Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? WHOLE NO. 11,042. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 23. 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL. AUKIl.V or WEALTH WISHES TO ADOPT A IlltJa girl from one to two jwriDld. Address, stating where the child can be Men. Mr?. Adams, station A, bprlug etreeL Dear stblla-you must leave your house uutll be 1* gone. Follow mr counsels blindfolded. Do jnt as I tell you and you will be happy. Send new address nnd floor today. CHARLES. Division avenue. Brooklyn:?lady in black drone light Billed sack, brown liet, with white and green plume, get out of Dlrtaion avenue car at 12M o'clock Kerday Young gentleman opposite, reading paper, Bar larlv atruck. dealree merely a more. If agreeable addreaa Median, station P, N. Y. IF THE YOUNG LADY WHO WAB AT THE FRENCH theatre on Monday, to wltneaa Elizabeth, will send her addreaa, or mention a place In her note where the gentleman onn meet her. who aat behind her and placed a note In her hand on her leaving the theatre, she will confer a favor on an admirer. Addreaa A. T., bo* A, Herald oflioe. IT THE LADY WITH DARK HAIR AND EYES. IN Wall street stage, between 1 and 1 P. M. on Wednesday, who sat opposite blonde gentleman and mistook him for Mr. B n afterwards In Brooklyn, will grant a confidential In terview, please address B. C., bo* 15S Herald oflioe. STEPHEN PAIN, HATTER, PROM SAN FRANCIBOO, who returned to New York el* or eight months ago, will ?lease communicate with or oaU ou F. C. Barlow. Bellevue Hospital. rB LAD* WHO LEFT A GOLD WATCH (IM A TIN bo*) to be repaired at MI Columbia street, Brooklyn, and sent h*r ticks* by a yeung lady, will please oall and ro ?stxa hen own watch. rB LADY WHO LEFT WITH THE IB HOB8B CAB from Uobokau to Jersey City, sad who went out at Death Fifth street, will oblige the gentleman opposite her by needing Iter address to Gray Coat, Herald oflies. ? "u. B."?WHO'ADVBRTISBS FOB A WaTCH FOUND on Patten street. Is raqaeeted to give a more accu rate description and state when and where be got it; also his fall name and residence, if he eipeets it to be returned to WILL THE LADY WHO SAT IN DELMONICO'S Fourteenth street window, Wedneedaynight, address a note to the gentleman who sat In corner? will return to town en Monday. A. T., station D. -CALL AT ONCE. 77. MATRIMONIAL. A HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED AND PRBF08EH8ING young widow lady from the South, deprived of relatives hnd property, wlshee to form a matrimonial alliance with an elderlv gentleman, either in Boston, Washington or Philadel phia preferred. Address In confidence with proof of sinceri ty, Boseltha Southwlck, New York Puet office. A RESPECTABLE LADY WOULD LIKE TO MAKE the acquaintance of a gentleman of about AO aa a social aoapanlon, with a view to matrimony. Address Mrs. L. Smith, station P. LOST AND FOUND. EOO LOST?$10 REWARD ?A SETTER KLUT, BLACK and tan. white breast and feet, lost In the neighbor, d of Centra! Park; had on a leather oollar. The above reward will be paid on returning her to 66o Washington <t !08T?IRON SAFE KEY, ABOUT THREE INCHES J long; number supposed to be 8,810. Reward paid if ft at In University place. T OST-A SMALL TAN COLOR BLUT; HAD ON A Aj collar with name of owner on. A reward will be paid hy leaving her at 8<3 Fourth avenue. LOST-A BANK BOOK ON THE MANHATTAN 8AV tngs Institution, No. Sli.Oto The finder will please re tars tame to the bank, corner of Broadway and Bleeckei at. IO8T-$10 REWARD?A PURE WHITE SPITZ DOC; I answers to the name of Funny. Return to T. sehulti. Clip street, N. Y., or Franklin street, comer Woolsey, Astoria. ; T OST-A WHITE WOLF DOG; ANSWERS TO THE Aj name of Lulu. The finder will be rewarded by leaving htm at 00 Eleventh street, between Fifth avenue and Univer sity place. T OST-A RILVER GRAY SCOTCH TERRIER; AN Aj ewers to tbe name of "Thiev." A reward of $1(1 will he paid U> any person returning him to Ibe bai k Ann Lucy, pier 46 Kaat river. LOST-NOVEMBER II, A QOAT, FROM STABLE 1170 Mott street; color brown and black; answers (o tbe name of Nan. Whoever will return the same will be liberally rewarded by Cornelias Tobln. T OUT?ON OR NEAR THE HT4TEK ISLAND FERRY, A-i on Thursday morning, Xid lost.. a huudie of Papers, of ho value lo any ona but the owner. A reward will be paid to the flnder upon leaving the papers at the Ticket oflice, Blatou island ferry. LOST-A MEMORANDUM BOOK CONTAINING A note, deted Aug 27. 1888. for $814. It Is of no use to &eae except the owner, as payment has been stopped, nder will be eultably rewarded by returning It to F. is, 70 Murray street. Lost?the certificate of discharge of fat rlek Farren, Company C First regiment Kentucky Vol hnteer Iniantry. Tbe finder will be suitably rew arded bv sending the same to F. Farren, Company K Fourth U. H. artillery, Fort Delaware, Dei. LOST-A MOTE OF THOMAS RCRSELL k CO.. DATED I4th of Auguet, at four months, for $171 08. All parties Bis forbidden to negotiate said note. The flmler will please leave it at tl Beaver street or with Mr. RoaseU, at 41 Sixth ?venue. LOST?OH MONDAY, ttTH INST.. IN OR MR AR Oonld'e dining ulooii, an Humii atreet, a (mall Pnrlc moaaaia, containing a few dollara In greenback* and er?r tlfloete or twenty aharea of the North Klver luaurenee <'om pane. No. 1.45?. Tha Under can rota'n the money, but please return tha oertttleal*. aa It la of no value to an? ona bm t ho ?waer, to PrancU OrtRth, East Now York, King* county, ILL GTtU.EN?FROM MKKKRS OOOKAUilDOrtOlflC*, O 17 Broad street, a largo Moruuoo bound Pocket-book, Aontaimng paper*, go., of no value to anyone but tbo owner. A liberal reward wtu bo paid and nil <|UO?i|nne aaked on the return of tbo above to the oftlce. Addreaa Aim. McDonnell, Boa Kb Maw York Foat offlee. ATCH POCND.-A LADY'H WATCH AND CHAINi found In our atnro Hat Inat. Will ba real"red to the aar bv application to Oaboroe, Boardman A i ownaeud. Broad way. w $5 RKWANM. REWARD-LOST, ON SATURDAY, 17TII INST . In Chiiatopher atreel, near Waahlngton. a Urge Tan Slut. Hat on a red collar The abate reward will be paid on returning ber to 17 Weat Waablngion plnce. tin REWARD WILL'BR PAID ON THE RETURN Civ of a habv'a ASglian, taken fr.m IBM Weat Pout fourth ? treat, on tha Xkl Inat., and no question* asked. Bin REWARD? LEFT ON THR HOUSTON STREET gPll/ ferrylatat Maapeth laat evanlng, at five o'clo k a package containing $57.79 conaiai ng of (I in [a-nnl. a, Ht 75 In eurr>ricyan' l$*l In bills Reluni to M Benjamin, ?