Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1866 Page 5
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E UBOP E. SpecialTelegramstothe New York Herald. NEWS TO NOVEMBER 21. Join H. Surratt, the Lincoln Assassin, Barring in the Papal Army. HIS A&BESf AND ESCAPE. Tike King of Prussia to the Pope. All AUSTBIAN APPEAL TO HUNGARY* THE LINCOLN ASSASSINS. SPECIAL TELE6RAS TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. J. H. garrtlti th. Lincoln AimmIi, Arrested Id th* Zouaves. Romp, Nov. IS, lefla. John H. Surratt, tbe allseed accomplice la the assasst aattoa plot and murder of President Lincoln, baa been lound serving la tbe ranks or the Papal Zouaves. He was enrolled under the nam# of John Wataon, and was arrested on demand or Oeaeral King, the United States Minister. When undJr arraat and bolng conveyed to prison, Bniratt ran 'row tns guard, leaped over a precipce, and oaoapsd Into tbe territory or tbe kingdom or Italy. Tho Italian authorise* are on tba alert to secure bis recap ? turn. THE ROMAN QUESTION. SPECIAL TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. The Kin* of Primula Oder* to Protect the Pope. Madbiii, Nov. 21, 1*60. The Ktndard newspaper of this day's date says that the King of Prussia has written a letter to the Pope offering htm protection. f ENOIAND. The Veiled Ntairs Naval Seizure*. London, Nov. 21, 1HM. Lord Stanley, In reply to a letter in regard to the shlpeaetzed by the United States government, point* out that no arrangement can be mad* to consider such . A Sneer at United State* Securities. 'The London Tim**, in an aditorlal this morning, saya that, although the federal Secretary of the Treasury be tleree that the bonds of Urs United States will be paid in gpl^ U would bo better If Congress would secure such payment by law. The Rnppnhnnnwck Crtae. London, Nov. 21, 1*66. The Admiralty Court In the case of the Rappahauuock hue ordered the representatives of the United mates gov ernment to give security In the suit where they are plaintiff*. The Reform Agitation. A grand reform nanqnet took place at Mansheeter last night, M which Mr. Bright uada a powerful speech. THE MEXiCANJUESTION. The Termination wf the Kmplre Reported In France. Pants, Nov. 21?Evening. It la sold that the French government has rec tved news that the rule of Maximilian la virtually at an end, and It la farther reported that the government has or dered the shipment of storm to Mexico to be stopped. H U N 8 A NT. Imperial Awotrlan Mtseage t# the IMet. Pura, Nov. 21, 166* The Hungarian Diet met to-day. The Imperial reesrlpt was received and read. It deelarm that If the Diet win remove ibe difficulties la lb* way of unity n Hungarian Minletry will b* appointed, and the autonomy of Hungary will be re established. THE CANDIAN REVOLUTION. Ne Anbmlealea to Tnrker. I.* 'noon, Nor. 21, 1666. Advices from Crete state that the Cretan Assembly deny the report that they have submitted to the Turks. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. The Leaden Xeeev Market. LoeoQM, Nov 21, 1666 Console for meeey ere quoted to-day at Mis', i anaaicAN sacinirme. The following are the current quotations of Atner nailed Statee flvedwonUoe 7<>\ Illinois Central aharee. Tejj Erie Ralway ebaree Mis? IxiNDoN, Nov. 21?Evening. Console Closed to-dav at K0i(, for money aaaaiosN ?orcamaa. United State* flve-tweotlae 70', I!Knots Central shares T6?% Erie Railway share* M The Liverpool Cotton Market. LtvsnrooL, Nov. 21, 1646 The cotton market to-day a unchanged. Mlddilag uplands are quoted at lid. The raise to-day will probably reeeh 10 000 balsa. Liverpool Breadstuff* .Market. Livani-.*)!, Nov. 21, 1646 The breadstuff, market Is firm, at an advance Wheat is qeetad at Ma 94. Ltvaaroot, Nov. 81?Evening. The bvmdstnffk market closed firmer Liverpool Frovlolooe Market. . Llvenroot., Nov 21, 1666. The emrket for provtmooa is oasior. Pork ha* * down ward teu deary. Livmroni, Nov 31?F-vsnlng. Provision. have a docllalag tendency lard la active MARINE INTELLIGENCE. Disaster at New. Arvwoar, Nov 21, 166# The schooner bleed Home, Riohmond (.), for the K u Oread*. *u repaired, on Oct. A Hot crow wars takoa off sad brought to this port. Arrivals Out. Qrsiserows, Nov. 21- Kvenlug The steamship City of Manchester, (Vim v#w York Ne limbs I T. touched at this port this afternoon and 1 on her way to Liverpool. Ht'trraaarroo, Nov. 21?Evening, kip Ileutarhlaad, which left >'??? Tor* r Id, has arrived at this port. FRENCH RIFLOMACY IN AMERICA. Nnpoloew'e Chang* of Mia latrr la Waob laglea. Bf ea Imperial decree dated at St Cloud, Sd, 1666 the IMIowiag changes, among ethers, are made in the French diplomatic corps ? A anna 2 The Mnrqnia de Moniholon. our Envoy Extraordinary and Miaietor Plealpoicatiary near the Halted States of America, Is appnlnied as our Kit or Extraordinary aed tttelator Plenipotentiary car hie MeMty lb* Ele'd of Portagel, n p ara of M So iree, J^pmoted *e oar Ambaaaadur sear bw ImpeiinJ Majesty AM A It Berthemv. oar Envoy Extraordinary. A'., ?tar the Estperor of (bins, it appoieted as our En. r tttrnord ipary and M nlster PI so i potest lory eeer lb# 7aM*d lMM*e *f Anter ra. la p ar# of M le M.ran'e le *""* ~|ed ea ear Envoy Extraordinary, So. Le King of PortogaL AMU8EMENT3. Kletorl'n Benefit anrf I.nat Appenmuce lu Iraatba. tint Madame Rlstori would make ber laat appearance lu Brooklyn would In liaalf be suffl olent *.