Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1866 Page 3
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WASHINGTON. " V-'--? liMstfeat!?M ?f the Congressional R?tr?|chMBt CamnHtee. jS^.iUwica^ n^ ft)i|?)ar Dmlopmcnti in tie Workings of the New York Custom House. POLITICAL BLOOD MONEY. lite Collector Making Forty Thousand a Year Out of the Office. Ac. Ac. Ac. WasHmcroN, Nov. 31, HAS. The Retrenchment Committee-Invcatl?atlon el the Work low* ef the New York Cuetom ' Uoeoe?Htrnntrc Development*. ?'ne Committee on Retrenchment, during their sewoon Ik.New York, thoroughly Investigated the affaire of the Nee York Custom House. Some very singular things were brought to light during the investigation. It appears that el) the clerks connected with the Custom House were Used at the rate of (tour dollars per month for poUtlc*) purpoee*. Those who refused to pay thlsamount were Immediately discharged. The Collector bin been ?taking a very handsome sum in connection with the bonded warehouse system. It was proven that the Colleotor Is making now out or bis office the hand some sum of $40,000 per year. The commit foe wee in soetrton here to-day Investigating the oolton frauds. Quite a number of witnesses have tveen cuhpctnaed In connection with the above frauds upon the government. The report that the twenty clerks dis charged from the Pension office was made at the instiga tion of the oommttteo la totally untrue. Thev were dis * barged on aooounl of the decrease of buelDees in that department. The White Houee Visitor*. The White Rouse was to-day graced with the usual ?umber of visitors: Secretary Reward and Senator Weettlth bad Interview* with the President this morn Iglg. Congressmen Taylor and Spalding called during the day. The New York Naval (Ullcc. General 8/ocum is mentioned here as tb# probable sue eeaoor of General Dig In the position ol Naval Officer at Wow York. Tke Internal Revenue tlominlaaloner .Muddle. Colonel Mpooner still clloga to the hope of Oiling the Pfoltlon of Commissioner of Internal Revenue, notwith standing It is currently rumored that he baa withdrawn ften^tbe congest. In caae or removal Colonel fipooner <r!U bo appointed. lifted State* .Marshal for Ohio. IJi* Mend* of General George P. Estoy have united to HNtJjjm for the position (f United Sletos Marshal for \R Northern district of Ohio. Financial Matter*. Tho receipts from Internal Revenue to-day were $743,104 Prom the first of the year to October 81, in elusive, tke iqoOtne has amounted to $123,231,893 Dur ing the present month the sum of the receipts to date u $18,884,848. The statement of the business transactions or the Phil npelphl* Mint for the month of October shows the foi Swing:? fifidaad silver deposits $823,893 field eoiaeg# 760,282 River eolnege 68.683 Oepper coinage ' 117,600 Total f 021, ATS (l?ll?ell?o ol Direct Tax In North Onroltnn. The final aeoounte of tbe commission appointed to col Ififit Ibe United States direct tax In tba State of North QarolIoa have boon eabmltted to tbe Treasury, and show that over foor hundred thousand dollar* have boon col lected at a small expense to tbe government. The reslg patlone of the commissioner* have been soceptcd, to lake street December 2, by wblch time It la sxpected Rkal most If not all of the commissions fbr collecting Ike direct Ux will be cloeed. Oironlar from lbe Preedmen'e llnromi. The Gemnbsioow of the Freedmen ? Bureau Iim tinned a circular relative to contract pt.yeiriauH Tlia IbDewlng attracts are of general Interest Tfben oootract le ina>le with a private physician tbe required oatb of allegiance most accompany llm du Eite copy sent to thle offlce, unleea the piivslciao em ed baa formerly been io tho service of tba Bcr-au the oath has bceo filed In tbo oQoe of tbe chief medical ofHeer. Aocoobta for pay arising under tbe contract should be made at the end of eerh month, certified by tbe com ftaoding officer ol tbe post or suo district under whose directions the services were rendered, aod then trans muted to the Sorgoou-ln-Chlef of the diatrlet for bis approval. Tbe chief disbursing officer of the district will tben, on the order of ibe Assistant Commissioner, nay tbe account, deducting the Internal revenue lax. Immediately on th* annulment of a contract the Burgeon-In Chief will direct tbe Aottng Assistant Purseon l? forward at ogee to the t hlrf medical officer a return ft property, with the proper receipts and Invoices. If fit Is In oontemplattoo to annul an exlatlng contract before tbe middle of tbe ensuing month the Burgeon In Chief will not approve tbe account for tbo current r ib?that la, for tbe month Imtre dlately preceding espected termination of tbe contract? onifl the re jpsirad certificate of aon-indebtedneee le furnisbed to Fealanlens RmHsIvis. Fenian lam appears to be reviving In ibis city. Ton Sid arable sums of money have been raised and for Warded to New York. Meetings are being held In public end In private and are attended by many of tbe leaders af the Brotherhood Takan together with tbe amuianeea tt these who pretend to know tba nature and extent of the present movements, tbeea indications would seem to portend early aod vigorous action In some direction Personal. Major Oeneral Jobs fi Faster, Amietanl I'nmmtsetoosr af the Freedmen a Bureau in Florida, la expected to or ?tee to the city wltbln a day or two. He baa been sum moned btlber by tbe Commissioner of Freedom's AWoth on tmrlnsas eooeeeted with the Bureau. Oeneral C, A. Beekaaan, formarly Colonel of tbe Ninth Mew Jersey Volunteers, ta at tbe Metropolitan. He will hove an interview with the I'reeident in a day or two m roforenco to appointments. Hon R P Spalding, of Ohio, bad a lengthy IntersIsw WMb Ibe President thle afternoon. Meewnetdrrtstlnn of an Appointment. The appol ntment of Mr Harrington an Collector of the Third district of Indiana, It la said, la to be reconsidered Another applxaat la here urging his claim to that pool Men, aod tbe matter '? now under consideration by the President and the Secretary of tbe Treasury ?oseresfsl Have of a l.leulrnnnt end Tsnrn ir-lvr Men Annlnel n Party el TsrssSIng Indtwne. Henoral Ordeta No 20, issued by Major (if t.eral Ooote, cetnmaou ng tbo Itepartment of tho J'alie, on aeenceo to the otnoors Of tho department that 'l>eu tenant ?1eorgr A. Armeo, Petoed t'nttrd Mtaiee cavalry, howig sent with twenty Use men of hie reglmrn*. from Port fedgetdh, tvwobor 3a, In pursuit of a srar party of Bloat Indian*, which bad driven off the previous day several hundred head of stotk. found and folk wrd Ihoir trail, under tbo diglcultlos of eraser g two ? do livers (forks of the Plaits) sad of darkness, utnety-rtght an'lee. frlm five o'clock A. M to eleven ?'i look t M surprised Ibe party, Instantly attacked, hilled nod woueded easily all of tbe r sips rim numbers . al lured twenty tiro Indian b' rses, bsrno<i their .amp aid brought ofl safely meat of tbo stolon SVjcIu" (Itn'rsl lieutenant Armeo eg tho tuccrse of bis saeveaiont nod urgm other omcora of tho dopoM ?soul who rury te despatcbod upon tlm'iar tniarione to to Imitate energy and ability Few ri nblc Disposition wl I'fe Inslfnne, Hupetsntoi.dsni Martin, under data of Afith ultimo, ?dvtoou tbo t'omu. antnuer of Affntrs that be has Jaatturuwd from distributing government roods to tho Chpote and Bamaoeh* 1,'ien. He found the ludianr pane able and well disposed and greatly gratified w lb Thoy ett rasaod W.Hr Intention to agreemoat made u'tb the Foperiu mouth before, end Julian, tfco i ?r*wo ohief, ths kill tag of whom brother r baaed ltd gwwiloos diMewtty, now expressed bimseW