Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1866 Page 7
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ballot boST Booh aa ofctrtge to no! to bo ied of short of anothor fjgbt tor Southern igUa or Southern extermination, whltee gt iggti*, or both- In tbis emergency a pair of j^ew York copperhead organs suggest a demo cratic compromise in the form of a coup d'etat Et Washington, for their benefit, by President obnson- What do they care if with the turn ig out of both houses of Congress from ihe capitol, at the point of the bayonet, Hie flames, mobs, spoliations, bloodshed and jtonfuslon of a general civil war are brought upon the country, so that the tomiabing democracy may come in for the (Ion's share of the spoils and plunder and be reinstated in the high places of the temple? But it is not likely that "Andy Johnson" Will agree to sacrifice himself, body and soul, for the benefit of the rapacious and ferocious tire-eaters and copperheads of the dismantled fiemocracy. He has, it appears, found that their support costs more than it comes to, and that while, like the daughter ? of tho horse leech, they still cry "Give, give," he has given them too mueh already. What, then, is to be Bone ? We can think of nothing better than a proclamation from August Belmont (the Chicago appointed chairman of the "National Democratic Executive Committee) declaring the democratic party dissolved, disbanded and dispersed, and calling for a new convention of its late delegates, for tfae purpose of organ ising a new party with a new name and upon the new negro equality platform of old John Brown, in order to head off Thad Stevens, Wendoll Phillips and all the radicals, and to wake up the fire-eaters of the South to the fact that there has beeu a deluge and that the world is not as it was before the flood. Grekutv ton Senator.?We publish this morning a very curious article from the Chi cago Tribune, pitching into Greeley, of the New York Tribune, in the genuine rough and-tumble, bite and gouge, kick and tear hair, Western border-ruffian style, and trying to prove that the old white-coated phi losopher is "a Marplot," "an asa" and an "inspired harlequin," utterly unfitted by his character and antecedents for the position of United States Senator. All the arguments used by the Chicago wildcat editor seem to us to be in Greeley's favor ; for they simply show that Greeley Is a humane man and apt to yield too readily to his philanthropic emotions. He ought to be sent to the Senate, if for no other reason, in order to mix the rum and whiskey Of that august body with a little plain cold water. We are decidedly in favor of having at least one Senator who can keep sober dur ing tho longest night sessions and who will avoid the Bourbon bottle of that Senatorial head waiter, the Chevalier Forney. Tho only obstacle in the way of Greeley's eleotion is the fact that Senator Morgan has not yet re signed. As, in justice to the western part of the State, two Senators cannot bo sent from this see ion, we invite and advise Morgan to ?end in his resignation at onoe, and thus share the credit of Greeley's election. CITY POLITICS. Tn* CoMi'TnoiunttBir.?A meeting of Ute Mozart I'nion Democratic Convention took place last evening in Mozart Ball, Edward Ben-yen presiding. The name* or Judges ' Qarnard, Cardoso and M. Connolly, as well as Richard B. Connolly and Smith Ely, Jr., were offered In nomina tion, but no action waa taken, and the Convention ad journed McKno* Nomjmtio* ron SonooL Coansisaiomt m the Fir .ii Dihtbict.?The members or the McKeon Commit or the abovs district met last owning, in the Tenth Ward Hotel, lor the purpose or nominating n candidate for School Commiaaloner. H. 0. Room" waa appointed Chairman, and Mr. Peter Olwoll Secretary. The credentials or tbe delegates Jiavlng been examined and appruvod of, Henry P. West, who now holds ths position of School Commissioner, wan OnanlmomUy elected. Mr. West, on being introduced by the committee who were appointed to wail upon and C.ify hi in or his nominal!.hi, thanked the meeting in a ef Hp"*-. 11, and stated that he waa proud of having re vived ttio nudoraament of that body, aa be was one or th? p?r'i-H who was instrumental tn calling It Into exts tei-cn ? ?'i"f tlie name or the Jefferson Democalic Com lluo". il ? was connected wum the Board oi Hklucalion far- e?rs asTruati'S and loinmi.sii.iier. and ir ?eh'c.e i . i d endeavor to -liwoarfe tils duty faltbrully. H? wo 11 ' i ?i.u' to il1 otner nominal ions If ten HurcJ in ii. The meeting then adjourned him die. Dsuo - in I'siun AntirKutMn Cosvstiios" ?The Al derman < nominsiing conventions or the democratic ?Cnlon party wars held last sventng with lbs following "Mull: ? First district?Adjourned to Monday, Novambsr 96. Third diatriot?John Shields. Fifth di trict?Uoshon Coben. Hoventh diet lie i?John Hevellnd. .Ninth district?James Gregory. 'Eleventh district?John Hardy. Thlrtaeulh district?James E. Coulter. Seventeenth district?Michael Hallarao. Card from the Citlsess' Assselallss. Cmnna' Asooaano* or Nxw Yon*, I 813 Bmmdway, Nor. 21, IMA. j While charges of criminal misappropriation of ths pnb i funds by Mr. Matthew T. Brennan are pending before ha Corn'oisjionor appointed by ths Governor, this Anno tation can of oourso have no personal controversy with Im. In.l"od no notice would l.ave been taken orbit loner, evoi pt that It purported to be a r.'ply to another gin signed by noma highly rwmwlnMo gentlemen, aQ .f whom WO have no doubt will deeply regret tho use of r signatures when they apprehend tbe real circum icos ?f the case. Ws doelre -imply to sty Unit ths tlcmenl Hist this Association ever employed three ac untauts to make a general investigation of the (oap ?ller's hooks, that they reported favorably and that e suppiemed tbelr report, Is in general and In detail ntrue. Tbo only oolor for tnis untrue statement Is to be found tn the fsct that on various oocasions we to sent an accountant to examine certain speclflc tero? in iho Comptroller's odlce, the result of which j eclflc investigations has g -i,orally been nnavorabls to m sdralnMraUoa of Mr Brenhnn We ahall not at this time critically examine the hedule or alleged boneet actions which makes up so rge a part of tile Comptroller's letter, csBed as tbey are ora lh" .-m-ration* of four years of enormous cxp"i.n .urea, and evidently put forward as ths redeeming MMm .."his otllrlal isrcer, at their investlgsilon is bow ponding. Were these claims to extraordinary In legrltv well found?d, and had they Wast ft id tlie unerni rule of bis olQclal Cond i, t. Mr llrennan W0?I4 at" beeo the cons too I recipient of tbe thanks or this isoclai.on In this movement we have no friends to ?ward and no enemies to punish, end no ooe knows so >sil as Mr. iireonsn htmaeir why bis official sets have .wakened the honest indignation of every Intelligent fiend of r-form. ' Br ord.