Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1866 Page 1
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THE IfEW rORK'HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,041. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22 1866.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. OF WEALTH WISHES TO ADOPT A mmmMM"0 T?n old. Address, ?ia!tng Mm. M>m, aUUou A. Sptloc tMiMMl Springs on lbs 1*1 of October kw down onUluioMb. Tha family who haa Inquired t $? Baal Eighteenth street oan find bar address at MO HAM. WHO WAS TO BH DOWM ^^^?en the lat of Oatobar haa not for WNLAY.-THURSDAY, NOVEMBERM, ATS O'CLOCK, M Foe* (Mas, or Friday, If than pro ran tod. mpREMOB 8ULUVAM-MBBT MB AT ST. NICHO J ins at 13 M. to-day. ^ D. ii ?MIOH WANTED OB LOUISA ROB HI, WIPRl Ditiflik Malar, formerly of OarmantawmBaaka "Faam.. by bar brother Edward. Addraaa JfHiiaaa ^MttM'oftho Boldtara' Friend, No 12 Centre wa? WANTED.?BUSHARD OARPBMTBB 1 dUdli Oikltm rtid Qnaeni county, suto of Vlrmnla, I n&y?W^ir^<SS^n Mc^Yorh ' ^ jg. g-.TOP WttL TOP A LETTER ^AT,gTATTOS ^ WANTED OP r fI land 00mar of Fortieth atreat oblige a trleud by whara an mtarriaw can bo had. Address VMh i Waldou, SIMPSON ^^^^?SAOK^WITX THE LADY IN PL'Rl'I.K ^^^?MMaod pluah aaek, who atoppod in a ahoo ^^^nimir, near Twenty-alzth atraet, Monday eren. t afterwards took Broadway oar* and parted with ? had. ^5$5u!*^^OUN^AMCBWUJ, BF^RN^ni MM the Oomtnlaaionera of Charities in one weak. ?J. H. Tl!T i I.R. HUDT wno LB FT A GOLD WATCU (IN A IIS to be repaired at 817 Colombia atreat, Brooklyn, ^^^?khar ticket by a yonnf lady, will ytaaae call and re owa watch. m ADOPT-A VTNB. HEALTH Y.flNEW BORN MALE 1U<Ut raapactable paranta Addraaa W. O., hot WV ANTED?TWO NEW-BORN INFANTS, IMME W dtataly, at Ml Oreenwlcb atreat WMMlLL E. B. FOSTER PLEASE BEND HIB ADDRESS to boa r* Poet oOoet I MATRIMOSlAL.J^^M ^VyoUBO GENTLEMAN RBSIDIMO IN NEW TORK M years of ape and lalartbly pood looking, woald like ^?aaet aad oorraspond arUh a young lady of raflnad tastes ^?ng Uta whatar; abject mntnal improvement sad. If sult ^Boo both aidae, maSmony. Addraaa O. B. H., Herald A MECHANIC OF GOOD HABITS DESIRES THE W.W.. HaraM'a oparaoaala. Wm A BETENTH REGIMENT BADGE. THE >r will be sBMaMy rewarded by returning it to joe SAFE KET, ABOUT THREE INCBEf supposed to be 6,819. Reward paid II ?#AED-A FORE WHITE SPITZ DOG (o tha name of Fancy. Return to T. Rcbnlt/ ? N. T., or Franklin atreat corner Woolaay SILVER GRAY SCOTCH TERKIEK. AN to the aaaria of "Tlnay." A reward of $10 uiU returning him to tha bark Ann Luay, M OF BOOSES AND FAFKU', IN GRAND reward wUl he paid for their return to the it BSreaiasnfh atreat between .seventh and In a y iVrS a lady a black atlk Marine It at Si Went ^^^^^???fvBNlNG. IN KLE ^^^^^?weanBlxQt and Seventh avenaea aot aootatnmg between $25aad $80 In money, t, Mara and a aarta da viatta of ajanileirnn. Thafli k anaaarSad by lsnvMW? rf-WGraauwicb avanae. OF DISCHARGE OF PAT MNyneat Kantaafey Vcd B he suitably rewarded by ? Company * Fourth C. f. REWAIim.H atiH on taek |R RBWARP.