as fully satis ded The huperiatendent also tba fart that Hrnea'er.a. tbe the et.lef, whore moveaiseU caoaed nswek approhentdon lately, bad surrendered to tba United Males authorities aad returned lo I ho sgsncy In lb# Nevfbaaet Agent Henderson had been sett to that I 'e take ebargo of I ho Indians until tho pre per I ebo'l arrieo The I'plww faeMr Railroad. Thoimo of route ff tho Oaten PeeMk railroad, Racists #vMun. hdsmg bona URgn fkgm the BsgehMsaa .7* t* tk* BagKMTtad Recetvfc a? Junotte City, ftw, to ramro soma one mill ion j Ms hundred thousand MM or ted to MUlsaaont entry under tho Pre-emption end Homeetoed in;^ the Register end Receiver nt Brownsville, V<?breeks, to restore about one million dve hundred tboumnd scree. The restorstlon does not meke the a0bj?ct w ul( nt private entry, but oc^ fenders them ecreseible to liiusl afttWrT " Another Prltf Fl?ht-While vs. Roister. Another prize figbt will shortly take plan* bet wren White, the victor of the Ugh! on Tuesday last, and Bol ster, a well known pngtlist. Treasury .Notes In the Arnontlne Republic. The I'nltad Mateo Consul at Ruenos Avrss has sent to our government a copy of the law of the Argentine Re public authorizing the national executive to emit treas ury bills to the amount of (4,000,000, with interest at three fourths per cent a month, for the payment and amortisation of the interest an additional Impost of Ave par cent Is put on all Imports, excepting such articles as are comprised in article three of the present Canton House law. and two per cent pn all exports. The treasu ry bill* are to be received In payment ar all custom bouses in the republic. THE FENIANS. A I.Mftl Appenl for Arms. Munition*, tied >1 onn for the Irish Republican Arm v. At a meeting of tho Centres and delegates of tho Fenian Brotherhood, of .New York and vicinity, held at the Apollo Rooms, Prince street, on Sunday evening, the lfith November, instant, the following resolution and so 'ompanying appeal were unanimously adopted. Tliey have been approved at thoCeniral office of the .Fenian Blothorhood and will apply with equal force to every circle of the Fenian Brotherhood iu America. The inter change of opinion- at these meeting* has enaurod har mony of notion, eliciting many impor'ant suggestions pertinent to the present crisis yi Irish revolutionary affnire: ? Rc-olved. Thai the Centre of m l, nr. le of tho I'" H. In New York. Brnokli n, teracv Pity snd vi, Inltv, bo luat rooted to scud ? comiultiee of their atdeai and promlnant members, to each house In tlis localities In tvhlrh Its etudes may ho situated, and eolu froan every Irtshmuu, and tho lovers of liberty of *11 nationalities, arms, munitions and money In uldnf the revolution n'umt to be Insugiirated in Ireland, and thai the nsmes of thnsc ?uh?. , ibing for the purposes referred to, and those whn. being Irishmen, mar refuse to contribute, tie written on a hook of record to tie kept f..r II.St purpese iu the t'enlial oftice. No. 19 Chatham street, for future refeience, etui thst the vtews of this mee-uig may he ols'-ed before 'bo world by an appeal to lie pub lished herewith. ihk armal To tub MfcN or Incur Birth ash am. I/ivm* or I?a runiti ap IvhTirimoxa rvrnvwiixn*:? Counirynien. friends and brothers?Kvorv Item tif In formation reaching us from Irolnnd proves it to be certain beyond at! question that our countrymen at home ire determined on war?war to the knife, and that this verv year. The fins! struggle of our people with the foreigner will be soon inaugurated; tho oppressed will meet tho op pressor foot to font to battle for tho very existence or our race and of our nationality. The Issue is patent. Fltherwe must succeed in this our Anal struggle nnd take our place among the nations of the earth or he defeated?to be scattered broadend, as a people despised, pointed nt only with the finger of scorn and ready to do battle for evorv country bat our own. To the Irishman in America sneh an eventuality cannot fall to suggesi the profoundoet emotions. J he degradations to which Ills kindred have been subjected for centuflea -the Sacrifices of g people offered as a holocaust at the snrmfi of despotism; the many miseries entailed by foreign domination? are to be washed away In the blood of the . enemy. 9r live a perpetual curao fo cur defeat The wrongs of the past, must be righted by the manhood of the present. A nfttloD which Will not make sacrifices Is nnworthv of freedom That ts a blessing which --annul he loo blghlv prised by any |>eop)e; tt Is one of the holiest gifts which God can bestow on man. And wltut greater sacrifice < an be required of a people to gain tbat Mossing than thai of ltfo and ovnrylliing they hold most dear? 'hir coun - trymen betag resolved to debt against an old, an Intol erant enemy to wipe out the vtigmn of slavery, they risk life, property ell, ret the struggle. ItwiMbero the eternal credit ordlsgra 'e of their kindred In America If this struggle he a glorious or disjeirous one?tf Ire land be a laud crowned by the laurels ol a v irlorto-.s army or reduced to the condition of an Immense wilder newt and charncl hour#. Rhotild revolution ut Ireland end In defeat, should the Inod he saturated wiihtho htood of freedom'* martyrs shed In vain, let those In America who could, h it would not, aid in llio freedom of their native land h<>ar lite humiliation and shame. That the lukewarm .-nil skeptical may no longer have an o\co*e for not giving that as-istancn to tbctr compatriots at home which I- expected from them, we deem ttourdutv to place oor view a tefnre Hie e orld Advocates of universal liberty, but c.-P'"lally of liberty In Ireland, we hai e re solved to do all In our power to sustain th> se of our kin dred wbo keep garrison at home, that the atrugcle. now so lmmln< nt, may bo short and effective, we appeal to all oujr k inured In A men a men end women, and to the lover* of freedom ov<rywhere, to give what onr brothers require. That. no one claiming to havo Irish blood in his vein" mav have any longer an Ox<u-e for not contributing In po portion to blsmesna, a committee of geotleinen. proi criv accredited, will call u|M>n all from whom eld n exported, n permanent record of alt tlitSbe who wtt do their duty to irclaod it ?o ??> portant a crisis as Up* flay bo kept for future purporea, as wall lis those wbo by thair non action wish It to ho recordc-l as their opmu n tbat our race at last ts con quered, the oowwilMees instructed to no Vol arm-1, war material and money for the use of th-- Irish republican army will hand In their lists weekly, at the central office, Chatham street, in tbm city. In the name of liberty, iualice and lr men iv we appeal to all. on behalf of a suffering, but nohle-tti'nd'd iieople, to ?oh crlhe iberally and at once lecture hv Ike R?v. Kwlker Vkm*bun an llie P??l nnd Prcu-ni Wrnnsa ?) Irrlntil Vivid I'lrlurr of ?'?I?