Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1866 Page 2
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gOARDBKS CRD WOOER# yi|t?p. SUIT OF HOOKS ON SECOND OH THIRD FLOOR nfSJn&m jbf ovus#. AK ELEGANTLY FURNISHED 8UIT or ROOMS TO , srattfX'aaa' 4 T 174.176 BLKECKER STREET, SIX RLO0XS WEST A of Broadway, pleasant Roetna. with excellent Board, $7 te )U per track. Families accordingly. Am pritatb family will rent a handhomklt furnished double Parlor, with Bedroom* above, with aupartor private table. Highest referenoea required 61 Waal Slxteco'.h street. A priyate family will let. with A Sutt of Imm OA ssoead toor. to select oar ar hat. CaM at 64 Waat Taanty elahth street A ITU MB SB Of SLSOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS? So suite an?stag5,aaa be bad at the Raoni?" ''?|?J; ob Forty imatiimlWtmo MadleoosodLAitngtoaare aaaa, for tmrnOtm or a!a?le gentlemen; terms moderate table a la Buropoan. .. A mnnn boom, with board, to let, to A. a genlleesan and wMe or lo-two gentlemen. Inquire aA tpf MAoTtieatb street. at ? west twelfth btobb^-bace A aad Bedroom, furnished-.with B?smL ire, gas^fild ^ssirfes?&i A LAROE FRONT BOOK TO LBT-FVSMMSD. OM for aerranr orohlldren. TO West Faartoeath street ATM AMITY STREET?FURNISHED BOOMS, YOB A gentleman oaly, without board; Mar Broad ray and the Southern Hold. v An eleoantly furnished suit or booms. with lire, fee, batfc. do., to ULMngiT e* together, at Llto Broadway, between Twenty-sixth and Twanty aOTOOth Breet* A T FRANKFORT HOUSE, ONE BLOCE'EAST OF CITY A Hall, corner of Frankfort and William elreeta, MS Beams. M to M oenta par day; SI 80 to $8 per week. A FSW NEATLY FURBISHED BEDROOMS TO LET, A to eingie gentlemen, without board; gas and bath. Reference required. Apply at 67 Blaeckar a tract, east of Broadwaf. A THIRD STORY FURNISHED ROOM (SOUTH) AND A Hall Bedroom adjoining, to let, with Board. Apply at 44 Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth arenuea. A H AMERICAN FAMILY HAS TO LBT, .WITH FIRST A. class Board, Apartments, newly and elegantly furnish ed^ consisting of Bark Parlor and entire Soooaid Floor, with ample closet room aad drawers, gas, bath, hot and cold wa ter, do. Parties with good re'erencen and willing to pay for superior accommodat tons may apply at 60 East Twenty- eighth ?treat, near Fourth avenue. * A ?PARTIES IN WANT OF ROOMS, WITH AKD A? without board, can find descriptive lists, with prices, at our oQlce. BRYAN A CO., W Liberty street, Room 38, second story. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 8UIT OF ROOMS, OL. on seoonu floor, with first class Board, may be obtain ed el Ml Fourth arenue. AFRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYING THEIR OWN house, first class brown sioue, would let to one or two gentlemen, Parlor and one or two Bedrooms. 73 East Twenty-third street A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, WITH OR WITH aut Board, two neatly furnished Rooms, to gentlemen; every convenience, gas. bath, Ac.; terms moderate. Apply at 1? East TIilrty-Bflli struct. A SUIT HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON at 117 Warerly place. Reference requh second floor to let together or eeporetely, with Board. ulred. k VERY PLEASANT FRONT ROOM. WITH LABOR pantry, Are and gas, to let with good Board; faintly ate; referenoea exchanged. 800 West Tweuty-second A -FIRST CLASS BOARD FOR FOUR OENTLEMEH A.. can be had by applylogat UB East Fourteenth street (mmedtately. Beat referenoea given and required. A WELL FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO "OF.NTLE Btan only, without board, In a French private family, without children. Ml East Ninth struct SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM TO LRT-FUB , ntebed; alio a few day boarders accommodated, at 14 Maik's place. ? A FRIYATB FAMILY WILL LET A FURNISHED A. Parlor and Bedroom for |2U, and two Rooms on the third Boor for filA, Are and gaa Included. Board If required. 197 East Twenty-seventh atreet PRIYATE FAMILY WILL LET A NICELY FUR. alshed Frpat Room to a gentleman, with or without 902 West Twelfth street, near Abingdon equaan A OFNTLKMAN AND WIPE CAN BR ACCOMMO. dated with a large second story Room, nicely furnished, I Board, by applying at 66 Kail Fifty-aeoond atreet. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A VERY PLEASANT A- Room, tn a small private I'.mllv, vary reasonably. Breakfast If desired. Call at 102 East Fortieth street, one door from Lexington avenue. ATM NINTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH AND 8IXTH A avenues?Handsome Rooms to let, with Beard, en see end and third floors. T U BOND STREET, LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS to let handsomely furnished, en third aad fourth AT> JLJL w tea, UMNbVHtei/ luiuwuvu, vn aw Mrs, with (krtt oliu Hoard; house boa tod. m WEST TWENTY-SECOND 8TRERT. BETWEEN entb and Eighth avenues unite of Rooms to let with ? Board, suitable for f similes or single gentlemen. A LARGE, HANDSOME FURNISHED FRONT ROOM en the second floor, to rent with Board; gaa. hot aad eeld water, grate and marble mantel; also one on Aral floor. 614 Oreenwlcb street, corner of Jane. A LABOR, HANDSOMELY FURNI8HRD ROOM ON third floor, to gentlemen or gentleman and wlfg, at MM per week, with Board; alio single room, 88- *1 bacond av. T NO. 11 WEST ELEVENTH STREET?A FEW doors from Broadway, to let, a nicely furnished front 1 Bedroom on second floor; also two Rooms well for gentlemen, with first class French Board: can ale a few day hoarders. Table d'hote at 6 e'clock, A FURNISHED ROOM ANP BEDROOM TO LET? To single gett'lemen. at 22 East Thirteenth atreet, In a prirale family, without board; references etohangnd. A MOMS POR THE WINTER.?VERY PLEASANT furnished Rooms, suitable for a gentlemen and wlfa, be had. with Board, at 161 West Fourteenth street. J FRONT PARLOR FOR A MAN AND WIFE. OR two single gents, with Board, at 826 per week. Further rmallou can be obtained by Inquiring at 108 West Hous A^m PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, with or without Board, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and tbetr wives. 282 RaslThlr leaiith street, between HMUI and Third avenurs. A^m FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LI.T? tn a pnvs'c ftm'ly, with or without Board Thrma moderate. A only at .'04 Wast Thirty fourth eireot. A WIDOW LAPY IIaS KI.KOANTLY Fl RNISHKD A Rooms, with every oouranienSA to rent to gentlemen, wtlh or wilhonl partial Ml4 14!' I est Twelfth atreet. . A^m LARGE FUKNIalLED ROOM AND TWO IIA I.I. I Rooms pi lot, with Board; breakfast at seven nod eight o'nl'ick; terms reasonable. 