-AN ITAMAN GREYHGl'NP J.OHT, ?U M??Mui bnawaapotaon back. A. P. BODOMAM, CWtalTwanty third Mr?t. Bin REWARD AWAITS HONBETT FOR GOLD BALL ?1U uid Locket, at Mr. Lyao'a, JawaUer, 70 Chalk 1 IB ^^HaBD -LOST, OK WEDNESDAY BTENINO. ^^^^?Hacabar M, ? fawn ootorad and wfclta Hound, had ^^Mr?Our?kl ptAMkiUwlNd. TDibm rmH hy h?W| >!? HO Em> Fourth HiNt. ton REWARD.?LOST, OR TO EH DAT, THE KTH gy ^Hltowgd Rind. Apply id*. ? Allaira, ^?UWARD W1LI. BE PAID TOR TIIR RETC1N tba blank Manila. Ortreod, Pnola and Vnt, Broadway, raoao Ko. 2, yoalarday, and a* ^?reCIAL ROTICBI^^^I BKDBRS OR DEC* -A MEETING OF THB t Had Club will ba bald OR Thursday atoning. Nor. Oraanwieh NiiaM|||diaMBMBllte^ ?fOKERAL KOTICB.?THE MBMBBRR ? Grand Ladga, No. 1 J.O.I ?., ara broby la ayyaar la Catenas! Hall; oa Tknrsday, Ua M a'doek A. M., draaaad to blank and white flavsa, Iran tbora la the Moual Hlaal HoevlUl, TwraUr ?t, aaar Eifktb araaua to auaad lha?aaaral of teMl.maw - OtfTOY* ^Ho.i ar ^^^^BakaaAtbau?oa ar tha farmar. Lean and from tha Mtb u> tba tdib at KING'S AMKRIOAN la a fow data. Bar. and tarda dtslrv fjgag&a? tsZ ? W,,T, AAP.W RtrLB l-RTRRT WAT AH ?BSKgbrr. mSstSEI Bobs of anbacrtbara In tba"f htsnoIBwVial Journal KtaMMaMpH^wiLid, RATtORAL OONHKETATORT OF HI SIC, M arenas, Piano Ttolln. Theory and vaaal ?JMOjpor^qjMglor Ccnaerrniery lurinicUea LAPT WIIaL orrt IXIfMWHM OK Til k Ft AMD r?Idsaar 'or fid par ouartv, with reeliei-oe Taaakar, Sarin, mamas kla laatraaUoad. al B SUtn i.O A lamas a? Braaklya. Fort fa . An_ Bauja taafbt prim rally. rflUITAR TfOt4*. FfARO. RINGING, *T. M WFSY |f fwyry ?U.b tram. aatwaaa ?.;?? aa i agin ..#? ?WJR Msasa* airway pbnr Call or send fbr ofraatar. B J* ??*? WhSlRAAL* AGENCY Ml BKOADWAT. io fuvsx&Efig HI altai I <nre*r of MR arrnue otiee baara frem ?IfihHM far pantaa. P*" DAICIkG AtADKlin;c Oim Ijiflrafcwiirft Wdata. Hal Ad. plaaaa aall far a areolar ?^??lANOIRG AC ADRHT NOW OPUN FOB mmtcnoH. A "DBW%o?Swr?o^ UOATION-IKSTBCCTION III At, i| GOLDSMITH'S Caamnul Institute. 7M Broadway FrnrtM IMP, ftlnn lnitruoOon. Rooms for ladle*. 4 YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS VISIT. A lag or resident governess, to Instruct In the breaches of English and nude Tor mull children. Address for oao week T. K., ataUoa D. A W recedes p TE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OA* ngland, prizeman end ei-*cboler of ht* r-.l ... paplli hI bla own rooms for private Instruction la Claaalca, Mathematics. Phllo-opby. EnKllah language-nd Literature. Oanlleineo prepared for the N v VAI. AH if KIT.. 1TAKY ACADEMIES, Tllk UNIVKU.SIHKK Ac. Highest reference*. Addle** or apply ui Cantab. ruomNo. 9, UnWer alty building, Washington a-juare. New York _ A GERMAN LADY OF MANY YEARS' EXPERIENCE In English, Uarman. French ami rau?lc, trachea children and adults on low terra* at their residences. Ad dress Nlaa Yoerduu. box lbS Herald offl o. BOOKKEFPINO. WRITING, AC.. FOR BUSINESS.? MR. DOLHEaI l.M n road way. tea-he* Rook keeping practically, aa utad lu the boat New York houses Ho alao removes atifloraa, cramping or trembling from the worat band, aod makes elegant builnaai penmen. EWOII AND SPANISH TAUUHT IN THE SHORT It time, by H. WADE, who liaa eight veers eiperienae. i moderate. Apply from & to ? i'. Jf. at lid Bleacher VIH1T1NG GOVERNS**.-A GERMAN LADY. NI'OH experienced In tuition, engaged la a school at Stalen I aland, Wlahea to devote ber time Item lour to elx or eevrn P. M , aa residing governeee In n good family then-, or t? give private leaaons. QuaMfloatlooa? Engllab. perfect Ger man and French. Ac. Address Professor Kucha, Stalen laland, near the second landing WANTED?BY A LADY ACCUPTOMl'.D TO TUB duliae of governess, a aituatlon to Inetrnct two chil dren. Iietweeu the agea of 4 and 10; Im-h of refereeeea given. Addreaa for two daya ltd Wen X7tu el. THE TtlRF. F~ AltntON COURSE, L. i?trotting.?match for On Friday Nov. 38, at? o'clock F. M. Mile. 3In I. lu Imrnaaa H. Woodruff namea b. g. Toronto Coll: F. Carter., a. m. I.