<r of tbe Exncatlvf onnetl Citizens Association 'New York. C.W MONTGOMERY, '/Corresponding Secretary. Td? HARMRY INSURANCC COMfAIY. ?Decide* te lis Into Liquidation Asset * |30ilitlM-Ail Claims la be Jlri, At, 'a a mi-ting of the Board of Directors of ths Harmony Irs and Marine Insurance Company, located at No. IM Iroadway, on the day before yesterday, after a rail In estlgallon into the present affhtm of tbe company It ms Twiinul advimble that It ahould go Into liquidation ?r tbe purpose of winding up Its affklrs, so as to evoid nture losses both to ths stockholder* and policy bolder* it waa found that the pr'**nt assets were Bsoo 006?sufBctna* to meet all eialms against the MMMMnr hut thai ths los^s of thisysar had been no an precede n tedly Urge-over $WW 000-th at there was no urplua on band with which to reinsure, and, as before laied, Il was determined that the bueinossof Ui* com anv should be oloeed up. It is stated by oos of the Trrctors of ths company that there have been no defal atl'WM or nuueual losses other than In the regular tourse p( bustne s Neither lathe cause of the financial dlffl of the oompaay attriliutabls to any pytietUar aeiMtrtninnl of Insnrancs, or to bed management on the irt of Its officer*, bat they tre treceuble solely to the D usual losses of the past year. Tlie Harmony Fire In ninoe Company was orgtnizetl In 1MI on a tosh pital of WOtf,OM. Its receipts for the year -nding IS,-1*64, according to the internal revenue returns as urted, were |2M TM. Hince lbs time of lis orgaaiaa i ttio Company have Uksa large amounts of loth u>d and marina Insurance, and has met all claims omptly LYRCR LAW IN KERTUCXY. Lorttraxs, Not. I66R of regulators has bean organised in HffiOB *r -;ni* '*<:? EUROPE. OUR SMYRNA CORlfiSPRNDENCE. American Interests in Asia Miner and a Yankee Celony in Palestine. Marl Derby on the Delations with America, and Bngland as " Mistress of the Seas." Napoleon to "Protect" the Spiritual and Temporal Power in Borne. The Pope Hints at Ireland an a Refuge. General Castelnean's Report from M?>xico. Ac. Ac Ac. The French Transatlantic Company'! mall stoamahip Ville do I'ariti, Captain Surmoni, arrtvod off Sandy Hook at half-past eleven P. M. on Tuesday, the 20th lust She left Brest on the Uth of November at four P. M., making the passage In nine days sevon hours and a half, with a largo freight and one hundred and ninety-one first class passengers. The Vllle de Paris reached her dock oarly yesterday morning, bringing our die* to her day of sailing, with details of our cable-despatches as late as the newspaper reports of the Africa at Halifax. The Canard steamship Africa, Captain Anderson, which left Ltvorpool at ten A. M. of the 10th and Queenstown on the 11th, arrived at Halifax at nine A. H. yestorday on her voyage to Boston. The Africa had thirteen passengers for Halifax and seventy-four for Boa ion. Representatives of about one hundred and fifty trade societies mot in London on the 9th Instant, to arrange for the great metropolitan reform demonstration by the working classes on tho 6d of December. It was resolved to recommend that that day be observed as a holiday, and that employers ot labor be called upon, as far as practicable, to close their shops. The British Anti-Slavery Society have issued a paper setting forth tho grounds on which they propose to sus tain the prosecution against ex-Oovernor Eyre, of Ja maica. The Quebec fire relief subscriptions in London on the 9th instant reached the sum of ?12,600. Queen Vic toria addressed a letter of sympathy to the committee engaged in collecting funds, and contributed ?800. It was reportod that a well matured plan waa under consideration by Mr. Disraeli, Chsncellor of the Ex chequer, for placing the dobenture system of English railways on a basis of perfect security, and also for making them auxiliary to tho redaction of the national debt. Another statement says that he will propose In his budget that the government assnme all debentures of railways, guaranteeing to the holders two pr cent less than the railways pay In forty year*, the national debt to bo roduced one hundred and twenty millions sterling by the profits. Something similar la In course of arraugemcnt for the telegraphs of Great Britain The Interests of Prussian subject* having been confided to the French Legation at Munich during the interrup tion of diplomatic relations between Prussia and Bavaria, the government of King William lias thanked the French Minister for the protection accorded. The DStance, Garonne, Gironde, Nli-vre and Calvadoe, Ave large steam transports which have been fitted out at Cherbourg to bring home the French troops from Mexico, have (November 11) made a satisfactory trial -trip, and ara forming their crews and taking on board the coal and stores previous to their departure. The Transatlantic Company's steamer Tampico has ar rived at St. Nasatre from Mexico with 841 French sol diers on board; all well. Callgnitm's Metsenger of November 11 alludes to the political arrets mad* la Porta, a? reported by the cable, thus: ? Several arrests hare been marie id a cafe not far from the Panthoon. The persona taken Into custody wero In the habit ot meeting to sing seditious songs. Baron da Scbecl-Plesaon, Governor General of Settles wlg-Hoistein, has arrived In haste at Berlin to give the Prttsaiaa government an account of tha effervescence which Is prevalent In the northern districts of that coun try, and to urge It to take the measures required by the circumstances. According to the Daoteh journal, the Dmgbladet, tha cause appears mor > particularly to be the continued delays of Prussia in appealing to the people aa stipulated by the treaty of Prague. The Bulletin dm Lent publishes an Imperial decree, dated the 33-1 of Jane, which authorize* Prince Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte to take service In the army of the Stag of Italy without losing the quality of French cltl sen, on the a I press condition that under no preteil whatever can be bear arms sgalnsl Prance. Marshal Paraguay d'Hilliers has arrived In Parts to attend the Army Commission. Marshal Mel In eipeoted. M. Drouyn de Lbuys baa returned to Paris from his country saat. The Paris Pay* of the 8th of Noveml>er aayi,? The doubts which we have espresaed it to the reality of the attempt at Prague on the Emperor of Austria's life are condrmed by letters from that city. They state that the inquiry Instituted has resulted In establishing that nothing of the kind bad occurred. Oallgnanl's Metmnger, of November lib, reports ? Emigration continues on a large scale from Mecklen burg. last week not fewer than ?50 person* left Hcuw?