> (trand "treat, William.burg, and receive $10 reward and thank* of the owner. #OA REWARD.-LOST. ON TUESDAY. THK Afftl ImU Inat a Diaraand Stud Apply to T. H. Allaire. Tradesmen's National Bank. BOA REWARD ?IP THE PERSON WHO TOOE TDK i Fnekatbie.k frem lha Mint*a Ofhee. mm .if p. .?*.) war and Reefer "treat. Will return tl.? .am* with tlw< p.pc. Jo u (which are of no value to anv ana hut the . ha Wtu receive the above reward and on guest moa aekad. AOS REWARD- A RELIC OP THIRTY YEARS AR jpwo tu raced tag raved on the baah Jtdw. K Pye tm Hannah Pye, Hold Lopine Wa'.ch. Return to U High a treat Bnvklyn. I voter-only de. arc no questions wlU be aabeil deoeay paid on preaeatalluu. BOr REWARD.?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, NO?. II, la Corilaadt atreet or Hi iadwuv to fourteenth Street, a (nedtuui algcd lady's gold buattug eaen Watch. Oanefa W4$e. ]gijia f "A. u. J.' on the plate, vulnsui'* Ahaln and anaanr a lief lied The above reward wUI be Paul far tta return, at IP Resign nrjet, rggig jj, 19^ EEW*ED.-$I9.-Lflllt. ON pAidaT *0* ) bctwetp Ibt corner of Pulton avenue and Canal to any pefviti but The owner Tha flr.dar will receive ih? Abo*4 nfBYPd by returning Hit same, with the entente, Id Wm B. Waltfl-a, ooruer of I'ultot. aveuue and I'lMl drMI, Brooklyn, or ?? John Broouau, ltd Pulmn atroat V Y e-,a.w. . THO^ b:o iibward-wili. be paid tor tub recov. )' t erv of a aula leather Trunk, wHU Ha 'imumi, m far aueh Infatniatinn aa will lead I; tta recoverr. Inat nr ? l*n ln ? a wagon en Thnfaday avonlug. 15'h loatoal, between Pa.ion ferry and Randa atreet. Brooklvu. Apply to Uairt Ouu A Waring. 117 BPoadway. <1^00 B*wiRD--'-0JIT' M* ratoeday, Novr.v ^.MMf hor I7.a "Itn> of mnmr of flvna. Call o aal erf, 7JR Rruadwaf The omenta will bo dew ftb*d ?n d Veep- No ana ?umpinoiteed. aracuL AOTit ks. ?i i iTt?N AQUEDUCT DRPA RTMKMT?TO CoN. ? owe.?Punllc not we la hereby given that, la route 0 of the duel reiuaal of the Corniuruller I" he proaeat ?t I ipcutog lit the bkie for oortaln airoet Improvement*. Will. m pur-nance ol pu'illc adverturaient, should have curd on the JAth Heidemher laat the ('rotno A?ua. "lull .11. in Hcrordauea with the advice i.r the l.'orpuraiMin t'.uii . *111, nil! A M.. on Mondav n*it, JSih Inat, the e .iule >wiie?." and retnrn auctnud" aa mav he f und Ab>. e i a ilia twr'ie. wh" mef hate ottered them. All P -Iitu l\t?P*?'ed ?ce re.|ueatec| to attend at Ibla iffl--o At iA.ii -iuv c .HWreivv ihetr ptupoaale. flloMAsVrfcl'IIKNN. , r. iHI.KT I. IIAKRAi.II ' CroU'O Aouaduei Roaid A d CSAVKN, > ? ' Know all mkn bi rnii moth r. rrttT tup. I eat plura in h i) and a*ll uu?lu??a all-' a la a- Jfl < heui bOMt'lrtet. mom .Nil I. W A LI. PR A RKIfhlt /\PPDP. OP TIIP. ATIANTIC MAIL STKAKSIIIP Cmrpnnf Bo 5 Rowling tlraen New Yaek, N'.v I t CBp ardor of the Boer I af Dire, tere, notice la hereby ea that'n canee-iueno* "f the etectl'.n apjolutert tohga# m l.cid ' II tlu. lite ,f November tnetani no* -.?*!? i;? b*''l pw'V'aol to each atpc iliaeot en elecii-.e a in * ?arcetcir# Of thla cauipeov aud three Inapervtra of Oae ne?? ?*MUBL PL OOIL D. p, wn,l, PRP.A' 1 IN T!H? Waat Plrttmr "treat rreebvierlen Church, aettveeo raedwof and Eighth eveaua, HTuadef. at !??, A. M . and INSTRUCTION. 4 PARISIAN LADY. A GRADUATE AND KXPF.RI fx aimed teacher, wishes to And a few p-jnlls French or mualr*. Method wi; end thorough. Address French, Herald otfioe. r BUSINESS EDUCATION.? INSTRUCTION IN BOOKKEEPING, t'FNM ANSIIIP Ac , at GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Institute. 754 Broadway Established 1M0 Private Instruction. Room* tor ladles. Bookkeeping, writing, *c., for business? Mil. DOLBEAR. SOU Broadway, loaches Bookkeeping yrscttrally, ss used In the heat New York house- He steu removes stiffness, cramping or trembling from the worst hand, and makra elegant business penmen. F BENCH AND GERM AN LANGUAGES?PROF TELL ?rliji, DOT Broadway, favorshly_ known In New,York slnoe l?fl2 Also Latlu, Grammar and other braurhes'of _ gentleman's eduestlnn. All lessons private. FBENCH CONVERSATION, AC., TAUGHT BY A WELL educated and competent lady from Paris, at her rooms; lessons private and In classes; best of reference given. For particulars addrnsa or call at 1,127 Broadway, Mile. Q. PROF L. MALF.JIEUX. FROM THE UNIVERSITY of Parte, will commence tn a few daya, classes In the French language. Lessons three time* n week, from 4 to 5 P. M. for Indlee. and from 7 to H P. M. for gentlemen. Terms of 34 lessons, $11. Private lessons of lUeralure end coover asUon. For particulars address, or call on PROJT MALE JIBUZ, Mo. l lrvmg phase. till ilB4 A. M. TMJTIJRF^ FASHION COUR8E,*L~'t?TROTTING?MATCH FOR $400. On Friday. Nov. IB, at 2 o'clock P. M. Mile. I In 8, In harness. D. woodruff names b. g. Toronto Colt; P. Car ten, s. m. Lady Polok. JOSEPH CROCHERON, Proprietor. Great ritmnino bacb on union half mils Track, Here uly second street. Blooming dale Road, on Saturday, November 24, at .1 o'clock. Six horses to start, for $100 a aide. Admittance SB cents. JAMES FINLAY, Manager. IPORTIIIO. A BRACK OF FINE SETTER PPPS.