Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1866 Page 3
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FiBimiil wis. Fall Details from Oar Special Correspondent, FSAGX PROPOSALS OF LOPEZ Interesting Interview Between the Rival Commanders on the Battle Field. Floret aid Lopez Quarrel aid Break h Off the Negotiating. I r'A DEFEAT OF THE ALLIES. Ae Army Sadly Beaten and Their Fleet Disabled Before Fort Onrnpaity. The English Built Iron-Clads Destroyed. The Oriental Irmy Withdrawn and ihr War Abandoned by Flore*. Be. Ac. Ac. IUR RIO JARtIRO CORRESPOROiRCt. Kio Jzjnuao, Oct. 9, 1NM. Another sanguinary engagement hu taken place?thin tune la fraat of Cunipalty, by land and water -between the raragaayans and the allies, remittal disastrously to toe arms of the laUsr, contrary to all expectation id ibis ?ny, as you shall team. tuns ao sa or usk Qa the M last, a steamer arrived from tba riser Plate with dates from Basaoa Ayres and Montevideo to the CM and MM> oH, respectively. From the intel Ugem-e received a general Impression prseatlsd that peace would ba soon restored, on terms advantageous to Bra all, and "|o tnumpAe" was shouted through tbe streets, la the tiebangr, the several hotels and cafes, ami in private femllta*. 1 beg pardon; the Brazilians never eheut; they don't seem to know bow. Consider, there fore, that I employed one of those dangerous edge toelg a figure of speech?ea Cobbett batb it At all events, tbe people did tbe next best thing to shouting? they looked Jubilant Tbe fact is, they thought tbe very fad of Lopea proponing conditions of peace was synonymous with suing for peace, and was indicative or bh inability to continue tbo war. ilea' the Joy that prevailed throughout She city was or abort duration, for the morrow brought information of ? terrible disaster to Bra/11, through the machinations ?f that cunning fox lopes. The following from one of the otty journals Is s fair exponent of what was expected to result from the proposslsof lopes, made in perron to toe allied commanders, and exhibits the bitterness of the disappointment, that was experienced when tbe whale truth became known The allies have Just gained a great morel victory, hape* naked for an interview with the generals of the allied army, and, in a conference which lasted hvo hours, manifested a desire to make peace, v,hi< h amounts to as ?oeoh as saying that he is no longer capable of fighting. It la not easy to foretell what influence ibis fact will have, nat only on the Paraguayans but evco on our sol diers and on the whole country. We ?Minit. presage of e grant triumph, and with it tbs conclurioo or the war. It seems, however, from all I hare been able to gather?for the precise terms proposed by Lopez have net tsaaepired--that tbe shrewd diplomatist ami eoldier did not effer nay basis for a pea/sable adjustment; that be enty manifested a desire to meke peace on conditions different from those established in tbe celebrated triple aillaaea. General Mitre submitted the Mutator's pro|Mi?als to a oounrtl of generals, who decided on cotnui'inicaling them to their respective governments, without stopping, how. weer, the operations of the war. letters from Tcijuiy give tba following del alls of the msmorabla interview ? By the morning of tbe 13th of September every one m the army knew that I-op*/ was to hold on that day a con faience with tbe allied commanders. Nor was be waded far long At half pest eight i. M. tbe foremost vldetta reported 1-opez and his suite the allied . amp with a lag oi truoe. tub ntTiui i*ii fltMrtl Ultra, followed by fioaeral Humor end all h.* MU, and eaaeried by twenty eankyaM, want not to aaael bin When near eaub other the two gcnara* ad oawred a few yarde Iran tbair respective escort*, and on mealing ahook taatfa tieneiala Ktorea aod I'oiydom bad bean Invited by <<enaral Mitre, at the reqonet of Pre* Want Lopez, to attend tba meeting The former accepted *ba larltaUoa. bat tba Hra/lltan geneml re!u?ed 10 take any part In the nee foresee, saying that a* the command wr-lB-oblef would be praaaaL be thought hi' praeen<a in that plana would bo una! an. Men alula man. thai tan inane. The conversation lasted fir# hours, an already tinted, Lapaa bang aluival exclusively the speaker. He an nlyaad tba paltay of RrazH aad bar two allm* It. m aald that in the courea of tba com emuon Lopez maairontod rather tea aarnaelly hla little sympathy for Hrarlt, and tbal in sue It violent language that Mitre had to tall him that ha eawid hear him ao longer aa auch a snbjeca. It ta bloa atbramd that an aaparating t ha twa supreme corn, moatars asahaagtd whips, lopee hemp the Prat m per taw this aet of rather dubious Van reomp Ilka polite ma wan* unmi ?era 1 ? milu I reeiat the temptation tu transmit the following amusing *uuH>, taken from tba A'aetow, bImiui the lonferenee between I be rival coaimandera, in which II will be seen Ibat the order of procedure on ihe or change of wbipa w reversed from lhal aleady men Honed It la but lionetl to mention, however. Uut Ike tranelatlon la ibat of tba Ruenne Ay re* .tteirbnt' 41 I t II on tVedneeday, IX Uanaral Mlire and I me deal lope* met at TittythCngi, the latter having da. anandid a confereniM of the lunwer, hut not of ihe Brazilian or t iricnUil i.eurralic leaving their ? ?eortsu Utile uh.ii'l, both rode forward and, dismounting, our dlally ahook hand* la>pos loot"d well, and dispersed an affable, dignified ntai>a< i * he wore .1 aaah and award, top-hoole, an 1 carried a fold-iuoaniw! riding whip. He v?ae ibe tryt 10 ?peat "?How do yon do, I'enemlT Too acem very ntna ? hanged elmo I had the pi* aenrr of seeing you 11 Uuenoa dyiea ' 'Treaty well, | ti.ans vuu, Married. y<n* are an* mtn b chansad Miner ?,nc gwnbar. Iwm* I received voi r Invitation to a conference, and have grsa' plerawire in aoeeplluit it. We can afford to ineel ae rank ? pponswtu In the Utcrvale between croataag saorls ?Tbank you, fieaaral. and now i>*. ua in bo iu**r ft nraseoca here a eiplalimd by lha events uod obltgatli t. Ineeparable from men in oar anatlloa, aba, whlld ruling iba d'atiny of our peoples are alen re-iwnai hie for Ibnlr rnlafortunee. 1 hut ? mail-* war u? Braafl, becai sc f b?Ve fesr.