~ riu for Hamburg, wheuu* they Intend t< proceed to America. At the Osford, England, Pn on Debating Society the question for the next debate Is, 'That in the opinion of this House Mr. Brtgbt la a reproa- b to the oountry that gave him birth." -everal person* of position In Palermo had b?en arrested for complicity in the September Insurrectionary movement, among olbera tha Btehop of Monccala. Mr. Gladalona had had another Inter-lew with the Pope, and bad visited many of tha Cardinals Earl Clareudoo had also reached Rome, and would have an audience with the Pope. The Russian General MouravlelT Kan sky, the chief conqueror of Ears, died on the dtb of November. A St. Petersburg tslegram Says;? The rumored alliance between Russia and Prussia Is totally unfounded. A despatch from Bombay, of October 30, reports cot ton qnlet end drooping. At Dhollernh, October 37, ex change 310X- Freights to Liverpool 1A At Calcutta, October 29, the holldaye over, but business hardly re sumed The October malls from tha Wsetsrn Coast of Africa bad been received la India, but urn news wee unim portent. Trade generally wan good. King Teppln, of Bonny, la dead. AHA MINOR. BVft SMYRNA CMKSMRKRCC. Opinion si Awtrlran Newspaper (enterprise - Amerlran .711 sal on arte s- Kallroada In Tnr? koy?A Yanken an kin Travels, Are. Bmtbda, Sept V IMS. Aa 1 bars bean a inrnapuadent of yoars a', a formsr period, it la bni natural that I should foal slated on bears ingof your telegraph feat by the cable, lb connection with the Elng of PniHin'a f peecb. It n the theme of ths oily of Smyrna, and eou'.d yon hear the comments made on It by the peopt* of Smyrna Way would, no doubt, gratify you. Tha of the soooaaafal laying of lb# cable surprised everytjudy and gtwMened the hearts of many. The English and rrer,eh vsasals tmdlng with Smyrna are quarantined tan df.yn, bat the American bark E. R. Tartington, on wtrtqTj l wan a psmngsr, wan allowed to dinebarge at onoe Tfc* ,rVtbe same indolent men aa they were two hundred ago, wttbout any vttaUty or energy for any ep^ prise. I| le rumored that the rat.roed to Ksaesb^ eighty mUee distant, laid by BagtMh capitalists, wlU eventually prove a failure. The Turks, and tb* r*v|g* fkbfb >? ftBeral, do not aompriktnd ite great/,iuty M y*t, nag they aUU patronise theale^ j .. . . mssa-zs-as-i VSh l.iousp. I rn Mai<u>; snd learned from him thel V? *"** el with Dr. Btrth the ifrMia uwdta', oi I* soeee thing or on# himself, hartag ?*slt?d th* 1 Uonii of Koolah, the Seven \ '""'ll v ^i!}2I?ouiil? Ann at. Jt l* plainly evident tho, aSTi. dovoted himself to the Msotioa ot ourtoMlKw. He has at hie house tt perfect museum ot every style ot brad drees worn by thv ' ^.oM^iilver tlmoa, made in clay* coin* of every reals l> '? . and copper. Ho in alto a great lluquut, at ' scholar and a gentleman, as men. ."K1. " ing New Yorker can teetlfy, who has teeU a 5" "iZs" ahty and hospitality. As Meters Cook, , ur.n(i myself proponed to travel, In throe days, on a. vLj ,0 tour through all Asia, Mr. Van I.lnnep was pU note accurately on our chart our route through - _ Minor aa far as Tlflla, (Jeorgia, via Cnterum and W thus allowing ua the benefit ot his large uxperlence. ? . each of theee plaooe, If there are any mail faclllUedtv propose to send you a condensed account of our root* and our adventures, which would prove Interesting to your million readers, front Tillis wo proceod northward over the Caucasus mountains to Astrackan, thence to Oourtev, In Southern Russia, on the southwestern slope of the Ural mountains, from there, taking a southeasterly direction through Turklslan, through the Kblvais. of Khokan and Khoondoox. and I If ullowud to nroceea In peace, tiiuH escaping tlm lengthy i aptivity of Stoddart and Counolly), we wilt travel the wild region of the Tartan aa Tar aa Caahmore, Thibet. From thence north ward of Hindustan, through Anam and Slam to Cam bodia. If aucce.ssful in our travels thus tar, we will pro ceed northward through the Chinese ompire aafar north as Siberia, then turning westward, we will travel to St. Peteuburg. Leaving fit Petersburg, after paring oar respecta there, we intend to visit Paris, then Loudon, and, turning our faces still westward, hope to reu-h In about three long years "the bin I of the fr?e and the home of the brave," and ahaka haul* with the old "Hmkalu" ouc<> more. ENGLAND Curl Derby ou tin- Fnrei?ii Aspect auil Itelu" thus wllti Awvrlrn, The usual banquet wo- given by trie now I/ml Mayor of l/>ndoa oil the vth mat. All the CalHuet ministers wer> present. The Earl of Derby In his speocb said the ministry de sired to earn llm good will of Ike |>eoptu by their seta, but he thought It would not be well at project lo elate how tbey proponed to curry their desire into efloct. He rejoiced at tho return of pe e a in both hem .sphere*. He could not but believe that Hint great and powerful na tion, America, would speedily know how lo quell the agitation which at present existed wlitun it. aud that pom o would reign from one end' J tU thoret i / (ke ?tker. He looked upou the completion ol the Atlantic cable aa another proof that England was mifr-u if ike </-w. The London To/re says that Karl Dm by uncle one of his happiest after d unor speeches, ami It notices, as of great Importance the intimation that a proposition for the arrangement of the differences between F.ngland and America, with rospect to the Alabama olalma. would be favorably entertained, and that the duties of neutrals in maritime war mlgbl, if BMW -iry, be riom I i ? I THE MEXICAN QUESTION. (.enernl ('uetrlncitii's Itcport of Uiialiiilllnn. (From tho Mmnor al Diplomatique of Pans, Nov 11. J The Fronch government has received irom Oenaral f'astelnoau a telegram corroborating tho intelligence of the Emperor Maximil au'a nrm W-oiti m to remain al Ik* head if affairi in Mexico, even after the return if all the h'reneh tro pi. On the 14tb of October laat, at a moment In wblcb bis august consort was in an aiartntng situa tion, llie Emperor of Mexico sent a telegraphic message to Miramar, declaring thai, although suffering In his dearest airectlona, be could not possibly abandon, even for a momuut. tho post or honor in which he lied been placed by Hie desires aud confidence of the Mexican people. Ho consequently addressed the most pressing recommendations that the alien hints on the Emnmae Carious should obscrvo strictly Hie Inxtinotions or her Majesty's Physicians. The M -nitenr du Mr on lie etdo confirms the happy news we were the flret to publleh reepecting the cure, henceforth assured, of the Empress Carlotla. liesldoe, so far as the political and financial situation of Mexico is concerned, we have received, by way of New York, accoiiuu which permit tie to bopo that the Empe ror Maximilian, by lite enargy and persevorauca, unUiuc ced in c inwtid'itmi/ hii throne 'vhiek had l/ten prematurely oauider i a'on the brink rfrvin (From the Pans Monilour, Nov. B.J Tho French expeditionary corps has commenced its movement of concentration around tin'city of Mexico, and a portion of the troope are already echeloned on the road between that capital and Vera <*rn>. All the trans ports necessary (or the embarkation are rowdy, aud the Mexican government, Jar fr m giving iwyfo is uneauneu nr dixeouxmgemtnt ftw which there ii no gr- unM,ii inrr ax ing i.'l eforll to ondmne entrg. (.rally I he uoi t uudoi taken by the Eraiieror Maximilian On I'nn sees on oi '.he an niversary of the national mdiqien loncc his Majesty ex proesed the firm Intention to pursue his task with vigor, and the laat seoeewre obtained by (Jeaeral Mejla h ive produi ed a most favorable impression on the ntoica's of the population and the army THE ROMAN QUESTION. Napoleon's Arrsegpacsts lor (be "Protec tion" of the Pope. (From the Memorial Diplomatique, of Pans Nov II ] According to iiifurmaiion wlu-u we have r-calved (be nils-Ion ot flencral E'leury It made aobor-diuata on the previous settlement of lbs question relative to the re partition ol the Koman debt. ID* 1 -an nation will bmitdea be Florence, and nut Home. The Emperor s govern ment, on the Miai.ter of state has frequently declared in the Chambers, and the .'