Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1866, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1866 Page 6
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POLITICAL- ?- "" fvgM'iVRATIO oSlOI dl*r ,?? 1) masting uf ihl- onnaHlf v?aL COMMITTEE?A Cm rww M. 'bu tSslurdav ?"? baM al r.-ipsr Ioett ?t<7,u*.et 'K ?> dock. dt>ll> V. SavauB. Chairman. ? Nil. AKW Pl'BUtAflt tftfTOT nfltCAL VIEW OK MARHHOE?CO!J lL:_ - -.?|T Li ..... and Itt toe plates and eu ?ifih^tniuVn.t^">? human or* in lu a state of .-? Q.f .H" ~..i.s on Mill error. lu deplo. Ma.eotleDcea upon tiis mind and body, with the ,r only rations) nnd suoceisful ?rftt?.?2?wn by the report of oim tested. A tkf^i falser to lha mairied and tboao contemplating i^^TSouUkuow their physical oondlOoo. Soot, to any and rasa, ou receipt of 9Bo. In <Umpa 'Of 'Oyz!:.? n? laCnh. U Maldau Una ? .?>*Ufa. to any auuivio, vu w> ?** J^niaej. Addmaa Dr LaOroCt, U Maldau lauf, jy ' Publlab thta day:? 1 staob. OB A riTZOBRALD Publlal TUB PARLOR tataoo. ' A eollectton of Drawing Boom Proverbs, Charades and auMa Vlvanta, by Mlaa B. A. Kroal. Tbeab ploy* ?re In u,i)|- aalriy for performance by a mall natty af friends In mrfreie parlorv. and require but little trouble ereipense lo fiali i iliam effrottve. MB pagan, small octavo, ololb, gilt Bid* and b..rk, prtae $1 M. ?JBTJLNK fl HANDBOOK OK ETJOPBTTB AND GUIDE TO TRUE PQLIWNE8H. A complete manual for all those who dsalre to Dnderatand gl brae ding. the customs of good social y, and to avoid In set and vulgar habMa. By Anhui Martina. Bound in 'da, olotn back, prion 60 oenu. Clotb, gilt back and Aha Warn fe baa oanta. PLAT QUOUnJ); OR^OUTDOOR OAVES FOB book of healthy reareationa far yonlh, containing over amit?mfinta. illustrated with 1M Ana woodcuts. Bound boards, uloth back, 60 uenta; bound In olotb, gilt aide, 76 I tike above books are for sale everywhere, and will ha ?sat by taail to auy address free of postage upon raanlpt of the price. Sand au orders to wiiri" iw DIGS A FITZOBRALD, Publishers, Now York. 5MBKR NUMBER OP DBMORB8T>8 YOUNO AMERICA, with splendid Oh rlstmss NoveUiea. Ohrlst Kngravlii??, Christmas Toys. Chriatmaa Stories and -r eeautlful things for boys and gtrla. ?Do not fall to sea ~arkllug and delightful thrt-tines Number of YOUNO 'JCA now rjAdy Single copies 16 oanta. mailed free; .61 ?; additional copies $L Published 47S Broad m lev York. EXPRK8SK8. IITlRNHAM'S furniture and baggage bx a IVHUHAI's runnrniKK ABU BAIHiAUE OA J\ prets ofllce, lift Went Eleventh street, near Sixth eve ?ue Furniture families moved, city or oountry. Furni ture. Plauofortes, pecked eud shipped. Furniture stored. rl U)BE EXPRESS COMPANY?OFFICE NOB. 8 AND ft T Rector street, Empire Bolldtng; temporary ofllce 998 Jir ?<dwuy. New York, Not. 19, IBM. The Olobe Express Company will thin day open 1U tlrst Ri? between New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wash ' ?r HEAVY FBEIOflT AND PACKAOEB. They will call for and deliver promptly, at the following Fee heavy freight to Philadelphia 40c. per 100 lbn. re? heavy freight to Baltimore 90e. per 100 lbs. res heavy freight to Washington 130c. per 100 lbs. roe heavy freight to Georgetown, D. O....180c. per 100 lbs. Per heavy freight to Alexandria 100c. per 100 Iba. Pakoges sua valuables will be taken at as reasonable etrs an by any other responnlblo company. She Company Is arranging to raptdly open Its oflloes at all mportant polutn through the South and Southwest, as a full Is Company era prepared to pay promptly for any loss that m damage that may occur. Orders may be left at either of the above pR)c?a. tGwimi, President. j S.W.WILSON, 0. Pbciiiis. Treasurer. I 43 Broadway. Superintendent. MARBLE MANTBLH. [ARBl-KIKEO SLATE MANTF.LS-BTTPFRIOR IN J. appearance, more durable, half the price of marble. L B. STEWART. H0S Sixth avenue, between Thirty til th and ' -sixth streets. fARBLB MANTELS.-THE BEBT PLACE IN T1IB eity to purehane Marble Mantels of the latest designs, 1 very low prtoes, IS at A. kUABUU'S Marble Works, 109 last Eighteenth street, near Third av., N. Y. Cut thle out. RHSTAl'RANTS. ffOLTSlI MUTTON FOR DINNER.?FOR BALE. FI Ji be rU, Cheese, RngUah and Irish. Hams and Baoon, " Oatmeal, Loohflne Herring. Lea A Perrln's Wor hlre Sauce. RICHARDSON, 100 William street. THE COURTS. SUPEIMI COURT?TRIAL TEW. BbtmOmbiIoii Into theTrooblra of n Republi can \Vnrd Organization Concluded? Kncy Kitow of l'ollll<-iane' PrlTute Character*?A Sealed Verdict to be (tendered on Monday Moat. Before Judge Jonas. Jhuntu U. Thorn/woe vi. Janut C. ?Tbl testimony In Men was conoluded yesterday. It will be remembered Met thli action was brought by ? prominent politician against ? captain of the metropolitan police for alleged Illegal and ? aireat and procecotlon. The eourt room wee filled, bat net crowded. On oontinulng the testimony, Edward J. Inan, being sworn, testified that be wae a reiki en t of 0b* Eighteenth ward In Heptember, IMS; waa a member ml the Waitl Republican Aeaoclatlon; attended the primary mm the ISth of the month (September '66); entered by the tSrenty-third street door of the building In which the meet Mi wee held; agw Captain Speight In the room; heard Mr. Sbampeoo denounce the meeting ae an outrage, and aay that HObeidy ought to have been admitted to the room until the Sear when the meeting waa tailed for; heard him say thai Mere ware many peraone preeent who did not belong M the Aaaoolatlou, and that the room waa packed; 0mm hlmeelf men there of different (badea of ileal opinion; believed be beard Captain Speight to Mr. Thompson, " If yon do not ahtit yen will go out a d-d sight quicker than roti oamo In lid out that there waa a crowd and a dlattirhanre on the ewalk. In front of the building; went In'o the atreet; found nn there; heard Captain Speight tell Mr. Thnmnaon le did not behave himself he would afreet lilm; npenn waa pale and geatleulatlng anil very excited, red hearing eume In the crowd orv out "arrest harbor inaalerThompson waa arrested hv Captain jht's order and releaaed on the following morning, alrlck Kearney te .tilled that be lived on tl.e corner of teenth street aad avenue C, on HptemherlS, ld66; Jin the Kleranth want; attended the primary; wan a nber of the parly in opposition to Mr Thompson, went _ ? to support Mr Thompson's opponents; took with him A largo number of frtoii<U. w*y nbout forty or fifty; ?om? Tie from the Ktghteonth winl. end fom?i from the tenth ward; uien whom wito en took to tho meeting with k were not members of the r?PubllcAU pm ty, hut demo A. Qekey Hall?Is ihs witness a political encyclopedist O. O. Stewart?No. but he Is an expert, witness?The greatest portion of the men whom witness ?ought 10 the meeting votnl there, was not hlm.t If s uictu ter iT the republlonn party, waa a member of the derno Belto party. m. H. Mnuntfort trallflel to having hesrd Captain Ight-perhaps within two or three year* paei. make [vests again.I Mr.1 lioimwon, Speight aaId hv would get ? with Thompson *fg;i Welg Msem Here the evldenrwfor the plaintiff was rlo*ed. A. Oakev Hall, for lha defendant. then ope>ied his aide of ease, saving this action really Ilea in a very small com nntaball aa It were It possesses a seeming Ini* ance In one point of view, and ibal la a political one, I ene with wbleli the jury has nothing lo do. If this case was not of political Importance I should not hare the Measure of meeting here, as one of this counsel for the Melnttff. my honorable Mend, Colonel Stewart h. Woodford, Me lleulejtent Governor s.ei of The State nor world I beheld, aa waa lha case yesterday, the Warwick of a narty. WaJdo Dutches, on the stau.l Ms wlluett. Hut with Ibe ?Mltleel completion and Interests of the < ase, thta court, this Mgr. I. myself, have nothing to do ne I aeld before We ?gal with the legal |arlni, and that is t plain one, ami can l?e ??tally and distinct!} stated. Their are two or three Utile ?Pgrlslons of law whmli govern the esae These Pttle pp. ?psoas of law are to this esse as a minister s la st it lo his ggfmon, and we must stick to the test. Mr Hall then read some provisions nf law, si d before BSBelndlng and referring to the politician* as .. el i*s said In ?eery Innoeent manner that be was not b'm/eif one and Mew nothing of politics, which, of eo'irse created quite a rasTtuonv ros turn nemsrs _4ohn A Kennedy. Hiiperictemlent nt ihn Metropolitan ?pkis. was the hrsi witness railed for the defemlaiit lie Mve In tesibnouy an attract from the records of the I'ollce Mas, aa foti. ws - . Ssrvvsssk 18, HWMi tl 1*. M. ? ell Cnh.cI repuhlleau primary meetings to be held to hlln as Ob Assembly district.?if held In your precinct, i Will ferrilsh sufficient poller force to preserve order ai meetings under orders of the p' est Jem if the aasoria end spphnled hy hltn ,1 A K *- inter waa Issued to r?pi*in ipeight. as well aa to . and accounted nv a one of Capiahi (Wight's men ng In attendance at the prteicrt inscUog. where Mr. ?