Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1866 Page 2
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KiBPMui o? SSBSS8SBL WA!rP11B! ??lady HAVING A NICK HM8S. FINE L^^TTON. ? WILL LMt TWO If * WIT rfTRrflSHKD'MiUIM. ^?oND FLOOB, AND ONE SIN OLE BOO*. WITH Ain> ONE BINULK IIR8T ULASN TA^LR. PARI IKS WILL ?IBKBAI. I'RIOB FOB A Jl'I# Al long CALL AT OB ADDBXdS M W BOOND t> IRKET. 4B NEATLY FURNISHBD FRONT ROOM To tot to out Of two ?'????i!85!5.wrt Terms mode rata. Apply atl77Bla*<**r*raei A FURNISHED A ta t private fwBwB. Apply at A furnished farwhano?eo"ooiito lkt A la a private family, with or ??kout **??? moderate. Apply At KM Wart IBtrtT-fwHth SPOOL tTttr-t class Boanl. in Franoh and German rtylea. utile If desired. ATI* BREVOORT PLACE, TENTH STREET, NEAR A Broadway, a tall of Boom* on eeoend floor, with private table. to a family wtihotit children. Reference required. A VERY HANDSOMELY TOHNIBHSD PARLOR, A Alao large iront Bedroom, together or sepjraie, with Irat olaaa Board. Liberal terma to aeairebie partte- without obildrea. ?Waal Thirty-ninth street, botwoeu Fifth and Sixth avenues. A > ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR. WELL FURNISHED, A consisting of front Room, with alaove, and back Boom, With ample closets. to lot, with Board, together or separately. At >1 Wart Forty-fifth atreot. AH 110 HACDOUOAL BTRBET-ELMECTLT FUR ? nlabed Koomx, with 0*017 oeeeesery forlouaekeeplug, ^?rder that a family may hare a oomplete home A ?FIRST CLASS BOARD FOR FOUR GENTLEMEN IX. nan ha had by applying at 1? Eaat Fonrteenth atreot ^^^^^^^^Hatreferenoea given and required, loer. Refla THIRTIETH STREET. NEAR THIRD AVK ? Uaoind Floor, artth Board, toe family or tingle l?RM reannahla lanaa: alao Room on third A LARGE FURNISHBD FRONT ROOM, on SECOND A See*, te tot, artth Board ?? par week. l*A.ingdOQ| aqnara. Flliaa atreat rtda. I A LABOR FRONT BOOH TO LET?FURNISHED, 0W A Sink floor, with tea and Hght, at 671 Ktgbih avenue, uaar Ports-seventh street. Terma reaaaoahia. A FEW TOtINO GENTLEMEN, OR ONE OR TWO A married gentlemen and I ad lea, can be accommodated with newly furnlahad Rooma and Board In n private family, with all Iba boma ooaferte. Refereuoea exchanged, lit Waal Twelfth alreet. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL AOCOMMODATE TWO A. aiogla gentlemea with a nicely furnished Room, with ?re and cat, witb or without board, at >71) Weal Twelfth street. Terma moderate. J^T 174 AND J? BLBECKKR STREET, SIX BLOCKS weal of Broadway pleasant Rooma, with excellent Hoard, from (7 to fllk per week. Families accordingly. a HANDSOME FURNISHED PARI,OR TO LKT-TO J\ a gentleman and wile or to olnglo gentleman. Ap. ply at M Barrow atreat. corner of Hudson. A^m DOUBLE AND BINOLR ROOM TO LET WITH Board, at IK and 1? Fourteenth atreot, corner Second avenue, A PRIVATE FAM1LT. AT NO. 48 WEST TWELFTH alreet, can accommodate a gentleman with a small Fur nished Room and Board. Reference required. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY HAS A LARGE NEATLT JX Furnished Front Room to let, to a gentleman or lady, I with or without Board; no other boarders; terms moderate, third floor. MB Wooeter street, corner of Prince. AHT 181 AND ? WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NEW I York. Hotel, in a first class house, two Parlors, wuh largo closets, on theaeoond floor to rent, with Board. H A RESPONSIBLE PARTY. HAVING LEASED THE I JX house I S Fifth avenue, offers Rooms en suite, with or without private table. References exchanged. A LARGE FRONT AND BACK ROOM TO LET TO tX gentlemen, with or without Board; family prlrate. Ap ?dy teg gait Twelfth etroot, near Fourth aveuue. Refer 4' T M t'Ntofr HMhlRR, EAST BIDE. ONE HAND ? aoumly Furnished FTlMr to let with pitvai Tabic, to a Iciest family. RefereocteplMulred. A VERi- HANDSOMELY jrim!t!l}HKD siliT OF Booms, alao stogie Rooms, with BoaM?J|l>le d'hote, fi ??flhhilMiijl^SSS; terS moderate -1 tjhtk pfrtook; breakfast aTa carte; tcrin moderate al and ? ?jgyt Jouea atreat. near Broadway. A I^BNTtKKLT^^tl^l^-AMIL^^lf^gKN W Will let two MMga Rooma on the second floor with Hoard; (flfwencaa axoh angod. Apply at MP Btoomfleld street. A young widow lady, pursuing hek studirr, JX dealroe the eampantooahtp of a refined young ladj of about her own ^o and almiur or kindred puraulti. to gnare her rnouia MM expenses, which are moderate; unex eoptlooeblfi reforentea given and required. Address Stu dent, station U Fust Office . A GENTLEMAN AND Wif e OR SINGLE GESTI.F. JX men can hare a Booty furnished front Parlor, or a suit ? Of Rooms on aaoond floor, without tnculs. in a private fatuity; housemodera Imprtifaner.ta. fillKnal l&th at., aear vnlan square. References exchanged. fuknishhd mm gxem. 1 street, between Board, for a gfrnvloinan ontv, at No. ? East Thir. MtaOffi Fifth aafl Madlsop evouuoa. A -BOARD-WITH M A NJ>.