Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1866 Page 2
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ITITATIOKI WANTED? FBMALKS. "RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES ASITOJ, tion u ch.iulH-ru.Mia ...J ^ ^ 1'iUttXn. M. Madden'., ? lib between tBtl? iivenl?- ? ttu J 17th ms. ?ua wm B\B. r*?r-3GL ?*?L a T at^y ap rpPIVKMENT WISHED TO TAKE A ?haVg? of Ue household or an eldarly gentlcmsu of UU'.DS. Address A. A., Ilersld MM* f inv WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION FOR LAD* WINH6* IV . Mr,na.unt' hAM h*d liimr A Vro^..r,: h? hidwi .od Is fully competent to take the entire 7h^r> "r.n Inf.ot Irom .W blr.b. She la faith ful .ud re La"leeod he. the best of city reference.. Call be aeeu lor two dir. or until engaged, at the re.idence of her l.te em ployer, >0. 2 Kant 14th ?L. come, ol Sib ay. a WILLINO, STRONG YOUNG WOMAN WANTH A A aitunt'on in k private f.uiil J tnoook, wash end Iron, or to do general housework ; has the beet of refereuoe. Coll for two d.yi .11U6 West 4-'d st LADY BREAKING TP HOUSEKEEPING. DE8IRBB t\ situation, for two valuable servant.; one aa cook, the other aa laundress. buih can be rvoommended a. thoroughly eninpetent and truetworthy. Can be eeen until engaged at JWflthar. Areseectabi.k young woman wishes a attuatlou aa wet nurae; herself and baby. C an be seen ai 566 2d av., between S3d and 33d ata., rear Brat floor. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS DOCK, washer and irouer, or to do general housework la a small family; good city reference. Can be aeeu for two dsys at 261 Wast Houston at. No objection to Brooklyn or New Jersey. R WET-NURSE?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO man wiahea a situation In a g??ol family: baat of reference oau be given. Apply for two days at the bakery, two doors frutn Van Bursn it., in Claeaon av.. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PER aou, as waitress lu a private family; no objection to aaalet In chamberwork; beat of oity reference. Can be seen ft- two days at 87 Weal Mih .t. corner of Broadway. A PROTBSTANT GIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS -it. seamstress and chambermaid, or nurae and seamstress. Can be seen ml employed at her last place, 1,248 Broadway, betwaen Slat and S2d sta. APRUtrsTANT OEKMtN GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tion to (., chamber or general housework; baa the beat of reference. o.n he aeeu at 63 Wast 44lh at. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress; baa the beat city refer ence. Call at 164 Hoyt at., n?ar Douglas. a RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES TO OO OUT J\ by the day or week to do all Muds of family sawing. Add re a- 164 West 30lh at. A^m RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A KITUA tlon >s iauudre a or cook In a small family; ten years' ol.y reference. Can be seen at 213 7th av., between 24th and aitn ata., third floor, front room, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIKL WAN 8 A HITUA. ti n. to uke care of children and do sewing or to do uhsmbertvurk and waiting; has the beat of i-lty reference from her last place. Call for two days at 92 W. st 33 I at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WlHHl.ri A situation aa wet nurae. Can give city rcftrence. Can Im> aeon at 338 8th av., between 27th and 28th at-. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A situation aa aeamatrn-a and chambermaid; Ukderstunds all kinds of family sewing; can operate on Wilcox's and Ulbbe' machine, Is willing .md obliging, no objection to go a short distance in the country. Good cltv reference given. Call at 33 tVeai I2lh at, between 5th and 6ih avs. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SIT I ATION AS nurae and seamstress or aa seamstress only; Is obliging and willing to m ike herself genera ly useful. Call for two days at 292 1st av. A RESPECT*BLP. GIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook; Is fully competent to perform her duties; will asaist with the washing; is aiao a good linker; no objectlou to go a short distance iu tl.o country. Good cltv references given. Call at 33 Weal 13th at., between ith and 6th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS MEAT and pastry cook; understands jellies son s unrig me; no objection to a tlrst class boarding bouse o, to go t -hurt distance iu the country. Good cltv reference e m be given. Can be teen for two days at No. 9 5th st.. In the rear. A .SITUATION WANTED-BY a YOUNG GIRL. TO DO chamberwork and waiting or chamberwork and to lake care of ohililreu the beat of rclere.nce. Coll at 310 West 25lh St., between Mth and 9th uvs., for two days. A COMPETENT YOU SO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION as first class waitress either In a priiHte family or lirst rlass boarding house, or will do chamberwork, understands tine washing and Ironing and Outing. Good city reference ran he givcai. Can be seen for two daya at No. 9 5th at,. In tha rear. A RESPECT A RLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO cook, wa-h and Iron, or to do general housework In a ?mall private family; has good refer nee from her luat place. Can be aeeu at 77 W est 28th at. thir-l|flonr, back room. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL, WHO 18 AN ORPHAN, without friends or home, desires to obtain a poaiton in a private family as seamstress; would take entire chirge of one child; reference. Address Nellie, box 188 Herald oluoe. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL ? of seventeen years of age, to lake care of children, or do anv kind of Hiht work; beet of ctty reference. Call for two daye at ISO 8th av. ARESrECTABLE AND EDUCATED TOITNG GER mau glrL lately arrived, wishes a situation aa governess or nurse for ehUdren, ?>r lady's maid, or any similar plane In ?? aaueamw. ivi viiaswsoM. <>? seats/ m USSIU, "I SI ?J miUlllH.1 in a go d family. Speaks aud can leach German and French fluently; plaa muato and the other elementary branches. Will make herself generally useful, and looks uiore to good treatment than high wages. Beat cltv reference (iron. Ad dress A. V.. Herald oflloe, for three days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA it Uon aa chambermaid and waitress, or aa nurse and fcamatreaa la willing to make herself aenrrsUv useful. Beet of ctty refereucee. Can be aeen at 26 West 36th at, be tween 7lb and Hth a vs.. second floor, room Ne. 6. ARKflPECTABLRlYOUVG WOMAN WANTH A HITUA. lion aa wet witirse; having Ion her hu.hand last sum mer, has a fresh breast of milk. Can be aeen si 48 Ruder at. In the rear, between Smith and lloyt ata., Brooklyn, toft wo day* A RESPECTABLE ToUNO OIRL WA<i M A SITU A linn aa plain ? ook ?whcr Mid Ironcr. (tool riiy refer enoe. c*n at M Wm U.>. m. AS COOK ?WANTED, A SITUATION* AS COOK BY net who thoroughly rr.drratanrta her hua'nraa In all Ita tranche*, ouch aa meata, aoupa graTlea, boning and larding, pa'try Jelltea and cream. or anything required in n prteate family, nan oome wall recommended from bar laat atntlor ?ra Call lor two ilaya >l Ml Ail. ar. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WfSlIKH A SITUATION to do general houaawork In a aintll family ?? plain conk, waahar and Ironer, la not alrald of work; heet city reference f man bar laat place. Can be a-en for two daya at StN itb ar.. Corner 26th at., In tna caudr alorw. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION aa rook, for ? amall family, and to aaalal in wa'lilng and IrnD'ng; haa the boat of nfercncea from hrr Uat two placea. Can lirwn at 100 Waat lilli at., a few doura froiu Bib ar , In tha rear. Atoino woman, a Protestant, wishes t altuallun to en ik, waah. and Iron; be?t rity rcferencra Call for twa daya at 103 Waal SOlh at., between ttth and lib armor* ARRSPIICTA BI.K GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IS chamnermetd and waliraaa or aa chamhai maid and to aa?Ut In waahmg an I Irmlng; hrat of my reference Call at lid Went lhth at.. Drat floor, rrar. A GOOD DRESSMAKRIt WISHES WORK BY THE rtiy lTmlrta* riida cutting ?ud flttfng and operating Can be ?een at ?11 IStli at.. Iietween 11.1 and 4th ara. A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ lann lcear. ran do any kind of luting; beat citr relaranre from hrr laat place Call at Jfl Heat 13th el. ? LITTLE (JIRI. (14 A EARS Of AGE) WaN r* A SIT nation to take earn of children. Inquire for three daya i ibert at. berl at. ?t? h. a 'ON WANTED?NT A RE l"l CTaSI.P PRO ASITUA'i. "nan. aa flrat rlaaa laundrcaa; doea Erwurh teaiawt wa, o the leal of I. in'lira. Call at 90 be - ta i fluiln^haa 'KH . IF* II H.| III rf?i, _ ,_RY A TOCNO WOM\N, AS ASTUATION WA.NTKa *'nd? Of fbmily, rar. aeamatrera; can \M>*0? machine, uriileralaiida the o. arate on Wbeeler Jt ijpon'a . ''srwrk; city refer rare V children - ?iu. "ha^ dlha?. anm. P." ddkit L ... {or two tara at Kl c. ' ?? "TUA ALADT W DRSIROUS OP A ?S?m,. ?inn fur a youoi wot^tn ?? rliainiji'tm ''I *? for tvt A ...barer, of "OTn Apply at 47 Eaal ?h at f"r m w... Ah at. arcoild floor for tt? da)*# .,.?r, r\MI Y fROlBH ANT ?>!"!. Wl-iHK* * ? - - A RUrK!T*r:?.V,,?n' waahlVg and ir"??? V ?k ^te?ndr~- Ha. g; owelty reference . a? be am, for iw?> 4*f? al 1*** , ? "" awituv, a M WoMAK W1?HN A HlTi A urelw?"re. renukerharpof . bwby I mm brth t an be aaen until aulted at IW r.ael mu KSS""'21' Good ruy reference. I all at 114 Beat ?? "*? KEspKi table vouno m??* in wishas a s'T' anon tec.?>h.wMh end Iron In a P'lreie fernuy, {? ? .. aunt. Uii -.k. waah andiron m a ?""'T" V?" '? ? ?i.. good l aker and thorough, y an.leratanda h'r hualneoa. BJJ goodn, reference. Cldl for iwo da)**"*" dd at ..comer JUta at ? A SITUATION wanted-bt a respectable wtv tu.n, to do grn* ral I .naework In e einall fam flit r??tf>r*ni? ? ntl for Iwo dnyAftl l-Pl WMi ?i*n n * Mvsrn b 9th *r?, . ARRsrpcTASLR PI RSON wishes A SITUATION to c?>k, ?a?h and iro-. In a reapertnhl* family. eiteedi Biaoe pralefied to the blghret wagra. Ctty referencd. ? all at 00 19 at . between *ih and Itb ?a. In lb# haadmenl, for two daya. AYOCN'i "ll'.i Ml.tit A -111 ATION AS M'RnK. t? take Cefe ? f t hildien and do ligh. work; la willing t" ??he hei-elf naef ul. Can he a ai for two daja at 1U Hour nuaa place, KSd at. Beat of refer* tve AAITIJATIO!! W A JtTF.r> -HT A IWrirtAILI PRO intrant ,(irl. ?? rhjmwrif. lid and,,-.ii,t with efclld rn or u wiI'wm, l*W ? r-lf rdmMt fan ha Kivan. I'm It MO f'Jf <w > 4?f? ?* ??? * IA ll H. tWrwanu At It ud Tu. RKHr*rTABM! <itnr ?'OHr? * (im'ATHi* a? ltr?l ' l*i" n*d la Wi ling to aaftatwlth tha waahlng a I'd lruni"i If iwi'itrtd, good clrj ra.-mn;.:, gitan Call >t intb r ? Til * rat iJth ot mco??I nun*. A NKAT, COWPHTP.NT tilRI,. WITH iMtop city raferanm. ?anl? a a.mallon o? rli-mbarm 14, and lo waah ami Iron, or aa nutae. In tha city or Country. call at M WMtVh at. ALADT WIS1IPB TO TAKK 0 M A lt< IR OP A CHILI) ?t hrr '>*0 bona*, whdra It will tiara a lumber- rata Aptdji c> Vra -tpr r.ror KM Dalarn-.j ?t. A tlTI ATIOY WARTKtl?BT A RKBPRl TABi P. Wo u *<v>d rant, a?4 wmild hara too rtkjaat.on t< a aw at with tta "tailing uj4 ironing haa |hd brat of ril? I e '?ar.oa from h?r laat pit a. r*ff h> tddli for |wo 4 P| a. |0? Waat ?t i at . Hantaan *tand Ttbara , In Ida rtar bnlldtnrf AVOVRO, TIDY dPRWAN tllRL W?m* A RITI A linn aa r Sam barmaid and an aaalatai t al nrtUnari MMIovort. Addrwaa Lilt, Hot I.1M PMl oflro* HtUATIONS WA'WTF?v-PKMAtB?. WIDOW. AMERICAN. MIDDLE AO D, 1>.' Sill a position an housekeeper, wimld prefer * wklowi or baohelor'a home; or would take a poeltlon aa companion - - r -nonce. 1? reUab t\ and A aua nurse to a led/. lis* much e?y?nonce. u reiUo?, and of Addreu "ou*eke?Per' ** uJmrr J^SCOOK-A STEADY, RESPECTABLE QIKL WISHES a altiietlou ? 8r?t class <MOk; understands sou pa. mwU. pastry. game and all other cooking in the heat manner; good refinances. Cau be eeen at 88# 7th av., eatranou to AMinni.K AGED WIDOW LADY. OP THE HIGHEST respectability, will take the oare of au invalid In a 11 rat clan family. Address B. 8. Franc la. elation D. AYOITHG OIRL W1RHR8 A SITUATION AS OH AM bermald and waitress; witting to assist with waahlng and ironing; beet of city raferenoe. Call at N8 Weat 26th at. between 8th end 8th in ' RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WI8HK8 A ? situation aa wet nuraalhaaan abund nae ofmlk) In ootiutry or olty. Call at 109 Weat 18th at, near 8th a*. A A YOUNG WOMAN WIHHB8 TO TAKE IN 8BWINO at her own hooee, or go out by the day; uoderatanda ail giude of family aewiug. Call at 9W 6th ay. AY0.R.N? A*"8I0A* OIRL, WHO IB AN ORPHAN, without frlenda or home, desire* to obtain a position In a private family aa aramatreae; would have no obleettou take the entire charm of one onlld; reference. Anulr at SbO West 36th at. ' J A SITUATION WANTKO-BY A HIGHLY RE8PBOT ahle Protestant woman, aa housekeeper, nurse or Chambermaid; would like to take a little girt, 7 years old. in the house with her; hie6 years' olty referenoe from the Brat family In the city. Can be seen for two days at 1,811 Broad, way. corner of 41st at. Abbrpectablb married LADY WANTS A HITU atton aa wet nurse; has lost her own baby.ali wreks old. Call At 88 Weat Broadway, second Boer front, room No. 6. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A R '8PEOTABLE J% Bootohwoman, as oook; uoderatanda her bualnea. per fectly; haa no objection to assist at waahlng; good City re ference. Call for two days at 816 Kaat Mth at., rear. A LITTLE COLORED OIRI. WOULD LIKE A SITU A. tluu to a gentleman's family. Call tu the rear of Ne. 1# Marlon at., room No. 8. A GERMAN YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION to oook, wash andiron; and another as thorough cook. Can be aeon at 108 fiUi sr., above 8th at. A GREAT NATIONAL RMPLOYMRNT HOUSE OK female help and good, capable servants; also good Ger man help: also good altusiisoa ready immediately. No charge to any until an tod. At 1U8 Bill av., above Bib at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid sod to take care of children, or would do general housework for a small private fam ly. Call for two days at 1H7 hast Sttli ?t. COPYING.?A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO PROCURE a situation rta copyist or to do any light similar work. Address Gussy Holmes, station D., Bible tfouxo. HOUSKKEEPEH -A MIDDLE AGED LADY or EX. Rerience and highest respectability desires the above position in a gentleman'- family. Undoubted city reference. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A Drat claax housekeeper, adequate to superintend either hotel or pdvate mansion, fhehljhest te .11 mo n I .la as re gards capability. Call at U< Lenngton av , corner of 22d st. Nurse s situation wanted-by a woman who Ih competent to lukn the entire charge of an Infant from its birth or to bring ,t op by baud; lias the beat of oily reference. Cad at 10 hast /lid st. SITUATION WANT' D-AS NURHKAND SBAMSTRESH by a respectable woman; can Like the entire olia-ge of a baby from its blub; no objection to go to the country. Chu be seen at 818 West 16th Hi , near 7th av. Good city refer WW. SITUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE W'iMAN as first elass cook; would be willing to uaaist in washing and iroutug; best of references, Can or seen for two days at S3 Weatldih st. SITUATION WANTED-RY A FIRST CLASS COOK; n understands the business In all lis branches' best city raferenoe. Oall at 87 West 18.h at, il^stairs. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RKSPKCTARLK girls?one as oook and to assist with the washln ; and Ironing; the other as chambermaid and waitress; the beat of city reference from tite r laat plsoe. Can be seen for two days at 182 7th av., one flight of stairs op. bock room. SITUATIONS W ANTED-RY 1WO RESPECT ABLE n young women: one as Srst class co-.k, and the other as flret clues chamliertnuid ami laundress. The b-st of city reference can be had. 31 Greenwich av., second Door. CITUATItiN WANTED-HY A RESPECTARLR TOUNG I) girl a* chambermaid and waiiret^Wpr to tska c ire of TBliJ children Call at 21/ Kaat IJtli st.. Aw lloor, front room. Good references. Of SITUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to da general lonsnwork In a private family Call for two days at 3Ce West 24th St., near 8th ay., tlrst floor, front room. SITUATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOflNQ girl as chambermaid and to do sewing, nr would like to take oe re of oh Idrrn; can be seen at her pre send employer's, 87 Madlaon st , between 29th and 8tHh Bts. age. In a n toleaale house, as aaaUtant ulesman or stock clerk and io nake himself generally useful, references ?ret class. Address Energy, box 133 Herald oilice. (JITUAT O Ohms .TION WANTBD-HY A YOUNG OIRL. AS chambermaid and waitress in a private family, or to do chamber work and take care of children; good references. Call at ISA West 83d at., between 8tb and 7th avs. QITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG i' woman, lu a email private family; can do general hotteework. chainberwork and assist In washing and Iron ing; heat of rrfevenoe from her laat place. Call at 19 Weat Mth at SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO loan, to do general housework for a small family. Best of reference given. Gall at 491 M av. JITUAfloN WANTBD-IIY A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, CITt O to SITUATION WANTED-IIY A SCOTCH PROTESTANT girl, aa conk; no ohjeolion to the country; good refer rnrr. Can hn seen at 198 Bleecker at., between Mlaetta and Mecdougsl ate.. In the confectionery aiore. SITUATIONS WAMTKD-BY TWO YOUNO OIRLH, kJ ene sa cook Who thoroughly understands her busi ness, and is willing to assist In washing; has good nyj references; the other as chambermaid slid to assist wll the wash og and Ironing, or to do welting for a private family Apply at 333 hast 31 -t St. QITUATION WANTED?BY A PIRST CLASS COOK; O Ih?si o! city ref.-renre; haann objection to assist In the wa?hing or Ironing or m go a short dlxeauce In the country. Call at 5m Wset 8 Met. S1 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNfl Mow ?n un, *4 lanndrraa, or would hare no oBjert'on to Chamberwofk. Call at 40." West With it. III the a torn TWO RESPF.t TAH1.K YOt'Nd WOMEN WANT SITU allona ? Ural eUaa ch imbermalda or waltrei-ea In a Brat rlaaa boarding bouaa or hotal j can come wall rrrom mended < :dl at 81 Weat 28th at. tlTANTED-BY AN B.NOMSH WIDOW I.AtlY OP EX. YY prrlrnm. a'.t ,u ?tt-.ia aa housekeeper to ? barbolor or w iiowai e illi amall family. Address M. U., Ik>( UN ller-ld irflbe. I1TANTED?RY A BKnPKCTABI.K OOUIKKD WOMAN ' Y n "itiiallmi is g.nil rook In a gentleman's (aim'?. Ootid rltr rnfnremw Apply ul "i) Urore at. w \NTKII?A SITE tTION, BY A YOBBO WOMAN, TO ailrml aoine light lota m-aa In a morn In tar ally or thr country. Apply lor three dtya. between? and 12, at 61 Clin ? - - ? ^l)0rt r "i loa at., Ilml fi. Mir, back room. 'W ANTED?A SITfMTfON. It A WWpKt'TABI.B yotina girl, aa nnrrm and aramatraaa, or aa chamber maid anil Mtomatrnaa; l?rai rlty reference Call far two daya at SI Wrat libh at., fluin II till I. WANTED?A SITUATION All LADY'H M AID.-fT'>UNF tf?l?Tnr (.ifriifM. dood reference. Addraaa T. i W., atall n A, b|?lng at. yXTANTED?A SITP VTI' ?Jt. BY A WOMtN, AN OOQK; YY undrraiands ail klndaof oooklng, baking agd Dkairf Bant riay re fa a nee. Apply at 170 WYW*?V. oua do,r from HeniUtR, mom No. a * WaNt^-RT A PP.fjTKNTANT WOMAN, A HITOA ? ,.nn aa rook aud to help with tlio waahlng and Irnnin.-; -c | ,n to the country. Ileal clt/ reference. Apply at ?j 1 'b h at. Wt tt eat . ? - COMPETENT Toll NO WOMAN, A '*? ?r'"h ,ro" f,,r a amall private r,;,?"Hrrrx^a? <:an bn two 11'ANTED- BY A YODSQ LAl?^ * SITUATION To VV write or at'end In A 'tore; ta fultr w.'wpelenl to imM lo a b kery will ba found Wwrt and ebll< mg. A'lilieaa loroni- week B. B.. "Tange. N. 1, U'ASfKP-4 SITUATION. BY A YOBBO OtMa Y Y lately landed, to do rhsnberwnrk or aewlng or take . are of rhit trrn or do general hnoaewurk In a amall fam ily Pali at til 7lh a? , for ona ilay IV ANTED S SITUATION AN NURSE, BY AN KNO YY lifh Protaalaat woman who haa had many *eara e? rerlenrr In the rare nf young children; la compelnnl tat take r'oarge of an Infant. Can he aeen before I o ? look on llire rliarge ? , F May and Saturday, at Imute nf her prearni employer. Madi Wanted?a situation wanteds by a re apeetahle gtfl, to do rhamberwork And waiting. OAll at No 2 11 in aerie-rt at., near 8lh a*. Wanted-by a npspKofabi.e youno oi*u a altnatioa aa plain aearer and to assist In light work; heal of city reference. Inquire at KB Rant Slat at., nenr lat nr. __ _ ? \i/an i ed-Aitl fi ation wanted, by IT be YY apeetaMfl woman aa plain rook, and to do gener I housework; rood refrrenoe fumahrd, Addrnes Margaret II roan, p.Aat AVU at WANTEP-BT A RESPECT tBI.E, CtPABf.K WO man. a aWantlon aa eBemberuiaM Call Tor two daya at 441 Heat SSd M Between ? I and luu tra firat floe* ? rANTED?A BITUATION, TO IN) OHaVIIKKWORK. IT cell at preaent employaPa, SI7 UaatKHhat for two tya. V> mii plain mob. waaherand Ironei. nr enntri dnohani berwork olid ??ala4 with the waahlng; la a nent aewer. Hood elt* reference front In r leal place; la willing and obliging. Call nt No *? Weal ISih at lietween Wh and 8tk art. WANTED- BY A RBsPBOfANI.R NAHBIRD Wo. BUM, i gHetmn aa rrfl nnraj. Beat rafererre glren milk ihne m iiiiha old. HallNwllNUN at., third floor alia (Brrw BoaiP eM< Cnllnl! front room, 11*ANTBD?A BITt'ATION AB CHAMBBCMAID OR YY nnr>e; nnderatanda taklag onre of an Infa tt firom Ha ilrtb; ran glrr the beat of rlty re.nream from her laat plarr. .11 for two dara at WJ 8tb ar. Iff ANTED?A BlTff ATlftN. To DO oPNERtL Mill's - YY w -k. hyag -ai aMady gill. Can br aeen at her pre enl employer"*NT Inatrih at , until aulled City relrfWnoea ,l?en W 8NTBD THE WARII1NO OE A rEW HINDI, eTTJ.