44 West Twenty -first street, near Fifth avenue. At *4 UNION M^P MIR. KA*T -.TDK?ONE HASH aomrly i-'urnUued fleor to Inl lo * treieUia lamlly wltA prif \tt i?ble reference# required. LAIIOK AND WBLL ITKNINIIKD PRONT BOOM, wi'b r!.?et, in a private hooa?; brown ?! <ne, $1] a Apply at I'M fvA.t Pouttrenui ?<rael AJ AHANDm >M KI.T PI'RNINIIP.D PARLOR AND BED room. ?r.'..nj floor, also single Booms to lot, 10 gentle mm aaly iPrveltaat ir dealt d. Apply it IM Tenth street, ? lT*y AND 30 NINTH RTRRRT, RKTWKRN PITTH A. And Nlxlb venues?Klcgm.i and tin* Booms lo ?? With first class Hoard. In freook and Uennau styles, rait lilib If il"Oirrd. A LABOR ROOM-THIRD RIAjOII. A I..SO HALL Room, to let lo gentleman oily, wttbui board. Apply At tl Baal Twoulioth street. A NSATI.V FLBNHIII.D PROnV ROAW "M flL To lot 16 on# or tiro single mm I tsmgo. n. ? Jermi moderate. Apply atl77ole?. t., r street A TOVNG WIDOW LADT HAS A II ANDSOMKLY A furnlabad Parlor to lei to a gentleman at IS1 Waal Tblrtletb street. Alan ad Affghan foraalr, brlfbl oolora. A ELKANANT TURMrillKD KOIIM. WITH BOARD. a\ oan he obtained by applying a I JIW West Nineteenth at rap i, just below Eighth avenue. family imall. and hi. ma ?o*forta enjoyed. A^HRRlrrLY private FAMILY, WHO know how ? ?e lire and can give the bent referenora from partlaa n| will, them laat winter, bara two or three lisndeomely I fnraiabatl Keoma, on second a id third floors. for a.lnlta. with riaaa llo?r I. Tuba noticed ataia all narucuUre. A J <***??.. I I 8,NU IbMt office A Lady hah sot kurnihhed ? | Ro.,rn? to Irt, to laii'temen arid 'Mr wlraa. with Board r?r ladtaa, at lit West Houalon a r?ai. between nulla aa and i banyan.i streets. AT' MRd. BORR'B, ll? KANT fOPBTKEWTH NTBKKT. d~. there it now t ..cant a hardaouiely I urn labad Parlor and ?adiooin. I.n the Ural door, and a .lonbla Room, aultabla Tor r^'un gJuUrmeii, <,n )ba fonrtll A VL-nRTOoRT r,'*r*. TRUTH STREET. REAR a-L- . Vr'?uliof Room ? o?t ?*< ?vut floor, with ptiv^Km %mm%> jo a faiatly without oh?ldf%o Krf?r*i>r# mqiiftifl. A PLEASANT PPKMAHRD ROOM TO LET, WITH. A*, ml meals, looaa ?r two gaeUkwnan, In a private family, leferraoes I -quired.Apply at bFImlty street, ' a pritatr Tamil* or two, owni brand nocr /*? ,rJ would l?t a raw hao.l*ota# keetf^t/lhTuMt "nho.n "oard wily III A TBRT HANDSOMELY Pt rniaurd parlor, A alaolariW .rrooi Badi.. m. tog-lhrr or aaparata. with ?rat daw Board. Liberal lerma to deetrahS nsnlat wltbool shildrea dd Weal Tblity-aiath street, oeiween TlAb and llitb areauea: i B ENTIRE BIPOND TLOOB WKLL TDftNtrlHRli' A oooalaimf of rfooi Ream, wnh alnevd, aad Sack Raam, ?? I AS 4 l^daN ? M' , 'IRJt rf.BMAN AND LADT AN BIND TWO HAND. I aenaJy farniahe.l Pronl B(mm\ ?llb Board, i. ?u? at Km l. ?.|on ataa'Ja.l; famll/ tma'l M Kaet ' aantf BO AH DEM A"D i LAttOE AND "tfPg'a Room!'and^flvei*olaaa A ^.rw.u^oiv?T'Ph thoaeTequuiug flr?l olaaa aooommodaueaa inh appiy ...?~i requiring Leitngtoa avenue. JteCAlWgW* ??????? l4sS?n?a^^@^S? A^^ggMUTOgg A^HSsSa^roissS ?gaSBc5^Jwr?sgsy*tuoh?i * | A PRIYATB FAMILY HAVE TWO LiWI KOCH ?utt iUwi i H BLEQANTLY rPBWI?HKP 80IT_Or ?OOMH FOM ^siSSB^LS5*3^ ? i rLKABANT FURBIMKP RWM OR K^*a. ?P^[ l 2?&2uji mate. _ __ ? ? ? m WKBT ELEVENTH 8TKBET. ?BOOMI KM r!"ssSf ?^uf^m ?? Hotel Roatanrant. ? iSS^ai^l A geBS'Kg g>K&.*gS?if?A la a SeUgbtfal and foehionable Locality. K1VQ ^ I NoS Vfnt Twenty-third etreet, Fifth Avenue Uotel. | A LARGE PLEASANT FRONT ^Ldrete A ond door, to let, Jlfs^IUet NlnJteroth family, on rennonnbte terms. Apply nl w nam nuiiinmiw ? vrniRRR OP FINE BOOMS TO LET?WITH OE A.,TKs'^^"Ksi^trt=:!?iSf able reference given and required. . r_PLEASANT ROOMS TO LOT, WI71Lrl5?* T^infr8 A. Board. Hous? prlvaU. Apply al 18 EmI Twenty aeoond street. lOiRO ?A FURNISHED ROOM ON FIRST ELOOB I to let, to a gentleman and hie wife; Board for the lady deSirei Inquire at MS Bloecker aireet, gear Birth av. B~"oARD.-A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT HALL BED ____ 1a ut iq n lady or senile roan* with large pantry* with or without Board, In a small private family. Apply at 400 Slith avenue* second floor. ir^n^ttD ?A FRONT BOOM TO LET, WITH BOARD. B to gentlemen or gentleman and wife: Boat Thirty-Arm etreet. between Fourth and Lexington eve. B"rttRn ?A FAMILT OR SINGLE PARTIES, WITH aatl.fartory referenoe., ean obtain very drelrable sec ond floor Roonu at No. 8 Nelleon ploca, between Clinton end Waverlev plaoe., near Broadway. _ . T?OArD-TWO OENTEBL PERSONS CAN OBTAIN B Mani la . ^ family, with all K^reM^^ Reference, mu.t be uuexoenUonablA Addreia. with real name, J. B. Depew, llarald oflloe. . T.OARD?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH PARTIAL B board, to a private family, with all the medern Improve meat, oa the earn, floor. Apply et 74 Jene aireet. Brtann ?A PLEASANT AND WELL FURNISHED Kt'.n.lon Room, on the flret floor, eultehte for two gentlemen, with Board, at? CUnton place, near Fifth ar. TtToaRD^AT n EAST FOURTBRNTH STREET, WEST B ofBr ^w"; ... entire Parlor Floor, with or Without private table , ma'yj>e obtained. . Board and rooms.?all wantino first ci-as* Board and Room, at K?^ ??"*{* they want by applying at Ihe B^ DlrMtory under tee Second National Bank, corner of Twenty-third etreet ana Fifth avenue Uetel, tree. ?sjssiWH&ir *jlscmw mkss ? Third avenue. ?? OARDINO.?FIR8T CLASS BOOMS. FPRMISHED_OR unfurnished. 101 Waverley place, tronttng Waawngien I square. I ' ?*? eg etreet. a tew minute.' walk from Bduth terry. Pinner at ?H Brooklyn board.?large rooms on bbcond and third floors to rent, wlUBoniJEf wife or single gentlemau, at I8? Cllntoa atraet Terms i moderate ' Elegantly fubnished afartments, with Board, for foaUUea; whole floor.. Culelne ^ranoalte Floe location en U nlon ?ark. Beet reference, required. SM Breed way. Eifth AVENUE-BETWKBN MKTOOOT house end Delmonloo'A nirnUhed Mete*. Witt erwltwil lekfaet. For addreta Inquire at 108 Slith avenue. French board.-a suitb of handsome booms Z-sr- triags- few* Sermon epoken. Full board.?rooms, with F^e^wo ?.&m?w?tb JLa ^t. Fre^ch & Apply at 1W Wa^ln^on etreet. Hoboken. FUraeEP^?^y^.?k&^?? lu^ date tlre^^f^ur>^ntl"man'0i^h 'fur^ahedU Ro^a^flre! Furnished rooms to let, witm ?oa?P,' eveuue. Refereneee eiahangad. VW?58 pa^^Uerd."