i/animer, Ac. Apart man I* for ladies No A r PAINK/H BUSINESS COLLEGE, 61 BOWERY AND A1NK fc Bt'SIlipHHaiBMI ? ?"/?? street. Brooklyn?Penmanship. Anthmotio Bookkiepb g (leakyni unlimited), p'JO, Grammar. Reading, Spelling, f 4 per ,|Uilrter. Tuition private day at> levelling. A*B'hL EDUCATED LADY FROM PARIS Id DBSIR ou a og pruenring pupil* In Preach at their residence or ?t ihk ? amu or the teacher. I'm particular* address or eall A GERMAN LADY OP many YEARS' EXPERIENCE la English, German, Irenoh nod mukle. teache* 5" idren and adults oa low tame at their residences. Ad df mea dm Yucrdaa. bo? lfll Herald odtoe. I A LADY WILL OITB INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO aJIV and Staging at pupb's raatdaoee for $U per quarter; I ! beet vt reiereoou* given. Addreea, -with reetdeuoe, Teaoher, hoi U Herald oSce. A PARISIAN LADY, POB SOME HOURS DISBN gagad, would like to God aema feeailtee or eehoota to leach bar native language, either la Braoklya at New York; tarma vary moderate tna beat of lefereaoaa given. Addreae Ml*e L., Herald olttue. TODNO OMMAN LADY. STUDIED- IN THB French Grammar. playing Piano, knowing, ell One band work*. wUboe a alinaUan aa guxrneeei aba la willing Uroet the ehBdaea In celeoletteg aad writing; the beat A to Inetraet the *blld**e In celonlatleg end writing; the beat ofrefereneea Tall at dM) What Mth at., between 9th end 10th are; partem oe left. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?INSTRUCTION IN BOOKXKBPINO, PENMANSHIP, Arithmetic. ha, at GOLDSMITH'S Oomui'reLl Institute, TM Hmadwaj, established 1IMU. Private Inatructlon. Koum* for ledlee. A YOl'NO LADY, LATBLY ARRIVED INTtflfi OWN try, degree a situation aa nursery governess, or would be willing tolake charge of children and do plain wiving. Tan offer thehlgheai city reference. Apply for two day* at JH Ea*i Ah A, between avt C end P.* A?'VISITING GOVERNESS OR OTHERWISE? . Adult yuplla preferred. Terma reasonable Common Kagllah braacbaa, Malbeuiatle?, Composition, Correspond ence. loo venal loo, Criticism, Reading the Poets, History, BogUeh Lltemture, Piano, Singing, Drawing. References, SraTfamillcguf Nevr York. Boa 7Yatatlou D. BOOKkKIPING. WRITINU, AC., FOR BUSINESS MR. Ddl.HKAR. CUV Broadway, teaahae Bookkaaping practically, m used in tba beat Naw York hn'taas. Ha aJao remove* atlfnea*, damping or trembling from the worst bend, and wake* elegant business ? Y7IRBNC1I CONVERSATION, AC., TAUOIIT RY A WELL V edo.-aUfl and euinpataat lady from Paris, at bar room*; lesson* pnvMe and la classes; bast of referanec given. For particular* attires* or call at 1,177 Broadway. MUe. U. VIHITINU GOVERN ESS?A GERMAN LADY, MUCH eip'-riained In tuition, angaged In a school at Hiatcn Island, Klalra to devote ber time from four to ail or *aven P. M., *a redding governe** in a good family thera, or to glva private lessons. Qu*llflr-alkm*??ngll*h. perfect Oer man end Wench, Ac. Addreae Professor Fuobs, Stolen Island, eeerthe seeond landing. ?^?IBITINC GOVERNESS?AN ENGLISH LADY IS DE slroua of an engagement aa nbox; *he give* Instruction In Prauoli aid music. and endeavor* to impart a solid Eng lish eduuatlm. The highest city reference*. Addreae C. J7, Herald odlei. . WANTED?A VISITING GOVERNESS TO TKACH two ctlldren the usual English branches, 1 ranch soil Adiketa 6S East 17th si. musie. st., betweenkth end dsh st>. tTtaNTBI.-A LADY, WELL QUALIFIED TO TEACH W sll tb? English branches and the I rench ?Ires \ Dostiim as resident gorernees In a Brat class family in New VorS ety: cen furnish the highest references asU) o? jiabiilty audcharacter. Address far one week St. U., Herald otticft. - AiA Tl $M>?TEN WEE KB' BOARD; AND ItNljUriM S4U bnnebes. HUno $10, girls o?er 13, lads less. Ad dress Abel Vhltlnck. Dsnbury, Cenn. HPOBTIKO. _ a BEAUTIFUL BLACK BLOODHOPND.^ WBLL A. trs'inec for hunting. Inquire for Mai, at '51 Canal eti set, until sold. _ ________ DOCBLK(lUN8-fl0,?lS,rA>. $*>? hIhoa r*in(ro< Flaning Tickle. 8#nt by ?*pr?M 10 order b7J. kJL mWh. W5 Bowe.y. A few second h.nd Double Ituul. c^^oa^.^3n2Lr&- MedlEnes for .U dK K2.VT Doge trained, boarded, On. MedisUea for all dis ss see ?toK HALK-A BREECH LOADING PUN. NO 10 F bore, thirty ln?