Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1866, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1866 Page 10
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EQUAL HKgrS CDUVENTION '} f Pretest Against tie Ratification of the CeMtitatienal AmenAmeDU IPfceUate to be Canm*ed tot DtlcgoU* to Ik ('(?D?tlluUonal Stole Contention. adjourned sine die. &c. Ac. <ac. SPECIAl nilGRhB TO THt NEW vWK KfcAtD. AhBAaV, Nov. VI, l&fij, Tbe Oonventton of strong minded wenien nwj wOaA minded toon re&ankino)o(J ibis morning and c?*qy*d upon Uje rdte of fornvJ tnimnew with ootiHMvable more spirit and alacrity than was evincod yogtcr Asy, tbougb the. naaln features of conventional iiidolouce ?ad inertia were steadily preeerved. The batt was mod ermioly filled, and the public Interest la th?vJe)lbersllonB may be auxl to excel tbst of yesterday raiisoivNaL or mis convbswob. 1i> thlfvv low a moment devoted to as analytic review ef the Convention may not be out of place. Tb'e Con vention ?waits tbu ecu to order by ibe Presldontees, and to the meanwhile let ua look at lie-personnel Altogether the ablest, mod dlgnlfled and beet balanced mau is the body Is Fredei iclc Douglass. and there Is a deep leollng for him for I'tilted States Senator, In spite ?T tbo drift of the Convention, which Is evidently In favor of Susan B. Anthony for Senator, notwith standing which Elizabeth Oady Stanton is likewise a candidate with considerable strength favoring as she doe* the onpperbcada, the democratic party, and other dead and buried remains of alleged disloyalty. Susan te lean, cadaverous and Intellectual, with tbe proportions ef a fife and the voice of a hurdy-gurdy. She ie tbe favo rite of the Convention, lira. Cady Stanton is of Intellec tual stock, Impressive in manner and disposed to hen peck the Convention, which, of oourse, calls out resist sate and muoh cackling. Her late tournament for Con gress, In wbloh she won eight votes against James Brooks end Colonel Le Grand Cannon, have given her assurance and ambition for effloe. She scouts Greeley's ?retsosionelor the place pd regards him as demented Bver since the first Bull Run. Sue ukd has a controlling advantage over o?r, however, In the fact that she Is un ddoumhered with s husband. As male members of Con grew rarely have wives In Congress, ho lerr.Hi.- members trill bo expected without husbands at tbo capital En Apod (be whole influlcM of the Convention is for moral Mfdrm in high places, commencing at the White Bouse. " Douglass ngests with lbs same old prcjadioes In [itsbody color;" for these people, humanita ns, ere opposed to 11 culiud pnseons" having these iac?e of honor end profit shoot to be enjoyed, as they nucipete. Parker Plllgbnry, one of the notabilities of the body, is kli|?Mto ? good looking while man naturally, but with a cowed Md tneaklsb expreasion stealing over him, as If be re ~ tied be bad QOt been horn a nigger or one of these ales. He sees that he is to be thrown aside as (en crogkery. 1 Stone, the President of tbe Convention, is what r terms a "spinster," and looks as tbougb when bdr proper husinees the could at the spinning el " do her three run a day." She ie s sad old girl. *1ee with tlldtdlty sod hesitation, is wheezy and in her pronunciation, and wholly without d goity or oommand. Mummified and fosellatod females, void of domestic dpttoe, habits and natural affections; crack brained, rheu toativ, dyspeptic, henpecked men, valcly striving to nob lev# the liberty of opening their heads o presence of ihcii wives, and sell-educated, oily faced. insolent, gao fling negroes and Theodore Tllton make up the lees than ? hundred members of this caravan called by themselves the "American Equal Rights Association,' in whii . , ?j which co two agree own anyone thing, and wherein the chief pleasure of ail is to i>e displeased with everything. nretvi>s or tub convsNTKm." The morning session was inaugurated by the introduc Hps of the following resolutions, additional to those given In yesterday's despatch ? heeoivtd, Tt.?t we gratetuhy ?nd joyfully recognise tbe kindly disposition of the piest tu rar.ous directions, Irre MeoUve of i*urty, towards cur new enterprise , we sincerely thank tbe many that have already done well, nod hope they SUM do tatter, and we respectfully (all on all tbe rooduetors M tola mighty organ of the popular vc ice to haHten with gfcetr tribute also, assuring tbcm that Una movement la tbe Mpredueed ami comblnsdensiry of all tbe forces which In the past have battled ruccensfauy wllb lnj unitecruelty and hynrssaion. and tbe whole omnipotence of truto and right ?Msnsae is pledged for our ultimata triumph Bee, .red, Tbst the Introduction of tbe word male, three llnw repeated, in tbe constitutional amendment now pend ing te/ore the Ntatea, Is a gross li.init to all womankind, ev hrywbeiw, and an outrage on the genius of tbe mueteenth tun , and on that ground alone, were there no other, we neatly hope the amendment may be repudiated esolved, Thst ws fwrneatlr and solemnly protest against sesoiveu. i nst ws earnestly ana aoiemnly pretest aga i adoption of lbs pending i.uieodment to tbe lec.eral < tntvoo by the legislature of this State, as a met cruel i ?nju?i preset pi*, i., eapeelaliy of -be loyal colored copula Bp# the rebel Stales, and as conspiring to < " .. _ _ .. , ?_ > SiUbilcb n con paitoUonal wblto rnau's guvermuept In full recoctltlOD of Ike whole le ler and spirit of tie Pred Soott decialon. The subjoined is a modification of the rrcv.o inly In troduced intelligent suffrage roeoloiicc offered by Mies Black well:? oued Thai degraded and disfranchised elasses are in assatowm with American Ui.tHntiona: that the fiee ?chool 'blss - - - bad the talk t arc mUparabiw that edn?-allos end oiffinge Jrv tt# cllti<-n't birthrights; that If an ft', ical.eral qualifies totals impc-d by etete or nsilon as a ? odIUcn of vottr g, WS dtmaj,d Ut tmsartlal appltoauoc w'tbout restriction i i Ma or race .-orobinsd with . lob provisima fer universal . provisions fer universal taste boo that (be qualification may be attainable i y ill. T** eebOMuta wt> accepted rlii A dieerderiy character, whoae name ?n reported m Van**, disused lh? con*Hitter, hv kth< 'rregunr ro WM. concluding )>;? crater en; debut hy ufltriLg up a ?III' rcpuuding h;i cratirra) debut hy clltritg up ft prayer lever of tbe Indian, the cegro iliI the w omto, Mac'.fled |o Iftlpftrtiftl e'.iuragt. Susan called l.m to r|er ftbd be ibftUDily meltcii into an cbtcur.ty uUnrc will be difficult for bin to em?n?u\ Hueon ytftUiuBv then arnuutued thai the State uaeto before tbe election of deleraler to the up he lanraaeed before tbe electloo or delerater to the up oroaobthc OoDitltutloitftl Convention Meeting* will Be keid lb all the large cities, com roam tig with New York, Sod tbe diettibut 100 of llluiulBatory traeia la to be widely Odd generally Indulged to. Tbe aoftejed petition refer* to tbl* eub^ect ?? _To il.^ (fneUlutlonal ronjeuiliD of ibr Mute ?f Ngw * *, V "a1 11 w ? vi e**7 w* ? ''I it p 1 eJ JVhI le body thai 10 en.ei.dtog ihe cooOMllnr veu will ? tbe ?eotluujuee iiOiBg yinllticaiioi.r ot rlectuie, a* ?Mure tk*rtgblof>gr< upon euual terwa, to both !?*od T?m?! by thee proceeded in an argument for the of entire* ?*?