^ou^ST^Vp^ Ln^AMiv oFnTw t55 Fwty Sret etreet. Handsomely furnished rooms, newly fit ted up for famlttee and alngle geutlemeonowreadret lha St John Hoiel, Broadway, near Eighth etreet, New York. Single Rqome from pi per dey. TN UOBOEKN?TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET 1 with or without Boerd, to e gentleman and wifa. or four genllem.0, with a 'fewt'oBkoe1'0*" " ahanged Addreee J Demareat. bet l.ltS PBet eteee. N~ O % FIFTH AVENUE-SUITS OF ROOMS TO LR^ with Board. Private table If daelred. , XT1CKLT FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH HOT AND JN roll water and balh. for gqnilemen. with or witheul Board W !?oilngton avenut, corner of Twwniy-nrm mrooi Partial board and large, well furnished B?d and Draw lag Room., bathroom attechad. In a .mall private family oe Murray Mill, with privaU Ubla, termj S? ner week The advert Iaer dealrea to meet with a middle aged gentleman of retired habile requiring permanently the aUT.rr accommodation.. Um-ioeptioaable ?r?re?^J Sjr.n and required Addrest D., lwi I.0U Ntw Tork rotl ouiof for one week. PKtTATR BOARDINO ?ANT LADT OAN a comfortable, quiet home, with every reTuMte d^rl0? ?lrkne??, at M MIAMI'. LOUISE'S, midwife. <7 Weet Fifty third atreet. be.wMit Math and Seventh avenue.^ PKRMANKNT HOARD WANTKD-BT A OENTLBMAN, ?Iff and child lyrrreold; two Rooms Adjoining pre ferred; between Twenlrthtrd And Forty-Aflh streets, ea?t or Fifth aaenue Address R , til Baai Thirty-lhtrd street, stating location and prioe a toono widow, a rum nl?h?d Parlor, no other boarders in tha honM No 07 th ?lrr?st, noar First arsons. rl.RT?FCRNtHUFD ROOMS, TOR QRNTLBMRN. Apr'' at lit f. nt Thlriy.ntntli atrddl. TJ LFT-TWO RLKUANTLY FPRNIrlllKD ROOMS, an robin lor two genileineu, In a private family, without bont J liefarriire clt nn and required. Apply At 71 Beat rpo I.KT?WITHOUT BOARD. TO A OKNTLRMAN, I a-.,?? Room, - "* ' aiwai* ^ TO I,KT?PARLOR AND HKDROOM TO MAN AND wife, fiirniaheil. with Hoard, At t% per week; no other bnnrdara and no children in the iioited. Apply At lid Weal Fortr eighth at met. near Broadway. rpO I.RT- WITH BOARD. IN A I'RITATF. FAMILY A JL ben.lwmeiy fnrntabrd eeeond ? lory front Knoin, with alcnee. br eingl* gent leu en nr geiuleman and wife; ideaaant ly I mated up town. rarereueee eaehanged. Addi eaa J. Q , net eld o?i-a NO T.RT ?FURNISH FD, WITR BOARD. A LABOR thud etery Room, to one or two aingl* gee'lorn an or - ^ nlh J? * Ilema and wite Irmatlon <0 Waal Ninth twren Fifth and Ittith avenue* Reference eichanged rf.RT-WITH BO AH IX TWOH ANDSOMK PARLOR*, twn other very desirable Rooms, location. M Weal Twenty-fourth street r> I.RT- RI.RO ANTLY FURNISHKD ROOM. FOR gentlemen, without Board, la a private Kngtieh faml Ir.houee baa all modern Improvements, noar Broadway and New York and ooulliem Hotels. Id Went Fourth ntrnot Call after d o'clock or before I o clock A. M Reference! aaahanged. rpo I.RT?A FURNISHED ROOM. WITHOUT BOARD, to one or twn gentlemen. JSI Fourth avenue rpo I.RT?A LARDR_ AND RLBOANTLT FWRNISHRD _ eer .ed story front Ronm to one or two grnOnrnen or a rot Ionian and wife, with or without Boaid, also a single torn, nr No ? Harriaan street. UNION SQUARE ?Id BAST BRVRNTRRNTH STRRRT, ban deem nly rurat?hod Itooeae. la a aittnde family, en anils or singly, for gentlemen. Baaakfaet It desired Up TOWN.?BOoMB TO I.RT, WITH BOARD, TO gxntlaman and wires or etngle fanllemn, hence Aral clean. ienaa moderam. inquire at l?SJtaat nhy Aral at ^ \TRRf PIiRABaNT BOOM* JO LBf-WITB BOARD. V at Ml (BSW No.) Rnat Thirteenth street. betwana SaaaRd sad ^hliR n?enueeHou*e oontaiBa etl the modern iefWta moderate III Fourth aranun near ARDBOHB FAR ojleman and wife; ' Twenty I rat at fc') fiA F** WIS * SMAI.I. FflRMISMFD 9?t O'l Room, Ml wast Twenty aitth street, hetwnaa ueennih end Highlit e?ea>ae. house modem end tea rentes I A .M.I Bt: a.ia 'b WW* V'dBddA* BOAHDKRI AHP LOPO?It? WAWTRO. ?7 PBR WEBK AND UPWARDSFOB BO Alt It, WITH %) I single Room, at the IRipont House, Hudson street, opposite Si. John's park; also Rooms, without board, $1 per waah sad upwards 99 WKST SIXTEENTH STRUT? ELEGANTLY Ji.\U furnished Rooms, en suits or single. an parlor, sec ond aad third floors, with Board; private table ITdeatred. OA UNION SOU ARB.?A DKSIRABLR SUIT OF OU Hoama on aaoond floor to ha mated, with Board OQ WB8T FIFTEENTH 8TRKBT-T0 LIT. WITH OU Board, a flna Ursa Room and Rxtoaatna en the ascend floor. Looatioa between Ftfth and Blith sr ansae. QQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH Oi7 and Sixth avenues.?Three large nicely Tarnished Rooms to let, with Board, suitable for parties of single gea tldBlan or jentlemen and their wives. Bafarenoes required A A WE8T FORTY-FOURTH STREET -FRONT BOOM, tu aaoond floor, with Board, for eentlaHan and wife or two sine!a gentlemen. In private family; no nhlldrtn; com forts ot homa. Call and son. CA WEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH I i)U and Sixth arenuas.?Handsomely furnished Roams, front, suitable for a gentleman and wild or siagte gentlemen, to let, with first class Board. en WEST ELEVENTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM 9 I Fifth avenue, handsomely furnished Rooms on the RWwdfesrft floors, with or without Board. Refereao^u FIFTH AVENUE, NEAR DRLMONIOO'H.-LARI IpjsriKt. arsat sadsi QJ MAODOUOAL 8TBEBT. ST. OLE MEET'S PLACE.-H VJr A Room to tot, to gentlamao ar ganttoman and wtfatl with Board. Befaroaoaa required. -I AC BAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET (ORAMEKCY JLUO Park)?Suite of al^antly furnished Booms, suitable for n Una family, with Board; housa aad loaq(toa first class. Priests Uble If desired- | 8TRBBT NEAE BBOAD.WAY?BLE- | " raqull TOP NINTH STEBBT. NBAS BBC IdU gent Rooms, as salts or singly, at BraakflasTif required. 