Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1866, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1866 Page 4
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BD1DIHG Dl HEW TOIL Extension and Ornamentation of the City. TEE ICW HERALD ESTABLISHMENT. IMPROVEMENTS IN TENEMENT HOUSES. WHAT OUR BUILDERS ARE DOING. Splendid and Massive Store houses. DISAPPEARANCE OF WOODEN DWELLINGS. Sew Churches, Banks and Other Public Edifices. kc> he. he. fh? large number of new building* erected end in eourae or erection In tbi* city during the present year baa net been equalled, or even approached, for a long time past In the avenues, where, np to a year ago, the graae grew on almost uaeleaa ground, are now private dwellings of great architectural beauty and Immense value, Indicating with great exactness the progress of the wealth, tha Induatry and the civilization or New York. The upper part of the city Is, of course, more re markable for the number of new dwelling bouses then the lower part Still building or other kinds list not been nezleoted. Looking In any dlreotlon the observer cannot fall to be struck with the number or Churohes, schools, halls, hospitals and other Institu tions now In progreaa of construction, ma of them com ? boning all lbs beauty and the solidity of past architec ture, with the finish end lmpr ement f the preuunt. sxTuraoM or th* city. Tha extent of the work now In progress leaves no fo&bt whatever that In n very few years this city, which has ao rapidly assumed Its present dimensions, will be soms one unbroken labyrinth of splendid residences, picturesque villas, rloh*warehovises and solid stores from the point of the Battery to the border* or Westohester county, and the Island, now surrounded by the East, Jfortta and Harlem rivers, a dense and thickly pop ulated city, rivalling London in wealth and trada; a au parlor to Pan* In architectural beauty and naturil scenery. T*X LAW RXOCIATTXU srtLcrsog. Where each activity prevails In e trade that bears so muoh on the Interests of the city and Its inhabitants, the necessity of regulation* to insure the people per fect safety, both as regards life and property, Is fully re cognised. Acts have been passod by the State Legisla tors requiring walla of. stated height to be a certain thloknees; providing that there be sufficient means of egress and Ingresa, especially In tenement houses, and that ample precautions be taken against fire. The regit y4llwn ?n this point Is so direct and forcible, and the sub test itself ? of guch importance, that, although lately appearing In the ffttltn, ? ^ not be out of place to again give that part of the law which rilaTei -. All dwelllog house.. In any part of the city of New York, already ereoie<l or that may hereafter bd built, th it now are ?r mar be more than forty feet high, thai" shall be occupied by or built to contain all or more families, above the Brat story, and all dwelling house, that shall be ^coupled by or J'?ht or pyre families, aueve the first Story, shall have a alalrwav, coqijeoted w'tboa proper aeutUa or other opening, leading to the roof, antMh the room, on each floor shall connect by doors from fnvbl to ?ear, and every such dwelling house abail have placed thefe Oft a praeUoal fireproof fire escape that shall be approved of by the department for the survey and In.peciion or buildings In tha city of New York; and all front and rear tenement on the same let ahall he ? nnected by au Iron bridge; provided, that where any such building ahall be built fireproof throughout, or where there are two or more dwelling houses adjoining, and of equal height and with flat roofs.'the mania may ha exempt from the requirement, of this section; and no dwelling houses such as are men tioned In this section, now built, or which may hereafter be built, ahall have any bay, straw, hemp, flax. wood, .havings, burning fluid, turpentine, camphene or any other eomtiiia. tlble material atored thareln, or kapt on sale, except In such quantities as shall bs provided for by ordinances of th# Common Council In sala city. The Improvements in tha new buildings sro varied and numerous, and it can be safely said that the wise fore thought of the owners and the skill of the builders, both OOtitrolled by very strict laws and close and careful In tpeotton, tend to make the better class of new edifices th this elty perfectly safe la every respect. Dtssmsnssos or woods* boilmikm. Of every handred of the buildings on New York Island at least ninety eight or nlnoty-rune are made of stone Or brick, whilst the remaining one or two, whtcb are ponapoeed of wood, are exceedingly small and of scarce ly any Importance whatever. Those monuments of the ?Banners and customs of the burghers of New Amster dam, the wooden "shanties," as we call them, are day by day disappearing, like that class of good old folk*, whose plain and simple habits made them content in these now rlokety houses. The few frame houses now going up are built north of Slghty-slxth street, for tho law, In view of the dangers to which they expose life and property, very wisely pro hibits the erection of any within that limit. Should any groat necessity arise, permission may bo obtained by application to tho Supreme Court, on the recom mendation of the Superintendent of Public Buildings. Tne act regulating wooden buildings says that AH bake houses, smoke houses, ash houses or ash holes, hereafter built, shstl '?? constructed otillrely of stone, brisk, or Iron, and without the use of wood In any p.irt thereof Mo frame or wooden building, shed, eileii'lon, stairway, atom balcony, piazza, platform, bsj orortet window, or Wooden structure of any kind. In whole or In part wood Shall hereafter be built or const meted south of a line run ning from the Knat to the North river one hundred feel pi.thnf Klghtv-tilth -tre-t In said nits, unless the same Shall drat he authorised hy the Superintendent of Hitl'rilngs, undar bis certliteate. to tie by htm first obtained and issued |n the same manner as provided for his leaving certificates nr. let section thirty-three of thle act; provided, how. Brer, that any plarza, platform ,r balcony, that does pot esoeed P-n feet In width, and that does not ??tend more than three feel above the second story floor Of any building to whlnb the same may he attached, or the poof of which docs not agreed the same height, may be built With wood, provided the same la open on th? side; and such Malta, Platform or bal 'ony may he built higher, or may he In<doeeit, provided the .ante shall hava end or party wnlfa of Stone or brick not less than eight Inches thick, which ahall be started and built from the foundation and carried up {hove the roof, aud coped with stone or l-en; and the root a f all ptazsas Shall be c tvrrad wlih some (Ire proof material; Any bay or oitel window that does not eitend msre than three feet above the third store floor of any dwelling I to which the same ahall be atlarhed, may be built or ? _ . __ _ wood. ^11 privies. not eieeedlnfl ten feet square and ten feet high, may ha built and covered with w end, boards or shlnglas. and trovlded also, that all so-a.-ntoet and fen r houses or other tru nurse upon er adlolning any pier, slip or bulkhead In mid elty. may and shall be eonairirtad In aurh manner at Ptld (Superintendent shall determine md deslgnaU under Is certificate Aral to be obtained therefor. Of the necessity for, nnd advantages accruing from, ibia law tberw can be but one opinion While It causos Comparative safety, It at the aatuo time protects our handsome building* from being d stroyod In appearance by their neighborhood to tha small fraggling, shaky buildings which alther unwise economy or want of sufll gipnt fnnds might induce tha owners of ground to alert Mi their vaout Iota. The New Herald BulUinf. In cue of the moat prominent end rons|itcuoue po.i Mom In Urn oitjr stands tbo now Ho mi* Building, pro ?rating Hum magnificent wh to marble front*?one look put on Teeey street and Broadway, tho contro front roelng otralght up Broadway, commanding a full and yomplete view of that great thoroughfaro, and tho ether equally wall attuated, fronting Ann street, Park Bow, city Hall and Park and Chatham streak A similar |li* cannot bo found In New York olty, either for the position, situate at the Junction of so many streets In the most valuable quarter, the view It commands of the great thoroughfare* of the city, or for the beauty, the rtnbnees and the style of the buildings surrouodlog. On Broadway, Immediately oppeette the Haa*U> Build ing, Is one of lbs old landmarks of the olty, the church ?f St. Paul, with Its One statue