Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1866 Page 7
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b*en romm fed up-vi the ncreen Amende M. Kttinper. a Obildof a??y*.nnf ?ge el 41 Mmt* G h * AufU?t die p'?*d*d guUty. and wan ***?*<>' 4 vvho^? (euot, ** the juJg* a? ?,ired to *?*e the pit* **&??$. eiuined ihu Hit to girt iimiJBT. ... vPauttt Mi'f.i it, chaigud wiik kergUiT in the thini lie, gfSlT pleaded guilty u n., stlempl. M?"| been Indicted fir ?. caking Into the .tare of -wen fofrr, 122 w 'licit ntiwet, ami M^lng $200 worth ill cork... lie will ue .cutchccd ou Hod*.* otuni uteiKirc T,h?? A.-,i?iore war convicted of ?isatin, on the let of N or am tier ? T>s. ',,t oiitwlatng $100 worlli of clothln.', (he E2KWS. M "d h .n aircet. lie was re Iiuuaolrfa* 11??. w" onUr * ?fr,"u lum uu ?W"ui.u, ''danV'sTMach"nil VarAtw.' "'I. ^arged wlth .traling a Irteoe of hnewworii, f3Jt, Froul w" 'IT.''.", / ? " 'l!,r"fi 446 Eighth avenue, pleaded gullf* ??<J ?"?" lent to tbs Penitentiary for all JwHiaA uyja Moonr, jointly Indicted with the e women w ?sdiseh,6Tl?u. '"iW Jobs Hews wee planed on trial, chugi' jptth stea Ing a I of fancy ribbon., worthouefluO, fmm the ."fireof Irs Heard. ?324 ranal atreet, ou the 28th of September! The accneed ?bowed by that he purchaied tiie pctitNr'T for fit from en fsnutUush peeler, end the jury reudereu ? verdict of net guilvy. a hp Ms** a Htnwart wn? tried on en Indictment chatgln. toy with atealloa $81 worth of personal property from Marie Htuart, oa board tbe steamer t'itr of Dublin early leet monRt. A. icon a. 0i? complainant waa put ou the bland A.llstaat District Attorney Bedford perceiving that the ac uu"f ?'?e e rebtire, end learning that the complaint wa? e uialMoue- one, abandoned the proseouUnu, and the Jury *"*S^!'e!L*Jr?rdiet of not guilty without leaving their sea s Richard Kauc, a youth, pleaded guilty to breaking Into the granary store Of Dlderlek Rolire.tbark, 338 Greenwich afreet, end stealing $10 worth of lobacd >. llu waa sent to the P??**5 ?R,uBr- Wm. and Thorns* Tnlly, who were Jointly Indicted with Kane, were.permitted to go In charge <-re re lailre, who pledged heraelr to .end them to ncboofoui of the oily. ' COURT OF SPtC tL SESSIONS. Before Justices Ifowling end Kelly. T'DUfUiO Bi BOAT LAW. Michael Brennan. Sr.. and Mtchaal Brennan, Jr., were ar. calgard fur rioUtiag the aection of the Boat Law prohibiting eny person from holding oommuntoetlon with e ablp lying at anchor in lha harbor. The defendant., who were New Jer sey boatmen, pleaded un ity, but atated lu extenuation their Ignorance of the low, and that the/ had no criminal purpose T the men In communicating with the whip. 1 be appearance of i a poke greatly in their favor, but haying pleaded guilty, Ju tic* Dowliug bad no alternative hut to Sue them the low est sum which could he lnt|ioaed under the law. $1UU The senior Brennan was unite Iww'ltlered at this sen ence, and ex olalmed In a despair.ngtone, " Wa shall rot in jail before we qau raiao thaw'* CARRYING COIfOUkLlD WIAPOH*. Satrntori I>uohi*l an Italian, wa* tried on a charge of car* rylng and threatening to use a kulfe The knife which w..s produced In court, w as over a foot in and had an eminently blooil-tbiratv appearance. The cvlde ce clearly proved that tha prisoner bad produced the weapon In n menacing manner. He waa accordingly found guilty and leuteucad to alx months tn tbe penitentiary. TIM. TAPPING. Jamas Kteraan, aged lUiout ten waa brought up to the bar charged with atcnlmg between $3 and $!( from the till of Launeut, a grocer. The hoy admitted thnt the money we. not htsown. hut stated thuf ha found It beneath the oounler. The auiry had. however, a ene.ent flavor, and the juvenile culprit w*. sentenced to pans t he next year of hi* life In the House of Refuse H dliain Kice, ? young man, waa al o charged with a almllar oil core. It waa clearly proved that he had abstracted from the till of John Lyons, and he was aununarllv sentenced ui three nionthe in the pemtentlarr. COURT CAliRHAR?THIS DAY. St;ra*MK Co' nit?ilKNHUL : sua.? En unit: ruled causes, Nor. 62. M, 57. g$ o NO Inclusive. St,man* Ooui.t ? lacuit. I'snt I.?No short oeitaea. No other causes but the one ou trial will lie taken up until Ml but the one ou trial will lie taken up until Mon Jay, the k6th luat. Pairr 2 ?Adjourned until Monday, 26ili Inst. Hcprsmb Coitrt?HpsmaL Trau ?Demurrers, No?. II. 15. 18, IH It; Issues of law Mnd fuel. No". 1H.I, IS.'., 22y. i74 241, 178, 193. 220 2U0. 2111, 2 6 218, 2.6, UU, 218, 241 'itfrRbHB t'OUKT?f-'llAMBSIts. ?.NO" S8, 42. 60, 60, 01, 80, 81, 87, 8T)j. 90, 9! fleueral ca I, 101. Mahinn i.oi rt.-No- 100. 115, 1M. 18SW, 1?. 1?. 172, 176, 178. 17|>, Ino, 181. 181X. I?2. 188. 184, 186, 180 187. 188. Cot-hT or ilk?riiAi. 8ns.sio??.?Tne People ve r.llen Sb iw, John Ilirgtna, \41 1 ? - tit Ki liy. John 11. Oil. Johu McCor mack Uwo cane.), Matthew Link, Oalhsrlne Stewart, Ilunrv Miller. Ufa, Dcuglaa, gr. nj larceur. Michael Kelly, jeltt larceny; Tho*. (VDonncU, burgl. ry. th rd degree; " ' rl.Ua i t brlstlanaeu, aaeaull and tlery ilwo cases.) Coorror Covnon I'l.aa.i -Pari ?-hor Pause..?2107, 220#. 219$. 3)11, 2117. ? 60, 2.818. 2815, 28.e 2858 24411,2474, 2482. Part II.?4'ase ou. No calendar lor Friday THEJTAXON COTTON. ^Rod**! ?Jf Vl* *f The mf the 4 attou Tax Recommended. Tha Cbnn>W of Commerce held a maeting yeeteM,,, ?t one o clack P. M., for the porpoee of raking Initiatory ?t?P? towards tneinorlaJUing (oDgreae to abolUh the tax on cotton Mr. Maurv. U.a Chairman, read the follow inf report oti the wubjrot, which won uiopted ?? eXSSTiS'i&'Sps^irl''&za siraaswasKr1?: sasrsss oemof thlaoptmoa. wTiubmn uHSSX fncta J*"? * Vn**t .seifc, India ?'"*?<??'took Xapt-mlKT 1? laat. . GSft CTTS? tmiCieaw),,^, lor u?erp.K.i;:.;." IMnti fejj S^jcrrisagflr?.????? ssa sis SSTSS? h (BtngSits;#S K nne-tfth mwathan' ,n>",b ?* '"?? ">? ,rar at JTSKsrr. ?.fKoi,r ~,,u,n'?Kuro Ka aoltrpt ?M hlth"the'^, of?rent?b? VhVlTi1"" lomunmoa Or ""y^eu^r,. aaa.c.r. ?, Xt*nm of n yearv -ndne lew, Vs '7tm? n''r'.r.r,r^.r.sv8/' ?JeStii. a.^35k!^to^ifoP"S2*L'i10 "l;l tod?wt Pl.t iartl. require a (out r*p at of t?,? ooueu wET'ln "thS'j "T\ ?ny important of tnr rnm mi"h V f??I- T rnl of oeeerred. la mit.?,u(l?,., or uni.vor. ,1. ?""? SST ?u- ?? *?-< "?iW.or, tb, urtnd.'