< utlve tc draw a full houae, but when to tbi* wae added that Ute performance waa a benefit to tbe great tragedienne, It la not aurprlalng tbat a magnificent audience aaaamblatl In Ute Academy of Muaio laat even lug. Madame Rlatorl, evidently anxious to oompllment ber boat of frtenda In Brooklyn, aelected for tbe occasion of ber benefit and farewell performance Elisabeth, con fessedly the piece In wbloh she haa gained bet chief triumph. The door* of tbe Aeademy were thrown open a little before tbe usual time, no doubt to give ad mission at once from tbe oeid and damp even ing air to tbe warm Interior of tbe building to number* who so early arrived to make sure of aucb seate as were not already secured. Tbe curtain ?ubeeqnently reae before a most brilliant audlanoe, tbe stalls, parquet and circle presenting a brilliant array of tbe wealth, faabton and baauty of Brooklya?tbe ladles, notwithstanding the oold and threatening evening, ap pearing In tba richest and most attractive toilets, as tr anxious to present In this graceful manner n souvenir aa gratifying to the fair benqflclary as tbat whioh marked their appreciation of her talent daring her previous per ormance In giving the largest night's proceeds that aver went into her tbrotricnl treasurer's ooffbm. With this accordance between tbe great aotrem and her audience the performance could not fati to be a incense. Madame Ristori nevar looked or acted better, and an ebe wan most ably supportad throughout, tbe audience felt on leaving tbe building tbat they bad enjoyed a rich intellectual treat. Rlstori was called to tba front at the close of each act to receive tbe acknowledgmeata of her delighted audlenoe, and again aftar the closing scene, at which time tbe euthuatasm of the audience was manifested in a manner not olten witnessed In Brooklyn. aisTosi's raiwni. smew. When celled In front of the curtain on Ibe last oc casion, all sweet emllee and graceful bowe, expressive of tbe deepeit grant!- etlon, Madame Rlil srf, amid breath Inge silence, spoke ber larewel! address In a few English words as follows ? " Ladies and Gentlemen?I w ish I could thank you. 1 i have tbe will, but not tbe words." This simple and touching sentiment waa greeted In tbe warmeet manner, all conceding that iu manner and worde nothing could exceed lis appropriateness. Last evening waa the sovutith appearance or Madame Rlatorl, the administration receiving over i'iO.OOO for tbe seven performances given since her debut to ber lest night's exit. ngstrrr ov nurrom m risw tokk to-wioht. No lover of dramatic art In its highest nnd grandest form should miss the laat ulght of llio gnat tragedienne, RIStOCi, in her celebraled character of Medea and the equally celebrated sleep, walking -eenn In Macbeth. Such attractions, added to tbe fact that it is her benefit, cannot fall toemwd the French tlientte tonight. To morrow the farewell matlhfo will take place. Mary Stuart will be given. Byoadwey Theatre Mr. Cbnrlea Dillon' Kbylock. Tbe remarks made in respect to Mr. Dawlson's Shy lock, during bis engagement at tbe Stadt theatre, are particularly applicable to Mr. Dillon's ooncepilon and representation. Mr. Dawlson's rendering was line and subtle. Mr. Dillon's Is strong and, on the who e, to our mind, trap pnnonct. Both fall, In our Judgment, to ap preciate or comprehend tbe character of the Jew aa Sliakspero drew blu. They give too inueb prominence to his pernoual wrong and Individual vindiotlvenese, leaving oat of eight the hatred be full fur the Cbrlstiaua because of tba persecutions bis rsoo bad so long and patiently endured. They do not invest Sbylock with sufficient dignity or poetry, especially Mr. Dillon, who omits almost entirely tbe latter element. In his bauds tbe Jew appears merely a crafty, cruel, e.on savage usurer, whose only purpose In lending Antonio money waa to gratify peraewnl revenge by cutting the much coveted pound of flesh from Uie unfortunate merchant s breast. Of the largeness, tbe generous wrath, the long-smouldering betted Inherited from his ances tor* there Is no trace In Mr. Dillon's Shylock. It is limply a fierce lust lor blood; a wild, brutal craving to cut tbe life out of the men who bad grossly insulted and spat upon him on the Rlalto. No one would imngino his Jew had Motived other then a personal wrong, ordbat be bad ought behind bis own experiences to urge him to vengeance. Dun wonder* almost why be does not take tba offered ducats by Bassanfo, so sordid and small and mean ba makes bitn; Intend or the life -if his detested foe. There seems no part ol Venice or of - hakapere In tbe character we aaw last evening, unlet?* tbe City of the ben be bounded by Nrusau street and Chut ham square, and the greet post the opposite of what we have ever believed him Jto otitic nU 4 right to quarrel with an artist's conception; and we do not wub Mr. Dillon's No doubt be baa given It lung end conscientious study, and baa (aMsUed himself tbat be le correct in the understanding af it. Unquestionably ba ha* reasons lor the faith tbat la In bin, aa we have fur that wblcb ta I* us. Bnt crit cs must ba absolute for proper efleel, and enact the intellectual Jove, unlees tb?y would lose ell Influence by being ranked with tbe loa-or Hods, admit ted only by i curtesy to tbe loftiest place - on (Mjtnpus Mr. Dillon's rendering wae often exiremly good, and hi* readings and ? business" at tiroes new and striking. He was very natural la certain scenes, and quite aa artl octal In others In a word, bis Impersonation ??. made np of tbe excellencies snd defects w* here bed occasion to mention In other of bis rA si Where we liked least be sometimes gained th? most applause; and gen erally Ins audience seemed vallsfied writ, bis playing of the very dlfllcult part. Tine Sbylockt aro as rate as saturnine Hibernians. We las our mind In vain for una supremely good, utiles* it t* that of Marready, whom we remember gtat fully In the fiesb years, when neither the drams n->r life had lost Its Illusion.-. Mr. Dillon's It superior to that of most actor* we have **?ii. It In not at all stereotyped, if 1ml though a trills muscular, and boar* no evidence of tatlon. There is little que.'.on he la In tb? right path to a higher success than he has yet achieved. JMe leek* completeness and symmetry He ha* carvedTm* side of the staiue to fair proportions, aid is working indus triously at the other Ww ?i-h him good *|n?M. and the einy gathering of all II * laurel* lie h?* ambitiously and earneetly and most laudably sought to win. lite facial expression and byplay in the trial scene, a t r the aaiiouucnniont of the furled'.re of li s ceistn ud'ed, alibis anting from tbsl time until hi* exit adi-ap pointed, heart-broken old man ?were worthy of nil admi ration. Tba bitter, spirit > rushed, singularly pathet.c manner In which lie gave the words, "I am rontented," we shall long rememt>*r. Its vivldn?