of the great apostle In a beautifully carved niohe near tba paak of the reof. A Hltle farther down stand* fraud old Trinity, with Its sweet, harmonious chlus of ball* At the other tide of 8k Paul's there la tbt ataunoh and well (itIII Aator House. Opposite, at the end of the Perk, are the City Ball buildings, and surrounding are ?tnrshoueee and other public edifices o( the most eostly, eipenelve end beautiful structure Walking doWn Broadway the appearance presented by (he new baUdlng le eioeedlngly Imposing end attractive; and any owe who has ever visited Paris and thers spent tday exploring the boantlea of tb* l-ourr* cannot fall to > St MM* struck with tbe resemblance wbioh the centre front of the Ha*alt Building bean to one sf tba meet beautiful sf tbs fimi* of that gorgtoM frsneh structure, front the bjfr to the efeborauiy eewetfueted and ore est en led window senates t l*| the front tbe modal M eompista, sad Ma niMMMM to pto edgtaal to tof pfttooUy carTt*desri ell through. This Itoto to partloularty rich,' In lh? full Obriotblea oeler, end to ornamented with Corinthian and oompoeite column* and pilasters wlfb vary neb earring. Th* capital* of tha oolutnn* am eie ganily cut and htadaoraeiy anrlebnd with oarvluga. tot the base of (hi* portion of tha building to twi nam wnuNOi which load* to the counting room through a portion pro jecting live toot from the body of the building, consisting of all round fl ited column* and two pilaster* rooting on pedeoiala These columns are also In tho full Corinthian stylo, with fluted shafts, handsomely carved medallion cornices and pediment. In Iho trmpanum of the pedi ment will he a shield on whl h will he carved In a very beautiful style the monogram, "J. O. B." Ihta mono gram to alao cut In tho lintels of the aeoond story win dows and the keystone of tho oentre window on the third story In Park row. The entrance la eight (sot wide; the door* of block walnut an1 largo panes or plate glass. The platform under the portico and Iho aldewalk will ba of granite, tbo doom beautifully ornamented, and the en trance between the columns will be very Imposing and pleasing. ana or ths botlmho. The extreme depth la one hundred end four feet; the width In rear, fllty-four feet Ave Inches; on Ann street, eighty-three feet: Perk row, Ihtrty-nlne feet eight Inches; on Broadway, twenty-nine feet seven inches and the extreme width from corner of Ann street and Park row to tha wall running back from Broadway to sixty-one feet. The bulldng contains fonr stories, exclu sive of Mansard reef, or flftli story, an*basement. Thts basement Is the highest in New York?twentv-feur feet? and the floor to five feet above wator marie. The first etorv to eighteen feet high; the second story measures sevonteen feet, and present* some verv bandeemely orne - seen tod windows, baring balconies with etonanftv oarved belnstSrs. the centre oee of which to pecutlariy fcead aonse and rich in earring and all the cesKepUsw breadwe of the meat refined taste. The third Mory 4a thirteen (bet high, end the fenrth ntoiern feet, and the fifth, which to a Mansard reef, to t wen'v-fwur fleet high la centra and eight feet at rides. This reef I* -of vary pretty design. It to furnished with night handsome dormers, one of which, that surmounting en Parte row, to exceedingly handsome In design aud very rich In arttollcal ornamentation and beautiful carvings. This window to plainly visible for s long distance up Broad way, towering high over the Intermediate build ings and attracting particular attention, both for Its boldness In design aud its grand and Imposing appoarance. On the upper portion ol tho roof above the dormer are nine small c n-ular windows, and on the top Ave very large frame glass akvllghta give splendid light to the rooms below. The three fronts, whloh con tain forty-six windows, each tastefully ornamented more or leas, are constructed of white marble from Westchester coontv, fonning one solid block of rich masonry, and elegantly carved aud ornamented oolamns and pilasters, the whole forming a structure not 0x001101 In taste, de sign or finish, by say building or edtfloe erected In the oity of New York for many years. tbs stvls or a mrriicniar. Although the Corinthian and composite styles are very prominent In 'his binldlng,there areal-o many traces visi ble of the old Normah. The building may therefore be con sidered as belonging to that order technically called the ''Renaissance," which consists ?r all the beauties of the old and the Improvements of the modern slylee of archi tecture And of this order the Hsrai.d Building U a (It representative, Just like the Amorioan people themselves, earning from all nations, and the nskald newspaper itaelf the grea' news medium and instructor for all people and for all lands *M MOO* OF OOXSTHtJCTTOT In erecting the new Hcbald Building every means have l>een used to render It safe and durable. The foun dations of columns, welts and piers, are carried to the water level, which Is twenty-eight feet below the rurb on Broadway, the base stones resting in all cases on a thick bed of conerete. In addition to the outside walls supporting the beams there era two Up if of vfjWgTil iron tlrders funning longitudinally from front to rear and resting on ten cast Iron columns oh each storv. These columns run rrom base to roor and are a most material help and aid in supporting the building. The staircases, of whloh there are three, one from Broadwar, leading to third and fourth stones; epe from the centre of Ann, going to second story, and the third nleo from Aon street to flfth story, aro all constructed or cast jroti, as Is the parapet above the main and front of dornier windows The raftera and supporters of the roof are of Ihc same material with more of wrought Iron tlian of oast. The steep portion of the roor and side of dormer* Is covered with slate, aud the flat part with ror -'rugated Iron. The attic Is lighted by large skylights, Ave In number, which are covered with patent llchts. 1 he building is Are proof throughout, the floors being constructed of rod iron beams, with brick arches turned between the? and levelled on top to receive the floor ing. Ugh! Is admitted to the hasement by a patent H*nt ulktfyim extending over the Broadway and Ann street sld^s. The building, which will be heated by steam, la supplied with a patent steam hoisting apparatus rnnnlug from basement to tipper story. * . .v.. - JS* BASK MR XT. The basement of the" heW Hanaro Building Is of very large dlmttmlons, and well protected against damp or wet. It will be used as a pressroom and for the siorngo it paper, tnd will contain Ave rotary presses, engines, boilers, folding machines and other machinery Incidental to the printing. There will also be rooms set apart f r the mailing and delivery of papers, to which there will be two entrance*, one for women and the other for men. Patent lights overhead will supply sufficient light under neath. nm vntsr htost. The centre portion of the Urst story will be used ea a counting room, at either side of which thore are two compartments, set aside to be rented for stores, ono of them siaiete on Broadway and the other on Ann street. They are peculiarly adapted for business, are quite roomy, end eligible in overv reipect for any kind of a first i jam trade. in tit* counting room Ihero will be several very handsome offices for the conducting of the business department of the H skald, Including a room for the Superintendent ahd another for the Cashier. The counter will be very ornamental, made of marble and blank walnut, mounted with screens, es used In banlu, 4c. It will be enrl hod with One carvings. nod very handsomely encircled with mouldings. Outside, the floor wilt be constructed of marble tljea, and inside or oak and black walnut The furnishing of this department, IB carpeting*, new deake and other articles, will tje of tlje mosi expons've order - -**- L * isomely varnished, end io < wglls will be Mndsomcly vkralshed, end to one of them wilt be attached a slab with an Inscription thereon giving the data of the building, the dale of the founda tion of the Hkhalo. and the names of the different per sona engaged In the construction of the new building. THS BSC Oh'D STORY. This part of lha building trill be devoted exclusively to the editorial department. On the front fee ng Broadway and I'ark row, will be a private oflloe. a bualneae office, aud the editorial council room. The other portion will be divided into rooms for the editors and reporters, and a suitable apartment set aa<d? for visitors. Pressing rooms are ?u each floor, and water brought Into every section