*to waa Interested., ... applied to by Mr L t Stewart to releaae Captain it,eight Witness rwmrt, the pollae are under my charge and I cannot them over te you Thai* was mneTilerai le lecllng _ Jled between Mr Htsweileud riuprrlnteudeni John n Ottlwell lestt/ted - Was Alderman.,? the Nlvh'eenlh ?rar* In Meptssnber, IMS, reqeesiad c.,,uio ?*v?l?t. Pi have A teres en lend early at the primary tneeit g sis. r..,,,? CkAtaU Hpelgbl to some hlmseli. an J not semi a s?rge?nt BApi ihandad thai there would be disorder Arthur Rourhe who waa roundem?n. iteptemher. 1WA. took aaaaad to the primary masting, eew Mr. Thotnpe.,1, very ex Med: heard him per that the police had no business .hem at >t hour and last be would have them broke, and that if Commissioners would not break ibeni he would to ih. sslooers 'boss." le eddreeeed his remarks to ' E Bailee mem James Be.Ins lestiSed lo knowing Mr. Thompson twenty ??? years Thompson was In the I'listom House In 1Mb ? 'oeas took a great Internal In Ilia ' M" ?Ms primary lo support delegate. Witneae' eld# waa the strongest I i ejection sriinese weul t. in favor 01 Mr Her! ??PPBH etrnsgesl; knew nf ibiue dlffcreot ? on the street In from of where the primary wae ?M before Mr Thompson wae arrested, did mil lieei Mylhlng aeld shout arrest' ng teuton's harbor guster; knew thai Mr. ilreen told Th'0ips..o that sr; Knew thai Mr. Ilreen told Thompson IBM ^^^??.nly man whom the OoTernoe could break "Arbor Master, masting Mr. Thompson, Thompson Mood many things which he could nol do; Thompson ***'?? his boys to go In and win, he addressed sucn re "" " to scary body generally Mr. Thompson le e very ff"***autpsraon If you are with his* but If you are against C7v " '?r7 '".Islernus witness was Ihs man who gars o i money which helped to elect him ?o?Vi*,V ~ T"" speak on political mailers de b' an esiicrt t tws toT.- '1 ,,',n 1 k,ln,lr ?? ' m ?* 6?r*rt; but I have Mr WsUauw f I'runary mcctinga. hers been where blood has been ahedf Shai nrnht. taken a baud In. I did more Iben you did ALM*e*5l,0" "MMative of Ceptaln ffpeigbtf A IMlSattidkui2% ln. h0?ii"?* relations with him? JLirtment " "oarding nflicer wh-n bs wae In tbe ^g^^bdlgr-Tou were m ihs habit of Mklng him ' Wshsm^yTrrn * * *"m * lo my life, trbea be wasgolag te ffuropsf"1 hlm * '",k" of ?hsmpsgn# Mt. Hreee did: I went to drink him off- I look e ' Wffat la lha prtmarr maaiinn f ^ to , ?D'H And mm thtr* ih* pui",n? "?? JiP w v-( ff?#r?TL |# i| nmwp to m A. O. Hiu-Tto wltiMM la against too. to the fa.-t o' th.- wll'ieaa bet"? under <?th.> . , tfr We'.et.T?I ??w ihal there ?" *?,n*to. <* ? row, and la T took an part In the tertmerv. . . ? . Mr. ?nn were no! aoalahty tn tba station house. hoi under ar'A-i there. did yeu ?"i go to your bouaaf Witness-Y.a: I want thai# Under guard to act annja things ? on wuntad to got, >od which things you afterwards got hold of. ... Mr Wa'.atar.' What la your boitnaaa I A. I waesxamln lug aeronntr two vears ago. Q. Ia tv.t roar Itualnraaf A. It was. 0 Ha? r you been a aportlng man I A. laotorccaa. Mr. V. abater?You play faro f A. No, alrt I do not play faro. Mr . Webater?Ton keep a faro bank t A. No. I don't. y. r. Wabatar?You n?ver kept one In yonr life I A. Ne. Mr. Wahatar?Yon never have bean Interested In oaaf A. I will aiinwer that queatton if the Judge aaya I am obliged to do CO. Judge Jnnaa made a remark, when the wltneaa tald?I loaned money topartlea who have been Intereated In faro. Mr Webatar?when where you the last Ume tn the station house 1 Witneaa?I did not know that 1 waa there but once; 1 remember being token one night with tome frtenda for playing poker. Mr. Webaiar?That wag the only game yen wort playing T Wltneaa?That waa aH. The teatimnny on both aldee eloeed with the evldenee of Jeremiah Lathrop. Colonel 8. L waodford anmmed up for the plaintiff. In the course of hla remark? he aald ?.?"Having' been abeent from the city, and In the array at the Ume, I tnok no (pedal Internet In the ancoeat of the reapeotlve factions. I felt It the duty of every good citizen to do alt that In him lav ... -lyfiiVf r- ? " to preaervo the purity of the primary eteotlona." Be dwell at aoms length on the Illegal praetieaa at primary aleotlona, and called en the Jury, aa good ciUiena, to stand by him to show that theae avlla tonalbe correcled. and that no police force ean ho used to further political ends. The Judge haying delivered hla aharge, the Jury went out. and remaining there over twenty minutes were ordered to taring In a lenled verdtol. the same to be read id open court ou Monday morning next et eleven o'clock. I Liabilit y of Steantehlp Companies for Baggage. Before Judge Barbour. I Jemphint latintu. La OampagMa Owwrafv Traiuad.wn'qur.? [Thin waa an action to recover 91,000 for the loaa of a quan | tlty of millinery gooda placed on board one of the Trench steamers of the new line running between Havre end New York. , The plaintiff, a Bleecker atreet milliner, was a pas senger on the vessel. and gave the goods into the custody of tbeoffloera.if the oteamer at Havre when she wee about to start. On the arrival here the gooda were delivered In a ooa dltlon. which the plaintiff claims made them wnrthleaa for use. The defendant itatea that the plaintiff endeavored to evade paving freightage, and denies substantially the com plaint. w. IJvlngaton for defendant, John B. Fogarty and vf. Bplllthoine fur plaintiff. The Right of u Hetel Keeper te the Ex> elusive Ch of the Name for a Carriage. Before Judge MoneU. IHre t?. lamb.?mi im en action for e permanent In. Junction, and lnvolvnd a question of aome Importance to hotel proprietors lu tbta oily. The plaintiff la the leiiee of the Present! Home, and alleged In hia complaint that the defendant, without hi* authority, put on a atage the name of "the Presoott House Hotel," and carried passenger* to the railway and steamboat depot*. It was proved that the plaintiff i evoked the permlsalon which the defendant had obtained from the former proprietor of the hotel, and that he hid entered Into a contract with Penpard and Batter to run the carriages and uae the mime. The cane was argued uud testimony given, and the Court reserved He decision. SUPREME COURT-SPECIAL TERM. Thr Knetmnn Fraud*?Action to Sot Anlde a* Alleged Fraudulent Mortgair. Before Judge Potter, Cbnirlluf S. Biwhndl to. Smith J. Earfm/in ei at?Thle ease, which has occupied the attention of this Court for the past eight days, is an acllou to eet aside an alleged fraudulent and illegal mortgage made by the defendant Smith J. East man, to his father, I<evl Eastman, In June, 1865. During the winter and spring nf IBM and IMS Smith J. Eastman had been in the habit of obtaining from various merchants In this city large sums of money on warehouse receipts, signed "A. K. Howe," which on their faee represented lsrge amounts nf lard as being stored In the warehouse* No*. 25 New street, and SI Water street while In reality there were no such quantities of lard In storage there as were represented by the receipts. This system was pursued with considerable entices" until the 17th of June 1IW8, when It was suddenly ascertained that Smith J, Eastman was missing. Ills credi tor* very naturally made earnest Inquiry regarding h's whereabouts, and upon making further Investigation th' v found thHt ho bad absconded. Their attention was then very naturally directed to the warehouse1) wheie their security wss supposed to lie, to see If any and what nmonnt of lard was there. They found something like flftydx tierces of lard In Walsr street and about the same quantity at the warehouse In New street. On the 27th of June h s creditors among whom were a nnmberof tlip most respon sible r"i .a la ihe city became fully convinced that the r 0 la inn. amounttn, to abont ghuO.OOO In the aggregate, stood a very poor chanco of lielng adjusted, as It would require between six and seven thousand tleroe* o' lard to cover the amouns. Immediate meaaures were Instituted to obtain a l ine to his whereabouts, and a mcsaonger who v. Ss dlgpstfhed 1)1 quest of him overtook him at i.vnns. In V'ceiu e. Here Eastman had been placed by his friends In a lunatic, asylum on the pica of Insanity. Arrsngnmeuls were -flv-ctcd between him and the agent or the New York creditors by the conditions of which he was t)> return to the United Ntates and