Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1866 Page 7
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FINANCIAL AND pOMMERCIAL. PK.DAT, NO,:- ?' " The stock market opened weak and a..'""11"0'1 llu8 morning, and a renewal of the |>anlc of yosv"ri'*) lowed. Some of the brokers who bad been unabV U) nut tbeir customers' Block* yesterday found an cpjv 'rtu niiy to do ?o in the first Uocline, and they availed ihriw , ielves of it. By thia they were enabled to bay more on their own account, and they generally took their custom ers stock thus forced to sale to oover tboir own "ihorta' A tort 0C0 revengeful fury was shown by them in making heavy sacrifices where tho loss did not fall upon themselves, and the lower prioee wont the more they were elated at the proepect before them. A few of -hem, it la true, were forced to make heavy sacrifices on their customers' account as well as their own, but this appUsd almost entirely to weak apaculativa houses very wiuoh extended. That tlio bulla had a great deal to loan, the faot that not a single failure has taken place abuadantly shows, although It 1* certain that tha speculative boll houses were heavy holders of stocks on their own eooonnt all through tho decline, and some of the banks wars especially hard on these, not a few bank officers having been largely "short" 0f tho moat active railway sharea before the decline commenced. In order to forward their own speculative interests they refused So lend money, although they had plasty to land, and they likewise, la soma Instances, refused to certify cheeks Her the sake ot embarrassing. brokers on the ball side more than of assuring their own safety. Perhaps the government itself has been more to blame then the banks or the beers fas producing this panic on the stock Exchange. It drew upon the country hanks which were indebted to II, regardless of consequences, with the ostensible object of Increasing tha reserve tn the Bub-Treasury In Ibla oity, and these in their turn drew upon tboir balaooea In the regular and and private banks of this city to an extent which caused the latter to materially curtail their loans, while In some esses they were forced 10 make heavy losses lo meet tboir obligation* The banks were more willing to lend tbsn yesterday, although the rale for call loaus was generally firm at T per cent. First class bouses never theless supplied themselves at 0 without difficulty. The demand for diaoounta was active at 7 s 8 per cent, and the bank officers were only disposed to accommodate thalr friends, preferring to loan money to private bank ers who would buy and carry slocks for them at the proaent decline to omploying it to discounts. Money Is Winning In from the interior, both East and West, aDd Very soon the supply is likely to be superabundant at six per oent, the return Dow from the West having already set la The Sub Treasury here Is taking, in accordance with orders from Washington, compound fnl-'rest notes, allowing tbs accumulated Interest, as legal tenders from the bunks indobtod to tho govern ment, and this Inspires confidence both by giving mate ria! asilstance to the banks concerned, sod by Inspiring confidence In the disposition of the Treasury lo impart and preserve ease to the money market. lenders have Ooma to the conclusion that the panic has exhausted itealf aud the "b'ar" banks, whoso officers have been speculating upon the fall on the Slack Exchange feel tbat they bare done their worst and are therefore now disposed to "lot up" on tbeir customers. There Is no doubt that tbey have severely preased those brokers who were In thoir power, and these had to deal severely by thoir customers In conic quenoe, to the injury of their business, but very properly they considered it hotter to sacrifice the latter than themselves, aolf-presorvatlon being the first law of nature. Some prom oent brokers, kuown to be " long " ef stocks were undoubtedly refused accom modation, unless on very wide margins yesterday, and hence they had no alternative but to sacrifice tbeir own stocks and aiaughtor their customers Indiscrimi nately, a general trembling of the knees accompa nying the process on their part, broken In diffi culties being the most ee useless and cowardly beings In tho whole rango of animated nature. The decline has, however, at last expended Its force, and these panting bulls may now take e long breath, ?ad, with the remaining portion of thoir finxnoial forces, buy fur a fresh rise of five, ten or twenty per oent as the ease may be. The bears are meanwhile triumphant. Tbey have covered their "shorts" at a large profit, whereas had the leadlag bulls pursued proper policy, Instead ef trying tn attract a "ahori " interest when tbey did they would have I them to dastruot on. Aa It Is, the,depreciation In valut of the active riulany aecurltlee quoted in this market, wn* at the lowest prices current this morning, equal to l?*nly-flvn millions, aa compared with tho sell ing prices three weeks ago. Tne leading balls dug th -lr own grave when thejr yielded to the euggeatlana of cer tain parties recently returned from Europe, but like ibe Fboanu from Ita aahes thoy will rlee egaio. All the matorial eondlllona affecting the market are in ilielr fkvor. lb* panic baa beea aenaeleaa The earnings of the railways are steadily Increasing, the money market Is really easy, although ariidrUUy active and tho market will rebound under a legitimate Impulse from lu unnat aral depreaaiom^ta anticipation of this many of the moat prominent beartUhrve covered their aborts, and tbe hears of yesterday, who are bears aUll, alter such a heavy do :ilo#, are lit candidates for a lunatic asylum. Aa com pared with the highest prices In IS#1 the closing pr'cns at this morning's regular board showed n decline aa fol lows:? Highest I-rict? in 1804. A'err 23. L'lt^r. New Turk OenUal 146 10:. \ 41X Erie 126>4 7b 14 66* Hudson 104 IIS 44 Seadinc 163 1) 1 '4 58)4 icbtgan Central 13T 110>4 46*4 Michigan Southern ...11834 "via be lllino-Central Ids 111 20 Cleveland and P twburg .. .102 s2 , 40 Northwestern (Ml 40 43 Novthwestern prolerred... 97 #u'4 27H R.ick Isiand 14V'4 102 47'. fort Wayne 10234 10334 4V>4 Yet railway earnings both graea and net have reran while largely Increased and the volume of curreacy has jeeo greatl y augmenie-l. At tbe ten o'clock upon board there wait a ro?h to sell, regardless of prices, and transactions were enor mous, lhe atneka gainfully falling tnb> strong hands Erin sold at Td)4 n 0034, Northwestern S3 34 a 37*4, Wayne 101 >4 ? 