.n belter than tboee of ?tbi-r "nuntrtra a* ls*nrY>C"d8k " to thr a, wTr'r ^7,*1* ,'h" of thr mn-umpt ou i>f .u Knnn? .71*? f / "ur with area! pr nil to ?" , ''''? eoreriag our |?Hi? ? h ?f eultirmt.,,. If^i.-T " ?o OMft dleo*?i<r tb u ih?l of * owinr i? '* or or |mmp4ni ^rtmlonm In r^mmrnftrmmm 1' ,0,r"' *?&st 1;.^,",xnT,na'. ?ta, 'u ??rSJt SSNvVmm '??*; K'jr" of tbntr Mil u, iiiiirr p?rp^,y72? 7. d*r"^ mIrhL?r?V r'f 'hrr* or ,0"f million, of balea of,'"!!!? ??ui" ?--?? ?iTch"U':s feaSBS ali a^vdWr:,7'? ,f* auppoaed t, hr thr ,rr,l jf tbla tatwhan ia? ii J. impnaaii,fr t.. proto ihr iiu.ra jn.l iwiroleum areaiiewrU tohetUBortaS'l^'li"i1"*?"'??i fore TfM o t .x. M "a tiooi and there. peiuu. ro7r'7f7""tLrr mu t'al'p",'. ?rv'71""",M"^*, Your nentmlit r mi,M n7. ute.^.,77 110 'rr""t enorme*i? ripreee h.d ninira^ aeU.rrteg a el en notion aa ha?1prr?,'o,i-lr I*.. .,7 * " T'll"? '.t>"n .urn Ihrrofore ml h7 he h'ldE k?!X',*"*?'* .""""Uaa and pr?prrtf wl. rh we M l^in1:' "*,,7, 7? "??l* " ?'"'r? of <*>?me frown pr.<* to imS .? .1 ,tln? th a aa p. whriher thr au&oueni giowth oJ^ha ! V"r> 1"r?tlr">al,lr with a higher t er ear at.j 1 hli'Sl.i'iS"? ."'i "h,r?"1 ten fmwrr. rr?|eirra r to..r Ih.i h . ?*' 'liteinat of the mt. I Iflanoiraar eaturelhM -t homo w w, inr,^ ""J" u' , In aoelu.iei )mlr o i?iinl|W? linlt fkl SL at road tndnnaalM* with rrfrrnt,^ ** ' J_fearattai P. he ? ronntrr. North. On.,hZ^J" .J wrT""" ?' ?>?e >L ?? n ionrciihn" r ,..?flf| an Tw?f. pre,tag UM, ?r . r- t*- rt.trman i'ri i.iJ*ILL,A*w nritWaRT uhows, KgwTeaa. Itoe. 17, Itp PaL'L "PoVpoud A i-otntr.l lee waa th'a antboiir d to pr*i?r? , ma ro xtalembedflng auoh mcu aa arr aaauuatd in tbo report to be preaentrd at ihr i.rti marting of the Chau,tmr , ? U?' dth day or Orrmlr rfor iu adoption. L',mwtmr '"> Tl.? rm.a.m . w . t a ...I .a / "? "" " hiw. a a VI i ir. BUH^titm, Tlir raaiaaaa -aid that ultlmat 1/ tba U* muat h? ^?nofl coUon, aud th. aooner I, ? Ukr?^,^ ^ Z c*r"" m,d*frmn rloaa^tapte * competinon with the Am#. ? thr Uf to b- Wh onjoet ,n4 ?' ?olijrrtml the aUpir to a i?, ro ** '"?*< r""<lii'U of tt,a oaf.i/lLi. ??wiea hrcauer It aulijrrta the auplr to trhaa ",,h ,h# ro""ri ^'P other rmm Iraaliam eT'i?1 "** 'P4"11?"1 40 ?b? tnt-rerU -if the with whtrh I'LHf*?***- 'b* Pftlurtlnn of the aUpir, Zl ,Ch lk*r Idroiiamt, to an Oarr iua ? noitX That Thr 'c^L^T.?mr?or?i Watatrrwii made ?!#w?lw r#iAioti to Jncl-ij# the Ur (? ,,25!?'* Mr '?P??y?* bond-^ and ;^0<'? /'???otinfi ordrrtntr t~ Iv. (>nu W l^iifd I, ^ of Ihc hen'|ti**t to of L.lima la^y1'^ AdnptwJ Tbe pneiiDf thr Jl-J*" for bT Ihorr hrlnogm, W ^ctLihir^rr* W4,? P^iKi twtod ln the pan work aed pep^of Thet^T 7L?-' f,,r lh" 4"'" nrdrre.1 loTu mrrnbAf, ! ?d B If ?OfO'^ Tb* k tfcnn el at twa P M ?WTU* TfMltiC; UClSLlTUYf ra*a?;tam, N-.e, tla^aM ?eTw h* T#rT,u>"*1 ^t'^arr war o^'Med-,,, FINANCIAL AND i?OMMERCIAL. 22 6 P M Tuuwuur, N?>. dtty " 1 Imro ha. been a grand cra-'i la Wall street . 1 th' Ugh It hat not resulted iu any failure*. The ru?. ? a', wag couticuous during fliu morning hours, and heavy Mi'iiitcd.9 R?re made by both brokers and operators. The former found ttw haul" unwilling to lend thorn on the usual margins and word t? consequnee compelled to throw over board tholr own oi' their customers, stock, while the lattor either (hose or were forced to sell out to procieet themselves 6t (heir bidders. The banks in one or two instances summarily gold con.,i4?r? iTe a'tnpunU of stock, the margins upon wblch were kept good, and a remoraolese spirit was shown by some of tholr number?In exacting the pound of flesh, after tbe manner of Shylock. The bears were meanwhile hammering tbe market with a sort of re vengeful fury, which knew no bounds. The wt ole -irocture of tbe railway there market seemed to crumble into ruins under their almost magical touch, and the devouring element eat its way equally Into modest and pretentious margins, and spread consterna tion among the bulla of all classes. The bean were meanwhile jubilant, and stbey acted upon the pro verb of "make bay while tbe ran ?bines," by covering their "sborta" Soma of tbe bro ken, who were unable to sell their customers, stocks safely without duo notice, went "abort" of them as a precautionary measure, and others sold them out relentlessly after notification. There was a general staking at the knees and trembling at tbe joints among the bull operators and brokers. Failures were rumored which facte contradicted, and the further decline of gold was used to assist the depression. Yet money wm throughout easy at Mven per oent on wide margins, although tbe banks exercised a close dtaortsD'nation against weak houses. Tbe market surged upward and downward rather wildly during the afternoon, and all arguments against tbe unreasonableness of the panic ne e lost upon the excited multitude. Their disposi tion was alternately to sell and to buy, and In the In terval* stocks bad fluctuated widely. The banks re ceived currency from tbe Interior generally, and the West particularly, this morning, yet they exhibited great reluctance to lend during the day to ail but favored borroweis, a disposition on tboir part, or rather that of their managers, which was interpreted as favorable to tho "boar" interest on the Stock Exchange. E en the bears, late In tbe day, by covering their '?shorts" largely, manifested an anxiety to save the goose that lays 4he golden egg, and not a few of the prominent brokers on the "bear" side eipressed tbe opinion, liefore tbe close of business, that bot tom had been touched. At the same time it was repotted that the Secretory of the Treasury had sent a despatch to Mr. Van I>yck, the SuhTroasurer here, saying that twenty-Ova millions of the authorized reserve of flfty millions of pluin legal tenders were at his disposal for the redemption of Clearing House < erti Acmes whenever presented, but Ibis was not officially con Aimed. There Is no doubt that the govern ment Is desirous of keeping tbe money market easy, and that It la now making exceptional elTorta to do ro, but It appears tbsl Mr. Mc. Cut loch was for some days latterly secretly engaged In selling gold to nearly tbe extent of the dully receipts for customs duties In this city. This be has suspended; but be bad previously reudered considerable assistance by ?o doing to tbe bears In both stocks and gold. Tbe belief wblcb was