surrender all his effects for tho benefit of his credtiore, and no legal proceedings were to be instituted against him. Pret to leaving for Europe, on ILo IStl. day of June I5 ;6. he hs>! eicntiled a mortgage conveying to lil? father property In Broad street worth shout $22,001). One of the victims, the plaintiff In this action, suspected that the debt for which this mortgage wan ma le hail never been actually contracted, and having obtained judgment against Eastman fin shorn (Ik) dU), Qomiucnrrd this ault to set aside the mortgage or OlHuli evidence of tta validity. Eastman's father hail always been reputed a poor man, and It was not twlleved that at anytime he Pad been In apoaltton to loan his ?m any ccnsldsrabln. If any, amount of money. Mr. Boatman, Sr., alleges that the debt for whMi this mortgage had Vrn siren grew out of some speculations which his son had made for him with some $4,600 which the old gentle man had in MS). No regular aceounls of these speculation* had been kept, bnt in IMKi Hmlth J. Eastman compiled a set of account* which, be alleged, embraced the transactions on his father's aocount, and which extended over a period of twelve years, Mr. B. J. Eastman was examined at consid erable length yesterday regarding Ms Insanity while In Prance, and to ascertain to what extent his alleged insanity wss home out by his sets while there, Twelve witnesses were also placed on the stand and testified that they would not believe him on ostli, snd that hla reputation bad been bad for about twelve or llflcen years. One of them slated on ornss-examlautlon that Eastman had sold hint, some time since, two hundred barrels of pork which were supt->s<-d to weigh two hundred pounds per barrel, but were round to contain from one htiudred and fllty to cue hundred snd seventy pounds each. Cave to be continued on Monday. Eur Hie plaintiff ex-Jndge IVrrrpont and Messrs. Barney, Butler end Pattertnu; for the defendant* Daniel D. Lord. SUPREME COURT-CHAMBERS. The Atlantic Wall Mtanmaliip (yompMity'is Im broglio !f<> I Ion to lllaselve nn Injunction. Before Judge Sutherland, dawlfat K. (7arrt?s ft at. rs. gmqy fl. Bortmm ef at ? This esse, which Is s motion to dissolve en Injunction re ?training e Board of Directors from exercising their func tions, was argued yesterday before this Court There ere et present no less than seven injunctions against the two boards of this company, three of which ere to restrain the old board from acting as directors, or voting ou, cr dls|s>s!ng of the company's stock, and four restraining the new board from acting. Decision reserved. For the plaintiffs, Messrs. Fill lnrtou end Rappallo; for the defendants. Vamlerj>eel, Mood ruff and Rsrger MAPIHF COURT. Anion lor Allegrtl Falsi- Iniprhsmtttipm nuil lit-tn mm ion. Before Judge Alter and a .1 try SarisA Jforris. as iq/vuii, '??/ Atr 'imtnllan, Jmrph Jfon-i', i Aaron MrnnHmn.?Thle was an action to recover $5hC dam ages for alleged false Imprisonment end defamation. The facte of the esse are these ?The ptstntiff statse that oc the 4th of Hepteinber In the present year, defendsnt, scorn pa; led by two o(Peers of the Metropolitan I'ollee force, maliciously entered the store of Mrs. Button, 642 Eighth avenue, end , there, without any reasonable or prob able cause, falsely accused plaintiff with having stolen twelve cloak- afld different plec. a of cloth, the prounrtv nf the defendant, srorth about t2*> snd accreted the same in the house No. if.l forty-second ?trs*t where the plaintiff then resided with her psin,!* The defendant, ns Is alleged, caused the plaintiff to be I (ken Into custody, atiJ removed forcibly frota ihs store against her will, anil restrained of ber liberty. The officers, by defendant's direc tions, sesrehed the honse for the missing property, but dirt not find It. The plslntltl steles that sbs was never guilty of this effence; that alter the search she was Obrharged from ?rre,t snd Imprisonment, and that hy the course thus Pursued tnwsnl her by the defnirtsnl she his auf fcreil dsn-syce to the extent of tsotl tlist the defend ant, at different planes, maliciously accused Ihe plaintiff >it Uavlug eomtnitb't this offence, and that he used wocda hi the Herman language to the , ffeot that ?? he had mlssad twelve el .aks and seme plecea of cloths" the! he had a sua pielon of hai the plaintiff); that he went Into the country, end cntmrfed hla hns.oeas to her In his ahaeti. c, and thai he bed aak rl. who else bnt the plaintiff could have taken the goods J The plaintiff claims the' all this was calculated to deprive her . f her good name and reputation. The de fendant dented ell the allegations made by the plaintiff, and stated that he si d probable sense to believe ?hst she had taken sway the goods, lis nsserled that iheeestrch was nude by good and lawful authority,and de nted the statamei.t made by Ihe plaintiff tin- he had da fame.1 her reputation The case lasted during the greater portion of the day. I* resulted In e verdict for the plaintiff Tor ffffc with $2f> ee're allowance. COUNT GENERAL SESSIONS. Jen ? O Hrlrn .Httiimrnl lake 11 una tn Jan oarr. H#f?>.?.lii.lge BttMal. i in. before im ad inurnment of the court la the afternoon Jeremiah (VPrion ws? plw M at Iho bar far sentence Aaatstant Plstrtol Attoraa, Bedford?If your Honor pleaao u now Doanmaa r?; painful July In mora for the judgment of the law In tha cane of Jero-niah O'Bnan, ennr tried during Iho present term el 'lila court, of the orimo of murder In tha ae. r.domort the rtrrk?Jeremiah O'Brien, yaw may fiirl dear*, Mr v?i .lorooH the rlork?Jeremiah ri'Ilrlon, yaw remember that too hare heretofore been Indicted for a oer". Italn murder an 1 felony hjr yon d- ao and eommlttad I'pon that Indictment yon were arraigned. unon your arraignment ami pleaded not guilty and put youreelf upon thenmieiry for trial which ??? unlrr hath fonnn ton guilty What he-e you 0 w lo ...? why ndgment of death should not be L'Iooou loed I against jou soordlnc In law I araa it or ana raiaour*. Jeremiah O'Brien aal.i ?All I haae got lo say la that I ant aerra for ihe . rtma wh|. h 1 commuted Wheu I committed (1 I did not know what I waa doing, I waa out of tnr nalud 1 hara got uo more u> say. aaxanaa ne ma rpnee Judge R'litel. hi pe* aenienra, (|?ke aa follows:?Toll baag been Indicted. Tied and 'onrtmed of the murder of ad Hinlth. on the Xnh of Jnue laat. You haae bee* ably inda I hy the eonhael assigned hy the Court. They did ?aerytMbg that human ingenuity rnald dealaa In ynur da fence, bba the erldenre was of ao oaarwhelming a rharaeier aa net In las ae a dotil.i of yo?r gniii or tha motlaae that 1n fllieaired tha^ci- t here nerer alnae I hara been In this court presiding wihf a eapltal trial wbree ih? e*iden*a of oramell. la* Ion or malten haa tieen an rlear aall haa been In thtacaaa of yours Yen Oewowl'cd tha Idea, amnrdlug tn tha ealdence, at Iwelre n'rlork frN't day. and a d an associate of ynura lo aa. alat you la tha ladh'dlna of a letter. That laltar. aftar U waa Indlrted at twahre <a'"loek. you hnl In your peseeaamn Tou went np. and on Ik# corner of wonaier end Prinew streets yon committed another crime In stealing a knlfa You had (hai knife la ynur poee*?Jb>o for oneihonr and a half Yoa took tha letter and gore Htn a erlople tn lake to tha home You raoalrad an aeawer Wa ge not know what that anewer contained, ?" '? waa not eihlbltcd on the irial, but we bm?e a right lo Infer that II waa written and sent with a ? ?? of akoertalalng whether she Waa at her bonae. Yoii followed ibn answer, went up I'elra tn her mom. and the flrat Inf.ifcmatlnn lha inmates bad was bearing a scream. Tbey ran ap, ??<? they found your tic. llm on her knrae. yon a tanning over her. aWib a knife in your hand, and she Imploring tou k* the tare yau bore y.ur mother to glee hrr the knife Pome one wkl lo her. '?Ron" n he followed lhat lueirortlon ydp ran after a?r. and M too ?ot to the end of the att'renae too nlnnred the knife in her b*. t ie?r ni her heart In too, the rn'n' of the kn'fe nearly gnlne Ihroi'tth. Thle l? a moat a'rnelniie oeee. It 1- one In which the liwr of t od as welt a? m n I n po?e the eeme penalty. The lewe of tlod aay, "Thru h?? who aheddeth man'e blood br mat ahall hta b'ond he ahed;" the law* of men say. '"For en otfenoe or thla kind the pon'eh ment la death." The duty im rawed on me t| a very pv, .|eaa ant one, hut It ta one that I ranrot "brink from the ? or form .ure of, which la to tmfoae that lentenee who'll the law hee ordained for a crime of this magnitude, Tlie a*n tenue of 'he eo'irt la that mu he taken to the nlaco frtim Whenee yon oame and there'detained nntU the iHih of Jauu ?