^y|Kf,T fllRNISHED iV. Apartmvnta,at UMd Hl'Hf0?t Fourteenth street; .tiuper al b o olog^i Af'.t brat els??, reterence ciohungcd . ^KTdf HtNCILK RtS^iJs Lbfr-wifa Board, faraMtlemm 67 East Thirty first atreot. A* II STREET?A PARTY OF OENTLEMEN A c*n nd aoeommod ited with neatly lurninlied it. man and Brat class Board. Alao gentlemen atnifle Kn 'in., m A NEATLY FURNISHKD FRONT ROOM TO LF.r-. I A without board, to a (entlaman and wlfn or ?ln?l- gentle man. Terms f7 par week, are **<1 llghla Included. tu Kaat Fifteenth ? treat, near Third areniie. ^m HANDSOMELY FURNISH B I) SECOND STORY ? front Room tolet, with Hoard, with are, g*i-, bathroom. '?aaaoUema?aad lady, forfltt per week ft- an unesoep tlooabla party. Address K. a. Herald efllcc. ?PIT OP ROOMS OM 8RCONO OR THIRD FLOOR, artth Boardor private table, near Fifth avenue. No. 1 a Twentieth street. Alao toll three parlors, adjolniug Am PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT A HANDSOMELY ? furnished doable Parlor, with Bedrooms ubore. with private table. Highest references required. 51 ? NUMBER OP BLEOANYLY FURNISHED ROOMS J\ En suite sod single, can he had at the Reunion Hotel, an Forty-second street between Madlaoo and lwxtngtna ?re auea, for TatollHi or single gentlemen; terms moderate; labia a la Kurnpaan. AN ELKOARY PARLOR, WITH EXTENSION, TO A let, with plidl tobto If desired; alao Room on second floor for serraat or ohUdraa. 70 West Fourteenth street. ? ^^^RANKPOOTHoC8E^N^LOC^^^n>^^Y A Hell aonwr of Frankfort aad Wlllla Rooms. UtoWaenta par dsy; fllSOtoflbyr aad William streets, ?B0 AT NO. II WR8T RLEVRNTH HTRERT-A FKW I A doors frawi Rsaadway. to let, a nicely ftMtofcai front I Parlor and Bedroom on second floor; alao two Rooms wall nicely lurntskrd alao two Rooms i furnished, for gentleman, with flrst class French Board: rati acoommodato a few day boarders. Table d'hote at i o'clock. Am IIOMR FOR THE WINTER -VERY PLEASANT famished Rooms, suit able for a gentlemnn and wt^H out be had. wNb Board, si 161 West Fourteenth etreet. ^ SUT^t^OMMODinir^MRROK^^^^Wo M single Roams. with Board: location 1.171 Broadway, one door from eomer Twenty ? IIfth street, opposite Madison Park aad Fifth avenue AT M WEST BIOHTEENTII STREET, BETWEEN tad 811 A Firth and 8lith avenue*? < Room to let, with first alasa Board, to ons or two single gentleman ^ fritatr family, liyino in a first clash house and nelgub irhood, will let, to a map ond wife or two gentleman, a dud of Rooms, with hot and cold water, gas, bath sad lire. IM West Twenty first street A Pi 4j.? PINE Rim OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED par. tors oat first floor, bsruig^rlrate i slh; also single t to let, with first class Board. Inquire at I'M Mad: eon avenues, eooad house fro us Thirty-first street. AT M WEST TWELFTH STREET-BACK PARLOR aad i led room, furnished, with Board. Are, fas. $05 fir two; serene story, front, $W. Gentlemen I'we or morel r, at lower rates, References AM elf.oantly furnished NPIT OF rooms to reut. en second Boor; also Parlor, In a private family, with or wMboui private table. 7? Lust Seventeenth etreet A SMALL ROOM. BI'ITABLK FOR A BINOLB tlemaa. to let, with Board, at lin West Eleventh near Stolh avenue. flKN street, A &c pUee. Thi llCRLY FURNISHED Pari,OR AND MALL led room to let, wlta good Bqprd. at Ne 7 Buorman Thirty-third street, between toghth end Ninth svt. A LABOR FRONT BOOM. SECOND' FLOOR, RUNNY A elds, etogairtly fjsratohad with Plimpton SecmUry Bedstead, to laCwith Roartl. KI Wast Forty-aaeand street, -na blank want af Broadwsy. itafaraaoes. L F15W OENTLEMEN CAN BR ACC0MMODATHD | with haedaoeaely furnished Rooms and Board at No 7: Foarth atraat Rafcranoa raqulred. private family i near Slitb area as. A FRONT BALL ROOM. COMFORTABLY FURNISH. A ad, to tont. wIRt Brat nises Board, to a gantlemau; re faraaato u hiegiif Apply at ? Medfcon avenue, corner of Vweity ninth street. _________ Amp ? wnr TWENTY FOURTB STREET, I ?Tr*b.e Rooms to 1st, with Board; first ol*? VERY DB ^ -ELROAin^^^tNrvilEr^nON^^tUO^^l ?"?room, with or without Board, At* West Klghteenlk atraol, near fifth afaaoe ?U1T OP LAIOB. RLEOANTLY FURNIbllED ? ?- -- -- ~,w?br ~ tooma (entire sooond Itari and hath, with Irst ? and private labia If desired. Alao handWHaelr ftir l friot Rooms en Boor above, and the E iieosnm Room " 'W to let, tug, ? her or oensrsteiy A 1'pto a* ?? r-autb street, NMwrea Filth aad Siflh avenues. ni* WMf 4?? wjthont jtoard. nan Una descriptive lists, with nno. 5^?_f>T,.y street, mJRZsS A complete -*???.<? WCM'ME on SECOND FLOOR. S?kM. ran be eeadrdfl !? dlllRaat luurteemiistreet. TOPNO U4DT CAN RE A< t OMMODATKD WITH So. ^TO^fireJt U*" A TOUNO LADT j\ | I I \ ^^?RNilto|NU?wn.U|? Won Toenty fSirth mn WAmrwm. rao PLKASANT FURNISHED BOOM TO LET?OON vrnleat to Central Put Addraaa Mr*. 8., station P. 2 8PIT OP BOOMS FOB GENTLEMEN?WITHOUT board. Ma If Ks?t Seventeenth street, between Union square and Fifth avenue. ?m PLEASANT FURNISHED BOOM TO LET?WITH -OR without Board, to gentleman and wtfa, Terms moder ate. 6ii Sixth arenua, aaar Thtrtyflrsl atrial. Ax YOUNG WIDOW HAS A HANDBOMK FURNISHED Parlor to let, to a pleasant looatlon, ou moderate term*, for one weak at 1188th av. Am widow lady has elegantly furnished ? Rooms, with every convenience. to rent to gentlemen, with or without partial Beard. IK Seat Twelfth a treat. A MN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LET THREE ? furnished Rooms, at*., two partora and hall bedroom. ^Ilh Board, anjtable for a family, alaoaault of untarnished Rooms, No. 181 Wat aria y ptaoe. ooroar o( Tenth street. AHT NO 7 WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET, OPPOSITE ?