-ALSO A WELL broke Setter Slut fer sale; good pedigree can he given. Inquire ut Peter 8lets'e lager beer ealoon, Flushing srenue, near Noatrund avenue, Brooklyn. Daniel fostbr, isrosevelt street, has all the choice breeds of dogs ; Foster a Infallible mange euro mud flea gxiermlnator, 76e. Medicines for all Dis eases. For hale- a full bred irtsii beal blood. hound. Apply at 256 West Fourth street, In blacksmith shop. EOR SALE?A BREECH LOADING OT'N, NO. 10 bore, thirty Inch barrel, with cartridges. Ac., complete. __ ce $200; no less. Address J. P., 107 South street, N. Y For sale-at no. t cedar rtkekt, a well broken Heller Dog and English double-barrelled twist Unn. Francis butler, no. h peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. ,5 cents. Butler's new work on ihe Medicines for all dta JOHN GRAY, 11 HOOSEVF.LT STREET, HAS FOR salu Newfoundland Doga. Hull Terriers, small ItuiKu Greyhounds, small Black and Tan, Scotch and Stye Terriers. Good rstteis. IIOHKFS, CARRIAGKS. A( . A FINE BLACK MARE FOR HALE?14ty' HANDS high; six years old; warranted In every respect Ad dress or cnll on P. Kelyea, No 3 Wlllett street. A MATCHED PAIP. OF BAY MARES FOR SALE? bla-k points; pony built; great enduraitoe- acrunt'oued to hard wutk. Price $375. Apply at 5b Vesey street. A GRAY IIORSK?SIXTEEN HANDS MICH FOUR teen hundred pounds; tit for a cart or truck; all sound and kind. To be seen at 254 Gold street, Brooklyn. A SPLENDID BLACK HORSE FOR SALE?OR TO let for the winter; six years old, HI hands high; ale gsnt coupe h rac. Apply at KENDALL ?, corner fhi:ty elgfcth street and Seventh avenue. A PAIR OF BLOOD IIORSF.S FOR SAT K ? MUST BE s< Id In three days; one a flue saddle Itorse, sire Imp. Tom i rib, dam a Sir Henry mare; the other s last traveller, of the famous Flying Cloud stock. To be seen si Eastman a stables, 244 Mercer street. AT 27 WOOBTER STREET?1 PH.ETON. 3 ROCK A a"\ ways. 2 Depot Wagons. 1 Doctor's Wsgon, S top Wag ona. 4 no top Wagons, 4 Express Wagons. 1 Truck. Single and Double Harness. Robes, Blankets, Halters, Ac. W II. GRAY. A GENTLEMAN S TrilbJOCT FOR SALE?FOR WANT of use, consisting of s very handsome and stylish bay Horse, long tall. 7 y. nrasild, 14 hands hlvb. kind and sound, wltht int a single blemish; also s handsome new l)og Canoi Phs.Hon Harness at Fifth avenue stables, corner of Forty feurth s'reet and Fifth arenne. Adams a cone, sm broadway, invite pub. chasers b) Inspect their eiieu.tre assortment of list idass city built CsrrLges, comprising Clarences, Coupes. LANDAUS. COACHES, and other fine "lose and open w..rk, made of the best materials and by the best workmen, at their own manufactory. A GENTLEMAN'S COMPLETE TCRKOUT E<tR haLE A pair of daik has Il?rm, 18 hands high, ?tylteh; ran tmt better than Ok' minutes. The celebrated Obl-agn Lam, butch and hi* mam. A Park Phaeton. by Minor A Stephana. A Stanhope Phaeton. by Bretsaler, of Broome atreet. Alan atopWnhnrn tnrin* Buggy, by nam* maker, both saw and In complain order, fan be aaan any morning before 12 o'alork at 1'oi.t'nental eteb'.ca, Broadway and Thirty-eighth atreet. Inquire of Mr. Center, groom. A SPAN BAT llORHTS, lMf HANDS. UOoD AMI) free trare'ler*. either In (ingle or Jouhle harnea*. kind and geu'la; al*e cloaa Coach, ehlitlng panel, bine trimmed. In line uriler, rtty mike, aim ??t double Heroes*. Blanket*. Whip, Ac. If uot neld at private ?ale will he ?.,ld at puhlle ?ale on Friday. To be teen at IttU Lllmrty atreet on Thum day morning, at Uo'rlbek. J L VANDKWATER. Auctioneer. Ahorse, wacon and harness-horse aboi t 19 handa 1 Inch, brown, flag tall, sound and very gen tle; wagon shifting tip marly raw, rliy make and g ,->d harnea*. rhear At KINO'S aubl*-*, Forty first aire*.-! and Madtann avenue. AT JOHN C. HAMS. NO lh f. AST EOf'RTII STREET eorrier of Broadway. J) different aned t'larenoae and Conpa* of oar own make a) 20 per rent leas than Broadway ?to IV*. BlfOQT AND WAOON -A NEW TOP BI'OOT Af SO Turnover. ?eat* for lour, at Cioaainon'* stable Thirty, second street, between Lexington and Third areau a. CNARRIAOE HOUSES -A PAIR OF THOROUGHBRED J brown Marea, 7 vioavs old, very stylish, ranted and used |,y present owner, they are perfectly match* 1 and eill ?.* *o u at a bargain Apply a', prfra e stable Ei Prime street C1LABENCB COACH FOB HAIR-ONE OF THE J finest In the rlAy. at C Beerleiey'a, Broadeay. eoiuri af Thirty aerenth street.l rAKRIAOEN SI.KIOT1S AND II ARNERSKh FOR sale ?B?l new and senna 1 haod Carriage*. Rosgie* and I nature* W alu, ItS) Slc.gli*. ha.hng oN cheap In Nevin* atraa*, Hmokl n DOCTOR'S PHAETON fNEAV; WILL RE HOLD AT A barnrin to Uy , alao llarneaa si private atahle i ,7 Kaat Thirty-fimi th aireefi rt?a. TV'd avenue. Stable n, let. IRST CLASS PRIVATE STABLES EDM HAUi-OM the rurtn aldr oavantvnih auaet, weal of Slath avenue, ,u"t in, uniah ad, !m nadlate pnaamaloo srUi be guen Dtmeiiai na il?? 'act Apply to E H LUDLOW A I'll N". S line ?treat. F FSOR HALE. JI'HT ARRIVED FROM THE, WESTERN part of the State, our team of Ma b Coeah llotaea. Id handa, 4 Ti ara old, aiao one train of black Tlorana. iS'a * yeaia old and r?ry feat, alao ooa hia.-h. 19k W ??ip ?tvllab. and srarrauled e md and hind, apply at 'Si ?'*? Tkifty drat atrraf. I NOB RAl-H-A I' A IN OF DARK BAT IIORSBN, V IF teen hand* one ten and th* .>th?r a >i?n ??u* old. go*,d for roach car Apple a' a!able uortbaaat comer of Thirty.eighth atreet and firth avcaoa. f'OB 9ALR-A EAft Tltk '<$ stfXLL BORSCH, brown, long tall* very p,*aaent driver*. yv> ing and ran trot together vrrv fa-' St. Lawrence atocfc Afaa light Wagon dnuhiv llarneaa Ac Apply fr m 7 in lulu the morn ing at hrat private alahle la TMrty-eiilh atreet. weat uf Fifth avtauy Eon sai.b iiiirty.eivk stales twkntt ?eta eiaga AA'hael* 29 aata A ilea, 99 eet? rp'lng*. flit ae a rneaa i*" feed Wago?e lot t Miars. I" ale**- Mm-***. one Hay t'nlnng Machine full act apflug hhtlfl Ipo'a, full af'. brraa *boe Tnola and lot ?f arnjlga he sng'tlj t>Tt baa; wl.1 be a*ad cheap to Cigie ihthuaihaaa. Apply to atage 1.'A?iSS.|JaML jUifJiVJ: ?** * F alt U tfiau? O* *ALlt-A TfcftY MfLr*H TOJfO TAIL BAT Ifnt, 19k handa high, sound, hind aed well trained to double and stbgle herovea. la au eirallanl lady'* saddle buraa; would trade for a Ighl Wj <.|S, with pole and abafta For aale alao a I ady'i tt-llh- and Rr IV*, ti-nf? Saddle and Bridle, city mada and in t?"1 order Auply at Lei,oi auotee, KightE-hlita atreet. near Third avenue, ?raw .v'"' AND ROCKAWkT. IN Sr*i ra'? eiindttinn Apply at HFAEDSIETR far 'lege Menufaeterv Broadway, norwerof Thtriy-eavenlh si EMlR SALE-A FINE SADDLB IPNIFES TREE, r made In lh* very beat manner, ehllo leather, rev*red bnc.alaa. dr. Apply U< S B- UlLM, or.roer Thlrleeifl. atreet and Niiu avenue ? ? ., - ,r ^ ? ~ ? LVijn SALE-TIIKRR H'lSsEs All. SAT ONE. Id F ban,'* high, and ennnd suitable for wagon or enact : le I',* order, alao one top Wagon pole aad ana/ta. Moat be aol.l. Inquire at ftTenlb atievi near fifth avraue |*V)R SALR-A SirpRRIOR NAT I'OI'PL HOHSF. t I LI. P IS h.ia.le high, warranted genila and aound In every re apart | ias|tgl. Apply si aiehlea <a| Seat Thirty Arm at VOR SALK-A FINK Bl AI'K H"lteK. I? HANDS F lilgfi 1 vaars old. warrauied in every raeperi Addreae F A. hoi WV Feat "dha or >?.I ai a.ebtea, ( nivarally plane, cerner of rhlrtaanth airva'. B SALE?A EAIH nr SF.RMi CABl.L ? AKHlAi Mo* sea, -at* aortal, II hand* ei*h. Apply ai A Be?