Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE 'NO. 11,043. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 1866. HUUK FOUR CENTS. PEHSOSAL. AMOUTIL^U'ABTUOHER1K? VAl VETR OUB II! I i.c sots Me voKi hull jours 'uau? eourelle*. BBEAUTIFUL SIQNORA L.. PROM STATES IKLANI wtu woo crant M> admirer aua friend au interview Addreu C., No. 5TI, box W., Herald office '<D I'IB THE MOMBaR OF THE GOLD I>. hunting case watch lest by tba lady at the corner of Fulton and Naaaan etraeU; makers' name, Vacbsion A Cou a tan tin. was purchased eight years ago at Ball, BUck A Co 'a. If tba fimlee Inland* !? return the aaiue he moat ap ply el onoe to Beakmaa Ohlkern, Esq.. 78 William etreet. This la tba laat than of advertising. 1HNFORMATION WANTED?OF LEWIS BYRNE. LATE H of RallluaalW, Arklow, county Wlcklow, Ireland. Waa at Bellvua fleapttirt laat July. Addreae Bar. Wm Qatnu. U Barclay etraat. Hla frtanda In Ireland wlah hia return home. INFORMATION WANTED?OF SAMUEL DUNBAR, 1 who arrtwed here on laat Saturday morning, lSlh last., u steamship Monterey from New Orleana. Whan laat aaen waa at 18 o'clock at (ha Daebroaaae atraal ferry, making hla way to Jeraey C Hf. Any Information of Una win bo tSnak fully received by Patrick Craven, corner of York and Hud nan streets. Jersey city. Ha wore black peats, black vest, blue pilot overcoat, light anok black In aide coat. Week neok tie, blue woollen rocks. white mualm ahlrt, white melde skirt; had on watch and/halo ol allvar; aged abeut 10 years; height abeut fire feet aloe, fair oomplexion, muatacha and gealse. M^mn. Y. SANCHBZ?IP TOD GALL AT TWH OLAREW don Hotel yam will ntnat a nephew who la aery daatroua nf seeing ywu. ^?iLI.IAM RABLE. LATB COTTON BROKER. WILL ?rail at 70 LUdlOW street. New York, immediately. w H7 EASEL.?SARAH, YOUR MOTE RECEIVED. SEND W yoar address to llL L. Hall, station B. Llltln lagln baa PMnrned. ? DMT AMP FOUBD. UW>DND_ON THB llTH INSTANT, INONEOrTlIE r Seventh avenue and Broadway care a Watcb, which the earner can have by proving property and paying expen aaa. JAMES MoMULLIN, northwest corner Ferty-secoud etraat and Ninth avanun. Lost?a silybr gray scotch terrier; an ?wara to tba name of "Tluev." A reward of $111 will he paid to any person returning him to tba bark Ann Lucy, pier 10 Heat river. L" OST-ON FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 28, A brown silk Puree, containing $78. while going from the Bewail to Christopher street. The finder will receive a suit able reward and the thanks of tba owner by returning the aaaae to 47 Barclay street. LOST?THE*CERTIFICATE OF DISCHARGE OF PAT rick Farreu, Company C First regiment Kentucky Vol unteer Infantry. The finder will be eultabta rewarded by eeudlng the same to P. Farreu, Company C Fourth C. ?. artillery. Fort Delaware, Del LOST?8CB8CRIPTON BOOK OF THE COLORED church. Atchison, Kansas. The finder will be welcome to the money, bat will please return the book to box 2,143 Post office. OHT-A SMALL BAG CONTAINING TWO KF-Y8. A a handsome reward will be paid ta tba finder at 149 East Twenty.Drat a treat. I~~iOST-HLTWBEN HARLEM DEPOT (TWENTY J seventh street) and Thirty fifth street, a aable Muff. The finder w<!l please return same to 94 West Tblrty-flftb street, and receive therefor a liberal reward. LOS1-ON TUESDAY, A BLACK AND TtN DOG. with four white feet. The finder will reeelve $6 reward by returning It to No. 18 Earn Forty-ninth street. L08T-DEKD9 OF REAL EBTtTE AND OTHER Papers In Grand street. A reward will lie paid for the return of the same to the owner. 144 West SeTantceuth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues OST?IN~A^IKTir AVE NUB STAGE, ON FRIDAY last, a maroon colored morocco Portemonnale. marked *'L" In silver, containing about 40 cent! and a small brans key. If the finder wUl return It to Broadway he will he recompensed. OST-AN UMBRELLA. YESTERDAY, BETWEEN the Christopher street ferry house or In Bleec.ker street. A suitable reward will be paid by returning the same to M. Helen A Bro., 489 Broadway. OST-ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, 21ST INST.. A gentleman'a pilot cloth Cape. Information leading to Ms recovery will be anltably rewarded If left at Montauk Hotel. Brooklyn. S"~t6lEN?FROM THE STUDIO OF J H. DO L P II, 8K5 Broadway, second floor, a box Burked A. C. Austin, Detroit, Mich., per Merchant's Union Express, containing three Pointings; one of Grapes and Plums, alxe 8s 12 inches, one Raspberries. 8x11 and Currants 7x10; numbered onfthc back nf canvas 84.84.M. Any information regarding theiu ?U1 be liberally re warded. The public are cautioned against purchasing the same. J. U. DOLPH. 838 Broadway. Taken bt mistake?fbon eso broadway, a ttn Trunk, marked "Sliver Lode Mining Cam pa uy " Any one returning the same, with enclosed papers, 111 he paid $80 and no questions asked. RKWARDN. rKEB DOLLARS REWARD?LOST, ON FRIDAY morning. November US, from 78 West Twenty-flfth etreet, H small Black ami fan Terrier; old anil stronglv marked. Any on* returning tilm to the above address will room re the reward. it" REWARD.?LOET. Oil MOM DAY LAST. NEAR tlie Fark, a Roll of Manuscript, lied with yellow lap#. The Under will reeolre rho abore reward on returning U to C. W. PLEASANTS, *? Broadway, third floor. AID RKWABD.?LOST. IN W.A8HINUTON MARKET. Vl'' a reddiih brown Shepherd Dog. answers to the ?eme of Jack. The Under will receive tne a Sore reward by tearing him at tha aouthaaat corner of Claaaaa and Fulton ?van ties. Brooklyn. REWARD.?LOST, ON OR NEAR THE STATES _ I aland ferry, on Thursday mnrning. 2*1 luat., a _ ndl* of F?pen, wrapped In brow ii paper, of oo value to nay one but the owner. The above reward will be paid upon tha loeelpt of the papereet room 16. 187 Rroadway. itlft REWARD-LOST. ON THURSDAY. A OBN V^U tleman'a Diamond Fin. The tlndor will reeaiva the above reward end tkanka of the owner on returning It lo IW Weal Twenty aeeond at real. reward.?lomtTon mondaiTnov-in, > kar Carroll*# I.tvery Stabh", Touipkinartlle, L I., a IRtvar Watch. The flndar will receive the abore reward on leaving It at tha atablea above mentioned. REWARD.?I.OHT OR STOLEN ON TIIK K vFv WAi>) inguf theSZd. between Twelfth street and Pulton tort v. in a firth avenue stage, an open face Hold Watch: a a the Wat--u ts valuable only to the owner from aaaocietiou. the above reward will he paid and no gamtlooa asked 01 itv retnm to Mr Baser, atore 34 John street. Ar.D RF.WARD.