Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Kasım 1866, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Kasım 1866 Page 11
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WW4TIOW WJ *>\T mm bM?wa 18th SITUATION IK A QKN n understands U la all lis - do the marketing Good net Uth el. second floor. Til AMERICAN WOMAN WISH Kg A SITUATION IN A. the oowitoy, to do general housework tor a imiail fam ily. uhorojhaao are a* other servants Call at UJ8 Clinton >Y WOULD LIKE TO GET A BIT. i of an aged oouple or an larrUd; Call at or ad , COOK WISHES A SITUATION; MW IB washing and ironing, or would do i a anal! family; goad reference. Call at Tttea days. ? A SOOMQ WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS WMT A aarao; ban a goad braaat of milk; has a baby three weathe old. Call for 'our daya at Isaac Wigbtman'a, IBd at. Peer anna, Brooklyn, between 8th and 7th tea. A Tor HQ WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS e-Janrnxx ?s as."" ?"""?? c"1" TOUNQ GIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM aean for two daya at A TOUNQ QUI. WANTS A SITU A barmaid and matlaaaa. Oaa ha 4 her Ma? ea^togaete, M-QreaA JoomoL 1 A TOUNQ OHO, WISMMS A STTUATIOM A^HAjTH &?X2#s'jsst Ah RESPECTABLE PRESON. HATING HAD bEVR. ? ml years at eanertaaoe wtahae a situation l a a nurse. ? la fultv oompetaal to take entire charge or :i Infant from ttehtrth, andhaa the eery beat of die references. Can be aaaa for two daya at TT3 Mar., between Zid and JV; am. A^M LADY SATING A SEWING MACHINE WOULD I Mke to go out by the day, week or month. Call at 678 H udaon at., near Abingdon square. A^m LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION POR | her former nurse; aha la a Protestant; Las had long ?i parte one as nurse, and la fully competent to take the entire charge of an Infant from it* birth. She la raithful and re Itable, and haa the heat of city reference!. Oau be seen for two days, or until engaged, at the residence of lu-r l.ite em ployer, No. S East lethal.. corner of fith ar. A^m gfTUATJON WANTBD-BT A PIRST CLASS COOK. ? who understands bar business tn all lie branches: would be witting to assist la washing If required. Has the beat of oaforaoee. Can be seen at HB Wyekoff at., between Smli b and Hoyt, Brooklyn. actuation wantbd~by a respectable c.irl, ? aa cook, waahcr and Ironer; 1? en excellent baker, haa good reference. Call at IWKast 8Mb at., second floor. A^m RKHPROTABLE OIK1, WISHES A SITUATION AH ? Chambermaid, ar aa nurse and seamstress; ? an do em- I broidery and all kinds or plain sewing; good reference. Call at IB Rest SM at., third floor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITU \TION t\ at cook In a restaurant; boat of reference. Call at IB) "l mm i In llii II i M A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU I -A atlon aaoeok: no objection to assist with tbe washing and Irotiing; good etty rafei once I rom bor tact place. < all at dllSStk aeTTbetweao fcih and 30 h am., room 111. i A^m SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, IN ? a prirate seamstress and children's nurac: oaa out and St; understands liar work perfectly. Call at 78 West 10th at., between Stk aad 7th are. A^m TOUNQ GIRL WISHER A SITUATION TO TAKE ? sere of qklldron and make herself ge itriJIy uaerul; Tea good city reference Cnll at 887 M ar A^m BBSPECTABLN YOUNG GIKL WISHBfl A R1TUA- I lion aa chambermaid and wnlireaa and tn s.<l?t in the wash lag and Ironing, ar to do plait, sewing; boat of refer. I eaaik Oall at IPS Wast Sltb at.. 11 rat Boor, back re m A SITUATION WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE WO ft aaaa, as aook and to aaMtt with th? washing, no oh Hon la go a short distance In the country; city erfcreuoe Qrea. Call Mil West 30th at, betweeu An end hliitam A BRAT AMERICAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AN lyyjYo^orn. A^m SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNU ? wotaan, aa a iratoiaea waitress, or would do chamber work and waiting; beet ot city referenee ean be risen c.n ha aaaa Mil suited at MS M sr., corner of Xbl it., second floor. A)mm mbsprctanlm young girl wants a aitua U Mac In e prirate family to do goners I house w ork, hast SI West 47th J\ Han tn a private family to do general uMyreference Can be aero tar tiro days at., Mar Mh ay. ? BBSVKCTABLR PROTESTANT OIRL DK8IKRS A Mtuatlau aa shsmbaimud and la assist m tbe mashing and Ironing ar ladehoueaworh for a smalt family . good oily reference. Oafl at 1M Wast rib-a,., between 71r aad si tUfO'EOTABLK HOOTCH OlIU. WOULD I.Ik,I'. TO ASba Mtaatlaa an sham barmaid; will n'klm I., tt.w iron I lo|, or a^? faithfiU-trual/ baby?? norm*. Call In the bakary A HBM'KOTARLE WOMAN WIKHRS A tVTVlMO* A M OkMkmuld Md niMw, ?..?! t : r i ? COO* trom taatpiac CallatHlgth av. m A TOUNU WOMAN THAT OOE8 Ol'T BY IHII KAY I A ta prlrata faniiUaa. to do plain aasinnand ta?.?. drama. |UM^,?tjkMa(?r am ctaatomaaa. Can baiec.i at MS A TOOBO OIEL. WANTS A SITUATION US ? HAM A barmaid and walMaaa In a private family: it traart, itdr ana AMfinci has sand iWdraaoa. Oali far two am/, nasi* MnlUaaa at.. In tAa raar. A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS ^sisssr^s^av.;,"#^ sszxz A MKrmn rauo. vi..n.N.MO*<?M.Krl A by tAa wank ar montA aa aaamnran: man da *1! klndal irfnwiQ aaaWs Oallat UQ 7tbav., batwanutuil. and Stall A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RK?rf<Tl \RLR A yona* sift, aa wallrma. <?r chambermaid i U? boat I of aUy raTaraaaa far bats. Call far two day. ?? Jr. WoaiRHh | A SITUATION WANrKI?