-h barrel, with cartridges, Ac., edwplele. PriceMO; no toss. Address J. r.. 117 Booth street, S. T. nni BAI.R?A BLACK BETTER DOO, THOROUGHLY P broken, four rears old , a facet retrteeer. Address box &?;) New Turk Poet oOlce. R BALE-A SMALL THOROUGHBRED BLACK and Tan Dig; four pounds weight Inquire at B Jay street. BBALB-POINTERS. BETTERS, .FOINTEE AND Bauer Puna. Black and Tan Pepa, Bull Terrier Pupa, extra Rat Dogs ef all breeds. WeleVDege ef all breeds, particular attention paid to Ue treejraeel and euro of ... Qf .11 guide. Doss boarded and tmiaed- H. GARDNER. MB William street, between New Cham bare end Pre: I ^ - JOHN OBEY. 11 ROOBRVELT BTEEET. HAS POR sale handaonm Sswfeuudlaod I^ Hul^ Trrnarr small Blaek and Teas Bootch and Bkye Terriers. I base dogs are well brad and good ratters. Wanted?e bmai.l bkvb or yellow terrier Dog. A rHMl prloe will be paid. Apply at ? Bee' Rlghteintt rtrafi. between Umlteur.OI ? and A for two days. < WHO WANT* * NEW RIPLR ??EVERY WAl RUPE rtoi to ibr needle gan * Wb . wants a splendid Piano. { Melodeon Hewing Marine. Knitting Machine. Weeking Uaahtnn rl ttbee Wringer, or n rknloe Idbrary of Books. lo eluding New PhyeMgaoasyT til the* are giren as premiums for clubs of suhwfibers talk* KresmftehalTglJ*1 1907. Hunit iUni|? lor cirrulik u? lOWLKR k WELW, >o J8B irosdw?y. N Y _ HORMKN, l ARHIAO?H. dk<;. A T ?1 LIBERTY BTEEBf A LIGHT?'CCPK "'"'.HA. \ wsv stnl twu lop Huggie, and on* Hocfcawet, but Btsm esed, and good a^r,Stent % new Carriage. .u^lUrn^s A TEAM OP IRON GRAT AND A TEAM OP BLACK A Canadian Ponies, yowen,.I and l-sdwsw. nasi ala? s bsr Mare. US haeds, 7 years old, ell fry . n*m>. m real I street. _____ .-LABOR lot or NEW AND RECORD HAND B* A prae. Wagone, all sues, Tnirhs. toi-kewsys, Top. R"-*d, penot and Dociors' Wagons; llarasss. HolsJ, Blankets. Bad gVUlTSg VfM. H. OKAY. 17 Wwistor street A PINE TEAM OF HoHTEB?CAN TROT IN ? utes aaar drivers one grer Hase*. rett trot In 1 s rear* ; I "K bar sol Mart, short tails fast T?h! .? u ^U.e .si. rut In Itn All ? be * ' I .heap, ooe brown ware .?>. ire. ^ hoDHN, ? Wooetrr street A ?LACE HORSE, IBM. BOUND AND BIRD M?b A3ssfss,?s?.'-dr? swa? street, fur three daye. ? \m iiii. s c HAN B NO In F.ABT POURTM BTNEET, i?oer of' Binadwer ? dlfsrwnt MmB Ctoreneae and t eupea ef our o?s ot.Se at M per o*H lea. thaw Broadway ?u?r^? . , . . ? 7 fs.uw r? a ??\t rutins momf. nnrif?w.*. A "mprarid ^Ib'.FB^ms. f- mla ra dealers b, ibe inanufarti.rsrs. st it Beetneen jtfeet. - ALIROR 1A/T OP HORBBB. C*RRIA?JEN WAGONS Siapbam ?Ut? kr , I ttWdW .cn^lcl at L?1 Br.wdw..? near reny Brat Street?II) Kiprees Wsfwua. of ell sties * *''??' '*?! Bleight. f two seat do . I eery seat 4e *11 k " eeld without, u> Uie kigbesi bidder. J g~ II'BBTaNTIAL BBCUND HAND COVERED WAG'in A wasted sellable for Ibe f-beery kuMneee, eaelliuw f*. wtlirh a fair price will be paid g ppty to iPl ^' ^ - 'etna lea Wsrehutme. IBI Bowery, corner of Flf'b si reel .. T~ PI RUT CLABR AND OLDL "tBUtTIK D U ?RBY JK i>iabla fur sele In BriSlra nne half ST the waote, wrlrw fa. the whole W'*"' l.slf raab frloa fer lbs wauw aw ^ Ar,|%,BRK gjt.F?|ten a??.ee _ BEAUTTPUf. TWO "PAT AND A ONE BEAT Hw ik Do tele Ir,eonsequenceof retnossl hendaouiely tnmfiS '-U r ord-r lam Jea^u and baed bul omW. Ca. be aeen at Tl ?'sosl eoee* eaar Brna-IWST A" DANH A~oRB, m RROADWAT fNTlTH PVH .kgief, II irel a HT^"l ? arrusees - utpi islng i lar-nre. t itie. LABDS^s ? 'A' lib',-. . ' .tbet line Ice and l"u ? rS. ?wide of li e ben utoisrlala ao 1 by the best w<n ketsa. el their ewe meeufc-torr __ ______ * HARE CHANCE - ?*'-R A NEATLT I 'TTED A. kH t llll, '( P*?U(W??I. Wlt? fHf ????? '??ff cLTfinSfch!.--^ ?'? 5 1'M -kwsp Kraeh Ihl dmi Applf ?? W ''' ^ VafR OP BHOW> MARK*. I*H IIA NOR, TWOT IN ? la. *>-(<'? " >r^i Id twy s.yl . JltVweu Mera llVt ksada superior style fr?un ita'.lCla.dK ? 11 * iB'i'.tf fw Mr Ale WAKlTTTort 4'Riab.we sta'dea. TweuO fusrtb "Arret, aeoeud Beur. __ . , Bat hornp rtyiVh it*, h*nt?? tr or" i "js* years <*l. warreutwl' .*ry l ? ewe Ilewrrfi IUrtu>M Hl?nk#l4 Bii"t W?U?, HA*, ar , JL-'yT^r. .11 fee k-du ".n BMP . .i; ?tk Cker>W*eee /HHTA HORSE AND I'A f " I ^?Wl*o,fw..e ord*- Owner j;".*;1;1! S sell H hargaln within two dare la 1'Hrr ef LANE * " Mkll'IN. ' ntoti alms r'?he*l^.aat fmirt Seetk street. DIM.To3>.R PIUETON <>U BUi'OV * ?as set of Haraeae. Bell ?