>t of euflra*-? to wernaii. (the referred to the aeeer ?100 of Borare Greeley, wboru (he recognlie ! a* tbe foremcot repreaentetire of the liberal neniieient, that a? woman bad the abatran right to aufiiage, tlx great rtty of them did not with It So they told ua wbao tee and the negro ought to be free?lie did net weh It, tie 090 tooted and happy And aa we replied relaure tbe naggNg r eo do we regarding women If they do not feel re tpe right to eote, It la an eentrnce ot tbe depth to Mkieb aba Ms heaa degraded by lie deprivation. She fold an laesantio of a lady rlerfc In toe New York Mercantile LI tr. 7, wbo i<>M her that during (he war the tula net of piate rlerbe had all bean rata ralaad. and one, who held ?a Mfenee poctuan had been Inrreaaed 1300 more than ibwn In reeponae to an Inanity, the clerk mid tbat 1 of tbe ballot the didnot believe ?a* ow pf lii4 bftti pfUfin^i | ??Ihfekllee would hftve bene wrought In Rochester fh# aalenee of the Ogle tear hear In tbe public achoolt 'id lion ?biie the ftmaJee received anal par In Auburn RMO add! " aatn t? ear voted to tbe male ?kA to Ihe femofee. Tbe female > thereupon hold a n,eating, gad paaeed an iron!. ?~*'on, tbaektng the ttuenl -far tbeir liboral Tbe Hoard ef Kdurgtiun be d a meeting and - toother* to ngtt a toper raying they did bona loatheri to eign a nape- raying they did I A inault and these ehc gtti got mnlr aufh n were dJdcharged The speaker tltJn referred Ihe power of the ballot No pnHticUn dated oppoee ? eignt hoar ggttntioit, H-ona* ta* wur.ingmep bold 1 btfto* Out lbe emrglof Wotnat the ballot, and ?be 1 ana protect boreaif Ret wun* 4.." on pier<i?ri*? tbf beHo* tt doae *m fill to tai tiwm leer* and orofT *? - fewlag vwnna and ererr Mau 't>dk<ed la ? - ? 1* I Inpod, and yet they hade no *o?o# in the jatn |f imi itittiM Pansae fTisasrav rood Ua? add ram of the CeneeiAioa be tbe poeple of tbe -tat# Of Jdww York aelailye to Ui* front low of wooai'i euflvnge tbo add rex rer>ta VlM orrnal tateeneo of woman, what ?he baa dene m ?a agea for buoaaeity lb* prttwlam bonne ef bar e?h I Rarftog, fbd 'be OWafitftmpal favor* be whKU Site le ewu Jfi lu an eg* pud reel ffiaaui oooreaa ui her 1 gpben ?f Mti?n tbrOegb tbie reoioneg aaiUllod lagr to A* reiigSaiea in uw iinotoanth century, a cdadury of * eoetod pruereM soil adtanood ciTiUiat.dn. ???? Seed M.iotom iofa me ftdRveniii a to-dsf (ertbe *OOt. Ibwe be ? evgagMW lew ere ere; r ejgM from till data Ufttil Ui* In bprfl a??L At tbe eten a* omdK>a tbe eogtdntiea wee .4df'(a?>' ?7 n?? tdymtXk Rrowa. afiw ?hieb a a Hlatlwoll J*?od a reac.dWon tbet K. C Rbaatoo, Frederick P'fMm end fr.aoa R. AMbooy bo o r? ?ow W?e ?f bHO?bi to be UgMlyuTe nor rrwtdN -pOlnet "* bfMMn ?f too pfopoeed 1 .?natt '41' ea m <*er do*Mrgt'M ??# right to ho 'ESTSTt ^ ' pil<?R d tegma with Ml M H"* igo a.XtffvT ,.!!? *'?* N.ea 3dr*5md by Pylon ? *? '?"***** - S-weyA Mm * 0 "?inuiw. *" L*n*i ''^"r *a# latf^ ?**?' wbwk u n^njoog ne> g g au?nmuihi *????"?*?* *?? Aaetnie ggber*. ?? * aae an, Kwt-tl iddd ^?ar^rs-'ts .xriT: rtfix THE LORD Fraak H?llr? uJ W. *? I'*l,f ??d YaMerrfo* J?,,M **T\ llog?.A Parlia" of ifc* BoMo ***?*'"' Ball MlftH {V t'*** * ?** k, I'gugit) lor D?lr?*?i *'? Teaterdar afternoon at tba Police Ocan, Mora Joatica Pooling, > ranb HaWaa aod W. & Babooeb MM arra^ned and a preliminary examination mo mad# A repard to an alleged coooactloo la tba lord rob bery, whereby mora Ibaa a mUMoo and ?4 ^ dollar* wore utolen troin Mr. ftufue L. U>t^ Mi Cunning H. l<edIVrd, Jr., Aaeiptinl DMl^ Attorney, rpraaaMad the iDtareata of \'o? pcoplg bad Mr. Joba K Burnll ap peared for rij Cooke k Co., Meerra Algernon fl Haiti vud itrla-,,1 L. Hie wart and ax-Judge Muart, appeared lor itefe ndautn. Through the effurta of Captain Juurdne, u?eie? eti by Meaare. Elder and Milord, of tba Detecuva llf pnrtmont, and Judge Howling, tbe nccoeed aare a* 'reeled. Other facta connected with tbe arre*i t*Jow la tbo affidavit* and imtaioay, imciviT or cxrt. joii* yocya* Tbe following in tbe affidavit of F.*pt John Jourdan. n which Frank Heileu woe ^canceled 00 Saturday last -? City and Coun'y cf Tfr.York:?John Jourdan, be'ng duly sworn, deposes and says:?Thai he has hv?u in formed and believes (Having seen testimony thereof) that on or about tbo 7tb day of March. 1840, a quantity of United Slates bonds and securities, consisting of five-twenty, acven-tblrty and ten-forty bonds and oou poBs, amounting to the sum of $1,300,000, aero stolen from tbo possession of Rufus L. Lord; that lie has read the nffidavft ol James a. Carload, and says ibm the numbers of the. bonds mentioned therein are the tame as those contained in the schedule whlon contains the numbers of the bonds and securities which were stolen as aforesaid, and that deponent therefore charges that the said Frank Helton who presented the same to sod Garland had tbo same In his possession, knowing them to bo stolen property. JOHN JOURDAN. Sworn beiore me this 18th day of November, 1804. Jeearu Dowxjso, Police Justic. Arm davit or j. a. oaklavd. City and County of Nt .o York:?James A. Garland, of Jay Cooko A Co.'s, corner of Wall and Nassau streets, being duly sworn, deposes and says that on the 17th day of October, 1840, Frank Hellen came to the office of Jay Cooke A Co., wherein deponent Is clerk, and whose busi ness it is to purchase and sell government seenrities, and presented to him (deponent) one $8,000 August 7.30 United States Treasury note No. 1,100 for sale, which deponent bought at the then market price; that on the 23d day of October, 1800, said Hellen presented to de ponent four 86,000 7.30 June United Slate* Treasury notes, Nos. 3.860, 1,001, 3,889 and 1.399 for sale, which deponent bought at the then market price; that on tbe 24th dav of October, 1800, he came to tbe said office of Jay Cocke A Co. twioe; the first time he presented twq $6,000 August 7 30 United States Treasury notes. Nos. 101 and 1.099, and the second time he presented two more $6,000 August 7.30 Treasury notes, Nos. 1,116 and 90 for sale, all of which depenent bought at the then market rate; that on the 28th day of October, 1800, he presented cDe $1,000 note of the issue of June, which waa a 7.80 United States 'Treasury note, No. 68,087, which was also bought by deponent at the then market rate; that tbo said amounts of purchase wero paid to him by deponent In checks payable to the order of Frank Hellen A Co., drawn by Jay Cooke A Co. on several hanks In the city of New York. J. A. GARLAND. 8worn before uc, tbls 18th day of November, 1800. J. Dowuso, Police Justice. BOW TBS ARRESTS WIRE HADB. The ovidence obtained in the old case was revived on certain new facts ooming to light, and an Indictment was obtained for tbe purpose of obtaining W. R. Bab cock, wbo was believed to he Implicated in the case through tbe confeasione of Frank Hellen. He was sup posed 10 be in Provldenoe, R. I. The following Is tbe order received from Judge Ruesel, of the Court of Gene ral Sessions. on motion of Lieutenant Governor Wood ford, counsel for Babcook"By leave of the Court and consent of tbe District Attorney it Is ordered that the complaint against Wm. R. Bubcock, on the Indictment for rece.ving stolen goods, be remitted to Police Justice Dowling for exam nation." The Indictment was founded on the affidavit of Mr. W. G. Elder, detective, which is as follows:?"That be is well acquainted with Frank Hellen, and that he knows of the larceny of bonds aDd securities from Rufus L. Lord; that since tho examina tion and dismissal cf the onmplaint, which is hereto annexed, deponent has been informed by the caul Frank BelUm tbat be received the said eight coupons mentioned in tho said complaint from W. R. Bibcock, who is wen known to deponent as a common gambler, and who bos no business but that of a gambler, and that he (Babcock) is now absent from tbe said oily and county and State of New York. W. G. Elder." This was sworn before Justice Dowling on November 19. It was learned by tbe detectives named that Babcock had left on Saturday evening last for Providence, and after the Indictment they searched after him and finally found and arrested him at 000 Broadway. He was brought to the Sixth ward station bouso, where be wanted 10 know what tie waa arrested for, when he was Informed It was for selling bonds which had been stolen from a Mr. Lord to a broker named Fr&Dk Hellen. He made some con fessions, which will