-?Y A MCSPRCT arHH A airL ta daabamaarvork Abd Ana vm.i.ini la . I se!h.w!aS~r~ - jjj SITOATION WANTAD-HT A KENT < i .TuTl ? yanaaairt. M/aan 4d, todolitfht i -? -? ? ..... | aara Nmuwim ebieeueaa ta Tba Mraa Sara at mSEaat SSI at. A SITUATION WANTED-SI t 1(1 "I ? I . '.I S I A. ml aa nheaabetmaid and to aaai.i with t:.r . aaaaa^ud^to WMt and iroa; (ood rofarvaea. CaU at 19S A IMSitlAW TOUBG WOMAN WISHBS A SITU| f II? ^?Sirt-ATION WINfUi-HT AN IHI'KI l.ll Ml AIoti ma faod plain r.*k mod ?..!,/? r and ..almt with ^hlAftand jrwaiog.^lym- of alt/ iaf?,en.? * ?>. Call I A 81 WATtON WANTNO-ar AN UPBM CNCKO A auraat tally aadamanda Mm aara af a baby; ta a good BMa Sawar: ba* tba be?t of any rafavaaoat C?0 l?r two lajya sTUTwaat fflb at., fear Ttt nr.. third r.oar. A l^nxivat STBONO TOOHO WOMAN ' WANTsTa A ?Bfien la e private fhmii/toeooh, wiiSan .-..n, ori ? da saacral boaaawnrt: Itaa taa baat of refvr*.CaU I StriiH Sis ii *WWaai AM .t I SITU v or In A El. iTKTASLB YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A A Hfen ta da sanrral cstvvraot (?> m aaaail fni H AathawaMJaa and ebamNwsorti and awriat with tba a -oh. .^wimna to nmaba hrismti aaafuL Jmiolrr ak.3. Hrtt r>:'.'h.iki. ? ? , I < an na Plata aaak or to da ganacmi bo. .avert Apply aadaya ijtidyir nr., between RM tad Sit ata.Xp RESPECT A UJt WOMAN WANTS A SrTTATIOR I MSMMaat. la. (w.i bnAarjwaak .wdal with ^^?llDMi: go?i Hty rvfereaee rail at US A OOMNWntNT P?R*>v WJNMEH TO EN4AC JJt itWil fSMM tCSBfNMf #f Atom fP(tl k EiSBuvaseTViYfeisee' ?WML* Mmtutl MMMM W1-'!M AV amatbi; tar aaa-o-hlymimA oimt* wants a ba ahamovrmaid and waltrvva. no 'Mat rafaraaaa flun a.t ptnaa* and ;tb A R JIRCTthUWT WAAHRR A?I> IRflNKN WOVMt A ?nnmptl?Sat S? ba* awn raaManaot wal uT rafar antna?tvoa. tmWtmmmm. AH air ATIOM WANTED?*T A COMPKTRRT WO Baa, as MS ahma aaab: uadmitaada aanaa. maata, waatrv.ndaN blada af deaaarta. la-wu iwmio i.. ?h aavaa "s3r fa raaaaaaaa. Calf MSI Baat 1Mb at, HHdgriRJIT CLASS ( '.OK. I Ala sad inaaaSa saofelns In ail Ita ?Jwa.T3im;a A am ATIOM WANTED?MT A RMSPDCTANbM WO A M?rwau nuytiH.oiHLjristita a sitoa. %?%, baa ?aad rofaraaom* ARplJ. at IStfTlat^M ?l wtSTVh St A nmat int. not yrsarfia W1SR?t ICV* A last. nuinifrmMP A miuatloaa far tp? wMWI Mmkid ^^nr^tJStSiSrthr eMuwSsr ON AS AblTUATION WAM*ftP-?* A KRAPROTABLE WO uun, U good cook: L a Ant rata baker, and willing to La tM watlin and Irooinfi nod e?greference from bar laot place. CaU at 1U Wwl lfch at., bask room. aeoood Soor. A RESPECTABLE TOCJtO OlBIa WISHES A BIT0A A Uon aa Anal etaaa waitress; will aaalat wltn tbe wash. Ins and Ironing? baa good city referenda. Call for two day a at TM 7tk av.. Between Ifitt and Mth eta. A YOUNG AND HEALTHY WOMAN, JUHT ARRIVED from the Old Country, wishes a attuation to ourao a child. Inquire at 71 ChryaUc ?t Mr*. Bauer, midwife. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ GIRL, LATELY LANORD, desires a situation aa plain aewer aud chambermaid; has lired out at boms. and baa good reference from her em ployer. Can be aoao at 170 Kant ?!d St.. between 1st and M are^ la third Isiulm*, rear noma, for three days. A RESECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION | to do general housework. Apply at M Woat ltKh at. A MB RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general bouaewurk in a email private family. Call At IE) Went Slat at, between 7th and Sib are. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa chambermaid and waltmea aud to aaalat In waah log. or to do the arork of a email family. Can he eeea at her present employer's. SK? Waat Mtb at.. corner of >U as. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES TO GO INTO A family to aaw on Wheeler A WUaon'a sawing machine, eaa be reoonuuended from bar last plane aa aa exoellaet . ehaebermuld. Call for two daya at Ml Myrtle sr. A mm GIRL'WANTS A SITUATION TO Ml OMTRRAL beuaawerh. CaR at DM Bam Wth at, wa tbe tap Bear, between tat and M are. A WELL BRED OIRL Kngliab aad Oe A WIDOW, AMERICAN. MIDDLE AO'fD, DB8IRB8 J\. a poeltloa aw housekeeper; would prefer a wldower'a or baakeior'a bonis; or would take a poeltlon aa companion and norae to a lady. Ha a aauoh eiperteitee. ia rellab e, aad of a cheerful dwpoalilon. Address Housekeeper, 41 Clymer it. Williamsburg. AS COMPANION OR NUR8R TO ANY PARTY ABOUT to visit California, a widow lady. In all respects well qualified tender* her services, ile trlng nn other compensa tion than her |ue?age. Address Marcfe. Herald elDce. SITUATION WANTKP-BY A RKSPKOTABLK WO. . . man, as conk, washer and Ironer Beat elty reference If required. Call for two days at 171 West Slat at A SITUATION WANTKI1?TO DO COOKLNO OR CEV. eral housework, by a neat, oapable girl, either In the citvor couairy; is an eieellmu washer and Ironer; economi cal aad reaprctfuL Heat references. Call at ill At Ian Mo at. Brooklyn. I SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RKSPKCTABLB PI L young wuinaa, ua Ldy'a roald sod aeam?ire?a; under stands hntrdreaaing; run do all klnda of family sewing and operate an Wboetor A Wllnuu's sewing machine. Beaten? reference from her last place, whrie ehe has lived eight years. Can be seen fur two days at 1,SS> Broadway, corner of S3d at, In the store. AHB SITUATION WANTKl>?BY A TIDY, CLRAN iJIRL, aa good plain rook; la a nice washer and Ironer: la trustwortbv. Referents from her last employer. Can be seen at M St. Mark's place, tuh at A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENOI.ISfl OIRL. to do the work of n irnall fam lly; Is a good plain nook, excedant waabar and Imner; baa the beat or cllv reference la at 204 htliabeth at, near Houston; oe applicants out an need apply. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RR3PRCTABL". W<> A man; la an eioellent cook and baker and Ural rate lanndreaa; has tbe br?t of elty refer*noo from her last place. Call at *4 Monroe at, between Market and Plka. A SITUATION WANTKU-Tiy A COMPETENT TpUNO, In a private family, aa conk. she thoroughly underetand* her bualnna* In all lie branches; hac no objec tion to wvvhlng or Ironing II required; hna ibo very beat ?f elty reference from her Ust place. Call for two days at Ififi East Md at, .ntween 1st aad Id ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE WO man at. good rook, washer and Ironer and go?d baker, la a small prlvatr family; can t nnlueo the beat or reference. InquirealS7 Vrriek at.. In the roar. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS conk, waaberand In iter or to du ce^ml bmsewotk In Dillfautllv; beat city reference. Cau be seen atllfith lo tbe basement. ?YE:, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. WIIO Has J\ lately com*- from Ireland, wt?bes n artnatlou at chain Dermoid and wallreat; would a -1*1 with tbe washing; baa lived with a gentlemen's family In Ireland. Call alll2)f Sldrldgs at, near Broome, for two daya A MEAT, COMPETENT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION In the rlly or country, lo rook, waah sod iron, or do geoeial bouaewurk. To he seen until suited, at tin filbav., ?rat floor. A COMPETENT. STEADY WOMAN WANTS A MIIUA Uon aa oe>k and to aaalat in tbe washing aud HOW tag; la aoMnalb-nl lwka r. Ha* n<> nbji aiion t> go a abort di*v?r-e In tbe country Call at 17 Waat Utb at, hetweeu fitli and fitli avenue* ARITUATIO* WAMTr?-*T A RBHUKCTAHI.K young girl, aa rbaralwaaal'l and nrattiraa. and to uaant In wmMiu;Tit< nt> abortion U> d" kaoneavorli uta a*t?all family. Call at 1M V> mi i'Tth at.. b> >???? 7th nud dm ur> A HioHi.y ueapuoi ,\nt.i. ?u wumb* a witua A lion ita flrat elaM Uundrna*'. beat of city rrfe.cticaa. Call nt 1.4 Kaat Mth at. ACOMPKTF.KT PKIUMiN want* a situation a?? chambermaid and waMfWdb or aa eliamt arm.:Id *. d laundi" ?. Uaa the very bait of city reteriucea. ? all at il Weal tlib a . A W AUK HI''AN WOMAN WOCI.I) UU A .SITUATION A la aomo famllv where her gerrlcna would be a i one ated. Would mat* taeraolf generally uaaful Apply at 83 3d .sr, until aogagad A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION At nuree: ? (*ke e? re of a baby fn?m It a birth; h * It rod lb lb* utat piece nine /eara. i an be eeaa for two day* At M7 Boat tttb at., between I at and 3d at a. A SITUATION WANTED- BV A CAPAIII.K WOMAN, A aa Drat claaa oonl- undereiande larding hnmoe and alikltidaof daasbru; good rc fere, me from he: Tart p? r. t an be anaa until aunad at if# Vt eat 17th at., batweei r h and Mb are. A ACOOK-A STCAtiT.'KCTABI V 0IRT. WISIII'S A a atl oaUon :ir 8; l chut* ?tbk; undera'.andt enugt. meal,, poetry. g.u.e auJ all other cooking in the be.L m,nnr ; gi -u *X, reference*. Uoi be aeea at M8 7th ar , autrabra in A TOI'NU OIBt. WraHBA A SITUATION Ah NCRM8 J\ and ebambarma'd. or aa chambermaid and rraltiwe*; willing to aasl.t with waab'ng and Honing; ta'.l?r .ct..ry < refereaoe can be giren tr im laat employer, t all at I,til ?rnadwap A TOi NO. RFSPPCTABLK '17 KM A N ilt.U,, WANTS a atti altoa ae rn?i rnm>1 anj waic or to do bo .tan work for ? krq?ll ftTill..; l??' oily rtlcrr r? i a't l-e glren fell at Hi rhrr * in ?t nna he. II fo two toy*. A SITUATION MANTKl* UY A BSAr;.OTAWt* young weaaan aa aood plain conk, audio aaaiet in warn ing ?n<l Ininjug in aprt at* raOtliy; i.oilcr??