(?next, at trhleh time *ou be hanced by the nook; and may God hare mercy on your aoul. Hie prisoner remained perfect!* calm, and looked quite delected while the Jcdfe waa adtlreaalnr htm. . The Clark then read he death we-rant. and handed oyer O'Brien to the custody of Sheriff KeHj, who mi In altend KBMk Although fl'Brlen wae sentenced to ho eiocnted In danti. nry, the aentenee will not be carried Into execution at tllel . eounael Intend to brlnr the oaae op to the Court of Apmala?a proceeding which will delay the execution for h number of montba Before the calendar waa called hie Honor proceeded to ?nntenoe the prisoners who were remanded during the W(*t Wllltsm H, McGrory and .Tome* Tlghe, wbewere oonvictrd of robbery In the first degree baring stolen an from a hoy aainnd Thomas Millar, ware each sent to lb* I lata PrUoa for Are ream. Bpeneiua Davoa, who waa oenvlcted of grand larceny, waa sentenced to two yeara' Imprisonment Id the Btata frtwxi, Thomaa Wilson, who pleaded guilty to burglary In the third degree, waa aent to the RtatePrison for one year. Charles I.e Roux, who made an Indeeent aaaault upon Amni'ta Bttenger. waa aent the Penitentiary for one year. Wllltum J. Bailey, who atole a ralnabta diamond ring from the atore of Tiffany ft Co., and pleaded guilty to an attempt at larcenr. waa aent to the Penitentiary for all months and fined (300. The ring waa returned. William Pnugtaa was tried and oonrlcted of grand larceny In stealing (8A| In money from Rev. Klmtre Founnont, of ?the French Cnlholle ehiirch on the Stat of October. The se emed was a clerk to the ohuroh anthorttlea. and collerted the pew rents. PatheHlouesee, In wboaftcuatody the money waa placed, and Oapt. Haddon were the witnesses against Douglass, who when arrested acknowledged his guilt The CHr Judge Imposed the highest penalty the law al lowed, which waa Are years' Imprisonment In the Btato Prison. Ma thaw Link, charged with stealing a watch valued at (AO, the property of George Penntek, No. 119 West Twonty. " eighth street, on the 14th of October, pleaded guilty 10 an at tempt at grttnd larceny. He was aent to the State Prison for two years. Thomas O'Ponnell waa convicted ef burglary In the third degree. On the night qf the 3d of October an officer found the premises of George A. Merwtn ft Co., 343 Washington street, onen, and upon searching discovered the prisoner concealed behind two flour barrels. There were extenu ating clrruinatanoes shown upon the trial, as wall aa the previous good character of O'Ponnell, which Induced the Judge to Impose a low penalty, his sentence being one year to the Rtate Prison. John MoCormack, Indicted for stealing a coat valned at (32 from Eugene Seymour, ou the 33d of September, pleaded guijty to petty laroany and was sent to the Penitentiary for six months. Catherine Stuart pleaded guilty to an attempt at grand larceny In stealing money and Jewelry, valued at (89. from Margaret McCarthy, Mo. 10 Oak street. She wee scot to the House of Refuge. Michael Kolly was tried upon a charge of petty larceny from tha person, the complainant being George H. Swords, Jr., 233 It cat Twenty-third street who, on the 18th of Oc tober, lost a gold locket A witness for the peopla testified that he saw the accused take something from the pocket of Mr. flwords, who waa sitting upon tbeeurbstone in an Insen sible condition, but bit statement was so eontradlotorv that the jury plaeed no confidence In It. Relly proved sn excel lent character, and the Jury acquitted bun without leaving their seats. DECISIONS IN COURT OF COMMON PLEAS-SPECIAL TERM. By John R. Brady, Justice. Thessalln vs. Roeset The parties mutt appear on settle ment of the order on the 23d Inst. By Albert Cardoso, Justice. Meyer ve. Piiuikner.?Stay of proceedings reduced te Ore days from November 28. No costs By O.P; l)alv. Justice, The People vs. Barrett.?Motion granted. COURT CALENDAR?THIS DAY. SrntitioR Count?Part 1.?Case on. Part 2?Case on also. Cn*uox Pi.eis Court ?Trial terms adjourned for the term. Msrivs Court. ?Noe. IBS. 190 to 193, 200, 903, 808, MM, 208, 207 , 20?, 210, 211 to 219, 221. THE fURIRAN STREET HOMXIDE. Trial of Kiiffi-ue J. Fergrnn?Evidence for the Prosecution?Vt-r dirt of Utility el Maa> aluiittlitcr in t'ic Third llrsrcr. The trial of Eitg'-n* J. Fcrgns. Indicted for the murder of Patrick Mclunnn on the 6th of Angust last, ira* continued yertepday morning nt ten o'clock in the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Brooklyn. The nr.mes of Ibo jury having been called, Mr. MoKn .ble at 01,00 proceeded to examine the re in lining witnesses cu the part of tho defence. TIIK EVIDENCE. .1 inu'S tiaUnchan lestlhed tint hu was present at the shoot Itit; .fliilr of the Sth of August last; he heard one of the Mc nuaun's party say "Rill the sou of a bitch;" he then saw M' littann ?nd three others strike tho prisoner twice; one of of them s'.ruck him four times. On i rnsf ?cjamlnatton this witness became somewhat con fnreil, end contradicted his own statement to reference to the titlark on Fergus. Peter millions. Thomas Keenan, Charts# MeOum and John Dorlnv testified that the general reputation of the prisoner for p? icMblrness snd quiet was very good. Pel rick Fergus teslUleil that ha was the fathar of the prisoner; was a physician and surgeon by profession; had leslded In Brooklyn alnrn January last; for eighteen rears pr vlnus to that tout lived In Canaila; the prisoner had'lived with htm In Canada seventeen years; the prisoner was twenty-two years of age the 19th of August last; ou leaving him the prisoner had worked on the lakes for two summers, and had then corns to New York; while prisoner had lived with htm he had home a very gonil character; prisoner was his (witness') very pride on account of hts goodness; about tan dura previous to the shooting of MflQnanu witness had a conversation with prisoner with reference to tbepa'Uee who had beaten htm on the dock; witness advised him to Indict them, and latve them hound over to keep the peace; prisoner said It was useless to do so, as Norton and Me uiunn belonged to a had crowd, and aome of the crowd who wre not bound over would heat him (he next time; he said further (hat he would try and ho reconciled to them, and become friends agntn. The defence here rested their case. Mr. Troy In behalf of the prosecution, (hen recalled Dr. Wright who testified that the bullet had entered the left parietal bone of the skull; if the nutlet had hud force enough to go through the head In the name direction, It have come out at the right temple; It was Impossible, hovvi-vrr. to calculate the point from which a shot was fired by the direction which ? took after It struck the ?kult. Thomas Mclloolev testified Unit he knew Fergus; was brother In-law to MeOusnn: had heard that Fergus, whi n he was bertender to O'Maltey, would take clubs to people; bad heard also that he w as eery offensive. James MrPaisy tesilfled that .he knew prisoner; the gen eral reputation of the prisoner was thai he was a pretty hard fellow. John I.ynch testified that he was a Conner hy trade; knew Fergus snd Mctfuann; the general reputation of Fergus for R?are snd quietness was bad; bad said that U* he ever met ergtis at an rieuralnn, ball or party, Fergus woul I litvo to he brought home either In a hoarse or a carriage, ; ut that was nine months ago. a long time before the dfiSculty be tween Fergus ami MrOiisnn at the dock. This r|o?ed the testimony tn the case. Mr. (looney here summed op ai considers hie ten ;th on the part nf the defence. He laid great stress on the ? ofiuoetloh of most of the wltueeaas for the prosecution with tho ?une crowd to which Mr. Mr'luann had belonged, lie made a si niching review of the testimony, anil urced upon ibe 1' iy that In view of the threat mstln by Lynch, ai u which it hud been proved by two witnesses had keen made, not nine mouths, but teas than ten days belore tho ahomirg of Mr'liiaun, Feigns bad reason to apprehend, when met and attacked by thi deegnted and Ids friends, grrnt persons! In iurv. such as would justify hltn in protecting htinsrtf, eveq y iiklaA tke life of hid asssnsnts He oooneeded that Fer? gus must cither be found guilty of murder In Hie fir.-t de. grre, manslaughter In the third degree, or JutUllable hutnl eide. Mr. Troy summed up on the part of tho prosecution. He said thai the poaittlnn Of the hiillnt wound showed thst at ihe tin.a Fergus bred tha shot Moiiuaun had alre.oly turned to Ree from Elm Fergus could therefore have Iuhmi In no danger of serious personal Injury when bo rotom.tied the murder; snd If tho evidence proved to the jury that the mnrdei was peri atrsted In the heaf of passion, the ihinrt would Instruct llieni that unless It wee also shown that it wee committed without u design to kit!, the prisoner would not be rcllev.,,1 fVoin the guilt of murder Jiidse Lott here charged the Jury el considerable length, carefully reviewing the testimony otfeied ua either sTde,