> s kargaJi A Id rata Thorn, son t-vl IU I A" aid ctU e - iron B?I.pair PARK *"' v.aj?Virr; f four years Mo, II t hands bir? one br Rhrsd . ELMt Hawk lb> .the. ksmnrtlb (MS*, "ft ?' ma.ea fart I II ik. ?sgillmel I If H'lran grey leg saebgl br /' ?-5*P M rah, r.,,'-e W Ml'tt l"'?' ' '?< mmw, CUBWIAW. *0. E. VI 1 ID A. rWi rllilJM LARGE BfUoS BAY!BORHK,VBRY stylish. suitable for roups. Apply ttom JL or 5 to ? P. M., at private alible, eulr&aco Of ill* *76 Bewery. ft BH>? BALE-BY A ORNTLBJIAN GOING TO BUROPB, P a line pair of boy Horses. Apply ol Maeley e Liveiy Stable, IVeat Twenty third street. near Sixth avenue. TOOK SALE?AH FINB A CAJtRTAMR TBAMASCAN P be Men on the Pork; stands 1?X bands; with good He* of Horneu. To be aeen at Birth eveuae and Fortf-thlnl street. Inquire for Col WHKDOBN. JWBBT CLASS PRIVATE. STABLES FOB 8>LB-0<* the north aide berenWnth street, weal of Hlxtn evwbue, - - . ? ""Iron. CO., being Aolahed. Immediate poaaa?lon will ho Riven, anaioua 3lx6U foot. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A MM FBor sale cheap?a pair op fine saddle ? Ilorooe; one used by o lady oyer a veer. Igarrantrd nouud. They olao drlye In harnea*. single and double lu quire at WILHoN A h WirT'H, 73Weet>ourteenlh atreet. 1TOOK SALE?TOGETHER OR SEPARATE. A SINGLE A hone Truck; alao Horse and Hornsea. Horse 7 yeoro old, tonnd and kind. Truok nearly at good M now. Inquire in the basement et 66 South street. rHR HALE-A FIRST CLASS BLACK COLT, FIVE ? yeoro old, tollable for oorrloga or wpgon Cob bo seen time at Hon. good 10 East Thirty, u rat atroet. FMor salk-a dark gray horse, handsome. I sound and geulle: 6 yeors old. IBM hoods high. To he leeen at Cogswell's suble, Lexington avenue end Thirty third J value, four Ur?? truck Horm; olsn two Oauadion Ponies, olsn one flue family Herea, Mi yoors old, M haeda, fast I trotter. 80 New Chambers afreet. JNOM BALE?AT NO. 3 ROMT Tt f atreot, three kjftiy eon !*<> Moraae. TWENTY EIGHTH Tjtos SALE?A PAIR OP STYLISH BLACK CAR. A rtage Horsea. Will be sold cheap. o? the owner hot no further nse for tb-m Con l>? aeen at Crlapeti'O Wolhington aloblea, Woohlngton street, Hobo ken, N. J. CtOR HALE?AT A SACRIFICE. ONE BLEGANT r Coupe, coat ?l.dUP, built by Brewster A Baldwin, at POM ROTH carriage factory, 14 and M Amity place. Fob hale-pair bay matched horses, sold low. Owner gone to Europe. Inquire at prtTOie atable 76 Weat Kighleeetn atreet. TOOB HALE?A DOUBLE PEAT COUPS. FOLDING r top, with pole and ahafta. almoai new. city bu ll; ona , biislnaao Wagon, wttboatooeer. built by wood Broa., will be sold at a great bargain. 1K7 Thirty-fifth atreet, aao dour eaatof Eighth aranuo. MOM SAI.B?f)NE SECOND HAND HOTEL STAGE, r one top Wagon and one open Carriage, in complete order, at POMRoY.'K carriage factory, U and 16 Amity place TOOK HALE?A PAllt OP LONG TAILED BAYS, ONE r oeyen the other eight years old; sound, kind, and without tricks lu single or double harness, and ro.l afraid of the ate am railway cars day or night, ownad In a gentleman re tiring frotn the country. Xpply to JOHN READ, Jr , 08 Water street. POR SALE?A CHESTNUT SORREL HORSE, l.V, bands high, sound, handaoma. 6 years old. and lias Hi; for I trotted In 3:40; for the past ya.r has only lieen used at slnw gaits; wlU drive single or doable, and eery stylish under the saddle. A bargain la offered. Also a Dog Cart, four wheeled made by Wood Brothers Apply al room No. 9, K Bruadwsy. For rale-a past pair of small horses. brown, long tails, very pleaaan t drivers, young. and can trot together very fast, St. Lawrence stock. Alao light Wagon, double Harneaa Ac Apply from 7 to 10 In the morn ing at lira! prlvata atable In Thirty-sixth atreet, west of Fifth TOOR BALE?THIRTY-FIVE STAGES, TWRNTT L seta singe Wheels, it seta A ilea, Ih seta Springe, 80 sets Harness, two feed Wagons, lot Collars, 10 stage Horses, one Hay Cutting Machine, fall set spring mat era' Tools, full set horse shoe Tools and lot of articles belonging to a stage llne;_wtll be sain cheap Pi close the business' Apply to stage 1 C. line SS6 Kaat Thirteenth a If 00 i, next 10 avenue < FilOR 6360-A FIRST CLASS, MO-TOP, FULL SPRING ' piano box, Brewster Road Wagon, naeil but little, and single Harness, used but once Can be ten el slablrf corner of Seventh avenue and Twenty-aeeoed street. BpOR SALE?A FIRST CLAM PAIR Or DARK B VY 1 llorser, full 16 hands high, 5 years eld; .cry