Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1866, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1866 Page 6
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?I'ROPKIK T~~ai HAMBI'RG AMERICAN EACKJST COMPANY'S trou mall 8le*uu'blpt<AxnjgiA 0 Mfir', commander, carrying tbi Un'to I Htale-, will ?<i ou eaturday November. !l si 12 M fur HApAUMK Mklng psaeengera for Hamburg, it*"* Southampton and loneou Kirsf cabin. 0106; eecund cabin, fO W; bleerage, 047 iO, payable in gold or It* equivalent. The Teutonta will loUow December '? . KCNHAKDT a CO., C. B MflRARD A BOAR, Contra) Agon *. _ g?o?r*| P*?e-ge *9a,'taw 4A Exchange place, K f? R?- Barclay street, N. T, (not NORTH HERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP 1 aEW VOBK, O. Emit. Master, earning the Doited State, mai'.wlll s*U root the Bremen alar root of Thltd street. Horoken, on * ' SATUKD.iT. NOVEMBER 24, roa BREMEN, VTA SOUTHAMPTON, TAKING PASSENGERS TO LONDON, HAVRE. BOITHAMPTON AND BREMEN at the following v.let, payable In gold or lta equlvaleLt 'tn currency ? Per^ihe Drat cabin, $106; aecoud cabin, $61 60; steerage, *5. he followed by the steamship BRBMEN, H. A. T Ney ?aber Master, on Decani her 1. Per freight or. passage aprty to OELDICHB A CO.. M Broad street OTBAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QDEF.N8T0W.Y. O The I lime n Line, ealfing eeml- weekly, carrying the Waited States mills. CTT OP BOSTON Raturday, Korember 24 VPN A........ ..Wednesday, Novembnr 68 CITY OP WAHHTVGTON Hatnnlav. Deoemher 1 ?TV OP DUBLIN, December 6 OtTY OP BALTIMORE Saturday. December 8 aao eaeb snooeedlng Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, fMs pier 45 North river. _ . RATES OP PAS8AOB. . . . By toe tnail steamer sailing every Saturday. PIBST CABIN. $90 I S'EEKAOE, ?E0 U> London, M to London, Td to Parts, loft | to Pans, 10 _ Pavable (a gold. _ Basaaga by the Weduesdsr stesmera? Pirst Cabin, $90; ?Mange, 834 Payable in United Hiatee crrrenoy. _ Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, me.. at moderate rates i fmm r.hrc rpool or Qneenatown, $80 gold, ?m the equivalent. Tickets can be boiifci.t hero by persons ?ending for thulr friends. For further lnfortnauon. *Jp'jT|J'*iA<Llf4A* *?ce"' 16 Broadway, 1 Sew York. ATJONAL UTEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Jyl (Limited.) ?FEARERS WE E K L V^TO livErpool, CALLING at Leaving uter 17 North rlrer ae follows:? JBR1N Saili Saturday. November 34. ?rOTl.ANP Sens HattlMay, December 1. IBBOI'Er'N HalleSaturday. December*. DENMARK Rails Satorrtay, December ID. Cebhi paac-'ge 8100: Steerage, fStl. Bleersge passage tickets, to bring parties from Liverpool mrOueenatown, for 6Hi tn enrrauov. Through paaaage to Parla, Antwerp, Hambcrg, Bremen, Re., at low ran a. Draft* I.sued for any amonnt, payable at any bank In ?mat Britain or on the cnutlneut. Per freight ana cabin paaaage apply at lbs office of the company, f. Hm?dwav. And for steerage Uch'ta. at the paaaage olhce or the com peay. 67 Broadway and 278 Pearl street, near l-'ullou. P. W. J. HCYiST, Maaagcr. TAPBcorr'S LIVERPOOL AND QTTEENSTOWN STEAMSHIP PASSAGE OFFICE. H SOUTH STREET AND 23 H ROADWAY. NEW YORE. From New Y< rk evnnr Wednesday ami Saturday. Steemgo Passage, $30 currency. PROM LIVERPOOL or Ql'KENSTOWN, $36 currency. Drafts for ?1 unwordn. payable on demand, at the low ret ?sastble mica. Apple to TAPSOOTT BROS. A CO., PA South stree;. or 23 Broadway. C?TFAM TO OLASOOW AND LIVERPOOL P Calling at Londonderry to land mrtla and nassenger". THE FAVORITE PASSfcNOER STEAMERS Or TJiK ANCHOR LINE BAIL EVERY SATURDAY. BRITANNIA. at.ll" Saturday. NoremberM. ?IBERN1A sails Katurday December L JIVA Saturd y, December 8 RATES OF PASSAOK, PAVABLE IN CURRENCY. To LWrrnobl, Glasgow and Deny, cabins, $90 and $70; ?tserare. $30. Prepaid eertlfleatea from theae ports to New York $38. Ta Hamburg. Harre. Antwerp. Ae.. $1110 and $37. Tor further lufnrma'lon apply at tho conymny'a ofUces. FRANCIS MACDONAI.D A CO., Agents. No. 6 Bowling flreeu. New York. C1SAM TO QJTEEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. O The Orat class Iron ateamahlp MANHATTAN, aatla WEDNESDAY. December 12, Front pier 87 East river. Fa stage In cabin $1<>0 | Steerage $30 Payable In currency. Feepaaaage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 89 Broadway. .A* TO QUEEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. From New York overy Wednesday and Saturday, &\ Mffnun rawirr 1%. currfncT. Faaaage to New Tork and remlttanoea to Ireland, England, Aa., at low rates. WILLIAMS A OUION. 99 Broadway. W OMDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. JbJ Paaaage to London direct, $90. $00, and $30, currency. Faaaage from London direct, $75, MTI, and $30, gold. MELLON A. Captain Dlion, from New York No rem her $4. CELL A, Captain Oleadell. from New York December & WILLIAM FENW, Capita Blllinge, from New York Do> ?*"?r IS. ATALANTA, Captain Pinkhara, from Now York Dooem W $1. The British Iron ateamahlp BELLONA. 8,800 tons, srfll hare pier No. 8 North rhrer for London direct on Saturday, ?oroaaber ft, at 13 M. Freight will be taken, and throngh bill* of lading glean, 0a Havre, Aatwerp. Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For paaaage apply ta CHAS. A. WHITNEY, 38 Broadway. Far freight apply at M South street. HOWLAED A ABPINWALL. Agenta. CTSAM TO QUBENRTOWN AN1) LIVERPOOL.?THE fj BRIN ealla Saturday, November 24. FuM|t, ISO eur peaey. prepaid ticket *, 636 Draft* on England and Ireland Mk'Ht rate*. Apply at THOMPSON'S ragtag* OHlce, 276 Poarl atreet, naar Pnltoa. LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QliKENNTOWN.? Cunard ateamahln HI A, from Maw York November 28 Kit, from Bnatnn. via Halifax December 6 iTIA, from New York December 12 ruMu koitt mom hew tore. till 601 Sooond cabin >80 moui Momrr mom aoaroir. f!12 901 Heoond cabin t*6 n gold or Ita equivalent, far freight or paaaage apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. AHT DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. ^THR GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL (TRANSHIP* BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, IaLLINO AT BREST. i The tptendld new veeaela on Ihla favorite route for the Atoltmeat will eat) from pier No AO North river, ?? follow* ? TILLR OK PARlH, Hut-men- Saturday. December 1 mCHOPK. Lenuile . Ratavdev, December 111 W*. LAURENT. Boeandl Saturday. Ilecetnoer 24 ffBUlHB, Duchatne Saturday January 12 ' PRICES OF PAFHAOR IN GOLD Pfcel aabla SIWI Second cabin (Ml Iueludlog table wine iu either rlaaa. TReae ateamer* do lot rarrv Hear**' paaaengert. dleal attandance free of charge Fa?eencere Inteudlng 10 land at Brett can be furniabed on Ita railroad eoupon tlrkata. andtheli bagquge rhe< bed b Parti, at an additional charge of %?'< for flrat, and |> fur SMaad claaa. GEO. Mat EENF.IE, Acent. 68 Broadway. TOOR HONrt BONO AND NAGASAKI-THE STEAMER V ROVBR will aall for the above portaahout the 30th of Saaramber, and have room for a amall quantity nf freight and ? few paaaengera Apply to CART A CO , 20 I'lne atreaL COASTWIRE NTEAMNIHPR. fAClFIC RAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANT'l THROUGH LINE TO CALIFORNIA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIM VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamer* leave pier 42 North rlrer, foot af Canal air rat, SI 12 o'clock noon, aa follow*:? December l-Ol'EAN QUEEN. Captain Maury, connect tag wttu GOI.DF.M AGE. < apletii l.api'lge December U-.HP.N7T CHAUNCEY. CkOtain A. O. Oray, annatuting wttb GGLDFN CITY, Captain Watklua. Deoenrlwr 21?RIHINU STAR, t'uplalu T. A. Hal rla. von maetlog with MONTANA, t'apuln . AD a* pert urea touch at Aeaputco; Ihoae af lal and flat Waaatl at Panama with atc*man for South I'tnlr |?m ?stand 10th for Cen'ral Aiu-rtcuu porta, and thoee of lat ?ouch at Manaentlln Danartureof 10th each mouth connect* wlth'heaaw (tain |hta from Panama to A i*tiall* end Netv Zealand. Steamer of Da-em'-ai it IMI. wtU connect with the first J learner of the c -inpany** f hin* line, leaving San I* renclaco aanary I, 1827, for hong Kong. One hundred pounds 'eggegs atloarad each adult Medl etnas and Htten latr e free Far paaaage iluhet* end all furthai Information apply at I ha ?Boe on the wharf, fool of final ?treet North rlrar. New Tort. s. K. llol.Man Agent. PACIPIC MAM. PIT A M Of TP COMPANY'S THROUGH MNP TO .1 41'AN AND CHINA, vu Panama and m?v Francisco, catmitivg the UNITED STATES MAIL. Fir.ST VOYAGE "Lamer HENRY I'll At'NftlY nlll loere ti.ei No. 42 North jrtier, foot ot t'eual Mreef, New York. ?i If o'clock nti I'weaday, December II, 1Mb connecting vi v Rename Ha'l. read with 'traniei GULDEN CITY tor San Fra.toi?eo where (eaaengr -a, irall- aad l.iet freluhl will be trapr-tarred f the ?CotnpanT'a *t>!eiiij 1 clean,ci COLOR ? IX i to lejve thai port at anon on Tueetiav, Jetitiarv I, INv, for Yokohama and Meat Kong. Through tlr'.eie ta*ue>t from New 1 ork. adding to regular WTWea beiweet. New Tor* vet Han Fren Jero the follow ig aatae, payable la gout of it* equivalent, 1*t Cabin 2d Cabin Steerage. Afar. FvatieJ*r-o |c, Yokohama f"Vt ||N) goj lAaa PrancUm bi I). o? hone SOS ' iafl Ita) I B..i notice will be given of *nb?