Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1866 Page 5
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EUROPE. NEWS TO NOVEMBER 23. The Relations Between England and the United States. FENIAN ARMS SEIZED AT SEA. la Austrian Admiral on Bis Way to If aw York. Ac- Ac. Jm. IT TIE CilLE TO I0T. 23. IIHJ.AMB. A Critical Crisis la the Aeertsaa S?lal|M?. Lo.vnox, Ner. 82?P. M. ThrfParls correspondent of the Laain Pa# my that khe relatione between *ih?* an. the United Males wttl aoon be orttloal. IRELAND. Melaare af a Tealaa Araiaaeat. Losmk, Nov. 32?P. M. A large quantity of arma designed for the uae of the Fenian* we* seised on board a Liverpool bound ateamer at Cork. Another Report. Lojtdon, Nov. 23?Noon. A aohooner was aataed to-day by the government authorities, at Cork, an aaaplcloa of having Fenian arma on board. Failure af an Irtah Railroad Kino. William Dargan, an Irish railroad end public works Contractor, has suspended payment. His ltabllitloa are eetlmated at a ?1,000,000 sterling, t/Ut hit assets are con sidered good. THE MEXICAN QUESTION. Fi'flMi-li t 'anvaes af Maximilian's Position and latentlone. Paste, Nov. 81?Noon. La Prance of this morning editorially admits that the departure of Ifaalmillae from Mexico la likely to take ptaoe at any moment, if It baa not already been ac eempilehed. Ia Tempt says the Frenoh will quit Mexico speedily, and all together. The Mon"cvr maintains allsnoe on the Mexican quea Moo AUSTRIA. A Heavy Imperial I.eau. Loxdon, Nov. 22, 1808. There is e rumor to the effect that an Austrian loan of several milt lose of pounds sterling will toon be placod In the market. The Ceaeaerer af Lima Bound far New Vwrk., Nov. 22, 1S60. Adtu-,.tl TegethoC of the Austrian aavy, left Vienna FOgtarday for the United States. He will go direct to JL# York. * FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. The Lsedea Maney Market. I.oaoou, (for. SI?Noon. The money market la easier and oeneoia ere quoted at M for money. The following re the opening relet for American securities:? ?rte Ratlwev sUeree W? Dllnota Ontrele , T?M United Slat as five-twenties. TOK Los do*, Nov. *3? Noon. Conso!> are quoted at MIA for money. The following are the current prlees of sHsaicsa axconrnss. Galled "st<'? five-twenties 70V BUnoN ' antral shares *t>V ?fie Railway shares. 80# Tlie Ltverpeel Cettee Market. LivaarooL, Nov. S2?Noee. TUs m.i -et for oottoa opened firmer with a prospect af a day's sale of 18,000 balea Prices, bowerer, ere un Agnged. Middling uplands 140. Uvbbi-ool, Nov. 28?Noon. Daring Ibe weak the cotteo market has been rather 4?B, hut steady, at 144. for middling uplands. Transac tions were not very htavv, and the sales for the week do mot foot up over Ad,000 bales. To-day (Friday) tbo mar set chows some Improvement, and priosa nave an ad wnnetng tendency. Middling uplands are quoted this jaaorn^ag a' 14! Ad., and the calm to-day promise to reach l.lverpeul lusdiislft Market. Livaar.MiL, Nov. 22, 1800. ?reedaiuO* era firmer; oorn 38a Od. per quarter for mixed western. (Norn.?The quotation of wheat at 88* Od. in the morals* papers yesterday was an error, it should have geed com 38s. Od. j LtvaarooL, Nov. 88?Noon. freed, uflit nentlnue te advance and the market to-day M itUI firmer. Corn la quoted this morning at AO MARINE INTELLIGENCE. loxnoa, Nor. 33, IMA. Tfea united fcltate* steamer Frolic left Southampton f HtM lay I ? join lb* aquadron at LUSau. It to reported that the siaamiti'.p Groaf F.uteru will begin to tuake tegular trips l*?i"s?u New Fork and i early la Marcb. all. of "h?r Matoely'a lliniateen" ?m tocelrad IT STEAinnP TO I0TEMBC& 10 i fh* ai(ill of th? Africa reached ton oil/ from Beaton m mldaiKhl yesterday. We recall*! our European flloa, dated to ihe imh of November, containing detail* of our 'telegrapm report from Hallfai, published la the Hiijlh ea Thi r ???./. EARl DERBY'S SPEECH. Iail*itii'. Claim mm " M letreea ef the tooaa.'* Oa Fil ler evening. November a, the l?rd Mayor ?ud ghertffi of i ovidm gave their laaugiirel banquet. at the Oalldheii. to the Minister*, Judge* ead other grae' digul. teriaeor All the Mlncter* warn present, hut jMhe proceeding* were deeafd of poiitioal internet ilent fat reel ?i.d Air John Pakinrtoa acknowledged tba toar ?f the "Arntr, nn*r, mlllUa and Fo1uot*er?." Both Statesmen announced their Intention of maintaining the dilbran1 '.laeohee of the asrvlca comtnJttnd to their charge In tho higheet cat* of nflrteney. The heal i of "hef Majeaty with great .ipplanaa, and The Fan of itraav, la responding, and that the man ner la which ilie Mtuintern ha<l I>een reoetr?dnho*#d lb* Me feeling t>? the KatH*h people In glrlng en geuient to tboaa who war* In a position to do eotne at to Uieoi iChe?r* ) lb* deairt-of th* pre# nt gnr meni wa< to mm tAr p? 4 will On p-pl? ay thalr *. t.ut to thought II wonld he well not to *uie *1 the ?resent moment how they prnpo?Al to carry Uil# dteira lilo adhlt Notwithstanding th* late monetary pan* aredtt wn? good and com marc* never in a more flourish. n( condition The past two month* bed wttae**ed the stone of Mo mi? aaaguiaary wars They rejoiced at |M return .,r pease and hoped It might long ooctlaoe. With legcrtl to that great eoontry, our natural friend. Swr idlfai', I may -all it?that greel republic acroa* the ettlaat o?the atorm of war has Indeed < *a'#d there, but |he earl nee nay, I may any the Interior, of society i? Still rqihel and agitated. Tat I cannot hut bellern the* Earn and powerful Mini, which bee made auoh ?tT rU for f?? yiirwnee rnf beef eg d ww Ik' fwrdto wh h thai war ha* entailed on lit national ?- which t* making *nch euperhuman ef. Ihrta lo reeonw tft Jhtmnrml prtlh-m?l cannot Bu< heller# (bet e country so desply inter nets* In lhe ameece of **lf goveromnai will, ead ?aasdHy, >t?" bow to compote tbe agitation which it pranetu prevaHa. end ethibtt to tbe world at no distant perio.1 again lb# gratifying proapect of e area' a proud and a prr rwroan "immunity (l?od cbaera) And. Enttomeo I iuay bo permitted lo aoy that if la .to are* o( tltat dmadfM war which l.aa *0 long da atat'd ih?i coontry any qaaatlon* may bar* sriaeu he ween that and our country which Mart pr d ?