*nil, rt un naaa tl or.'Ugb.y; nai give/oM <*1 Call for teo dayaatxelaatUMi at., betwrei. lei anil II era. _ ATOUNO AMKKIf AN OIBIi WIMIRM A SITUATION aa naraa and anamal-aaa; ?ind?r?tai?da ?p*tN*iIn.- no a SU'-binei would be willing t? do rheniKarwork and waning, baa' of <dty referenda*. Call far two day* at 3U r a-t SP, at. A SITUATION WANtKI'-B* A KBMPEi TABLE ?h. mane* good plain t >C and a neat * a.her a: d i rune. . willing to <lo gr,.' <. bou.r >o?k i raaawtli i n??l f?b M, ?t*d city referencei*. Call at Ml Id ar.* twtwarii 1Mb and KfcHPKiTAHJ.K WOMAN WOULD UKR TO TaK b In au?ae waahin and irnmr.g at 3k* I'aat 3S4 at., ar. nd front ranm, mod aity rafrrenaa A CAPABLE oi Kl. WANTS A SITUATION AA I.AUN IX dreaa, W'. ,1(1 aaaiat witb rbtmhr ' work la a aawll fam ily; ondr-atar.ila all ktrnl* af fl'ilit.g, beat city rrfarenae. Call for twa day* *1 .<*?? n ae.. bate ma fM and CP1 iU ARRSPKt TaBLK ONKMAN WOMAN Win HIM A Mlua'lou In a amali family, aither In the rrty or anun try. V do irwlxig and ironing, which aha undereu-.da lbor onghty. rararaaraamn ba gteaa. Oall at ar abdroaa Mr Mbold. UJ 11th *!_. tip atalra HITUATION WANTED- BT A BEdPBcTABC.P woman, to do genaral bonaawi Ht, nt a* [data co.k .n a Bill family, good waabaraad irnoer, good my refaroeor. let Mtfaat r a at A SITUATION WANTNM?BY A RESPECTABLE woman, aa brat claaa euok. no oblecti"* to ??* at la woabtajl: ^ jpwd rtty rtfaram r t an be abea aattl aneted at A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RSdPWCf ABi.K woman, aa Ant claaa waltrraa, or would do rkanumr, work and watting In at lac family; god city rafaraooa call at Ui Waal 1Mb al* between 7th aad MO. ae. L A 4 G aad ?!?f SITUATION WANTRD-ST A riRNT laaadraaa; undaratarde all klada of family wa.Mne Praorb fluing; a" ebJrcMne. la Iba noun try i baa Orel of reference from laat pladr. Call at M Waat I lib eC, la taa rear. ___ ABITTATION WANTED?BT A SOOT- H WOMAN, aa Irat aiaaa eenk it a prteata family: an objantfc.a u> Eabert aiataa11 in the ronatr* ar weold go aa i% r?draoa, rafaraaaaaglean. Call at l? Waal Mb at., aaar Mb ae . Bear, baak loom, for twe M^k a iovm mm. wants a bituation as cham A MBSTECTAEU OIBt, WANTS A BITUATION AM A atmmhanaaM ; la agaad (lata aawar. and w ild take earenf ? ariwayewtai ahtldraa Appty nMSt aa. A OOOB fOOE, W Ah MPS AND I BONIS WIMIRS A a aMaaMon la a amall family; la a gr-4 twaar i gaad rafinaua giaaa Call at M Waal B? ? , batwaaa Mb mtMm,lM fcT^l TWtWmWaWB* N A" ?? W M^WM *l IWTWEMI X aanM&e'tte beatefedyMtreuM. ?*!> 1.. mar dth at. . _ mm. CWH at mtSk nr., Wmn Lftii ud 1*1. *U Am TODKO Amur ah pbrmjn or bbkihfbrnt H_ would tike toempWlMlsnd the Household of ? widow*r elderlr tadr; uneaeeptlrniatilo releiouoo given Can bo omii ol SAt AJMllo ??.. Brooklyn AI SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RKHPBOTAIiI.K ? (frl, me chambermaid Had wallrsne and I ? ??-:?? In th* weafcfug; good refereneee (I'voo. CeU for two days ol AW M av., between ldlh aud 19tb eta. ADRKBHHAUK WIHHKS KM I'LOYMRNT BY TUB day #* < day or week, fall M liW F.e?i JStl. at.. loo floor. Arkbpkotari.b you no woman wishes a hitu. ation ae a good plain Book, washer and I root r; boat of city refereuce. Can bo aeon for Iwo daye at 73d Id a*., bo etly twoon Will and SOth Ma AREHPKCTAHLK OIKL WISHES A 8ITbATK iN AH conk, weahc- and troner. ran be aeeu for two daya at her present employer'a, 46 Weal 1KB at A respectable woman dekirkh a situ ation as rook, for a small family, and to aaaial In washing andlroD'na; baa the beat or inferences from her last two nlaara. ran l>e hosb at 101 Weal l&tU at., a tow doors from SUgar, In tl>a roar. A TOUNO OIHI. WTBHK8 A HITUATION AH NIRSK In a private famtlv; has beat of cliy referooce. Call at Went 33d at (Boor man placet A FIKS1" 0L.AKH MILLINER CIO OtlT BY Til P. day in families Call at or address IB West IMtb at A PROTRHTANT YOUNO WOMAN WAMTH A HITUA tlun ,vi nurw and seamstress; under-tend* all kinds of f -mlly sewing. emhrvdderr. aud to a ReeS lUatiMoaH hasoae year'a refrranao fma hor last nines. Caatom MXbolanoj etnrc .<MT?h sr.. baUreco XtatMA MM SU. | I A RKHPKCTABLD WOMAN WIBHB8 A SITUATION IA uevik u natter and leaner, or do general houaev.eik In aauiall lamtly; gvwvd Hty cnfemime. Call nt ?J? Wot 31 ?t Si. front basement, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A TOUNO CttL AH chambermaid or waltroaa. Call at or address Ul Bast 13 b at. A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNti WOMAN WI8HKS A NTT. nation n? lira! uiaM chumhermaln and waitress; la verr neat aud baa tlx heat of rrixMntnanda'inu from Iter last em auen for asa. ptnyer who haa rfven up ("an In two d.iya at 141 V eil '.'tin at. bc.tneeo Sth ami 7tn a AKIRHT C ABB CJOOK WANTS A SITUATION; TIN derated* al! kind* of lankily baking, no objection to ? I'ri-noh or Spanish fain'ly; baa the heat of city reference. Ca 1 tail Meat X I. eL AVOUSO OIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS I.AlJN dreaa or to do line wa blng and ironing and aaatat in hamhi rwo k. in will 11| and obliging; no nt.Ja. tlon to a i hnrt d Ala no* n the ooui ry. Call at 170 K-I7lh at., between 1st ann 3d nva. A YOUNO OIKL. WIKI1RS A SITUATION AS 0OOK or to do g-nnral liouaewurk , la a coal w i .her and tremor; .nod ret ere ma given. Call el 77 Weal SAtb eh, be tween Cub and 7lh i A RK l"K( TAHI.K VoUNO OIKf, WISHKH A SITU A t\ t'nii na i-l. .raiiermaM and Waitress; 11 willing to uaalat with the washing and Ironing; beat of til/ rolcr. um. Call at or adilrr ? v'OJ . nal I4lb al. A MIDDI.R AOfcD WIDOW I.ADY.orTUE HtOIIKST . A r??