be found in the evidence below. Hellen was arrested at bis residence, No. 23 Washington place, on Kundav. and was conveyed before Justice Dow ling, wbo committed bun for examination Several bonds were found In the Treasury Department with tho name of Bufue L. Lmd that Lad been erased by acids,'bat w hich bad distinctly appeared again. Till EIUMINATIOE TPSTKRDiY. At the examination before Justice Dowling yesterday, at the Tom b e Police Court, nu effort was made to have the coses tried separately, which was overruled by tbo Co art. TEOTiMcjrT or opt. joi'Ktun. Ihc following i? tbc ??orn evidence of Capt. Jourdsn on points not slated above:?] uin captain of Metropoli tan police of tbc Filth precinct; I had a conversation with i rank Hellen Inst Sunday morning and afternoon at the Sixth precinct station house. Ihatrlcl Attorney?Will you tell us cooc.eely what that con venation was? Mr. 0. Me wart objected to any testimony being taken other than that which referred to hie client, because he was the only party named in the Indictment After considerable discussion, on motion of the DUtrlct Attor ney, it was decided to proceed with the case, allow lug a <ro?e examination of the witness by Mr. A. S. Sullivan as 10 the circumstances under which the conversations were made. Tbc following facts were elicited:? No < ne was present hat myself and Mr. Houston; I began the conversation by asking him a question; he was under arrest, and knew me to be an officer; 1 went to him and said, "Mr. Hellen, I am going to ask yon a question, you can answer It or not, which ever you see Bt:" 1 then asked htm where he got the bonds, the 12b,000 that he had sold to Jay Cooke k Co., belonging to Mr. Lord. Ficm the direct-examination elicited by Mr Gunning 8. Bedford, Jr., the following nro the main facts:?When 1 asked bun where he got those bonds Unit he bad sold to Jay Cooke Ik Co., he said to me that he had got them from W. R Bab rock, from whom be saM be had bought $46,000 worth; be said ho told them to Jay Cooke & Co., and that he had received two and a half per cent for selling them, I then naked him If be had any more bonds to sell that belongtd to Mr. llahcock, and lie told me no, but that Mr. Babcock Lad given biin to understood that he had between $400,000 and $600,000 werth of Lotted States bonds, and that he would llko to dispose of them, or that he could gel that amount; I then asked him where he got the coupons for which he had been arretted, and he told me he got tbom from Mr. Babcock ; he said he was to get $26 for selling those; 1 aaksd him if he had paid Mr. Babcock for the coupons, and he aaid no, tbnt Babcock had never received any money for tbem; I then aaked him why be did not tell, pending bia examination, where he got tboae coupons from, and he slated be did not know the roaaon why, but one rea son he gave me was that Mr. Babcock bad gone into the prison, while he was locktd up, to see him, and had told him to keep a stiff upper lip?that It would be "all right. ' I then asked him If ho bad not bad a one thousand dollar seven thirty bond from Mr. Babcock, and I think he did af terward* recollect of getting a bond of $1,000 troui Mr. Babcock. after my converaalinn with detective officers Elder and Met. ord we wept in search of Mr. Babcock, and arrested him on Monday evening,-at 600 Broadwnv; when we got to tbeltiih precinct Motion house 1 told mm in the presence of tbcee detectives, that he bad been arrested for selling to Frank Hellen $46,?C0 or $40 000 worth or seven-thirty bonds wbieb had been stolen from Mr. 1-otri. be caul he Lad sold air. Hellch tome bonds, and he mentioned one $6,000 seven-thirty bond, and then, after thinking a while, enumerated $46,$0d worth; leaked bun If he did not net) a $1,000 sevfD-th'rty bond, aSXd he did not rufoilxi; t aatd they had been stolen from Mr laird, and warned to know where he got them from, end I he mud be bought tbom from a man, but he did not know hie t ame; ho aaid he saw tho man at 18$ Kiilton I aueet. 1 asked blin If that was not a sporting house and he aaid it wan; I tbea asked biro to give me a de ter ption of the man, and be *a d be was a mar, about forty year* of age, about mr (lie, and wove a dub Eos etith 1 at; 1 takwl him tf te did not buy them of s m?n named hiusrt?(lecgbier)?nut Le did not know any sorb then I naked htm tf bethel not bought those things dean h??' acd ha topi me ur that h* had bought them at 1 .9 Pulton atrosd, I anted mm tf be bought the coupon# thet Halleei was arreeted for from thecoma roar, and he a*id ha did, 1 asked him what t-w rentage l.e si lowod Heilon for sailing thoeeo . pons for him. and h< told nio one or |wo pat cent I asked him If ho was not to Allow M- Hellen $2* fti selUng tbem, and i? mid >,* did tot tmok he hat) named any pro a. but it ? is ?i on ot.? it lw? i-et fienl; 1 eafcad bitn If Mr ,H*lirn had pa d hr< tor the ? oepuea, sad he told me no. that l< tad ease# received Anything rcrr|Mr Uellen fo< inacojotset ell thet was all the conversation | had ?e4th him. By (?. I fftewnrt?l>td tbev keep J?r Itai- .* tj * Mallow heuoe that m*til' A Yea, I to'd h ga it ?aa a Betty etna* owns against hiw. I Uiid hip 1 did not tr. ? r m laid the truth In relation v wim he bought 'fc-e* ootid# ef ? I never told Mm - "Tfcla la a peefty bed eta tor yen, Babdaqff, end yaw belter Wit where -<ei got tne?? f)'r*ei examination leaaaied-Yesterday p'toing 1 dwttl In tlie gttUaW Imuee eM mid Id Mr. Batdaek ? "1 merely < all la ibid morning Co edd If yon have anything to my, ' and he weft ew odd laid aid that be ** tbe i c#d# from lite dgtlM he spoke of before; IaaJd I had beai a cm to ettdad to. and waa gfttng, he tbto told me that he had est aatd the truth before, and teed bet be got ibe hoede from a Mr Coflby, of Kp Mb Brpadeav, ike man I bad mm b|m with, be ?a? prltkf . certain of Urol, and that iter bad frma from mm rai I aokad btra if M )W M MOM chMM (? talk ubtK (laughter) *? In the croes-eaainlMttan no material potata were ?Ueii' ed "Wt that Mr Heltal MLJftll) tym UuU the money ^hieb he received when be told tboee bo?di be took to be paid em to Mr. Babcock, deducting IN emeff iMm '"**'?? though he would not be certain ?bent ihaeZ2ucO( ?f tN oommlaelon, bat thought k.^ eia 77 . .? ... _iw thpM ap fntir lriniiAtlAiik twMnh k# 4u, tK,ra tjw t&rot or rour irantactiona wnicn u ytaertOTt ftr- In 64n?vP1?r> where Mr. Babeocv il&SSL'SS ttZJSJSS* he went over ;th?. . remained In hie o?c? wblta be wait over: t .uS( add about a check ?**?. !*'? 36552bS2l^^ ,o Ja'Cocke ftCoT a. Ye-; i mtaanaalNsS } particular in aaklng him what com he Ithe r ? - i n? "??l h* ?beni to Jay Cooke St Co.. tue Lit^ ?'a* nothing taxi about Immediately; ho told be had not paid Mr. Babcock tor the coupons, that be bad paid (or tbe bonds. Q, Did be not ?ay the reason bo did not pay for tbe coupons wae that be had not effected a aale of them ? A. No; be did not nay aoytbing about that at all. arnnavir or ntc hcfch u lord. aner concur moie oetay Mr. kuius i . boru made bis appearance end offered the following affidavit? Riifus L. Lord, 138 Lixchacge Place, being duly nworn, deposed and >a dThat on or about March 7, 18(16, in the Kind ward, tit* of New York, county of New York, war lelot.ouiljr taken and ?toleu and-carried away from the 111 iialou of 'he deponent, the following property, namely: A quantity of United States bonds, securities, consisting of 6 30 bond*, 7 MO and 10 40 bonds, amount ing to tbc antn of about 91.800,000, tbe property of the dopeneut, and that the bonde numbered 90, 101,1.106, 1.118, being T 3 10 coupon bonds, of $8,000 ouch, or tho iseuo of Jane e-d August 1$, 1864, and tbat the bonds numbered 3.886. 8,888. 