14, Michigan Southern sot, a ?, At the Orat regular board a heavy business was iransarted at Irregular but generally lower prices, Kilo sli North western being the weakest or tho nuiway share*. New York .Central closed 34 higher than at the tame timeyesterdav, Michigan Central >4, Illinois Central 134, Cleveland and Tol'do 114, Roc's Island 1*4. Fort Wayns 134, Chicago and Alton 2, Ouio and Mlsaieeipp. certificates IS, Cumberland i, We-.ern Cuioo T- legrapb L Erie was 834 lower, do. preiarrw-l I*,, Hudson **, Heading )4, Michigan Si uil.srn 34, Cleveland and Pittsburg Northwestern 6, do preferred 14, Toledo, Wabash end Western S. Pacllio Mali 4, Quicksilver 2>,. tsovern maula were heavy 1 oupoo ten forties were J, lowtr, ?even thirty notes of the 0r*t aeries 14, e cood senes At the one o'clock aewions there was a rush 10 buy both to cover shorts and on "long " account At lbs half-past two board thee* was a moderately strong de. mand for all tbe lead ng stocks, and New York Central atoned 114 higher than at iha tret rw-star b .*.4, Ktie |?4, ditto preierrvsl 134, Ra*ain*l*4, *',rb gau <"aotrsl 34, Ms bigan Southern >4, Cleveland and Pittsburg H. CI -vetoed sad Toledo 1, Rock le an : *4, Mor-fawtnUrn 1 *4, ditto preferred IToledo, tVebwsh and Wv-tcro 1*4, Ohio and Mi-alveippl certiAwt** >4, Pacific Mall 8, Q lok-llver 3*4, "nnton 34. Wrntnrn rnloo Tela graph 134 Illinois Central was 2 lower, Tort Wayne 34. Government aerurilles were stronger. Coupon ten fovtlea were H higher, seven-thirty bo m of tbe tbird eerie* *4 At the half past three burnd Er.e sold at 71 <4 34, Heading 117 a 117*4, Virblgsn Sou'! am 30 a M14, Cleveland and Putsbur* 83*? a '4, Claveland and Toledo 11114, Illinola Central 117)4. R'tk Island lb2s, (a I), Northwestern 41H ? 4134-preferred 70 a 7014, Tort Wayne 10334 (a 8|, Ohio and Mi?l?a.ppt certificate* 28 fa I), Quicksilver 46, Wast* n I'nion Telegraph 46. Tbe mar ?at finally aloaed steady at tbe fr Vowing nuoien.m-. ? Erie 71 I, ? 34, New York Central 109% * 110. M ? I igan Weuthevii 4034 ? ft. l ino* Central 114, O eiend and Pittsburg 8314 n Heck Island J02H s 34, Nurtlieei are 41 * H? preferred 701** 34 Hurt '.ayne lul'f a 104, Ohio and Mitaiaalppi oenifltn *4 8*'. a S. Cumber and 47*4 * 34. Compound Iniereat notes were qo- ted thus ?Jtine, 1184, 115; Juiy, 114)4; August, 114, fete b"r, ll'? Do-ember, 112, Ma)( 166*. Ill; Auguet, 110 I'eptemher, 10034; Oetohw, 109 4. Th# gold market fee'ted ..lightly from th* ettreai* vf.-s. -n of tb* last lew day*, and afirr npen ng at liki* and selling down lo U<34 and UP 13?*<. eltwevl ?t 130. Uiam ??# genera..y m?de fiat. Th* for* ;b egrhang# mar.e wat a-rnng, a-4 e:ne-d with in pwtrd len iency Hankers b d* on Knglati 1 *? #Uty day* wor" . <1 s III# Ciose 41 109 ? * 10V t, prim* lomnser ia- .0- . a 109*4; fran a ai s *iy days 1,1134 a ? l?l?, at Ihree dayt *'"k 6*,3X. w'ls 00 11 Uk ? iiJk. ** *???? ?? ffMlUwk ?l?i ii 41on AmKte.dam 40'i a 41*1 ow' Hamburg Wj m.'-O^joii Antw< rp S-lBVk Mining ,-iock? were heavy. At tha Ural board * ol7 d >a vloaed $2 lower that at the same Hone yeetorda?'. Boiling at (3; Consolidated Gregory Gold'$2 18, aelling at JB 25, Nye Gold lc., aelling at 11c., Quartz Hill $1 35, bHIIbv at $3 10; 8 nt h & 1'arinl * 30a , aellinr at 94 96; Uulklll Lead 36c, a iling at $1 25. At tbe encoad b<>anl ConaolKlaied Gregory Gold closed 90c. higher than at the Aral board, aellinir nt |9 05; Vallclll I?ad 5c., galling at $1 90; Ccrydon waa 95c. lower, aelling at $2 Oa ; Quartz Hill 30c., aelling at |2 95. The Chicago Tribune of Wedneaday aald of tnonetary ulTalra lit thai city;? V' Business *1 the discount doom* *m lew sct|ve than on ycatcrdnT, and nt many or the hank* it wm pro nounced decidedly dull Otberwlae there m no change In llie tune or condition of the money market. The pupply of currency, though not euperabuodent, la In excess of the demand, nnjl eomo of the banka oomplaln of a marked acarclty of prime paper. Grain paper la In good aupply. but cloaely Keratinized. There la no de mand aa yet on pork acoount. There la no change In the bank rate. At a meeting of the Board of Dlrectora of the Paclflo Walt Steamship Company, held thin day, the following officer* were unanimously electedPresident, Allan KcLane; Vice Preadent, Francla W. G. Bel Iowa; Secre tary, Theodore T. Johnaoa; Treaaurer, Charles 8. Aber ctotnble. The buaineea at the Sub-Treasury to-day footed up an follows:? Total receipts $8,M7.T39 09 For customs . ??O'OOO oo Payments 4,479.497 11 Balance. 101.3.8,384 69 ooi^::;::::::.;:.;: ??.???? The Importations ef dry goods nt this port tor the week ending November 23 compare as follows with those of the previous week;? ,?Bfeai.lS.-2u r?JVoe. 21 CmmmpHon. Plan. Point. P*V>- ro*?s Manufactures of wool. 164 $291,790 082 Manufacture# of cotton 49J 149,016 828 102,902 Manufactures of Silk.. 189 140.394 124 124.887 Mrnufnctr.ree of Has.. 8?8 129.B92 079 167.217 Miscellaneous 846 132,718 291 98,496 Total M83 $942,604 2,048 $770,409 Withirmtam. Manufacture# of wool. 677 $226 209 429 $199,101 Manufactures of cotton 160 47,771 93 29,607 Manufacture., ol silk.. 91 106,849 89 M.1M Manufscturoa of flag.. 3?3 102.3*2 30T 84.047 MlaCullaneoua. 8,947 83,376 28 11,284 Total M56 $616,176 934 $406,813 ffVrets Mauufaclnrea of wool. 4t9 $178,006 639 $276,901 Manufactures of cotton 166 66.046 473 189,394 Manufactures of allk.. 103 126.626 92 101.636 Manufacture* of Ilex.. 668 158,347 1,019 274.300 Miscellaneous 45 17,098 6,532 80,166 Total Mil "$536,122 .7,746 $924,299 SALES AT THE HEW VOHK STOCK EXCHANGE. rrldny. Nov. 23-IOj.IO A. .11. $?K?1 t'R AN, *91, R??. .112 400 aba Hud'K.n It R R 118 60 0 US 6 ?, 6-2i'l rcg tt! 1IW 11*1 dn *30 118 (M* Oil US il'a 5 2Uc,'62.. 108V 1 00 Reading UK-AO 110 18001) do 108 6'0 dn lln*. 1 00 US Ma, 6 30 o. 84.. 106 V 1600 <lo .. 1I"M 4rtru US4'?, 6 20 c, 85.. 1.6V SOW do aS I HI# 86.**. do 1-8V WW do Ill 11S000 do 107-V 2200 do lll>? 30W US 6'*. 10*40 cup. W'4 *M) do *60 Ml WO do 99*-, SO Michigan On RR .. MOV 1000 Trn 7 819 I at aer ICS 100 dn llolj 68000 do 2.1 we I0-IV 11*1 Mich So A NI It b 30 79 lOOIW do ud .er 1(K!a 4? do 7814 60(11 V Y S B L. r. 1/7 5*) 79 6i*o Toon fi a n 6* l'-UO do 7??a luOtf) Tenn 6'a, er coup. CD1-: 1(00 do. ICigK) Ohio A Mlsecertll". 27V? 600 do.. do i.'i liw dn f***y> do 1100 Illlnnla Central BJUU) do .. 27H 3?' do 118 21. ?ha ocean Bank.... lot W?J Cleveland 4 Pill# R M 60 American E* "ank 114 900 do 825a liaiu.nion i'ompa-y ... 44V 6i*) . do .......o 82 24 Del * lludaon Canal 189 A*) Chic A N W K B.... 40)4 80 do .66 .800 do 40 41)0 CumhCo-l pref ... 64 200 do..,r. i#% 2u Woel u Union Tel .. 44* 1100 do blO 4. .?*? dn 46' 7IW do 99J4 aw do a.O 46 200 do 40 40 do . 4SV 400 OhlC A N W pref 69), 60'Marlto?? prefe-red 24lJ 100 do b$> 70 100 Qaioxcilrcr M'gOo. 44 6J0 da ? 300 do 42H 1000 do *90 6&S 100 do 43 1200 Clev A Toledo R It Ultfe ?? do 42V 1000 dO....T7 o 111 101) do <2*1 lOoChlc A Root laland. 