of the building. The accommodations In the editorial department, a* In all the other*, are of a first class order. A separate entrance and staircase are provided lor lha use of the editorial corps, rendering the apartments the flneet editorial rooms In the country. ths THian *xn rocanr storiss are being dlvlrf d Into n number of epeclnus and airy rooms, suitable for offices, for which purpose they are Intended on Broadway and I'ark row; arc furnished with water and gaa, and, from the lire-proof nature of the building, will make as safe dopOKltarlca for the most valuable documents as any bank vault In New York. There I* also for these stories a separate and ex clusive entrance from Broadway. There are fourteeu offices on the third and thirteen on the fourth floor, rim firm story This portion of the now Hiram> building will be entered from Ann street, end will be used by the compositor- and stereutypcra. The llgnt afforded by the large skyliplita on the roof la dlffusod over all the aparlmesl* Some portions of these room* are twenty-lour feet high, end afford plenty of room to the compositors tocarry on their work. When completely finished thore cannot be found a finer composing room than that of ths Naw York Hnuw. The llrat architects In this city have advised on the plans of the building end the best and moat capa ble workmen have been engaged In lis construction. Nothing nae been left undone to render it not alone a "liable and large enough for the immense business which has necessarily to be transacted within Its walla, but also to make It a feature and an ornament to the John Keliutn, of Broadway, le the architect; Messrs Cornell k Co. have done the Iron work ; Messrs. Stewart A Smith the masonry: Orpheus 4 O'keefe, of Kttlton etroet, the plumbing; Mr Thomas ihe healing and gaa apparatus; Mr. John Fowler the carpenter work. Mr. Vandewater the furnishing of the editorial ana oounting rooms, and tbs marble, wliloh la of a very ol sr while, baa been supplied by lbs KMtrbaster Quarry Company. UflMl P*rlllii|?. The most aipanalre tad apleadld dwelling now belug put up Id tha dtp la Mr. A. T. Riawart'a, aituatad at tha corner or Fifth avanue tad Thirty-fourth atroot, oae of tha moat faahlonablr portion of lha oily It haa a vary ?no frontage both aa tha araaaa and on Thirty-fourth atroet, tneavurlng on a huadrad and tan foot aa# Arty-all foot revpeetlvaly. Tha autarlal of whioh tha alraotora I* built la a vary flaa kind of whit# marbla, whloh pro aaoia a planting and aplaodld appaaraaov Tha bouta will contain but thrna atortaa, coaaaquantly tha room*, par tciilarly on tha lower floor, will ba lofty and roomy. Tho coat of tha hmldlng aloaa It la animated will ba about 1500,000, and tha furniture, atatuary and other article* both of ornament and uaa, will make tha tola) outlay figure over on* million dollar* Particular alien Uon haa baan paid to tha depth and thlcknaaa of tha foundation and uppar walla, and all that aklll can Invent or lavlah mean* aooompllab will b* unaparingty aipend ad In order to render it a* laatlog aad aa ear* aa It ua. doubtodly la ornamental not nlon* to lie own neighbor hood In particular but to the city tn general. On tho name avenue, near Forty-aevenlh etreel, era two Tcfy Una dwolllnga, of four ntnrle* aaeh, fifty two foot high, fifty Art and eighty deep and twenty-Ava ?tda, and will coat 115,000 aaeh At the corner of Bitty ihOT ?* * " aecond atroot there are two other* of tha *ame etyla, brown otona fronta. flour atortaa, *1itv feat deep and twenty-Ava wtdo, taa prwparty of Mr. \Tm Coratalm Between Forty-third and Forty-fourth aireete lhara are foar being treated at aeoet of >50 000 "wen, four atorlea, A fly feat high, eavoaiy deep nod twenty five wide they are tha property of Mr. Ml H. Ah or woo#. Near Siaty* aeoond atraot Mr. Wm. Coralah ta .budding a_raaldawoa of awd ralo*. Mr. John & OnrnelL Iron merahaat, la MMttac a mumtm a# tha oaraar af Krty. fourth atraat aMA tha mm* avaaae-a# aa aubay af _ _ amrtao mseiei&&&&. and twenty-d ve wide. i wdd* Mr. TandmMIt tsbuUdag another ?M stable at rear, aiki comer of For tieth Otreet, Another, Uto property of Mom Brook* * Fifty thW " U go ng up ot oorner of Fifty third otrooi. Oa Forty' fnu th Mrrot, mm lUul'aon avenue, Mr. 01'trim Duma It putting ?t> * now building, with Mansard ?a-d; three stories h'yrh, and a .frontage ot thlrty throo ftft by twAntv-eigbt In depth. A row fort further down anothrr bu Idlng of thr Mm* stile and dim oaten- a going up. Mr. Dao'ei M. Wtukera It the ownar of a new building on Fitly "Ithth street. near I- xtngtoo avenue It contain* thre# alert a. I* twenty otio foi l la width and Ally in depth. Three otliera on Islington avenue. Nut A68, 061 and 076, are near rom pleilon - they ere owned by Mr. 11. Ill.inco and coat ab-mt ?IS,COO eaeh. On ihe same a<-enoe, near Forty-lourth street, Mr. Walter .fnnea la building a Dorcheaier front that writ <x>4 $13 000; It wan f/wnmcooed in aprinc and I* now near completion; It baa three stories, la nineteen feet six Inche* w ide and fortv-slr deep. At Ihe corner o' Fortieth street, Mr. Thomas Kluatriolc haa common' ed Ave very fine brlclc dwelling Mr. (h-orga Douglas haa started four of the came kind at the oorner of Madison avenue and Seventy-ninth alreet. Burchilt k Brother are putting up threo new residence* at the oorner of Lexington avenue and Flftv-elxth street. On Madl-on avenue, between Forty-flrst end Forty aecond streets, Mr. K. Llvermore, the banker, la tha owner of two very One thr e story residence*, whteh cost $20,000 each: they are sixty feet deep by twenty flve wide. Oa the lot between Not. 14 and SO West Thirty-fourth alreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, Mr. Wm B. Ae'or Is erecting eight brick dwellings, with extensions on tha rear. On Eighty-fourth alreet, near Keennd avenue, three elogant two story residences era being or-cued. They are the property of Mr. J. Kit Patrick, and measure sixteen and two third feet In width and rorty.flve In depth. Mr. A. Armstrong la ereotlng a very preitllv designed two atory residence; It la built of pa'ent brick, and measures thirty-six faet deep and thirty six wlda. In ^eventy-nlnih atreet. East of Second a venae, Messrs. Keys dc Cunningham are patting ap se*ee very One three atery brick dwellings On the north aide vf Seventy-tret street 8ve brown atoae freaU are gain' ?p; they am the property of Mr. An O'Kane, Baaaiataf three afrlaa eaoh and measure seventeen feet wide by (arty-Ave deep. On the north aid* of FIR/ eereeth street, near a venae a, Mr. W. H. MoOulteag h la the owaer of the new three story dwelling house, with a floe frontage and depth or ttfty-four feet No. tM East Ftftv-Ofih street Is a new well built three story dwelling, with brown stone front, the prop-rty of Mr. Richard Totten, twenty feet ride and forty feet deep. Mr. Joseph Dolger la having built on F'fty-fourth street a similar house. Meears. D<e brow and Weitfleid are proprietors of three ebu-ant three story buildings, noarlv completed, at Noa 163, 166 and 157 East Fiftieth street. They are twenty feet In width and fortv-elx In depth. They will coat tioarly $10,000 each. On Forty ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, throe brown stone front three atery dwellings are be<ng built at an expanse or $12,000 eaoh They are the property of Mr. Wm. Ketcham, end are of thr follow ing dimension*:?Fifty and lor'y Ave feet high, fifty feet deep and tweniy-one wlda On Fortv.fourth street, be tween the same avenues, Mr. Amoa Woodrutf t? having built six residence* of the asm* etrle, with a little differ ence in measurement, vis;?Four stories, Afty-three feet high, flftv-nve d ep and twenty-one wide. They oost about $20,000 each, (in Eighty-fourth atreet. east of Seoond Avenue. Mr. J. Kt Patrick la ereotlng a very good two Hlory dwellng, with Mansard roof, sixteen fret wide and forty -Ave deep. Mr. John J. Morrow 18 building four splendid dwellings, atone front* on Fifty-Brat atreet, west of Eighth avenue, $fear the eame place James Officer is oreo'lng two houses of the spine style, and oh Fiftieth atrj(L>V,V of Wxlflgldn afenue, Mr, r-oula Carpentcf la phTttng up a brown atone front On Fiftv-flrot sireot, west of Eighth avenue, George Slings, land la building two brown stone front dwel'lnga, each containing three storlea. and twenty feet wide by fifty deep. The two fine brick houses In course of erection on Fifty-sixth street, near Lexington ?venue, are the property of Messrs. Unrierhill and Barry, Two strong brlok dwellings, the propertv of Mr. J. Panhnurne, are being built at Noe. 64 and 68 Perry street. No. 60 or the It Is