[ Hoffman House, two suits or Rooms on first and see on3 etorlea to lot; private table; reduoed rates to first dans parties, ATlf BOND 8TBBMT-LARGE AND BWCLL ROOMS . A, te let, handsomely furnished, on third and fourth Room, with first clans Board. Bouse heated. A BACK PARLOR AND EXTEN8ION, AND FRONT Room on aeoond floor to let, with Board, at 81 Bond at I lABD^ArewSUJOLEOBNTLEMKN CAN BE AC- I DOAU.-A FAMILY OB BINOLR PARTIEN, WITH I JD aattofeotery referenoes, eea obtain very dealrahle aao> end Beer Booina at No. I Wallaen pleoe, between Cltnten and Waveriay piaaas. near Broadway. _ YAOARD?A FURNISHED OB UNFUBNIBMRD ROOM, I IJ with Board, te a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, on reasonable terms, at 954 Weal Twenty-fifth street, be ? -jslgotf tweea Seventh sad Eighth avenue*. Board?two large and handsomely fur. mshed Knoina, connecting. to Int. with Board, to a gen tleman and wife, or small faintly; also a Room for n single gentleman. References eiohattged. Apply at 71 Bant Twelfth street. B OARD.?FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR AND OTHER Rooms, with good Board, in an Israelite family, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wires. Inquire at 451181 * Second avenue. Board?third story room, well purnmshbd. suitable for two gentlemen or a gentleman aud wife, at (48 West Thirty sixth street. Price $le per week. BOARD.-A PLEASANT ROOM ON THE THIRD floor to let, suitable for two single gentlemen; terms moderate; good location. Inquire lor one week at 190 Franklin street. Board for two qentlkmbn-in a pleasant Front Room; private family aud pleasant and respecta - ble neighborhood, near cars, with warm aud cold water, at 58 King bireet. Board at si east fourteenth street, west of Broadway; un entire Parlor Floor, with or without a pittite table, may bo obtained. Board during anticipated illness may bk. secured In the unobtrusive family of a regular physi cian; nice Apartment', two in familv, no visitors, children or boarders. For location, terms, Ao., apply to Dr. DUBOIS, 88 Third avonue. BO OARD IN JERSEY CITY?A SMALL FAMILY I would aocommod ita a gentleman and wife or two stugle gentlemen with pleasant Rooms and Board. Apply at or ad drew 18b Montgomery street. Jersey City. Boarding?first class rooms, furnished or unfurnished. 101 Waveriay place, floating Washington square. Bo^D,or SrtTSTO and tsj , tafdoo? bltotrCind .?""? ** R"* JgdjifMo.em*, faVtSSSS D^Bo^rt^Xn 1*UUURMinT~'1V,IfT ,KIRST '"LASH carters?Frtt^rIX >t? -?s pfoapt ?it?*?ioi, 6 T" ?- HerHl'1 ??<*. "ift receive "I?A8T THIRTEENTH STREET 2OT.?A (IKITIi*! v wUh'Soarri'?ml 1"" ''IP" ?nD??a'l> n. '.v I* *u5 ~ri^pleVoK^i8w?h M th,rd ?rr- SBwiqE cio??K, wllh Hedroom attached if deaimt SSISS-'M rHtiZ? Reference. Elegantly FURNISHED ROOMS TO LRT~*k I ^lh firtt oUmi# Board, suitable for f*mt;i**, at 900 "vBnuaT 00 *tr*el' betwcen 8f?"nfh and Eighth piRST FLOOR, LARGE KLK0ANT1.T FURNISHED Board fwTm l*? *M' "r, 'J00""'on u,'r<1 fl"or. T^nt/^TrdM' 1 ?> W??l ESS&tzr?. -"Til or without PL --in". Improve sunt*. Ap iJlardouftUnd Varlck etracta. H^wufbefi JfthrnitJ* .S1,'!8 OR StPARATRLY, Mu?r7 hotwiTi mni fttM "r p4rt,J11Jlo?rd- ?' 38 Waahlngton qua re, between FlfU> avenge and Mardrmg&l ntreet. ttanonomely furnished ROOMS TO I.RT?FOR ?"'"' -r " oath " Md r^?ulr^1- '? Wmi Twentjr-eee TORyrSHIID AFARTHEATli TO T.RT EISSl? JNBBOQK LTH.-TO LET. WITH BOARD TO A OFV Room; tonne moderate CaU on we?i?i.l r EK j Ua^arenue, noma of Bedford avenue, Bro<iklvo. * "M "'r D "TTOALT rilRMUUBD BOOMS TO LET Apply ?f?yy^Sjrte; jbLf* *?** ior?uu" ? NTIC2LT ''^?'"SHBD ROOMS AND BEDROOMS TO s^asMB tthW5rrfsy-.a frTM/iSS. WgKsSBoA*001" ro,jrr' M?. ""ANO BTRRKT. BETWEEN BSOABWA1 ^?:adT?s:;r^b7.',nU'men - fi? I 0N JuU*"! uTt?bi?'iw eai'.* m'?*- "^"ANTLY rUR. PARTIAL BOARD AND Large WRI I. rneimuen e?RES?RSF^ S3 S?s?^&"4,?Fim5? "d?2?SSk: A<,d'^ D ? ** ?.???"?? rSSTZ as PL?t"A!tf ijBRfS^ggg^^1" ??* CINQLK OENTLKMBN, OR ORVTLEMEN AND THFIR ^'r, Fu: nlehe<l -IIIM. il l|L u'* TeeV*? fRlj# modern Improvement. lerma moderate .at IW B avarle/ plan, umt Hi.Qi aranoa C8DOND FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED TO T"IL^-J0rj'0. ?BNTLKKF*, "or a Uk?* AMD ??f7r h*"V, ?<x^ ~ I* W^eTNrl^MtfU S52JT "" l#r"* rRa>nB*M? T?J^Tr^II"^^L-*gf*P- TO A OERTLRMA*. roraar of WoSm"^^ l-?la?ton arena.. ??" a Raalleiuaii and mUt, uSl,? or or-e. Fifth -A BU,; T0^^;' ^ie"^;,.Tw'VUN."Sf'?R rw term, mnder.w; braakfa.1 if J. j?i , 'fl,,bl? rimiae: Niaih ?irea( ' " ?????""?? Appl, at 10 R??{ T? JKras?mr:;v >o>H- ApplytoMm. Baker, wi Tbl'd eJenai?'"' ,,r1,h??? T??;KT-A FURNISHED ROOM, To"?,T?,~h,~ ~ 1 ?hl? man with <* without B'WvA. al lMu Hi #,0* taanth eirwat, bat wee,, Sarenih "'??? 1" LET--A E1RNISBFD FARIAIR Ame avrtw, Waeeke'r BSff. ^ ^ rpo let-a nfatlt fubwibiird FROTr^too^ir.71. jU^s^^srswap'HS Tf^mmoS T.