stylish and handsome, have been used for the las* year by a gee Ueman as a family team, and will be fully warranted by him. Also a Phaeton. made by Brewster A Co., auil Har nesa by Donaeotnb: Blankets, Whips, Ac Address boa J$7 Post OWce. Will be sold at a fair price. ralALE?A PAIR OP HOKRBL M INKS, iftlf HANI'S h, stiUsb and free drivers. Apply at private starle Sixteenth street, from ?to 13 o'nliici. RB SALE?A VERY STYLISH BLACK IIORKK, IdU tads, young, sound and kind, and a good traveller, griki. Alee a very flne Trustee Colt taorrvli In bands, warranted aonnd and grntle to aU Toapecta. Alan a llRhi Park Fb. e on. 1NOB 8ALB?TEN HOWES. HITTAHLE POR A LL kinds of work, alao a splendid pair of Mules. Will as change. To be atari at 74 Greenwich avenue. TOOK SALE?A BLACK HuHSB. 7 YEARS OLD. tt', 1 hands high, warranted sound and ktad; will work single or double. Apply to LYMCII A CLARKE. 144 Ksuh Forty Bfth street, between Meeond ami Third avenuee. OR SALE-A SPLENDID BLACK STALLION. 14 A1 bands high, lung fell tall and mane. 7 years old, per feetly sound aad kind, and a gentleman a splendid driving horse; has taken two cute premiums end baa some of ike flnestonlu in this Mute, haa never been Ireland, and shew better than a three minute gait; alao a single eel of Rued Harness and light Wagon, nude by boat city makeia Fur pedigree and further Infnrmatiea inquire of 31 IL VAN C(Jh, Victor Sale Stables, 167 and 100 Weal Thirty seventh street. TOOR SALE?HORSE, HARNFSH AND RgCKAWATi f the horse la eight years old. 15 hands tiigh, ooier hvigut bay. with long mane and tall, vsrv atvllsh. Roakeway L, .... seated. Wood Hrolhars' make, been in use bn ashen Uas Harneaa la covered hucklca. In good orde r. 1 he above hi It said separata or together. Apply at 373 Bowery. ("1RK.AT RRnOCTlOV 1 IX PRIfh." CAKRlAOEh. ? AKRUf.f an ruR sai.k I. HE IT III III. ADO ll? PLKIUI1R. no lilltfet SH?, I "TRAI'f*. Hi.EMM BM.I.H . WITTY I < ar *yr VtNMW ML ? ?? .. )~t?Cr<mhT 'Irani. and AW Hrr>r<lway near Maari? ati HORSKN KOR HAI.R ATA URhAT MAI I All*?Oil' pair of nor BWM lftW haaila 11*11. < raar* old prr frr'Jr ?i aWR rn*ib!? or atrfftt om a All'- -k.l.lla ? Truth Irooi tbo rounlry a ??'? family (i-im. oni pair of randan* Hii'Hi, If ban-la 1 .ah fearr Man otr<( h ih? rtty on* ya?r, .oand ano k ml ana work r 'hor .?*?.?? |r or atrial*. Thaaa Norma will ha m old math infe-w ifea.r lain* ran lw arm al prlrai* a'anlr A2 Waal I art< Ife-rd ilro*' una Aa.r'aA of Hutfe arrnu* HORflRft K K.KT TIIROIOH nil. *1KfKR. TERMA iwaaamabtdK Art.I too* f>?.ar l.trnl>n*, <lr*aa rillaa*. Werri^eeiiel* W. J., ?r Muran? A rat fear, in< Wart _ . _____ i_ ______ HORKR RI.AKKKTH RKTAH.KD at wil'il FJIAI V. prmaa. Ilka lar*a * wal ftlanka'a 'or road fcnfaaa ib?I for awraitof. R. ( A M I'llKf.I-, An rt>nr>b mui#. HOMCX KOR KAMt-Af RI.BOART PAIR Of l>aP pi* gray lloraaa, 7 yraraoUt. Id knnna wrll mat.. *r. aound. kind otapuaitluii, api*> -ii4 aoUon. ?-d -o ???. r rrap* 1 rtaairabl* for a famflr Mam. hoM aaly lor aaut u' aaa At'j-ly at prtaotr atabla lit Rati lairtr-rfih otrrwi, ifc.a ilaera wool of Tfeird aaan.r HORAKR KEPT AT ?? PKR WOSTH rial AA I V RU... dlalant, i?*af d*pn artamti.. ata" ?? bra' o' bat Af GrtoJ.T IIRniWNK:<tm Hi -wtway I'alu.c ?i> *?>. ? M ? oato-nara HARMKHR FOR RAMI AT A HaROAIR-A "TT OP omoc-l bond. llfM li-niM* llarnaaa for want ??r A. K''HIfemiR Rat Paul atrant nr. Aaaaman, SAIIHLK HOKHE -HI'lROfiiRRRU ROKRRL, aata: ? " X^M Jh --adway In fwanty r.rot alrrrt pi i IAV? hanla liMfe. t"ra b .Irnjhlr harnaaa __ Paii'io A MaKwoa'a aiaM**, Mfife arai. ua aao JTaRLK TO IM'T ? A PART OR THP. WIIOLR OK A D*W HUM*, inat Uniahr l aliiualad at l?A Kaat TwaoiMMh ?|,J , ??- - - atrrrt nrar Tfetrd aaranr wMk f?r alalia, r-ma for bar or all '-arriaoaa . inarffman a room, walan aaa gaa. wHh all tfea moOara mprorn, .nia, prtaa laaaonaMr Aaol* to ? AORATII. MlrrlngpUar WARTKIi A RICK PAIR OK PARCV RORRH, Mt'RT fea ? k?ap for oaafe AAdraaa, will foli aartVnla R. f. T , rara of I a lb rap, Lidiuflou A OR, 3# Mraalway WAimn-A pair ok noRHRR. i??? hakim riom. Und Ia "fnglr ar danfelr hamraa. -lark ar Day Apply at Rpiwar'a ll-wry aiaMa. Tfclr-I aaaaua. fer waao AUUrtk a 1.4 AItty-n:at rtr-ata, for Ifcraa daya. I'AYTKO To RXrif IKOK ?A TO? RO R'lUHl . T N'-raa Id kan-ia H fh for . f-od lap II ui A pair at ?in pann a a abira l."J K .at Tkirtt mi, h airr?p. w et TRfrmwo iiok-kh por aai.r.