-DOO LOST, ON OR ABOTT nr. temhar I, at (Ireenwood I-aha. Weal Milford. N J , n medium a.rod white and or.>nge euloraii Setter, with ?>ue wangi colored atf, tl e other oraugn and whtte; alao vrua strange on hia back and aidoa; anawera to the name of Whit Whoever will return tilm. or give Information where he can be found, will receive tne above reward and no -tuewtun.a aatad by auplvlng to or aildraeaing J. E Brewater. Noa. W aad Ml Sixth ? venae. New York. ~e/i R E W ARlT- sto EE jTTIt OM Sol91 Hi? nue, a gold Watch. No. ASSO; S J. Tobias A jt " " $50 _ oaake, Liverpool The above reward will be paid jnd no questions naked, on the return of said watch to the Wffi a of iJmiy A t'oplead, 410 Fourth avenue. Ml IW\ 11'.WARD -LOST, ON FRIDAY AlTERNOdN, ?1"'U between If M and 7 P. M.. in or around tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel Oi In Hroad vay. the Sotting of a Ring, with nine diamonds therein, in three rows; selling plain rd. without any enamel. The above reward wlU be paid leaving It with M. H. ferry, at the Fifth Avenue lintel Bl'NINKH* OFPOJtTldriTIEf. A WlNTEREST IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED FTNAN A eta! and Commensal and Family I'aper, and other Standard PubltcaUeas ta offered for sale at a bargain, on ' terms. A rare Addroea FubUaher box I *14 rz\ A YaLU A peter kxdaMM valuable bebinrss. wiuni pays a t ar-.k percentage, alao a valuable Patent aad several amaller that will aland.lqveettgation. BONNER A i ?> . 117 Naaaan atrsat Bl SI NESS MAN WANTkl t?TU~ii"'V A HALF IE tereat in a manufarturlng business, paving 160 per emit proflt, genuine eonoern and doing a flourishing business; ? bout Sl.tlW rv'iuirwd. IS mllea from elty; uo agents need aaawar this. Apply to or addreaa T, room U, sj Na.a.u ?Orwet. New York. MAN W.ANTED?WITH FROM gSno TO Ml ItEtnY aeah, to inm me In a and legitimate boat* ?um. Apply Immediately at 738 Broedwiv. ro m Ne H. OOODKICH. w ANTED. TO Fl'RMHIl FROM $7,800 To $8.(HIOAI*. Its) and to taka an Intnrwst In anas tewasl paying legiti mate bosinem. agenu not noticed. Addreaa. slating psiuffit ten. W II., ateUM >. WANTKD?A YOCNH WMKRUPTfC MAN, WITH about $14.OnO eaptial. for a flo ir.shmg wholesale and rataII bnalaaaa. i, rather with cotton faeiorsga. In one of the moat pmmlalBf portions of tho South Started last year, hoe already trimled lis capital The beat city releren-et earn 'o glvan. Address, with references. E K., box No PI Herald office. Wanted-a rnrjio ham with From $lm to |2mu8 cash, to I avast In steamboat business. tha ad User owns a small steamboat, and srtahea a good steady slneas man to 'who an Interest in M to the a 1*1 vS amount, _ repair and relit H Mm*elf tkla wlatar and maka money frith It next summer, aa tha advertiser has other ho I ?e-a to attend to. Agents adR brokers no- I nmsn.wr 8hM A man who knows something of ma- ulu?ry pielerred Addrr-a Island Uueen. Herald office r: u - TO $1111 WfLL START ANY FBRSOM IN A _?) Splendid man-ifartorlng b-isin?.- fr-m which .tsffi ran be reallted la all m-mhs wi-i. ?l capital, g-swia >le aa Sour, t all and tuvaoUgste, at 7b Carmine street To pill '#|LL CONTROL" A HAMDNOMF. If paying bttslnras now n you- - t.saoe lo m.k ney fast; the beet patent In the I nttod Steles is on exhl l?n end for sale by mttnly and Ntate rights. at Natloual Portland! slreol. from II A M nil 3 P. M every day *150 #1 rnn will bey a btand in west washing wi.tXfH toll Market For parte liars address K-e.ler, flarel-l oT.ce, IWWk ?THE BI BM RIBElt II ?i* A P ATE NT y^.sMflf, whlet will pav a profll t-- mie fa-mry m Mtnoonri vaarly. and, being lu ftew! need of tooney. Will wall . an- alxtli of tke patent forRMM Address Nassau, boa M! Herald ode#. min -* *** WANTED TO TAKE HALF in. ?|UU\'| tespot le a MM legttlmaie -ash hnslnoao, no coxa petit km and la *- v , f.e-t - TIIOMPN'iN. ;m Broadway < If 1(1 -iWALKV. MAIL AND BlPBKAe ^t.T.UUIf. ?? f), I), imaioesa for sale t.*a?J(? net sr.. t.-h at half profltt $3 tsai will, uug stork gaud wilt, in Atirea. advarttatng and a ser $1 tai aawnred r? i-. i sis Any Intelligent man or hop ,?n do the btisin--oi > ' c -o-n Il ea- i f ft de Ihta winter TltUo i- i -a Is no hi. a ng sic! W.P St.-. I -lose IDS. si.sat vs. Aulas. Mlinoi *lo, .tat ? <r S?> flfin -HNE BI slNVeS Fop *Ain, OB E ? >.' ft ?s 7. rorahle arrange, Nents mode; rash Sal-* e! m?'<t monopoly; larnughotit UaTMd States and a- owsl. larso stock rr pilred Address Al He vM slw. $10.INIO-LJSJfySL ifWH" 1: INSTRUCTION. IMtADFATR OF TUB UNtVERMTY OP CAM bridge England. prtsemso and ei-scholar of his col lege. rereivea paplls ut hM own rooms for private instruction In Classics, Mathematics. rhdo-opliy. English language and I.lUrMum dtallnwti urepeied for the NAVAL AND MIL ITARY ACADEMIES. Tllfc UNIVBIWITIBB Ae. Highest references. Address or apply to Cantab, roomNn. 9, Univer sity Building. Wnalilnjrtou ?nu*r?> N^w Yorll. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?TOWN8KNDK COMMER cial Academy, toII Bowery. Private Instruct). >n, day and evening. in Boekkeeplng, Wrttlag, Commercial Arithmetic, Reading, Spall lug. Uratumar, Ae. Apartments for ladles. No closers. All wanting teachebb or places ro teach skould addroa* their wishes lit tha National Teachers' lnatituta and Ainariean Educational Union, t82 Broadway. Introductions liy letter or peraonally. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, AO., FOR BU8INEBH.? MR. DOLHEAR. A>9 Broadway, taacboa Bookkocplng practically, aa used in tba boat Now York houseo. Ho alao remoaoa stiffness, crampiag or troubling from the worot baad, and mahoo elegant business penmen. f BENCH AND 8PANI8H TAUGHT IN THE SHORT aot timo, by II. WADK. who has olgbt yaara oinorionoe. Torma moderate. Apply from ft MR P. M7. at lid Blocckor ?treat ^ _ THE TPEF. Greatest running bac?" op th arbahon-to come off en the Union (ball mile) Track, Reventr-aeeond at root and Bloomlngilale road, for $100 a tide, run# beau, two in throe. Caporn MeCabo namea Mtlaa O'RalUy, Dr. C. MIRa, vet., to ride; Captain Johnaton name" John M onuses; Peter Kernan namoa General Sherman; Patrick Hart namea Harkaway; W. Burna namea Kentucky Maid. Admittance 10 eon to. JAMBH FINLAY, Manager. UNION COURSE. L. L The proprietor oflero two Pnriee, of $90 each, to Wil liamsburg ana Brooklyn Road II or Ma, for Tbeuksglrlng Day. The above to eloae at Hiram Woodruff's, on Sunday, Novem ber 9b, at S P. M., If clear; If not. the n??t clear day. WM. 811 AW, Proprietor. SPORTING. A YACHT.?FOR SALE, A FART HAILING SLOOP Yacht, 40 feet long, new laet spring. hard wood cabin, and thoroughly furnished end Sited In every re.pact; patent water closet, hair maltreeaee. rep cuablona and ourUlne, Bruaaela Carpet. Ac. Will be cold low, ea owner la going to Europe.' Addreaa Sloop Yacht, flerald office, for rail par ticulars. A BRACK OP riNP. SETTER PUPS -AL80 A WELL broke Setter Slut far sale; good pedigree can be glseii. Inquire at Peter .Stall'* lager beer aaloou, Flashing avenue, near Noatrand avenue, Brooklyn. A N'T E L FOSTER. IS ROOSEVELT STREET. 1IAS ALL the choice breeda of Doga; Poster's Infallible Mango Cure* and Plea Kii'rininator, 76 renin. Medicines for all dleeaaae. D Double cuns-rio, tut. 920, iso, $40. ??, ?7B. ?ioo; also a variety nf Flstdng Tackle. Sent by rjpresi to order by J. A J. hill SII, 183 Bowery. A fen rocoiid hand Double Oune. J',7. , Francis butler, no. a peck slip, has all the choice breeda of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Turn and Flea Exterminator, 73 cents. Butler's new work on tha Dog, $2. Doge trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines lor all dis eases. rn SAI.E-A BREECH LOADING OUN, NO. 10 bore, thirty Inch barrel, with cartridges, Ac., complete. Price B2UD, no less. Address J. P., 157 Sooth street, N. V IjlOR SALE?A TAMP. FAWN. EIGHT MONTHS OLD, . at the bird store, 19 N'ortb William street. JOnN ORPV, 11 ROOST VF.LT STREET, HAS FOR sals handsome Newfoundland Dogs, Bull Terriers, small Black and Tuns, Scotch and Skye Terriers. These dogs are w< II bred and good ratters. SECOND HAND DOUBLE oitns, BY POTtDKY, LAN caster ami other first claas Loudon tinkers Also .1 first elaas Wcsilev Richards breech-loader, and a great vtirietv of medium and low grade Gun* for sale low, by CHARLES FOLSQM, :M Msole i lane, N. Y THOROUGH BID ? FANCY POFI.THY op thi: cli. Ice,i btv. u purity of stock warranted; clreular sent on reeeipt o' stamp. A. T. BCHAUKFLKR, Sopr leiideot American Lire Stock t'ouipiiny, office IVb Mater street, corticr Pulum. r SPORTSMEN -A VERY BEAUTIFUL WHITE AND yellow seUer Dog. 9 years obi, warrants.I t ? po.nt dead an! lire game, h ;,.-k and retrieve and with other hie qualities, will be sold peremptorily this day by *!VI R A ROM KR VII, I.E. at 11 oclo. k . at S7 Nassau street. This Is a rare chance to purchase a valuable dug. ^ HORNER. CARRMURK, dfcC. \PAIIt op BLOOD IIOHSES FOR SAFE ? HURT BE sold In three davs; ones floe saddle Hone aire Imp. Tom Crib dam a Sir llenrc mare: the other a fast traveller, of the famous Flying Cloud slock i'o ba seen tt Eastman's stables. 244 Mercer elre?l. I T 97 Woovn R STREET?1 PII.ETON. S ROCK A /V w.ns, 2 Depot Wagon* I Doctor's Wagon. 5 top Wag ons. 4 no top Wagons, 4 Kip .a Wagons. I Truck. Single and Double Harness, Robes Blankets, Halters, Ac W. H. GRAY. 4 TTEXTIoS ESPECIALLY I ALLED TO THE I.AKOE A sals of Boraes and Cai-rlsges, this day by MINER A SOMKRVILLE. At salesroom, 117 Nassau street. Partlcnlsrs under Auction bead. A HORSE. WAGON and AlOl'T 1ft hands 1 inch, brown flag tail, sound and verr gen tie; wagon shifting top rieirly new, city iu?ko, and good hainess cbe?p At KING'S Stables Forty drat street and Madison a venue. A SECOND hand coach for sale-run a u\ short itiue foi prira'e use- Can ba seen In Fifteenth street, first gate est! of Fifth avenue, south side. A VERY HANDSOME GIT AT COUPE HORSE. 1? bands l-lgti sound tod k rid, and * hue animal, will tie sold at auction this day. by EDM ARD SCI1ENCK, e0 Lib erty at: eel A FINE EXPREBR HARNRKR. t'SKD RT'T A FEW A l mr> will ha bold at ?iu:i ?.? by K sCHESCIC, at AO Liberty aire*'!, thin Uj A CRAY HOPkE FOR BALE-IAW HANDR HIOH, sound ?nl kind. ran trot in 1 al. Inquire of J AH I'LIZ SMHrend ?tr?et. nnar K **t ri?> r. A B AGESTLf M.VN'A COMPLETE ESTABLIMIRERT FOR ante.?Hnndeome Mi In"ii in prime .*rder . ?<jrlinli Cunpa llo-ee, miiD'i in nrrymfiel, M?roi"?? of the beat make Addre*g X.. Herald olk-a. RACRIEH'R-THPF.E VERY HaSDROMK CLOSE mntrlirl >l mt built i^imi uf Canadian Ponies. nil *1*1 ranted aounil an I you us, til . or any business. Will be aotd rery cheap. Tbl? u a elune* AOS Paul blreet ACOCPF. ROi'KAWAT FOR -IbE AT A HAH'*AIR ? Nearly done up and In o ml order ale# new #ei of t'oarh Harness. ??nr rheap. M M' r>?n airest A rarf. ouMR^om harness ioraalf; u?rd nnlv three Umn; east AIM < an be 1 ought for lit Apply to WILSON, 180 ?'nrrritb areas*. AUG AINS?SPLENdlD SEW DEPOT WAGON, |17S, If ekavr .y.. Roei iwaya, Rorkawaya. " all and *1 amino \*ry f??t pa/Mid ilo-M. 7', year* old, Ik band*, sound, lime. 2 XI A Ad ?i-rtnth a?rnn? BUOOT AND WAdON -A REW TOP HfO-iT. ALSO liinior?r a?at ATaj in, .in n>p, al ' Saimuni stable, Tolrtr aornad at reel. near Third ammo. BCOOT?A NEW Tor R0<M>T; Al.AO A SO TOP R'Iggy Sold at a sari'Bee, at MeMahuo'i cuble No. PI Monroe airee1 o?ai Market. CMRRI AOF.-L CARRTAOEF J i.ill AT III ii TI' i V S IS PRfi' F.r. MO POR MALE. I?) SLEIGHS '?<> II?KSI ? ??* I.nil) VfRAPR ALKIUtt HI LI.A 0. Wl TTT'S I arriafe Ware-onma. Hr.iadwajr. ne.r Rle* i>er Great (AOCPF HORAR AND HARSKR--MODERS sTriJ! J an 1 rninpie-a ortr- Owner I. arli.< for Eoi pe ? II aell a bargain w,(h,n two daya. In, ?<! of LANE A Mc* MAHOS. in on pi ire rie ti Eaa P t month -?rrrt ntHTii't ?? KM\F.ToN SFWI WILI RE <<Jl.fl AT A (iw*l bargain: slata ael of Harueaa Addieaa Thoiap ?on, boa 1.4 Herald olee. (SOAi II WASTRO-C LOSE PANEL. HI T LITTLE J used. anttabie for Aral *la*? ha- It n( Apply at I..A spring atreet I. OgVOK. For sale -jisy arrived prom the wehters part of the state one i#*m ? '*la k Coa. h llorare 10 handa, ft rears old ? one taaai af Hi "k Hnraea, lAtg. ? yeara old and re*y f?ai. aitn iM.e la. b. Ii1,. All **ry stiMab, ami warr uled sound and bu d. Apply at 101 Wea* Thirty Hi-i alfeai Fi'OR RALR-A PAIR OF DARK RAY IIORRRR, Fif teen hand* gh - n" ten and me ..thee e era., yeara old (o*.d (or rata* h nae Apply at ?'a!d? ?? nnaaai rornar of Thirty a glith atreei and Fifth arWMe I^OR RALR-A recoso HASP ROTSAWAY. in lire' raie rond . Apply a' H' IROoLRY'R < ar Maaafaetary. Br*^lway, rerner of Th ny aerenth at. |OOR RALR-FOR WANT (IF l OF. TEN FlRRT rLARM r work llorae*. To i.e ae#n at tin* tea dep.l of Raiily A tiream, MR WeaA Twenty.Aral ?ireet aawry afteraoao, antil eopl Ala., OB* pa'f of e*en.i?e or et| n H? ,si,lt SAM -saDOLK II'iisF. A II A MIl.TOAflAN M<" br tbl hay IA he ? ? I * iran*d en'ind and kind. Inauira at lltAA eat Enhieantk etraal In atore JjWtB RALE?FIFTY RTAOER, HAPNEsR. WIIEEI.O ?'a?elln*. aoid 7n lotalrTanit Hid pumha*er Apply at F A* . "iree g e>.