^^^i,V'S'?iVL"ir^ i TOW(> SPLENDID LARGE ROOMS?ONE FURNISHED tAimSssxtitis smbsm# " "* suite ot singly, for gentlemen. BnUft4 If deeired. 3*?*}*$IP BOOHS, with board, cam bh had >t to Weri Washington plan* RTBL AVENUE. NO. Bt?ONB LARGE BHD BOOM AND o a HtUof Renin to 1st. with flrit otaae Board. ?7 PRR WRBK AND UPWARDS FOR BOARD, WITH "T I dilute Room, at the Diipmil House, Hudson street, opposite St. Johu's park; also Boons, without board, $S per week and upwards. 13 CHARLTON STBKKT -A HANDSOMELY FUR nlshed snoond story I root Room and Bedroom ad Joining to let, with Board to_a small fa rally or sjpsrty ot geuUenteu; terms moderate Oss ami belli eo the I 1 C IRVING PLAOB, CORNER FIFTEENTH STRRBT? W Furnished Rooms, in suit or single, with Board; re 1Q UNION SQUARE, WEST 8IDB.-HANDSOMELY At/ furnished Rooms, en suite, with or without Board; private table If desired First elase references required. OOD HTRKBT. ?r EAST, NEAB MADISON SQUARE? LO Very desirable Furnished Rooms to let. single or en suite, at rsry moderate ralea to dastrable tenants. 29 WBBT FOURTH 8TRRRT?NIOBLY VTTRNISH8D Sen?d Fleer to let; three reecss; gee, bath, hot and MW8ST FtmtKNTH STREET?TWO FRONT Brums, ea fourth Seer, to rent, with Arst claas Beard. Releasees esc hanged. 37, BANK STREET. NEAR FOURTH?A FEW LARGE, steely furnished Rooms te 1st with Board , SB sad *3, per week for two. iaelading Are and gas. 39 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH sod Sixth avenues.?Three large nicely Furnished Rooms to let, with Board, suitable for parties of single a tlemen or geallemen and their wises. References required A<ey WEST SIXTEENTH STREET?A NEATLY FUR tiL niched hall ltoom on fourth floor, to lit. with first class Board, to alnfte gentlemen. References required. A WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH T'i sod Sixth avenues? HsndsoiuelT furnished Rooms to let, in ruita or singly, to gentlemen, without board. Terms moderate. A 7 WKST TWENTY-NINTH STREET?TWO VERY II desirable large fmnl Rooms, handsomely furnished, to lei, with Board, to families and single gnntlemen, at mode, rate terms. NO UNION SQUARE. CORNER OF SEVENTEENTH TtO street To lei. with Board, ? Parlor and Bedroom on the second lloor; dinner at ? o'clock; references exchanged. A Q EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, CORNER OK itl Fourth avenue?Rooms, with or without Board. Bath, gas, dr., In the house. References required. CI WEST FORTY-FOURTH BTRKF.T, NEAB FIFTH t'l asstiiie?Room and Board for two lu an uaexoeptlon able neighborhood. $SS per week. f?Q WKST THIRTY THIRD (STREET. - SELECT l/t? family Boarding House, recently titled up; entirely newly furnished Rooms, with or without Hoard, at moderate prices, from $7 to flid). 7FIFTH AVENUE, NF tR DKLWONfCO'S?ROOMS II./ newly aud kaiidmmety furnished to let, en suite or single; also Parlor floor to let; meals if desired; references exchanged. 1 Aft JUST TWENTY-FIRST STREET (ORAMERCY A1/71 Parkl?Suits of elegantly furnished Rooms, suitable for u large family, wtth Board; house and location lirst elase. Prieste table If dosired. 1 An NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY-TO LET, Al/U witli Board, one Room suitable for two yentlemeu; alro one single Room. Beferenoee exchanged. m FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTT SECOND street?Newly and handsomely furnished Rooms, with bath rooms eommuuioaUng, for gentlemen only, with out board. FIFTH AVENUE?FIRST CLASH HOUSE, newly furnished throughout, one suit. Parlor and one or two nmlroouta; fine double and single Rooms tor gen tlemen. 'Table Al. 30fi &S* bLm8TRJ?W-ft'KOTI.HKD one doe. w,t of Henoad BOAHD A\D I.ODGIJrG WAlfTKD. ^sat?5spi? L0? "* ^d^MboY __ ?i.i AN * CO., M Ubertjr atreet. room 2* I WAKTEX^VlTV OR ssssyr* wuhou(oh"^ - & __Eif;li * amdrkWk 5SkS;m?"" ffi'weWrSStTSitrnSHiKn" ?n',cuB.?r*b'.t SSsS.S?w1 b<>* 'J6ft l'oat aooee lireuty-Qftti atreei. Addre? R?*?1 WARTFD-HY A UKHTLKMAIt AVI) trtJT I ?ynui '??? "Kir's!,?',?'mf '""" 1 per week; &re* and r*? AddM^tijSSei2Iltiuei0*YlJK* partlo?Uni.bO,r?7SpoatXrV.^iS5^^,!^1 r?? ' |E^S?sS| Herald oflinT Addreaa, wuu real name. Henry, g?pagg^H?^ B?wiJDt^^r^r?v?TB;EK OEXVLEHE*. WHO belween Tmrthand t^imIT *,,d1 ro?? ">; lw?'?|v T' "" fin are no other E?r3aP? "^L i," *'i!Lr J**"??- *bere Pnor and din net In llie lalddlnii' 7h. ' i *aiT" ?r full particular a, M. M &tr&A UOARD WAKTKD-H; TWO LADIES WHO ARR a\ &B?uSS^sv^ l be Fitl aide preferred. Addreaa M. CTT itoikmR B?r.?rT,?? WAJOTD?FOR TODffo Kjrw uriiray S, ffl^gT&SYrjSg1 Addreaa Hoard BTO aUnda 4K BB '"PfD OH SSSSSfr''05 'S^ aatlen oilFre?r-d7rMr5lt ra^mA* r*flM#r "r tor P*bU T"w!?h *2*Rm, mffnd JT'S ,k,fT(? BR ACOOM MODATRD a?reet Add,*.. ^.^IfoSlTj&w "?'??? of Tealh W48T*gc3X. A TOUKO HENTUMAX. A WlCEf.T la inxl nelrtiXirhrKS rir!ll J.n^* reapertabta hense bo, (^e^.ra r^J nllW ' * mud''r?l- AAdrraa WA2m ^IJJL0 "IS? OBNTLKRFW IK SCAT *"0?k wt?|?*?lll?^, *22Yr *' '??? *' * mod,rnl" peine, a "KV^rsi.1^ Una and AiSop^ daw 'i ,^'^|o^oa~?"AAHoaa, I W*!52lfJ^Db^r^*117ATIL!d*ILT'OB ?