- oue it epvage*. PHRIOHT '?avawed and "through lull* af lading" etgned per Ocean Nine ii, Daretnber I (alow), an ! ix r Henry Chgttncty. I?r wembrr 1| fa?t>, connecting rb'-eiT *a above For fveip' t through Legate one *11 fnctcef Informal' r.nptj ?? "Pt ,,u iuc * u?if, i tei <2 Hi r'.h river toot of ??nel atre.d iu U K. 11(11.MAN, Agent. tV'B VTRA ruf* DIHTCT .? Thr T~<ii?attanlle Comtmnr a l\t dn'oaV-b til# ruwma'.ip PLoRffiR. lactam R?i'i?aau, on fSih Hm-nnim fpm pi#; ?<? North rlrar, ? an )tn mailt, paaarnjera ?u<! fraiubt. UI'.O. MAI'KKKKIK IB Rtoa#? a* TLA.NTI. MaU. ?TN ? M - HIT COMPART. K I TH'iMAh AND BRAZIL A mP PtH'iMAo AND BRAZIL ? Naful*' I nit# t H.a'.r? Ban Slnuifra, .atlioa on lo? -'*1 #r e?#r? mm.ib ? WUIDINl) NT AS, ritHimM P llrrj, ??? a NORTH AMI ITi A, .Aptaiii 1.. i T'lmumu. .'?n .) NOI'TII AMf Itlt'A, f.p-an ? L Ti.i?'?",a p, T?b. J3 That" olj^a 1 >'??! i?r? tail ?nt? frjrilar.'Jt. and rati U^l. 1 homaa rata I'ar. arnbiii- ? Hahla iiud ?!?> da J#u#lr.i, aaiiya ?n ! tai irj.u a V... . i,??j?n r?n of tralnhl or pa? #?<# apply 10 UARRIaTi# A AI.LP.N, Aa-ntl. So A BawLa# Oraan, Jtaar Vuik. jp? B BASriACO DE CI'?A. TIA NI'I'TITA\ Tbf Aral rlaw fa?. ?atHng EaH kkp. John BHrlin*. MbuMaJar. J. firing 'bo I'nlled Nta?a? mall, will !?aw pl?i 27 K W .in rfrxi>Ar. !>?? ? mbar I, 1MB at *?*clack P. M. praLarir, i* |ha atKiva p'TL All Mtlfra innai paaa Ibroufh Hi# P' ?' o<l|.w rpr fr?l*M or paaaagr, hat ir? i.iperlot a at# room acoctn Ma iaCrm alplr U> WASitMhi. Jt UH- AV'AU J? U> OOAHTW1NE HTEAMSinPS. Havana, bisai. anu vera chut. The allrwheel tieamah'p M ANl* tTTtN will Mil from Lief No. 3 Ninth rlter. ?a >l?tn Mllie loth of nach month. t^U Ah. A. ? H1TNKJV. Agent. IM Broadway. FOR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU, N. P. The British *t?T North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Comtiuny a new ai.Wirr CORSICA, ('apt. Le Mee su rirr, will Bail for tha ?'<>?? porta, frmn the company*! wharf at Jeracy City, on Monday, Dec. 3, and Monday, lwe. 81, at noon. Paaaage money to Norem ?J? Faeaage inonsy to Hasana...... W Payable in gold or tta equivalent. For freight or ^ UNITED STATUS MAIL LINK TO HAVANA. ATLANTIO M VII. STEAMSHIP COMPANY. tjflANOK.OKHAILINO DAY. The regular departure* of thla Una will bareaftar bo Tburadara, at rioon. EaCLR, Qree nr, Thursday. Norcmber ?. rnH MRIA. Kloenm, Tburaday, Decembers. MtiliBu asi i.e. Adama. Tburaday, Deoember IS. Prom pi*r No. 4 North river at 13 o'clock noon. HARRISON .% ALLEN, Agent*. No. ? Bowling Green, N. Y. rpK A?S LINK. FOK (AALVESTON, yjtxab, direct. wi?Wi I r.jsj EUTERPE. Kldridm (commander, la now loading at pier Sb Eaat river. Tor freight or passage, having superior aeeommodatlono apply to C. H. MAX.LORY A CO.. 1M Maiden lane. Ytrodlar line TOR GALVESTON, TEXAS. di jV root.?The fast and favorite steamship TIBRE, D, t'aulklns command^, will leave pier No. A North river on Thunolay, Deceuibwr 6. at 3 o'clock P. M. prectaely. For f rxliaht e%m ? - ?- - _ .??.!_ a uvea "?WJ, a^wum^r V? Rl U U VltNlR A ? Me |HWWBIJa T w freight or passage, having auperlor accommodations, apply to HPOFPOKD. TILE8TON? CO.. i Bread way. >R NEW (JBlLEANS DIRECT. The new awtd first elaaa steamship GENERAL MEADE, tain A. W. Rarepaon, wUl leave pier No. I N. A on Bat ty, Nov. 9t- at 8 o'clock P. M. For freight flp paeasge. having unsurpassed sooorwtnoda Hons, apply Mf H B. CROMWELL A CO.. 88 West at. Bteaaaer GEORGE WASHINGTON wilt foUow Dec. 1. FMOR Ngpr ORLEANS?BLACK STAR LINE.?THE ? atearaehlt MONTGOMERY, Captain Falrdoth, will leave pier AS North river, on Saturday, Nov. 34, at S P. M. I For TrelgMI or passage, having handsome accommodations. apply to if. LOWDEN, Agent, corner of Cedar and West streets. JBAV1D McCOAKI),. "' , Agent In New Orieern. New .or/.p.ans direct?Saturday, nov. ia? First caDin 860; Second class end found. $37. First ciiMr., $60; Second class and fonnd, $37. For frt ign?. or passage, apptv to "pXLEN E TliOMAS A CO., No. 8 Bowling| STAfcLTNE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YORK Mill Mies n " Jtesmshlp Company's fine ocean steamers will leavapter tfi North riter. at 3 o'clock P. M.. an follows:? HAVANA .On Saturday, Nov. 36 MISSOimi On Wednesday, Nov. 28 MERRIMACK On Saturday, Dee. 1 MARIPOSA On Wednesday, Dec. o MISSISSIPPI On Saturday, Dee. 8 ATI bin* of lading r-lgncd at the ofiloa upon the pier. Fer freight or pa.??ce a poly to 'C. K. GARRISON, President, No. 5 Bowling Green. Atlantic maii. steamship co. EMPIRE LINK FOR SAVANNAH. Every SATURDAY from Pier No. 13 Nortli River. Punctually at 8 P. M., The favorite aldewheel eter.mahlp* NAY)- RAI.VMIOK. Atkins, Commander. Mile Nov. 34. RAN JACINTO, 1/(ircland, Commnader. tails Deo. 1. Through M kola and bills of lading to nil points. Elegant passenger accommodations. O ARK 1 SON A A I.I/UN, No. 8 Bowling green, N. T. rlOR SAVANNAH. OA.?MURRAY'S LINE. EVERY TUESDAY. The favorite steamship LEO, II. C. llenrborn. oommanJer, will Mil Tneedav, November 27, at 8 P. M. precisely. froie pier IE Seat river, loot of Wall street. Through hllla of lading and pannage ticket* given to all points ip eonueetlon with Georgia Central Railroad. For freight or pannage apply to MURRAY, FERRIS A CO., 61 und 62 South street TaHlR SAVANNAH, OA., EVERY Til 17RSDAY?THE P AllsIItic Count Mall Hteamihlp Company's eldewbeel eteamahlpa QENEHAL BARNES, Captain Morton, tails Thuraday, Nov. 2P. ^ n EH MAN LIVINGS TON, Captain Baker, aalU Thursduy, From pier 3d North river, at 3 P. M., precisely. Through pareege ticket* and bills of lading to all points in connection with the Central Railroadof Georgia. For freight er pannage apply to LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., AgenU, 86 Liberty street. F)R CHARLESTON, S. C., TIIE FLORIDA PORTS and 1H' South and Southwest. REGULAR UNITED STATES MAIL LINE WliDNEHDAYS AND SATURDAYS. The A1 elegant steamship HARAOOS8A, M. B. CROW ELI., commander, is now receiving cargo and will anil on SATURDAY, November 24, at 3 P. M . from pier 14 Eaat river, connecting at Charleston with the atenmcr DICTATOR, for the Florida ports. Passage cckcta and through bills of lading given to all paints South and Soiithsct. The GRANADA will follow Wednesday, November 28. ARTHUR LEARY, 78 William street FOR CHARLESTON. 8. C.?THE PEOPLE'S MAIL Steamship Company. The regular and popular steam ?hip EMILY B. SOl'DKR, Captain Lockwood, will leave on Friday. Nov. 23. at ? P. M? front pier 3D North river, lending freight on Monday morning, at Charleston. The etaamahtps of this line will in future leave New York on Tuesdays and Fridays. Through tickets and bills of lading isgoed to all points South in connection with the 8outh Carolina Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents, 88 Liberty street. I TOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND OITY POINT. 1 The side wheel steamships ATTERAB. Captain Alegandor Every Saturday, ALBEMARLE, Captain Rourne Every Wednesday, At 11 M., from pier 86 North river, giving through bills or lading. Ae to au points on the Seaboard Railroad and Ita connections. LIVINORTON, FOX A CO., AgenU, 88 Liberty street. Reduced eaten. HEW YOKK, NORFOLK AND RICHMOND STEAMSHIP LINK. CALLING AT CITY POINT BOTH WAYS, the flue Ateamera, WASHINGTON, O. CHICHESTER. Commhndei, end VALLEY CITY, W. II. SNYDER, Commander. Tba above ateamer* rroelre freight itiillv ?t pier IS. B. R., end will tall rcgulaily every SATURDAY at U P. M . or ?ooner If loaded. Thta Line la prapaird to rerelre and forward gooda, with deapntrh, by all the Nouthem railroad routea. For freight or paaaege apply to tames BAND. KM Wall etreet. LiOR WII.MINOTON. N. C. r Poalttrely every flee daya. EXPRESS STEAMSHIP LINE. Tbe line teamablp REBECCA CLYDE, W. H. NNYDER, Commander. Tlila line Of ateamere will leaee altaruaiele eeere flee ilaya. The above ateamer la now loading at pier 16 Kaal river, and will a?ll on SATURDAY, November 84, at 12 M , or eouner If loaded Freight taken at low latea. For balance of freight or paaaage epptv to JAMES BAND, 104 WaU atreet^ Portland and new york btkamrhip com pane.?The flrat rlaaa ataamahlpa DIKIOO and FRAN. CONlA form a aeml-weeklY Una between New York and Portland, leaving pier Bd Baat river every Wednesday and Sam-day, at I o'clock P. M., connecting with Grand Trunk Railway for Canada, and alao tbe International Steumahlp Company for Kaatport and St. John, N. R For freight or paaaaqr anp^r at the office, on pier ItR Baal . V. AMES, Agent, pier W Kaat river. IAIMNO VESSELS. F OK LIVERPOOL-OLD BLACK BALL LINK -SHIP ISAAC WEBB, (JapC J. C. Sinwrll, aails Meliirdey, Nov. a4. Ship WM. F. STOltER. Oep'atn J. H'ywnt, anil* T?P.. day. Nov. i7. For paeaaor apply on btitird, root uf Bcckuian ?treat, or to BOCHE BROTHERS A COFFEY, 114 and 118 south meet, near Pack allp TRAYKLLKRS' til IDE. Hudson rtvrr and hahlkm batlboad*? Trali.a for Albaay and Troy, oonnectlug with No.