ajso being built on by George Coddlnrton i others fifth# tamd kta4 J6T? ge'ng up at 61 and 03 are the ttro Charles street. TCief are the property of Walter W. Price. Mr. John Bares la building a very floe resi dence at 60 West Forty-ninth street. It has a stone front, contains four stories and msasures twonty-flvs leet In width by flftv In depth On Ktghtv-seoond street, west of Third avenue, Mrs Ellen McCarthy la the pro prietor of an elegant dwelling, which la very near com pletion In Perry street again the lot No. 62 is bslng built ?n by Mr. A. Devoo, and 04 and 00 by s easrs. Boguet and Panbourne. On the north side of Thirty-sev enth sir-'et, near Park avenue, Mr. McKenney Is ereoting a fine brown atone residence. Mr. Monroe Is putt'ng up another on Forty-ninth street, near Fifth avenue, and on Seventy-first sired, west of Third avenue, A. 0. Chapln Is erecting three more of the same style. On Seventy seventh street, near First avenue, W. J. Conner, County Clerk, Is putting up two staunch dwellings, and on Forty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue, Mr. David Robins Is Hie proprietor of three others. Messrs. Bryan and Adams are putting up two strong brick houses at the corner of Bleecker and Perry streets. On Eighty fifth S'reet., mar Third avenue, George Walsh is erecting two dwellings of a very fine appe&ranoe, and a Mr. FPzpat rlek Is the proprietor of six splendid residences on Forty ninth street, east of Sixth avenue. At No. 88T West Fortv-sixth street Mr. John Jardlne Is building another dwelling. Foundations for about alxtv other elegant dwellings have been laid within (he las', month not. given In this list, and th--so, taken with the above, aliow a number, not far from two hundred, of splendid real donees In course of erection at the present moment in this city. All of them are being built with the greatest regard to comfort, to safety and to beauty, aud the capital Invested so far represents at th? lowest calcula tion close on 06,000.000. The total number of thU class of buildings finished, and In course of progress, since the beginn'ng of the year cannot be very far short of six hundred Itlualfisrnt Ntsreboasrs, Of equal Importance, Interest and value are the magni ficent storehouses now being erected In the commercial portion of the olty, many of them of great architectural beauty and design, built of the whitest marble, Immense In height and dimensions, strong In their build, valuable from the amount of money laid out on them, and Impos ing and handsome In appearance. It may be safe to aay that their equals can not bs found In any other portion of the world; and a vary sad and poor comparison could the dingy and mean looking storehouses of teadenhall street, or Cannon atreet, or any of the other greet com merctst streets In London make with the marble edifices In which the trade of New Terk I* carried on. mOADWAY. Id Broadway there Is a very large number or new atoree and atorehousea going up, all of them of very handsome design and build, and moetly fronted with white marble. Aa far up aa Grace church the great etreet of the metropolis preaenta a very grand appearance, to which the new buildings, with a few exceptions, lend day by day additional beauty. No*, ill and 45T are being built on by Meaara. J. Hamilton It Co, and when completed will be an elegant store houae. It will coat $46,000, oontalna Are atorlea end meaauraa flftv feet In depth by one hundred in width On the three lota known aa Nos. 827. 889, and 881, Mr Ix>r Hard la having erected two macnlflcnt stores with rr.arbla fronts; earn will have four etortea; will he sixty elglit feet high, thirty eight wide and ninety-tour deep, and will cost their enlerprls ng proprietor $200,000 Next to these another store routing $86,000 ? going up. Tlila ono will confaln Ave stories and measure tlilrlv anven feet wide hy ninety-two deep. No. 065 lith> same style of building but of larger dimensions; it la property of Messrs. W. A J. Sloans. Mr. Alrxandor Hamilton Is putting up a building for otO es, Ac , Ac , a> 227 and 229. It Is a while maible rent, con etns Ave stories and measures forty-seven feet wide by one hundred and forty-two feet deep, and will cost when completed over $160,000. Near thceomerof Houston street, Messrs Hm tli A Rlo< are the owners of the new store now In course of building; It has two stories, la fifty-one lest In width by one hundred and twenty-Ave In depth. At 067 and 659 Messrs. Olomons A Sons are putting up another large store of very strong btlld end One eppesranne. No 695 la being built on by Fred ericks, lite photographer, and will be e very staunch build ng. The lower portion is built of etone, the upper n brick. Another building of the same kind it bring e or.ted et No 510 by Messrs. Wood Hre* Commencing at 648, extending to Crosby street, Mr. 8. Nichols Is putting up some verv One storehouse*. They are or the aamo atyt" and order of building as the others previously re (erred Io. Another of the same class Is being built *t 617 by Jacob Peoate, and at 731 by John J. Cisco Thoea, as near et can be collected, are the new buildings in oouree or erection la Broadway, and I hey represent, when taken with the new HnasbO building, very c'oae on $2 000,030. Repairs of old buildings, and various kinds of changes ere rapidly going on In this ihorougu i a re. Taylor's great saloon la being remodelled so as to s->lt the business or an expreaa company. Old "444" theatre has disappeared, and unsightly danbs and dis cordant noises mark one or two buildings above the Ht. Nicholas where once was earned on tha more decent and reputable callings of legitime'# trade. A! the vervn of the City Hall Park It la supposed tha New Peat Ofll.-e?a building very much required by the olty?will be erected i but on this subject the authorities have not yet arrived at any Anal decieion. nr wmra rrnwrv. Of tha oommerrtal portion nf thle city, next to Broad way, White street le lbs richest In store houssa At the preeent momaal lea while marble hu Idlsgt sr-being ereoisd at an outlay of very close on one million of dol lar*. Tbsy are as follows;?Nos. II and S3, owned by Messrs Riade A Colby, valued at $40,000 each, and con taining Ore stories; 64 and 40, one large warehouse, tha property of Messrs. 8. J. Zsbrtskl; It contains Ova stories. Is Strhty feet high, forty-seven wide and one hundred deep, and Is estimated to roat at least $100,000 Msasra. MAS Hieenberger are the proprietor* of No. 62, a building which w,fi roat $10,000. oontalna Ave stories t* eighty feet high, thirty wide end nlnely-Av* deep. Mr IA Hart Is budding a four atory warehouse st No 92, which will coal over $30,000 and measars* tweniy-lwo feel In w dth by thirty s*v> n In depth. No 60 Is tha P'operiv of Mr. Aletander Wood, la a Ova story building, cast $55,000 and measures twenty-Ova fast In width and ainetv eight In depth. Another, coaling $66,000, w baicg erected at the corner of Cburah; II eonta n* four stories, Is sli'y so* feet high, Ofly wide sad Bfiy deep. No. 116 belongs to Pater H irkhardt It Isasplsndd brick storehouse and will ooat about $36,000. No*. II and 15 are batog built oa, and when Anlahsd will ha one of tha Onset stores In this street. The own*r? are Messrs. blade A Colby, who are laying out Hi* sum of $90,000 an this build ng. Noa IT and It are being turnad to tha asm* use, belong to the same Arm. and will cost about tha aaOM amount of money These gen tlemen are also the proprietors of soother equally valu able store being treated near the southwest corner at UHs street Mean K r.PespiY * Co., at an expense of about gtf,000, are building another lares store ??**! Nee. 47 and d?, end en the lets Nan f$ M and ?MrgsJMNgia?(pend|nf $800,000 in treating twa onreos east In stder'af ralba "aTRo career Mia Amert Meek la bultdlag. at a ooat of $50,066, a Bra story store house at No. 81. ft la sixty feat high, uinetyflve deep and twemv-Ave wide, ana la a vary solid atr oture. N?a 16 and 18 are balng built on *?y Mr. Samuel A. Warner; they will make. wtien completed, two elegant a'orw Sva atoiiea In hffight, twenty Ave feat wide and one hundred deep; the out la* is estimated at 850,000 each. Ilr. D. Dodge Is laving out another $50,000 ou a building at No. 80 Franklin street It contains five sui'lnti, and Is twenty six feel wide by elgbty nevon deep. Vr. K. R Hlgglna Is erecting four stores on Noa 60, 61 68 and 65, which a-e eatlmalod to cost $50,000 eaoh. Thus It w II be i-een that within a space of about eighteen hundred feet, the new stores bo n ? bu It In this street oost no lean a sum than about $400,000. OK*n\wion a nxrr. In this street raluablo buildings, worth over $200,000, are going up. Thev are No 38, the property of Hymen