1,89V and 1.091, being 7 8 }0 cou Bo bonds of the isei.e of June. 1864, were a part of said ndi ?o stolen as aforesaid, tbe property or the dopo nent: and tbat thla deponent bae cause of suspecting that raid properly was feloniously taken, a to let) and car ried away, by aotne person or peraous no# unniown: Ibst he baa been Informed from Information rtcetvod from Captain Jonrdan, of tbe Sixth proolbot police, tbat a number of bonds answeriqg the description of the bonds which were stolen frdm th s deponent was sold by Frank Hellen (hero present) to Jay Cooke k Co.; and, from tbe admissions tno6o by said Hellen to Captain Jonrdan, tbe said Hellen akys be reoelted tpp same from the sold W R flabcock. who also, u deponent Is In formed. admits giving said bonds and securities to said HeUen to aell. BCFCBL. LORD TMmSONT OF SCFt'S L 1/ RK Mr. R I- Lord was cross-examined by Mr. O. L. Stow art, when tho following fact* were elicited ?I bad a eomplole list of tbe numbers of the bonds ; *11 (be bonda I bonght 1 entered separately In s book with tho num ber*; I never told the bonds; that book Is now in my office; those entries in tbe early port ware generally made by myself; later tbey were made by my brother. but 1 hare got the interest and can go and get tho num bers now from the t-'ub TroStmry; tbey pay me intereet qow upon some of them?tboae that an registered ; I lost Arty-Ore 88,000 seven thirty bonds, or 8600,000; lode pondont of that memorandum I could not recollect tbc numbers of tbe bonds; when the printed clr color was gotten up. wbleb was made by my brother, different parties compared It with tbe book; It was made from entries on my book; 1 didn't compare It, 1 think, but it was done in my office; liste were made out and sent to bankers bere and in Europe; I paid tbe hills fbr this, $87; tbey bare been proved by others; 1 d d not personally compsro tbem; I bare aeen one of tboae bonds since, about three or four months ago; there were $160,000 of the seven-thirty bonds which were returned; 1 don't know who sent them to me; it was a bargain made at tbe eastward somewhere, about twenty uiiles from Newbofrport; tbey Wero obtained from the tbleres; I don't know who made the bargain with thetbieree; 1 have never heard wbo the thieves were except tbat one was named Hed Anms; there was ? before; I another affidavit made before; I got the money from some person in Boston; I don't recollect wbo benaed them to me, my brother, probably, as be is in my office; 1 don't know where he got tbem; I could not toll tbe number ol these bonds without referring to books in my ifore in i office; 1 have made on affidavit before in regard to tbe coupons and bonds; I have not made several; I think none but that one and the above; I made one here; I paid no attention whether any parties were arrested on >ri tbe charge or stealing theee bonde. Direct examination?In my affidavit of November 8 I don't recollect whether I torn pared the Ifst checked off with those In my hook; I at leaat compared them here myself; 1 bad a memorandum from my hook here and compared them all before I put tbem on my affidavit, which I have not tho slightest doubt is correct A number cf other questions were asked on tboso subjects, but nothing materially different from tbe dbove wus adduced. ? AMottnxmsT. At the request or Mr. U L. Stewart tbe further ex amination was adjourned until next, at ball-past one o'clock. nam wrnvxp. The counsel for tbe prisoners made an earnest appeal to Junice Dowling to accept ball tor the prisoners, which he peremptorily refused. jiv coon ajo> oo. Ex-Judge Stuart In eome remarks stated tbat tbero waa quite as much reason for the arrest of Jay t'ooke 8 Co., as for that of bis client, Frank Heller, who bad acted frankly and confessed all, at- no doubt Jay Cooke would under similar circumstances, whom be believed as much involved in the matter as bis client. Tbe District Attorney stated tbat ho was simply there to represent tho people and to see, as then- waa a joint affidavit made against Hellen k Babcock for the crime of laroeny, whether there were evidence sufficient to hold tbe parties. In the face of this affidavit, although {lad to see prisoners acquitted when no guilt w?a proven e was compelled to urge the proetcutlon aga nst the prisoners until their innocence of the charge was made apparent. If Jay Cooke k Co. were shown tobeimpl vaicd be would be against tbem, but until tbat be was for them. Alter some further discussion, pending which these cued was remanded, the court room was cleared. HORRIBLE OUTRAGE IN CHICAGO. A "Woman Stripped Naked and Hrntally Abinrd-Nbe la Found the Next Morutu* Dead in the Street. [From tho Chicago Pom, Nor. 19.] This morning upon the Coroner's book was entered the simple notification that a woman had been tound dend near Fox A Howard's machine shop, Bridgeport. Some miserable victim of Intoxicating drlnka ana the ?natural comment on such an occurrence which at once suggested Itself. Hut In the circumstances attending the death of this unhappy woman there Is contained a depth of tragedy, a brief but terrible tale of suffering aud outrage, which may lie oxpectcd to arrest the attention of the most bard boarted and callous. Flrft we see her enter a saloon at Bridgeport, kept by one Mr*. Mahoney. At the bar, among otRers, is Sir. J. R. MiNuliy, who keeps a grocery store at the comer of Reuben street and Archer road. His sttentlon is pur tlonlarly attracted to her, chiefly by his noticing that the Is attired with more than ordinary neatness, and that her appearance denotes that she does not belong to tbo class of women who arc to be seen visiting saloons Mr-. Mahoney inquires of her what she wants. Hbe answer* In a vague, bewildered manner that ntie does not know She is then told that she cannot be allowed to stay there; that she must incontinently leave. She begins to wocp nlteously. and U thereupon questioned as to where she has coin(? trom In the same half bewildered manner sho answers, "From down town." "You ought to be ashamed of yourself to be going about in that mndtitou, you, a woman,'* says the Indignant Mrs. Mahoney, anu she Is again ordered to take herself off Mr. MuMulty followed her to the door, and pityingly watched her as she wandered away into the storm and darkness. The rain was falling In torrents, and a chilling wind was blowing over the bleak prairie. She disappears.! in a short time, and In a few minutes her appearance st the saloen was wholly forgotten. At teu o'clock ahe again emerges from the obscurity, and we again see once more lior pallid face, as abe pre sents herself at the same saloon and asks in plteouslv pleading tones to be allowed to rest. Mrs. Msbooey is moved to compassion and quottioos closely, and not per haps without eome womanly tenderness. She explains that she has been engaged as a rook at Mrs Bauer's, who keeps an establishment near the looks at Bridge port She has got ttpeey. she said, and had been turned fut of doors. Bite was wst and weary, and did net know where to go, and again abe Implored the owners of the saloon to give her shelter for the night. Mm Mahoney was willing that her request should be granted. Her husband also thought that If he had had any outhouse or barn Into which the could creep be might extend his charity ?o far As he had no such accommodation the thlnq was impossible. Whatever became of it, she must tramp. Certain "boys ' who were in the saloon sup ported the landlord, and taking her by the shoulders ?aiumarlly turned her out of door*. We sec nothing further of her for a lime All the dwellers in that neighborhood were warm In bed when some one knocked nf tho iloor of a Mf? flrewo on tUo Archer road, and told her to get up, that there was a man dying outsido her door. She alerted up with alacrity, but not caring to open herdoor until she sbou'd ascertain morfl of the m m who spoke, elie told him If there was any one there, as he stated, to to to the lock house opposite and inform the watchman. The man wen) away, and, looking niter hltn. Mrs. Brown noticed that hedidnot go asdire. led. but walked brlvkiy "ITinan opposite direction It appeared to her. aa aha looked after bun, tlmt lie e\eo started to run There was something suspicious about the whole affair, and peopiv do net like u> tq*o ttie ir doom at night, ewe# on sooti