- and ette-1 were worthy of any living artist. It was one of tbo-e fnllcll ou* elfurta of Mr. Dillon which make him seein Ibn po* ?teasor of posl'lve genius He was called nut null warmly applauded at tba el *e of t'.e pity by an n idi ence that was not half so large as bis of ttliy iov-k des rved ThMlrr PruiriU /nrnpn. Tba second performance of Harold'* aork draw ? <t?ry large eudisor* to th* t rmctj theatr* last a gbl. Is lb* bearlaet and moat taitng opera thai Mr. Julgnet's aaoailMt company bar* attempted lb la ????? >B, and their shortcoming* nay he attributed only u> tba nature of tbe music, wblcb approaches nearly the gmud opera, tad la therefore uuaulted for Opera I umh|U# art.eta Ht II tbe work waa, with on* eiception, mry ?reditably siren, and both cborue and urrbeatra displayed nawnated pow ers. Tbe orchestra *u admirably led by M I'redigani At times the dashing music of the ar.ore ?sprod tbe mi ?Irlaae to neb an extent that tliee miwali il ited the power 'if the yotcee and left tbem completely la tba ehada. Tbe elolina. la particular Worked with a vim that showed they caught ilia ap.rtt of tha com poaer, bat uaf< nune'ely tbay foig it at tba seme time tba calibre of tba turn they accompanied. Ttils waa plaloly discernible a tbn drink ng sua* of tba Br*t act, tba rame subject that 'OluP-vuee-. tbe "veriur", aad la Alpbuaaa'a reuicnetrenee w'tb Lie betrothed iu tba oad act. The soioae ware eltauat Irvwue-l by the orchestra 6f the "Ji'ifulM. Al '?V"1" ?0'1 a. wetur / ware the heet W# frayAF fof wnrtan's *o re* that eommaanee tbe ear- ad act wee Moaul'Hluus aad too loud. Coining from the Ooiblo chapel. we t to ba ring with rallgtoua ferver end so toned feei.rjprsi- ad of bang nawled ont at tba top of the mice The seme fault waa dlsrarntbie la tba serenade la the third act Mils Noddle dee"r?e# mu< b credit for her eiqulelte yoealliatloa to tbe musk of bar rdf* ehetn'gbtas well, bowerer, hare tbe mansion!* tree death e?? 10 /. tfricutoe or I.ucr na Borgia for her style "f rolce as '/.srrpe Mile. Laoreetto te always "barn og la vlca ?til toUNt ab'l "M rjrtKtjigxgr ?o last *i?n mg lie Harm mi, <4 IP* an*1 between Camilla and Alphnwea, sang wllb more flea and a?eo breadth aa well as iir'tr of time, 'bM }| S ? VI heard him lufntw uf tha other ? rurai tare ?! lo JI commend M Mgard aea capttg' hullosinger Tbe areas la wbkli he flret mekee Ms sppug'rnre eflef hie laier e|ew with tba torr Me unknown oh b<e "*T h*rk from Meiatso, was eicaliatit. Tbe fright of pd?F i>?u4,ol<> snd hi* m'ohereat etplsnatioaa to f'aranie *ad hits ere pic tured l>y Her lid la ludl' louahut Sue1 claiming mere To the trembling "porlei feu" snd ">*frnyrwe,' r?|rai?-d rapidly end la tones of isalten -r, ere joined the erher reioee m a eliaage, mysterious dlword, which prod, e a 'guelat end powerful effkc.l MM Airnend and Cb d a'ed wall hut *ang indifferer.Uy lore was, an lbs wbola. a marked improvement le every ??"p#ct oyer tie flret a gbl, aad as hey# no d >nM S rt that at tha third r*f.ra**ototioa af /Acape many of th* rough potato will be smoothed dowa sad tbe opera glsue la a meaner worthy of U. It wtll he firm el tbe Brooklyn Arvl ew?y of Marc this evening and we wowH advlaa retr friends over tba water aeM to neglect rhre pt-riur ifr of hearing one of tba aoet bw> tiu eject* -? tt ? free t School Nledt Thei.rrr, One of tha iti-eN popular paces >f tt.e bcrrian lanf.sge was pMdurad U*t a gbt at Oi'a lh"?tre ?nd wee da. ?ervedly rwrlyad with ea-lnrataeoi It wee " l?le Ma* cbloenhauar, by Wslraaet, which abound i w th eonge end de rices, just en ted .o strife a hearty laugh end afford a pleaeaat ermlog'e eaierainmeat Oaa medley chores, rinsing with the celebrafd Mborfy chorua from Fidelia mm particularly well et? utad, aad well merited tbe hearty appiaun# a.corded u> ft The cast waa very iarg* Among tba n oet yrcoi oral cbaractera waa Rdward Thompson a rmug A atari aa Impersonated br k? fiwa, who reedered it wan, wnh tba etoepuwa a at be lercaatowaily forget tbe bageb as cento r.oceasary to render It <'omte. Mr. Hengtna sang several ?udk?, tu which be waa enoored, and (be earns compliment wax paid to Madame Zirbonl, who saug a medley very fairly, although her voice la not sufflcleoUy power, ul to ull the theatre. THulin Tbrntro. TfuatorigueAa Mudien waa given at tbia theatre laat nlgbt. The two moat prominent character* to the piece are two atudeula at a university, who were lmperaonated by Messrs. Lobtnaan and Penner. The former waa quite In bla element, aa auch a part maat be given quite natur ally. Mr. Penner, however, moved aa If be were on wlree; but graoe never waa hia attribute. Mlaa Pell menu did ber weeping well, and If an ocraalunal amlle interrupted the even tenor of her feelings, It must be aeorlbed to an overflow of amiability. Mr. Ablfeldt, aa Kallnaky. a college fag, played well and raiiaved the monotony of tba piece by bla oomlc eoncepttou of tba role. Howlry'e .Illustrate. Notwithstanding a vary unpromising and forbidding evening for enjoyment out of door*, Hooley'a neat and attraotlva Utile Opera House and tba well appreciated atnuaementa to be enjoyed there bronght together an audience that left no apart room. An eccellent pro gramme for the minstrels, luteraperaad with favorite songa by popular artlala of tba company, followed by tba ueusi comic banjo solo, medley clog dance, waa suc ceeded by tba aftarplace. The Black Man wltb the Blaok Bag, whteb has become vary popular and protniuea to have quite a run. -r?? Ntttlwaal Hall. Harle i of tdaCoT The doom ol tTiTe fjofldlbf waff throws open to tbd public last evening for tba flrat time. The hall, which la capable of holding about an hundred parsons, baa n vary obaate appearance, the coloring both of walla and calling being very neat and tasty. Tbo only fault which can found with the room In the unusual lowuaaa of Its celling, owing to which Its acoustic capabilities are of anything but lint rata order. The in augural concert given last evening was well attended Tba programme waa a very attractive one to all lovera of operatic mualc, containing, as It did, many gems of tbat peculiar class of harmony. Madame Oaszanlga sang wltb ber ueual brilliancy tba ar'.a "Cum* * BtUo," (rout hucreila Borg.e, and"AAf Mm F1U" trum M.-yoibocr'a 1'rophet. Both pieces were received wltb rapturous sp plauae and secured encore*. Madams (Jaszatilga was Is capital voice, her flnt song giving full play to Its great compass, and tba rendering displaying to the fullest eitent this artiste a superior vocal power. Plgnor l.luibrrll sang with considerable eipreaalon, but now and then fell Into almost too ve hement a style, at any rate, considering the amalln<un of the room and stag.'