*d? I'olok. JOSEPH CROCHBRON. Proprietor. NPORTIYG. TkANlEL FOSTER, U ROREVEI.T STREET. HAS ALT. 1/ the choice breeds of doga; Foate. a Infallible m.inge euros and Ilea et'ermlnator, 76c Med let nan for all Oia fRANCIS BUTLER, SO. .1 PBCK SLIP, HAH ALL THE uhoiae breeda of Ilou. Buller'a Infallible MangeCure end Flee KiterniliiHtor, 76 rente. Hntler'a new work on Ibe Dug, $2. Doga iraiscd. bo.irded, Ac. Medlclnea for all dl. FOR HALE?A BRKRCI) LOADING GUN, NO. 10 bore, thirty Inch barrel, with cartridges, Ac., aomplete. Price $200;j?o lee* Address .1. P., 167 Sooth street, N. T. fllOROUOHBRKD EANCT POULTRY OF ITIF. choicest bread--, purity of atock warranted; circular aent on receipt of atemp. A T. HOHAUPFLKR, snoe-ln. lendenl American Lire Sleek Company, otteo ltd Water etreei. comer Fnltue. WANTED ?A SMALL SKYK OR YELLOW TERRIER Dog. A good price will be paid. Apply at St) Knai Eighteenth Greet, between the bourn of I and 8, for two IIORSKM, CARKIAGBH. &('. AN ELEGANT FAIR* OP DARK BAT CARRIAGE Horace stir be exchanged fair n entailer Horee and ahiftlng lop Ugh' Ifanun and net of Harneta. Tbeae horses are ld!4 hand* high. King tail*. 8>y *"d d,', yexre old, reapne tlvely. Apply InT. C. COOPER, 1OT Bast Twelfth Greet A GEN TUBMAN'S COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR BALE A pair of dark bay Horvea, Id hand* high, atyllab; can trot better than 8,'i mfnuteit. The celebrated Chicago team, Dutch and bin m?e. A Park Phaeton, by Minor A Stephana. A stanhope Phaeton, by Brews'. ?r, of Broome v'raet. Alao a top Wchorn spring Buggy, by lime maker: both new and tr. complete under. ?;?u be seen any morning berore 13 o'clock at OonUaeatelAtebtee, Broadway and Thirty eighth at reel. Impilre of Mr. Center, gronm. A LARGE LOT OF NEW AND SECOND HAND EX proa* Wegou-i all ?ore*. Trunk*. Rorkasava, Top. Road. Depot and Doctor* Wagon*. Harneea. Ilobaa, Hlat-ket*. Rad dle cheap. WM. H. GRAY. XI Woooter atreet. A FAIR OF BROWN MARKS, 15^ HANDS, TROT IN JA. 3:60; apelr of bay Morgan Horse*. IS hand* Terr a'yl lab; a gray Norman More, 16)4 henda, auperlor Gyle; from the Gemteee valley; will oo sold knv. Inquire for Mr. A I.. WARD, at Peat A NI?bol?' tiah'ea. Twenty-fourth -tret., aeooud floor. A COACH?* X AND FODIt SEAT PHAETON. TWO JA iiUu.l?t I (or < ar*. four aeet Roakeway: all aeeon-l band ? sold lew, 6001 'arnagra and Hnrneeaea, at 3d per eenl )?-a than Rroadwav eTorea. JOHN ?. HAM, "I EaG No. 10 Kill Fourth ? treat, corner of Broadway. A -IIORNR BLANKETS, HORRE BLANKBT8. CAR JA . rlvr* ?n<l-table; Ann square Blanket*. Lap Kobea. ail etflee; Malac-a Whin*. Rnaeitee. Habere, -Met*, at low priree. _ MAGNUS BROTHERS, MM Fulton GreG. A GREAT SACRIFICE.?THREE TF.AMH OP CANA dlan Ponies yery cheap. Gx yearn obi. I4U hands high; warranted sound and gentle- *tout built; one low priced Emm; all very hamteoms. Apply at 4dB Peart street, near JPIRHT CLASS HANDSOME NEW THREE-OPAH ter seat no lop Buggy, cheep, at the carriage factory Kaat Eleventh ?'re*t, ilea- avenue C. AT A HACRII ICR. -coal BOX BHIFTTNG TOP Rtj)*gy: ale> light epee Piano Body: beetclly makare; ore no? hurt tio by wear. 371 Canal street, uear Rroadwav A SPAN RAT HORflKH. 