* YY tlemm or Uonlr eaanina by a fwaneetaMfl wonian' tlemrn. or I .mily eraaning, by a rnapertahle wnoian* .nderntanda PrenrB fltiiing, la a tint i aaf Igmidreta Ad ffaat tat wan ?i re-ir 11'ANTBD?A RITUaTION, BT A RESPECT A BI ' YY yn ing girl, aa mira* or In do nhambarwnrk Can be aeen far two tare at Iff Warn m* at between tta and 7U are. MIT|TaT|01*S WAWTRD?FKMAI.KS. VV ANTF.D-BY if OTSfkbTA "t.R PTOTE-TAW WO. V? nuu, H few U4 ??* *n4 ?ttU*?i>en,i wa-lilng. at b<* own S&8 riMt 9!W *iTf Ab^? ^ ' or would go out l?y th? day; und?i*UiUi# Kr?tiok tailing; 0*11 give go h1 r?f?r?o??. _ fir ANTED?A SITUATION, IIY A KERPKOTABLB f? tfrt. aa c&ok I mo objection* to aaalsl ?lib Ihf washing and irnnlng; I* particularly olflfn. Ik>i>? I And Obliging. Th* beat #f oily references. Hall at or Mdreaa for two day* MM 84 ar., Gei.*??0 W* *D(1 at*. ?r antriv-rT a bssj?*ab!.bi MABniKDLWOMah. *? a sltuallou aa wet Dura*'. WA1 a (In* breast Of mtt; Jug a child one month old; will go to an J P*" or trnitd-with a family. Has beat city referenoe. inquire at 71 rulton at., Brooklyn. . WANTED?BY A WOMAN. WASHING; TO OO 6(1 by Ibe da* or to tale in by the day. Beat of olty re ferenon. OaU al (34 Went Slat at. between IHh ond #th a**., In th* rear, WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, aa chamlatrmnul and waitress, or to do ohambjrwurk and plain sewing; good reference. Call al IYT West Mid at. WANTED?A SITUATION A8 A HOTEL CLERK OR barkeeper, by a young man who h*? had flv# yoara ?Kp*rieno?, with rnieionpUonable r?fur??io?e Addr??? or ap ply to Oeorg? Tliomai, 4W Broadway, down wtalra. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A FIRST CLASS oook; thoroughly underatanda her business. lla* the beat of o ty reference?. Call at B Weet Uth at. Wim?-RT AN KXFBRIBNOKD AMERICAN WO. VY man. a situation *? nurse to an Iwvn'ld or grow Inn chlldreu. Apply for two day* at present employer*, 174 Clinton it., nour Wnrwn, Brooklyn. WANTKn?RT A RRBPROTABL1I HIOWJ1 AOTD American ladv. a ?iUia4i??n, aa bounokaoi?or; MOurao tory wfwi??. Apnly to Mw. Bmlth. M Marion *U. **? eond door, from 8 to * o'clock. WANTED-BT A RRRFBCTABLH TOUNO GIRL. A situation aa chambermaid and hermsld and aeamstreaa; no objections to the country. Osll at U Wsat 10th St.. Irom II tilt "? ; IVrANTRD-^BY A RE8PROTABLH PROTKSTANT W woman a ri???Uon to do general homwwork Id a .maR BIrate fatuity. Bis years' oily refsreuoe glreit. Call at MB Ivlslon at. front bvwment. WANTRD?A SITUATION AS BKAMSTRRHN IN A private family, bya youny girl; can operntooa WH?J?r A Wilson'* m.rhlne, and undnr*Unds dressmaking- Call for two days at 744 2d ar., third floor. ^ __ ___ _____ WANTED-BY A OKRMAN PROTESTANT GIRL, A situation to do light chamherwork. Can b- ?e?n t her present place for two days, 201 Last I8ih at. None but Americans need apply. 1A?ANT'"D?BY A RESPECT A 'II E YOl'NO WOMAN, *? n Otuallou aa sea matrons; I* willing to d.> light eham berwot k. bike earn or growing children and ??; O in nt and cut children's clothing: la willing to trarel wtth a lady; oan come well rcoommctided. Can be aeett at IBS West slat at. for two days. WET NURSE.?WANTED, A SITUATION BY A RE ?ncctablc vtmng woman who baa lt d Iter husband; gnn.1 hre IKI or milk 4 weeks old; heat referoooea. Address 87 weal DUd at., between ?th and 7th aya. KRbP WANTHD-KHIUAliHa. AN OPERATOR WANTED-EOR DRESSMAKING, TO work on Wheeler k Wilson's maohiue. Apply to M. Orogg. 19 ftth ?v. /"BOOK AND LAUNDRESS.-WANTED. A WOMAN. TO I ? mln the country as cook; must be tidy and willing lo work; alto take charge of milk and butter. Alaonplrla* lau'idre a: must he willing to do up stair* work. None nerd caD utiles* perfectly abl" to AU the situations. Apply to rn utow (Haturiliy). at 12 o'clock noon, at 78 War-en al.. New Vork. __ /* IRL WANTED?FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; A It short diaUnce In the country; Erolcaliint pr ferred: miial have good reference. Api ly at 109 Woe. ;3d at., front 9 to 4 n'chajk. _ S'-VREA'. GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED?AT 208' Weal 88th at, near 8th ar. SHEET IKON WORKERS WANTED.-TWO MEN AC customed to rlretlng sheet ln?n. Apply al 884 Weal dial at. WANTED?AN OPERATOR ON W'lRELER A WIL ami's mnohln* In a -Ire-iem iking eatabllahioont; ate-dr aitiiatinn an I good wages will be glrcn lo a competent hand. Apply at 21 West 4lh . near Broadway^ Wanted?* yopno and healthy wet nurse. at Elisabeth, N. J.; raii't. enme well recommen led. Apjdy at 42 Lalght at. New York, between 1 and 2 o'clock mrANTBD?TWO OOOD PROTKBTANT OIRLS. ONE y y to do do general housework, must lie e good waehe* and Irtwter and good plain c-vok; the nth*r aa eeamsirein and chambermaid, inoat be wll tug to dreaa two children. 8 and A reare of age. Call with city references, from 9 till 2 at 477 8th ar . near Mth at. ~ TIT ANTED?A OlKL ABLE TO DO GENERAL HOUSE W work, end lo conk wash and Irou; a Catholic pre ferred Apply nt 806 Weet 2Sd et. Wantrd?an kxprrienord be imbtress and waitree*; alao willing lo aulal In light washing; rrf* erencea. Apply nt OWentjSTlh at., between 9 and 8 o'riock. Wanted-a competent lady-s maid and hrirlreaaer . the he-t of referenoe required. Apply at Brewnort Hnuas, room No. X Wanted?a good, bmart ohm. fob gf.nbhal work; good wages and a good home; must bare oily referenoe. Call at 8U Weat 84tb it WANTED?A GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON IN a email prtrato 'amlly. wages (12 par mouth; olty referenoe required. Apply nt IM East 19th at. WANTRD?A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRB8U. with rood oKr rr fere noes, cut at UP Baot lath at., from 19 to t s'olook to-day. _ WANTBO-A OOMPFTBNT WOMAN. TO BKRVB aa eook and lauadreae. Apply at W Columbia at.. Broaklyn. w ANTED-A OOOD PLAIN WOMAN COOK, at 425 5th ar. Wantrd?a girl wrrn good reoommbnda. tlons to dndhe genara* housework In a small family. Apply at 810 weat 85th at. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY A F URN CD OR German aenmaireaa Apply after ? at Delanoalci a, No. g.Eaat Mth at. WANTRD-A PROTECTANT GIRL. FOR rooking and banaewnril Referenww required. Apply In Hal! at. second ih-or from Leffart# at., naar Fultoa a?., Brooklyn. WANTED?AN ACTIVE TOUNO WOMAN TO^^TN> cbamberwork and make hemelf iweful; on* able to sew preferred. Apply at laitiugtou ar.. four door* below ?I si. Vy protestant oirl. to no tor TT ranking wi.hlng and Ironing for a am-ll family, aha mn?t ha a good rook and coma wall rerommanded, good wagaa given. Applr at 73" llroadway WANTRIt-YOUNO T-AOIRS TO ATTEND A CONFRC Unnnrr rountar Apply to R Mendra. 8iA Rroadaay. *m4TIOW WA\TKD?MAliRA, AYOHNtl MAN. AOKD 20 WISIIFH A SIT"ATION IN ?nr Imalnaaa he cm m?ke hlm??lf uaaful; good dty ietVi noea. Addrea. Energy. Iler.ll ndlra. ACIRVMkN AMERICAN hoy WI8IIKN A SITUATION in 'he country nr New York. In a family or in a hotel, to w It on la'de nr In work round the tioiiaa. Addraaa bog IM Herald o flier AJftJATION WANTED?IN A REHEl CTASI.R Drue atnre, a-heye a llm-ongh knowledw of Ihr total na?i ran ka arqnlrad y a row man who haeaoroa etpe rlrora In that line. Addieaa 111! 