*R sfcawrSSSS3^ ?assii2.? w*r.r r^*^rbi^b"~ two ?m tHMJWTBY BO AMD. hotel*. V^.CT.y'? BE*BOIC"t JTRWtr, HEAR DRLah^a,^ sssfiESSi mONTINB HOTEL, ON THE EUROPE A If PLAN, Wt Lss&i iswrt^a^iBterija CITY RICAI. BITATK BOB lUJ. Am T !i#Fourth avenue, THE REAL ESTATE CIRCULAR Kcorrected, published weekly nod mailed free by STAN LEV DAY. No. 38 ready to day. A HOUSE FOB HALS?FOUR STORY BASEMENT brown etoee front, on Murrey HIS; possession Deo. 1. TOWN BEND A SEARS, 318 Fulton at. room No. 7. Am BARGAIN.?WB HAVE FOR SALE TWO LARUE double first class tenement Honses In Pest Fourteenth street, paying nearly 3d per oeat en the price asked. They must be sold. URMY A COPLAND, 410 Fourth arenue. AT 7(8 THIRD AVENUE-TOR SALE. A NUMBER OF eery desirable three and four story high stoop brtck and brownstoee Houses, at almost eU prices. Just suppose you call up and get particular*. Office hours 7 to 13 M. nod 4 to 7 r. M. JAMBH BOWS. A NICE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUHK, la excellent condition, all Improvements, Thirty-fifth street, west of Eighth arenue; $11.(VP. GEO. W. FRENCH, m Ninth areoue. A SSMRSU'm A' % N KLKWAHT FCHTR fTBET KM STOOP M?WV ?. stoue House fornaln, on Murray H1U. Mar Park are nun. built by day's work, under constant supervision of owner, e practical mechanic. Neither labor nor eapenae pared to aeon re Ant class material and srofkmaaahlp. ei ins accommodating. Immediate possession. FISH A BLTVKW. 35 Pine street. A FIRST GLASS EXTRA LARGE FOUR STORY hlglieteop corner Hons*, on Madison avenue, Murrey HIU; others on Murray Hill, furnished and unfurnlshril. $30,000 to $100,'WO; some with stnbt-s. ' W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. A?BROADWAY PROPERTY FOB SALE. LET OR

? lease, 35*300. corner; also 80(335. running through to (?alayctte plscr; two Stores on Broadway, near Southern Hotel; also Hotel to let or eeU. THOMPSON, 750 Broadwsy. A FOUR STORT BRICK TENEMENT HOUSE-IN One o-Anr, 25(54(100, Thirty.second street, user Ninth avenue. (lt.UOO OEO. W. FRENrll, 238 Ninth avenue. \N ELEGANT THREE KTORY Hl'lH STflOP BROWN stone House, complete order, all improvements, Forty third street, west of Sixth avenue. (IP. 0)0. GEO. W. TRENolf. 238 Ninth avenue. A NICE TnRKE STORT HIGH STOOP BRICK IIOl SB good HubneUar, ell Improvements, excellent order Twenty sixth street, Deer Eighth uvenne, 39 frit). OEO. W. FRENCH, SM Ninth avenue. BKOADWAYI BKOADVYAYt BROADWAY I For sale, live of the best corner properties. The largest parcels In the markot. The cheapest parcels In the market. Several desirable Leases. Owners on Broadway desiring to sell or lease would advance their Interests by consulting the undersigned. F. J. KENNEDY, |13 Hroadwsy. JillCnTH AVENUE LOTB-ABOVE THE CENTRAL U Park, including several corners, at low prloML Apply to JOHN Mct.-l.AVE/44 Pin# street EIOHTH AVENUE STORE PROPERTY?WEST SIDK? For tale, two first class brown stone Houses. 35x50x109, built in the must substantial manner; terms easy. Apply to the owner, ou the premises, 785 Eighth avenue. For bale?a new two htory frame house. brick basement. Possession. Termsessy. Inquire on lbs premises, IMth street, near Fourth avenue. For balb-onf. of the most desirable real deuces in the city; locatljn Madison svntiue. nesr Thir ty-seventh street; in splendid order; Immediate possession, S. F. IRELAND. Jul Broadway. Fob bale-on Murray hill, a first class, ? foor story, brown stone House, In fine oruer; Immedi ate pov-exslou. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. For bale?'ix ypars- leahk. two lower Floors, 25t)09. Union square: desirable for any bnsl. ness; adapted to first olass family grocery; rent low. Also 4 yesrs' Lease of bouse In Eighth ward; six full Lots on f ifty seventh and Mlty-eizhtb streets. BRAD A BLLIH, 181 Broadway. POR BALK?YF.RY REASONABLY AND WfTH IM mediate possession, the four story brows stone House and Lot, No. 13 Ninth street, between Fifth anil Sixth ave nues. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. SPine street. (DOR BALK?ON WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, A r four story high stoop House tn complete oider. Price $30,000. JAMES K. EDWARDS. ?77 West Twenty-third street. IilOR SALE-CHEAP, ON THIRD AVRNUK, A FOUR 1 story corner Housn; one of the best locations on Third avenue. Apply to WM. rKTTRETCH, 421 Third avenue. lilOB SALE?POR $5,000 LESS THAN ITB VALUE, P a Tour story nnd hssrment high stoop brown atone House on one of the best corners on Lexington srentis; ts strictly tlrst class, and from $10,009 to $15.0110 cash only re quired; was btult by days' work, and It one of the best built hrusmup town ; sljte 21.8i50>t'JO.S, wlih a courtyard of 8 ft I 100 5, handsomely laid our. Apply to 434 Third areoue, be tWMU Thirty ssciond and Thirty-third streeii. POR HALF?IJ>TH ON BIXTB AVENUE, BOULEV ARD and othtr slreets. Improved property In Nlnih and FKiecnth wirds would be taken in exchange. Principals only address it. A. Ward, box 4,813 Font office. IilOR HALK-.A THREE STORY HIC1II STOOP BRICK ' House, in Tenth street, nesr Fifth avenue. Possession. Apply to DFV A CURT IKS 808 Sixth avenue. For hale-on both street, near fifth ave uue. s nen three story and basement House, built la the beat style with sU thntnodern Improvements. Apply to O. B. WILSON, VG Dusae street, up stairs. 