-kricr ti.ani m O AA, ??' Tfeay .ra or, amud aixl h <a Inma Cab <w ararn -inlU aoid at IU]fe Twaaty awraatb Mrrr aaat af ffelrd #17 A -A "AV NARK Aonio API) f.KWTIJI. VKRV <T I I O, atyllak iindar aaddl* ar la fearaaaa At oalr tmr l.akl work er a iadf ? aa-lllr horar A O.ild -an Artva fear, war id airt ?nfr fhf a kaaalar fearaR To fea arm far tkraa 4aya al W.itrra Wa kamitk afeow, adjaio a* Tfeird aaaaoa ata Ira 11?rlr-s, or adfraaa w R. L, ba> m akol.?n L. b. I* -Ro fe-raa daakra aawl apply. APKI IAL SOTII KR. a pi Ri i. RKi.nini rsriiKR tiir iiiHi'ttoi f I\. Ibr W*at Ml-lr A?a. tallon," will ba hrUI at tha Krarr I H oraa owaar of Br<-a4aay aad Tfelrty Ptirlh airwrl on Wrdoaaday aaraloo. Hal Inat . at TU o rb. k. Manor* rf latrrarl V-nwnara M rr?| aala'r wt!: l-a foriaifarad Kporial rtib,.?t for ArnxlM ? Rapid Tr,napprtaft*a of I't?'U irratn Raw Tort.' WN A. ? IIITB? fe, pfaaiAmt ii?r< t Kiimt). Iroi lary. 2rtfP OK I UK ITIjAt TiCRaIL hTK tlllHIf t noi( any R? 1 P wOrri , man Row Tort,' ,~Hy ordrr of tfea B'wrA pf U?i~*bro, oatloa W feara' r Cra-. thkl In .owamaaaaa of lb- -kraiat apiaAilad la ha an ferfd oa Iba Iwfe . f Ma 1 wafer, laatafei, mat n hai'l pnrwiafil to aaMI MdatWtt at- ai_tiAa 4lraH> ra of IA>? ?? r imf at 1 Iferaa Wifi H >, I ?nrr radm* plw'Hm WHI fit naM at tAa o?r? of tha raw pa' r on Krviay, lb* Ilife -lay ?t lanwkrr, MM alUonorfetf Tha 'ranr'ar Irmla al tfea -lAn af Iba I ?ra>?ra Loan and trukt " "irtoay will few alaaad frrwi tfea Ink to Iba Idlfe'f Janoaiy >**> Tha pofla will na "pan from II t? I rata ? IJR 4- ? run* tin ALLOT, imwawry Orri'-R or trk rew torr r itt hcti h coal fVwpany -Rrw York. WvaeWf M, l?bt At a ?ra> ?AA of f*ir tria'raa if tk'a "-aiianjr fer!-i thta bay Wrniara pp'?r ?M riMWId from tfea of.ra af praatAan! and a , Ibof if t< lapraoraA Ifea naw>par? w? w|a I'ijnFl paTm PnaaMoat. ? ? Itfl'ty, kaaraAary E VMASCIAI* mUMlrW flENTIiAl. RAILROAD FIRST MORT a.uae Hoi jb, XuilUc and Ohio HtrrBng iad Intare.l ?, Sew U/IwmiJMwu au4 Ureal Northern Ballroed ? *>nf4, MAJ^dUMjk PR rORKHT. Bankero. 1? Wall **??_ tFFIt'B I?AOIFIC WAIL (iTBAMSWtr COMPANY. f Sew Toik Nor, itlNM. NOTICR1V>**r0l'1tn0LDBJtR en lUal the Hoard ot i>lr? N otter la hereby given lUal tha Hoard ot Direatare, baring lucreaend tba CAjaltal atock nf the company, purauaut to the IKm an ?f May 1, UN, to ?JU.OOO.QUO Int wbjchJW.OH) there i'-l main to be leeurdl, hare referred $A.Mi.0W In i-aah out of | tba profit* of tbe company for the erlgenclea ot tba tiualu-1?, ? and bava declared luatoad thereof Ui the prianne holding .atock on the booka of thla company at iha cinema of the transfer hooka on Tueaday, November 30, IS*!, at a o clock P. M , a dividend of auoh jt.OOO aharaa ot tba atock of thla oomoany aa full paid atock, being one ahara of new atock la SSWS&lnffil m WedneedaV. 'anuary A lHgf, at the ogtoe of tar ?Yedneeday, "anaary J. 1MB at tba o?m df the c mpanv ? s H ?TloMnra entitled to fractiona In the above dividend

WllJ receive a mniuoratiditm for the fraction a to which the* may he emitted. not oarrctng Internet or dtvtdcud, for whlei fractiona, when preaented id au(lielent awouuu, cnrtlgoaien of atock will he laauad. By order ?f the Hoard df Dliwetmra. THEODORE T. JOHNSON, secretary. /"AFPTCBor pacific PMJBcSMkPMHCT OOMPAMY At Haw Tort. Hov. It. HH It New York, Rev. It VMS Notice la hereby given that Ike Board of Director* bava bl* day declared a dividend o tbla day declared a dividend af Ave per east out of Iha net earning* of tha quarter godlng October U, pat able at tba aOoa of the < oanpany oo Haturday, December 1. Tha iranafcr liwta will be elated Tuaaday, November J), at * o'clock P. M? and reopened Monday, December t By order of the Hoard ?/IMractnro. TH BO. T. JOBS RON, Secretary. THE YPN PER fIRNT BONDB Or ?IIB ?'1TY OP DAS Praocteon, felling dut In thoolty of Now Yoik on ibe lot of December, INM, will bo paid la gold by LKKm A W ALLllR. 19 Plaa an cot. No lolaraal can be allowed after maturity of bund. Nortnaoa 13. 11*10. TTERMII.TK A <o., V NO. ?? WAl.Ta STREET. BANKB?S AND DEALERS OOYEBNMP.NT MTOOKN ANB COMPOUND INTKRRMT NOTES cum i no prickn, Saw You, *0*. 