-It "liuriilr, ?V<*. Tho Rov. father Jrromlili Va'ighin, late of count? Clare, Ireland, delivered a |Ktan> iMt ?Tlilg|, In Ihr ??rge hall of the t.'o-iper Inr'itnM, oo 1 Rrltlah Mteru'c in Ireland The had although not crow-led, way prouy well filled AC eight o'clock Father Vaughan ?i> Intro doced to tbe meeting and received with imaeeilo i? domonatraliona of ipplaua-- An aoon aa order hud twe-n reatored, and after l-owlng hie tnanka to thnpeopie t|,e reverend lerturer aeid that It nfhrrded him great delight In meet an large an nnldtenre of ht? myintrymen. It > oh vineed bun that they atill regarded their native land wi'b earneat and deep eealed devo ion The very fari that they were able to aaremhlo together in n ti reaia-name nuntoere flkewtee ewnired Itim that tbe purpoae or in*, land in driving them ont had been debated Rngland had hoped Uiaf, ey|k d to 'ftto country, they would anen hoeonae aberrhei' Iti the eh mrnta around them- that they would ceve in bo Irteh and, aa a matter of - our* . ceaee to lie an oh lent of terror or annoyance Ho >a? wilh plea-ore however, that tn ill" country -bay )iad pre*or?eri thr.'r natWmaUiy and thai they wire eiill It tali to the Ik.t ? low. that tliey w? re n powerful element In their adopted land, ami were eldl a Jiiet rane# of fear In the Mldier. hay on. The time tr, rtlt come and he hoped would eoou rode, when, aa they had heen driven eut wHh a rmt gennrt, tli'-y wot Id go hack with a vengeance. (Up merloua applau?e and ? beer* for gr pb'tia | It lied alwaya reuae-l b'm pa n to heboid a fl?e rare, aucb ea that they belonred lo burned and branded like the flr?t murderer, fain and drlt en fertb to wander like raga honda orer tbe earih If the ami of Ireland were har ren and the etttnale unnatural. then Indeed be might reconcile intone" to the eyodua and IwDiabmenl of ineli a people but hiking into a-rourit the fertility of tbe lelaod tne phraieal endurance and lnd not rial energy of the tnhahitanle, their haoiabment Cm their native land moat be a yource of drop and ler regret to every Iriahrovn (flreet aptSWae ) ine Itieh people won Id have iieen provpero " at home if )uat and good government bad jeni>.lt?vl llo-m to have a fair held for the development of their energiee la lhi? roaulry ta every oraoch of civil and ronitnerciel hfh Iri.lunen e* eelled all other mora of people. Tliere *H no more feftile land inder Ihe ann than Ireland If It ware com pared w m any e^ual |4irtb<n of thia r,minify it would '.a found that It' far ogee!lad It la fertility. .And yet, although here the people olitafned with e|,r an ample aum?M?r r tbe people of Ireland ware ateeped In tbe deeper, po\ er'j and ?lad lit raga The rearm. of tbe dlffetemv waa plain Ireland ??? an oppn- a d and anataeed land fhe whole rule ? f Rowland in Ir-leud, from ihe Unit in\a-i-iu of the rot>ber murderer Haxor to the | reeent tla.n ha' been i ne of trlarule. lie- erlla with wbleb the Irlah people bad hean . .reed by the Fngt ah role were n? n-imf *?wn ?? the ay!" contained tu I'aadofa " boy Ifc w? iId notice tlr?t Ihe m "rule of I aglieh '?? Mitilt; there we* nothing that 'tamped Ita ntoya: grand, -jy u|? n ? (-eopta 'Ike the b.w? 'bat governed 1t If the law-?#<" mild ?nl 1 ??' and merrtfel. then Ihe people reltccteu frttlif-dly mete beneftrent ehamrter If, on the etlaeg band, the tawe were nrwel and tn|ew.. their malignant bf i'Ur alno imprlnte I 't?elf in Ihe life of the T- .rvte Ife an ept law ? of Ireland, before l?.a bayoo I- autre! bia loot upon her ami, were eminent ly wiee ai.d mat. Tlevinfor-ed the practice of hrop ? ttiily. the -nl'-taln of mu-i- pcry ?*<' I'lemi ire, ami eib ot'ed a lev en r"i ?rd for tin- aeourily of prop erty and the eon ? <g women lo ??eb a degr'a w,.? the popn ar m ed'if Ireland I aal'tad and elevated by the enforremeet of tbeae Wiee ?o that wh'O lit l*atriek rtiru ta In-laed and apt-eared b?d?re lu aeoatore and preeenten <> them the got-p-i rf ? hrt't fr.fc.o'laute'v ?<.-< ? -? t III' Ir ,.t| ? bla '??? blrg", ai?-l iti an incredible -tiorv apa> n of t'tne Ib? whole i*i*rut en eonreetad Hut r n-e Knetaad lea <i?qrp*>d dotoiucm over Ireland, that 'inhappv,irv had boeo ceroed eitli tbe rliaa* node of lawa that eter d.agr-ced e b*mao f" ernmrrit. 1 here were three tinnga which Ig i law? w odd ?" eg w tti reaUoia -ere-'be ee. ijr.ty of lite of pmpefty aod of female honor Ihe Knaliah had never gtren theyn iew? aacurlng etttier father Va-.ghan t/.en read an eylean 'woe an ad<irenek> Ibipe Johti XXII appeahngtoh u< f-rr pmieefien aga-net the merotlaaa r-ppreaereh ?af tbeir fagon iraater* The addreea dev'Ctad vlmdly tbe tar rlt-la mMtlmn hi i?? . ountry at (bat time and anted that It wae a deetrtne then unirermliv accepted t-y Kijg'tahmen. and on* which bad *ven V-aeo tanght from the pulpit by Rngnah eeeleataatrc# that U wna no en me to kill ae irehmar father ?aught oontmuad by aaytng U>aa a trial had acttgnliy taken p-rne ta which two Kngltebmaa conncont of having ?< in rallied a rape, were reteeeed k?rane? the rle. H? wea enly en Iriehwemaa Amy Keglwhmaa eonM legally dvre away aa Irtabwtaw from hw land and egt t'e en it ktroeeif It wan e edrnn I# have any unart etai ratal lean with Irebman. It wan huh wenaen ta U>!( tjete of Ullage thai tbey or -1 T ,BJr? iTSLEFZ *??? PV* _. ? rtpuh ciuxanship, but wow 2J5P*. ?T'hl Justice even on thoao MM And wn? M UM, ta the reign of Henry IV , the poor Irish 1 *?!? >?*" U,e oooniry, ? Uw was ansciad prohibiting '-Uj# further departure of lbs Irish enemy. " In the course of centimes these unnatural laws have been to a certain extent modified, a? ciTillxalion and en lightenment hare advanced; but though not Enforced tb,m ?*y y'1 1,0 f?"b<l unrepealed on the English statute books. You may think It bail taste In tne, perhaps, to be reviving thane barbarous outrages upon justice and humanity, (hut at the present hour there Itis code of law. regulatiug the llve-t mid Ijh'ru^H of thoirim people *n<t impo*?l bj Rnghah miirulr* m jnlquitou* tDd cruel a* ?ver d'waceU the aanalx of manhood. The reverend lecturer n?re etplmned the preieot law of ejertruerit. wujch be staled had swept throe hindred and twenty-sia thousand families, o*rn pri^Jng two millions ol people out of Ireland, from the J*** |*faent time. That was a fair illustia ttOtt of tne monUfou* revolting and diabolical chara t r ?! li 5 '2 Under such circumtiatK es M was thn duty of ev?nr IrtohmAii to < ombine aud revolt f'1"? legislation It was wonderful to remark the slight effect centuries of wtckodlv un|>ist and cruel govornmsnt had produce.! on tho Irish character Ho believed that none but the Celtic race could have withslond u.h withering influence* for '? was onlv owing to Ihe tenacity of the (, elite nature I tint they |.<..-<?**<?| at the present time a greater amount of public and private virtue than anv ]-*! thern take, lor instance, the Irish o, ,7^r.!? Yf0 V ?"Jr" *1 the driven snow; in married life, liter, lawni's wife, above suspicion. I,?t lliem take. again, ll.e Irish rbarsctor for generosity. It was considers! a crime in Ireland for a man to dine <!!!?Tbcu, again, let them take the laci ibat the Inahmcn in thiscountry In lstrd transmit Of r-v!n'Lm ,c<Hl"trv lh" enormous Ruttt Of C300.0I10 What volumes that fact spoke for their sense of i;i?t ,,?tv Ani, ? ris cut strug'le ih" North and the >onlh the irishmen had nobly vind rated the strength of their de rot on to their adopted I/.ml. He hoped, before Hod. ttiiii lbey would soon give si unmistakable pront in their 'iwn country of their love of lilirrtv. (Immense ap. planer ) lather Vuughett then gave a skotci. of tho famines whiclt have s . frequently desolated Ireland, and referred particularly to that of '47 and '4S, of which he wait himself an eve-witness lie mi el that Ihe Irequent nkj./l*1" *. , famines was an irrefutnhle proof of British nii-rule; suit so long as the English despotism remained dominant in Ireland f t mines would occur every right or ten years. In ISOk there had been gr-at distros* In ' onnaught and that seetton of the country. Sir notion I e*ii, then l ord l.teiitonaril of Ireland, tnadn n Journey to examine Into the condition of affair*. In. Mead or telling the trnth, as be had seen openly denied In tho British rarliameut lhat there was any stmering among the people, and tnocked al their sutler Ings. (Hisses ) If that man hud iuaulted the people 0r country In lhat manner thev would have .h.lw 'V" hcart- When Charlotte (ordav Htahlied Marat she did not rid mankind of a greater monster than ho. (Applause | He flhe speaker) de cared before Hod, angels and men lhat such a alale or tIHnge as now exists In Irelaud is revolting to human nature and a blusphemv against Hod. Every worthy Impulse ol tho human heart, every good nstlnct 'i . oy 'k? ,n""l ?f msn, unpolled him to i!IT" J '!IT ''D0rK'0s to remove sri deplorable a eon f1"0" .of "00* (Applauee.) fo re?,,? the tmnse of It and to rise up l<kn men and crush out the Infamoue rule that had brought such calamities upou mankind. (Tremetido.s cheering.) The rererend leetnrer closed with on expression of his firm belief that the Irish people, ir united, wore in a position lo secure their independence and freedom The meeting was then adjourned, and Ihe audience at once dispersed, eftor giving three cheers and a uger for lather vaugbnn and three cheers for James Hfephens CANADA. SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Arrest ol Ten Mueplelous (Jimmeters In To. ronlo?Appenl to be tlade To^lity for a New Triol of Ike Cemleaiaed Peulsne- The Amerl. eon Consul to Furnish them n Unbstaallal llesl Keek l?ny A Npeelnl t amniiaaion to Trj the Kemwinder of the I'rlaonero- l>ergs Nelr.ure of l.lqnors for N?n*Pwyniewt of Hnty, (be. TWMWTe, Nor. 21, I AM. Ten suspicion* looking characters were atn .led to-day under Ihe Habeas I orpo* act. They could give no set ? factory w count of llirmtelves, and were placed In Ihe old county jail by Ihe HhertlT fhe I tilled Htste* government lias neirucied Hon. I). Thurston, American tonaul, Ui apK-.l for a new trial for the prisoner* condemned, and It is the intention of Mr V-Kmixlo to rnsko the appeal for a new trial he lore the Nueeu a bench at two u'. lock to-morrow arternoon A company of the Itoyal t'annd i.n Hides is expected to pass through this . ity to morrow from Kingston r? ro"4 for Port Erie ihey will he armed wtili the Hnidnr Enfield rllle Tho Custom Hon-o oft;cere at IlufTalo have Milre.1 the week a large quantity of sherry wlw -oJ other liquors, shipped Uy way of Kort Erie, for iron payment of the duties A firm In New York oflhred (10,000, while another In Hiifthlo offer* $7,000 fo corn promise the metier, the Coon I si Mori Krlo i? .en sured for allowing good, lo he shipped lo the Colled Piste* without invoices signed by him The "herIfT has heon requneted by the Amer-ran Consul to sunplv the condemned prisoners with one suli s'auliyl meal each dsv tho exj? uw lo im defrayed try the C'on"ill. The wholo number of Bniish regmer* en duty in C anada up lo November I is fourteen thousand. Tl?" Uniting* of the Court Martial in III" <a-c ol Hioor Heniii* has not yet been m.Kle public, ahlumgh 'he co-.rl ai'josrneil thn-? week, since It la expeeu-j, howev r that he vvill be re'blered for cowardice whlln In front oE tbe enemy al Khlgeway The giinhoet Heron returned from Niagara lo day. aod report* all quiet She Immediately goes into w m'.-r quarlers in this city. Her guos at || Crew an fo be sent lo do duty on the Iron Her A special eommis,ion, end- r whtoh tire rerr.nlndsr of the Ketnan prisoners are to bo fried, be* been rei etw d by the s ithoi'iii"- tare, and ft Is expected lhat the -tienff will forthwith Mnoivn precept ui summon itw necessary jury there are thirty nine Neman* nltogetlrer remaining n jail, seven of whom have tmen sentenced, tearing iliiity two yet awaiting trial, wh on w,|| take piw ? immed.'.tely on the cl-v e of the pre*nul lorrn, coinmenclng pronaniy od the ltd proximo Tlir VmiUrr l>c roluver. *1 Work. lov. 51, |M( Haerlo Ink'* nmh-n ar? beinr killed r*>'k In ibe forval by irna/i an hunter*, and ml to Hi* Vew York market Tb* p*p? r- ar* urging Ibat nieati* I* adopt?d lo ?U>|> aueh ??rk. SmiAl GOMtSMJkOCSCt OF Thf \LH 1(M H?l?ti0 ?lr. .UrUM Nat la tin la Ka?laa4 at Krunrr Tkr Tenth mt i hamplnla Kannd Diet-ber** of tkr Frnlnir*. yi rmr,K, So*. 10, land rtic Knmiitf i'iiomiI ia In wa<i? ho a, ?i lh* ft bourn Hotel of near** IUm la not a Ian t'oaucil, M? donahl, filler, Mi'liouiml uud hIkii m.nt *l-#ul. Th* chief lentamlng ad\ ,cer* uf tua Kirc'ii**#:/ ara -if N r |l?ll*a>i, Mena/r Campbell. Midi** anil Illglr Khae iraaafiMMi ibat Ma. Met-** ? mA lo gu la tag. land aa a drltfat* nr lo Kraae* aa a rommiaula*** of ( aaada lo th* Eihibitnw It ia ?ar* I k*l> that Cartlm if at thr hot lorn of tbla, for it look# tricky. Certainly l'r*ooh Canadian iitSuenr* with th* Paw-tHr* baa brought it about. ma ton* or ratMrtti* Thl* 4?aIIIf rnlara*'log oto.woi hj# I mi. foaad. Aa ion# man war* airavaliini a drain at lb* for i of Moan tain ?ir**t, wbere it )oioa Cham plain atrvat, u?*y < in# to a Dial* or abn*t of rmj.per. Willi lb* I in mortal nam* of th* founder of tpieb*c upon It. rndornaaib war* I on ml th* reman* of a mat. which war* kiu to tlia licadl* of lb* tmr ah chnrcli flif rmkterment ll la *U|> poaad that < baanp'oa Mr?*t take* it* nan.* from lb* 'act of lb* 1**1 J of lb* Krrucb diafinf *rrr bating Ik en burn 'I lU*r*. Mr. M< tie*, ID Mi-hlraal, baa Bub'labed a **>>nd t*lt*r ovrt lb* aignaturanr "M P P." f Member Provincial Parllamenli, in wlnoi b* <i.daav?r? ?iplain#on,# laalt* of lh? Oral l*U?r ami to roa'K* up in wok omia ?taw Tli* public ara a tittle eurioua to aa* b*? the honor kblo member for Vuh mil Vfaat (to u*e Pari,am eatery language), will boar Ui* rtmntarmaad a* to h? #010* bona*. Tb* ln*t . i'1-ort mit> for a grand Par dr j>/.nn will lie eery anno/ r.g to Inm of rmjraa. Mr Tom k*f|*? 1 . member for Him <e County, la tb* 1 lord ofllrrr charged wltb cowardice bofor* th* r*o.*r>* A ? mart uiarilal baa tmd blm aad lb* flu-ling* ar* harked np Why? ara* m *ppaanioa paper Awnon* far glieon la a ?npport#r of the govanimenf, and l| whl ronraa! anything di?ct*diiebi* to hin> <UB*l-r>l ro? TH liinii. Three r<>mpeni*a labo it two hundrwl and ih rty w>*n| of Ibe 'ine H iudr*dih regiment l*f Montreal t?i? rnoroinr for (Hlawa. Tw* roaapanma ar* alw?dy there, an that there will tie 'a all tier roDipan'e* ta half hat. lalioo, three tiendr*>1 and aft/ m?L| la "tlawa aa lb* garr'.ain of the rap.tal Th* i?*?* of lh? reb mo hr Ike goy#mwi*nt of forty, fonr fen MUM fr?m prima #1 Torowt* r** < ao**d at "tie* aorpr m and dl? lienor uon llf coo re* it it tb* influaa** of lire Caimt Male* government that ha* d<>a* th>* That gov rani''nt now virtually ? onl *i# ' anadt, for the < auad'ao Mir or/ had lie ay? upenwl l / 1 ha email column of t-Biai ? to tb* 'fl how *? ?nr lb* proylm*# could br iak*o b/ a (TwM "lat** few* ?Htta tueh f*i. low* aa tboaa how la command af tba naliiMa hold th*tr UkVERTiH 9f TK V3?K XNl CWUk AOIOtTm ?T lUTlSWf tin ran Mov It 1|M lb* ronv*?'loB of the Yo*bf M?n'i I"hrtatiad Aaao ??|<MI *f tb* dial* cf Marflaad aM l>t*lrvd of f atiom. bl*. waa b*M b*r* tod*/ It w*a aajiad bp tba To*eg fflil Aaannalion of lb* eft?, pnravaat Id lb* mono mendattoa |?t b/ lb* Nalto**l Co*r*?tttw at tb* Y*>*ag M** a Ckn*t'*n AarantMh b*td at Alboa/ lari J a a* lb* r*||i?Tit*d ik* aii?a??ia *f am Miaiatat " ~ ri al rbnr*k la tk* ftal HaUanai C'naewMtaa ia fruan a*eh EraaaaUei ? hnr*h la tke IMata Tb# uhiect af ibe National Co folding of leoe 1 fo*'*aii> aa. llf# aad tlg*r la (baWilaa at aad ia lay tb* leiadatlo* far leeaiHJac wbera a*M ar* 'a a> a ge*4 etieedeeea df dete^tei >7r^?M7e OUR WHARVES, HERS AMD SLIPS. Important Rorommeidatloi of the Nl|?. owner** Association to tba Senatorial mil to*. The following action haa been taken by the fthlp ownera' Association of New York before lb* Committee of the Senate ? Tlia undersigned merchants, on behalf of the Ship owner"' A-ocistlou nf New York, desire to exprens to