1R SALE-THE FOUR BUILDINGS ON CORNER OF _ Thirty-fifth street and Klevonth avenue, with stores on flnt floor: welt vented, end paying a good income on the prcc asked for them. Apply to JOHN MoCLAVK, 44 Ptno r po r>R HALF-OH WALKER HI'R RET, 40il(? FEKT ? inches. uaar Church atreet. Apply to B. II. LUDLOW A CO., Ho. .3 Pine street. ________ For sale-valuable lots oh iuth street, between Eighth and Mloth avenues; aim on Ftfty-second. Ninety-ninth ,.nd loiKh street*. Apply at HOLMAN'H Real Kvtal- office, 1,354 Broadway K HAl.E-HhVFP.4L DESIRABLE THREE STORY hlah Ht'.r>f House*, iu good I'ration*; pr.< e* from $t>.UU0 to $13,flu Alao TenementProperty. R. it. HlHL. Ml Hltth a ran us. _ JIOR HALE?HOUSE AHD LOT 170 WEST roRTT eigh'h atreet. between Broadway and Eighth areime; lot SS BtWt; house three -dory (brick). In good order; price f.H.OWi; ooeee-mou tat May. Apply to BALDWIN A CO., Iirj Broadway. T.IOR HALF?A FURHISnKD HOUSE WITH ALL r modem im'-rorcmenta. Prtce $|g,3"? Peammton tat of Ma,-- nest. Addr" for permit 1L C., boa \>J5 Pout office. Fur saLB-tha huperior browh stork tuoh .Sloop llouae No. 8 Weal Forty-ninth alrert, UiilA, 1 itCi IflO; ii'vo No. H> Writ Forty ninth atreet, 15.6 front, 00 feet dfen. lot 16.5(100. Tha above houae* are bnllt in beat man uer :inil hare all the modern Improvements. For further l>*rtlenlar- inquire of O. AW. YOU SOS, I? Seventh uvrnue. LIOR f 4LR-OR WEST THIRTT-EIOHTII STREET, A r foiu ainrT brown atono English ha - "merit Hona In t'-oroupli order from top to bottom, rontali.lrg all the mod era lmpruren" uU; neighborhood uueaooptiuuablt; price $90,Bit; po?ae?*ii,n (rnntadlalely. JAM KH R. EDWARDS, tn Waat Twenty third at. IjtOR HALE-ON WENT TWENTY FIFTH STREET. A ' drat ciaaa tour etorv high atoi.p II u u ve HIOgHMid Or der, p-etliiy and thoroughly furnished; i-o?.<eealou iin.ned! alsly, neighborhood good. .IAMBS 1'. EDWARDS. 177 Weat Twenty-third Street tjlOR RALE-ON WEST TWKHTT RECORD STRFFT, A F very pretty four alorr brown atone English basement House reeentlv overhauled, palntod and frescoed In the lent manner: modeVa lm|-rove meats Price$14,000. l'M?-?-tot tmiuodlalelT AMKB V EDWARDS. B77 Weal Twenty-third atreoL IiKllt SALE?ON WE T NINETEENTH STREET. 4 $>?, 1 atnry lie use, 30*40; all modem itnprot entente; in Aral rale order; iwaeooatoo Hay neit. Prion $11,000. james b. edwards, tn wet Twenty-third at For hale-in fivty-pirst street, nrar lex. ington avenue, n four alorr high atcor underi-etlar brown atonei llouae. containing all modern oonventenope; f.d order; a tee. 11(454100; win be mid at a bargain and oa Vim> easy lerma. Apply at once to KILPATRIi'K. Hull's lie id Bank building. ________ POP. HALF CHEAP?A DOUBLE PITS STORY BRIO? Store and Tenement a Madlaon atreet, alee BtahTiSQ; renta for $1.0n0: prion only $I$,HQ, aud term* t>> ault. Quick, or yon will lr?e It. _ KILPATRICK. Bnll'a Head Bank building lilOR SAO* CHBAP-A YALUABLB CORNER. BBOWH J alone frout, oa Hemnth arenue. Price $16,000 term* easy. ParUculam With WM. H. ROOMR. m Wool Twenty Orel street POR HALE CHEAP FOB r AKH-rot'B LOTH NORTH sf the Path, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. Ap ply to OHO. OABLAN, Thirty .seventh street end Flrel ave nue, oar depot. |!OR HALE AT A BABOA1N, M WEST FORTY ' eereuth street, a brown atone front four story private House; all late Improvement*; possession given l?ee?mh-r 1; price $U m. Aim a Am assortment of ifidrnkla Houses, from fourteenth Meet to (totally of Central Park. Apply In 5 LtllHTHTOMR A OO , Real Ralate brotasra, d7T 51 (th avenue, corner Thirty-ninth atreet. BALK OR LEASE?THE TWO MOST DP _ able comers on Broad way, above Oreud at rest Ap ply to B. H. WOODWORTH. 15 Nassau street, basement. F?S IgHi iRTT-SFVEHTH STREET. NEAR P1PTH ATRNUK? r Ftns lour Starr high stoop brown Mono Il-mse, superior order also r?e three story Wowa eeooe Hons*, he'll* """* 'rysEV^ouiL'^ Rrvadway LUl ANK LI H -FOB ALE,"jlT VALU A Hli F Lot, between Broedwag awl Ohureh atreet: r-.KW, srw?3F sw jst Pine street. ? ^Tntrasnsruuns ,5 vr-^ Lota ts suit eewry purehaaer, la plota of ooe lot la whole '"ffUeewn Ineffied to sail at my odtoo and register their dScfRaaga^jTi1f ,Tffa HCTnT^hmleemu' ***** op"*?o? , ?**? ? BALK hlrty-sevomh street. A. P. Hard, m ImI?u street. Rwwr applbby, REAL B8TATB BROKER AND AUCTIONEER OtFICK 10 PINE ?TRl.ST. (Auotlon sales of all kinds promptly ?tt?uaod to), offers 2! SS1* "" Wlo win* property on favorable terme ? 2!J We-t ?th at., 3 story fc. house < a rour; k?t 3bxUB.. .$L3MJ SU West 21sl st.. Hi story brick; lot 34. 10?100 8.2SU SB M ffts.* ?u"T b- brluk House; lot 22x811 lf>.W? JWandMa Water at.. with Buildings- lot4C.6j.tlO 13J80 1288th nr., ?story Blot*; lot .13.790 Bitot 11th St.. op. at. Mark's, 4 s. h. s. br'k, 25' ,x5B*lil&. .3B.IX2I "tor*iproperty on Maiden lane, Peart. Front and Dunne ***? . n fosr Brat class Houses iu good locations up town wanted. Property of nil kinds wanted to sell. < fwners enu Ond a ready ante nl a market yalue by registering their prop erty at my offloe. TH,.RD ?Irnub HiWlM PROPKBTY.