. Mr. J. K. Thomas gave "Beautiful Isle of the Hon" and "Simon, the Cellarer" in good style. I'bc latter was, so far as the audience eiprrseod j themselves, decidedly the pijrrdr i Siitianc* of the even ing. Messrs. Pense end Colby gained a well deserved encore to their duet fur two pianos, iu also did Wgnor (iarlboldl to Hollnr'g "Exile." The audience might have boen larger, but could not certainly have been moro appreciative and ileinoumrailva. MEXICO. Departure of a I.lbernl Force from rhlhualiua to Attack Diirungo, ?Vc. Has F'ham umio, Nov. 22, HUM. A letter from President Juarez to tbe Mexican < miaul In tbta city, dated < blhuabua. October IS, saya oeueral Arands left El I'anas to form a Junction with Uoncral Ac.eza and attack Purango, which waa supposed to have been evacuated by tbe French and garrisoned l>y Moxl can Imp rlslleta only. I.ulle reslstatve was experlnced. Juarez pardoned two traitors named Knriquez and Alonzo, but bad refused to pardon Corranza end Men-* doru, wbo were executed. Tliey wore held ra ponalble for crimes committed while Chihuahua was under Impe rial rule. liensral Vega Reported that ao a Traitor by Order uf Corona. Ham KHxanaoo, Nov. 22, 1SM It la rumored tbat Oeneral Vega, who went to Mexico ostensibly to aselet < oroua, was really employed by Ortaga, sad having disobeyed J nereis orders waa shot aa a traitor by order of Corona. AMERICAN FREEOMEN't UNION Pnbllr MeMlng la PMIadelphla of the Pens. avlvaala Hranrb Addreea of Chief J eat loo Chaas. P1n1.an1u.rn14, Nov 22, IWd. Tbla evening the Pennsylvania Branch of tbe Am rimn Freedmen'a Colon Commission hold a public meeting at tba Academy of Mualc. Cblef Justice Chase presided, and on taking (he chair expressed bla gratification at the opportunity In teat fy hi* beany approval of the work. There la no Internet tu tbe land which can be in any way Injured by the work ef tbe Codhnlulon. There la no interest In the laud wblob will not be promoted and aided by ibis movent at. The speaker then tiacod lb# origin of Uie organization, commencing with tbe flret agent asm by die Treasury Depsrtment to tba Hea Islands, and continuing until Congress bad established the Freedmen'a Bureau, In order to aaalat tbe voluntary efforts of the people of the North, wbe had taken hold of tbe work. Tno part of true statesmanship la to roenect as far aa practicable tba work of the government with the voluntary so'tvu of tbe people, and one of tbe m->at Interesting feature of this work, la Ib t Introduction of tbla principle Ibe speaker bad always taken a deep later*#! In tbe cause. Hie Commit .ion waa endeavoring to carry on a work beg n by lb# government, and striving to carry the blsaelaga of edu> atloa to every person m tbo Booth wbo la willing to receive them Kdu ated and a'.bied labor w.ll Ira ten times moie vah'abie to the community then tbe uneducated. Tho work mill also ?*< ?t ua In the eeitlemonl of the diincultlea which now agnate lbs country. Referring ?o lbs propo* d amendment to tbo c-.n-til-Hon Justice Cbasn -"A more generou-, a more merttful pro|<oetlion was aever mad- to a people who lave been In rrlrciii .n than tbe amendment proposed Timer who denounced It si.mild glvn to tbe people aim h t, and luey will eons der It, notwithstanding tbe pawUon o< tbe hour, the Speekar hoped for the best Tbey would pass aw if. and then everything conn* led Willi tor .real ouoelloo of rnenoelroot<on will be calmly considered. But. lie added. I trust too, tbat tbe |>euple w.ll oover consent to any arTaogement which does not Insure a permanent peace. tranuuilllty, un on and the prnaper-ty of this land 'I lie sp<-ak?r was fre qu fitly applauded during hi. address The Rev I.vman Abia>tt was the next xpankcr, and referred to ti a necessity of educating tbe colored people of the fcootb. pi order to make Uiem useful not only to tbenwdvm but to Other*. Tbe Si.lioolhouMu. tr oat l<e erected throughout the South, and with Inlelllgecee will noma an Ipetaas ng demand for tbe products of tba land ; thus if anv motive waa needed to secure contr-butt. .a lowaida ins work tbe selflah motive was prv-aeui in the pr..?|-o- t e .ncreae ing the trade and coaaaaetaeuf tbe Nerth. f*be Vaula blanch of tbe Comm Melon ha*, during lb* pait year, supported J01 erlioola. wltb an attendance of S.O00 ? cb*'iars and over 780 teacher*, and has distributed about a half a million of auppllea. If tbe mntr.butlona are liberal the nnmaalaelon hope to In rrae-e the work t.eneral Howard, wbo wan present, made an addMes, romme.idlng tlie work and < (plaining the operation* or tbe Freedmen'a Bur an In conns ma with tb-se voluntary aaaociailona for tlir education a the blacks HWS fROR ISW ORUUS ARO TEXAS Probable lopmrhnral ol <?o*aroar Walla Troaimrtti ml lk? Prlaout-ro ol ihr Ifry Tor* lagan. Naw i)uu?, Sot T1 IWI It la rnaaorad la '?ooaarratlrn rrlflaa thai on tha uMPfuMloi ot lb* Laglaladira in January, an nlfnrt will ha mad* to iBipaa/ h floramor Widln for adnir -ptlng to aqbrgrt lh? Slat# gnrarnmant A ran daman juat arrived from tha Dry ToPugaa ra popl lliat lha J<r aopar* arf ?uh)?ct to aaaara traaimmt, and ll at Co ?ne! St. t-agar <?raaufnlit of M.<rgan'a aiad, lata of lb* Ur.llali urn;, ra uaar dralb Klaka'a dalaaaton /la/Mia, whmh aupportnd <ior?rtinra Hamilton. Hanw and Bali. and which r? atili dm organ of dm t ui'rfi party of Taiaa. ? ouma 'rut to-day In di*i,nci oppoall ua !<? uui' araal or g'inlillad oagro auTrnga Tha Tntaa atay law, approrad by tt.a Oornrnor, ra qqlrav pnymaol on all judgnmata raadarod befr.ra tba I at of January, IMT to ba uiaila in four annual Ina'aln.agia of onu foottii each fanatiir DonllUla rati mad to-lay from faiaa. ?? root# to Wanhinaton Ornrdl Rmmi'i la la lha oily on I atiOfl rial! THE CJ?T'TUT"!Ul ? ftfttirVCUtllftA LEC'UaTOM Raurioa, Hot K IBM tba <*nr aida'atma of tf>? '"naniuti nai am ndment wad ro-day aferrad lo a MM - *#?*.'"?" ?? ^b HouaM. from (la r ?mj !aa. >o of rba l,??ia'A?-. * '? ?? arl'iagt that lb# raliCrailon of lha amar lmaot Wh. ba r?)artad by a rota of at laaar oaf hundred and lofty da.! <* oaa bnbdrad and aaraat* s TCtlt KR'S CNHSTII* ASSCCU'iR CtlVEITlM. n>bnwoa% Hot B, IBM Tba Truag Mae a < i.rwtwt, aaauriaUoa Oawaatau ra#llnoad In aaaa -,a lo day Haaaliitlaaa way adopted dar taring IIrnir dtaapproral of any ralatatlon of tba ai!