your houorable committee their ealiaraction at the de termination iif the senate of ihta State to Inform Itaelf, thro gh your investigation*. distinctly and fully aa to the condition aud management of the wharves, pieraand ?Up. of tbia ciiy, In 'heir relatione to the rommerc al ,o teiaata of the i>ort. Intelligent and earnest representative* of reform have already submitted for vour nouaideraUon the iong .talis tie* of grievances, wbiuu, in part at least, your own per sonal oiiservationa have been sufficient to verifv It is, therefore, unneceixary for ue to enter upon the details of ibis subject further than to remark that thev iin-Honl themselves mainly under three general aspo is?I ho character of the piers and wharves themselves, as re Kurds their adaptation to the wants of nomm'pn; the condition of the aani and the provisions lor their ap propriation to the iisee of the ? oinmerce of the port Iti every particular it must lie confessed thai New York falls behind, not only the grout commercial centres of I urope, hut even the leaser maritime cities if America The natural advantage, of her magnificent harbor and her geographical position alone sustain her in the great race for supremacy. The wooden wharves and piert of Now York are In their h?u esla'e frail structures, hullt In conformity will, the ideas of a pan age and the requirements of a prlml tive . ominrrre. Abo-u waive exposed II the constant influences of decay and to the |ieril-of roniiagraiion, and below p> the destructive agencies of swift tides anil win ter - ? unequal In the weight oi large cargoes and the wear aud b ar of ceaaelem trnffie, and insecurely an chored to the river's bed, at one time they break down wiih valuable merchnndiao and disappear btmealli the wave", and at another succumb to the pressure of cur rents and drifting ice, and are liodlly swept from Ihelr foundations In their ordinary condition, e? sot forth in the reports of the Citizens' Association and elsewhere, their utter Inadequacy is not onlv disgraceful, hut Irais-sos a waste f 1 tai upon eery dollar alike of our va"l export and import atid your honorable committee will not fall to remark that, hy confcslon of all interests, there is ?t pte?cut no power with either Plate or local orth ale auftl olently dellned or sufficiently exercised to hettor this ur.fortunate state of things. In Itill harnionv with the primitive and unscientiflr chnrarier of the wharvesand piers hut In pitiful cop'rasi with the comprehensive regulations of foreign Hork Hoard.. are the arrangements for tb< Ir snpsrv.xion and control, and horttnng of\issc!s under a avstetu produr tlve ot end.eaa \eistion and lorn to the merchant and totally Inadequate to a wise and impartial distribution of the facilities of the port in the interest of commerce at latg ? Infortunntelv the perplexities of the question do not end here. 1'rnflung by the universal clamor for relief, primp- interests, not always unassistiaterl with pre sumpilve public advantages, continually address the legislature of the State for special enactments directly affecting the state of our harbor. In the conflict which thus eucties the paramount Interests of commerce, and th? rights of the people of the State, ax yet unimpaired, are constantly exposed to sacrifice The exigencies of fhe raso demand the prompt inter vent,on of the legislature The supreme control of the subject mu?l be fs lined by the utile, to tie vexted anew in stronger hands. In the judgment of the Shipowner's Asao iation. the present and f nure welfare of the eomrnrrco of New York would is- heat promoted hy the i reation of a commission nf p.era and docks, authorized to extinguish the title of tlio present owusrs of wharves and piers, to devise plan* fcr perman-ni rebuilding, with full powers of control sod snperv ?ion. and empowered further under mitable Inn nation*. to issue bond, for tlie new construct urns, prln ct|sil end intere-st of the rsme to be provided for by un edeq-ete tor 'ft" of wherfage Kven'ually this tar ff sl.oold lie giarl-ia'ed tonoci the here expeme-e of maintaining the sy'tetii Whether a remedy ro comprehensive and far reaching in lie eff-c'a could he at oiwe adopiud in It* entirety tnnv perhao be questioned, but the undersigned sre Wrongly persuaded that it offers the t-nly solution of tlio moruen on* Interest involved. consistent with the future commercial dignity of the city and the right* of the people - f the HieP . Under any circumstance., however, a State rornmle ainn with powers adequate Pi the lull control and s tper vision of ibo existing wharves and piorv le a necessity not safely to l-e Ignored?a commlseuin selected fn rn me cotnmcrc si and representing Its various lnl? :i-?t?, in who h shoul-t Ik-i oncentra'ed tl e s-alP red pow er* end ohbgstiona of the eii"<ing Itoards. Him b e IkkIv could at least safely defend lb?- inten-it* of the Hiu'e ugslnst private avgreeston, and develop to IU fullest effective nes? the misting system. l'erhiips no rles. in the couro unity ho* eiperieii.ed longer or more dire, tly the manifold burdens now rought ?iw r?.nnvn) ipsa ttie of general ship owaero. >ey approeeh vour honorable'.ommlttee at this time, however, in the advo acy of no private pri ecu- er views, b'tt with the sole opject of so<'.r to for themselves and for all who-e interest* may now <r her-vifler -.nils to ?well the vn>t li-mmer-r of tbi* port, the wise develop ment end the ununpar-d and Impartial enjoyment of all lls cop mereial fnr|!tl>? f.l OK i: M ? ' ARMAN i ha.'ti no JAMKV II rittiriTlNcf: aM, | IAM1" A VAN BRUNT | AHItnrtHi: H? OW IOH N 8 WIUJAMH, > (VrnwUfl KPWAKI) RINt KKV II'IIN II |iA) I W11.1 I A M ? HI I Rtil - Thoh.s H. H/?p?oki -birvtari Nrw Yoa* Nov 17, iOW WEST SIDE ASSOCIATION. lion hi Hrliavr Hrtinilnni IMfTrrrnt Pro. jrria Itrnni bnl. A t ?r> large y titimN inrrt.i.r ?'f it a Wart fc da A-ai ? ution ?? !?? d lu-t aw nun at Iirrrtt llail, tcfirt of Thirty-fourth itreit ami Pr< ad** Tbr rr.o*Iic.t7 vim railed i?y the Km- ? ull?i- tern 10 ? <r mott a?|or ally in ? otuudrr tnatlm* hat tag rafei?i ? l? U11 tul <? I ef iha rapid trmnrportntiin ?f po#-iug*r? n *???? Vein. Tbr wr.Vtb and inUli.pcoM of a Ury |?rUoa of the Ml? ?rri' rf|i?anlH| Iflrrliir rruCl.ft and ral.fli at, 11 of tbr nu itar of ll,i' ,'aut mrai,n? Mr Wbllhack j,re?rntml th? following rr?oijiiooa, atirgm! by tl.r liKtliir 1 oinrii t'rr, nli <b wer? atiaiiltafmaly adopted ? Hrv lval Thai ?? ?rr ot y< ??<t 1#/ ihr gr> l ilwoi* ? >?>',r nf rallrood frax'Mw* n II,r rlty t-t Maw \nrt 10 la? vidua ? rir mm ii.t ma* Raaoliril, riia I rr Ii < in ' In- ' .1 f al.nitJi! ha > i.nalrurtad I poraaapt In g? 'III i.ix v 'I a' gi.ifila, whrribyi 1. I aidaraiuif a ada-i lala In Ihr V? ?? n< Ifa fr itn l -aa l a I raoolrrd to br inada In tbr 1 iWIe Ihrrrfor, withe r 111 Inw faraa In paaacngara i.i ny | aya.rrtia in 'ha n*f of ?,ma rf imiirv .ngriaa or ia par r'.lagr id lb* inrou^v ?f Iha n aria, I hi by la.iil. r,ng 'iir?a mi.i ag'.ltalani fai if a ?atua , tha III rHaga ? d Ha lliard, Tfial 'ha 1 ir?a aril | ran ?-? laWnfoit (f 1 d'rl.i.. .? . id 1.1. . ?> ? -aaon. | ? 0'- f'O' ? ' I roil ny a a ?! ?? ? ? ? in -f n i I nil.1 11 I Milt. 1 ' ?rf fra, .if aj In II.. |i <? . la - l<r?. ,, ,|, Ti.m'.!,r (, |< ,k ?-il-ue ,|ttu.' *> < f ilia lirvar .111'; 1 I . ' a I il'.a'tin 111 : ? in, al anal maaaai-i III'|iai | ?'