-THK POUR . _* 7. hft"* Htere and Dwelling 237, nest to Twentieth Ramae"a N?j* *",#f ground. Address Owner, box 33 TH!EE., HK4R 8EVENTY-NKTKM H m m5 ^ SitL?" ???T frame, Home for sale.?Prioe, $7,800; only $11,600 nub required:" RKMBHM APPLEBY. 10 Pine street. W ,L?. ?R,80,L1? *7 AUCTION, ON FRIDAY. THK te.^re'rfci?? BIdKRCKEU. 10 a- j lenjwjl UOTS -U1TAON TUB FIFTM ATRNPB 0 essd o? the stream near PUtli avenue, opposite to and 1 below the Uanlral Park For sale by JOHN MeCLAYK 44 Pt a e so not ? ? ? eivs V 'tWHT ItTORT HIOH NT OOP $10.500"^eni in ?M order; ?f*Jb^?|KgLA*D. BH Bnmdwey. : BROOKLYN RKAL ESTATE FOR SALE. DEKIRABLE BROOKLYN LOTS POR 8ALR CHEAP One on Clinton street, naar Amity; one on Amity, near Clinton. Met eln?* neighborhood. D. M aRTIN, 75 Warren atreot, New York. F OR SALE?VALUABLE DOCK PROPERTY, BIT ustad In Brooklyn, K. D.. on First street. South, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh streets nnd East river, each block being 300x360 feel from First street to the Bulkhead, with all the water privileges oinnerted therewith, together or sopsrste. For further particulars apply on the premises, or to HAi: BOI.l A HALSRYWt Besver street, N. Y. FOR SALE?THE FIRST CLASS THREE HTORT AND atUc brown stone House No. 81 South Ninth sireet, be tween Second and Third it renin Brooklyn, within three minutes' walk of the ferries being the residence of William Wall. Esq,; the house is S3 by 7$feet, well arranged built and finished In the very best manner tiv the owner for his own u?e, end is In e -mplate order throughout; let 60 bt (00 feet. 1 mm?dinte possession oan be had. For ticket* ton thejiroraUegand further pa-tlculars nnplj to K. H. LUU L .w A CO.. No 8 Pino street. New Yor' L'OR BALE?A DESIRABLE THREE STORY FRKNCM I roof brick Dwelling, on Vanderbllt areoue. between Fulton and Atlautio avenues; house 20x40, lot 30x1011; built In the l>e?t manner, and contains 18 rooms, hot and cold water throughout, range, water 'least* heater, vestibule doors sn.i In prime order; possession Immediate. Apply to WYOKOKF A LITTLK, Montague st-eet, near Court, Brooklyn. SALE OF VALUABLE LOTS IN TUB NINETEENTH ward of the City of Brooklyn nt auction, Friday, Novem ber 28. at the Brooklyn Citv Salesroom, No. 44 South Seventh street, at IS o'clock;?yottr Lota, 18 feet nine Inches hv 1C0 feet each, on the southerly side of Wtlsnn street, 800 feet east of Bedford avenue; sale positive; title perfeet; terms accommodating ti. W. KKL8EY, Auctioneer. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, BKAUTIPUL PROPERTY IN RCHENECTaDY - Hard soma House, in complete order; tine residence for any family;tneat excellent schools. JAQOKB, SOB Broad way, or JOHN 8. DAVIS, Schenectady. A BARGAIN?PARE OF 24 ACRES. WITH STOCK and crops; Scows. 3 horses. 3 hogs, 100 fowls, 3 wagons, 330 bushels coin. 46 do. potatoes. 30 >lo. burkwhi-at. 50 do. turnip": only S6.A)') for the whole; 31 in lies ride on the New Jersey Central Railroad; 1 rntle from depot Apply at No. 3 Forty-first street, near Sixth avenue. a GREAT ?^*IS;-*muAN5J ?iwof,nXr^<\'wr\u ?L JifperSor -w o,R bu rleniy of fruit; only look, $g?0J. buildm^ am -worth Km,m .fre?. room 24. A LA ROE FINE ITALIAN STYLE RESIDENCE AND outbuildings: large shad* trees and lmrns; fruit In abundance: St or 75 acres, excellent land, detdrnbly looated, one hour from Twenty-slain street; Weatcheeter count v cheap. W. P. BEY HOUR, 171 H;oadwa> . A SPLENDID WATER FRONT, EASY OF ACCESS, Urge bn'lrtlags. fount.*!':. Ac... *6,(100. 3(1 seres, atoni and crops, $A,(i"U; 156 acres, $15.00); 74 ncrea, $8,500: 40 acres, $5,500. All have good buHdings, fruits, nnd near New York. Othe' y#rau. W. It. ME LICK. 431 Broadsrav. An eleoant dwelling house and three acres of Land, five minuter' walk from <lri>ot, at New Brunswick; choice garden anil outbuildings: in comp'ate order. Alsr Farms-J03, im, 90. IB, At , acres. EDWARD 8. VAIL. WAKRP.N lUMtDBNBKROM, 5* Wall street. ALL WANTING FARMS. OOOD FARM AND W Lf.L PROVED FRUIT LANDS. Beautiful and thrlvtag aettlrraeat of TIVRLAKD, Thirty miles south of Philadelphia by railroad. Population 'n creased nine thousand people to foil'' vesrs. t.ood society, Schools and Chi.rnhes; LOW orchard* planted. Price $25 per acre, payable in tour years Village lata tor business and mannfactnrers also for sale. CUmate mild?perfectly healthy?sr'l highly fertile. IMPROVED PLACES ALSO FOR OR BALE. Addreaa CH \8. K. LANDIS. Proprietor, Vlueiand. Mew Jertey. Patera containing tn'ormation sent f Prom report of Solon Robin wn. Agi ioultiiRil BdHor of the Tribune:?"It la one of the most extanslve fertile tracts, in an almost level position, and suitable condittou for pleasant farming that we know of tuts able of the Western l*r?rics." Desirable land for salb?at pitiiolk. vk nango oonnty. Penntvivanla. About 113 sc.-es of eg. client Territory will be sold - heap and on envy terms. Fur particulars apply to C. P. CLARKE A CO., ibl Broadway. '??2J*5 I? |7K>R 8AI.F.?ONK Or THE VIKERT PARMA IK MEW r Jersey. 