and stating the law of the case. IRK VIRDtPT. The jnry then retired for deliberation snd after an Inter val of an hour and a half returned ?nd presumed a verdict of guliiy of manslaughter In the tlilid degree. The Judge reserved saulsnca until Ibte morning, at half-past nine oM? k. STATEN ISLAND INTELLIGENCE. A Paivm. Onccnnctcn.?A few day* sines aa inier anting child of Mr. Cubbo, of TompklnavUle. waa dan gerously Kicked by a horaa belonging to Ita father. The ohlld happened to be playing convenient to where the horse waa feeding, and waa struck in the head so se verely that no hopes are entertained of tte recovery. Tea I .a re Acctoeirr in ran Bat.?A large alee ship's quarter boat waa picked up on Thursday, opposite Boy Ridge, bottom up, which la auppoaod to bava beau stolen M night from one of the ahipa In the harbor by aomo dock ihlevee for the purpose of plunder. Many veeeeie lay* ing at aanhor la the stream are known to hare boon robbed, a faw eights ago, of diflhrent art idea. The boat was towed to Bay Bidge. The late orcu pants of tlie boat, with their plunder, it la believed, met with n watery grave. Ricanoeo Copvrr Sownoaa. ?Th* Circuit Court and Court of O/er tad Terminer mat at Richmond on tbo 90th Inst, whan ? Juiy for each araa ampanaliad. Judges ttrhmgham and Metcalfe proa.ding The first nam ad gem1?niiu>. in addressing tba Orand Jury, took occaalon m criticise Mtrereiy tha action* of lha Hquor dealara of the count/ m opposing lha if tha Kxctae law. Tnn Mrraocoirr <* Pouca Fonon.?The Supervisors of Richmond county Inland In n faw da/a to call a mealing to c'lacuan lha merits of tba lata decision of thw Supreme Oeoit, which corapala them to levy a tax on tRF count/ for tka maintenance of tba police foroe atailonaat at Pta platen, and aa it appears tba amount now called for far exceed! the lun first stipulated, Hie tax pa/art are there, fore davarrnlQ*d b/ all poaalbla lagal tnaaua to bar a the fcrca wt.bdrawn. HEW STEAMSHIP COlttillA, OF THE AHCHOH UME The naw steamablp Columbia, of tha Anchor Una of ?teamen, pl/lng batwaan Olwutow and Naw York, was thrown open to tba Inspection of the puh'lc on Friday last, and on Satnrday alia tailed for Glasgow. Tha hull of tha Columbia, lite the other tcaaale of lha Anchor Una, la eowatructed of iron, and wa* built b/ Alaiandar Stephens k Sons, Glasgow, Tha boH la di vided Into flva water tight compartment!. Her dlmen Mm arc ?length, 9*3 feet; breadth of beam, S3 feat 0 Inches; depth of hold, 23 fast; tonnage, 1,007, British measurement. St.# HI a straw I tea mar of 300 boras power and bark rigged. The (Vilnnftit* waahnlH nn.ler th# anperintandrnee of her owner*, who wajo rr?aM''Al sb'pmaoiera F?f some re<i% and there are nianv o?w sod ?<>'?'yrrr^rz'rlh * W W?*ll 'Or Hi? flOlP ? . <tl? _ __a ?"d ?'? "?^wo.k. beng nrd*>ie n#i? vena very fln? eflect. Bhe ha* ituu-rooma lor liny <m claM aild t)?rihM for eighty iteorege passengers nn h(,f tT,ain deck. la addition to lior itoorag# ?ccom ^^jdaWona on th? hertu dock. Tha steer ige a- wen a* ^iu j, |l(UiU*<l bj at earn. Many use I! J!r0Ve-**',>1? and convenience* are to bo seen lit iila a till1 _ M)] t|,ere la no donht tne Columbia will prove i vali'^t.Kj arqq's tloa to the Anchor Una. Meagre. fn">.t MacDouald 4 Co., No. 6 Bowling Green, are ?'.e agtuu. PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH. New York and Lena Inland Convecntlen Heparnllon of Ike IMoreee? Feelln# Between the niabep and Clergy the 8?kJeet?Ad Jon rn men tt dee. At balf-peat .even o'clock on Tliursday evening the Joint convocation of rectors of the Episcopal obarcbea of Long Island wee renamed at Grace church, Brooklyn Heights. The procession of clergymen, numbering now about fifty, entered from the vestry room, preceded a* before by tbe choristers, singing? Jerusalem, tbe golden. With milk end honey blest, Beneath thy contemplation Sink heart and voice oppreet. Tbe Convention wee opened with the regular evening prayer, after which the order of business was entered upon. Statistical circulars, giving an exhibit of the Long Wand churches, were distributed among the atom* here of tbo Convention, and alao for tha edlflcatioa of the laity. A preamble and reaolution waa offered by tbe Rev. Dr. LlUleJobn, of Trinity cbnrob, Brooklyn, as follows Whereas, from various causes, chief amongst which Is the rapid growth of population, than la an Increasing demand on thi. i-Tand for tbe work and service* of this branch of the Catholic Cburehi therefore. Resolved, T^hat In the Judgment of tha etorgy andjstt^ here assembled, the time baa arrived when soma mean* should bo devised for mooting' thte demand. The presence of the circulars and the anbstanee of thta resolution Indicated what waa to he tha tenor of the die cussions for the evening. Tbey were Intimations of a combined movement on the part of the Long Island Con vocation, with a view to a separation from the diocese of New York and tbe establishment of a new diooesei Aa Bishop Potter occupied the chair, the subject wss-under tbe circnmstanoee a delicate one, and during the discus sion which followed elicited from the Bishop remarks which from their tone and substance, showed a consider able degree of sensitiveness. A statement waa made by the Rev. Mr. Moon, of St. George's, Hempstead, showing the condition of Queens and Suffolk counties. Hunter's Poini, Long Island City, _ ?jb, - Raveoswood, Astoria, Flushing, Whiteside. Bayside, Manhasset, Glen Gove, Cold Spring, Huntington, Sctauket, Smlthtown, Yaphank. Patcbogue, Is lip, South Oyster Bey, Babylon, Rockaway, Hempstead and Jamaica are provided with churches, leaving a large portion of these eon vocations in the rural districts unprovided. Other denominations were laboring among the population, and were obtaining a foothold where there waa not even en Episcopal mis sionary. There were four hundred end twelve thou sand Inhabitants on the island, and tbeobnrch was called upon to eee that no portion or tbia great field waa left destitute, call voa mrsrojvAST labor. Thp Rev. Mr. Paddock, of 8l Peter, State street, al luded to the urgent call for missionary laborers, Under the present organization of rectors there It was Imprac ticable to meet tbe wants of the whole Island. Even the BishOR, with his auxiliaries of devoted rectors andtay men, realized tbe inadequacy of their resources. The Bishop had too much to do already, and the church on tbo Island waa practically without a leader. Bishop Potter had Intended to remain silent on this subject; but be here felt called upon to say that h* had been In the habit of visiting the northern convocations and the convocations of West chester and Dutchess counties four times each year, though his relations to the Long Island con vocations had never been tbe earne as to the others, and he trusted that tbo want of hie presence would not afford an excuse for relaxing or neglecting work to bo done. He waa willing, however, that a bishop should bo assigned to Long Island, and he believed It would be a beueflt. He waa not aware that he was ex-ofllolo Presi dent of the Kings County Convocation; and be did wish them to enter Into his reasons for not vls'tlng Long Island, disclaiming, howevsr, physical Inability. Rev. Or. Lrmjuom, after a few remarks of deference to tbe Bishop, offered tbe following resolution, which was passed unanimously:? Resolved, That a Joint eommlttee of the convocations of Kings, Huffolk and Queens counties, be requested do con shier and report to the next Joint meeting of the Convoca tion*. or to each Convocation separately, what should be done to promote tbt missionary seal and activity on Long Island. The thank* of the convention were then by a unani mous vote tendered to Rev. Dr. Botftnan and hie assist ante for the uae of Grace church and the excellence of tbclr arrangements for the Convocation, and also to the Right Rev. Bishop Potter tor. hla ab e sermon in the morning. The Bimor then addreeeed some affectionate remark* to the Convention, disavowing any intention to paas cen sure on the Convocation*. He said he had been sensitive to some observations made daring the discussion, which he thought reflected unjustly on Ttlm. The evening see sion then closed witb the Gloria in KnriiU and bene diction. KKSSIO* O* TSSTKROAT MORKISO. At ten o'clock yesterday morning the business of the Convocation was resumed, the Rot. W. H Moore, Dean of the Convocations of Queens and Suffolk counties, no cupylng the chair, in tho nbsonoe of Bishop I'ottor. Ibe proceedings of tho morning were Inaugurated, as usual, br Divine service. On motion of Dr. Ltttlejohn to add the name* of two members from the Queens and Suf folk Convocations to the Jnlot Committee berctoloro up|smiled to rejKirt to the next loinl meeting of tho Con vacations, or to the Convocations separately, concerning means lor promoting missionary activity and zeal throughout the Church on th* Island, the Chair added the names of the Rev. Mr. Root and the Hon. D. Floyd Jones, Tho committees, as now constituted, consisted of the Itevs John A. Paddock. D. TV; E. A. Hoffman, D. IV, >ind Edward lodd, Esq., for Kings county, and Rev. Drs W. H. Moore, N. W. T. Root and Hon. D. Floyd Jones for Queens county. 