| *l*i(l>> and all a".. *? I.e lo a _ ' line . ao.d In I. a U> ? it II pumh , .er " Eeat Tbinaanib atreet neti .loir In ATaan* ?' w la'OR SAI.F-A Dot TiiR'H VTA*.Ob AND OIROLR I llarneaa la Heat r?relr. fo be aeea at M* Stco.i a Urary *'aMa. N? 2l and ? Twelfth atiact. LVOt PAI.F.-VERV rHBAI*. A PRETTY MABR, OP A ntadi.ioi etfe. ha* been n*e.| by a lady nnd*- ihe aaA die. i* al* ? a go I iraeaUai In karaaaa peri**'ty r*?n'^ ani l? a naa (by, aarywaaMa aiilotxl Wpp r ?< 11 Weak Ah Man Hi an-at ?wr? Ia'OR RALR-A FIBR BAY lloRMK AND t oNt tlRD f -p* ? V.*.?o? >aaaiii>r or aeiiaiate. Inoolr* al l?FF I hi * Ue atr eet 1,'nH * A'-E?A ePI.KNOCR Tot NO HOUSE -i ais I yeara old. a.Soat lA'y hamla high; lor an/ k'nd f * -r. ,, and a Hent not watnti, 11 '?* AAA. ale* s tgnt irolttng war *.'i iltdliaraehi pt>ee | lot. Api y aJ l'>* ?bl?, ar at r.nosd plana and Pataani a* , Jitm k jn I,- .1' 0*1 : l IF A!'- I' OA I.LVT OWN *1 / SPA* I I' I . I * ? ft II , ? IJ *, , hii i. rla? a t ii?rty ? "<tA nraat 11 ? $mm' F HOR8KI, CARRIAfiBH. ItC. FH)R BALE-A VERT STYLISH MORGAN HOR8K. I4J< hand' high; Mi yearn old, perfectly Hound and kind; oan bo driven by a lady; travel* equally wall single or doublo. and la aloe a auparlor aaildle horae. Prioe $400. Ad dreaa boi 1,1*1 Pool office For sale?a splendid pair op hqrbes, war ranted aouud. 4 and 7 year* old. Id hand* higb. and hind In all harneaa; thati atyle and action rannot bo bent, and aan trot foot, will bo aold together or separate. Can bo aren Ull aokl at 19 Wert Thirteenth atree' OR RALE?THE EQUIPMENTS AND GOOD WILL of n Livery Huhlo at Rye, nearly oppoalte the depot, doing a good business; hacking alao connected with ike above. The proprietor, being about to remove to a nether State and nrlahlng to cloae up bin fcualneae, will aell oa rea aonable termv. For further particular! apply at the alible or addreae by letter L. D. BEAN, Hye, N V. For ralb-a pair op fine black ponies, mm hood* blab; been used by a private family; prion $400 Apply to ASHFIELD A CO.. room II, H Liberty afreet. EOR RALE OHEAP-AT NO. 517 WKffr THIBTY-H1C end street, throe Butcher'* Carte, Horeee. Trucks, tin*, Scales, Blocks and aundry utvnalla uaed la pork peeking bualneoa. OKSr.d BOARDED PUR THE WINTER. Apply to JAMES B. WILLETS. Jtoalyn, L..I. WANTRD-A LIGHT, PAST MARE. IN BXCHANOK for a family horaa; will giro from $15 to $50 to boat. Inquire tn the drag etore, J77 Greenwich atroet. H 6 TROTTING HORSES FOR RALE.?PRICE ?1,000 TO W,M0. Tbev are young, aound and handsome, Can be aeen tut'll told *?113>4 Tweaty-seventh afreet, east of Third avenue, New York. <i?7 r -A GOOD HORSE PGR A GROCER OB ?D I O . butcher, at Crooamou'e auble, Thlrty-seooud (treat, went of Third avenue. THKJLKCTl'RK REAMIH. IMPORTANT LECTURER DAILY?TO GENTLEMEN only, ot the Now York Museum of Anntomy. 518 Brood way. Those unable to attend thee* Locluroa may obtain a copy by forwardiug ten rente. Address Secretary of Now Ytjk Museum of Anolomy, 818 Broadway. Lessons in reading and in oratory?mrs LERDERNIER will receive application* from gentle, men end ladle* deelhog Inatructlon In the above aria, at IBS Broadway, care of Maoare. Fowler and Wall*. POST OPFICI NOTICE. POST OFFICE NOTICE -THE MAILS FOB THE United kingdom and the Cuutlnanl. via Queenatown and Liverpool, per ateamcr CITY OP BOSTON, and for the German Stale*, via Hamburg, per eteamer SAXONIA, on Sal in ilny, November 24, will cloae at tbi* olBoe at 1U do A. M., nud at the up town ofl)"ea a* follow* ? Station* A and H, b 05 A M. Stallone C and D, 7 45 A. M. Station* E and P 7 30 A M Station O, 7 26 A. M. J AMEH KELLY, Poatmaatar. MIMTAHY. \TETERANS OP THE WAR OF 1818 WILL ASSEMBLE V at the Mercer Home, corner of Brnomn and Mercer atreets on Monday ncit, Nov. 3ft, at I2)f o'oloek P. M pre cisely, to celebrate the KM year of the eva< uatbin of the Brlilah troop* from our abnre*. All that aerved lit that war living In thl* and the adjacent rountlea are re?pectfully In vited . Dinner will be provided. I'lenae come In uniform If you have it. H. RAYMOND, Brig. Geo. lunar M. Puvru, Adjutant Am. IIallv, Colonel. N. B ?All who have not signed the petition will call at No. 4 City lloll place daily, from II A. Sr to 4 o'clock P M. IIKUIGIOI'N VOTlt F.S. ANNOUNCEMENT. ?COOPER INSTITUTE, SUNDAY alternoon. Voluntary lecture. To the three thonaand tnoat intelligent and reape'table persona, ladiaa nnd gentlemen, who politely tnild attention to hi* lector* Inat Sunday, to the hnndreda who went away, unable to obtain aaalo, to aU men, notloo Rev. Cbarlca B ?Smyth will (D. V.) deliver another lecture for thoclergyineii on kh" Naked Truth." at 31; o'oloek to morrow, at Cooper Inalltule. comparing the play with the parlor a eue* of tiu incntlonahle public private placr, of amusement. Ac. Alao notice, to rorreapoudeoia, newspaper crllU iatua. Ac. ALL SAINTS CHURCH, CORNER OF HENRY .AND Mcammel atroela.?The Rev. Benjamin Evan*. fiou Mlnneao'a, will preach on Sunday evening. November 35, at half-pant seven Bl.RECKER STREET UNI YRRSALIST CUtTRCH, Corner of Down ng atrwe? - Rev Day K. Lor, pa,t?r Scrvteaeat 1Q|K A M. and 75t? P M. Subject of owning leu. ture?"John < *1 in as a ch lutntti Leader." (TIIUKCH Or THE RESURRECTION, TIIIRTT-FIF I'll J street. near Stub avenue ?Rev Edwaid O. Flagg, D. D.. rector, will pmicii morumg and ereultlg Service* 10ta A. M. and 7kj P. M. /1KNTRAL PKKSHVTKRI VN CHURCH H AVING RE utoved from Kronil* aireet. meet tor worship at Pal lac* Hall s.ith avenue. between Coil) Srat and Putty, aocotid attest*. Preaching to-morrow by the patioi, Rev la? It, Dnnu. *' 1U1, A M and 71* P. M. Evening auoje- t? I he town of Molality." Sabbath school 01 3 I*. M Paatot a Bible rlaas at S I' M CTIIRIRTIAN CHURCH. TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, J nest Broadwav?Serve** l,or I ? Day, N iVknilwn 23 St 101* A M and '.