summons, unless tbvy have some aesuranrs there Is no foul play meant. Tct the woman could not rest. It might be ibal them was some fellow being dying st the door, and the 'bought of allowing h'm to do so nnearsd for she could m no recaps brook. She consulted wtib hsr husband, and Uit two derided le go out and make a search, at ant rale. to see If ihertwas any truth In the man * state raant. 1** king out cautiously llicy were unable to see any m?? ?' flirt, but egtending tbelr Inspection some distance tb* door they at last became aware that aomo < oe. M 1* ow-'Mog, was leaning up against Hie well st Ibe sad of the bona* They qaeciWed, but got no answer. The* S| pros oh log. they discovered to their honor that if,? <.td? t 1 as a woman, that she was speeohieea and bdtpbm, and that ahe was completely naked. Bet hair ?a? tat,grog in wet and tangled mauees erousi her ?hem id ere, and her fsce and body were covered wMfh mire Thsv trtot to rouse her to speak, but no word roiAd he ?rofced from her already oold and froieu Hp#. Then they raised bar frotn her reclining position a#d the sink down helpless at their feci. Che was oonveveA into the house, where she almost Instantly axptjed whe bad allowed to utter no word which could explain the condition In whlob ibe wag found If abe oohid nave I1*#* a bint that might {end to the discovery of the f eflm than demons Ihto whan# hands she bad fallen, the [Vk*?V to do so Was dgjHafl her. J#1 the morning Mr MSKnity. wha bad nse# her when Mm flmt vial led the safes*, wan informed thai a wood* Md H>n fsnad dead. He hastened to lbs pises where Ibe bed* #tn firing, and removing from the Faee ibe car pgt with wb|cK It wan covered rwtogaixed at ones In the edrewora lineements those of the unhappy wanderer who? hf La4 tiKvuatdrtd en ibe eigiH flefowt the AiiiMu cuits-mnto mm TP TBI AD1VOB 01 TH? - Vihc.dHeua** - P,- tftS Lord moment, J?** ..?* ?omplained tfl tb? 7rench government, by dii.. "i tten of )>>? own, that the former bad given protection to American privateer* which had committed acta of vio lence upon the ooaata of England, and directly scouting the French government of favoring the revolt of the American*. Count VefyOnnee replied, on behalf of the fo^rt of Versailles, on the lftth July, 1777?"Sensible of the complaint* which you have been commissioned to bring to me againit tho three American privateers, the Re prisal, the Lexington and the Dolphin, which, arter having been onjoined to leave the ports of France and not to return, have, however, returned there, notwith standing that prohibition, his Majesty, far from approv ing that conduct (literally shuttling?uao't'ct, which treaties forbid, is, upon the contrary, very rauoh die pleased with it, and cannot better testify bis displeasure than by ordering, as he baa done, the sequestration of the said privateers in the ports where they may have pnt in, to be there detained until we have sufficient security that they will return diroctly to their own country, without further Infesting European seas.'' Bo proceeds to assure Lord Storraont that orders had besn given not to allow the wile in Fr< nch ports of the prises that had been brought In, that they should be made to leave as soon as the weather would permit; that prompt Investigation should bo mods to leavo ns soon as the weather would permit; that prompt investigation should bo mado of tbo British Am bassador's complaint that the Dolphin was a French ship, armed and equipped In France, and that ordors bad been addressed to Cherbourg to look after tbo amament of tho Brehat, which had come in from Maryland. The conduct of Franco was suttlciently wily and care ful, not to apply the term selfishness and duplicity, giv ing secret encouragement to the Americans without openly (umpiring any responsibility, and causing Frank lin, then in Paris, to make counter propositions of ac commodation and alliance to tbe Court ot London. Bur goyne'a defeat Anally convinced France she could make a lure point against her oid enemy. Treaties of alliance, nflbnslfe and defensive, and of oommerce and naviga tion. were promptly entered into, and tbe King of Franco, in 1770. published an elaborate and very skilful exposi tion of the reasons which he supposed to Justify him In his proceeding In favor of the oolonles and against England. This brought forth a lengthy response from the Court of London, wblo'i discovers in every page the band ot a master, written by Gibbon, the historian. But Its value isbot in lis authorship or its ability, but In the foot that It was formally put forth by the British ministry as an offlchl response to the declaration and exposition of the French government. The memorial refers to and relies upon a section of tbe treaty between England and Frani e of 1703, the same referred to by Vergenne*. Concerning that treaty It is to be observed that its expressions of amity and friendship are no stronger than ore often contained in treaties of tbe etmn sort, that if was no strong or more definite tbsn the treaty of friendship existing between England and America at tbo beginning of our civil war, and ibat by no fair congtru< tl9h can it be bold to have altered tbe rights and duties of tbe par ties as neutrals or belligerents under tbe maritime law ot nations. Though vergennes admits that the things complained of by Storroont would be prohibited by treaty, It must be understood in tho general sense of being contrary to the relations and duties of avowed friends, and not that tbo things complained of were spe cifically prohibited by the treaty, for they were not. And though Gibbon quotes the treaty to strengthen his case, he mainly relies upon the acts complained of as being violations of neutrality and of International mari time law, as being unfriendly and oflcnsivo, acts of hos tility, and sufficient cause of war. He cays:?"As soon as tho revolted colonies had consummated their criminal attempts, by tbo open declaration of thetr pretended in dependence, thoy sought to form secret connections with Powers the least favorable to the interests of tho mo ther country, and to draw from Europe tbe military succors without which it would have been impossible for thorn to sustain the war in which tbey bad embarked. Their agents undertook to penetrate and to fix them solvoe in the dlfleront capitals of Europe; but it was only In Franoe that they found an asylum of hopes and orsuccorsi ? ? ? We know that the vigilance of 1 be laws cannot always prevent skilful contraband, which U produced under a thousand different forms, and in wbicb tbo avidity of gam risks all dangers and elmlcs all precautions, but l be conduct of the French merchants, who sent to America not only useful and uocesw.ry goods, hut even saltpetre, canoon paw dor, munition.** uf war. arms, artillery, announces boldly that they were not only aseured of impunity, but of tbo pro tecnon and the favor of the Uinlsteraoi the Court of vor eaillee. see The public knows tbe head of the enterprise, whose house was at Pans. Their corre spondent* at llnukirk, Nantes aud Bordeaux wore equally well knowo. The immense magazines which tbey formed, and which they renewed dally, were laden sue easively upon vessels which tbey built, which thoy bought, and wbo*? object and destination they scar, civ esaayeu to dissimulate. Those v?