*.! that, 'ho Mrar tiler i?rm? win not only overrun the Heeds ??rlenul but ultiomtely iure*t-n M? enrnlf all oi ua f Have always vMcriainnl an 1 Mill do. tha blrhent ? eue m for Hie Argentine nation I'erhape If 1 had ocrnakm for naarer reiatl a- wllh Fs eller.cj a go cm meet ??any d'CItulilee and misfortunes m ytd here h??fi avoided Hat it ws? not ta be aa, ana I have entered Jtitn Lualllitea with the Argentine gurernment beiaaaa I "onnderad you bound up with lira/ I In theOmr.ul eueatlon I teel now thai the blood already shed is awf flcicat tn wipezMt mat ,*l offem-a* and rei'iithe, and iba time ,* parti urn arrltcd when *a nan put anendtotbia ?erriMe war, ny agreeing on tie ? unit lone of a p*an* eolld, laelri.a und honorable W??lt partler "A* a man of principle aad tin ruler of u eulivhteec.i people, you may lie umured. Mr PfWdWK, that niy wlabee and afforte will always ua ?ndiccd 'or mi lionor able peeei provided it sires >M the reeulta we are obliged an eaak for ay force of arms in defence of our 1 table flat euretv your Rteabeacy ? eanot under 'be preen#! clieumotiineee, propo-u vacli terme to the alliev A? leprae, at at I v? <.f the triple ulllasire. I anriot oflbr you other torre* tbaa t'joe* etlpu> *ed lb 'be defen-u ?? Arealy ealere l n'o by Brazil, I civni aad tne trven ?Ide republic and avew a?y ueyois. mual be raHta-l by Hi# govr rnmenia of the iVr I F?aem O'eet >ar?f Paeedaary Mill arv pemd> rndi in of "Witling ? 11 du I tie* eicept >,J y ' t'* urral, the ,*?om iMiuti ? the rple a'tan a lieaty are ?a 0. |dalde for mt but ,t la ,.keit I* a iiee mag ?ad II ibetr intareat to Jenaii free, tie SMM If aol. I oeail bght it o*.i to n,e ia?t benmd my teswebae My dear fieoaral Mitre vnca ivrmv e> v< u aw atvau < ta never farm Iho baaig ?f a treaty of panne ti.ay are. aa u atwl, rather, aa Iba rbppo>i?wiw that inn fate or acme nad paan "?f?*"1?* *bpk ?" * ware ?aae maaay even ?> ?o ? tbreagb tba f a? a Maty of peaoe. Tour F-acelleoey knows that the triple alltaaoe treaty puis me la Urn cose of iMiko glvee up bin arms, but thM cm mvh be mmH on the Held of bottlo. It M 1410 to suppose I oooM ever sign aty bud to tbo otlpolotloeo oboot frooUor Uatta, or as reepeote ay own person, to laid down In Mid Malar. I think, Son. era), If you woro m By plaoa yon would boidly give up to beaU'B before trying the foto of arms." "Your Exoolloncy boa juat toucbad tba difficulty that I alludod la I cannot depart from tba poattlon boforo ?utod, and you an unwilling, parbapa unable, to antor on aucb conditions. Wo Baal, therefor*, conclude tbat peace at present Is out of the question, and resoles to push forward ops rations with greater vigor, aa I Intend to do on my part." " Bat why, General, la psaoa out of the question f I fool myself animated with tba very bast intentions. If you lend your good will and great Influence, we Bay yet afrjya at aa honorable arrangement 1 am ready to diecued 111 a treaty all points tbat may offer any difficulty, including the <tuS?Uua ill boup^VjSb " " Your Excellency will comprehend tbat I can give you uo answer on this point It is the allied govern ments tbat must nettle it, although, for the sako pf humanity end patriotism, I will do my best towards bringing about on honorable peace.'! "I have no doubt yotj will, General. 1 am sure yoor bentimenti are. iff keeping with the many noble qugl|ti(fl frankly admit you to possess, although my ad Teniry. A* a Paraguayan / must for over deplore the Huccees of your arras before Uruguayans; but as a gene ral I bavu to congratulate you on tbo ability of your tactics In triumphing over the Ineptitude and cowardice ot tbe men in command of my expeditlbnary army of the Uruguay. Tbe war bos since then lieen attended with great disasters and bloodshed on all sides, and I think it is our bouoden duty to draw it to a close. 1 am happy to tlnd that you have treated the Paraguayan prisoners In so humane a manner, and on my part 1 have alwaya shown tbe greatest attention In my hospitals to tboso of the allies who tell into my hands. '' "Let us change tbe subject, Marshal?have you seen the news from Europe y" "Yes; that folio# Bismarck and his needle guas are doing wonders. They make war much outcker there than with us. Have von any needle guns)" "No; hut ] have one of Krupp'e steel cannons, a breech loader, tbat will Are fifteen shots a minute, and throw tbe ball two rollea." "My dear General, what a pity so much ingenuity la wasted to Invent weapons tor tba wholesale destruction of our fellows 1" "Your humane sentiments are indeed creditable; but look at tbe deetructlon yon do with those d d tor pedoes " " Well, this is soother reason why we should try to ?^iine to an arrangement But before I go?by tbe law it ih near two o'clock?will yon send word to Flores and I'olldoro that I should like to shake hands with them and ask tbem how tbe Estero Bellaco agrees with thom." Tbe rival Generalissimos bad been, up to this, sitting ou tbe grass, and Lopez now got up, took a few turns up and down, and said " 1 atn anxious for peace: but yon must oflbr other '?onditions than those of the triple alliance treaty." " My dear Marshal, I have already told you the matter must be submitted to tbe allied governments, but, mean time, we cannot stay military operations for one mo ment " General Ulotes now entered tbe tent, and Lopez ac corded him:? "I am happy to see you looking so well, bat allow me m tbe mildest manner to say tbat you have becu tbe cause of all this war, by bringing tboaa Brazilians Into the river Plate." "Excuse ma," interrupted General Mitre, "bat I can not stand by and hear tny bad language against my Im perial allies." "I was remarking," continued Lopez, "tbat your friend Don Venanclo has embroiled all these countries, by getting tbe Brazilians to aid him in upaettlng tbe government or Mootevkleo." ??General Lopez," replied Flores, '?you bays nothing to fear lor tbe independence of Bands Oriental, I and my valiant army will defend It if called upon. Bui I must say, you were the cause of those poor fellows get ting killed at I'aysandu, for I>eandro Gomez would not have held out, but that tbe Blanco* expected aid from Paraguay." Tbe ald-de-camp announced that General Polldoro declined tbe honor of an interview with Marshal Lopez. The conference then broke up, toper saying, "I could wisb. gentlemen, to shake bands with you as friends, instead of adversaries." General Mitre thanked him and banded him his riding whip "Keep this aa a remembrance of me, and a tes timony on my part for tbe good action you bavo done. Adieu' We shall meet again at Phlilppl." Lopez, in return, banded hie gold beaded whip to Mitre, tepiyiog, "May every good action leave a good remembrance behind." Tliey shook hauds at half-past two P. M and parted, each letiring with bis staff to his own lines. Mitre's allusion to Izrpez's d?d torpedoes amt bad, as we say in tbe vernacular. It la equal to Beauregard's complaints of "bitting below the belt," In the shape of Gihaoi< V Greek fire and swamp angel. arnm's onnoN or tons. "moral Mitre, subsequent to tbe meeting, declared that Isijiey was animated by tbe best desires, and was full of the most humane sentiments, which be (topes) manifested with a vengeance in a few days. According to Mitre the Paraguayan Dictator was willing to make pence, hnt would not abandon hta power. Qeory. ?Waa tbe abandonment of power by topes one of tbo condi tions lu.ioted ou by tbe allied generals, wblch topes found *i hard to digest)1 rmii or ma rrra.vDitn sroonxTios. Lopez'* proposals, whatever they may bava been, were communicated Immediately to tbe Brazilian Minis ter An anower was returned, the natnre of which waa not made known; but it is a matter of certainty tbat Lopez was itiseatmfieit therewith, who forthwith recom menced military operations, resulting In a sormus dis aster to the allied army and Brazilian fleet, as already mentioned, tbe particulars of which, from all I can gathei, seem to be somewhat like tbe following? ntz iitxva os iracszirr. i At raven o'clock on tbe mom log of Ibn 22d ultimo two divlemiia of the fleet ?