.larquls de la Valelte rec till/ repeated in bis circular aduwaset 11 bl< diplomatic aguots abroad, ts (Irmly resolved to pr ten re en sonify the I'tipe, h>A inly in h'i ipialily f /feud of the f'hurrh. but aljo ai a temporal uwi i./n I ho Court of the Tullsrics Is thsrefors desirous that no muun-leritandlng should in the practical loteipreution of the con veutlon of the liih al September With that ibject the eventualities thai may arDe after the departure of the French troope are about to bo ./tinned, sod to become the enbject of reciprocal en egotnoot-between France and Italy. Such U the real oh,act ol the mi -sum to be confld- d to i.wni'tjJ Floury. ? ? ? touuWle hartigoe is preparing to leave Paris to reaume his post sa Ambassador to the Holy See The approach ng ac ompllahment oi the convent nq of the ljih of September renders his presence m Boms more ne canary than ever The Emperor Napoleon, wishing to give to that aide diplomatist a mirk of eat s faction for hia valuable services, has du .-<1 in ra sing htm to the dignity of senator An Kn?lloh >f laalon to (IN llolinoe*. [From th<> M tnorial Rlplom>t.<|ue. No*. II J If we am well informed Mr Odo Hawaii, the Lugiith dlplomatiat. when to Parts on In* war In Rome had an interview with Ilia Marquis da Moustiar, an I edtn.tied that hi* government bail authorized li m to oO>r > refuge to tha sovereign ('? i.ttfl in (he event A Ii.j H?uU"ee thinking necreeary to ahandon hla Stales. Mr (Mo Kumi'll, however, added that the Cabinet uf St Jam** had no intention ol reoeivmg the Pope u the Inland o Mali i without brat concerting with the court of tha Tullertaa on the subject. ?Mr. Ularf?tone'a Interview with the I'oiitin. [From (he comaro Itahano, of Floran> t, Nay I ] Mr. Gladstone found tha Pop- < aim aa banal. fhay did not apeak Of folate* till near the etooe of the r m versat.on Hie Hot.nana cotnplai?d of the Austrian governm-nt, wl lie a din H ting that Ibeovonts in Germany had rendered it unable to aaaUt the Holy "tea. and he almo>t excused the eaadnct of the Vienna Ikibtnei (|r ffiadatoD" cougiatulnted Inm ujion the arrival of the An titiae Legion at Home lh? l"< and totlo<, '? 7>rr* trial lift-"' Aoer 0i< if J' of of <n nut nj tK- o'yt (key aim 'it Healdae, what mat'cri it lo tut what mat hap pen ' Iteilart tna thai whan ilia French liava gone I ahull lie none the lean protacted, a?e tig that the legtona which defend tha (liureii are nevor wauling," and hla Holiness rai-wd tea ayae to heaven Mr tiled tune tutu-d the co i ervatioo upon Italy, and ha aakad what truth there mlgla be In th? prelim nariea for negotiatiooa with lb - go*?rntn'-ui of Flowon, tn'?o llone-l m the [taper * Tbia a what the !"ope an aored ? "I do not read the )v mala, and on tbi? subject I know nothing whatever All I know a that whan I die / thaU fo4 Unr> to rnr eater evor tha aacrod and Intte'ab'.o ben tagn of Saint Paler." Tti oonvaraattua reaped ng Italy having . *a?el. Ire land war poken h and the Pop* w irmly rrimm <n led to Mr tilad'lou" hit wall Minted flee k lie n, amir../. ha added ?"If '< am obliged, aa aome lay. to leave " no .Ibf Home, eem afMM (ft /rea d'' hiur fr m Ik*rewire ,? C'Aru/uiet'v / !??" U ' m Mr opt dudoi i ti laJr* up mi abode 'Aery. Malta a Mare almost allt get), r comnMMnl, now that tha rwvotntwWMta have begun to aw iaa my poor clergy of rimory wonl 1 not have my praf?reai.? ' la nonclnaion. ha :aid ha would go wherrtrgf Provid -n ? determined -thai great Provldaac- which o"*er failed to judge man who ware not eternal, la uttoyiog ihwo. worda the Pu;>? abowad much einot.. jo. The llopr* of lt*lr. :nif?nc ?o?. ?) oorraapotHlani * of 'ipimoa Nai ocul* of fart*) Id apt I* cX U>* iffortu of lb# rl#riaal part7, lb* Ibrnao qu*alloa hu aaUrvd Into a "on parallvoly aal factory ?M*. I* mr political do (root Import*) a* a at tar but to th? lot* all-- lUW of I'M Fop*, ***ri| tlial It I* joL/ a rapnlttioa of (h? old ? Mnaatlona as 1 protatta wbkfe 1 wo* from th* Hp* of Ft a IX. *h?ii?' *t b* pr? notiic** a *r>l?mn add row. JD th* ?tb*r f.aod, I ha Ho y F*ib*r hoi Mawrd /l<al|r fm Om firm lt*a naa lata, aiU liw laaiar-1 that bi* a ma ar* <>p*n t> rocalr# bi? Kat ahnap Hit lan|'ia<*, ooaKVarad la tawaactioa vttb tb? ooacwlona r*c*etlT waia bp th* 4*1 ma |u<? maal, J.tli#*# (ha tmfidn. t thai u frit la ? ipafy njrrr mtnl. U may now b* r<.i#?'l*r*d carta,* thai th* Ha) an aovrrnmani rookoot ?n rwuinmr, aft*- lb* kio? a ratura From V aolc*. lb* t.*g tiaatona lowly I rokaaa of, and Utah Hi* nor V*f*til wall ri'criwtaw af Hiaw the f*rli*?iiwr> arreipmnK) r*]*tta? 'li rrfor* qf Iba Mahjp*, (A* *p powwanaf *' ntw mat. mm! U* ranrfaafaaMrw of (At rpir tapal XWeriM _____ AUSTRIA Fraorla Jmpli mm Uta TrJ? la Raltala. rha Emperor 4 Anoint DM iMtwri tbo r ilowiaf autotroph lattaa to the Uarornot o( Bohemia ? rmrn, Nov. 4, 14ML Mr Pa?t Com dr Roron*'? ?I i?ke !?aoo of my beloved htaadom of fcofcamle ?ltb ?r hoart Fmcbod #> tbo MaaUMAH wta / /MM >** oo*'<n?l wbleb, Vroty ol&tof e?y-?ijp in the tplUI epd ly ?,, O'Jtogr/rLX uevai ?io ow two tafliow* ?? the MWH Cool <9 ss^i? .ar&. IfgavgB l I tattoo at OMM lag the restoration of weU-being so aewarely tiled. The Xld iMultty whioh I have everywhere met with iu Hohtinta, and which have accompanied andaurrounded ma, ara lw ma thq itml pledgo of the >u eomplishrnent of mv desires, which have only In vtow the liapploaaa of my beloved people. I thank once mora my faithful Uo hemlans for the phasing seusatlons I have lately egpe rteoend; and 1 nlao thank them In tha name of the whole empire, wbloh recognises oue of the gvau-st supports of its power and prosperity m the co-operation. fidelity and strength of my bohetnlan people. If RANCH JrisEi'H. THE RU8S0-BERMUI ALLIANCE. RrltleU Opinion of the Negotiations uf the t'rnr with Bl?mafi,?. (From tha London Standard, Nor 4 ] To tha seal and acoteuoaaof English and French news paper*, wjrking together with an enu le cordiaU very touching to heboid, lha European public line Juet be come indebted for a moot remarkable revelation of tha \ nortinl if |rue species. Wo learn from these dlsclo.v that It is quite a mistake to suppose that Count Von H1_ rck'a health broke down under the almost super human '"hof* ?> the sprtug and suinmor. He looked very 111 w 'd*?'1- ,mt "t*1 "f ? diplomatic trick. The doctors'oft. ,rei1 B'm 10 "'v? up business, but everybody knows that ^uctors' directions and certificates ran be