general that tbe bulls could control the stock market whenever they saw fit to assert their power bas been dissipated by tbe evident signs of their nabllity to cope with the rush to sell wbioli lh?y have maolfeeled-to-dsy and previously Tbe fall of prices bas, however, been so great tbal Ibe decline ha-; nearly, if not altogether, exhausted Itself, and it would be sense leas to turn to tbe beer side at this juncture. The leading bulls never made a greater mistake than they did on yielding to tbe suggestion of certa n parties to "hear" the market with the view of Increasing the "short" interest and then twisting the "sborta" By so doing they sowed tbe storm from which they have reaped the whirlwind. From the day they su(fried the market to fell under tbe manipulation ot the boars their prestige declined, until now the late bull motemvnl Is little more than a splendid ruin?? floating wreck. Its fragments will undoubtedly be reunited, and It will soon he reconstructed, but it* noun* will be through troubled'wntere before it regains the position It bas lust Itq the haven of public confi dence. II la noteworthy that while money waa generally ac tive at a?ven per cent, a few ttmt rlaaa borrowers were able to borrow all tbey required at ail per rent, showing thai there wee more die treat of credit* than acarclty of money among tbe beak*. The discount line t* active, and prime paper poaeee it t i !{ per cent after cloaa aoretlay. At tbe ten o'olork hoard there w#< a strong praaaure to well, but quotation were better than before tbe call Erie eold at 74>?ay, Michigan Southern toy *y, North western 47 ya40y. At the Bret reeular board there wee aa ImmeiiM praaaure In Mil at declining prices, and ? vry paoin-llkn plate of feollng pre vailed, the aaiea altnoet entirely involving a aarl. lire, while the purclianaa worn In rovor "ahorta. " New York Control cloved lit* lower lhaa at the name time yesterday; F.n* at,. Reading 2)4, Michigan C?n tral 2)4, Michigan Douthcrn 2V. Cl vehnd and Toledo 4}i, Kjrk lalaad 4%', North wr*t"rn II, Jo. preferred 4, Fort Wayne 6,y, Toledo, Wabash and Western 3V. Ohio nod Mississippi certificates 3J4, !'?< I0<- Mail 8, Quirk aitrer By, Western Union Telejraph 2',. Uovemment aeruritlea were heavy. Ten fori lee ? kteed S lower, seven thirty notes of tbe Brat series V, second eerie* 1. North Carolina atxes were 2y lower; Ohio sues 1 v. Afier the rail stocks were thrown overboard In the lower ball of tbe Stock Ex .bangs, without regard to prico, and a panic prevailed, Erie touching 70 V. At the one o'clock session there was ., firmer feeling and price* Improved. At tho hair part two board lbs market wa< weaker. Erie closed 2H lower then at the first regular board, Reading V, Michigan Hoot hem )f, Cleveland and lltlaburg S. Northwestern 1',- -do. preferred , Mirtii gan Central waa 74 higher, Illinois Central >4, Cleveland sad Toledo 1)1, Rock Island ??, fort Rsyae V, Toledo, Wabaab and Western I',, Canton >4, ''umbertend V, Western Union Telegraph tiovemiueat* were ne glected. At the half-pMt three opea board the market waa stronger, tint feverish. New York Central 107)4 a 10* v, Kri* 7-*k ? "J- R?dlng Hoy a 111)4, Mlcbigan Houtberu 79V a S. Cleveland and I'ltleburg 92*4 a Kl, Northwestern U'? a 43',. Cleveland and Toledo 111)4, 8??k Island 101 y a 141 y, North wane em (preferred 70 a Toy, Fort Wtyae 102, Western Cnlon Telegraph 44 a 44y. Afterwards the market fluctuated ally, and at ait o'clock dotted at the foilowlog quotations ?Erie 71*4 a 72, Naw York Central 100)4, Reading 111i,. Michigan nouthern Northwestern 43y, d.tto preferred 70. The extent of decline in railway shares since this day week la the* Shown ? ,V-e?sVr 14. .Vrw/rr22 l/m*r New Tort Central Ill , i'J7y 3y Erie 7sy 7*\ 4', Reading lit 1US ?% Michigan Central Il ly 110', By MMmmHouth-rn. ... *6',' MS 4)4 lllluuts Cen'ial 122 DOS 4fc Cleveland and fittahurg ** t, 42 y 0 Northwestern 42y to 6y Ntirthwe,iera preferred. 74 , 70 4 Rnrk lslnod 117 loo>, 41, Fort Wayne 10*y lot y I Tbe gold market wu weak, and under tbe control the beam. Tbe opening price waa Id*, followed aa advance la !:.?)?, and a derhaa to 137y. Colo# there waa a *trady Improvement In 13*S- G*g| *,eg ,n more active borrowing demand, owing te tbagWyr, Interest / / Tbe foreign EtrUang" market el wrl at ?W following rales -Banker* bills on Kag'.aod wer% M the close at 10**4 a 100 at three days. If',,, , , rMm. mercial, 107y a 10ay; Franca, at gr,t, days. 4 1?^ a fi 17 y at three days, 6. IE Hiiu<,n g^r]la ft a TIM; no It reman, 7*y a T?; a An/,, ?] ,gi?i oB frnnkfort, 41 a 41)44 on Har',,,jrf. a*', iM; a* An twerp. 4 20. Mtuieg simke were wy lh# hr|rg "***. "'"W vbe as rue time yesterday, awlU ioM lot at |4 Iff selling at 12b, La Crowes i) ?***!*??? HUltI, sell tog at |4, Ho and 1 armies 41 stiflag at fT At the second board Consnlidatq# ^Md elnand |1 34 lower then at the first Miling at |? OS; Cory don 70- , seihng ? *4 *>' U Crowe Qotd wee tOr bklher, w-tlleg at (I 10, *W.ib and rarmtee 24c selling at |7 24 ' Tbe direct ore of the Chtraro and Northwestern Ms ; read have declared a dividend of 7 per eeat tree gov ClEuisal tat, tn eer.p, op lh? pt'fetred sCvk. 4 per rent will be paid It! Mark sod lbs ImUere in rwOi at tbe mar ket price of lbs Mack oo late of payment, lbs Cbicage IVstoree of Tuesday .Swerved ? Th-iv wore no ft. w'esturre pi pott's m lbs ti.'.e or oepdiiam of tbe Prsei market H ates, waa q ue,. tlinuKb Hie demand for monay exhibited a IttUa mora M livity in m>hio r.rciia than on Saturday. Tbero aaa ao change in rule.H of iliivounL Tbo as. Iianee market waa M nnhly eas < r to-dny, with aaloa between hank* at par to k6 rente premium. Some of the batik* are *till ahlp plug currency. There waa no change In counter rate*, par b ylng aud 1-10 premium buffalo and 0a wego bilU wore takou at >? dUt-o int. The following u an oOlclal atatemont of tbo Funded of tbo citjT 'jf aud emeu, Nayeiaber 1, ISM: ? To .mount a. e"' ouUUn<lln? Nov.m U*r I 1HM ,k $35,081,799 To Amount specal purpuee., viz. lv-*hu?J. *oUr, gas, ^ ^ ^ ToUl Hj cli in hand, of Kinking fund CotvWl? ?loner. $569,372 ByclMrloan. ??