- ended the river, end bombarded the fortrcee of Company for four bourn; but only suc ceeded in dismounting three of tbe Paraguayan gun*. Tbe iron clad* Tamandarf-, Barroro end Brazil were ordered to advance and force the pal made, forming an obotrur.tiop to the approach to the enemy'* work*. The altera p' war ?ticremlpl, and 'be three veasela cloeed op te within eizly fathom- ol the enemy, pouring In an ime*aant lire of ahot and shell, winch waa gallantly re turned by the Paraguayan*, to tbe greet damage of tbe letwahi thua engaged. Nor were tbe laud force* Idle, for. abortly after tbe attack by river commenced, tleneral Mure, with hi* army, united from i iimzii. and assaulted the flrat line ef entrwuebment*, cloee to Curupelly, carrying It in quiet tune, tbe Paraguayan* withdrawing with all tbelr artillery to Ourupaity proper. The Allien advanced Im mediately, and hern tbolr great difllrultle* began It ap pear* that to rem h Curupeity from tha line Juat taken it waa dh eesary to croo* ? iwamp *nd doutroy the dt work* that tbe Paraguayan* bad made there Many attempt* were made by tbe allien to croag, waul deep In water, daring wbl li time-about one boor and a half?they certalaiy diaplaved great valor, but all to no purpone, eapnaed a* they were to an Inceaaant Are of abet and *beil. They ware at la*t compelled to retreat, with * loae of about lira I bourn rut men. ruoeily killed, among whom were a large number of oSirn. a uti'MP w-ewnem. The entire aflarr leflecta little credit on tbe strategy et flem-rei Wilre. worne perauaal -mirage, a* well a* tbat nt Admiral lamandon*. * iiinmpeached and unlmpeach ab<e But tl>? Uenerai * htunder, or ralber wren of blunder*, are not the leu* stupid because bu la brara, thae ? He attacked Cunpailf, g?rri*oued by fifteen ihounaad men and mounted with flfly-vi* piecae of artillery, with no more tnen ebon' twenty thnuaaed men, leaetng Pufv ?lonl and hi* corps behind It wa* lucky, however, that h? did mi. or the latter would b*ve undoubtedly abated the fate of those who actually auflered. Tbe eecond blunder, ua* the attack m*nf tbe forureee after three day* ol heavy rain, which anelled tbe awainp to a great bcigb' ?nd r< nd?ied the adjacent ground any thing but Arm. It I* "I'll * n>v*tery how tbe allies, leaving out ot vtew iheir diet crneem/ of the iwamp, I contrived to retr>'*i ?? row I'with their *rtllleey. u me ; fac? ol the terrihc Ore :? wlncb they were evpo* d to an lacgraeut Are nf-bm and sb-II They were at la*t ootn palled to relreai. wllb a lo** of nisei' Ave thmieand men, mostly killed ammig whom ?ere a large number of | oflli era zrr*< t or ma ?*e* 1* au?. The shock cuuer-d oy tin* for gotog new* in Ihi* c,ly i i* i> palnftil one It i? **ld fb*t the Itlnl-ter of War ban ' giveu order* ror all ?rmy oflirer* u> loato or ibe Mouth . In conn* l -on with ihu a review in ordrr of march too* place to day n froat of tlm prior pal herr?< k* of ?bi?e|ty. Three IwtUl'on* of the National <Joe d were present, end It I* repotted tb*t the whole ot that o.ip, will he *ent to Para uay, with the vole -*<*pi-en of mar ried men Imving ? hihlim In my opinion till* no-eeurw will be prudoeUT* ot vpfjr in igint ? aot roaitlta. be-aim* troop- formed in tin* w*y ?wnnm, fnun th- former hab I* nt the men ronipo*tng it *nd from their preilmi* mod-* of IP tug ?ti. carefully enroonter the herdshipe of a nam palgn, e. -n for a week i and Ibore I* not the slinkiest shade of eathnaua-m among them for Hie present uar ' < na-quanily the go- ernmenl ai?y *1 ?a? a i -n fluently ruly iip-ui the de.ert.on of tt e maturity cf litem, while. ?n the *th" hand i h*re are I bourn lid- of fo?lguer* .iiol other* bare who would willinglygo if a i*e*oiiah>e bounty were paid Ihena el --ore. and If they were to be eoli-ced for on- yeai tnst?ed ol nine ytan, the ure-eat term of *erv.ce, and n?r which e awtielitulg for a -National t-uard he* 10 aervr a* eatdd-itr of tip- l?pe li *e*m* almtwt laorodlbl* that *|i*t the brilliaal example pre ?anted by Hie liniled Mlsies in their letr givae'ic atrrggle th" Hrer-Ian go ? rnti eel rantm1 |an?ir? tea ab-urdttr of .!? ?r*tem of euletuietu ??d ?lof' ?, naodel whMh I.a* eerved ro well. ? nt' Mtrimvan m ret Mttaiiig laoacatoa the three iron clods. n thcr Isnnherdiw nl of tore pa ty were frequently hit. aadtwoof il am?the Harr-.o and the Brazil -had In go to Ibe wlaud of I errtto, for liter down the rirer, to re pur damage*. tnutti. nasi* to iriu?*?p vita tt.a* It le beginning to leak nut that Admiral Parker ?* in f'MuMaad the btet. ami that the V turunda Tarn ami sre will be recalled. Ibe general impru?nn I* thai the change ought to have been mule king ago,'and naimad '?ratupa are freely passed on the cundoet of Tamaaoar for the grate losusks, ?o fatal hi ? omtnendarn of other ?Piiee*, In mor* rig hi* eti?i oy, hy which aald eoetny wa* ailoard th-oppoilun ly ef tilling hi* dltltcuN elian Ml l-wltng to t orupally with torpwde*. sunkea ver*pla *Pd -thar otwtr'.ctluo* Adniir*! Parker, ?* far a* I have h? n able in??c?fit ii. i* n* ?Im- ui-h ir.u th* lamity of llie great PsrtOr? "w frtwad -W Saleor. whom fawi Fbbdin wrote, in re *|W ? to tha battle of t'O ? era* Pi! ynn g.iiep? ae-inra aplit t, Ungtsod ? ?e*ia?* the* a tear Hep*" hi fdhu' Parker a ken. ut P.Moer* that lay WMhr# t, k*? hi* nm oi? Alt ?i Ui# Tt, m tug* htn t ? *.h* Malf!" >ilf H e Admiral rarkor who It m iduirted will comianod the Hrevi lea gpet .* wall w*, tji* .? (he pain* ho Impm, ?ilhocgh lie IN the Mih Of % Uritieh hweMWMO, aaddtplPM ?c h gtvnr dsa-er.t M? eptorod the RrWh* orrrknt early o;#d. i*et?g tbni^ttieu.