* IjNit salr?pon Want or can, tf.n rirtHf t i.A-e r work Iforaae, T-> ha aaen at lOa lee dap-A ef SeJUy A Lr?en. MP tVaat Twenty.ftras atraet arevr afteroooa, .aui ??ad. Alee <ar pair *>f aarrtagv -r vlpia (lev?e? J FOR *ALk? SAIIDI.E MOHaR. A It AMII. lONI? N Mara, hvieht hay, 19 haa*'a high, A year* old war,an eg ao-md and hind. Inipilra ai liKWaeA Mlal-ieanlh straeL "i M(flk yoit sai e -a i.aslf. i/it nr rtm kawaTs toe . U,E Wafoae, frren tint t*. finn in y*w end w, or. I bead bit- *a. Wamma. Iram $3u u, t?u ?*eu s ogle liarn-e. Don. |I0 u. (M par aet, lv> eats 0 *uble llarneaa, tao le $101 lb Slatgha i?a l? . aeat do . so' a. i aeet to , alee a targe asar.rte.eni ef fw-l a. S anaeta Hnlwa Wnlta, Ac Apply at I,Ml Broadway, aon I ..rty ant aire*' IIOKSKN, CARRIAOKN. AC. For hale?a kink bay horse and concord Kipreaa Wagon, together or separate. Inquire at 107 Cbryatle atr?*et. JjlOR HALE?A SPLENDID YOUNG HORSE. SEVEN w?rk; prino i'M. and ft light boi wagon. price (64; also A light trotting Wagon and Harness; price (IU0. Apply at the amble. corner of Ormond place and Putnam nr., Brooklyn. but little uaed. Apply I line, corner of Thirteenth at For sale?a very stylish morgan horse. 14*4 haode high; all ye?ra old, perfectly anund and kind; can lie driven by a lady; trerela equally well alngle or dont'le. end la alao a auperlor aaddle borae. Price (400. Ad dress hoi 1.1S1 I'oet office. POR HALE?A DOUBLE bet ok light harvf.hh, ' " ~ one. POR SAI.E-A BAY IIOKSE, Id HANDS; PRICE (110: and ft tilftck Uorae, 1414 handa, price (74; hoih aound end kind: ftlao ft double Truck, with tank on it for oil; price (46U Apply at 144 Wftet Twenty.ninth aireet, for three daya. POR SALE-VERY LOW. FOR WANT OF USE, A handsome pair of Horace, Brewater Phaeton, Buggy, doable and alngle Harneaa. Can be eeen at Aator stables. Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sltth avenuea. For sale-a first rate cow (just calvedi. For parlkulara apply to CUAS. DORAN, at bit 18 Kaat Forty-ninth atreet, or Weat Mnrrtaanla. rJR SALB-A BLACK HORSE, SEVEN TBARS OLD, l#J< hands high, warranted aound and klsd; will 00 In alngle or double harness; will be mid cheap. Apply to LYNCH A CLARKE. 144 Baal Forty anh atreet, between Second and Third rvanuea. TOR SALE CHEAP?TOGETHER OB SEPARATE. A. V tine pair of brown Hormea: will drive alngle or double, end very alylUh under the aaddle. Apply St MS old. or IDS new ntunber, Fulton avenue. Brooklyn, SI D. WlUiawa' Urery atable. or at 4d John street. Now York, up otgtHT For sale cirra??Tn dallytoww, n. j., near the Union lllll, Outtenborg. Horae Car Railroad, plot of Ground AOlKB feet deep. Inquire of WM CAWK WELL. 8ta or S47 Wul Forty-ninth eireet. Price (400. FOR SALE CHEAP?AT NO. 417 WEST THIRTY SEC. ond street, three Rutcher'e Carta, llorees. Trurka, Beams, Scale, Blocks and sundry uteuelle uaed In pork packing buatuaaa. Ci REAT REDUCTION T IN PRICES. carriages cabriaoes. (00 FOR sale GREAT BARGAINS too SLEIGHS. 4n0 HARNESSES, 1000 STRAPS, BLEItilt BELLS. ? ?i." S ITTY'H Carriage Warerooma. I?d, IKS and IK Crosby ? Ireet, and IV Broadway, ncai Rlercke rat reel. Horses for sale.-a oood team or bay Horeea will be aold cheap. Apply at private atable, M East Nineteenth atreet. Horses kept throuoh the winter.?terms reaaoaahle. Addreae Oscar Llttdsby, Green village, Morris county, N. J., or Moreau A ratkei, 110 Weat atreet. PART OF A NEWLY FITTED UP STABLE TO LET Inquire In the shoeing a hop, corner of Thirty-ninth atreet and Seventh avenue. Three very handsome stout bimlt close, inaichad Tenm? of Canadian Ponloa voting, sound. fit for any Imsino,,; will be sold vert cheap All warranted aound. 4fW Pearl. w TAN TED?(IF CHEAP , V GOOD DRIVING GENTLE F lloiae; not over twelve years old; BO objection to a Pee Addreae giving full description aud ash price. S W'., llertld office. 6 TROTTING HORSES FOB SALE.?PRici: IKJSS TO (5,1 mjO. Tb?Y are roang. aound and hnu?l?om? Cab b?? until aold At 1J3)( Twonty-a?T?n4h ?*?t of Third avenue, Jfew Vort $1 or FOR A G"OD HORSE, LIGHT BUSINESS nil) wagon and hernes- all complete an t In perfect eiil wagon and harness. all complete and In pertoct order; must be aold. Call al 197 Kaat Sevei.te.-mh atreet. BimnESS OPPORT1MT1KN. A CARD.-AN IMPORTER OF MATERIALS FOR Pianoforte*, who has citenslre re'.: i , in Europe, would like to eater Into arraogsum ? wli' I aidwnrc. 'loth en-i leather roncer-.a. In the , line, -th n V!,;., to act aa thee agent. Add . R. c , Herald edict*-. A PARTY HAVING AN RICEI.LENT BUSINESS wishes an active 'partner, with fru , |ai test to (Ni.tarl to put In ll, for whh'b a half Interest will he given Nunc but Brineinela and nrat rale men nee ' .,ii?ver. AdJiea, J , I ii I ltd Poat office. ? VALUABLE INTEREST CAN BE BOUGHT FOR ."V Sl.UOt'. V", full evideiu ? that the am mnt can ce more thaa doubled monthly, cell at Ul Broa.lwny. nee No. ?. Business wantkd-jet trimmings, orna mnute. a novalty tn toy* or any ether good mam.fad ir log business, the nnture of wlilub n.u?t be atated. Address T if. O. 1m,i IM llei.ld office. COTTON PLANTING -A GENTLEMAN RESIDENT for 14 yeara lit the cotton region of the Southwest. wi? ea to meet with some capitalist lealroua of Investing in return planting Beet ef r. reran, r g ,-en. A dire w h., G.i N'-w York Po-i office. CILVKR MINES ON LANDER HILL, NEVADA - TWO t~ ad lolli ng h.dea, one WD feet. assaying (? JM uj per t- n the other 4U0 feet, assaying (4M 40 per ton. aperia value*, for d'apoatllon The owner, new tn New Vork. has brought specimen, and had them assayed and ?MINI* of title and wtU give all Information He wishes an aaeoclate or company to Join him. with capital to purchase mn bluer, In working the mines, and he will be willing to give half hi, propertv again at the machinery Apply (e CROUCH. MKKINoToN A CO.. MJi Broadway. News Yogk. TXTANTEIY-TO FITRNIHR FRf*B SB.BOA TO tSuUfX'tr TT ItHMI m arm- rood pay'n* I'llli ??U buaiiinaa. u>ui not Dotioad. AMr<w .latin* parti u. Un. W U.. aiatlim K. <61 ^ -Moht M*KrrA(-n'H!