101 ISO Paoifle M 8 8 To.. . n 1000 do 101V %U do 170 . 300 do 10IH 20" N T Central RR.... H* H?0 do 101V SIX) do I"7V 800 do 10.74 tun do I IT', 609 do 102 SOU do I"8 300 Tol Wabaah A Wain 41 100 do KM IW 300 do 4M$ TOO do aou |u'*6 100Pitta, Pt Wyn AChlc 109 6U0 do I'JNV 400 do 104 100 da 1 *V. 10 0 do... a*) Erie Railway 6w. liXA do 10 SU0 do W>S "no 4lo 1'L-, 6.*) do 7u 609 do e 103** ?U0 do 70 V 1.0 Chic A A Run RR 107 16.*) do ... vol loo do if* MOO dn 70** S"0 Mil A St Paul It R.. U 1400 do 7?V 10W Mil A St Paul pref 44 1000 do ablli 71 KM do MS IUI do '00 71V 109 do DM* 100 Erie Railway I'raf.. ** _ fiC.1 4 'OilHKltl I A 1, HBPORT. Tucaauar, Nor. ??6 P. M. Sanaa.?Receipt*. 49 package*. The demand waa llmTTed, and with only email aal-ta for ooutumptlon price* were numlael at prctlou* quotation*. RsEAiMTcrr*. ? Receipts, 8 629 tibia, of flnur. 84 191 biiahel* wheat. 12.lOU da corn, 134,36) do eat*. 43.489 do. rye, 677 do. molt and 46. BB do. barley. Tbe m.rket for State and Weal ere Oour waa eery Inartlre, and pnees for all dearrlpUont were entirely nominal, elnelng with a continued downward tendency at a roductlon of 10c. a 26n per bbl.. principally on medium grade, which were eery much neglected. The ealea went llm t-d lo 4.14V bide, at our rerlaed quotation! an near A Southern Bnur waa a:*n In bn>er'a faenr, belog dull of eale and off-red freely. The tale* cunpHa-2rM$>bl? Rye Oour waa quiet but unchanged. The aale* were mode rata, o-on prielngonly 24 l>bl* at from 96 6" a $7 P>. Corn meal waa uulet rather heaey. with rale- of 200 nhle. Rraudywtne At 94 20 and I'D I '.la cbtonc ..t 96 '46 We quota - Superfine and Wealern $9 IV a 99 78 * atr* SUU 8 Jo a 10 10 Chu ce Stale 10 76 a II A) t'omm u in medium ealra Weelerr. 9i?a 11(0 Ealna round h upt'hlo 10 fill a II CO Wi-tern traJe Sranda 11 64 a IS 60 Ciinmnn Southern 11 76 a IS 26 Fane* and ealra do 13 30 a 14 t) Rye flour mi) 6 29 h 7 10 (). D . ? ?: i1 -4*- .? ... f 0?> A Corn Iir ntdvvvmo 9 20 a 6 2*9 ''Oni *n*n|, p?tncli* >n? W M ? ? ?I t # drmtnl tar whrat iro l^rNtf at li^ r> tntnanct. m**ntv at d olfr*rp'| to ?rl! Nt a .rellw ol 2 h%p p^r b?* I abtotflRMtMNi a morr ar 1 " in ?m ry. and t!;p wmrkft cl? ?! with r.>n?. Nfnl'1f flrm?."?4 Th?* nnIan otrriprla*! tma' Ah ?.t 9'a|7I.' fi%, sa 9 W.?r?iik?r*. ft B? for K'Mid fin t MllWAn- i r, ar il Mt<K ahitti I'hr "or roro waa vrrv at lh? and prlwi mttp ant reff iK'niinal. btil adhaMoantl? ilit w?'riipt rulrd moro arft?#. ami rlow.^l finn <?u n a/l? of 91 2? for alupp i.f mitni \t>it?-rn. Tha aoiNF fotupriMd !<*/t*IO btivHi-i# |i?f l?V? at ! -ii'e ' ? |' -l , ? $1 4 > ' r . A Dim ?nt inI Wrairro, a.'i mt and In ?toc#i 91 SB for ?hit* Uv-ii rri. Mi.d $1 'J5 for vhito JVnilkom. t'ata at tb* rloam woia tirrv^f, if,at drrrand no- mOd^rNlf Nnd Hnvf ?nl? i<i ? ??port of 59 fli? hn all eltnniniinff ?i?eraufco# *nd ihi r*m? at Me. a 92r md Wtate at Kvp wundicr ? *l-* 9t?U MlUiOiN st |# lift m Ho note a I-n of l t>UNh#>)N nclt 4 I f 1 40 Her lor vt?e tiomirtellj lo. lower, the |m Jf h 4\0lfJ huMhak. nt fti 05 for tw ? rowod Atai>- H'ic. a Ifr t or (V?n da H'eet In i?or>ff Corraa ?> i bo met ket for 1nfM ha? b++n wart nnee'llad. and prie*?N hive ?veu rerr ine iilar In the m.?*n ? elnd de oitfediv lower, thongfe at the rloae then- wan m<?re Drtntie** #thlb(H yu u,e |?rt of irlifr* who iffi.pfilif demand !r. B^>r lb. advaoo*'over the aeUiria - The anlea onfnpr1?e a &fh)fluu !t?e. at 29c. f jr llalumore and lfrtrott, and V for Pur?|p lake < orrva $%aa nea>c/ed n? mud. an?I hea1de? a ?#r? email trn da In lota from aec^nd banda here no fcileN etcr, ilaf W> s?a? Hbi, el h4w*rd H indut. ' n prtra'N terma. C<rrto* iraa firmer the cio Irg qnmitiooa %h'>olrf a amall *di.ifti%? rompa'pil fritd rm eHnrN t r rea, Ttie inqoi f waa r*a?i#- ?nd mmlarn lo the eiu nt of 2 Nmloa ware rr.? |e |Ve quota ? trMivf ? * J*k n o i- r Oeftnar? y ja 4-i V* U>? mHdHmf. 99 9 M ? NMdtiiic . sm M 'ift nudd'mf 9 M * ?7 hxww ?ao irraw -Tha Diarket for ofc?mfta*U haa mle^i f qu*HL and r?ther raairr pn?ea bar* b*?m wcufitM la ? laakfhW r-" ??.me IrutiMFi 1 he were W too* a*I ait* at f??M. 2b itrnina en?$a< a adt at ?ob|. W? kejj? Hearc.u*|e 01 rarb. *od ? at Wjia. c??Tenr?, kitx ki btearklrig fjoa'ler* <t g>4tl. ?0 M?n id err ?? On prtrate te:mA 'A U-rn 9.^8 8ih At V a Jlti" jrold elo?(Of at U>? In tide prlre and 2 (4111 ha. lartarie at 92*gO. a bV l'T??'e<Wt rati>almd quirt, arul ?ra hea-i of no tranaar'.ifvn? Hmh ?tha market for dry rod ruled eery qul*ta??4 raairr, si ?**' '???'? h* n* i|m, fd at f7 *", ? 9a ?nd hankadfT, an henrd Of no I?ijp(iri3*wt aml*? f?f ma' ) eret n? Mmb wore di? H> +* for No. 1 b r. and $Ji tor No t ihiAre It* r r ?\f were 10 hat.fe | at 9>: a 40n. tor ?r*lr ? and h'?. I fiUHiNfli-Wuf, flrnttod bfT-rngs r?iea to <#ee?? Nrita'n wtnlaay. Ana*ied are the otirrawt q i* t?tio' * -To I i?. r. pool?t otton. par \p ^9.. r ? ? '"UW, 4a M , heatf yv? da. perron ffla ; All. W ; f'fii ' ?. * ? o4 b*fa, par buahel . irfp*-, bulk andr per fierre. 2- poek. t^r hbl.. I- 9d To f. 1- .||r -I#, for ton VK 94.; Ol! /fa . kntr i^r M? fa irzr utn, M0T. ? bee", | ef tioo*. $9. 4?f r -r* per o | 70 947; wheat fair tmaw.., ?JW! met.taeere ? foLirerpool IfiM* iMohan eu' fii b.rl-y.l 4)46., ?nfi ) <m 60 r**' *? ?te-mer .fit o>g) rln narla* at 64., 7 SWIiia wh I.W) bale* o.iu> 1. fmi 1 loat er.- ir.g at ',-t * lb# in* ?e prww. ; nnfi-m. 16"c i. .b-li I 1 ?*? ftUI. lumr at 1> loY'. an-i lt*l l#rtn# Ta# ehartc-a-rer? -* tr: .???>?* (a ' aafi ba?A, I *? M.|. at Rl o, a *e.o?l tr- ?? CnrptM 1 knati lumber |I4 i#r ion. an 1 a M... t-i I m m. ? , I bar au-1 bi-* lugwoofi, ?a term-. (.'??!?# uMiiinncrt 1Ul?t and trl'#? werr en *' 26c a 46Y fur b ga .mt a .We f-w -i ll-oi. ? 1 *ere wa? m.i itwl* an uli 1 t" ,,reti-. I* pr era wei* re-I *, u. W e a>r? ?l -'"-p-l# In m, ir, brwi e 7t)V |*? at ib l arua w*-e ateafiy ,n-' n, J. reel) ir .i-r ? I r?-ua* - 1 he i r?r v*l' littuin. ..leu (iVewcl/ qt ret, ,1,6 were . (?quaatMdrt nn . en-t 11 hi I ? ?I at *V? ? ?e Kthhk p'g I em* Ulie.ler.ic S, ).-rn ? ?>* pi aHwn > wera *BMrwly a. >?? a f ,rtf be" ?' 7c . ? * ? M ????? 9'*aai I 4 ? 2>a Y ? -n-lel t. ?n 1 KituHnana. ' b re wa* 14 -eeaaa* act n t 11I- s-n lar apWR. tuipaaMwe. ta |ih6 r. M e.rrje .t ye - A ...ue I* <Uy emalwcti f'.e * b-. .ft: (,i< 1 -V tf eee r.aiiuga* "rnu -?,? 'n 4? , eheeur a* *>>. e ? a in-.ruling Irk) hbl. one-leg ?r nta , eel a .aaai. V . it? ?i 7 ISA rwti ISIS I I TJ'll.'V!1 S*nM?l chin*. iJnmn.OM mnr \hm ?} ' H ?/ T,,#> "n,M * <onfln?l i*. tfO hWA. ?'On,in'?ri-t I "?*?'?'?isldi? pr c#'for a itnill lot; ? 0 iiA, ?tr>rt,np^ | ail 71, mii4 IAO ?W>. No. I *t $7 . w '"?? ? he ir-rtfl fur critd" fl?h coe'tmed '. i I w*'n without e?e,ntU| Changs P ?? quote h'ea c " J *J". r W 40: erode ?prim, fi' *&, nuil iiohi e& . ' ? ' "?