had to order* ''Tie Count la not, as he suuutngly gives out, recruiter hh h?*WhJ* tb# ro'ir?in''nl of PaU>^ On the cont'ary, Ug. "??/u,r'iew *??* " <mqo*r,bo has set hiss-If to a na then,\ an<J' J"4 10 Wt ^ already beiin so flat av'cf%?l*r"' in '1'* fj0'1 'ua* a largo part of Envapa 1? tu 'mtninent danger of being parcelled (rut between contemporaries, whom thoOattnl, li v ,*? b S*' common tits of indiscretion, mtrtl have 'a**11 into nts confidence. publish the plan which ho baa arranged in Its most imiH>riant particulars. Tha dtsmeinu.,u'w?B* Pr Austria la, perhaps, the chief Item In tlie prog.",lnitn"-" Uoth Ruaca aud Prussia want to finish with K'wud ! once for all and Austria Is the great olwtarle in th*'1- I way CaHcIa, thorofore. Is to be taken from Austria 1 an I added to Russian Toland. Whether Prussia Is to re- f coivxaiiy equivalent in the oaten ton or tier frontier to I Up Vistula iimi nut ma lo bp yet ided Ilowrrr, Mi - ha* plumy ol compena dim tn oth r quartern. -ho is lo Jo whet nitn likoit ia Cermaay, annex lb?i Hoiithi-iu Httiiu. un-l lh? Herman province* of Austria If she liken, nail complete tli? unity of tiortri.iny by embracing the real of the olil ktng-lom ol Denmark in hor posaoi-uons. An this (alter urrangemenl might provoke ?om* ill will iu Sweden and Norway, where people yet talk of u Soandmav .it) kingdom, Itni-ia la to take those coun tries under lier care, our contemporaries bare not yet nmdo up ihelr tnlnds whether the t.'zar ia to at once In corporate tli rn In the Kusmhii empire, or lot them oxl.-t for a time a.i di |>ouilciit States, but they will probably lie able lo sneak decidedly on tlio sub|?* t lu a fuw day*. And la fly, the Eastern qucwtiou is to be settled tn the way that Russia demies?an lutimallon which It ia re* aotiably supposed renders any dttailod explanation un neceseary. To c.irry out these u ins the two Power, have entered inn an ollonslv* and defensive alliance, and only wait the proiwr moment lo commence operations. Per baps a weak but pardonable d.-llracy on the part of the Emperor of K on < suae* some delay. The Czar wait* until utter the marriage of Ills son to the Prim-ess Ihigmar lo band over her country aud hoi family to the clvilixlng proce.- of Pruaalanlzaiioo. The strangest ihmg about tb*-e atorias ia tb* tlngolar conUmpt which they show for tbo judgment or Information of the puhho ou the part of their conewtors. ? ? ? PruMla cannot afTord to do anything which might lend lo the ootbroak of a European war hbs will accept the challenge should It bo given hor. antfcsh* will rush lo arm* If HtjQ I* annulled, hut the doet not loan/ wr, Any advantages ITeould give her would ho too dearly purchased. Her policy Is to h.ds h r tlnis and let the pear drop when It Is rip*. It may lie doubtpd whether the alliance of Kussla In any war which win not on her part absolutely one of self defence would be worth much to ber. An alliance with Russia would deprive her of all popular tympathiet, and wnu'd stik' rrrnrh inltrvm 'inn much leu unite* rime in Southern l/ermnny; nor has Russia much to ofTor In th* shape of military assist anro. She would be a dsngerou* enemy lo Prussia, but would bo worth little as an ally, except to expel such au enemy as France frotn tbo Prussian territory. Nor la there any reason to bollevo that Russia has uny designs against the peace of Europe and the independence of her neighbor? for which ah* would lie anxious to have th* aid of Prussia. She, toe, it in no cmdiii"n fo curry on an ofentiv* war. The Russian empire Is passing through a proetmif Treomtm lion, for which peace in Europo is at lua>l essential. Its finance* are in ao ba l a state that it it utL-rly wi'kou' meant wherowlth lo carry on a war any distance from ths frontiers Th" objects the Russian government has most at heart, aod for which It might aeea Prussian sup port, are objects, moreover, the ultima to attainment of which Is probable enough If il will only wall pati?atly, while any attempt to effect thorn now would mean war wt.h Fran e and KngUnd, a very dangerous gsnfe for all the aid of Pru-iala, who would have enough to do to de food herself. Hi re would ho nothing threatening lo ths peace of Europe In the - omdommi of s formal alli ance Isitween Russia and Prussia, Ixwhium, crediting bo'h Powers with the worst intentions, they liar* both the at meat interest to avoid provokiiig n Kumpeau war, and the hotter understanding b twoen liiem, whvh is the only bam for the alliance story, la to tie ha Herewith satisfaction, as tending to facilitate the amicable 'solu tion of inure than one question of soine* ti oh the r* at treaties have not dednilvely aattliwt. AMERICANS IN THE EAST. The Difficult y w ilii the Tarha wt ('rprsa. Ths mail adrnea fiom Constantinople are dated to the 3lst of October. A latter Iron Cyprus, just received m that city, rap*-? Rifaat Rffendi, the comuilsaioner ? nl by the Porte to irivee.ignie the quarrel between the American t on- .I here and the Pacha, In the ?s*rre eullv reported 111 th* levant He -tH, liar compl itod In* inquiry, and by this sie*iii'-r sends up In. report 1 have reason to believe thai lis entirely jnat.ilea the complaint of Hi* Consul, sod flf-n a till rtrcumstaaea* of aggravation a.aiDst the mudir and li<? Pin ha wlaw conduct oeca .ienod ilia complaint II is, in rou?"?ttiebCe, expected that both will lei dismissed, and the ? om|>en aieoi claimed for th" Consular cavaas will b-' paid by the Poite, as also Hut th* required salute will Is" given to the Aui'-r.i-au ds ? Kmigrunla In I'nlrsllne. A correspondent wr ten from JaffatoCoh.l.nlluople ? "Th - Aw-ticso hirk N-llle i'lfapln has arrived hers with lid \Micro iu emigrants, iiu-iuf err of sn iw?latieD winch has been formed to oolonl/e Palesii* - Prepare licMls had I ?n mil" for them, .ml pi -tsof land oulskle Jjlfi, one about half a inilo north and the other a couple of niile* est of th* town, have already been secured and occ ipwd by lliem. Ilotli of th-'S loc ution* ate in clogs n goie.chiod of our latoous orange gardarm, which per r.m- the 'Val *y of -tiaroii' almost away to Kamish. The local aulIn title, hava ? horded every laotllty lo the now t-onier., their baggage arid a large ijovo of building wood which they brought With tbem having) era allowed I ? pass the* u.'ora House dalv fre? Thar are likely to do well, and if so the et|>er lusnl wdl he-one of unusual inlere-it aod unporianee TH? STATIMJ) NUISAKLC TO TIIR l>!T IK itY TUK IIBUILD. Naw Vnag, jtv 'in, 1VW In or-r your rvlu.vhla Journal th a murmur I ?? an aftlrla beaded "I'ual nflice loafing, pointing out etati.n I) t< iMlna a j--n?r?l place for loafing and an gentlemanly conduct on Ibe |Mrt of a L* o." tha clorke employe *i tbla ittt'i' l>ni tin* o i?A all. I know r? epeviablr U'L"? win to ill .a *iai ? ? I" mini letter*, anil ollr-:, when a-1 iig for a lelfar atamp, are wk>d qn? (lint J aid Ituulle I by thawe uage airman!/ raanali. I haanl J a r?