Leipslgy, containing live stories, thirty-seven feet wide by one hundred deep, and cost $20,000. Nos. 335 and 337, belonging to the Lorlllsrd estate, on which $50,000 are being expended In Hie ereotion of a four story ware house, measuring forty-seven teet In width by one hun dred In depth. Nos. 863 365 and 867 aro being built on by Mr. William Kaln. They will make three vary fine stores, and are built In a substantial mariner. At No. 780 Mr. Stephen Halght is erecting a flvo stor. flint class storehouse measurng fifty-two feet high, fifteen wide and forty-eight deep, and at No. 393 llenry J. Meyer is expending $20,000 on a new storehouse. CHURCH STRUCT. Here also several very line buildings, chiefly intended for trade, ar> rapidly going up. Nos. 108 and'200, the pro perty of Messrs. George Hughes A Co , will be a splendid strong Ave story building, ousting $60,000 and mea suring forty-four feet in width by fifty lu depth. A. J. Dittenhnfer Is building a new store at No 218. It con tains live stories measuring sixty-eight feet rhlgh, twen ty-four feet wide and sixty-five deep, and oosts $32,000. At 219 and 221 Chnroh street Mr. Ktngsland Is building a large storehouse, and another of the same style, the property of Mr. Morris Posnaoikt, Is going up at No, 106. The value of the now buildings in this street Is at least $180,008. At No. 10$ Worth street Mr. O. fowler is building ? ?tore worth $86,000. At No. 61 Duane street Mr. A T. Stewart Is building s warehouse worth $28,68$. Mr. D. C. A. Klngslev Is expending $48,068 On a firs story ware house at No. 40 Ltapenard street, measuring twenty-five feet wide by ninety-six deep. At No. 54 Pine street Mr M. Taylor Is putting up a five story building for store ?I Messrs. and offices. Messrs. Jsokeon A Co. are proprietors of a new building worth $16,008, situate In Fulton street. No. 16 Desbrosses street Is a very One storehouse, five stories high, thirty-four feet deep b^ elghty-nlno wide; cost $20,000 and is the property or Mr. John Sexton. Nos. 89 and 41 Walker street, the property of Mr. John R. Ford will he a splendid storehouse, worth $90,000, live stories high, flirty-eight fe?t wld - sud ninety feet deep. At 130 and 132 Water atreot Edward Falle Is lay In* out $85,000 In building a storehouse. A marble front storehouse, c sting over $70,000, Is being built st Noa 444 and 446 Pearl street by Jay C. Wemple. It contains Ave stones and measures seventy-three feet high, Q'ly wide and ninety-five deep. Another of the a r same dimensions, but much larger depth?one hundred snd sixty feet?going up at No. 248 South street, Is the property Of Phelpa Dodge A Co. Beginning from the corner of Grand ana Mercer Mr. James R. Enn Is build ing three very large storehouses, each containing Ave stories and measuring thlriy-Ave feet in width by one hundred and twenty In depth. Another storehouse, Ave stories, Is bolog put up at No, 7 Thomas street, by Mr, Nos. J. Bonneborn. At Nos. 35 and 87 Wooster street, Mews. J. A W. Ly&ll are building two other* of the same k|u<l of stores. Jhey are very large, containing Ave stories each, and nieaitirlng seventy-two feet high, Ofty wide and one hundred deep. No. 13 Thomas street Is another elegant store, the property of D. T. William!', containing four stories, Is forty-eight feet high, twenty, five wide and seventy-five deep. The American Express Company are erecting a very fine building for ofiloea on the block bcundod by Hubert, Collisier and Lalght streets. At 40 Vesey street Mr. A. 8. Allison Is building a very strong brick storehouse, and In Leonard street Mr. David B. Babrook Is erecting three of the same style, and Mr. Warren Ward one more at the corner of Spring and Crosby. Mr. Wm. A. Doubleday is also building, In the same style, one No. 37 Walker street. Mr. Charles Knox Is orectlng a store In Pulton street. At No. 207 in the same street Mr. Thomas Mnrell Is putting up another, as alto are Messrs. Arnold, Constable k Co., at 402 Broome street At 408 Water street another very fine store, the property of Mr. Franklin Wight, la coing up. Mr. Geo. M. Torr'kins Is erecting one at 22 North Moore street, and Mr. Henry Brinker another et 46 West Broadway. This ends the list or the lerge slorehousesAn course of erection at the present moment. In size, In build, In design, In the materials of which they are composed and the Immense amount of capital?very near five millions of dollars?ezpeuded on them, they cannot be equalled by the same clam of buildings in any other portion of the world. Althcngh several of them are of a very great height, still there Is not the least danger of tholr safety. The foundations of many of them are no less than twelve foot deep, and of thickness varying from twonty four Inches to three and four feet The beams, girders and timbers are of immense thickness, all tending to render the buildings as safe and secure as they are vast lu sise and attractive In eppearanoe. Trnrment House*. In addition to those already mentioned in this article there are several other building* now going up which cannot well be classed with the elegant dwellings or the magnificent storehouse*. Many of them arc of pretty build, but not of else to warraot their class! Aoatlon un der either of those headings. Near 10S Twenty-seventh ??treat two very good tenements, the property of Mr. Green are being built. They cost $(,000 each, are Ave and four stories, respectively, high, fifty and thirty feet wide by twenty-six deep. A very large tenement house I* being up at the rear of 28 Cherry street by Jacob Vanderpoole. It will oost $16,000; la fifty feet In height, sixty-four In width and thirty-four in depth. At T Spring street an equally large tenement la ba'ng built by William Zoohwetske, at an expense of $18,000. This house contains six stories; Is sixty three feet In height, twenty-five In width and seventy In depth. Mr. William Juch is erecting six buildings, In tended for stores and tenements, on First avenue, near Forty seventh street Each house contains five stor les, Is twenty-five feet wide and $fty deep. Nos. 114 and 188 First avenue are also intended for tenements, and are almost exaotly of the earno six? and dimensions. Mr. A. Hiinm Is building two tenements nt Nos. 80 and 41 First avenue, and Mr. William Walton la the proprietor of four new building* from 741 to 740 Eighth avenue. The four are built of brick, end ere to be used es stores and tenements. A flvo story tsn ment Is being built at 08 Orchard by Mr. Anton Mtoeldl. It Is thirty feet wide by slit? deep. Mr. P. Bunce Is building two stores et 272 end 274 Weter. They are to be five stories In height, twenty AVe feet wide and one hundred end ten deep. At 47 New Chambers e new building for a store end dwelling Is going up. It also It a five aiory; is Ofty feet high, flfty.four wide and elghty-lbrec deop. An ex. tensive tenement house is being built at 88 Wash ington street bv Edward Burke. It contains sn stories ; It tweniy-flve feet In width by fifty in depth, end will coat, when completed, about 8I7.0O0. Another, valued at $14,000, the property of the same gentleman, situate at> Morris street, It very near completion. At Fifty-second street end Ktghth avenue, Job Long is building a very good brown stone front store and dwelling. Ill* four stories high, and measures twenty-live feet In width end sixty in depth. Now. 84 and 88 fllnton street ere two five story brink te nements, the property of Wm. Pohroeder. On Ninth avenue, near Forty-fifth street, Thomas Shannon Is put ting up a three elorv si ore and dwi lllng, se\ entoen feet wide b.v forty-rhreo deep. A building. Intended for e store end tenement, the property of Mr. F. H. Dennett, Ih going up on Third avenue oouth of Fifty-fifth street, Nos 23 end 28 Allen street are two tenements, the prop erly of Mr. Olockner. On Fourteenth street, west of Firsi even e, Mr. Diehl is erecting a very good b'lok tenement, and st Nos. 110 end 121 Fifth street, Messrs. Hchnugg k George are ? recting two others Mr. James Mulry is building five brtek tenements on Erst Twelfth street, from Not. 162 to 182 Five others of the same kind ere go ug up on Fortv-Am street, west of Heoond avenue. They ere owned by Geo. J Hamilton k i o. No. 84 Sheriff street Is also e t nement house, containing five alotie*, twenty five feet wide end fifty deep. It iithe property of Mr. Wm. M Wilson. Nov 16. 