34th Inat. W. C. Herald nd'.ea. A BOY kRVF.NTEKN YRA H OLD. WANTS A SITU A t'nn In an nlhra or whole.ale autre. to m ike hlmnrlf Ear Oil; ran wrtta a good, plain h>u.d and gl.eyie.lnf refer enaea from laat raployrr. Ad Iran A, (I., 131 Clinton at. ABfrftATlAii IV ANTED AS T.TftffT PolttfiB IN SOMR mrrrn.tlia hnu?e, hy a m inted Sro'rUnnn. la willing to make htmaeir eenrrally itaefty.; rofera to late employer. Addraae M , hot ITT liar,Id offlrr AY0i'I"? ?> tears or aoe. wishes a ?liuat'ott tn> whoteeele bouee. OaU on or addreae f. S. M , 37 John at., IT Y TO UNO MAN DESIRES A SITUATION IN A wholfiale or retail atore. dm re preferred, h"r1ng haaa In the ratal nrflf three raar?. liaat or rafarenoe fnrniabed. Addraaa (lanrge, hot 3.IW1 Poet nlDra. ATOTTTIT SRYRNTRRN trans OLD WISHES A allualinn In an olBrr or whulaaala aiore. in m be Via aelfuaeftil. r n write a good b nd. andr.n rumlati feed re faranrw. Addraaa J J S , hot *)'. Herald n?ea. BARR' RPER -WANTED. A SITUATION. NT A RE anaalahl" ynung mm. ai barke-per In a raaiiartabl# hoeae, h?a ?tt raarr' rinerlenea and heat altr rafarenoe ln<|Wtra of N McNahnn. rnrnar Clinton an I Dlrletea ata. C'TUATIONH WANTBD--RT TWO YOUNO MEN; ONB i~ aa' oarhman , the other aa groom; hoth I mined lea Srat a aaa P.agltah hunting aataldlahmant; rail "factory rHy re a-ane* i?m I <at employer Can he aeee at prtrate atable 104 Waal Htm au Situation wantro-et a lad prom the country. aged IT, In anma whntraaln nr nan ml eaten tuner a gqed at Aniraa and fair prnm an; willing w tesfcf h maalf gtrn-nlly narful. Addraaa Manin, alaUoa <}. S ITU a" TI i7n~W ANTE D?BY A PRf.TESTA NT YOU NO man. 'nelty nr aAuairy; nan w .a good hand: rand midtar. Can lie aaen from IQ to I lo day oorner of 1Mb at. and at C, ira\ Qeo* ***?ii'?D-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNfl MAN. ? f? raaranl age. In any whoteeele houaa where he eon make himaelf uaalut. la an ricellrnt penman and arlthiaaU alan, underetnnde tingle entry be(ft\eeplng thnmughle; hwheal laatimonialt aa to <^tnS4er. Addraaa W, 8. "W A,Alt Poet nlllr.e .

WANTEO-A RTTTATION, BY A YOUNO MAN. AS porter In a atore or ofllaa. nr waiter la a prlrate fam lly tn rlty nr oniintry; liaa tha aery beat of referooeeo, Ad draaa It . Herald olBre, WANTED-BY A YODTn. A SITUATION IN A *Y wb" a ale bouaa. beat of rafarencea. Addraaa M. H . 31 Chamber- ai fT ANTED?A SlTUAtlON RT A TonNtl MAN AS ' ' walier In a private family or bearding bouee. Wage. wot m mudi ?n ?? w fo i homo. <'??? ???? rmswn mwndwd. C?iw Ho a^n il .131 fwt Mth it WAfiiu Ann I - \ n i?kn I' ll N. /NOACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A BBhPRCT I ' able .Ingle man, ba.t of rlty referenaee. t en he aaea .14 II Bn.wn'a, 33 Eaat 11th at Addrree J. K., hot l? Herald nil re ? 1 \t A N PS A SITUATION-A-OOAUII NAN OS WAITER. b f?MB| man ha haa fur thn ln?t ff*f hin r trfw of how? ||a own flto hlglif^l rMortmmAniUUaiM at M iSth at \l'AffTRI>~m* A I'l.At;!! tlM fflR WttftMOll A tf\ mrae^C'ipjS WJsfi tiM#r^!aw1a pr?|?'f t??? ?wnit of fwfwrwnf** (Mtllrt i wtnglw man |>rniorrfd, wwg|#a ? mnoih AA.Irwna but 4 I4H t*?ut "** A MTKf> - RY TWO RKHfRrTAlllell fOtfRU MKW 1*1^1/ Un<tM, Mti?t<tn? aa tMNMtfHMMI or gr#w?i*?? in rwa pr i.Mw I lunllra. arlti m<Jif ?b^maw|ma (panrm Ijiwiil. Ci?> rwfar???^ ''?n ?*a bw4 fnr tara wi ** Wf*4 \\ COACHMEN AND OABBBNEUI. , rhftTHll-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN OR ^rri*oni, by a voun r ina-i: Uw<^Hi|hlf unilebUrdi ho bimlni"-.; an come well reooni men tied. Adilru?a box 167 Herald olhi-e. w CLHRKS ARID SALESME '? YOUNG MAN <21 YBAR3 OLD) WIfHRH A KITHA. tlou w" oniry ol?rk In torn* whols-mln h??u ?. rwt ?II ?tor? or offlw, ?* billing to msk? hitn^ if u nnntlly useful; r?f?rsw* irrrn. Addr?s? -?mm*. ll?r*M offlc?. 7~v^8~mT* whoiTaN furnish firs- class A ,1 r*?ee<, dmereao niUWIon m > 1 W ?l?? toW M enu-y cl k orl.wPIInt to ent?r 111 #C4pT j? l?"? ,he buM" ??? Addree. H. L. M lie. UAHer.MolficV _ A N^XPRRTKW^n SALESMAN. IN A A drr B<">d" <y>mmlMdnn hmon in Huetou, l? open forne eiun-eoment >n a M-ntltir hnuac In N--w Vim*. WeoUeni pre ferred. Addreno Edward*. bo? > 068 ''oatoRoe. Iloetnn. A~ SALESMAN 1IvTnTEO - FOR HANTS' PUtlNl-HlNG oui who hii byen 'n Ihn boalnm., and can in flueiii'and aea? by trade. Addreaa L.. but UW Herald offloe. - COAlTsALKSMAN WANTBD-A PERRON or Ex perience In the b?rin?M. aod wdue enn jefl I?ret coul on commlHalon l or all "ld.?ir5f2' Addi^' wlili referencei, Ooil bot 107 MwaldaiHn. Dp.rO OLP.RK.~A COMPETENT DKUOOIST WANTED 'in n Aral nl-iaa eln-e In Broadways OO* E^b ?n ?r**k Vrenoii iTeferred. Addrnee Drn ?gutt. bot HO tlendd oBon. TVItim CLERK WAN^KP.-A TO-'WO. MAN FULLY 11 qualified. Apply to Ob 'de? 8. Wire. 10 Hold atroot. ?pvRUO CLERK WANTRD-IN NPWATIJ. N. J. OMR I I who h?a lied eapwInnoe- lnoijUw of orayrmm B- "? 11. Quod, m lleanie Bnrane A Oo.'e N 1 ?r* row "? ?? CJALKRMKN WANTED?IN A HOSIERY, VAXXRE O nnllan and fnnar goods trade In New York. Pennaylrnnl* and Ohio preferred. Ad dross boi T77 foil Q&9*. CUTtTATIOV WAflTHD~BT A MARRUD If AH; OAlt S All the pnaltloii of general fdrnk jJaOer'IIu la n good Judge of currency. Adureae K., box ?? uerata offld TRAVELLING drco salesman wanted?one who underatand. the buxlneaa Uii ininqtilr In ???* branch *nd who Is w#?ll scitnlntof In tb? W?sl and vwt h<?i?t Srsr York or Philadelphia reCereoo?! required. At!drown Ho? Wo. 1.3 4 PhlladelphU Post office. ANTED?A FIRST C L A HI HAL K8 MA N Wll O UN - demUnde the holaery and glovea. R THOMPSON, 124 4th hi. Wanted?dry goods salesmen; none II .1 cla.a brnd. ne?d apfTi good wage. paid REIIKNSTIKN, 111) Pulton at., Brooklyn. DCT J. Wanted-three experienced dry ooods rlerka. Apply lo Foster A Walah. HTfith nr. , w I ANTED?A THOROUGH, PRACTICAL DOUBLE - J entry b'>'?kxoepor; one quick Mid orreot In figuiea ami a aooil judge of monoy, whose aornoog would bo re quired el7 A. M. tnay ftddr m wltlirrforeiieea, Ut|?g aalary ex limited, A. P. II . lux Pat llerill n.UoO. N. B.?Pinnae not to aneivrr uolee. qualified na abore. lirANTi'D-A DRUG CLERK WISHES A SITUATION W |o . whnlriwle or retnll .tore. Addreae O. B. 11., box 165 Hora d oSine. w ANTED?A PI ItsT It ATP liRUO CLERK. AD dre s W. II. H.. box 3u0 Herald ftfllee. _ WANT' D IMMPDIATKLV-IN A RANKING HOUSE, nu nil? door olerk. c irroct and quick In fl^ure* w'lh bent of nifcrenon.; solarr J500 Oral yonr. Addreaa box 1,2 Po?l olllco. HELP W.WTRD-NAIjKV a ROV WANTED IN AN OYSTER SALOON-TO A MAKE IIIMSKLP OEN-'RALLY USEFUL. CALL AT 23 CLINTON ST.. HK')' >K1.Y N'. Agents wantpd?to ppll a new article. wonl*d ererywhere: a apleudid cliniion for lo-uranoe nil,I n" e- ,n o,in lo use l>-elr ettr i Gmo emfltably; from $5 to $20 per day caally mad'. Call at fh U'prty aL. inoln U'">r. All desiring situatxovs in hotels, okvces, .to .'H wamhou.e." al?o l>onkkne-iore, C"pyl?i?. watch men. otinrtucUi'., Iirakomen, bartende'a, timrkeepera, coll thin day at 61 rhnuibnra ?L All parties wsiiing employment-call ibs Hro idway, office 48. b .rtendem, general rlcrk. $14 per week: dry x?a?dt clerk, entry, didirery Hltuatlon procured or dp charge.. An active, energetic business man wanted ?ocanvn.afor life inau-anoe; to ona q,, .llfled for the iMiHlnea. tlie bed oomoenaatlon will bo giron. Addreaa, Willi referencna, box 6 7U6 Poat odlne. AN OFFICE HOY WANTED in P^TNT HTOR"?Mn?T *r?l* a eood hind: wurss f\rni year, $2 M a week. Apply early at No. I nudeon at. N. Y. A YOCNO MAN TO MAKE HIMSELF USPPPU clei* In omc#?bualneaa, two aaleamen and general clerlr wanted. 