125 145 158 173 FIFTH AVENUE.?A FARLOR FLOOR TO RBNT. . with private table, oonslsting of throe rooms and bath; also three Boom* ou fourth floor, rafaroaoes re quired. TWELFTH STREET. NEAR SECOND AVENUE. Large Room, with Board, ou aaoond floor, for gen tleman and wife; terms moderate. Small Boom, for gen tleman, >7. EAST FOURTEENTH STREET?A FRONT AND _ back Parlor on third floor, with Board, separately or together; family and home first dais; tanas moderate; table unexceptionable. LEXINGTON AVENUE.?A FBONT PARLOR TO let, with Board, to n gentleman aad wife or two tangle gentlemen. References required. QK9 BROADWAY, OOu Between Thirteenth mud Fourteenth street*. ry<f<wd Booty to let. BOARD AJfP LOPPING WAFTED. A "-WANTED, BOOMS, EN SUITE AND OTNOLTJfUR . nlshed end unfurnished, with and without Board. Call and give full description. Parties waiting. _ BRYAN A CO., W Liberty street, room St second story. AN EDUCATED AND REPINED PAMILT OF ADULTS who would furnish a home for a bright, healthy. Inter esting Utile girl in her 7th year would be liberally compen sated. Address WlUiam, box 1(5 Herald office. A YOUNG SINGLE GENTLEMAN WISHES BOARD in a strictly Aral cUse private family, where there are no other boarders; loeetlou between Tenth aud Thirtieth streets; west side preferred. Addrese, for throe days, Ju nior, box 3,931 Poet office. AN UNFURNISHED ROOM WANTED?BY A YOUNO lady who la out durlug the day, with or without Board; rent must be moderate; not higher than Twenty-seventh street and not lower than Orand street. Must not have any obieotion to a ptano. Inquire for one week at No. JO West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Board, rooms and houses wanted?city ob country; also all wishing Introductions to Jeelrable lo calities suited without charge at the Board Exchange. S33 Broadway. BICE A ANDREWS. Board wanted-in a private family, or whare there are but few boarders, by a first class teach er on the plauo, harp, guitar and singing, in exchange for Board. The best of references given and required. Address box 1(87 Poet efflee. _ _ Board wanted-sy advertiser, wife-and three eblldren, in n private family, or wRere there are few boarders. Apply to E. F. Nurse. 807 Spring street. 80ABD WANTED?A GENTLEMAN WISHES A good Room ou the east aide of the elty, with Rrnakfaai end Sunday meal*. Apply to or address Boarder, TB Bowery. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED FOB A OENTLE ? man, wife and one child; refemaoea exohanged. Ad dress, stating (oentino, room nod term*, F. K. J., Herald offloe. . _ , r LARGE BOARDING HOUSES AND SMALL FAMI ly hotels.?Wanted, accommodations for two elderly sehtlemea of the highest respectability; terms. In edranee. SlfiO to RZU n month, Address, with fullest particulars, box 79 station D. WANTED?FOR OKNTLBMAN AND WIFE, ONE targe Promt Room, on second or third story; location between Fourteenth and Forty-eighth streets, Fourth end Sixth avenues. References required. Address box 1,879 Post office. TCPANTkD?BOARD. BY A 0 TV In e private family, from 1 not above Fortieth street. Addt WANTED?PERMANENT BOARD BY THREE OBN VT tlemen. In n private family; looatioa east of Broad way, below Fifteenth street; referenees exohanged. Ad-, | drees, stating term*, F. 8. 0., station D. TETANTBD?TWO SMALL BEDROOMS AND FARLOR TV in n flint class private family who keep n good do mestic table, for three adols, who deatre to he permanent If suited; location between Twelfth andF arty-sixth streets end Lexington and flerenih avenues; moderate pries; mferenoo given and required. Address box dlO Poet pace. ^^^^^^^^^^^Hokntleman AND WIFB. December till May; loeatlon stating term* Charles ears of A. Terhune A Co., (Twelfth street, corner Sixth av? W^HANTED-BOARD TM A PRIVATE FAMILY, OB ONE with few other benrders, by a gentleman and wife, without children: CAtholle preferred. Referenoesexchanged. Address M. P.. devoid office. YTTANTRD?FOR CUSTOMERS, ROOMS, FURNI8HBD TV and unfurnished, with and without Board, and house keeping; our printed lists free by mail, aad at SB and MS Broadway. MANCHRBTKR A OOBKLIN, ? Nassau street WM ANTED-A COMFORTABLE FURNISHED ROOM. ? with Board. In e respectable family, for an elderly lady. Iwhere the oomferta of e home may be had. Address, stating terms and location, Mr*. Altemus. Union sqnari Fost office, |Now Tork city ??anted-ABOCT DECRMBRR 10. BOARD FOR gentleman nud wife, In a private family. In New York or Brooklyn. Address, statin* term*, which must be mod erste, also loeatlon, E. W. S? box i fits New York Post naioe w fXTANTED?A COUPLE OF UNFURNISHED NOOMS, TV and Board for a gentleman and two ladle* In s good looallty up town. Beet of referenees given aad inquired. Address V M. C? box 9.951 Post ( COUNTRY BOARD. OPUINDID ROOMS ON RITBR, WITH BOARD. PTRB ii and light, for families, (Ingle per ton. or children, at half niimmer prices. Stephens' Mansion, opposite Elglity alith "troet. Aetorta. JO mlnutae by boot or oara from Eighth street. Mrs. PARKER. HOTRI.l. American hotel-rroadwat and riohth etmet, New York. on eulte or etngty, at moderate i A etraet. New Tork, on ^the European plan Roomi In C1ENTRK OF THE OITT, STATES (TNION HOTEL. J 800 and (OS Market street, Philadelphia. Board $8 29 per dap Clean beda and flret olaaa table. HEAPEHT AND BBHT?EUROPEAN HOTEL. COR liar of Hudaon and Lalght atreeu. having changed handa. la now rerurnlahed and upon to the public. Rooms, single and In enlta. for tamtltea. permanent or tranaient It U the moat oonreolent hotel In the otty to the European and California steamers The proprietor's ohlef study will be the comfort of hie gueata. ROOT, P. LEONARD. Proprietor. PLANTERS HOTEL, AUOUSTA. OA. ? REFER, nlahed and reopenoil Octobers, USA THOMAS H. NICKERRON, proprietor, late proprietor Of Mill* House, Charleston, 8. C.. and of Nlciaraon's Hotel, Columbia, PIERRKPONT HOUSE. BROOKLYN HKIOIITS -TWO JT elegant Suite for famillea and tone alngle Room* can be had, with Board, by eailjr applleatlon to D. P. PETERS, proprietor. BUNION TioTEL, PORTY-BROOND STREET, RE 'tween Leringion and Madtaoe arenues, baa been en Urged, richly and elegantly furnished. A few flrat olaaa families or alngle gentlemen can find pleaaant Rooms, an suit; or elnyt). Terms moderate. Table e Is European. CJT. JOHN HOTEL. oN THE RUROPKAN PLAN. 0 newly Atted up, la now open end reedy to recelra gueate. Room a. on euite end singly, bsndeomely furnished, for femlllea end single gentlemen. Ouesto furnished with pri vate table. If deal red H roadway, naar Eighth etreet. ffONTlNR HOTEL, ON THE RUROPRAN PLAN. tt7 1 and t? Rtoadway Elegant fumlahed Rooms, with Ladles' Reetau*-aot attached, franoh ef thaTontlna Hotel, on the Rurnpean pUn. corner or I'ortlandt and West atresia, opposite Jareey City ferry. Splendid Rooms, from M oenu to fS per day. Ladles' Restaurant attached R A C ITV REAL ESTATE POR SAI.K. NEAT TWO 8TORT AND HIOII BAHKMF.NT HIOH jm. moop House IJiltn. In floe order: marble mao'eia, gas fliturea. good neighborhood; Eighty third etreet, between Nseond end Third arenuea, BA.MI; terms,easy, possesion Mny I. B TlloMIHON, I MS Third avenue