|g ordinarily bod false sea letters for tbe French lalands of America; but the goods, of which their cargoes were composed, suf ficed before their departure to uootv tlta fraud and artifice. These suspicions were eoon eonln tned by the direction Of the voyages of these vossels, and at the end nl' a few 1 lairen weeks we Icstned without surprise that they had into tfco bands of Ihs otlteers of tbe King, who cruised in the American seas, and who arrested them even in view of she coasts of the revolted colonies.'1 Hpcnking of these vessels and of others that landed stoics lor the colonies, he procecdx:?' lie (the British Ambassador) Indicated the names, ibe number aud the kind of those vessels which the commercial agents of America equip ped In the ports of France, to carry arms and muoitloua of wAr to the rebels, aa<t even French officers who had engaged m the service of tbo revolted colonies. Tbedates, the place*, the persona were always designated with a precision that offered to the mlnist- r? of bis most Chris tian Maje-ty tbe greatest facility for assuring tbentaelvee ol' the truth of these reports and to arrqst, while there waa lime, tbe progreas of tlieae illegal anuameola. Among the multitude at example* whh ti imply the slight atontlonof the Court or Versailles to filling the condi tions of peace, or rather its constant and sustained atten tion to nourishing discord and war, it it impossible to speak of all. and it Is very difficult to choose the moat striking oblecta. The nine large vessel* equipped and fretghled by Mr. HeaumarchaLi and his associates in January, 1777, are not confounded with the vessel Am phytrlle, which carried about the same time a great quantity of munitions of war aud thirty French officers, who went with impunity to the service of tbe rebels. Each month nuU almoet every day furnished new sub jects of complaint, and a short nones of memorial, which Lord Stormont, Ambassador of the King, commu nicated to Count Vergennes in the month ol November of the same year, gave a Juet Idea, but very imperfect, or tbe kind of wiongs which Greet Britain baa so often sustained. There yi at Roctv fort a vessel of sixty guns and at Orient a vessel irom tbe Indies pierced for sixty guns. These two vessels are destined for tbe use ol tbe rebels. They will be laden with different sorts of goods and freighted by Messrs. Oheurnom, Hotken aud naba tier. I be veaael Happy went front Marseilles, under ano tber name, tbo 3dth of September, it goes directly to New Hampshire although It proienda to go to the Island*. ? ? ? Ihc Hippopjiani'iy, belonging to Mr. M here on fourteen thous impunity under Ibe very eves of Ike governors and offi cers of the I tbcee privateers, animated by the spirit ol rapine, went forth from tbe port# of France, and afier having coursed the British sees Iter return io lake refuge m ihe same ports ? ? ? These privateer- enrich fUomeetvo- by tbe siiolla of tbe King, and alter profited bran entire liberty of repairing their Inr aa. ol prwvidia. for iMmMmM m PMariitaaMiimrtM their warns, and or procurtig ail the munition' of war powder, r.gglng, thai may serve for a new enterprise, they go treety not age n from the same pons to iiotake theinselvaa to rrui-mg the see I ne history of Ilia pri vateer Reprisal tn?> im cited among a number of exam pies ? ? * n,at vessel which had hrueght to En rope Mr Fianklis, agnnt of t* r ...i -.t uslonlea, wae re< eiyed with the two pruea winch ii had taken u. na t * * ? Notwithstanding Ibe si longest reprsaeniaiiotn 01 lb# King's Amt**aador. and the most sole mo assur ances of tbe French Ministers, tlier pat milted the cap I iVient as f utn "f that privateer to remain at iVtanl as long aa was necessary to rant his vessel, to provide httnaelf with fllty barrels of cannon powder, and to rewivs on hoard all 'bs French sailors who wished u> engage wick him Fur tiiahed with i base rein fare-mania, 'Tie I pneal weat for the third line from the ports ..r hot as allies, aud ?ooa formed a little fleet of pinnae by the c. uewled June mi ol theleitnglon and lbs Ikdpbu, two privateers, tbe former of w-hk b had already conduc ted mere thaa one*. niuai have on bo .nl fourteen thousand gutic aud many mumtuHis of war 'or in a use of Ilia rclads. Il.ers are atxi.ii Pity French voasels wliloh arc ptepwiing to leave lor Norlli America, luden with inuu llona of wet aad dlffbreot kinds of goods lor the una of ilia rebels. They will go fiotn h'anter, Orient, -t. Malo, Havre, Bordeaux, Bayoone and ether differou' porta, sea me associates (of the Americans! whose Inter cetcd views incline them without palu to all tlioir <t? eigne In Ike squlpoisal of veosels wbloh they have con strucied or bought. Tbey arm ihem to go eruistng In European oeaa, sad even upon the coast* of Ureal Britain To ears sppearaiXfs, the captains or tbeee privateers rarty the pretended fl?q of America. but their crests were composed in great part of Frenchman, whom tbey enrolled with i maritime A lutntmut swerm of pric to tha river or Bordaaut. and of ? u ich in* orontid, annod at Nanta* aod monntad I>y a craw antirviy Fr#u>b, i had nothing Atnorican M tlx MM* not) bat noaaman *1*r tho*? ihtoo oattli It a It'll# whil* took flVcit i Knglj'li ahlpa, of ihr moot w?r* laban and ?err?t 1 ly *<>ld in tha porta of Fr*e<? * * ? Wa m*) d? |W ?D till* ontM'Oil Wttb rulmlng tb* fallll of treat to*, and it l? only no-ramry to d*wt<?*?al* that aa a. I tod pa!>*>, or *rso a naairal, teav o*t?r portali war without violating tha prao* 'fit* twta<-i|d** of ib* aw of natioaa refua*. without doabt, to tha ambaaoadnr of a mo*! rtwjwctalti* crown tha pr ? !*#? of a rat'up pr*a t?*rv, eblclt lh* Coart of Voraailtaa merrily ac-enrdad to rrbcl acanui id (ha boaom of Franca la h*vt*i*a<W ihe pulilln tr*o<pii'l"v waa vlolalad ta a ?****? ?m niuta audacton*, aod, uotwlthataadtag tha change af Cntrrnor", I lie porta if tlart'oiqu* mrvwd alwapa (or aa atjluiii to prieateera that rouroad lira rnaa under tht American flag, but with a French crww. hr Hth(ti?an ?gent of Uia nhala, who r Buoyed u.rfa>?r and tb* n? fluonrr of two aumaaaiva ucvaraora af MamaMia*, dt rrctail tb* irmamant ?f tbo ptivaiaar* and tb* puhWc aal* of ibalr prtxaa Two awmhaat viaaili, tba Lanea ablro Raro and tba In ah dim Mar which litafi tb* pray of Ui* It*' ?n*? aaaart that. id a riww af ??? h in. .drad aod twanty lr* mm, It bad bat two A ?k^^la ?ba ' " " ?Mai of all tbaaaaru of baoiilitv wtty'ob It to lotpomiMc to qualify by aay atbor aaam. tat t oaal of Taraalilaa coaUBaad alwapa to m*a* tbo loo guaga oi paaoa and rnaadablp, A*., b*." WW j Va Ba||lab ^wnlalba ? ?? , ? ta - ?? Jnffff?* iniiiw pwvMi twmpmnm pot opf m and tntawt ui g??I iJaWM^jo gffi fcT wlucb lo lb* gtaf ?f tbo i u phill m tbo but gcaa fartbor ab? (mikih Ibnt amnnv OfiM'tH fVf HUM* wtlfe raffing* ^ would raise ? responsibility to pay for *? "'k n^. extraou are translated from CM* a of "Marten's Causes Cdttbres du dro" ** 1 T POLICE tHTELLIGEU CE. ? .? ?sa*"W|fcj Da-i'CBAn attempt at Will iii rdbr.?Teeterd^ morning Jamea Rogan and bia wife Catbarlae, quite a respectable appearing couple, were brought before Jua tioe Dowling at tbe Tombs. Mrs. Rogan bad ber throat and band* bandaged, and preaented other indications of baring been engaged is a bloody conflict. On their namee being oalled lira Rogan stepped forward and ex E?ed a desire to lodge a complaint against ber bus d Bhe deposed to baring been violently unsaultod by ber liege lord, who attempted to take ber life by cut ting ber throat with a razor. A very deep and some wbat dangerous gash was tbe result Id ber struggle to esoape at tbe time tbe attempt was made on ber lire Mrs. Rogan bad both ber hands badly rut; and sbe seemed fully impressed wllb tbe belief that It was the Intention of Rogan to murdsr ber. What was tbe impelling cause for tbe deadly assault did Dot appear In the com plaint, but it was understood to have been Jealousy on tbe part of the prisoner. In default of $2,000 bail be was committed to the Tombs for trial, be having pleaded guilty to the charge preferred against him. Rogan is tbirty-ibreo yens of age and a native of Irelaud. Au-hgkd Hzartlkss Conduct Towards an Injured Man.?