^2? i?I By Other securities. valued at 18>SJ.346 By outstanding taxea oollectabl. MO, 000 Balance 16,16U,7a'$ Total $38,369,690 iTRi or no crrr or rBUJtciarHia ro* Tun IK* ISM. Owh on hand November 1,1 S?0 f538,440 Km I mated receipt, of registered taxea In 1M7 400,009 Estimated receipts from sourcea other than taxea prior to January, 1M7, and for the yearlMT 1,027,070 Climated receipt, from taxee and rogl.tered taxe. prior to January, ISttT 460.000 Iatimated receipts from liuateeu of Has Work, for 1807 186,000 Total 98,201,110 Amount required to be provided (rum taxea or by loan 7,004,361 By funding 11,600,000, learoa to be pro vided from taxation $0,104,361 The Rhode Island bauk statement, prepared from re turns made to the State Auditor, November 6, I. a. fol lows :? Capital 93,270,726 Loan. 4,870,302 Speed 13,468 Circulation 369.386 Deposits 1,302,046 Annexed Is the Boston bank statement for the under mentioned dales:? 7W 12 JT//C. 10. loans $98,637,908 $09,022,700 S|?mie 443. *02 410,104 tender notes 11,036,014 19,140.120 II posits 44.1164,474 43,643.261 Circulallon (National).. .. 24,402,311 24,413,161 Circulation (State) 328,319 324,426 No returns wore received last week from the Thiol Na tional Bank, and this week the Mount Vernon Nallumel Bank falls to report, thus making any eoinpariHons va lueless, SALES AT THE NEWJTORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Tbnmday, Nov. 1*6-101.10 A. .H. $6.-2**1 US *81, eou.. 112*6 200 .ha N Y Cent KK 107 1000 do !!/>' 4?u do. 107'. 16(100 U S C's. 6 20, 02 r lmi'2 6>x) do |t?7' liatuo U ? ?'?, 5 20 e,'62 107!2 103 do b 111 lUlk UNO do Id,?! too ? 6?MI do 107*2 M0 Erie KR. AMI) 17 HO s, 6 20e, 64 Ilk) *'?) do 1M*I0 do . 106'r Kill do 7tc anwn 17 s ??? 6 2u? us w, sou do 74'J IIUOO do lis; 100 Erie UK nrrf 8i lumoo I'.itS'.,3-2U-, l<r?4 :?<I lludmn lloar HH 122 W? do 107*2 200 do 121 v; lOnrm I' H6'., 10 40 eo i W*7 100 Harlem ItK . ... 0/ 171*1 Tr 11 7 S.iO, 1st ?? 196 23 NY,. Nil l(H 117 131*10 do 111ft'; Hon Reading ltl! 111*7 llMUO do 2d ,?r lor, 2600 do UP. flOUOO do 104V b?> Mlcb Central KK 1111 46000 do? . iois, am do ... mir 7'90 do 104(2 200 Mich S A N I KK so;. 60.100 do ... Sd *r 104'.J 21100 do Hi HI**) Tenn 6'*, ei roup. 70 700 do . *0',' ??*) do IW*4 1000 do W)>. H000 N <? ti ?, e? roup . 67(2 101) do bill so'. WON CS'anew.. 671, 18 do V'H IIMIOhln 1T?. '81. 10.) 300 IUluou Control RK 117'. 10U00 Missouri 0 * 87 2110 do Ilf 9000 Mo I'm I'ao KK Is 87K ?? do 116'.. KMX) Connerileiit tf 1... 9S'C 400 do 116 UbiMj ohm A Mieanerilf 28?., IIX) d? list. 0W?) do 26 60 Panama ItK M. 22>i**l do 20*4 lUOCleve A I'ltte Kit .. 81 'MOOD do 9**n 201) do 821i 101*1 MllwauABW 1*1 n> !?J 14*1 do ac>, 1IXXII 'AH lAfae Kit 7'. 84 2<m Cblc A N W Klt. 4*: AMI T. IrdoAWab 2-1 m 77 400 -lo 43C' l'WOO Mi:waiiA6tP2d m 80 AM do 46' SU aha Amer'r m El M 114 Ion do. 47>\ 14) Hanover dank. tin 7*1) d-> 4b 00 I-ounb National H k 109 30 Cblo A Nt* pref . 71 #0 ImpATrodi-iC Bank 113*4 2"! " do 704f 110 Ceoiral Nations I Bk 112 ?'?i do TtMi 100 Canton Company 46 lb*) do ... . . .. 7"'. 400 do 44VJ Inn do 7U?? ano d? 4*1), lino do 70 8 do 44 lUOCleve a Tol RR 111 Del A Hudson Canal 1.0 mm d> lint* 126 do IOC ld? do Ill) flno i gmb Coal prf drt inn do leer. IH.'t I". 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I? |]dla |ip Ufa H ? ir 'totarneai ft ? a 7 Ml i of n no ol, Jerry . ., ft o? _ Corn Ri al Hrar.dywtii. 4 a ? Cora maal |NMM"M Jl M ? ? ?Th.iu w t. rear- r|y an/ daman I for wheat, ai d prima wao en'traly noioiital a'atderhm < f S . a V par bn.Lr Too ?ab f w?fw 'firtined lo P.f?fi hinh'l. while ' ?r | fe,, I Mlleaukee on ptdvat* Mfuna. The *411 market ruled dull and h.ary. an I 1- a Jr. knwnr a' |l IK. Th" r ?ni|H >"?/ i.uiliao i f" " utliad Wee'.?ra In itara ami mi ? >i?fi'li?rn dm ilu nMifflll -|ia* ?l K ? |l H\, fit ?bVldon at .ad $1 l? atl C, for il.d rar> lokii. and a da. lma ? if I a la war 'oc<ad?d nab - Vi til hi.bada . _ ft?"tr for fltatt an I ai* tut I Iti "ago and tlilwai't". Hartal araa In BolerMt ran'Mat at. I Ml.i I- ? jr lamai. with tnlra of buali.l* at $1 l'*\ for I m u Waat and 41 for d' IB b nd. Ot li r ri maiign ana r.pariad Ky. trod d, and but lltUa dr>ia? daloa I.Ml bn-brla Htateal ft S| i.'fmtia ?Tba n.aik ? a*aa In a iarr a-.aaf Had ^ata an I pro ra atrra ara irrrj i?r, . l ainp h imlnaW loa.r, .. Indl a ml bj aur rai irad <i'iotat.ooa miai drd Wa qfaata ? I i himt T'l.aoaa M A?lr K. H tr T. Ordinary * 2b 7* *> Low mlddllBg... .12 X. Tl V Ml Idllna .tt M 1C, % Otaod io'o lilr 4 ? ? % 17 f orraa ? lha damand waa mnalri ? ? ai d ?? fot'nwlni qnotatlofia Wrra nominal ?n ary o. kir Ho-, 17- .. Mr food U> prbna "to in||a a Itv , p4L duly ra. l, 'air Ha taal rr.ifora Hto. IIH* a IT1.'- rdd, 'barty da?a . a."! in ?nd J.fa, Mr a Jfr Mara ? Si, t a >? , I afuitra, I7l*t a not'.. W! f?ofnllifi>. |r',. a 17' ,< o> Ion, l u a i>> , f ild, dm t pud A aala of M '-a*a Hto wad ma la on prlrata Crrof. Ho nor%iran>aftiina ware haard ot Fasifanra ri.iad rary qoi.1 Tba **rr~-*" wrra 3To |,tf orporfi, .Ibti iifiabaja wheat at ?.i bot? "tfrfi at I , an I prr ftoamsr? (AO bnabma al I ??' and lar'.r, at Sv'.un , t? 1 ? -i? r|. nkaat a' *d 40. tori.) a >u'' I- I* .fan. ;.?n >"i> n. waaat ei ft! and prr aiaaraar i.duft labia four u ib p a aenr. iui To Hrr m.n, par rtaalorr, *J ?4 buab' U ryr al #1 Tl,. i|,?r ?fi wrra a hart. Mfttwa lo T ad ? totaarro, AMk.. Bad otaa. 0?l m W/. atJk M *?? ?*?*?* *?. Hera wrre qfek-i pnd nonilnal win, antra of tn baka Ame ncan al l'?a\ diy, ne lu qualitr Woui?y*.f Bad n<? bnir.ra al'1 ?Hh mnal l.rnbla ofT.rtna a- ? ar " lioraliy * * -e?? r tkr rii/t. t if a* aft <ur ally arank and a noani. ekwiof wita a A'?'rWard l?nfar .r ?f?fai ffu'^i - ,ta d.mand for .frlba tnrpaai aa waa r..,r? aetlw, ?ud (S. n .fk?> waa raifrr mora fteady nela lt*,,a Jpnti.f nrdar wild at 74b Tba ma -, mart at mm tinadf'du k and efitmnnii aaa 4 tbada anal.' Mia t l u koine ?W-arr! of al |4 SO l" >?h W Tl waa f.rad and rafuaaid n? '.na rltrtr In other kindetker* .at netkiuf d .,04. tko ifk a aolr araa mad. of Wi at'atf.Rl at ft ima ? l.itifr-d o.ntlr i^l |utrt, Ib "jfb th?re waa ratkar r? doinf antra t"lne wurlt ul *f m.a F.afHak jo nr-ala ? a- Hn^rfTM a II ?? lertf . I'm aba. re' Pajytaiop. ?Heatdfdb. l.ldk bbaa^fttl IIM do. beef, 411 do rm Hi- aU. and Mb do lard Tba p. ft mark.t rilrd ? upratrly a-tlrr, lb 1 ifh henry and low.r -,.w ion dan Mil *31 iT 'ban Th. aal-a for KrmRdl|M IflU'TTT T?W b I. ?l l?l Hi a ?? ?' r?r.l?' and fklb for na n.rna nod M* b AA'b* for , r.m?. .Ian for Tulnra dot<frrr IJM for Ibotifb more tiff _ . n?w atlra '..daa, and III b |l* for n?w plain do. H"rf bam. bin. worn warmly .a irm aa 'a brine mad. of W bbfc it |Vi a |? The lard mortal araa n?'" and a ? fit m>t?mon waa giantnd Tb" aalea .Uiay.ird Vat ti'da at !?