*o armwkhh mat.r. ?PI?? ?r fatoalr ran Ixarn. On?da r-ady oala pmflu 1)0 l*rc?t PirtlmUn mil lo nf pirl ?f Im Talmi Apply at 136 Sii'h la lb* naoon.anl from 1 I" 6 o'< )<?<?*. a_ _ ?. tf)t\ to sioo WIUL "Tart any nftKW IK A ^?1 ap.ot.dlil niAaufaxturln* b.iainoao, fr in which $10AD ran oo rraUlM In all month* wlthou1 capital, good* vtaplx ?? flour. ? all ?o1 ? . ?' ? atrial "Ul TO ?*"WI W"'L OOKTROL A HAMDHoMF ?PI'Mr patio* bain cox; saw n nor rhin t tu nuki wiiil; fa* ; ttx hoot paixiu la iba In II ml ot-.txa la on aiht hillon ao.1 for aale by county ?n1 lu'f r'.*\ a. at National Haul rnrtlandt ?trr*t. froi* II A. M till Br M or or; da/ AOO.* WII.Ii Bl'Y A LIOI1T MANI FACTI fUNn Bu.lnet". aallabla for two tiaraoua A food cbana. <'all al KW iVartan atrrrt. np *t*lra Arjwt ?ART niMM havino fro* (Mm to ?^t M II F. $1 0a>li 'Afi bxar of a r.rr tn?*?rnxnl l.jr ad 4i?m.ii| < aali. t.oi |uo Ha raid aAa*. vlniMII! A>n MORE. DM ART MKN MAT'IAIN ?PI'F.wIF'F by ih? aiai faxttn* of a now rhoat' cam poattlun, which roxxinhla- *hx purmt a-lrar to ? tmh a dag ' a tnat by any 'amii ion rnxaua It la almoat !mpoaalW* to .Ixta1 thx dfffarxrrx (ddraoa A Bt'drr, room HI Frankfurt lloiaa xci'iiot Frankfort aad WHoam atraxtu, Vow Tori, MINA M uli 0 V M If by lat'ar aa. loda al>aip Q'?*) fWWI - ANY I'KRmiN hattno the above aril iu.It of capital xan h?nr of alt pp.. I'inl'T t . i... , atd ai.ul ;i?h?'t CantMat IliiiW do ni a larf an .' ' it "laaa Wn.lnroa * d l."t? boa *.'47 I'oai o*o?. A Hl'MTtl. OKNII > MAN Wil l. **lFA IMRYRCOTtOK OM THE Piano at p ip'l ? raatdrpxx for $1# par'luartxt Boat of rafxrriK-aa t AiMrwaa, on lb raaidoa*. Tancbar. boa 111 lF*r?ld nflhca A MOv TII'H UtHBOKH OK THE 1'IAKO FOR fa, J\ w tb d? If pra. t -a, i,t S7? Flfhtb arai.aa roraar Fatly. Itr>t Miwl, aad IM I'rlnm atrial a a or nal'ltan AT HIE NATIOKAI. V"'"<MFIVaT0EY OF MI'Bir. OA j\ Madloou IIRiOA Fian'i 3 l?lln, Thoory ami Tonal Mualrt Uriro (10 r-r ijiiar:?r Conaaraalory Inatrnct n (ooaafiaa Ea abilahod I'd CMIICVF H^KFwliirofr Al. IFAT1TITK. I I./T? HroaAwaf, rMrojKj ? Thlfr fourth alfOM. >lf nni RttRRA wli! flaa MITAJP'TtW fcrV illflBBf. to bow tba anriar nrltf of hla arararo of txortiiaf nf rniia X aia laattril t" nail M lb* Inatllut# T,|?i dialrly f * oioa > atton Flfa' laaann. W?4ri?ad*< JA l.a dlra 'rout 9 A M to I F ? Oor.'lxu.xn from ( o) 10 V M n'Ai ukrta "iwir.MtfTi drfamb mai.h?x," ' ?i'oa- Tr irnralx * .?h, t'lyiifi, ifr'. 9*"'. I. Ood froy'o " JUUb W?iUoa ' ii'ianla waliir^," EH Jja , jyj 1 >11 {- w A?U' a aloftS. IV barb, tnaiiad _ _ FREI'FRirfc m.fMt WA Biwarj. I/ IK MAI.R I'MF.AI'-A I.AROR Ml -l< II. M11X, IK r fn. n Oar, at half nl.a In |...? at MJLLI.K A Co "H, (NI ITAR ANII BJNUINO.-NAPW.EON O'll f.B, *OM> T guiu ?? rxaomon hla JaatrwxttnMt at %. ? t a?r.,i?n, fr'Ott ? till 9 Iffa at f. wlian. Fori Waabi?ctoa, llarlc'ii Ar. Moujo .|tll praxlt alff ?* - - -* ^'fT a intl mftiM .. - ? CKTKRAi (V..OD TOI< F.- WaKTRO To AHAIATAT p 'hi 'Jfa .il < .mart abmit to no ftran at ntauway |l|^, 'or tho hanxft nf lrl?h Natl 'tiali'v A,.' !; nt tut l.a'olr l" R ooNXAl.RB. IMK F.aot Tnaa- ?tb ? .*?t s D A II W. fKITH-AMFHIt AN OHoAhH Baat ht far t all ami irtn n" WHOLE*ALK AOKM Y 1 BROAJiWaT MKtf.o-a tfnor htnof.r in a qi'amtp.ri ABBraaa W , fna ntbxa. tool b IR* tBPAKTV'O IMREftl ATELY?A EfRRT <1 AHA mi. ?T |iran? f or an Bpaarwpal abwtwb la Broobl;ri. (| T i Oat a of E I O-'thlWi I* F.txhaa?a |i|a<w ,>?w To t FF.R gi ARTF.R FOR I.F.NAONN fY? TFTt' fftVfJ no laama ?? ?a Yort Mnab-al In- ta. it x r Fla.rnth .traat ornar of Hlitb araana i/Hv .o iti fn i, t t.ll 1 lot partlaa S10 Rtoaan IrAV INU At AOE.MIKA. AntiltWiiKril f pANCIIKI A< a 111, 4 i, . Nn 111 FIF1 It AVRNI R, NFW YOIHa. Fn' dofa tanaa. Ar plxaa* mil for a xtraalar ?J| OAR MO H HANt IKOAt A DENY ROW ' 'FKE Ff-tt ' > t ,nt|.. at bM "? aa* FIFTH AT6.NI R, t Fol'RTF Kb . rl nlltl 6.r naOara ?n.l Fttd .ia. TaaaaadaH >.N -at . ? Iwllxa IN4 P. N Mtaaoa and maotora I mar M. Or- tlxn.ari, Taxartaf ami 6 rMaf ??anl?pa at a t'Ma b Wi.da lu Rarapa Mr Ha ila.iao bo.1 tb* booor Id ht? albtdaamw of tba M?Haia' dan I'n.faa oxora da lloaaa da fata. Aitlotaa .lit 1 kaXua Traionlai .'a rop. ta. ?Mi t. jUraa h at la Itu wndlatn po.aoaai >a of a. I i.'" taaaaa DJIOARRoR BOOR TIIIH16 InitHW. I 'INT A IN INH f ?! I 4aa r.p x-tia of ail tba guadrll *a flgiaraa of tba 'Fortran t -d nn. A- road; I'mt. rnuta Appty at a> odditoa $f f fib aorta**, our .at 6o.onnt.ia ruanA. A mAICUL. CONTRACTOR, WITH I.AKOK CONTRACTU IN h?inl, w?nta me on n|>er*tluu of a naplUUai who can ooulrul about $4tm tuO. Ad<trr?? bog Jul llcri?l.l ,,n.,?i. MOWBY TO loan?at seven per cent, in Urge or small aumunla, on boud and mortgage no Drat visa* property 111 this city. KINO A Co, No. 9 W est Tw vutytliird street, Fifth Arena* Hotel. Office PACino mail hteamhhip company, New York, Nov. I9.1*H. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS NoMie n h-rrhy given that the Hoard of Directors, having ln> reared the ranital rtuck of the company, pursuant to the act of May 1, 1Mb, to tkMttXOnu (of which 5U.0UR altar** m main t<> le* leaned', have reserved $ft.UUfi.ttk> In rush nut of thapr.t'ts of the company for the eiigcnrles of the business, and bate declared luslead thereof to the perauaa holing atock on the b.<ika of tbta *ompany at the dosing of the tranaier hooke on lueedar. November m. IMS. at S O'clock P. M., a dividend of auch MM**) share* ol the atock of this aomnanv ?s full paid rtork, Iteing one (hare of new atock to ?very three shores of eilatliig atock. The rertlftaalea wlU ba ready for delivery on and after Wednesday, January A IW. at the oltlce of the company N. H ?lloldara entitled to fraction* In the above dividend will receive a memorandum for the fraction* to which they may be entitled, hoi carrying intereet or dividend, for which