| "? nMarvlaa Ua |-tlr..:|iV?'4 In thaai -a ?? ?III- O.emfi irig < I ll.a ..ri? lima aa wall Hit! lagMatv.i. iwoir. y "*-ate, wll 11U mart lh? hiaanifoa ap proval ttnantaaii. Thai iar?? ?f aaan i-atohinoni ba oaf,I to u,r (Jnrartifir,oral tba f.Oglt vlura daiaral g'ntlrtnun -i?kc n taror nf i?n|mvair,atii? n the in ndr of Iran* l-arting i-arei,par and 11 rrrbanr. >a through Ibw ill) all maaiieg on Ilia m?iw r daa nf an uadarrroind railway along if.a nf Urnarlwajr. Tbr nmriio and dan.arila of nthar project* wara 'boran.J.'v raavamwd, anil ?'ugaat.. na of plana thrown out a a ganonl way O. Vi?fia*ai'?i u ' ihmillad lha following profa.t ? n aa aboaiii ii|mn whien tba pof> |r ran w ilb prnfrmty da mand autfinr iaiiiin and onndrawino of an ur.dir guiiim' r iiwai Ifr 1 tap-d thai paranna raafOHii bla n,.| an'ltlad In tba pwblK ' naOdan a ara praparwd (n aaarala 1 liv wnrk 'ti #'i- I'toae* tbar- with, ami .0 a .cb poo,i. ?hi,1 pa-mil of lima m may l? rarjnlrad ? P.rr' ? Tba rnoir in Im from U?a iumyt tr.a atrilban, larmih'ia ibama nndar Nmadwar. |awung by iha aoulfi waal comr of tin- 1 n'fbl Park, Uiarra on iha wa-i a drl nflbal'aik fa-iwarn tt.a Umr aa-t Iha rifar, an aa lo MMamodal?- I hi* wawt aMK tn a W>aaaiTlK>o w Ui Ii a Hudoan tlirar Ka >1 al af Iha ' | for |?rl >4 tba i?iafid A bran<:. rani fmia ' i?nn ??! .ara northward. u?lar tba Pnurtli MttM, W a |*i bl wVara loaommlraa and un llahlmt rara ran fit r in wilb ? fwoy and parmani nuy abov'i (round fir (u?r laitn 111 un IV H idiai Kio? llailmad and na tba furtk aarnaa 10 ho agrrpd u|vm by Iba ni-w ivimjwt.r and Iho-a rnm|?nlao. nbdar a t< h rapniai ? n or nlar 11.10 of public authority m may r? V ml Tna' In ??. I fifing Iba atil war or Mira ?y? from Hr.wlif p liraan Uia pati'itfi ifrn w tba aapn aha.I fa takati out .-r. 1 ffia malarial f< r mnalrnrilaa aball ba hroiiKht In, fn ni and thmuah 'pan ega ant or, fia lira or inn -14Ii ih? ? r.ada .4 ltrv,.'dway. aaCb opw< 114a to ba n ll.a ardu i.<f Iha ryoaa afr?wt? ?? mi paimia pro parir No Iniarf-rra> ? a th l'<a watar I . aa ?iaia% withoat Hi' rnoari ' and iiplar tba raptlpttwa of tha rroton UtaHei to I a-toinit fttird - Thai fnit ? fad rod* nan It nf bowling Oraar m tba wavaniti a?an i'? a g ""t and ?nr>>??i?icird Kiadway id not iaa 11,an tlilrtr faat in widm iflma-lway w fnrty faat arlda 1 atlbafeawtoa Udltbarn? tha of Iha r'flaaya in tba 'aytima and fro ?/t laat ".an ? 1 loan h' frvaaoti da' Tbr 1 any -tm n? ra triad at, I routa ?l,all n d ha ohatr irtad by U.a wara. riinuariy. fur ' atgbaan f.oaraoflta Mf P>'?r? flat ll.a ?r |wn> rw >t? ror ilao 'ranrJ.Uda thai looairu 1 a b??, !???? aawav frorr tba |uao"ro <4 brtaalway and laa? V'raaa to tbr ll?fmn <r boat ritara, arwrva p<inip bwwaa pit HI tba air biw fp bar pampmf iba aawm. It la iwuVm. aa-i thai lb a puuap bnaaa. mac!, n'rr ar.d raw thall ba tba pnapwrty of Iba eitp. PyffA Thai tba '?ir.t?i?y ?ba.l roadrart a darp todHiai aaaar umtar iba wnrk, tb ia irtailf impf/rlag ? ba draiaat a of Umadaay, with ?naag?a>?ata Pr abPli thai ba .ww ti' iti 11.a Haw ran dm, a ia?i thla aoa?r mm Thai aV? tba mm.paey nrr*ing iha auffara ?| gmabd i-dunfar in tba pwMta, aa at Uta Hauory or f >r antrai aa to lh? rail war aaal tba margin of tba Part al IteaOilr Mai aau 00 tba a arg a af 1 atan ag?ar>, iba graarv %h,all ba ar?*d add ootapaaemne uta da ibaaa far aa for prtaata prhpafty baararbmTbdt fur 1.4a no too baara 'a tba maralag, and for tba ?ma Irpatb of * a* lawarda ataaiag. boot ?bltnrt 10 am*ataaoda'a two Labor ap |ip ilali in, trmaa cafa prwridag I# aval aaab p?ai? par, al 1 par at da a?apt tba* aa Owtraa?a abaft baaa pawir ia aaaaggt tba prapar Itgbnag af tba ^Mmaa and aara ana b gdt twab lagrlati?a ? la ?aa tba VKKWriilnaOb mm tag il>? rout* atoll to permuted, and when ulf*( ti :h Injury before (lC. reasonable reua* to apprehend i eon from lit* work of ooaatractioo. eueh work may b* restrained bp iBjnncttoo, and (to company than pay tram* damages for any aeek lnj*?7 TVnM-Thal all inooaa* over iwtlw par rant par aou'im in the cost <>f construction and maiiitenan.* ?hall l>*long to the public, to ba dUpe*?d of IB reduced fare* or for any othar parpo**, a* the pnblic di raoi. That to insure an banett administration In no?true tin* and operating the railway, any degree of atrtafency^ni powering public oWrer* to Inraatlgale It* aflhir* will b* expected and invited. No objeeUoa Will be made In Ilia Mayor, or if desired, a State oflloer, being ei-oAoto director of the company After Mr. Vanderburgh had tnbmllled hie proposition I time of several pemon* occupied the floor and lha lime of the meeting in prnteuliug their cla im" for the patronage of tha rompiinv receiving itie franchise <>na had model* for an elevate.! railroad and an uiidergmuud a? well a# the surface irack, an tha fruita of hit gamut; Another had cart to aell. warranted to run well, and cheap for ca>-h TIo-mj advertleora threatened to mouo|Ktiire tha re-t of the erantng. when the impatience of the audience manifesting itself In leaving bv crowd* or protest*, canned them to d?-?i*t. .?ml the remaining time wu? ?|ieut in the legiiintate dlt maroon of the "peolalty of the meeting and offering "tig geation* lending to ruivau' ?? the enterprise aurl create unanimity as to what to construct and where to cou struct It war estimated hy ouedkeiulier that (.it (MX' '>00 wonld eoraplete the work. Another and the' two tr*ek* would he re<|iured to do tke toklneaa of the < fy. and Hill another predicted that at wdBe tune to the f ' re n twnil oP elevated rail*?y would In- built over the jnert ami wharves around thn murgtn of the eily. The ???.? - Hon of way* nud mean* It Mill open. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. CUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE Perilous Viivntci' of the Mhlp I.ntiipoilo I run, wo vim nub to Tbi* Hurt?Kaprrtntlnii* hiiiI I'reptt rations tor Stinking, Willi Water T< n Peel in llrr Hold llrroiain ?l the < rrw t l>tinges in the iiaglnrrr'* llepnrlmenr lloapilitlilirw to .ift-alcnii Oilier. on tlie ?iratter Vlnrn, A e. PeiltM ilovnor, Nov 'Jo, lane, The ship I.ampeilo, built thirteen years ago at *i John*, and running between L'varpool ami New York until engaged in trade between ('barb-etna and "avtn ttah. whleh culminated In her foundering three month* since, as will lie remfmliered, on Warsaw Iwai h, and through assistance rendered by ltw* revnuue cutler Nan temond, being told fur salvage, and boo- hi hy b?r pre*, ent owtu r, tlarted on the 10th ln*t. from Mavaanab fur New York Kepalra mid alteration* Invtthly atpended ou her before seutng >ail on ber present voy*g< proved nut to Lave put her In the ^ondlHoa the thoulil have been to r atal the untoward weather and rough aeai ?he has had to encounter. She put in here at three o'clock Hum meriting leaking badly, aid Una deviailon from her Intended court*' autwe queut retolta have shown to have been an act ,,f very Jud,ciou* forethought, for IVofn ten fe?d *,in r In the hold as alio pasted the capee, there la now, not withstanding the Hun* vigor-tie end iiniBtrriu'ttiDg ap phaiu e of tho putit|<a, thirteen feet of water In l.'-r For I aptatn Itlai k and Ine crow the pent four day * eipe rlenre* have t?eii m?at trying and dangerous although endured with that uncomplaining and heroic fortitude thai to often eialt the life and acta Of the cowmen tailor to a rut.lime height for exsrclting fhe Idealized I magic ingt of poetry .tad fiction. Hardly had the spread her ?alls when the wind rose to a hurricane. At length the continuous h of the heavy teas, dashing upon her, caused bar to i ring a leek. The alltp'a pumpe war*put In motion, hut the water roollnaad to gain A* aha pHsaei! nu'.teroa l ? water lay flv* and n half feet deep in her hold H brought dowtj to Are feel, and *? kept I.'