(t lag lagafeabaetb, and plrdging narni-ara of tba aaawri# tloa to atari lha> moat aaradM o*.rt? to pravaat nay n tarfaranoa with lha prraagt hundny law; urging I I p?<ia>, young man ibrougbout (ha land to urganiaa navK tad-ma in flllagaa, luwna and ? tllaa whara limy da not now a nag. Thny a ao pa?n? i ronoiathiaa aigmg all lo atari thatr a fl'tania aga-aal lha -ma of latoi. ai i.g 'iquora, and la d . mairagt da?' og, nard as l hllliarl ila/ng, aa having >n aail iaod?e y i3to?8T trqrwi, Hot U IWM 4 lomm'dlra atpmdal r n tl>a UaWi a Ha Iruad lo-day klUrg lha flrao ai uamad Martin. aal wounding tba ?, aaaa ad Harry ? the ajtut (i mff td w:? Haufal, Rot ?, 'WM Tba atanraaMp tlr a aailal at ?gkl o r <* laat aaan tag far Mow on. wuaia ana wld ba dot aar / w roarr.# ?aft I? NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONIDE. OUR FORTRESS MM8C_ CORRESPONDENCE Ka-(?inmtealwner Kckfrt OuM a Vlall to Jr#' l)?*b-l'iit?l?(M of Inquiries About the Ml at a Prisoner - Openlnq Mr salon of the Vlr ?tola Methodist Conference u4 tbe Boat neee A wait Ins lta Disposal. ruBTkkM Monona, Not. tl, 1800. Etch da y continues to brine numarout visitors to J off Parti. Among the lataat reported arrivals ere ei-Com miNalonnr Robert Ould end a niece of the atete prisoner. It la a noticeable, although hardly to be oonatdered a curious, fact tbaljmoet of hla rtaiiore atill apeak of him aa Praaldent Darin Oocaslenaliy, howerer, the uae or thla titular rank of Confederate tinea ealla out a sharp, aa well aa unexpected and amusing, rebuff. An Instance occurred thla morning, which I will relate ? " I wtah to see i*reeldeut Darts," asked a new arrival of a volunteer utlloer whose offics la outside the poet. " Will you be k'nd enough to show me where to apply for permission to aee him ?" '?There le no euoh man here, air," answered the officer, 41 as Preeideul Davla." " la It poaslbla 1" rejolnsd the stranger. "1 hare come a long way to aee him." " Well, dr. you will And no such person here now," was the pave response. " Uai he been releaeed on bail?" *' No." " Paroled?" "No." ?* rtntoiiM r" * "2 "No." "Ho i? not dead, ! hope," and this last question wag most hesitatingly put and with a most anxious look on the stranger's countenance. '? Not tbet I am aware of," was the ooel and unfeeling response "I can't understand rou. I beg you will mako your self Intelligible," Implored rattier than demanded the ?i ranger. "1 will do so," replied the officer, and a gleam of hope began to light up the stranger'* fhce. "There I* a man named Jefferson Davis, a government prisoner, ounflned In the fori You can we him by going '?

"Thank you, sir. You no?4 go no further, I will make my remaining inquiries elsewhere," and he strode a?ay with an Intensely Irate air, g:vlng the officer a parting look that would have accomplished bis immediate de molition If such pow r Iny In looks. vnu.ieia urraormrr c >*rritBvrm. The annual eeoelon of the Virginia Method'st f'on fereni n ms entered upon u>.day at theOrinby church, in Norfolk Of the ono huiidrsd and mors ministers eonitltuUng ths conference seventy three answered to their names at the opening of the anas on, and ibis n iml>or woe largely Increased by other arrivals during (he dnv. Illshop Pierce was chosen the presiding, end there were also In attendance Btehojw Early end Doggtt. Alter the tnlroduc'ory exercl-ei of csllini the roll, electing officers, read ng a portion o! the Bible, praver and alnglug, ? uiue the appointment of standing oomm tteea sud listening to tho rnpor s touch lux ciders. A i-ihkI portion ol tbe day's sea don was con sumed In this last butlnest. All the ministers, with one exception, gave their elder* good character*, mid litghlr oompl mauled tlielr Christian Isbors and seal durln-j lbs pa<t year The conduct of thle exceptional rider was character xed on Immoral, and the quasi ton wa. whether, having since expressed repeulance for his immorality, he could be a cop'ed assprl'. ate inembor Tho presiding Bishop decided that lie cculd, end ih a ended ilia mat tar. iter. Mr. Wills, of the Ailanil" district, referred rather acrimoniously to tun anp-armice in his district ul a ?Ubcont'iilUco from Philad Iphla. and alleged iliul, Mirouth their dissemination of Northern views, dts'uib tnces snd d s-ens'ous had occurred. As th a commltiea hud relumed wnuoce they came pmu e had been par tlally restored, and he hoped would coat liue so. Tho session lasted from nine A M til linl'-paal on" P. M.. ard it was arren ed to hold the session dally between these hours till the bus n wa before It was llni'lied Tho sessions will probab.v l? t ihrough the w -ek. On every evening there Is also to he preach tug in the two Method! ,t churches In ihe city The mn-t Important business expected to route up has rn'or uoe to the aduiiMlou of luy uietnbem, and chenginy the naina fmui limlmdlst Kpleeo|iel Church Houih in plan Methodist Epleoupul Church It will l>? rememheicd that these re< ummondation < wer i nisde at ths last iimst ii.g of Ilia (irueiul CoaftreniS Ihe add lion of the word outh to the name of the church orgsnissMon It will also be recotleoteil occurred, In 1X44 at th - time of the division ol the Northern and -outhern churches, growing out of uilferciines ol views on ths queenou of rlavrry At the pec eat time there are about one hun dred ami twenty chorcnea In Virginia but many of the ministers preach to as many as a doseu dil! rent rongre gatloua. Most are .n llourleiilng At the prev ent .