fractions, when presented in sufficient amounts, rartiflcates of stock will be Usaed. By order of the Board of Dlrecfora. THEODORE T JOHNSON. Her rotary. OFFICE or PACIFIC MAIL BTRAMHHfP COMPANY.? New York, Nov. 19, M?. - . Notice ia hereby given that ihe Board of Directors have tbla day declared a dividend of flv* tier cent out of Ihe net earning* of the quarter ending October SI. payable at the office or the Company on Raturday. December I. The tranafer hooka will be cloaed Tuesday, November ML at d o'clock P M.. and reopened Monday, L'ccetubei >. By order of the Board of Directors. TIIKO. T .loll Jl HON, Heuretarv T'" _ ^SSt-vWtr??? ? HE MUTUAL I IEE INhtTRANCJ? COMPAXT OF NI'.W YORK flflice Of Brondwav and Liberty street r. H WINMTON, President. NOV. J. 1WW. CAHIl AHMBTS, ?17.81?,0Ul ?. Thla company laanee Life Endowment and Paid-up Poll etea <t> t .ri i forma, and at ratea aa favorable as ir const* tout with ae, ?ruy DIVIDENDS ANNEAL AND IN CAHIf, whl 'h may be used In payment of premium*. or on paid up pullclea a* an annual CASH INCOME TO TUB ANKl'RKD. Attention la called to the INRTALMRNT FEATritB, securing to the benefit lares annuities for any number of years attar the dr.,th of the assured. KICHAHD A MctiURDT, Vice President. BIIEPPARD ItOMANB, Actuary. Isaac Aaatrr, I a J on it M. Stoakt. I s?ff*t?rlea. TIIK TEN PER CENT BUSH- UK THE CITY' OP HAN Kran-la,falling dm. In the rlly of New Y'ork on the let Of December lets'. all. >?? , id In gold by LKKH A WALLER. 33 Pica airev!. No lutcrcat j*n n. ,.ll ,wed after maturity of bocd. Nona are IS. I vet. VEBMII YE At O.. Nth 44 WAI L STREET. bankep.h and pkai.erh is DOVERVMKNTSTOCKS gl> - OMI'OI NU INTEHKS1' NOTES IBtqMMMI iBuy IHeU I I up I Ing.! 1 I Ing.j Ing. Hea1, tared 'SI Coumm SI h-Jti Uegtaterad, <. b 2" 1 nil | n, H'f ft Ml I oup u, tit b3n Coupon lie 111j ,'iiuc : ai MIL 119 . i.ltllv 7 So . ... lofiYi :ort'4 lonec I Notes,'W W7*J|IU8 'tiilv. do '94 H?C IU6%t| Vug in.', pai Oct I"4 | IOC, 104 lli<4', lift II .V, II4S lift 114 lit', 113 Ida II2W 3 ?)l on, ucwillli)?il97*ai 1> c . do.. M'UJ 1 0-?t Registered 99 *! 9>?4 i M ay, d<. Will KMM Coupon Aug.. do A.|'.PI llttq Oold EMI, l> , Sept. do vg, lop., tin August. 7 Jn ;l04'?lHft net. do,. 41 7 ^ IW Wi T*? Id)AN UN Ilusn AND VultT ??pX i ? '?* g ? rt-fal ?* in '.hit or Hr >< \jn JOUN r ? oNKE^. A Wmll tircwi, niov No. 12 $550,000 i, in i \K T oil.11^ BrovIwi*f. room Ufo. 6. Mofct/n, ril * TO I.OAS?OS HOSD AVY) MORT on K?al I.mUaU in .Saw Ynrk ri>/ onifi ?fi* !ij th? ?-w:jU? or J*w iHi?tfi4%a; ?ron|d ir? %???! aoM ? .a' Mtkr .? i?4t iktlon cl*rk In liifx r ("??inr??. A?t'!ra^? for ih er N T.? V(fr ?M A 1*A BTs }' M WA!tTi D .flTI !'??? Ftf A IftLtAXtl -m e?*h HMinVfictiirt'.i Nuliirwi d^in-??ul; ?0r ?%]??; Imrg' i r Ul? l?tara?4 |{ If .tnrr. hot 1A3 oS??. ?WAS' l Kit. IW? OMA V H MI'IIK ANI? ft'ft. nlntif.1 ?? A ?tnf?triiUb*Hl. with and withoul H '?M t"all and a;i?r full df*criuf|on. Pariiri waiting A d give f BRY AN A DO , 6S Lib. i-ty street, MM earned atorv AN ACTIVE .ill NILE NT PARTNER WITH R3 n?? TO ?ate a naif Inte r*' in a verr valuable patent; large protla, many orders. Audi reap I. , .i99 Broadway, room IS. November l iws - thk pndrrhionrd iuvk formed a lopertaeietilp for the puijewe of trans*-,g a banking 41 'hang* and eerumteatna Nualaeaa, under tb* Srtn of W. Tinker R Co. No? 3 and ft SueBeiibe, Paris, Piano*. JvRP- W. TUCKER, KI'tVtKfl It. ANDRP.WS H*pre'v>t?<t bv EHaNK W ANliRLU9. ?4t? Wa*hlugi>di ?treat, Boa'on PAKTVVUfl w aWt ftl>?A N R.^KtORTTr MAN IN A down town rNUiiran* going a !ai (<*? buelnana. two or %i>r? nt-u wPk wme rapttaj' good et?at;?ra. I'll AMHhKMN. r* I:<?<|W4T, reon No A PBHARTNKR WaVTRh I* A N R?T IHf.MIIPD eat*'.* b-aine-a to take lb# ptpa af a men.her of tt# firm, an euergeto- man, of Integrity, with a oaah <apit?l of 91,"t" AJ?1*a ?PUUoa. JJeraMnfflre PARTNKR WaKTHI with PR V $4(Jrf) TO fHUKi ?a*h one wiimhut ic]iMht#?! wa h ir ? la wi?f**ra?i full g*:*ila g?ven in j?- * m fligt.eit n*frf' nr*i given and re jUreo ** ?* but ? l'v? iron Patent agenta ner<t net appy. %?td????. mHIi ra?l na*n-. w ttePtrn B. Now tork f[?%. ? PApTKFP WkNTKD rv A KK V.I 4 HI.K AND PROFIT abW ea*h ram Manuring IniiIdmw, ?Jrfadv MUhltuhH A oh*n'? r>!?f.n ot!ete?1 Afj lt to IfAI-K at the war* room. To fulWn atreet Hro kijrn p4?:: kr wavtfd?an i HFR<a rii jun, with a lr?udr* *1 i'ara t ? Ul# ???*? h?ff Interest in ? w U*?taMUhr<l ain*il?ci'iril)| h ?in***.#, i?A/<ng large profit*. Cali at 1 <? Doyer Hr??' YY fAVlPM |?'Hi ^ A IHHlVl PAY I NO Rt ?* I N R * N, at i?e? a. - " . ,r . .rnt f>*- n-r, ''MlfMMia AeUnii*he?t eight year*. r w Ml *hMa a gon I i??4 aiin on ?alary, *Uh %rr *tt?i ~ ? ~ ?* | ' nrlty Ut, Uta ?nou#yf and pay Interest, iSrnw bot fl.WJ New York Pewit c*fC? *. Was rn? Am r,u:rt bifJivm ? a pita i . in 4 ar>?|? r.. i.u'.v >ry. t ?km''* efiti i? inliifM, rrflh ?nagaf* Ti)r>-<t 4 ' , * ?? f A O, Her* I >".i ?* W AM ? l>- 4 P * MTSFR 'A IT'I A imiTPfl I \ PIT 41. ?. f j u" ? I ? * I a nl r / ? ? g fcttalne# in run- I* r unit) M ?? , fifty roil# * below Nempuui Fur full jnrtb ultra apply lo V. \ J l.M A<t, MA Rr ?a?Jw *y. W 'AS U.Jl A P4PMPR WITH A NM .4 M. CkPlfAl., e tiler t.?( tlriit. to 'ogag" in * Ir^du.M ?rwt t)i|hly rti??ir??r?U?a tr.? la. Uf ireaa H M , t#a? IK lfar?M | WANU.H-AV KYvfWI'Tir MAN with mirk r. e?n* to up* I " I '?f a rriii.f?g port iar. Ap ply at V YUimo a 4>4 H ^ia*y .Fimf H WANIKD.-fN A fffW RIND OF awairy a .. ? baa >??r??r i.<o>n (i.trurfuraA ??* for#, tiia a-ta fait? moat alan W )#vu|? Iba aate f tha artk ?? for ho'if p4rtlr?.| tm rail atUKwIoa i'.nat, Now Yoilt una pair auira ha- k ??#'* (9 A(|(|?.l fV'TNRR WtVTKII. WITH TJf YAivv'ti aaftn . <? la n%a >. Anr n??*i f???<*4*ai-.g boalnaaa ?1tiaIiR"*,o?o- ? A of ??' * r anl honor#Hi? b?? rTNRIl ytMTKP, with Til A? goo-l ran bar** ?"?./ ha f It * "ti In a real otiflna^a tbor otigftty f t? <l?wt t.y ib. adrrr laer t- fca#.brf With a ft*a yrara'I-- ? ?? t the * ? n-<t. ?'ifhwi? Anr nna tbink. iff laio H f tb a to^tnaaa, .ut w !: ?aii at 4T2 hiHIi Bfri ?, ?etwee' "'vi U A M #o4 A ,'alorJt P M AH'i U?N ^ f VAN W AtlKNP.N will sm furni?had wHh all ? parA' 1 atriytf <if witn the ??** n.?,4 ? .!I in.-at ' -? b ti.T;.'*M4f ' .mMl^ >' nl ikM, ?.u? $2 000 ~r" KtrMOHDUSABr orromrmrr u>.k * ? (?? 'nfn ..b'.-I, l/i .1 U.4Ittu,' .,!.?? ! >? i'? ??? >.l . .... [.I i. - j 11, ? ? ..-I .i-ir .i*r. -W.vuu, A HfBLlAI, PARTKItR, Pi l Ud j' . '? h.?.i in MtwiM muiVi A il.-xA. ? , >?? ?r> )? .w * - - ? I $-)(! -WAIITt l?, A RAMI NBA y?ir?l I -?.i A iM?' * ??. ?-*r A-'4r* . (>r. ?... -? i ? j r.m* ...n'i . ? *Mu.*' .? 1> ?' MMK T III *v ' s tfi CIMMRtJ. Auu>"*><' v 4 . hi 1. r -.p. A' thi* ?n . ?>r? in. fAT* TUB l . a Ik r-iR MAM ?t? J KWTd.Rl, ? AT' ;,t% J| * 11. ? I*! ATI', PI A PI ?, A' , flfTI* Al. |.