17 end 10 Charles street ere Ave store tenements, and belonging to Jamee H All n. John Bohrtber Is the owner Rf a tenement now building at No. 101 Orchard street os 182 and 184 are the earn* class of bulldin *, and tre the property of Mr. Mtller end Mr. Ferdinand Frand. No. 48 Allen street, itelonglng to Mr. Fred. Hrhueh, le also e tenement house On First avenue, aouth of Eighth street, Mr N B'tjomsn Is ere ting Ihree store* and lens meots, earh measuring twenty feet wide end flfty deep. On Third avenue, near Sixty eecond street, Mr. Jeremiah I.eanny le bnlldtng e tenement and store and two other* of the same kind, the property of Daniel Hennessey, ere going upon Third avenue, south of Forty-first street. 47 Rldndge street Is another brfrk tenement, end It owned by Charlce Ktnken. Beginning from the corner of avenue C and Tenth street, etcht Ave story tenements are beinc erected bv Josh Wengle, end three stores end tenements belonging to Ooorgo W. Walsh are going up at tho oornor ol Third avenue and Rlghty-Afth street. Three others of the seme style are being built by Mr Ihos. Beatty further down the avenue, near Beveaty-Arrt street Mr. E. Doc per le building a very good tenement bnuee et 27 Hester street, and Dan. Qrrgesperg another et No. 80 avenue It, end at 88 Allen street Mr. f,ewls Planer la also erecting e tenement bouee On Third ave nue, near Fifty ninth street, a large brick tenement hnuee la being erected by Mr G Keys. On Fifty-Aflh street, near ewond avenue, Mr. ey I vaster Murphy Is building n four story brick tenement, twenty-eight feet wide and ifty deep, at a cost of $8,000. Mr. Henry Venning le putting up a five story bouse, worth $8,400, . ^ ??*- m pi? and forty-eeven feet In width. Again In Fourth avenue, near Forty-itinth street, throe tenements, four stories high end forty feet deep, the property of vera. Pote, are near < ompletton No. 101 Forty seventh street Is a double tenement, owned by Mr. Fred Opperman. It contain* flva aior en, measures thirty-feet In width bv slxtv In depth, and I* estimated to cost $16.0M On Third avenue, between Forty-alxth and Forty, aaventh streets, otght now Ato story house# ere being put up by Wm. Juch. They measure twenty-el* feei wide by Afty deep Maseru. Iiopex * Devies are erecting Ave of the same sited tenements on Forty sixth sir et, near Third avnua, and nsar Flfty-oecond street D Frost It expanding $6,000 In the construction of e four story bouse, measuring forty-two feet high, forty eight deop snd twenty-live wide. On Twenty-seventh street Mr Green Is building two other tenements et n coat of 84,780 each. They oontaln Ave end foor stories respectively, and ere any feat blah, thirty deep end twenty-six wide Partteular attention has been paid to lbs bonding of those tenement boosts. E\ ery one of them ban undergone n close Inspection by tba proper svlhsrltlsa, who ere bound to ooo that tho requirement* of tho lew ere enrsfsfly oasyted out? proper and sufficient tnaaan of OfTMt and ingwsaaro onsafuliy looked after tauten and eSher tavnnUvea against and means of moepe fbom Are ado sharply attended so Mm of the nwtfSWffi&Bvsgv respect great Improvements M ths old ones, aaaay of Which It would bo well wero oomptotelr removed from view before toother calamity a* appalling u that eo lately occurring lo avenue A attract* publio attention to the narrow entrancee, their old and crumbllug stairways, their stoking foundation*, and In ihort their total iillt nee* for the habitations of man. (tmnller Dwslllugi. Many or the building* classed under thla heading are tastefully built, elegant In design, and rather expensive, but most of thorn are smaller than those named aa elegant buildings, and are therefore placed separately. On Fiftieth street, near First avenue, l'atdirk Fltztsr ald te erecting three four story rettldenoe*. forty-five foot high, nineteen and a half wide and forty-five deep, and costing about 910,000 each- On the same street, uear Hocc nd avenuo, Sylvester Murphy 1* building two, almost exactly the same size, costing $0,500 oacli. On Seventy-seventh street, eeat of Third avenue, Mr. Geo. Dlefoudorf is erecting two brick dwellings, and on For ty nlntb, near Seventh avenue, six stone front houses, the property of John C. Sares, have been oommeor.ed. 220 end 222 will, when completed, be very pretty resi dence*. They are built of brick, and belong to Oeneral Garrett 8triker. No. 86 West Forty-fifth street belongs to Cha*. Biondell, and promises to be a very good build lug. It contains four stories and measures twonty-four feet In width and fifty-five in depth. Xbroc brlok dwellings, the property of Mr. 8. M. SI ilea, are going up on Sixty-second street, near First avenue, and at l.ut West Forty-slxth street Samuel Lynch Is building a three story stone front dwelling, measuring twentv foet wide by fifty deep. Another very fine dwelling Is twlng put up at 89T West Forty-sixth street by John Jar dtae. At No. 999 West Fifty-find street R. Haird Is building ? three story brick dwelling, Iwunty-ooe reel wMe end twenty-seven deep. Mr. Johu Lelor is erect ing two of the aarae kind of baili ngs oa Kighty-ibtrd street, west of Second eveoue. Mr. Nowin m putting up another oa Forty eighth street, west of Fifth avesus, and oa Sixtieth street, near Second avenue, two others, the prop rty of Messie. Methusia* and Coagler, are near oompletlou. Mr. Ftutpatrick Is erecting three dwelling* on Forty-uluth street, west of Madison evenuo, and on the seme street another is being put up by John MoCaf frey. On Forty-eighth street, of Secoud avenue, two very solid brick dwellings are being built by Mr. A. Ootlenberger. Three more of the same olass, owned by Mr. Jas. Hnrlip, are being built at the rear or 869 West Thirty sevantH street. Nos. 89 and 71 Ninth avenue, the property of Messrs. ( ortol and Mathews, will be two food bnek dwelling* when completed. No. 55 East wen'y-nlnlh street. Is a brick dwelling, owned by Mr. T. Holt, and two, building on Flfty-third street, east of Xblrd avenue, belong to Mr. Phillip Smith. On Fifty, eighth street, west of avenue A, Mr. Chas. Lyous I* also erecting a dwelling house, and on Thirty-third street west of Eighth avenue, five buildings are going up, and are owned by five different persons On Seventy-first street, east of Fourth avenue, there are several new houses being built, all Intended lor private dwelling*. A very good dwelling, the property of Mr. Wm. Kroltna, Is going up at 209 East Thirty eighth street, and another, belonging to D. Frost, at 360 West Fifty second street, the latter measuring forty-two font In height, forty-eight in depth and twenty-five In width. Messrs. Wiley A Wade are erecting two aocond class four story dwellings on West Forty-seventh street; each of them Is fifty feet high, fifty five deep and twenty-seven wide. On Fort y Ijsth street Daniel Hennesay is expending $48,000 in the erection of four dwelllug houses, each containing five stories and measuring fifty feet in height, fifty-five In wldtli and f wenty-one in depth, and this concludes the list of dwelling houses now being erected south of 100th streoL Harlem and Upper Portion of the City. In this part of the metropolis a large number of new buildings, principally dwellings and mostly built of tim ber, are at present In progress of construction. All of them are trillt,with great taste, chiefly In the French style. They are exceedingly ornamental and very pretty suburban villas, and lend additional beauty to the al ready picturesque and pleasing teaturesof this section of Now York, On 111th street, west of Tenth avenne, Wm. P. Dlker soa I* erecting four frame dwellings fourteen feet wide by twenty-five deep. On the same street, near Third avenue Daniel Kinsman Is'building a good two story brlok dwelling, twenty one feet wide and thirty-five deep. Mr. E..L PI per Is putting up a three story brlok dwelling on 110'h street, east of Tblrd avenue. A very small cottage, the property of George Miller, is lielrtg. built on llSih street. Another of larger size is golug up on 114th street two more ou 1181b, three on 117th; the same number ou 118tb, three on 119th street; one on 120th, two on 123d; on 124th one, on 126th two; four other.