-thcrn nnd Weatern trstiia. leave lew A otk, via Hudaon Ulcer Rail road. Thirtieth atrert and Tenth avenue. M and 1U A. M., a a 1143, h AJ and 11 P. M.; and via II arte in Railroad. Twr a ly-aifth Mreetond Fourth nvenue at II A. M. anil 4 16 P. M. The o SO P. M. trulavla Hudaon River will run on Sonde va. Sleeping cart attached to A DO and 11 P. M tralna. On n 30 P. M. train la alao allaciied a aleaplog oar every day eg. ?voting Saturdoya, which la rua through lo Ogdenaburg via R W. and O Rallmrd, wltlr-iit change. Sunday irali on Hudaon Rivet Road. New York lo Pnugh keepale and re<urn. leaving htw York at * 39 A. M , end on Harlem Road Forty wm ,fl free! to Mlllerion and return, Man .ig New York ?? a A. M. WM. II YANDi:r.?It.T Vice New y'ipk and i cnnhthn ri\kk mi-an TRANSPORTATION company. Daily line for Hartford, MlddlulOwn and all landing* no Conaectlcut river. Fare redticaj ?Cabin | >aa*ga. (I >0, Deck, $1. N.. charge for bertha The favorlt' ?t?*nw HERO, Caputn Churchill, will leave 30 Nortii rUer. foot of CUainbera <* -eet, al 8 P. M Moiulava, Wednesday and Frldaya. Returning P ave Ilart'ord Tuesday*, Tl.ut?d*y? and Saturday. Tlila boat hi t line etataioouia and flrat ~..eaa paa*engnrae; onmodatlona throughout. Fn-lglii utan at low rate for all landing* on IbeCoaae Ucut river and nil polnta above llarfon! in tlie i oaneerlcul river wllry; pent Riwton, Hartford and E-ia Railroad* For fiilgiit or .iMUge apply ou hoard or el the office on I he pier. _ wtt. L. ELLSWORTH, Agent. mi.Li \ ii i>n, dkc. \ LARGE VI MRKR ?p FIRST CLASS STANDARD Milliard T?t>l*a now toady for delivery. We 'neve gieai'v increased our faclUUca, and having tliree large man ufactories In operation, ftlwl with tuo moat Improved maeblneiy, we ere row enauled to eell Aral nla** labia*, complete with .all<, ci*a, Ai at $6A0 each. We have a'?? noma good l V <ud Tai l?a at low prioea. Ojraloek 4 h. Ball*, i'ii> Ac., la 'he I -rgeat and floral In the wo'td. Id by I PHIiLAN A t'.'ILLl'.N I?FIt, nnd re guarantee v't ertujaa sold by tia to he flrat -.a-a PHIiLAN A CflLLI'.NDEI Ml to du Cronhy atmet. New York 4 la vis ffiw K <>r yr# ani? he?omd hand J\ TrtHliv. wit>ii-* lmpri**4 nithlntw, for note v io dt (J niicwe Ulilwe out .low'I end renewed kavanauii a IlKCKFR nono r of lenitl ?nd ?>ulre 1} (I i.i A mi- . ? VI i,*nN STRFK1 ?III, (Ml U l? tnlif * " rsniVriTH'8 new Improved I'.uhlo ,* ??4 T- le?, *!?> 1. fc" ??!'? "I re?eon<M? | .??. rritirv lei >o? I u< nlohod I*rd"r. Iijr tn?ll elierided In. HI I.I.I ART* table hantkv-bkcond hand. dre? elTlrig >? : Ipiton, r ?ml -neirr, (). it Juno, New Tor* I o?t >??!??? . ? I.OTIIIMi, * r kraut rwKtffH ifriMRT. tkar ?mo?r?w*v' il l. <.4JF'H'RW tbr MaS* ?? BruaAarav r?'io*? 'ni t and . n'.' sal i>f Cbnb'Lf !,?.<,?? WMUd iin* hi Mia. OaafcMrg * r tpk or n ,?T?'*r. ir sixth AVRst K-nr tuf >'V original ts msr*.* U?1t? and ratt?gi?DMnttui'ii *l??* crlra for lhrirVa-1 off Waatinr A) oar. I . ..-pd?, A<- . Sj call.or on nr aAAroaV1# ? not* l" t Nib /, 1.47 Mtth mm ir l**<{ **4 w? |to.. Mra. Mints, Ti" ? !i l-? drall with to lil'iflMMW ?AKOKBOf lit Atstk Attuuo ? nm at hrnasd for t.Ai>n.n ami rirsrrp. JI n fD a on,I ,,ir Hearing Api Ai""1. Furnftnro, Tt ??lry Ac . fui V>utur*u tuarkn to' cb l riamntoo 1. t?? .4 I<T ? ?I t 10 tlbm ?.r MbM V*'*' enlF in nr ad Aim* Mr. or Mi* 1! 'IARRIS, I'" Savr 1 auoa?.'*? l?MB J a.all :i?; and iwauir.aa. m.d ?Rl?olo. HOI'S KM, ROOMS. >WC.. TO UlT. 4 COMPLETELY FURNISHED FIVE STORT BROWN . V stone House oa Wast Fourteenth street, to let, with linen and silver. Dal tow, and Immediate possession. ? ? A. SERGEANT. il Walt street. A PARLOR FUiOR TO LBT-UNTORNISHED WITH prv.lMe Id the kitchen, In hsudaome Knglls'., btMmrnl house, 293 West Ntueieeutti street, near Ninth avenue. Mod ern Improve meats. A -FIRST CLASS STORES TO LFT, IN CHAM&RB8, ? Read mod other streets; s??n l.o'ts. Possession *t any time required. N. 0. klSHOP. <7 Liberty street. A?TEN FURNISHED HOUSF.B TO LET, WITH IM . mediate peeseaaion: rent SHOO to $600 per month .also Floors and Rooms, furnished and unfurnished. CHARLES E. MILLS. Keel Estate Agent. 49 West Thirtieth Street. A FEW ELKQANTLV FURNISHED HOUSES TO rent?Some near Fifth avenue; others located, $00 to SAW. Alao Leases for tale at a bargu'o. FREEMAN A Co., $48 Broadway. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?OH FOURTH AVE , noe, SIM); one on Thirtieth street, $900; also alefaat large House near Fifth Arenas Hotel. ADAMS A Cq. 961 Bread war. A FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP FURNISHED HOUSE to let, near this hotel, tor one or more yeare; suitable for a first class gentlemen*! boarding hum*. Rent SfiOO per Month. Permits of KINO A CO., No. g West Twenty-third street, Fifth Arenue Hotel. A RARE CHANOB?ON BROADWAY, HEAR TWENTY, first street. We offer for rent 12 Rooms and Parlors; suitable for club or boarding house. Fart Furniture for sale. Possession tmmedtatelr. KINO A CO., No.'9 West Twenty-third street. Fifth Arenue Hotel. Ah elegant five story unfurnished house (twenty rooms) to let?Vicinity of Tenth street and Broadway; splendid for boarders or business. Root quar terly. Apply at 7WI Broadway, near Stewart's. AH 'ELEGANT UNFURNISED HOUSE TO LET?IN floors to quiet families; also several Furnished Sulla and Houses In good locutions; Business Booms, Houses sad Board. 114 Third arenua. A LARGE HANDSOHELY FURNISHED SECOND storr front Room, to gentlemen only, without board; price, including fire, $14 per week. 199 West Fourth street, South Washington square. A HOUSE TO LBT-UNFURNISIIED. ABOVE TWBN A tleth street. In Bella or otherwise. Also splendid Floors for housekeeping. An elegantly furnished House. Call warly at northeast corner of Sixth arenue and Twenty-fifth ?etreei. ? A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET IN HE8TER 8TREET.? One room for office or good workshop. For terms. Ac., apply In the photograph gallery, No. 6 Chatham square. A FURNISHED OFFICE TO LET?OR DESK ROOM In the same, with gas. Apply at 681 Broadway, room No. 9. AT 319 FOURTH AVENUE?FURNIRHED AND UN furnished llonses to let In elty or country. For parti culars call or send for my Real Estate circular. Mailed free. STANLEY DAY. Basement in new street, near stook Ex change. will lie rented for billiards or other business, on a lease If desired. Apply to H. C. DEXTER, No. 9 Broad street. Brooklyn.?furnished houses in good loca Hons and moderate rent HALL J. HOW, No. 9 Pine itreet. /AHEAP STORAOK.-LOET AND 4TT1C TO LET. IN \ ) Pine street. For particular* address box 8,033 Poet ottlne. For rent?on liberal terms, the largest Pnbtln Hall In the State of Georgia, nn Bond street Atlanta. Oa. Knr terms to concert and theatrical companies, Ac., Inquire of H. ROOT, 42 Broadway. FOR RENT?UNTIL THE 1ST OF MAY, A NEAT OF. flee, with inattinit down. Apply to it. A. MATTHEWS A CO., 36 New etreet office 31. Furnished house to let-<h clinton place, nest door to Hreroort lluuae. Apply to LEOPOLD SCHMIDT, tie Bioadway. Furnished front parlor and bedboom; fire and faa; large airy rooms, at 106 Blecckcr street. Kent $3# a month. Furnished apartments to let?parlor and Bedroom, to one or two persons, In Mendee House, 645 Broadway. Furnished rooms to let-for housekeep. Ing; also altigle Rooms for gentleinen, from $2 50 to $6 per week. Apply at 29 Macdougal street. I3UKNIHIJED HOUSES TO RENT-IK DESIRABLE ' locutions. O. H. BENEDICT A CO.. 31 Pine etreet. Furnished dwelling house to let-in 17tit etreet, near Fifth avenue. It la elegantly fitted np with library, paintings, statuary, Ac. Apply to P. W. TURNEY, 111) Bn Midway. OFFICE TO LET. and Jewellers' Safe, containing 69 velvet lined drawers, for sale. Safe, $501); rent, $2011. TORRY A RERRIAN, ? 2t)6 Broadway, room 11. ROOMS?HOUSEKEEPING?TO LET, AND Pl'RNI ture for aale. Pleasant Suit of Rooms, first floor, suitable fmsfamily of five; two lines city cars pass; carpets, furniture, everything new, neat, ready for Instant housekeer. log: win save over boarding whole rurchaae price in about 6 monthe; Immediate possession. Address for Interview Mrs. Davis, a tat ion F. STATEN ISLAND-CORNER OK BARD AND CASTLE, ton arenuea, furnished House, containing ten rooms, with stable and two acres of land; will he rented frera De eember 1 until May 1, for $7B0. Apply to G. W. SIMMONS, Jr., 94 Broadway. STEAM POWER TO LET.?A LIGHT ROOM. IN OA* AT, street, near Broadway; power unexceptionable, and rent reasonable. P. J. INSLEE. 