-uhHh go "W?er had ** THE ASSAULT OH CUBUPAITC. Scene ef the Failure of the Allies Against the Paraguayan Defences on the Parana River, on September 22. AOlVJW*** ]^iaI OF r*RABVAT raalou for hi? xword, 1m joined the Brazilian navy at the lima of tile revolution against the mother country. In title he waa aaeociated with the officer who la now Ad miral GreoM/alno an Englishman. Parker waa, for a number of yeara, however, placed on the shelf, for what reaaon doea not seem to be generally known. He la to be taken down therofrom, however, and placed on a higher position. Pity that Braxlllan satlora can scarcely understand the magic of the name of Parker. Such knowledge would doubtless work wonder*. nsracnoM or rna orievt>l hkvmul latest advloea Inform us here that General PI ores baa arrived at Montevideo with bis troops, consisting of 400 men, being all that Is left of 1.900, which constituted bis original army. There must be some Joke bere, re minding as of that Serene Highness in Germany whose army constated of eleven soldiers and a half. CANADIAN AFFAIRS. SPECIAL TELEMAM TO THE NEW TOOK HEAAIO Movements of C'noodlao Troops lo t'oiiae qaenee of Rwmored Frnlnn Kvprdltlons Preporntlona for the Trlol of Frniwna f'ap tnred at Plgt ea Hill. dee. Tom wo, C. W., Nov. 90, I860. The government bsa ordered two regiment* of iniantry to be stationed nt Bedford, C. E , during the trials of the Fenian prisoners taken at Pigeon Hill. Major deary, of the One Hundre'.h regiment, a to he court martialed for leaving his regiment without orders. All tba colonels on doty In tbe provinces arc summoned to sttend. A special commission has been issued to Judge Hogarty to bold n special Court on December 10 to try tbe balance of tbe prisoners ooudneU in this city. Tbe Hamilton and Wei land Canal batteries have re ceived erdere to proceed to Fort Erie to garrison ibai point. Tbey have been supplied with new guns by tbe War Department. Tbe Royal Canadian rifles, of l-ondna, are under orders to marc h to I'ort Krie as soon aa thuy are ruoplied with new breech-load re. the gunboat Huron left Una r.tty tha forenoon for Niagara, tbo government having received taformuDuti Hint a party of Fenians Intend 'Toeing trow town to tbo village of Niagara on n marauding expedi tion. Tbe gunboat Nluer, which tiaa Ir on Matiepfd at Montreal nines June last, tell today lor fjtiehoc lo go Into winter quartern. The Held Dlorovrrira-Invrollmition ialo tbr I.BMilrande Case. At. Tosovto, Nov. 90, Ihflfl. Tbe discoveries of gold at Madrc Is corroborated. Tbere Is little doubt as to lb# silent and richness of lbs deposits. Both colonial and foreign oB era are making strict Investigation Into tbe Laralraade atidu< tlon case Hie statement that Hubop Horan ie going to Kng land to oppoM the confederation is contradcted Major General Stisted, t;. B., Will sue-eed M.. Gen eral Napier oo the etalf In t-anada at the ? omtnent merit of tbe next year. General -timed served with diaUnc Una in Fends and Ibroagh tbe critical period' of ibe Indian mutim. AFFAIRS IN BOSTON. SPECIAL TELEMAM Tl TNI NEW TIM NEPALI. The .Narss-Kara.v Harder Petition lo Poo*, mule tbe Meslesee of Vfornn I nder Consid eration IMonppenmnre or Two Heri-bnnte. I.eavlne I.labilities to the Amouui of Ml 94. BOO. Hoe to x, Nov. 90, 1S?6 Tbo Kseculivo Council now nave under .-ontuderaion n petition to commute the ??otem e nf John Moran. tbe murdoror of hla affianced, Mary Klltro Karnoy, en tbe Jttb of April lent, from death lo imprison merit for life The Insanity nf the murderer at the time of committing tbe deed la urged aa Ibe ground of ommntntion ft ban been proved by the testimony or several promi nent physic iM that the piisneer suffnred mdev dinseae of tbe heart, and "tie or two doctor* uave leitl fled that tbn heort 'otnplainl no'd-timee prrdu. e<t tem pursry Ineenity. Tbo eltbrt to etitaln a ? oorni'itaimn is pushed vigorously and mar ho ?urrawfoi Tbe disappearance of two merchant- dot eg hu?!n*ea In thi* city In different lines of trade, with lionilite. be huid them of $171,000 is anneuo> "d, and Iiaof"> fle little stir among our busine-a men An ir.yoeligntion Into their stock in trnile shows ttist what they have left ns assets m nine pairs of hoots and two hoop yt its H irb om-orrences are rare in Fsiutolr He ton NEW 708* STATE NOMAL SCHOOLS. audi, Nov. 90. i see The last I " ."laiiire passed an art pronding lor Ibe etteM'.-hoirnl of four additional fflate no me I ? hoots tor tli edn< ition nf tem-bec, and IntiGrg prop ' lions ftom ?v ry taction of the Mate T? <D t ih? proton tIons were opened he'orn the Governor, f u|sVintetulenl K?e and AK'-rtiey General llariln'tale tbe I ten' naet Governor, the Comptroller and the Tre*-iir r, tbn re tier cimmlasioner" on'er the set nit h?itnr pre ent. rhe Central Arwdetny st G-owvtlle, Cinrllnnd eoua'V, offer their u-ilMtnt, vahied at fftl WO and their apfaratos and boarding hall. The village of Mroeirpnrt, M"nroe < ooniv, ollwr Hie Brivkport ? <ill> rfnla In-i'OG , valued at fll'W.bOb. and fl.T.OW wiith of f#n liiv *ad apparatus i ; in ton ??maty ?i*e?a etgM ir I A haff acres of gitrand and fail Obh The tru?is. ol lie'rwsre lead em* off.r their buildings, lihmry nod ground* Th? irnsteee of tits Newark CoHegtat# IdmHhW, Wayne cot nty, oipr their gronnda and a botldii g valors! at $19.00* The ABlneni Ut-warv |r.?'i u?e oft-r th-r building*. vsi.ied at fhfl.bWI together wltii the font lore and g mo ad*. Tbefft l.semr l'sl?m? offer their l.uild. Ing. xaliid at |I.V00U, their library, (urn tore and ap|>a. rains The Fori Edward lns?!lore <i|V-ra the o*e ?f their bn'Mlngs, fttratture sppersros end I n-rev f tee y?.,.. Dr Wtn Intent oTsr. the ?mlt try t- u>eg it t ? Mianile drtmbarte iimnty. wth tba grx ?i appne.tss and llhrwry. iVmrtiandville oPrr- a site rained at fe onry and Stan $f>0 U00 In caeb. H< uehsmho Rrmma cooaly, o9ar? a alia nnd ten Om in each, y>?d'atis, i fhnitnnqoa -maty. oOer- |dn IT# m cash sad tba I .radamtesi banding' already "wiei Pi-o ware or hoe hid* which ted tig informal, went roaerved for amend meat I Tbe G?Timrrtoners .fated that ttl'y would re one their dnmslOb until a weab fysm neu Uendav and t .. thought probalii# that thny will re-otntuaed to the neri I l/fltlUm* the a-tahiishmstit of s.x mora N'.-trial ' ?c!iO"'?, which would make listen .n ?U TNI UK W W4LIAM LilflAM Alfltat, Voy. ?.?o. A rosnlBOUsanon ftoto -e-"re'?ry W'T.-s p, W y n Ryrar, ai uounoaa that c^iabra I- set J nf lh? I n isl u UGa si. iter - Mi< hlgan. abo w*. Iwrais?d las* April (te.noaa of aimed /mt It ilias St ibo raqarat of ?he late A't??n*y lier.eral, isi'an of Dtatrict Attorney l>nrt an t M.r>ri*J Jndd will M reiuitntod f msdv for ??4Jie sett - km J v ikwiiii Nwn ? KiaTflui. lot itVIU f, NOV 90, ISflr -'?son maw ast- . api r?4 Wat (mtordny near dWebotl ?II'*. ms( ten by a 'and of 'Ida Uvea, up the Iwomavillo nafl Naahs a - - ? WMh tbo I'flilwfl ? latao ?St airy owttoaod there, nan loAflwd yesMMbv la Ibo nwlttafy flnaoo in tbki ?'W Tbov aao oappoaofl to bo Wfpr tbo fflrvflf Mtflwrv ?' Ibo Wat leo a GRAND MASONIC CELEBRATION. SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO THE NEW TOOK HERALD. l<aylll of the CtrnrrNUar tf ft New alaaaonlr Temple In Balllmnre-Nnlemu and Itnprea. ?We Ceremonies- Nearly Five ThenwuA .Xanana la Fall Iteaalla Participate-The ( bier Xaalatrate o? the Nation la dtleaaii