>. I .In semi nilr.' quiet. and I" vnnd Ihr lA" ra nor'ed In oar taut we heird of TlotMne ' ''rtiabrr'* MM, l/v ' " distilled 1*4 was qui I Ht Mc, a ICfin, alio If rd V "** ,lu" ?nd henry at prices ruogii.c a( from 41 18 to $1 dp Pkom.'01"-?Rsrrlpu. S bbla. pork *91 do. href, 61 d pack age. ctr< ?. 'rum. and 716 do laril. The pork rc 'kai con tinued or/ lha* downward grade. sod prices, though vary Ir regular, were ">* main d'-mdedlr lower, new meaa rins ing nomlol at ?% Th* "?? limited u> about ,i;?0 bbla.. Including near ma"* hi from ? a 651 76, cash and regular, ?d) a 691 ft 11? prime; 3,000 bbla new innaa for future de'lrerr. mo tly W January dellrery, aeller'a option, at ft! S0a$2& The beef nksije} ???a In ciire at lower prices Tbe enlea were TOO hWa. at |M Itt foe new plain nwas ant-fiIT a ?12 for new aitim muea. 76 bble. beef ha me wild at $M The market waa rerv dull and Irregular. Bacon at prvrloua figures waa Terr dull and nmnlnel. 140 borea short rib were dis posed of. but the pride we could not get. Cut meate worn dull and drooping, with aalea of SOOpkga. at A', a lie for shoulders, and lie. a 1W?. for home. Dressed ? bags ruled firmer, closing at 9 tic e lOo. for Western. f>anf wa? nomi ne! and beery. Tbe transactions were fiOfi pkrr. al lie. Ifikfo., ea to quality, the latter price for choice he till ~ drred. Butter and cheese were nominellr Ilnehaawa d. Pnaeuiia-Tbe market for both crude and ha elk'd at <11 ruled qdlet. end prloea continued to decline, the latfiM being lullr hc. lower. Of crude we heard of no particular .trans actions, but was quoted at Tie a Tllfic. Of bonded eslaa were made to tbe eatent of 7,100 bbla. at Me. fnr sun dard while, and 16c. for prime white. In Philadelphia erniw waa quiet at We. e 30He. Considerable ftftlea bonded for ber at Mo., buyer'# option, werft effected. Ricb waa Istelin and price# were nominal In thft abMft tea of laleft. 8mm, at Be. ? Btfo., gold, for fUlealan, waa very M'l. but email jobbing lota reattaed tboao figure*. HricaiofaU description* were very dull, and prior* wm1 nominal at protdou* quotation*, there being no galea gagas rate from the uattal jobbing trad*. Kuua* aloaed at FJtOr a lOVc. for fair to good refining Onbaa and Mfitc a 1078*. for batMNa 11. No aatee were made rt oeptlng 300 bo zee 11 arena, whloh roe Used Uo. Refined *ogar waa qutnt and nominal. Hard* Were Offered at IBtja. a UK> liir -The decline In gold nnarttled the market for Llrer pool aomewhat, and rendered pricee a ahada eaaler. Turfc'a Ieland waa without daolded change, of which 0.000 bushel* sold, per Kaoahaw, prerloua to arrival. at 870. Balaa were alto reported of 1.700 aadk* MarahalTa to arrfeo at about J 180, and UNO aaeka Aabton't on the apot et about $3 dfi. ob be re1 prtoea warn aa follow*:?Aahtoo'a fifi ?OftfiS 36, MarebaH'a *nd Worthlngton'a fit a fit 10. grbund $1 10 a fig MV and Turk'* Tulnnd fiOn * BBe. Hat.iTrra* ?Of orude we heard of aale* of 1.100 bag* prime In Beaton at Bo. Harm.?fllover oontinued quiet bat ateady at 15t{e. a I'M1 for new and Ide. a ldWc. for old. Klas waa unchanged, being quoted al fiS 10 a 18 28. Timothy wa* quiet at $S 25 a W7o aa In quality. Of llnaeed wa heard of no #*'**. Sraaaina waa unaettlad aalea 'JB.U00 Iba. at 13)8c. a Idr., aleo 8,000 Iba. greoaa at 8*?e. a lOlgo. Soar.?Market doll and one hanged, am&It aalea Caatlle being made at lBt^c. Toa*oi'n.?'There haa been a little doing forerport, but otherwise trade In thi* artlrle ha* been very limited. The aalea compria* 400 bhd*. at from de. to 17780., aocording to quality. Tib.?For pig the demand ha* been confined to amall lot* for ennaumptlnn, and them ha* been no wholesale huafneaa alnce our laat report. The oloalng quotation* were nominally 23e. for Banca, 31c for Htraita, and 3IJ8c. f?? tlngllah? aB gold. Tallow waa dull of aale and nominal In value, with a limited number of amall tranaacttona, comprising iKi.UOO Iba., at UHc. * 13c. WMiftBKT?Receipt*, 103 bbla. The market wa# nominally unchanged in etrry respect. None but amall aalea wcro made. Wool.?The market for domeatlc feerea atlll continued nulat and depressed, manufacturer# being in llapoaed tu operate largely uelena *t a considerable, ewes don. Ill foreign there ha* been but little doing, though large ales were rumored of Tape at 2V a 34c., gold, and Mestizo at lHc . gold, hut we were unable to trace the aale*. The male# comprised 148'Ml Iba. domeatlc fleeces. Including Ohio, at Mr. a fiOc , Western at iHtyt. a BOr , unwashed at ?)??., and 881*4) lb# Wisconsin on prlnte terms 78 4(10 Iba T taa nt HWc h SOc , chiefly a'prims ranging at from 1" a 21b', end Including hurry at IBjic.; Is hales lubvd at ,VV hi' tes pulled at BBe. 7,IS00 Iba Meilesn at 1?V. a 2:!l$o . ?,0O ;b*. (lane at 27c. gold, and 3#c currency; IS halea lr illxe at JOc , ana 38 do. India un private terme. Kit mil * market Review. BtrrrSR?IV., ?<>?? :?e? 36c. 30c., 25c. Cnrt**~22c . !?ln., 15c. Mm Five for 26c. Timi ?Salmon, 61 25; h!ua flah, 16c; haddook. 10c , cod, Hlr.; ba'l'rtit 3?)c; blackllah, 16c.; flounder*, ICc. nhs-rel 20c. perch, 15c ; eel*, 90c.; ?trtpa<1 bi<?, 85c ; white-' ah. !*>c ; Inhaler, 10c , smell' 85c ; oyster', "Be ,i *1 Ui ,i.> Shrewsbury, $6; clam*. h*nl. 7.V.; *o't i,t Kari-m ?Apple* (rooking., half peck firtc , penr? do., do.. S?" " '""J CP"-!"* boi 6 ">?., ft. quince*, per loo. ft a $6, aqua*h. 80r. tile . pumpkin* 30c a 49c. <JAW*._P*rtrldj?*, r pair, fl 75; *> .ode oka, do.. ?J grouse, do, f I 26 a f 1 5d; canrua ha ? dock* do., J5 * ffl rabbits, do., 75c.; quail, per duteu ft vmilmn ( fiill car f*Jfl!,*)' '"r 'b ' !"e ' ahort aiuldk*. Mgar.?I'oiterhou.e aleak. 30c a 38c ; alrloln. 'JSc a IV ; prime rlba, 76o a Joe.; chuck rlba. lib. a 20c.; ?boulder pie pa. Hie. a I2r . rnmpa, corn. Id" a Due ? rump, ?lc ,k 86c ; corned beef, fine. I?r ; d/>. coerce, 13c n Me.; mutton, bind quarter. Ike a , do fore quarter, 12c a lie : mutton chop?-tge ?>Vlamb, by quarter. IV a 30c ; lambch-pa, ?r.; do. fore quarter I4e . real, kind quarter*. 83. *?'?.. do. second quality, l?c a IV ; do fore quarter lf< *??*! cutlets 26c ; freah pork. lAr.; aalt, 20- ; hams 3e ? TV ? amoked ahouldera, Mr ; tongue*. fl So each haccn 37c !r,l? J?" ' Bologna sausage*. 3)c., pork aauaages, kUe.; larn, S)Oh Potn-ryr ?Turkey*. 26c , chicken*. Be , dutk*. 2*e : gaese, 23c ; fowls, fa-, a fa:.*, each. 10o. a 16c.; onlotia, quart, 10c.. lumlpa. half peck. IV:.; tomaloca, quart, 10c.; p ,t*. toea, half peek, 25c ; heet potatoes, do., 30- , ewect pots toe* do., doc.; beets, bunch, he. a l?a table celery, do 15c, a 30-.; C.tnmou celety. 10c. a 12c., cauliflower*, each, 25e n carrots, bunch, 8c. a 6c.; pystet plant, do., 12 ? I6?