| ee.'ahliliv. will lake the ca-a ..f on Invalid in a nrat etna* I'aintlv. Mblre.a |{. M. Kraneia. atalleo D. A Y I N I OIKL WISHKH A SITUATION AH CMAV. b?rniatdard wnfireaa; willing t> aa>iai with w.iabtng and Ironing; of rttv refrianor. Call al 3#8 Weal Mth at. ?; between Btli and Plh ava. A SITUATION WANTKD?AH PlR-r OLASSOOOK r\ underataiMla baklnK and pa -j J , will gn to t Ixmrdlag hnuae Alao on" for ehambtrwitrk aud waiting mi l I" naelal In waafilng; elty relereneaa. Call ?t ill 3d av? near -Mth it, i-cond Ooiir, front ANN AT. ACTIVE TOUNO WOMAN DBHIRFH A ? 'to Unn ? hamlienrald and to Uke cure of chll.'ren; w I aaalst hi vr .11 nt; l? a (jmid newer; eUy rr'nranee. < -dl at ill 2d a ... n* ir Sell at., eetanidBoor, fn.nt AHITUA1TO.Y WANTBL?BY A WOMAN, AS LA#N drraa ?w a-oul-l i'o cbambcrwork. Can be eeec f r twoylaya i IDS \V< ?i Jilk at ABITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO OINI-. TO d ? light chambernnrk and to "??<!?? Ill lakinoea-esf chill-on Can lie neen for tax daya at 43H Welt tUn at. be tween Sih and iO-h ait. A Si IT A I ION WANTKD--TO DO OEMltlUL HOWt work, or eh in! "i work and to d>t wl'.ktbe waabl e -iil 'nt.'ct. (io-i-J elty reference'. Call al I1R Went II ?i , frm.l lid-eruen;. ID III! 4. for two dage. , AN MHltH OK WKT NCRoI.H B ANT HIT ATI'iMH atMra. ItANHLN'b Nur*r?' liutllutr, No iSthat.. near tint B iwary. AS.TCATION WANTSD?BT a IK si'KCT tKI.K yniiug i;irl, a* chambermaid and to aaalat m the ?> ' - ug ami ironing, tixod city rcf?-*COO*. Oil ac ltl Ks?< Slat at ARESPKCTAP.I.K Torso Wl>M\? Wlolilrl 4 . nuatlnu n wet nur?e; !i<W". If aud f i y den be a? u el IN Id ar. between UI end Till , r. ?r f.r?t Boor t hlll/ATI(iN WanTT'D?BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AH /\ c Ok inirNbidtWeMttlliR III hranebaa; would a ei"t * U me rn .ran Ha .hlnc; ta? good city reference. Call a ltd Went !7th nt. AYOt'N'tl UlKIi WANTS A ' ITU ATION At till A V be, inahl and vraltroae, or In U-ka nape of ratfdSta ? "*11 ami' Mldak and a neat ewer; refereoce. Call al tllf P.aar knii at., U-; hirr, ha'k r<"-m. A SITUATION WAIPIRD?BT A MtSPP.CTAM.B iMlilttii I" do i tar 'arwork and at Ui.|, tewrttlog a id olib). ni?, wtlling l<- tn?V" her??lf lynerally -ner-il. mi Obje, i on to an* wlft efj*>?l?tr?. Oac is hcen fo* t*-o day-nt SS .? ral'-"dm *? . betwven "tb and Kb nt<.. le the grocery ?t ire. ^ RKSPBCTASUI YpCN'l OIHL WJVWKS^A -ITI A J\. lion a* chuiunern aid ami Waiima.; baa tea beat cf r'tr nlMtma. < na t. aeen at >13 Eeat lit*, at., beuraeu lit ana SI MM. i K KB A MHTRKa.'?UtTU ATI OH WANTKU. RT A CX>[.. \ uml a omun; ran aw a A ?' nblldmflm rlothr a. .1 -ooaro. Ar ||K|U r<- ul IK pri Ml dWpjBMPlh W ''Ut 'AHU al AS HOMO UIHI. WTRHKR A RIITATIOK AH HHAM ? aimai uddrMtulr.l* ? pr>?'- 111 bat I of ra irndba tutn It- giroa. Ilall fo- too itayo ot 41 ?l al. ADR Hii AID CLOAK 1AKKK ISO I IP.HT OLAH.4 (MBit H? HI tit ?U||< a taw BOB' mica*. ...o iU . y Ul" doy ? r wn?k; can '.i?r,.l? on * h"*"ter 4 b Hwwt'* ma. Claim, no obyociiou to Uioaklya. UJul" m<4re?,M Vnrok Ot. AiiK-n.criui.K woman vtimik- a RiTQABtwN up ?) pO"k .n ? pruain family; Mm n.uifi.'f MRkHm iNMlim tM all ItnA of bablnf THWpaW fl| ran i !,.? cm. be 0mm. Coll OkZUI M ?*. Ai'ikht OLAxi ORRK-tMAKKK -ail:. <w> '?? r Iir lh" J.) or I til Wrk IB Irar own Hotiw I.oil M OS Ah or. baton n loib "i. I I J. i oio. A MUTATION WANTWD?BY A KtdMJCT aBLK Ol H'a k> .to up work oinl i k?- <? ? If'Alton A. i g?ll?r. I bollwnn'* f ? obibIi ffl. itn family ft" ml ffft run- fl?B.b Coll ol bet , ,r? it<ai|l> v? r a. i.a *? ?t Mto .U ABITi.aTIoM WAXTBD BY A HI . tBI K fMa x .I. U.-ul-d. In a nuti: family UhUMMI Butlar.t . ttyn, BbtWOro I!#??? and Bwttt Arnrvii niuL Wi .HP.* A *iti'aTIon ak ? ntw.J nt'imonl ?nit U. uko c.." at < bLdrao, or to On ynrral b.aiaotwirW In I am til fiiaiil). loll It 0?r ; norm emptor. r I43A vi . ti -f0<1 -L, front lot ? I u'cl? t. A-w \hrrt>, bt a Tii>v mi lxckli.tnt . city >? I. rnuca. o ? o <o*k and lowMfM . A .?o n,. .i?i?-ii? In ?t/V. * Mad iiohrr. 3oA?t |i.i;-.?v| . fll Col. ol of AdUrodb Wft.ool Ii?' Ol A iMPKOtAiUt MUM WANT A rltl ATlOH A? J\. i..i.n i. o nt iLotiiKmrnttO, ? wo .1 U-< I ? ? ?.u,v . t,.<i.l (ititiinrt. '.oil Ibi IWu Oof o. 14 Mb ?' , roor A rlRKT I LA>> root WAHT* A Mlfl ATlnW; ft AH A. mi t i An port of Ul wo-tin.# bnoli ity mloi wr. ? 