-. a llv 1 ?o'Tn'liaf tain I iota at W,- t'wi ina.lf ? mf'n ?l du l and henry, tba Iruwrtkiin taint Pooled to I'ai |?'keyra nl II' n IV for Iiaaa, nod f H- all' 'ar .b-ot'drr. Aba.' I i.ofa H.'aiyb iMWi. nod AJt a bA'Ml ror , r ma . aiao ror rewiru ueprarr I tin kblr I,?w rr.ia. at Ml w, Jyjfl til Ujr /T*r, a ad its tw Jan-iary aellar ?'difrvi ILaf wad w* aa frtn, ib iufb more a-tirr balee I bo bbla ai dm . Ill for quiet, nrtail nr.!ta brm a! nbf. a ?? waMwi ? -tar W?? Im. .eHrr an I . '' f4a aaaiaa ' iranm ..?fialf la Rntla ?r'Pne al 4br a ?. Weetara Ita. a ??? and "tbftr W ? 4'Jr. flaw waa -jar l,and*4 at *0. a Idki fiai Mnuanii fairy to 'boo. laebiiy lua-Ja. lea iwark.t wing qulla .tit" na l ftaatlf I'lia/iiart-d'r'ida Wibtlno d d"H bl O- a 75*4", w'tb 'b mk Ifeamdiwn. H-'Od"! rukd a aland, a..Tar w Ik n "If a. ? 1. na da ? ft ' ? ' aael.,o 1 lad* toy ff mal i al 1W. krynbtlglt ftrnw 1 , wMia |MH a' far .-.od.rd ''.la ' I. a 'a^ being ogared for d.nunry at. i TaVoarynt J7a . a Mb 11 nt borara -on.e -Ttaa maik'- waa ?'? at y tn.'f wararly any 4* m.iad ??ia?.| al whnl.rrr prlaa.,4n4 a I ? a Id', for fa r to g>fi4 rrf, ong I oha W" * ado lir a. 'f ?t aed rNk a ?urwna ard t?o ,arra * ? ,11 mrd -.f tlbbda imillf r.'f t' It loo i?t i "to Ibapr r of whk a ea .44 o-d la.m Maenrd any.* we 1 "fl. rf IMy ? uv tf?r ?M 11^, f ?r . A ? ?dfU UnM ?? ? ? -rf SMMI Nni II ll%e I ll v I % m> IA,? fl fffAa* M ft II' j tif o* Aftft ft T If lff Mi I t\ .??.!?*. ftt ny. ? I Wn l?f KAr^r* *1* ^ TV < J ft* . j' ?? ft*. '%*Hf it* ^ fM m \*+ %h*mm -?*?# f l tf ftftftAft BOARD Of ALDfRMEN. Hrjcrllon of iht) Mtttwr'a Noiuinutian ol ^ir, Ixunr ItflI lor thr OUtrn til Ktrurl rutniuU* atanrr. ? Tba U?,?rJ met in tparial aarnlon yerlenUj \ftorno<>n, Pro*IJ?iit Brioo occupying Uia cb?;r 'I bo couauiiltea appointed u> conahlertha muni nation tiy hta Honor the Manor of Mr Uaac Bell *> Street Cnniui'.riaionar, rrportad M follow! ? "" ?*i7 uneineeled resignation <>r Mtreel r?mtuL ?lunar Corn*! *nJ 'DO equally sudden action ..f hu Honor th* Mavor III submitting a nomination to thl* Hour.I m ? |.. uial no-rUng juat """"d vrr* "?"<"?? deliberation on Ins part ol your cninui.urs There *fre connderation* Dial lu ?Mnrtlv. ly fWt.j ihsiu.i-1."^ ,"P"n '5* ?'I*"lion of ?our committee In uklng up lh? ?ubi.^ ?*whl?l? heve controlled Us action. ?? further n-**c'l?n ???? eousuluiwn

with <lttintrr*??u?<t prominent oMUimim . ?x?"tlru?*<i feud jiiMtiHril lhero:?Wr?t. That ? d*Ar?it#, wNl public opinion, aitldo from part?, detuttixl ucunl Iieri for ihr oflbo vacant ly CfcarUe U. C/rotU. bsrornl TVsvt an equally wall cipraaaed prlvat.1 saut.'wvp' demanded that great rara and Judgmetil should nA used In Mlseiing for tha outre of airssl wmmLwIonar a man In no wlnn IdemIliad with politleal clique* or dynaitie*. lull ? gentleman whoaa rharacisr and reputation wars ao wall established that Ilia oonflrmaliun would luatantly guarantee t.Cjbe people III (Ilia city a pnr? <! nation of ll?? aBalra of an Important department, and be an assurance thai If tha loteudalure aliould atteiii|d to Interfere II would be litem poll I 'talI grounds only. Third. II U our IruparaOfa duly nt thia '4'ua to prove that high mluded, honorable moo sum be given ojfllci.l uonillous In this dly tha aaalalanno or of (be le.-gWlaturn. In ennaidertug Ihonornlaa ttuu uf luwt Urll. your ooinnilitssarw constrained to bellee. that ha doaa Moimr up ta tha standard required by lbs emergen-i?? of the proaeni Una. They chearl ally tertlty to bla blgli character tta a citizen. and to the Integrity with which h? baa dlw hargod kta duties ua pno of tha I'onuult ?latisra of ni.arllp j and Oorredkvo. Vst It la undsuiabla that he ha* for years bean known as an actlts sad partisan politician. and, while It la hardly to bn etprctad 'hal poll ilea would ha entirely Ignerad. I hay cannot but think that aoma man inay ba uanind w tint a thorough buelnsas ezpei I snes and iudrpaudrnoo would give nonudenee that lis will not conduct me department In aubarrriencs la any party, clique or faction. Your committee will further Mate that they are unable to learn that Mi. fl?U detire* to b ave hi* present position. and thaythliik It uuwiso to tuvlla him to laata aplaoawllh the dun ? of which be la tho.ougtdy conversant. aud whsra aiparianqa form* the heat quallucalion. therefore. your coniutlitae would reiporllolly rtaotn mend thai thl* board do not advise and consent lo the inni! Dillon ..III.hi I iic Hall foi Str*.-I t'ominleil.mrr, Allot which I* ii tpi.ctfiuly submitted. I.F.WIN II. RYKUs, H. KI.ILI.V, I'KIKK MANTKRSOM. Ou auhniltttog llns reimrt lor lbs approval of Iho Imaril Iho win on tho question wan (ukm unit iho mjmrt ?aa ado|iti'd. Aldermen Flynii, fiediw-y, Kly, ICyer*, Kmlly, ilortonsoo, Yarniim, O'Brien aud tun Voorhl* *ot?l In the ufUrmativo; I'rr idi nt Brire and Aldarmou Cimuo, McRrlon aud Moi.tnuiss Iteltig in the negative. The hoard thru adjournal BOARD OF COUNCILMFN. The Fr?|ieird Mrtv Paul OlUre liiterrslinif Itfbitla. This Roard mei yenlotday allernoon, FrwUdit Hrovo in tho i hair. After the uiiiiuti * uf Iho prcvlou* uiaat.nd were and appruwd j>ujkji t woro received Iroin the Board of Aldermen. The re purl of tho Joint committee appointed lo eon ndnr the proposition of the 1 in ted Stain* govern ment to purelisne a glte for a now I'uot (illlco. A* the Board of Aldermen adopted a resolution requiring $1,000,000 for thn ground. Mr Hru iu>n moved Ju amend hy making It 'ho original mm ugroed upon hy the committee, t^hi.OOo. The I'nr.-n nr (Mr. llraen) In a l-w remark I prnpnaod au nddlilnual auiendnaenl, making the sum $;?>(),000. Mr. I't LiJii haul thai although (be lave* of this eity were high, he would bo perfectly willing to give Iho I'mted State* autburitlon the ?il? without charge, espe cially when the w inls of tho community wore taken Into "account. Tho propoiiy would probably lie vvoith |8,000,(100 lo prtvalu Indnldual' , hut It should ho home In mind that t'ongre.