'Hio Kev. Thomas Cook introduced tho aubjct of the division of the diocese, as I lie main subject of the meet ing of the convocations, the Kov. lira l.lttlejohu, Has kins, Rev. Mr. Cook nod Charles Congdon, Esq., par ticipated in tho discussion. The Rev I?r. IUskivh offered a resolution to the effect thai the clergy and laity of long Island lai invited to meet together In the ctly of Brooklyn on tho second Thursday of |ie< ember, to consider ilia subject of the dlV'Slon of the dim esc. This was umonded by the Rev. Mr. Jar-re ao as to read as follow*:? !tn? ived, Thst a joint ui-eltng of the'Convooatlona of Kings. Qn<-ri.a and Suffolk eountlea shall bo held at (iracu church, Brooklyn, on Hie ssoor,,| Tuesday In lienemi>er. Resolved, That ihe notleofor this ma ringahtll declare It It to be the object ot the meeting to diffuse such Informs tlou as shall prepare tha reetora and veatries of Long Island to answer the i|iicationa propounded to tin in by the ixunnif*. tee appointed at the Inst meeting of the Convocations of the dl'H-ese to consider tl.e subject Of dividing the dloeeae The amended resolutions were, and the Coo vention, after pray or and benediction, finally adjourned. Bi'.OOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Ahriwts Fon Vtot.ATto* or tiik Fxnsr Law - Quite a number of arresta liave recently been m.tde i.y the police for violation of the Excise law at Fort Hamilton, on Thursday afternoon, Rebecca Miller, Joseph Kelly, James Joyce and Dick Slater, for aelllng liquor without liennae. , Y'-aterday they appenred befora Justice Church, of the town of New Utrecht, f? I., and their axamtnatiwn was am down for the 90th mat Catharine O'Nell, who keeps. in conjunction with bar husband, a store at the corner or Nassau and Navy streeta. waa arrested for a similar of fence. but was subsequently released by Captain Jacobs, '' ~ ond praetor* ~ or the Forty-second precinct, it appearing that she acted under the oompulsion of her husband in the matter. Thx Armt amd Navy Union.? Coder the title of the Army and Navy Union, of Kings oounty, n permanent, and, It is believed, prosperous organization of veterans waa perfected on Thursday evening. The following office? were cbeeen for the ensuing year ?President, Major General H. W. fMocum, Vice Presidents, Com mander J. Jewwtt, United States Navy: General* E. A. Rosier and Jame* Jourdan ; Recording decretory, Colonel W. H. De Bevntee, Corresponding BeereCary, Colonel W J. Nag Is; Treasurer, Lieutenant Henry J. Foster Committees on finance and membership were also ap pointed. The object of the organisation baa been pre viously stated. Ar*bst or Tim Fon. OmSAtom -How a Mmmchakt Was Vict? ma so. ?The polio* of the Forty-second precinct have succeeded in spoiling * nice game whleh has been going on for some time past without Interruption. The fact* elicited are as follows:?Three men, named re spectively Thomas Hykas, Richard Chandier and George Williams, rag dealer* and padlars by occupation*, am ?l!ngcd to have purchased from Wm. Kelvin, a clerk in the employ of C. 0. Witts, of No 94 John street, New York, a largo amount of tin foil, which they disposed of to Edward Drtn- oll, a dealer in Junk, at No. 7 Prospect street. The pari lee namod, Including Drier oil, for receiving stolen goods, were arrested on Wsdneeday afternoon, when another plot against (he property of lfr. WHle was lirought to light. Wltllame, above mentioned, Dm.el Hurley, William Horn, and Denial Alien were alao arrested on clisrge of lar eny from the pSTMO. Tliey ate i barged wltli having stolen from the person of Mr. WHte'a clerk, Meivin, three checks, to the value of 190. |1,062 and f2111. The tatter amount was cashed by them. Tits ether two being marked for deposit, were of course un available. The merchant's clerk' I* believed lobe in volved lu the mailer. The trial will take place in Near Yoilc. A IbiiRBTTC Gnr.*T.?Th* Inmate* of a certain house fh I.uqueer street, near Clinton, had their nermus ay*, ten. a much shocked and exercised by a supposed appari tion. The occupants of the habitation in qneetlon bare bad Ik *ir rest broken at the solemn hour of midnight, when n'vawn'tig grsree give up their dond," by the pit pat A.' d gliding of a tall. **unl firm* from the" attic story to t,'ie tweeim-nt, wlllioul anv one having the courage to /ollow or question the ?|ieclie. Tin parr familial bavin" musteredantSetMt resolution, reluctant that hit h<m?eV,'?",d hsrlror such uneruigenlul r having followed *?'d valuly hailed Hie vp. it from the upper to Hie lee er fx riioit idlhe house. *. In the n> aniline at a r?.,vcv'ul dtwance, solved the mm Wry by dssh'ng the. contents of ? can of water apou tha figure, wlr.cli, wilb a loud shrink, did not vanish, but turnct round, and confronting Ha a-sallant, proved, Ilka Mrs 1'ittuke, In Don Juan, a veritable piece of hum.iuity. In iho shape of Bridget, wliu bad become a Munuain tnil!-t. The water cured ber of bar raid for lUo nig ht, atleast. NEW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE. Jo racy City. Assault and HorgauKivaino?ANoreea tuna is nil Chat*.?The man wboaa arrest waa recently noticed In the Hrrald aa James Braden turns out to be a different member of tbe gang, named Raff-rty. The real Braden waa arrested yesterday morning by a detective, and both are now tn the county Jail. hu?At three o'clock yeeterday morning a Ore broke ont In Blackmore'a foundry, Railroad avenue, near tbe oomer of Proepect street. Home Inflammable material caoght lira from tbe furnaoe, but the proinptneae of tbe Fire Department prevented tbe liamea from spreading, and tbe loaa waa slight. Brrgea. Trial or rn Ukucsnsid Liquor Dralrrs ? It accord ance with tbe adjenrnment last week of tbe cases of nn licensed llqaor Tender* wbe had applied for a Jury trial, tbe flnt oaao, that of John McQinney, waa brought up on Thursday, u waa given in evtdaoe# that a hotel ostensibly belonging to tbe defendant waa kept on tbe Newark Plank road, containing n bar wbera liquor bad been frequently aold. Tbe Jury disagreed en ibe point whether MoOlnney really owned the concern. At tbe oonelualoa of the trial the remaiatng cases, thirteen In number, wore adjourned to next Friday. Cttjr. Thi Ijbuauy AisooiA?mi?The wlim appointed ata publio meeting held la this place to eomplete an organisation for a public library and reading room have elected tbo following named gentlemen aa offioere and member* of the Board of Trust us;?Oerrll 0. Van Relpon, President: 8. B. Plereon, Vice President! 