T il? FOURTH AS KNUR, TIIR RRAL ESTATE CIRCULAR to correoled, published weekly and mailed free by NIANLKT DAT. No IB ready le-Bey. A HODSK FOR SAUL-POUR BTORY lARRHRNT A browe atone fnw on Murray lllll. poeeraalon Dei I TOWNbKND A si; tits, tiA ruito., at, room No. 7 ABAROAIN WE HAVE POR SALE TWO LtRoE double first nines tnoernenl II. uses in East Fourteenth street paying nearly *> per jeot on the price a?ked They mua i.?t?ld _ IRMY A ('"Tt tvp. tfi) Four!.. seenue. A CHEAP PLOT or LOTS -FI LL FRONT ON Tenth avenue and 24 I ...I* adjoining, on HMih and !'T7th etreete Pnee far the nl.j unlr R2-,.i?*>. Terms nay RT.M-D N AI-ri.RRT, IB Pine street A SPLENDID CORNER LOT-ON RUTH AFfNUE. for salt CIlA* R MILL* Keel l ira's Ag m, 40 Weal Thlrt'eth street, S A M to 1 P M Brown btonr mouse on west forty third etreet; in-s'lou eery gosed; fanr sLwy high Hoop, ell eeneenlenoae. complete order p sasssior. soon M.9UK JOHRPH MAHttN. ? Ploe street (1BNTRAL PARR, BoDLBVARD. PIPTH HADIRON I and otaer arenne Lots end street Lett edjgtntag same, sersrsl One ceraer Plots, holes selceUoes m.V iSriioi/R, 171 Broadway FMiJMTII tVKNDR LIT* AHOTR TIlR CENTRAL I P?rk tu tu ling ie-e a: vrosrn at lew ertvee Apply le <JN MP, LA I M Flee di-ct CITY REAL ESTATE POR lALE. TJROADWAT PROPERTY POR SAL i.?POR HALE, by order of the executors of Aea Fttoh, decesaed. U>? property known u Mm M.oThi. M ? Broad wwy, sad No. ?, 06, J7. ?. 41 and 4? Naw atroel. ud known m the PublVe Stores, having ft frooUjTS oa Broadway *FhBdat tec feel, about no /aet oo New fttreet. e? Kxohange Piece of ft bout U4 feet, and on the aeutUerly l ne afc'tU STfrot, being the largeat oooapaot |WWl ? ^IE?E5i /T^naSmtS offered for aaie ftouth of the City Hall. Thetohw covered SSSSSSS the deed. Por further particulars Inquire of HOMER MOR QAM, Wo. 0 Pine etrpot E^t^^urrTy0^^ 2^fcS^gS L tonito?M? frescoed throughout. In tiptop order nod newly furnished; possession immediate!;', priaa ggO.uOO, two-ihtrde QMh^ Apj4y to toe owner, nt CO Leonard ttioB SALE-TWO HOUSES OM THE BIXTH AYBMPB. pft- --rat MB&gtsgBr1" street eighty feet on avenue, ninety en street; Just reedy tor ?oroo*. om^j? ww. _bout tbe beet oorner now recent on the 0. One of the prettiest little three story hij? stoop H?5s on Lexington e^^W OeSetst re?MV55 elwoToeewn in flttfljllt fOOr tiOIT EftglUlh btW* of Dwellings. wUh sad Without raasttsjy' Plfteenth wardnwouldU only ftddreee R. A. Word. 1 po, no ?m? "iratiiKJjsa jjJSpgXKftli ?-i?WTT8!lttSr* pa. Mo.? Pine street. Fob sale-a there btobt high stoop erich House, In Tenth street, neer Fifth avenue. Possession. Apply to PkT A CUBTI88.60S girth avenue YTIOB SALB-ON USTH STREET, HEAR "PTH AVE H nue. a new three story and basement House, built in the beet style, with aU the modern Improvements. Apply lo O. B. WILSON, X Dunns street, up stairs. FAR RALE?? VERT FINK FOUR STORY ENGLISH basement brick Houae, 114x80 and 9S.9, on Woet Thirty !raMBs?ar?5srfia 2P FOR 8ALE-THE POUB BUILDINGS ON COBNEB OF Thirty-fifth street end Elerenlb avenue, with storoeon first floor; well rented, end WlM?\r*S^I A?VK 44 PlSS pnce asked for them. Apply to JOHN MoCLAVK, 44 rino street. rrtOR SALE-THIRD AVENUE STORE PBOPERTT; F four first clans Stores and Dwellings. with modern mi* prorementm, on the beet part of Third avenue, all rented to good tenants and payinglSpercent P?1'L ^monUa. Will be sold, eeparete or together, nt a lees price than they cun now bebul.t for. Terms easy. Must be sold. Apply to the owner on the premises, W8 Third Jr j corner Fifty-seventh street and Finit ayenua. or to T. J. MC EVILY, 868 Third arenue, near Fifty-ninth street. 01^8ALE?WEST PIFTY-THIBD "MET, HKTWEBN sixth and Seventh avenue*, new three atory ?to?P brown .ten, Bo"^* jffffrt^eTrU T7IOR SALE?IN HARLEM, ONE THBBE BTOBT BNO F llah basement French roof Philadelphia brick front House, 30x40; lot S6; situated on East side of Avenue A, be tween 119th and 130th ttreeu; will be sold at a bargain. A. WARNER PLATT, 70 Cedar street, room No. 3. For sale?a three story high basement brown etone front House in Forty second street, near Ninth arenas; very cheap, at ? sllth aTenue^ For sale-a four story high stoop brown stone House on West Forty-sixth slre*t. AU Improye mentsj excellent location; $31,030. POTTER BROTHLKb A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pino street. ? TjtOB SALB?ON FORTY-SECOND STREET, OPPOSITE r Reserrolr square, 78 foot bya0&f*fT1 j?r5w*l {5y?"4? to Forty-third street. Apply torn- H. LUDLOW A OO., No. I Pino street. For sale?a large plot of ground on madi son ftvanue and hlxty-flrat street. Apply to B. U. LUDLOW A CO., Mo. ? Pino street. F* >R SALE?ON WALBKR STREET, 40x106 fVVt? _ inches, near Church street-" Apply to B. B. LUDLOW A CO., Mo. ? Pioo street THOR SALE?GRRAT BARGAIN. THREE STORY HIGH F stoop brown stone House end Furniture; whole for git.ofth WM. a. BEE BE A CO., No. ? Pine street. T7IOB BAlX?YALUABLB LOTS ON 114TH BTREET, O^^iL-siiiK.'^smvstpsa Estate oftoe. MBI Breedwny. rX)R SALE?SEVERAL DESIRABLE THREE STORY r high stoopHousee, in good locations; pWoas from $9,100 te ? Teumne.tyyrt^s ^ ^ ^ug rR SALE?HOUBE AND LOT 170 WEST FORTT elghth streH bntwaen Bro?<1wsy end Elghthaywaeg lot flBiW; bouse three story (Wtdi), In good order;tC* yiO.OOO. ynaannltrn Ii1 f Apply U> BALDWIN ?CO i ?7108 SALB?A SMALL HOUSE AND LOT ON HOUB. JP Ion street; four story high stoop brick llooao ou Beat Twentieth street, near Second arenue; House sod 1/4 la Unkm straet!^rooUya?aa defeat four story high stoop brown etone Hotiae and Furniture, on Brooklyn Heights. BLKECEBR, HYDE A LOWB&BB. Nos. 4 and OTPine at. POR SALB AT ONCE-IN WEST FORTY-SIXTH ST.. naar Broadway, a three atorr House and Furniture, for t?gm HALL^J flow, No. 9 Pine street. FHOR BALE COBAP FOR CASH-FOUR LOTS NORTH of the Park, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Ap ply to GBO. OAkLAN, Thirty-seventh eireet and First avey i nue, car depot. t?OR SALB LOW-EAST TERMS, IMApIATE FOB f session. Boaullfnl flret class three Jfory high stoop brown etone House. 17*46; all lmpiwenwn"v nc^?orhood and entire enrrpundlngs Oral class; half a block Irom Broad way oars, 117 Fourty-fonrth atieet, between Sixth sod Sev euth evenuee. before 11 or after ?? FMOR SALB OR LEABR-THR TWO HOST DE atrable oomera on Kroedwsy, above (irsnd street Ap ply to K. N. WOOD WORTH. 10 Neessu street, beeement. T OTS FOR SALE -PLOT OM BROADWAY, NEAR > lota on Bimedwsy^' eorner of ThDtyietehth eireet. 10 lota oo Broadway, comer of FOrty-elxth etmol. 4 lota on Brood way. oorner ot BlxtyUiird etiyi. 