<4 P M Preaeh ng by l'rl.e* C Brawor. Moraine subject?" What la an Orth dot Christian f" 11 van - lag?" The Pope a Allocution." DR TRESHAM ORKOO WILL PREACH TO MoR row, pi >vmg tb?t " Etei oieea to perpetual# life in >#? liev-ra and ral-e the dead ur* now a functiou of lb* Cherrb anil comma.i led." T7LDER KNAPP, THE CELEHRATED RF.VIYAI.faT, r? mil preach In ihe HP, .ruing lal* Baptla' ehur h ' I>r We ..rt.'i), soutli aid* of Kortv aei rind aireet, holwaeu Scveutb and Figbth avenuaa. on Sunday *1 Ii?M A M. and 'HI' M. Alao overv day ue?t week egeepl S and 7)0 P. M IiTIPTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH. CORNER <>P Forty-oliih afreet Itev. Tlmmsr Armita^e D. I> . p*? tor, will preach on Sunday morning, at l#'j and overling at 7H- Subjec. for (he latter service, chiiat's laat utterance on tlie em**?"Father Into 'bine hen Is I command my spirit " INBBNCH CHURCH DU ST pupRlT REV DR VER. en, re< lu. ?Divine service In French Sunday alter noon at 3 "' dock. Sunday at 1 P M. FdRI- P. CHURCH OP TflE KRDEMPTIOV. FAST POl'R tceath aireet, tictween Third and Fourth avenues ? S*r. Vices every Buoday at IBM A M and 7)4 P. M The Bee. Uriah Scott will preach to-morrow Farewell service at the cbapei. of the Holy Innocent#. Writ Thirty ?? t-enlh aireet. near Broad way, on Mindoy m irntng. Nov JS Th* congregation will meel until th* erect.on of their i.ew dlh e. at the Harvard Rooms, corner of stub evenue and Forty-arcnad streets. HARLEM t'MIVER A ILIsT OHURCH?REV. K O. Hrooka will p-auab In National llall, corner of Fourth armu' ?' <1 121*1 !> alcei Muoday aliariiooi. Sarvtoea Cum wdm at 3 ?'? teak Sunday acbooi at I o clock. 1r the Lord wn.L, the oood mew* <?r ood will he announced id r torn Mo. 1" of M Inodaif, cor ner of rw.nty.aceond atre?t, tomorrow lh* Brat 'lor ot the weal. at In', A K , and In the evening at 7', N:otice T" christians -the mp.-siaii having i.ima the ae< ond tlnae all Uhrtatlaua nro nriiol ogelaat Jiilnmf in the pn-unl t nrt-tLu woiublp. which, by ti e act of tli" ae.ond cnmlnf. la ab"li -heil IJfBREcoRD PKRhONAL CuMIMI UP (TIE MEX HIAII PROVED TO IIAVR TAKEN PLACE hoot by poat on receipt of price, <0 cent* Notice to iewn.-the children op ahraiiam ..c.irlh.g to tb? lleah an hereby ootille.l that tueir Meaaiah hae uinr aa a temporal prince, and that the f'nllod Nia'ea nf America la hi* kingdom THE. AMERICAN UNION PROVED TO BE TUB MEW HF.AVRXN AMI' F.ATITII Sent by pool on receipt of price to rente JollN THOMPSON, Publisher, IX Ann atrtct DILORTM BAPTIBT CHURCH, IK TIIIRTV Til I P.O I. at-eet l>c'fern P.aatb ami Ninth aeaauea Iter llalaer W Knaip purl or, will | teach eeery Sun.Ly m rnlng and ?Tuning. ? RP.V. MR SMITH, or WF.sTPORT, WILL PRKACII to the c.nereratton of the lata Dr Maria In lh? I'mreraity ? I,ai el, Weahlngton aapiara. Uala murnlng, at MJg mxE RET. X. C HATPORD ARD EERKETH B MARTIN. Ran. both conrerta, dlaconrae belore hplrltuallata in Dodwortb a llall. I0?A and "X or lock Nubjaota- My El 4>eiie?rat, ' ?Taapiwnoa." R-^m t H TUTTLB, D D . EE'TOR OP ST LI EE'X rhitreh, will nrea' h la SL Harna'.aa rhapal, Mullotn a* reel. near Hlae-ler. on tin day eaenlng, N'" SB. at T}< i,'luck. I'onalntna for a Ttiaukagtrlng Dinner for ihetu rn ilea of St Martial.aa Hone* aru e.roarliy wlMMed. and ahould b? eanl In by Monday _______ ST LEXE R HONPITAL -THE PRfEMDH Of THE HOR. pttal are reape tfnllr reminded of the annual cotloctioai for tla I nan??<t?tng Dinner, to be made in t*f ? t.apel of tha aarrta. after eernaon by the paa'aar. on Runday at'arnoon. her* ie* to rnntmaaaa a I 3V, o dork ST ANN'S ritEK OnCRCII, EliJHTE'.NTH XTRKKT, near Klflh aeenue. the Iter A. B. Certar, II D . will preach at IBtd A M . and the Rer RaaUnirn Reniamlu at at 7ta A M and 3 and "P M the afletn am -erri.e bring for dauf mntca - ST. NTEPIIP.N'X EPISCOPAL CHURCH. REV DR. Price, ie* lor, will hold Oldne aerrtc# to the Proneh alio" h. Do Saint Eaprtt, on Twenlr aocoad atraat. hetwren fifth and hittb araunea every -iioday. at lU'J A M and TL P. M The tiieo ta of thla Church aru Inrttad to attend. The ruetor will pre a h at both pat rtoaa SEVENTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, CORNER "P llroome and Hidge alreeta.? The Iter Samoel D. Bar chard H H.. will preach, by appnthtmeat of I'roabytary, on Hund..y #? enlog, ut ' 'A o c nek. Tiie rev. dr dep.tix, or bortii Carolina, ?rill preach In lb" ' hatwl of the t itlreralty. vt.aliiug t> n ipiara, " mm row n?. nui| at II u'rlork HeyUfrao. fpilp. PIFTV I HIM III ABM I VERA ART OP THE KI!W I V'.rh Bible ?nd i "mn>'m Prayer IRrnh Society, will ha ? eielnab-'l oaat ntmday a,cn?a?* tvh inn at l.e Church of the Tmnrflfrra nan Twenty ninth '.r-et f.-aerua.' wtal b? preached br It e Rer A. M ' after, ti. D-. and a ' uaaN'oo maate in ak| f tha t rae .t.aiiiiuu. n of Bible* and Prayer B???a f'NHiR P.EPoftMED DUTCH CllfRCH It Til ATE V. Me. ny |c tin t, ,t Raar M. 'y p.a i rr arcrt> -a AiaM<Mr"t( at Iff "'ei? >??: ?o tog at. r?ejeet fo- mroier dtw , ,r , ? Pu ire Reni??4tl?a^* ' llPISCOfA'. Cflf'R' n 11 * I I.I.I. T II New ?n4 Ma jar i tcwrul I n a w^ll be , ? ?t c. da Ml t wfa i d to .le .?,-e. f>, 1-,-tc art , -adi ? '? t .? at l"V? o r.lorlard Bta <.... the ? re.a t a ?-* tenoion < teffDat et 'J P S lo ? m ea? a' toe I t rr p ' o and rnnii ? aaie , law fllAICUL. Ovnvts PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, New York, No*. 19, Ibiei. NOTICE TO KTOCKHOLDERS Notre ,h hereby given thai Ifc* Board of Directors, having Increased the -vipital sto-k of the company, pursuant to Oio actor May 1, 1MB, tom,?U.tUU (of which 40.IIO aharea re main Ui he leaned), have reserved fL4.000.OUI In <.aah out of the profits of the company for the ealgwncles of tha business, and have declared laalaad thereof fa th? pereone holding stock on the booka of thla aumpaay at the closing af Ibe tranafer booka on Tuesday, Norember JO, ISM, atS o'elora P. M , a dividend of aueb fil.OIW aharea of the atock of thla comceuy aa full paid atoak, being one ahare of near aloek lo ?ajfy three shares of eiistfng stock. The eaj tlllcatea will ha ready for delivery on and alter Wednmdar, 'enuary ML 1447, at the office of the company. II. B.?lloldara entitled lo fraetlona In the ahera dividend will receive a memorandum for the fractions to wbkk they may he entitled, not anrrytng Interest or dl?lilend, for whlob fraction**, when presented In aufficient amounts, ccrtl flea too of ato**k wtli be lasuod. By ortlor of (he Hoard of Directors.