aarr?Order af Prareedlaca Bnaawela in i be Evening, At, RkLitnoac, Nov Jit, IMC. The oc.-eeioo of the laying of the romer *ton* <>( ? Dew M*?oiil' Temple in this rity "?* attended to dev with Impotiag eeremoniee, pert in pate. I in by nt-eily five tbuimand of in* nralcrnlty In full regalia, end ? miner one coacoumr of eitirene v?*?ly greater then the Me or.' Tlio tr raelon wee made more < ou'plcuoiu by ram-on ??f the pretention* of Baltimore In relation to the Order awlmllaling to tbo?e the iiworte In repord to ilie Calliolc Cnarcli *? the mrtroiioli*. Th* recorn lion of Ihi* claim by tbe dr'-w '."i-eiber many nf the mould;'. Uuguiahed Mowxir from diMaat paru of the country, a* well ne large delegation* from tbe lodge* In eartmia neighboring town*, from Kirbmond to I'blladelpblo? making m ihr pre*r*alou. Inded ng thug* of Hat'itocrr. over lifty drtterent lodge*. Atnnnc the notable* of the Order prreent were the I'realdenl of the United Hake*. in tbe regalia of a Matter Macon; I'olrmel Robert Johovon, private erreiery to iba Rre*lo#nt. In Maeonle regalia; It. I. Paitnta, of Wi?con-in, flrand Ma.ter of the Itrd r ot Knighia T' mplar IB theftlolled Rtatee; (ill#* M Hlllyer, of Ml? ?i aippi, Re?l flrar.d Master and Mllbw of Htata of ttie -v.mld Kile, W. C. Hunger, Ract (irand Mneler of Kentoeuy, and maov o her*. The I-raw Idem armed from Waahlngton at atnen'rloek In the morning, and wa? reealved at tbe depot end eM-orted to hi* remdeuee by (fovernor ftwenn. witb whom he break fact *d Tbe proc?>*|on wee formed at ten o'rlddh, in Holleta? I -Hirei ergoae", under the charge nt Keitaral Jamae V | Aadaraao en Senad Marehal Thanoa it paraded the i pru'ipal ? to eta, marching arc-iad ib* awaaaam to | W;i hinrion tn Mount Vernon place, which waa aajulad , by tbe entire prooe?-ion with uncovered baada, the Bndierona lunch playing aolemn dirge- in peatong. lb pa* ing the o'-nleti' <? ol Hotrmor Banna the prortweion , wat reviewed by the Rre.ident, all brada living again I un overed out (d re-perl for Iba living l'rc*ident. Alter the I view the Pr*?id*nt, aup|>orted br fuvernor Kwann, joined the prtc aeelon and inarrhed to the Mte of tba new tempi*. Along the eolire ruuta ol marrl, lb* streets wet* dmeeiv parked ?nl MM o all rank*, a a*, e dura aod both ar>aa. eod frequently tbe utnioel efforta of ihe peike* werr required to 0|e-n a wag for lb* pro rewion to fa". The variety and iirbnaee of tba regalia* worn and the number ni lodges of tbe higher grade* of M.auory rrpre*ei,r, d i untributvd to make tba d.aplay onv of the moid atirar live and .utpoaing that lute r\*r been wiloomed id Itnltiuioie The fo'lDdn'ioh wall' Of th* nve temple, wf.tvh .a located on i har!<? ?tr?rt. Iiav* already been laid, s-nd I tbe tin e.toi il e ground foor placed n pc'ilnn. upon 1 wh|, I. plant wrrr laid a. a t#n,|?>ra'Y floor tig to a< i commodate the In "air.J audience frmporcry v-ag ng waa erretecf ever thaallarvipih r*i? of'lb* ht..ldibg for the dlgritar-e* ?,f the Order aed th'?" whoaeduty It wa? to ofbcia'e on ibe ores' on ?>* either ?ld* ef the new t ending oat e* caring hwl >-?n erected tor U?lt?? aed other privilege,] t|e 'store ?#*l* ware ala? provided wHbiti ih< a/*, of Ibe h,i>ldtnc f- a rho-r of upwaru'ol a hundred nun* and frmaia -mger. who i.trt-iei-e,' ibe pn?e* : nr ? tt eon o of the eld en and mnvt |* i ularalr?ef Ma* >otr All th* approach** tr the ,leinltf n evwy dire?li'm were danealy packed with a living taroog. devotd of all hope of either ?*?? ng or bearing, vet perai'tant id mainiaiaing io* r |Wtig MM |,< ? t ...n. mpe and upi-cr * ndow* were n i mend and vieided lilwrel i r*n,|i>ai* The ceretnou ? of laymc tba <orn*r rtone were of (rvsi aolemaity. aod m."d a da p laipteerion bite. Mtfa apon tba Uimda ot tln.e <ov, nnamte-l ?.ih toe mytiev.c v ol the Mawmic tmler ft * , edv of ? ?r*ti,e MMI? M >we, ->t the hand. I'i*it Uia rmrlMig of ti e nun lb* M ?. t.fin.. Maaaer -tale-1 the , >??? of tli*a*aawi. My. He afterward* iwwiad hHi order, wbe h were eem moti. veil hy it a henuw i.rand Ward, a aa the Jna-ur Warden who m torn earn cm, yd the same to li? bagkbiea A hymn, afpim 1 far Ik* oa eneton b?- Me /.ndrew inognere. ?ae then .liny u. il,e Wi-iatc "I Aai'iira, nfter Whtrn *1* Tofc-*r 1 e prav waa -fiered ap i-y Rev. John II ?'r?>? ??rand ? oapla n t'l <1, i|,e ? on- IIKIII nl the raver H - i.r ,r?l poeaawd hurwe'f of ibe vtnail nwtauie bnt p, he I plared m 'n* .oraer won* and rea l tba ia? r.p. I tin* and a hit ?f th* < ?nfenr* nf tne has, atnaui. I wbkrb ware cop'"* ef the Nvw Tan NabtU fft* I Oraid Mamer iiai tag ardar*d ir.e bM M i * depaadad. a I byma. >oaipne*d fey Iba aeraa me,, MM MM M M* M <* | at rod R-ieitr* Th# * *Mway of depovoiog, Md atc/te waa th- r. , f* ref?l witb, dunng wlinn the pea.a, ( 'dt prai?? ye ibe I <wd ' waa . . ? n. Into t ? . < j I by -le ? rsicl ' I ip'ald. After furtl *r ? ( mwa" "v the br ad an era Hoe en. iinfii *te< t^ I'm. .'I r> II H ft I i-.r-hor < .r, he rp i;o>1 ?? I W.1? -'log. eon hld-ng tbe eer- nt-i-n**. I ^e *av*i u- by the r.tand V ???r a- i , I waa tl? M-it waa nwet hy W?' .in?" r ?'.?? Mfraj d Mwrtei, P* hirf the I'.rnvr " y . if th, < ay it >? . MWirl't- ,'?r, -n ITdi ft la atajc of ,ui,- ?i I aii>d with g' id. At II " '-ofiettivf, n of the eeretr ? fbrn-ed, par- ? r down t bbrte# nrei to mr ion -tr.-et lb't<* to H' Ri" it. to Htetti if nil, where th' |r? eaaat'-n waa drrnbei TTt" i retton of ff?o J fl It, laif'te waa a reho' ir*y protift'"? on the t,?iory <>f tb# ttrj?r fhar th# ipt aaiben't* ac'-mpta ?* ha*# of it, down to rty pr# ? 11 tin f, ernhotrtn;- ? r jet deal of nformvlleti net ?*e*rs!tr bnoeq. ?ttd great valne to the frairru.'y lb th* - vet ng ib* tn*nn*wv of th* (fdr fraro at toad **i* erter.aln*'! hv thetr l^thre* of 't,i* city vi i ?n oa*t"t thvt tc, th* if' ghtv Tetnplar au-f fotnlhanderfipi bang gh *n at ti * iom* Htraei n.-aire ted to the other* at tmrnetil R." Pya*'d*nl J'-hn ? n and h ? private **? refaey, |*,i*' dtap'r on lb# nplrn of lb* rervovdi've attatpl.a the lay f nf th- '- rner *tone^ repa r*d to th* t aa ten ata'ton tint tank th* 'tr for Wi?*i*gleti It wa* narieea' ? ti e iflwal that le v m'og defet'-n?y waa paid to the t M*f Magt trvt* <f lly tt "ti hy th" pare.ivc, n g*n-*tl a* welt a* hy th# JMawitv an I 'Btii!.*''* *f*th* 'n ' b*cr1ng ,r**ded li ft, vh*r 1 ever he ?ppenr-~t JT*T{b ISIaNC INTflLtlbCI Rt *#.? aa* ..a vir* Rtw*voa ? A pnry af ifww r**t*y viyyuw l to lirlimg U> Una city, bnaabeam legal/ aagagad. ?a play ar praeacni ;obe* an ii>*>* af lelea laJgg'l To*>r 'ate*- ? loft waa un the <0**1. a of tba ' >ceaa Nave, form ' y -t J alien If tsi. wb I, they Lava .tailed law wvh a lie ba few 4?ya. on Ike taw ? **a ?en 'orrytnt away who ihaao oevayai vr * i*? *r harma Tb*y '.*?* tba toara*. frvM aba aanban Sot afkagawta ie.1 twrn*<| ibaa, aa waa aarenatavi by Ua* a.aaaar m aa-i, - they t,"d ih'iw diflbranl froan ih# '."Wlar 'nt'baftfaa | nareaaaai at I bear ? wit thw biMvaa, '**?? aaad M ' ** wee* . atelaa. aad the Mneve* helped itonrlrw k, a henrty ' ?auer taaaiag aa aeanMdMd whwboy iwtain on Iba | inbto * ier to*m Tbay anior*d lie aoaan of a I ' tag | lady aod awca May artecaa of >mi aw w.ib*ea ata. toarbtag iba ewwav. and ana af toaawi Man itotoi Ib* ' fa lawyer doiag trMaaaa a ante eng. lawaiag wvay s'hatran aatenag th* raatn ibevoby ??