-?ae on about one half the ministers will bo assign *4 lo new circuits During (he psat year there have been sig deaths of ministers, 1{*\. Wm M William-, Wni C. Bluui. Wui. H Dally, Alleu H Hsrnard, Kuhort -null and John K. Mciiin-eutl T'-e war lias not interfered with the annual inceilnvs of this ('-onferenre. Tba worst re suit of the war has be n Its eRecta on tbe financial toier esls of the Church, in dimiulatdng tin distribution of Bibles, tracts and t-abliaUi wbool b.s.ks sad mating more d lllcult pnymeut of aalar es to ruiaialent CONVENTION OF LIFE INSUHANCC COMPANIES. Am Urannlv.?tian Rltxriril A ( mntllalIon end Adopted i:l?rilu of Officer* fop Iho Knaulng Vrni, A r. TL ? (oureutliin of Llfo Insurance Cimpantee of tho l-'nltad Hiat-e* mot again yeaterdajr M the roouta of tha Chamber ol Commerce. In e-IUH ou to tho twenty 0 o cotupnnlet r-pre-innied day before yo.iorJay iho billow ing eoro reported o? in awnpa'liy or repreauulod ymtor day ?Connecticut Mutual, Security, (11 >t?e and Mutual of New York, New York I.lfe, Manhatan Fife, fionnanla, Hrooklyn Company and ibe e<)uor of Ilia /ai>'r<mr< JO TIM I Tlia following are the officer, pro t-eip re of tha t on ye*l|nn-?Hrealdent, llenlamln K Sterena, I'real-lent of Ibe New In land Mutual, of H-aton, da rotary, John Kadie, ecro-ery of the I nlted latae Idle, N'ewtork. Aaaiataut Secretary and Ireaeurer, -atntial II White, brcre ary Charter tiak Ufa Hart'ord Mr. U.iLMU link ere try. -ri.d llial i a had ca I d u|>on moat of the i rri-an. w not rcpi-'i-rit 1, thai "*\ > raJ of <ham had rrapon led ae above et.'trd, end aevcial at prcvvl entire i.aiioou) and ellliugn?-, to join an a-are >a tlou ol ihl'. i ature. if tnajr u Id lie a*vir- d na-.hje. ue wer ? tlioae In which tb-y could concur ainl hat a united action Mom id th in lee> d that (he |/l"<r? line In'-I out at Hartford wmu-l ie- punned, and pre, rrad to ea.t end e. o w.i,it It* a-tma may he lie add'4 that the no*: eTned ent aftl n waa to form an aayoc a cut on e iminun point* of agreement. The vertial rejiori of Mr H?rnr* ?a< accept d Mr in ? IT klim rep? ried a h.t ? f-.r a con'tlt'itlon, which v n iafi ncd to a committee, on.1.1 04 of M 1 <ra. Hoi kiln, I an ? and Morgan, appointed by th Chvr Alter 1 oa> derail e d comion on the eubj ct of legiata tlou. Mr N l> >'u out uttered a le-uiullob that a Oona mittreof lite b appointed to take into co .-Mera'i n tha aubjeet of natioDa icgideM->n. and, If advaable, 10 <?. opwrate with a ? m.iar cOMtnitlae Worn in ' ruartii" and 4fW lub ill :? cuni| euloa, With a ?!? ?* lo lu lu n. ( on jre-t to |?ae a .1 U a hill aa may be *- . f|to eili'b a committee, a>1 that a committee of Ave b appoitiicd to take at tuner a won rerp?r- 1.4 ta'e tag-alal 1, a ier tome da < aaion the rwaoiutlun wa< a,d on the la' la raa to arttiriot Mr Hie--a f)i ?u>-, trotn the committee, reported the following coti-lllulaon win h *%? ad 1 r . ,? 1 1 1 alt be IBu? n ?a H e <'!>? tuber ol Idfe Aaeu ram a ol t.? 1 uned u ? ? 2 Tfi t the o' Jret nf the t* 1 on'c rhafl he the procure* naenl of na re al or uniform on ujbertn-a. e'i lettaf end pw diakii-a ?IU| an I ? -II. r riallrIt ? ir. . la to 11 j e I,,, end in 4 aera. tl.a i|ue.t'on ?f toe tntarrata of life uiaur.ur in llie 1 nited "*1 ?tet I. ley m ?> j rha, ?<?' m i?r t'n o 1 u>? to auka loa ??, ? u hn.r <n I. e 011 '.rmtua to the ruin. u. ? 1 bantu#', ?- ?I a a iha rtaut to lei l-pr-e--,ie-l lu it ,-y -ee f'de, 4 fhe ethceia nf ilia < nam her ? all niljo l"i,l rier .1 r , H l',1 y eon hie due..-,., .0 la uhoaro by bell-*. "to" ahell t--*eihe c 00 ute an a,ee i?r ? >mm wheir..f Ice oOad be .. 1400'u literal. .1 all - Brtona of ? uulii . i.-elr i e .t i v. ? 11 aaie-tw tiey--* o e< . I n -r 1 no teo of thrift .tin t ,? ,,m< . aoy A. ihr i liaiobri >?.u meri annually on lb# nrot 1 .r dry la .Norrmli'r lot I ? #r I . !'????? 1/ Oib ? b' noe'Of ?u, h orio ntoiuh't n tew may pare bo. a ? itii in n b- -tip oy 0/ ihr eir r 1 , .4 1 ? ball Ire ti e r ' the tee mitre at fir rrn net I a ? rov ?, 1 a r ?" n no r . . , I ... . U I 1 ' - brow, lit laiote tne t n.o.hai lot ne ?? uon a Mnieuary to* . <e?a may Ire .? a' any tt.eetli ( and aholt brot.'t'iei lo lOa liter In tl. .< ?i?, hoi key ahatl ?-u'rrl'ri r .^r I of Ina irnnoe d*;-artmen(a and >m ntlactuiieiaof luamaooo ehell he -/ -/a ? o-uary u? in era ?' tl 1 ? ' ? lilt Me?il'?r-,rm"? ,1'br Ol-lp tl.tM np thti, bUf,ll.ll oy laoe, IUir> end rea-...l --U Ol the (p. ,r|, u'M ? f the,tief. and eiao a-tj uu uou. ,ltte, .ui apev al uu. |pNs | # 4 * IbO rlpenar# - t Ikai Haiti ?f aba II be app r In ad by tho 'pf-n'i a r ,' a in- -i f I oeeral footya Oa lu pe4por-..?<i oeer r nulli-.o 01 tj^i -"lwVnf ? oa of a Ltun ?o aa a m.i a- |U r ' Ml ? ? . a.> a 10 ^aai 'hli ''frt^n.iATl m? i^, r , ,f t Wo Ibirda of <ay 0-e Iilwra prearol, |r-.. ad I at I ibe amru liner | oy ,?t,odi *d w aa war an 1 artod iiat ai ariul .ei, - aw T 'Pnerra r<a rn fc;?? r? A f.-rmai ' aiU1* i?f -nfiorra at ino nra ?j -atn-n f-w ih onaolif, yiar ate nru iltra, r atltlnp la t ???! <>< of hrfijan-riK lAerei a for Pr??daot, N tl f r*an, nftho Nwrih An.ertcan tinmpanf, for V-a pir- i-b'; .'tbn Kadio for hortoiary, and nam <el N Whur ' rar. Iha Ihrw-tuir elertej mitt -Ma- uae. Ban- r? n, Wooaeon-furf Mb if# and Hal o? On medio# of M' W* rem* Iha thane li e Aaao tan-* -a a ,fr?r* f b ire ,bt? V ft CMan Iwn ol Cora rnepra foi bo wot -d lorif r m et-l u 1 - Mr ^HKSrr n of Flit-' ? O "? re ttoe 00 ire- p atu w,e' ? bo Ibo t i . r rw> p. .?t y K ?r?, ck-r. ??A, K' t . ?>' f* 1 '? * "#b' Tho oar- nr. <1. ' ? rut Wed tl oaa??ih.t 040 a 'b-a raurnir a a tea e ?.?* a *?'.? :f funiii y r -tOeaao kt i.a.r No* fi I tM Tl>a l?| faorteao r,?ta - nmt atr-a -or Ibw-da, -e?ot aabora -r. too lull, t i , w ?? ' a e r?o' ,* ><?t jfort N 1 and ??? !? uf'r e-?H tha eaa aftoi-aarla ?rid f ?r |idd Aha o. a? . y . Ne# 11 at| tan ir ". t'a toe tfewterw t'e a | To-rgra) >- ? oo.|?ny f t ? p Of?nod i,.?tM? / p-oted I aa irreu 1 w ? 'era a, a thirty 1 ,y, Nrtdfer a ''aw and ' -a .