- : red cabbages, such, SOc. a S>r ; Brussels sprouts, quart, 26c. a M0u. All . . .. At **!ST. No*. 13, IcflA. Another decline be* occurred In tha prl e of cattle. The market opened with a ?ery light demand, and at a decline of per pound. Indeed Mraral drovas of good fat llnof. steera. which last weak wnuld hs*a brought V. were eold for Tc. a 7??e Tasterdsy the Inquiry was wo whathettaron New York account, and alb-get),er teo or three thousand head chang-d hsuda, Iml without an> mi Srovement In retea. The lap pi loo waaaahsde Inalda of l4'c. for-a drore of choice faf Kentucky atec,.. . -??tt,g upward of 1.900 lb* Krom this figure sale* rnr.;. s low aa tc for Inferior. The receipts for the we. > as te 6 Ml head, and on these the tulal loe* eanuoi ?d| be lea* than 660 mO light' r reeelpis are eipectrd nsit week but Ilia qnasthinable whether the felling of In the aupp'v will ha sufficient to a/Teet prl es mu- b hb' -p.*r<, dull or aula at ?c. a 6a Receipts, 2,690 head. Hog* are In aousewuat bc'ter Inquiry, and a flirt.tar supply. I'rloaa range fr< m 7b' to sc. Kecclpts, 6.000 bead. C. F. HALL AID THE FRAHKLIW EXPEOlTIS* TO TBI IDITIIR OP Pita lll.ltALB. Another report from Mr Hall ling just been published, and again to lb a discredit uf the unfortunate crews at tached to the hwl Franklin m. A* the only re preventative here, I believe, of it oee Knglhhmen who went opon the search for the missing voyager*, I ask you to p null this prot ut to be made ngsma* Hell's ?Ute ments, without hs can produce other evidence than bis mere iptr UxU, or the alleged of the na llvca, tallying nr> remarkably art hla statements do srHli my worda in the hypothetical argument published by ma In 1*69 00. S I have egain addressed rbe Koirll'h free* in reference to his new report, as* -rtiug that I l?-.ieto none of it, nor that be has found loen f<lr documents If I am wrong naitbar he nor any one conarlou* of truth nae<t be hurt at my remarks, inure than 1 am when li s fr etuis *<wail me. All I say is that I have reason to doubt whatever he asserts or may pretend to have dm e Ho It con etantly asserting that he ha* made discoveries which tend to throw discredit, If not actual -11 honor, upon Kng liah evplorers who have preceded him on tha tame ground and whoee name and long eiiarrlence make them far more worthy of credit UuU C F. Hall s unsupported tastlmoay. I)r Rao three times went over the whole locality now usurped by Mr Hall. Ilr. Ka? bad thirty p in' pre vious eiporteac* n thow fvgiohs, hs'l a coaipeny of men with loin, alth an inrerprerer, and runsequen'ly wa must 11 her consider b" fo led in bis task, and thai Mr H.i? (whose whole proceedings, pest sod present, I dlepuiei i* alone the superior of evetj other explorer, or that statement* are made wrtboul sufficient con9rmaiory evld'-ocs. fhe*e statements, I again ?ay, rwCact die* credit upon the Kngli-h name, and as Iw-frir* Mr Hail loll this country 1 publicly, through ihe prose. eg. prt? e?d my doubts of him, aiid ebailsngod hltn ano hie supporters to meet me IS a fair, impart.*! laveeiigailau, so I do n?w therefore > all upon Lcia-deiwea. II rjrlo. ncll, J. A Stevens. J', W C. Prims, (arsoa Bre-voon, Reekmnn, nation and other*, honorable, hut, I ma.n 'am, nimtaksn men?to aicapt this chailaage, or, by th'-lr s lenoe. tacitly admit that tln-y bat* erroneously al'owod Mr. Hail's siaiements to appear without e-u.b corroimrailon as te dsalraMe and in lbs face of ail I b^a publicly sa d to the contrary I am, air, rosi e- t fuhvT W. PAHKF.H SNOW UuCVT OiTTaos, near Nyark, N T.. Nov 19, lkM, tTIEET AFCH.TECTUHE. ru rna iiditor or rnn mn a up. The very Inuilahla teolenry of your paper to Mima* late the 'a*te of our ureal arr.hltat.lura lad icaa me P? call yo .i atteauon to the recent cempottiloo for tha new I'vt lieak. WualJ it n >t ha well to mk all the arcbl* '* interevad to permit tlietr de?tfes to ha ethitnted m> ?f onr gauerteaf ft wou'd wlrialala to rivalry r arr itaala, and aacare a jurt raro, rouon of tho i> d ->*rvUig, without I sing overruled by tha proaaora ' rroual inBucncdk Must reaf-e- ifu.iy, your hbadwat *< r. a' I. C0?tfCT3B J PfMJTlVAKA CH*A8E3W TH FF?bO. Part *t ?wwii, Nov 86, ItH. J j*ep?i 1 Cllisoe, a I enovylvanu ra lr .ad <? lOdue tor, has just been eniamtt.od to pr aoa, to dsfailt of .--0 u u and dollar* twit, on a rbargt of adihvu"ng 'are* c.d erled by him. I - **s " si Invce.galion mada ;r.da? the ?-:par-. u -*n of Mr Ai - e I inkertcn, a d-'ac-ivao(8ca? of Cb-cag, , *ti,,w? thai r any 'on .'ti-t?r* on t?.* ros I ar# da a>star*, and tbe cwnpaBy u t?nd p'oswutlng t'<aa* Kuis't' i? da m of londu tor* bavv re *ti y takaa place THE f?? IN ClOSf IM F .iOli*' ? fan a, Nov si i ?dB. ' e|4ten* Wulg of '?>? ? ?i*? Bt /.b cbj-wl In jk , ""-gat ieir h*a.lq sr: ra a'hi) clty. 'aal t yht, a> -j rpisiiu Mir * ro tdlvi ng IfeW rt let' u, a?1 e?u-.d usuiag an ehur vatceat ag*m. t ? wa-u*of b i 1 aid war re ? ? Tr** at><> bee <?o i -I'! I a; j? a a n V ' Ff ?f "*- r frtcgd* ,n 'acs-tia ? ?* .-as' * .no * : WHT f?T tsit? ? A. " ' 7? ' . t ?mt t, r? 1 ? tt a ,. r\ m m s * %-e<t* % tt'.n with llMHr !rmh brwthran on Irl-h noil, m ei.d I bay uik?- iiiiiiiutliatn orflpujiiallon aud bufla coiuributious of roouoy aud uruii. J'MV'CA INTFLUCfllGE An'iim.ri KAl, Socirrr.?Hie wioUr moadng of tha Qniooa Ci'uut/ Agricultural Society will l?e held at lb* <V>urt Ilousn on Monday neat, Horembor 'M, at Inn A. M. I'ronuuni* will |m awarded on winter gratne and poal.'ry all a nda MARRIAGES and deaths. Married. AtwW?Otar.? On Thursday, November 22, at tke retil'lrne* e>f ilin brid?'? UookeuMick, N'. J , by lb? R?v. (>mrp Flshev, D. P., Mr. O?*>""? H At ?(?n, of New York, to Lccy K, eldest dmikhtar of th? Ittlo Goorye H Burt, Esq., of Huckaoaacc. No cards. Bcceia.y ?Stnu. ?In Jersey City. on Thursday No vember 12, by the H?r. George H. Peoke, if*. WnJiAW W. Buociav to Mlm Mans K. rinuj. ConmiJR?Waioirr.?On Wednesday, Novend?*r 21, at Cornwall, N Y . by the Ret. Ethan H Palmer, 0 Has nrCokUM, of Br ooklyn, N. Y., to H. Lam, daughter of the late John Wright, of the former plana. Die Foiu#r? Douolaiw.?At Albauy, on Tb arid* f, No ??uiber 12, at th? North Dutch church, by the Rm? Dr. Clark, At. hi it t Hurt Da Phaser, of New York, to Jt <?nw A., only daughter of Joon Douglass, of th? former ??Uy. Mium?' ohmtock.?In this city, on Tburaday, NoW*? ber 22, at the residence of the brldo'a father, by the St W. Francis Vinton, nr. D., Lieutenant Commandar Jnnm '* N. Mnjjnt, United Htatoa Nary, to NnxiaC., daughter?Of Chptaln J. J. Comitock. Rom?Urn.?On Tburaday. November 22, by the Ren Dr. Prtol, afterwards by tbe Rev. Dr. LHUiyohn. at Ihr matdancacf John t'odey, Enq., No. 116 Scbermorhorn atraet, Brooklyn, Eowaro Rocna, Esq., of aaM city, tw E?ha Makt i.ut'iHc, danghtorof Eugene Lias, Esq., of San Franc iaro, OaL No tarda Rowuaa?."TzisMAji.?On Tburaday ovaalng. November 43, at tba re id J race of the brldo'a parent?, by Bar. R. M Adam?, John W. Rowlbr t? Llama M , only danghtar of John Htelnman, Esq .all of Brooklyn. SnyniLD?Lartta?In Uiica, N. Y? on Wednaeday, Neeeinbor 21, by Rev. Dr. Fowler, Joeara B. Hitrmu,