16 iota oo Broadway, nser Seventy-hiith street. 10 lou on Fifth avenue, neer Pfty-?' cat 8 lots oa Fifth arenua, ne.r Ninety eighth street. 17 lou oo Fifth avenue, near IMat "mat. Slots an Madison avsous, near 1f?rtT"*?9ood 10 lou oa Madison aronua. near Seventy fourth str"t. 11 loU aa Third arenue, neer Serenty-olnth sUeet. 4 lots on Eighth avenue, neer Nlaely-seventh street. 1 lou oo Rig'uth eveauo. near 110th etroet. Also a number of deillabia LoU on side streeU, near Fifth erenue. Broadway, Ac. Also e Urge number of Loi' on Central Park Diagrams and full particulars to bo bad at w oBee. Tv LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine eireet Lots, lots, lots-lots fronting central Park. LoU near Central Park. Lou on the Boule vard. LoU on Fifth a venue. Lou on Sw-ond. Tblrd. Iwx Ington. Pourth, Madison, Slilb, HevonUr, Blghth, Ninth, Tenth aud Eleventh avenues, and Lots on almost every street adleoent thereto. Lots in Harlem. For Lou In any location apply to KKMdEN APPLE BY, 10 Pine stiwel. Madison avknur.?onf. of tub most desir sble end beautiful Houses -.n Madlsou arsons for sale, by F.. H. Ul'DLOW A CO., No. S Fine street PARK AVENl'K LOT FOR HALE. Southeast ouraar of Thirtv-eoronth street. A. P. HARD. 14 Beekmaa street phMHKM ^E^BBKORK* AKDATOWW***' K ok ICR 10 PINK fl. (Auction "n^42rtr^| f.??iab1? o*?rj <? *? ???? &?*\Z" ? ? ?:::::.. ?? "?jHsxti' o^ftirau: ... ^sis 101 Want 1?J ??? ,j"l0#' Mi atoT bHrk 10,600 an WMlnj2tLk,torr brlA Hwjjj*"? ????,? *i,r+. In "riom 2B?igaK?!,S?s QTORK I'oannnalon In Hay. SlUrtntft? mSw P*r n CM" S2m S'TOIIK-PKARL HTKBKT. NBA* WALC.I MX ETO 5 riaa. brfek; $40,400 Tartna aatr MALI, J. HOW. No ? Pioo alt aat. TTALCAlll.B l.KAiKHOUD PROPBBTT PO* HAt.B f tin Wa?t Forty-Moth itrMl. badwaan fifth and With ?nnnri, hao.l >ma four atory brown atotia llnnao, with Co. lnmbla <.olla?B leoaa ol lot for 21 raara with Ibraa to aowoia; pn ? fvuno i iaii a bliVkn.nPinaawoot. fCTH ATRNUB I OTA -I.OTR ON TUB PlKTH AVRN1K O and on thn a.rrata naar Filth aaanna. omxinta to and halow tha ("antral Park. For aala bf Jlllllf hot'IiAVH. M Tina anaot HnoOKI.YM HKAI, ? STATS POR RAI.R. A N RUttiir HARHI.K DWBLLtNO, WITH BXTXN /\ aion, iwu.itlfullr and richly fumlahad nn flral piatw, Brooklyn, will ha aold rhaap for.-aah. irnmaduiia poaan.alnn, Rlllf tKba. VAll, A WAlflthN II ANIHINBKKtlll, id Wall ,K -V A BUR DOCK PHOPKRTT, HIT. ?.Brooklyn, K !?., on Plr?' atraat, Sooth, Ninth 'th and BW'antn atr?al< and Ka?t riaar, i-acl, Itlork haios ?1M IM from flrai atraat to tha Hulkhaad. with til <ho wal..f prlrflafad oanaartad th'.rrirltb, tituaioar or ayparato ?V ","W. *H9,ullnr" apply oo tha |rtami?i. ot to IIaR BE' Xd A fl aIAI, Y * Brt?i it mat N. T FtiR HAI.R THK FlftdT <11 Attn THRP.R sroRT %*ri ? attta tirowa aWm llmaa ho 41 South Nio'h atraat ho [twaan da -nod mJ I hlrd Urania. Brooklyn. within t'hrao nioiutaa' a.Ik of th- lart.aa, bin to tha rcyldatton of William ? all, E "| . lha ba.iaa ?? Si t.f fl tart, wall atrmnia.!, htillt aod dnlahad to tba yary boat manwar t>y tha owr.Zr fur kla Own oaa an I U in - ?mp. u .r l?r tlir> ifhuit ! it rn |?r |> 'rut Immadlala Boanaarion nan ha had Par i.chatt to w tha moiiM aod fnrtonr part'eolara tpplr |n R. H. |,uii 1>( W A !'(?.. Na t Plna ? ra >w Toal tidOR a* I t IN RROURtTN A BRIOR ( "?TTAO? A' mm tat hi nR aaaaa t nowia. 4a . ?ar,|an t-0 '>f Iho faat a raw oiinotaa riia from :l,a f?rr'aa an t a a i vt ,|ra '? "" I "apaat pa'I. rnatad la lat M?a^l?7i IIM parfant. aad fraa from an noihaaO'ia prlna *t M a ??Mi a R. ? u mil ?ia bbookT'TH kkal estate won ?at.w> LTIJrVaLR-STBAN FLOUR mils FO'lB WOKIES. ruo'tf ug order HALL J. HOW, P0- 9 I loe i?MWC. rK SALE IB BHOOELYN?TWO NKW PUILADBL phis brick Houses, ??er Fulton avenue Tw?ntlrih word- three stories, baaemcot and sub-cellar, wtlhai. tbe modern leoroverueuti; lirlok furnaces In cellar, two wash 3Ed??eL'ercln-U, bath. wa.k trjijruounec. lion Ao.' priot lifiM not). Inquire of J. KlRBi, builder, Oaten avenue, near WnMbiuglou ayeaue. ' ,MI,,,Vul^rfu^d jffr.Phitodclph.ybrich water, ju, Ac ; three storr, unnea roor. '"^'rV""r front. bl2 -?--- brown stone basement, stoop and Diunls. Lot Uklij): house H*M> 101 F*y*^V^?al I?U|? s^th ^iL^plroi tha proialaaa or to DAVID HALL, 1W South COUNTRY REAL ESTATE ?? l*U> ILL WANTING EARNS. r .Mna A GOOD FARM AND WELL PROVED FBITO LANDS. Beeutlful ud thriving settlement of VINBLAND. Thirty mllaa south of Philadelphia by railroad. Populationi !? creaaod ulna thousand people In four years. Good aootety. School* and Churches; 1,0?oroharda planted. Prleo Its per aero, payable In four yean. VtlUfe lot* ler bnaloea* and mesa lecturers also for aale. . Climate mild?perfectly healthy?eod highly fertile. IMPROVED PLACES ALSO FOR 8ALK. , _ Addraee OI1AS. K. LAN DIB. Proprietor, Vlnelaud, Mew Jersey. Papers oontainlng Information aeni free. Prone report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune:?" It U one of the moat aitomaire fertile tracts. In an almost torsi position, end suitable condition fbrptoeaaat farmluc that we know ef this aide ef the Western Prartea." Arh pirrt olars plovrino mill, excellent water power, three ran of stone, constant work, 7 acres of Undent dwelling, in Semarertoountoy. A great bargain. JAQDBg, SIIS Broadway. BCUABETH, HEW JERSEY?NICE HOUSE, PIMB PARK, NKAB MEW MCN8WI0X, MBW Jersey, ST acres choice lent under superior eultrve. szwSswsas? auplrior outbaUdlnge,D&ltouSt in 1SH, fbaEKK, 111 Broadway, room No. X A 8PLBNDID ORA1N AN$ GRASS BARM, ISO A acres;a country Store; aleofi good I acres, a aloe place; $1000. OM1 on JAIJUE8, JOS Broad way. A VALUABLE FARM, TWO MILES FROM DEPOT A New Brunswlok.-mtr acrts peat. WOwood, *? umtor ?treat. Farms for sale?farms to exchange; farms for $800: Perms for $10,000; Farms at all prtoee; Parma of oil ?U?i; Farmi. MoMANUS A LEWIS, 81 Nassau street FIR SALE?