>ra?,?ad *aa? Mb, *? ?w tratr iof Tb-a ' oa ? n a I t dt to Iho old hoo, t# Tuft J-arimir and tb# ** f f*t?a Tba now -a 'a <? dneset i# a aufwr * "tear, aa ? tl, rya Wf ? prabobty bo lilOa -ol ra laterrup too a 'a a, ? ?? a w|ib U,a fx 4 T.o We--.. t r ? r ^ts) I ?? i>- ojetwt tb?f ?? l"'??? wa t I tba r "y bed Mootw a, tbwa Iw h, tta '? f" a t.f ad ir rtk-e y into at er t ' .1 a U tha I a- uf ? *b'b?t. ex A S ANI TAR Y. Tha Chwlera at Qaaraatlae-TMri?.n,r?? Utaika ?a Hoard the Nklp JWorewrv During Hair Vayaaa trow* Havre ?? tbU fart- Artla? ?f Ik* Quarantine foaiuilaelon and Health ODrcr. Tbe ahtp Mercury, which arrived kt thla port on Wednesday lwt from Havre, consigned to dpoflbro, Tlleeton & Co., la now at (b? ioaor quarantine, wher# ?he I* detained because of tba praarno# of ebelerm ua board. Tba Mercury loft Havre October XI, with four hundred and IIfly-two paaeengera, and II appaara that thla dinaaa* exhibited Itself among tbam abortly aftar aucb departure, la lla moat virulent type, and continued it* ravage* during the eotlr* paaaaga, thirty throe paa sengera having died during that period. Immediately upon the vessel * arrtrel bare Dr 8wln burn?, Hwllh Officer, commenced prnperilloiii for Iftie removal of the elck, of whom It w aeid there are quite a large number, to tba boepltal atop m the lower bay, wbare they will haea the edraalage of proper medical treatment under the care of Dr. Hlreell I'raaldeut Cur tiae, of the Quarantine Commission, and Dr. Ulsaell barn rlalted tba reaeel and arranged to gira the officer* of the ablp auch aaalatanoe a* they may require for tba proper care and comfort of tboae trbo remain on hoard Tney hare not bowevar, at yet, publlabad any om. i*l statement respecting tbe character or eileat of the epi demic, either aa to tba number of the nick or whether any deaih* had occurred doc* tba vadwl* arrived at quqnmtlnq, ACty^'pg to (be Intee) aocounta revetved at tba often oftb* agent* In Ibis city. It we* uad'T*W<J that there were quite a number of tba paaMaflfli lufFbr log from the disease, and that all the sypiptome indi cated It to be Aetatic oholere. No apprehdittioo, now. tvei, aeed be fell hern la regard to (hit, a* the cqid weather which we are Juat beginning to experience will dcubtlam remove all danger of th? epidemic being rein traduced to thla city Tae following la a Mat or those who died during toe paaaage with the date of each death Fred. Wirt* dlad November 0 Cart Btreble, Pth; Alec, tlaa Htauhle, AUi, N K. Mangold, M; F. Klaurer, llth; Johanna Hlum. 8d; Johan Blum, lUtb. Maadvll* Dlebold 19th; E. Walt*, llth; Caiharln# -hulix, ITlh, Maria i Klsel, nth; J. V. Berh, lvtb; I'eter I'nileal, Alb. Maria Hurrl*. IVih, Philip Murklmg, 10ih, F*rd. Maruld, aih; John Bauer, 10lb: Adaru Hous, 6ih. Kinil Ulaaaar, dtli; Kmma Mlaarer. IJth; Ma lilaeaer, llth ; O. Krnat (Has ?er, 10th: H Htebenmann, ISth; Anna (lerber, lath; Ceruluia Kuppel, 1'Jlh; Anna Kuppel. Ulh; John bavt, 0lh ; I,. Wallederher, Ulh , Catherine Aharlt, I2ih; Blttieon Veitever, Bill, F. Taltever, Mb; Wotllieo Merit, Tib; Oeorge lirolber, 10th; John Singer, e neamao, of llano ver, aged 'i'i, died and waa buried el *n*. Juliana Hemdartyfungt died yesterday at uMrantln* The Bourd of llenllb in Merrel "rWnn Weekly Report of the Hanllnrr Niiiiorln lendent. Ihe Metropolitan Board of Health met at an early hour ynaterday aftrraoon, end remained In secret session unlH nearly alt o'clock The bualoeoa transacted U uu known, a* Hi" reporter* were not allowed to be present. It wa*, however, made known that tba report to lb* (Jovernor ea* h lag read and discussed; but whai tbe oontenla of the report* are, and what Ihe purpoit of ili? dlriCU Klon waa, croud not l># ascertained It wa? Innied thai, when mudn public, Ihe reports would *xrli? quit* a stir among Ihe politician* of Nrw Turk, reflecting, as ihny ai* reported to do In the severest manner upon certain Judio al oltlrer* aad puhllr Institution*. kii'ikt or ?>* dai/t n. In hi* weakly report the Sanitary Superintendent elate* dial during the weak ending November Tl i? ? crises n| rhoh-ra O' curred. one fi*lng In the Sit lb end one in Ihe Fifteenth ward The < .ua in the Fifteenth ward proved fatal Fire houao* where tvptiu* m l ty phoid levers occurred were properly disinfected THE WEATHER. A alight fall of snow occurred la tl l> o ty yesterday, bui >o us* reaching I rra aemu Immediately malted, and, riming with Ihe un<-|oati*d atresia, rendered theiu muddy, eiippery and unpleaaaat for lb* pe-lal eairea.1 tie* of pedestrians Ai night the weather cleared off cool, and hy mldalghl frost eta via bl*. Tba winter a*mm I* nlnan upon ua, and the enow of yesterday Is probably oely a prelude to a heavy storm aisfh *? hav* been experienced in tbe Northern oosuMtes. Nxew Mtorni* ait Fklladrlpkla. FaifkkraH* ??<1 llellnle. I'uiuoai.eiu*, Nov. M, 1"A* There waa a alight fall of anow here this morning. I'm iitix r antra, Nor. IB. IWI Snow la falling her* tbla morning, the Oral of the '?* to*, lb* weather la cbtlly. Suhua N iv. 22, lHod. Huow cunamancad falling h* e aaily tbi* morning sad now cover* the ground The weathar la cud fbesorw ax lauded West some dialanne. CONVOCATION OF THE PIOTEtTAAT EWJCOm CHUACM A Nn|)?ralr DlnrrM lllwawMl (tirap Mrhaoln Mild I.I baral Ktaadtm-Nwilur* at llrarr rkirrhi llrooklyw. Tba Proiaataat Eptaropal elargy of 'ha porttoo of lb* dlornan of N?w York nmbraaad within !/>* $ Inland, mat io joint coo vacation jraatwrdnjr at tlrar a ahureh, llr?? >kl?o, on luaitara partalulog to tba lolaraata of tbo Cborcb la tl.ut particular fluid, togothar with tbo ad.?n ?m?ut of (.'hnatlaa nduoati.n At tha la*t ouartntl >a, bald in Nnw York rltjr, Huhop Tottar ibrww ml a carrying Iba Idea tbai tha IntaranUa of tha i h in b would ha aubanrvnd n? a dtrlalua of tba dio -raw firing la long Inland a arparata avian aatiral jariadirtloa Th* Idan tbua concrisad maturad Into a p an, upon wbifih tba elarrjr ol lb* l-lnnd barn hana eoarukaa for anlawb . ?n aid. ration Tlia tiripiall. a* dl * aaaad r.i<.l%a?l ilia pro ant ataia of Ilia llmrk no l*>tif I. and. and tba Uirai.a abould ba an. ploy ad la advaon# ita lab raaia CUtmiu rata** i Kmga Counlr? A S Utti j.d.a l> li , IIoJt Ir nitr, M' i.ta/no at'u#t Jamaa rh<*W*w n, -t Mntth#o a. Ihroop aaan ia W T At Ml. I.aat a, II ?*. airaoi , J. W. Itlllcr, Bl laikn'd, CI I a law *? no.' , C. W H> tnar, hi l.oka'a, Clinton a* , It V M John* n, .it Marr ?, Claaaoa atran .a, Jamn rimtb, r-t Mary'a, l.laraoii aaaaoa. I It Alia ill, At Paula. Emu attorn i.mii Mar- y at ?? u I H . It * Adama At Andre* a. n< rkimar atrrat, I* H i?rr*ninaf, U l? , f? ? Lurch. I'rraid bt at?a-t, K Tr'pp 1 burnt of tba lt.?l"?niar, Par I Dr. atrsat , Joba A. I'.tt * * A' I'otar ?. 'nto atran . Edward J.a.'ip, Cbafob af ti.? Ita daainar I'nrtfW alraat, Aliabflo At "r* ' rhui b i n ~ 11 , I A. ~ " antra a rant, K. II , a A llotftnar,, l? |i , '.r* a tkitrli, W I' , G. *V F*fg" <?'?? a ? b' r. J., * II <|aaana Coiia r ? I>aan W H Manra At DiW|?'?, H 'tap toad. It It lla ta, At nil ,r i Mnupntb H II Aldaitt, Giara cbur h. H' I I pat t ta, John Cwrknll, At T burnt* '? It*?abaa o?>d, S WT p. x.t Ai Jamaa , haw. I..?rn, w M < a'ttio-l.awl, !? fi , H* upwwtd, A A Mi.rkinu, foulh fiyutar bajr, John I' Applrt r?. 