-A man named James Connoban was fonnd yester day lying on tbe sidewalk la Robinson street by an offloer of tbe Third precinct, and unable to help himself. Connoban stated that on Friday last while at work for a Mr. Cranston, in l'rovidenoe. R. L, he fell from s new building and injured bis head and bands so as to com pletely disable him. On applying for admission to tbe hospital In Providence they refuitod to admit h u>. on tbe ground that bo did not belong there, and mignt become a charge upon tbe authorities of Provideuoo Connoban was tuen, In bis sick and helpless condition, placed aboard a steamboat, brought to this city, and turned into tbe street without any provision being made for btui. Justice Dowling committed tbe sufferer to tbe care of tbe Commissioners of Charities and Correction. Mors Violations or thr Boat Law.?Alexander Young was arrested on board tbo brig Modecan, lying In tbe stream, by one of tbe sergeants of tbe Harbor pcllee, charged with holding communication with persons aboard the vessel contrary to law. Patrick Downs was also arrested on boned the brig John ties for a similar offence. Justice Dowling required the prisoners to give bail in $600 each to answer before tbe Court or >esstons. Marriaob not a la mods?A Precocious Tofts.? Cbarles Hefner is a youth of nineteen summers. Unen dowed by nature with either fair seeming or proportion, be Is In appearance a mere stripling of a disagreeable, bilious look, as like to one's conception of a gay Lothario as "Hyperion to a Satyr." Five months ago Hefner wooed and won Katrina Smyths?wooed but to dece Ire won but to betray. A month later Elizabeth Meyhoffer, a pretty little damsel of German parentage but a native of Hew York, a year older tban Hefner, gave similar proofs of a love most unaccountable for this unattractive boy. A bke fate to Katrlna'e scemod Elizabeth's, bat yesterday morning she made complaint at the Essex Market Police Court against Cbarles. While action upon this complaint, was waiting tbe gpp?afanoe of the accused Ip Court, for whom a warrant had been issued, Katrina likewise appeared and told tbe story of ber wrongs. After a little interval Hefner came into Court la charge of au officer. He was placed at tbe railing in front of the desk, and confronting bim were tbe two women whom, under cover of professions of attachment and promises of marriage be bad soduoed. Upon bis ar ralgnment in relation to the double charge preferred against bim be bad nothing to say, but professed bis willingness to marry one of the girls. Justice Manslleld explained to him that it was for no purpose of compell ing bim to such a course that lie bad been brought there: that It was his privilege to stay proceeding* in one of tbe cases by such action, but It must be taken of bis own free will and suggestion. Hefner adhering to bis original proposal, was told to select bis bride. He was not long in choosing. Nature bad been generous to Elizabeth In giving ber a pretty face, small, regular fea tures, bright, intelligent oyer and a clear complexion. These advantages were not lessened by comparison with Katrtna's poverty of charms, as ber pale, consumptive looking, dejected countenance evinced a foreknowledge upon which tbe choice would fall. Charles having an nounced bis preference by a clownish movement in the direction of Rtisabeth, and a cross between a smirk and a grin, the bride and groem elect?tbe brido all under and Impatience, the groom seeming as though ba might be dreaming, so dull did bs appear?were Interrogated by tbe clerk in the manner prescribed by tbs statute, after which Justice Manstleld, having first ordered a dis cbarge m tbe case of Ellzabotb against Hefner, per formed the marriage coroinony according to tbe usual formula. Th" groom was theu given in custody of an officer until hi* ball should be entered in the other case pending against bim. ?noiu?TH?8 C*uoBT i.v Tn* Act. ?Testerday, Alice Jonos end Sarah Ball, two notorious shoplifters. were arrested, having been detected to the very J)) of plying their dlBboaeet vocation. Shortly before noon the two women ontered the store of A. T. Stewart A Co., corner of Broadway and Tenth street, end asked to see some laces. A young salesman named John Roe showed them several pieces b it they dul not purchase, and left the coun ter, when Roe missed a pioce of galpure lace worth f 60. He at oneo followed the two women and arrested them as they were leaving the store. Others of the salesmen at once oaine up and holding the women, told theru that unless tbry gave np the laco they would have to be searched; thereupon, Jones dropped the mis sing piece of lace from under hor drees. An officer took charge of the two females and brought ibem before Justice Dodge. Thoy were earched, when beneath the dress of Jones was discovered very neatly fastened a bag half as large as a pillow case, the mouth of whiob com raunlcated with the pocket of her drees. The prisoner* pleaded not guilty on tholr arraignment and were com ~ trial. muted for I a Pain of Boots.?Richard Conrov, a for lorn, wretched looking individual, cadaverous, half clothed, bare' footed and dirty, was brought before Jus tice Ledwlth vesterday, having been arreted as he was endeavoring to steal s pjdr of boots trom in front of Ihe store, 330 Bowory. Proof waa conclusive; the officer had observed him In tb? act, and the poverty stricken cnlprtt went below for trial. His First Orrises.?A bright, rather precocious look ing lad, about foorteen years old, was yesterday brought before Justice Ledwlth, having on the former day snap-bed a poeketbook, containing $25, from the band of Mrs. Charlotte Dolaaey. In his haste to escape he bad let the iiocketbook fall, and it was not recovered. The boy's mother, a poor, but evidently boneet and hardworking woman, stood by his side in court, weeping in a way that was pitiful to see. Mrs. Delaney told the magistrate that the lad's mother had pleaded very bard with her In behalf of ber son, who had been the comfort of ber deehniug years. This had been his first offence and It had well nigh broken her tipari. He bad always - . - - - - ,yhM (|, attended sroeol, aand she hoped Thai It would prove s lc-?ou to htm without the necessity of imprisonment. Hit Boloney, i ader these cirrtiia.'tanors, was unwilling to make any charge against the lad. Justice ledwlth accordingly dismissed the bey, with a sharp rebuke and some good ail vies for the future, with which the latter promised weeping to comply. A Nsw Wat to Coi.i.ncr Old nnwrs.?Cugene Fisher in n gentleman seemingly entertaining very radios I views in flavor of a convention to amend the eons'lttt tKML The proposition to abolish the present system of en electiveJudlc>ary meets with bis approval. But ha goes further than the advocates of this measure to his < esire to change the existing order or things. They would substitute Judges by appointment for the prosen* honorable Incumbents, he would abolish the office en tirely sod have no courts at all. He recently gave a lit tle example of the system he proposes to intrudtiQO when the rtfirtu he advocates shab have been intro duced. Willises Fan Nagle is indebted to him m the turn or $7 50. <>n Tuesday last, daring the absence of Tan Nagle, he (Fisher' called at the hooae of his debtor and attached two dorse of ka vex, of the value of (15. which he carried away ae securtiy for this debt Van Nagle i? an old man, and ? ooceuuently conservative In his views, so he tmtn'tdtatsly mode a lomplaibt at the fen Market Police t'ourt against Fisher for larceny, and yesterday Justice MaoeAeld, *hn *uintta|u? opposite views on ibis propoeed amendment t > Mi Fisher, re qu lred ihe etc sod to give bail for tiia> miCC NCADOUAITEKS Appointment nl < nptnlu liserge W, Walling ?e Pnllrr Inspector -Transient. dkc. Veaterdey morning the Police Ootomisaioncnt ap pointed ?aptsib Ueorge W. Walling, of the Twentieth preclgi t, In spatter, to All the Tarenry csused liy the death of Daniel Carpenter Captain Walling has several times distinguished himself In h s capacity. His promotoa marU ?lth gaaoral approbation. Id 1*67 he wundii* Torap4ttn?ilH?, -talon (aland. to qtiofl lh? rut of ih?' Hopora afiortbo burning of too Qnarauiic biildicp* and in ??