4iloi?' o Mi . . .t .tfbt ti.. r-. , f.r.? ih o KWrntilU HUMAN **Ui A Mill ATInv A o' louttdnnu af oAoouo And lom H no. IA0 .nn I p???. otr f-iiii y, IO fuilf i..?(?i't l Oi-it ..:?H *1'n Itrol f m.-r. n, ? i ?il ot 44 Kh oc, aaouiwl ttuue. front t ut, m to Howom. AHKHPKCTtUl.r. TOVNO UIRI. HAJfTH v Hill A Imiii mm ell-lob. . ooil. ron 4" a.l aor'* .>f twob.. uWry oud pD.a Coll Kit. Wa t W. ol . M iwo.loyo. Arl.VAfiOl WAStitO ?* A ft*** CLARK COOK, uortrr tt rroaro oud Hun to .ti- t 04 in #11 .it bTilirilf?, oil t .110 ol pooirtn* tl,.I y..lh?"? N . ,)*? to IMt untat tppif 01 Ho. ? ?U ot , lb otwri. lor two 1?-?. I loin I my ffrfwuW. ' Altiri ATIOR MTANTKIt -B* A Ht oPKifl tKl.i; 00 ehoabonBoM ood wtni^ot or fll.ti Wrm ? .1 ohd Uiimlrwta. 1 arm roor-' afnroooA glrrtt. I all o# 1, bf Hria. iwaf I a'troan X'A OOd OttO ttt trovmt uiRi. wakth a arrrATiuR ah < iiam. h. imol4 or roOMao or to lokn oar* ?t ' kBdrtn In ? otnoUiaar.y. \|>plf 01 JK Wool Mat ot . Aor two *>?a A RITI.'ATluM WARTBO-BT AN RKl I I-LAST. .Milt, A 000 whn utoroofhly untor.lomto hoi b>... i? . oa C.a boot m n?r rofrroooo Ota bo aoou 01 HI Wool 1Mb ol ooor Ahiti atidr wakthia bt a vntiv" awhru ah, oaruo?hn>or and (roa>oi, It a M"d Htilkor; nll'itf ?. uutk' ulttiorU r? t?r?U/ uaoful. boo Hron rorotaod .0 t'.r 1 atoido IB tbo ndjr. boo aim *?d rrfrra i.? u o J,.a la llto otty. mo aim r -?d Hlrn.w u u loot oniBbyor. Call at or oddrwoo fur 000 wroa W. I'., Wool Ann olrot. third I AM AHRRICAM LADT WOULD LIKK A KUMB ih A aoo tool loan 11 whoro ah# taoald lu at ? .uo, aaoboar ion to aaotot la IAkH*, owl whom aho won Id ko trootr.i oa 100of too(ooaUy; loaoMari at tout* '-<? Avy> or uo'.aahold alt ra A food bwnto p oforro4 io arafM. AdUfoaa lar tAroa ddTQ fifl, f. out -i. r. . Bitot? or. AllMPBOMBLB LADV MiiI'LD MBR TO MASK 1 no arquolawa of a fra'laaooii of abmii M 00 a an. i#l antniwalwi, witbartbw ta autnaiaoy Add.ow Mr* 1. raulh, atattoo BT ? Arrbpbctabui tocimioirl wamtb a rm a ttoo la a oaooR prmiia faoo?? ??. da foo- rai bwidawmb; aoo aot too boot Of Otty frwaa nor toot t' ?' ? ? o l ?dr tarodojo ol BM Woottfih ?l> A BBBPBCTABLR UIRL WtRTM A All0A7MMl to A MM. WaMI Bon Matai ra o amy iho'n aa?B ond a Ami ?daw aroobor aad Mmraw. ar woald Oa (rnanl MMia -b r?r a ?ad nnmto romMf lJh wMMb^aad** Una Uooa A BITUJIVIOM WAMTRD-BV a Br.HfirTABi?uitsi.. A. Mooafe,Waabaadlroa or do fmoml 1.0 HMWdr K ohh> - In 1 bo Mif or Mhiq; B**4 ll'WM'I Col ? Mw WoM Wtb OA

IMiltB BABMB-ni BBIRU BP BT IIAB It rH4Mt V too aaoolb, aa atbor obUdMj; gem wbHrt C. ?r, (> BaMM otroet barn 1 orb p?vwurri:r tt UMMM WIBOW laABf. AM inUi'tl, I to a Ipmnam. 'a fan. Mr '1"*? W*ow itadwm wharathc tan Und the three daya H., station E. UOUBRRBEPRR'B fDMTtOI WANTED?BY \N * Ml* ? rui n w.mian. la a hotel or private fatally; ond+Miaada bar business and is srtUIng u> work, would leerethe oil). Cell for one weak at vrirt.sK wantho a aim a hon. by a com prtkn r l~ nuraa, to lakt entire vharga of u lafeat or lnvaiio. ??itnf uiiy rncrenaagirea. dWV a? ft Weal IStU at., eor N OTIOK -A YOOHO WIDOW LADY OT ni'FfNF. mnnt h avion a llttla girl laagfcll. weuld Hkr to aupei inlriid k widower's or cuderly grnlfcaien a modem a: i.u {action to an invalid or araall child; boat of ram and u>km1 re rjvocaa siren; board ootyreduusd. Addre a U Dayton, Brooklyn Foal oHioe. Nursb-m situation wantkd-hy a woman who f? cwapeteat to taka tba aatira < Purge of an hunt tr m Ita birth or to bring It op by baud, baa tba uaat of ritj refer. one. Call at 16 fcaat 2M at. Nx UBBR?HY AW KXPERIRNCXD PHOTE8TAIIT Wo. mat.; undsralanda the cars of children to angora-. a (too l homo morn desirable than hl_b aagaa; uneireptlon Vde refrrenoe. Cab be aeen at MM tkh nr. NT1 UllSR.?WANTED, A SITUATION. BY A COMPK. teat nurse. to take ent ra charge of an Infaut ar lorn lid. Heat of rlty referenoe given. Apply at <5 Weal 16th at, oornrr bib a*. ? SITUATION WANTRD-BY A WRLBH OIRL, All CHAM it 1 i-rmaiit ami aaatnatraaa or In do floe washing and Iron Ing. in a private family; brat of city reference jpvrn. Call for two d?vt at 313.6th ar., beivreiNi UHh ami iWtta ats SJITC vriON WaNTED-BY" A WELSH MIL, TO DO J chatobrrworh and flnr washing or as 11 rat elaaa waitress. In anmr prlynta family. the beat of city reference given. Apply for two days at 14H West B7tli ?t. SITUATIONS WASTED? HY TWO RKtPKCTABLK is girls; oar aaoooh. the atbor aa dhaanbermatd and wait raaa. Have the bust of tit) references. Apply UUs day at ltf> Weat Will at. situation wanted? by a smart, tidy colored c girl, an ? baml>r.maid and anan ' . imatraan or name ?eamvtiene Apply at praaaat employer's, 116 Host did at. SITUATION WANTED -BY A ItKBPKlTABLK tOUNU I i woman, us Or it < la-* eook. heat the honl of city reference. Can be seen for two daya at BAI Kaal dial a'.. SITUATION WAWTKD -BY A KFsPKOTABLB PRO t~ teatant Knvllah ylrl. to do chambei work and waiting, or rbamlierwork and plain sewing; none but a respectable |i"raon need apply. Apply for two daya comer of 14th at. and ar. C. lumber