0. H. Moody, Secretary [ Frederick T. Ashman, Tredlurer; Moody, Secretary! Frederick T. Jtsnman, Trsmurer; Prank I* Noble, John II Ogden, Henry A. Thomas, ~ * Parry T. Cumber. Prank I* Noble, John II Ofden. ? George W. Baker, Danli P. Griffith, son, Richard H. H. Steel, George P. Hi iaWkk' Newark* Raoaoad Aoasmrr?A Boy's Ami Sim so rami am Bout.?Henry L, Tost, a boy about twelve years old, In ?ndearoiinf to Jump from the nine A. M. train from Montclalr, at Bloomfleld, fell between tbo ears, and bis right arm was severed from hla body. The left leg was horribly mutilated. This line Is a branch of the Morris Aixsosn Robbsbt ? a charge was yesterday mad* by Mr. David C Dodd, Jr., of the firm of Hall, Dodd k Co., against Mr. Edward A. Osborne, who has been In their employ for several years. The firm carry on business as Jewellers, at S6 Walnut street, and having lost gold to the amount of $2,000 or $$,000, they allege that Mr. Osborne has committed the theft. Narkow Escapes.?John Wrlgley, a boatman on the canal, was discovered In a perilous oondltlon, between bin heat and the shore, on Thursday evening, and, being Intoxtoated be was unable to reaoua. himself, With the assistance of an officer he was finally rescued. A little eon of Mr. Jobs 0. Davie, living In south Market street, had administered to blm a dose of while precipitate by mistake for medicine. The blunder was happily dis covered In tun* to save the child's life, and he la now doing welL Polios Coout.? An Interesting trial was In program during yesterday In the Newark police court It Is alleged that a Mrs Tear*, wbile her husband, who Is a mariner, was ont on coasting trips, has been too intimate with one Charles Kellrtt, of this city. Upon the return or Mr. Tears from one of bis voyages be was Informed of hts wife's transaction*, and at once made the charges against her and her alleged paramour. The latter waived an examination. Several wltnosMS were osamlned In the rase yesterday for the prosecution, after which the examination was adjourned for two weeks. THE JERSEY FIREKEN. TO THE EDITOR OP nil HERALD. An article appeared In your paper of the 19lh Inalant beaded " Cballonge Between tao Fire Companies to Teat the Power of the Engines," stating that "on Thanksgiving Day Engine Company No. 1 of West Hoboken would meet Engine Company No. 3 of Hudson City, to tret the power of ibelr respective engines," Ac., Ac. The facts Thanksgiving day," which Invitation had not boon acted upon by na when the above paragraph appeared. At a meeting held by us on the evening of the 22d, we decided to accept the Invitation, provided the Weat Ho boken Company would allow ua the dlfTeroace of the clan of engine*, their apparatus being of the Drat data ?Ize and oura of tho third class. HENRY EARL Hrneos Clrr, N. J., Nov. 28, 1804. THE CUSTOM HOUSE TAX AHP THE COLLECTOR. The following letter baa been addreaeed to Collector Smythe by George A. Edmonds H. A.Sxmra,? *"?"" "? Dnan Sir?I hsve Just received your note catling my attention to a Washington despatch In the Hntat-n of yaaterdey touching tba evidence said to hava been ukort by the Retrenchment Committee aa to your official o??n rtuct. No such statement has boon authorirod by the Commlttae; and. while I cannot with propriety discluee at tbla time the evidence token, I think it right, In view ..t,l^tvP0i)"^*tl00! w ?"?' J""" you Injustice which the final publication of tha whole evidence will correct. 1 am yours respectfully, GEO. A. EPMONSS. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HBRAI.D. W nrwnpw DaeaitniKKT, 1 New Toss Custom Housh, Nov. 28. IKCfl, { An exiraot from the deepatch of your Waahlngion correspondence of the 22d Inst., if understood to relato to practices under the present Collector, is, so far ss re gards the taxation of clerka political purpoees, un founded. It la not worth while to boast of a virtue that ha.. not been assailed by any temptation, yell think thai the enforcement of sueh sn imposition ss your corres l>omlent describe.- would be resisted by the clerks ss disparaging to their personal honor and'to the r speeto Witty of the service. AKTHCK MFEKMOKE. SALE OF THE OLD BOWERY THEATRE. ??? ? * Mr. Anthony J. Bleerker yesterday disposed of the Old Bowery theatre at public vendue. Hr. J. W. Dim tnlok became purchaser of the ground and building on ;*ymenl of the mm of $100,700. Our old play goers nre all familiar with lite history of tho estahl sbment thus bartered and sold. The corner (ftnne was laid In 1*28, by Mr. riilllp Hone, Mayor of tba city, aud the ediflre was completed at an ontlsv of $175,000. On the 28lh of May?two years later?It was destroyed by Are. After a lapse of elghly-slx days the bouse was again reedy for the reception of the public; end during'tlia eight yesra which succeeded the opening night financial prosperity attended the many ventures of the management. On the morning of Monday, September 22, 1*:wi, flames again burst forth frota tbo structure, and bolore nightfall the theatre for the second tunc was In aches Twelve months w?nl by and the house was reopened A few weeks later the est ?bllshmont was for tho third time burned down. In the year I'M the Bowery theatre redimnu was still fre quented by the masses, to whom It was closed la IH45 by th re urr nee of the dlsastei of other days. Again rebuilt, and again patronized, hut of later years by tha lower classes, it stood a hugs and somewhat unoomb monu menial pile until finally disponed of yesterday' What It* future fate will be, time will determine At noon a moderate attendance gathered about the tribuae of the auctioneer. Mr. Bleecker proceeded to describe the ground, which comprised six and one half lot*, of which three were situate on the Bowery and three aud a half on Elizabeth street, the building cov ering a plot shaped like aa L. The dimensions of the building were seventy-fly# feet on tho Boweyr eights seven feet stz Incbe* on Elizabeth street; Its depth from east to west was two hundred feet Previous to the final award of the property ma arrangement was made by which Mr. John 8. Glli, who artod aa trusts? to? oertoln stockholders, constntod to dispone of his ooe ninth part of lbs asms simultaneously with tha eloht nlntba shoot to be mad* over to the highest bidder lhie potet settled, to# sale commenced* The offkra were headed at the tender of $75,000, the bide ranglnc In magnitude aa follow ? * ? $??.5oo grift aoo ?Woo 04.000 ?a,500 iooyoo ?o 000 04.500 "W 000 loo'?2 91.000 90,000 100 500 92.000 0a. Ms. IOoooO 02.500 #7,000 100,100 ioo'toO 93,000 07,.dO 'W..0O "Going, going, going, ?_* pen**? 'God* I 1 sad with a decisive rap of the mallet, Mr. Bleecker, In a pnroty flg* uratlve sense "kme. ked down" the Old Bowerv thmtrw to Mr. .7. W. Gimmick. The varioua rao^gagi 51? theatre property amounitng to $107 000, and |b? moth portion bting iikowtoo ? hered It would mm lUt the ground .oTti'iC actually brought several thonaand <1oll*ra leas than the aaverai amnunto due on It. Messrs. Wm. n Aator John 8. (.Ilea, trustee, Isaac P. Waldron and Mary A-'bhaw ara said to be the holders of these mortgagee. Ihua passed off (he sale of tha Old Bowerv theatre. Tn derer enre to the strictly practical ideas of lha pre-ent genera lloa, the edillce wttf ao doubt eoon disappear to make way for atructuirs adapted to commercial purpose* THE TRINITY CHURCH PROPERTY. TO THE IPITOR OF THE RKRALD. Fiwrkill ViLLioa, Nov. 20, 1808 I see ibat th* Rev. Dr. Dli value* tha estate of Annak* Jans at $8,500,000 I proposa that the hotra purrhaa* the property at that price, and aa 1 am one of 'he heirs will be perfectly ..timed wlih the arreug.nsV J^ ?ball fee. the. Tri'n.ty ehureb 1. wll,.B/7o hjJ gooil name You re. Ac., ^ ,? j COMPENSATION TO LOYAL SLAVE OWNERi. Bsuiansa, Md , Nov. S3 ihca Secretary Stanton ha* appolnt-d Colonel W, If. M#w. art. IV. Flyna and W aahlngton A Miller, ol Cecil county a ot.mmi.elon to award compensation to loyel .lava ?rrrld.Irtn1"t?i*r? "IT* ,Mrp! drafted into the St -ny during the war. I iwv ecmmdivstr n is 'vwe'eii tinner thd act AT Otnsreaa i?a^.i gr-JJo. I British Honduras. OUR BCUZE COMESMNDOiCt Health, Wealth and Itraourcea of the Colony-* Movements of Speculators?Advantages Oft Jered to Settle?Hu?ar Planters Desirable-. Mall Amusements, Ate., Ac, Bkliih, BrltUh Honduras, Oct. 2t,1M& IIBiLTB O* DCLICa For near six weeks wo hero had northerly and westerly winds, with abundance of rain, In this colony. Our nlghta are quite cold, while the middle of the day la ex, oeedlngly hot. This ought to bring chills and foven, but our town Is so healthy that our doctors are oomplalnlng of nothing to do, and one of them a few days ago said, '?Well, If 1 don't bnve more to do I shall have to go tc Santa Totnas," n small Belgian settlement in the State of Guatemala, about one hundred and thirty miles from here, where the Inhabitants are always siok and where they often die. SMAB PLUtflM AMD LOUISIANA WMFIOWM. The relay weather In bringing forward the eane crop, which la aald to be the moat promising that has been raised In this colony. There has been a namber of sugar planters from the State of Louisiana down here, prospecting for sugar lands. They all admit that em lands and our sugar cane are the beet they ever raw; even St Mary's Pariah, they say, Is not to be compared with British Honduras. COST or LASO OB BAT. The only drawback to thin oolony Is the high price ot ' lands. In former timer nearly alt the lands In the coleoy wars given away by grants froth the crown, as mahogany ot logwood worka. It then waa not pretended that the grants included the lands, but only the wood, growing thereon | and with that understanding a grant for three miles frontage, on a river or creek extending eight miles back, was sold by the owners of such grants, as any other pteoe of personal property, by a elmple