102 Walker etreet. THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE TO rent. In Jersey City, adjoining Hamilton square: rent $550 per annum; just finished; gaa and water. Apply to JOHN B. COLES, corner Pavonla avenue anil Erie street, Jersey City. TO LET?IN A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, A FUR nlshed Room, with cas and water. Reference required. 67 West Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. r LET?DESK ROOM IN A FRONT OFFICE, NO. 41) Dey street: boot and ahoe business preferred. Apply between 9 and 10A. M., witb reference. TO LET?A NEWLY ANI) ELEGANTLY FURNISHED House, situated In one of the most central and beauti ful localities In New York. For particulars apply at No 33 Htnyvesant street. TO LET-ON STATEN ISLAND, THE SECOND FLOOR of a two story house, containing five moms, with plar.xa, water up stalls, and other at ruminodallon*. Rent moderate; live minute* from Slaplelon ferry, ApplvtoL. iJtKMLK, dry goods store, (tore street, Stapleton, P. I. TO LF.T-A LARGE GALLERY, WITH SKYLIGHT; suitable for exhibitions or for business purpose., in Broadway, opposite Bond street. Apply to G. P. PUTNAM, 661 Broadway. rpo LKT-A TWO 8TORY BRICK II0C8K AND BARF.. A incuts. haa water. good location; rent 925 per month. Applv at corner grocery atom. North Slith and Rlith streets, Williamsburg. rLEf-A FURNISHED HOUSE, AT MORRISTOWN, N J.. flee minutes' walk from depot, horse and cow on the plan<; to let for an months, perhaps longer, aa the family are gota* *o Furore; $125 a month. Addresa K. T., boa low Post office, New York. TO LET?A NEATLY FURNISHED MM ALL TIIKEL atcry lbmse. Apply at IBM H eat Forty-third street. mo LET?AN OLD ESTABLISHED JBWELRY STORE, A and Hi I urea for sab", the beat locality In tlreonwb-b afreet Addreae, with real n.une and buslooae, F. L. lleraid office. TO LFT?TWO FLOORS, OK FIVE ROOMS EACH. AT No. ? Rattety place, opposite Caalle Uardeu, trout, at 930 nud $25 a month. TO T.F.T-A HTwKE ON WASHINUTON STREET, NFAR Washington Market. Address H. B. * Co., Herald office. rro LET -ON NORTH SHORE, 8T t TEN ISLAND, A a furnished Cottage; rent ffi/. per month. Also one un furnished at $.11; seven mlnnfe ?.Ik from ferry; poes? - ?luu Immediately. HENRY A. DAKRIN, No. 1 Stale at. TO LET-THE LAROE BCILDINQ NO. I<? PRINCE Street welt Of and near Broadway; eniiaMe for bust neaa purposes. Apply to HOMER MOKUaN, No. 3 Pine st-eet TO LET- THE LOWER PART OF THE FIRST CLASH four eloiy houar.. lurrtabed, to a family or 10 gentlemen, 47 W iiat Thirteenth street. fltj LET-FIVE ROOMS ON FIRST AND SECOND A floors, furnished, suitable for homakaeptng, for adult* only, at 47 Amity afreet mo LET?A LUNCH. OYSTF.U AND t lOAR COUNTER. A together or rep.'..e inqulrs at 1.196 Broadway. aou't naat aornhr ol Twonty attth street, oaaement. PI LET?FUHMIBIIKI. DlNINll ROOM AND KITCHEN In liasemrnt and three llo.tna ou second flooi, for $1M> per month, at 1ft.' St Mark's place. TO LET?HKtHlHI) AND THIRD FLOORS. WITH IM. pruvemeuta for parttculaie inuuire at JDS West Foity. AfIL >tiwl TO LET?UNTIL THE l.tTII OK APRIL NEXT. A splendid brat Floor, <r*er store, R9V9B. on the west si.,* of Brradway. near MtknpollUu Hotel; bulldtug new; poo session irnincdau ly. suol Icrallon for a furrier. Fo.'pnrtl eu'sm apply too. w. bASSFORD. 473 Broadway. fpo LET-THIRD FLOOR IS' EAST Till P IT-FOURTH I etraet, an rn<nv< newly painted and papered; rwwi$2f>; poaaaealus'r Alan aulta of Ronttts; lower prlras U II. HI MR, *79 Mwiid avenue. Tit LEI?THE l.AUOi: AM) COMMODIOUS HOUSH, A I" Waeer'ej plane; partly fnritIahed, At.e location. In a rvaimnsibts tenor, only Apply to THOMAS J. 4JIBMOH8, II"' Blw ker ??reel, iitmac to be seen inty hy a peimli. )|H) I.KT AND FURNITURE FOR BALE A3* AUCTION A prices?Second Floor and Htiaemant; genteely furnished; erer) thing an neat and Rood ynu ere a ore to he eilM beNl teiil'd pocai on near Broadway, lii'tulra sf O.BURKE. anrlU near, Yd tiresi Jones aired. rro I.KARE? 87X LOTS SOUTH HIDE OF FOUR 1 teenthetrer: near Hudson rh*r. Apply to 0. BAN tKlt. 19 West Twenty-flrst elrei. TO M. ASK?TWO PLANTATION#, NITI ATKt> IN TIIP !>??? > otlon r?slnn, with >11 ili? mtpmrogvont*, in r?r. I*1 nrJor in,tuning ?c?ni (tn?. Thry ??hnUIn front I.Orfu in l.!k>l ?ir?n clnml. . twn ig rnltlrgti.m An ring the w?;, ?ml gir MM-nrr fmtn > orfl..w. for Inrmt Apply to LEYS Kirn A I" III IV,, n ?trgnt, H?w Jmk. '|>U It!'NT OH Lit AM*, tv FLORIHA.-A VKP.T PBICT. 1 tilt 'ItMBtod II HUM ltd prnitlvi. in H?. ARfnutlno. on wry ii.mlrial* turmi, u> i'i,'<u<iNi pArtlrt Aldrou ? T. t , llorati! \t'ORKHHOP-7tlXH). WKU, LIU 11 TED.--APPLY AT * ' 774 ilmruwMi iiroot U'oUKSIH.p TO t.KT -TWO FLOORS TO f.KT, WITH " or without until power lininito on tho uromitrt, 38 Whltottrwi. KIUNRY, ?;t NK A JOHNSON. A* iv?s LIHUOR*. ' . U'lllShi.V HAKRKI.II WOOD OH IRON BO IT NO, ?' Irlnonwlor inilri.'ouHif. 'Of wale, At 111 Worth tWtOt, " III 1*1111 t'ur^ _ HOUSES. ROOWI, WANTED. A FURNISHED HOUSE wOlTABLB TO KKRtf ABOUT twentv boarders w?u?ad by a lady: rent not to exceed $250 per mouth, pavHb'.tj monthly In advanoe, with satisfac tory rrfereueea. Address box 6.SBB, Pnat oHloe. A SB ALL FAMILY OF ADULTS WISH TO ONT?.|*l Floor of three or four room* unformatted; loca*.l00 tauat be within twenty minutes of City Hall and re^t'rery eralr. Add ran, with lelma and other particulars, J, C. H.. boi 150 Herald olUce. DISTTLLBRY.-WANTED TO LBA8B. A ORAM Dlg t'llery In good running order. Addreta John WUllaote, Herald oflk*.

Factory wanted-to run a few cotton ma. chines; meat hare at leaat two tloora. Address box 8.2*7 Post office. Three ob four rooms or floor wanted d or not. by four peraona, for realdence and for an agreeable business, on a buay, respectable street, not too far up town, at a mode rata rent, state particular*. Ad I dreea C. W., station A. WAKTEO-A THOROUCHLY FURNISHED HOUSE. Immediately. until latof jfayor June, In the vicinity of church corner of Fourth avenue end Twentv-eeoond street. Address E. J. Brown, 53 En at Seventh "treat. WANTED-A SMALL STORE, OR HALF OF ONE, suitable for e butter atore, on one of the avenues. Address More. Herald olUce. YXTANTED?A LARGE ROOM SUIT A BLR FOR FKNC v v lug lessons, between Fourth and Thirtieth streets and Third ana Rlith avenues. Address, stating reot, Keller A Co., 78 Nassau street 1X7ANTKD-A GOOD STORE. BETWEEN ORFENW'CH II and West streets, for general business: stock on band would be bought If suitable. Apply to J. N. FRENCH, No. 8 Broadway. WANTED-HOUHES AMD PARTS OF HOURE8, Rooms and Floors, furnished or unfurnished. CHAS. E. MILLS, Real Estate Agent. 48 West Thirtieth street TXTANTKD?IN SOME GOOD LOCATION, A SUIT OF Vv Apartments for dressmaking and housekeeping unfur nished or furnished, for a responsible and -eapecUble fami ly. MANCHESTER A CON KLIN. 88 Nassau street WANTED?AN UNPURNI8TIED FLOOR, IN A NICE house and neighborhood, between Broadway and Third avenue, below Fourteenth street or above Twentr slzth street: will pay $40. Also a Room and Bedroom wanted. Address immediately Romulus, station D. flTANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE, THREE STORY, UN vv furnished, not shove Fiftieth street. Pnaaea-lon first December or (January. Addresa T. Buhlo, 186 East Broadway. 6TH AVENUE.? UNFURNI8HED APARTMENTS wanted, by a responsible tenant, for a dental office on flr?4 floor over a atore on Hiith avenue; entire floor pre ferred. Address Dentist Herald otUoo. DRY^ GUODh, A HEAVY CRASH IN MURMNN. FINE MUSI-INS 12Xo.; former price 18o. FINER GOODS 14c. and 16o. EXTRA QUALITY 20c.. 25c. and 30c. BEST 4-4 WAM8CTTA8, 86c. OTHER STORKS CHARGE44e. The decline In Mualtns is from Ac. lo 10-'. a yard. UMNO BLANKETS NERLY HALF PRICE. FOSTER BROTHERS. 16/ Elghtn avenue, near Eight' eenth street and FOSTER BROTHERS, 273 Bleacher sL AT OIMHREDE'H. 8Wt BROADWAY?ON EXHIBITION In the shuw window this week. Fans and Parasols. l'ararolM at cost of Importation. N. H. The c-vstalited Vis iting Cards Introduced, November 17, ant a new Wedding Envelope, destined to atiuersede all others in ilie market. NEW CARPET STORE JUST OPENED?WE 1UVE reoelved front auction over 900 ptec-s of Brussels and Ingrain Csr|ietsstu vreat reduction trom last month's prices. Comm slid "tool Carpets AUc? all Wool 7,v., super, oil Wool (1 to $1 28; power looms from f I 87 to SI 80. Our Stock of Tapestries, Body. Brussels and Hoval Velvets will compare w tli any bonne in the city. Oilcloths from one to sis y?r<ls wide, Druggets do. Window Shades, Kugs, Mats. Ar., Ae. U. KKI.LY A CO., corner of Twenty-flflD street sntl S.sth a venue. CJMILLIE A CO HAVE OPENED THE MOST ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF CLOAKS, SACQITFS, MASQUES. JACKETS AND CIRCULARS IV VELVrIT AND CLOTII, which cannot be surpassed in America. 