- a few 'lava *40 win a a young Only of my aopikttiUn' a went there for a lot m rump. ami be lug ron .,?lird ' 1 wait liar torn on th - ?i?r one of lli???o clerka ynaed In liar fai n until aho 10 1 Ira window, and th n wkod liar wli-w aim load rad if lie cneld have the piraaur* of evil ng n her anna evening Bhef'ld tne of and felt -err m icli liurt. rw? I cnaeider :n ?oil ac and il' trail01 Ii.d tlia ? amr tha fan* office I >epert aunt lo k ? into the malt/ vaa aoonar they will n-i five the Hunk 1 of a huge numi ?- ?f raepectnUa real dan*?. .? able v ally and alao nqe eVtelaa dely Oil-ILK V Kit ?SITA'T l*iTELL SKI 7wn Twm.rr*i K? ;*a-r, Ntvimi. loiaw. Taaa* ?a ear. am' I ?r Hat ML?da lurnirnee at apceVal erter V? SJh 1 r in r-naral h t?u\ ? vrt?r*. aad (pen ai order Ho. S from dlT-n h era* lartera, the T waif th regiment baa l> n trwi?ferr? a tw the Kirat brigade, u? wka-h Colonel W ! am ?# a A Mug ll/igaile 1 ran mandac. Ordei < 10 thu r'l ? I have lm?a promulgated fur the Inform na m l gu. I# awe of the brigade Kr wiararmv Par Hie in tare of tbta cay prom tea la tana eat In pretty fell tiuiarere on Mawday rten, the 2dtb inaiant, in comm> m r-iwm of tha eva'naieai of Haw York 'it the Brilih >*'?* in 11X3. The Hecoml <1. Hon Wilt parade up e that w ave porauar.t to ' rfara which have beat /weft, wi.wg, parade will M ualdnyad aa ibe anu a fail !?-?/? ' ohtoei f W I'-rmali. of tha ee.eo'y ir>d. haa jo a ue red an order la a^-wdanca with Inatru- a tin to hit wmrnaad, in which Vie reg mnnt ? direct* V* a- "tnh'/for pera-ta on Bond A/wet, at eloven < '?* * A M Monday Mil. Tha 1|hl of the Hue will r M on Rmn? way Umn M tarn; ?a ee .r n-ureal for the trial of da dwgeent n-mim t C the Hartffiy flnl r>g sent w il ha urganlaed on the Ulk of Iw-raraher pro*. Major Henry Rngkafellar la ?omuiafe) rr . ? mrt A Tt#ii MMtA II Btmwi. Hot II, IMA A qnarr?l I j* 1'iflg ?? ?i?J tartnoan a man r.ara?1 *t to ion a **?<! Urn Tit*? Brother*, Iraia oirtbw mr-lma unar KlnUn <*? Tt.a Tllua Bmttiin w~r? li M ?~> >r Onr <? Ktir,i?f la*? whan a rloinnl ailarrailMi Ur*l pitt? U?w xkitm arul fcigin, in whir > ti>'* l*u#r aJk-A ul ki M two of ma brothara, aixl tumaoAwl in mating hl? awno* at I in ronehlan lb* twioaa of b.a fathnr m law, a mu?a front nit City Durnj U.? f<Al??wiog night ba *aa CneaA W bat I. <'mg plana, an4 tba bono* waa *wrr<j?o4*4 Klglf, allf pint v< #*n> nta poronara, bot tbnjr vara too naar H* waa bill*! by a ball la tba W.t a Via t^lfcabvH two but 4 rat rarta from UM bona* T* Htl9 ?!?? *_m KTWK larxajaroun, Nor II, M** Tba Armr ' - arantloti a4 "nroa4 not Ha (hat morn ing. It* ot>)ari ?n to iv?*ni*a u<a 'tiranA Army Ot u?a Bapabltc' on a parmaant bam, wbr h baa boon wall aooowrplubat AAm.ra'aa rawitauwoa vara aa^at PnfcaraJ ft. A. Ilarltrart waa *tact*4 t antma* ?a* tn-Cbwi if UM argnniaatioa rati * a uiiftnTiAi iuct r>Mln< Ibnrar, mamLwr fcMMraair. 4*4 IM ? Atnarr, Woa M, 1W, "f fan AMUSEMENTS. KbtMi Her ItrprmrnlailN ?f Mm > Hiutrl. Riatart's attra-tlveneasanl popularity seem u> lu'rcww u her engagement draw* to ? clore. Uer WWUmi 14. mlrers realise the ulna of lb* poet thai blearing* brighten as they take their flight, and appear r^ved to recent, before II la too lata, the djsuflsffc oenedloUoo the) may enjoy through her admirable Impersonations. The au dtence U*t evening at the French theatre was probably the tartest and moat brilliant that ha- grvtyKt the ojul noni actress urn's her arrival In the metropolis. Not only every aeat In the peniuetle, private botes, drees circle, Iwl.onv anil gallery waa flIleal, but the gislef wjjo cjowded by the moat oulilvated and ale Fihl MpreaenCaTTv^A of yjw York society. Tho t&i'fUu of thn fair women were elaborate and uneicaptlonable, and tho houae waa iltlibug In tte t -uf ens mbl' The great actress haa hardly appeared beforn a en parlor audi, enoe, we venture to assert, eve.: >n Parle, and she must have felt the magnetism of its lyjtpalhy, for abe baa never given Mary Stuart better during i??r engagement Tln> character, ae drawn hv Schiller, fuming few on |K>rtnnllioe for strong efftel or picturesque poweP. ;u* and poetic fooling. Poor Mary, who, wlialover lior fsdlta? and they were grievous owe? will alwuys meet wlib the nympathy that a beautiful and accomplished w >man receives: ami her errora, Inseparable from tier organisa tion, will lie hidden beneath tike sentimental dia|mry of her panslonate and pensive life. She wee. as she often raid, more a woman than a queen; and all bnr una rortunes were traceubln to her loo lllieral capacity for generous enaction. If she sinned tnuoh she loved much, and love, like rharilje covers a multitude of sins Sucti was Midori's interprets Ion of the pert, and die made all who sew ber bellevo that when most guilty shn was most to be pitied, that her act iliS wroili? Imi-ftn An Iiap hftsrt WM tmidrtr Tin* v7*s wrong because her heart waa lender The Interview with Fliiabeth anftyir withering denunciation *.?: the" fuel and ilwpliotV queen were magnlflcent, aivd the /Vpbence grew lumn kuoitsiy enllissia-tle nvor therrnno slid utleasu;. in her beautiful voice ami splendid *R"ut?ori, ? y- ? N..U ff.SSSno . (Juellr Mito vfrtu.whe nm^H 1. adulters I"* ru??r<- iiaaad Irsdalta ^Ua ?m twtcn called out amYsgain at V<o close of the sadly eloquent and charmingly inching tragedy Klslorl will play Modes and glva th<r aloCI' walking ?MM of Macbeth for her buiioU to irw>rrrh? (Frular) erouiug lu place of OolKtrah, aa baa iiaan anniV"""' Mlnrlt Thralrr. Thia theatre was pretty woll filled last ulght with an amitotic - eager to <lo honor to Mr. Knorr.whe celebrnt. hla ixmotlt with the Impersonation of Mr Harorjae. lb [Mr Aomin Kin<t Artnm Jvnffr?i ,tf.inner?a piece ver sions of which havo l?e-n given In New York both In French and Kngh-di. Mr. Knorr was deservedly heartily greeted, and responded by throwing marvelloua life into the character he repreeented. Kllae tlovm, aa Mailame I^troqua, played woll, although a alight effort win per ceptible In all her movements. Mlea Iracbock rendered Mnrguerita, the young lady of tho place. she ban a harah voice and a abort, abrupt dollverv, not at all calculated to expreei the language of love Hut with all faults the piece was welt put upon tho Mage, and tha support good, and It t* a great pity that a thcalro which OfTer* so much lo the public fa not slioaled lu a more MMaaible neighborhood. Stelnwnv Hull iinlillieok llntlnoe. One of the largoat audience* we have seen at a piano matinee attended Mr. Robert noldiieck's flrat concert ye, terday afternoon. The groat fesluro of attraction wan a new concerto for the piano composed by Mr. Oold beck Mr Mills played Ihe orchestral part on a second piano. It la n work of considerable merit, and wo are happy lo lie nMa to place the author's name among the foremost of American composers The/wa r which we heard shows much talent and skill la working up the tbemoe in an effective manner. At Its ae-'oud (?erformanco wa -hall speak of It morn In detail. Miss Kntlle Mtlrllug and Mr. Hlmpaon aaaisted In the tnalluAo The Itnlciniin Concert. Tho last appearance of the llateman troupe, for a time at Inaat, In this city, thronged Htcluway