18J4 HANDS, GOOD AND . free travellers either In single or double bar net*, kind and gentle; alao c|o*e Coach, shifting panel, blue trimmed. In ana order, cily make; alanaet double Harness. Blankets, Whip, A--. If not sold at prlvata sale will be eold at put-lie ?ale on Friday. To I-a seen at IBB Liberty atreet oa Thurs day morning, el lYo'cloeh. .1. L TANDEWATER. Auctioneer AHOMC. WiDON AND HARNKRR?HORSE ABOUT 18 haeda I lin-h. brown, flag tell, aoiud and oary gan tto: wajrou ?hlftlo* lop aaarly now. ally nuko. and bnranaa; obnnp 41 KING'S aiablaa, Forty srat alrant and Madlaon axnann. AOBAT 8ADDI.R HORSR. ABOUT Id HANDS, aonnd, kind and handaomr, at KINO'S ateblra, forty drat Mraot and Madlmn araano. A BRCOND HAND HACK 1'OACH, IN PBKPKCT 0 running ordar. at KINO'S atektea, Forty-krat term aad Mad laon artauo. ClMFIJtTR TURNOUT.?A FAIT BAT NORSK. toatbrr lop Road Wa*on, Hare-aa. Rlankata, Roba, Ip. Rhont. Am. Mnal ha aold, poalMraly. at a (rant aaerl dcn. at M Uharloa atr.rt, rtlAKin COACH FOR V IM Id tbo aflw, at C. af Tkh ty aow aUi ternat.| SNARRIAOFK ron HALF Off BOX WAOON. ONK \.) Ian Boggy w<l oaa two (op Oarrtega. at H. *. MNT*. Third Ml aranan. oaar Twraly-tblrd ternat SNAKHfAGR*. *1 EtflHO AND MAKXRAdptH POM " ' aate -p? naar aad attelBd hand Oarrtaoaa. Roeglnn aad bunt.,ana *>p?? alao MB Stolghr flailing ? >* ohaap M Natloa ateaot, Mronkltn FtOCrF.. HOKXi: AND HARNIW MODKKN 8TTLK \j aadnampteta ordar Owaar tearing for Bnropo wtll anil a bargain wllhln two daya Innnlra of RANK A Mo M A HON, union pirn atabta.Rl Rate Foartmnth ?Iran 1 hOCTOR'K PHACTON OR RUOOY, KR*, AUW1 A 1J taa ate of liar note Aold al a bargain A'Mraaa Tbawip aon, bax Ub Harald ateaa THOR kAI.P JI'ST ARRTVF.D PROM THR WKXTf.R.N r part of Iba A tela, ona team of bte- k Coach Mora*- Id haada, d yoara old; alao ona inapt of bland Horaoa. 18'a. d yoaro old aad rory fate; alao ana bte>.k, U^. til rrry otyllah, aad warranted aonnd aad ktalA A poly al 'to Waal Tin rt yd rat at'aat. rR HARP A PAIR Of DARK R IT IIORHRs, PIP l?or bar,da Mgh; ??or tan aad Dm otbnr a . ran ya.rt good for mark oaa. Apply at ?tabte aorlhoaj. ournar f Thtrty.*l(hib al -ant and Fifth aaanna FOR RAUI-sRTRRAi, FIRST CRAB* TOP aNI> No. i ? top Boaten?, ona I wo anal Fhanton. with pnln and ? l?/U, i ooa tel-oaaVR' aaway, wl.h piat'urwi aprapa. Aiaoaaprraa . and kaalpru Wrmnl light and nrary, n-w and ?ami d | ?l all warranted aa rapfaaonlad at MB ate To anlfto'oa ' tEhjr dAi.B?a SXiwiS bhioiit RAT HORRF JTrXv r aayllah anlteMafor -rite-. Applr fram f to Id A. M a P. Id., a prlrate atebln, arttraora >'f alloy K7d F'OR lAU-flr AOKNT1.RMAN OOIBO TO XUROPR, 1 ada# into"! b.y lloraaa. Applr nt Mncaay'a I.irary I Rtabte. Waal Tw-ir ? IMrr t'rwat nnr> ?t?tb arnaa rlR dALR-AA p|nr. A OARXIAO* TRAM Ad f-AN , I ha aawn ?8 Ibr Park atanda lilt ba?da; with f ??l -Sni j Haruraa To b* a-an al AH lb rranon aad r?n? lbird | ?taMJtenhlfa ft.r Oal WanOl'V.y V?"I IDA"* PNTTAT* pTARtf.B F?R UilteON ! JP Iba nort' atd? Ooraolnanlb ? inted. Waal af ,?t?ib a> an ir, Katena I air hp liAiOraltota paaa-a ten will bo jt>an. aaaa-aa llid fate. Apply w K H U DUm A CO., , I Pi ? rtrwa' j LNli IlllU A FliUi-'tlaA ?' RCACK" OOlTr, ' PJTR J r ynara oMt aobahl- oarrlapa or wnpon Una on iron I nay titer XI No- s a?d 10 P.aat Th.rty-dra. draat fOR NtI.r~A NP' UNDID MATCHRD TRAM OP DO MB F tall b-.y Hor aa lltitetkM bmtrt old. mill and ' Kind Alan Phaotea U?' iraa Ftootc'a, A ".top at ft* Front airate P PACK - tT t ??< Rl'tUP ?'*if PlK'.AbT ' mrw CM. $1 ?M>, '??I.I ?y *r?s?ter A ROd .la, at ROT P ?ar-Ut- .'?<A-irj, 14 aad M Aajlty plana ; CXIH RAIN -BNM PK'-"<n HAND HOTtt. NT AON, r nan t p Wtfr-, ard ino opm Tarrlapr. In awrr.Mtea optnr, at POHi'.OT'A orrtrpr faatory. It a., lit Atelty plana L'or a a tad.? i rxia or dono iaiuid bats, on a r aor-n tar oUrrr terkt raa-a ltd p .a.t.Alud and W lb-mi tftrka la amaic ur daub'* k-ximoa, a."at a/raid if tar teraia railway rara day or nteat: or Bail bt a ?' UanteB rp UCUR frora lb- rmnttrr Zpplr M -?0./n IBAU, Jr.. M Wxtor tiraat IPOR ?adk-a past pair op *ram. horrpr WaRar doatda narena* Aa A|rp?y froat 1 to mm lite ie>r? ?br ?' primta ataaU IW ri,iD ? -tea tVr rote wate ?