-,* had decided not to give more than $.r.ig),lgio, and the city wu* in gr< at need of a peel ortite In a com enient location. Mr. fvgii remarked that nnlcw the Connioo f'ounoil I'loaed the bargain ?? He sum named l>y the general gov eminent the lower end of the Park would f?>a become a grand railroad depot Mr. ItonMir-i said the legislator* of the < Hy ought to gut a* nt jch b>r Hint prof rty a* pw.-ihle Be ihoughl that live hundred tbonaand <1 .liars sus a mere ina>ili ou th pari of the governm.-nl for thai pie- e of prop- riy, and If the Board of Aldermen hail determined to dc uwud one million of dollars he hoped iho Kourd of Councilui.n would auppoit them. 'Ibe IIi.ka/o building coetasv. il hundred and fifty thousand dollar*, and he undsrstooil that it could he rented at *u< li a rale as would bnug one million uf dollars annually. lit lit - (Mr Huberts'| judgmont the properly in the I'ork which the general government desired io iiti.-r.bane was wnrlb live millions of d .liars, hut he would have no objection to compromise the maitoi with the other Ihlnrd, and .ell It for seven hundred and fifty thousand debars. I'raaident (<eass wa* well *ei sliad, from high anlbortiy, that tha government would ruuaeui to give *sveu bun dr>jd and ilfiy ihouaand dollars for the property. Mr. Mi K*? aUie<l thai Inasmuch ae It was unani mously agreed upon hy the eommlttee to take live hun dred inouaend dollars for the in question he would oppose lbs ameudaeiit, more <wp<s-lally from the fad that tha property would r-vnri lw- k to the uily whan It was no longer .?*?! a* a I'm* Ofllce. Mr Kck'a wae aeilailfsl that the 1 oiled'Stale* gov ?rnnieat would not give more than I.- hundred lata send dollars for the ptoper'.y, and therefore mured to have the amendment la..I upon th* table, which wan carried, and ih? ihwr I adjourneil till Monday. ?tniftC OF THE msTlfj OF COMfli UNIVERSITY. t'TVA, Nay a, IMP! Tha traaiers of I'oniell t'uiversll) met yealerilay. A conaelxrabUi emo-int of rum in.* was Iran* ?clad and resolutlona uDintinouely wlopied approving of the ? l on of the Itullding ?'.mininee and eiprseelng aeiiafection In the [ r .grr- .rf the building. , The Hon Andrew |t, .Norton, of syrv 'i-?, proeent State Henator an t formerly pi ores*'* of th- Mi.higan I niversity, wa* ele. md I r-sideat >l the 1 acuity of the tuiveraity by the unanimous vole of the liosid. DESTRUCTION if t RfTROLEUl (XL TRAIN f Bi'iMui, Nor. 22, 1MB. A frain uf < ruifi petrel*uin, lire ??f? th* .New York ?u*i Krt* l<.? ??n rii^wiey, nrer Adnaio. Iwclve aif* wen* eo'iroi? ?teeiroy?4<J. THE WEEKLY HERALD. Tha fk*ap.-?i Nr-wapopar ami fla?t l.iierar* la lk? I until**. Tb* WtriLf ll?-4 ? for iii? proaml ?***, uoit i*alf, nMIm "CAFTAlS flAI.LAC.UERA 3TOHV," w.riin ru* thi wuai,* Mitt a hv luc iru Alan, t?i rtry I?r?i,'ini. -*>*.? ivriin. "1'k.Kl V < AMbRON A M I.I'MOTHKIl. ' fiiUrm "o?? aaii* .?4i a*u ??w<i?*,i * bt'?T It *1*. cwltlv Tho r>i4fhtjr Inuaanttag arid Im P"?1aal Vwi frooi Lump* fyratvad by ih* Cabla* ?nl Mail* dnrru ?b? l??t w?*k, locia 4 ok our r?pa< ul Carp* potulanr.- fr m Cut ai.d (?d,tk> Ulrrt pLam* of (it* Maiican Mu>*tn.B m Kurop* tha Irtlbculiy a Mb lb* Turkaal ?'>,!*>.* Hon* ? fcniigrant* iu Palafiaa, liniub w .*? of oar f? | . nuuls Kaiatiooi wiiu England Mr txah Frrparali.'D* Co io**t * I ? 1.1*11 O.uiirnab, Tka Raoa *n M*r> h in iba Foal, *0., <r?* Hp**)*! Daa l?U"b?* fn rn Wanb.iirtcoaming r?p..n* of ail utalt?r of Iblarant traoaptii'ig ?t lb* kaat of lio* annual, Tb* Fantao Mofraul* -n ? ??? 1* au l iba Cait*d Mat** '(final Raporu ?t b* Tarnhia K*pula* A tb* Hrailliaji aad Argent a* A'.Ita* by iha I'ora, ,../?* ?a lb* ii-1 of **pt*mb*r, Th* Can*** Neap of lb* W**k, ieri>.d l? oil promia*b> Paiiifai ?i.<J l/iral Matt*** tha vary l*i*-t K*wa ffoin tti* Rri'ab Prorloca*, lb* FanO* t'oaal, tb* 0>?i ladi**, U>* labdMU b Itlaadt, Japan, Aoalralar j. At , M oral* oa l**4 tig lopka, 'Kir -port lag Cotaa lar, rr.0u.nin4 rapr.rta of lb* Turf, Ai'tattr Fraaia, a <J<-ia,lad v/> .at of lb* rar*nt Prtt* Fight in Virginia b*t?aaa k -?rt Wbll* aad Mlrbaaliarr. Mil. I larda, Htw Ra'L, A' , liltrary, Artutw, Rri*btiHa aad Miking InuWtg*ar. Kaiig.'i'ia Ma'lar*, Thaairlrwl aad Maateol |i**l*?. For* 14a i.oralp, An., It* rtawg af iba CaMI* Mora*, I My (a*.da, Iter* and Rboa, Oormrr-UI and M nay Marl*'* Marnaga* and IMath*; Ad*?rtla*m?!,il, aad arroaul* af ail liu|*>rt*at ?*aaia of iba,***? Taaai ?P'ai a, ft, TV'** aap. ?' IV Fly* eoptr*. Taa *?[>*? gig Ntngl* aapta*, Fl*a aaau *ari. A llw, i*d a iniba* af ad**fua***e*4? la ?artad .a ika Wn?n H>**>r> MARRIAGES AND DEATHS tfarrtad. r*mr I* ? **>? '?* To*?l*y ?* a(?f. W***?n l>*f IU, at ' F*'rl ? M?tb*4i?* ? f**- ?(r*. . t .r b, by tb* H*y C'yro* I' I ? kr ?a??a. * M < .a*y? to Aon* .a H , d*?kbi** <f J. H DtrkMan*, bay , all af Uti? niiy, _ . . . Itaaaaa -< *?rw'?>ti la fbapal, t. ra'a'h If J an fi>ar*4ay ?*-*?**!?'?? by ib? tt*? H??art ?'**>?? *od. '? UH* Y luaaaa to **uJ, *Alp iaogbta* of lb* lac J J. I o#t*.??t K*| RW-Ai R'oadaay Tat-roaata. mm Taa* day **rnlr# <tov*Oit. r IU b> lb* Ka* It* P irhart. lUnwr f R*i4*??ui ui A.? .1 It' ?*. *il 'f I* ? ' 'if Ha?*d.rr . K?. ,"*? At H'tdgai-m. ' 00* . "% To** day, R . *mt>*r t?, by K?' Mr R < I4PH* f ?*. ?.** r ItatPLar '?? luaaia, d? .?b'*r ?d Mr < I. J? ? '?'** Rao* tan. ??? *??>*#?.ay, Rot* *? ti, a? lh* *?*id**** 'if It.* Hr * . p*raaw Iff Iba R?? Atd 4t K K lu-fdir* Mr H> ?t ? M ?? 10 1 '*t A*?? F <* taaf* Won* *? ir'W* Of j?- -* ^btr Rat , ad af tb?* blf It* #*t <ii"*r* IM Tl.*'a4*f. ?b ??y bar II at Iba F*?t 1 ?*? l*t ???* b, by to* Ka. t II *?*??* I' f? , t*? ? a IV.,f *f, I' !? Mr ?? I., 4ar|hl?* af u,? lata F*?4*ri- ? ..af4',*r an af II > 1'f K*r II krry( -r.* ?o**aarl.f Sorrrphaa Jt b* Rao rrvtoft . lar* in*. I H?*l* t*M **lfr*i A Mot- b. b of II..* *tu I rut It Mwn (. *?aa r <W1 I a*. M. .. laiir-klf* "T? rad.r R ttUula.hfb'iA! ?t. -i. kj im ivc fa ? Sawall, H. J. Fiwara to TaMWIM %?U ' i?f Jj ?fco i<u? Cborioa Bubbo k ,^r M Hi'tthwh-?(??<a*oLir. ? Oo Thuradoy, P<*?, ^ , *2, ?t lh<? Chur. li of SI. Kranoia Xavior, by tb? fU* '??>" Uriaooll, Holt K im V Huiruix i* to Mao* fa.**.'?. 4?u Uur ,.f H< ij, Ilicbard_ K Coonoll/, oil of tbfc oily Mammi ,Smfu __Op Tburaday, NovonNr iB. W Iff riMidt'iico nf lb a Undo a inraoh, by lb* R?r. 1. f. It'K of Trinity o i?|ni|, Now y?rk oltjr, J. C -*irai 10 M .k.