< cd the illfhteef immat of >iapl***an' testing, I par* a ? mfldeni eipwtnllon thai fin tin. r-> tmmrn'i ff-r 'Are* Mmlhtm t?sgpfHfe<*t*fj?J gbiiite *i'? *4 fvee imelUmm itoud - t.*?fe)?wdi?r pin ml Mr1 ? #?<*'#* ef '*ee gwart-oo. ? fw# nwig lo leamm mi' -n i ^ f>< imrrw, >?otple?e'iB o beue: foundation li.aii ever oor fWe'ten# wth that grant wountrr te wh. b ?# ef* boned hf so many !!?"['W. f?rr#f dad , ")* d (Loud #b"er* ) Of tbe war la lev ry I wiil not pretead to apeak It ? t?? tu to paw an op'nlou on tl.a men* r* tbst <rev, and rt wonld be promatura now to enprena any gwfitsa (a to Its .inmate result* But With w?ard to Who' 'ha m.iolrlaa mamly Inia'aatad 11 'hat war ?atllk Vegnrd is A tatrle and itnlr-aow that by lbs iraimfef to( Tenutia a t>*r'tn la tnkan td* from one and a long 1*atred i.rorlade to eesotmd by tbe other, 1 entertain, IB the bar inter eat* ef the arm Id, a csaMent urn K*> I've eouair'-a will dart' * i. utual sdven isa in melatelning tbe meet friandly ratoi.rne. ,1 that itei aapeaiaiiy, rel*a*-d frma any er ? ? Vei^n 'nvast'ic ? tu ,1 HrtH "e ?ttontto its internal alTair* and the further develop ! ment of iu grant lute rests end resources. (Cheers.) It is quite true that we can claim uo part In auy great military achievement; but ere, thank Hod, hare no sanguinary battle to deplore. We hare ne military triumphs to boast; but peace has its triumphs as erell as war, and in the ceurae of the past year we can polut with pride to a triumph more advantageous to the human race, redounding more to the credit of the country, than any which oould be acquired by any warlike operations, however skilfully conducted, and I however bravely carried on. (Cheers.) I allude to that great triumph which ha* been achieved by British science, by British skill, by British perseverance, by British energy, by which we have Maintained our claim to across dominion oesr Mo ?oa, and oombined In lntimata and enduring bonds the great conti nents of Europe and America, between which we have succeeded In annihilating time and space. (Cheers.) Again thanking the Lord Mayor aad company for the manner In which the preaent government had been received, he concluded by proposing the health of the Lord Mayor. the riNum. Irish Opinion nf nn Outbreak. (From the Da Win Evening Mall, Nov. 10.) ? ? ? Whatever may bo thought of Stephens' promises to return to Ireland, or of the resources on I which ho relies hero, It is evident that ha has succeeded at Isst In overcoming the Canadian-Fenian party in America, whose.Aasoo helped tore-eaiabllsb hit autharlty over the Brotherhood, and that whatever power there ie In the organisation in a state of union la again under his control. If the true reeding of his character be that which considers him a fanatic, and Mot ne ens con deny hit ability, we are not warranted In treating the neve ment ee one utterly vrilbou'. eama^trun er suosfoncs. The element of diihandsd ruffiamum In America is eo large, end money so easily obtained there for the wildest pro ject, that It Is Impossible to say what political Innattce may not attempt. They have actually attempted things m mad as any they promise, and are not crushed by their fhllure. Such stories an that a number of merchants have presented the C. 0. I. B. I with three Iron-elsd vessels, end armaments complete, we treat as that lying for e purpose for Which the preaent situation or American politics, and tha threats supposed necessary to give tha representations in favor of the Canadian oonvlots force, sufficiently account. But after alt allowance for these considerations, there remains the fact, mean It much or lHUe, that the Fenian society has, in America, outllvad the blew given to It by the pipse cutlona la Ireland; aad it oertalnly Is painful evidence of the want of common wisdom In the action of tho late government that some of the moat dangerous of the Fentan convicts released from Jell "on condition of their going to America" stand now oo the platform with Stephens, aad are rendering service as hie lieutenants Id reviving the Order. The present government or* no doubt aiitx. to all M4I it going on w? -Vriu York, and wher ever elte the Fentani or' and while ne feel certain that they will not foster panic by any premature action, we are equally convinced that they car/fully uhrere? ?rtry aiavtMent of tkr ntntpiracy. I NEWS FROM THE WEST INDIES. By the arrival of tho steamship Corsica M this pert, yesterday, we have news from the Bahamas dated at Nassau, N. P., November 10. The papers contain many melancholy details of the effects of tho late hurricane in the out Islands. The Nassau Guardian of the 17th of November, says:?Our correspondent at the Bight, St. Salvador, informs us that during the hurricane at that island, he saw asvaral persons swimming for their Uvea In order to take refuge in cave botes, whioh they were boou obliged to abandon In consequence of the places being fllled with wster. The Baptist chapelg at Freetown was among the buildings deetroved there. The legislature at Nassau voted 215,000 to repair damages. Tbs British war steamer Barracouta was in port at Nassau. A Nassau commercial report of November 3, aays provisions are still very high. American cabbages are 3s. sterling each. Fish is now 500 per cent above what 11 iued to be. If we mey judge from the d Irty appearance oft he bread now made, good Soup cannot bo obtained anywhere In this colony. MM HAVANA CMNBMNDEMCE. Havana,' Nov. 18, 1880. By the BpsuUii ..learner Hoc' tsumu wo have received nswa to tha Uth last from Kingston, of which 1 sand yon the prlaclpal Hants ? fbo cooiio trade bed revived. Two thonaaod Chinese wore to arrive in about a month. Thar gave entire sat isfaction to tho plaators. Tha bBalneal of tho Wast India and Facile Mall Bteatn ship Company'* steamers has been s failure?at laast, It bad not tho reault expected?and in all probability the line would bt discontinued altogether. An American line, It waa thought, would do better. At tiiis moment there Is no more commitnlcstlon with the United States Tit* Legislative Assembly waa Inaugurated on tho 10th ult., according to tha naw ayttoru, presided over bv the Governor General, Sir John F. Grant, K. C. B. Major General O'Connor. Commander of her Majesty's forces, was present, as likewise the Hon. B. T. Irving, the Colonial Secretary, Messrs McKlnaou, Moncrtene and McDowell. There was leas ceremony than formerly Complaints were rife nbont high duties and obnoxious laws MISSOURI POLITICS. Praalawi laMeah la Oppoaltlon la iba C '?? atlt niton wl jUNtlMM-.Heaaa la kit Taken la Oauw* lla It eject Ian fey Ik* ilfiaaaurl l.rilalamr*. Sr. I/rria, Nov S3, ISM Tba Jkxawt# W*t?