>< PtKh BtOR AADR?TH IRTfPlTR NTAtiRR, TWf.RTF g* aotoa ?boa Taala and twi at arttoteaTmadiiaf tn a date too 'ad l Itwlll'mc, *b*' m BOMM, CAMUABM, *?. iR 8 A LB?AT NO. 1 KANT TWENTY-KIOHTM ??irwi throe elegant carriage Hon?. ^Rr BALK?A VERT 8TYUIH BLACK HORSE. UK ^?hauda, young, sound And kind, And A cood traveller. |>d Also a Tory Ana Trust** Colt (?ml). M haaus warranted sound sud gentle In all respect*. Alao* light Park Phaeton, nearly new, by Wood Brothers, $460. and A double .at , f Harness, made by Lowdsn. little esad. Apply to t:KBVKi - ING 4 ' HHITT Ai vs iMrty.drsi |m n F?? )B BALK-TEN HORDES. SUITABLE TOR ALL kinds of work; also n splendid pair of Mules. Will et ching#. To be eaen at 71 Greeuwlro avenue. TJiOR HALR-A RKCOND HANI) ROC Is AWAY IN J? Aral rate onnditloa. Apply si HV.ARDSLET 8 Oat rlage Manufactory, Broadway, corner ut Tbirty serentb at. Pop Hal*. a saddle. jewifkm rrtRK, made In the very best manner, white lesthm vrn 1 buckleo A ? Apply to WM. OH.En. corner Tbrteftntl: stmct and Ruth arenvr. rR SALB?THREE IIORMKM. ALL BAY. "UK Id bants uiRb, sad sound. iuit- ht? tor w ?gon or o-sou in fltie order; also one top lYn^on. noie and aSatts. Meat be sold, inquire at 7J Twin street. near til th avenue. tjWdRtr.y-t "C'FRTOR BAY OfH'PK HOBHR, F"LL I 16 hands high, wartenteil entitle sad sound lu every re apeot; prior (600 Apply at stables Ml West Thirty-Or ?? .t P<'R malb?a pair ok, truck \*i> W.:r... also single liorse awl Truck. Irwiuic of w. LBAYCRAP r, M Broadway. I!?OR 8 ALU?A FINE BLACK H/)RaE. I? HANDS lilgl) 7 veai * old. warrou-ad in ..vera inspect tdilrcs F A.. 'rOi 379 Postoflbe, or call at stables, t'nirc.aity plana, corner ef Thirteenth street. For rai.e-a pair ok hkkvickablf. oakriaok Horses, dsrk sorrel, 16 har ds high. Apply st '.A rtesvrr street riR NALB?TOOt lHKR OK bKPAKATK. A dlNOI.K horse Trtnrk, slso Horse *nd Heroes'. ilnisp'years old. sound and kind Trunk nearly as good as new litnolre lu lbs basement at M Month street. P)K MAl.g?tUK Want OF DIE. TKN riRHT CLaHH ) work Horse*. To be seen et the ice depot of BeiHy A Or sen, 31b West 1 went th,t street, srerv eTlcmoon. nntii ?old Also one pair of usmhge or wlgon Horse, OR 8ALE.-S VDIH.K BOMB. A HAMILTON I.AN Mars, bright bay. 16 hands brail, 4 yesra old: warrsnted Inquire at 113 . est Eighteenth si.f-ei m F Fob hai.h?a large lot of rode aw ays tor and no lop Wagon-, fnnn $Au to ftSOLi: lllr ewaiul, frotn 8Y) to $260 W> sets .Uncle Hsrness, from $10 In f'A) per set ft re nets Double llerni- is, $60 to BI00; 10 ftlelght, two two-seat do , one afk'geftt dot, also & larpe ?a.'1'tniMii nf Bells, Blankets Robe. Whip' Ac Apply et 1.401 Broadway, near Forty ft rat street 1.AOR CALK?A KIRHT CI.ABM PAIR OF DARK RAT P Horses, Dull 1ft hsnds high, 6 Tears old: rery stylt-h and handsome; hare been used for the las) year- by n yen Detain as a family team, and will be ( ally warranted br him. Alio t PbkC'du. made by Brewster 4 Co , and Hsi nets by Dun womb; Blpn?e|s whlpa, Ac. Address boi 4.JA7 Posto/llee._ Will he snTffriTjTrfWWr- ? FOR MALE?A DOCTOR'S waoon and a skt of Mingle Hsrness, m rary rood condition to be ss*i, st MoNICOLL'S livery s tables, No# Hand ?Twelfth sl.r'H. POR HALE CHEAP-AT 33$ DPTANORT 8TRKKT \ ?orrel Horse. 