of Baiifurti'tt, N. Y., to Ausm R, yonngaat'daughter of Mrs. G. F. Ledlia, of Ultra. Vbknol? Hai.o.?On Wednesday, November 21, at tb? residence of the bride1* parnnla, by the Rev. K. L. l*rea tke, L'iiari km T Vkhjtol, of Newbury, N. T., to Exvt? C.. daughter of .1 ibu Held, Km)., of Ibis city. Now burg ;N. Y.) papers plivute copy. Died. Bai.dwi* ?Sudd-uly, at Mouiicollo, >ulllvaii countr, N, V , oo 1 uursdny, November 22, Hon. Alkkko j. Baldwts, In lite .'list year of Iiis go. Bkhitstkr?On Thursday morning, November 22 at hi* residence In New Haven, Conn., Jams* Hrmwktkk, aged 79 jrcBr*. The funrral will take place this p-'aturday) afternoon, at hew Haven, at half-past ?ne o'clork. Cuvaniiu. ? fin Friday, November 23, J Atom Capaon IU, aged 39 yeuni aud 9 months. The funeral will take place from the residence of bla brother William, 21 Monroe street, on Huinlay afternoon, at one o'el".'k The frloude of his brothers, Thomas, Martin anil William, are respectfully Invited to attend. Dcarsosv.?In llrooklyu, on Wednesday, November 21, Jt'L'A Nil aw. daughter of George A. and Elizabeth Dearborn, a ;od 3 years, 2 months and 21 days. The reiat \<-s and friends are invited to attend the fu neral, on Sunday ullcruoon, at two o'clock, from No. 68 Elliott placo. DisskLtv.?On Friday morning, November 23, Gnoses Thomas, yti inn-at son of John aud Catherine Donnelly, agod 0 months and 19 days. The friend- nod relative* of the family are respoetfnlly Invited in itien I the funeral, from '230 I'asl Fourteenth street, this r-'nturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. D /H.S.?tin'lnursd.iy, Novemtrer 22, lltsr Ami Doris, aged 2'igrswr . a nalivo of Dublin. Yliw relative* and friends, and those of her brothers John and Joseph, ore t mpectfully Invited to attend the fnneiat, from her Iste romdence, 2(10 First avenue, this (Saturday) afp-ruon, at two o'clock. Dublin pup re please copy. (irtj.xv ?01 typhoid lever, Joaarmsx, the wife of Peter Gilcey, Jr . and youugest daughter of Dr. A C. Cantlu, aged 20 ye r? The friends of the families are Invited to attend the funeral services at Grace church, Broadway, on Sunday afternoon, at two ? 'clock Hak?ii.l - At lUvenswood, on Thursilay, November 22, Wit liaw II ?fjc i.i in tho 68tb year of liia age. The re'atii*" and fm nds aru respectfully invited to atdend the funeral, from his late residence, this (.Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Carriages will he in attend auco at 11 niter's i'olut upon the arrival of the one o'clo k boat from Junto, al.p and Thirty-fourth struct forms Ha nil?In Brooklyn, on Tbnrsday, November 22, Wa. W. Hatch, in the ftlih rear of his ago Tho relatives an I rnendt are Invltad to attend the fuueral, from the bonne of Wrn J. Vend uburg, comer of Greeni and Franklin avenues, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock. Roston papers please copy. Hamhtos - In Brooklyn, on Friday, November 23. of dl-.ase of the heart, M.av A , widow of Captain Joseph Hamilton, in the 46tb year of ber age. The friends of the family are r-wpet tfully Invited to attend the funrcal. on Sunday arternooo, at two o'clock, Iroin Sit. MaithaW'a clturcb, Troop avenue, near DeKaJh avuue, Brooklyn California aud ' baric.ton papers ph ase copy. I.e.?On Friday, Novcmh." 2b M.sahst, the beloved daughter of Thorn"" and Klleu lug, aged ft years and 11 ? 'nth.1. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully In vile. I to at'end the funeral, from the residence of her permti, No. r.'Jft Wert Forty-seventh street, on Sunday afternoon, at otie o'clock Jan via.-On Thursday morning, November 22, afters long aud painful lllnem, Cikrvkm A Jams, son of tba late Nonli Jarre, Esq . m the ftTlh year of hie age III* and rriende, and the members of HI. Nicholas UkJko, ml, F and A. M . are rcspaetfully In vttod to attend tho funeral, from his late residence, 316 West street, on Monday afternoon, at three o'< Im k. The hatlal services will take place at St. Ann's I'roti-Hiant Episcopal church, Eighteenth street, near F.f'-b avenue, on the same day, at half past three o'clock. The memb- rt of St. Nicholas lodge No 321, F. end A. M are hereby summoned to meet at lbs lodge room, corn' r Rrosdway an i fo rt, enth atr?l. ?o Monday after noon, at two o'clock pre- owly, for the purpose of attend ing 'ho fun<-rml o' our lauo-nted brother, t'herlss A. Jar via lirrthrin of other l"dfes srs invited Brethren will appear In Mick aim bam. Mack clothrs and while gloves. By order. "M U M.NAKY, W M. Jomx G. Mm a .i.i, Secretary Jiratso*. ?Uti ThuratUy, November 22, at Ma sister's res donee, No. :t Worth street, corner of Hudson. Mictiaai Javiisoe, a native oi the county Galway, Ireland, aged 6iyi-er* The funeral wtll 'ake place this ('aturdari afteraooo, at oue o'al" k, 'o the Ometery of the Holy (rn-a, ilrook lyn. The friends of tbe Ututly aiv respectfully milled to attend. Jon**?On Thursday morning, November22, Hssar B. Joint-, ag' I 4 ? yrar* Interred In Greenwood C< m?t?vv kr.Ti.i ?>tm Fn'ev, November 21 Pass*, the youn,'eet rh Id of Jo .) h and kier ah Keolaaa. sgod 1 year and 9 monies The ret itivr* and ft rn tie of the family ere reepeelfully Invited to ait- nd tti fim-ral, fr in Ibe vratdenoe, 104 Uoltimhla street, Sunday afternoon, et oae o'clork K'ah*?At lite Jesuit t'"Heg? of m Acl.raei, seer Amiens, Franco, <n Mnodey, Octehar 21, Rev. Jcmis Ka?*a, e aattve of Keedue, couaty Kuxomoaoo, Ire land. .Dublin papers Mease ropy Ea crane ?fhi Iburwlsv evening. November 12, at bt fUtinr's rw. d'tc ?, bid W.-et Forty third ?tre?t, M if.AMT Ja?b, the bo.ov d <1* ggBler of Terence Is'swnl, eged 14 years, ft mcatb. end 21dsva ? The re eiirrs end turn-is of the family sr.. tavlted to attend the funrral, lb>e tdslorday) alter noon, at nee o ekjek. F- r rem. ns will he in'e'rr-I In cavalry. Mvannuli ID* ) end tnf (\ V I f<ep-rs plrawi ro,,y Mnou s* pn 'Tnuf lay night, Novrmlwr 2t, at eleven o'clock. ?ft?rnbn,si*n* llaess, .nan Kus.satM 'laugh t?r of '? < t Mil Aau Maradaa, >.?i ( y?n, * month# Bod .1 r*. Mnttra ?j| fun ral la t" n.?frow'? |?r?r t Mmnit 'in W :i. ?'iy ? No\ ?aVr II, Mil om P., *tfa o' Jo j Martlo*, ?a?t daiyhtar of Charlra A. liaodr.alna, ?'.?r a tor, rand !?? nfnl nlnna*. | Th? raiatira* r.-u?' ? "f family ?ra r*apr*tfally tflvitad In ai' ri't tho Innr-raJ, fruin Calvary lia|.?u? charcb, To*ti>> l. M ?t? hmwaen t tfih and Huth . .-a, mi H ol?v aft rn ??, at ihr*o o'etora W? aim* ?At llomri"'*'. "?