-r- 11 Nl ? A A ? R n CU?" ?!,- W?t< UPM. A I'lK XAI.f oVru i: it-.????- if..* i. a ? 11' p i j ii iakhuiiii. in H.'.it.i -wa i? ? AT Ml hh..AI.1?T I PAT Til P. III'IIIKHT PHI. I : ii-1... .<4?, i*vmaaa _ ItPmlrf. (a, Ik I - A A' * fl'tm 1 ?- Urf, pfp-xiw I'.U'l ? U *t \u r iirni . *v hp *r.*AT rr>mpn r>paaiui ?tit-'. ? rkp?A a . ii Utoflpn t .i, w?. . . k .!? ? ' *H- ?4.?. a o? I ? *_ ** mtI \T no * ? if TTPBttt tiiip'i -T> ; r. A,. . || . II - , ?M I - f'.i ' A f?" Wat-1- * <AP. rfA? !. 'T A. i? i<i?MM PaAa Uama i Op-a frr to* A 1 lr? A P 4 AT 7? 1 >WPT l.l?l"lAll-T Al.v.i 111 |l|A. A |I:MI WAI I II 111 ? T, A* T'l *A1P p'll .'If AI fill HI' ? III T HATP.l A I.- I PAHPN'.H' P" If KPI- I'll .IIIT P"1 IMAM'.IIm, IT. 1.1 - IH. W! I.HT ? .A r M ?A" '..a?A f WAI Oatt hp ' a BR i# e ifT? p ?> HA?Pii-or niA I a.1 I. WaHA? ? ? ' Wkifll ?.lp Ma* a-.^-' far ?ak, a k..-- * M... I. II. A.h A-*r h-ai .?.* ap ?? A Aftfl OIMIU < I. A I Ml. I lifMTf. lAl. 1'iriTT T.i Till A*t> TTIPPH t MP ArAH-aa. AM Mf. a?.aH*a aM p"*a ??#, .? -A ..." a< ?? A Araa-y, T ? .AIM, ??A ?4>af B" AMvymmmwr*. roadway tmratrk ADMISSION w tkhw FHIDAY EVENING. NOV B. MR. CHABLE* DILLON will appear to hie great character of KINO LEAR. Saturday matinee. atiw o'clock, TIIK ARTIST OK FLORENCE. In which Mr Dillon will appaar HATl HIiAY EVENING,-NOV. M. OTHELLO OTHELLO.) . f.wp.r ?,r | MR. CHAR DILLON, uoo, I A ore at hit. | mn , jjc laKHRQaM. -KRMAN rilAI.IA THEATRE. JT Hi Broadway opnueue Ml FltlDAY NOV ??. 153) DE.H KOBNIU'S BKFKIIL. Unmade lii four A' lc. by Dr. < heriea Tuepfar, Saturday, Nor. 34. IMg, NO PERFORMANCE G /"TERM AN KTAIIT THEATRE. 4A AND 47 ROWERY. VI Filth appearance of tha celebrate! . and ami brittle, MADAME OTTILIE OENKB Thla (Friday I craning, Nor ember IB. wlU be preaentod LIKHCflEN wildekmlth, comedy, In four arte, br Kruger. Mad. OTTILIE GlfcNEK In bar great role of ?LIRE VON WILDEEMCYiI, aupportad by a powerful uaat. New tore theater. MANAOBRH .LKWTH RAKER A MARK SMITH Third week of tha URBAT DRAMA OF THE PAMSIONe, by Auuatln Daly, of GRIFFITH GAUNT, pronotinned by crowded and fashionable eudleneee lo he TIIB MOST ABSORBING PLAY OF TIIK DAY, aeknowleilaad br thanreae lo be one of THE MOST PERFECT DRAMATIC PRODUCTIONS of the New York Mage TUB KJCyUIBlTK. ACTINO, THE BEAUTIFUL SCENERY. THE CHAR*I1KJ NITRIC. Tha faithful hlttoiTcal pnrtralturea of ajiaat age embodied In TUB LANCASHIRE FAIR THE DUEL A LA MORT. The Rualio Dancea, Pole Climbing. Sack Racing, Fig i'baaing, and THE OREAT TRIAL SCENE, making thla play THE SENSATION OF THE SEASON Seal* aerured nno week In adramw On Saturday OKAND ORIKFITH UAI'NT MATINEE DODWOHTII HALL-dOg BROADWAY A CARD ?In eoneeournre of the uuprenedniged a?^ eeaaof M IIARTZ S NEW ILLUSION. ' TIIK MYSTERY pronounead by the tireaa and pdhllo the moat atartltng Bin* alon of ibe day, ana 'he great demand for aaata en tile ere nlng of the entertainment, the publlo ate reepeetfully In formed that aeeU can be SECURED SIT DAYS IN A!' VANCE, at DodwurUt Hall, Broadway, I rant S A. M till 4 P. M I FRIDAY EAT! NINO. NOV. St. AT ? P M? fltventy tetrond lepreeentatlan tif the popular Magician, M HARTS when he will perform NKW WONDERS AND MIRACLES Of the moat eatruordina'y character Including Tin: WO.NDHOUR II At, GROWTH OF FLOWERS. THE WONDROUS HAT, ARIEL BELL, SHoWER OF GOLD, and the ro""t anulllng phenomenon orer wttneaeed, THE MYSTERY'' THE MYSTERY " A HUMAN FII'.AD FLOATING IN TIIK AIR Mr A. srdrwi. k, wig lu the oureenf the arenlngperforra on the Kngluli I oi.ceriltia 'IVketa flue. Kaaerred ehalia $1 Ft ir Bale at the IL.H from * A. M tot P. M . Doera open at "?4. commence at d. SATURDAY, MATINEE ATI. rpONV PASTOR'S OPERA HOI'SM, ?1 BOWKRT 1 The great at]rue*a oi the waaoo, repaired with lmiuane? at plauat- i.u.l by crowded hoSaea, 11(1 FAIRIES OF TIIR HUDSON, THE, FAIRIES OF THE HI DSON Gorge ue emery. DaailtngelTwta. Boaga, daurea mar" EVERY EVENING, AND wltDNKSDAY AMDRATl'R DtY AKTKKNOONR UNTIL FURTHER NOIH E / 11IA K LEY Wlliri H TROUPE V ' At Bryant a Maabemca' Hall, ?7J Broadway, n??i Grand utrcot ASTOUNDING SUCCESS OK TIIK female clerk* f rmale Clerk* of u -.?'iljifftaii. Peer* blgii rergeaht Hlaaheni'a Pan ?mate, Kvarr nigi.' I'ettleoat Light Guar.I Mareb, Erer. nl?bt A ,-reet (tattle will be fought Ererr night Hlarkbert/ a HtU'adc rnvl?*we,| Krary nig .1 Hannah and her bu Drum Erery ntgni. 't ainlhgton Croaatng (be I'a'arare Srerr night E?? Br uit, the yUeeo of H ig, will alng K?ar? nig" I (aIIaRI.F.V WHITES J ORF.A1 SAVNE T. TO-MORROW. TIIK G It F A I MATfNKETO MORROW. (TV ALL CLERKS OK WASHINGTON will ho played Krntiourv cd hi all to be one of the beet and moat lu'r hi u] (Icainia rr? pre looed KV'A BRENT. BDESON and CHARLKY WHITE V, I, also appear MATINEF, CONMEMCBS AT TTELLT AND LEON'S AAlheTRKLH. TNI BROADWAY IV CI' HI" |'Y L ?hand L SRVMOUR E. SPrTTAfTLAR E BAND". ALIEN. O EXCURSION O OBKIltfiT. PHIt'E. N TRIP. N Bl'ILEM 1IIV WONDEKFl'L LEON erea'ea i fur r nightly tor Ida Inimitable rendering "f IL RATIO, L'E START ll.MA a la I'arepe, not hta MaryiUca Oanrlng a la Bonfanli HE CI' RF. hEATS TIISEE DAYS IN ADVANCE THE. DOVES NlCODENCx MV I'HOTO. TROUBLE SOME LEGACY. IADWaHD MiiLLBNHAUKR'S MUSICAL CONHRKta J tfi r. -I Iflb Claael. ?l Matinee to be held 111 IHVIMt HALL, "N RATI NDAT NOV M. TO COMMMEN'-X gy I O'CLOCK r M. Ci nferratnry Hall not alfuedlng anlftrlent aernnwwotl ." >ua for the piinila and haa Iwea dwulaal (I-'e? af'at to held the VIat.nana In Irrlog Hall, and te wl a llta tted nun her of ticket, tu order lo glre the puMIr Ihtoppor. ttinlry to 1'idae or the prog rue a made by the puptalof ike Coneena'ury 1 Ti.'keia tl Can he bed at SHtaberik A Ce -af bread nay, and al lha dour. 563 MB BROADWAY, BROADWAY Mil. MS MKLOIiKo*. MKI.onF.OM. MFI/OliK'iM Till- MIOHT TV11M Nli.llT, Ullb AI-illT BON-TUN KIM,, MAMMOTH FKRFOHMNMK. I,*iiv i.awt mimbtkki^ HOY f-ROIilulKB. HOT PROOIoris BAl.l.TTb, I.LI V.A AMI! yfAHTKTIKS. A DM IbnlOM FKP.K ADMI-HON IRl K 4 KASiriOMAIII.F BROOBY?AFT HROADW4T A Till. OKI AT I KVI II.I.K Mt.nH OAHI'I * *37 KKT4II.I.P. ?C7 OAltliFM A/T T7 FKVRlJ.I.F ?7 OAKDKM *? KKvgti.u *r oabI'I.m *r >H7 RfU'Rtl I.R B?: o*fl|.p< 4.7 -j- KKVKH.r.i *?: oakhf.s ?FT ill O II.I.N ?: c.4Hill s 4. Bl.OAPWT 417 ?T BPuaIOTaI VI Kit SOCIABILITY AMD rol ITKMK ? ' rnr.r urati* to aii. ? no visit tih rkiiillk No ?rg' t't a-'ralaat-.n #?t?t4 g<?