*?*?.ag ~ and bead a* tba lb* i*v"*aur> Who ?amr-g *? ?atr.aef, wba bad yrwwaaky *trwag trmm thn Mini atefy a ade<a f it a UP of lb* paaab and m ttonf Mwa <? tbe gh aaad tbn tali did bat ian* ataat and d> wn lathe ?r* Met| tbw ibwf'Mdafto*1 ita bad aetwea aa NORTH CAROLINA. MESSAGE Of GOVEIIOR WORTH. Derided OppMlttoi M tie ??i?titn UobrI licidBeat. SiAuioa of ZVegrooc Through the Worth R?commended. The Northern States Urgv] to Kncouragf Their Imimgratioa. Ac., Ar., Kc. SEE OWL ULIWAB 10 THE HE* H* HERALD K*i.i ion, N. C, \v. 'JO, .M? lite I*K.?lalMre wen organ i/"<1 yea'eMy (mUi (?ovrrnor Wurtt) ?nsbailltntl hi* Mimtl tho^ge, iu v. it en be take* a ttrin aland agaiuai lb* raltUi .iImhui i be oou- i Mltuuonal amendment. The documnut. ri*r amilnc I forth the general grievance* of the Stale a' t'v band* of | the national government. dliouattaa tha 1 "itim tonal | amendmeDl .ta follow* ? y A commentary on all the pn.poeml amend only, would make thia document iiioiduml'ly lout A fe? Quarks j on one or Iwo or litem mav not lie In a|pr<Viafe ; Cutler our law*, lotul* in conformity to lb* < MMtnWlon ' of the I'niteil flattie, every oue of the Mntinc alir oRlrera who euleretl on the discharge of hi* I'll?? pt?r to thr -JOth of Ma), IK], took the oath tv support till ronailtuiion of the I nihil Hlu'ee, via tli* dtifflior, .luilyea of the Supreme ami Superior fotirte p'i?>" Ireaaorer, Se< relary of State, Ooia|itrallr|, Joeti. ?* nt the I'eaoe, Hheiiffh, t'terka of the t'eutity tad Mupnilor Courts, i l*rk* and Ma-ter* in Krpilly, fieri of lb* *m pt*tne fonrt, ronetalite* county trriaterl corona register*. entry I altera, laoodeaioner*. mugf", atauili.d keeper*, eiirwynr*, eveiv officer of tha inUdia, atlwam y neral, Slam and county solicitor*, nvorjl.meiuliei ?! iheCeneral Amenably and exeiy other offlper hold It* any office of trustor profit In thlaelate Ktyry <a?iet was liaewiae required to take It, though tie right u> prai iiaa law haa not been lidUl to be an office tl an or profit. Tha person* who bail heW tbeaa offlcta prmr to the war ? oiopnaed a va?i proporttoo of the |rgmlatioe of the Htate. All pert mooter* ami other* wbe bad held office under the United S'elee bad alao take* t hit nam iba. e olaeaaa ambt seed tha (rent body ef iye atalli IP me of the Htate. Whao war had been lne?gut?ird when one Motion bad confronted the other it nnlnarx conflict, wuen |wr*onal security compelled obto ? w* in those n tU (ado authority, who uf all tbewe tlaices n officer* wlto lentainad m the Slate dM not job ins ?? n ?ection In tlte light or give aid and romtuh. in tha technical "en>e of thla phi see, In tbd MUM whlth Iu' is interpret!' on may aaaign to tboM who did i<tn ie il * Hctucely * meu remained among as who can con ahtioudlv ??\ tM> he get* no khi and i omlntnn in* Htn'bern ?u.n..?m during that lOiiOict; but. atr*m-e 10 ant thi Mi"i ?i/ i t autkaa lael.gibla to ofUcr any on* liu ?< u' ii> ?av?niion or vnfd for iba ordipeai* wliJS any nn? wiiV* voluntarilv took up arm* ?in' 'lit on I ho -ido of Ihr Houili lo ?ho ooil ill 'in- war. or hald a aeai in Hi* i ogfodemta i ui.uw, pmvuliu -tub p*r"it> h*? n*T*r takf-n on oalh to auppnrt tha cOn*tlt'ition uf ilio I Uitorl Siii'i"'. If it ha bald tlutl a deeper -hade of irntli alUcliw tv ihaa? Who Had bald ogle* aad taAan th* oath 'liau to ofliM* wbo owed lika allagleb * lo tbi Cnited ."tele*, 11 a law ver who had taken that n.uli and afterward* KNnad in Iho rebellion taea gulltv than a "oo miihla, or a fmaWMMar, at any oihar oSnor who had ugen iho 1*1 b and aAerwnnhi (Iran aid 10 iha rebellion If it I* Mid that lit# dmnonaiatT powar i***r.*d to two Ibirda off ongr**n may be r*tod on lo proven! any *p~ ml hurd.hip. it ia moanoaiyahia how mo large a body. ' barged nth ao many mora important dull**. cimjUI atari im ihia power With pmiea ?r d'a rat on lr thla amandraant "bould be raided, M te balleved thai not a aiogie i*r maid ba found In Iha HUM who waa Wan toe war a Uoierqfr or a jadg" uf the Supreme ?C of Coagl or Superior Court, amieinlwr of Diagram or member of the Hernia! A mam bib of ihla HUta, who wonhl <* all gihlo aa a uuMy rafcalar or a poeimaafar. The edto .ale- or ibf amendment urge that If wa ratify It lepra anntauon in < oagra#WIII lie . on< eded to >m, aod tbal if we teyaet it an- wuAiyal from Uio dotmnaat party ib Coagrore ralamHlooMIII mom direct than wa have yea tall there la ao aftul far aiUwr aaaartiaa. Ii would liu.? been aa uol"-cMbing id i ongraaa Ui uffei itie ?? under any ?ucb praoiia* ar eocb threat aa it would he degrading to ue lo ratify H under aarh tdioomtilaoiw*. It abould be nunnidared enlaly in rafamti e to Ita Dine** lo form a pert of the fundamental law of a eouulry olaiiu Ing high poMtiori among ealigblaaad and I'bri-tlan ua rha lidh aew-tion of tbla |Toponrd artu la baa (tie uiw Import a?d la mWoded to roaraj aa much power aa u wen- re pea te<l at the aad of mm b on# of the four pre *u - log aartlooa The original eon dilution, to Blueing 'bn i-auiogae uf iha powara of Coagram, glvaa tbo author it) to make all lawn which Mall ba nummary and profier for aryylag into ein-utjoa Iha foregoing power* and ail otbrra lavoamd by | iho onnalllallaa n the go.ero meat of the Called .Keiae or aay dapartuem or oBI "re iberrof Thw authorily hue alwrye been ua ?Irratood to apply to Iha power loaferred r>a the government of iho I a led hiate- try amend meet talwqe* fitly made, aad bae repeatedly rereited iba ? oat derate* of the jodklary If Uie d-.iga of thia nph *r IK . la -imply to rralbrm tbe long ?i-taMUh.-d I r.o-Ipiee o. power aeooaeanly Implied uiider Iba pro < Ion iUet rv?ui??l it m aaerllmi aarpitiaage but If it ? ?aiar ued to amplify the ?annua pnwera. would i? rwa>"Oe<Wy Inipnod from the en Una* which prw ede it. ard l? (l e lo Cangraea a pr<-.|l?r eullKortlr oyer the suigwau 'iwl re. *d m tba prop.***! fuurteontb art- ie u la nuarhieuo i* and dougerou* If lb' rw be aay fraiure ia ?ie iwwam evatani of Iriednm ?tn. h glvaa Pi .1 **|- <.*l value, it la the far* that a mumr-ipol rodr la pro. . 4td nader Iho iarind|r-lari af aeli Slat* by wbN-h all rowlro. rraiaa aa to life, liberie or prupir . ?' ? i I la the now tin ted fie 14 of federal pinoli. t . a jra determined by a Jury of the onnlry or netghluuhru* where the peiilea r-vde and the noaleet at ane but if ll<a raw ? bereaitar lo iha protaeaar of Pie. liberty and property in the Htaiee, and Hie generau* or Mpiel prole- liria of the taw a, and by appfofuiale leg Ie t.oo ?* derlare a tyrieai of ngble and remwliae whKb ? an tie admlBiefrmed oalr o the (?|r ral '???or a, then iha rnnar rrgpn a end few l ar uftxee of ,en|. - m let be Ima-farywl i<> the few poiala ia the Hcate where ih> >e ro*irre are held ead la judgea aod other ofhrere deriving - ? i, .l.' r.g tiieir ??. not run. e and p?