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I "a a or tba a .aa .7 ad. a. ?> ? art . la t ? |lr l.l tl?J >bn, uaiua aaf fr.t f't ' t, H > i >t>, Hot Mr. I'adda* a aad atbara u"W?*i awaanota Tba <Ai*ap aa-owi [C-fwt fwaa-t foror aod oa' ra*.t:a a ppri' OitaIJa of tlx p*.*pW *iaa 1w* waa Mr Oil a ;I.-ifad tbowaaa o?a aa. b to a A .aa"*.* of f i ?na far tba fa'praff | it" tag AaMaawia pro ot*i rdao tba af ?m-r'Oi waa a?'a]tAad la tlaaapkWdarai an of tha r.k | art Th? trwt atfWaaaM by tba r% 'rrond ?a?a rata , wa*a in jarfart aaw nrd, ' manad a.aa aa i aarg*'. acta*/aaa| la t!?a a acar wb. b aar, witbowt t?w *?*, ?milt a a grout p Wte r-wd *t fa- ? a-.. ? an aa^j*x'tr.atit wgp my in a I WAN I a f pant aar.a . *lrl I* M . a>b*a Ita* Ban,art a a* a ?atari ?4 f?? At, Nwt Tf IAD* A *h in fruaa araoaaa* t?#?ai ? 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Ala., anoowboog (Mr alartlou In day of tt-Uorarnor Wluatoa to tba tlaltoJ dutda Kanala for all yaaia from nact March Ma ra calTad four rotr* o?or <1 It. Honaioo THE AARANSAJIEWLATUNI. Uaorwia, No* a, 1MB A itiw'tl d-apal-ih to tbo irilati K* to-day, fl from 1-tilla Kork, aaya ?A raa-ilntlon waa Introdu Into tin- trkai--i>a l,?(>al?t<ira to -lay r.aliiiig n tha 0 omnr for In nrmanon In regard to the etiwinpt to wreofj tbr-w iba praawhl Hlata fovarnniani Tba rwoalottofij w>< , all-d r >nh hy (b? rail ai(nad by a faw obaottio l%| dlvldwaU at f wt Mrnllh, for tlia purpnaa of Inaagtrntlaf a naw rllalr gornrnntaat ' Tha I aglalainra it at 111 -inabla to alael a Caltad I B* an lor. FAST OAT IN SEOAUA. Aonoort, Not H. 1MB ? and prayao To day waa ohaartad a? a dar of faatln througbo-il tb? dtata lhara wara no mamnnllia aartiona tiara BUAOtA OF AN INTERNAL REVENUE ASSESSOR IN MNTV CAROL NA. Am,ian (la, Not. M 1MB Oporra M-r-r. \tw1tiani t'niiad Htafaa luiarnnl Rattan* Aaaaaaor, wa? abut and ktllad at Ilia- kv-lla, Ho-iib i^arOg lint, l>? two niau aatnad Ha-indara. MM a .rraa thamaaltaa to tha tliarld. COLLECTOR SNRTTHE DON'T NET |A0,0M ro run iniT'iH or tho nrnALb. Allow iua to aorract a alatamant mada In yoor Wath Ington u-paiah-t of thia luarn'ng In rafaraaoa to Batw I actor dmy Uia. Klrat?No |t par rnonlb or oaf at bam turn baa ><?an or l* to bo lartad on tba aalarlad af Cnfll tnui H'l-iaa -ilti- alt for political or an* othor porj Br hd ?No odlclal ha. baan iHarbarrM fl trim Ham* for rafnatng to pay (A par oibar aam for |M?lll-nl or aoy otliar p irpaaa. h-iiion. wara d-iubtlaaa mada, aa la all <nbar nt< daparlmanta, Htala or aalloaal, but all aurh uda b* - *?? *laatoaa linnaa offli iala la thta rHy wara abtlraly *a tary, aar.b attind ntila or *u< b, or anna at bll. aal rtiuwa. and tha moat n?nt<-ro?a wara of tba lallar 'liWL No lax waa larlaJ an# bo damaod waa avnr mada tyw any -uia bt tha Oaiiariur .ir hy any on# talk him. Third?Tha I dollar tor la makia( an ?btiam out of lha hondad warobvoaaa, or abf otbarabM araa?M tmhoriaad b? M*iMb |31 if auarmbb an l no rhtrga of tbla uatiir* baa h Wdarpl by In- luvaailaallnx Commltlaa il Ttila lt'1,000 (MiaraT ordwr hualnna. baa baaa too art a* xipiodrd to rannira any fwrtbxr am lot far yaara tha** baa biota a rlawi of naprlnelp'wd wtaa who. fait lag A* ga* thrlrarm* Into lb* Trwaa >ry to tba ahualdf, war* ?t?* rriinplalalug of and bringing "cbaraaa" again* Tba | * laotur* of thw and <dH>r porta Tha tnh# i# by a* awM ailliinl, and with lb* ai?ani of aaary naw I *Aa irrior they hettr otar tba d*f a'tmaal Ilk# rarrtoa bird* waiting lor 'hair pray, aad If vuaM* W. for** Ibattd aalaaa th' r d.?- -ndaat tola* ar* hoard thruagbool tb* land Hutb la lb* moalo a* ar* n?w Haianiag to <1 r-faran ? l-i tha art* of Ilia ?-ill*' Urrablp of lb* porta* N?w Nark fbair loo* and *1* la oain atakaM* MKR'.'BAITT S nnsoiu mmoafacf Mum* at it>? ??niiiig papar* r*at*f 1*? uimM# ? ?.?i Mr 4* Ttuffrui*. ?? brothar of Matlmlllaa," k?4 ?* rir?l ia baa T?? oa4 ?** Kijovirmug mi tb* <i*ra*4a4| ll'Hal Th* atatamant that ha la a toolbar at Iba Aa*. trlaa prtaco it* n.'t'aka, M lb- w-ml4 tm Mnloa ?*>? | ?r ?f ha* bu hrottar rrf lb at bam* n.a faallataaa at lh? tlarai.'J a It a of Ytartot*. aaa *f tba tral rflip*'or of Matt' n. al l uaolo u> lb* praaaat katt M> I?r*at to th? Mai'rao throa*. who la <j ill* a f-btU M now la Carta ra-alrtm bl. *4t?-alloa Kr 4a TlliMM baa raa <1*4 IB I ran a f r a*. oral I uft poat, aa4 A# <fbj? t -rf b ? pfrarui alt.i i,, tbia oaaatr? It uataawa. ' harla* ItntM t> at Iba Waatfaiaatar Hot at ' H?n?u>f at llltbota. la at lb* fifth arttta ll'ital I r r 4b?rir.*r of Ohio, It at tb* N vrsaa llna ' a< aa'ot foaiar, ol Tr-baaa. *, it at tb* 4i HttHa'ap Uotat Umaral J J u at lb* Matrapaiiiaa MotaL J!f l>.?M tr-4<l-i? in at * <itlu,<l ant ttaroa Mart ay, at II < ?a<t tr< at tb* Hwiort lloaa* I'nlaaataa ibr Hlrart Air. | . ? I ? I ? n*M*t- <? 1*11*1 ?)? t Hii.Mf munttu loir " CBI.I ? !?*??.* wtlb Iba" air-t <? <?<r<?& Tba If'at k' aair<iaiaf< itmit Iwt aM ll u italt 4*9 u< ? at* tb* ill aaa.ln.t r iUaa Aaaaaarraral, It la AaaauaatA thai lata t'baa a an rtb ?") f'?* * t ? -a ?' ? # i? Tb* a*a*4 T-ilt Mil aala, tliffawa ai <v*< l.ii'vt* 'Aa aa> if. 4 WI kfrnlml KmIvtm Atm Mft'f ?? 1 .? 4* ?-*# > 11 ? ? 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"Jf a ? * a*4 I.*7# al'aa ?a* ?? MtaaMttag > l.aa A C*rrl^ a Haara llallal.aa altp **a> .'1% 1/' ?? i? ? ?i't t #*?'* f .r t ?e 1 -,?e4 etetaa ?tlllar A I ?H* (???? *traat. UMa, M t..< **a.i I.H ??! *?*aa lab-ran 1IUJA | I <> ?T *?*! at- "I Itftk'i Traaa liar* I*aw*r4 Iraia %#. IM a- v. M rai??# ?r*ai tan bar H'*f*a #?? I a V aatl I Ivatiaf' HrHlalrt'a r*w4*a ' arm -?*-? ?? >H '> '-a* mm ?<?** Tu*a*<M >*?* ? a.., , ?f tb* 1- atH ? lag ? <k^Ja a.-* V*' hi W ??*! latwaMMMkatt ' awat' * Baaa fv?a<. OaW'b at taa a-<aa k* IrttHlM ? a 1 a f ???*?*!? ?.aa |>r*< %i B?? a - ? ? . <C a a > a a a r a 4 1 ,* - >#?*<* Riaiaraa ? ar#4 Hi lb* f a* at ikr Hail***# f ra t-. a %***'**? wart tat* a* ? raw I t Arwaatf Ratal Maaaaa l.attrrr Crlra* Cal4 la CHi . ararwa*' w, af'ttal Tt# a *?*' " wotiaaar to* an Hat* r- i.-it aa< *b-w VaTir-ftl ? . ba-#^a '? *? ?*** " * Tb* riataa Hanta* ?farb?a*a far '*?. afctar-t ... ?'* '?*/ ' ' * * TItr It iaa Ma M a* . tff *o| ? ? ? 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