26. IBM 4all~ Inc. Rrunt*rod, il Coupon, 'Hi ... .IX) Ragletrrrd.'IB VJU Coupon, 62 12) Coupon, 64 6-20 Coupon, '66.. lOf-i 6-X) < ou. '66. aawllOBU 11)40 Rrgtal. ra.l..,tno>k! 10-40 Coupon 1114'C1 Mlola iiu?'mh , R.ijr-j Sail-11 .Buy-ldoll I Inf.] lac-11 I lug. 1 kluna.JKl 11064,1166V ts'T, Juij r an io?;J h?3 W'J JunaO TKotaa,'ti4|llft<,!ll.V? July, do MIII4V 116 Aug., Co.'64 114',.IHK iJrlT! do 'tid|UX'2 IlilU Deo.. do 64tll2'Jll2>, May. d 111'J 1111?J A..'.. .1,. 'tO' llll I t 1?l 7 ,ug? do 6. ill) ill'", in,, do 66'li6?.iinii'J ??(. do '6?| 10!l ll'JS'a Aug-, do 'til 110 11"', ..IIU* ICUal Haff ' ? Anguat, 7SU |>0i nWHwart. __ _ <b MM! WANTED?mR THRRE YRARH AT BEVKR gli IUU par-ant, l>y a rnJUbia prrmin yl t kin ally 'far ?a. curtly, a policy of lif? In.gitnrr for two tboiiAond dollar on the llfa of Iho horrowr. nil Irtaraet In whirl to ha aaalinad to lha lender will ha gi"B. Addreaa Nanny. Herald aCBea. ro fSjnn TO LOAN OR Monro At, B ? boi gin. . 2 rtn? arrant ?i>i'iy lfk/6 TO . at 1.426 Broadway, aboen lortynaonnd TO L'lAN OR Nont> AR1> MORT m. m ? ? gego, "" ? *? ?' ?"?ml* I" tltlC r l? t.i Hr?" >) ? lyn. Jollh f I ORRKY, <t Wall -(.ran, iw?n No. 12 ifiOIWl /Win *0 LOAN OR BOVTi AMD M4)RT. ?P?J" PUtWUU c^ga. In mi ne to mit, on p 1,party m t'.ua city oi Brooklyn. IIINMAN I CO . 16 Wall atrnrt nfWI TO fSJnn TO LOAN OR 'pwfJtl/Ol I I' I ,t and aoruUtl irioi'.(<??'? I TMOMAHJ. MiCAIIILI.. Jo. 1 ff?Q- WANTIO?OR RORIi ANIl MoRKlAtlh tjlki'1.1 fy./"/ on 6rati Hna? "By pyoparty Hroknra noad not apply IIKNRV KNELL, >* Pino Manet. $-)().(M)() ,r:?Tl**r MOR*4-* ?irrot $17.3.00^ lyn. JOHN r. < OR $:mooo^ city oi Brooklyn. CiiUI ililil TO IiOAM ON FTRgl BONII AN|? iJ>OyM/.V' ft J bund and uwltigAgn On I. rai 4a-a lot prnyad piopaity, In aume to enlt Apply to IIKM.sKN AP 1'J.I.KI. No. 10 I'ti.ti kiraeb LOAS Off Flf KM. ADVARC2R NAUR ON WaT< MRU, OlAMOMM. JKW. rlry, Hry 4JoMb and l'arwtnal Rrtpr.ty of eyrry da arTtptlun J 4 JAOKHOR, 111 Oraiwl at rook, two daoia wo?. "t Uioiduny. ATTT-V'.RPY I.IIIV.HAI.I.V tliv\R0r,D ON 1>IA A MONUH. WATOHKM. JKWKI.UT, At.. OU TDK Junk botoht at tiik hioiikht ratkh ai PAWNBROKER*' TIOKKTS BOI'OItT fOK DIAMOND*. WATCHKM. jy.WRI.KY. Ac., at 77 Rlnnekar otaai, up -tali. *T Ml ?*tOAI?W A Y -I PAT THR HI Oil KMT PUU.1LS for niaiu-mrt. Walebaa. Jmroiry. * . or ad*nn<? ou ISAAC*, Diamond Brukar. oppoatto W. laak'i theatre AT IIYRAR'H, 6M HFOAOWaT, rOBRKll OP BONO alraat. will ha paid the blghae! pr a for l>la.m,ude, WaMbataiul hllrerwer", or w4U edxaaaon the above artl ,'lea. At an hroaowat, kro\ Brii.niRiL OIANONDH. WATTHKM. PMKJOtlJ* "TORKR AO. THIS Olit RBTABUHIihO OKfll-K PATH THR I'TMOHT VALL'R POH 111 AMtiRD IRWILBT, WATOMhH. JKWIIX Pl.ATK, KHAR I.H, A< . OPTIi'AL ISHTKl'MKRTH, AC . A<*. N H - HIAMORIM M6AT< IIKH. At'., PoH ' Al.R, OPPH ft IIOHKK TKoM Ml A M TO 4 P N. J. II. MAltHIRUBK. 212 Broagw.p, ruoai No. A jkWRRROK 1 KH' TliKETH PI K< HiHhlk?DP III A* rift.d.. Wai'lia-. Jawelry, ..ilka 'lud.u. Ac., or ifea aama UinfM for caah. tl lha o j eiAod 14 Bowary. rarxn Ro. I. up eMIn. _____ - |?amnriuikrkm'' th niys pi uolftt(KA>-<ir iil4. I mntide W.n lira, Jaaalry. Mlkk, Clothing. Ac . at* , adaanaa. < rl* >,1 ik< am, ? v.ugni atih< uigh-et prlaaa. at IN. t.tact, irm 1,ear Rulftariy. 1*1 4R4IK41H I KM. 1 OR6.AT RAXOAtN HI'IKRDTD PTtRO II1' .11 A. ? a . latael int,r,"et<t-ui>, ful.e wawa ti..'., gpui anldi u*a? lea<ir.g. I.rfl .it S?? Mlra-kar Ueat Ag.lH'.Alh Kf.l 1AW1 7 O'TAYR U.i?i:WoOf> l'?. ?! e?"4 prtre f a, 1.1 :tla wr-a gini ;y_ BnMwap, upiataiU Aata.r 1 MM R P H. CiHIIaa \PIAKO-f PHI OU ryOARP I'flhHWIWIO c, art nod in .rl> i.? w, will ba Mid dl rap uu la Mar at * #? ra. ??, 1 a 'ma a NTIINWA* ARD OIIIP.R RRW ANO HUcOb'II A t k . 1 1'ianaa. < ah ?t org. na uut Mai.. a?i . for rat 1, ar ooalefer aa 1 or li-afpn. sta, - T |.OI'.1>OR, *lM Br? l>.| a lit I m. t|? la i, rt-r o;i RRHT PIANO IN A ?? < '6a f. rffefi tw e*"it orti.tta rot 1173. p. a 1 ateieaii en vu it ilalit1,.!., p RJ Kid Tnualplk' >1 etrret near 71 .ad aentod . A ithiAl BPfii 'TIOM fR Till Pfl'CK nf r RM A ' ?ae Pla' ' -t>? oil. a'd |ry Mtaea ? ? oetata l a f r $<a J. M'OOl.R, M A " '' "4aa??. 1 aar R .etfw.j, . MAHNiri' hRi ?i.vkn o< ra k BORRirooif A I' anaft . ... aaM. taaoa to id-. Artakbi.Uib e tarni d ilea r art#di'4 - >r ITV*!. Itteind ua Bloat <"otrt I'at'II tt? It 1 .4a a* II ?'a a. Paint''.1 ? a ei d Ml drir araat.a IT WILL l?Irri/hP an if." .a |. Sail i?? ta A lAMI'T t'l I. IC-Pi/'O 4.4 IHflR R4#IR| re ? mr? ? r ?? if tat. ?? arati. ? rai. fr ne PMHuil aad Apply . B" Aaa', fratl. aua. 1. A I.AUT M I LI. "I'LL A NAURU 4 1.11 f A I ant. .rta? a ' taalru'ara* M?