# lo day aayst Governor Hatch *r, Hob. B. Oral* Brown, Hon. Henry T. Blow and othar promt nam radical*, bar* inaugurated a utov?m*Dt id tbta eitr, having for Ita object lb* rejection, by Iba Laaislatarr, of tba Coagraaatonat ronatltutioaal ani-ndm-nta, and lb* araaadmaat.'i to tb* Stat* nonatrtutton an a* to abrogate dl?fr**eh!"m*Di of r*i>*lat and substitute tb*r*for negro Hllifa NEWS rROM NEW ORLEANS Naw OlUlw, .Sor 23, 1*44 Raphael Semmex, lata of tba rrhf" oat r. haa aocaplad the Chair of Profaaanr of Moral Phlk>aot..iv and EngUali I.ltsratnre in tha Lou l wan# Mat* Seminary of Learning, at Alexandria. Eltxbugh I ta, napbatr of Oeneral l.#a, haa arrtrad bar* ?w roafe for Texas. for hi* baotlli. Tba Oalraai'in Hull run sara, editorially, that Ortega Maid while el Ualroalun. ? rmlr to Iba Klo Urania that ha waa in con at ant couitnuiucstlnn with tha authorities at Waahlngton. and thay wera In fact frtnndty to him aad bla Maxtcau pro;act?. Ship Johanna baa arrived I mm Bramr.i with ISO ami grant* Thli la the *eeond cargo of aciigrauta which baa arrived tbta taauan MEETlNfi If THE MORAL ANO EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION rOR COLORED PEOPLE IN lALTWORI. lUl.rtBoaa. Nov. 23, 1M4. Tha aoeond aaaual meeting of tha Ualtlmor* Aaaocla tlon lor moral and educational improvatnaol of tba oolor ad paopla, waa bald tbl* evening at tna new Aaaambl) Rooma. An Interesting report wa-i reed, ebowing the raauH of the peat year'* work, and tha modaa by which the ao claty had bean aided, aa wall aa hinder d. Tha receipts of the y?*r amount to $42 040 The expenaee hava ax needed tba receipt* by over 110,000 Of the i-caipta, $4,700 waa trom the Saw England Trecdmen'a Aid A*, ao. iatl'*; |noo from tha v'? York Aaai.ctelion $2,500 from tha f.-nnarlvanla k'r**dman'-< A.d Acaoctatfn. $$00 m.m tba Krleoda' Aaaociation of Philadelphia, aad $3.*00 from fraud* In England The aoclatf has in nparaUoa ?erenty-threa achoot*, Including tarenty two in thi* dty, anmbaring in all aerenly rour teachera. aad 7,000 scholar*. Most of tha teacher* are colored The moet encouraging "'icceae h?* attanda<t Iba effort* of tba aaaoolallon. the colored people every where maul, resting great aaaarneea to learn, and wlllinreeaa lo rae trtbute to tha aupport of the schools $4,000 have liean contributed by tho color a people In th# feotintl** daring the year. Archibald Starling, Jr., made an earnest appea aa be half of tba ranaa. and addreeee* wore also made hy Judge Hoad, general Howard and other*. A METEOR OtSCRVEO IN NASNVIILE. NisHvitAA, Nov 23, 1*40 At Saebvllle, about foor o*rlock last Tueadav more'eg, a meteor, lighting the whole heaven*, waa aaan in a ?O'llhwaaterty direction, m<-ring rapidly aouthwaat. It appeared Ilka a ball of Are *- large aa tha aun It a*" ploded apparently ten mllee off with a tr meiolooa rejMjrt, Itk* a forty pound etannoB, that shook tho earth aad firrty pound ?pads tha window* rattle THE TUNE Patkla* < wwraw, l? I. Trailing. Th* trot between l ay gelding Tomato foil and chert nut mare lady Pollock, mile beats, la harass*, fur $500, announced to . ome off yesterday afternoon, at tba Keel, on oourea, d.d not laka fkK% *ke mar* not putting in an appea ratio* at tb* appointed tin.#. Th* Toronto Colt waa ao head aad Matttag arwttnd the track, '?lalmad a lurra.l, but whether A w tl be allowed la * qur?e?on to be derided try arbitration There waa some talk y> ?t#rday afieiwooo of e tret So ttvaeo the tta Imtt U?oix< t|. paaakOB, Jt , at >1 General Butler tb* race in *?n e off narl wark Hiram lotfrnf lo dnwa th- etollieB, Dm would bo a rary i-.ptuar trot, a* there are thousand* aarlcue to kaow hew far', the MalLoo ran trot now that h# I* oat ?t ib* handt of J m let, who they are ? willed peter aitempied lo f la Mt on* laea with hie. wt II* ur $*? b!? ? <a?r?' and that wot with O.Birrodor* Vaoderu ,t Tho ffatieaal Here* Wntr. Waaaiiomw, Moi 23, 1*04 ma *Aa*b ogtoa l>.ra* rati wee iba onwoati another later iting uiaf of apeod today Th# lied waa fav a pura* af $200. bow 'Jiree In fire, In heraeav I ?nway aad Lady Warwick war* th* oaly horwaa at ara t, aad iba -1.teal waa ?*.> *pi .tad,jam tauai wieulMi n uar? ?? tijH. beats, TT4e.TT?-tlT.i J^.'a AMUSEMENTS. Rletorl -Beaclt NI|kt-III?4r>. The benefit performance of Um groat trag^dtagna ?u given Uat e?anlng. The 7ranch theatro waa crowded from pit to dome by a moat fashionable audience. The assemblage waa one that differed totally from ordi nary gaiherlnga of the kind. The demeanor waa charac ter! red by tha atricteet attention to the drama baing en aotad in ita praaenoa, and ita applaoaa waa dieereet and moat Jndleionaly beatowed. Ita encomtama of auch a public muat always prore grateful to an artfcfc, and ita ?erdlcta giro satisfactory evidence of tha innate taate and thorongb culture of the Metropolitan pntroaa of the drama. Tha play selected for praeentation last evening eras Medea. Wo have heretofore adverted to the terrible trnthfnlneaa with which Madame BLstori readers the UUe rflla We have admired with the meat enthusiastic that picture of the paaslona wherein unconquer able pride, maternal leva, the jealousy of an abandoned wife and the hatred of a contemned mistress are ao powerfully drawn and so artistically blended. Which of us but has pitied the Bor row of the mother, trembled at the dauuaelatioas of the fonaken enchantress, and viewed with grief which rap? Idly became horror the tenderness of the parent for the children whom she la about to alay t Neither the classi cal aridity of the place, nor the terrible nature of the denouement, can make the performance repulsive when rock an aetroaa aa Histoid Uvea to give grandeur and majesty to every detail. Last evening the audience waa, as ever, under the away of her whose worda and actions alternately gave birth to sadness or to