-! on 127tb street sad three on 129th, which concludes the list of new dwelling house* and tenements la course of construction at the present moment In Now York. Fnriorles and Workihcp*. Another clans of new bulldtuga very numeroue and valuable Is the factories, breweries, workshops, Ac., which are going up In every part of the city. At 180 Lewis street a factory, containing four stortss and mea suring twenty -four feet w ide by sixty-eight deep, is b?lng built by Mr. Anthony Neurit W. Small Is erect ing another, only two stories In height, twenty-five feet wide and forty-live deep, at 273 Wost Fiftieth street. Mr. Heory Brenmer 1s building a worsbop at the oornsr of Greene and Houston, and 285, 287 and 280 Monroe street are being built on for a factory by Joel W. Mason A Co.; It Is butlt or brick, has flvo stones and is seventy-flve reel wide and serenty-flve deep. Iter 25 East river Is a new structure being put up by the New Haven Steamboat Company. It Is a frame depot and wooden shed, covered with slats sad comigatsd Iron; Is twsnty-thrse fest high, forty rest wlds and two hundred and fifty feet dorp. Un Tenth avenue, south of Forty-sixth street, a factory Is being built by Mr. Browns; It contains firs stories, la forty fS#t deep and the same wlds, A similar building, the property of A. Bautnan, la gelng up at 478 Grand street. A wall paper factory la being erected at 270 .and 281 Waat Thirty-first street, by Francis Parte. Messrs. Ford A I>ayton are building a factory at the corner of Eiev entb avenue and rwanty-fourtb atroet; Geo. Manly one at 385 and 887 West Twenty txih street, measuring alxty-five feet In dt-pth, and Peter Johnaop another on Eighty-aecond street, eaat of t-'eonnd avenue. The ene going up on Eleventh avenue north of Fifty second street, is the property of Fred Ihlenberg, and 802 West Thirty second street, containing three atorloa, mee-'irliig sixty feet in depth by twenty In width, and rusting $6,000, belongs to D. 8. Young. At No. 11 Vandewater street, a building worth $15,000 Is being erected by Mr. A Oerkerhausen; It baa five stories. Is nfty-fire foot high, fifty wide and twanty-flve deep. A wasbhouse Is being built of brick at Ne. 10 Rlvfngton street; Its dimensions are rather small, and coat Its owner, Chariek l'lnnon, about $2 600. A very (Ins brewery Is he ng built at No. 32 Harrison street, by Mr. John Taylor; another on Ninety-second street, weal of Pernod avenue, bv Anton Huppell, measuring ninety three feet wide and seventy tlx deep, ana a matt house on Forty eighth street, near East rivet, by John Twrddle A ' o. James M. Horton is spending 56,300 on the erection of a milk store at 29 Vortry eireet; and a housn for drying fish, containing four stories, twen'y flvo feet wide and fortv deep, la being built by Alfred 8. Spalding at No. 170 t^eat Twenty ninth street. Messrs Graham A Co are putting up a splendid factory, cover Ing the lots Nos. 03 and 06 Mulberry street and 208, 210 and 212 Gansl. On lorly-sevrnth nlrect, east of First avenue, another Urge factory Is being hnllt; It belongs to Mr Adam No dhngor, ron?aln-i six etorles, Is sixty feel h gh, seventy-two feet wldo and one hundred snd two dsep. Messrs Blngnr A Co are erecting a factory which will occupy the ground from 174 lo 180 Mott street and 304 Broome. A six story building, the prop erty of J. I> Hparkman, I* going up at ih'corner of Jefferson end Monroe strre:*; I Is seventy feet in l elght, forty five In width and one hundred and three In depth; end on F rst avenue, south of Fifty-third afreet, Wm. Ward is putting up another build ng intsnded lo be used as a factory. Tha foundations for a great many hauass of the uree claas have been laid, and the work will be executed with all rapidity In a very short time Public llwlldlnua. The number of new buildings now in pr>g-ess of con stroollon, Intended for public purposes, is by no means Ins gnlficsnt, and their ityle of architecture, finish, beauty and value can scarcely be equalled?certainly not surpassed?anywhere Churches hospitals, banks, schools snd other Institutions nr? springing up In sll quarters, and nothing la being left undone to render them ornamental, useful and of the greatest advantage to the Empire C ity. One oC the handsomest snd most fashionable club houses In the city will be thai of ras mates* jocxrr This bnlldlng will be fronted wtth white marble; will measure seventy feet In height fifty In width and seventy lo depth, and consist of 0v? stories. The foundation walla are or the great depth of ten fe?t, and the thick ness two fast four Inches The wnlla of the first story will measure two feet thick, of the second story twenty Inches and the others sixteen Inches. The fifth story will be wbal Is generally known as a Man sard roof, and will b# a very great addi tion to the attractions of the club. The waits sre Independent snd coped In m very finished msn ner. The cornices sre of galvanised Iron. The timbers measure three by twelve, and th" build ng will be fur nished with s complete outfit of the most Improved kind of scuttles and ladders to be used In race of fire The house contains every requisite for a first class club. Kverv department bee been especially provided for The furniture will be of the most eoetly kind, and when com Bletadth# American Jo key Club House will be one of is mott finished snd gorgeously furnished mansions In lbs United States ran stuniAXwts rrrs This bnlldlng. situated on Eaat Sixteenth street, is of smaller ffimeoslonn end leas preiantlous than the Jockey nub, atlll it will be a very pretty struMore when com plet-'d, and wilt anawer remarkable well the porpoeaa for which It la tntendsd. Its height will be forty four feet, eldth thirty and depth fiftv. The lot on wh eh It la built meeanree thirty aeren feet la width and ona hun dred and sixteen In depth. The foundation walla are Blue hat a x Inches deep and sixteen Inches thick. Upper walls twelve Inohee. It la built of brick with a tla roof, galvanised iron ooreloes, girders ten by twelve, sad $ halt and concert room willbe erected la tha mar la ooa Beetle* with tbe Nub room tauTOCL. A fall description had already been at we ?* tha oolumaa of the Isbalb of thla scry fine atrnehire, the araaaat aouaa will therefore be oeetaed to merely ftviag the maaonrsmeata. Tha tempt# is being araeted 8* a lot nan hsndrtd aai four final vide aed a*a ha*. drad and eighty-Ibur ftMtiMk n? buiidta* wtti mm ?est a front of atae4y-alct>t fbet, sod the ?Id/win owTw the whole depth of the lot. The height to the eevee M to be eighty Ibet, and to the peak one hundred fourteen feet. The foundation walls are fourteen feet and ten feet deep; the foundation wall* of tbe towers are four feet eight inohee thick, of the aide walls four feofctbtok. Tbe tlitokneea of the upper walls W two feet. The building Is of solid stone, with brown stone ft out. The roof Is peaked and made ot slate, and the cornice* of stone. The size of the timbers Is three by ten, three by twelve, four by twelve; of the girders, six by (en ah<l six by sixteen Tbe edifice is Intended to be used as a Jewish synagogue. Is supplied with hot air furnauea, and has la paiwonago and vesiry room attached. UR. Trxtl'li CHURCH. A very pretty chapel la In course of erection, to he attached to Dr. Tyng'a church, on Fortv-thtrd street, east of Madison avenue It will cost $25,000, has a brown stone front, with tin roof; measures forty feel wide and ninety-one deep; the height of the sides lg thirty Ave le t, and to tho peak fifty feet. The founda tion walls are ten feet deep and meet the rock, are tw? feet thick, and the upper walls twenty four, sixteen and twelve Inches. The oornlcos are Iron, the roof |>eaked, and the walls, whloh are Independent, are coped in n vory perfect manner. The timbers measure three by twelve and eight by twelve. The bnlldlng has twenty Inch piers, nine columns, and Is furnished with hot aid furnaces. crust NSW OIIUBCHMl An elegant church (Presbyteriani Is being built In Thirty-fourth street, from No. 118 to No. 190, measuring sixty feet deep by one hundred wide, with a large has#, meat under the auditorium for lecture room, Sunday school and class meetings. At No. 01 Third avenue ? Methodist church is being erected. It Is a frame building, and being siUU st?d In this part of the olty wae put up by special permUt sion of the Supreme Court. Corner Of Thirty-fburthanl Park avenue Is religious edifice, and at tkd corner of FHty.thlrd street and Fourth avenue SL Thomas'church is being ereoled. which Hhnn finlshli will be s very One building. ? .Holdings are araalsg aad a large number of workmen are engaged daily Ma building that portion of St. Patnok's Cathedral latst? omturned by Ore. On Fifty second street the ninttit of the Roman Catholic persuasion are ereoting a very eubsteutlal bniUHnt for an Orphan Asytan. rat omtman no<nrsr.. This Is sa elegant structure erected on the gound en. closed bv Sevouiv-alxtli andSeventy.seventh streets ant Lexingtou end Pourth avenues. It consists of thred stories. The depth Is one hundred and sixty-seven foek and the width of the centra Is thirty feet, and of each ot the two wings fiftv-two foot, making a frontage o' end hundred and thirty-four feet The upper story Is a Man* sard roof, covered with slate and tin; the corn loss are made ot brick and iron. The foundation walls are four, teen and sixteen feet deep and two feet think, and tbe upper walls twenty Inches and sixteen Inched In thiekness. There are two pavilions In thd building, one for administrative purposes, the otbef for laundry, engine and boiler room. Tbe principal wards on the first and second stories are one hundred and sta feet long, twenty-seven wide and sixteen high, and on* pahle of conta;ntng thirty two patients dach. This bed* piisi 1* one of the most aultable for the purposes In thm oily- the slt 'atnon Is healthy, the walls are being wed dried and protected against the effects of dsmpne s, k space of one thousand four hundred and thirty-one oeM# feet Is allowed for eaoh patient, and everything that oaa add to tho comfort and health of the patients Is being sti tolly at tootled to In the erection or this institution. SCHOOL* The Olty Council era putting tip a rather staunch build* Ing, Intended for a public school, at 31 Vestry street. It consists of three stori a; is Ofty feet In depth sad eighty seven In w d'h, and Is said to entail an eutlay df at least $43,000. The Rsme corporation Is erecting an* other school at Nos 36. 