THEODORE T, JOHNSON, Sac re tart OFFICE OKFACIPIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PAN Y. Now Yort. Nor, It, ISM Nvuce In hereby given that the Board of Directors hare thla day dec|are%a dividend of In nor cent out of the net earnings of the quarter ending October SI. pavablo el the Office Of the t.'ompany on Saturday. Deoember I. The li anafer book* will be rioted Tuesday, November JB, at 8 o clock P. M.. and reopened Monday, Deoetnber 8. By order of the Board of Directors. _ Til KG. T. JOHBBON, Secretary SIBBRA MADKB COMPANY OF OQLORADO.-SBV eoty-aoveu Shares for sale. Boi 9,IBS Poet office. T? B MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ? OF NEW YORK. Office corner of Broadway and Liberty atrtel NOV. I.IsM OAMTAHrfiri^W?W,001 HS. Tfclooompany leaoee Life, Bneowment and Paid-up Poli cies la various forma, and at rate* aa favorable aa la conele tent with security. DIVIDENDS ANNI'AL AND IN CASH, which may be used la payment of prnmlama, or oa paid-up policies, as an annual OAHII INCOME TO TBE ASSURED. Attention la called to tha INSTALMENT FKAT1TRB. securing to the banaSclariea aunuttlea for any number of yeni* after the death <*t the assured RICIIARD A. Met CRUT, Vlea President. HIIKPPAKD IIOMANB, Actuary. tijjttitSk,.! Scsretsrles. The ten per cent bonds or the city or ban Francisco, tailing due In the city of New York on the 1st of Deesmhrr. INK, will be paid In gold by LKKS A WALLER. SS Plao street. No interest can be allowed after maturity of bond. Norkhaaa IS, INK. yBRMILYE A CO, NO. 44 WALL STREET. BANKERS AND DEALERS UOVRRNMBNTSTOCKS AND COMPOUND interest notes. CLOSING PRICBfl. S aw Yoke. Nov. SS. Raglatrrr.1 '8I....I Coupon, St A 90Registered, IU MO Coupou, 6.' A 3) Coupon, til.. A 90 Coit|?in. 46 A A) Cou, 45, new 10-40 Regis*-to,I 1 10-40 Coupon |Huy-|SeU-|| | Buy-1 Sell - I Ink I lug ll I log. I tug. I04MI104V 104'. 104 V iisx ?? IIS US'j IIS Ooid rt?X lasx in', ii-, 100 IIMV lott'J 108'. KM'. lni II9\| Llano. 7 31 III 100 109 " \mn I0?'. ions 10S w?1 ?l uly, 7 So Juuo C I NoWs. 64 'iilr. do "44 tug., do '44 Oct. do -44 Deo. do .44 112.14 May, do ?4 III tug- do "4f>| 110 Sent do i*i|(PtX 14'4 1ISI, 114 111 in1; 11014 lot. August. T-3ii. |lt?XllU5*ai:Oci. do, .'401108 iluHjJ CADI WILL SECURE A BARGAIN-A four story brown stone llnuse. In the best 5art or Brooklyn; $2,000 ptollt *-au bo utado t*?fote 1st of lav, 1447. The *iw*,er la going tmi'h. Apply to If. L. RIDER. 39 Plus street. $1,500 cart of Brool $4:75 000 TO L"AN~?y MOST FAVORABLE tsnns In New York and vicinity, AI?o _ a us. Apply I A CO.. ffi I'lne stree* Msement, second rjK jtpvge loans. Apply to t IIAHI.EH E. WILLIS *550.000 "'^^iVr.VlLdAN-. 113 Broadway, now *>; \ " ' iiw"1 AHITIN'ESh MAN. Wiril $j.UIW to $8,000 capital, woeld purchase or enter Into partnership with 4hm? well established party, manufacturing prefeited All rum monk:.t.otts treated .''inddeninvlly. Heat of reference glvan and required. Addfnea A. H 1. . I(cral.l offiee. 4 nariAU orrotnsm for a party to JY invert IB.oun In an entorprlaa which will insure a very largo lurame Rvari iimiorluulty afforded for a thorough investigation Pot- call at 873 Broadway, room 14. third Boor, betwean the boms of 10 A M. and 4 I* M AX IBYRMTOA NtVtKU TWELVE VALUABLE IN vai.Fi?aa (eome new paring . dealtae n Pmtuer te as sist In pi-"i ng I ham before the public. App.y te or sddre-a Be it nsii, EMMroadWay. up ate Ira N' _ tmmed a rnpartnrrshlp for the puipoae uf transacting a banking, e*lianga and .nmmt-aion bu-noaa. tin ier tha flrui of .1-ntes W I ?* kvr A Co , Nn? 8 and 5 Rue Berthr, PartA Fiance. tAMEB W. TUCKER, EDWARD R. ANDREWS. Repr?s??tcJ hy PRANK W ANDREWS, 246 Waeblogtou atre. t, Huston T) ARTN Kit WANTED -WITH PR' M $4 ?*?>? To $4,??i A rash, one aomawb.1 a *|ualn.e] Wth Iron is prefcrrv.l. full da'ed* given Itt ix-rann illgliesi rpfaienoea glrcn and if-l'iltrd None but a lira insn need answer Patent scents need not apply. A-litres with teal name, W., sta' ->u H. New York City. Partner wanted-with $10,100 in an estab lished umanfa. turn g business, now paying 3*1 pereeat. Call on JOHN Woo 11 A CO., 4!t Liberty a 'tel. betwaeu 11 A M and 1 P M Partner wanted in an eptabliriied pri rate '.oan i|r?. prohts t?o i?er *?nt |*cr utooth. on col lateral menrdy, loans Si days unly. A*l*lr#aa giring reel den-a, Ct'iterua, Ilerald office. TO CaPITALI.nTs -partner wanted, in a aAibily ash Jobbtng bualn?sa. .-imtnenrl-ig January I. g'ineral oi spa- iaf, w h front $IA,004 to $2m*M. nneirep fiu.-table r-fcrei. ??? gi-cU i-i i.,? nil. A i'liess Pea ?iy bov i.9T! New York I'oat oflw? THE r.VDKP-l'.Nt D DEsIRKA TO PORM A PART nerahip f-*r foi' lu mp stl-na. Has A! . nonce lloua In Imadon 4 Parlira with means plaaae ad Irem J, Alciaodei ami. u It 11TANTf.D- A PaKTM.K WITH A SMALL PAPITA TT elthai sitive o alieat, lo engage m a lead, hishly reniuaeistlrt ti sdf. All re -1 U. B , tajv IT2 office ng sad llai.l I w ?Wasted-a partner with <apitai. to join IT in imp. ? ? ?? ( . 1? n ? '? ? ? nf i <?!? which tlnr'Mi lua alraa ir ' ? i ! M md ? neriof a leifn i roli ' diew J, M boi ?>,r'J Poat oltt V V Tksrn?-? rM'T'irn that f an command a ' run it. I, "II I *' ??? in ntend ff-.?r,l boat net, wbi'b baa 'mm ?aia' tiabed IS r?er?. Addtraa T. Ijet l? lleraU e0e? ?7Cil -HI'I fMHH 'HANTK TO ill* OPT THE V I >W. Mil* ml nf 1 rati'In. pnonrr In enn -if 'he In nio Oft la ru Addmaa AO'n Mruohipa fwi ofBee SRnn -AN ENP.ROETIC PARTNER. TO TAKE __ ii/il", .'.all in?r ??! Ik a lalnal.ld ??ll n?bu blteed In Bnanma $W),?ii mar I*# ? lean J la ali ruonlha Addi'm Baal n.n, bu? 110 liar .Id uAr* r OAO -WANTED A NPKCIAL OR ACTIVE ? I,IMF". pai'mr, with Ibn abnm a-awlM In >eah In inln ib? ?.