113 NuUu at., ronoa No. ?. YOUNG MAN WANrBD_TO ? ,pENOVBTKRS AND ,^ wa t on tahlea; miut thnronahly uudnrMnad hie bud neai. Call from 8 hi It u'clooX et 11 Park row. A A GENTS WANIED? TO MAKE BASILY $M A DAY A aelllng eUple artlele. eitnaalrely adrenleed Apply at 11$ Fulton at., room No. I. T"gP.NT8 $I? TO $90 PKR DAY?MAI.R AND FEMALB. A Inn oil* or traveUIng In nay port ^ofthetdrillMd worid. Hani pie. by aaa>l M nnnta. PON SON HTM ' T$ Naaann at., office No. n. OK NTS-MALE AND FF.MAl.K; $WT l$?PKRDAT made by our ngnnta; wo wlah to esUbUak agent, in ever* city and town In ?b? United stale, and Oanarta; thla la no x'fAMiarkage liumbiig. but aomalhlng that will bear Inv-a tigatlon. tfampte. and circular* aent on receipt of flfty cenu. i. A. LEWIS * CO .tbox 9*S Foot offioo. Jer ey City, N J. A GENTS WANTBD.?APPLY TO ISAAC A. HINOBR. A manufacturer of the oolabrntnd Singer Spring Bed. No. 215 Ceulre .treat. A GENTS WANTED?TO SELL DROWN'S GLASS A cleaning poltab. Sell, everywhere, dty and country Large profile to .gem*. Clroul.ra free <\ M. RBOWN. 74 Bleecter at. Now Tot*. AOP.NTK WANTED. For (be Gold Medol Sewing Maclilnea, In avety dty and count* In the Union. Th? le-nt onmpU.-a4ed two thread m. clune lr. thosmrld. Addreea A. P. Johnwin A On, $54 Waah* ingtbvi .L, Bnalou. M.a*. A GOOD OPENING FOB BMART STREET TALK era.-Agent, are in king $?? dally aisllng my oele brsl?4 l Atigh rnnfwsyons; ?*?? ?Uri with ?*. jTiIIN SIMPSON. 141 Headerwin at, Jaraey City. A OKNTH WANTTTIto BKT.I. KELLY'S NEW PllT. l\ t?ir^ of W-? snd HI* Oe??rmls: worklnfmeu prrferr?d Apply lo J. KELLY. 3? KUhth *v-ao? N. Y. Boy wantfd-to take cash, a what, honkmt hoy. of almut twain yearn; muat htretgnnd rh tract ar. App.y to morrow earning M a-'?on oVIvtk to W J Blger, Urn Broadway prnr Ihth at. BrdlNP.SH._t ItP.l.l Alt I.F M AY WANTED TO AHRI8T In au ralablHhrd hoalneaa; a f>?rniaiient altuatton j M4 r 1 <h capital at., rornrr Hrn.ul way. FfRHT CI,AMI CANVAHMRRH WANTFD-IN F.AOH word In Nrw York and Brooklyn, lor Lln'd'a Mammoth Map of .Vr* York City M. I Bri>->klvti. Thla grrat map ahowa rrrry I.ouae and occiiptril'n nam*, and ha? hern two year* nr.d-rw.r, Finlah*d to day, and roal ||[>lnot Ktrat cUaa oanr ? ?a?wa ran mikr $20 por day aolielUua ndmrtUrmrnU and taking ordnra for thla gnu m mi. J. r. LI.O YD. ID Tortlandt al. WtNICD-A MAY IY EVERY WORKHMOP, TAC. to'j, atom and yard wham than m a nnm'.rr of Idlirri rn.|.|..yrd, to art a< aaant for tlm grand pr#nrnlat on faatlrnl for (hr hrnrflt of the rirotlltito and nrph in children Of noldler, a-d fatlora. flubaertpllnn llata trill be ftirnlihrd gratia, ?llli elrtulara aaol lining the whom nffatr Thla Inrl tallmi ia nirant to appeal to thr charity and broarnlrnr* of all mechanic* and wnrkingmrn. Liberal allowance* will be madr In tlioar who will drratr an hour to thla ratiar. Call 10 arnd ? lainp for particular* to Yh.wnaa A Co , managing directors. (ill1 Broadway. Nrw Yorh. fl'ANTPD. AOKVTS?$I.W PER MONTH AMD AM. " rtprntoa paid, to aril thr arlrhrotrd Bakrr family flowing Machine: prtoa only $*i For parte wise* apply to or aildrraa C. Clark A Co.. I6J Broadway. WAN TOD?A'lR YTfl, ll.W PER M<>NTH. EVERY where, malr and frmalr. to aril tha gaamna Common Hena# P-mlll.gAwIng Machine. thogroatral lorantmn of thr agr Prloallf (WY fflAahlae warranted Ihrw yrora. Addroaa flf AN CRD?AMENTA AND FSDMtRR TO HEM. REV K V? ral writ paying nrilelna Apply at $?$ William at. w ANTKD-TWO II'IIID MR.Y. TO BELL RRIAHIOUti. initrlotla anil hlaiorlnal pl turoa. Apply al Eally'a, ad ?A. - - Nrw Chambers at., noar Nrw Bowrry. YJL'ANTPD-A TlltlNO MAN. 14 TO 1* TPARfl OU? vr In a commtaalon liouar. mutt hr a good prnman and correci al figure,; formar rtporlaaoo not especially rcjuaat. ad. Address H., Herald bOlrr. ^JLr ANTED?AT THR WAHIIINOTON HOTEL, NO I " Broadway, a brll boy and waltrr. Ynnr nrrd apply unlraa wall aniiialntod with too work. Hood reeommaodo tlon rri|ulrrd TlTANTRD-tM AN OFPJCK, A NOT or HTFADT YY habit* and a good wrltrr. onr who rraldro with pa ranla im frrrwl; nuiat noma wall recommended. Addroaa >. R. T A Co., Herald oUloe. ?, ANTED-A BOY PllOM 14 TO IA YEAR* OF AOF, TO .. go a ?hort dlatanrr from ihe city to trnd alorr and carry nnw spa tiers; a gaod howvr for a boy willing In work for hta board and amall wages; muat hr airtrtly how rat and able to ra*4 and make changw. Addroaa A. N., hm llfl NnralA ottor. w ANTED?A BOY, IN A Ct.OTM flOI'AE. REFER mora rrqulrrd Address J D., Hrrald nfltra. UTANTKD-A PARTY TO TlEl CIlAKOB Of AND YY autirrlntrnd a manufacturingbnAiffhaa; oka hawing ? Bntipla or hundred dollars wfHbn uoarally dnaH With. Ed 4r?*a Vlaur MHIa, lm? IM '.ilHUnStoe. . U'ANTfft-i liTlYDMl AAKtr MAN. AH PORTER. T? Witpplnf and rwerlylng Her*. Ar.; anna nrwd apidy bul Ihiiar thmnughl/ anqttalntod In thr wholraola lamp or gl*an hnatnra. Aildrraa, In handwriting, with wagaa and rafrrrnnaa. J J. A On , but W font ofllca. WANTED-A OOOD MAN. R ITII |m, IN THR TIIO due* huaipraa. Call ia (Irarawlok at.. north want nor nrr of Harrtmn. WANTED?A BMAXT TOIJNO MAN. IN A OOOD, paying huatn-aa with $4M ronltal: rrfrrrnoaa **? rhangrd. Call at IU Naaaau at , roana No. ?. ANTED-A Rl?t M OR M Y*A*fl O# AfIR: ONB that ran wrlir a yowl hand. CnH at I0A Hr-ad at., pwitar of W'atrr. nn ataira. Yaw Yarh Pkwir Inaprctiou ^ W vy ANTRD-A YOCNO MAN WHO ONDRRflTANDfl - a th? ?U(lon#rT m?d p-t nlng To *mn IflBQAM ft Ifnftnil Mlnrj ?r 4 I>?????*?Will nr An<plft opportunii/ will hail f??r olu fting ??^w Ad.|%?| ^iionBT, bot At7 r?4 ollliw, ^^w York, fttftling pft>ttc*iUr?, wlih vlftWft In mUlion ftolftrp. m*. W L'ANTPIi-l ASVA*?P.Rfl KIR A NEW AND HhAl'TI -1 fill at -rl rngrariiig. joat "it A ICrra' prr_rntagh altowrl Call at Tnr atorr of F.J. flwalo A 0? , !?$ Nit to ay., hwtwarn * A M tad II Woora thr ptoturo rat br aorn ?nd irrm- mad" hnuwn. w 'AN fED?A NMART ACTIVE, IMtkl.t.lUENT t ulh, our won ?m? o g md hapal ant la un ' A ot Agurro Addrraa, wAh -? - n- ? * ?. n foot aflh w. _ l! I - It PRR MfC.rlt T?? A.lUNTfl, OR f.AROR COM ?S> I ? " mlru ?A to tall the now lit wwing mnrhlnr All IMwda far aoio Oaaoral agoaay El at raw N } f. ^ at Atrntf*^? ^UOHON |HOIjUDe ,N OUR ?- REGULAR BALE Of FORBIQN A*D ANT> FANCV PRT GOODS rn.. Mr M CA8~8 (800 piece*)V IIOUT KK8P.RVK, TO BE 8< iLI> WT? wK?m it-mux concern, at 1 o'clock, for f-"unl ot ^ t Catalogue* and mm pie ""''?wCO.. Auctioneer*. WAt. TAPPING in church atrvet. ? ?0,T . rtmoREER. Auction noticr -r. t. hazsm-. V*. THIS DAY (fR'DA*)u??