7ti3 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets. WILLIAM BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, Suo'L D NEW PiBtiKATtONd. ICK A FITZGERALD A eollection of Drawing ltoom Proverbs, Charades and Tableau Vtvapta, by Miss S. A. Frost These plays ere in tended solely for performance by a small party of friends tn private parlors, and require but little trouble or expense to render thorn effective. 388 pages, small octavo, cloth, gilt side and back, price $1 CO. MARTINE'B HANDBOOK OF ETIQUETTE AND GUIDE TO TRUE POLITBNEHB. A complete manual for all those who desire to understand good breeding, the customs of good soc oty, and to avoid In correct and vulgar habits. By Arthur Marttne. Bound in boards, clotn back, prloe 80 cents. Cloth, gilt back and sides 78 cents. THE PLAY OBOUND; OK, OUTDOOR OAMBS FOR BOY8. A book of healthy recreations for youth, containing over IPO amusements. Illustrated with 124 fine woodcu a. Bound In board*, cloth back, 80 cents; bound In cloth, gilt aide, 76 cents. The above books are for sale everywhere, and will be sent by mail to any address free of postage upon receipt of the price. Send all orders to DICK A FITZOKRALB, Publishers, New York. EXPRE88E8. A?BUK.NTI AM'S FURNITURE AND BAGGAGE EX. . press office, lit West Eleventh street, nnspfdith eve. nue. Furniture, families moved,city or country; furniture, pianofortes packed and shipped: furniture stored. Globe expiihbb company-office nob. a and a Rector street, Empire Building; temporary ofilce 26 Broadway. N?w Yonr, Nov. 19, IBM. The Globe Express Company will this day open Its first line between New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wash intou, for HEAVY FREIGHT AND PACKAGER. They will call for and deliver promptly, at the following rates:? For heavy freight to Philadelphia 4Uc. per 100 lbs. For heavy freight to Baltimore 80c per 100 I ha Fur heavy freight to Washington Iguc. per 100 lbs. For heavy freight to Georgetown, D. C 180c, per 100 I be. For heavy freight to Alexandria 180c. per 100 lbs. I'akages and valuablea will he taken at as reasonable rates as by any nlbar responsible compsny. The Compsny is arranging to rapidly open Its offices at all Important points through the Mouth and Southwest, as u fuil Express. 1 bis Company are prepared to pay promptly for any loss or damage that may oi-cur. Orders ma? he le'f I at either of the above offices. B. Gwikw, President. j 8. W. WILSON, E. C. Pacing. Treasurer, i 49 Broedwav. Superintendent. KIIISITIRB. A PLIMPTON second hand secretary bed ateud for aale. 35 Bond atreet. A magnificent assortment ok household Furniture for aale at a aacrMcd?Pianoforte. Parlor Suit", i'tagriea, Hnokeaee, Pa ntinga. Broniea, Chamber, Dining Kurnttura, China Ulaaa. Silverware Inquire atM Weal Slitrenth airaet, between Filth and Hlith avenue". JjH'RMTURE. DE ORAFF A TAYLOR. No". H7 and SB Bowery and 66 I hry-tle atrael. STII.I. CONTINUE TO BE THE LARGEST FURNITURE M ANUPACT1 REUS IN THE CITY. PARLOR, DINING ROOM ann CHAMBER FURNITURE AND BEDDINO, CANOPY AND VICTORIA BE''STEADS, FOR THE SOUTHERN TRADE, at 20 par rent reduction In prioa. ago?St irage?For Fnrnltura. Money loaned on fur niture. I nrgi- wagone for muring Furniture, city or ooun try. 116 Weal Eleventh atreet Mar Slith avenue. tPHE ORIENTAL FATRNT SPRING BED MANUFAO. I luring Company 7S? slith avenue, near Fortv-aecoud ?treat. Iron Be?Ltr?de retired, paluted. altered, et changed or made to order;; Hprlug Bed, Stud. DE.YTINTRY. A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TEETH, git TO $?> ALL JX Operauonaof Ucnllatry akilfutly perfortred; all work warranted. '?r MIOHAl'D, French DanUat. 412 Stub A ? venue, neir Twenty eighth street, MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERY?TEFTH Ex tracted wltnuut pain tan yeara Original lienumtdug appllr ttlon (Naicotiiat'ini 1-aughlng <laa I r?h daily. Beau llfu! TertU $1. J. ,!A Y VILLKRS, 156 ,UMI Beautiful teeth "sweet breath. ??? DR. UUF.ilt'S DENTol'lll i.h. THE PKRFEUTK n IN DBNTAI chemistry II ro il.lnra the pioper'les of ALL GOOD DEN 111 RICES, rr c Jt nr.'. aud 5U crula. Sold e< ( rywhere. pOLTOW DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED AND \ . tnnke a apmlalljr of the ??" of NMrmt' Hilda 0?a, and eln. mati r H >n the only waywhlch ".nltornilv ilevtroya pain. It" hare given It to o??r Iti/OO puiiei. a. Cmue to im. OBice It Cooper lua'ltute. MARBLE MANTBUiT Marrlfixed hlatk mantels?superior in anpearan -e. mmr durable, half the pore of nundile T II STEWART *4 SUtb avenue, betw u-n Tht.ty Afih and Thlrly-altih etreele. M'ARHi.K MANTELS.-THE REST PLACE IN T1IR cay to porrha?e Marble Mantel* of tlie lalea' dealgna at very low prtoee la at A KLASER'S Murhl- tVirka, 1>A# k???t Eighteenth atreet, n"?i Third av., N. Y. Cat tkla ntii Y"OT1CK TO MARBLE AND STONF. < TTTRRS ? Thooiaa Jonr? wiahae to Inlorvn th" trade In rrneral l.ia'he haa oprued a Mande Turning eelabliahrnent at Mr. 1V.U PalUaon a Marlde M n. IH2 Eavt Twr.ity third e<reat, New Yerk, Mai da turning In ad tta hranohei oarefellv 'ler iied. Urna n id other . rnameatal work fu olahed. All nrdera punctually attended to. BCARO OF SUPfRVISOftS. " The Poord of Snpervlaori met yeaterdajr, Supernaor 'niiih pruoldmjr, A e "lamtintaaUoa from tire Comptroller notified tho Board that tb? ?nm apjroprtatad for Irterart on .fioldlar'a Bounty Kund bond* No. 1 coming duo ?? November l?t. IMPI, i, and that fl,!d>8 *8 additional ha approprt tod lha Hoard paaeed a revolution to tbat aflact. Puparrleor Twarn mo'-rd that the Board jaroof*! to All lha vaiaxicr oc< aaioued t y the death of Supervisor Purity. The motion being oarrlod, Vr. Tw*td ooml nttd 0 V. Rcrmana for tha ofllce, wno received eight vo'os on tha Arei ballot and waa declared elected * uiombor of Ilia B<?rd. Th? l"t pf rorneii k Co. for 117,0*0, for Iron f>irn.'had for the now Co rt HuuM, waa allowed, and a revolution pa wad to pay it. Ilia ..'bn lualDCM that casaa up waa of Utile public laiarrat. ft E COURTS SUPREME COURT?CHAMBERS. The Universal Suffrage Questlon-Whai Con. etltuteo a ?MIan of Color," and How In It to Be Determined f Before Judge Sutherland. The People m rrL Jamu P Darnall rt. Diehard Henry arten it of.?The defendants In thli action, Richard Henry Green. Den nle Delany, Cornellua V. Croec, Nathaniel Jarvle and Thomas Cogaball, were appointed ln? pec to re of Registry for the Second diatrlet Of the Eighteenth ward of thla elty, under the provisions of an aet of the Legislature, paaeed May IS, IMS. entitled "An Aot to Ascertain the Pmt>w PrpofM of ?H? Citizens who shall be Entitled to the Right of Ku(rr?**.. This was a return of an alternative mandamus to compel the Board of Registers of the Second district of the Eighteenth ward to register the nsme of James H. Darnall, the relator, or to show cause on the third Monday of November, for refusing to make e?cn registry, ana why they should not pay the costs of this action. The Board had refused to register tjorelatoron the ground that he was "a man of color," and did not pos sess ths reqnlrite property qualifications. Mr. Bdward Gil bert, the relator's counsel, said that the return to the peti tion had only been Iliad In court this morning, end he bed not had tme to examine it, and would lika an adjournment for the purpose of determining whether he would go on with the return ea It was, or would traverse. Mr. John CsdwslUder, tor the defendants, objected to an adjourn ment, and insisted that the nutter should bs proceeded with at once, end said that the question was almpljr whether a man of color bad a right to be registered as a voter in the State of New York. The re turn had only raised the question which the other side desired should be raised, and they were as Iwell prepared to go on with the ease at once as at any other I tune. Mr. Justice Sutherland said?"Certainly, the case San be disposed of this morning; the queat.on has already beeu decided in the State of Ohio," and asked Mr.UUbert whether he bad seen the decision referred to. Mr. Gilbert stated that he wished tbla case to be decided on Its own merits and the facta which mar arise In il, without reference to any de els ions rendered In other Slates. Me considered that he bad a right to traverse the return If he felt so disposed, and de nied that his client, the relator, was a man of onlor. The Board of Registry did not pretend, even in their return, that I they hud asked hint any oueatious In regard to Us uolor. The relator answered all questions put to him _Jty the Board, and they allege that ihaj only aake him if he