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. A PLOT OP Land, eituate about n quarto- of a mile from Central Bridge, formerly McOomb'sDanu Wretch ester county, end close ti the Central avenue, now thing worked, running from Central Park to Yonkere, contdnlng nearly throe sore# The plot It yery eligibly situate* In a rapidly Improving neighborhood, and ^h aJtontlnmlly Incr^ytn. Talue. For ??rthw partlcularataqulreof W? v ENV1LL, ft John street. New York. - For sale?lumber land, five thousand acres, twenty thousand feet to the aero; Central Penn. ?ylrania. Address Proprietor, tfcrald office. For sale-a half interest in a vert sups rlor Mill Property, with twothonand seres of Land, on Sayannah riyer, fifteen miles bebw Auaueta. Ga. The land la fertile, three hundred acre* cleared end In cultivation, and the balance heavily timbered with oak, hickory, ash, beech, gum, cypress. Ac. The while woutd For terms ana particulars Apply k) J. Be BROOME & CO., $1 Broadway. _ OR SALE-A DK8IRABIS CORNER LOOATIOM form couutry store at BUlofrille Railroad depot, statea leland. Improving neigh borkoil; uo store wlthlu a mile of It; opening seldom melwtoh^&e for a profit toMt entire business man. Apply to A. JOfRNEAY, No. 6 Pine street. For sale-a splendid change county farm, 144 acres. Buildings e*teu4ve and In order; fruit, Ac. Situated near M rhsmber. street ^^inwllv^l^l^?SLMi^,xrEi^.^?,iom0e:oL^ Broadway. For sale at a great acres beet quality Timber and Prairie Lands, situated In Oman county Ktaw, watered by tho Osage riser and trib utaries. Thli bod* of land Uegwithin thirty mnseafth# great Unloa Psctfio Railroad (outo, wbtoh passes ttoongb Lawrence and Topekm. The Ltaren worth, Lawrenwi, Glbaon and Galveston Rnllront Is betng located through these lands. They base been tolected with great care. In Sei^gSisr is EffSTrBwari Broadway, New Yonr. - -*'f- Vfr- *?*? - ? t FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FARM, 808 AOltti. in Dutches county, N. Y., 10 wood, balance tillable, fine apple orchard, fruit. Ad. ; ?>n sen lent to Rallrond; n^ar Condenalng Milk Company; bindings oommodlons and In order. K. GATES $c6., B> Fulton nsenne. Brooklyn. FOR SAUS^OR EXOHANOS-A NUMBEE OP supeeb Cotton Mentation* of A alsea well ImDrorod and Ungs In tike country. Orasing Farm*. Lands, An. Aim a fsw Cotton Plantations tobcworaMon 'Hrcs; tltlm Indisputable. Apply W B. A. MATTHEWS A CO.. M New stneT, eflloe kl. For sale OR trade, for citt or, BROOjajrN property?A Perm ofWlacrae eltuated In New Jocj*^ In Peaetc oounty, SO miles from nnd near the line of New York; It has n large boose nnd numerous outbuildings. Nl Ingoodorder 7w?y In M. N. R. RIDER, ?4 Beet Twenty fourth street. rR BALE, ORANOB, N. J.-A PINR : with ill term; house of U rooms; steble and enrriagn bourn, fruli. Ac. Address bos SJM N- Y. Poet oibce. rKXCHANOR?FOB WESTERN LAND OR OOOD rtdOranl^VHotel^Rom.) ^ tween Stamford nnd Norwaik. Prloe $#.MH no teen Ad dress bos IS* Poet office. South Nor walk. Conn. WASHINGTON CITY PROPERTY POR SALR. A valuable tract of about eighteen etty Lots In the City of Washington, oeer tbe Capitol end raUresd most eligible sitae In tbe city for hotel or business, or reet dau(? Thls property to offered ate lew nrlce toctoee an In terest. and to n rare chnnea for speculation or InieMmnat. For further P'rt^ll^'oRQLy, Wo, , Pin. ,tre^ spa TO 100 AC BBS OF I$AND?IN THE TICINITY OF ?50 hmuon'i n?w houl.Loogjkaache for?ortich?ii?? for a first class Dwelling 'n the ymlnly of Murrey HiU. AddrMt BowhT, box II N?w York Po?t aaaa rtmldino plots at bast themont, near 329/^^1 s: SSS leri'm?r^?th!>rom |W to &0 n.?h ?J5)3 Banks lit Bowery; H. Stoney, M 8lith avenue or John Ber StnVr t^lm Cnruell Fordhnm, whore oairlages will be in ^dlnew upon tKa. "S of mery train to .-oovey partis, to the property. ? - AAA ?COUNTRY RESIDENCE, TWO AND ?b?).UUU. half storte*. fifteen rooms and forty acr ue?* Long Island Sound, commanding at lew thertoi. *. anty-fire acre Farm: "teffimt. SflffchtomWjrto am aaa ?CHEAP; TKRM8* FAST.?A FARM,, 43 15.000. trr*8. building* r?ody CrttW tu hbuoiUM; of ,00tM A DRcWi Chamber, street REAL ESTATE WANTED. AC AFITALlHr WILL PURCHASE STORE PROPER Ir In a good location Adam*, with p*i Hooter*. ( apt tall*!. Post ufficr Mil 2,Hi. WANTED?A HALF LOT ? AN IMPROVED LOCAL ity of Orrenwood. Addraaa, atatnif altuallmi. Ao . Oraaawood, Herald office. E want to purchase leasehold pbopbrtt In ?II part* of the city; the hl*h**t nrlne e!r?n. HcC AH ILL A CO.,?7l Thirl KNM. w not REM. ROOMS. AC.. TO LET. Another < iianck f^r winter houses un flit ulabed. 4 . ullage brisk, SNova So tl? Mod* rated, 4 brown ntnne lloueea, rereral nafiirnnbed Unurr In ?iiI.a, ?II lo rent cheap. Alio for Ml* l?e*?e and Furniture, $7.0 Millinery Hi ore on Uroedway. rent SIMM: Orocery Slop* on Slith ircnu*, $i,i?W; Fanr* store on Third (runup with Do ?nr order promptly; no Commlaaloa on Rent*, open d*f anil uiinlDA ^ ' E. cVaRKRNSON A CO.. 114 Third nr. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM F!R<T CLASS LOI'A lion; halli. hoi *od oold valor. g?*. ?re'e An. ge.,Ha moo i.uly. Apply from i lo T P. I..*i 1*1 Wmi Thirty-third ?irnot. A BEAUTIFUL SMALL FURNISHED HOUSR, NEAR Central Pork and Fifth annuo, to rent. I'rloafJrt) |>er month. Adlrrm D. W , boi 2.W7 New Tork Pool nfllm A furnished norsF. to s?? a month, or would nil rnralturo for $9.800 and rant honae for SS 000 A leaaa wilt ho firm ooly to a tarpon.ihla parly 11 I . ra ? 17 We-l Twemy.ninth ntreet At tonkkiui.?house to rent, furnished <>r unfiiniMb*.! AI*o a daelraw* Hal of Property for aal* A.l.iree* or apply ia W U. PKIIilT. Ree Kmita A drill, Vonkara. HOUSE TO I.RT-RLROANTLV AN !? i~OM PI STILT FurnUka-i. for Iwalra or etfht-nn moi>th?. In Forty uri-ond alriiai. near Fifth aranua. Ona la Talrty aeroad ?Irtrt and arreral ntli*ra_ STRICKLAND A WILLIAMS. MO Broadway A FULLY FCRMSIISD house TO LET 0>Win Washington aonere Id roowia; alao handaoiaa ihrrr ?lory llouaa lu I uirtletn afreet, dJOU a month ADAMS A CO.. MS Broadway. A DESIRABLE FIVE STORT BROWN STONE HOUSE to let, fully roritlehrd. on Fourtarnlh (treat with llnan aller A.-. Po**o?aloB immediately A. SBBOKAWT. II Wall at re*t. A FURNISHED Ho0?P TO LRT-IN TWKMIT lonrih alranLdcai thla hotel, taliahl* for boatd're KINO A no Ho a Weat T?#tity third alrrot, Fifth Arpsuo Hotal a NTOEf.T ftlRWISIIFD THREE STilRT HiOH J\. itwnp iR.rao InTweii'.y aw end (tree*, to int. Locattoa roaiiai. rraloalf S**1 0*i mouth Parniiti of KINU A CO . No t Waal Twenty third *tranl. Fifth Araauo llolal A FURNISHED HOi SB TW LET TILL MtV NEXT? i>a r?eit;*lhird event, bnlwraa Fifih an J NHth are anna aa oral olaMiln< hruaa, now naaily full Km; f/w or; month Pmalta or KIN'J A CO.. No > Waw Twantr third itraat, Fifth Arcout Hatal AdTOItB TO LSY -NHaS BROADWAY AND FOUR f*?nth atraat. Mr I JO ot tenant CllAS R. NlLLA. Re.I Ratal* Afoot, ? W fM tt? net a timt ASPI.RNDID FOUR STdtf HOIHR TO RHRT furalahad, alao all on an, at rant* firm fSMadf month upwards Apply ? CHARt-Rd R M;TLA, J*'a o ffciil '* T >i'in i>"i Itrpl f I M o * ' M HWSKI ROOIWB. At., TO I,fT. a N UNFURNISHED HOURE TO LET. TWILTI f\ room*, ibeep Al.o two lloor* for aulal families, an Twenty Hereiith Thlrty lourth, Twenty enlith and Twenty. ?fth Klro-ti Alao Furolehed bouaekeepiug Uoorae, at W Tweoty.fiftb aLcel Brn LaSEMLNT IN NEW STREET. MRAK STOCK BX obe?