*J5Wntreel, At 1?H o'clock, at our anlearoom. M CortiA attractive sale or FBR.NCH AMD OMR* AM ?j* *OT?, FANCYOOODfl AMP ? bl? comprising a da'irable auortment of new and dettra good*, lu oeaa* and dasena. A i ?8''t TAB LB AMD POCKET 0^*11 rUATBB WARE, *>.. with which tbe Hate will romraance. Catalogue* early morning of aale. t k Auctioneer*. W OortUndt atreat. OT,? xIosll^lT1PU ** BAMm0BKTT^.{p^RHOLD oaRPBTS, HI^aAHTgR^W.>0LDp^|0R^ w BBOOATBL, wo"8 ^a?kVa,lmS^?o ROOMiJV*?52if Three beautiful aolld feaewoou . jwaei T*rfc. ?1*1 "?""7 Orn?m?QU. ? lection of Oil ftSTrtSohlaa ?ad PartanVaioa Parlor elann't Hrooatel and Lace OurtatnaTaAne eoL ?. -UtPaln tinge, Engraving*, large Mirrort and issssm;'?xs&?,<?,"lEm %&&?8SgigSk!&& E5SyiaBSSK?MS^sft pack <Jnd ?hlp good* for purohaaera on reaaonahte term*. a b Hnh be?r Kurap; Ohalrt. Table*. Ploluree, *Q i ?' lw S?jte?JrAJSSraJ p/rlodioally, to oloae con rtgnmonU. ?? SE%SS?| assr wt^s7?5%iSrvfes bsc deUera, Wer *"',0., Bmnro Ormolu dook. Vtewal Rrench l.lne r.ugravin^. stool, Cover. W*3W?H?. %t^*Va?s rortc.voiKi. wtinn* nurwAU". yiv ? Hair burins SSSE2.T. ?>?*"? TS'&TXrc',^^ spoon": To'let S?te, T;bl?-,, t?T Rrrvlce Cake Baaketa SSKfSS thetr aalenroom. 37 X? T1KMJ. "rraBMA. AUCTUINRER ?SS&teK?fiS momlug of aale. ... E^BLmKtYr&T^^^ t one 1 g^s*STSHS^VnS^-31 au ^^^^KD'VoMBaOEl AUCTIOMBBR. BBONERS. CLOAKS. OROUPKS, STATUBTTRR. ConMnuaUeat aale thle day, a* 11 o-o oak. at Na. 60 Liberty fttrcMt. - I BdwIbd whbmdk. ATOOTJW Br EDWARD BOHBNtHLea Salurdaf,?*th tnat, at on* O'SJAWVBSKf .'me. ftTaX*^ bfert aadTv'; i^tod aid ktnd:*aeveo yearn poaliire, without rt-aarre. ? nvURNITURR RALM^L ^?LK A^:?T^NKK?-?-ATUlR; Oarpeta. elegant PJoMnga. Ac. Sale poalUve. 55SISV.V LEAVIT f, STBLBB10M^w>f TTKNBY D. MINKR. APCTIONRKA 8AI.H or llORHRS, CABRIAOM. IIARMRSS. AC.. ? EABT ro,LRT15.iN?riu^\it NKAK AfKNUK. ReanUr aale* ?l I ul< ? P"*^* alablaa arery Tueaday. H RNRY D MINRK. AUL'TIOYRRR?RALESROOM 27 Mtltu atrert, nppoalte thn Poat ofllor SALE KIIKPPIKLD PLATBOWARE. CUTLERY. EC., AC. MINER A ROMRKVILLR will aaU at aurUon. Frldap and Saturday Not. 0 aad M. at Id)* o'rlock aaoA dap, RINR RHRTriRI.I> PLATKD WARE, OUTI.RRT, AO.. bring thr Importation of thn writ known h'.unr of Hhrphnr.t A da. of Rbrflml.l. Kaalaad, and eomprtalna, In^rt t.'oSm nntlTna I!rn, Salmon, Ronp and Ojratrr lltahra. wlna Cons* Irm, Caalon. Ratiora Tomon. I'lrkic and P.** Htanda, Sal ram, Kpnrgnoa, Dun Tablr CuUorp, In aria and In mahofanp H BNKY It. MINER, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 27 Naaa m atrrnt, oppuailr thn Poat o.'lion. important sale or valuable diamond dxvr. F.I.KV, WATCHER, AO.. for account of whom It map onnrnm, to pap ndranoea, aad thla wlU be thr flnai noting to partlna latercatad. MINER A ?OMRRTll.t.h will aell at atirtlon Saturday, Not. 24, al I o'clock, at thrlr aalcaroont, XI Naaaan o'root, taluahle Diamond Jowrhp. Watrhna. An., aafoUowa ? A 12-0lonc Diamond Pin: prrfrct atonna: arrp Ana. A T.aimin Diamond and Oarnrt Pin. (ton IS carat Hold Coapar Hunting Watnb. Una Our Hold iamrr Nirdln Hunting Walnh Ctnn finr Hold Mali |onrn Hunting'Wnlcb. (tnr flnr Hold Pruiaon Hunting Watch. One Ana Until Courvotalne Hunting Wakah Rlt flnr lioid Obalna A lot of Watch Kurapaaaant*. ALSO. A Wlldor'a rim aad Burg ar Proof Rafn HBNRV It MINStR, AUTIONKKK?SALESROOM ?7 Naaaau atmat, oii|?aRa tha Paat ollitn. HO I HIM ANO CAKRIAOKH AT AUCTION. rati;kdav, Nov. M. ?r miskk a homhrvillr, IN PROMT Qlf HAl.RHHOOM. NO. ST NASSAU STREET. RROULAR HORSE HAI.K DAYR. WKONRRDAT AND SATURDAY. Mnaara Ml>KB A KOMKKYII.LB offor nnaurpaaard adranlagra In In-atAm, cipert-nec aad baataraa rapacity to partlna w taking t . bop or dnolrlng to aall llorana. l arrlagn or anything pertaining t" the horar hualnaaa. HRNRY II. I.RBDN. AIH TIONKKB HKNRY H. LEBER A MINRK will aatl at aonUoa on f rldaT. Not A at Ma'alaek. al tha priraia ataMta. W Waal "'"uARtUAOKM. VIOTORIA MlARTON, CALAPIIB, hl.KMIIR. An., tIi ? A VICTORIA rHAKTON. parfactlr naw aad ?a?4 but a faw UTnaa: Irailt hp Hrrwatrr A Baldwin. of tfela city. A V I I.Ar IIK, parfactlp naw. uaad unlp thraa Umaa. aad barn bp R. M StDrra. of thla rite. T SINOLK SKAT ROAD WAOOK. with Pola aad shaft#, bp K. M. Rllrrra. A Blngla Saat lUaUh, nnbidatamd back aad aaat, with Pola aad Hhafta. 4*3 -a ?-' >. ?* ? A Ho ran Rlr'gh, with Pidn and Shifts, In good orddr. r Thr property of a gantlaaaan loaalng tor Europe. To ba mid without raeortr. HKNRY H. LBRDR, ACrnptRRR, HKNRY H. I.KKDR A MINRR WlU Ml bp auction, on Saturday. Not. M. al IS o'oloek, la front of thatr Hair# room. IS I Jon rip .tract, ? A DARK BROWN TROTTER, abool * Toapa old. H hando high. Can iraral la thran mlo utaa W?rmuiad aouad and kind. _________ TTRNRT II LRBDS, AUrnoNRRN 11 HRNRY II LMDS A MINRK win aril bp aartina. on Hntardnp. N?r. 24. al 11*4. at I hair aalaaroom. No Ml Lib "IfouRKHOLD FURNITURE. ronalaUng of gilt frntnr praarb TUir Plar nnd Rental Mlrroro; roaowoad aiwl blank walnut Satin la rrltnaoa hernial, carrrd hl.v? wain hi Libra. ry nott 1a grraa ropa. rnwwood and blackfwalani msri>)a top I'antra fabta, rarrad Nark wnlnat Rama and Hide InwrdA Rofna In haircloth, hLrk walnut Tnbl"?. r.,?rrad With grean ^|anr?, Dhaaa la h.irr Unh Ar an *aaorUa*at of lm|?iriad Tancr Omit, A' Alao, al tbo >*mr time and pl#ra, an etaralnr'a aale of now and Saaaad hand ilonllrman'a (Baehtag. HRNRT PR I.T* AN. A POTION RRR. AELLM THIS 4ap, at n Vel-mb. at ? hbarif airnat. ha Hiork and rtltnrr. of n I .agar Bear saloon. Rom ehaaoa. hair paal II.A In oao or morn lota ' HKNRT rELTMA*. AlCTIONREt ?RLI> THIR dir. at It o*Nurh. al 1TJ that afar on, Iba ratlra ?tooh of Boot* nod Mi ?? rontilimd |n th? ?imrr atom DaalrrtiaAd alorokaaprraara inrllr;, L?rga atooh. f BOIART, AUC TlONOgH _gATI'RDAT. NOV ?. ?) , at lOo elork. at th' p. ,m. No I sorth Wllllnin ?treat aaogn-o'a on ^ nf rntliaHto- k and ritturoo of a Hamhaat TatWP, MahBabrngnt, aaaMetlng of OhitA a. Loa To-miog. iT ACCnOB, TWIN u AUOTIONBEIL^l^uiL ?l ertj utreet.?Thi. iUjt, a?J? ??. (MB ?'"7 Home*, nu hinds, kind In single or doubltl MM close IX'h, shifting pauel, blue lined, wUh Harness, Ao. This le ? And vvMB fed ooaoh purpose* ey v -v Gray Horse, full Id bends, 9 fears; kind Id ell harness; a Bar coupe Horse, and fullr warranted. Kuan Horse, 16 bends, 6 rears eld; kind la eU harness; no ?eults; good drlrer: sold for went of use. Roan Mere, ISt{ hea ls, 7 years; kind In ell harne?s; freo *"M Tor want o| use. Also Heeeral other Horses. Also Harness, Robes, Blankets. The whole to be sold per emptor!!?. TBOGART-AUOTION flALK.-FANOT P >WLB. . Pigeons, Ducks, Ueese, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ac., at U o'olook on Frtdag, bore ruber II T HIXIART, AUCTIONEER.?SATURDAY, HOT. H * * North WiL Carpets. As. 6i el 1?l4 o'clock. at the auction rooms, No. 1 lam ftreet.e large stonk of Honmbold Puroiture, i Also, upe Horse, ffagoa and Harness. ?f JBWT8 B. WOOD, iAfOTlOHRKR -COMMlHAIONBRS* 1 Jpale of (Se De fi?M Relate. At Taylor's h .uil, ??. Chanrd place. Jdvpey City. wTuestUtr, November W. 16ML I at I o'olfck P. M., the toUoXtog vsluahie property, via)-. IsL The undivided Hgif porttrNl Of ? 