7 y?ara obi. 1# bands high,'a for eart or truck Wai ranted sound and kind. FDR HALE CHE AP?IN DALLTTOW*. N. .1.. NEAR the Ualon Hill. Guttafibsrg, Horse (far Kailrnaii. riot of Ground Me**! 'e*t deep. Inquire of WM CAWII WELL. Ml or347 M'aet Forty ninth street. Price $4C*> Fob half, cheap-ay nd. m; wbbt third sec ond s'ltet, three Butcher'# Cetta. Alursas, Tincks, Reams, Scales, Blocks and aondry utensils .ised in pork packing boslnosi. r- ~ )r"bal5 OHEAP T HHIFTIVO TOP BGilGY Wajm. wttb torn up b?ck ?at. of M'ner A Bieyeus' make. Can be seen at John P. luteinm e 4 > 0 'a. makers, #1 Crosby street. EMik SALE AT A NAilRIFICE~"a MORRKL IlfiR-K. r warrsnted kind and saituo. A new I lab l Wageu, Dn eei,berry's make. Aim Hsriiwr. W'ip eotrRlmk' i Oan be seen at Mlke'aftnAble*. Rest PilkpstlakM street, near Thl.d ayanue. CA tiVKRN MFNT HORAH BLANKETS tNFW h" $71 V); r Wagons, Aiabnlances, Tents wseon Rabler Covsra. MeClellau Meddles, Mule Hsrness I"idlhrs, HI'-Asmttb PuiRas. Revolvers W. A. CAtlf'.lR. Stl ilor'tjcdt street, Mar Or?awtcli C~N*nK AT REDDi'TlnN " T IN PRICE" OAHH1AGK". t'A I HIAGK*. BW FDR BAl.F. 11 It RAT HAHGAISH 11*1 HLHIOII". AM HAKMLNuRH 1,606 riTKAFR, MLED1D Rl f.l s 4Ac. WiTTV M Alrnlaga Warere-.m*. Iifti. 146 sud lib Cnsln treei, and 63* Rroadw.ty, a*ai Bis, -koratree.. H ORMKN BOARDED FOH THR WINTER Apply to JAMBS R. WlLl.FTH, Roslyn I.. I. HORMKH KEPT THROIKUI THE WINTPIt PKltMR ri-asoaabla. Addrars Dsusr l.lndsbr, iiieao sillsge, Morris roonty. N. J., or Moreau A 1 srker, 160 AVest strawt. PART OF A NRWLV KITTED HP *TAB1J| TO LET Inquire In ibe shoeing sbep. emnrr of fblrt- nln'h street and Moreuth avenue STAMLK TO LET?A PAKT OR THE WHOLE OK A new Stable, hist ftii'slted. situated st IIS Eart Tsreetlelb atsoet, neur Tbiid sreuue, wtIN ftve stalls, ma for (It. or sli cnrrlsgei,. lurbniin's mint aids a., I ga< with alrti.e modern ftnpi iremeula; prim rassoaabla. A|>piy to M. M AOH ATI!. 74 Irrlug place. f* TROTTING IIORRLH FOR HALE. PRIRB HdMB TO O M^hU. They era yonne. s?,.ind ami hendsnm# I'gi. he seen I.iitll sold at 1111, Twenty aersnlh sirs.->, east of Third avsnue, New York. ARA ?FUR BALK. A HAY HuRSV 16 IIAM>? .1 dnl". IncAea high, a got', hoo'-ai worker. Apply st lb Morion street. AOC ?PGR HALF?A HAT IIOHME. 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VfONBT to LOAN at XBVBN I'P.R OBNT, IN LA ROB iTl or email a uaou ale, on 'ia>eu aod mortgage on drat rUaa " roper ty la this ?lj KINO A <X> , No. 0 >w Twonly.third straw!, Ylftb A mints Hotel. OY.'fc'B PAl'lYJO MAIL. 8TKAM8IUP CONKkNY. New Turk. Nat IV, i W5. NUTW1I T?I S r'H'lt HOl.DKRN Notice ia hereby givra that tbr Hi art) of Dlrwolora baling ihcswt ant the ..1.1 LatI sleek if lbs nninpeny w?u*ut to tbn art nf Mar I. If a., In fct VWMS?) (of wh *!i H<?*I sbalts rr main tt i? IBMPMli, bare learrred Ol (l?l in rati out of i/.rwn'ita -if ttir .rtnii toy or Ibr e- igvin-lneol the business, tan.i have doeiarrd liia-.-au lUsrsof to the psrapsia holding tiiei, ?>n me laai?? .it this .tuptny at las rtiMIM o' the lnui.fei booka ui lu" day. Nor* nhor JO, ISdb. atS o .-'m-a r M.? ? <li?lu-'i'l l t "jo'l AU OOtl I III" aloft, of una I- "ill an> -a f Ml j aid atOOk tiring *,n" altars IH IMA1 a to ?If 1*1 tii.ff sliaro. i.f etlttlOf ?|o.*k 'I hf firUiioatss v ill fee ready lor ,|"h*r?? 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Nntli ?-la Intre iv Klrrit that ta tneetine of 'he HtrtCaholita a of lite "flnlnee la ijiiM I'nrananr" will lie held, and .? I. hy ralini' . i ha oil' ae of ilia Oomymnr I Its Itmadway, morn If. on (he Hid JiaJ* of Norfmhei I8M, at Id o'elor!) noun ol tliat dar. f ie nbMMt oi saM meaning la to dlutlnlsh the ia|)1' >1 ?.lua-s " " ' " otasrwmlMs inill.nli two |iai ralue ather huitnsas sa may p operlr N. U. I'AINK, UhOKIIAW. hTKI tU,