yard SITUATION WANTKI*?AH WAITiti.HH O It CHA M O maid understands her bnalneat tl.orouyhly; neat In her hat.ita an t obliging; heat of cily reference. Apply nl lob 7tb av., in the arc wry SITUATION WANTED BY AN BNHTJRTI OIHU. AH i' plain cook, washer and Iroucr; good oily referanoe. Apply at -at I.ait 'jn-h at. SITUATION WANTED?BT A I'ROTKHTA K r WO. man, aa ounw and aowureta, or w -haoilerxnald nitd aoamstre* unetuaptionebleoily rcferPaee. Call at dll 1st ??., beiwei ti 21th and Ifillb ita., erwekary stare. situations wan tin?by two ui-oPkctaislk I' ItlrU, one to rook Wash and Iron. fl.e other to Jo ehemherworfc and walling sad luaie; with the washing; beat city refers tiers. Call at IS W aat llPh at . naardth ay. SITUATION WASTKIt BY A KKSPKCTABLt. TOUN'O O wntaaa, aa ekuMnbarmald ami waltreaa; ta willing in aaaiat at waaldng and Ironing; lieat city ratercnae. Can be aeen fur twu day- at Ibb Last lbtli at. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO CAI'ABLK Y' I no it vreman oaa aa hrai las- ora/lt; t lis otlir,- a- eli nle inside- to wait un n lad, or sew; good refet' ncei g ?c/i ( nil at Alb I aat d" l. at SITUATION WaNTKD-BY a PIWHT ? LANd COOK. t? with le at city refemaee- has no nh|e< tain to go a kbo-t dl-tar-em Il.e eonmirr. Call llttf Wcm Cinh ?l ?eamalreaa or wallie?a In a lineal Imilly, by a hard work * (Heat rnfercn ar two days. In bfineat, oaat and wttilag gin. IiIgheat rafcrebaaa glaaa Addr?-.? A. A.. 1>oi 1 id llcrald offliie fc QfTUATION WANTED?BY A REBPRCTABUI CIBL, ? ' In ?. b a-dl u ho iva or prlrate (aially, n* walli*-a el cub ini ' I ?? laitndraas 0...1 give the brat of eliy refar em- A,.; ly at'12 Hnatcr alraet. SITUATION WANTK.D-HY A YOUNO CIRIa TO DO 1 v It*'.1 bouse* -k; l> willing 1" wake beiaelr naeluL Ileal n rafaroaaa given from last *mpuiyt!r. Apply for two cay it Ml M av. SITUATION WIHTKD?BY A RKNFkWTABLR 1" y nip.: wrioan, aaan?k. and lo aaatst With the w??ul >g and boatng' no abjaettona 10an 11 the ro in iy. haattha oat of g'tyrefi -arc-. Call at 10U Weal ldth ?l TWO OOMPKTEWr YOUNM IHRIA (i'PBS. DR. aire ail atienv aa* aa f.rat claaa ruok : n'.dr-auu. la bar t iiaineaaUinioegblyi la a* cmclteat bakaeaf all kh -1 a; the afliei aa ehi.c n. : naaId and aancaaa is willing vm; ?< li d ig V lie* ty 1.. cisi. ,ir .nn. C iU lor two day ? a*. BM'.VaM Mil. al.. near Tin ar. rpwu OkRMAM U1K1.H (HIBTf'Bkl WANT TO OBTAIN 1 ait : t'.lnt. ?-one aa . idy a maUt or aeanuitrrav, a?d iho ?raa Panineim* d. nur?" or ae-iaaUoaa. Apply at Mr. Baaldr'a, 11/ flowarv. rpwo Vol NO LI ft I. WIrill hlfl. ATIONH; (>MN TO UO I chainbc-wuct .and ?a hliig; the other to do gnr,a ?l hnnanwerk. k-n of etiy referable from last pla-e Call at II* Went irrth at rpWO ItESI'l 1ITARLF, WOMEN Wfktlf BITbATfoSA; ?me aa-nog and to aaalat in tha waablng arri Ir.-iing; ilia 01. raait mcainctd a d viP-n b?a? Mly rofcrauic. c t! at UP 1st a*w batwoen Ptb a>4 Ihth da., rear. rpwo ERBPBOTABLB OIRLH WA>T All C ATTONK; I cnaae r'":n cook, wa-h pi-!n cook, wa-aar and liceei '.he ighar aa chi. bermald ml waltrraanr i< akad*barmaid and la uM t In 'ha waauing; go id e4l| ralerooee. Oat s< 136 I in! if.H at., aoo pnit torn, ffoo: rvcin. 11'AN rt f> HT an KNOLTHII WfpOW LADY "V I I yv pcriruo*. a ai'.natlna aa hou-ekeepei pi ? 1. .cl.elnr i.r W'?. . v? with aioal! family Ad4r*a N O., b I IW Hat aid cdi<a. 1STAMTRD?A HITVATIOII. Hf A RKAIM> TABI.l: If ,;irl. aaeh-ntbermaldaad wall-r a >r Ug niral Inc. .cw k 'na-mal! pr ? .te lamlly. Can '* a# "I fm wo daya at IM f Wllth.L Bfftu o?n i?r *?? ^,4 ^ ? *** m-antvi.-v mtuatiox n ,v>, ;;r*,vVrft??^te ur t.u,,.... *. y ti i ?? ??*J <#oH %U.? Hrtjwkljf ?? ,.. ,. - ? IfANTfl. A rII.'TK?Tt^T Oimt.? \\ . I vavfiUr *i r> y ? * *?*"*'*tl'?* . _ ?? W*I?TKP ?' A U ,.:: ?;.rri..>?*<? .'? ??? j:. v; ??? ?-* "...Mr ?:?i! tl9.? I*?!??*??? ?? | ........... isttssrs".~ ?3 ?-> .... . | ii|V A ?l't >T1"* At ttLKt W ~ ??. .f-?. " --i ?""? * ?*??? n. >>....??*? %. 1 aA 1\Jvrh-rsri ?mk?e. a."* * ? " r.. ujffj? - V; ,*?,ii-.,si-v?-rr?rKv.s ft. k ..fA\TKI. H. A riMT ?1.A** COOK. WITH *r?T \vA TK'.?.. .. ??-'???*??? fr: V???? t? Z ,??>.?*? ?*.!? rv ?? ? - ? \\ ??"*' .tJ2MrtA*J5'"SWV?i:??S? I. I* '** A- II ?. rnm 1 " " - ... us. ?rm"TH?.K urti'Ki w, ??"*? I at. . i.r?' kw>?. -I i ? ?? - - - bijkjVa* e?rn?r . , ? ? w. arcu ? 4?T.?I?* ?????? *? - ? - ? ii-A?r U HV A "'""Jig? nffP-Tj ?a?f ? .It "? !*'? <*???? ? #?*?" ' ?? . _ r. -K-r . tMrtWUM Toyw? ^fr,.oW 4* % *l MM ** ? B^*f r lff # WiiV- :?4T?VS^?ra w? - "" .. _ mJi W A*tfr?-A ?iTr?ttr?w. ?r a tot y. >oy*. ? W, ? W-v,,. in ? '?*"* " ? r v;^- - 1 A ^ #l ? * * ? f ^-r'? m< a?h?. 3S?I 'w? .ma w^rtEK^-S5S5s3?^; w?^', -r".rr. r^'VSasw; w uryiiiMwi* i WAlTIU-re m iuu, 7W<> oKt'M ONE ? to jfijWlfiwaawaI*, and the otha. t, -rranda ?,f sX'SSuwSH*"" - -*"?*-? toaktkd-et a lady W **rB"fnr "t#1' ax *V portooro, a itteaMoa aa Mr'tm 'kbnr montl y . ors. a to attend an ItisalkL Baa. of lefarBUeea. Address im. DMjm, lid AJMsi s4. ???