76-100 acres of Hell I Meadow. on the Heokenssok rlviV, aaar the New .irk pladfc raid. Id. W 41400 aores of Half Meadow, on the Haokag sack river, adjoining Uuds of taalab and Edward Psvloffi, 61 16 66-ion sores of Halt Men low, etlualMl on pin Ham* creek and near the Brie Rati war. About *4 mwsA OpUnd end Cedar xwaiup, on the Peterson pUnk road, at waive town. 6th. The undlrlded half of 61 S3 100 acres ef Upland on the Dallptewa road, near the village of GatSa* berg. New Jersey. "PAWNBROKER'S HA 1.8 THIS DAT.?JAMES AOAB ? will eell at 69 New r Bowery, at 11 o'clock, 160 lou of Mams Clothlnr: at II o'eleok, 660 Iota of Dresses, .Shawls, Claaka Sheets, guilts, Blsnksts, Beds. Pillows. Boots. Sho^majK , flhOM ml other desirable goods "well worthy the attention of r and housekeepers. By order of J. S. PHILLIPS, 66 Catharine i R. It. ROLLINS A CO.. AUCTION ERRS?WILL SKA thle dtf, at I o'clock, at 46) Canal street, a lot af aasr and second kind Furniture, 10 Carpets, Brussels, Ingrain and others; Oilcloth, Matting, Pier and Bar Mirrors, Demtaffi and Laoe Curtain*, walnut tad mahogany Parlor Suits, la reps; Ienamelled Chamber Holts; one rosewood 7H ontaag Piano, In complete order: Bureaus. Waahstsnds, Wsrdrshss Bookcases. Hsuiandt, Btsg-res. B?dstesd', Tables, t'hura, hair, husk and straw Mattresses: Paillasses Feather Bods, Bolsters and Pillows; Blanket* Sheets, Comforters, Pfflew Cases, Stoves, silver Plated and Ohlnaware, one LsdUs* sidesaddle, 10Hewing Maehme*. manufactured "by Wneelar A Wilson. Lester. Harthotf and others; also, one One Bubs way Coach, In good order. RECEIVER'S SALE.? BENJAMIN P. FAlRCUTLBk aunttonerv, will aell on Friday, November 22. 1666. eft o'olock In the afternoon at 249, 210. 261 and 261 Pulton ana Vet, the shove we'l no v-> Or-t-r "lads, together with Wg tuns, Stock and Oood Will of the came. By order of HERf J . MURRAY, U-ceivr RIOHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER?MORTOAOB sale?WIU tell this d,iy (Friday), at 10 o'clock, a ?K Washlogton street, a large and general assortment of Ma chinery u-ed for minu'aeturtng n-per oo'l?r\ ten Snt'a Shafting, Hanger's Pulleys, two Horses, three Coal Carts, Harness, An. JOSEPH OORNBLL, Attorney for Mortgage*. SHERIFF'S HALS DRY HOODS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHS, CASSTMBRBS. RICHARD WAT.TRRS, ATCTIONRER. By virtue of eeveral attachments and bv order of the Ben. George (). Bernard, one o' the Justice* of the Supreme Court. I will expose to tale at public vendue on Mondav. Mia 26th day of November. 1666. at II o'olock In the forenoon, el No. 64 Leonard street, a large qunntltv of Domestic Goods, Hoaierr. Cloves, Linen*. Toweling!) Flannels, Wool lens, Yarns. Cloths. Ca*slni?re*, Satinets, Ac. Also tba Store Piitur-s, Office Furniture, and one large Iron -utfe D ited New York. Nov. 32, 1386. JOHN KBLLV JOHN MoKkon. Deputy. Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALR.-RICIIARD WALTERS, AUCTION, eer will sell this day (Frldav), m II o'einok the Parol ture and Fixtures of the Tontlue Saloon corner of Bro-dwap and Howard street. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff Thomas Don lav. Deputy. SHERIFF'S SALF, -RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTHW NT, will sell this day (Friday), el 11 o'clock, at 46 aad 61 I'ark place, a quantity of Offloe Furniture, Bare, Ae. Thomas 11. Vaunts, Deputy. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. SOOT PS PHILADELPHIA ART GALLERY, l.OJO CHESTNUT STRKBT. Consignments of Works of Art. Fancy Goods, Silver Plated Ware, Ac., respeelfully solicited. B. SCOTT, Ja., Auctioneer. WIO BP. SOLI) ON ACCOUNT OF WIIOM IT MAT COM oorn. by BlfKDRTT. JONES A CO.. at their aaleereem*. 1(19 Well strsrt on Friday, 231 Inst, st 1014 n'clnnk a tar** I d of Gents' Clothing, Under Wear, Hosiery, Hoarfs, N ilHsa Breakfast Hhiwla Balmoral Hklrts, Bend Bracelets, Chffim Toys, Ac. Also a Urge lot of GenU' and Ladles' Hate. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, SELLS, THI8 DAT. at 2 o'clock, at 461 Oannl street. 3 tine Parlor Suits In haircloth, hrooslel and reps* French Plate, Pier aod Mantel Glasses; Buunres, Bookcases, Sofas. Sofa Bedsteads, Lounrea. Rocking and other Chairs; Chamber Sulla, In Msek walnuk mahogany and enamelled; fine Hair and other MM. trnsana, large Fealher Beds. BUnkets, Spread*. I.luen Sheets; China. Glass and Hllrer Plated Ware; nvervlhlng for h*urn keeping. Also 76 Sun Velvet, Tapestry and other OarpeU 44 TH AUCTION SALS 40,060 TONS SCRANTOk GOAL % 16m. ON TUESDAY, NOT. I7TH, NawYong Nor IB UK The Deis ware, LsckAwsnna and Western Riltrnsd Cue*, tuiny will sell by Nees-e. JOHN II DRtPKR A CO.. asm tloneers. st the company's salesroom, X E'Change pis as, corner of William street. New York, an Tuesday, Novamfea* II, at twelve o'olook. noon, A) 610 TONS of fresh mined Goal, from the Lackawanna regions, of Mm usual sites, del ir era tile at thslr depot, Eliza be thport, N. J, durlag tha month of Deoember nest. Taana?fifty cents ner ton. payable In currant fssfcw the day nl sab, and the haUnca, wlthta tqa days Uunsfbs, at Mw offiee of the eompaay. JOHN BRISBIN, MiM Bis ANBOll. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY. PURSUING HER 8TUDIKL desires the eempanUnsklp of a redue-l young lag* af about bar owa age aad similar or kindred pu-salts. ? ?h.irs her room* and expenses, which are moderate; unsa, ceptionsbia references given aad raqulrad. Addreas lis*, dent, station O Post offiea. A GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICBR DP ROOT* Shoe* and Trunks at IRWIM'S cheap store, SOB Bowery, corner Bond street (fer this moath onlrl. The stock wMIM avid at a reduotioa af 16 per cent. Cut thU out. CIBLLAR RAILWAY WANTBD-A OOOD INCLINBff ' Railway, wtlh Track. Address RlevsUir, bog U HasuU office, slating terms. Dumping ground wahted-pob rtablr ma nure, near the doeks er bulkheads. Address Hmiaff Marsh. Adams Kspress Subles, Mating particular*. 17KB' PATENT LAMPS?PARIS, I'M".?WISIIINO *? nttociate With ua practical builnena mm with capital fne the etenaum of ur bualneta abroad, <ra offer for laala puM par'v *t our European Palaala, and Inrlto rlaltora lotto 1'nrta go xilloti >f ISB7 (where l av baa been allotted aa* la (amino our ImnroreaeenU. and lha InduoomooU for hnalnaaa. In which pleaaure and profit mar br .-ombtnnC Call, oraead for olroular. JULIUdlYud* Cn.WMalta lano, N.TT LAW.?CORNELIUS BUR LINO, COUNSELLOR AT law.>4 Dunne. near Chatham atreet All law n all OOP, rlalma, diroreea, An., proaeculed or del ended. Mo charge for aiaiuinaUoo of oaae. OTSTKRH. OTSTKRS, OYSTERS.-WHOLRRAI.B All ratall, at lha Virginia Oyater Depot, 120 Wnat atraah No* Turk. Wo reepertfuUy ao ielt tlt? trade. Ulrn ua a naO and ana for youraelrca. Oratera diraet lham Virginia every da* Opened or in the ahrll PlcUrd ojratora aaa atantlr on band fur (Sty or country trade 8 J. Mot'I,TOR. J 0. LA RUE. PnOTOORAPHIO I'RINTISO DOER POR THR TRAM very cheap Carda $3S per l.flM; larger alia at aaoaa reduction, and ararraalod to (Ira aaliafnction, at N t 'hatha* street. UIH4IRATI8M ASD NBURALOIA -8PPFBRBR fifteen yeera, Aldenaan Joaeph l onlr l'hllade pbm, cured bp Or Pltler'c Rheumatic Remedy. Oure warranted or money returned. Hold bp prlnetpal Saw York 11 a|I law rPAWNBROKRRs.?wasted to but. a pawr bruker'a Shop, n ? c"d .ocallon, and well parlnn buat naaa. 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