> Friday morning, Ho *0111 .-r 23, H arar Mat'air, a raUra of -Nuarttaoa, cmuy Tyroor, Ireland, a#? t 40 yoar* Kunoral on ifooday ahartioom, at t*o oVJorfc Muar** ?ilu Thursday, huv?o?l?*f 22, at 114 Fifth Wmi. Will;*. Mam Toaoaat, tho bafcrrod wtfa of Dr. Juhn H Murphy lba fun-Hi ?in Intra plar-a (run >ba'hor-h .,f *t Vtaoont >la F*a':I I to* fat!.or Mnttana ii, ff .rta Filth atr-ot, WliHam-hnfii, on Monday altarawm, at ?*o 0 clock. Mcu.**. - *i<M-niy, o* V ,?ornvor J3, Caaataa A. tfci i.a, a th# 20tb yoar of i.ia a*# Tha rdatiTOo and I rondo aro mm**! to ?tt?pd tho fa aoral, from ill- r**i l*o<o of lii? father, i'arr*>il atr**t. a??r rhird a*oti io, *o ?b It' rotlya, a Haalay aft?r aorm. at ha: -pa* i?o ?? el not M<*lo*a?.? ?'Hi rh rwlay, Koaambar 27, f aria a# Mi <*ry*Ba*, a tho I'rtll y*t 'Mo #fo rboftilalft and fr-oodanf ?ha family ar? roapaot felly itilt 'l t.. ?tt-fii| 'ho ronoraJ, from hit lata raal 4oac?, No . a Kno i ?' " itmohiya, ? D, on ?j?4ay afi?fo ?ia *t h?lf ! a I na o>0* a Tho raiaamo ? IIIbo iaR? i to Calvary < ? fn-t??r ' f iot??maat McNaaonr ~ "a Tin f?'?< intait r 27 aflor a lor.I Oluaaa, Jim* M- tfr*n?t, ?y* 1 :i yaaraati i ? mnoiha rtm |al*''i?? aid fr ? of IU famiir, aloa fho frond- and in ntora of th* >a?haWay Ihctal f.'lab, arc rr?, O.C, (,.lj .at .tod ?i atf 1'?? foaaral, 'r -?m bl? lata roa.<taai?, V ? Jar*ry or*', n?ar .m. Ilatr ci a c north, ua undo* af*ra < o at na* a - ?? h Sir .i id .(!? firlay ?oaroia Ko 71, Ftra* mm ka>?Ma, ??'* ?' iH'd Ha t?n, R#^ . la im M h ??nr of J, , r ago Ino roa < ?' i " a't*?t of i\a <amily r? n '*d to kltaod tho r mmi no Hrodo* i ion m. ? '??? o ?"<? I at I,or lata rrm l-i,rr Ho tlT II iO*oa ?'ro?C fW? ro ma o* *m !? > >? to laMn'4 *f J f*r io'*rm#at an MiOiday m? n t... ? io '.*? '? Fn'oad of Na# J ray, foot or Ua* , n?o, w ' #'? ' ' f * I'lttgy ?i ? a-?, ? r*- ti. 'ty.iar Otiut, lg Ik< ill Jraf rf >? *i" tba r? ? a ? d fnooor >. ? ? !a?r. ;* ara "ry'lglly Igrrtol I #< ? . < o* f or ? ? a ?? ?'?*??? ad i<* ?an- a >?ca, t rt'l.f, - i lit *? t?.?ima auaa?( C? A a4a? a xio-t ?' ?"? '??>?? ?a ?'iaa '? ii ? ?m li* f ??-? ? ? ? -*a>o44*r ?a. v ?.. 0 ? ?*. - y* roaib IOO 'I III' l ? * #?? ?#? of -a i#ao.< Ma 'r.-? a a 1 # ' ' 00*1 1 .1 ? * # fr i ?-* for. ?Ma . a* a .? I*r < ? . a l^n kadt ter or am tale Daniel B and Julia 0. Poat, ?g*.' l? /nan ami 12 iltft Ihe relative* and friends of tbo family an reejwlfu*1/ Invited 10 attend ilia funeral, on Monday afternoon, *i two ?'oiock, from the Kpisoopal church, Kali war, N. J. 1 raiu leaven foot of Oortlandt (treeI at twelve o'olock. nHTOI.-AI Boston, Maaa, on Saturday, November IT. H?rw 'only Mrs. C M. liaxTaw, of 8t Loula, formerly of fi .* > ark, agr*t 62 yean. ? ?y? murx'v*"-?"n iTniredar. November 22, at hi* late reaWfiux' Jeraoy City, of consumption, Joaant M. Super?, In the Mit year of bis age The friend* and relative* of the family are invited to attend the funeral, litis p-aiurday) afirriioou, at two o'clork, front 294 South .seventh atr ait, Jersey Oily ?aaaina. Entered into real on Timraday morning, Novum ber 22, Jcom U, relict of Jacob 1.. Sabring, In the Hist year of ber age The relatives and friends of the family are rospeot fuily invited, wttboul further net lee, to -fUend Ibe funeral, from the Reformed lmtch church, in sixth are. ime, opposite Amity (treat, oa duuday afieruuon, at oao o'clock. ftionTaaarmim. ? In Brooklyn, on Tliuraday, Nov em - ber 22, Wiuuxu DtuaT thoirrasacaoa, ia the 66th year of hi* age. The funeral win Uk* plaos on Sunday art*rno*n, at two o'clock, from hie late reaMeooe, No. 10 W. rail* street, Brooklya. The ra'atiyaa and fn.nds of the fami ly, also Ibe member* of Anglo Saxon JLodg* No 1st > and A. M., Bahim fincatnpmcwt No. A I. <X of O. P., aud Atlantic Dodge No. IS I 0. af 0. P., art respectfully in vited to aUMML laonaa.? In Brooklya, on Thursday avowing, Novem ber 22, Mitr Aa.v Tuonaa, agad 4 yaara. Relative* and frtaoda of the family are respectfully In vited to attend the funeral, from the residence of ber bmllDT-ln-I**, John rblperd, No. 9 Mberty eireet, Brooklyn, on mi odor afternoon, at (wo o'clock Jlewta - 'ouodlaod and Nora Rootle papora pleeee oopr. Von Wyok. ? la Brooklyn, oi^JVediioedey, NovoiiiiMti | >1, Riaaorti Van Wyi ?, eued 40 rSara. The retetiveeand Monde, ?ad thoeeof hu leiber in I law, fernetl Jobaaoa, aro ree|?ctfi?lly loriiod to attaod I (ho foneral, on Honda? afternoon, at two o'clock, from late reeidence, 90 (temaoa at root, wnbout further a otico. Wrae ? On Thuredey, November it, of poeomeoU, Hi ?r H., wife of Samuel Webb, aged 07 yearn. \ be funeral will take place from her late reeldence, 3HE West Thirty elitli atrret, tbla (Saturday) afternoon, u <* te o'clock. The reiattvee and frlenda of the family ?/e i erpe' tfulfy Invited le attend without further aotlcu. Pit lliulnlpbla papora pleaae copy. ?Wit wau?On triilar, November 23, after a long and pelufi I illueea, which he bore with Cbriatlan fortitude, Ja vex M. Wiawau. awed 60 yaara and 7 moniha 1 Tie % elallrea and frianda aro reepectfully Invited to atte od ?*>* funeral, on Hunday afternoon, at two o'clock, tVond the Kirst llaptlat church, Melroee, New York. YiWK.- At hohiln, Alabama, on Tbnradar, November 22, MVh. t Iauy Ann York, wife of flrevet Major Joa '|>b H Yoitk, S ifieonlh Unitml Statea infantry, aud daugliiar of Jui \g> i dmonda SHIPPING NEWS. 41a NANAO roa new roes-- TWra oat. H S7 . moon Ear* era 7 2<i a M I a i 'in o at kit ere II tw FONT if NEW YORK. NOVEMBER 23. Ib68. Cleared* ffmamahlp ill mo (Br), Cutting, l*!r*rTKmi?National Navigation Co. BiMifiiMt.ip nrnxixdl a I fain , r, Soul Lampion nuJ lUn buig -KunnaiH A\ V M*am*hlp New to ok ' Hrfi?\ Ernst, Hr*m*u ai d South amptoti?t virlrhwB t '?>. Hi**m<?btp L II .doui 'or. Idvkwood, Cbsrloston?Lirlagston, Eo? k Co Snip Ciar* WLeelarV Br), ft llruarth, Liverpool?Willi a uit A < Jnum. Shu 1 rtnvmntsl* ? *u Luwdon -C 0*n?w Ship N# Flu* Ultra, si ?K>4bury, Savannah?t'nlon Naviga tion Co. Bark Helen Aug wr dig p!r#, Aau Fraiwisco? K M Coolny k Co. Bark Msrr, Dml, Cork for or,lata ria i'blla<t*Iphi*? J V Wh'tliay. It rk ' *j?*lla fVrmn)} fl hrftlolTrr, Ourk for o*ii*rs rla PbUndetphU Thialor, hells ? A '?>. Batk Mtnttiai.uaih 'Br), t Christopher, Querrtstown for or F Hilllrf Murk (inn hden, Croon!oil' MarariTan ? J Mldrr, Hug (ootid* i ?tt* Cork or 1 aliootiUt for orders? F'lrioF Mai. tfte A V> rudi Brig Solikar (Hr?, Chnntlaka^n Oanon?F Farlhood A Oo. tirig Vk'toi in (Up), OB^Mtflorrn Spain), Rlr#rs, ( altlo/e A Co. Brig (4o<HJ?rlB. CoBlrt, OnadklouiM *i* ?forf?>lk ~J Harrw. B? \g iSr-dvua ' Br,, Cani4f?*, uai f*?4oa - 14 1 uwln U? hr Pit) Smith, WUaon, C?p?