llail with a faahionabio audience yesterday evening. A physician's cortiflcsto was read by Mr. Batonian to excuse the absence of fltgnor HrignsH. Meaars Mills and Rosa played a duet for violin and piano by Me Hoi lot. Madame I are pa sang tha cavatlna <Jvi fo Tore from I Pwttami, Htgoi r Kortona hta usual Mereadno e solo, and Fertaoti the f'<m .Waaif'too from Cinderella The trou|ie will start to day for I'hlladolpl is. On Saturday night the second symphony sdlrAe wtll be given at Htcinwsv Mall. Two hundred singers and nearly <me hun<lre<l instrument iliats wtll glvs the sub lime choral symphony of Heeiboven Chnrlev White's Combination Ti ottpe. Tlio entertainment at this place of *mi*em*ol last evening was of that varied end diversified nature which la usually popular, and was wlineasel by a large and appre- tallva audlenc Ths Mil given was very foil and exhaustive, and crow^pd with ^be witty and s^nM Charley White, in the 81 lipid Hon nni, sppearet fit one of his most happy characters, and ro-eKad the I'tianinmua spprotiatlen of Ihe house Mrs Vlro Far. rand nv eiited a fancy dance with considerable skill, thoogh somewhat lacking In grn- o. Kdeaon was made to sing comic songs by Ilia gratiflad audience until he was exhausted, and tha clear floe votes'of Evs !1r*ut awoke a hearty round of applanae. A ballot was pro. aonlod under the mine of f.ri Jardin<*rit a very pretty affair, lo tho attccoss of which Millie Flora and ? strong support mainly contributed Warren and Wlndilp hit off a richly ren'limxi'al liallad ran-.' happ.jy la ih" Two Walllea, the audi, nca being convulsed ? I Iff no rriiiienl The entertainment concluded with Ihe sensations! play of The female I'lerks of Washington, which Is now u Its second week. Man PrwwHnrw MlmrrU. If Hi* audlari fi that nighty throng tha tbaa(ra oc u plad 'if lh? abnra um?l cotbpang eotillnua l? laaraaaa morh Ioo??t, Maaara. Hlrch k Tfambold will '.a ? om pallad to atratrh Ilia hall a fnw altaa largar. l-aat a??n log ar?rr aaat an<l aland ing room wan oornptnd, and (jnita a nombar of |*tr?onn vara aar-aaaltalod to ralani lhatr t Irk ata Tn conaniunnra of not balug abla to find ataodlog room Tbla atata of atTVia haa aala'ad for noma fma pom, and tha Han Kraneaww Mloatrala tntiat ba omnhII highly plaaaad with tbla oaidan- a of thalr popolartty l.iai eratilng tha program ma pnrfnrmM waa r~?|\?d wtlh hnart* apjdaoa*, and orr-aaianad nnnaUlarahla laugh tar H'llr Bir-b, WamhnM aa<l all of tha "inlmltabiHi" kapt tha audianra anioaad and aotrrtainad ontil Ilia rloaa of tha ropraaanUI on a Tha Matanr.r Wfinwnra In partrular waa racatfd with load manlfaatatlona of plaaaora fifth AtfiiNC Mprra lUmr. Tha nioal larja and raaprclabl* m lwv? <ra?tnd tha I! -idworth a Minafralt laM ay?i:h? and ?|tmw "1 tha parformatica of th* van~l and ,ntrraa?iii( p'ofraitim* limn J II aid W t IMnnnh tap! tha t'ldlrnra in ? roar of lO'ifhlnf Mlh thatr romr ann*? trxt aalliaa. whllri Mr C Maury any nararnj aantiinafilal hallada la nta ?<?- ntUir?n>d fnllrii .an ?? r Th- ?yaoin( ? antartalnmant cloaad witb A it*p to IN* W?on wliirh war vary oomie and InuyliaM" .tt. Ilnrrau llrn IllaalonUr. If tba *(? of rairariaa baa yaaaad tha day f"t thn apprnMalion of apparant ? .?a l.m rwnatuly not a ha by. Thin fart !a folly pmvnd ?? tha amwdt who nlfhtly fill Dod worth Hall to t-h-W M flan a a immrlan It m?"t ha arknow!rdi(?d that thta (?iitl*fnan a h (My ane eaaafnl In hla propi?lon. ilk lr""tn, wbnthat <w alati nt of bard, optloal(nf m<- i?wnl ninawn ara ail of M.rwi vary clrrart* nut ??~1. and dnfy??r? tf.raaa wbo'aary th-n.w Iraa known.* n ait* b r.attaay It* ?i(? am >* tbrrn !???' night tba ?r?>?to ?d Oownra, tha wo?.d??fu! laaihao/diblo hat. tin trrul ball, and abora ail, tha I rtr.jliral flnaiii>(, f.ovaia* ?aibn( and apaoti14 In thn air, trains from a laffa n-.dloa?r? hraaUthaaa atiwnrr, wbi- h aaa oaly Iwotan at tba and af U.rtr jawfor wan- a by h?n>r*y rrnthda 'if apt-taoaa. It ? a p4y that *? at h I tor Mm*. -I >m ;.??! by *.hn ? rat i-tar.r .mar faatrd l?y 'ha toot Aaa* of Mia nod" lira b. rt' (W Ikt amiatan* w?.l<-b tha "-trm af tha an lariat- ??a' ta naaaaaartly Imndn I of tha Hioria?t-t With th a ntmp lion tba imrfora tt.oaa of Ian a aula/ paaar mail with tba uatal aoocaar I oa- rrt nf It # I ?at Uta'a ( hrtai t an taaarla ? tloa nl Da Araiiiaay af Monti . Ilriafilti. Th> aarond af a aorta* af all <vmnana, a ?? a aaatar tha a iipi *a ol t m Yrt'iog Man'# Chriatiaa AaaaaMkoti lot* l-la a laat ai(ht at ha ftr-A'ta A'n."?any <?f M<ta? Tat 'B( it at a wbala, Mia roaaart waa ra y ant .?far Imty it Tba A limit tar aty Wa 'ih-'rad parwata vara ? aao<? latt a 'WW l?:|l?n thlrtr oaa hnakrad rnam'jara ho on la id ara . jmaat not aiamtx rttf Ati ttrapt *.? M'l'Hfri rr.tnaa war* ad in ti at ta wltaraa Ibt tarfoatnaaraa Tha id' ra Th. maV fa I aatfa raodaaad tba luatr ?rla/t raMarail tba loaaromar.U aalartbia- la tba nfitnar. atai Mi?a Kata Thomaa pror'trni??. ami Miaa Kata Thomaa awfraoa. -d Mroob. lyn, and Mr fra-l tana fWltona . atW. of fkonlllfa |tii tba roaai poatioaa Mr Ma.M aar.a "Tba lha? ?' H ? Wjliaat nana ***** /?a A)' Hr ^ , Ttm fc?*tl ?tatrtWfit, *ir>?i?f tit* mm* M i * -64 W.1I ?- -TiriM 7", ' *'"* {Mul'tl *"? lAJUtAl If 7fRMI / . , I'HUjB/W . Ma JLTssrvpsi r..?ri M n>>r4 u ,ltwt H^um^ u,, VtiJVvJ ?AMW iweejmn MM< to - ?? ? _ Ounmt" *?? II. 1*9 * . r? '? (Mow* ?< ii ? ifttj I* '* Fm? 'wee fvr Uw **?<? *f Ami* (*f*m f?. u * i? i..<( ,. of l|?n?L -/? <"?rT .I?? l Hum iLL- *?***4 tn?wm. ft L. WlM 0rU4 vm? a o Mkc?*r Br'/a?-**T m lumifti T%m-?r lift.I. ?IHH *??/, ?*? hMM '/ *m a IW-4 * */? T,o**, m Mm V* ?** wtx* ?< ? 1?W| * ****>??. Uto lh-*?M l*W,|' r ****** M ??", !?*#? **%*? <4 um kMM Mr I-*W f-4* M* MMM H*? ra*r mm, f *4 "?? ?? yllll ?-'I b? Nnr ??? a*4 m hMm "<lV. ?? *** V**W' ?*>?? ? ??* CITY OnTELLIOENCB. ')iu?i> ati m or >t Ptui'a <;mniM At eight o Gloat yitmil .y morning dm ceremony of oriiuutlou to nub "I'-amiuii.. ,iMor?, ? j performed In Iho church of iba Hernial plethora, Moth avouue ami Kifty nlnUi tu.vit, Of tit* Moat K?v. Ar-hhiehop McOloakoy. Tho '-inlUu Cot rilem ?aa R??, j p. it who, el the appointed h ,r ? ntorM the church dreaded lu Alb, and liearing ?ub-drei on a im,10 and inaaicle on bla left arm A/tar llik colleen tin* An lihiahop pro reded 10 tho ordloation will'It <on-i? >,| if ;,j|ilin, low 111 Ana, an addruoa la tba poototaut ami tbe irciial of lb lliaojr of ilia HalnUt Ji, i :n, wu lint nli. ion .,u ,iy iroatraln ou the floor of thy mioi m? wbaro worn i on. rogaled all tba membora of u... i\v. .( , imty At ilia iooolu?to? of Iba lllaiiv lia ?i, laveeted with (ho roboe of bla oftloo. Otbrr prayer* f .llown.1 end |t,n Arrhh'.aliop oalobraat proceeded with (hr maw, i? the puetulaol th4 Kiaa of peace, at tl u jwitof tha .mmoor railed IM Al/nut Of* ami conrki' ih? do vol ion* of Ilia morning in (bo mail nor u n*l ,o och m caaion* Ttue la tba flrM ordinal hi for tba I'anlMI ordar oft bald In Ibla cpifnuy, Uia aouoty having bald lu Ibla v-utguny, ilia an. m ly having baaw MttbUehed bero but too yeara ago, ahnu .prune (roan tbn Itadaiiipturiil order, tliroo of the oi.'nti>?r? or which were iba foundara bare, having Utnn almolraJ from iba vowa of llielr body by apa< lal (odulgeeco from the Hopei tbay than lormad iba aocialy of I'iuiui I nth.