anger, emotions only to be demonstrated by timely plaudits, after the curtain had Mien upon Medea, murderous and tri umphant, Madame Rlatorl enacted the sleep-walking scene from Macbeth. Subsequently, ia response to re peated calls for a speech, she made a few remark*. The tragedienne said:? Ladir* and Qmrruacas?It makee me sad to say adieu to New York and can you wonder Y I leave friends to E to strangers. I give up sympathy to meet, perhaps, difference. But I have one conaolatlon, that I will see you soon again. Pravloua to the delivery of this brief address the fol lowing poem had been presented to Madame Bistort, the verses being expressive of the estimation and regard of her New York friends. The poem was written by H. T. Tuokermaa, and translated Into Italian by Proreasor Botta:? to anaLAina bistosi. ok use imrti tunar, mew tor*, jiorsaaaa 38, W66. Thy country's genius to the world roreslrd Car western land, and hers the name It bears; Another bond thy art's enchantments yield, Another fame each astlon fondlv shares; For while along the chambers of the sea Electric voices call from shore to shore That Italy la harmonised and free, In iby deep tones we sroet her tonl once more? Thst soul thai triumph" o'er relentless Time, Melodious breathes in Petrarch's tender lay. Eternal lives in Dante's sculptured line. And Venice thrills wltb freedom's joy to-day: How blest. Rlatorl. Is thy welcome here ! Each spell the prtist weaves the woman doth endear! Madame Bistort mads the follow ing reply in Hallsd, the benuty of tbs language being, of course, tost In tbe translation:? The ties which bled Italy to Amerioa ere strengthened by tbe Immortal spirit of liberty which unites the mother of the ancient clvliUatiou to the great republic, tbe youngest and yet so grand s nation. If Columbus discovered America; If Vc.spi.elu8 gave her an Italian name, Washington founded the edifice of freedom, Fulton gave steam navigation to the sea, and Morse the electric medium of Intercourse fill, might the Atlantic telegraph, magnificent result of Atneriran enterprise, carry with the velocity of thought to rnv country, now regenerated, the rolce of tympathy, greeting and good counsel, and Italy hall in America a wlae guide and faithful ally' The reception which I have received from Americans binds me to you with su Indissoluble chain of affection and gratitude. A stranger in a land of strangers, you received me with an eatnustaem which baa profoundly Impressed my heart. If, on the stage, I bavo been able to excite In your breasts any noblo and pure sentiment, and, speaking a language ant your owa, if I bave touched a cord ia your hearts, the merit is more yours than mine. Your Indulgence and your affection bare supplied my imperfection*, ?f your ttttotligeace as a people I shall preserve the moot precious memory, and of pvir kind Demand sympathy an endeared recollection that will never die out of my heart. raaswKU. mavis cx or it mom. To day tbe queen of tragedy takes bar leave or as for a month, to afford the people ol Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia an opportunity ol witnessing her un rivalled Impersonations in tbe highest walls or tbe drama. At tbe matinee, which commences at one o'clock to day, MaryBloart our of Bistort's best char acters, will be given. This will he her twenty-ninth rep r seen tat ion in New York, and forty seventh in Amer ica. During Madame Rlatoil's eusagenieul in New York, ?nee bar debut, which took plaoe on Hep tember SO, tbe following plsye bavo been given:? Medea. Mary istuarl, Elizabeth, .Tuditb, it.iwdrs, Adrlenr.s I.-convreur. Msrlie'b ae<l 1'is di TIMMC The two season* In Now York aud Brooklyn, and tbo abort engagement In Boston and Providence h?vi> b?eu nnprecedentedly successful, (he gross receipts being about |1M,000. Madame Kistori will make ber first ap peeraace In Baltimore on the 'Jflth. After giving a season ot five nighta there she will next make her Washington dobat on Deoember 3, and play live sights there aleo. Her neit appearance will be in Ptiliadrlpu.* ?n tic. em ber id, and she will return to the French theatre De cember 34. HrMdnur Tkfitrr. Klog l-ear e?? p!M?nl"d ut Urn theatre In i ev -nlug before a good audience Mr. Charles Dillon, afro into, ?oa lained tli* i lia r'U. Tba ebarnctei la. parhape, of all Sbaluperv'a creation*. one of the ruoat difficult in dcbnentn eorrectly, requiring. a* ii doer. ao remarkable a t omb - nation of love and lialo, ?Irongnnr. ledoeae au<l puerility, Joy and sorrow. It m.itt, howarer, bo admitted thai Mr. Dtlloo'a rendition Ian' evening approached perfer tloa Hit representation showad atudy of the luoel carelul k>od, and also, what U mora Important, It* re. utilt?a Una onnraption of tbo character Tha reading throng brut waaot a Onuhed description. aod It waa dif droit 10 dlaoTir anything to mar tba general atrvl. lot.ryof Ills delivery N<> |x?nl aaa loal? emphasis and all lLa dntaila beiog carefully attcndod to It moat ba admitted that If Mr lb.Ioli bad elgnelly fatied to averv othar barartar which ha baa attempted?who ft h? hit a?l dooa -bl* King I.ear display* enough power and skill lo plai-a tint in tba fttat rank of tragedians Many paru n' last night's rapratautatiun aalll bear favorable companion With Mr Cliarlee Keen's B' lo the same character, while other* were . prta olv an i ipn>verneei nn that gaol I men* rendering fb" Invocation of Haaran'a rnrae on hit 'laughter GoacreU'* marriage, at tba c|..?e of tba Sett act. ?m parliapt 'he (toe-i ptern of acting daring tha areoing, nt ant rata It tteetped to caat a apell over tba audltuce, whirl,, aftrr a moment ? braalhlaaa ailenre, gara way to mnwt raplorout ap plause Tba aappnrt araorded Mr. I'ltlon by tba Broad way company waa but fair Ml.