< i Ie of I be Hale, aa aeirudi re. bai fr? I he *>w .ileal apd ?eaal' of the I*04**1 -tela-. 1 a- Wjla* are la w ra be eelf govern og ivuntmuadie- ee knew lore aad I aapana aaaiaei fbe pi men eue liu aa > bet leriee, fetae mt| i -flaateale >04 ihe line, wbeo enlr our owa pe <p> are penmi, mual ha rwg dalad h? the ? grwe- of tha neiao ard aati idged nelv ia lie court* I ? arffcot h?lie-.e thai tpe delilaraaa pidginatit of 'be pe-. pie of aay male or any w- than will aparove ? .eh an a povaltaa, for ailhmigu lie aaaovaarw* a.ay he oarw la ?say. I bey niuet llpun Ui lie Ihrwre u>. *non<rw fl.e pe-. phi nf lb > Plate, with a elagular .pppr?w. h la aneataiify ? re r.n"ereit dreirn ie of a raamrafw>w af thalr raotui > I.i.aal relet r?w. with the Anervat. I aw* la Ue fere of ? o unetearea renderiae It t>earl-. in|we .at in* to paid tie goe-rnai-ai the .4 in 1. ? r v . . lew! when aaotlier 4? fee*" ruvevamea' wt.uee pre u? ine. eaeld nru uave re-i- e-1 if 1 Pe- would, e t- ? levpee e inrwiav *a I kiad elwwwl -r* ??* ' h?a 'i ?? - M h m Tbiey eratOI-wwd 10 the eUMC<Mm af ue/wly 1' em III a'*'' n ore if. .ahU' 11 w ? i I'ei | Map lean tin- awawhuraf aaMM uf a* r rwaaa ?> ?au' a ie t ae-wee we'he'l f* allowed hi be rem a 4 .ariMiaiog No Haw ha* haa ut it ; n. < pt ge-erd. ?* vl rh H amy '? terantaal- I la iha tw r I umet ea *hail a.eM evua'e ae tb?v in* 1 re * CMOle aad meaty io tit .de ready a* eit i.t I I# aerrlaii* ae fualr 'dig ' I /e*e. I ut uader I ro.t 'ee e. wi' eg to irr 1 w the nuaur ead of iha htvfe en a Wieu bwr of H.e 1 1 PA ia tbe venae af Hie afnetlM of eh ? bet ee laagkl by If. deli, aad Mervbe w?ury. aad heat and w ae*. ? aid a wt 1 na> tan' .be ytorta enI South 1 wfere tna war were ?? I to u'Wir Ana aw* an I wan la 1 feet tin 'ar | a' I hare at all Hmee b*a to r erfwe* fejf lr our letb* 1 wt il, | an pefWiv* Iw thw p*. pawd amendment te mr wied te peryadwefa tb? 1 mew. bat da lea da eeofoe (a we better anted te perpetuate p ig dp e-dotiee ead Wunpw.ll. and i Lave ihei-r. n a**.. lettoe tw-*iwaw?llnd Mat H be aed ratif ? tariiiy nr re* ire -we np ft. ratirvr. n e ttw wag' pe-weap- I If bnltrwtaf navel p aa oe uarni e*t 1/ tha ha Kt. iln-t "ftw petipve rf H e ? I h n ne'ber f' *n p?e) ,<1 . ?, I > te -n ? ? ? I ? e I ? >?> <??. not rug*r*t ne,ro t* r ir "? he la Ml athvwtef tha right af etgraga the Worth I ir tkdaIkd thw ptwpadwm af iha fbwth maw -red w*aeg I to C.a tfr.-ue ?iowtf -te Tbey am ? ery I?e?, tot fee of I hem bar e <|U -ad he-el Iiltrteew by mndip I of lei -t tv r-au'te f rmtpuynva Pave made Uw whue# pre-- aien pad Hut ateie?ta<a ewetdw ea ef ear fade ei rata* edpv pamoate tha tagal af -aw lei I at |eriai to g.eteept ne m ptrtlyrM. pew pro at> * r* tai| ap tba la aad pay mere ; auply I tm he en be* head, tha duo nam matna a*w fh k 41 Ml nf Ihean Tbe wagon af Mew ar | a. ub grentrv tba* we ran pa* In ?at y nf !h**n are pit m land* af grma fOrfudp, wa ? b the law* gtva Ie art- at ami te at a iw?e*ia?? per* In nt af 1 ihwa etadan v pavto* af Ha paaf u ha** glrea na earaewt nf Ma pr a *fe* they pr-?**t by * wt ar ?*" Afri nana* *? ma*r? af Haw Mate Lege etere gvatyMiag etv It avvte thndr Mugtni.e* te *? 4* aei.1 ?'?? 1 .ut m at ef ?ne* a*a uw paad to |*y fu* *... wa TV> fiBI - ? ly mey h* ' ??* ?*W bv ? rarttag lb* sppv e r e ui Bt/t to ? ere a too I re* town a p **un ? a ?e frey eg th* iru.e aa tl|?w? uf dvtt ta ? v* al r-wiag ?wh <*n M 'baevr ma r -eta at Taratefy in wa aa ha auani go *haa thaa eft leea ?hi (Maa to pa wbnin ahey may Hat th* ? it add en* wat la h*d** ma aa 1* mh ?? u ?k -w ruwa?* ?rwtfnal ntrif? M K< tbetr foiarnmant Who lUI won# id tha rook ofl wbleh oar ?blp of auto IB Ibwillli* wifwrwk will tkM to tbia aehama of raooooltiatloB f h pl'?r that tha NortbtrB iftataa win BMfkXrlIB t? Ii ill plant tha UfaB TOlobianly amlyialfhg to tltaan ?n?r thrilr iromedlaia fukldlanahlp, wh tra Ibay <aa !<?< aftrr I hair priaoaal pmtaoUna and mantal an* mial > ultora mtioh mora dlacraatly than thay ? an by a irlutma Haraau or aay utbar machinery wile they ? amain bare. I am aara North t'inlioe will nut ubtet* to tbla ?hnBa If It ba 'ibjactaB tit tha amifraii'w would ba no ualreraal aa la laawa ujlor a time attkout a aurtli-lenctr of labor* r*. and II l^" ?>t oadad that llila would ba loo raault, wb<> would nit u> |>arform labor aaraloe until labor ?mild ba P?a u-id to ihn lw(ulatuda and bamlllatlna to Bbiab wa ar* uoo >ul>|?ctrd T Hut auch woo hi not bo tba raaull Vorth <>roltna uiaana u> lr*at bar frwodtnon with Jnnllta ami Immunity. Vary many of tbom m tain th* faahngu of |k tndnar* and r<infld<iv> whuii tby form *rly fwla toward* thnr lata mooter*, aial int-Mi iwipriaata tho fealiiitf* and pay lliem Mir witgaa and gwa ih?ni avery ie??..iiebl? aid ki Iwiirr tteir no million Although wo may bo uaabia u> par jaivalaavibiDK to aonouraee our efton* in tb? p?*tni* t?ry of th* roue I iv?po<tlul.y rmmiaood that you pro p<iar thla plan of iu' raaonriliatlnn to tha ' ooaraa* of tba I aitrd Mtalea." A nanra** of tba inrmhar* of tha laptlilnrr Irani no do'Htl I bill il Ilia rail!.' ul.oa of 111. r.nn tii'ilionel am* od mant bo |u?ipoaad II will Im ray. tail by * y.-rv tttf ina jorlly FLORIDA. litirrinr 'F?r? tw'n m Hiiimuim i ? il>< (on ?i lint In no I Awrndmint. AIH.1 tj, No? M i?m. ? .oiorimr Martin, of Worlds, in a ino?-u,i. to ma U il latum, lukoa 4roiinil a?aiti?l tb? roh-tlut, rtal aairmtiuaoi, praicollug at tanaUi tb? raa*ou? wham -all fn, ilia oprwwHInit of tha panplwnf tha flato to If rmtfl caio a !i? alao alludaa to tha ixmiict W*'"? m U larv authnrtlioa ahd tbr Praatianfa policy, a* alwwn l?r thr inl''rl.>i"iira of iko fortnor with tha olall trtbuaala, m dt- OKarti of the I'raaidnnt'a proclamation 104 mHiiii? ip apodal.initials! trih'iaal* la violation ot tba United l .?i?a i*?n #t ifEiiiiiivi hi V. YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Aaaliaraarr 4 rlrhrnilon ? - .tdaptlaa ?? Kacra iltr I iiannliirr't Kriiarl Aildrtaa ki Hr?. waniMPl vmtwod, It. II. t lar|o am tier id tautand gralUnicu warn proannt tact er<<ofng. on tha urcaaton of Ilia aiity oarnx' anal I vritaif calabrallou of tin* lound'.ag of Ilia New York Hi torl'al .-ia'"ty, at thalr hall on the eornar of KJctan'h uriwi and facoinl aianua Mr Janw Ha I'cv.tct. pra.planl, ? ailed tha maatlng i? i.tdar ai algbt oVIoek, when, aftar a prayar by Rat. X>r Itattitf, all Ilia ragulat 4m at wara iifpaodntl with ilia atirpnon of tha adoption of tha ciaoui.ta i?a miilaa a raport of nominallooa of 1*64, which wara 4? rlarad alatlad anil iha prnpoHai of naw nmlwC lor I ha praaant rear tutu i?- at art ?tai (i, n a Rat. Ilr Oooon than Itmoducatf. and addtaitad ili? widely <>o "Now York in ilia Nieataenlh t'nnlur) " lu accepting Iho honor of adommlag U?o itikilog. ka fait III* Inadnquacy ?r ih. llln* to addrme than, or ao ?