#? tbo ta*rir of in-ompcTanct tu ?i ?tain.-) nyainnt Knpamiiondoiii almartfo tbo tnton tl >n ?aa to appeal < apiato Walling t > Uc taraorj-. 1* IW, during tbo rtota, ba had i har.o of a poltro forco on tbo waat iH? of tho e,tf. and did ateollosl aarTloa lo d>?t?ra!of ihr tiotaro Lmm cprm* Ua *u again aenl lo Piatoa Inland ? 'h a Nxlf of poltro for tba purport of prolan.Ill th? lainporaM Qnaranilna bulMlOff wti?B tliO ftuanl of Iteallb daatdwl upon sdtlag th? (round* ba lasaiai la tba Hata. lo.pacw ilaotfa W Wlko baa baa* traaalarrad from lb* aaond dlalrtct t? tba ItMpnctor'a offlra. laapartor Jataaa Uanrd irmaifnrr.d from tba I'lrat diamrt ta tba dfoad Caput* Job* J. WiiIMmmo* (r*uaf*tr*4 front tba four ta??ib prontarl ta tba Plntaratb Casta ta Baorr Uaddao lr*??fnrr*d from tba f lilaaalti prnaUct to tbaTtmttmb (ariMtt Ira ? bartasd tra*afnrr?d from tha daonod D atrx t fatiaa i aart Is tba Panrtaaatb prr?l*rt at to: ma Caput* Ml KKbbAUnri. a" llTBB BoUB/tT* "ram itMBtf *WHtT*i>T in vni fntmr mm ma a ?tl' irr?* **?yn*> op tJt lucu ?Ten horse owner should here It, as M positively < Seretones, dalls,, Bruises, Old Bores end Cuts. It Is in simple as well ss ssrere esses, belaf very easy of s, tion, end washing off with e little soep end water, wi As a Hoof ointment It Is freely acknowledged to | attnd dspotTV Cedar street, Nf wrb t*0*?.6oN. NO. 88 BOWERY, IB BE LI* velvet and Brussels Carpets, Lowell thread *Qu !Strain Carpets, at greatly reduced prices, buyerff _ j invited to cal>. Oilcloths from three to eighteen foci wide; Druggets, four yard cord Mats, Matting, at low rates. Look for No. % Bowery. A CERTAIN CORE FOR 1'ILBB. BURNS, CORNS, flUN Ions, Chilblains, Old Sores and all Bkln Diseases, DALLBY'8 MAGICAL FAIN EXTRACTOR. Sold by all druggists at 28 cents. By mall 88 cents. Address Depot, SO Cedar street, New York. AN ABSOLUTE DECREE OF DIVORCE, OOOD IN every oountry, legally obtained, without publicity or exposure; no fee charged uutil divorce 1* granted. GEORGE LINCOLN, Counsellor, 80 Naesua street, A LADY WHO HAS BUFFERED FOB OVER ft months the most extreme torture from Neuralgia ' been completely cured by one dose ("forty drops' ') CALFE'B GREAT RHEUMATIC REMEDY. Y1ROSBY OPERA HOUSE. THE DATE DETERMINED. JANUARY 21,1867. We, the undersigned, a Committee appointed t? conduct the awarding of Premiums to the members of the f'ROBBY. OPERA HOUSE AST ASSOCIATION, have been author. Ited by the management to announce MONDAY, J ANUABT 21,1867, as the time when the finalTaward of all the premluma shall be made, without fonher postpone, msnt. In order that Mr. Crosby may realise the full benefit off his enterprise, and that the certificates may be held by bonp fide purchasers, and not by bun, it in necessary that the iff malnlng certificate! should be speedily disposed of. Tbff Committee assure all psrtie* Interested that every ears will be taken to secure perfect fairness In swsrding the pre miums. WILLIAM P. COOLBAUOH, President Union National "aS'oB T. HALL. Treasurer C.. BAQ.HR. B. <1. HALL, Hall. Klmbark A Co. CLINTON BRIGUN. Swing, Hrlggs A Co. J. O. UORK, Prasident of ihe Board of Trade. JAMES H. BOWEN, President Third National Hank. JAM it H 0. FAROO, Superintendent American Express. nUNClfl A. HOFFMAN, Ex-Lleutenant Governor. I. Y. MUNN, Muun A Scott. Elevator. J. A. ELLIS, Prasident Second National Bank. The management have the greatest satlsfection in maklnf this announcement to those who have so liberally contributed to the ultimate sueoesi of the undertaking organIrod as t?k Crosby Opera Houae Art Association, and fesl Justified to doing so by the EXTRAORDINARY RAPIDITY with which the esnlfiestes have been disposed of daring THE LAST THREE MONTHS. They would at the same beg to inform the public that, a| the FINAL MAKINO UP OF THE BOOKS must inevitably ocoupy several weeks, the subscription wH) be closed at any period prior to the date mentioned whtsh tbs management saay deem desirable. THE DRAWING WILL TAKE PLACE ON JANUARY 21, 188?, when the FIRST PREMIUM, THE CBOBBY 01'ERA HOUSE, valued at more than HALF A MILLION OF DOLLARS, will bsalbttsd to A NRW OWNER and the finer collodion of Painting, ovor offered to Ita mem* ber* lij ANT ART UNION RILL BE FIXALI.V DISTRIBUTED 8PECI AlTcABD Th<> management would el*" kike tint op port inlty of Ourdtally thanking the numerua* eubevnber* c> tbo A* torlat'oo who have purchee. <1 the Chromograph 'f Crop. "7. "AMERICAN AUTUMN," for the potlenoo aod good f?llh with which they beep submitted to tbo eortoae delay Inertlafcly Incurred Id Kg production by their deelre ?i>d that of the envtarerb to make It a TRIUMPH OpTmERICAN ART. PRINCIPAL EASTERN AOENCT, AMERICAN INSTITUTE, ? BROAD* AT BKAhVll aOENCT, R. C. ROOT, ANTHONY A < O , 11 NAHxAC PTREBT. BROOKLTN AUBNCT. J. MORRIS A ro..'lM PULTON PTRFF.T S1URTAIN8. CI'RTAINH. J 8WISH LACE. PROCATkL. OTTINOIIAM LACE, SATIN DAMASK, STYLES EOR 1806 TFKKV REPs Ar. O T A J H K8LTT, Now at M? Broadway. Divorces obtained according To btatite from (he Court# of *11 dIfT*reut Male* wkeir . rutliy, drunken usee or dreartt ti la ca u*a eaflktana P. I. KINO, Countellor et Law, HI Broadway. Divorcer legally obtained in new yorji and other Htatoa without i ubllclty or foe till etwniiiaa dleoroo granted, cooraltMlooa free M. HOWRS. Counsellor. Ar . IB Naeaeu (treat rTO TO THOMAB R. AONEW'B, GREENWICH Aim y Murray etreele. a bare j?' will bod Tata, CoNeee. Staff yew, aad everything elee rbeapar tbea aay etore la Ma# 2 ld eyeh made new. without nphctaclmnl ? doctor or madMne. Kent, pottage paid, on teeolm iI n rente Addraa* Pr E. R PootaTl.lillraadway, f. * COMPORT AND CURE TOR THE Et pottage paid, on rgealpt of ten cent EPaSa, 1.180 Bfoadway New Tor A CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION POR TUB MARe Hfcfe'' Add?#* * QCBlLBKRO g 0BRMA> 0 a certain cure, without nldwounda, scrofula, salt rl Ac. For eale at H Bowery fro COLLECtORB OP CNI 1 end other Stamp*.?A lib# g.iod collection of caunellna rpi Helta for ?tAmp* df the late , to boa t,H7 New Ytirt P' rpiIE ORKATNBT DUTRIBrrtoN OP THF. NINETEENTH CENTURY, and mutt ?nore??rol enterprise of tbo kind ever .neugureta# la ike werld ' AP1TAL I RITE t: ? "oo in oreenbaceb KBLLST'B GRAND Noftll AMBRIOAN PR!f.T CON* CI RT. To bare hgettgDcn 11 the Wahaeh Arenne Rink. CMe*gat llliaola. November 17, lAdS, POSTPONED I M0,il00 Ticket* isr ed. Only a few .wer 1B.0M r??? fWH Tb* hooka n-tJI rotnaip Op*? ft abort Ufa* k>n?*r. r-dap to dtrpna* of tho bait nor of Ur.brta, u ibo proprwtora 4* not wiah to bold * ttoflr tlrkat irhaa tba drawing ata# pirrr, a* ti mttbtoouw <iMix'f>o?'ii aawio# nor pair ?a HU.IM) raloabla ftitn, raload ?t hftlf ? wOlfon dinft, tariudtnp |tno,(MQ ta (TMoftftcka will hapraaaatad to tfcb*|? boldara Tha llmr of drawlnp wlMM publlabad to tb a an. at) prletlpel pepenle tho UeMoOMiatea to a frw dayai lib waaUnf Ib kru abotlld ordar Ibran at norr Ktarr at bar tMtat drawa aprwa Tmt at a $1 racb Br* for t* *>. tot for *9. Honay by draft. Paat ofllra ordar, 'ipraaa, or la rr?la4ai*? lattara say b* aaat at oar rlpt. AD aaaaiaaWBtaaa abanidbaaddraaaad to * A- KdjJUET A CO Ha IflB Randolph, ||^I!?DOW ftftd usaesms. "*4mwb.