* lowo, COU?FumC). Mai TV Ha A Wait,it rr hr iMtii ?k.i? Ur,, Smith, Windsor, ffiiwD II PtWdf A Co. Krhr A F Am**, Amo* Savannah?J S Ingrabam. H. or ihluo, Hlatuheunl, f avannab ? Bat'oriHga A Proolor Shr Km. Young, KI Ua bath tort- Snow A Kicllardaoti. Uohr Tboi JrfTrriion, Chaita Now Bui fat 4--F?fgoM?i A Wood. SUir IK FrankUn, Orar. Vorwl h?O K k*''? H..'duitfi M f?hrv?!.?, CharxYa. M.?'t Wtota btaamei h'o.rny, Shaw. Fhlladtipnu Arrltad. Staiumblp Cortlon ?Bri, Ira Mc?*ur1?r, fla>?n* v /? k'<, and Nahttaa JSth with Tr.daa sni pat**** g* r? F. ( unntU. Hiawms.'ttp le#o, Paartntm, ravannah. i4) houru witi. nJM , and jMiawvngar*. to Murray Karrla A Ca. H.wW In tin- rig- | vannah rUar, |taaa*<l brig Marfpoa* an<1 wur Arthur Bu?uc?, A I'M. off Bt-mafn M#*nnMp San Jarioto. h*r ? for Karat), rah; flat, Iff 40 FM, Bi ??'ir* north of llalWaraa, trtaam?l?lp Virgo, do for do. aiao at*4uu?hfp Kala gh do for Charh??Uift, Tid. tat AM 10, lou 74 72, aiaa <abip Mirniora^, do for Naif OliMIII. Staaintfiip Frsn< onla, Kbararood, Fori land, with, to J f Amaa stramiMp rb*sap?aka. Johaaon. r. rlland with rud?r, to J V Amws A ahU ml Morton Boston, with ta jao ?,4d pao s*ng*r?, tol?ka MMrotMtiffnn Ktaamthip OS. Htoarrifhlp Narnia. Boars*, Boafcot* rvitb mdso ltd j aaaan gar a. U* laaao <>?lall. Hi?am?hl|i Mary Haaf^rd. Rudolf. BoaUm, feMp nailor f'nnoa (Mf1, Kadlar, MaroU .fo!r t rpaeaatl Auj.rr Ai.M IA. Cap* it *i'nt4 Hop* wHIi .? io, A% to ordar Tiad brarv ?*alb*r, and ?f if* aalla. Bark i .*d*rlrk i'rt*raan (Hon. Kondaaa, Ca <Uff. 44 iayt, rrltb to*I, to Ftiorb. Mrlnolis A Wandl Bark -t Ct.unuiiiiga (Br;, llovBsrar Vfatra. 41 dara wtih rndaa, to < A Dowolf i ' *? Now In, ()a>rf?>p< *?f, a *ra u ao fail from aloft ovari. ard, aud naa 'lr??w ?j Bark M M Ha?*u ot f'artUudi, llaf*n, Melagt 41 4sys. wttb fruit ?4? MlM*r A Houghi m Bark I'alia a. Blddta. of and frotrt B*ltv* Hm 3S laya, with logwuo-t to Jtaiati J*t I lad strong gala* inn* A to N B IM Artt It day* Bark M' tiin ims, Harrmond Fort Bpaiu, 'J3 ?Ia/?, mil* augar and mo ??*?? to T I A F A Pw ght Brig Oardto* (F??rt> l?* Camera. rVpafto, 44 days, niih win*and rork to Hag' rnay*r A Br .r?n Brig South f Br J, Lan* HathuraC WCA, W a*a. In halaeet. to K I' Hu*k A Co. Iladsuor.g W and N W olnda, hplit aaliw A* Mrig Nrlli" Taylor .St t.'rou, IS i ?y?, in baiiaate to K ??'.? Broag Coffry. tlrtg Sopb a Vr), Htirltog If- ?,trg Hay, Ja, 14 ajra with b?garryod. to Hr*U, two A Oo Brig Br dr Bri, Biau**!t, Card*tea*. 19 lays, rrtth augar to Boyd A Hiortsn Brig KsioU* Sin tb Salt Cay It Ufa, with augar. B*. to J K Wart B < o Hrtg W W t^?rd Bn Baldn. Cow Bay, f da>a, with ooai. to uutlcr Hrig Ktidar* rVI* Ma<ofnh*r, Wf i Uar, Ms Hi d?ya, with ptaaur. w? (i F I'oitaiou B * " Brig Matror Itaodr ratm t?*r 1 B*tg ftlvlng Sun orai SaArM s-w ffa** ?. u tea** ?*t Bstif Briuaoia ( Hi >, k utg, C ?w Hat. la Bay, wttB caal, to B F omail B ? o. S#br F s ( *aawr.4f*ti F-IHott. IndianM* Hrl.r FarV? Ri o, W*ntw ?rt?. I Pa, ' ?n Br!.i I) 'Ir.flirt i. <?l eUtoaUf fkki H 1# Sin in ana Oandy. Boat-'O K hi K K Kirk. Mohinaon. float*u Srt?r H I* Fly. Blokna M?wwhlk B*hr Anot* J Hawaii. Hutrbitia F< ttaod ? I tialu W? l B'rgbt Nktrrwue F??rtland ( t Hrht K f? Frrry. Ilam ltoai Koad ? ?t f r Foftlasd K .bf (Mo Hoott, luart. lolAmt f? r B^om Ni'ftpa A ana KF>?ita aud ALa It. kirr^ fy?w w*Hs.k ?rf brtg Fly tag Hod Br), at Mock ?*sf Btaamahtp <**!??' ria, wh?rh arrtrad frr*?? Ma Ha MM ltd, Is tt-itign-ri to Br*tt, ho* B f^Bnd ???' !??? 4 Daaa*?g. as roporo d Bforloo llltaalars. . / Btpa a***rr Fat at aaa tMtaCktfirst f' B*-avo rtp>rv4i. an i? t*i / wr*rg?d 'o th* IMI lad ?? Ww ot?r mf of H* f* M, B' #?bs *)? aftorwaida w 1 for |B? ffhr We* partulif inaurod SHif Timor ?**?*. ?bllB towing oof of tbo F.a?t f4r*r yt'sflh) ?"iui on t? itiHI vi? Mtsiifi d B?*f, but ?*?? od th'TfU/ ?fW with Its flan of tb* ttd* ?*?!/? ? Injury vai* Maiara*', from Lf**r|a?oS far FBttad*!4 h a aahov* at Toasonfs lalol i* full of w*a*r. and h'tg-*.j tivwn p imp* aad ? whr tar* twan **nt to hff a**4otaa*a Tb* M I* i juo v.nw S?h at MowhuvfBort t? it4, rsiw AI aa l wo* owr?*4 ih Fliitad*lpist* Hin F.a* It Fish. Fwi*ry Vlll aafVd 'mm FH i*4aifdk a B*pi It for A*f??/i*oil h*? i at #>iw* o*-*a fa*-?M tr >m 1 i a**t *4t*a*a fuHM ?b* lotbiona t* ??* b?r *??t t?*f Id fort Th? K H f r*f?ur*1 4M tor,*, ratad At woa built at < am gam M*. in I*t4. as?d ?*iH ia B<wA?>* Hilt f.i u ViMtvtl. fr?n Kva York Ap*t! Iffor ft?d bar hgfwrr rat?ur%aB by totagrapa otat Mhos Jaty Bi wfcfl* Maung aot *f 'j-? Ila*4 'd Bar o/ga a*f*d la a 4*mag?d auto Bona <htt?ai" A UO*r fr-tg Ca|M?m Bamaa of to rk Otlorln at MB dat*4 H* Fra* on* i*i B *itl*a loot aw th* ?. m*it ??f Mtt T- In la' U ?> H Cos IT J "dT t*? a naa*y gai*, li fmm?l ram* ia "di?r* o with Uri lf*4*n Mar of al ofaora artirwd *| A*a fr*'*<**'? hy whtvh U*t v. *#m*t aa i v\ and ?.' f sr*ues?l rW#*a tri 4a*s wtairuigmo t, fw aatt* *ita< ***d batn an Bora, buat* >m port a*4* aod two , 'rvartaad r ?a* ant wao oMifM lo away wom thing tO toy tit wrwood M?B fr ? *a?B? lit * 11 |? o*a t*f7 "4d a*4 f * ?*1 K 'i .^-waiM* to Cg a*fW 'g k? foOar tha li p ?a*noo*ouU <>? tba BHh m* uo?k JriBa * *ta Id nnald i issmir-t cola r??9 avoht of IB* Bad waadnor ? aa*atr< !#*?? r* n aia*-i by a a til (Bo <* v wb*a B* ? ?so on Wm ta* <>*sa rtn Mor hf afui art Mafflaon af too frood?o a<<*a 4?a? ead ' ipuB cagty nam# an ?aoH. t*b#a a cn%??to ttoa a** bad and K ita JO Sod that ft-? a' ',*?*< ?# tb# a* #**# *al# *?od w?atB#r ttUB Hv y AtMlnt of ltdltf tb* Bt/eM* a *rrn**d WmB ?'# M waa iwpva'ti eftt* to ai'*u M to aa^a tb#*bl| Bf*'oa*, ad iba craw war* taion *<? ?*mP4 tna Harnaaa e A <h# r**oaind#* o?oi aw f*a#rd IB# JaBa W- u Om tt* BMb IB* hryoa w*a a**?d By tBo twi *4"p? awrft iak?r# anmti an an al inontHjr An ?iunF *?? oa4* to aa?* ''<* a t bat a w?e <i?t .*>*???!ut Tba j#t? Hftik wo* a* wwa >f? di FaovW 'H ? Bav ag tak*n I wW*? Beta Caar* WoaawrHgagw BF> f?uaaant fr?gn ? ft a'#"*t n*f* IB 'ar falia* a. Bad nolarrrsMd *c?t p to < wt f7 lit* f?a rod Hoi aba ta ot ft* u IV w?# ? , <? ?? ' ? ? ?wC'ian BJ la MAO waa tit lona uawr r?wed A and * *>a ?eO-i y F Air saadar B no, ? I tBts if l? ff'iisi Boo, Imov, soaog toy* fn*- 4 , % 4' 'ouod to N?r?aa, y*t tat* kaoswo Ibl a't to 4?w ?? ha* ?a ?/0 toward four '*at af Btlaono ??? (???' HI pari- n#* wtb? ado iSMwuB&etod by *B? MoaJi t N a If* | Ma J SMbrgmoiSbt auars ItaBt Bat By lo# ?#"?*?** *? ?r>tnod.4oBt ?d iBa gorrtoan to aoao#)*#* ? of * *o#a* I n# ?re? t-ti 'tga b**#hg to# * binoa dw* by (B* ? ?? *??* To* ?*??* dog UO oaord on Mawdaf mSom*^ bat u?a too#** aro *4 yn#( r+m** g fa*a Sejy t **? Ba**aU frm B*w t ot f?* f*4u"*a P' -n-a Haaaeu MSB tnoi ?n #wr*aa *d wbos adltoi too ? ? a*# I s #*r#4 tBtb far Is* ?o*t ta tbraa ?adtoga Hi* it Ja, ? 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