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A PAItr.VK.R WANTKO IN AN OLD K8TAIII.I llfD .a i'ght, rirnn'atile b.ialnaaa. a saaana.' man nf a tea. I. hah Ht, wnlea plain band. II H an eiasePenl oimmnr A'aa) i i $ ->J an obtain a thli l ae half of the lmaanaaa. Knr paarttialana fni)Miea at air aaldeeva Nr MI.NR1 I0U Rlilbaeaeiie ? I'lRTNKR WASITIi W ill! PMOR 5I.MII TO 53 UN ,\ la readr t aah, ui en .age In a Aral elaaa In. allrat naSSI making bi.'laaaa, la full aaaralnw. TIIORrsON. iMlBioaalaray. AN AS'TIYK iiR H1I.KNT f ARTNKR WITH 53 000. TO late a balf lalareal In . rei ? ralualtle |w'aiii lar*e ! pi .Ha, ntany ardors. Atldee-a K I. , W Hroadway, mm IS A PHYSICIAN. I.ATfLY ABUIVKD WaNTH TO ,1 a-,lee iiipi |Martner .bit. with ona In gapwl standing, tn eRheeriie neeniinlry foe fnrihar naaftln.ilora a.l-Jraaa D f pie, sft North rlrer. Near Yore A PARTNER WANTPD-WITII ABOUT 561*1 ll> e- ibl .li a beam*'' of hiaalnaaao is a nelglii.aartna elly tba' will par eaallr p*U |tf miintl.. 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Ht ?p Hilda, llr ton I'm lu l.m'Jr. Hhoamakar .lobnoir, P.ada Mala ?oaaaura, A-- Oi and Vatlnao 00 Thank aft vm( Pajr / 1IIARI.RT WHITK'R TROI'PK. * / Al Hrvanl'a Maahaniea' llall, 471 Broad war, naar llraoii airaa*. ARTOURDIVO NTCl KSS OK TUB f EMAI.R I LRRKs ramnlaOtrhaof WaahHiflon. Kcarj oigin Hrrgranl Klaa ? i.l'a Panorama, ft mry ni(hi PctUooai ? !.??>r II , ril Mar?h, Krari nlghi Pvarjr Dlglit. kterr algkA ttcgrji oigin. 1 r uoai i.iri'1 ii rn war-it, A grcAlha! i 1 a ? or fyic'.t Wwtrhwry^ JUflwad Waab>i>gb.n ? . ? ug the lia.awaie k>arj olglil. Mia Hi. p: lb. O... rT. of Song. WlU alag Rvarr nigl.l WINTKR Q*HP' V nil. Til III VI ? 11 OP TIIK HERMAN HOSPITAL. HAT! 1; NOVKMHKK J4, IMA . ... dU, DRWIMO.N IN l ATI? II run TIIIKP. I'rnla. 1 ? ? .. iha I hatha Tnaair* fn pa. aUHIRMlOBi l"ar<i'.?i ?!?' LI ? ? o m II I*) l!?W"! .?d Neat", eltr* 1 QU irirlmaira 1 i.a.'a .. . , . ..SbO Kami If ? t.. .a 76 0TBIMWAV : RHUHH -4 ARI. WOUrSOIIN H HK' OMD IJ MtKTl ^ rUO.i R lUSMl Kridajr, Mo. a atifNiogk. I'naroaaa Hormlaa A major, o^oa 1 Mo t. II major, opo* 7*. D loim.f. o|. tail Ma. I: Hoo/fa? 'I>tr Ahanda-ara," ?, _ ? - ?11: Romp 1 Wagner; ' relrber Kara,' Hchoiaam. "IIU S|e Tohl Kr? oa tiicii Wird," I'terar, hy Mr. J. W Poll, k Am aonapaoial. Mr. II W Colby. Mingle tiakata. f I. for iba aero * ol riluc Mai,?ee?. $7 for aala al HiaiowaT'a. tiaho barli. A Co. a. No. W Mr<a>4way. Rear A'g. No. TH Bioadway, and al Po ker Hroa. No. HI Hle?. .eritrea-. The above | wilt be paatHl al Iha Ohapal of tha Pa-kor lii.nmie, Hr.-oklyn. on nATI. KHAV. M.. r. 14 Al I nelmh. Tl.ihc.a n Hrwhlyn nan ho pr>? ired id It (i. Pared). No. 17 Couu .'rael P?la A Hrn . oorocr of K iliara and Ptarrapnotapart., ami al the |uinolpa2 u MH4 alare .. f N A I'll I KAIION UP llll. I NAriiiNAi. ii a 1.1*. 11 aRI.I v Mr. W P. MullilAN liar'he honor 10 Inlorm hlo h mar one Ijiand" ai d llie public thai arrarife.ii. ua na.e heaa with ma r olio a tog dlellagnlel.ei! arflat* 10 IhaugaralO ?kaateira Hall wHb a ? f liAN II llPk KATIC COMCKHT, ON rill HS..AT KVKMIMu. SOV tk IHW yaiiamk ha/./amua. TNa elehrafed Prima Drmaai big. I.l M HKK n. Ten# .11 lor da. .Irom la I* .la and Han Carlo Oiara llauaaai. Mi .1 M 1l|f)WA. Ih* fa". rll? RafRnna Hti U.MI; H? II.Ill, II,c rebotrned Haa-. Mr aI.PKI'.DII 1'P.AHK, the oocHal Kianlai IIMOiral < ,ud .' !? rt. y. aara. A f.MITKe and flK.u B Ull HT Tlckel" fi R** laata, All ailra ? an let# r .rad al <??