|i?" ? a ia*al Mtatapt Vm'H oa Iba anal pari of Re i lrai plauiynf in-ray la It and a . h m bug. Add ? tin Ibrr tara Find If arald affice. f 1A AAA TO Rt.m -A THOROUGH Hf'NIWRXN ?PI I/.IMF" man. * tmmeudleg Iba a'-naa rat, ul wjabaa langMiaa acllaa partnar In a aafa mannfnelarini ?f other well aetebliah'd l,ua naaa. nnna but bmiee. Oeerluf Miwt In raatleailee will be aul "4 Addraaa. ataUna nat ir* of buai aaaa, K. D . Iloboken N J. bPr.l I % fa TOTH EN. AM a MMrriMH OP THR board or dirm r na ef lb* Camral Earl Mm Inanraaea Company bald at ibair nam . (>< inner II. lad* iba Iwilnwiaf praambie aed ra ?. ii'!, . - IT a toJHnd ? Where**-Joaeph I. Townamd. Ka*| , baa tendarad bla rd ?boatlao aa daamtarr ol'ha nmpany la flaw of bla ap pmeiment aa Aa. mil r "I in* K nlrterh-fhar Plm Inaniaaea Compeer aflhla '"r; AM a R >aid f?el thai II la amtneuUf in* l? Mr Itofanaaol ?n aerat nf iba mnnee1ln? ehi'h baa ailai ed betweaa bin. ?' 4 lu- p.ry lot li.a |.aai four Ibal lbam ebonld ha ann - mafia 1 aimaaan of en nil deem and aaleem na Iba pari .f ? V. R.mid |..ward tb'lr lair JUr relerp, far Iba I nrln at. lira aW'.iy ha baa etkiMlad la Iba minaeannni .f the ? iwienf a aTalra t'nee kla aneaaetun Ibamwllb and Iba ntdfera "inrleey. klndnaaa aad aUaM**> Whlrh bara < bar*rVi.a*l n.a nOirlel latoirnne wMb ibla *rz. I'm I ?t?' ? If a .-I Thai ?> a R.-rdV- Iff to f i Joaapfc I. Tnwi aand IbaT fiillaai a-beewledgewaar'e ef Iba ittiiad nMlf? ina lhay am nader In aim f-t Iba nalfnraa "?irlaar, ? af' ' ????o' ? b<a ai all iib? | m 'o bla nffwial ? MM weani ?mmaa In bile Ibair WllMl bej>? Ibal In bto I'l ira ha ma ? wtlfct'.al aenceea wbmb Ibey We. Hare hia mania deaarra, ?nd Kaaalrart fbal afi e. h f Iba ernraadima nF lbl? aaeellfg aa mlald bar' > na pent ?? "I n ( ?? tail |wpera ? a 1 a pna V'fip at ( pr ' ' '* "i f - If Kamie. !? I la Mr awaaaad. PF??KM APPl.Kir, Pi a aid# pi llltn A Will' Nacre' f Tjl f. ajf'iW NOf'fAf. rwiof W i I ?*! MREMN ARK I 1. i ? a ? .. ""I ' ? Uwa ami ea For adept i M. P>?ty daref iba Rieeo II. 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IhtW. _ MATI.NKI' Door*0(i?ii at 121* Wluaat i'? u'J., k CI KIIMAMT TP? **??ror fl.o: !.VCR. < LKHMONT, tha Arm, Mr lHAH DILLON ... _ hvrcNiNu Skakapcr*'* fly* act iraaed. o( OTHEI.LO iaijo Vr ' "AS. DILLON ''-?d., NoVambarM-RfCIURuV * V** YORK THEATRE. t> 7??*? Lewla Hukar *,ui Watt Smith l.nahelrd niiwugl tha naw Ira a t .Irim uf ?ulSlerl ?D R*?<ls'? rlMnM a*??l ?IHirriTII <UUNT; OR, JTAl.Ol AT. By Au|u*ilur Daly. Em ? TO-DAY. at I o'clock. Door* onan at 1]W TO-NIOHT/AND EVERT EVKNINO AT 1 Skat* **tured all daya la adv?oe?. frK5J!A?'o BTADT THEATRE, ? AMI) ? BOW Kit v - IfNDIk?v "n i?l",trUJLn?' *"*. **? ,D?R LEIKBUANN S?Jik 51 ? V*nA m?lodr?m* In flr? **?. by Oh. Blriili.pfuiftr, Wu?lo uy In rchnirul BuWaKCOEN* ARAM. traiRaKl^d ^WVr ^k. ?a?a by L. IUUatab. ? orwHAirnn new" t LLX-rff on.- N vSTfriv T m"~l0 *4* m?* akartllna III., AD. till tFl HATH BOAT EVENT NO. NOT. M, AT BE. M? Sevcuty-thlrd iepr*MntaUan of lb* |?>pnUr Mafll,lan. h* Perform NEW VonDRRb ANI? MIRACI.Kfl o r tha ,u,j?l oitraordinarr charar'ar. Inalnrftu TWK WONDKOnj nvr OROWTH OF FLOWERS, *?? "ELtu OHDROLR or ^ w. i rtoAn*o1w the ate. will In tba courar of tb? arau In* pvrfO Tin on ( onoarllna. TlrkbtaMa. Raaarted aha Ira ?l For ul* ?Ttha Hall from * A. M to 4 K M . Doors opto at ?la; .-ommnioa at ?. SATURDAY, MATIMEK AT ?. En W A R DV O rr R N11A t! E R ? S MDBIOAL OONBP.RV A. Jooll . < l"?*K aI Matin** to b* bald In fRVINO HALL ON SAT!'RDAT, NOV, M. _. . ? COMMENCE AT I O'OLOOk F M Tba foIInwlDA plrcaa will ba performed ?TVehar Cowari i's* with <<r*n**tra ant'Ompanlmant, b* R. Harrmann l,|a flrat apfi..iranoa la America i. Hrhtibarik'a Oolata, for atrln* InaDumanta duo and aoln by Edward an4 llanry Moll?rT hauar; < hnpln'a Kind* and Lllalff; Hplnnlted. by Herrmann Haaldaa a number of puplla of tha Conaarralorr will par r?m. Tlakata, at $1, ran ba had at J Bahubcrth A Co. *. *30 Broadway aad al tba door. CH*RHTJ5"jr?J m*TINKE TO.DAT, t 'lAHr.EV WHITE'S MATINKP TO-DAY. ^?,or7Jr^Io. S? '.?.nlnf "*J! f'i Broa.lwaT, naar Oran.l ?i ARRANORI) RHPEOIALLY for f.ADIESan.1 CIITLDRLN raw . of lh* PKNaLE C1.KKKH FEMALE t'l KltKH, PKMAt,': CLF.H hs THIS Al IKBVOOV. at 2U O'CLOCK. 1 IIM8 AFTERNOON, AT JH O'CLOCK. K?y-r A IKON'S MINSTRELS. 7? RBQADWA1 bava arfabrad a ?.wna?. hltkarto unknown ta tnr otnar mluatral mmpanr. Tbalr alaaam ball la nlah,l<' orowrlad <o rapl-tlon with the baantr an.l fajhlon or th . rlty. 1 ba ,>aif?rinar? are all artlata. and larloda Ilia oi !. Laon. tba nimrallad imiwraonalnr of tba (raat llrta* Var.l Traa'n and r*rm. h. raan artlata of tba day Thn jutlly |HJr,n ?r ll.-hl eomadlan and r.-iallai. Edwin Rally Tba foor laiiflilnr orotuking comadlana, t'hri?ty, Haymonr, Allan and lilra, in addition to a moioanr *af minatrala unaonallad for tbalr atcalleuca. KKLLT A LkoN'B MI.NHTRELH. "2u Broadway. Tony riMOK'n okera iiorsp ah howprv THF. Villi Bill I.MAN f M'ct. KHH /)FTIIE SEASON iaa fraat and oiiftnal Spacla. olar E>traraean/a byJ d.o F. Foola, Eau . ' THE KtlRIEH OF TIIR HUDSON, Fronoonrad by hnuaaa < owd*d to anna to ba tha moat maiuinoant *pa< tarla r?a. praaantad; raoalrad arlth ia.l upoofiaal of applaua* and buiaia or aayimlMtion, OtaanO,* audlanra jotniu( In lha cqllnialaiDc oyalloa. It will ba prraan>a<| al Ilia orand \iatinkk orand m ?tinrk l.HAND M ATINFK ORAND MA l*fkKh THH AKTEFNOON AT V^OOldanK, Atid. In addition, a rbot'-o olio t?r nural and vartad antar u lumbal*. Samson by ihk urocliax choir ~ Dr II F I'll I.BR. .... Tlbak Vain i tl. W MOID)A.N . ... ^*7T,"!**?' H I BATEM \N and L. F. IIA KBItK)* OMMiur* Thi- in.- vrand pai form mm it, Naw Turk of Haodal*. Orator,* tMHON will b* air*,, at NrRTNWAT i< AI I On II KADAY BVKtllBia, No.. It UM. by tb? '?rcilian cnoiR. VIMIRO?*S 1 ktVrt' ^N,?? ? Mr. POWERS Maf .pl.a Maatar WM. HRKARK. ... .... oX" . Mu.tarT. .i ToKDT I \i'r 8&*Z 'ifOROan" I At ..ta^,.l*wl nndE, Maaara FRANK! OII.DRN and tl V. COLBY tickets ? rr.nth ... . f57ri?IiK* '**<?*?? CENTN RXTR4. R?a?A *,? ^5L' S""""* Thurwlay u,?r,,,r( at '"if * J* ? ?ad,? M? llr,*|way Hulbmaa a t? bat akw II] Brna.iway, and Hi'm*. * Hal' JAMRB ukUDRS BAY; I'raa Wofv?.wrj-kr"^."or i-?t"rf-"the wa?h. .1! 1 ^'miUvfi. liiriiiflirobNils foir Tl 1'?A'r l*lr ?' '??* alau tha baa t ?na nfbl trm of Probst, th* Oi<ir<f#r??r ?.f ih#? i>++i r*oitlv tof?t..rr With ?h# n..,f ruflf #n? * .kllorilon n( ? *??