<4 '-abaa i Urosi?i:Kn i. fkf.ak or mati nr.-- rin wand IMiTIiS tWIB* 0in>ali?- bannf BW* baaAa, fan. ? rir.a att4 bill aa* b -4j ?r.4 oa# pair 'W ????? ikr baa I ?n4 rifi.4 arm o' Pruba- iba ran. AaracaT lA- Oaar.n** l?<gatlirt will" iNa Ti'.ral' ant * ' t* m "i ul)a ? In II... <?'"iii A. FblAaiagjr aa4 Ba ntl IJlHurr, ill AT all h ar- iHuirtM .Uilf b* i? iur-a v..I Mlrnaa ?.:>4.? v awa ai Iff Vara Muslim or 41* B.-aAaar Opao ft in a 4 M to III F. M. 1 A III I ' WAKTKIi -TIIKi IIARITABLK AMU Tit Ob I! A *w? *( raibl iymanl aia ItbM in taM? 4 IM l<"ir< a* b '||. v of ilrfr * tmla | ma If it??lf*lbr la ?ba 4<ap..-,tl nf i ri ll I f ba Or ,n4 Cruwnlii an Fa-ilral In * 4 nf II' II- -|. as 11-.*a -..-1 i.rfiban nblMfan nf a*t4t8f* in* aalln.a llaritlT iMMfar* a "Ml nf a bMMlfad win iHfMaa In pa'rm t* iS/a (ffa*. ?a* itrii>In rbafllf if bni.ifh* la Ibalf atlaattan Ti.a affair ?a m.Ti aa-l %f lama* wall if. a*, iM IN* av? , f.' iOr ?ni?rprl?n O t t?r?-.u?-l 4 I 'arai rrm .o-ra l-.n wlH ba 11< it '? Ibaan a ho fir- Ibaif *>4 aa a#-"1* ? ?!. tljam of ar.-lo#- at, ma f--r i*rllf..U ? to TWai* A i Mai.**ln* lorar -.fa, I ? Braaaaajr H#a Y ? k BAM". FAIR* inTPItr.B. I'ORiRBTB, A' i A.M *a. ara n.|l. ? ai filbaf ?f tba On a ami apian AM ? ?li PaUi# 11*11. aa *l?ik at'ima aaa* I >ri? a?....4 -.-a ? .4 l.fn/ llall anal Baabatwa/ an I bartr aavaaib "van ?la> at Uul. i.| ?. .lad, MnmAita. I T? >7l? TRHMflR, br?lair AMOTHKR l.nm UK Ob TIIR H44KH THf'TTt. HT 'Iff ? 'II * I! I.Kn H SMVIH a-41 - >*4*r kfta.aaaa ail n<*n 11 alHilf t ?** bkvamt im riitijiniii.rHia \) M a J III* III' ? H b AH- II aTHI I T I HP 4 TBI. lauaf '-?* ? o' il-a ik.j.uU. Ir'a-. ' ttai . -aa. Ji4M bfcl'aMT In h>a ruaaaafal aa? I Oaf Hraa.a nf ?OIAMI n i> IIIII T M iiir tot lit Roy or olkmoai.i V KM Til RKolMKbT HATIOMAL MAM UMa naran.l < .a ? n 4a"ir4ak M n? #Sa M. #4 t.ik Rfffltna..t A.atnra Man oara tan raj aaan. aaa fr aa4* ran nifaln U- Aa-a fr-aa |K? fit4a>1lna -a l.aa 1* I *Aam it at-aai SHMTRAI. MOKMaI. Ml alHI, ? OMMRRTAToRf h; Wrai lattlf a i h(ir..i MHaa (Mall K ' tlfllt J' -aao . P? i' ?MM' IsRRATMP II BKT 'irncMl R aa-t.4 .?mia 'M alt 4' " . TMal-Ma, < ?a a? a A naa a.a. a - u -?i . . .Tri> '..?f tl' * FT OFFf Kb ?' ' . llJ A M 11 ll? Hi 1' 4 I' M AT <lK ^ a 449 RROAHkt Aj^ plk-'m. RlnTORI, RHT'lHI .a ? I. - ? ?aai< ' ark I " ? .fi i p linantoi a Ma or. I |i fl I Mara a/ R n-laaf. ?*?*? T??. ail) af.4 I ??nta |ni b-aau RRrArTRO liHFtilATRL? -TWO FRfi WRR Minin g It n*.. katlbl IMkBRMBil '? ?*.? 4a?? Pf% 4JM| i la if 4nin? 4>n.n a mafi an* Aaa aa* . alan aa n| ha ab-i laa a faai- ? - f. Afar an-.I form iaR a Aral AMMMrm. a> al - mta f f r 'all aa* l - . a'a a, pi f I . TAAkk b I klta A ' Ibiaaif A(ai-u ? 'aa II . iaAna , F I F'.ll I I > nr.H THIb *M> Lf MR Atmri'L AMU i - ? .la4 ?? -aal a a ' -aa -at - at ?- '?44 -a 4. . kran-far... an* Ik Ma* *1 kF<*R a* ?*# MaAfap-"-an II <a. a -a -na> ? at *4*-aaa a**, m a* lit ' baaa- A ' * ? Imaaaita *r '? AM Rraa4*ar TIIK I.KATt Hi: RKAAMAR* A .11.| 11K "I Ul 7 Kk '!? TttM BAKF.ll TK ' 111 *T Baa I MA* B ?R?1ll, Mil a 4af a/'r - ? I IgfiilM'k SK c ( M PORTA MT I F. TURK* fl a I I.T I tk|, al |4a ?a? I-..I boa- - t tpLi; Of ?? f.MF" .iftlBa'ta tl'l M mm. at 4 aaa ? tia a. .t tVaaa aaaMAa Aa aWi?M !*>** If-la.n a**r ebia a a ?atMaaaiaj im ?i-va >44. aa Iaa>f< laff a' ?#? AM* at Aiaa'-rm*. '** B- ala.f IF-am 4 i.r. F.AMIBA It HI. atlfBO AUtl l? ORAToKI Ran "OFllMIRb a I rr ->?? a** a a ? A - Inatf r.rt.aa ta loa at*?a arw at M# a Fa? ??* aaaA Ma.-a KUTAMV. V*RTF.RAMV or rtiR WAR OF I"! WILL AB*r?*?UI * al I ha Mrr-a# Itaaaa. aaraa* M Br*naa# aa*4 Waraar ?A fat* a* MnaAaf n*AA Bar HA al Of a?4 f M |-? IB MM* tba MM fat. o< ta. aaaa a>m - ' iba k-.-*A 00.44 lia-. atf al aa all *NaA atta! I* "Aa- tai III.* w tllattA -M aAtaaaai aaxniaa ara -aa* I' I I?. ?. ?* I. ? oat am |? at i?t*ae P ?aaa - rat .a al'?ta if F?.A#ta'i It RaTRI'MIi b- * in> It..- M Ttt*? 4' n'a-t 4*8, ' '?a B b ail 8... Aaaa at* afv-1 Ma aaMAk *M?||| B* A ' 11/ -14.. , a a 4a.l| fr r-a la If ? A (?Br 4 AMI nKMKNTM. U'fTOKI HI N F.KIT 4 N 11 I.ANT NIGHT 1* NEW ?' r * ,'r ll" drportuii hii b.UI?..rr, to ??hlngl ,.t FRkM II | I'll ATRE Dlron. , J GRAD Th ru KK'H4V KVI MNli N.,r T ?iM fJr , r.',Vl" v"rk ?? "ro-klftt. Jtbul II |I I. i , VT,' ' ' *???- K'"T' ? ?<?" t" HI M m I '' on wht?;h ?? )RI, ?h* HA III" * V r- ? o-i .. lit Ir* h-j. * ?' hrrdobut Al l- ' * Hi* | ? . Anil ill ?d ilii.,.. I,v t. . a Tb# lift fc't 'tf M\l hi I II H 1,-K I, I U| y tp WALICINO tM'KSf; ' ft * HLr.r.f ? ADhltA! IX IX 'TO|t| ty i 4iiv ii it : i/Tii ARRMoSb?Grata.! r?o.'r.od hn.oo ftrtSfftooM? ?' *?i (?ii.Hy R ItTORI'H I.AHT MATINEE MAIIY MTI aHT ?MurdA/ AlMniooa, N... u ..i i h<jor, I-n ,t iol ADELAIDE RIHTDRl 1 V IN HER ORKAT HOI.K hY M t HY OTKART " " ' II "111" |f 1 A'lnii.?1.iii u> all |>oru of thr II. m? %f wtUi iun .riloi of prlroU lot too. wh|nb noil l>? ?m unj ,t u,.|r u?.,t nru>oo OA OUfCKKKiNU H, KA3 HHOAIiWay ""P"0"* URiHIKLYN ACADEMY OF Ml'MIC, D EKRNi II OPKIU THfH DAT. FRIDAY. NOV. J1 M 1 ho irrool titroooo, lAMTA: <>o. TIIE RRIMOV WARRIJ!. Romomtr, hi I oct?, b> Horrid, With now ononorr ?>o?am?o ond oppoiolni.nU price* or AirinfcmoR one holla r, Rrwrtnl haIiMb nitro; fomllf ?4roto Ho fl.Oot ot Iho Hn.tkiYii Audoa;, ?od oi Mow York. Ill ond AAA Hraotlw oy. fTl'BATHE FRANCAlR 1 CUAHU Ml OF PRfCRHl Admiubin-.Orohoqlro SI: Rooorrod ooolO. M oonlo oitrk. I'r.041 < Iirlo, rront.) (|; t.ollnrr. K .'?HU I * r.M ? iirlo. r?t?i ti<1 f I; t.oll.rr. K .?pU. HATORDaY EVENING, NOVEMBER 34. ATTWO'OLOP* prkcirEly, FRENCH roWlDT AND YaCDRVII.LB Flrol o|>|?-aroi.'o of M1S8 OLIVE LOGAN. Ill All* Frrnrh Roiuodr MM FIUNCR HE RPPOMFKA"*. . Cnmodr la "no ... 11.? HlrouiR. * Bornord. l/AM'ii It Oi I <il! r idT ytJ l'Al_ ^Operant Ti. < % Opcr?ti? Tia o-.,- hy Memi. H*rgoi UkA ; mm B? 'itfonnnrll fntii?c?l? by ?bfcrh Tirki*i ofllcF it A *' "*?l llrcMulwAjp, M*roy A l(?r*rt|'?, 112 *n | U4 BronAway W riNTKll GARD1N Full THE MENK>!TOr THE ORRMAN HOBFITAI.. HATrRDAT. NOVEMBER *. IMd AIL Hoi.-I Mil. HAW'IHON IN hiciMRO tiip. riiiitn I I .Of ?? 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