-'. .Oga ..raiMrtitig kaea lot itaaa'f hat' prwg, l| ?t? 1. i.-*j ) u> a, .? by 1 d n lAHI': d . rir IT HA 4 Plaint, f,ll trunk Iga. ,.??ad |. ga I AOY HA'.jlO A 1 AMIL. RrLJEN HORRY KB MAK'-AIim -HO?I.M>"|i '\? tATl. PlilOrOHTK, Din mh1? Mmn awi'raM Io*/I|m*W? r.io4?r* mp MBHII, tl*f. on* fir flit nn*. *?..? riuolw >, ?11 orltn ii.' 4' ? ? ?? ? Ml. u.**ik*> ?llklllf aHMLllV |t? *la* A* ManTMAM M MW riliw>l ilMlKlrui' <??' p> m ti PoufUi ?<*ii>**, np|>"a"* n>"*l>*r IaWaA t? a Co.. tn um-nji-uKii ?iRMr nrrm 1/ <'?.l organ >?. T>? 1*1 I'll.. iaa-1* Li Ik*.' f t-nt. ?H* ?? >a?ra' ??#!??. .*?, ?? aw. .Ivhwhimm fr?4? ? .|.M?4 t>ii? rkor a ruaoi. owat adSMRi^w' Fi t>r<m In* w?n? ?"?on w?m ?(niiif ? I ,j itniiM r*r ??? ???>? kmu'm i* ifiii. r ? 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CtTDWIO RNORR, DBR ROMAN KINKH AHMKN JI'NGBN MANNER (lUflMUUM of a Poor You no M*a > Trend Drwui m Nl A< la. by Outer* reulllet, wilb a power ful root. Friday, November Ml fourth appaarneee of the eelepreled eomedleone end aoubretla Madame OTTILIK QKNKB. German tbaUa thkaTkb. MA Hroadway, opposite ?t. Nlrholaa lloial WEl>?a'.sriAT MOV II, m UKR I'Km KKN. Ill K K< UWAB1M. I IKY CNb I'ULEUMA. DHOUWORTM HALI^-M BROADWAY. A t'AHD ? In rouaequeure of the iintraeadenud ana. roaa of M I! ARTWR MKW ILLI BION. tfl K. M YHTKRYV pronounced by the pruuuaud P'.l.lie Ihe m<wt atarttlnj Bin alou of lb* day, and the (real demand for mm on inn ere ulni of the aiiteriaiuaurui. tlie publl ? are raetwrtfolly In formed that aeaia nam be BBul'KKD MIX nJrn IS All VaW?|R, al Dodwurtb llall, ?N Bidedrrey, frutu 9 A. M till WKDNFRDAT EYBNIbO. WOT. II, AT * P. M? Brr- alleta lepmeautaunu td^tbe popular Magician, wbmbewlllperf .no WKW WONDERS tND MIKA''I.l n o f the ato-i eitiaoidinajT chara-ler. led >u.... NIK WOKDBO'-R IIAt, OP.OWl.l (l> KLOWKR-t, rnR WONDROHH IIAT, AHIKL HM.L, HIlOWFR OP HOLD, and ll?e moal alartllng phriiiimennti #rrr wtl. ?a eiL "TIIK MYSTERY."' -TT1K MY HTI RV." A Rl'MtM HKAll ridAATIMO IN Till. AIR. Mr A n??t(fwl k, W'H In the muraeer Ui? ere,itut perform on the Ko?ll?h Tonoertlne TtrkeielWr Heat r< at. i.a r. II fur aal- at llie llall fr m 9 A V HI f M llnnra oven al 7Ja; eoiutnenoe at H MaTITRDAY, MATIN IF ATI. P'iBI.UT OOI 1IBI i'K S It Orand M*nur<\ at Mrtnwev"* Morlr lla'l 71 ami 71 Kaal Fourteenth alreet.>. aday. Mo*. II, at 2 P M Mr GOLDItRi'K will prod. ??. forth"#.*' i nr. A IIIHMl FlANAIFOKTK tXi*. thru. In roeluiM'tUin with Mr. ? B Mllle I irh? will aaalei, by bled pern .r.inr of Vr. 11 I.. Kateinan 1; Mlae Nette Nie.UuA who will ?li.? Mr. ? lolbeek'a TMYOOATIllN. Mr Ueo limpaon will eine Mr. i-oldbeok ? Wire eoi.g, ?niH, leiMir MF. Will. ? Pull i?rti< ilaia lb nroarrmiue AAaiu-on (I. Heete mey he - enured at Ilia ball Willi rut /"1IIARI.KY WIlfTK R TROITI'R " At lirjaiu e MeaUu.uca llall, ?Ti Hroadwey, i.ear ilrand alreet. AsninNuijfo HrrcFRN or th* frm*i r i'I.bhkf. tVinele I'lerka of Waalil'ikf n, , Rrrry nlwbt. Rereeiiul klaaluen'a Panorama, l.rary mehi I'ea.'ual Lial't iluaid Mai h, l.reo atghl. t (real iiettle arlil 1^ fo.uht Prery makt. Rla. a'^rry'e Hrlira.le iWau-wed F.rary all Ml. II. nah end b'-r bite f>r-?rn F y nl|iil, Waiihinftnri rn>i??n(f th^ turiftwar* Kwrt n .(Ml Kt? B-ent Ibe pneen of > >n(. wHl etn( Krerr uifUt KEr.LT A LKOW'S MINHTRRLB. 7*1 HIK'tltWAY Bin nit re open fr -in V u. b. Pi ml f I YKI.Y The (reel 1,1 ON, II Beem u Kilaw. TIIK |.a?T The n"H-elled lallr. Two Imrea P/n'li NK1IITN The from.i ? f 'hrwtr. tn 1 III. HHKAT I he fiiiny *?yi?. ei Kiri'RHtOW The marry Allen THI I' III U N II The WHIT Prior III!, The-lor d^nt" MP-iTRB YOUli HKaTM I . roplii. l-eym y, NluuAeii.tta RARLl ffONY l AHTON B UPKKA IIOUNB, WIRHWF.Kr i Ilia (loit an- ? -earful Aalry Hemtao ilar R>lrara(ai.aa, TIIK FAIK1KB <?F THB III liK.iN, TBK PA1HIKH OF TIIK III P-fiN. TML PAlMll m OF TIIK lll'DS'iN. Will be preeenteti, in ell ll> m.reeoaa maaiiiicom, al the UK ANlTm\t1NF.K. till t.Nil MATI.VKK. a'lern- .n al bail part twa .. And In atld.uou a .hone of nor el and tarted attraction*. nOfiLEV it OPERA HOI'Br. BROOKLYN