-r. LA Muitd, only daitfUlar of JnOO Goth of tblt oily. Marriaad papara piooao ropy. Mi kiv.ii Koaaaa. ? At ibo Ohureb of U.? f?carna iIob. on Wmlnaailay. November 3l, by the Her l>r Montgomery, John MrKjuan*. Jr., to l.uu H., daughter of the lalu Jobs K Kurbea, all of thla Oil/. ItoBHiNx?ttaai ?(In Wnln'-Mlay, November SI, by Kit. Tbotna* K. Hnillb. Mr 1.w*ar*l> W. KhIMN |0 Mil* Jbnnis Quay, daughter of Hi* let* Ortaudo Onf, Itoln of flu* rtty. Ktan?Natmttia ?On Tuaedar, November JO, al the ranideaco of the hrbie'a uacle, b.? tb* Rev. Jimca RoyOe, Mn'Htai. Ktan to Mamt Nkuimi laghott, of ihU oil) . ? J'lnlailal|>bta auil foturllla pa para pit-ear ropy. ^.'nubbhiij.- rMoaat ? At Now Korbetla on rhuraday, NurOuibor Jtt. by tbe Iter. Hr Morgan, John k 1'anaa imx to A?h;b M., oltlml daughter of Tbotnaa W Tuorua,, Km /.iKuwam -lfiM.* ? At the Church i>f thr Holy Trinity, Hrooklvo, on TliunKlay, N'lwsmbor 23, by tha Rav. au drew Hull. T>. I? , aualatrd by llin Ro* l>r. I.iulrjnhu, M. A. Z*hi:i?hi>, of Now York, to HaTir J., yujiigeet daiightar of tha lata Augu?wa >1 H'.lla, of Albany. No canK to tot: lntro* or TUB oibalp. In the Hanaro of yeatcrdoy a notice ot a marriage ?j? poarrU l>mwarn Cbrlatopber Foater and Mm. Kmrlia Viiaior. II that noiiea waa Intended for mo, than no *ach marriago took lilaco on that day. C, FfiRTFR, corner of Thirty rlgjith atreet and Macond event*. II** Yoaa, Not. 83, I MO. 1)1*4. Hr*TTt.Tt?(If) Thursday morning, November at hi* rnaidenna iu Sow Ileveu, Conn., bun llKm.nrj ngad 71). The funeral will tele* plane en rialurday afternoon, at hull-pavl com o'clo k. at Now Sat en I'-ahhohs In hrooklyn, on Wednesday, November 21, Jt'Ua daughter of f.oorg- A. ami Kltiabevb Dearborn, aged 3 yearn, 2 month* ami 31 <laya. The relatives and frlaudo are luvlled to attend lha fu neral, on Sunday atleruoou, at two o clock, from No M Klllott place IVM-t-iT. ?On Thursday, November 33, CnattLorra rvn Ltv egi-l 70 year*. The funtual will lake place from the resldoitoe of her son-in I.?w, James Irwin, No. Ilii Jag street, Brooklyn, on Soiids) afternoon, at two o'clock. The frtauile of the family ur? teapectlully invited to attend without further notice. I'aHLkV. ?At Newark, N. J., on Wedoeaday morning, November 21, ItKiiMiar, the baloved wife of CoroUu a Farley, aged 71 years, (i months and 10 days. The Irieudk of tho family, thoao of Uor aona Teren e, Cornoliito, Pair i k and Cuarlaa. and hor aooa >n law I Ills Nitftat and P. Coegrove, are res|iertriillv Invited In attend the funeral, from Si. Patrick'* cathedral, Newar k, this (Friday. morning, mlemu high nitun commencing at riiuo o'clock. Truina leave fraH of Cortlatrdt etrc.u, at s 311 mi) II II) A. H. Iivikt.?On M'islnnieUy, November 31, John It F.i Lav, aged 61 years and 17 daya. The Irtanda oi the family art invited in attaint O fitaornl. from Ids Into residotice, 317 K?*t fwent/ fonrO at n ot this (Friday) tvfl-moon, at t wo o'clock. His rc iuoius will ho I til erred m t,ro?u<vood Cemetery. Inrr-R. ?At Heaver Ham, Wis., on Krlilay, Nove-nb 16, ih Kov. Ohio Hruouorrud I'm an, In the 27th ) <r of hia age. , II??k< -On Wednesday, November 21. at bar res. deuce, JDti i hlr t avenue, Mrs IIomma Hatcs, in the 61s1 year of her aae. Her . rtends. and than of Imr aona, Daniel, Slephcu slid H I ward, are re<r>oclfully Invited to alten I the (urn rai, thl? Friday) aliernoon, at hi?lf-|iasi one o'clock, from tho Church of "I. Mtcple n. Twenty eighth e'reet Mobutu high uta-s at tou A. M Hor eatuaiua will tie interred in Calvary. II a tern,l. ~ At Kavenswoml, on Th.1, Novemlier .'2, Hi i Li AM Hakhml. ill tho llsth year or Ilia age Tho rt Isllvee and frtonda are raaportfully tuviterl t i attend the funeral, from hta late residence, on Salnrdsi afternoon at two o clock. Carriages will he In attend auoe at Hunter's Point upon the arrival of th? one o'clot k lead from James allp and rhirty-fourtb air ? t fame* How mil, ?At r.reenwwh, < don . on Wadnnadev, No remlmr'Jl, Ha mm H vauu, in the 7hib year of her ag JUavia ?On Thursday morn ng, NimuhvH, aftc a lung and painful Illness, IMabijm A. Jakva, son o( the late Noati JarvM, H-t , in lira &7C. year of hie age I'l relatives and ulonda, and the members of St NicUoI.e Iselge, DIL f. and A M., are rnepeetfUHy in \lted lo attend the funeral, from hu ute rnrideoce, 16 West Twenty*ae<oad atreei, on Monday afUraoun. at three o i 're k. The burisl uarrtaae will take plena at hi Ann'' Protestant gykcayul church, ) ighu ehlti atr'-i re r I vtin avenue, on the hi a iU>, at liuif paN three o'clock. Jons ? Iii hope i f a blessed immortality, on W?l needs;.. Novemlier 21. aged -jj years. I month aad 12 days, AstiliaW Joltssos, .on of .tulie M aud lha lata A' rem J. Juhns->n anil grandson of the late Paraball Wall "He, the last of live, has gone To reap the rb h reward" The lelaHvee and friends of the tamlly are 'netted to attWo l the f insnl, from the He Kalb avenue Method'at Kfaa? ??pal (ntran h, this ftrrJay) afternoon, ai ts>s o'clock. I/Tvi a. <>n Tuesday. Norembar 30, of ronsnmptloa, Isicu K, aged It years. 9 moaiha and 30 da?a The funeral eervice will tska place at tna lata mm deuce, Mlneute, fsatg Island, this (Fr day) mem I ig, si eieyen o'clock The relailvas and trtenda of lbs family arelntllad In attend the fnnerat at Mltreula or at the d> pot of the Jamaica Central Railroad, at Hast New York, where hi* remains will arrive ai half pa 4 Its o'clock, thsooa to Kvergr<-?a fWmeterr lAVtus.?<fn Wedtir.slav, Kovetabor 31, Mrs Mtart Is l.irros, wife of Janiaa l.nton The frtrads of the family ara levlte t lo attend die funeral, on Naturday morning, el elev< u o'clo> k, Irnnr No 12A i herb- sirred gtitcvr.._.rm Wednesday evening Noramhar 31, Mm P , wife ol John Marline, and da ighferof ? diaries 1. ?audita!**, after a long ar.d painful lllrn ?* The relatives aad friendt of lt.e family are rr-pe- f ully ? avile I i'l attend the funeral, from 1 glrary .la, .isf churrh, Twenty third afreet, between Pifrh etal s|,u, arennes on Mmdsy aft- rn'e-B, at three o r or t Wort -Ho fh ir*dav, November 33, Kruo, he 'inly child of Hav.d and t lie Molt, ago) If da< ? Tiro ralaltvea sod frlen le of the far,, ly ara ,av twt to atumd ti.a fmrrai, this iFr.'Uy) nfhacaaan, at twa o'clock, fntm IfKIt restdeoie. He?iford aveaoe, "lie d srr nt rth of \ aa Duron (treat Rroafelyn Mar,IAS AI W ilmil'gton. |e aware. ?