<* "o th f 1 "l9*l ? "at., r. I atw. wb MNjIoaliatad dally by Uetn,,a.?d ?kr,,?*kK Vtawt.i lha ? A M?to B)"r"v' * A"*""n' *">s4war (>|wn friar, ATTRar dluya HTll.r. ->N THE INCREtsF iook a f thk t it it a y o# Talent fnhm.yrd ?? rat,. . T, '":Hr RKOARDLESH OK ) XFr N L NDKK INK DIHKt THill af fl'itTJitnii rvulMty S ?KV' " H BODRIOCF? MONRIEI It ANTONI, MoNaiK.CK c A it t y K I.I.I Hit.Vt,K. \Kl.t/.iO a| v,,R MOIO I IAI AND THE ? Fl Mil't tf|i )t oi T H MONV oilVl*? I KESKORM TUMI NT,.111 AT U7 flltoADWAY ' Till K K t F. 11.1,1 Ml t|i o a R DKN 07RROADW AV. AI-MI -ION FKKI .2, HUoa/iN AT Dan itsvANr in piiiladrlpiiia M KK Jo 11 N III! K \k - A R, II S r ft I F I I T| I A f ItK ImiuauM ?? aa.a ,,T Ih. n ,polar Iron i ?-n. l,an dan BRVaNr, in kia an<.e***ful naw Irl.l Hrami of SIlAMCM It NRirs THE Hoi I.|i Roy o. | Tiik rirm inhibition i.r IBIB" II AMI IIIKKII rUTI IlKt will r?p?r hi (Ha u |I>I|< out i.Ma| Ik* I ll I a' , a IV |H<I H nHlug Tmi'f "Irani. CBVKHTH BKuIMK.HT NATIOAAl. Ul * Ml* ??*B - ii Hwrori-l ?'??Bi'wrl r*al>ir>Mt #> ??*<n< N>?<niia?r J4 at B?- vaitli Rrglui" I Si ??iwhmif ' * nfll?t ai'l lh*.r friaiid. ?n nb'am 'Aa*i* frum Hi* OtMM ?<* I rum U. B. 'aH 4ft I.I.A, f*"<l ****??'. Mi I I<IMM .? f.rwM . CKNTBAI. BOBMAI. Kl'MI *1. COMaltRYAToBY Ul Want rw-nl .am *i**?l >.*1 ?*?!> Baaa. Ua *fc4 Fl*' III ******* I'l*iaw, *?? Ha ? i?**',*??<'? A *1! '*aar ? \*\ ?*ln |MI'alMW -a I WATIwlV ||a<. Tiikathf ti< itrr orth'n* Hiwpa'1 .'at# fir *11 'li*l l*a* TkaaffW", l''.?'#f a A ran ai w a *a >?* ? ?'Alna-I ?? lb* thf.?tiif. rv but orrfm. si I- III A 1II Ml HBOAIlWAT OK 'M BROillHTAY Ml Nil Ala. AT THK BaTIoBaL IMJIH k vatoh f Of MI Bfl At J\ Madman ?r*aiu? Bin- VW,|, Thi f *..1 \ anai Mil"II 1*1 ua. |lu |a*i ( .r'*i IwwniMi IMtiuMMMl Boot, frw**fcM*li?* 1MB. ? a lady wii.ia oite mrmriTioM o* the ria>o V\ Ait'i i?. *i yqyU'A r**t?aa*. r?<* fit y* j ? "" ?*?< ??i rrfarwnnw air#* AAdraaa, *HI rw ' i> ?. '-a -?i M IM IlinU Mm. D Al.KKKTB "1W11 . ' ' ? DBP.AM* WALTER*. "wn?*r Trnwayu Vlai A. tejiKM, V. *a f??**a ' BaW A alia*.* TWiia. IA ?***? ma -l Bt* Mai A. r .1 J ? M '.*4 * 'a.i.f la VI all*, a aa*h AA ; !?? *"l I KKI'I RK'B Bl.i'Mf m Mmry /~l I'tTAK ADD ?tBtMBO,?M4DOI ROM 'K)V|A BOLD VY f ill**'a' raaiiiai** .'a IWrtBwtA ?? A' a.*n-j# from ? |IU * I*aa?fia a' B'*?*AJ/"i BafA WaaAInf a. Blltai. A Ban . U'lgAi pr*?'*nlff IIBBOBB oat THE PI ADO. THE DMMKW .ADD (>B> J nan laai a|* A? a f*?"-iai*a i*rwia ?<*?:? < ail at** *4a1r*a* IM w**?r".*y FW* n**. ?t?t% avanat*. OROAER?POR BALE *K'"Bit MtBO A PtR?T -laa. "'**? ifB.'i*. I? kaiti I I'll ia(l* a*. ta*?a af laai'T# ?f*w 4?af ??.* Jnalalw Aaawlf at IA* *. a ? ?**' ry'if aLHAABURh BlTatA. W liawa aliwa CltMAla OOOD Yt?|! En WlRTED?To aMIbT a I |1 tAa lararat I an-wl an. al I* A* (Ira* at Bialwaaa 11 all In (Ala ' iir fa* iA* ****f>i nf Irlafc BmammIii* a*la*Ttn 8 'aoRlAl.F.B IS?'<P., a. fa< <*t I' A M W MITII a "Hill Baal |a* fa' < all aa.4 'l??n wH' l.i aAl i tBKirt M MRrtAI.WAT ?ataiBT I S. I A It W AMim-AMERlCAM Call a*4 ??*?*?? U'AATKfl IMWf.l Aft It A I'ltMT ?IA * yrana fa* an Eyta aval ??...* in B'awaAtfa 111". C. C , **'* it U J OaMwm I* I itti y rlaaw A.w Yaw* ?1/1 BEE VI ABTPH P*iR I.RMAOWa oa fHt ft" ap I ' ' '<?? 'tail*! M?* Tar* Mwatnai I* tuata* If *A F.***it* *MM nana..** *t aiavv aitaaa '>A* ?? ?* ? I'll I I .!*!> ? ' I tafllaa l?4E< l\W At AUKMIA. Dt'DtTOETtt a BtfTtt'l ?. IU FIFTH A FI a ' f AF.B la waii A* ana* ' a* a ? ?* i? V. 1 |r liAKdo n Da*' 1 I |fc* J,*, V, ><> rirfw AfM'-i, i ?f, m ? i P tir" ? . rri'ri:"., I)' AMI'tfUttKNTM. llihTOKI s 1 m M? TINER. MARY ?TvHtT. west "*?*"" *au Aday, afternoon, TA'rty^ttU '.j.r .? t y y ,?.i Brondlya. and forty. WrNrfl Till ??? u!5 <'R,'R *4dbu' Indmartr* Htm il. ffffu"vi'a.JPffiiTv" IMrartar, J. OBAIV "* <?AT( ItDlV 4K1BKNU0M. All. Po..raai>*o ihM.W ' ui , ,"R1,1' UsT MATINEB fl i . k\' "?*' mary rtdaht. Admin ion to all ??ru ?f th* thinira ?1 with iha ?iod|.ii<>n of prlral* boatd, w h_ < ?i u, ?,i.t ,i ii,.ir uiuai piV?>. al I III A' W E KI Mti H. rti liulnf THBATBB FRANCAI*. I'llARwB <ir TRl'-RS' Admjaalan-Orrbaalrt. 91 IUwr?M, Maaala at Ira; Drn?? rlirl.., raaarrad. 91; ualUn. bloat. fjavnbFt bvW Brtj, MgvKgRjfR It. a r o'cmk'I french oowbp'y and yaomvujj FlrdFappnanuif* of Ml Hi OLIVE LOUAN. In lb* French Oamady U)? FRANC* DB BRCOMPENHE. Oaiuadr la on* art by Elpoiidln * IWn.rd LUBoTjR. 5l'B $1!' CK8T QUTAI Ynitflavilla?OtmrvHa To one art, by Maura Nargot tad Clalrrilia LRU OKri Alt I'll I.B9. Buudonnarle inu*lo?U by OffMabMtth. Ttrkat ndt.-n at Hear 9 Hohlrmar"*, 191 Broadway, and *aw> a iiarwif'a HI and III Broadway. MRh p n no'swAYB park THKATRK. FRIDAY, *o?. M. II KIR AT-LAW. SATCRDAY, Rot *. _ BOCABBOti AMP PAPPT TUB FTPEB. QYEIBWAY UALL-RYMmONV MOIBBB. O TIII'.DIMiKK TUONAN' ? RBOABD ?YM Prl*"NY NOTREK Ibla UATPUDAY K..ri?,, Nor. M. whan Iba fallowing work, win ba paoflarnird ' - Qrerttira- Main*** of I Matart f'ooaarla In A min r Mtaau Mi 1 H MILIrM (Br kind parmiaalnn of Mr II. L Balmaan ) KIBTII HYMPHOS V id I> minor. (In 128., Harlborra for Or*, I and fnor Alu rarla hololtt*? Mr* Bt'OKNE ? RllilF.R, Mi,a KM.A MY KB, Mr. w. F IIIL4, and Mr. M iirarMNITS. Tngailiar with that w?-ll known and -An-.ant CIIUKAI. ?()? II TY, TIIK Ml S Ilkl.HSIIIt V UNION. (I'lidrr tbo dlirctli n of Mr WIIXIAM lihRi.K, which will tuitikr TWO IH'VDBRD YOIQM TIIK OR AND OIUHIIWTKA OFRIOHTY I'KRKOnMBRR. CONDL'OTOK TIIROIIOKK riloMAM ran a or ?i aa< inrnoa - For lh? four irtiLluliii Molt... |A TDIKKTH fl Ai EACH NO EXTRA < IIAKIIF. FOR HK.Hr.RVKI> hRaTH Th? ?al. of r< #. *> .1 ?.?.!. an I ti-'kai. will nuni-nr i o thla morning al ll?i I " h nu-i a, 01 Rr"*dw*r ?l lnlagtiau, ?od ?l Ihr Il'i and III fir?..dw*r Door, opro al 7>, I'arloim.orw in maMirm >? a u alaofe. w INTER l)ARIH>V roil 111K HKNI.KIT OF TIIK ORBMAM ll'INFfTAl.. RATORDAY NOVKMniU*, 1*4 B'.I.IMir. HAWION IN RICHARD rilK TM1IID, I'ndar aaalaunrw "f thn Thall. Tim.t.a Tmnna. ADMIrtHluN I'arqu-I and f)r??< fir I (I lO R. .-rrril Hr.U, -lira I ?? ( hatra. ? bd Family < li Ir 7d BCDWORT1I M MINHTRKI.H riKTH At EM R Oi l HA Hon... -'IJnlrilna Fifth A -mi- Roll I OltKA I MOOR MATINTF. ORK tT MOON M AT1NRK riiis day n?ri i TiaY' no\ j? at y, r v rills HAT iHAfl'RDAYl, NOV. 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