TIIK HI.AfK MAN WITll THE IILAl K BAO ? treat erueereof Till. 11111.11 AKAfOMIP ItElil.ARKAl^ h arman r Ph una OallarT, Who Nude the I'htakena. Htn-p auda, Ueckon I'm In Lu< k. iM eieaker Job .nr. Pa* da Muie aofiiiaura. A> Grand Matinee on Tbafiklfl"Inf Itay. ~ IN I Kit \ ItDKN FOB nil lll'.RKPIT OF TUB OI'.RV t N UOAPITAL BATURDtY. NOVHMUBRM. led HI >n I; Mil. DAWIbON fN HUHIARfl THK THIRD I'mter aaelaUiueoi the Tbalia Tkea' e Troupe. AOMUIRIoN. Parquet and Uieea r.rrU- .....Ueu Haaerred Hmnb, eitrn I 00 Orniiaatra I'baiie lira Family C'lieta 7# WONDERFUL Fltp. t K OF NATURI?' THK WAHII INOTON TWIHh " bom rlbr, two linada, four WML abd but ane body end our pe r of la?a, alao the bead and rifi.t arm of Pr.ilml the marine, .f th* I marine family, toaaibar with naaeald-eut .- llrx-tmn of o'.j.culi. Phyat "'WD. Analotwf. Fatealady and Natural History, all oI wbkb are Hluatraled dally by leilurea and Mlrroarople t lew. al tbe New Yurb Muaeum ef Anatomy, did Mmedwajr Open (rem ? A M. te loP M. w Dan mutant in pmi.AriKi.riiiA ? MKM. JOHN DRJtW'M AN' H * f K?:tT TtIK ATRR. Ibhihm Mi' **** ?r ib* popular Irlab < .Mtiadiaa. DAN hnyanr, la Ua am raaaful naw f rMb Drama of muMi'N o rr:kn. rnr. fcoour uw or hip-noam. | NACOI' R AtlON ok tmk iNAf. HAM* IIARLKM. Mr. W. jr. HOMO AN ha* Ika butior Pi Inform MB humor Boa frtBod ar.d ta? puMir lb*' arraafamoitli ba?B baan onadc ?H. iNc railo.lsa dialing ilabal ar law to laaaAurala tha apnta Hall wl h a '.HATH ORRRaTTC CONCNRT. ON Thorn oat kifnito, not b inw - naiiank oic/Anioa. ma . ?l?bra'?d Mr-ma IWmi 9m- i.i win nrf i....*' furiw, Tr m l ? "rili ami run i'?r|n'tmr? Haaaaa); M< J R THOMAA, iaaf??..ola Martteoa, Mbj ?? *"'H?ll.l'l Hi* I" RbV'iu'U "Hi'*.' tCiglTK.SaA.ilKD W. ? OLNT tl, N***r.*-i - **t* p| aaata aiara < aa 1*1 *a m*4 ?? II * I' ?? ar* **4 n* Hail,' tan > MMt M. till A K.N IP ..r. .fan .17 , . " IMP i a ?' A s TI.INWav a ROOMS I AMI. ?OL'-*Oli> a hKi'hA|t Ai'ljri'ot I I NaTinki:, r hi hat n - mi... .? ... . i*<* 11. Da Pi Anwar !??. Aban.lavr* N?au*r I .11..". ??a?r p >?,'* Mat m.i.r. '*<lb 4ia \Tubl tr. -|. ? Hi '? >?*' J W. r<aila*h a. amlat >.r. ' N < ?l"? KM <ia WrtAia, |l for (ba ?art*, at all a Maui ?"?? 91 far .a a at ?"? nwafr ?a..u '? t" A fn ? N" NH H**- A M'tHim*. 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TEaRY HTUABT AdmiMion to til pnru of tkeboua* U, wtik aimpilun of prlrain bote*. wkioB Will >n ?cumd ?t tkntr ntutl prion* 0$$&^t3&ksi Upkuwe: b| AU|WU> Mr. Q^p?ni OABKT, -fK?~.'Wrhfar?S?,KU3r.t ywt TV- Hurtle Don rM TUR OKKAT AlAL BCBM. n .t i g th'o i U? .. .1 rsK kEKHAfUUf Of T1IB illlON neat* oooun-.t oa* wnab m iliww Ot Haliirdar ukAMD uwFnfu OAii*f matin if! HMIKATI I KKAMCAIH, WENT POrRTtRBNTH MTRHVT, 1 n?*i tuib i'iiim rllKNCIJ tll't.KA. TULU-Iia. KVI.MNO, Nor. BL n? k'oloek p.* !?ntp. Ir.o r. iuiul bi.t >rtaal porRrniltirnBjR AptM tg. ? " " TIIE MKT*VoY If A BBJ.t. Opnr* la Ibio-, 1*T Hnrold. Row prim* oi odmiMiou-41'*. II. riooi ??d MM** nitr. I n k.t after* .t Hoor A frtilnaer *, No *>1 *ri?l*tf. and lli oi A l|rr?lt'a. Ill iM IM Bfo?d??j NtlnriUf. Nor t~. (fr.t ?| pr.. .nr. of MHit OUVK MtlAlTIS YHKMC0 COMKDY (^TEIMWAY HAX.U-TIIIN EVRN1MI, NOVEMBER 11 kBOORD WKllNRMpt Y~l'OTVLAR CONCERT II 1. BATE MAN tod I. f. MAURI BOW IXrartor*. KaKRMKI.I. APPEARANCE of 'ho BATI IIAN 1" HOC Eft, ? earpn of artlat. unirar.allf OiMM lo Im KKTlRRLr l siyl Al.I.EH tnd wtiii'b h.> twokmod n oonnlna ? bp m.rbod mimorUf oror top uio.t<-?l ? "MkintUoo ilrtl ban ir'l In Int. or ti HAHAK.. I'ARRPA. r a up uibat iMIilrf. lib NiVk"? alii noi.i , NIHNOK VI KHAN fl MM H n Mil.I.N MH. 11A HI. BONA. HONOR KOHTI'NA. Ml .1. I. IIATTON I'or dU'Mir. Tbr follow In* niariniM bf b??nA?l?Ind for U.I* f AMI WF.I.I. OOWavion. MADAME I'ABKI'A Will *lnB lb* onrXlnt U?? IA V..-OI" (F?m?bl), lha "Rhadowp Hon*" ilili.oroh) lb. duo ?? l'n" Noun ? Y.nofU" with Hipoor* Hrtfnult tnd Eoriunt MIUIKIK HKIONOI.I will tin* Iborwutnat < tp M.fli t Ur roiMl. J. L lltMon'. btlltl of ?'Oo-.d bp, Hwrrilirart," .no In lb* don tod trio, HIONOR FOUII Na will (lug ?b# rartllnt " D.lrt V sit ? tud In Ho do" tnd trio. HONOR PKHRANYI will ainf lb* aAPtUnt " Don M*? ii.u.*? ' and in It.* du" and trto VII K H MILLM wUI|"if..iinl.l*U ?-,llld?'imm*r Slfl.l ? llrotin, ' bi* own ? 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