1*> *orc? r <ib loam ?o?l; two Dwelling* suit ? lutbutldiiur*'; fruit, A<\, In abundance; thirty-jvo arte* from Mew York; $t> 7VI. JOHN' WOOD A OO.. ? Liberty atreet. For sai.k?farm or td acrkb, dhhirablt lo rated, near depot, one hour from city, to Mow Jeraey. largo modern beilitiuga; prt><- lil.OUO. H. P.IRM.AND, Ml Broadway. EiOR RAl.K-OO AORKft LA MO IK MK.ATVON COITMTV. A Wlao.oaln, rtciniiy of Herman Hettlrmant. Will rail r!ieapora?< hange for rural tore. TRlCKI.AND A-WILLIAMS, MO Bfuadway. fou BAI.K-A LAROK MANl FAOTCRINO KSTAP llnhmenl in Poniirctleut, with Urge Halldlug? and Engine. 74 bono power, oil in perfeal order, raiuiMo for ?ny kind of naenofaeturlng bnatneea. Will be mid nt ? gram bargain If riant at once. Apply to W. A. OOIT, Mo. 4 J'ino atrnet. ? -y . , rR lAI.E-TW THE PRITTIHHT LITTLB CITT IK the Went < population MM***!, a Drug Rlore and Hurt, nera Property; n rare elianro for adragCM to get into fiwA bn?lne?? in a pie* ,nt pi nee to lite. Atldram l?t bl* H R'nbmona Portofllca. Indiana. GtOS SAbK, AT n'-'unuiiaaL>, n. awn. 1 ?? A minus *' ride from Mew York, a Owe H'Ulee, '"O acreu ground, with all llndaof rruil: ihianrpperty will ha hob! at a I org.In. Apply at IIOI.MAN'M Heal rotate, UN Hruadwar. I NOR SALE AT A CIRKAT BArtOAIB.-Rd.IW> ACRFH 1 beat quality Timber arid Pra'rie Land*, aituated in Oaaap count* Kau<aa, watered by the Oaage rirer aud trib utanee. Thl* bodv of land Ilea within thlitr mllen at tha Eat Union Parlfle Railroad route, wtik li paaae. through wreace and Tnpeks. The I-eavunworth, Lawfeerr. Port iiibaen and flaler ton Railroad la being lonated through three land*. The* hare been netertert with great .-are. In ?lew of their adaptation to agricultural and rraiiug our. poaea, and are well limbered aud watered. The. will bo raid in trarta of lt.000 arn-n, but prefer* trie wIR be gitna |o P'irrhaaera far the a hole. Addrera Perry. Fuller A Co.. *1 liroadway. Mew Tort. LhiK KALB AT A BAHUAiM-OK TUB LIMB f?r TOR A Uarlf in Radioed, and Hall a aiita Irom iiartow n*er, a brtok Hull,lira four itoriar high, with good, dry oMthr. aite of building. 108140 fget, With fife lota of gfourig IH>, I UP feet; a tillable f..r a factory. Inquire of JO/IK H. DUNHAM, III to lit Kant Thirteenth atreet POR rUI,K. ORAMOK. M. J -A FINK CKJtlDPMl R. with ait arraa; hotter of If renaa: *tnl? and carriage honaa fruit. An. Addreaa hot tJHt K. T runt .,?oe rE*cnAMnr-roR wk*tkr* land or ou?>d old Can .1 Itoata, a llutei iM rooms) no the Mound, oa tween Stamford and Norwalk Priee AA.DO#, no laen Ad. dreaa bot IM Pnatofna, South Norwalk. tlone. VALUABLE r tRMS HOUHKM. LOT* AMD Bl'ILD lag HI lee la one of the (jro-el eeotiuBa of Now Jeraey, for Mleby H. C. NEKR. Boat Keel# Agent, Faaeaeit, Iter gen. N. J. Mid ion At 1 be h or lakd in thk vicinity or ft lata., n'a new hotel Long Braafb, for Mia or earhan.e for a Oral olaaa DaraQlag la the rtoiniir of Murray Hdl. Addraaa Bowhar, bat II Now Torh Peei uBea ~~~"mitAiri^ATBe WARTRO. rOWMRBft orWRAL p.htate -wanted, eritatr reeideooee and good tenement property far ra?h rua temere tddrras with partteulara, tlaorgaW. Preoeh. MR Ninth arenno _____ __ WANTED?A IIALP LUT IK AK IMPROVED l iSlAI. ity of Orarawood. Addrora, atet ng "ituaUoo Ac., Oraaawood. Iloratd tHoA jj Wartkd to pcbchahb-a .ifwin n?rd cwt. 1 age or brtah Hodle. with two or mora Lola; lor.tlon near Praapeet Park. BrooHrn. Addroae. with full parUon lara. h.waat ||r,oa |p., J. H. BanineJIIeuiiinn llnial. Party. W~"~ AMTKIi. Ti > JKTT, IMHSDlAWij^nUTAJB <M A Mamant Hotwa. In ?nf pail of the elty of New Turk, In rnlaalhiB Tarring from H.**' t? tlA"08 1'waera wlU tdeaag add rem Mr. Kinaalaud, Men.'al'a Hotel. ...roaOfce try and Ilarard atreet. WS WMT TO rcit'H ARE f.K AKRKOLD PROPER# in t M ATCHRN. JEWILRT. AC. PEAKEniLD^A CO., JRWELLEltd, Mt MIXTH nue, earner ronrteamta frael. and Hit Righth are. >r Iweaty-alilh atreet. rraotrmeud th-rir One along AfR?W WT lAEaB. A^^SSsSSU^^KKSV^ fully and newly furnished, with BesUufant nod Bar# roonu, wit I* Loom TpOMPBOM, 7U Broadway. ?treet, room Ho. 1 AH MEAT. POULTRY AN|> VEOKtABLK MAKKKT Hj, situated on went tide. now doing a good cash trade* good ahanoa tor an entarprl/ilng man. I BEOWM JMMM| IMj Broadway o (Tared. 4BBBg3^sara? TMOADWAJ8TOM. WITH LEASE?A BOTE UNION D square, Second floor, elegant and -rr'ni. aultaMe for millinery or any MMl t&e; prig,BUHmmS plaoe tn the olty. Apply lo WALLER A BRUSH. ? Ok*? liont street. room So. L. , DHBUO STORK, LAROB, WKLL flTTED DT AM?, M stocked. for sale aheap. Apply at id Preeawtoh ar. j^BUO TBATIWa HOUSE AND OTBFBS M MeduSSfT'** *"%. S. MoMAHA FBaNCY OOOOft?THR STOCK. FIXTURES AXE OOEE I Will M a well established f ?ao> dood* Mora, In a read locality, will be aaid obese for eeah, aa (be nroprletar bna other business, and eaanol attend to both. Wui sen Ihr Sn turea and good add sopseals if dsaleable. Apply ad M ElOR SALE?THE STORKS St AED S9 WH T street, aubjeot la a Lease of three and a I Apply to T. If. RODMAN, No. ? Whitehall street. BALL pr iory, any , plaoe, np stairs. 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