* Otis Isigea'e ftofd. Ita wan good, aa alao waa Mr Y J f: vans' Kdrnnnd Mr Nagle, to tba part of the r.W? of Ldgar, which dis cover* blm aa a pretended >>egaar and madman, dla played more than hi* u?ual ability Mr Goodman '? pronunciation made lha pert of Moeter onpleaaant. and Mi<a Al ee nray tailed to give iba cbarnciar of (lonorail in a fair manner Mtadl Tbrwlre. A'Mile i?an'a ?p;earvl laet night at thl.? theatre In tha tttla i,Me of "Lew-hen Wiidcrmuth, " a four a<t comedy by Krkger. Tha piece wea well put upon tba ataga and ? ha acting very fair Tha part rg Elise a ooa In which Madame Genua baa met with great aorreaa, and la?t night aba did not belia her raputailnn, although aba lie-. ba[v waa >ItgbUy wanting la raflnameat Mea Irarhlck appeared to mora advantage aa Agatha than In any character in which oa bate earn bar lately, aod Mr Kaorr'a ImpatwooaUoa of liberal von Wilderinatti, an old aotdlar whs, even a*ter Ma retirement from tha nervine, reta.oe Lla military praciaion and authoritative mien, wet deeer rd tba appiauve accorded to blm 1 her ? waa a vary good attandaei a, and tba audience gav* repeated tokens af their appro bat aa by oall.og tba actors aut at lha aod of at err s> t. Mreeklva Aewdewiy af .Hwetr- /.nawpw, Zampa * ae g.ven at lha Brooklyn Academy last even iug, lief or a a faahtenaMn audlaare, nnd waa verv favor ably received. M lea Naddle aod f-amentia, In particu lar were received with imtnaoaa applauae Tba opera tan very emor.tbly laet evening. To-night tba pro gramme will off*? unaaual attract ooa in enwiedy. ennda ?ill* nnd operetta, which will ? aduubtedly -ongregn'e a large and brill *nt aud'anca. The (Hallnwee Ta*llav, Al the Broadway theatre to day. at owe a dork, Mr' Cbarlaa Dillon appaara In a new character t Mremowt, in the domaotir drama tf tha Ariel of Horn ace, a play fr<>m tha Preach of M. tribe, tad aald to ha a charac ter a 'ha i-ortreyal of wb "h Mr Dtllao aical Tha grand ??rlffl'h Daunt ma' nee. which proved art eg caadingly attrartlva at lha New York theatre, Broadway, w|t be repeated, al tae cecal hour 'hi* aberaeoa, with all It* Una ereeesorlea M It arte tha Ihuaioiwit. open* Ma eaannea ~atpr tarameal faata at Dedwofth Hall, Rroadwne, at tkro o'cieet Tba 'myeiery ' af a b"man baud ffoei 14 in the air I* apakaa of a< really wonderfak Tony Peafer's OWIpen^ w I, pet: wm In tha -fevaltag pia a, The l a-rieeof 'be Ttodaou at 'ha irpata hou a, ? tba Howrry, tn hl? ftoHarday i?a a, el l'ia aguel boar. M?r Sea. aongn an 1 Hai.caa m g'?w va >ly Tie mamban at/"ba'ley Vb te ? Mlae'.ral* and Ci io'i oal:?a ( wupan7Are . aat f ?r a :iu mal'b<M|erf >011, to cewi^w.e ag Bryant'a Meet*" t Hall. Broad ay, at half peat |wr a ort The Yefii?;e <Hy(%e of t*Mh'a<'<m wtH.<i? p av*d M e? Yra Br?ai aat fkariay * bite wu.

be out. H i .w rtb ? M aatre. aaat a ? c >a ramaat aad aiag ant, will Maiantoa al tbg Ve? fifth Avanea frpera Boose ?thaJf pnni?wao'dv4 , Ed?fft Hbt MthxitTt M?W-e! r "twpe' tT Claae'.cal Matin e vUl ho t c' 1 la living IXa! , to coM* tnen'-e at two o'clock, tbo fonserratory Hall not affording ?ufflciaut accommodation* for tbo puplla and their frtende. KB. bootrnu. oawibom U announced to piny tbla evening, to Hichnrd tb? Th> rd, for tho bnnnQt of tbo Gertuau Hoepttal Ho will bo a? tinted by tbo Tbnlla theatre troupe mtacellaaMU Mulral and TkMlrlral. Theodore Tbomao' aecond nyinpbony aotruo takoo plaoo tbii evening at Steluway Hall, on which occaalon Boetho ven a ninth aymphony (tho Choral) will bo perform*4 by hia nrcbeatra of eighty performer* Tho vocal part will bo kuatalnod by the Mendelreobn Union, numbering over two hundred voioea. Mr. Kdward MoUonhnnar'a conaonatory matiuoo will take place at Irving Hall tbla afternoon, at two o'clook. The thirteenth Sunday concert will be given at Stela way Hall to-morrow evening. Madame Uaataalga aad other diatlngulabad artlata will appear. The Bateman eonoert, at the Academy of Mnalc, Phila delphia, laat night, drew the largeet audience ever aanembled there. The performance waa Boaainl'a Stabai Main, and the recetpta were over 94,000. cnanfraa In playing at the Rocheater Opera Houae. "Sam " appeared on the 30th Inet, Mr. and Mra. Howard Paul begin an engagement in Philadelphia neat week. Maggie Mitchell, with her company, began an engage ment at Welting Hall, Byracnae, on the Slat laat. Mime I.aciil# Wcetera, Meeera. Tbao. Hamilton and M< Kee Raakln, are playing a aucceaalul engagement et the 'ipere Houae, Colnmbua, Ohio. CITY POLITICS. Kaditnl R?nkll?a City CNTeslitn - W ard .HniI*i% NMrfa?llwa< icr. TU? Radical Republican City Convention met last evening ?? ti>e republican headquarters, 000 Broadway, for tbe purpoae of nominating a candidate fur the office of Comptroller. Tbe cbalr wee occupied by Mr. Cbarlee S. Spencer. l)r. Bnrorv proposed the nomiuallon of Mr. Frederick A. Darling. Mr. Darling declined. Colonel Note* moved tbe nomination of Richard Kelly, who lie aald, would discharge hie duties well towards the Uxpavlng community of New York. The order 01 business was liere auapenued tor the par po.-o of enabling a committee of three, not tnnnibers of the Convention, but forming a delegation of republican etttl ma, to ask the serious consideration or tbe Conven tion to tbe name of Mr. John W. Farmer Mr Surra pro|ioend Mr. Rdgar Ketcliani. An .nformal ballot was then taki-n. Tbe result wee as follows ?Farmer, I'J; Conkllu, W, Kelly, T7; Kelcbam, 91 scatfarimr, 1. It wns moved and serouded that the Convention now tike a founal ei'so voce vote for nomination to the office of Comptroller. Dclcgiiton stated that the names of Mr. Ketcliani and Mr Fanner were withdrawn. Tlio result, at the close of the ballot, atood thus ? Richard Kelly, 100; F. A. Couklm. DO. The Cnemus* then declared, amid loud nheera, that Richard Kelly win- choron as tadlcal republican csudl date for the office of Comptroller of the cily of New York. A DiU-ivrt who had supported the nomiuallon of Colonel Conklln now moved that the nomination of Richard Kelly lie undo unanimous. (Cheers.) They must see thin Mr. Kelly should be heartily endorsed by the cltlzons' Association, and that by bis election the city must be rescued from Hie profligacy and corruption that had roignad in It for the la?l ten years. They muat wm this election with Mr. Kuliy as ibe reform candidate. (Cheers.) The officers of the Convention were nnud as a com mute* to convey the nomination to Mr Kelly, and the Convention then adjourned to mem ug.ii.i ?l the rail of tbe cbalr. Meeting ol tlio .MrKeen lleaersl Committee. A meoting of tins comuilttoo was held last ntenuig at Masonic Hall, between Third and Fourth avenues, to endorse tlio county nominal ion*. The