wus possessed of ,an^ real estate, and Mr. Gilbert denied the rieht of the Board to look a man in the face and say (hat hie complexion was ton dark. He acknowledged that bis client's akin was dark, and said tnat it would be rather singular If a tnan who should be suffering from a bilious attack should becompellnd to awi it the action of a dose of medicine before registering hia nans. (Laughter.) Jndga Butber. land askeil how he proposed to determine the question of a mail's color. Mr. Gilbert said it was a question which should vo before a jnry; and Insisted upon a right for lae to go before a jury, to determine what kind of thla cause to go before a jury, color should exelndea oianlaotn the right of eltlrenshlp In this Slate, a ad what the color of the relator is. Judge, Sutherland said the case oannot go >0 a jury; the qti"stion of color ran not be denied by them; it ia a que, ion of law and must be decided by a judge and by an last<ec tion of the pirty. I think I can dispose of tbe ques tion this morning. Ti e lime of registry is pasts ro th ut can be gained by hearing thla motion. Mr. lider said, "There la to be another reg stry for the rbarter election on the 39th ami Sihh of the present mom b, and the d colon here may alfect the registry of the relator tor that election. Mr. Gilbert said that the alternative mm damns which hud been served on the Board o' Inspector , required lliem to register the name forthwith or show c nae why they had not done so. If It should appiar on the hearing that the Board ol' Registers had no right to refuse the registry of the relator's name, he considered It would he the duly of the Oourt to punish the Hoard for contempt. The quest,uii Is now whether tbe Hoard laid obe.ed Hie al ternative mandamus served upon th-m. Tbe Juuge sa d that Mr. Gilbert had a right to traverse tbe return, ,c i to have time for that pitrpesc, so its to try the question falrlv. ? - the - - The further hearing of the caae was then adjourned until Monday, the 'JQtb lust. SUPREME CCUST-rtRCtPT-PAPT I. literratlug Operation in Rcgnrd to n Drnft. Before Justice Barmrd Firrt National Bank re. Chnrlee ft. Pafte: so*. ?Thi*wwftfl un action founded on a draft of (6.000, drawn by the defendant to the order of J, W. K n.ipp on J. P. Weuuiun. The defend ant (Patterson) went to the plaintiff and ootalned the money, left for Meadville Immediately, used the funds, and then, returning to New York, stop- ed the acceptance by Wenmun. Quite an ei lsode occurred when the defendant (Patterson) olle ed himself as a ivitDeas to prove the allejcid wan' of eons deration. The plaintiff's counsel objeoied to bis being sworn on the'grotind Hint Mr. Patterson had been convicted ?f ob oinlng moneys under false pretences In Phtl dclptda, * - *-- Penlteu groum _ inueys and hod hern sentenced and served a term in the L Gary. The reeord of demotion was produced The defend ant's counse; exhibited a pardon from the Governor or Peon-** syivanla, alter an Imprisonment of some months, i he case .was NMhioined to the jury, who fotfnd a verdict in favor of plaintiff for the I utl amount claimed. An allowance ot %i/u in plaintiff's counsel was granted. H. D. Tuwnsend for piaui till, D. D. Field for delenuaol. SUPERIOR COURT?TRIAL TERM. The Troubles of a Rrpubllcm Ward Oriail. r.iiiIon?A Police Ouploln Nued by a Candi date lor Voanty Clerk for False lutprieen neat* Before Judt* Jonea. Jam** JT. Thompmn w Jamti V. Speight?Thin mi an action brought by the plaintiff, a prominent republican politician, againat Captain Fpelght, of the Metropolitan polio*, for alleged illegal and mallclone arreat and proaecution. The caae eioit*d no little Interest, and the court room was there fore crowded with aponlatofa, eomprialng Superintendent Kennedy, many member* of the Police Department and acreral wall known politicians The counael engaged in tbe caee are Orlando L. Stewart and Colonel Stewart I,. Woodford for the plaintiff, and Dta trlct Attorney A. Oakey Hall for tbe defend.nt Colonel Woodford ie tbe lately elected Lieutenant Governor of tbe State. Mr. Stewart opened the care for the plaintiff, and accord ing to bla alate-uont the facta are aa follows:?The plaintiff, he said, bad been a deputy collector of aaaoaementa, a candi date for county clerk, and at too time of the occurrence on wbicb the an it waa baaed wan. and (till la, a harbor maater of thia State. Tbe defendant had been a police captain for fllTeen yeara, aud about two years a-o waa a candidate for l'obee Juxtlce, when he wna opposed by hompann. Tbla oppoailion, 11 appeara, engendered much malice between the paniea, and the plaintiff chargea that Speight threatened that he would never amp until he got even with Thompaon for thia opposition. A primary election waaarranged to come off on the erenlog of September IS, 1MB. On reaching tbe plaun Mr. Thnmpsou, an la alleged, found the from door abut up, and after walling for aome time the plaintiff gained ad miaaion along with aome other men, who gave a password to tbe men In charge of tbe door. The admission thus effected waa through a aide door on Twenty-third street, hud on reaching the room he found It Sited, ea his counsel alleges, with a crowd of tbe roogbeet men fiom Mackarvllle and the Navy Tard. lie found also policemen In the room, and remonstrated with people there on tbe ap pearance of things. In reference to a remark about tbe presence of police. Captain Speight came up to him and llfng mm If need profane words to him, telling mm If he had anything to say to the police he (Speight) waa In command of them, and waa the proper party to be spoken to; that If he (Thompeon) did mil look out he would bo put out qui. ker loan he got In, whereupon Mr. Thompson left the room with two friends named Lee and 1 irumtnorid, and went down stairs aud out on the sidewalk. Shortly a tor this an altercation look place be tween Mr. tee end another party named Atkinson, result, tng Id th? latter striking thoformer. Thompson who viewed the affray, Minuted nut to Captain Speight to arrest atkln a II A mull nan ed Greene (Vathew J>.) luterposed and ad vised ilie police c mfffi to "arrekt Teuton's liai bur master." Speight, as la charged, thereupon arrested Thompson, irmig I him to the A una bouae and eooilned him for the n gh lo a eternal o* I. where he enjoyed for Ufieen hour* the etr.ll ng c n.| anion ship of ' lice, lasibugs and centipedes." Mr. BtHHa't called as his Orel witness Mr. William Drum monJ, who lealluid as follows:?I live at 323 Kast Twenty fourth street; am Deputy Tat Commlsalouer; I know the iianiea; I rrcolle. t Uie occasion of the I'uiOh primary st the had cornerofTwenty-third -tree lend Broadway.I'nlon head ?luarters. in a na m up amir*, on n-ptember 1.1, IWh. I waa I he secretary of the Eighteenth Ward Associate n; that was tliir hea.(quartern; was present at the meeting between hail f ast hte aud an o'cloch; the call was for seven or half, past seven tf. M.; when I arrived there I aew Speight lo the hall; the mom waa then pretty well filled, tbeie were some pollcemi n present I saw aome belonging to the association nd a great mum not; there were from one hundred lo nee lrutid.ed and fifty j opie ut the time I went in; went In try the able door with Thump-on, the main door I* on Twenty third street; we went to ride door; a gentleman aeked, b password f" si,d I answered "No. but I haye "Have you the paaawi a right oere;' saw ripelgbt there; I said It waa a great out rage to have the if.or locked, and aald that 1 had great trouble to ge; w: Captain hpeigbt aard If I waa not careful I would go down quicker 1 w< nt up; 1 aa-d. "ibis la oo place for us," >n 1 we went down Males; about five mlnutea alter saw Speight on sidewalk; we were on ihe Twenty.third street side: Mr Lee ?>? explaining lo llutchlus, when Mr. W. Atkinson Mid to Lee, "feu dirty little sticker," and struck huna blow, there were poller them wluiln a few at; there wae a group around; It made a CormnoUoa; rtil Me-srs. Lee, vt'uldo Hutcllns. Thomp tbere wr:e present Me-srs. Leo, wuldo Hulcidna. Thomp son and Aiklnaou. aud after the blow Was struck Thompaon Wild, "I upturn, th?re Is a breach of Ihc price; you ought lo arreat him. ' didn't see Captain do any thing then Biotas cried out, "Arrest (anion's harbor master," I then saw pl.intlffg- tag off In charge of poller; I saw hint ihtt nlghl In Twenty seventh street etntlnn house, and ncrt morn'ng at Jefferson Market beard Captain Hpeight m. re t ?Utriiin,;. Q Was Mr. t has. Atkins ti there during thcdislnrnauc< r A. I think that the Captain acted aa a mere partisan and let his fn> nus go while he arrested those of tha other party bnetlle; thai Is th-lr ineory; I did not ae* Chaa. Atkinson UU alter the aasauit *ctne Uum; 1 saw a friend of plaintiff Intimate with him; I Ih.nk he waa badly treatad; hrv? a..