*?. * U be rented I .r billiards or otUrr bualnsaa. on I )Mk> it desired Apply to 8 0. DEXTER, Mo. 9 Brood street. C1IIRAP UTORAOK -LOPT AND ATTIC TO LBT. IB ) riat street For porticulare oddreeo box d.uda Foot odtoe ____ FURMISIIRD ROOMS TO lbt-buitablr fob ?nulVemfly or niocle perdue Apply this week a M Wept SaronteeuUi street; between bUlh sad Boeanth ore. EURNIAHRD OR 0NFORNISHBD ROOMS. BR SUITS or singly, without board, la a Brat Mass pnrete rsat iee, Mo. 7 Wast Fourteenth atrsat. four fcora wool 1 rtfth areaua. FURNISHED BIBB* FLOOR-FRONT AND RAO* Parlor, with Bedroaeaa, to lot, and baloooy, at 174 Ninth atraet. aaar the Bible House. JtTuRMIBHBB HOU8I TO RBMT OHEAF FORTH! J wteter; lichl room; IM hoar from Hew Ymk If ^Uroad. jr. 0. BUTLER, 6S Day atraet. TDURNISHBD HOOBB8 TO LBT IB DRY ABB West'dM^'naar Mb nr., rent per aaon^...?....... ?M Weal ?th at. (party to buy Furniture, BS.M8) IK yearo ?K7;SfKTjr9 t H^gaauafl T 0FT8 TO LBT.?A FIRST LOFT. OB BBOABWAT 0BANOB, MBW JKB8BT.?FURBISHED RpUBR f rent, four months from December 1: aonWlos eaaaa teen rooma and pleaaaatly ettnaed, eoron J* from station; rant $1*0 per montk, or would ba rented Mr ? year at $3U0 par month. Addroea B. B. F.. Orange, B. J. LBT?AT FRKSBBt atore, at ?o Warren II Warren atraet. SECOND FLOOR, FITB BOO MB. OLOSBT8, FBrtO? of D. BURKB. ?B Oreat loaea atraet. STORE AMD BA8BMBNT0N BRQADWAT, BKTWRiB Oanal and Orand atreeta, to tot far two yeara trim February, drat claaa; 26x1116. Entire building SI and dl Walter atraet; 00x100. D. P. OBEBLL. IBOedar timet, S"2LK. StStJVSOSst-J^USi '""?d.""' Ttfk&ffawm**,... ?. STATEM ISLAND?CORNER OF BARD AND OABTL^ ton aranuaa. fttrnlsbad How. co^ln^tM roowj with at able andI twoncrea oftond; wtH cetnber 1 until Bay I, for $710. Apply td O. W. HIMMONB, Jr.. 94 Broadway. STB AM POWER TO RBMT?TWO WEI'U LIQnTBp Rooma to rent, with any Amount of terms moderate. Apply to 8. A. BIDDLEBROOK. oornda T wenty-eerenth street and Firit arenas. ^ STEAM POWER TO LET?A LIOHT ROOM ON CANAL r?K:a,ts^0?J48uSre:sg mo LET.?PERRONS OOINO TO til Hudson street, ooroerof Canal, pay by weekly ?? monthly payment* if preferred fli6 LET?FURBISHED, **. rWBMTT inRy gTRB^ 1 between Fourth aeeane and Broadway, a baybwme ltoj T?p^t Ugtxl oubTuaam. Apply to OUtfTAVLS BRAIthOW, 4111 wtthldd^SA Waller; &H L&rtfsssfo ismwmsL, west of Thlfd arenas. Apply en the pwH?? r zsgzurErts an.? sat aduha oaly ~,J _ _ wenada .a n To biti-rtia ?? ? modarateieot, a phmaaatlr altnMad, nlabad Houaa, on tba weat bank of tho mluutea1 wall from ft* trrmtoui af the of Now Jaraoy, at Planaanl laqulre i MOLDS, n Ltbiarty a treat. mo LET?A FLOOR OF FOWB *^21 oaltor la tho bouaa. No __ on adoond Boor, baMt room. aoutheaat oornor of Poeirth annuo a^Twenty.ninth MM Entraaee In Twanty-nlath Mrast. , T_0 LBT-THB LABOB HOPSB _ iT-ST room Modern lm?ro??m.nU_ Bore UMl ir reuumn. Applf at 81 Si xtH af.. tbla weatL ? TO LET?0MFURMISHBD, FIXJOB Of FITB ?O^iSA ..IxassssfGt s? Bfftl aar Broadway, room <R WNl and Fitluroa for aato. t. aiaaa. T^fTLBT IN A TLBIJAMT LOCATION IN SOCTB Brooklyn, roorenlent to the ferrlea. A V.'anoJad'to'ree* furnlebed. to a aiafto jentlamaa, ortwe w.dtagpeadjeroam tf?e?.U?er; femilt AtHctiy prlrete. AddreiBe rererew^ ii. 8 ,11 ereid eh^A. . mo LBT?A DIM! NO RpOMXtTORBM AMPA ?M Aj^ ' 1 H< droom In baeemenl-and three Roeata oo aaooaa new. for Bl? por month, at ldT Bt. Maafc t F*? AsturCi, whirfi will be eeld el e eeetidee, ee the prepnene it learlng the city. > r^m I.KT-NO * WEHT FORTT-SR0ONI> RTRKE*. ? >11 riltto I'WUI, a four atory hl(n ?lo >i brawn rtoaa, f irniabnd 'ncIudiM obotoe Painting*, Bedding. Chine. At.) A nplf on the premier* 0* M A BILLaHV. Ho. I Finn ilrMi i I.FT?TWO HO0BM IM HOT* HATEM. Collage tnoit near Mtli HUH. TO LKT-IN LONDON TBRRAOR. WltT TWBNTTi third ett? t. part of a furntahnd Bant, to a fain ftp W adnlu, ronelatia* of front and bar* BaaMMmt, thraa riiat nn W?v>ai floor one in attic bouae la Bagdad with fnrmaai baa alt in rlarn improvement#, and ooafament for beuaa> kerning Apuijr to B. JaPHa, 14 Baralay atiaat, for than TO MtT?NRUOHR FLOOR MX It; OTHOI r*RTX tinned off at the fmat, at for Ineuraaee, law or mrraea til* liuaiuaa alao I'.noma of dgrttikU Ilia on lha iblrA. fnnrth end (tfib rtoore. one of the baat lanatmaa Apply ta t. a LKACH. Ml Broadway. Will ba lat law T> LKT. WTVH A FRIT ATI FAHILT?TWO TBR* nleaaaat Kooma. on tba amond floor, tOfatliar or anpe rata, it?f'y f>irnie??d for boaeekneptng; hetb room m4 wa'rr c! >aet on th? aaoi" floor; rant moderate la a flaai trn lOt Call at <37 Want Fift-aotb atraat. T IO LKT-IN A PRIVATE FRENCH FAHILT, A FOR alehed R hus, with (aa and watar. Bafrrence roqiilreA. V Writ Tbir eenth atraA, batwran FtfUl wad ffiath evaanaa. rflO I.FT -THE NEOOWD FLOOR OF A BROWN flTOHR I (root b'riaa, all modern imimnwiula loguire el Hi Wont Ktftiitb atraat. between Eighth and Nlntb ar-niie# T 0 Lirr-A Pl.t AAA NT OFFirE, AT NO ?H FROBt' m Mreei in tba (Ira atory building nornar of I'ank ally Apply to Haw Harm steamboat Oompaai. ptar 3*Earnnew. mo LF.T UNFURNISHED. WITH 1HMFDIATR FOB 1 aaaaton, a thraa atory blah atooo baaemaet aad aaflaa briak ILhmt Tha Ilouaa contain# H raorAai^04. W**. watar on aaoh floor. gea In each r< In parfaot ordar tn ritighout; luoa crtfi atraat, food nalah'. irhood I ?t VAN Wt'lKNKN. *71 flllth I Tf) IJvf, ON~ STATIN W^RD-A C^FtETF F^ nl?ba.| f'ottafla. II' and heater. wlthla flaa minute* wiB of aarond Ian lint, V?> iwr ?"?'hv . ana. at Ldattag'* grooary Mara. Itlebwrad road, atataataa. aa at At Baarar atraat, Www TarR. mi)rent^ A~Ft:nNMHe"pHor*R. on fortt thirb I atraat, at $1!W par month; eae ee Twenty eeeoeA atraat, at MR gpirf, Naa. i and fl Flaa atraat. TO y? | ' (fljrrHR BROA A BBLlAmT, No. S Fine*. mfOiRi-HToRT BNOLMH BaJShBNT HOUSB TA ToIIiJb ""LbA, aoraar Pareala arauoa aad Br* airaai, lufdOy OK? ??. ?. TtrrT DfilRARliR FVRWtMRR HoritR ON Ra1? \ Ajn,i BFNT-fl> HAV I F"R UOUnR or TWRL^S JMa? gj'-as^ FortOraaaa Fart - : FRflPMItM. _ ^ . , . mo itONfRAOTOM 1 Raw 0**Aaa. Oaaa . Ha? ?R IJR ri m"kill Will ho faralrad at Haw Onaaaa until wadnaa a3SKk?5 n Nuarfard te N-w t? Qanaaa _ . ... a t 'iintdt 'Off Oaninaaa Riflaawra ta?w?waw llna>ai'P "(jorn Rnwawr