/> We.1f,-?iay, Voyemlter 31, M tar. wtfa I f tunui tfecbaa, det. ?liter of Patrick sad Mary W rpoy aged 33 y.?r. P " !? r.eral ? IJ lake pia e (ma, lha re l?n ? of ? ?> father. No. -Kid Hi -t thirty n nth atren. New Yi r*, Ilia (Friday) morning, at ten o r lo t Iti,ii?At Jer-er t ity, on edar-eiay, Navemhef 31, -aBam. wtf>- ol Tle uni Head, l'*i , tie .I s 43th )?ar of h* r aye. Tho lur.eral will lake pie a Cue ?) rldn) aflerti ? o at *.t. o tlnct, from -! Metthew . . t.orrt. * set Mr^t J< reey t ty. The retain e- and frier, le ot the fair, j ad thuew 'if her eon In law. Jatn wl C Wi-st, are r> tpe t fatly rnv.ted to auriMt without f iff Her e ? A** Haooaa, widow of listter f). >1a? a;cd W fftT fh- relailvee aad frloads of bar war, John H . Nohart R, t.oorge P. an ! W lllotn P . si.d of rt^ Iaio y scs n V tad to attaad lha funeral aartt' ? N* Mark . k r h. tiHylil atrvwt, n-vr Myrtle aeeaue, llro kiyn. 'hie ,i n day) afterno-o at Mta o'etauM. k Hill t At We t Mohvara, N J , ?ai Wria nUn, MovamW-r 31, < as.* A trot n- Rawaar, agai ? |?a?* The n istlrra ar.d frt-oda a?* taupe* t udy la* '*4 t? altend ti.a furorwl few Ma lata rea.Aeer?, ca ade sveaue, comer tg i yrllirgl geitt, Vtd Huh t?n, i s Mai order rue n ."?,r? -In Heoaklya, ea Wolaesfay Na??*!?#? 31, Mrs AsetJa hwrrs wdisw of Hamuel L -m th. e, -l 13 years ac i two aonlha The fr*rr,(t( of the family ara r*wpar f<tuy IB M to attend tb# I'diarvl aarv' #, ail ilia resrds.v ? ai net ? t a law, John P Wort*. No to I Cumberland atra* Hut (I I at rnoow, at thraa ? e" - . The ran . ts wd ba uken to P?e.k? Ha t tatr?, <gi tatai lay rr. ??. ? g, at o as ? ctd* k. fore sc. -|n Rrewktya, car asdn-wtay, fstsa'et 31. Mn Hioot farrtso in her Mki ye?? Tha trtenda af ths raedlr ere re-,-u tf rily It d !? attewd tne fuaeya). from her lata r*e let'a la I ' r'w a.eaur, Hrnwklya, this (Friday) mmi ng. at ? eves ? t .nog, k as Wvr g la Mrawklya, ?a Wednaaday. Nw*?' 'wt )L kifat'ti Tas *1 rra. egt 1 to years Th' relattree end frteade, sad |1 use r./ hit 'alter '? taw Rarn-tl Johawn. are r-*p?.tf?iry a mad to at *ad the f iartel. ? B "at dry afWk?SI. At t? ? u ' ? a '?? La lata fAsvdam?, M Rantsan At'aat, wMh-it f irtMrr B"< ea Watw^ Hn Taewday ever, r r No- ??.??? m. at aa* e'etork, * e. A Wtra.' aged Mr yaat A m ail * aad Ad daya The friend? ard *? etwee of tt e family ara rasp art felly lavitad to atIet.d tha t r.- ffstn hta lata r*#n depna, Mala etraaA, Adtorte, U I, Ihle irvdeyi,e'wwaoee, U tdka tf ? or* Rha4a *r4 Maaaa-hoaati* ta|-r? p'-aee -spy kiAi On Th -r day. >? ???)??* 33. af pa? ?r-ota M<*? II . wife af wu ?*i W- Si, ag'd If years TIac f i natal w:ll take ptara rr<?m Bar lata raal'1 er - - Mo Iti Ileal TA.rty arttb strsat, . a Aaterday aterooa at oae a a;B The fathtlf aad frtaaAe af 3h* faav ? er* reafwetfelly la.lta.1 in attaad with farth-r ant-a I'l. a.etpbia paisw*j awea -py Weaywa ??e t o> Wadaaadaf, NovaWytw* 31, 'lewd* Wratwt aa* of N< tfoik, agad M rtatr 7 ? ff ada aad aruoa ataar-e of me fa-r - -?* rwprrtlsliy ia*ued to aitead tha fsa*ral it * FrsdAy n>- >a a*, at srgt.l a'-lora fmra -ha ?*#??#?,?? ?)>?*?? in taw ll laysM, iwatf af Iweaty a?t . ??** leenevd a**as* Nwfolk papatt p ?ss# -apy SHIPPING NEWS. mm mw ? M ?t?? .... ? * ( VMM* m* ? mw rw, nvimv 21 ^ I InifH, H - a * # dR | Ja A- <*?** * * *i<#' f . *,d*rf ' tf r*M ? ? V' I ?r4? .?'*?? I*/ 1* k f- t # ^ ? ttrf I < I tm*%>f ^? rirtfj fci f^ri, <ert??cv H#iii'?ir* <i f l< !l*r Brig * ilim' "Hr>, *?frU WU>d or-D '? HaMolf k 0?. ?chr J ol.a i.'l.'iuh Ur i, A iiitu, Hi Audi***?Ji~l fry# A Co. i W?U ll'awr. lUrkton. 0*lT*.tOn?Murray F?m? A H-Jir P., fir n?ndil< k?od PiUUk-R * lMnlll I f!o ??'hr M tty Hlo.iaiau tjrcau. WHinlagtoil NO--N 1* Ci?n,V*C. r-#hr II Boil)), final, WfUaluptdU, SfO-VaO ?rua? k h.agbi Italilr li m>cUi*D. U?n1?, 1*hlU4rH>hU-J V M> *oo ^nanuMp ?. ?;,n,| j(f, n.ii | ,,frj?,>nl Nor T. ?4 qiWlJluor. b'b. ?b mlv> anil 14' b? lh# Ski imruti Nl*aiu i'ii. I, li-.'. miorl ttru'ig ???tArlF wind- duflo* iu? ? i??..if Nut?. i>u?i ataimalilp Oil* of Fr??6lli,i..l, bound ||, Hill, .iramtliu liai.wark. t?| llth. on lupiAn Tlrannr do lPih , an Am-rUaa .ktp ako? lo? bOfM. ?a? ntik * nhMa (rauad and blua oaolra. alau llaailiora aad n ?man lUauiar* lomad it HUaMb'P Cuiot ru > .Id. Mobil* Not Ml. r?t<?rt> aho pill In (?r . ?al I* u nlllj mil** and inoflfb in Hmhb k Duoulua Ki|?o.-t,o?| ??i*r* NW ?lMiri*? "t'lNBihlt DatIMM Alriaadar Bidununl anil K?Mt. irtili uuiao nad pa***"*'. io ! Itiajiauai i ?i a On. MlaamaklP P'*f t* Coorti Klatuuood, vim i*l***nd pan " Minora. Itrra.n, II ? . n. r?H lloaton MWloir* *?Mli Ion* It. Tin I'apfwmbiioii'iial Id- Willi Uiani| *i ' > i to l?> Had ^,i,oLi. ? lr ?n ?W to NIC to' lb- ??' Ubn VaJl^JZi Horn*. Braulil. Hapub- "'?* '1 I* Jain'** I Ward k Co Brig ftdnllik (ftri flrnm. ?ta ill <Ut*. "UIj uidlroa, Ac. u> mim tw A. la a *?rr Wn btaj fri rn II ? ao.ilhwartf. !"?? nil aalla. ruraloiuUUui and niata tnfxntaU and waa nhllfad U aul lain IjOuUVirg fo rapalra Hi In II .11a (Mwai. Buratrom. Malaga. M?da;a. altfcfnli. An. )n Kanafc, ifaladi* A Wat dt Hrlg Nnnra frwatdania (ItalL MAafOro. Bardaa a*. ? da*? auk wtwa, Ac la ChamltafUl*. fhaiM A <o HWj (/.iaan r*ir>. Klh*. HloJanalro. hi Mr*, "?h caBai. -m M.naM. A I'??. Hrlg Jim I'm* (Mr), Innadna, WlllW. MM. > dAT?. ?H? l'i*alar lu r A iTaVoir A Cu. Hrl* whi H "Icar. Oraj. Jaafcaeirtltr. ? darn, with luaaha*. in Millar A Hougidna _ llrla Hnararl, . at Mar'o Mi. and TlW from Afna I'tlHui lie \r|i, w?.#rr i>i? ba? ilAM) ??tioM. H* br i t?*ai . Br*?Uwt?l4t, Kit Ursiulo, <3 4*f? wlifc Md*-. A?. Hi ?n TV?m]fori Ho'lod ?t? WHi Br sohr IUrri?i fur N?w Vurl. s hi \*?|r (larUoii Mil Mnl? in ?l.1a P*. d?y?. ? km! * ? C h rum,?mil Ac! IMrfd ft ~ erljr, of ||i^|i!i>.?riii. !,?.! ai of fturj 1 Ul A)4*. iit.l <MlW (11^'rfd.t ?lJ?*?1 Of <lfth?MfT Ul -? C Ion 7ft iV. vwi Allro, ftI!?????_, ("i IliliUi, Idu . spin mUIi. bruAO Uli?r, ?l4A^W'?aJosrM ?pill rtnilsr hosd lioUr A JUnmiiji*. Jstirilnf*. ?|r|lnlA, f 4sjr?. Wohr W Hon* Andorwoti. vlnrln~? 'idsi* S?;l?r Hsraft Lsvtn*, Aii4*nf-'., Virginia. .J?r t I. I?*ihr.aii1 I VinHitt* v l r J II lltijt, ? U? i n>"!? f?*I Noo H?r?a? A. Iir I \T Kilmer. ?*r*?iu?tiof H*1 ante* "k * *?r Colon. Ames llruit twfi t M. i.i Thud JnflWMttt. Kso Join H n llsJid. II?n ! Now l .??! ... in Knii?rwM, lUll. Kiindu il C r f>*?li Rl?w. 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