bill of peroela. In this way, and for turns ranging from one hun dred to a thousand dollars, these grants have been bought np by two mahogany cutting establishments, who. with a shrewdness and foresight seldom exceeded by the most acute, got a law passed hy tbo local Legislature, called the '?Lands Tttlt act," by wbloh law all grants, on being duly registered under thte act, ware to havo the force of ''a fee simple" title to the ami, as well as to the wood growing thereon. Thus for every moderate out lay nearly all the valuable lands ot this oolony have passed Into the hands of the shove two firms: and they, knowing the richness of the soli, now bold uie lands it prices far above lands in the surrounding country, organ- to imusa mr tea oovbbmor or jnciizx. Whatever lands are still nngranted (called the Crowa lands) the Governor Is offering on the most accommo dating terms to actual settlers. Now, as your radical political managers at the North are anxious to drive iha sugar planters from the United Slates, we shall be glad to receive them; and, moreover, we shall give them all the sssislanoe and encouragement we can, not the least or which are very tight taxes, a good, stable, froo gov ernment?as free and as liberal as was that of the United States In Its most palmy days MINKRAL AND OTJiaa BXSO CROSS. The late rains bavs swollen all our rivers, and vast, quantities of mahogany, which Un some rases) have boon waiting two and throe yean for floods, have come out and are dow watting shipment Wo have ail tho elements ot s very flourishing oolony, snd ss soon as our landholders see tbelr own Interest, and begin to give the laud away to actual settlers, British Honduras will become oue of the richest and most prosperous colonies In tho world. Our colony Includes a piart of tbo mounts nous lands in the interior. These mountains abound In mflrbie, gran He. slate, iron, sliver, gold and other minerals; these will also, on the Incrsase of our population, pen,? wealth Into our colony. K'BSTITI.'TICS FOR ARFMf AN FUll'R AND POH*. The late war in jronr country linn made provisions so dear I bat we have in a measure been thrown on our own resources. The consequent o Is tluat we have raised great quantities of plantains, are used In the place of flour, and we have four or Ave perpona encased In curing pork. These articles take the place of th* pork and flour which wc formerly imported from the United Stales. The brig Grace Worthlngton, which left New Tork on the 20th of September, baa not yet arrlvad bete. We fear she la lost as she was a mile Methnsalefeh, and we have had ?ugh woatber on the Atlautio for ilia t ast two months. ? **W MAIL Af RANCJtMDfT. The Governor has batted The Tegulatiire Aaie-obly -iff A^-Ti^ia1.808^0"- 11 ls rttppoeotl this seaetor SilAihalfe floroe M6re faVornbio mall arrangoraonisi and It la bopad this will secure transport via New Orleans? which would bring ua within *lx davs of l.on<iotv?by the Atlautio cable and the other tel "graphs. Our nralV arrangements have been very Irregular for the past flf. teen months. The Royal Mall Company charged ad high for their work that onr Assembly made a contract with the Liverpool, West India and i'actdo Steamship Company for lo.-s than a third of that paid to tbo Royal Mall Company; but the work was not done at all. 8# much for economy THE ZEU6L0Q0N OF DR. KOCH. TO THB EDITOR OP TUB OIR4LD. / 1 Nkw Tore, Nov. 13. 1680. Aa the recent flndlog of the fossil maatodru at Troy baa attracted the attention not only of the relentllle world, but also of many Inquiring minds, to aueli maL ters, and aa any statement in your widely read journal has much weight with these who read It, I beg to call attention to a portion of the article In your paper of Mon day, the 18th, where. In speaking of the mastodon, refer, enca le made to the hydrargus discovered, by Dr. Koch. I would not lake up your vetnabte space, but the morw accurate the fade in any subject of each universal In terest the bettor for progress. Tbo hydrargus, or at it waa subsequently called, ttll aeuglodoo, was exhibited In New Orleans in 1843 by Dr. Koch. I wa^numnely connected with the doctor at that time, and I do not tiiinic I flvpp met i more honorable man or any one i<hw likely to exaggerate a scientific fact I know everv b..0? In the zeuglodnn; I saw It during.the whole tin e'u wae being prepared for exb bltlon and tmleed partly assisted In the articulation of It When Dr. Koch was led bv the schoolboy lo ihc aide of the field where the ploughed ut> fossils bad bnei, collected, he found them to be -uine of the bones towards the and of the tall, and, at It appeared eventually, some few of these must have boon red. Wheu the skeleton waa articulated the few bones which wero missing ware modelled up In piaster roughly, so as to keep the proper proportion, but bot so as to dees! va by appearing us loaall. I have often seen them po Mod out to \ Imtors aa the plueos of the missing portions 1 feel roDfi'lent that they did not amount to more man three or four fjhjt In the length of the skeleton when ox binned. Ibo I ngth of the xooglodon when felly nr'lcu waB ovcr 'eot' "'""U""' some of those * h< had It toexhibltat any time called It 127 eet I do not know. The dreadful epidemic of that veer tlM>3i killed sod scat* U'ted great numbers, and I have rot seen or hear.) of l?r Kocbhr the zeuglodon since. J.J. KDWaRD.8, M D THE OCEAH TACHT RACE. [From the Evening Post, Nov. 23 1 vJS,"*llor; *l'lch has been . a lied , SLmmu Ihla country baa beep for the moat pun cm J it B' w,,b yfry ?weption, the fkvrwda W^c V **"ln; Tl'" ^OHUd, wb rti Is the liui ir h?T?? i "ur F,rh,*m*n. ?? r"ugh sometimes} Kbut It has harbors upon both shores, and a run to N,w AoC.^undorany cireu instances, an achievement to proud of. The annual regattas are more notable for ine eating and drinking than for the sailing During the fall there was a rave, outside, along the coast, to Capo May and back, In rough weather which cuntesled, so gallantly and ah|rui>(t u l(> i,*01"* * ,BBBi ?* oor??*re are deep see. seaman, blue water sailors, the rare In question be H'nrlaiU and Vesta, was a credit to Aineir? yachumen, and we are glad to see that It to to be fol lowed by a race serosa the Atlantic. The time chosen for this rac is certainly not the musi com fort.b'.octh. cratoat. The North Al&? luwrn^ * the moM bolttorou* of but to much ihft m rm 25Mf lh0it Jra,n Jrho *Dt*f ?POO r?r* \V# should be aorrv to aee the owners ofihe yacht, leave this credit to their paid captains, as wa bear Uiey ( ro pose to do, by remaining at home themselves or 'roes Ing In a steamer. Our yachtsmen have not game ? so much glory lo bine water that ihey can aflbrd to sh -k land In a steamer, tbey may look for some qniei crre tf# hope, therefore, that no one of them will a SStdu'totL 2zS*T#jr^ M ?Wc"'?nr* vJhto if .* 0WB#r to ? with hia tmmi, iichti atv not Ilk# r#r# horati. ia h? run h? professional Jockeys, and lo be used by tbalr owners Newport:miLhF'Jd*01* tornllnhlcr In might And presently will own the fn-teat yacht, Dot m Anmitiof healthy amu##in#Qt l it m ? profitable tpeoulaUoo. 1)11 Tbeooaaa raca was originally mads op hrtwem ihrea'* d"Bd t'mB. yaehia havlT drai^* .i' ahveral other n?e no u 7?Ur tnr 'ha contest, tmt thay Mn.l'.mle ^ <* OolrM Ihew !? othera Itom a raca ??<! no one baa a right to is i ?!.! thy,cb00* ">>!??" Yet the propon race m i liBf *? rt?h,|y i**?Had aa a public event, Af American aaami-n, and all who love slnpe, ir -i* * l'"1' 'nlAreat, that wa should think it a p.til , if no arrangement could be made by which as m ay other ysLbls as please may be included, hupi o*e a dozen sail togatharsethla used oat interfere with the nets arranged between the flrst three. If n d?v end hour ia appointed for all, and a time of sailing publicly an noun cod, as wall aa the harbor to bo mads on the <.thee able, aa many can take part In the contest aa choose, without In any way Interfering with the wagera 14 n,# woyagea of the Henrietta, Vesta and Fleeleing Wa trust it will ba so arranged, anil we should bo Ine'iged lo make but a single condition: that every vessel ,hall % ba sailed by bar owner, and that a yacht whose nwne* does not sail In bar shall be peremptorily riled out of the race. SAtErflMEATmATr" >e following aalee of real estate ware made yrater day by Antboay J. Bleacher k Hon Bowery?The Bewerv theatre, between Bayard and Walker su. having a fmniage on Bowarv of 74 feet, on Jnizabeth at. 87 leet 0 inches, ami running through from street to street, 900 feet *1 Wc.t Fifteen!I) xtreet?House and lot' No tM A , l>ot wren Rib and 7th asa , 30x100 3 ' ia otol