President, Tho*. McH|.eddon, m ccpicd the chair, nd Mr. PIMM acted *' Secretary. The ((ucatlon on Ihe endorsement of Mr tides for Comptroller having been brought forward, Mr. O'ltrien staled that he nad a couvrrsatiun Mi. (lilee. and ho aald Ibst he hoped to receive the outside nomi nal Ions, and, If ao, that be wuild remiin In Ibe field lie therefore thougbi that tbey should tinier all action In lbo rnat'er unlit Monday, In order to afford hliu an oppoiiuniiv for a Rnal anrwer Mi tVilneuw con?ld .oil that the endortemenl of Mr (tiles should to) post|>oued until bis decision should be made known, and Onnred that tlio aubrcl be p istponed until Mordar ihe me Una wa-? adopted, and a committee r.f Ore. r. tun.iing o' Daniel O'Krleo, of tbe fevenleenth ward; Charles I'rtee, of the Twentieth, Michael Ha.'piu, ol Ihe First - James I'ay, ol the F.lghth, and Itr. HcTiofiehl, ol the Fif leenUi, was nominated by the chilrrrian lu wail upon Mr. (.lies and ascertain whether h<i weei-l mall a. a candidate for the f'omtdrollership or reftre from Ilia Con left. The report of the cenimltte* appointed to Investi gate ihe icletive claims of the two contesting delegation* Irom the bixtli ward, which de- >dcd in levor of that head i| Iit Mr. (tilllgan. Wns reje. text and Ibe meeting adjourned. Me ear I Cannrllmwiilr (?u ventlwue. Th? conventions fur the auuilnailou ol csisdkleles lor CoiiDcilmeu .vers held br Ihe Mozart Hall democr*- y id Ihe various districts last omnia/, with Ibe fo''ow>ng rs. anii ? First dHrlot?No nomination becond di.itrict?Nominated I'bltlp A. Mi tlahoa, Jr. Klwiird C'niello, kdward Jack man. Nicholas deigsr and .1 Caeey. Third dialricl?Noinln?'?d John Flpna. Ha:rl? Hogerl I'et*r Colkin. Michael ftpuih and Win lamb Fourth district? Adjourn *1 to We-Ju*t<)ar no' The ('?mwlrsllwrehla*. tii tut yptTon ?i| tnr. o New V .sn, Nov Jd l sea Certain new .papers seem to believe the uiv ? Hi ?Ira ? si as a < .adulate for (be oft'* of ('.ei*p<r.?i;*i was a clever contrivance to direr. aitention lum mr merit*, und Ibe' at ? iale day I w< ? lo i-e nominated and hur ried Ihrv if b the cootaai I bare>ly in say that tbe editors ol ihu. c paper- are d- ' tc I hav* not nam. "I n.y determination, tlotnu-r -i*ly e<p ?-.?cii in lb" u ib.ic lo my Irllc; ol tb" Idtli In l A tare iiumbyr of infln ent'ai fit zai.s have been -l- *n?i' tit ding a pobb rnoet 11, g in enlii -?* u. y ediuni-i ration sgaiosi the cai im'i si rxcentlr put forth, and Ibe de liiieiole falsehood* of the (tinens AaanclaHon, no4 then and there to nominal" amidiuale for tbe ? Bl ?* of cnmplrolier. enbrc'. tree (n.m ihe machinery of polii i al oigaiiisaiicns. I tlo nut fee, that I need this vied alien ?u-l so Isr a* any indepandent ai i on of rtl iiik is or. .-riicd I have lo asy vtrcpl as it mar lllSrl n;'i'f I tisve never bah any donb* al<o it mv re-election If f eboold lie a <aoill'lat* My conclusion n' t to be in lt.e i anrsuN wa ba.rd on otbn gro illds, at. b were dial n i r aci (mUi in mv letter I think I ?o?bt lo kr..w my own feeling - en-i -let* rminalioti -hen env oi.e ol I repeal the. inde- i, prcuV* rlirusi etnn- e-wi'i t he a candlitsie I? inrlsciisa tolbeodl < of lump! oil'-r Yoele, reepeiilu it, <1 tffHFW T. Bit NNAN THC QlPlCUlTT KTWffl TMF CWW 1 ts-1 fb* CCWMtlfB l.elter from Mr. f'rnsrn. C?o .V A'^' ? ?| -1 Pl'WfV '"r Nor a ? S4" III a .? eni commmlcetlow the (My ''empf rn'lei. Vi Brentiau pgbhslied M? reii'on ' r d?cl nlng I" h" a ' in dida'e lot re election The ( 111- la' pen .on of Mi ftrMoao, Inge her with tbs character id the perverts Is whom hl? cswuviitnteatlon is vd''r**s"<l, yires whet l>e ?eya at- impoden e whinb womd nebcrwise be wanting, nd mscea ii incnmf-eni on me and due to thoar mierealed lo place ihe truth -. 1" by side with his in *ai i'-.i.-iil> so (ei a< tbey rrf- r t? the Croton Aquednct Hoard A i-ortn-n nf hi* --.n.muai. cai.on Is but a rwlteralion of onirntb* winch have been alres-lv c'pr-*"d an I refuted b* o-ir Hoard In a manner clear and oacinstvc to all reaontiebla aien H-it not conietil with Ibe renewal of then" inter nrre sew tar lows, hn arid* Ire other*, which I n-iw Ix-g i?ev e I'r coffer Fo s'?II says in refereuie to lb* s-ljo- r not on is <d lbs opening flrat adrerli**d fey Ihe 'jath Sepiemi-or (which adioaraniet-t* ere net ? wary nader ihe lawi that "eeru dsy of ndjommetit n-i '? 1<- tbe n tnbef ol ctvntrac id, until tbey are aow Idled m- 'in sln high, A- do isr (mm 'hi* lie'i.g (be tr-itli, the fact i* that the ' otlon Aguedutt lb *rd he-? nre sec**-] e elwg'e adrerileemeni to < soiree *"ie easing for prop- sals *.ut ? tb* Orel rwf -sal ? I i;.e c mplroller to l?e {.r--*"ri'. oq the jr-ih o*rd*wihet ft was rrrv apparent Is us thai 'be (Vwaplroiler did u < maed lo tw pireenl el any opening nf propueni ? in on l-nparioeoi; end not * libel end lag tbe uigeni ? e.; iscts of proper if o*n-i in lis e tbs pn-llminn rlea of the r?i -iretl work* forwarded an fai se ;** s.hle we here islrelned lr--m ed?*? a ng any further work iMKwuve we (nr**e* thhl It wooTd is mere., adding (i rtber egp*n*e to (I M wb - b, if Mr Hrennae * non 1-iiriUi-o- nf bia doly, bee l.eeo mad* nH*tty u**iem to tbe iiiy. Not area ihe prellmiBsrv jep* Iharefnte, toadd * wngie-ontieri to ii>o*e wmch o-igM to basd ?een awai ted ? n Ihe .VU of hepSe tcber, hat tieeri taken or area e-.tgg??te>i, h) ear meevbe- of o-ir B-erd Hrrmut - Mr H-?nn*n <e> c I' sS the pr-** ?f per* p|g) -ind" tb* opecsi .es ?f Ihec Depsr-taewl bed ?t**d'ly gon* ip from lit per vtfd ?>. |&h I?f yerd ? The foH-iwit.g I* ibe truth It s ??'gbeec pr wh<-h eay roaiiarc wns let in IS'.y (iw'ers war pro wm two leu sis and ?<.r*> fmir r*?t>'|2 M- |s?r ysr Tbe lest niireiie made by tb-e IV-a ?1 w**e a ere-get ->e the ISib id A /use ef ibe pc??ee' yesr, Ihv highegl | s.-* el whl-.i al.r c:''s' we* Pi ?? two d liar* and n net >-*sv-a reetg 1 $. ??. jwr yard T?-as*ss on a pisce of wot* so *yie I II.e* there ax but one ladder, end annua* -ssilr no *"cnps 1 i -si Tbs n*if highnsi (r, * >s i at #d lav el ihet le'ting ??' I'." 1* i-wr rare And ih* n?***i4e pr.