*ne feeling; no lil'cclng tow >?d P " " 1 - _ . Capi. Speight; them were two partita engaged in that primary; Thompson and 1 belonged to the aarr.e faction, the parties In the mom he Imgcd to th? other faction and haci barrtoadad the door and had passwords, the place therr la still called I'nlon head quarters, the other fat lion hav- It. ours is at H-oadway; plaintiff is known as Jimmy Thompson by friends; he waa a prominent leader in Ihe polities of thai ward: wh-n he got up (lairs he sold " f prop s' ?g ilnsi ihls parking cf (he room UBd harrlcauli j the door; tide a ? gnat itr ye again u the ' it.ten- of the rvaid and la pr.rteeted by the (sdlce " thai la what I uad'iriood, there waa quite a circle, I'apt. Speight wis there this observation WI s addrc- sed hi all present; that is about all I remember ??the I'm"; there waa nothing going - -- - ^|jj3 on. Ihe voting had oof nuaModl they were doing noth..,, I found the do- r with a s'liA of wood an lernealh ri,? |<H.g f aew parties a (milled by able door; the door harrle ded wae large I don't know * ho Pood ashing lor pa'sword; I waa ?It ran. 1 didn't hear any one give a paas word, i saw Ihe pollne In Ihe l.tge hall In the room general!#; they were ?- ?- th*r ~~ doing nothing I'ere'ic*| i walking there wen an ui ten poll-mien Inert-; the p.?p.-, ,nrs were not there then at Uhle. don't know list they wem m the mom; Thompson and i dt I u't etsj theie more loan Uv. minutes; Thomps >n apoke In his u-ual tone, about the suite aa you do earnss!|y. Thompson and I went ont al tie, 1 don't else; Bprignt we left behind; down; about fire i I saw Lee when r e got down, about five minutes aft-r ssw on the aldewslk in ronveraation, dm i know with whom Mr,jLo* was etpU.aJig'ha diOonlly of getting into the hail b Hatch wheu Alkiaenn came along anu aald, ' Von arc s dirty auekar. he replied, "No more 'hen y. ? " Atkln gn etrnea Lee, there ?? quite a crowd, several voices "peeking at once; tha Mtlrg'slk waa quite STOW ded; there went 11imb RiMen to twenty people; the first vole* | heard wsa Tbutups oi a, be - od. ''Now I eriUIn Hpeighi 1 (all on you to arr-st that men tor a braarli of tbe pea.*-;'1 after, wcrds I heard gome MIS aay. * Arrest Ooveronl Kenton s hi.bor misier," 1 did nut nee Thompson raise bisarm nor ?p. ea la ihe crowd; I ean't swear I sew Atkinson alrike l-ee; there weia Other pot emen eronnd. Thompson called In ft| eight aud not to other pol cemen; I did ii<l he?r Thnmp. i m ssy hi would have the poll*# broke; I d>d not hrar him aay be wuefd go before their hones and have th.,n brokS atid ih-n take it uafore tka Goveriior. thai 1 r*. oMert; ha use,i no threats that I rsoollect, I t. Te Iniuij ( arum fipeight some time; when I tneef k m J don't is'.utrhltu; I hard the oe'> fori e arrwat after Thompson oal'ed Toe ike nrrest of Atkinson; I knew mo?t of the rnein. bera of thai aasociatlm, the wan st ihe door I Itdn'i know KdmurdC Lae tcet'flid? I nt* Superintendent of state Araenal. Thirty fifth street and .seventh avenue. I waa r re*, em at ml* primary, It was September 1*. IMS; about Rye O'c"irk I (iratwent theie; went sloae, when I Itiat svenf I dl I I*t so* ney one theie. | was s meiifwr nf the aaaoe atton 1 g'rt III hi going lo With a crowd, I saw Aiohlnaon therai atwct a hundred * : thn mail who waa first put lua te. I to a now as tuoiigh gn-ing a | aMwnrd; poller were there then; there weteaurue on ilroadwav sa early aa tb. es o'clock I fv' 11 otet an > want to Mi Then ; rq'i house. ?, Tliompeo _ SB" I we. ( |o rue don tnaa 11 e-; Druffrmd waa twhu jf -a -eat up tu- uipaun ami this una uutKg*. jvu have this room lammed up with oeteldere;" Captain fpetghl eat#, "You muat talk lower or too win go oat f< eter:" we then weut doaru; four or Ave mtnutoe after Upright cam alooa* there were ten or til teen men there: I said ' Jltnmy the* acb a If they wanted to arrest you." The root of the wltneae* testimony la aimply corroborative of lha former witness. ? Jamea M Thompaon trail fled ?I ana plaintiff In this caaet my bualneaa la that of harbor maater; waa harbor master at the time of the primary election; I went to the meeting between lire and all o'clock in the afternoon; when I went there the front doora were not eaeeaalble; the aide door waa lu poaaeaeton of aomemen; I saw tome paraona going Ini C complained to kome friends; I made application amain and waa aaked for u password; I aald I had none, and punheii past and got upstairs; when up aUIra I saw one hundred people preeant; one person came up to me end aald, "Ha, wa'rogot you now;'' I aald It waa en outrage to here the doora barricaded and thirty poiloe pseaent. Captain Speight aald. "If you here anything io My you had better say it to me;" Captain Speight alao mid, '?ton had better loek out oe fou will go out a u?d light quicker than you came In;" went down and friend Speight followed met he came to me on the end Mid I had hatter go away ; 1 said be had better not lay hande on me; afterwards I saw another aomuII and aald to Speight "Wli* don't rou Interfere In iblaeaMl" somebody came uff end Mid, "Take Thorn peon up;" Speight Mid. "I'll take yo3 up;" I aeid, "I will obey your orders, but don't strike me? I will go quietly with yon:"I waa pal Into hMBinpe etna Hon house; the cell wis run a war with Term!a; I na DOT. ered up with bedbugs; my friends proteeted against H, and Captain Speight aeldl "waa no better than a loafer In the atreel;" I did not leare the eell until eight o'clock next morn lug; the cell waa about ao wide (abawing with hande), elg feel high end about aemn length; there area a board to ley on, but no bedclothes; aew rermtn there; at iaeet a than Mad rerraln came around me; after eight o'clock I wee taken to Jefferson Market Police Court, before Judge Led with, who dlsmUeed the cnee ea frivoleuet the rioibea 1 had on I gare away; they eoat MO: I had been unfriendly with Speight fortwo years before thte occurrence. Cross-examined?Nneight bad hla club In a position Id strike me, end I told him I would make no resistance, net to etrike me; he made a motion aMf to strike me with hlaalabi 1 presume that he bed a club; during the half hoefflwag there I waa there as a member of the organfgatlou, talking with friend*; was waiting fhr the dporto on*?: seat sayJ mw a policeman at side door, bnt In Its xiclnlnr; the man who took the pemword waa pot a poUocftgn; Greene wed excited; I waa not much excited; was In a probation; i? wee a warm night, end I had s handkerchief In my band! t stated that Atkinson stepped between me and Hutchinson, and aald, "I owe you one," and made a past at Hutchinson: heard Ledwlth say the poMoe had no authority over him, and he dlamlaaed the came aa frtrolons; on night before this oo currence I bad no dlfllculty with Aldennan Otttwell or any one else; a month before tnla I had a dlflVnlty with outwalk who caught me bv th? throat; I defended mya?lf, aud ahovea htm away; those I knew un stairs were Greene, Captain Spels- t ur. Van Nott; think f saw AVm. Atkinson; all the rsrt were entlro strangers to me; I stated to policemen it wain fraud to hive the doors locked up and a password mwsuT I don't know who barricaded the doors; 1 remember fipelghl telling m? to say wnst I had to say to blm aa he Wae Cap tain of t'-e Police: I waa In'the room about gve or tea minutes when I found the wis too hot for me: Ottl weil was President of the aMpcbUon ?? that time, but only came just before I was arrested; oTd dot lay to Speight or any of the police I would have ihem broke or go to their bosses, the Commikaloners. or iiave the Commksloners broke, or Hint I would lay the cnae before Hovernor Fenton; hnh mut er 1 only slated that If tbo pvl're countenanced (btd thing the Cnmralssioners ought to know of ttlljUdpof speak of Sir. Acton; during the half hour outside I spoke to aoout a d?xeu people; 1 denounced the ontra. 