* liar en Pool offiaa and ih* Hill, "lanrm if Monday, IWh inal irnnll M. till 6 P M Itnora open al 7<g. rouiaienaa al k L'llWtHII MOI I.KNMADPRH Mi Hp Al. COMMBBVA. 7R?1M<i IIAI.L, iiMMATrHliAV NO* M tuff.?I ?fll? I'imwUm! (a ij? ii*id in IKMKI IIAI.L, ??N maTI KI'AV WOV Tf> < OMU*F*f*F. 4T i &<'WK T f%ii??#rrA|d>ry HbH wl f ?? riflitrio4ftU"n? f?r fhi (Hip !? 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MffK-'W mi I- fi 1 Mr 1 in ??It II f H it A t KMAAOl ImnMr AftMM. > WbM i' lMAoo H. b ?. mnnw. lAUTORI.-l.AMr SKIRT IK KBW YOKE IKfOBI J V^Ur dapariur* for ??HlM*r*. "rf'-f-1?4 Phlladal rw.M*5!'?,rrr or w?romr. r^^rl^^6nes. '"nSSlf.'W.Vi'S5IM-"' .. .kM. *r Afiri.*ib* kiJtoki, "kMl >***ai?U Will b? ?rodum4 lb* aaw U<|M| Kkrtil rJc Mwi. Riatari'a dabat ib lair "'"TORI "? bar (IKRAT ROI.R OR MRDKA la adAliin. >? wbkk by utdraraal maoa-i. C ...a. . f-Abi A> r or maihptm. ?W* AR KLI2ABK III giRRM Ok EHllLlMD. MOnCErTAgMH. gtejya unable In oii.iu ?ny aaal* far Monday** KL12 IBKTII lit Via*, and Aaatrcii* la atland thi raprwrtulatluti uf P.I.UaBRTH TO-bill It T. la Hrooklyn. Wit aarar* imli at thr lolloaiu* i W? la www 1l"rkr-A4 IheKlettirl Uckat ofr. m Kn-alway. and IU and 114 Broadwaj. and at lb* irouklya AnAmi of Muak. IklHTORr'N BR MERIT MATIMKK. AATUROAT, MOV M JV Praarh fhaatr*.. .u...... iMmdor J. ORAL' Saturday AIIRI.AIDR RlMTORf........ a*. . ..... MARY MTU ART AlitaI?aiun t'tallparu af tba hi oar, MX. wilt aimptton *? ltd a*. ?littih will be aaru.M at Ibalr usual |>rkaa NHKW YoKK THKATRK. MA<<A<1KKM PR1YIR BAKER A MARK MMIT|| laird w?t of Ihr (IIAMAT IIKAMA OF T1IR PAAMloN*. by Au.ii?lln Halt, of URIPP1TH tIAt'BT. _ nr.,nn.ioa?.| I., rmwdml and faablOWaMO hj?A*<a o* <? ha mi: u<r?i AHMoitUvo rL^orriirda y 1 .wlnlrad a* tha nr ? IIO Mitni i'l IIrK [of tlu> Maw Tori atam. 1MB KAQUlHITE XOTINO. """ Th# faltk'al *< *xil^'r^AV"T "** '? THH' DUEi< A I.A UOHT Tbr It .ail# Itao.wa. Pola i 'limbing. Soak Baelaf, f< ? in >wln<i**d b* Ih* nraa* Mba aaaff i'l KKK< T DRAMATIC rBODD'TIOMB ? FMMATIOJt OF TRB ?BAAOV Mala aantirad una waa* In adtanea Or Maturdajr <i?tANI? i.KIPHTII IIAI'IfT MATIMKIL^ rriM ATBR PRAMC AIH. WRRT POUBTKi J naar Mink aramta PIIKNI'II OPERA Till HhOAY KVKMIMU, Mo* f BAJiri. TUP RBI UK OF MARBLR. Opant In Ibra* aal*. by Harold. Maw piof adrnI?*toa-Orahaatra, Ml. i?aai??d aaata *0 ran la aura. Tktai ufllaaa at l?r A irl,Inner"* *1 Broadway, and Haror A Haawlfa. Ill and IM Broadway Saturday. Mo* *7. Ilrac ?i paaraaan of Mlh- til.lVK I.OOAII fMFKKMCH OOMROT Mrs p. b ookway m parktbeatbb, rrookxyh mocaBHCSi ? OR TRf kmavrm op HRAjrrR. KVKRY P.VRMINa. -nrowoRrn'B minktrki.h. J) PI I a arruua Opara Uouaa, ad)rtntac Ftflb avwoa* t^n arateu ivrvjye op tee m^mmpaetoxibe. TO to TO TUB Till TEE matimr^S/yrry haturImy*at ih. t.JT* OAM PIIANf IAPO MIMSTRRLR. MM MROADWAT. <5 Tba TrouMarom??a<?? at a Taafla* to RUbt o*Qart wboaa niaii baa na*ar b**n a aanlraiioa la tba world. Mow r?ory wrt; Mataoro ? Jan., IjdNfHtr"-- -** aad Afrlran abadow Pi SHRAVRR'R OPRRA HOraj rata I* our wtaAto Marry -I Mho. Kpfa Hum aa lb?a*ai Italian alra tba Shadow Pan' ny Qawn aa Jarfe aad uUL ar >on?a, acta, hallada. A*., fit* a mnga, i tahadpteaa MATITRUaY Hrawlafc Ma*. M, wbaa lb* I ?EHHEMIOlY Hi aw lag, ln? wnrh* wiN ba pemmed!? 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