--* si whleh ell the ? neire* *e (ete* ssi ip n -cinec ? ere anerdwd al ibst letting at* e.' , f o'wswssti seen* ten11 wary sed ew* ] isssr he'.i* adding an ?l.t -sum o. nw-.dgt tngs uny enn* wa* ?hociM dare '? !r *n>Vs stajerveet* nf ll?r -ise* ise-iy of Pot-b rennf Stands HI -sr.ed In use msy k"U uf bw -?m. 4-'psiur - -.a* * a* I as ig toosu nf ' ?)' lloaid It* r* ? ft' ;s / nib asnt* in afk -n g- - sn ndi"***- - ??? irntb gf Ms >*?ders kit his Mr ikaVvn f"B-a ??igffTiCM ,nye f}-i?in -*e N ?s i s*n -b/f'is' ova ef lb* Vrvst.y1?* as '..?*ah*s weAnr if Itcpr Mr In'nsrs sag let fir Manas* atns In i tbs tkves *>< inn si vac in tarm a an* prsn it. n inJcpovi tent <f -b ?viisi Ansstwntr -d "M, ? '."ei Is r -a-ss' V) ?!? ?* n?m im u e ns ties# Mate trr ibas* -ngigfegestang m ec am as on of ma -eavesa Mkaave.r ss I -? esetigr gf ? gri i I *en*r'y?| WASHINGTON. THE FRENCH TROOP# IN MEXICO. Nipolooii'i Belly ii WltMnwiig Thtm thi Subject if t Special Olbiiet Sonion firacral final Participating ii the Dhcaniea. Further Dovolopaieati ia tho Cottoi Fraud#. lo. a#. Wasiitkuton, Nov. us, 110#. Tho Krewch Trtswpa In Mule*. It la intimated In official circle* that tha Preach gov ?rnmcnt haa declared lu purf>oae not to abide by the arrangement ooncludad between Mr. Aeward and M. Dfonyn da Lhuya far the wltbarawal of the French troopa from Mexico. Voder thai arraagetaeal the Oral detachment of ihoee troopa were to hare embarked far home daring the preaeot month, but a* yet no prepare, tloaa for auch aa embarkation bare been made, and it la area aaaerted that Napoleon haa positively notified our government that be oennot eflbct the withdrawal until aprtng, when he promleea lo mekee thorough and oore plete job of It and take all away at once; but, luaamucb aa in making tha prepoaitioa at thia late day ha forfone Ibe plighted word of hta government to remove one detachment thla month, our government i. not dl*po-e<l to put much confidence In hta further prnni ?e* There la reaaoa to belleva that thia aubjeet waa made the ocoaaion for a epeclal Cabinet meeting yeiterday after noon, and waa continued at the regular mewing to-day, when General Grant waa preaent by Invitation What conrlnalon waa arrived at fee* not tranaplred; but tha fact of General Grant being called In to participate In the diacuaalon, givea a warlike character to the affair. The A weal of Ortrga. Tlio arreit of Ortega bv Sheridan turn* out to liar* Itcen a voluntary act, but one that bee since been a-sumed and approved by our government, official doepatche* have been received from v.-hieh It ap pearii that Ortega ie supported lo Mexico oni> by a small clique of French and Hrlttali merchants, the native population, with eingular unatiunity, adhering to .luster Tho o who favored Ortega's contemplated coup d'tlat were all former ad herenis of Maximilian. Their object waa to control tho considerable trade of tnat region?estimated at upwards of twelve millions of dollars unnoally?and prevent Its being monopolised by American merchant.- Since Hie arrest pflairs have assumed a tranquil and eminently satisfactory shape along tho Rio Grande. Th?- Alabaman t'lnlm*. This gmnrnmont haa received no positive l irmstiaa fr '*u Ftiglsud of tba detenu.uatioo of the Urn <U Cabinet in relation to the Alabama claims, nor hA* any ? onflrma Hon or <le-T>t,it of the *latenients Imputed by Hie cehle to have been made by Iurd Stauley in Ibe tnalter been re ceived. Tho President's Annnat Messaip. The stslemeul conies from good authority that the President's message ia rapidly approaching oomph Uon that it has been reed to tba Cahlnot during Hie -e.dons of yeslerday and toelav, but that it Will Out lie pla<ed In the hands of Hit pr i.tar lief ore the haglnntug or aast wee; Judging Itum the fyuqaaaey with which the forthcoming me*.age is discussed aw# apc< ulated upon btr the piomlaeat [lollleteca here, It Wdl fie looked for bv the country generally with oo onliaarr degree ?< Interest. liur'ng the preparation of the document, tha Pre* deal lis. t>eeu especially careful to Indc-its try au word the couree of action he haa com luded to aug ge?? ta Ci-ngreia on (Ml vitally imporlaal qite?Hooa of which It tresis; hut ibera are Ihriea whoee trequeat cominnnicalions sad interviews with Mr. Juliniua enable I bom to fenu iraaooably correct eatttnalr. of he views on the great questions at saue. and the. estimates, prcd 'ati-d on the vleem recently exp.rea eu t.i the l*r**t d?n' sutist.-.niitte the Indication* previoue: flieoUmi ha does no* favor tba constitutional ammidB >ut, for the lesson that II is not only sn'egouUla In the oii.tnu tloa 11seti, hut totally luadequsta for the adiudmeul of th* momentous polite al dider.o.'? no* before the count?v * Vet there are many reason* fof l>elievtag that th* luipending massage te |ier\ aded hy a eptrit concilia tore to the radii si a) neat iu the republican party, and ? baf tt manifest* la a pointed manner so an* etc oa (lie part of the President to recur* corn ert of *< imn betaaea the *<eciiHrr ea t legi letlv* brenche* of the eduitaie ?ratio#. The laiesllgalleee ml tha ? elrrnchmeei I'eat. HMIM. Iltf R'lrtn- IiiikiI toramlt'a nm to Jar at latlri ?'cluck, Atti wna bu*'tr angaga-1 "i mam.tig ailtiodneii 11 raaard '/> tha cotton fraud* Tlir-? fraud' ara daily iM-i-nlng ? pruilfgiuua rharai-ln. Tha report uf th? i uiii'h tan n rnlatiou (u lliaui aril l>? of a rnrj icurnai. ift? o?tnr? ?l.o? n| a* il ?*?>) tba -I | ? oharai-tar of ' ha ?a fraud*. Tli a . urn in Ha* !.?? i n to morrow >rrnrn *ii?r?ar nod lha I aailllallaaal tairaf. MIM. At * ?< .tar If.- filing uf tha f mtrratlro Army ami havy t'nlun i?a! night, Cohioa) J M. o Hrrnt Proa! dant r'i# fotii.w ng raaoiMtlun* war- aduptaO : Km-trad. Hum iii tha jud inot i.f tlat * urgmilnllM II III ar.r tk? flit; uf t I# naatiallio , ram IliruLgh t.tit ttif- coilrur ' tu a;?|i.?ot to it a ? r ? th- rti or.d notitharn .-ttnia to at>?t?i a illraga to Itaaafni on a?co a (j .all (la ' t.i ? a., may lit la* taa-l pa. j?? r and joat. !'?? . vail. Thai ami iapia?ri-iat on (hmild g*. I; In hand irnt II tha atjfia- In. tu-l.' af tha nagn. wltt arrow pt ah Ilia triumph ot tl.a' groat prtortpla and" -? in a ra mi -it |u-a. at il >i.i|..u, ?.. w.ii g.ra lit* iiaaanr* our m at , -.rit at (support. I'ft" d, that ahi'a ?? rm gul/? t'.a prugrmura .pint of I ha a.a and ri. .Id p nan* a ll'iaitl arid ? of tarn I "iraa of ar' -a la a l lb ag?, wa aainratly l.opa tba S tti* rat to act will rojact tha pro,--wad ot.afii it >a*; ?raarntii atil l.y <ui li a la. ..Jad rota ?? wit! ri.ow lU ur.gina t.w? thai thara tan ha no pfo*cr,'.nd r!a-?aa lu thla load of fraaitiiin The flarl* I a Crwawwl uiaiigalliif. t M?o> i.a uftVrr* tioth on tha i ii.uian .'