33 and 40 (Ireenwloh street, oong talnlng three stories, and msasurtng flfty-'our feet htgn. seventy five wide and one hundred and twenty-seven deep. This one, it is supposed, will cost very close en $70,000. At 121 and 123 Second street a four story building, fortv feet wide and flftv deep 1s being buHA and It also intended for n school house. And a very large private school Is being built on Noe. $39, 341, Us and 345 Ninth avenue. HARKS. At tbe corner of Bowery and Seventh street is being erected a very handsome and extensive building, lb# Metropolitan Savings Bank. The frontage on Thlrg avenue Is forty-three feet, and on Seventh street seventy* four feet, and Is built of white marble. Tlie entranoe In the banking room on Third avenue I* to hnve n msrWn stoop. The building will tie three stories high, exotn* Hive of basement end under cellar, and Mansard roeg (fourth story), and the total coet, It is estimated, wIM bt over $150,000. Another building Intended also for # Savings Bank Is being ereoted at the oorner of LalgM and Canal streets. It Is four stories high, Maty-fee# feet wide and ninety-four deep. Tbe froot of base meed and of first story is to be made of Iran, end the uppel stories of white marble. The sefee are to be entirely 4# solid granite, two feet thick, and the velue of the build ing 11 supposed to be about $100,000. * NUSrTM ASP ARMORY. An armory Is being built, at Noe. 37 and 80 Bowery I Mr. Allen, and a museum on the-ground from Nos. ' to 1,127 Broadway, by the New York Museum Am ttou, under the management of Mr. Banvard. As nearly as possii I > tho above Is a very otoee apprett* ma'Ion to tbe number of new buildings, yet unfinished In this city. Tbe total number ooramenoed from thd raj AseoaW beginning of tbe year up to tbe 10th of November W fourteen hundred and sixty-eight, end about nine beds dred of them are already finished. One hundred Or f hundred and fifty hare been oommenoed bet vary laUl/s and nothing done yet bat digging out end preparing thd foundations. Those ereoted this year exoeed by Ism hundred tbe buildings of spy year stnoe 1860. And MM Improved style, the solidity of tbe buildings, tha pros vonttvei and protection agntnst fire and their gesscm appearance ere eery muoh in advance of any put up fit New York since It was first discovered. HEWS FROM CUM. OUR HAVANA NRKSfOIKHCE. TtlatW* Nrreailll* StatlMlM Rifarllac Mm Island -DM In I Ktalvnent af It* Iaa*rt% Kxpart* *mM Traia far the Yaan IMI-O-Si Havasa, Not. It, IMC. valoablb srAiunoa. Tb* tout Tata* of th* arport* from thta island durtag * tb* years 1981-02 CI, amounting to CMC,CM,TIC, akaac an annual average of CM.M3.3M, of which $32, MUM by American flag, $1T,404,840 by flpanlah, $9,911,971 by English, $3,872,000 by French vaaaala Tha principal porta of gaotlnation la eald average boar tho following proportion*:?United Slates, 123,000,214; Great Brttalg, >14,SOT,TOO; Spala, C8.1C4.CM; Fraaoa, $3,438,1M| Germany, CC.4C0.CM. Tb* aroraga quantity of pindaOO standi tbaaSugar, elayod, 1,319,CM boaoa; mueoovaflm CM,Oil botaa; molamoa, 234,601 hbda; rotba, 40,89# owt.; war, 14,409 cwu; rum, CO,211 puncheons; toba*. oo, 98,310 Owt.; clgart, 130,1M a.; cigareUaa 8,003,619 buodlea; 9164,488 worth of mahogany, 909,00# or cedar, and IT,611 tona of minora!. Of the abort $66,483.3M total aroraga of three yaara. Havana rapt*, sent* 937,032,890, Malaniaa $7,130,839) Ban 11 ago Co Cuba $4,321,718, Cardenas 94,091,338, ClenfnogaO $3,187,170, Bagus $2,001,812, Trinidad 91,838,099) Gibers 9008.631, Nuarllajt $742,7T8, Calbarlaa 1724,994 My latter of the 3d lost, contained the average amesal value of the imports during those three yean. Iterant represents thereof, $31,2 >4,404 ; Malanzaa, |8 802.9M| Santiago do Cuba. $3,933,220. l*rd?na?, 81,842,8911 ''leofuairoa, $1,301,134 Trinidad, $788,170; Nuevttaa, >S''2.076, Sagaa, $381,798. Tbeaa, witb tha smaller poru, make a total of $48,180,704. Of Ibt 4,841 vewsels- average of tb* nnmber entered reprenemlng 1,407,000 ton* register, 3 881 with 1,IM,09# ton ', were foreign, and only 1.290, with 341.828 ton% Mpnn eh The numtier of voeasela cleared I pass an noticed, bein' nearly the tame. The duller. collected during the thee* yaara were;?In 1881, 911.0.17, IIW 32; n 1802, 110,700,839 08; aod In 1094 $10,338,608?giving an >.nn is! average of C10TI8.8ML / Tha collections in 184)0 amounted to $11,798,303, an# therefore the following yean "how a decrease a| 11,040,848 In the a.grevaie; or. If we rompers the oc* lreme?, 1880 wllb 1863, there '8 e ell 11 greater deficit?, My $1 430,808 In all probability It would have con tinued to decline had the government not appointed Count Armlldet da Toledo aa Intondente of Finance) The duties of the throe years' average of tb* Import* amount to 97,883,180, of the etporla to $3,3M,00C, an# Of th* tonnagetdiia* to $1,008,784 Tb* forego ng autlatice are entirely due to tb* inlraa dnctlnn of a proper bureau by Count Armllda* d* To In 9m which, 1 am happy to say, Is continued hy his auccaaeari else we aheuld have heeu kept entirely in tb* dartf about tbaaa Important raauit* The count waa unfortn* namly compelled, by lb* multlpllclt} end intrloaov of Ui* labor, want of time aod bands, to make up Ui' wnean three yaara Into or* aggregate This waa e greet mkn take and n pity, hut when he look office oc ry thing wag many rear* back, la the must abandoned condition, bp which hundreds of fraud" of great mainltud* warn pangs tired, according to what I hav* bean assured by oeapda tent parties In reliable quart era. Th* Oguree above gl?#* will afford a new source foe atudying th* uncertain bvpolhrnta of tb* ' balenoe af trade." You will hava rfrierved tb# anonaee# eieiad of aur avports over import*, despite ell tb* laiarwc wbloh bar* been attributed to tb* Inhabitants el >00 tan mamorabla yaar of 1857. That aiceas of wealth being, la e great measure, unavailable to goaotal ontotyeMk will at once amount for tb* many invaatmanu mad# abroad and tb* oooasquoat high ratoo of eiohaagan There era many otbor pointa which thoo* atauauee tff rd. _ . The aiparta of sugar th* yaar show s material dm crease. I ron tb* l?t of Jaauary to lb# list * "Ctense up to September M w* hav* the complete aggrerat^ I Deluding Havana They were as follows -1994 1,182.828 bote* agalaat 1.993,991 lo 1W*; daer^M 200,188 boie*! 408.271 hbda. tgajat* 417A83 bhda. ift 1888; dlffbreaoe, 11,181 bbde . trt^eactaocy, 94.0* tona 'of eugar. Tho aaport? "f molaaaaa fraja Hava.a 1% 1884 amount to 1T.M8 bhda. agatoat 10 38* hbda. I* 1M6, tbiio akhibitiag aa *(oeea of 7,388 bhda Tho ahlpmenta from the Whole *?* 80th MptemM were 8M 707 bhda against 302.297 bhda la 1888, Ukdi showing en laeraee* of 80 410 hbda, or 33,007 tons. _ Th* banking account* >a Havana oa the Mat of Oa> tober last, la round numbera, stood aa follows ?Oadh H band, about $10,009,000: nntat end Mile, a bat# |30,000,000, loans ootataadleg, 918,000,000; pro pert* ? partly In shares and real eaiata, end the rest la ?**%' |e 000,000; total, $40,0M.00O. ffer coolra. denoalM *4 . interest, $8,000 000; Other Itehilttlea 919,0*0,CM; ear pital end rreerve e neact, $19,909,909: atreC* sad bout $1,000,000 The Id* half aaaaat tflvrtea# M>9?i June la-t, read* Ht ft* Naaee Ropaaai ?? VH oeaij that of tbo OnMit* Indaawtai wea 8 par Mpt| ## of lit Rnaoo do Onmeeoje 8 par cat; Ami MM. *Hj, A ilea *4 i; ligaler, ft the iftgi Mr* net been H*