6 to friends but uttered no threats outside; the first 1 saw of Speight dnnrp -i,,irs Was about a minute after I went down stairs; he followed me out; I was talking with ' riead* about the state ? f iho room: he cune up and said, " You go abont yon* business;" I said, "I wM obey yenr orders," and moved on; I wsa taiklDg with Waldo ilutehina when trouble with Atkinson occurred; Captain Upright arrested me, ho said on the solicitation of Mr. Hevins and Mr. Greene; he banded ni" over to a policeman, who took me to tbo station house) Judge L'dwlth discharged me W'lboul a repriespd, ., > lie direct?There were printed tlpkotd to be uasd thai tight; I bad them with me, and when they took me to the * ' house they took my tickets, too; the police did not know T had them. Waldo Hu'chlns teriltted:?I reside In Ihe Eighteenth ward, and was a member of the Eighteenth Ward Union Associa tion . I remember the primary election; I arrived there be twi" n r'x and seven o'clock; I saw Thompaon and Speight there; alao Mr. Lea. Mr. MatUew f>. flreene and Mr. wm. 1). Atkinson; I went up Into the room a'tnr the front doora were opened; I think It was not HII after Thompson's arrest; I came to the corner of Twenty-third street and Broadway, and was walking along with Mr. Lee, when we met Greene and Atkinson; sonic remark was made by Green, when At kinson immediately accosted Lee, with "You are a sucker," or something of that kind, to which Leo replied, "lam no more a sucker than you:" Atkinson H-en struck at Lee, when Lee dlsapne .red from me fn the crowd; two police men appenn-d; Thompson passed hv m? and called "Arrest thai man; he lias struck my friend;" I next saw two police man walking Thompson off; there were twenty or thirty people (here. Three otlie.r witnesses were examined, when the ease wsa Adjourned till eleven o'clock thin morning. The damages are laid at $j iXXJ. An Old t'nre?Collision Between Ferry and Clanal Bouts. I Before Judge Barbour. a Rufui R. DtlafUlito. Tht Union Frrrtj Cbmpney.?This easff arose out of a collision in January, 1867. and was tried ones In 1.862. appealed and a new trial ordered In MM and eotnes up for retrial this month. The plaintiff w?# port owner off the canal boat Ogden. which had lust taken onboard a cargo of plaster and salt, and was moving over from the south to the north side of the ferry slip lo avoid a nip from the Ice woen the tide should set down, when the ferry boot struck and sunk har. Ibe lea was running heavily at the Urns; It w is Ave o'clock according to the plaintiff's testimony, near seven according to the defendants', and the boat bring white the ferryboat pilot and the lookout say Uier took her fore big cat-of ice till too cloae on her to avoid hor. The de fendant* claim that the attempt to cross the slip after dark waa negligence In the plaintiff, and that she ehould bar* exhibited a light. The Jury found for plaintiff, f371 W. MAMMJCNIT. Anion far Housekeeper's Wanes. Before Judge Alker and s jury. Clark* m. Jenny.?The further hearing of this suae, re ported In yesterday's Hkhajld, was resumed. It was aa ac tion by the plaintiff to reeorer compensation for aervtoee el leged to hare been rendered by her aa hones keeper la the family of the defendant, who keeps a boarding house at (S East Kilter nth street. The defenoe was a general denial of th? plaintiff's claim, and a statement that abe agreed, for her Wtard only, to discharge certain household duties In the establishment of the defendant. 'The plaintiff sailed as wit. nesses parties who had boarded with the defendant, and they testified to the nature of the duties she had discharged. The defendant was eiamtned on his own behalf, and stated that he never had agieed to psy the plaintiff for ner aervtoee, and*that she frequently went out about her own business. If be was to pay her. he would, be said, hare exacted from her wn-kin (he some manner aa he would from hla other s ri'snts. In cross-elamination tba wpnesasald the plaintlIff had called upon him et the Tribm* office In relation to thin matter. He was understood to state that ha was one of the proprietors or tba Tribune. He wee employed la the Mlsu office; but bis principal business lu connection with that Kr "was In the street," as he expressed It. The case d the whole day, and at four o'clock the lesue was pal to the lury, who found a verdict for the plaintiff for $74. Alleged Frnudulrnt Reprroeatailua. Bef'.te Judge (Irues end n Jury. Per* rs. Jftfler.?Thl* ease was reported In the IThxald of yesterday. The action la brought by the plaintiff to recover damages from the defsndanl for alleged fraudulent repre sentation respecting an office and a quantity of whiaxay, vinegar, beef.alr, ho., which plamtlg had put chased from defendant. The case lasted the entire day, and had not con* eluded at the rising of the court It Is expected the t It will be brought to a close this afternoon. Judge Ueame eame down to try some cases, but none were ready. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COUNT. The Case of the Alleged Privateer Meteor? The Whole Caee to be Argued Before the Huprroie Court at Waahlngtoa. Before Judge Nelson. Th* rmlcrf .Stoics as. SfaimMji Melenr.?This ease cams np again yesterday morning on appeal from Ute United butse District Court to the Circuit Court, from n Judgment con demning the alleged prlrateer Meteor. On the opening of the case. Mr. Courtney, United States District Attorney, addressing the court said?That ,ut soon as ths opinion of Judge Belt* was In a shape to be need. It being now, ha understood, la the bends or the printer, he would be preperrd to argue the rase. But In view of the magnitude of the questions In* solved, end the voluminous nature of the testimony taken st the previous hearing, and. ss he believed no metier what might be the declaion of hla Honor to tba case now It would ultimately have to go up to the United dtales Supreme Court * " ' * '? ' He would en tt >rata affirming t Court below, and the case prepared for argument before the for final decision. He Would an.gesl. therefor* that ludg sent be taken pro forma affirming tke Judgmaut of Ute Hup erne Court Tiila course, .I adopted, Would tare a great deal of tima to court and oo' naal. Mr Everts, for the claimants, said that he had not yet con suited his client v lu regard to ths proposition of the Die Irtet Attorney, and was eunaequrnly not prepared tc give an answer H nuuld prefer, however, to Cava the < aae set down for argument next Monday, ss he understood Judge Belle'opinion vrouhl be be lore then placed in (heir hands. .lu lge Nelson?It would be Impossible 'er ma to hear the case this term, and I think the suggestion of lb# Dl'lrtet Attorney should he followed, aa I have no doubt, tha ease bring a govern men, une. tha Court will give It a preference an that It may he argued before January next. It la certain, at all events, thai I cannot hear It Una term Mr Evarta?Then, your Honor, I will communicate eh once with my ellenta, and on Monday next I will be In a po sition |o dispose of the matter This cloona ths rsse forgbe present. The Case ef the Hckoeaer Oetrge Darby. Tke fmSed Ahilw ngeloeS^e scAerwr Oanegs Dm kg, Aw SwH? fc ?This eaee came np on appeal from a dscrse of the Die. triat Court Judge Batta presiding, dismissing the libel. Tha govern moot seeks the forfeiture of the \ upon the following allegations ?fflrut, that on the Ifilh of Hepwmher, UM, the schooner sailed from this port for Mean tort, V ?' under Executive proclamation of May 13, 1MB the master having first deposited at the Cuaiem Mousff a sworn ropy of bis it antfest. and obtained therefrom the neusl license and clearance On the Jfilh she proceeded oa ... my a ga, hut wan stopped In the ?' ream ana an examina tion of her cargo Instituted, which irsultad In bar detention. and the subsequent proceeding* lu llbal, II having heea dls< nrerad that bar cargo ooaaiatod In great pert of wh -keg and >ither contraband articles. 1 or lha dafanaa II wee argued thi.t whan tha rrseef was selxod she had not than Minallf commehce I her voyage: and secondly, thai the aeu allege* to have been cominDied by the vessel were not unlawful within the provisions of the -listing taw. The Judaebmli the sud ie-erved opinion. Tor the vessel, Me-srs. Sidney Webster and Craig; for the rovernaessl, Veiled Stales Dlstrl. t Ailm nsy H. 7i. C? irieuay. UH'TEO STATES CORilSSiOrER'S OFFICE. Chisrae ?( Uimrnt Inn Ceonirrfrlt Frartlunal I urrenry Plates. Before C, tumlaelouer Oaborn. I'strick Bfvson was rl arged wtih basing made and engrave* four counterfeit plans, from which freeitenal efrren-y cf the denuminatlon of fifty cents was printed. It Is stated thet the defendant had been a wlinass Jn a case In wh'.ruooo Kanre Ahraais was scruaed of counterfeiting. Acrarve. how, ever not hern arrested. Tbedetecilvee, IS U nndefsto-el, have never been able to find him. . , . .. . ? Margaret Atkiaven lesllhed that <be dafajdnnt ? . nJ was in lha huhit of visiting her house in B'klyn osert daff In the uxuilb of May last, and that ha was uiakl >g pli-.?g Counsel for defendant objected 10 this1 testimony pliae*rt lit ihsi it should not ba*?na Into nnlesathe plains we r pros 5" ' Bell, UnHed glairs kaslstanl District AUornrv. mid nil could n u ptodu-r Ihf platei wilnMf on *?jm$ other poiui*? Th* cue woikl cifvoiop 'Hhe*CoSmMtontr stated that he would adjourn tv. e?. am nslbiu until Monde), when the plates should ha prgg '""The assminatlon was adjourned accordingly. COUNT if iUtflAi SESSIONS Before Judge Hua*et aassr-iv frog a can e. The flrat cava dlrps ed of yesterday we* aa Indictment fe| assault and battery t harlve La Baout said ve hav#