.oniia' and tha I na of tha H ,? tlaanda rl a rapirl that lUa ? #"r ? < aR <t a niad* to anpfiaaaa amugglli.g barn [ iara.1 High y naoarti tot, and tha tmalnaa* a a no rapid Ijr na i ha da rllna, thina rngaga I m it di- -rir^-d by 'ha wairhf-ilnn*? of tha linrammaril* Tbr I'woliwoolvr tiaaaral'a Mrgart. Thd fWwoatar lianaral ha- to '?aw York .id wi I go rat.irn 'wloia M.aday Mn at m *1 rapift l.aa )>aaa ? i?m lotarf, ami * n tha haada of tha pr.nlait Hadgaallaa ol Ika da. trial i ot l.agailaa ai Carta. < oli.aa' John (fay "farratarr of fagotto* a' f'-m, baa aaal ?? h a ra grain.a Kit *... .a?.u? ha* aut la*a? ap po.olnd 1'rul.ahly ifaaarml llif. tha t.awly apjxvotad Cialrtnr to Craoon. daatrai tha rmaotiu* f t Maj MaJ -r Wt- kbam Hodman, of .haw Yw? aoo uf ttgdan H'Hr-ir haa gono t* Porta aa Aaa"-??ai '?rtaatj d l.agati III He mar ai?. aal r'olonal Ha. Tba Karttnoawal in lb# >ar* (art- Mann* .?far hat. Tba dw-ralary of tha Traaaurf la a r a rramiatl ntth a frtatiit ?? day raid trial tba dtatuffrad oond Id* of tha Nan York oi.aa; mmkat waa aot .a - nnw^'ianca of anythiag that baa tkoaa 4?aa la rn ai ua to tha daaaraa taria>ar at tha Cwrt of Philadelphia, ft i? aa d tham war* gft*** an twaatf iwaatawi appb - aaat* for tha offl a of -nfrayof of tba Cart uf Philadal pfi.a bat tbt Pm*rta?t U opt- 'ata-i loa Haroraa. oho rtdai bia baada todaf, and will (art I. a to aal or 'I pa* h * artk* ai duima % lallwra frwwt 1*au< hnaalla. A ' mm It tan fro** M*a**a>, ..antta, *a..,? n.-ig id ?? fiat Pra?i tool af tba ktMl* i M ftoao. ti-aada. of tha Hoaan Mr btlknl. nmralat r of tba -notg aad ? tto-naany. norgaaat ot Aim, ara bora for tha p.tpat uf a'amiatM tba ra-aal Imga.tatnaMt '? lb' <*t-'d a.'h " * 'a* af (pp'rlag ihawi to t n !!***? "awaaM* k*? 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XUIU to tha *7tto alt, ?li; 444 Duel. ?? Mr Henry Failing. ',f FofJ'eO'l. Oregon declm** u? ?|>t*>;.llDieul ft* OOt of U? vC'iUw .llftle* C laim.*,. ig?r? t? tht I'erls l.ipoeiUoo ^ | TMf MAMM iSMUTtWk itfeiaawrtul la ( ttcrm Aakla* ItMtaMM Adapted The Itreelutla'n UaleeUaa the fJuw. ?Mioiiaaal Ameadutuut Kefurrod, *?. Niftt'""-'. Nor. 2S, MM. A ftpeclai dot patch from Uultf Rock snys ?Raeold. "? ua?? pemed the Uoum unanil *>oualf, directing lha ' "miniiitt on tad oral Relatione to pt ?"eut ? toUmorlnl ta .nUi"?? forth tha .pint of . 1*P0?khB IU Ark. r*uovr?i .r **"*,or ,~lu~4'"0. uuk 'O AB< ? MNF ruowal of peace, ooofldeuce, an.l the 'r willingness ta h lh# koaor of the Mate. <t raaolullaa to to the amendment weevHala rafarrad to the Committee on Ked?ral|Helalion> b> ? '<*? of ' I aatTtoitoT!!?l^?*?,bl' ?*>"???? M? aiblbtt fe?to? it tar. thoaa daa(^?r. "Awellug the froedfeen. fttapaoiailf a^Hiha IjH If.l*?"* for to" I'nlveinily. #Jp t? to. "f to?" 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"on* WMsraao," inn " wouac?4 noma " ft also coelalot ?Hit highly Interesting tad Im portant New* from Korop# received by the Cable* audi Mail* lorlng the itei week, including our Mpaclal OunSU poodanca from i'ar<? and ) adli, lira talatt phases of thu Msiitan Ifuatllou In Europe, the Difficulty with thh Turkt it C'/pruft, Ytokee Kuilgraau lu Palestine, MrlUe% review of ou- Dtp'c malic Halatloua with KagituA British Preparation* to meat a Fenian Outbreak, 1%o Kuteian Mtrrb in lha Kail, Ac.; Our Mpa< lal DaU patchae from Washington, rontalng report* of all matter* of intorast traiup.rit* at the Heal ef ttoverumnut, Thu Kaulau Movemant* in CtOftda and tka United HtaUUfc official Reports of lbs Tarriblo Hapiilsa of the Braslltah and Argantlne Alll*>? by the I'aragiiayaiis, on Uta CM of Aaplambar, Tka Current News of lha Weak, lacpidtud all prounoaut Political and Ixeial Mature, tha vary lal sad N'swt from lloclco. the Hi ttnh Pruvlncee, tba fails Coaet, the West indiae, the sandwich 1?lauds, Auetralaeta, he , Xdnoriels on laading topics, <>ar i lag Celendar, eoatalnlng leports ol tba Tarf. 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Ac Tlia mouuirtaa Urat appa'"'*d tallad te dec tea A tacnal muliiu atsd* ttft awards as ft burr ?' iftftd tlma bin*lr rar.?oMB?odlag bath sctft of p-*ya?ft i tos < nioeso Truriee, trcftaaard Aa Us* ef war Ms?< PsNaaa lirssrsl* Hwiu ?leag lha tl .*? tl Oattyftb-ire ihs ftfidlar* b.r- .id" a "t-.~eg "It-<? r Tlfte Oaaaral. who Wft* acraueally 'inpay kt. old It. * aid ?*?? Hft'.ftnlng af iula aathaolftftm. aaytop 'e?r Sid out i .sat uta fasta-lay " The aid replied. ' fa#" j"? and ha-fttaad* a tia# ahaoga Israur draaa *' " la aty haft," ?rt.w.-ati tha Iieo.ral Where did yea buy lit" aeftad US a 1 t> KROI'd. ><> (II Urva lara/, Mow Hart," said thU K.rtcrai .al i.ot-ilatal/ ad ft.ft Tha' at us' he Ml YhseO ai'ton era Maw Terk buy* aad ihay ftaaw a Uuedaama ha* ?koa dry aae ?i ' _____ m Air ste^r-prati. iiHtfTffurjMriTjt YAfMR toh ( aaal Ureal aoe e.ugg'a'a Sf-cler ?pV $% fiK mtmm ft"***"1 A. Ftwau* Rcmdr IHsdc fvsrsaala aad ffiuad* a*a* Hulta aim >??a 'rt ihla n"?e' y Maya' Ya'tlha and < Mldraa'ft I UMi'.ng. largaat aa*>> waad la Ihs I'r *1.1 at >ary aw yrteas Uay?'all wad i?*UwarU n fta ta tit cere ? It'll AW UK'ye ? bafayatra stow aad to f carta a? A. twee| llyayaaftft al >|*?lfa. The l.aad l*g ftftl moat feeh 'to?'?'* rar'aara ef tea ttft?' * Mp awaa aat moat aft i't all* aod anduitag h.'idkar klaf ?lOaN t' ,1 wl f- 'aa"r ataialaaa, ? - * arar/ofcara trp n. P r etrfTM A <" Maw fa^ A I Icrgyaifts Mr*. J. IcMarrsi . Writ lug frooi lui'lftr ? I a.r? Ma?i*e ?'S-rad aeaa-al yaato w.t* tirea. aSeailaa. Aneihcr far*. Id. ntuMuw, hum*, ud H.jU graadstsa* ? ?m. *'wg has wiaple^ ?ired *T4 VI .laal thai ?? M i-ttaai.ia ./aaaV.i'.ae' WMT' turirs '?RPftT I'HRC'W ? Ylfi RRMVIiV aed ta whiles la rata - pa?are aha vtl wl at 'ha eUereedft-eas ha cue* *??! Maii-hi-tar'a Half ????. T%? Bam I* !*?> ??til iia '.trait. ?1? ~H~ I ? a r. -a* 7 11 ?la-far Nm> Millat'i Hair lira. 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