.' the h ml IKxly Inland, when It ro?e to tin r?ih To i,i. water from gaining more required every egertli'ii ii v man of the crow. The* wa> no rent for ,? *, nr. . for rnewi*, no watch duty, (oral) were on w i, 1,1 . g but pump. pomp. II was a Cotiiteoed struggle h r i.7e and for mving ih* alilp T>r we her suddenly I . .,ttd t.nk heneeta the wave* would have surpri <*l n" < re Against goch n possible and what for quite a IliO' wee deemed a'toore than probat.le font tigebcy, every preparatton was grade. A lung >?>?*!, with water, provisiona and compass,' van 1*1 out att< rti v a long litre, to l*i used in a moment a emergen* y H?i ptlv this emergency did not attm. Naarlrg rap* mint In r lb hrv a favoring lire rr are** for cotnlnt In Ih* rnp. e and the toil NBk' i, ship ana her wearied aid won. ? m brought the vewar I to ar,< hor bareaa atated. i'uring tha voyage she wue e|>ok*n by the *c boo car A J Hcntley, from Now York for' harleston who offered bar aee,?i*o a, hut. the echooner ts-ing ebon handad. Captain black, who at that time did not then* hit sh y in any datger [did n<r avail himself ofth# uruSared aid A gang of no n have tieen eogug' d at U>t uun a>?< the to p ever r utinoat ? e.nre her arHval here i ul llieir utiriZ.i ,.ft,,rla to re (at have only at* III aur<eed<<l in keeping bar from diking Arrwcgen.ent* are being n.ade to procure riran punt* to work upon her < hang** that overwhelm, engulf and consign to iliv.oti other department! of the army ran It terfere with the engineer's Department. Il nda n lower of etreugih and usefulness ft# i.t eff, rf* in various quarter* to rr.ppl* di maniloid w .ie* and Widely (ell power have fallen al'.rt ?c rl wdl while em h a thing ae military ? ommnn ?#n?* x tli* aa< ? Ldatu y. In a department *c taadfaal ther e' rthrriuoe few legal charge* In.' iti* (.?? < ? rrrd hi i" for a year past, which I* the rcrent turn rruiiig II duly at W.-l Point, a- I'ptru'i T In lie lltary Academy of Mayor ktickney, and ordering tc, r. a t'e I,'re f apian ihilllp* iio'h are . "'d flcerv and ganlicman Colon*, ilreaerVo. r< mtn.rnd it Of I he dr I art went, ha* alao la'aly treen I revelled ipaditr general. If brevet pr motion* ar* any larar l" f 'tvcial*. wt. h r, llieir w dl ielty ur.i apt v tirey are not. the proir i i on >l,-v d ite ? on.e b og sg" iiiairra inre wai.iax > rrn n * ior rat K im ra and -mfT and the other otf.rera ef the n.v of I r 'isn't' ,ve* of Me'.ec, tsav'n. New Yor< 1*1 r i. II ? old t !<m kade running ateamei V ten, wM> b u.e In'.o Norfolk I) diet res, as heretofore refe fled, are tot. red Ki ?t'.'r.?, Bturic. daaemg aid ,e triten imrago, are Iw r g thr ?? rid upon them. Tt ? i.i, bj*i t of i n an a ? Uf r,?uy It? p repair* ar* ir!v ir.upleted, .nd >1,* w.HJpr nal .y,re#ume her four f li ii'i./..e Tct* tr ' 'tow hi rrv aan r rr ' hnel J antes Curry, the big and prjuUr eomra'Seary -e, i? refa rted a* f.av i.g to day leer, inuair red out of >rrvif He entered en h a ? ' mmiaaary dm *? t?re Ih* o iiort of Ihe war tl.e ra/ik ? f ? ap'a r, A re r?aimpariial, J ut and tt, ro rh y h"r#et Ir lai ha* never leer, aeao sled tl.ta branch <f "* ay serve H? ni rrn.n.i ? doiy ri.inud l!p - will he Nlltd by ltr> vut Mav r Ik'wis- M< F ra t, fir. 1'ijled Plat'# f a'n.'Wt on |?u i. and irtf/oa off, er. Ar.nool braolan of I hi- MrlkmlUl Kyl?ri.|>(l Ikirrh "oolh. 1i am*.-* H"*?> ?, No* it. IHN tl* ri.c al 'OBfarr-OU <4 it# Kj v I ;.*1 CLurcb ilk < i< o?'i u wan U>.' uftt.iog to ki'ir folk BmLep Iram# pronCaa < *f III* <>nb*??tU>M ft U<* '*4y ? l.oo* lotx*/*mil ratio.) Mr? |Uit U. ? ? ***. I M?w r* bat*-** in tl ? | ' ' ' f II-< 1 '? ' l' ?'? ' > ' porW't Ui mm# up for -li>? u*##'n ? or <if ?f i r*nri rt.ri <l<<1 t>> 'I ? l.anrral ?'< nf?f?rr? ronl?rr pUl?? *11 #r in# ib* nam* to M'ib'al ? l.|>*t?f?l'l. "Ir-i p"1* lb* word 1 O/.ulh,' whirl. ?ii loMinl in nt.ifvt litrtM !? 1*44 ? hra '!,?#?poraii* n from lb' r Vcrtb m brathrm to..? Har# H.tari Ihilrt, frrmarly rrbal fw?r,ml?* r.?r <?' )? rbor HO, >r<-o?pac ?! bf* f.*>f of J* * |w. ? amrol UiW OK'relrr < n ? rMI In lb* pfioonor *r-l bb INMIf; ?l*n lhr#? **rth.<Ji?1 mlr.>t#r> Iff in If.r?.rr ?. I wb< L A intar. ??? ?llb Mr |)**m J iAg' "*,.1 m.rtiMl to Kir iit.oe-'l tt. aflarnn* r< WW! iiw *fw 'Jtur Tbr lira/II KMlarallvn "rlnmr I'r? amirrrf I wfntnrnblr for lb* ?*w*ib< rnrra Th? >IM? f air. *'f, V?* fb.lto, No* tl IM4 4n tr*w Mrf/allai*., ? M(ar I aaiar f 1/ *-.* obo ?#ol ? i llrortl, with a oiaw to a*r. *rab- n U- r#t ra*4. ?n<1 ppntwia n- ***?]?? ii a* m/ii'tMa ?** .Ma lamri to tl.* Mouii.ornar man I.N oat. ratify Tha yraat ? Coaly, t|.<??* n-.oau rr of^ry *#?! ln|ilaiu?M 'a*" bono bar*o*r4 a |/.l lr< t> ? 4 bnopini fnrwa/4 tlx ???.'/,? fl,?r? a an im-oro## monrxiraa bar# from 4>*t#m?, W ? *- ?* Tnaa, ar.4 lb# 'otanor of 1/ iO ua. awl nao ?*.,*? 4,. Uni aavlio**, InrloClO* all lb# WmMI Kialaa < 'M hiyf-r Ntfao 4 Mt ??%!#?, )n? tr,.<U ?? i' al'i , ?' r ?* 1 4?) ho.## faa-r 4r.ll to-! i 1. # r.' 'l ' M 11 a |0)?l M ??? Irln rat|t {r, ? . sv a *0r. linn* rt*i"r?* at 44# TL? r-at ?r ??r laao(*4 IUMI1 CW*f*Ttt m UCCBOtS Inonr, N'/? tl, A ' ' t ?*ai.<># <>r Vir?im* farnx-rr oaaMnbla.1 rfi ? ? lb b.rpma Mi,) Mr la ' .*gl * / ba#*/o, I*'- ? I* I ?>f tly# V rj i,.* nfrl 'iltara. b' 4? ' ?4 a/ r ma* aflar abl'b ?( <i'.r*TO'' i-m.l ant '? 'a a'? ayaanl.aa, ail |*?<1 t)r,? a irr.fbl fa' ra - * 'I ? I t" llxi ap|#.inim?ut vf aanra n I - i '<0 ?? an ?'ib)<#la ! o )M> I IN 10* I"!'*, last * ? 4' ** lb* | f"o*r??U"ii a/'fnvraoa anill Inotfi' t?* Canoar. ' ?orar.i- ', lo.nbr,i al?*r rawnl aC 'lr? ?a, aO-if la4 raaatalna' fa??riOa 'ba inlr 4 /l? l "f I irlnia Ira ?)?r?i i lobar ia?n Tlfjla.* an4 ? ' "nI '?* oanry lo*o oil lb# iMirti>i|iM#i ;?aao'f.> ?* ?**M a.aartt lb? fro*.1(0*a iCt MIT N tm Ma TOM CIlTtil k?H?i tanrna Jt?* *1 IM* TbN < loaaoaatl nana na a. bNabt ?*???#*. ? at ? i?b an |ro4*al ib il ba" r**' **?'? ?*? '?* " btra a, fo*.r* #o*t 'A l.f ? ?#??*< by a ht ??* r* . -ob tbnro oV ?a of IM ^*?? l#??f" ?*?? ?r*rt*rn#4 a<oo* of IbOOi T ?*!*# ?r ?f moo hMMim ?or* oMf* o? loan -a of*4 bo* a**a ew*o*f f?a ****** l>otaa ?** iba m?m i*t*r?4 ? MM CbMil 4 .bin. On ft. t*M fb* <b*Mt i *?taN?r *#?? a|**ian I bat tba aooal* ?Wlb* ?9m t* *a MW MMtr, ??"**< 'b# '%HMto*alak^, woaab ??n ba ai*a*4 A.MMtflM MEXICO. Maximilian Not Gone Back to the Capital. HE REMAINS NEAR VERA CRUZ. The Vesael Ready to Take Him Home. Expected Ass t??? <HV of Mriico on the lOib. M? M. At. MM HAVANA CORRESPONDS CE. Btftll, Nov 17, IMM 1b? French .learner France, from Vera ( ma ?a iba afternoon of tbo 13th lost., arrived at llua port yeater Uny, with data* from tbo city of Mexico to Uie lOUt mat Among tbo paaneagera I notice M. do Maurer, bearer of tlt;r| alrhea from Maximilian alto cx-flenaral Magr.der, a Mr. Maury Mr. Tucker, and otboro of ih? ei tnM erarv ?lm, no longer finding any inducement to .lay to I tie ao-cai.od empire, have determined to aoah au aeylum in ninny Culm Tfce Franco alao brought about MO I rneh trooye and a few ofTt era going homo had not yot rot timed to tbo M oilcan < a|d tal. where (ienoral Caiiolncaa had boldaavoraj Inierv k?i with tbo principal minlatora. Tbo ntb ora nt tho Franco hare aoonrod ma that when they loft, tho .hip of war nt VewCro* waa mak ing " Very preparation to lie ready at a moment'a noli, o. According to a latur from Verat'rua, roooivod by a commercial firm ,u U.ia c ty, it upiwant thai tbo luggage tl klailiniliao, In ruatfidy of (>' moral 1-amadrld, had arrf nd there ou the .'db ift?t Tho tUt.ijtUt and Ait of tbo 0ib any that "Urn folio* ii g day t a .dilation would clear up, tbo curtain would la iinveilod and a great ovonl' waa lo lako plana " I I n- ime all line myatery ha. rofoionew to the .ipoeiad return id MaiiroiHtto to Hot capital on the 1Mb or lllb Inn ant I ui demand from partie. linro. that tho Itaodolo If expected ill tble port tthoflly, and lhal the (Mil will hate to go Into Uta dry dock to lie orerbanlad l?td?re "ha can proceed on bar vovago to Kuropa lu roniwc| irnce of the reportf mad# pohlle Ibai Mail, miliau'a Inti uliou waa to leave the reentry, a petition ?a. drawn up With about a ihouaami algnabnaa inarnea not elated). U'.giug blm*i)t lo atieudun tho guyarnmeni of tbo "eruplro Iba Ai'jA f. of tho eth contain. a rumor that Maal rnilian bail bet u lu Contova MUM tbo Mb, ami that ba Intended to return to flri.ah-, in a few daya Ha waa ex poeieil in Moileo on the '<>" or I lib Inet A cording to the la.I d i|e? from tho t apiial, it waa (till doubt til whether II iilui i an Would finally >i<ea<la I to the wi ho. of the run orv.iivu I'arty, who aia aald to j Inei.l upon tbo malnlenan, <? of lb# empire. With Mail I ui I Han at I ha bead, or whether ba bad Jofiiiltol, uiado ; up bin mind 10 abdicate Tho government organ eaya | thai bo was determined "not to abandon Mexico." I Tbo 1'alria hae puhlieliod an altlela witU regard io Iba i late rumor. alaml hie alleged abdtaalloa, no I In oonae j quciice thoieof the Ifi oyer makoa tb* following re mark. -."The nbdh ailon of a noveroign oh. t*d eud lq. 1 nailed by tho people can only be a voluntary a< I of bla j own- the more palnnik lh# cirvuofc<..tKo? and obviuiia tbo illfilrulliM Iba bead of a Mala may eiperhM,- a, lha more thai right ought to lie reaped,-, I A crown "an eaally fall lo the ground by any violent lalaeiroph-, hut in that cur It la oubetltuUd bv a halo of gbny. No aggreeeion or atlempt of wring fore, baa ovor baan 'on femplated. Humor. ? f lha nature alluded to ar. tihuerd " luimeduticly after Ihoce ??gi,tflcaul fomark. lha Jfauferrr adviata ibu auvnr.ign lo abdicate, being la favor of a voluntary abdication M. I'lrron, head of the eivtl fa hi net of Mai lodlaa, art vad from Ortialia oo tbo oigbt of ilie Tib loot. Advice, from Tample.i alaie that at that place there waa no rccurlty tor tbo tnbahlijuita, nor unity of out in and among the liberal., who, beetdoe lha kmtc< iro poerri In Auguat, ha. e oxatl?d <>U?ro to Iba aamwl of i 100.000 in Soptemb?c and Oclolwvr II le denied that at Iba acuon at Miahnatlan Iba bat talion ol i Illinium deaert'O wiui lh? mem) ? but. recruit, and galling woretad, they b??-,?o fAev escort fcrAiw.i Ukrwt Tbatraotoimi (Feaiard) mounted a < annon and rocaivod liia death woe ad, hurrahing for Mexico and the wn.plro Alan Uial only anvan hundred Au.tro Mexican Uoopa lab at iba vmlaoailr of I* I arbourra and one piece of artillery I oat. Tho Hoe ?at only parr el and the greater |>arl of the force, aflei tho artion, fall bark to fluajba|>am OUR VERA CRUZ CORRfJPOROERCi Viae Cm, Nov 6. Ihoci i' i ilmn h ?l II el "t .?ti The . ippcettiua >. that ha la detained lh re try lha French Tbo In.r ui ear teilo Oamlolo I* in lb. barter ready to carry htm lo I irti|-e (very pr< paraioto lorn law-n made lo receive hii.i and b- off, hut oomo little nrrangainoni. that lha French * >1 him <? make flrat have detained him No* rum> r uya bo ta etxwM to roiorn lo tb. ? ity of Moil ? Mr. 1'eter Knfhll, her llriunno Mapoty a Mimotei ai Ifci ty of bailee alao al crrtia'e ll? la r v pec ted In roa h tbta city w rww/r for Kbgland per i'loaoh xt+fi-h'p "c M-ra via Now < "then. Oho la IO leave n lh' tj'l. I led fur k? Orteene Tbo Franch ha ? made lUKti".* offbrta to get ?nilra control of the CnMotn H- uae here, bul lha Moimao I let lecior not a kn w.edyu.g ibatr writ of .yaciwvnl, lhay have thai f-r fallod T7,e I " ' f. t-.rl 'toaif er V?ra Crwi naibxt fr-.m b" re yea'.rdav, ? lh noma three loibdrad and fifty irti-ct, t <i? a ho?c Ume ba atMrad II ' Frati' U rlwaan lrat.-p- i Ml,on., froaa lira* r? Marl n <( ie arrtvad hero d.v with move one ban |dre?: ant forty U ga ntirlf all ltal(ian? Humor itaye tbia ibtp w,H , ? io Tamptca wtih anon. I.ora* ?bl|amrnta ?f laooal* I* ikr HI* (? ? ? laalr, Ho* II, 1MM I ?i iii'in ?l in It* >,f f ,4* i* lb* M? I.tan la f it tl>? literal araaiy ?/# t <? m?u4,mg la?f* a, ,ao ' i <? < f ?i.| |Ml#*, :n<l?4 114; mrtt.t ao-l m-ioaiioM ?f mat, a ltd aia pri>i*|>lly fo..l lot Ua*oi <m 4*1 vary Tbr M*?r? ml m Met* *| I ?*? *M. !.??*? kt ikr Irmrk. k04?'M*?, Nan 31, MM 4 latof tecum r'?b?"*a 4 'boa* aaf# of lb# Ub*?*b brag Iimm> I' ArW.o iaM uixtar o*4a** (ran !?*? raJ Ran.'.a ( orobo, ati*o4*<l t.jr It.uou. < fatty, Ikb aaay II Ad'b l? | luan) la, lb* Pat lb fa-an ab 1 *??* aajr ?*o**l Ui?tkf.ii| In Praia** or Mala can lialttwa ia<f*ibar ? lb *il fooda ??**>&*** lau ana ai ' ib* a*-, i ?a-i lo ?* auOWiai.i fore* laawrr* >-*1 baa la.ait j-iM/i.a Aa Coraoa iraanaa |nt?*r from iaafat, II,* ?w-r.a ? of iilagal c*ro4u?t ,ia toaataf lb* aa.tuta fail lo lb* irribl AFFAIRS IN BOSTON mcui rniUUM T? T* M? TMi ?utl I atatit Inaa a I |*a rale at la r a of lb* aalaaflfaa Ofirailaaa ml Mbaifl*4 ( ?niawl**tan Mar a knafa Tk? l aal floaian Irifi I mmpamf laaflalral for *laaala?(klrr. <1 r. |l .? * ffar* |1. !?**. Tin naHaatJlbg oprrbUnt *? a" ail '4 ?a-b ??* l?'*frl|4iMlll4 Haaaib bMf l l1' ?*? mod* f*Mt>l? *f. Tfc* men,bar* III U,r Tarn* *4 lb*Malta* l?,M* tan* fcai* ? la U, aia*f lui- *?'. ? ?? Maa**? f ? all lOoetllO | a*', at K ?\ PMoral attoal Ai lb* !o?t**i,.g of ibar ?'*k li. lb* mr tb*r ro-'OMM bp Mm* i * * u.' a fa t,?*l? l? f ' "?* 'laal -'tl?*M of lb* ?o> l* 4f* * *b1 ?*?*? I* a ?* lot*'1 ran -""fT, 'a-ub** ?"* ai#4 ?bam* ?? *t(*l | "f ?*? ?*>l*t ? ?*"?? TV* ufrna ? 1*0 **? M?a ?f I" b*?* "??? aoma* taaAa Eobl' 'a ' *? ??**'?? k - n4*a*l 4aa lam, ai !.!? a *?? li fin laaa ?? Kf <H* M'tat-.** <?# If. a*. Mm ? ~ ? ' - A <?? ?? lb*' *?' 1 Tb* A*, ?a i < hi ai ? -k V* fWvM mi >b* M i lan II * i*ia riM Ibat la *7 t-a< * r 1 1 ? *4* SaMa*, * * aum-l iana* 'r ?, r a of' A. ?'4 **???*? *0|nal? , |i,? ? a * , - *?'' ? *.#**-4 a lb* h ,* n . *? I a l? aa I **A bi ll la* aaiiaal Ilw* aa .1 at .I i* Ua' *aaa*.a,? , i, l\ . a a. *1 a ? '1 ?> ? au ?. ?i.> 4 if*'*? !?'? ''.' ?* f 1 * M"*aatU* 4***- r 1 ? ? ta ?? in*la b I ?' * *?>? bo* b*a ?4M?I fa* * I " ' ** A III'l.? aaa An* a., a | I'AM I tain ft* a boat ?|v? lb* fartf My 1m* i MM, | aoA aa ? b a?< ?-a?? of l?a? I f* i*r *4)<a*iaaat*l . ' Ik* Al | I. ??a|l.f'a?a ff"a*kila?M l?? MM laf I a, ? T'.a M alnawl ?*i brv*4tai t* Ifioi lb tba a I <$ n l"<*r A A IU ??> a?1 t f MaaA (?'4 If ? la I < an#*,I 0*4 HairraA l*> ?>*?* M l-u ? t by Iba ?*bfO*? i/aali. A mbf of OaiHf Mt raa Jar I I' , raa*? aa?lif. II b ,?| ooafatalaaf I' .i f I ? ra loaool M ? ?#!*.*?! lb* Ul> out ***** !*??*? tfa *af*lk* ? *n1 lo kf 1*1*4 ft a. It* ' " a* boa* b**b a/aoianJUr wilal*) 10 +*T kf fa* ta af lifana ?*?* *a< Oaiaa* ar* o*>'la?a 1 fa ara* ???* ib lb* laollaaa Iroaia, Uaf 6aa>a**a-i *a? >4 It# IT r*i.'*|laWb*'i?Mi taif paya'ai im*"*** 1.1 na4*il? ?ilk- a lb* ?M fro ?."aaal a to* ? ?"?' ??a #4 (?blWaoa* M M k* b*4 a* lb# fata** #???? ,fcl# ????* ?.f fn* lb? taonm** 4 !?*??'nf a fa M *' -b Tlaitfali (M ill I anttlw *.?? *<?f '"?*?*??" "M fa* Har- t of SoatM Ib * k bb ?nii* * ?bo ?a^o a*MI? *"?0ioa?. voi'i m? luwit v atrn ?t imtmn ?*t?. MoaaiA, |M? B, im TV* Mtaiaia ?*???*. aa HI lb* r*A< I Ib* Ifflta af aba **bl |?i ?**"' ** kola*. *Mlo*i bbobOOboaoa f'"*! 'b? MM l**y J loot I ta**oaoa ? a*m ^bPO '^* l*.T* -- .. !?/**> to aa* TV* a.rnA* '' ? ^TJL aaooa 4*r*f ao* *?** P" "??? ?' *** ab>?Hf M ?*?** arto ?