*ft a aabjart If? would . no fin* hlmaalf to two point* Now York in 1*00 -ml Now York now row of th* old laudmaik* mrnainrd Thla rgntury to ?lio nga af lihorty orgauiiad whona oh|acl tn to rauiualiu.i nxIvtr on Iho l> .*1* of lihofty Our hltlory i. iho r?*orrf of iha o. olulmn* of froodotn. ?? tho age of (Vomwoll waa that of author t? Tha iui**nth **??tury a an ika ?** of OOI loola- Ural liharty, Iho aotrrolaralh waathat of I. bh>?J ?Ud dortnnu. Tho aightarnih "ot'ify tr,<<| to I proclaim radical iibar.a, and Mia nlnataonth ha. iM( tnrlna to aatllo Ita graal a.taia and rowlruct *? lata and ROretasaai u|x>a lit# Im-h. of thla llharty Iho oily, with all ll? woallb. had a groat luftunara Ik thia ?ork l|oudri<:k Hudaoa had prcd-?ilnad tha oftrllfratinn ? tl.ia i*? tilry whan ha cam* with Iho 'ornpaaa, tho pctonng pram and tha oywn Hlhlo. Thu Imu-h brought lb- r i.a tlonal lifo, with all ita tradition and manful out lo tha oigbtoriith oritur* thoro waa lllllo m tho (thumb. Tha dalagaUou of IT** to tho ? oo miion ?ato tha hlatory of tho < ity a groat i.anm and that <d |Kdo had not tmprotad main It ila igl.tar | r raiaro'taagbt '"O-aruaUam la Inkl, and bora d?w>o crngr i<? L ih* aarua poattkro and lifud J*rar~?, lo tbn higl a t pnwar Wow Yat\ Iwf ira had aiwar> h aa IwJaral Rot hi I too Aarwo burr and lit ham had atari** Ihalr ibf:.riir? i., mako tha city damorratle, and fadar altar, waa d*f*ai<*]. Nd maa had doka ao n,'tab to ?ar*y out Ml# prtO' lptna of ?ha gorat umont aa tha gray ? crip, orrat *c laadar* Jaflareok eed Jackeon W? nan inara of ?lod in tha pnogla now than Uiatv Tha loading d? *ar ratlraa in ItUO waia dotaful on tha pat?fwnl? or tha ?wintry. In tha ffcmmgrrfdl 4<f*m?<wr of 1*01 ano laa of thla gloomy character warn writ)an by Murray la n papor of that limn Joba Adam*, hi a email aaura, rw quaaiad n hill for Vhr nnaapato'm mai hint, and aialad Uiaf ho wantad ao m?ro (f.augbtrr ) Than llm n?y waa*nll*4a "bandy oily " hateg twnaJI. wham a, org body kaaw ayaryhody. ilnughtor i it r?maio*dau.uen people. 10 000 mora than ITi.ladalphia litrn and a* row b lanaUiaa Nawgrk now ft wax th-n g pro.iri. ?; *Ra. Irving'* pan did at orb lo bring bafop* at n hat Vow York rity waa id Imii. in bia <b?ni?n r>! ? Now Tea/a tUli adb hta frtanil, h.lwn V Vrrplan" k. II ra h,i?-n??* th*< h*? glrhn lb ? ,ty Ita ?'Optra and brought tha Itnpariaf ana and wtan'-a ?n it* Irani Ih* warn of Maw York a IMI anmnud M ?7 *Vfl, and tba nhola propart) waa aim' JDi.tMi f| war probably mom lo tha *i*rtlnj* of R,*~r< I i.'loa and In Witt f'llnton that ibla my had growe than t? ik<* rBoria Of bar ? alorn^o or pblhwonham tba atonal boal had brought tha far uuoa ad>ac#r.i aad a. ? ?* ?ltd tho KM* 'anal hml itono mi' h to ail nd f a. ia<rr no"ma. Tha man of Ihi* dtf had efway* Iran oaore prar ileal thaa thorn -a Mow kngiaod whoao wmw aubjacUr* and opo ulallto. Old N?w York ? ulir.'i.atad in !*!"? w'th th* rofnptv'nn of tha Krja far.*1 ana than haoama Uia baltonal rdly, and. afW twantt law ynnrn iha bwana '.."t/opotiiai. m ? barn .tar nam now It waa tha third city o,, world. Unf .ro l?i.. it i^d thraa tlmao triad lo atari a fro Idant from nr?.. i,r kar owa fail atnca Iha atnrfbm of And raw Jar* WW! ah* had a la. Ind Iwo Tha doratoginoai of iha aoarla. of n twoiurr *10'a |ljt <ar grand Tha i^d g.rally inrraatad baa and < r'don walar h*.' r~n latrodwwd Tho omwi bad raraiyad a raw [?H*t and Iha oi; aapaptiad Ui o?#ry diraiitoo. I?ok at Iha - itj n .a ar?d 1 oar.iSar l.oa far .1 <a d-. i.? work la adtanrlng I'barly fb,# rain* of la firowrny alnra IkoA baa >aa u*4 lo aa.rly |l '*? two aon 'b? hankmg <ap lai I* I'di.mai.oou. lrai?*< af ? I? ' ' ? ?? ' .? ( Uw* a bd with f 7T ?*' Of' of d<pnai|a Ik* *y? I*. I * raj,"* ..,wi,aj, a. with $d' ooo i*ai m .ap.*a and tlm I map'i.artuma *u.O'.M?d lu II.AAA.WHI, or awa *??auUi I Of all tb,*?;iu Iha I I. Ir.1 *?a'-a I ron. tha n> ? of I lad.'., aot yr| (...bfir'.aif Iha. a war* l.fd bal ta i#r? I ?.nan agar l.aala, t.aoo Innlraaw, I kho lb" raai M i?mi ahiidma. or a quart*! of a mllwa o all hdii'tatal 'rr*|?tioa* .a in ? my ah I. m a. tail graatly in '*? onward march of rit"i<ta<lon P.* lariuraa gay* aw* idhar ...?*??*"a# fa'a and ?Inttnad u>. rf.arartrr of Km Tort aa I*."t..a ar,. iwA'lwl aarntd and loiyrant. H ? "a.inr. "?r# frrqoanUy apthaudod A> ?h#ir rl"*a ? rota of '!.*?*? m p.?at and Ma* |h ha Iowa dyllramd tha |>ra|ar and !-n< <l,ct.< n a l.on ih* n.<a dlapnrrod i* AITL10I ?w uriK.AH! * MMfira I' *( ??.. ) ..??>*. a ./ it, , h?'.r, 'aal . nra > a attautom <4 thi*> ha* .eg Iha |.?b!ki natttci *na a 'hart* an eatlnd to iha ne> r#-i<r of ha*int awy. "lo pla a. lor lb? . ..flu',o?at of Ihow wb?ar* ooi -t f " tna* and of h* a? 'drank aod 4 *>rrdorlr " fi o*a th ? datarn n?,- | n by Ibnaa *d?riai? Ibat anar* t,li g at mid i* doka I you da Iha inamtnia kith an wy'am. ?o wl.irh ho Ho* d h* wal aof a* a trin at.maai. r. ?? *a a moil' of r?" tgi ><n |a a lif* of a*rbrl??f p,. m ihat lltaa I'll l|.# (.raaartt Iha'ar '.a* haaa cedar a.'* a. oi - ? ih j a li ami ' ay, law night ban a* ay * 'a d a* c? a call go - * tryaiaifaa .a*f.? ofr.y ..W ?,? ? "**?? *?rf tn <.a room ufthof.rl ad w, '? L ' IMI -m?* i*. . .... ^ I' ? r r a . a .1. c. a lb r?,f r. V. rn, - .< if ? i>"*u*h t-- no bald tnra- an- armaa aa r at ft.a lull, a,ay rMiroo. aa, ,y,. ?i.i <a? m .a*_'.4x. tf-wr. Ra w- ?? to . ha.MI Ma. Nr <? Mayor Mall. R?y w w *? J?nw ?- i, J i-tg* lot -wrta fly Thamhrr* M ? on and I r lo* '"I , ' f *? I 'taMarai rto l-"t #a noro rara at front T I. < vtar J N -u>* ? ? no t mr. ra my ag lhay ** * t-**ny .* oiwihy with 'ho nm ?****! Th i,a 'f t l'? ** '? ? tr ?? ato* h>f>o* ihn m - a. ahwwa ? an "amwat aaaa aad a ? h? nag >r v t r#?# y m>- art a Mf amwMf ?r far any tra.rman aldlffttf H rtt a re''i a r|?.r. an ? hoi w up a th o. n.urh an.) b aw .imd a r .gy Tb. (r.^a A ? ioi 'tf Mr i? mfriy a < dona a* owa ?<* tr,* , 'a. VVt (kt? Tllf TICK 0 ?rirr*.l*a of nfafa Paat.l la ih# T.ranw .1. Tha tandrrhllt la Nraali at llaaalalo | w??tH I##- # aiUr. ?aa fm ai,. No* ?. |*w, t J*fa* pa.wr of ?? ?n*wg |a any* *lata tarh, bnd oma-.-t to It* Ty. r.a'a by a |w*? lamatam. and won a i *aral an "alawj h. ih* Ka.por or of Moan a, with ft, ?g. gmt of d*? og in- f ?oedema awd anaag ng Mmbkgbn. boa d*fp* ylkan f?* *> -awr t /a. Tab.M, bring* f?, r Itm.mod f?*md, .if C.4I.W fhw nrig larl Indwg. Hang '?<w?? Nitf rmialia ? . " * * "hhhfT.m oar I on fa* >* ?.? ????NN ?r Nmnam. ? .,,a * That/t ay attt on,,, 1,^,. m,.t ,m ? 'Mtiikg during Iha n. o" IM.Mil T| UlitT Aiiarr. Mat JM, i?f Artrata. ?f kgaw ,n?mh baaa iraa 1*4 a th* ? M*w i? a *?r r* tary ?g mat* m ma of lb- aryna .at'an tf lit n*? T.fg md Ai*auy pAilroad logayaay. at* -H?t * th bull a r-wd on iho want w?a a# Iha Madana rt?aa. ith-hf ft* d mat or* aaooad am Jaha far ah Aaha fi , Dm of ?hUhfgotd. Jahn M m?-4wd ??*?*. ban. y haa it t r.fa ami Tnamw w brad, fingao*. *?'M 'drpaj if , *a rater/ Tbd | lnlM ah t *aa* ?*?iknan ?>?mi t