- - " U7ANTB0?Bt A KM8rMttrABl.K WOMAN. a AlTl TV ktton aa flret cUu stick. II** tbo bmit til/ refrreare Can I*' van for tWO tUjra at ?Mfid ?? King firat hoB w ANTED - A HITUATION AH I. ADY'H MAID *11 UNI. keeper or frnretneaa. Owd NlMSM. Aldrto T. J Math*. A. .yriug ?t (X/BT Nl'K' E.?A BEALTRT RRfiWTABl.E rPtt TT aoa will hear of a food position up towu, by tailing lofcf Imtwnsn two and tares o'rloak In Ifea afterm/.M. at the l,yia*iu Asylum, Barlow at.. Now Cork. TOANTHD-A HITVATfOR, ?T A PKOTBNTA NT O1ML, TT aa chambermaid **d waitress, or to do chamber work and plain uwitf; food rtfiotw ? ?H at 137 West 33d st. WANTKD-A HITUATION NY A It h HPKiM ABLE TT fir*, a* laundress In a prlrs's famftv; i>*?t r|t _ jwtr mK rnren (tall at J1H tub as., bclwssn VI at and "JSd Ms., la tha win faction.-ry (tors. WANTED- BY A RRMPKUTAHI.E tlIRL, A HITCA Don as waitress and ohamh .maid; has -!* swam' nit* re ftrenee'har last |>laa*. Can be aean at s? Wa?t llth si mat. WANTED?BY A PKOTRNTANT OIRI,, A NITIATIOM as chambermaid and aMMatraes or to take rare of children and saw: baa nood ?lty refarenrs. Can ha area at 77 West Wth at , first floor, front room. WANTKD-BT AM KTPKRfKNCKD ANKRtf A* WO. TT man, a atlnntlou as nnrse to an Invalid or (n?'w children. Apply tor two days at pressut etntdoyat's. 174 Clinton at., naar Warren, Brooklyn TXTANTKD?A fiTTtfATlON, BY A TtH.NO ?.I?U AM TT wait rear or ....ree or world do tba ehamberwori act wsttlafi of a aanall lurutty; boat ol aftf iwfstsnc* Call at or Ortdasss t8r Sd at., oumsr a*33d at. WANTED- A\ A KEfiMtCTAIUJC OIBU A HITCt. turn at waitress; as oOJOBttttn to do cUaatkorwswk. Impure at m Wast SfiNi at. TO-ANTED-A SITUATION, BT AN EXPERIENCED TT woman, as raok; son who thoroiifhl* brr buslnosi In all Ita braaohra and can prttdort- tha IMHI ot dtr rrlrreurr Iron. Itsr last ptaoe. Unit bn Mil lor two days at 147 W Ml tfitb at. w ANTED?BT A TOUNO OIRI* A SITUATION At chambermaid and waitress. or ehaoitirrmatd sod to mind ,Uldrrn. ia willing to tnaltr hnrscll generally uawfnl. * t *11 at 41 Ilk at., bstwrtn llaa tba best of city refsrsuoa. Dt ami At ara., root. II. W ANTKD?A SITUATION. BT AN MEI1U19H W uiati, as ourac, in town or .o.iatr*: twpablc d taking sharga of au Infant. Call at No. # Harrison at. TO-ANTRD-BV A PBOTERTINT W<> TT man, a situation as rook; I. a good laundress tmdsr stands i utt-r making, no otojautsoa l> tut short tllMsr, . o tlis oo'intry . food rofst^ncs fr.on hor Is-t pis . t ail to. S at 4M West iuHb at , nsar 10lb ar., 0 rat ttgor, bank U*ANTKD-A BOTAHON, 11T A YOUN'. Of It It, TO Do TT general housework; hs* the best rrferenr- fr/m bar last employer. ( ail for two nay at KM 1st m WAN riiti?A BITIiA I ION, TO COOK. W ASH AND iron In s small fsmll*, by a reaper.,...,* girl, giskt. It. reference Call for two days at *17 VYset Kkt si WANTED -BY A BE?fi iTAHI.B YOCNO UIKC. A situation aa plain rook, wasbar and |?naw to to u? grnrral hou-cviprk cat. fi?? food rlty fwfaren -s I. >a tMW hat pla.s i all at lit W rat **th ?t., brtwesu 7'b and *Kt. ars. \kf ANTRTk?BT A BRHPHTTABDE PltorEHI ANTOEB. TT man f Irl a si to .Hon as < tiaiubonnsld fill I Wsl irssa. Cat! for two da> < In the store lid 3d sr.. bd' ?rr . |k' , and 17th at. VU ANTED?BY A IfOV kd. PAN tly rrs -hliig a' brr own h - i s, wl > SI bass s 1 ni.oirrss will fire Ihr bsat or aalHfai tlon; ? ot rofrrsncr and tnodrratc irrnta. Onll lor two d*r? *t Is* East g?l st. TOANTKD BY A KKdPBCTABI.i: YOTJNO TT a situation aa chambrrmal.t or for frnaral bousawmt In a prltalr fan.dr. Can lw.,rn lor two days at li?l ;4;h st., brtsrenTd and 3d *T?. w AN TBI) -BY A PBOTKHTANT YOMRU OJKI. TO DO obaotbrrwnrV and arw, or would lake r> t .if dim: Wlldrtf logo to Ihr twnntr*; food rsforsnor <"all a' 1?* Wast I7tk at. w ^ANTED?A HITIiATION, BY A flflsPf.'i till ? g r. s< ct. iniktrniald snd watt rest or to .1'. ?r .<? .It, aork In a smn,i family : la ? food clatin cook, nsrhari II W? ' Iron ar t til hereon at 113 Wrat l..ib at. bstwaco oto and 7th ara.. In I'.c rear. w 1/ANTED BY A HESIKCTABI.r MIDDLE *'*l o T wonun, a sI'.inMoa as gtmd tvok and tdassls'i< Ing and Inming. both williwA and obitthndi goo<i cltt refa ri re. < ail at IM Wan; l>.b sT., h? rtn.!,l d-w , for two days WABTKO- BY A YOI'X.I HuVt* a aiUtaWtwt as ehamls-.tiiaht and wallraaa gad t la tba wa.hmg ml iratni.;; br-te.ty rrf -fnacr. her press ut eiwyloyaf a, M* 'in at., or.r 3d ar. Wanted a bitiiattdn, by t vomu rn-m* ah *s nidrest: im.'srot snda oil kthda of Erenr., "oth 4 best I it, relsrr.te t a'.t at MICltsr., I/St won XV. s I WhsMt WANTED?BT A BKHPVTABIE ? 1DD. I nil D A nth fins.. Ia,.>,s altaawnii, as ' MjttsWIf saiurnfi, lory re.ssrio*. s. April r In Mr *mllh, M Marlon at,, aa onrd floor, from ? 'o 4 a vlrek w ANTED- BY A PPHPPOTABl.l. W(?MAN, T ? OO uttl by tha da> washing and |r oniug or ho.rar nanloa. wferenrw. Call at MMdtb ? go-d reference. 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