-ra aa ? bouaa of Knglub inlaaloo*. Tlio meralwra of Una rota mCOity, on rifif-nlplb etreel, V'U u only una la tba C.oilfd Mai oa, a ft ai! fouveri, to Ilia UL1^ Among in *?t are four roulfj Cfn (nAMcaai who ha?? lately left tbo ?Odl><>pai HreparelSfy bymliury at Annaa ?lale in order to be?*Uj Roman Catholic* The auportae la father Ilcrkar well k'fowa irf llKtnr* widow Another of tbn Iwwthrrn. fattier Paahana. paJ i^nertf au uMcor in tba regular army aa4 ? brofeaaoT al vjfaal I'oini, and tba new euh deacon, Mr. Botheb, M a natV* of It note Ieland and a convert from Iba Kfrlaeoptiia* faith, of which church be ha* boeu wry recently a very activo and rralou 11 lorgyman. Mr. Ilodn-b will be nuaod lo the higher order of tub dnmnu (lit* morning, whea Ilia car omnium, wliuili loininetn e ?l eiglil oVIoftf, w?U l>e morn I'lahorele and koU-wii. roniiilual blgli ai?we w.ll be auug by a foil choir. ? '? II1.-.T ? A magniOCont ride U now on eililhttlon by ? wall known flrai U> Broadway, ? tmtlod for a pruaant to (Scnarnl ttraoi. Tha lid# In ? highly flnwhod una, niado for men a hoot lug, and wnn manufactured l>y a firm in Wa??och'i"?iia. Koch part oI iii? rifln un-l thr <???>* i? moda ctitirly of Amartcap OM lartala. Tim brew bin highly polhhrd, lm ablack ?m> out ah. k nod n Willi ? aoll.t ailvor .agio n*A ?hl"!d In Itio r.-nir" ol lb" lalt.-r u tho monogram "v. I ii? I orral la lumln of flu * < ul Mont rl?kly lain I wliii g.ld || root $100 it*?>*>? 11.1 inn in on Oolii l)i*ino* ?lUportn wot a rlfo mfwuij* duntir at otrol"" yaotarday ovcning tha failure c4 iwo hoary flrtu* In tb? ([old burnarea. Own "?* * Arm on Wnn *tr?af, And lb" other ?u a boonn nw Hroail AU"i? 1 b* 1*404. mania of lb* lottar worn of Ion ot four aulli 11 lobar* N ihkipw Iw.ri rum ll?i*o Kimn-A torpmla* nomad Jaiuo* {ferry from irutoot doath yaalordoy whilo oiling oomo ahaathiog round lb" h Mat ing iiiAclilno Oil A ww building ai No SIO Broadway A largo rafter anddenfy yavo way And Ml from tho rw (laiK'Ing Within an Ibrh .if I, . h"<id, .arrylng nwny II nuiloid on win. h bo waj *tan>liri,- tod throwing him ib? ground, bniAking oo? of nw i??* And mndf brolung tho othar Hn waw c invoyad In an luaoaothbk condiiiuo to 1I10 Now Yort BwpiuL A Mkamaa 8?k iii'ai r Iijwiiia f ari Tim, a a.*tmon o# board tbo Ablp " I'almcratoo, lying at 1'iar No SO Konl rlrar, waa .-rli iwly Injured yevtrrday by a ftotral of aoaA having fal'on on btm Ha had bo-n ?ngagad atowtnw ciirno in lbs lowor bold, *h?u lb* barrel, wlilch wad !>"tn* l.rworad, workod out of lha 'ling, and boforo hO ' mid got out Of tbo way riuAlint buu agolHAi All now "Ian. Inon. brooking bio log on.l routing ntbor in)o* rl'W. lie wat liiimodlaloly tokau to tho Now York How* pilot. A"iiinar i.a as I how Yawn Yooiorday a man uaiwnd 'obii Cunningham, "rnployo.1 in on Iron yard ot Noa. Td and 7'i Pika tlrool, woo aorloialy Injwrod by o Mow frotw a largo olodga bommar. Ho hod boon aaoHAIng to wotA 1 wo pifcoa ..f iron, wboo ono of tbo otbor balp. ro mlaaM tho until and ?trn**k film w oh lb# alodg", rauainr o daw. ? iro'ia frarturw of tbo Ing and aovarwlr injuria* bw right (???if Ho woi routoyed to Ilia N?w *? rk Huapitol Bauer or Hnotnwar. ?Tbo lu-gi 'iatiro Comtaiuoo af? poiniod to r wioMar tho (juration of omnmoniaoiioo bw> 1 wwii up oad down town mot yoalwrdoy morning at lha Mtoot i.uinoii-alunai'l olfle". Vaiioua plowa of atovotad rai'waya won* rewired on I eibihittd. ami ootlQialaa warn aolHnllta*t. flat it V.aMT Knesieawm travrr tbotil (lr*t o'rlaah on Wadnreday morning a Dr.* or ginai .d In tbo Mob I*"irAo, No 4g Koal Yourtoan'b alroot, <ou aod fry a fact in 1 bo ebbnnoy floa Ttia naraow war# otliogataAad by tbo inmoioo of tho bona* without ?l*u>a on alarm tw lb" Itramon Tbo dao.og" 10 tbo buildtwa wilt i? i |400, Inanrod Tbo proporty la ownod by Madam# I tluoa THtJfUW. Trwlltwa nl Paitbkrryalr Korlllw# doe#. r*n uiiaaaroir. Nor SI, Iaaf An o>. Illng raco hoiwarw Hit aril In own borwwa Bow Mciiollan. of Tarrylown, and lliown Uwirgo, of ?Ma% look pla o at 0u4y a Hark Iblo ofloruoow Tho groaiat# Itiloroai wao irianlfootod, and landing apoftlng mow war# pr wool ft >m olnmat ovary town on tbo rirrr Tho nd^ w?ro la favor of M'<MIU. llrown f oorga won tho In# hoof, ant McC'Irfloa tbo) loot ibraa Timo, ? M, 40, 2 M and 2 II At Ibo and Of IhW ? bird boat (Im dnvor of M' i.'Mlon pot 10 W rlnln of foul, aoawrtlng ibot ibo driror Of It row o lioorgo ran 'nto him Tbo ? aim wm not ?>aatA> or" 1 by Ibo lodgoa At tho ?nd of tha loot boot ltio?l| <i"org" . 1 ooaod tbo aooro ab*od Tho drtvor of Maflala Ian, on ronilng up u> itw atood. mil in anoihof olaMW of foul, any lug Ibal lha dtlvar of Browo <i??jrgo raw h#f borao by liTm Immodiataly up?u I'.al aunounmmowi Iranig mod a tha wlldoot ana tnauad, and >1 woo f MWW cla that o mnrdorotta row 4ri not mam Tnio of owpra? fwtton and diaooficbat .0 wiro iioord 00 all aidol, lA4 frimda of ao> b nuraa tbraotaamg tho Judgaw ailka TM lallar, bowarar, floolly favor Of Met lallon Tno l. oia, boot tbroo In lvt> Tbay bavo boon match" 1 agatu |W iraotoolng tho Judgaa ailka TWf 1 loa'dod ' U? baol and rnof Iw bo tarmv of tho rooo tan oltf Ivt* IO bam?oa for |ZM aMI io.| agoici lo lia* la wawowfl fOW lit* >all*aal ? wrM, Mar II. IMt ?*? <M rh? raoa lo 1* ????/ I k* .1 **??. *1 Ohm a* vat J?i .m* 'fly MkI.iwvM ?61 MmiiI'* Jmhm ?taaar Ilia*. IMS. >U\u4 IMS. mil* huML I?M Itif? In 0T* 1/tlMrala f.iai* ml Im|11 VM in n( |t.a n.?nf ?(. ' ui .it Tli-ft ? u> u i graai lift ihi taim-tat Ifiu* it U) If.,- (gt.itu unit T? w|. raw Ui? ilt i o. Kt < oli rata iguM Ivtii* Ana HttMAl ?Tm?iKt H.-ti Mm"*i l*alaur l;aiU4 *<*i-* Narjr, a*4 Ita. t R 41 It* >H irt at llta !??*? rut IIwim Wlitit ? ntlk a?l Hratli Vrfi ? IS' (I .alnt tiubft t.ll 1ft?a '"*1 tktl 1'UMtl itiktait Ntr a-lla. t?l mat- a a a tart v i b. .*1* ?%# ? ?? ik- .. ! ?? a. .| ik. , will o f* rilAT./l* 4 kllllft nl.ou M I Mi OSfcKUk >,*/TTifr; srr^ri. ? ?. a irift.'v r. faints; V a ri)M Ita i *?.*! at/a at ar.4 It aM't** ***4 I/I '!#**?*#. All Ailttt I aa**4 la l./fal I MI aflat. I Iraa. aft ml Ifaai at t .a J CM ?*. Ii'tai IT* tlraat ? at Htlrlitlar'a Hair lit*. Tk# Haal la ika ? /.I Itr tl|ia(tallf. ' ataaiaaa nakl** at Fat v.- r II Itikti akaa (rial a 4*fa a Half III I. Tltltfliil ItHj , Cti "? ? At*t? ' V*^;4 rxrrr TaY at i/ut It a* at a* *il*f itrtwi- * *i a at a/at " Pf/-# la.-w latat la l-kk. ..I ? II * fatal I ? a*** mmS l. .tampta* a*4 **!' at f | t * ? ?S&S* ta5*r.fc yrMtz ttl Tara auf Faaatf Irani* ?u t lair*, Mi n?M? Hrat. **?(* If.a.aaala aal (l*al?*a? "aita tatr **?a 1% i?|t ??ifP - R*ft " ' *ki ? ! ll \?t at' atlr itf| .i* a'*a I'" ? **??* *? ?*?/* fJ laft?*t*a ;-* ? aal It faart* aa. ?4 K' Al??f T?*l JBRBIA art: r1::* .4 rf:i,:fce^v,^r *f ^(iUi al/OM ? ? -r >? 'l(Ml|| mTmB ??s@SgSgii".' w?BW?s!lfflK.T lesrcwjwi, wtV*